Newspaper of The Sun, February 7, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated February 7, 1861 Page 2
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Mi THE NEW YORK SUN. THUR3DAT MORNIXO, FED. 7, 1801. KEWHVS OFF1CBI Wa kara recently opened a new Publication Offle lb Sen (deatgned M tin iill'mala end per tnaneel ctntrr) al Jt. 171 Itmadwae-, iindar the American Muaeum ( !o!n which baa lni Juitly termed "the eye of New Yoik" i nut at the June tkm of 1U two grand thou ughlarr. aal of f very Railroad and Oinlbu Line In the rtly, with but a lew minor f treptlont. To reach the new Sua Oflb therefore, from any rarl of Ik city of Ila environ, It la only neccwary to Ml Ike nearf t at me of ear, aad t art down at lb, door. ItUftident Ikal there la only one tuch place of I iilneaa Is New York. The old aUnd of th St-, i.irner of Fu't-m ail Kmnui, will i" mure not be giv.n un at lead lor ao-ae tun toc-mi. Rueine. will tliiuiJir. coalin u to be done at bulk .IS. ea. AnadraaUifeiHiapmica', howerer, ff r any oth er ptitjme tl'an a Jelly ppei f.n- the t.e of iit of tie va'ual ! pretulee on tl.e old roiiier , mid nt 1-e dlireg Aided .ten now. A VALVAIlf.K DMK ROOM - f I -My the nmrl valuable In tl.e City, for niwij urj - n ba af-f.ledhieiliefa'-tory ociui.l, iu"itr fti uw.iy Olkoe. Immediate r-Tr..ln." Nrrii did a mild anl unnl.tru-lie j.irnw di(fu!c more IjTannona nnl liwloea uuip.v fion. OalonaiM, the harnili-M word 'Imino. dUte," qualifira lln wl of resolution in -n W nt to li'in.'. Keelly, it imolve a liicjh-liinli'l kroirti"n t every iln- k upon Iho wilt uf the ttruturoat, (" rather the liol lest) wlilili ilmtin puitlieaacoiittilutiuutt gocrnn."nt from a rflKH tf terror. 1 be con-lit iitlona of tbe e- linrf Lita i?u ir ante te fTery citlvn, a llm firnt and fun 1. mental right of a frcctnin, n direi t voiro ki any prirpnted c hinge of the ay lent of pnrrnmrnt. and a itiflii lent roa'Mlnt upon the rapilil of tho movement, to enaure duliberale and i aim action on the p-jnatlnn. Tide riuht li tho very foundation of all liberty. Will t It, the fren- dom of a aouthrrn illLcm la but a name, lie li himielf a alave, though lie w!i 1 1 the I iti of a matter over a tbitianJ bonlmvn liippler than himielf, In U.iln but one tyrant uvtr them. It U upon Iho liliertloaof their own tiliian tint tho ri'roliitlonita of the acceding elates mule war. When they win end, thcro will nd lu a frciman 1 ft In III' ir dominium. We caro rtot how tin minimi the nit m ly lio. Tlie greater the iin.iiilmilr, tho more Kirfci t tlm inirldu of IIIm'Mv. now guitr antlca of rlrfliU fur the future, tln-v may make hnate to Imorporatv In their aystcin their virtue U lout, and loet forosir. K.voii thouKli acccWien i UwIcm and iincon. alitutlouat act, In any ahao were to li the remit of a regul ir opulnr vote, all the aame; thu act of aubmiehlon to the eldigatlnnanf their own Cvnilttuliona. would indicate In tho uthern revolutioniata a remnant of the epirit of liber ty, piached, atinted ami miaKiiidnt though it were, whit h would nuke an iiillnite ditrirrnco in tho retult. Hut the objection to the re. etraiuU M hi Iho manner of proceedinif, in this i a la that they would accomplii-h the very mrwi for which they exiit In eiery republican atate. 'J hey would liao premt od prrWpi'tav, ntMlontte action, In wlmli deinKof;ui'e, rorrnpl loneta ai!! liara aro pmnintet. Ihey would h.ivo taken !ii) decixlon from a amall reprcaentatlvo nnom, mII'idl; with lool dour, reioltly imuitpu. Uled in dcluil by cunning wire-puller, twnyixl In iiiiini bj liold or.1tor mid lonlrollejor etl inlilaUil by the piennuro of ft pmkod mob In llm Kiillerlea, etreita and liolrlf. They would luivn deprired the roit'plrnlora of the udnutai;c of iiiL-clin opKinenla In de tail, In email election district, win ro tho elec tion of a delegate ia jut na cflVctua! to luv.ilraliii tho iiiuuiinoiia otn if oilier dialrht, though lurcly carried by one oli through corruption, Intiiiiiaation, pinion or excitement, .n if the .lioice expree-ed the r.itin, deliU-rateiouilction of the whole jvople. '1 hey would have ile privnl the roiipiratora aim of the incalcula ble power of pfrwnil xpuhirlty In tin ir cm ilid.itea, of tho weiiou of prfMinal mil locil prejudice, cxcilemi'iit and deieption, and of tho ft. iliilea for mirkini; and intiinlda tinj voter-, wlmli nlteml pi-cutlMly upon per eonat rUctioii. Tho mosr of revolution wuut I have Imhjii compidiel to fiiie tho tolloe tid whole of the body pulitb , In a Hob, r illn cuvdou aul vote, rpreil thinly nrr tho wholn atule, upon one aimple, loiiuuou iv-u-i ; aul tho re-ult uld not U pn -.iriani-l i fore. eliown in the prore of the cm.i--, a.i in to li-iloneof the paille IvnuUin it appeir beiloii In .i litiiuc, ,1 i "' i uiimonly douo in Ktoatotlcilloi.n. Allthcau aafi'Kiiud of I.Ully, the uurper of tha aeceilini; htad liiieoud.Kiounly tr.unp led uodir feit, ntiiiiuin to rei,ulo tho alula, noin $ V'll'Ht, into the rriniitho Coiilition of ruituru, wiihoul oilier poliliil uriin, ttns, rilil, or ri'Ktruiiita than tli nrldirary will of the majority of dele,;itc whomiy li i ol tliciiichen tloitcd, by aouie mount, to the tun nilatcut Cuiiuntlon. For ilixlinici tliu to ruxh into Ibe j iwa of an lawlcea mid lri-p m-i-Ida diwpol'iMn, aa will lit Into the until ol iron bun, tlicmurv toiimrxitiic i.iiti nlite-, m Vir (,-iuiu, are b nounced by the orom of the r.-yu of terror further Kuutli, iw ' iiWr oil. .." 'Iho (le'iriMiiiutl.m of all tho t.Uw ui baio I Ik to on the tiulf, to.iit ini.o-lio,' In tbtir on li Iuhk, un I with .1 reurd for the priiii'iphui of puldic limrly, Intel or tley miy do, iiiArk the radical 'itli reme of thir pjlill al ihjrjitir. Tli.i aru npul piioru. ineuU. No forinn or profi-Aiuou of republican I mi will nuke tlii new io eminent in the cot ton aUtev,, repuldicunir Uiiful. They nm-l Iw v 011111110.1 by tin ir bitu -opln, and their whole iour-e of u-urutU'ii diiUred null and told, before can Ik freemen .vnlu in tliote alnteH, Si h a counter rino'utlun ay lake pbee wllli.a a or two, aul tha mode of rarriu it out, a toon a theinijonly of the ieople arc beyond endurance n k of the yoke of tho uturHT. will I the kiuipl.-at ttiloK in the world. Tho Illegality of the whole proieodinj; it o inamfeit that no lei. Ultra action need lie taken to rcirrae It, Au lioueot deiUIwi In any of tho com t of tliux lutes t 'hli moment, would pronounce ei en act of the aecral eoiivtntlom in act of uaurpatloii end of trejion to the tate, of no more lenl vtlUity or eftoit tb ill JuiiN ItKowk'a invasion ef Virn'iiiia. We append a aumiiury of their own fnu la mental law, wlikh bale been iloUte.1 by per aoua aeeumiui;, without any lcgnl authority, to act lu behalf of the aenral tutea auppo-wl to have weeded fr m the I'nimi, The only valid iiimlea of politUal change la tlione aUlue ale a follow a . (toMifutmt a SmiiI, Cintnta-Art. ,.- ll. N i l ..1 tun iiiiiutiun I.U m a teced, iuiImm a lull V alter tha wwu .U'.l kara Urn re. I ibree tiUiMlnthe Uoiih ol Itepitwuutlvta, ami tbrta t'HiwtutbeHiiutte, and akrad W I y lao-LUrd ol lHk biaw he of li e wo'e fin-o nution : no thor aiiallany alteiwllou t-lte flai-a tirull II. bill w H d to l pubUtked U.ri rucniu piviou to a it iimmI lor hienibara to lueluueof Ufpce- .iiwi.ii, i aj.d If (La 11oimIjju iu.K.,.a . ik I U'iuif kUallU agreed to In tVli (ln,l n.;,.ou aiernulnlinloi, by iflli whole re. ee lOalou lu bolt t.ian Ue ol tlie le;UM ,r, apei lb. mux ni.,,1, n ,, lttAn ,,,! (lllwl ,UJ1 i.fM kiti.i .y,,iu ,., . Uiwi, Umi. au.Pr.oi o'l erwlae, lue iwiua llm.. Ltmu, ,, u( Vm w,u. loutlou (Wi.i(.u,i ut f7.yA-iu.:a 4, 1MU w. tloo.le ruiJ toattiutuiauti, uHiUioa I li a.n. proi M-& M that .r 8'iuth Ctfolliu !.. luo'el. rxrf4 after mj, aiLaintiumiUnhall ho.r- id by ll-a lim.l.luir, ia tull prnilditiK fr ,, Kim I uu'tu'e luml be J at liM mi uonlU prexleoelotbencxf tA-nnfat lclloti Ht membere of thaneneral Aarablyi twwwwfion ftr 4 uipflwiri. . wneiievfr iwoieiroa of eirh Ibme cf tie (tenetal Aiaemb'.y aba!! deem It neeeiitaiy, they may pmjie aoiHiiltneuta o the f' lion, wbtrh ainfiiJmenl tniiFl be duly put oil la pr'i.t, at leant three tnoiilti Ufore the a xl '-erl eleaionof rfptfiTit'iieiswhin,tra i(k I: a nuilnntyi mlert m,d '' ;'"' ' d'Tiliamnjoi If of hn-thrlii ol tin lefalaluia 111 11 a Ctl I U(, fUCIl anicuoH.em mitmu k ".