Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, January 24, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated January 24, 1861 Page 2
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SAINT MARY’S BEACON MDIfARD TOWH, HD. THURSDAY MORKINC. iAW. *4. IM gj — i T gy Owing to the length of the ceding* of the meeting of Tn*day last, nml the Into hour * **" reived for publication, we have been nna- ; b) to give tbia week our usual quantity of editorial and new* mattei. We hare' •pace and lime only to any, in reference to j the meeting on Tueaday, that it was large- \ ly attended, and that ita proceedings were | conducted with great unauimity. the dif-; fereni propositions recommended by the 1 committee being pasted with aeareely a dissenting voice. fbbiig im-mit At a meeting, irrespective of paity, of tba rititeiii of St. Mary’s county, atleen srd Town on Tuesday last, th 22nd mat., wmvened “to initiate action locking to the call vf a convention of the people of Mary land, and to provide, as beat they may, against the threatened infraction of the peace and independence of the State and the liberty of the people.” on motion, H.; G. 8. Key was called to the Chair, and i Wm. Coad and IViu 11. Thouiaa elected Tiee-PreaidenU. J. K. King acted as Bccratary. C<J. C. BiUingslay moved, that a com mittee of five be appointed by the Chair to fa port kosimwc for the meeting. The mo rion was subsequently amended extending the committee to seven, and carried, and the I'uliuwing gentlemen were appointed; C. Billingsley. Robert Ford, George W. Morgan, George Thomas, TV. Walter ; Briscoe, George C. Morgan and John U P other on. The committee withdrew, and pending the presentation of their report, j the meeting was addressed by Dr. A ; McWilliams, J. T. Wakisume. Dr. The*. I A. Lynch, Dr. Bohert Neale, Dr. J. War- j ring, J. Edwin Coad, Wm I. Yates, Dr. Wa. I. Edelan, J. T. M. Raley and Wm. Coad. Bcfoie Gel. Toad had concluded his remarks, the committee appeared and sig nified its readiness to report. Col. Bil- Hsgsly, chairman then read the following preamble and reeolatiers: Whereas, it is no lc? the duty than the right of a free people, when the institu tions under which they live are threatened with destruction, and are becoming ao per verted as to destroy the ends for which they were instituted, to assemble and es pies* their views upon all questions that *;ay concern their peace, happiness or prosperity, therefore,- Ist. Resolved by the citisens of Saint Mary’s County, without respect to party, that we have ever “cherished a cordial, habitual and immovable attachment'’ to the Union of the Statos; that we bava al ways endeavored to foster among onr peo ple a spirit of independence toe just to in * vade the right# of others, too proud to surrender our own. and too liberal to in dulge unworthy pr-ju ices against any; and. that we now, as heretofore, look upon the strict observance of the constitution, made by our fathers, and the interrela tion of the same by the authority therein sanctioned, as the surest and only means to preserve the peace, happiness and un ion of the people. 2. Resolved, That, whilst the eocstitu Von expressly declarer that, among ether i was made “to establish justice, insure demotic tranquility, promote the tueial welfare, and secure the blessings * r lilmly to all (he people." yet. our Northern brethren, disregarding its plain est sanctions, by force of J*w drtaiuour property without “ju.nuV destroy our “domestic Irat quility” by agitation, and endanger the “general welfare” by vindic tive crusades upon our rights, snd threaten the dcalruction of “liberty" by inciting their people to war upon our moat cherish ed institutions. To prove this, and to bring the faeti to the knowledge of our sister Northers States, for whom, we yet cherish, not withstanding our wrongs, feelings o kindness, let these be submitted to (hsii candid consideration, 1. By tkfi deliberative enactments o a large majority ‘vf their legislatures, they have nullified that cLuse of the cooautution which provides that, “no person, held to service or labor in one Plate under the taws thereof escaping into another, shall, in consequence of any low or regulation therein, m discharged from such service or labor, tut shall be delivered op on claim of ibe party to whom such service or labor may be due.” 2. By causing the murder of our citi • sews in the pursuit of their fugitive slaves, and shielding the murderers from punish ' nut 8. By imprisoning onr citisens, and onkgecting them to eoorusoua fines, who have gone iuto their States to reclaim (heir •laves. . 