Newspaper of The Sun, February 12, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated February 12, 1861 Page 2
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ew- I a """-..' v?T-r-r fBPWjPW'fllfct: - "Tnw" "BS"' J - s r i "JM"" I I 1 l f f! ri ; i THE NEW YOliKSUN. 7TESDAT MORNWO, FEB. 12, 1ML VVe l.VcTiarBvmrs. Rsr. Dr. CAim.t.'c. Jiir ui ccllpees ujg 'evening, see edverue- COCtlt. Thank Qop, we, are, beginning to know Tihlch are the United Statet, it last ! It U net tho itent bat the tolldity ri tn!tv mT mpn tktt eonriitoU Im rtreng,h, when we know .bo . Me Mil where we err, we on dough off -those who ere not of un, If ncceasiry, nJ feci vo real lose, TiSirKMK has apohen, ei our newethU horning thowi, with tmloohel-for 4eclUm end ontnlmily, for the) L'uion first, ajur.tment afterwards. Ai of the Vlrginlt vote, so we sty of thin, that the ;' J not divide la elections on the two hahei of a split hair, and the polilh-Unt who proiume to My that then tt contemplate tecoesinn at an alternative t til, will fin I thtt they here reckoned wlthott their bolt. Virginia tits Ttrmeeeee, and this Implied Mtrylaml, Ken tucky an J Missouri, and probably North Ctro Una,' hare dVvlared In tonei of thut ler, for the Union at it is, end live expressed themtclvet Mtlerted to rely for their right a on the ylrtue of the Conrtitullon tod Uie Justice of their (la ter tttto. This speakt more thin an opinion. It be speaks net merely t dltrcnt, hut a ililfcront nt turefroin their cotton neihlit. It It the family likeness ef the trne American Miles, and khowt Uitt the blood el the Union, and the rpirlt of lar ind grnoroua patriotism thtt aaiuiattt the grail West, the Mlddlo an I the East, puLe-vlct through and qitlikeiu the tor Jer ttatet of the South, in epite ef the had p.iloni thtt have ihtfe I eh oiler ao fiercely on talk sitlee, and the detestable ilemagnac who hare eo Ion,; sowed bitterness in doth tedious. No concelrtUe thing couM so haro touched the northern heart, and rclatd Hi ltte stern, uncompromlttng lniliRnilion Into the meltinx stood of frstcrntl feeling, ti the juet confidence and patriotic ttTixtion w huh the true- hearted missel of the southern lior.lcr lute Just tittiiiel to emphatically toward them. We now furl thtt the IVare Concrete ill le pronly In fault eomewhtre, if it fail to trre on a ectieme of ronceaIom and piarantiea which will at once comport with the moral conrlctlon of the North and the recurlty and constitutional righto of theHuuth. ThoNorth ill now go rpnntaneomly further In that direction, than It could hare been nred hy the certainty of civil war, t week tRO. Only lot not too much lie demtude 1, lot tettled conxcientioui arruplea he atcrrdly re- peeled, tnd ccry practical nerurity of vetted rtghte will lw cheorfnllr Tbanka, then, to the (iod of oir father! ' the cloulaare breaking oer u, and the ll;ht of a new and a purer day, fur the tropical hlorm thtt hat broken la pitchy anil tulphur out kett, now gladdens UJ with its 0ienin fleams. We khall noon claip handi at row the larder, with a mutual advance, lnahearti oexe of goot will and confidence unknown before fr tn entire feneration. Afterward the ease uf the disunited etatea, if it be Imlee-l beat to retain them at all, will require nothing but firm patience and the utet, turultwt of tine tnd nature, for Itt trttltmcnt. Mr. Lmmr.x yestenlay texk Uare of hit neighbor, ajid repaired to hit nt of diificully tnd danger. IlltadJrcwonloatlni;, whUh ltl be found In the lelcRriphic columni, erlncea a solemn sene of the unpreced'ntel responsl bilitki nhiih will rest upon him as l'rwiidcut ofthe-Uoitea States. Tee firarrr for "all in authority," especially corumiidcd in the Scrip ture, fcts rarely had a mere Impreenlre tanc tlunfroui rrovidemo. The derout people of this land, like those who bade him (rod-rpcod at Springfield, will not cease te pray that tho new I'resident miy be helped with a superhu man wiadotn and strength, iu the dutin upon which tuik mementous interests depends HerroC Oeeedas Mwlmtte. Somr lime since Sir. AruTt..init;, member of Atscmbly from this city, ollVred a resnlutl m whhh waetdopted, requlrtntt the Comptrollrr to report to the Legislature the amounts paid out of the clt) Treasury, during the hit ton years, fur street rooninK Commissions, the names of all the Commissioners, and the amount paid to emlu The Comptroller, In response, forwtrdi-d a report furnishing all tho inform t tlon obtainable iu his office, to 1 ,'; prerloua to which time the rtroct opening Com missions were under tho ihire of the Sirout Department. For seme reiieon or other the re port of the Comptroller has not yet been given to the public, though some of the facts, thow Ing the "fat" character of the Jobs enjoyc I by certain politicians, bare leaked out. The street oiwnlng expends for the llvo years re ported by Comptroller II AW, foot ap tt ful lows Amouut paid In 1VA, lnelui'lTe "! Catral r-rlc l.i I II a .An. I it .l .. f u. .... AI I. A'.t a. 4.) in .l .It M VH1UI,WI. .4I V, 14,.' , !:.. 1-M.. l'.'ll.. .9.SIS tr .. I'-.OII'i'J .. 17MIM .. tW Vt ,.t.04l2i ... 11.01 1 3D do AmoiuitliidUiiv,(Uinkia ToU llln. .tJio.w; u.-i It Is asserted Hut the tjnio wrsous hire been appointed on st'vcru! commissions, drawing at the rate of 41 1 day for each all the cum missions ocrupv ing tho simo room, each pay ing full rent fur It, all emploj lug tho same clerk, who draws full pay fer ejitli, and chtrg Ing whatever they plea ngMnM tho city for ttaUonery. For deiliring Mty-fuurlh ttroet open from 8th Avenue to the North Hirer a work that need not have occupied thirty days the follow log It tho bill as taxed Ly'tlwbu. pre me Court i for Ihrte Ouaimlsdoiis si M a dr nub, end holding IU mwimis f IW ft" For clerk bite l) said CouuilwUu i oi 01 flurTSTofa bill for said Oiuiuusioa 'tev r.i rorruoaiet-.Ae C0I for eUtloiMnr Ill u Focn.alog-abjtr.ol... vt ,) Foradfertlaliw (jj fj ,, Fjt posUnt; nutluM t01 w r',,l'etiateo(Cpur.uon CuuomI's of. 00 t'13 00 Tout coat of C)mn,Utoo ia,TJTo5 The Cominlssleners on this JjU wire IMice -"""' aaw.1, I.. . SKC.EI UAM., an! (J. W. Dostekd, brother of tKhte Corporation Counsel. Mr. Km t.t h is alo been ono of tho Commissioner! furcTteiidin th! C IMrk The dispensing of thli street opening pjtrom v Ulongs parUy to tho Corporation Comml, but tt U said that tho present Counsel to th V ,r. porttlon, Mr. Hroxin, leaves this part of hi. business chiefly to his ,0. It , f,iher ro. ported that one or more of our prewnt Kite tenttort tro, or have boon until rebuilt, in tl10 enjoj ment of this opening palron'tge.a,, t thtt the late County Clwk, IS. II. Cv,i.,.v hatboenoatw (,r mora coutmUtions ul th I. ' .Tie, The whole modo of street opening " a groit swindle upon property owners, an I It ought to U reformed. In the moantlm-, our citizent should drmsiid of the legislature thit the report f the Coiuptrollur U kIv en to the public, so that they may have all tho facts bo ture them. The New Moulbrru I'rr.ldcat. OpJeirKitMix Davis, the rretiicutof tho Southern Confederacy, the Timet sjys i The most marked eveuis of bis tsreer were Ms eerBMt sdfoeacy of Iberepudlaiirui i.f ibe dibls u hlaHute, declaiedbjiuhicbcsl tiihuuals t-j U mild and Uodiovi tits sliebuous okillrb, a IlUaialoolst, to lbs compromise lueuurm of 1 J, wuTa ha was dtfwttd la the coUett for lbs (1 ib)r ualnrtal tiocors c I lit H'ste. by Mr. II. g. ro rr the L'aloo csnd.dstei abd by his renl iatmlerhlp ufMr litis"s Adaiin'stratlou, wb'cti ioou til lowed. THE LATEST NEWS. MT TKLKVIUrn TO TBS X. T. TCV. e Political Intelligonco. XXXnik C0NUtK--HeTe4 Nentn. Hmale. HV.'vfrf, fb 11. -Mr. W.tnr (Ohio), prenrtilrd petition immeromly signed jj eltlfoe of rM'sdolpMs, aslclns; C'mfrets in ttand firm by the O mtMullmi ard the fnfmeeviefil of the tws. Mr. (Isrrs (Ma) orTt. a resolulliin aaklnf the rreaidenttoitimniiiiileAte titbeftrjitelbe rirw rsshlenee hetwern the tlnrernnufil of Orral llritsl and tke I'nlU.I BbOee la relation to the ettra llllon el olo Asoratn, a man of color, oberged with the crlnie of murder to Missouri. Laid over. Mr. LiTui (Cal . resented a .Uon signed by serersl lumieatHl InbsMunts of Western I tali or Nersdi,a'kln(ff.raTerr1t.riil