Newspaper of True American, February 25, 1837, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated February 25, 1837 Page 4
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. ma adf an, keplel p ot'e sh1oew l p u, aesau"nt p hltn d l stout kip at wast .e -t shoos s atnur troja no, btiukskll nkoes, bri ,,s Inca nsls assalf an kiti.l sant s ani ;t A do beg s d sitout hieru woth Imio o0 shirs " Is; i.atlenit's oietst qltality clt s.'n.lI sl:csh n. i m "31' s 3att . .orwa "inas; id tilf wu;l Lagtroo, . din. s aln btlroliJst ,o t; r seal at o , "'tunv,. adlgtIs nad slippeme, ido elbt'o obuf a1 seat wnlss, itri. etdo l fine e l. s and in rocnoq,anrter , osto'.nastes' and dtildnt'e1tm pge'.. and nowed S sal stoes: of eier q n nodit and .l d s" l a oi noal asostinet iof nlcn'sn stoat nwa andl a lte keites ns nid shoes, tooetlher with I, O.O itire nr bhnt qualtyirte, rtstt iiro:.n, nuttletd t the bthanskl0.t oihrestly for d pilt:tiuo uet a good on eatatnt a of n sa finbe awl stoat kip russets btnlou o a tW datit..,r o t a nipe (itntlity of iO itadcOr ieqitat) rnMnet ad wa Irarts. Laditl' fine anlf, seal, mnruoe ansl .ntiltl wa bs, and ptlp eolo shiest do line Frulech .llMnwo atl kid run searol lippersn do itat shale witi, nh l writhout heelst do sal, real 1 oId aout .utlher booters1 to luoe Ill kihs i a t qialitieos; ilt ieasti.; toit-est do lites-r roasl ftal h..toe. isses' lastiag!' Kg sones's t s h he s idtll'reti colored .\Ijrooeo ad "lting br-. isnateil ioots, k.. (testlemcn's flnloFrlionnble liack silk hI:ts; do black wl drtab htever to at a pillorore q. ititiy; ido imlittioii -lrnrnailo; Ibrotod taud slt oiirwin Iniu li itne dli' .id blttoi It sia shirt atiipellt h:I, a une..irlrcle. iottl.o |r;.e size hats of iltlreit ,Ilitiltes; tit chihltiernJ Men'. all b:7's black iand tilugqpl Itaits of virion,. stnpes, with general assortluenltL boys' and meio's etvi caps. Tilts assoient will be repleuished hythe nrrivdl of tades ticket.s i the noseti umed cities, iall of which will he sold on ncoonnleatino termns. ser g I-if Att1S\!t1 B tL 'tld, C.AIP Prit iEE I'. Pot for the!--Laso DAYS or PouMPrr. TIt Itruly splendid establishmint is now constaus Ily o)en--,hm hot, cold, tepid or shower baths can ba hoad, aoeomj.nuied by every luxury and comtfort stat can iAd. to their enjoyment or their useonthlno. rothe inalid sting healnth, or to thi traveller neflg retir aat tr oat once th s.ramte-t lo urv altia the most epst.n in restorative, whila the mnss of utankind have the Totimtny of thei facnlty far ols pert, that there Aerer n ani' oarritu mansn of pranrving enalth a freaquoet and the . l r bathing'. Sat=is. ttblihmesnt is justly deanmed unralolled for lsaaltneusac d space, whore abuot.nce of liirht and ikr isarl their naturle njo moont to heso nartileoiia lnto vies which ar here eombined to render the baths eoll. het oi iTh AT.C.1.i . BATiH are next foor to the Amori. eoa Theatnre, ant ad lino the nau "Bzniar Area.Te," leaiint to the St. Churlts theoare--one sloor., fromn thei grat IExchango Ilotel, and have attached to themn the Irt restanroat in the coountry. N R. Dori-the fozt nod ,o.tier mnsoim, tme batcs wnibe kepl reielyfir < isietr evoery d,.y, fre: noon un t 3e'.laI p as.ul froin ito 'J i sthe ennsnte; toith the esn of being open v. SwBodayo,from ounrite eeCa73 o'eockp a. 17 Bath tickets are toe e had t ate Saloon in Camp the entrance to the Baths. sin A CA lk. - -l.VTCY STOI.E.--TLt." sahcrihers respretfil 1 ia:tn thtir frio:tl, an rI C!moteI uron goerClh, thl ty ara nov ci I will bit. reoiiiinu fi'. ii tilt Nortl', t!,er -Fail sapplic.. nlso froa Prirace. The latter place will fanrish thsin itl a pnotl dio varieti' of Poefllmenr'. troesv artinles, Seono.e alvbhieh will bh found Pauil Culoanein rouand bottls,'ofa suporior flavr. Their objuat has boen to procltr every arnele of a very supe rionr qnality, an4 their norders invanriably enlrgoe iprov-o. monts both in kind an:dd intthrn. PeNtrxIa Rt.-+Veli contuit of choiea eisototions from this i tnroftatuy of .Y. . Prenlties, fro.n Paris, t.ondon ud China. Batnrses-Fromth bst mtrnaefrctnrion--'la o orench and snlilt; amnrg the Iltter, superior Tootih Brusheo, n artioete herctofare noarea and difoinult to obtain. Fo.oa PoncKT Btoots.--Uiader tiis headod will be a splendid varioty of lodi s' aild gontloeen's Panc'ota Bo ks, Cot.. Ctrdl, Nredle end Thlrenad Cans. Fsoor Stooge, SooJPr.nas, &C.-=)f the latest nattern, aut of sperior quality, conoisting of plain and figored satin, bomnhaz.ine,. velvet and cloth Stck ; linen Buovesr , plain and fancy, with and withoot ruftlCs; hlbirt Collars, &oe. Suspendets made expreroly for this aruket, ella,ti " miaslinitnn Sll,;" also, Gumoi lnsti, Worsnted and Cottnu-nettdio. wilth antd without' slletr Pantalnen Straps, with wire spr-illg,; and t great, variety of gntlemen's wear, mriat expreossl for te- rno tail tlrad, by A. L. Vnnhora & Son, of Philolphlain. Coxns.-A general &complete assortment of inis,. from thoir nannufaetory. Also, English and French Dressing Conbs, &c. PL.ttno Cnos--From the mnnifnctory of ltinm phrevs, Banrtlltt anl Ford; Fronelh and Germnan do.; tank Caord, &c4. &e. 3l~foho nlb:€oe ore but a portion of tho articles r onivrJ. wnil:h, in a:lliuoun to their fornor stock, will be sold tio fur olta, or city tcouptances. eo REEi to I)'tANGE, tO Comn st. i,. White Ioavnna Suoar, 150 ditto New Bedfril', pnrutl, ln-, Ii) itt'. Nn'lt:ohket liittno tIt Cnsk. ' sui.i Ziur,. 5 I'ipos. 14 Ci't Pimo. aoln 21 Qu.tarter nhs oSiciloy I.t.,liro \Vin, fur .mae Iv r$ .I ). , i ;}'"i () : (Ah o:,°:l5 .r...i'r.otrrt, TN'1'c.dI·lt' d:At' Or LOUIoIANA .1,&c. &r . Nrv t1P OF rO lotst.tnt\, with its canalt, roads . n1l. a 'd diftan^a ftro it place to pine.', along the stage an lotaanbnoat roatle, i ,y I. S. Tenuer. [lttrotsoLo.,'o I oP .ltF tll: nrITEI) ST.tTES, SlOWio. tVe pri:aptl "'1T"lupiks as I irn':non roads, on which urn glv.+t t Itliot is e. il Inilt, foot( on,' place to alotllheor; aIlioe the .t c Cf of tlo c::tl.a arnd raoil roands tlrogh oat th coaootlit, carefolllv coemniledl frorn 0t1 beat , tl'iti.--olirpaitshd by dn. a.ngqtoo mlnitcih, i. -trertF.l. ''n. vratreont.oa finlnttti Ta000n0 Tir - i iNti0 r'tT icst normatr of thie rooto, . dtistLesl.t, s e o . .l S a'te routsl "., int. er rteavcti ler . I for sale by aO3 Comer of Canpo & Comlmon 0, sats mly Conrotll: Greetia. Klnowo tr, that th'ras, Fracain aslelicrulrt Bianvenal,a r.ioident of the p riaht of .t B.raardi, haw applied to lno, ()ctve S R01s0taa, eo :ticiol, Clerk of the court of Probates, in r.d ft r the. pari h" of t Bernard. bar a monitin or dver-. ison ost in coofrmaity to tht act of the LeS'giott re of ha Stae;, en:titlRd "A.n alt flor thI farthoIr asBouran o of ritoi otf larchasars at jt licial sales," nplrovet o0 tohe 18th tIareol, 1L31. Notico ij horebv given to all whit no it nhlv eo zrnl , thalt lby thi'tho nnt pur-tlat to llo rleol eon lurd by toe hoannilal thl Conrt ovl'rl: te', in at. t far the pnri h of sot Itrl oat, ibearing dalte )eielothen. i4tt, 18 5, in:l t mattlr fe t'osl osncoo.ino of Anitolni liennovea't Il, gouoted on the pelitionl of Ftrancoin 31eli ourot lienvenulr. 1, tle undorsigab d, acting a ex ooficio anetioeller, did o the 2ith day of Joonary, 1836, at lowlettl' Ftx. change, in the city of New Orleano, expose for puolic ale hy n.uction,thet- ronportv hIrainlftler d scriblld 0i111 adhoiejatld toron pt nfraaatt FanRoioa uleticolrt Bienve aJr, ato boin thl It lt an 01 i Iht, hiti.lier; for the price of teonty-.ven thnttllotosla dollar, viz: Descrl.tion f .3l'operty as givcn to tie Judieial co0. 4Ot. A S.oar planottion .ith all the buildings an ihn prnvolontot therooao itunted in th pltrith of SIt eor ar.l, on the alaoa onlx Ueaof, at abnut six miolesfrom dhe river Itioois-ipti, ntasatrintt sighteen arpents and 941 toiaos frot on hItth o sid,:sf tIn Rayon nax Ilocouf, with I deptol of forty arp.aot oet botUh si3' of anirt MIynr bounlded on tile uapper lin, and on both slhi. of sai Batsou bty te. proeorty of theo ra:ano Catholic Chourch ' ofth parith of t Beralanlt, anl on ths Illoat litn aln on bhvt, soloo of saiLla)you, by ttien plnltaio, of lir r N Attrdl 3d. Anot.her tract of ltonl thate.l in si't , parish e wean t t olprsprty of tho Reo:ant Cattholi Clhurch of' he Parilth ofhS r of nrol and th prollrty of rtto haala PIo , ha:'int23 (itoiLc and lltree rot froltl on blth orid, '"t aitl Bla,:t alux I1o'f,osaith a deptlt of forty or .1t3 no bnt!oh cirt of said Bo l, sr. -.d. Attotntr (oamrti, of tlarnd nitatred on t!lhe northt part o 0.1 100 tatl ctnon t o, t I tolantation of ur ierlro Jnr'l,o an that of ,t" Jean Soltl., tlil 011 tn tise, Onlo two feet fio't oa.sail Bayooa withi a d:pthl of fart oar pont,. 4th. Anont'trr portin nif lanl stuIfoted orn the n ith pat! hio the saei.I Bavom, bor wa.n 1a plantntinn of the ltlil Pi,'re Jr'a, an t''tt of sai:l Jean r tSm , hintio ,ar tmiae front on oaid Bayou, oithl a depth of forty ar All tis cattle, hnro':, tniol ir, nntol all tole moreabnl prop'rtv aptlorot nln In itoir plnnttoiu. And Attl, tthe 58 f llnvilo lltvets: "onna.lrtI y1evar, lartin 5 w-arm. lil Bh 30 vonry, Pdllv Jtactron.3 0 year- Iltofotl 23 eaor', llletoor.55 vrt. 0t0litian 3S .tears, Bil fl tlptlt 3. 5 v 0arS , U li'li at ar",ra ir L tla i ' n't 5 r1soar ; Ivr .5.,,'ro,vts 32 (.re0. Iittia.:ni adi I'o \'tn, la.altc 17 "t ors; o\fi rl, do l'non t .,ll', Boa:l.l.t.e 5 vealt, l.Ito , Salt 12 itenr.t I.oiootr Itt roar., ltr 0 3 Io u zn0 " en;-, Sol 0000 oo 'ti Lra, .ltr 2 yer o illt . .l' .n. :t i ccnr'1 , i Oil,,i, Jao,,no'1 31 do, wtitt It 'r child "i oItt 0.n01 11 r ,' hi- il 13 ,l" A, R1ili- , 5 ,ln. h nr': 50 d-, G , e" 'tttoo, C:Ohrl ttl :o 0 lon, Fltty In I.