Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, January 3, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated January 3, 1861 Page 3
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RULES j POS THE GOVERNMENT OP THE CIHCCITCOURT KiRS\INTa.l* ft R\’ COUNTY, SITTING ASA Cwl’KT OP FAJUITY. 1. The *jrst 0? each t-rn rhall be the re turn dtv for equity pr.c**iw 2. S>> bill "i nel.tii’i? •hall ’ U ; 1 Vta-Ve fh* Chur. until ii that I have ocaa July fi e-J 111 Ca*Tw’ 8. A'ljr bT. or petition in writing, fil*} and • i*ireed to the Comt, 'ertifie.l by Judge ;r Ju-'ke to iave i-een a knowledge*] lx , fore lun by 'he name i* rab •cribed there?* . the Judge or justice Mating iu tin; certificate such U known to ht’l be ef the ?n>r *?.* if an’ filed by a Solicitor of the C >urt, nr as if delivered hr the ptr**n t~ be filed. 4. No subi*eoa or Attachment shall i**u* againet any defendant uuui nil •*, putars re ferred to a* exhibit** with the biil or petition, aQ'* made part thereof, shall U- file I. 5. A co:api.n*ul or dob-u, >r Wi i for of *ll her ofthere. or giving bin receipt to the bitik o* ln< jiius, iiuv obtain .iuv ,‘X- Libia fi'ni ai.n ref- .red to in the bin, ■ ,n or anawrr. if they *:uiil require th *juio f-r the purpose ol proving them. 6. Commissions Is.-I.ed f<-r taking tc.-dimi ny wilhitt the L’ni'ei .S.a’es. -hid be re turned within Hire- months I‘roni the d;t\ uf their <l***-, unie>* *he * 1 *wo hundred index ny the n-oial in ;1 ron*e. pj that cava six m mills; and if no? return*'*, a rule or order sixty ix* obtained f.,r n tf . ri ._ turn thereof, by -acu day as may he linvt-d, or.uo uppiictiMi, m.l>i>i u, ;,}di declared v-*id; art*’ a new commi'-im ah til i-fUO, or odisr order. as in iy n >p-nr prop er; I'rur tried. that when *;u- : c<nnv.iMn*: *• all n*t i** : t s’ a!!, printt fi de. **€ .••uj-der*xl the fa.Ut •>( the iir'v w|,. l*a*l liie *ai ■ .■ • -s.*. c* *n inlr-ijo .yy a coin mission eha’.i not be i>ued within fi ?<-cn days fr.mi dat** of ihe order * r argument for the *aau*, t'.* c*'!i:n a • n.t * -aii 5-e U'r'-t to the ra.e f r further jrorreiin"j h**rei*. afvr rt.•*•;i vd Oi‘,.*r Ciininini *- - f'.-r 'a- ii m to*ti iiory *>. di i j< - t i** ti e ipr. .h wiit-.r *>f tiit C.ii'rt iu l!u* ] -tr’ . n’a'- i-Mn., 7. When am rc;>-rt of p Amlib-r *.f toe ’>> irt -na i ii.ive W:i f>’td ... 1 ej. and sliail have lain in C urt doiino -.00 whole tenn. the ’-.urt will, or* a*--idh-nti? ’, act on tti* sanic ; but paitirnlar order* will i pas-ed, if applied t,.r. hs t > mi*-} re ports, *n s*K;li notice or term* ns tiit C.uil mar dir*--t. 8 No fi .! decree of partition or of tl..u*a •hall he ma ’e on Ua report **f the coioini— •i .t.T.s, ii x- b rep.-t -l -ll hn -o b.-an tiled a* d siaii if/iVi* I jin in || r oilier d iri •-*; >mr \eh*.le frrni, *r •,! le* ire pHrn.-r • asM have rettifir*!. in •••}:• ..*. th.t.* hi-j, - 01 li.n >1 file report; V 1* at any time :\if*i |iu-. u sue!, report, any p r tv may obtain *r } r riifij g jt .j.,, b** cause le- .-.l;m*.vi. ~t mi ,1 unii* and on .-ncli notice mm ni.iy be di • Oo motion or anidic-.lion. n r r ;, i be panned up *n any final a varj. rendered by the- referee, aplomb*'.' b\ ti.e f*u!e*f (h.nrf. u*J with tba c* uaen* of p .-th-; Prodded. aurh award *!ill !mc bee’i filed and d jck -t --•d. and !*bail have len in (' uirl tt.e first f..n d\*s of a tei ••!. .in I t\m t,m rx<*-f i.n ah Live la-en inad t .cr**fi'; or n'ovjded a cc*y of tiir > filed *rd d rkered, vh^ 1 ! ! avo Veen aervf*l -*n t’ e opp.ivtr • :■'?*• or his ?- Reitor at !'*h-i ten fhivs iicb rc.<>ri-.*i or eppli<*a*i**n. n d tl .t n,* m-rpti.ii. thaii uaw beet* to the award. 10. Csih**-* - e* d.fivn for Lp*ri*ij. and mo tions I tr dis >!t;*iw ininnrti .os will be take*) iip on •ppbcwiiMii o! either party, and wi’h put regard to their numcticwl order on l.b tlcH-krt. 11 In c.u?s ivher* a*tacl:!Ti-*n< ve issued. the further process thereon m;M bt* requir***? bet ore lha comnirm emnt of h ttr;n hit’ •fler the r**tc.:'n of .ich *'. f <schment, r,th* , r: p the pirty must re.rt i*j a new aficlrnent. — The like rule is to be ch*trved ts to orders of publication ami orders for inking bilis pro,!, tinder the *c: of 179?. 12. rn<’cr the net ~f js.h), chapter ;•?! Uie proof f the ricfht of th** applicant, t xi-c.i btror ailminialrator. !*• appt-er, shall !>eav ex pinplifieation *f the tor t .