Newspaper of The Sun, February 16, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated February 16, 1861 Page 2
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" 11 (1 ' r n t .A ' ." J M 4 Jr i T . THE NEW YORK SUN. cUTURDAT MURKIWO, FEB. IH. 1M1. Orm reader are awar of th conflict which ba been going on for a yett or two put la our tlty, between tbe aupportart of th day of rest, ad the interests which sV to thrlte by ll pabveralon, and tha coire.uent degradation and debauchery of tie Industrious tl km. La bor haa little protection tv that which It a cared to ll by la, end it l evident from com raoa asnM an 1 observation, th it a day in a week vjrould never be voluntarily rranttd by employ am fer the refreehment of the laboring man. It U Indlspenaabte, therefore, thtt business heeld be strictly suppressed by Itw, on th wreekty "Sabbath," or rest, ant that if Ihe doer 1a opened on aay specious plea, for the tranatc tloa of an aaneceMary traffic or labor on thtt Jay, tbe guaranties of rtU anl liberty to tha aoftl and daaghtert of toll will be broken down om after another, until a cruising servltuJ arlll griad them Inceaaantly Into tha duat- The laboring pal lie should know thet- trua friend. When greedy men, whose notorious abject la only to carry on their own basinets aevae days in a week, and who wish all their neighbors com polled to shut up shop and Hop work on Sundays to trade with them, when uch men pretend that all their anxiety It for tha lilierty and eomfrt of tha lar people and go about holding public mattings, anl blowing and raperln wrthfullr for tha right of tha laboring man to enjoy hit Sand ay In their grog aliopt ant borr garden, It would boon of tha mat diverting farcct In the world to aea, If there were not a many umplatnna who taka It all for philanthropy In nuher earned. The true frlenl t of labor are they whit realst theaa selfish ami cruel dealers In dia.lpuinn, who clutch at an exclusive privilege of keeping their lucrative, but pernuiouj trade in full Miat by night and day, alihotit Interruption, and tout break down tho itw which pro'mtt It dustry from en-larrim-nt. We say enslave neot, hrcaaae lbs seventh day'a labor, when ever It cornea, will Im ilmie fur nothing. Nut only would no additional waget be retlited for a week of seven labor og day, but th ten fan cy of the cuitom w tul I bo, If either way, to glut and cheapen the labor market, aa wall at directly to lower the dignity, Indeiiendnnce and Boif-roepect of the laboring man. The laboring man bold hi day of rcat so cvrely, by virtue of law alone, and that law I haaed on a publ ie sens of tha divine aanctlty of the day. Bre.k thi down by contenting to business of any kind aad espnrt.tlly a limine a of carouting, disorder and licenao and all reil reatralnt It at an end. All will do aa tltey please, and tha tharp competition fur employ ment will toon Oil the desecrate l Sibbat It with the wretched labor of degraded men. To tola end though they may never reach It the effort t of the worthies and selfish Utereat now warring, at usual, at Albany against the Sabbath-protection law, directly tend. They ahoulil be resitted, on groundt of material wel fare a well aa of morality and religion. A ' pleating will be held with thit object, at Irving Hall tomorrow evealng, to which we Invite the attendance of all, and especially of the claai nott Immediately and vitally concerned, whnaa . dearest Intereala are must flagrantly betrayed by tha loud tat of their preloaded champions. No tice of tha meeting will ba found In another calami. r tha plan agreed on by the sub-committee of aha Peace Congreee la reported correctly thia Btorulog, the newt U of the first Import ance. A popular sovereignty compromiao for the eoethem territories, would beunhntitating y accepted by tha patriotic people of the Horth; and if the border alave ttatet accept It, vita aefegnardi agalnat a future Introduction Ajeajaoaar debeteaule territory, tha great bone of contention will be finally disposed of. The fall' plan of tha committee will be awaited with deep Interest, flora thit cheoring; political disclosure. . .. Jj: , The rU ar War. ' Tub great queation now among all our lead ing eaplUliita and bunintaa men la, whether they'ahall make their invHtmeutt aod calcula tion! upon the Idea that the anion of thaaUtea, M arrangetl by the founders of the Republic, la an indjalructlble Union, or a mere provialonal arrasavment which any ttata can deetroy at ltt rilaatare. These men, a a ilaaa, have nevor been governed by a ppirit of patrlotiam In any age or country. They are, In general, monnr inikert, and all their action are the result of their individual conclusions aa to the pruhjhla loaa cr pruOt upon a particular linn of tonduct. They usually care nothing fur the Uoverniui-nt, or the principle upon which the pooplo dmlare It abould be conducted. Their sole aim la to preserve and Increase their wealth. Tha dot ar I their deity, and If they believed that by deatroylng tha Union, they could make more than by uaing their influence for Its pre nervation, they would, with few exceptions, throw their lull uenco on the tide of serosaion. Ildt their money or pvraonal Interests cannot control thit queation. Ths honest, working portion of our people are for the maintenance of the Union and live perpetuity of our free in stitutions, at all hazards. run-hard l'IHalUiu The Newport (K. 1.) A'im, claims fur the editor thereof an appointment to the Newport Poet Office, In conalJcratiou of past ervire4 It la by no meaat uncommon for a trrtain ilaaa of patriots to expci t remuneration for supposed cr real services rendered te their political friends, but editors seldom, we believe demand pay through their own columns, for parly ser vice. Karwaa ItelleC, The following letter waa seut to W. K. An son, Kq of Syracuse, N. T., by a lady realdin aad auffartng ia Kanaaa . Dean Bisi I taka the liberty of addressing you at aaustaaa, aud tafcircaiog jeu of ine eiate ut fftrs la liu oouutry. Wnea 1 livod in ajraeuw, you knew sua aa alia. R . alj ixwidan d y J D . 1 wou'd say to y iu that ws are destitute of lbs Decariee ot Itlo, tu in aa ito vlateaa aad clothing i and ws are ouinpelled to aolicll aid from otuar parts of the ivuairr , an I those woo bev fneo4a Kaal, feol loai uo Ur l elrcumaUacae they have lta privilegt ol aafctog tbara for aid In tbl our g'OU need. And know la you to ba a man uf noble aad geaeroua fealuaa, I appnul to you pera-ually (or aaaial anda. Caaooa you uie your indusiva In foaling aoma proviaioua aad cMaiDg tor this u-lgu-borbawdL for w mnai sutfdr still tu ire unla ws obtain reliof. W nood putauirs (or seed, aul marrowfat, and early June paa , ant uuteaa ws oaa got aume Ihrouga our fneuda we bava kaawa In former diya, wnaie shall we loik fur aid f we ahall be aa deetitute aooiber year as ever. We are compelled to eeea aid (roiu all aerta. limy hate been very liberal, and In our saldat we abate aad divide as lo ( aa we bava any ahhaj to divide. I ahall dlatrlliuw sik-h aayou uiay axod to lb who iiimt ueed. I auUcnbf (uysslfyouit reepe -tfully. Oalralla, Kansas I'ob, B, 1-C0 The foregoing letur dsaerilea ths oonditlon of thoujaods In the state of Kanaaa, wb lare today auf (satng moat luiroaely lbs aaoalie uf hunger ami I tha reoituibranoe of early etaocUlion aad old frlacd. At tbl poor woman requests of Mr. Aa aorr, let tvsry one who syaoraublsea with the suf. ferere use thalr lnfliwnta to proeure help. "Let us pot weary la well-doltaj " Seed contribution of money d r(ct to Joaa K. tyiLuaata, Hatropoliua Hank. N Y, Band bundle of slothlnf to the Boom, No. Cooper luititute. Hobwick, EaoLasTD, la a city of churches, Lavlag nearly forty, for a papulation of from 70JBQU to 80.(500, a proportion alrch probably obubu lu ao other large town in the kingdom. Twelr of Uia old tiiurcboa, built la the old tlaa, oootaln peals of bolls. THE LATEST NEWS. mt TXLxaxira to tot jr. r. tvt. Foreign IntoHigonco. . 0 Arrival f lh tttr ef nalllmare. Two Days Later from Europe. 