- . .,! tJl II m ,wn-lilitln. 1 CtmAi ' ifiKnawfiid Tnamerul tinemieti lull o the imputed annl.diiflil ruu lie revl an I pw-'itby a trajorily of IwrMMrdinf each home .f 1 (he b-klelatnte rectlvfly, hr UW aeveral daya. Pol he ikI. e mnl then beci'en tiy iheH-cretiry of htie, at bant at montha rnerMlnv then 'at . ati.i tal e ei lion, wl en tht fptaUrd Mrtor vmU ui I oti t A. o-ifK-vrf Htwirfwirrir, I O mJUiilnin J lMtaM, Art. Ill, tii'et Any aiien,niei.t or nmeiiflroent to tin e iOmI tuuon niay I- pn-j't-d to tl.e ftmnte orHiiHe ,f Kepre-fHiUIhe-, and If the Mine ahall Ihi afwH (.t y I ! Uilida ri ir.e nenoer e.etie,ii en n nooi, ftiih pwprfd aminitmrlitH, Ae , aliall 1e e tufd on tl.eir j.minala, ILa yet ami my l-kin liemat, and the B .-r.-Ury nf It'aie aba I 'iif tie fan e. l iMihUnlfd three niiithlerire the lie it lll"fi eletl n f.f H the lrpl.laiiire, In at leftiilteie new-intr In Y.n. h and t.nghah, Inn ry prlh lalha -.leln wlnih ai.iwefralial1 'i laibllniie't, and rich priff-wd hloiliotrfi.liieirt' b wlrnnttril to fV 7'ie nt Mi4 rl.,fmi, and lltalifiMtby innrily in'lnaTA'r, tl.i ia e kl. ill UiMtne a i ai I of the conlitittloii. Onwtitii' n it I'tiif'ln, 14 -Ni part or tin. ta'ltutl"ti'i,ali ta'tred, unl-w the bid t ia trr f ftt I ret thrie time in lioui", f .f tlitefeeveial dt, aiel affrmd toby two third of ruth hiut: tl.e taitne totipti'lliihelai nvrnth preth on i" a iii'W eleittou for mmnlieraof tl.e ilmiie of l'l lcMlillilVf(" It I needlr to remnik tint not one of thean eettntlal conditiotia da Urn oWrte.l by the M i i"lil Mate, o conW Imrf twii, tnlhont in ri tlHy tiff tilting tiit ptnjrt ' The rrpudlallon of their aolnmn bfhcUl intln l.y rvirymmiUrof the aecedini! Halo ("v ernnirntaoiid l-;idaturt who participated In I he net i of arreeiliin, I namall tmttrr for null men, and lia. I.eeu already Knerally reinarketl uon. We mirily add that rvirv one of tho alwe cilrd ronalilution reipilre of peron'liiii; i IFice under them, an oath to proloil and ilifchd thocoiiklillitiouofthe I'niled State, and most of them confine the rlfilit of tmTrao life If to dtiena of the 1,'nilwl State aa well a of the Mate. A 1'ilen I'nrti la ( heirlewlon. I'niVAir letter! from (Jharleelnn Mabtlhit an fur from all the people there being wm emion iMa. there aro many of them in fivor of the t'nion, and If they wrro only aiwurcd that the t'nitl Slalra (internment would protcit them, they would romo out openly In opiorjiion to the diaiiMroua policy un whUli the State In t nti red. 'J ho writeri brlieie that n -tron re aitioiinry f- lini can I produced among tluw who were hurried Inlo lowtility to the (foiural f !orriniHiit, au 1 there la a moi einent on foot to m nd a ib legitlon to Waihington to ak tho 1'rreidint If he will exirriw all hit power to prurei.t iIiomj who nliull rally to the uiuno of the I'n ion. It la further aiovrled that if mitUfactcry aa auramrn laniu.t beobtainel from Mr. Iln hah Ai, Mr. l.iX(oL will, on bin asaumptlon of oflice, lie applied to, and if tin pledgi hiinclf to ftand by the Union men in Cliarlotiton and other purls of tho alate, they will lad lly de dare their aentlmtnta, and do battle fur tho Union. .Surely. It la the primary and Inopera tive duty of the Jn rrnment to encourago and prulif.1 ila loyal litliona in eviry pirt f the Union. .wR"AT(u JonHfon, of Tennofee. kaa wn adilitiffui aftlo by in' ail great I'liton ipeerh. 'Jlie ery Reniiia of juitrlotl-m aecin to h.ivo Ifii-I Ired him for thla grand effort, and the ter lildo force wllh which ho expoaed the It con. aitiUiaiea, tlie fal.idioo.ln, and the trenon of tho rnnfplratora agalnnt their country, who lmic withdrawn from Congrena, mid of tbooi lu Minpnlliy with them, who atill rem iln, will liaicn powerful iflVit whereier Ida fpemli ii read. 1 1 is deimdition of til li. Jn I.isr, we fhniild think, might bo hatl-faitory to tho (Jem rid lilmmlf. Tiik MMp of Snutli CrtroliiiH h a comnmnrml thu ItMu i-f hliiii!j.rtiTf, wliith nuist hrroafti-r It, n-'ittl in tuj invnt ftr labor urnntoiiaU rciiuiretl in tho loitHt nutioii of the now SUta Ilmif ami y the owncri of hlrol nfjocn. Tin hlnpUhtrrr nro dignified hy llm name of "Mink'liutU will Ulail 4li.loi.k In train." cUIht iil.ln or wtl unit the I'tiluutlu blatt. SKriM. Yrrttertlm'fj hulmy lprin wca Uii r m tlnUlrdlf utifavomlile t (b nk.teni (KMt( lliMUA-h during Hi Mrly iriif Uicii.j mnry lftiJ tlif liiilriirtk. TUtm wMlhlnl Mittol Aitl wilr, nud the r.ktit.j wm ho U1 il viw given up in He j'ltnui. m. H'K'Mldt tU tue set) iiild ilwdl m mmim d, lit f.'.'in Pl'ie.rHtutK List v till ii theie in l.ltU intwml tlit tiucti aiII le the ran. ,.... .on urtho rrr. 'lh iurmili Ki-nrmllv exult ocr tho ro ut.ti u..ult uf the irafiuift ilntuut UiouU tVy iifft-a Uiot the elfUloti itsflf dtx nt iitH urn Vir K.tiU iiga'.iut tbe m'liemM of tbe dinuiil.-nUu. The 7 nufi vjs thut If tlie I nlnniiiU hive ti iuuii'i(vl lu Virgui.a, ve nwy rftfurd the crUin if iP nf-rT,l,n ninvriiifnt niliiTin i'nnHC.1. If tbeo'd t'ftUrcufnr the fulm, tl nthir hir li'rtiUU wV do mi t.krniM. Wehttll lUu .u.e Khia f i 411 .vhiihfim-iit t.f oil 1 cixlintf diiN'inkv Un. wukL tl.t N-'ttU '.-n Ui4, i.ik1 hkh tl.e gwm Ulvr t) w roHMtnuili'a and mutrtv'ttUe iiieu 01 Die a u'U Aill ri"Hiil iiiitlnrrKt(.ry. And tymtUtViij thu tNifdiT xtAVfi, Kifl omfniulng thflr ndhirrr.( e Ut thr 1 iirin, Iho 11.-'ir ,ihtniUtitf. tie ifiilf MUteri will eiNtti llt.d it to t'p fur Ihelr hlffhenl iuluiri.t4 u iTfal tliflr heniy mt-of MvfMloi., whilvlhe uHntv tt'eiwill tpaduVly AnJ iln etnnit ti uialtiUia ll iir iuiU'-! i-di'Uie tuidei.n)iuo aul iipit!ii.Ua l ! d riiduntm c. IiiauctUcr urtli Id, tlie'J't.NfJi ojpHti thepropo hi li u lu the LHirrrMKh ifiiipi-oui)H(i l. jil.we nUto uoitity oueufsiiuil tmiHuff with othei piopm-ty lu th lrrHoili .under tunHtllutioud pn tf'ti!, audwiyeitbat the H'puMu'uo irty wlU never -wnttoit. lie H'wU rejulcoe that Wwi and IV'rn, aud the d 1 mud on geijUof 1 au4 ltfpreMuUtivM in C t.;itvs tViein Viik'iuiu, have Iotu fulled in thnlr tttuU to pmipilaU) the erceHtilnn. VirluUhan hud pruTiiwIuurt tah elhar abac t-ould twt ul lcre lu dotinre uf bftnty action. N) other at Ate b ever Uin outraged by a Jmiin Miwn raid from the Nnth. H wtver It may have brealu other itiUn, U-eie Lar. tbeicctmt expeilcirvol VirjinU, plenty of material whfiev.HU I) lulluue popular !.,. tu. Deifuiffogune ie at do hn. Bit, lit Nl.tei-!i..i,tbaprplvof ViigUlu have uUnned their noUi ludffMneUnndUflr lnherlti.1 hiyulty. Tie HVM n.m o oa to are'nr rxhlbtiknu of loyally in the other Under bUtM, In uvU eleo tloua lodottde Ihur votive ate a.Ku to belaid. Aud, In 1 it w of these lu'mltf Uthmii tit hjUy, U la iniuiubctit uj-tutbe Nnth t ntn.ent outy t aatU'y every tetvtniiahle ..uplaii.t, but ti nuke outiUU tt a (i'Utfi nm n. 1 it aul put jhmm. 'o trit ira wbohavo atilled the o ular vnUi, I y rvf nam.! t iitmit their d euuUii lalure t tbevaidutof the IwIliH U'X, iinuraaiona ahould u4 bo tluiught oi, but loyU iten uut be dealt with a it'tUT'ido dtal with eaimadea In a Mirrid tue. The Plu'ndelhU P, In ctmmru'.lrc ott the I ui til imph In Vitglula, aayu lliieu ll It a fuible ei.toinMutf f the dl unl M1I1 from thia diy furth. Ihry will U r lu vtdf nvrr fnnn h field of nttbiutl oIlti.. a 1 1) 1 1 irtnh frM will l pointed I ' at lu mil mitiUitwr tnf adinoniUou u all who may berttattor aili-uii 1 ti laillow their i aavpU, IbrM iiirnU'tifliii,.,,',,,! Ufrtufr etjl of the Am rpH..s rktraditloQiaie (uHiUt m ii.iula no contrai-t .t.t the Tailed 8tatvN fir tin extt4l tUu o obe hiw lu.rt.