Newspaper of The Sun, February 11, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated February 11, 1861 Page 2
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T-' f ' 'V f r Urging delea. Tito Mes fccusea, on third n orange ha damtti tne lour in, gtlLmtod straight up fl b moor Llcachen with dre uaded Maria at least 'ft 1 un.v ioininir the cttlloctlon iIHUUHi Icnrbea l-enest'i the I ' Out Mult, wlibJENINO, FEB. 11, 1841. euron, incites IHE LATEST NEWS. ler. and Bertha' . , r . ......- Bus those liabt-eniitg el the Cooper Institute, case elrrele,. ' Joir (fi. ,mint treason ef the Montgomery '..'" jlkm cornea to a head In todsy'e die. 'itthe. Like every othar llep In thlt audi ' clreM piece of political fUllbnsterin:, the formv tloa of Federal Qonrnment for tb n-vcalles seeding state, la coa.umtnated In titter con tempt tt tiia forma ar.d principle of their own lain ana the ovtrIrnty of their own rxxtplo. The whole aeceealon mot ment tbua far ooa Ulna not one legal (act, r actual publlo pro ceeding. T ftanvsV of these Hates have yet bee permitted to da nothing av to rota far lb Dahtoks and .Aiur who wieli unlimited ad IrreeponalUn now. r over them. Whenever Ux people shall act, then, u y t nrntntf o' theUblee. A nation eUl.lihlng and trgantiin,: fhwlf at all weeks notice, lookt very (mart, bol It vseald look more formidable If it had beea ten timet M long growing The late Hon. At-mAnnm II.'H, of Georgia, la perhapa In the inot pitiable position of all men on tlili continent. Ilogln nlng M a chlralroaa champion of the TTnlon, In the debauch of frenry anl terrarl'm callel an election, lately held In Oorria, the moat netterlnft efforts were made by the conplra tora, after tbelr trlumh, not only to enlace Mm from allegiance to the Union, bat to Iden tify him with their nefarious, cauvt, by the UU of the firat cffire In their Rift. Tbey got him cheaper. For the empty hon or of the vice-preal'icney of a "provisional usurpation" Autv.aittEn It. Im set hit name en the full of treason and infamy. For othere there may be aome mitigating con siderations of misguided earniatncss, or at leaat some luch respect aa attenla upot nn dlagnlaet and audadvut ambition, lint for STKriiKX not one poor excuse eta be dovisol, lie la a enlf-deraded and aclf-eondemne I nun. Judged out of Lis own mouth. His bravo word were iwallowel In fore they were cold. er TXLw&jrn to tan . r. mm. Important from Arkanoas, He Ira re f the Utile e Iterk AreeaaJ. Tin eeizuro of New York vessels In the port of Savannah (n ritallaticn for the detention ofarma purchased here for tho uso of open re bellion) naturally excited IntenM feeling In the city, end all OTer the oun'ry, on Siturdiy. SocomIoo atock went down, and the Union grew rapidly atronger. Ttie virtual aelf-Moch-aide of the port of Sarannah wm not much depreMted by the Indignant popular voice. The armi In queation hd been dopnaited by the Superintendent of I'olice with Sheriff Kr.t VT, It wae reported yeatarday that the rrlenMt of the veaaeta at Savannah wiia obtained by the acondltimal delivery of the arms by Uie She riff U the Georgia Agent, G. II. Lamar. We Caanet credit auch an Inconceivable piece of cowardice without farther confirmation. Mar ma Disattbb. Tho steamer Tbomae Freauom brought op from tha Imy, on 8 iturdaj tnornlD, alKbt of the craw (badly fmllui) of the gfctp It. Kteholae, heme ter llTre the Tlh lruA, The ahtp, wblle going down the by,wa rtnick bj B heavy eqeall, which threw her on her beam ends, and almost fitiJ her of no Tha ahlp was Sighted and brwiftit le anchor, but dragged null! p. K. Mat naoralnf , whea abe brought up oa the anuttiwest pail of the rhslera ground, In twalre felhoaaa water. The ahlp awaited a lelnrhrcement ml her new, In place ef rtwtoe Injured by the ex- I coll. Political Inte-'Ugonoe. XXXrilh COnMrt-lena iUa, eteonie Honi'w7'oi ' " Th" Vlca Trealdent araminre t that he had recelrrd tha reaaJutiona of tie PenraraUc Blate OoctenlUw, of Ohio. Objutlon waa made to thlr reoeptlcn, en the ground that the; were not siclelly addrewel to lie Senate, AVr mme dlactnelon, tie imoletlmn were re ceived. Yem 3, DJ 1 1. Mr. HaairOI. Y,;, prteen'od petitions br the Htlnrrntof the d'Cicu'.tlcaoftl.eoounliy. An the reecluliom of the liegWature of New Y..k- Mr,Orrrai.r fKy), preenud Mreovlale of e I'zffia oi KtiA'jcky, in favor ol the UmnuM re ftalutiima Mr. l-arrminrr preaanted the reenluUona of the IlfiiMNiaite giate Convention of Connecticut, and a let re iimnt i f f trillions. Mi.Kisotn Y.) iireernvd peiiuone nr eitiaan ce e ttaM it! New York, eamiMity remomtratlng Ki-t an; legielatlun fer axiendimg alavery In tbe lerrltorlfe. Mr. Tt fN. J.) preaented reanlutlnnv of the It'publlcan mtubtie m the Niw Jeraey Legla lature. Mr, Wnvm (Maae ) Imrodu-M a bill to par Fbankh IIavvji and aurlftte eLt,(y0. In prrnant til ell monies eepo4wd at the l'l Umoe peptrv mnt. I TDIS is toe invuer oi me reruevai m toe Il vn 1. at IflSce from Bumnw r to State street The Indian Apivopilatiou Mil wm taken up. fanning lbs deliate oa the amii'tin-n'a, Mr. Gti (Cat ) made a riMrt from the Cinioiuea of tysifrrenre on the Itrfltitetiry IHII, that tbe C immlt if were nnaUe ti agrae, and atlcel to Im diat'eary sd. Toe Cwemitlee were discharg-!, end Mr. litis (N. II ) male a motion that tue Sent rtoaas Uaa iti anwndutenta, which waa lalj otr. Tbe dlariifaloit waa theu contiuurd uu the ladlaa ApisoptisMrvlllb 'IbeNaYsl AppT'ltln bill wutVennp ami uxl, U'ii the Bi'l wljouniol to M md. Iloaae of DrpreartitatJvM. On mottonnf Mr. BoTri.rR, (Va.,) a rcsn lutii n waa ad'n4rd rnuetibg the Irt-aldht to eeii.mtutleaae tn tbe House tha oormationdence be-twt-en ntir ffeiMnuierit anl that of rmi. slnre 14, on tbe auojei t of the fice uavigatbsi of the Aioaxtia aii it trttmurt'e. Mr. CoirAt. f(Mo.) oirre I en smsntiient tt tbe Siiitte bill fr a tfiiiirary goreniaeiu fr tbe ternwty of Colorado. Jt pr (ioaa to allow the peojje tt .rrol.Ie and form fr the bw1vm at or gnmc law, and terrltoi la' government to ruill f a I.etfliilMure, Jiidlrlai anl encot ve deoirtntente. etc. It la eul'eteiiiuiiy the IMtmi.AM siiltiltite ef frred tu the Hettaie. t Irde e I to tat Itrinted. Mr. t'tsne. (luwa) from tbe talllur cmunittee reiMfrWUablll eppreprlatiDtr Sl.lSO tu aj the mti alcians snl aoliiiere for baa of Iwdnioienui artil i lothlng In the removal fiota Cult M mltrle te n- Soruter. Mr. TiiotMa fTenn) oljerted to Its enuablaralien. .lout t'M tiSAea (N. Y ) ofTired a raolotiftn dl rttlr g tbe fl-rrrtary or the Treamir to Infitrin the llonee wl ttler awl wrat inttrnial'on iiaa lieen re celved, relative t tbe recent allafred eelaura of Nw Yotk ttvelattliepottOlBtVknaah,and,Uaslad, by L"iu, anil bj wtial aulhotlty. Mr. Iibani n (N. C ) would nat objeil tt the reso lution If the geutlman would emeud it ao as ht oall for Inf tmaltin olHrUtly teielfed. Mr Oa iiBaas (N. Y ) replied. CeiUlnlj." Mr. ISTa (Va) atlifgettait that Ihqulry also lat Inludid as la auj property lallmtirliiK lt aeorgta lielua1 erreated or stlssd vj tbe stats or city autwo rltleaor New York. Mr. ta iisams bad no objeitlon( If auch lofonuv tlon waa lo piaiHelon vt the Treasury liaxt pteiti. Tbe resolution waa thus amandeil. Mr. HnuiAN fln.1.) ublei'tad lo Its oonalderatlon. Mr. ctt iiBaas gave nolne thai he will again offer It on Mr. IlinpMAM fArk.) aald there was gross crimi nality lnunsof lbs Klrcutlvs departments of ths govt-tnmiv4,and aeked leave to offer a resolution fix the appointment of a aelert oommltles of throe, with Ibatrnrtlistatn lno,ulrs whslber auyofDoeror olhreta of an Kaeeutlre deiiertmenl have lalelr been guilty ef liuproiwtr Interiareuoe with an eleo- ITsa Crisis Fanta and Raaeers. It la thought certain Oaphvia VTALlini,of the etore atUs Sspply, wilt loss his oommlssloo, fur dliobe Aienoe ef erdera lu bringing his ship to New York, shea he had been srattePenjt.'ola (7 Flag officer TfBMveMaef for proTlalons, ami been ordered by GoaaaosdeTS AaifSTBoa Is