Newspaper of The Sun, February 2, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated February 2, 1861 Page 2
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.-.'-jj. !L ra " .1 !' "Ji'J.tJ. mn'iiti"j.iXw - 1 wowa j- m',iiT' .'.;t 'r THEN13VT YOKKSUN FAIi'MUT MORNING, ':" . IS-I. Wt fritit tht fwtr.erdlnitry .pooch of Chan llor Walwobtii, la th Democratic Stat Convention yeeterd.y, with rrlnrt.ncn roily mitigated by tha noP l" 'l m'T '' flood buntilutting and revolting exhibition of that spirit In northern men whlih I tha real danger of emr country at the present hour. If lb honcet and untrrrllhil drmoirAry tlit not .pew Out tbodoctilnc. u.t argument, of that peeh with loathing and aUiorrcoco, we ahall begin to think of dcplrin it th repitt lie, tnd prepare lo ere a race f serf, unfit for freedom and incapable of pul lie t Irtu. un lor the anc proud nam of American ritUrns. Bat of thl. w have no fear. Th contrast in which Walwhxtii stand, to MtrtuuR, mn who kowt a. well as any other how to rrpre. Dent the deinorracr of the Empire fute, i uf tVient Indication of their sentiment Cliairrllor Walworth pecth ronIttf tingle proposition, tu ported bj two tgi menU. Tbe proposition la, in effect, that force ehonld Dot be rmijoyed In any eent, to exerate the Un nd maintain the existence of tbe United State. The lir-t argument by which thin propoettion Is uprtd, la tint liolltU are danprnun an I nchtlnif is frightful tinder one'a window, a the crttor olieerre I pemonallj at fUttahurK, In IM.. We are not eurpriaed te pertelT that lie w.s there only a a spectator IT writer her eofjs not old enough to teetify from memory of tho acoa: but he had a progenitor there or tlioretlsmt, in a different capacity from that of epertalvr a Vermont volunteer, with one of thn ime vlbjptnVonlils alieuldff, brut on "coercion," and recileM of the horror of war whit the land of freemen u desecrated by the trea I of a foe or a traitor. Tcrhapa this auflicea to im part a diffrent Inspiration to tha reminiscence f I1.ttitir, from that of Chancellor WAL WORTH. Th second and main rgum"nt for aurren deting th Government to traitor without a blow, It the aaaertion of th juatli of their cause, wh'uh la likened to that of our own glorious Revolution t It Is advocate I at a re bellion against tyrannous biws, In faro of the fact that no law hat eter been Imposed on th South which hat not Iwen of their making and choice), and dum not now meet with their ap proval. We do not aree with tlio who think all conception diehonerahlc r dtngornus at pre eent berauwt our Southern brethren of tha Union ar not alio Just now to (torn the furious tile of piieeion. We approve heartily of the resolution, of th Democratic Contention, so far a they ro for exhauttlnjj all the resource of kindness and reawnablo collce-ioll toward Uioe who atill desire to be our fellow ritUena in the South, lfore reeortlnR to final meanure fir the full enforcement of Uio law, (ion would have apire 1 Sodom for the nuke of flv lii;hteouamei, if they could lute U-on found tiiere. Well may w waive aomethin of tho tignity and rlhtaof our Kvernnieiil, were It only fur I bene flv glorious patriots of the South, -who rain thoir bead In Congress abov tht bowllot; atorm of tnuaon, tolay for Ktiiir iiki, NriA.).i, SroKKH, IIaviltux anl Da. Nakle Howlhern neprrwi-MaUvewi Tim manly and patriotic apeeche made yea terday In tho House of IUpreentatlvoa by Mr. Hamilton of Texas, anl Mr. Sroam, of Ten iHwaee, deeorve the warmest commendation o every lover of our Union, They will strength n the faith of the peoplo that there la yet by alt y and wivlom enough in the Houth to chock thamadnetH of disunion, and when tho curront wT paaalon baa Sent its forte, to rise triumph ant over the ruinous plot aid rrrkle expedi ent of the disunion aiiltators. If Texas la dis graced by baring a Wlur.w 1. In Ilia .Senate, dia makaa roinpousatlon by having IIamii tor in the House. Meet true also, haa Mr. SroKM provo.1 him eelf to tho Union and tho lei.tliiti rests of Tenn eae and that state la fortunnto in hat big In Congress, at this crisis, mh wise and pitrlotic representatives aa KriiKKiunh, Nkijo and Hroaira. Another HecrNtan Tli leceeeiim of th Tamm my Hall dolegntea from the Albany State Convention, is indica tive not merely of a fiercer strifo between tho Tammany and Mozart factions, in thUtity, but of an owtenaion of the strife to all pirla of tha state. The Tarn in. my leaders hue, fur torn yetri uut, leen iinpttlont of the dictatorial control excit iiod omt tho party organization iu tha state, by "th Albany Kegemy." To what they denounce as "the aelilidi iniiiage lucnt, th treachery and triikcry"of I'rrKii Caookk & Cu., they atlribut th divisions and disaatert have daatroyed tbe preilig and the power of th New York democracy, Cauokr & Co., they charge, lmio encouragod and utei local divisions to perpetuate their own rule, and promote their own eeliiah end Their eieieioii, Iberifore, from tho Albany Convention, is not the rceu't of mere disiiti. facllou with tbe edmlreion of th Moatrteraon equal term", but "f n delilwrateU formed de terminatiou to make nlvniWa war up in the Alliany Kegency vllcy of n.utr tliiing tlin ute and InfluciKO of New York cil in ell the uuncila and coivcntluns of the pirty. 'Ill') war promisee to be a Incly one, thou ;li its torminatioii in ty reseiuMo the famoui light of tlw Kilkenny cats. Mayor Woud rrrwolrd. Tnctirand Jury of the Se!oiia of th city and touuly of Sew York, lute, In the following tenon, presented tho "aoditloiu'y doctrinea" of our chief magistrate : Th prevatiine of spirit of lnulrdlntttn to the laws. Cam eftfifMifurn ieiftr tnuniilHl tkrwuQKtnU tht rteeiit mbtUhfd Mjera f tin hijh eatJ&wWif 01 -r"" eitj, :( um bring too v-rUcaurula'tiii Utiandtr r-ifae trurM nw ion odaneruoa twnbtnatuu af priHM ru uc -tiv uo lusana lllilotuiicl rmbls Iu ltollit of u ou ban, and tl tUni a exhibiting rl-Wout pnillg'y. yw autijects c-ntld be preseuted of mor lmporuuce to the goisj order of society than Ihla. This ia the first tlmo in tha bletorr of our city, that Its highest Executive officer has been presented a" a prompter of sedition. The person lmruouiatclt voarued may bo iascnsl tU to the ibauie, and en eudeator to us t (0 tncreate bis bul noteriety and evil inlli'.'iice, Imt th disgraca of having lo lb mayoralty man Justly obnoxious totbU preaentment, milit befeltby every cltUen who It th least oon erned for the good reputation of our citv. Amy and avy IuleltleDre. Tba general order of lb war Jeptrtuiena, raUtlr to certain oOkera, ou l,,,, joining their regiments, will not effsct a aoor In th antlr service. Considerable en.-IUctt.iil waa oraaUd In Brooklyn oaTburaday, by th turning out of th Msrloe CarrlBa,to&roverCpt.RaB. Annthae attack on tha nary yaid, wa sxpeditloueiy reported about Jown, a th aauaa foe tba step. 3Jiat yapld equlpmaot of several light diaughl waaaiawta u-?MT7. U oairUd en ia order that a Jsaful ooaat psaid lily be at hand in eaee of neeee. i.aily. JTh eteawtr Wster vTlteh, already under .Mrfantot i,;. eulatenc t" FbiUdelpblat th T' - -.boat'paune., at lb. mt ! at. DeUbha, opproacbUH leadlaeas t Norfolk, and 'aha Mn ixmboat Oruaadar, Wyaadotta, aud kto riVteooM eooeenirauiata glvoupilnl tea (aw days. Larger veeeele ar at preaent under ioatruotraaa to remalo "lihU Ulltng dlaUaca- "2SEE2Zf W ft. AM. ... un., flt!ug fo uuiiL4 i4ii lhatAr w1.ets Me' dean, ffaupt'' ft,l Mfc and tluilr oUcei s aud orew. Th troopa (JOO hi nambar) that left her foe Fur llenn a, on Thunday, at to I only temiaraawf tootled tbr. THE LATEST NEWS. i O ' BV Tri.t.VRAlU TO TUB y. Y. A17.T. 0 ' Foreign Intelligence Two Days Later from Europe. Tie Voted Kingdom efl" fare Rnrr awl Ike ArwbUt at New York. The Aral la, from Liverpool 19th Inst., and Q'iint"Wn ibeyotrj, arrivid un evenlnif Chi .' , . 