Newspaper of The Sun, January 18, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The Sun dated January 18, 1861 Page 3
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v -n MAJUUAOKS. DEATHS. BITtL-b rJrooMrn. en Wldnwlif evening, Jul. TOn, John Patriae; Ml. son ef Moon and Uleaitail, ateed 8 reare, 10 aiootbo and 11 daya. Hie reoaolna wall to kkn lo rMatbnsh Cemetery far Interment on I rlday afternoon, lmh tort, at t o'clock, froen the reetdenoe of his parent oor. of Hudson era, mod Ftynaowtli at The frlenda and oeqiiiMitanoal of (he family an tvwrwctfully Invited to attand. SI BBJtfNAN-In Brooklyn, on Thnndar, Jin. ITth, of dtim of the heart, Cornet! oa IVrnnan, aon of Thomaf and Catharine Breoiwn, aged 14 yeara, 11 rnotuha and IB daya. Tha relativee and frlenda of the family ara roaiai4- fully Invited ta attend tbe fnnerei. on Bituraar alter- ems, at I1 o'clock, (no tha resilience of Ma urenta, 9 Amity el. Ula reenoine win pa tonen w f leiouenior Interment, ll S Amity at. Ilia recaaine wlU to taken to I letb Bl'RtlER-On Wednesday. Jan. llith, of efflMimp tion, Albert llurreT, In Ue3J Tier of hit ana. Tba lativee and frlenda of tha family, alM tha mem tiers of Company O, together vita tha ornerre and prl walra of the eXh rbigt., (In ettiaens' drees,, ara rerpeot. fally Invited to attend tha tunenl. on Friday after. poon, 13th tfiet, at 1 o'clock, from hte late residence, lift Pofwrthet. Ilia remains will to taken tol'rpnwe Hills for Intenneot. Philadelphia and Biltuuore papirg pleoooeoey, lJ BTJRR-Oa Thursday, Jan. lTlh, Mr. George W. FJurr, ogedll years, e months aod H dan. Tha relatives and frlenda of tba family ara rasMoot. fully Invited to attend tha funeral, on Sundae after noon, at 1 o'clock, from hla late residence. 3l lloerck at. till remains will ho taken to Evergreen! Cemetery far atannant, 81 BAIIJLKY-On tha l!Wh Inrt, at St Court at, Brooklyn, Miry Lienor Hud. wlfa of Jokn llilatey. The relallrea and frlendi of tha familr ara reepeet fullf Invited to attend tha funeral, on Monday alter noon, diet In, at I e'elork.ln tha Ret rmed Dutch Church, Joralemon at. In tlie rear of toe tit Hall. Brooklyn, without further Invitation. M CARINtm Thursday, Jan. 17th, John Carlo, In tba taHhyeerof tie are. The relativee erd friend! of tha famtlr are respect fully inrltcd to attend tha funeral, on rtnturdar after noon, lath Inst, at o'clock, from hla late neldenoe, Te Trinity llaoa, U OR0)RAN-n tha ltth Inat, Jinna Crenran,ln the and rear of hla aas, 1 be fiienda of tha lamllr an ropecthitlr Invited to attend the funeral, u Baturdar afternouu, at 1 o'dork, ireui hla Ula reaiJeuoa, il Uauroa it. li t.KOMHIl K On Thuredar. Jan. lTtlu of water oa Ut brain, Italia, tha aulr oauhtr i WiUlaia anl a.llen Crnnotme, acixl a veare and 19 dar ndoi tna lami v are rtniuu uctfull Invited to atta'nd tlie tutnrl. thu (t 'rltav) nivrnnom at o'clock prrcleelr, from tko f eddsnoc of her parcata, HOT Wcet tub et 1 IK)RAN -On Tl iindnr. Jan. ITth, Marr rtleibHh Porto, the yvnne(t danthter ol Jlm au I t.lUMlwth trati, flkca a ninnina ana 11 aae. 'J be frienda and relativea of tha familr are rerpfct fullr Invited lo attend the funeral.on Hatunlar aller noon, et 1 o'clock, from isi l'carl at, N. V. lo KA1KI llll.l -m the mornlna of tho ITth Inat, Mra. t.twnh Valchtld, tnthoT-ldrearof hereao. The relativee and frtndor the faoitlyara reapoct full Invltfd t attend the funeral lerrtfee. at the rcl of her n In-law, Daniel lu), 1H1 Weet 414 at. thU (I rklar) creulnit, at H o'clock, without ftirtlicr lutlrc. lt) (lAI.nRAITlI -fin Jan. ITth, of Inflammation of tha tiowela. William T. Oelhrallh, tnunaeet aon of rrrda rtck and Harriet Oalhralth, aed o month and 11 the frlenda of the familr are reapeotfullf Invited to attend the ftiuernl, at a cvlock. trim the re,l letiee of Ma parent, cor. of South bill and 11th ate, WUIIama burih. 1! ur.KKrt'- On Wcdnoaday, after a Jiort-anJ terere Uiiuva, Mim rjnma Amelia, roiinoeet ilaariiterof John andtxtliariuelttrkvu, aited 13 ian,t ntoathi and I The and Maudaof lha familr are rwpect- rullf jnvlted to attend lha funeral, on umi aihr. tHNHt, at t oi.iek, from the rUunea of her p irenta. i!l ruurtbet. Ilrt remalna will b'tAken ti(lrenood for Intarnu lit. llahway (N. J J ppon pkaae cop, 1J 1HI80N -On Thundtr, Jan. 17th, John Qlbaon, cM- ot ron of WILIain and Jernle UihMii. Nettoeof tha luii rml will be glveu tn-mnrrow. IS) 1IAIX.TT-At Aatnrla, Jan. loth, MUe Cbarlt at. . The relttlrm and fricn.! of the f.iml!r ara roap.-ri- I A.ll 1 1. .4.... Ik, ......,1 ,.. I. Mil, b.I.V- noon, l-h Inat, at o'clock. Htium.T Mirtjnno la ivet fulton Market allp at 1 o'clock, 1. M. II K1NOXI.F.V In Ihli clt, on Wrdnevlar, Jan. ICth, after a luiterlaf lllueea, William Kluttaler, acd U 111 relativee and frlenda of the familr are rcepect, fall Invited to attend tha fuueral, thb (frldairl alter noon, Hlli tuftt, at lt o'clock, (rum ha late reaMeneo, 1 18H 1 hlrd arc Hla remalna wlU bo Interred Ln Gr. 11 rool 1M KROSP.-ln thia cltr. n WelnnUar, Jan. loth, Ilarcareta Krone, wlfa of William Krouj, agM II ) tt. 1 mouth and 11 aire, .,,., . The relatlrea and frlenda of tha familr are rcip-ct-fullf Invited to attend tha funeral, ttitad-'ridir) alter noon, 18th Lut, at t o'clock, from hir lata r4dauoe, I'll MajUm et. CalUornli papen pleaea oopp. Ill IIERKU'K -On Waduwadar eveflbig, Jat. 18th, Mr. IV. A. Mtrrtck. wUcof John Merrick, and duighterof tBelaUlianiclMurphr.uedaijroara. .,.,, Tha trien.U of tho lamllr ara riv-vi fnllr Invited to ktteud tha funeral, thla (t'rtdar) afternoon, lHh, at t o'clock, from her lata reeidencc, 28 North 3d at, Wll, lUmelmrih, L. I. lvl UOLR-rhiddenlr, on Wennoxlaf, 10th Inat, lira. Hu nan Mole. In the vttth rear of her ago. lit relativee and frlenda of the darewed, and a!o thoee of her brother, Kranota fUptlet, I , of N j K rhelle, ara rcinrated to attend her funeral, en Krldir nflrriioon. 13th tu t, at 3 o'clock, tho retlleuoeof Mr lplrar'itni,rV)uthTutat,brooklrn, K.II. 13 J MLlelY In I'molvlrn, Jnn 10, of eoueurnptton, Merraret, wife of Matthew Mollor, native of Mnlll far, Couutv Wratmeatb, Inland, In tlie S Its rear of tier age 'ihalxlenuaof the family, and thereof hor hrnthen, AtA'tony and Patrick Connor, and brit'ier-lii4aw, Wm Wallior, era rcapecLfuUr Invited to attent the f mcMt. on 1 rldar aftomnnn. lHh Inat, at M o'clock, from her late reeldcnee, front rt, near.17. without further In vitation lkr n malna wll! la Intrrr d In tha Cem.lrrr ol tha lioly (.rons llatbuah. fct. Louie piporj pleaea copy. , 31 MedT.K Oo Jin. IT, of ooaanmptlon, Jamna MoQee, nerd tl year. Hie frlenda and ao'iiauitanria. and ttinee of hl i'iinr Mra Kllattiraham, ere rxpecUul y Inntid to a' tend tuefuiitraLtliU (trhlay) altenioou, at 1 o'clock, from liia UUirieMi'ucu.v'i Hammond at, without farther I11- ttatlon. 1W McARPLK -On Jin. ITth, John Mn rdlo, onlr aon of l'enirrd ai.d lliidgit McArdla, a -ri it) care, if moutlu andtMdjya The linirrel will tika place thU(Frllr) aflernoon, et 4JS u'ekek, from the reeldeiiee nf hie pirenU, T7ii Tooth ave. Thu frlenda of the familr. and thoee of hla kiothcra,areriipeitfuUylnrited toattrnd. KM Mr.WKIKK-At lliidaon Cltr, on Wednamltr, Jtu' ll.t'i, Mra. Kachli Newklrk, In tha I7tll rear of her ago. The rrlatlvi and trieudaof tho family are reepect TlUy Invited hi attend tha funeral, thla tl'rlday) elVr nonn, at 1 o'c'ock, troiu tha reeldonoe of hur aoa,tlar ret Nee kirk, and at i o'olot k troiu tho Nelnrined Ihiti li Church at Ikrgcu, whan the earvlcei will be ren dered, lei OllMONnIn Brooklyn, on 'vTednaadar erenlng, Jan. loth, alter a aliort and aever UIiiom, Mr. Jauiea Oruioiul, a uatira of lUllyduif, farlah of LUinMa, Co. "Waterford, Ireland, aged 13 yeira. TKeiiuleacat In pace Hla fi lcndis and thoee of the family, and of hla none, Jemea and UiohaeL ara reepoctlully Invited ti attend tha fnnera1, t hte (r'rldey) ailernnont at tl o'clock, Irrnn Lie late Navy et, near liehjilb avn. l.V) )WKNH-(ln Wedntwliy, Jan. loth, Catharine, tha to loved wife of William 0ena, a tiativaof the I'arleh of l,ranerd. County Longford, Irulaud, In tha jtb year IKrfrleod4 and aenialntaneea, and thnee of her bro tbcre. John, llirnard and Tatriek It'fnoldi, arenvpx-t. ully tnvlti d 1 1 atund tha fuuerel. on tri-lor afteri oon, lftfi diet, at i o'clock prvcUetv. from U Kv t ith , bet. Id and 8.1 et re Her remalna a 111 be takua ) Cil rery t'enieterf for Interment, 8J 1'KRiALl-m Tliunday mornlof, Jin. ITth, after a llngi ring lllnen, which ahe bore with Chrlitlau fottV Vide, Olltr Coram, relict of the litoAblJah l'cirjill, aredTlyenri.Omonthiand&dii'a. Tha relatlvia and frlonda of tha family ara reapect fullylnviWdU attend tba funeral eervliwa, at the rueU tlenoe of bar eon, AMJeh I'eareaU, iU Lllaabeth it, thla fKridar) afternoon, al o'clock. Her remalna a HI ha taken to Kie, Wratchteter