taks said provisions to La Qnlf fleet, which la much In need ( them. Major BiTfliiia, of Oov. ANvaaws atatf, has been ta Washington, and tendered. In perotn, to the Freatdsnt, twe or three regiments of Massachusetts Irocee, who are ready to march, el any amfnenl's notice, for ths protection of the Federal Ctpltal, to malnteta the Union and enforce the Uwa. While aha President could tt do Mherwlee than express ills appreciation of the readiness of Musachuseus to support ths Oovsramenh, be does U"l eosaldar that aay emergency Is likely to erlss calling tor their services. Ths result of an attempt to refer Mr Dlaok's tvuntnallon to ths Suirems Co irt U anoh. In secret neaaioa of Senate, has satisfied his fjieuds his son flnualloo tsall l Impi ulble, eo tbe effort will not be pressed, l'mrr, alao, w.ll not be ooofirmed. A letter to the New Orleans Mia, from ths lloir-s Squadron, says: "In addili'st to the lie! ofoRbera already fsrulsbed you, who will resign In Ihe Home BfUadron, I will asms L'euU. Mssuam, Kaxaaa, J'tass, MoanAuuu, MoCakn and Mcaatv. nurgeuus UtaoLAT, FaassAS and Oalt. Kngtnaera Vaimine, Laukks, and Prior." The Weablnglon Star rays 1 It theee piping bard timss, when every property holder In Wuh- IngVoa tsels that his ltttls houvs and lot would not bring half Its valua urnlsr Ihe bammsr, ll Is proper to exhibit Ihe other Bids of the qie41on. Yeater day Messrs. Cibasv 01 (iasm sild el aiicllun, un der a decree of the Circuit Court, a house and lot nltuated on Mtveaohuattu Avenue, between Foiirlh aad Fifth streets, fur $575. The saasisod value of ihe property on the Uks of the C irporatlon, un der tbe Ute hlfh sMaaemenl, Is (OlA only $111 olgher Vhss what It sold for lo aaliafy a court JuJg aasoL Ttls is lbs nil forced sals of real ealale In this elty since tbe Frealdentlal eU-t'oo. The nomluatlan of IIoxavio Kieii a P.aitio inter Oensial, Is pending In tl-eS-nvte, htv ulicenheld up by the Kpuullas until II t m'd be aurerttlnod evhsther lbs nomlaos will exule Mr. CuurAx's new bill rslsllvs to (loMal tei vke In aernl ng a'attia. II Is believed, however, that Mr. Kia would rt.10. lyexieuUlhslsw. The Vf ahington Star annvuncea, by lelejraph, that Ihe Chemkee (Indian nation, hi il4 au 1 captured Furl GiUon. Oea. Voou one vt I'oe New V..ik Conference Uslef atloo, will require guaraote a that the Vtpllol hall not 1st Interfered with by eevedlng .teles bsf.ns be wilt sssent to eny plan of recoui-IUetlon. Gen. )0iruA, of tbe Missouri delegation, seys bU atU demands a full snd subsUntlel aetllemenl, c aha wOl certainly unite her deetlnlst with Ihe Booth. Major Chasb has resigned Ihe command of Ihe rebel forces al Fsnaaoola It s army has dlspar aed stace the arrival of tbe fiderel fleet al that point. Kx Beoietary Grrnais is maturing a plan of ad ajhaenl, which Is to be reported from ths smiult tee ef states lo lbs pease Otngrtaa. The asws of the sslsursat Stvaanth, by Oovsmor ataoww, of vessels bchmging to Nt w York, createe great excitement In WaehingVtn. 8 tviuuth Is tuna as effectually blockading her port, as the Charles tonlaos lave done with thtlr own. The President haa elgned tbe resolut'on to extend the time for taking teetlmony in the MiOouuica reaplsg ruacblna caae. The tettlmuoy of ax-Sanator IIxamis, ef I)u tsiane. Is said lo be tie atrongeet adduord against BcCTStary Kliro, concerning the accept tuiea, which wtll araoiml lo aeveral millions more than the pub Jljs have any Idea of. The various tmpluyea of the General I.xnd 031i la the aecedad stales have made full returns up j ike dates of rstesalon, and notiteil the Department that their offices as held under the Federal autho rity have meed. Owing lo the Immense camp of so'd'ers In Weab Injrtea, there Is much trouble bstaeen thsis end the rllisBTsi la many Instances the eoldiers have besn deters ad in thefts, and Friday alght a crowd of Ihesa attempted to enter tbe Fost Office department. 3 Vj note-worthy that all the cities of Virginia gave Ualua majtadllee at the UM election, namely 1 Sjaristk, Fartsi joutb, Blobawod, LyDchburg, Pe tantiurgi Alexandria, Fredericksburg, aad Wheel-W. tloa pending In nv elate, and that the committee have power to send fur persona and pspei-s, and re port at any llnat. OI'JeLllaus were made to tbe resolution by the Bepuhlifsn kja. Mr. Cuaa is (Ohio) moved lo all 11 further post pone tte taking of a 4 lied vole on tbe report uf tbe Committee of thirty-three till next Thursday. Us believed the public Interests wsuld not be preju diovd. Mr. PisNtT-r fKy.) thought actum, and not siwei hes, w 'tild be ts-tter for the country. Mr. Coaaitr said he was duly Impressed with Mr. iiCBnrrra auggeetion; out ne tuougnt tne t' A.VJ? TlIOl'SASD bTASD OF ARM8, XTO. itemphl; Tern., '6. 9. New! If received bete that the Mttle Koik (Ark ) Arsenal, onntalnlog nlnelhcutead stanl of at ml, a large amount of emmuaitlon and tirty cenooos, Ineludbig Cars, Dbaoii e laUsty, ware aunendered t Ihe Bute au UiorltjM yestetdsy. The tntutl ut new garrU-sied by a hiualrtd volunteers. The Southern Confederacy. Occtlon sf Hon. JeOVrvon Davis for Fresb dent, and Ilou. Alexaadrr II. Hie- veas for Vlco rrcldnuU IfcvJgomtry, Ala., tb. 9. Unuvusl Inter set was manifested la the proceodlnga of tbe South ern Osigieas today. The hah of tbe Convention, and the gallery, was crowded lth epeclalora. Mr, Mlorx presented a model flag, mada by the ladire of B"Ulh Carolina. This flag haa a blus cross on a red field. Savon atari are on the fltg. ll was Llghly adialrsd. Mr. Mruaisoxs alo preesnted anothsr mold flaf, naile by a gentleman of Charleelon. It has a cross snd fifteen stare en ad a sfrtvs. A ati. ..ties waa appointed to report on a fl tg, a seal, a ctHvt uf arms and a tuolbt lus Ihe Southern (Jonfedtrary, The rreeldml wm dlrle.l to apjioint Commit tees en Foreign Affairs, nn Finance, 00 Military aad Ntval Affaire, on Postal Anslrs, ou Coinmerce and oa Paleuts. III. JarrnaoKflAvia, of Misileslppl, waa thee e'ei-ttd I'ri-el Irtit, and Ilea. AiriAsnra W. 8ts Ivtirea Vice Prmldi-nt, ol the SoulhemCmideracy, Tbe vote waa unrinlioous. A resolullist was adopted for appolntlnt a Ctw mlttee of Three Alabama Deputies, It luq tire an t rrport on wbat terms suitable teilldin fit M Sltw mat cau be otssinrd, ftr the use of the eavcrat exerutive desitment4 of tbe Confeditraiy under tbe Provbil'nAl Oovernment. Aa ordinaire was aased, continuing n f trca un til rejsaled or alterMl by ths H mthern Cmgres, s, I laws of the Tinted SSVte in lores or use oa Ike 1st of November Isst. Ills understood tbst under tbls law a tariff will be UU on all goods oroir.v'if rom fi VniirH S'o(t. A resolutlou was adopted. Instructing the Ctrn enltteeon Finvnre te report prompl'y a larifl for raising revrinie fur tke 'i;ort o( the govrrnmeul. A resolution was adopted, authotUIng tbe sjk polntment of a C4Kiimlllee to report a cjnstltutlitn for tbe lrmetnt governuirnl of tbe Confoderacy, Tbe C nigress wsa abutit two hours in secret ces sion, and ths rest of Ihe proceedings were oondtcled enly. Th Omventlon hsvs adopted the Frovlslenvl CotsttltutloD. Its title Is "The Constitution fer the Pruvtalonl (I tvernmant of the Cvnfedarsle Slates of Amsrlca." It fuUows la ths mam ths con alltullim is ths uld L'oluo: Ths preamble reads as Atllows 1 We, Ihe Dyutles of ths sovsrelgn and Inlepen det.t Slates of South Carolina, (leorgla, Florida, Alabama, Mlaslsvijtpl aiul iHtulsisna, Invoking the favor of Almighty (lel,du berety, In Istbalf of these elates, ordain and OMtatHiflh IbiB ooaetilution for Lbs Provisional Oovernment of tbe stme, to con tinue one year from the inauguration of the Presl dent, or uutll a peroteneut evustitutloo sv oonfsder ation between tbe eaid ststes shsU be put In opere atloo, whichsoever ehsll first oocttr. Tbs Ssvsoth tectlonv First article U aa fitllowe Tbe ut,wrtstlun of Afrioan negnea from any foreign country other than tbe elereboldlng statsa of lbs foiled Slates Is hereby forbiddsn, and C in