Newspaper of The Sun, January 19, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The Sun dated January 19, 1861 Page 1
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1 . i. ll Lf THE NEW YORK SUN. MlUfcad da-r. Banian am-, at tha guild-, corner Fulton and Ilwi Mr, tad da vared in utarrlbm la Hww York City ed Weir-ty, at air Ann a ouaxter cents nt v r Whan muI br ana-. Fear Dollar a Tear. Clrctlatlon 60.000 Copies per Day. TUB WEEKLY SDf la nibllehd MTOoer-par nan 1 .-earth. 1 glna-l eotd, 1 oanl. Aidnm - TUB BIN," Corner Kuan and Fulton ate. Hew Tor-, EJMMXYMJE.Tr-Femnle. TrEMA-K SERVANTS WANTED TEK A good jn now ready nl (Km wage j ai a fdra) Utelr landed, wimI Imm -lately la good I.mV- Bee. laqalr at Hi Lrge in-tltnto, where good lea am elwayi read nmt dti at 1M Eleventh r nvn , -. ok Jal't'lU vui v. SALESWOMAN WANTED A GIRL TO attend In a elf at atof. Apply at Tt) Bloecker it, J.U1T1J1 S1IIKT HANDS WANTED ON LOW prnvd itl Apply W 1'. A U. U'.WH RUO, HOCt.mbcri.1. JaHrii3 SI.W.NCJ MACHINES-WANTED lADIKS toWaia eprrat ou W he ler A Wltaooa Improved era lug n a hlntw, br one of the old wt exp tencd or-ral ir in ti city t tanght all kind- ' atitchliig, hem tntvtr,Mlhig, tucking gu.eee, and th.ratxll tu.nage rneiitof tha awtnr machine perfectly, and noim mended to reawl place for I. law wanting f ood apent jr. can b auppJcd at 4 to Canal at, over the 4 we, dei Itae'ltl SEWINO MACHINE WANTED, LADIES to learn to operate on Ringer, Wheler A WHon and rrfher eewitw machUiee, aud practice till eall.ned. I an anna wore, an ma guagea ana every pan teamen pw- t eVct and reoommendad to place when learned l tenn .1 Sljlj Aleoaewlng machine for eal and to let rheao, at , Jll.-o.,tierlielaocey. alt t4ao'lM fa KMpLoVMK.'rr-Male. AGENTS WANTED AGENTS WITH A capital t.f from 4 1 to 5 to at II a new patent artlola need In every mreautlle houae, and oflee egehti make from si to $ day clear prnnL Fur particular., appl to or addroai F. U. (WUOkNE A CO , M Maiden La, N. Y. JaH ri AGENTS WITH FIIOM 2 TO 20 CAN meet with aa excellent opportunity to make meoey rani. lie. nveelrlul aa rntlralr new light Mtlele of unU werval noeowrttr. met Detente.1. br calling at n.ig and Ml llroaUaar M. V J, rooia Mo. 0. )al5!4u'l MAI.E AND FEMALE HEM" OP ALL antloni waijd o aotlw th -f can by .ulld with rnnd.ttiintlnnalnrrfrMPKltri br appllna toMAN ilMl.nsSlitli are, h.l-Waco ritommond tula omcaunlUUe. MMao'lM IJAUTNEIJ WANTED TO MANUFAC i ture coal oil SS rr font cheaper than erer. P, tre irnm, and ererr kind of raw oil made by the Inranbir. wlthmtcrffeualte oilnr, pure and clean. With aimjll caplUI will make a larie proM. K. II. rAITKT, chunbA, III Centre at. JalS ! 1VA.TTEU. CADDLK WANTED ANY ONE HAVING O a rood LAI) 11 dADDLK to dUpwe ef AT A IIAK OAIS. mar nn a nutonirr by adilrnadua aaototoHt Dl.NO BCIHHJU box 8o4 sua ollioe. Jal tf ltOARH A."I KOOMSi BOARDING A FEW RESPECTABLE young men can be accommodated with pood board and pleamnt rooma, alao a aentlmnta and hi. wife, at 150 Cut tll at, bet. lt aud ti area. lalS ijae'ltl -n()ARDING-2 LADIES CAN BE ACCOM- .IJmMaU'd with board and a room to themwlriw. anam KrMMW that work at home preferred, a. t'te lady mialret thrmraore for company than profit: term) l&tnf i. 4 Jamea at. JeU rlJS B0ARI)1NG-AT6TH0MPS0N8T.,G00D board, pie want rooma, and lnl bU, J a week t alao a room for a man and hi. wife. Mtl. alwar. ready at the time. I tout pay (4 and 3 a wenk, when roa canietMiioodforSi JaU Mao' 1 tt BOARD 2.M GREAT REDUCTION IN board -Comfortuble room, with eirallnt hoard 1 fV) to i a w k, forra prloia 5 1 ladliw front ti up, for comfort aood llTln and rhraimiua, thu houne rioa all othere. a warm parli with piano. Watchm n all nlf bt, aud loduisa cueap, 4d LIap.nar I t , nar tlroadway. JalS M'aolOi BOARDING DOWNTOWN-A FEWiIogla KfnUi-mi'n ran iMiaccommodub'd with rood board and pliwatnt roonu, by applyluf at 8" IVart at t tornu ivaeoaable. -. jalrito BO A R D I N O-A FEW RESPECTABLE macbaalea can And rood board, warm bedrooma. f arre dlnlnr and elttlnr room, tor S3 a week, at III Third are, entrance next the druf etore, eor of I Tth at, alMu'lT( LODGINGS -AT THE TRAVELLER'S llama, No. Varick et, two door, from franklin at, irhere reepectable men can be aeoommodatod with elaaa comfortable elnrle bM. at li eta pvr nlfhtt rooma for irentbinan and wife, BI to (w eta per nlxht. rood mala and rvfruehmeuU liven to order, ja4 V4aolJu LODGINGS-WITH OR WITHOUT Board rood clean alurle and double btMlded rooma. Iloard from i oil to $3 in r wet k. Mingle room, to let, br the nlvlit or week. Lodging, at 1J eciiU, at IDOak at, nuar 1'earL dW tUc'Ul 1 iSMONUOKSr-FUHNISHKD ROOMS 1 to li t to .mall quiet lamlllea with facUltlPO lor eeono inUalbouatkoipuii. Tcrma modurala, JaU Mao'ltt UnOCEBlKH. nouiid.tirii. l.oifit iKixi-e .moaeo iifrrinr l.n. for aale br NtLaiJN WtLU it CO Nl Hey atrret. Jtl4 9'1M THE CHEAPiaT STORE X IS TTTR WOMJ). TWKVTY-riVK PKR CEN r. HA VkU). Tbe rrebt bargain ever otturml to Dm publie In New York. leu utal worth of groonrb', wIihw, Wiaa. Hoar and prorMou. are now being aold ai auotloa prloee at tog great Cauton lia Wart uoium,. Theae are lactull (k-UIIJ factallll and no Bamboo; to bii h thouaand. can twtlfy. (Jin mo a eaiL and xo alao will be eetlafiea that tufa la to plaee toboyyaM wbiUr atock at TEAtl, AjfB, 18. . S M, OttOCKKIES. anoTkovisioto. Come one and au, great and .mail. Conauit yoor awa laWrueta. and buy your good, from 1UOMASR.AONKW. No !AAOrernwlahrt,and No. t Murray ., N T,- Oood. delleaivd free In the city. ouVMae-i. 300 BARRELS SWEET CIDER. PRICE 93 to 4 por barrel t elnugar, fi to $3 per bar. relt 1. barrel, apioed loUitere, prion tit per barrel i 4i0 IKMind. UMaat. 