Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, March 29, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated March 29, 1864 Page 3
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matters aitoet town. Reported Burning ot Vessels. Our city was thrown into some e.\eltemeu' yesterday, by a report brought by some men who came in iu the morning from Saco, tbai between three and four o’clock they saw tw< vessels on fire off Wood Island, one of them being burned to the water’s edge,and heading for the islaud, the other being, as they judged, ten miles off. The steam revenue cutter Miami had sailed for New York, and our cutter had gone on a cruise eastward. Under these circumstanc es Capt. Inman determined to despatch the steamer Gen. Lyon to Wood Island, as It was feared by some that the vessels said to be on tire might ire the steamer Cassandra and the ship Westmoreland, which sailed from this port Sunday with a portion of the 2d Maine cavalry. At two o’clock the steamer, under command of Capt. Mix, with about twenty-five gentle med on board, among whom was Capt. Inman, and Jdeut. Nichols of the 2d Maine cavalry, started from the wharl. She stopped at Fort Preble and took on board fifty soldiers ol the 17th U. S. infantry, under command of Capt. Collins and Lieut. Crosman, and then proceed ed to Wood Islaud. On the way thither she spoke the steamer New Brunswick, from Bos ton, and enquired if they had seen any strange vessels; to which a negative reply was given. On nearing Wood Islaud the signal was set for a pilot and oue came off. In auswer to inquir ies he stated that no burning vessels had been seen in the morning, but that there was afire on the main land, in the vicinity of Prout’s Neck. The steamer then returned to this city. This statement confirms the opinion of the pilot on board the Nettle, who saw a fire in the morning, but it appeared to be on the land. The party who went down iu the Gen. Ly on had a fine sail, and were highly pleased with the beautiful qualities of the vessel.— Capt. Mix, with the whole-souled gcucrosity VII A DMIIVI, Uiu VM.IJUINI, ... »..w J V.... — make the trip a pleasant one. As it was late in returning from the island, he, at his own expense, generously provided a handsome sup per for those on board, which was partaken of with a keen relish, and ample justice was done to the edibles provided for the occasion. Subsequently a vote of thauks to Capt. Mix for hie generosity was unanimously passed, and Capt. Inman was deputized to inform him of the same. This he did, and Capt. M. res ponded that he had done no more than any gentleman should do in such a situation, and he was gratified to learn that his passengers were so well pleased. On the passage back, the steamer passed the wreck of the Bohemian about seven o'clock. At that time there were about twenty boats engaged in trawling for goods. Between that point and Fort Treble more than one huudred lioats were passed, all of them being pulled with all the strength men possessed, and bound for the wreck. The soldiers on hoard the Gen. Lyon greeted them with various cries, such as “ calico,” “ Bohemians,” “stop thief,” Ac. These boats must have made a pretty good haul last night. The steamer Gen. Lyon, chartered by government as a transport vessel, arrived at this port Sunday evening from Boston. She is a new vessel, built at East Iladdam, Conn., and owned by parties in New York; is WM tons burthen, has thirty-four state rooms, two berths in each; is furnished with a low pres sure. eugine of 36 inches diameter of cyliuder, and three feet stroke. She is commanded by Capt. Edward A. Mix. The steamer will probably be ordered to New York, and will not be used here as a transport for our troops. Kim Iks anitt.—A man was found last evening, about 10 o'clock, in the Eastern Ce metery, divested of nearly all his wearing a|> parel—making strange noises. He was iuj sane drunk, and had evidently made up his mind to take lodgings for the night “ among dead men.” Near his sepulchral couch was found a new hat and valise. The demon liuni makes strange beings of poor mortal man, home times. Gough's Temperance Lecture.— We need only remind our readers that Gough is to give the third of the Temperance Course of Lectures, under the auspices of the Mercan tile Library Association, at new City Hall this evening, and that a seat can only be obtained by secuiing a ticket and going early. A word to those who have learned wisdom by being left out iu the cold will be sutllcicut. Social Levee.—The Portland Spiritual Association will hold a social levee, at new City IlaJI,on Wendesday evening next, for the 'benefit of the Widow’s Wood Society. An opportunity is offered to contribute a “ quar ter to a noble enterprise, and at the same time get the worth ol it in social enjoyment. Let the hail he filled. «• The stockholders of the Dry Dock met yesterday at 4 o’clock at the Merchants' Ex change rooms, and accepted the charter and admitted as members of the corporation the stockholders not mentioned in the act of in corporation. Adjourned to meet Tuesday af ternoon, April 5th, at 4 o'clock. - Prof. Anderson is to visit Portland for the first time, on Monday eveuing of next week. As a magician and sleight-of-hand per former, he probably stands without a living rival. That he will find Decring Hall crowded to greet him there can be .»o doubt. ^y”'l'he ladies of the First Parish, are re quested to meet this, Tuesday, afternoon atj) o’clock, at the house o( Mrs. ,Samuel Chad wick, 249 Congress street, to hear the rej>oit of the committee chosen at the meeting on .Saturday evening. . Major Eiiphalet Howell, of llallowcll, Paymaster iu the U. S. Army, leaves this city this morning ior Washington, to report for duty. Major J. D, Pulsifer.of Auburn, passed through this city yesterday for Washington. jirv. v/jiii x con iciuiuuu uuuib At uu. Freeport ou Saturday last, alter an eight weeks'absence in the army under the auspices of the Christian Commission. He left Har per’s Ferry on the Monday previous. y Attention is invited to the advertise ment of Win. C. Beckett, who has just receiv ed his spring supply of furnishing goods.