OeternmenV Its ferred tOi'inniittsnTirltiies. Tbe I) flolencj btli was taken up I aw thsr confeienee enniluse sppoii.tLd. Tbs oonsl Jsrailoo of ue I'lul.lenl'i inii;e wsa poMr"ted till lbursdny,aadlUenaslapproj.rlt l.m lull Ukce up. Hereml amenilmenU wet HM. Mr. Ilin (S. II ) moved to .like eit serersl apprnpnatlona for toe l'ensaoola Ntty Yaid. Cr- Mr. Hl ofTerTe.1 an amendmer,t to repeal so mm h if tl e act of lat yesr as prevented tbe pur-. cbsse of patented aitlcles. Mr. Prw(Md)pn.rneed to amend aoaetoet. ce Crfsnus, wbkb w-s agistd to, aud theaoieud metit sdopeed. Mr. line offered an tmendment tibul'.dserea steam sloops uf wsr. Mr. Iliatni (Va,f ,bl there wss aimethln t a little .trsi.te alum tl II looked like ball llo sucli a cUns of reem !s as Juld gi Into tbe jwirts of sL.Wswhlofilal setedcila and ho feared there wsi something more thsn Siare4 rm the Cue of the arurndmtnt. lis wsi ippMd to anything that lm ked like eercU4i. Me (.smrs r!.)d!klftlmeds!l ench Intentions, 1nt adws sudllienimiwlinent as aeuwisry fur the prejsr Increase of tbs fiy. Alter futlher dl-rulnn, the amendment wss as rei d to. Yea., IW . rt.; 1 4 Tse Mil ww lenorl'd to Hie Hmst, ant on tin qumtion olimiLurTitifflii lbs smeiwltenl to tnnld serin strain mIisi-ji ol war, Mr. Mtsow, (Va ,) spoke sgnliixt the atrti Inieut. lis said that he rou'd not sbU bis e est. the fu I that sersn slttsa bat sere. led, ana sis ot them 1lov1 J iliied Utg t ther and f.a-ined a goveniii.Mit ard a nationstltj, an 1 tiy tin tote of bis shrnld there le any addltloa H lbs Billltiry fiife of tbe gut eminent, wbL.h was to bs Urd loroerie slvtes. Mr. Freei m.ij, (Me..J said that the Drnnnnltlrin did not oiiiie frein the KeimbliOAn side of the House, and he ssw no rn.ii they shmil.l 14 thus sioMid. It was a pro,Mttion that Lsi tteea here ferymrs fmrua iKni'terstlo I'feidenti hut, now ttai 11 liaiviiist..te hmnglit forward, the epe! Is ni4le, wl this taenimre bow T Why Is II not iieteMar now 1 j ercordln to tbs Kcnator. f Masm-i j Uuiiimo slx'ebites haie attemnt-d to soli de, and hure selred tbe prnnsrly nf the ( hi. H s this lander II less neiesryf WboiloestheBnit r represent here t Is hsaHa stor oflhe t tiled HUkleif li.esl.s slsadupaud aay, after all Ibise things base taken plwe. It Is lta nereMiry t.i tnereaea tbe nary Bi Usig as he rouudned here, he (t'nwSNios) fell hound to pwfui is bis d'ltv V. tbe Vailed rttales, sod notViglrelhelienifiiof his onuasels Vi tbosa who wsircd wsr niraitu.1 tbe enunirr. llsnld that tbe bill of tl.e VeraMad (Coij ahrb) pro. Iswed simply to declare ports where toe lTalted lutes do n4 collnt lbs rerenne In the orduisry way were not ports of entry. N w, foreign easels enUr the mitof Ukarlest.), and Ibey Mouth Ciro lloajcullsct tbe levenne and put it lalbeir of poi ket. fliil when the fulled HUtes declares It no longer a pot! of eutrr. then. If rmtli enter, Ibey ssust take the eonKevpibiM i s snd If tbe time erer e tines when It 1 Lecejwary t use f rce to execute the laws of Die foiled riub, ttrn he would re quite ready to do It. Ilul ibis tnactsnre was Intended as a measure of sei'e, ar.d nolsidy dieamed of tusk lag this jl.rrai iium ii(t toe porjneti 01 lUKULfWir. Mt. KuuifN. YlHaidheielofuie he had eotad sgeliwt ibis nuvuirt nol tiellerlog It necessary, but aow treason was nbioad In the land, and he be ilered there was a neresslty to Inenase the power of the onimtry. He woald new rote to nut the oouutry In a ltlon to defend Itself agalast do. meetle or foreign enemies. This Korammeal oouid not be peaceably destroyed or dlrlded. The peo- 1le of the country will nersr annMnl to a peaeea le dsatna-tloa or dissolution, lis did not bellere the coimlry would be destroyed. Ms would use all tnrbeareiH e and snake erery effort f r conciliation, but would not admit lbs right to dlrtde the country and peacrslily break tip the geveminent. Cahrosl aud Hruatorehad been Interested, and there had been uo douU a fold plot to break up Ike gar-eian-enU K.Jue Cabinet offteste had bsea driren out In dlsgnue, and sn Indiotment had been found f.rgranil larceny. He would tell the gentlemen tbst In blsjn.Lment treason must come tosnend, peaceably ha hoped, but never peaeeahly If by tbe subiulsHien nf lbs honor of the people to traitors, usrer I A'ljoiimrd. House af RepreateatallTesa, Mr. rtsnM.e, (K. Y,) presented a raemerial from the cltirns or Benn'a P.lts, N. Y , In faror of the border stale tewilutkin. Mr. t S4H.I, (N. 0.) oirored the f llewing t rlsirrus, Boiith Carolina, llsorgla, AUbtroa, Mississippi, Lonlslsnt. and t'lorlda hare seueedsd from the onti dtrscy of the lolled Rules, and es tablished a eoutheni oouf.derscy, and, whereas. It Is dralrable that tbe most amloebls relatlena shenld eelst bet vera them, and war areldod as the gnat. est calsmlty tbst etn result, therefore, Jusulerrf, by His Benate aud Home of Represents tlrea that the rrexldenl be required to acknow. lolethelndetwndiike of the said southern con fsltirary as sou official lnformttlon ef lis enUli Wiuient .ball be melredi and tbal he reielresurb Commissioners ss nisy be appointed by that (lortmintnt foi amicable adjustnieulof all Bustlers In dispute. Mr. FAtssuosTn, (III.,) mered that the resolu tion be rrfciud tu tbe on l'slonls. (Mtigbtor ) uu niotiou 't Mr. Ctuot it was referred to tbs Committee on rorelgn AIM. Mr. Mi Ci risssn, (M ,) intmdared a resolution, which was sdo lid, reciting that by the sclrure af the Mint mom y snd Custom House by the rerolu tlonaiyauthniitieaul Loulslsut, the failed Btttss are rut at defiant e, and calling on the I'resident, If nol lwouinalib't Willi tbe public Interwla, for all ths f.u la the care, and what steps. If any, hare lu taken, or are contemplated, le rocover nus eeWn ot tbe raid roei1y. Mr. Ft sl (Ct ) askid leare to efTer a resolution liu.tiiutln.f the tisiimlltee on Judiciary to Irspilre Into the tipedlrnry of so amending tke C mslltmloa of the I nttrd Btstrs as lo expressly forbid tbe with drawal of siiv elite from the l'nh without the eon euuitit toloof iw.ihlrdsof both llviisos of Con gro s, the sppteral of tbe rresl.laut, and Ihecuuawl of all the st..ici ( ud Ihst the Couuuillee rriKirl by jolnlresoliitiisiorplberwlse. Mr. W'iin. in. c ) objected to the resolution. Mr. Hi hi h (Cal j Introduced a resolution iu itrucl lrtf tke CommllUe on Tenitoilea to lupiire Into II n pti.pi Kly 01 rrjioillng a hill to esUbllss a teiri tonal goreiinniiii for Nendo, or eiteudlng the southern luimdiryof Cslifornlaorrr It. Mr, Bl.aiis (N. Y ) cflerrd a resolution earnestly mviiimiiidliij to the iHmpls of the I uilej guie, Ui wli bmilou of the tU of Febi nary as a nttinual holiday. In coiumemoraili.n T the birth of a men of exit led ibamter and iooomparable publle ser. Tl.ra and puliloUjiu, (lenersl Wssuiaerov, Ibe flrrl I'icaldcllt of the fulled B'-ales. Mr. (IsuvriT (Vs ) suirges ed sn amemlinent af. tcr the word Wssiiisums, namely, au " lllustiioue Virglnlsu srd sluri hulder." Mr. HiraiAi And llrk'l. I object to t tuodifl. cslu.n. Ml. WlllTUIT rTlol V lnnlre.l wbelV,.. Ii .i,i not be well lo grl somebody to slug the "Ifiar Bpang'edllinnfrr agltsr) 'IheiSMilullou wsit sdoptcd. Mr. rsi-ma (S. YJ liiliodiued Ism resolutions, Tbe Cnrt wss as Mluws 1 Tbal neither the l'edtrsl tlorsii meut, nor the people or gorerwnrulof non tlanhuUlng stales, hits a purpose srcocalllutlotul ngLl to Ivglnlste uiun, or Interfere with altvery In any stile of tbe I nlou. Tbeyfsssnd osyswere ardsiedon the patwgt of the resolution. Mj. It-Ti ra, I Va..) wUhed to know whether the reaulutivn ruu.d U divided so as lo rote flrsl on the puryoeeif tbe North aud ne.i . n.r.!.i. .5 Uimitutlonal rlglu ' lleKjveakarsaldlhlseiniM not bed.sje as Ihe cllii2l.adaliesJ) coiunieniod aud ssreral irsnlls. sum ad reri to their namos Tbe reeolunon wsa passed 110 stfula-.t 4. Mr, Huwaon. (Mhh.imorulan.1 u,e .,.. .. oonslden d Ibe vole hy whhh II wi iw.r.1. M'. Ucisrrr, (Ky.J demanded a dlrlslun of tbs refolrtloo. Mr. tincvAir, (Ohio) said this would Is dona, aaoutliinceutliiuinciuldnoi beet ie led lo de. eli'e en iLe puijswe of the noith. Tie Bpeuker said tbe resolution wae not detls. !' Illto Iwn ITOkoaltlont. Mi B ii uu trusted the resolution wju'd be si al D.'d th l tvety meiabsr could rote fur II. He of)-re-Ill nf.l'owlugssasiil.M'luie. 71. "ti .', Thsi neither C 'iKress nor Ike people or fovi un.cLt.i the uon-ssrih'ldngsUtai, lis re a loiisi.inii i light ti lei;lsUls upua orluteifere wlih kvii In (liy slareholdbuf stile of Ihe Tut wn pu d im.lor the oocrath'u of the pre l is. pie I. .u vans ll.t, no mvs. TUnli.r re-.utl.u ol M. Psi via wsa couild .'