Co., tr Interment. Ittoelu ton (Cat.) aud Detroit (Mkh.) piptn il:oaa copy. Ms POUT At Jenay City, on Tburalar, Jan. ITth Albert A. Poet, aged V) eere. 4 moutht au I lo dari. 1 na relatlvra lao fncnaa 01 toe lamuy are ronvacuiiiiy luvlted to attend the funeral, thli (I rldajr) afternoon, at II o'clock, from hla lata raaldenoe, HIM Urov at, with out further In rltstlon. Ilia remalna will be taken to Pat rnoa on Saturday niornlng for Inteniiei.t. 131 QriNN-On Jan. 16th, William Qulnn. a natlraof rlw ParUu of (Jrinard, County Lougtori, Irelaud, ,god 71 reara. Ilia frlenda and ac'itelnUneee are reap vtf ally Inrited to attend tha funeral, thla (rrldit) alteruooa, altf a o'clock, from hliUU realdence, 1-fi Ka-t tialet. Hla rtinalnaaiU to taken to Calrary Cemetery for Inter cnetit. Ill READY-On Jan. ITth, Klioo Beady, aied It f eara. Uer frienda are r lepectfully lot itrd to a'Uwid her fune ral, on Saturday eftei noon, lrtta lint, at I o'clock, Irona bar Ut realdenoa, 1 Greenwich rt. 1& KOONKY-tin Wedneeday, Jan. Id, Thmua Roonay, from tha Pariah of lKamaxd, Co. ftllgo, Ireland, in tha 4VHh year of hli age. .,.. Tha friendi and aeiaalntanora of tba family are ra apecttully Invited to attend the fuii'ral, oa Prllsy fternoou, 14th Lud, at 1 o'clock, from ula lata reeldenee, twUaztiret, W 8MITH-)u Thnraday.Jan. lTte,rJrick 8mltu,of Clarelieu, County 1 ipperarr, Ireland, aged 4A yore, Tba funetal will take place thief frUay) aftornooo, at 8 o'clock, from hie lite reeldauce, aor. North Id aud Mk tla, WlUlanuburgh. Ula Irleuoe an Invited to at tend. 151 TODD On Wedneedar, Jan. loth, after a long and aevare ItlmecMir Todd, wife of J amoa Todd, In tba artth rear of lu rage. ...... Tha frlenda end aonualntaneea of tha family, and bna of bet brother, ueu Mulvauy. ara riwojotf illy Invited to attend the funeral, thuirrlday) atlernooo, at I e'clnek, from her lata reeldenee, 0a York at, llrook. lya. Her remalna will to taken for lutomwnt to tha Cemetery of tto Holy Croea, natbuah. lot WrniCT-Oi Tueaoay morning, Jan. lbth. Loula TVtcher, onng4 aon of William IL and laepliena Wltbey, b WaetHUtbat. calllomia and rnuaaeuinia W. OBOCEBICS. JUST ARRIVED 500 DAKRELH II EST aalt berrlnga, price 89 to M Ojprr barrel i tr ahad, Bayfcrook, No. 1, prioo 8o par half barrel I l.iaM Kjudi fih, Limi boiee amoked hirrlngi, 40 cinti par g. For aate by MLLauN WKLLB A CO, HI fUy atnat. Jalsl,lM qnn BABUELS SWEET CIDER, TRICE O J J$Z to per barrel I vlua. ar, j to $3 par bar. roll ljbairoUipl-twteri.ui ,Uv-t b.rrulj n pouuoi meeL 4ml cana lalmou, ipia i, l'l pounda, 41 15 pwoau. t'ucialeby NU40N vV:ailrl lery trwt. Jal J-141 Dnf DARREIN RES T NO. 1 MACKKJtKLi -OUw efloUrntLahhenib,, tllh.rNjCUo'uli, lka Ontario autedt 4JbairelaeeUi jai barrela email nsd loDluei i FH mil uarr ,. ei .o, .lew ror aau1 and toniuee l half bait u acd -h, ,iew For aalg liy KhLfiOS U.1WUUlW,HVfa, nui'pl I rAJTGl. "XlfTIAIXBONE FBAMES WAI.TED TO VV lvitaraa-tdlmreTlla-mea-l'AVfcaiwiia'eteeja framea waated.for whlc'j wood vnora glvaiihy awplrtaf at f , li. i'tUIXIl'a'i Mo. ft Orand rua, !. l an M Y-tIURLESTO IIAB0OR AND PORT. V one she.. Barantkah rtv.T, PmevioU IKr, aid Key Went. eMeBeat.lTwm tha C. rry mirw; e.i; HBUP IX W JMLTl'-BHUtX. AOKNTS WAHTRD AORNTS WITH A capital of from 1 to tS a aeU a no patent aitJola oaed In ever meroantUa bouaa, and emee apnta make fraaa tfl to SO a dar clear vroAt. Pop aartlenlar. anl to or addrerj t. U. V8BOaU4C COV Maiden Uaa, N.Y. A0ENT8 WANTED MEN AND DOTS . to eall t'nlon hlch ni to made $1 tijnrerdar. Apple at MAJIVLTb, 1U Uroadrar, up HKLP WANTED-CLERK IVR A Sterner, clerk rer a irnrerr, 1 barkeeper, portere, I ai frera men, 1 bora for trader, 4 atria to California and iirrpe, time keener In a aa mill, n ratal ln ri Fumee. Applf at I Chatham dquara. N. U. 81x man tWateanierr, n TITACHINIST WANTED A (H)I) WORK 11 J. man; one who la a perfect maeeer f hia lathe and ran acoomoiodaU hlnuelf U anr kind of lithe verk, eta And cmnlm ment K !!! iim!,i, ltk rrfie,iuA. If 1. Liii-ii.ti, nor nit gnn amoa. ........ A- . " i ." ri -; :-". Nona need eppir bnl 4 food and quick band. 10 M17TM. KOOFER9-WANTED THIS Morn Inr, four metal rnofcraj none but tha b t workm 'n need arplr. In'inlrc at 191 Seventh are, tt TJAUTNEU WANTED TO MANUFAC A. tore coal oil fft per cent, abeam tore coal oil tfi per cent dpeaoar than ever. Ptre leum, and everr kind of raw ell mtde br the Inventor. elthrutrifTenalva odor, pnra and clean, With a null ripuii will maia a largo proof, r,, tl J Centra et U. PAPI'BY, lalS41"6 CKIItT HANDS-WANTED A FEW HOYS --J a ho nnder-tnnd makln knotted and worm nklrts j ill Ond rteadrompkirtnentat laacbambenrt,94 Moor. I rarererarerererjrerererarearare.rjwairaw.Mrearea i:l PI.O YnrT-FemKlrii. BOTTI.EILS WANTED-1 OR J (JIKI.S A0 cnrtomeil to hnttttnff plckleir none otttera need aitptr tollKI)AlMKAU)W4JKKr.MlAlUl U.iTl.rH 11 PEMAI.E SERVANTS WANTKD TEN - gr4 rltuatloni now readr and aovd ware 1 alv clrla UUIr landed, wanted Iraraediatelr In rol nml Ilea. Iniulre at tha Iatic laetltuto, where aond plarea are alvara n car aame da, at Hi Ucrrntli ,t. r ir. of Mhava. j.ns-iu HOUSEWORK WANTED, A lo houeework In a private lamlly, taillon ave llrooklyn. OIKI, TO ifiolraet Y6 tli nOUSEWORK-A RII'ECTAIII.K (1KR man girl la ut.-d at 'iH Navy et., Ilmoklyn, to do tha houeework of a email family) liberal waga alU be paid to a cjod girl. 4 TTOITSKWORK-WANTED, A GIRL TO D A a icrii r.l honwwork In a print" famdr 1 nm.t U a I rooilwaelraidlroner. Apply at liiu Wa4 ilth .1, bet, I TUi aud oth ar.e. 43 1 CJOUSUWORK-W A N T i: D A GOOD Anftm ! ta wi.ler aid Irolier, and plain cook. In tllCBl(e tlllTITtr'ntat.ainJ naiatfruir? Anii InratkaTtllrMi iietr vtritluaroeMl tittutiou uii ft camtirttbl horn". by t) plxInfC 1M Fon th nt. ) 1 lor.SEWOKK-WANl KI) A KKAPKCTA. a-a hie grl to no gemwal houeewerk: muet hei good fler- Waaler aud b-imr, audunjonnand plain eooklni rutand plain cooking. niu ITotivtant prelemM llolnkef, fromiuUUH. Apply i Uioomtield Place, 11 CALUSWOMAN WANTED A 01 Rt. TO J attitid a bakery, one that unloretandi tha buel neei and ran rive the beet cltr referenoe from her Uet pace a-to honesty end capability. Apply at U1LD1C11-LhI.Vh-rJlakrr),i:riAve.G. W SALESWOMAN WANTED A (IIRL TO alii ml In a cigar rtre. A poly et To llloeiker at. JaiiriJa CIIIUT HANDS WANTED - ON LOW ' pr'e-d work. Apply to p. A . LKWI1 ft lliw, Jaliri'JJ VEST MAKINO WANTED, 2 YOUNO alrla to learn eel M tklng 1 the bliee li nrlvate 1 no cowing machine! ( ran utop In the home while learo- lug. Apply Ut3 Columbia at, llrooklyn loht xmii roimo. ifANK HOOK IX)ST ON SATURDAY t rvi-nlnir. Jannarr ltth. a Itink Itonk. No. & rjl. Anyenoretiir ilng theeame to 140 Weet Broadway. wW bj rewarded and no uueetlona asked. 1 BANK HOOK, NO. l70.'J6r. LOST-IN gHng from corn of Grand et and Itoeery totOI it, cor 8d are. The tinder will be thankfully rewarded, hv leaving it at it rait i.'d it, cor. 3d aveuue, or at tha Uowery rtavlnga liairk, IT DOO FOUND SETTER SLUT THE Hwr can havetl eeame, by preTlng tropwte and pvhig npinam. 84 Ibtiry it. id DfH! FOUND-ON TIIK I.TTH tNST., A largo black and while NewfonnlUnd dog t the owner cau have htm br itrovlng pnperty ami paring i ip, tjiee. A ppty at Uto fruoery etore, cor. of X icdotiifal aud CUaritimit. J GOAT FOUND-CAME TO TIIK PRE niUee on the litli, a dark moiled float. Any p -rn Dating einenaea aud froving properte, can have the Same by calling ou WILLIAM SCILLY, cor BTth t. audUhave. JallrllT HEIIT.R FOUND-CAME TO TIIK PRE rmititf Ilnifrr: nor bt. in Inn ripnii nd prnvln iroprrtf run havo th. tMitf vr rniiiUR OU ! i our t-ikv.ii trvr, vr mwnn ft,. ftud FlLul.liif tt rt llrouktja. J -17 2n)S PA1.CKL FOUNO-! A DUT DOCK i etaife, on 1 uiwday aft, rnooit, lnth luet . bet. Kulton t andreaith lerrv. In JtroAdway, a pircel eoralnlng I idliw wiring arpinl. ITie own roan have the eame by ihwrililng prnpertcand piving ftir thli alrrrtlm. ment. t'.lleot llAKLlJttlMVlll, H. Arenuu A.cor. of loth at, top Hour. WATCH IX)ST-M REWARD LOST Nov. l?th, l", a illvcr watch, Groacloydi and Olnac, In Irle, maki n. No fWi. 1 lie above rewird will le- rilj en Iti In lug left with tlie Ker. I.KI I. II. Mo fA) , liipn-ei llUhs L. I. Apply at entrance of C pri Hllldmihry, Jald4giViu C.i:,ti:iCAIi IIIJHIHHra. JJAILNL'SIS' A11ERICAN MUSEOU- FBIPAY. JAN. M, at THROt'OII TUB TTKKK. ONK LtKMIlRKOt' Till: AKIUl'AS 8tVOM. A KAt'tlK, At'lMllS A .IMIIK), AUlrrK.NlX1, A!l rtl'dllMAN. Thrr 111 he on rihlbltlen at all bonra, and at Intervale give thrlrWAK and fKririVK IIANCKe) and HuNIJd, flriMiiillnbKleiHof WIIJl lir.Ai! in ana iiiKiin. I.ArriiY lllTDNKliF TIIK AZTIX1 CIlll.HttK. MlelMlK IIAWKflN. Ibe donhb-voloed HlngiT TIIK IJVI.NII WHAT lit ITf THIRTY MUNdrtTt rStKJt, AQI'AHIAI, (1AKDKN. LIVINIt IIAHrY FAMILY, I.KI ,,.v,.,r IViid A. , Illll,linil1li,l.l, 1fAlA.UUA(ln, "1 Admlmlon ! eta. Children under tea, is eta. TJUOOKLYN ACADEMY OF MUSIC J J MR JOHN t). IIAKF.Y deliver hla flret liTture In Uroekli n, at the Aeademy ontharuWeetof ,I0RqK TAlftMfJi vir.WKKrRlfiroRYguiUFxrra, liy meani of which be will practically Itinerate hi. won riful avrtem and demonitrete hla ability to enhJugaU the lnt unmanageable koriea wblah en ba projuoid. Admhelon bll orate; Keeervod aaata, $ 1. 