4M cmia aaimon, .ploeil, li BM. eai raua aaimon, fiiireii, in ptuuiu, 91 t tor aale by MXaUN WtLLd 4Ci), 81 ly uuda.l 15 yr ean, aurut. jalJl'lM fCin BARRELS BEST NO. 1 MACKEREL OUU Sim barrula wblUflah I iW barrela Ciaoo nun, Ontario aalted t 40 barr U jU i & barrebi aounda ai.d tongue.) half barrel, rodflidl, uew Kor aale l.yNU-oON WELLaiCO, bllrat? jalSI'lii THAVnVCEWr, afce. DICK'S ANTI-FRICTION MACHINE, 1'OK PITXriUNa, BlIEAKINa, AND PKKmlINl IRON. e TVTB MOST rKriCIKNr, AWlairCAI, AND iJOalK BAVlNll IIACIIINKD IN TUB WORLD. Fiietlna u all but done away with, next to no ell U re nired In rnnnlnr them i and no repalra are needed for ear. t the largwi machine raoulre lea. than one horae ower for Bheartng and Punching Iron, to one Inch la loknaaa, with no peronpUbla MMt, doing toe work la moat eroooth and perfect manner. We refer to the largeat and moat eneoaaarol aatabllao, anantautheeouutry.tolearn the ealueof theearloua aaaahlnee made and, DICK PATENT, aueh aa Doom at M.wa-ra, Trentoo, N. J.I Coauaa niaaai En analXiirYTldeaoe,K.I.i J. II W. W. Coaaeu, Jawia, ll.aa. A Con New York i Wrannom Kouna HilU Detroit, Mich. I OfxraaAiaFaOTOir.UoUlna, will, CL, and many other. In New Yerk, New England. Virginia. Illinola, Ueonla, Ohio, Ao ., many of Whom, alter aalng them lor two or three rear, aay they would not be without them for three or fonr time, their aoet: and ether, aay that In eompertaoa with any other Inaehloe. known to than, that thef pay for their ooat la j9Tj alx movtlie1 im. AUorden prMnly attenoed to, and all Information. BTTVKNS BRfrTHFK A CO. BOLE AUEMTa, ii PKAKI. H rurifT. tStrtlt NEW YOBk. LEHIGH METALLIC PAINT THE UN deratgned, agent, for thla loraroable paint, are pre ared to eupply the Urge elaaa dealer, at the loweat xnaniifacturrra priciie. Tbey warraut the artkla to bo aprrler to any anld la thlg aaerket, being fully TS per ent. metal; for preaerrlug Iron and oaher metala, and arood and raneeae H haa no aiual. tlrick bulldlaxa al ntedwlta one coat of thla paint will ba kept perfeet dry lor many year-at about one-third toe prtoa of a leea-4t la wortli eaatlymere tor all eueh purpoaea. arEVE.Nii.BK(yniERAi)J!r tnit mreaHrt, New York. N EW TORE. MACIHNERT DEPOT. TKVTNS, r)KOTJIF.It OO ri Pr AHXHTItt KT.NEW YORE. AMTFAC11 KUWaodl'FALrRS In er. daanip of BTATInNAKYand PoRIABLB .TEAM Kl. KnlendllMILLK, WOOllWOkrU'8 PLANEKd, all etaer W VVf xwi M oiaa. .T-'-irfiiiM niliTiWIITION MaVTATJL niTj WaM tSLFACTtHEIU ot1" BU D. I)lCK,o"CeWraUd AnU Krletlon EFrKETSi DUUBI r,ArTI.N(i UAlX VALVH OSTABU SCALU IN OREAT VAJLHTT, Aa4 auuay ataat TelneUe Artialea, JtlBW TORK MACHINERT DEPOT. TkYENS BKOTHKR OO- , Ml Pearl gtreaa. ., genre daanrtrtloii eetatlooarr and aortabl eteam Indnea: augine and band lathea, power ai E aruV leer autttng maehlnea, bolt md aauoailng manhlnaa. Aa alao all t aaw a.10, of eailea. Uudei grala i arvr. Auloi rata lh rery kwvet MMmee. anginea; auftne and band lathea, power and hand plan- eareuiar ean ar mUlaln grea'. Caltn a. anil mm T H NUMBER 8902 rijHs. ATTENTION, FURS, FURS. ,. The New York For Mannlaetarinf Orapaaf aril! I!.PT' w ' to" at (art, to alow gg tae J Mew Tork Fur Manufartorlng Oe H.I I Chatham at. Mst4ann iai FLLM1NU, Manager. J7URS, FURS, FURS. TlUt CMON, THE WHOLE CXIOH. .... 0VY AND FtJKEV KR. laU tntS KELLOUU, Ml Canal .treat PUKS I FURS I FURS I L TUB HUDSON BAY FUR COKTAXT, Na.M DIUIAIIWAY. Win Mil at aa Inwnanae gacrloc Uelf entire atock ef niade-uv LADIES TA.SCY rUEA, aa fall.wa I Keel Mink Half Capea. Keel Mtnklhree-iigrterCee.,i lira! Mink VlrVe-lnea Krai Mink Muffc lYrach al li k Cap, Mull and Cnna Water Mink FrenrliKahle m a) .lis w , im) . v4 . Itl MM ni.l Kork M.rtla Yk-torkiMna'andcurTa, 4 aj t Itcn nable Hall lapis miilT and ctini, a uu And all ether tlud. of luraln proportloa. Cell aonn at M ilroadeay. JaUC'133 MARK J. KINO, I?RENCUMINK SETS AT fl &0 FRENCH f.kle xt. at f 3 . and all otVr kind, of Le.ll1 1 ancy I um at n tail, N pre reut lower tlian at any other ore In the citr, at the Hnilenn Bay rurlmean e Warehouae, M Croajaay. MARK J. kXNii. dell ttTlU t;uu3-furs-furs A. M.W YOKK I TR COMPANT. IMIMK1ANT It) IIIKLADrFJ Tlttl New York Far Manufacturing Company, Dep,4 S3 Oiatham atreet, offer to the ladle, of thla city (he beet arlrcted eVx of Fun to be fouo4. an I at Ike bl owing rate which will be found to be DO per oeut, cheaper than any other houae In the city t Water Mlak.balf cape, muff and cuffa, $)l Marek Mluk, half cape, muff and cuff, flat French sable cape, mull andeufte, f I to f u Kronen Mluk cape, mtilf aud curia. $ to 1U French Mluk mutt 11 to 11 , , kht aiiua niuna, 11 w e..f r n'licn ouie miuia iMtoaJi WaUr Mink aud trench Mink, half capea. id to S 1 1 rench etahle and Amerlean I Itch, half caaea, it) to it) Water Mink, trench Mink, and French d ble Ictorlnea. $1 to A fable, tttone Martin. Fitch Mart In. Mink Martin, Brook Mkik, and Orey Siberian B-nilrrelelotoruea, , af, H, ' and full capea, equally low. A large art1r of Children'. Fancy Far. A polite and pleaalng aaleawoman In attendance. New York Fur Mannlacturlng to, H3 ( batlum a deil tacil t LEM1NU, Mauager. OFFICIAL. AND gLEOAaU BI'.rARTMENT OF PUBLIC CHARITIES AMI CUKKHn'ION-J.ew York, Dee -th, I 41. NOIUK-'-lllt. CIMMll)H OF Pl'llLIO CIIAKl'l ItJl AMI CORKbC I IONS'1 hare eeUbllalied mwanit'U lor the rwUi f which la called fir, at tlulr oDlOie, No. 1 Bond rt, and at the Kotunda la the Park. Blank, are f urnlahed to the applicant, by the ultioi r In charge, hich will euahle the worthy poor to proiM rl prea lit thi Ir elaim,while the profligate vagraut allf be placed at lalior on the lal.nd, when lurolug ulm aU or lureilf upou the bwtltutiona fur maintenance Cirttficat'g ef kuown cltlaena will bo reulred In all eaaee. and aumrlent time will be taken by the Ilepart iih lit befiire granting pi miaueut rtller, during the month, of January and t ebruarr. . . By order ol the iloard. UU). KXLLOCE. Sunt. Niw gork. Deo. IMih, ISM. Tbe following la the form cf the application noonaary to obtain n lb I at the ofhoe of the I .partroeut ol Public Charitlie and Comctlon, No. 1 llond at, near Broadway, aud at the Kotuuda In the Park, tjuera blauk loruia w ill beHreutolappUcauUH- xm Name of applicant. .TV7. ... .. Ocuuphtlon age . , .... I laor of blrtk Coudltlou II .w long In the country How long lu city .Nambt.rofpiVauu.lorwuomrelleflea.ked.. Ileeidrtiee, So atreet Ward rmntorrear 1ihim,. .No. of routn.....and whatntory... V hi tlur relief I. rewired irom aay other quarter N In thrr aa-Med by any charitaHe lnatltullon, and how Uaaaiilbeen'ricelred firomtbl. Department, aud bow long?. .. 