4. By tanning them off to the value of mlUtons of dollars, and,-by mob violence. . preventing the elocution of Ike Federal laws enacted to restore them to their own* SUL 6. By denouncing our Institution#, in Cmmn in their mate Legislatures, on (be bur-tings. through the prate, and in (ha pulpit, thus dividing and disrupting,, firal, the churches af God with which our people were connected, and lastly assail ing our righto guarantied by the plainest; provisions of the Constitution. 6. By repudiating and denouncing the decisions of the Supreme CVwrt of the Un • Itad States because, os the authorised ex proffer / tfc- CousthiitiutuU Ji-cWud thu our property, in a country of equal law*. j yu to pfotocfm#. 7. By their Governors refusing to de-, Uv. r op* murderers and inciters to rebellion, upon the demand of legal au.hontica. against the plainest provisions of the (W ktilntioQ. Bth. Br organ icing in theif midst Emi grant Aid furnishing nd agents sis John Hr* to with tnoaer and anus, nnd depositing them in oor midst t invade mr sister State of Virginia, u invite our win ami their slaves to servile insurrection, and to murder their peaceable inhabitants. 9th. By demanding, threngh their dom inant party, the passage ef lavs by Con gress prohibiting the selling to oor sister Southern States, or the buying from thorn, slave property —tins destroying its value and seeking to impoverish our people. 10. By claiming, through the same dominant party, the Congressional power to abolish slavery in the Dock-yards. Forts, Arsenals and other property of the Government within the Slave States, and also the power to do the same in the Dis trict of Columbia—thus creating within our midst a receptacle, wherewith, to deprive us of our Slave property. 11. By claiming to appropriate the whole of the Territories, which sre the common, property of all, to themselves alone. Notwithstanding these and other re- 1 pealed infractions of the contract under ! which we live, hy oar Northern brethren, j wc have to the letter observed our Con- j stitutional obligations and carefully ah- , stained from cveiy infringement of tbrir j rights, and have forborne until patience ( and foriearance are Well nigh exhausted, j therefore. Resolved, That, wc think it due to them, and the momentous issues that now ( agitate each section ef the country, to , declare respectfully, but firmly, that such j flagrant violations of our common compact, ; upon their part, cannot be longer borne by our peoph*. and. that we require some further security in the future, and wed earnestly entreat them, as they love the ■ ('iiion. to caa their warfare upon our rights. Resolved, That, Maryland, in our opin ion. should now act, speedily and decided ly, and by a Convention of her people bring these grievances fully, fear lessly and temperately before the people, of the Northern States, so that by a sens** of justice and right they may consent to j have guarantied such protection to the j rights of the South as may finally rerun- j struct stid preserve our present dismem-1 bered Union upon a lasting and sure foun- 1 Jati*n. Resolved. That, the United Slates “has j no constitutional capacity to exercise uu- I nicipal jurisdiction, sovereignly or eminent | domain within the limits of a State or i elsewhere, exend in esses where it is ex ! prcusly granted."