Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, January 24, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated January 24, 1861 Page 3
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PROFUSION A L NOTICK. J. FELIX MORGAN has removed J 9 from Leonard Town to lit* rvMden-c -•Placentia," on Britton’* Bay. He n*ere hi* profusions! eerriee* to the public. Orders left, et the cigar establishment **f Gao. W. Dwyer A r o , Leonard Town, will receive prompt at (ftitiou. Jaa Idtli, iWl—'f dentistry. Dr. A. J. BROWN. Deatiet, of Baltimore, H ill be in 'be county in n few Have. Writ ten order* left ! Mr. Moore’* Hotel,' Leonard Town, a* the Messrs. Herbert’*, Heed of the i Ray, or at the Store nt Air. Ilutchina. Chapti co/wil! be promptly attended to. Jao. 10th, 1841—tf. NOTICE. All) person* indebted to the late firm of j Geo. W. Dwyer k Cj., are requested t i *ttie their accounts without further delay with J. Felix Morgan, who is authorized to ' tigu the u;une of th firm in eeitlnueut. Om. W. DWYER *OO. Jan. 10th IMI-4w. f i professional notice.: Dr. HENRY C. KDKLKN has removed hi* Office to the Law Office heretofore j Mcvpinl by Q. Fclhl. Maddox. t>qr. He I tan always be found. either at hi* Office ui : Moore’s Hotel, when not professionally au- | gaged. Jan. 10. IS6! —if. CONS I'ABI.K’S SALE j or REAL ESTATE. BY virtue f three writ* of Vendili* ;.t ETx p*u oa. us wed bv a Justice of '.he I'race of the State •! Maryland, in and for Saint M *r%’ tVunty. on at the atm of IVter P. St. ith, oi e at the suit of J*hn Morgan, aad ew at the -nit of Abell Seiiner against tvi a*-I* and chattel*, lands and lene tant ..f William Real* , Free Fhck, and to ■te directed, 1 nave sailed and taken in execu tion all the right, title, interest, claim and es tate, at law and in equity, of the eaid Wil- I au B*aU-. f 8., i and to the following pro. ye.ty to wit: One Tact or puree; of land called aud It*, own x* —• “PART DENBY” aaJ t* ulnar tract or parcel vf land called and know* as— "FISBERIT PUIHS" or by whar.uever names the same may he ka-.wn *od called. Tb*.-e land* are located iu the Factory Dis iriet, in Saint Mary's C-nnty, and contain, 200 ACRES, more or lees. And f hereby give notice that oh HA Ti'RDA T, (he 2 6*A, •>/ January, in riant, at tn GREAT MILLS STOKE, between the Lour* et 11. u ch*ck, A, M. and 3 • cluck, F M . I wtll rxpi *e to public sale the above described property, au *etatd and taksn iu •x a *-u, to the higiiMkt bidder for ca h. A I*o tii satisfy iffi--en>’ coat* on same JAS. H. SAUNDERS, Constable. January Ird, 1861—f. VOLUNTEERS WANTED. TIZKNS of this county who etay la? demirons .f uniting ir. the formation of a Cm\ AUi\ COM I‘ANY are request led u> foavc thrit naiui* at the Store of Mceerv Bstiuu* * Maddox iu this village. January 3rd, ISA—-if. BUSIXESS NO TICE. ALL perauns Indebted to me on Tavern ac count will come forward and settle the *ue without delay aa l wish all claims due me closed forthwith. I intend hereafter to do an Mtclusi/e (’ASH business and am determined to give no credit for EATING, DRINKING •r HUKSE FEED from the Ist nf January )•€]. J. W. J. MOOXE. Proprietor, Washington Hotel. January 3rd. 18*1—tf. BUSINESS NOTICE. ALL person* indebted to ase on Tavern ac* count will romc forward and settle the same Without delay aa I wish all claims due me visaed forthwith. 1 intend hereafter to do an exclusive CASH business and am determined te rive no credit for EATING, DRINK ING *r UORSE PEED from the Ist of Janua ary, lr*®|. JO MM P. PEN WICK. Proprietor. Uaien Hotel. January 3rd, 1841—'/. (BDMtmIBM* CORN MEAL, fresh from the Steam- Mill of J. H. Maddox. Also, a fresh supply af BUTTER. CHEESE, A a in store and for sale by SIMMS A MADDOX. Dm. 20th, 1860. RULES ROB TftK GOVERNMENT OP TNI CIRCUIT COURT FOR SAINT MA RT'S COUNTY, SITTING ASA COURT OF SfcUITT. I. The 2nd of each term shall ha the ra ter* day hr equity pmm*. l. NnbHt w je-ttlion shall ha laid before the o>uri aortl if shall have been duly filed ku Court* I. Any bill or petitioc (a writing, filed stul addressed Is the Oonrt, certified by a Julgccc Juatioc to have barn acknowledged* be fore Lias hjr Use p* raan whose name is snl wib"d berwi. th*r JitJgn or jnrtkw rtaitog in ♦be that crh |n*n i known l<> bm rHalt he rf ft,, msmi- n tf idgucj died Hr a Hrdicrtwrof tbaO nw. .e as if thervered by the per*m - b? fih<d. i No auhpo naw attachmci.i tdiaK iwitc acsinat any dffendtnl until nil the papers re ferred t* exhibit* with the bill nr prutioo. nuJ ntad*? pas: ihtriwf, shall'l* ti.oJ, "-Pcgaegaeg. l ... mr-ev ■! 