Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, February 14, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated February 14, 1861 Page 3
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Icc I mi satisfied that the Black R.'pub lican patty * n Congress are anxious to un- ' dentond the real position of Maryland they are carefully surveying the 'ground an i counting the chance* of di^-iolution. — 1 was determined that you should bn heard, ind lli:t it ahould not be anpp*ied that you w *re a fbck of sheep to he led bv Gov ernor Hicks t> the Block Republican wlf. I told them with calmness and gu-nmes*. and a heartful of luve for Ma ryland and hatred f her betrayers, that no power on mrth coulit ever Sfjnirale h* t from Virginia. [Tremendous cheering.] I told them that it could not tv ac complished either by internal or external! suppressionorcercion—-T - ‘never,” ‘■never.’’ j renewed cheering] I know, my friends, that you would shed your ’Hearts-blood for the preservation of the I ni*n of the** States upon the of your fath er? —but that if Constitution be strick en down you would strike down the Un iu [tremendous- applause.] I prv i;uw. af I have always said, that when glorious obi Virginia—the moat fort most peaceful, the most patient of States, be- • cause she is noble in her nature, great in h* v historic men orb-*, and -f.* in •h* roc -8.-HIUMIV-S of power—wlj'eiß-Ver \ irgi! ia giuiil dc’.are Hi -t all hope of hii honorable adjustment pissed away, and slitii f.-vci* the goi.: #, u bond of the Union—uu that daj , if it be rebellion, for me to say that I shall go with her. then do I here! pr'-olwini myself a rebel. I have done— [cries of “go oo,” “go on.’’] I have but a )'rw word* more to any —let them be car ried down to the Executive chamber—let them be heard by the false-hearted and th - weak-hearted all ov. r she State—what ever n./iy be the position which Maryland inav be destined to assume. 1 here demand, ae b:T chartered right, that she rhail be permitted to decide her deetinies for her- Hclf, nd forhercbildi *ntulh • latest pos e, i tr. through the 1 s lot-box of freemen.- |i beers.] How dart s a public seivaiit. *‘clothed with u little brief autboiity.” to t uuc- upon himself th* powers of a Ho man Dictator! How dares a Governor of Maryland to do what the Governor sf no other Stale has ventured tu do—to choak down the gushing voice of a free people— to tie Land and foot,—to tell them that he has sources of information which they do not possess —to say to them that their ignorance and folly cannot be trusted, but that hi* wisdom shall wave the Slat *; —that they are unfit for self government. ! and that he is their master and not their public servant. How dares Thomas Hol liday Hicks to take up<n hiimclf to fix the] destiny of you and yourchildrcn and • -fyour rinltirn.* jliiblien ! lie knots that t:.t clut.- , <c now nl s.-iviug this c**s.fedvracy are pain- ‘ fully diininiidiing every hour—ht* know* that Bhe-k Republicanism ha* pr. chdmrd that no j Juste Noith of tin P>tomae *bafi depart fnin ; the mrptre of Abraham Lincdti —lie know.- that traitors within our h .r*l-ra, cunrempUt Pig the probabilities of disunion, are drhbci *>*|\ preparing to hind Maryland as a bitted i*g victim t. the car of (he Northern J inter na t —he ku**w* why the federal at my i* brought to Washington city—he know* why Port McHenry is reinforced —be ki>*ws that the shadow* of LlMClii’i ships oi war will •uu darken the water* of your harbor—l tell him here to-night, mat if ne dares to play Un tyrant wid to sek to prevent you from '}*?..k tux t>< the i.arj.ui through the ballot, t mil lilt *vith>n the State your banner ut neiMmii'r t Lt* nnrpatt#n, and cell upon you to rc-eiun.t the revolution %,( your fathers. and continued applause, nad cries of ‘ we will fol low you.”] If it s'.al! become manifest alto Virginia has spoken, tha: you are not to W perunt f wi to speak—if it slid! hereafter be cuti.e manita-l that V u arc to la? sold, then gibbet the seller! [vmifmsw cheers] If that hv revolution, then i am proud tu U a rcvolu tiwiiibt. kv friends ant fcli..w'-ciiizens, 1 am but m a weak voice crying iu the wilderness —hut th*sc nr*- the ii.iklilV echoes of the rev* lotion ~f ’7ti I Who tm-n the Governor’s chair in this State? Was lie of the people? No’ ami the people burled him from his place ! 