Newspaper of The Sun, February 1, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated February 1, 1861 Page 2
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4wmju 1. . "HIE NEW YORK SUN. TBlDAY MORNING, FEB. 1, 1801. faBrTMW OFFICE! W Sir recently opened Mir Publication Office fhr Ui Sc (deelgued ae 1 ultimate iM W traarot; M Mo. Kl Broadway, noder the Aaeeriren Museum I point which hao been justly termed "the eye of New York" being al Ibe June Hoa of It lav grand Ihntoughfarea, end of every Railroad (ill Osinlbus t.ln Id In thy, with lint few minor xcept'rvvt. To reach the new Brv oflee therefore, Atm soy pail of the city or in environs, II It oety rHeee-ary to tut! the nearest stige nr ear, end be Ilia door, ll la evident last Ihere la only one such place 4 tittilnrss In N. w York. Theo'detvilbf IheSrv, corner of Fulln and Nv.-ti, will of rouncretbr given up, al tewl for eomatlme Iimim, Bielnrea will therefore eoalin u I U dot at Uli An vdr. sis Man pn-pieel, however, (tr anruth. r tt r ' an a dally leper) for tl a li aa of moat cif il r v.btii.'e remise on Ibe oiJ cottier, would let la J eg. ded mu now. A V.t I Mil lF.KRO0M--r..belily the mitt ta'tisUe b lV I it.v, for mfj pn-pcees-cn In f f,.lvsite uliafatlxij occupant In mi lliatdaiy OuV. rV!c Kil-rtittmr: Mr. Sini-mii's A'- ben. Ciloerl. Mt. ClIA. W. lUril.llTft beautiful ratchrn ill jou. New Jersey, li a fihl r and Uter, Fieoak. ami other hoteie, will be tialhlvsd by Mr. Rtatri.1 his charily Iw-ttueal Ibe A'-ilcuy of Music, oe. Sdunlty at oVIo.k. We litre a ttiMestioti to make bt M'. Run which w thick of euTic.eol ln.pottin.-a to I mtdt thus publicly. It l fahile snpltuding lua gnri. roue brswfit .i tba widoas and oiphaiit o' otirclty) that ths lev charily ta could perform aa a 1 lurer, would be I give aa i biMl.rm In Mini larja, eueip hall mi Ibe ts-t aide of H.e tovin, exie-resty t diey-ncu, la ku y ciaihmcn, otu'o 'is durrrttO'l iniltnm, liainarrr, an 1 Ihofte gcuiraUj who Lara tUa liuiml'aia f art and bn l.lof i f It iraiw : th cliaiae for admlaslrn imA to ri.vd UTiiuli Walbl.U IUI Mr Kirn oai tSla (ri-i.t IvnoAl tj Mi n V'.nJ. and ti lilt f.r Ha fml 1 1 Mm mlHib'y ucfu ; a ilnwl, lla iol I Mlaiil ll.a in.i-4 alxiod l'l t hk.I.U f... Imimvlva- ml Ihr fitl iiHi f linn. Tim AuoVrwta Cn la I'uIkIiuuI. Thk liiilili Jiiurn i! jifll"i"iIiillilii!'( liilMwltln-l.ilanilpilnlcalloarliuif tliownt nf hahtnt iifjt i Iwiic I liy tlio C iiirt of (J nm'a Iloiu-li, iNuum inI-ij tl.o Cinidlun u'liorl.Ion to lrinrf up I tio hmly tit Jonx Aat'hiMit, Ilia fu(1lirr hliia. with wliuao ia nil nnr rel'l'M mut now In f4niil!ar. 'I ho I. mini Italj .Vnw, wliii li i' utronly titi-l urory, t ) t'j it the Iwiimnf 1 1 ii" writ il nut juui''y tlin in ffrfni Hint t hn iIii'Ikh ii of tlia l.ili li J'l !,; mmt of noccMlly iliflVr from thit of tlulr Canadian Urllirrn. lilt if tliry rlioiil.l aroa, tha dlftiroltjr in tlm way of rrfurliiK to mirrrn dr ANPHifoi will rolmlily lm Ini-roiwd, "for the miniatcrt will lit rompidlul toororrulu iwt only Ilia, Inil '.Jio hum trilniniU." Hut though tha .Vinm Is onrllcnt lint tlia caw of AnaiMiii wijl Iw fairly an I J mil con sidered, tlm luin of lliii writ of hihrm oir. put 0(iena iuentkiii of ai'riuut Iinpnrtanre, While tlia iKwrr to l'uo thu writ it Knartlly admitted, the riiiwiii(iicpa in thit cuo mjy lie unptoaaaul. Tin oiiitloii whiih Ctntda oct:. piet In the IliitWi rinplro it riMriitially ilifr. nt from any otlwr ileiwntlvncy ft tho Crorn Canada it practically liiJip.n.lont and liur court! baro hithrrte U-cn euljrct te no nuperior trilmnal, except the I'rlvy Council. Nrt lo the nwcr of taxation netting U more iherl li ed than the judiciary, nor la anything m r likely t raiae feelinxa of ananyanre and I. content amona; a frue people than luterfrre i -with their Judaea, and the overruling oft ei detitioM hy another tribunaL Tha D lily. Vict ahowa that the prei edrnla adduced in Um arti. meat bofore the Court of Quceu'a Bench ara derived from a period long anUccdent to ths ilayt of colonbl in Impendence, or refer to caati like Jertey and Ihs Ila of Man, where th-ro are lacal (ourUliut no Irfilflttlirc iui!fcnilcnce. It tray fur' the m') be that, lu till irtlii'ar cue 01 AMiuutrto, lu wliicb the pipiidir falln li Ih favoroTtha excrcUattf lha huuiJunfcd ctum, u tralHtbcr wllllrii luada ! laa psip'e or b tba Judaea of Caikula. Hut li In ol. loin ia lu aoma otbarcAH. tu wbtth aalmlUr iurl1 .Ho i iniy be Ualmad. tba counia uuty Ui no Mtr.i'l.f irw ir i. The conclusion of tlia art Mo, of which -no pit Ihefpiril, is tljjnil! ant of the ;rowInj; ilI-k.ition in Knl.iud to (icrmit Cuna-Lipojco-ably lo cuMih licri-clf fully aa an indepen dent iijtluti. Ilio .Viirt I olds it to bo ths policy of 1'jiUti'I to rm .ura'e instead of impeding Ilio ptprrw of Cunndi loirls the position of J ai-pii.ilii piwrr, and it aruM that if tha wlit of hii'iriu ivrMia it ilioleyed by tltu .Imli-a orolllcfra of the Colony it will beprntticilly mi jx.psil .1 to enfone olcdieiKe to il. ' Or if the peopln of Caniult (Uim to ex clude tlie Court-of Wf-i.tmlt.Utir, and to lie trrjtod aa an indi pcndi nt natk n, by alt menu let their claim Ik alluded. ' 'Ilia Liverpool P:tl an 1 other Journal, treat the (..ueatiuu iu the iirna spirit, and the Ku lih (Hiblie t-iidriilly will I nnnh aurprlaod hould the Canadian Judaea m.ike n,, atand to trnt their ttihta, and ijuii-ttv tut init to the juriitditliou of the Oouiu of WtitmlUatrr. The Taranta Iader'a Canard. Thk little notoriety whLk the Toronto I.'tt itr acquired by ita rldiculoua prrtenlom to apeak the pnrpowa of the HritUh goicmnvnt in regard te ita recognition of the proponed aoutluirnionfe-leraiy, it likily to di-atroy all coulWeme in that journal'a future t-niuipiiom of official inxpiration. It apxirt tin editor of the defunct Wahlnnton CjnititHlion la the UaJn'i regular corrwpondent in the National Caiilol, anil ll It mora than tunpccted that lie wat the author of tin) l.ra Irr'i encoura rIih; infonualion to the loutbern heceuionittt The Itaiti'i uiinoumemcnt watincrily thai. low aciriMiioii triik. Newepaper .tlavraneata. Tin. iVii i3 1 W, announce! the retlrerarat from that Journal, of Mr. 15iir.uow, one o th proprietor! and editor "Mr. llifiai.otv bariig fully realited all the emit which he pro aoaod to himself in embracing th profeealou of Journaliim, dceirei to betake himself to pur. nit mora consonant ts hU taatea," Mr. Parks Godwin lucceeda bin, Tba Wai-hmtften Slatn rrevf Cai'on, hu pate 1 Into Ibe litnJt of Mr, John St ak, witk whom will be a awe U ted Mr. WaSU'BX, ot the l.atvl Otliie. Tba policy of the paper will be for tbe lutlnteuanc of lb I'olen aa tbe Con HilgloHi. The "6'r"ul"(ii" it the samara new penny aftrruoon paper, wlibb baa a(t uide il appearance in Wasbineton. It it-ublitliad by W, II. IIoi-k anl Joux Smkisii, with tbe motto "One people, ouo country, one deatl- "y" Alwaa a He-ccswtauiM. At tlia 0wuint; exerrbwa of the Free IU uug IbsHue, 1W LlulsO'pnrr all ret, the Rev, p., Qiiy .nrtaal-J, Ihal tba old raylog "the boy la the father of the imu" la a true one, Whal tbe boy la ta character in la be likely to re whea he beeomee a man. ' Tbeie la," he continued, "a tnaa U the South wbeae name It Intimately eaanected with the taxation movement, a roaa who hae done mora, perhapa, than any other to bring about the rritinl elate of tlilnga, and who U now a premlaeal oandl date fwr tha Presidency of the SJuthev. Republic, I knew hint wi U. Ue waa one a eiaoll-talluw of oaine. The principal of an academy where we at tended wa a good old gentlomtq be ruled by kJadaeea. Whenever kahad an etvaetea lobe els ant b p'acad eoe ef tha akolam In li, deak, and tha kid ta ether tbal he depended aa their ho nor (ur goed bebavior, I never knew el the peace of the eobool being dleturbed at tuck time but eqoa, end the, t waa la tU 4aak. A hay f tea laeainadlaaatuiled with oar uoiaej ta4 ae ra Wl4. larpealad la hla boaar, hat t dli Itlej vala. 1 la'd wa moat hat sriif, 'ma ha."V hU 'totlnB, declared wa ahould ant. tie refJad, flew- rlahed bla rule, aod la