1 , A c enniiinam or tMrathn.t, or aalM- Ir ‘•fthwn.w giving his reccipi to I L **'**' ~bui" Any eg. hsbtla fi‘M and rcfcrrvd to in the Mil, peUtion oranswer, ,f they shall req.dre the tame for the pnrptwa u f proving them. . Contra lesion* tor taking teatiroo ■y wtthiu the United Stale*, shall l re *w|,|“ *hiaa month* fum, ef.e dar : •i* kar date, units*, the distance exceed two 1 iuiuired miles hy tho nstil tnnil r*sjta iii I that caee six month*; *ml jf ntn r^„rur ;j , • ! f u,# ® r ur,l ** r . 3 ‘“J ‘*e obtained fur the r : um thereof, by snch day s* may be limited, j or. on application, such CfHnrai*i<T. shall tw j UcclarrU void; and a new cotnn;iaiun shall or other order, as may ftpnear prop ar. / > rrj*-wi* < f f that when sues rommioM.*c *ha.! now !>e *o rrl.urne.l, it shall, pn,na ft - • etc, be ratJertd the fault uftiu party who: had the carriage <?f *id cunimisto!i. Where a eemn.iNHo!) ahall u-4 be 4*sued witbin fif’een days fr.-m the date of the order or I l° r H*e *ame. the complainant j shall be suhjet I to the rale further j proceeding* hvirinsftar meuuoned. Other j conniiMwn* hr taking teeiimceiy shall be j swrjcct to the special order of the Court in ; *he frarth u!r ch*.h. , T. V\*hwn any re|M.rt *f th* Auditor of I < ' ourt fc ‘ /I have been fii*i and ikickrt- 1 j t-d. ud shall have lain iu Giirt during the! ; whole <riu. tSe Onirt will, on application,! jacl on the aantv; but paith uUr ordera will : j be it applied for, a* to such re-1 j port*, on *uch n.Mice or tort** at. the Court ! j may direct, I j No final decree f partition or of dowel i i shall be made n the report flf the cotnuii*- j *ionert, uulees such report shall have i kKV*n tiled a:;d shad hare lain in the offir* j during one whole term, ar unU*a the par lie* I j snail have certified, in writing, their appro-! j bation of the report; Provided, honever, ti,a f . jat any time after tiling such report, any par- ■ ty may obtain at order for ratifying it, un~ • o?*s cau*e be shown at such time aud on such ! ! aoticr a* may be dirrctnl , ■ _ 8- On motion or application, a decree will ! be passed upon uuy fical rei.d<*red h ilhc rrfereea appointerl by the liulenf Court.' atul with the consent of parties: Pwcuied. i such award ahall have ti*et; tiled and docket- '< j 01, and rhali have lain in Court the first four j i day sofa tout, dud Inal no vzeeption shall; ’ have hvan made thereto; or proviiei a coi>v ;of tL* award filial ard d-arketed, shall have | been served on the opjcedtc patty or hia w ■ licitor at ln--t ten day* before such motion or • | application, and that no exception shall have been filrd to the award. 10. CaiiHMi set down for bearing, and im ; ti,.ua for dissolving injunct ions, will b taken 1 u|* on application of either part ), and airii- : •out regard to their numctical older on the i I dot.kcl, j 11. In case* wW* attachment arc issued J i the further pro*e-w t!:erou tr.tisi la* required : ; before the commencement nf the term m-xt • aft*-* the return wl such sttache>ent, j ; the party inu?>* report ti a n** ntluchn.eiit.— , i rite like rule is to Iw •il.ix-rvird to orders i>t i I publication and orders for uktug l ilt* yro I rert/caso. utidor the ac; of ITUI*. I'J. Under the act of chapter 161. i , the pr<v*f >f th* right the .-.pplicant, excctt- j t n.r or administrator. tt appear, >haii la? an ex- • 1 en)pliti<Mti>n *T ti e letter* testamentary nr <*f| | administration, nr an nfiitl.rvit ..f the dtutti ol'l the patty and h irshin (w here heir* :\r* flu ’ applicai.tvl—at.d in addition tc the affidavit j lof death of the party iicvinres applying shall' j exhibit a certified copy f the will under • which they claim. The (Vairl will order iu>- i tier to be *erv.?d o the ophite party of the ( dtni*i*i *n of titc personal representative. >r I heir*, or deviose* a parties; hut stub notice! j shall consist only m the copy of the order m*i ! , admitfing tin? sstid partie*. In such order Ihe i | opposite parly shall be ;diowed ten days af. j ter service to shew cause against the i j sion. J j 13. The absence of counsel (except in cases . lof eu ki.esfc) er of a party appearing without j I counsel, *hal! not 1 considered n* a grnmul i Jof coiitinuauce or pof ponemeut ; at;d when j two €-r more s*lioit.