Newspaper of The Sun, January 18, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated January 18, 1861 Page 2
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It ? .1 1 "1: : 1 - ixa. 4 'I1 " l Jim ll arj 1 c .. mall '' aa tt u . ,T '- a THE NEW YORK SUN. ntlDAT MOBMWO, JANT 18, 1861. Held aa at th Rtnn I Mr. Rittt'i iyatem of suWalng horse, coa. kUU 1 two (Impl hobbUngHitrapA, by which the beert U placed completely la hit power, and It made to feel It 0 if evn ttnagUt. A. h In. fonni hi. audience, it li no work of phytlcal aietteon or tlolenc. In fact there It nothing It to constantly denounce, ae "coercion." Tin only way Ie to exercise the constitutional power of a man over a brute, through the elmpleat of expedient, with quirt and almost paeaivo Ann' Dews, until tlie niml Ie convinced ly a thorough trial of ll hie strength, that ho i ht-1.1ciI- in lb power of hit ruler. Kind, foravlctf i raised, and quietly Inn Med doable with atrip numtar on , when the home I released opin Ihrce lctra and allowed to try hl rpred. When he It tired of lhat, atrip numlicr two la grnlly buckled arounl tin" other lore-foot ol pasarsl unter tho curt Ills'", the horse la started ati p for ar.l. mil a the alncjl furo-funt llaca, it U jerked frim under him without an ef fort, nd ea-'ilt held I y one haul on the it rap, whil the helplcaatreature fall upon III kncoa to struggle In vain wl.lmll It power until tier, fectly cfflivlnrrd and submissive. Tim work ia altof-v-ther one nf wis lorn flrmnees and patience on thf wrt of the mm, find of f rcc, frnnllo an t futiU violence vn the part of tlio brute. Tho lo lenc of tho latter ia nude aa u-rful as the mil I nesa of tho forni'r, an I la one. of the cliiff i?cii cie In hrinH'n,t the erratum to know tit power of ita ruartt-e. '1 he more dsr.iie an 1 passion at the resistance, the mure aiaa-sly un 1 complete la the i Ictory. The constitutional lipid and authority of the. national (jot eminent. Is strap number on, whkh neodaonh lot hurklil tlj;ht an.l kept ao, l.y dlnirnl firiniieaa In aaertiiii the aupremary of the law-s to keep wieiwlun Imlefinitely ou three lega with all the wulU an) thalawi of hu mail nature. It tan never Ret on far nnr fait, unler thia dii-S'lratitae. kipt In tlm wrong, kept unJer Ihui, ati'l ronatantly exhitiatliiK In. ateail of Inerevinit ita own riirt'a ami the ronlMence of inank1nt wlih h la aa eaM'Utial to national aa to inilillual aihanecment. Strap Minil-r two, la the control of CongreM over the eoiiiineno of tho country-. With loai foro than Mr. KtKrv applha to hii atrjp, tho klcklni hruteenn I Uouht to hia knera anl kept there, l.y nn ait In r liuua, t,l.iu any anft all rta of entry, in whlih tlf aulhurily of the Union ia not re'.o.l. So foreign w r In amity with th V'uited StaUa, wouM (;rnt claaxancea for muh purl a, ami few if any nur cuanta wouU ilerire them. HmuglinK enterpriaj wovlil of courtn llnurieh, If left tinnhntrurtel, hut a ainall arjiia.lrun of nlwrvallon, woul I con. tltuU) an elTfCtlie Mokv1e, ami the ennatrue tlon ami equipment of a nuv hy the rolallloua Natea, Mint up without roinm -ren, rrelitor In depentlent remreeav wouM Ih mure ami more Irnpwalhle eery day an'l rerjr year. The htng wouM aoun he played out, an I III" di iIhiII cal ennspiratura, who now ruto with a hlli I'm 1, wonll ho ihvinir. for their litea from the HMple tiny luaveiletiiviHl and lalrnjli Nveaalou ran I'l liktauul to nothinK hut a in id l.rute, Unt on deadly inix'hlef, anl fnrioualy Uinil to the destruction on it iliarra. Thoquhk, unfilterlnp; anl remorUaa rrueliy of trvaxon, lailh litil anl military, In Smith Carolina, at rikea tia with aatuiiixhiiienl whlih vouUliea kin I of admiration if it wern not aa fairly accounted for hy lac k of Immediate dan gsr, aa hy rxn'ia of apirit. Tluro ia auinahin Urritlc In tin Impntuoua fureo of ptaaion, whiili drivra timid manaera to rut th" alr.ip in a panic. Too tlimijed hy tho Miue.ilni( an I kicking to hold in, tliy wont I let the furluuj creature K. Wo wjul a Kvui.t ut the a'rapa that ia all. A "virreil llrioiuiliiliir. Ir Collector MhiiniwAN " K'"d and faithful aervant" of th" People, of thev! United Mtatua could read in hla iHuulliOrnliut priaon, whern fidelity ia onee more rewarded with the honors of martyrdom, the aeiitlmenta of hia lountrymeii aa utterwl through the prefs, towanl him If and the traitora who Moniutia h.imla hive la-en laid uon him he might re it unaurod of audi protecthm aa a mighty empire of freemen cm extend. II1J1 iutrrfereme ut present, might only tend to hringhim t oueointon pi'ril wh'uh laotherwiae iiotimnudiate ; hut the whole coun try watrhe lonely the movemeuta of hia cup. tora, ami will he re.idi for aatloiilli" hint uitthtt teiia are t.iken ugnhiat hia life. Wo do not heaitato to a.iy, with nnirann of thn aaient of every manlr mini, th it we hhould richly d aerve tho it woul I for shad , if our onl) fjuhful mid loial public udiccr In 8ou:h Ctirolini t-houM Iki drought to tiiul for treuaon agaiiut traitita, without an immediate move inentof forte limply autUiient tomtko thowhiiie lily of Georgetown, or Charlmton, or any other neareat tho plate whtre ho thutild Ihj tried, a Mrlct hoatage for hia li'e. Hie ?la)oraTrcnMn Hebnked. Wk nuift itiiitent ouimUeaaa we ran with tho mall allowjmo of retUx'inlng virtue in our City Government, exhibited Inat night hy fico Coun. rilmon ller. I.1.M and Oitiox who man fully urgtxl that the Mayor 'a treason ineiuwge bhould nut Ih reeeiii'd, hut aeiit luu k to htm. If wehal cilr loumila retletllng in tho faiutcat degree the teealoua (utriollMii and devotion to the I'uitHi whith iirrvadea the City of Now York, no m,yur would ho enabled to am h a diagrattful dotuuient aa the roeaaago in qutiou I; pon the municipal reror la. We regret tint Ihoireditof real-ling It wn monopolized hy bppouvuti of the Democratic parly. The I'nlon Abroad. Tiik aeew'ioii nuvrnunt iu tho South his brought up a ouei-tlon iu our relation! with foreign got eminent a, of thn greatent Interna, and our (oternineut must meet it promptly, openly and boldly. The Washington oorreapuu. dent of the W writea 1 Lord LvoNe, Mr. B.111 ainrn, the llmnan Chaiv, and other nieinlieia nf itie dinlounttie e ojm. Have re. nueaird 8H.reUl7 ll.iic to furtuth fcttVlal intoriiui. tliai wbaiba-r Itie Keraniintnl of the Tutted Bute will laooKUaa clearance of reU whleh may beta, aiied f the auie autUorlUna of dautb Caeriliut 1 aud ali, wliaiUer foieien veaaola could roierl7 jwy Uuuaa iu Boit'i Carolhm oteiru. Mr, ULata'a aa awer baa but Iranaptred, but tt la umiarKioiNl lu bare been In tbe negative In reply to both queatkona. Ha HlAtem however, that torettfu vemala euturm atvvd. ln urta, ami iMrlndutnw 11,1101 ami 7, would hare inure ihdutiieiaar Ibau ukbera , but tubta that the gov. eiunirit la ruluttautw coiulder tba aul io.t iu the 4eaail uuaU ed euuditiou bl tba ouuJbtrj, A firm poailion on the part of the United Ktatea (ioverumeiit 011 this point, of vital conaoquence. With it, no foreign power bound to ua by treatiea or entlim:uta of amity, will en tertain for a moment any overturoa or amhaaa. dura from a aouthern confederaey, until it baa been recognliod by the Union aa an Indeimnduat govemmeut, or hai fully and comlualrely vin dlcatod Ita Independence by force of arina. Not even a clearance would be granlo 1 for a eoulhoru port iloeod by uct of Cungreaa, ao long aa our Uovernmeut underatood ita portion and per formed ita duty. Mfaaky auad hhabbv. 