-)lM-t dHUtnti lir(,ltlaliii lu the pittvM y vi u uu.t nitty Iw tfli.ii ti a enntrikt b ie.ii 1,111,1 ( the I nUd tft ilf i, Un V .. iHMl 1 ,iti, williii, tot li(uit. CiJ In r" itni-.i.Hil.'. for lheHrii.iunnt'eoflbei,opunt Ilia in .t 1.1 tta rntiiil Ktittea, tut u ijIMl lima ii, ho uipirfuud d.r her. Tn tutei preiti of Ihtiotlili-ut. I.i.fu r, iftowily belM.n' 011 tho oi.uaolt-i.ithi tHiiptamuOijil.f ibe I u ImIsium, iiduitlie tithtrltfthel'.HiitiifgtirMi- Heia b lu I i.,(1j d, in IIi4m iiion(y Uifre U.Uof cot m 1 1I1 vim 1 law aul h"te'ti.Vn! 'nUvf. fHE LATEST NEWS. Br TEisaRxra to tub m, r. ? wr. Folitical Intelllgenooi rXTTftk COMmB44-rW'i4 Mwl. Wittkirtp'tn, M. (-.Mr. .HpwARfi (X V.) jteMiiei m mi-tnrll ffitn tmtirtifi tnerttotfi f aidMbenthecliy of Ne Yk aguul abulub liK the WAielmialntfayetem. 1 Mr ritaiu(Ml)repoitltbedeAienryUUwitti thf tlrtiNniHirliiieiili. retnruaiiHlaiit (roe Hftiate ' t lr,lNt rnHiHr aToentlmnitei, and antced foraoor- t tn'Uee M nnferrn. . Artful io 1 Mr. tenrftftoa! fKy ) preieiit4 a pftititn fr ! lUecilJMUAit MaMMcLuneiu lu Cartel uf the CtfiT- I liMirn rrefrtlutitfiia Mr lr Froa (S .1) prev-Ltel ei it.liotH from tie i-itirrtH.if l'niiMr1bU a-k. 04 Cnie44 Wf rttft (7 the t!(iiitiillei. Mr. Nvi IMaafr'fn the Omirnltlee n MM Ury AUlta. rep'itnl a IrlH f.r thabKter org -IiMiM luUit.atff tbe l.atrlctof CoMuibla. Lvd fer. Mn. lu'oi fCt) and Drain fpij pienu 4iitiM)H 111 11 r f-f the Cr.UfNirifn rmnutiott. One f Mr l.miJii iHilhtm w-i from a fire cm I tny in LVf .Mer, . otxtn'td liefote Die at tp. on t,f the Cmtil ition. prinUfl u a Urge A 1 Cl flfaff. M1 l'irn(Vi 1 prtente.1 a tlttoa niinefoui y a fi.t t iu r ut tte llirdnr nUle re-ioliiuoti-i. Mr. C'4rar (p4 ) premit1 prtiitim in Nrtrof th ( 1 iirtltiiliaHi Mr I enforftmeiit of Ihe la mm. M'. ! reernifra (Me j oreri.tMl (Kiliti-. fmm te t tirvna ui Mine, ptayttig ttr euiuHLln n be it'.'ie tu Hve the Lulirti. Mr, U'oijui f III.) itf'Tid to recomidrr tne ite bj whu.b Uieliil tot'toaLie the g fTernmcbt ftt.e trrltoiy f fjo'or ! ti t, A hu g olei'iieait ti eiin icd opfiti thla, at i tbt tii tion wkn iltenntrM Vi, Te Preeolei.t'drfrfeiaife wan taken up, an I Mr. .t'-UKftON (T-nii ) rrtin)ol1itaremMili4 lleaild ye terdiythitt he wtm referring Vi henp-Ji of the Her. wr from OMym l.kf). lie had no wuh v dothM rMietoror tnj other Injurtu.-e, but lu the ppt-echof tbe 0enair fmm O eg'iu, he ifeined to rive a direit riitra'llitlo ! Uie tleft-fi.ii ttutt he (.tmntvi ma1 dormic te Proel-lenutl eltctcm aeotiriMt lhe haiye ibat heflaAftr) waaa diNiiuiitiitt. A toepif.ati'e waa rei-lvt-4 tnn the II nine, aik I tiff a hitTtiire mi tlie amendment V tbe Ia bill. aid a ommillee wi atiolt,te(. Mr ilmirvin renmM by yln(j that thnVr aMeuroetJ thnt ft utli CarolliM ceiiiM .Jtiu her light out of toe t'nl'ii, whiib ehocntild t-H Hn It. H'itht illd H nith t;anOina ever aNkfirln the t n n that helnl 14 get t He pr-n etled to artfiie tioitft mth C!nilina t-ttild gH no rltfhu by (fi.iid 1 -it 'ilihe I 'nl o. On tbe rmilr try. abe lont all bir il. Me, and (fiit anan-hy, ttxatk'ti and Inm tile, Tle Cot M-'iiit'O bn not Infnn'ed t.ion the rigbU if H nth C'lrotin, lnt the un ,if her a, pirnt Ineaklng upofthe t nhm li thit Ixtd tnea N 'i If1, and I fid men B ulli, Uith of whom wUli 01 brink un the t'tt'tn to uta'ify thi-lr uuhatloeva-t aniiilMti lavl invn frm ether ertint III llh t'laiw 1 wiof Ottigteat rrimtoate and re nuiintte. until thy W.mi.e anry, but ihey wd) n t fil t with enrb other, but aftt-u 0Ketberto tllit V'wt th I'n nn. He tfilevett ttiM Uee wn a;irlt of t'uiou un- -) tepe. pie, and tf the u r-ii d I tnkrn frm the o-'dtifiauH ant (fifeti 01 Ihe tHpp, lie thouM tlmt tber unity wold ) aafe II- al I an ap enl at nuMl to the Iwtr ler ataveftfitet tojti.n a ,ilf Cmfelera y Thin la Imply a finntUnof Intereat ainl imt real frlnnd aMihr l r I ordi r alave irttee. Whmevar a line nf illvnfn I) tlrawn In tbla country, It will be a Una fffctvil war, and the wmk -M eitliulmn of a1 a vi ty wlUte tlmt dy t-omtiien'eL -lie 1 t el fnnn the -m1i of M', 11 n k, of fltitth Carolina In 1-M, when be aiid that aefeeiton wonltl Ira Htupeiuloiia indmat for Huth t'areltna, anl If cmtmtttd, he ahould con alder slavery doon-ied. He then rofntred to tne eporrh of ire HnMtor lrtn Mtoilffml (tiiriej, foiiifbt tiy lidiendoand rllmtf blm the ally f the Renitnr fmm Ohio (Wath), 11 Injure bltn. Hut when tte t'nltm waa in danger, he did 11 4 ekp to ank 1 if atlniia of ai.texptlfnti. If the flenabir fioin Ohio nor nny other man wn willing ti come op to the treat wmk of anvinir the I nbn. then be wan hie ally, and waa willing to work with hita. The nnlJinera ami dlaunlnmati of the 14 miUi, and the aUttltlonlrite ol the noith ere Uh working fir tbe aaroe en-1, ami they are alhea. Read, be remaiked, the reanluliotui ta-e'l by the antl-ahtvrry am-lrty of ; ,MU In fivorof a llKJtIMn of the t'rlon. and the Nfrfihof trtt. Tun lira, wher be ait id that fie di-unltmlnU nf the Houth weie their lieat alllea. If It raoie to a otieation, be fJoit-vtH) would nmcb rtbrr lei blai k reiMitll,Mn, thnn a red republic Cfn. I afk Mlfltet atllee, when he (I)atmj waa en gaged In alliance with abollthmletH In a wik to up thit fcrent aud glorlnua I'nioii. Thank. fiixt ha .Inn-. hon) a irft the ally of riui.ura, Oii'MnnatMl other. He d-nntlel Tffitii'aaee from the rharga of toeing U-rn of aefeaaWin. Ha re fnred tti the altemted afcetwior. of the aUle of liaitklln Irom Ntth Catobna aa tint an itvune, dlulolli-al, hel! 1 torn, and helMmnnd atltlr, and thv duliitieof "1'renalon oattieal the levlrr of the roovenieottt prlniin tn lrna ant tlmrruce. Ten- lMrei' Rllie Ml VI IHO I Ul-'ll WIIU AMK(W J4K' eo-, atitl be l-rlievrd if tatmau hltwiu r.riu d lit Udy, tbere would bv btou uo eiveMrihei, ni d no war. Trniifiore liaa alwaya lieeti willing logivetrrttaure and lilool f..r tbe t'mou, ajul ho hi eit tlwt ehe would aUy In tbe Union, km abe nl WHaliad done. He eitrke In high tern -a of the oftductof the gnt'aiit orlirer AoriU'n, wh da frub d the Hag i.f hie country agtliiHt Uault. Tfu nih4e attiod lir that tlig vniuU WAauiiOT im cr tUd, end abe waa 114 nw pteare-1 to imtkewar on that flit g. He ci .tended that a reign of terror ex letedluthe MreVedaUtfa. and he dbl bt le)lrve lhatTenmNae waa going to le laahcd ti the car of South Carolina, and thougkt even tf the Con vention of that aUta j iu aiuh an otdluatxe. It would have ti Uke tbe epleuutof the L'nhiu tl epntut of tbe tin yt'net. The I'nlou w a-i tu-t jone. It te (till to exltctcnce , but If the 1' wni (w le dettnyed anl tle otd tlttg atruitt t-t the du-t, he wanUd no more glorbitia wtndtugkei't tb'iti that name (lag, and no t-eU.-r grave tbun to lie with the I nion. HeiloaM by making an appeal t thocou m rvatlvo men of the opposite party, b auitaln the 1 uhn men fighting br tbe I'uloh, and do a unelhlng for the attfoty uf tbe nuintry, or at leat Ut the querHhto gn to the -teople of the oiimlry, lu whoae 1-Htrttmi. and Integrity be had ail abiding court ileiM o. Mr. Wiurtit obulnrd the ft or. 'lie ro'iiute wut lult La.titiv 3'"li, afier whuL- Adjouiitid. Ilo-nar of HrprreeniittlTritt Tl e Pjeaker laid licfore the II .ue a meutge from the 'if tdrnt, encliMili g a rwm!uti..n fmm lue Ken tut ky LeilHlfdure, which aka dmirreia to mil a Ntlu oai t'onvanthm tiamond theConatitnthm. He f-inii.Hrt tbo p'Oixmlluiu to tiiifct C vl lth ltaitiloln MUirtoand IniMiUut.deu.tiudji, Kiftitrd 1 1 a aeln 1 1 imoUtfe of flve. Mi Niyon 'V. , ; liitnMl.urd a mrmoHid of 1.JWW It era nt New tcrwy, Ufkmg tbe hI i tl . ut the Cirn-ioKN reoolutitito.. He whb H.uiNfli't mt 1 laiuuiiiHiuiilv ofthu ikihi1 uf thatt uLtU'iiimiiafltMi. i a to at I ripeoall; o 1 litem. lie HfidtW ami'udon-idl to the leui bill wae t -. n up. M I'oMiafUi) itlvocrited ownfutietve in the en iduiiht Uit-Kal ihoat'i of .loiiri, I .