-o , Anna i30 dC , d d, C3 35 rears, Inri0 71 yeart; Marin 00 yer1, 1. her child ,oro I.onlfooh a .1 i ers, Bettv !:R sea:o, KPo i0 4l0 roirI Itoll, R.. itt 3car, Perg1y 15 3.tars. I yoornliti,tri at ale..n-'th; poirchntrr sha!l n'sins lth. Jtl;-olnto to per tft" f tl, ttn' liie to tWit: I The am oI 0 5,0'JOt to t13 Boank of Lo:tt inu.,t It, -. J3,h April, 3Il. , Tho 0011m of bi ,'0 to \lr T13lton Ja:.osoo,, o n th, lot Manr'o, 133; aol th' aa an of $1,'350, oro tfha st "larch,I I:17. Thl snn of $2033 t· Mr L B Macarty, on ths 30th of Jatitrr. If3,. An h tn!l toaltnn at noil?, twn, treO nn0 l 00' r v,?o-; el', di., itl noot.o 'l.t)r+ :d to satisfy:'tian, -al special ,,.,: .' ot onl oodfilt ntorl't'.. ' .he :fre, all p+;rl 1 'ptoo, -"O wet up any . ,'I:,,title ,..ahi'n, ini l It to ft', d;l I planttite , trct , at ina.l,nnn -. iri , 'i.r :c ii tse ri t, ,l, i' r nn e pll en a , ofan r in fo rn 'dit v y "Oin tot; a.'ntr0r. 1 "lrl , 2i ir o ".t'0ttt, before rf0ei0o,lftn 1 nn0. i3r whi0 h the sale was. motte, or any irOrectno or iIlo- i halite i't t'l: a'lprailsaatz" rlt or ndvertiannilv.'it in limlte rrn r m lla er n to al-, or i. ;r n lv o th, r 0 an00 - or dvfit ' t w httt o - I o-r." olore ooov tit.0 dant n 0lloiolleld, to qtft clleoana c ttiil tlirtyi';ts fvro n rthI o iro t nto iiatioo nof toio mro-1 t.,tin it t000 0' .'t0ll 0 t: v rpt, 0ag 50 1 t[ l 0 o n oomlade a .fnra'ntil. '1' tl I not thp. eoo!nifbl and ho:nologatct ago.ahlo oto tnt prlvt r of 0 0htot niPga.r. 'it'os, mY b111, 1 it't seal of oiee, dllas --t rolt" of Jo300. A 1i :i, ti4e 0lrtl 0ear of tlhe i]ep:-.'i:ce e1 ' the I L.'mtcl Statst of Anloeisn. OCTAVE S Ro US '\0it, 120 J vi·e:: El o' ' lck. 3213 r ltil lC ot(- to o":u ~ann Ire..,:, l "it ':"at'"'.rtiooho e Art of r-osti, a ti o to;a·:;p ' tbagn in mtli.o,litt o nrdro, the ast,' 0 por t and et ct trleroortirll n l:l pi"ti -t l ta i lstrloti:ltt f r pmroptarlT'st:lritTt'' litle 030 rm rntom, ptatn0es, n0,t reont. nntl atorr fIovino i ns',I snmn nI a000. wtl,rhi,. which on nlamo thon hvttl orl ofrenttiltcn in whl- i t ortirnl-elr ooot1, Ih0 "anr oo r'oooooon o 0.000 - II of Il- nol l rt·nil dio-ovri "' lll imfrnvrm0tll, i:l MIt arth noito l' f'nr.!h o"' t'hroltnfot, tv Jolon 4t'ori dla OO.. 'v.0 ttO lti. t01 . -l , I n- It n lt 1ir05 0 rl t 0u011 . S ,' ), k Jonmo. entirely rrtioi r.l I anol n't'lo" oto'l. 1 ith 0 rot'Ot ro`--otytiot'fr tl 'i r0n0. entho I. llollnnol, •t"i . tn:1 I tto f ,. ItnOltlor;ilt o-o tttiooloon a-lt A2'0 o0.03 i c 't v i te : 211! a"e ,' ¶ : : _O 00000 :0 r "0 r tl nilo NE'V PUIILIATIONS. Taon of Iy ei e borekho, by the author of "The Collt ae%," it n vols. A.:nes Serle, by ha outhor of "' lie Iiress," in two v ,oleroet of ~nlternatlonal Lar, with a Sketeh of the ltistorv of tte Screc, by Henry IVh ratan IL.,.. ID. A Practical Trealise on l.o'comntiee Eragines upon Roil Vays; a work inrmded to shlow the Countruction, the mode of acting, and tile effect of thoe engines ino conveying heavy londi to .re tile nleans of aeeertanl ig, mol any nopetiou o thh load, anld the reoiltr it twill ralurc trar varniu eriont o enn.. and iondidferent l. naities; to dtrarmane thie quanhtity of folal and water it will rq tlire; to tix the proptortiots which ought to be O:loptod io the cottruetion of an engine, to mlake an swer anv intoeded puo se, etc.: witb practical tables, giving at once the results of the formula, founded upon agrn:t many new erxpri:rents, mnde on a large scale, in i daily practice n tihe Liverpool nnod Mlanhester Rnilwao, with rnner dilryornt cntoas nd conteiderable trains orcerrinago, to which i i hlld an appendix, shvow winlto ex oenett of eonmevite gooora by Incormotive anginao on rail roads b v. FM i F te l Pnitmblr. Jnatrceived n.l forrale by WMI M'KEAN, sl3 Corner of Camp and C ommon LII' I'VRS, CR)\V1LtSAfTIONS, wE&i- LLEC TIONS, of S 'T Colerrige. Koninoemarke, or Old Times in trhe New r Vorld; be ing Nort's and 8 of theil Uiform Edition of l'auldirg's WTnrr le. CTlltlnt, on the Reliaiouo State of the ('oantrv. Whaie ishervtr; being Nos 26 and 27 of tie litrya and Girls Library. Jitot received by J1l CI tf1 INCROFT 14 Cern st. l 1rt IN MA it A'T t1" NI'V tNOy B i,, hr. T clrnin thle Reefer, by the .aunor of Ieter Simple " -I h " vol. . " lrattiongs, or a Winter at Sehlnts alnirftitl i r Lowter teyria, by Captain Basil Hall, Royal Navy, F. It S.. in I vol. frrd Roerlvn, a romance, by Allnt Cunningham, I vol. hkeo'rard Lee. writt.rn by liimtelf, itn 2 vols. 4 C.ti.edao-re lNitralrf r ralyn ternsolnted from tle origmial Italian, by Narhatiel Greene, in 1 vol. for mng No. 79 of Harper's amoily I.ibrtrv. Vols. i & 4 o 'tire new complete and uniform edition tf f Wsh.ingto'tn Irine's tl'orks.' French and EngSise Diction.rt. in I eel, 3Vo. Norl nt'a Fretirel and Englirh Dictionary. tolntar'e Telemc.tre eRolrtetr's Key o Tetlemnque. ilolnttr' lFrench Coelorniol Plrases. Bolenur's Forench Fables trud Key. d4,rericnn First Clars Book. Celnrn'st Fir.. Lessons on Arlthmette Duberttfrt and Jones's Complete Treatise on the mhAte rtge of Distillation .nl Rcrlefliation, new edition, translated and releoid Iv Joirn Sheridn. ALso--A fer copies of Bulwer'a Rieno thle .ot of the Tribunes, Jast received nd for sale by WM1. M1cKEAN, n90 Corner ofr(amp Rndi Cnommon ti. S PII.TON' S PARADISE LOST, with illsotratioura f.L iy John Martin. Findsn's Bennttes of Byron; or portraits of the prin oipnl feiale ennretncrs in Lord inyron'e Pimns.. En Sroaved fia original paintings by eminent artiste, witri etterets illutratiog ench etject. Fiinldcr's lnteernpe illustrations of the Bible, eontsit t:no of ieows of the motst remnrknlde places Inentioned '1 IIte 1Ohl mnd Now rTertametnt, from lnioihcd drarwings, mnenie from orioillal rkethebo tvken obu tile ispot. teath's (iallery of lBritish Enrraringe. The Gallery of Modern Britich Artists. Tlre Ste'it ,of Pearlo, n colletionn ,tf rfil rate enera irgto. lius.tratirs oftl:e aItsse of t he Alps. by whichl ltly comnltatneintro with Front e, Switzerland elod er ,rry,. Wlit, ilinam Brlcken.tio .F. R.S. tretiber of I a Acadelny of Fine Artsnr Floreree and iorme. l'iloe hAnler h Satlvncir, with illuotrationr. A Grlattd of I.ove, wreathed of pleasant tlowtere, esCth red in tile field of English Poeae. Fishlr'd Juvenile Scrap-Brook. CBy Bernard Bar on, Tihe Economy of Human Life. By Robert Dodsley ii tronted by on grvings on steel. "lie sitteth in his cell repining, and the good tleithNp Senteth to nnothor, is to hii t nn evil." fnrto:ior Atatomy of nMelnl:alnoy. The lonoek lrfin Gn t. The Poet's and Artists of Great Itritin. Edrited lby S. C. IHll. 'lhr Iirtory of Itorc. By Gi. rm. Wribouhi. Trmns lated by J. C. Here, M1. A. 2 Vols. Jst treceivedr and for sale by iH8 tIOTUHKISS & CO,24 Chartres et. I tHE sbscrribcra hbay n!crcived Ior receel nrrivlro I tnd oiler for sale Ioston irht companyti ilt, ilitea strained Sperm Oil, Fnall strailed do refinerd whale oil do essential oils of cedar and nwormwood, roll Brimstone, nrit factutredo Tohabro ofvarioto qnnlitiee, Splermncan dies, Tallow ro Sweet Chocolale, Spanio h in small lbo ea, sort ehell Almotds, Crrlte Salt Peter, sttperlior orti ole, Ptngee silk lldkf'r, rich pattrnsl,-7.8 adl 5-4 bilackr do shertinegs, 7-8 oand 4-4 t.oweil cnttonr,Lawrrrce entil Applcton 4--I brown sheetings maitablre for the Mexican market, erperirr Russia brown etrertinge, Ralen's doerk, Bell's celebrated pmet Rlaneking, Nrlreoss's do tSteve'n paotent balance, aol sizes, playing cards of variousr qtali tie a goeod aesortmer t of oonoanblie clotbinc, heat ani "loes--e0 conee parasols audi unnborllat , rich patterns and entest fa.imrit. n 5 BlIl)GfE, VOSF. & Co 184 'loenzine st ll1 tV I'tI.ICATfONS. 7iree AUNT PONfYt'OOL, a nove, in vol The Derolted, rv tile authoress o.f "The Disinhlerilted," "F'lirtrition," c. illr vOl. The Adoaetrres t of rr Genllemtran it neare] he fhorse, with nnnmeroua wood tlors. Carp:'rdoern; or News Irt. Our Neigbhtorinrlld: bring krt-tl:hes by tile oat'ior el "Our NeigitbrhiUod," &rc. in 1 vol. RLsslanet rd the Russinns; or a jourtney tt St Peters bn, allrd Msower , thrr,'rlr (Gotitnlld atd t.itonin, wil; chaincerisiil: nletcir tf the pe'ple, by l.eill Ritchie, I-sq. e!llthr rtf 'ilerre'a Anttual Tour," ,'dtitertion,'ertlnttt,',," Ac. e am'nlire or tle tretie Lund Ependiion to th illotth of till great Fisih river, nttd "ittg- the bhotres of tihe "Arctic (t)t n, irtll tr rear 18:13, 1834, ant 1i11:5, by Coaptrin Backtle. N. coma:t nder of til expedition, illustntod with n Inrp, Just rectind nndl hfr tli biy W',I 3II'KEAN, S cornetr rCealnp attni Commo n ,ter. SM1EIiL'S SPAIN REVIhiTylt, &c. , PAIN REVIS'I'ED bh trhe n itbrof "\ f ch.rin S .pain," it n le- Torr Clneerrly tori, n nel bv tloe ortllor of "Cecil Ilyde,'" in 2 vol. Thl'le Atr'ress of 'redd'n, atRd other taler, by thie noltor rof "T'l'lhe Forern ken," in 2 vers. Nirtnrd'si luttirn 'ftus; interspersed with charanteristic rnecdotes, saeiings anod doings of itrrtin Mlen, inelrdilg noticesr of the principnl craeck ridors of Englnor with nallrticl rConenets atind trGenerai index of nair., to which aroe added, Nimrod's l.lttire . In Nelion's Agrrncttor r tti, bV i-p t. it. tr, R. N.,rulthor ,Iflh,' "' tf . Silor,"it c. In . vllt. ('omnletntariie ,oi re;llit . tlrltpri'Ptrti-o r. s ad t;ittist cred itnt IElnlglla and Ameriet, Iy Jisrtirh Stortr ,. I. It. Ovid, irans intold by tDrytden, I't.e, Corlttl're, tddison tand rritrs. ingrols. firtnrli RNohn satid t of "Irrier'n (hliiiCal Librry." lnfltrv t'ractlicr, or rulcr s fr thie exerise and nitrurtovren of tie Uiitredr Stltotluftntrt, by Mninor Gcneral reOtr, U. S. Arrmy, in 3 volt. JIt ieceiveli and for saln qy 1M. icK N, i7 erorner Cnlnp & im'llllirOn ae. 1lnttler's Eqrtrttrsccnta1fe nersirn Aperreet, 'LORP, Deysspriie o tr indiectiht, ntervolls debility, tid L' dinma, niritv of lie .toitnrih, Inlintal cottelivrlcs. e1/tnneoul dlisenase, goult, .r'ewl, &e; liehily ranllled as n eeurine cooling pirgtivc, very ruiltable in thin time of tie veer. Arll p'iv ":' trhe ablove nat datrirtluinble mnedirine, juet receiveo frtrn Eglirnnd, tie fi, sale Iv II IBONNABSEI,, Druttlit. tt,,S Tcrtpitnllaso sot. P.INNOCI 'S 11PItOVI:D EDtITION OF DR SGol-i'nithi'a Alridgment of tihe Htistory of Rume to which ir prefixed nn Inlrrlrrtint to ttile tll ofr romn Ilist iirrrr', n a grroaot variet of irun!tle inrrrr iltltin t drided tlirormoll'tll tlhe work, otl tire Mlnrilcrs, Inotithtiolr anrd Arnti iriilre of the ROnr'nsr ' witi all tlcrrlra iinlrtphicel alnd biitorienl Notes; and qller tionr, frr rnxrl'ilrtlon at thn lldl of rrcinc rectti'e. II Ilurat, id tirt t-irtvtcntvion er o:r rtoni, Iy Ahtbitren. t'ttrtoCK's Irnirroverd Ettiirt, of Dir Glttirienitht'a Ilitoree rtrtt-t'iarattd, frrlrt nhi irtVReient of JttliuR oC'et' to tile di-rtaelf ,ertr~e ?d, with a oninllrRtiorl o r lhcryar Ieft. With q-trsirlrtt for exearntiorer ot tit elin of t'tlrlh -lir tl. ietrider a rorilet' of oValnrtrire infrrintr tirrir ndrred thront-ilotlt trie weorl. Ct)ltiortilltg of talcse ofl coa~clnpnl~lay Sortoe:rigttl sntrl elritrlltt persons. C rrpirrlrr explanrttry notoe. Ittrrlark s on tioe olie I trt, r - r - aii litteraturo of tire one. Ant oorlitle of tire iGeutitntioilt hEe. her. ilhistrtred Ily tnraoy Colg.'