'Jtia 1'reaident eecina dlrpoaod to throw cold water ou tho atrlotira of the Empire itate, or claa dreadfully afraid of irritating treaaon by any beceminj recognition of loyalty. Ilia cold anil tluuiklea reeponee to the uninlaioui reaolu Uooa of our Legialatara, through Governor MoaOAB, (tendering the men and money of tho ttate without reeerve, to raaulo the Uvvrrn. ' nent,) will be read with mrpriae aniiaorllilia tloaL Ha aeema to coiwiJer the offer ooo of too HAobtfnl proprloty for conditional acceptance, at aWwa the common conrteey of thauka, 1 itiU banjra fire ia the Georgia Con- TWtlw. A "teetvute-ieatUl looked for. It la uncertain what form It wilt take. Mr. Dona VM left c by Unpeople a. Joda cheated of WltUrtfpUOMl TV Talc of r t'h. Th tpeedi ef Mr. SicalLm, yeaterJay, wfll naturally attract attention ber aa that ef a Democratic reprraentatlr from thia Democratic eft-. W commend hit catwfully teanpared yet aound national lwl to the notice of his constit uency, Tiik MMaalppI Seceaalon Ordinance, which we give In fntl, la an amuaing production. It rommenree by repealing, In terma, certain aet of CongreM and remeUdaa with a promlae of of union and fellowship t ovif (lata which may accede. There la trouble In the Alabanu aeccsaiod tamp. Seedwth. Tho ("rlaia Facta wad Itamorw. It now appears that tho existence of Fert Moultrie abd ita Karrbvon at thia mmnriil, la d ie merely to Majf.r Aataxaaoia'a l,rnniii(e of the ap preet b of the Wet 1 thf Wn, and t. I've aulJan celerity with which abe whlrlid ahont au I al-wmad out of the I erlT. Tbegunnera were J oil ready In Fort (lun.ler, and In a moment more, ctnl, hoiiant, e natlttit onal aeot end ahelt, would have kuockol the tmwou out of where other e",U keep bralna. II la alleg-ed that the Trealdelit bad been reieata. ly tiieM'taphHl thai If reinforremenU wore aent they ehoiitd atbt Jn an armed veaael, aa ahe wui!ct nn quaetloiHibly be fired uirn. These dlapatrbea never reM In d tba aeat of ffovemuifait, and tbo Inferenre la that tbry were aiituwl by the autborltira of 8 th Omtlna. The Thnu allegea that Fort Sumter Is not mi. prek liable aa It la repress nte-l It la mdl that the tuna are all for fliln at a dla Uue. . II at they (annul lMliajrnwed au as li repel a ioae aaeau'l, hud Hint tbe Foil iaierum l be takm If vi(vviialy aaiallcl If thia laao,Myor Aamrasna intiat nil er contemplate an early aitrremlnr. or elae he tan wareely have iiilnrmed the H iveninienl that be did uM neeil any i enforcements. Aiet If there la any atued pon u hold Ilia Fort. Imtml of inakiliir merely a abam dureiicf. It w-i!d aeem to lie tbe tluty of the iiivefiiiniit tii aeud ai naval Circe whb li ran e II er convey rcliifineinoiita ur ciento tlirMtly In Ua defence. The llimld glrea a like axe-niiil of F rt duniter, on the authority i4 n oftVer who h ia m rv.d n yeara 111 the Anu-ruJiu army, who lays the wnrke can be car ried I7 arnault on tbe a.uith or gorge aide of tbe fort - Ita weakest mtiit -thtia forc'nif the main enlrviee liilhe wnika. and bv attaeka with aniatler Jet h menta, eff.etiiiir an eiitram e IhMmrh oien einlirnrnrea of tl.e, at w hltli 110 guna are niouiitatl. The only oUtjtolr to the atainm h of a ft .tilla from Charlmton, umler civer of darkneaa, wuiitd lie rxmaiire 1 1 the fiiei.f a fttv liillie,(iu, and if the atu king force ebouldteHO faiuiiate aa In gain a pltii,n wltltlu saie-1 alf a mile of the fori. fAaae owna emif.1 not be de j raavf mounh to taeji e oaani'lana fa aaorf ran it. That tba aaeault ol Fort Humtar la fully planned wa have liol the aliKteal (hniU i aud tlial that atlvk wlmllabnll be put Into execution, will he inula tilsiu the moet aelentine elrngetUul pllnelplea, by fiffbera lately hutduiff touuulnMlous iu tbe fedrral aimy, Tbe aoiithertt aeeeaaion leudera lieirln 1 1 fair a re al thin at luime. fjaveml aouthem diaunton flana.ira refuaeil to vote for the Olttenden reaolutlona on Wtdnenlay, ao thai they might lie defeated, ami freah foil (Jilalneiltokeep up the diauiilun flima. Tbo defeat of tbe resolutions waa at once teleieraphod B'liill, 17 Hi inai 1.. Ilen.a ami other eatremmts, Benafir Hatia, of Miaalaaippl, drpimea tba rash iieaaanil vlolinee of Mouth Carolina and the other aeredlng rU-. lie dalited a letter to Oov. IVx ria. Imploring South Carolinlaua to avoid hoatilltlea and to open their nurketa lo Major Aisnraaoi and hlarmiiiniind. AI the aolleiUtWn of aome aoulhrrrl Beiiataira Oil. llavaa eerved bis wrlllen coinniiv nitwtloa to the 1'ieald.sit and telegraphed to Oov, FitKRaa for fteh luNtnHlioua. Col. lUiaK'a demand, iu hia abort lutertirw with Iho 1'iej.Mei.l, Kir th uuoolklltuaial alirrender of Foil Buiuler, waa pcreui!uriir rejectal. Anr llataa had made hla verlatl atuirmnit, the President told htm to put It in writing, and he would put hut riply Iu writing to avoid all tiilauppreheiuilon. Atlrn.pta to gat up llliunlualbaia lu aeveral of Ihe tuwuann the Mlaalaaljiiil, lu honor of aeeesalou, have pivived Mlurea. At Nau.bei, lheoipomtlon wrna ao atrtaig that tl.e Mtempt waa virtually idmudmeil Advkoa from (inngla, ripreneut the I'uiou fiMllug aa gatlierliig Mlreiigtb. The PoKtiiiHalrralrlifral has written to Oov, rii'K XNa, iHilirvlnu liiinlhut uiiliaa Major Ainraaos mid blHiiiiiutiiiid ateul'owed free avsa to and from the lVal-aiirire, Ibemallanvlee will be cut off entirely, I.'e ula. Han. and Tai iktt, fiom Fort Sumter, pro. noma e Ihe minora of diautr, lion an I mutiny In the Cirrlaon, to lopuie fiibrlcntliais, Tbe aoldlera and 1111 11 are dcr, tulty attached tis their coium.iuiler, and leiily to eha.e Ida fate. Iheiiouilimliouof Mr Milnrrruaa Collector lor thoiliifChnrltaon, was defeated J eaterday ui the Bi nate Cianniltli e on V iiiuurve, to whom it waa re ferrt d thi re routherii mnutora vitlng agauwl it, and Iwo northern for it. The HtaUi Department la engaged lu the prepara tion ol a tlirubir, In n oiwc t-itlie frnjuitil hupilaaea criorelgn M nlMeia, In rrgird to the grautUijof 1 'minuet a by Hie at lie aulhorltlra. Tbe 1'iea'di nt l.ns .ul to the Reivite Hie noniln tioll of Ml . lbl T for Secretary of War, lliin:oim of I lip I'lfM. T iik 7'"i iiotlcca tho teller of Kx-Goaeruor Moi'Uirsn, ol Kt ntiu ky, lo aume gcntleuien In New UiIiiiim, in wbiehhe dotlelfa it lo bo hla willed cnvlcliiai tint l,n preclpltato diiMoliitlon of the ll'ii on, 3unie-amsumin, would be a aeverer blow nd'nti'iylbaii all the Abolitionlata of the Nnlh could iurlu tin the next tweuty yeara. The 7We thiiikatbiitlloveniorM. mlghl have gone further, and aa.d with pellet! Uuth, Hint tint duao'.utton of the I'lihn, by whatever meaua elTi'Ctttd, wiuld bradutlh blowuiiu aluvery. Tbe Oniatitutlou of tbe I mud butfa la the ahleld aud bulwark of ela very, undtl.M diTtiojiU, the 8 oilh will bare no protu'ltoii but thai wh ih It cau alfoid Itaelf hy armed a nea, TI.eiiialiiienaia'eoraB.iulheniOiairiJeraeyajalniil forelcn Invasion ami Oomeelic iua irretlloii will re ipiuo a M.u.Jiiim annyorat hn. M.ivsl men. The tairnee of inaii.l..liiiii,( ll wilt be more than thoae alatta cau Uir, ami tho atvle ol government which it will in volt a will piovobeliKenHaiilietolta, uuj oou. lata tbe aitla of iu ow 11 deatructlon. Tlie Tiinea a.lda that there are no men In the eouu ti y more delighted with Hie piswpet t of disunion th m the Uairbaai-AlailJluulaU, Tbry are Ihe natural alllts of the an'eiwlniilata of 8' nitb Carolina. The 7, mra, hi at mini a with othei Joumala, Ullevea Hail, aliae the Tnaidiiifa reply to tbe laal demands of Booth Carolina, an alUtk of Fort Bumier la imminent. The H orM dcmoiutrateN thai even iiearettble atves ion would I rulunua lo Uie aoutheru atatea, while ateeHalon followed by civil war, would at ouvo alp the trade with evulbern porta aud preelpilate iik the aoutheru people unendurable rvila. Already, impurtatioua for AuierUu cunamntm are made ul met fxclualvely lo New Yoik, aud atareely al all lo aoiilheni tuirta. The iraKa-tatloiu here for tba put two wetka aliow an luvrniae ufubutit M ier rent, over tlie lioat.itioua for the Brat two wreka of laoo. TbU U due, iu it, to tbe OhI HuU - Iuiailng beuaea wbk-h have bnuahea laamlheru eitiea, have pi rferrvd, lor greater anumy, lo order their giaala abld tu It. la mrt. If the Imuhlea laow over, Ihey can liHtbip them in Ihe Hprtiirf lo Charla. ttu and other euutberu vltieai but, tneuaeofclvU war, the gooJs are iu the aeaaeaatou of their ow uaiv, and aafe. An uuuaually birgapro)iortluuof goodaare unw Imjairled In Umd, with a view to re-exportation. If civil war ami commen-Ul deraugemeut aball cur tail the Aiuvi Uwu market. The Hvrhf, In auaUier article, opo. the bill lu- Irodwrd lu our alate Legialalure, to remove all the Judgea of Ihe Omiitou Pleaa, lucreaae their uuuiber, and have a new election. Tbe Tnoune hae the following, Ul d)uble-leaded pe We wlh to l underatood aa aaylug II mi'hanla- ovi, tun i-reeiucut i.iataiLN ia not iu lavor 01 maa. iug etaasatatona to tbe Slave Power, either prHwalad naasaaihaia or real natreaakma, nor lu favor of auy meaaurea baikiug lo aha humiliation of