Newspaper of The Sun, January 25, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated January 25, 1861 Page 2
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.-WX ji -J,.,, t 4f , cl 1 fre THE NEW YORK SUN. nwxt Hosvnto, mst . ita. Te u ttoanvtrl the Biar-el . It Tlew of U preeont want of employment, cat eoa-equont distress, among many worthy labor. Inc penpl of kbi etly, w have determined, during l-i exmtrouanoe, to open our column to appeal for Outph". niont, and la offn of employment, on euler km then are understood to be consistent with lb advertising Interests of a newspaper. T prepoee, for lb p- lent, to admit edvertiee. est- relating to employment, l ONE Rllll.t.tNt - ON- LINK, endeavoring ao to arrange an 1 clas sify thorn M to .rpres ell that 1 leally ixoeasary, In moot eases, wlUitn ing',. lit. All who ovi contrive to offer any kind of employ ment, will thus U encouragid to tntkelh. ihame known to lboaend they ere mauy -who would U (ted of the emallest meunic of relief. Erea for very unimitorUtit Job, shilUrig can well bo awarded, when It will bring to the door iba Tory applicant who raw! oord tl end Will be uiisil willing to do II aalisf-.-loTt'y, It -ruelly happen, that lfn pernns apply fT employment, om 1 purx'cd to think of anything for them y-w I nd m th otn,r k,,Kl' M "n " W hV 0 lilll Job W OOuld glVOllt, Wt IIW. bor Ik aad entreaty of nni lellow-trvelur with regret and Ih audi tut knew where to flul bin.. When employ nol I scanty, It l the mo" Im-Irrtai-to bring out ail thoro U of It, nit') dlffise il u Hivh u pi-aibl imong tho tnml needy. Many, I" Urn like tbla, will feel It both duly ad a flmrirt to inoU employment for tbe destitute, Vy giving out work which they ere accustomed to do then-elves, or by having something don. wbb b they ran afford but da ivt Mrlrlly fd It U tTldont tfcMby offerinf It la tb t.c, Ih'y will gi It M one to tbo nvMt nrody ond lb rat willing fi work, Wo would Mnirotly recooimrod hourkrpora i employ ftll lb tzlro bolu tbry on kffnrd ot tbU tim. If tbry b? tbt inMna, M thorn nr t llttU for tbo Inieot cbArlty 4itorol omployniontof tbo ooody-rwl oo mm tbolr own Ubora, It my I, or raike It lit tle omIot oa woiblng day, for Inptinc, i Iholr r fular domoHim. A lilllnf lino lo tho 8(V will on all IrouUt la lukli f r Mrritut, ood briiirf tho mry onM wha u tbeiuao!rM lo klatf asxWut'y f .r tin. ploymml PmOToloot pmrmt wilt oftra find that tho brat ai. laUiK tbry ran rrndrr wllllo, la y for a tow billing tnarrtiona of Ibo raae la tbt tvn. Oa lb other band, tho l'o"yf J will bo nuiUr J by tbt a)COfmmndiilkoa wo offar, W frako knwa Iholr want and wlllingnoM, and atlrarl Iba notloo Ixtb of brnoTolniro and aolf-lntoroat. Kmplnyora wdl aoon bo IwrrMlng their forro, and tba of thla cheap focUlty. It la hnpo.1, will do ranrh to brln bth rlaaaM Ingrtbrr, and to oquallrt tha diffunlcn of re lief. NKtV HVN OirritK! W bar focontly oponod a now rubltratlon Ofilo tor tba tvn fdealgnod at Ita nltlmato and par ananout centra) at No. til DnMrlway, under the Aroorloan Muaeum pnuit which baa boon Jually arrmod "tha eye of Mew York" being at tha Juno tloa of It two grand thoroughfare, and of every Sallroad and Omnlbua LIdo In the rlty, wtlh but law minor OKcoptlone. To roach the new Bui Olio herofnre, from any part of tha city or II enrlrorM, I U only nocoaaary to bail the neoroat etage or car, and be act down at the dour, II la a Ident that there le only one auch place of bmlaeyn la New York. The old eUnd of the Sim, Sbaktor of Fulton and Maaewi, will of oounM not be giren np, at lout fir enme time to coma. Buatnoia will tharo&ro osutlnue ao be done at both offlco. An adraiiag00 propoeal, bowernr (for any other imrpnae thane dally paper) the le of nvwt of (he ralunble premise on tbe eld corner, would not bo 4Uregidl eren now. A YALUADLK DESK KOOM-proUbly the nvwt valuable In the City, for many purpnuoi-can U af fbrdad to ealUlkctory occupant, In war Breudwny OOm. rublie ynlerhiiJk', tlili orcn- 1 tag, Ur jlurt'e Lot ture at the Academy of M iaio. "r lUbrrtdar, f Im Tnlird Hlnto. IT ! in tho name of all that It hulieit, that tbe moat lroluuexcoce of wlckednem hare vtr twuil perpotralcd. "O, Lilwrly I" aald an Uluatriouitktim of the JWgn ol Terror "wliat crimoa are commit toJ In thy name!" All are but ton familiar with tho litatory of liolliidi cruelty wbiih munt l inrlalel la tho unaltof lU'liion. Tba namo of the muk and lowl Jwius atanda LUaphomoualy Inacrilwd on tbe Tory worst of all tho crime" end cruvltict of man. Tho name of rutriolieru f no loiter, xorpt that il la I'M a-iircd, and tkat it 11 bard to tmulato in any rnuUr way lbs horroriuf pirltual wUWneiw. Jmt now we aoo that name, tho tloak of ita rank oppoelte if treason not to government alone, for tlut li.1t nano. timea boeu imtriotlimi, but to every national and truly public rlbt and Intcri'it. Devotion to the KlfiiJi anil arrogant rlalm of a locality, a fragment of tho public boIi', is now dignilloil with tho name of "palriotipni!" tew men in a community carried away with lawleaa, sens,'. loaa, (litUoM rolirllion, now dare to ronft any larger fealty, any nobler love, than that exacted by their Immediate political auUlltlaion of coun try. Only ono or tvo like noble r.TiihitirK of Tenneaw, dare own aomethlng more or higher than anal it estate a country! When challeng ed by another noutlicrn man wllh tba question whether he apnko for tbe South, ho replied, "I peak for what haa ton few representative hero my country !" And fr thii country he stainl.o fjrat, last, endalwaya, come what mar truo to tbe alara and atripr to tbe taut ! Honor to the fouthern public man who dare to I a patriot without condition or reservation In thi-M daya Uke the )billino leavra, they multiply In price a they dlmininh in nnmber. Once it waa no,, when American could only point tin linger of indignant acorn upon tho dograded wretch who held aomcthing nearer bimn-lf, to be dearer than hi country. Now we are fain to glorify - maa for ting net that sordid eo tlat. Anil In the circumstances it i' glory. Ho nor then to the rulhempeariot, Kiiivhihok, of Tonne! n AmerrowietthoolJentiiae. lly the UomLdk of (icm, ha w-b loveehli country ahall have a country. Were .Vaneaaee to prove mnwortby of him, the Uxiom la hi homo, tbe country that he lovee will cherUb. him true ion of do petty and provincial mother, but of the Tat land that bore the tlatea, Trraaoa la New Tork. Akmi amuAiu yon tub Sotrrit. Since tha prompt and energotio anion of the Brooklyn nUlitla, on the rweul ercaaloa of a euapeeted attack on Ihe Mary Yard by aa armed mob, H beooiaaa every day taore oertala that there wu a real foundation for Ihe remore of war on that kvIob, and that, bad Ihe cnlUUa evinced a greater kilty of djiclpttne or tin wtulugueaa to ait, th ouiuk'urace would have been of Ihe wo! aerlvue character Acr beyoud what our -MU, law-abiding citlaau would ever dream of. lu the earlier part of Iieetmber laid, the f Jlowlug advertUnneut apared In aome cf lb city r, eliciting al th time enmriderable remark, though little puMIe Infonuallon wae given i ATTKNTIONI-Tbe Capulna eg all the vjlunle ewniiuiaa la the city o New Ywk aie reiiueaiid lu end eomuunlc-tiou to the uedenlgnstL, al No. II Mou atrenl, autliig the name of the coio-ny and the uuxaber of iuu undn their oominaod, for the pune of wHeiltag a military orgauis-lion to prewt the muuirll rlghu of tU cliyand the oouititulioiMl rtghla of the citiamia of th enuUry, la lie eveul of r??'11"0 .lo ,L country, Furlhei iwitlculare twtll be given In reply lo ihe communication. JAatUJ E. KtiKKIOlN. Al thai time one of our rrtni eulivi ted ti . aaoertaia Ihe particular of Mr, Kiuiot', t,,u. tluu, but lby were -Mdkvntly oxttWl.;Mr, Kaau- . OA1 former career, Mpeclally hi oonei'tluo with th Walker expedition In Nicaragua, did i4 pl-w hi millitary pualtlon In Ihe beat light before our , peaceful ritiaena, but It la believed that he euavscdjd itafraluUtfttwaupport of a conalderable number uj MaaiaiaTwrleotlv' dlfflTenl lo principle, and Lua.i- uced only by dealri pluir U IU even! of aUorganlaed rlol which lhy propoaed. Ir-uta petaoa we waa aoUolted, al IheUme of lb Inform. 