(, auilt.i. Intigelian atMl piovidiug for the icd4inptVi. of tlie tifBMiiy nutra. Mi tUimuAS (Ohio) rrpMnl, thnt tf th.t wai mimdt-i it would leae DOfttvutity lor n tiring the tiramiry nt ten auihortr.d by tbe at ol i'efuler, lie truMid that tte next attnouiktratinti would nver voioelete with A Iran bill. la time ol pa the ex. peoii abmild nevi r U- alhiwrd to exooid the revenue. Mr I'nmni'unf'ed that It vaaalUiMl f.u.ttlu.1 the la n if bill which roatitmed a claune fjr a loui would , ail that ample piMvinbt, wouhl be athudod then tor the rtdotuptiou of t'.e ttewury U tea. '1 1 e anirndnirnt km rciriied ly W agalnit 101, Ou OM-ti-'Utf Mr Hhniiitan, avoinmiltie of eon ten in on the pat t of the St uate, w va atked on thla aubieit. Mr. Colfax flu)..) called up the bill relative to He a kid the tmmittee on poe t .1 attolie lld aol h lah 11 thongbt, evua by infer ei-e,tbat Ihty ncogtilta the right of autre to te cwOo Irom the Iniou. AVr a oomtilutiom they bad agried t4i a tnoie gruaral bill, which pruvtdea Ikal wbrmver In the opt moo of the I'.Mtiwuttir lubfral.tbe -i1ai caanA 1-eaiTuly ivnll numl or tba vm otti revenuee coHroted, or the Uwa loatutalneil ir tbe coutunta ut the nulla jite-nd ikvioltdetid iloltvared to the pner d drtwi, or any xm route tmken np ly of any Infeunr ttlonor lenlMtanueto tbelawa of Ihe I'ulted lit alee, tbe 1'oiituiahier tlenerui lakeretiy authorlael lodiaouttluue the maUl wrvkie 011 auoh route or any jrt then of, and atauy pwt otfina thereon, tilt tbe annie can be auJuly itaUrrvd, and akall re, -oil bla aitlon WCongrvM. Mr, Coir ax eUted lhl nitboogh be had n half. un-Umr apetcb, be wlalitd l deliver oil Ihe aub jti I, he would ditlitie, aa aome time yt attfrd-ty waa if tU lu dilute oi.e ajM'C'h tor ail oue actual Iho bul. otea weie WtUr than w nl. Mr, Hbaki 11 (N C ) ino.HU id whether by the Mil pernon In tbe attie ml acceded cau t.irrepoud with tbntte q the nUIm vhli'b have tattd!. Mr. Coirax irp'.ud that 111 Uue were iwUhUhed in the bill. Tue tu.lU cu be carried to tbe Ur uVi, ami thenoe Uttrta trauam'tted all over tne irded aUU'a by exorraa. If they are placed iu tUUHdI.Vtt'.Mfa. 'lie bill paHaid-U: ag4lnt Sit. lh-foie tie ite wa aiiiioiuttvd, Mr. flpltfirrr (Ky ) aajd tl at II It ww the Rcnnal d-airaUre 1 tLo Uwh aa ! all the Biidiu .t-itt be wjiikl v.t fur it. ItutbetiniU u tatou lion Die .vlleoUon o(tttXralntheret'i!lDgtttra to hui-i-'it 111 4 gu 1 1 011 tot, tirat'ng tUeui w iu the fu-on. yi-t i-dtlnff off ll fir po,ul fiu 1 ulra, Mr lliaoMtN (Vik) ie,'and t-e lull aa teoog rUing the right ol MXi.Ku. He vUed for it iwa OUuiilou uiuure, Mr, Vmi(N C.) etd that Ifta bill applied to a 1 ihe Hftnling ldi, be would v ll. a ll irti Hid thebuidinof jtaUug t e rtnuu luthoe tUri. ilthtirby luiieac4thedegtrofacu!Uaiou titwrt-N thtuiaud Ihe griitind govi'tniosid, M. Vimlow (N, ) al.iutd lo the (ft that 11 nWh.iiiti& friu ftlictu kLitr ii,n tut. in V OdutbneHdiir.rlngl.alJi. I thr nilMua' dim ' 1'udiiU tUt'ir dt'llU'raliona, the llouie t ught tu putautf a tuure of m4li)ly luutivity , nul lu thla coune tlou be alludfd to tbe mdiUry uiilay of uimennrue around thla Cltol, aa cl iiliUd toprHlura tnltatlou Mr, riitki (Pa) oreaeut.d memorial from n.ObU nitirmui of Phlla-lalphU, who votd fr Li. y'lh, at-klnf If i adopiiou Mr, UyLt' CraMroealee, EHne-l 14 tke Select Coualttct ot Hr.M-m (Pe.) T'eeeaOd ait raenaorlaU fram cttieeMot PhtiadeipLla, tn'fater.of the Union, Ut CoturtltutlAn, and tne eejeSreenmit of the law. Mr. MrCi kbhaivo fill.) m-eotd menorUl from gentlemen of a I in HUnole, relative to the xtteMog ci I a la. Mid on the tattle. Mr. rinnrftf r(Pi)preeTiUd ft metnmlat frvnA Ue Itoardof Tieie of rhlta-lelphla, a-klo C-n-gte-a to paae a lawixtenltng tu l.mlu of entry abd delivery at Ihe port of rhiladtrMa, U waa t-y tbe dia.1 fa bill loefTU'i.e ptr tttedlrid. Htlerrtd 10 thecomiUitio 0.1 00m - nten e. The looaideiatlonof the tfort of the C mrnlltfe of Thirty three wa-t fr-m re futred. Mr. flfvmntrrfX. V) argued that the i lea of thirteen todeodenthationa bad ever erlirledlmt In tba Uat.a of i-l.lical UieorUU. Il'foro aula at-Teiiljruty bad Iwen dreamM of, nationality bad an eMerxe. Yet they paw atttee lmny de clarlna tl.e riaumptlon of a enverelguty that the oevrr lor a inonut oaMaed. Truamrn oould ivt netrotmte with traitore, rer cotild the govern mi-tit foiiipnniid wdh tr-ean. It rt aa to tbane aUlee wbH b reiiiaio k.yn.1 to the mntry, tbere wi n rat' n-d drrnaod I e would deny, tow intent wdt biin'i aid dnnri V Tie CrniraUe had waatal nun n t ni in davUing tha n eni of adjimtrnml, white tl a Irui ranaea remained unttuthel. , I 1 111 out be lnitgualed, and then C tngreaa rn ild add if r II ettiee'vea to iheeutijeit. The duty rre-tnvigratieg tio government inujt location tbe loooti ing aiiiiUiiNlrntltm. An mat' 1 by a pa ti"H litfitloe, iu be without auiplSoni ol bar or 0-11 clot 11 wknrr.e) f tnmt bava ower to coriretitraieatid le-vl pul4l oj-lnion, aulwi by fjourif-te o.l K tnaetitlivea freah fnm the r- I r. llti hftskid lorwaid to the urxt alinliiutriion with a ftlffolftftt tnmt and thaftful hope. Tfieu wli (mi tlie time fr aljuat-nMit Incmfmnity with b rfior, d gti ty and prim I pie. If the oecedad eiuu-errtitrnit iuumI le wita a rrcanutloa of the di'tiiilori hi rowy on Ihclr llje, Mr Harbin t m) aaht that ha ahould nea every ex f r M"4i 111 1 la p -wer l preafrva the government. He u for Ihe t nbn now, avm Ui-etlng, torn en I .htttr..l a it U The ra'atnil ee, lmludin rlvit war, BttMMftng nnl folb wing a dl--io'utioii, benr eti11y on Uib exlittti and to each they are iiuiU'dfRM. 'Ilia C"Mn HtttfO are gone, tml the HMjuh'M inpuily )y "tmUig forward like men, anl rendering (u lueto the tioth, ran prevent further r tif inte, nniil the ILrrdnr nutei by a firm an 1 nun rilintc ty n uree cm atfju-t w th tbam all the tmi 1 lngdmultea ThU done ll ee Htttea wonld re tntii to tbe I mUmi aiitt It woii'd thnn t-e fuM uinn a 11 .ore arioairtit Utela tlmn evvr tw-fore. He opj ord tin lva of re. ui'Mtrurtiou and urirl the l;tuMnni V'aict I tl.-l immeltitWMa Irt the filende f adjUHfn.etil nd union htnd flrtn, anl'ur troublei v.lli y t Iteaett ml. fcvr.M'eo nnthW, Mr. MivNtRofTrnn apiemlel to 1'ie RmMI ran l nttfin pt n (0rajiv p il'ry, which wi'd tn Ineffeitive, nnwlae, fivt Ml nded only by evrl. Ihe lootnentaiMh a war rommerKed the whole Sjuth would nmke oonjimm online, lly the imm aftU re nt dv tflVe Uillot Nix, with no hour r eoPcl or ae;f riKpit l"t, we will reft'ite tho government to th l.lgr aud pioud lioaitl'in ll enj yed l-efore thewe tniiiblia c oomen t( aittl at the etui fir yearn tlie fovtrnnietd will tn 111 thu hatiila of a petty whl h atia!lf Milrn.e cveiyune wf tle thirty (ur aUte. Al1'laUf.e) Mr Wn.mfN. Y.) w no present c ape frun a diaeohititrn ol that nion. lie preearTiifn nm-d le founl in a change of eentutienl In the tan 1a1 li'Hir., hw at wultj iart aa Die ilfia. Therefore it waa tiiip.mbte ir them to unite on a common prniittd ti'itil they fi-i-l like on brother t-iward an ftbtr. He ppctttiid tnahow that the rejiorl of the Oiufii lira of ruirty tlueoadia the Kepuhttcam t give up their prim iplea a announced in the Chicago pUlform, ly reoitgi.lxing nU very In New Mexico. Hi a very waa repnnant to tue piitwlplea on which the Conhtilutiou renta, hence l.e would rwver vote for any iuraiire whli h aapa the foundUionwf the abmea in which tha atriKtore la ere VntL Thla bt the pnnrtl f)iiettlon; other ar of 11 conie-i-pienie. He dcprecalrd civil war, tml would uae no more force again! tba aeredM aUtea thaa waa net rnaary