Freedom, and of the tree atatea. no uuiUar lu wh.l nmuuhubi lli inay be dlagtited nor by what aediHtioua Ihey may l ooiiiinualed. lit bnevM, with the grant Ualy of sua iuuetuaant r reeuieu or tlie oouutry, Democrat, llnx men, aial Ki'imblieana, lliat the Aral duly to bedouelatn aarertalu whether we have a tlneni. nienl or ma, and wheibar Ihe I'nlou la a mere delu alou of Hie iuiagluatUiu lo U Olaaolvnl al ihe fll kiiich of at-tual bo-ullty, or a great aud vital Power, aa eouipetrnl lo awn I naelf ajaiual iloine.Uo aoiilUai aaagtluat firelgu tax. We have reaaou lo kuow Dial he wiurtve aud feela clearly tlial thia lathe 1-red.aoioaul queatlou ol the tluie, lowering above every other, We d.iuU the Trilunsi aulUoilly to ajicak for Mr. Lmooui. The aVWrun; sr, eoumenlinj on Ihe errswl of Cullaetvr Mnaiaaa lu South Carolina, on a charge of Ireawai, berauae he remained faithful lo the Fede lal Oovenunenl, rnye that while South Carolina la peatarlng Mr, Doiuaaaa wa hla CaWnet with loao. laalaudlmiunuiiate deauanda, we hear of nolhlaa; duuiaivled by our govaruruont of Humo who oonducl Ihe revolt lu South Carolina. Mr. lie. nana a admiu Colonel Uavai lo an Interview, aud Helena lo bie pronwala, without Oral aajW to him, aa he aliou'-d, thai there could be no aurnaia-e giveu lo hia da maud until the Collector of Ooavetoam wue e at liberty. It wotald be a fair art of, atkl, perhaias Uia mildoaa method whlub ooald be davias4 to eoVt our purpoae. If Oubaael Huu blouelf were araaled ou a charge of Ir aaeon, aad kept In prtaxt M a uojtego until Mr. Kaaaunji (Uul4 be rtteaaed. THE LATEST NEWS. i 0 sr TKLXQKtrn to ran a. r. tur. Foreign Intelligence. Arrived of lb Ceuaadkta and Wtobwrgli. Ily Mi. arrival of Ihe Canadian al Portland, and the Edinburgh al IhU port, wa have lb (ollowtnf dauilai flrewt nrilaln. lyiea or vrri Ajaraainui ftoir tiotitn Sraa ivm Fioirrnm t.naa Theahlp fjolden SUr of DieVaa, Captain STA.rt.rTOK, boimd from Mobtle for Liverpool, wllh a large oargo of cotton, wa totally wrarked on tbe Bifdil of Ike flh ult near Palhard, In Ihe covuv. ly of Wtaforil- Tbe captain, hla wife aud female aerrenl, end fifteen of the crew periahed. The male and alx hand were aeved. The veaael had com. to author during H.e prrvalence of a heevy atorm, but n itwithatandlng thai her inaat ware alt cut away, ahe draggid her anchoie and waa driven nn ahore. Hnmermi minor caaualtlee to Aritlah ahliiin fiom the i CTect of Die aame atorm are reported. Another ptnrerfu atanni frigate " The Ifudaunted, h id ln lauHtbed at Chatham. Tbe Iaid'n Tvmr aaya, thai 0aln Foanm' nw woik 'Si ItelaiKl, which off. ra aome remark a to the adtiii.tngiH of making that Island a alalion for tele graphic communication with Amertre, aim diainaes of U.e tia,oM.l dilDfiiltioa arialnglrom Icebergs or ahore b. Tlie Faigllah Journal are largely orrsipled wilk re trosilive artnlea mi Hie (uhtltal and eoinmirvlal featurea of Ihe new year. Hhlp fHiilenlierg of and for llamliurg, from New Yoik with cotton, had atruek tin the Oiedwln Samla, and only T out of SO penmae on lrd twape-l. The Gutleiila-rg bal ratlrd off Iover to land tbe crew a wretkrd vivmrl, wMch ahe pUked up bi Hie Chan nel. Tbecajaaln la among the mbvting. The alonmer Queen Vlclrria, having ou board the flingiarii tebrraph cable, went aahoie lu riynvuith Bound on the "nil, and at lat advice had tiot becu got Off. The Llverjaail txiihi vwf aayai When we read of the South Carol intait Senate bar lug trtlla In pnataws li,H only for Hie military end nival protei t.ou of the ataUi'a InderMifideiH-e, but even for Immediately dlasilchliig irmauesit Kuvtyalo the Courts of Iaidiai, I'arla, M idrld, ami Bt. Frtera burg, Ihe ctailiiMl laitweeti the ruomcailouuioi of Ihe attaand the alaturd ly of Ihe jnlicy which dltlale them laifflia all atleniit to fe-in an inlelllgent Judg ment nf rotwbll.tlea, and caat ua laick on the .aim fortable aaaiirniM e, which nothing haa yiH ahakeu, that a dlaaolutlou of Ihe Cllloil la aubrtlaiilially linpiaa-, Bible. The Morning Riar cimhide iu Now Year article aa followat Hut tbe Far We. t funilnbea a pteaalng plrlure In ctimplrtliaiofouratirvey. There the ruler of a gieat IcptlWIc haa at-d aide by aide with the helr-pmrrut of tbe ttntiah Crown, at the lotnb of WaainatriO'S. Tie Fnitid HUtea are threeteueil, lialtmil, with di. mptlrai! lail the Ihnaal may prove aa emity aa the JNuasion whith luaplrea ll U uiuaailng. Anl lualf, at leaet, of Hioae autre the free and heller half are pledged to friendship with tbla mother coiuitry, and friendship with free people the world all over. We can wi tie no laHtar auminary of the tilatory of 1-toO than that ao much liaa lieen thine for liberty end iear no la Iter omen for the year ou whb b wa etv ler, than the virtual alUMnee of Ktutlatvl, Fraia:e aud Ann riea, lu the aame tavrcod two-fold cauae. A eorrriaiilrnl at Ilia Daily .Veva concludes a eianiminlcatlini ou the affair of thia oounlry a fil. Iowa l cannot tail think, howevnr. that the troa nolle of llnglaud will be to euaUlli Ihe northern elate in their atparate aovcrelgtity, and inaiuUlnlng with tin lu ever the nvatl frielMl'y and fraternal Intercoiirae, lo aecure their gil-wlll mI ealatillall nu alliance at which deasa4Hiu aliall tremble, end under whoaa eare liberty aball be foetirul." The Mirming Cironiefa najaWa have reamn bi believe lhat In rplte of the apparent onataolaa H a aetUemenl of Ike quention which are (lerplexlng Hie dlptoroallat nf Kuroi, the great Power, with er" liap Hi exceiiUan of Aualrta, are determined to pre veut a general war. A preliminary meeting nf Jew of Kngland, Franra, Italy, ami Amerl.a, baa m hel4 al Ihe Mansion llmiM, laaidiai, Ihe purpeaM nf oonrertlug new elT'ata for tbe realoi atlun of th. child MoaTtai to hi Ireiit. Tbe revenue aeeoimta from In.fl are elated to be ao fur aatiafaetory, thai there la no pmlmhlllty of any al. lllng re.pihe.1 Wyisid Hie J,OOD,ouO which the Pree'duirt of the Indian Council I al pieaeut ouipow ered to raiee. France. Ttieiirotliitticnof a molmlramn at Parle, entitled lbe"MaaMtrntif Syri," from the pen of M. Mo oeaan, tbe Private B'Vrrlaryof the Kinaror, la re gardeil aa a i!ltlcl event. The Enuvpir went almoat in ktite to wiluras the Drat reireenUlion of Ihe wr forniante. He aat in.Mt osisjilclous'y In the fnail, with Marshal HiiNiHiis, and other oOleer of high rank were Immediately behind him. II wa uoHeod that hi lx waa ornamented with flags and warlike ayinlsil. The great mortl of the piece la, that the Fateteru qucatlon I rl for eelllemenl, ami thai it can only be at ltle.1 by tbe word of Naroi.xo III. The pitcc 1 full of remark agalnat Turkey, ami in one aiieeeh it I declared llntt the Kinjieror NtroLXois I the only man to nave Hint country, " Lit him take Tuikey Into bl own hmvla and regenerate her." Dcafiiilng applauae followed, ami tie Emperoi Tbe Ofinuin Xationa't omaildera It a the knell whit b haa aoiuidnl In the aflllrted rare ef Europe the laat hour of Oimiaullam, The Pai la comMiaindent of the Ik i'ji .Viae aaya tbe perf.n-mance waa meant lo be and haa produced the rlljrt of a political dam inatra- I Ion. The fund fell tai Saturday lu consequence. M. liaa bean named Orand Offi cer nf the Legion of Honor, for hla em vice lu proper" Inn the French Commercial treaty. The Giand Cnaw ef the Legbai f Honor haa beau oouferretl ou General MoavaeaaN. According to tbe Parla oorreHoiideiit of the Time tbo year closed In Fremb eommerelal circle under very iiufaviaaUe clreumatauca.aiida feeling of girat luicaalnra irevalled. Tlie JC.nietir publlahe an aoruunt of the receptbiu ol Ihe diplonuulc corpa w qUh look place at tbe Tull leriiw tai the Ul. Lord Cow uv, Uie apokeaiuan of the diplomat, couflued himaelf lo preaeuting to the F.uiajror tl.e reeiiut and cuniatulaliou of the diploMiatle eorisi. The Km4ror reeled i "I thank you fir Ihe wiaho which you have cxprntsed to me. I regard the future with confidence, being couvlnoed that the frleud'y uuderataudlng bolween tbe Tower wilt ruaintalu waor, which la the uhjcl of my dealt m." The nagiaUiliiin for lb treaty of enmmeree lietweni France and llelgmm had autiafat'lorily terminated Iniwruint ledtaHiou aie made iu favor of Belgian ctatl ami trou. II wa tumori4 that France may ask further In demnity In in China. Tbe Jfonttruraaya, (biancbd event In foreign conn tile have influenced tbe French Money Maiket In a wanner to be regreltetl but declare th report lhat France la uialer the uivesaity of having rccoyrae l.i a new loan, without any fouudallou. Tbe di Ut bineiit of French Iroor whkh are wider otdrr fur Chma, had beeu aent lo reinforce th. regi mtau lu Syria. Italy. lit Hori elate thai the cabinet of St. Petersburg had Issued a vigorously wi luen lettar reminding the French Minister that the pretwuee of Admiral de Tin ais at Uaota baa the character of a veritable Inter, poaltlon. The health of Fanii wa Improving. It waa pre nutturoly itmrled Uiat he had tendered hla resigna tion of Ihe Lleuteaaiiey of the King al Naples. Ru mor weie, however, eurreiU thai rriuce Caa idaaN would ahortly aujvraede htm. tvery province la ordered to take ruth meaaurea a to be pivpared lo tnoUlkao one baUaUuu of the Na lloual Quant. It 1 elated by way of R.mi thai the rea.