— * F.veryltody knows how neatly and handsome ly Beckett gives his customers .fits, Wo would call attention of dealers to the U. <5, Marshal's sale at Auction Store of E. M. P»t.‘«n, No. 12 Exchange street, this morning, Storn will be open at8 o,clock A. M., for exhibition of goods. y Attention is called to the advertise ment for Proposals for excavating and doing the stone work for the new' Unlversalisi Church, which will l»s found in this paper. y Attention Is called to the advertise ment of the Cushman property on Green St. which is to be sold at auction, at 12 o’ctocl to-day. y Frederick Douglass will lecture ii Lewiston this evening. Subject—“Blad Man at the White House.” I BY TELEGRAPH TO TBS Portland Daily Press. XXXVIII OONGBESS—First Session. Washington. March 28. SENATE. Ml'. Foster, from the Commit tee on Claims, reported back favorably the House bill giving a pension of $100 to revolutionary soldiers in addition to their former pensions, which was passed. Mr. Wade, from the Committee on Public Hands, reported favorably on the House bill enabling the people of Nebraska to form a State and maintain territorial government. Mr. Wilson, from the Military Committee, repot ted adversely to tbe use of concentrated feed for horses and mulesiu the army. Mr. Wilson introduced a bill relating to the Military Academy at West Point. This bill authorizes the appointment l»y the President of two additional cadets for each State repre sented iu Congress, who shall lie residents of the State wherein they are appointed, having served honorably two years iu the army, not less than seventeen nor more titan twenty years of age, and selected according to merits and qualilications. Hr. Collamer reported a hill relating to the compensation of pension agents, which allows them for clerk hire, olllce rent, $600 for the disbursement of *50,000 annually, and *250 additional for every additional $50,000. Mr. Grimes introduced a resolution, inquir ing of the Secretary of the Navv how many ordinary seamen have been transferred from the military to the naval service. Adopted. The Senate took up the bill amendatory of the Constitution, so as to forever prohibit slavery and involuntary servitude except for crime. Hr. Trumbull addressed the Senate at length in support of the bill. Mr. Sherman answered the speech of Mr. '' owiHi, a^u, in wiiicii no charged him fisherman) with inconsistency on the anti-slavery question, to which Mr. Wil kinson briefly replied. Adjourned. HOl’SK. Mr. Norton, of III., introduced a joiut reso lution, proposing an amendment to the Con stitution prohibiting slavery in the States and and Territories. Deferred to the Judiciary Committee. Mr. Ashley, of Ohio, reported a resolution granting the use of tlie Hall of the House to the Washingtonian lecture Association for the tith of April, for the delivery of a lecture hy Hon. George Thompson, latt- a member of tlie British Parliament, the proceeds, after pay ing expenses, to be distributed among tlie families of the District of Columbia soldiers. Mr. Ilolmam of Ind., moved to lay it on tlie table. Negatived—nays 03, Jens 10. Mr. Iloluioii objected to tlie second leading of the question. Accordingly the question recurred, shall the resolution be rejected ? This was reject ed—38 against 08. The Speaker announced that the question now recurred on the second reading. Mr. Holman raised the point that the vote beiii£ a two-third one, as required, the result was in cfleet the rejection of the proposition. The Speaker overruled Mr. Holman's objec tion. • Further proceedings were here interrupted by Mr. Washburne, of III., announcing the death of his colleague, Mr. Owen Lovejoy. Eulogies were also delivered hy Messrs. J. C. Allen, Stevens, Farnsworth, Pendleton, Pike, Norton, Ashley, Mon ill, Odell, Davis, of N. V., Grlnnell and Arnold. Tlie usual resolutions of respect and condol ence were passed, and the House adjourned. Particular* of th< fate flflht at Paducah. Cairo, 111., March 28. Gen. Forrest had about 7000 men in the at tack on Paducah. His liue of battle was 2 1-2 miles long. The light I a.-led all the afternoon. Four assaults were made on the fort, en masse, each of which was repulsed with great slaugh ter to the enemy. The gunboats tired 000 rounds. A large part of the town is in ruins. Tlie rebels plundered the stores and carried ofl' horses during the light. Forty convales cents in the hospital were captured. Forrest sent a flag of truce to exchange prisoners, but Col. Hicks refused. Three hundred rebel dead lie in front of the fort. Several women were killed during the fight. Our loss is 14 killed and 40 wounded. Boats from Paducah yesterday noon report all quiet and the citi zens returning. After being once repulsed Forrest scut a communication to Col. Hicks, demanding the surrender of the forts, troops and public stores, promising that if the demand was com plied with our troops should be treated as prisoners of war, but if lie was compelled to Col. Ilicks replied that he was placed there to defend the fort, w hich he should do, and per emptorily refused to surrender. The enemy then made a second and third assault on the works, but were repulsed each time with great loss. The rebels then broke lines, formed in squares and occupied the houses, keeping up a fire until late in the evening, when they were driven away by our artillery making the buildings too hot for them. On their way into the city the enemy fired the railroad depot, which was burned, and towards evening they burned the quartermas ter’s building and the steamer Hacotah, not the Arizona, on the marine railway. They plundered the Btorcs of an immense amount of goods, and took all the horses they could find. Some merchants have lost from *25,000 to $50,000. Early the next morning the rebels again ap peared. Col. Hicks burned all the houses withiu