1 ear to ynr la trayer-, ••you shall mu i-artcr tie hciiur am! the gh ry of Maryland without ■itch a contest as freemen know how to make CniKMi* of Marylstid! brave patriots BsUnnore! y-u hv this Union and this G*n stitution of your f:.diets—but yon ser them tualttnf ftaay IK *hc Volcanic heal •! faualicu passions ami parlitvn rage—you would gi'e y<’tir life’s blu d t save them, but you feel that the great calamity of Natio ial diasolott-u: it ley.i.d your control —you pray to Oud for bis mercy to the nation, yet you me piepar ing l. r tiie wore* that may c*njt —y**n demaud y* u rights or separation from the N* rib— can traitor* ever drive you. into a N**rtliern conledetacy ? {EtiUtyaianlic cries if"rtrrr,' •ier<r.’’] Can you ever desert Virgmis. with in a bore bosom sleep the sacreti aaiie* of George Washington? [“Sever” •‘never’'] rati you surrender your cbild’s-share of die hallowed soil of Mount Vertiott [“Never." “Never” ami great cheering] then sy so at the ballut-boX. If it were puseiblw for you I. say <4hcrwise as a loyal citic u and a friend of law and order, I would submit to your wiii ui.uiietakeahly expressed; but, as I have n> cutiy said. I would gather an Hind nr n;y eight tiring children, and clasp to mv breaat the urn obtaining the ashes of tha dead, and shaking from my feet lire dust of your dishorn . ured soil, I would go as a pilgrim tu ssm ' other Isjml to cast uiy lot with the brave lov ers of Caaiatitutioual liberty. [Tlie coucluaioii of <i*-venjT Lowe’s remarks were sM-oaede-i by maiiifestatioua of intense enthuai <;%m ami rsjwated demonstrations of applause.”— /kdfr mart 3nn ] A FAMILY* OF HEROR3. In a lata eloquent and stirring rpeeoh vf Hon. Jeremiah Morton, in Richmond, a thrilling allusion was made bo fhe fol lowing incident in the life of a Virginia matron of the Revolution: “When the British force under Tarleton drove the Legislature front Charlottesville to Staun ton. the atUiue** of Jio Sabbath eve whs Woken in the latter town bj tha beat ol tha draw, and volunteers were called for to praaatA tha passage af the British tbmuf k the mountain* at Kockfidi Gap. The alder adas of William Lewis, who (has rasidsd dike old fort, were absent milk tha jwrtbern army. Three sons, tioweer, were at borne, whose ages were 17, 16 and tl yoars, William Lew is was rvmftood |o his room by sickness, but bis mile, with ibetirmocaa of a Roman ma tron, called them to her. and bode (beta tty to ibc defence of tb dr native laud. •00. my children.* said -h'\ I apaie not my youngest, uiy fuir-bair.d boy, the co;u- fort of my declining year*. I derote you I ?! to my chantry. ’ Keep bock the foot * f>f the invader from the soil of Aueutta. i tr see ;>iy face no more. When this ia-, t rident wks relate*] to Washington, shortly i After its occurrence, he e ahusdasiually n- r claimed, ‘Leave me but a banner to pWtit * U{Kn the mountain* of Aupu?a,and I will 1 rally around me the men nho will lift our I bleeding country from the dust and set her ; free.