Newspaper of True American, March 17, 1837, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated March 17, 1837 Page 1
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-.. . . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . V ( L , I f - - 9 3 , VUIcr 12. CENTS. NEWX ORLEANS, FR1D&Y MORNING, MARCH 16, 1837. rERJjs 'JE '11112 TRUE AMERICAN SUI1S2Rl'~'[ *I'o Ten lnll:o forthe Doily, Ai reo lDolI"Vs(ol thit11. lti-ooekly papert, payable o * r I 00(0 No Sul ISO', lit.ltOO the 000 0.00y tll Po WetOcctI, taIW tO(I0 0 ish c ,oh ,to vte llO maf-. jolic l ion ) I' ih g Il)cu y to forh (02occs. It $111 LetlOrlh(Otu~tinll( ca011 s I(0Iep( h 1000t 0tt01 tit Noosoe rvr~ri loio so; i sopci e 1fle e1Ia1:t Ioe paidi; and the : 1 11 sllllllt ue i ( I l l ,'t ltli0 trof, Mw, iooooloog, to 9oeWe" 11 h( 10 0 101 01 gqg K allar~i~ti l~s Il~e(; nlu Irl · I css l$l st Iol'pcc a mo ilJ ,lltoolOO(llclt 11,(1 100bo 0,bt d;111 erltI yd tIl alrle. fcn-ck!: l t; 980 A bpoootlhtio (00 li:ko(n bo,1oetOlbt0six 1001(0 III Adlolt 01s ontiood'i WilIWLL(( il o0rt1..up stall he chatnld at the rat oeDolrIt"S'ou~ o sidb, 0Ollrtel t (";b~t00(c~ 0I(V) :;I" ll 102 0001Il, tho lf in sertion, oold Floty ellO nt'ttc(h110(l one. Sootl.WOcekltb ouui .ioooh ly ilitrll 01( 111e ' to aftl tilC lt t lkel 1 I loos c, it S(100 I, 0 t(*0 11(0,el0I a,0 0( fll : ilf10((11001 ( l ( ,tlObOl a hn be elio Ir g ell os two:100002 exceed10. its I 1,111 SS i1 0(8 1 5clnsvih rl~ liie 1 h a.r'10it st h 1111,11 r1 .of o bnrto~lo ,\lo l b c. ,lici0t l theone m nlb ,aldS w:- uls rrus) 4(100 liftnu 0(11 ((tbunrlnl 1lllt ( (hIt tO1 Ift a ((wen ,if p1100 Iby whomb they tre seot, 111(1st hIt oendorsed by ,Iuep lgIo the bock. Cthe p11vilegoe of Altnunl Advrtdl·Lootrs 1 itloited their e01n amtngh~e 00(1 holoao; te all .Ie ltiSe:ncnI for th111 6,ollfi ot ot011 wo"'nt' ta t woil as ai llC 14*t1(0 0t--_ 11.(0 mtult I0 b[si llr 0 d t 1W til .1W. An.,sioo0.t0 ,rill he oewdlr ith Aoetiooromee, sBalling st tIh ell' g ,ora IbUiOeriUI° poles PFootiy ttoiuoed boldtw Iho-0Unltctm:0O Atl 'ýs. `fi0010001. 11 Oliatttiltl(,u Fo0 C '1 OOR.KC1 At ni (1 *2CTO iII. Coruusi*·io r Mercha nts.r IT W19ALLACE', No. 1,0 COo11p strot. nv2 a FISK, WA'rT & Co., No. 79 Cnool s1,01 l . DAMS &I1UCKN12R, No 221 lirooio~r 1000t. too21 ABIJAII FISK<, No. 61 Coulnaoo street. no v 21 RNJAMIIN BOOTh & Co.. No.71 GrnoicuroloW. nuv 2' I83OGRKT &L IIAOVTIIORIN, No. 01 C rooloc 01,1.1. P1DWARD YORK', No. 125 Coop otreet·Iov ct 1 LOltESThLL, ITr11 & Co., No 40 ('tamp 'trout. LTA1(ROD & QUAR1E:', No. 24I Cw.tItnuoo -1 k ER. ,W ENE BROWN, 21 Coni ovr uv2 1j'iEIO1UGL.N BROWNR , No (`".1 '21ilcstet 1 IAUNS01L WIIITE & Cu., No. 1(10 (iraohr street.3 & J. DICK & Co., No. 27 C,,ool ooooo ). 2 1AIOAN, NIVEN & CO)., No. 83 ('atoal street ýTJ1Ll[1 I Vl(.1EY & Co., No. 4.5 Cnoo.1 SJOHtN B ALLEN, No 92, (oo ioor 7000[., J D REIN &AARON COHEN, o7,lan " Street. oo 2 [ J 91 111(0 (IIWEI.! & C' 0-C'io., io (r sil wardinlg )lerncwols, 6: tlnens;lli " suet, d1'1 ., ".% Drl(y 1(oold. Wawa. J. 1. 1Y1E., No.'22 Chlnt1oIo- 00 121 !Lseck ,l111 EoI.0lh e 11,-01(0.s. 11 W'J, ..IAN, No. 121 IttoIu 01001c?. tt . "" nov 21 Cotlton llroliers -B NKS & CAMyIACI', No. 22 (Gvicr sooiorl2. (1AR1 ES F. 10/EY, No. 16 -1 ('::o Clro s101. \f(t(e121 (AMUEI M11OORE, No. '!ti Coo.p ole'ti . Notarty Polblioi. i,,21 1(nr1io29ceto nol. A9ortion 'Marls. 3, CENASI Awadelt, 1lacailein( B street. v " d~ I1E9911E' ['I & 11111 :11 II', .111 tad, Mlog.,oio. ..lo~ol . C CASH & Co., No. "II Caop iotret. LAYTON 'cu, 53 Loeve. o11eoo" (:orub and 1'rirtg 91ol·F* "(11 oSIMMOO &( C., No. 70 C(ll (1re 0sreet. Aetirnrnn , IIellnnicsl, Re. M atre A nt v 21 .+ - O Y I,,,,. & 11:11', O rn nhl ()m lillltll and Sign Iaaintvrs, No 1 N . 3) ('nrolldrellt street, nov '21 OllNo.1 T& (O040'1('0 trv. 0o0,'?.2 arj; I) [. TIIV) FWO(2 , lotilo i-r, No. (03 ('op st( 0[. haý. Aothecaries and I)r,0ggirto. ((WAIN &. 1h(I'ItO EII, No. It Cal ((((Itoet. ooode llooof and Stntolocr. . * IT) ENJ(MIN LEVY. N... (202 Chtlnol stroot:. a IOFC IITKISS & Co., No. 12I C21ortrs street. o. 7TIIAII WK MTEAN, No. 37 Camp, orner oof Y Colon o trooets. ((0(21 i! ' G.W.IIAROY'S, 'Tivoli tirclo. CITV, (litnoorly BisopltlO0%l Colnmon ttreelt0. nl urniture Wnrehoarse*. I lb 7UIOIF· (& GARRtI2'SON, No 23 liooillr t. LF, too 21 ttr %'V & J. (LEAN'T, No. 28 Cooooln-Ittouo stree(0 it, 1 rrnuv21 Attornive nut Counsellores a Law.'. (0(01 JOHN NIXON, No. a 0(1raviesrect t. e11n Intclliigeme and GOoncral Agency Otlico. boa Ej A CI0IIEN1 & CO. No. liii, 01oogaozine 't. M "J "jan 2G --- ------ ----- _... _ t ANALS an RAIL tOAt)S-NMup of the U ited L Sta.tes, showling tilt prilcipal tratvelling turnpike alld onlllllll t roads; on which are giveto the disutance in miles lfim one1 loe to another; also, the courses of ie cI.als and Irtaillrod t'ollhll')oht thle .co11try, 1care fully eompilel from the bIest ndllto ilict, hi S Augustus !iitchell, 1835. Just received und for s:ale bv rr 0\V \11 M'KIdAN, 2O eor:ie, c:allpl and enmloln sIs. SAýt-A vtstit to lex·si blteo trltc !ne l i ofI L a traveller thr,-tgh Ihese parrs moIllst Inter esting to Amerietll Ican trvellerl with descriptions of a£Cetttt, Ietc Polileaol ocllstithution of the free silte of Coahuila andi Tcoas. hby S l" Austin, edll. 1835. A lap of Texas, hv Llavid 11 .,II'lr, ell. I.t83. A Map of Texas, w'ith the countig-onos Amurican and Mexican stes, by I lI Loring, poblisheo by L .\An g-stus itcllthell, 183.I Just reaeivedanl orl. sdehy WM. MrKl \N IitE. IO V L. I OUSE, SIGN AND )OltA\tll NTAi PA1'NT\i'l, 8 CLamp st, tneiwly opposite the Am.\lricta Tl'heatre. ESPET'U'1'UI.IY iLnfr. s Is f iends and the . putblic in geoteal, that he executes all orders in the oie blrncFhes iI tilhe host sty\le, anti ol 'o11deIlte terms. He will a o execme i iiikei mi:nme, all kilds of dtmol-titnsin Oil and t \\',tetl Coiloltto halls, en tries, parloris tld bt -i.O±nl, ce. kti .: he \ ill olt o inli late a rent v:uticty otf .1arblo oil \\ oods, .ilitas Stottiids, Vda Lelhompeasixteo )caT of practici:oal exeltlillS so acessivel . s sItllle-l1, will, Il: il Ie Conitminte Ilt" t "urow-e ltichas herteletor received frot his ricnds aod h'k clole eommtunitv. Paint, O I, Glase, Varnish, (old l ef, U. & c. F. on n:alrl arot sale. Also, rem,: h l i'tl collolrs fol.· Ilse. wh itei.,ia, chlk,' , :h1 v t .'.Im n. m.,\ '!.' t- --i 10 BO ---Vr;ln; a I, s-lic, a tale of tihe prs ct l it ti te, in 2 vol<, Lt 'T Fai . 