1 Th ateamtfatp United Ktngdoru, from ll.ow( Jin. SOttl, iiieeit hlr at e.eten uiii' a, WruiMjwier luoiauitf. All well ou b.r.l. Tte Aejlo Saxon abd Fulbni had arrival out. Ureal llrhaln. A rr Oirt was cunent lliat a eonalderbl rediie- tlon In tte rtnlish array will be audi at the en I of tbe fiusni he ii seen niJat yrer, are! Iht Uie arm mtimale t laaW" rriltmeut are betiig prar4 In a.Yt'itlani'e wHh Utat tnlrntUin. 3if wim UIKI inin air. liAar"! bad aun-nnlid Kitl. ot Out In tUa uier 8 TnUr7lilof War. Tte 1.iIiii v conttadicts th rejiort lliat lb rnzbsh artiiaia tn th lalt'rnnwij had been atitoRihiiied ij aJditbinal lrooM,anl a 171 tbal no iLcreas whatever hl btea maJt In their etrroa-tb. Tie Vornmf Star nyn cf the American tronhleet lint f'Mlia lerritilrneen of tha laatiss I mined late ly involtetl, tlieKTOiindiand firmsofpricedureon lie itoflliasei'elinrfp.te would be ontitnt. bly lii'tlirotia. The iKrt ot the vno on theoe cacton of tbe adoption of ttie oidintun of ssruesloa reads bke an Impious Iravestie of lie slninif of theirigmal lieelaratlonirf American la lnpeinlenre. A syiopstntsinif reporter namTiia 11 e "toiiiiii ly ffial d sndlnipnslve.w la every other country ul lie world It will Ik regarded aa ffro.tx.pu1y Itt t.e and rldlculoiu. or 11. e aakeof liiteiaMa dear to all hnmanlty, w play II e liorlt ern statee to let tlieee rnloinu ff'S ratUir than restrain or thaHtlse thern w'kh the pwir.L Itnilhivelnir'ef'iiieraof Iheffran! drama f Amerlian JiKliyrwUn excite only aioro, aaJ llelr blasphemous ailrtMUn to llivlne end human sya tby eon biinx ilownouly tberebukeof uni vimal batrd and contempt. Vranee. Tie ZbvWvr makes an explanation relatlv to th Kiemb I'.c-t befti lltMi, that th Kieror wist rd to show a mark of aympnthy to a Trlnoa rl uelly tried by fortune, but ba.1 ao purrsioe of eon tiavtn'ngtL prlticple of nou-tnUrveiitl.n. Cr cnn sum bavin,? arisen t-i give lb presence of th fle II. aeratueof an IntanUon ti aunrt U Klnir, It was promptly wltkilrmwo. Tte ful'owliir w-wlikeanrjMunceaie&t U from Bil Url's Iitbon.Mc sheem 'Ureal Mtivity prevails at this moTiiil In our araettala. AHhniign there fa, no Indication of wir t reeling out, preparations ar bln ruaJe for tveiy coullogiriy. Ad enldiore imt i-onaldertst capable of eailunu aiamiaigu are eljout t l reni to tl deM4a of 1'ielr rejlrnenta, and their placts are tolm ft led with ifuileot men win btve aliejidyservtd fur six orrevni ni'iilhs. The army will lie to 'cutnmrtiie a cunnalirn tn tie ninth of M'irih. I iiat thnt these aia merely ineastiifw of ptei-atillcn. whkb it Is to be biified future evrruta will render unnereaaary. Aa to tn notice iiiiiihi.e.i oy toe attnihter 01 war, wmen ordtra. field olll eie to supply Ihemsnlvaa with borsis ly tha tbe 1st of February next, it laanier atandmg order which la published auuually at this 11 rti d." II baa lieeu usunt oaly ti rati out half lb numW of recinite annually viaerf, the remaining half belwr ooly able to acrv In tase of exiraordmiry need; bot the lmitrur tU Pdrrnie publlahea a clreular froia tit Minister of War, giving dlreetiona that by the express command of tha Knimror. every mtn of tbe lotitliigrnt voted, la to ha celled to arms at once, and assumed to a particular reoimenl. Tha recruits w'll then bo diaSLed Into two imrtlona. the frt of which will serve reenlarly as before, while th tmimd will t drlllvd durintC lhr tuoDtha Ihe nmt jear. io moiiUad tb rtkl Jr9 Mid m month lh third yr, Imiag fall tb tlm .jufprwHl llki IL rfgulir nnj, mad tmmlrlug lb nmi pj. It U MUtJ t) l tb IUnk of FrmrvN hl ijwri mirrd ft fnthr drain of (fold, to Ui raoiUl f -C300 1100 or X4uti.0tM) nUrllng, ilor the ntilUoiaioa oflta tutritthly rHuro la IU week preceding. Th Iitxlim Ttwt4 uttUt thtU the IUtk f ft-ftm; hvttntnel IcIa un ifreeul with Ihe Imperial IUnk (rHt. IMerxbttry, analagona lu thai recant) y ffftMiod with tba IWua f K.Dglfc&l.f.r the ex'haiiffe rf acrUlneuaif allver aWfo.d. Tba amount la iu miuutiM 01 iraura. It waa rejwtrtrd tttnt a aml-ori.c1al ait tela waa hbt.nt U appear In cna of tha TarU jmirnala. dvlar Hut that aumild pnMnvmt mnka war ajralniA Aue- trta, nhe rtmwl avpril iv aia irora rraa et either mnia. ir nutcrlhl. 'I ha 1'aiie aira ara lnrtructad In onntrwlU t tha rtjMiftitd ditTuriiti-e U-twetn Uuu. Ooton and tha 1'h1 noTftrnmrnt. Tba yvrineye thai the PjI Nunolo. Kf. Lfco iomi would an tvki Iarle 011 tha Uftth Jimxr Ttia Ierla oormipHidat of lha Indnn UfTdli ej, tl may b rtllfd tm that a Mil will . laid ho itirr the Corna IirinlKtilT, anrl j ta lha aealon. fir a lety of tN,fM-0 mm, Iwlnj; an InpnMma from InI yur of, tba army to be lncreaeod t y IT addi tional rt?,u oriufatntry. Tha r.uin Ibmiae on tha Hlh wan dull atvl drt'plnrr. Krirtaa (IimmmI at C7.U0 Tha Fmn h army U to be lucroa6l by Mutn rrKtm-! ta if Infautiy, (jw?rl KiAi'KA waa prrparlnj for a rlsln? In Uuitary. IlalT. The Virtu h ta4Plwf wr, from 0 vf U, had ar rirdhtTuuloti, and on the 17th, thure wanbutOKJ KitTuhahlp rvinainlujif i(T Ortrtrt. 1 hn iiailmniiry UiiiiU In the Aruxxl bad Ixmvji 1m Htt'ii, ami tt e dturlwtticaM eiipprfaivod. liiriu I't'itiiio lyid li'ii ounHnlifd upm tha forma tliitln 11" w alitilnUtrittlimat Ntplei, anl lha ficl lud 'ttHju'st au rxtelttnt ifltnt thpra. The new Ouncll of LlciituiMUiry liM'Iodai : Liitvuia KiUiNt, llittfllur ; lA"rrxA, ,!uiHtl(..8r-AVrTw, Jtlt I L4 TicaiA, Fluent': , WIAM, 1'ubllc liu.lriK'tloii 1 M" i'iM. 1-ri.c etlito-lital AJlaira and UautTi, Tubllo Ol ItH. Aliitcrfiom Ifip1 Ti tl) Oariiiaim had wiittfnlo roina of htx frltJi'U thai a, anyla,? that bu ebauld I'tobably go V Ctiutltiitiuopla btf ra lupir Tr trudxy t a war In tha MpHntf waa to bo elaik-ninj, tn luly. Bam arrrnu hud Ukrn pliue at Home on actum! of tho politic! deniun aitatlona lu iio Al-'ttoletrf. Ihe rilo"tTinindtnl of tha .Vomfn Auiet piiawra Un Mlitf tint Ihe fire at (1. UwiMild be rrnuiuid ou tie .1I, and tbvt au attack by ten would 1 0 iumwiu.i'd without delay, Prnmarb. Tfc B'tllna-ka 7'i.rtiJ. if (JnMnbwrn. atv. tLat tha Mmlriter for War h taianid the whole of tie ltiPiutiyto la eupptird with rill I nuitkttx, and W- a bufa bwu t .km 1 1 lm rH the luii''! ol boroa r miliUry piirMw nd for ttip Kjefidy rfr.tln ol the au'dler! on furlough. Tl a faint J'nitJil a'ao ny I but prepaMtioni are lilt'j nmt.e for tl a rVHctutt'oT, of the arnaiwl of K'lHThbiire. '(e n.Uilaty corpi of rnfrlneera baa brin ids ifd to Ku'ttuU to ih ( vernmiTikt n'ane for II a rtt.nt.lMi of tho fttA iiina of D-twnwlvk I and of tha rtdt uhta of t'litdi'nra. Tbe arUlttTT la I t" rrteiVr atril nlUd battcrlta. A 10 al ilttrii bad Win puhhikM rallto; out C Tin) aa'111 fn.m the klngdt'tu of aud lha Dm by of btf !, AnmlJnM!. Incouraa of alfrniture iallinij on lha Khik iu roalisl ttry att-ui4 fnmi aliroad t In tuit rr with Ihe afiaira of iHimuark, and Uot to ulHt d iu tl. DauIhU DstUoikalil y In tha Utichy of S. Lie wig. Huatda. It U KtMiod thut tin BiumUd &)Ternmenl h v-1 aunt aiiicutar to lu MiniriUni abrual, Ut omnrawit iiad toll f C-viru to wtlch Ibry art avred.ted, ikbl protw.tlatr, airtluit the war like piojiMU aitrlhiittru totl.B f,unnt tiTrsinaut, rUt.Te lo Ita dmtKtm of I'maaia on Dauuiark. II whnmathat ba,4t of eoxitl ant Kurvpe la eutn- lint'y oompl'uattn, without eicluuj any twirtdlfr. tUulUia In tl boith. Tnrtcy, TbHpiaru.ry I In H.rli..Q aH!i wara to UUiud'xtluM'-ult'nr'Tm, w!iuk Itey would be It la eletiil tl it tli pirte whs frilng au array of MOOO men, ex lu ire ,.f Hie rearve, on I'm lun:l, tnlecNuiniiUilM by Ou 1'iMiL ti.u d.n.oiu.mlkBl.dlre1di.rial!yagtatlhelVln. cltwl.lica.ind main lltiia'a ' Vbe repi.ted alia kbyMtit,nTr!is,on ihe town .j an... " t.u .u a t .t.X ..i.