Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, January 3, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated January 3, 1861 Page 2
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Jl'* * MINT GARY’S EEASON P nn TOWH, ND. MORMNP IAN 9 potent exit of the Ball glu of aicLIICSS ill lilt! failii- j Tj of Mr. John F- Fen nick, proprietor of Uuioo Hold, the Line* have beqn compelled to postpone their Ball uij.- ' til Tuesday. the 29ih of January iuaUni.. The following gentlemen have Wen ap pointed by the compauy as Civic Maui* g*n\ St. Lntgr**' District —W. L L*ng K y, Jmwow \. Koach, Dr. J. M. firootue, Dr. Randolph Jones, J K Jones. inktrul. —Win. Malta, C"l. Wd!. Oad. JohYi Shalri.dc, Dr. A. Sap pington, Dr. Wm. M. Arxdl. Leonard Tovn llitirict. — Cd. B G. Harris J M. Millard. Gen G C. Mor pan. Joseph H Maddnx. Charles Medley. (hapticu £h*lrt\t —Dr. Jam's War ring. Col. Wmi. I. Pl.*kirtoin Col John F. D„nt, <ko. 11. Herbert, Mcjcr E. 1. j Plowden. CharfUU Ih’U Diifrivt. —Hr. Joseph F Shaw, Cl. John 11. Sothoron, Dr. James! Thomas, Dr. Gustavui Canter, James W. 1 Miltimore. OaktolU Diftriot. Col. Chapmen Bil-; lingdy. S I. Coatigcn. Wm. O. Reeder. o►. W Morgan. Biijeoc • The Manager* on the part -A the Com- 1 pany, w will publish next week. — The !TrT7i The news from th rat of Government i continn*> th* old or } cr cf things mio. ; y.resents not! *ng of a ..La. act# r that tends tn alter our opinu.r tv* to the iuevitaolt disrnption cf the Union, From the •Vigos of the times” several Southern Stales nil) follow South Carolina, in a few ! days. ”d whilst tin Union is thus rapidly j falling to pieces, Congress nothing I to enaur* or prop aid ju u* preservation, j The Senate Committee h. a already re- j ported that, it ha? been unable to agree • ujo a satisfactory basis for the adjust* locut of the issues i; was convened to eonrid- J er. The House f *oriu.itt#w i.- in the same I predicament. Mr. Dm hat.aa and a por-[ tion of his Cabinet have again di°pgreed, { and Secretary Floyd bar, resigned. Lead-j Ing Republican Journals assert that Mr Lincoln will stand ►quant uj •m ihe Chics go platform and administer the Govern-; •lent accordingly, wh’lwt leading Southern ! Journal* declare that he shall not be in- J augiirated at Washington, aod consequent- i )T shall not administer the Government ail all. I The South has for sorm tim* been arm ing for self-defence, and lute Intelligence from the North g*'*es to show that ah* i likewise rapidly placing herself upon a war f*oting. Whilst it is known that the Fouth is arming tor purely defensive and; protective purpose?, we may infer that ihe North intends to pursue an aggressive or offensive policy. In tu.s event the Border ! fitates will be the battb ground. and houl<’ not Maryland Lc prepared to give the in vaders of her ftoil a proper reception ? Partisan Politics One would think th-tt the tremendous travail through which the country is pass ing and the prosing mctfndu which exists I for a close and perft-ar uni* n nmong th*- ; Flate Slates and S vitizen* gr-ci r a:ly. would be anffci.nt to hanish effrctu ally fr om all heart'! the w niched partix.