111 .,,...., ....,,...,. .. Tlie nunil. r aud eg of each ptreon, aud If any alck, how nian f What I. the relief raoulredf Ai y maang of auppori, and what are they f lu all caaea oi eteineaa. the rhyelclau oertldoat tnied be furnUhed IT pnaa.fl I.. AU appUratloua to ba made one week In edranee. to enable the Cemmlaalonera of Public Charltle. and Cor- reetlon toeiaiulue a. to the claim, of the partlee apply All application, to hare the following certificate of charariiralgnedbyaornokaowarealdeut of the neigh borhood wliere Uiey realde l 1 am well acquainted with.. . ,....,. and believe to bo la want, and doawrlng of aid. CiTTaNDCorHTTOrNVwYiiag... , . laoleninlrawearthat tlie foregolug rtatemont made, b true lu erary particular, Strarnfo kgore me (A.'.llaiif'oA.'.'.'.'.'.'.''...liii. ' ''The'afVee'mdeVl'tean'be mad bofora the aader elgned No fee raiulred. lnallcaawof neranneof dlaaoluteaad vagrant habit. U'lug forced en the Department, they will bo aided only Intlieumial way etthe ItiatltutUMia ou the Ialaud. aud be rwiulred to labor fur their aujiport . ... By order ol the Board of Coinmhwloner. of Public Charlth-o and Correction. OKO. KCUJIB), deIUUw lloUMtlUJu 10 BuptoulHnr Poor, fN THE MATTER OF CONTINUING THE I nae of the cnpartneralilp name of FUlTLPd DOIHJE k Company City aud laiuty of New York. Tlie un i rlgiiM. continuing the ua of the oopartnerehlp name f Pill LIB,lOINlEdi Company, her, by oerury aud ieclarelhatthefolloalngarethe namie and ptaore of abode of the peranna dealing under auch eopartnanhle name, to wit DA N I KL J AMhrt, In LlrerpooV England. A11XUM K. IHJlK.l.JAMfj! BTOKhS, WILLIAM K. I NMHJ-'. Junior. llVWILLIs JAMrJ and ANdON (J. I'lH-LI-BHluKIAaU In the city of Nnw York l that tlulr principal plaoe of bualmwa U the city of New York, and that tkey contlnae to have boatnea. latlong with foreign eoHotrkei and that aald AN (N U. Pll ELI'S BrOKlj laa,lniltted a member of aaid eo- fartuenhlp from tnl. date. New York, January lat, Wl. Vk K. DOIM1E, DANIEL .IAMIJ, tier D. WIIXTs JAMIA Att'y, JAMKb HrilK.rJ, W. H Dole. K. Jr. D. WILLIS JAMtJi.ANrUiNiri'HI'.LPd ITllKM. City aud County of New York, a. ton tlie ninth day of January, one thouaand eight hundred and lityna, before me came WILLIAM V. DuDnF, lAMt BTUKIA WILLIAM K. DolHJK, Junior, I) WILUrl JAMW aud ANaON It. PlIFXPa droKIn, all known to me to be Individual, de eorlbed In and who executed the foregolug oertltleata, and aarerHlly acknowledged that they executed the earn. And the aald D. wiU.18 J AMK8 alao acknow ledged bt fore me that ba eadited the aame aa the act and deed of DAN I IX JAMr-S, aUo therein deaorlbed, by virtue of a power of attorney duly executed by the aaid KAMI LJAMtA dated February IT, K-t, and recorded In the ofliee of tlie Keglater or the City and County of New York. JOILN J. LATTIN'I. Notary Public JallM'lU NEW VORK, JANUARY lit, 1861. THE Crotou Manufacturing Company n-port. that the full amount of It capital atock U !ftf.ll-all of which la paid in-and that the amount of lu d. Ida l13 4M 44. Hworn btforermsbyTlloMAS M PAKTItflHIF.. thla ll'.th day of January, lKOl. Al.ljtN Kl TIIKKt'OKD, (k.mmilonerof Deeda. 0. DL1LNUAM, 1UOMAS M. PAKIKIlKii; TruA.'e.. U1 NOTICE THE COPARTNERSHIP HERE toforo exletlng under the firm name of J. C. DAVISON 4 CO., ha. been thla day dlaailred by mu tual eoaaant. J.C. DAVISON Only, I. aethorlaed U rroelpt and diecharge all elalm and ludebtednaa. doa tha Uta nnn. J C. P. DIHTIN. Near York, Jan in,lWl. J.CDAVInoN wlUoontlau the bualneea, at the aame plaoe, No, 4au bereuUt aie. a 155'lllt NOTICE TO TAX PAYERS OFFICE OF the CouMiaaioMRU or TaxxaAMDAaaguuigiira, No. 8J Chamber, at , New York, Jan 1, IMl.-Notloa U hereby given that the Aaaeanmeut Roll, of Real and PrreonalLrtataaftheOtyandCouuty of New York, ' the year lMBl.wlll be opened oa Monday, tha 14th iuatant, for pubUo loapeetlon, and aill eootinoe open unUl tlieotiUi day of April Dextlueloalva All tax par en are eameatiy retiueated to call aad examluo the aame. In order that ane arrora la the may beeorrected. Alao, all peraona eotlflUMi by law to re duction of their aavaamrnta, by reeaaa of keen cler gymen or for military enmoce, and aan kawiary or Bharliable Inatitutlona br law eiemDt from aarina.1 ductloo of their aawaumenta. by ruaeaa of I gymen or for military enmoce. and aan Buaritable Inatltutlona by law exempt fron are reoiHMted to make aoolleatlon for eueh ra are miueeted to make anplleatloa for auch reducteoa ear exemption pravloua to the cloaUig of the rollg on the aign aay oi April. The following erctlon of the Act of April 14, I960, U publlabed for the Information of tax na or. I tig. tiom 10. During tlie time the booka .hall be open for public Inepeetlon, ae beretWore nrovlded. applica tion may be made by any peraoa ooiieldertag blauelf ag grieved by the aaareMal valuation of hU reaTor perasnal aetata, to nave the aame corrected. If rocb appUeatlon be made la relation to tha gieaawd valuation of real ertete It meat ba made In writing, atatlng tin ground of objectlooj thereto, and thereupon the Commlawionere hall examine bito the oomplalnt,and U la thuir jadguwnt the leweamrnt I. erroneoua, they atiall cauae the aame to beeorrected. lfeuch application be made In relation to the aeareaed vernation of peraoual aetata, the apWloant ahall be examined under oath by tbe aald CommUalonere, who shall h ntlioVMl to admlnlata. Hieh oath. Or tnf oi them, and If In their judgment tha aaaeaanent la erra neoua, they ahall eauae the aame to be corrected, and fix the amount of auch aaanaament aa they may believe to bo Jnat, and declare their deeleeoo thereoo within thirty eaya aiier eucu ayviicwuou auau nave rTOI nuw. w thim. No reduction ahall ba made by tbe Board of Huperrlnora of any aaaeatmeut on real or peraoual aetata lmpoaed under thla art unlaw. It ahall appear, nndar oath or affirmation, that the party aggrieved waa onabla to attend withlo the period preaeribed for the correction of taxee, br reagon of alcknuaa or abaance frota the elty, I .. r 1 Vil. I .hauler XJ2. H.tlon O. " A. .I.WILLIAM30N, J. W. ALLEN. .W.BROWN, Commlealoner. of Taxaa and Aaangmenta, laT Ma.TMatMMl)t 0 FFICE.OF THE HARLEM OAS LIGIIT COMPANY, No AA NAHrtAlf HTRFFT. New York, January nth, 1K1 DIVIDEND. ' The