( 3 Howards. C. K. p 222. : 22-i) ind it is neither granted, nor was it j over contemplated in the deed* ceding the j territory of this or any other State to | the United States for forts, arsenals, j dock-yards and other purpose*, that the same should be used to coerce the citisens of such States by tin* Federal arm, but the said forts, arsenals, Ac. were intended to protect the commerce therewith connected and the citizens there of. and the said forts, Arsenals Ac., in tho event of a disruption of this Government, by right revert to the States in which they may be located, upon a proper remunera tion therefor in a general distribution of the property of the Ocusral Government among the several States. Resolved. That the Hon. John J. Crit tenden, of Ky , is entitled to the warmest gratitude of his country for bis unceasing efforts to bring about an amicable settle ment of the present unhappy troubles, but that this meeting does view with dorp in j dignatioii th general apathy pervading I both Houses of Congress, which seem to ! have forgotten their duty to the Nation in | the contests of party Resolved. That, in the language of Mr. Madison, the us of force “by the : Federal Government against a State break* i the compact and is a dissolution of all pre ) vioua compact* by which it might Lx hound" a doctrine to which we understood the (’resident o give his assent in his la si annual Message, but the recent appearsnc.' of the :*minaudtr in chief of the Federal forces at Washington, the withdrawing o! troops from a distance to occupy the fort# of our State, which has ever and a) way < been loyal tn the Constitution and th<-1 Union, evince* a determination to overawe j the people, by the military arm of the I Government, and is a dangerous depar- I tore from the doctrine ef the framers of i the Constitution to rely upon the militia of the country for the preservation of its peace, and. in our opinion, is the first ’ step towards a military despotism, which akould be condemned by the whole voice ef the American people. In view then of the grievances under which wc are laboring, as set forth in the foregoing resolutions, and with a pro*pect in the future threatening even greater ca lamities. tho call upon the people of Ma land i* imperative, to lake some firm and decided xtep which if it do not assure and maintain their peace, will at least define their position, and assort their lights; and this necessity has been forced upon an un willing people by the failure of all other means of redress. Since the opeuir.g of the present session we have been anxiously looking to the Federal Cong reus for Hxne settlement of the important and vital questions at issue; but the recent rejection of the compromise resolutions of Mr. Crittenden, the Senator from Kentucky, has put an cud to all hope of relief from that cunrter. The persit tent non-action uf the Governor of our * Stale—actuated though he may be by proper ! and patriotic motives—paralue* 'be pow | era and prevents the aelion uf the norjpal I functions of the State government in the ; premises. Whilst the Legislatures of all i the elhor border States of the South are lin session and prewiring to meet the - threatened danger, Maryland alone pre serves a stale of dangerous and criminal inactivity. Under these circumstance* . security for life and property impels tho people to resort to |K* exercise of th**e righis which should m-ver he referred ts except hi c*e like the present where thv power* of the Govern went are nuadt equate to the fwpMM for which they wee* or dained. W*. therefore, after due consideration of our condition, do most etrewdr recom mend to the people of Saint Marr'i county, fo assemble in their reapreltvo election dis trichi, on SATIRKAV, (He fltkh of Jan aary, and select ten delegates to >UJ County Convention, to l>e held in Leonard Town, on the 29’h day of January. which last Convention shall select six defecates to represent St. Mary’s county in n General Convention of the State, to he held in An napolis or elsewhere on inch day as may be hereafter designated. And we also recommend to the people of the county, in order that