-tn | prejudices wbirh have ruled u? so Inag ano to rurnoutly. Dis utCcseery, how ever, to contemplate the course of lb? Slave St-tes fcince tho beginning of ourna- \ tiunal troubles ud the sniridHl divi>ium< j prevailing iu aur ruiust, tt be convinced. ! that tuany —very many —of u§ yet e!i. g tenaciously to mir party memories and act rather from tbss*i fe. lings and impulses then the promptings of .m enlightmad and potnotic duty. It w;:a partisan politick which defeated the call fur a General Con vention of thu Sieve Slulca—thus cutting off the only rational promise wh : ch vcr existed for an andraule udjustuunt of oar di&culliea in the Uuiao It is partisan jealousy or embitiou which ia keeping the Border Slave S:*U asaadcr at this rro ment- -tbua basarding our pence and safety by trifling with cor national future. It it thin feelirg, wc fear, which U operatieg upon the Executive of our State. It ie the eoutrolling cause of our newspaper and •tump asperities It explains the divisions which exist in many portions of our State. But for this feeling. Maryland had long rinse, in spite of Gov. Hicks, pieced her self in position to sprak and act with au thority. It H.u b?en the cause of nearly all our misfcrlur.o? How muck longer it will be buffered to abuss our patience and Lruard our aafoty remains to be seen. ■ - ——■ —i ■■ I- Hetd of the Bey Pus f - Office- AU efforts to indette sonic ocs to the office of Post Master at tie abovi named plaoe having fail 'd, we arc author ised to state, that the post odiee at that plane has been finally dtacoatinned; and that the mail matter, heretofore belonging there, is now opened at the Leonard Town office. Through the kindness of Mr. Med ley, arrangements have been made to leave the 9 ‘Beacons” at hi? sto-c on the day ot publication, which iil enable our Heed of the Bay aubucribera to receive them at tb-‘. >liim place as heretofore. a jomm Schooner Bcr Wc learn that UapL P. of the Mchocner Ann H bcoca. fnSteeascd the ►irking of a about ;two miles | above Sandy Point, and near ibiMtnmlL of Magothylfivcr. **ai Friday, the 2bt ultimo. He states that he was in two or three hun ffrrd yards of her at the time the ■ccident occnrrd, and that the row-boat, which seemed te be attached to the schooner by a long rope, floated upon the surface of the water, but whs eu pty. He did not rccog nix? .he fcchoom:r, nor can be state wheth er there was any loss of life, though he presumes all cu board were lost. The schooner ► to I e about sixty or sev enty tons burthen. “The Governor Still Firm ” This baa grown to bo quite a put pbraas ‘ with ►undry newspapers in this State, the Editors of which invat’sbly snei-re wbrn the Governor takes snuff.* “The ; Governor is firm.” “His Excellency is ■ unmoved ” “Gov. Hicks ie immovea ble,” and so on, t> the end of the chapter. After a fashion of tbeir own, the Struarta wre a firm race of people too, but ' their firmness, pleased' to stats, : coit one of the family his head ’ and sm jotlur bis throne. Wc dc w*wh to I I make a ;.(-rsnii:,l application cf our history. | | which i. however, a pr.tty siguifi^ant ! warning to rulers given o v er much to! I , . c • ‘DruitKs V'jlnrtssri VTatitcd. By rrfeiencc to our advertising col- ; umn?. it will be setui thnt it i* proposed n- j ; form two more military companies in our ‘ cfiinty The unfurtunite coi. itlin pf| j our public affairs and the inevitable .-lufr j and chaoa which wiii result from them. I I earnestly admonish ail thoughtful eit’u-rsj !to provide for tin I:- own. And thj saf.-iy | j *>f their onuniy, while the ti-e yet re- I mains to 'hem. L ia the wildest delusion lof tollv to imagine that jur present tJnioo • ean be broken up nod anatber formed ! ! without a iiileut >ho. k to nropertv and 1 I ( 'li3 ex's'inr order of tilings Wm com- j I uiaud both ptoporikious 10 public favor, — [f'OMMUNICATfcD. M ewrv. Editr-rs —-It is a melanchnlv re- I jflectiou th n tldn grtiat *rt-d glorious Union ' is fulling tn pif.-r.-8. And that nothin" short! •of Divine Intel position can arrest it. The | I seed, planted bj the i , iiriiaiis in 1620 nt 1 , Dlyun ath. ha.