Iloard of Director, bavt tkla day declared a aeml-anmial dividend of three and a half par cent, pay. able on and after the tub Inet. 1 he trenafar book, will bo c Wd from Uie lth until the .th ln.t , ineliulve. . ,a... HENRY P, MollOWN, JaU ni&; Beeretary. THE STOCKHOLDERS OF THE ME. . .""i?10! Mining AeweUOon, arc hereby aotlded that fce Troatemkave maltha.. i, ud aad iaal dividend W tha balance of I not, la their haada, parable oaprw eantetion of the eerlnt at tha erneeTf IV. TTeaaurer. m.v&mKiT w-awi5r 00. SEWARD FOR THE CEBTIFI. attat aaf llu liavHaeM aaf 4lwnuia unnvDII 'AHfe7l$..C,ilUl,Jtf?TK S?Tl aPP-ad to have.beoa E THE POST MTICE LISTI LIST OP LETTERS BtftaJnlBg fat tin rft tlM, FRIDAY, JANUARrlt, 18H. ULDLTM Uftf, A Iherbnt Delia Andrew. Mr. MarUa Aadrew.alrKol A Andrew. Mr. N L Andereon llelea AngiieCellaU . Anthony llannan Armetrong Mr. Kathof Arata Catherlua Brewer I.oulaa J lllgelow Mia. M N litnniugliam Mr. Suiaonah Bllven Rhode L ItrieeMraMamim ilrhutaMraLoreUaJ llogart llellen N llogart Dofleau MedanVUo Cbtla, tlue Mary Ann Stonnor hllaa lnd Fannie N Boomer Aon I, Bourne Mr. t. 11.1) rr llaunah Ana Bo)-er Mr. J A Brown MU. HE Brown Jane Ann I Achoy Mr. narah Ackeiman Maleee Aetna Mr. tanny AdamaMra Jane 4 Adamle r mllle AhearnMnll AU xander Mr. Fmlly Bradley MrafJW Brad lev Sarah Bralnard Maria 8 Uranuo Mr. Mary Hahcock Mra Flkn-I Badaux Angidaita IWiliey Mra Fllxa liallry Mra Mary Hanwr Mra Pound Bla In Julia Blair Jane Bailey Mr. Amanda BankaMntmrna K I inrTrtt Margaret liarirtt r lien tarmnMr.D Baritnw Mary R BarttrttMnNolaonS IWruitt MraF.J llaawtt Mr. II M lirown Mr. Jane BanaiiuikaMns l'ark TlaCO Brodhead Mr.HrahV ItatialllaM llrou.litoti MlaaM B.ilwMr.t hrrlty Bel tiki n Mr. t ugeue Ihlrirn ll-nrkna B II Jenny Benielman. MleaF IknilrhMliw Itenmirt Mra, th an Itiuiaon Maly 1, Bnolt Mad'e Jane Bilinitl Mr! ll.inittMrin J R Diet Brerte Iraneea Brven M.rla Urea rr M re Mary Jane lln.nt.T WUJ V C-VtiK.Iwa Aall.h.nMr. Camp Mr. J K lanibtllKaU Ceiniaaill Ann 1 aiiiitin ( ath. ring t annlng Mliwt1 t anoll Mr. I atherlna I at left Miat.A t Mr. Harriot t aml.rl.n Mr. Ivory t h.lnnan Mra Fmily hapten Mia J VT t lauon .liilia Collin. Mia. rt.r Mi.ltP t'arhr Mia Mary N t arrel Anno t arrel t atlu'rine I arrullMi. Margaret CarpenhrMraKW Carman Harah D t'arMm Kate I'aee Mr. Mnnerrtf Caeeeflar Julia laeliMliaJt; f 'avanah Koae hartiry Katie t hntt, rtou Mr. Jang Clark MraJneepU CU)touMary E Dalton Mr. Margaret Daly Madllo Julia Danfortli i. athirlne Danper Mra John U Davla Mra Fjnelina Davlaon Mr. P D Daw my Maria I lay Mra Rate A ,., Daily Mra Ann Colling I lr onwt M ra KeU'Uo-1 lie Oliver Martha Ih-allyMra I H-errt atherlna I nnn. Mra Margaret Q DimieMra Margarut Ih-xerrtte Alloe Dk-tilnMadnia afatto Dlllln tJleu DillluKate Biirkham Mr. Dort Andw Itullaril Ltura Curtlfa Bunn l.uev Ituuker Marrrett Burton Mr. Mary Binihim lleuantla H irk Jeuitv ButkMnMtryAna Burn. Ilrld.'et Burne Mr. Catherine Bunirit Clara llurritt Mr. A M Butcher Kaebel Butler Mr. Parah A Butler Mra Mary Ana Butler Mr. Wm Cleland MlM U II Clifford Mary Coffee Mr. Mary Cohen Mratlyxer equina Mra CaptC 8 (VilllnaMra Collin. Nancy Collin. Julia CnnilerdMraMarrA Con.don t h.rlottetl CnkllnMra Mary-t t'-onm II laabetla (tenneley Julia Clouiior A line ( on I ne Mary Coon Amanda Amelia Conlller Mlw Anilrcea t'ooley t'athorlne Coree Mr. rttrah Cori M.rr Ann Co.klna Mrr tmchman Mra, tth tv kato I lorwin Mr. Matilda tTowellMraJll.nry-l Crowlv Johauua IViMnH Vx Mr. t.llen Cummlng, Mra, Bleecker it Cunpan Mr. AUxaadxlug M Corry Mry llodd Mr. Nancy I loneld Margaret llonahne Kllen ilonnelly t.llon lore Mra Joai pa ton laetiella lloughertv Mary (owayMra,Ea4ieta IlowUiy Rate Koyle Mra Bar ah IloylaMra, t.aatlCthet 1 lor la Mra. tlhryrtlont HuhobMra,KliHbgt 1 tucker Mra t.lleu lufour 7a J F luuean Mra, Batarlt it 3 1unbarMra8arab lunneMla. K luuluuu Mra C E F.nektea Mra M I.'aton Mra Wnt IgrUlneMnl r In-lne Mra F, 83d rt F.vrrhart Mra ll Idwaid.MnAung gtra, i;nerry li l:iugaee Mary Frert Harriet Fletcher Mr. Joha Fillmor. Ulea Flnegan M ary Ana t orliee Martha FolyMra,F.xTtbet Foly Johanna Ford Mra Alice r Ford Margaret Form Mra Wealer A lot t.llen A Fuller Mary P Oreen Mra Franera It (.Pea. Mlaaua, UUabvta d , fleorge Mra Anna Oerhard I hirothea Ollla Mra Kate flllman Mr. Adeline US (lllaon Jane (lulyMrallouatonat Ulrouaril Mademaullo (Irlaevald Cynthia lloble narah ( Mr. Helen (loldmaii Mhellane (lorhani Mr. tatharlug Oorlng Mra r'll.a (lough Adna II (ior.Mra8.rah II HirloMMra(lirga I lert Margaret IIIIU Mr. Harah W Hill. Mr. Harah WU Illlla Mra K IIUnMraF HodgiaMraU I loffmaii Chariot llogetiM.rgnA lloluhan Mary llolohan Jane lloinian MleLM HilbrookMr. AhhyJ llomennie Mra riophla lloughliey Aualo HoaptMrat. Ilouai'worth Kata Howell Mr. II II Hubbard Mr. tanny lliifmlreMra. WUiJ.t limit Mra Wm riltol Kate Bitot Mm Marr A tr.lrchilcpfarlea FlaniHiyUenU Fanton tetlur Flandln Mad'e FariaMary E t arrall Huaaa trench tJlou Ferry Mra r'errl. Mra K IerutMra,Vtliat FerauML. MB Gaffney Km Mary l.rahaiu Mil IrertrtKM tlrahaiu Mia a (Iraham Jrne OrahainkraEllxAucttt OaleMar, A Italian Mair VUlfl (lrautlr Mr. Julia (I. Mini I MraBM tlardliurMlevMA (lamer Vr.Clia. W llarclaBnlt (lliawiiu tate (lra.lyby UaM tlrven M unie HalTCrahr. Il.hli hi Mad'e Hall ck Mra Mary 8 llalllian Jane llagan Catoerlne llanorla Miiw, '1 haroe. at llankimiu Mr. Nancy HarierMary E Hargreave Mra Mary Mar .ou rton uoe HarpelMra, Bowery II. ire. KlUle llarrl.t'arrlo llarrl.Mr.Lurf llarlenMr. t.lwE llairiuitone Joboua HaMiett Jiihtna Hartal orne Un, Wert rt liatrliMraCiaaLV Heaiv Hannah lleariuy Mr.Jf.aia lleiir Mary Ann llennny Mr. Mary Asa Ilinu.aerK.te llu.h. Mr. t.llen John HullMr.M.ryPII lluutlniitoii Mr. Jot Joha IblieonlHilgi't luuiirMiailioll llankel Jne 01111110 Hunter Matilda Hi id July Ann Paulina 11 Mary 3 llurat liueea lluated Mr. Jamie T IlirUMraLvwce-a IKE Ctikrlotla Jackaon Made Jamea Mr. Nathaniel Jennie. Mlea Sarah Johliaon Marci Jolinaton Mn M W Kane Bridget Kane Mn MR keeler Mra Mary A kelly Mary Kelly Mary tin Mra John hi Mm Mr. Margaret K I Mi Maria K lib in Mary L I oreet Joeephlne I ikln Mr. llaunah lam k La or Far La:.Ui Mr.Trrau Lai glr. Lewlg