their opinion may be made known in regard to tne call •if the proposed convention that whew they meot in their primary assemblies the polk* 'ball be opened and a vote be taken by ballot for or against a general conven tion, which rote shall be regularly return ed by the judges appointed, to the Clerk of the Circuit C**urt for Saint Mary’s county. Geo. W. Morgan presented the follow ing preamble and resolutions. Whereas, it id now mantle** Ml** the Governor of this State will not convene the Legislature, in consequence of which the people of this State are left iu a de fenceless position, most particularly the counties, many of which are unprepared to meet anv attack that may be made upon and. whereas, in the excited state of Ihv* public mind, it behooves the people of this county to take some action, by which t* place themselves in a position to bo able to defend themselves in cass of an in a rion, therefore. Resolved. a the of thi* meeting, in Coun*y Convention assembled, that th.* C nnmissioners. Court be, and they are hereby respectfully requested, to levy ou the assessable property of the county the sum of five thousand dollars, or so ranch there of as may. in thrir judgment, be ne cessary, for the purpose uf purchasing anus, amunition Ac. K’.solved. That ihc Commissioners is sue the bonds of the county, at six and twelve mouths, for whatever wi* they may think necessary io carry into effect th .fo e;oing resolution. Resolved. That. lh*v also be request ed to sppojv! s vigilance-Committee in each Election District, consisting of twen ty fire members, whose duty it shall be tu keep a continual watch upon a certain class of our population. .ukl also to arrest any suspicious ehar>ctrs found in oar midst and bring them to justice. The vote wss thou taken upon the pre amble and all the resolutions, except the resolution requesting the Commissioners’ i Court to appropriate SSOOO. Ac , Ac., and they were unanimously adopted. W. H. Thomas moved to strike out that por tion of the resolution, which authorises the County Commissioners to issue bon Is, Ac. The motion yras advocated Win. 11. Thomas and G. Fred. Maddox and opposed by Dr. Wm. I. Edelen. 11. G. S. Key, J. ! Edwin Coad, Geo. C. Morgan, James T. j Rlakistone and others. The vote wa* ! taken on the motion to strike out, and it i was rejected. The original resolution i was then unanimously adopted. Col. J, H. Sotboron offered the follow j ing resolution, which was unanimously adopted : Resolved. That we hereby heartily ap preciate the feelings that actuate the work j ing men of the City of New York, and ; hereby thank them in the- name of Mary | land for their patriotic and constitutions 1 action: and we hereby instruct the Secreta ry of this meeting l transmit copy of it* proceedings to the working men of New Vork and their associates. It was moved and earned, that the pro ; ceedinge of the meeting be published in the St. Mary’s Deacon. On motion, the meeting adjourned. H. . S. KEY, Prcst. J. F. Kmc, Sec. Military Meeting. In pursuance of the call made by Major J. H. Milburn. commanding the 12th Regiment, M. M., a meeting of the officer* of that Regiment, was held at the Clifton Factory, on Saturday ia*t, when, on mo tion, Major J. H. Milburn was called tc the chair and Lieut. Jas. S. Downs ap pointed Secretary. Major Milburn. upon taking the chair, after stating the object uf the meeting, alluded in a brief, but forcible and perti nent manner, to our National troubles, and urged the importance of placing our Stati in such condition as to enable her to main tain her rights, dignity and honor in the impending crisis. He added that it was not bis object or intentiou to suggest whai course Maryland should pursue, or whai Eosition she should take now, or hereafter at he desired to see her, when she die Uke her position, to be in a condition ft maintain it, in a manner characteristic am worthy of her ancient renown. Upon the conclusion of Major Milburn’i remarks the roll was called, when Uu following officers answered