Newspaper of The Sun, February 15, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of The Sun dated February 15, 1861 Page 4
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A 1 '1 I r J " r it f r t !i i 1 V t, I MISCELLANEOUS THE IEAENINE. ANEW MOTKT. Maw fan Printed la Aaterlra. Kg ttw -itfAoTrgg " " Mary rmtt.n CHAPTER VII -.msPRt'CK. Delate to yourself an l,l rathelriMown la themldetof a villrv h nit three tniletai row, tScrnroed la by meifi'iilkeiil mountains fit to ighl thousand foei bi'h, innii whose summits the wolvee are said In . k down into Id v r streets. The el'v rtindsti adrv,v imiatiiii rvr th Ian; ami hen.- it liwi, Inusbru k, or Inn's llridpe. The rhief (tlonr of Innsl.rmk It ll J.urcho.j especially it olirrA. or dihedral, the win. dm of which ar htrdljr to li egnliired. In alagUdev. Here It the famous tomb of ill F.mptor MtimHUn the F til, win diet in JM9 and who Is represent I t tin t-p of h t'enb, knoclmrf, with kit lower It the al tar. Round an I alsnut thin wondrous tomb, w 1 1 It lonkt of simple surprise tot admlrtllun, strav d mtnrnf II era rustic cmpaninna on Hi famom'lltli of April, at will a llufur him,. Bir. Even In th pli'lntM tt thtl Iav, there wat a heaviness! tut heart. His cnniptnions wr phonlm, ln,lni", ami wiving their feather 1 Bat ronud tb Imperial e.tlo at they carrie I it through th streets was stinliu,;, lonely, In tha churth; kneelm,,; traying. It was not a lutw prsvor, hut a heirtr one; a prsver eai h an Una! .vrs. "() l'l ! i thank Thee" for thin d ty'e suree.aj lilt I know not whither It will hud. till, iruide in, Hindu us. fur Tliv gnudoeat' aakii, (I leird, in Curia. Jeeut!'' llwui nf,M, K l.t French and llavaihmlitl i d.iwn their arms, at I Bnrrendered at illsetcllon. with th"lr eagles, colors, an I Won lion. ,f war; whilo imlv tweutr-m: 'JiMloo hll been killed, and iorty-twi wmii'led. II ur pruon ally knee, a mil" of Ihe tweitt.ii, linen err, an I felt a in snh nrrt f r Hikiii; im'ji tweitjr aWileil mm inivbiM lo-hiud tlnin 11 pxil runy j(l hoirl. Tin rnomy'a ir.ilry t k to flight, dut wcro t")'pI and tnW iri"iiinr J rtji ikii.1 lu-r, in th nmdnwa nor II dlo. Mcanwhilo, our Ir'i'iida u ilio irrren ji'lt, wli'j were 11 ; iln K'rn'ta of Imm. briick, aHcmMud tin m-cUri innhrr in frnnt of the pilatr. an I anno l Mm in Ivra liv xhiMtU liU down th" Jt iv rl in i m fruin urtr iIhi entrance; nfirr wli'ili llidr liilrini'i anula wcra vexed I'jr nwinj; tV lutml liluoand hIiit atripca of IlivarU ilix'orilinx 'un Iry hull, iiitl whence a itreat try fr niu'Kita ams' and they r in k l I he ilinma lnp, fur all their atorca of IiUi k and yi'lln nln', und with bn'ad)4tr liruiheannd It'ldiTa, "t tli inxlviM diligently to work to ctVue the eneiny'a em. Iilomi ant aulmtltu'e the lmrial col th, Someothrraof thHi nnrry Imria lhii.;lr nothing wanting hut a lillln iioml mimic, an I, a all the Instlumcut" thrv wera ahlu to among thrniwlvca, iroihl to lio tao tifni, two flditlca, two ruaty Iron it-lll, andafowJaHV barpa, Uiry did nut a rupla to liniireai tha II l varian band into their mt ite, and nuke thuin patrol tha city playinK triumphal tunes la ho nor of their own defeat. Olbert of them wero not too tired tn put tf a game of bowl in the market pi on, rnlch excited imineiiNi merriment am mg themaelrea, and rrowda of t(iniN'nj)lo at the window, with whom thi-y talked as comfort ably aa If tbpy hid known them a liundrel Tears. Just aa they had hail enough of It, l'anch Tary opportunely made his appearance, an4 kept them mul till it was dark. Then they lay down on the ground. In and about th) town, and slept, aeuudly all night. llofer thought be should like to toe a play. Bo, ta the theatre h went, where, on asking what there waa to par, tha money-taker witn bow replied, " Nothing." So he walked Into tha boxes, and nicked out the verr taut ulace: ajrhara bil remarkabl drees and pernon drew oa blm tha attention of every one in the houe. Bat If they thought a Rood deal of him, ha ajra Tery little aware of it; for there were a trreat many things U employ his attention. In the first puce, there seemed to him a great Waste of was llghtai half the number would bare been quit sufficient. In the second place. the Isdies dreams appeared to him a greu deal toe lew, too short, and too scanty; he hardly liked to look at them, and was very glad to set no other Tyrolew In the houw. Inthe third plica the orchestral music, when It strut k up, quite took him by surprise he ha I a aoiitive though Untutored car, and a tender hmrl ; its dying faTls amd gradual swells, its minor, its concords, its idalaUva and Its impaatioiii'd strains nearly rerpowered him. Lnikily, the curtain drew tip, the muI Ceaaed, and the IiIjV lejiin. llofer could not undertaud muili or it. Hut, on tho whole, ha thought it funny, und cone lu hid it cleter nd did nut know whither he atiuul I rer care to go to a pi ly agiiln. "They seem to m ike MTy It. 'lit of sMcir- iag,"theught ho) " I Iumi friHiciitlv heard them take (iol's holy n.ime in jiu. S.iniij of ineir ureent's, aim, are nnm wnt nnil as fur their mu'li, it makes a mun'a nuirt liLecrnan cheeae. The story, too, by what I can make out of their acting, Ii of tHoyoung n'raoui who doceivo lliiirinrruls viry in'uch, tell many Her, and think oufy of I heir ow n K'llih wishes jret they are reurlo. an 1 apphiidul at the last, while the Id poopln nra liurhml lit for luring lean lll-uwd. i tUit, altogether, 1 am glad to see nono of our dear TjrohiMi here tooight, fur it Would Sjftcn ent denuralun them." With thew re!lwtlnn, the thoii.ditfiil father of a family quittel his seat at the enl of the Iierformance, and stood about In the loMir, ooking rather liewildrred and uncertain wbKh was hll way out) while munv smtrt towns people of tha upper (.1 ishes 'looked at him with curiosity and Interest at they puwd. At lle'er stoij in the lob'iy of the theatre poken to 1 iionr, though gaed on by miuyi pretty looking young woman, with a rospett, ably driuaoJ young in m for her compaiiioii caine up ami accosted him. "So you hire come to we our theatre, Hind wtrth," said she, frauklr, ' Do von not kun who I am f I am Aioiiite S u'mir, Micliael bluniir s daughter " ' Ah, Alouie ' I did tot kn)w you at first," aid llofer, looking pleaded, and holding out bit broa n hand to lu r ra'her red one, " Are you going lo fp.-nd the night In Inn Umk, Stadwirth f'said Alouino, who sd I reli ed him with perfect e ih an I a littla aira'nlitv, aa if It were kin I of her to take notice of him. "ly father would lie very gljd if yuu will take a bed at Ida Liiiiw. 'Th it will suit me well," said II 'er, In h I I1aln, homely manlier, "I was t'ou.idarina where to bestow myself, S I will go home With you, if it please you, Aloulse." '"V"" U"'Ki ,heni " Aloulse, briskly. This yoaog man it a neighbor's son, Saml wtrtb, Leopold May tr; wears very old I rien is." AVTien they reached the "Goldener Adler," Michsel StumlT was surprised and rather pleas- mitf ' M aiiualnunc. - . o f Handa In h, this It an unexpoclcl ho nor, said he. "Yon ere kiudle-welcome." SfeisOTi'vjsj,. btafter a nune. C001I1.M...1 . ""p Amn, ..r . 