- h*rn its. fruit. From ; j huruitig w itehee end heretics they fnrn -c | ' their sittcntion to slarerv. W? find in ; IbM, three thousand five hundred preach ers from the New K’icdand State- petition- ; ing C i{f against sUveiy. I’be'whr*lf* 1 Book Concern and Fahlio Sell ul System i have Vm t n p<* rverle l and diverted to tln ir peculiar vi**ws. with the Nortlicry mind thus so long and ?o pTsintrnfly edti -1 euttd, it i< folly c> Atippooe that C-mmit tce in CuiigrtAa can. by retudusinn* on parchment, change in a monirr.t, **v-ii if ; disposed, the nature of a whole people and ; arrc*t ami Uiru back th*tido of fanntieism, ] now beyfiud human control, Tiic wedge j has uu*T?d the Union, nd one State i- 1 riven frou, me UiHaa. M. st of the S-ulh- 1 -rn Stater, if not all, will t.av*. seceded hc fort (be F**urth of Mrch. Ere this, pos sibly, *• coliisirn has occurred between t!;c Federal troep* and the militia of South | Carolina. N**ailrvvery Sou them State will j Lwin Con veilbin Cd. munth or the Legisla ture? bav-been ct-uvClied. luvull tllf in Th* (ioveinur -j! i' xa* refused t > call tla Leg islature, and the pt-.fpie, Ih tin* phai'm'.- Itb-ir now *r. iiM..* met in Conv*-ntl u without him. WhiLu evary Southern M*;.* i* tbui* moving, Maryland, with greater in- N-rerta and gr ater dst.g- rs cncou.passing hrr, :• drifting into u nc. of trouble}.-, with- | -.ot con pn-r, pilot or captain, ".v- j-, g v-id I excepting *l*l woiuan in petticoat?, f'oi a ! Gow In a gfvat rmtinna! cr : ‘e. wb r. the Fed eral CJorrrumant is tumbling in ru'iov— when S’.utr 0 are re-mirc their sorereigi - tv, Mid in council tor self-defence and t n.aifeTtiir. peace, order and cri:ir. : r..tion-- vth.or v.iir ray be naid to eri-t—w | find the G-vemor of Maryland, from in , competency, knavery or trracWy. obsti •’alcU rufi.N iig to Convene the Leg.alat’Jr. ard * xcic'.fit jr mi arbitrary power in oppe ring the w'l! -rd ratifying *he roio of the i people. W Gni him rectivins Ccinnii-i --*iou-r , s:*.d i?i correepnuuviice w.rh the Gtv iuC'i'w of wther Si.iL*> - , and a-?- cir.g tn ?p-ak by author’"? 'if, and for the people o{ Mfryl-md. We learn of hi : chartering alcamvrs ai.d tending t**le r graphic uitwagcs to the people nf i’enu ' -jlvania. kuci •’ tl’emthnt he will r:Sp • to call tht L giaUturt* f Maryland. VV ‘ coii>idcr Gov. Iliek’n course at thn* time 1 (Vaught w ilh p' h! to th<* people of the acd C'.un'.rr, ard a higb-baudod aud out r rageou* dl-rf-gard popular rights. It • t.w duty of dm Jionier State* to nUAntat'n prrer to'.her i a or tnt of the j- r to rfa.lL* lot* emergency, to jgivo . due wiiglit jii.'i iiiiport*u!w lo the great * -1 j Uuuai y mcuißri s utectfary tor jHrii-prehcr | w*uoo a&d election audi&t the ccruing j cLich W heve llv,d.*?ll< our fclKw* before as, in peace and plenty, as Iwwetn- ; not bring ourelv*a to apprelieod either ad- 1 vertiiiy or war. Many are iw' to ratu Dopes fur tie Union, bm H day and | the boar for its psesea. lJ I sensible men will look danger la the face.! and prepare to avert or toeet tbe cowing * storm. He who is regardless of the times, and prefers to bask is the tctMporsrj sunshine, oblivion* of a faluisa, is rncklcss of. his rights and duties, weakens inrites diss-mtiou at home and aggrtssioo from abroad. ’ m' > , [(’OMMCKJCATKD. Military Heeling* At a meeting held at the Clifton Facto- | ry, on Saturday the 22 l ulrinmi for the purpose of organizing a Military Oompauy, Henry I. Carroll wae call d tn jhe chair, amd W. Bennett Bean appointed Secreta ry. After brief, but torso and eloquent. addresses by George Tbotsaii, J Edwin Coad, John L. Hebb and others, pointing to oijr duty as men and citizens cf Mary-r l laud,.for the protection of onr ngdt*. olv | lives and our firesides, the f.ilo.vmg pro ceedings were adapted and subscribed* to. In view of the present unsettled *tate of the country rendering neac>Hjtirv* , uu de cided action. lifMtkif'f |(f*c!ng of, our bvmrs and our firesTfr-s under last pro | tectum which ahme emu be depended upon jin times of trouble i.nd danger—that o; ; the united hr arts and ready hanis of our J *-Coin.ry*e sotj-. utu'c l to str.