Mere war ahowed a ewer mltatlon te keep ut la trouble till our tinloo aSouM be dltaohad. Wbrn I aaw thU railed two or tliiae of tba ttotiteat of our acbonl rnalaa wa ci-urll hold of the errreatnnUt tad p'ared him outalda tba lit t hotiat door, and an peact wat teatortd V cur nnltn. Hat boj- I will not tell hit liama that bnj It bow the man who It dnlig ao ml.h t- Vtik iipeurtloiaiaiarnt I i not wandar at It. lit wiaalwaiiaaxrMtonM " Wa ate inpietUd to call the atlwtl n of -i-ir rradtra In the N'rth Ward to the Reftdioj Rmtna They are open from t, to to r. M They ara well app'l'd with rradlug matter i tbey art free to all will-lv-hated ouag men. and men n it numbered with the ymiDg aie welcome. The CrVIa Tarta ad Ita It Itnowancertilaiddcflolty lint the dMIna ll. n of the nrsnk'yn wat Fort rickent, to which aba wat to mipply prorla.ats and then lay otf and wakhtka rnotmcnt of lie luurjant al. Ilr conuuacler la oi dare I, If aa aitKkoa tlia fort L at tempted, to land hla arti.ierrmea and na hla owu filtia laltt drfrnLe. Tha rit It rrrlred that tha aufi of 8 "h Ore'lna aiebutllinf a taft la Cbarleitin hrhr It the attack upon Voit 8'imter. It It aall that thU lift will fa; ry atx hundred men, that a tower It crwlirj iipi-n It which orettopa Foil Sumter, aa I tbl Ibt reaibtne la lo be uaed In a nif lit atU'k Col. Ilttae, Ihtioulh CaroilntOnnmUiiiMier It atlllln Wanhlntton awaltmi( tha Fraaldmt't reply teblt wrlllrn demu.l for tba a. knowlLment of (tooth Carultna.! btJeptudaia a, aui the t irreuJer of Foil Sumter. CiiUln Mri.., wliM unninli thel'nlted Statu f.nna at tbe full at T"it, drepitcbei t lb r.oitroiiiri.1 t'ual lie ' now tuftVitiill relnf rfed 1 1 dify any ver. While the ,f)Yrriu-ut Atoamet waalaudioit tio-iiaiid aupplie, t'jeateamer 01- vrftttai. ol New Orlt-ftti, will a fine f tard to take tke f.nt, pei al In aljht, but um I ac iver lis t'.a ilrarner, she pi t eUiut anl aii duii I raud. II Italw. Liietl til. I Cut T4IJ-. at l , well ii aii- al en I pio? .abwd. A-t.ri.liiui.l'.tiaaieeieitiia I lut tbeMlnttta New (It lima sr.d Dihloiea my tit ee'r-d aal plun.lrn.1 by tl e r? iliit.'-uMi. Mil. SkwAKh'h ! li In the United Htttet Henate, yratenlay. and the running debate ubiili It prortked, villi lie rea 1 with intrn-at. Si mill r MiMii 'inuiialratvl nine mora thit lie hat miilora heart to lota bit country, nor a head taptble of discerning tba fearful on ifuerii of the ditunloH pliiut;i which Ue in nrtjno, bit at ate to nuke. THE LATEST NEWS. nr ri i.kjravii to thk .v. r. it.v. 0 Political Intelligenoo. XX-XVIih COMlUEraVJacraad Senate. Wathinplim, Jan. 31, Mr. Sxwarii, (S. Y.J presented a uiomler w titlnn of the eltlaetit of New Yoikforlhe age of reaoliillont, tubstantially the tsirder atete le. olut'ona. The peLtlort U tlgn rdly 1SIKX) people, aud la twelve hundred feel leu?. Mr. hratRn aald Tbla memorial may h ra giiiili il ee e lair expraesion of the Interest U trltby that great csimmerciel community, and pro bably a lair exiioiirnl of tbe iniereal la Ikeeama gToet aul jerl which la fell by Ibe whole commercial Inteieet ot the I nlled State, or In aoy other part ot tbe worlc , Sim h a communication would ootii-. mand olcdlrnce In KngUnd, France, Frusale or Ueimany. A deiuiaialniuun of tbe will of the commeKe of Ibe country decidee queationt of war or ace. lli plly, air, tbat It not the caaa In this glial republic. Tlia Inter! of commerce U but one i the Interest of ntrrlculture, nianu&wturea an 1 mlntiig, each of them It another, and ara rntitlrd te, and esxh secures apial rreiert, an 1 tbe auitlde rutlon whiih Ihey obtain la due, not to their num beta, not to then wealth, but due to the clrcnm tlaiHee under whiih they leud their advice to Ibe government. Ilut I do not hosltate to nay tbal the iharaiterof Iheee pelllloner ontltlee them to the iceiiecind atletilion and coneblenUUiu of Congreaa, anil tbey have nektd me to aupjunrt tUt petition. I bavv not yet lound, though 1 hare auxioiuly wa.lid fur, aud huped lor, that manlfe-tatuia of trmr ou tbe (art of Ibe people of tbe country ami iLrii npiesei.utlvea, which would Jutllfy ma la ea) log that tba amdlng etatea, or tlwiite who ayra lathlxewltb tbem, bare made proswilion9 which the cillKtna ol a-Uer ng ttatea oould act-ept i or at I desire lo sm. It U uurllallty iim tola, at on all fitber i ts aeiiine. to ut tbe pro"Mitliiii H another lonu, that thin or auy other of rtrleut iruvieitions, whiih have dm from the cttiraut of adtio m autee, or tLoee tsbocfeslie to adhere t) the uiiiou, woud ih4 be aiciitalile and aatlfjtory ti the other pmy. I have thought it my duly to hold nyselfoian atd reidy air the bet adjustment wiih h Could lie pieit cally made, ami I hare there loie lirrii fblictsl bi ask thit coiuitutiee to be e jii lelit with the aHitllaluelQel 1 wiuld exprese to the public, end t the Hmiate, tbulthe spirit In whk-h thsy m tur, la jm-i fatly commendable and te fet.1 ly mtoXnHy. Hit gmtifjicgto meloaea thai a pnijer rplrit, a aj.lnlol fraternal kindness, and of eois il'adon aud art tlnn, ltadepte.1 by ao large a IMiitlonofiiiy tvllowitixenjiof IheaUte in which 1 tMiv. I baveaekod Ibeui also, le return for lrfiiiuiiiigiuy only ou tale ouvaalon, that whan I .ey bate ait I veil at home, they will act In ibe saiue siur I, and iniuifsal their devotion bt the I ulooabote all other iutareaw, aud all other aen timeibi by voiiiia fur Ike L'uiou, and If 11 aaou'd be d minded by Icudlmr and even givlur tu ir n-ouey tor tne i nicu, aai nffuting in it at Ibe leal ri soft for the 1 nloiu takiog care alwayt that rieaklnj f.iMt bef ue voting, voting g tea be (uteclviiuf money, und all ko before a ualtle, which 1 ahniild renaid aa tiexrdutui uul dengeroiui, and llelebile the laj.1. aa It wou'd be the moil nalurut meaaiirv to le icoitid t.i for tbe aalvuluu of the 1 nl. si. Tbla la tbe spirit In which I have de tetnitued for myself lo come up to ihla great question lu pase Ihmugh II aa laiwerely believe we aball wea Ibnauih II. although the great ooo'ro veray liaa not bet u already aettled i 1 do Mot, there lore, any the lesa calculate upon aud exiect thai It wtil be iKwcefmly etulee', aud aetllrd (r the I'oioni 1 have i4 lieeu to raah aa to eijieit that In sixty daya, whiih have tieen allowrd to iu alnce tha tnnet lrurofConirreii:and I will be frank, tlr, tnauylng I hadnotixpeiledthallnoildiya, wliUk are the aj loted term of Congreaa. lb la grant contravene woo 171 lerUluly be adjusted, peai-e reabired and the I alon I nrmiy re-rataiiiiaucu, I ktiew, air, that alxtyor aixetgr dayt wat He leim that wa fixed with JeA nit oliiecta ami purpose by that poition of my fel. low-c.tlaene, who have thought that 11 could contiilt the Intervale nf tbe relet bi whli h they btloc "ed Ui diaeever tbe I'nloni I have not expected that reaeon aad Judgment would eorno but k to Ibe people and become ao iiervedlug and eo uaivereal, ae that they would airclete the danger aud beabletoagreeonlberrmediaa. Still, I have beeu willing tbal abould be tried, though unaibxeaaluU. ly, but my coundeiu e baa retnalued eotind (or thbi Impla rtweoti, that aa I have not believed Ihal the lauwlon and frenty of the hour could overturn thla great fabric of ronetlluttooal liberty and amntre la uinety daya, ao I have tail eur thai there would be lime, even aftui Ibe expiration of ninety daya, for a rwtotaiion ef all tbal I j-1 been loat, and for tbe ra fatabllahwexil of alt Ihal waa In dwiger, A great many and varlnua Intereeta and element are breugbl Utn eounlrt In thit audden crlaie, a great many personal aoibltbine and a great many aeetlon al IkWem, and It would Iw aliaiure If tbey would all be aoctauiiMJdatfd, arreiiiial and barmooitat, ao aa to admit ami give full eS.n.1 lo Ibe one profoun.1 esl and moat enduring aentltuent or tsuiuon of the I nlted State, tbat af devotUm to the I'nluo. Thaee, whether you call them esi-essloo or revolution on the one tJe, or men Ion or den tai a on the other, are all to auUlde and paee away before Union, wblt h la to beootue tbe gnuat abeurbtng otswt of iulrrvat, affeLtlun and duly npou Ibe pert o( Ibe