* ” ( The Lewis family, to one of whose r**p- 2 raewi tat Ives allusion i* here made has I played almost as tuemonble a part in the 1 history of W esfern Virginia as Captain 1 John Smith in Kutern Virginia. Ihe founder of the family in Virginia was 1 Jsha Lew,?, a native uui tillit-n .f Lx- l land, whose rank was that of an 8-ifiiirc, c and who was descended from a Hugutuui i family who took refuge in Ireland from t the persecutions that followed the aaiaasi- t nation f Henry IV. of France. lie 1 married Margaret Lynn, daughter of the , laird ol L<h Lynn. who was a descendant of the chieftains of a once puwulul cian iu the Scottish 11 igiiluti'in. 'I i.e etnigru tiou of John If wis Lj Virginia was tin of 2n unprovoked -aggre**! n aat sauit upon the rexiocnce ot Lewi* by & ; v. iphboring nobleman whit-1* Lewis re oiMed wiih the aid of a f.vv faithful do- euis tics, scarcely one-fourth tim number of his to-sailauts, who wt-rc, how*'V*r. soon S dispersed, the nobleman and his principal agf-nl falling by the hands of Lewis. Hav ing drawn up a detailed statement of the affair, which he directed t the proper au thorities. (and which were so entirely hat i-fa*lory that, after due investigation, a I pardon was extended to him and royal patent>. by which the King granted to ' him a Urge portion of Western Virginia) I J Mr. L- wis, with his family ami about til rty of his tenantry emigrated to Vir- . giuiu, ami made a settlement in Augusta . county, near th-? site of the present town i of Staunton. From this Mine forth, to the close of the Revolution, the warlike deeds of tiic family are familiar as bousehulu words in the history of Virginia. Of the four sons, luoitias. Andrew. William and Charles, all were engaged iu the iiicessatiL Inilian warfares ut the tiui'-s, and t.wo of • them. Andrew (whose st?uc is now in course of preparation at Rome for the , Virginia Washington Monument 1. an 1 ( t. harlce, were conspicuous for their spK-u --diet heroism During th wars an attack was made by the Indians on one occasion oa Fort Lewis when ail the nu-u of tin* < sell lenient were away on active duty ex cept John Lewis, *.h“ father, who was 1 then very old nd infirm. The old hero, however, in no wise dauLied by the ay- | wiuit. opened a port-hole wher*. he station ed himself firing at the savage*, while his wife reloaded the guns. In this mauiur! he sustained a siege ef six hours, when 1 the men of the settlement returned to h. f relief and found around the fort the dead I todies of more than twenty of the savages, j gha-tly monument.-* of the cool courage ■ ami unerring uiarksmaii'iiip of the solitary | •defender "f the fort. An anecdote, rtda ted by an old pettier of Western V irginia, exhibits in a very striking light the deep i impression which the exploits of the Lewi ses liasi produced upon the Indian min i ; i •* J lie white o:r wild clover i.s ot indigenous J | growth and ahundnnt on the banks or the i (rivers, Ac. '1 he red was introduced bv I •John Lewis. mi it was currently reporter! by the projects and believed by the in- ; I dians generally that the b!o<d of the r-u j i men slain by Ihe Lewises und their follow- j ers had dyed the ticfoii to its sanguine; hue.” Hen. Andrew Lewis. wh"*c statue for ! ! the splendid Washington group at Rich-1 1 mond promises to be the r.h'f d'our re of j ! Rogers’ genius, and has elicited great ad- I ; miration at Rome, was th** second sou of I John Lewis. In Rnddock’a war he was | S in a company iu which wen* all his broth- i ! ei>. the eldest, Samuel Lewis, being thr i captain. This company was greatly dis- j j tinguished at Rrsddoek’a defeat. W ith , 1 some other of the \ irginia troops, it J ' in the advance, and w?s the fi-st attac’<-- i ; by the enemy. In the attack upon Fort I 1 iinquesne, Andrew Lewis, then a Major acquired the highest reputation for pru- ] 1 donee and courage. liis grand achievc \ incut was the great battle of Foint Plea sant. which, being then Commander-in- Ohicf of the Virginia troop*, he fought OB thi* 10th of May. 1774. In this j campaign the Indians wore driven * i west of the Ohio. “Tbc buttle of Point; j