musket range of the fort. The enemy however made no advance, and after asking for an exchange of prisoners, which was de clined, they retired in the direction of Colum bus. Towards the end of the battle it was dis covered that our ammunition was nearly ex hausted, when Col. Hicks ordered that when it should give out, the fort was to be defend ed by the bayonet*as long as a man remained alive, which determination was received with hearty cheers by all the troops. The negroes in the fort, numbering about 220, fought with great gallantry. All was quint at Paducah yesterday, our forces being engaged in burying tire dead. The enemy had six small canuon. About fifty buildings were burned, including the hospi tal. gas works. and some of the finest resi dences in the town. The Custom House and Post Office were injured. Isaac «/' f-oht Certificates. ’ New York, March 28. The following was issued from the United Treasury to-day By direction of the Secretary of the Treas ury, notice is hereby given that until further orders, 1 will issue to importers lor^iaymcut of duties on goods imported by them, certi ficates of deposit of gold coin to the credit of the Collector of any port as desired, in ex change lor notes at a quarter ol one per centum below the current market value of gold. These certilleates are not assignable, but will be received by the Collector from the party to whom they are Issued. Signed, J. J. Cisco, Asst. Treasurer of the U. S. The daily payments for customs duties av erage not far from a quarter of a million of dollars at this port. Front Sort ft Carol hi". WB& New York, March 28. Newborn advices of the 21th have been re ceived. The steamers Alice and IIansa ran out of Wilmington on the night of the 12th with 700 bales of cotton each. Judge Pearson, of N. C., in a habeas corpus case recently tried before him, decided that the recent act of the rebel Congress to con ; scribe persons who have furnished substitutes for the army unconstitutional. , Five rebel soldiers at home on furlough had been captured near the Cashier river, and brought into Plymouth. From Chattanooya. New York, March 28. ■ | A dispatch from Chattanooga, dated 2dth, j 6ays a severe rain and snow storm has been prevailing for twenty-four hours. The roads are very bad. i Longstreet is believed to lie falling back from Bull’s Gap. This Gap is in the clinch range of mountains some sixty miles east of Knoxville. The Capture of Fort lie Ituosey. Washington, March 28. Roar Admiral Porter, iu a dispatch to th< Navy Department, dated F’ort Do Hussey March 15tn, gives the following particulars o the lakink of that stronghold: The gunboats, it appears,arrived atijimmes port at noon, and found Hie enemy posted ii force about three miles back. The Benton landed her crew and drove in the pickets.— The army came along in about half an hour more, and lauded the next morning, taking possession of the enemy’s camping ground that night. Gen. Smith concluded to follow them by laud, while Admiral Porter proceed cd up lied liiver with all the gunboats and transports. In the mean time tlio Kastport had reached the obstructions, and with the vessels that kept pace with her commenced the work of destroying the formidable barri cade on which the rebels bad been at work for five months. They supposed it impassable, but our energetic sailors with hard work op ened a passage in a few hours. The Kastport and Neosho proceeded to the fort, which at that moment w as being surrounded by the troops under Gen. Smith, who had marched from Shnmesport. A brisk musketry lire was going on between the rebels and our troops, and they wei e so'elose together it was difficult to distinguish the comballauls. The Kastport, w hich had opened her battery, fearing that she might injure our men, ceased ilriug, when our troops proceeded to-assault anil carried the place in a few minutes, capturing 250 prison ers. The main body of the enemy, 5,000 strong, under Gen. Walker, made their escape. Admiral Porter says the whole affair has been well managed. from U (lull iltffton. Washington. March 28. The House appointed a committee, consist ing of Messrs Farnsworth, of HI., Rice, of Mo., ami Ross, of 111., to superintend the removal of the remains of Mr. Kovejoy from Brooklyn. N. Y., to Illinois. Lieut. Gen. Grant arrived in this city yes terday from tlie front, and was eruyat/pjl in consultation witli the President, Secretary of War .and Gen. Halleck last evening, and left for tlie headquarters of the army of the Poto mac this morning. The General has estab lished his headquarters at Culpepper, eight miles from Gen. Meade. The rooms in Win der’s building, which have been set apart for • he headquarters of Gen. Grant are complet ed. During the absence of Gen. Grant from tlje city, CapLGeo. It. .Seato, A. A. G., will have charge of headquarters. The Navy Department is in want of new ‘ide wheel steamers of the following dimen sionsLength, 150 feet; breadth, 28 feet; depth,!' feet. Persons having vessels for sale are requested to send particulars and price to the Navy Department. The House Military Committee have acted favorably on the new series of miiitasy equip ments proposed by Col. King, ol Missouri. They not only lessen the expense, hut greatly relieve the soldiers of unnecessary weight. ISeea/tr of the II mill a front II title i I'll. Washington, March 28. In a letter to the Navy Department from Commander Preble, of the sloop-o!