gress Is required to ass sueh laws as shall effectu ally preveiil Ihe seme. Article secondCongress shall also have power to prohibit the latnslis-tloo uf alavas from any stele not a memlstr ol Ibis ctmfedcrecy. Ailluls fourth of ths third clause of the second section saya: . A aiaveinonettuee-caping toanotner snail ne of It slavery to be prohibited. Bmth of Ihe line tteitber Coagresstonal nor Terrlevial laterfhrenee with the rotJerl, which Is to U left for the determl nation of the prople whea they form their state government. The eoqulaltloa of future territory U aot to be at ees'.ly consummated as heretofore. one ef ths members of the Montgomery Con gress lavs Jest advised their seeeesioo Mends here that eommlsalnnera or ministers have been ap podite.1 lo represent the lalereets of thsBiuthera Oonfedarsi f In F.'i"vpe. Nrsrly all the late fire million loan bss been paid Into the Ireamty, and very much ef It has beea al ready disbarred. Hewn ft Irlat has been pnetpined till the March term of the United Stales Bspreme Cvurt, Mr, M list, of llllniis, ehalrmat sf ths commit tee on the ladlaa bonds abstraction, has declined to bwtify ut Court, as tbs report on Ihe subject will be mvde lo the course of a few days. '.nta'aim Uonvenlloa. AV Otltax; VS. 9. The convention hai readved that under the present postal eyitera It Is lmposstbls foraslngls state 11 establish a postal arrangsment adequate to the wants of the people, erd recognises (wbat eondescenelonlj Iks central government at Wsshlngion to earry It, and Ihe Southern Congress will hereafter be called upon lo farm a permanent postal arrangement. A resolution was paseed, approving Ihe action and electors of the Montgomery Convention, aad a aaiute ef one hundred guns was Orel In honor of theslscllonofPreitdsnt and Vice-President of the Southern Confederacy, pvhtnre of Neve York Teasels by tha Oev ernor af (ieoreta. B'irannn, Ftb. 9. Governor IJaovr telted yesterday five vessels owned In New York, via: tbe bilge ft. W Klbhey and O ddsn Lead) barques t). Co'den Murray, aal Adjuater, and acheoaer Julia A. I tailor k. II ported Itelrnse of Ihe Teewets. Chnrtfton, Ftb. ID. A diapatch received here t-dsy, 10 (lovemor PioKX-ts, trom Stvaitnah, la'eathal the New Yotk vee- s Mixed there oa Friday by ths authorities or Oeorgia, bavs oaen re- OaiveuVen tosy, bsfurs Thurstlsy, agree on aoms thlwr, or cflsr light on lbs sul I, so aa to enable tbe Ilouse to csne to a letter ctsuiusion. Mr. Cbaiox (N C ) bad no hepe from the Peace Confereme, arwt upoed poetponemeol. At Be publiteua lad Isten ao generally beard, thtsteuit tie other e'de oujtat lo have an npputluaity to maaeepeectte. Mr. ltrsarrr was )rftct'y wiping lo postpone the delate until within live minutes of taking the vols. Mr. CoawtN said be would not certainly call for the vote uibl the gentlemen uu tbe otber aids Ooti1d1e braid. Mr-Vf Aatiiirss (Hi,,) said his vots on the pend ing qis-etlsj would bA"vetnrd lv aha ooud'iiou of ths public 1'usineas, If this wonld ks cloeeil up In tbe meantime, be bad no objection. Mr, Osaiiis (N C ) was wlllirx lo vots now. Sevsrsl gtsiileinau nu his sids stld tbey prefer edit. Mr. Cottaiv remark M ll wis far from his inten tion to do titJtMlics to any cmttrmiii. Mr. llisiutN aald hs hail made no speech. lit propio1 a oMtipiomiee nntiisly, to take a vote low. We liilglit tbtit lie ah'e to aae the t'n'oi. The Iliiitsa i'i ned the oonlilrail n uf tbs re pot! uf the niiiuulttee a'li-r t-tdur till Touraflty nitht, and tbtu resuised tbe coosideratlou of tbe rrtort Mr. IlrTiiiia(l)bo), as did Miito-i, asked d' viae guldntse when abjutt, s; oak of a rev ill at whktd ami taus-ltMS as that of which Mllwt wrote. AiiHirif thetop'ci re'ntin hi tbe elate ef ths omuiliy, which cro,ld ti,in Ins ralud tircsi stderatlivi, be bnd selecMil tbe f illourfngt lt INvewe a government wotih preerrvlngf Vd. Wist are Hie alltctd t'AiKtsufiU overthruwf are tbey aufra-lMiif tnl. Tbe teineliespr(vNtad. llecuuteodtd if the slisuid rllthof sivesslun, as now eilvoculci! by the hlave alatr, waa a tot lied. we taveno Retrtnuieia, ana it wis niu-ie m try lug locate illy cuiitproiiiitee. lis referred tot'ie aHit;edcuseeif toiiiplsini and arrfiud tht th-y v.eieciillrr'y art iiLdirtBlhal lbs lice attics btd osjiiht rstiae uf tumplvtit ae tiie s'ave sidles, mal hate eny csnts for a dtaat niton uf the t'niiiiu lis ubjetletl to the cUii4hs ol Mr. Coawiv'a reoiV, rt'ttaldllig it aaauatUvk tqiou tlietilmily of lbs pi ess In tiie five ebiL-s. more dsnicerutis lean tbe mdillun lew uf 17.11. it into of the ptoNMtltldnsieiiitrdby lbs Uoitmuueeig Tmrtf thiet' v.ete aed enuiun ss a d&laratloit of eentl meul. Tbeiin-iotiiumUiaint-uil tbe Cmsilmuon wiisopvwiltotlie t-p'rlt of iteee, anl be emit uiver vile for it We are tinier no oliltgttlon, ailuitlNew Mi-xlt-o low. He lias leit Ins riiqul. alts impulatlon, and Hues int a-k alnileHlou. Hi tsik up tbe CmvisaiirN prosollou slid exulainel ll. Bating the country d d nt iiulnrsiut-1 it, anl that the fits stairs would nut adopt It. Here leneil to the history uf comproatisei up m the a!aviy ipiilioti, uuntcndiug Ihry were w irtbleat aa dual ulllrinenti. TDe only eettlrtnent tliat cmul lie lartnaiui I waa one futiiidf d un truth nnl iualice. Tie MrJUlul tbe Anterlcau jionpis had I!U fairly ulaaiaeil, stal Judgment at ml t lie ren deted tiluult. This was nut a rtman V iff of lbs caae, but all wbo are ready fur lbs rnieue tuld stand tqa-n it, aud tbey niual stand noon It In tbs eud. lie ruuld act with all ehtrto 1 fur the 1'al si, aud la so doing he did not necsHaarPy a,low ttielr views upou the slat erv or ulber ipiedttisiv. It was unwlas to lsiusir with tbs urganio Us at tbs pres ent ttiue : but prt'iN'Silluna tt ameud lbs C sittitu tlon. originating In states or lu CufUTTMs. were en- tltlid lo. rii,;,eU'ul utiittdeittlvD at nny time, wbtnuirouilfd wllh the thrret tu dUtare tbs I'uli If not granted, Tbe love of tbe I'ulon waa Uu etroiig In tbe arT llisia of t, people of a I e-v-lluualo allow a t'unapirvy la de-irvj ll to revall, Mr. Biaas (Ky ) raid there had been no lime aUi(WthecomuieueuiStit of tbe aessiun that the Hi pulallcanaoould uot have aaved the country, lis dvutaled lbs plan uf Senator Cxittmubv, which Imply prouaed to tnourniate In Ihe Cuulllutiou Ihedeitelonof Ihe Supreme Court in the li'Cd 8.1111 rase, and alve to the rt mth Ihe territory a mil oftbeline8-9(i, and the Chicago l'laifonu inrU of It, Wby would not Iks ItepuMicau Uks tblAT ( Mr. SitaioN rrplird. As for he'd that alati holillng wsa uot a d-slrabls I inn o'clvili sittusi, slid uubl isil tt 1st extended. Ilewuird lmlfu',e It nn a jHuple asliist their wilt, Tiie CxiT-rrsiiis p'an proiKirnllodvide, bv the aims II' e, all future acuuisilluna If New M-xloo bss slsvcry rtlablniLed llo it lu, all l tire acquisitions, nhit1 r tlestiilusla flxcl or not, will follow tbs uoiiilitlnii of cuotigiiout terrlt iry. Mr, Sisus leeiiiiiul, iit)iug the Rtptiiiltcin party waa urKSlilxtd e tMally tin au siili-alavsiy busut that Is lbs only In k bulds them t"grther, tbe i.ljeil being 11 e ultivute rklio. Ituu or n.ati!ry, Mr. Cx (Ohii ) br.tlly irjilied to eouis n'm.vka 1 Mr' UtT' iiims, ul'Cnui. bimiclf, vl uh Ve iherwU-iledssauli.di'c ntatUtk. T'.e r -una A In awj rasials of J tin Interns hsd ths a-ls uf lvs curistilusnlsuf bis oulUwue, wlo was elected be cause hs was mors radhal thau Jo-iiva UiuuiMua. Mr. II in Hi 11. a rraimnJid, asyuut, Mr, Cox woul 1 preverve lie I'ulon if Le ruuld do au by cxclllng Iiirjudiiia against tie KnpulJloan psrty. II wae baraly fair to add find t the litnic of aoulhern ex. citen.Hit, If It wsa the objeil of bis colleague to preeerve'ralbitr then destroy ths I' Mr I'ox tuoiled, bis cuUiskos wat far ths Unloe f there was a iower hi crush out slsvery in the ststes and terrtlorire, aiid only Inlhls lass, but hs (Cux)was for the luion without quallflcatlou or oiskjiilon. A reoiaik of tbs la'ler called out Mr. Svaktok, who repllrd. and