for the tntreU of Ihe country. Whan 8oulh fjaroluia aa hungry he would give her brrvlw1eii nakfd glvn clothing; an 1 If ahe ehouM tome ta k, be would meet her halfway, and kll tl e fltM calf, and make muaki on her re tuiu. Adjuuntffl. NIAV YOIIK l.rtJIsI.ATI'UFMcwiUe, AUnmyt VA. C Mr. (illVNT presented ft pi tlnntttrtrie nubndaaimi t4 the Cruteolen amend dm nt to the in .pi e. Mr. W a ii kb reportetl favoraUy on the art rela tive to tha MrtVj;t 1' church In Jho etraef, tw York. Mr. Maiirkbr Introduced a bill Incorporating the Hew York Ntvlgaiton aud OiUinlaatlon Ompaay, Mr. KoHBTiv-N'a Mil relalive to the removal of quarantine, provided that the Oivernor ahall ap point three quarantine Corn mU done ra, etch C u mlaalonerto execute abud with two auretlea t. the j-rople of the aide ae a ooalil'on for the faith ful pcifimvn-e of Ihe dtitiot. AU the pnprty now uviMtil ly the aUle lu Itlrhnioial county, ahad be vested In fke aald Coiumiaalonera t le held in timet for the aLde. Aa tmuhof a (Mfrtion of the ontate on wh'ih aro altuflte-1 a boat houte and health olnVra, at they nny deem neeery f r the uee of tho bc.l.htflkTr ahall nut bo ajti uulerthe at uii'l a new a.tu ahali ba aeltxte-1 j the remin der of the rnttle to le laid out tn luU. ami aold at auction at tbe M-'rehantV Kxhana, the proceed) of theaale titeappllel Vt the attlaractiou of all Ibe inovtgvr.gra upon the aald Uii'U topttrdivii" a tewatle for nuraid'ne, and tlie navmrnt of tha expense lururrol t-y the C tmailfMuaim-a, anl tbe OniitntaNlooeni are authorized tn pnaeod at ouce with negtitlattima for thorwUbaahmeulof a piaran tiueat8ntyHtk. At lia'f -l t p. 01. the 11 vita tnk a v U on Hie irnnltle ami reaolutl na wbli h wero loit by area I ; uaa Ot : ard the m-tion of the Speaker dunng tie ihU a Lint U'ghl waa thu auUiid. Ad journe!. Aaariubty Immediately after the reading of th Journal, tho tfpkt-r wu.4iunte-l the peiidlug quatrtion t te ou the rrMolutlou of Mr. Bxrukt. a toin mlttee to Invcit'giaa whether any new rule were net oaraty t prtit memliera in the right of an ap- Ieal from the dicUloua of the Hpeuker, and Mr, 'rau'e amendmrtl thcrtbi. Mr. Kiaii, a.ter au txUo-uUn. withdrew hi amend nit-lit. Mr.UtMTii-T took the fl.ior and ar4ud tnaup pottof I'jereiMtliit oua, d blaring tlml the n.enWrn who wo ild ut'tetitod up for their righu 011 the ll ur, were ui fit to Ite Icglolatitia. A loiifdibitte tiuoe-l. Mr. ritntic oppodng the ri a. Itition, and holding tht the ftpiwikrr iu it i-xer clue Ila diiH'rellon in enfonlug the nil en, miu ! proliHttbeinxjorlly aa woll aa the mlivul. mil ireviht tactiouaoplNailtib to the buini of tUo Hofjw. Mr. Ila, com am ii -ke agaliir-t auch dxtrluo u Jo etnutiveol iberigl Uof themln rlty. The rreoluvbm waa warmly id"H,tdby Mani pMh.irT, TritET. lUnnmi, Mmeirr, Ciiirati, Tit mu aud other, the dt late lrln en fined ma uly ttilhe ntembera lnthe minordy, lad night. Tuede Uiteiontlnueil emld-d 1 unhlttraole excite lui-nt up lo half paHt one; no vote tieinf taken. '1 lie bill toappiojriate$.ioiVfiK) tianu the rUto ciime up aa the Hpeclal ordt r. Mr. WKra imived ti amt-tid by imkloj the appnipt ti.tlon itXi.omi. Mi Lahrkmi uio,od Wiatttkoout thecuMA-taig tlaiiiO. Afifr detntepingveea v,ai teportM wit limit Uk lug a vi te, and the bill wne tatde the itH.ial oider for tomoviow, Mr. Hamvonii, on a questl n of privilege, ox rilatnid that be bud not favimd, ywterday a diaao ntUtQ of the I'nlon. H only to. k the ohiUou that If the I nion eboutd be diaa 'ved by the atiiwtAtion of all the a tut hern ata'a). ell would tvd be lot, but a (treat dealiiiT woubl atill awlt the u.nhern 0011 foderacy, Adjourmxl. Notih C'Mroline. lcglxlMlnrr. Ac Rakish, A', tt, V6, u TIio Military Mil paeeed the Houao bwlay. Il anua the threa then aand vo.uuUere, aud thoroughly reorganize the military. Stronger hopea of a aeltlement of the Federal dlf Hcuiliea ar rnlerUlne.1 Conaemalve men are more inndnt, but every ou U lor a full and Aul BcUleturuft, or aejiaralion. Ycranont Pol ti ton. Timlin fltoi Vo. 6. The late delegate! to the Chiiago Convent. nfroin Yerauint, Cirniprietng tnauyvfthe leading repuNlcaue of Ihe aUle, mot tufornuilly at Moutj el. or laat evening, and unanl numaly pir4wted e gal net the adoj-tlon of any of the projuattd plane of oompionilae before CongTea. municipal i:icctloo lm-mttr, Ai., (6. th Wko. StirRiox. I nion I 'cmtvrat, waa elected Mtyer yeater4ay, by T'.O owi the ultra Kpuh Laa laudidalo, Tbe alUefirkaiariia Irlllliftry IIIIK ilontw, to, (..In the lloute to-day the orirliet bill in relation to tht Nuhiniotr MillMa pro vlvrg tht the oiMniwslea ai now organ! ned, aoall te iet.ineil,and the eprcifyiag the numbere of the C4mpuUeeUtUlllou4 elJ. waaemedel by niv bliagethh corapaniea liable on the requialtlou of the I'reald nt to I e marched w ithoul the Ht tU), It w,wt thin 01 dried to be rugmefd. Ur.lultt. VirWZ, Va fii.6. In Korthamptoncoun ly, ria'iit, pottthim RtghU, U olected a d 4 010 to the tftite t'-onvontlon by a large majority luttoHUtrlctof Warwick, KlUiih city, end WiULiufeburg,Miiftv, l'Din, la elettod. la A.cvmae, Crana. I nion, U elect!, H tb I'e ot Wight, wuirnxus 8uthern II gbte, li elected. ) ahiniU nt Ftb, 6 Cfioervatlvre have lee,n elfxted taWaahlngtouixMinty, Kiug ud Queen, tiloucrtitvT end lmetourt elitt BevedaloubiU, Uv. Wiafa election U dcetutd wiUiu. The UuUUna Hiaie I'earenlloa, AVfff Otleont, V6. (1. In the Ioulalanx St.nto tWivinuontoilay, a reaolutloo to appoint omrnj eioneratoall lie lUve-holding bUU not yet a ti did to Invite Ihem tfolu the Southern Oiifede Itoy, wa laid 00 the tU by a vote of oS to 47, New Uaiiinhtrc Polltlrw. Mtmhttr V. , . 6. Samcfi. 0. Hkix it tbia illy, wa today nominated for Cngreaa, In the Bacinkl dietrh't, by the p'mnrralic Coaventioo, tnplaieof Jojim H. Hbowub, hndliada nomU nallou, A rceoluUm waa (uMfd to throw off prty Ikiaknd uuiUtnfAToro' the lufouauJ t1iCuHti. tutlou Tkfrtowcil AllarkM Pert WftcliH, C td AiViirktctUllMliaflmaTerTttr7. 1, Tlie f Jillo Rockt Ariiooa, AraruO. Fort .Smith, Arl,t 'tb, C Adilces rtveirod today li, U M.tor of tht Thirtj-Ftflh DtrdOH at.te ilh tee Texaue have threatened to take rttao-alon of r'rU Wachlta, Colli, and ArbucUle, la tie Inllan territory. It is thought that ihe force at each of theae etatlooi la nfficlrnt to protert them. The cctrduetor of the Overland Mill from LUU Rnrk, Arkaneav, rrtrort-i tt-at !) araenal I Sere wa tiken exaf aalou r f by the state trmfi on Baturday ventng !al. rtf Hon I hern t'enareew. Mwitymrrf, Ate., Feb. C The CommlMton em frotr. North Ctml'n preeente-l thelf credential and were tendered aeaU In the Congreaa diring th open aeaa'oiui. Tliecnttmtltee appolt.tcd yeatenlty In acret a lor., atated through their chairman, Mr, Mrn mi nt., that they wou!d prt-ah!y reort tomorrow (Tuuradey; a p'an f r the prorta'onal gorrmmwit. The Con.t1.U1.uof ti frmn Vlrgtnla are now La the tit. Frnaa nalilaffloa. TnAiitinf)t 'ii, C Tba I'ra.idfiit hi f" crrnltrd lm Viatal. aa Bjali C-wiaiil, W ralda at Cbarlratm, All tro.fminrct t.Ifftraplile mmm'iilcation wMi Ntw Orlran la tut iff; th. g.rrHar if tha Traa aiirj, liowei.r, I Ualng action la mranl 1 1 tha lata (WtriH-tloo of tba rcrrnua law kr Ike t'ollettir of tbuclir. It la itcritalaij frura an authantie arnirca that th. tawa l!l lo In th gitatnit pra tiralit. aii.1 oa a L'nlin Im.1. Tl.a rrn)titit' cuira tn rItlm to th, prorav aitioni Col. IITl laalml'ar ti Ihatl4vranll,i, funnf r ninimialonrra fmm j mtb Carnlltut, tl at ha hat noaulhotUy Wi treat lt the h tla ar rata, any ilmiti"n of th. furu or Hilalr .ronr In that rut.; IhM It la hi duty In rftfrwl ll.f foil li tha Ih of hi aMlit anl that tha CHiafiMam..! of il .In? . n nt foil on lhr 1 1, atl' k th. C il. Iltfia r nw re tinn Wi 8.tith Camllna. In Itf I'mra CinlM lo-,Uy, a r lnti.m waa iiitrmlunol tMiiilnKto