- v, ;- .... .m t si; -, .bv w- v.nT., wn. ,, rtmwt lUMKMIISA, but aa prvventsd by fore gu Inlcrv.nttoo. Tbe trfals of lb Ileyrout aaaaasiaa bad bean con-. eluded. Tb pruae prlaoaen bad baea nr4encd to dralb, aud the TuiLlah to xllr. Ily Telegrwpb ! tjaernelewn. Zswufon, .Sxmtfuy, Jan, W.Ott TuoHt. KowAto CoLxaaookX, llart., M. P. LAaAaaauna, will pro bably b aalected te more the eddram In the Itoua of Ceuuuou. la anawar lo tb speech frotn th thron. Italj. fAavw. Ratvrdmj, Jin. ll.Th fVmvier Vcrorm nltliubllabealiltera from Naples, dated 15th Inai., tatlng that eeverel thooaand Bowrbonlaaa, uader the command of Oeneral Lnoaa, bad entered th Neapolitan Provtnoa through the Kiman territory and drsaled tht leaa numerous Italian force near Tagllaeaan. oompalltng lhin to rtllre in Annua. General Toaan ha left with rataAmemaat for Nora. Menoa, tiitf, Jan. 14 Troopa embarked her ytatetday for Naplaa, Two frigate havw left for VOoela. Frware. wrta, Jan, 19. Th JfenOrur putiHak doom reducing from 40 to 10 IK per hundred kit lore, tk ftgvra al which merchandise Imported kaao Pra'ao la taxed, aoooedlug to)he nM weight. A Pimawlaa nod Aaatrtaa lllawrr. Tb Frualan Aaatrtaa OautU aeyaut aiaaaa that a treelf batwem Fruaaia and Austria, Auetrta tl'. poaacBsliaa ol Tunica. Political Iutelllriooce, XXXTkh COfWimrvl eeea Tl'aMtigtim, Ptb. 1. Mr. Tkw Ertia: pro seaKd II a JiAnt reaolut'ont of ti leiftalatur of New Jersey, exptrsaing a wllllngneea to accept th CvrtvveaRNwt resobttlor., a.1 vising a convention of the atate ami aonolntlDB ronia.laslnrra to meet lb tAt re nlatee, and InatrtK-tiru! th grraVm and K-prr-wTiUUVM cf New Jeraey lo act Iu aeoordaiic wtik M.e reeo'ullon. He said thereiliil'eneommndid hi respect, tsii weieltA 10 omtiol hla actum or manacle his lln.l. A . he thntwhl was Ismiul It guard the liiteml 1 f Ills stale, lot was Usual 10 guard tha wmlof all thetuiea. lie ngardnl Ibe ooiiMllu t'011 ollh t'nilad BtaUaloli th siipreul law, and If his alle ileiraiiilrd nnontistitiit'onal aatlon I e still ehi 11M feel bound ti otry the constitution of the I mo il gules. Ha Aenator wa Ismnd to nbty Ihelneuiktiiinof bis etole, then a otec of Inn I snlsni wimld do aa well as a man. Ha refer, rid lo a former isvaaion, wt-en tha Bonator from New jersey d clinetl w oln y Instructlona, arel aaid 1 skrsild beeltate to oWy ihe InstnKions tiecauea k did not belter they irpreaeoted lb feelings of the eop!e of New Jersey. Mr, Tnatcti, (HI.,) off.nd a reaolutket for th appoint!! tnl of a Committee, to lout with th Cea mnteeof the Itivoae, toprtivlde hie th eounlingof in vtaa lot i-ieaiaint ami vie rreametit. Mr. nioiaMI'e.,) objected to IU coosideratiou.aad It was laid nvtl, The Pmildeui's message wa taken up, and Mr. X.atium, (Cal ,) addreaeod the ftenal tn auoport of the proillieia lntrc.i.-J by Mr. Ilioa, fMinn) On iihAioii of Mr. .bsitana, (Tann ,) Ike eonrul ersi,tuoftbe rrteldoni'a mssnsg waa poaAfsMMd 1111 Msrfsy. Thaloillanspproyrtalionblll wsa tsken up, and afliT seveiil amenomrnM were offered, waa poa s.ipfdiuiil fttlotday. Mr Simuo-, IK I ,) fnm tk Helert Coramlute, retoiteil the Tartu trill with aaieisloMiits. Tie bill waa mad tbe sclel order fir Wednes day 1 1 xt. Mr. C'atiraoN, (Ps .) rreaenll tbe credential of thelbei. r. Cowa, K.iitir elt of P. 1 be ltlplomatlo bill waa taken up, ami rm amend inens. paseed. Ihe Kxivutirs and Judicial Apvroprlallon Mil was lak u up, ami after a taw aiiieudiiitllta, aiMed. Tie Htuate wml tnt ataiou, and aborily afteiwaida adj iuiite.1. I lease of Hrprrwratatlvra. Mr. Omwav (Kanras), ilslng to Ihe qumllon of rtivilrge, rrsd the rewoluliou IntrsliMd ly Mr. liat.MSN )eaterdy, Inetrmting tha Comuutiee on .lUilk i.try to Inquire whetlier he haa batm constitu tionally and legally electnd retriinUtiv from Kansas. Aale yesterday tonk ihetmth wtthmit any objection, be luoojht Mr. llutimtN ahieild In- l.qin ll-a House toe rtswwm wnuiu proniptai mm v take to exintortllnaiy a pmitlm. Mr llisi.aiN (Aik ) said II wa any In teiitliei to araatl sti ticutarly th gentleman and grew out of nokotllily to hint or blaaW. Itnociirrtd to blin the uuartion alMiuld 1st aettlwl aa tt what time a atat lieuiniei entitled lo a re).reeiiUtlte In. Caincreee, tbe elrt teat under which Ike gentleman claims, tis.k place anterior to tht aduiwa ou of Kai.a II aremed to kirn evident that Kansas lieramea et. titled to a member of the House at th tlin when duly admitted Into the llainn. II wauled the iueeiion decided whether the eop'e of a ter ritory may proceed to th elsctlotiata trpresenta. live to Coraire-a. That waa hU sole otject. lit wna aware tit numerous Instances representatives and even eenaloia were chosen by tba sile of a territory tsfure admlielon, and all.iwel to wke hi. aiatlinioedlately aftsr admission, but Ihe ficl that eis'h ases have css'lirred, doe not m ttte Ihe ipiraw lion of rlgtl, It tu.aici not what th ircedenU eie. Mr ;sew, (Pt ) eallml Mr. llinnatN to the caae of own stale, (Alkansaa.) aisl retiU'd tha oplnktn of Attorney (leneral ltorl ra, uadnr tlaaeral ,Iai asoa'a Admiiiisiraiion, to anow mat tne nta 1 hlnery of a slate gf ivrrt.meut may tie eret ted tie fore the rew government goea Intit operation i and llbaalsv 11 held from the bwlnulnj(uf blsgoveni meiit by providing all necessary mtchliieiy to com meme operation the day C mgrea legalise lb ac tion of id iro,il nrganialng II. Mr. Ilianaaadldimt naitrovert tbe fact men Honed. He waa aware of lha can of Arkansas, aa wi II aa IhoM ol OallCirula. Minoeaxta, Oregon an 1 divera other. Tha admission of Sstiats-e anl Ketirraet.tativea elected prior lo the a. t of adinta alon, baa Ik en allowed Immediately on tbe passage ol Ihe art of admlealon, ll th precedent did uot demonstrala It tlgklftillneea. The qitiatlon waa, eiiKht ike prrredeut be followod Th matter hits ended. Mr.Sanain (ohioj. homOoromlUeaoaWay. and Means, Introdooed a Mil whlok wae diunaaded liy the tiondltlon of tbe finance, aud might aa well b jstaoed now. II authniiKea th rrealdant, befor the lat of July next, to borrow i.1.000,IK)0, or ao tnuih tkereol a ia bla opinion tn exbjency of the piddle aervtee may require, tba aun to meet the rurrai! demaada and redeem th treasury luitea. Mr. F.Dwaara fN. II ) presented a memorial from tbe Conatilulloaal Union Party of New Hampshire, and aaked that It be read. Mr. Iliamiaa (Ark ) asbed th gentleman whether thai parly wae lha Hell-F-rertll party j U Lot, wnai waa tir Mr, hnwaeii I ausviee II waa the Dall-Kveretl jatty pilor to tba election. (Laughter.) Tbe renlutlia were read. They declare that lb alavery agitation abould be dlacounecteil from tarty poritU, and mil dlaturb lb delibera tions of (Jotigiesa; that all atate law oppoalag those of the federal gnverameat ahould t r al.l that there should b a final settlement; ihtl Ike atatea ahould be admitted with or without slavery, aa tbe people determine; there ahmibt be no Inlerteretua with alavary tn the elolee, or where tbe rcdiTel tloveinment baa jurisdiction t tio luteidl.ltuuof the slav trade tietween the stotos; thai ail wet'rsis sluaild lie maintained In the fitll ri'jimciA of tlnar ooustllutioiad rights i fugltlTea to le n turned, etc. .I.ii.v Ciairea. (N. V) Inquired whether lb Hi.tiiutirf of lb resolutioua kul the geutleinau'. otitli4il BsreLt. Mr. Kna aitfit mtllHl that be preaonted them ta aiion'aoie with bla duy lo Ibe citiaena of Nw llin.(liire, nrd In auswer to the qtuwtliHt said a uik'e mitU -u d d ti'A meet bl. approlsition. Mr. I'm iinaNi .1 am obliged tt the geutlenvtn. Mr. KlitKiaa (lud) reported a bill to asUbllah a M'tmiolllan 1VIK force lu th city of Vh- lllgtnu. A uiemorutl waa referred to Uie Bolw t Commit tee of Five. Mr. KaiJaio flit), bofor a vol waa taken on the rrconiuisnoallofui of tho Committee of Thirty, three, wkahed to otter resolution aa a substitute. Tliey ar Joint reeiilutlona, prosiinif nmenl mania to the Constitution, to be ratified In th manner lt.diated by that liwtruiuent, providing that alavery ahall b proklbltatl north of K 80: reitber Coogreeacr the tonttorlal Ifglalatura shall lave jsiwer lo piohlbil It, aonth of that line; when eter ai.y territory atall hav a population equal to tbeteirtiuaitailve buala, II shall be admltlet a. a stiite, with or without alavery, aa the Inhabitant n ny determine; Congresa shall have no power to Intirfi re, either lo prohibit or establish alavery la any state, and this article ahall not be ameuded w ithout II c consent of all lh tl itt a; Cougies (hall l.veiw.wer totaovltle tlbslualiy for the return of fugitive elavee; ai d ihe African elan trade ahall b fmtver pro! Ibiied. Mr. McCixaaaait fill ), waa happy to ae auoh a pn isantli-a coining from a tentlciiiau whose rela are so near to the IVeatdent elul. Mr. Kaina-u aid; No one waa ivspaialble for it but bin aelf, Oidered to l prtuted. Mr. HrMriiatv CN. Y.). presented a petition algn. ed by S-,(H0 ultlatnaof New Yotk, Koferred to th d ii iioiunutiee ii rive. 1 be limine ismmkI a privet bill fir th relief of a 'widow who ess tieeti ttarvlng ftir two yer.M The ltouae went Into Coounittc of th Whole, on the l)i fl.Heiay bills. Mr, 1'orris (N. Y-), mod a pech agalntt tb C'hiriqul aim cdtaeut. 