'IhaCitr of Baltimore, from Liverpool the Sntb, and tjoeenetuwn list H., arilmel hers Uat atetiihtf O flirting rumors were current a to the Iranian f4lr, and II It wuUly liellevtd that an Autn ruaUa alliance will be formed ( war with yraiM-e. A ililtcb ot the ft., fernn Nap'ea, aat that a flair of truce was peot nn lbs 77th from Oat to tti Ita'fan fleot. An lu'Un ttmtnet Immeliataly pnv txded t"Vbe fo tnaia, and the firing woa artervarda eootildfti bote aide Deaertara from ihetfjiir bnu ai my apeak of a project la surrender (1 aeta. Political Intelligenot). XXXYIta CONmBN4-rVread Heenteo ll'iMamafaai, VA. 15. Mr. Warm (Ohio) prmaiitert a pea thai oanieroualy atgniel hy cils-ua of I't lladalihia, la favor of th Union, C (uetllulioa eil laws Mr, Tiiosmxm f N J ) piainiitad a peaitlnn from oltieenaof New Jaraay In favor of tha bordfratate rieotultoii. II aleo aaked to be sruad flmm further aervle on tbe UoiumitKe of Naval Affair, and wa SXinuM-d Th bdl fur the relief of Mr (Jiomnim. by pay meat fir pmtal aetvu-ea, waa taken up aad altar a long dicoH d, ed. Mr, jataacii. tin preaenteii a jietiibm from Cil refia ot I llDot k tu C iftree to preeer V pun lW J.ritarly allit rtitorl tti law. Tti tariff Md waa theu Ukan up. Anuiniatr ufauiwiitruiuitaofthe Balect Cncnlt tee wrra areel to, Tha aaieurtrwnt cnnremlng the present wara bouaeititf e)sem waa tbeu illnrusned. Mr Bsaf (N V; neiveit tii extend tha tlma rf tittie-y ova, whno la III the tall, to lhriwenia. lie Mild ahal if It got Ihla ameutmioil, he anollld atitl 4d-H t to tha c Hunitite aioea luieiit. Mr Latino (Cat ) -ke agalnat eny a'toratloe of the le-aiit ayatem, anil Maiu thai it would njie rale Injuriously fti bta Hlata Mr Whai.p. (Va.J said thai If the bill paaaol wllo llliarhanireof the warehouse ayHtefti. II wiold array a4aliol ll tha uiohI fM-midaiile ojiMHHtiofi rf merthantaanit the shl.lnff lutnraat. Mr Bswasn said thai Ilia wtrehoualnr ayatem bad aa. rt aaild Kreal o.fNNittlon, yet II had tsen a noail 1i.i fit la1 atelt-tu tolna country hal xoom1h1 onfetnene and iiiMinfasturea .10 aisiliah 11 woul l ne loetr kea lijo at the moat ttTaitive aid toooin. taerce aial Industry. Mr BmuoNeflt I ) aaUl the CtTimlUM bad onn sldariat ahe au'-jeia raraftil'y, ant Ihoiujht ll hal avat etning to d 1 with the Treasury of the Unite 1 Btalee, aa well a comiaero. OiskI war left ta wsrennu.e and the dutlea not paid, coaeienaly tlie tiov rn.T)ent lneea the fsayiuent Jiul al the w ire! time. II-said hadld notlhluk tual Ibe lrvsrn iroxil could afford lo Itnd mooay In th la way, wnea It I obliged to borrow money burn rate. Ad journed. Ileauae ef Mrprentmtatlvea. aTtuAiatM, Fit. IV Mr. Jimt OwnnAiF. fN Y jireeentid a tnainorlal from the Nsw Vik ChaiatMr of C Hnmerce prieeotlutf against the aa- satte ot Ibe Morrill tariff kill, aad aueotrvlna It ot Jeotioiwtile faaluie to ba th o( in war. lousinu syaism, tn sroa-ina ana d iuni or aura pound duiiam aud Iba erTisi ti would have to Ismsii Iba raveeue hy dimialibwg lb exnotla. K -ferred t lb nunmtitee on wya aud mean. Mr. Mi asm (III 1 askid but failed to o'iUIu leav to lutrodiui a rrwiutlon to print SS.Buil extra cnv teaoribeiearlof tbt ahetraotlon of th luiiaa booda. A number of net rate bin war them naaaad. In. cluilloff oua taken upon motion of M'. Joni Cona- aaaa, paovioiDg iioowror Towassao Oaaaia for neap t atlog tbe Irealv with flu Thi he House paaaed the bill for the relief of Hon a. par It LaoosTT, appropriating 140,000 for acouuat ot tha p waal sorrloe. A bill for a lanrer aiaount was rerenUr vetoed bv the Freeldrot In eunalderatloa of the lViet Onto ap projiaialbm bill. BrATB IlniTCRE Seaaleo AaVmy, Ftb. IS. The bill to appreprlate ano.uou h th lallaf of th Kanaaa uffrr came up today from tbe Aaaembly. Mr. 1 ism.) asked lb eonaant of lb Banal to sus pend Iks ruirs, and put the bill on a passage. Mr. Wll tuaa objaoled. Mr. Mcwaoa roovee to refer th bill first hatha Committee of the Whole. The moatoa waa de clared adopted, butaqiorum not voting, M. Brt- aotA raieen a iiuim ur order. Toe motion raquired an uaantnio laconsenl. Mr. Lamau In lb chair, darld-d that tha motion only rsipi rd a two-tblrd vote Toe bill waa aeut to the first Comuttreef the Waida. Mr. jajt-irs brought In a bill to repeal tha New ciiy railroad act. Mr MaMraaa, a lull reawling Ihe ltth alreet railroad cearar and avenue D railro d act. Mr Mtsi'iir, ablll relative to excavatlona In th cityofNi-w Voik. Tbe bill tiamtnd tbe d voire laws was resd a tblid tin a aad loa. the vote lielng 8 to IT. The Nsw York C anal Paik lull waa ukeu from tbe Commlltseol the Whole end referred bank to theO-uamiitt-eon Infernal Affair. Tb na-tUm lo recouilder Ihe vwl defeating the bill lo amend Iba divorce haw, wa bald ou the table. The rulre war then suanended. In order to tak up tb bit apprupi tatlng J(I,(XH) lor lb relief of lb pria,ile ef Kansas. Mr Bi'iNoijtopp sail the bll atd a debate anni. eil. doricir whudi it waa ahoan from the statem-ntt ofC.C HiTi'iiisaoN, aent of th New Voik Kan eaa K-llel tHiioiinttee, wbo ba been at t valy 1 ih ir -ItiH foe ths maaja or lh lull, ltit there are esll in v tello lie IA tail Uruia In Kansas -t us to every ssvm Inhabltaiita; eallioat nf ee-sl required tiy tit farm at, belug uiiebl lo purcluiae, one huatre-l and flity-two four huiilied nnil Cfty dollars. At tt iae o( the army ratioua, fmr hundrid and flteon lliousaad Ore hnndrod and airyfiie buihtl of flmr will bt nnulra-d lor thirty wrtkt xi keep lb iieop fro-n ..v.tin i .-.mi r a-i.Mi.iHai. i'.,r fr-u-nt Li .... ,!..... .... j ...... . i& . . A'liiiim n a loaieoaer r isn-, en nei(rt on uu. tLIrd of the articles tub inferior 4a.nuo. mik Ins a Wital o( alsmi tti 0" iies-lnt (or the romf of Ihe piojla. To olaatn aid i am mul. aid front tht atalee aa writ aa private aoiitci a will tsi uatslad. After cImussIoii the lull waa a third time ami ms d 1 y ay. a ti, nays n The td 1 Iherrl ire iroaa ts-f ire V fl ivrnir, aa It pa-wed tbe A-stunllj, for Us igii"l ire. Al JouriM d. Aaareibtyt Tbe bill ti a.ipn-prUie half a million of dollars to arm and epiip tn mlllli of tti sum, cam up fur third leedluglbl uiorii ii. Mr. Ilasov a-ked lb iruutinim cimsenl to an nd Ilia lull ly provdlng for dvo-aiil-wnth uf a ndlllou tax la oovw lb appiojiriatloii. UJle. to. Mr. Roi rsaoia then moved t-i rn-unmlt the lull wlah lusirmtloea to th fjomui tu to nieu 1 It by adding a provia'on that n n of lie Hpiiruprlutl-ui ball t-eetp4tMed, uulea It beiaime uaueaaary t rail out th luilllia for w-tlve aervlce, Uifor th aeslnwotil'g idtl' Liarla'alilrH. Inauipoit of tb motion Mr. Uoiumsom expreasitl bla belief, that there would lai no uicossity to ex pend a a ngledollal oflhaaiinp-latl in; theuatlon al troublaa were, aa he firnily U ltevd, in tho pit. eea of adjusimeiil aud at least all danger of a cul-llau-n waa nearly over. liefira tleuraainn wat put, M". 1'iraoi movd tolay tbabillontbeuble. Aifroad to. A large number ef bill war ifortd favorably from Ih commlitee. Anionic tbein, to piaveut throwing alt In th lreu of New Vorki to ns.iil a bnolai ftli CblldretV Aid ttwlety toahare la In diatnbuilon of lb 0 uumon H- ho d Fund. To Beiiate bill to atd tb goveiutient of th Vuttad Hlsttsi In ralaing nianey on thatr bmd wa repiirtsd fev-'rably. tlu luotliai of Mr. It uiimhov, the lull was laid a third Hue aud potsed by a v.ra of Ktl o S Tbsbillti rata th salary abd extend th term of i flic of th Caoal Auditor waa reported fevut ahly. Mr, Fssnv rapurted aalnst tha petition of the Btal AKrlcuHuial College, ak I ng for ,'!, OrfO ap protirlaltiiu Tre tejmrt aareeilbi. Mr. Fitai a ca'.le-l for th rtul f.irthwith from the Comillitte 1 1 Ih I.sirislatiire, on tbe re'eotunl of lb President lei t. 1 1 si re-litabl reiort of tie committee bad gun abroad, and it waa tuna an ua explanation ahowhl Is irlventothe 11 uiae. Ilsca I d on om lueniber of th comaiitae ti axolaia t-i Ihe llou what actlou bad beru don by th com lulttee. Mo reersinae waa mad and tht mater dropped. Oa motion ol Mr. Ilaenv, Ih bill to incr,srat the veteraaa of the Nitlonal tluard, Bsveulh It-nri-Iiienl, waa moved forward, to le reiairted eompeia. Mr 1'him otiu tT i ailed up the 8-nate