-tioury moveuieul in the Ala-uaal were ou the increase. A document, puriiortlng lo be tlie Iu- hut alio, cutlua la publlalied, dlatiutily dealgnalirig the Jinpe-rt- NaroiJON a ou of the u-eteuded mu of the church, who are In nudity children nf dtikuww; but II provee lo U a (a-gery. The real d.x-uiueui la mild and luoffcnelve, prlnrlsklly dwelling ou Ihe trial lo which the church 1 eubjected. Poocra bad been elected 1'reaident ef Ih Electoral Cvunuittoe al Naple. It waa reported lhat a Batd.n'.ut loan of Ihre l huu drel million fiauca, waa about lo be negotiated la rarla. An Inalgiilncant alien pi rt reaction, waa tudeal Mailaa on the Will, but w x ai.f 1-aa.d. .McpLe, Dm. Ud-i I', if Some !.i vrou1, 1 avlog ahuuled "laaig live Faa.sou 11 ," were fcrrvsln, A pervotad rrmny of Hie fluke of San l utw hae made an Mirmie. to aa.auuiui.ia him. The BoarU a garrlaon of Ointalla caj th. Iroutu have burui a Sardinian prtnaicr of war, Aauwrka. A Tianiui khtram of the list tritium, aaanuaeesj that th. lUugutlau rcAigee Count Taunu, who vru liaudtd oat k t! i Anatrtio (Jowmmaut by Hi. au Ihotillea ol B.Xtliy, UA beeu llUraleJ by anjarof theEaiietorofAiibn.., TheCeant wa li ream a lu the country, and duo'H una hla poliiioa! aonuea. I tione, Th official Dresden Journal aUampti Ul Jtia. Utf Ih. eocduct of e,,xouy la Ih mailer of IU!. vXb. dltton, and aeaerta Hat the rmbllalied particular of th Coamfi arreat an unfcundad. Th aaithoriHea al FoU refuaed lo allow Sardn. Ian BigaU to enaer that port during a eaovm, and lb. ahlp la aajppoaad to have gone down with alt hand. Count Cavora bad lavsrlgfiavi agalnat thia eonduct In a mluhrlerlal circular. Bullorlno, Bpliaa and Klek were being fortified, b order to prrrent th. landing of any Oaribaldlana. Th. Atutrlan Mlnbrtry baa drawn up a bill relative V) Uie lllrty of the Protestant Church In th. Hun garian province. Several enactment of 11 are ebao lutely contrary to Ih. stipulation of Ih. Oawordat. ItaaeU. ftrHr), tfrthvarftrjf, Jan. J King Fairaraioi f ru Ua IV. expired at It 40 A. M. today, at San 8 mcb Kumon from Jrl. Feletaburg eUte rhal an army of IM.OOO men La to be concentrated la R'uabui Polaud. Cblim. A telegram, datol Bt Pelermrg Dee. 14, from Sir Joins Ctaarroa, atatea thai lolelllgeue had been receive. 1 by th. Kuaatan Ooveramenl from Tekin. up to tbe lath of Novemlirr, confirming prevloua ao eoaiilH, but giving no new detail. The afoff osio which wa oonaldered to be aael fartory, luwl nil beeu modified up to thai data. BlrnorxUaairrand hi two General of Divialon bad given up their ehare of prixe money, rmaala. Tlie pffliaal Pruaalan UatfUt announon thai Ihe Prince Regent aaaumea the teln of government as King Will ItH Fifth, A Ilerllu letter aaya the excltoruout In all tin atatea of Ihe German Cotift.teralltai greatly reaerublea the agitiliiai whkh receileil the event of laW. A Frankfort Jouruat asaert lhat Man a.rly aittlng of lheGen.aulcIirtapr"piition will be nuvle to call on the taliinet of Turtu for a categirirel exfilanw tlou relativa ti tlie detTee of the Governor Ginieral of Anrntia, in which Trieste I doalred aaaululiau 11. Tbe krhn Jwrnal, a aeitiloffielal organ, atale that Hie Internal rKeneratli of the Aualrian em pire la IniptMlMe aa long aa Vrnetla shall exhaual lu reaourcea. from IJberta. Ily the arrival of the bark Men J I, Captain MoIaTraa, we hav. ad vice from Monrovia to Dec. I. Tbe Iglalature wa alaiut to oonveue t aeveral nvatlere of great luir.irt.tno wore uialer coualdera. thai. AliMHig which waa tbe nag.Mllng of a treaty wllh Ha) ll the re-captured African question, and the rtlatiouaof the government wllh the American Society the alteration of the tarhT aud ounfiulng of alt vraaela etigagel lu foreign trade In irt of entry. There la a demand for eavaral mora) rnigar mill on the 8c. Paul' river, on aocouut of the Incrraaed amount of can pburled. Th crop bid fair to be double that of any -evlou year. The caning Presidential election excited eotuldeiabla la tereat. A atrtigdaalrhabeenexpreaaedby many of Ihe frit nd of Kx-Prealdenl IcoiutaT to ra-noml-liale him. The conleat wilt irobably lie botween htm and Ihe preacut lucumhesil, lb Hon. Brn-un A.nxaaoN. rreiaratlaiws are Wing ma.1 for holding the Na tional Fair thia year at Sinul. Political Intelligence. XXXTlIk l'ON(mi-Hccoad HewNloa. Mr. Fnaraiai fM.) ireaented the credential of ion. r. aaimxiu, aat; . sntor inan Main In phaaor Mr. Ilimia. The acdetitial were renl, ai.l Mr. Moaetu. aworn In. Tlie Chair present I a onmraunlcatlun from the Govemtw i Ohio, directing him t present the ere- tleiitial of II m. 8. 1' Cuaax aa L', 8. Senator from Ohio. The eretlentlala were rea,L Mr lloanra fVa ) ralleil up the deficiency bill. M r. Cauraoa f Pa ) deal red to prsttame lu order to take up another bill, which wa very Important. Mr, llrmra-l cairi give way. The aiaeud merit la lo aiilMltule four liuialretl eud fifty Ihouaand d A lara inatea.1 tif nine Himutand. Mr. Fanaxisnu (Me.)-iTs),000 will lie neeeawy n ra Ihe ei)uaee of the Iwo eleven already cap Mr. Hoimra-filoO.OOO I h anmml tint anaal I lo pltitect Ih Ireaatiry. The amendmenl waa aload. Mr. MoMTXat'lTered an amendment on thatu,.! nt Ihe bill tor aavo.OM lo y the Chlrtqul contract, mi d try A. W. Tiraaraoa: lu M-iy, IttV. The coo. traet la for a coal lug alatlua ou the Isthmus of Panania. Three hundred Ihouaaud dollar wrreallowl for the Chlrlqul roiilracl liy a vote of aye, &j baya, tl. Mi.CcaaxtN. II.) called fir the yvaa aud uaya, wblt li wer aa lllowa i Yba. Memra. linker, rteijiucln, nigler, tlng, Itiiiibt, ('iimeron, Claik, Cllliginan, Collaiuar, Crit lealeti, Hlxiai, Faeu.bai, FiUh, Fo4, Foalar, lreen,Giimea, Gwtu, Hemphill, Hunter, Ivereou, J ibiiHoli, (Ark..) Johnion,(iflin.,) Kennedy, Iuia, Latham, MorriU, Nicholaun, Polk, Powell, Kit e, Bubnatuui, Bsward, Sumner, Teu Eyck, Wade, Wllaon. Nara Meaar. Anthony. Bingham, Durkee, Hale, King, Fearee, Biulalmry, Wllklnaon. Mr. Fits u dial.), from the Cmnmitlee on Printing, retorted M mnendnient to the Deflelenry bill, to en able the auiorliitendeiit of to twrrymil the provbtinii of the rcaolutloii creatuig a Bureau of pub lic prlntbig. Agres tl lo, 87 lo 9. Mr, liai.s fCal.)outied an ameialmenl t.i the De fi. leiayUll, lo sy Commodore VaanxaiULT Jt.Ua), Oiai per annum lor carrying the mall from New York, via Panama, to San r lancbavv. Mr. Latuau (Cal ) moved to strike out Commodore Van nut an Ta name. Agreetl to, Mr. Hai a (N. II) movnl to amen.1, ao lhat It aboual read fiom Ih lat of duly, l-), to tba 1st of July, Isol. Agreed to, Mr. Joutia (Aik.), from tlie Committee on Pub lic lauala, reiauttxl an amendment aiatrntiriatlng IU.nM.KI for tbe Klckupoo Laud Utfice, Kauaa. Agrestl lo. Tbe bill was then iaaed. At half paat oue tbe l'at Iflo IUilroud bill wva takeu ui. Mr. Laax fOrrgnn) aald the prlu.-lpal object waa to gt I a braia h to I'ortbiiitl. Mr. Iliajaans (lji.)ll tbe l'ulle.1 state iwya fir the lailliilng uftlutt purtion of lb raid which would U'iMifii Calilomut, oehcr atute have a right lo a aim liar demand. Mr. U in (Cal.) -The building of the Paclfle Kcll road lute Isitniprenaedon Ihe aeuale a a meant of military defeia'0 to the country. Mr. I.A. Thia govenuueut ha no power to build a road through a atale. Mr. (laxm (M .).