-o ttr F' El~.;rr" e n Anrnortotr, ntl nn Ai~rienirtrent rrflrtith'a oFtw T'rltni-e on tite Ure of Gilonicr. New Alrtrr-ctt:l -edithtmr, nwb rtiitiorlr ao d iompementnr nrr r l er.x lotirorth n of tieetetrrottiri Itorio iirr Amre .I rr "cccircd r art f.r ealt Irv V'tI 5t'KEA N, __V _?_ norner et'C'otorp nndr Clrlllrlrirr sti Collection oft olltqual Istit sot n every topic nr a c s~ar' to niniti i cc tll-clsiuonl, l'r-lle( Tlnrfllr t tl'tttiit u eidstt. oIti nlhl'tIot.ot co1n'lt thit peculiar routunciation anid orof tiotocn ors. The wholte s.o I dip:;,le1 as !c on.irahr to facilitato the aocqttiitiion o a i ctorct pronrncaltion oIt the French. By A ltolhnr, a I 1 cn 't" uilton, reviiel notd correct, d. A .el'tinn of r.n Ihntidre of Perin's Tibl:rts, ec'm I ed with a key, co:tainin the itext, aliteral ati friee i tranlationto nlralttcd in such a ilttnel it to loint out Sthe ci fl, c'ae hrtwcco ilt- itr-nch nd l Entlioh ihlloo, In!so I-t l;.lttt ptlonuniilttion of thl Ftrooh, acronlin to ' Srrce:l.eC1 by a ehort trnatbie on the .nloidS :of the Fretach atntag .tic e cowart lo ith thee of the Eculish. A Pronouncing Frte ch Primer, or tlh Scholar's Gilde t in this nciurate pronlne;lation nlod o thogTraph., of tlhe French I Ane nag, rontliilne its etolennt: accrding to the b.t!, a'Iie,y IlcnardT 're!tit i.t'1t t eivtand f o r -Y a le W '" "M , ie A N , I l. dtOtTtA Camp Stt I, ot I t In hand md ýI'oft; s le 1l00 1ndian bIl dtrhy 3Tailht-a wine.: 00 qr a k o rac ., clo d 30 qr cai k10 Go ntiu do, d50 do cI uh. r tdoG hbf ti IMnle'irni, 10 ' tkst o. t, loe eichthl 1do do i 0 d'oznc dl do, do o0oa,.n in i, t do port i'o " t1 o h l ctrzu id', :ii thfFipto. . b, d kbt tndy, 10 pipds Ctalonia rd t lIe, 111 gr P vtn tdo,,50 hf ipersma pin!=: 50 tacks sit' -shlled ahlnond.., 5r bolm !elled niTth I I, ' enses liqunrier ,' t=;e, 8 coronou C ar"e:c in - iilz, Iel sc i i Arabid, fo cae., ,,=orted pickledf.C , a TO are i'ottrhnnl tea, 50 fib amxes hIyrto do, :ut L.on Ip.:kled codfish, 150 do Paotmac t etting, 30 kgs Go I en ,f Lt..r n. Ii IrfiPER'Ri CI..OSSIf" 1. IiiT.11: flY. t)ORAt'i,trnnelntedi hr Phillip Frnnei, TD D, I with - n a tl lna ell:, r tniiti i tnt tlcttirtt of ,t lrt nlTt tilr,, ,te. tv flen t.tnorni, Cowv, . Milt n. Drdoaio, - Pope Ad,li-on, Swift Cintteerton, G; Whikefitid, P'ernt. Irvnln, &'c. and esome of the mIteemi.ent po0t- of the d--n'-l1 PIfIT(fdt)RIt, with the appendix of rittdiin trnncin ted iv Ch toipchellor omnrt, in o vol.o f stinig vtoltu:nc 10 neti I of "lotrptrer'c fioonl I.ilrnrv.:' Ti" T'expodition of IIII1PIt'VY Cl.iNKF, R, hv T. S:nnllelr, M 1 with .a memoir ot f tho Aof iTbr, Bh Thnom Sni R.e ,ne, Efq., new edition, with illutrottions, by Geo. ('rali: hl!t -'PIE e'ptY1: a Trolo,hy threlshr of "Richli limti," i"Ma v of .urgundv," &c., nco editin, , vcol complete i !'t. Cl.IFFORTlnrD;v the otlr of '"P'lhant. I"Th )ie,,wnoorl," Ae, hoinF vna .tlllt. IV ofthei c-w e; to, ,,f"iftlw r' Cl o :.ptl'.e oorok. , i l t -oirti.d .tt f r - ti - y Wx':t "'iTexK.N, ft-vro." t ,,jt i(",ttit,,-i S ICIIHARDS, Tobacco and Sauld tunufac-' S traer, No. 277, Camp street, New-Orleans, wishes to ifntran his friends adul tle public in genernl, that he is now ptreliuoel to Ior.l nis Illn Ita, in the .btole Ibtsinessl .n has enmstastly otIr ode tIc Lillauwsg SrtNUFFS. Rose, German Rapper. iansebhnv, Ellish IPri ..llreenat, ..nierinas Ralpee; Nat clito Iee s, I slltie eLl, An.llsi-al, .l.nt o.mlr's, llrraigmot, I lnltot L.lltgp.e, 1 Irish tllsekgsnarl, St. ()nur, Cuacon, Paris, Pure SpOjiss, laf' coatnse Rnlppe, Scotch, asd Fmslline tooth spowder. TOIIA CCCO. Fine eut clcewing, swoet seelted or plain. Fine cut smoking, of variolls qualities. Ilib-loot Virglinials Spnish, ke. T1'Ih aonvearetilesl a 're al wanllnted as g d, inot sll perior to any thing of the kindl imported, :.nd will be l'rlishled to dealers oil tle most lilerl telrnls. may" HARDWARE. 29 MAlloa .N STREorT, NEW-ORI EANS. - JOSEPII KNETT'PIE, & Co.-Importers of Foreign and Domestic Hardware, nare receiving fr-m Cu rope and the Atlantic Cities, direct from the Manufnc eurers, on extenive nseortnsent of Faler and Hleavv I ardware comprising every article in the line which they offer low. CLotntrv Merchants and others are invited to call and examine iltheir stock which eonsists, in part, of table boutelher's, pocket, saddler's noes straw knives, plated antd Britnoin tea sposons,nedles, pin, lehook. andi eyes, silo vels and spades, tongs, asaovel, fendere, andirons, Brit tania and rsnpncd w-ee, hranshes, blnik hboks mid pa per, looksin glasses, anvils, vices, screw latnss hnnd, sidee' an1d nail lhammers, sniths bellowsV A meriean and Englisb blister,ncast, shear, Gernlan and ernaley steel, pIIl ghHlln i tracer, ox ane log ehain, wasding, Louis lsna and grubbing Inces, lattocks, pick nxeo,a, onn and grass ncythes, Collins, Kings anidl Simmnons eloppinp axes, wrought, lorse and eat nails, cotton and wool enrds, coffee aml corn mills,planes and plain irons,ch els els, gouges, locks, sad, irons, nooks and hintes, glns. pistols, shot, powder annd litener fllnks, ltorsssiol caps, powder. tea, ilt, brass and bell Metal kettles, guti, knob chest, trunk and pad locks, blidle bits, stirrups, m3 0. 1eW'U GO ODS-t II Simnons & co are now rn 1eoivino from on beard ships Yzoo, andil Saratog, andlrig Coneordia, from New York, n great variety of goods in their line, whic togethler with their formta stock on bhnd, makes their assortment very coimplete. The hllowling compose a pirt,aviz: shell twiet, rurl,side, te:k anid dressing camlbs, tornl do ofall donoriiptlsa, In dia rubber, silk and worsted elastic garters, common & fine elastic suspenders, loco flco andel Lucifer matches, Seirdlitz powders, powder pffs ani boxes, toilet powder, pocket konks and wallets, needle books, shell pearl, irory nod leorneo rserd eases, lead ornaments, pain co ral bends, nociklacas al negligees, bend chains, bead necklaces, cut nlass and plain,aced,cilver ael gilt beads, mIdian tlrds, bellh esl pllntes" pistol and large pow der flRsks, sllt belts, lniae, berit. pocket and dnciling pistols; double andeinglo barrelled gaus, Bowie knives, and lirks. scissors, shears, pocket knives, suard clains, and ribbons, waist buckles, cloth, sair, tooth, nail,comh, Iremb,. srent, plate, loor and dusting brlshes, Cologne, Florida, laveoder, rose ned boy watsr,ssorted essences, and extrncts, lMacssar, bear, antieto, and Ward's ve pgtable hair oils, shnring and toilet soaps of all des criptions, lsdi·-' andi gestllemons' deaks o nd dressing easers, air rieglet 1friZetsA ani braids, plain, fany ata musical work boxes, llain and nilt, figured, coet asid vest bittensI pearl and ivory slirt dosh, ilt stiddsl, old oand silver pe'ril case, tootlnnpeck and tweezers, plted and Silt hrketrb , niti:lllaro to, silver, brss ando steel thimbles, looks and eves. hair ins, imitation fruit,tslk and rediank,soe blnking, violins and guitarsribbed and plain percurssionn caps, linen twine, scented cosl ieon, cold and silver lace ns d fr.nge, latter pper, gamne eng riding whlip, walking Iaecs, playingenrds, finn gold, platad sned gilt jewrllry &c. The albre, together with a great variety of other arti cles are ofered at wlholesale or retail on ancommnodating N l Shell conmbls repaired. O1t.1;. to MA', lloiuse, Sigti, nest Ornementul _I Plihllerl, No 3 Carondlele Steto, two doors i.ol Canal street. isetatiolns of tile following woods and marbles, ex ecutel in a masterly manner. ovlin c s. e an lra. Ml:dinsarsy, F.pyptian l lhk :llle gold, Oak, (ieooket Atioc, PrliBar Ido, Orieintlo or verd lotique, Curd dleo, Jnsper, CurIled .Ma tle, I1loel rtoine, Blsirds ete do, Darby Granite, S:lisn \el, nd Potolna, Ilr se Ind, leo or Iiordello, 'ew-Tiree, llnlian White. Coe onsleile or lllaok Siselia and llsl.telll, licei Vorled, .Aomerlielll iGrel Aslh ihite Oak, .c. Re. ke. Cons Ind, Slieminsros to he seen at tile shop. Pinoalr . sits, lgtlss, colal ssBe iism, en. il lsbidsl and Ior slo. T OS' OlR STOLEN-A lilcril reward will be giv ell Ior the recoery of a Pockrt Boik with tstan tSirsl. tin e was taken or leoppesfd tisn te pocket Oln Sundeayieraen ltoast whilie in lhe erowl ased.ine topt one thle fire in Csnio street. Tii pocket bnnk isncone Ton lr illge sie, ilabekd leor eontlr, sill the nsame of Vni. B. Ilaidete written on it in toe or s ore lances eotaning mthe r loperg of Iln mrtance to Ihlea owl r. Apll., at the Tilue Antaric, an ofive. j\V Wt. II. BRtrnEs. NEIV Ot. ,:IA N SADDLE & HARNESS WARIITOUsE, No. rno, w.nie C.e'rionttirsp. ADN CostARTes ers' Tltt ~. 'tillseria.Ts aore lion trcr;Si b s . h e paek.ts J, tliel ilecri teis eials kine New 'orlak ali o see Ihelir fmer 'eiei-oick, i loee anlld hIali'snn nss(eontal( of Smasllo s', enakieg thuir suly for l he R-ason aid. oai o feeooetse--ol isolnllr 'olebrllw"y kll oitnd s llllit' l i i tl s ii their Iic, snionee wit!i.,a see Ladlion' euls Nlisnas' s ,ellllles, tllan stleo tiltedl, t;l'liema't t Ite, pn, Se.n,,. sld .