rltlaeoe ut tbe United SUUe. A an muf ,v.r. Iliaa IntereeUaie toU repreaetd and auiieeased lo give plane to the pirtiain Intervals eipreseed by tbe Cbarlratrn p)lrm, the It iltltuore platl um, Die Chbago plalfi n, by the popular oovereUnity plathem, IX indeed the Union U hi diuigar, and la lobeaaved. With these IntarmU and with theaa plattama, evrrytody atunling upiei lliem. or con nectssl with Ibeto. la to pae away If the Unlun le la danger and it to be raved. Uul ll will requ re t veiy eliurt liiae ll inia i nitin is in uano-ar, auu eoet irqulie to be raved ftr all these lnlaresta. all Itiese KUtbrwa, all Ibeee men lidUwppear. You eieiy mly, whe thall nppoe. reaie', or eVtnd la the w ty of Ibe preeervatluu of thit Unum, will aiwi'ai motbe on a aummei'aeve, when ilia whirlwind of (ovular Indignation arUe tiist shall U atoll 1 at the full diavei y that tl la Union la cudaiiver id through faction, ami eveu liuptacobi'lty ou the one part. 1 have boie and coon leu, e Dial lute la 1 1 isi-nt around Juat aa I have aald, a id quite .on rnoiigb i because I perceive, although wa nay aunt our erM to tl, that tbe country end mvukini cannot thttt their eyee to the true utura ot tha crltlo. T'lar liaa been a real, a vital la thU c-suutiy fsr laelre yeere, al leesl . queeuuu of e'avtry iu the tarrilorlia ofihe I u'led S'aiet. II waa etmngeet in itadsvelopmaal In HVI, when alllbePacltViceaetandalllhe lemeiry tnte.vsa. Ing bftwaea It aid the (."uWlana purcuaee we thrown vasal our baudt all e4a audden, furthe pur pnaeofoiirorgafilruig lulbeuifree and lodatwnl anl ieiubiloau goienuuea'e ae a baeia of fitur etatea, aud 11 hat been earneat, aod. ragrtt 1 1 say, angry oontnivereyi but the adatieatoa of Kia a Inte th I'titnej yeeteeda eHllal at leaot al! tut or laeaertaat ta aba emaatlem, laailaaiha. baad Bnthlncbut tba paawtoaa wtJett ejat ooateat baa eoiMd. xanaaa aj ua.Haaj, fjaaW nraA and Oregoa art la tha Calaa. awl saw tbeaaenarootaatdlvtdta anddlatraete thkt Calo tnTrrTm ane aiaterr, la taa larrNortel ivf tha United Slaa,JtialM before. Whal la of the lemtonaa which raeaatnt Oaa aanitea, el aty -three tbovaaaat aB-tflTthandrwtaitiartmUaa, an area 14 llmeelbal of tha aaataef Maw York, tbe largetl of Ike cjd and fatly developed etetee. Twenty. Hiur euch etatea ae tbal of If aw Tork, ara ytt to I ful y orfaoued within tbe reiaaiolnf tet ntnrteaoflhel'ukted Swtee. Now, under what la aoer4cd l-y tbe AOmlnlalrauoa and tba Oovenw meet aa a Judicial decree, upheld by It, every I nob of tbat territoi y te elara terrtloty, I apeak M that dec I Ion, not ae I accept It, but aa It la aocejaed aid enforced by lie exlatirar adtntnle tiaibia. Kraty fiotol It bialara territory ae much a South Carolina. Over a conaldanvble portion ef It aa'aveoudeaiadaby a gova timent created by the C"XeTrer.t ef the t'nlltd Suiet ta eofonced, ao that aroordine; to the rlaliaa of I bow. who Irariat upon, Ibelr liable In the territory of the Uulted Bietea fur ala'eiy. tbe whole nf late I ,it) MM aq.uta nillea la aUre territory. How many a'avea ara thai a lu It? How many late laea bruuabt Into II durlrg Um twelve years, ta which 11 baa bten not only tellrio, llahi d to alatety, titit li which the 8u preree Court, tbe t,rlalature and the A dm niatra tlon I are malnlameil, notecteil, dtfendetl and guar aoteed a'aveiy there. Twenty-tiur African altreat (ma alare for every f.qly-fimr tbmwtrl wjiara mllee. fine alave for amy ena of tbe tweoty-'oiir atatee, w i.u n, eur Nwina; Uiera eaca to oe ot tbe ill. meiH-ionaoi riaw xotK,ii-ennyivtoa,orla'llaiis cover It at tvullon of the rea of our lepubllc. 8r, I bavafol owed IbUtMng In good faith and with real aad eneriry, but I coofe.t tbat I Lava no fnia of alavery anywhere. In the pc eulltr ronultloa of Ihlrura which hat existed, e.aveiy baa mtcceedrd Ut pU'Hiftg only one aUva upon every 44 Hue) aquaie lullra of term r. Tlila baecraeed to la a practu-a' nutstlou. In lieu of II cornea up a great and rllal, anl fearful quettion i I'.e question of rntcu or of dlsa.lution of tbe t n'on i tbe quertlin ot country or of no eouetry t tbe question of trrealnesa, or the queatioii f f linking ferever tiwler tbe oontem4 of mankind. Why, tbeiv alHiuld I deatmr tbat a treat people of tinny mull' na win ue ante vi meet toia criata r Tola la n'a an imperial gnTerumeut, or me govern mekt of a ainij'e atate i It It a ciai'edaraey, arat II ll HmiKl.l lobe, dependent up. n tbe continued aa eintfifali tbe turmWrf ef tne cmftdeiacy 1 1 lie ex I'ttme, anl aut-jeit to diaaoluion by ISelr ac tio Irttt ikit aaseiit ta bi be a waya taken by vlivie of the orlgliiil asmt.t, aial held, until la tne lot in prrvrilird ly tbe CoiiiiitutMi It eeX an.l lu li.e time and la the to inner, and with a.. IhecoiiditlniM which the C n-t.tut on lira arltss, and tuosewhocfi-tilutelha Union abal I de clare tl at it atall l no lonrertbe toltly dirt and fxiy diiya, end tilntldsy eiren ut by tbe dleoiil eibta, may not lie enough f.rtbelr pilltyan.1 their iirissee. 1 bo(a and truirt that It miybe liuie tifuiKU er tne policy am purpitet oi the iovirv fthe 1'nlon 41id icretit tuat il mty be ao, tut l( Ibltteen ahall turn out not 1 1 be enmiKh, then I ue how and when all ttiese grout caiteovsra et will I reuie!, J iet at our r a efathert a iw wben liey fiamedtbe Constitution. Tney jovbled eetenly yeara age thla pteaiiil eontiov.nry, thit whole eon tri leraj, ahall be aubmlued tilbepeiple of the t'nltfd Hielea la a eotiveiitioa tallel according tu Ibe I. h roa of tha Oi. solution and acting In tho u ai.rmr prercrilied by it. Then, air, thit tottttry will ftod audlen relief la tha pouiit aiul uuanlinnua adot!oii of tru-iiren na esstry fur lie Mieaiwui, anu tne wnrot win aee now well anl how wisely a great, enllgl tned, edwated, Chrlt' liau people, ootialstihg of tbli ly-fsur aovarelii alslea, can adjiit dlfllcultii e which bail arema.1. evin to thetnaelvea ae well aa tointnklni, tibe IneumHuiitUlile. Mr. Muon fVa ) aald - While the 0 ivemmont la In iirtceaa of dialntotfratlon when stttea have aepa-rate.l-.wben the peiple were arming -now, what do we bear from the sernbie fnno New York t IM weluar any augrreatloiuf from him tocooiply with any demaiide f None I Hit ll.a honorable .Veniior In a mate of generahtlre has told na whal hla jtnllcy waa. Hebaaretommetided fln.1, to ejieek next, to vote i next, to give miaiey j and lastly, to flbt. Tbeae aie the tour ineasurira of tha Seuabir. He fMtaira) could nut understand what waa meant by giving lnlaley.,, Mr, 8r aan explained by referring 1 1 the depee. clatMMiof thegovrronieiit eliska,an.l aald that he meer.1 that tbe paple ehould give in mey to tueUln tbe credltnf the government. Mr. MaaoN aald that be did not euppoae Ihal he fBawtao) meant to use money to demoralize the eotilhern people. He took 11 tor granted that the money waa to euatain the anny which waa to con duct the fight of which the Senator epoke. Mr, Bxwaaii aald be bad only referred to filhtlng after all else had tailed. Mr. Mtaoa aald thai he wanted to bring the Sen ator to the policy of tba new government. After all elea, then, hla recommendation la battle, Illood then la to eeve the Union t The Union la gone It le la-oken I There ta no Union In tbe eunnlre I Ita fMaaoifi wanted to let hi people know what the couneela of the Senator from New York war. Mr. Sawaan aald ha looked to no auch eonltn- ercocT In regard to Ibt ewwded etatea. He waa not autjrlsed that tha Senator flom Virginia and blra- eeiiainrrea. lie iMoiwil ttw edieeevered ooun try i he(8ean)eew returning reaeon, (udnieut and harmony. He (Sawaan) waa In tha Union and In the Senate. Tbe Seuabir from Virginia la here, but la he In the Uubin or out of It f The aaata of Senator are here, the elites are here, ami the Union tt bete. He (Sxwaan) but contemplated flzhllne becaiiHe be knew that treaeou In lb Nurtheand Seuth might anu against Union. Mr. MaaflM aald that ha war-ted to floe before the American people Ibe f-td that the 8 -naior prnee war ae lb remedy for our oreaenl trouble Ihal ha preterjtcd tbe argument oi tbe tyrant- that of