Newspaper of True American, March 11, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated March 11, 1837 Page 2
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28th, 1837. I)ray, Durive & SiThompson, W. G. Hewes n& Byrhe, be and they are _rized to make, at their own S.the period of one hundred , 'de walk twenty feet g. S ,t atthey cltim to the ground a _ _ CO nu.tih df a . t hline faom New Levee atreet to the Mississippi river, forever: the said agree+ent.eP a before the No tar. of this M'dr. ltt. Sent to.the March. . ..S A DWIN, Recorder, 4'f +ggsolved, That the force of the Com . es hrS*e month of March, be as . "-tward. Twelve men laborers, six ea tsnd drivers. . a nd ward. Twelve men laborers, six 8 jaiv and drivers. F 'Third ward. Fifteen men laborers, six ar tsend vers. Each wsu two foremen, with the addi- a usaal allow f five dollars per month. - Seat to or, 2d March. JOS -BALDWIN, Recorder. "elsred, That the force of the Survey- d Sa's department for the month of March t t.main the same as fixed by the Council for the month of Tanuary. e nt to the Mayor, 2d March. JOSI9UA BALDWIN, Recorder. Resolved, Th& the Mayor be, and he is hereby authorized to appear beforethe No tary fthis Municipality, and sign, in bho half otlhis Municipality, all contracts eu thorize4'o be made by this Council of the ame. Q Sentto the Mayor, 2d March. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Resolved, That the Ordinance adopted 31st January last, providing for the adjudi eation of the making of the side walks dauingthe year 1837, be so amended, that the setting of the c.o and gutter. stones with three feet of paved support o" counter banquette, be adjudicated per running foot -and that the laying of the side walks with bricks be adjudicated per square it to the Mayor, 2d March . JOSHUA BALDWIN.-ecorder. Resolved, That the account of the Com mercial Bulletin be allowed, and that the Treasurer be, and he is hereby authorized to pay on the warrant of the Mayor, to Putnam P. Rea, the sum of two hundred and seventy-one dollars seventy-five cents. Sent to the Mayor, 2d March. JOSHITA BALDWIN, Recorder. 11FLOUR-2lhundre and lifty lhblin d ln tor Bakers I' bd,hudiu from stleanlort ,-vinll. r n(:in ehiat,, far sale by IIOGEIt' &, HA\\'TIHORN, tll 63 Gravier st S OFE.E-I3U0 bangs ,in .,ife, ,en eropn-, in s.tore JUI.US VA1HIN, -'-STOI1 O11.-20 bbhi fresh eatr oil, il store anld J fqr sale by JULIUS VAIiIN, all' 2 GraG ier st. j)ORK- 300 bbls pork laudiitC, in store asid for sale y JULIUS VAIRIN, ml1 .2' Pavdrns ,t. BIIAN Dt)'20 lllfil:pe, 5 rlr real, nid 5 Iibls brady, dilcetfr'nm ilndeaux, hladinog haoa eh:i lndue and for soale by JULIUS VAIIIIN, mi ll (ranvirr st V INES--132 boxers led wln'. J7 bhuskers el.imtn pnign,100 Ilkets a oil,ai d i I hbds T' .t ilt , direct frm Bu.dtlaux, landing from sbhipl, dInand fn i r rale by JULIUS VAiIJO N, " ml l , t Panvtrn "rt. ' "GEO. JOHNSON, loll 92, tCoOanO straett. BUTTR.-(; kreg, G(sllnti; iI ditto Alltioaa liii lsp :ioa, for sale. A bargin, by G.ElO. JTOHNSON, mil lI, C aon ii ,tr'et. &ACU.l--l4 tasks; 1400 bbts. ai Ltloir, 32 blals. of SAugar. For sa by o A. H o. WALLACE & Co. rall lank OAliy. F FNER.S' iVk,4ae1 bbls. p.erisor i'sma-afCi alamlg add-male by S. & J. P. WII·ITNEY, lill 8, Contlstreet•. GOFFEE-Two hundlreil begs p.H.-.'.a-'-C~of ý` fe w sale by BOGERT & HAWTIIORN, mil 63. Grnvier rtreet. OARD. kels leaf Lard, Iof Iuperor quality, in atom and lfrsall by ROGERT & HAWTIIORN, mnl " 68, Graever street. A a- satn. Cininati dried, conAsit lag sldidee, heasr, am shoulders, in stem sad tslls y . OGERT & H AWTHOIIRN, m il 63, Gravier street. VOBA(tICO .-t00 bobsr, various brands and quality. reeeivng and in soe. For sale lw, by JOIIN H. COI.QUITT, mill tin. 14. Gravir street. DI.IG STORE b'O5-B.LEj ITUAN1'D in the centre of busediest. Aiddsre S f. P. Q. by letter to Poa Offiae, ms' - ii--O tliercee rice, in ston i na i Ibr sle btn i. &J., P; WtLILNS K, ml0 l, a nylin street i A(,0?.--jOeasks aceoibtanding ram salcanboa I ,ionaviL, Forsahluly y JUIIUSVAII1IN, ml0 A26 e r oydreas treet .IORN M IgLL..-10 blbs. fresh Corn Mral. landing •, Imre stemlsat'Mbravisn. Fr saile by JULIUS &VAIRIN, mis 26, Poydras st. E .g.--5U eaisk primn eleease, laslinr sald for SBale by S. &J. P. WHITNEY. mI0 No. 8, Conati street. 3-140 bblbae. WVhites and R bed;- I -tal. rer-. 1 t dWhiskey; I bbl Flour;, lain lieg fron seasm .Li md for siale by JULIUS VAIIN, .m Blt26 ol draset. ElVE bles ofLt , liuie tnr sale by A. H. WALLACE & CO. to - Bank Alley. .EVMN hundred sacks f cram in store, fLr aile by A. 8l. WALLACE & CO. • m9 _ _ak Alley. SkIrer* hnortlern Il'er, ii;iL; I:ot. l Cii, old; " 0 bbl .Pehlth Brandr, old. For salEby .A. H. WALLACE & CO. mi -. Batik Alle'. ydifemt wcmaelt of various qualiýitc. : asl' lc J. G. BI.ACIIAR(D, s No. 35, Gravier trecet. hiadisgfmsieaaar Leaaglot. `'bI i0. 1,0115EVY, 41, Nera Leveine. S.-0hts. lasilai dnas nio ernncraLna. sor sale by Gi. IiOlEY, 44 New Levee. e i, Beiies ard sbm, Iadain fcss alsamer Sultaua. Par asae by G. DOISEY, Ain 41, New Lever. " ISKE'.-- Ibl rae:tiled Wisi r a., tldin._ flon stleamer Clyde. For sae by m9 GIi. DORSEY, 44;New Ieven. S AIITESI)- i Junsagn, who is a good rn ant and ofeteafly haitea can heor ofn itantion,l ; - . ldrr in 5 itt ralcren.ts, lbox 211 pont (Slitce. - ANLLS AIt- "N I lird.'r y EAD & BARSOW, , 41'' ,I mt 1 ISK(ES-2- p& aeolR'o oiT. inu lue. s tunge far Uaante n Iy reM $ ; No. 0 C. I'Iisnaa I treet , -B be lbi lie. I0 .il. boe ra sanl Ser Mictal. " ,ao d as rlaTe y I -b 8BROIli[E\LLJ&C.6.iGA lsgiNziNe 8 RERA) & ARSOW 67-(ssleie rear oerb lt- I--1 7l, canuisters GUilybsn. ý . nImpel te, Bndingrn, barqe MInusts, at forsaat *.. l Jl&VE I(R & Co. " " Poyras rt. - @i5 base cat~e, and 20', £ sANo, MVEN & C. 83 Canal at. Pr bIsSfriI die .breflfsosale i58 'hssillaelsaaet 4 sssai Tf lfsar an. ap NMI 17 Feq'sat. '1IJUIE AMERIICA1N. lbEW-UILULANS: SA SI #J. E.I iIONIN X?..............arch I, 1837. t The Resolution for the recognition of qMe ludendt I ence of TEXAS, passed Ile enate on the Ilst day of Ith.Jlallas has received the reward ofl:is labors -Ire goes on the Russian mission. A better poll tieiancould not have becrnselected. His success in proving the power of the people to peacefully o abrogete all chatter or vested rights, gives usan earnest that the Nesealrodo school will now fiInd an equal! He has done the I idding of his master, and it is but fair he should get his portion of the publn It lf. The sales of bills on .ngloand for the packet of 24 March were at a reduction, the cash rates being 8 1-2 a 9, closing oat I-2 toG3-4 percent. On France the enah rates were 6f 20 a 5f 2 1-2. At Paris, January 17, quarter to 4 P M. Five per cents opened at IC1f 99e, and closed at 109f. 50c. Threes commenced at 79f Ohe, and closed at 79f. 85c. On reference to our news ruollas, it will be seen that dates are received at eoslton freom Liverpool to the 21st January. The account of the liabili ties and assetsof the Bank of England, will be interesting to the merchant. In Cottorn there secrns to fe a depression of 1-8 to l-4d per pound. The tea: porary stoppage of the Banking house of Esdail in London,- caused considerable eensatioln. See the Statement of the Liverpool Cotton Market 201t January. Thr temptations to verload stoenmboats dcae in ding the the w" l ter are so great, that many have It:e W e ortP0t whit the guards under w s e endan gers