1 be O.uimttue lose. 1 ke consideration of the reairt of tb Cominltt of Tblrly-lhtee, ttru waa resumml. Mr. lUmiriK (rcxiia) argued thai there la no riiihl clalrui d I v auv aula thai la n it nrovlded for. either lutx pi raa or affirmative terma, and that no uiistitutionalor legal right of eeceealon exist al all. The light of rev. Union exist, but can ouly be eienietd In oaae of Intolerable tyranny and op. Mession. tie did n4 bellev tbe n ievanora auffur- ed rj tbe Bol'th wete of uch a cbarat4r. He t lievtd Ihiy would I sallied within tb gjvem neiit, when lb ol of th North ahould aee their course ef action wae causing Irritation, aod must nei reearlly rod In strife. If gentlemen would con sent nt ver to Interfere with slavery la tb BUt,and aoltn nly lo Airego latarferenc with th Inter-eute alave trade, they would do much to secure lb fi UmUbln of every man who la wUUrt; to tee tb I'nlon ptaaerved. Itvraalhaaetlledonnvbtion In th South that Ihoe alwul to auoreed to tk governn.ent Intended 'JfJ,!?, mi!ldS?!i. LJdlle.ilid I os.i rxencalleO; to wiener wim aiaveey wcere it t xitia nut the abould l eatk-ned that they dou'l aod thl would reatoie neac. He called en here anil at home, to coma aut. und ke bad bean tlueateaad and eutrcWd, but no threau aad danger abould tear hint away fitm tb I'nlon, tiaill he bad aelee I lLa borna of the altar and Implondlleavea to allay Ik storm and again uprtar lha same pillar wlvlob tunuln th wlghl aanl add tkalx vroutcd beauty to Ibe sic tctui. (Ap plane. " ' Mr. rVroaaefTrnn )rald tb palm tic arerch of Mr. If ami to e-.rerrd all tbe gnnual. lie denied th rtahl of atvaaMliie. and revnlnll., erail.l K aw daad toly alia all cctiatltutloual nmrdiee hav failed. He did ml l-elltt Tennwece would aeonlei be would vole far an irormuiw lo nana tk dial cully. Tenasaeaa waa ankid ujola th Setthern Confederacy, tail aa tkey would n4 '.Und by lb rrmalnlng elave state now, how erojUl th Utter rely upon thern If Ibey weut into a Houtaera Coufa deracy I H admitted that ha waa a BiibmbaActUai, and would rather be called thl, than rvbal and traitor, Hwafbr Ik Union, th OuetltaUon, od tb euforoameol of the lawa, f Applause.) Tb working man, ferment, Iradasoiaa, aad otk. em In tberemarnlng .lav atatta, war atruggltng aa ie IU and death, to temala In lb Union. Ua would not b tin ta himeerf and to th country, If l.a did no Uk a alaad agalaat th aeotaalon mova nieat. In nmchtaioa, h earnestly appealed to tk Kifuhwrena to give, by amende ante to tba Coa MttatloBH th riirbU aud ta aafety ta tk Sooth which tbty say tkey ar willuagtoaeour. lUotaaun aovtw oaoof. , xvtHDra aMsr. Bt-Mih. wet made b Mr. Kiuja fPa.l i ! QoaaLr (Term! ; wet Vrnawa ad,) Mat th. I Uouee BiXjouiwd, rJTAiV. I.IIna.t1lttK-aU. AHany, ViVo-y, M. 1. Tin bill to Iticorp. rU th veterans of lb Seventh Keglmeut has been adranoed to th eemmttte of th whole. Mr. Minima. Intrdred a bill to repeat th Tenth avenue railroad act. Mr, Konirraim tntrodaoed a Mil to extend Ik lime two year, for th. completion of th Third avrrm and Knrdham ralliofid. Ala to antkorlr the laying or a doubl IrwK aloag th bee without purchasing laod to widen the atrveta r avenue. Mr. Masisana Introdnced a b II Increasing th. salaiy of the Superintendent to 05,IMO, snd allowing th o'd cbartere-1 companies to it.met annually at th mm tl-n thai th roraoaiile under th goner! at teiioit. Also a bill Mallv to the public health wlthl tbaMHns,)litsni"lke distth-t. It provide that th aniillary cm d teeiof th district ahall be un ler the antir ixartrol of eommlastonera, three to tie anailnte-l by tie Oovernor, six physicians by Uia r .In e Comnila'tonere. arsl lha Mayor's of Nw Yrak and llm klyn aud Dr. Uova, toaaialilut th remaining three Aawaably. pet I ous for tb reragaal nation of th New York fire eteisutnient acdofth Institute for tha blind, arsl f Ihe aiatndment ef th law of 13 war pre sent d. The Arnoal report af th As tor Library Aetocla- tlrm waarecelvtd. Also, aiertfromllheTln"Kintv, giving a deull ed ate'inirtiUotUiarirelpta and disbursements! his nfli during th firnt year. Py Mr. W.iistvx lo proimae and encoorag In efTlclerrv of officer of the MUitla by limiting th 1st. ore i.f offiiera therein. Ily Mr. (Vir.a to amend the act tn alter the Caioniissiiiners map of Ihe City of llrooklyn In rata l.oa bi th widening, of Thirl street In said oily, VHian atUMao mli a. To Increase the salary of the Cif Judg of tb City of llrooklyn. Tor organising anil pronoing l.w ana traasinr of txrtaln actions anl irocedlnga from lb Uily t uit of llrooklyn to lb Supreme Court. rvxviMi aSMaiov. Tlie resolution for the appolnlmanl of Co-nmle-abineie to Washington, was taken up, an 1 a(W Mveral attrmpta lo aiueiyl was ad 'lcd, aye 12; nays, UV, AJjoinue.1. Demorrmlle male Canvcallon Ally, t'th. I. After tin orfjsnieitlon on Thursday, a reaolution wa adopltsl for the ap potiitinent of a cotnmtttoe of two from ewhjfili clal Dielrlil isi Keeolutiona, and Ihe committee was eMinied,tha mamljera from tb First I) atrtel lieing Sauen. J. Tiri-et and lltijurar llu. Ei tl'.v. SsvMoca then eppearenl on the sUnd and a.1. drrawd Ihe Cnoveollou. strongly urging cimctila lion ami mniproinlae i Isit da laring that if un a isir via ti,e peofii ot new xwa suomo. aocios against a eoniiromlaa, then with sorrow ha wornd le preared ti bow to the will of tbe majority. New Yoik Ditu.1 act aa one nian, aud ber banner, with It motto, "Enelslor," be borne upward In l-a-' " 1' muventjin r-asaerabtod at 10 o'clock this neo lung. 1 be attorslanc wa larger than on th Aral dty. tie n.tlre tall and galleries being diluely crowded TbeCianriiitteiaici.cntlalaor reetliitbm n-it lelra pitl'sred ii retsirt, a motloa waa male that Mr, riswaaoa sjirorn in iu ocoih ismum tnv Convention. Iliijccttoiix were mad on th ground II at all the para bad published it, aod all th delrKalra bad raul It. Iviud ctiea now arose fir Mr. Taxatia. who, ro sHinding loth call, addressed the CoofontUii at Ungtb, taking strong ground against ooenion anil civil war, and appealing to 11 mat to let th vole of Ihe oil 1, hewrd. Mr JaaraS. Tiitrra next adlreased the C in vention, taking the bo'4 ground tat northern men will not allow Ibe coercion of Ihe aovtrelgn aUle of Ihe H i lb. Tn rreatdenl submitted a letter from a portion of the Tammany Hall dsletratinn, entiiunciug their withdrawal from tha convention, and bis reply, tn wblih basuies that the e aivantlott waa not called to decide, atd did n4 d elds, any queatlon of regu larity, and asking th delegatiou to return to their Beat. A resolution wa. ad ptcd. approving of lb rply of th ITrsridi nt, arel askmg the Tammany Hall de legation to return. Mr. I.viiiow, from Ike Committee on Resolutions, rt isirted a tttatnuxoua aerlea. The first da lares that tba crisis la of rich a ni tur a nbould rals iatilolle dtlaena alsmi conaU datatlonaaf party, aud Impel tbera to eacrlAoe to avert the calamltlea that threaten tie. Tbe areotid aeu forth the compromise that hav beeen mad by the nation In quarreta with f irelgn governments, and declarea It mouatroua hi refuse tl aettle controverale with our own palpi with com promise. Th third mvor tb adoption of a policy aallafae tovy to the Iwidsr atatea. 