4U. of Ihla organitation, lo join it, we gala tbe la flaal that near two month ago there wre era -uaarea men m ru. - - a-r-ieid. of llflircrn .cd ouikfry, .hi we hundred men In IU rauke. TMJ were i drilled -e(ettarty In tbe ueua! vxereine f military eoraee. Knitoal waa arkoowladged te their commander, and their avowed purpnee waa le aid South Carolina In her aerowlon try a dive ton U bar bvor at Ike North, the beginning of which waa to be an attatk on tbe Navy Tarda and Forte. II waa then alleged that new member were rapidly eoming Im and thai the pro wd waa that they would have two or three tbouaajid incn enrolled by tbe later portion ol January. Il 1 elao rutuored that many of the gim which bare been aent tn tbe ftoi.lh, went from a private fac tory In tbla illy owned by OroM.a Law. Buck a fac tory was Uxated on the eaut aide ol the city at tbe clote of W7, In cnuln block of building which liore tie algn of "llmJid Warehotwea," and waa then sold to belong lo t.wmi.t jr. In It there were raid to be fifteen etnun rifling marhlnea, but definite vu run then barJ t itain, aa no -r-n rxi-ejit thime rmpln 1 In the calibllnhtnrul waa allowed to enter, and fir enme re.ieon eorreny w etiiobied on all the wmkmen. Hero, old and eon. den 11 muhketa, Kngllih or American, were refit ted, an 1 In aome cuiui titled ami prriwed lor sale. Whether IhLitwtoiy la etiU In oratiuii, or not, we are iiivible to aay at prrarnt. Another history or the arm found on the Utl cello, abtpred for Bivannah, da., I given m follow i Tbe arm were mad aevatal yesra ago at Windenr, VI lor Ihe llrillhh Oovornment, but were refud by IU n.llitary agenU. Tney were then eenl lo Vera C u for eK but the. M' JM-ai either dd not bke them, or bad not Ihe money to buy them with, and they were rnumed tn New Voile. A tew lUrs-lnro lal.k of thlscity, In I a good irparuUUWin, biwghl the gimaata lowrtce, and It wu not long before the dim-tora found a paying purehaaer In Itie peraon of tbe AijuuutHienerai m in niito oi ueorgia, wno look th arm. -ld for them In Kohl, ami by bta dlrec tim they were Iwing eenl ti nivicnnab. Tl.etotof muVrti found on Wrd the athemer Cneplan, at the foot of fletkman atreet, wm rrtumed ywterdiy to Ihe captain of the schooner, on bla pro ducing Ufore Bu I. Kiwsn.v tbe pror doeumonU, proving lht the vesael I a I been regularly cleared for Catthagrjia, ami that the provision mat kd"Sivan." were Intended for Bavanllht, a towu Cettkagona, UA for euvannab, (la. The following d.apatcb len reee'vedly II. It. (Vni A O,, ownera of the Mcainnhlp U nl. celln, from tlielr Hav numb a.'.-en'x: tmmm,ah, "Ihe seizure of arm from II e Motilli' Itn eaiifie eli itemetit buie. Cn yv(l al thcmUckf Vefrarrtalltl4i.n Atttmpttii SrinitR of KiitR-AHtM.Tim rm.i'1 Irn m Tna Ala oji nina war B m About fli en uilnutra befma 8 oMot k on Tburwlay aftetmv, a oiemnof Ihe atmrabont apiidcmi running bi the J itat Ward BUtlou-hoiwe, and alaloil II at he tad Justaem a Uige qumillty of fire-arms ahlpt et on bivvril Ihe aleainor H mlgouuM7, liound for Bjvatmfih A tccgMiii wis Instantly eenl b the rH lit e Head Quartm fir bint met ion, ami word cam to aelxa the arm. A doren policemen were Imme diately dlaiintrbnd ti Ihe veasel, which waa to avl al I n,i lork, an 1 Ihey found her biunbi hauling In the gang planks. Bcrcral of them Juinl on board, while then etoud by the. hawsera on the pier to pra vetit them from llug chI nff. B.hi tho word came from the (.'"plain t " ra 4 nff the liuis," but the i" lice would not allow the order t-i le obrjcl. Tha Cajitaln waa pron itly liilirnned of thta, when be aa promptly ordered the Unea cut and ateani to be let on. Tlila aa done, ami the ilW e on lasvd, at the riak f falling Into the ih k, Jumped B'lioro and priceeiled lo Iliad Q'uiiti re to rett. A norriti timi: AT T.tMMttv lltl.l.. Tho Tammany Hall (ieiicral Ci.tuiulttee held a ajieclal mtetlnn to sec tie the conteil for aeata la the lih, 1 lib, and ltllh Wardf, and to lienie a call for a pri mary eloi lion, on Saturday evening next, lochooae Ward delcgatea lo a County Convention lo meet at Tammany Hall on the following Monday, and there Mileit four dolegatee fiom eaih Assembly bietrlct lo the Albany BUI (Jouvvnlluu, which meet on the list lnrt. BoonofliT the Committee orgnnlfM, a crowd aa arnibled oulilde In the hall and barrooiiimnat of them being from the f th ward, aud aprrnlly l lonIng to the Cnnrs I arty, lbe Iiurpectore ai polnll at tbe last meeting In hold the primary elec ttiiu In the Hb vsord, repotted the election of the DiuviN ticket by a larga majority over the Conns titkrt. After a long and warm dmnanlnn, the Com udltee rerelvnd tho 1'rijCMN delcgUiouby aaklmoal luumlmoua vot, BUnlly aller, a crowd, acme of whom seamed to be much under lb Influence of Ibptnr, burst Into Ihe Committee Ibnim, demaiiIUig a petition which ba.1 Win pilot nte.1 by Mr. Court, and akowlng a deter mination to make a row. Membera of the Commit tee rose to rxel the Intruder, but the Chairman ordered tbeiii to thalr aeata. Then rote "Ihe old war horse,1 1 F. Tranr, Y.. end Ihnm Ing oft bLe great coat and ilinplaj Ing bla cnaguterlnl liinlgula, heordiied tbelnvadurs to re lire. He told them that after they had left the room they would rrrrlte any poper to which they bud a claim, but uot till tin., and filially succeeded In ejeilingtbera. Iivfoieleaclng, Ihcyfuve gnwna for Wnirtw P. Kranr, vlu irscc uiul acid he appreciated the Com ptlmnit beprrfcrndthnrniiilty of amb fillows lo their fricndihii. Bnbseipietitly, acveral efTirU were made by Individual to get luln theroun, and a file of -mlioruicti bud lo be cul for to picserve order la th b ill. luthellth Ward ra'T, the Tiourrlliket wa ad mitted, tl ere I rin.T no i-ppoaltlou. I-ilhelCth Ward mn the In'pec torn resutcilvcrliolly that they bad held an r'rcth'ti that rrrulng, aud that a tlcki head e.lK. It. llirr, recclveil t'.M rote-s and a ticket bnadrd .?ohm II. M Cent bad received SSS vote, lb CI i.d a Mr. Kirrn-ita were on both tickets. While the ilritlon waa going on Mr, IWrr com plnbird .i lha lnsjb ra that kin friends were ob-sti-uitil In voting and Uuit eotue bad giu away In coneripiejko, 1 be Indeclelon of the Inspectors, In refilling to aay whl, h tu'Uit they would ngn for, threw the Cote mltteo Into a snnrl, and by a clone vote II was carriid that three fivin rach IU Vet should be admitted -the three to be ibiwra by a majority of the alx named ou the rexis-clUe ticket. A majority ol the contesting dolr-rul'ieu made aoli tioiw, but all the delugtiea ml Mug present, the Commltti e relerred the uuiller to tbe Chairman lor ailjiuitnienl. Iheoxllfor the Ftlwarlea wu then adopteil, a waa alao a reaolutloa that If the Taunuiuiy dulagate wnemtrdinlttedlu the Allsiny Oeivridlon a the regular rc-pirna ntalhea of the wrty lu thla city, they should rt turn boiue lu a body, aud tike no part lu Ihe procordinjr of the Convention. The C iminluee then adjnuriird,arti r me of tlie UveUoat so-loua held lu Tammany II ill for m long time. Dut ng the evenltvg auiua fisticuff affair occurred oubude, lut uo arrloua Injury waa done lo any one, Thn rKerm IVrtrnllaa of TraUw. MnowMl yralvrilay along tho Hudson Hirer lotbdeithvrfnro alx lo eight lacbee. No train arrived al Albany from this city on th Harlem road, up loo I'Uixk yestr relay aftemoen, and no new a to Ihelr whereabouts had l-een reuelved. The train on the Oeidral rl wore alau twhlnd time. None of the alWuvn train anlveit up to 5 o'clo, k. One waa tlegrahed to have let! rVihenei-tiidy one hour and twenty minutes behind time. The other waa not heard from. Thetia'iu otitli Uudat Elver road wcie tuoclly on time. New Hook. Drum ,1 Jtcksos have frut til two sllrrlug volume of new romance. " The Dnilole of the CVttaills," ly Rev. Davtu Meanooit, le a dasblag story of 11 e Revolution, good lo warm Ihe patriotic I'o. J In these tliaea, and lo holdup the mirror to Ik&JJprj-lsru lhat la still aa rife, aud M nithliva at I.Kt, s In the orAti- " lime thai tried niCli'a souT,i ' 7 Umnam o on Ulth Girl ; or, lift in Tin jri-iMc," (the same publishers), la adver tised as a true eVry, etnuiger than ftoa Ihe k en laid In Iielnnd, the flit! Buitaw, ami Oauada, "N'ruKOM mn Nktiiut .Si avtiiT." We have rtcalvid a lonliah and liuploua book by on J. II Vaj lima, MP, who rmifrsMra la have devoted eeiera! jeara" to an Iniertlgalhai of the nature of Ihe Afi U-n two, lh riauli r which I embodied lu the volume. He proposes to dt'inonstiato that the lu'gro ii ,( a bl k twin, but a d Tun-ul and Inferior Older lu .