1 lie gala of ticket 111 commence on riaturdae morr. log, January lrtk, at tlw box office of tho Aeademy. 143 QHEAP AND REUADLG HAIR DYE I All who are troubled with red or ever hair and wtah te have thera changed to either IILACK or llltUWH, ahould not neglect getting a bog of BliltdT It CO.'S. DtUUTAIiLK 1UIB DYK, which la eold al tha extremely low prloe of TWENTT-riVE CKJfTa, and wirranted to ba equal. If Dot better, Uaa any hljh prlondIra now in uaa, Thla Dye la aaanfaotured and for eale, whaleaala or rrUU, at 40 South Beoond at, WUUamenurh, wkcra all ardere will be pnnotually attended to. It can aleo be had at the following plaoea: Ngw Ynlt -W rjghth are: oor Uroadway aad With et, oor Allen and Btautou eta: 443 Orand aL cor llonaton it and ava I); and 479 breonJ ava, oor tutii rt: aleo at 413 llndaon at, and Ire Blith ar. lleooat.r-eo Coijrt it, 01 Fultoo t. and at tlie oor MrrUe ava and Uarlftk. Wiixiana rcam cor South Oth and oth eta, and SO Orand eei oor Bmth Oth and Ttb, and oor south Beoond and NlnUi gta, aad by Urugglita generally. CAVE YOUR MONEY "ECONOMY IS kj Health llnl dnltlV bdVl a Dl DllV Of rubber ibora; old enee are made new for one iiuarter of the monoy br Joint B. MeUUMO, 1U Uowery., lok out artlxklfalgn. JalJ 5-118 HOAKI AO BOOHS. BOARDING TWO YOUNO LADIES OR ta o gentlemen, oan ba accommodated wtth hoard la a prlTtU Aurrlean family, by applying 100 Suffolk et, bet, Wrlnitoo and Uelanoay, M BOARDINO A IEW . RESrEOTAIlLE Tonng teen ean ba aooomnvidatod wtth goad board ndDleaeint noma, alio a gentleman and We wife, al lMiaMiTthet,bellitaiKfdavca. )al8i4aall T10ARDINO-. LADIES CAN BE ACCOM Dmodated with board and a room to themielvea: aaara. etrraeei that work at home preferred, aa tha lady renulree Uiem mora foe company than proUt; Urmi lie tj t. 4 Jamra at. Ja VW BOARDINO-AT 5TUOM PSON ST.. GOOD hoard, plauaat ronraa, and elnnla bode, 83 week I a'aeareorjifiramanandhlawtm. Mealaalwara ready at tha Una. Doat pay 8t aa4 & a week, when yea vr cm get ae good for jalSWac-U BOARD niiO-GBACAT BEDUCTIOX IN lajOCaWiUIiww with xlJOt board M (9 fJ ivk.ErnMfffrlM $D UdV from ai ta, for eomfoit good Uvtawf and eKaapooaa. tnu baaa 'vli' ail otbara, a warm parlor wttk iHaaa. Watohmia HrWHt,adm41iaaUaa, 44 Lbpaoard U nmt Hmkdwari JaU M'aclOi nOAEDING DOWN TOWN A FEW alnrrle Al arntlramn nsnbeeejMinimoililiid w-tlh rood timrd lUrenna can be innmmodell wtth euil rootne. be sDutrtaa at BlMi Pea. and pleaeuit roome, by appiytaa at KM rear! et 1 terms navwaabki, Jal 14 FURNISHED BOOM TO LKT-A PUaaaut furnhhed ream, reaeanahla terma, wtth cooking stove and Crotoa water, awrubls for a man and wire, or one or te young im,m oreeetlon te two yonag ladles Tf ai WmWLmwfwmViWW9mfm9kwjwrW Wsf VWf IHVWe) PVUXJCATlOItS. Ste. NOTOEK DOUBLE FASHiOS TLATB la thla not etlll arwttteif We mean the faehlon-plate. Our lady folka all aayttkv In deenlte of Ue tlmea. we enntmna there cipeneleo putea, area will cootlnne them. The preej and eur an hem then are enthodaetle In then pralee. We know that nothing of fhla kind hae ever be fore neen anemraeo in rTanoa, r.ngiatMi. or America, and II remained for OODrY lo perfect fMhlon-platee for tha ladlee of America. Theee faihlnno ara at leaet alt tlmea more beectlral than the eommon two figure fah lone, and ten timee mora cipaualva, I or eale hv all uie oi dealera. 134 V QOD SAVE OUR NOBLE UNtON." T1II8 rplrlt etbing new Rong (with pianoforte arrampa, nlmenti, dedicated lo the rlevonth rbwlment. New York f ute Miima, appean In the flot SKIIDLIi Joirn h No. ltl thU .V NoV ready, at all tha newa rtoraa. PrioeTUK&i: CENTO. HE EQUATORIAL Of AfltlCA. MOUNTAINS THE highly lot. reeling lecture on the above euhleet, lately delivered bifore the New York GivgriptU'el !r rht), by the celebrated trench e rpior-r, M P. IMt'hi. IUn,lnefoandufuUln the HOUHFJIilU) JOI'K NAL(Nc. IS) thl, wiv.k. FUported rapraeely for UiU paper. Prli-eTHRtKt'rNTH. Publlahirr-A. HAKrillLL A CO., Six. i Nirlh Wil liam t. New York, alio UI mall lainnlu roulei of the HOI 8f;ilOI.I)JlA'R.NAL free, lo any adlreai In the country., HI AUTICI.K8 VOn 8.11,13. COW TOR SALE A NICK COW, YOUNO and In good eoudltion. Apply at t)3 Grand rt, Wll liameuurgh. jaUrlli) DOOS FOR SALE A SMALL SIATE AND tan terrier dog, a year old. la good tenipvred aod eefe for children! aleo a whltaaud black Nowl.nin.lUnd tut V moDtha old. Apply at 100 Mm et. JOII1 p M'KJKK. jalia-loe GOATS rX)R SALK NOTICK-THR SUB ectilwr line for ale three fnwh milking goati, will be eold rlieen luitire foot of both it, K, K, trime hoaie. jalllflun Jiai'JS rOR BALK FIVE HORSES, among,! tliem li two p?i rful truck or holetlna e. la handibUh. and faet traveler.. Pile .) &Z2$nSivX!t 14 liandaT prlc i $T!, all' p?. atstiix.t oAaly r ' ' and teorplendld cart horw Id handa, 6 and it nan ia 1 alio a ipienuiu rrev piny warrant -d aound and kind. An. yard, no ir Canal. jaltl'iui HOUNK FOR SALE A HANDSOME CAN adUn Man, 1 yean old, 1JV handi hlth.tnul built: alw a litit her crt and harueee, aleo a art of c irt har. nccwlilho eold togithrr or eeprate. Ininlre Hi Pourtbatri4t, near Grove. JnHi'lM K'tNDLINU WOOD AT 20 CIS.. WHEN ten or mom bniiw are ordered i oak and plue by tha load, eblth, it dcetred, will beaaenl, oreawM aid ipht at email coat, at Yard, fool r.a-tJd.t. Ad.lreeeC. coLUNd. iastrnAftwi'ns MAKE FOR HALE ONI'. (IREY MARE, IDS handiliUKVroan old, mlUtil.i for down IcaiiailUii ponr, 1 yer. old, 11 handi biih, eiiiuble fur auy lUht buUiiine, will tie eold hep. Iiiiiilrolu the grocryi oor. Greenwich and liiu k itrcrU JaliriM CEW1.NO MACHINES FOR SALE-SINU rri genuine No. 1 and x, llowe'a, drover ai Hakera, loth, re. et verr low rvrlno. In perfect order, with anil auegee lor hat anil et guegeg lor hat and ahoe binding. All ktudi repaired, ni dice Ml rU doa. 1IM Un it, near Grand. J. P. MUiilth Jail 3'lli SEWINO MACHINK-SINGER'S, Wheeler A Wlleon, Grover A llakar'e, new and aeooudband. ai reniioeii prieea. nom on pan parnienti rentoa, wltn privlleee to buy. Marhinee bought, exchanged audra palrwl by C A. DLUG1N, Jt Uroadway, room I. dell W11G SlAOOl" FOR SALE ! TONS NOW I.Y Ing In Catharine Market Hpi prloe 1K) ,ald ahv p la only two ) ran old, wrll found, aud li a feet aider t draa a fH feet water wouid make a liloe raeht. For further pArtloulara Inoulra eu boerd, of Al.r.X., Uyeter Boo, No. 1 ullvor Slip. jalfj ol H STONE FOR SALE 300 000 TON DOCK IHene for eale. Apply to MlCUAtXTKKU'Y. let avenue awl (Ad it. all WlU SLKK1118, CAUK1A(.FS, JIOK.KS, IIAIU dm rfllii and rohm foe mIa. Th ltrr4 4tok la tha rltv ot rliiathtii and w.ttoua ot all kitidi. ond t Immim. imnoflobr.,lM fulton aTnouN and l' Nivln.t, Divoabn a-ttO'lII 'PINNKKS AND I)OVKUS-Tk) UOXK -i- MltrhtlvdamMMlrtiaiwoal und rokatla and roof. Inn vUte. ltv.J, 14-wslO aiid IX lor mIh rrr tHp br A. Ari'UOMbUli ii CtU tt Wat r -t. Jalf ri'A 1VAG0NS-AIT' KINDS OK nUSINESI V V airoua eonnUntlr on hand m mtvd.i lo order i hert t'Trrf mtlcU U airaatid to ba aa re prnwutad I alvi ome a -ootid hand waiptM In f.y frdr. Yoti will And thU it I i Mt m farorli1r. a unr that can ba fouod. Hlt-AlU'ri Wmou i'actr, tWd t,l.t Hnia.Ua and Mh avrnnt.. JaH S'loA 500 nARKKIdS OP TKUIAM FAttM TriPDla nflnfwl lnnln lJt r. ftN barrela of elder rlnrcar, and NK hamla of I'elham twwdllntr potar torn, warmnti-d tokfpln anclliuato. or uii, ai trva A (ta or i rxia uuiiaintf Lmana ai. JaD S-iac'lU $50 N EW SEWINO MACH1NK. $50 VOr.l.rfl PATKNT MAIIIINR M Ktcl UlTltlw Hill H. rPfllNOfl AMI MllROIIIhRIKW.l'hHI'BCTf.Y. Wheeler 4 W lleon-a, llmver Al lllkera, Ijldd, Web. itir A t'o.'e, I. M Hlnuar'e. and all other aewliig niichliiw,tigh new and aronnd hand for eale very clieap, f gr buieecoiidkandawiwlng nachlno! wanted. IHlVce, fc"fl llroadaay, N. If. ui vwnt l. i. towbLky. IlUNIr.KH CIIAKCKS. BUTCHER SHOP FOR SALE ClIEAr, AJ tlie owner hae no uie for It. In nitre on the premi um, at Hiith it, bet ava J and Us mnet be eold. II BUTCHERS' MARKET FOR 8ALE-IN a leading thoroughfare of Itrooklyn, near Fulton ait a.tlefaetory rraaoni for lolling, r or partloulan adilreee A. Hllrooklynl'.U. Jail n4 COFFEE AND CAKE SALOON FOR SALE A rcry dealrable coffee and aake aaloun. In tlie meet freifitctited part of Itroedway, being an old and well-eetabllehed atand for the lait 13 yeari, doing a good In ilrree. Kcainn fur eelllng -the preeent owner cannot a'tend lo It, aa ha haa ether iHiilnoa. No agenU need apply. Apply la the drugetore eor.of Keeeg and lie l.uoeyrU. JaUriW MILK ROUTE, HORSE, WAOON, Hirne, Ac, for aala. Iaitilrg5dLaxlagtouave,from 1 to 8 P.M. jariS'lW NEW YORKERS-CAN MAKR &10HRT Ua and woantrttv old and foona. In a itatabla maniwr without la km laaMt tatorfuiiiia with othnr btii-liua. Addrraa A. 3L V. aUUtm A- To-l OilteA N. V. auclonliif one out aUmp w Ith nama aud reaMane" No aapltal rtj-iulrod, JaiV ri03 STAND FOR BALE VERY CIIKAP-A Bland wrll alaptad for eofftt orat ra, or fruit, or an offW or i tora room oa a dock App) ttiia da at 13.M r raarmit, n. i. ii $150 -A GOOD ACTIVE MAN TO take full charge of a bntter and fruit etore. doing a line oaah trads good apartmenta tor a famll) tothe rlghttman will give an Intereit la thi bualiufcw and taju pah oaah. Apply on the premiere, 44J luda etreit. vo PKKSOnAJL. NOTICEH. TAKE NOTICE MY WIFE, MARY SCAN. LON. baring left my bod and board without provo cation, all pereoua are hereby eaittluriedagaliiat harbor ing or troetlng her on lur aoaonnLai 1 will par no debts olbireoutracUnf. JAMLd MCAtiliN. JannarylCih, !!. Jalt I mi BEAjL. E8TATK. CARMS FOR 8ALE CHEAP, AT THOMP- a. eon atatlnn, on tha L. L Eallriad. 