-r** t*-st iiiirit >rv or >•* administration, * r i*r nfUJsvit ..f the d-ath *d‘ ti.e parly a*d Lci’*shif (where Injrs are the api'lirat.N)-—and in addition to the affidavit of denth ot the pirtv dev’:*.c<- np Ivinjj jih-i’l exhibit a certified copy cf the will m-dt-r wlueii they claim. T*i* i\iir' \ ; !1 <rd.-r u*>- ftee to be served un ihe opposite {a'lv "f the admi4|on *f the prremil r**pre*n*ntr.tivev, or heir*, **r devt*ei*e as parlies; but such m-jet •hall cnn*it only in the copy of the ord*-r nisi adnutnnx the said pnrtb*. Tr such order ti.e wrpowito purtv sfmii le ullowid ten dn-.s a r - U*r service to lu,w caue against the* admi*- •ion. tl. The aVaen?e of counsel (exc**Mt in ri-o* of sickngse} >r of * party appeiriug withm counsel, shall n**l be con.d.lervi a* a ground l continuance or pmtp >n*:ne>it ; and when two or uvH-e solicitors, or hit* ability t* attend •ball be aufficieut to prevent a continuance **r pstp..ii* im r.t on of th.c abscace, f or any cause whatsoever, o' tlie other solicitors. U. No party tmr his solicitor b- Ivnuid to take notice i f M.y role or urder, Ina-lc and dxketal either in term or during vacation, n-h'dve t.* any suit, urlc-s * of auch rule or order b** *rred the aid p irtv or bi;viUcit r within f.-ur days after the p J or entering •*'<*tich rule I r . rder, ot a* •tali Imi by the Court specially dirretul. 16. Ull any appiicafija for con tint: no* for want of testimony or any other ct>e, or on application to open or remand a com- Siiseion, ur to have a new' is sued for th* purpose of tekltig furtlier test;- mony, th* oppodtc party may’ require proof by affidavit or otherwise* of die nature ol ihe lesliaory wanted and of the r**a<ons which may hxv* prevented its being produce*i in ; lime. IS On the suggestion of the death of a party, which would abate the suit, ti.e sire* * (s to be entered “abuitd.*' and not brought I forward or continue! on the d.jcket, nuuer, j v '*Leave to File Bill of Revivor.” unless ihe i party suggesting the JcitL, or s.i;ae other * party, take further proceedings, either hv Bill j of Kwvivor, i>i under the art f 1820. chin-I ter ISl—by the fourtu *iiv >1 term oext t- • ter that at which Ihesuffgt>iiou shah Iw n.. 4 dr. i 17. Ou motion to dissolve injunenons, il j iV* cvmplaiuant shall not argue the iauic tu ! •he 'tv assigned f*>r hearing, the oppwite | Pojr nay argue tite aann* <m the day as eigned for hearing, the opposite p.rfv rnai •rgu* M "rally or by note- on that day, or ‘ aubmil it (•> fhi 0-uirt. wh<> eludi thofe- ! upon proccv i to d**tevmius tne said mo- < 1 3. 18. At auv atuge f a eattar. where forth-, M proceeding.- an- pr pci to oe had * ;i iht 4 part of the c unuisui-ui . (lx defrnd:i*it may 1 ( btaln a mlo f*-r such further n*s 1 la bo had hy the l*Hrth day -*f the —-n *1 ‘ l-fni rftcr thrl of which such rni* shah be j entered; aiHl if the fornj;|inx:u siiaii n >t c m. J ply with!?, bis bill way, on apjdu*- U*o. he duoiisoed. ’ j 19. Wheti au aawer shall be SicJ to an ia* I t | junction bill, admit ring the c-quitv, there-.f, I j ar “ P r -*. v '*f! * di* -riuti ~ . fti c iirur.cJion si i t to a pin 1 ihe ii.j**in<-d jndc nerd m*i aftectf>l ( thereby, a m*v} * r .. f r such ti is-tu!*. n m u | be * c Iv-aru it lue tenjii next after iiiug t!.-j utaner, j without u >ticlothe npp>t.e p-*-rty of suet; c motion. j 20 On tn -tion 10 d’nsulve i j'ir.c!i<an* {*s* * ( : cept iu Ci**s ,f* and the like) t,-.* c -m,* ; s*i opp w*d t. pun, m*Hi*>us w til te to argu? again-! t or fc nut in n* trs. , er wiir such iiiiiKi'-ti.Mts vriil j* by • i wider of the bmu, utiles* ca-i*e to liie v*uira- . ry shall b sbuwu by Ibe tiftu d-.y f:ey sticu j j <rder. t i ~2 1 U*? being C!eJ to an injnucli u t the imttvr r**ifrj 5n i ,, t* ntnf • J fo true, the defendant in; ( y direct *.h** *-uu-e j t*j be set down f,r :t th“ t:s U -’ r:r: ; *• In :v answer lieing fi'wi, ti e r c hj '.-iiinaut may d;iu*t ?hc Ciium: to b set d -*.vu for final healing ■; the term; and on any at.snri te-itij; tiled, the Csmpl.i n- j nut imv direct tU raise to be act d for | v h-.;rir!g. 22. A ;it fxexU dndi lmby *;*er-al .ml-r Ji- t !-f Ivrd u{ -n ti.e •ieier.-iatil's filing a o-. i n,eX'*- > cute ! bv Lirtisfit, aid a *nrt*i\ or surt!es u?)- ! pr-no-f !>v C.nn in such penalty a* tue . L "...I >hil (lin-ci, c •:.dilinn**d that .11 c i> ?’-.t I , comp!.