Newspaper of True American, 17 Mart 1837, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated 17 Mart 1837 Page 4
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hro' ^ £ and NaI to . herwit- 1in :0t,i nri * - .. . it ' tde t i ns l e, I nlseille, on i wen, lnhat c nrlink werilt ike . Pnsl, t ole sno i' d ine Froechrf and kln do huns i d..:n .$t d. I o wy wintiols I be4 us. CiDren's Icole sat reon and ltintrois rl t nI i - inean-inh n lnts, ck-Iuite , b nshoes, begntn " atltanero mole's inta avdf odw k oppel neted shoma sao laeG. lt Iho hunits;o do s!ollt kip acl wahi lta.C- shoes aui h-sn:vtn; g -tletePse Ieut nntality calf sewel shoes, hbtie shoes allnulro ason; rton edf, and nmoent' Immluin shoae malldtis;poes dno cal, bfolt il asl .o wngs, *illpbslailds; do ine moda, s"al nd manom co tu'ter bpos ha. ys', disso's Bands!lldreDu's pegoer aOd sM e e.l benisns adl shoeoofnss'vsqunlityad indl. Iapp nto nlstrtuihstilunet of ame's stoet w·s abnl .4t hlroa,.s and hioes, tooether with ir),0o pairs sta hbelt quaoity, lt, asens, nailed in trhe dsbsmks, madelo xposrely for Ip!nlntton use; a good ns uttmmwt of men's fine ond stout kinp rutast br'guns, an w .at'tdl"', ad a tigao qnwtity o au inCerir qltlndit) ruist nld wax brorgas. LAdis.' RflCe Elf, sAlT, rntroees nodt grain welts, arlo pump sole aoeos; tad fine Ptneoo .k \i co sod kid ru, oaitdt ilpgp es;do ronts shoes, with and without heels; do ol., heal snd stout leather hooteest do Pruntlla shoc of all kinds sand qualitieis; dto lastinug brog'mnns; u gailer adsnid tsxet bootees. Misres' lastieg.pring stho'i esa birogns. Chtildo'e's colored .orcoeo and lasting nro gssaad hoots, bo. ?tlemt es'finet'ushiossale black silk hats; do black ais drab beaver do qf a supelor qaalityr do imitutinll Rriam do rmhead anti narrow bhim mnus's fine drallb sta blas.k ltsasial short napped lults, a new aaticle. Youths" s A size hats of diffrcent qua:ities; dt. chitldren' nuasamd bhy'sd black and dralb wool tatss '" various sihniss witk general assolrtmet of boys' and men's Thiss assortment will be replenished llbyte arrival of eohl poeketsfrom othe aore naomed cities, all of wTlic will be sold on nceommoudatnr terms, als e--tf ARCAIDE BATHS, CAMP STREET'. Itn for the BaLmh--Lasr DAYS or Poeprtt. t HIS truatvplesndid establishment is now constant L ly opeun-wvhere hot, cold, tepid or shower baths san b hlsd, aceonapsiedd by every Ineuryand lslsofort Slat can add to their eajobnont or tlheir useflnrses. rtha ienvalid seekiog heolth, or to the traveller needing oat,. abatl is h t ooeo the areeatet luury e and the most estasin restorative, while tihe mnons of t.iakind have the taetimony of the faculty fir cge pastn thai there are no aetCb ernin meas s ofppresorving hellth as freqauct and regolar bathing. this establishment is justly deemed unrivalled for osatnlin.~as and space, wiiere nohmtdanle of light and air add tleir natirle njnvenoets to lloe rti!icil l txu riowowhicsh ar here eonr ,inod to tmrer tin baths congr plats. The ARCADE BAThn S eare next dors to the Ameri an Thoatre, anl adji i:a the nones iBazaar Arcade," loaYding to tne St. C!srlen theotre--one sqatnrt from the greot Exrhanglo lntel, ed hIave attached to thene th first raotaaret il t! t reo untry. NB. Durin th lf-e!f aul wiriter osrnesro, tlhe hbatk wil be kept redy~ er risiters eerrt dlty, from noon un lit 3 o'elotak p t, an from le to . oin inte kian'g tae ith aI raddition of being open oen S.nnndays,from snnrise wotil3 o'rloek p m. E'tn Bslth tickiletn ore to e Inad at Itie Saloon it Cionp alet, tlrance to Stio Bnnalo. sr cttinsCY STS r.