-war St. Louis, dated oil' Funchal Roads, Madeira, March 1st, lie says the Florida succeeded in getting to sea, and he will iollow her at once, though hopeless of capturing her out of port. Had the St. Louis been a steamer he would have anchored alongside of her and unre stricted by the 24 hour rule, his old 4oe could not have escaped him. The Florida’s crew is made up of Spanish, French, and Portugese, with a few Englishmen and only one Ameri can. “My men were wild to fight,” he adds, ‘and 1 drew the shot from my guns the day die came in, fearing they would tire into her without orders and break the neutralty of the port." f’nriou* Items. New Yoke, March 28. (•old has fallen to 1 00, hut closes at 1 00 3-8. The funeral services of Owen Lovejoy took place to-day in Plymouth Church, Brooklyn. A committee of Congress is expected to-mor row to escort the remains to Freeport, III. Frank Wood, of this city, well known as an accomplished young literateur, died on Satur day night at Haverstraw, of consumption. Daniel McAvoy was arrested to-day for at tempting to burn the Free Academy, of which lie was formerly Assistant Janitor. Tito Srarrh for the Italian Frigate. • New Yoke, March 28. The steamship North Star has arrived from in unsuccessful search for the Hegalauturmo. She cruised as far South as Bermuda, thence East U) longitude 50. thence North to longi tude 50, thence Northeast to Sable Island. She passed directly over the place where the frigate was last seen, without finding a trace of the wreck or material. She cruised 2800 miles. A etc York Market. Nkw Yobk, March 28. Cotton—firmer with more doing; sales 2o«)0 bales at 76ft76c lor middling upauds, and 70373c for low middlings. Flour—receipts 13 223 bblB; sales 8,000 bbls; State and Western a shade easier; Super State (i .'Vo, 575; Extra0903” 00; choice7 0537 30; Hound Hoop Ohio 7 25a,~ 35; choicedo 7 40O.S 25; Superfine We* tern 6 00,36 80; Extra do 700^720; Southern easier; sales 950 bbls; Mixed to good 720& 7 00: Pari ty aud extra 7 70g,10 50; Canada dull ; sales 400 bbls; common Extra 7 0037 10: Extra good to choice 7 1538 00. Wheat—dull and drooping; tales 109.500 bushels; Chicago spring 1 ti6<jl 06: Milwaukie Club 1 'Swl 0b; Winter Ited Western 1 6H3172; Amber Milwaukee 1673168; Amber Michigan 1733 175; White do 1 87; Ited Jersey 1 65. Corn—irregular; sales42.000 busli; Mixed Western shipping in store 13131 32; Yellow Jersey 1 2831 29; do Southern 1 2831 59. Oats—firmer: sales Canada891*911; State 891391; Western 901391c. Beef— qtfiet and unchanged ; tales 400 bbls. old do 22 121322 50; new do 23 75 "24 00; prime 18 25^20 50 lor old and new: prime mess 22 &0® 23 00. Cut Meats—s'eadv. Bacon—quiet; safes 1200 boxes at llf&ll'c lor Western short ribbed, and 14] o I4]c for do long out Hams. l ard—firm; sales 2100 bbls at 18j@18]c. Butter—Arm; sales Ohio 30a40c; State 43c£50c. Whiskey—unsettled; sales at 1 00a 1 02 for State, 101 a. 105 for Western. Rice—steady. Sugar—firm: sales 390 hhds: New Orleans 14® 15jc; Mupccm ado 14J316]. Coffee—steady. Molasses—Ann; sales by auction 230 bbls New Orleans at 70&83 Naval Stores—quiet. Petroleum—firmer; sales 800 bbls; crude at 31 cy 32c ; refined in bond 60o;5I; do tree at 03c Freights to Liverpool—quiet; flour Is 3dd. Wool -firm and In fair demand. Stork Market• New York, March 23 Second Board.—Stocks stronger. Chicago & Hock Island.126 Pittsburg. Fort Wayne and Chicago.146] Milwaukie & Prairie DuChieu. 8 . Chicago & Noitli Western. Cleveland k Toledo,.160 Toledo & Wabash,,. . 71 Galena k Chicago.126 Erie,.lafi Erie preferred,.114] Hudson.156] Harlem.]05 Reading.14G Michigan Central. .14 4 Michigan Southern.117 Illinois Central scrip.152 Cleveland k Pittsburg.1*6 \ New York Central.1431 Pacific Mail.289 Quicksilver Mining Co. 78 Cumberland Coal Company preferred. fc8 Canton Company. 70' Missouri 6’r. 74 ■ Treasury 7 3-lOtlis,.112] United St at or 5-20 coupons.11U United States 6’s*1881 coupons,.113 St. Louie Market. St. Lori*, March 2*. Cotton dull; receipts 350 bales. Flour active at 5 75 for extra, aud 6 25 for double extra. Wheat buoyant at 1 87f@l 40 for prime Corn dull at 07(a 1 06. Pork advancing ; safes at 21 50@22 75. Death in Disowning.—At a coroner’s in quest held by Aug. Gowen, Esq., on the bodj of David Smith, found in the river below lh< Kailroad Bridge in Orouo, Saturday last, tht verdict of the jur£ was that he came to hb , death by casuality, and not by violence. II< is supposed to have fallen from the bridgi while in a state of intoxication—having beer last seen in that condition, on the 14th inst.— Another victim for some low grogery to be re eponsible for. I Bangor Whig. Stole the Fiddle.—Four or live youiq rowdies entered the llilc last evening um feloniouely took “ Uncle Pete’s” fliddle fron his house. The instrument has long been i great favorite of I’ete’e, and he grieves ver; much at hte loss. . .. • jy“The Portsmouth Ballot says that a few ; days since, Mr. Langdon Jcnness, one of the 1 most rc' |>ectable and industrious farmers of ‘ Rye, was very badly injured by the explosion | of powder, while blasting maple logs. L'y”Thc milk condensers have begun to condense eider by the same process as that by which lacteal fluid is converted into lac teal solid. It is reduced to one-seventh of j its bulk, a beautiful amber colored jelly. By i the addition of six times its hulk of water, it I becomes cider again. ^“The day following the arrival of Fit/. John Porter in Colorado, Mr. McConner.of the lower House of the Territorial Legisla ture, offered the following joint resolution: ‘ Itcnohed, That Fitz John Porter he request ed to leave the Territory in thirty days.’’ The writer does not say whether any action was taken on the motion. eF’A large business is expected to be done iu Aroostook County, this spring, in the man ufacture of maple surgar. The Pioneer, un der the inspiration of a little package of ma ple candy sent him by some kind friend, gives utterance to the following sublime passage:— “ Breath* there a man with taste so dead, who ever onto himself has said—11 I don’t love maple candy!’ ” ts~ The Union Leagues in Massachusetts do not hesitate to grapple with questions of vital interest to the public. Iu the Lowell Courier is a public notice that the League in that city are engaged in discussing the ques tion. “Hoes the wisest and best liberty of man, require as a condition of suffrage any de fined moral, educational, property or color qualification in the voter.” »=A man somewhat advanced in years, with a family upon his hands, out of work, said to us the other day that he didn’t know what he should do. He was able to work, wanted to work, and could get employment at the highest rate of wages at his honorable mechanical trade, hut then he had joined an association that would not consent for him to work iu the only place where he could find a dumaml for his services. He said he thought it was a hard case. Wc thought so too,— hard that a mnn should virtually deny his manhood by voluntarily placing himself iu a position that would stand between himself and an honest and independent livelihood. J. E. FERNALD & SON., Merchant Tailors, AND DBA LEAP IN Gents’ Furnishing Goods, have Just opened a pile 9/ NEW GOODS, and cau now show more than FOUR HUNDRED 0 ^ style* of Fancy Goods for Gentlemen’s and Boys’Garments. Elegant Fitting Liuinient* CAM ALWAYS BE HAD AT THE TIME AGREED UPON! and at prices as lotr as oi#»/ other haute* EF" The people are invited to call at NO. *7 MIDDLE STREET. incli21 d6w L XX E M OVAL. J0S1AH BURLEIGH HAP REMOVED TO NEW STORE, EVANS’ BLOCK, Nos. 141 & 143 Middle Street. JOSIAH BURLEIGH, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Clothing,Cloths, Tailors' Trimmings, -AMD GENTLEMEN’S FURNISHING GOODS, Nos. Ill A 113 Middle Street. t . ■ -— r-■ JOS I A II B t! K L E I (< H , Agent far Grover & Baker’s celebrated Sewing- Machines, Nos 141 & 143 Middle Street. — NATHAN GOOLD Will say to bis iritnds tbat he may be tound at Bur leigh's, No. Ill tc 143 Middle street, where he will he pleated to wait upon his farmer customers. Portland. March 24. lb*>4. dtf BUY YOUR JEWELRY —AT— DRESSER’S 199 Eiehange Street, ®® Kvery per-an th it buys worth of Jewelry at one time will receive * *1.00 Book,gratis, inch 17 d2w • BOOTS AMD SHOES! ; W. W. LOTIIKOP, NH Middle Street. I Where can he found a large assortment of #■1 l adies', Gents’, Aliases’, Bovs’ aud Youth*' f WJ fashionable HOOTS, SHOES and RI B HF. US of the beat manufacture and at rea sonable prices. Boors and fcHons made to measure from the best French aud American stock xud on the latest style lasts. WM. \V. LOTIIKOP. uich22 d2m PURCHASERS OF MIOBS PROM TUI WRECK OF THE BOHEMIAN, can have them put In perfect order, either by Dyeing or Kcnuishing, at the PORTLAND DVB HOUSE, CORNER I’ll ED LK AMD PORTLAND BTH. Orders may be ie t at me office, vl Exchange street, or at flic Dye House mehlT d3w Dirigo Insurance Company. fflilE undersigned, a majority of the persons JL uained in tuc first section of an Act entitled *' An Act to incorporate the Dirigo Insurance Co approved April 4. 1850, hereby give notice they have opened Books for subscription to the Capital Stock, of said Company, at the Office of the tort land Mutual Eire Insurance Company, or at the j Merchants’ Exchange Room. JOSEPH HOWARD. EBEN STEELE. A K.SHl RrLEFF. J. B. CARROLL. WVf. ( UASE EZRA CARTER JR. J. C. BROOK H. D. W. CLARK. W. W. THOMAS. Portland, March 22,1884. mch2ld&w3w ItlEllCIIAWS* EXCHANGE. ^ ANNUAL MKET1NO. mHE Anniversary of the opening of the Met [ A chants’ Exchange will occur March 30th. A lull attendance of the members is requested on that i day, at which time the subscription bills lor the en suing year will be ready. All new subscriptions will 1 commence at that date. The terms of subscription r will be the same as last year, viz: #6 00 lor single in dividuals, and #8.00 for tlrma. Per order. mch22 dtd M N. RICH, bup’t. as •5* W AN TO, LOST, FOUND Lost. A hunch of Key?. I he finder will be liberally re warded by leaving them at Wo. 81 Middh Street, or with Mr. M. N. Kief* Merchant*' Ex change. mcb2S dtf BOARD. PLEASANT rooms and beard, at No. 72 Danfortl St., 2*1 door above Brackett St Call soon. Also a iruod stable for rent on the premise*. mcl>28 dSw* Wanted. AN honest and Intelligent Boy, about 15 year, ol age, to learn the Drv Food. tusinaM by .1. H. TOI.KOBl) A tu. mchjildtr No. ii. Free til., lllock. Found. 4 WATCH and Chain was picked up in the street* s.1. of Portland, by a tienttema* from 1 lie Conntiy, last December. The owner can have tnc same by provingproperty, and paying for thi- advertisement on calling at No. 25 Clark Street. mch25dlw Lost. ON Congress Street, near Mechanic.' Hall, a package containing two pairs I.allies’ Tur CuEs nnd other turn. The fin icr will confer a lavor at d lie suita ly rewarded by leaving them at ' C. A. SCSSKKAl I"S. mch2o dlvv No. 12» Middle street. Tippet Lost. ^ATCKDAV afternoon. March 19th, between Sll IX ver and Washington Streets, a Fitch Tippat. The Under will be suituably rewarded by leaving it at Clue, Holden's, corner Wilmot and Cnmberimi d Streets. mch23dlw RECRUITS WANTED For the Regular Army. BOUNTY, $702. Period of Enlietment Three Yeari. rilHK RECRUITS arc wanted for the 17th U'. 8. A Reg't , Head Quarters at Fort Preble, Maine. The above bounty is only offered until April 1st, after which date comes the draft. Rccrnitig Office, corner of Exchange and Fore streets. J. P. WALES, Cap't.Kth, C. 8. Reg't. Recruiting Officer. mchl8 d2w Want to I’tirchase A Dwelling House, suitable for a small family, Ic catcd above Itrown street. Address, stating location and terms, BU ILDER, mchlOdtf Portland P O. Wanted. WANTED to rent, a house pleasantly situated, convenient for one. or two small ikinihe*. Address A. M. P. Box 848 P O mch«edif Tenement Wanted, WANTED to hire four or five rooms, suitable for a small family, with good water privileges. Bent in advance if required Addiess Tenant lit x rtiand Post Office, stating priceand locality inch6 dtf Wanted. BOARD in a family that has no other boarders, for a gentleman and son. Address mch2tf •■P," at the Press office. WANTED I 1,000 WOMEN, To make Army Drawer*. Al*o good l’ant Raster* and Finishers wanted in the shop to make ARMY PANTS. None but good workmen wanted. Apply at the rooms in FfiER STREET OCA', over the “tore one do^r north of Tolford s. No work given out or taken in Monday forenoons or Saturday afternoons. feb29 dtf S. W. HUNTINGTON. BAILEY AND NOYES, DEALERS IN P AWAY 11AA GINGS, WE purchase our Stock of Room Paper from the largest