-ci* for their . ! f’< deft ir.i. afc ruirg hs thecontin • , r,vj v r-risc, .i.*er on her own soil or. j •..! of those ?. ho shall dar an armed aggre*- | >n snr tsicrcl right* ai> freenn n. or cl j i the sovereignty ul ur native slate : | /># it Ind.~ That. we. the ur.Jcr i signed, do obbg. oureidvt**- U* v*i:sTilute ■ a military union ot no .u.te** Ii ■ra'*, oiLccr- . j ii.g. arming acd cquipir.g or.reelv v*. ngr*"- 1 ; j,..* to be bound \y v.i 1; -ulw rn ttm b•; I agreed upon by a majority of the signer*, j j b<' -Ii ir i.umber git. at . r M.ull. ar.d vo hvr by plnig*- ours'-lv to *\at Mid. 1 (i O. Thomas. J. l I u;ej. I’AO*. A j i Lti.v’h, II i t. a iroit, \\ . 9 i !l. I'P. I JT Win Thome.’*. .John !<. Hthh II J. H-’,h, K. I*. Watson. .1. A. tJrrcnwrll, J ifl**• rv A. Wise. •/ A Wise. Win. R. ! {’•••.J, (.. 1 1 Duk(i V J . W. J A. H. Ilawmctr. S <. M., i.u-5 0 ighs, | i Xl'm jv Iniii, \v m. j* . N-^r'it, J'<uu F Gu.tber. The meeting tlo.n proceeded to the dec- ' tiori -if % Captain ur/i Ist Lieutenant, 1 which resulted ;*► !•.<• tv> ; ; Captain. J KBWIX COAD; IstLieurmiai.t HK.NUV 1. CARROLL 1 (Jmnniitt-e were ;b- n .ippoiiitml to tie-' gotiate for furnish In £: the uuiTonns. pur j chasing arms, to soln it enbscriptii ns ’ from property holders—those who are in >r j 1 1 irrrtjy interested of a I?—to propfriy equip i i and place it mi a war footing. The meet- j j ing then adjourned tn mcef at the same i ‘place on Saturday the s:h vf January j next, at 10i o’clock, a. ni., when I tie or* j i gatiiz.ition w’nl be completed by the elec I turn of ueh other officers as are. hit; ssa/3 to constitute a Mounted Company. Need j a word he said to remind you** youtduly -r the danger that threatens yon all? Do j 1 v‘U cherish your rights--rights that have , j been handed down to you. nought by the j 1 blood of your forefathers? L‘o you love j your wives, your children, your homes? j | Then rrep to defend them by the only . j menns left von, to h/ht for tbrai if ueeu j jho ! Come and join ! I lIHNKY I. CARROLL, Prest. | i W. BKNNETT BKAN. brc. of State Senator*. Th€7’ was h meeting of twelve of- 0111 (State l i? enafor <( at Barnuai’a Hotel, in Bal ! tiniuro, on I‘riJ.iy lot. The meeting j xgrecu upon the foT*ivii,g aiinress to the ; tiovernor, which stro-igiy xdv.-ejt •, jt I Kiil bo seen, the calling of the le'giva'.urc •of the State in extra Session: Baltimokb. Dec. ‘2S, I fi Co. ;To f*{* KxecUrnry ThoitUtA J/oilttfaij- I // 6’oi- mer nj the SL.U nj M.*ry. ! It. mJ: I Sik - The undersigned S'Uintors of M t ryland, looking to lie present. disastroaH i.iiiidiujD ot political aCairs, uiid fciuccff ly • desirous the p -ce of the c .ur.try. the , j uu p.;i of the Stales, and thu rights of tho • S’mih in tiie Union shall uc preserved an i i ajssnrnincd. respvctfully ask that your ! LiCv-llci cy will, at ihc carli’it practicable . I time, ccuvcr.o the Legislature of ibe >! State, in order that they may ta.ic ?jc!i . j fctepN as sh-ili to them semi most c-m --, Mlu.uve to the inti rests of the p “pic of Maryland, and promotive ot harmony . between the two sections of the country. If re understand the position of your . i Ks.ccil *iey in the different letters which . 