41 mil"! from New YorkA Cue traot of eup Ttor farm and garden land, all gorid loam eotL really eulUrated, and productive, ror uie In iiuantluea to ault. at fin an acrei parmenU eaay, aod title Indisputable. K. A. UONUIS, i Cltr Hill Plaoa ud 14 Ontre at. ii Itao'lM TOIiKT. a PARTMENTS TO LET A PARLOR AND 1 bedroom en flret Aoor. aad front bawment, at 88 Plaeipple at, Urouklyn, near Mr, Heecheri chureh. APARTMENTS TO LET-CONSISTING: n. ef front and hack roonia, and te bed-roomi. Kent 81'l.ih (te a .mill geut.'ei family) No. KJ Hcauinul U alaitkeBrditoryroomaudl lied room.. Kent $0,. M. No, ItW 1st avenue. InnulraMo. Ill tat x it. JeU 3101 3L YJOUSE TO LET-THE UPPER PART a. A. of a Dwelling llooee. a of a Dwelling llooee. n good stand for Hoarders or m, neatir furnished. No. 1 Crosby at., ternu Saloon, neatly furnished. clieap. 11 TTOUSE TO LET IN 6th it., WILLIAMS. burib, eottem honee. ooutjelnlna 5 rooms, basement and evllar, gaa fixtures In home and water; full lot, root . vc,,., ee HAM..W w. ... a u ,, i. e... . !1S t alio Kd Boor, 4 rooms, fi 1 4 morns, 4 1 4 rooi 8 M. Inuulro at cotiiga, Itli it, UtTNorth sth s tbsta. "- JalJl'll zn noor, a rooms, f v a rooms, tvit roomik and 118 QTORE AKD DWELLING TO LET-Stor. O lnfrootan4dwUliloUt,lnMava. ln-ulrai.l Third are, aeegOdgt. T Nnrpirio, . nuaranleedte axil ae stated. Apply ew, hnsefjltegU RaM River, or te JACOU WIlSOS VftaSTSXT JaUa4ewln XLINE FOB LONDON THE FAVORITE paekHehlpSOL'TllAMrTON, Cant, Pratt, totes anavoUelitr etelnad ea aeosant of tha weather. wlU I olttvely tl en Betorday, Jan. Ilth. rorpaeasgw, as- AV7noif nOTICKrf. AUCTION HALK-MAON1FICRNT Hou. bold AnmRnre. thle dar. rrider. an v4nu .e aaytnJi-ava)eeeaeiipln; tt lmi eetock, ennakalng of iw . l-.-. -",r; t j - ."" t ., nn u. nwmiHiri Daans weuini walnut and parlor, eham. berejH dining room furalmre, chlaa, glaat, ellrerwere, table ntlrry, bedding, carpeting, pilntlnga, ornamenta, e Ateoetteoatr ecoortment baermenl and kitchen farnlture. Bll. SRIXAS, AUCTIONEER, a TU18 ETENlNfl. and atTP.M4 thera will to ld AT Alivnat, without "ricii recoRATn'r. cniNA tt.a ., , . , AND TOII.CT 8KTS and fancy artlolea, cnl and ground glaea, whiM granlla and earthen ware, . r3H.VMtPI.ATrn WARP, a general aamtment of vartona wane, at tba CtinCA. ARUADK, comer of AMantl and Canton et recti, Itmoklin. llnaekeeperiwln (nd thla a eeM opportnnlty la ra plrnleh their etoaka. Tni wool near ea i l at bnyera' own prloea. Jilllli'llS QEO. W. KEI.SKY, AUCTIONEFR-WILt, - ecu rrmar, iiin Jan. I IllU ftVtoa. Annldnl, n a pork parkUig eelahll Jwnent, con.trtlni In prt of boras wamn and hameee, plea tongnei and other meatis pork barrela, ceeka, beneliee, rleavrra, lard kittle, Ac Hale poeltlvw. Comer of Uroadway and lilh et, WlllUma. hurgk. lallHle'lli HENRT (IREEN, AUlTTR-flATURDAY, . . ..'a- lMh,etluMo, the auction itore, lift Wttllam etroet, e large lot of gmcerlea, chamegne wlnee, Ikinora and eegara. aim a lot of jeinrlry, lenoy goode, eioUJug, fun, booU auuva, gaiters Ac. II HENRT OREEN, AUCTIONKKR. STORK .. 1M William it, will U Thli Diy, at IDS o'clock, at the Ihtnham Ohadca, Dnnhnm Place, h,4e,n rlmilh Wb and South Ith eta, WlUUnuhurgh, the mmlern liouerhold furniture, etork and flitiirns togntlii'r with VI rV Choice end Velillt.le Aoll.w4l.m nt oil n,l..lln..a I. Jardlne, Woiiyi nnan, Cromble, A. V. WUIla and othen ntuH-e ena eeiuame eoiliicilon 01 oil pi of euiial c Irbrlly, ill r.ngllah punipa, fine I randli and other II mori, rtn, aim tkr. r. in r.nariuui lUTrini iata tp rvraau . yean leaau of prmlaia. lis) HENRY H. HERTS, JR., AVCTR-Wll.t, aril thli diy, January IHth, at II o'clock, at the raliwrooine No. fv line it ret, a largo lot of brandlee, wlnee, champagnea, II mora, eegara, Aoi ftli a lot of tablea, chain, ratp t klti lien liteiiilK de-ka, itovie, ptlie, eliow ca-ce, etiad,. gae Arturos copying prew. AwlgiM'e. leixuRa Hie,,eio. ir vnier 01 j. n. mi iij.i lot TAMF.S M, MILLER, AUCTIONEER VAl, al untile luiproml renl ertate on the llrtheet corner of Itrd ave,eii,i .Mh et ,minl4lng of lour luiuaiw aud lile, will tie euld br orj, r of the Hupreme tmrt for pir tttHwi among ttw lieire, und, r dlnvtlon of II. W Unlt INrlllN, retiree, at the Merrhaute' F.iohanee, on Krl dy, January 11, at It n clock, noon Apply to A. t UAhKW Na-an, or A. II. i'aPPLM, 4 Vme et. M. DOUOHTY, Al'CriONEER-WILI. aoll thle dai . Krldar. lnw o'cl.iek. at iilewonnn Nfi Naeiau ,1, a large aatortincut ef M'oood hand houee hold furniture. Caruotl. nil clotha anfe. elielr. tehl,. hurt aus a Mh t iniia, bodeUiada, hair inattraowe, feather btalr, iouiigi a, Aa jail lit' 14 1 MORTOAOK SAI.K, OK 3 Hlt.LtARD t.lili and aitnrre, , ;j y j-.m ,t , thli dar, al 1"H o'clock. II. W I A t.K, .Ir , And r, olllce. No. 4H1 Ninth ava. A. SlIlltt.KNd. Attorney for mortgagee. 8 PAWNBROKER'S MAI.FJOIIN MORTI MKR. will all, thla day, at IS F.vt Itrotdwar, cor. Catharine it a large and gem rat aatortmc nt of nien end women'! wearing appan I nf every riwcrlptlon. Aw Ityord.rofP. 1XLLAN, LflWrat Uroadway; and 1T VieetttVUiat. 8T s. . J. BOOART. AUCTIONEERS THIS I (ni. fti 10fa AVlork. ftt 4 HI t-'onrth .v. Infiaif.hU'ai Mir iioiw now iiirtiiTtins ronRiminn of nmhOptumr iKaa nt Adit, Irnrrmta, m-ittriitir4ji httlnl rn, pill", chftlri, t lot rlutlilus, boutu, pioturtw, tko. lJiwN j. J. CAKK, Coiurlftl.le. tt WM. WITTE1W, AITUTfOSKKK-VIM. thfll tlili Ur, tl V o'clock. t 4M i'nal U tlm Ainilbire, Au v4 . B-Aorf iimum. ftnoo.rpttks bll nl btut mniit oil rlotlm. hdrrtv.1, btd nil ixndiUiid, tt KftUvf Ith trwrr mbur .rttrU artnl n J nonM.rr ri . a ' . i. jf .-..'---- . .-. : : --. . WM, WOI.V, AUCTIONKKR, WlU. HKLL khU dr kt l'-'V o'clock, tht onntrriiti of Uw gtonarf ftnd llUor rt'tmcor ol I llMitin t 4 0ttMiMn)t of ipscnd)Tritixirclm unl wtlflits o4fft.ntJ. InR Otaks kcips l-'r puinpra, do. M inEDICIKH. 'POOIIIACHKI A. Who would aurJer with tha tooth tours H'ifT, r pain excruciating; Hutfi r agontatng torturei When an ittaraWTAiiiaooecvwemiy lie had for a atei.B ami UNiil OAMI'IHLL-a Mhrreal Toothache Urope ll rat re medy, Vnlif ufttf eiitf mo. Tnw Ir. for eele hy all druggleti. F. t'. I l.l.r) t'o, wbolnaale igonU, New York. )alt Mao'li't i . , OFFICIAL. AIVD IiEQAIa. TNTHE MATrKROKCONTfNUINO TIIK a, naa of tha oooirtm nl la name of I'llKLPU PODOB BCompany-tliyandl'innty of New York. The un ii-rrlgiu it, oontlniilng the uee of the oopartnerahlp name 01 I'liri.ltsinjlNir.ait ompany, ner-'uy oemiy ana lectare tliat the folkiwltii are the naroee and plaooa of abode of the p. name deal ng under lueh oopartnerehla nme,to elt llAMU, JAMMIn Llv, rpool, England, WILLIAM V.. IM1IH1F. JAMM HltHttJl, WILLIAM TVlJ.lalAlel Tit lrlFr, aflafiren D"Mr1t T8lfmBA u lu.tuix.1 I I-- la Vi II I lei UULd mm A ANtlitM Tt, rl'nraiU"l"l ' niUilJ a,iniljt aiii fiiviyril O. l'UKU'ltHlUKlAall In tho elty of Mew Koiki tliat their principal place i.f baelneaa ll the city of New York, and that they continue to have btutneei relitlone with fonlyn rouulrlei and that aald AN IN (1. rillXI'S HTllKlJl la admitted a member of aald eo piltnereVt' from till! dite. New York, .ftnuary let, ItOI. WM. K. UOIKJt, IIANIKI. .IAMM, per II, WILLIS .IAMM. Att'y, JAMU rl'I'OKKlt. W K IM)lH,f-,Jr,li. WII,IJiJAMrAANWN(.l'llKI.It! grOKKo. CllyaudUouiitr of New Vork.m llil the ninth day of January, onethoiieandelwlit liuudred and eirtr-oiie, More me eame WILLIAM K DOIMK, JAMrJI HIllKIH. WILLIAM K H1H1K. Junior, I) MILLLS and ANH'IN II. I'llrXIII irilK.I'H, ill known to me to ba liidlvlduali do acrllNid In and a ho executed tho forei'olng eurtlHcute, and wverillr aeknowle.lied that they executed the aame. Andthewld II. WlLLIa .IAMM alio aoknnw. leitg,.! lM.fore me that he executed the aama aa the act auldoedofllANlhL JAMrA aleo therein dewrlbwt. bvvlrtueofapoaerof attorney duly xefluted br tlie lain liAiir ijjAiir, onion iiwiwr in , . rroordial In the olhoe of the KegUt. r of the City and ln.ty of New York. Jylt.