iiai'liu, tha imcrallnj wllhoroilra Thl wa a rfxtrk-tlon pon tha Ownmllinr fnun commnnlratlng their dnln tiioiitMid. titlf, an act taarraly tiaafMarj con airlrrltit that Imt littlr ritrtoiltj t roaalfaiilfd onn cyifilnK tl.rlr nn Temriit. Tha ar. ili.Iljr harmonlotia, but a 'rt thty Ut) di cnil m iiicmir. loikinj to faltiial rmu't. A nimili.r f lh. K'pithllran of th. Stat, l,gte atura nf N.w J.rary arvl ot'i.ra b.!.niilu to lb. Miua i ly ar. liar, urillrf t) iepre.nta tin' it to aifrra to any ouiunrural.. which will um.iinll thflr itli.r)lt. Tha ftmrr M'fhliii, at I,.Ve Krl, will lio jiut lmnnimtiMlnlion th. Irtof M.rch. Tha aitilliiy voniMny whirh rea ently left th. r ffnal at Aii((tilaba4liiullrHhe.l to ram to WaHhlngHn. Tbe C)iirjrllriit Itranorrmllo falo C.uTtw Hon. Krm If.ttrn, Conn., Frb. C. Tli Pemooralle But. Conif iitiuu rort in thia Ltty thu morning ani urgiiniicd by th ch.ka of Y a. U. Iluaanx aa V: alrirnt. Tba morning wa occuplai In Ilia appolntmrnl of tba nanal i.itiiimttfM. II n. J. C. lnraia, uf Drt liro port, I ronilnftnly hattird aa tlif u.hitilaU) f.M Uovartor. Tba tiTfntlon la a full ou.. IliaaupiKHtd that tha majority of th Commlt U.of tity nnaonrerio'uUifuaar IiTi)i.a,ni.n. AVir llitrrn, t'tb. C. The CoBrpntlon thl, alarnoiin noraliiatfd Jawfa C. Imniaof Dride;:! lr (1'iTf rnor, h. ha Tinn III .iHah, aoJiti I Iia aoiLltl rVi.U.rlna:'). A, O. lUnan, of Enftald, a iymiiiafl.t for I.initfiMnt (tirerunr. Tha ra malLib r of th tlckut th aaoia a. butt yoar. Mr. I.ooaia wa Introdnred to tha conTautlon, and miKlea afih accejitlng hla niralnation, and dw.ii.n? nin tha lmjoirtawa of prN.rfina; tb rnton. but withmii diwumilng th mattra tn la mia. Th, rfilutlona, and appror, of lha c arrrKaiixii coniproiulaa. Tlie Tcaaa tnle Contotitlon. tialrttttm,, Ttxtti, I'tb. blh, via Srm Orlrant (VA.-.1 ha Ti an BUU Uunirantuni pml nn th 11 Inat , an ordinance of avwwlon by yma, lilCtnaya. T. Tl e(l.iv.ii.r, tb meiiOWa uf th. LrgliUaiur, lb Jiulgaaof the Bnprrin Court, and lha Oommla i"i" fmm tbutt.irn .late, wer praiital Iba lime. Tbaorlln.ini' of ancamlon I bilai Tud on by tti nit tha '23.1 of I almiiiy, and If It la ajonv (.1, It la to Into rib I on th 2,1 of Mtrcli. Ilovtrii'ir llocami. ha reiiwula-d tha action of th. O-nrrntlon. II aay that I i. p ip' ha. df , tared atUibinf lit to th. 8 mtb, and a d.tlra (.''y. il. thlnka tliat K tin h a cinifiil.rai'y ta un, (oimej, Txaa wlU form a rrpiitill, for heiwlf. Th. nrw of th. toifil.m of Florida, Ganrcla, AlaUtna, MiiwliMippI and 1iuUuuia, creauid much .Sviknioul lu NotlhHU Trxaa. Tlie raxUn Tolrarrapk. irmAiVofoii, Ftb. C rrlvat lettfrt from landing lilrrph men by tha l.vit mall from Cali fornia, Irar littl room , doulit that undnr Ik Judlcloii diplomacy of Mr. Wan, th rrpreibv. live of lha t'uion Tulrtfraph Comny, all telritraph lnlr.ta InCallfbrula will hao.inilldtl, and a atrong company ftirmi-d on lh rnni to co oif tal. with lh. Wortem L'ulon O". on th. Al'antk) aide. In tbe rapid rninplclton of th l'clfld Llna.'r the recent Coiurrewilod.l irranl. Wf alan nn te rtt.nrl from well lufirmM pirtlea that In count llou wiih thaPaoincl.tue, an earn! and ifn-ovi-rtTiir rtT.rl will te mvle to nloud lh ulritiaphli li'llitis l. Oreirnn, tha llrlilih, an 1 KitHlan KMfiMHiuni4, Ac , ti Ktiniia th ultir fall, uif, thiia Uf, of Iihi aubinarin. raM lfafintf.ln the iudiutlit of tticaiartie, little tf any ration to hop. for n pcmyuiei.tlyaiirf.Hrtf il Iln. .i I'uro if, ft iH M. Hhrin al th. IntoiMi'tiial ol the r.'itlL nd Antic nc&un. Tb. t t.ltvd 8'alf ii.l merai ot th lendinjr KJropn Knirrum'iiLai.C'ir.nJftitly relied 'n'n to .tor tula woiM.wida .nteriiria. Thp Htn.rr onii Kln. V. if.A, IU. C C.ti.LKito, th Spanish iiilaiuoi me laiertftrmKlnff, haaboouacquiltod. Tlif t'rUla-Fart.nailltaiHrara. 'llm loinjirniiilfofwUnjj in Wobinton lit, Ifininimhatraajibauodby the Virginia 'tiun rvtutua. Mr. C"l, It In "ml, will aa t the actios, nf th. Teat Conferral b.'ura preariliiT for a v ite nn hi proposition, aa i.portui fi-out Iba Coiututtto of Tblrty-lhrf. B" Wivao. k Imon riMptcd ti report th luuiblUtoprovilu for lh btKt.r organisation of the lulliliatuullllnrfth tnt-oalk to eupport th law ar.d count. tutlon of Ina Volt I State.. Ta democraUoppoiiCd th, Inaertlon of thla prorUo, QcufThl SjoU'a dally mall, reporting tha projrreaa of Ui armed tontpliacy of tk aeceaaiotUaU, baa dluilnlahad on half darlnrf th pa.1 three ilaya. In rooatipieiu. It la Mpod of th Virginia -Hon, Tb Mlnnffita dclfffattoa tn Conr. b ad. TUad the Goferoar of IkclrStatato aand CommU aloticra io tb. Vfaablngion Conv.ntlon, Beverel Rppubllcan aenator aia lmm)rably op. rd io lh reittal of lh. warehousing aytl.m. II It probalO. that thla featur of th UorrlU bill will b. modlSid tu acoorduic with th with of lh Importer, Mr. loar, af LouMaiia, hat won tb, admira tion of th t'nion itn by hla ahm, tpeh la th IIoiu ou Turadiiy. After th. Ilium adjourned, Mr, Cvrrraaixa Hal Mr. II ml Mir, aad frMplog him with both hand.. In., krd Gol'i blo.lnf upon him, aaaurliuj hliu that howercr mu.U h. tulgbl b. nuatd now by thu.a who ar diaVy .1 to Ihclr coun try, he (novtHiw) would ontllr thm all lu th auVtloabt luaiuory of a glor.oiu, Union loving, law aUdlnit pvila. It la tliOfd that m far aa h'a.rd from, .ry PovuLa elector In Vlrgtula, whiaunouocadlilm .flfacii.ildilis biaUcn choaen a mruberof th, CunTcntlon by a large majority. It la n ported that lh, hVpubllcac and Dinai 4a man In lh,Bonatewlllopaa lh confirinallon of JuJge llLi-M'arm'.ntiimfor the Supreme CJurt Dmicb, In couaeiucui.' of th, d.t!oe to which La eomiulit jd hlmaelf la hi, icplj t-i Mr. Dorat.!', ri'ulur BiTcit'jnly aitlcl lu lUirn', iUftr r'nf. II la e.ild that Mr. Un mm piuchavid and now fco'da fJ.iiiiO of Ihe alxlractftl aUte bond-i. li0T.8iltiihutliri'aadtlia splalon that th, flutlou la Vlrtiuia would put an end to all talk an atu-mpla at th inraalon of Washington illy. ll r.uldmt Tti ra. In hla fpiech, accepting lh flini7 of th Cooferruce ConTcntloo, aakaj, " Wbfi a la MasaaohiiMlt T Mr. Ewiaa, of Ohio, irMln an ixtlKil mar.nir, aiid repUd " Bb la coining !" Ab.rmpon lh . .11 iCiiunUd wllh th m pau of lh dtlegloa. Tha (loTrrnrawt la umklajr prqiarallona for tha protection of th Na al B hoot at Annapolla. lu lh niiroldn of tb MOMalon of Marytand. Bit miMithaprotloaand a large amount of alio, and ahall bar Iff o p'ac.l onlxird th prayt.c ahlp onhtltut'on. rorcigri'lntclligcnco. 0 Arrtial .ftaal Aaajl Haxoa. Three Days Later from Europe. a i Itothml, M' ftb. 6. Tutfam.bJp Anglo Baxon urtrfd at thl, port thl tenia, in ut Ll.f rpool tl. 8 Hh ad I, .n kit. terry tatn UI. Tb North Amfrtcau and Kiumo hl arrlT! Wit. firm! Ilrlmln. A tr!a' had tjkfn pjac on th, Tiamw o' rm liar atan-iar for th CLOTiyaui . of tmop In inland watfre. Tb Maain.i la Marly loo fiai long, aad accommodate over 100 troop, it drawt ou.y Iwj f4 i-f war. An InflntnUal mrftlng hal bn held at Mn-ih-ir to devie meaaurea to rati... the eottm tnd, from th anxiety taaulllng from the d 'n uuLon tDeaouthem atat. 01 Avaiioi. R.tilo- tliaia wera iiommiI rfoinime.aling anrt comm.o aurata within Imiidoj dn.r, to f'am1llf apnroTtngl lh alep laken for tk fmtnatlufl of a cotton cojiiiiy ; aud . xprmAar th dali that th uni,p.oy recntly launched hi o d commi nc nj. ration withnnt delay. f r,-al American ! haf. tie. n n. 1 at Llv pool uuler lh. Itr tuih fl ig, In otd r ! f n hlf trem inr.rti. n uih Car.llna, aad toretura Ilk Cotton Wt but' law o caj t'ire. I rune). A rmwrlaa grnt'aman, Mr. V'LUar. hl an an. dlenc cf NrotaoK, ard pittenifd an ait.rrap,i latter (ti m b. King of Frueala, ann uuclag hla ao c.Mln Io tha loria. Tk Jfonttcurann'mnr that a vh'im eonit fum ltd btNi ffinled ti lh Hmiate, orderlnjf that acmmnta of tu. pnve.'ltnv of th 8fnt and Corp IJ'Kit'at.f be placid al lh, dutpoaal of