."'.'?, '" l-'- ' d by the alaire. It wss to ths Mlivl tl lit itnuu In the Nutli whu do nut suIn iiU I. wi,t ,, BUUd In the Hist renuui.u wiielouinsiniii jwi lu uuuiWrto ex-lw alarm, Mi II in (S Y jirnmtbeCnmni tieoonPiliit. Irg, ifj ued Kioimlons piuikuug for the i rliituir ol tvlm ii 'in. u is of lbs tepl ou tba loUu-o rla ILe xUiive to tie frunhlug pilvlligo, buJ tbe i r 1 1 .in Ii ii io isi mii vey. Mr, M Xcin 'N Y ) uildrsd lbs following I ll.iii.l-, I l;i i.iiu g-aua bare awiuued Ihe rigl t to sriede li 'tn t'-e f idon, and II la deemed liun.ul. sit lo pi eri ul the II inler slaretstea from follow Ii btILuii ix. lupin asdiiierras. it la Lellsve.1 l,v win aie IliIi xibly opposed any measure of .ciipri uilw, tlmt i. luenslou luvolies a sacilansol I hi 'u, 1 1 II e cxlcnidou of s'arery, would nsrer ti.i.r (, 1 1 ur In my lawful measuie for Ihe euian te.ttiiiuif tls.litrts. Iheieforei l.iiAf i That the seht-t commlltee of Are be m tliurtidlo Inqulic whULcr bribe loiutani oflhe IMIHiU f.f tbe Hlnve .IkLHi. r 1 iM...b.u.... .1.. Is i .Wits, llhepisillcsb'elwi tue J-nei, gi I rneirnt le rvwrs the etrsne'pstlem f the stare la em ie or a I nf the border tl'. tnd If so to re rewt s bt. I nnr thai pirneae I.tid nrer for debste. Mr, BimrrmfK V j off-red t resohitlm calling an the Itcretary of Ike Treasury to Inform the House wbetler theie Lad tietev soy olwtruclion to Its rtrenue lews Is flottfk Csrollna, (leergls, A'a twma, Ixutstanai also, wbst meanties bars tieen taken to secure the rerenue cullers from eel cars, and to rei-orer tlsvs which hare been etlzed, tof Iber with oeher trorerly, Mr. Ill asm (Ky) pf-ifsed an amendaiseii, which was Borepted, call Irg on the rrssidant to lr nlsk h's ressons, which hsre Ind iced htm lo bring alB?get.umlTrftrrops to Wathlnglon, sad why ke4 here, and whether be has InSirnssttnn show leg a eonei I'scy to selre tbs caplM, and prersnt Ibe iasugitrklion of tbe rreaiJrnt elect. Toe reso lulloa wuNjstffinl. On mM'si fit Mr. Costj (laws) tVe raelfl) RsiU rnad HII wss mads tbesjarclalorler for tomorrow and Wedsuslsy. Mr, flaow (F ) ledlested an amendment, nro posliig a reiieal of lint pait glring certain donations and franrhisrt to tbe Tests htl road brauch. In rase Texas raised a sn essloa ordlaouoe, sad at hered to II for six mimihs. Tlie Horse acted rsi tie Benste's amendments to ths luflrlenry and Iriplomallc Appropriation bll.e, whli h aeain go bsrk to Ihe Senate. Mr. RrmiT (Oiegon) Inlroiliirsd a resolution task ing Ike bill fur ths peymsnl of the n'egoasnd sebuiit"U war debt, Ibe speclsl order for Taurt dsy week. The resolution wee pawed. Adjourned. Nr.tTK IJJHtUTl'ItB Vnate. A Vxuiy, f'rh. 11. On motion of Mr. Hilt norms, the I nlted Htstes Drreieil Fund bill was re ferred to the Committee ef the Whole. lo C'tnroiltee of the Whole, the bill 11 enable she siae toetds-w the t 'nlted Btttea lionde to the amount nf lbs L'nitfd BUIes deposit fund In this siste, wss paeetd loa third reading. Ike bi nsle com urred iu Ibe Jainl resoliillon an putnting a muunltl'e lo rsetl President I,iinin, whsn a comnmnlf atlon from tke (lorernor was te. (elred, ant ounclng tbe dulenalon of Mr. Wain to serre as Cntalsii ner. Mesets. CoiviNsnd l.swsmethoped the S'nate rwiuld refuse t acee4thedeelenaim. Adjourned, AeMcrably, AVmi'i, I'd. II, The Assembly met tt ha f i. ". A lnrke ettirlier of petitions were irentel fr tl.e rejeal of tbe Biinoay lew. lis ha!! mill lsi Mil in psy the renstltutlenal diU, ard II a bill t-i authorise an edsiuoe of filon.nrai from tbe Csnal Blnk Ing Fnnil ou tbe half mill canal tax were reriortid fseorshly. Mr lxn, I'rlrute Bscrseary In (lorernor Mot OAs.presri led a is.mmunliatlon from Ibe (J irernor, Irai smillinga lilur from President I.isuojf, ac re llnir the iDvita'ii n to rUil Allsmy, Mr luit. reored ferlhe appoiiitment nf t Joint cotnii luteof flva fiom the llouite, sndlbres Irotn the Betiste, to mvke pre(4rstiins for tba rei.e(.ilon of lie Pie-lrtenH-tnil. Carried. MeIB. IUI.U ISHtr, I'BSM.KltQtvT, nKKOSN tad rri.Tir. wersspioniid ou the ail of Ibe II ui,e. Mr Itiwaeai e brougtt In a bit to prren ihe throwing or In tbr streets of Ntm York city undrra jicna.tynf lirprWiniuiinl Irom three to tea clav-s, Mr Vssisa'vtl In a bill for the better rsfi lalion of the Fir mm of New Y'tk. Me IlrsnscT latnluceit cxtiiurrent reoobillons, tluii ton oi k, following Ihe example uf the p.trl atlesuieof Kenlmky, hereby nipieatsths OaifCTtee of II e Initial Bistre Vi cal I a cunrititum of tbe titles for Ihe firjinHa if propoeltg amendments to the (cailtiilion of the f ii.ud B'stes piot ieot to article Ota. totiesiiiimitied lotbe I.eguintiires of too see ei a! states Irr ratiflcatiist. liskd i.rer, Tfce eairurrrot reaoluilisi aiitniultg Fttsms flasaosa Commissioner to Washiogton, ia plaoe uf liicsmw Wish, decllrwii. was c.De.l i.ji, and IUH1 o. a motion ny m e, w aura to suuautuie Jo. MTU Mcli w, llog h t AJturned, Fre tVemhlntTleit. irdittsMtfosi, 'eh. II Cspt. Mokxmov, of Ihe rerenue cutter Lewis Cass, has tent his resig nation to the Treasury Depsrlment, and acknowl edged that he kad surrendered his resist to the state eiilhorllire of Alabama. Secretary Pit, lo st! ad of aoreptlng hit resignation, has ordered his nanes slrlokso from the rolls, Cipt. Ilsssuwoou's resignation, when rerelred, will no doubt be dis posed of In the same way. Plereewswls T Sir. I Jaewlsk iprinaMJ, IU., . 11. Mr. I.icoue left konnall SO A. M., acoompaaled by a large oia eouraeol people to the demt, where nearly l.leio tsliaena had slrswir collsuted. Afiet he had ehakan hands with a number of friends, hs took hit ttand en a platfutm near, and suuke at folbiws I My Mends, no one not In my position oan appre ciate the aadaeaa I feal at this nertlnir. Ti thla people I owe all that am. Here I hare llred more baa a quarter or a century i bere my children were bote, acd here one of them Ilea burled. I know not how toon I shall see you again. A duty de To! yob upon me which Is pet haps greater than that which has dsrolred upon auy other man elnce the dsrsbf Washing . lie oarer would hare tue cteded except Ur the aid of Dirine rmrldawoa, nnn which be tt all times relied. I feel tbsl I can ail succeed wilboul the tame I) r.ns aid 'which sustain! d him, and la Iht same Almighty Using I p'ace my reliance fur su port, and I bojis you, my friends, will all pray tbal 1 may reelre teat t)i vine MsisUare without which, I cannot succeed. Is, wthwblih, tureens ia certain tgala, I bid yoaallta sfleulonkle farewell. (Loud aiu -siua. Bed riles of we will prsy for you ) During Ike speech Mr, Lim-msi betrsyed much eruKlua, sad Ihe crowd was affrcted tn tears. The tia.a left at pmjssly h.'J past eight ovWk. liutMnafnlis trb. II oa reaching the Mi tee llouM Mr. LmooiN wesesrorbd to Ihe balcony, when he said t Hecamehiee to thank Ihesi lor lbs iidoiI glren by Isdlaua to a tiue and Just cause. Coercion ami Inrsslon ate terms murk used bow with temper and bet blood. ut not mil. i ndiri.tand their meanUig nor the meaning of thoit whoueelhtm. 11 ne gel their meaning fro-n men who deprecate the ihints, which they would represeut bytbslr use, VTLst Is the meaning of there wwdsf Would marching aa army Uto B u'h Carolina with bitile lutaot be au lnreaiou f 1 think It would, and it would be coenloo, also, IfBtuth Caroliu'aus were forced to submit. But if the United Blsles should merely hold and retake Its own forts, oil leil duiisa or withhold Ihe malls, wbvre they were habitually siolaled, erould any or all of thiwt thUift be ItiTifioa or coereion f r prefer slinal fniru lorers. reaolred to rael.l e.ier. i Ion, vnderatind such things there on the part of tue i.oneii B'Btrw in L4J i-onrciou ur Inrsslon f II Ih.y do their Idea of preaerratlou le exceedingly thin aud airy. It their rlew the I nlon tt t faiuuy relation would seem to be no regular marriage, but a soil cf free loss arrangement, I) be malnUlued by jersopal atlisction. In whsl roushits Ibe apei lal cnili.e.sof a sU't. I speak not of the p siitli n smlgend te a slate in Ibe fulon by the OJnsiUt Jku, for, tLsl by tbe buul we all rejognise, Usl osltliui, biwir.r, a stale csunot car ry out. If a etuis and county prawss an e-pial amount of Territory aod Inbabltvnu ia wl at, a. t matter of principle, la Iht slate lietisr tian Ihe county r Would sn excheoge of names be an ixtl.aoge of lights nton prlmlple, liywhsl I pi luclpla, luiy a aUte, U lag ii. .