Newspaper of The Sun, February 4, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated February 4, 1861 Page 2
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frliiMft,tH xt muuJU.Jm I32J!2H3ffl3SjfcCSfl4s7r M.ttmat- awttrtW3CS6flEbSariW'i st- Jt, . - fttTorn Ira Hn law f . ! ra t "ti W it ' a - (A e Ml Xry ' aa w4 Co. . hi .' " A THE NEW YORK SUN. MONPAT MORNING, FEB. 4, 1861. Vii' "iiVr((1iiim-(i'. A great display of newly anlved wild animals, 1 announced at ths Museum. Nominal ton af l M Hrnator. Tha Republican Senatorial Caucus on Silnr day, after cloe ilruto, rejected the Hon. Horace (iRruRt it i.indl.Utc fur the, seal of Mr. Skwahh, In lite Benito of the Utiltol Ktatee. The eontcit wftilatwccn llm n m-eom. frntntnini; Republicans, of whom Mr. (.ri pi i r It I ho ultra representative man, and llio emu il. Istoiy wing of the p.irly. lid ly IVn n, with Wm. M. KtARrs, I.i their i inliditr. Ilio latter were vb torlout. all houh compelled to 111 hath iKn a third ran li lite nf kindred lewA, who hell tlio liallilto of piwi r. JuiIk llAKRia, if Alhauv, wild mi)' In mil hldered m vlrtutlly elected to mieroed Mr, SrwtRH, was conservative W'Mj before IIik formation of llic Republican party, anl tin tlouhtedly represents conciliatory view.wlieth. f Jndged by his antei edonts, or by tho tiuitnt momi vote of the con. e''loiilst, which nominate I liim. 1 bl result may I of momentous Importance to the I'mon. The selection of Mr. (Iiirttrr yeoull have It'll univ.rill re,irlol it th South i flu lied ilrmoiwratioit of dell infe and insult, an I wmiM liln fallen with (rushing ef fect upon the noMo tn ion mtnof tlm bnrler Mjvo utaton bo are nuking ' i ry fturt to n.ivo Ilia CHUntry. With llir liMt pron1 wI-(im to wrl mir ll nn I titiiiiiii 1 litorl il thrr, vro llircfnro cnngratnluto llic country nl himx-lf upon liii fiilurc. It woo a nnnii. nation ulilcb, if ho unleMtool lit rflTt, lie ouglit not, in s frien'l to liin co'intry, tohno COctcl HI thti prrsrnt junclurn, Norlb, And knowing at tlm chief traitors Jo, that the Inaanc ccur to which Uity hart urg. eil the Sooth, muni he altrndM with Rmt uf rcrln);ii and ear riflcpa, n feariuK th trrril la fonwqiiMicea to tlirniMlrra idioul I the peopl, arrtln, how ifrofc-l.y thor hara n'lectlred ami I'miv1,1liryenit(vr to i loir themftret In adronroof the rerintiliilitr, lr irculatlng lid ami Ktlrll.utlnx to Mr. Mm omi'h lctlon nn if that htil tome mjrlcrloin infturnce Umn thr loimlry, for ril all tlm wuet which iprinft film their onii Infamous net. Tup p-rllwl Petrt (.'ongrMa mcolmit WWi. Inttn toitny, at thf iiiManip of Virginia. Ai it W not in the wit of man to frirat any Imtx'i.' lu-in'M for It, of npractkal li irn trr or rcMilt, e almtaln froiji (onimonlnrv, pki'iiIi tion or ahii-, nml wait toliir tin impnn liiirf "talk." W'c (an only hopo tit it It nnyiwln. Rciiioukly iiml ill lit ati-ly avoiil any vital point, a to n,nl!niii atnli allo to the tail. A Nril for Anion. A ulriu-i litter in the N w Yoik 7Vicj, from a I Itiaen of Wkliln)t n, urin Ilia miih' prop -mllon ailvanrnl y the hi i, a ' ilava aini'o lo wit, tin lmpcrtanre of InUp-nili-nt onl prompt aiti"U h the itatc, for thn protuitton rf the National Capitat. The (iorcrnmont 1 tnoit oVIieiitch Mtuttcl, in lew of the jnaloiM anil lrritalilo roiulilinii of t ho milt lojal slave lt(itr, aiol if tho fiarful ilo'ene'tof the ton (lid KoixKonin wnno of them, lietwuvn tho Tih lulu ainl pia'iniea of thn country. A rail fur freo-Matr luiiilii lit thla inomrnt, woull put Into t ho han la of lream a destructive weapon Vhirli mif;ht ratiiy overpower the gillant hanl of patriots in Monhml nml irlnla, who uro row riUiu r ir) thing in the i,Trt to heal linik IhelioHtiof million. Anl jot it W pain fully apirpiit that ton tinica the puny fune Cif rcRulart now at Wahint;ton, may l lion I- nt at any moinont. Tho ihi lrtor Into the ahanlaK' in riry war. 'J In ir r-pio, un- tiunilaroil ami unknown, arc in rcry nouk anl CHirnor of the lepitnl and or the (CovrriinnMit Itst'lf. Isadora and follow or are alike ImM. un ncruHiloua ami riikli'M. Suih are the a 1 ,i 1 1 -tagra they enjoy oer the go riiniout In point tf cerreny, that thouunda of arnipd luiurgonti might la qii irtercd in Wachinlon aa iaitura, their aima com ealed In their lai;gage, nt only without p.jtn-.ititm hut almnat without tunplo ion, whila lhou.iiiil more ran be held ill read! lion at axioua oiiit from two to rijihl houra lUlaut, mid thrown upon tlm dofenreloM city at n telogra fililo nlgnal.whlle there l nolliln to pre cnt the mir urc of etry railway and tilegraph line from the imtropolis to tho North at an liour'a noihe, 'lhoo roiKiimnnte otpor tunitioa, It were nudiiem to trust will not lm made ui' of by the do"r.ito men who have (takeil tin tr txiMnic on the no rem of IhUnionatroii rnnailr.ii' aainxt the gmern tnrnl, '1 ho goMrmnoiit lif t lo ilaelf, la left to a rhoUoof daugerv. It miistelthoriiiablntheioii Pxrator lo prmipitato Mart Ian I and Virinii Into roliellion, by nn eaier.itin li1 ty of Northern foroe, or il-c it must help them on In another way bj keeping the capital In A con li Hon that in itua at tat k niidciiouiiraea tru ion, and may too proliatily result in a Uo.nly and lrnvix'alilo ait of war. if not an actual nunc lif incalculablo value to the traitor. No pre caution ran ! too t oth , to pr ent a iioiailnlity cif inUi li an oflll. The jio"ion of tho feat of government om c obtaine I by tho luurgeutK, SMiuld li the klgnal and the pretext for a power ful rliing of the piditumrimiual ilaea in the middle Mates to Miprt tluun, and wn plioul I uiidiiubtiilly haw to light for our lilier lien in nor own street. IVu tlurifor repent our former uggcMUn In tlu Innu igo in whit li the riirreoiiidint of the 7iur inutirma it, 'leu Uimlxiii.l piiked men ought lo be reaily in New York and 1'hiladilphi t to start byalei nn r for the capital nt .in h mr'anotii'o. What la Ilia piaseushn "f Koi t & nater, or eren of I ort rul.ina, 1 1 ILw iou,'tiiral"raf lueoiupsrlaou with te kuin'iiaud of tLenoalof lejorul (iavanw mint r IflamiUl.t In th4 tiews, Iheu lasy, lilint the rumoM wl.UU roai.h n fioiu wt many NKurtiM, ULfotniNiulril by a-mai y i iilenoes oi rclubilily, be trebled wlln uogltst. f' m,i;i mMiiri t fiLtit oml ttllrn a im.o -in iti r titihmiM sv,i jrnm Yfifi4(ra'i'ii fi it ii'ic. to are th OtvUl In rveiy neaWiJ . ity, norlli it iltluin irn, as laiffe a ftiuv-of oltiuul'i1, we 1 arnwHl au.1 wall dia ripTiuod v ilouitHir Iroopa aa t an be provided ahoulil nine Ihenoelfea al the bania il "' toe Uu'eniura ut iaereiitlva81aitai, aiiOjocl at ad Itinoa fioiu ihla Jl tuilil lUe 4lU of M ink, to a aikl 111 call, ami inepairtl l embark at a tuouumi'a wtrulna. For lite iruniil di4MOi h and com e am e nf lhe Iroopa, wppropi tale Nteaioeia or wt icii, I pieiiiue, lliere aiamany engsgeit lu tie 11 ullteru ira., mil biw Ule in lite mirttirinpoU, ) m'd be t md llmially cbaitaicd. and ioale.1 and rovialouaj, ail t held til italiueaa w reielve lhe-elroij and aot out with theiu wbem er iniiiireil by Ilia (lomnor jdj ao, B'a-b prt'iraUon are ou'y reiautliaisry, aud Inwiveuo yloktlon ot tlale rlkhls, or natioual rigtila , lliey aremire y luirnded K mM a neceaal ty woub, if they ara mala on au aoipta Mile, laiy