force and compulsion aa iba inly rreo.t. He (rjawaan) takee lo nutlce of communitiea claiming bi have re aiiincd Ibelr anverlegbty, and who are now ao com pletely out of the Union thattheie la not a federal t nicer In Ibelr Urmia. He wanted the honored Suit oft Irglnla to know and to have the a alea fall from her e)ia, and not to be noid wlnkM by lbs crv of peace wbeuthtre waa no iieace. He would point them In the four rrnnsliea of the Sjiiabir from New York. He trio ted that the good eiie, the humanity aud Ibecivilirat'ouof the peo,ile of the Ntrlhtndtbe would rvpndlare the counsela nf the rlenalnr, which la forte and eul4ngnilon. Ha bad bibt gen tlemen who tame here, Ihal If they wished lo aava the Union, or restore It, they muetavold a collision. Yi t now tbe HeuaU r from Near York poevMoa at a last reeort, war I He wantoit the people of the South bi let the Idle deluebm past Ihst there wat anyptaie. He apprali d to tbe fi ae trWls li repiu. disU the counsela itT lit rb-niitor fnm Nw York, and If tba alette must aajierMle, .et ooutiaelaof ieace pievail. Mr. Sxa xn tald that le wis amviid anl sur. inirtdat thed'lnalen of tbe Senator troiu Viegl. nla. He(Sxwaap) made a epeeih, liuiifl- and f a lemal, acd the Seuabir make use of it ih a d-xlara ration otwtr. He (Mas m; mull aee nothing but wertueeperc-h which eiuipty pnijswed apeakllLf for the Uuioti, luting for the tni. ui, giving inony for the Union, and ecxniviiulou In a aHimituitonal fam, abl ouly arter all meana were exhausted. Urn to htnnd by Ibe old II ', ami. If il must fall, lie wrm iHd lu lie fulde. He aald he hat llaieiia4 to all tbe piofssiitioua thai had been ottered, and bad recommended bi hla own state le eeud com mlsBlonrie here to meet with thoer of other ttatea. New York waa ready lo meet aud coualderany plan to aetlle Ibe question iKwcefully, although etatea war uulng nut and wnu d res etv uuthlug, end wete willing to eecrirVe eterjthbig. Mr. Mxhom said he waa a,ieaking for Vir ginia. She wuuld never leiua'u In the uinfedera cy, unleaa guarantee be tflMiially mele for the pnerrvetlouofberrlKLta. He asld Ihal the wis lit willing toaiibmlt tbe quealliia to the maea of tlleAllrfrilnlleoI4lsl the Ciaistitutloa recog. ntree the people at penle of the stttea, Mr. lkrot.aa. fill..) eald he did net imiteratB.I what Ibe Seuabir fnau Virginia tictuil by tending Idle communlcettone to tbe mtiile of hla etit. a bad aenl umhlnir, etci-4 In reply to the cttltena of hie eute. He had tent auch replica, and told tbem tbal be though! the aefety of the Union depeule.1 ii the at tlon of Virginia and the lsnler at ue. It waa dear tbat he and the Senator from Virginia dif fered. He deaired peace aud the mainten ance of the Unbro, but be lei foiled to aee anything in the action of lha Senabrr from Vliglnla bi ennniirage that Idea, Ut aa iwlned when the Senator fniui i-enmylvanta (Csaxxos) made large adram-et lo con ill.tiou and aremed to be reiellrd by the Smibw Oam Virginia. The 8tibr from Virginia aald that be wanted no ivan-mlon and wa aiii!auded by the Senator from N. H. (Mr. Hair), ami thno who were unoninpro mlalnf on that tide. Hare eeemed lo tie nmcert be tween ae extremUU of both aides, aa tha other dty rlenaton on thla tide refused to we when the pro poattlou ef the Beoabir from New Hampshire (Ciaax) paaeed, and the teharranhed to ibe South tbal there waa na hope, a the Rmuhliean voted down the Carmuinea reeolullona. Mr, Jouaeoa (ilk.), aald there waa no concert of action, the Senatcra refuasil to v ao beaiuse thry wanted to tee the action of the IUpulilUuai and It wee evident there waa no hope. Mr. IUil,(N i aaldTbe heel hopa nf mae ktnd ere freighted lu the ahip of Uulou, anl none but madmen will give up and tiy a new eipoe,. nienl. He had been told thai New Kiiilai I wia to beeUutr.edotTiny way. If the country could et aleug wltbiuil New Kngland. be woud iy, "(iol -. ,110111,-- ui mm ta eloquent tnuiite to me ent.rtlae eul Industry of New Kng'wel. They migul gn to the ma loo fielde of the 8 tutli uul they would aee that but for New Kugtand tbal cotlo'i which they call King would tie a beggar. J', a alao l J thai Ih northw-at wat going off. " all, "g.M le,a," liul gtva ut twi k our Jewe'a. Give tistaa.kthaSensbrbnm lllinola(tlorjui is)allh kit " treat prinoq al." for be belong to us, r ohingoe " ue tik bee "thiinlHnoit - (Winr), Mr he Uheigs to ua. Not till men luv i biel all i. Colfsllcnwlll the West leave Now KOmd. II aald tha I nlou wou'd still rem .m l( th a Car mrlaii m eitPon waa perta-nied. le auswer m remark the Ninth haled the Smth. ha rrfernd to the svilei-e tt Notbilk, In Wr, when Nwthernp.. pie rl.ske.lbjlhea-1-ebiuoe of tba people there usl the North weuld do ll am'n of tbey erere rallei Ills. He expreseeil hla gralllkelbn tbal VlrgtuLl bad Initialed the calling of a convention of the etetee. lllaieelf and colleaguet bad asks 1 tbe (lo. vertxir of New Hampshire to aend Commleslonert hate to meet with tbne of other atatM. iini.... would be willing to da anything reawnalda to aev t th country, leal if th southern autes taalet iitnit itletthotnge, aad whvu Ihey come bickwa will kill Ibe CUted calf aod rejoice over tkeui, aa a aoa wh i wandered and 1 alive again. After perwmel delate Utwe"n Mr, norjnioa ml Mr. Wwrau. (Texas), th Senate adjourned. Ileaae ax" Ifmieeiatallvee. Mr. Moamaaa (Fa.) introduced a bill to prevent and punleh conntariaiilnf, aod ih ae of prime p, trademark, o., of asecbaalci andlsadti aaaiWaBaB'eaxWaiafeaaf: a.ara a te waataeore aiaa waive aaaeatha, tad ajyaawwa(ataera whaa etrea ta. aaaTtaW H OTaafleffMftaM VTM ICNIsfl Wk. Maaaaa. Rtaaa. . J.) aal tfaarrc laiaaatiifats ntfioaji (N.J aevta-allf aiaaietti tiamttla ttlanlnlr tlenil by etUaeaatf Hewjereey, argtk M adji'lainlof T aa aaeinwM fumeaiwaa. Mr. CiJtaat (Ma ) luoeeiilid a pethVea fraea attl tone of that etau, pcaylntj tor tbe adoprkm of Iht Camemam coiapruuilaa. tstld on labia aod orders ed to be arlowd- Mr. Ihamiia (Ark.) offared a teeolntleti, which waa ajopttd, Inatrurtinc tha Judlelary eommlttee to Inqaira whether Kim F. Conway, claiming to rrareaenl tba tUte of Xanaaa, baa bean legally and eoBMilutlonally al toted a rape aeent alive ta unngraaa from tai etaie, ana toat aaia rmmmmtl report j bill or otherwise, it wi waa tarred to hart a n'ltl aeatloa for debate only. The flouae went Into aommltlee ef the whole on the SX-aU't emeodaxtita to the defkttacy appro priation tall. Tbe Committee on Waya and Meant recommended Duncoucum ace ta the Senate'e ameo.lment appro relating l.V.0,000 to aallafy Ibe provbiliaaal oonlract with Aaiiaoaa w. TaoarToa, to aacura the United 8'tlea i attain valuUapnTi:gea In the province of CblrlquC Mr. Moata (Ma ) offer! a provteo, tbal tbe com mittee l not approved unul the United Sutaa be aeiurtd In Ibe aupfilyof coal, Ac . propnaed by It aid protected from failure, and that tbe United Stttea ahall acquire no right of eoverelgnty In New Granada or Owl Rica, nor transport Iroope ami mnnltiort of war over th territory unleaa vol na tal lly assented to by th grveminent ot these countrlsa. Mr. Pnmrs) tMo ) made a speech eg ttnat th ap protrtattti. Hi for eonrludinj action on lilt riljert the com roiure rote. Mr Adaks (Maes.) a epeech o the report of the Com mint of Thirty three. Mr, Absut aatd the most magnlncent extmple ef aelf-fioverbmenl In the world waa In Imminent dan ger by reason of tne precipitate violence of a few desperate men. na Hie Oth of tOvember the peo- 1.1a of the l'nlle.1 Htatee were called on far the alne re nth time to give their v.. tea for tha twj hlgheet t fficera of the Reoubllo. Tbal duty waa ae auocena- fully executed aa la any former period of our ooun Iry. There waa no reeeen for the diaatTectlon on the part of leu or twelve alalia, except Dial Ibe auc tveefut candidate were the perwmt fur whom tbey (ilia n't voio. is reiuse ooeaience to iije win oi tie oplecnn'nlionelly expreseeil It revolution, but la called relirlllon under every code of aw, when II telle of Ita ot.Jeit. In tbla cxiexion be aald the majority of well illspiwed perwait ba.lbeen