Newspaper of The Sun, January 1, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of The Sun dated January 1, 1861 Page 4
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&-?' ; TI1K MWh m II ! en on? and i m,- "Not t Ul Han't talk rmotipltctt, my 4r." "If yoa knew hew tnwen depends upon It." "My dear, I know that," with in arch mile. "Ne, vcmdorf," Mil Piurb, to stoutly ,that Local looked t her la ion tarprit. 'Yoathlrk." Mid honest I'ha be, la her ox ranmlty, "Ikatbaonlyrtattttomake topropose U you How, It I not ouly that, Lucille, " uA her voice tent, at ah could hardly keep frm crylnf, "be will never do that IT you coon t yeu areddngnoat bo doe i not think it wool J lie right for clvgymen." "Oh, 1 dereaarr quoth lucilU. and then t silence. "Did Honor ull him to, 1'hct b " "Nvr. nettr," etiod I'uabe, "no ue ba.1 laid a woid (gainst )tu; tnly djn't yon know how qntst and pood anybody belongto i to a der gym an rhould la?" "Well, I've beard a treat deal of bew today, ar.d It la all my own fault, for In.luWln.f, In eu timent on Wtdteedjy. 1 thai know better another time." Tt on ton den't tar tried Hot lie, taming round wlui eyt tlashlne at LncllU did not know they could Ugh'en. "Very wtUi if ton don't thick Kobert worth it, I suppose I ought not to pile, for you can't bi what I used to think yeu) and it will be Utter for Mru when he one nit settled his mlcd, than If If aftenverde you dleepprlnted him and were a fin lady but oh I h will li to unhappy," her tear wera coming fal, "and. Lucy, I diJ like you to much!" "rVell, this lithe funnlatt thing of all," cried l.tiriUa, by way of braving bar own (motion, "little Mia Port son Into the heroics" and the caught her two Land), anil heldlng her fait, kimed her on both c tools "a gone coon, am I, rh.rbe, no hotter thin one of the wicked; and i:t)ln, be r,rw angry, hop;d upon a twig, did he; 1 lg your pardon, tny dear, but it make me las'h to Ulbk of hii dunlded nettling cf hla mind. Ob, bow soon it could I unsettled aialn! foot, I won t bar any mora of thin; let it alone, I'biibe. and trnu me teat tbltgs will adjust Uisnieelt e all the Utter for letting them hat tholr iwi. Don'i ton look prematurely unea sy, at d don't pn and mtk Robta think that I bare ImmoU'td him at the altar of the tslmon. Say netting of all thin, ) oa w 111 only make a inest ta narration it," "Very likely I may' nail rim be, ' 'but if yeu will no' freak to him youreolf, I thill tell him howiou'eel." "ifyouein,'' ltuthed Lucille. "I mean tow yeu receive what I bare toll veao'Mivicvt. I do not think It would b' fair or kind to keep bhn li ltorance." "Much goul nwy It do blm," raid Lucy, "but I faacy you wiil tell Mm, whether 1 gne you leara or oof. and It caa't make niuc'l difference III tackle blm aa the Jd woman saja, when 1 please, aid tre madler be may cSosto to go, the lottcrfunitwiil l" "1 believe you are aajlng to to tease me," auil rc.i be, "but aa I koow you don't mean ! I hall wait till after the party, and toco, unleM yen hare had it tut with bin, I lhall tell him what you hare atld " "Tuck yon," ra'd Lucille, ironically, cwi retlng to Prub mind the coot Ic Jon that ahe dil cot beilev that Kobert'i attaiment could ader fiora what had bre pawed, r.itber ah meaat to pant the decidre inten iew, or elee aho ni too otofldrnt in her own pewer to Ulieve that be could rellnnuiah heri at all erenta, 1'hcrb had aagadty enough to infer that the waa net indifferent to him, though, aa the provoking dam eel ran dawn iteira, l'fia-be a loyal spirit fiiat ad anittel a doubt whether the tricky aprite might et proTO at gi eat a torment aa a'delfcht to Bob la. "lloweyer." reflected the, "I ehaU make the leaa raiachief, if I Mt it down while I renumber I." Meanwhile, Ilonora bid fjund from