not ouly the boat, but the I pas. senge r ~ e is of no e il.dity overcomes all sense of danger. But d to learn that the Insurance Offices of New have resolved that any boat so overloading shall be plted upon the black list, and shall not be insuresl again by them under any circumstance. This is right. Nothing operates so. quickly upon the nvaricioe as- n lppeal to their pockets. There is dan ough in all conscience in trav ilting by sea t. P when loaded to a proper Sderth, but that cJoaices of loss of life shlould be increaoed thr.nouh the cupidity of the owners, is not to be borne. We doubt nut however, that tlheresolution of 'he Iisurance Companies will break Up this iaiqutous system. Th.e .ight to coin maney was by rho -., titnu tion erpresarlytaken away front The Sr~a" and given to Colgress. L is one of thoe att.dcis of supreme power, ant-accordieg to the spirit of our FedersJ s1stemnimust etntre in tile General Gov eroni.nt. lThese are positions that -no one coal deny. All powers not granted to thei Federal G.verrnimomlt were asscrted to be reserved tio he states a!ld to the people. As ilte,powtr to coin mreuey, is one, and indivisible, no right, was left to the st.atea to meddle with the mattnle when it was once given to Congress. L ook ill the Consti tution for that written grunt. The right of the States to create corporations for any purpose rwith in its rouertl,is admitted on all hands. But have ,they the plosilre power to create insitutilns for the purpose of coinilg monoey, whetn that right is dclod to thei; when they gave away that right in forming the federal cmnpactr Certainly tiot Theu how comes it that they halot done sol Ne-, cosilty and expediency are the arguments in fa.or of the etates'which have'thiLtibroken the Consti ,tution. We kn.w that quil-blers are.ready to sh0 w tl-at the emission of Bank bills by corporations is nut the coining pfmoney nor the sameid as ernit. ting hillsof credit bi y the states. It is the spirit of the act wlhichl we took to, not the mere wording of it. American Banks coin mioney to nil intents antid prposes. Their bills of credit usurt tile place of gild and silver, This very fact proves that there has been a violation of the compact wlhilch reserves to the General Government the single power of coining money. No person is sir silly as to deny that bank l ills are solory. If such a beingesan be found, he should go back and study the debates and decisions on the subject since 1i-81. But so tile public, and the supreme governing power of the Union have admittedl: tacitly the right of the states to create corporations for tile emission of bills of credit, that is, for coin ing money, it L-ecomts a question whethller the power creating. such corporations have a right to alital arashLogote their chariers? The question is as to tile ubsoluie right, not a .qualified right, for the admnitsion- of the latter presupposes the ex. istenee of the formter. It is an established princi ple in naturer, that the creator has fall and comr plete power over the creature. T'Ihe very senti, ment of tie question goes to establish the rtight oa the state over a corporation of its owin msaking. But here again we-ere met iby a fresh dilliealty. Contractseannot beonsulled,--so says our writs tln Conasitation. But is an act creating a corpo ration and the.aeceptaced fthat act by the cor porators a eus-tract. Lawyers say, no. What is it then? I. is a right reuled in others for their special behdse and benefit. The sove. reignposwerdoes not seceire a f.ll aconsideration and value for the grant, therefore it is not r con, tract. Hence the dilereneeseetween vested prepertisl rights. But what is to be done with the cotnfessed contracts ithe eorporation may snake after its authaoized castencei The right of the state to annul a charter, does not texcad to con tracts made unler lthat charter4say the expounders of right .sad wrong. If then thtese arguments be good, and we - lc e nothing to the comtrary, the oltae has an undeniablehpowrer over a corporation of its own ereation, to d, stroy it comnpletely, or to increase and limit its privileges at pleasure. The absolute power being granted, it remains for the wisdom of the Legislature to decide upon its exer cise. Louisa-a SeerTs io hIre cotattasrty acted .n giving dhartera, under a belief - that it pus~areaed tllis absolute right. Anld yet tLra aoge folnd two Banks in our city b.ld.eaogh to deny it. Tine is sue has been halD between theta and the Iltaste of Representatives. If tile Senate atdt Govrnor are of tile same opinion, tltle.ecisiun of this question will 'be exceedingly interesting as to what is to lh the practice of the slates in regard to corporate rights. Wihth tli eaoe before us, the mind natur ally rrverls to the doctrines of Mr. Dallas. The right of iostluction seetms pow so uuiverealfy ad mitted that we ite safe in predicating arty -argu. ment upon it. Dallus eontendeJ that ol.e people had a right to instruct their repireenaaetlive to ab rogate the charter of any corporatiot deriving ex istence erom the liLegislature. And this is the .reat pr1t1 to whici. we would direct publie atten tion.. li a governitent like ours, no principle can be adul ted trithout having all its acosrqucuea carried out: -liad the states adhered to the writ ten cutlreituiiuan l thie Uijtn, and not reclritied the right of coining moniey, tIhe frderal govern ierrt would longr suice have pron.lded II-c country with u sullicirut circulating nmediau, whose aco , sal value would have behrt the samo frorm Maiuc Lu.tiaina. Nu experimenta on the currency pd Ihae ensued,-no conatflicting irtercatr ilid4l prompted tlwoe .lperimeseta. But the dovernign rtat s arrogated to ilremielves a right they had previously give.n-away,-arnd in dointr ar, gave IIrth to the nation a currency as varicu as the coulrs il JasoIr'lP .oat. The resumptiou ea this power was as sanortunate one tar tIhe coun. try. The State Geoerunarits posseste ot unly the right in theirwisdess to great powsras of incurs rhtaltion, increase them or revoke them, but as o oensequenee of the irglhtofinetruction, they may be compelled to obey the people, if they see flt to dictate to LAtei. Thus is the right of coinitg me ney, delegated at nsat s Oshe stpreme power of t Splret, sair stqwprds cosurred upon the Congrees of the Union, at lat broulght back to the doorts of ithpeopeapletimeslves Wheta hel for demrs gogues ! Oar great boast is that en are govers d ardsr a writn coantitution, -ndi ye t thlt cer. - )1-_·- C. stitution is vitdatc' wlihenevritiinceblt ran seeate a majority so to do. The currency, We currency; th -iiis provide~ in the ~eonsltittion-how it shall R be Ainttnlled. If "'e a~e friends of the country, et i'e will endeavor to adhere to thtt instrument and to re.tore its wonted inluence. The countty is in w e dilemmai, te=.ationed the power of the states b to oiin 'money, and it mtust now sanntion the right n of the Psor.EL through their proper organs to abro. 