-n t o tA P' A tiln RI rs nll S infr.r thelir friendk annli enlto,.er l nrrrollpn,' that thoy tre nown and will be recitiilg frowm the oll, their Patl sasplios: alno nfra t France. 'Tihe Intter place will fnruisrh thl with a vnriat;, of I'eltnln mner. 'anev artiolo&, &n. among wnhicl will be found l'.llen Cologaeian round bottles, ofit urie'r lavor. T'heir object aio been to, proculo ev,.nr uricle of ai very suon e rir qt-Ality, aUnl tInenir nd.:e- invarialiny urge improve sents bot' in kiai nt. pattern. PR:troussen -Vill ci, Crt of chourt sef Prttis, fiom tae If tnlliarct l" of N. . PrHis, lr unl mParins, tLor do null 'hlinn. B sert is--lFronmt the h''sth aan:+fctrifa- lelIwlo reko an Elntlglisin; illnonig Ihe laitter, eupi)leinnr lenoullt lirn shie6 , as article, teretiitre sear ni al dlini l t to oblt:lin. Fr Cy P'OCKEa o t Bonas.-- ,tlh lr trii heatd )rill he sennot a plratnlid loniety or hirion ull gFenncitlel'e Pe-et Rndik Note iar, artn Nex,'ie ciod Thri:ond aes. FoNCY Sroctts, h ", s..e'u:):a, -, t.-')f thel Iatc's chantra and of superior ruolity, f ,n-wirtian y f p laio ,ld lurrd satin, In:hobnith i ve vlt ci clith lePtck; inlTo Bnan no, plina in- lI fune, with ll id without rli e ; hirt (Cillers, , Sinisleders iaide expressly Ifor this ma kst railed " \'anhiNt;n S:l,'ndm,. eil'.nSnol , GaIln sihtotie \Vonrted and dott, -ntll d,. with and wvitholt rolltre; iaantaluoen ilep'll, imith wire sInering~; mid a great variett of' In a' g n ineair. tnindii' elint'n-i\ for tli ru tail trind., by A. I.. Vnnlnhl'nll nnii, iof t'Iiilnnnihde.liin. Dmssing Condch, I"'. SCaeLsoANG enlii-D--irnni tile IIlltlor'i " Ornll n lIl t r'ineva, Banrtlett out lord;l liii; l:l G;erani do.; Ilnk Cards, eS. &c. ' t[: .['hl nove nre nutI a plnlln of ntht eRtiele I"' sold low far c shI, o l ninv it ln nlrlllll n iI.I (;l , 1'Iov Co\N'I.IiES, ni1-e ( 'l", st. hVlite lthvenue :ieatir, 15i ditto New In'fnrrd r.3 Jt3Si1PIl Ct()i'C.\','N·,', 25 frnt irer-tdrilt t 'INN.I-C,,' 11 01"' i- ii:-il I -iN .i, UvT,-o A NEw MAP O r ,Leil.In, ihill it, relll,, road. to.nnld diotaan-, froni- p]nlCe io pliee, aiong the ,tt; ati,teau-nbe ot rolt:, by, It. 1. 'l'nlltner. IltrcrisT.l's I' , r it e in is i l'In, ? i ir.EES, slrlnving tel prinipell nlnnirp'Cle i eimirnani on, n hirh r girlO tihe dio.neca, iin miles il'olln ot ' ..lee to miiihl.l; also thne coare, of tci n caneals anol "1ilms tln'i ih out thIeO loultr, car'fllh, reollniled Ironi tilne be.t au tlhoritis--publ'ieId h. by ii Aul:uts Mitchell. I\Plcitue.Lt'S 'Pl['IaEI nnin'lIS (;InIIE TIROUrtt TIKe Idea sin STATE.; a mlUlp oif il1ia-oad-, distsn,.es, stLnl boat anadcnaanl utes, &::. jl i'nreeivecd ailnd fin r sale by \V31 1I'K(EAN, a2'. Cornier of ('r'iip &.. Coninn n st.i T. Pi 01, LO)L~l.S[.