Lei.gii' Amy Ijii eii'cr Mr. Mary L 1,1 i.le) Fllxa Li tl repMra K liv ni ce Marv L Jouoe Helen Jonea llattle Jordan Mra yudge Catherine, one. Mr. A Klnani Ellen Klnaley Mra Maria L Klnaey tannle KluiklMademlleAdelpUn Kinney Mra Margaret K Itt re Ige Lottie V Koeford Mra E J Kyle. Mra M Leamry Margaret iMHnttll Liddell Marion Lindaay Mr. C Jak Am.nd J .Kigali Mr. L . LooiuUMr. Netand Lanergan Cather ina Jeamry Margaret xntv Mr. Catlierlna laird Mr. Chaa LovlllMr. Mamnal4 lAiaky Mr.di'orKi, IS j.yon Mra M W Lynch Brlilgrt Moor Mr. Clara MoraeMnE Booney t.lion oouey Catherlag Moore Harah Moore Mlea FA Morao Kliea Morao Matilda Moren t Ilea Moran Mr. MorrellMMlt M oouey Mra Margt Morria Bertha, SoRton Kate onra Mr. Clara Morae Mr. Alunxo AC Mount Mra Mo. art Mra AM Mulliutethcriuo Muleay Cathern Muaroe Hadle L Murphy Bridget Murry Anne MurryMr.FUxilx.'tbJ MjcraMnU Newman Mra, A mo. rt Newton Mra,lv lttll gf Klchoil. Harah Nlcholla Delia A Norwood Mra Blanch Nye bllxahtth 0-NeU Mary Ann Uie.oii Mra Margaret izan a Ml. II L 1ji.Ii I Mr. fathering '..iinalHjiie tf aecanran Mra, Mil at 'a!.aeheth Mra II Maaiulvey Mr. I. T MaaUaan lira Bridget Megrr Margaret f THiilraUn. Hthrf Magrath Mr. Mary M.rtlnMraJ MartiaMraKT Martin latlieriiMl MNaVnon Mra Marftral Manl.all Cornelia MattliewaBarahA Mateo Mra Anna Maxwell Mra P H Melld Margaret MillaMnJ . MerTtimoKmllrJ Mi rer L'aette Micheua Mary Mldleton Kate MllvlnMarr MlleaM .0 J Miller Mr. Ann. Micluntchea Ellen Moot, aa Madeului Ann Neele Mlea, Canal it Ni boa Unit NagU Mra Julia Neuuurgi r Mra J Newell Fllaabrth New ecmb Mr Reuben O 'Urine Margt O'Kiafe Mar PageMrallnldah Paige Mil M H IMne MraVan I'ltt Ernie Phillip. Mr. IHilaa PhUllna Mr. Jaua Palmer t lara P.r! rki-r Mettle A Penona taxheg FaaMllEllia Pattenon Mra Wm Pearaon Mra anaaa Pinhtrton Mr. FJlxaUtb Pitinoyer Mr. W A Prrntla. Annie L p, rr, Mr. Mary J iLm Mr. A ITIIloe MMt' Pldgeon Mn Strati Poole A.nea 'orter Mr. Kate 'ter Mr. tanny 'ower Mary Aon Lana lowers Harah i'ruitt MraHotilila fruity Mra Ana Price Mn Henry P KfcArtliarMnMujurt McDonald Mm Bom Ao a1 a Hcunm noae MeConuIek MraMJ SiCarty Mn Hannah cCuglieon Kllaala-th cCann Catherln MofrunEnusa Mot lamb Mn Rebecca McDooongh Helen 0 McDouell Mra, 1 Ah at Mcllougal Mr. Duneaii Moflraili Mra Pe'rtre. Mcdawln. Mra xtatlkM Merien Mare MeCanery Mn Jane McOula Mra Hut McComiiek Mra, Bayard at MeOlyna Mary McDade Mn Ellxabetb McEoltht gaaaa MeDermotAna MdNwild Mra Elkabeta Queen Ellen QueeaKaU TJ ay Mn Charity MX Mead Mn CeAbertiia Rlcalaieraaa KUh CkrUena Blchxaond Mn Cornell klehardeoo 11 arret M UcWeeoohlnMeryL MoMaUea Koee Mo.Namar.h Bridghal Qulgley Catherln a Robert. Mr. Annie Hogen Mr. Mar A Roberta Nellie Rohaoeon Fmnu Hobenaon Mn Jenny Kobheno Mn Fraaoaa A Uogan Un TUoena NEW YORK, SATURDAY. JANUARY 19. 1861. I! LrouU Mad'll Margucr. Rurlr Marr Jan Rnmlne Ann Kn.lreMa.lw BoMmberg Mm Tu!U A ItuaaeU Marl U Rlgan Mary I Bran Mary" Ryan Margaret Bran Julia rWlalo Mary Bteeie Harah D ftherldan Mra Mary BeuterMraK'bocca Hrward Mra Mary Htewart Harriet Bwift Mr. Jane L riilke-y Mr. Nanorf Biroonot Carolina Kln.old Mr. Marf aoie ntmr rk Brldret KorkfelowMnO Mary J SI John Mlea Btrack Carolina Stelcy Agmw Beckette Mn Sarah 3 totacom Mn John PpadorMnAM Stanley Mn Carrie E-3 Btanley Mr. Kihecca Hand,. Mra Thoa Hnanlr Maria BlvlelUMnBarah HandenooMra, Wavcrly Hmlth tmnia Place Hnnlh Ann rraudlan l.luie riuiltliAa Hwan Mra Kdw.rd Hmlth Mr. Robert HaanMraJwapuln HnuUi I inma Baevaeeot Mia. Hmith Mn Moaea gun Millie Hmith Mra t.lia h Baunlrr Jee, phlne Hmlth Mr. air. iienry a,aie Biullli Mr. tntly A rJaatelk- Hnl.rklU Hoofield Mr. klia niia. aiiuiv v Lltale BWcknian Mra BaorMraMatlMaII Htrong r.itat J Htorvltarah F. Blewtle Bridget BauUiitfu Harah Haiilhmayd Mra Lcwll 0 Hullen Adeline Hturumn Fllxa Htruther Marl BmtthMary K TlnadalMreF.llaabctlt 'JimlalMralleiiry 'Ihouiae Mr. Mary K 1 huma. M id e J ullii 1 lioinain Mr. T 'lomr Mr. kill TomauMra, WuetUthat 'loiilanoM.I'e A Tuttle Mn John J Mealn. Marv I, rTeekm.nMra, KD'il l rklilro Mr. Julia Hi nnatt Mra, liroadeay Crh. nk l.lift BnellMr. Ana BhrpardMraP.iT MraES Helta Calullne T?J Inor Mn Cath 1 aaert a llul. (h Tat lor Mr. W 11 IriiBnokMrat' laylorMns Franklin rt .llIaiiyMrallonry-. 'Mil Mr. .Mm IIIUvtotiMiME A llmniln, Brid git lliUeu Harah B CNDERWilOD Mary rtenttne Elgnora Kllaa ib,-r Helen an llain Mr. E.laauethVlran Mr. Edward VouBreltou Mra VulleeMr. Angela Wright Mr. Augn4A J Wright Kill. Wright Mr. Miry It Wlllanl Mr. laabellt WiilUMraiiaear W William. Mr. Mary A William. M xtf Willi inn Aan William. Mian Orccn at WIleonMratl Wilaon H laan Wileon Mr. Ann WilnulMla. MA WhluMr.O.irgo XT Whitney Mr. "I noma. G uoilhull kale WaUh kllaa Waltlirr Mad e Walila Annie Walker Mr. W, 8 Hh at Ward llrldg.t WartlMnOharlnaC i Warren MlaMII Warren M.ry W Warniek kale K WebWrMr. Ii.nlel Wi lab rMn Harah K WrathirwarMl. b 11 Will. Jul la Well, t nun We, I.Mr. Wright Cat limine ZlKQl'KKEZ MtdlleJoidln IJRMTI.FJIF.VM I.lHT. A Ilia A White. 1 Adam. II ra Adibumer Benl a&ckinuauDau'i AibiniaW A keime 1 hue Al.g.t AdamaWF ArnalioMJW JiwiphN Adam. It W Ari.riuilll II (I Aleck iu K Adamal apt A W Archibald John Admlry Ailam.t apt Jaa ArmwmngAlex ni,- , ai,, , iari .HM. III! Aratatlluat Aid. liVo-ri h W Adam John W fv'mS ArtlalCapt Alter Dane Anchor ArruwamUh Wu. Alguir Jiwlill AuloraO Arnold.laaE Ailing J H At Co Ahlutt Bill VatiLhan Alkm Htipl'rn AhernDavlil Allendnrf John Alliuliol.tH AlkruJ II Aldridgelpy Alien Wm AllriiAllentlr Allen Wm Allen I riah Allen (leo Allen Jaa Allen Cornelia A Co AdamediBon xngti lgau Arthur lly Anvil W P Arm-trong R T Ahdrew.CI. A.hley lie A nmoi loul. A.luiua I A Iiwry Anriit) Vletor Aarhlmauu Johu Aiiorrwa riawQ j a Andrew, t rank M Vtklneon J. Anelieranl M It Auatln Albert Q Auderaun E II Atbrbury It II AnthonyThindoreAtchliimn Pit Andrew. Ill1 ArmJUtu Andrew. A LJ Arnultden AuderwHiJae Aravute tlabrlet Auder.nn.liiA Aultman C A Co Avery Alfrr-l AatleyJaall Aier Pimtiroke Atwood tJlali U HidtomJaalC BronaonJ hi lther II II BiawAPeten Auderaun B II Arileton Allred Aaton J aa Aroene Mong Bell A to llarkuaWW Balnt L'alil JllrnedlrlH W . B Bremtnalho Bradford Alex R Id neon K M iraaaliaw