'q gate, increase or grant a charter to a corporate e body having that power. Its only rescue is to lfX A bnak to the Constitution and adhere to its wise tI provisions. We have dates on otir table from Washington, up t tthe 2nd March. Garland has brought in aC report entirely exculpating the Deposite Banks, P on I Mr. Whitney though nab edging he tat- s ter to be a sort of an agent. ba h C counter report, which has committee of tie whole, wi duce a bill prohibiting in C lion of secret intelligence b Trensury-to any bank a speech was a powerful e The bill repealing in e laee passed the lower hot resistonce of the r Presiande measure iti longer are prepared howere bukinglack tle .e After a briefdisc ting land hill was liii that the country is osve The fortification bill, with meat struck out, came hef Mir. Bell moved that the fli I mendment,-curried, Il to --li friends of the people in the o sentatives! We yet hope for the reptil was returned to the Senate. lMr. Wrigh t-at the -Senate insilt on their amendmet, strike out,--carried, ) to 22. Only twenty two democrats in the Senate!! No mofe. What can they do against the 28 ae lerate? Who are these enei of the people . ere they are: Benton, Lkh, Brown, U *an, iLbhert, Da, no, EwingL .) Fulton,'Grun y,lin., bavrd, King, of Alaba ing of Geo., Ly ot oulon, .iehk' olal, Niles. r'dvel, Page, Parke Rives, Rug* glee, Scvier. Strange TallmadgesValker, Wallf Wright--2, and Messrs. Mouton and Nicholao,- are they Anniprocrars,--enomies of the people? Tlhey hare refutd to give back to the people their own money. Let this be remenmbered. So setqns the mnatter. We presume thlat tile Fortification bill will rest whereit is,--like Mahomet's coiin-be, tween the two Hlouses. t y the late arrivals from Chic . n4ona eurice. I particulars have Iben receivet.. nili .. ,nperor Tatlkwang entereld his 55th year jJiteh.. ier last. During the prevalence~ ifapegi' dreorght in the province of Pekin, finditig- tiat!hhbunrning of inrcense by his royal hand had W. l. e or. dered that all the criiminals should bh . charged fromn the jails of that district, in hopi .. pitia. ting the showers. Thus, when all thlii f the world is breaking the iron bands of i' id suporstillOri the Chinese have-not mdie"'h'ligle eefi,,rt,;lo tle ff th eustoms and habits of their frefathet ei are bound down by the tyran ny of thrny centuries. The people of the South should now pause, and seriously enqulie where they jiolitically are. There sis a dark and ominous commotion in the under currents of society. Its dregs and filth, which no longer lie at the bottom, but rise buoyant to the surface, show the quickeonds and rocks to be near; and tie National Bark, which, under such.circum stangef, both skill and honcsty might be unequal t to tlte.ask of saving, is steered by niither. The compatibility of the continuance of the Uni on, with the coLslitutioual yights of the slave holding states, now appears ia a- mort o"question able shape." The norlthern statesare renouncing that patriotio spirit of compromise which serves to make up the Constitution of the United States; and without which, it could never have beenadopt. ald, and are fast embracing doctrines originating with the agrarian rabble of New York, and their foreign associates. What are the true merits of ebolitionisnm, the advocates of whielh,in the non. slave-holding states, are rather hrenced ihan tnletr aled? The mrost favorable aspect it can possibly present, is simply this treasonable & diaholical 6h j ect :-a combination of individuals in one stae of the Union, for the abolition of lhe conslirtlional laws and instititions qf another state of the Union. That such miscreanrts xist in all governments, all his tory will show; but that they should be upheld by the sovereign power ofa state,--that it should ex periment on their fitness to rule, is reserved for the Imore modern hlstory of tite United States, and uel ore is the decline of the constitution. As well anti as constitutionally might the state of Neaw York, give suceer ro, and protect a fbret-erncemy, de tined for the conquest of Louisiana,as to shigld b) her laws an organised banditti, whose sworn pitr pose is the subversion of the laws end institu tions of Louisians. Tire constitution perfectly -wars aots the parallel. The non-slave-holding, tates use lt; btu meet ii with the seost flimsy so phistry. They profess strongly to reprobate the combinations but "The libert of the Press! the liberty "ej reech! the tUeasd liberty of sprcrh and of -Cte pres."' is their ar.,as though the condtitutisn guarantied. the tresmabla use of these liber.ies! With this plea the incendiaries have hotlhing to fear before tl-e judit ilt tribunale. It is the "open ,' to th"ir wishes in prostrating the liberries of the country. " But this is not all. There is at the North a very general dislp.,ition to apotngiss for the abolition ists. We hear of their being in nonss, pratmn RRoiCe, -Mousej misguided and fanaical society, ieho deeply sympiiise eilth the ./frtean race, and weho totrd faint a ctliorale tUeir conditiont- a mi.then, something about a.mrisn4nI rnuLnarnoarr! All this, too, in despite of the evidenceof their senses They know that-the alc litionisls care not a ut-hi for the whole African riec. They know that the Jack Code agrarians-of hoe North, and the slaves of the South, have about thei same attachment to the.goveramernt and laws. -They ought to know, that the only sympathy the '-frmer can "have for the latter, arises from fellowi feeling in a common purpose -from numerical power in plundering the land-in murderous and sanguinary insurrection! That such, in-short, are -he tea der ties of TnRsor which bind the abolit, nint to the slave! Snuch apologis, tlierefore, can pras in the slava holdintg etate, for nothing but lhyypcritical cant; and the apologists themselves, who are an over whelming majority in the non-slave-h Iding states, can be regarded isn tne other light than a. sanction ing this crusade against -the cotstitaijo.. In what mranwr ave the ulave-holding states to Iyeet this aggres.sUr? It is time they were de liberating and deciding. If to preserve the IUnion they must yield to a lawless rabble, that is rt worth 1 Cui bon.f The Southlerner is a new paper published at Port Gibson, isisassippi, and edited by Molann Butler, Esq. theautlhrof the history of Kentucky. It will bedevertt d to Southern interests, and will edvo. care a reform in the General Government. The firat numbereontairus omne valuable statistical in formation relative to Port Gibsen and the surround. ing country. Mr. Butler is well qualified for the ar duous task lie has assumed. lie has beeu an ardent pioneer in the cause of education itn the Welst wtos the prime mlover itl the esteahlbltient of the city school of Lomuisville,-snd has added to the history of our country a succirnct and thoroughly correct aeccout of the doings in Kentucky frout its first settlement to the present day. As a writer Mlr. Sutler presents no ordinary claims to public favor. His fortns is cost samonga people wihoknow how to appreciate merit wherever it be found, and we predict for the 8Suthlerner a must brilliant co reer. We hope the editor will take a strong stand on the question of slavery. All Southronse hould meet abolitionists at the thresahld with the Cup atitution in their hands, sad deny their right to souch the date lqutesu is agr tias. Mr. Brtlenr s opinion, weare sure, will be aonstitstionelat least. .e bees our best withes for soged.a in his new pur. ruit. w~s .,, _ In contradiction of the ep .y In y that no express mnils had I end of the net Rail ur re or read ers t itfs l ,¬r flr i t tfqc etor: anl h ay this morning thi .s mails. have art been )i.th46 dt.sce aiturdny last, and that mo- itt ney had been iused as a bribe to keep them back. Va The muals since'~anturday have gone regularly eve- 14 ry day. There is no express mail from here to uI Mobile; it goes in tle great-mailbbg that then separates, JESE HART, d ra m It 'N BECKWITII,a 'the tea oil discovered by English travellers in China in 1832, is beginning to attract the attention de pf the commere.ittprorld. It is procured from the ha estt's of the edmellia oleifera by expression. The A Chinese ase it as an esculent and illuminator.