was ieeasidd to by Mr, Ox, Lo tlit house ad,ouni(u. delivered up on the claim of the party to whom aawt Slavs uisy belong, tqr the Kxenttlve authority ef tbe otale lo whiah such elsvs mty be found; and In casa of any abduction or forsihls rssausull cumpensaeton, lacludiug lbs vslusuf las slave, and all ooets and esptnses ehall lis made to the wty by the elate la wblcb 111 habdut tlon or rescue shall take place. Article elxlh ertheaeoistd clause, seysi The government hereliy Intiltuied abed lake Inw med law ste) e for tbs aett emanl of all matters be twein the stsli-s furmlng Hand tbelr bus confeder ates uf tbe talus Rules, la relation to tbe public te-operty and public debt at the time of their with drawal from them, tbese atatiB hereby declaring It to 1st tbe t r wlah and earnest desire to a4jut every thlnit pertaining to the common property, siimnn liabilities end common ub Igatlons of tbst Talon tqiin prluctplos uf right, Justice, equity end gttud Mth. Tits tariff clause provldee that Congress shall hsvs power hi Isy sml collect tsxes, duties,lrapoets, and exetsee lor isvMiue neCMseary to psy the detits aiidcarvytst lis govrnmenl of the ounfeitenicy, and all diiltrs, lrajoits and sxclsiM ahall be uniform tbrotigbout the cuurrdeiacy. All the other portions of the Constitution are al mortldeulical with the Constitution uf the United SI'les. lac Cuttlti!.lon was adopted unanimously. From tVaehtoKton. irmJi'iijdfi, Feb. 9 The President has ap-is-ovrdand atgttf4 the twenty-five million loan bill whuh rawed both II vises as orlglnt'.ly reported, with ameuilmeLts provld ng that ths revenue from the hstn aiithoriaed by the act of June, 11G0, or sj muih as may be dertned necedssry, shall ba applied to It, the reiivtnptiim of Treasury notes Issued on der tbs ati uf htsl lleceinber, aud for no othsr pur- least d. The fswaibera CosTrss. Afmilflomrry, VA. ft. The Confess wai In secret eeeilim 'four hours today, ami met again tt tthtlit, end I as irotbly scbleved ImportAnt results, whlth wlllls-r.adekeownto-moiruw. The only public eessloe wis half aa hour Ibis morning ctn Bumwl In prayer snd some formal business reselu- llors Ut-nerai iix-reiNuarv la nere. Mim'qmimj, Frit Ii-Ths Omgreea last alght unanlmotialy agrted to a oisjatttutioa end prevla lotisl government. A strong and vigorous govern ment will go Into Immediate operation wlt-t fsill Itowera and ample fiinde, M t proposition for co-a-js-otnlse or te cieiatrm tlon will l-e entertained. Toe Ostgrees will reinaln In session to niiks all neces sary laws. The Boston flankers aad tbe rrbda. fletfon. Ve o.q-baTravrller states that banksrs hers will not taks the loane of tbs new elmiale. tiatmi uuless sffalrs la ths B ulh are atleelectorlly seuled. MorrtTI Turin- Bflb ntliiiirtpliia, Frk. 9 Tho Hoard ef Trade ef this city bad a si- lei meeting tbla evening, and unanimously adopted a memorial, aubmllied by Jian hiiliin, advocalbii the passage of tie MoaBiixtatlff bill ae reported M the Sonets. Tba metnoral aprovw the modification of the ware housing system, and ths adofitionof epeclfl.T duties. The following oommitiee waB afipo nted to convey tbe memorial to Congriwei -jAMm Mm lass, Ciiasi ts Lxmainii Jonnn C Uxcus, aud .B. Cietb-wau- Ma as Itfee-rJng. Albitny, Frh, 10. A mretlng was held here lsst nlgbt 10 taks msavurss for ths relief of the euf-u-rers In Kansas, Mayor Tiiatuubs presidinf. and a large number of piomlnetit cttixens wsre present, Oeatlemect, direct from Ksnsas, addressed Ibe meeting, givlag a most deplorable acoouol of the condition uf tbe lieojla there. A Committee of Thirty waa appelated to canvass Ihe entire city, and solicit aitbacrlalona from tbe people. The commit tee will commence their operations tomorrow morn ing. A oommitws was alar appointed to memorial ise the bearlalature, and urge the Immediate pass age of a bill appropriating $10,000 to aid ths aufftsvss. CITY NEWS. Titrt FcuriAt. orDit. J. VT. rAr m. The funeral eervlree of Dr. J. WiFaaiwne, one of Ibeoldi-st and most valued of Ihe professional men of Mew York, were held yesterday afternoon at Bt, Thoaaae churctt. corner of Droadwayand Houston street, A very large ooooouree of perssas, malaly friends of the deceased, were present tenf before the hour appointed tor the services, fllllog cb-aely thegalleriee and body of Ihe church, with the ex cejelm of the pews oa each aids of Ihe mala aisle, which were reserved for the Faculty of the Acade my of Medicine, Typographical Union, members ef the Historical Society, and pali bearers. A portion ef the evergreen deooretlens, put up daring the Christmas holidays, et remained, eeemlngly ae a contrast to the mournful eolemalty of the scene, At the hour appointed, a ponlea of the reserved seals were early occupied by the Faculty and His torical Society, and a fsw momenta afterwards the great doora of the centre aisle were thrown open, and Ihe funeral procession entered ths church, headed by the clergy, who repeated, as they passed on towards tbe chancel, that beautiful portion of the F-ngliah service "I am the resurrection and the life; whoso beUeveth In me ehall never die," etc The procession was composed es follows! Rev. D-s IIawxb, Moaoaa and VTnxa. d Bearers ll-nry J. Tuckermsn, 0. H. Bv pelye,V7m, Jephson, Rev O. W. Betnsne, J at. O. Gexgswell, O P. Mortis. Pres. Cues King, Mssss H. Ortnnell, Ilmry Otinnell, Aug. Fleming, Belaui-ns of tbe decea-svl. ftuevione Dr. V, Melt, Dr. Tea Duren, Dr, B. 8. Klssam. Ths flla which waa boras by ths pell bearers was thickly etrswa with flowers. II wss of plain mahogany, and a silver plats oa the lid here the laucrfplion Jorm VT. FsAsnn. M. D , 1. 1. D.t Disd Frb. bth, 1-sil. Aged Tl years 1 mo-s II days. The coffio having been placed beCirethechaeoel, lbs services were otsiducted after ths prescribed form of Ihe church, Rev. Dr. Ctrrira ef Itrooklyn, a relative ef the deceased, delivered a Most Impressive address on tbe christian life anl death of him whose death thy were cs'led lo mourn. Though every available Inch of apace ta the chttrih, even In tbe aisles, was crowded te tbs utnioet, ths only sound 14 lie heard, ssvs lbs pMkrrs vob e, lirokea al times by his emotion, was tbe Kithlng uf ths bereaved relatives. A long train of carriages accompanied ths remains of lbs de ceased Ut lbs plai e U interment, ths family vault La Greenwood. (general Telegraph. Arrival af Ihe OaaaiU at Boexoa. JWen, Fib. in Ths Steamship Canada, from Liverpool via Halifax, arrived al port at 1 P. M.t talay. Her news haa been received via Halifax. Ths metis sjai newspeaer bag for New York wsre farwaidial by tbls sventng'a train. FrsnuM. or Jismrit Stu t.wAw. The mem ber uf lis iter H k and Ladder Oo. No. i who was killed on Die morning of lbs 9th Isvt , while work ing at a fire al Nos. 80fl aad ) Fulfcta street, wss buried yesterdsy, Ths funeral oortege waa formed on Sixth street, la reverse order, light resting on Avenue D, end tbe line of march waa through. Sixth and F.lghth streets, and dawn Broedwsy te tke Sooth Ferry. Niwrly tbe entire force of the Department was out rsi tbe occasion, forming a very long line even wkea marching compactly four a breast. All the companies wore badges on the breast, er crape on tbe left arm, and the Fire Department burner, which waa carried by Nerth River F.agtae Co. No. 80, was deeply draped with craps. Tke Chief Engineer, Assistant Engineers and Exempts followed tbe Department banner. Baxter Hook and Ladder Co. No. IS, acted ss a special esoort, march Lug In a hollow square enclosing the hearse. Through tbe glass paoela of the hearee oould be seen ths coffin within, a plain mahogany one, ea whlsh lay a beautiful wreath of flowers, snd the belli red firs cap of the deceased, suggesting the terrible character of his death. lit was bulled Lu Greenwood. The companies In the procession want to ths ferry, the body being thence accompanied to the grave by the more Imme diate friends of the deceased. l4rtrrrsAirn