1 ii tourtn mvor tn ipomtmni or a commute to tuMnortalls th legla'atur, urging tham to aut tnlitb CnrmnDRir oomproraia to a vot ofth lector of th atat. Th fifth uree uonirres lo nrovlde for ronstltit tlanal ameudmenut, ar Etlung ai-tton by On grwa, urge th xegtitatnr t take atep for nmimailag a geoaral convention to propose amond DisnUto tbetnHdrUteaConatlluiien.t Th alxth favor tk reaponaa to tb Virginia re oltilha, for a meeting of In eommheitoner. Tb aevenlh nama Mn Ltan FnXM ita, Annraow tlaanaxa,OixxiC, HaoxaoK, Katarca CoaarMit, IIobstio Snaoca, Aaaaa J. Piuit, Ciublu O'CoNMoa and Sauuxt J. Tlt-nrs aa oommlaatouera. If the Legi atur rfusw to appoint, th above nam ed ar to go cm babalf of Ihla convention. Tbe eighth declares that tb worst and mntt In effective argument that can b addreaaed to th aecedbig atate ta civil war. The ninth exhort th seceding; states ti stay the sword, and th non-aecedlng eouthern atatea to Join bands In staying th progreaa of diaolutlon. After reailing the reaolatloua, 8iobl J. Tiluxx, one ef Ihe Tammany delegatea who did ia it aevede, arldressed lb convention In their auiinort. tm tue secona reaoiuuon ueingonsrtsi, tjnanoeitor Wai.hohtu aniewre-l oa the nlatf irui. and aald ttmtlrmtn hf th (onrenfion .- I am far a Ivanond In jeaiaaudui tn the habit of attending conven tions of tbla character, but I cou'd not resist com. ing ber to enter my protMt agalnat rivll v-r, 1 hav aeenthe horiot. of smh a ctudct In the war of liU, my house In Plaltsburgb wat sacked by lb ltrltlsh. A hottl wa fought opi.iflit my very doors, awl tb bullets that wer artd fall Uk hoilstonee around my dwelling. In Ihe casement of my door, remains to thlsd-ty embedded one of theme bulle'e, a momento of tbe fbthu In Ibal strug gle, 1 asw my fellow-cltlEeut shot down by ray aide. I know, then, the horror of a foreign war ; ai d tliev are notbleg aa eomiiared with Ihe horrors of a ill 11 war, A civil war la a war aimxig brethren. Th temple te tbe South are our brethren. In aeoigia, I have th uamee of nue thousand clllsens w hose era'ealora were near reUtlvee of my owu. Iu tbe aaiae slat aloue, ar over oue hundred relative of Uie faml y of HiLUiuvaa, whoe nam la kuown aa thai of on of lb pUrtota of lha Ksv lullon, and wbc a descendant uow occuplea a seal In our Slate Senate. And ao, scattered all over the eouthern atatea ate th near relatives of the men of tl e N"i th, and perbaiiK, there la scarcely a inoiaher of Ihla ttaivtmlcn who baa not aoiue such tie. in Hi atalra of tbe South. It would be as biutal, in my opinion, to aend men to butcher our on brothers of the eouthern statee, aa It would be lo maaaucretbfut In tha northern atate. We are told, however, that it Is our duty to rufbrco the bia s. ltut why and what lew. are to bt enforced? There were Ua that wer to be ur.iroed In th time of tbe American Revolution, aud the llritiah Parliament and L'ltd Nobtu seut armle bar to n foit them. Hut what did Wabiub.tox any In re gaid to the enforcement of thoae lawaf That man btnortd al home and abroad mere than any other man on earth ever waa honored did b go for enforcing IL laws? N: b went lo realat lawa I that were oppressive against a free iople, anl ... ,u iuun, u, vu urj ira ini, ,, 14 Lord CtiATiiAN go for enfbtclng Ihe lawaf N; h gloried In deft no ltut th liberties of America. It mad that nienirsbl declaration In th R.-it-leh rerllanitut, "If I waa an Amerlian, cltlien, instead of I I am, au Kngbehman, I never would submit ta uch Uwa never, nuior, net ei 1" Such Is the spirit that animates our south ern brcthrt u, ami ebalt we war upon them for it. N, we muat avert civil war If poaaible, and I oloa by exborting my brethren lo do all In their power to avert etvt! war. Couceaabat, conciliation any thing but that and no man amougat ua, in hi dy ing hour will regret that kla oouaclema Is clear, and that he tan lay hi baud upon hi heart and aay, " I did all tn my power to turn from Ibe bosom of u.y country the uorrlb blow of a civil war When the Chancellor concluded, a unanimous call wa mid for th adoption of tba Mount reso lution, ana it wa aaopiea wun immeiiM applause. Th. resolution war loptrd without amend I, alter foithrr delat. A comiQualcaUoa from Ihe Tammany lU.t deliftta waa read, stating that in via w of th. explanation glared, thty would again Uk tbslr aeaVa. From WaabJagtaav. ruMi$ton, ftb. 1 The I'rcaldcnt hu reo- iliiltd Mr J, l Uaois Kan a vie ooutul of th Nrlkcr'and for North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia tl reside al Charleston. (kdert bare Just been batued for lb anrolawnl o( all psraoua nttjact W mllltU dot lath District of Columbia. Two companla of artillery arrived bar today tooia Foil Uamlllon, There ar now Iti'tsaaay nlr ef that arm ofth eervV her,iwhb;h together wtth th lutanlry 'and marina mak. about all hundrad laderal troup la. Waabiagton and tb vicinity, w tloautto Kixa, 'first Aaxlstaail Faastoaater, Us toes appointed Poatmaaier CNoWrJ.' a 'OoL BAva ha Volved; hi. dlapatchu front fvertxvrtoaa,'and ha proceeded to brinjth proceedlpg, of tb. aiUharlll. e that Stat for tht vaoatlon of Fetl Sumter befor tht adialalnaratlea. II CrmW-ravrtasutd Bantors. Tit rrioiutt bu ua tstrtct front print letter from Cbarteaton, dated fftHh ult., to gentle. an tn this cHty, ta kia th WTiter asya, k huowabydlmA faiacmatlon that th.kwaU Bift. . will, by IU wd of tha wwek, report to th -Ukaiile tbal preparation for tb reductlo of Pert uoj4or u cvmjitetidi a dotoaist wU then b mad la? Ik ei raader ef th fort; af tttt I. aet CowiptUd wK, a irafnen three battedet wttlb. opened .1 ore. Th r,h. lave.kar amaaked battery of two Oolambtad aad ittrM pounder, bearing en tb weakest part of th fcrt. There I. an undarttandlna; with Alabamt that Fort rick.n la ta be atttckad at th earn, time, Th volanteae military fore ef Mlaaourl anl Delaware, th member of which ar mostly eecea. slonlatB, hav prwaeaelon of th arm. lala'y eln ed tboe atate by lb federal government. Tb President wtll reply to Col. Iltrsr. de mand, on Mioday, firmly refuainl tt U tbtmand If Stulh Carolina aasail. Fort Sumpf't til-ou her .liall teat th reaponalbllll lor th coa aafpieni ea. It la said that lb authorities at Chtrl.ton hire, by torn mean., become possessed of copies ot tb otder of th llrooklyn. Tbe Mew HaaipaWre Cosnaalaalanera. Cannrri, ,V. ., Fth. 1. Oovernor (loon l baa an.ilnto.1 Aaoe Tout, Asa Fowita, and I.tviCnaaaaxLAia, Oanralaslonera to the Conven tion at WaahlngVin on thttlh. Tkey wlU reach Waibington ou Sunday, MaaMM-baaetla Itkalsttare. IJottm, t'rb. 1. In th Senate, this after nooa.a moth to lk tip the rasolves, appointing Commissioner be Virginia, aod consider them inv metllatoly, waa Viftad dowe.lT to 0. A motion t consider them tomorrow wa also vld down. Th smIiJkI waa then uotioaed until M aiday. The) Jarknlow Caae. Trrnlfn. '6. 