nerarlii lyelstbtoL, If Ihoy aia uot iudeM anl mad- i leuuilly. Is a.niuat ivitain lnseiir t( iiiiistlairevollnlcd now by our military infiv Iti.llilliUiiiy latiainO'iLe nanus 01 i'ia cim-inra-tola, tbaie will to II from lb North by Ibe iisiul l4llioJ r. ilea, lliaaa will be In Ibe baulaof llieeneiuy. lli'tiiuore, now Ruppoad to la generally waisert it vo , may aids wiib tben. Tba loMipa wblih I'euny.Titaia miflhl underUke loaeivl nit baalily, eoitUun y i.aua In niilllaiy at ray, aod uitglil only ba able lo re. U he 1'apllal Oer a iiixatiil vnufliii. I wiab il.b Ity lo dire. I 11 e attention of Ibe (toy rriioia and no III wy uuoi, on wbuiu 1'siiuaylxala, Nt Yoik and tbeNaw vntflaulguleainualvblaily i.l. tu dneit Ibeae ilaiuwlve iiieaauiea. tballba tiouj iulendtd the rebel or Ibe rekaplura of aula capita, niua r"- ,u ,u ,"' " r ' v mldable anny, In actual ptswwsloa of all Ibe atrial t plaeaa and immediate a r roacbaa of Die city The troiT of relief abould, Ibere'oia, be uodsr a aluiile oioanaaal, and muW x eoot-jed JMaar ti -u, tboufk It nayberelnlbroad by Iroopa from Weatarn hud Southern reunaylsanla, wh'cb Dibjbt, la UiU iieoeaaily, be nurcbed acroaa alaryland. HksrepreaMlatUa ai I ho Ha(lu VltauRAi-nt like the following, which we cut front the Vuksburg (Mi.) Sun, are freuly onl promlneutly publtahnil la tiieaouthenijuur. mill A pfuceoeloa marcbl tkrougb Ibe alraeta of New York bearlntT a Ha on wbuh wma Inaortlied Ihe aulooua woida ''lllotal or Drea-l. Tbouaaoda us i tbouaaada of meo t ae been throsrn out of eii 4oyaeul iloce Ike alaclloa of Ijwaiia, audaa a caM.uckos want and bnaer are the oonauiu Ifueaia la Ibounauda of boueenolda at the M irtiu The motive in puUUhiag luth falaulwoiU la Miiparent to all. The disunion leaden wish t treats) the imprtraion among thoaa whom they hare deluded Into paitUrsttion In their treaaon that tho eWtlon of Livcol lma alrealy larought ruin and atarvatlon upon the North, and that all the dreaded eylla of aaceaaloo are to be regarded aa aothitiK eompared with tho jyils aad tba wrong! which will U inflicted on the alay tatea, If they tubralttad toLuooui'a vlmlnUt ration of tba government. Of tit bavaeat mhtrepreaentatlona and At most avtroduua faUelujoda, the Beceaaion leader and 'thalr tgmU, have perverted tba judgment and muaad Um paaaiouaof tba aouthara people, who . fvavw Uttla etwrtuBlty U leam Uuj real (mUoi '' 'w4 tlM'fnM poalUon of their Uvthraa La U tlUhty Important .Nnyal Irfayeairtila. We have late and highly imiortant nows fooro the Home Hijuadron. On the 19lh of J tn i- aty, the('mni-MKler-ln-(Jhlef of tie fleM received orders, Inmutth Col. Pmisas, from aeisl lmmdlale' bi I'lnrlda ths United Btiles atcsm frigate Powhatan, Ihe gihlus anl the sailing coiviAtegl. Iiiis. Actllual aualtsisf lbs rnnllllonnf je spisl MQ.dMlinnhtrelP'l 11 e fset that e, ryahlp wss abart of lavlalcus, ul It would be nisJtiett to sent llinn on, pmliably, a Lisitile mission In U"h a eUle. Ibe lmprra'on treraile.eslenslvly, tbere. fnte, thai the veatle would gv to llivtnaor else where, and tbrn oVy the Ina'.ru tlona of Mr Ten IV. Herb us dlstffictnai eilstM amonir the iffiirraof Ibe I'owbatan wlen her d'atlnsllon lm. came krown lo t'lem. The Purser, Ibe Tnird l.lenlonant Rbd Ibe Irst l.leiilenalit Immediately titus'ired Ihelr resignations) but Ihe Oiplaln, while ootid tiotially acreitln them, refu ml tv at low their trtnrn In the steamer. Arrltnl of the Norlbem l.taht. The steatmr Northern Light, from Apin. wall, Jin ViY, arrived yesterday, laliijiug $,- li-,l.'.l ;T In i(i.'d. hnaoranr imt 1. 1. wnirs lltrrsfroni Wcsrsgua bring news of 1'ie dwlh of llni. Jinn 1, Wurra, of tbla city. I ti Ihe taller paitof Nivember, Mr. Wmta lefl New York fir Nkaingi a, in order to tfansiu;! some bustueas cm. nortrd with tbe otiitrai-t forgathering Inlii-ruliSer in tbal country, A few hours after landing, tnia lytbetianieuf (lArirr entered lb holsl In wbh-H Mi Wiiith was int odlng to pass tbe night, an I after a moHt abusive allark. open him, evidently ev riled by dilnk, drew a Colt'e revolver, and abol Mr, Vni tea few inohes laiiow tbe loft knee, absttertug the tsaies ami n udorln ampulstlon ne e-sary, The ampul itiinitisilt pbee while the s,tient was niler tl e Influent e of ebhnnfoi vt, lait after tie ope ration Mr. Wunr never rallied, and was only sonsl Me fur a few Homo uts. Ihe l.ltoa, fioiu Houlli America, arrived at Tenants Jan. 22, with newt of Ibe defial ef M una. as, on the I'lsina of Coyote, near the city of Nslsa, by (itii, Ptais Ttie C Hals tiirte ansl ItumorM. Ibe fust joieonerof war, l.leul. Jay ra K, Joorrr haa ainved at tVaahlntiai, and reported blruself l Sia akraav loetv. l,lut. J trir, Is attatbe.l to the "learner Viiamfe, now in ibe fliilf. but was tarorfrarily emplo)etlon Ibe H'atnttife, lie weut aeboreal Pensacola, an t was Immediately aelmd at a priataier, but teieaacd on rol tif honor mt t lsar arms agalusl the S'-al of Floi bla, aud a pass ioit was fliiuished bbn. Having proee tel lo New Oi leans, with the hoie of being able lo Join bla veaaei pom that mlnt, be was again Ibrestened, by Colin lir II wn, with arreat, unless be departed 'dilj'. The tail tialu found blm en nrntr fir Vasliiiit.tin. After besting tla etateinent, Seiretaiy Tot -rv rciieMtctl the t dement lo tie eummllte.1 to writ luf , tot the Hislllin of ,1oi rrr Is a novel one. Thn at lit ti i tit laa Is en made, en I with lb pMtfiort, laid lsfore Ibe tlovetumcM. ,ottri-r dis oil con alder bis i arole binding should the Iiepsrliuont ordot blm bark li Ibe Oulf. II silently retelvel bis iwsi ml, tint gvve no promlne whatever A lui, fiiim'e e.hf'1 near the CUy llallbuboen reijulitd to v it ate tletr bulldiuga, width are lln,r. coiiiittrd int.! quattera for aoldiers. 'lae aeutry now jiaeia In bont of tb building. Ibe liiisiaun delegation, eat ept Mi. Itooinsv, were bi n lire from Congress today, whether a cer titled f the oidinaui a ba r el veil or uot. Mr. lloiitM.vmysbe won't withdraw until bis I) nlrltt InstnitU blm to do ao, II lsiTattrd that a witness tafite the llutso Treaaon t'oiutnittee toaliilrl li a dilatation, by Mnym Hn t, that, If Maiyland aetetled, be woii'il give up Ihla tity aifar as be was tonetrtad. Tb ttonp end ordnance, whose derartnr frera her waa announced lalurda, arrived all wstl la VTaahUigton yesterday moroWif . Whew Gen. Joiiatoai aaarame command of the California Mpartinnt, tba relieved officer, Col. titan., resume command of bla regiment, th Thlid dragooua. In th department of which Ihe Otnrral tskra romniaud tbeve are l,tM troops. niE lates'Fnews. BY IKl l GRAPH TO TUU -V. 1. Sf.T. o I Political Intelligence. XXXVlta CONUUKrsH-tcrsvad kasjl. Ptennte. H'ortain'"" t'rh. '1 Messrs. Itldirn, fP.i.) I'msi. fliel ) I'iioii, (Ohio) awlCsui-aov fl'i.' tire, ai titi d a nun lair of msiiMirla'e la favor of the Catr yrai n Kmm li.tnn. Mr liunMUfMich Jpreaenteda tetitlim of the cltiretai of Michigan, aaking tks Rejitie to ascertain whether they have a Onvernnifht firWo, or n A reii lA, if a , tbnt meaaiire 1st taken lor lb appro benalon of all rltlrens preaetitlng themselves at tb aealof govetnmer.1 under pntenae of lieingCitn inlsslisioia from ln'Jneniloi,t, on the charge of tieison t third, tbal measures bet. ken lo prcteftlbe anblvea of the floverninsnt j fourth, that ire foila atill la the msae-lon of the a ivern ment at lue is-efJi tat promptly aiioplted with men i fiftb, that a aulb 'lent nuiuhar of vessels ba pi teed la ao ithei n J ot la, tl prott oommmoe abilcollett Ibe revenue Mr Tavanntt fl '.)cl'd tip the reaoluthsi of fered esierdsy fir tbe arpilnt ment of a Joint couo mlttie to pri v, le a n ode lor nounting tbe v itvs for president and VicePrralilsnt, aial notifying tl.e persona elei tsd, whll b aw p.