llororni iH SmrrMtririr, letsoflbcl'ajtel Soles rrrraus cutter Lewis Case, recently salted at Mtbtle, arrived aa thlt city yee tejday naoraiLg per eteeravhlp Minnt Vernon from from Savannah. The former lieutenant has bees rsanetaeed by tbe stale authorities. Varee, Aersdevata, IstSjaeeSa, &. rtoRRinLR Raiuio in ArinErr. Oa Situr def night, about 11 s'cljrk, an unknown man was cniahed lo death at the depot of the Hudson R.ver railroad. La list street, ns was standing npotl ths track when a locomotive beuked anl ffom Ihe wstd yard, and crushed him lo death. Ida head wis severed from hla body, and his whots person waa eo mutilated that Urntifioktloa tvstild he tmpoeslble. A Her of paper with writln,' upon It, which waa la Lis pocket, wsa eo cut and (round tip that ths writing could not be read. Coroner 'skuas wis notified, and will hold an Inquest upon tha body. Boa Orrit. Alderoiaa Tcomkt, while driv ing down Brosdwsy nn Sttardsy svenlng, res ever a woman named MAsoaarr Coi.viv, residing at the earner of 9ih avenue and CM stre, t. She wnt con veyed home by the police, aud Is tUu'irhl to be not eertously IXiJursd. flcicirin. Oa BatuMay (renins Mr. urn r. tTrm, a hoop shirt manufacturer, residing at Nt, M Fourth street, while conversing with a frlsnl, suddenly drew a rasvr from hie pocket and cut hie own throat. He expired a few hours after commit tiag the act. An lnqnest will 1st held to-lay. BtrDDKK Dxatii. A man named PATSiric Fivsw, was found en Saturday night lying sick In VraahmgVon street, and taken to Ihe First Ward Statin House, where he eoon died. An lnqueet will be held upon Ibe body today. CAacALniu. Amutiiw Oatks, a man 33 yean of age, whlls much Intoxicated on Friday night, fell frets a third story wimbtw of premises tit West 19th street to tbs sldsws'k, and frei-tared hie right leg In two places, besides receiving other severe Injuries. He was conveyed to Bstlsvus Uoepltal I7 the Smb. ward jmlics. CATSAaiM Davisa. aa Irish woman, living la lOtn avniue. near 80th at'te-t, waa I urnetl by her clothes taking firs frost a hot stove. She waa In'oxot 1 at the lime of the accident. The police oooveyed her to llallevue II stpltal. DrjtTit or a Poiicr.MA.i. At 7 1-JoMock, oa Friday evening, Sergeant Jean Bowl rr, ef tbe 8Sd Ward, died of coasumptlen, al the age of 4? yvera. He had been conflmd lo his bed sines ths first of Nov.mlier lsst. Hs leavis a wife and eight children, four of whom were detsm lent upon him roreupptst. rollre InteUUrnce. BKoonn DiirrRirT Poi t s CtvrrtT. The number sf arreets during the month of January In the Record District, was l.CT., all but ftur of which were made by tke Metropolitan PjIIcs fsree. Six hundred sad tblrty-two of lbs tsrsons brought tsfiirs tbs court wsts arrested for tntoxlcatioa. and of tbese 832 were merely remand el, it belog their first offitKe. Commttttst ten deye, SH3, and paid finaT. Fur dlaonlerlv conduct. 8J1 ncaona ware arrested, 1T1 of weom were discharged for west rg evidence tu bold them. Vearanta brought bsfors thsoourt, tie, of whom lent to tbs work-house, ISO, Tbsrstnalalng figures on ths report rslate mainly to crimes ef serious character, and are happily, renflaed to unlta and tens, as fo Iowa t murder, 0 forgery, lTi burglary, 10; violation of Sunday law, ntt Infamous asssull. It grant larceny, 81; fhlae pveienree, K; arson, t: Iierjuty lj pettll lar ceny, 101 : aatill and IwUery , I'M; abend mment, 14: Ineanltv. 15i Raoibllnt.4: s-ambltng houses, 1: violating corpuratlua nidinances, fi; maridous mla chlrf, 0, Ac. The officers returned 81 warrants during ths month, bslng nnebls to find tbs princi pals Of prlsonera arrtaled at night by patrol men ami dlachargtd In tbe morning at the requestor the officers, there wars 80, aad 84 prisoners were dle ehargid 00 account of the failure of the wltusesea to appear and pmtecula. Of tbe ti vagrants com mitted to the wotk house 84 were women: liT women wave committed to tbe City Prison 00 iharge of Intoxication, and 8t womcat ware 00m mliud for disorderly conduct. AaauT or Yovmo Fcomvn. ffiattx andEnwAan Atia-i, brothers, 13 and It years of age, were arrested In Fulton street, yesterday, by efficere Nxviwe aad MoCamsas, of Ihe tod Ward, ae fugitives from Newark, N J., whsrs they are wealed to answer a charge of burglary, Mr. WAat boij, Chief of Police of Newark, came to thla cltr on Saturday, and left a description of ths young locxea no 117 jususe usaoasa lbs win st-tvt Ml. The prepsrty tsvolfed U abe 4 fT,U0O. Tba caae wae adjosrroed to Friday next. Baanler Caerrts A Qaref ion f TMt tutoa BMpmenttf XfUa -Jthm D. Dtererew at si. re. rmuU JfetsxasU at aC This assloo Is brenght lo recover poevaaWes of t,49!M bushsU of wheat, valued a tlO.OO. beenl ylng la ths perl sf Weather lleports. ifnnlrrmt. Fib.. 9. Weather dear and col 1. Thermoniiserie deg. below xero. The rtatdsars all Mocked, awl will probably remain eo fer twe or three daye, with enow, No malla came In or have grave out since Wednesday. Cap!. Ilolnsew Fardeaed. Wawf, )(, ftb. 9. Captain Jottf A. llomas atatteaced to the Bute Prlsun for lire, fer muider 00 the high era, haa been unconditionally leuduoed by ths rrssldtbt. lhe Canada Fagltlve Hlave Toronto, C. H' Feb. 0 The case of Aansasos, tke fligilivs stave, waa argued al great length today by eminent oounrel aud Ice case la anil git' ug en t-stlgbl. No declalco will lie given probthly lilt next week, but Ihe general Impression, Is, tbs court wll liberals tbs prisoner on a tscknicality in tbs commitment. Tke Secretary uf the Treasury Is aulhoriaad to tickengc at par the txsida uf tha Vn'led Suiea (or auch Tieaaury notes at a legal Interest, and should not let oblige 1 to aooept tba most favorable bids as provided for, uuless hs shall cottsldsr thsna adva-v-tageous to ths I'ulted 8tates, anl any portion ef s-dd loan not taksn uudsr ths first adverllaemenl hs luey again a.lvertlse aucuiding to b's dia re tlotu Ceitdn distinguished Virginians telegraihat iov. 111 axae, repiestlng him still to forbesr aa saulting FoilBumtsr. The Governor rep! In that he would taks Into rsspectful oonsldsraltoo any sug perilous from them, but he could give no dsfluits snswer tmlll ke shall receive the rresldrul's rma- luiinlcallun, aad ascertain the grounds of the letter's to aurrender Foil Buinler, Tbe lit ion Col. Haos In rejoinder totuerree- idrui'a reply through tbe Seirtlary of War, waa not rwelvwl by ths President uutll afisr tbs specUl n teaags and aocotnpanylng diKuments, were yes teiday tcatly for IransmUalou j Cstgre-ai If ths Vt ee'diml bed dee utd pruer to answer the rejoin der, it, togtiher with the reply, would have beeu La- eluded la the document. Col. lUnx havlugleft tha city anrty teslenUy eionilcg, hla rejoinder was re lumed to him tbruugh the lusii, addroasad to Charlattou, B. C. By rcaaou uf Ihe receipt of Information to-day uf the aelture of New York ahipa al Btvennah, t gtibsrw.lh the recent action of ths Maw O'teana Cuitoni 11 'ti'S Lu reclrtctlng the laterioroommerce, lu effect ul levying tribute, aud the declaration of the M mtgoinery C agrees In opening ths southsra pert five to foreign ouuiuione, Jons Cix'iiatsx, of New York, will call up, Mautay, aud press to a pasKSge, ths bill hsietofms Introduced by him, pro viding for tbs ttoiough execution of Iht Feleral tevsuue lawa, for Ike protection of the oomsieicUl lutereats of the liUliu agaluit fltgllluus attacks upon them by lbs steaded slslee. Aim. W. Kuserii., uf the District of Columbia, j and Saiu. A Curvv, of Connecticut, have betn ap- pointed jstyius'itrra lu tbe navy, an 1 ths Rev. !au Nrv Pill- of Maiyland.ehnp'alnlnthaiiavy irojiia'ori, Vfc, 10. (Jul. Juixir:, Oommi. sloner from Alabaiu a, baa seen the rrcsMenl, wh received htm as a distinguished rltiien of the rUt., but not, of course, reoogulxtiij him In anofBi Ul ct rwclty, nor cuu'd Ihe rreeldsiil agree to auier lnlo any discussion whatever rsl tilts to lbs ulect of his mirs.011, nsmily, lonegullalc (or the tiauaivr ul the aiseutlsaud ulhrr public pmierly be'oiiing t Ihe I'u'tcd Blatm, withi J the liuiiu of Ibe ButU uf A'a leiiiia. The lime for ret olvlng tCbiimimy again d Ibe ex Unaien of M. Counn x'e latent has been exteuiml to Hires months. The 1'etent Ofti bss receival re mutietraiKtafruiu vailoua atiU of ths country in sit he form aa ahowa a systematic arrsiigeiuaul against tbs rxtention. The C'liihuillee spjailnt! by the Piiace Coufei etss will proliebly make Ibeir reiuit 011 Tuesday lest. Various plaiat are before them. From abet 1-aapritc.lely Irausplied, the border rtales rasolu tiouameel with much favor, and II ts ths general tnireeliv tbst lis Cuifereme wilt adopt toins uch tueasures 1 tonpromtsr, Including the d.vut rst of Iht vcrritoilet, by tht !lut rf J0 ') Ncrt Tbe nieat tVreSera llaflwwy. JMitiflfon, C. II'., t',b. pThs Qreat Wsste-a Raileay traffic (or the week ending yesterday, wai $34 Ituu, being an Increase of tl.UOO over the asms wotk In but year, A ael, CmrinnaH, Ftb. 9. Messrs. IlrrrRit anl Moouv of ths Indiana Lainalature, left this cily laat n gal lis- Ki'Ultlcky to fl ;ht a duel, al au early h mr liiie mtsi,iDg. Tbe weaissis were to be kulves. Tbs pullcs are tat tbelr tiatk. Probable Arrival ef Ton Hayers. ll.Jifar, Frb. 7. The name of " Skilerb" appeal's in tbe Canada's pieeiu:er list. It Is rute epellnl and Is said to be Tun SAisas, ths English pugilist, marine Dlaaotera. h'tw Prlrxnu, Ftb. 9 Tho ahlp Valentin, ar rived bere front Havre, picked tip tbe captain and rrewut the baiquo Ntnirod, uf Ltiel in, csptteeil al Sim. JV,it,iU, Frh 10 Btrkantlne K-ihralm William, from llaltlmore, liound for Wilmington, N. U , wltn cistl, baa arrivt d bere. with lose of arte jure, t bains, and Bills In tbs gale ot Thurwdty, DAMivxCcauuAif (oulottd) aae fren to deatb, aad five of Ibe crew are liedly frcst-blliea, and have boon taken to tbe hospital. Mm, Feb. ( The btlg ro'naelt, from 01- vcHtou fur 11 vttiin. Is iiabois at Kigartown. Ths schiNSier Jneenh Oiteet. from lltatou for Nw Yotk, hae gut olf Ueorges Islaml, aud procordad oa bar way, COMMAItlXB l'.UWAKII O. Til Tos, of the U. B. Navy, committed sulcids In Wsehlngteo, oa Friday aflvrnotn. Itrllef ef Maasas. Ths drtslui ol hunger anl starvation which are oonllaulng to pour In upnu Iks Niw York Ktnsaa Relief Committee, tusks 11 manifest thai tht people of this and other Eastern 8 isles must hasten to lbs rescue. From all parts of Kansas the eoouunls are blttsr'y pe'ntul, N t only Is thsre a ectrclly of provisions, but also ef fuel smld all lbs rigors ef winter. Ws are now called upon lo help thla new stale on to hsr feet. Whilst ws hesitate, men. women, aud children are stirring, Thsy are hoping for our help. Let us do what we can te make them happy, Kvery one ctn help. bnd cmnti ibulinns of money to Jons E. Wiuitua, MiHropoUtan Puik. Niw York. cnd buud'ea of clothing, b Kta end aheea to the R.wj No 5(1, Co3( er tibtitute, Nw Vork. The pruha amount of contributions ackanwl exlgi d, to II is, by tbs Nsw York Kausai Re lief C'mtultue, I) $il.SJ0 3I. MMIiati basUU egrapt ed to tha cou,mlltee aa followa 1 "1'usinov dmwa on you today for l,f-01. Thla fiirtbiNiu ittufHKtr woinin weal 10 lien, rosuov's eilue In iinit ul iloiblng. Tuey come Irum eome leu nilles bitk in Ihe oourAry, hsvlog lrav.lle.t thnutiih the deep antw. O is ol them had left I er liualitttil at bums dnngrmuily alck, We bad im c'i4hll g It'll 1 and yet there are tint of 11 lock ed up here, tat'sum Ilia Boston (1 imnlttes do not .NMijK-ntto with the Turntonal tl immlUee. Too actui'sHt thU uilite bstHe all duscrlpllou. Te aes sU'til Leaned uiru abed tears oter their lat'jtllly 14 Lelp those tVry bavs left behind, carlo! noth ing for tbemielveis la a aigbl of nubia tenderness si il lnde emlcuce which may well challenge a pr ullrl snywbcrs slss uu tbs American Coalineul. Help them, CrurtLUTO!! RcrcaKU. There Is a family now occupying the prsmlsss Mo. S9 Qrssawlch st, whose destitute circumstances have recently come to Ihe knowledge of the pell.e, whs are eminently dsaetvtngof any oooalderatlon the benevolent t lay chouse to ahow them. Their atory le enbetantlallr ss fallows 1 Mr. J. It Bus, the father of ths family, was born at Pennington, Monroe County, N. Y. He went eeuth when he waa IS years of sge, and ha baa resided In South Carolina and Georgia for 15 years, the latter portion of that time In the former state. Recently a CunmlUee walled upon him and aeked htm what his puliitca were, and he replied that he was a Union man. In answer to their ques tion, hs told them he was born la New York. They asked him If hs would Join ths ssoession amy, and hs replied, that ke had rather not. This interview occurred on Tuesday, and lbs Com mittee graciously allowed him until Saturday to leave the elate, keeping a does watch of his movements meantime. Mr. Bins owned lit acres of land, upon which he oould realise nothing, and waa forced to abendist It, He aold what msveablei be could, and eo ralaad money enough to bring him north. A Committee eeoorted himself, wlf., aad two children on board the steamahlp Nasbvllls, aad thsre watched them until ths hour of sailing. On botrd Ihe steamer, hla family was sick, and but for the compassion of tbs cook, would have sufiered much. Arriving here, the 000k took him to the house where be now Is, theu keit by a Cermaa woman, nis finally ooatlnued ahk, Dually being prostrated with Inflammation of Iks lungs, a diseass with which hs himself soon was Belied. Wbat llltls means they possassed was souu sxhatutoiluid these four elck persona were entirely deettiude. A day or two since tha Cei man landlady waa turned out of the houae, and Mr, Dies was ouly allowed to remain by lbs Intir eeaalonof sums neighbors, wbo knsw their altua tion. Ths woman It atlll dangerously sick, but Ihe buebai,d and thtldrsn bid fair to recover, Pjlice Surgeon AM'SSwb administers to their medical wants while aeveral of the eltlxena of the 1st Ward have contributed to their support. The fact still remains, tbst ths family ta sick destllals sad de asrvbng, and whosoever chooses to assist Ihsm can obtain full Information In reference lo them from Cspt. Silver, of tbe 1st Ward police, Mr. Bioa aays, that at Charleston huadreda of poor mea have been forced to Join the secession army, and thai he would cot have been allowed to oome away but for his family. A SimrrtiaK lmTr On Friday evening last, ths Elders, Di aeons and Truatess ofthsOsr mau Lutheran church, la Walker street, nesr Ilrvadasy, vlsiud their Faitor, the Rev. Dr. a F, E. Svihimass, on ths 15th anniversary of hla wad ding, and presented him with a very handtoms service of sllvsrware. Speeches appropriate to the onmsiua were made by two of the Elders, Messrs. Tixaianm and IlAaa, and wsre vary happily respond ed to by the Rev, Dr. Short spsechss wsre also mads by Professor SnrvAaXT, Dr. Bssrr aad the Rev. Mr, li is stria, and the affair waa altogether one which will be long remembered by all who hd tha good luck to be present. Tht Bsv Dr. HrnnjiAKK has labored In thai congregation since 1137, and la vary much beloved by all tbe flock un der his pastoral care. Tat or the Polics. Owing to the failure of the Board of Supervisors to pass Ihs tax levy, the payment, which should have beeu nude on the fliat of, the mouth, waa Impoealble, tbs Com missioners ars now snahlsl to make payment, through Ihs liberality of Ex-Chamberlaln A. S. Stoit, who has advanced Its nscessery funds, amounting to lM,out, to remain without Interest, until such t'uis aa lbs lsry passes. The entire force will be paid today, VTASiiwaTON'e UiitTHiHT. Orders for regl mcLtsl parades on ths SSud Instwt, the anniversary ia WAaiiiitUTOn'i birthday, have already beeu is sued to Ihe Sixty-ninth, Eighth, Seventh, Eleventh slid Twelfth reglmsnla. Tbs WASiusaron Conti nental wilt alao turn out In full force on this ooca a on li tho present ootid Ilou of Ibe country, let s'l our trtotie military