-r.atl.,11, ii.tanled lob um1 aa prOrty, like other kinds ol c-utlle. We lausl cotmsss that bia argunitil U'ukr an tinprrsaloti upon ua by It veiy atalement. T he i lnigc.t oouaolouMneea of the uni versal d'gu'ty i f human nature, will be more or liwa ahakeii by ihe evldi nee IhU writer eiblblla, of the IwsHlbPityol the abas-iae ol a soul and of all that ii!iktbiiruin!ly saerrd. Senator Ylltv. after luating the Union on Tuexlay hist, lalloil at the Poet OlUc-ei Depart inont fur the purpose of aavortainlug what the or. dor of the atllug IWmaster-Ueuera meant d. rectlnjj all letters bent to l'enaarola should be aunt to the dead letter ofuce. Mr. Kino, the polite bead of the Department, received him with dig nity, but told him with brevity that be coald iiava no eonimiinleatton with kfm ajiit it -lln.l I. , i i.i , ---.-. J t t-how him .ly bt 1 1. p.M. THE LATEST NEWS. r r-uw-xra toxmmm. r. tut. Foreign Xntelllgenoe. ii Two Dayi Later from Europe. Arrival nt the NUgmrw a4 IlaUfM. llaVfar, Jan. 21. Tha teamatilp Niagara, htm Liverpool lb lllk and Queeoatown Ihe Utk lnl., arrived at noon to-day. She haa tl pa engere for Doeton, and.) l.MO.OOO lo apetle. Tbe euarashlp Fere! bad arrived at Qitectutown- firrat nrilaUa. The Iindon Tmri, in an editorial on th rej-iTt of the American Beorttary of the Navy, aflai tha greatest eurpriae, 114 while an In creaae of the navy la recommended, no alluaton whatever U made to the Introduction of Iron oaael ahlp TheTrmretieiLi thl aa a most eitraorduiary omlsalon, and la forced to Imagine lliat Americana doti'l believe In the Invention. The f.Vurfnt officially announce Ihe elevation of Mr. Bii'Mv IlnarsT la the peerage, under the title of Ilsmn Ilvaanrr. The weather bad moderated, and a thaw ha-1 In come almoifl general tkroughoul Kngland. Tbe Tmr underatanibi that Mr. Dsaiin will auc reed Lord Da Oatr aa Under Secretary of Ihe War I)i art men t, and that Lord III U will lake Mr. IliiinO'e place In the India office. The llrrali mention Sir Josnv Rawini a the prebaXe rtcctaaor of Lord Da Caxr la the War De partmeiat. The Ilea Hive Mill at Winchester, owned by Mr. Lawn, were deatroyed by fire on the 11th. Loa over Xt&.OOu sterling, France. Return from the Ita ok of Franca, for N nemWr, ethlMt, aa anticipated, the large decrease In cash of ever H9, 000,000 fraiaa. There Le an iocreaae lo bllla of over M.OOO.'iOU franca, anl tu Isvnk note of nearly j;,(HM,000 franca. II wa stated that a negortalion was pending be Iwei n Fiance and all other continental elate fur tbe abolition of paasport. Th fM'i Tarl correapnndent aay. Ihe govem- miat of Italy, ftpain, tlrrecaaml Turkey, are coit- tomp'atlng a reformed tariff ia accordance with that lately coutracted betweesi tingUnd and France. It wse rriiortod that a projmt of law for ImruoVr ring the limine property to Ihe elate, will be eub mlUid lo Ihj Legialalure. The Bourse on Ihe 11th wa ejulrl lnit firmer. Rente cloaed al CTf 0c. Italy. Tlie Intelligence from (la-la wi onntncllcVry. Oae damtcb aerU thai aa arinialli a, for ten dsya, bad lieeii atgned; arwlher eays the Piedmotitose hsJ reitouhlid their vlgllaiae and as-tlvity Iwfore fls-u, end the Tail llumtrur eaya the nrgotiatnai trau aimLsllce remalnid without teault. A pecific pnjuilar demonstration at Falermo, de termined La Fawn tirenlgn the new lieutenancy, The Council for Sicily include Kwvaion Aasaa tr tbe Interior Departmenl, Toaiiatit fir the IV naure Department, Oat aNim, Jiiatice, Ac, Ac. A Naple telegiam of the loth aaya tha Lleuteaiucy of tlie Council Ibere wu eipen ted to resign. The National Dauk at Turin on the 11th raised Ihe late of diaovunl to T er rent. Tbe mr poudont of the Ttrnu had been ordered to null Roma. I ktmo, talnrdaji noon -The French Amlsuaador announce tlial the French Beet will leave fjacte ou the lVUs Wl. rlpsiha. Madrid, llfkThe Mor not having fulfilled the treaty II la aald that Bpala le eboul lo occupy Ihe plfncll foil la afoforra, A aolulloa or Ihe difllcully between Spain and Veitfauela la ahortly expected. ores, lwn. K-ulea CTf. 13c. Inaaaki. A general aauKkty for political offence wu expect. d In Prussia. II waa officially announced that tbe new king had aaaiuned the title of Will itu I. He conferred ou Prince UcHT a Grand Cordon of the Order of Ike Eagle. C-Im. The Hong Kong mail of Novemlirr W reached Mir. eeillee on the 10th and would douUlesa errive In Lon di la aeaaoo for the American portion to be for warded in the Niagara, The following la from a government telegram I Tbe whole army had left Fekin, exi-eptlng 1,800 men remaining at 'Ul lelciaL,' aud leached Tien Tln ou the nib. The trenty wlih the Einperoi'e consent, wu posted over the watla of Pi k In. Lotd Eiuut wu arrnng'ng for the rraldence ther of Mr, nci a, the English minister. Mr. Dnpct, In the meantime, w inter at Tien Tain. The relwla wei e again threelenhig Bhanghu and Nlngpo, causing the grralral alarm. Civil diatuiUwcee were alao expected at Foucbow Fou. No mention la made of any hurricane or disaster la Chinese water, ao that the repoit of tbe low of giiulswu la mifouiled. London Moniv Maaxrr. The stork market on tbe Ulh waa luaulmate, tail steady. a the d aoount market the etiiply ciaitinned Urge, owing to Ihe !ey. mint of dlviJniibi, bul few Iraaaaotloua look place below the Llauk minimum. Iilrw(( via qarfmatevna, LoMsvit, Jin. 11 -The rimes city article aay th lemand for money wa moderate oa Friday. Sixty clay wper wu readily taken al elx and tbree-fourtha sir cent. The aptillcallona al lha Dank were, how. ever, rather nuiuemiuc listween X 40,000 end AVsl.OuO In gold were withdrawn fiom the lUuk on FrbUy. The steamer for BomUy on Ibo twelfth would lake X.lsi.OOO In spicle, nearly ad all tar. The monetary aiwunls Iran New York I y Ihe Etna were couatrued as dec Uledly ieae un'avorabie. The ailvicee fiom Manchestar are favorable. There waa an improved tone, but kualneM ouattuued liuilt ed. Consols cloned on Frldiy at tl.'s'iOlV tar money, Mdlax for amount. ' Th InilUou tu th llrnk of Fjighud had decreurd XM7T.00O. 1 he derreue In the InilUon la the Rank ef France ir Dec mlx-r wu, lci.ISlO.lsjl) fraura. Th money market wm unchanged. Livsauian. Haxainirte Miaaa-r Mea-ira, Ricn- aaiaioM, Bruin A Co., WaametiH Naau A Co., lliai Ann, Athovd A Co., euid othera, rest flour dull, ami declinexl CI. alnce Tuesday. Amerh n tVaandM. heat dull and, declined 9d. Huyera demand a further ndm-thm, aad ther wa aom fmredaal eat edmld. Had American lis. HJ.aUj.i While l.al4a. Cd. Corn dull, end Cd. lower! Mixed offored al 17a. Cd., without buyer: White IV. ati. Livxxrooi. riovuiaa Mita-rr The earns author!