drawn by the violent fiieudaof Seitb Ceiutlna Into th'a caiue witboul prorrly weighing the cvrjatqiinree of their own eclpltatlon. South Carolina hat been engaged la lha work of dlsimion for thirty yearn, which pul her nut of the I aie of negotlntlou, the case waa otherwise with the other eiatee, end there wat a heslletloc? an.! re'ie tenca on their part to ad.aH the lrrevia;lile IKillcy of disunion, and a lingering c dealre to reat assured that tbla step wax not alseilute. Ha wax not yet ready b take the resiHuih4liy of pnaitlvely closing the door of co-,eillliliia. Hie notion of duly e a ubli man waa lo eratcb Ibe rrowth of orTnae and tsei negiett It. He bad thererure labored faith fully to eompreheiid tlie nature of diecoatent and the meana by which It waa eought to overthrow th gnvernnitut. After a full hearing in the Committee of Thirty Ikieeaulelttwhere, be had b come b the couelu alonlhst ibe giounde tor dltunlon ara first, the peiwifevf lawa In anme free aute dbaxmraglig the recovery of fugitive alavea. One complalutof tbe timet ta overmuch leglalatloo. Tbe dirDculty la In tbe nature of the reclamation. Tne mode pre jsiaed by tba Committee waa baaed on Justice, soft ening the northern repugnance to the fugitive alave law, and to a certain 1 1 let. I facllitat-tui Ibe recovery of the fugitive. He waa willing le leave the quee lion of mud lucellon or otherwise to the represent tin oflheSrdiratalee, wMrh ere most Interested In It aa a ea.ilcal measure, II h the Fugitive law nf 10 and the rennnal Liberty bill are absolute nullities on the etatute tik. He would atk hla toiithern frlenda If Ibey dlasnlve the Union hecaua tbe preaeat law wa not eutneient fisr them, how woo?d Ihey Improve their chance of reclamation of fiuritlviebv trulnaont of the Ualouf The aw-vnt branch of bit proieltlon waa. that the denial of tbe equal right In the terrllortai waa another plea rur dieaoiuiifei. Tela, be anrued waa a mere ahetract-on. Tbe South have get the decision of the Supreme Court, and could go where they like. The Uw ef political eoonomy regulated wbereany epeclaaoflaborlamnet pronieble. The third cause fur dlaeolutlon waa the eppreheiwion of tuck an lacreaee nf political power In the free etatea at would lead loan invasion under new forme of the Cutietltutlon of tha rlghta of the alavt-atatea to manage their dome.tlo affelrt. It aeeraed there wat a mere epnrehenskm ae to what may be done hereafter. It waa not a reality, lilt fear. What, waa the chlvalrout Slate of South Carolina fright ened, and the bold Slate of Oeorgla dlamayed 1 For what F No beoeuee of anything In th Chica go platferm, l-ul becauae encb a one aald ao and an. Inetead of letting tbe houae fall, they oommeneed pulling 11 down. (Laughter.) No eonatdereblo number of men with to Interfere with alavery la Ibe state, much lee by tba hopeleea mode of amend ment to tb Oooetitullon. H repeated that he bad dlectiMed point ehowlng ihal paraonal llberty-bllla never freed a clave- the com plaint of th excluaton of alavery from th tenilortea applied lo Ihal which alareho'dera never dealr to occupy, and hi third prepoeltloa wat that tha South apprehend event which can never take place. He advocated the measure of the Committee nf thirty-three, of which he waa a mem lwr, aa an effectual mode of dlepoelug of the agltat Inar question effectually and (or ever. If tha Union I a liroken up the reason ahall remaia on the record Sr ever. Il would be becauae the gentlemen on the other aide rejected one form of aetllmg tha quea tion In order lo prevent another without disgrace. If Ibeol Ject waa to carry on a alarery propagandlam, he could not be connected with It, let the oonae vtiencee be wbnt they may. Ha repeatal what he tearited last aeaalon. It al tha project of a South ern Conftdetacy will injuriously falh In onn rliiabn he made a etmng an 1 eloquent appeal for the perpetuity of Ibe Union. The House again went Into committee on the de. ficirwy bill, and tba diaciuwlon of th Chiriqul amendment waa resumed. Mr. gun xafN.V) advocated it on tha ground of great natli-nal, commercial and economic advau tagea, a It secured a new and practical rouu tj the Pa. I fie of Immenae unp r'ance, oonsldering the ex orbitant charge and iiHtnopoly of the Panama Bill-r-.a.l On, Tbe House took a rereoa IUI T o'clock. XVKNINO exasioM. The number of intmbert present during th evtulrg avsraged abonl a doeen, and attar epeechee by Mr. KtlNswoiTil (111 ), Mr. Avrar (Tetin.), and Mr. rnotrvoN (Oh'o), Mr. lUvnroa (Texas) ob tained tbe It ior, and the House adjouraad. North C'arelbaa. lialri'jh, Jan. 31. Tbe I,egtlature today re rlrctidllin. Tnoaaa L. t'll"UMAK United Stale Bi nutor. A teaolutionU now under consideration declaring tbal In case the sectional difflrulliea are not speedily reconciled, Noith Carolina will go with th South. The military bill comat up next. Indian. Caaiatattloacr ta the TIraiaU Ca. f err oco, Cmdiinatl, Jan. 31. Tbe Legialature of In duuia haa authorlaed tbe Governor to appoint Com mhwionera to th Waablngton Convcnllan. Tb ntn-rawUlb anuounccd tomorrow. Tb Caaada PaglUve HUve Car-Tha Arlbtn of ta Kaalleh Coart. Toronto, C. W.,Jcn. 31 Much feeling ax. Istt In couaequenee of tha action of the Engllah Court la tha fugitive alave extradition caaa. Tb teoder, teday, eay that 11 1 an unprecedented In terference with th tight of a free people, and that Canada will not aurrender her right In obedience) to the wrll of an F-ngllah Court. Tha Otde CemmteeliMiera. Columbia, 0., Jan. 31 Tha following ara th Commleetoner appointed and cot firmed by lha Senate today. Meesra. Ceill. Ewixo, B.C. Wxiour, Gtoautt , N. B. lloaron, Riuau Urronoucx, T. T. Backt-a. Tha Rhode Uaad Cavaataeatoaera. rroridtnc, Jan. 31 Qor. SraMotr! has ap. panted the following Commladonara to the Waab lngton Convention i Chief Justice Anaa, Albxax. era Dcaoae, Gov. Uorrni, Oao. n. Daowna, Sea in U. Ai'xolb. Naval, eVr. Won, Jim, 81. Tb Ualt4 Statei brij Bralabridg It being rapidly fitted for sea at lb Cbarltetowa Navy Yard. The merchant' and minora' Steamship Company of Meamshlps, owned In Baltimore and Boston, haa discontinued tripe to Savannah, and will hereafter lua lo llaltlmot and Norfolk. h'orfoll, Jan. 81 The U. 8. brig Dolphin Is recestlac her armament at the Navy Yard. It I said she Is to be m o ed off tba United States mv. gaalas. Ytattrday an artillery company and a company of light infantry want to Fott Norfolk, Vo former practiced guns on lha beach. Tbe steleinenl In lb New York ITtraU with re gard lo th United States magaslne, aad Mr, Oli via, gunner, la without lour al Ion. No secret train a. I i.u .c i- . - ... vav vwm woj, etaa auare la no acaecn 10 DIOW tip the magexlne, TbgenuraMFe Monroe new Baniber Ihra hundred tnaa, and trill be strengthened in a few days by two hundred from Governors Islaad. The brl Amos M. R ibarts, Captain Couoe-, of Belfast, Mains, arrived la Hampton roads brings Captain Iliaaut and crew of lha schooner Maloh. lees, of Mew London, from Xle Grand del Sir, b emd lo New Yotk, sunk off ths Brain coast. N ,1b, aad a total loss. fraitiaefext, Jam. ti-JQmfld. EAJrootrei U faecaly naval eiTacr(iaalnaAvrh ha iiattji , ad, and ke era on eh njaai ltd Ma. HU rtjabjeav tknwMaocevwedhetbr tatinaaelda reached eke) Department of lha eurrendat of tha Faaaaool Ilavy Yard. tf or ear la now taken than baratofcra, by bath lb Ntry and War lpartmerjU, to prevent their eecret or prlvau order from obtalnlnff premalur publldly, which be on aevaral occaalona frustrated th deatgnf of th AdmlnlatraUon, lo th pululo ttatrtaiena. Artlcetlonacontlnnatoba received her from poet maeter la the acceded ttatea, fur tuppUM ef poatAga atampe, blanks, wrapping paper, etc, but tbeae at! furnished on th condition that Ih poet ateeter will acknowledge and oonbrm lo tb laws effecting th postal act vice. TheSecTvltry of Stale haa declined to admit that aereeelon authorities In poeeeatton of th commer. del port have any rower lo (rant cJaaraooe or re oelv payment of duties. In a letter to Lord Lvov he ha defined Ih pmrl. tlon of tbla government, and