Owen thit the yount ladiee had accepted an inyltalien to a rery gay kouae la Chtihire. ao that their more jeeata would for a fortnight remain doubtful. ih revmrred to ler rlew thet the only meature to be taken, waa fur him to follow them, ao aa to be able to tnterpote in any emergency, and the aaxleualy preratdon blm the funda required. Shouldn't 1 catch It If tbey found me out?" aaid Owen, ahruggtBg hla ebouldere. "No, but indeed, iweet Honey, I meant to hare made up fK thia naughty girl' deeartlon. You and I would hay bad tuch ttdea and reading together) I want yeu to put me on good term with my- etf." "My dear boy 1 Tint won't that beat be done by rauoding your lifter? She doe want It Owen; the lee ahe will be p-udest for henelf, th mora yre rauat think fur her." "Jb eaa do bttr for benelf than yon Imag ine," aaid Owen. "Manny, wiii all ber free way, they could not go the leart bit fartHerwiUi kar than in pleere. You wouldn't luppoae it, but the can keep oat of tcrapo Utter than Rash cu nerer ha been in one yet, and EaJie la twenty. Ne er mind, your htonor, there' lound atuffin the bonny sc-ifejrriee; alt the better for tnirg free and unconventional. The world owe great deal to thoee who dare to act for them eire; though. 1 own. It it a ttialnhenonetewn domeetic womankind take thereto." 'Or cce' mat kind to encouracioir it." aaiit lienor, tmlliog, but .Lowing that the waa hurt. "I don't enouurag It, I am onl r too wise to give it the teat of oppotttion. Was I.ucy ever bent up a naoghtr tthk without ling dubly ladled by tbe pleaaure of tbowifig that the eared at for her younger brother f " "But, yottgo't" "Vacation ramble are to) temp'Jng to bo re aiUed; Lot, mind, I don't prcml.-e to act good renal tave at the lift extremity, or else I ahall atnr get forfclron, and I ahall kvep aome way la the rear." ' CnAtTKR IV. cutui m.AMJin. If the Kcrttt of eiery gueet at arfc were told, would any be found uomixedly happy t Would there be no on devoid of care of ilitlr own or f o'ker people's, or if axempt from tbeaa. undis turbed by the alieenee of the right Individual, or ly the pretence of tbe wror g one, by mUiapi of tleportment,diiBcultUa of drew, or want of notice? 1'arhape. after all, It may be lieet to have aome an abiding anxiety, atronv encugh to destroy tadiam, and axclnde the pettier dlatreteet, which are barter to contend wiin, thoagh lea dignifieili wad meet wholome cf ail it it that thi ahould h an latereat entirely external. 8 after all, Pbabe't enjoyment might hardly have been In creased kad ber thoughti been more free from KoUn' trouble, when tbe came down dressed for ber fintrty. Juliana beiielf could not hive taken umbrage at ker aucceaa. Nobtdy tnagioad ber come out, ne one attempted to dUturb her from under Mia t'karlecote'anlng, and the kept close to her the whole aftern'xn, sometime tilting upon a hay rock, aotnetimea walking in the thruberry, listen ing to the band, or looking at tbe archery, la company with dignified clergyman, or elderly lady aatonlahad to met Honor Cbarlecjte In ao anwonted a scene. 0 iren ttandbrool wai never far ff. Be took them to eat Ices, conducted them U good y lot of view, found seat for thera, and told tbem who every one was "ith droll comment er anecdo'as, which entertained them te much, that I'h.rbe almott wishel that Keliin had t ot made her sensible of tbe grain of irreverence that tease nod all Owen' most bril liant sallies. It waa seven o'clock when till act of the drama waa finally over, and tb party staying In the lie use met round a hurtled meal, Kt,-be lounging sad yawning, laughing and qalilog in a way mazing to 1 'tube. Ludlla in the i ery iummit ftptriu rattllog and laughing la full swing. Tbmce the party diterH4 to dresa, bat Ilonora Lad ne