- lb The taste is satdto be pleasaon and might be sub- de stituted for F rsnce oil. It is called by the Chi- h ness rAas ituj, adoil, it is bag inninlt . . it da. Sir Tb asperinateils im en very active i gasr. Ia late oak i ' ,: hf correspdndcnts of t. tepblIban closed their favors. g aw 0 inches deep. Such an d e in Savannah for thirty thattht r patallure at of this ci t=i i'o it vingston in I Scompromise id Contiestd claim of Gra rietd others, h. necreed ishis leg:l repre. e. .o y- T ii,6ti of the Supreme Court of n St gheair lat term. The qiues. wd.aerguea iiClay and Crittandetnfor the op apil}pnrty, and for Livingston by Mr'lWhite of n Aerowued house to ace Celestc last night in h'ept. a 0o and see the automaton thea:re and panorama the Western Exchange. -- EXPORTATION OF GOLD. Liverpool, Dec. 3d. 1836. TO TiLE EDITOtRlo.Tth. ALt.tiN. I "'.rdSir$--ln my letter, i.s .planation of "A I 'P'` Ehiiat . ilt ed Dalkkibn .nflglnnd," which 9 'if .`` r ~of the 28th N..v..e.ber, to it W ufh aind the patience of .you rea- I Jdrtl W9ssi~liged to omit somo etn arks I wish- t e.t ike n the iPrinciple of Currency' ado;ted 5 by thBank of lEngland, and the much debated v subject ofa demand fior gold for exportation-the latter, til acknowlededed cause of innumerable losses totile conmmercial and trading classes of the a community. - Demand fur Gold for Eiporlationt.-I shall en deavour to explait !ny ideas of its naturaleiffrcts of its effects resulting, frot an artificial system: of 9 credit-how these effects might be roiligsted by I p powerful body commanding and regulating the i cired it.ig medium-and how these ellics are a- n gI rr.vt r evil I.y the system of policy r.doptcd , I li.ithe.Bank of England. 1 shall also endeavour ...llOw, that in the npplication oft her 'Principle orCturrency' to practice,.the'Banki of.Entland iao. lats the fundamental and most valuable essential t of that principle, which in, 'That the public shall a r hao ca of cause if complaint. by findiig that some pernacious , flect shall attach to the issuing of ntstiaa that would not have occurcd had the currency been I cor.fined ia,gtld.' Supposing there was tio paper monyc, no bills of exchange, nuimernantile credit, and we were a nation trading'wjti'On millions of sovereignrs,he natural effect of ihe large and continued explrtn : tion of sovereigns would be a reduction in pice. , As no tman would owe ahytbing, the purteiple thant would check an imnmediate or oudden reduction ili price, would be, that no man would part, at a lose, with amy commodity he held, unless from pecu Sinar c'reu"lstanc.o, such as for imlmediate subsis tiencr, or the article wns perishaltle, r the xprense of keeping wiould exceed tilhe present lose, or lih could import it cheaper, olr he was obliiged to be continually producing motre, and must keep lhs works anrd machinery. going. This is thie cast - with owners of aline:-. - ,No manl would. hbe ihnediat ly c.tmp:l-led to pact with any comnmodity o meet his engactelnts, t'he Swould lhae noegagellnleuts to Imeet.; prices would. Sfrom the scarcity of money, ineviirpblty l)ower iom i. ports would hi' lessened; lower prices would in vita foreignresto buy and increase exports; anu. in the endl, no doubt, a sua.iient quantity ofl sover rignis would return to pit us t)n a lar, as io abun f danote of circulating mediuml and prices, with thie comnmercial world generally, and especitUi. Eu i rope. T'he effects produced upon prices by a controi Y tion of the circulating itediumit under an anrtticial sfystem of credit, is greater and m utch more rapid. In addition to all the motives for selling suggested d above, and the necessity ot takitg a lower price, front the fact of there hieihg leis money to buy It with, there would exist this stiulating atld powter a. ful motive for selling, the necessity far meeting , engagements. This urges men to seal, at what ever the pricej rather than stop Iayment. T'hi arttfi.ial state accelerates tie fall f lprices, and is the larger the stock of commodities, the greater td the amount of acceptances outstanding, the more rapid, the greater willbe the fail. In this state of thlinuts buyers will only purchase t from necessity, for imtinediate use or consuimptlion; y, tIle anuant uf iransactions will be diminished; Id fewer inland bills, or of less amomut, will be drawn; imports will be diminished,, (for the price of for. Seign obmmodities will not fail abroad in tlh same Satio they fall in England, fortohe ssame circeurn ly stances will not exist,) and the tr;iditg capital or credit, existing in the shspe of bills of exchange, will, in the course of two or three months, be fear. o' fully di'minshed; tom ai.amount targreater tthan the i dimninution of cirFulating medium occasioned "by le the eapurrationt ofgold. This diminutitn, in the of amount of capital raised by credit on bills, will be a much greater preparmion of what previoualy ex. n isled, than the prportion of sovereigns exaported a! bear to the sovereigns previously in circulatioun. to The reduction in prriees will be far greater under this atificialsestem Than under thile system of all suvereigns, and no bills nor credit. uech a tinle as is the harvest for tmoneyed men to step in, and buy., nommnditied at a veryf low price, their gaia is ry sure, tintme only is wanted. - (To be c.tinuted ) Bya the Gverenhmest Express. TIIREE DAYS LATER FROM-ENGLAND. OFFICE OF TIIl N. Y. ADVERTISER. March 2d.-4 o'clock. We have just received from our attentive cor respondent, the IrIssrs. Toplif, of Boston, tihe Liv pool Jonural of January 2lst, brought to tlhat port by tlhe ship Chatham, Capt. Grlrato, which ves= eel arrived Ihere oil Monday, froc Liverpool. Our correspondetnt adds, t tile Chatham does not confirm nrr contrndict tile report of thie loss of ire pae.iet shrip c rie,r" lThe remainter of the men left on the wreck'of tlhe Kirkilln, lo Si. John, N. B., by the bnrque oberlin, were token off'by a British vesstl, and have arri redcIn Englanid. Th'le disasrrers of therFrench ships, enmplyed in cod-lishing on hrie coast of Icelland, cad been sia manly,sand ts extensive, that Io fewer th an 147 seamen belonging to the port of Dunkirk alone had perished duri,rg the season. BASxK oF E(L; accOUnt of the iiabilities and asstcs of the Btank of Engulllld on rthe aver age ofulhe quarter, from the 1Slt October, 1835, to the i0th January, 1837, inclusive: Liabilities. Aassts. Circulation 17,422,0001 Securities, 30,365,0001 Deposits, 14I354,0010 iuliiotl, 4,287,000 31,i7760001 I 34,G62,000i Downing treer, Jrnoary 13, 1837. By eomparing the above wilt the last monthIly account, we find that Tlhe circuluali, Ilne hbetnl iln. creased by 51,0001; the deposits by 1,024,0001; the accuritlles by 1,394,0001; and the bullion dimrinish edsby 254,0001. '1ne PL.tvtE.