*t'eole. Ihav's do o dnh. \'; licIs nil m.,cdledic sagls, lienssclas id Vahen 'ia carpet do. Weolvsted iistlIl asend t'asingleo, ttoa dotin do. \V'oe,ld aInd stali:nng vwlih. Saalle-lrees slad stir'rell leahllerso, Inlstwrsmld pistol behls, Il..i iiroi. t lodul leather lr'neks, n asssitee l sioes, ltleias nail laott top do do slo melich, si' itisld 1coln' wliins, I'santd, brtssanlladtciiJod cO harnest I)o do Ido gig do, lIo lo do Ilalmuel l do, Cart lrcetasali, enllas's, bridles and lioes ] l.ek and cl.' .aimei hant, oli n'iess complete, Skirting, lhaesllsrn nsld band leatlcet, tridhlli sed tlop to ileossena, decr, slheep Ind ti.g skies, I Ilsaa les'bl'laes andtityr e tItolslla, I"Jnepcler e ith s large nsas.'ttten-et of tilssel, horio atoll .eal brsidle bits, seolichanis, stirre , spurlinse e.eo el their ow!n inoles'talisel. Also, Otl tnl-loiglls. of Iinq's lolstll ilassa.telttl siect, jllst Ireeeivse,! l'ollil te Inanutile sled retail at the lowest prices,l and oil ferms tosllit caaiatrplcl ihyr will ni.e satilsisete to Irectiv lld trels tile yrear, ti I the plikcois I(sse New Y.lrk, tireah seillphes of goods eel' uses') dscri'tiolt in its s . lieneif I' sh ss. m 4 1 Hl, IIBBiAl DD&Ce. c. HJ: tFoF . IlT, S.LII 'I II. DEALIER in onk.sSbteory, Mainic-. linShiuiients, Tincy A otile'l', te. rNo. 14Cimp street, Lkeps coOslllltaly oin iiito ig l oge assortment of IBhank Doak', !oaps on Rollcas, Ilno Papker oi kc oirs, Isuted do I'm ksites, Folio Post, Desk do Ilank do Pocket hocks, (:nnlmrcial di o Vdlts, I'oPacket do Note to, P's isliTg Piaper, IPort lohos, \'1raping do do o wilth lock., DI) ihng do do do for tlselling I,:rblle s, iPortable writig desks, (oonlmld do l )rsing cate, Copyi.n do Writin; ink,.black and redl, m'-cos do Ciiitops. tdo Ts,,d,.oit de do Music ,io Ink PoidrI, black and red Plat ing oCads (fq.t iig do isilising do Saling W'si l.,'riot,i' do t'ials skitm;., Hank (:lbol, C:.rdI Icks (:lck ook's, o'npolor Iiles, I )rlf, ' Slates, Iilla ,f F.::;.t gr, 'aper do Iht 1, iig, s Stone do Quills orf e"cr) uality, Cohess men and bonards ierry in.P,, Iockgm.:Imn dlo i'ntnltin d" I)ns.iooes, P'atut huit i abber Cice, Sp'i'i" 'o o)idtsc lod rnpo, adio s IIs I.y Vo sriti. g cand, ( s olt'i . . isc. t;ei'st do (S Il boxes, stenm I iii attd Itler.rve Po I;iic. (;.ll's ltr Pointed Pencil P'iaeln' c: dos I sicur li"nmeo. Siocr do o LIthdgraeic Prints, I'rl.ze Ink )sta ts, Water Color., I'cuttl . do d sitis l r &.csh Ie. \\'dg, a aond tO 1lrouze |ipr weig;hts, .\l o iin extcnsi'i e nssnmtmni.t nl stm:'td nl utic:ll:t 1entUt, li :olPd nse,!iel bok''. •Q4ent for i/e fhlonrin. Perido-lirnls. Rpihlie:, of iths London, dihitbutrgl, Foreign nl l'hkr i's I It zine; I tn.., \ ...- of Flr.'ig. Lim'atulire, Science andi JOII~TS '3S "edic.2 k ClCirlurrZical treviewt he .Amle ('irl'm ctlt I.iIsarv. '.V'sltoie's Pori. Folio iCo Pooio, IIn' nzin', 1s' Itrepl blic ofLettr:sr , larleOt's 3aiigazlie. btinl:ry and blank book mnlolllltarv i lconnlct llsl \ f'KIFREL., I.IE, &r. iTi 274 hbh!. ineikeril, no.. 1, _lol t. ,0 ll.l':lfrrel t mackleral, nos I llaud1 11'9 InSls of litne, '0 5I'n dlrc hIy, :PPO fte hnmher, SI.ýnilI loin brig Rinnlfn ail for .nl,,hy `I(i T it. IUl,: Ii, ;"IECORY FOILR ,137: SI .u./t publish+ed, contlinn a li-t of lie RInki, Dir,e tore. dislninmt| &eIi.' , insuranre anlil tlller eompanies foriri. cr:n-uls, rchnnslshs r o e(.rlelnl.r:e, rae os' lroesr .o e,,, A '. "e, feer rit. hoby II)'I'C'I(IS 9 & Co. j I IN l(INi a-':th-hflr n-' ,90o+ l-.f o \E:f SI: lstl.k t II rlrill in eprime rll,,r .nd fir ale Iy lsF.('fIT & II.\WTIIObIN, ill . J G'teisr ft B . sI llls i & 0 ul0, sow ralccn., rsin inole nboardrll Orl Ean, Ele, lighluatcr,t' Poker, Netry Aodrew, f:renebbhod (Ge'Ymlai ilsy iarla; Bealc gan ittaoa Plusdk hsem1nn Blo~nttle 230mai BrnigUit PlerelO soard. Cbewm en, ' I-oltl r 2 3-8 |iltch WBil lurt Balls; 89, o10 and 1" ili hiole lowaie Kaites; Lalher amli oiltier trwellilii I)reesl CInan; Belt, i'okall, Ilaoraenoan'r, end h elliaT 'isltl; dlable aid -iagle tiiirrelli.d Gun-; bnate Bag- 'h'It Bolt"; Pawder aiid Pistol Flasks; Itttian Botli,.i oti Drinki.g Cape; oereu*sioa Cops aid Cap lohlerit Cloth, Ilair, 'Faotlt; ' dil Nail isoiler,; Oris ntat Clorinae biooth o ls Voath IParder; Lailot and hlani- eaaIts, tio great a-a riotv; Iig Iluir rautl bsr Ie eltsond Lrizrtt; 'ePr. od TIoil' IPowvdet-; Eaiery Btg.; ivory Tfoi (Juhioas: t'atrat S1i:lea or Goarora; loat Kl-tlie Soaplantlot; l',iwdeir l'lTtf nsod Bitaes(t; Gilt Cjhains, Seals aliii deve; Ear-droape; Wajisl auklso; Ileetrlots; Bead Necklacea nad Chaioei; Gilt sad Sivcered Beal'; ladian Beads, atelle aod Plumesn Shell Tvist; Side ad Drestieo Csaob.; whlteh,ia nddifion to their forater stoak oaa Ied, makes their asonrtrtnet eray coaplale, aad will he olidd low and on liboral terma, at th"e tiga of thle Golilcn Colalh. jl-if " 70 Cllrtrls street. COItlliiSA2 l i AtI) itl'lAih, t;itilit Alit Vnl VAaIrIre 'Y STe ORE. , l\o. ng, Cn am- , shl,,'t ,o tier Bicthnlps Ilhotel--l-.Te ausea-ibcrb as ,.s .i , at their new stainl, ttOeXta(tireaaisrhtotit t., ,. , Ilteir sihe, omitriling every variety of Coombta, . PCr'fumeoi-, l.ookblg, Glasane, Ilayting C:ulll .ae r lahge illtabner of Faley articlse. 'i'hte follsuwi, .i lit rt a hl -iertip:looo COMlIS-'Tortaiseant Iiecailha high toitpptiek, is lirtl eatrtflslhin. ttirt, Itoltg, tne tll, aiilo, ltrt,, Iinetil eanigs; lin,ioiradliai tiCle narigttt;,t woodesan, ilieasslla, fOis totall| atill poakstbonoa. PIt'IlFUMEIIY--A gosncndi assia.iesi of Frteach atiti Ameiieaot Perfett. econsistioe ad.e wer in toltlsc, oaf all shapie.a a sized s; ia..t.or, ititFl.a, ruse, oratc , leetn, jasn, ttr ha, berhant.ies, .cterfletrs, sto. ; tllc n" i eo:llls o tt tel ot" aes ltiltioti t t:leiiscr , alttitlta, :|od vlet ollhie hair t il ti a'l ciia riilriitl't; aoitct tilre toothi washd, aai'blOllie anld rllld~iol.. Ileou'IifiCe; seemred stllc pIlain toilet itowdirt; 'protiateia;Icl'rstoil calic, sti. IOItOSIIELS-Compisig a gresat variety of lote tl, iiiiiou i',st,ilnl,iati, 'nti I cdtlias-iigtllo to;iireni at-tl, ih:i O tt faesht, itoa thi , vrll, cebn, tavn ,t h laate arel| liole andI pla~in dillsting8 b..tpiUg E|.uUIII furlituelp surohbdilng atd whitieeae waih, itosar, itoe anti tarlet'. scoao-lag, paitt aail vartlsl brualss, tit saast anti grain 1lia tools l.f :i, sizers. LOOKINGs GLASSES--Compristing gill frtamsai i varilelosa, 5, s aeis t I ti th w toilstr; dlcernia Statila, tolet al. pookat ilass, tanlliiihg ll tnrlat, eta. II.AYINi CAlut.--ugl In i llatry tll, rntmn . Isiglilander, Spiel ,aat tn Frc'hs adtim wtlite hank P .lay til: CoCrds.T FANCY AND VARIETY AIFTICFRS--A sIpe riot aasertmaot cof I,¢tothla ,leloabaiers' asIl genile etls dlrlaessingeas t:at latiis' wot Rihes Omatslm bas es of naituts leasriio ll. astaisithle for toe neiw y itlr naltrittsomast' gllts; tiieket hooks el all Sttii t sulton. tits, |ousio-hoexs, Icnl Ienteis, actyalta, violitts, beal b eas ariL trses, oanc, t.h lt of fany berild sUra qtuliti billiari balls, taste bluaokiis; boot, hrirt, vrst, dill tdt saloeder sriolts; pearlt it ltontail sirtil statso, saazor sti'ois; i as manihiltn fitt- cr-aitig ligitt Spatial candi meloe nngrs; anacoltiel, Pariis1 ipseead SChtait siotfla; an essotrmeiit of ldait aoi sioi so s-t eaiiesi; iisck mommlt botals; sltie, atlley sertles opliee Jews tarj , Eabisotineam, luaietr atnties, tis, esraleto, iloeloaitt blos, drltikdiioipv Eiia lltinomg flasis ausi gallise biago stool,ni slver lod Il trated Ielredtalea t inbieta i, t-iane, et. a bliitldoolie llsoimrtmllt aofeogllrlhlig, ,ld a tlalarLe satie at of otiliar aticlets, ail of sitiel willbe iald onar lao prices, firct craidtryu wi h eeplltaieee. |nas 4 lEIES&a Il'LAWGIO . S 'A 1IN' -CN-CEN-TI.ATE-Df COMIIPO.ND SYITirrp OF SARSAPARLA, H 'on THr NIo.. o1 SirofTula, or Kling's Evil, Cleroi Rosmondtiset, Cironic Cotunonas Dis- Palsin to tle iosnt, bty free eaies, use of r telory, Scla Eriptions, Mereuril atid Sypltiliod Af I'ilnlle. or ltustles on the fetionaa faaect Biles , by as implro mabit of Tetter, bout-," And oall diorderm trtsong from the contamainatd state of the blood, the injuldicious tre of mercaer, &e. F 1OM 0tile litema thalot as hertolra cetieanded sths lis eoives iel o n d active Yruntp, it ia ith sthef celnlfdeaea olff re alto te Mediloal V'arsiy snd atflroitir tontoinily als tait ota l powiortiltl coativea get t thel ubovoe tanted liseotes, ad ola alte puriliaatiot of tile blood oled radlicatoa of saot cooaipteiatS as arise from the blood beitg in a vitiated sttate. Thli very eoetoratad Syrop is prepored with the greateot pb.alanlatitdel oaremtd acoareorm., and m oiatoia cte tiive prcipoit bf Saran Iarilla iillt mosot colesn trated degree, eondtincd with other vegotabla st atinits of knowt eficoacy, Tha great deadrateota with phosieiano in brine atle to exhitlit a large qanality of Saratliarilla ina small dltos, tlon Ieet tobiltnetd it this liresltratioai--thtay ieisg fully cnsyiseed olits terits, coafdeotly administir it is tile eouarse of thei pmrica ic. Prietar 1 50 itr bottle. Salt only at SWAIN &. BtROI' EiS dteg pottre, Nio. II Clnol strem, , arlier tay he lind, frsoheid goenoii, directa fsrom tle prriec tros, Swailn's Pateo old Veniferolge, Iotter'os Clitolo orm, Csrpenter's 'repnteratios, nlc a large aid geoteral raortallenl iaf frehdotglloll, cbrhnleals, &i-. atII lI'i.\ I';II :uul AtiUI:.---.tUIt i'eciei..l -~l-,a.],{,77.'1;IL in irl listrneulou senr Ihails to atere thits nto st es, lag 'if ti clt sLt r arntetieillit Irveal- or" a-e' iltlid Aglita. [llla lcia-lre,.titi-p itiettdsL ty oaihitillti t iolatils .cllped te o'teilloasott-tec other i-,tloe at' lel lt-ltt, s cid itout-estce, tte e lrt s pte ortf sit, iitlirt-ltetiatly,, al'relt tsle lsO.,l-atlld Aht-e esicts. ll'et .11 lel.illr lits of hi lhc l'tllic pixture mi, lS usillnr eVcbl. t1a itll"lii:llt qnalileSo. It is reltilyt ot i vegatlllllo ei~nl (bii l~l,e, IIIIrereitS I'l: IIIE:L e· tilia IliCPI'ilt'. .listi hishlt-s cn m r t ,li lul c'P O s ihel vil , a nidlf O aiats'S staOil m e ilss of tile ibowtrrla iutl ivitolitts ttitI-llelIoits thi e en ito slaitl, l. t oir s ale, iltolcrt:l a ein taci il, Iy t ito itgrtt, . i tWAIN atlltl BIOLI'IIEI , ih.i;ihs( g-it I(f)·llg (·JIIS NO' tlIJICHI ' Cnnliie. Ittyllrs Ih orllt eI' sf lItye ie si I o illontlo - T lis aunrllotl wihotah.t I Intrgtlot itivrsial IIe,-n elite, ta-ititi-t 1ti y V eiakini, Fs. Yskl . f I" alo ti lenea t i"llf i tgent ls, ir t ltlo l te ilt", titlit eal'll otoo thoi-t lira'aaflll stottl Sul-t Ily t ell hViie !tnl'odReiil I t crl riiisal o l',l o (iu s· 'tts| satllau t soit ta n eeit of t iae t o tt stiarir e sItt ll!S I I oo tl lR lsri i, l sa s tile Ii 1 l b- rli EI ntlll Il a Ullla lt· oind C ,loccsl titmbr e ac t[.ln l'' on, ite till ii tlr Ilc altlt- lio ittcl oenf the lito l tc"Is lliro nie h 'h l lllvn f il d llhs io hll v. i ll is SlOWrtl l h l·Cirohall tIolu ta loioe of Ito 4as-ti ,,i i'nillllc. : l Ihe eiirne· l sO I loril.n , frtir m ltticllbet ol l lro tr it oi at n i a illic o niaitilnog ti thtioldc s sioii. nl rl , I ins c I tes "" or is rig nl ri-t elt a l a lta , it iiotn i le D lamii illl-ni SI lliliIv btor, and to eil.r 1itlo tic rls a onil iillpst ii trrallo aaeit rlalll'l u -,aott aetlin olrals Slaitlo iltllloitll a ioscli lclloi Ioistreld llaa (bllulicil hy Ie ad wlof Iillrl oilc ill tttit c tl" r ir c ores ttandar Nlc tioelst tgl I Ptof !ltllrcl~llltrvr, bai le~pe llict~nlers s21llof t;aledlly· il lallC Sei ldintl .iieti, t hleL it r i lcn e hd itio .tl.u tnr:ot -ti ult iti lons:gtr gt o Is-ti it ti l,,ll i lei is-it i-st lirlle tof hiitilo-e. Thllls pills, itlti 'ltlti sgist.ltll h tI hot,'Ctir atoSo rI hotldit tirto-eitt it sVaep titoth, iii iara . Afstt'ltlo itiAts ftit'l~o, it; tint liom iI oltauitivtoti'tt' .d8i-rt o-itttrililut--iutr Ihyilr|ltlU lltlta Oalmiltsirlt' oiln iAs nlrltst it, iA Pllll il $ErS tlil so ierolihcon lhl iolhitilt'tsiat, hoitts wlh loe etiti st'oi~ hutotlt nra tItll'ri-i l ci iSc o llilteiti. il c, til TOgh'-E , stot at'e O w thoolct ove sil. thlit. ; I rosl, tIfI0 ilthuttiogrtlutiaeuq.gountlootuet Silr Astley Castior, , A iStllr t anrtr,< t se Ilh letliti n I. I), l, cas,1. 