Pleasant,” (says Colonel Stuart, in his i ! historical lucmoiis,) was, in fa?t, the j 1 beginning of the Revolutionary war, and I I a good presage of future success; for it is j j well-known that the Indians were influen- ! I ced by the British to commence the war Ito terrify and confound the people, before 1 they commenced hostilities themselves the I following year at Lexington. The Indian army was commanded by the distinguish ed Chief erri consummate warrior Corn ■ulk, and comprised the flower of the Shaw nee, Delsffa.n, Mingo, Wyandotte and Cayuga tribes. Among the officers under General Lewis’ command were Geocral Isaac Shelby, (afterwards first Governor of Kentucky and Secretary of War.) Gov ernor Win. Campbell and Colonel John Campbell, heroes of King’s Mountain and Long Island ; General Kvau Shelby, otic ef the most favored cititras of Tennessee ; Colonel Win. Fleming, an active Govern or of Virginia during the Revolutionary war ; General Andrew Moore, of Hock bridge, afterwards United States Senator; and others who became greatly dieting nich ed in the civil and military history ol their country. The battle luted from sunrise till evening, the Virginians sustaining a leas of about one fifth the entire numbe r of their troops in killed and wounded. Col ! onel Chat lea Lewis, the brother ef tbc •I commanding officer, fell fighting galUntly. •in the beginning of the action. General , Lewis also commanded the Virginia troops when Lord Ruamore was driven from Gwynu’s Island, in 1776, and announced bis orders for attacking the enemy by put ting a match to the first gun. an eighteen | pounder, himself. Washington had the . the greatest admiration of Lis military ! genius and heroLm, and when Lo was co’.'.imuHtumHl at CotmuMudei -in-Chief ex* pr-aaed a wish that tL* appomtuiciat Lui been giren lo General Lewis. There w€**c ir>nie strong points of resemblance between the two won. and even to physical quali ties it would have be*M bird t say which wa* the * better man.** “General Lewis, ** >iVr Fiunrt. “was upwards of six f*et hieb. if uiieoinuti n strength am! ig:*:ty, rnd his form of tho tunct exact •rnmietry. lie had a stern ami iuviouiMe coiinlcnsßr* r.t.d was .f a reserved ami distant deport ment which rendered his presence more awful than crga/ii.p. It w;s remarked I*3 thf*(Uoy*) Governor of New York that ;he earth seemed to tremble under him ** he walked along. ’ ” U iiliam !/■, to who*e heroic wife al lusion was made by Mr. Morton, wa the thi. . jOll Ci vJ. in I. w’s. Je:en ’atiS vf *h< faviilv rti!! ’‘.vr in Virr : r l a Hi uo of w!i in. uot only the heroic qunl lufc but lh- personal ipp4 of the ori final stock are raid to be pr. mrTcJ in a remarkable d gree, illarviclb On tl.c- ?•* instant, by Her. Fntbor ' R-ng. George W. Lnc**t t • Sallv M iria Ft." 4.1. On the Grit, by the i*amo, Samuel Ow- im to Sarah Burroughs. Oil the I‘itlt, by the saute, Edward Knott to licititf Wood. fIUKIT p tin ri’lM IS well known STAG- yf* M LION Will Ataod si gjT VTt liSoi.uiti Towi'. Saint .Mari'. C iitity. arm H..rt TW Chari. s C-Hintv, doring the . Ti ei* atv.n will cililiieiiff o l.-t if M ori. HinS end on l>t “f July. Term* and Pedi gree o ih be given hereafter W s\. I*. lIOA'SER. Feb Mil.. 1801— if. "CELEBRATION." IN 4c.>r>..itji v ilh long e*;abli-d)-J cu*t "tu. Fbc tuein her if :!;c Washington Soviet \ at llharl-.fte li*!i vvbl celebrate lle coming ZTJ 1 day Febiu.iry. Win. M’ck. F.iirrmighs will ;ea ? \\ t"U Farewell Addre.*s. Mr. Wui. 11. il.tcb fli w ill d*-livrr an >*i ifi n, Kxer-i*e* coittmeii. mg at 10>Vi-k A. M Dy nrdr r tiic Hre*! lent A tutu Hi ice The public is invited l>> attend. w. wakkk.n ward. JOHN U BARRLii, mmittre. Frb 14 1 fa. iMil Jt. ST. MAilV’d MOUNTED GUARDS. are requeued t* n.