'Pouldioc nn :latvervyin ltn Unitted latCes. tories oft the See. ic he Ihauthor of P.tec Si.p]le. i.l cir of (horge 11 '1' I l(ie, with traits of the ten Fcrty, &oe Gilhtrt Gnrney, by the unthor of Sayings and Do urts, ie. Aloe, a new sttpply of One inl 'lnholsannd, r the dat,: if I[,n'i O(ltre, by the autthor of li iliit, e. jt±, st re Ceivcrl b-r l" H NCRt')-I', mLL5 I1 rallmp ast. vEngland, by the author ofl".\ Year inl Spain," in i Noble Decdsof Wofmen, int vols. The Yaort V'if, IBl ok, a onuonol of moral, reli ghuos and ti.toti e dntlie.. SJust rercire', and for saleo by WI.. M'KEAN, lanr 217 coraner of Camp and Co ninon sts. \N I:, E)Si;i',ll ^, ,, oI ',, P lTnhce riher have ":" - for salh, lbndint fro , shie Ohio and Ann, 10 tral- Sst appllnrm 1I-1 brown saltatinlýc, cix hlers ill c.blh trill:. '"pat tip Ir the \lexifan mare,.t; ,75 kerds N cton h'it ('npatnv Nails, w e'1e;l : ontl 0 7, :1h. oe;r sweet i enlli-h ehocnlatre, On 'llall h~o~i'er h, 11t etaC s.llllnmior 1h1 t 'q,;'-,glc, t . .'355'. I.Fll i. ,,,-;T ) - W f 1 61V ATt- bS lei oxes ftreal by ji JC G IOtIPIY. Ii1 Non .1±. ,'FOR NEW YOIC1(. (Louisiana Iand Na York Line of Packets.) i Orleans and New York on every other Mlonday stricrest puentuality in tlhir tie o fnsailing, thile line will hereafter consist l'six lhills, viz: Sl hip YAZO0, Captain Eldridge, to rave nelere ant April. P Ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain RIbinson, to leave oni 9th May. Sipt SIIAKSPEARE, Captain Collins, to leave on 'ld ,la ty. Ship VICKS BURG, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on Gt IIhlee. Ship L OUISVILLE,Captaint Palmer,to leave on 920h Shill IIUNI'SVILILE, Captain Palmer to leave onl 3d July. U3r 'The above ships are ill new, of the first clnass, vepev ele ad l icopper enStat'e!, atld upwards 'if 501) vton urlhvql, tlie of light ldraught of waler, beill bailt in New Ylork expressly for the trade. The price of pas sage fixed lt one hndred dollars ; their cabins ae littedt tip oin tl e Imstl ilproviId and conveniet pinll, & linishledl a Inlt anld elegiint stylel. Ample stores of thie fst It yiltlity, will le provide;l nld every regard had to the It ,conmrt and eilltile iisatfitetion of paescngers, wht will plea' . f lile ltica thatilea berth all nie securpd until pridl [l" at the ornf.of the ,onleinees. fi '.hese tnackets lira cemtnlletlld Ibi captains well ex periette in the trade, wtl r will give every atteltion and f chrt themselves to accomInmotate. Tltvy will at all iles bhe towed p and down tile Misisniilpi hIy steam- 3 ots, and the ltricest lle!tuality obserived in the ltimet ' lly owltert of thel e ships wivill not be responeihle rof tlhem, a rigulat bill (if laeliag lie sigleld thlreli, t rat the etottiutitlg those of the agenllt otr ownelrs. FIort further particulars, plle to J. l). BEIN & A. COIlIEN, April 11 No.77 Canal street. F-R) NE'W YORK,.--(New ,ine of Packelr s.) l IIII' A\ItKI\NeiS, tC. S. Dennis, commander', "67 i aItIeI iae slil lelll'll:ll'V ' 2-,. Ship NASIVllII..E, J. athibone, commander, 51t ton ll, tN s il arll. h 71h. Ship tiEN'Il'KY, Jolhn IUlter, coenliuder, G2 tun, ito nail Merlh Int. Shit tOITl.E thN, S. S. Sears, commander, 599 tons to sail April Ith. Ship AIAI1AA, C.C. Berry, oeuinaelder, 171 to tO sait vi ll ltV Ship S.1 ISAlt it, W l. Hlathaway, immantder, 512 ieun, to sail Mtay' Ud. Th'le slhi ftlhie line will sail puievtally from New h)rhleia and New York, every second olaaI M y through n11 th i re fr w ll n P Ileasonle 'Thle are all f t ilhe firt tela.e, voer faennerd al Opprllur.l, net were, built ill New l alrk expresly fior I,';- t,-n Ir. 'I'a - lfr cmllln'lllill'l.I bV .xpolri,'l " ett Ir l.n, dF Win It lightdr'td(,t"..r o t -ar nd o'ill rt all ties, he towed u Iaud dewn the ili..eise-ippfi h teanhta. e Tihieir al e, noa ,ns for ,a-d, en~ers'fr very -uperor. Sii.. oVerlll lf tllir.'ili tp will liIn o e' nbe iiit'lil e lior m, '. tlir, pllrr'e'I (lr Ipaek g' a f ' lt by olr llnl nollh d b vf lll, lllevi a rc lnr Ibill il f l iadin Ie' lsIg I l Lthe 1e i),, ll a tll olllllil'e bhvlll' i li th I .i l ll or oti Vl l rS The rte11 (,f aa , ai 1ix at ¶$7 r 70 Ile) wh iP Ir lilllr ftll-L.thed o board. I1or freight or p000a1,. , n )y to lIltil"l'l' & It )A t IltN, fT;c .Non. G I:ocirel" otrusel. NICIV ,islt.'I;I al I Ill I'411 . (:I I t P it.V IN ,elýl]lý 2m e 'r t l nl ilaed o ffhr thll. datet for tll, w StI of itreveltig t anl in .. ..a e t ill, .ip IH t ,rees ta r :I. h I anti cook $1 noI. Illhd, Sseat, $ : 75 ('-it- ('iii 'l i t_ ( e0 t'Aaltll_, $111 poi' r o Ior I 00)11. I., perh it',, le, $ i, Polrl , It 1" h i lt"l ) I't :1-le. ( a ,pi ll r I, do I. i.. t tla,¢.Hnc, 510,. pr pied of56 >ard. lv".. of I' t tli ", per ke, ' '5e. Kt"_ Ilan lea. f $I he ,elI lvi",'. f ov, $h 7. eueh , Idl-e-' . ,ead $le c('atthlt vl . Sheep t, 11 $I. D lloge $4 ('vhm l'aciiii, AN. S,trvunt, $15 Ii i ill I t'1 I',~ e "ii'lif ell sllytpe's I give :aIt lie tlilt I 1" r:"clli ii:P ll ir , l ie l1 ln ll,'o ll- ( IlIra in sc(ar1 's lt Ie-' l la ii t 1 ll '' d ''' I l i'i pT I lltilll' iIIe lhlve. e A senlllt, :ti I' ad s ,i IO1 t ." , New ()dean.l, Ie... Ilt. ll;:il. rThellh ll i (' mllposed Iof lli ur s|)lehl m ti r.+tc r e.. of the first ehl~a ,\iz: t r ) m AiriT, Cresse, Miaster 1lAeZI''|'e.i Nutton EIt tNI t).1S ( 1ee lto t, " S iIN' A 1A.111.\M., Aldrich IThe , e looarI. n'e itlted iu) expirevI for the traJ.I mItll I'lllll llltllllolt d d u IInb l IIn II n d xll' ell(e ·-I e lenlllll .n. Iln N.(lll. ltie ' llwiri(' tf . er lisht Iratlte itt ebitVe Ibto toi-, they nle iablel d to tali.t ( thl ini rp=ll t S n. I, l II IIIIIt-h y' rs s.. a e. tIl .e .nno.n. e of s, . :ickl. .s. ot t llJnllt o tt e outside t t. The str'it' st latIIIinIIII Ito id t eo i(on.igrtliwt l ttsslirntles. . An llalrrlllalrlllllll hll( l be Iha ben IiiiP +1- t 1 the Floridna In iv whi1h iiliprn A32. t Ithio) E tllh sre, New J 'll kI Ihlh wellhlia or Ntit h, w3 . 1. , ot lil.t the d'httt (t1i s i tp iu -. inl M obile " :IIl be tIr li 'rrerd I t I.the \Wtte ch n, and lthose ri'to r'i i'ln Pens.',0 fo the Wtthmlall n lthP mo til .,.at; alllrlillr Breal n(:llllllllnlllld tiions t(o per son, t.avelline northwards, amt parties of ptasure who .,uv uwish to visit the healthy Vity of P'eslool . 'I'he mail boats leave the lake cud of the roil road mnlliatlv allfter the arrival of the hIlf past twelve S'clock enr, and Mobile at 11 A i tM. or ",i ( .r & , KX, ITil, Agents. 