-Hrd, flesernl aiotiiilnatits niaied frooitbeCiiiiimitti on tmltsn Affnita witeaooiiiril. Ibe I ill was thin .t,-in d until M " lay. The I't Itoute tilll Willi the uaa boeot from th oore ws tskrn up M'. Hair eaid tkathenaa In fsvorof th Over land ir.nil, bnl thoiigbl If Ihla routs waa a tooted, tba llnttet Old route mul I to tie itipao'(' '"' The bill was then ordered to I prime I .! o-l- Maiet Tl e b 1' to oryanlre tbe Oovernmsi I f 1 Vi wn takivi i p. A IJoulned. Ilonan f atrpryarnliillves. Misrs. Joni Cm llUAMt (S, V I, Mucins f I'rnil I ai.d Nolti I f M ) pre-, i iliu oi o a!a f a i.rtssiveotlbe strong disire i oi adju. in nt ot led then. lira Tinebt'e I, II. u led aiRiialuies of retail e, wl n l istaiMil I'm grf- In a -pint i f illrtstusi. but as tna diriid ujls of hi m rut viaitin f tie levonitl i, Mr Hun MAt 'Oi";' '!! up ILe In i viilmris iui' the I'rt-riilenl, at y Hue, I fon tin 1.1 of Jo ), tn lonow I) 'i edit ' the t ii le,' hvsUs, led ,-,1,.1'l'lt MIH.I'IO, 'It'll .itisit Mis, lie II ir II t Irn-.thnl 1 tsSl, wtlnoi p ,n n i B"inl aiinu all wilii uilrn-t, and Hie fs tu o tl.e t nUntd-itM tidied 'oi I'ia pt j iw i.l ot tho Inlere I and pi lu ll l Mi liui-afM) 'T. -ot a Biiltitule Ihit th ti mi mi i ol li a a t J me, W.o, provtdiiwr fur Ho ii-l.ii ,aiou ol il iiii a. uy uolea, lie m sltflej so aa li ln' w r Ue rt ruliry ' f the Treisury ti or I jtli II a iial iillbi 1 ibe loan not liken tinier that oi t in the ne it favorable tarma, limteail of rea Irlttlui tl a im foliation of tlieluanat ml leas than r, ai il aler U lii e of tin iD-toS'l of tbilty davs Mr I'nci ra stld Ilia M Trill .aril" II II orooaMl a lien I f2l I1NI0OU, mi. I Hie I 111 lraiila.l fioiii Ilia tliismuteeon Wavi and Meana, fVISKi Oisl, thus making yin tssi issi, when there la an unexhaiiats 1 loon i f $1 1 Win lasi nib r tl.e ai t of .tnm-, of whit h le drain d the (iovcrnmtnt to avail ltnelf without mini i easary dslay. Mr llaanraaoa on ir tne proviso tntt no irv rf tbia lisvn should tie used for tbe tuaiiilainaiM a of f irrrsto make war against any attte wbhU baa or may aoieite. Mr Hunt nfosed to accept tbe auendmnnt. l-virydo' ar under Ibis bill would tie required H ineit the llatiilttiea no tl July next, ami there. ntaiuing fourteen millions, nnuer tb ai t of Juna,to Frssa Albany. Nomination of Hon. Ira Harris for U. 8. Senator. AHning, Hi. 2. lAfil. The Repuldiran Joint lglslat.Ve Cam tie, lo tvimirale a f 8. Senator In place of lion. Wa 11 Brwaao, met at avso oMoct Ibiaeveniiar. Aasri HisnntH, ti P-nse'lter, presldid. Tbe clerks of.tbe Bmai ard Ibe Assembly, end Mr. C 8 I nnraao-'is Journal ilcrk of Ihe . tisora b r. a led as seorturlm All lae Himbllcan BinaSffaTand AsssmMymen wire presdit eneplMr. bsuoraaat, wu waa al aert ru areoutit of elrknisa Tl e ru os of the Assembly were a.mj tea to gov-i-rn th morns, and the flior waa eleaml of all liul uemtrra and prtvllegiil irsons, (Otiet'ir graeioasandMr, laasc a. lad as Tel- Tin bid'tts wer Uktn with lb following re mit Vml MUZ Whole nuniliee of vilea east. 111. Win M r vails 4j VoraoeOeee.ey, 4fl: Irs ltsr lis, '.Oi W. roitls N ijrea. : J.mea tj 8-nilb, 4-lli-oty I, Hmlih 8eld-n, , Henry J. lurmind, 1. frvui iMlbt -Oreeley, 4J: rvarts. if; Iltrris, tl- Noses r,. (u Herat. Uru.lh, i Kaymnnl, 1. rtnf Otis' -l.varis,4l, f.rselev, 41t Hsrrla, P. Nites 4.' Raymotvl, ; blank, 1. i'uinlh Hnltit. Oreeliy, 41j Kisrta, 41) Hirrls, K; 8ui'lb. 3 Ntyea, tf. Beld S; Rsymon.1, 1. Tl Is 1 ell it overrun one vote. ftfOi M', rvarts, 4ns Harrla, JO. Fmlth 8 Niyea, 3i 8 Idun, j Kiymon 1,1: blank, 1 AfirfA ItalM. -Cresley 43 i Kvarta3i Harris HI i N..yis4 Hmlth 8Uiu8i Kiysaonlli M. II. Iinwert. finmth ral'-if r.vsrts 41 . flreeley 41 Hirrls St , Novel 4 B'nlibil . BeltenS t Rtymond I i M. It Hr wir 1 Aastiiti'pt ws wale aler IS s billot ti pott Ions lbs nisiunatli a uiilll M m Uy evening, but wiibout siiei rss i:ihil talli -Oieelry 4It r vsi-ta 31i Htrrls 11, N"es 4 . Hmith l , Be'. Irs 3 i KtynH-nd I i M. K. Ilnwirl. Mr WAf.t a hee hovm t conlne the vitlngaf li r Ibe t Ml I allot to Ibe three highest randldatee. A...) ImiI'-i Harris 41 H-eelev 4H: F.rarls H. Nea'.. Su lb .1 Hi'Mtu t Ksymond 1. lift) It I' Harris l: (Ireeley4ii Enrts ! am th : lllsi b 1 'll.e is'uilijstio i was msde unanimous. , - Hsryaatewta af Mrs finraU. Chifngo, Fib, t. The Springfield eorrepn denl of the Chicago Tribvnf, says that Mr. I.tsrra.a rrturoed her yesterday. II had a recertlonon Thurrdsy evening at tbe Court llouae la Cbarlea Ion. lining preaaed to make a iech.hdee'lnl In any way lo Indicate hi future pulley, but ei preseedgnatgtatiflcalionat the hety uoaniealt wllb which ail pattie tad com torward 10 wl rem blm. Oi til relnrn b met a eomnltte of rltiaenaof Clnritinall, wh team lo too ler him th hnepllalillM of that ny on his way to Washington. They returned yeeterJay. bearing the letter ol Mr. Unco'n, a tmg Ibe laviUWrn. Mr. Cameron and the Cabinet. niVo.Wiaor, r'r. S. 'Ihe Nun lav ferriry puWiabe Ibe ronveraal,o hsd with M'. 1.1'oot.n ly thCommilleeof Ibermtrsl ltpubllcin C.u ML'nco'n I.llnnls, fort1. purpose ef nrgtnilhe api'.ntm"i " Mr Oturnn's lo Ibe Cvlilnel. Mr. I.laint stall d a gteat diwire to appoint blm, tail (balnea were made from Ohio aul tb western stiles of his corruption In ulUlalut a contrail. wnite, ii proven, must es 'in le niii o,n, u , -n-d'eatea blmseir, be eipressisl the alionueat diepr Itlm t-i an il ill him. Great I'eUn .lleellna In t tinrieeaosva, Maw. Ilotlon, t'rb. 2. A great anl enthosiastle meeting was held leal night In Ihe C ty llsll at Cbarlealnwn, over which tbe Uou. O. li. Tu iar preeldid Tlie kera Included Masars Hvrarn. PUiToa srvu, .ItMis Iiasa aryl Rmitan fa.iriiisiiiiix, Jr. ReaolulHSia were adopted urging th aloptlon of lb Citrrrranios proptwal. C'snisrrllrat la be ltepreeoled at Waahlng. Ian. IftittinJ, CI., '. S. '.overnor Di'miXd' n to las appolrlrd Coninilaaloner lo lepreieut Ctsine. lit nt al Waahlngvai. General Telegraph. Death of l'a-11-av. Ilarrla. rmruUnrf, li. I., th. 2. K (i iv. LlKill llissis died laat night at his retidenee in s mtb C veLtry, Heath af thief Jus! Ire Hall af Oimihrt, frli. I. Chief Justice Mali of this Terrlltuv, dleil at bis teal.lewe In llil'evue, abvut 10 o'vlta k tbia morning. l)iliiloiis of Ihe I'rraa. Tlie il'ui,'irov lews Hie action of the Demi ctalle Mule C aiventlon, aud arilvel nl the con ilusloutbat It has uot ntcntupllsheil miitb, an 1 that Its unatkod advice to the It piib.U'aim atand-i small chance of belug taken. Tb Hmfif but also a sever i-ril data of Mr. Ifoa arr ClitiH rv'a iualifltatitiii for Ihe ImjiorUut of fice ol fulled gtuiator, Tbeaut.eieor of Mr. Raw aao Khould bo a man wbe la capable of etqulrtnf weight in tbe Hmiate. Mr. (lirrirv, as awajward, fortlble, egotist bat