- Ilea report Heel heavy end allghtly loweri T-irk itulij lueon dull ami 1. loweri lrd dull ami allghtly da rlinedj quoted Ws.a00.j Tallow tteady al CJs.ait-i. LivtarooL raonecaj Maiarr The Droker riroti. Isr reaiiVi-rl Ashe steady al . Od . tVLi reaila ateedy at We, 6d.a30. Sugar heavy aa,t la. lower. dOee milel. Kir dull. Philadelphia taik Vaaias. Cd. American Lluaaed Cake Xlla XII Aa. Fish Oil quiet but iteadyi Uporra oil XlMt -IOC; Llnaeed OH in little Inquiry and prtoe weak. Riarin dull at 4. Bd.aU. d for rsanmoo on the spot, and c id. to amis, Spirila TurpeuiLue etaady al Cd. ' Aaaaioaa gn eaivtra. Iiuraa Drother repoit no alee of impnrtauce lu eUle eacurttlea, aud a quiet tnaiket for rallniad aha re and bunds. New Tork Central aharea, 15 1 do. a! lee. Al , Erie Railroad aliaree, S'i do. first mortgage bonds, W i IlllnoU Central Urv, U die. Iiaio. A boM repoit a quiet maiket, aad cjuoutiooa uomuial. The !iwt. flly Telegrapli fiom Liverpool lo Queenatown.) '--Jwol,Ja-t.IS.CiHton. Biye-rtrday'ro,o00 bale-, mrludlng 1,00(1 to simulators and einortera. Th IVrala'a advkwe caused a allghl advanc, and th roaikrtchaed with a null upward tendency, Jlaaa Ua-wrrr A Co, rvtt aa ajrsme of Sdovar the othi lal ciuoUllima of the ICerd of Rrokeie i they ?uoU udddllugOileaualMd, aud middling upland fcd. Hieaib-tuffi quiet but needy. Frovuuonaduil. IjtnJm, -ferlll e-vntn-f.Coiwubi (NlaaltV' fr nionry, and triyg on accoiml. llliuol t'-snlral aharea. lib; ,. , yr, aharea, tilt I New York Cvutral aharea, Ila7t, Political Intelllgonce. XXXTUh CHNUHrasnco. , He -.le. IfniJli'aofoo, Jan. 'It The Vice-rresident ai- tvmm-ed the na aiaa to All tbe vaoaucie of.lhecouw lulltefe. Mi ire. Siaaoxa, llrwvaa, Fwua, FrasisoxH and Own were iuinl i tba Cotuuilite on the Tariff, fi Meaara, arrrul-aM (Ky.) aud llwi-a (Pa.) pra aeutod (ictltiai lu favor of the pasaage uf the CaiT TBliriaM reaolutiona. Ou motioa of Mr. Jonireosi (Ark.) Ihe bill hi rla Uon to Red Hirer Raft wu taken up. The bill give the uaenlof IVaigree lathe act pa-svd by lb auu- of Arkauaaa, 1mUlana and Ttxaa, in regard to th removal of thla raft, aud al lowing loll to be collected lo defray th oxpeiasea. Mr. Tacuanu, till.) spoke agalaat Ike lauaage of toe diu. lie tuongtit tl luaxaiatiluUonaa ami uuprou- Mr. Imi nil.) Iboughl the bill proper, 1 " okI y way to effect aa lmproveiueul , and argued at cuusiderable leegtb in favor of lb bill. After a lung dur-usston, the bill wu pueed. Mr, t'pnoa (m4 uked tad WH excueft. from ervtee oa tbe enectel eomiUe, ae hie health would Dot permit additional labor. Mr. Owns (CaLj moved lo lake up the Fact ft IUU- Mr. Carmranr (ar.) mvd lo mstraa and lake np bla reflation. II tbougtil tham or mock more Importaoce la the country than any rallnad. He aud be bad heard era-thing heal been reported ta ther rem uhaviur been aald br him la acsaaaaea. aVna. lie bed nver authorised eucb rmblloatlon alj alt. He had beard h had been charred with edver-H Using the dnrtrlne or coercion. He did no encb. thing, r I be did aay that In bla Judgement lha Con greaa of tbe United Btatea bad the power, and there might be ca e where eucb power wu applicable and might la tat exercised. I' Ihe Diatrlct of Columbia ahould attemia to eoede, Dutaidy doubt th Treat dent would hav th power to employ force tf ne ces iryi tail h did alao aay lhat Ihe preaenl U no ooceelon for the application ef Ihe d Ktrtne of coer cion. Mr. CarrrxpMm'a mnllon wta diaagreed la, and II e Pacific Rallnsul bill Isken up, yea 10, nay tu. Me iia. Owin ami Lanuif. (Cal.) voting with the llepiibtlrar agaLoat the pciatisiuemeul uf Ihe rail road Mil. Several more ruime were addrd loth corpora torn. Mr. List (Oregon) moved to strike out Ihe mine of Wni. Ilsittna, and Inaett the name of Wm. Rain. A diaruaslon enauod between M-. Laki ami Mr. rtAkni (Ongon) la regard to the merit of Mr. IIaxo iio, Mr. I.AN.ctarg uglhAt he wu diahoneat. and Mr. ItAara o nleaoing lhat be waa u he neat u him anil or hta colli ague. The niotion was disagreed to. Mr, ItrNJAvia ( I. ) moveil to Inaert after the pro vlaiiai, that the telle and iron work teof Anierlcan inanufiicture tbe wnsds "provid-l they can lienl lamed u cheaply a Imitutud raila, aud of u gaol quality." Rreit-i. Several more namee ware added la Ihe corporator. Mr. Witaioi (Ms i ) offered an amendment that tie Ismda and mortgage be taeutd except bi Ihe b'niled 81 Ilea. Adoited. Mr. I)iaiijrnjt (Wta.) offered an amendment, that thirty ir rent, of th bond of the Coiled Stale Ii Is- advanced ahall be rvialned In tbe Irene ury nil the road laisiinplet-d.anl In case the lent I not oom plet 1 tbe tomlaaha'l I forfeited. Abile,L Ou motion of Mr, Uia(N. II) the Senate went into executive ee iton. Aujourneo. Ilenae ol Brprrw rolallvre Meaara. MiCt-ranAiiti (III.), Mimiir (Ky.), Stiat si (N. J ), ami Holm find.), preMnted th piiasedlbgs of public nieetii4 In their reiectiv atalMitlailielo the Batiou 1 crlaia, and auggoatiag reined a . The HotiHO remiml the conslderaflon of the l'.tsl Route bill, aud frbs-teil th Bniiite'e amen-lment, making the adege on lettera to ami from Ban Fran cisco a uniform late of ten teiA s, whether carried by at iiner or overlau.1. lha llouee onnsldereil tbe Benili' ameml-nent, ae Mr. tHVAX pnMsid to modify It, etithonxing iutssaIn lo be reca,ved till the flial M HuLsy la April, ror tLe daily transsnt lion of th. entire overland mall aeivice to comment!) the 1st of July far four year, fn-m St. l)ul or aome other point cotmctixl with INtein tailway lii Htn Fianciaoot th letter mall to t earned tn twenty days, and diN-umstita, I a-ra, Ach lu thirty-five, .tie oonirart to lie given to the lowest rrss4 ktiie bidden Bill lAke ami Iinvsr City to I aupplied eemi-weskly without extra ex. Js-iimi the entile amoiini for the eerviue uot to exceed -iisi,isi per annum, Mr. tisrn find) abowed the advantage and eninon y of the plan firo)srl, remarking tnat If we dralreil tbe pacific etataa lo be fnllhfut, bniou-loving nivnilwr of tbe caifedoracy, wa could not do bctler Itian arlv them what thev tiav a ilrht to dmand. namely, a daily oommunhaion wita th Alianlle ciat, Thla would be more valuable than bonis of iriai or gold. Mr, II mil ton (Tela) dealrr-1 It offer an ainnnd nieiit. Mr. Coirax fltit) lfote aecetting It, wUhoil bi kmiw whether lease wa going to rennu tu the t'nhai. Mr. II Asm toi could i-ny nay m one of It own r'tl vena be truetid ahe woufl. If Cigia t would treat her f.nrty as a meriilr of the cseileiler -y, it would Lave the rffiit of keeping her In; ami such treat ment tut wu rit illy acToidiid ty voting for Ike eij Istrtof the mounted regtnmita, etc , would mike it o her advantage to remain tn the I til n. If ahe wtthdiawe she would have mi right Ii Ihe mall f Ul itkra at the einenae uf the irnvemi ttit. Heoflervdaa aiiietidnieiit, which Mr, Cell FAX ai ceiHed, to eiirml the exieting for Texaa, ao u toct-nmct with the Itiilterfield niute, provided It ran l l ne far $10 CSK, and a Mini-weekly connec tion with New Orirar . Mr. WeaiiM-vx, (ill.) propnaed ao amendiaent dune ling the IN I Msater Uaueral to re-eiamui the ca ua ee of tho dlacuuli nuance of certain uilaibd mutea elnce lSMi, and restore euch u can lie re jtd with due regard lo the public lnlemit, Ac, During Ihe debate Mr. Burxwam, (Ohio) oppoaad tha anil ndtMnt saying be hu In miw tsirrow money al twelve per oetitum ami draft to the envmnt of two r three mllllona are lying the Bscrrtary of the Treaa urya table, uiiid tor want of funda. Tho HsuM t,u alrv dy aiHid di Ai tem-y bill approjiria ling two laillloi , and together with dvnalem-lee addiltoually exlatlng, the Tre aury will require provision of twenty. Ih. s mllllona by th fi t of rfuiy, Alter tnat tin- initiy million more win uav to I borruweil, even If our olillcal trouble shall I aaa away, and 11 war ahould enme he did m- know bow lunch. Itwu therefore idle if not criminal lo lucre e our mwlal arrangement al preaenl when prnvlalon already axial for