1 you Lave written upon the subject, and . j which have been piu lishcd, il is that ►! while opposed to M-ccKsisn for ousting , causes, and devotedly al?acheJ to tin: ■ Union as the palladium of our riglils ami . iibcrtit-6 as a people, you are fully alive ito the endauge;r l condition of ibut Uui <n. >; and arc prepared t act whenever, in your M judgment, the time for action shall arrive. ■ You have st,<ted that in your course I hitherto y. u have hud due regard to the lactmns of ibe border Stales of the S-jutb. land w rc prepared to act with them in rc ■lutiou to the present crisis. I We think that a most important and Kr lemn duty h-s now devolved uj,>ol M>*- H-ylund and the other border States of the They arc all, Ly locality, by HuUrest. by education ami natural in- Ktincts, conservative, national, ami Un Hon-loving. ■ I>J tiicir action, united intelligent and B rnn pt. the glorious Union and Couti- Halien inherited from cur ancestors may saved from impending destruction. BVt wi*h to ace that ctlori made, it u- Hue duty ol Maryland to put her hand to work bololy. braveiy, and without i \ delay. . | Wa therefore respeesfuliy Ukgge c t to - ’ ywur Ezcel!*oty, that iu our judgment • w _ . * U. 1 . h ard. a..d fr :U ttmrrr stive tones lo be raised in behalf of the pre- * •vrTatiof) of this glorion? Uui vn. Since the last publication which wc Ibavu aec*. of yonr r.zoebcacj’s views, fin I, reply to tho Baltimore coiumittae. > the ] • tboverwor cf K L* issa*d a ml! j 1 Pr* th vaemblne of ihe L‘gisltu-*< of! ti>at State on the JTth f J- nJivry. M hat of Virginia, oall J. it is rr.:. |wi irrily for the einsiicrafi m of u.uer j kn* ih pnvutiirt hasten 'd by the pr. -‘ j w*nt rriii*. meet*? on th 7lh of the *.Ui- i Uioulh. That of Tv uuciee*., aisu. wo be- 1 licvci Will meet in reguar ae-ann i . i short rime, and alth'''h wc cannot pr -j ] tend tn airibe what rheir action wjjl be. I! yet it seems to as .iiipw* ;bl * far Ma.jUiK. |i u- ai;l with ihui unless she is promptly, j put a flonditin t< do >O. ! We cannot slate *.**h:t course he Sen- ( 1 ate would pursue in the l*egis!sare 1 'Should be convened ; ru? in view 01 liii! fact that tho iniprcvsimi lias pone abr.-* 1 : tuning the r. ** of M ryland that the i L.gir-Liure, if caii-d together bv v<.u Ji Exciiileaey. would enpape in lather mat-j 1 ters of legislation than those in\olved in ; j tbn prcaout perilous coalition of tn ; j Country , we have no h* sitathui, aftrr a : free* and full interchange of sentiment ! : among oarvilvca. in expressing the opin- • ion vhat there will be no legislation other 1 , than which especially spuertainfi to | tile extraordinary which U now L u| Kin ur; ‘ and we are wtiMtied that the!, (j-ncfal Assembly, viewing the present , .ilrir.iiir;,; ouhdition of aft ur* as above :d! . ■ par.y UiiVercncrs. ire wiiiisp ?' bi v ibf. • ; c!.Ci-> •jieie, xj 1 net iu n^.T'r--:aucv ! with the bed dictates *-.i' th ir jin’gmc: •* , as citizens of *hc f>r the va lieu of iba hot ml' r sts of u r prple. i Wvi may add that trout i- tters rr<. ,• • I [ Ir-'ui i-vi" ti -h'!iat *r c , i(. 11. (j ■! If borough. Johu F Ci.irlcner. 'jV-i?!*' T.W. aJ. d>. J. ijr.vlit'V 1 K , ; Blacklatone. wo nre m'.lfd-d that thry would, if pre.-eul. failv endorse the r:ew v * 1 4'jove rljjrrFS-u. With tngli r*gHrd, your obedi.nt sc;-; \ milß. I ; Tiighman Nu?t!c, .L-bn K F,cih. John C i* man k'dlott. ’ ( Ar.-iiiiW A. Lynch, I J M* Kaip. ] i honnts r rank!in. b W hinlcer, ( I.hh f. | <jo! ?byr*ugh. J. J. l*2ckait, John *>. I Brounv. ■ * ( Tua To j; Ro> (Ti/.KI. I iuOU. - M’ - *. i : Ami ii. l>orcy. writing from Unicoi* * j ! Mills, thus dcsci.bes the ancient s-. ai rf J i Carroll, of diiwii - ljngh. rcgiu ( • manor—and his tovah. 'I he c i..=i :i :> j *dia*uul stout li-lejn UlvtCS tVcUI j I HiulV I Entering the gateway wer drove through ■ !a noble, | lit led on each ri-h. < with tree* of ev.