( moi s thua oar f.nittn iiailufthenHiiiininauiiu, Mpt,Mna busk up the itle and then coerce a larger dirl alio of Itself Wht iiiyairrinue rlgbl to olsv tbe lyrsbt Is lon'errru on the district of country 'wllh Us i tue, hy merely tailing II a alalef Mr I.ihih.iji. In conclusion, said he wss irnt as HrilliierBnjthing.tiulaiklngqiiaslloiis fue them lo consider aud dtrlds la their own luinde whsl was right tad what wss wrong. lie irettieaaty Oinrenilen. Mcmkonicty, fib. 11. The Convention mot ai 1 1 num. Aiier prayer, a coiamlluv was aii. iwluud lo Inform Mr, BTSemsa uf kls nomination. )l U tciertcd Ibal Mr. Brtruass will, at Ihe request ul the ii.n.aiillee, announce his rsplj, Ul oneu Cou rentlon tl one ovloi k. Mr. Count) Introduced a resolution, which wss adoitd,siislitlngtciniiitiiei.fflreto reimrt a bill fur tbe of aa Ksemllre Depart luenl for Ihe Confedsr ty, Mr. BTtrilBHB naiillii.iei wee aiuil.1 m.VIh tlanavsl tad mllitiry comuiiiiiwt seratrelsi alau spiolntusg commute m uf 1' Luds, ladlaa Ofhces, aud Terriionse. tlrtr'afa (.egklatare. Ruhmtini, (6.H. The (Jorcrnor transmit ted Iu the Legla'tiure t'day a oouiiauulcatlou from Jui'ge ItoniurrsiiN, C utu .sloner tithe emedinj HiiUs, dsud Montgomery 3d. He ssvs Ihe (1 jr. error of llsorgla gins aasurame IBs! (Jeorgta will attain during Ihe perlinl contemplaloit, from all wis calculated to iroduoe a collluoo wllh Ihe kwi. eisl Korriimient. '1 be Cnmminsloner belisrrd Ibat Ibe iiuremer !f Al.luma will glre a farurable anewer, ai.d that B silh Carullna will coufuru Vt tl.e ailiou of thshoiithern oonredeialion. Jell. I)av U ra rente lo Menlgemcry. Jnri.B, J,, , ;,. Jt, leiOl (Jenoral D.tvii anlred beia ibis erruiug ou his wsr 1 1 Mmiwo. uiy. lie wiu ic i lri with graud mllluiy and rlfiv bisjiora. Iuanh, he ssld If Wr lullHl ti me II .. ..... I ....... k. ... , - .i .. ; " ' "l'u n irtuvru Blel nol lism B.Hill em a U hi I If the N nth Is .reprcd to graiitites e.andis. gnlre our iiiuthir, ail will f well. I e i.c.lir.l an olhciid di.pat .h al six utlmk.ieiutag his iuuutdiate pueeuieal M mt. giuieij, Traaraorr flection. MiviMt, Jb. 10 'Ihla illv give lietw-m-n SnOanuaiOtuajorily for lbs raudljates fur II e Cubsnttlou. llelunia Irom We I I'ouueneee lu dleHie theeWctlon of f nlouiaiill'lnt. s AnWlii, Feb. lu As far a hevid fmra all tin I uuucaisiidjtesareeliile.1 by or.r whelming nisjo tillrs. Tie Cunrei lion Is defeated bv a Urge iu ii..t. tr. Ttieruleie'Nsal.villewas, f ir lbs f ulou i.uii di te t'tH), art eil. u !'.; tvr a couecultun IWO, (ui uu nHiveuliou 1M)7, Ialalaxwa Htale t'earenlloo. A'iv (hlcani, b. 11. Thoor.liniiice nut Ilul II . n.i.ul ..IT.u i. .I'ni. n.n. ..... orer the bar any foiled BUIes wtr twskU, has tstd. The Tri s Cearea Ion. AVtc f leant, tb, 11. TheTexti Com entlou lae Urjiiug lus furatatlau of a Biulbten tlcuf.ih-ra.-y, an t e!n.led ser ju delegates to las B'ii't4i;iu Cli.rie.s s sw i -a i Ike CrteteFeu-ta aad eat. It It thought thtt tbe peace conference trill rtnommetd the reference of Ihe quesllooa la dis puUte a national eonreutlon, tad thtt thiy wl'J not aeek the action of Congress. The reeu.1 of Ihe Tennessee election delights Iht Union men of the South now la Washington. The Vnloo members from Tetneesee, M sears, flrotra, llaarow, Qrsti m, tnd Nsiaos, tre wirmly roa gmtulated uprsi this rkUry. It la regirdsd aa a strong Indorsment of Amisevr Jmmsoie, against whom the l,;ll 1 te been eery bitter, tod oftentimes grossly Intuiting. In Mr, Stokm' district one ceunly gare G,?oo for t'ulon, tad only CT8 fer 8s ceKslon. Tht relume from twenty eoucllee In Virginia, alone, skew a rauch lsrger vote In favor of the 1'r.l.m dan Iht rote for secession la all Ihe stats. General Cast It parking up le remoee to Detroit, but will remain until after Mr, Lroooi fa inau guration, as It trill be Ihe last kt eipeU 1 1 1 live to set. II Ik sutrd tbnt Kx Beerettry Fuvrn will come to Wsshlngtou Is submit himself to the rilmlual laws of the District. )! prnnonnces all the rharges frl eolous and malicious, tnd Instigated by F.-sccre- taiy Tnourtutt, aldai by tht Adialnlati-atlon, It Is again sasertsd thtt, by some means, the gar- sisiev of Fort Bumter has receired t small relnfurce- mrbt. It It also sUled that the fort can lie rein forced without serious danger, notwitluitandliur the uctlmji la the ehlp channel. Tl.ere ire rtrlous modfs, weil koawa lo nautloelmen familiar will, MalTit's Chaiinel, which la still open tnd used by ell the N irthern steamers entering Charleston htr bor. South Carollm is repoiled t be rest Its under ihe new Oeifedrracy, with Jsrr. Dins as Preildent. Ths business of Iskisg Fort Suaiter will nn m pro bably be a.ljo'irns.1 to Muiitgimisry, where it will lie seined, siou after which Biuth Ctrullnt It pe.-ted loseieilc. The Virginia stvte eimrrntion aesemWei on Wed nemlsy 13ib, sa I It la corfidently asserted In Wash-, hurt' n that il will eljnuni afl'r orginls.tisn, and sws.t the sitlnn of the Washlnaton coiifersm-e. Tbe War Dejartmrnt has reislted from MaJnr At derenu l) the Tlh Inst. lie wtIUm in g rod spit Its, and Is fully prepsre.1 for any emergsuctes that may arise, IleripMed to be attatktd Im mrdiale'y after Col. Hsyne's return, but he Is of opinion he oan malnUiu his pastlion an.1 re sist an stt vk for aa InJi finite period. He hu been liifurmidby girernment that as sooass tn attstk Is msde he will 1st tmmedlslety reinforced. The Secretsriesi'f Wuranlof ths Nery hare been en (raged for SMUie time in arranging matters to that etui. JrvrrneoK Dieis te'.rgrtpheil loWAnpoTo on Bsturdsy, suppi-slng Col. Il.rse was still there, adslaing agalail any attack on Fort Bumter. The reason why the more Judicious sereaalonlsts oppose an etlsrk Is, that Ihey are well a tears that Ihe first gun against Bumter will not only pmlplUle a fight at Crerlerlon, Isit al Btrannali, rensaoola, and al tht mouth oflhe Mississippi, and perhape at Mew Ot leans. They art not Ignorant of the fact that Ihe Federal Oorernmeul has recalled a aufnclent num ber of natal ships lo meet present emergentles i that recru'tlng for the army aod nary it actively prngreeaing In all Ihe prlnxll commercial cities i aod, bealdit, tlial aa irajf of fifty thousaad men .land ready In the nuithera stales to march al a moment's srarUng, la the event their eervloes are wtnted by the fodeeal luthorilles. The new South em Confederacy are not ready for any such demon ttrsllnn. Cat Iltrat, before Isarlng Washington, was decided la the dethustion that do awault on Fort Sumter will be made until by order uf the Southern Ceafsderacy. Gen. Boots hat ordered all Ihi forces la the Dis trict to be reedy to perform duly on Ihe lilh Inst., the day prerloua to tbe counting ef the electoral rotes la the Uuuse. No difficulty is anticipated, however. (Jen, Wnormetts, of tht Washington District Militia bat refuted t commission to Cspt. Sou ur rra, under the following Urcumstaures l When rpt, Sonatrrra sppiled lor bis commUdon Cea. WneBmaa Icqnlred, "Jf Maryland were to secede, aiat yon were ordered by your superior to make war on her, what would you do, Captain P Cent. i ourrrt respouded, Marylaad, sir, It my Ballet etate, and I should leslgn my commission." Then, Csptala, you cannot hare It," rejoined Ihe General, Cape. Boilirrrxa appealed to Secretary Uoir, and preteeteit agalist such a test being applied to him. Mr. Ilmr eiunalned the action of Oen. WniinTuis, tnd the case Is now pending before the rieaidcnl, Oplalwas af Ik Frews. The JoHinul oCommrrrectnnot, even In the face ef the passionate and wild efforts of Iht south ern eonsplritore against the integrity