men show their love for Ibe I olin by a proper observance of the natal dty of tbs l'stbcr of uur Country, let ths stars aud atrlieale borne aloft lUruiiiihuul tbe land, aad os ptclally la the grett slty of New York. hhATlMi in Ckmtbal Pabk. Saturday last waa una of tbe finest days for ekatlng which our clllsece have enjoyed thla winter, and the Cen tral 1'arh aa crowded during built day anl even ing, II is BMtlmated that over VO.OoO persons visili d Ihe TaiVi durmg the day fil analog, rogues. Ther and wtll be sent to Newark today, Bobboo a Stork Canrna or Allkosd FcorrrvT-a. Three men giving their names aa T. U- Hsu, Oxn Bronxta and D. U. Lacaa, were arrested on Saturday, on suspicion ef having re recently rubbed the store of Soon 11 jt A Co.. at Stamford, Ct. of $1,00 worth of silks and other dry goods. Tbs robbery wss efficted about a week ago, and on the aigbl of Ihe robbery ths soouaed got nn ths cars al Stamford and left al tha Mount Vernon depot, each baring bundles with them. Suspicion also reels against a man, who, a week previous to tbe reUwry, hired a etore aext to thai of Sooruui & Co., and suddenly vacated 11 under suspicious circumstances. Hs has not been ar rested. The three prisoners were sent back ts Stamford, Du-AirrntK or A CAftrirr Dam. Joint Fair, a German, appeared before Justice Deem nxnr, on lalurday, charged with stealing a carpet bag, sloak, silk dress, gloves, Ac., from Mrs. Han asa Burst, of No II, lllsecker street. Ths com plainant caught tbs prisoner departing with the property In hla posseaaluo. Ut wee committed In delaull of $1,1X1, bait Aur.orn TKEfr or Ktmomnnt On. The officers of ths freight dspot of Ihs Hudson Rivsr Railroad Company hsvs of lets missed various ar ticles, among which were two barrela cf Keroetno otL Search being made, one of the barrela, empty and worthless, but tally ldsnlifled, wsa found la a vacant lot In Thirty second sweet, near the railroad station. Anothsr lwrvel also smpty, wsa found In tbs liquor store of Mr MtnrmA, comer of Thirtieth street and Tenth Avenue, Mr. Mrmi stales Ibst tbs barrel waa aold to him, and that hs does not know anything further to aid the offlcera In bringing tbs tblsves lo Justice. His bar-tender, Lsosaxd Maitth, was ar rested on miepiclen by officer Linxusox, of tha Twentieth Ward, and held for examination Tbe case waa to have been InveetlgaUd on Saturdap , but It waa postponed to permit the officers to make thorough search, which Is now progressing. Fount BxoKKRAfia. Duma Coxsmrrs: appeared before Justice BaxxnAa on 8 iturday, at Essex Market Folios Court, and testified that oa or about December 81st, 1SC0, EnwAao suaata came to bim and asked him If he would not like to be eprolnted on Ihe poltoej; deponent snswsred affirmatively, and the tero went down to pier xl K. li., where they met AnaAH Pixaoa, who asked de ponent If ke would not Ilka lo go on the police, aad told him he would gel bim on for Slot! twenty dol lars cash deponent paid the twenty dollars, and took a receipt therefor 1 Pixxcx Idea Informed de ponent that hs would hsvs him appointed on tas M of January tbsnntxt; deponent agreed to pay $14 each oar dav sfter his appointment until the bal- anoe oiine aiwr snouia ue paia; nxaua toentoioi them that they need not trouble tbemvelvee further about It, when he wanted them he would send (or them: is time passed by, and as Mr, Pikbus d d not send forlhem, thiy concluded toeend lor bim. Simian acted aa Ihe friend of Consimnb In giving him Ihs Lnfor uatieu, and corritborated ths tastlaiii ny as given alnvr. Ths dsfeudanl waa held to ap pear at Ihe Court of Special Sesaloua oa ths llih Pctfr TftRitirr and Ciurkis Dotmin were arrested on Saturday by Officer Asosxeos, of the ltth Precinct, and breugfal before Justice BantaAH, al Essex Market, charged by Wruunv airs A Bsoaaa, of No, 01 Forsyla St., with having stulsn frem hsr pretalaee on the 80th alt, a gold watch and key, and clothing and Jewelry, va tied at M. Tbs watch ksy and a porttnonnate were grand on Trsjurr. Tke prisoners wsre held La default of $1,000 ball each. Several other complaints were suleequently entered against them. Tbey are said to be iwoieaslonal bouse-thtsves. Allbokd EsfnazzLrJiEirr. J oira II. Johx eon, lately employed by Messrs. Brawn, Jamu toa A Co , of No. ICt Fulton street, wsa arrested oo Setnrdev, on complaint of CaAtLxa I. Abaus, one ef Ibe firm, who ailegas that on or about the llk or rxcember laat, Jouwemt collected aa accosnl due tba firm, and appropriated tbe money, amount ing to $tf 84, to hie own use. Tke accused was taken totheTomlia Police Ouurt,and Justloa Waiaa held bim for examination. AsflAI'LT A5D HATTr-BT. PlIILir LOWEItT, Dakiil McCvbtov, Jaubs Kxixan, and Wh. Dca kiho, wets brought before Justice BxxtstN, cat Friday, by Offictr Da Gatiaaa, foronmmlUIng an B0raatj.J au.1 vrv aerioua araaullupoa Terra U AUJiunn, of No. 1 f Dry Dock st, Ths complain ant was cut itm ths hrad wllh a kmfs In srvm places Tbs iirlsouers were commltled In diilsull of 1.0t bsil. UUsAI. sUU"OKTt K.VT1JUDAY. Harreaalea foart. J7 Tiiasy H'ai'fe WM Ciuematttr of 1U teiU sf yaris A. Cldiiltnan. It will bs remembered tbst tbs wtll of Jins Augusta lllenkman (alias Fanny WHte) ta contested, and that the case has t-.n alnsrl nrodrvsaslns for auma Hue. Tbe cotiteatants now uHmeu aaeir oasv, dmiihi The plaUllffs allege that they shipped cf the ahln Compromise, then laving la tl New Vork, and bound for Glasgow, Ureal Britaaa, la charge ef John Child, one of the defsadanla, aa Blaster, the wheal la question, to be transported fie? them to Olasgow. That whlls tbs wbsse waa ta the vessel, and laying In tbe port of New Vork. tbe de fendants lis k possession ef the wheat, elatmhag te be the owners thereef, end ooo verted the saese ta their own use. The defrndsntedeny thai the p'alotlffsewaed aba wheat, and allege that Ihey, being comaalssten merchants and doing business In both New York . and Glasgow, purchased the wheat of tme Percys and ehlpte'd the saros on their own acemtat. Tbla la Ihe second trial of ths case. The former trial rerulled In a verdict fw the plalntca for I J,4,lf3 Ct, the plalrtlfft waving the return of the property. The fUfVedsnts snpea'ed f"em this ja&T marl to ihs aeaeraLTerm of this Court, whiea ee- j sWsd a new trial. The teas le atlll en. Oeaueien FWaa. AcHnn eijainrt the AV llaeen ltiiUroai Cues- eenp L. I. Cursmmps rs. (foi JrVas 1'sr a Jvets I Harm JL R. O This action came oa for trial sa a trial term of this Court before Judge Daly, fl j wss brought to recover damages for alleged Injuria received on accotinl of defendants' carelsseneas. Teat damages are laid at $20,000. Ths mala Issue ta Ihs case, however, was a release which defeadaote I claim was gvrn by ths plaintiff la full discharge I of all claims for damages against the Com pee y. t The plairt Iff, however, evera that Ihe aaid r. leaea waa tsSalned ly fraud and duress, and offered to ahow to tbe Court and Jury that whea be exe fined Ibe saros he waa mentally Incapable ef an- deretanillDg what be aignrd, by reason of hie en. trebled cotaVtlon. lie lurtner unrrea as sow ass Inadequacy of the ouoa deration leoalvM j him ta I conatdereliist of lua executing II, and that usee being advised that no action oould be maiatasaeat against tht Osopany, he had put bis asms to auch release. Tbe Court excluded all the Isstltw-ay as let-eat- he plelntlfl's Cotm.ol, w'th the esesnl ef the fAoiit, then withdrew a Juror from tht panel, aad ll e canes went over for Ibe lernt, fSetrroaetr'e t'earu n,7f AJmittnl. Tiie will of reter Tanpelt, aduntlid to probate; lesves $.'s)0 to the Theological Si houl uf the Protestant Dutch Reformed ehnrth of Nw Bmnswlt k, Nw Jersey, If there Is a suffloleas residue after payment uf tbe o'berbeqiiesU. Hupreme Court. Ttif C-ntral rati Extrmiun (4a mnltrrof the a7itiwrten la aiptlre. lawl Vr f'JS Central liri Thla cats has heretofore beea s'stel lo foil In Ihe Stir. A derla on was bow