Anilrewllenjamln N O llloawMner John i,aiiiuu r. li Bacon K 11 Brady Ben) Ballier Hreuuan kllaTia Bonbiri Chaa ll llrvlinen INaer BtHltfhLun ll K lloykeii ABIaakCr io) a jonit Berrr Culhr A Co Boi liKH Brady John BrawetivLD Boroejohn Baron B J in ne a lex A Bow no ABrog Browley Wm II jtownian I) W Bredehaw Albeit Breweter Lortne Bradbury 7. A Black Ammaa Bradley Johu Baloek Jaa jlahonek Jaa A llabcork Jaa Balnock (li-O ,- u,u in, tfoiiu Betta John IktreharJ laah Ihtwan IIA firewater liurleu llo) d Prof J B K'rtiateln L llornton I. M BJerg Werner WMrower Jaoob Ilover Nieliolae Perry Lewi Bogle Jaa Bowne Wm Boylan UeuJ Buck II Bunnell Rufu. W BubbrWmliU Itnina F Halloo ate Hart j a Barnard Mw'd 8 Bergman Q K Ball John Bergeu W A Co Bahr Fi rdlnand II. nnettcha. II Blandiard ULt Bennett jl'y M w . iienneu i a Itanka Anmatlne Bennett tl'v n llurkl huu Blemen AU-IT Y Bennett A BeuneUlluetii Uy BoautAF IVuiitUI'R Blent hard Joliu lUtlililie Jolul Bungay OW Bull llou Archi bald Burkett C F lliirnim II Bud worth II I. Bullert Arm iit rung Billiel II I lurk t. V llurnirflia Allen Jti iiaaer Aiiurcw urtcbi; lialrrily 1 Bakir John A Balilaiu VWn Baldwin Thiroa Blake JaaC-i Bailey Mad llarroujno C Barlow II II ltarrv U ni Billing. Jiw Bridoult -Billing. Jaa II Kiln. Brna Bird JAtrVa Bird Jaeen VT Bliali H .1 Blrtlmrii .lit Jaa I' t:o Iter low 'thorn.. llleerll J B Bunk A C Barth tt Welti r 8 lllrcluud WUUug Burnliaiu O C Barn. II Ward 11 Biirgwyu r Pol- Barker Wm Co III la. Den Baniard truklliiBliigliam A A B BlniTloM Palmer llartlett T A Hon Brltt Maatrr L BarmeOM . Broi.k Larri'y BarU llli. J 11. ni.nlll.iek Jna. ph Barniw Woodrunl.ll.llea M Harrow 11 A Bolton Robert (J Barnltou David UllloedeDr (I BartleMaitln BraiuutWmll i.ica -i llurgwyne J P llurgwiu JuoF Bunih J Hunt A Telmno Butman R B Biitbiiiel.l K II Burnett, next antdl Hweerlng, n Burr C dill L BurkeRBACd IlilahPhlloC Bumnigh. Ed mund Iluttirworth Ur Burliaiik 8 I) Biirtealleo Burke Juhn Burtmaud II C A Ci Burke Alex Burne !,urenoe Burke J Bruah Jarvtah Burrougtu Wut iiariiaru iiailil lioliy Ailam Barliuglly Bard F. ll j a BoederkirO Iligert John lll.KlK.ttli J 11. a. M Boiieatlll Jaa II Blood Col lly Barnard (leo A llangham (leo Baiter ( line (I Bai ley John Batchelder D C llaviev ,1 A II irauecx uy K llauw iw 1 1 (1 I biunelnni HI NO. I BateaWmR A llln lleattir CaptEed man Bean 'An U tloiuera A Plilpa Beach M. Bl.aimheart U U Itreck Btecl AllondOeo Ne.mau IbKikhani Beach 11 V7 Brodlierk Chaa Beach J if A Beat h Jiavph P Mrech H ft Co laad'eMwdl. Ilrown Ilia. II Brecken E.lwia Brown Kuhralm i Bum. Jaa Burgee. WP Bur.wa Duucaa iiur.e John llmJohn Brown F II E A ('ollinrfll .1 ti f!n Ueahel M Browu F B ButVir Wm BeedeAlla-rt Browud WACo Butler John T Breed Hernial! 8 Browu Jiwae I' Butler Wm Beer. A II Brown John Butler WP Bern IawI. I. lirown McMUlerMutler Joaeph 0 Bwmau WalUr ABrown .IK ButlorJohn W Co Ilrown Alnnxo Ilrown C E Brown M Browu II F ilrawu (1"0 IrownHII Butler A Rlculaoa Butler J ear1 lirru M I. IWnNP Ihwiinan Wm BerbeJM Brailll Oiov.uul Bedell .Inet ( h lUlLuJulili jlryaon Ja. Bryant, Maltl.nJ ei i i Co Browu Kolit B rne Thog IU. I. II V P. II.. worth Chaa II Brvant .lulin IU Ireee A MaretOnBouhen C M Bryan Mlrlil T BnlaxChaa lloti.lit.iii Wm Bryan A Wilool iieiioun inurunmu iiyrue vrai 1 1. lender MillaLCl.rk J.. Conner A Holland t wieriu & p- virx nauiauavi touueiiyji tan I. A Co liue u 11 Call, uderWm N-C:a.h Wm touklln '1 runtoQ (Jouipton John t harex Manacl ( al. I F H ( In. e Kw I ( ah II M.t ew Cm g Robt (aUwellJoiliut ( ah well Ja. irawioniiiy I'romn Wn f.'atlon Jaa f feiidlt Hllaa t avanagh Tho F Coaiba Jeaw 0 Cla.pur.laa Coatlnjaa C ruaey Wm J Cooley Calvin Cleavelaud afgaaVuCrooin C Htepheil man 1 bo. Cornell A Doraey. (eitlner'C I heetham WmT Chopard Dr I h.mlierllu JoO PCIevelaml Chaa thur raue i. r ciemenu Auauirtiui.oruell it tamp sue m famer Fnhralmrrfillar flee Copland PIT Copland A hUutet Corve. II D Croaby F. U fireeu Martin Crane John A CleinenteWA t Limber. ( leavlaud 11 V Canhald John Clieerer A 1V Champagne Dtvld and Corllea PaUick lmptuu live- 1 Child O Wafaon fVwIiln frinela P ClianiberlalnJaaUCIiltUtnden rjaru'l Coagrov Key XT Chamber, llou Clanlroa Halvadur David ChiUick W O A Corcoran Joha Cemenarovarh T Ce-1 Cook F.ilwertl Cannon John Chlttkk J C A CoCook W II Cramer W l . 1 1 1 ley B O Cook IlenJ V ( emnnelil R B. Ir Ciller J H Cook a-radk ( handler W lu U CliHUin MaJ B U Cooper Jno II ( raue J H 1 Cooper K. 0 Al Co' II Lhitten R II Cooper Matthew Campion rat tblld Alpha Cotton CaptLU Cane Paul Older Ji.bu Cor. 1 1 L Camida-ll Wm-lChrUy JAM Oairtoey John t tl aa tolliy John Jr Cowan Jaa Carleten (ho VT Collier temN Coulther Joel Car Cept Jt bn F Crokar Capt Fred Cowee Ueo U Cary A Crocker Zaocheua (kiwea J H Canon x CorrUaonl Natal Carllle Hoirea F Coduck Cd BmUUiaerett Louo Cary U II Co M Cowan Cha Clan lb uj Crocker Wm A ( lowea Benl It Cry J C C iddluirtoa Jaa Cow lea H B Cut Joei ih u tCoffln Fnncle L Courtney Bml 0 uarie ituiua vogaoiuiueo w iu tveniiovtu je Clarey 1 1 aa fMtakll lartne Mauric CodlingOAR Cbouleeet Chaa Churchill C A CD Culver Chaa I CummUiga Cpt Cruger II CammluaA Ver- lliarlta tl fv Corhrau W 11 Clark eon Mai t, 'lho Clapp Ham I L Cary John C ( latiner t. tomn Ueo M CoLken Niuuj tloord H'y iMhy A F (ailoordllarry Cbapln tlrn ijoi. iiev i n fhipp E W Churchill K Curtln I taiila Clyde WalU r Cutting Tlioa 8 fuelling Fred Carter RoCury F tWeeOeoW l arcrr lira oie ueo vv Cliapman ,iaa hapraan ( baaE CohuJ B l ohen o Colian A Moaee ( liapmanrfae Cliapniau p 0 Coheu ValullUuO f iitliherton Wm P f'hapiiitn.lohn Collin. 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I henift a Lit Hill .natal tiaawa .iniiia I Ruliluaon John R Roth Ri4ilneon Jaa P Voleott Kohurteon Ja Ruiumer J'raaA It. lairt. 