declares that Ih reve nue laws will be tegerdtd a la full operation. Hon.T. J. Jonas, th Alabama oommharioner, to arraage th property question, has arrived here, and la la conference with th Virginia ooiunlaxlon er, Col. Iltni aud others. The steamer Brooklyn ha probably joined Ih th Macedonian at Feseacola. Should an attack be mad on Fort Plrkena, which la not now Improb able within a thort lima, considering th advlc of parties distant from tha arena, those vessels will co-operate with Lieut. SLStraia In Its defence, al though It leeuppooed her be would Us able suc cessfully to maintain hit poeltion without addition al euccor. II appears from an official enure thai on th tTth of January, Mr Sum. no if WTote to Secretary of Slate fllAcx, Informing him thai ha had recelve.1 a letter from ths Bremen Corwulat at Charleston, atallnglhat thsconelgneeof th Copernicus had tendered th dullee al the Custom House which were refused i and from thla tb Consul Infer that the functlonarlec Ibere are no hsiger acting for ut. Tbe Minister therefore asks bow Jar ths Bremen Ceetelna and comrtgrjeee of goods Imported from Bremen, aud In Bremen veeaela, to tb porta of South Carolina to act la order lo amid all viola tions of tbe revenue lawa of th United States. Does tbe government hold Itself responsible to lbs own en of goods now stored, or which may hereafter be placed In United State bonded warehouses at Charleston and In caee of a discontinuance of tba United SUlrs Custom House at Charleston, will Bremen vessels be permitted to proceed thence on the voyage witboul hindrance on th pert of th United Blares authorities. Lord Lrone, Dec, list, acquaints Secretary Bi.Acx tbal ha has received a letter from the British Con sul at Charleston, la which 11 la staled that South Cerallna has paeaal an ordinance declaring In effect that the Custom Houaea of th Lulled Statea la South Carolina are converted Into Custom Houaea of that statsi and lbs revenue lawa adopted shew bow tbs dutlse are to be collected on tha account of tbat stele. The Consul call attention to eevtral practloal dlfflcultlee connected with th entry and clearance of British vessels, which may arrive at any moment. Lord Lrona request the govern ment to furnish him without deley nv h Informa tion respecting Ita wlahea and Intentions as may enable him to give definite Instructions te the Con sul, and to remove aay apprehension which may exist tbal lb abolition of tbe u arte United States Custom Houses will be allowed to subject British vessels for oouimarc to loee, Injury or Inconve nience. M. TatBAia, tba Spenlah Minister, Da-, list, calls Secretary Buca'a attention to a letter from the Spanish Consul at Charleston, relative to th customs matter al that city. The Secretary I lnfoteaed by Lord Lvovs that the South Carolina authorities have removed th buoys, etc., and requests Ihal thsy be replacal, or some meana adopted to warn vessel of their dan ger, and, la conclualon, desire such Information a will allay the anxiety of British subjects. Mr. acaunin ala complains, January gib, that th lights have been extiagulehed. Among th documents it a letter front Judge MoOaartt, dated Executive Department, saying Ihal lha activity of th pilot will prevent any serious Injury or Incon venience to commerce. On tb 10th Inst. Secretary Bum replied lo Lard Lion, and aenl a copy or bla latter to Meters. Scblxtoxh and Tassaxa. Be says ha laid Lord Lvoax communication before th PresldsnL, who would deeply regret that any Injury tkould happen to ths commerce of foreign or friendly nations, and especially that th British subjects at Charleston should suffer by the anomalous stale of things ex isting there. Secretary Black quotes from th lew to show tb Jariadlction of the Federal Govern ment, to Impose duties on goods Imported Into tha United States, and oollect th duties la axduslvt. Whether tha state of things now existing at Charlee ton will, or trill not be regarded a a sufficient rea son for nut executing the penaltlea Incurred by tha Brltlah subjetU, Is a question Lord Lvoxs will sea no necessity tor ralalng until It practically arises. Each case win no doul4 have It peculiarities. Secretary Hcack regrets that this consideration compels him to decline giving auy assurance on th point yreecnted. Tb Treasury Department, ha says, will give today public Information, aa to lb condition In which South Carolina haa put lha coast.! Tha select committee of flva bars examined alioul taelve witnesses la the alleged conspiracy t! seize the federal capital, nothing startling or convinc ing has been elicited. Lieut. General Soon was before them more than two hours today, lis stld there was abundant evidence, to Lis mind, to jus tify him in making military preparellooe, though tt wa not of the strongest character. There Is cer tainly nothing to show tbat an organisation for that pnrpoe si lets la th District of Columbia. Tha bill reported yesterday f com that coram Use providing for calling ont th volunteer did not meet with th onucurrsne of that branch. Jonn CooiriAre bill authorising the President I suspend by proclamation th revenue law when olaitruoted by Illegal combinations, met tb appr vel of all Mr. Bsaaou excepted. The) IalaUatt Rtate Oaavcatlaa. jVew Orleam, Jan. 81. A resolution was of fered lraaructing tha delegate to the Montgomery Convention to reebtt any attempt to re-open the At tlcaa alave trade. Tabled by a vote of 8 to St). Mr. WAiasa.of New Orleans, offered a reanballon thai thla ts not the sense of thla C mventsenvwinon the question Iteolf, but thai the Convention doe act think It proper to hamper the delegatea with Instructions, which, after a long and excited debate wa paaeed, Foay Kxpi Fori Ktcrnry, Jan. 31 Tha Tony Express passed al 4 P. M. yeoterday, over four day behind tkaa, owing lo bad storm la th mountains, fisn Fraayiiiee 1KA, cerinp.A. L. Brooaiuia. Consul lor Hamburg al this port, a merchant of ex tended cauttectlons, aad realdail partner of the Lady Adams Oompeay of Sacramento, one af th oldest firme ta California, committed suicide early oa ateamer day, tha 10th Inst. He wee fouad to be largely involved, oou in Dusineat tiaauitie ana in obligations of a personal and confidential nature ta his friends l tafdaepelr ef any chaaoa for extraloa tlen, and unable to meet the reproaches or lha lost esteem of bis trends, he deliberately put an and lo hi existence. Bo highly waa he eetoemed, thvl not an unkind word haa been uttered agtamrt hla memory area by tha principal pecuniary sufferer. Mr. Stooctutu-s llabiUtlee war th result of un sueceasful speculations during two year peel. The Lady Adams Company Is compromised, but 11 ts thought net bejond their ability to per. The amoanla claimed a owing, are thus far, 1100 000. A larger sum wa due here by Mr, STWirLa-ra, upon hypothecated manhandle. The LegtebHure haa transected no buslasea, 'oa aoooual of lha failure of th Aesembly lo elect a Speaker. Seventy-two ballots have been taken. and tha Aesembly adjourned over to Monday. A well-informed correspondent represents ths pre vailing sentiment of the LeerleUlur aa aa bla oppoeitioa lo accession In aay form. Aaareably. Albany, Jam. 81. Tb annual appropriation for the next fiscal year wa reported aod made th special order for February tub. The Comptroller of New York city sent a report of tbe costs and rilatrunemeol for otienlag street la that dty since IDoo. Ths bills to fix th lee of Justices af tha Peace; to open BI. Felix elreei. Brooklyn, and tafia the salary ef the Cily Judge et Brooklyn, war ordered W a third reading. ' A netjotity and minority report of th Committee est the Ybguila leaolttliona was preaseeed aad aaad a special order for tomorrow evening. The ma jority report name David Dodley Field, Jama B. Wedewnrth, Jamaa C. Braltb, A. B. Jaoaes, Km tua Coming, Addleoa Oardaar, Oreene C. Bronaon, audWsa. Dodge, aa CuenmUalaaera. to reoeeewd 41 aVAetMWaatilaouU February, Adjourned, I sM eaayaJtajIa-T. n rf -4X-T lattlawatTasUaf otasneaentaeyi snflariag af ahtrr-r'i-frr---il-Ttl-tsarnmiiiiiiiliwtsilsaj. MMlteib. .. Atuaania, January