**i .it your ciual * rendeti'.inn at Ch.ipltco, on SATUR DAY . tue 23rd inKNU', at ti;e l.nur of 10 i/ch-ek. It !m egpt-c'.ed every inciidw-r of Inc Company will be in attt JL the prcn bed h>,Uf. liv ..nitr. rOBI.RT NKAI.K, Captatn. Feb. 14th, IsC! *2t. To A Kilt*! TO AUMd! TO ARMS! \\ r A NTi.D i.OO men and vvt.m n t. arm * * ineti.M-iiei wui. ai.i go v Tucker*' to buy tp-'tis. \\ in. i. linker ha* jiut i*cfive! a h.t of I’bUIUU diiAßiid, &c., which he will sell low. Feb 14th, ]Si 1 BAUGH’S AM IF A (AVi.’ SUPLB PHOSPATE VF LIME. FAUMKHS, TKV IT, IF YOU WISH To ItAiSK LA HUE CiIUHS. AM) AT TliK SAiIU TIMK-lill lIoVK YOUR LAND. . N t Ije pn par iti .n of tliia v.iliiaM,, manure 6. tiONKS AUK UoLD IN ITlKlll RAW i STA U. ONLY. I Tbcv have never birr H.OiLLD NOll | CAL< INKD. They •lie taken as made, rrnshej i< ttli powe: tnl niacliii erv, and auljected t*. a pine -t* by whit h a!l the virtue tne I. >:ie !.> retained, and a h riili/cl Hpr<*curt-d Hind hmg in a enli a’id and i nl>le I*.ito, the two iii<ii>|N‘*iMble . lenient. jin the gr*.v%Mi ..f pi., ids, viz : ITiOtkHIKIRIC I ACID & AM MOM V I ii.-se t<M element* |by the u*e f "U.ingii’s Raw Hone Hie*.'j hale* 1 jure given t* tie Mil in ail their ••tigiiittl I ilreiiiitli and purity. 'H.ey assimilate ai j ..nee With it, ftiriiish all the amnnana invviit! j for the /rowing crop**, and leave the land jaT { mAiiently l^tieliUt-tl. CASH HUICE $45 HER TON’. OF 2.00 HOUNDS, ?i CENTS PER HOUND. This popular Fertilizer ran t*e had oi Agent* in the |*rineip:il tuwmi, nr may be nr , .liteil thrnigii any Comniisoiun Merchant it Haltiiu <rv. GEORGE DUG DALE, C’CNTUiL DtPnT & AqkXTT, No. 4 Spkars’ Wiuiir, DALIT MOKE. Feb unry 7’h, 1801 3m. iißliiiiE CIO Alt MANUFACTURE US. to G. W. Dwvth & Co.) PUI ME CIGARS. <*l our own maoufa.*- (ure. conl4tjl!y *n iiami. We have al*n I a large s.l<K-k nf ezivlient | Oil EWING ami MdOKING TCCOAOO; SNUFFS and F \iNCY AIITTCLKS, Which wc arc prepared to furnuh our cue* 1 t.nner* on r*a*HHble terms. Jan •lOth.lStil—if. not , C e | r|lflK undesigned takes this method cf i I informing^he public ?hst, •f a class of ! a (|im **r more can procurtd, be wilt in%e jh>Mm* in QUADRILLE ami FANCY i DANCES, at Ijwaiard T**wn. duting the pra- H*nt ncrtl- Htm>iis dr>ir< in* *4 lo.iidn/ a •!*► are que*ld In UMtily the tmdenugnaJ iitunedtaleA, ,1. RANDOLPH WALTON ] Jau. lOt-'a, IbOl —11. 4 NOTICE. 'PPTE fm* MtDring 1 '*TI*T the firm ..f TOTTING HAM & M 4 R!)fMO i* ti i* i!v Iv**d I • nil!* •"awnt. Wm. H H .irding ;* r’. i>-aut\.r --i/ 4] to arttle tiff- hn im* *.f :) f firn ?*asipbl omsn:iAii. WM If HARDING, Jhufrmtire Jau. 1 j —f The >’• P, light out li t Intere-l of Sar tie! o>.ititiphani of t’n- firm c>* tV Ilrd>n n ill hereafter conduct lh# *•*; one*< . iii* own Name,—pi> j l,e nne-t respectfully wiiciu the favor <>f the fricud* of littr t■i Firm. WM H H ARDIN J. MARYLAND AGR'CULTURAL WORKS. TO THE FAR MX US OF S7. HAHrS i wontd nwet r*|e! fully < a3! \nr at ft J•-! 1 'li to *ii\ Iwrgo ae-ortm* n* ( IMFLE- I am r.rS'oifi turi and pif o A l.. r g*r an- :tm' t.*f AyrieuU'trol In fJewcn 1 * :h m 1 h.iv uttered * ’hr j.abli —IF rs- I*.•-.. r - at.. 1 . Thresher NVh'il • ’ rn Mills, Crn IM-nghe, Hrrv.v>: C-ili; cat i*, and mai.v •.?(pr aitielw to 1 timer r t mention. J can xilpplv tltv 1' iruiH thing he nay xi)l. With regrrd to li.r-e I tviHihi *:!’- pin. ua- iltenti.un to a fii: u ..f FiU-rcS". s run r. geaiu:l> FUIVJtUS* to iro.k idt.'l r r without bun t, irloch arc nut st:ij>a**e:i in thin or any other nntrhd ; aid 1 i.yp-r • >-.-‘|eclftiny invite fho*. who are Machines to give me a call. i fort t *•t I IMI -tiir the pur ehua*r. I 'tii making a t*OUN MILL f or grinding C- 'ii at iio|t!. 