Uuruallst, has acquired lion an I 1ml lent e, but tbe headlong lervor, and the dirci I d minatory style that make bis attlcles ai rai), do is't tempt it wllb tbeilear hsal, cool tiu a?i, and far-sighted vision, wUUh fit a wtateuuau bi Jsal wlrely with gieal t leatlous. Ibe Juiiiviaro tVniinerie fir the ra ther pm ahow made tiy a mnvcotion In whbh thirewrie a.v many able men, sbitlng as a reasin llerefor, that Ibe ilrciuuatani ea allowed only of a so taking pail lu the speaking and la the work of the couitultlcee. Hut the JiiirimJ le rrjoh lug tUt Ihe ctiiiveiittoa deOaird a-ainat omntug lb seed ing slam. lb Vufii;! Vi iuotes fi om ChaiuoUor Wai worth's iqetb, what the Cbaiaellor ald be wit lieme I at Ihe belli of Platlaburg, aud then is maik - 11 ceitalnly must have lieea very weoug In the I tilted Htalee lo cai ry on a war wbu h end uigered the Cbanuelltire boiui i and that bulUsi In bis door U an enduring rebuke to tbe uuoleaeiioea of the gov ernment fur not stipulating that there should be no shot4tiig,b lore coniuioutlog a "t Ivli" war witbUreat Hi italn. Sooner than expeae the veneraule Cbancel loi's dwelling to tbe bnllouof a hostile eoulbern con federacy, auirvnder all tbe govorniaent property s Iraltore, allow every Inault to tbe national flag to pane uiuiotlcid, let all tbe lUtea withdrew that wish U, and abandon the I nlon at ouoe. Toe Ckaucel loi's bouse must be piut.lJ fiuia bu lets l sll hsaaids, Tba 7i ikuoe, presuming that there ha already been rut bat leering tail of tmttor thai thoa who mean to stay in m I nlon and uphold ita antuorlty ate now a working niajoi Ity la eat h H uise, Insist Ibst we muht have atailfl that will replsulsb Ibe Treasury, and it caunot be paaasd a day loo aain. Ws must have ell needful aulborlly and mean given tithe Kwcutive for the enf uveiuenl nf Ihe laws and the malnlenaia of tbe federal authority. Tee Uovenimenl must be left by Ibis Coigreaa la uo bitteiing, no patalysed condition. It mint has meaLa, ciedit and rower to command ebedirn'e, ar d Ihca ar yet to be created, u r. Llama must not b oneapellrd to call Ibe new Congress In ilr asaalon tf It b ptaslbl to avoid tbal rasjrt. A admmlatratlon thai bagbi wllb an esir sosaloa always break d iwo wltueae Vax Utsaa'a and II laaiaoa'a. 8ucb a araalon may I j avoided If this Uougreaa shall de tie whole duly, Tb Trmt think thU llttl a th lata Albany oonvsutlou to tb publle walfare, 11 certainly uld tlllllssa for tb Demooralki party, Tb call Iba.f ws moat Ill-judged and ill-timed. Then 1 a bsallby unpiesalon abroad, and al this critical mo mebl in oar national career, and pertiaaeshlp and all aeilionel feeling should be slleut, aud aubordlnalsd U lb klghsr oblUralloaa of citlaensbip. If the daeaagtug Idea bo lioaua current that a ulaerabla allsult to maiiiiriu'tur tbe national agoayinto parly rapitsl waa tbe whale purport of tae galbenog, there t nothing I th facia of lb oaa, or lb props sdlags oftli Convention, to oantradlot It. And to reach thte werthlee aud even doat rut live reaulte, tb raity haa iieeu boneleaaly divided i war declared between Albany aud New York i and all thoeeop portuolllee toy Ibe ultimate rscoiurtnu lloa of the parly, which at this moment should bs eedukiuly euuited, bar boa put bojlely out of reaah. Naval Iaseaigear. Tb general order ef tba War prtroeni, rU livelocetUU officers on leave Joining their reft neat ha Uea unduly aiagolfUt lata Importance. It will nut Uk sffsot oa a aoor of gtalieraa U Km entire eervir. Tba troepe ftsre hueaiiad la nana berjlUlLartbseagei'rbaatdaf for Old rotas,ar W rtauaia narataaaatl ihara. nit the tiutataiullne treaautv luitea. Mr. (IAS rrr, riaaldeilng lluit the M mail t. tariff bi.l provides for a hmu at tweuty-one mlllliais, la gsrdeil this bill aadeaigued for war pnrtMaes. Mr. MiuaoN moved lo strike from Mr. Purie, aubalitiilc the wonle, "the pnaeals of aald loan imy Isi applied lo discharge the current eipeiieoe of Ihe gt.vernmei.l H Agrrid to by 1 V T, against 41. llaauUtiluie af Mr. Piisinwa thru rcjitld by M againel 119. Tba bill as oi lgliu.ll repot ted waa then peawd by III aaalnaltO. Tiie laitlau Aniroprlallon bill waa tbrn liken up, wfra Mr. WvauntrnSK fill ) moved that the II ,uae'ao. crd lo tl e eoiialileratlon nf the Hontte'a tesobivion Iirovl bog for a Joint eomn lltve locoiiul tbe vote n Piialdiiil ai.d Vice Piesi.letit of the I ulted giatei, and Itif.itm aud uify tbe pcisout ib'ietu of their .lis lull. M' Oasiuti bad no objection Is cnnaldor the re. so.iiliou tn the regular way, but was npoed tl taking it up alll.laliinn, it nol I'enu', In Ms opin ion, aipieatlonafUttluglho prlvilvgiaof any luetu- aerolllio II use. Ibe Hi-eaker overruled tbe point, on the ground that the Conelitutitm lopitred that the v .Ira sllonl I b counted, and sin h arraugemeuta niiisl bo made for tl e purpoee. Mr (lAaaerr fell blman'f oaisttalned to apimal 'noil Ibe divliloii of the tluili, tint llm H uise f.ld the s eal on the table, by lm) ngaluel 1 J. flu motlitiof Mr. WAiiuuKr,a loinmitteeof five waa oiileted to t appoiuttdto Join Ibut on the pait oi tne Heuate. Mraara. WAsuiioaNr, of Illino's, Ai'imt, Klv, AaioiiHow. of Ki utocky, and Cuaiu, of Miaaouil, were spioiuted as tbe conunlttee. Ihe House then went Into Committee of the Whole on tbe Hcfti'lcm y bill, Tbe Cbirl.pil unit-ad-imul waadistusaed. Aljouintd. M.M Oltll MUIIM.ATI HI. AsMruibly, Altinti;, W. 2,--(.ov, MonciAX aent In the pi oil clings it tbe Millie l.eglalatiire, livorlllg n unilotui eyatem lu weights, measuiea, anl tur reiay. Laid oil the tshle. He alaotiinainitltidlhe lesolulliii i ot tbe Nuw Jersey Lvisbiture eu Intent ic'atiottN, givin Ihe luioow of tbe commissioners nppoiiiletlTy mat stile in a.cordant'e with the rero lutionsof tie l.igielatuii ot Virgiula. Mr. I(onios inove.1 to pnuting of Ibis nud a'.l alini'iirrtiuimutiitatioiui. Mi Kisii iiiovtd to aouiwl bv exi biding tbe euu tnuiib atiou from tl e state ol Virginia. 1. ad,8J t-i 4 1, aid Mr. K'uiiss in' luollou waa ad ipied, oiLia rAsarii. To open t'ellv stiret, llrooklvni to authorize tbe p'tv I I tba lo I or mw iM'J.WM to psy Ibe It latillg di 14, ul d making the future incurring of debt bv liiecity govtrnunnt a miaii meanor t t provuie for ll-e pnjmcitt " tnteieat ou cerlvln taual drafts msl awaitia . I" ai.ttorire Ibo sata or luaMinj ot teal estate belonging lo luvo!ciit, scltntn , or phan anylums, and lulssloi arv aotlrllts. Mr. KouiNstiN liittu.tia'ett Ibe fiiicnrrent insolu tliiiie, aiitlioririiigtlieHute to cialormi tbeboivls of Ihe I uiltd tltatea fts tbe aiiMiilnt due Inim the rt'oU'lor the I tilled 81 ilea U.aialt I'uu.l. Lill over InlheHuitte, the Asxeuil'ly coueuiTent relu. lUsiaapisiliiiliiM CtiiiiiiiiHHioueia on tl o urlof Vir ginia's pir laeittloii w re oun mncoit. Mesaia. Coivia, J. M.. L. Mnu'iiv ami I'uni, detuil to ii nelder Ibtin Imiurdiale y. Tbe Presldt nt aald that it vteut.l rt.pilre tbe im ar.lmoua tons! tit of the Metala-rs, otherwise It must Itv nil tbe table one rlae. Miisua. Wiiiiama, Lai'Mau, and Msao objM ed, tbry went ovir. Illlosla Lralnlalare. CMeago, .4. 2. 