ti. !Mt. atr. J. K. Wiuuia. Taaaetrxxa-M Dear Slri I eannet coed she enctoaed etalimeot, without aa. Buruwyoa ineiour wore aee but J net commenced , forty day ago w had, a we believed, thirty thou. aod lo supply, more or lees, with and or cUjtMaeTi that nrrmbeebe now tnrvaaaed to vf lAettesad; hundreds of fare U lee that tttotufht tbey bad a sup. ply, bare been dividing ant with their poor neigh, bora until they too aee destitute and thla winter Is unparalleled if aU the eniw thai has fallen la Ksneee be ths six year I have been her could be piled together. It would not equal th snow now upon tbs ground. For lea days past tbe suffering haa been Immense, teamsters have been twelve days la reaching here, and at bvat reached my office exhausted, worn out, man and beast unable to return tir days. Oaa part of my hotel I bar been obliged to open as a hos pital, and Dr. Qaarey, (ona of my clorke.) glvee aU moot constant needed attendance ! from six to ten frosen fret to bind np and attend to In a night, Tbeae men have tried to breast ibeee cover etorma, to get bread tor Ibelr fiimlahing families even when they themselves have bed to corns her aU most naked and quit hua ry, yet they are uacont plaining. One woman but week left five children at home with two daj-t avovtstoiu and a sick husband, and walked here thirty mllee In on day, from Uoltla, Jaehsoa county, and said she must bats (bud, ah was a strong German woman, and by tha aid of an leterpnter, I learned the der4h of her anrraw. O, bow I longed lo reach tbe ear of eome of tha lick, generous esd true Oermana of New Yorki Iknow tbey would atutaln ua while we feed their country men; thee person an among our beat cltltens. 8. C. Poaxaoy, Contributions of money ehould be emit lo Jona E. WiUJtiM, Metropolitan Bank, N. Y. Clothing, Ac. to room No. W Cooper Institute. Optnlan af the) rrtat, Tb TTiirU, referring to the Bcrr and Doit affair of honor," rleMcules th oorreapoodenc thai paaeed brtweeu their " next friends," and expreaerd tba hope that tha lime will come when ths tending of a challenge by a rrpresentellve ahall not only un seal him, but render him thereafter Ineligible to a seat In our legtslallvs councils. The rimee dmdemna Judge BAixtio'i appllca to th Board of Supsrvlsors lor four additional offi cers to attend the Supreme Court. II It strsngs. It says, Ihal tha old Judges bare not discovered th lack of officers I bat "th fed Is, that all our court of civil Uw are already overstocked with Idle aad worthless attendants." Th Timet ts also sever upon the Irregular and extravagant proceedings of the'IItrlem Bridge CommuMtousrs, of whom Mayor Wonn la th thief manager. The Journal c Onnmercc urgei the Legislatnr to repeal tha ail extending lb Central Park be yond IU present limits. The Park, at now laid out. Is large enough for all future purposes. Tbs Philadelphia Zhilletin oonsldsrs It a good sign that a disunion organ cannot be suppnted In Washington. If, says th fuflefirt, there was any general and cordial sympathy for th Secessionist In lb District of Columbia, In Maryland aud In Virgin!, lha ConMUutim would not have been suf fered to expire at thla critical moment. It haa been a moat faithful laborer In the cause of treason. Its editor wa aa Engllahman, who has endeavored la eerve British Interest ss a free trader and a dl. unlotitst, Last rr.AP. TnxRK wkrr 3,896 patent tuned and 24 extended for a period of i year. Tha whole number of patent applied for waa 5,63d. Bnrvrr Major On. Davio K. Twitxia, United Statea Army, ba been relieved (at hi vnu lesiureii iroui me commanaoi in miltl ry depot of Texas, which command li devolved on Col. Carlo A. Waitk, lit Infantry. It l said tbat Gen. Twiou proposes lo resign. TiiFitx: ari rx Framck upwards of three hundred beet root (agar factories, producing more than 40.000 ton annually, while the uon cryttalixod matter extracted from leo and dreg furniabe enormnne quantitle of tweet onlnK matter to breweries, and also to tho win doctor or tjett and th Uixonde. In m "Tbatkls in Cahada," Kohl r. late a conversation with a traveling companion, ahrnrlng American nothn of antiquity. "Your Whitehaven mast be a very yoang place," I remarked. COh dear, no, fr, it is a very old plaoee it baa been In exlatenos aa long aa I can remember, I believe twenty year! If you compare it with Wtlkeabarre, Indeed, It might b called young; but, dear me, Wilketbarre 1 an antlqus plaoa, to be aura. Why, I belter it existed beore our revolution a hundred Jeer ago." "A hundred year ago" it In nerica about equivalent to what "In King Cuxop'a time" might b In Egypt. Clt j New, Third Pamx3. Ta tba I'nreaplayrd aad lha Deaevaleat. In view of the present want of employment, and consequent distress, among many worthy labor In people of thle city, wa have determined, during lu continuance, to open our columns lo appeals for employment, and lo offers of employment, on easier terms than art understood to be consistent with the advertising Interest of a newspaper. We propose, for the present, to admit advertise ments relating to employment, al ONE 81IILLINQ for ONE LINE, endeavoring ao to arrange and oiaa sify them ae lo express all that la really necaesary, In most cases, within a alngle line. All who can contrive to offer any kind ef employe meul will thus be encouraged to make the thane known to thus and thsy ara many who would be glad of th smallest measures of relief. Even for a very unimportant Job, a ahllllng can well be afforded, when 11 wlU bring to the door tb very applicant who muni need ll aad will be moat willing lo do It salhuectorlly. II usually happens that when persons apply for employment, one I puxsled to think of anything for them jvaf tuie and on th other band, aa aoon aa we bar eome little Job wa could glv out, we remember th aad entreaty of eome fellow creature with regret and th wish that w kuitw whsrs to find hlro. When employment Is scanty, ll la th mora Im portant lo bring out all there la of It, aad to diffuse It a much a possible among lha most needy. Many, la a tlm like this, will fsel It both a duty and a pleasure lo nuifet employment for the desti tute, by giving out work which Ihey are accustom ed to do themselves, or by having something dona which they can affoid but do not strictly need. It la evident tha by offering ll In tb Bow, they will give It at once to th moat needy and tha moat willing to work. W would earnestly reoommend housekeeper to employ all th extra help they can afford al Ikl lima. If thry have th means, 1st them spars a lltlls forth truest charity liberal employment of the needyand ae aaa their own labors. It may be, or make II a Uul eaalsr on washing days, for loataioe, lo their regular domeetica. A shil ling lln In th Sea trill save all trouble In look Ing for eervenaa, and bring the vary onaa who are themeelvte looking anxiously for employment. Benevolent persons will often find that tha best aeslialane they cea render will be, lo pay fort im ahllllng Insertions of the cast In the Son. On th other head, the Unemployed will be an. abled by the acoommodation w offer, to make known their wants and wUlaurneaa, and attract ths otic both ef benevelenee and self-interest, Em. player will aoon be Increasing thslr fume, aad th ue of this cheap facility, III hoped, will do much ta bring both claaeee together and to equalise th dif fusion of relief. Now vrmiuf Kkach or all. ...