'I hi* is n Mill, has Ih*tli le-ird Aid pr'tioiiiH-rti so by expe rienced j dtl attention. I tend- r Volt fi:y Sincere that k* for *1: kindness herftto|V*re show n n r and lag a tort tio jaii'.r of your t.iv* rs, detci mined to makf a sfr* tig' e!l"il to jilrase a!! who give sue 'heir cti-lotn. Onh*r.s will mcti with prompt itien ti in by being directed to V' Ii.LI AM 11. HARDING, loft Fratt *>r**t TT;iar/\ LaUuat>rc, Mi F. b. 71•, IGI —1 y. MEDICAL NOTICE. DR A. SAl’i’iN'i i)N Ins removed to J'f. ItiijfihV District, ivhcio *?- tors hit protessioiiiil to the i.uhlic ll<* may be f ui.i at bis icsi J. uc *, near ?st. inigors J'torr, late the j:-/{,rty of Dr. J' iiu (j. Asbcom. •Jan. olsf, IKtil—Sni. music. B)Ur>LISI!F.n. not !• 1,0 Hr, a .. hv Mil.. I LKU Ar HKAc IIAM, Aonh *Ci.r:-* Sirr-et. iluiliniore. stir. c.'soi> F. I>. Ihnor i a .\fiv ami a.linirrt! MPNU, ■..Ur| •'1 i 11*. l.( >\ rI > AND I.U> IV ’ ami music h\ Miss Ann L. Tlm;njs>-i .a jni Krhnniry 7ti, Ibnl —Si. FOR SLi.lilFF. T1 ft name of PHILIP 11. DORSKY. is sm;- S!'Uii t* Ihr ins 1 1 this •in n,as a chu -1 .iidiiv for t.ext SiiLidFFALFV, l-j ; Pinny 1 itizrl.6 of Cuaptic.v District. Frb. 7th, IStii. FOR ROAD SLTERViSOR. i JOll\ H. HOW ESolVpib liiinirli a n cm> fi.dat-- for R iacj .Snjiervii'or nt Lro.i.irJ Ti'wn diMtrict hmJ kli *ita die* saj.jjurt of his fnenda nmJ fello’A’-'M'.ireox. Jan. 24iit lc6l. FOR ROAD SUPERVISOR. HENRY NORRIS . 'Jo. oiTer* hiovelf tc tin* viiitiiitif Liiimril i'oA ii IJI ,t* i*l .13.1 f.nd 1- tor Road Sopn \'isor ami vohena the \uitt4 | of Ins fi lenda 10 U the puWl.c. ! Jan. d4:h 1661 - FOPi SHERIFF. HARRISON KDW a HUS i presented t. ihe vt•trr> of 5...i1l Mary’s county as h caiiui 'l it*. 0 Sli- filV at flu* .-ieclion jn IBHI. j f anuai V I *ith . t Isno AT IBIEEI FIICEsTI I . 1 und rnior.ed irt* siill selling the j ■ "I DA IIJ A INS at t!ie sarr.c OLL j STAND— i A. AISLES & 331“§ GREAT BSRSiIH STORE. adjo niiig the \\ *hing(.i. H"lr, la'onau Town; and, owing to the jm-o-ire of ne iinu> lliey now oQ'tr tiie great cel tn iuccmcLU eve ImiiJ We hare icternind t. m-II off n;r present j ►lock uf W inlrr Go"ls at jiriees rtilucci at ; one-thinl for HASH, in order t prepaie ■ ourselves to lay in a heavy arai entirely uvw i stock of go*MU the routing weapon. Our MhA i has la*en rr-ae>orted ami coiudatw of the arti cle- named in cur last advertisement We call paitivtijar attention to the following: HblApY MADE COATS. PANTS and VESTS, of all quality and atylca, which |V4>iti\r(y w-i* w ill -e?t for eo-t price*. HATS and UAPS al.* at Cl*et prices:. Under Shirt* ami Drawer* at per rout 1 cheap, r than they can he pureha ud el-rw here, 1 12f cent* CwU'-o *t 10 and || cent*. Omg- • barn at I2A cent--worth cents. Mointtr j Lustre at 10 cut*, cheap at I’jJ cent*. Mu-- I iiu do Lain ;it 12J, IBJ and 25 cent-, -uch n i w- nevr K'lil Inr lm than double that price j I- cglieb Miriro, Hxitv Dolor*, of dr-i rae | quality at 31J cent*, gem-rally wdd at 60' cMiU. Tjadire' (-loth u ak and Mantilla*, of the I.itoet etyle and fa-hias. at SB. and $6. Mich &- wc have *<ld at 6. 8 aud §lO, and every tidug tin; 111 prop r!icu. Virginia money taken at par. Come taic I O-tro all • 1 l.cdiee and Genthl - we will la* pleaned to wail upoti y*-u and upoi. ail who inav call on A. ADLEB & 00. January 10th, 1801—ly. NOTICE. A LD indeU.d fo the late firm f Geo. W. pent k On, art* rrqmetid to -eltle their account* wtinout fin tlicr tielay with Morgan, who le authorized to aigti llw i.aine of ih firm in Nath uicnt. GKO W. DWYER* CO Jan. lOil, 1861— iw. 1 FBr.FESSIOXAL NOTICE. DT. J. FELIX MORG AN has rwisrd fr*n T>ii to hi* reetdsiire mi B iHoti% Bty. He lifers hi ( '"nff*nifinl Rni<-f 11 iKt f‘*blic. Or**'* Iff; •t tl e !•* V ;neii o r Geo. W. Dwyer *< Co., Leonard Town, will rere;r* rronpt at •eitnon. Jan I'Jm, le6l--tf. gras* •sm ms: lj il PROF£SS!ONAL NOTICE. D’t. HK-:ar o Ki>r.t f.n t>*. r~inoVfd 1’ - Urtice I* T o Liw re by U t'f tl. Midi x. E*qr. H always l>e found, either a: hi Ocfke *? &>*’* Hotel, when uvt professionally en- Jar. 10 255!