reaolutloua to sd'ouru aine die on the first of M area, and ll waa aid vu thi tal'le-01 lutfl. inns iiTRHToro. My Mr. Daiicv , For a doahl rallrvnd trk-k on lliia aid ith i airnts, llrHiklii. It au'horl 'a a road thiough uwotolth priiu.lpal atreautii' lua tily. lie M'. Wrusim - To sll.iw Ilia Co no -i - of li.eNi'Vt V ik r) ukuiK Fuui t ile.ia" ,. I' I rias laeween N w Y'X aul Huleu l-ad. a.l n sell ths leasee at am linn lo the bll a bidder, for tenua of lint over tea yiars, aiU to have onulrol of tl a leaulaibaia ( aa d feiriaa. By M'. Wm.Tr To limit tl tcuur of ofUja ID ana eie leu iia to arvru jws. Hy Mr. Ilaaitr To taiiuol New York aud Al bany fiom soritluofiU Kiiiao law. Ily Mr. Busuoou-T laipbona tb ex'ulou of atrta-t betoem tha lenlre of West 81 b atrial ant lb southeast lite ' f J 1st slieet vi Ihe exterior tailk brad Hue, end to release the Inter ml uf me aisle tu land under water la t-t locality to ll e rltr. 11 Mr. Uiki-eal.L Ti proud for ti ale aleo rf two additional J net lire of the Bupreue Court, lu the tret dbraii I, for semi ol 8 veera. j Tie concurrent resolution lo adjourn over fro m I'rra-uary taik toMarrh Tib arte takes p and la I7 40 to CI. AdNunud. rrera Wa4U(ta. 11'isJliaow, Ftt. 15. Th Commltta ap polnlad to prepare matter for the eons deration ef Iba P,aia CenTsasfir tndar, reported a plan of pa ne etlon. Ills uislanrt-sid to b compounded o' .ro)illmaof the Cmttsis-, and Ocmais aict IVirderButa Cnm tu reso'iil'osa, and s-mmr other Ihlairs, applle th prlnrlp' ef the M siur Orrptoudaa line math of Mc BO nd potular v etbty south of Iliat tin. Ta memlier of th Otri.nilttea bv lieen In crinatant conanilt4ton with tbelr rtspecliv C.ijtrslonal iJategationa, aud bavaderlvfrlarnnernonurarement a t a aitirea ful result. Kaety a ffart will be mad la carry th plan Ihreagk th Convention before th cloa of to wk. U.llsbl lldlrors from Richmond today stale tiat LUhiy Ketvativ b'ellng prevail In tha Vir ginia C oaerrtton, and that n kaety or Ul-cooiJr-td action may lie autlrlpated. Tbe aiaiy suppllea recent y eeired at Nipolenn, Arkaiojaa, ar worth between tt 000 aial tl.flO, sod ennatat In 119 boxsa, containing email arm sod ordnefin atotea, deetiaed for trorsp on the frontier oTexaa sail Arkanaa. aolely for protertlrur whilst from Irdian Inmraloaa. There are twa tbouaand regular troop cm Una of a thouaand mllea, but now there la no aafe route for a raoewal of auch aufi1iea. It U aeld that assurance bar rereolty been recrlved, that no attack will ba made on either Fort flumler or Fort Pickens, aad aa aonn a Mr. Ilaai etall have been Inaugurated a President of th Boethern OtiMerecj, h arlll lend a Minister to Washington, with iwr to negotiate with this dovemnienl conoenJn vartou matter In dlaputs, ltowvar thi may li, It la certain, a aacsrtalned bom an tualouhual nourre, that Major A ixaaoa teals btniai l( secure In bta vNlilon, arid, ahuuld be le asaallid, no douM la rmsitalnad that he eaa retain 11 until tucroied hy the (l-ivarnment. frlavesMietaaf Mr. f.lnrala. IMUhnrgh, Pa., fib. 11. Mr. l.iiioi.H de livered a speech Ihl nioimng. VorUeioua cheering fulloweit the Inlmdm tlon of Mr. LlscsplNto the peopla. II advamoeil to th tettojiny ollb Mouonsabela II mae, and aald Ittioaleo dlally thank hi II apir. Mayor Wnaorr, and Ilia citireiia of I'i4stsirg Keneruy, (ur liiair flaueiltiar loneAHi. fain Sue more Krsledl' tie rauee 1 kimw tlnat H la not given time aiona, but tolherauael ieireeot, whlth clearly pnvss te m toelr Kood wnl, aul that aim-era (ung la at lb tsittmuofll (Kothasiio aiifilause.) And her I may renoiik, that la every short eildm I rise laade lo the wHd, la avary crowd tlimiiKh whieb 1 bava paaeed ti laU, a-ane ahualoa baa Is-en tna.a to tbe prasenl dlslrai-iel rofalilion of trie coimry It I laauial lo ex,-t Ihal I ahnuld aay omeiilng onthastit'jan, but to tnik.h ursai It al all wouM Involve ao elalsirate dusiisMinn tA a great many qtialinn aod cinunaattnoea re'llrtng oiora lime than I can at prraent 1-onn.anil, aa-1 would. peit,B, tinneceeeatily commit nie upne matters which kave aie yet fully develotiad them aelvea. (luimrlmerbtelfMr aad ria uf f I ssl, TbarariaLtsj Tha rood It ii of th country Is sn a raoilueiyoDe,ild fl'l tie rauiduf every irlot wita aaxiety. It I my lat-ntioa toa;lviuMeub Jcrt all tbecrielderaMon 1 iswanhly can berore ia ctsllydifiuUgia levaid toil, d beets) an that arbaa I do eas; It may b aa near.y riaht a wvlb!. (tiud and continued applause When I d4 tieak I bop I may y both im In oiifioaiUon to tb apirtt of id CoratiluMon, wftitrery ao th iblefrrlty of th Uuiioa. ur which will a-ov Inimical to the lilietvee ol Ihe people, or telhopeacaof the whole country. (Voclforotia Atlauae And furlhernaor when th lira arrive for in to p ak nn tbl grat siiij-el. 1 ho I may aay oothlii4 to diaaptolijt tb pvl generally througbciul thaeoimlry, eepectally If lb xpectation haa bean based apiai aaytblng witch I may have hetetofot aaid. Asfdau-a 1 rtotwlltv tandlng tha trouhl acroaa tb river ttbe speaker polnliim eouthwardly acmae tha Monoejrahela, and amlllng) Ibsre la no crista, but an ertifl :lal one. (Ap ptauae J vrhallatteranawto warrant the condU llooof affairs praaenud by our fiieoaa over the rlvarT Take tvenhelrown views of lb quraa tlona Involved, and thai a la nothing to Justify Ihe course tbey are pursuing. (A voice, That's ao ) I repeat then, there I no crista xcptlng ach a one aa may b srnttea up at any tlm by tnrbulnl men, aided by designing politician. 1 My advice to them under auch etrcuinstanoe tato keepoooL If the great Araartoao people only keep usir tam per both aldee of the line, tbe Iroublaa arlll com I an end, and Iba question which now dJatraots tha tamntry anil be settled Jaat aa enrely aa all other dlfneuitlaa of a like chaaassjer whleh have originat ed tn tbla rovsnunent hav been arfjuated. A lb a ts tha first opportunity t bavs bad to address a renrurylvanla aaaeiubtage. It eearoa a fllaln time to Indulge la a few reniatke upon tloa Important qua Hon of tbe tariff. ri Incur aa direct taxailou for tiia support of the ituvt mnaa t la Lot tMcrtrd to, a tariff 1 necassary. Hut th cpuaatlon a to how fir lm ranny ba-IJued forth pniuctlonaf bo-n tn iliutry, give rl to numerous vlw and opttd m. I must conttaa I do not understand tb auhjo -t la all It multiform bearlnga, hut I promise ym I will glaeit iny cloaeel attention and endeavor to oouw. o-ahend 11 fully. And here I may rerotrk that the Cbloatfn platform contains a plank upon Ihla sulh. jec whiih 1 think should lie regarded a law for the Incoming Bdailninlrallon. (Immeuae demoo trlloua of ap,iltua) la fact Ikis question, aa wiuaaaii icer suiy-cia emu a ea in taat plat form ahould twit ha varud froui what we irava tbe ople to unduistand v-mild be our po'lry when we olaaimd their votea. (U atitnued applausa.) Per mit me tall iw c tlssfts to lead the tariff plaak In Ihe Clilcsjro 11 alfoitn. I would lather bava It lead In your bteilng ly oue wLoha younger eye than 1 hsv. Mr I.tsi-oLN- prlval aecretary then read aeo tlob tw hh of tha Cok-agn platform. Mr. I.ini'oin eouttbUel t N tw, I must confat that thete air shades of diltereui tu c maiming tarn this p'atfuin, bit lam 11 4 now Intemlinif to dlsiliaa lines d It rtnrea, but merely to give you soma gimial ulea of the aulysi I. I haa Ion thoiliihl that If 1'ier b any arili I of ne-eaaity whuh cn lie produced at home with a little or nearly the mue lalsir aa abroad. It anaild le lietter tnproteolthaiarl cle. Laiirlsth true ataistard vau. If a bar of Iron gut out of Ihe mine In Kig ' laml tl a liar of Iron taken fimu tha mlnsa of Fimnsylveula m pnaluoisi al it he same cawt, it follcwa ihat If tha 1 Kulnh bar U ahipoed rroiu Muiiiiisier ii) i-.iuiiurtn, aua 111a Ainsri- I I.. r..M.t Pliilxi, wh 1.1 U u huaet . the i bar fiaan Plttebuigh to MiucheHtet, tbe ooat of run lane ia appreciably loat. (I,talitr ) If w ha I no Iron here, then we ahould anoour ae sbli metta fiom a foreign oiumtry, Iml n A when we can make it aa cbeaply in our own coiinry. Tola bninre ualeck loine fl-st proiswu liou that If auy aitiule can be