-f J. LArrivl, tiolary Public Jail I'll TANUARY M, lfil. A,.M.IHI.tenentof the IftHI.KV flAft LIU I IT COMPANY nltiiei'ttyaudCouui) ot now iora,iuoor periled rib. wli, 1X lo ontnpllaiioe with the reiulremeiiti of tho 12th seo tlon of the set entitled "An act to autiierlaothe forma tion of t.aa Light Oinipinles." paawd rrb. IDtb, HH we hinbl nuke thh our annual rep Jit: ... Amount of cil'llilrtock , fJWmmOO Amount acUially paid In. .. 84T '"M li AniountofriMlngdibta f.J HU 95 111 KK WAKLMAN, free.,7utgwKI ff JNll. 11. IIIUIWNINIL CHf and Connty ef New York, ec llurr Wakeinan, IVeeldmit, and Henry I'. Moflown, rlecrvtsry of " The llirlem lias Light Company, of the I Ity and County nf New York, aud Christian Zabrlakla, .Ir, and John li, rirowning. UlractoraofealdCoiiinaay. belug eev rn, depiMHi and ear, ana each for hliniolf rillv dulv iworn. dem sa) a, tint the foregoing la a full, true, and oorroet stite- mejit of the artatra ol me aald enmpinv, ancoruing to tne lent of his klioi lodge, lufonnatlou and bulU'f, and that Uiey iretliealioveneecrlljed olhovra, and awuoilty of the director, of aald conip.ny. IIKNKY I'. MetlllVX, u. JiAiminiir. or. JND. II HU'JWNI.NC.. Hnl-vrilK-d and ewora tt Ixfore tne the HtU day of January, A. L. liOL J. N. WAT801, lit ISommlMloner of Deedt, ATF.W YORK. JANl'ARY 1. 161. ANNU- J. 1 al report of the M mliattan Iron Works, pursuaut to stetota. Amouut of capital atoek ofaill oiiinpuiy A tliouiand dilUri tAUHklMeik. tlist whole Is oue hundrwl tliouiand amount havlug actually lueu paid lu. The whole amount nf Its rxlitUie liebllitlei are one hundred and aliteou thousand throe hundred and thirty-two Wlun doltnri. Anetsover and above capital stock, one bun drod and Hftreven thouend five liutiilred and nlmw tcnM-liMaullan lUgned, ll. IHIADI.KY, l'ree 1 M. LLKr t KT8 and M. UKCKK, Truitica. City aud Coun ty of New York sa.:-H W. VAN VOOKIIld, being duly sworn, aaltli that he la Decrctary of Ilia above-man tloned eompany, and tliat tlie above etaUmint Istrue, lotlieneet or nu auowieage ana ueiiei. i t. , ,., MaiHlllB,Becritsry Meorn u thle 17th dar of Januarr. IWjI. 1. A. fOWLLB, Commlailoner of or Jan lxeda. l NOTICE THE COPARTNERSHIP nERE tnfore exletlng nnder the Arm nama of J. C DAVI8IJN ACu, liai been thle die dl lived by mu tual eaaeaiiL J. C. DAVItloN only, U aatliorlaed te rvoi Ipt and dlietiarie all elalms anil ludeliteiliiaes due tlie Ute firm. J. CI. HAVln.1l.1l. P. HI BTIN. Nw Vork, Jan. In, 111. J. C iiAVIooN wUl aonUnne the buiduiee, at the eauie plane, No, itb Bereuth are. Jal5 5'1 U " NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS OFFICE of llackensaok and New York Railroad Company, llackensack, BiTgen County, N. Jersey. Jan, lllth, 1ML proposals will be roe. Ivtd uutll the litit Inat, for grad ing a street 1U0 feet wide, through the village of llaek snaack, 1 mile In length. For partleulara, lnyiilre of It, 11. AL'KMJUKIN. trte-U JaltriM 0FF1CE.0F THE HARLEM GAS LIGHT COMPANY, No. 80 NAHriAL' HrKKCT, New York, January lltb,18al iitvuir im'. Ihe Ik ard of Directors tiiva tMi day Aeelared k I annual dividend of three aud a half tier out. oar. able on and after the IfOUilnet. 'I be transfer books will be ctostd from the IHth until the ! lust , inclusive, . ....... ULNIIY t", MofHIW.1, JUS S'llS oeereUry, THE PARTNERSHIP OF ROBERTS & CO. li this day dissolved hv mutual eooseot, WM. ROBKUTb, K. I. WUkrn r.UDKK. The business wUl be oooUniud by WM. BOhLUfd. I THE BTOCKHOLDERS OF THE MK. ehanke Mining k anetiHoo, age hereby notUed that their Trueteea have made the aaeond end final dlvldaad ef the balance ef assets la their bands, payable oa pre sentation of the eertpt al the eroee of the Treasurer, IXltUtA J. WtrroiL Ksq4 Uti Water at, oor J-fl-w- sob. m. w. aaa.avjug, doot. jaieviav THE BUSINESS HERETOFORE CON. ducted br gee at Orange, New Jersey, or by S. TB& HOLD, ea lay agwnl, has bea closed end all furlber E&nT "" M" " "" " JaltWex1" ai nfi BKWARD FOR THE CERTIFI Vl UleeJe of the MarrUge of UEOaUlK JtOBEKT fkVL with CHABUITUC IW, eerposed to oar In MHlefteala or New Yerl .. ., . .. ir , . ,imi f. uw unuei at lim wi iiwrnw. a., ,.. n KV.rlr-MAATHWTrixV-JiiOfit KtvxaWIearigMtJe WtHmmvwt. muwmmwin THE NEW YORK SUN. FIUDAT MOBNTNO, JAN. IS, 1M1. CITY NEWS. TupAaow in paiK North. JiMKg E. K -.' An, Conrrroaman el4, from the Fourth Congrre. lonnl Dletrlrt of thla cily, wm aiimmonetl f ewterJer ae e wrltneea before the 1'eJte.l flutea Orand Jur of thle district, lei give what Information he wag ma eseeeil of refranllne trenanpable dealwtM against the Oorernmrnt of the United. Ulalee, or In any 5l In thealdlnworklvtllrurof the enemies of the Vnllfkl gUtee. It la understuod thai heroutJ fvg in ln(ir nmlion on those tolntg. Tlie liaiulry le ainwioaed tl have had reference more partlmtarly la ihe formatlun of the Toluuteer mllltarj orwanixatlon, Inaiuriiraled hy Mr. Kraannii. It In Airther unleraVvwl that se veral clerks In Ihe employment nf AJanvt r.iree Cu4niny have Iweu examined before tlisOranl Jur, relative 1,1 tiie traiwioitatlfMi nf arms ir munitleis of war to the rVmth I7 that Cnminr, but that thla lu ajuli j f-iilud to iomtironiuie the OHiijaiMf , CiMMiiiiirits.fir PtiM.ic CifinrriM awi Cuhkkitkin. TLd regular nioptlile' of the IVwrd tuonk p'ai-e yealerday aiterniem. lreelilent Dturrn In the chair. The weekly aUtetuent Is ai follow! 1. Nuitibcr of IniiMlea In the tir.oig lustilu UviM uuJrf the care of Ihe Hoard 't.III, anlncraaee of 141 shire the Uel rett ( 1.P04 were aUelunt, mid l,rit,8r1ie,, were diei'liarveil, or aeut l II ink well's Island and the Stile Pri inn. After telerrliur varhuia tHimutiuiU'atioiia k the fjoutniitlee of the Whole, the usual eetnl-monility report of the name was nulitniitcd and tinan.ntnunlr e,ipteit. rnim the 4lli tit the Ulh Inat, Inclusive, $41 femius, 1 H malee and 1U3 females, were tranefnrred (rum tha city Prtami to Ills, kwell'a Island as vagrants and disur, derlr tereorM. Tit lUtct JMI.m ii.i thf nirwmfestimira. In re iily UithemmmiiuiritliaiaildreiwiedlivUie llmrd nf Iv.lloe MoKUlralee. ilile.1 Decembor Will, ib), the fillowttuf baa uocii reivil . NwwYrmx. Jan. 1 1, 1-tOl. 7b Commi'iiuothwj 0 Chantiti and tVrrcfwn. flrwnfwww lnMilyto your mtinniinli'sllon of Ihe Sotli ii t , lu,iilrlii whet dleMlnii you shall ninkr if a clasanf peremia committed tn ynu for rx ajiilnatinii, we have t aula Ilia! tha inata encnm miiu.l .y the l'ilnw Justicea, are either alleired to l liwuioor needy, or dueilHcd, while not liable ti Im cnnimiltiil for vaffraw r mi Hie Su ta Iwfnre Ihe com. tnliiliur miuttetrate. In allwweslwoiightlKyiiiiral teiitlm, where the voliuitarv camfrealon or other It. tl lu yimr vwmali4i limi toesUUIIeli vaifrancy, II la the rmenineirlatleiiiiflhlslloenl, that ymi rauie the peixni ki lie tn-rmuhl hefura the majjlMrate who coin milted, ami the 1 1. lye nf VMfraivy (ireretrr.l, t, kMlier v, ith the fa Is tn sustain Ihe charge, and that all others lie released frnto Hie JinUcea comnut meiit, aiel tltn)HMil uf as almll eern) tu yiu liviat iniar, Yoiire, Ac . Jmik gni.'kisiiuiii' l'realdiiii of Iteii .I m ' illeo JustU'ea. To llilacotiiiiiunlcaitoii the following reply haa brra gonl-. N Y.mK. Jiu. ID, l-k-,1. Yieir mite of tin 14th Inst, wis reoelveil yertenliy, arel epienrs let lie the eatne cninmunli allmi Ihnt was puWUlie-l a week or so since In tha H'orld. We note the Di, t that ihe iaei ounnutlet to us ley roil tr rx aniiiisleui ate atlegeil t-i lie Insulin, or neely, nr ilie lileil. while nil luilile t be csivnled lur ratrramy, on the fiuU Uifnro the cumitilttlru niuUtratei and you rcnicel tu retiini Ihe rtiee, when the lacte are ulleltcd I J cvinfcailnii or otherwise, and all ntliera lie rt leased niuii your conuuilineilts, and disponed of as uiii serin lit lie pnier. FlroMt aiy bt lie, wlietlier, If wa are nf opinion tliat the imrtlca sent In na are iiropar ntilc-ts uf care nr tuenn enttoai. we are anlhurlred tu acml thein to tlie alniehiniee nr vnii khotiee, for etnili time aa la deemed ty us kuiuaue and (wilier f Yours, 4Vc, B. HxAcrg, Fresldent. IIinxt .1. QeanxtiDfui, Pieeiileiit, do'. No answer lisa yet lieert recetveil. TllK Lpnatiii QarrtON..Bmia rtiireaitiv4eiice line laihsed Is'tween Mr, Jcvuim l'Jii uea. ileik of the 11 Nttd, and Ilia rleiks nf the CoiiiiniiMioiu'rs uf Kinlgratioii, relative t some Imutlia In Hie lumli or the I'liAiity llertiiieiit. It was aettleil by the Ihitnl id KiiiigTolion liy tukllui iliargo of llnne prop, rrlv cnuiliig uinl' r their care. Tim hHirV lions a letter his lieen reeelvid from Mra Hit Ihiln, slaliitg that m serious rrsialder. .si, she hud