Manufacturing Establishments in the United States; cayeiully selecting from their latge stock?, the hew i*ATfl:i:>s oxt.Y,—and such aa are adapted to this market. Tola year the styles and designs are very beautiful, and we have a tine assortment, appropriate for every style of room. We invite those in want of ROOM PAPER to examine our patterns, berore pdrehasing elsewhere. They are bought here for cash, and we can afford to -ell at a fair price. ' BAILEY AND NOYES, Booksellers and Stationer*, 56 X 58 Exchange Street, I’ortlunU. N B Country dealers will find it to tbeir advant age to rive u* a call, if in want of Room Paper. mch25 2uid& vr 17 CHAPMAN. Jr., Patent ani Puainese Ag envy, No. 229 Congress Street. CLOTHES WRINGERS at wholesale and retail. Ageuta wanted (in every town). Call at 229 Congress Strret. HAWSE’S Pulley Elevating and Revolving Clothe9 ,7>ye*l for, sale at 229 Congress Street. ,4 N improved Waterwheel, unsurpassed by any iA. yet invented. Models at 229 Congress Street. PARTIES having capital to Invest would do well to call at No. 229 Congress Street. MONEY is being mad- by those who have invest ed at 229 Congress Street. V SPRING BED, which, for simplicity and dura bility, h uusurpas-ed. Samples atSKK* Congress Street. TW’OTIIING ventured nothing gained in the maxim il at 229 Congress Street. J UST received a new lot of Amulon’s Premium Wringers at 229 Congress Street. KUNDLET Repair’s Wringe's and Lamp? at 229 Congress Street. mcli24 dtf NOTICE. fill IE Subscriber with pleasure announces to his 1. old Patrons and the Public, that as he has se cured t.*e serricea of a FREN CH COOK AND CONFECTIONER, who lias had thirty years experience in the best and largest houses in NEW YOUR, BOSTON and other cities, that he is prepared to furnish W edding oi Other Partita, and Families with every description and variety of articles in his Line, viz. BonedTurkejs, Bird*, Heatof all kinds. Every Variety of lee ('ream, Jellies, Salads, Charlotte Russe, Cake, Pastry, Or Confectionary, either plain or fancy. Experienced "Waiters, who are competent to take charge of Wedding oi other Parties, will be furnished on application. All Orders from the C ountry will recci e promp attention. N.B. 1’leuse bear InJmlndHhat PARS'CM buys am uses the best Material that the country afford?' Call and examine. I. liuriiiim, l'oilman Blotk, Temple Siren, Portland, Me. mch23 dtf m ANOTHER LOf I-1 of the celebrated cloth J L, ’S,” All colors, at HARRIS! Also the SILK PRESS HAT for Spring, it Harris’, opposite Post Office. inchiy d2w Colley, Burnham & Co.: Cabinet Makers ami I jiliulsterers. 368, Congress Street, A HE prepared to do all kinds of Cabinet and Up hoistery work, at the shortest notice. Al kinds of f'umiliirr, Eoiinges A Jliilircssn —constantly on hand— N. B. The public arc invited to call and examine n»*b4dtf “Foreign Emigrant Assoeimior of Maine.” ■\TOTICE is hereby given that a meeting oi the ‘*/»i JLN migrant Aid Association of Maine," will b held at the United States Hotel, in Portland, 01 Monday, April the 4th, at 4 o’clock P. M., lor th purposeoreflecting an organization, for theelectioi ol Associates and tuficers, and for general bushiest N. A. FAR WELL, R. I). RICE, GEO. STETSON. Augusta, March 21,1864. mch26 dtd % I EXTERTAJXMENTS. Mercantile Library Association! T H K THIRD AND LAST LECTURE -OF THE- * TI'.IIPEHAIKCE coikne, will UK »ITK\ at NEW CITY HAIjIj, —FT JOHN II. MHl.ll, Es4,m Tuesday Evening, March 29Ui 1N4. TICK El S 27 cent* each—to be had at the usual place* and at the door. j^oorn open at d, lecture to commence at 74 o'clock. mcli2»5 * t(1 B 10 > 10 F I T -OF THE WIDOW’S WOOD SOCIETY. SOCIAL LEVEE! Portland Spiritual Association. This Associa'ion will holds SOCIAL I.KVEE nn Wednesday Evening next, March 30th, NEW CITY HALL ! -FOR THK Benefit of (lie W idow's Wood Society. Music by Chandler. Tickets 25 cents. N. A. FOSTER. . Committee TUOS. F. CL.MMIN08,( of .■ .1 1*LANCHARIi. (Arrangement 1'ortland, March 26. 1854. ,j CT^Courier copy. New City Hall. POSITIVELY FOR NINE DAYS ONLY I Perham’s Invalid Soldier NATIONAL HOME ENTE RPRISE! TRl IIBROP, Of T HI RIIILLIO.V Devoted to r»i»iuK Fuud, for a National Home! THIS SlTEIiB AND OK.ANTIC Illustrated History of the War! Wiicli ha* received a patronage in bostou, New York and other cities, entirely unpr'Ctitmtnt in the annafg of jmbfic en'erta t.ui+nt*, will be exhibited in furtherance of this patriotic movement. Comment-ill! Ibor.Jn Ittitin; Karri, J|,|, |Vi|. And continne until April 9th, inclusive. Doors opkiv at 7 o’clock. .Bnix at 8o'clock, 100,000 TICKETS AT *1,00 EACH ! A Dollar Ticket Admits Four. A D®ATI0N OF $34,720,00 IN VALUABLE PROPERTY TO THE TICKET HOLDERS. JoSlAli PERU AM. Agent for the proprietors has the honor to announce a plan for the fo un ding of a National Ixstitctiom, to be a horn® tor Invalid and Disabled Soldier*. The original number of Ticket* i**ued. to be sold wa< lOO OOO, one third of which umber ha* air read y been sold iu Boston, Ma** , w here the enter prise wa* first projected. Each ONE DOLLAR TICKET i* g«*Td lor FOUR ADMISSIONS to the Mirror of the Rebellion! which will be exhibited for this purpose** above. Three Grand Afternoon Entertainment* Saturday, April 2d, Wednesday, April 6, nnd Saturday, April U at 3 oVH k, to accommodate Ladies and t'hitd ren. < hildren admitted at 10 cent* each. MT10NAL BOHE TICKETS A>11TI.\C F««r $1,11 Earb. A Dollar Ticket consisting of Five Coupon*, four of which are admission* to the Mirror, good at any time, and the other a Certificate of an interest iu the cut*prise which the purchaser retains. Single Admission Cents. National Home Ticket*, admitlirg Four each, for sale at t* e Bookstores, and at the United State* Hotel, and at the Hall. For full particular* see bills. mch24td DEEKI\G HALL. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday Eveniage, March30,31, April 1 A 2. NOVEL AND BEAUTIFUL EXHIBITION OF MAGIC, MYSTERY & MIRTH! In connection with the presentation o| ISO Froo Gifts ! NORWOOD, The Fakir ! It 'OXDBBFVL DEXTERITY. REAUTIH'L At HIK \ EM KM TS, s i‘J tiki. IK r.