prodiu-el at horns with niarly tbe tame -oet ui from abroad, tue car ristrs a liwi l.lmr. Tre Treaaury uf tbe nation la In such a low condition ib-t thia aubject n iw do luauda the ateij'C'U of Conffresa aiel will dauand the Iniuieibate consblerallna of tbe nsw edm'nl trath a. Ihe tar-ff bill now before Cotitr nny net ea at the preeent sisslon, Se next C ingreaa win nave to yivs it meir eaineei aiiaitinik ir i have aay racoinmendatlou t-i nuke, 11 will b that aery mau aho lacaileil Umiii to serve tha propi lu a reU esenlst.v cap 'C ty ahould atudy the wh i e eub)eel thoroiifhly, aa I Inland to do myeelf, 1 auk loir to all the vned lulereal of th oommon com. try ao tt-al whin tha time fer notion arrive adequate pti lection ahall le exteiabd to ta rial aial Iron o( Ftonsylvanla, the coin of Illinois and tbe reapsteofCnlcaro. Permit m to expreaatna I boe lhat tbl imisirtant aubjit my racolva autilt ' rrnsiderallou al llie baoila of your reprulrlve, that tbe Inlereela o(uo arl of tu oountry may b ovrtliioked, but thai all aeclion may share tn lb I oononon btmenta of a Just aiel ei lilatua tariff, (tp- plauae ) Hut I most bt log my remarks to a cioasi I tbabklnK)ou inietoordially (or the kind ' you hava extruded me, I bid yon all alleu, (Kit- Ibualaallc applftlUM.) Hoattrra Oearra. Mtnlywury, Ftb. Ii. Congrea hat appoint ail aoua.iuiittioot six to wake suiubls artamra menu tor the reca41no atal inauguration on M io day nrx, whkh takes place at 1 o'clock that day. Auofhtlal eupy of toeTixaa ordinance of ae-ea elou waa pieaeuu-d wita the creoouiiale of the lH-piilies, only taie o( whom ba anivrd. Dbjrclliin wa mail to its reoenltou oa tb ground that th ordlnauc wa not et latiflnl. 'I be dalenale preeent, Mr, Uaaud, wat laaltsd to a fiat In tlie convention. Th Coaiirress then went Into sscrel aeaelon, du rlnir whltb an ml ara paaaeit tocoiitluu In ofth llivinieia(sinnrtid with lliecJIec llou ofikecui lonoi al laalkiuauf lb adoption of I je Constitu lion. Th BerieUiy of the Treasury was Instructod to rr)uta plan logo Into eflnl ou t-a 1st of April, diuiuil.hliw Ike eapi-uaea of corseting the revenues fur eh Cual-iiu llouae at Ica.t fily ier csuluut. iralala Ceavrwlleaa lSihmond, Ftb. IS. Mr. Vilost Introdaced reHtilullon, luat the Yilfinla Cumiulsatonvrt lo the IVece C lug-i-eae lie leiptealed to iesirl whether, In their opimoai, any reau t a,veitablo to Yirginia, may le esjieated from th deliberations ol tht body? Mr. t'traraenbjntid I.ald over. Mr tMss irada Inter stating llml one ebjal .rt-n-pl'-leil in the Cunvi'iituHi wta t remlvell -a n a I ST.sii and put Mr. ia in hla plai'e, tid Ihn Wis' a sv-an . ' it. y Vi t.' lit' " i'rnle.1 aey knowUdjt of ti.' ar. "it "i it "V rn,l. Aljoiuued, .iro rul)rui Intbntlon ef lloatou I Hraatnr ( rillradrn. lituhm, Frb. 15. A quite fully attended Con. tmliuii 1 1 ookirMI nuils waa hel.l her laal uiuhl liiBihol'a Mi'liu'aihurcb, talleil in aalloluatkui of au attempt to oiefiancblae and drive them (rum Ihe cou.lry Aui'rltolbeiieop!euMeaeacb,ueelU a.adple), askliura'daodpiuldi'lloB. the Comaioii C uirs'il lava concurred with the It. are of A dt-ria. u lua resolve, tnvlllog Banatr CairtSNiiSM to visit Itiutoa after the adjurnuiaul ot funnies. An anxndment, to lichll Akhatw JoilNtna, llnsv WaiTialiavia,,!. K. Itouuusi. of I.mlt lana. Bursaaau ClKima. and Joiix A. (ill ana, of orth Catohna, U Ui mt taliou, wa rejnled. TJalea Caareatlea. rsilad'srAad, . 15 A committee of works taea haa loam snpotated as make arrangnaents f tk be held here oa tbe lid otrsbrnary. Ixbtatr latendlrav to ra-tlctpaa, ar raqneatad to notify J. VT. V llotrrao, by tlgrpk. Marks VtmMrr. lUalvn, Frb. 15. Th brig Carblere, from Nrw oik for O'tk, ws abauitoned at ss on th t.1d Inst. Crew takta off and brougat beta by ah p Thai hrl Ma 'una. Tbr Crk4a Fart aad Itaaaena. Diapatrhej from North Carolina, ity that the atet lathe alaie will ht very clue anl sx jest ingly f.eros, with the chance against th Bacaaaiou 1st. private letter to prominent secaadnn leader, aay tht tflVct of the Virginia election will ba to carry Missouri for I'aion, by a Urge aaajarlty. Miners. Wtsitnoaaa, (III.) aad nttirsooaos. (Mae ) kv lea( apaniuied by 8eaker Pissina. ma. a Committee to notify Meaera. Liaooui and llaau of their election. Tb Preeld-t has kppnlnttd Bsealor Foot, Fo- vra and rraars, a Coaimlltaa to wait on Mr. Lin cui a and aatsod him to lb place of Inauguration. The R tbmond Krvpiirfr adviaea Virginia to be pit on a war footing, and call on all the mm In Ik etele to form regiment for Immediate defence, 11 Interpret Mr. Ltsoot.a' speeohe to mean coer cion. Llaut Otnsov, from Fort Frka, xpra th opinion lhat that fort will b attack t on lb 4th of March. Inasmuch aa Iher I a Beet al Paruaoola, tl.e PiraldaM could very easily relnfhrc II. 8-Mii xritenienl waa arreted In 0 irgefira on Thursday night, fiom the fact that lgol light were thowe from a certain point ta thai v.olnlly, and snswrra-I by a signal rocket from aims print near the Araetial la WashlngUm. It Is not eup,ioed Ibst auch deirHaastratlona would b mad If In tondad for eo-efal sir)sMa, A deetch from Chicago stales that Ih mar i hahl uf lhat city, without distinction (gparty.w mM fire thirly-four guns laal erenibg lu honor of Mr, KaiusHi,of lUluils, for his acikn In offaring his con.proaijlse. Mr Bra aan ba mgagl the house occupied by Gen Caw, aud It la undergoing th nrsary chantf lor the ucrtlion of tb bw Frsmler, Mr Lima a, who will arrlv In Washington Bstnrdayof mat wek, will be th gusat of Beuator Bw sen until the tlb of March, Tke Mvy lleprlmnt ha rareirtd dsplchaa from Flg ofheer Moarooassr, of Ih 1'tUfl ipiadnai, giving the di4all of Ih movanant of vaseela ooaqieaing lliat Irpiadron. The health of the r.fTiier and crews waa good. Thai araa n tldlnga uf tbe l.-vaul, and the Impraaslou wa Hat ahe waa lost. Th Beiate hail a irolongl Ktecutlva gaealon oa Tburadiy,over the nomlnaiton of I'nrr for lolhsl BUtee Judge of KalMa. II I rumored that he would bvbesn a.flrmed. Lad a vote been ob. lalned, led that Ihl wa detailed by Ih rated calls eg lbs iend nay. To whole number of Senators, elnre lb aeresaiiMi of six (tale, la M, of tb Republican hav Just on half, laavlug tht caatltg vutt.with th Vlee-Presldent. Dnjiitaa, It la undtratood, will never vote for Fmr, and thi would defeat hi confirmation. If all the Bapublk can were eta. Mr. lloitha notified Mr Daiaaaan, Chief Clark f th War Department under Mr. Fi-ovn, that hi rrvke will b dispraised with. To manner la which hi nam figured In oonnartlon with Msaara. BtfSii.t and, made Ihla taavilable when aver tha 0 imnuusa reported. Mr. Pom, formerly Chief Clerk under Mr. Cemtua, ba been aptulutad I a th vacancy temporarily. Rlnfoacmnlaharbea eent to Tortuga,and others baa been ordered from Teaaa and the neigh boring rot la. In a short lima all tha pot nit com mending the Oulf of Maxioowlllbe strongty gar risoned aad beyond tha reach of any force the re VAdullouata can collect. A eUiOTg movemaal I making to reoemreend Mr. Btaaova, th Rhode Island Srnator, to a eeat In Mr. LiaouLa'a Cabinet, aa Secretary of the Treaaury. Tb Union vut In Virginia aaemt to hava eot verted Wna. Iaaieouh delivered at Kichmond. on Wednesday night, ha declared that "he waa for tha t'ulon and tha Coeatitiitlon. n olanly ds- nled the report that he Intended to lead an army to the capital, for tht purpoe of '.lng thtpublle propeaty .denouncing that aaaerthm as "(alee and In famoua." U deprecated civil war, but added that "te wou'd never sulmilt to a northern confederacy." Gov. Vi om will ba In Waahlngtoa la a few day lo mak arrangement fer bla trial. Kt sbi.l and Usual aia still out nn ball, visaing Cmigraas, and promenading the street dally. The Texas Ordinance. The following Is the ordinance of soceaaion adopted 1-y the Texas Contention An oidlnance to ilaml'i the I'nloo between tbe stale uf Trxea and lb other autio, umml u i drr th iiuski styled Th Constitution of th 1'nlt.d Htalmol Amarica." BviTioa 1. Whereas, lbs Federal Oovenirnrnt haa faibd ta accomplish tbe mriore of th eom,at t cf umou Isawi en these