to their names —Capt. Robt. Crane, Lt. L. C. Combs Lt. Jas. L. Biscoe of Company No 3. Capt. Janies E Crane of Company No 4. Capt. Wm. Watts of Company No 5. Lt. U. R. Stein bice. Lft John A. Cama licr of Company No 6.; Capt. Wm. C Abell, Lt. Charles Deni of Company N< 7.; Capt, J. T. M. Raley. Lt. Jas. S Downs, Lt. Leo. H. J Isyden of tbs **Rilej Rifles.” On motion of Gapt. Wm. Watts, a com : roittee of aix was appointed by the chair t< ' prepare business for the meeting. Tbi committee consisted of Capt. Wm. Watts Capt. Robert Crane. Capt. James T. M ' H)ey, Lieut. Iw. £. Hammett, Liut r . . I XtliQ A. Ctßulier ad Lieut. Charles : !><**• , . j ' T!e Committee. aftar ratlrisf far a! shrt tiwa, reported a* follow*:—Vow 1 committee. after doe investigation. I to prow at the full*wring report, aa minting •tn |i>e condition of the officers* Hat of the i 1M Kogamen*. M. M j Company. No I. 2nd Lint. Wna. X. Tarlr. Company, No 2. No officers. J jCuinpany. No . Tapi. Hubert Crane.) |l*f Tien*.. L. C. Comte. 2mi Lieut. | Jamw L. WMe, Cotnpan y. Ku 4.; Capt. Janare K. Craue. Uni Lieut., Fran*' j ris Hpencer. Company, No 5. Capt. \Vn. | i Watte, l?t Lieut.. Brjamiu McKay of; j Ben. Company. No 6. La Lieut. H R Stciuhiee. *2in Lieut., •L>hn A. Can*lier I Cuaunnuy, No 7. Capt. Win. C. Abell.! 2nd Lieut.. Charing Deal Company No ! 18. Capt. James T. Blakisteue. Ist Lieut., > Geo. W. Wilkin-ton. Company No 9, • juo officers. Company N* 10. Capt. F. F. j j Floyd, Ist Lieut.. James M. Heard, 2nd j • Lieut,, John F. IVuaia We recommend that, all officer? hold fop * ooniittisiiion? in tliia Regiment, who may * Ibe absent tv day, be required to report to . I the Commanding officer. Maj. J. U. Milburu, either in person or by letter, on ■ or before Saturday, the 9th day of Feb- | j ruary next, otherwise. that they be pro-! i turned tu have vacated their offices and be reported to His Excellency, accordingly. | We, your Committee, further beg leave to • report the following preamble and resolu- : tioa: Whereas, by reference to tho officer*’ j list f the I’dtli Regiment of Maryland i Militia, it will Ihj seen that many vacan cies exia. and. whereas, in our judgment, | it is important and necessary that, in the present unsettled condition of the country, ; a thorough reorganization of the Militia of this State should be forthwith effected, and ! whereas, in so dome it becomes necessary i that all vacancies now existing should bio j tilled h£ His Excellency, as early as may ' b*. so hb to ensure an efficient as well as : speedy organization of that force upon! which we may shortly be dependant for I : Ihs maintenance of our rights and the pro- i ' tection of our firesides, j Therefore, Bo it Resolved. That. we. ; ; the officers of the 12th Regiment of Mary- : j land Militia, do fully concur with our* brother officers in other parts of the State, j ! n the opinion, that a great necessity exists ; : fr calling the attention of His Kxcellou-j ! cy, tho Governor of this State, to its de- ( | fenceless condition, and do hereby request 1 | him to order the immediate enrolment of i I the Militia throughout the State, so that I wc may be belter prepared to act in auv i ! emergency that may arise involving our i common honor and welfare. On motion of Lt Combi, the report of the Committee was unanimously adopted. On motion of Lt. Camalier, it was re i solved that the proceedings of the meet- ' I > u £ be published in tho Saint Mary’s 1 JUnron. On motion of Li. Pewav the meeting ! adjourned to Saturday the 9th of February next. • JOHN H. MILBURN. I*rcM. | Jxs 8. Bowjkg, •Vrrhiry. Clifton Factory, Jan. 19 IBt>l. fCoUMI NICATM. Kaitor* S'tint Mnrg't Hmrtn. —ln roui ! issue, of ihe 17th instant, is 'an article, j headed “A. B. Ilagurr, Ksqr.