sooter reached ber room than tbe said: "I Toast go and find Lucy. I munt do my duty by ker, little hope aa I have i aba ha avoUied me all slay. I must set k her no w," What a different time and dUclplln had raid la aa formerly to timid and gentle at to be alarmed at the least encounter, and nirvoua at wardering about a s'-reoge home. Nervous aad fibikUMd Indeed, the still waa. bat self cewtrol kept this la check, ard her dislike wai aet aliased to hold ber back from her dutv. Uamparey'a reprtMenU'lt wn seldom pirralt tsdtsbewesk. But tboi ara time when the lnrecoo between man and woman It felt la their dealings wl b other. Btrealh can be sal 4, bat what li stslnad est seldom be gentle, aad when ah knocked at Hore'li Charteria' deer, hir feci, from very nabappieena and effort was sorrowfully reproachful, aa the felt henelf aa uaweloome sppatUon to the two ewttns, who by an their bed still laughing oyer the day' vtntt. Bees, who we" still In ber morning dreia, at ao gar a way. atylng ahe must go and apeak to ker Lolly, and hastened out tf the room, Laey, la hweltsJUbtU, tat crouched upon tb bad, ber arhlu bar shoulders and bet Boating hair, to aretkar wltk the defiant fiance of thi blue eye, and ta kand moodily oompreaslsg the lips, re asladlag IJaoar of tb llttl creature whe had been autaaaarily can led lata ber boose slxlsea year alia. She cam toward her, bat then wu ne Invitation to give the carets that ah yearned to lieatew, aad she leant against the bed, trembling as ah aaid, ''"Lucy, my poor child, last coma , that yen but not throw away your but caanoo 'et knowing It. Too do not realize what 7,M kvt. If you east aside esteem and re Uaaoa, bow wn tb expect to retola tb affection 7a ffmetlmea oV-, u prixe f " aWloa r ' w " " VUw cm yooajperttrotaaj,,.-, bi. yad ta bonndt of discretion tJn Hoavsr - tm ' ? cre"7 MMUI 111 fc atiai ;-.C40,Ide She gave way to her tone i "1 Tetily be- I r'ttml pitou, pltiding 'i e tv (M le t" yenr turn. Remember fw ff .i jmsnt dij cecided lt fat of a nty tb expr, loa teltx bto Itese , 'i ' .onllnued The Fulmortt do not i ,'. i eh- elrratnnar that hit Ontl dtcb-lm ll letifiufaced by youf pteeentjiro cuedinre. Vtu hte trilled wiii blm too long, tnd with Ms mind made up to tie mUiistry, be (ftLhot cohtbue to think of one wbopMilsula cuirisitf; Oeooinm." lhonoworc'tntroenbrteDougn, and bad bet ter bare been nrtiM "1 hat is si peonlo tny think," was all the answer. i'Athetbliktr How do I know what be think! ?" Heartsick a, tuch rr ere fencing, Honor in si lent at first, then salt', "I for one shall rate your good opUion by jour endeavoring to deesrve If. Who tin tarpose that you value what yon ara willing to rbk fur an unladtllk bat, or aa unfa mine sporting expedition t "Yeu may tell blm so," tall LnciUt, her vote quivering with passion. "Yoa ahk look will blng him back, but you mij find that a true man is n ilave. I'rove bit a (Ted Ion mUpUced,and he will Uar it away." Had Ilonora been discreet at the Wat geoi, slit would have left those words t settle down; bit, woman tl'tt she was, the kxew not when tettop, tnd coaxlngly coming to the imaii bundle of rervtrseies", the touched the tboalder and laid, "flow you won't mike an object of yoorwilf te n!p.htr '1 he thoulder tbnok In the old fsshUtf. "At least you will not go to IrelsteV '1e,l iball." ''Miu C'harleeote, I beg your pardon" ori el Rash, bunting In (oh! that she had been live ieeoni earllsr) "out dressing It lajpwt tlve. l'eople are beginning to coma." lloncre letreated la uttar dlawmflrare. ' 1 lathe! I'm U for it!" cried Laetlla, aa the door shut, tprlntf ng up with a look ef terror. "1'ropcsed by deputy?" exclaimed Honors, Sfbi't. "No, no I" gatped Lucilla; "it't thit Iretard ef your that that " aad (be well nigh