state in giving prutoxtiua either lo the lersoos tf our ieoiite iqmii nn awaited ficMiller, or to the prorty of our tilueua , ant, whereas, the action of tbe u inherit alalw i v illa tive rif tlie couilabCI betwoen tb aisles and Hi mi ir. sntre ol tb uitastllullou j aiel, whsreas, the re eia developmenu lu fwlt-i-at aff lrs nwke it evident list the wer of tbe Fed-wal ti ivurument U nnuni to lenouieawiii wltit which to strike diwnthe ImeiisU and proiieity tf the wople of rexta auil bar a sler a'evero ding etatea. Instead of .airmit ling II to le a w laaendad our ehlad agaiuat outrage atd anrwsiiiai theiefore, -We, tue ieo pl of Ih aial of T-xas, by d.)le;al- ta lis ta nvrntlon aBrmall, d-i dielare anl nrdditluat lleordinaiue adoied by our cnuaantiou ig dels leiraWa on th fourth (4r) day of July A II IMA. and afterwead riAed y ua, undsr wilcu th K'lublleorT'Xoi waaadmliael lam ih I'uum with other B'alea, and lieoame a aarty to Iba coot ) ai i aly ed '-Th Conatiluiion ef tb 1'ulUd Stele c f Auierlca," be and la bercby repealed and an nu'ird.s That all tbe p-iwera which by lb said romp-t, wc daltireied by Texas to Ih Federal (I tvarnaisnl are tevokid aud reaumi.t, 1 bat Trxaa is of right aheolvid from all rentraints and ubllgstiona la nine.1 Kv iMdrami I, aul la a aejurtt aorerelu Hate, and thai berriisera ami a,l ar henlvd fiom allegian-e to tb l'aitd Bute ertb fljvorn liient lhreof. Bso. 1. This anllrars ahall lie submitted to the peupleof Texas, fir their ratlfii'aabm or reje-tioa, fry the quilfi-td voters on tbe H3d day of February, 1-Cll ant, tiulraa re)e le.1 by mnja-jlyof Ihe vote cal shall tak efi-ci ant be tn force oa an I after Ihe 3d day of March, A II. I!l Provided thai In the roresetilrfive district of El 1'aa.i aa d eW'iloa may be bald oa the lttk day of Februtry 1S01. A niinrn a-nn k tC.OO, one day laat month at Sonora.Cal., from a Chinese waali-raan who waa andcr llio ublivloutocataciea of opium smoking. CITY NEWS. Tint RarrmoK or tub rBnnawT-KijiT. -Th (i)Uuwiug programm ha teen decided upiat for Ihe nxi'pt'nu cereiaonie of Mr, Lticot.r, on Tim day atari o in nr xl, The President elect is 1 1 lieiiteivedatlhe ntw Jeralof Ihe lluds-m Rivar Railroad, in Tolrtleth atrrct, whence ht 1 lo le ea Ccrtid up Tbiilielh atrial I) N-nih Avenue, down N'nth Avenu lo Teulj-thlrd tret, up Twnnty Ihln streel to Mr adesy, and down Broadway!) hisquailsrs, wkhh srnot)i declJid upim, but will Is- ellhtr allh Bt. Nubolaa Iloil or at the A-lor lltiue. Dn. C.iiiiil'a I.tar TfRK. The lat Inline u( Ur. Caiiiit't course at living Hall waa ddlvired last tvtnlug, lefort a viry large aud lea ', lulba.uljikl. f th Tultiktl Ililture of Power tn Europe " The Uclurer traced Ihe political cuinieuf Kiim, from tbe fa'l of Ihe Rimtu Em pirato thefoiniat'ouuf thallily Alliance ia i vvlun h iipit Bunted Fnglanl a by far lb atroug tsil of th five great power. Fiom thi time Frghaud's awer baa decraaaed, la coceiqiieut e of her pcisistcut atuiapu to change the rlilon of Kuiepe, At lie pitunt time, Iran' la bey mi 1 tr In b th tu.lituy and naval Miwri, whit Y.i laou'a national debt aul ber tlepea leuce on her ciltoii manufMliirta (snslllute a wsakoaa wbtc i eua iv una hr knowledge of by the most vlgiroua pieialiiau f r defen.e. From Fraact, th !' tuier lelltvid, In-laiid muat lolt for Ih aid lo sot bn free, aud lielauil wou'd not hav long to loo'e luvalu. ((irtalapi'laua) ("OMMtvsKINKruOk ri'lHU' ClIiltlTlM AVI) CtiiiKKt'iiuN. The regular meeting of th lluaru took place Thuis lay afarn)on. Tb weekly ttalemiatlaa Mlowi: Number of Intuate In fit varlout tustltuilona uuder thi cait of Hit 11 ur J, 111, as In.'rttta of K ia tit isat rtprrl; 1,411 v-rtt admitted dairlng Ike past week aad 1 tea dioJ, war dUxhargad, sent te Black well's Island arthe Btata rriaon. Bon StitrrT IIoHojorATinr DiarimsAaT. From the stxth annual report a Ihla Institution, II appear thai during Ihe rest year 1,01 1 cases hav been treated, of which t 10 hart bean curat, lit ra lie ted, 0J rwrull unknown, with but It death: lit ai under treatment 9,131 prsrr1ptlona hava tern given. A new Ibstniraetl bta Urn let In troduce.1, call.d th I.r)ng-ecee, by lb ua of which all dieasa of thslhroat can 1 1 ex unload aa perfectly aa an atterior eruption. Thi inatilutiou It suppmled entirely by iulorlitloa, and dasarve th pecuniary aaalstanre of those who approv of HemtroiaiUiy, Tit a Srmarr Pr.Di.tat. The Superintaad ant of rollcalaoaualogtbe arrest of atreet psllart upoa a eectla of tb revised ordluaice, passed aa far lack aa July. 144, which reeds aa follows : No person shall sell, or expose for eale, ta any of tha streets or slips la Ihe c-ty of Nsw York, any tie- plate ware, eartbeaware, cbtnaarare, glaawra, gono, vrare arxl merchendl of any dserripalim, or any utbae article, under th penally of tea dollars for each uffrna. On Thursday and Friday leal, tb pedlar at landed the M yor's nfflc la throng, hoping (ar ra I'.ef by getung licensee. Bill theaa, ll aeema, can aotbegrantad. Al the next meeting of Ih Cam nana Council, ll 1 aald, an ordinance arlll be rubmtued tn the IWard of Aldermen, annulling tbe above prohihlllon. iMraomviKim t" tiik Toiiat. Seraral Important lmprovamsnt hav been foremtlm" going on la the Tombs, and are now almott com pleted, whkh wilt Increase considerably th capa city of Ihe prieat. What were formerly the ward en's apartment, on the ground fl tor, hav teen converted Into four Urge cell (ctpabl of acoommo datlng ten persona In each) and a balh room. Ao archad enrrieor, near four fret wide, ha been run In froi.l of Ih cell, between their Urg grating aid Ihe window, which ar mail aacur by grat lnga arsl wiia netting, Thi ia intended for a boys' Is-iano. On the arc-ad flr, a Urge room tti0 la eel aaait for a hospital for elrk prtaaners. Tbl it a new (Valine In Ihe Toiuba, Ike nee-1 of which bat bsig bean felt, ami this room, wsll lighted ami vso llleted at It ia, Is wall adaplo-l for Ihe purpoee Ten tlent4 may ba accommodated In It. Three other cells sre on this fl aor, of the earn capacity ai those beneath, and a keeier-s room al Ihe end opens mtbeC'rrl&T brtween them arel tha windjws. Three cells will relieve the men's prieoa of Ihe 'len daye for drunkeaneeas caea, no thtaves bslng slloweit here. The work has all been done by prl eon lalsir. Titr HnMiiir l)tnr.i, WrntTER, tttrtel yesterday morning from fs-tof 11th st , EoH R ver, and sfier proceeding doera the ley, lay to), while the took on Uard a large body of troepa, brought by th steam tug, Po Catlin, from O'vemor' Island. 8h alee took oa board M man from nedlo Island, Itigtthsr with CO caaee muakst: and haa a Urge quantity of provisions, and military and hoe pllal tlorea. he waa at anchor la Quarantine, al aansat, Ihe clearel for llraaie, Texas but II ts surmised aha waa bound to Key Weet, aad from thane to Texas. l-tree, Acs3Ucavta, Uajaaeta, Ve. Dr.ATtt n A 9rno!f Ilocait. An unknown maa who w arraaled oa Thursday alght for drnnknnraa'dtncar)avated taaoellat the ISth Ward autloa houae, wae f rand dead la hi call yeatarday morniag. Aa Inquest will be held apua tha body today. PeUce leteHlgere Attacked dt Rciwdies. Micntax Liron Aa, a Laborer waa attacked en Thuraday alght, la Pearl street, nar Whluhall, by aoma reardlea, who beat hUu unmercifully aad brake on of hi arm, after wbich thy fld. Ta poor man waa found sua after by tbe polios, and taken to th N. Y Hospital. Ajibkht n! Scino:o. A gold watch aad same Jewelry ware stolen, yeatarday, (rem tha room of Mr. L. E. Rica, at No, 11 Union square, aad Roar, ntixinav, who occupied spartmenta In tha houae, wae arteeted on suspicion o( be-n the thlet. Justice Oa sou. v detained blot tor examlaa- Uoe, Tbe proerty ha not bea rouvrd. LFUAi, RBruarr-,piUDAY. Veiled Htalra Ctrralt Ceatt. Ilefote Judge BaaLLtv. Tkf It.ttk .litrwi JfMruVrs. The trial of Ed ward I' Lane, on of the mates of Ihe bark Anna, for themuidarof frank Light, a seaman, waa eoa eluded on Thuraday afaemnon. The Jury, after being oul 15 hour failed to 4-r, and woiedl-. charged by tha Couit. Bevea ware tn favor of an acquittal and five fir