1 1 J Rlgar M artiu Bi.lanta J t ugene Riueell John Rol. rt F M Rubenebdn Mr Reneud I hr Rellly Michael KeubeuMr Keuee A I drew, bii. I1! neuln llol.lilliann J M Rnlor I leo W UbiHil ur Idl bin. Haul V Rudolph Edwtrl Ket'die jaunell Id.lNrtauu Jaa Rueeel n r Rt.d A lUl.lilna Geo Ri.Imi.iii II Iran .lohn a ivu) i.ei.i, fc.Ien. k lb A rr I rSe.el'll IU.) im.I.I. Geo II RnedaRueeeloiI I iu nauii u R.itiiuwiu t rank Rltvau 1 homae roue 1 llln itoiiiueon I haa WKran lliomae RtililuMti J II Rupert Audraw ill aa a i' it'iiiiiiaon win ituraAimri Rilnuld. WII A Korlker II ll ( lr... . f li RuaHi 1 H I Rugglea WO Itei liotl. .Teae F lt.ll lohn Itvan Iratiklln Ke.nuv luMtenJC Rra Michael, MI Kevin tied Uouuiau Beml J Ryau Jamea, MU Reyuoli'a VV II tldi..!) Louie ReoorChancyT Bmlth rharlo '.ttrai b u JobrJIHearer I lana B Btnltll Thoma Halturd I roe Bweetlond lleury Hmlth WlUlam II HrrktttMlcbael Hatmon A Halinim k VT Htark III) ftpafford M HpaldingGRD Bcbauffer Daniel W R Hmlth Jamea tt Hweitxer FranclaDHmlth Rolairt Hlireer.JII Hmlth John Hteutroan MuUordflmith Thorn rrarle biwln G Hmlth A II neuera laaae Hmlth Bamuel W Hmlth A W nnetiuia II u Hliragne Francia M jte. neri J Buitui M. Hchradrr Chaa Hpeoux 8 It Hmlth (1 B Ht John Jaa HlenerlelnEn Hmlth ilenei KIK Halaer Mlrharl Bpenc Peter, UrigHmlth A HarrU Balmoo I'atk lb treat Hmlth J tt HUuley Vi m gpellmaa FJvey ItBwlth Horace Bamauu ll ... Biullh A Griffla HcninJeoh RkenkaJt, Hmlth Haoi'l J gandford 8 T W, Hpenoer Andrew JHmlth Wm II M 1 1 HelUar A Valk Hmlth John II niaii.iia.i Aiintir ociteuing vaariea Biniin jona HUnford Deal G Hmlth Mr Bunion H II Baniu.1 1 lute HaiuMU M A Co HUlllee Cl Swan 8 Haliu, n J F Baiidtvky I lr Handera, n F VT HhildonOZ Hmlth Jama II Hternberg Robert Hliuglhne HIirrd.nHkhard Hiudall Harry 8 Blierln Martlu Hlnaley A lltruett HheiiardACo Hl.lnley IW Hryraour 8 Hiatennaull Bherdin William Hlaer Wllm Hlepltt n. Joha HhirpMr l.ldor HerrlMliB Blocking Balul hole U I Htokee-U Bean Auauatl Banfordllwllea Ban moua J bid Htewart Cliarla. HlueulU J J . . uev Htephen. iwuii Btictwcu tnarie Hteulu-ii.B II II II Shaw (! P Hal. lord ( harlo Haitord II i ry rlt.rl. rd H II Hharriok Jaeub Holooion A Hall HCeuard O 11 Bhoaf John Bteriing lleury Bpotm Loreoao Hpaaty Georr peiitu r, vv u BaytrAJidwulichut Jaaie Bheredir Edward'nAitvn j a , Hai ndt i-JII 8lo art A rtier- Southwlck A W'o Hwirk.y Item. lam or HtairMC H'ymourAC'o HnottWm Htratbui W Btt puvnaoa A Enwltiortlo Peter Hevoyllenry eriu HtouivrlamTvf Bat eanl Jaa Schruwucr-JohuHtone Chaa () HantilleCullru C BtottWraT Ba.llle Jamie 8hrprdaon JaeobHtowilIC II Biitulll A llolllle-lewellUrnryF Htowl LK ii r Btrwart William Hhoota tVanetg (1 Hoi Haml BewilIAK BeoUJohuM HeyotourFd Bootl Jme II blierm.u Caproa Heottjolm Hlattrroylhe bbarm B. j W Havolu Al -a 8 Haer II f 4 Hamuli! M J Havre 1 honip Har.nt IxraW H.iinder. II F HavagwJo.1. Hawlu A Akxtn- der Kaaudera A A J A Co Btout 8 W Peymour Henry Htephena II L Hhtoerd Han't HhlftGiuUv Blma Jullii Hl.leld. Wm Bnow Jatfln ftroug Pad I irk E troug Fred W Boon floor. Htone J M Htona R 8 Rev Bto well, Chamber lain A Co Rtowell Chart. HoovUI Howard Hoow Levi F Heevkav I) 11 Hlmpann ihiorg Hhaw I rant la (,C0 Hwifl R K Baiton VVUuam BtlU H A w Sard Jobn Btrlker A O Hlgmund Mr 8-lea A Dawaoa Hlathua Wm Bteel Rich G buUWUb Bulilvan William Beeor Hkiney II HeelyUM . Sheehan Dan1! wevtFM Barley D VT Barley II G rVn Doctor BheMenWU btraltJo-n L Bearl Auguatue fiimtMan R. ahln 8.uilra Abner G Darlog HtuUburg llanry Buooia ll s uo Bnumvi .ar WU Bi llwell Walter D ShnlteChaar. BplgUCha Bluvwatant Cyl HI. O Htr.iUAII WUlbun D9huU Aaron-. .UihJulU HqulrerAUo UtSM Bulilvan Dennl IIIV.IU.M A nhnvegll Hvy Airreo BmUh 8 A BnCaariea VT Hete 9 Auantli William Bt ivaUaaUr ar Maileann A ll Mann Donald Manning II 0 MargoltUF Maria L Mark.JnfVi Seam Ire W SottArT INM-M tl A .. An I rivrnnmtnrftlw-. BAlJvO ur A-TLItlUlAUj T-UH CA8U a ADTANC-kr prtl Jrrrrlaam.riU-.ror n-ry F0f LTH-K Mr twowoMg,or leeno d.y.M sen-w v-v m e-Uflhrw f,i M day, 1. AttS thai lnrl J, aani prV aaeh day. t Marr-g-gaotlDMah, tcmtufrrmtwrUt .u.j wtiiuamieai w i r u-m, inena g oeivetu-noeof tbe orBoe, $1 f every M Inaart-f fdnvtlarmnM noatvad aota 10 ooak, r. M V -.-...-. mtu-eiy ioa on lan-ey. rTlartva JM TleherLouU -""Mr ', iJh2,.. ."IrolhleWi 1 hackrav RIchardTllton Fa. -T.birAP tralnor rrttr T. re Otto aa. TllllngtiMt ClartT iaibot Jamea T Tripp 8 V I at atealhomaa H.i A VI. .?" T, llflSllRAra -nL a-. !? ir -j-ryinTiiirunU TintHvton Toftm ritu E -. ..""-' LT""- -"-i lUlu-TiiinT Tf lot WmC.l Mur Jmm TtmS C B 1 iT.. UaI A rV - a t9it . JT borneOeo-n ewa Ira a X"r?f?2?r -. x?hl,'- Taylor Robert r Thomaajame. TaylorHAJ TheoiaJoha Taylor William IIThompana Mr, lavlnrAW lh onkla (ID II Tamu '-l izzzw Baylor Johu 8-1 Thoma. R R lorrtiM flee J '' PV 1 laymrii a Tbompana F. ThoTtagtaa . laylor Jaa 8 lYent f lenrm lliomaaoa WU- ThorpTIAO jredwfll ACd Thompeon Rev E ' iiwin r i ony rerri ill! !", n n .raedallA Btutch-Tbompaoa A W Tyler joha Held Todd J II TaiBam-4 ill... Illllll ll.l.f . M. ' Tin ipleflll TheeATA Itweler B A. fylDnl i 1 enre f J Tnhlaler Wirllam OStHn w 11. Ca1 i inna in Urecartia Oldalfl Irani Robert Alnrney Key AAj Theh.leT ArrkgUToffn c Trnrab,Wat Terry Rev RE . 'I homeon Ed wrt ACo d Tlrknrr W V JiTodd A Kaffi rtr Tutu A I Co TbouikloaWH Turner Tlmotkr Trto.Joa l UNCERWOODJOUXC tllner Wm i UnreAntoiila VrmooTho Van Pelt Caat A ' VoxlerJR VaaNIta M.oiann evneux raiiup A ineeni i. j vinccnll. Vlll.telajoM Vlll.mlo Joe V kldoFpluo D Aa- Mar . dreaT VrdilrrWm Vtullheog Vlgouroux Yin Van Dorm J . Van Brock Dw.) rick ', Van DertM r! tbonw t'l virmit U-an Job eent Vaallueaall Vela.r Jaa A VaniAahnlf Dn O Van Doaeafc V.nllut-aH 'I v t no i v tee niae 'i rry A . V h-her ChrUlan Van Cevt 1 T-t ' ' Val.ltaplno A T -it au Pelt R--. Van A-twr W Villv,nle(lr1lo Vandlemn liter a ---" nm Vad.kln FredirlcVan Dyke ('apt NVa polar J B I ..... . . Van Vraokln N Van Buran I V.Ltlilerl.ini. VanWInkUK v.. riae -JA . Vfchl. keiuerd Vanolffen liealr Hlorni Inn nl t r. d K Vn jm W W Von Beyroa 0 AV'all Horace II Weed Jacob WlUUmeoa Oe i elktr Hihtrl ha II R J.fn. Weed J M While ADwirH V giM r C t hre(.errr W u, n lAc V'kir W WadellrTA tNallaciJohu II Walkir llnm Walah td A W alt a W A m-ekr A H-wiuuivWa ..'n. -. . Whit William vi net h r uol l u K W.lehll-nry White FT Wi lib John WhMJelm Well. A J Wh.t lion Hade , WedMnimW White Wm '! WluelerAiLO WhiU Rev Tfcr ' Wi.tWH White Joha Wad.worth A Co Wenel 11 winienwr-i naiitr iiiuuuier wrtmore Wm Wktbu Whiting. P J ..' .. .. . Wf' Adam. A