1 :"" Uotxpected enoaji, it my 1, MuUuI niT but an honor I i-ii.,.,i 'u i , ever.l aiii g., jou say I am kumly w Btumff However, Come "WL attl 1 Vsinaa lnn -v !... aa btamtf. .;llVw-.i;d yoViTk; tit " V' " ' ..Vdi'S-y'ou ltV-0,h' " ' ,,WU n0t" "The house was beautiful as a ureain hut where was the good of it , l),y , ,,,,"'. "u wl.Tr ,"y u' ' ,u-'"" fro",; "Whyihe ImpreHnhui," "OU I well, but can renew tho imre ion vf.ri DKiit "J we d" n' wot It all d i " 'Truly no," ,,, n,,r, ..Alll , jViu rh'?"0 r""W " tVt'r' "lb''a" ' Too softening and enervating." StuanTlaugtiei a jolly Isugh. twAloK01 llk11" ".Sanilwlrthr oomachj" laid be, tlgllug. jt mi,I( Bjr heart ready to burst." ' "Tha danclni, then;" Mot at all." AloalaeaaiUxl. "Oh I" sail she, 'yu . ttlag to grsre and ttaady at your timio' Hq but you would hart liktd itwhia you roai)g." "Pei-tuip" I should nnrhtpt I thooli noti but that would not he msde It go id or bad." "lbea the ladies', SandwIrUf" "AD l wtin a grimsr. StumfTlangbed. "Whstfif them ftaldhe. "Too little drees U o much eiponre." "Why, there's no satisfying yon. Hand Irlh." 'Oh, ys" said be, smiling. "(ne play hu itisfied me I don't wmt to go ziin." "Vour daughter would like lt,"aid Aloulfc, decisively, "I ehouH not wlnh to give her a tste for such things." said llofer. ' Hhe it perfectly content as she In. ... "An I that's more lhn I can tsy of my girl, sometimes " sal I StumiT, with a siaile and a etirng. as Alcalse Ii-" then for a few minutes. ' wonder," said Ho'er, after short silence, 'that you let htr go to the thoarre." "I eheuld be considered quite a bear, net lily by her, but by all Inmbrm k, if I denial her, said Stumff. ' No, no, Handwllth, we town-folks are not quite the ianv with you village folk It duos our glili ne hurt, I ha. lievt or, If It does, we can't help it. An I now, as you em tired, IM idiowtouyour lie I, hat ! )ou must lake your de.irlr.jved rille along with you, hry t III, ha ! f'HAPTPR Vllf.- HTILI, Brccr.SIPlf When MichaelriliiBir fame down to bretk. fst the next morning, he I joke I round for hit guest in vein. "Whores the .Sandwirtti " said lie to Alotline. "Half wav torhe Ilrrnner. I sunnose." sild Alouise. "Why, father, ) 1111 mnst have slept heavily, If ) oil did not hear the uproar this morning! rim alarm-bells begin to riait he fore it waa lliht, and a dozen cmn'rv fellows rime running down the street, biwlmg '.Sin I. wirth! Smdwlrlhl' O.ien Hew the Mind wirth't window; be gives 1 jmH (a will moun'aln cry) that might be heard a mile off, which makes them stop short, 'Here I am, mv boyt,' cries he, 'n hat's the matter?' Tho next int. mrnt they were all under his window, 'ripetk. bnrhcr took lUllo jislerdayt" tries one. 'Hurra!' cries lloiVr. 'lint the l'remh an I tl.iarians are (omnrf down up'Ui us from the Ilrrnner,' 1 rlisanntlier 'Aha' iIh-ii well goto meet them,' cries II if.r; 'I'll tin with you this minuie.' And Msiloir fli open. I Juit 1 I mv held out of mill's and said, Msnilwirih, I'll lie lown dlrcrtly, If you will wait fur some bnvkfast.' 'No tnnn, thank )ou ' ripird he, running alon llm gallory, 'Just one 1 up of cofl " trie I I. 'No dear 1 wo are g.nn,; to l.r.nkf.nt on giiiipoder. ' says he, I iiuhiinr, and o off. l)-ir in,., it quite set my be,irl a-lmu'lng: It wis all iiiuih a miy. it. Win. knows? lVrh'ps the llivaruns miv I"" insiters of Iniuinii'k again, boforo nightfall, father?" "Tnores no knowing, Udd." "I don't know tint I could have dine leas than ink the ,1 indwirth hi.uin, father, when I Saw him I ill lilglit, stsndit g about in the loo by, loiiklog qijlto piuhld, ' "larlaiiily not, thill. The poor, simple fello"--sinl SiiimiIT, IHi an air of rwniila cent Misrloni)"woiilil lute cjme to miv ililef 01 i.nesortiir anollier, f.r lu knows aa littlnat a ihild. A brao, honet heart and a good iililkMiiiu, AIoiiImi and when you've sihl Ihat, joii've said all. (live ma my lireak fast quick, ihild, that I miy gnout and look about me a li'lle," Aloulse poured ut his coffee, and give lilni ft (dice 01 bread, mil then hurriel to the boaso ibair, tailing eagerly to mm or two p rsons w ho were hurrying lomr, to a-k thun what was going forward. 'I hey imlv repliel, "Atrwanger is turning out the' armed burgh crH,"uinl ran oil an I her fath-r, with Ins mouth full, soon followed, bid ling her take good caru of the house, Tuwards nine o'cloi k, iium'iers of men fame running through the streets, waving their hits and fhnutln, that tho day waa won by the Tyrolcse. It apiieart that In ronsequenre of a letter which Martin Telmer had comolled (Jnneral Kinkel lo write to the bavarian commander, Ueneral Wiode himself, accompanied by a Trench oflker, hail ridden to the gates, with so strong a guard, that tho Tyrolew, consider, ing them aggreesort drove them baak with great lops, and took the general an I hit com ponion lirlsoncr'. The discomfited fugitives carried back to their llrs such a formidable ac count of the sirens th and fury of the Ty rolese, that the French and lUvariau were thrown Into the greatest consternation, especially the latter, who had lost their principal officer. Martin Telmer, accompanied by Diron Taxis and Atiwanger, the leader of the armed burgh ers, and also by several Tyroleae leaders, re paired to tho French lines where they were courteously rctehe.1 by Coloool Bit ton, who protested he intended no injury to the town, and merely wished to carry his troops unmolested to Augsburg, lie made no stipulation for tho llrturlans. Telmer, Inspi rited by his inpmreof Wrede, would hear of nothing hhort of tho surrender of tha whole army, to width llissoti a lit it- iinpitiently re plied that lui would rather ajcrilh e oerj mm uuder hUcoiiiuiiul. Telmer, wltlnut deigning a, return 'd to the 'Isrulese, who iiunu-li itily osuiel a deadly lire on the enemy. 'Ihe'r'ihouts mil imiet'uoMti so js'triHed tho I'reiuh grout lh rs that for a while tlnv stoml in illonles without returning a ho', 'i he I rem h olli ors ronjiirn I llisM'ii to mrun kr on lioiioruhle lirmsto lei mir, whom they runlli'd for tho nuriot, and llissull lit lell.Ml III! irslglli'd tile iiliiwii4 nrtUles. whiili the re.ohr nuvdi'illu wln'tlier hom r.ib',. or not, "In the 11 1111 of Train 1 1 he I'irsl, Kmpitror of Auitri 1. th' I'reiuh 1,11 1 liiiarim inn ps at Suiinii h mid V'iltau, ugne to thu following terms ;. "I'.lel. Tint they eli ill inn I'dii'.ely lav ilon 11 lb. ir 1 no-. " jM'i'iin I. 'In it tho who,i Iki.iv if ti Cighth fliill sinrender to 1 he Austrian Ironjis at S ha air. "Thirl. any Tiinlii.0 who hue be.)ii nude loU'iiui iduM he i-it Iru-. " li'iirtli. The olli ira of llm 1'reinh an I ll.ivnrl.i'i uimy sli.ll Ui Mt flee, with the r swords, baggage, hurn't, & , uiileuihed. "lihi'il by in-for his I loyal Highness Anh 1'uke John, nt liiiishrink, April II, loil, at lmlf-i'int ('1,'lit in tho fori noon. "JUiiiinThmkh, " .If'iyor urn .ttioi-'rif C'lO'ini'SifON-j . "CounUlrihiiod, "AllMtM K, "VAItls, "HllSON, Iho prisoners thus milo lure minhcl to .Siliniita, und themu to Haltnirg, under thee, ct rtuf fivmiN; at iiientould not Iki spared for the ot'iatliii. Tho succii'S of this tl t v (aeliiciml before nine niloik in the uioi niiig) was un doubtedly mainly owing lo M 11 tin Tenner 1 as (lesiirul CbaKU'lar, though puihing oil from Sterling, di I not arrive. 