26 and '29 New Ievee, N Orlenos; oom i1 or Gi ciKIi.i, Mobile. N. h. l'n trs nt il nhove line hiae lit ll - iweu nn lar the boats at three o'clock P.1'. The ahove bonls will receive and lanId pa.ssengers at all thle nerinldile Inudings. lavt (hilnlton I rling'S New 1Vor'kNS, &.e. II'I11E C:a'O ILscEIA.I.NY; No 3R, conaining t. Leglends of the ('oIlliest of Spain. Byi the author of the 'Skettch Book.' TFx. LIFE .f George \Vashingtmo; in Latin prose. By .antis (;lass, A. .l. of UOhio. Edited by J N ey-li htoldls. .I:u I),~osw ;\r's Song Book; cnmtaining a selection of lIonlt tarw hundrtd' songsl!, .nanlly of w\hich are new. Prihedrlly of NorCtch. In 3 vols 15mo. being Nos 135, 1li and 17 of 'lhlnie 's Classical I3ihrt'V.' .list receiled mall for sile by \V ' M'KtiAN, ov 2 .o ofl t I pwlllld c lt coll SiS t .\ tTITS NtEl 1Tti-lemoirs of celet "red i onLmalderls; Iy .I P It JIames, sq. author oI l1)nley, Richelieu, .'l lataterton, The (ipsey, kc.; il 1Nuts9 to (nek; or, Quips Quirks, Aneedotes alnd F:a ctl, of tie Oextlrid ald C(:ltbridg;e scholmrs; by tile tiu thnrf I" Fnectie (:Cltlrigiensis, t, ke. Phillipls .on Ist'rae i, v .d ' -. J ut t'recei\ e and for sale by \V1 M'KFAN, (e 1fA FS OF A e tA(:llll. By Williamll (l II. Har-, "1\, era:lte execedin. pardonm in the auttdcity. of the :,tte.,,,p·t."'--S,. 'Tlno...s Ulhwx. N\l(l(1 r Ar a.I.-ss. I 1 tol. ., PlGllIMAGE to the Iholy L dl; e0omprising reeol lccli ns, sketches and (.llections, omade d.uinlgSa lt' in the last, it 1S332-33. Itv Alli,tse 1)e La illotlllle, .11elll( 1(-of the Frlench .".cademy. 21, 1 . Tlillt. Fnalt: il l'n.lg l; hting a steluel to the "Fulge 'anoeil in Paris." By Th11s. lh'own the younger, mthof (f" the 'Twolp)n)y 1'ost 01ia-,' etc. etc. "SSi IIIa Iltlte~l'ie Irespoldtt ltusa iocI3a, " \' cils )V Ii. IIO'ITCIIKISS t co, o1 i 7 2 I, (1 l'tl'.'s strlelt IA 'I' I'AE UBI.ICATIONS. r IlI PRI' CIPI.IIS O1' FIU E C 't TADE, illus 1 tlat'd iI. a seris of shllort and familiar ssays, originally published in the " lHanmr of tie ConsliLtu tioll." COEBBI'ITT'S I.ET-AC}Y TO PARSONS or have the (l0r21 of the established church anl equiahle right to the tithes, or to ai, other thing called chlurch pro pert , elenlu.l thaln the disenllt~,.r haLve to the y1aill anll(tiight there, or onl'ht thre niollt tol Ihe a sepllrttiol0 to the ' thchi pat-r'ons generally, inehlding the cathedral IIIId ·ollege eh')'.v adL' the hish , wll)p. with , dedicntiOln to TIIE C'OMPL.E: 1.T\E .\!ORKS Or JEIREMB Y BIINTIIAMI. T'L'IE 31ERCII.\ANT''s ASSISTANT', or Iercantile rIus'cltor, containihg at fill us c omt of the 1m1o.\s Soils, weihts lllll I Ollbtlll' f the I riceipal trliling naion·. wll Itheir' cohlo> s ; to<eth(r with their valles ill U.r S. t'-ll''e "\, pi0,1ht0 miltl t!rlt oall t. ms Illqhll -toa ftromli of Kelly, Nelehbrocher, Krue, \hlKe.lubh, and others; Ily r.'llnis J. (:ana" , iun hor of " Eltliettatrtly Trealtise on Ihlane nnd Solid (Genletrv," &'. &e. TARI'FF, or Rlates of I)tli:1, fi.U and after the 1ad hlav of lurl h, 1"I,3, until the 31st of December, of said veitr, inhl-nivo, oti all fgoods, wares and nlertehandize, importedlllll ilnto thie I'uited States of America, its es lubli' ll h ," (l0nt10 of colgress. Jolt Irecived, and Ior sale hy W. MeKEAN, nllov 7 Corner ('nnip and CoaIiIonn streel. 3' \\Nl\ PillNT'S--l)i'set rich light aiwYl prit: 150 eilses dolmetlil fallC) do;0 10 cuaed blue p)rint', in (torn and fur a le I)v z"^7 "1' ChASII & CO. Alm C FII.ILY has rc1tved fr~l, 7(i Chartres trectt S76 Coanal, lnear lval lnd has received by hat"I arrivtals, ndditiouts to, the originatl stock, which as e now. ollftl ill (Illtl i to 'tinalt p lB t ')IcnhasTe lis' Ritth " tim , inltiin and i.nd llo do ltk dnd l'orCd. tinGro de liaiin', Iinin dld figd. d to t ut l lllibllhle bl k. do iReu Silk. inian and ned. lloinnn dintn a nti ~ unl h ,n Engl-ih Silk .ll1lel'.i Ol'].H'ed, IlaLe o1, ollll woP r~k dtO do d ' II'! ""Jd, tlohlinir, Wntn+insl d nard (ettll Ilosne. Stlewart's I'ris midi ln 8 n!loei',iilk. white i ass'd I Silk and Net ln(jllvt, bll ,white nnnd ansr'ted. do io ani Il S (ilovtii onni a'mted. AI+.O--90) ca~ca ~otllllrt-, t':+ll'i'thllt or l arnc h itilk aitd niatint IiinItCd atn nn t nrimmedOrien tal (rician, 1,loretct. (i' val rowin, ndl 'iuncln St~nraws T'I''rhalns, Hlead lDresses, \Wl'rlthin, I"tthiers, Flowers &nc.n. dI I FIII,'1 , 7t Clml strent. T hIIE plCndid iiltr ninie IIIawardedt th le Philatiilc phin Saturdayn Conurier, induces the d dilors to con - tile bludicat ion, unhe· tile shove title, of a r iiilr to editinof itheir iptular jonrtI I, so IonE knownn n the irtngeli Foaily NnIesntnr in tit,! tnited Stntet,witiha Inpt of nier 'rll'IEN I Y-SIX 'rIIOUSANI) Mll.T SCIIBIARS. I'n'he new Ietature recently inttrotduce,!l of furnishing tlier rnnr withl new bootn s n f hie bii t li'ite in-nee of th dt i y, t lnt illu plovln l enlll lltlv sicces' ful, the plan will be colindod. Six volumen f el'the co intratend W nnitill(s pt(i:ut- li l i nlnltl'gtln t lid sinty-iive ot Ilr. 1·lh~otd'* v;;lhl~dlh!l I.etllor· ni'ombll r Ltoll~, hare'aheaf dY bIrs nnnbliished without iterfirintg withi its news andl miscellanuuls rrnn ding. The Courit r is the lar,,ist ai rcheanest liil yl nt' .tpaper ever issed ill this coulltry, C I ii g artic n j in I itrahn re, rinc 'tn e uitl t '; it nttl'llnl IllllltrottCl' llntl; A.til ' iit ltlre, i t short e er varini ctv of totica+ uu~adll intl,'ucnd into a pblic journal. (ivilLn nLII ncn'nnt, tlo salus, imarketl anld nenWlofithe latest ditcs . Ilt tt nublin htd 't th " in, w mrite of ,$2. For this snm ll hlll i t)t'idtrs -t gnnnllntie sld cltlurtatilnintg nilatltr, cer, ~ cil week enou-h 1o)61i r(1llll 1 a cnm n bok III' "O0)IIIt.'F IIIDI . 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IOGRAPIHY--Or, an In count of he hbits ot'ihe irds fte United States of Amnerh ic u'iOll ii bll l"( d( rp lm',le l . the objectle 'ir pllrll l II l \ r ork ille + (:d lairds of| lcr [ i P l - enl," andi l interl-persed withl d lntiolls of Amelri sllll 'y ind nl lI l rs; by John Ja lmes A udutbon , F It SS I. &. 1.--\',I ,. Just received and |for sle 1| K N J'20o Corner of Camp and onal·,oh si 1V BlOOlKS- The Late ofJ Eliqetue. i ollne vo Sketche's /of Sewilterlend, by the author of the Spy, of hs detectiron, by I ,' . il" t A Stc t art. Ile ei, ed anld i;, sal' by i; 11(iT 'IIC!