1. Th. trial was closed today. Tbe Judge chaiged the Jury thai there wer but two polLla to c.ibaider, tbe Aral and aeoool eoutita, charging Jackauiw with tb roiihery of the Larrs, and ly fiiroa, of gild aod Bilver coin, bank bill and on coat, ana on iu seouua oouut, ot taxing the coal. If tbe rotibery waa an after thought, after the murder, It won d be nothing moro lhan lurceni. If tbe murder was oommlttl with lb Intention of taking the g-ssla, then II was rnMiery. If they found Ihe prlsaurr guilty, they ni id alto Ax Ibe fis-ality of Ilia robbery. The Jury went nut at 4 oulotk. Madden Heath of aa Army OfTlcer. Vf Jcrr, .V. 1'., Ftb. 1. A mtn. who I ntioecd lolie, from btaer. and paiwr fount In hleweslnn, I.leut. II II. d wum, or th. U. S. army, waa found dsad In hi. bed tola morning at the I mis ware House, Inthlapla-e. II. I. sunposel to have Mend. In or near Q tlary, I llnoia, and In New York city, as he ha letters In his posses sion diie led to biui et bothplaie. Any Informa tion aa to bit friends w'U b gladly received by tbe coroner of thl place. Hro hi Alton. AVim, III., Jan. 81. A fire this evening ile stro)l the tsillding nviipiel by W. M. HttT, dty toesls dealer, aisl the main werahous of L. C'LAaaoa A Co. Im .oo , fully lneured. HbarlalnaT ArrWeot. Boilon, t'tb.l. An accident of a shocking cbaniiver oiiund at llnsikllna, K 11 on Wednes day night, I7 Ihe roof of the dwelling of Mr. (Jis om, tie.i g crusbeil In by the weight of snow, kill ing Mr. uiisma, nut wit ana two aaugu-era, OpmtwtM of the Preeat. The U'irl.1 remarks that two words, cotrewn and rscenarrucf ion, have lieen pressed Into th ser vice of dlsunlonth on bi mislead tb paaelon., and the other tbe Imagination. Beilltloiu orator ring lb changes upon coercion, calling up vlelonj of Invading armloa, blood and havoc, oonqueal and tbe Iron heel, lo Inflame tbe eouthern ruled. Uutth N nth ha no such purpose a th. disunion orator attribute to It. II would not suhjiigxt the South If It could; but If the eouthern people rsf undortak to overthrow th Nation d Oovraront lnWeahlng ton, the North will defend tb government that, however, 1. not coercion. Nor will th government make aggreaalve warfitre; It will simply protect It propeity ami collect It revenue, bwufrucfion, which I a term used to soften tb Idea of an out. rigl t, alwolute dartructlon of th goverameut, ex prtwe a delusion and a snare. Reconstruction originates In tbe doctrine of tb right of eeeeeeloo, but tbe North wtll never sanction thl doctrine. Our nationality one bmken up, tbr lean ead of It. Tb northern people dealr to 11 v under an actual govMnment, and will navar adopt any such ahera gnvmmal a goe wtth thl right of aecea .ion. Tb men of th border atatea who land thn elvee to dbnuuon under th charm of th. word nvorufruvrlon, however honeet they may be In In tenllim, ar weak; victim of th moat pltlabl im postor. Th lYnvs, referring to tb fact that th dumnlon movement I changing th current of Miaataatppl traffic northward, argue that th Interval of St. Iul and the whole Blite of Mlaaourl, ar avers to alavary. Tb only condition upon which Mla eouil can hop to retain lu actual post t loo and oon tinue Ita progress, U to unit it dtatlnlw with th free stales. Tt 1'rrnmy W notice tb manner In which Senator Masoa, of Virginia, apuroed, with tbe most eogrr Ineolenee, Mr, Bxwatu'a offer, of conciliation. Tte temperate remarka of Senator Domium wer met lit the asms spirit by Wwr all of Texaa. With urb men nothing 1 to be done, bul to thow an In Asxibla determination to maintain th Institution and lawa of tba country, al all hattrdx, Tbe CbmmrTcfalddrrrfucroommend Mr, S.w Atn's sprtch, and characterlie Mr, MasoT aojry li.trmiptlonii a. au attempt to destroy Its salutary tffal. CITY NEWS. Srt.AMKR ron NkwObmas.. The tleamor Bienville left yesterday for New Orleana. She took a large fj eight, which era rigidly acrutlnlsed by (mllceroen, who wer In allendano long befor ber depaiturt. No arm. or ammunition war dla covered. Small Pox. -On Monday last, there wer ntar alxty taa In tb .mall pox hospital, aod many mote have coins within th lanowtedg ofth Superintendent of Cut Door Toor through appllca tlotia far reilof. IionnicD r a Cab Mr. Knotrt Gmrny, Wrecking Cotumlsslonnr of Quoge, while In th Long Island car. yeeteiday, waa ulltied of hit pmkit book ooutalnlng $ I0O, To 1'ie Rliltr 0 tht Sum In f rulng my pi r this inornlog, I notiot that tie IVitliuid poop'e are In a quandary about th an w n th roof of a building, and ask what they sbi'ldt. I auswer, sprinkle plenty of aa't on II. Tl e 6'ret Oounul.;..ucr cauuot stop It front run nlrgoff. Y"Ui, W. II. 8. Ua 1,1-H.l. To tk KKt cf th ,V. ). Smi ' Bit -1 hope jou w.ll bar th kin luces lo oontra d 1 1 a tlatcmetil publlahed In your Issue of January Bl.t, in regard to tbe member of Eogtu Co. NJ.M. Psrmlt ra to aay, on lehalf of th Company, that Ibry wer not engaged In auy riot whatever, and there la no truth In taylnf that an offlcer wa. aa ex 11' led I y tny member of the Company, By glv Inrf the abov. an Incertion, yott will greatly oUlg. Your. rectfu!ly, 11 S. Poti la, ForerAua, Cuglns 28. Fltra, Aceldeata, fcejwaw, cVe. fArAiiiinra At feat Aktb-Mobthm Bia MtH.tTioN.Srti'Uicr Ooodwjs, a .eunan, about 1 ovlock 1 yesterday morning, la Catbaiia at., was stabbed, ono In th brwua) and twto In th . Th wound r rtaaiaad very tUngaroua, sl J after he waa taken to tb M. Y. Hospital, Coro ner Scuraaxa wae aotlfted, and In tho afternoon took bi ante-mortem examination. lie elated that about 1) evlock In tha morning, b waa ta a aa loon In Cethartn at,, oppoaii Ptr 88- Tbr wer Mvaral oihar tbw, on of whom wanted to kick up a muee." Oooowta atarted to go lo kl veoeet, when om person ran after him and kaortxad hut down. II got an, but wa again knokd down and slabbed. Tb peraen who tabbed him waa Wa. Bosaaow, aad Jotu Jaouos waa.itD.mnry. TUpoUoobav auoodd in ar, rastmg both MonaaoH and Jaoaarw, who hav bean Identified, aod ar la prison, joint O. Joan and ftwuua DomvAa hav beea arrested aad dstalaad Mwltnease.. Oooown'. recovery Ls very doubtful. Axt-rnnrr at a Chooolati HAanrAoroar On Pxaooa Xiub, Anorna Ianrtxo Ym terday morning, about t o'clock, Ut ohala attached to tk ataam aUvator of Mewr. Bmauai 4 Pal ra. No. CO and lid Duett at, parted whil Fa 01. W xianxuont aod Mr. STxnLaMa war upon It. T platform deaoended with fearful rapidity, nod on reaehmg th lovjor floor, Wnatuan wa bund b dead, and Mr. Bnmnjm lnaautkla. Tb last. waaawaudedbyapbyalotanwbothljikahaUlnatr. rally iohirtd- Coroner RuuxtAtea kald aa InuuaJ urMu U body of Wan-tarn aa, etta It apcaiared tbal th aievatot xen on of Ontr pall, and that It lad recently beeq repaired aad warranted a t. ItwaaaoooaaatuMtd ala ft eked are. arty, kraakiMof tb UlawaaKl not have r3Sat- '-Irlllssiitilm if tit It'liT-ifiniintatiilsl all II would hav auatalnad It, Th Jury, la their ver dict, owfur iu pen on who rpalr4 th tltvator for not preMrly teetkag It. Tb. dVsasit tu (rrata, aaVreavnTaga. and 's,vea widow aad 4 cblidion re-ldtrw at It-i. 4..I Fourtk at. MtLAKt uot.T Snoonmi AcciDnerr. Fjr era Wum, Ud 16 year, of age, tiring at 44 M lath arena, wa. dangeroualy sknt on Thursday night, by hla brother KnwA.s, S yrt of tgt. Tb boy war playing wtth a platol which proved to be charged with powder and ball. WW. In tha hand of tba younger, II exploded, ami a ball struck bl. brother, and low lies Imlmddad ta tha brain. Dr. M err waa called, and Is of the opinion that tk.lad cannot lire. Brittntri Castai.iik.. A woman ntmed EurA Jomisow, wbil engaged yetUrday In acrub-i blng at tbe 11th Ward station house, brought her clothe In onteet with the stove, anl in a mo- nwmt waa envalojied In flame. 8h wa terribly burned, and lie In great at llillevo hospital. A child, ft rear of age, daughter of Mrs. Liisa. nrvn Si'XiaosTm, living at V Watts street, waa fatally bnrneil m Thursday evening, by ber clothea eaUhlrg fire trim a sVve an 1 died during the night. Her mother, In endetvorlag to extlnf Hah tba flames, waa t'eo arverely burned, and la now In tne N. Y. lb epltal. Coroner 8"inva ysatarday, held an U qui at u on th body of th child. Mitt Jiit QoABTxxaA, a child three yetn o d, wa Isirned lo death yesterday, at Ihe reldenc of her mother, TICbeny at., by her clothea taking fire finm the stove, while alon tn the room. Th mother, ou returning, found th llttl on In tk agiaiie of death. IJU1AL HErOBTtV-FKlnAY. Haprrsnei Cowrt. Tht or tnmrr't ottt it fort (-) Cmirf fleev J ton fU ta. John S. btrey-Tbu a. lion cam. up at tne maim.! 01 taie oiun, uviura umi ItAKaaan. The i4lon Is brought to recover 4100,0oo a damages lor violation of a bond alleged to hav I,, tioule. Tbe complaint aver, that In 1W Mr. Orrrrr laugbl Mr. Ra.xv th. secret of hoise-tunlng, aad that Raxxv gave hla bond to keep II secret, but tHM Instead thereof b baa continually violated II luce that time 1 1'irsl, I7 rrveollng