concluded 1 1 aurrni ler to the II strd of Charity, nil wcr and tsaitnil over the lufanti' llouie, whhh bad Wen given tier 1 y Hie C,wuihhi Council. Atlhongh regreutikg to tike this steji, yet lietewt'ly iiHujiells her to do so. A letter waa ntiei received from Miyor W,ioii, In rrlstlimtntheaame mutter, enylng Hint while he Is willing tu give up hie eliare nf the tnntiagemant, he doea uol aon how tho building can lie given up, with out violntleu of law. The uiklerstaikllng ehnutd, tl,i refers, lie Hut the leillding still Iwlon.'sio the OritHiratlmi, while the ComintsNuiiwira have the ex tluslve nuiniigeiiiciit of Hie Institution. IlifuilUer etpreanni the hufH-, that the whiles M Ihe eetinuthle immueriii tne ciutrtty miylw ruiiy carrtol out by win iww UimVlF. The correeKnidice hag lean Uid before Hie Coin ueiu Cutilu ll fur Its mtiiiu. It haa utNin dctemiliaul to eieit prison rsi Want's liliml, ami an Inftnt'e imrsery mi llliv'kwell's ll 'and. The pr sun la to lie for Ilia eoriultynf the tssiviita fiuriured In cultivating the orrotiiiila, end Hie nuieeiy fortheiinsiercaraof tuo UiilJren formerly pirn ed nt nut so lu Hie city. The newly adored plan of the fjumiiilwlisiers lo prevetit frniHl by app.icatUa fa- outtlnr lellef, nnd to do Jtutilie to tlie worthy, are meeting with gen eral approbation. The Hoard then adjourned. ItoAiiu nt- AlimrtMr-.w, A regular moetlnn -if the t strit was held last evening, l'roelJout Gasrr in tie ilia h-. Aid. IUvton tifrercit a resolution tt Hie effoi t that, as the picsnil site of Hie New Vol k I'MtDTl.e Is xtn meiy liiii'iivenlerit and ilrtrlmoiitnt 1 1 the Inter esigfif the Hieruilitlle u-siiuiuiilty, that Ihe Lclsla. tu i' Le tin iiiuriallseil, itukliM tuem le reftalii frmu milking Hie piraeiil ImwuuoI tlie 1V4 uiUceitpir nutiutit mie. Aid. IMvtoi anld he wastvit pictured tossy where lie tlmiirflit Ihe 'i st OoVe aliouMU Iik-uiv.1. lie tuoiiglil that Kiuiid umra properly lie lull lo Hie L"g isUlmr. The raeiiulliiH was adopted. A (Nimiiiltti e fioiil Hie Itxtrtl uf t'oitncllmen ftp lauliil, gud aimoluii.ld the Olganixslluli of Hist 11 aid Tlionitiiuil rci't of Hie City for the year (tirfi, wns ntcivcl, Kiel tiUoi copies urdeicdto lie pr.nliil. A Comiiiunlcatlnn was received fmm Ihe City In, speetisr, noininating VI Aselstuit ll'wlth Waidetu ainl aeklng fur the cenilrmatinu isT the appointments. Tin y were confirmed ley a rote nf 13 to 4. Aid. Dattow moved Hint tha bill now bere the Lrulshititte, wlili li conteuiplitua piscina the el'liolul- nit id uf the C ly Cliiiule-rlaln In the hand ot the Comptroller, be referred lo the apprupilato Committor-, It aseilopti'd, and the It ettxl adjourned to M m- uey next. Ilonrd of Conncllmcu. TukTiikuun (JirvTioN Dim puhkii. At tlie nuetiii(ir the lUird lust treuliig, CuAatra T. Mo Cijqiaiiian fpreseul lui umbeiit) was re etectel Clerk ovir.l. K. KsNiiAii.. NioiKilia fjunri.t. wageletlmt sen.'i'ua-iil-Aniig, and Tuomah CAXixro-t, l)t kci pi r. A nmiluliou of the II ami of Alderman, In ftrorof !yiiU $100 lo Isaao T. garni, lur eervloee rendered tothe Cummlttee on Htroets, brould out a roinetk from Mr IUNy thai he wag nriaixj trtlie extra -Ink: hlresydem, and during hia career aa a uieintwr nf llilsltiardho wnuld rute agnlusl II. Onepnpor vu rtferreil lu the ft mauca (Junuiiillee. The ft ,ard oomurriid to appoint a Julnl special curanilttee, to tutulder what aJnuvluieiiia should be made ti the C.ty Charter 1 auto to retpirat Hie member of the Ug'sluturf, reprrseul ng the city, to vote agaliuii to the L'. 8. Uovoiuiuuullhe Ocueiaf l'oet (iffii e site lu thla city. The auuiutl iiieesage of the Mayor wag mail. Mr. OxlOMoLJeilad ! lu ie.vpt!uu hy the IlierJ. The M iyor. Instead of to tha fjiiniiiiou Countll a KeueraJ etAtemcul of the affaire of the clly, and siurgrrtlng Itiiprovvments, ha.1 prisliioed a re markable doouiiicnl. lie had no Improvements in sugsrat. It waa true that be hwl aald eoniethUig atsiulfraiirhlsoa whit b he mirtilderg the legislature has deprived the elty of, but he bad said nothing of the ta-tvilegee isiw held by the rellruedrt, every oiui of whwvb violated Its charter every day. He tuvd eald a gnat deal about the luencholyooiKj'llunof oitraf- in.iunu.uiuiiui lusieiKuuiv uuiiu lion 01 oiirsr- raint, wnicn woiiiu nave uoeu more aprironruite for aire, which would bare boau more approprutle lur Ihe 11111 ling held in rtmorae slrtel the other night, or IsTljifemure protierlylo that reel of Duralug tral. urn- the Marshall's offlue In this clly. Publicity ought not to lie given to this doiuuent. lis clalmnl thai tUe puity whlili hod usi elected Mr, Lisioi.n was nut the saeeslon euty, but It wax tba very pei ly that had ooine up to wre-d the govern-, mrtit whk'b tra'Pus limi tried to eubvsrt, arel which would have hem undermlued In si I rnsiUis. There were crimes ley the aide of which trenauu ahoue like a villus. The traitor who boldly a bailor, cue mends admiration when compared with, hliu who, by prufeaaloug of friendship obtains theciaifldritioaof hla partner, and avails blnwelf of the alsttlte of llinll olloua lo save hlnuelf. The one, a traitor, wag cou rngMuut, the other less than a onwnrd .a ansnk. Mr. Ijdit aald the d icuuient waa treaauuable, and should be aeut berk to Ihe Mior. Mr. Dixaiv eald ha did nl ayniiathUa with Ihe suliJetUeoulalned In the message, but It wee prnor I hot II ahould be liuhliehed. The Hoard ordered 9M eoplcg I.) be published ta lampklrt furtu. Adjourned to Monday, Flrcr, Acrideata, laqaeata, oVe. Finn iv Kat 38th"STiucrr. At 10 o'clock Wedneeday evening, aa accidental fir broke out la the lager beer brewery owned by Airuoa JJcrrn, at Noe. IM aud IM Eaet tritb etreet, A lose of about I.VX) wua guslulned before the flames wore extla. gulabrd 1 Insured In the New York Insurance Ok, Fi nt Ckwtkm StbikTc Saortly before 11 o'clock Wedaeaday evening, a trifllne; lire occurred la a eablnrtaiakera shop la Centre etreet, near Canal. Falib Alabms. TU M al 4th dlsUIut alanue about o'clock last evening, were butn false. Dbatu at a Folic Static. Ubiby nornut, a Crennao Tag raid, TO yearg of ago, died yesterday la a cell al Ue Ilth Ward Btalian House. Tie deceased wee en habitual drunkard. Aa toque! will be held upon the body todey. ScDDrOt DXATH IM TUB StbBVT. An BO known man, lunposed ta be a native ot Ireland, 40 yearg of age, fell deed yesterday while walking through Dexter etreet. Ue waa dressed la a brown rnoukry Jacket, Ueckeetln wee, light eeiorej efttHnM4a. wtwrvii Brawn to Doatb. MARaAucr Knott, 1 tVrrnaa girl, 1 years of age, died yesterday al her reeldenee, Me. 401 Madison etnraat,rrom burns rerwtved m the Tin Inst., br the exptnato of Bold Urns which rrd'lenuuydiirewwjdlroaa her hand. Ox-oner VaUnnrg held on liurat upon the body, Police lertMwear, Ve. IlORr.tjnT I'll IIHATT RoBIII'ItT OP LArp. Goons). ArtrtcsT nr Tint ritmot.AM aii Ra fxrnr or Pnortntr. About ti.600 worth of the lace grxida atoliwi fnim Hie store of Messrs. Fattim 4k Co., No. M Worth it re. t. on Ihe night nf Ihe lnh of NovMulier laea, r-avo tswat recwvereil throiMrh the rxrtlliitig of Bergennl fn. aow aril ofl.-ers laeijrf and r.rwvAm, who, alao, bare efnsted the arrest of the tsirglars, ilsraiteiniaejil John Caainiiax, butuof whom are well kisrwu to lite wllce. It will Is) re collected, that on the bight In euenlluu the store was lev ken Into siil roMicd of fjouo worth nf !, with whkli the Imrgbira neoft)ied leartiar no Iraoaa of their fliglit, Tlie4loa were iM'fle.1 of the the foet, and the alvve era were di-taileil to ferret out Hie burglars, ami, if rsstetble, rerover the iwoportw. 11 tltnt of their usual ahrewitueiM they otaaluod, several vrerksago, e trace of the burglars aud their boot, aielailcrtraxkliiglhemtoalmrd ng hmraa In gulli. ran etieet, tlietH e to Alteaiy, thence to Yonkers, and Anally ton Imarding hinaie lu llteecker street, they eofccidd In arresting them and In recovering two trunks coiitafniiig $i.rx) worth of the laces, all of whh h had lon lilentiftcl by Messrs, Fnuira A C, The 1 rlmiurts weie bruiight befinre Justice Kxllt end Iim krd tip for trial, Rnnniwo a (IrtncrRT. JuiiI L. Al.LKl, a jroitug man, was aireelcd jrcsterdey by olnoer (Jouims of the Clli Ward, charged with ateatltrg fCI Ootn the grocery of (I Mmtnxo, No. 81 Hitter street. II I stall d that the acrtieed eecrcted himself In Ihe store until 11 wss e'eed hr ihe night, and then rffted Ihe Unrny. lie pvtlallynwi'rased his guill to Ihe fffHir, and Jiielleo flsissr hs-krd htm up lo an awrr. II Is slated that he Is wauled at Nsw Ittven to answer a 1 barge of Urteny, and atno that he haa already eel rod one or two terms al the li mtentiary, I'liAkim or r'Aiir. I'lihnticn. FnrK.wt.1 Oanx, a Jeweler, lurmerly doin InlSinesM lu Itrosel. way, nenr Hie Piflh Avenue Hotel, wm arrested yew leidsy, rWgid with having olsAlncd by false pre-, triu-rs a witch valued at eo4 fmm Mr. . M. Ioit of No. IT John street. It appears that he repreeeut. el tn Mr. Iitrsw thil he cnil I sell the watch to Mr. r. V. llAruiiamwrr, of No. 4 si llroadwsy, If he 11 It to exhibit. Mr. legao then gave him the watch, with the understanding Hutt within a few diys he wsg loreiuru Hie wabh or ity over the money. It is now nllegct that within an hour after receiving theproeity, bnvtwneillt with a Mr Her. in Wall street, and n kcteil Ihe mnney, lie wis committed by Juellie DnnnmNg to aiwsrer. Au.r-oxn Ilnrsr DuROiAit. A LurgUrwM ditetteilyeeterilny In the luiiise of Mrs. Doaornaa lUeuAa, No. 11T Weil Klh street, whh h he had ran. as. knl, Mra. II. waa away from leme al tha time the huitse was entcn d, and n returning discovered thelsiiglarlnUie britrreim. HeiiMtuilly knmked her down, nnd thin fled Into Ihe siren. Mrs IL gave Infirmatlini to the police, ami Ihey arrestidisie Wxino 1st suspicion, end he waa fully IdeuliAud 1 y Mrs. II. aa the Imrglar. Justice Kxltr committed uiiu lo await fuitlier examination. IJX.AI. KU1MKTM Tlll'IODlV. 