'Ihu Illinois Henate Com mltue ou I ederal Halations yeatei day reiaute'l tb vt with Ibe earueet desire for lue return ot harmony aaiotig all eiir sister stutee, aud out ef respett lo lbs asuuuaiwealth of Virginia, the Governor be requested lo apiailnt five commlsalonera to atteud tbe Ctaiveotlun at Washington on Ibe ih lust. The aacond lesolutluu says that Hi Appointment of a oooriiiiasloiier by the aisle of Illinois In leaponae to tbe luvllalion of tbe suts of Virginia, te not an ea. ureaaton of opinion oa Ibe lwrt of this stale that auv siuandjutnl to Ibe 1'sJcial Conslitullon is raw ejulalle tu iet ore the people of tbe alavebolding stele adequate guarantee for eecurlty of their rlsbta. nor an aooiovat of the tsuls of aettlainent of our diftltulllaa, proposed by tbe elate of Virginia, tsit la an expreelon of our wllliugnese lo unite with Ihe BUlo of Virginia In an earnest offers, to adjust th present uubspjiy ceulroversy tn tbe spirit In which th oonatituliou wa originally fuVmd and consistent with it principles. Tie third reaolveelbal th approprlat and eon slltatlonat nielbod oCTconaideiiug and acting upoa tbe grtevanoee complained of by eur alster laiea, would be by tb call of a convention for the amend ment of Ibe cwwlllutlon In the maimer oonleaiplaled by tbe Mb article of that Instrument, The resolution wtro adopted by a vote of 13 to 10 a strict party sat. Ot staves Koala sa has declined Ihesppettamanl of i'onuulaaloner aud Judge Plum hoe beea ap pointed la hi stead. I n accordance with resolution of th Legislature iwaard yeelerday.yiov. Yarna atolnted the follow ing Cumoilselooer to Vaaklugtaai. Btivbis T, laaian, Uitvani A, Kosassa, Kx-Uoveraor Wood, II. C Cooa, Tuoaaa J, Tvaaaa. aiesaartsaaelu Iajtslatarvs Jlotlon, Vo. 2. Th House went into aecrat asaalon today, to eonadsr th bill appropriating one hundred thousand dollara tj the koergeauy 'utd. It I Us,aiarA tbal an Important flomaa. nloalieu ha been received, th bill paessd under a aiusjianslou ef tbe rule. tnirklgaa aVeslaUtatrs lefrosf, . 2. In tb SeaaU yesterday a resolution, authorising th Governor to appoint fly CoDUulaaloaar lo Washington, waa rejected) yeoa, IB, tare, 1. Tfc Kesnachy Igtalatara. fawimtf, . t, TU Kentucky Legisla ture, In th BenoU, psasea. by a vol of S to it, Mr. ratal! reaolatioa, appealing to aoulhemr la tap th at ogres of ryvohiUen, and prtitssslng OfratDstfaieswl boeeotea, and taaolvlng thai vrhed tna Lsarkslaawjw ssarai tm U h of tretajmary, Il be to the tath ( Atwti. haav tat reepoaaas af hat aistar etakse to our aspUootloa to Oocgras to call a oaUoual ooovaollon. Seizuro of the Mint and Tultlio Ttloney at New Orleans. Xiv ( " twin, I'iIi 1. lh m'nt an I custom bouse ere 'I'l.lV y lat-ll .t.irday. Toiay tb olli islstoik lueoaiu ui.lsr 1'ie ordinance of the C oveeliisi. The ieiil of the Cotniiutlao nn C'llaenshlp Comes lip loday. iriiiiny'on, fib. 2. Some ten dtya ago, Sicretaiy Imgavelo Aha as' K,iresa Comjiany a draft on the Assistant Treasurer al New Orleans, for Ihe iii-ieof trausfniringlbe coin ami bullion In Ibe Hrsnch Mint in that dry lo th Mint In I'lill-id.'ihla. The amount of tbe draft was three hundred and fifty thoesand dollara. three dsya ko, he reci ive.1 a dis,iatuh from Ansa agent In New Oiliaiis, slitiug tbnt tb amount would 1 dellveietl Isi twutir llirt days, but that Ih As sistant Treasurer dri'lloed ti deliver a pail, a signing as a reoMon that ba wiabel lo pay the en tire draft alome. Tbeflscirtary Immediately tsl rgraphed lo the Tre muter ti sty t tbe Ktpiest sgenl on that day as I irge an amount as the agent ctaiM ltauaiurt. The coin anl bullion are chiefly allver, weighing several tons. Tslsy the 8etro tary baa received a dispnlvh the Kvpres t'unipany, Informing blm that the Asatstint Treaa urer n fuiH'tl tosvy any jsallon of the draft, aul that the Ilreiiib Mint bjs been tsken poaseaelou ef by Ibe aulhui iliea of theslvleof iuiaiana. 1 be clrciiiustamee clearly lnllcale dellberal coutilvatice tm Ibe art of the slate authorities to gi t poaar ssbm of tbe money In Ibe Mint. This action on their part la utilversnlly condemned, and Is re garded by tbe government aa one of the most high bandtd ail outrageous tnnsatlloas that hi yet Isms! imqietrated. liven Bouth Carolina lefiise.1 to take the money leionging t tbe government, hav ing accounted for and paid over every d .liar to the Inittdfltates. On rrceljt of this news this morning tht Presl d'liilcallrd su ritraorditutry eeaa'on of tbe CaM iiet,aiMl lhewole aubject was considered. It la undemUsidltint 8'ii'itora Ukmamii and Sunlit., were tent for to know II tbry wer of this tranaai lit li. rrwnt imblngton. 1'ah!nrltin, l-'tb. 2. A silute was fired at tbe Nitionil Armoiy today, for tbe admission of Kansas Into the I ill ill. C d I.Ainiii, wbtaesmierliilendoiicy ol the Over land Wagon Road waa so N-tistai toiy b the govern ment, lias resigned Ibut office. Muanip.ofoa, f'eb. 3. The Conunlsalotiers from New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kenltieky. N rth Carolina. Virginia, atsl Indiana, hive ai rived bete, aud tonight ere interchanging visit. An additional bsly of Federal troops has arrive 1, and Ihla morning' train brought aitillery, anus end munitions of war. An (fto't wll' lie male by a men ier 'the f'oni' tn'Uen nr lv e to rejsirt ajooit llsolntlonpiovldui I r a ca 1 of a Nitionil CouvLitiou li r tut adjust mint i f ssiatu ( il iritiiltli. An life ,1 pyif tbe I. mtsUut nrditiiuro ( aeeessb n bus ten rejslvitl, and Ibe delejitiou fn'tn that state In (."ngrees, with then epllon ol Mr, Itot juusv, will pr'lsihly withdraw from further dcbtieratlona tn Congress I imorrow. Its Is tbe tally tne from the seceded stite who bs taken mtt In the pmeoe tings since Ibe soveial ordlnancea of aetession hate laa'n passed. The nainea of nit the members of tbe Unite, from the Seeding slatis, eoiiliuue li be calle.1 when voting. The Pirshteiit basretcivl Colonol Htvai'i com muuitatlou In legsrd ti tbe public proi-eily In Boiilh Csrolin i, and demaudlug, lu , tae he will not enter uegi tuitions for It, tbe siirreud, r of Fort Sumter. This letter ties t-een prepated wltk gieat care, bavlag Urn aubinllied to M's-rs. Ilcarm anl Mv eon, anl alai to Moasra. HrsJAUia and Buori h. Tbe Prraldint will reply to II aa early ap.wable. Ha has oceii nothing lu the events of tbe last few week lo ibange bis views. The ( allfornia Pony llturpw. prf A'rtirnee. AVfc !.The Pony K sprees pae sedb(teat8 30P M .tin 'oxvsV-i, Jan lit. 3 4 . V. -gimsof niirliiislu as men are experiencing eorlons troubles from the distill. asl slate of the I alon, having our chair 1 --ovrrTimeiii drafts for retulllsine htat, vLlch came latk pnSeat.d. A lady isutienger, who a una nioVbs ao brnka her arm wbll getting onaCillfoml bounl at. tnerat Panama, has jiM el4sint tiissl verdict kgaiuat Mr. AsiotriuiT fr-in a Stu I'aw lx Jury, I ATnvr av roar rticto Hit L. Fan rronriscn, .fin. It P. K lltiasait, Dnif- tsa lietniarsl, was tlected speaker of tne Assem- 1 iy I alay '1 ne i law einltksllver mine dst Islon gives then liiistolheilalmanta, tnlrei'-tla their claim ti II e adjoining lands. Ilotb Judge agiee I. Thirty prlsone-a alteninb-il Vi eaeaiie from the state prison yesterday. Three were klhed, thirteen wounded, and tbe lwlaiae arresttsl except one, Tl.e guard wsa slightly woun la.1. The Jarhalaw Case. Tnulim t'rb. 2. 