sobbed. My bonny belt I I knew yon would not be bullied Into ( ae rilcg. "OS ! i:he.ahe wit very hard en -ne. Kvery ere ti bat you I ' snl Lurtila threw herself lut hercnu4n'sarmsla a ptroxyim of feeling, but tbelr mtld'a keotk brought her back to compo sure sooner tli in poor Honors, who thed many a Uar over thit la-t de'eot, it looking mournfully to i'ba'he, tlie said, "I have done, rinrbe. I eta ay no more to her. 6be will not hear anything from roe. Oh I what have I don that my cUld ahould be bardeted avalnst me I" rhorbe could offer nothing kut car full of Indian in t sorrow, and there waa evilently sootbirg In them, for Mis Cher tecote't teart lecane softer, aid the fentfly moot bed I'ta be't fair hair, isying, a ahe drew the cllcgk g arme closer round her i "My tittle wcooblae, you mutt twine round your brolhsr trl comfort him, but you csa spire tome tweet rett for roe too. There, I will dreat. I will aot keep yen from tbe party." ''I do not care for that t ealy to see Sbla." "Ve mutt take our place In the crowd," sighed lionort, beginning ber toilet ; ' and ye willenioy It when yon are there. Tour fint qaadrUle it promised to Oven, it it not?" "Tea," eald Phnbe dreamily, and aha would have goaa to Rabin' sorrows, but Honors had learnt that there were tobject U be set aside when It wu Incambent os ker to be prenaUble, and directed the talk to ipeca latioru whether tb poor tchoohnlstreat would have nerve to slog ; and somehow ahe Ulkad up I 'babe's tplrlu to tuch a hopeful pitch, that the little maiden absolutely wu crossed by a gleam of satisfaction from tb ungrateful reeollecUoa that poor Mir Chailecote kad don with the af fair. Against ber will, ah had detected tb an tigonlsm between the two, aad bad u It wai ef Lucy, was certain that the wu more likely U be amenable where there wu no loUrference beta her beat friend. The music-room was already crowded when tbe two made their way into It, and Honora'a inclination wu to deaostt herself on the nearest rear, but ahe owed something otherwiie to her young ccarge, ana rnas'jet yts n4 already yts with louna a-ieateir L and lowetlns Ire 'letMlr black llgur trms crossed. tlmultaneeunly tkf moved towards him, and ha towards liana come down f h asked. Phirba shock her head, but at the isau momant another door near tb or cbeetra admitted a small whlU butterfly-akaa leading In a tall queenly apparitioa la black, whom aba placed la a chair adjaoent to the be jewelled Mima donna of the night a great ooa Uaat with her dust-colored plain fee. Roberts face cleared with relief, be evidently detected nothing oufr la Lucilla'i upset, and wu rejoicing In tb concession. Woman' eyes uw further aiigh froia Uonero, aa amused murmur around him caused him to bend hla look on Ph'ebe. Bh knw hi ya were InUrrogatlng her, bat could not bear to let ber own reply, and keep them on the wound. He wu moving toward LuciUt, w ho, having consigned her pruUjt to the good-humorod German, bad coma mora among tbe guests and wu exchanging greetings and answering comment with all ker mint bril liant air of taucy animation. And who could quarrel with that fairy vlaea ? liar rich double-skirted watered silk wu border ed viith exquisitely made and colored tllea, ra diant with the huea of the peacock, tb geld pheuan1, the lay, paxroU cf all tints, everything rich tnd rare In plumage. A coronal of the tame eoclrttedlier glossy hilr, tbe liny plumes cen treing with the blonde ringlets, aid the bona hoika os'entatlouBly dltplayed; leaser and more innccuoua files edged the ileevea, corsage, I be, end glove ; and her fan, which the used u tkilfully u Jenny Wren, presented a Watteaa like picture cf an angling seine. Anything more c'ainilly, quaintly pretty could not be lms- Llaed, and the male put of