(lISi &c Co,21 Chartres st. I1l, 1'"ticn. From the tautolog'lrphy of ea Ii a sliSh olhecr. 4II) the author of Cavcndish, etc. etc. 'Ahi ! uill'ahl o chie pianto al mnondi du e r!' In three volumes. Also, ITiE I STR Ir t trole ; or NtI cit Ed!illne tionl . Ily J. o' i llie l'alior, I'rotessor of Po',um u la dueatiol in tlhe New York Unhcrsity. Rcccic'h by - lI'IOTCIIK1SS E3 o., (wive-1 n " 1;4. Cha t yes st A.iNNI A l l: )iR 1 t I)6. . lli11 'okel mad Atlantic SoenVCir; a i ht istmrs :and 1 New Ytes lPresent. I EUdited Iv eliss Lecslie. Reccitciedt n fel side by a't 7 ts i eet'li, eles. llt t-1Al. TAI'.L-Platers, Iltihlh.s, shit and steam J bot msters, c: now 'supply the.tseilves w ith this usel'l arnticle at 1. 1-. cents pe' gallts, by applicalti I at the nt(sOilice, Ilink AlleI. The aiev e eti',hl exi'teime lts o l the l Ui han ertic.s, au i dile,.sabl artile lor pres:+ ,ationl of lc~t're limr ,vodcn roofs, ; mixed wilh sh and land liTe, it makes a O oF t excellent cem.Int for the oo's, ou'ring tchnt hron Ice k ' i,. The etxtremely lo,' price t which it is now f iurnised, hoehl ielurt eerv planter, ship lsterlt- b il r tlllo ii le a celtettae l se ppi . n 2e I P .l l'" CI IA ll'PA NI "--A ,11i aher supply of this t h i ,h h e , ht lra ted w in e , ~ ith Ica td , c ta s, w arl'.a n t ed in ality, tt le e.t "Indulo a c iam etgnt idn etd in the U itNId Stat , j.ust rlcc.ivet XX' seplt \I I' IT ISI"I"P, y aeiai e t count nw the mito, t i 2!I olm s ns inl suece ssin oLeNs, who ha&e c.aimed for theh-elves or to \Wvlnl hat B r i:nltked by ottc e hiie, lttise o'f mpieal newer: by Wileiam Goodwi, atihor oft Cach e'i lle Viias, &.c NLETTERS FR(11 TIE SctTIi by a Nortihern lete, d w eteitilt, il 2 vowe llcls. Julstert'e teiet and firc salet v lce', i 11tte A t celAred A - lOV ` e Crlnleer ecf C empo and CumeilO etsy, brih' an se.t'ral ppe: ofrohl sup'rlemen Ih lold Gin, aldt fifty I lxl-st'rationdles, ll ,f Ifm ir,qh d lith , I bed sold how t clo-e cunecrn. \V I ' levee, lN. I eri aml tpreer--teh Ae ilL be aid likef l i'w htludr, u tOl n s of by -ill Stld lll,tltpr, elits io, e T Aiu iigt, ofr, '.lo r, ille' Istr ttd b o icnl Ored l , t, P -'in tI NdiIi nA. SThte \'N CI of FL crs, iLlutrat, e h cored ettre SinG~! td editorm ~h n1 i elpaelical el'reitnt' o fow rs, whhtp' ' 'c - iolu'iatle ill iiutati tts, emhcl rchcd with cI lored | , IFlora't Inerter e-i; of, the .1il'' I onk of lal - Ihe t itist, or, \'om I ies' Instco in0 COn. J Jacin al ,ood a od fortfe 'ale l e 1 51t I|;RID~ct:, \oSF+ N CTO. !. fllll iv iln olr mIcal thIet tIh vs institn iol , lec ted on f ro Frok o'l litt, oslol t dr otide 'Into ip tttnedts , l Iv keei ng st' p ratoo ilorlt t clsses 'ltoe in stit 'io is splpliod witu t tIhe mostt skillt andi attentie maleand sotol usos, vstookittg rto various l't'it'otttl'l m h h' 'toot uhtoo"r[It"oltoi l o g tott O i o loot 'rtolwt .au, o ol e olil rs , lh udt.itig e, c ITer os i ind tot tInar3 a'd st, ote dllor ory doay. All :so'ti'toell a t rog milloprot t ntroi. nar wrds btl Ilt.rn sdriseales. iosxta Thle it siieti shtsiuoiot lh is I. II. L wis, to wkots ltenlice ion r u (dmisiotr.llollvst Ihe sIolt, or to It". o. A. Lotzomboritg, No. IT, tH:uttolo st. .iy tt (IsiTo t'UlIiA'llITIONS-Titetertltosr., oa takrof I t tlto'ltd, m it t vol. Tithe oWife ad Womanol's Itrlerd, II MIrs Noion, in lisiam Colln , orl the lWhale .Fisoreolrman. 'he liathel Ioithtl mtn'rt. t t h xitiilo of Elin, in vols. A Norostie of a Visit to te Aserii ts llhsurchto ols, irl tttoion fin tom to.he uostgrgatioael ottiollt of E ag otll l ond W tlrs, lo. A o7ew leld, ,D. n o'l Ju.mes I ',trtls and ules by Mhout Etigewortoot, Ot volt roty In lly ooeod inlt to. il Jual reuceitd and111 forW sIN IEAN, Toot ro'otrl oolplr ttll" ooonllollont. o oM i a cootulo, o i the o'ttic r tlot.' io rotirot Th Ian rshfl lrilctlly " the t enltio of ,tlhe Medin ol lt l nrssion ll of ' he isitirteds at n cirlcet io gltller l, to Ih t:onl*li ttll l n olll o le ot tt of tke ttstittiolt utdt r Thl colllr e w:s myaizcd In the nutumn 1) il.; a ill l co nilrse f "lctules wIa ms given ruringi th0e 0lnat wintle-, uIe a elaCly 1t Sessi~ f lrirlature, o hotslletr t snt co \rorli 1" )h' it Sl ,iit t ile ontsual toe trs ot t pri vlees ol ootwiuttttotortooo'roittion Of 'tIh cIiouro otftLtecturs, tooe o'oot'"'lb ooottttt Ive u e itd teton tototoot tot 1tivilrgoso i' rlle ¢{] llcl e, aillll llell coill si Ulirla b lla cllmes its Jea00 oftustf to' eo.otiaot for e t hrtoortby utf reros, ti hy nu Itot ett'''', .o othe t!e dima PI'II.i~ l I o\ .qn z ll :II~ o ill tlli oot'o tittlttttte loo Iltllo eltll Ito the tend i encl m idpc -tel n fe d tllle ind otitlutionl r hesirc kIlowI itizns partic(I ularly fro thoeo the(~(~i Mo-lli1 (j Si t vo t-lloiolssi n "'--- th ' ooltr u desitoovis to tlottintt e lttoio' inostituliont to toe Nledirool Stotootoits it Ittis sectiott otu or collltt'o'. The college \ ill t i possssionll, at llle - otolii Ioolll'oe o Io' llto o uttiOl stl 'll Aoot t ill to t eor'ooio ollm at othe l ast sesssion t oLgil ndt latre , app u shitel itse Xilot touo oil t owllu tit.r ul al lo: t Heii t o dll l p iveges. Aimilamensti or i~ts. Hlyo nv y wl etrih t o itt o tt h'st b mlt h ,i fthen, nI) ItioOoe , itvoilth t nconsil\ sl lt in~ sicknetss to L11 th (\el.l sev ra ll runshlectedl ,'itl itlt this t t ittt , it I tll lst II ol t'llli oll t tt tIl e It 'a scf Se " e the 'ollltogo',, llll i o s c') it ll loorectu oir lila tilt rt'l nSS. Ilpr rtionlr c the l etlul rs f rhI I Ilily the .Ih • l:i Irowa Old firi, hal l el'l t ile l SL·ni , and 1 d fses eotl telot nli. ht. I t nl d the bedblltlllil ll th e L'·fLLlll b R.·l t lllr I' t ott oo1th t''l to l ll lit ll 11 srt;I t'h" " l I l/lw t ilri d e n% l-'wll llall ro It icllt f . c.\, S lT hei u'lmbel's - of l u' iv'' t'l :ore n ill s Io' oi litt Ist com h oou'o't looo't orIo newly ory orttoloi ioiotoe suiul're i iill lc per·lh itell bflole th ti l , the liingt' sul'fd Ikl llT c o'il olllllot c tI dittloo yIto a tot llivioloh i r'iIlls it liho d oooooo', It acoumoooooiroity tmottttttrottiotttrtttt r lun u b :Oelly i wl u p Ie tn ooul oy tio oo ioiou(it Thihe colc i b lilld thc ill b0le sustin, d ft the e xll pllle I eInt o f'. he c i t ' 'hic ttll,) ot'h t t 'e olile t'ses Ill Ithe Soo t' c. h lrst hn s f cti hnlir t lhe United States 'ae, l n m eny .n i 'tllot ih o illils 'or b II ,-o chi ottlllt I ii . llse' ' r llloitlot ll intout ltrol e to toothy e ttto t to e thot o rt ttltli 'illo' it oll ot(ots p culh oro t voo otioll ts, jtiS Ito otoio.u S T hi n it iu teo th'1o tutneo o to'r hi'rt o f t htlltlltt lils I- I iootolotli ot p olotl'I iot Oo'tt wolteI r ' letrt ollt t e rll Sto l ltt t Iolot' h II it : tyo h stotoe rollllolllillso tt, tl o t oh t 0p0'nl thit cllo e t Itt oo o ll . 