-Letters from Malta affirm thiat the plague has fi und its way inro the isaand, iha. ving been ilnported by someun of the trasdidg vesiels Fromc Constantinople. All conron callcuan with the island i~strictly forbidden at Naprls. FRANCE. We copy tile following from a pc-steript of the letter of thIe Liverpool Correspondetr, dated Lon dons, lhursday evening, Jan. 19. P. 5. ", A gentleman who has jusr colse frocm the city, was informed c abt there waos a reprrt there ithat Louis Piillippe had been again shut at. No everldg papier mentions a word about it. I ;ive the report, as my infureanrt is a man of cre Losuxn, January 9.--Consuls were as high as 91 6-8 Ibis u,,rncel. TryJ are now 91 f-r the aeconlt, and I4 hirtlhe ber tnuecy. Exccahquer bill a.e as Iltigllba .-9 10lg:niom. 'tOu cacr flcc, tY yrm an ilena . tln dlmeuahy of obtuinlng ot, ney for cnmmercial purpdses. Peninsaulr secaui- a ries are firm, as a alight advance. Spanish active lsock is t 927. Porlugrnese 5 per cents are 51 I-1,. and the 3 per cents at 33 I-4. Money is an scarce that edareely nay thing lhas been done in shnes. IlAat.nOG, D c. 28.--On the coast of Ripen a sealed bttlie was washed on shore on the 10th inst. containing the following note:-- Sarah, off Valparniso. We are wrecked; crew 31, pnaseigersa t 14. General Plips and family are stready washed overboard. This, please the Almighty, will be i 'the first annnunce of this wretched shipwreck rd hlsen f life. When this may be found let it noticed. ['The signature (une syllable) not qeagiile.J Capt. Sarah." -LIVERPOOL COTTON aMARKET, JAN. 20. Theibusaiess transacted in out cotton market' during the week has been "upon a more limited f scale than for some time previously, and prices I have f ence of the diminished. demand. Ameriee' ptions generally I-8d to I.4r per 9 Ih. lowit .d n Branils there has been a alightl decline. lear .5pilmeult of sole, eep St-urae pur. . prchases have been made er hlb. under ourl qantations. The sales of the week, including 102 Unemt and 150 Egyptian taken on speculatin, nand or export, amount to 13,00. ags. Sm" bags. ATE OF TIHE RETS hall this week, at ' i sane as for somne weeks post. A preve..ent in business Ias als so takn place tin the warehouses during the week, and the Opin- c ion is gaining ground, that, as regards our lonle a trade, there will be an early and good demand for c goods bfor the spring. IlaDD IheApr xrc.-There has been a good I deal d a fair amount of business all, notwithsianding the unfa nweather. T.--Bsinees has not been quole Sfivey ' in the piece market, compared with the last low weeks; yet a considerableoquana tliy of four quarters, and other.narrow goods have been sold. Prices remain firm. We can report no alteration in the wool -narket this week. .RneunALE FLAaNaEL. MARKET.-T--day being new market, and consequently a general holiday, very little business lienas been done itn ilannl. Woul continues firml. 'WARFIEI.D WOOL MARIET.-TIh diserepancy nonoJ in our last week', re po.t between the prices given to the growers of the wool in the country, and thaose made here, still continuing, causes the. stocks to le held back, so that not tmauch busineass has been done in long wools this week; notwith standing which,4lo inquiry for them is great, and lor the few sales made, rather high prices hate been obtained. There is a lair demand for all de seriptionts of short wool at very firm prices. PoRT TRADE OF Lon...-ITieir lumaber of ves sels, British and Foreign, whicil entered ithqport. laden with merchnndize in talIMast year, exceeds the arrivals of 1835, by 526 ships, nod in tontnlre, 90,986 tons. In 1835 the arrival by BIitaini ships were 2484, tonnage 421,970; foreign 544, tonnage, 108,658. In the past year 2253 British shlips enI tered, tonnage, 465,099; 901 foreign, tonnage 156, 563. Tlle prineipal increase has been iin ifreign, whichl is 397 against 180 British shi a. BATAVIA MARliRT<, Nov 19. Our market for produce remains much tile name as at the date of previous advices. No tarn cof fee to be sonl, as lGovernItent are nol disposed to sill. Sumatra coffee is held at $'28. No good sa gar und, r $20 per ptimtl; fur siine parcels of fine quality 21 has been paid. The governmen.r sale of tin.on lie ILth inst. aovirgcd $631 for the whole 1000 piculs; the govermnlant purchased about three i'ourtnhs Iof lthe wlFlwholle. Rice is low; goodeOargo qtuality is tiIe had at 1 20 per pi cul on board. Exchlanie duill aat f, 1.2. COTT'lON MARKET, Oct 18. There isn sone activity of-dimaad fir raw cot. r.n. Cotlon yarn is dull. "Pht 'alers are well supplie) d with lonI cloths. ,iengal oaulll h:a nll vanctd a litile;,'l'rkei without demand ; quick sil.veris saleable in atmall quaiiatiies' o ly. S.oldal wood steady. The demand ifor wollans hasn r: taler suhamded. Raw silk is nomalial. Silk pi, ce goods reltanin at high pIaces. 'a-no urnagc ient lihs yet taken pIlace It renliate th!e nimarkl .. butI the lrnIws from11 EInglald tends to a d(eheIII. S suchlng, $l1 in 46 peru; II)son,, Clnnto, 6 n 32; (;unpwiler mmo 36 a 38; Caper, a a23; Nui.keiCs ntl c;: Rhubarb, irone; Llack aenaJhts, 1 yar s 24 i. ins 14; colored, 1625; blmack vnlltile hdi s 5 51); Swhile panIoee do3"2 ins Ii 7; n Ille di, 30 )dis 3i) ins 1'; IPliatik ,tunins 18 yards29 s its111 50;: cralpe shnwl, 7-4 280; don 8 4ii240; Sugnr, raw',5 2L 5 ; Pinefan 6 5; Bills on I.ndoma; 4 90 in 10 !. U i Bas' l, 4s 9.1; S c e silver, 41.n 5 prtall; i ;a S hamm pillar dollars, par a f prena; i llI hual can d 3 an4 :tis. O'FrrIa or TUIy Jlal'iVA'. OF COMMRnCE. | New Yurl. Feb 28, 11 P Al. tennerttl's RHprt. LATEST FRO.M CANTON. S By the phip lonsoon, Captain Romtnondms, we mive Canton papers to the 18it Octlier. l'hey, h mwever, contaln ino news of inipnrlanee a A fine occurred at Canton n oi the ih of Septem bher which destroyed 41 lhouses, and SBotll, r= ere 1- torn dpwn. e The fnae of tase triasing Enlish i rig Fairy, is e- nacertain d. She was wrecked near Chiiponkwin, itna the Canton coast,anil her conmpany, in antIteii.t - ' ing to land, were atnacked by the natives, and I abou twenty of Ihetn killed. Some of the rest iwere bhdly wounded ' Late reports from Pekin describe the greac droeliht dlhricg the past sumenter. Sacrifices and Sburning inncense by the mlnperor himself nid his near relations having proved unavniling, orders Swere given o i mmedanenly examline into the ollls sof all criminals confinedd in the jails of Pechele d pr.vince fur slight ofofences, and to discharge them fr forlhwitll: such clemency, it was hoped, woual 1e cause the genial showers to descend. OFOICE or N. Y. IlEflrei Bennett's Report. WaT.L STREET, Marsh I. There is another pause in the stock market. Scme firmnness in certain sorts is eainced, but a languor generally prevails. Money is unchanged, and the rates in the street are as high as usual,-t 'he amount-of business itr.,aacted is oather less th hat for a few daas past. It is also Icnded that anlother decline will take place in lhe fancy stocks. Thesefluctuationsare unavoidable. The general markets are moving onwardas iusu al. In the flour nmaket there is no change. West ern brands are firm at last quotatiots. Tile mar. ket is dull. New York is isn fair demand at S$i. A sale of wheat at auati-n of 2500. bushels, da. waged, per bark Tasso from lH atihburg, went off at prices ro t 2 to I 33, ash. 4 , re -till exists u great agitation and inquiry in the flour market. The impresuion galhers strength that the price of flour will fall-and no thing more contributes to this idea, than the beliel that panic i nd speculation are the pliPcipalcauses of tlhe resent high prices. We have seen nothling nor e n we learn any fact ca:pable at ehangingh