111 timo to lof any use, lluonaparte, howewr, protokol at the l-Kiie of tho day, and not stisiping to -oieh Igno ble prey, at present, us Ty roleau iunkoi iers and lobact'onists, I -sue. I an net of ouiliwry against "the aron liiimnl I'liastel ir, s'lliiu himself a general In the Austrian sen loo," charging him (without tho least ground) with the masnacre of prisom rt ; and sentencing him, if caught, to lie tried l.y inirtial law, atol, if found guilty, to bo shot In twenty-four hours. Meanwhile the worthy general wat thinking it no scorn to entertain llofer and Martin Tel mer at his table, and talk over the events of the day. 1 he Tyrolcse are temperate and al atemious to a proverb 1 but these mountaineer! had fought hard and were hungry 1 they pro bably hvl neter heard Iho Wise King's in junction, "When thou tittebt to oat with a rubr, consider diligently what Is U'fore thej 1 and put a knife to thy throat if thou be gien to appetite " and ihrreforu drank the sweet and ate the fat with relish that was too littU di giilaod to escape tho satirical notice of . ertain junior ofllecrs, liy whom it was afterwards turned agaiut them. After all they ate and drank but moderately, and were inucS fuller ol their success thin their dinner 1 yet itxyssLe hut moderately too, and in t tuple phraso) on I their elisors de hied them lo lie I'ldegnuitic. '1 he good-natured Chastelar push. d the wine towards them and bad thoiu drink o thu I.uiperor, iliisi.u lissl 'ut raioaiaod at Uaotus waen llofer II shot. To b (mtinue1. Ill NI.KHN CIIA.-C'i:1. B l.r.AClllN ITAIILISIIMKNT FOB b.U. 'lliesiMul will -,..l ......-n . ,7 . . s.i,iiiU-t.i.iT.i,n..T.i ":.." ':,.,.""'.'","i' 1 a,A"J'laUa '."..r";..1 "."" V'P Uular7 Xii tka scares. ..n .v.4 uauMUll viusie, lusiumu islU'lu ftinciiKu sum- roil svlfhtock 19 and lixlur. ml lni'.lu . -i.. .- oik.u.. ..-.. 4 1.1 Htb.ralMbM .M .hT.rid buii'e" Sola., 1 ,-.vk.h. w. mv tjuiua wig umer sis s lie aUTCIIKK'S SHOP AND FIXTURES FOlt .ui.T1" .l.lU or "hot stw k, lu s .! laeUi m fi Jouutrjr, litii-lreatUCauueast, lAtriv, m.iicinsKu rOH8t7MPTI0Jt CURKD, BT WHATim VsaeM luaweatl. Thee wke an snlTiein; with an ef Km srwiiavme of eoomptlea, sueta aa easssh at rsMn f aisttrr from the htasm semase e asdra la the eheet, side ef beek, eeeesssstf bvesithlnsT er at set Cm ef the tvsut. shouM consult I. CrTtK)!.), waa s mse the treatment antl enrs ef ewnettraptlne, hi aperial stodr lor rears, sod wo eaa rwlisr is amwer eos pstWiU la the eltj sod aetahhnrhend of New Terk whern he hss eonsl ef eonMinpskm. In all enrahle rases, rettrf rrnsa sofiVtin Is fuartvite4 bf the flrst 94 twmrs trealnMnt. Iw. H. O. irTlNlLsUOonsinwielna rtirsirUn. MS ThIH sns, N- Vnrk f9 t'lt'i I VK. ttJsVK IU WEST HOUbTUM 6TM J earmdtasasssefUM heart, lanes snd tbrML Urw, kMnf-rs fits, seranita. eia sems, simples and ail skis ai-Mie. rbenmstUm, IVeials sowpUkile, 4 Dtno hrmm. It Vt 4 sat ' t a. aa. ta1asX1n -TUBMAN'S KIlRtTMATIC AKD MEUR1L- X (110 for h jwrmn4ntit run of K.tnim.(,ljim ftntl 411 Iti lntrtf iff'Cilmm, Thin rptnHv Iim mn thurmiRhtf trrt-1, vnl tiiitnt h) rr tiitTitiiiiff (rum th txern timing pnlninf .hamiitini rfl no 9nntn$ irofxl liffth. (JIt tit liitl anil jw will 11001. 6Nmii in fci'l of It m trim I rflprtt tt U tm efrttln our for ir IhrriAL. tiri.ifM. tulm In ihm lnvk, Ai Wn tot iTU.llfkv dpp"t In WHlUm.lmr, at 44 rVnth ?nd at UrtiD ftli-n hfttj tt the (Mhto Ittj ptrifnrftotithrrfhtna'Mh t tta Vtrtt-t Hup IrMrtMi tv , mntnmWf Tth nt I I m Nnr York M t . N .Wit, ST! rHrlnlon ( tl th Nt lyt rfViliimfaU nt, t J. ItiTTi nAf.rt Jew-Ur Htorr. VH llowerf . I'ric, 13 OMitt pr bottla. FD1 iu rutt r"iuui DfL UrilAatsJ TraMTsaU tuunut is SffsrULo ears for PtWInensry torssaoa on41tio-. fariitVia, fisssn-sa, i t. ..sues mod Ulsniwu at the tviwela, srs (he rnailt fm swtetl er hadlr-trssted Pllee, Wheal afflloMI nh sltar tt HwH lUrdn en1 aaiurerniie snVetlnna the sHitSims enns-il he linrtnr arrsneallf. at hie nsTwi, vn ronrt st Th essr snrsf siMii lUm and sll sSAwekww enltlns h-isB tMs SWsse. ssHelt-it for trlroeot Dr UPtlAttWa nsralar phrslrUn. has rrrM seealal attentlea tn thl slss. of soWiinn for more than W rears, and inar b eonsulted tmm T e'rlers In the ntnrnlnj till a eMInne fai h nvsilne. st Ms t tll (Knneri Firt)i rt, senend 9onr from tee iUenrv, KnL th Uowsry and rSfsWtwsv. K. (. WKIi Cfcw Osaarsl awnts. tin nSU st,ny e"ei44 IL'I.I.r.U'H ANTI-lillKUMATIC UIWPS A eomlilsstien of rem die. rnrliied be the en I, trated I r ft I.I.Kit, I lymdsn Is the ht speclDe knewn for the spmdi f-T-of Inflstnmstnr Kninms tbm snd llent. I'rlee 7ft cmta p t.tltle Knrsslebr Ms M irt llr-e. aeriita, II", I llnssdwar, and st I' Hit Ul.M ttSi, SnisKlA, 134 Klslita are. Isl4 I'lCJ IIINO'tl CF.LKBRATKD 8ALVK. si For the sura sf Mum, sanaiuaaws, boUa, aura aw breasts, and sll klodsof old et4 srennda Tioa eeewted salve hs. Ien nl l llnlland fnea nnia ber of rears, sad In ties shnvs dlsnawn nnvee rsln te sure a slnsl trial vlll eonvlne. the evwt setirtte. rer saUlHon Nnrs, ntrrUV, fS Wrod.,. Ilmok Ire IIAfK.lT PurVwi S STm.orth fsasa. wvi j.r a uesrw el "ta"W T OVK OF BTKONU DRINK CURED," Ur lr. tXtXej Wanders rosroan. srittnh msr b f1r.n fuehtiown to the drtaktsr If ssw. be) ta nf)f,ta v ItijtMit. Warranted entjn'l hanulres, and will never srodiiee nauerw. 4ofi4 be nisil on rveelpt of erlee, rx t rrne dnllsr. rornovoiien, it snd AO p. passss rnrMle st No 14 llf.Unn .t, e.T. Msrki4 st Mrs, BKACIIfl bo"! store. No. (14 Klhth ..., N-w York. sed at Mrs H AVWV, No. IIS rsoa st, BsoosUra. sslttaaenow "" MAtilC OIL MADAM MUKROWb Magt Oil and Seeelatlonlsrr of th. Il.imso Smei. Ixlrtns thervrrien all vhee and psrna as vlll bs tsld for snv nnlleoie test will su4 tkls lor the IV lelna damuvet KhmiaisUsm, emrsbds, snntraetad letnta. pain, tn the stile er bark, beadaohe, tnutiiacha. svrsln. and snr. threat Frtns W ets bnriks, aold mlfalbiciatasne.lM LaJ'SW H. mt 4T helw lliasnao. fcbl4te SMYTH'S ANIHEF.DC'OIKIIIDIIOPH AltB an ifheseliHis nnaiedy for onuses, eilds. snd all af fietUmsef thscloet snd iunss. la boUlosst 14 sod vd units, ceid at tsi HevuuU sve. rellS4el31 SAND8' WILD CIICKEI EXMCCrURABT ItJH IJOl'dlW. COUM AND tX)NLTMPTl)H. Itessanl te take and a mm eum. HA SMit. s hllUi old br all 4n.jr.tMa. Whatssat ksrat- KKWIN,4d Qrani st. Mew 1 vera. fcB4sn4 TO TI1K rKOrLK-DOrTTEBII SPIKKlf. 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NrHHtot, aa4 is now rir tn erst llm orretwi to lb pnbtl of Nee Yoik It ,m bis e iws In prWste pfsetlee. In this elt, lor eves e4,t yeses, durtns etorh periid It lies tmt it), h. niim! S,Nll,ro,. ,c.. Penults ef esiteot.n hsbitjs errseisltt ioiiikIw it vhoca thJe trtiele is dtwisirf'd, .lit end II the Kd rriruUtnr of Jie hiujiAii si.t, ry nvrl liita.hl.i:iiil It is serf plessaat to tS U.te to f .ei, a'J s no hj.e Uken tt, lue rt es sell that they III Mtft be eitlu.jt It, sick or well -NoUilos ol a li b-i rls rustics, U ojsn) In its er-parw tliin- tt Is toa eiti,.taWnliM of route. Aa ,sud It all) to no caw ea,soMbsa to liie eotMtitullou, trvry kejiele n' e saJe eouidllutlofi) sbmil t try It snd a. elll u.iraiit.