>rs*. or hi* ability to attend. . j idiull la* sufficient prevent a continuance or ; i postponement on account vf the al*senc<f, for ■ ■ Rny can*? whatsoever, ol die other solicitors. I ■ i 14. tNu party n<r his solicitor siiuli be ‘ ' i bound to take notice of any rule or order, I made and docketed either in term or during vacation, relative? to any suit, unless a copy ol such rule or order be served on the *aid party or Hevdicitor w ithin four days after the pa*- ; sing or entering of *uch rule or order, or as! shall lie by ihe (*ourl specially directed. 16 On any application for continuance j t tor want of testimony or any oilier cause, ‘ t jof on application to open or remand a coin- I i j mission, or to have a new commission is- \ I • sued for the purpose of Inking further teati- j 1 ‘ rnony, the oppusits party may require proof ' j hy affidavit or otherwise, of the nature ol the ' testimony wanted and of the reasons which j may have prevented iu being produced in ! lime. j 16. On the suggestion of tit# death of a | party, which would abate the suit, the same ; is to be entered ‘-sbated.’’ and not brought forward or continued on the docket, under, •’Leave to File Rill of Revivor.” unless the , party suggesting the death, or some other > : party, take further procswlings, ?ither by Bill •j of Revivor, or under the act of 1820. chap i : ter 161—by the fourth day of term next af- I | ter that at which the suggestion shall be made. 17. On motion to dissolve injunctions, if ' ! the complainant shall not argue the same on | the day assigned for hearing, the op|H<site party nmy argue the came on the flay as signed for hearing, the opposite party may argue it orally or by note* on that day, or submit it to lbs Court, who shall there upon proceed to determine the said mo tion. 18. At any stags of a cause, where farth er proceedings are proper to b had or the . part of the Complainant, the defendant may obtain a rule for such further proceedings, to be had by the fourth day of the second terra after that at which such rule shall be j entered;. *nd if the complainant shall not cum* | ply with such rule, his bill may. on spplica ; tiun. U? dismissed. 19. When hc answer shall be filed to an in |junction bill, admitting the vqutry, tlcrc.l and praying a distnlntiuM of the injunction as tea part of the injoinrd judgment not affected thereby, a motion for such dissolution will he hoard at the term next after filing the answer, witiiont notice to the opposite party of such motion. | 90 On motion to dissolve injunctions (ex cept in c*e* of wa*t and tlie like) the Coun sel rtpiMMerhto such motions will be expected to argue again*! litem, or to put in note*, oth ' erwise ainch injuurthtna will be dissolved, by eriWr til dir Oran, ante* cense t the contra ry ehall • shown by the fifth day aiter such order. i j %. 21. On answer h*ing Sled to an injunction j Mil, adtriitting the matters stated in thr same I to be tree, tha defendant may (iirret tiu* cause I* to he sol down for trial hearing at the Pillow ing term ; ami n any ai.*wer being Hied, the ooiii|-laiii)ant may direct the cause to be set down for final bearing at tin* follow ing term ; *ai d on any answer being fileil, the mmplain | snt may direct the cause to be set down for , final hearing. \ 3-- Ane meat sLaU Üby specia! onler dis ■SB 1. J .S3L"! 1 | : j *lml f t|Mi the del*r.dutV filing a bund.exe- I n tiled by hiim-dl. acid it surety tir sureties up J | tirored by lira G*urt iu *urb penalty a* the * iXurt shall diirct, O'KiJilfoued in c>uic :liu ! fMnj.ljirwnt >h*!l uLuin a decree in hi* fav..r, • fhe (htiNMul shall .ihrjf. fulfil inn |wrforut the said docrre. or render his U*dv t<* the cm* ; fody oi tin* Sheriff, to h<m a w. it <f attach nimt shall he .lirwunl, for cijuipeiiiug the dr- r sndut performib-'r of d*crer. *i3. N* ulr nf real pr *p*rty under a decree f r*lT of 1 1. in Court. *h-iil 1 absolutely ratifi ed au<i confirmed. until public notice t*f the report *jf such *;ir shall have lireti inserted in ome newspaper printed iu Saint Mary’s Omiii* ly, or else where, as the Cuurt may direct; unless the* parties shall consent in tvritiujj, to a fiial ratification without notire. 