*i;;snt obidi :: ilcince in m;s fiv-’T, lue said 'itfc.-ii.t obey, fu’lji and j-rfotm .oe -xi i i.tcree. cr n .- cr nis ihklv to the m.s- 1 y o. the Sn**;i(r. tj u L**ni a wit *f sit icK un ul *!’. I '.e i.'r.-ti j’, f.,r c-'Ujpeiiiug tne di— j tsii 'aiit .•> per *.nii.ii.(e *-f sa;d ii*trc*e. 2J. No sale -*f p**.ip*r*y u > h*r a decree or ordr-r of i‘*i C-j'r*. sh ip bs? absolutely rntifi e*l ind omfir.iie.l. until pi.biic notice Of n, e ! j : r- p >rt of <rl* •.nail tia.’*- hn*n rted m 1 , some u**xjiip,*f printed in Ssi-.l M irv V Ci u,- >. Iv, °r elxewtiirc, liie* v.’mirt may dit-.;r; the >r .*.:• in” c.m*** ■* ; . Ui,;, ,e c , ' . *" •*■ <r h' a T-\ ... uon 'v;t..iu? ii*>i; c. j - I td. fi e* nu-’-r de ree.-. <-r orders of tbi, f n. I.c r.ll.- Aiiiv .iirowsucei h.iii be uia J-* to I rist. pi; (.hi t.c l*t 3;0 do ars 7 per i’ei.'ijr:; 1 til the 2! •* do c •• lio O' ; e ! “ tiu i ** do <) ? 4dr * do 4 •• <io ;, •d ■ liie ■ **ii “ ut 3{ ** do (> I: ir nlh “ do z j “ do ‘■til ioc 'il “ do 3 *' do 1 , vh the 8 “ d.j 3 “ do > : the tli’i “ h> 2i “ do ! Ou '.he !oih“ d-* 'A *• d. . 1 And tun*** jot r*eut:t*n ou ui! sumi ti ree *.hoijianid ; llj.*, la*! ie-an a’lowanc* lor ‘ sdi **xjw*n*i. **x**tp jK-r-MM il. r il# ab Of ma> . , . le ies-Cfnsl in c-*. *.| uro’iigeiice, at tie di- h , rrelit-a oJ l!, C.-c.rt. V i.ei ever n rru-i j ** tah di a;l v iti a him lua.-e j remise.- I jr.- .! .1,1- • I der ifn oide; * r dr.i iti ol Ini, (.’oii.t, un.l ?1„- idrM idnnt *’-.dl ; ty ti.e amei.i.i due b-*f* re i ' sale '.in 1 rll tec 1. I:’ v ... .! ] }1 ' f r ;*.- ;n non • 1.1,.-a|-.r*sddm*. .*••*! '!> *■’ • • a ! l**warce snaU t ••*. r*;i. j* ]\ oe ordered to b** 1 . pml to j'n*. (.••(•I'd int. 2-i 4 0 H'l is nice to 4 in lieu "f j : urr ; of d*o’. ci. in laud un i* r d* - 1 • *•;••, r-!;ah tc - Johixv,. n.v;i:g due regard r o , t t>vr iieu.ti. niai toud.tioi. ; ; , It /.oe !S u.. hr 4b years of age, u**l more ■ liiau uuc-sevi'iitU. 1 If above 40, *ntl tinder 46, oot mors ihssn j , two fifteen I is. j If t'j vr 40, snJ t.:.der SI. not more thin. | *u:* -ei-rt;i t 1: iii'.-e* 51. :.*J under SO, not more f!i*,; :D**-i ir .h. j ll above 56. ii*-! le** mie-tetith. * J I 5e Jitio.* nfr t* :% henllby *.* liiat b I u cm real. m soi.l under decries, -haii be 1 s 1*.11.1 n e ; i ] li he be und* r 50 years of age, ml moi* 1 1 ‘ ill u tbr-'e ■ It a!ivt 30, aid under 40 year?, ot :n*re i 1 ; Ui '■ nve-s ; Xt*ei In*. ” ' i 1 II .*lhv 40, and under 60 vesrs, not mm** ’ ; Ibau ihrt-v— .-ixf*-s*tii*. | It an .e (>O. n •*. more than utio-i:inth. U 2T. Un an answer te*ing filed, it s i.!I be I ; liie du?y j, t it f).* rk t*7 make a c<>py lor the ( 1 ; opposite party.. Tue ou.upiiiuaut sita!’ Imee : i D..LU I hit iix! I* riu, after notice •ervrd 01. j > 1 111.11 t I the an-wer having been filed, to ex- ■ • I cvpl llu*r*t.; after w ulc*. iiilt** the c* mpiaiiiH ) 'l . iliall l.*e eubjvct to the rule 10l the flilUlc Jil<i- j j Ceedings. , 28. foe complainant m*y set d nvri the < : >!**iit.irii r or pu u to i>* sigitcu, t>r i e nnv i fc*ie isu on lit** plea. Ii .1 pie or d. inor •’er be overrid.i.o other pCi or i< inuirer 1 J >!•• tie ivcvi**.:, but tins -ickodaut ' pro- ! | ct-*d to answer the b"; uif In- f*i! to <|*. so | • wiiniM the time presrni-eii t y the Court upon \ overruling the plea >r .iemum r, ti*e bsi.or'i *o niiioti I hereof, ,ti cov*-i*d bv tti*.* p!e i jor deir.unvr, nay be taken f.>r r-xiK-sstd *i- j tuc m.iitcs ..ivit I be (icerto-u uv.cjn.ihx~ iy. ‘ j 29. If the ilehm'jsoi"* answer he ex*’Pplea | t*i a.i ii.surtu-ienl, a:uj the defendant .-übli.l! ! ( to answer tnruier, or 'he bendi'id-urd : 1 , lu-uliiv-iriit, toe coinpi.nnaui may amend the t * j b!I by leave *>f tiie t>.i*rt, with.-lit c.mis. grid 1 i tin d-.-temJnal *liall minwer the amended b 1! ' * and exueptioas 1 .eetiief. ; ‘ 30. 11 adi U i iiant Ueiuur to a bill tr at.v I id-fee? not •'•ohrd.cing ti-e equity of the ah* .1 ’ ■ bill, t!>e Coin pig' itaiit rnuy amend wth le.iv* ! o| tue (Jo urt, *il any tone Uelore i*r si the * argument ot the demurrer, up n payment 1 lui c its, ul tue (i.-ciftiiin of tiie Court, 51. Th* dei^;iJ..jt may at any lim* be- ! ? , fore the h:!i t* t.k-u Ur wnleased, or after-! ! ward* with leue *.f tii* Court, dtnur or 1 * .!! plead to the *.*.