mail tl lie portatiuu to aud from the Fa, tflc. Meiers. Oaow (Fa ) and Cnn (Iowa) advnr.itrd tl etalllahtnent of daily oveiUud mall ta vh. I'aciftn, etc. Mr. Btaviwa (Penn.) opposed It ou aliui lax ground to thos takvn ly Mr. SitiaMaa. No di unit action wa bad. Tbe rcornlng hour having evplred tlie n tse re-. umid tbe conaideratlon of the Committee of Thirty three. Mr, PrsT f Ark.) a a meinler of tbnt committee, anld he had eiiler,! on Ihe doty withadealre lido whatever be could to give peace, and he regretted that bi vffial met with imi prnier response. The committee were riigiigtd five weeks, aud al laat prodm-e-l a nilaeralila alsmlon which can cltuu no cntemlly, From the first d.iy they eat to Ihe ls, the pn. rrdinga wi re a eh am and a luia kery to I'lesouth nimenoulhtcouiultlee, Aalt w-iaounj.1 tuud nn but,tbe mmt aangu'ne cViii'u Uve hoped anything from It. Ifiiril war ahould result lit the renponaibilily renlon the bieiiaof tboee who refuaed to compro inlae, Arksnaaa la aa eonaerTatlva a any other elite, luit ahe will maintain her eqiialtly in the I'tilon, or enjoy it out of the t'nlon. A au evidence of the feeling tn that state be read a letter from a member of the legialalure, an Intelligent ami Influential cltl xen, bi show Dial a grant reaction baa taken pUce In Arkansas, ami Ibal Ike luoei cotmen alive men have abandonntalt hoie. lu answer lo every appeal all Ihe conaervalive aoulhem member on tne ciuainlllee could gel wu "nothing Inconsistent with the Chi cago platform." It appeared I bat Joipt Ilaowa wu the martyr ami hero ol the Republicaa siriy. Mr, 1Uk (Iml.) aaul, ihe Chicago plaltorm ex pr -ly cotideaiw d Jiat llaow na raid. Asa mem ber of that Couimllteee he had discharged hie duty without reference to the Chicago platform. A. to the Republican party aympalhtalng wtlh that raid, every tasty North ami Bouth knew It wu an infamous lili ou the K publican party, and be wu surprised that any Ketitl. man. In thla lime of tbe cuuuUy'a pcr.l, ouuld give circulation to it, (aenaa tion.) Mr. Rimt would appeal not tn Mr. Div, but la another memWr of the ConuiUltee, Mr, Anaasof Ma-sviinaetta, lo aay whl ther be wu w llllng to vote for any me euro 14. in I accordance with the Cuago platform t Mr, IhanaAM. (Ark ) asked whether Mr. Dntm, u a inrttibrr uf that Committee, said he did not intend ti give any viftewbbh would amount b) a repudia tion at the Chicago platform, or any portion of Uf Mr. riN-I did no Mr. Itcsr, with reference lo the charge of In Cuuoua libel" made use of, the geullamen from la duuia, I hope, 1 reaponaible for' 11. Aa thle I a lime of war, w muM wage war, aud I desire to know whether the gentleman announced to the l!ous and lha country lhat he waa reaponaible for what he aald 1 I waul to know that. If he l for war, I am willing to accommodate him with war. Mr, lca Thla la a free country, aud th gentle man cau uvk any mi sure or mode of redr he pie Mr. Rear (with emphasis bar. Iht anrer I want. Mr, Coirax find ) roe to a question of order. Mr. HixnuAn wished to know why th. Speaker did not enforce th. rule when tbe gentleman from Indi ana, charged bla oullaegue with an Uifameu. libel. Th Blieakerpre Urn. (Mr. I-ixocm of III.) aald -wu not In Ihe chair when the language wu Used, but now u far u poesdbla he would endeavor to re strain Ibe debate within proper limit. Mr. Rr r, reaumlag, remarked If tha Republican membere on Ihe commluee repreeeul the northern, then all hone of compromise I lost, and ke would prefer that all the oulhern lUW ahould be bluud-aUuitd rather than sut sal lo snob, a irty. But h. did not believe they rapneeutsd the people uf the country. If the I'uluo ahould be dissolved be boped II would be la euch a way u would leave aa nptrtunlty far il rworurtnation. He eatd a more dialngenuoua report than thai of the Oointnitlee of Thirty-thru never before emanated from a political parti tan, aud he expressed II aa hi dolilcrat oplotin thai It wu the purpose of the Republican isitly lo aboluh slavery wherever they could. He believsd, and could allow, thai Mr. Lin ooiji repudiated Ihe Ot-Ulullon ef the t'nlted Bute. 1 uder that instrument, lb aoulhera at-tee have right In the I'alon, but unless there were effec tual guarantees given that II ahould be carried nm In Ibe pint that il wu framed, he should beg and Im- t'ors them to eecsde. lu the oouiss of hla remark. e eaid, that the Legialalure of Maasacliuse-a bad rsu sd resotutioua declaring Ihatitaie oul uf the Vnlon tx cause of the annexation of Tsiu. Mr, (Massi)aald, thai no such resolution had ever laxat passed, lie would like them to be produced. Mr. Knar To nut tbe gentlemen la the way of being enlightened be called on Mr. ADAua, of Mu aachuaette, to read Ibe resolution Ihsl he (Anaaa) prrt-rad aud introduced In the Legialalure ef Mas aacbuaette lu oppualllon to th nuvr.-ioa of Texu on c tltullmial ground. lu the-, resoluti,- II wu declared lhat Mta-u'huaetU wu deUrcained, u It doulaed not other tales were, lo sub mil to uo undelegated power in any ldy of man on raith, and further, lhat unleaa Ilia aaueiallou of Tens wu resisted, tl mlghl lead to drive Ihe etalee low a dissolution of lbs Lnlon, and furnish new eelatni ties ae-ali ,1 republican guvsnunnnt, elo. Mr, lltxo-ta made a few rr mails In ripport of bla mllrague' (Rtnrr) reoike relativ. to Mass obiutts. Mr, DtHK desdred always lo be right li whatever be uttered in rcsuuaa to the gssaMs-nan from Ar kaaMu. What b Intemlld to aay was tbla, namely l that Ihe declaration that lb Repoblkan party sym palhlied with Jcaui Ilaoun, wu a libel on that par ty. He did uol luceti d to una oftudve U ngaag lo lb ge-tkuian, but lus d the renuuk belle vlug the charge to b ilb-Uvus ou lb Kepublloau pb-form and parly, Mr, X-et The gentlem- from Indiaat aay Ik 4 b did not intend lo make offenatve reraarki In en tajer veeeraw. I have right 10 demand an - qualllid retractloa of lha l aarki. Mr,Dirir-Ihav.madate erplanaUon I fell II my duty lo make. Mr. Brer Very good. Mr. Fxaav (Conn.) alluded lo tbe bold retreat of trailnre who were seeking cover ftirttwtr treason. The avowed reaaona for reillton were utterly fklla- eloiw l Th m hs.1 tva lurked In Aha r,r,llAl. f birt It wu fomvi ia the Executive d-Tsu-tmer-a, strik ing hand with grand ami petty larceny, for the ac mm jlebmenl of imholy airpoaea, The dissolution fth Union was orthlrty year growth. The Dred rwow aecieu n or tneBuoreme uoun or toe ldiu m fuitea destroyed Ihe confidence of the peorile In that C-imt, and the Lecomitnn policy destroyed their iAdnce in the r.veniilve Admlnietralton. Re uUlcans were strang'cd out of the amithern utra and the .erne late must tsi meted out to Ihe Vncon portka of the democracy. Hence Ihe baklng up of the Cvenlum la Charleston, that bnt-tiad of trvaaun. The Fnlon lea d-uaion and tba Cnal tn Iba a sham. If the d eunlon dootrtns Is true. He we oi-cd to all amendment to the Comitilutlon, an 1 would rnalntaln II u II ia. II sruuld never reoog nlse property lumen nor yield pmtortlnnti slavery where II ran l m fliahly smph.y-d. Toonnsr nl n this would l a rooiwiroue iniqiiily, ebhoreil of O ri, and dwervng of tbe execration g lha civilised woild. lie wu opred la the adniiaalonof New Mexioo,anl d asmted from tho other m wureere comma ni'e 1 la Ihe report undar rooNidemlha- II fi ared to oompnaulee, lent he ahould dishonor the HovernraiM. lie appealed to tSe Republicans t-i und by their prloiplrs. Si long aa there wu mn relelilou ci th ram band, and itareasened relaillion on the other. It wu due Ii ths nation' dignity lo makeaneihlbitlouof Ita atrenirth for th. vindica tion g the Constitution awl tha lawa. Olhere might do u tbev pleased, lait be onuld not oomHiund with ire mo uf such unnatural guilt. Adjourned, Important fre en tlrerglat. Anjtiitn, (7d,, Jnn. 21. TOO ttate troorsi aa. aetnbleil