24. On >! under decree* or orders of this Court the followingallowances shall be made i to 'I nwtee* ; ‘ On the* lt 500 ilulljm 7 centum. On the 2d “ Jo tt •• d* On the Id "do o “ cU On the 4th ’* do 4 ** do * On the slh “ do 3j “ do On the oth “ J< $ j “ do On the 7th •• do 3 “ do i Ou the Bth “do g “ <ju On the 9th ** do 2J “ do iOn the 10th do 2i *• d- 1 And three por centum on all sums above . three I!i*>U:>a)id dollars. hosidesan allowancefor , all expense* except ](cr*on*l. Tbs above may , , be levelled in caw; of negligence, at tbe ii- j jcritien of the Court. VVhenerar a Trustee. ■ shall uiortgagctl premiss* for sale un- j j der an *rdrr or decree of this C*urt, and the defendant Miall pay the amount due lefore ; ! Mile, the Trustee shall lie allowed half rom ; mission on thesmount reported due, and he.aid ! allowance shall accordingly he ordered to be , paid lo the defendant. 26. The allowance to a widow in lieu nf ) her right, of <h>er, in Sand sold under le- • i cree>. shah be as follows, haring due regard lo her health and condition ; ! If she he un ’i tj ye*rs of age, not mere (hau one-set on th. I If above 40. and under 46, net mere than j . two fifteenths. j If s*>*rp4.'), and under 61, net more thau I one-eighth. i ll above 61. and under 6C. not m re than oue-nintii. It abort 66. ut less than oue-leMh. 2d. Tiie allowance to a healthy truant hy a cuitesy, ;h land *yid under decrees, shall he . as folio tvs: If h Ik* under SO year* of ;*, tint more 1 ! than three eights. ] If shore 30, am! under 40 year*, not more . than five-sixteenths. It above- 40. am! under 50 rears, not B.orc , 1 thau ihrer-sixtceaths. j It *!.>* CO, i. .1 more tain one-ninth. 27. Ou hu answer being filed, it shall le ! I the duty of the Clerk to make n copy for the j oppxite party. The complainant shall have i until the next term, after notice served ou ! him id the answer haring been filed, to ex cept thereto; alter which time the complainant shall be unified lo the rule lor ti.s future pro -1 erodings. . i 28. The complainant mar set down the I demurrer r pfosi to h atoned, or he tnur i ; take issue on the pleat, if a plea or dctnui j rtr l* overruled. no other p!-a or demurrer ’ ! shall be received, but the defendant shad pro j ectnl to answer the bill; and if he fail to do so 1 ! Within the time prescribed hy the C<>urt upon : i overruling tie plea or demurrer, tie hill, or’ j o ni!ch thereof, as was covernd hr the plea j !or demurrer, may he taken f..r cutifeeseil, | ! at;d the matter thereof l> dcvtwrJ according i iy- I 29. If the dcfeDdnnt*it answer he excepted ■ ,to as insufficient, atid the defendant submit ! to answer further, or ths answer Im idiinlgnl 1 : the complainant may arm-mi •hill by leave of the Court, without costs, and I 1 the defendant shall answer the amended bill I ! wud exceptions together. 80. If a de fen dam demur to a bill for any 1 i d'-lrcl not embracing the equity of the whole bill, the complainant may amend with leave of the Court, at any time In f-re or at the i argument of the demurrer, upon payment • j ol ct-ats, at the discretion of the Court. 31. The defendant may at any time bc j fore the bill is taken for confessed, or after* ' wards with leave o| the C url, demur or J plead to the a led* hill or part of it, and i ;he may demur to part, plead to part, and j i answer to rue residue; but in any case iu , j which the bill charges fraud or fraudulent ! ' actings or conibinatiou. s plea to such part lof a bill nr to such a bill, must be accotn* ' J panted with answer lortifving the pica, anil : | explicit! drnying the fraud and combin*- ! tiirri. and the fact ou which the charge in j j founded. 32. When a cross-hill shall be filed, the ; i defendant or defendants l the first bill | shall auswer thereto, before the defendant or j i defendants to the cross-bill shall be compel* | !cd to answer such cross bill. | j 33 Upon any bill filed, ami before the defendant has answered, ujk>u oath made j that any of the plaintiffa or defendant’s wit- i nesses are aged or infirm, or going out of! the State, or that one of them is a single i | witness to a material fart, the Clerk may ‘ issue a com mission to the rommissi oner* ap- i } pointed by the Cmirt, for taking the exaini- ! j nation of such witness or witnesses ; the par-< 1 If ! ,r> y |r, K ■•• ch coiunii.i*ion giving such no tice as the cuiiiiuieaioniTa shall devm reason- I *hle, to tiie adver-e party, of the time and i place of taking the depositions. • j 34. An auswer sworn to out of the State ! will be received, if sworn u> before a .Jus* | flee nf ths Peace, certified to be so by a pr.