*b*le bill or part of it, ;u.d ' I j iiv may demur t-> part, pteai to part. ni,*i < ■ an iwer to rhe lesid-;-; ?ut in auy u.v m| •- which ihe bin char-'cs fraud ur fis’juuieut j acti'-gs* jt eooii n.ati *n. * plea to hh< h part 1 • luf a Ui! or to such h Lid, oitist U* a.voi j-l' j p-illled Wilii urisvwr tortiiyiug the plus, HXu*l ; f explicitly denying liie Iraud and! 1 tior>, nua run fact Ou wliic&r the charge is ; 1 | foUmieil. , j s . Z 2. When a croi.-bi” shall be filed, the j 1 I defendant cr drlendunt* lo the t.i-t b;!i < j "hall answer thereto, bef-re the dcteoiianlor j * i dulendunli to ti.e croe.*-i*iil ..ali be conrptl- i j !cd to siawi r ruch cross bill. , t t u 3. l- pvili A-iy bin tiled, and before th- ■ I I deltttidsiii has ai s.vtrc.i, upon oath n, teat Hoy ul the p. tiiiiiu ■> or .iendau' , s wit- ■ 3 r ag< d ur infirm, nr guiux Out of • I the State, c." that *i*e of ttirili i? m slug e ] 1 witness 10 a material fact, ti.e (J’urk mu ; I Issue n Cour.niaion to tiie coniusi<-. ner* a ( -; - I pointed by tbt C urt, f :r ta’sing ti.e e> tuii ! nattuU of £Uv‘h w iltit ss ur aiiueade*.; ti ie p. - ( * iv piaymg sno 1 co;a;uu.-ioo giving such n- ‘ It ico a* tho c*iuiuii**iouers *hill de*.-iareason able. to 111? rtilverse pgriy, wf the lii* e and 1 , pia>e ot taking tho dvpositions. I H 4. Au answer sworu to cut of tha State ’ will Iht receivao, ii swuru in beiorc a Jus- I . tic* ul th- Pditv, cet ifini to Wgo bv a pro- ] | tlodotary, or Clerk d the Co irt nn der Lis’ jc:fV-l e.i . or by a Notary Public, nr be- f 1 f *re a J'i'igo of snv Co-n, w|,.^ e r .|ti r isi l {vf*avi;y *. sit b.; *.\ifi icu by thu Cierk ..f . ’ tii* Tou.t nu it ca. ol cfiice, or U.-Kue a . Lay or vr Ni.-tarj brb ic. i Sj Um.*r th* t 1737, ch. m, [ {2, r;i affidavit uf x Zir, ~ ud ptfsn tvi | 1 1**? ! tt il.e der....dui *pp*-u i)i- i- j . hrir ui iaw, Ufi a final decree will tie | CJodc. Bu. An uffi :av;t of tke nan-rusidetic* wi*. Irequire*! before any *iecr. ag;a,* a gou l (e-id*;it mil igi> axi..g or ill be passed i ; —' * - - gl 11 f 3?. NVbt-re a c-warni-wT-n aud trrtimony I under t !.*d l>< r<*tuimti *t Last Iweuty ' •lay* before % rcguNr Equity Terta, Urn j caue s. * i b* iot down fjr hearing at the to. ra tic jCt u.u r. uru. If F.e | C'*n.u:4v;..a a -i totimotiy he returned i U-rsa lir.s then i’*ie casii- ! all lie -el dywn ; f..r luarini at |V ntX! :• "ttUr Equity T. n.i. 3S. Wii.-n a rentier * ,*H ■** r. f.*rrn ty ihe* AiHitor •‘f the Cmn, to *r, i ic j:* rt ihert-ju, :;c !•( ali su-Tgii . do, aud* phn-r *bi*rr'->:, :• :iti ; v# :*• ■• • i.oii.e :o 1. e r T:-;r s. icilv>; and l d iu*r p-. ty shrill fail i i attend at lha -time and the Auditor miy a-.j>uni flic ot the matter l * some future ;iu>, aul mat 2:v/ notice there f t’ r *artk*# ■ tht.r tv— U* it ,rs. ex i r.-ing therein, ti:.*i to (Wvill •*f ap.-tdiauce of them, - r any uf iheCi, at tl-T:p ?t.d (<!*,-*, lie Auditor \v;!J pru-ved, *f—.ai:d a<x - . rdmgty upon siu!i default, he j-r.HX :\i to tx...un!i tne m ai.*t repent to the C uit, :i .rdt-r to ] ru ceol'iiya a- tu the C-u-t -lid! v*m ii-;}.",. 3d Kveiy j>rii ;<i:i ior :\ rc-t earissg sh-d! coiit.ii:, iht- ;>-i.i "f Ciii'C vsi whim • ucl r-h arils? in ajjiieJ f. r ; sl-a l l m* •igne hy the coiu.-fl; ami t! e la. t* It err in •Ut'J, il n >t • |j-**r:■:l on the revu?d. shall be ventir-* by yatij of 'he jurly or etmi* ,rr pervjn. No re-heaiinj; .-Uh'l ♦># jjra.; :.*.i -*;• r i..e fourth .lay cl the Turn* next alter tliat iv''eu ti.e tic. re - *!iall Ik* signed. ij. if •iriri,-!a..t ■ r truant, pea icilic Lie, refuse t.i deliver i*f * pr-perl; hold un j-r Ce. or vrtler of L\ urt, j .poo ulfi.iuvit in id.- of tiifc fart, ll.t.Caiirt} will i-s;.e aii or.IT dirciiin* j''>i- n u‘ 1A? ! given l • (! r purchaser lnrl!n\i;h, urik-Ar j shown by a day. to r>e hniitri? ‘ . said order, ai.d nn ief*is# : or r t lv> ciii'j’y W"!'i oioer. * r.t hu t Jaciut •uutirtu d.aii 4 . Ai. .* o! a ...I pr i Ujr.a:* 1 • to (.o’.irt, s .t.i ue i.. t '-1 i tile* O'Jei wl t..e C’y'irl in Sw.rci li.'.K :ii l .( Snic in M.i • .• *, .. i* .e Mi- )**v *o* ’ f dmoeitej m t‘.c , • 0 i i< ii.K ;• tl: i. *:.u (i.i'l r. - •'r •■{ liOTpfar to the p\lt\ —a. i! ti.esa -1 (!f 1 k • ; i r* -j jian ae.vui t oc ii!i*..*-:..<i. <*. 01 rntAj .i f the I'ol.K, i-; n re-'iivino 11 ic .h— --(. -.*f , ca r in 'V: .. i. tin; -..i.vl HI mry *l* .11 ; ;. t ; • * 11 J. x. .. 4 ;' int i., j..;* ./; I tin .i.I open a '.