- aWVKH BAKEK.a CtXEBIUTED NUISIaUalS RKWIMQ hUCHQIKg, toO and arrarat-aen awaaiwayvM. T. A HmtoAL 1Totlct. r phji pip amd film onrr and etber like dlaeaaea, SoUby m B.I.W ss. nvw a era. limimlYi Hi If In Iiji I I the senliostloa aftb remedy es lha Ueseeed parttTthls invval hae Beat the ae ttaowal tfleaTrVehetloa of bretdejee aad aoraona, te whom II haa been subtnUted, There are many,tee,wbe have exmeviAaeed ite heeaaBta. wbaeeeakef U U Uttbaet arelea. Bomeof tbeae aad expended hundreds of dollars, with ao reuef. Addnes li.. HBUlf, lienors! Aaaey, IW Fatten sClLY. "Btm'g Woki." "Ayoaai ainow m aeaMataat, rase has riiuhJiaw-iAEeii?, Isrtneerat, L0TE OF 8TB0Na DUNK CUBED Bt DE. SELL'S WONDERFUL POWBEBI. wi sew eiwwre -"T7 " - A . aLEaVJUtae ewwi, Fl. J, DOLLAR. lanfl eWVMlaMs ..eaallta!. aTsea sSAewhea,lllli l.iaa)hn f JtUfBt aVeetW BTvvJ"eS VHarVsjafasM M(BliBafHM .IXllMlaaSC. rutv tnwe as Ike iasuv erseaa. Qveeeeaae cwsUmai aad etaaraetaa Cure a ooeneoa aoun,rTa aaw ai It. F. rifisann'a Wild Chixt Innii Better the tbe heel puree than aba sure, ateae f uierieMmateruie-aleareaserul. eerlslly te SI eoeeebted yerwmajad yenoae laeerertag fresa dies STSIIIH MVW III uai II. I TBY TUB WILD CHXkBT BlTTinUl Wa emnld recommend an wke era afmcbM wMh of aptetlte, Calatoeae, aaia u tbe the lewlt leekVet te the eprtng eeewntt,! Uke . UIBBA R WUd Cbeny titters. II le nature's awa remedy cannot fall to hanefnt th Invalid, an we wish we a tratntetv votes te tell ell tb antletee where then find thit aarlvalled aanaeea. But ae aeaaerent frS have been practlcad ef late, and ae ae ether wild 1 ry Mtteva le -met ae road, (ask year phydeliti every doctor knows thla Bitten le surer tbaa meets wines.) be ear yea purchase the only eeaetae 4 ? berry Brrteve of ll F. IHRR4IIDS,IM FaJteaeby ertt, aad J. W. HAYES, IT Faltea et, Brooklr, 1 eBBZnSatofJL If OTli Slawele tfata XtflaWAMiia-ai H11 easaavwl wetaral er-dlseeeed hair to lu ortxlnal eolor, effsctlas t manent ebaase, will eradicate dead raff from tfa end prevent the heir from faldo off Try It, factored at Trement, Weetcheeter Co, Sell be! a Keeaaa ( elie Priest, and formerly I'rofi of Tbaolorv joerph'e bamtnarr, reraham. man Calbolie dortrtne of the l ill leeture e JL. avocetloaoftnTl. 1 at Military nail, 18 Beeerr, eppoatu Bering , Sondey evealng, Feb. I, liC(, at TH e.eleck- A akm, ta defrar eipeoeee, 14 eeoto, Freat aeal errved for ladlea. I A a Eiretleat Caagh Ilaedy. All who are troubled wiahCnroilS er tl would get rpeedy cure, ebould try a bottle ' COIOII ZXTEBMINATOk, the beet article of the kind now offered for eeln. It on the first appearance of a Coush and you wtl Cvore ntlne ons bottle, that the Couth baa e fl yen. Price tOt'rnU per hotUa. For aal a IMmt-Ne 40 South Second at. WUHamahnrel br dnixgleta generally. Jail ti' A 0JIETT leOTICEH. A. O. If- faea f nla ad I a naval awe of the above orner.wtll be held la Tammany H.t Jork and Pearl eta, lirookl) n, oa Friday evenlnf Let IH o'clock. Punctual attendance Is root Br order i'lllLLlF CLA&E, 001 hUCIl A KL 1 1 YHeraaa af lha War af 1819 A re monthly meeting will tie heU at tb Mercer thleFridsy evening, Feb. I.t. si TH o'clock, ot nesa of Importance Let every veteran be ores make erranretnevita to celebrate Washlneion day. By order A I) KM. DALLY, CoL, L M. Tl, A. O. af IllberaUns, Na. 33 A re monthly meetlne of the above number will he I W teanl't Hall, bid st, bet, Ixleston and 4th a Fridereemlne, February let, at 9 o'clock. H of JAMES McitAMa, iSwri. WALTtB Secretary, A. O. II. Na. 11 Tha arScwii and ben of the above number ere requested lo stti rernlar monthly roeeUna-, lo be held at Mil Hell, corner Iwth stand lib eve, oa Friday I 1101, at TM o'clock. All members In arrears qnreted le attend, or their name taken off Ibe Br order of J AMF McCORMIC, Preridant, IV TK1MHLE, Secretary. . rVBIsIO KaTEKTAEVKEr B ARNUM-3 AMERICAN KUSETJK OLD AnAMff CALIFORNIA MTMAORR -nix. l.ivinu viaik bka Lint THK UYIN4 ALBIMO FAMILY. 1UKJ1.1VINO AZTX5 fHHJlKIW. THK I.IVINl WHAT IS ITf I, TUT. 0 LIVING MTNTKR SHAKES. '' TMK IJVINO HAPPY FAMILY. THE MAMMOTH HKAR SAMSeysj. ' TUB OHKAT CANtKY B1RI SHOW llIK JUfcl SPFAIKI.KII BROOK TROeT , , THE UVIHQ AFRICAN SATAOKsl wba close akelr eiUbUloa oa Saturday next. AostUlntitOcta. CldldrenaadarasaU MR. RARET'S CIURITT LECTUI PRICES OF AnMISSIQNl Parqnet. Baleoey and Holes (reeerve teats).. Family Circle and Amphitheatre Tickets now en tale el the BoxOtfino ef tb N. Y. AOAHEMY OF MlflHU. Tbs public are eaatlonsd axalnet CARD TO Tlllt" lJtDUCS.', In reply te ntuueretis erxmuiea. I be to ear b wboki oorpt of Academy aahsrs has been eoxat tbat rpeclal attention will be riven lathe out ladies attending my Farewell Matinee. Je0 4114 JOHNS. BA MR. BARET3 CHARITY LECTDI AT THE N, T. ACADEMY OF MB ON SATURDAY AT TWO O'CLOCK Tbe SKWARD ARABIANS, CRUISER. Mr -ate Patebea stallion NEW JERSEY, tha horse FLAUOCK, and other nortec will be ex Family Circle and Amphitheatre ft MR. HARRY'S CHARITY LECTURI FAMILY Circle and Amphitheatre. Fif FAMILY Circle and Amphitheatre.. .Fill fl r FAMILY Circle and Amphitheatre.. J ut 9IAKKIAGES. CAMPBKLL-ACURSON-Oa Taeedar. Jt by the Rev. J. C. K. Mlllbtan. Mr. John 1. Ct of lloektntoa, Iowa, ta Miss Mary S. Acheeoa JDEAVTHS. f B0LAN-OnWedneaday,Jan. SOth, Mama Ian. dauahter of Pattiek aad Klloa Bolaa, tttmtbe aad 14 daya Tb funeral will lake alaee from th reabWv earents, to Lafaretle aee, Brooklyn, en Frlda iwwi( at I eclock, BRADY-On Jan. list, nixaheth Brady, a t tbe Parish ef AatnegellO, C. Ceran, Ireland, ream. The Meads and aeqaauitanees of the famP speetfully lavtled to attend tbe funeral, oa S alternoen, M Inst, at i Colock, frorahar I dense, laWlllettst. BUTLER Tbomis Batlrr, sea ef Edward ai Butler, a native of Kllksnay, Ireland, aged 10 Tbe friends and acwualntaaeee ef the fan reeeeeoaiiy invitea to enena tne lunerei, tms i siternoon. it I e peavHitsril SutTelk oeleek, from tbe rwsidenot CREAVEN-On Tharsdar. Jaa. list, st t - deuce of hie parents, fell Ave. N, William C aged 11 months and tt days. The friends of tb family srs respectfully te attend tha funeral, this Ortdayj altarnos o'clock. DUNN Oa Wednesday, loth Inst, ef eonmi John Dona, of the Pariah ef Monknewtown, Co Tbe relatives and friends sf tb family ara felly Invited to attend tha runeroi. thle f Krida -' noea. Feb. 1st, at 1 o'clock, from KM West V DL'FFY-On Thursday morning. Jaa. Si etoocx, Ann, tut st James Dun, in lb mi her a. Tbe relatives and ftiendsof tha family an folly invited te attend the funeral, oa I aAeraoon, xd met, al o'clock, from her Let r Us Seventh eve. EKBERQ-Oa Jaa. tlet, Amanda Teres) datuthterof John G. Ekberf. friende are reewectlully Invited te attend raj, ea Salarday eitenioefi, yd laet, at t e,eb her fethec-e raaldenca, OS Rutgers st, car. of C FARREL-OaThunday.Jan tlst.Ann,tfe dausbler ef Daniel aod Rose Floral, aged 1 lOmsotbs. TUfrisndsof lha family are rmaietfulll attend tba fuaerel, this (Friday) afteraooa. e freeatbersatdeweeof bar eareata, III West FALLOM-Oa Taandey. Jaa. list, Owen native of Aulone. Oa, WeJlmeetn, Ireleod. The funeral will take alaee ea Salarday s td Laal, at I o'clock, from his lac residence, eoart, ale friends and aenualntanoss are re tavtbad le attend. OOLMPtRK-Oa Jan. toth, Baaea, th Win ef Thea Ulaoink. naUvaa of Knxland Tba funeral will lake plaee tale (mdari ; at aVLk. fran kw lata leaUenee. veer The Meads ai the family an iseyeutflilly attend. QBIFFiTn-Oa Thareday, Jsa, Sle, M Orjffltt, widow ef Dr. Robert Ortfflta, la tkT Her relatives and Mends are rseweetfully I attend her funeral, tale Ufriday) sAmtmob, J rrwloeaTrnsaiBer lata raaideoce, X) Fourt ante Coaaty refers pkeaaa espy. HEARD la Oewaaas, Booth Broeklrr,, eMh7oierydpelaa,lbaT.slsard7aatisht . acdVaeae Peausen. ... . Her friends and relatives are reaaeotnilli larwafCrn al tajtmctlaa of 1U et. and Paw Bri- reanaias wtu ae inrarrea at aaes iisism. POWBR-Oa Wadaeeday. Jan. loth,. Fewer, after a bag aad tedious Ulaaaa, vklo -Sk 14.-11. i-a.ll.ul Ike funeral will Uke place frees his late r M Caaaoa st, ea Saturday afternoon, Id I 4jjrXttm) BUBT-On WwdatMdar ? Wh, U-Vf tUm w.let- akaa-l SawaA. aUTstl tbfl iZu1mi ....4 tk-R rl-Mn.Ava IfnAhMTh ..tfc2toTitw' tfOPtXi. itfiftaaft "SLifrTAriukt av. eaw. 17th eaaalaa wtu aa uaenw RtURDON-fra We after atan aad tevere The aaeatbeca of Ret .i -in k intarcad la Oreeatread Com IN On Wsfassaay aeeaena i;' In Ceeapanyi SSSSSSSBZ sewecemus enema, i .riaetl la sVssJy. aa Tkneailev. Jl faavsariya reeldej)! aaa sua eafl.tlefc ar, raaaaalfaiy ljvWM gUwieellaitaT&ewaai WSSnt&Stak rU&l.eowawJiie, l.aawdTOraare, LsMraeaad frkaxde. ae. alee the member IbaatdJl (1 wsxaTWaaldyvrT i

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