the opinion heretofore expressed on this pdiit. on the early part of the season, fl.inr specufaors caughb the Idlea that th-re was to be a gear duli. ciency of crops. They purchaiseoi upa on tithe, all the wheat they could get, at hitdgh prices, utnder thalt intpesnion. Yet, itn-spite ofthe ia.i- of greet scarcity, there carlr e no douIbt tIIa greater q(uan tity of flusr came dowirthe New Ytcki Canalu i 1836 thun in anly previous year. This gelteril fuct canlnot I eouutradieted--nur ani it lbe doubted nhat thlie flour inspector's repjort of this city is curreet. These are only is.rlatod facts--u Illit my it not be presumed that they are a s.llutle ul the It tule counltry' Wr are eoren nd nsor ersuaded tnhat shortness of crops is aa idea more to bIe sritributed to the peculators and tif e public jrints lthall to truth and fuct.. Two most irmporrtrnt lane have pasned the Sc. nate--a inew tari"f' and a new systett ocf poulic lands. If these laws should pass the Ilouuse i1 Retpreseltatives, their opration:l wit clause a trett er efll'ec utpon the itoney imarketit tlian t) stugle legislauive cuctrltent whlich has paonstld Cungressr in years. Both are intended to reduce tlhe I.ece.iu and prevent lthe ac.oltulaniun of a eurlvlus. This will curtadl the u:eane of banks nud rnduce islpc, ulation. Onstl:rrr itE N. Y. nIERALD S Wednsday, Matchll I. IntroaT.r't.-'t'Atre -Plarttc Lo.~ves-Det-Et. WEa.Tust.-Tlihe state of titrigs in \'rstr rTtn i-l begirrnitrgto develops itself. On.ane of this list letuortlati qnesteons of Ilie present dvay, the ril', Daniel Webstcrzof .lassacJuserts, bus abunda~ntn the Iappositeion, and ontie oet in favr of the ad mitnistration poTicy fir a ridnctilion oul tie ,ta"ril. This new positionof lihe great icadie oNew Eng land will revers% the whole policy of the countrey, and create a newreiisis m politics, trade tul the! currency. Front the best of sources we have reason to be lieve alanso, that tihe inew . d inistrnria n willnt no distant day, citante into Ihe views .lMr. Webtst in on the suhteet if n National R4nk. Mr. VWehslte intelnds atojnudge the aditinistretiono f 1ir. 'ntt Buren by its fruits. In connerlion wilh t-hisvhw Mr. A. Hf. Everett, of Boston. intends to eat:s lior l a new gvtermrentle paper at WVashilgtottl. Thesee tire all lih ks of the sane chlnli-al irnlical tius of a foresone eoncluenan of the higihest inpurlta ce to the country. 'The great nien of tine Ition hive been too long estranged fromn each thler. It is lihe they were united. Both the new tarifflaw, and the new land snts tetne resrricting the sa es to actual a tiler-, lhave passed, the Senate. We trust the Houuse of |tetpre santatlvee may pass tlt, andll titus restore the country to some degree of comupueure. TIHF TIMES. hlome--Baron di Castel Roto blew out his brains with a pistol in New York, on tie l.t insl, -the result of being erazed. Onl the It of May, the New York Herald Office will be removed to7I Ann street. 'rTe ship Mercnr, front Valpar.iso ftr Buston, was wrecked an Pollck Rip, off'Chnthaltm, ol the 23J Feb. Cargo insurged fer $M,400 On hundred anrid sixty-five p-rotrn died i: .V'-' York, tne etndir g . th itr., I.ngle capilsf th; e tckIlyv New Yurk- Iuerald, I - rat lling at 2 ebillings a copy. .' hefi ere no grog ahlops at Glet ha'. a part , u4,t' miles frone Cape Town, in ,lfical4A lt: r ' place for golty Mn e. I The .loutno l of Cuoatletree has breet enlrged. It is now larger than the Courier and Enquirer. co The Teinan atated schooner Invincitle, went s to sen fron New York on the 20th Feb,. The tax on splirit itn Sydney, New South Wales, k.e is .l.,000 a year. The annw stort in Etghand, it thie ear 1614 it lasted frtom the thtlt Jan. t the '2tl h marcht--so kc says Welton Gilbert. W\V believe it. One thousanld and seventy ldollars weret ttkenau on tle aoceasitn ,tf the RO.; Mr. Ilighy's dtlseureI-e for the benefit of t e orphthts in Et. Pauls Churcll, New York Feb. 26th. gr Snow Baltimore to depth of three inches pit the 31 instant,-just enough to provoke the - imely sleigh bells. The great Improvement bill has passed the Lo- i ilPtutre of Indianna. COal mI ElCIA L. Q g THa True AsennIcet, .- : I.i" cls ridgy, March 10th, 1837.c R All isyet in dotbetand darkests. We are still unsile to q come to any thing like certain nresul in relard to-the late stoppages. A day or two more will.elisve aus froin this states of uncertainty. To-day the money market Is unusually tIght. ThoughExl change on New York an be freely I ad at the munal fats, yet there i. a aIlletg of insecuritly p evatbllg among buyers, caused rathetherthe ge at uncertainty of the money market than by any htdite local c.a .. . . o a bits on a En l The adniees by t tlsto tid to Ii to tonuakestihe..e. otsan-8 e slttspoaad. rea:hed el byathe Little ws done tosday il cotton. " " The general market are .w In their progresr . For this 4 ma oft yeaou, such a steof things is unusal. want of ntaident and the derangement of thacurresy, are the pro ducig causes of this amily. We note a sale on the Leven e of l00hhdsof Sugar prime at 6 a 6 3.4, Molnases continues s:atiary at 23 eta. Floor is selling at $8 51; 500 bMls were sold at this pries on the Leveer. -In Lard there sea ~ne dcline Wa hear of a slo of 4010 kegs at 8 1- to 9 cts. Western But or saleable at I7 sta. we hear of a sale aofJ0 bbls Whiskey at 0 ets. Considerable dolg in Caol. HaIsana ommanudl I a I 1. 3-4. A t anss etion of 150 sack Liverpil blown Bell at $6 may he noted. Oats are scarce at 75 ets. Western Iay hals lake a great start; a sale oft taew is noted at $45. Rice aleable at 4 ets. We abarve aMe.e of 50 eUsks at this place. Oct. ltst, 183-No. bales ou hand....................... 8,702 Mar. I0, SI--No. bales rec'd to this date.......... 402,877 418,59 I Itbr. 10, 1837-Total Exaprtst I totde ..............a344,8491 No. tales remainieg, not cleared...... 9,'730 STATEIIENT OF TOBACCO Oct. l ct, 18 t--No. l ltd. t hand..... ... ... .....:.7,277 lar. 10t, O183l-No. hhde. re'd to this date...........2..814 IIERFI 10,1tt Total Export to date ............... ..0,:1 3 No. Ihds. remainil, not clearsed.......3,143 --*--- ExItPOt'I's (1F C) "ri)t . ANI) '1')1 \CCO, r rone Oct. I, 186L, to iMttec 1I, 18:17. BALES COTTON. tIIIIDS. TOBACCO. Swte ouly.c °illy s oaI. . 100I fi }sm ete4 1nd rtd : r 7 1: ow*s. 1 . .", i 44G1 44011 4 ......... ... ......:. ... Manttille ....... .. 71 '01 6 .Antwerp ....... .... .it .It I t s t l ..... . . . .N a2 t e 't .... 4I I4 Bremenl .. . t.9- 769 t Tr ........... OT O .... ' ..I . i a C..... . 0.... 1744e 1746t 1 til . w itI, ....... I .... .. O. . . 1aI- 1ti l -:: 0 l l oa ....t .... .11 .9 .. . Oilter Fur. Port,. 5 1915.l . q "1rotd For. Ports. 9i 11 .270169c2e91651 .... 33 91 :301 ' o......... ..... . '.. I 1791 24714 . ..5 6`,5 Philade pthe ..: I 117 96 2"/ 1 : 10 41. S Baltmore.. . I.I.: ; 113:1 .... "`.14 2:1 " other . a.ot, 56t e, 9 7 1 14011 Actuael10e, Mar, lr e21. i'2.3 !lat I . I. S. l3lan I1 l19 1 15 ilt d 60 ds 11.111 50 do dIet h 10 119e 12 I019 da N l.h Iell. ned 't'rake: r2t 91 00 do N O Gats ('o. } I-921 10 ,ho do coash 91 -4 50 d, do eUIh 96:3 :-1 513 do dho carat 96 3-8 IO0 dio do 0G 1-4 I |'I" IIILAXI LIA SIIll 'l: 1.1.'1'. ~ i Aclunl s'a/le .3l1r(ch d. " 101 balnrts U. S. 