<*■ ac > . a u...!, ta I e i y •.tin, i 1 wi.iri. her .sii procure th. onlii*a lj ..y ttve!•• by t!,e Hank if u.d ■; sited to l r ■r. -it os list cause, au.J ol >-id aco -uut. S’ i M' tvy <’pp’ ired or r-aid ini.* tj- url. as 4c-r -a. i. *!.til b p.*; I out cx-epl o'.-ui the order ' I l:i* C -urt. w iardt s' all m.i.'.oi i.->e t’.* , C!e k lodstw a check up-m the lia.k, pay j in t!.f of t-.e app.u ai.t—a:.d il.e rpi’etj/l of t.'ic Jtj-pif.n.iit r the said cs;e. ic v.ail V>p UKr:. Vy tl? Citiii on lie xcccuti} i*: : -.'s l-o'-'k a f ore>.;id, ii vrh account lie * 'J erh n*ll copy all th* n rl. f cf the C t’t for j ivir.enN; ;.r i ti.o or 1c * ami afore-ud L-c -Ml v* re.. to the I'-ii.s. • tie e -M.*rs to a.,;tMr..*e tne lUrl. ?■ rnsh" the pavtri(-ut ai-'rra.s The ( ntr. 'h ill an a (if.s e-li al l. drX l-J sSild bj.-l' ! i it? Li< iit •iuu Jell ver .t c- py ci luis Kie ru liit P*nk lu ••vh.-m ti.t liepositcs ahaii be? 42. All guaiJiaiif. receivers, and rommit-; tc of or ioiots. who hare hetu or a'.ay In* anp iiC*.i l v tnis C urt, if tiie Jenr Viidie ol the et:ite cotmuiitod to their itsxiiagefncut, exceed* tor- Mini of two 1 utuirfd i liar*. ; all a. Irani or * u evtry year, and !l of a \ns. h t ia?| .'ijcr in en-rv two years, ‘f lie C---;:- sri4ii not cih.,: ai re clirert, I eli.tbif To the < \ nrr, and fi!p jJ. r f'J . '• an rter-sisnl of th.etr ships, nr nthrr trusis. ai d ol Imp iiahxc e ol tout ey mny 111 *• is T> - in their harnU ir.pc-i-nved ; that l .i I b nrl may fwe o’dei' t.,i the d;> j lion and irni-rovin.eid|. 'il C!ei* j Ivnw :I enter the ato’■••rtci- k.i auch ! o-.artharjb. rn etv. i* aini c>-n.uii’.r*es, shall fui • nisit them, upon siieh .ippinulnK-nt, with a CcUllad otpy of li.u Uu!r. It snail be the ! duty of the Chrli to i-.t rt : • th- Court ail latturea n| "u ir-iun*. r-vr-M j mm mi- - ice*, ahiresiiid t. . uruply witli tn-a iiu!e, in,- sr-ca .i’f.y ispo;. tiie tXyir.itsnu .if ji t- period sfre*:dd. ei i ihe Court •- i!I hv order and at t ei.i roe ti.e acc-nisil.-. ifore* .id. 4a. rcc*e;pla ami acquj lances "iv- • •i* ♦. tii-d lodged in tii Ch rh’s Oiicr, si.ah lit - rciiuueo to tt.c d i iminrs, iit'*r t icy slis.. l.aee been iroarilcd. 41. Is. va -iit-. ii, n.e .fu wii!, as h- ieto fore, such hhp.Uy ru.x:tisi as thr l*aw AKlttori*i* Isiiii to lia’i-nM. 4:j Aii f-inftcr itMh** r* in! tn 'be Foni* * .i..., . 1 i lv il this arc liyicly re- 1 tin U*d. j 4i. It is ord red th vr no G.inl ratiiloativ a *l •I’iV r-'i'c Iliads t'y a I • ixl'-t#tt ■ r. iJes.iee in I l.quiiv, ui auy ii/op-I * it: win. h an i.iiant j m iul i:.ts are i i ncy a h-e u.fer. shah be: ,;..i b- Cj.m-.-uI pastier. . i.c ra?in.atioii i x:-a1 * .JC** pi*cc on iy upu’i the tun >1 notice; }• le-lio led .ii one nr mure ivivpjptr*. a* toe <’ -' r' oiay br erder direct. IT. in a t ci'iw’ in which apid'Cntion shall be lUACIe to i i-C-urt. lx- a C*n*l ol eq uiy, or it;e s i or o < r i iiu|> iri'Kui u Aiiv pru- . perly iti wj ich aii infant oi iitf.inta a;e-r iuy t te c.iti, crm-il cjtiier under tiie I it ii xection ol ■ the Ad A A-if 1785, ch 72 or r.u- J-r Act of I>? IS, in. l".j, lie (’uii-t will piww I no decree u; til t c*",'.:;*j.iiii to three fro* . holders, xs ; *--• ribd by The A *t of IJB. ‘ shall i e issued *!.d iclttrued to Court. 43 1 -e (’lefli th s Cour* isha;l rt' I d- i over fr.e or.gin.i! papers m any c.use to mu 1 ptre.-ne ex cpt the .. l.cifj-.s in .aid l au*.; and I to them ouiy ou the:. - h rect ii I for the I .-ame. 40. Orderoa th.x* !fT - 'nftcr all surveys of; ui : Is liirot lr ! to he m l- ay htiV d"C:JC nr j order •* lot* C-urt, *i-a 1 1-? executed liv tiie ! Surveyor oi ll.t o ustty it* widrli the whole or the greater el t.'ie lar.d iic. ...r by ol ' hi* Deputies "ho 1.:,-* V-*. n legally qu.'itied a? , siir 'i. tbit upen any jn<t ca"se htiag shown ( Co tiie Omit hy petition, nny hiicti survey mas be d.rr'ctid to he made fay any otlu-r conipe- ! Cent J*erci>. f h Ordered that the fmr t a f e d terrr> of lids court t 'T the icttin: of process and the hearing <*f. *nsf.