-ry v;..i ty of k ; nd an i j foils.pc. w hit Ii l* n years b* n***- wii Lr in 1 !th<ir, and 1/ n .d ouiaci-..-s in | ( 1 front of the I nrroll ruans.on, which is. ) a long, eoiuibi ta’nbi two story building, j 1 teninir.ted at the nortli end Ly the hm 1- i ; sonic ctinjc !, wh: di bis b'emne fimciis hs < •' tin* repository of ;h-* remain- of the gallant old signer of the lircl:iiat..m of i- id"pen- | deorc. iJis tomb i* s set in ;h • v>s!! on the i i left of cl;e. altar, Hnd pr- :*■. ru a -’.i d I i.i.: j j scroll of white marble, 0.1 which led in relief, ap n and r•}l of pvr'-hrnenl 7T j sorr junded by ibi.tcn st”v; a Latin in- j j scrip!ion. apprqrl t* t-, hi. great art. r>- 1 •' pears on ; fcroil in the c*ittre. \ ;1 ii it- arc figures in rrlino. r‘p- ! I rear tiling Fmic invein ! t>rch, an! j {il story psarding a funeral urn. The! (• t ■ , % 9 ■ chapel 1.1 cruciform, anu '’ontains M band- j some marble aitai, some fine old pictures, j a good organ, an i is deccratrd w;'l-. rich : and beautifnl wlndowe of stsii-.d t-v. j i’hc d x*r of the Swo ’ of the chsp* i • ! arc elevated to a ; *v* 1 of the foor of th" I 1 ' sencioarv <%nu cmj’sms ur.c fourtten or i j sirre* np. wui.~h are cmipic 1 Jtrlr,g 1 j 'he rr’lguiiis ceret; •nie* 1 ? i!t* tsmilv of! ; M* Carroll s>:d thc-ir Th** bod\ S !of th** church is pavd with trick, and; j coLfwint' t 'j*:l forty coinD.ocin,* j>-ws • where Li*- slave*, who.arc ?3rf.;ijy inutruc jtt d in the CsthoLc faith t>;l and kn#-.1. KIFSING. A ki*s i bkc a sermon; “it requires 1 fro f.rad* in<i ;n -.ipf* ix arinjt Il lejls j with the bidden S},*rit by nsc.r.ns of fan- ; i gitlr symbols. It i.s like faith, iu rim*; l it iu “th* substance of things h*rcd for.” 1 • * I llt is the language of r.ffee'ion, the echo I : ’ of love am: the concsnlratiou cf ll>-; i: I |is of “p'Hhi repo-t/’ an I pb-n.-'ng to ou - • • j ears; it i- ci* 'jikpco •Jw-’b.g with! . * r-wctl acc-T.t? upon ;h th - * lips” Ii is ■ vocal and in-trumr nta! *‘h trmont'vs’ • • | ■ln e language hiicl v.iih a s> m‘,.ii *nt in jl lligivlc i:: ail iAfguago r.n iin aii ages J C It is the ->c .r cf a father’s hi.-tiing, j tlic ••witness” of a mother’ll love, ‘.ha ! "guarantee” of a brother’ll protection,! * tb "surety” of a t-is'leTs devotion, th ; | j "gate” to a love r’s he\u, and soinc liiiug that m*re fri'-r.ds have nothing ir> j ,j do with It is Tory fashion dole for Mis- ; • I Res t-f .a certain age t.i in • !} foolishness, and decidedly niU ” Wc ; ucvrr hear ■•uoh an expression wi'hout, tbinkicg of a circumstance Inst actually ‘ I occurred, somcwlmre in Indiana if wt ! rcmemUr rigiitly. A gentlemen s*.p- ; ; p?d at a bouf3 by thu wayVeJc for ;n- i • ! formatian as v* route ha was tzk . jr.g, at*d found a woman ironing, with j her little chihi trying to ainus-3 irself ; upon -us ; tho little ouo \taji s'-ifle ; i two and . half rears old, very nat!y , dressed, c* i.icntly scrupulously caicd for, . : ami cu.iucutly handsome. Jne gentle- , ! man, while taikii g lo the mother, pick-j ed up the child ami kißscd h; the littL- > one looked up in perfect astoni#hm?at that the gcatiertCn tcaiarked, "\V by, - t my little dear, one world taluk that you were not uiwvd to being ktKsod.” Thu Djctbcr aouwered ior the child, "I don’t b*-iicvc, tdr, that she was ever kisecd be fore in In r life. I’m sum I never did 1 Kucii Tu. .g. and never knew i;s father j to do tm,” Lird have mercy on tbut. . child aud seua it potmbody to love it, j was the gcniicmau’o pray* r, as he made i • sure that ina uslkl Wu ui its piacc, Shu 1 ► took LiuiSaif out I in- - * hou*‘ as fust as; • p- Sribie U> kuOW Ui ht>ly ku* ©fj i ■I—WWW ■luitfßlWt * *-■!. J-T" 1 t 11 1 1 a mother, tho fondling crohru** of filth r, the e:*ra'st lip prvus of brother* and ii to fail in th#* development of the -out in an essential and vital de-! an.