bete tbla morning for a dernomtretion on tbe arsenal, (tov. Ilaowa demanded Ihe surrender of the araenal.wlb b demand wu compiled with al half is I twelve o'clock. Negutiatua were carried on yestriday and this mornuvr. The fuderal troop sa luted the American flag. They will go hsnee l New Yoik. HUlnlrrillr, Jm. 21. The Convention hu elec lid Konrrr T'sojie aud Howxt.i, C"i u dale gate fnnii ILe sUle al targe to tbe M mtgomery Con ventliei. Also, tbe fol'owlng diatrtel delegatu i 1st, FaANcw llsaron , SJ, Miana CaAwroan - 3 1, Julge Nnri r : 4th, Dri. Hill i f-th, Arctrm t. R. Waona , Cih, Tti'tiA lu R. Cnaa lib, ADUOsTca KxiIam , ih, A. II. BTxrncva. Tbe CourwaUon a,bnurid till to-morrow. From TTiuhlagteais WivJiiniiltm, Jan. 21. Mr. Hoi.t to-Uy for mally Uok leave if the gent.emen oonnoctet with tl e roet-oflii e Department. Th fit Amlatant, Mr, Slid, introduced Mtjor la r, who, be end, bad been sclcoled by them Id give expression to Ihe friendly fieling they euterwlmd for blm both u a private i iUeu and a imHic furs tl. miry. Mr. Hut e'.o.pimt'y resiaauled to tbe Lutor'a addreaa, allud ing to the itlia 1 gloom, and to an eveul of tba morning, vli.t the death, after a protracted Uluesa, Mr. Dcsnaa, Scoond Assistant PtMtirowter Owne rs 1, of whom be amke u a pure aud efficient officer. Tbe gentlemen present, as Welles Mr. HuiT, wet olemuly Imprv se.1 with these proceeding. The It don C uuuitttce, con-is ud of Kiiwaan FveT am am of era, bearing the memuioUi Lnloa arU tioa, have arrived. Kx-Frnrldint Tvt t, on a peace mission lathe rrealdixit from Virginia, bu reached Washingtt, TKei I-ouVelaaa Htate Caavelwr- Itatm lioujr, Jan. 23. The Louleian. State Conventiiei met today, A dag with flteeu atars upon It floats over tbe capltol. After a fervent prayer had been offered up, the con. venllonorganlied by electing ex Governor Mwltom Frealdent, by a trrrd wet vole of 81 lo 41. He wae conducted to tbe chair, au 1 made a speech Ihaaklng tbe convention for the honor conferred upon him, and advLaiag the ultuoat calm e a and ftrmnee In all their deliberation. Resolution were adopted for Ihe appointment of a committee of fifteen U report article of eecea lou of Louisiana from tha Federal t'nlon. Several plana wen here offered. A resolution wu adopt d to invite Ibe oommlaalon era from Alabama aud BJUtk Carolina to aeala on th floor. Tbe chairman then aimed the committee of fiiteen to repoit tbe ordinance of secession. The oorooilUee will mat .. their rciwrt tomorrow. Tb committee on rules, etc., reported Ihe follow. Ing officer u necessary, la addition to the presi dent. A secretary, an assistant eorretary, a door keeper, a warrant clerk, and a suitable number of enrolling and tranebtlng clerks. A secretary waa ejected un tbe fourth ballot. A roiiuuiUc of three wu thru appointed to wall on the couim alou.ra from Alalia nia aud South Caro lina. Tbe convention In adjourned uut.l teu o'clock to morrow morning. Tbe state legislature hu adjourned until the 4th of February. Virginia. liichnumil, le., January 21. Ten Virgin!. Congressmen have sent an addrr to tbe .ple of Virginia, giving a review of lb proceeding and lb probable action of Coiigivwa la regard to the present state of affairs. They ssy il i valu lo hop lor any mruure of coacl.lallon or adjuatinrnt from Congress which lb. people caa accept. They also aay thai they ar. aetlafled that th Re publican party design by a clvd war aloue to coerce the outhrrn etatea, uml r the pretext of " aiforce ment of the law," unleis It kail become speedily api-renl that Ih seceding states are ao numerous, determlneil, aud united, u to make such au attempt hopelea. Tie. eddi- com-ludee by expressing Ihe aileron caivlctlon, that prompt and decldod action by the people of Virginia in Convenlion will affad th. ureal meana under tbe providence of 0d la avert-, lag the Impending civil war, aud of preserving a hope of ncotutructiiig a Union already diss ulved. Ttra-ua, IrUatare. JlichiittwJ, I -., cia. 21 lu the Senate today lb. question ef adjou uuru! wu pc-tponed until the 19th of February. Freaa Cartr tan. CKatUiton, 3. C, Jan. 21. Tad Catawba. In diana of this stale bar. offered themaelvw to Clover nor ritaxa. to eerve La a mlllUry capacity, Th. offer bu been accepted. Oaeral Davb I la town. XJeuttu nit Mia bu gone back to Fori Sumter, Th Legialalure hu approprUUd fpo.000 for oar. rylng on th poatal arrangement-, la cue Ihe Fede ral Qevenuuc ul ahould .lop th preeent .yatem. TWe 2Hauax-cbnarl(- Antt-M-very fr-y Botton, Jan. 21 The -taauchuMtt. Aatl- Slavry Society hu ootnuMuced IU two day ac-sien In Tretuool Temple, FmaJHiu Jaiacaoa pr-rUl . By 10 oMsck, the hour of meeting, the body ef the ball wu filled by a diaordev ly crowd. Ramaika from the Freaidanl and Jajraa Faxa kuui Clak ware llstansd to respectfully, but the Ifeerance of WsroaU, Fmu-re, called forth a storm of yalU aad hi as from Ihe extreme part of Ike hall. Tha rioter ar not la strong force, but tnaaag coutluually to lslerrupt Mr. Fuuxin la hla ra arka. Mr. ruuJTe keep, cool, aad declared that u ha ha two day before him, he will fluish hla .puch. fusion, Jem. 14-4 F. -fAa yet there are no tadioaliot- of a aerloua riot. Frtvlou to atlsmptlng to speak, Mr. rmture read a aerlse of reaulutlona, quoting from DAaun, Waa ana, Wat. Eix-xt (-uaaun and Uihit Cur, and othera, Th reaolutiona were comparatively reaan-bla, ami were listened to lnetlence. Therefore, tbe qieaker atated that herea-ar aa additional aeiie. might be expected. At 1 o'clock eoroj-raltve quiet wu reatored, when Mr. Fututr was allowed lo flnlahbl epeech, and I oouveUlon adjourned for dinner. Tbe Eesll-h Gevenaac-t Seal-era Cw fratentry, Toronto, C. W., Jan. 21. Tha Toronto IsaJ. tr, th government paper, thla morning My it i in a petition lo amwunoe in th moat positive term, lhal 11 la lb. Intention of tbe English government to ecluowleJg the bodepanJence of the aoulhera con fedeiacy m eoou u II la fdruied. New Jersey Igk-alare. Trmfuai, Jan, 21. The Crittenden resola. tiou were taken up la the Senate today, on th. final passage speech wen mad. by Der ocratlo Banataca in favor and by Republicaa Bantor. again L. Tiiey passed. It te i ten Deraucn -i and oo NaUou V'ulon maa la atvor. The fjavemor ha Dominated Onmua U. Baoww, of Bomerael, (be Judge of tk. 8anv- Qotlrt, U wu fVn- Osrwllem. OkatlMon. Jail 2t T- Uomie of Kepreeen tativi -haveappofa asd a eoramltue to tnqilre what cbaavge In th. banking jsteca and currency of Vmth 0-roiLna art necessery la conaequenee of th change la political relallona. A resolution wu paased to Inquire of the poatal committee what prortaior caa be mad for tha eon lirgoncy of atopplng the n Ua by Ih. Federal CI )V emmet . Tbe Legislature will adjourn loraorrow, Abelklea Merita, at On vege. Onvffo, K '., Jan. 21. The Susan D. An hot -.arrbmnlsn meeting came off here this after tmon, la Doolltlle Hall. There wu ao disturbance whatever. Tb Hailrasad C'wave Ike. . F.m-oxarjinrt or tu. Carrraaoax Rsaot enona. irtiaiMtoit-, Jan. 21 The IUilroad Conven tion beid a meeting lu thla oily today, j take Into oomidftretlon the couditionof our national affair, ami ipoliittd Ibe following geotleiaou u a comrn I tee to drait resolutiis- expressive of their eentW miAta. a Mr. Mamw, President of Ihe Erie rml'.ro-t, Mr, Cl "tn, rreaident of the New York Ctntral railroad; Mr. Twohwon, President uf the Pennsylvania c-m- trat railroad) Mr. (jAaaarr, President of the Belli- asa and Ohio rs tinned; aad Mr. L, Hohsimxc, President of Ih Ilimlllou aud Peyton railroad. Th commltue revolted the fo.l-rwlng whkk wai unauimouaty aditl d That Ihe plan e ntssl ol lu ibe Carrraxnsv resolu tions lor the ailiusimint of the dlfflcu.l.i now threa trcing the existence of the Uulos, meets our appro tsetUsk That with very full epfwrtunJIiw of ascertaining tbe