Try journal f riy trnliirf. Ihe I'aila of th. Ivli ,Vva aay. there la u. d 'ilt wi.auvr th it extraordinary fia.l and iiH'tary itit are rn mad by 1'raoie lb fxinntlath iiiu'lng attilu'le of (fonnany toward. IiAitnaik, aud lh apeeohsa of tb Kin nf I'runaia. Tlie Iniirt. w m ipilet, but pretty at ady, rente, cl'wlpg al C7f. 4.1c. Oui.t Pxaaiaar Lad ecu.! to allow Kaiu Out aa fciti4ijlih ta 1'arU. Other aiilitatinria had alao bfn rafiucd. Ilalj. Offi. ial d.'atche annoiine thl at t o,ctik nn lh immiUiff I the tl 1 th. lH.iiri. of it waa uriex- pfiled'y om tn I a Lwiry u-.agiUhllhd.riliniAii. Tha laiur prompt'y tcpiif.1, ant compcllfl th. piar. to remain, and the beaiv.r c.mtiniiad their fire. Ktjurtwm mw'i weie l.lione.t befor tiafla, aiid al noon on lua 34d the 11..4 waa got Into line. The wer acti.e y engaged on ntw hat!! Ira. A M.plM laleirram of tVe S3d, aaya th batterle or OMHohaf .latkfUfl ftre. Tb. t-HUUl VtutMt of S .pleat publlahaa a declara tion of the bl'liada nf (l.rti. Tha B.idiniau tnopa were d.irptt hed to Ahrutrl ard Ol.brla. Kaitloiairy nnrement v.cra fvfrywher. aitp. and raacuoiuiiy band. bad r-croMd tha fionticr (.nainaiM. In a lill.r to a Vuriianie Cimmitt dated tub of January, . ai'e frrah no naiuaia t.i pnui th infMia tor oicllllatiaK to Yin T a KjiAMfi. th, n.ran.blmirnl of tba re 4 of Italy. In. U iiiiiitlts I. ura-ud to iieln.t every I Loan niind vtl'li the Idea tlot In tue aprlnif of thia jrariu'.i iu miba.a a mil Ion of tatilnt un.ler anna. II. alto any a Journal ahould a'as 1 e Ut4thHt to IrrulcaM ur n lh elector lb choc of deputUM, who'M their fret thougkt th enfraucblae nirnl and lutfgnty of Iuly. au.ll ob tain from th Ua. eminent the arinnrr of th na tion. ()nerl Tra ba.1 rf lutne 1 to Turin afXcrrUlt. lig Oixmaiy; it WMrctuited that (lARinAUH had aent a men ana. of whHrd atnl caici tattoo to Cmum Carota. and bad fallen Ir'jGmeralTrjat'a opinion that an attiick nn Vaiictia aa Inf xprdient. AniHher v h n ear Ih.l (iarjaui dcollne to adjourn tba woik of dllfarani:., unleai lh Iullai raiUainfnt rtlleica blm of tli1 ileum eogigameLti. Th llft't Part oirranlioi dmit aiv. tha nnlninn gain rroMfd ..i tlie rm. In.lrnt1 It lh. frlsudt of Oumtti wLU ruhar glr, u, -, to th peac. wi lu woiia tuau immI to u.iauru it. Ifmnrlt Tl MiuUler of M.rln Aiftlr had order 1 an foulpmrn of the .tram fipi.dim, twenty Iw i re -awn, tnuludiiut gun and mortar boat. A rrer.e fore ol Kin tailor had boon orderal tu aa-emble nn the l.tof Minh. A comralttc bad been appointed to purcKvte gu boat. I-rltrrfroa Mcaaphbi. Tho following Is itn extrtct of a letter from i LuiJncM lirm in Momjihl, Tenn., to a Boullo man in Dat ton, Ohio, and is of general intereat, aa allowing tb Union feeling la TonnoaM generally, and Memphis In particular I Mxni-iua, Term., Jau., 31. If yon .horrid deair to com B itith, co'n along, aud we awure you that you will L liwtod a rffctful)y andToouiUoiuly a hen you before vhntialH. You need not blier nue-half you aa publlahed In tk paper aa to the aoutharn ionpl, nor akall we believe all w tee or hear In regard to our northern bretbreu. We hat no "bau.ry ou our blulf," or "warlike iufparatlonV of which you apeak. In anr city, ami th dnrpuch waa a am aatlononf, fnittided on a t-eaolutinu by Ihe M.out Men to place In order ansae old c ann in fdouatcd ty the goimnuieid, mar.y ytra finoe, t tka city) which bad bffU lyliu ou Hie bluH for a, an or eight yrara, and only uand ocvtiloiitlly on celelirationa ainl JulifleM. YV are a coineriatlvn poapla har. ami think of nolhinir but flUylax InlheCulon and crtling our i ikhti, or at leal ba'tllu- tor thera a long aa tberu la auy boi under tha old Blur, and Biriivi. It 1 true, w. tia.a tome rl-h 4 ftrf -1.'- aiouug icul.ut they ar L.ui ly lu the, W of Memphiaand T.nncae. fXM.tti remain In tlie I'dIou, aud tf the otkur elate go out, a ud alay out, wa ihI tlttld Iw th. luakiug of Memphl. ludlctiouof v,hlcH w uow prove br cotton iKiminir here aliw. tb. aft'aMRion, that La H New O'lctu, Mobil and Chan let. m. CITY NEWS. 1'iiom TonT Scmtkr Tb llcanuhip MarU on, from CliarlMUin, arrlvtd yeHterityartemion, Uluglng SO women and 20 children, the famtlle of tha aold'.cr. In Fort Bamtfr, ho wera graclnua ly giantrd a aafe piaaage I y tb Palmetto aulUorl-th-. So-.n afier tbe Mtrlun arilrvl at Lar dxk th.y were tnkon on board a eteuiboAt and con vince! to Knit Mf.j'rll. IUtt no.tti Art n-rTT. Aliout 9M lat cven big, tb Il.r'.em IUtlrond train, due In Ntw York at 10.30, waa delayed near WiUlamabridh' by th breaking of an axle. Two poaeenger car wera up eet, and a lady, wboae uim, waa not given, tuflored trvere lujuiln, aud n-auyof tb paawnjcr were rlufully bi itUcd. The (Uuiag waa rf pah od. aud tb train arrived at 11 o'c'ix k In New York. Tint lit'Aun. A movement I at present cm foot among the riieiuea of thia city, to organijie, among thuuae.vea, a military body, reejionjibl to Ita officer only, and having for Ita object tha pro. tottkinotuptMCand propeity of th rltlien of New Yolk. The project orlglnalfil wllh th clever Hi aud uilllll of th ilerevrj, and appear, to rocil witU gaucral favor among th, firemen. linrini at tiik Custom Ilor.e. The amount of kagei recelrid at th CuatomKiua during th pant mouth, vartr but littl from that uf tb earn, term laat year, but thr-n(h, of them Vave bent atored la Landed warebunxa, wharwa but jear almott all weie taken .ut at once. Costiorot it is Art AoaATtr!. TU llui of the di awing of lh prlte In th Cum jiollttn Ai I Amuolatlon haa been fl xad al th firat of April, Instead of th Slit of January, to eonae queiu. of tk unlvraal dfalr of uLecriber. Among th prlzee ar a number of atatuctte la Parian marbl of Baauar, "Klther Olrl," lh orlg. lutl of wblck I here en exhibit on. Actft, of "Tb Dfad rearl DiTr" It alao exhibited at th tmcoofth Ataoclation, ta th, old DuaMldorf gitb. leryrocma. Stria ScrntRrns Tha Committee for the Keller of tbe Dfntltutt end Suffering In Byr.a, acknowledge lh reclt of $1,041 19. Pr.vteutly cknowlJgrd, $23.C 19. Total, $2 S.K1 OS. V7. A. Bomu, Treaaurar, 05 front it. Tint Finn CciMMiaoiosKRa Tb, reguUr weekly meeting of th Hid took plac lait even, log. Ilntf Woieoa, E , th Pitaldent, occupied th clalr. A Urga number ef application to th mrmberthlp of th department were recel vtd and lonfii med. Tne llnaid then adjournal. MovKMiaTUa i)" Tmor. A ui Jl detai'h ment of I', ti. troop arrived hue yaaterday from reel ullng tiiUona and with tboi, who cim, la on Tuctdcy ftom AuguU, w.t put ou the iilntd. Thirty piivatea and fiv, xian ciiiuiuimiiuM uili,vii Uft the Uand foi l'oit Ddawaia. Sai vr for tiik Ustov. A falut, of thirty. 0.,uni, on for each aUi, and ou. eeialy 'or Virginia, I a bn'torof lh. mull of n. .Iniou In th.t .tie, wu died yaaterday afttrouoaitt th. ltd tn V bf Cipi, Qri, Mawait, A,"j ioati'xi j4 aaad. at th Mayor1, ffflo, w pvtaJm I alot U th Park, hot tk. apf " " ' For Cltr IVewtt, we Third 1 QtltMlit A5T1 FOI.Ilt AUMtrTACCS itntMjarrHTjnu rtTtrrYTTiT BtXili.aodM, dkxea U t frrllt from the tty. la th promt BfiRK THROATS, C01.DS, 008Tml BILLLMATUMb. tUht UK QUICKLY RI li. alth. Hold at 9 mtju r t box, al rT ( 1 1 nion 8-ioare. Pmirr'B rATnTT r aw midtoat . It m.ToN BX, Nr-.Vv' 1 aoa tn. o vtujjjyxiuaT r. i Tbfa Itam bar been tn tnreifwtfir ee year.. eu have ,lvu mulvefl Mtiafaj Tnei iiatn are fjeprni neraww tna. 1. aVlualtu tk. .llMhitlMa of the Umd. I. KaMlifc lPBbl. ti r ii ranee. IHmlnWi nofToa. Irritability, i. Cur. all dbMa at to. tkle. 11. Ketnovf all effect, ot frv. tue i. Give f.m to tlw dlnttv. nftan. T. Ot rontu. pwiUlnn aad ott.tru'-ttnfl. a. Cnre a iva-Moa voLt,rivu ann.efrf,aitaj B.LTBIIKVyif. rBB TUBOl rBOf.1, VXU14 najif ouwf cufgaw R. F. ntanARn'i Wild Ciixurt Bn IVflrr than th. brat rurot Uaii tk. auoat. aa th. Imt But, rUU-alw.Tv omTuL wvwctailf eiurrniK. ,nu.tii4 