conviction. JuCgeB nallty Bnnounoed that be would nt try auy more caaee thia term, and that Judge Bbiptueu would buld the court on Friday. tauprraae Court, Jufion ( Vaihiirjt J'erJi.Jtmti T, Iliady, on Friday mad a motion for tht dl charge 'f Charlea Jrffrda, who la charged wllh the mur der of Ihe I at 11 aasra. Walton and Mathews. Th matter cam up ou a writ of habta corpus. The motion wa opposed by J iba Autoou, Assistant llisailrt Attorney, on tbe ground that It could only tw made ia Ihe C m-t of oyer and Terminer. Tue Court rraerud daclalou ou Ihe application until today, 'Ihl JfcSfdtm $ Claim Ajtiio Tkf 5H ea rel ilrS.ln J- BoAar ra. io&erf T. It ftt. CbaafifreUer. Tul caa waa now argued befort Jua Hce Clarke, Buthcriaud aud Allan. DeUalou re set v d. fault of Hear rat ffrvealeaa. lief ore Ileaa-der Hormis. The Court sentenced thit morning, Michael McCarthy to Ihe Btste Prlaon for ten ytara and two mtaithe, on conviction of highway robbery (nit bey In Ihe drat degree.) Cbarlaa Weulworth waa eeot to the Slate Frlaon for lour yeais anl two muutba, and Jt nei Kbln aunt tn same iaiiiution tbiee years and twi nunthsou ttnlr plea of guilty of tmrgiary tn Ihe thud digree. There were two charges agaUsn both of tbem. Jihn Allen, for a felonlma aaasult In allemptlng lo ahoia a neero. ole viaar to lbs laiteutlrv. Mlctael K ly plead auluy of grant larceny, and was BBtileu'ed to lbs Btal Vntjm ltt three years and Ian) ruoalha. Uharlra Bwwail and Joha Dirton, who pi sad guilty of suem4ad crand larceny were seut to the Bute Fitaon, Stewart (ur Iwo years aud two mouth, end 11.ii too for two year. Maitin Ilslfoid wa eeot te the State rrba for tw yrere. lliaiy Leegeatwck, a young man twaoty-two yesre ol age, pleed guilty of tbe forgery of aa old. r for the delivery of roods. Tue aealeoi.e was cinftuemeul lu the But Pnaun for iwo year. rnrr Tetnf and Cbarle Tfttuaa, wbo attempt ed lo eteal tluthtng plead guilty of aa attempt to c iniuiit grand larraxry, and were aeotenced to Ike 8'ete Fr-eoo. Terrtt for two yeai aad one month, aut Tutttan for Iwo years. Janire Cal'ahan plead guilty of burglary la the tblidcaree, bd stealing Is-ef and ham. Ooayaar eta fiuiment m the Faniloullary. Louis Fisher, r-oiHnliarj for CO days, on a plea of guilty tf grand larceny. Jamea Mmroe waa eeat to laa lMiitentiary for 3D dajt, for a similar of fence. Ablhau Tell was sent to tha city prlaon for Im data, ou pltadln gtlty of patty larceny. Iu ihe case of M-Cartby, tea loe term was given lo Ihe priioner for highway robbery, in aea-leu-'Bg bins to th Sub for ten year only. This waa lb firaa tnatanca Ibaiac luvtctionof uoh n f ftrci bad taken place te'or tb Kaco der, Im mid airly after arntenc bad tieen prouotiiiord iiism 11 e pi laoner, th Court wa Informal try a p ilice ilbcer, that la waa (pit a n-aonou iniividual, having Isrn In Ih Btat Pr son before. Tee aea-l-ue would, duubaluee, have be-n moiMv-e,lf the Court Lad beeo aaara uf Ihl fact. "BROOKLYN. Tiik Apadfnt or Mustc An effort U la-lug mad by aoma of Ihe ttnckho'dsrt of th Academy of mnslo to Indue the Director to re. dirider tbelr former resolution, br which dram t tii repn sentatlouaar excluded. A bt llou to thi t ffi 1 1 1 uuw In circulaiuxi for stgnatur, Tiik Dumomii Kinu Cask, John Hookm, who naa arreaud in Miaalay night, on the charge t-f 1 urlolulng a diamond ring from Mr. J, A. Inu in. In a Myrtle avenue railroad car, some day pnvoi, waa brought lefois Justice Coaiwxu, yaieit'av, f'irexamiuation. To oomphamaut laa liflis lhat ibe ring bslng loos tip-in ber fl.igvr b draw 11 off with bar glov, aial delcadaui pick id it tip. TLstietiojony ou ths part of tke JslenM diffsira In sum dutslls lrom llisl given by th compUlnant. Btvtral mora wltuMaa are to ba run Imd Ihit luoi nlog, al 10 o'clock, until which tune Ihe caa stand adjourned. Fatal Famtr Accinurr. Joseph CAnr ati t. In attempting to step flrom one of the South Fairy boat oa Thuradsy eveuutg, fell between It ai d the bridge, and waa crushed la a horrlUa man ner. II was conveyed to the L. I. College lie piul, where h died about oa o'clock ytatorda 1 looming. TL dacaaael wa aloiil CO yean of age. ArvrML CotnrjrjrcTWETr or rn Btoot MB Normal ftt nxaoL. Tbe fifth annual cam meacemenl txerelaaa of ths Ilrooklya Normal Bchool look place Wednesday avtoing In th Acad n.y mt Moelc, before aa lata aa eudlenre a tha building oould onaveniantly accommodate, the pnn. elnal irtkm lelng corapiwed of lb teacher of Ih puMle arboola and Ibair frtanda.' The Rsv, Dr, Kokisdu oi-en-d th proceed'nra with pisyer, worn Mr T W Fitui made a brief tetenafOit exptaaatnry af lu ob ts, Mr. J. W. lid star, gurlieileol of Ih reiMio stl(sls, aiidraeed toe audleuce on the suiiatof N;a al Bchoula, Ihelr ilea aad tragi we and ahe good thry bad elrdy dime and would continue to an onrapllBh. He appealed te tha memtar ef lb Common Council, to ovid as liberal appnmiia tl) toward th cau of edoculoo ae Ibev did fur Ire aod polios parrawea. Ware tbe childrea new running atout Ihe sweets pr serly educated, tbeae would be ao aeod of polteemaa ueing their clubs tn bringing disorderly cssractera to tarma, v or arrasting youaorui inoeneiane. ii noaa taey would giv liberally ao lhat th tratain of adooa Ik could be prrferted. He cloaed ly dailog to graduate to Uruirgl on ao that tbey ml hi b bet ter and heater prepared to perform their dalles. Tee enrnroaitiiaie of the gradnatea, srere read by Rev Mr BTrnur, II m. K. A. Laaarar aad Rsv. )r. bviiraaeTiaa Tory war respectively eutitled, "A tewTbuiigbUoa theTlmee," 'Autborahia, r tt-e fol'y of sinving lo pleas ev-y one," "O d ant Nea," a-Bc eeelre, a Honey," Fe'taaall," k slant upoa a B an.h for llappiawe.a All wea cadi!!)' prodiKtloi e. That m "g-ceaii." hit npeo the ewmaetlhedayln a aalincal vein, ant Ihe serials merjta whbh waae thoroughly "I'oion," were de que,! y apptslKled T'c'irmanof the Committee. Mr, Fiaxn. In trtdoodMr. N. R Onus", wb, he aald, would favor Ihe audlenee with a wing, ad It wet as wllh which all wr familiar, loed thy would Join In lb cboru. Mr. Coixia then uog In Btai Bpaoglad lluiner,naxMmpail with mualo on Ibe ptauo, and Jo awl In rhormf by Is. gradu sueand oamof Ir eprctetr. Allie nstcluaioa ot earh verse, aa Amerioau flag, suepaasded from Ihe top of Ihe stsge was waved to and f-o, adding to Ihe general effKrt. Th audience maolfiaiaed their ap prt4wtloo by repeated and heaily applauaa. Tha Rev. I)r Vlsroa dellvenat an addresa, la wbluh lis aiade aihlsi'sa to tbe compiwiBliNi oa aMeceebi.N aod oui n eodist tbe eitimsnta cio lalueal therein Tne rna wry that no)le Bag. Dow fl.Atiug over their hea-la, bad grown dim and lla btlgbl omistetlation divided wa, he contenitrd, Inoieaenntnca of the falso aysrem of education pureusil l-y our brethren of lie B mil, in lucu'c iiog tre e rolcioua dis-irlue of saats righla, which now. after Iter yeaa work, bnlcuminsted inbraakt tng up apiarealiy, Isit only aiAferilly, this alo rlollB LM'4l The Rev, ge 4lemau contrasted the am-ieail K imau and Athenian svsletna of e-lucatlon with tee old and n w aystertt uf aha present aae, and elw-ke In to ms of blgn coai oenilstiiai of lbs pria cipis now acloiUd of atcUlo tne irantlar aex to form the nilnda of, la cme loaton, he re marked, that altboiigh this bouse (lbs Actdsmy), waa deou-ated I) all aorta of thirds, nothing mora agreeable cou'd le wltneeeed bare than thateffrrd ad on the iteaenl occasion. Andresera were aim mvle by Mr. J. M Vaa CnlT.aadMr.C F Saivu, Free-dent of fie II lard of Flucallon. Tha laiaer preaenti-d dlplomae to the foUi w ng named grMtualea, and tn tbecwuree o( hi rem ke. i te-rvwt that Ihe ert'ein of nuulio arhonl lrainictlua by ladles, was first inaugurated In Brooklyn i (VrauWr, 161 Mlaees L. R. Amabnry, A. B. Rarny. M A llenaon. B It Hartal. B. D Ilialls, K C llruwa, 11 M. Cofnu, B. A. Uorwtn, M. Col tier, C. J Cunntaeheua, g. J. Cabal. J. C-aus, A. Cu'tla. F ltaviem, M. A. Dodre, K J. llimkley. J C. Iloane, C. L. Evans, II. A. Er ana, A. II. Finn, M. A. Oratory, V. II. J. Oil deraleeve, D M II laner, M. J. Ilolman, J. R. IlMtgee, II. It iran, M. M Hyde. K. I. Hand, M. B. Imlay