'I he Jury In the .laikilow case came Into court to-day at Ili-Vln'k, and rea tlernd the fol'nwlng venlict "Wo til t that the prisoner call. dJ'Mia, alios, I nr Cvaor.olsu Jacsa low, 1 guilty of tbe rolsjery, charged In Ihe first count of the iiklidment, In the manutr therein snarl fled ai d that the offense waa committed on board the alcop 'Binwy', whlrh al th tlm was laying on lb waters adjoining th State 4 C inrunluiut, between N irwalk haTU.r and Wssb-hester county, tn the HUte of New Yoik. end at a point Ave mllea evat- warn rmra L,iiaie l-uim, one arai a nan nines irom the Connetticut abore. el low water mark, and then further et) , tbal Ibe defendant 1 nol guilty oa th other oetllile In th Inthrtmeul, Mr, Oaaaois, tba oounatil for tbe prlsoaer, movd lo sit aside lb vcrdut aa ts-Uig agaluat tb law aat evldtnce. 1 hy w.Il Imng the case up for arrumsnl, be'or a full i-ris'b, at lb Mirth tetia of tb Court, aa to Jurisdiction. Tifnlon, Feb. 2. One of the juror stated that they bad agreed ouly aa lo the cnat, men tioned In the Indictment, and that they considered tbe taking of tba money md proved. Tbe charge oflbeCourt lotbejury waa, that If tbe jury tai l'eved tl e pi Isoner murdered Lkara for tbe pur pose of ot wining the proerty,tbe rrlme waaclesrty toblsiy. And aa the veidii I la fir taking the coat only, il willlsi maintained as a around tor a nsw trial, that tbe prlamer did imt commit the murder for lleutni-ae of nitil'loir tbrtnia tho coat, which was piovtd to Ik- worth about ouo dollar, t.rrnt Increaae of Hallway Tntflb. .imiVroft, Jim. SJTIi (iret Western Railway traffic for Ibe week eudilig yesterdty ainounls lo $19 SOU, Isung an tucie-ie o) $11,000 over tbe satu wik last year, Conntrrfolt Hill. Win, thin, f'tb. 2. A now and dangornui count' ife It -flu un th llrlghton Maiktt II ink, ap sured this allermam. ,KkwTok HoirtTAb IViEgi.r Btroit to ru. 107, 1W1. Remaining aa Jan. totk, lot I ad mitted to Feb. lit, it discharged, cured or re lieved, K i died, 0 1 remaining at daU, tM miles, 73 1 ft males, t3, Flrea, Aerbleata, faejaewta, Arc. Fmi! vt A Dakoc Yesterday mirntng, about IV o'clock,' a fire waa discovered breaking nt en lonrd of the bvg Kentucky, lying at th foot of fsthet .North P.lver. The fire was seen In Ibe centre of the list, m Ihe upper deck, end as the cargo conalaud prltalpaoy of lumber, tbe flame gamed rop'd 1 eadway. The firemen wcte eo-m at work, bnl they were urstUe to save lb vessel or caigo, which. It is aup pnerd. yrtll prove a Ittsl loss, on Bttjrdsy tbe waUhman employed on the boat seas taken slik, and a noparsoa ws an baud lo watch, tb fir waa undoubtedly thewotk of an Incend'ary. To Kentotky wsa owns.1 by Captain Wiim r and her value la set ilown at 51 oou. Tbe loae on lurutier le alsiut $1 Wi. Tbe losses are fully covered 1 y In surante In (Ity tompanies. Sixiu At rtrr. Shortly after 11 o'thak, oa BatnrJay evening, a Sre bnkeout lu so rating 1 "Use, In Cih ar , Mwren 4Cih and 47th at., mrtpted lylsaa. T. Cot. Abss of about $100 waasustviued. Fiiik it Snotn At utrr- Shortly licfore 3 o'clock ou Btturday morning, a nrbrokonl In lh liquor etre. No. 3)1 Seoond avenue, occupied y rTBii a O'Coaaoa. Tbe flame were aoon extin guished by the Bremen. The slo.k was damaged about lfai lnaure.1 In the Titer C.ier Inanranc Co. TL, also owned by Mr. O Cos a "a. was dsraaged about $MI ln-ured In the 81. Mark's Insurant e Co. Tl e reuse of the A Is unler Inves tigation by Fire Marshal lltat. F.UsrAi ARH.-Tlir Third District alsrm, aloul 3 o'cltik on BaiurJay UK.nuog, waa false. SiHti'K. Jaiou Kr.t-iKB, a German, up watdsof CO ytar of age, con-mltted rilclJ on Baluiday al bla rrsldrnc.'. No. lit Delancey street, be lloslnir tau lanum. He had been an Invalid fo some years, wll'ini b ,iea or recovery. Coro ner B a 1 eld an lispieat tipmt tbe bo ly. Ai cinKxr. Coroner .St iiirmkr hcl I an Inquest, al l M mroe str.-rl, on the body of Mr, Bum I"'" MssTia, a man T) jear o' age, who del from tl tfletls of injuries received on Ihe 15th tilt., In ouraniurnr ot having lieen run oeer t y a furitetute watin, comer of Second avenue end lilh slrest, Tt.e Jury rendered a verdu.1 of accidental demb. Heceased wss a native of Connect'cul. Toe owns e 1 1 tl e wagon, or the driver thereof, waa o.i aaeitaiiitd ty Ihe Cotoner. A( t lUKVia. Tiiomai Notjtx, who hal been tlaytng al be'.l with bis at hnol mates, wsul to tbe trp of Louse No. 413 Kasl loth id re it, yesterday elernoni, t gi I a ba'l. R turning, he lepped through a sk light, anl fell lo the liwer flvor, Itxtb of blsarnaweie b.okru. He wa taken to the II ejlbil. Oa ti'dsy evening, Mrs IKsssta, of N , 111 hast lotli itreet, sliota'tl on ail Ity sidewa'k la l'-'tU sue. t, al u fell, Hbe was llijurrd ao sevrrely that sba was unable t mli her residence unsasMed, undwastaksn Hither by Oih ei AUAikt, of tbe lth Pitt Int. Oiluer lm iiKRit h Cook, of tho 22d Ward, was knotkid Into Ihe link, foot of !Hh st , N, R., rarly yrsteiday morning, by sleam fire-engine !fi. !H, whlrh ran violent y ogalml blm, and he was with ililhinliy ren'tii d, a'lsr sinking Iwhe. He was sum d ly iflitciadaiia A Mastii, asa'ttnl ly arltirtn, and was leloi.t ti ounsclouauvse by Dr. Ivw. Mn. Cukt.ix, residing at No. 121 Clinton riaie. wsa dtngirously binned on Batutd.y even ing by the eiploaion .fa fluid lamp, Tiiti. Nul-Ai, a lad, 16 years of age, who re-ilded al No. til Ninth al , waa killed, on Satur day eviulrg,ly fa'ling through the akvhghl af premlaes. No 431 Teulh st. Coroner Jacaaais will hold an luqutsl u-iu Ibe body today, Felice latelUgearsv, Ae. f acrriAnojr of am Arrrnrrj Ctrl wm ALTH Bawh Hora rsHI,ae s.betVi c Allbb Faeasa.-Th. polkr "j1 nf niter si of beam Money on 1 oa h anamination is th various "-- Osaoaxnarsn. oa atlurd thai aa organised otterapl to flvod I eounaermta aaa orra maue. a as oun men of renter 1 aprearance, tears of age, aad rei.rsentd Ih nueatloned. a mechanic In tbe They rare their name a Cnaair1 MAM Itoaiaeots, don itliv atav. l.Asooa, Wu Lisa fit l roan. In Uaoaoa Pioeoiaa, Jaaaa MtCLr iasis jAaaa llronm, and At lol, mn iwHr ltlol i, whs trs.le V.Wl. PTBo ylsm. NISI Li tan aad, i lacs thed. Tho ttaehlntilen t'onveiillon Tin folium liu have Ix-eit apmintel Cummia slonors from ditlerenl Mtatee lu tho Convention to ba held at Wailiiutnn ta-tlay Aew Fur t.raalna Corning, Wllllm Curtl Noyea, Qrarne C. llrousnn, Ilavid lludley Field, William K. Iiiilg, Jam 8. Wadaworth, A. II. Jsmee, Adduuiu (lardlner, J sines 0. Hmllh. V niwTifiwnla .Wm. II, Meredith, Thomas White, James 8. Polio. k, Itavid Wllmott, Thnuiu '- Franklin, Andrew W. L'miiuIs aud Win. Mo Kennan. OAi,i (lov. Chase, ThomasF.wtng, J, C. Wright, Wm. Oroeabrck, V II II rtou, Keutien II U htxa-h and J. T. Ilatkiui. lustructAd to pnicnr nadjouru uient of tb confareare until Ue 4th of April XimouW Waldo p., Judge llmgb Colonel Htmlpban, Judge Deiikner aud John 1). Coulter. Khod Hand. -Chief Justice Amea, Alexander Duncan, Governor 11 iiln, Oeo. U. llrowu,8truul Y. Arnold. I rrtrimoJohn Tyler. Wra. C. R.ves. John W. linitksuLroub.lisorgs W. Bummer and Jama A. JforjtanJ. Tb Hone, Rsverdy Jahnann, Augu tu W. lliedfi.rd, William 8. Ooldabrougb, John W. Crteadeld and J. Ill ion Roman. Art UompsAu-s. Acoue Tutk, As Fowlsr and Levi Chaniberlatn. Aew Jttu Cbarlea 8. Olden, Robert T. Btoak Iso, Joaeph