-l will vte fhr th great main trunk line. I regaidit not only couveuieut but lu. diaiailiaatrie. Mr. I.atuam. (Cal.) The eoulhwit rout will coat' juei 910 VW.CSSJ. Mr. Harms, (Mj.) The goveraineut never paid a quarter of a dollar advaiuw for lb tayiiieiil of the mail, lail lor h lug the Navy at oouuuaud at a m a. ment'a Mr. Dosioi.aa. fill.) Tlie Mil I nn measure lo make a raid. II la a coutrat I for trauaiiorlalluu, not forctaiatructlotu Ou of Mr, Piqlw, the Seuata weut lulo Kxrautive aeeakn. llooao ef Krprvaraatalivew. Mr. Porna (N. Y), of the Navy Committee, re poitettiheBenaMjoiutreeolutlou lu favor of Coiuuio ckir PAei.ntaii, Mr. llntnuAt (Ark.) c jeetad to It mnalderatlon. He anderatood llial il gave parnilaainu lo Coramo doiv Pacumku to axpt a eword and grant of laotl from Nbwragua, for having acietl In the capacity of a csiautil tor Great Ilrluiu aud Nicaragua. Mr, l'OTTta The gentleman I entirely lubrlaken. It waa ut acting aa a conaUbl. but fin- dlatln gubihed aervlcea reudered thia country and Nicara gua. Mr, llnn.UAH would n4 Inquire Into the matter of dlatuigiibihtd aurvlee. He condemned Commodore l'aouiaua cnuduct then and he did now, Mr. Ci-xame (Va.) preaeuled a memorial elgned It Iwnity-elghl Ihouaand in hut Cougre adaial dielrict (lb eouulliwofohle, Hancock. Ilrooke, Weurl aad Tyler,) lu favor of aa edjuatineut ot Ihe alavery quealion In lb. Vnion. Mr. Wlaarrx (Md.) preeeuled a memorial from hla constituent. In fever of Ihe CaiTncruem plan of ad Juatraeut. Ha believed Meal the elgner ef Ihe mem orial rrpreeenlrd the wiahe of th people of all par lira In hia 0igreabtt! diatrttt. Laid on Ih labia and ordered to la) printed. The llocyie then wrin Into committee of Ih. whole on the aim of Hie Union, and kwk up Ihe army Mil. Mr, Tuoua. (Tenn.) kuk Ih. floor. II. referred to Ike eomomielug apliil of Haste who framed the coualllullonlacaitraM lo the morbid eenalttveuMe on Hie alavery queatlou which now pervade th. North, aud wlocli la lu hostility lo aoutheru luetitu tloua. He quoted Ih. eenttmenta uttered by Mr, Bewisn ami Mr. Lirnxn a, and Instated lhat th nonileallon ef lb Utter waa nuvle on the aole ground of huettllty lo alavery, rod therefore lhat ha waa aleuaed no! lo Sivrin the North bill the South, who had no ronre lo o with Ihe election than Ihey had wllh thai of the Emperor of France. He (LtaroiKj wa to th South a foreign ruler. He refuted the charge thai eouiheruer are alavery propa gandists. They only take the pualtlun thai Ihey are equala In Ihe (fnlon, and that when territory te ac quired, thev have lb right lo go there under th. Cooxlttuliuu, an 1 no power ehorl of th. people of the territory thanunlve caa al any lime exclude Iheui from their right. H believed that the North would not obstruct Ihla coiuairutbinal right if the people of lhat eeelion had not been groaaly mlalad. tl thin further dlaouaaed the territorial ruieatWai In connection wrilh eutverT. The South have not failed In a particle of duly a to Ih actubvllon of Icrrttory whether In cash or bloed. Then w deny them their right, and by homa alea.1 bill give lead lo elranger who, to many caae cannot eieek our own language. TheBouUt will not enter Into a legal argument about areaaion. Thru go back lo the flret and great rrlnolple enun ciated In Ihe Declaration of Indepaodanee, namely thai when Ihe ourpuaa of a govemmaut are perverted to tyrsuny and usurped, Ihe people have a right lo provide new guard lor their eeMy, lfcorrciou la attempted, every eouthern atale will and oi"-t.t to make cnmmnu can a a bend of broth ers, and reraid every blow a aimed at their own laMonie, The aoutneni people caiuaK ha eouquarad. Attrtiiia al coerchsi will tally add fuel to th flain elUl. If in goveraiul bad ntanUeated a 11101c pcadrtul si!tcy he (Taxniaa) vary much que ioml wh.thiT mora rhau on ataU, If even that, . ihiM liw l out nf the Union; and there would bar. h-en Btom time for the eettlotaorU of all diffl jultlae. Mi. awaiJM (N. Y.), aaad that H waa not too muoh to rtuueik thai there uieU between the dlffareut auct'ou of Ilia confederacy more eauerttyaud alletaw lion of fetltng than exuted belweeu Euglaud and the Araei Uct auknlai u UH, U th rtritultarary pe. riod there ana. In Great Britain, a lirrl party and a parry In favor of eoneUlatlon. The lore pen- cor (rolled th Parliament, and what the retrain were, hlatory xeoorda. It wa fer ua lo decide wheth er we will reject lb couaaele which expe rience preeinte, er whether we will emulate th policy ofOaoaol lb Third and Lord Nora, which proved ao lata! lo lb ambtUon of England. After stating th pnattlon of th two political partlee, b Mid thai Ihe Ural mag of th. revolution now extat Ing, waa developed in November, II wa a change In tbe form aiad princlpiea of th government, effected by lb on Ihe pari of the people of Ihalr right aad power lo leglauvie In eonfitci with lb fun dameutal law of Ihe land, a embodied In Ihe Count, tulion aad laid down by lb Supreme Court of the United Stele. Thl waa a civil revolution In Hi form and raaence 0 the government. The eeoond stage of the revolution Ie eeoesaton, whloh waa aim dentgned a a peaceful rexnedy. II wa now loo Lat lo diacwaa Ih rtgbl of aeoasalon. II must be looked Uamafct. II remained to be aeen, however, how tar the policy of peaceful aeeeaaion oan be carried out, whether tbe precipitate anion la South Ca rolhat and other communitle. ha not generally changed th character of the eeoeaalon movement, and to be ahown whether or not by ihe eeirure of Ihe forte, araenal and other enmoa prof evrty the eeeea iontal hve not ooromlUed a fatal errvr la the de veltimeot of their own policy and thtas reaortedto force, which they wisely and Justly deprecated In tbeir etriri eeeeaeion prnredore. The remedy of Ihe conservative aorlion of the northern state la lb recognition ear the equal right of th South without qualification 4h recognition of Ihe equality of Ih etatrst non.nterrerenee with the Inetllutton of aba- very wherever It exlataml th equal right of the South lo go into the otanmon territorie. Thl I the remedy of Ituaice and, 0wln to Ihe oteidiliiai of anme of the aoiilheni atale the general demand for the enforcement nf the lawa bt tmprac. licalile, Lmpoaalble, aial theretire whly lmaulltd lo fh emergtaicy. our duly la to preserve th a(ou Eotha existing atale of thing a nearly aa rsswl. e. We aboual do It by all mean lo avo.d Tia em ployment of cuerctun and tba adoption of any polloy of aiurmatlon. Hut a like purpose and a tike spirit should animal our eouthern frenda. II would never d for them lo protoul agalnat ctierclon, wbbe al the aame time they aeire the arsenate, forts, navy yarda and ahiai which coin within their reach. Whenth eouthern ataloa tbernaelvr employ aarce tbey cauntA cry peace and conqiialn of Cmhl. After ahowlngtbat iwaewvlou ordinaiaa could not defaive the g.viveinment of ceded Juliadlrtltai and property In Ihe (nt. etc., which were for the oanmon defenae, lie eald the dan ger Ilea in rolliatiai. Th at t of aoceaabm from Ihe beginning to Ihe eud wa a ertcct aa human ageiry rmild make ll. No ItiterfnmuM waa attempted ly Ihe Executive or tbe Leglaiature of thia govern ment. Therelre, In no atuae ba coereton lieen em ployed. But the acta of South Carolina, Including the firing inti) of tbe Star of the Weal, were acta of flagrant war which. If it bad been etlrumtoQ try any furetgn power, would have ralaml every man In the uatiou to realstauoe. Mr. Stoxtaw ejsike In high tenna of the character aud for liearance of MJtar AaoraAOM. No regiment could tavralardln New York again! any people eeektiur their legitimate rights; lail the men of that slate would march to protect the flur of the Uuited Stale, and to defend and malnuln It fegitlinateaulhorilyaikljurl dlctlnai everywhere. Iurnilytilbeaiecbof Mr.Gaa arrr. he (DioxlJa) aa'd, that If Uie uavlee of France end England were lo he liroaghl lo our aboree lo In terfere with tbe assertion of our Jurisdiction, would it nt 4 b worse than niaduee to eurrendar the forti fied place, wldch cau enabl u to aeutrt and main tain our Jurisdiction. There eould lav no euch Inter frreia e wlUimil aeeeaaion, end arllh It, It la almost In evital.I. Thia shows Ih. Inuiortauce of holding the fort. Whatever may I thelamm of event