-Sf. • * C 1 >KN MEAL, fresh fr*m the Steam* Mill of J H Maddox. 1 A Do. . fresh supply of BUTTES CHEESE Ac ir. Mur*- aid for sJie tv SIMMS & MADDOX Ib*c. 20th. ISGO. K. ADI KR. OEO II WOODWARD. AT A. A<Her d- Co’s NEW STORE. ; hv.* j.ift rtt irn-'d fn*n. Holti ▼ W more city with a large ami wvl selected Stoek of Hoods, embracing lh i to!lowing article*; % it; MENS AND BOV'3 READY MAD I CLOTHING of every quality and vurir tv ; MENS an! BOVS HATS and CAPS OIL CLOTH SUITS; UMBRELLAS; CASSIMERES. CASSINKTTS. FULL CLOTHS and KERSEYS; LADIES DRESS GOODS i of every style and quality ; | EMBIiOIf)ERIE, HOSIERY, GLOVES NT BE AS ox. I HOODS M different at vie*; ditto for children; FINE LINEN-BOSOM SHIRTS; SHIRT COLLARS, UNDER SHIRT.': AND DRAWERS; i LADIES’ i SHAWLS. CLOAKS and MANTILLAS; LINEN CAMBRIC and SILK HAND KERCHIEFS and many other articles to : mention. TO* above w ill be void at the 1* w*sl Baltimore pi Sees lor rn%h or to f< Hie; .il i-nsto.iii is on six months credit : M r invite :i cell .nd examination of our k h by the public. before puichuaing cist where. A. ADLER A CO. i Leonard Town Md. j Sept. 2Tth. 1830—tf. PRIVATE SALE OF VALUABLE | BEAL ESTATE. i rJHI.E FARM Wli-npirp- to xvc. Inatu! i ! Charlotte flali livirn-t ami situated a5,..n! 1 *>n- and a half mi lon from T’aini-nt riv* r. wi", 'he M.iil at Private rale. It '•••mam* three her tlr*<i ;icri> of land, more ..r less, and the *.t in celebrated I*r ine prodm-ti-m of higiies i priced t 1 .icco. 1 !>r I AIIM bn. on it m Colli ;I or table lIWF.L'.IXO, willi • lie u*eal OUt-h-.liM/o For e* f *{< rnir apply ;<i lb- ondi-r- { Hjl I signer! ai •Grampian." <t ad (dress Ulltler.-dgned at Chap'.i-w DANIEL T. MORGAN, near Head %>f St. C.cutouts Day. Sept/JSih, ISoO—U. NEW SHOES I NEW SHOES!! DIMMS i MADDOX here just received som .tern cf NEW SHOES, of ih heat quality and ofidi,*u* suitable for serv&r.u 1 wm<:h will t*e oW low. Nov. Ist IddO THE li SAINT MARY’S FEMALE SEMINARY 'IMIE next annual sesaion wilt commence ■ on SATUUD.W, lh* Ulh of Septum her. under the direction ot x>lu , “ LOTTT LEIGH, as Prinrijxii, assured by a terps of efficient and experienced Teacher*. Tim course of tueiruction is a* thorough aa at any oilier inMiiutian :n (tic country, and at less than half the usual expense The' i‘h'daatic yeat u divider! into (wo terms ot live moot as each. tliargw, per Icriw, payable in adTances lor ill the branches of a thorough English edncaih-c, including Hoard. Tuition. Wishing, Fuel, i L.iihu and l*eiidi£g, $75.M Stationery, 2.M- Tuiti*n for day pupils, including ftt-l, * 21.00 SKPaBATE BSAWCHEA: French, 14.00 Mnsic, with the uee of Instrument, 25.00 Drawing and Painting, exclusive of materials, 6.00 Painting tu Oil Odom, exclusive of materials, 10 00 Fur further information, or for Circular, apply to the Principal, St. loigoca PoM Office. Saim Mary ’s C< unt\, Md. 0. BILLINGSLEY. President of the Board oi August loth. IfeftO—tt. —-■- - i - NOTICE. ▲ LL peraent wuUiog to couiinuotcoiU 3- with me by latter, willdireci thrircot* respond* net by mailto PortTobaccoChariea county, Md., or by steamer bi. Nicholas, I# Chap pel Point. Charles county . Md. W.M. T. CAMPBELL Fob. led. 18*9—tl. i [ & TOE FAMILY BR93IRS AND PKALRB9 IN PURE OLDWIXFS AXD LIQUOR#, Xu. 8S BALTIMORE STREET. UFA* noI.LIDAT. BALTIMORE. n\ T * f l Hw‘4r4lv r*ri h* r r n lary# and well •*.,* 'f family gkocbk.ika, r g. i, Mf— FaKn Ti:** •- Grin and Black, of trarinca and ti.i Corrrrs M-chs, Java, Lagoyra, Maracaibo a i,? Rio. Scga ns. —New OrlMnr Crrrhed. Powdered, On;: u'it. -d, C Yellow and Clarified, l‘d’s*'. Mnccir-n at.d Vvnneoelli; C \*> Rfi;ed Of inline; I'r 'h Silad Hlrl CHi*e <W c* .••. I. ' D iry. Pin Apf-.e .*! tvp Jv.i( >; Sirii:;*., Ftf'fl., , and S|ini-h Oh't>; E'ikUkli n:d AtnrrK.m loiXtil, S'hutllll ClmM T . *. C mliU'-H er. Walmi’!