of the Union, beliere " the earnest devotion to and lore of countiy which one animated our filhera, hte yet utliely dltd swsy." 1 he itrrnsvl Justly sayti We ran tot no coherent end logical reason why our puple should fall away in a maas from Ibe pa triotic Influent ee of their youth aud Iheraerlshed ptlnctplee no whtvh Ihey owe allegiance to ibag. neral goremuuol and w the Calou uf I slid bUWs. Our contemporary then refers tolhtrero'utloia aud rlrtl wait to which tht nstlona of tht Old World hare been exposed, tnd drtwt encourage, ment from the fhet, that thongh their dlsord., family quarrels aid liilestlne wars len deep wounds te heal, no absolute and etcraal severance ef nv tlonallly Was erer effa-ted, beisuse the people al ways came lawk lo Ihe orgsulied aud fundamenUI prli elplet, without no great natlou ran lire, Itthentslu! Ie It posslb'c thst the great Amei lean natt.fl can l broken llko a wispuf straw, ur thai It can be thatured bra tingle b.oW Into lulu and peliy. but perbaasiUlllgirsulrepublicsf Tht organliert of Ihe new Southern ConWsracy thluk that the Union ia but a'wbtp of straw" whl. h they can break ordrstny tt pleasure, and our oon temporaiy, whlib has to long encouraged them In their dtluslou, now ssemt I open iu eyet ti Ike conseqnencee of ult'inlon, and makes tht Inquiring appeal i Can Iheae things hanen to ut la thtt epech of aa ad rani Ing civillsauuu, aod wheu the world seems lo U grnwlng bHter in knowleilgs, chatilr, and CtrUlUu lneri.lwwe, advunclng nol so niui'h In Ihe spirit whuh owe wrought with the tword ler wtslevir was coualdoied villus anl liulh,but Incrteterind more vreoe'ul culture whhh iwuU tales there eleraUd and refined principles ul Jits, the. liuth, n-etry aud lore, which digulfy tal en noble human nature t Tht UeraU, characteristically, chuiklea orer the pmenl luanhhal lUU of sfr.lre, and ippltude tht prorltlon In the Cousiiiulioa aduledby Iht Muntgoraery Convention, whlihlt lulendsd lo coerce the border s'svs stales Into a ualou wllh the cotton tUtea. The provlslm la ejuestlua proMblU Ibe Introduction ef slaves from tuy state nU t member of Ihe Southern Cmfeder- tcy. The hVM tad other Jiamals refer to Ihi organ, lutloo oft government for Ihe Southern Confed eracy, In utter eonteiri) I of the rights of the people to U governed. The seceding states, or rather Ike aecawlon leaders, tre united only, the Hoiil re marks In their rebellion agalnet tht federal author ity. The great task of forming a permanent gov t nnienl aiidrennclliagcoofllctlng Interesta, and rlral polithiuns, bat yet to be tcoomplihcd i II aioiy has uo exempli of unions tmong de clared disunlonlaU, tucceeaful gorimmeul la sistes whiles nrslt.'tls tbs orarthrow of the prluoipls by which genruuisnu are mails wslbla. The oly vitalising principle which these six stales lu cioi mon exhibit Is a principle of diaorgauLuiion. They bare but hgrecd to disagree Wlh us. Tbey oouour on'y la rebellion, accede but la secessiua, unite o. ly in dieuuion. ILe Tim. trguee that ismeooe wllh the S mlh. eia teUla has lasasd to be a villus, aud that the (iovrnuneut of the foiled gules must uow tsatil Its aulhci lly and i xi rt all Its cooslltutloual powers la defence of the fnlm. Of the thirty-four stales, twenty eight are still ret.reaet.ted In Ihe Nnlional Cuugress. Hit within tt Is empire Is anofAcr, assuming equal digulty anl power. The new empire, with as little st-ruplo as that dt.plsyed by a laud of robbers, lays violent hands upon everything II can reach belonging to Ihe old Usirdi rscy. To the members of this every light of citlreusblp Is deided. Iu Ihe face of Ih'ss siirse., we art Wd that there mual be "oo tuer clou. It Is time this farce, whhh for months hsa been snorted in the South, shuu'd come to au end Tbe bubble may as well be pricked at out e as lo wt'l. A half a deeen ships of war stationed at Ihe proper ts.ii.ts Is sll It-al Is wasted. We ran never corns o tiruisu.ik the cotlou sUtea, till something of this kind Is t'oiie. To presume longer on their m mil. neat .r integrity, or fair dealing, Is to sk I Jem tbst wears either onwards or fools. The Jiwaalso, in au aitlcle on Ihi new AJuiluls. .ration, sayi that no uoi of Mr, Liatsna-a wede. cwaewMtrvr CaVti upou U CitAat iinjV. J fcalftagmt, or to render t wtiblle serrlie half at difficult, ailhsee which will clalleuge Lis atten tion al tke Tory cutset "f tela Administration. It hepes that neither Virginia nor any of the border slates will be dragged Into liretlWe beetrjtyto tht I'nlon Ln advance of the Iniuyiral AMrtm, la which the tew President wUI declare tre baslt on which bt win discbtrgi tht high duties which hla office devolves opoa hlmt and then trgues thtt he 13'ist, In obeying tht obligations of bis office, rise short all mere party considerations t During tht ssnraaa he was the candidate nf the ncpilillcsn party. Ilia election has mnle him I'resident nf Ihe f nlted (rules j anl Ihe eery ex istence oflhe nation, of which he has thus lroms Iht head, dspende upnu his rising lo Ibe dignity and recognltiig the rawculbllilles of that great cfllce. Atd In a toot ef tht fullest eonfl tenet the Tunse diciares i We ilo belliri that ht will stand In no such childish dread of tht mire name of conoSHsloa, as t preretil htm fnsn il.sng whaUrer justice and th' permaneM welfare of the country will seta lion, to rmtore and preserve the Integrity of the Federal t nlou. The Inereaatatj DeMltatUei la Kaaasw Mere) Ilrartrradlatj Itartaaeew. Mr. C. Mroitns, a gentleman lately mired from Kansas, tnd now residing bi Clsvsland, Ohio, while at the general distributing agency al Atchl ton, saw some pitiable liamples of suffering one man, who was an Intelligent farmer, came from I.jkln county to beg for aid. He laid, thtt ln all that county not t single bushel of com was harvest ed that was fit to use. Another from nreiklnrtdge county, who had been a lutnufai turer al the F-sst, and who bad always lieea corafetUbly situated, came to the agency, almost naked, tnd begged for fond, Billing, he said, that he had never thought to do. He said that out of f.siy ai res of wheil and corn hi d d not raise t handful of grain. An old nan and bit son, who Heed it a little settlement Ci) miles from a at office, tame for aid. The old gentleman bad tuffcrel terribly from rhetiinatlsm, and was so froan that lis would not reciter for weeks. Tho snows In Kansas are now from two tv three fort deep. Through this tbe poir men hvl lo trsvel snores and hundreds of miles, many halng no bouts or shore, tnd with clothri at tattered as though they bad been through a picking midline. What Is msst'y needed now are the three articles of bouts, wheal for seed, anl monoyfor freights. The sUte of Illinois has come up notfty to the res cue, and Ins herself contributed enough grain to leea tue jici'pie oi iwena-in, wnue w in. bwini states they look for tht mains of forwarding this re- Usf toils destination, CottribiitioLS of money should be sent to the treasurer of the Kansas relief committee, J hn II. Williams, Mstiutnliun Itink) clothing should In sent to tbe room Mo. 3S Cns)r Iustllats, New Yoik. Artsy and Mavy InlelUgewce. As teme discussion it going on about the araiament of Fort Monroe, Va It may not be out of place to give a correct stitement of It. A few plerts of loose ordnance hare been sent down lately, but the mounted remalna almost La lit usual state. The nurols-r nf guns mounted le no less than 15, which throw 13,417 pounds of Iron. There tre bealdee ten morUrt and five siege bowitrere. The new fort commonly known as the Rip Ittps, will, when perfectly completed, bare l.M forty-lwe-pourder guns, ail rasemated, and S tea Inch Col uniblada and 40 nine-Inch ditto, all en barltttt. Recruiting for tht army, notwithstanding the Urge number of jwrsna out of employment, has almost corns to a standstill la this city. The weekly repoit of all the reodetrous, handed la yesterdty, records a very marked falling off In the number of aooepeed recruits. The propoitlon ef phytlotlry disqualified applicants seems to be en tht Increase aa one rendeavoiu hat been obliged to reject orer fifty, while retaining only tliven, II has beea already announced by telegraph, that forts