*’ which, i having the appearance of an editorial, may i rcem to claim a passing notice, to which it I would nut otherwise be entitled. Having published a reroiu-ion whi* b, it ■ ! seems, was presented to the Conference! Meeting in Baltimore, although I do not j j find it among those published in the Ex- | I change newspaper of the llth and 12tk j !of January, you ray: “A. B. Hagner, of j | Anne Arundel, said this was only a con- j Terence and should not touch such a sub- j ijeet. It would go forth to the world; | through the newspapers, and be wanted I the Noi th and the South to know that | they had not taken action on the subject.”] In the course of yvur comment* upon j i remarks of Mr. Hagucr, you use the j following language, equally unjust and j uncalled for: “He is willing to show the .North and South that Maryland has not taken action on the subject—in other words, that Maryland has no voice on this sub ject. ’* Again, “he wishes Maryland, ac cording to his quoted remarks, to express no opinion, and let the North and the South know that she had not taken action on the subject.” Now, I submit to your candor, gentlc i men, whether Mr. Hagner’* remarks, as I quoted by you, are susceptible of the con j ttruction you put upon their. ? of whom is j Mr. Hagner speaking'/ “He wanted the I North and the South to know that we j ( they) had taken no action n the subject.” I Hoes he allude to the State of Mary ■ land or to the body to whom he was then • addressing himself? Can there be any one so ignorant of the const Action of a simple English sentence as to suppose that Mr. Hagner meant the State of Maryland when he used the word we (they)'/ Is it not plain that “he wanted , it known that they,” that is. that meeting. , “had taken no action on the subject?” I fear, sirs, that there i* more of rancorous ’ partisanship than solicitude for th* best i interests of the euiumonwealth in the tone I and temper of your article, and I respect fully submit whether this is either a tine , or an occasion lor the exhibition ef such t feelings. That Mr. Hagucr wished the : State of Maryland placed in a position to take some action in the present crisis of ; affairs—to pat herself in a situation to as sert her views and her rights—if not , j evidenced by the fact of bis having attend ed the meeting at all. is demonstrated, at i least, by the resolution he proposed to Ihe convention io adopt. It so happens that I am in a condition r to know what Mr. Bagaev's views are on this subject. From a private business let • j ter received from him. written (he 12th of i! December, a month before thie meeting i was thought of 1 extract this sentence : , “I am sure wc are still together, as firm . ly resolved to insist upon the acknowl . j edgement of (he rights of the South as we arc to i*fthe selfish previpitaucy of. llw politicians.*’ If the <tipnition had existed to do Mr. j Hsftir n*> wrong, instead of ui>repnwit- ! iag hn and perverting hi word* • ■iwitda jwotSec would m to Wire required { a statement of what he reallj did say, published ia the papers of the day. 9 In the BJtfmoVc lS*nv. of the 12th, 1 tad the Mowing : “Messrs. Ilagner. Pearre, done* and others, cKprassed taa that it h*' understood •nitsalw the C\m.< enllui* - North and Soa'o -that tb> readMl for not pacing a ru*utiun ‘ against coercion, lint that Maryland ( ipprvi i) the unjitiniion of f°rc: *'u the ; contrary, he h i‘*vt*d it waa the pdkijf of; the gui:fuueui to IMS forbearance aiP moderation." It roa r he that he would hare Maryland not harried along with the rash prucipi- * tanrv of the hour, but noting steadily and , quietly onward to the accomplishment ol her object, in a manner ta indicate that ( shf J.jc* not fear the result of deliberation , after the excited passions of the moment j shall have subsided, and that she knows ■ how to wwert her rights, and has the cour- ; age, eooVy ain I 'henitely, to maintain J them. It may be. he would hare Mary- ; land in ti position to say to the excited j South—“forbearl”—tothe North—“stand j back I”—and to the General Government j —“it becomes you to use forbearance and 1 moderation, for tho first gun fired, in su ! attempt at coercion, will place 'Maryland j iu the ranks of your opjanents?” j Perhaps -for in limes and * these the opinions *f every one. whose opinions are worth any thing, must necessarily vary with the over shifting scones of tho event- 1 fill drama—he would have her say to the . South at well as to the North,- “pursue this quarrel if yon phase, hut recollect that the fi. 1 is of Maryland ahull be no bat- ! lie-ground for the sect tens/’ and that he would hive her place hcrstlf in a poai-> tion to iii'brfc h>*r determination, if need ; bo, by the attrn arbitrament of her bayo nets. These may be Mr. Hagncr’s views.