- I w' Uief eill bs.lninrcf snd lealti l I Mian lliei eii iirevloiis to taklns It. Tbls m uo i,u.irli tnwfmou Isil simonei la-it and Herb M.t sloe, it1!"'! si en .ilon the tact. f tlie shine. 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The folio toe articles will alsas betiaind ensslei I ir lvlns 4Mi.h Kxh nntnnter, fer Consha, AetH.fn,4 111) ri rloe or I-kin lytloi , f..i Chaps sod Chafiw Vlk " (irei'ttlrTla Tmith IVte-the very ba4 in uw-'JS Pi n. m Insect Killer, (or Itusr, Moths, Ants, Ae-Uk f.un I holfriiieheimilv, fur I 'ramps tlle,Aie yft l.i ki rM I Jntiurnt A I'etry Davis l-slu Kill, r- VI" Hniilh's, Uslle.t and Hosnt-s Msslesl e.lrH Mi. Wln.l.i.'s Bouthina Hrrop (-r t'hlMrn Is" Hp.ldins's I'lrpsred lilueUie "naiii artict 1HM I'lisloii's t'oirlu for lntfrov1us the . M" Krsn titon's HoUolesl Comrinnnd for the Blood -rel Nob llli I Usmond tllrss or Uslr Ueinjnerslor Yft " Peruvian Birap-lbrtt. KevirA spin Hitters tft" AMI ll)-.). isle Klislr fhr lnuii.le. Lc - Oi b i.lsl iVsiitlner for the (!muileil m. t No. Ill's I'hslsrfle Bslve, fer Hums, rlealds, . -Vfl Iteastne frr rvmnvaia sTesse and Hair roui-li ruiplanm IWrbertser IlsallDsHoap. li Kureiauj Khmimatle A Neursliile Annlhllstor-li Also a varlet af Seapt, Halt UUs, Perfurum, Colnvues, Ae.a. WiiMTkl COAL. COAI, COAL AT EXTREMF.LY LOW prices, for essk, for the very bert red and wbtte ash real, if railed for this week. JOHN J. Btr KltV, 1st are, eor. Vth st. fel 1 H4ao'14I COAIA IJtUOESUPPLYOFTHEUF-ST ouslltr of red and white ash eeal, will be sold at the levi st prlee that aood eoal ran be bousht for. also Cnrutierisud 0r hlsekunttlis st ) srd 1 and St Kotfc roll street, wear Chatham, 1. ClAhMUCK. feUMso COAL ft M, NIIT8IZK, STOVE, RANGE I rnr and Kurnsee .Its, f ft vft: erlnie iiualltlrs st the ro.l ant, No. U.H DI u too t Ii. t-.-r-n Koraetli snd Uirwtl., rosr tlie Itoeerr. KDVAHI) UUIKK.N1). felt VsselSi fttALI CXJALM COALIII i8'.S .l.'",' . To tVstl PMlerh Coal I'arlniea and Fedlsrs. NswdlKhsrriusstl'rrvrst lock. N. H-lor tUdsrs, heid quality rtnve ooU asrreoed en the sck, at 4 IW tmix. Welfbad bf a irn wiHsher. K.TK.AIIWrU. 40Warerlyl'laea. .... -. MftWeet llthst hi t4aent IW Washluttoa st COAL F SUPERIOR QDALITT, PRfc. pared ripreii (or taioll use, ttses suluble for fur. duo, .irsUw, si jtua and raiona, S',.1 Urra slae nut nisil sUeea,lor .ale st tli I mts4 merkst prtee for eiob st tlie Id MUblW-ed fjoal Yard, Sltr lielsney, eornnr i ' t 'H44-'ia I 'Urtu- Hit. X't dl i.M. vt.Na. rVIlUB vsidi oosl ol all slsm al. ays eu bs a si.d at tbs low. 1 ni.rk.-t orlre. 01 t.KirUe UOCaoal nd iJ HliU tra,het.Diaybdithst. atMWseU4 pUAL r-CJkt'U OitOIlASD, at ED AflU '-' anal, a.lWei-uif from rard, sereened, at 40 bo oat iu. alHigirtiieraual for trail, att'tpi'r too. Aloe Jveruool. I'suni'l snd rimllh's eoaUksl tlie loend msr 4s-l. Aeplr st ml llowirr, KUUir-oe, and 4I w. JIUiHWKru, laai ItlaelU OOAL FAB BUPEBWB DT QnAUTT TO NBvM.uftauiealaolaui uns trty, so prweaiwda jessslr iTrfsrutly rsra, U etVred. dtwradslbas tha sod IU Unoer is. U. L, rJMAxja. aa I rSi DHBWK DAMAOED rniNTS, MUSLIMS, LtNEH9, UM etnths, slamask, Uaer, ebeetla.. towels, a- ttra. hlark sins, delaines. .4.11 'ilssaavia, lee snavls, vis, leeff she 4ev,fertttlnVM. MATIIEW, W. l Cathsrtn street. fT4 VIM JJAIB DTE FOB.ALLTTJK WOBLDII, tmiEoT COB INSTANTANEOUS HAIR DTE. Th IWT and CHKAFraT maoafartaredbla( nVKMTY-FrVE CK!T8 rf Bex. It ebsnfee Red or Ore? llstr V llfs-tt BLACK er BROWN, wit hoot tnjnrr U the Uslr er Skin, and which we toarranf to be ss enrid as anv aasanfsetwrrd. . Maoofsrtiirrd and for ssle ( Wbolnssl er KeUlt) by J. I. imiur. No. 44 Boers) Bsooen PJrasaT, Wlt Ilameborah, sod to be bad ef th (oileeU KsiaU Krw fork-U A. nesbLav. 1 Rltbth ava, hot 14ti and lMh stst JTuatv A V , 47 (emnd see- esc ftah st. and enr. Allen and Pteufcm sts.i Csao di Oe cor. of Itnadesf snd W4li rt: IT, Hutsk, 410 Grand st, sear Kldae sll Kasl a A Co . Iton4on si. eor. of avenoe ll.t 1-i.aTrt 4rAiainnrs4m lliidma st, end tabglith aei HaamitM'a News iepot,sT4 DlrWse st and at N-s IH-pot, 6ft Columbia st. Brtmklyn- IT. . KstnoLn. tSOCwirtsti T. W. Ooaauxt. 09 rulten tt; K. U. HCTHsaroan, Mrrtl av. and! aril st Wiliiamtbiirgk-HkVlAl k Co., Booth Birth, eor. of Kbhthit, .J.I). NowituMOrand st near Heenad st; J. Tom ' I", v.rl. tr store, 6 Orsnd st, Dear Bevsutb) B ami's. Month Htllh. vt. HeveoU St. AVvYirt Y. ImTLa, KA Warren mU aad (of sale at all rtwpietaLle draaitbaa snd fane storm. r NOTIfB-All orders! rreelve sttetiismi, shooM b adr-rneedtoJ. I. ItHltlT. 40 Boutb iteeond strast, WUlUniebnrpb, 1- I. JsM Mse-JOO LAST WF.F.K OF THE GREAT SALE to or drridsned destrons of eb artna ant atl of bis tmmenns stork ef dry tends, dsmseM by the 1st Are, er persbirv to Isylna lu bis stork of serine; roads, bss deWwillMMto dispose of th o1tre stork this week Ir the s serf flee tie ebst It may. I.sdles elll plsas rati and Uka th inwds aesy. T H.BKOiikA, SIX C-aUbarlurst. tetl 01U M ME. DEMOREST'S PATENT PRIZE eiMlsl skirt. sre ni ehst erere lade reuntrss. rlesant, dursble and rhrap. llnH bseanse they are the rln ai.vt, aud ts-aose tbey are th bsrt 413 lp.l..n will sod ". Onalst. 44 (Irsnd st: II!) rUlithsve; snd 134 rlerreK,nt ri. Ilra.klyn. flreat tnbrevi inetits and r.tNetlAa In plieea. felt 94el?S UwUwsV:irlAla ::TitrKNii. BUCHIIFJS Of aVKHf UFJ40K1PTIO al the Rrudl Faetorv. 19 Pearl sL. IUtm-. Hullov inas. an anicow ar fee, napie prwsw, wrsoispajs an rsCit intlM C HOPPKu ' 114 Is'KIUEAliKHtili LICENSED LOAH Oftoa, a iv PaM Hreadeay, eer Beamnnl st, rt Y. Woner hbrrally adyaneM en wstrrww, diamonds, tseetiy, sti ver snd putd wsr. elirthlna. dry too da. beAdina, anal elofhta. dry tmds, baddlna , anal al oilier artlrbsi nf value toed, kept mMmj essf ear rail" 'or ene yes, and ktlO 4ewat p. a. raUDsTBaa. GREYS ORRIS TOOTH PASTE I (Utellsrlow Al'n-s) . . PKIIK Vfit rMH PKK IIOX. Is the lest dei tiinee fur the Tn tli ever predneed. As s rlesnser snd I. sutnlrr (elthout injury la the Tisthertinmallt rt.n.l-unrlralled. It has nowheeo Is'tora tlie pub le ow (oiot en years, and durtaa thst tin e m4 one ai.rd of rn.p1slt t hss Iitsmi rnaile, but ea th. eontrsrv, rvery ene si.sksof Its msrvellmis pro perties la the hlsluet terms. All who value their lSll, as si e t be Ineks of rb an a hlte te-ih. shoold not nee tert tn lo this aitlile,aa e are ennlldrntth.y will ant tied It In the lerst ov rrsted J. Yl (IRKY flste Rsitner alth llsrlow). eorner of Allen and Htanton ids. . V. Anentl.T Vtl llsnvbors J. I lirierf, 44 rleuth rtisiml A. N. II "a and etw-r the Itr-t r4 May I will irninvemrrtreeetheepeordteenrner (119 AlhnH a hi is ne friends and the puktlo will ibid a reliable sbick of Medicines aud llnitsalwarsonsale. fis)4nae LEA KX ROt ) F8 CU It ED, ONE CENT PER tooVbyK M!K)KK..Khhl. rmtalleroofremit rnsnofseturrd and applied only by me. Apply No.131 Lhibtb sve., 411 llelsneey at , or 194 Chsrulier st Or den esnt by post prstnpU siteuUd to. No. IM Klthth av. r4 4aeUl LEAKT ROOFSJ-ETERT KIND OF TIN, sblasle. saard and ether root) reoalred and aaad tlfht, and warrantrd iur S years. Appply 4M Beventh era, by uoteev personally, or st Brausk Aseaey, It Beota iu, m, WltUaansnursh. rt, H4swart lor sal by barrel or (allea. A- WUJOM. laa Mssrntil NEW EMULAND A J. W. vsOmTTla-H kcoMlseSAajkrak av. ar mertr efrlestoo.) at ow pretskred te asarvwr rdars lor aU kinds ofrJostaaCraekera, by the pound, boa erbar. ret. delivered fry of chares In eor part of th etty of Hew .York, twoektya or WlOismsborsh. A Ubsral dkt- eonntto-iiiswiluidbakeen or erjaaVyasTaataaalsaaVlai leitadiaiMtka Isread. trbotv wstDtdatrnia f 1X8 AJTO PAJBTS BOOJCD FAIaTT OIL VDO pSBSEKTK TOO 8TOTES 1 1 XIQUTD 8TOTE POLISH I MOOT BKAJONB WUY IT U TUB BsaW. tUsrtalabotltatawltiwisllAlgatw, a4 1 1 has n aaaaO. M II Milsba rust. tk ItUaeoasasuealL Bth RprrjdtsrswnadlitlasstishBac. enaa wot sou n aoaan la atatnndrAst Tth It stands th trwaklai Oaras el nasi. Ssh Vim wUiwerrass aor other if roaotsnfrrt aatuvtat. rr PBwrrr.vpai thcm 0rnt-rnTJtn.ujMii.Hi guaviuiitD urmawmi sovss elll but anw-uilrd lonsef by redo Ikia, Tlktat AND MUNBY tAVmOT (I has stood the vrt tssis. TRHJMi'UANT ITRIDin'lIAllJT I I. B APBRATRB'r EENOWTiED LIQUID SroVK POLISH Dtnry of rh Art IJNK TIIIAL W11J. ni)HVINiu Wrin mo oy iu tmirsvia, urweers, and llarOwan tsis-rsltv, 9avA tihrrsl dbrannt to thetrada. Ii NTS WANTED KVKKYWIIKkBL Prlee 11 snd WCent. a Bottle. rot up for dealers In eases enntatnlof foiir, six, MateV and tw.le dnsea. A splendid Utkntraaai a-oosr Card seeompaoiiw esrk pweka. w.n y mvoKu. uimusB saaase a note of LRADrtKATVIfe RKN)VI3) UQb'U BTOVB por JSH, AAAal UAIiniCATKRAOa. fnole Manrnaetrrei Ha. y1 Msrket-st, Pbiladelphia, talllBaent. "MV VVN PAPER. O t . UPrfTiRirxgov. n . , RWII'l.tlll'ARKIIR. rteutc--13th .t te KM si -Tth sve te Kail River. '1 boM wisblos to be served. rieaaesend adatesa ta the oltle. fcll f 'piOHTEN I0UR ROOFS With ELLERT'S J- India llubher 1'alnt Only 1 eeat a for. Tested oa lltsireufs. Por Aill Information, send for rlroulsr. Klshts to manufacture and paint bir wle, Ne Ur or asiidsosed. H. a. a J. P. rLlisY, WW ftradet. laWMM'UI IXJWEBS PATENT BROOM 1 P.LABTiaTY Warranted, to outood ten eommoa rgeeaal K.V8H Th are roors e ley to as I PCONOSIY Olv thera a trial a ' divide rbr roonelvwsl Depot Mo. N a-aidm- Lao. Ml SUs w 1 1. 1, oo x & Ginns'. RKWINll UtrillMt' ritICK $30, butt UltoADWAY. Mt Jl'UI WM. CROSSIND, MANUFACrURER . . , of weavers' raeda, steel skirt serines, tsrsw, cord, Steele Ire drsvn sad t.tnpered, Parties sluul to enotrsrtforthe sesson, will Olid this the only ol see toyitfod. 01 Chambers st. faltO'll ;i tVitrriNO cusses continued V J llookkrei lot $5 prr month, er f 10 leawua un limited l wrttinaand erttbroetle $10 prr misro-r. Id kwMiri. i seh. J'AIM.'B MaroanilU ColVse, M IsewVry aadWurtoaABrnnkba. Col PALsJiV thTTstt known teaeber of wrltlnx. b oo of best Insirueters la tnsUte.-N.wfort alirourv. WMss'lW ClKOCKBUUI. TOE CHEAPEST STORE . IN TUB WOBUM an per sent saved, Tbs rreatnd narfain esse: oflared. loil.llU worth of OlrW WbieJTeeaVrwiaySa ulr,,".r,n,,r.M'o,ro. TW sre (acts, la which tboasands eaa testlre, (live me MIL aiol yoa also sill he stMud that this Is the place to buy Teaa. Plour-a, $0, U 60, Oroosrles aivfPri rWous. CousuU four own li.UiresU, snd buy vour foods rota TUOMAd KTAONKvf, ' rws m o 0hbst,aa4d.llorrtf st, Hoods delivered fine U Uw oitp. Now YorkT laM 4ae'lbi qtEASTEAS-TE.8-TRY A POUND of.T7'n,',,'blaekteaatMe'obi,frsrothewhol. WPmW2 tux" txVvlir W AE OR NO WAR-BUT GROCERIES . .. ."abahooyhla little ehrsprr at 4.18 Oroan jrlrh rt. lost below t'.nal m, than iu.t any ether id lntleity.,tshl.hed twenty yeTraV W. II IfNlK US, l.te ) .KK It KNltto Iok s! , ,, vertUnieJlu tudaii paper. fab 9 Vl6 n JIW JllUIW CANAL 8TRK.:r. ' Piiy your butter 10 eta, 19 ets, tn cu and U ei! Ri , rour anlte and brown siut.r liny vr reVSe I e (rouudcoireelOcta, lct14eU, lJeUTM rtX II? ijsrAiiLiniiin (orpAeui, .-.. .... Wjll KN1KP1N, fstHlac'llT latU FOrYLKB aTMFriN. 400 "AMM-a PICKLED HERRINOa kereL mlmmm, wait ash. luuUuck, bl IoObtt m arxDrnn. POAT rOUND-OW TH 10Tn INST.. A D sen eaelbra4, adrift Mavsd Hat Plt,B1TB TT8' ship rard. If not elalrasd bssld of I days after date, wlrl be sold to par eiseuava. fcll ra DOO LOST 20 REWARD LOST ON lb 1Kb Inst, from Ml West Msd et, s ronsl Msrk and tan slut. Tbs Under will reeHre ta above reward bf Iravlnj her at It htarle st . N. Y. fsUI'll H ORSE AND WA00N STOLEN ON Bstrirdav tneml.e- A blsek msre snd tie waeon: to berss Is Umn en bind lee; a reward of $S eld bs te soy pssrsea who will return her t' .iiilui Uel'BEB, TT avs A, M. Y. altrtil S.ILKS ST0LEN-A HANDSOME RE. k- ward win b paid t say eerswi, who rosy 1 roeh Infiemstlnn as shad lead to th detswtesa and eouvtrtlon of the parties woe obtained leeeM of silks, etw frora bendM wsrehssts Ne. Tl (IreeewKk snd use othee from M WMhtnst,r st on the (Tth of lein.birlsst,epsi forrrd prrmltspurp-rrtlntti hsv been kesied frntn the Cnebwa llouse, KI'llSfH A. KUZLA Y, Atty dl Ueuoselker. f14 fl 10 WATCH LOrJT t)J RKWARD LOST Wov. itrh, 1900, a stleer wteh.(He-etoyda sadj Orasa. la Leave, maauaw, No. t The absree reward sHIIrstfaldearkiWant IsA WW th. Bev oavi 1L NATIUH UaVatKr). THIRD AVENUE SAVINGS DANK, Corner Third Avenue s.d Teeoty I'lfU at, fTiarteted 1HM BIX rr.R (TKNT I VI KKB r allowed oa all d.-pwlto, front one dollar t ene thouasod dollars, Itsnb opiot dally frjtn lo s. m to 3 p. ra., ale en Mondsr, WedDesday ad .t 'rdsy ev-nlo frint 0 to 8 o'rleek. BPKNCP.B K. ORrKX, I're-t. 8 H. CII1LDB, Beer. frblt tdaa'lM EKAla ErTTATU. BUILDING Lf)TS FORSAI.E-ON HER aeu Hills -eevrrsl very nlerly loested lots nesr lltlsikro and Jersey City, oo horse esr root a, llercea twilnt, t nlon Hill, llerren, Ae Prlee $i(li b t sat Tirmt very easy. Apply at V Wster st. fa 14 s4k'1v COT AGE FOR SALE. LET OR LEASE A neat eotlsee, bil fnni be 4'lteeid.rp, with tl arres rd rood l.nd, well eultlyste.1, four ml inbw wslk to ra'lrosd depot, a baro and fowl h'Htee, the kliclien e.psrstid froiu boose, a jrood supply ot fnilt wilb a Isrre asrdMi. la vlllsee of Jsmsloa, Lone Islsad. Por foither tnrietn tloo.lmralre st tueooru.rof d sv. CHEAP FARMS NEAR THE R. R. 8TA tlon,otdy 41 mile, on I. I. -A trsrt ef esoellent fartulns iso'l. all produotlve Itsm solL level, frrw frees stinie orswamp, sod eaally eultlvatM, ftsr Mia la inaa tlllni ta wilt, at $AM an arre. Terms essy, Y. A. HLftCK, to woet, 1 Uty liail plsee and 14 Osv treet. - s4 4ae'14J POTTAGES FOR SALE TEN COTTAGES, J with Bill lets, varytnabu style and trloN from II BOO ap to "'.sll well Isillt and disilrahln lorstlona, wltklatsetity nilnutee of booth aed tlamlltoo Kerrbw. eu kUllmad. TermsvM) apply to II. B. PUeTUIIfK, or. of 4tk avenu and lTtk street. Ptonklra. la Ws? fARMS FOR BALE SECURE AN INDE A prnoi aea aod be out of the rearh of paule-io,, oe or rsl seres as seed Itnd Mesa be fennd on L. 1 . ea theB B , aesr a dot". 