Cobb, Wachlta, and Artnickle, In Texas, art La danger of being attacked by tecaatUnbrU. Tht I tanlaona of these forts tre tt foUowl i Fert Oubb, isssi tu.uj-.uj ui carairy ion Wacblla, la iht F.llellU country, one company of dragoons Fort Arbuikle, one company of dragoons, and one of Infantry. It Le bow pretty well understood la tht ntry thtt ths concentration of steam gunboats at tht navyrsrdl bat beea effected with a rlew to make a naval da. monstrstloo tl tht National Capital on Inaufurtllin diy. II It calculated that inch vessels as the Bala bridge, Dolphin, Mohawk, Crusadar, Water Witch, cou'd get up tht IMoraac, will aled with tronpt and marines, thut offering an additional strength to the Federal forces at Washington, should tht disposition of Secessionists render such a step ne cessary. CITY NEWS. Mrs hts vs. VrekrLH. The reportod re lessi of tht veaselt sol red In Ssvannah U eonfirnied by later advices, the re'ease being based upon the reception by (lev. Paows, ut dhrpavh from 0. B. LauAt,BUILngthat Ihe muskets held bySuperiu tendenl Erjuinr had been given up. Tht facts, however, are as follows i tt cases, which were directed to parties la Alabama, en avannab, were delivered to a Deputy Sheriff, by virtue of a will of replevin, la behalf of the cashier of Ihe Hartford lunk, (CI ) en Uie day before the Usual tlon tl B.vanash. The ten remaining eases, Ihe only ones that were dim ted to Ueorglt.trt Hill Ln cut4ody of Mr. KraarDT. N. T. Firf. Oiari) Th meetlnj for tho erganlrallou oflhe New Yoik Firt Guard will to held this evening. In the meeting Mom of Uook: and Ladder Co. Ni- 0, Flremaut UtlL Cut MoRiAi.rrr. Doatht for the week ending Fob, 11, DfiOj decrease from last week, lj then same week, hist year, RS; acute diseases, 1M; rhrouU-, 140; tltemal oaiuea, 3S; aduila, ll'.j child ren; til; males, 114; females, II 1. Cocht Martial or Col. Corcori?! N'oU wltbstandlrgthessemingly Interminable length to which the Court Martial of Col. CoaooBtn hat been drawn out, eat h session of the trial U crowded and the Interest excited by tt among military mm Le unabated. 1 e sesalen of last evening was very largely attended, both by members of the Sixty. ninth tnd offltert of other regiments. The Court hiring been opened la dsie form, the following id mbi ont were mtdi by tht Judgs Adrecale, fortht puiprsi uf sarlpg tlmt aod otriallng tht ntotatUy for Ustioiony on these poioU. JFVsf .-Co. rotoottst, had always oonducted him self tt sn ifflJsm officer tad tlsrays shown hlnutslf willing to perform the duties imposed on him by blssuisrrkus. and thai l.l. fmm,...i i. i . ..... i. efficiency. Sl-That before the Issuing of any order by Major General SaanmiD fur tbe parade of Otooer 11th, 1800, Colonel Cosoosaa oummunlcatsil with Major General Sasnri'Sn through 11 rig. Osa. Kwss, a request to be excused from paradmg hit oununui on that eccaalon, on Ibe ground thai the purpose of the parade was objet llouable ito himself and hla Ctminand, and thai sllhougb he believed Iht pa radstoUlllsgal, yethe was desirous not to seens to ths American !opls lo hold himself or his com. mand apart from any public demoustraliun in which they jiartlcipeud. TAird. lhat M.J. Oen. fUsnroan, on being ap plied lo by (Ian. F.waa, st flnii exprsssed hie will ingness to excuse Col. Cotuoat and his command ; thai afterwards, on rtept II h, (lea. StMiroto, through On. F.wra, Infueined C !. Columns ib hs would havsio re-consliler Ibe m.lier.olhsrcorpi having requeeUd to be excused; Ibal afterwards. ou October Htb, 18o0, he Informed (JjI. Cusoonis. through Gen. I.vvxa, of bis refusal to excuse Col. Coanoaan aad hit ooiamaud. Brevel Col. Jai-oa nsrsm was called as t wltneet by tht defence. Ha loetlfled to uolhlug of muerial liusiunce. This closed the evldeure. ITie Court then tdjeurned to Monday, 8Mb lnet. at 4 ewloik r. M, when It Is uulerstood Iht Judge Advocate will tddroht the Court. Flrra, Acctdeoim Inqaeaata, Are. Tiik SnciPE op Mr. rtrrKnt. Coroner Jsi'sutt held an Inqusat yeatsedsy, al No. id Fourth avenue upon the body of Mr, Or a T. rrrrna, who committed tu'oldt on Sunday morn lag, is published yeatsrdsy, by ciuiag his throat wub a raior. II appeared In evidence that about tl o'olmk nu Buntlay murauur. the Lhaoihennald oh. served him In hla room, rasor In baud, acting very strsrgtly. Sbs Informed Mrs. ScuooNuattt, with whom be boarded, tnd Mrs. 8., repaired lo his room, on entering, be selsod her and attempted lo tut ler thrust h screamed aud offioer Lima of the 1Mb ward, who also boardad at tbt house, ran Into the room and took Ibe resor awty, Ml. I'rrsas then became calm, but two huurt afterwards went to his trunk from wh'ch hs took auolhir rsior, ted before be could be prevented, cut his threat from ear to ear. Hs Wl bleeding to the fl r aad toon trjured. I'pn the tbovt trkleuoe, tut jur loudo'ed a eerJUt ef eirlctds while teornorr'ly ga. ranged. Deceased wns a native of OnaeoHcit, (rt years of age. rtctt-Mieo AccniitrTT. El f-fe O Rrifii, worcan U years ef age, residing In psrk street, was terribly scalded on Boaday night, by a kett'l ef bot water, which sLe uiaet, 8e ni taara toUeN.r.llarpital, , Fatal Acficnrrt Joice Kiattratntric, a ntUriof tnltnd, te yeare of age, dted at Hit N, Y. Hospital oa Monday, from tt:elvol in tht 11th nll by facing from hie cart, Knwaan Jnrrssro, a native ef Irelnnl, 1 yeart of age, whowaelnjered three weeks ags, by falling from a ladder la tbe new bulldisg coiner of broad way and White streets, died on M ind y at the N. Y, Hospital. Ormer Usual I held ur.uests tn both csees. I5trrmTO DrATit. EityA Johisoi, the woman who wis accidentally bnri-at on Iji 31st nit, at the 11th Ward Satlon House, where her clothes took fire from t stove, whl! I sSe was scrub bing, dltd on Msmlsy at IHlevue II x I tal. BQa wss a native ol Ireland, 80 yeses of aire. t,jrunr fjs uituxa held an Inquest uinn the body. RitceKiMTTti. The lulivlJu.vl who wtt ma orer on Bsturdsy evening, at the 31st street e'epot, of the II. R. R. I'. , and crushed to death, has been rtrrgnlved as Jons Lents, a mllve of let 1st I, " years of age An iuquw.1 will be held upoa hit body to-day. relice Intemareacr. Rout KonnrRT. Jci.trs Carmai, tn lu'.laa pedlar, was passing through Ibe Five Points, yesterday afternoon, when a womtn ap proached and threw a beg orer hla head. Two men then came up, rifled h snorkels, and nn off with his tk ol goods, sained st $.00. Tiisust Townsmii snd Mn iukl Ctoftit weie, tubeefiueiiU ly, arresud by tbo police, and the pedlar Identified tfcim aa the roHem. They were taken Udire Jiu tlce Kxi lv and baked up. Am iclt rrox a Firkkah. A young mtn, named Jour Mt it, wee arrested on Sunday night, charged with assaulting Dtaixb Coxsrix, a flre mao, Isitoong to Hose Ounpany No. i , and stair blng him In ths fate. 1 he twain had qutrnled si ths Hots lloi se, CoNean. iff, Ktsi followsd suil .Ul Is .1 him. He was at rested while running Bear, and Justice Kruv locked him up for trial, U.ULWAT AkIHR-TT. I'ATntlK KlTirAT r.ti i, t laliorer on ths iroton meln, at tht comer of 4th Avenue tnd 5Mh stieet, was I tin over yesterday n ornliig 1 y a train on the Ith Avenue 1 Lad one ot his feet terribly crueiied. He was ouu te) ed lo Itellerue II pltah. TitrfT uie a Srr.tMnotT. NATiitvirL OcrtM, implojel on board ILe aleiub.t Com modore, ljlngat (ier Is North Kiver, was arretted vrsterdar charged with stealing a wallet contain. Ing $u0, from Ihe berth of Mr. J. i oticer ul II the boat. He was hxked un by JiLtk.e An lv lor raeiuiniHKU. CAnt rk or a Vot.toTurer. Joiim Rn.Kr, t boy only 12 years of age, was arrested oo Mondsy luthrjeaelry store of Mr. Catxim Rtrrtneria, 127 Sixth avenue, where he had stolen a watth va lued al '-'.. It ajiprBrs Ibal he opened the dwr aiftly tnd I arli.g entered, elcle the watch froia Ihe show window. Mrs. Rautbssbxo saw blm eelred him before he bad time to escape. Tbe feunstter however, puelad her aslds and rushed ir Ibe rear door. Mr. II inu usan tken csms vtp from the cellar snd arrested thatblef, and Junllce Dttxnataae locktsl him up for trial. UoARn or Ar.nriiMr.x. The 1'cbiJcnt, All. Gin tr, In the chair. A'dermna Fiohsivt mored to suspend Ihe rsgu lar order lo take up the