— > They at hast are mine; and yet, if 1h d been present at this meeting, (as but f*r unexpected circumstances 1 should hare | been) 1 would certainly have voted against | this resolution, for the simple reason, that • this meeting was assembled at the call of j private gentlemen. of eminent position to. be sure* but still without authority,— * only to deliberate as to the best course l be pursued in order lo enable the State to ! takt n ponitbiit, not to flirt > what that postion ought to be. As the attention of the public has born . especially directed by your article to the , course pursued by Mr. Ilsgnor in this j meeting, a sense of justice lo him. as well as to his numerous friends in this com- j niunity (many of whom are your Hibson- ; hers) would seem to require ihat you pub lish the proceedings of tho meeting, espe- ; cially the resolution advocated by Mr. I Hagnrr. subsequently reported with oth- . ers by Mr. Wallis and unanimously adopted by the meeting. * 1 benewi:h band you two numbers of' the Exchanjr newspaper, containing the proceeding*. which, I presume, you hare not seer.. I ask the publication of this letter in jour nest issue. Very truly. Tour's Ac., J. WARING. j Southampton. I of Jan. 1861. ) OBITUARY. Died at the Clifton Factory, on Friday. 11th instant, after a painful and lingering , illness, FRANCIS W. NORRIS, oldeat i son of \V. J. and Elisabeth Norris. “Suf- ' fer little children to come unto aie ” God ! is good While the infant soul was pun j and had not yet learned the waye of sin. , it was called lo its home in Heaven. Give I not your hearts to grief, but strew flower* o’er bis bier, for your child is un angel now I*. NOTICE. r |MIE Co-psrtnerahiy hrreU.fore existing ■ under the firm of COTTINGIIAM L HARDING is this day dissolved .by mutual consent Wm. H. Hard mg is alone-author ized to settle the business of the firm. SAMUEL COmVCiff AM, WM. H. HANDING, Baitintorr Jmn. 1 tail—4w. The undersigned. hating fvmght ent the | Interest of Samuel Coiling ha im of the firm of Cottin/ham A Harding, will hereafter conduct I the business in bin owe Name,—ami he most . respectfully *oliciu :he fav*r 4 the friends of the old Firm. WM 11. HARDIN h ! Jan. 34th, 1881--If. HA HI) times every where but al Tuck er's, suH you ran get so many guoda there lor $5. you can’t carry them flume. Ererjr , body go to Tticker's and guoda. I Jan. 24th, 1861. ■ TIM. that's a a awful Nice shirt yon have. ! where dJ yu get it 7 At Tuckers, for SI,OO. Jan. 24th. 1881. WHY, Prfvy, how du y*>u do to dress an ) "" fine? Why 1g to Mr. Tucker's with 3r 8 dollars, aod get all 1 want. Ilunp , skins b>r 80c, Ac. i Jan. 24ta, 1861. I f VIOM. if you want a good pair of Sunday I Jl Boots for SB. go to Mr. Tucker's. Jan. 34b, 1861. ! |L| AN in great Haste, meets soother ith a i big handle. “Fleas#. sir, can yn tell jmo where Mr. W. B. Tucker's store is? Tea I at Sassafras A Oak, directly at the big oak on I tlic three notched rend, j Jan. 38th. 1881. J —a—■■■ " ■ FOR road supervisor. i JOHN R BOWES offers him.#*as a can. ' <fidaie for Rood Supervisor in Leonard Tcwe diamei aod mlieiii the support of hi* friends and feitow-^mreoa. J Jan. Icßl. FOR ROAD SUPERVISOR. ! 