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Hanngersol this concern, tke the libeltv ofin .IL forming tie ci;izens of New Orleans, tlhut thyo have made on arurngemet with thie New York Co: punry, (la eof Mobile) to petlorm foho a t season, i cotujncrion with their present company, now perform.l in in the city. Knowing from tile reputation of the northern col.corn, and the one nlow perltl-rline h I-re, there is noneo thallt can competl e with it ill tile (nitvd States, tand ill fct thile w-orld! The 'o ulluilg youug me athtahed t tllt Cnlle emwera Messrs. rTI'IKNE 1, S I''EE T, NOR 7'1, II.V NICH, ROGERS, ANDRE1AS, LEVI, Y'lIL, AS!IA, LIPMA(., JOIHNSON, MA'TEER, BY.RNiES, LEI C), LOIIIE, JEIF'ERSO.\' , LO,\'G; M.ustrs LIP.FIAN, DALE, LEE, and J. ," G. BUCKLEY ; lown. 311. . GOSSIN. An efticient band of Musii is attache.l to the establish ment. 11 Do)ors open nat quarter aftr 6, and per I'elorolfle to comllllellcc alt 7 precisely. Ad. itlance--ou- es, $1 10; cGlley 0t 50 ents, mi A NNUALS FOR 1836.--Heath's Picturesque Au nuals for 1836, with 25 splendid engravinets, by tho best artists, after drawings, by A. G. Vickers, Esq. IFislher's lrat in lg l.oom Srap olook t br 1036, with peutical Illustrations by L. 1:. L. The 'I'okun and Atlantic Souvenir, a Christmas' nnd New \rer's Plresent fur 13ii, edited by S. u.lGoodrich. 'T'he(itl, u Christmas' and Now Years' l'resent,,edi ted b )lis, Ieslie., a (Chriutmas, New Yecar's and litth dnav Presen lr 13IC6, edited by Irederic Shohtl. The'l 'rIuieudship s I)tiriung, and \VWom' us W\re t, ClriiStllluns anld Newr Year's I'Ptre l for 1;36. h'Ie Religious ouvenir, a C(hristmauu, Now Year's and Birthdlay Pretsent for 183l, edited by Chauncey Col ton, 1). I). '[The Juvenile Foruet-.Mle-Not, a Christmals and New Y'ear's Gift for 18136, edited by Mrs. .. C. C. Il. The Pearl.or AtiTetio's ' filit, a Christmas and New Years Present for 1836. The Plli Annual A uufor u1313, bcingt scl,'tiousn from tihe I:Enlish Poects fron Chaucer to eutltie. lThe Inftant's Anuual, or thlther's Oillring. 'Thle toutlt's Book ofuthe Senacons. 'fThe Artist, or oulng ladies' Instructor in ornamnIn fall taintinaing, C&e. by B. F. Gundee. tle-.entcf l' I)rawin, IFlower Pulinting inl opaqne and transprent wnatercolols, by N'. 1. Perkins. F lora nudl Thalia, or (erne ant Poetry, being an al phabetical arraneement of Ilowers, with appriatc Allu. frations and coloed plates, byt lady. fThe Iangncurue of Flowers,2d ediiiun. Peter 'Parlev's Almanac fir 1836l. The American Alllla: nlad repo:tory of usefiul kulowlerle, fw the veaer 1836. The Ntllll Ah. lane anid astromlnlical Cphemlri ftr the year 1D-36. The (.mroian Almanne flr 11.016. Just received anid for salltt Iv to W M.fll'l:FN, retttter of Cacp aul l Comtct on t ti Im \ tlOOsl-.S, ssnav t thle Rate of \Vagcs, ith I a n exmuinltllu of the cause' of tile dill'rencllc ill the lludition of the taboring lpopulation tIlro ughut tur worhl, by II. C. Curer. ('lintolA Bradshawi or the Adventuro s of a .Lanwer, I'rl Amli cu Alanlne aot tExpoitor of U-sefull Klluwlelge, fur thie year 183.i. Forlr sale by t i nov '!1 II(.)"'CIIKISS C C,,.. 24 Chrrtie, tt. IAnd plank Hook .11Mau1/fi Rtor/. H E suobrrther resp.etflllo iufoirms lls friens and T the public thnt tie has, in cemnlet'tit t ith his I nk a ld st tion r llll s to lre, Ii n i t envlesi \ ' ti n[l i m ll e (.)[11, a nd Book ,ildrI, and is ready to udertakhe t rinting of' l'aml lelts, Cards, 2 k Checks, C(ta Ogues legal Notices, IIis of Lading, Lubels, Bill Forms, ra ilcipt ., 'zio' oo,,,, Sll, y lillt t t Alio, the Ili,,,ding of Un,2ook- Ind mnllufhcturing oI llank BooksL o alny size or deas ril liKnth Corotr f ('llp Il (ndlComlon Sts, opposi:]te lichardlso's (Ilte IB hop's) ]lote. j 3 ANNUAlIS FOR 1:3(;. I Il JUVENIIE F t .Tr- 11h NOT, a C'hrittmas . and New Year's A Git, or Birth I)ay 'ree·nt, fur 1IT3.1 Edited by Mrs. SC litll. ed with 25 splendid ongravings, Ib the first urti-ts' PoIrlC.tlrt.ANNUaL, heing s,.Keltimn, lrom the 1'ne lish peets, lrrom ed e 1 es itolbleltit embellished 1'ith rmlrtrnit and 24. illustrations froun draoning.; by II toCr ouold. TI'ii' REIt.atIIO SOrrYIIR, R Christmas, New errs, and Birth I)ll' 1rsont f Ir 183:l. Edited h Chu:III e Culton, D D. Jnst received uonl for Sale JI \AAA 31KEA N, dec1 12 'n'ler 'amp ad Commo)In St. UNITEDI) S'ITATi' ),S D ITICT COURlT, Fast Distrir't of .Louisian.ll In Admiralty sitting: TN obedience of an r.lder at this Court Imatd onll llotnll I of Illenrv Sockett IE-. on it 16th .TInllur 1836i,re lislhed; speiing the ciurs--ditet s oldeipo it oand pTarties intrOIstd i'1,Tfeco'rdI tIle rlderITIg d l e -iTu'rar IrIpors the sum of $123'_ 45, remainig ucahtimed--in th tte lowillg cases. elford & Stevouos s shlip \Washln ton 51375 )beposited Iio the Rlegistrv Aug. 19, 1817. Being the proceeds of sole of thle vesel of whotnle Owmlol'sa Hl Pll" tor be Bowen & Rtb bits, James Alnsonl, Olion W\ilco, o (t!'tuL'I Bisho --rersidenee lnot ott Rrrecord. S Iholer Debile as certain G(oods, 537 30 dote ofdrlposit 19th 1817. J Smith vs 27 Ilogh's of wins, e7 80 darte ofdlposit July 291th 1819, no claimant on 1 itT-hell et tIt rS .i'lTlO o ,l llT lTh , J.ITIT ', 17 2 dotes ofderpuit Jan, LT th, 12 12, lTciu I- oeTltIIlII P1'inouth NC claimant of vessel Wi\\'nter t dl rs Steam UIat nlllllon 0 12 dilte of deposit Dec. 26 1822, bIlTIIee of the proceeds of thlo. Ile of the Napoleon after pay ; claimntSi. fBoat claiimeld bI AndrsonuT Mil Vietor ft id r t. steam boot Florida, 3 73 date e'de1posit Sept 14th, 1831. J '1' l:l.udllle' IIITlydeT l'erv et alls rs 11rih Sallyv E'tIher, 0 date tf de llsit, M1,ay 9th 17.029, o\ Ii'er of Sally Esther, 13 C Clark, John illtin, Ruclhard Doa borll n nd II lichlllirs ofI 2 ss1 lill +"11t. And in obedience to the further orler of thle said ('oultl the ownerr o 11r ow nrs, ad all atl v1'er other pIi'i l iSo etll s Ihavinog o'r l rctmlldin t1111111111 'I I ItI. Irit, t'1111 "1 P Tcrll'e t r delmltlll t111"n Inll to tEl l' 21id IlT.' ll: " 1 ll ebv1 (1i tsdI all adlnishedlIl to ibe ani'Spp r at . Di:s'itt Coumt of the '. S. tIr thie district oitre<air to be holden on third t \louday of )ay E,3 at l0 o'h lock a. u:. att the , City of'New t)rleans tom;nukeIhhirhtilms theretoorshow cau w: ally sucll disposition thereof should not he made Its to tilell'r lVa l nl meet and proper, By oldler of Courl1t. II.'NCAN N IIENNEN, Iiegis'utr. ,iI [: NAT'R8ALIýT SOWN I1011)K-(inprisin 1 destril ti -Is aLd I t entiatC neednte of Qu:ldrup- I ed s v s. enilu tlll v Itr aml'lt nlcl' dill2 t11 ) l IIeI S\1t11t 11 f Cu2tel lei tIhe n'llhor of the i"'fune 1 a11 n' f)8 ln o,1! TlE NA'oTf11LI III'ISTtIlY OF INSECTT-In two Iolulcs-vol 2 2,f1rt1ing no.; t of'the "Faull Li-. b direslof tire LAw or t1ltI.NEI't: IN C'R I\I\'\f. tFr -b11 lent. losce, l Esq. with et s Ilat n I1t1d rVl:rI lsR11 T1I +Am'erican decision, and to the End ish commonilaw n.d ecclesiastical reports by Georg1 e ShrsIIwolod. O t )l).losi s OF DITsTEASE of the CItFIV1r-h0sd Ip on 1lie cOI1maIllji so n f IIl : i'TSi ; ::IT :l , I Siglln, y \V \\' (;erhard, JI D. Il'nt1'lPLTT s OF IP'rTIOLOT, A21n Ptto'rlcoV OF don edition vilh notes and additions, by Samuel Geo. T1iE . hotVITCAN it UATITIILY 1Rvrt.T-T-No 3(' for DI)ember l1835 Just received and 1 lit sale by fl' WVm McKEAN.corner of('a.n amd Cm. st. g It -RI'-I llbU E-1-T h1e s u11sritrs haoet r 11ci 2ed - r l ship Sltakpar, the following splcndi l wi m !,o - Zany furniture, wlhijch they oltbr fir Sle oil liberal 30 1nhoganv RoekinG hairs, plain and nrvled with laircloth, bhlr, scarlet and prople pin=h snr1lt velvet o do do crimson wornR d damask, 2 :1 o I (;1r IT1 o do Ihair cloth, do F"ltn-h ';In':er chains Maroon Morocco r2 do 1thnm. Chain I air coll.ches, I evv tct staid-A-\ll of rNtw YoriwIk m 11ak t 1h a 1nd +t l ie2 . f , ',:NIA 12. 9o. TeIhoIpi l. SIT 1'.1 WORKS. " \aVING onhan,1 a large quantityofCoke and Coal =JlTa, ' a rrl·o'a leyUt . gL.T7 r, ortlert l ,* u be reccir. iNl at tIN (;as oli|:r for lle ,llivery ot' .o alr, eithl in lorge or small quantities. JAS II C.\LDWELL. rT ls'oRl1.11AI 9142m2irs ,f I 1 Own Time, 'ron, rl 1771.2t, 2 13, hr Sit N. \A'Alion \VraWatlo Butu, Th'e PI'othum0 o i I'Ppers of the I'irkwoirk Clhb, con trtoinl t : foI htllln rlecorld lo Ihe llp'a hlllllllllnon , (erl il I, mlventlres, t. ll o ollrlil' trL n nctiona ofthIl Cor n, spon~ling membehpr-, oditeIh, IIbB; A 31aun,"l of t o i t -.t of th" Eve, b" Littell, ir. 31 Il. Just re t'ived, tand ir Sale Iv il,." ' 1 lIEN.! 11Y A ., Po11nr flth." piltiular, alId.y tt ls. .R 1'l , t; 1AISNs 001,o02 h /,oCon. I.-,'1t5,, 1 ,i.t A L importa on, p h. r b :. I r Kr fr t ; l o o L'+" f d. I I .1 IN'HYER & C.,..7 P,. t-,r + l tIf\,L'TON Al l hai h no l o I e]ntod wn L ac t o. I . 14 I,:xch'ha -o 'lce for tihe otrocttoo tl of fc- i s 6 .'l oliv t e T.\rc ni,: Collttle Iobtr, Trntlo - i fle l';wl naeto nrite up andI keep Iralllra nzell Se h the ota rorjb,nd ieconidet oort' h, ocar odfce ore h tas tod fr jo . yeers pllstt it to1o1t of l t olo"t esp lh0 tl e oeto tt ltt hrk ,ll er oto gne d tisfotio, to tllo-t who rtek olai tot e IpilnOy 1 lo pl.treo h eo t ol at t iost odlCtn rolUtr d to hi I Ica ' w d> re, e Isuis 1 estttolntio rniltllo, a |lt. klio ov j Ihdge o el"lild t ollo rttosidtloe o to l t -+. lie o fftt r toio ser oioo oitll thle fullstt cntoitelncl, 4 tile sno ne ltit e ie will i s ft h . of allu r i m e - 1-94<s lil ( 0'in' lnigM taod ritlh despt c tld ooorreo ttet ls. , )O [14 F ooe og Ine ta] T- AMILTON tlr\LL, oferts tile followtlg, Lanedi BI oodol,ott fortlo, tic:- IN 'IEXAS, It ft leoue.o, on tile oivor Nettotto, II mtlo 0 lteS d ebitr, ieor Caddo ovitlgo I deo o thoenTrioidatod, 10 tit ultot' etNoeoto, 5 do t lted rioer, 1 do ood io n arol , otrsl o Chaooresotto r la tr her Attitts, 1 dl ,trl r;otn tVill trto leork fdn tiot Pis. I tdI lba ottt, 1 l ro ootololo oloi t o tyn,. d Ltu in 'nh ourh. ia ri...... I 0 C et froty, oIt ttoin .h.ili. I ol ie g i . 1 o . nllo 77 tcrlsod itd rLor, w0 litlio tbove l lIloi. dl'ar,, 1 do oon l iei tro dr, e lle oheo do ootl the Sobitle , 40 onila bIelow adliinlt' 1 du torollt S olpur Fork, tix tois M. fnoo red I odo onl illE Creki fl"- 0 ti oSttro Liose laedieg, t oatogorda I-'do tnohe I a ot ufCorpeos Ct-otty etv lra otl h eri t of ill)" acore, uhlicato td. I )II of Chonlcaf te whih 1.,t0 ncr soldoo oers' loorot Ifond. Atl iloe o;loe otlllto- tle wa ll situat ed, oioh r fo stpc- t I Ilotors t' rCttloer. ''It titl 0e0se sutloe o tohl. , nod oilly AIhl).--n, Atces oitoatod ea tr eoo e roo ert l , tr t tuot teoa nott l oit, o tal5iro iotie o i, tot u hr i, aI guo' d road.I o ' oohe oe l" t 0 ,it 40 ototoot to to Iot o h., iile ltooli lollt ooo ouotos tno o 17(1 Ier(s n, r)1 I:;lt ·ll~+to l lie) ot .,lti):. tttol eit h nurs'ilnI; · !oc itoe l I to 1'ooiil ot i ill ngledfll, o 17eir"An'roue penei e frm ll~i$ flUrd ti b tt .I tot-t then d oawIi roiomi ri he. ogto ttiou Icoslo t toot, to , tot Ith 131 ft1. oi tot e . h.t d io e a Il ot ion l:oulXbjo It ~sarl.0 1 sil lt redt Into' eI tots toot im otl otoo tov l 0 mu0s0 I ott, tolemto. lo t of 'cll)tonlh , which asla o iiee r 'itv e p lo s w slich nlr se f- i n','.' Ill:, l '·lhr, :11l 11 01- I :, III .. ." lll~ . ll~ ... . , L,'+'l Ni ( .\V~~l~l, .\ I ·:SIG II()l--Sii: I'; I)Arl'l ':N' ·i.' l N ' i )'I" rl.ll. ~ i l. uurIsh. ·stI'J(·+t )+'I i(·t ,atlf I;rCLtS s I )II( hl'Cill(·l· hv i,,vxul:ll\ =11.laern :ml+r01Ci1 of( I;,+5ttm· t611Yd,.I trd h~v. Il',ui t ( )ll uctii~ m ( ', lllhtwchII Milli --h U hlirti" ,lli . 11: b 11 XC(++, llllI il- X ll S:IIC rl --I 1 ¾I·Itd ttoi Xi St u- - Sll toMl l, oc 1tto t toIt Nftooto-tloo b I lot n. I l),So uth'sl' H et 'imu.~ '.leceits Sanrd fo hs'i, isaatdt hyw lso i olto-oti ot hr tololts l So 1t, ' tottttlh Io.o t t'o ooooollo oolllollt Ith:fo Ollolto ll th.ooooeohoitll ot s of the ti sto\lltocolottltooii ooollo" ill t"llhl t .lc h iill l hoo tII hlil "ie :Ir'l~ll~cir (| il'l P,.:u'lles 1I( llul' ). e l c~llaili I .rl~llt vl rlnl'l ot ve'iT"" heotl' tll ).:ilh. sii r-l It% nui tl lllt.% I rolh'lll 4~ tlf tlloollto llo o loollttolnto S t o t tol tt S tloooto'toototoftl, ofli otttohitottottt II h th ol. tliottl otoottot ) I t 00000l01 0 ~i-, tootorih 00000 toot toolottoltoot :io,: to toti otoothlo. 