M. II. Kimliall, M. A. K. Kaahal, R. M. Klngalrury, F. A. Keaelaarl. M. A. Mary, K. W. Mi Kea, M. B Mllaa, A. F. MrN uaara, F. A. Mo Nell, J. Miobaela, C- II. O-Nstl, A. T. PilUlps II. C. lbvs, II. A Roger, L J. Beirer, M. Boregiir, K. B. Thornton, C. W. Terry, K. II. Tilly, W, 11. Well.M A. Wdklneoo, M. F. !la no. 8 (l-n-y, C It. Duychlnck. Mr. Boith staled thai at the rrtaent lime there were oO.WW children ta Ihe publio achooia vf thia city. The Valadlotory Addraaa waa read by Mia Kin A" Braaora. Tbe giadusle aang several annga al btlervala during tb proceeding, concluding with II all Columbia " The benediction wae pronounced by Rsv. Da. FaaLXT, and the axan tees Israalnatod, all passing off Ui aa agreeable and highly creditable manner, WILLIAMSBURGH. Micirrnto or CmzBan orroaro to Local laraovBworr Bo-t tsut atva aaaw rara mvoVB ra rug Ajsxmslv Purauan to adjournment, a meeting waa laat alght bald al Adeiphla II all, ootaer ef Grand and Uth atreet, oppoaad to lb parses of certain Wile now before th Assembly, providing for the opening ef Grand atreet. Buah wick evtunt, th widening of South Seventh street, Ac. Mr. C. C. Talbot, the aecretary, read tb minute of Ihe previous meeting, anl then stated. tost ia parsuaaie ol b'S inatruotiona, be had writ ten ta Aamblymn Fuuiaa and Nssurrr, and had leaned from them, thai the bills referred to had received no f ui thr attention there than a reference to a committee; ud that no action auoald be ukeu oa the ptopased maaaurea, until an expression of opinion aad lo raretvrd fiom the people most loleiaeted. A motion to appoint a committee of five to prepare amend menta to Ihe Mil befit Ih Aaamibly waa voted down wlah great unanimity, Anunilieraf epeechea wer mads, malaly la op-poluonaloa-iptawd tmprovemeote, and all la deprecation of Ibe nude of accomplishing thsm and aaseelng th coat. Ala later period In Ibe evealng, the resolution to appoint a Oanmitiee of Five to email er the mat ter, waa rerooaidered, and tbe following gentlemen were appointed i B T C C. Tai but, O. A. llaxr. Daviwll.liaoaa, Fssnixiiix Braaosa AmtMrriD IIiohwat Kobrkbt. Ciiab. Dana, while on his wsy borne on Thursday night, ws attacked la t'nlon ave , near North ?d st , and close liy his raidence. tiy aoma unknown man, woo deiueodeo hie tm-n-y. Ileing reruaed, Ihe awan fter kntaked Mr. Davra down, and attetnuaed to rob hlnu and waa una-ic a ful only for Ibe reason that the asealbd man waa mm h stronger than his aa eallant. Mr. Dtvi rccelvid eomt injuriea, but thlnka th alttckiag p-ty did Bit entirely eecare puniahment Wu.i.iAManrrtou Diarr.x.air. Tlie month ly meeting of Ihla useful charily was held oa Thuraday eeeuiog, el the Purpeasary build ing. From th Apothecarle report, 11 appear thai doling Ih month of January, there arer 114 patienl lraled, and C3.'ipreecrl.l'Hiaoomiioiuited. The annual report of the Health ofUcer of tbe t uy, Pr Joans, waa oonaidered and aptrovad. A rea.a lullon relating to Dispensary building, anl general sanitary measures, Ac , waa adopted. JERSEY CITY. Tiik Anson Cask. It iu expected that Mr, Areoa'a res would come up In rterur to uewlydlKxvered srldsn.a Mr. Ztnataait, caun set for Ibe oondeinnrd man, wa a'eetil from Ihe city. Ii la doubtful. bwver. If anv rffiri will tx mad for a new trial, and on M mday, at II o'clock, Judg O.Dx will piauounoa Ibe aantsne Tbial roa Child Mcbdrb The trial of Ei tiA Fori., a German sir!, indicted for Ika mur der of ber lnpanl, waa commenced In the Uudatai County Court yesterday. The D'strlrl Attorney said tbsl the accused araa Indicted for murdar, but under ths circumstance of Ihe caae h would only aak for a eonviouea for maualanhter. Toe team nony ehowa thai tbe accusa-t arrived In tola ooun try about tan months tlnoe, aod went to reside with a baker named Ilaan Pea oaaar abut, al Ns. M Warren street, Jersey city. After om month Mr. P. nd hi wif napertsd thai lb girl are encieuta, but ah stoutly dmiad H, and aald ahe had the dr-psy. Oa tne nlghl be fore Christmas arouse 1 fell ooemaielra while car rying aome bleed, an-1 for two or three days oom plalued of a pain In her side. Ua Ihe night of Ike 0th, she went to bed early, and efaeramrd got up and went Into lbs berk yard Iwo or three aimee. About 11 o'clock Mrs. I), discovered that there wa aomalbing wrong, ami thereupon pr, KiaseTRl was called la. and discovered tbat ahe had been delivered ef a child. Tha girl dpi v.swled in refer ence to aae naat'er, ana tne caiia wet ijuoa ta the sttk of the privy oa Ihe following day. pr K. made a poet mortem, ai.d testified that ths child wai full grown and waa born allva Tha trial will be concluded tslsy. To tiik r.DiTon of tub St'5i I noticej in yesterday's Be a statement thai Mr. Zauautaia, la bis turning up In ths Ahaou case, Indulged la om reflection on my repuiatli n, thai I bad given a rauonar a dollar to withhold It niiblicatlon. Wlal Mr. Zaiikihkis aald, wa sold tn praaeuc of a irg concoura ol people, eta wu nothing mora than would have been expected from a lawyer like Mr. ZAuaeaia. Tbr wa nothing aald thtt any need te ashamed of or which I would nut wish to be published to the wki woild. Z. T. D stu, M D. PrKROYI PATENT BrLPIIl'R AND MEDIC 1TKD VAl"iK BATII-l, Irlf Fl'LlllN BP NKW VORK. andNe.O WUXOUlllliiY df UKDDKLYN. There Betlia bava been In scseasful eperailnn for It leers, and have given universal actio. ThM llatha are uiarful because they J. FptalUe the circulation of th blood, . Ka-eetahlleh loaaurible p-rnnlralloa. B. Iilminleh nervou. irrltabilllr. a. furs all lUowaof ih .klu. a. Ibiaoov all effocts offne toe ef mercury. . Give loaa to the dlnadive organ T. Overcome swelling snd obstruction. 8., rsvs ihn aoca, aatriaA. tuuj, salt an rra, soaaiuaoaT, uairsi, asutiUitA aad a ny other disease. How to Risk in thk Woni d. Toonoj m to lriirBuroa,BiMulbeUmpraU, active, courts, oils, prrmpt, caraful, peraeverius, honorah'a, koneat, reepectful, rrnerous, and ahould generally -Know T!llLu!?,,Ti'ft. hrvnoloih leaoluj Kl'knoelLi-,anl atth It all tha Chrletl . grace, toiether with th mados operandi of risins la ths world. Practical o tratlout glveu br Fowuoj li Wnxa, Sou Uroalsay. B. T. IlrBB tri Wild CnmT Dnrt faeoWthee the e4-lr Ihaa the pareat-y. frsaa ae mm aaaaiaiae aiware '.-; weak ewteablea aertena, aad liai reeeverl '-rr'K'wrriTcKRT minm We wrmid reeraxaanenofall ae are afflicted with I af apprtlra, falooa, sate la tbe chest, er Ih U tuae lorldeal I tb eerln take R. F. H sAKrH Wild Cbcvry Bltb-ra. It UoBttrrelew n dy i It rnnol fS.ll la henrfil the nvaUtaltit ar had a irumpev vwiee io leu an m .in- -i they can in thta anuiraled panaae. But aa a a ens frands ha been erar-tlced of late, tnd ss ne -, wll eherry Wtters U'-Jnst aa good." ah year H laa. aa every doctor kaewa th'a Bitters ta purer til most port alios ) no sure yea eejrehssa Ihe only e- lae Wild CnerrlllWrra of R. F. IIIHRARIMiriFnl' at. M. Y. aad J. W. 11 A YhA l rnltoe at, Breehii Btaar'a Taioornxaoca , la lb best snd ebeeeaat article lor ImSii awl ! ceaeaat frlna, aleanlna. earing, freerrvlag ana n hauTLaaUaaaryU. loai by all artatjlst. in ana raBeruif a i NonrR Tint Brnrirr that Ttm! far TooerM FATEMT nRiX)M.eanetb,.-,rtM mtataka, ther rsa be had a poo on daa notice f the depot. Maiden Lane. aBKvTKKaaJ NOTICES. Taar. TrTewtrfceaaf e Oewaty Taaee Moont Vernim, Vnloe Fort, Wakefield. Otlnvilla, P nsmrllws Waidilrigtonvllle, Otitral, Ba,t ant Ws Monet Vemeo, 4 , mae b paid (or th last rjoaa, t Monday, Taredav, Wedneeaay ard TliorwUr, ae l-ath to 1 1st i also bark US' through the rubacrlbe eorner (Irand aad FdltBheth Bta. All Maeo whle tesee remain nnnatd. twill te Bold this rar. Its Ua bnebs ar- free to tbe Buhilc J01L1 S. X RKI Oeneral Collector. IM MlUt OeaerH ef rterrrd aad aaerwlar Haateo h. k... SI mt MAKTIIA tllKWIN. eoa ef Ihr. layBrMoil vsralls'a al lloeet nawu, i parens Va Ins. Fab. tlet, assisted by tb Sunday School avails, and other. 0 libS" II pathlr Hpe-rMc Heaaerstle, ar nsed with great eurrsse Ths lut eeaasrlaea R m Hun Frle edlee fr tree nr all the nie mat neen w.neir i vt) eent per bex. ltroadoay. 