> shsii !:•* held a toiiows; T e January I’crru > -x;! commerce ou the 3rd Aloadny i" Jmuary of each vtur. Tne March Term stiall romn.ence on thr 1 3rd M ii-l iy of M r h oj each year. IrtvJnne I enn Hbnli commence mi (he Ist , Monday in June of -ecu yer I -c .N T ov‘-n:t‘er Tern: shall commence on fan third MouCav wI N veniber of each Tfcnr I’KTUt \v. CKAIN. Ds.r 20th, Uo—4<. MILL WRIQHTiNS. Mil>s* riiH-r. having hid fl-irtv yeerv I KXjieiitucis at MIjJ. WklOHTlNt’i. is ! prepar-.l t, .1 *>idinjj to t*. any part of the to do f.u.:h w.ui, s ilfcPAllilNu or j I.l‘n,Hi A. Mll.ihS fls ran risdo r. u*.i JS\ Vtiti i wort.. Ad work d m a sulvatUiNl u*inner and with ii*sp.vtc!i. .\i~ ■Jresa. P. l-N'KT.P, Uiilf, *>.. jLz.’.} e C>). iU. OA. 3S i. iaC’O—tm. I 4 I NOTICE. i To all iokom it may C&aeern : j, f|IRE under4gnr<l. Judges of the Or- • 11. phans’ Court in and for Si. Mar 1 Coiinfv, have eomelo the fuil and Cnu Je- , termination, Z**tu this time forward, under‘j the* vxxs-ihig bw-: of the state, to any and ril I i louturee of Appreuticusliip • u-, 1 ten'ii i.‘B hr the Peace relat vel’ to I he binding fMit of free negro-**, as it ban ' been proven to ■ the ta’isfactictii of t!> ; s Pour? that dufdie**. of the Peace have uo jurisdiction with regard to the bitiUtng oat ; of free negroe* or nnUttocs; t.u us ii it : cxjiresblj recited ty the Thirty-Fit -t >ec fi- ;i. Article the rixthof the Code of Pub lic L\tß for the State of Maryland, that . all Imiertnra* it Appretiticeahip hum b recorded in the Olnce of t!e IN lister of) Will* for the several counties of the alßle I of Maryland, wc have therefore, bv ah or-; dcr of this Court, anihuris&t) the Kegis' •. of Wilis for the County of Saint Mary’s in the nude nforeeattl, tojrcfuse guy ami -il Indentures of Apprenticeship relative to the binding out of any free negroes or mu laltoes by Justices of the Peace—chat ma* be offered iu hu office for record or fur lb**. ajfjirovai of this Court. I . A. JACK. SI’ALOIXG, i ! * you Mi i>. da wki,\s, I RICHARD li. XK£l>Eß m \ 1 Jtu1y 94 oj T. M. RA fj K. fojisttr t-f Wilh for St. Mury's County. ic-c 2bh. IBt>o--4w. OL *. X Slilli v J-) H. X.\Mi X. | BUSINESS NOTI3L | rjrfiK ui .h r-bntd imr tI. ; K Jav r ->rmd * C pin f-e i!£}{ CA.\"l I!,ii IA Hl.\ L.z S n J.c.* Tr *• ij, nil-nr •; ■ | tiiiiif anl ctvie of S/.)f.VS f- HADLH'X •fi-i r.f *■ now t) *ing uumi.t*. .- at tlu* uN rt- latiA 'C uj .i dby tie--. A S .uiu? A.* C-. 'i ,ii-y ;.o:t a cor.'iiti;a..vt -f i r very liberal patr*- til-.U. A. SIMMS, JU. 11. MADI'OX. (c. 23rd. 1 3t*o. Ovt. 23th. IS-'O—tf. AVTICE TO CREDITORS. OV,Dr.:iED th vt WJhr.n C. Lor*. n m 1 o|c;it Pe.ili ’nti, ue <*nJ m-poar hef ;c \ t'-< Ciicuit t'o.iii fur’• v.iumy th< Uiinj A?-,r,d. y ( f Ms; cl- i rxi, io i-iis’.i r: i 'U-.-.b lii ter r-i£ • ’ les ur al'r ;;n:tntc, •: t.e i to b.-n by hir • JAMfc-S r. LLA/xi S'i'ON L, C-eiK , r>rc. Qlih. 1-6 b-3m. AOTICE. ; ?>V the C-nnlv of St. Mu- " r\ * enmity. Ord. , i' , d t'i at ice i*''iT:ii C o* the C* iinlT. i leclrd in fI e vc n : 1850. renew their i.ffirivl b--i.d-. n .-r U-. r -- ; ibe q'h of Jautiarv. JHiM. Hy- nrdcr. G I£o. I M’A Ci* ! K. D-r. ISih. NOTICE TO CK TORS AND DEUTOIW. j I JW’OTICT. i- hereby (jii-in, tint Ihe *nbecri- j j L * b.-r ban obtniced fr nt the Orphans’J - Court of S:iMtl Mary’s c ounty, in Mat viand, efteri, tcstnim uiarv c-u the p> • *r.nte i.t '- WILLIAM II HKHIi, !a> u f mM e< u..t v 1 lifi'i’ i-e I. All JierMinn mg rl.ihn* ‘ 0‘ ••! deceased ar- herrbv warned to ft •• the -i’ with the ll'‘(fi>Nir nf Wi-l* f.trSaiat .Ma- i i r\ ’s c tinty, >r exhibit the same, nft tfi* ! | proper voticlirs t!<ere..f. t-> the siibscril er ui Ililtinicrc city, oti or beToie the- !sth dav j ;nf.J;iue. iBO 1, otlirrwtM’ f hev rn ; v If ex-’h’- i ded i.y liw lr m -1* benefit of t-H tai l ot.v i • Ali p"n<o iudobtud to !*;* s.ii 1 eat-ttc are r>-~ ' ! q.;Hj.--d t.-> uiak*! imme it payuput. (fiver ' under uiV hand lliia iStn ifjy of D-cniiber '■ i'o. C.viIOLINK A. HF.IiH. ! llxtfcutiix. Dec. 13th, 13:0—4w. j I I i O FI(. Lia iiereby •.ven tlia’the aii’-urribei! fr.*m ii>e Orphans’ Court Ot ; S-vr ; Marv K-oun'y, m M>uy land,‘rtfers of uj. ■tv ■••.►traiion en the peraoi i e*iate of Mater-' r-t I). JoV. lute o* f\ i d oil. nf y , de<**fi. .\(; ‘ ■ ;>ifiaon itavitijf -'lmiu asainet me laid deceased, 1 *t* hereby war tun I f " exliihit the m.iue, van .h# , proper vouch** the sot, to the anhscriher. before tl'.e 1 -*t day ot July Jet>l oibervt irs they ! ; rnny be ex.-imled by !*w f -uri *!l benefit of; the said e.'iUtTt. Given uiidei my hand iiiia j 13 h d* v ot Dee 186-1. MARY JOV. AiLiiin.siiairir. j Dec. 13ih l - 4w. CONFIRMATION NOTICE. ! I ; Arn F,h Circuit Court f.