whether, happily ty conctliallon and Justice to tbe South we may flial an luaairalae and fratetnul aolulton of our difficulties, or whether unhaipi!y, we blindly drift Intoalleualbm, war and Irrevocable aetsarallon the grmt commercial tnlerest of thl couutry require, the destiny of American civilisation demands, that th polltloal aud lerrllerial oaUrot of thl eminent, from th mouth of the Hudatai lo the month of the MiaauMliail, from the Al'antle to the Pacific nea, shall remain wher It now exist in the baud of the I iliiled State. In all the arttaan laauee between the South and Hie Republican party, the people of the city of New York are with the 8 ulh ; but when the Siaith makea an untenable taaue with our omuttryj when tbe flag of Ihe L'nlou la luaull, d; when the for tified puvces prov ded air the comnuai defence are ea aaulud and elaedi wbeu the South aletndoua Ita northern allies lor English and French co-otrAtlot then tbe loyal and attriotlc population of thai liuie rial city, are a mut lor the Union. Mr, iauurr, (Ohio,) rsalnuiued lhat there were no cause ft a dlMolulion of ihe Uulon and uaur Ititi to ovortbrvw th Goveruinetil. Tb cou splratora had co-operated with traitor who were connected with the UovemiaeuL If the peo ple knew what bad beeu geing on for th last lour yeara in every department of lha govern ment, Iherw would have been euch ad expresaltm at lha ladlot box aa would have effectually allenoed the allies of the South living In the North. The party who had violated the Missouri and other compro mise now ask, aa a condition of their remaining In the Union, mich amendment to th CouaUturiou aa will give a duality to the alavery question. Th Re publican parly ought m die If Ihey engraft on that In. etruuieut the rtvogulHoD of property In man 1 Thai alavery shell be extended end made perpetual I Ihe tetademasded. To meet Ihe eeceaaion movements, be would atsllsh all Ih srt of entry where the lawa are now olsttructed, pnaJaliu a blockade In the porta of the relielUou states, and let Ihoughllaa men like the consequenee of their own Illegal acta, Mr. I.ikooi.s will be Inaugurated In Washington, and thia will rt main tbe eeal of government a) lung a there ran I t-und atatea loyal to the prtn clple on which the Government wa fuundtab If th csnsilrator aucceed, Whlcgtnn will i-t be the capltol. if the Pnwidrnt bad acted with firm neas, Iheae troubles would not exist. Ue wilt retire fiora hia office utterly disgraced. Mr. Praar, (Me.,) sa.d now lhat tyranny and rebel lion prevail, and men were turning anxiotisly end Inquiring for at hena-a of compromise. New Eng land waa not crtisnlted, lait to cut her off from Ihe rest of the confederacy was a favorite idea. But when that exsMimiil aball be tried, the 8outh would find that New England could live without Ihe Soulh a well ae the 8011th live withmit her. He discussed the fullowlng poluta 1 First, the ter llloryand pt pulalion of New England 1 eeoond, her etrl .1 aud uuiral etaidltlou, aial third, her wealth ami Industry. In tbe course of bis remarks, he spoke of 1 er devotbai to the Union. She wasalwayaprom'4 I.) n pel foee from without and to inert traitors at home. Bhe waa willing to make auy renataiable compromise whlrh could not lav. construed Into an ahautloument of principle. 80 long aa men have arm In their bauda, ao long a tbey forcibly resUI the common law of Ih country hi vote was (La war. The government that nei41atee with traitor deaervathontiiemii of th civUixed world. Th " Union must and aball be preaerved". Tbo Ctauniilttw her roe and th. Umuo ad journed, NEW YORK LlMlWUtTTJUK Hcaulc, Albany, Jan. 17. Dill for the removal of In sane convict from UUce to Auburn to encourage rural Improvement t to mak th aaUry of th depuly clerk of New York fx.SOO, and making au approprtatlon for tbe debt and maintenance of the canal for next year, were rei-ortod favorably. Mr, Fuao gave notice of a bill to aptiroprUte $.100.. OOO to airn and equip Ihe state. Mr, Oxamt gave notice of a bill to reduce the salaries of th officer and patrolmen of Ih Metrool iuai i,lle. Mr. Liwxxw-i Intrntlueed a bill to rv-peJ the act lor the aMN-lntment of cenuniaslunera of record ia New York city. The Mil to confirm Ihe act of mAarlee public and to Increase their powers, waa passed. Mr, Fiuo preaeuted a written report on the con dition of the defencea of the atale. Tlie unitirmed militia of the atale at present com prise 19.130 men 1 11 000 are wllhout erm fit for active aervto there are 1M fluid pieces) lu good or der. Tbe report recxnmenda the purchase of eome heavy field pieces, aud 1.100 email arm. Adjourned. Aae-reably. Tlie (iorernor transmitted the folio wing letter from President HcoruNia i To Ui Exoallency Uovernor MoaotN t Brat 1 have had the honor to receive your tm munlcallon covering the raaolattoua which paaaed the Leglalelure nf New York on tb lllh Inaiant, tendering aid to the Preeidenl of the Untied stalea, in eu,t of the Couatllution aial the Union, aad ahall give them thai respectful oonalderatlon to which Ihey are entitled from the Importance of the auluet and Ihe distinguished eource from which Siey have emanated. Your, very respectfully. Jams DovnAata. The Oovernor alo tranamltted rnaa-t of Ih true leee of Ihe Stale Agricultural College, aud of the Coanmlaaloner of Quarantine. The latter wa re- erreu ao ane ouwinuuee on way ana meau. Th Bouse Ie engaged In the consideration of gen- eral ureavra. No i tune ot gi general Inlereat have yet teen acted on. The fiillowing Mile An act to authorise the Hoard nf BiDervlaora of Rlcbmiaid county lo borrow $34,000. Aa art lo likvrporele Vaaaar Female College. A) ca 100, nays, I, Adjourned. rmnaylvaaJa IglaUtare. Jlarruburg, i., Jan. 17. Th Llouae today unanlmoualy paaaed resolution approving of lb courae of Major Aapxaaow and Oovernor Uioae, and pledging to Maryland the tbUowsbla and aupport of renusyivania. Tfca TbvjteU LegtalaUan. Richmond, Jan. 17. In the Senate, the Cora mltteo on Federal Halation raxxted resolution that, In lb opinion of Ih General Aaeetubty, Ih proroei. lion embraced In Ihe Crittenden raaoiulloru ouuatl tuteiucbabaeteefadjuakuenlaawould baoceiad by the people of thia oommonwealthi thai conunuv eloner be anointed to the General Government, and also to South Carolina, and other seceding stales, with liutruction respectfully to request the Preeldant and Ihe aulhortliee of such slate, lo agree lo abstain, pending the proceeding eontotnplettd by Ihe action of this General Aaeembly, from all act calculated to S reduce a collialon ef ana between Ihe atalec and ie Oeneral Oovenunenl. II waa mad Ih order of the day for tomorrow. Considerable opposition wa uenUasUd, and a cubelllute offered. Tbe Governor oommunloaled the resolution of th New York Legislature, with a message expressing tbe utmost dladaln. In dewing, b aaya, th threat conveyed can Inspire no terror wllh freemen. Ta bled and ordered to be printed. The Iloua ha adopted the resolution repoyUd by th Committee on Federal Relation, contem plating a National Convention, al Washington, on Ih ita of February, with an ""udmtnl thai th Commlaarltmera appointed aball be aubjert al nil time lo the control of lha Oeneral Assembly, or if In aeealtai to thai of the Slat Convention. Thia embraoe Ih approval of Mr, Curiaauaa'. propo alilou. S I I . New Jenoy. Trmlon. Jan. 16. Tba Oorernor today noml. nsKd, aad the 8naM conflmied, the (Ulowing oflkwrei Chief Juatloa K.W. Wmxcrtxn Secretary of Btala WuTTfixui B. Joatseroai, of Suaees Clerk In Chanoary Bixaxa Gtnnioaa, of Meroer Judg. of Court of Errura aud Appeal J. at. Coaauo, Tb4 jAvfUMW caa) ciajiieiioaa tosiajcrvw, (taaxtti t'eurwthw IbaUtaire. Ckartfitom. Jan. IT. In tba Senatu today the Mlllury Commute report la fcvor of raising four comtatntaa of artlUeryi declare that Ih. extgeo. dee of the lime, demand South Carolina lo be on a war tooting lo meet ca, -pi wars from any quarter) lha state ahould have a permenant military establish anenlandfbrllflcallona. The Committee further ra oommend, lhat the troop consist of a regiment of Inlsntnr end a hatalUonof artillery af four esmpa nlre. It will form a nucleus around which lb mill. Ua and volunteer can rally! and besides, be a peace eatahllahment, or furnish South Carolina' quota In Ih army of th. Southern Confederacy, The Senate went Into secret session on the prnro attton to Uy a eulawarine telegraph between Chart e. 180 .""T1 'alaud. Fort MOvuU F-t John.. eou and .'