resolutions welcoming tht Fresldsol lo Ibe city. Lout. A msseage was received from tbe Mayor, al vis ing Ihe Board to wall uouslder tbe Heme of tbe Tax lry, so that he should not be obliged to veto It. The paper was ordond rrluled. Aa Invitation was received from the Order of United Americana, who will celebrate Wa.uisa Ton's birthday at Maui's Oarden.on whlca occasion to oration will be delivered by Hon. J. Mosjuaov Utsm.M.C.orMtryUnd. Adopted. I AldermanrFtoiitsT mured to resume the oon idsratlon of the Tax Iry. Carried. He also movid for th for tlh Avenue t'erks. Ado. led. Aid. Bom took tht chair, pro fern. Aid. (Inn, tn consequence of carta la bll't for prlnUng aod tlatlenery for denartmenls not being paid, moved to add 600 to (be appropriation ef SOforprLallngtordepartmenli.1 Aid. DaTTOMoptiesedthetddlitoa, AvoUheloa taken, 11 was adoed-by Usui. Un Uvltatloa was here recsired from Ihe Tlh Regiment, to review them nu the fid Lust . la front ot the City Hall. Accepted) Aid. CJxatT moved to anient the Item for pnblle buildings, by striking out H9 000 aad Inssttlng $3U0Dsn, Aid. Bam tt moved to add tll.OOO for tht Essex Market drill loom, for tht GDIh Regiment. Aid. Glairs motion was lost. Aid. Baaurr intended his m.lon by tltOtO. wbUk wsa carried. Ad. Osan moved toamoad hit former motion by fjee 000. Adopted. Aid. Battr moved to sdd tht sum of 3A.O0O, for tie pure haee oft bouse and Wl for Hose Co. No. DO. This wss reduced to $10,000, sal that arnonnl was inserted. A sum of 11 NX), wti added f .r Mose Co. No. 37 1 andtheiiuxof,(W,;urU.eeCo.Ni.Sa, wwlo cresMd to rli,660, AM. Dtrroi moved lo reduce the Item of 11M,. WiO for rtstds tod arenu. s to flAfiOO. Aid. Faxi rr mored lo amekd by nuking it $113,. 000. which was carried. Aid. Darm moved to strlkt out thi sum of $41,. luOtpproprlatedfiraBlailee of members of the Common Council. The moeiun was not arconded. Aid. Tstaa asoved to Increase the amount Insert ed for cleaaaxtr yablte efflces to $S0,0tl. Ii was carrleL Aid (Ixnst sssred to Increaai the Item of $100. 000, U-t wharrss, piers, and ships to $134,300. Aid. Taraa mortd to make It $300,000, which was adopted. The Item of $4000- for Society far RefbrmtUoa of Juvenllstffsndere, wss larrraeed to $mii. Aid. Booi moved to Inset t Ihe sum of . 1 73,000, for the Improvement uf the pavement la Bruadwsr II wsa adopted. ' The Tsx Lorr fur 141. as amended, wu iv... tilopted, aad tht Board tdjourued to TBars4.vr next. ' Board or Coincimi.K. Tnr. Reuotal or DlUiovo Kbxk. At tht regultr meotinB of the Board yesterday, a petition waa receired from the Cuntiactert, for tht removal of Diamond riaf. Ihey represent that since their contract was en tered Inio, they have met with various obstructions, thst the Legislature have rsueed a law requiring them lo remoTt all malarial excavated to the ahorea, creating a large amount ofexlra work nol provided for In Ibe contract, aud for which they ak for extra comptnavlloo. Referred to Finance C..mmlliee. JiJrrTl Cbmmueiewer't l).p(irtment.K resola lion was effered, dlrwllug ibe Blreet CimmU-. sluoer, to repoit a detailed statement of Ihe various requiaitlisis ma le on hla drptnmenl by the d.ffo reul membors anl committees of Ihe Common Council durlug hut ysar. Mr. List aald, Ihe C sn mlttce had bud I ol one meetusr, and made only onereriore, TbereeuluUtin, tfiertomt discussion, orrwf CUanlnti OmrracfTlie onmmlaee on ttreeU reported la tivor of awarding the eonUM for cleaning the streets, lrscisjnectlon with which rvsuluiiun In favor nf awarding tl.e ivuiireyt . i "" . J IUrKI taT tarea o7Bt years, at the sum ol rm.lKhJ per year. The reeoluUon, after several auondmsUi were arasenled, wsa floallj adopted, leas 13, nsjs 11 ' Aiintmttt Ufa lb.bT. Mr. Jussa, the Tresl dent of the B.avrd of Conm-Umen, has appolilsd JiunW. Misjowaai Rsadsr so the Djard, la place of u aulas MovattOT, rrsigosd. Tbe Boatd tbau aljuurud. LBUaU, aUarORTeJ-MONDAY. Calleel rwate7oistrtrt Crart. Before Judge Brrre. TU i'otltr W-0J& DeiUcaticn. Mr. Keywr, one of lae Jurors In this cess being 111 thlt morning, tht counsel tgrced lo proceed with ale rest jurore. Mr. aersrd for ths government then summed up. He said II wit latilaordloay action Involving, at It were, certain sealed vsrdwts. II ",, "II CM ,n "hli-h ths Jury would find lor tht plaintiff or dKferdant. II eras a preueedlng Instituted by Messrs. Law and Conover to get rid of their Lund. Thejury would hare to find ou ssvsnteea Issues named by the con-1. Tse queetiots emorao. ad lu Ibeae Issues wore, whether the bund was an escrow; wsa Mr. Fowler a defsullsr to tba noam. menl at tbe lime II was given; and U so, did Iht (lornnroent know II f Mr. Gerard argued that Messrs, Law and Coaovu were res)sinsl bis on their b nd acd tbal there wss no frsud on Ihe pai I of Iht Government In deliveilug Ihe Instrument, Tbe b md was ourapleie In all respects and did nol waM anything lo make It legal, When thsy signed It thiy Intended to become responsible for Mr. Fow I rt in Ihe sum of $T3,u0, but when he (all. which Mr. Gianni rec.ruil , ...i.. .. get rid nr their leeranaibllTry. 'Mr. Uratw. con cluded his iddrrss totht Jury tiafeoulg oVliKk. nd iLtOmrt then adjourned. Mr. O'Cimoa will sum up lnUbs'fiif Messrs. Law aadCoaont, on Tuesday morning. ' fopreuio Coart. Th Suvet Ilaltat arjmi Cait Petition in tht Indiana frquUilton Cate-MrtterofthtappUca. tlun Jutejh J SmK to bt diwAoroed from arrut. This case has been heretofore elsted la the Bun. Tne Omit now t venules all ths exoeptlons ta the auffloiencT and legality of tbe proceedings by virtue of which Mr. Bwtel la bald, Bud remands the pri soner to tke custody of the state authorities, to be taken to lodleua. The Court, however, upon tht urgent requeet of Mr. Orahain, onuuael fur tbs prisoner, defers tht lioal dlnKialiua ofl-is esse, to glvs Mr, Graham t lurtner uearing on Wedaasday next. Vtr VUr ttWit it) TMt PHf rntfi rATKNT SIXTHIK AND ttTDICATBD VAlVrK UAI1H. toi rt'i.TtiN rt. rv7 ycri tod No. ft WILLCVUIIHT ST., HKiaJllXrK Th tl.tha have been lo recewWsl ereralkoa foe If veare. and have il.ea uutreiwal aatasTaeUeav TT-eae fiatrie are ufnt heesiww they I. ti-insllse the eireulatlon rf ths blood 9 tsMhlMilnwa.lblerirlratk. g. inratnleh nervous Irrltabllllr. 4 f'urealldlwaaesof the ,hta a Kemsvssllefferteef freeueeef merenry. C. (lve tone to the dlseetlve ervsna. T. t ive'Cnme swrtllsss aad obstruction, ft. CnreaooMm n trni is rrvas sen aom, ansniia. Tiui.aii,TViirsw.ii.iaBTusovT, iiBursr, arnaauit and many other discus-. II. F. Hiiinvrtrx Wnn CttrwRT Bmrei, Better thia the beat penr than the pores! msde from ths InnH materlale stlwars useful eepectallr te weak enfeebled persona, and pi reuos recovering (rem Otseaetsi maklns slow prosrees. 1H T1IF. WILD ( llirtRY BILTrRS. Wewenld recommend all alo sresnlleted with loss of ar-ortit , faln'siena, pain In the theet, or the IsmI tiioelBilaVntrit the .prtns season to tske R. F. llllt- BARIrd WIkI ft errr Hitters It Isnstsre'sewn rem eilr l It esnnot fall la heneflt the Invalid. Bed we wtira wr had Btranipi-I's voice to tell all the title tnd when. fuQT C wndc ean Bnd thia nnrlvalerf etnaeee lint aa niimer. hsve been praetloed of lite, and as no other r blltera Is1 Jut as soe-t," (ask year phrsl. err doctor kneweth'a Hitter. Is mirsr Ihsa chrirr Han. as every meet oort wines.) ne sure yon reirehsae the only eena IneWIM ( lierrj Hitters ef K. V. IIIHHAKIMox Flillna st, N. Y tod J. W. IIAYjl.nrlton st, BreokJya. nrmem TnAW Tint Da-er. Wl call sperlst attention ts ths advertisement ef Mr. BanalTln another column. If you want to bur purs reliable articles re lo Oa aod 70 Washington st, Ne York. If you cannot go, sawn. f Kowr wrrrnre Rntrn or all." OROVFR ItAKriLS CZLEnRATKD NUIMtLtJIt r Wiml MtCBQIM $40 and qpwareatat ttroadwsr.ct. X. BaiRt'i TntrornnRoot Is the best end cheapest srtlcls for dressing tnd beantt (rliuceleanlns. cnvlns. prewrvlns Bad rneterlnt Urn hair. Ladies try It. Sold by all drutaists. (UEKRAIs ItOTICBfl. Hew ta rtrrome year own landlord -.r leninse iiome-ieao Aaaecislion lis. purchased as acre o( (snd. beautKullf ellu.ted eboul three miles (rom th Wllllsmstrtirahleirlefl, nptn the Hue ef the Nawtoot and Orand it. Horse 