1), I, Asen KleyV A. .Kitlts toiN, Nl. D , anti illouistrlis (:illltl'S l'e Ol\i1·lial Ilua tie111' ofee·ll i?· lOSllSf] ill olhe lesLsttl Ageat, bpswlloTIthe eOetEitoTti iaioo'let inntr th .tryip, nodulatio watlt till ttppliciol s tlli'o o agtoc -JNO. Ht)IllIFIN, 00 Wo verly flare, N. You-h, " ttntt (tnaivdl Agatit hiilt'ho istitloit SLtes,. Fll~oe .ale~r by :,lulonincn of lhe rglii:: ulnirel· ;icr. I y It-oaIns Ito titaTa, tli'ttlgi tos, Noi I1 Caorl SlreI Yt-+1.11 e.1 a nd olls r I'.1 .t l ollllll .1lili~llCB,., qul i x }r tat A maisirst . uaiAthteflci-'i-O-. 17i.--F alai" eaao t DiplouoattcCaode, ,,mhraat a Eaio. t hi l o of traoet united oaitn totse bheteea tie Icited Stotes and I raiga Power-c froe 1770 to8, t ih tas hol,'tla aaf. ttoportantJadittaldottisons, son peiteairsatontd n-itt,[ oar faretito relatiitte Alseoaat'iae Diplomtiotc Ron ealBco n atiI sng a s iuuaro of the lsa of otioso- frot Ihla works o f ats f eltt-ot, 'attaarsetos, .Moliro.+,Talo, Story, oot nit ottier Itipltnimtlalo arititihont qtittitoe.] oteats e tallai- -t.fttlb Iorptollati iati'reailon- : oilo, ae dfor alliilher hcgcltiaietar ectaosurooe in trreoaroae wstlttureianeation,,. By; dclii Elliot, ins' vola. ,'st treceosd afrrate by for slb M. M'KEAN a.:ioo:er illfCam & Cosnoooocstc. i AlTE PU~l |IC[INSPass Itl'oa' Joanoa.Lmt t attoldnee ot litlal Poitlii~tga. (00'2 ,000 cc to r hipy ot iton d - Itael;sltlinh -thi' otf e oLl;rarofbtacoderd Novaels; The PI etisaltl'asiae, bhpl I.I. El hiersicaidittonowth uta to oriacl eoret-stttiol, in 5 sale. DoAsEcl tootI)[.tsLssK a Potits--cow editioti: 2 Toll. eso to at- Jane Den at-v is ac-r. aui poser,, wihalife, ha i~es I Mtitford: 1,ioeweditcia, asaittloto in 2 vols. Justricro-deitasd forsatliby at 12>.. '.IVli Ma ..h eo.rCrisp, &.Ceooaa'ot ,/,,c I "..XAe LAN U:.-- 'ne subsc(riers, ntgcnts of tilt Reputttlicof-Teoon in thb Unitetd Slthter, tre ut thIoriced to dispose of the Public. iLand. in Texns, andl Scrip is now rwady in ctrltifnt. s of 640 acres each. And ail eccotots or dhts dOne hy tine Reltttlif, duly cudited, can be nettled for in scrip, provided the amouont is tin lessthan 1140 a cres. Pit 'I'THOtMAS 'TOBY & IROTIIERS. ý`ý A I'It)NM(Y-Stmt sit a onttuptlrttt tntrtmnto, . consisting of Windle's perl.cetutt, N'e phis litnrs, Peervans, extile ine, Crow quills, ladies' rtllv.y, C(hoc. laldts e·epcl tine, diamondond, elongtrd, nnd gillts, site. ir l'rellch wafers, extra tune red atld tblack eelutn nwax, ptentBgmn elastic, red taper; ltodgcr's pen, poc. Let, and dek kllives, rn.te, letter sttlllps, hrouze aln I:lcquered itukr:nmd, paper weiTht-, parallel, round nll tnt rllero, mlalhemt icl itimlllllelto lnt bck gailolnn Imurrds, drawels; p.,n.'il llsl,, Iictrldboas, and dr 111n; papert hanktr'n, ttt pot ftliti, pockit booki, walle ts &c:. Jlust recericitl o ,r sale ho nl tlt'CtIIKI4S & to, 24-i Chltort, eot 1' LW BOOKiS-.4 Lad."u Gif: it wotman ts she ReNLdomt l',o'lo//iosll (of te Hlouse of Connmmll frotm the v-mr 1tl311 to the otoc of 1t35. luholdinig pct 'not1t ekett'choef tthe l'liitt tetimbcrs of all parties. At-n", de ilteaf'Id/, tan hisntorial tale, O 'oTheoas C (raiotn, aothor if J.quelinoe of Holland., Highwro ,s and ilv·vav.=, &e. in t vols. T7le lcarves, RI.ohbert Mutdie, anthor et a gouide to Ihe aservatiota ,iolutoter, t itt recivedll an for t le - IOTlJINiG-I. P. 1.'lth;"l.IAN & CtNO. :1 M. t t G tZIN ST'., e'C now revrit ot Iheir sutpplis of fall nl \i' ltur lothi - ho illn d will continue to receive 0hipmes ntbvtver ocketthrontet mtrtt.thtse t. The" hlav,'O I1 IIon . hand, I a nd aIr w 'i uc F*i t ccoraL.e :l:.o(nt :mltlt of n:lr .l'e I111 c ntuo l r ll l . l l|llh!ed either fi l'lh, vit, or rnnlary trade. As thetr a *oertment will he IrerP, mlrelhat frnm tile ulllrv will find it to their dvnllace Irill altd exnninr the t lllld. 1. mloth f" t . Baene. [Frnit, at the heaoll f'ltoor eon fnviparion. ?atwe of 31ssi .'ippi; cnoi .ine 4Orn .rree, r:nhr4:inh blh sid' of tnle riwor, anld o tlrlirh it n ntdithllhncte. Thits lad Is well ,od,.uld wilt live onak, itch,t Ptl, -'c. 'Tho rttlltrthnt i nttl tli-th!o utt, fTr ii s IV NTItL Th timhber iir nihlrh ttll for the Ono i: ,hendv ett, .nd moayt,, eretted at n onmderate expense. Its ,oiximit to Ithe city of Ntit (Oirlenl., the iittrettrt .ltdilnr leioz demnan fur toi'l'tbr. it wr rlth the atren inon nfn y p:r=on deoiro'n of embarking in that buri :r . Ftrr I'nm nltttyl I BI 1 \, ETI.O.., !teeo hant ' F:roI:e B Browerr. & Co I'AYE jest tseivedht tthsir nuriising o'are-house l Nos. 17 Ca..p street. by recr.t arisals fiom Eli ro w", arid tlte North, slrge ldtllllios to tlheir dock o userfu and Mornctmen horskeerping aticles, which coi lertively (they belies') form an auso1tment liore geicrr at nlt conlptrle tlan is to be found in ally stmiar erstab Llshmellt known; coosistill of SlLVtLII WAItE:. Cofftte and tea sets; pitchers, waiters, ensnrls, cndl tlieks, cups, tumblers asul goblets;: tlle and desert forks; taile, e t anllll tea slloons; mlarow atnd gl-sv, or ra gn1t spoooss souar toengs; sogar, smoIe oil seoup hldles; , t oter, fri ddltg sol1 fish kiveos; pickle owdl desert khnives an forks, na ikins, rigs, l. i llydt from the itulactlorv of kie 11. (;idrier, of ewiYork, whose long essablishetl i lptation for the mianuatettlro of silver wvuc is suflicient grarantee of its superior i'LTI'ID ' '.s.E OF SH-IEFFI'LD AND ll AIINGHAM. T:1 t niea setts; castors, liquor anid cor . L ,lltehras, aml Ipe:gues with mir ;e of the dinnel or S,,rper tubc; 'ug, frtom 8to 1. incies; beef ,lies; rich dish covers; cake andl ter stands; mnlltle anlld clamber S icksr; wlle staillers; coolCersIad svphlns; dean. ter blliels, claret corks, tea Utlilners, table bells, tea, ta. ble. egg and mustard spoons; egg boilers and studas, toast, .c. SIL.VER ON STEEL WARE. Table and desert knrves, forks anld spoons; soop anld Im:ce ladies; buttercand fish knives, cheese scoops, as paragus tongs, vegetaile forks, dtc. JAPIANNEItY. Fine Gothic Sandwieh anl r ounld colner waiters, in setts asnd single, 1rom 8 to 31 inches; do of plfier nueshe; bread, cheese', ani kni. Itavys l Iarge upritght plate warllers; spice, sgur and cash boxes; pt.1s1ilg casels; It ln tea tables in ness, caddlcs, Jlapllnned anlld of rich tortoise shell, etc. LAMPS. An extensive assortmenlt, among which are Astnral lps, all bronzed and dgilt, and of rich cut gilss; mantle lamps do doi, dle plaitn andi with glass psssms elry spplendiii ect glass dot berozed asod Jalpanned side or Hracket Ilmps. CIIANI)ELIEIRS AND tIANGINIG LAMPS. ]Elgglish and French t cut haIss i eliers or hlstres of 8, 10, 15, 18, 2aondl a lights; Frncelh btoonzed sand gilt Girecia lalmnpsi3, 4 real 8 lights; hall Ilamps attl lao terns, rich bronze balu or centre lamps for drawinl rooms, from I to b lights, lamp shaldes, glasses an.l wicks. MIANTLE CLOCKS, CANDLERlRAS AND VASES. lronzed ands marble; bronzed and gilt, ald all gilt, with fistures, etc; countiug house and kitchen clocks; ibronzed ikstardel eegar do; imper weightllS, thermome ers, uiad racks, callllestlcks etc. CIIINA WARE, lit I'ISRCELAIN. Efnglish asln French dliiig desert te, s Ie Ii cofrfee ser vices of plain white, golu edge, and very rich tsocy stles; splendidl toilet sets; sater anil milk pitchers, lsantle casts; f sn s carkd Iacks a cc Imbkstl. Dining, desert, tea, coffee, lreakfastan si pper setts; toilet w:ure; pitchers. Also, Canton china dinner setts, CUT GLASS. Decanters, pitchers; claret and colored hock decantres; howls, dishes, celesy vases, salt stands, sugur bowls, huoter nols, inger bnsons, toulhlersoi wi nels ampigle, claret, eoslials, lemoade andol jelly glasses; fine colored hoskglasses. Also, candle shades. TAIILIE CIU''LERY. Fine ivory btlasee handles, self tilt land husk handle kilives and forks of 51 ndr 53 pieces, or by the lozen; ivory hadcle klives oldv for silver forks; gunrd ndl game enarverst logslices forrolnd beef, oyster knives, nut cracks atat 'icks, snalt, smiters, cork sceews, etc. IIltlTTANIklA ANDl IILOCK TIN WARtE. S Tea anu coffec stts sandi urns, with I and '2 faucets, suitable for hotels and steamhotls; spoonsao;d ladles; Setson dishes with covers, ei stersor lchfingdishes; dish covers, plate herters, coffee greogs; tea kettles on stands with heaters, egg boilels, ec. FANCY HARDWARE. Blrassand witrefenders. brassandirons;birass and steel shovels and tongs, etc; copper coal hods and nuenh ketr ties; brasss sittois, elimiey ihocks; daoppeaord, herasstllss bronze luaoli le helah brushes. ftucy bellows oid ciao!' brushlies; crir.,i g stllc tlttiingi macllie ; umbrella btslolls, g'sate footensii lior WiIIsoIIiis plates ae. l KI''IIE' FUItNI TUltE-Cc sistisgofiron, tin, brass,, copler and woodlen ,~wlrore, being a collection of sill isiitisisually re, iitiltorculinary ptlurposes, anl ill Ifirifalnost every article wanted by houset keepers call be Flolnd ill their esaiulishlunelt. 