'ati% .4 , l'n u 6U ds I"1I too st 127 do Viclisburg, 77 IOU do do 13 do 79 12 I 51 II do ]entxekv, 6 d 92 I-2 / 1610 h,+ d.5 ns w s n 9 12%00 -IdN Bt,,tk K-,tu,'kr, 12,1d 6734 Nautical Intelligence. FOLREt(;N rORTS. Consllltatioa, Saapllon, .1d. 2d Jon., lnrotrciles for N. Orlt Elizobeth, Atoy, arrt. I evrpol Iht, Jar. from N. Orl.. lredeorick, WVilhela.Id "iI lI e. Itrro t ftr N. Orls. Coalumlet, Shlrve, lo sail:7th Lot. ufrom Llv¢.,ol lto. New Orleans. Sheltlud (Sultani)t, Ilall, aid. 19 Jan. from Liverpool for I N. Orls. Canatdian, -- ld. Ilth Jan, Licerpool far N• Oti.. Apltllo, Hlardiug, atHiarre 11th Jat. N Orli Tiger, Little, ot Nallz t lrh Jal. N. Orls. oreole , - onto ed for Id"M'll`t1h J.n. at Liverpool for N. SPOKEN. Ja, 10th, lat. 37, Iotug. , oDenmark from New Orleans, for Marseitlet. Fetb 17h, lat. 24. 5, long. 69 barque Eley, Wail, New York for N. Otis. LOST. htip Nova, Joshua Perkins of o Keneb.hky, f, o Now York fortN.Orit, oa Moatey K-c, Fierry lrt.nld, trh Feb. NHOME IPORTS. ShipOrleest, Icnr., rild. N. York Marrh 1st. for N. Orl,. Bakque O.prey, iGalenar N. York, March tat 18 d.. from N. Orls. Shits Ilo'art, Scldon, cd. N; York 8th Fhe.for N.Otirs. "achr. DIelta, Merlotlaterr.t. kd let,. Ntrlilk from N. rOle. lhhi .Orozmbo., Bsrtleth, cid. Mlarch :9d Baltimore for New Orleans. IiarquE-lla llaud, Mathies, cd. Plliladelf hi., March Nd for N. Orls. rUe reW Vio arr.l7th Feb. loaton from N Orlt.-lefl erih. Antawan, Paine, arr. "17 h Feb. Boston from New Oroaan1. trig Arebiltect,(ray, tl'. Baltiore 12d Mreh, for N.Orls. Barque Stratford, Mirrlow, clterd ::0th Fell. from Boltou fur N. .ll. Shtip Sculoland, ltacetaoR,eld.:d . ltarch N. York for New Brig Cuatharine, Flitner, cld, 3d March. N. York for New Orleans• St. Charles Theatre. TI1l8 EVENING( (SATUltDAY,) March Ilth Will be Ipcrl',,r:led the raga of the op EPI' OLF WVISH-TON-WISIt INloaruatialh . . 1.'lle CELES''E TF ith, . . NleHlat. (Grantal Overltrd ta .71.,1 S .1I •\ I V I, , 0 Altrr lt hich the no,w t;1a10d OPIl:.A LD.I.VCE. Front, the Reaolt of the l lra-rt ty 3i'lle. IZCLLES['TE To conclude with tile ,rana of CII.\HLES XII. Chtrlea XII, - - - ir Blattn. Adalti Brck, . . . Lllathal. A CAlltI. CAMP' S'I'tllEIT' 'ITrA'It'RE. rOTO-RAl)IRl)\', .alurch it, 12.17, lot,. 'T. Btrsuor' i benalit, pustl tuned frotm \'edetday. In the course of'the evening MAr. Tl'rlt will perforio t solo oal the harp. Places lnv hbe sellrell alt thle ThraITre. (ICP(,Tle sell oner JOHN, Irom Bllhimore, is dischar gin:' one tier below the upperl" Cotton l'Press. Calllig ei, wi I please autted to the receipt of their goot'.. 1110 IF*' LI. oaa Iaoaiiaar , in is clhrgint one ti'r lblowa the uIpper Catton l'ress. (Con igntues will please ullttn to the receipt of tlheirgoods. t.h T I.rigf i('Y, fRlu Ntew leork, is dieciat, otg w tt ier. t elow th ile U, ler CHltton P'tess. C'otllaigte wi I lensoe uttentl ta the rceipat tat Itai goodt. iY ty. No, tt - ua 1J o ,-;a., , r,.ttcrd to tave the-ir to eto tor eig.t barrels l'ork, haituledl frotm eteanl iboat Madisonuu tt luoftle Norfolk, or the will be pro..oeu. tlao fior tihe coat of the slaee toll) BGAIK'P & IIA W\TICORN, 63: Grver ft. 17 WE ore rtoteaueted to toy tlato tihetal oif the town o t)AIOLAND is poitpoa.ed umtil Saturday eaxt, the llth instant. tlo0 SSISEl.[ 11,1 Ailtingol thle firemen, willI liteld ton lladno tw t Ittgt at trutrolag'e Hlotel, il Canal st. at seven o'ctck. " JOHIN flOEY, march 11 Clhairnlman of (;mnmitteo. Ol -f1LU--.oeet."gofo A ateutr to pterform Ior H1t I a ut'Itl(t of the Orplan Bay'as evlulot. will tq ploco ot Saunda.y next, the 1211t otl. at :2 a m. The nlbealrs that htave raaeivd their notuan are rquested to ae pUllltual. . in 11 t_ Ut --d;9 tings fiot ouolity, latding foau sotater navincibli, for s.aIo U Dals :1, march lI 44 New LevuP. utR. I)dAIDS., hat retlauved hislodice to No. 91, U D :ustom housa street. toll dimg i 7f L TI1 + in at ll"m o : PaFVlru t}v .111 ^1 tt a0 1'1:11, r, Pot dru t. Tu AIRIUAN ;I]I .." ,PORT OF NEW OLE-AN BSlit;p r o eii, \Kll | g . Ilsnc I. IYEiAlbihul- .cv " coteun. :;'s thlde pocrk. ;l kegs laid. og hlip 8. I.II t I.coc' i orIIIrl.o ite , o lk ld i mt hi0t Dyrclt--o.i It1tr O s ol l tillUl, cd Ship A l nchPocc19o I utritdtc ltiveropooi, R:ol . D,.i h 1r--c . ho en9 Urdwe, I .1'u p ttnlh , , rn J Illiy Il.h'ya li~tlruwal, "J~ulllp B.I .r 8 . r.l p i.%. hc.0o goer lkuc, .-' Big Alhcid, i~cdtcc!, eonlect Stiong cod Ie d , liti Ii7 ees gougeo, file m 'Leis iard hAl, ars lll prd Itso i, dtuea r o n o.. . k A hEosllew r I j, frgA e grecic, prcc/leeoi $btd.c taeot AtiilIVElD YgBTtRrA{' 8Iceimlmeat Nomnk Acnoriaon, go1oegg:i.:cl1I io -co i Sillr o kcgs lard. 110 bills 111 08 hldII e . peh, to SC hicto; iii jolt icg,'cc , . ibhiIo humln 1 'Itt'. tllwtlikoy Shifetg Acry c Big moliyas J Lands; 3.BU kogs IrO.lo et ccgu; il pork J Tover h cot SO inds I co., 153.I hk'y a di clrrill; 100. hbbl. ork t. do ' 14 00 iId . , db3 k. 5 i) I hll j 8ie k l l le; 4I.0I ul 4 , ufllt l; I b lle IiI. dr llr 384 hsgsr cot; Il(~oecIjfgobt,n: ihtc octlric hb I',uenglr--i l os Pcndl,"to. 8 ll nce, I'eaho ly Jckson, Cole ioll eges M le .oC tIId ,,,l, Waikocr., d to, SOllcore. .0 cle 0, g.sucitls, tk'illillc, V s H AlthlteoC , hccioc i il N Icih"l , bi;btO h . L'itteilctto,Jo..N Inhcktioco. ud Gos'.h, 0Gd,kl g te doit Io'eo l"Iu Ine Irin, bl i iNg viiio th I go 111. a halts Idtu, 114 1 hhda t, , I Cli , o N d{' . P i48 b Uoto I"eytthUOodwii c. e"o;' 1 4J Ib'.4l4 Ker,,n o;ro Ic dl J Vo hIc y.lo, 4o e,; t,'o de,1,Un, Soi 0 do YerrV ,s. Chbi11. 4 t cot; u btle do c h "'ggg din & col; J C t, I.lrl i .oa re S kleti Its, 1 Tow hIot Lion; Ilunhell, o1m , W 50_cdlto02 Slltlll Nllloleel,,0rd Ilolhg.,lre, ;lr cigs t - 'i:tselllfd l led l UrI n 0 W.1 aI rU l t lJrlll ,ll i ck fceO.l ; teoIcI 0c Ilp o1ci 1J ell btc e uuocfl t 'ncket Skhcp I.eolucky, Ibueker, I.7lly icg It, y; co Frllklic p Aimee. . hacIccsin ser-M'i E.eerto..cllch jtg Al Ws.i58 Jr ru, S nKwlutl & 1nlIYce. J ¥clr'n t o.o n 1trig y' gsUo~tsit atll n earc 1 sftl~ehc,t kc.w 0i1 h erlllnlsll ' WnhE'tlWit .o 1} Cc'Ik . rnc ,n rmd r n Se r., cll e tcal ll' W ll " c c ll. IH &ll s 1 t" ' v oelteet.go *Wcdeoctgc.Btcnbltc. Z~e4rIoecc~,tt ho, iRohtaot, Wodl & oc, If Pllfip. Kolwig 08 ilcc, 1. &t h III. , W Ec Eco I.lL tol . I,,o . enh co I .itV ceeotdcoi' PI' oMHbIiie:. Ko'og11e W C kv4 Nolrri, Koly, Ait A co4g, U tl'cEy, Ile' go J I; ,lO. Pliolo bh, R10h.1,.. it Ye cocalr.r optk s. A II W1: Ilcc. A 011000,4W (okhyc, V (:olle 4 COl H It LCee o J r' .esclll c.n . s Ilellcco. dic',h. (KiJotdlh it, N g J Dirkt, ge 0 Atling. Klrhicgo, htttocce cc , W i i 8(o.10 u es est.C Ioo,1~ t.,yj ie JGIa '05,A1,a t CAI.1ocosr ,o A njftl te4i Cohe h, J A .lert l O, U R l'ilkico yd A i ach, 11 DC J.ll.(iny. Dulrlvl d co N & ' R T urd. S Otic el & ' WHolpkil. Rowes, inrro.,n . co W nWllbjib, 2 W.ite. Is, .k hta, I, o 0ha , h t C W, r, A w 4 W l, 77 D:ovetltttii. O0Ii Dallt 4 C0ctiguititc1cibvuooicet an ic Dick * co. Al & it iiico, oc Greet. Lan * Mhitiy, o Inrl,tit. i'o, J Il FiedI 4 to. Il lelengllnn Ilnod , ho Pltl . rd.1 It Icc ci; I',,tItibv" Uoctc l. J ,, Mo rl SD cllln.d&, Ih lllnllo. le, .i. in 4' Lo odogl f. J1 w i l Ruttheron,dt 8 bit.,h Ii, 'I',ylor & MOliIo)', IP Dolt,ly. I M,.thix o& o. IVl' 0. Frei. ndtl ntui l Dc iti, ts I.e f7,oU, P "i'ulnlue IU,1 C,1h'ulal, It I'{tn, Svl. .,.~ & t.eP P I drd n.oI Fol ylh. lJ qldlvrle " le, Ily'le "- l ' .. lt ire nul l 1,ll herr, C.,rre e. I).r.ll 11 nrd - I~ ,Clak .lled Poht lt. N l',t Ilill J Ilyle Ill toc, t n. g Iltldden , G Co i PilctiiV. oi..,.g tc I eoo,II ,, Kg iu',ll ind ' 'bh 0 ,0 ,l & -3 lie,'s n ott 0i',,itcoo, t'.lcoA,,cr. , leg l ot itit I.).lll,,W, J I',rhlOy enld It mlllssr! J \V istIeIIII Its', c Ol coic d N et llc t 1.t illlt . IitItttc II..cttt liotiic , 0ht 1I,, lld r,' 1,1}uallliu ll en. . V i l l U JI . I|F I'It mi le l I.