the secret and practising th. aystrra in public. Seooud, by publisblog and cir culating a lusik which in .ulart-uice an 1 detail ia prelsly like the l.k published I7 Orrvrr, and which KAtrr agreed to keep ercrrt. Tba tase now tame up on a motion mat by lb plaintiff to examine tba defendant da bunt tme on lb ground that lb defetnlant wa aSiut to leave the elate of New Yotk, ami hi a-idea. would Iw required at Ibe trial of the cau-e. Tb motion wa r-ppaead on the ground that tber wa no issue yet made In the rasa, there being no answer or demurrer to the complaint ysl put In, and therefore Ibe plaintiff had ret right I such an examlnalloa 1 and atao that the defendant woutd be prevent tl the trial. Tha d.ifei.l infa attorney off-red to atlpu'ele that If the defendta! waa not present at the trial, bla answer ahould he stricken out by th Court. Tbla, however, was not accepta ble to tbe plaintiff, and th Cuuit tok th papers and leaevvtd Its liecistoa. tnile-d ewatew PUtrict Conn. Befor Julgt rtrn. CunJrmnition of Slartrt. Ueclsinnt wer rendered ynaerday, oonAacallng tb Kit aud tb Weather U .uge, and dlaoharglng tbe C. L. C'ogge. well. Coorl of tieneml MewalorM. Befbi Judge MuCa. Clmrlea O'Neit, convicted of a Minimis as sault, wn sent to tb renltentiary for six months. Tli. trial f Phillip Wl Hereon, fr an lnfameu. outrag. on Sarah Itorf, eras concludsl and the caa glvruutha Jury, but at a lat hour thiyhad not agreed on a verdict. Tbe Grand Jury present a large Im-oIa of Indict ments, and were discharged. BROOKLYN. I'irk. Yesterday, about 6 I. it. there was an alarm In the Cth District, caused by tb Igni tion of am gas which ecpd wbll workmen wer repairing tha mater In the basement of a hous In Myitis avenue. On of th men wa eoeokuig a pipe al the time. Skattho. The Fifth Avenu Pond wa. in (xctllenl condltln yaaterday, ami lb number of visitors wa from flv to ell thousand. Konithjir nt A WoatiK. Thursdajr aven lng, abunt o'clock, a woman called al No. Ill l)uf fleld at, and Inquiring for a family residing there, waa Invited In. Sbe entering a room ocoupld,by Mr. WoaTuiKOTojs II. Oaaooar. rifled bla trunk, aud took a coat, lr of pa'Oalooit, vest, cravat, ft., brail valued at about $29, and mad. h.r ee eapo. BrtOLARY. Tha reeldence of E. P. FatEB hah, No. SOI Adalpbl street, wa entered by tala keys on Thursday night, and robbed of two gold watch, breastpin and ail ver ware, valued at over too. Dikd or unit Isjcrics, Mrs. Mast llmita, who wae eeverely burned on Wednmdty ntgkt by her clothing taking fire, at 151 N ivy street, dial at the City Hospital, yesterday morning. An Inquest waa held, and a verdict of accidental diavth from burn. wa. rendered. WILLIAMSBURGH. PArrr CowrniTT. Datii KinnuntnK, a harnea maker, at No. tlO Flrat street, yesterdiy caused the aireet of on of hi employe, named Fluxer, on a eharg of petty heroeny, alleging that ncxirr baj, during tbe past six months, stolen acri of leather, piece of old ttD and buckles, altogether or the value of $J. The accused was committed to aaawer, 11. MI. KonnitiiT. Tho hall of tha dwelling house of Mr, Ur-tr lloirm bt Alnslee street, wa Iat evening robbed of three overcoat, a pair of boots, and an umbrella. Aiimi5tei)0.x tub PottrK. Mr. FnrnK xicx Bitkkx, an old reaidentof Wllllamaburg, ha been apjiointed on tb Melropo ltan Folic, and do tailed to th Cth Precinct, In plact ot Mwuail Wolt, Ueceaeed. JERSEY CITY. Tint Wife Poiaoxura Cask. Thl. cats ni oontlnued yesterday, and th testimony for th pro eeutlon cloKd without any new IWla ofapaxlal bearing upon lb cas, Mr. F.Anxiaii, In opening for the defense, a lmttlad lhat the proof wa dear that Mr. AnaoM dle-l from tbe efrecta of atrychnino, but clalmwl Iber. was no proof tbet it wis given by tbe prisoner. They would prove that Mr. AneoN bad been tn lb habit of pmciir,ri,r drug to effect an aimrtion, ami ha felt contite ed ttitl the priaater woutd be aoquitud. Tl tcaliiuouy for defens will be preeeuttd to day. Cut nor. or IIiaiiwAr IlotinKRr, Tlireo u.en lui-ri' l Jenii lit Aa, n.v Allkm and Jaitx Kch (tbe two latter accomplice) were taken befor Recorder TlLv.x, yeeterdty morning, charge 1 wtth 1 avlna- lwtin and rUi'wd Gsoaos B. Lamuiiau. of a cai-a4 bag and f3b to money, the nght prevlou at the Pateiem Uuik. II appeared mat lb party wire all on a drunken iprea, and tba evidence being vciy coi tradlttory ua prlaouer. w.radla- Caargl J. III TKR THAX TIIR IlRVT '. W rail special attention te the advertisement of Mr. ItAiuiii iu anotht r column. Ifyouwaut to bay pure reliable article, go to CD aad TO Waabington at. New York. lfyooeaunotgo,.XKD, DABRi'd TitrooptiKRoim la tha beat and cheapest ertlcls for dressla. and baantl f) in., elcanlue, curios', preerrvtiut and storing tb hair. Ladle try It. Sold by aU druggM. Rtnt's Wobk." "A yoatt maa.wha tw yaan in. Inherited 110,000, 1 now peetin. bllU at Chleaxo. UUkly talented, aod a (nt cla acoouatant, runt baa ruined hlm. tyatoairO Zrhociat. LOVE OF ITFOVO DRINK CURED DE. SELL'S WONUCRFUL rOWBEIU. May ke gtvea faaknawn ta th drinker) la OoftaaTm rlA.mor. Pofeetly harmlaM 1 never alckena. For sal orliunor, Perfeetly harmlaM 1 never alckena. For salo al 03 titvUoo st; Hit Ukth ar., N Y: at Mrv.IIA YKrt, ai uo invinou st, ai. aisiiui ., r, iihpi. e-, lTOFo met, Hreoklyat also at Wkf. T. 1 CI If, tt ltcoad obNswark, N. J. r tu uns LuLjt. Pncaor'i FATCMT BTTUnnjR ANP afXDICATI I VAFOIl BATHS, lMFCT-TON liT- NKtefTOstBV..., and It. S WLUOOOUBY IT, D-OOLTH. Then Balb bar baea maaeoeisnJepejatlea, fog U T-n, aad aava ft nnlel latlshietleat. These Bath are Mere! bacanae thay. 1. FxpiaUaatMetrtsUaOoaocuiewooa. I alt eve alls tsaab - Mdltaa US SI1IMI HUM S. Cure a oohmob otAraVBa aaa atnt,Bax aAvtaxt, u aoaa laaosai vn '" AUaas B. F. niBBABD'l WU4 CHBBBT BrtTl IM.-. BJba Mn tha t ta S than tk BUWak B the has! aistaHabTValwa nsafaL aei sol illy to enfeebled pen aaaaad patsww reoevs amg Dram atrampetw ia H Wl all tho afUot wes tln CMS BHi5n-fiU kloirJTt.hW lis astspiisa laaaaawMa ywwiws .1 blmmam nareoa Irrttakuity, Care aUeartha at I a. . 4Ma al free aae ef dmtob , tka Jlawrflie sisens tuini a r anrak TBY THK v7ILDClTa RTJBrrTa . 5-&-i---iM IWim , IT, lUYWt 11. BcwkATB. BAarfow' MrAjr-f cotrri j rmt arm of aretrie and merriment Thtt uTih UA af e those IMerestlrur Cd A itcafi Sevagea. and tea? beautUal Canary Bird. Old Adams' atjara, tea Uon. tBEZVaOUULi HOT Paat IMTIew Nattna Tk Ma Iks far Fw) via SDtTIf AMPTON.'and HVKF, jwtl J Meaiwar ARAGO, will cloan at thle ofllee eat SATUKUAYi tb in ear of ranntary, at i"jao-eiora-a sa 190 vt.js. laiiis,! , Pas mart Mr. Carw I.V. Ilntrfc. Ibe treuaee) mill win epesk In liodirrrth'. Hall, at 10H A. M. ee t F. M, en the M In st. It Tk Cooranaptrve' Frlewd. Cvucns, cuLns, kaisino blood, taci bi THK SIDK AND BREAST, Ao. These and similar eomolalnla are av4 eertalnly sm'ial be HYATT'S Pulmonic Halaam. ThsPnlmonkillaAeaa Is ilsllr raring th wort! ea-re of tne anmrlalata. It cored Mr. .1. IL Uodwia of fain In tbe sid. hnavt, and eplitliif ef bWsl.atter he had beam afflicted arm and was reduced te the la-t Jaxeairf weakness, ead enw slilered beTOti the reach of mrteia. Mr. UodwtvrX office Is Mr.1l4FU-abt Met, 111 aowUUso- T5iTb arTtctsd call and see hint. Depet let Grand at. JOeeukjairbotns. t4 Taxea Meant Ternott XVnhetlela, ITataa rert, Frlhsmvllle, Wwhlntrtonvtile, OtlnvilM, Fleet. woed, West, Nortb-Wart end Kaal Moonl V erne aa4 ether villa lota, are now doe, and may be palj Lhroneh the subscriber, et the Weatehest-r Oe. tlewe. ral Tex effte. corner tlrand and r.ll.ibHh eta, set Mondsr, 1 u..ia aa4 Wedoewler, Feb. 4th, oth. Otka open on Wedneadsr unttl 9 o,elock P. M. JiHIlt n. YuRKt;UeiieralCollecter. fa I riot :ra,a Itarr Hewlrwllv wttl tewtar grmr aorwarrvAF I be'keS rta. Maaaw II 44 bf arag- J orrlieeased hair to ita orwnei aoior, envaanae manent chanxe, will eradicate ttndian from 1 an prevent the hair Invn fat. In. eff. Try tk tmrtnrmA at TnqnMiA Weatclleatsr Co. Sold t .Wa. w riw SOCTETT ItOTlCES. Anneal sneetlna; of No. IS, A. O. IU wM b held at ftmltht Hall, mr of 11th et. and 1st ava, ea Moiutay evening. Feb. 4, at TH o'clock. AU meenbai are rciuested to atlend, aa there la bosloeea of Impej taere to tie tranearto.1. He order JOHN RIM.LT, 1'res.i JOHN WoNAHL't; Soe'y. foi ils'ITS A Monthly Meeting of Ibe Vetema Ovpa ef the hi da of Nee York, of the war of 131. will b held at fl'J l.bpi narj it, on Mtmlay evening, Feb. 4th. eld at n'J I.Up. narj it, on Mtmlay evening, Feb. 4th iw.l. al T n'eLtfk. A srneral sttandsnea U requests a 1 en paitii-ular buelneea. Ily order of THOMAS JKRIJ- All, iTisluei.t. a. tv, lu.lid, V tee nia. anna. C0IJ..VAN, rbxretary. 