07fSihTer:al pilated ware .rpaireid and repolished as lie,. L:nps reira i'edt ll treh'roized(tdec 1 lT THOI.ESAt.E AND ItE'IT'AIt.COslI AND VA SRIEti' 'T'ORE--at the sign of the golden colub, Mo70 Chartres steest. 'The su;heribers have re ceived, in addition to their previous steck on hand, a full and complete assortiient of articles in lheir line; viz: ecolbs, perfotnerv, Jewrellr, Ilnrslles, locking glasses, fluny artirlee, Sc. eoltsirtiig in port us follows: C()I r .ll lllr--to .. it ht and plain tek,twist, quilled back, long round, dressing, sid- pull curlanod neck, Brnzilian colllbs of every decription aongst w oich are cosllle lexicnll siiters. Ivory rolnmsl of every daseriptin, horno, dressing andil acket, tegather with a general as-ortlnellt of Frroni anil Alrrical. 'ERIItFUIiERY-Coug.e, Lavender, Floerilo, honey, hay, rose, ant orange flower wafers of every size and des eription, cnmlellcorall.d Cologell, exrclrt lof Bergeiot, lancr soaps of all kinds, shaving cn ill oiee till iota, erecaln seoa do, Wiardt's vegetaleI heir oil, Iears nt c - tiqoedo. tressou' saieclliing tall a pi iind terfumed toiletpowder, rln powdrer, pots lerpt olls' ad rxes ) latnlsln pets nnd rolls,orris and chrlorine tooth wsohi and powdleas, with a general assortment of JLWELRIY-csomes ofthe Intest and mont faethionu ble setts, consisting of white and red cornelian, top- " jet cardrops, set in filagree, rmllat silna oft gre.s' role ty of palernos, watch trniou stld , gilt asil oilr' tckles, silver thlililec, sihercnd gull p trells asti gCurd rchains IIItUStIES-Clcoth, lair, duist .i,eiruit,hei nrth,flouer hat, flecs, losot, p.ate, erusb. Nail, nc csgs, uss tslad whitewash bnruhes. LeOOKING GIL.ASiES--Geioman stats anso toilet glass, magnifsing sod French ldressing glasas, hose Idos.lith vsriety o of other kinds not enumerated. h'ANCY A.1Iv VARI..T.y AsVRICL.e--Fcroinh and Amiera i lc portable desks and dressing casrs, so very rich and finely finished ladies work boxesanddree tig easeo, with anin withoot ieusic, mesiccl boxes, Ac coirdins ofvarito kinds i, violins j itgo s, silver dan platead linoils and lreds,wood pencils for it eteers arid crayonas,llottle lelck,unso tlad istols with and without eases, peraussion elps, percussion cap chargrers, spple screw drivers hot Ct, shot e bags, paste ,lachille, toy tf cn setts, Indian heads of every kind, nells and Ilumee, t fteand comelon knives, razors and scissors, t i bles, needles, fins, silver plated, steel and oninmn e.;eets elee, pockert hokc and wallets of various kinds, vseting caln asl crd oeases, playing cords of Frenih, Ueranno and American manufneture, dolls, imitation freil, siuff Ibxes, pnrlls of various kinde, Sannders' Pooleroy's, Eumicrroin's, liltan's and Hawlcin's razor straps ald metelli h6ners, irks, iincy head necklace. do, wilt , r dropis, toy watches, pearl li ttonr. powder flahks, et . mid plant seed heads, gilt and ilver o, gn elactic suspben ders, and garters, plain alnl sword tLCes, hategRllnlon board, dlire, optical vienn, s, jewsharps, Ioeofceo ntech e and cldrinking ecpc, with a great vearirty-fother arti cles, all ofwh h will hre sold fIor cash r city ncceptan. ce on 1i2 moiths credit. B 11 815M1ONS,, & co. d4 71 Chaotress,. N EW t BOOKtS--oniti, the I)iscardled, wis Tales and Fancie., by Henry F. Cisrley, in 2 volutnel.. "CotlO! sweet music hbah a smart And a haln for every hlart!" The Lost day of l'olmpcii, in one volumei--nniform elitiou Thie Amulet, for 183t Just received an, ,r suale by inn Ž'2 lOT'CIIKISS & Co, 24 lChartres et. nt Ftreign ald a )omestic Illndware, Int a on hand all extelsiwat.l)k ofSheliehl, lerminllalm, and Alnelri ll gono embrlacinlg a g'eat variety, consisting in paIrtt as lrllnw\v: Antils, common imitl:tionl and genuine mnosehole; smith tices, htbak mad bright tiee; traEe ehails, conm mon, blued and blright; Ilnes, C:arolita, Lonisinmn, grub A taenal;satd.A. inausadbtla-iruan n lntg anlI sa' Ilhandle vy p Itnlls;i raied alhlae, Ihook butt and all other kinds of l.iges; tit, mill, ha.d, panel, tenon and lcroa cut Sa\ws; rll, nloset, pad, uplhoard d l anlllk locks; American siter dplated frontt inside and sliding door do; 0ronl1 and flat spring, straight, and necked hrttler ald door haolt; tbit, pit, mill, and crloss cut saw Gles; ship canllletter's antl other alngtrs; black, bright ;is[ pai:atent nt atrel socket andl filrmel chisls; gntngs, all size; knives nlw l forks in setts anll dzlnens; gl .aca rictics shoec, cook, bI:tehe", enavilng, and tdIawinl knives; ptcket and dirk cutllery, in dozens and ton carids, lrge and ,mill scissos, tailors andl shee shears; coaiion atll lille I.nazOrs; nattIaoto, inanetl, right ani finl politled sleel sllers; high'antI flat. It'llnt blans nt.. - dlesticks; plaht ,', britamnia, iton, tea tat. table slnoon Ilint lll percuslsion l n lol ks; ttuIscrew anllll illl relnches. powde holrns, flasks, slht belts, ltiag, atc. llLpentierL's axes, adzes, Ihatt!s, hammli erel , etc. rlllainl Iands and pins, connn~oe nlobs, &c. night Natr Iblk, blatt lad njlnate latches, noatlnl's itn.l, axes, htnel, adzas, de. sntilllt bcllow, Ihammers, tolngls antil baek iros, Eln.lishl and American spades nad shovels, loang anti c:;.ol:tt tldles; canrlon T la , lheet irloll and pa tect met;al ten knetles, I:ltelt sett anllll conltIn t ltt sand wool cads all nmblll ers, WialI and Uwnl irlls, glriddles and bIke .aI, t. .ceVrews, antonIcews, bietlchi sclews, pittedl stirlrups ant bits, Ibtass and silver in:rtlia gale hooks aii rings, chains atldl iuckles, Iaes Collins' Illllt's Curtl'er's etc. tcoach nl'elwbs, blocks adlll dies, hrse rllsps, nllhes, .tgllale, nhrovtls td ongi)II.k tllttlilanl, attl (;etma steiel, inkl quills, states, tipannel till ant wooden wre.l , ,ihvIes corn m|ills, UL. spudts, tlledl heml111 gass rope, bed corlsl, 1,ou 1gh lines, tacking y t r, Cotton lt h(ep ltwinl, hawsera's, patenllt ha lances stales, guas, pistol., rifles, cut nails, Icel, sholat, Ibge's' alt ltthalot's pIoderl, 'ita ir.unat artilty ntf otiler gltls latlallglllt to tile talde. V It (CtIAWF\VttO ), mtank N.. Il1 Ntw I.nne., No. -Iti CtIIRTnEs ST. TI IIF sub.enrilelra a'a now toen itp a rletnpltoe arsnrt Lment nleagnnt na:i arnt' I fittll ntta. ta!i ]t they hanve jatst taerivcd..y e rri ttal aof ships Santoga, A; ktlunas anl ' isaisPeipi, fromt New Yolk, can-intig inl pat roside ihonrdns tf variots ' itters, withi Eiyptianl and Ilial uaarbl t ops, renlte tablles ofevery delctril tin; nttlgntlitvtvant-inrnte. oat vaaintjnt|ttbnnt". re tav :..l hurl:. cntt.u.% lttias' F'rench ttlttlt tabt n, tti itti htrrunt ;ret nt diuittg Pe'nlrokenn, card antd In dit:ý' wor;k rtobules, pine do. also, a few pain sideuonrdt with Egyptian marble tops, a new and beautiful nari etr. A .complete ano; .eat ornnfns. A Iare nnd complct assortmennt of tnhllogany, ma ple, rosewod, f anv td cannno crnirs, nahoterantV rocking do coveredt with pl.ash, p oin anlfieured hair e oth, tr,rether with a cwnplete n, rtment of such nrti eles ns are ouatlly follnd int .nllt an catlblinlitnent, tile whole of ahli;:h will bIe' sold oid rensounable tens for ap proaved paper r eea'i. Tshe latli are resapctfully incited to call and exam ine tilt talk, N t Goods packed at a hortnotice in a ood order for hipping. f 1 C IIl GRiANT & ro l Y to;()t lt'-1!a c'amet fincyv colored do.estlie p ,'rin.'!" 10 al,'e TPrtnlan itroae,.l tickins; litI i-tit- Oxfornnd 4-I tirkitn,: e:"a i' ble lPitttrllro trda; I bere anv' Ibtar!, alpetian , landing faom bnrqae Jo .:hin and fia" t T . ASHI & Cn, .11 No 11 -tt |Can TI it INDI. f.l. 7, " ctin ti or lop gout, iliceltn enlittsm Io sip hiliic nod m iecuramd dlseses, inmrliclarlly lcers ai p'eillil:ifinctionis ol thle bon'.u, ilOctted tllhrat or' nIos tril , ulcers ofl'e eiu3 dscllr ptinon, fever sol'es, internal nilsesses, isctlis, piles, scanll heIil, strvy, biles, chro nic sore uset, el cysilltiis,hlothesi, anid c i ceri' tyiofiu cli oienis oflontioi, ,ci nii iic.tioirh, Ihtil ahe .prnccel Ig iom ni ne uil hmooir, pain i tic stom:h unld dlye ppsir proceitting rmaieiiliO n,nlletionsof the hier, ronic in,.lrnltiol h oflhe kiih es, nuil cleinI , ildtebili ly einusiti lcv il tolpid action of L.e v'oeSlsdiiiie skin. It is singila.j' cllicecious in cilov those constitutions lli have eelli broken ilown tby injudlicious treatomelnt, jl rnil irregulnllities. In genese.d termns, it is remnm nntledl illn lli thiltli sdiacscn Ihichriseo 'rom impurities of the blood, or ioitiitiun of tile Iutors, of whlatever naeor kind.l Some of the obc eompllintsmny reprilre some tri fling tsistalnt oilili tions, a lil hileh tienc slines of the case will dintiic; nlit for ti glenlrll remed. y or Pitrificator to remove lie hnose, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will Sgenenill be Iouod slieielint. TO TIiml I'UTiL.IC. slow true it is, Illnt modern Physicians, in their am hition to excel in their profession;i cxplot Ilthe vast fields by ilthe l ot llhenletry, and seek out new rCe medial lageills; in short, to :hrive it lpefection il tie pilixttieo Iy means of art alonc,-nc lirely oiccl'ok ind neglect, as bnei'ti theirinotice, hf rich i ilt bnolnteoits stires oflledicine, whielh the Allmightlly has e:Itsed to sd ing oII1 oif the earth in every clime! Anll how nutch mor tro e isit that wh ilie Americtin Physic;ili looks to llr'ignni contiities r nllhlhi. lia" his most llnnll nid leeo.siy atilldes, ilpettletll1 ohieogilg nI ilchey ale ti ithe liictaes ol'liiliolt ii billy, lie is souriiillot in his ownl counil withn cullelllesspliion oilnelienil pllllUta, sudll'i?ilt tnio nswerlany iidii.tion in, disise or to cure aly cuoiblel disrlderr tl et he is ig.l.runlt of their vic uest, anl Ihey are snufereilto 'waste otir healing on the ierert ani'.' The ef.lect of vgeglible medlicines upon thle system are temlonllt--thole of minlclals lottilng. 