-r ! t v *. > Saint Mary’s o>am ’•Va. and others. 3 ty, sitting ■ 4 . > G*u:t of F.quity. j j Nut. Term 18(30 j Onpr.llEl) by t’ue (Jot: r f , hu thg An :j- ; t'Te report. b'i*.l in tbta case, ne raltfii-j J ami confirmed, unie'-iie cau.-e to ti. cor.rran i Iw shown on ur before the thir.l M- nday jp , i March r.e X ?, provided a ropy 'f this i rdrr I* ! j Hisrrted in the Saint Mary’s He*.-on „t:r per f week at least thiee weeks pmvieits to tr,*i 1 lime. James t. blakistonf. ! Pec. 6th, 1860—3 w. | - - _ ui, * CONFIRMATION NOTICE. I W >n. Ciieanut and others. j In ti e Clr- i , **■ V niit C -utt . Rebecca J. Shanks and other*. ) f..r Sa'nt ! 3 Mary’s. * <*oUi ty, fit- ! ) ting •* r. j ) Co ii r r • fj > Equity, Kevcir.Ler Tul-. 1850. ORPRRFPbr fhf* Gijrt, that t:-e T”ie te< *s Report, filed in till* e*e, he ruTifi*-d and cnr.6riT*d. unless ram* to I?** contrary be sb-.wu during or bei r<- The ].t M-nday .if| ! Ja-ittarv in stl a ropr "I t .ts urd< r )ic ; ! pobuav-d ta tiie Nainl Mary’s Har-ii ml i-ast • ! titive weeks bt-l>r*- mM Mu.rt TFT.-U W. t R AIK. Njv 24i a ICilO. Tme copy, Ttat. JAMIwS r. PIsAS^TCVr., (lilt. Th** Report states that the lat.d e-4d f , r s*&*). iX*c, (Ufa, I6Cb—4er. 4 • s si ►s, ‘ ” XOTJCE TO C lEni TOK* OTl^£ ia p venth t tbeaoba*nb*r 4 1 he* * f.on. .t e Orjuans* Couri of; S;. Mar> ‘svounty. in Ma y lam!, let ten of ad- i •>niiistrtiirn -n rS.e Renunnl f*:u!e of Wm ! P, Pif*, ! u# of *w : d uu.;y Ct-rrard. AH ' u s t .ii i.*T tow c-iala*i atainat bs art** dlresi^j, a*e heieby warned to rxhi -if ihe a<;ne. v. irh :‘n rj'H’er iniii-li :!-*><V-r, to • ■;■ -iui>.-Mue-. -i o betoret.i* |*>4*rif Jun*. 1-61, otliers. .*e :h*e r<i iv b* r.xe' : d*l by l-w from -til hsstert of ft# •aiti e- ite Giver Jude* 'r%f r.sml lki 'itflit . iy it yr. JrCJ. JOHN W.FORRL’T, Adiur. Nut. 29-h P6J ~4*-. SOT ICE TO TRESPASSERS A L.L per-ioK* are hereby forewarned s.sgs.-i'i tre*pa-<irg with l -g and gun. or n s-.y ■..••.er uiauner, uB uuy part of “XKtVTOWN M A NOR,” .* • a Tt.-gt!a:’ Neck, St Ma v’j* mnnft*. Ma r y- i 41. J liuw ill t:, ocenpauvy ui tJ:e Utldrr- i signed. Aguitist auy and all persons f ur.d ires- i p.:.-s;>ig uti t u *Uive dtitoriiteti ?d.m< r after ’.lie puulic;ilion -,f this notice, the law will be ii e idlf vnlsirieft. (iFORGE VATTIXfiI.Y, I HEN tvIUCT K LAs ELL. H 4.* C.WVtKth. , ESoOM NKAI.R KC.V MU ENDEUS, I XdT, J2t.d, ihuU~ ~ .i a JAMES 5V ILK IN SON. ! iSEta & CBRHISSIER: ms?.ea a r: 7, i No. 1 Dugan’s Wharf, B.*LTIMORE.\ Keeps sonstautlv r*r L.iad s !.A r £e im'-i'- i.-.entofn*rKitioufamily groceries, j F<rtg'i and Domestic l.iqu ra, Tubs,Sr- | gar*. Am., which will b* at the lowest msiket pair-si:. Tr>lm of l! kind* *rM on c-, , but I •hr.", crly rie a CAST! pommlesirm , hyttnet*. Nov. 29i’u. i96o—if. who. X. SIM Mb. JO. a. MIDDUX. NIAV FiU&WBWi E have juft returned froru Ralliaiove • ▼ citv with h large and w'll-*o| -rtrd ' OF F A L L ami W I NT K R to the of which we in- ! vito our frinids :d the public. Our ■ etnek of — BOOTS. SHOES. HATS. CAPS, i 8 superior, both in quantity r:.l tn nnv heretofore oTtrt.i in this market.— ; Our -tuck also c-nihrace.* u l.u-ge escort- i ;u*ct of— LADIES' GOODS, j cf every style and quality:-- Ixtuely-nunir ( !>/thiny. Coxtinrffs, Catsiiiirres and Einc Clot hi: j 6-4 l ull i Vof/<. o-4 do: 0-4 AcW'/c 3-4 do; \ 6-4 tfn'nrd rind. Linxeyt; 3-4 Lin.try*, and 3-4 Sheep* Gray. 1 Our stuck ot GROCERIES is j ar S' , eiuhraces a ’urge dipt ;y uf— Riicrox, Lard, Duffer, Eityirt, Chrtsc. rieh. Fresh BnrJc-tcheat l Fhur, dr . d’r.. \ Vie have alao cn hand a laigf; afronoient 1 of FINE LHjl. ORS, including— Brandies and Whisl:eye. of th< moat approved t rands. Our v h-de ft- ek of goods havtr.g hccti pur chased foi- tve Batter cursclvv that we are aide to offir •upur;*r to ; buvera, both as to price and tt rme. SIMM? i MAHDOX. j Nor. BU, 1809—tf. \0 TICE TO TRKSrASSE~rS.~ I A *•!. vr r si*ae it f ? i:tr:by f ari crf * tre-pasfing w:ih J’C jnr e- fi, any i ■ • utaiojer mi any p*:t of ~;y farm, ci’ee.l j ‘'BACHELOR’S HOPE,” j located iw Chaptivo DiMrict about fm.r mtle* and* l-*}f fit tl ti.e viil.Te. i-f iVnapUco. i any and ai! perrons tepai*dv.g , r pub’ic.tti.iw of ;i- oot'ce, t:i law will far •tritily c f rceil. WM T. A KKEDER. ! Not. 22. d. IS6O—I n. SASH FACimYWUK OF BALTIMORE MAKE. GEORGE H. DODSON U CO , ScCTFHiOf!