1'UILLIF LCK, Fr.irHiHtsr. H leliu IM Pert OBIre rtottrr Thai MnJU for K,'3 via LIVr.BIIXIL, per F. B Bb-amer VI'lO,rTi el ee .1 thi. nft,ee on BtTIKMAY. Ika ll'.tk .. Kebro.rr, el luM o'clock A. M. W. B. TAYI.i) Featataeur. Aa Ear e Best t Owe Krmrly. T1 who ar troubled wtuTcnUOTIS er OrHJgL ar armikt get spoedr euro, ebould try a bottle af L IVLVS COrOU rlTKKMTMATDK, the beat srtlel ef tb kind n onVred for sal. Tv 11 oo th first appaarane of a Cough and roe will lad befora Being en bottl. that the tfcnieh baa eollrely tea re. Frir lleote per bottle For sal a tha lrp.- No all South Baeond Bt, WUUarnerHinrh, and kr drwglsta teoeraUr. tail tia OCIKXT riOTlCH. naahrrw A awea-kai an ellog f tt-e aw Veto Frsotlcal Jooraeixnen Bakerv Itenevnlenl Bwlety wtL Im held at Ire tr room tn Oosaei.tluo II1L I T Weoar- trerti ftt th o-e ork p ax, on aaturear eveamg. rea llah. All members of thw eorletr ar rsrtlrulrlr r qiNsded to attend saboslnes of great Import nee is I be tranaarted. AH officer ih.t hrlonred ta this seei etf from .lenuarr lut 11" till Jsnaarylst, IHfil. are reiiited most particolarly ti art -nd, a Ih buelaaw of the vnln a 111 rtsintr their panetnal aitaodanea. ia. la -l-articu'ar aoeaimn ao ine arrive ia einctiy re- ? nested He eHrr of FftKU IXJYLAN, Frlrlrot. A1KICK BMALI. Re. Bee, 1'H. rtheewaakeir beware er Ibe aetbe ef the employers of tbe city ef Klehmoad Ts , they hav stnach Bgftlnst th Cordwaiuera' B- elBtr hare aod went to redore ear wagee oft p w eent than the nsael price- Ii HUOFUrlrres.TU0B.MUARTUY,Be T,ics.i J i The OM Oaaal at. T. R. "aorlely wR a at tbelr Hall, ear. Uwteoa aad Chrtat-rher atU day evening. Feb 17th, at I a-clork. AitroMl ' Miwsra UtNrl and IIATIXICK. JOHN R Cl.t! a 111 deliver an Ortrlnsl r orm In honor of OKI. HA POCK. JOUNMlLLJt,Fres. O. M. FKCK, Seey laaa-lataa neaae. ISd FTeaohins to-morrow by tha Chaalala. al half aaal lit, araiaraatt. TeaiDeranee maetla at 1 eleea. Oar motto la Leva. Come ai-d listen I ua aad ta sr wtthu. atXl.T.BALUBs MKIAGIOVB. Netlor -ntrlee aerrteee, ejiearathaaT te the mage of the Preabytorlan Chareh (O. B.Jkoill be held (PV.) In the Urge hall of tha Bleaeker Ilalldloga, an andafUr tha Id Babbath In Feb. UTtbt, under the mlBtareftheRev R C. SHI MALL, of the Fresart- ry of Hew ion. rreaening iaj a. h, ana i m r. . flaudaysclaeolatla'eleek. fa trial iKmdaresaal a Cawrcll ef the Free faVajpeL"! NT II) K. I Weol lth at- wa at of th ave- Raw.UKO.L. Pastor. IUalileaeUTWta6thBt IHvIn eerrle vrr Bundar ak 1UM etdork A Jf- aadlMFJI. BeeUfree. alaaWlW Maraet Htieel Cbarr Ber. tshaaasry V. Marray, Faster, will preach to-morrow morning aad aveaJag- Morning em loo alii eommeaee at ItW Wtloek. Evening earvlora at TH o'clock, stranger and ether ere cordially Invited. B-ats will be provided. Netlee of Yonag FeopUl Prayer Meeting will ke ftraa from the pulpit Mra. Ce le V. Hataa wtH Hpeak at Ped. worth's Hall, No. Siv) Broadway, on Bandar, the ITth Inst, at loH a. m. and 1 a p. m. Bahject ia the Ke. ning-th Maaro Doctrine. M Bedlateaaa Martaaalaai raaataaaed-la Ihe Metropolitan DalL lit Frlaaa st, tomorrow venlnt, at half-part 1. Subject, Creature and Croea Worship, Kelloa and lmas-ea, aa taught In Komleh book of a vottua approved -by J. HlUUriJ, Romish Area blahop. ilcheta 10 ota, al door, IM (Irrrwei atreet M. K. Ohaiek, bet. nreeatn and Baring eU-Kev. I.1IAB. E. UAKKl.-t, Pastor, will preach tomorrow at lttM o'clock cm aad l aelock p m, A frartr aod experlenea mertiag tar the pr motion of bollneesalBe'eluck a. m Preaehtag evrry evening next week, except Balurdey, at TH o'cleck. Brranrar ard otbera era Invited. Beat fra. 4 aollertloa takea up al each errvtoe to defray expaaara. IM . ra, Lrrlare le eang Waaeea, by Iba Paat aa Iter w, tiLAiuir.?!, iu tne dim. at tonrr.guiOM I Church, bear llot, ta-morrow, at 10W e'elook aad Taj f i o-ciaca p m. Duiiaxi in uio moriung jaoaigi-ay Sunday Bchool at V end w e'elook. 11 Dr. Jaba Tbaaaaa will renttaae hla DU. eouroH ou the eumtng of ths Bon of Man ta Power aad great (ilorr, on Buudayi at lo.0 a. ul, la th O-meer JnsUmta, mow 84. lit Raw. H. Rrmhiaton, Pastor ef tbe Meaat Olivet Baptist Chare, lll preach In their lietl eorner llroadwty and ITth st, to murroo moralug. at lux ok, and In the evening to the yonag nuua of the Cite of Now York, at T o'clock, beets free. 17'J Cnlea aTbaprl The laarlnre Keen ef Ibe new Indi pendeait MetbodUt t hurch. In llitst. near fth ave, brine eovplrted, Prof MATri)!:. wilt pnarh in It tomorrow, alloitA.M aad IH P, hi. Bpeclal eervloaa every cveulug past weak. IM atabbalb Ofaee raare .1lorla;Ta FrteaxU of the ChrlBtlen Bsbbath will meet la Irriaf Hall, eor. e lrvlo Flaoe and Ihth ri , on Sunday evening, February 17lb, al aalf-onat T o'eleek. Tae prooaediega of the Babbath Committee sill be reaorf-d. an g. dreaaeemade belli lla JAML8 W nKPKMAS, Rev. II P.UANHK. v,g, r R. P HITCHCOCK, and othrt. NOKMAN Will IK, Chairman i K B. CUUK, Bairetary. 1 IrlewaUh'e Charrh, Rlevraih at., betweea Id and 4th ave. Preaching oa Sabbath, Uth Inst naernlng, afternoon and evei log, by a furmar paatir, (lnbj; Id mtmhtraandatraugi-ra are eordially Invl. tod to ettrod durtog Ilia day. Collartlon each aervle for th speaker and other Incidental eipjatset, BeaU free. Cbrlatlaa Israrlttre J. I- Itlabe la te preach lo-mnrrow evening, al Tig o'clock, al Ihe Baar tiiarr loH First at , on tbe find and seooud eominx rf Christ, Israel's redemption, thoJMlilanltua, 4 . Ac, Beau free. lift Mr-read Beferwt Pi a. ( ha rob, Orabard at neer Hroona rt. Frearhtng to-morrow be th F.lw, Rev. BFENC1.H L 1 i.MNI.Y, tl MH o'clock A M, aad Jl'.M. BabUUSolMulatVA.M.aadllF.M. iu Ne M Mbedbej IrHaalon, Twre ty-fearCb at , betwism Oth nd Tth ve. a CL'KHY. FastHT. Prmah lag etIOH aad Ts'cloek. Love feast at tHa-elaak. Ill Tbe Ber. ettdary A. Corey irlH preaeb bt th Murray-bill llaptlst Church. Tklty-tlfth at-between oth and ltth evee- to-m rrow at 10H o'clock. A. ss. bihi ai.i.7 r. sa. imnng in morning aervioe ta a ordinstic of baptism will be adoduioterad. Also J J preaching In Uia church every evening next week. 11 II O MtaaUaW. 91. Charrh eflhe Fllgrlsa -war- 'l able In ConllnenUI Hall. enr. I4lh it and gth aea. 1 he Hand of I ailed llrorhera," o' H-ooklrn, WM. H. WAL'lkKs, Lswdcr, will be with this mladon all car to-mnr-ow. Beats tree. I'ubllo lnru4. Marling, , lVHA.M4ndBndTFM. Ill tga.1 ... . ' "1 rrre ruints nsiieei aoaawaary, to) wank at. The resulsr'-Cliiidftu's Berates iu to chapel, romnience at B o'clock p. m btranacra are oordUlly Invited. Sunday Bchool soaaiona, at aad te'oloek. Anliorb Christian Church, rernrr eg Mroa.lwar and tnth .L Ijit-aoce In inth at, tha flr doorF.i of Hroadoar Iter. A. A 1.1 HON will preach at !"' a. m, Bundar, tbo ITth Int. Lay iraaabliigln tha ereulag, at TH- fluhOct. llatlmal LU. Bestafree. loai Mermen er Ijitlrr Pay rotlnl Bret fer publio wor bip every Babbath. iu ths ill wu l- Wll liauwliurth. at the of in W t M.lal'. M and b'tl'.H UlUONPIUlTanil lUUrlll SDNDA'.ur HeTwolieApwtlcsialso N V, JUBKS and JACOB (1ATFB, lata of tho Kuglleh Mbalou, will eldrno tbt nioctlni,'. 105 M'rleh s)ha,tan Tbe Membrra ef Ihe Mosxin of th M. E. Chiircli. llh) Miilbirrrat N , take plrsBur tu nnuociuf that tno Rev. JOIIV ILLltt, Ihelr lata sutur, has Imou roeppoiutiid te - pa.biralrhar.o( tboaliova inUsiou I'ublli "or.lnp rverr BabUlu. Frraihlng at II aad I V M . Th WaUharalmiUJdtoalt.uii. 1S1 aaiVashlaaleerw Hlrthdav." The Habbolh Bchool belooaing to t! the Asburr M. E. (')iureh In Nor. lolk at, (let. Wwuatnn aud Ctsulon) will bold tlisir re- ruiar auoiaers.r . J."' ... ""'I's ..y-- " a TT V naton's Hlrtiids'.) Tbe (hurch will b auliablr di-aorat-d (or the ore.sion 'i Iw exerelaue wilt be Virr teUrvstleg, eooal-ling of dialoguw, rocltetlona and rinsing, exclusively br the erhnoL Ptora op-n al 0. Kxereue to eonunenoe al T o'clock. Tlrkt-tvu.1eante: ehlldreu,13eent To ta had at A. HnX'MUKLt.'e, dlOUrsnd at. 11. CL4FF, tul llrnd at., and at tha door o' tbe church U the cvtnlng, Tb precede (i the bmcht of the schoob 1OT V V

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