'Ihe rimer ex err their steets sod sions ofi--itheii litter, mti'rryiT in .a ti tlie., act chemictally upln tue solills. detcooinqglog the bones :nil ulndermining the conlstitutioiibn by lo alll stll destruetion. The congeliallity, efficiency and SAFETY ofergetln Ile remedlies over iiniierl, may tie estimateol bly conrii t t ingitie anciient Ip:ltice with the mlodcern; or, to bring il olire immediately undellllr ou lll erlllb lltion, the holi all inctice with thnt of the whites. Wl ho, in Amelricl, 3las not known llorlleird of Irep'atedl instances lieiln some decrepil, prrtlllingl malle Indiian, by mansllSf hite simple lrenldies ilnile his lirleritl the most itupil moiil istonishing coot's, :ftlr the ltciteio Xledici of the mmo practice directed in the most skilliitl mannerii Ins foilei? Adl who ltt s aiot lien' sril lr lit tlne onm ii'iti i c:Ii' nlnilciilt it hith hlich ltiie hllaiiin i freeo i sl li'inl, ty Ilistnse, :nd atl the almost tolIl altitieoce ol'cnhroilitlsuelolo collg them! Vllho hIls eoer Ihell toll Iillion wilhs' loliiitiollo broknll siil roionlldl by ill tlrtllienlt? And ban a doubt elllxis itiis lli happy ex nc tionl of the from most of the ills wlhiie the flesn ofman is hoirto, is clliefl owiltlt to mlic gelits ',,1 it reneldiet wilhibl h emitlloysT ' $.'li 1111oil thio iilglulloe lit- . its f1ir xenplifiiooti of the ifinllte supeiorito y of the simple 11 'lll ale.,... ,F rnenr wui, l (;ol hillt cretel for tlie benlfit of ilis olhildroti, over those which tihe piide alod the art of nmaln have il venlltell. Frorn Inng resitlence among a portion ofl the rigiln olilhAilitantsof thiscountlly. o nlloln intimate:ale:iiu tIl,ce wilh tihe nriethl ol ocure olf somic of their moist successlid lptitiomers, the prliolritetor of "T'lhe lulliat's tocllnetin,'octlliest a knowlellgof somen of the most ipowerfulid 5ivoriteremedies. Fromithese liheseleotedt such as were most efficacious landaip'olt p rites, omill after itrtios exlperimients to test their t itis iland strellgtly lie has combined themn in the funr here ipresnted, is the most per'f et anld lellficil for the purpose for which it is ecommennl ed. The proprietor offers this preparalion to the ipublic, with the conisciiousness tlhat le ispkcinig witlilnthir seC, a remedly callable of relieving manly of his afflicted 'el low beings, who arile sufferilngl ueler tile Itions chronic til obstinaite comiplaints to which it is applinile. o'o such it will ilrove of inlIlculablle vllle., as ie means, Ind in minl)y cases, thle only oians olteli c.inggthir sufl' lh'itngs and restoring them once mo e to hei lti llld hal iessl. This is not onl'ed n al colmlon Iremedy, that ay iper chance be erililly good with mlnoy othens now o use, but as one which is ttpoble iofIi iing lie n in mano exlltree cnies Ns lichli toll tienuiteil Illelietiell. 'IThis it lildonll e irepeatedly; aslil thi is the ireputltiol it ilsobl taiiel wllherler it1 hs beeln iintroductned. It Is only llout tlroee t veti s sillce tis lntap1Iillon was presentll to tIle ublic: but in that short saice (of tIOte, sole hillndres of personis mightlil be liul, Wiho wouhl solemnlylv decllare that they believed that their lits eI were saved byit, aol in miost Casesaiier thely ihadt tried noiy :itll iperls all ithe t.olllotnt remediest in Rilnl. \he r ever. it is kllOnii it iis pil.llillt oliU.g ilnto u, andll this al'oitis tile most substantil iani] co. iillng proof of its llnletits. 'It1 .l vlle f |the I'ncilln i mtost conilpoltltliln thosi loIin siilinilg i illn " Sp hllii iiiic o roifillsnflis tl.liml which hive defied Rlli other ielnediesi ill iIni.tcll in those cass wlhIule nlcllry lhasll been sll laeisl !e l.. as Ito ellselist ressillg iln in thie Iboi( s, L olles, eellr riet1 lcers, IdeRI.iLgem t of the digestive o~.gamis, ' c. Ths('e it completely remlovies, and in aoll cases it tilh e iy'eiLtlicIntl s the diseiases otn11 llets lit ltllIIy, renp votes lIe constitution, Ind leeIis lthe patioent 111 sod id well. 1it r , lulisn, Iand in luerated sore Ihrollt itsll I' hapy cfl' cts are inot les appolrnt, gi ig aIlmostL ilnme ialteclif. Tlitken in plt'tuc idoses, ilnto liiott Palainecties oltts ':Llli crlnvetI ll' n diaphoititn s Iihrctia nttl lci il1, lxaIlives, ail antli-slpsmodie ral anllollelli nin t in Iproper l cisca, as; Slmllch ic amlllellmcnigolue. (tlmenic IIy expies n sill, it illcrlalses a 1 t11e seclre.Cii s1 :inmd ex '-liiusi, gives tonle to tile stoimachl, ail exciteslolltio ill hoi goimo hin 0 pIIrtticu'liiiui e'n Froml these princi ples it!,toi it ions nIo lie Illtrstlol. Thismnalicilnel hulalbei lielnlll highly lsefil in mlany ambiguousi diseases not here slpecified, nsnit it lies brell iused willit wonderful iuccess n s a Siprnilng si tinFll 1'I 1 eimie" ,b those n Ihit st arsubrct I n com n.lail ts olf th chest, 111111 ullltae t I mIIInI1 l retII lre oeir ,gar Sui h i iii tsuAns will ido ll to use t vo or tlhre teties in sle!dlm e . Wheleir a diet dirnink is consith reld incessiny, this P:naica, taken ill a itsll doste; ill answer all its 1!2: po, s in itiuin less inlc, at lonss txllnsio , d ill it t,,, ` ,i.,, ,,iooenl tnitiotone i ,,tin i, diiet iliik TLtr fitltcilwig centitictnas, irot of hllldlrles sitlilnri Ii hiit mighti hg e rioricd, are gifuento nshow the eflect of mlcntioned; an ali~sotoixhlit ii thelmost n lnn inil 'tn'y t lllanot it isnIItoriiltyi Drl te syll in coi i Oll use. CASES OF1)1t'lJ:hIA'I ISM. CoAiHtLssrox, Nov. 15,1 83l. lo'ringthielst Itinter nlspriintg,I oan aflletd witl ; I vt. , c.rl.'sad1lib) l.)i l.i" ri Ulalitln, ocninsioned sby ixtosull i llna wthtlelr. I nltthc gl'oal Ileniasurl in tsltilg, Ilntt six bottles otie.Itn duil'o I';n l~s, h'lud l ie to nitl .t I. h tlh, Nalli conflintlult y Ire'otliillsnd it to oll siniltlo y Alliitld. JOIIN FEIICUSON, Kingstl. CIoAIILEtIFON, .1rchl '27, 183. I was seed shost a lhllee)elns c since, wilh disllushr g iellllliusnlsm, . ned It Ilkiogt s.vOe colt, while io'd theili lllueicof mrcitui, and which ihas illed me iromn I usiiesis earlr ever sice. Ileiiung this period I IH !e i t . na pitieit in the llnitil, in this city, 1ipwarllls o itUir mI'iiiintiIhs, lunli nelar tile mllne iength of timtle in the IhtiImore IIlospilall, ,tllll trie.l ilmott rInmedi, wIith little bead;' Ol1 the l6tI" of VehlnUia last, li that tithe slcael) ablebto ms.: suti uilpon Ciutcli es, Iocoinnenced tl'e usetof Indiutt's Patnceo. I one month I Iliul mipself einirel ti'rued fottm iam, afl ate now happy to state illatil onlctlll ictysli irlni tlls .l. WI'M. "UICKE, 1.i MrkI t nt. CASES OF SCROFULIIUS UI.CEitS Now YKonK, Seplt tt, 18.l0. 'Ihlis may certify that in the lillh ol 185, I was seized willi a swelilgiln limy ineck alil lce, ihlic .i alirwcrds lceltleliand leecnme Inrge ghastly ulcers in i)y lcLk. Alier .tying se·'vl ph o ill)siao nsto io oliHaitmge, welnt to Philadelphi. nlld placed myself tilnder tlle care of lirs Plit ec handlteitchn, nt ltor.e'epiic t liu viois to to etfeut, I wlas irootmtcel itterlet iunottele. Alie. woinns tiook iweintv bootlesiolelSwIioea I'oilluceuncl right i otitle of h'ioel':s .~:ltltluoio il, o hl tieo l l:ei cl. bietlnl't. Doesllitlrinmgof ite, ihiclh hntl nlow becollle n Itll.l einto mtee I lcltuoed to lni Itnrennll in rcew Yock, iii 18i9n, acd II evcmyselluipto a fingeillog slcuth. eliri o if to l he gent sncenss of Th'e Indicio's P;lliouc, ellOerC, it enwss nI i ilalr io ily ow 'l, I was erlllsuI h:d tI I t it, as a tlast ro soil. 'Lo tiy glrlat surlilt , sI well ini ontinlitetioo, I eioolitoll iiiy'self ie rillyieouinllt, ctl l It1on teliilt l iceli lutltts, tlne llceinlierntet allril I lotllrtticlu tlmfi tpll y well ill tihe cotltse oftwo Imttihsi, iid hIltlv renhtinet so oever sitee. t iakne thi stnteienii uIiu t Ulth it ilillisluilllI forldhenu tlO f'hll osewhoa oIre .+u!lflihl Ulide simIoilur Iktthilln iStlld l he einiEtlllal tif lp IeS ob.t il Ilcallilh, ld wlho collsideui his life aulvedl by tlik aboe xsy T~IVM. IIlNIIAN. CHnnLEtto.v. July It, l31. I Iss foneyelr with w I ulcer ii tie hIg, oc iemintnit hs ecetlctl lihir ekiuI ii1on e it,ut l itnl out'beineit. i Ithlis case i lile boles of tie Ilndillns ltanea malle a pifet ct llre. ;I(I.AIIt'I' A ' . IS'TI', 1t1 alihntel st. For alcttlis tt.lNtY IIONNAtIEIl, !llulpgit, ngEcnt lior thei plroItietl'is, l'Tc|hlimileounles uaIrt. jI SPAIN KEVISITED),&c. &. SPAN REVISITED, &.cby the author of 'A year in Spain,' in iffts. Traits ofundan character, as gencral! applicalte to the Aborigities of North America, by i 'I urnr., Enq, 2 vols. The Political G;ramnor, of tlhe United Sates, or a complett view of the theory and Ipractice of the gcnerol nld state governlenlts, with tile relations betwen them -dedicated and adapted to the o~ung mtnc olf the ULlcd State,, by ! 1) M onsld, EatI. Ninmnobd's Hlontlint Tours interspersed with character istime tann c::es, and doings of sJtortin men, in eluding notices o" the principal craclk rders of Englanuld, with noalytical contents, nld general index of nIlues, 2 v olnumes. Conwtnlories on Eqcgtty Jlriprudcnce, asn admlin istered in Enluo and ntlttrie, lt Josephl Story, L . D 1)nneprofessor of lw int It .rvrd U niversity, vl ;t. Vol. 3d, Chitly'o General Prnclice. Vtil. 13./, 4enodelt's Reports. The Sentiments ofFlot'ers, with 12 coloured plates, London edition. ALSO-A few more cotiies of Comie's l'hrunolo.v1," "Riei." Iargn i rvn oo" Cono osocs ofte lecrinr tqttl it., w.'ith ch,itts, Billiardl Il ilo 21-.4 and 1-2 inches, diilltt's iproved metulict I'ent,jaltnor pupers, weignhts, &e. &e. &r. Jo t received, and for sale by n..31 BENJ. LEVY. lF. 1W OOKS-T e C'on t 1icellhan No 3, oe N taiintg legendo of Spoitl. Ito the a;onhor of the Sketch Hook. lOTI'CIIIKISS & Co, JOHN HOEjY, Saddle, Harness and Trunk Alanufacturer, and fur. nisher of Miilitaryt Eqripments af eery tescriltiuon. Nit 119 TcHomPITOU.AS sroTnE;T. S-IAVING in employ several Military Workmen, lI he is ready to exectet work in the above lion at tle shortest notiee, nld on tlet moSt renaonaotle terms. Serchnots' antl Pedlars' I'o linogTrunks of vrer dr srrintin. ennstnlntl en hall- t .LOCK TIN. ZINC', &e.--5 tons Illtk Ti"; II tons Plata Zinc; 5 ttos t.rl Piper 2 tons Short Irotn asd 10 kegs Wrotnht Sl;ake, in re oand for nl- c . .1 IYT'0o & C'. 