11 K It will bs laid out In b l bnllillat lots, iip?n whlcl th-re will tie elx which sill batons It the fmtsnste members who, lis draw thim at the distribution n( the Mm lerm. i lwmber.hiB to the aeaorlatton. ffv, psv.hle In m I euros of f 1 Hirer tresk Attend the meetlns this Tost aayeveuu.a, in ooiocs, Lnion ll.ll, ivo itivtrr. IU latAU II. Ki.UJ. 8f fy. Tba C'eneaesptlve's Fr'eiid. ceivuus, cui.iMt. BMsiMi Bivin, pi I1IK oIDK AM) IIRK.V3T, tit These anl similar complaints are tu4 cirtaiolr ur LT IIYATI"ri I'tilmonic llclaam ThrPulmonlrHabai i daily curing the worst ca-ea of three eomi lelnU II riimd Mr. .1. IL tlodeln of pala la ths .1.1., Isrun end rpittlns ef bhwid.siter be hsd beea afrllelH for yen and was nduced to ths Iset .tsgeeef weetnewssnil fts aidered b'read the reerh of assiieias. Mr (tutteUl otTice I. at No. lHHIiatstS.t, lie Is as la thee Jorment of perlect heelth. A Let the an tried rail anl see hla. Dcptt 144 On klOrav 1 a pa B., rf CDUia X K UVUH. R. It. K. la esses or smell pox. scarlet (ever, meaalaa. aa t sere throst. diptbeiia, eonshs and eolSa, If ILt WAY.B lustdr Kelk t and HxnlatlDt I'lIU are r?T ed to, ne denser need be spprehendrd. one or te ( the Relief sad a lee doers si ths PU (r. rrmove ev. rr veetlse cf the dlsiase, if aaet wke.,' tiM erroptoms srpear. Ilieee-Kellcf, x&c, Mte. $1 per bettlr, l'lUi ! per box. 'Ju .... . . . RAI'WAY A CO SI Jeba Bold br drurcWi snd rtorekoepers evsryeken luetolutTh'llliI Aa ExceDeeit Caagk Rewsesly. ,n An whs ire troubled wiuTconotU er C1fi a. would get specdr cure, should try a bottle a( 0 XYIM'9 cor on ixtkrmtnatobt. tht bM trtlrle er the kind new offered for sale. TV It en the first appearance of a (Joutk and yea will fui tsars aslng ens bottle, that tlie Coask has satire a yea. Fries xSdents per buttle tar sals st Depot No. 40 Bouth Beeond st, WUllasaslMrrti, as by draaglsU tenerally. Ulttue BOJIKXT WOTICKg. Isderedaal Llqaer Delera Clak.4 e eralroeetlasof this I'hih will be held est Taesd rvrnlns, February lTlh, at TH o'clock, la MonLtmw Itall.TOPrtnoe.t. All members are roiuestTto tend, and par their duet. A. BIMUNs, Caalrmi t. KUL11LLR, Becy. It n rrawlar aaeeittdy Msrikuaflwei Y. I Chrlstltn Aamrlatlen e a w-at-- ";i """"'Jllield toflTleriura roonvoa Weds dsr.isth lost., at T Ccloek. An s will be re sad I dlseiuawd; youns men are espsclally Invited to tend. W. W. COKNLLL, Free; JAM M II PI "It'W. Bee (.11 r 106 DEATHS. . ARMSTRONri-On Monday meralat. Feb. '1 Martha W , twin daughter of Chides and Mary A Armstronjr. The rslatlves and friends of tht family tre reaps ally Invited to attend the funeral, that (Tsmdi titrraoofi, at o'clock, from the rasUsoee ef aer rents, HtsJl ruth avc, near KStk at, tl BIENDERMANN-Ia Brooklyn, R. D, Feb. Ilatrmaan, lonnseet son of Lueer aad Sophia Be eVrmana. seed 1 rear. 11 months and ITdara. .AM rl!,?T, and frtaoac ot lae taaafly are resaw folly Invited to arteodlha funeral. Ibis (Tim ilsil art noew, at l eNclook. ftm tht nsldsnca ef kds rarer i0Boothlld,cor.ofllUit. """ "a BROWPJ-Ia Broeklrn, on Monday, Feb 11th, M Ann. leniUer ef Mr. Samuel Browa, tged I yean tnAntht tad T dtyt. The Irlends tad seqnalnlanoet ef the family, a e.hS .,i'rJrtdm"Vrl aire. Waeson. tre reise folly Invited lo attend the nineraL this (Toast snerpoon e e ?.- ivren th. reaidenm of 1 father, 141 Front st, Brooklyn. P DECKER-On Bunlsr. after a akari Mlasas. Ami la Hit M .iuirin.iuiii,roijai,pB sw. ana r-meuna iiera .u.. l. . -. . .. . ;. :: -. : k . . . ?w j i year of her are. A. "nvee ane mends or tne rsmtly ire resw folly Invited to attend the funeral, this Cat-C. aiterneea, at S o'clrek. from the rseldesuw of aer rents, tM South I tnt it. Broeklyn. H. I) Her mains will be taken to the Ceraitety ef Everer tor si r)KEKN-m Sunday. Feb. 10th, James Draw hnlcher, a native ol the city ot CerClrelaad. aged VK22H1 Wi"? ? "P " runersl, thle ( fw sti alteraoen, 1Mb Inst, at o'clock, fnwai his tats n dence, cdr. of iiTtU tt and 11 Ui ire. Cork paper, pie copy, 'jj .,0f1!TrlFHQn afonday, Feb 11th. Miry Dooob . wife Michael Icn.h.a, accd Ml rears? ' .T,2JJn?.,l ! the fsmlly ere rtwpujtrsulr tart iBthTP4. i ,,m?mL 1 WedneJanrbjnisrt" ink tt xa'a, ro " Uta "aiaeaoe, 4 W IlA03f-Oo Feb 10th, after t ehort IHaetsWlllli iTICm. ntaJVatAtf Ilsalfaasi TstoiaBtsa l.t.1. I..I.. MedU years. " ' . " . 'AfVf !! fr04"' faaslly. aad th fl l!ii"nv,l'? l "aVT'iare resperiKlip Invr S? iSS J"0 W,UI tluesd.rl afterteon, I Ccloek, from bU late rcldcBee, Bit viae st. ll. rjBWARHS-Oa the loth Inst, Bath Edwards, a "Tears, 1 month end IS esra. . . ;-', ""!.. .iriwwwsuy inviiea to an the funeral, .thlt (Tueedavl aftwaoen, at IX a'cb (rem Nr late rsaldeiwie. 1 LN vr.b JT. lit....! e.M Invitation, llrr reratlna wiu be taken te Nee Yrf sy CemtteeT for Interment. its '.JtSvK"-0a ' lltu tfn. Mshala Foski Fartlcalaisef funeral In to-morrew's paper. IM UAIXAOIIKR-On yratcrdsy morulag, Mich CV.'iiter,Vu,l'wl,Batba. ' .eHS.iJS"'.'!! V1"1 ,,,u,i.n, reepectrullr larii le attend the fiioerah on Wednsuder afteroonn. 1! Inst, st tl e'oleck, friHo kU late resldswee, M On. orb'.re'rr.nL4'- ,M U - U " -"!- llAMUHAN-On Saadsr.Feb. lOtfa, after a le ilS',,1,''"!0'.,:hlel,." bore witb CnrMlan signstloe, Kudrir llaorahao, a native of Mllcu to.n.tooj.tyjcrk,lrrlaadr . "Jf .'!!!" J" relativee are resaeetfklly lnv J'Jt,',,,.", "tersl, thb auesdeuTaiternooa, 1' , last, st t o'clock, from bis moUuV. reeldenco. I B esud ave, bet tCth aud Mth sts, without further line a Jt-FFRKY-At Brooklvn, E. n.frb loth, ef Jjyi'" WlUUm C. Jeffrey, aged M yean, I mot Thai xcVnlaVaJtrNJafi stiul vVlawtils a! Ik. . . ftillr Invited to .attend, the funeral, tnla aftsTaona. lith tort, at 1 oelock. Irom kls IsU n ST!?..n.e,t'b,-.,'rUa and Wtliooghby sv FblladelpbU psnera please eoer. ' III JSsSsfil'i. J04."..?-"-. r- mSSSSf' SS aeojialatanees of the rsmHr re epeetfiilly Invited U attend Uia funeral, thU (Tu. dar)e(teroeon,ltth 1 set, at I Jelock, fres. thsn tSZZlLZ? '""' ""iSVTlByTaeiiseFsrl McUoNALD-Ob i Monday, Feb. llth, of typkJ ueunvor Is. kdward Meltonaltl, of County Wexlo Ireland, la the Utk year of hla aee. vvea. t,,.' !-jn.""E?.5"! "!" V ".a"r, alee th, .. ...v.. . i'".(UV iwpTUUUr lOVIiet 4 ale funeral, en Wedaeadey arVmosn. 1Mb lus ewcx. rrom nis ltte realdenee, 1 1 Oak at. til- .' ky.f.K-1 ony morslnr, rk lit after s ehort Ulnrss, Armsbla, the enl e child of Gtd.v da s ' tadrandor, aged 1) months tad a ? ! "Wl! "" trnit of the ftmllr ire reaps, lUllr lliTitei tA attldtn.l ),sa A ..I 4 1.1.. T i. , alts-rnooo, lh ln.t, st S o'clock, from tbe rssldin, 1 of h-r isucata, 01 Heater at. Vhiiadelpula lucr Ql INI-Alif-On Rundar. Feb 10th. aftr a Isas ai p.lulul illness, Msnriee Qulnlsn, a nstive of Kills' "Vl tJverry, Ireland, s.ed M yeses. 1 lie mends of tbe tsmlly, snd of his sen Thorns'! re rears rllullr Invited to attend hla runersl. It ' I ueidav I stti rnoou, at J.t e'cluck, (rum bis Iste m deuce, 401 Llrhth at. UI BIlArGllnXUBY-On Sonday, Fib. l'th, after short IIIimsw, Jsmes Bbaucbues., a aAtlri tti tl Oonty Gal way, Irrland, arnddll issrs. ra. (lueadsr) arte tu rtinersi wiu u.. piatw ioj r note, lSUi Inst, at t o'clock, from his late rtwHiwe 4I Bavuitb sve. The frisnd. of the fsmllr, sed the of his sona. Ihoniaa and MiehieLsrc reaoectullvl Tlt'dtokliend. ... ....! Bl'ABItuW-Oa Miwday meralae, Feb. llth, Aai . Amelia, dangbier ee nra n, ana Margaret Bptrro i uh! II Veen Bful T mOIlttlS. 1e eMlettvae aal rnsnas of tho IknlVe sea mejin fully Invited to sUend the funeral, tola ( roesda . elterrono, a. s n-ciurc, wimoui runaer lavitauuo, ee Buutb 4th and Mb Its, WlUUs-bursh. lt , BTOTIIARP-On Suodar.Ftb. 10tk,art-r a eke ttlne Chartnlte. eounseat daiiskter of Jama. Mary Ana Stothard, aged 1 year, t mealhe asd I, I a... Tbe relatives and frlents of the f stall r are Tester uuy inviiea ia snena vac runerti. tau l meads mori Ins, ltth Inat, at 10 o'clock, from 154 Farwrt St. without furUier Invitation. lt TllLfXK-U Brooklyn, fen. llth. Km. Mar- Tniioce. sseu on resrs, . Tbe fsuaral services will he held this fTui-dsr) S ternoon, at $ o'clock, from xss Pearl st. Rdatire 1 t KieuuearTrpeci'uor uiviiejw I'scuia, i h 3fi

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