eenitinxnta uf the .iple In Ihe exlensi ve districts traversed I y the usuli her repreaeuied, we d not hssttale to exiles our conviction that such an ad Jiiatmenl would meet with lb. decided aiiproval of a v.ty huge niajorliy of Ibein. Tliat bom our ofss-rvaiiona w. believe that th. sil.of Ihe North desire and would he aallsficd with eucb a eeultmenl uf th lavery controvaiay aa will fort ver bsniah the alavery qiitwtiiui fnuu th. inuaui e, sigrosa ana tne areas oi leui Al pontic.. Th. Convention, ecmaletlug of atsint fifty genile mcti, da vis.tof reit to Ibe President id tbe I nltt d Btstee and to (It neral Stsirr. Tney were in tmtis'eii to Ihe former ly Mr. r'uvx, Pu dont of the Pot'edelpbla, Wilmington ami lli'timora Rail need, when the IVrelden! made a patriotic ad Ires, and expressed bis grat.flcation in nieoting so useful, iee ible and eiaerprianig a ilaas of his follow-citl. reus, ti whom wuenltustttl In part the control of w ally ftmr hundred mllllona of dollar of Invested captiai. llealisi oonliaUy approved of their setiou In behalf of the country. Frewl Waahlnaton. Wtwhiiiyron, Jan. 21. Mr. Ctar, of, of tbe t's nimlttee on Territories, will report a bill, aptmiprialing fW.Oofl for the relief of tbe uffer lu Kanaa . Tiut mts Ilr err hAt proceeded thither with a view of txerlit'g an trcflusuce In the Stxiatotlal elei-tlou. Tbe priuclpsl candidates are Mcasr. Avr, Pomuot amlGEAnta, Mr. r.rT bu, through a friend, aent a note to Mr. Diss, owing to what wu uid In their colloquy In Ibe 11 juae today. Ilia of tbe ckaiader usual tuauch cases. Kx-Prmldetit Tvtja bvl a long, mil-'a'tory and friendly itrferview with tbe lod ty. Th. latter exprcaid bla llief lliat there will be no colli sion I etwern the federal ami state force during th remaiLtler of hi a Imlnlstratlon, and that ba .hould certainly make every effort to prevent it, and la pre eerve peace. Mr. Tnrawlll probably remain her. till the 4th of February, to meet the V iminiaalouer fiom elate other than Virginia. Lairi Anoxia a, brother uf Mijor Asou-m, will leave her tomorrow for home, (Ciucinmttl.) Ilia eflott, lsb lu Washington ami Charleston, were in strumental in prcdia-ing th better undnrxtand ng between Major AMixua and the Bouth Carolhu au thorlliea. A large numlr of leading Republicans front vari ous pertaof the country, hate been here for several days. There his been a grout deal f consultation among the II pubilcaus, Ihe results ef which may wnbedterlepcd. Mr, Kxiuon, of Illlnnli, retamod frotu Sprlugfluld today, and Ihe fact that he expressed Ihe opinion thai Ihe but der elate Committee re .iltttlou. come nearer than any other pinna to what tha public ext gem lea re-pure. Is .Igikficatit, In couuectlou with hi. recent visit to the l'mulcst elect. I-mlea-aa ratal ('enveiillom A'trtff 0i leant, Jan. 21. The Cointuittoe or Fifteen rqiorted today an ordinance of secession and reaolutiona regarding the navigation uf Ibe Mb-ls-. it' River. Doth w ere ordered lo be prlutciL Tbe Committee then asked fur a ostponcmenl of dlscuaslen until 11 o'ebxk tomorrow. Several .ubalitutea to th. report wcreoffoied a. a evtlleuieut (or the present difficulties, which were also oiilie.l lo ts printed fur tomorrow. The Coiumlaaloiirre from Alabama aud South C-i-rollua were then welcomed la the Convention. Au ImllatloufionitheMtyor of Now Orleans for th. Ceoretitlou te meet lu thai city wu laid over. A resolution of tliauka to the (jovemor, for hi prompt .ttionla selling the fuu of Loubilana, ami declaring that "wo will defiud them here aud else. wber. with all the uieens la our ijor," w-t offered. Mr. lb an r Are said he would like to U bi&irmed, befor. ve4lug, upon what authority th. Qovernor acbtd. A. lb. highest couMrvstor of the peace, tba action might hare been ne, en-cry, but until b. wu Informed thai Ih. action wu necessary, b. wu not prrpaied to thank or censure the Ooveruor. A warm dlacuaaion enaued, when a message wu received from the Oovarnur, giving the particular, lu reference to th. nclrlng of th. fort, etc. After Anther discussion for and against th resolu tion. It wu !aard by a vote of IH lo fi. Much cimfiulou prevailed during the proceedings, which lb Tiesldent fall called upon lo rebuke. nr-Uu Fentamla, Jan. 23. Volunteer are engaged, mounting ard arranging cannon. Carpenter ar Basking ac-Lng ladders, tend th utmost btistl pre- TAII. Th. Wyandotte bu anchored lo the westward of Fort Piekeue, undar tha gun of th. foil. It Is .op posed .be la to assist Llaut. Bi laurx. Tilot baWVren notified that they may bring C. 8. war vratels Inside Ibe baibor, if luey o-rry flag of truce, Alakaa-a Mutle t'oave-t-m. Uotttgrmitry, All., Jan. 21. The Convention wu occupied principally today, la discussing the emeudnieuta to th Co Aitutlon propc-ed by th Committee, (general Telegraph News. The) Case, of Jackals. Trrnlon. A. J., Jan. 21. Thirteen witneue were examined la the Jai balow caa today. Tbsy moved Ihe amount of money tiund on Ih pr wnar t3V3. One testified to having heard Ihe cry of miu der oo the Bound, on th night of tha lttlb of March, Two othera lee-lfied thai blood wu Aiuad on Ihe Spray when ahe wu brought lo Jersey City. The were about all tha nialnrial points brought oul today, Mr. La r aud daughter will be examined to morrow, alao the doctor who made an auelyale of the biood. The government will cloaa tomorrow. Thir ty witnesses have been svamlnsd tho far. A procese hu been issued for Bata-b Tatlob, on th part of the defence. Dr. Vim, subpeeaed toaetuania lerpretar, wu able to understand but a few words. jAra-Low'. laaguage la pureChlneaa. Iiwu proved today that te oould read the Bible aud Ihe ad- vert nfu a In a new .. r. He wu aeea readiag the rsfort of his trial. Flawarl Mm Bars). IJadtn, If. Y Jan. 24. J, Stott . Sou, flannel mill at Bwatvlll, wu destroyed by fire last night. Lna $ 0,000 laaured for tloBOO. fjne maa wu badly Injured. Oplatae- flbe Prv-a, Th World regardi the call issued by tha De mocratic Stat Committee for a BUI. Convention oa th. crude, to aaacmbl al Albany oa the Hat instant., a a mere jiolltlcal m aueuvar intended to make party capital out of the Colon feeling of our ollUana. It ay I If the democrats were Ihe party la power, a state convention. Intended to act oa their repissea latlva la Congress, or In Ihe .late legislature, mlghl ooeUrt bdU lo In iwx-eu of compromise. But Ihsy can not siik-4 lb republicans will act from democratlo dictation; and their own party ar politically whole, and need not a physician. They pretend lhal their Eurpotte Is lo "asvs the eounlry " but u they cannot, y any tvs-iUllty, be In power for enme time to ooiua, the patUml will be oeaat before lAetr mdlola caa uv. It. The 7rmr. auldpatea lhat th call for a Demo cratlo State Convention will revive In ao aggravated form the illiaonalone of our City Democracy, The tu.u ef Tammany aad Moaart will go up la Albany lo fight their battle, over again, and on or other party will return huso embittered by o-ftet aad vowing revenge. Th Trmra, remarking upon Ihe result of the eta-Ion to the South, aay i Th Southern Stats secede to eeoape th. oprs-t-alona ol th North. If they Iherelure Increaae their burdena tenfold, what kind of auooe. ia aokirvsdf Th UeiMtwl Oov ertu-sul nevsr resorted lo foessd loan. TnoflralacAtgoe-aC"dU-lXrattVWll an raxtaatv. e-e. rr ' te do raw rtw 4 law tre cm-feat enaai-atvlal t-tions. Ofttai only eei loyal d wall ese-ied manmsra Ilia-, oader M all thla. They are ItitwIm fa Mm the lesson that they caa Asstml without Ihe North lining a flea r to aid Ik What I the contrast piaasi-ed by the talear while at lha South a thug going from bad to worts a, al Ihe North recovering ita normal too end eondaioa. Iran of cur railroad are greater than al u Curresrs ding period. Indicating a most nal trade. At the S ruth thla ia almost