amen, reuereru, makinf .low iimiiiiim thv Tfir. wiiTt mirvtiiT Wa would rimntnMMl afl .ho .m Tl. f anorfibk ftlnlni fln In th. .hiMLnr tl tn the miiul nmlt take IL r. 11 wiMt'heTTT mnere. it. niMtrt in cannot fall to bunefot ttw Invalid. aa4 w. a tmirnM. Ifikv In tmll mil th. .AIW4. w find thu Dnrivallad punaon. rtut a. bum ha. Iumi ono-tlraj of ImtM. and a. n oih. ry bitter, la 'met aa mod," rak .tone all tn-erv doctor knem thl. Iftttert la enrff thaJ wtnra.) he enre rod vmreha.1 th. nnl. renal t .errr inrwi of it r llimiHif.lini nun xorx.anaj.vv uai ia. no raiion , i IU. HUH. "A yean, marcwho two roar , latiertteil l Hnv l.lll. t lil...... llluCIa ..I...J l,D.. HI fir.t cla aocMuataat, rum haa ruUMd oiia. LOVE OF nTROVO DRINK c nv DK. ZrLL'8 vYOMDr-RTl'I. r0WIBf May b. it van frniknown to tb drtuki ri la DT IJmnf. Ptfprtlr hnnlMI timo .!rkam at 3 Uvvlon "t. ,11 M(htb ar, N Yi .1 MrJ lTa I'ulton rt. Ilmiktrn I l-o at WM T. Mil a. ' nrna .. :ieark, M J. rRlCICOMGDilLLAR. DtitRT'a TRtrornrRor, la the brat and cheapM artlrle for droving aa) iina, ricsninr. riinn. prfiTvin an l re 4 nair. LAaiee try ii, sola ny an drncuta. A Cl.fRX UK TkaIih I'll.l.rt A No Son llroad war, fan, tr an examination aaniaiiina, teiitou wnal to unliTUk. CI fuel wrltv-o daKriptloni ,lf a dally. UUKBAl, .tOTlCr.l I'm Oiflee, New Yolk, Frliruiry I Fnblle Botioe la hen bv fclven. that bavmi carrlerll, fw on kmre droeued iu laiuo-p, cannot be man. hr theniieof tt,mpMnmt penny port, ot Kipn eomouile. Wllliln I pant manrof the littera, ditilmd for want have had llordl item, afTixed; and today formed that hit agent. tte to vinna who t tr Id tha boxoi, that euch ttampt are an that porpn, LnuertheMclrcnm.taneea, and to prnteef i He I hrrrhy five nntlee that tlie onlf it Uid In the pn oarmetit nf the earrur.' fee, Ltui d br tli. I tdkid Stntra ISO W. B. TA-LOR, Pa t,r d t The Aattiimtlp rkrwt llahtewed Hon U milrktf lllnTtteo liruln llollorl I'll), and Ointment, ahteh enr. alike tie fiackln, oouurh of tlnnmnjitlon and tk. d, ureatnin, ana eeeaam, BHeuaing nroncnitM .aOCIETT ItOTICE)) A. P. A Twf amakfr ef Mall LoA'ae. No Si. are herehv notlnM to itbaad I rlef our deeeiaed lirether, MATTtlKVv I'd 1 o-eiera, t nuay, irom hla lata ride.f. n, ici iii t. miuuLSi Inebrtnteo' Home, 131 rhatkam O Rural whit have von tn fMofd the thliit I. there co help lor me f k ea, brethrr, tbtrj tnu nur room, taia nigni, ee our pattern. a cold water frirment. rt.LlUI Uhl. T, lLtLI. s It f ti Ll.ii rt'a Atlrntlnu.TIe monthlr Meetlnr, of He S.-w Ter Uvrr'a It. l. I will la.h.11 In 1 11.11 Nn 11, WrxMter it., on 1 hu-xlar .. itn at f i o'cmck. runetii.l airenoanoa or wow ar fMineetm. wa. HOI.r. l-reidileii 1 IlUMl-bXIN, Itec BecreUry. jal St. Palrirk'a Oar-Ielentea te vetition of Irkh floelrtli. are rKinxted to ni Ivrnlan 1111, llinee it. nn tYldlf vnl J Inet at TH ovloek. for th VNirpoaa of nf ranaenent for th. celebration of trie eomtn il earr nf irelana'e fatenn HnlnL JAMKBia l-reaiaeut. JUII Kr..1Nr, Berratary, UlUTUS. GARLAND-On WednMday, Feb Kth, U m. inhiv(i aaoanuTOf .ioun ana atary , land, a.ed n monttia and ,, dare. Tb. friend, and eounalntAne,. of th. fin JicctriiHv Invited to attend the lneral, tl far) alternonn, at 1 o'clock, from the red, pareuta, !1UI Wait Tth it, near 11th are. HABnKN-On Uie Mh tml, MaraaraLl nwir liaraen. atlv. 01 iiauyf aaxvt, jO Ireland, aawl !! vear 1 he mend, of the family are reepecta ta attend the funeral, una (Thuredayl afU a ococa, ivom toe reaioeuoa ol ner Av. D. KKAItN'3 On Wadnelar. Feh. Ctk. T of 1 homai and Mary K' am, a,vd I yi The relative and frtenlt of tka faro fly nnir tuvileo la tfud tne njnar J, till. C let onan, at , o'clock, fruro th. rwliano o CI Baiter it. LIT. 4iBTualar. Peb.CtKof eonant unrva a, ..urn .m w i ptn, r s A Kolemn llleh Mtwof He-iiilcm will ha for the if r e of bU il. at lh CliurrlJU tfoM. ;d it, oa Irlduy mnrolna, at 1 hence the rmiainaalll h tikin logt. P thi dral for Interment The ltey, flergf. ( mrmhen of tha roncreeatlnn of Uoly Ci prcfully InvPed to attend the aarvlce and MOORE -On Feb. ftb, of eoniumptli M ore, .red 6S yean ami V tnontba. Itli fffToli and reliflve. ire reapeerfu U attend the funeral, till (Thnndarl alte o'clock, from hi late residence, tt Columbl adelphia paper plraM or py. MOORF, In Wl Uanuhnrrh. on Wrdnei lr, of eonnimptlon, Mr Marxartt Mm Alexander ! Moore, am d 4-i year. The trtenda and ralitlveaof th. family fi II? invited to attend th. funeral, thti attemnnn, at 8 o'elocb, frora her late rwddi rieeoudit.liet.IyirlmerandLieoar4iU. il ' will be luterred iu Calvary Cemrterr. M0RRI88Y- On Tiuiday, Feb. hth, Hie alter a long and palnlul UIuhw. Il r friend., aud Ukm. of her bubnd, 1 ruMr.are revpsotnillr Invited te attaad t from bar late neldeuoe, T3 Fonyth it, on . Y-On Tmwo.r, Feb. Uh, Mary native of the I'artah of Lempo, Couuty i lielAiid. aged M yeara. llrr relatlvee and friend are refpectoi to attend the funeral, on Thureday aft. In.t, at e'elxk, (row luu UU fMidencej -eve. I Ml'RrirYOn F.h. nth. W,,mh.. I III relative, and trterela, and the mnnl Cathiiine Mirkrt Outrd, are rwrpectrull if attend the funeral, nn I rtd.v tftjvnnw. M Irom the realdeooe ef hi pareuta, gra Wat, 1 MCCARTHY On WednMday moral nj i-ui Aon ncveruir, uau,bter 01 Aleuiui affd IS rt are and 8 month. a n rrienae or ner lather, and thi .of tl re nportullr tuvlud to attend tha f rrlinr.ilar) attemonn. at , o'ekvk, from thl of hrr father, cor. of 82d it, and ii ava. I McOOWAM n F.h fth. Un U.r. I lata Arthni Metiowan, a native of Herri mmA &T nan W lh. rtliUlvr. ard friendi of th famflr rutlr Invited to attend tha funeral, thia I alttfTiooa, Ilk lnet, at i ciock, from if v u, r w- CNHLL-Of trphna fevir, aftoe an IllnJ wceluf duraUon. Mra. Barak O'N.all, th. H I'.Ma (-. O ., I .- ... - .1 fl -"- .'..I ,ni.ui. a. tarn ri Iprarir May the reit la pMo t nWtT r fta Val. e.K vroii. Van.. Of Thomat and Mary O'Neill, aged t miDiK 'i ..The nineral will take pUoa from th. rf blajireota,v St. Mark"! place, en FrltUrf ' at f o'clock. J O'LFJIRKY-At Newark. Feb. cth. afteA painful lllneaa, which ih. Imr. with Clirt tude, Mirtha, wife of Ii'lyarer. of f Ccnoty Wriford. Ir Unl, ated 88 yean 1 .Uurremaluawlll b takeu fretaketlatal i iim at, to tne .itabnp'A burriag groaad. tt dart afternoon, at .wtMik. Nawarlt IN fore and Dublin flrelaodi papera pleaM eopil PKTTrs-On Tuwdar, Feb fth. after a 1 mwm, DUig A1U1 V. AMW-fc, IIWV Ol IB. 1'rttta. Th. relarJ-MH and frtendl of tha hittlf. i brollirr, O. a Bui lth. and broUiera-ln-law. If aad J. a. Farnam. are reepectfollr Invited 1 tn. runenu. rmm in. rvaiaimo. nt u. itjylJ lMh it. on Thnr-idav aftereonn. Tlh InaL at 1 without further invitation, ller remaina wuf touraonvood, ROFWlillam. th only winef John K. Roe. of Klnga Co.. Ireland Tb friend of the family are iwayeelfiirir ,Hm.J tl fumwaL on Friday ilbram m, k I o'clock, from Uie reatd-w... of hi. pageida. Kf c a. tlnnllA. " '-' -' -- ' W ilOREKBDN-On Tueidty, Feh. Ub, aftal Ulneta wiiuim noDflraon. jr4 in a, ol Itotiereea, th. rigavr, agtd Upan and 1 ml The relatlvr. and frianda of tne ramlFv -J ' fully Invited to attend the fumwaL taia (I tmiiww,-.,,-mniiit,ituumiH, w KYAN-Oa Tueidar, Feb. Mh. after a lial luwa, Idward Bran, ad e, year. 1 lit frteoaa are reaaietftillr Invited te ittj raJLlili (Tbanda't ait-atAiaf, at tiS.'I t lat, rw'deuce, ti gulvut vt, near Qrand.1 hi I" ana in da) a, .he hat bf a otd. hatband, a targe famUl In, children, ud an extewlra elrele of wal mtuila, a hoN. united prarir 111 be ' May ah ret, la pMO I Her lemalne will ba fra lh raidl fuilly. In 15th it, near Mh are, grath U I tTldiyito-morrea'Imnnila, next, tt 1 .1 thnnee ermveted to St Mary'BIarefthl arterwarda to Calvary Cemetery for Ibiaiaf fait (Ireland) paper. pluM eopr.

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