- j thouotary, or Clerk of the Court under his i official seal, or by a Notary Public, or he- I fc** * dudsre of any Court, whuw* official *aparity shall lx? certified hy the Clerk of I his Court under seal of office, or before a Mayor or Notary Public. 35 Under the act of 1797. ch. 114, sec. 2, ait affidavit of a disinforested [arson will i be required that thn defi-ndaiit apjwaiing is * heir at law, before a final decree will be J made. I SC- An affidavit of the non-residence will j I* required ia-fore any decree agsiust a mn , resident nK appearing will be passerl. 37. U line a c.*mntissii>n and testimony ! under it shall be returned at bust twenty i day* bolorv a regular Kqmty Term, the i cause ahall be net * .wu for hearing at the : term next moutiHivi such return. If tbs j couimission and testimony he re<.un>el in I terra liiur fl.en the cause shall he set down ‘ for hearing at tire next rr*ular Equity 'JVrm. j 38. When a matter shall I* referred to the j Auditor of the Court, to examine and re | port thereon, lie snail assign a day and place j tlierefor, and give reasonable notice |. the • parties w their isdicUors; and if either party ! shall fail to attend at the time and place. ' the Auditor may adjourn the exiswinatinii of * the matter to some future day, and ouist 1 7 ve maice ihereof to tiw (tanies or their so i, ei|msiig therein. tiat io default 1 of appearance oi them, r any of them, at the time sr.d place, the Auditor will proceed, earfmrte —and accordingly upon such default, lie shall proceed to examim the matter anl report to the Cnurt. in wder to such pro oe*dings a* o the Cmirt sliall seem tight. < Sit. p-litiuu lor rc luegriyg hsii ~ „ ■. JJLU t coohii. the spec fill matter or cause on whlffi tin h re-lsrtwiwj; is applied Ibr-, shall be si tied hy the cnnsel; and the fact* therein s’ated, ii not apparent on the record, shall i v< rified by *ath f the party r sotrie • • 4itcr person. N rr-heariig shall le graa’et! • after the foarlh day nf the Term nrxt after that when the decree shall he signed. 40. If defendant or tenant, ronrug in pmlcmte lite. refuse t> deliver poe< f pr**perty *ld 'nider decree,or order tif Court,. upon affi davit made of the will msuc au nrtlcr directing possession tn be given t> the purchaser forthwith, unless cause shown hy a certain day, to De limited in ski order v amii i refusal or. neglect to comply with said order, a writ kabere facie* pwrn- I shall forthwith he issneJ hy tin Qvrk. 41. AU drpurite of money and payments iiif- Gmrf, shall be made apon the order of the fburt in some Bank in the Htate of Mary laud; and the m*ney shall be depontrd iu the said Haiik by the Chrk, slu. si.all girr his re , Cfipt therefor to the |arty—and thesau) Clerk ' ■ shall require aa account to be immediately ■ ojamed at the Kauk, upi.n recciviiig the dr p.itc, with the i'a*e in which tiie said raouev ■ shall Ih pAMI or deposited; ami the Cleik sha!! open u like account in a b.*-k to be kept by ! him, in hu h he shall procure the entries to '• |be made by the Hank of n.ouay de|Hited to ! the credit of the cause, aud of said account. No money drj-o*i!*<l or paid into Curl, as I , ah-trs&id, shall lie paid out, except upon tiie i .order of tin- Court, which shall authorise the Clerk to draw achukupou the Bank, pay-: ! able to the order of the applicant—and the | receipt of the applicant for the said check | shall be tak*:i by lira Clerk on the account in r his book aforesaid, in which arcvnnt the; ; Clerk shall copy aB the orders of the Cfoui t for payments; and the orde * and checks aforesaid stiaii be ifolivered to the Hank, as the only voiuT.i-rs lu authorise the Hank tn make the payments aforesaid. The Clerk t shall keep an alphabetical index to said book. • ; I’ira Clerk shall deliver a copy of this Rule to tiie Hack in which tiie deposite* shall be mud*. j 4*2 All nuardi.m*. receivers, aod commit- • I tees of !uioilics or idiots, who have been ir may l> appoint**! by this Court, if the clear • i annual value of tiie estate summit tod to their - niMiiagcnent, exceeds the vsm of two bundled | dollars, shall at least once in every year, and . ;ifuf a Im- value, at isxst ones in every two : reals, if the Court shall sot otlu-ni>e direct, exhibit to the Court, and file with the Clerk, an account of their guardianship*, or other trusts, and ol the btlance of money that may * thru be m tirair hand* respectively; that this Court may take proper order for th# diipud i tion atm imprwvorvent (iietevf. Tlc < isrk who shall enter the appointment uf xucl. ! guardians. inn and cmmittres,al.all fur • i nish them, upon such aopfintaient, with a ( certified >'opy of this Ilule. It shall !