K. Boadolnb. Kodman M. Price, reter It. Vrooai, Deajamln Williamson, Frad. T. Fra llnf huyaeo, Thomas J. Blrykr, William C. Ale ander, ZKlovxin. Georg B. Rodney, Jeka W. II 'ua ton, llsnlel M. Balsa, U. Rldgely, WUllaru Can non. Jtmiur?. Jsmee II. Clay, ei-flivemor Mora baad. Jamas Qulhrle, Jtabua F. Dell, William 0. Duller, Charle A. Wlekllff. Aert Cnrolind. Thoma John M. Morshsod, Osorgs Devla, David 8. Held, V. M. Ilvrrtngsr. Tsrwteaese.Rotorl J. McKlaney, Sarauel Mllll gan, I, R, Htwklna, A. O. W. ration, Alvio 8. I'lilhan, Wm. F. Illekenun, Oeo. W. Jones, F. K. zeuikotrsr, wiuiom U. Bteiins,KODn i. uoruta- ra-Tbouiaa Martin. lUi, linoisKi-Oovsrnor Woon, Judg Loaia, B, 8, Cooa, Joua M. raumant Tuonia J. Tcaaa. V'eivncoU.tU-Oovernor Hn.An Hall, Lieut Governor Livl VwDaawoun, General H, II nay Daxtu, Ilea. L. E. Cunaanaa and lion. B. D. Uaaaia. Imhona Hon. C. R Smith, P. A. Hmklsmtn, Q. 6 Urth, E. W, II. Ltwla, and T. C Bloughloa. tie Onaa af Us FaaUva Aaderaam. Tonnle, 'et. I. Tbe KngUah writ of aaieai eorjiu In th ce of th rugiliv Aioaeoa, arriv ed In town yeetorday, Th Chief Juitlo of th Cosumoa Flea hsr ha alio laavud a writ of aoasaj asryw. AJlhsprlaonerbitntleBraalfcrdJallth TwreJlraniolutohe en. Both Ih bench and th bar ara unsalmou la th ainloa thai la Chief Jjttatloaaf Kngtaad ant wawarraalobly In Msthg ! lf'2 tlhlJ lo JurUdicUost Ah ,hlf JtsUca of Canada. A vviioLFHttr. FtiiHiFR aiii SvviMu.i n. During lb tuenlbs of Da.. anl Jau. Mr, llnwr LeaamiAOk, who wsa farmetlly em loyed tiy Me srs Cn abi ns Ri li u antl llrolber M Chatham atreet, baa lawn eiteastvelv engago.1 in otAatnlng birds, bird cages, sogers, and money) besides a variety of other giMsie tiom various mercl ante nf Ibis city by meana oi ringed oruers. 'i ns vaiue oi wnat ne tons rerelvrd mey reach $ -00. C implalnta bslng luiJs to head quatters resptttlng tbe forgeries, Delia.', tlvealitvoa, ICnsaNra and Hanrsoiv, .mk tb matter to liend and after several wek se-vrch suc cclel In arresting l.isuioAca In H-sler st . near the llowrry. It appear that the accused ws In lb prattk of lorging ordaia for what b watittd im roen.hai.U at. ius.nte.1 with htm, and then die; alt hlinva with the login order for the gooee whit h he would rarlve from them and de camp with the plunder, lie thua obtained SO ptlra of blida from hie former employer, llkewtee$ln n t ash; of another irty be oUalned five hnudrwl ae. gara, and of eouie jeist us whos nam hav not yet tiansiilrtd be olAalwsl bird ragea. After hie ar rest the is loni row nid up and confessed lo hbi v loua dellinptlnclee. Tbe gssta be wou'd convert lutniasb, au-loonvtit Ibe priKeeds to hUewa use. He wsscommitud for examination, A PlJUTlllTK FtOlTIVF AattOLTPrd Or- rioirjv Late uj I'rl lay night a man named Davio II. JoiiaaoN, alleged to be a fugitive from Mtdiaoa county, this stale, wheie Le stand charged wltv. forging waa ane-ted by Lflicer Alijin, of It's 4th waid. Joiisson having forfeited his bail and lied to Ibis lit), bis taudairan, Joua W. CoaLAr, I'll- lowed in pui anil ai.a c msm u'.s arrest. Aller be ing luktii, Ihe pttsouer li,pd Mr, Coxlav, who waa picsenl to idenllly blm, and atsauit Ing Hi officer, made bis recaps. Hi wis hotly pursued for several blo'ka and re arrestott after a dcepcinte struggle, la thecouflitt Joiisson rii'ght tbe nose of oifitcr between ble Utth end bit him severely. Tbe desperado a'sokitkcd ai.d violently onaa u ted ofllcere liars an I ItLAt of tbe 41 h ward, who tame lo tbe aid if their associate, Tbe accused was handed over to bis botittsman and will be l.kru both to MAdleun county fir trial. Fatii. An hit mtwfki WtiMtrv. Coro ner 8t uiaura held an Inquest, on Sunday, upon Ih body of CaTUAiiar Ktiirv, a native oflislsnJ, M years of ege, who dltd from Injuries received ea tbe eUth ot Itoreuitier last. It aptieared In evldenoe tnat ou tbe evening of that day Jw eased got drunk, aud lriame very abuaive to a woman named Joua Mcurar, who oxuoled a room near her, tn a house In He tear of No. fin l-eil 13th st. Bbe fbiaJy com n eai e.1 throwing slot e lotllea al lbs door of Mrs. Mcainv, and tbe bitter suddenly opened lb door and threw a ston bewl al her, Tb mbwil trunk her upi n the forebea.1, aud caused lnjurle wblth rovd fvUl on Saturday nlghl last. Tb jury brought In a verdict charging Mrs. Mcaruv with the htenkide of deceased, and ebe waa locked up to await IheattlonoflbeGraudJury. Ctrn in: ay Uckui.aks Atirt TnrrrM The lth Wurd INillce arrested yesterday three young meu, named Tii'- Kh.ij.iia, Jons Ucass aud (Iro. Minim, charged with bavrlug on Saturday evening, biuken Into room 13, at tbe Cooper la atitute, otiupied by Mr. Tn. Ciiasi, of No, III West 83d atitwt, and stols $100u lu lank bills. nearly all of which waa, however, worthies. An eutrauoe waa effsotad ly breaking a large paae of flasa, and lu doing o, unoflh burglars lost a Soger which he left lying upon the ftiar In U otflce, Tbeprleaner Mil La proved lo be the uu ftetunate Individual, and ou the person of Kiixalii 111 the stolen money was found. Theee young men ere aim ihaigedwilb stsallug a boal and an trtin windlaes, wbuh they had la their poeseeaien, end wblth ar now iwaitiag aaowaer alike lath v ard BUtion llouae. They were taken baton Jus lc Coaaociy and locked up for lamination. Dkikaiiv Slow kt IIihiu IIihnklf amo.xo Tin LioiiT-rixoi'Rro Oaxinr. Tb room of Mr. Corei-Asn, of 439 Canal street, wa entered yatUrday aflernotai, and robbed of Jewelry and $00 In money. Officer Blowiv arreeedTaxMAS Karrv, who bad spent money quite freellor a few houra aubvaquentW tb rabtiery, and the prtooner woe held for esamliiatlon. The officer found the 1 swell y ecreted under a carpel. Ciusroa i-msar, who 1 supposed to hav tola a valuable can about (bar weeke from Mr, Cntraaaoaoran, In a porter hotiee la Dreodwsy, ws aneeted last nlgbl by Devettlve Bcowiv, who learned Ibal the accused had eol J lb cane, which wa valued at $ JO, for $3, al a etore tn the Dowary. Th opposed waa tmarlaonad. The earn vigilant detective arrested Jon Bttur day Uaoaa WrrvtaatL, aa Engllahman, who hu been tn Ibis country bat nln months, and ha la Ih meeallras.ll 1 eoldoasumal th cloak of regular sttseirlino at neon religious worship to oover hie proceeding. The aoetued wa employed a a olrk la the Tea iter IM Grand atnet, kept by Mr. J. BTa, wn cnorgws ma nia ciert, no, lor una Th aceuaail vialied Ihe ebo.kee and vtlt avenues, in m isia si-ees u le euppoee-l. orTsred the money where it woe refoeed. The esunte nomination of $3, purporting to h by tbe Worcester Worcestel nres aoa sens, on snis istna, ver in lens. IJ, are aisn in cireuiaiam. raised from genuine ones oh tl.e eai Itl'KOLtM. jAMhtCAaalliY, and Ittaar Simori, wer oo Bvti befme Justlc Bmaaa, al Kssei n with havlrg tuiglsrtoualy enters eliop or runup Goaraatnv, at street, on Ike nlghl or IbetTlh u false keys, and atteu4uig bi tmk drawer. Mr. Goaiaenrr coming they rushed upon him wllb vartoi drove him from the shop, after wb decamped. Mr. Assaiia It vrr, o ney street, also rhargea CLaaa an, navmg enterva ni aweiungon si e with false keys, and carrying off. clothing. One or two other compls and larceny were male againatu Juallie Birus oouuullled tbtD IV.i I'opi'llyMflia. hoc Til Ta Ihe raeasplayrd and tbe Id view of th