12r~m ootoot-to iu ci~il~ l socicti s):llillilelilll aby lsll o il~' o t iItI. I t IIoOT ISS to et.td1too Tlset 1ot't tJot ii o ititth It Ito l rslt lott e I t Itho' Ia otttoltotlodrwi ftvool 0h1.e htttttihettttocs 1 n tota it~ot't lototot Oo~titoltotot o il tttro i t otttttclah"o t 110011l~i tOv ] I lt hcot'li tho o~lohlttt, totoo ooo ( i ooiooooo.oooltl' I t- . loltttttttt'to01tl'to leS thlttl lt~tiogi ood easly t lt i'iotothotIooi 0000 'tototfocotlot-igootocoo olooto oJtlt'tltliorttofoilroIetoo fIOTICIff:.SS Cd to. o sopott 19A$Cltotottoostreot SCIIt)t.L BO()K. i2. 1NS\;OB'TII'S latin nd1 Enlishll Dctionary, , t oll,. |ut ilmama's (;Greek G'ammlna1r, Moore'elo, Juveunal hi A phi'] il, ()rvid l )en ii a, lolldutii le phin, i, Anthr T I ine Sanll T, Smart's I( iero, Greek 'Testaments I.Jau b's in (leck It audhr, Viriilius, Ovidii, Liber Prinmu, Adams' of Latin (;rattul ar, '\ ilSon's Sallu.I, \Vashington's Vita, I I ln iTar's Frnclh (hlamm r, Cubi's Spanish G(raIllltr, al N lc o nnnd Ilrre i'sr Spanish and Ed glish Dictlio arv Southl America, Ir . . " .'raue .aIf,, Bloke's Natural Philsopy, 'tl o to, isie rv, ' G.'dnlmilc' s d, llio \Vb odlridto,d Gaa rnapty, it 1 ule d alran's Svslo frdo, Blake's do I .tbti , d.o e. do e1 mo't lia ry ngli Ls Gr ammna jr (' H T HIt's A u rithC 4ih,, r. lnigerl- l 'al e do 'TTriTO -'' IIt Sl e eraTol'rp t do Colbl ra ll'S to like's d,+l Corih's i l i II-Mr t alt aia 3u ado Blaker's du SoDnd's Lent , i,'lol.c's Panlheou, Parl'- aIGcogra- i phy, Iliglh S,.hoo. Reader, Americnn Speahr r, ('o1liomll iie+ and \\cb.' ' 1 S 'ellina Book. at il vrg e oil h ( ltltoa s P:1'rl.y's lot. d nnd 3 id3d 7 k of ll'istor9--fir' Si5' I (Ite'CIKISa & ., 4 C haratTT..a LD NtI .IN( I N' D I lnllliiog, vl. ldu Gt I lneral Therpenic -to l'lenents of llyginln DeI t Tn in Ctlild.'en T do Femah, s: Ihn'eIr'F 'aih ologial Anuloaly Sn ulllol r n o rTtf lhe " l'i iuaTs { Nllltt ol+ lil ( ;ouiht andI the sshtl ati e rn I I. .Il. 11 i i tT llil s I ( "hlP r n hrnlllllt m ·Oll l lllll rblio Ta' S I |,-tvl'S Sleeial AkInatomy (11..I. ea I T11Iol, | .I ta i. foitt' n a I h r e m ('tllho ti t ' lll I e la i I - ( Ilx I's le. A t Ii 1 i sVT ' anlrt , aa o Iory11 ld - I Tiaha apd's ahyoehthogT 1 I -ith's 1 oo ; T a e, a a I t ichard's : ,'ineiph's i nf edicit l Thitcl t, Ir'. T ')i 'lTe .Ct ' IT toi IhiaTd T ( t T T ( TITt t Arl 't& o11lleTT' at t ITIl - tB ' linica, Itl 13 is a in't (r Ila i' r il; l ol' for ,. I'. t'l' dri es; ILro;". ni dl e I ht r y; I 'o a, ..T N ia ioI'her F Ior; L ..bon, I l'ea eilT; eiPlro M del r, S,'"ll Io; C'llilln pli-llor lhurlndh-, C'larel, &e., tl ll.tre of t. blst.- I ".T",` TOt I'T T' febI I.i I 1T C o -. . . i'r T P: i->l: ii.l1: Vi'1 IO .- : s. / r T* CI hioctO e I'I O ',a IPlept lla. i of tilotei , ofo i 'hh l I t ,ilT tT li lTT' iTllT lsTT lt John |;l int" Dll " l'e,.rs to \'lni l.. d ldh ic, b 31 't , II ,iltIrn y. .New RJ ber' ST e ltd Ie.t q.t I.Lt ). Pba . I ,!'cnlr, b N . . T IIlo I or- lT iTll pi llt t o t .\d oii af r f.-ll .t. h I 't nb I lac Ir I -,- .r-, NeIT e'a t oTT 1:T37. r tl Corne l l ibamp & ito ITTT IT I!tt ,ll ot ttte tilTllOlO ( It l't ,(nlIIeTo tlll Tllll I " i. - 1 t~-~tTTT -T~iT'T't TnT;T& 21() CIT , End Bo.,,o' e , i sun ' Tt, in . o lb. ISA ' tRIMI ita & lI). i11t No. I'II (h l t ie' s'eet T.\T W \VttRt -IIneseit halpie,'"i porena 1; or a /O T repository tTO r those w-h, arc: l ao o d tit whaaabo oaraqtt led. B) t.e oC toot ,lassio auohor-s, otclii and oaT - "1 Tuelealtitu h.pptiass, thoe ,tu ll bliss1 Of ar ie, tl'l hi e survived & ht 2 ll."t at " I AT3I'OOKS-No.'-o Sketeh Book, ,a ttae oSeeri ii. 1.o( t l nd ashI r. ob 'ilhh chiaelearistIi rcmiuioctn r. CT' lTOl 't i llis and o0ili lloaeT . By thellltto Ihor Of th a l'ealoeo nfaT ar, &, we,'llT d s ri", o i a vo ls. IRTOnThoTT R e 'nlleiue o ,I at-of IrIT TloutTe onf'TC TTOm s. 'fomn the reir'O l--T I tftih cltoual 3I.5. inbeh:lna pt rsT - ti T - sk tt. ,tc ls ,t"he taoiz:T. memober.-ITy one of ii par toehoii- - t I,, °-- e oa' 66 DD aop a-ad (i TTTO' ' i B -I a , [- T" b t ba eai "-,o -'i, J'YI{EL LNtIL .. OGEI-S' PT.\' NT BALIANCE FI IlE ENGIfM h l r a'Ple su crihcrs : flllilltllufalctt rileg at Wolf fioo, S Iato.a eC. N'., oiln ana extensile anale, l.ol.h' P'tent eliunIce Fire' ngine, and tl. conmpanyi do nuw heritate to re mmnetid it to the popli ans decidedly eta perlor to any fire earii.e note known. It ract beenaafesf id hv skilfi i E mitil- ,rs fit tihe U . S. A rsenals at Gibr 'hnsville Iand as ingtone ad by them f monaouned ti I s lerrinl t. a thenveernlnttnt Arenal Lat u\Vshinlgtoni its tei suppliedl a ith nae of said Enginesa an the Iti t" ietnr have jnt t rota pleted aontract witr the gotelt anact tfr the sUeply if ull their prinacital att Ts ine coine te ati he lldrrge of more tllewt at .srs col tnlla ReIn ttltler in ul, atil neflds to bxeo a entit d and trio t ol en lr a prefe, rence to all others. Sl'hle tnanuliteltuar, in all ausef, warrant their Eat iiaes in a trial wjttih oters under e Inal ciretlatnalt. io parI lat i nmore't hlll liv other ol e, or I sale. Prics an t the Feltory, with plain pointing, 'lhense: ltdei d 'hlel"I ten, dischtrging '210 guillena f i wate per minne, r nt .li nlm m, 16I4 gll lonlte p,.rilIn t, tien, whic thotigtttter rtei tit d a st 't hin' P Ielen 0 " tenl llltim iealil l ite se renhal &e. 'Te niV hep ' gn tP) farl thd Loutendintg a ln.lS Ihee, whllicht ll: v ui tetl ile to orider lig low ait vit Orla e a ia t h Iu i oll lli t iednIII eI.wr T he "Ar tllS CA Lt A for II OU SE' olin`, naid engines are surl llut al r r th i i Illlllle tll ikllil o 1 t ' P ca I d tO, at tced. Ite with the G u, ,"t t i xi c , d - lh it' ldror ia ad to t.en h ctiL..n at WtX ater ni',. . vaire o. N. T. f0ew Yhi, Oct. 2, 1033. e i rtl f eeth I h fe ths n e t itedl hmllind trial ofe Fire I e nn. ItoX i plle.t l s' Putdiet It t iell t Wi n. Ple att dl r, ,. l \Vaterl nrd, ru'Itlitg co..Nellw York, wittll oto neo oth fe g e hetlrg to t he e Crptirn tion of the cit" a le tw i It. iThitl ,ll i. m etl Irndll i i o t h ll n Coloraltia y ird anIl t'ollt, lille hd I purllnanc. lled, tatd li Sricle of i I. la ' I'n i.l, iw ilIc l lt th 1 lc ater, an ad a f 1 -tr. rtll li. t e t lU' I, ne h ao pplicat n of lees p warl o thin o har !l rell l '11.1 1 o I at n e lm e t m t l I Il ieh l:r c h ellr l h e i i re d nUhil i IIIaersbl tt tin x. I th ed in Itlll ciI .n ie ol In III ( l tt i vith th llaend ""k ell; tl; I,,,o ,ol, slhld tltS Vel' lurk Ipnrg Loee:. ( plt. , l ':tl' l 11 fall I. t C'i, iN ll rll. !ld. l'tle i anstrit " oI l of Bogmer ,'" I'Itlt nt i t aexl d ll w h ltwo n tii n nl d PlI3s4 ! 