• th* i duty of the nrk to report to the (Vc.rl a!! ‘ failures ol guardians, receivers and coanmit tees aforesaid to imply with this Rule, im mediately upon th* expiration of the pri<-d • aioresaid, and the Court will hy ordtr and at- , tiiolunei.t enl. rce the aciviunts aforesaid. 43. Original receipt* and acquittances giv-1 r to I<*s, and judged in the Clerk’s' <.tlice, sltv.ll l-.e reiiirncti to the nfid Trustees, j after they shall barn l>cdi. itcurded. 44. In vacation tb* Judge will, as hereto fore. transact such Equity business as the , Laws authorise him t<> transact. 46 All former Hides relating to the Equi ty pioceefiings iu this Court are hereby re- , | vllided. 4. it is ordered that no final ratification of 1 any s*le made by a Trusts* under a drerae in ' j Equity, of any property in which an infant ! lor are in anywise iuUurtcJ, shall be | ; utade by consent of parties. The ratification | j ■‘hall take place only upon the usual notice ' i published in one <T more newspapers, as the * ! ■ Court may by its order dire.t. ; 47. In all causes in which application shall ! : bu made to tiiis Cairt. as a of equity.! lor ilie sale or other disposition of any pro.- ' perty in w hich an infant or infants are or may j i be concerned, either under the 12th section of i the Act of AsK'-mhly of 1786, ch. 72. or un- i ; der Act of 1818. ch. 183, the Court wi!l pass f 1 no devree until a commission to three fres ! ‘ holders, as prescribed by the Act of 1818. | shall le issued and returned to Court. i 48. The Clerk of this Court shall not dr- ; liver the original papers in any cause lo any ; ieiHons except the solicitor* in Siiitl cause; and ‘ ! to them only on their giving a receipt for th* • same. 49. Ordered that hereafter all surreys of ■ lands directed fo be made by any decree or : order of tills Court, shall he executed by the j Surveyor of the c nnty in which the wlitde r the greater pait of the land lies, (r by ooe of j his Heputies who has lietn legally qualified as j *uch. Hut upon Hoy; just cause being shown tu die Court by petition, any such survey may , be directed tu L made by any ether conij-e --i lent | erstai. i 60 Ordered that the four stated term* of | this court for the return of process and the j hearing of cuiiich shall be held as follows; The January Term shall cemmence on the i 3rd Monday in January f each year. The March Term shall commence on the 1 3rd Monday of March <4 each rear. , The June Term shall con. me nee on tho lt J Moiidsy in June year. • The .Vuvemiter 'lVrni shall commcnre n the third Monday nf November of; vevr PF.TKR \Y, CRAIN. Dec. 20th, 1860—4. t. Notice: - - 1 Tn all r.'um it may Concern : : f |IHK undersigned. Judges of the Or | -I- plums's Court in and fur St. Mary’s | County, have come to the full aud firm de ! termination, from this time forward, under j the existing laws of tbe state, to reject any j aud all lidcnturua of Apprenticeship cn . tered into by Justices of the Peace relative i to the binding out of free uegroos, as it has been proven to the mi’,.-faction of thia Court that Justices of tkc Peace hare no jurisdiction with regard to the binding out lof free negroes or mulattoes; and aa it is j expressly requited by the Thirty-First aec tion. Article the sixth of the Code of Pub lic for the State of Maryland, that all Indentures of Apprenticeship must be . recorded in tbe Office of the Register cf M ills for tha several counties of the slat# • of Maryland, we have therefore, l-y an or ! der of thia Court, authorised the Regular of Wilbfor tbe County of Saint Mary’s. ; in the state aforesaid, to refuse any and all Indentures of Apprenticeship relative to the binding out of any free negroes or mu lattoes by J ustices c>f*th Peace—that way be offered iu his office for record or for tba approval of (bis Court. *. JAC*. SPAIOiXe. roexa r. DAWKIAX. RICHARD a. KKBOER, JudfM y tht Orphan,' Cmft. TrA: I J. T. U SALT. \lf raider of fl iJl* for Si. Uurft County. Icc. *JOUi. laud—4*. ■ I . . .1 jujp.tgp!' * ' I oco. a. axkuu. jq. u. . mu 6 ram iw. WE bars just returned frm Baltimore 1 citr with a large imd well-seh-rted FTOCK OF FALL and WINTER hdOUS. to tho inspectiivti of which we in- ! rite our friends and tk public. Our stock of— i, BOOTS. l, SHOES. 