present want o and consequent distress, among mot lag people of this city, we have uV lbs continuance, te open our ooluiu employment, and to offers of eeipVl terma than ar uuderstrio.1 ti be tbasdeertialng lnlereati of a news We pmtawe. fur the present, I ments relating to empovnicnt, at i forONK LINK, endeavoring ao t v sl'y them as to express all that Is in nsnt cases, within a single line All who can contrive Vi offer any niont will Ihu be encouraged to i known to those and they are lu bo g'ad of tbe amallost mcasurea ( Keen for a very tuilmpoitant joV wellbetffadtd, when It wl.l bria very applicants who most need it a. willing In do il sallslai torlly. It tuua'ly happen that when p emplnyuwnt, one Is purr 'el li I ' for themt'sf note i au.1 onP.e. aa we have some little Job we cn remember tb sad entreaty of aon with regret aud the wish luet . I flu! blm. Wl i n employment Is scanty, it porlant to bllng out a'l there is of It aa much as ptwalbl atnmig the M my, lu a I, me like this, will f and a p'eaaure to tnaJbf employing tnte, by giving out work wh.H,' t 1 todolhcuiaelvee, or by bavui. which they can afford bnl do not la evident that by offering II lu I give tt el onro to th moet ne willing to work. We wovdd eartmit'y recvmmeiidl employ all the extra help they i: tbne. If they have the mean, little fur lb trwet charity liber the nee ly and ao ease their be, or make It a little easier for luataaoe, bi their regular do ling line In Ike Boa will lave al lng for servants, and bring the ve themselves looking anxiously for Deiievolenl persons will often fin asalalenc they can render will be. hilling Ineertions of the ease In tl On Hi other hand, lbs Vnemp' ab'ed by tb accommodation w known their want and wllllnguri notice both of benaveltaa e and s p'oyers will sism b Increasing th uae of tbla cheap facility, it is hots bring both claase together and to fusion of relief. Twos y ows LAfta bargw ttoher Fourt) baoUt Attar k wrtJ eleWh Olsss. lion tol CITY NEWS. Tiir WriTiirtt. Tho fojj that prcvailol a'.l day Saturday, cleared off st 1 o'tloik Bundty niorolng. AU Ih steamers tliut weie detained. sailed yestrtday iMirutng, The schooner Kiswell King, aialoied la the t.set river, ws run Into twite dAilug the fog aul suffered tuiiildeioble daa.oge, MtniMeXivva. The link Overmin, bene f K .It. 11.1am, returned b poit yesterday morning, bnrligspmugaUak, while going down lb bay. She la now making 14 inches ih r hour. Till is th OitoUi's reK rt i st th sains tlm thcrcai Ibiee V. 8. M irslusll'a officer on board: wblth shows that she has lieen ailad for sem 11 losial purjssi. The cflicers would give no infor mation respecting her. She lies at the commercial stcres, Al antic Ibtaln, Hrooklyu. Thk Ditio Mixxik Sfittrirrt tion 10 Tiitin ti II. CuNXAtToi. On Friday evening a unnilier oflnv iled (uest anaeml Jed at th resident of Mr. Wiu iah II case, Mo. T Weil Thlr-ty-fotitth sired, lo witness the proaeuUtlua of teslU uiaualsbiTiioaaall.CoaitrTO'v, bit first officer of the brig MlauleBthlffer, wbu, il will be remem bered, wa Instrumental, with th cajiUln andcrtw, tu savbig th live of aix huudred paaeenger of lb ateamer Connaiigbl, on the Tlk of O-tobcr last, Mr. Hiiexv In a very feeling manner related th Incidents that occurred oil the Ill-fated eleainar Low I wa struggling with th wave, and had al most given up all hope of life, when tha aalior (here present) threw blm a blotk, ou which he kept himself above water, uutil drawn out with a rope by bi preserver. Tbe apekr could scare. ly find word lo eiprea hi feelings, a not ouly his life was saved, but thoa of bla two daught er. Mr. Htssv then piesented Mr. Coaaigroa with a splendid chronometer, coating Iwo hundred and fifty dollai. A'so a service uf sllvsr to Mr. Cox hattoh, conalatlng of four massive plec, mtuu fjctursJ by TirrAsr A Co. Fl'BTIirR A(TOMHOnATIOCH roil THE MLU- tart. Essex Market 1 now rapidly undergo ing Important changes and addllhm for tb accom modation ef th Wth Regtmcat, which haa been allowed to remain almost houseless hitherto. Oo story U being added to Ih upper portion of th market, and on Ihe aid fronting oa Kasax slrest, thua giving spec for a drill room, equad room, and limited spas far th eeveral companies. Th Mth Ksglmeul I os ot th most eer rtceable In th t Ity, and I rapidly Improving In number aud military ability. It I therefor qnlto tlm thai something should b don for their eaeourags tnant, Th 0th and Mh Reglmant, Irish and Oar man, art by Ihla arrangement quartered beeld tack other, Mb. Oayit lk Oardxcb ash tub Fourth Wm Rxanaa Room. A publio meeting of much eoclal and moral Iroporteaoe t th interest of all tlaases, will b hld at tha Ooopar XnatltuU tbla evening, (Monday, Feb.4lh0 In Uhalf ef Mr, Oavu-Li aaioaaa't Reading Room In th Fourth Ward, and lo aid him In hi earnest aad laudabl effort to reclaim th falla tad degraded victim of lnlemperaace, and to better thdr coadlHon, pbyaloally, morally and Intellectually. An inter esting report of th work of tha year will U read, and several eminent speaker ar xpoUd to at teud and addraae th meeting, among than Wa. E. Donaa, Kq , Rev, T. L. Ctrrua, and Rv. X. H.CHAna. It lean undertaking of geauin hu. nunltg, and it I aomeetly to b deatrad tbal It srUlbeauaaalnedeathl eeaaeion by Ih4 prteenc af aiafs firtylsn nhl'&frfVl m..L V.a i Cut tbrosovl af th festering eoolal caakrr and to I CoatrtAisri hitMinTboiiargaf lfrlig4 elrvau Ihe character, aud ad vauoath laaaUigenoe I ,lrWt4f'BjtetyilHi hyaa.,raAroi DkTTI'R TlltS-nr We rait rpeelal rte,Uou , th, j I tftiooTinaiioiiitTroiumn. irrou reliable srtlelea, n U 01 and 7u W kurk. If)oucaiuotgo,eian. oaeaat. labor ing '-afor easier with TtW I.1NB olea- Tof esaes feulg the taoe yfar hiisy. aooa I, see 4ure le. Vr lis eeM- z tl a to thla r a f og V. i bat- Ill B lk n lib L luf- afr. ors blew ir. Ia of in people. La wbioh work Mr. Oavuxe a Aaoa. am la aa etvlant aod aoanjotU bthoror, "HcVa Work.' "A rount man.wba two rears arte Is now portln bills st Clileairn. Ili.l. tint class accountant, nun bas ruiutJ ortiwcrtu. LOVE OF 8TR0XH DRINJ DR. ZELL-fl WONDI RFCL 1 May be rtren (unknown to the drtn OrlJnilor. 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THY Til WILD CHERRY vv would resMramena ell was are of arpetlta, f sintosaa, pain In the ebe. moment to tne spring season,) tal W lid Cherry Ulttrrs. II Is natiu eanaot fall to benerllt tb Invalid, ai a tnimpet-s voloe to tell eil th Taflilt find this nurlvalled panaeea. Huts have beao practloed of late, and as I ae ooO'- taaa tteralsf .la la I a Iw 17 MRere le "lust ee mod.' very doctor knows tbia Ml wlnavTfaajor yen earchaMe the frateeeei n. uid J. W. IL UARacira MvsaoM ooTrnit rkerrr nRen W K. P. IIIBHAKlli York, aad J, W. llAYttJ. II Fall i Mat. been aooteoriellroi freea la to IS can Cr day feloniously, ths prisoner wm bald at Falle Ueadquartar for examination. Alleobd Tueft Axd Fuonr bt a Clbbc Exui T. tAxna, a young rnaa la th amploy f AOKia, MxaaiU A Co,, tnarchanl, at No. Ill Chamber street, waa brought (rem Crotoa Fail jaaUrday, to answer a ehaig of erabeaaleraent preferred egalost hint by hie euployen, who allag d that ha nilUd thua of $40, and than Bed talk abov place. 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