* imrcly whst i" w adron J b‘T in infsnev. so refining iiciiiilnon r *. | so w*rthv in pareuU. ao i o upon lb: fi'cnvlistij i*. a hot a tij I - di r r> sji 0: wbh a snw'r. r dl*r d cd w.lh % Kellie, like th marrisge Klis, it tu liietwa truth* i f ide KleJwed Bible. 1* ver wears oat; U| in like them, a’wuy* new. ftvrh, and in loriJsli ; utio’. fo. the a-u fwU*olt >15..; it dcuia w*h the * flection*, which*, un ( like i* ‘hr familiar; de 'light* in tho oid. and ia coy ot too new and stiang*. j Th* variety f Vi<s*Hi i* v t rnv!l. —1 T’icre in the kis pat'*rni. the kiM tra tv-rual. tin* ki*<s nhial • and uubiaM and t u ' VL pnvn : v’W. Tho I l*t tso varieties **rc the ordy. on*s l which we objeoi. Vfe have otten though*. 1 in ralrWnjf to ths pruuiiecaoua, rv** ; of the hi sslngs of Tue man over th woman const'led to bring, relieved C; 1 thl* cou'v"uli ' duty- It , cn *tou 1 l r j very manv inslr.ce*. liac casting psar** j before S'* : n? ;ani in iTlustration of the old , ad:ge. "Familiarity Ivavtd* c<‘iiterpt. | A man or woman who makes himself | or hers* if cnmuvr.i fo this r*spcct. must j not wiMi lcr if thoy ar'? no: always chat *d Notwithatiindirg all that we have rdJ. we arr not alow to ibat in mvov carets tho practice is earned to un- j scemli.gly and li.siculous letigl'is W 1,1 at A ;** a 1* ‘t's r ewrv r-ininbt-* c-JW w>th the svna erpr*?Tcu:a; that ftb-‘ would gr-e Use n’.tm f * long abrrf tu.'.h ror > u-1 av.< . ji ii not k ! li> f*o* i l l * • v !"f ,'!rv Jni t.i thus •i- 1 press tff.rjj i a<r ' f t: ’l’;r v.i'U ( i;i l;~r Ti'M'-t. M r*. ■ • 'f. lirb Mrs. O ti ; h** nc ' I- it i.<-t (••'*"*:.*na to I r cx* ‘-,- cct to jii* -n; ? I*j - lu ev-ryt-j j, 1 bnbv, vb. .?• or u,-*_ ? Afb • t; tow 1. MovAr..~;iy Arr •- - r>; tin* (V;tlsii ai Si) T: rti> n:i\<.r-i f a riint risn Soutli. ii, o*<n f !• ra* v Mi.sil br rgaiiiA 1 .•** "( j tSi 1- tution i M ■ -larrhy llr;v.'dica:ii*n hr ; thitk*. ii at been *r!-;i and fun 1 vr.n ting. . and til'* onlr safrtv cf s iie South .h m a’ "fttroLg governaumt.’’ fKarvkD. i Tn RiJt'uiov • (M:y. ->n W/Vcrdav th*-d 2*)tb. N-r.o. b v ?b- TUtr Father MefV’ S gan, Wb.iam *.Vond#ar.;, fbrrr-r’v of t!if . tn Miss II*!i of Ibl’i - <r Cu the 4 l y the H- v I’.tih* ; rr, treorge j . Cf. w* r d.-i i lo Mary • \\ >o<i. On the *'?mo hr fe.*nc, Lewi- ‘ (irxrc.e tu rlij!-: K On *Sc day. by Mine. J.-b.i 11. ■ Davis tu Ann i.uvinia Maltioglev On s;.*v day. hy sanm. John L. Halt s | to Jaut* E. Davis. 1 C3ub. At the residence of M* F'***j*‘r. In thr Fnctory District, of Sea*let rcrer. i th- U'tii J-tiuic*, Hciokinh Dtl:l aged kh y a**. At the reaiJunce of his broth r, in *’n:- District, of Pneumonia, on th** ’J'du'i. üb'i mo, Wiiliaiu 1. J arbor. upout year*. ’ Pg " J ■I" .J* f *MII iJ L I 111 , m CONS I'AIM.K’S SAI.K . I REAL ESTATE. I> 7 ! rl:- ■[ t r rr * r"s . f ni Kx • j |,| p;iias iHKoeti ova .lustier of *;i.- \rm *■ of the S* ate of Maryland, in m,d lor Ss ;i Mart's Lonutj. one Kt the s<it of Pt:r 1* Sr.,tli, ui r at the r'u:! of J* *;:• ?d*t-hii, arsfi orje n. t/is r-1111 of r * -r :ne 4> 1* si.*! rl;*;./.-, Uno- *j jc..*- Wit i.tiu Beale, rV** Bn.k, j Tf.l w fn* Jir'-tLeti. I Hi)i Ink* u i>, eXCv u t: , .!i .ft*- rieht. tine. :errc, rlaitv. nr.r', c • rat* . :;t h-v and lo equity, nf in- -ai-} V* jl j iiaru H* it.'-, F. L., m mid tu tur Cii>. pro ; }***rfy to wit; (>. e r .cl or pircrl of Uvd in*t I *:.O-.T*) ii-. I “PART DENBY” and *uc * tract *>r parrel jf fund called I rtr.d Kno.. r a ; “FISHBI! PLiiir or by er nr.incb lut nauiv m*y L ' kno- u 4. d called. | 1 :.'