53 Lrot. :t. THOUGH t IN FItE AND t 1 ALNL OA Front Mobile (Alabamna) to Auguswt a) T E:AV\iS Mbile every otlher Ild, imnlm.jnleiy i. L the arrival of lhe mail from New Orlw teans, Ier the taattl aalit ElcIEt:LtE, to Ilhlkely, coaches to t'enselu l' stvanlmbos (per L'Pesaocola Ilar,St IloI tsonad aml CVloc. talhchiee liter noal lIny) to Cedllr lluff conslhe tahees tin lnrlranoi, Chlltaahooelic, (lormerly Mount Vie. ann,) Bhillnrildle, l'itolerton; tiawkilville and imit. vitle, to Augusta. A lpnassel rl'takinl Iais sent at Mo bile is in io dantger of being thrown onut orl i1 his iieeerenle by other conflictihn interests, as he FL Old. I)A LINE is abut one concern, and lndlter one oitrel thraolgthout, lcl mniay rely WIt ECrarnlIeT uI his nrivtl at Antlglta ill titne pocilleal, throghl sill westh er antll at any' mason, ntlest sonie most ,llfoaelees e.tas trolle snltohi occur. 'Tlhe (.reit New Orleans Mail is carria llby this rolte. The Agents oIr saeommesi. tion, 'Teams, Conlchle anld Drivers are not sorlMsaad the sootihelr eontatray. lithe ltnioatl, htl, naturnl ronds, the alfe and inter eslting water ltnaviyatioll, the time andl necontmselasti, aflortl the trl eler speeda, certnintly, confoat, alid anIld ilg variety; colnnectedl ts it were with the Raill ead to Ctharleston, S. C. oand the steaa jpckets to New Ytek traveller calll ren h New Yolk from New Orleans sk LESS lTAN It DArli-\-aBbinlUIa oily in 19. From Ctalttahoocltee, Flonlda, we have a ersath Line tian Qulocy wid T'a!llhaaIssee, to St lMarks, I hoe tOSt conat a, ailtl two lrancelhe from Ilawklsuville one to Milledigeville, and otne to lMa|.er, light twohorei conches. STOCKTONS fU oa AreeUSTA, 0th .tan. 1835. ) Olice at Masion Hnouse, Mobile, eI)istaace, New Orleans to Mobile, ISO mile Mobile to Agutsla, 541 Augusta to Charleston, 136 Charlesaton to New York, 980-1106 Time, New Orleans to MoLile, 06 hours lMobile to Augusta, 1.2 5 Atugsta to Charleston, 12 " C.harleston to New York, 1.- 58 Making 168 nmiles per day, or 7 miles lper lour,4 . sive of tilstolppagare nar t N. II. 1 beg leace to tanform the lonchltoSat lra bridges lover tlE Clataloolreswanllml naid HlrsdLaber creek havejatst i bea enaaoletal tI y tile gea.' ratgl en-et. nmeact, (tae otlly olastnlo lleltt.tllltg agaist tlaia.hfeund slpeedy molue) arlle tIhu halpllily relonedl and il'aic Sofleare flaig fro. trlaell.llslian the eonanhiint ia. , atrivtes aa roads are ol til fistAllro er anli to the wltelr Itte oinm lierssloela to Ctlar Illua', It is admit. tedl by all wlo have lassed thlrouglh it to lie nlula.asesod its ilovelles, Itnlrav atall aatyo. h'lae brillreae, ehel Chor'gia have also ialloear,'laild. J MO C IIAKPIt eTH(4),I~'. SVWAIN Na. 11 Canal Street Ne. Orlaa Ad always on had costantly io rocevaioL Dru o Dyen, Chemicanl, and 'abats, among them are i4m oldowuir: AutimsnRtiUGS. DYES Adiiotnyo, lu Ar Aadot. reCd, do regulus, Attoais, SpaniaIll, Armeniec erude, Alum,, de poalowredl, ltrazillette wood, Balmo anllavin, Coaalitaral, Iac, ceriter, A Conta.navOaaO , Amerieon, ao telinaed, C lanar, lrimstoue, lrune, u"atie, 'rampleo, do roll, do CtIn, do flon or, ,to Maiu , tCastoroil, italigo, ltogol,' Creamin, tlar, do allailla,. Canaaritest, ido CarrLeess, Gum aloes, do Gs tamale, do Arabie, L wondwe Clamli.aely, o as.laafohtidi, tOi St Datnmilgo, do aaooiOae, do Jo i e l do hellztniI, Clniwoonl, do aeOln, totagh. Mladller, omntla, do dl sotiloleal, Ni.curagua, lnalllsre, do do S Anerirnl, do Core, do camlihoretk, ru doe, MtaraesihL do do rcfined d l ai aehe. do auiaceom, CIIEMICALS. do u ilo, Acid, aitliroas do onllsie, tino llUatilic, do ohim, de slllpllhurie ato stiellc, ltihte citriol, t. tegal, ACotllonnlt pi p . do ollalllrtc Corrolivo salllimntt, do tla.matcaota, Ctahloride of lime, (anhoge, ipso.i I lla, II Junolil'r beriles, Ailierieaa,l,.ltar enui., do lo Forleign, I ed preilcitate, ll '.alteliai, Eligljhla, Il'ielitlle.e lt, at AnicieClnt bleod cItottnatae lpotaH alila fluke, Sn, emllt .'sul, ,to sonia, StillsI 1ttata, ltan.olue bhll, SuSg'o lead, Oil elanies, bull. zinlc, liih etaoto, Sol1 iniato, tIo talragmot, 'lrara t.natiec, SlonFAIN''lShBloellue. Iltalt tIim,ta Cli.lnic yellowr, dry, ih ctin do tio iaa oil, Ilt jala p do (breen, dry, alo I ia teelirt., to do is nil, dl rhtulnt til.b , Lanablack, English, Io scltteol, tIo ll ,iun totaa, tio sht tt tatg Litharge, Etaglish, ala Saa"aI- I.a.aahtnas, .to Anmelila to atto 'Iaalpico, I'tiaSt hite Englill, CIO I)]5t, in Anlerican, ot catni, rtlle llead, Pattern. oro cadalnnllmin, do (;hllalmnkers, lo eloriilt'rl S1otm brown, idr), Eal"ils.O lo t roeicotile, do dO Amnerihe to tieallagrck, tdo grounl in olls Siugea, oar, Vetil. d English dra, .i. i,., ...Me.its. do Aarieeayl, io.l'it t, l l~atlit, Iao slrad it Oil, Sitlr, onlude, hranillmttt, Chinese" dio alo rlegine, 'eraligris, atry, SlOna tunvers, A x, ldo gnound pre, alo lto balla. alo d reduced, Ooapl, 11'ilttltolai ,Eallta, M hite lead, dryl Amearimn, alo to Almericana, do nlglilh, Io .sltile, I grmutind is el, Quiaktsiher, Ain wnarralntel lu pre. tl'O--tin 1)E," ET Medicine, t 811 ''cloupaato ass j -.-. L. PI.OUGH, Dentist, respectfully in ftei ias the publie that lhea lts ppared, ald will hlus constaltly tor sale, the afollowing iurioun Dental lMedi., for the diseases and afllictions of he teeth sand gums. e'gelar.ble and anti-suelratic tooth powders, opiates, :aslringent lotions, gult, lilste and washles, edsntshlz rlixer, gargles for son: month lnad throat, soti-scorlbal tieutuls, splirituous water ftr gangranous ulcers, sea. lite tiletres to. tendler leethl, nlea gum ll.lup t atpre. l) illteutlned oatile use of Iofants aran teelhitg. Eachll of the arove medicines are used for the dleent maladies of tle teeth and gunms, and with lIarticular dk Ieetions how tlhey are to be lsed. 7 Also many other articles for the toilet of the loulth. set P IANO FORTES-Tile-.ubvoriber has jast recoiead R t spleodid assortment of Englsh, nerman and American Piano Fortes, viz. rose wood, picolo, rand calbinet, pieolon, and grand action qagtcer piano fortes, frnom It Worntual d& Collard, (late Clemoenti & co, ) Loa lon, lnaltog.ny: sliad ebrau od sqare planeo fortes,e from A Steines, Vitlan; do from thle celebrated facts rirs ofJ Chiekoring &i c, Iloston; Dubois & Bacon, N York; V Swift, P'hiladelphia. Also-Flutes, of every description; violins, violincel los, guitars, clarionets, flageolets, bassoons,.horns, trum lpets, bugles, dronm, fiLts, strings, reeds, and every nrti ele of musical merlhandize, wholesale ad retail, t reasonable terms. B CASE.IY sov 24 19 Camp street PIjO (GROCERS! TIO GRUCERS!!--The subserit 1 hera would inform the Grocers of New Orleanstha they keep enostutly on land; a large supply of the ben Stungtitaton' Bitters, manofeactured by ltheusrelves,wiie will te sold at New York prices. KETCIIUM & LUBBOCK, Drutgisto, nov 'i23 37 Cazmp e E EIIMAN ALMANAC bir 1836.-Just received sod for sale by WM ii'KEAN, d9 Corner of Camp and Common st. 0JRE-GN ANI) DIOESTIE C HAtRDWAREI O ALEXAticDRt KIdKMAN & Co. No. II, Magazl st,, Importers and wholesale dealers in Foreign asl Dmanestie Ilardware, are receiving froma liverpool and the Atlantic cities, direct from tae manfaactouree, sq extensive easortment toffntc- atld heavy IIARDWARE, cmprisi:ctg every article in ihu line. All of which they oflnr low and one accommodnating terms, Country sr chalnts and others are invited to call and examine their stock; cnasisting in part of Amilte, vicen, screw plalre, sledge, nail and hand Ianma handad n l eatl bellows, trce , lop; lalt.s- d ha ilt e chains, gtlabbing; weeding, and hillitg l nes sho vels a d sltedes, lanre shoe, clouat, wromuhtnd oa ut nails, clloplping, brech, land ail broad axes, shliigliEg hatchets nad tomahaw ks, iorv, beuk, tellni and bons handle knives o nd forks, in oea plcte sets o 51 and 53 piees, dinaing and desert kLtives ad forks, ivay, husk, iftlil) sand hone curving knives and forks, pen, poket t tad dirk knives, scissier and shenar iron and brass ip nob locks French, stock, closet, dlead, poad, ectpboard, elhert, till, toai desk lueks, irone and bra Imlrr ls, smtra p Shinge, wenood and bedscrewn, single and douhle barrelr Ilint and pet ursion tllot guns, smooth and acut d here. 4' lien, ftll ncad half stocked, patealt, halt, loleter sad etlcket pietols, waggon hones, American and E.ngli s rlittere steel, esat,.henr, and Crawley steels, Iauors, bIright and blaek, nlak screws, Etglitill and AmnerIer ctsiings, corn mills, eottan nad wool cards, paslts black. tag, iron anil brass wire aives, gridirons, lIes. hwld ial cow bells, eroe-ot ptn nuill stawe, aetd, levnst a alnd wond sawn, tiltnware, iron eal brass fendl, tobgsl sad asl.nels, brass anadirons, l'iltnnLa eid Japnsed wares, tea kettle-, sauce ant starevptal, frying pes, Iteashes of tall kilad, planre, rarpeler's tools, paten I- latnesi and steelyards, staotnery,Gemtalnu goods, pe.. COlMB AND FANCY STUIORE Ii; CAI- t. . r l hE sobscribers in addition to their leas s or s ateat htove received a grcuatvariety' ofnef y 1tie.e auitable for 1ete" )ecar andl Cheritstat Gifa, to 1. 64'rlI .catlealner atl elhilrlen. The fbllowng in s a dearilt Ladties musical wtk bolxes of curonie pattents,and pla itn the amost fusolaitblle tirs; Ladieas plain work box .. a large variety; lLadies Totoltei ShelCl, pearl, and .at rerctt needle easc hlandsenmeh"l f-itlshedll; Iory sand. Tartorine shell nsotvenire, set witah miniatures sand other "\ paniatigs; Tortoise hlell, ppr am l od rer no t tranfh . bs ets for tcat.a tables; Splendid lfancy hbaskets, rinkly or anmented witlh chenille ; thit is on entirely sw arnieal, a grant variety ofnrtilicial flowers for bend dreueaapI t Icatete, lIdies Fans, embroidered money pos,)an. faned cashlions, on elegant toilet altiele. An o nts t , dsliected puzzles, for tihe iastrnetion and seosse t sa of children. Flux and Kid dolls, dresedl and asdsusnd r,. - an rasaortment ofgilt, pearl, adjet rwaistt buckles. IsLr dies natd gentlumena writing desias and dressing e -. " -. grent variety oftlam fancy articles. d a 7 "EES & D'LANGE. nf(k- I\VORK-1 r'aret lasntncrnft, or heoc S I.ove, by Jaoes A atlreatas St Jlt, auther 0 'Talcs of the Ram ldhoam," &e. E.c. "Tlhen Intnt you sIcrd Of mtt that loved not wielh,, hut ata well." " t "'lWhere is my iildl"--ag Eelhns "w . f tJIeeiedvsat.dl ad or salie -b tai3 IIOTfC'llK ,y & Ca,' .21 Ct lt 4)

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