si a'yred, Th utmost a-tlvlty pervades all routs of trad. Th foreign exports of la ti at e are tmexampled la amount. Tbe time dlsrlos es more ami more clearly tk and stability of the North and the weeki Sunk. Tk. Trfottr- am ra,by quoting figure eotton trade of aberteeton ku fatlea off la he set ssion movement rommenced. On perernt 19th, h held only en balea, while Nsw Yoik on Ihe mom day ON). In Decemhei r, l'trav, Charleston wa I rtwrmt.rain and 1000 balea dally, butli tie tbe btehasl dally roeli had sunk to I lea, while on sota day not a eutgle ba Trade seeks a qu'ct market, and le s avoids one so utterly d tranged. The enttoi I way to market ty other rhaonel to a Basaimah bu abembed a large srtwa of I he buhn received xK.Ouo Iwlcs less thai nd at the last acv unl bad on ban 1 ahe I before. The eiausi tbeyMmerly shtpr d maikil over northern railroade al grester owner, etiricbiiig the very in Lei It war lo crush. TL. i.'milno 7f, la commenting up lhat by th. withdrawal uf Senator, ami 1 lives of seceding stales, tbe power la but of Oaurrealaaainglutath. hand oft. lie ns, says i . , ' professing to find In the fart that the &-. of tbe government bu tased Into the hands I Republicans a source ol gr itdsier, (Aya (a b islori bmnrn In th nam rf rrmrdir. Instead of eu.ttliiing their dem --V adulurs, who bar. always faithfully I tbetr common cause, tn a position In t mlirbl have sully resisted any oflrnal I.iacm a, they Manly leave thrra lo the im advrrM mreioritr. Cso ther have taeen I- their pnteialid tlrend o' Kopubltcan d Would they turn Ihe leglslalive power em my, if the fear of lhal enemy were oo; (Anna prrfeworf Tbe Newark Imlj A d rerfi'ar, asys In I ourNetlonal difumiltiiat Nothing acema needed but a hand with bind it at tha o litre of Ibla real nets to otenl energtea ami w-erm the nearu of pa lawiple ufthfr)autes,ae tiete-1 thnniic bide and valleys, have hardly yet got aw, reality lhal u,. Integrity of thslrcouutry h tually threalentd or can possibly te oVst to any actual plan for tha dealructli n nt enimtvit they have Is n erectly locvedul could me conceive i.ia b a thing, aad are hatdly conversed th t t ia In danger, o tsdy meana II aim. Il I lima they had I Mtouuding (ae t. Nivr rttM An ny Ne a. Ir liu been a. rlaincd that the brig and tbe corvette, now at N i. be fiued out for vumran iou in three wek ate expected to get tham ready for sea. Tbe dragoou corpa uf West Polut, whl deitd a few day agoti rir lithe Nit tal, la on lis way thither by tkls time, alx pieces of raumn, of whljh four are field pieces, and two are howiUers, au eight splendid horse. Two or thire self authorised navy ol been luveetigatmj by deputy, the feeling-, diera ef the army asd the aailors of Ihe n the crisis, w .th Ih following result. 01 army aoldiera, 8.000 have no feel luge what mutter fire thousand, chiefly Irish, wiu they could do so onvenlently, owner lha on a hostile errand, ami two thousand etn keee, "go In for fighting." In the navy, sand blue Jacketta, at lea-t, are- Union I price," while lb aervic would be better of without tbe remainder. The marlnea ebe; wlihoul comment. The mora- of th. i perlor to that of the navy. Th. t S. government wdl aoon b calli thank Ibe new King of Italy for favor. Tl of the Fiuluioiitose docks at Oeuoa, were P -ed al tba disposal of Ike officer att-t dlaabled gunboat Iroquoia. The U. 8. Corvette Svvannah, Lu bcei from tbe dock al the Brooklyn Navy V wu considered te be in aa unsaf poalllt" lie below th revenue Cutter berth lu tl Th. AumapotU midshipmen bv been d usual annual vacation Ibis year, as cirt might neressittitc their speetly tranafer la n Ycur Tahcit, W. L's. a-i, left school 04 Last, Hewu much 1 egret ud, Lieut, J. W. D, Octj, Id lieutenant of lit Navy Yard, w .. detached yesterday, and tak.r-asageonihi2drox., for Speule, Havre, to Join Ibe U, 8. ahp Iroquois, as officer. Lieut, llcaum, of South Ctrolli executive cfucer, having resigned la com th. Mcessl ou o! hi. state. ror City New-- nutl Kecsl lroc--lliir;M, nee Third TlIK WK.II AM) DKBIUTATP.D llltr- select nadlag the advortb meol el Dr. rMded.teSlc-aadAflllcted,"ea Ike I of this paper. IlUta-tdicl-earor-iyatrial To tiir Tunuc. Tin; coafknTTh- of rklikf for k convinced tl it tlie stafem nts acre lofore mai extent of tlie mffiTing from drouth were noi I ted, nul have brs eonfimed b recent reilsbl I is believed that over thirtf thoueand psonk be ilia rally alded,nr the most dl-s,trooi ce will emu. Ilie wsnt of (sod, clothing sad e Mi ha. mmt be fullawcd hi- aud. r a 1. sickness To all -state, and partlallr prevent those evila er to tlicse horn Prov Idsooe hu blessed, and ed by every dictate of duty and huuaultr. I", are ou; oa ; n eountrrwen, mostl v Intelila it ai ble.aho have never before fsltwut, audi "'h "J B svuld not bar been forreeea ed. The people ot ths West hat given lari srsui, sod th Committee have aided In lu ",. Ihlk-f bul en ex-tuded to a lares n still the wants of Ihe sufivnri continue, and eooUnue to be afforded until a new etop rand aid nnneereaary . Name-rot 11 letter eetv cusuniHien, aoene ef WDUB naw neea 1 eooUIn alarming aeroanU ef eoffisrina, t 1 epr-ala for aid. Farmer eppea-eg theCami P.'l .S?Prn U" response fram manyaourr , 10.0OU hav beea raoelvad and apai d 1 bol the amount of NW needed, aad the f aeesa-pUshed, the (Vmlttee agala arte friends ef eunVrtng aaaiaolt.r te aid tham I ' taw is ef thousand, whs aur per-B ! ther f,.?TS..,w,? 'I1"- "' ba stmt le J. 1 IAMB, Metropolttsa Bank, and dcatts ' !";.-? V nan No. DO Coonel InstltuU, WM C. IIRVANT, 6nEKNEaBRI f tfiS Fi WH.ClAla-1, flANli:i7 Dltiivv CHAH. II. MAtcKllAli, IL II. MsCUKHV M0RRI8 Kirn-Htikir ejus: W. IXLI BFTn B. HUNT. R. T. ITroBAaD't Won Cnautr Di Ws aid rersana-ra-sd all wae are efntnli f 'lui.falnti-axpahi U the t-aetar the It-etd-nt to U stains sss an, te lake R. F. II' WUdTrrMurTll- a-SiwS" eVa eannot fall to beoent tha lovalld, and w a wb. mpet'svstoeloaa-aUta-fi-aad when find Ibis nnrtvalled panacea. Bulu namen kanbrmprartteedof4saa4u-U-' brt-sntetr-tuisasd," (akf-f pb-Aoiae dsctor kaows that thai Blttar le asanr thaa win esdbs sure a tnrriuu as the eahrrsr Cherry brttes-s ef R. F. IHHHARD, 1W ns Tork, and J. W. HA Yt-, W Fa-oa at. Bro A Rarr lOrrriB 1 uiTr. MT oaij Uoa to an auction sale to be held THIS RTF I alaaoaBATLRDAY F.V-NIMO el the I CADCf-rof AtUnhc and Cllnloa, eta, BKi Yeapa hoasekerpen and eld boeur. sewers w tar tbetr Interest te attend 1 u SUCll CU bay 1 ads ef such rare quality seldom eecor. are a- of the best ruaUty, aad MUST BK SOI What ht Dor Capam-i or D Havt thlskeadexamn-sL Fowua Wau. t.,J?-' " hnataas he aria ba aaast at CU al atjireadway, aad at w save yea au .ad anvtsty. Tira Uinoit, run who-pj Obm MOW Abli FORKVTlt. FCRA, FLatat, FURS, BO)WOOrt kllJjijeX-Mll Now wrrra Rkaom or Axx. OROVKR A BAKRRJI V tX-SVATKn NOIBKLtltS IthWlNO Mi 10 aad upsaraa-a- BreadwN. CIl-la-a vumcKM T-e Iris- rrteata-ed al ne aad A Rev. Dr. MANA1IAM will rrfeal bis esssur ot Ject, la t per laattta bv'on fta day 1 next, , u eiocc r, M. Tiouwxs POIa-TlCAa-. - Rally far law Fals jf TnEPEACEOF THIS UNION MUST BKRO WK MV8T J-jfyV110 NATl The PaopW ef IhU great -ttrepoll wfll u ma us i meeting ! tba Cooper 1 at ttula on Mon UfcJu.atlast,atTM rtWt, J " ef paeiflostloo ef ear present dlflkniltksw and U tbirgsTotlonUchalicloo. Further partleuU given la edvta-ao BM-i-.aM a- UO Byeederef 60,000 Cir EI-IOI70 Bhwul..Wte " a-rtr pra-wsoe a I Ue-rwll as KslaisTissr." - sv. fls es A, CaihoU isr-ai. a4. f-rsaertfl ih .i. -1 1 as tl are. m iTi Zi . : v-r ih Is sSsues . ' --. rTTH,. A.-v. ins,--.. - la W axa I t-thou cenwsjoesi. a Mnl . Jtsa are Wnh. ieVvwTfoc ladaai, A-. U tf "I IMtX, . I Wreahryaa B-hiSw"t,.rS -Raw. . A, RA UCR, Fpatfflr. Wlata t,Oa) lab free? TU publ'Urwa, 1

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