* and o..u> s. < , f->l r. I'nl!. lliirvfv Soho, M ln'ifiM,! ■ Mini Vt • •rre-i'V'Miil*’. j |l(ianmj: —I i- IL v A l’*., Vinta;*# IS4d. U'-riJ Diipiiy A* C , 18-lfi, NiSi.e l)uii)c.iui, K-n litiiir, and other ! br.-.uds*. *■ is?■ Oi r. \V int* Lxitiliiii Dock F'#r ,SI ?r* T V. 51 .Jmra, Li-b. i , ( Cil<illi|M^liC. I Wihs&f.vb 1., Oi'i Kte, Ca?h mm. Old U ipp and ii. udmii, j* -fne \er .ill and fir*#. Pure Hcl! Ui:>, Jamai- * Sj iris.*, 40. ! IUIJMTI.-.I a-.d 1> SEUAIJS AXD TO , UACCX). All of which they wfll noil at reasonable price- u. J reajTt fully soli, it a rail. March bl, IBtu—Jy. COMMfSSIOX B USIXESS. npilE ii.|i wjtnel If-ge leave fe announce* ! to CM*- citiz/.'i of Si. Mvry'n county that ht liHN (vuiuiri,rt>il Ihe PRODUCE AXD COMMISSION BUSINESS, l No. 8 G SOCB KN* FsCbANCB, Corner Exchange F ace and C' li tnerce t>t BALTIMORE. • d will give hi* |er*.i l xtUntun to ill pn> j'lure ri {.. him. {(e •uijif .*> by axM.ln i "H* and itenn,.n to bnsicont to merit i tbe Cot.tide nee of the ( ••Miiniiiui \. WM K DODSON with Late firm f Lu. ketl * Yoctig. It c r r t r. h c 11 : Jamkh ?*toi t . C rof Farmer? a:.d Mer chantx* MexxTe. I . .j C-.rx.tii fc Co.. B .t'ke!*; “ in. \\ hit - IH k.k C*.; ** KfOl-lf diV I?.’ill. 1 April 2t:h. 18C0--lf ; union iioiki,. t | ¥ A MM; tMi‘haxo the above prt*perte M I the <>tiLi>rrilier re-|tee.lti|lv tnfotn*& th** ' tiav limg pul |j t ' r|j- 1 he jr t,.*xv pre| c.tfd to j j .c< iiiii cv'a\- them. l“.i hot* ! wtil he thur -1 Melt<y repaired am*, all r< nius rt'lurnihlin 1 . | i hr prrconal aUcDticii ol he 'itthwc.iflier will jh. (Jev.oed o xnd tux Oefj , elioris will he tf’Ven n, make gueMi con • . tnrtiiMe His tall.- W.;| l>e supplxd nr i ; whxu ve. ilie market a/Tort'b, I ti- Far (t r cd with the I ext htqucri and Cigars I tlis * wdl always he luon f att*T.fiv and acccii<*i<<l*iing. Scher and reliable ; lloFtlera hav> beon *,in ployed, and the *jh ! s.Ttber will take cat? that his atables are no !ioclecfpd. TV (tliojfx .he patronage of the fnrnt*-r * guest* of the House.: aud that of the puohe I I'eiicra l). JOHN F. FENWirK, Leonard Town j Oct.7ik. 1858-tl. At.CHIUCT & BUILDER f IXHK uuderxigt.ed lim* made tmeh mange- M iu- itr .ix will entitle bin, to exc/Jite alt wrk in id* line at BALTIAIuRK FUICI ci, "tth j r >ni|.t,.tvx and d**j atch. lie MiUvitt 4 I call (r.iu ui fricuda ano ti.e j uldic. V. CAM ALI EE, 1 Ltocuiu Tuv. a. J*n. 20th. ldr’,o—tf. , JOHN 1.. 111 BD. . attoknev & cou.'ißtLL.oa *r law, * loicu, Si. Co., AM.. ll r TLL practice it lb# Court# ol the \ ’ " Judicial Diet net. I’*+. 14Ui IS--iy THAI). K. PItEUSS, Atto.rey aud Counsellor at Law, L'onurd J vie n, St. Manj’g Coinily. Maryland U r ILL pruciua; in th# O-mruofSt.Mary*# aud AtljtMulßi; C-rUUttc*. J*u ISth.Uiy—lt. TOR CO UN TV CLERKSHIP. Th# iod* ofIJANIELT. MORGAN pr###et nui to tbe VC ter* cf St. Alary'noun tyaaa aadKai# for Clerk of ib Ctrcui Coon at lb# decuon fa nod solicit to his claim# a dispaMuaat coikstderatioo. Nor. 2bth. 1&7. ~rn~r an rrmnu— WANTED. rIF mkietiher wixVv tn buy a bit ml LIKELY ViHJKG KF.GROF.K, >f b>#n #eke, f.r whlct tl lug'uvet ltu.ket )>hcitl| kf paid. PeTfcA'Mx wil, ml o ouv w hlnif during Fix preMut t.nir ti r*Aigh lie W.tliill c**tiPtei of the State, will have luf order# pr-*aiptly .kd t>>, by addroeir.u^. ALLKK H. UORSI Y, W**^-DC MSLJRMTOTO, GEN ERAL OOMMIbCRON MERCHANT So. 98 Ltgkt hi Wharf, (Wurcen Frau 4 Ctednt) BALTineite !Ufer hr ponmaaion to Moser# DtrmTl 4 Iglehan, R. Ac W. W, Iswso, Co* 4k Brown. S#ti!y d Tiijfhnun, T. W. Lst#n#< 4 fou. Drak#iy d Fn*nn, W. K* M#*'ribb. 4 C# , John G. L#str r Esq., A. Gatubrd*.. Csqr.. J. o. H*rre, W m . U. Ew#‘y, A. Appear th, 8. D. Cabikuru. M. kMwns, Mhirs. Smith 4, <'tkUr Rciocyo Bank. tiovt Wik, vm- 4aa

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