the assembly would are unanimously concurred la Sir Harry Hal ler'i "three cheort for tbe queen of the anglera." Hut towards the party inoit concerned la her movements, Lucilla cam not; and l'htvbe, nndirttaLdrng a design to keep u nur at might be to Mire MurreU, to auggett It u tne causa, ana icoaing rounu, taw usen ttsnd log by MueCharlecoU, wltbiomewhat of an ua easy oounUnaace, "Terribly hot here." h said, rea'lesily ; "tuf fecating, arn'l you, Honor? Come aad take a turn In die clolnter, tb fountain U ttanaing by moonligkt " No proposal could' have bees more agree abli to Hoaora andl'hub wu afraid of lt lag her eiiaparon, thtugh ahe w have adhered, to tier brother, and the karbi of that wicked little angler were tearing him far too Je4y to permit bis to move out of eight ef his tormentor. But for this, the change would hav beta de licious The white light and deepahadowi freea the calm, grave moon, contrasted with the leug gleam aflamplhiht from vry wladtw, red denid by the curtains withla ; the flower ikoae oat w Una strange whiteness, th toiler oaee al most Ilka spiritual shspes the burnished orange UavetgUitened, the water rose high in silvery p;iray, aau leu pec into am uiacaueae oe toe Dt- aun, made more Isible by on trembling, shim msring rrtlsctioni tb dark blu sky above seen ed shut Into a vault by the enclosing building, aid one solitary placet shone out la the lus- trioua nel&hborhoou of the moon. So (till, it solemn, to cool I Ilonera fait It u rspoee, and peiuhely began to admire Owen chimed la with her. Feverish thoughti and perturbation wire tlwavt gladly toothed away in ker compa ny. I'httlie alooe ttood barely confessing the beauty, and tuppreaebg impaUeace at their mak ing to much of it; not yet knowing enough of car or passion to seek repeee,and much more tb. sot bad In human, than In any othor form of na ture. The music wu her first hope of deliverance from her namruke la the iky; bat behold, her compenioc chose to prefer bearing that greed instrumental piece softer ed by diitancti and tventladimellidnlg'i quntring note did not bring tin m Ir. However, st tte first sonnii of the accompaniment to tha "Three Kiaher't Wivei," Oaen pulled back tbe curt tin, aad bsnfed Ihe two two ladle back into the rooaa, by a wtrdow mush nearer to the orchestra than that by a blch they had gene out, net far frm what l'dill Usrrell bad Jutt risen, bar hand tarvcutly dad lo.ether. ber colour raplily varjug, and htrevea roaming about u thoagk ia uueet of to-ne'iilog. Iodeed, through all the muaic, ths slight sounja of the eatrtnee at the window id not scis her, and at the lnttaat when tb ahould have begun to sing, Pace be felt Uw e black eves levilltd on birself with a leok that ttertled her i they were at one ramvtd, the Uad turned away ; there wu an a'.teatpt et tae unt woiaa, nut toey aiai away on ber lipt ; tbar wai a tuddn wbitenest, Lucilla aad the German both tried to reseat her i bat with retdl er Judgment Oven made two long atepi, gath ered her up la hia itrong armi, and bore ber through tha curtail aad out atthtopmwu dow Ilk a law Infant. lb concert proceeded, and In th text pins Honor fell Into convtria'lon with a pUuaat lady who had brought one pair of young daeghter la th morning, and no wu doing th aait dtty by an elder pair. l'bub wu itandlng Bear th window, wkea t touch on bar arm and a whlapered "Help, hathl mad her look around. Holding th earlala apart, so. u te form the least possible aperture, end ylth or Anger on her Up, wu Lacy' fset, tha yee brimming over with laaghter, at ahe aolnted to her head three of the book had Mt their barb deep lot th crimioa latin curtate tnd bald ker a pritansr I "lluah, I'll never forglvt yoa If ytt bttrty nsa," the) whispered, drawing Phorht by tha