1s,.i , Int h It e t " l"ll lld h ni1a 1it can S le rt i n f i a r at ntuch1 le lt t lst. J .\ I ltULatIt C'hiefEleguecr llg Firr IH" u "t" Fi rpa ttos ) ill .'t icai, July .!,1C834. I nlo t ch. e l rIv aoll o ! tille C ii rtIllCal atn rth Win hl ilt t lo. etI ite llm lllir heii rliohl to the i 'lill C'ill" o f li"R l crI' ith'at': , in ceilitett ed by thietol " 'hiu On ll o lItiIo ll" Uitaia hlIttllel'c il ,ed onaI t ofh i lt Lt,; lllollt 'd cllliu , lll nd u li'ou pli nt le leied uitds, I t all IteIti t t rll onoc.lllell it delid ly sanI et I rIa r to t aI Shlc llrl',tih n,,e ld Ivrd" hich I Ittlllliy kly iltno . f ad rl t ndll e I oihllm tuill Itlttlt t ifell i the Oll tll fie llt ( i c k , th hlp hIfi,iee'r of the Ne"w York Fire Dipauv ! , I iI i'¢ll tio t, t it, ii rilt. "T'he pomp oill I fhisenghxi is l u cllc d in- n n, _ ,e cy lind er, and is so axece al itl v si pllll ndso little lible t get L t t till r t plair, tait'. ilo itI h, i ttel, itt llllt in 111Ott" IjIdilnll it will mot-ir tisupersedltie -th ulIlolll toCU lti pistlon u tgl . IIt lII t ISTROM; (-'hiof nl'n;i er of thl Ut.ctt Fire CI cncetinaen.' N. 1. llIOnI oftilh ulet PtIi tlrit lliil o tn rthe hla lildgy lel, whichiti til ve ttave roceivl, ti'd and ie eptll d. Ttaithe I Elllil itille it Ilt, atnll ll ti me, Ilnt pl l in tt a eto A gntll Ill ill Itor thie .Pntlltntlli.rerll ('I rnto l of tll lldrltt t .tt 'a'et hoat i tit naitttt . N.O.'. P,' S. I t will 1~' o elll tl Ih il tiengftir dc liva red'lla givenl. S E K. jl-ant Ittt;i tltt'tlFUL StIMt EI RETtl'CiAT. tI1111th p' AGatI I.A et i Itt :; it now openl for thio . rtcIIe l io ftlll lll' tiov. This dctlil.thful retreait it hi t latted ol tall lt'll v l . l b o t t. I neo Ptllisc t lili llBt h Jnt il tonitee ii t h lilt ' i tttl tof t 1xict . The i ititaltion i LnkI tair isAlt j'ivetlaruld a rth the t lac'fi by a P'l.m , ].tl-ii lit, of tl tihe tu e illn iieId ro ll tl ih girateful tit e r'tnl-iof the lsn fl l itreontt Et cry exet'i. tin' c a I a, are till lthe ecressrt alearaetu for B thinglltlt ; itro h.r r, no lt" ilntpoitrl l oe fair e ch_ t_.l li titlllel nt. J26 (I i O S-Mrs Trol ilope's Hne I cink.Puris and le pap Srisians in 1b835, by Frauini Tro'llnoe, author of a) inestic tlannel's o'ilhe Anriantnl ile Refugee in Amesi. ca; Ben Bena en, lhe Ilnst of Nelon's Acnnle.nola.s,b C(pt Clnmier, It N in n vtol tihe Man of Ilnhnr, and the IReliaed,l in Ii vs. iThe elf'Condemned, Iby the as' thor I' dte Lollards. (cuilthorpe, &c. just received sat fbr sale bv i iie W1 MvK1-KAN & Co, corner Camp &Cmnn. S3UBh' sI'PANISHI ilLLA1315iER, uewi edition adape i td to every class. of leaersi, a ith eorrectiUns,and LEsI'StI's II(EncI( Ga :ln, with ilcorlretionis ad npllro, enito ots., by .\ |hJhobr. Fi:Extnl FinrS ('LASS liooK. I :unnt'sF TinLs & PKIFii.nQUEi,with n Ke-. Nn Sn & I's &B I& mIU anr a supnish and I.ngelish Didstle usnt rceived and filr sanle nat '4 Carirne stretr by ntalY81 O1''11IIKI, &. CO. (i IIECK Ihokk oni the filleUinil Iiinkn, viz: AMes Schantu , lxchs.-c nmd ln.kinhg (Co.. Orleans. et iliuics an.l 'Lrndrs, 1loui.iii n, l.oaiiana o State \lchllIi n, ('iail uand I.lakng Ci., Commaercial ('lllrnllon, Illlpn-ol'tlllnt Cu., (i;s, CiliZells, Union 5n4 Ciii lBnks for stale Iv IIO'I'CIIKISS &co. anll 10 14. Chartres iio'C!i ISS &ii, CO's. 'tlUNTlI'iNG II t I)I1ECTU'BY, FOR Kl817, I UST b I.h'li2 d, na nin list ofdll the Banks, Di4 aP retlrs., and Discount days, Insatrane and other ('1 aacuiti.s,'Inri 'oitiii ratei of clarges adapted by ite (iiiillnlrer of miiiinee, AI eti-nileatani.ival nlad de pttallla- of Iit eii ils, Fonigall (annuains, &c. t&c., pub. lisi ,d aid for sale by ItiT'CIIKISS &CO. j31 24 Chartres at. . I't.\'T IS 171":1. li NS..-l'etnlt l'eryiatuti It. lat ingll PlIn. t'his onel! ititclion, 1iy means of the rclnglathtg sltri , commnlds;tll the forasv anld fireedom oif ibe ies~i I, at icy anlsioc bc made lulrdeir or anIer, to sit the h:uli or laslt of the aiiter, biy sia:ly mni-ing the sn ig hig;her oII lower, a:-.dinig to the ilgrete " Pateni Pcin:a vian ltiice Founaln Pen. By the t pe euliar .onstrultion of this c..4mly new instrunmtent, a re. se.ic is l iirnted ilht wilill c iat i sui ienit ink ito write thityii lines i l ItiIitaIe dili iTh elasiiiviny of tke Foni. 1:tiIn i-nptanl Imot greeble ininint i I eedIii toe llst Ie, iincapiale oi fligninil thel imd. Tl Sallc ml, of Ibusiness or persons xitling expediitiously, i this pen will i)e fumd o iita lable nlieuiitinn. Plutelt Perrina Foutainl Peln, llltl. ritrnemm.r thal filly lines lwith one dip of ink. 'The ink frion this new Iict los in ai eiven and Iilniclentf hrp streamel taitII , tli.. i otl iilk I i t ht e strlt llth i .f it elet I ters tIlei, hns produhcing a gr..ltr uhil"..r-ity ina ties II'at, Iiii ibeI atk illi lg Pen. Tt iduenrcld porls dlr or ill tolltutthtoe noit exne.rldhnnt ltl l a-.ct in the Pasnlit I'en, and its advantages oce the quill mint be uinit7sllh ickn.thidued. iDo)ble Paint nieanr 1 Pen. (lil's Plulent Lunar Pen. Thease pens will contain a lgrutcr. .uply iof iuk th:u :n.v yet l nlvntted, and for dae rvdltlitt awdl elasticityc titnoit surplastd by any otleld In. rved Lunar Permani Stek . Pens. n uist reteioed anid ir sade by W1 1i . Id'KEA, , ilg .ti ccli, I bof Camp l andll Commnt tis. . ' tIo',, ine :aod , entitled to rllchuttue. In-ill nit bin I.dr, tsshn.lsililtItutn nal i'ullicte head,. kerca it.- iiinrlinnlSim i atterns, -lit . da rinted talib. o-yi, da'k ad liianht irnnind-n, 7- eolnl 9t1:wo inte., nt iand eatbri, light ground7- Tid 9-b ; 6a4 cln trick.., _ 1T 'iring= -1 bluc and black chintz shawls asiomrt ed; black, hblu. purple and slther colors, assorted Mt1 v]lte:,ll- mnls kCul4l n1.o:'ertl colond ; t ndetrone ounlde red; West of Euglnnd htond cloth, black, biltn :n.| fttcy color ; Irarines, black blue, and fancy lnong -ssorted:tineti illed i,,itation Frenllch htnkete, no orse di t nim Cta Mii Ci ti Oravier at. l]i n wine; 1;1-lensk. do;.tLI-dodge 101 I wiur, in store auJ fur sale by F: i.EF.ONTA, j 7ti aganiu.r netreet " T .Ue unir' o7 Gret G, rr. nt.a:t, hv AInthonv flash'." tan. Tie .San f IIea:tr, and IIe Re'/claimesd. 'T.e .-nipr-s, a tnvel iv G 11.nentt, author of lb, . biantins.-. n tju' eileby C Id BANCROFT, . !na .y ~ la·punsa -

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