‘ b EA VS. The Fakir will have the honor of appearing in a Melange of Prestidigitation, Atcrcmancy, Maytc, tfc , ana will lurther increase the interest of the cc ca-iou by distributing among hi* au lienee, free of charge, an imtucuse variety of costly at d useful Preseuts, among which will be toiwid a SPLKX bib If A TEH. Every purchaser of au Admission »icket will be p Mooted with a Gift Ticket, the Manager wishes it distinctly understood that no charge will be made for tiiits. but for the performance only. HP“Ooaerre well—The variety of the f akir ’s Won der* are endless, Fact evening*will be uistincu.shvd by some new and thrilling< Abet Neithertrot expense has oeeu spared to give these entertainments all the cnarm> »ht Fakir is capable of There is noth ing connected with them to offend the most fastid ious. scrupulous or reigious; all the experiments being found d strictly upon scientific principle*. £7~Admis*iou 25 cent*; Reserved Seats 50 cent* Doors open at 7, eulertainmeut to commence at 8 o’clock. nichkS dtapll Det-riug Hull—Three ftiKlu* Only ! Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, April Ith, 5th anil 6th. First appearance in Portland of the World Re nowtd Prestidigitateur and Traveller PROFESSOR ANDERSON, in hi* celebrated entertainment THE WOKLD OF nAOIC1 Prof. Ardcr*on will commence h*s Somes Fantas thjues on Monday, April 4th, and continue for three night* only, when be will introduce ihe whole of his startling, new. peculiar and tiogular novelties, per formed entirely without the aid rf any mechanical apparatus, all tffecis being produced by mo«*t extra ordinary mcchau c»l skill. On sa uruay after*.oon at 3 o’clock, there will be a grand day performance for the a:c mmodatiun ot ladies aud childreu. Children half price. Door* open in evening at 7. to c mmeuce quarter before 8. On Saturday afternoon at 2, < omineuce at 3. Admission 25 cents: Reserved Seats 50 ceuts. meh2S dlw A*se%*oiV Notice. rpilE Assessors of the city of Portland, hereby A give notice to all persona liable to taxa tion iu said City, that they will be in <*<s.sion from the first to the fourteenth day of April next, inclusive, Sundays excepted, at their rooms, in the New City tiovernmeut building, from ten to twelve o'clock iu the forenoon, and from three to tive intne afternoon, to receive true ami perfect lists of all their polls, and estates, both real and p'rsoual, in cluding money on hand or at interest, debtfl due to them more than they are owing, as also ail propeity he d in trust as (iuardiau, Executor, Administrator, or otherwise, on the fir**t day ol April next, and they are requested to be prepared to certif> the same on oath. 1 Those persons who uegleot to comply with this notice, and thus assign the Assessors the unpYasart duty of dooming them, will be deprived by law of * the privilege of appealing from iheir decisions on application for abatement, except in ca«es of inabil itv to conform to the requirements of the laws. 8. ft BECK KIT. ) Assessors W. H KOYK. J 01 DO W. \ Port land . N. B. Blank Schedules can be had at the Assessors’ Room*. Portland. March 25,1S& mch2f» tapri!15 _ | Kent Estate for Sale. , *mHE three Story Brick House aud Lot, flo 64 i JL Cumberland St. the house Contain, twelve well liulahed room-. Bathing room, hot and cold water. Furuace. lias). and all olher conveniences of a Urst class house, Hood stable. F.n^uiro of SOL'fUARt) . WOOUBIRY, mcli22dtf 7S Commercial Street. • r i AUCTION SALES. EDWARD n, FATTEN, Commission Merchant & Auctioneer Has removed to >ha apacioua .tore 12 ’ ' Exchange Stre t, four do.n twiOBla Merchant’s h.xohange. Will receive congigQnunts of Merchandise of every description. for public or piivaie taie. Balt ■ of Heal Estate. Vessel*, Cargoes, 8tock» and feer. cnaudise solicited, (ash adsaoc t» maue, with prompt Males aud returns. mchl2 dly Wholesale and Retail AUCTION ROOM! JEST OPENED No. 86 Fox Block, Exchange Street, POETLAND, ME. I .hall be in tbe con.tant receipt of, and will nail • ahernoon and evening by public auction I tbe following line, of good, in uuaiiifie, to «uit; ' . Woolen, ol all de.ciiption., Dicta Good, lu variety. Linen, matk Towelling, Covers Ac,Thble Cutlery, Plated NVare, Jewelry. Vankee No. lions nud F ancy Good., Commencing Tuerday, February Kith. GEO. L. PEIRCE. Auction and Com mission Merchant. | W. p. Stmwart, Auctioneer* feblA dtt The Third Grand Sale, -OF IUMAGEB GOODS, From the Wreck of Steamer Bohemian, B.t Heart Bailey & Co., Vuetioneers. WILI. COMM EM E on Thundau next March 3Uf. at 10 o’clock, A M . ml No. 3 t.a fa B ock, Commercial Street. Ilia Invoice was mostly raised by divers taken Up in whole packages and ds iivered in good order excepting the wet It coa Sits principally of Mikt Broadcloth, Cass.mares. T weeds Linen ft Cotton Goods. Brussalls. Oilcloth, aud other Carpets ftc., ftc , principally in anbrokaa P'"*"-_ mci& d d Groceries ut Auction. T»EKE will be sold at Auction, Wednesday. A March 30, at 2 o'clock, at J. Arnold ft Co’s , SS Congress St., all the Urooeri.a and fixtures in said Store; Abo If not disposed ol at private sale, one Hon»e one Caryall, one wtgon He., two liarnetet* Ala.) Furniture an . 8t# vt. loa E- M. PATTEN, Auction ear. m >b29 <12t Vtiltiithic IMitle vn Commercial Street at Auciion. WILL be told at the Verchants’ Exchange, on Wednesday. April Cth next, at 12 o’c ock M. nue third part iu common aud undivided of the property known as ti»o Puiiihsm wbari property. TIm* block is on the Xoitherly >i«ie of Commercial Street, eRtond* to. and has a fiont on Fore Street, thin block contains 19,0 0 square f«*et. The wharf and deck contain 22.500 fret, and the contiuua'ion to the » otnmiHuiouer*' line, contains 26 000 rquare feet. A jnauof the property may te examined at the Merchants hxchange Terms made known at sale. mch28td H BAILEY k CO , Auctioneer*. (I. S. narnhal'g Sale. Utrmn> .State* or America, I District of Maine, ss. } PURSUANT to Sundry Writ* of Sale, to me di rected, from the Hon. Aahur Ware, sludge of the United State* District Court, within and for the Piorictof Maine, I shall expo-e and sell at Public vendue to the highest bidder therefor, the folio*!