arm behind the rartelm "I iLeald a a rare oa tha la stUroUJat U eUMltataaaa. AUVhttWU "Ijucy, lurtoa to int. scose'i fault I never ttckTCed oa htrln ns to Don't enah kKmiI Ihla wav. Cmn't vod do it ? far soijeet," aad Locllla produced a pilrfrom oncer I;er nan. nuneana a aiwaego prir rldad." " now Is rhe f where li tb " atVad riiocl. " Ibai's exacily what I can't Ull. II took b r out to the fountain, aba waa quit like a aid thing. Water wouMn't make berr'.me to, and I ran for tome salt i I wouldn't call anybody, for It was too romantic a condition to have Owea rtlaccvartd In with a faintlngmalden la nil arms. Hash a lu mag aa I bad. My own thing are all tasabltd up, 1 don't know now, and IUsb eep net blag bVrger tbaa globules, oily fit fof fainting lady birds, ao I went to Lolly's bat bar bottles hare all gold head! and are fall of anctnay looking compounds and 1 mad a raid at laat oa tweet I looey' rational old dtee-lngtsee, poked cut ber key from ber pocket, and grit U weav ing Interminable time. Well, when I get back to my Untlng damsel, non e fortntiu." ate ninicauir.n. A TXR-S BAB8APAXILIJL it la a emwjeiitiatad evtraet ef f wwUHwd ell ether rubrtenne ef fttl tveebw attara- tive evr ea Is ennr ea eflreUve aBtl4ee fee the mmki Benaseruie le reyuera te enr. la wwerf weDtsa by these wh snrssr Sntelnta,aw4ttteti wklea wuTl enr aiaet prove of lasuenee esrviee te this lereselea ef orulla4 fMlew eftle ewrei trfeotm ear Id slew eon.sW.Jy U'e wineoniitwUldelthesbMasreTenkf erpTt-nte sy erswisilieel I U si teUewlaa eunreawHweni eases w a lotuaa eeevUIetai eVsw1' ui aaw Bnaovnaiss Onam.arjeia. ItawwiM saw rrnvB DtesAeea, L'uwse, Piirn ea, Hi(rerauB fvirnaa, Bslv suibim, Boaui llaan, grrwyjs arrwiLiTM arswmows M imaiai. Immaa. Ireorev, dhhimi, m i m iKiquiwviinniMTT, uiirrvt airn iRTeoawvinvi, KavtursiJia. jioea oa wt, rs riaa. so Ia4md the wkele daes ef , ajioTeo- timbj nvea iajrearrv or in atunw. . ivt eoeaaisam wen a foeiU a areei arsaioeai at I sruia, te nsel tbe foel ka i Meet at tkM eeaeea e7 Ue aeern,wtMB teaea lathe a uie year. 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Bnendaaasab.brewa and white table etetbe. toillra In. eneb, blaek rllk, silk velvet, brown are, merino, beitery. taanel. b aokete, moeltn. detAlnre, Kiaau, creaaaleth. eana, aeXv ne, a fr aele very fr raeh. by J1VH BAItTIA IS Citharlae tt. aM14-li OFFXCIAVkLi AltD sUBQAIa, FLECTION NOTICR-OFFICK OF TUB -t MatreaaUaaa OaetUM Oentaay of the eftr e efttew Tora.0NeaaL TheeiDnalaieetletof theateek- beJdnathbeempany, for tha election of eUreetor nl(Mlk aUoa ef etbr boahMwa, wtu be held rmfunm uie monoer. JmB f PoUe open Crooa 11 tela.aa U ZOIXIKUP! aeretary. d9B ItMWAr leth. ran. taiwanti 'HaTU'0RD-8 AMERICAN HOTEL TUB iU. third dividend Cttnatt ef the eatata of the late SDWUO HILi-OBU, ef the ametlean HotrL wtlt be aaUeaaamlbtlonteUeseAanrtbar. TUUUaRIMK. ON, AsBttaea, st. IBI'IN fJOTICB OT AmJCATIOW FOB TUB Ivdleekaiyaefaatnnolventfronilttaaebte, yarraaa te tbenaybaaa af Ihe third ertteta af the nnaf tUteaf ate Ufhehastar af tCeeeeaatart efbas ttevinaVttee. trtra, JAatlB GOEnKU. af Ua Qlby efMew York. WoelteeretwneaidJvem.l lata, (hw&ten to saaau nanr llaVBen. JOHN B. BBADY.eaaaf lhe7dwiaftbrmrtaf)aiaiaanaaB for the atty TO JLHX. A PABTMEHT8 TO LET 4 BOOMS OB one floor, Bflt alee searwnaota, rrnbi wry tew, at M Centra st. Ayyly te BaUTU't efflos, KB Wroedaay, drut AFART1IENTS TO LET DT WILLI AklS burah, aeaebtlnt offraal raeaa, haek reoaa,ad bat llew. aaalraaa thaBreraieaa. an Bseou near, te a amau reveeetaoie namiiy. a,lteataaesesC bh Bowve aixia. dsttf FARM TO LET ABOUT 7 ACRES OF teat wtth road bandteta. for aartaaars er aailk- TJOOMB TO LET-TWO R03MI, ONE lMdiVdkfwa. mm t&M ttt II MMT. tWdk UafirtkBlf tVM kdl dtrwb poor. a. BTT' rrlnn water lathe Inqnlreea the bee, 1st I Hammond st, HJAY OOUA ttl fltl CHANCE TO 00 TO eat a. Aaa far. mltB&&m FOKMAMJB. PAH ART BIRDS FOB SALB-LOHO VawM atTT tleami hreea-te.Balrsarstaate.tesailBauabawjrs. tyyty I TT Oeanawleh ava, I Baakrte.N.Y. la ate rear, bet. Hammond aad tett eaUT ENGINE AND DOILER FOR SALE-Chup . .