-e b :.*e !• f.!*ed in the Fsctorv Dis ' trict ( in Saint Mary’s (j i>Mv.anr| c*.n?3ii, iSOO ACRES, 1 more or ' e>. And I hereby give hotter tbul on b J TL~JiJ) .4 /, the ‘2 f jth, *)f '/anuirj, 1 at the (MEAT SI OH E, Btwwn th'j ; hours of ]lo rl e*k, A. M. m‘ a riork. i P. M , I will ixp ate to public nit the described j.r wi se'Zc*! .bd tafetn ; vxrcuii***, to the tuji.c.-t bid *r f-r ea u • ALu to vstisiy oarers’ cotta on s-nw. J AS. 11. SALMiEHS, ! t-'ouslslTc. Jsr.jaij ZrJ, 1851— tr NOTICE. ! ondriip-f cd. h* last rr-ejvcd a large ! ■ *op;*ly of Laius ?AUTV and SAI L G'rf*’!* icasistiej’ *-t White and Ca.vrrJ TKt*eiun, ''V. L'Vdie* white Kid Slippers, Ladle* White Kid Glove*, Jtc. &c. AU\ , Gt;.U *V iv.te K.d Gb’sca. Fancy Ties, Get.iV Fine S*.irti*. and Collars, A*r. E. LEU. SI’Al DINO, •I , . L* mud Tuwx. . / Zrl, 1801— if. ■ 1 ■ 1 I!.y *'■ .1 11 mw W 9 *" ■ JUSilililllli SAU OK I MOSTLY I y vutue c r ra If'U'l O. jduai' j Mafv’a <Juunlv. l*.r nu iii rmfncl, tUuUUtal. > •*( >y a|'. i.Uei* C. Si -.•, mll at r*** •*-' *v •u Gr*t Mihe. .>!■>• ?• tl *• . *>*<-rv Kt, S%.ot Mt* irj " i ViUif. • .dA n iiJJ.i r, l' t 1111. Eatn jry, in&mf, j between tf* n* ;o \ M.. and \2, •„ *.V. M. a MaN KA.MKD ili.rHAHf), ■•* N F-<>UO WOMAN j V AMKD !M rr-F.L j a** --'♦pled Araft oq % i i< )♦ to l-.tnuor, city. s,ii, added. KOC7.ST KOFTX A admtfneiratort * GKO r. XiDßff *>: S rf • . JO MS H STO \ K > El> C. Siooa Jinurt £r , US! -*r. ; \\ M n TTICKK.H. & 0-k. his ! T T ju** m.-rnni S* ..n Ma timbre Kith % t,rp.-’V) ..! wi.vr R riOOOfr; -vrb : i>{ . Hmj .t tJ’-J* i <•• ir b,w ; cal' “ , i irt* ,Tn<!. -y nil-**.. VOLKSTEKKi WANTED. CfTIZFSS ** tH r-tmtip who tnae >* ItMirmu >4 ijr. tl e.toimaMi.r -f % f! \ V \I.RY rOMVA NY r'q*rei>fi to ; Jevc ♦h**ir t f*i *.tnre t Mmr Si'-rn* I* '*i *J ’>x ; n U t vii^a. ; ./vv-' n .. ; c :i-r r ” V A* ii. in r.totn aid hr 7 ~S| - . -..'i DuOTN I AU'rtsl ; ’..* n:i r *.. I .fjuc.iv M-l !1- C. , i i-x/yi. j.s i 4, L.' :*s i-.iff '•:! i'* - * ."i 1-> rn j*. £\ ; ,• , <■ (/!■,( ' ;t*'} r. uf li.tV ►•* • n.v ..t •*•' .! o* -v ,•? • • a'i 'S( s J i<* * . . .X .h I i f-d •- (('* J•> do .4 4 . m.- . > i * ’ * -■■■*< •. ■ n >•! <>!■*' ■:.'<■ 1 (v *•! ■ ♦ iif r rt*l fi> S\ 1 INti, Dili N ll l'v t‘i K l ’- ;I' r •• is 4 iht ]e’. J&auK •■•>•, i. t 7 J. ; J >(1 V F. PPNWICF, j'r it uf, ’ I,’ Jt-n iI j;i. < C‘ii VS! r . : • ■*|' r jkj !* T> f 'KKP 4*i tr>r* -3i:rj f (• | ? ? „*>. ? LA.<KA|/DN UKRKIMf at kw 1 '..r • *4. j' .Jar„.;.. : - ) i MlyiJi. VOLIN 1 KKiuS NEEDED!I j a- >t' is '*4 nrtr x-*■ r-qi. — '<.-1 j “ rn c . ! i.f,- Ils.l f. i A.,tur ; 4”, •J. ,su* r > I*. t* i 'it*- ywrp s; of lurni , n ; v- t. ; t •!• 1 r.*ft i :r.'ar'. or i. 5* u. In mt bf. •♦*•■ i*ir- ,f Ct,,j l-i’.dfot. lltn* *ii -j.o'i.w I*o .iT.t! a*i .*- 1 1 11. u.tiititrt ijnfv. J •’ ii-. i 3 ,. ! iff 1-< < 1 ’ *r yv‘i *v.i i four GOODS ht Miih pn.*e i. . 6 c i'lt'-l ir j: i .i-i* rmiut), gt) \• . JV I ui'KtfV A * aa. 3 d. 3!. E VSiXKSS NO riCK. 4 f. 7 per no: it nrir-iet! to Tr on Tavern j V. r' , > r,t w •!! dtff.r fon vni ..uj! tr . 9 !ti .♦ w;. : nui dt-Uy 4i- { 4 i-K aU lai.ia* d • r< rl.isrd f-.*-! W . I i ■!ni| h"■ rtopri f to io ii'i >•3 Jtjnwt* (i,44.;nir4 n-iH Qcurm> >.l Ii rive iif r ni:{ jr FAFiNOj. DRlN.vl>’ i 0/ MOU-Sic. FiifcD iV&tej the 1-i, of Januar/ i i>i. ;. w. j moo>f, } rojr,r. >r, WsaSte;wr in .ti. Nnu iry y-d, !?G! .f. j|OG.\T%FN UKW W HICKEY, for ?a!e * * hy \s ,i. a, Ho eta. Ly u-e l *rrr#> r pnrJuce. January 3 d. lsdi— 3t. MGAL. fretb from Um ft*** Mill of 0. y. Ms-idoi. Also, a frotb supply of BOTTBBv CiiKiiSE/ko in stuns sod for ssle by PIM MB k MAI POX. Pw. 20th, ISOO,

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