\N 1--'1 all :hoont these l'm o spnt.s inyv m'lior :rll: (l litilin. linew ne, lin "herea9, Franeois tChlecout li Bienvemt.a r,.sidet of' the arislt of St Bcriiiirdi, has applied to e, Octave S I Rsnsnnian, c o ciu,, Clerk ofth: ctut ofr Irolbante)ii in iaemeat ia conformniv to the art of tOil Leirah I'e off lie State, eatitlninl n.1it nnit lir t ltn funn- n ne of titles of i rhnnf arsr t at jnlici:al sales," a irovei l oa tile 4th tMarch, 8:1t. Notice in, in'eb- given to all inh an it msy conllern, tlat bv virtle and pirsnant to snor<er rn,-lered by the hono hlo teIe iCourt of l'nd bat'ie, in at, 1 .fsr the pnarinsh of St Bernnrd bet. alrinig dute e'nenlbe, 14th, 1835, inltle nmntt'r of thelr snllnressilnn of Anllnie Bisnveno nils, granteld Onl the pen!ition of lrancoir ie li coesrt Bienvenu. 1, tllae uidarsigenel. ctini ai ex osci naeltillneer, dil on ths 27ti day if Jatlnarv, l83, sat Hewlelt', Fx. change, in the city of New Orleans, cxrolle for ilublii sanle by auction,ithe property heeiferirnner dserii-ld and adj..licated totne aforeesicl Francoin Ileliiolurt ilinve no, he being tie last uand hiiihestl bidder; for tile rie of svellty-sovea thoonsanld dollars, viaz: Decerptlion of properly as girein it tie Judicinal eon CPewtIIrC. - st. A Sugar plantation ,:ithlh l the ktibliinges and in ivaorneautnltheriion, situated in thie Iluriehl if St 3eir nardt, on the, tlevou ieIx Ultllllu t It nlnt six miles ftiott tle river 'liani.ti titi, ilt alurinig cithtetunrpents eut M totso. front nn Itvt!i sitens of the Llayity i et x ltenlt, with a depth iof ftrtu arpents n bothe sides of nsaid aytito bounIitd on the upper line, nd on both sides of lai.I Ilanu byv tle iproperty fr tite tii Romann Ciatholil Chnrcth o,f tbe )ari.h of St Hernard, anl on thie ltor liu atnlon o bot i sid-zs of sairl Ba ou, by the platnttion of M|r G N Allarl 2Id. Anttier tract of lna1 situated in said paritnh he weean thllrtroperty itfthn Rotutn Cnttholic hatitnr of ha Pnrieh otttt 'Bel'uat and the propet y of Jlrs Joan P-tn, hatin g8 raiseis an, tlrtee f cfront ot l I tll ·,ine of said Btavtut n tx af,tf, twith a dlpth i" fuorty or tats onl btnh a:';ide el" said Bayr~,to. .td.r Anther Iturt ticn eaid tited n theut north ltrt tof said Bt t:tol, betwen th1 platatioun iof ir P'iree Jordta, ntnl tlht of IMr Jean Stlit, havin-t two tuie a ani two feat front on said B-luayou, witt a d.ilthi ot f iri or pentt. 4th. Another portion of lanut sitetl on the solth raet t t the saidtBayou, .teweot iee Suant'tion of the satidl Pierre Jordanrl' that of" smid Jean Solli<, hay i n oas toise fcnit on aid Bayou, with a diepth of t turty tu S All the cattle, lOrsne=, nnhu; , snl all tIi c c OUtle Auupr tie tei .3 <uaiti tal at -i And h .o t it 58 frlnvidrr, Ir." .l·:. Meseas43 years, Matrtii iyars, Big Btob 30 teenr Qille JacksouI30 tre:-ls lf; i cn-l i tL':rslitlert 5r, Willttn 33 years, Bill I)ti rttii 3t c arse , BigZ Selned|i om yeain, Bitttl r 15tt it r, ti2 e S33;h' years, Teih 32 yeatuLtttiu tuilcl viec Ij t·~ic· li;xl eeueI~lttit,,tti Lakh l ye~ars, BLii ai 13 arr , v i,,' a no C rs, \ al Tent un t , Bnnntiiat¢ite 1. yeart., littiS Saut IYara - SjLuaiieh I, nttr Boer~t'it tie "iltl' t t'itie. cttli al-tr man 9, Slute: Mait i ittitvi, ehi-ktecit ti5 roar Ail~rio Jackson, 30 lld,h "vith, hepr ohlil I' uons olt, 'Mary De do, Abignil I. ,ts, Anlli.. '5 dho.h, Jenny 50 do, rac," Di do, Malaria 20 dlo, wit'l hrr twvo children, one of 18 m'sth, nald the othtr tof i m iIthi, Dlly 20 , 'cars, Sit etat~too :35tar.. utiltt liartt eihihlreto¢ ot itt, -elr & ihe othertf 8 Ina ltt., !:, ..i ii ve:u'., dulit "uvtr, & -. her chihi Regis 5 years, J udith 31 v,+ars, an.I he.r child Rears, Ihiarltto 3 yearce Ettv ;I re:tte ..