0 -Court of Oyer nnd Trmtlnrr. Uefore Jusike LxoNAan. f',mefi'n im. S,lrnrtfor Arson. Tins trial of U I mon Katx for arson In setting die to the premises occupied I y him wits conclml. d, the Jury rendortng a verdict id guilty. I ini the aim mwenifail the prison er's wife aielihildntl Imrst Into teors. In so4ng sentence utsm the nrlsoner. the liuloeaoid he felt e elm ere sympathy fOr Ilia rsnilly of the uufoitunele trutn, hut Hie vrtdut was cniTect slid Hie com I ba.1 no ItsiiHiisi. Kits wns then semen r.1 l, Iho State rneou, ainoigtiiug, hirtiirteniitdhla natural life. Mr, I'liiitou, hla iimne,,;, will amily for a wrll of ar lur dr Ihe inni.iee i.f signing the awe on a bill of ex. cr4Usis at the (letieral Term, la Frliruary, I'liuliH MmJir. The casn of Xavlcr Hork- reilor, lwlklr.1 for inurdor, was calle.1 on fur trial The accused Is chargrd with the murder of Leonard (Ismlcr, In KseeX street, on Ihe Id of Iloceliilwr last. 1 lie Ittel is still on. The ileleniltnt Is represented iy rim. 11. n wain, mio nosers, w run aud Itenrey. I'nlird Mulro t'lrcnll t'ourl. Ilefote Judge 8KAI.LIT. Tit ,s.iir Oirri. Cotinw fur Captain Latham ulkl the ciew of theeJavor CV're has notified Ihe Die Irlil Aituiiiry of a motion, lo lie nude on rridey (Hlli) to ipi ihti Ihe I11.II1 tnmiu fnuid sgilut the de. finditite. The gruiuids irf the luiAlun are that tha kudu.lmi'i te wrie fmukl, n,liug an rxaiulnstlon Ik duo Hi' L A. Conimlsiloiier.anltlinltlielniLitmeule Wfiejulnt Instead of eq'arnte. Hnprrine Conrt. Vu J'nt fur t'it lt i'i 11 fiim nf f.tjrr llivr John Hi lnUhaiu tt. J'h.i Cn'rcr. -TI1I1 cites came on el lliet'lix nil of tills Couit bnfoi Juyttke tfullier. Intel. Tlie plaintiff lu the n Hon la a imnitfocturer of tsrer iirrr, nun on me i.Mn , lay or June last had a ipumlily stored lu his teller at No. IIM) duuiloti street. 1'laliiliO now allege that the ilefwubtbt tarelosaly erected n vault, which be need fur the re. ejitlnn ol nfTal, AM.'., agalnel the wall id his cellar Mini Hie ail Joiiilng premises; and iim Ilia snld l:h of June, thliiugh the InipnMToi instruction nf the vault, the water, filth, Ac, 111111 tliroiigh lite wall and de slrvyM Ihe plaintiff's Iswr, lioslilea doiug other ilani- age to the plaintiff, lor which ha now oakg Judgment egnoie, me ,tt-i,-iHii,fit tor ei.ioi, 1 he defuiidaiit demesnial Hie vau'l waa linpmrv erly built, or Hint He plaintiff bug siuTorod damage llinuigb bis btull, Ibi'Jiny gnvo Hie plnliitlffa ver.llil for j)'Kk). The 1'ni.rtil 1'iitl AVfrniion ('us Ailjoiintfl. .V,jler e .e Cuiii-nuieni 0 lAc b-jMit offig Crn. frut JVit lsiiMuvr. -The argument In this rose wns cisilluued yoelenliy at Chambers, Uuoie Justice llunond. The Hon. -rl g. clmifleld was a.ldcd In the array ofLMiinsel ttboupiieuietl lu lihalfol Hie confirm dhsi of the ltKiil, aiel wlUriieHed the Court In argument, at tin' cms Iiisuui of tho Court adjiiumcd the flintier bearing of Ilia raae until Wrdueadiy next, wltbitvliwof ileckling snine of Ihe llnU already argm d, which may dniiiae of lha whole raae. nlmuld Ilia dii'lahsi of these .iiita not dlsiinw nf Hie cute, tba aiguiiictil will lion be pnaeedud with. Court of (Jrncrnl Hraalona, llefore Jiklje MrC'ctm. Ill tba raw of Joseph Mojirs, cliargwl with Isuglary ai.l recrlvlug stulen goods, a motion was uuoie 11 rjeturdsy, to willidraw the plea of red guilty and to qiuwh Hie Indictment, In order that the caoe be sent letck lo the iviiiiniitling niagisttela for furthei exumiiuitiun. The city Jmlge uouled Hie iikA1i.ii thle moniliut, lu au rhtlsirule opinion on tba auhject ol qiuudiilig Indictments end the wilbdrawid of nhaui. In theiaseof Hamucl BnUita, who was brought hot k feiitn Urldg''irl, where be was trie,! and aa, ipillted oil a cbsri e of rottilng A lams' Kxprese, was lirfnni Ihe Court 011 a charge of forgery in Hie eounud ilegrie, the defesiibtnt Laving been uiugbt lu the act of iiisiitifiM.lurlugcoiinlaifeltaaltUalluie be waa or reeleil on the uher cborgg. lie was etuilheio ou a riiiiileltlisi of the ikivaruur, ami otmunltteil lu default (4 1 VXI bail. A brother of the defeivbiut, Andrew, ta IniiilltiUd In Ibe aauie uattei, but bug not yci boon appitncuiUil. Tho cane of Jove Verona, for (irgsrylu tha third degrrr, fur the fbrguig, as Is allegjd, bills of ex cluinre on llavniut, was then resume,!, which being Ihe Iblid diy that this trial Is iendlu. It It a ve y compllcntrd case, fluty two witnesses wore ex irulueu bilty, Isdiig fuur lu all. The prowvutlou there reel d the rase, wbeieuiin ex-Jmlge Whiting m-vta mo thai bi dliuulss the case, unsi cerUiu lei hiiteal gnsuids, as II was not worth while to let the case gn tothe Jury, liMemiahaa two daya nmre wmi'd b occupied In Ihe rxsmliiatliai of the witaessoa for the delrnce, If Ibe rare were lo go to Ihe Jury. A long ertttimi nt 011 the auldett by eouneel ou both sldeg wee had, wbereuiou the Court bitinuitoil that he wou'd Ihlg ipicstlou tomorrow, oiil the Coin I aa. joumeu, DU00KLYN. A Iti'XAWAT Dbaf MtrrB A iliufint dumb nun was loiiid wauderlug ln the alrerU of the Wi, on Waduosday idght. The police prevtdec him with ledgluge at the elation hoiue, and yester day be who brought before J ustlco Coaawgix ar die Xfl, tv,;rtg were made to Induce blin to wrtte his name tind to give aome mvounl of himself, but with out uvall. A lady, firmer! y an litetructrese In a dsof ail dumb asylum, attempted to bold a ouuvercitlon, but he persleleiitly refused to aiuwer her queetluru. From eotne aisira about bla iereon, II would seem Ihst he la a nuuiway fivna an arylum In Ohio, on.1 tUl hla'uauie la We. U. Jama, lie had nearly fnou bl big poeeeaelou. 1 he J ustice aetit.blnl to the Agy luiu lu New York, VlOLATIKU TIIK OltDIgAWCBn. LEWIS Mtxxa, a (Jennan, wag yeatorday browght before Joa- tlce CoaxwxiL, on the charge of carting ofbl through the alreetg lu ou opea waon. Ill wag fined io tot u.e onauce. MOBB COCXTCBrBITI Jous Waltos Wll brought up yesterday, on the charge of arUmptlng to peij a oounUrfsit ti bill on the Berkshire Bunk, of Massachusetts, al a drug etore la Court al. III was he'd lir a hearing by Juetloe CoaxwaUM Counter felt Twtrx ou the saute bank, aud Fives ou the Inui bury Bauk, ef Couuectluut, were also ofiorod at neve- ralMufea, PoidTifAL Tha Fourth Wanl Eernol-',4U' AsnoclaHon eletled tbe 14 lowing ofBoait al a m wl.uj held on Wednesday evening rnwldrnt DurdeU Btrykert Vkw-P-eetdent. W C. Boutfe i riooordiug BotrcUry-E. C. M felnui Correeiailng 8oorrury Andrew Meaelut Tin guret qeovge J. Bennett. Kara Baldwin. J Ant' Puryea, Burdttl Blryksr, keacgr Rwh, If. C Booth aud Kira Woodruff, were 'eiwiolnted a oalttea (or tba purpoae of re via' lot ti p.ill-boalt of H Word. Win. ii. tlule, Kara Woodruff, and Wm. M D. Ilrownion were appolnnd lugpaeweof eitio fur tne enanlnn; year, lease B. Ureue AJki.-a Meroeln wrreariiolrited pe4lelaks. The Seventh Ward Bepubliuan A-eocUtloo rwvinlly elected Dae luiiewtng eencore Pw ee ens lUif year Proddent CUarlaa W. WUUtsi V'.ee-rrnU'Viaa-Bdgor MeMullea, David 8 Stuart, jamea U. P a'l BecteOary-A, Tan Tuyli Teawurer-oWauol U. Tor nor. Aa gxerutlve aai a rtnaaoa eommmea wen ohoaan. Tub Kajhab Ssitdat Scuaotg. At s roount marling of the Brooklyn Sunday Bohool luk. a ra eolutlonwM final reoornmatidlnf every S-kool w. JERSEY. CITY. iMroBTAirr MiLrTAnr MoravaBrT..a oard (47 OOoere of Ibe Secnod Iteeraerix, BovSaj Brigade, OoL Oxaooif, cunuioaila, ol toeir II meeting anmltted a committee la devise ml lis reasa tha numbara and efncleocy of tbe Islgeilsl rernnviinnsiM e i.siiuuiim, esiow imu-a m of Oftlcers of Ihe riril Itegtinrnt, Major flaaaiegl acting commandant, to eo-operate with Ihawe, te) I',.!