21 ATS. ( CAPS. ( is enperior. both in quantity and quality, i to ay heretofore offered io this market.— j . Our Mock also embraces a large assort ment uf— Ld DIES' DRESS GOODS . | A of every tyb* and quality: Rra<iy~mailr Cloth!ug , Comimetf*. Curst meres anti Fine O'Aits: CftAh: 3-4 do: 6-4 Kerseys; S-4 <fo.' | 0-4 *tr!/*d and fJald Linseys; I 4 Jjt itseys, aud 3-4 Shrejts Gray. i i Our stock of GROCERIES is large and • I embraces a large supply of— Rucoh, Lard, D utter, j Elfur, Cheese, Fish, Fresh Huck-scKeiSt Floor, dr , Jcr. R e have also on hand a large assortment I ®f HNE LIQI ORS, iucluding— litaes. Brandies and Wkiskayt, of the most approved brands. Our whole stock of goods having been pnr- 1 , chased for cash. w flatter ourselves that I we are aide to offer superior inducements fo • . buyers, both as to prise and terms SIMMS A MADDOX. ! Nor. Bih, 1860 if. | ! SOT ICE TO TRESPASSERS. j 4 11* persnes are hereby forewarsed against} with d*>p *r gu or in aav 1 other manner on any part of wr farm, called ‘ ! “BACHELOR’S HOPE,” . ' located in Chaptico District about forr miles | : and a half fr*>m viil g** nf Chaptico. | . Against any and all persms trespassing after ! the piihlication of this notice, the law will b J strictly onf*rced. j WM T. A RKFDF.R. Ki*v. 22nd. 1860 —lin. PRIVATE SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE. I ■ fWI f!K hAK I! heh rigii.g f< me. l.vpfod in j 1 Cl.arlotte Hail district and situated abmit t ftt- and a half milr* from Fatuxcnt rin-r. will i I lie sold at Private sale. It contains three hew- ' drod acres of !smi, more or less, ami fbe sci! > ,is celebrated for the production of hijjhea? priced t.V*acco. The FARM has on it a con- ' j fort.*hie DWELLING, with j the usull cut-houtre. For i i terms apply to the nrder | sijned at ••('jrampiun," or ad dress undersigned at (.'hapti'-o. j DAMKLT. MORGAN, 1 nar Head of St. Clement* Bey. j j Sept.JlSth, IB6o—if. valuaSle j if A SUFA C TURING PROPERTY 1 i IPDB SiilLa. I ! '|'HE valuable properly, known as CLIF-1 | 1 TON FACTORY and GRIST MILL I (water situated n n the Head Water* ‘ jof St. MaryV river ip* Saint Mary's county.' i Md., and cnihrH' ing ab<>ut three hundred and ' lift) a-, re* of land, is oflerni at Private Sale. | j This property has i-n it a S'l’ORK HOUSE, \ i which is * {1 •fiami f-r business, lIoTEI*. i DWELLINGS, Wcikshops. Sr. The pro- 1 . P® r, . v w d h* sold on accommodating Utnw. ! For further particiilur*, apply to. ; thomas \\. Qoroif, JO. FORREST. • ; l/couard Town P. O. 1 Nov 16th. laan—tf. PATUXENT RIVER LANS FOR SALE. 1 at private sale Wfore SAT- i ; B FRBAW, UcroWr the 20th, 1860, I will, ; offer at public *als, in the village of CHAR j LOTI’K HALL, on that day, the FAKRf ; un which I now reside. Tim. Farm ia sitnated on the Pamzcnt | River, adjoining the land* ..f Mrs. K. L.; j Thomas and Maj. James Collins, and con- i tain* f •ONE THOUSAND ACRES OF LIND, j Persons wishing to purchase land ofstipc ! rior quality, wheie good health and all tbe I ; delicacies of the water are to Ira hail, are j j request* d to call ami examine tbe premises. Steamers, tn and from Baltimore, pass thia ! ;land every day. Tbw Farm wiil be divided and sold in i t three pins. 