. Pmckaey. Mkaacnri IVraWalaro. St. tmii, Jan. 17, Mr. Joueraoi, aiairmw of Ih Committee on Federal Relatione, Introduced a bill In tb Senate yesterday, which provides lhat the GeielLor aball icp!m one commlwuoner iron each ngrvBalis:! distrlrt to a consulting convention of the states, lo be held at Nashville on Ih 4th of Feb ruary, to agree Us a common Issue by way of amendment lo tbe Constitulltai, lo be made try the alave atatea, and the result to Iw laid bef ire the con vention cfthed In the third aet Han. To that cuuven lion tbe Governor I dlrei ted to apiMiuit three coumle prlofiera fn m thl atale, to mart Hrree commlaslonsra from rat b of Ihe thirty-three stale i Ihe lacier etav ventlsti In be held el Wheeling on Ihe 11th of Febru ary, for the purraase of adjusting the present tLffieiil ties, lo preserve Ike Union ami lo avert civil war. The Governor la also retpiired lo appoint one commlsslouer to prncerd to Illinois, and requiat tbe Legialalure V) set otal Ibe movi eient, ami use Ita Influence wllh the other free stales to have conservative men a pointed to tbe Whirling oaivmtlon. The Introduction of this tail gave general asllsfHtllon. 1 be lail was amended yesterday by the adoption of a prevision similar to tlial concerned in the Virginia bill, aulenlltlng the artlnn of the convention to the profae, after which Uie whole subject wa tabled, aisl a euljelitute emUaclna an CLtirely hew proioalHou asking Oaurreaa lorall a convention for the redreae or grievances aa provldeil In the fifth article ra" ih Ctinetilutbai wa Introduced br Mr. SrxvntaoN. A laHlliou praying for th ad i-lioti of Ih Crltteu den prot.mitl.ais by Congrtwa I "wring nearly Coot) lutiiu a, has teeu forwarded to our represeulativee al Washington. Illinois nrmorrrule Htnte Convention. SpringfirU, Jan. 16. The Dcmorratic Con vennun met at Ihe Btale House at 10 A. M. M of the 1VH oosuaiee were repnasuted. Tbe Convsnllnn wis hamtoiUous,anil the resolutions adopted almost unaul ruuusly daebvre that it Is the prompting of patriotism and tbe dk tale o! wisdom lo make an earnest erfort to ssve the Union by conciliation and concession; Ibrretse, In a spirit of compromise, we are willing to errrittleamrndmenlct4 the Constitution pn .posed U) Ihe fulled Htotea Banal by Senator UocuLts, Se nator Carrrxiri.BN, lb Donler Butt prosstitiuu. or any thtr, whereby hamsaiy may lie reatireil be lweeu the 'p'e of the different aertlon of the tv.iintiyi we deny the conatitutlmial right of any aat to accede from tbe Union i and we are equally oiasawd to iiulhflcvtiou al the North erd eecesaluii al the South, ae revolution that. In the opinion of thia Convention, Ihe employ, men! nf military force by Ihe Federal Government to ooerce tbe aubraiaskai of eeoedtug states will Inevita bly plunge Uie country In civil war, ami entirely ex tinguish all hope of Hie aetttetuent ot the fearful la sues now (a-nduig la-fore Ihe country. We therefore rarneat'y entreat the Federal Goverument and ae ed Ing slates to withhold the arm of the military power, and ui no pretext whatever bring on tlie nation the horroraof a civil war, until the peiaile can Uke euch a. lloti a the trout.' demand- We reonmli il lo be tbe duty of the Federal Guveminent.through the civil aulhortlles.wlthtn Uiejurisdiction of the enlorce all lawa passed In ninnisnr of Ihe Constitu tion ! but we distils Ily deny that Ibe Federal Go vernment haa tbe constitutional jstwer to call out the military lo execute these lawa except hi the eld of the civil euihotllH'a. we recommend the repeal of all personal lilssay bills, end rocununend that a conven tual be held at Louisville, Ky., on the Sith of Februa ry, to take-lait.i eunatderation the present perihius eute of the couutry, and recommend to the eople euch )ust conresalona and such amenlmente lo lb Ctsietilutlnii as will roduc harmtsiy and fraternal feeling throughout th Uuiou tlie eald oonveiOlou l ctaiet of one delegate from each daigreaaioiial di trttt, ami twoal large from each of the Ihlrty-thrwe statts, aud we request that the legislatures of tla eevi ral atute tak rtii for a onvruttun of aUle for uie purptMie aioreeaia. Tbo Itlllliary Convention. Albany, Jan. 17. Hie military convention met el lu o'clock, Sen. Hoa-ism utTered compli mei lary resolutitaia to lien. Wool. The fltllowtng tfltter were elected l President, Cai. (I. W. Fat TV; vice preeidi ut. Col. Atrxxn M. Woon i t.l. Joatni C. Puuxsxr, Major jAsra I Gn axar, Gen. W. 8. FvuJorroN t trensurer. Colonel II. 8. Fiatxiiu i recording secretary, Col. (In. W. Moanu. i com manding set-rotary, Opt. UiaAAt Booaai chaplain Kev. Cxaa. E. llaara- Gen. Towsbksp, from the apeclal committee to re ort what arm wer necessary for th aut lopur cliasa without delay, recommended the lrametliale Curchase by Ibe aisle of xo.OOO anna, to tie increased bO.OOO ae soon a prarttoalile, and also fi.vuo pair of cavalry pistols, aial fi.OOO aabres. The aiasxlatiou th( u atjoumod tint do. PollllcaL ITanmr, A'. It., Jan. 17. The ncmorrutic Convention of the Sd Db.trit1t.aUy uoiuluulel W Blase of Lais-sater, lor Congrtwa. From asblngtoa. Wellington, Jan. 17. Although the RepiHi. cau Benntnr yesterduy vied against the Critleudeu comproinirr, their thief olijection waa to lhat iart which pnswed b) divide the territory whit h miy hereafter be acqulitd. But a measure of that rharac ter,cuufinrd to the preacut territory, meet with aotne degree offuvor by the nepublican lu both branchea of Congress. It la known In most reliable Republican circle lhat, ao fur, Messre. Bra aao and Btriai are the ouly geiitlemcn eeletted for Mr, Llncotfa cabluet, and prolacbly Mr. Wiujm, cf Connecticut. The other will not bo alssilutely dotermuicd on till the arrival here of the Treeldt ut elect. Tbe President, today, aent to Ihe Senate th. n iml nntloti of Mr, Holt as 8rcrrtiry of War. It wa considered In executive session, ut, from all so counts, lb pielimlnary discussion waa of an excit ing character. An effort wa mad hy Ita oip.nieiit to refer 11 to the Committee on Military AHalra, but tbla wa strenuntialy aud eucceaafully realsted, the mutton of reference laiing defeated by a vols of 81 gainst 13. Tlie objection to Mr. Holt by hie oppo nents, la, Ihnl In their ophdon, he U a coerolonlat, audible eome of them oiienlyavow. Hia confirma tion la now conaidi red rertabi. Tbe matter la spe cially aaalgned for conalderatlon bimoiTow. The noiuiuallon of Mr, Mt IsTrta a Collector of Cuat-sn In Hi neigliborhond of Chartcslou la stll' usjanded In Ibe Cbam1a; of Commerce. IieaMaoa, Aujnsta, Ca., Jan. 17. The Couiltr haa a dUqialch from New Orlrana oflh 16tb, In which It la atutcd that the city trooi which took Baton Rouge araenal, relumed, aud received a grand tri umphal reception. The arsenal aud Fort Pike are now occupied by LouUiaua'e troop. Th action of Gov, Mooax, in relation to the occupancy of the data, waa viewed there aa a peaoeful measure, aud generally uatalnrd a patriotic, and timely, Melxnrr Itcatlguntinn f .Naval Officer. h'orfiAl, Jan. 17. Th achooncra Allen D. Terry of New Haven, aud Pauline of Newborn, N. C, weie aelaed today ui (.violation ta the Ylrglula Inspecllcia laws, and are In charge of the Ctty Ser geant. Lieut. K. S. Caul-tun, of the U. 8. elonp-of-war Brooklyn, liaa again tendered bla reslguaUuu, and go South to-morrow, Vfarkeara Urfase-d rtaoe of MeaHlauj. RroJing, ra., Jan. 17. A large meeting of worklngmau called al Ibe Court House this evatung el en hour which bad been appolmed for the inirpoe ef holding a Union meeting. Hundred had gathered and blocked up the streets. The City Conunlsalon er refused lo oiieu lha building. There was soma exUlement, and threat were made lo break open the doors, but the crowd finally adjourned, cheering the Union, the wurkluguiru of Kentucky, and Ibe work, logmen of Berk. Tbo (Jrwratat CawveatUa. MXtJgerillt, Ca. Jan. 17. The Convention met al 10 o'clock thl morning. Th only ioteresf log business wa Ih able and brilliant rpeeche of the Commissioner from South Carolina aud Ala- Adjourned till 10 to-morrow. It la