** property and merchandiae. at the time and place within tail District, ae fo lio «*, viz: At the AnmoH Room or E M Pattrs No. 18. Kxm A M.e STBk*.T, in Portland, on Tutsdag the Dec rtf-ninth dag qf March current, at ten ofclock SCSDRV ItOODS, Wares AMD MRRCHAEDIft saved from the icreek of the Enol hh Steamer Bohemias; the name having been decreed liable to salvage by the District Court* of the United State*, lor the D:*trict of Maine, and ordered to be told. Dated at Portland, this twenty-fourth da? ef March. A. D.. 1564. 9 CHARLES CLARK, mch24 did U. S. Marshal. Diet, ot Me. for Sale at Auction. The House and Land Ofihr law Alvaa Caahaaa.Xs. 96»saIt THERE is a largo garden ( of 1 lie richest soil, iijj f ruit trtea, current, (joosberry butliee. Ac.,) the rear of the hou*e, which is b undeu on two court*, i he lot coo tains 10,000 square feel being a ue-irab.r iuv. stment, a* by a small outlay it v ill toromaud a large reut, it is a desirable location for a Hotel, being withiul'O test of Congress St. It will he sold at Public Auction on Tuesday the 29th day ol March, at 18 M. A plan oi the same c*n be seen aud am iuintormatioi.fobtained ol OkO. U. CUMIMaN, >200Coug e»* Street, or ▲. B. STEPH ENSON, 121 Commercial street. II. Bailey k CO., Aac kneers. Port'and. March 18th, 1864. mchl8 dtf Genteel Furniture at Auction. ON Saturday. April 2d, at 10 o’c'oek AM. ak house ot Jacob f. Shat tuck, near Tuke> '» Budge, iu it vatbrook, all ibe Furniture in saiu hou-e, on sitting iu pvrt of B dsteads, Reds and Bedding, Brussels, Chamber, Oil and 8taiv Carpets, Chairs, Ruckers. Solas, ottoman, ftc , la hair. Card fence, Work. Fine aud Gluing fables. Chamber Setts, Oamask aud other Curtains, Mirrors.Cbirks Stoves, Croc ery Glass, China. Tin. Wo d aud Ironware. Table cutler.. Vas «. Stuffed Birds kc , ftc , with the entire kiich u Furniture. Also 2 Horses, Hay Cutters. 1 Express Wagon, i good four wheeiebaua. Harnesses, Back Saddles. Farming uten.-lls in varie ty. te. ftc henry bailey ft co.. mcli'id dtd Auctioneers. BT HENRY BAILEY, ft CO., AUCTIONEERS. House at Auction. ON Thursday, Maren 31st, at 3 o'clock. P. M , on th premises. The one and a half wooden House with Brick basement. No. 26 Myrtle etieet. Said Hous» is nearly nov, with H tioi.hcd roc ms; abundant hard and son wat.r, and every thing neat and convenient inand about tbo house. Tills e ear, terms easy, sale posltiye. mh.ch2i td TO THE AFFLICTED I UK. W.N. DtUlKU, jMedico.1 Electrician, No. 11 Clapp’s Block, CORXMR OECOXURESS AXD ELM STREETS WOULD respectfully announce to the citizen* of Portland aud vicinity, that he has permanent ly located iu this city. During the eleven month* that »ehave been in torn we have curtd tome ol the worst forms of disease in persona who have tried other forms of treatment iu vaiu, and curing pa tieuta in so short a time that the question is often asked, do they slay cured f To ana* er this question we will say that all that do not stay cu ed, we will doctor the second time lor nothing. Dr. D. has been a practical Electrician for twenty one years, and is also a regular graduated physician Electricity is perfectly adapted to chronic diseases in the form of nervous or sick headache; neuralgia in the head, ueck.or extremities; consumption,when in the acute stages or where the lungs are not fully involved; acute or chronic rheumatism, scrolula, hip diseases, white swellings, spinal diseases, curvature ot the spine, contracted muscles, distorted limbo, palsy or paralysis, 8t. Vitas’ Dance, deafness, stam mering or hesitancy of speech, dyspepsia, iudigea constipation and liver complaint, piles—weouro every case that can he presented; asthma, bronchi tis, strictures of the ohest, and all forms of female complaints. By Bloctrioity The Rheumatic, the gouty, the lame and the lazy leap with joy, aud move with the agility and elastic ity of youth; the heated train is cooled; the Irost bitteu limbs restored, the uncouth deformities re* moved; faintness converted to vigor, weakness to strength; the blind made to see, the deaf to hear and the palsied form to movo upright; the blemishes ot youth are obliterated; the accidents of mature Uto prevented; the calamities of old age obviated, and an active circulation maintained. LA DIEM Who have oold hands and feet: weakma o*t ohs lame and weak backs; nervous and sick headache; dizziness and swimming in the head, with indices tion and constipation or the bowels; pain in the side and back; leucoirhuea, (or whites); falling of tho womb with internal cancers; tumors, polypus, and all that long train os diseases will find in Electric ity a sure means of cure. For painful menstruation, too profuse menstruation, and ail of those long lino of troubles with young ladies, Electricity is a certain specific, and wit!, in k short time, restore the sufferer to the vigor of In-alth. We hare an R l ectro-Chemical Apparatus for extracting Mineral Fobon fr«>m the sysiiin, such as Mercury, Antimony. ArsenJc, he. Hundreds who are troubl'd with stiff joint-, weak backs, and vari ous otherditfcultns. the direct cause of which, in nine cases out of ten. is the ctTVct of poisonotn drugs, oan be restored to n tural -tr^nglh and vigor by tno use of from 3ve to eight Bat lie. Office hours from 3 o’clock A. M. to X V. M.; X| «; aud 7 to 8 P. M. Con-oltatioa Free. |yX4 iaodt HA V A NA~SDGAR. 3)0 Boxes Havana Sugar for Bala by HOPHNI BATON. No. 1 lentr.l wharf. Portland, March 1«, 1864, mohl3 d3w Con«iigiirfa. Cliesuppakc. THE Steamer Chc-apcake will commetce dis charging. Tbumd-y, nth ult., at tho end of Brown a wharf. Owner* of tr od* by sai I Steamer, wih pYsse rail at our office and sign the general avi raire bond. EMERY^It FOX, meh‘24 dlw

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