WhltWk. A A O WalfelKleo (o Whitman Wat W Waikt r 'I home Vt t Capt Jamea Whltmor t A , W W.t JeretuUli Whlttleaey Joh-O r, anigri a hod ,v neiroon c i lit Wei Irrdliiand V alith txlward Wlcka George y ) mu Dniilt I Wileon Jam, Q B WllcogJACo Walker CH Geo W llann Jaem 11 WIIinllC W aldron 8 W Jr Wild V ra WanlWmtl Wilder KB Wanar Jaut.a Wilbur H II Viblttaker VT-tla 1 Whl-noralameag . WhinuUr I 'A WII A' Whitney 8tepb- Whltuey Ckarl WhlttakrrltO Wlnecar. Ha Iratiklln Wlllard Co Hl.ehv A f i Wlllard A Co Warning II. r- Wilcox Morria 11 Wing DBnOth man u Wl. r Di WllUamWliitereaat A-l Wannalfg Id W WlltraaeJ ward Wright 11 V Whiting A Det-K Ward John VMl.tenau. r John WlulowDB-t Want B Wit Wilkin. Jarma WlndaorHo)a-l Ward A Henry Willi. Aran WhltnyTho-i Waninrk W WrU It W 1 Lin. WlarWp Warner Jam r-ndal. Wlnanta Edwlaff laf ,, wrd iaw wilder II WlntwortB Kd W mer (l.rg W VMIb Jialah A CWtnemwta j Want 1 liomaa S II. r A Koeen llrrttow VVanl Henry Willi. Wm Wlualow Uwla A W.rrliirtou ( ha.WII.oa Bamuel A Whitman tUe Watitlrafonle J II Co Wood II VT ' Whatlnn John t.Wller Rey F Wood Joha WanlWm Wl.gln.Jll Wood IlTrldvT Watkenlieorn WriabtOorM VVeodnuTAII VVaten John U W ll.m Charlea A Woodlln John- Wayne Janirt Wlllent Chaa 8 Wood-oil B ML It W. .la 1VI.K..O... p il . Wat.nUr,8..tb.t Wright WM Woolly Col Ja Wt-ou Gia F V 11, y Robert H Wood worth W W rt. lit 1' W J Watwiu JaM Wl 'rv fMlae William FrnclWmdraSBay v aterraan W t w u Walla Dr A J William. J F Woodward TB W llllama Jowph Woodard I! vr. aeJrl A r w.tacnj 4 VValta Henry VVaten CpUla WllU--8yl-w WoeetarAlXna .Robert ter Woodrw-CII WataonLAB VV llllama P Henry Wood Hon AM VVelibJmiM William J 11 WortiaJA WeeIBroUien Wllllni8 A-l WorthJaeU WelehmanAC Wllllama M II WoodaJaa-aB vv neeion v m w uiianiaiirotuenwooa uti.rf Weill Lehmaoa WiMrrF.8 WiwkaTR V beaten OW Wrl.bWmll Well Caft W m ia woa rwen Wllllama Rev TboWood Wm II wiiuamaiiu wolf Morru W llllama Rkrhil Wonder Neat Wllllama John Wunbarger Mr WUllainaonGM Wyna Joaeph XATIERneary Vconx l,"ml B Young Capt Joha Yonngtwl Ja lo 'outia .lot. lMMtv-r-u-a tirori Youug Gtvrgo lvkel8 ZappW ISaey. Broome lit ut JnoVedA r Aw Burg Bern CharlM I. AM Wa-Uborgt W- Blngham Frank I lonur Charlea VT 11am M) tn Ut ury Blake Lieut II C OIlKcrlbaneoa. Royal Arch Lodg Religlou Int'lUgrnoer Anattmy MuM'iiiti Hydraulic Drain Tubing 0 kditon of Buuday School Gal', l'atout Uea Burn? 1 tinea ( I 'r.ii k lor Ami rlc.n Mag mal Htovea Work line (Hlloar. City Garden Am Emigration Aid ud Treasurer Am Reform Tn t llomeeteatl Co and Hook Borlety La 1-abn.U'ur Du Prlucl Pul.lUli. r of Photograpbla le Fine Art Jonrnal Publlebrr ChrUlan Werld.Welcbe'. Hhltujlng Offlea. Hern tary of the J M I nlontallttin New York Plea-Baa 1 nlun Auger Co tonwt lmprovemeut Coo - I nion M.nuf lAlor Bloat1, paoy Healng Maehlnea Iheatnut Hill Ireo OM Merrbatite Mutual In.u. Company ruc Co VV. II. TAYMHI, TUK NKW YORK SUN. SATUnUAY MOKatLNU. JAN. 19, IW. Tie I'ulton Mtrret Prayrr JrftlA. Ilia hirit of tho Ia)td Beenn to bo doing a nilrLty v. oik. aiming clilldrtn. It U a duroena-U-ai t.f It Bi'lrit to tbeui, la at(lal uuumer, Tb M kwlii' e fur Ihcuuielveat Nxte Yo.x, Jan. 14, HU "On my trlum liome, th day before yarterday, t leuriicd that luy little un, hearing bl uthr r4 ala.ut a little buy aeuJuirf a raqaeal to tb Fula-a tret-t prayer iiutliu, aakid if b might aeod Uo. He wad toltl be lulght If Ue wuuicd. lIwroM IL following ri,ueet without any d-Utlua. Ha give it to me with great joy, and taked tua t take It 0 tb meeting, wbUb I uow do, eameetry aaklac Dial it m y be remembered la your prayer. Tb ftqiii.t waa written in capital letter, a tha little U.y cottld writ In nothing tlaei "Wiu. tup rt-iiei to I ur yog a irrru mt mx txam Ol to Aki hi A iliiuvru, AID rogrw i im aurrrA-.ioi'g and nutrr-TUAT w mat ah. ivi org in.niTOTUgBAViox. Cuax-ta." 8lcll allciitlnu wax called to thla rtqutet by Ik rider, and th prayer fur bltu, ahowed bow doejdf their feeling bad breu inovej lor IhU dear llul boy 1 y tboae cugngad la prayer. A large number of retiue.ti went read Car awake, (tied pereoiui, who ir,Teuled tluuiMlvni a bia( iu tli meeting. A e cai'Ulu kcua aud mid, "I wn la lb mal ventary ineetitg on tb S3d of gej.Uiuber laat aaA wiled ueit day. I arrived In purt lat S-adar, a4 yaeterday wa lure, and id a w word la MM inrrlbig. A I wu gulag out a lady But tua ml nidi 11 Ar you -Ulorr "Yr.," I a-awarad. "Well, tlicu, I waul you to coin her biroorro-a and aek th meeting to pray (ur my aou, now m loard tb Drucklyu aiauK(-wr.a 'Tb lady laid go niULb and cottld aay do mont bunt into iwh a flood of tear. She could -Jt Ml in what brr eperlal roquet waa, only to pray br hr a, n. AU th mother la lu thee few word, "Now, I bar lalt all buiinea lo Ann hare and p . eent Ihi retiueat. I do it th tour readily, biraiiaa I bar kiuud thai lb aallor h. a lilac, la th heart of (hue who ouua hai ti (wty, I waul you to gi vw thla aailur, ou th Druoktyu, a jdaoa lu y-mr prayara. for tb ak of that .xir nulhar." A AVtiiii. " Tho i.rjveri of thla uioetlug tn lequeeted for a uiilun meeiiiig at Brwlr, Putnam Co., N. Y, Th ..Iril of th Lord ba bu pouraA out. In nun krd manner, for lb Laat two mufiUi. tb Mtlbodlat deuoiuiuatloik Tb prayer l that marry nior may b brought to ChrUl."1 8verl rat, in th ineeitug aakrd prayara br awakened, tuilo-i penning, whom they had brought to th niectiug, or whom Ihry bad found, la eamlnf lliciuulte. Tb nce-M of th laat few day ar tbuee of the gain aean of th year lu ISM, wh-a tt 8uudy pra wae full of rXrt4 of lb wuodeira. diiilyi of dlvloe iiiecry. whhh wr her Though tonny. two room wr ooeiipd to-day. Tho t th Jacbaaaa. Tit l"t known blood relgtionllrlnff la thU eo. try cf theold ttema tnd toldkr, OetJcltv ided. IUna-wwai Jama 1-oc-M Jtckam McCulIuugb. IU died tt Lake Proritjeac, l. on th fir.t of January. Tb daoaaaad waa tha on of Jxnic McCuUuugh ami. Mar- O-ffrry, aad wat born near tb Hennit-k-a, In Tw-n He rat her wu cousin of Gen. Artdraw Jackioa, u4. hi mother wit th nleo of Mr. Btthul Jack on, wlfo of tha GeoeriU II. U iiHit-tU bava Uw a m-nsf twlnuU ticrfUoM --C worth. - 1 WtfctB! : imm

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