|{O akII ,, '3' c i.J .i rk, J t ull . I'.,k. J ilhe ,, ,,,, ,, V ,1,,, ,,,,, , , -If ...... , n,,,. I ,, ......' , .. , {.a.... ... ,,, GeldPr, II llayllne. I: F" ,1 J A..d I"."V I. IIuh I1 Jd'1' ,h· k 71 11. 1' . ,11 d [.T |u,.ll.I,, 1 g I k ,Jo , t, I111 II II,I., \c lll:, 1,1 er lll tt. , P'l1ea , l ),r, 't :11' d ti, t '1t', elt it.ll( iP l tl1o ecor l. b,11 JiI, 4 i.s Cci I c 1n coe. 'et ,\anon I itttotItd It tt \1i 7 sllll Kott i , I, 'eltt?, itI.uc t ic , o . II I.,+l ' I, anll ,t 1.i,' -lin , c . ihit oI :t o d1. , c , tt I+ t ,,,, ick. 1 ' ottt I"rl , it '1 otnl J 11 i11, j,'t . soot.ld 4 I ', J 'I i , i- .,oiiI o u, 'ro luo,,d li lbo :ontlll,. I' i d (,,i. rdtli. , .Ao rtt ,t d 11t.'t,11t,. I. tot,, l it c ol;lol l tl ttt,.t. tChh i , oAlllhl l t t,(l oi , . I .11. \ II m 1 4 , 1l l' , , l ,d tl .IGI:ld P,+, I' I: \u,1+ , 11I,'''ii. 0 ,1 C :r. , Illl.v eh. ýtJlr, ,ilt .\ c it. , .i , , l ll. I i1to, |ot Il I . lJloc.. I 4IL t o , ' r L y ot Klhetc , 3 L. I: IIn..i. IV IV I. ,+i, ,,,, INt'I,,? i\,t , yJ gttti .1, I Vttttt, Pi., .to Al, it , ylllolt.,, II N:1 , cd t ot, 3 t, 1 i:,1,1 A t'erll1t .it ,i ,. oolld J I' it. 1 t11 aon.1 ]., , r ., a i Iteu ,. ., t o t,_ (J1+ittt. +tb, !l11 tttco ,Ajw \'~ itoh ,:' ( ? l, y. +IILx+ , --i, ii .} +,i,.+ 1 il I++,+11% %++ bup+. + \i,+iK iii+,lllr ~ll |ILI.\\ I ,. 1,, ' t,, .td1+ ,lll .,llld J ,\hlllklrlu. 'tI.lmto tel hool ooocy,, l Ln ll ' Sll- I "e lll it rl , . elll t ll t I t1.f tt1 i . ,,tt I coII o 1 t.1g6 l, Io ll4.o, - pI h I Itctt t o,i o1mi . l+, l IA. P lull I.1 11 i, tt AII..O P- . I I Itel. 11,1.u,1 I'u ba ;. le la ,,, 'r ranllll nl n , r1,1 <,o; \.7 " c.hto \ ltotto' til. lllol,?lttlol . , i } l·nll.lul li" ' Aitt., le1+. ho11 11t, J lt 'Ittt , Dl ,,k , k. . 1 " 'l I II, , 11a, }t , 01\ '"1111Ls-( (t:.;,,' IllJu,"r .kIl,..olh, II II ,J JVrul,. o',I 1 ll tL Iil.h rr'2 ... 1I .o hi.t ,,,,dIi! ho ',1 to .t r, II 00c ,Itt tc,', 1,'.,tIr n l i d. : 1It , . . Vo Ie f,~ Ist ',, i;,oct Ito bi ;h .t i .I.i , .%V1 Itnhi t.l ,,t 1.' I e ,t11 . .- . 1" ,, ,,I i t ,,, ° ni ,0"y, J rl 1i, \\'C( +.IV ilj 6I 1 1,i:i .1 "' 1"1u 1 l ,,I I. Ode leekI·1 totZ" . ill llkl l t ln I 3 ' t'" .. I,, I ,. X 4 l , I:I' It Ju . h"['" . t ,II (,1 i l1 JIatoo -(I cb "dct iltl li~ ".l,.l o I 1 di , noi 0,ll. o i ? it ilh tt..+,tr it- o..-r co !,+wtt + ,i+; r O'.,il"t , ego __ 4 iglo. t At tII t , vl; ,i . A oci . 1t, a 'I. ,If . :ctt lb o.tot11o11 'll~l !; , i l. i oi ..^+,"',.J, !II I a--.c - t~tl rcu; de l h,,\ Is.<'.:, i h' l Be ,,d c,'; ? . Ill, Im,,., "",1.,1k 1 i ..... . u . ..... 0 4-. . +.I 4 Ie il u,,. .m~,ad0, S 1t r~." .n~ \I' ,J+! .,.e :, I ' iU I'u' .s .n] .. .. ..... .....-3 u". 'nl, .... ... . .. C , .... P C,, ... ,I n I' lt, ..... . . .. . . ...... .. .......41, l Il L r I .'' +i"ron 0 J I and r ;.,.:; E7 do', 11,,w,.:tnr. ,e ,,', i, ud',, Y I/." , 4hl 1 ,& a.I c I U "'.. .,y,% xL'; , n. . .. c} . r w ,3J I I I _ ..,,, ,,, ',', >r ,K.,' "I'""""2" "i."; '10 1 ."'. , "_.rd _ ril ~ll: (.poror lc ip heret'ofoeri-iuig hciolut Iliic dry clfssolied bIy ntIer thc us n, 1"'t Ioc, .rla ii, chiorged wth ti, I ligi,:,iu loni thei ciiir at firm. $AAttill. IIEILOIANN, i. SAMIUEL III-..1IIANN, it. mull J. F. OirIAM'u, jr. -- NO'rICIl.-- TIrt undersigned ,iciollls r It(- li-le'into Ir11 firmioltienruaoi& Co. fid ntiiliiilhe u ludr hio name. 3. ,t. 2CCI1l.1l nfll OL.nA.\S Li t'll ,(tAi'I O'11 l.'FFil. 5lII2 Iproprictors of ilihi erabii'lii isol ll ha iiblro Ilepublic, hoe Ir uricit leoiird the Nonrth, aI xtooltr n lilinoti ir, ,tIoirk o rioo, embiocilig large mid dirw L.iihogplhiclI' the imost i,,idcnr otcrclonr, toliith'r ,vitbnolllnt flfthe horgeoinsltolfinest Lithigrnphile 11111- tiro Lithiirntii: Piit'ptIer, witi evrry actint llcir liio. 'tLhey Ihanve also enillml first rute jt olrti Lithogral heir. orw lioave justt oirined fns York.They aye nlow iprepared to dlod il kind of In thloir line of busiiess in a superior siller, uii shortesitiotice: sucli as Miioe oif'Towli; fttoji liges; taps of city I.oir; M1opni of IOral Etli tallr;leiIi ii to' (t'irttbr, 1111 fl- do; Rill+i clioii~c; flook Chool., &c. &c. 'tihey i iin, byi 4 Lihogropnhllir 81-inc, make Matops of 131f loll feet 4 inchlir widi. Ar this office hlios Lcie got lii ilo rttll rqlql it 0thkonntintrv, lie plitritg " if tllooo wl.o wiok oiftle kbil to ii, o irroiiecttfully nolici:er ternsa will hrr not s".tte, andl graduatede c acrurdinia: stvie at wolrk or11I e d. f ull LIENIIIKTTA1 I'EIPLLEa lore toory,bI i [[ thor of "Vivin (too~y," ! ilel. Silect Strclcoh if tlte Rligit Itoa. Will rll1 Rin anid the, Itiglit lion. WV'linoi ttoikiili, il, 011 liolooary l1.ograpliionl Sketchin, Edited by It Walker'o Mlonly Exrciser jo iih njli illnraol Ci ntulchiu's Repo: is of races det~rnllilslin rh C'I Courtol Ibo tie Baited S1oln, ii aii forthel (irciiit; c01in1 j~ion the Foolcili Ilitfr i'le rolvuoon, 0,u1 ItlIa .1011 of Nt (rrIce-, 11.17. NAw ;diicooo uilii.Pdllernolllelllldin~ltll llt Atoriiran,wifhl c«1(=i~lelrill· edditiolls, fau9i J a-t rcc: ivied and fu r sale lie 1tt11 II1103 IyII lEI "12,000 $l,00 x:31100 '12,000 Llcren 0,1,0011 &c, &1c 1 ýtlE FREE, 5C1 ll) Iu mitl lrli, C \o, II, be dft u a Ibi a illoaI, aboolt 5 oicbsk,l Arca dl. (lla, iiiiii 1i c Zl may mo ti( hidt Or th~e right Illtlll'.ers eon be rilell· Iel, fit for1 i~ull rr fin, No,. 37, 0mma olr -ierct, mr 1011 (.4, Chllie, ' mill I.K.M\, OlO~blt ` l'11 -:'-\1 I a ii. mm fil e ut11 - 1,1,11 1 '! -fill of Febuiyiimri' a " h lnvlin, croppe I wui^ "I { bu \ll fail, with a wtilcstariii toils tObil hf11 Gilt 010,11. ''hlle mcooirv iofdniil IOII( tarii Irclled prove propel 1l·, (oy clioigni, r,11nd t.1110 111, 11 mublic Auilon by 1'. 1. l lte;,, ýAS bleu 1n II llie, police Ilrron n( fin ''l lI rifi litim , o nlo II . 11. aof .ik IPcC "I i0' color, an~d raps. her` blongsto 1 "k JdlL n (ire,.t, (o ',iny, Ilinoriuspi. The 0011,0~ll poi p1. tv,11', cl(m ligo', otil inke 1im111 0001. m10 300,)~~ Sc rlARlLIR , 't 1 1TA S bIrnightti ro pou eon. olrito Ih Y piility, oil dor 7mtl (if March, N, maned Zenon, 1101b; n1 35 pears of age, a nm x loy'. Iuns to. tor i le,. 'lIr we r wl oth I law l hin t tke hi ontwear. Jul. S. IAlIilli 1lio0 Cb uill iii NE L h ]loShlnnl I11ulill ,,) pi ked up i« tqa i oinrkicll WV.,O Olds:i N1. 20. thae ulloor h ,e mue bh iul, log m'l 1o: (4, JnfoffU i" in.Fttt IJIutic' AILITIN-l .1111Y. 0000 oft tuft ljrenit lltterins to Itot lhationh ill beeo 80 11ot equalli-l Ibyv iiny}t iitnio. a, Jrec olhowoeralioter, tin moid ;n~prr Coop. it1' If Unllore-. .iool,,cll*Oitotlw dsr'oecn Olin0 ' sins, onlat llelle i' ra dsweetm A direct frimitlmLberC'inkt sohd rpnrttldd undo wine ll l ho illlt ITlt itt tilido.f ridnub by le gIE~Alt C-'RTiolllrl m9 (______ S)L, 'iar, nod brighllt1'tflirhi n for sal0l y I1)1111)ltAluotoif ,5intGN3 gi io-cn 13d oe T lmey 1esta of tub(1, imarkei Jl 3 ' (°' too, per booqie Oliver. ('sirer, mars tr, froli Lei will plcaeo call at No. 8, CNinti .t. pa0 chO 11 y them arownv. a'l. lI c),Vypntalcrlnl.irkIi1 lolt.l bpriuilt nun, matrte, froi Now fork, wilt I'lrsa call Caont et. pap chargos, aiiil take 11r1m acal:I1 Alas For a" 6 J ------~-- ~ ;,. ,I:r tiý 91i1-1:,I 1 ': :rl~

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