(,achan ,,ar Mbm Bwehinnry a els horse easts Bad batter. .Anlr al tb Looslatead jteam tan In telltnralbsaavaandKavyssaleeAtya, HORSE F0B8ALB-0UE HEAVT B0R3E, tt lor heavy wrrki It hand htabi ylee fit alee esCeaan mara, tl far lrkt warki 14 ba-ul. Vak; ailra tit) be warranted, aaualn U IU Peartbat BeerUrove. dllt'lt r ATHE FOB BALE WILL SWING It - ltmbe,teBtbfabaan4R.iakMBNi.taewto mioblnefori.l at the ear fastery. U West Otn mtetrjebtulribsv. tsi nor PIANOS AT GREAT BARGAUrB-A Lara eanwwsa-tafaawaadBiiiiilkiiilBbiaieirairaaa as. CaUrrtJOxa Ca, U LaAeTy OUamh. .anasDreadway. Plawaa te awTlt aaalr aXBtOAPM dVaaw mtOmUt. FJ IB BIW ORLEANS THK OUPPn A. abteVtBwnBT.Oewt Pata, wfll sen tim-rrsw. Far fiaaie te eabba, td eabla end aaareea, apaly ea kaaraaaiarlt B. a. ar te JObbFU stUATti Y. elaietb let 1 ROE HAVANA (CUBA)-REGULAB DIS- K'JJ,."l,ta r? wJ,-:Tk anaarelfBet tteyateb a tm-ela- venal tar tb ebvrs yen every watk. and ate faaraatendte sail aaateted. Parfralrkt tTAOh very, jev rsiaa, wwi te auiii'iu ti aAaV AOria.lliaiiwstenatat.lliBtiBttqaara. eataaaenBf PASSAGE FROM OB TO UTERTOOL DJffiraJ!5wfc TCCHiitciiXOAaaiU JanuarytA, Aa)y. Kw' W AMti BUIOA, tt Fatton ttrset, leWllXl rtnaslat OCnrS OLD sTSTAULISnED PASSAGE IVjtm, Rt leaU tt Par te UyerBoot, td eabte and fonnd. t' te Iaa Inn. ' A Thoee aendln far sheer Mends can hav team hreahUoal at rMaeed ratea end wtthoat artey. Tbev wlU ant hav to wait tor a eas tateaatr, ea the r the ably aatle bi en the ttekat, as Sa7irtwTAras$jr " ' twntavttt atARw.T. TAFBOOrni LDTB OF UTAATOOCi rACKBTIL PJ'BI Btanalaelare and ear aeU CWbnleaile r Itetain by Afi-'a'BalJte.'- CBO go . earner rVaadway E tt r v"pi ovw.a paaoaa. ear ninta atmra, tViath Btbdh7aartaa,tfe .an aaa eoanw at stew sen, a tae enamaera er taaa aSnt e7tb?IuKawKfTe. . Baaw- aad he eteharaad Aaaa basTaCTvTlaa ZZT ALU laseE-T Mr J NBtfigf' ROOtsBWTlTlBTramTOWataWTOLBT, TO LBT-A. BARB . aauwiaaraaadt liiiawiaaj ant bxattea aVehaa with water, aaa, aswar IIBUlllliH tSSJTmmmSSS CLEIGHB, CABRUaES, BOSBES, HAB kJ neahbelU. sad robeelnr ante-Tb ler at steak ta ateUbe Bad ena. ef M siada, fad tt bweealrte(ebaa(vlMBkeasr,arrtrWvtes et. Brnaatra. trta Masltl .WmUSnmmWtSSLmm iXEJTOrbate- BBBBbbM BV BBwaBBB. BbBBBBbBI tsff4fjBBBBl .wBnBBnamM JA. .vrS.l rr need at a-aa, - 1rtiet5na,'tyv1 , ,, dttitae'lst ,)Q Jj .1. nOAL rOB BiLK-A OASCrt 07 lurs. V? aw Uraryeel Coal, ba reHvd. wta Waattt rHrAL M M m TOT IOB TH pOAL-BOmtST Wl araarrri M oatnry jaatpy osal ft fee aauaa, naaaw, trajat Bat eteyaai wau sareanat aad tMrvarat frawwaanT nanT ajtd ooatt saayareeeer Bb aaa trraeaww eaa eev Bpar rdTEgatvtTBirMQenal andlnleaatb teaantt UaTbMW taaTTOefe a fXJAL-irDTT, f4.-LAiai IIZS IU1X 'tri pOAL Al frrrrXRIOB tat QUALITY TO ar.rtiiirTa'Scrira BtKAla ETT ATB. aerdiyt ilths" A KKAT S STORT AMD h'" Its. - boar and id lot ler tt SCO; teab'e aaiiera,V '-at mriyerd. bard trlabal aaiaT-ee ttM eaarbarlr UM Hid. Ir elarst BMetele, One een: two eeea. ana VAT, It reof?