reported that a test vote about Ik ordinance of aececeion, will be taken to-morrow, Arctdcol on tho Erie HaJlra-ad. AWroweoary, Jan. 17. Two cart an the night express train bound weal, were thrown off Ihe track near Cochecbon etaUou hut night, by a broken rail. A brakeman waa thrown from th pisiform aud kil led, and a lady paaaenger had her ankle apralued. Th train an detained about two hour.. Mleaerind. Tba following li the MlseiaalppI ordlnanc. ef ectselon i TA paoiila c Jtflaetattpui, is) Cbtaeentum aauanoled, do erdafn and declare, and tt U hentu trdatnti unticlanaafoUmM,tavUl Sect. That all Ibe taw and ordinance by which th eald state of Mlaalsslppl became a member of lb Federal Union of Ihe UnJ ted Stetee of America, be and lha earn ar hereby repealed! and thai ell obU gatlonaou Ik part of the eald tat, or lha people thereof, be withdrawn, aud lhat th. eald stale doth hereby reman all Ihe right, function and powers, which, by any of eald Uw and ordinanoea, were con veyed lo lha Government of Ihe eald United State, aad iaahaolved from all the obligation, restraint, and dutlea incurred to the said Federal Union, aad ahaUhetuethUabee,eovaalgnatKlluaaQila Bee. t. That eo much of the trat section of lha awveoth article of lha oonatittjlbn ol ttu Mai a r quire member ol th. uvglalatur. and all officers, both legislative and Judicial, to lake aa oath to auav. orl Ih CoualUulloo af lha United State, b,e4 via4khanbflibtoa4nanuil 'vJtap- . That all rtgM aequlraid and veatl lb. TonstttuUon of the lnvad Btaaea, or nni ad of Oeavgiiiea paaaed In pursuano thereof, or any law of Ihle Slate, and nut Uicotnpairble wit ordlnaare, aball remain la fore awl bare the Heel! I the ordiuanc bad not Wen naeaad. See. 4. That tbe neonle of the ntste of II air-pi hereby consent lo form a federal L'nlor euch of the atale a have acceded, or may from the Union of th. United Slats of Atr npon the tatai of th present Constitution United SUtes, except euch part thereof a eo other portion than auch acceding Stale. Atnbaam Htm ta IbeTfnWn. Washington. Jim. 17. Tba Alabanu Ser were nntlfird ff-dny, by telegraph from- the Pro of th. Convention, not lo leave their eeal untl are further Informed. Th trouble 1 In tb r of the delegate from North Alabama to aiga I dbiauce, unles th. tenia fir secession La post unlit tb. th of March. From Kentncky. tsmitriKt, Jan. 17. Oovernor Maooj message cvsMlemrca the hasty action of the eel autes, but declares that Kentucky arilt navel Idlv by and see them eulsuxated. He refi-rsl action of Vlrgtnl.i,Tennswna end Mlasourl, In r ting the qneation nf a csiventloo to Ihet-aop1 urgee a almllar course for Kentucky, II a) coramruds a convaullon ot Ihe border alave ar meet at Baltimore, early In February. tavy ImXILjiefveet. UecruiKmr for the Navv la stfll etonmli aradreanla, excel thoae whoa honorable du 1 aarrnji them to admission, are accepted. II I b-weanlog evident to naval people that course alillcat events may take, tbe h nue will ta celled on for an efficient coast flf Ttvat al Vera Cnil of the CumlesrUn-l, arrl on Tuesday, waa the signal for the returul steam frigate rowhatun, and the Irlgnie I Ttier Ie also reasisi to believe that the all LoulawlU mm home. The Mohawk, Cr vTyaudolle, rucahouU, aial Water Witch, tm ly to b detailed a tender for Ih Brooklyn. and St Louis, if the fleet ahould be called li quieltlonoa our aealsatrd. The newly couui I corvette Macetkmlau and Cumlieriand wl rifflclent to protect the natiuual lntereata in ll for a while. Tbu tb ahlp available f ir hoi would carry au aggregrte of I iOO men, and bj It Is said lhat the Virginian have eigniflii Intention to laai-.t h. runoval from Kit-folk Un'tM Butee ship tail now in cummbtausi, (aJeral authurttie. The Intelligence cane naval offlorr ot lhat place. Annexed la a Hal rnen-of war at th Goapm-t Navy Yard Line eytvanla, rated 120 guns, but carrying only a worth anything outalde hor present berta i tin umbus, lying lip aud tiaelea for preasnt duty pelaware, In aame condition i liner New Yo half built i frigate Columbia, needing reinln diuary frigate Uaritan, do., di. corvette Q lowm, nndetgolng reatlis In dork i steam Irlga rimatk, In ordinary. Except iu regular navy all Iht .a ahlp would lie wonh'esa fir any aeri Tlie marine force at tbl post now Muscat e than SO men, all of whom ar stationed at th lyn barrat k. They are officered by Cpt. Bai Capt. rtocgirrv, Lieut. HoLana, ami Lieut? time called Cajit.) Rxtn. Tli deuebme arrived on Monday from the Pacific ha nit y to Waahlngtou. Arrldent on Ibr Hudson River itanw, Sevfx Cam rt tiik Ritur Karri rAi-K or a Shakkmak Umernov i rnika AXD oTiirR Traim. An accident red yesterday morning about 10 o'clock, to I grant ami freight train going North, ou the River Railroad, by which right car ran off tb even ef which fell tuto the river. The pei of the accident are aa f illowa i When the It within two hundred yarda of the brtde 1 Cmger crossing and the drawbridge, a fie waa thrown from the Ir' k by a 11 Joint. Tba accident wa not discovered try Ihe e until after the bridge era reached, when I after running ou the alee er a me distance, rail from th track and broke a numlier cres timbers, throwing the car and lha alx f one Into the river on each aide of the bridge, them were loaded, but the cnajorf ty were .nip trucks wer severed Irom th. bodies of the former lying at Ibe bottom of the river, and ! fsaUuig on the water. Every car broke thr Ice and waa more or leee Injured, eome paal lng. Three or four were cnlliely new. But oue malued on the bridge, and that placed uptai Ihe track without muih difficult engine and two car istaaed eafely over. '1 Joint waa probably caused by a broken cbt.ii spread the rails. Tbe remaining freight i grant cars, which remaiued upon the trat k, v injured. From what our reporter can le brake-man wa upon any of the care whloh w the river, and no perron received Uieallghleai Conductor Com so wrnt tsi the locoino Hudson, far aaalstant e, and, aa early as pstai MesaoN, with a gang of niru, were at the ace accident, and et work rejalrtng the dtmage, abort time the number of woikmen waa lncr over a hundred. Rills and timbers wei e p and the woik of retwliiug went ropld'y ",a'1 Several Indus, Is .Hi up and down, w. I for some hours 1-y the oMruolion. About til dred yards below Ihe bridge He the remain J other care, which went over the ciiilsu! Miaiday, Tbl nn ideut we caused by the 1 of Uie axle of the locomotive. The car wil movid a ksi aa ptstalbla. Alaakeuutu, named Bittw, turd a very n cat,. Hewasoiionenf tbe cars which wen river, aud atatea that when the car came they ro on their ends, and went ever Ih I the top of those already gone over, lhat be i os oraaee, anu cecal eel euuacuow, ue Jurcd. CITY NEWS. Foon roR rnR Suvtk. Th. .t Itounl Veruon, whloh lea this port last evt Savannah, had a full frelght,whlch U imua l aeaeon of th year, coualatbig of aome eevei i barrel of potatoes, icvera! crate of cabti hundred banela ufaugar, five hundred Unci flour, butter, cheese, lard, oil, and a few diy Th rrRaos who wrotk as am una to Coroner Sctuanxs, rnhuivo to the teriou murder In th Bowery, will confi upon lha oorooer by calling al hi office, N i atreet, cppoelt lb Park, Tu (JavrjoBATioM DiiX ." lbs) ! Academy of Music took place last night, an la all respect a splendid afftlr a decided 1'or Clly It"Tw, arc Tlilrd -i; IBM WEAK AXU DK8IUTATKD (HO I agtect raadtag tb adnrtlaement ef Dr. . headed "TelhaSlck and Afflicted," on tbe fol ftnlafapcr. It Ua inediatn wortay trial,! Kow wrraiK RftXra- or Au. CELEBRATED NOIStUiW 8CW1N0 Mi Sanaa upwartltufi Broadway, N, I WWII I KjriSW WUAT TO DO WTTII leaaaotgDveraum. Learn bow to direct are endterortn ta Mrfrais hlm. lis). .i.M cblt-f, via ear. That rare nsu which Insd. mischk vranta dbotteo. and a know led of RiarbacbUlnad by a Vbreuoloxlcal tlxancil ivsisaa vvaue, no. Bos tiroaasay, Birtairxat BAuaAiirel mat nn (Thenday) evening, al the China Arcade, 1 at. unaiklvn. Ths sand, ts hm nl rm -kin. MM arts, and fancy articles In treat vartdrj is ovtsnr sss iwiii miuia van, xiaas wane wsma i us Rooaa an nrsi eiaaa, ana anureing I orportunit to buyer to replenish tltalratock, 1 .cuius stMi DsAuruay evening. 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