11EN K V NORKIB of Jo. offers himself to the voters f Leonard Town district as a candi date for Hund Supervisor and solicit a the toiw - of ais friendsasd the public. } Jan. 24th 1681. i ITUCIEINMTEB. - - WK wish to employ a Teacher fur illlirtij So 5 Factory Di*- ! trio!. !fn ’ uwt apply iwt thorn compe tent. attaativa to hie duties ami of iuUr ' M|* 1K KBIBARD. mf Btfnr Thompson. W M. iurroi’ohs. C. rKAHON. JOHN D. FRKKMAX. I Jan. 1— [OSS 3££77iUßllla I ft A N-*wav fr -in ii* JIV living in lb* Factory diet rut, I RI Bfary'e county, DM , abort the 1 32 ad of October laul, negr ***** I fcR named LUCINDA, about 17 yeara [ of age. aba i medium hrighth, ' round face end fill’ janx and lute a good aart of hair. #ba had m when eue U-ft aocativ. wore frork, a little fad* !, and i* probably lurking in the nrigii lor hood of the Tail Pine iu St. Inidtw*' 'liMrit’i I will give toe ah<t reward if wm U delivered t me or cnofiard • the (vuniv jail eo th.i I get hor again. JOHN* la. KOKFIS. Ureal MiiU V. 0. U 4. Jan. I7tl, 1691—tf. NOTICE OF MS' St. Mm * Sansi**’ Ikstititloj;, > IVromber Slat, I SCO. ( A DIVIDEND ha* hi* day been tierlared of R p*r n nt. oa ihe capita! atock of tl.i* inatifuiinn t'*r the lat aix month#, |&yt oir -in and after THUKSUiy, the I(MU day oi January neat. By order. WM. A. I.OKfri. 'lfanunr, STATKM KNT: A *fntetr‘*rt of the condition of St Mcrv'c riering* |i.>.{, made in conformity with tit*' it-quireniMiir f the r tli • hon ij an a* l uf Awinldy, peeved Dvcrmher Sceetivi 18b11 St. MaryVSaving li.etltnilra, > Leonard Town, Monday Jan. 7tb. 1861. ( Bill* A* Notre Dtemui.t^d Gtah J e'i^ I hie from Bank in Bait. 2,91067 lul.Ac 715 06 $41.66084 Dividmd Hr,! to Hl-v-k paid in 20,280 ; D*)>*eit 1129104 I . *41.66964 WM. A. I.i KRH. i Treasurer. Jan JOih. 1641—2 r. IffillJlMM&Cß' i (IGA 11 MVXITPACTUIIERS. TO G. \Y, ill A Co.) i UKIMR CIGARS, f our own mannfar *■ lure, nondantlv on ha-,1. We have ale> a lar# lork f xi*c'ln( (HEWING and SMOKING TCBOAfD; SNUFFS and FANCY ARTICLES. Which trr are prepared to fnroiafa our etf* tomere on rcamnahlr term*. •lan.*lothjl66l tf. j NOTICE. ; rjIHR nndevMgufd fake* thia method of I Jl. informing the public that, if a clam of {a doaen *r more ran he procured, he will give ■lemon* in QUADRILLE and FANCY ! DANCES, at Leonard Town, during the prr t eent inontli jfVreonc deeirr-ti* of ferming a j clam are reqneeted t; notify the ondemgaed i immediate!v. | J. RANDOLPH WALTON, j Jan. ICth, 1661—(f. | a n Fiisn THE undersigned are still telling the beet of BARGAINS at the mute OLD | STAND- I A. &BIZE & so*s GREAT BARS AIN STORE, ! adjoining the Wa*lung*nr Hotel, Leonard | Tawi.; and. owing •> tin- procure of the time, I they s>ow offer ihtf gr aleti in iucetlKhtt evr r heard o|. We hare determined to ar il off oor prawn! nock of Winter <■<**!> *t price# reduced at leaet one-third for CASH, in order to prepme I ouraelvee to lay in a heavy and entirely new ►tck of good* the ••onting mvrma. Onr afock 1 bav been reamorted and cmieitfto ©f ll.e arli je!m named iu our lost idnrtiwmal. W# I call particular attention to the following: j HbuADY MADE COATS. PANTS and J VES TS, of ail ise, quality aud atykf, which t pmttivrU we will mil for co*l pricee. 11 HAM'S and (4APS alu at prices*. Tndcr Shine and Drawer# at 25 per cent cheaper than tley ran be purehad eleewhere, 12* oent. Calico at 10 and 11 cent*. Otag haiu at 12* cent#- worth 18| cenla. Mohair Lnatre al 10 rent*, cheap at 12* cento, line- Ha do Lain at 13*, 18| and-26 cent*,such aa vaa arrir ro!d far lem then doable that pri'o K&flirb Mttino, fhrir# Coiorf. of fim rale , qaality at 81| rente, generally anld at 66 , rente, tadiee* Cloth (Jv-aka and Mantilla#, , of the la tee t atyle and faehioa. al SB. $4 and $6, cork a we have eotd al 6, b aad $lO. j and every thing elm in proportion. Virginia money token at par. Come one I Come all! ! Ladiee and Gonllr- Mti, we will be pioaaed Iu wait upuu you and npot all who may call on A. ADLER A 00. I Janoary 16th, 1861— ly. i NOTICE^ VIIB nnderaigned ha* feat mccivad a tavga 1 eupply of Ladica FABTT aad BALL Goa da ceneieUng of •. While and Colored Tarieloaa, ; fadiet white Kid Slipper#, Ladle# White Kid Gto ret, At Aie. ASao, Gevtto White Kid OtoTMh Gaato Faary Nock TVw, > Gonte’ JP\ae SUrta, and Cottaw. Am *s. .i a i-Ko.fFAunKa

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