* To POE it IIO'iV ARO. X. Pralt Alrrrtt FACTORY. LOCUST FOIST. BAIT., j Have oa faa-d, amj tuah* ord*r. of' 9 j ww/f.j •atoned Lumber, i SASH, DOORS. BLTXDS. i FRAMES. * And a!I kind* of SASff FACTOR Y WORE. A furnish every description of BLTLDiNO MATERIALS. Wo solicit the orders of Bathjwrv mn- J . | •liters. Sw*pt 37th, IkitA—Bm. A. G. DAVIS, " | Sfjaoing & £}ir Cutting' 8 V L 0 0 J?, C4I.VKKT STREET, 9 | K*a door to the Muwum, down tirs. BALTIMGKK. J Njt t2t.d, i96o—lm. P * ‘itum fe ■ L GROCERY AND - • I GDIiiSSiON msG* rriiiß airnrKßv and commission R ,!‘U>INKSB. lerrt/t‘-.r* conducted H.Kb LAND & HALL, n!; be continued h* <h *m >5 tui Finot* N*ai** f at tro old NO. 143 WEST PRATT Opposite fSr House They *'flrr for sale on the mot famral’U trn fr nuii, <t to punctual cs>r• men*. am cxteiidve and choice selection of 4(1 articles a GROCERY LINE. THE ENTIRE STOCK OF FINE LI Q TORS OF THE OLD FIRM HAS KEEN RETAINED. An exj>ertnre uf more than TWENTY T E A US isaji enabled them lo an arc h# I* F! s r VINTAGES OF MADEIRA. FHERKV j A. >' PORT WINES. OLD HKNNKSSY, JOHN DI RAND A Co.. OTARD DUPLY k Co. BRANDIES. E*p*c al attention hae larcß paid la the e -t. ifc ul eaperi-r OLD RYE AND BULKLON WIIIFKEY. tW* qnatl'v *f whirl, cm n*.l fail tu plraa. HOLLAND (JIN. of th< hf>i 'jiulilT. GINLOWifER. IMPERIAL AND HLAt’K TEAS. AM art trim :>rm tide eatahlishmvrt are | to br a> rrj re*cr.fd. Settlement.. a> mpmcd t*. he a ye*f t ni'*!,M.-rth f“.o ItH.O March loti:. ]A;O- lrn. 1 cies m duxi I SALE OF c.\ uu ia •; ea amj ha n xess • f bMK n'-. r naviti# drterixili’rd ♦<% i ••u-tririM., cti*'t>. at j>r Va'e Sale, Via i fin k T!• >u* (sue Hundred j f1 A Ji It I A G F S err r off-rid iu thi* ; • ity. all >i \\ hii'lt I.a*.e been btii’r expre-lv t J *rdrr at:.- sr.- of t:.• !:ttr-t i-til*-?* n w in ! 'i h'fc uitftidn.g to should r.ot fail to examine them. I Person* in ~--A ’w tl*i- err a:ul ti er. 11 kiiit'Mth i f AI i. \ Mint, vit!’, find t’ia I r he nv*t fv- r iW| >i>( ' rt'*i.r\ rrr <ift*rwl to ji‘ * pul -u .I -r ?!ic b-.'it.c** hi'igf j>e closed, • I th-*Tp-^: r .i • >. 4; . . .. iu :Li .ittr ! 5 ; "* f b> : : -*r rent a* ( v-c*n .iv-ti-.e - 4 . Kmu: >• i <*. t Vivt <-n hand, a titnni.rr n f i ii-hard Carriages, Barouckcs, Dufgiea, 4tc., J n ativ nf '-li*rh I. u h.'r* hut htilc n-ed, a..l I *<>y “ r whi-h wiM be f Id ,’vh f r or nu j ioublid tho\s ynr.vo. N i 109 P:-nn. at* nr ror. t il at , WaV.dtigtcH ( itr. j May 17th, Jge.o— ftn>. riUVATE SALE OF VALUABLE j REAL ESTATE. j rrH-r I A I'M U’- .£ : r.f t*. Is'.f, lr: atrd ; n *• ( mil 'te Ha’.! J*- Jal• nt ‘ .••nr at J a *iaif i-ih-f fret. P**.;* nt nv . r% * i>* id ai p!ie?j sue. iti o’Aii.f thro* Lu ♦ j drod arr 1 R. r,. ij .r l w , u d the ••[ jie Ctieii-ilu: f>r t.r rrod: j , ~f hi*jl. t. , pr:ci tiv c" I I AK'l h ,u- it n tori* I'.rMi ir DW TLI • N(-i. V th t ti e no:ai c’it-i,<’i’ l*, r j | tertiif fi'.v *•* ‘e t ,r d*r' 111 wL j Orairpior r- ~d. nuiltf at Ol atitten. * f T. MORGAN. Ijoar He*ii at in. C.Lt&Cntf Lay. Se { it, 1 c ti. “VALUABLE™ I VAXffactukixg property I 3?DaQA3>3, r |M*K Taluahle prnprrtv, , <n9-**n .te CLI F ! 1 TON* r u.TOiiV and OH IST MILL . 'atrr f.-orj-r’i •ffiiAtud *p t; e R d Water iof fit. M r \ K tir* r ;n •'•ainl MnrxV co*^f 1 Md.. and en tt j”r m thrr# V nrdred a d , ri r tr teres of ;at.d. 'flired • I Sii’*. Xha prar'rtr ha, , !0 t a KTOfOS HOCfiF, : *htc. a d n n-j f.-r bueineae, HOTEL, j dwellings, tz. to pi i rTty m:’! y* eMd m accexm'>da(4nu term*. I Ki*r fur'l*r patticulsra, ap. lv (a. THOMAft W. GOUGH. JO. rOKPEHT. T<a"ro P. O Uf*l f, j NOTICE la Cfitriroßs. i he-ehy chat tKa Mharrl iX a kr •** tihatne,i tsora tb Orphans' C*rt oi Si. Mary * loui iy in .Matylan<i, hi !er rf AiiPTMuimiHf, • a.. iiiipcnerac • ,-a ti%tm of*, r. H>trrh t 'steaf *-.d r**uity, *la- I Ail ptrar h*i:nf cww.e ngamat tiHi a ius c, a- • herny warn >-4 io oxnnm h au ne Hjth r.* pr .per vuucnaa tl-a •’li.acnlr. If, or. or *rfo.t ih* l,t 4u/ A ■. u, 1561, oiocr*;ge thrv nay he fveJ.;d4 t y h* from ail eft of the aanj mtito. under ur itaade **t 29ih ( tav >t Uor. iB6O WILLIAM" UUPXH. WILLI.iM . liCLCH, „ AdatrV N*r. I*<6<4 — 4**. NOTICE. PF.Hi*ONH tentild >1 wd) t* call on (be eubaert wr le|.re 1% pu*aui£ ia toru) eNialurt atcid&aliitop erfll be promptlr eit*dd tu. ,U , d^taa, W. T. A. BOLDER. Cm i.rrKi\ I lid. 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