made a'ii Chambers by Justice ll.rnard, to tbetffdot Mat it rtuxatioo of lue costs must I granied; that tastre Court hae beeu unable lo fled aoy authority for the ,-, Cuuxty Clerk to act as a laxiiisoftcer. For the pur oas cf having a proper eiaoainstlow -Into ths charges, the C itirt drlerminss It r-Cer the matter to John II. Ilaaklns. to taks oroof as to tke performance of tbe eervlna, Aa, and Ihe reae stable- r neea of tl s charges, aad repirtlbe aaaae to thla ( Court, together with his opinion thereon. j Oeert ef (leaeral Hesslaasi Several motions were made before tbe Be amier. Is the case of Whitney and oihsrs, vrae i have been Indicted In this court for ths greedier- cenyof $1,000 from Ex-Recorder B tilth, Oeuaeet lor Hows moved for the reduction of bail frees $l,0uO lo $1,00. Tbs complai eenl was Offoati te this, and argued that the evidence ee hand agekaet ths defendant waa eo overwhelming that he wee salieaad that a conviction would be the result) ea there wae ne doubt that the parties alladeA te ere the mat desperate gang of pickpockets walest now LnCmted lbs community. The defendant's ooinasel, le the conltary, asserted that the evi dence against Whitney was ef a very Insuffidasa character, and aaktd thai ths redacttun la the belt be made. Tee defendant was unable to give ha le the amount of Si.OOft. Tbe Court resisted Me decision In re, aid to ths matter, la erderteew eenlne the matter more fully. Tbe caae rf James Steppard, for arson, vrbioxt haa been pending for tbe last three years, haa beea set down for trie! on Monday, ens weak henna, tar. Aahmsad suggested to tbe Court that as officer be assigntd lo aeeiat bim for ths prisoner la eeearbef tbe net senary witnesses, aa also to make errs age taenia for reporting tne trial omciaiiy nyai band reporter. The Court observed that arm mania to this effect mlatht be seeds with the D a Attorney, es the Recorder doubted thai the Ceewt bad tbe power to mace any ereer ta tae Tbe Court adjourned to 11 A. M., today. Favr CHr Hew, bum Xhlrel PixatoT'a FArrorr bclfiivb and mkjnatxvB VAPOB IsATUS. letTTTI.TOt4 BT- NKrVTOataL, I No. S WILLOUUjiBT ST, BJWOAXaTL aS-sor etuleaeet reara, and have given iinlieeaai i Snisaa ltalhs ass iii.fiil laaaaasa tbsw I. sraaltsstaeelrwAUtlstaefthstliig. . RswSahllak Insensible oervveratlaa. a. Dtouaiah nereoae brritablluV. 4. Can aU diseases of theakbx. o. suaaevaailenraeiveHsefBatMl a. eMvettaxetotvsteJsvattveortana. (er U I. uvavaimsawatuaasaaastaerecooe. t. Core a ooaujes. ennrrru abb eaveeameieataaat. aax,T xtm, eosa Taaaaaa vaorer, axevaaaeLa ansf Baanr ether aliiaim BfrTanaS--a adefisxat y M If 1Ae R. F. TJiasABD't VTit-d Cmtaarr Jetterthaa the heat raise than the Barest, a tbe best a I ware nssfttt, esxeetailr eareenuat pereofavana paTBana reooreri Baaking plow lauarssx. TBVTlUS WILD CTIrTMT WS would recommend au wno are al of appetite, falnUisaa, xaia la the ebastia; the UasHwCa) v i , htrtdeiit to the eertng taks ft. . UinnAr Wild Cherry Hlttrva. It Is natures own retasav 'wi at cannot fad to benefht the Invalid, end we wlah we I aael a trsatpsrS velee to tell aU the affllctee where thefV ,evat And that anrivallad esnseea But as nuaaersos frest-jeta have beeat practlesdcf late, and as ae ether eild skew. X 4 ry Wtten U Must as .rocl,- (ask year skrslolaa. , tas rntssra at purer wise saaai a IT Bill SML tsAucW wita haw, ihest,! the laasMaate i , every doctor anowa t wines.) be sure yoa eurrhaiw the onlv senuio Ckerry IvaTeTS er K. r . 1IIHB AKHItini roltea rUIB aan at. Brnavyta, IIIRHAirrse.1 York, aad J. W. HAY EH. lie Fall at new "Bum's Woii." a "A remtg maB-who twe rears aeo. lahiettal $TaJXn, f e resting tulle at Ualease, ItKalv talented, and a I aea niuava aiaaartaaaaeeaj art ri it LOVB OF BTXONCI DUNK CUsOaTJ DR. ZFXL1 W0NUKE7TJL TOrTDtaraa. MarheglvTwraTikiaatoths6tnkeiltoOlaSa.tea es Liquor, Perfostly hsmlasl Bares-alekeeat, Kseaaaf) U belnraaaa ek 1 4 KUhth ae- N. Vj al Mrs. H A VavV intrvAUawaVBrootlvnialseaiWaTT. IIBIIIJlaiea UM limed at, Newark, M. J. FBICM ONK DOLLAJL Brrrm thak thb Dawr. Wa evjl special attenHoe te the advertlsrmeat ef Mr. Bahsiv In aoother eoluson. If you want te bay ease reliable artlelee, so ts(M and Tit Washlagtea at, stew Yeetu If yea cannot go, sana. CEncBAis noTiciia. It. R. It. In eases ef small box, searlet fever, mesalsa. aatrH sere throat, dlptbetia, eouka and colds. If RAI- WAV,) Ready Keller and Ibieulatlag lMU are reso ed to, no dansvarneealWeevTeheosed. oneer tee ee pllcatlcns of the Relief aad a fee deem ef the Fills wtal remove Sr ry rssUa of the diaraae, If ased wheat tae nrel armptems apaear. tTtces liauei, xeo sua. KAUWAI A Ul- xnjeaaaa. The riKAHsinr Nkw Voiik, reported aground In Ihe Waaer, got off without damage, aal arrived at Southampton Jan. tGth. She would aal! for New Yot k ou tbe morning ef the silk Jan. MAtqoEBAitK. The German TJcderkrant give their annual masked ball, at the Git assembly rounia, tbla evening. This MM of tht le"Irt njuat. .al I B. tht Cle, their opi-osituiu to the prulatte uf Ike will upon Ihe ground that It Is a fabrication. . . William 11. Freeland and F, IL Baker, of the firm of Freeland, Squires A Co- dry gueds dealers on Bioadway, were sworn as to the genuineness of the signature of A. F. Miillanl, out of tbs sub arriblog witnesses, who ts aloes dscsesad. Tbey both agree that they de not believe the tlgnaiure attached to tha will purporting to be thai uf Malt land, ts genuine. Ires) and was eocuatomeittare- aST and ha. lha nttMiVa of tlaitlaoii. and BWearB I w. .- . - - w --. - -- . . - . I that havtoul ' tyboalJ $1 per bettle; FiUa xbe. per box. haiivvay A Bold br draesiet. and slorakaepexe everrvaere, asr sort aata as i Kxtkesseav-Oar TRatrnWh RewMeata vroaddt alone ItlLthe Cooper Institute thla evening, were taew awsre ef the pleasant tbinnto be said br Mr.tllp BUatN,alaotI(UndandthsEntuaheharatsr. M - i Aa Excellent Oeagb Reeaedy. I All whs are teenbled wtthCAUOIU er CO LPS, east' . would get speedy sure, should try a botals ef that I IVlM'al 1 COUGH IITERaONATOB, the bast artUUef tbe kind new efvjrsd for sale. Ttf II on the fiarl appearanoe of a Cougk and yea eU (tosTa, before using one bottle, that the Ceash baa satJrsfor . left you. trice xSOents per betturFot sale at Ban, llert-Ne. 4 South Beccod st, WLQlsiaAorsasaiteti by elraaadsti generally. JalJw - Fer Hysteria, Nmsaaweee. Flawbea, vhae. log (IK general prsetratloa, and all dlsorderi LnoldaB. tal to lenialee, wlierber In the prime of eomaahseder attbelornofllftiitheaaliMSremedlM are Ucllawera tools Fuiifjina rills ehieh ars as mild In operattea aa ther are certain In action. Thry ars purely vssstable, onutalnlng neither Lrcu, ealoutcl, or any other Isle- nous ingreuit nt. BOCTEXY WOTlCEns Chelsea Dlvbdea Ne. 1'J, H- ef T-Tfcej member, of thla IHvktlon are reqnested te bepeno. toal In their ettrmlance at their Dlvlsloaroora, est Mordarevenlur, 11th Inrt-attl, o'cl'thser pose ol allendUts. In a body, the aoniverssrr mart ins ef Merhanrc-a Dlvieton. Fer order JOHN IB, J0UTON, W.F. l" I-berera I'nlea It- rtoctely-ft aaenlnl miMrTiif tbla Sorb ty will be held at Itibernlaa llaU. fl.r. &.Es$Si v ri-, , s ffsrjsrE -.. . .". - . U.M.UI aa attnns. h aritot tnenvsinvatorai OWaN FbtNklV rctary, Notice A. O. lllberaUafc-An tbe etjlcsvr. ami nwmben of Hie above Ord r are requested to meet It atnTlmen UsIL enr. xOth at and lUt are , on Mow 5a. K.C 11th, leCl. at 1 odock. to attend the fanj. Ilv ort'rr liiiiaao awuinia't w, .t -' IRlklBlJSiU.B, iors are reiioerVil to attood, bv order ef (UK-, Frealosnli JOHN CARVBY.ese, 04 lould readily know his real signature. the eriVxVeutt he rurvt ri:l co th's tuW, A. O. of Illberadane, Ne. S AH tba aeevata bere ef this IM vision are requested to asset at MUlimaaM Hall, cor. ycth at. and f th are,, at t o'clock' p. m- eat Monder, Frb tltb, to attend tits funeral af a deseasat brother, JOHN LINDEN. AUOANpCK IjYvWrt 1

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