44 mHes dlrtaot, at 4K to hi an acre. Call at IM Wall st, room 13 frit I'lM FAHM FOR SALE A SMALL FARM, 13'i; arres. with rood houss and barn, nearly new. eeod poeltry ysrd, land In irsid condition, with fruit end .hsde triee, grape and ether small frulta, SO miles en !hi Island Prlee fLftl, or will etehsnie for NVIlllsmbnrshprupirtr In lulreof loAAO lit II nip. No. lit Bouth 1st st, WUllsmslMirsh. felt k"l0 T7ARMIS0 AND GARDENING LAND f.ifMl .le and ta let Ial aeras nf raluabte land oa Lone t.lsnd. A rorwlib rsble etrt is elesred. snd est. llept f.rrplne lend, tlie residue blck ry sod oak timber land, coiitlsuoue torailroait, alLlliiy situated torlsilnaout luto small (arras, belne aorrouaded be reads, la a nourishing neighborhood, with a sebeol bovseea on eorner. will besel4 at $tftper acre, la wholeor etrt, with eesy payment, to eloas a eoneero. A lot of I suit, mstr Newton, L. 1 live miles front Brooklyn, N. Y , eootalolng Bttacriw. on whteb tber teahouse, barn, lie, snd a lot eontisunos te same, reotaletn bs) acres, snltsbl tor a eardsoeyi will be M er bouse! oa taverable brras. Apply to P.t'ilH TPXYOU, Bead st.ap stairs, fel4 lriftO FARM, Ac, FOR SALE THE BEST cliaoee ever otVred for a msa te bay a good f trm 100 acres: also house, sloes and Iota; lust the pise for a aood baker, lnuulra 48B Oreenwleh rd. rrieerv . " . . .. .-..-UA...' - - - u - ot vv, ti. Aiixriri. lets v-isu 17ARMS FOR BALK OB EXCTLANGE-IO ov cheenrwrma for Ml aadexehi P,JKJMaerM,bssesBnd loia.m PUIiuVld "all en TliOBB. W Wast WsabJntLat InAekl i'sll en TltOBM, IW Wast Wsshlnrbss iort: 8TK.PJfr.N VAIL. 97 Pultoa st Baturdan, alwwtHedaav.rnaLMasaot. Wlilaahli Market: FOR SALE LOT IM LIVINaSTON ST., Itrooktyyi. front cottage. 10 roosos. BUM In with brick, rear eottaite, lour uo loo Lavineerow at. oppesit ram ptaoa. MU'lli HOUSES FOR SALE 1.000 WILL BUY a rew twe-story house and lott one lor $1.4ta, lot VS by lift i $1 !' for a twendory and btsement house, T rooms t tv.noo fr comer stors and lot ; ene deelllne t.r $8 bis', psved tts, god loestlon, one block er krae front esrs. Terms from $isl te $!VS)dowa the balaaee can bs psld Irom $i t $ftl qasrterlv. ApplrtoIi.C, IJAMl.UA eur. of Mb ave and 14th ta, Brooklyn. IsllO'lU OlhES lOR SALE IN JERSEY CITY Hll small llrlck housr: also some ef the lead lads In the city; else one Urge house with 14 hit' of ground on Bergen Hill. Terms mad very easy la- quire 104 Harrow st, Jersey city. fell U lo'IIl HOUSE. c, FOR SALE tl.800 TO blseksmlths whii'twrbbU, csrpentsrs, ce , for Mle rln sp, a good two-ttory hutue, barn and large fae tory, 11 seres of sood laud sod plenty of fruit, ta a tlirlslng TnN. .I.Vft mllee (mm N. V, P. A. Ill NUP.,f City II sll place, and II Ceutrett fell 3'ICJ HOUSE AND WT FOR SALE HOUSE tsofrturv Slid bssimeiiL lrliv 'IOil ImI. m the l.nniLrs, sooth-aet eerner of RloLar.Uiu sad Buiiih its, rVUIiaoisuursh, uu the has ol the H iiwlck bouliterii. (ell 0M5I HOl'SE AND FARM FOR SAI.r. CHEAP, at Halt's Cornersa snug rotUne bouse and almit flvearrraof Isn.l Termsrssy, Price tifinl. Apply o I'. Vi BJ t KLfc V, 43 Wall etreut, Jeuacey Cottrt? V fit m ItK) H0US1.S FOR SALE-SECURE Y0UR self a liome- To eartmen, mechanics sod others per .ale one, two er thre houses, two stories snd bseenienr, 91 tirh, on eary terms,wlthlnslt blocks of Ilia city hell. Brooklyn, snd on. block ef a car mute Aiadr at th stev stors, 4ft Pulton street. Brooklyn. fell fljo OtSES FOR SALE OR LEASE-ON rvssousble terms- the double eottage bouse and tea lots el gmund, on noth st, near td ey-t toe bonse MlVlarsinwlch.t.the bosu and lot I Centre Market place ; alsu la Hrot bl) a, toe huoe and lot oortb raut conn r t'olunibls and Pooler sta, with stshllnt est Via st i the hoilief slid tot 113 Johuson st, uortli rnl eoruer t srll st . B Is b soullt es.t corner Columbia and Churrb e'a' lb Iota Imnnded br Columbia, llleka, Usury, 81 gniresysad Bsysts. Apply sit raakfoit lloum, ivi VVUUsm rt, room lap stain. fed 0131 HOUbES FOR SALE A CHEAP HOUSE, fl.f no will bur a twe story kease aud basrmeat, with all the mudi rn Improvemeuukooiitatulnt d rooms ess, balf cs.h; sUi two new brick bouuwwfor It.vss $Nki oaeh: also a stars for $1 4. si, hs't eu pssed stmt. ApplrKltineeulhst, near 4th ivu.. Ur, BMII.CB. UlH LOTS WANTED TO EXCIIANOE NINE lets, ttrnsted la Woodhsven, L I , fey a kease sol lot la llmoklya or WlllLamsbursh, the CIIT-Tenee will l paid in cssh. Apply to B. jACOPUBWtlir. Y, No, leu Btwadwar, baermeat ft13 $'194 LOTS FOR SALE AT A BARGAIN-NO tichenge 8 city lota. Including a corner en let st. s tiiuiu.ia.tsk; also, H cheap brick Ireinlr. ei 113 Jay st. Ilrooklxa. tell O'lml PC. lllTLKLEY. AUCTIONEERS s Bt lltl MK COl'BT BALK OP VA1.UABLK PROPrKTYON TUP. NUHTIIKABTKKI.Y COBV MB OP t'HKBBY AMI JAMBS IS, r. O. Ill 1.K1.ET will sell en Toswday. Peb. 1Mb, at 1 1 o'rlork, st the Merchauts' Kienaoae, by order of tt LP-PPINliWII P, ll , Beferee. Nl.tW CUeJUlY sr.txlH.NKR JAMBS STREET, PBAMK III Il.lUNll. NO. 81 CI1FKBY Bf, BriiBY BRICK FRONT BllUrl.Vl NO. M C11ER11Y Bru v 81U11Y BRICK FRONT lini.lINO. Ml.vC.IAVl.fl BTPRAMP. lll'II.DINa. M) ISJAMMHr.KgroKV BK1CK KI'ILDINfl. NO.lOlljAMMHr.V 8IOKY IlKll'Klll II.IHbH. HVtlTII A W(H)I)WARI), Attornees. Mips sttheefl-oe 43 WaUstsJsuuo Court. IsliC PROPERTY FOR SALE AND EXCHANGE City, eoantry.Paatern aud Western property) slat leans oeeotiated ooVlty property. CJIK'KKBINa CX) Real Petal and UsoeVai Brokers, U Wall st, M.X aM14a14A wlTOHES FOR SALE ON FULTON Avenue, w liroek lyn two ef thoss fouretory brisk stores ilbi a'ed en Hie northerly side of Pulton are, bet. Lawrence and ItiUlge .1st ternisiasy. AImv a small, t so story enlt-re. No 0 Battle .trett. In perfict order, WILLI IM MACKKV, 113 Pultoa ave, fell 0113 STORE l"OR SALI! fi.fO-FOB SALE .hi an, the 4 .tore and tfle kr'ck store, .Hosted 19 Javibst vultshle for grocery au.l m nufaetnrlngpur po e.. Apply U O, ll. SMITH CO, 01 Pranklort Vet. fell 0101 lORK, HOUSE, Ac., FOB SALE GOOD vJ busliwsv proni rly. The corner store, boesn, A.. Mtuthwwt eor. liraud aiuf Beooud sbk wtlllameliursu. '.lerU.le f, any bosbrwa. Ajyly U W. . 1 AY I An. Witt trot Hudson sve. Brnoklyw. WiCSTCnESTEB FABMS HOUSES and bds bousbt, sohLsxrhaated or routed I rasldeaott essr th eltvlor Ml. Moner ned; all buatisraa suae letted wtthreUeetNh-aiiseaaflilossred.BSJfraM flea. O W. IHTWlaTTr.stav$ftrsiaTrOW,roM9, l4aaTU9 niHCXaLXJLIEOI7S. QirUALIO FILLS, 0CBE SICK ITKADACnB. CCBKB KXBT0CI nKADACQK. OCaUl ALL 70KTJ8 OF HXADAC1TB. Bytbwaettt tbeae PtTJa, Ha pevlMle attaekj af JlVrvow or Btek ItdatKt ma b trwrwated, and If ttkaa tf th eoairsenoameal of aa attack IratasdlsU I1W from pal and ekkoass will b abtaaaad. Thef aeldea fall la rMvu th ifossard aad flid. eat t whleh feaulea art m Mhject. Tbey act peril oyoa th hswsle teiaerbag Cwaff nesa. Fr IMmrt Mm, Btmdtmu, d.tleaU Female aad all persons of seaVntorv aaetta, thsy art vamehla u a Xataarf. taprovlag th tru, gttlng lew aai ttffor kt th dlgestTv organ, aad restoring lb aata. al elssticlty aad strwagw of th who! system. TV CUT! AUG PILL ar th of leeg lave Uewttoaj tad caromJly eoodorted erpevlmems, havlnsi beea lo as rasa rears, darter which tiro th havi prevented aad relieved a vast amount af psla aad set. fortag frora Ileadaeha, wbsthrsr rtgtnatind hi th nor. tvsusysteta,orrrora a deranged stat of th sfrmuwaV, Tbey at eettn-ly vegetable In their eoopoaltloa may be takta at all Bates trnh perfect Mer wlUumt making aa eaaog ef diet, aad lag aesesvw any ditevreeablt lasl rtnaert at oosr I adraseostsr (Arm I cliililrrit. BBWATUI OF COCMlEKPEllS I Th r-rmln havel Ir algaatarss tl UP.MRT C. SrALDlhO e each Boi. Bold by bragglsts aad