101 Ileetlh lo Ibe. Itoaewller. -Tb Cwnal arrwe T. II. K-icli'trlllme,t aa uenal, at Ltmartlae Halt, corner of Mb are and if"th at, on Bandar evrnlaib tebr. Sd, 111. AdJreeee-ibf that ch brat-d fane dlan orator, Hro. I'KARCF. amllr. FltAXKK. Cima early In enltr to ol4tln eeat. K. U.t8Krr, Frvaet. 8. DWAKrWUUl, Sec tt I'alon t 1'nloa t ! The Werklnawvew af Ibis ettr favorable t the fomnlloe of a llnten Party, will mortal eriaioeu llooan, va nowery, on atonaay evrnlnir. 4th IV Ii- at T.S o'clock He oritur CI I Alt. MefJAftTllY, Preat t WM (l'SIIKt. Kee Hee. 1 CUAH. MMITll.Cer.8cc. 1 Jul 1.1 KKRttlliAN.Troa. AH. mm 11 1 lei A' 15ft Ioebriatea Home. ISI Ctatbawi Tomorrow, preechtn. at bad 10, aorlal oonreraatiea at 1, prartr at a. temprranee at T o'clock. Oar da-sr areaUara epento those who are detonnlned te re form. UtA). T. HALL, See'y. Th Old Canal alrret T. B. Hoelety, meet en Sunday evenbte. at 7 o'ebiek, eor of II idaon anal Vhrb4t'pht r.ta. Aadriveee ill b delivered br Mojsre. Tyn. klXIrJLt. IH.OKC.K II. I'rtKCH and other, tlenie oue ciuTTall. aud biarthim. JOHN Ml LI. Kit. Frie; C. M. 1'bCK, Sec. fit Nolle Tbe naaaal Hretlan for afTvtevw of Uk St. James' Romsn Catholic r. A. H. Society, for 4b eiieulne ear, wfll be held at thitr msi4ln. roeaas tn Rcowtilt st,on Mondsr erenlne, the 4th Inst, at V Vclock. ily erdir JOHN McUllAlU,Fnet UAT'U iiAitii-r-v pee'y. aw RELIGIOUS. Iter. tSro. A. KlmMtl, lale m, Roman Ost tholle lrie, will lecture on tbe "lavocatloa a4 Sail ta," at Military I talL No. 19 llowery, toatorrewe Sunday eveat 1H o'clock. Adrabwlon, to defray ex ' penac, IS eenta; treat seat reserved for ladle. 144 A Canrwe at Ieitarew t Yon; Wf I at the State Censnatatlonat Church, near Hay I street, llrooklyn, br the pastor, tli Kev. Waehlnurtoa UteeV den. The fourth of the cour- tomorrow morning ei 1UH Crlork. Subject, "Itpbera." rreaehmg la IM evening at IM o'cic noca. Sunday Scliool al aad a. 14 CJreene at. M. F- rhnmfe, net. flreemo sadi firaad ate,Rev, CIIAS. K. lURRI3.Pastor.wtU preactj tumorrew at 1"H Cclooa a, m. and I o'elook p. ea. Aa eiperlenefi and prayer mertuk for Ihe promotion af koliaeas at ( o'clock p. m 1 also, preaching ve-y even-, In. this week at TW o'clock, except Saturday. Straneen and othen Invited to attend. Seata free. A olleette taken ap at each survtee to defray axvenam. Ifl 1 m Tho Rot. Cddaey Aacwatma Covey xrafl r reach tomorrow morning and evening la tba MmraF J lUlUaptbtChareb, Both rt, bet. Mb and Cth ana, to- T morrow morning aad event 1. at the usual near, ef worship. Tbs ordinance ef lUptism will btadmtala tvred during tbe morning eervlo. IM V. M. Cbarrk of the) PBarHwssv Rot. H. A BAKER, Mission PaaUr.-Wershtp ta ConUaeatal Hall, eor. of Mth st and tfth are. Preachl. touemew I at IOH a m and at 1H p.m. Seat fro. FMU In. vlted, lfl A Fabllo Dlaradoa wfll We kebi at Met-a. polllsn Halb 1T4 Frlnee at, tomorrow (Saaday) .isa ln(, st IS oelork, between Mr. JAMP.4 ReXiAN, Ro man Cathollo. and Mr. J AMh MATHISON, Pro teat ant Sub kct,Uit Romish ConfoadonaL Tickets Is oas at tbe door. IM t Notice -Divine eerviora, acrardlaa; ta tba naagea or the Presbt terian Church (O. S.k will be keU, (O. V.) In the Isrss hall of Ilia Hie ker Uuitdlaga,1 on and alter tha 114 Sabbath lu Feb. tilth), under the mlnUtryoftholv. K C.SH1MALL, of the Prsebrte- 9 17 of New York. Preaching NX ATM, and IS P. M. I Huuday rcbuol at S o'clock. fi Id'Ul Rev. fx. Itrmlnarton, raster of Ihe Meant niivrt Ilsptlit Church, will preach In their hall, eor, 47th et. and Itrnadwae, tomorrow morning and are Nv lng, at luM and T o'clock. Seate free. Ill r I Market Klieet fbarrh llev. Chaanot D, ' Murray, Pastor, all! preach to-morrow moraiog aaarn, evtnin.. Morning aervicee wttl eotumoaee ai 10a4 o'clock. Kvinln. rerrle-aat f4 o'clock. Stranger. anal otherearo enrdlally invited. 8"aU will be prevU ad.J Not'ce of Young l'opl'i 1'rtyi.r MccUsg will b Ureal frvm tbs pnlplt. 4 . rrotewtnnt KphwapaJ "fknrch of the Pre I Gospel, " Weal xVth st we.t of I th eve.. Rev, UfcO. U hKlDK, I'aeti. RMiileno Ol Waet SUh st. I Heine wrvkw every Sunday at luH o'll.vk AM-I tndlHP.M. MeaUfreo. all Wd'lM t . r llthat. I'.P. t'angregatlea may expee4. dltlne Nrv'ce tomorrow at S o'cloi k p. ra, by Rev. JAMFSIIIOMiMIN, of rl 1 al-o In the evening. tTn o, by Ker J AM UJ 11 AW tit, llUst, near Third are. l- Yorkvrl! ItaplUt Ckarr h. The Raw. Jaa.7 L. HOIK IK, II II. Paitor of the church, will preaoa' tomorrow In tbvlr houM of worship In tUd at, beteeeat. O -nrf B.I - .. I11U m. .-A B m m IT. l ' lecture at TH loth evening Tho publie aretavMed, o iiirnn. I uo orainanen pi nepiiaui wui oe aomia- wtAiea at tne oonotusioo 01 tn morning servioa, tt , Antlorh rhrbalaarharrk, ranter afRraaa,' wj miiu &.u e.. n-T. si. B.i.iusi wui .. lliht A. M. Au ftunilai'. ths Bril Inrtant. I!miii.m.Im1. - - M D..L . U. .. Kl.UIUila l( ..k 1 esaMin at tha eloaa of tba niorulna will. II. tt. lit NN.wtllspesk lu Ui valng at T o'clock , Sab- I jtct-Cbrtetiau Frogreaa. ill Frrarhlna; tame aw, Han ty, Feb. 3d, au ' the rtbrrlm Methodist Mission, situated la Oread V lies. Kwea rt aud Uraham are. WilUamsburxa, fy l'reachms In tho raornio. by the Pastor, at 14 a. at snd Ip. m. Tbe Lord's Bappw will be admlal ed after the servki la the afternoon. Tbe Kev. WLU T. HAMONIIwlll preach In tb eveala. al IP.Ifi Subject-Wbst John saw, far the same eauae alaao. y)oy and rejoice wtth Me. WILLS. IBVlNat, Fastea. ' Tha AaaacUta Melhad t ProLeatauat wref have dlt In wonhlp In tblr hall. IM Laurea st, 11 morrew, t follows 1 Fraaetilng at 10)4 o'clock a. rot 1 jv Feaet and Lord . Supper at tW p. m .and preaetr ty Hoatsftea. Sabbath Scboul at I a. pa. audi LP. W(t rrnina. iw ywuww mn .w. r I). SUUtWOOU, Faslor. aea -, Oarr af tba Korphaay, StaaUa atre.' MK? bet I ex and Norfott rta. Serelota at 1W4 a nv I and I A t fkf pmi eeaU frr. Tha Kev. K, F. BtUtXT0tv V" I will preaob next Sunday .veiling. IM i Carina a Iar ethce. .J. I. Blaaf preach naxu tvw atenUs, at TK o'clock, at the Saavf tuary, 108 Flrrt it , on -The niltlment tf the Frepkafr c s the eeecud omnia, of Christ, lb radamyAton ail , Uul tha lillbankiin. Ac. US , Israel, toe MUleobun, ic Battery CbapeJ. fV n.nt-H I'llAKf.rJI w. la at- anaalta Omati, . W. DF.NISp.1, Obaplataj lay,' lss, tiaitsmeats aad traoff , Publie sert lea vry Suedsy, a 1UI. t mmU. ttlkl... ta d re it U agaa gas, 4is trtbated. Seal free. Tb Web Ttapttat Ctatreb, 141 CkVrirt at ,i at. ITeecniog or toe pastor, iter. v. ., x mo aw, al I an 1 'ctocx, m. Tnetw anil ao 1 Ing la th erenlas. Tbe friend of rettgka 1 spoctnuiy uvnea t aaeaa. rxaasrrea. Bedford atreot Baat I Care k, aaav ( mine st. ttev. tir, uorria 1, ta passer, m ea ttaaaay, at 10 aji L aaa lafa. iw cs Dsptiiv .ill aa amlnlerewa anav tae m wa. Prayer eetlng la ttm leeearereem Bay PToaeb a- Mi ml tntawb. si. bet, U and 4th eve. feWeete-AtMThoC Au2rlffir1 CP rfcn? ST Special oUtia a all day ftf M. UTVU, wno leUave, A fenaoa arm ba fcatv wel ka tba urraEV3 aaar masaiwi wr ".ibi-ii Sarvtm al TM et IM aaxsaj r- j ase?ptj' a niBMlu1- s: WWH iJB1 9 nil nr iMr&ml t7T3-Wu3( amstasi s ia. . Tbalawt awrlaa aCtba WaatSa Is thaw H, "S-i lr 1" I x lttW 1 '

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