- tj v, UK eg Ul, preweM xevgiaware taw par age of such arnentnienu to the tnilitui Iww a waf oe rnuea nasty to ton ease Ihe ladmisanale tar kg ing me orgoniaed mimio, arel lo place-the brigade) t a thoxeagh warfare locaing. fr i fill Innis P'Pat lo be eaked tw la a law similar to thaa j ew York, ly which a nerwwi rwwavgrlraT to the L fantry Is rxerrat from Vss tatettq ew root aawal and a perww bvorajlug to tbe cavalry fraaa U taxation. It La understood that this rwnpoettjogt will ba nM aniynaeiie era oy ue rim giwtera, eejd a axetg sffirt will lo made to carry eut Ibe erserta abet steico, la oraer Met tne iioosnn county Brtgadav r1 i ,, umj wisi arsi iu inwir male. Benin Ieatii PaoiAai.x Rrjurrr or Arm at. Araanrutovod CriAnun KaLtam years of ago, residing el Weihmgtoa vUloge, df very amldenly on Wedneeday night U le i t'utA aliout a rear olnca. while enimewd la aw i or tndravortng to defend blmeeif from aa attack, t rrtrlfed a very mere Mow on tbe bead, frorawaa Injury he haa never recovered, and hie mind 4agaj muck Impaired, that he boa been enabled toeekeael lint (title or lei bwelness. Tlie matter waa to nasi tiplwfora the ( east Jury now In aeaalon.aoi nveeiii f.r that purpose bod been euinjnoned to at , Mr hefiire then, An lne,a eOlt t kal . Haa "" " - " i " " - - e ' i A Woman iiiaiuiu BKiurtrwmt MiaUM I Yesterday aftemsai, a womea aoBiewhat lade . rated, named Jisg Ann Wan a, appeared at too i : tlisk-bniwe In Jersey City, and la an excited and wr luanner, deelred te deliver herself up, atatla4ttl te hsd wiuidired her hueband. She woe ooootoo,'! ibttrd with a tell, and Aid. J. L. Ataae prooaxsT lo her reehb'ore. No, M Newark avenue, whore I fiiuiel her btwiaind, not dsad, but hla face bad wi lolly pummeled. Wxaa refuaed to give any aw I lacttisi as to toe manner lie received tne injunaa, g i tlccllned to n.ake any charge agalnat hie wife, f ( wse accoratngiy neki inr arunitcniiaas. li rmzR FiuuTtna. JalgeOoma, la hla It cent charge to the Grand Jury of Ilndaoaoxeaj , celled their particular attention to the Inoaolor1' Jersey anil by rufJUiw from adJaUung etatee foe i' sirtisof niKaging In brutal affraye. InereoraW with the rnisionembalon of tho Judge too On Jury yeeterdav, had a large Lumber of wttonweaj lore tliem.ln tefeiaiao to the ne eghl between tl and lxu g. The result of course le not koowaU Finn. About t o'clock, reeterday eAgcxo a stible a.lJ.Jnlng Ihe Morris and Eseeg Batlr bridge, where II rmoara the turnpike ba Heat NeW waa ilmlpiyed ly Ire, 1 be bridge narrowly earn deetrucllou. , Huhmiw Coirrtr CoottT. ThU conrt lieen engagtd since Tuesday lu Ihe trial betn Mil I aon arel llixTarr an net tha Btorkholdex the late Pmtnllve luini Bloie, In Jersey Clly, to iwvrr en alleged detd of about 1,100. The oaee 14 elisK.1. DIAULMI INTKUjaBNCB. 1at HiurroK. Jan IS The Iwlg A B I IIUtiu.1 anl, ol Ibieun, from pesjair, bmind la Boa with a rergo i f salt, came ashore an rhino fine aV yeetenbiy liwwuing. Vises! tight al pneent, aakt I saved If the weather ahould bo favorable. (J all sole. P. i Trunin, Jvi lflteamer Pioneer, bai aad 4 the lley, I ss returned to port for the purpoae of Ing her Isivrs Iron sheathed, having been n mmti lay cbafod by Ice In the river. St. TietMAO, Dee OT The shlpfltJah fprevle rrvntid) la dlatharged her cargo, andaewi will Iw held. She will have lo goon the Slip I strip her mf iprr, aa It la worked off la many pa! 1 he ship M.iy Kusaeil la still discharging. A ' wy wes hold on tbe biwer tier of wheat y ester' end ordered lo 1st taken mil id tha harbor and the overboard, oa It vma aa blaik ae cool, anil weak! hava l'ii allowed lo have been landed. Tho Livingston got on shore In the mud leal night equall, but she la supposed lo be little doraagad CLEAEKD For forefgn Porte, RTRAM8I1IP8 Mount Venien, Uyfteld, ft nah, II B Ciwmwcll A 0i rlortda, Croweil, S nab, B L Mik-hull and Son BHIP-IIAymar, Sawyer, Mobile, Walao,0 buu w-t BtRK-Medoie, Welsrter, rUloabethnort, SniAll SCIIfX)NT.Rr;, Krouae, Waahingtoav II m k well and Cej (iaielle, Wllllsom, Bitiaol, llooku.i.11 sud Co A S 8 titer, fish, Bristol, L nry 81.1)01' J t Vaile, Yalle, New Haven, II S I ett For Home Port!. glllTit -tiuwu Wiley, Baanglia, J 0 Jewell C llyreutiuui, BoLerUou, Lesslou, Uunbont Illnesi 11 AUK J Wesley, Smith, Liverpool, A Leory llltind-L'lple, f Freii h) Psucb, Birdeaux, ami llua-kili) MaHa, M 'rgon. Para, KLCer Naliant, Strout, Hi JagiH C aod K J Pcterg SUIIOONF.R -ttardliilan, Bauvble, Barbodu. Trowla-idge'a Soua AIIU1VKU. STKAMSIIirS-Delaware, Crocker, rhlUdal md n to K I'erklng I'isigiilm Williams, rrovMeuce, indie lo I Ot flprey, Kinney, d d i da Mount Vrmon, La; field, Savannah, with nu II II Cromwell A Co Kdliiliiirg Brooke, Llvtrpt1 J11 v antt Qt biwii Sd tudsa end lueeeugers to J Q llale. met, off Fire Island, (susrd elilp New World Livrriiil. Has on buatd $onn,uuo lu sievle ltoniuike, Couth, JVchuiond, mdse aud peasg b Luillam Ar lleluekm SUM'S Mat.ditrln, PamHt, Foo Chow Too teas lo floodhue oiul Co. Salletl Inco hoik Cos nut i osscd Java llteil In on Nov td. CKI 19. la N, Ion InlMi; anke ship North Wind, from , for New York . Oil 8. utf Oaarar IsLende, algu il.iii gplrll of the l)ees from Whampno. Bam siiVellr ship Uoean (iueen, from Foo Chow. C In Ussier Stiaita, sixke bark DUudfrey, frat Cbow t.r New Yolk. Nov 13, lot 8V 8ft S. tan K, slgusllxed Ur bark Cilmran, from Madras. T, lot 81 IT 8, long IT IT E. algnallsed bark UU.1C nstn, from Whampoa lir New Yoi k. Nol Inl 8n fl, hug 14 11 K, bark tj-ucketep, 4iuifuioie fir New York Bl Nuolue, Brsgibw, Havre Not ftt, nalse at laesctigeia hi B"yd end llliakeu. Dee IT, lot Ion SH In, Ml In with tbe Bpaulsh brig Far with mitlnmANt an.1 fiwemast bend giaia touti uer the caiAaln and rrew, nine peraixia In all lentiglit them lo Ibis pert. She was from Mewl 'and lor M-tlaga, with a cargo of fish, aud wn ing. Keynard, Freeman, of Boston, fin Liverpool usl-e toC lirlnucU ltrrely, llumer. radaiur Oct It. mdae to 1 Sale di Co Mro ttostle, Knowles, of Klchroond. Me, lu-btul Nut 89, Iron to master. Deo Mn, T llni'ka. a sooniaa, of LtTeqiool, aged about I i nu aUA overbtatid and wax drowned, Dae 1 A IT, Ion IT, gske brig Wm A Brown, of I .rum Animation far New York, IT daya oat, w mete elik v-od lost the second mate ore da.ut a week previous, j bad hoary w rales llARKi -Ann, Munro, Amoy. Sept , teaak llaiatd. Had heavy westerly galea off Ihe Cap still, etc Archer, Ixwia, CuracoalT days, eall lo Id slid Boas. Iitt, brigs Ciuuee, tor NswYof de; 8 insu's Hilda, for do lu I Jme K Williams, Wilson, of Boston, fm Mai Wov II, indue to L Ciylue, De Kuyter Co uravy N W vrluoU tieailg tbeentlie rwooa lal's, etove bulwarks, rto lAiinita, Bailey, of Bton, from Bordoo 10, brandlee to Yatss, Portevtild and Co. uiavy westerly galea, split sails, etore bulwol Warren, Meuiholl, of rUlllmorev frora la Island Dec 83, rU UaiDiitoo (jads, with ft ftins, W(.d V Co Deiay, Uengea,ofBoeton, froea Laguna M oiiwol to K P Buck end Oa Jacob Merrill, Foes, SI Mark 14 rUyu, eoi itsutllaioil, Earle A Co. 10th Inat, CjAruur t .ng, wi ot aabore in the point of Bau.'.y Hook. .lUthariigsonMOObaieergeraAonlnlo theae Moruia. waa yasterday morning, at high wots duff by eteauiUuri Achillea and Yankee i hi talued no dauioge WIIdBie, Parking, Malaga NJT 14, frail to f Willi! 4k Co Mendl, Mdutyre, Monrovia, Liberia, (O Afrltw,) 4t daya, paJra oil ta Bayaud and Ban BXIUS Nollle, Bnellgreeu, of St Andrew froui Bnuk lllvrr, Jem, Deo a, rla Pinions wul to llretl. Son and Co. Put Into Chariot medical adrwe, the osfOatn being gtck Aun,lluxum, from Bio Oianda Not IS, I Tbonieoo, LiassandLlod Wen Dunning, Vomey, of Portland, fat Oua. Dec 8, salt, bouxd to PortlainL-pul la here U leal aealslance, aeverai of tha crew being etok Crocua, Herbert, of Oardlnar, 14 daya fin t drU, coal to Ibe Damoacue Iron Co, Btstea Iell Chae Wcaley, Ford, Milsnsae Jan 4, eugar King A Co . - Cucdova, Jvea,of Provldmca,B I, rnt Chi T days, iuuoi atoree lo U 11 Piereon and Co SCUOONXBS BJchard Vaux, Fruik. Newl C, 4 Otys, cotton to D C M array. aUawttanoM 8 K galea, broke main boons UwardKUdsr Uarkota Wilmington, MC navel stores to master Nethanlel Dooue, Kelly, Mobile 11 daya, t NHlirtgbem Mwvor, Taylor, loath Amboy, ooal, boaud R issa and Mary, Taylor, EUaoiethoort, It N-wtrt, with cool Aiiy Chose Benjamin, Mlnltltlaa le daya, tfe4, mahogany to P Alexandre. On the leeenge, kwl an anal re anil ef aalla, and oaf K.y West -on the return voyage to lapolr, aurtvuensuaor, ftsr Pew York In lldeya,! Loc W AJemaudar, Alexander, Killer""!! iaii. plmekto to MetcolfeV puacan IKrd.flU.WIlnlogtou, MC, dnft eesto JvaeBiiilUadOa ' V gywaraa, (aAoork. raaacaei KUlo, PUv t V lyworoa, aWsMTk, laaenM KUla, Ite I BELOW.' ' In V,w WirbLKalghL Lrvtroeol u.dwtjoQOc!aaU. Also ahlia, enkaoe,! OILED, Bh'reKryaMona, tw Laudoau ataanV, P,Uk,CeUa,ugia1BWCkyW- ig.te. aw Hi iniwi ..,... (J- t-st-i xrrvimtm ,

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