all other Dealers bl hMldnas A Bet will M teat by Basil ptwawld receipt af th rider CENTS. Ail ordert aboaU b addressed U HENRY OBPALOrNO. Ne, 44 Cedar st. New York. TOP. rOLLOWTNO END0USEHT.XTS OP BPAUJINO'S CEPHALIC PILLS, WILL CONVINCE ALL VTIIO SCFPER FROM HEADACHE, THAT A SPEEDY AM) SLUE CURE IS WITHIN THEIR BEACH. A t tarae 7Vsrnnftfo7t f unaniW fed hv Mr Besijv. liiu, (Ary ajfifii tirusjrefisaable ivsie J th tfl' cocv V lAie tr-wiy ectrruvse aieoewcry. TtlasoKVILLs, Com Feb. S, 101. IU. SrAUdito. Bill I have tried your Cephalic 1111a, aad Ms thrm as terfi tbatl waotou to aood nt tw doil.r werta rjior.. Part of thrwe are for the netghbora, to whom I gavt a lew out of th tint Isil 1 g from you. Bend tb llils by mall, and obltc Yoar ot t 8 Trent, JAJ4U RKM.KDY. Ilivuroao, ra, Peb. a, 1401. Ma. Sriunwo, Bill I wwh yen te send me one more bov of roar Cepha lic Pills, i Aor rccriml a great deala irneJUjrim (Acwt, Yoarm reseectfnny, MARY AN.N STOIKUOl'BE. Britn Caua, UuiirjiioToa f Ps jetatar 14, 101. n.CSPALDINa. Fo. Brar Yoa win plrwaw send me twe boles of rour CephalU fUla, Sestdtliawimmedlatrly, feVetpectrall ywon, JNO. a SIMONS. T S I bar need so boi of rour Pills and Bad laoa ateetlenf. Baxu Tnnn, Ok lo, J so. IS, 1 Ml nnrrv C Brtunao, Eaa, Pleaae Bod htekeed twmte-Bve eants, for whlsh send astaaother boa of roar Cephalic PI Us. XArv or It uty (A beat itlut I Aae etev fried. Direct A. BTOTKR. P. II -. BeU Venton, Waudot Co. 0. Ban, Has , Do. 11. 1M0. EL C. Br Aumo, Est- I trlah fog asm elrealara or large shew Mils tt brine rourCeykaU puis Bert partleuWlr before my ene lotners. U you liar aaluolUMklsa,reaM send ins- Ouof mreuttoawnwhele snMeet tt serere Sick Hedsehe, (aeually Isstlng twe da: ing two days.) waa oared of aa our PUIs which 1 sesit her. u oa aoar 0 . B-rTTLKES. staraouaano, Frsnklla C , Ohio,) Ja-llt. J IIawtTO.flru.tnia, No. 44 Cedar stTM.T. lssia Sta t loelased find twenty-five eeata rtfi), for whleh send bo ot -CepluUle 1'ilU ', Bend lo address ef Bev. Vsm. C. Pillar, Bernoldsbura, Prank lu C. Ohl. Your PltJs work Uk a oharm-ur llaadaeh al- Truly yoon rK. C. FILLER. YntLAarn, Hick, Jin. 1 1, 1401. Mr. SriLwao, .Bra I Not long sines 1 s. nt to re for a box ef Cephall Pills lor the core ofth Nirvous ll.sdache anotw tlveneas, snd resS'tved tb eanu. aad they had eo g'lod an eflwet that I wu Induced tosend f.r mors, l'losa send by return mall I Hrvrt te A, K. Wllr KLER, Yiiauautl, lllch. Fnn f Af lUaminrr. XotfoUt, Va, Ctrhslle Tills arootarlUh th obct for which the were made, vuu Cut o( boadacht lu all its Iwrma, From Uii KxomUvr, Horolk, Ta Thev have bern Uwted la more Uita tkeiutod cssaa, with tuUr tuootee. Trvm I At rrwiorraf, SI. Clenif, M (in. Ifrra are, or have been troubled with th headacks e"nil for a bor, (Crphalle PlUaJ so thst you may hav tbtm la caM of aa attack. Frcm th Adrerfiser, Pmtilmff, R I. The Cephalic Pills are laid to be a rrmarkahly ffTee- tlve remedy lor tho bidachefatd one of the rtj beU b,r that vi ry !reoeut ouniplaiat hick has ever beea discovered. JYer (As IPsslern if. Ii. Oxuttt, CTiieovo, 10. We tiMrMlv endorse Hralpalduig, aad bit unrivalled Ctphauariilt. Ftam tht Kanawha I'uUry Star, ATdnmeAa, Pa. W are Mrs that persons suffering with th bead aclut, whU7thtm, will stick to them- fVesn ths 8outhrrn Path finder, JV'eu Or lean, la. Try them I you that are anl'rlad, and we are tor thst your testimony can be added to the already na mrrons Bet tbst hu reoolvod beueut that no other modirln eaa preduoe. From (At St. Xoutt DmtomU. The Immense demand for th artlol (Cephalic PUIs) Is rspldl Increasing. From (As OatrtU, Da vol pert, lava. Ifr Spsldlng would not connect hU nttne with aa trtkle b did net Aiuns to piswess real merit. From (Ar Aitertitr, PnnamM, R. I. Th bedtmoor In tholr favor It strong, bom th most resMctabl quarters. From (At Dally JWva, Jfetsperf, R. T Crphalle PUlt are taking th plaoe of all kinds. From ls Cbtsmerrial BuUerta, Beaton, Jfim Bald W be vary affJeachjus far tha haadacbek From (As CVesmereiaf, CiaefnnaV, 0h. Buflerlng hnmaall aaa new be relieved. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE I SrALDDtd'S rREPAOED OLCB BrALDING'S TREPARED GLUE I SAVE TUX PIECES I ECON0UTI DISPATCUI ffv MA Strrna M Tiai Sav Ni..t. Ataoriden(t wfll Aaptww. seen In trt''-rsnuifeif anilies. It le very desirable to have aoms elwaa and eorjTtoteut way for repairing Furniture, Toa, Crock- rr. eta. " SPAUIINO-S rREPAKPJt (il.VK Bneefs sll such etuersenciee, and no household ean af ford to he without It. It is always ready, aud u te th slkkbig point T L6Kf lL n f.veby nofRE., M. B. A Brush ereompanles Meb bolt e. Prloe. IS cents. Addrt-t UtMtY ll. BPAUUNil, Mo, 4 Cedar st. New Yeik. . . CAITION. AseerUlo aeprlneipledpensins are atbwneting lo Fn'f'u5.t?,..,,.nu'icti",i bli tmilaUrHiaui'my BETARPJ) ULI r. I would caution all persooa to aa amine before purrhsslnr, aod Me th.t the full asm. taT-BPALDlNiiii PHrPAKKiiiit.iTs! J. It tli utsld wrapper aU olAcrs are swnli.a mnttreUt, rM- ... '" ,.:T" Bella OatTICXaVIt Alfa KoBCIAjTs. 170BT IUMILT0N SCHOOL TAXIS- pwwaw waTjpWw Thnradi lOOu st Othi alt Twaeday, Wednesday and Twersdee, Pea. lOtkwSOlh aad 91st raata, from 10 A. at U 4 P. ipawweMofrseatvinessldkuea. BOrlT.B HVjAR, Cell iso: isetsr M umvtwt we. a. ittwmiMss, rr nut. .801. mi i Iavl99 NEW TORE, FEB. 4, loot AH KLEC ttoa al Iv Dlrartera ef toe Taepeeeetse Ooal irvTuTini-'o; Beld at Ul emee sg tne nwawr i ktendar, Pebruary toth, wsiwoaa the boon in all doentt i s p ss. Tea i will be tw dags avtilsaa t th eleattsn. Svr JONC IVCv TVTOTICE OF ASSIGNMENT. Al ttette Is hereby gteew that fa ktOCTL al th tewnabip of fsVotnfield. aad sktsa of New Jersey, katt thla a l tMBelolhe sobsoibers of hie (sUlefsr at to the sobsoibers ef hie estate far the ewaal kawav Etef his creditors, ta IbMUwsrrMwwUrs creditors, awd mat ttie MM rs.iiassn at sab titbit Minimal! asilstl ilk lltWlmstliwal bka the term of thrsw stootha Dated, Janwarw IK tniljt ACB PlMsuVMI, laXAAX. U, WAaaJal NOTICE TO TAX PAYERS-OFFICE OV the Uoawieatoaaa or TatM an Asses mm M. Ill Chaaskers st. Mew York, Jso. I, l'sJl.-fVWtse ii ewewbv elTMi tbat tb AMswmenl Balls of BeaTaaal fsMiasal BstaM ef th City aod Cvanty of Hew Torts, Ira-Iim year 11, wUl b. ew-ed on Mends, ttkl lttf MStant, rrr yablis la.y.wSk.1. and srUI eonBnw sw BaUlthe th dayef April aert Inelealv AilUgpaa rs an earnestly ren,ofted te Mil, and aaealn ta eaaae. la order that any errors In the its i laiinli may . be eiareeted Alsu, all sennas entitled by lee te r. I dwetloa ef (heir awst-menta. by reaooe af b-ing eter- 1 (Ttnea or tor military servlee, and also literary a sharttable InrtltotioQ by law exempt (rnr Mxaliow. , an rsvueesvd to make spellestkwi Ine sneb dedweaissi J or eistuptton avevtont to tb eiastng af tot roUsMttat'oal BShdai of AyrtL , TbeMlowu teerjew ef as Act tt April 1L 1909, b mbllslesd for trw InAirmstlea ef tag tasyen I tarsnow 10.