'I er-ns ma<)e known on applicetioa to Cke ! uadsrsigned. ard p<>a*esvi<>n will hs given on } the first dav of Januarr, 1841. W. J. CARTWRIGHT. Charlotte Hall. P. 0.. Mary’s County, ! iu. | Augast SOfk, 1880—if. NOTICE. i j FBI BE undersigned wtah to inform the H. people of Saint Mary’s and adjourn ing counties, that th*y havejurt complotc’d ;a FIRST CLAB3 RAILWAY, aud are! : prepared to haul mu veeaeb uf any aiav, j I :aud will REPAIR. CAULK. Ac., on the’ ! moat rraKnabk terms. Prompt attention ; ! to all work, and quick uisputeb will be given ' jin all easea. The Railway iaritaatud about | I a quarter of a mile from Leonard Town on i a one oyster creek, where we will alto j Im>W SCOWS. BOATS, or VESSELS, if j retiuired, on tbe lowed terete I HARRIS, NORRIS A POXWELL. ' July IVth isdO- -U. m uni ii i u i mi. NOTICE TO ri?IH>TTOnS AND *4 DEBTORS. Notice * given, that the subocri* ber hits obtained from the OrphanV (VNirt <f Haiat Mtiy’s county, in Mary Una. Utter*.! eel ■ men fa nr nn the psfwmnl estate of WILLI AM II HKIUS. iate of said county, derei-nl. All |*er*ua having rUimi against the wiil drivel *r* berrhy warmsl to fiU the "#niir ilb I lie Ilrj:itrr ef Will* Ml* rj* >r exhibit the Mmr. nith the proper r. itches thereof tn the auharriher in U .Uiraore city, ou or before the 15th dav of June, tfei. otherwise they tuny he exelt*- tied by law frmall benefit of the said rstnie. All person* Indebted to the sab) estate are re* queued | make immediate payment. Given under ay hand this 13th day of December. 1101. CABOLIN R A. HERR. Kunttrii. Dec. l*vh. ItCO--4. „ JAMES WILKINSON, men & commission MEKCEAmr, No. 133' Dugan’s Wharf, BALTIMORE. Keep* conotentlr on band a large assort ment of SBPKRIOK FAMILY GROCERIES. Foreign and Domestic liquor*. Tolwcro, Se tter*. ice., which will be sold at the fewest market price*. Frotlnce of all kinds aoW en communion, hut I hail only do a CASH tommta.iim* Aknsm. Nr. !?<ih. lA4A—If. NOTICE. PERRONS harmpSKRVAXTSFOR SALE would do well to call on the subscriber before disposing of them elsewhere. All cow muntcathm* will beprumptl} attended to. Ad dree*, W. T. A. RP.FDER. CaifTtro, Hd. Aif. Sod. I MO— tf. SASH FACTORY WORK OK BALTIMORE MAKE. OBORGR H DOBSON ATO , Srcrr.voß* To FOR it HOW A HD. !T<i. 61h PrsU Klrrrf* facto nr. Locrsr point,, Mare on Land, and make |o order, o tctlDaeiatonrd Lomher, SASH, DOORS, BUXDS, FRAMES. And *T kind* of SA*n FACTORY WORK, Also furnish orcry description of DI'ILDING MATERIALS. ME* We solicit the order* of Rudder* and Other*. Sept. 27ib. lAdO—km. ■■ .. .ii i n ■ NOTICE TO CREDITORS. ORDERED, that GEORGE VT. BERRY an Inmlniit I’etithuior, be and ppc.. r before the Circuit Court for .Saint Mary** eonntr.oc theTHll.D MONDAY In Norco** he* next, to answer such interrogatories or *l* fefwti*n* a* may be propounded to him by hi* a educes. JAMES T. ni.AIUSTONE, deik of the Circuit Court, for St. Man *• <;naly Aegnst sAid, IMO Bm. LUMBERf shingles:: FLOriFtC. sc. iuvit* the ttcrfion of our frit i d* *rd consumers, generally, jo St, Mary'* and adjo'uitig counties our extensive assort rut; i | of seasoned BULBING MATERIALS. All parries c*>ntnn.(i!*iii the erection of 1 Duelling*, i', Ke., will find it greatly to ! their advantage to give u* a tall, a* we can ; seU at luffed rate* fur ca.b or Negotiable pa lter. tv*ra, Frame*, Sash, Ac., furu shed al ; Mi!! price*. Order* ailed fer Brick*, lime. Hair, Haiia, ! Ac. ( N.. Wharfage charged on Vessel* receding i Lumber frwn onr Yard. CARSON, ZIMMERMAN, dr CO.. West .ide Union Deck, 1 Norfolk Boat Wharf, i March 2t)* 1 , IB6o—tf. | ¥AHS •übamher wo old eepectf.dlt j A# inform his fnende and the public * jfyX • hat he it prepared tn do every thing m j the Hue of a WATCH and CLOCK MAKER ( and Jeweller, on the most reasonable terms fr 'cash and m (hr moat durable mai.ocr. Thankful for past favor*, and in (he hopes of {the continuance of the patronage of en enlif k | tenad public, ha will endeavor by diligent app-t* I cation to busiaes* to merit the favors shown him. I A. BALL, Washington Hotel. Leonard To*n. Md N. R. Jewelry given issacking# foi old gold ! and silver. I . BALL. Aug’iat 3thh. }dn— -1 SUJO KKWAKO." iTJ *w*y frurn fUsecroft, the resident* of 1 -*V William F. Hardy, in St. Inignee* die* ) tnri, on Tuesday, the ISth inetnnt, negre man : Dav ul Wtlliama.aged about 24 yenra. Oevid lis about 3 feet, 6or A inches high. He had or, when he left the Farm, * pair of white dtah ; ‘Jo'lt pantaloon*, a b nek pen jacket and a white hat. H* tr>fh with him, also, Sundae I *ut of hhwk clothes .md Mark bat. Dtfvid a i it feet raiker sad very uuteb in Uta meremaiK*. I He was purcb*si of Barton Duvall, of Am a Anmdrl county. ?Jd. j I will give the above reward, if bo io •oboe kutaade of It. Mary *e cooniy, a*d git, tf be ja taken i'< the county—qroded naia so #ean*ad that I gn bias again. JOBVM. MILLARD for WILLIAM F. HARDY. Leonard TeWa, AAA Kev. 24th. I*s

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