- aawyt y FARMS FTJB IALK OtamfT, AT THOataM enalte4tea,eakbr0 TTrreed. tt aiaajaaas' Hw York Atnn trart fi.raarlo (ara. aad a-etwaa. teed, an yeea leaea eVS aaatlyealtlTeSaa, and inta B ktre. PereateaaaearuVawte rata, tt tw) aa eV aarniaebj ears, and tttle bidawetelite, ts,M)lit' I Ury Ilea rfaaa, aad UtMalresi, taiMaa'itVl t- VASbTS TOR BALK rV."eiraCjc faTcTaBiita'loe!r Tw-trevvrsr awfldteaw tt Bl aaaaatwyaC OS eaTfi Uuuts s-VB BBI B-THJI FKAA-(" beaaa, 1M tewtb taeeod ta, h eaarad aw nana BT U i rr-f- sddltteaaftfcst aa the BYafawsaitV la ewe ttertes, wite kitw beaaaaa aad aatba Mnwaae' re iaaa ba aaaasaaaa, ealat atery, I td. aad tte ei Wat wetertebbByBrdTrrV tfooo ttWeeaw." tf. Ctber BaMhmlaraTeaBtMta ff tsw.Tvi at "a. MONET TO LOAK AT Mt BR01DW. earner ef Prlaaa aliaat ranm W. a. aa aaat ttaway telaaa from Bite tM.0Ca,eael SrtStrSlaite-. fbel BAUlUkBn4A( BY'M''n1 RBATJTIFUL A1TO CBZFUL BBTBI fas hi per .teeexwtOMwaswiaaeelaaeWreBWAWwnnl taarableiaUbarve'iaaiata te theteaaej ari-arwsaabl 1 TkR. W. BTHXRIDfiB, DXBTT1T. - rawMreaa m ne t naaaa bl. a aeem s Baaetirel Teeth ti Artlteial Bona, Geld aaaraeie withoat i-r TkH. HflTT. bm iiafriiy fcT I asV y ABM FOB BALB OB. PfBLtJOB-iff - w nuwaVla. ta I . BTAUfiKrl? i t,tiarnrir ( s Teen anaa wans teaateaaa. at abb awn mcrr, orfuUT.,( ef teaba aa awre ajrear te, ) Msmmmsim t TkB. J. O. BnrBKDT, Dl AaFmaawt te lttPeynt VSSXTSiO9i WW -- BtaV, TJ QBIFFIB arwat VALUABLB fMPBOTaaVEjrf AeTSas! havhat mfoUkZwmawmmr7mmLiEZm dhTa vTaaV Ia7ZA- ZZ-TZ I--1" ' ' a " BEMfiESSK T1BOTB. BBTABT AJTD V A. WfabaveaBaaterat Dr. Daaktet tar Ban seam, aad mmTT aBwantansaBw ''"waawttHtbat A aaana t elJarv, BbTSCTEbM CBAUCBB. rtROCERT THE OLD ESTABLISBBO TBONTOUNDBT-WITH ALL FIITUBBB A BMBT'rte, vtth teaaa of tnlldlnsea MaamaanaBV i?.0L!'J- a-OL'ltU. tta. U s-raektertat. "" all rut TUVKSBOP FOB BALB TaO aTTfOKJ raScestrsstK'-'auB fTOT AND FANCT STOBB FOB BALB eteatsteea, aad the ehaasms etsia te th altyi ton mm iaaa asm earm irt Brnaars i YJtrrjXIAM ABBOTT, ACCTIOI 4ttaetaawadvnv.etelhabUhajn a-aVSMHIIMkltl S:il55 Sst&fSZfim i. 5 HltBea JW-r , 1 EffaCaKftawJaaDwaL ' rtsBB, tv S UbCJVaf, ' anttBnrJXLsVItaEdjtt t JMS AMERICAN MCSBAesvenVi . KW YKAB-8 DAY, JSTa?. -QABBDMB CPIBIBTMAB. fJHsUBTMAS. I MArrYKAIA STamYHABA. PrTvate faalltei and the trad are Mark berry brandy, rtuar farltr. at UUUHrsA I A-faHitg Bevnraava,aatBBas aah) ba bend. FIFTKEBTQ srTREET DISTILLERT . teblhbet im-Tb trteeaeat aaA aast BlM i-wuryr HOW.Tt Oettna TO BECETTB TOTJB TXamtf' "Oet ana of them tt atekasen. eaatetnJa 11 boa? Ste CIa,Utete7 - "mtSTi L1QU0B SALOON FOB BALE TUB ' . tnoalbadts attaeted te Mrrtte eve. aear Brat, rt. Ice Bates steck, tahaiaa, Ae. As- a ran eheaee a man to Bake mot eyi tbe while wtU be setd lee t' ea.h. teats Included. Inqabre ea the pnmteia. k .vrvylleiir, oorame-rlrs at 10)t 'elor7A. 7 r9 '".SbS- tdverthaaaent a. tra yaas. 1 l AAaatewanttata, fAOdrMBaaaarliyearaTTet' ? c.ri.aiTiJtu uaAWAtitirKKriiKHAwnrsr. b.a 1 0TsUTm- ,'" KAWTJCTI 'f. vnwa BiBsnsaaeiBaateBeueaTSaaieiMBteer., J) I4-UII WLWta Alio TUICK HTRUPS Ft A: "-""-r -in iibiiiIiiili .1 uT pwal varletyef aardlahl end braadbn, aa kbaArl keatrh. Irbk. Boarbna. aad Uw. ZSlLM mS'Ji t5Ffjir T IQL'OR STORE TO LET-BESIDE THE "UtUnOa. Wirka,wlUitl-er.tmibartrtreai - ireut tie. One tair for drv soodr, tellrrlna, er aay " A ne bndnrm, with all the titerr eempWe-. reat eats raT lit. alas flwra In the new UUldlaia, eontalnlad Bar- nav or, kltclmn, ead aoh.dtor, aatrraudtaaireaCty. " aaraubta. IM.ytJJOUNBOaiMAatvWkra MILLER'S BOURBON WHTSKET Bat "an, DtBBt. aw wmaj tBBBkanmwwB-nna wj- A. UIIJJCB. ef Parte. I 1 VaaW 41 $&3&kxi: riYSTER, DINING AND LIQDOB SAI VS tw sale-la a tret rate tosaMty. aad new Aetna teod eeiait boalueaas then hi a lou tease end aha loot Tbte Is a ten tmenea u the owner la sol-la urope. Par further aaatlculaja, lotuli al Ul aj fpo AH3e,0eO WABTrBUABOBICAjtlJ late J. m aaa, am as by Bat aaaaa ma a -1 Bkfi fcte"forfi tiMthaaabaeMtatYawat, II l-erneta. ,jl Bad aaa nr eat. Jfal JBaaraaatbahtt BsAj m raTtaa ytMfcUatt .t - .- tnBlB9wav - BBk- nai 1 II t 1 Cciaf atrett, Ur Ttr D I lUtetber e e v0e t?z?l yiu2S-XBr j

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