--lrlog tne thns the booke akall b Mew fnr pabll bnnwvtloa, m beretolore presided, sisIIm tVss aatv be essde or any petwwj onev1erMd hlaamn aggrieved by the Iran valaatloa ef bis rwal ee per sonal eetabs, to bare the seine nrrected. Ii worn aa. alle-tloB b. made In relation In Ike ..w nl ..lsl ef seal esUte It moid be made In writing, stating tb eroand of dorottos thereto, and thereuprm the Ojrx Si-wkaaers shall eiamlne tnte the complaint, and t t elr oment the siwlnsnt Is erresMsiua, tbey shall soar the sani to be eorreeted. If rack application bs made la relatkwi to tlie snn d rahiAtLwt md . ,1 reuse, tne applicant shall be eiamlowd onder oata by the sal ConimlardrwM ra, who shall be authurlaed to aav mtnletered rsich owth. or anv ef them, aad If In Iheat Tuurratwi sns wn nmrns ts erroneesia tnev ahall eanM the same to be enmctad. aud fig the aatrsul isf was Si wmiesit Mtbi-y msy bsllevetebe msc, an deeltf tledr !l4on thr reeo within tliirty dsyt afb sunk appllcata.e isll have been made tn them, tie re4ne tbaa shall b aaade by the Hoard sT B.uwtfUois of aray asi iw aviesit oa real or personal estate trapnsnd andnf this ar enlnss H shall appmr, ander Mth or alTlrmsv tloo-thsl the party agrt-ved r enable ta attnrst srttbln tb period prescribed (or the ennwetlea ef tssnh br reaaoa of siekeew or slwe.oe Insn tb city, Ian oYlst,UiterB.oaoa A.J. rTILMAkfJOBl -.. . ' w- BRtJWft, . . Pnrmsslorieri ef Taxm aod I in i ta. tat SfaTklstWlOl ' nuirpuwo. PASSAGE FROM OK TO LIVERPOOL A. BT Tn t)U BLACK STAB LINR DKAPT8 ON 1 llE WlYAL BANK OP IRICLIMD gal, Tjl AtBTRALIA, sails Pebruary Ota. .The JOflN BSlUirT.san P.bruari ttltn. aaoly te WTMJAtjS k QUIOW. 48 Pulton etna, PASSAGE FROat OR TO UVERPXAlL BT the Black Ball Uo of Packala. Tha Nr PTTJBtl Mil to-morrow. The PIDU.IA sails the 10th sk, narantiwd to sail u stattyl Andy on hoard, star 99, eat Riser. r to JAOOB WOaVlilVsi Bnqtt Tetreea. M nocnE-s OLD ESTABLISHED PAMAtjV!. iVefltoa, 99 Booth St. Fare toldverpool.9 oabla an roonAllfr. do. to London,! It J huw senuing for tbear frnids eaa hav thmn bmnght oat at redoes rates oral S!!?.l. ". They wlU not hav to waB for a eag. lainl Icdter, m th day tn ship sails I en tb UeketTe thee can scene srhen tbey enoewa. Per Bat l Uvtaaast ajidlswataahlaa.eweWbr "rTrai a.s ss jm ThlOS. O. BOCITa. hi t4acn9 8MoU at, RT. misaMiai STEAM TO GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL, IVIfart. Iomdonderry and Deblln, for 910 Th AJjT,!tt1.,,1'.d"k"m .MMmAlp L'NlrlSlt KlNfl lpl, Caataln Craig, will all from plar 97 Nerttt ,,v,,inM iKmcu .s. on i uesasy, reo. ivta. at is seen. lls rtMnwiiip I. etted lo toe most arprsrrad s-TMN so inrssre u com ion end salety of paMowrera, BalM W.assssge esbln. il I tntenneduite, TaB t sterrage, 91; Including an ahnsdant sopsly of easAwi P"tf Appi to Francis alerxNaLOao. Ne. CI Broad st, corner nf Bonth Wllllsia st Th gejeedlj, CTEAMER "LONG ISLAND" LEAVES K-1 Jamre 911 ererr week dsy all fl p.m. fog Btrlla oek. arret Nrck, Sands Point aad (Ban Cm eiwsad. the tripe ea Twredays. Ibarsdav and Bakir days to Oyst-r Bay, Lloyd's Dock and Nortkyort. evsa meticlngaaluiday.Peb.lfl. - gels 9111 TATSCOTT'S LINE A, OP UVERPOOL PACKETS. Th inCTnVrs Mntlno t grant certificates af pas sage to and from Liverpool by their favorite Uo rat eoketa. eotnprVIng la part the following shlpa, van WM.TArw&ri P.MEHALD I4LK, a1bhV4. flBPAXlNAl'tlUT, MIIHlLMEX. VICTORY, Ilr'N.I. ADAMS, tNBTrJJMTIOX, JNI). J. BOTD, WfBTI'OINT.SWITZIKLAND, PHOKNII. UNHKRWsU, BUAUKllCaV CAMBKl Msktot toaetbrrsllhosben-sshlesrsry It dan. Tn Mberrlhera an aim aaenta for the . For all ef which the grant eertlacafcw ea liberal term. , ,RPanTTANCTJI TO IRELAND, Ae. ' T .? h ooutlnoe to Iseue drifts payabls ea de no, tbresithout r.oglaad. Ireland. Sootlana. aad T. wTiz Mvr. " fvT.T:..':4' M., yreuuAr! ' u Perticalsrs mf be had en apptt-MUon-lfbrl,ttr.oek)i)nrtA.rtmp-to . TAI-wt riT Aim, HfTsouth st, New York. TAIcmT,8MITUCO,UnrpooL fe 9W1U UEIwTItlTatla'. ABTIFICAL TEETH PASI0 FBlCMa-," SUver seta enlr 90 1 eaasnt rnleanlta, albi aoaf '' anmbune awante4 National Ilental Oallary.a 'X tvas tor. 91d it. Dr. HAJt)N, Dantlsa. lall Usni4 TlEAUnrULANDrSEFULSETSTEETH v a$.1 ft' "if!' lUlot eitrsetlog tb rests, wbeo dssilrsble; an Improvements lu tne dental a tZ artificial bone Alllns. Ae I Iftlo. of ths original Trsurk iVMlet. NAPtlLtON PRKTBhRRB 8. a' WlU BON, t3l Uroadway, near Howard st, fell itaini. DR. HOYT, 8W BOWERY, OPTOSITK Burth sMiuerta roll aeU of tooth en pure sliver al 94 1 do. sold, fa pUtlna, t'R artlhrlal bone finlna (Irwerted wtthont pals) M crate gold, IW Milt to 91 j amalgam, 60 oenta. All work wsrrautod. ,lerl94lSS R. J. C. KENNEDY HAS REMOVED I IM Bowery. 9 doors below florins tt. wk -te h eout'nurs to Insert hie Uaulltul luvt ke to th, at uno y. alii, low priors: whole UTOr or under set on gntd from 90, or oa silver In tn J, p.rtl J sets aa geld froM 94 rarh tooth, or en silver from 9l; no charge fug eitrerthig, or temporary seta wtuu psTmanent seta sr orderea. fol tUQ'lM I JR. ETHKKIDOK DltNIlrnNO. 7 8EC S and st, 4 doors from Bowery, eontlauee to loseet kb brauUlul I artificial b.-th 91 each, aud nils tetAh with golil, silviT, and artilteUI bene (M eouts. AH oouraUous ptrfcrowd wUuobl pain, aud work warnnaV ad. )uSl 94aUS THE PRBSENT, TO Tn(X1E ,0 1 9BI i a lira aaastlw 1 aut - a o. a N, B. GRIFFIN A nnnn ramv t-l with er wttheul ratractioa tha roov aa jw roroer, resold, sto, pintles, 9 .'6: partl.lsMiaa aeld . . " .- " .---- .HBVHUB UW . OS HI, i .-.,.,. A- -. r T .- s psr inuuj surrr. (Ii lewta mle. gold bOceoU to SI basis cement snd stiver oil ctej eitrsetlog. aft ets TIB UrsodN-Y, aad 1161 PiutlMJ fTECTH-IF TOU WISH TO nTvE"T0UR -a. teeth extrasted In a oomforttbl and a t(le of great xrerlena. I am akr ynaarsd to give a om fiid ilSm?3$2SiXt Hi" r aaalCJ? Old Mites rafitt,!, full srts 93 and eewerde. at 114 Bprlnast. W. B. lNoEBoOLU IvltMartll I'llMN'iiirlii'JiTuilN FOB COUOns, COLDS, BRONCHITIS." ."ORB THROAT, HOARaKNKftls, dut. will find thma Trochss of graet benefit la prtrsnthag bMiMMwe and hn.k nee. if voice. ynvemaaf IOH 'ArABRII AND OOLII W TUB nEAD tnes Trehee will he fmmd to at. almost "--re,hf Vbb-K fENTB A Box! iirunssiiat, klUlUZh'lHrZil' J'"!' andOsnalaSa. AakforBoshltol 19 MulTroohes,r try thmjli 94aa mCKLMumWiOUB. PMTEKNTU BTREET DISTILLKai- f EsJlUied 1839-Tb .iieageat aad best psaMtt aK S7fn?Ci' I0? rnms,s hlaklea. , for wbot. Ld Sit"."' 0?1 Ww4 loth St. Mo nVmoi Mdb ra glass. nHaAWIUTeUronrletor del t&a fJROCERY AND LIQUOR STORE FOR - Mle.-(1IUI will bur ttieleaae, stork and fixture er a nsallr fitted op gvoerrr and Utaor store in a tblrkly pepi,ued ni'lghberbood. loiuire on premie-, tO MoU i 41 TiQUOR STORE FOR SALE DOING A A-s good tinrliHw, lib titures eomplKta, m the pre bilrtor Is going West, laiiiir slW (Joerirv s'r,.4. Nw York. M4 311 5T0RE TO LET THE STORE 7 BAX. tJ fcrrA,IU dwelling spartaniata aUaehed Userwls, togs tber with n ar balldlne.aoolaliilng 11 teeements, also stabling fir 4 notes. The stors Is en af tlie beat stands In ths cltr fir a grocery an 1 II juor sUr,aavUg beea ravorsbly knosm st th bt aboliwal and ndell plus of budntbet n t hU alt for tt-a aA tl ss , will be let It one or twe pttra, ifarrod vaoa. I"i'rl lUUidbrrrrst, ' ItlOPUl FiL, jureiiihutlifc irS-ueiT.tTrX CJ fwork. CaUoo C. BAbB7fc.Broed.aV5t1 llaostoast.rnniwNo.T. Otwss Iksada. aJl i4aVlH 1

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