\llle t itlt rlo, J mtnitl3 years, Nn'l-,," !ti'arui. ('resie- tit ear l, lEree do dn, Clo t .35 years, \laric; 70 year; Maria ii:) \e r, & httr chiljt irie Loui e 4 ieares, letty it yc:.,s, v otn 45 utars, Llttle Rs.el1t i ire, PIe,-v 15 years. Cti'littitltt l iii : . --T!: i,:,lUlsi r shall assuIme ttie obiioati:o to piy in. . Illiu7 mastro to \Vwi: The an'n of $15,'17) to tlhe of Luilsiana, o111 tile ilh April, 1i13. Th l tt.,t f lit,33 todin li tin,t J II':'.Fi, itn the 1lt March, 182'; anold th. shll of $l0,'+l:I, 13, al!r ist \Marcllh, 1817. T he tsum oto ,00 to ir . t 31 t r, oi tt e 0i, t of ,]'lna ar v, 183ii. And il I ance at on', two, tllr - ,nill ll. , dit, in nt tes en-lnr ,l to sa tlti fi utiln, t. 'h spt e Ci- l t i t: S gatttunttil intlllnvultttnt i IVllerftore, ail iuret:it iiti tei.iteti t tli lily r t'.ll, title slaOeia bovae tnittll tilecoin seqil:n llnllont t.v itllf.nlrt li in the order. ditee, or jJlitIntut,thetiire r.eiitil, lcii o.l, der which the nlt war t itul- , or tnilrrcllirit r i · gnlite hat irh tiltn.elt ttt t r it lverti ~nta, it iilr I' , anoraofsal., or Suel, D1 Otht-r h nnla9y oro dthtiel whalc t of Ev , are. h nbe c titame aniT A a.l n Oni.-I .lt e l.t.t t , t withtn thtirty it +.frit n t htt ftin urea tel liletIion illtli.l pitila in trl aliibtc p:Liore, wht tli th t :o C o ts t -ni h marsirailt, soi, whol rit tu teutit'rl t tiilt ih:cllotli ' la-rarbly tb t!i e praeure f 'tie' ntiallr. , st fe~itsaot, ,titie huIttnct seaultf it't.. li,, --- ilayuf. In atl A D I f, the 6tt yer of th!t i ltlup.n lo att'e UOt!d States of Ais:hac. r OST]'VE S R' )UiS!1'.\T', O, Jil IJA e etiSott-,- clerk. 17 TcZ1, a :eI'O.-ihTrrntide --l t ue Art tf Deat-.n I t; cap-. o wc intner ho:hl, ee i rllet ir, tile olst re arTid sati.t hotlcithtiCIIonJ tIi:ti eatl ti titttcttiOnt foru e " pmpirda s.tir itnl% litturtti rt n aeuni, otututons, blit-c eml·et.nt athar hraviiill:tctln ail t.: lre -vcg. t;Lih'i, " hleh itrla itst e wthllult ret ef'reetii F,lu , i w iii intuitli partlsshute ireted timtuieei tttti tt ei n~lisctttoallatiiiinraaat the tiiattrt if~mtit i iitttetrt, , th 7['- Ii.Jllllcl.allilrc n!'lhe taiti ;..~ nw. lriotllr~r of' sph-itF, a g' iglhl mn.t reaceutittttveri-"+ ciul itipnrtenltenti in ~Lcul art. rane thine fishtai r ,h)hrllm~lt.111 b." John ,'hcri X eIe eu-Iotwtieh ifeetaRi tu:i lilt't.ilers' itenrtiittl itl, Iy P ittrJonash. Fntin.}y rvi-icll :lil lliltnll. i itt h il tc "d all .,. iysfr ll : Jci: ii rll~itllcn~ald ,I, hllffn'%rl ur*II: ivodatt '.'+, i,,h \V :OIVI Tarles afT "a Iiorhood, by tho author of "The Coll.W-igoau'" ii. ". i ·. a:'.nes oerle, by lha oa.thir of "T he Ilirjes," il t wo . olements ofInlternational Lawt, wi it a Skeltch of the lisota'v oftheSeft neaa a learm \Vht.aton, L., L. I). At Practicat T'reatise on L'oo.nnire E: a'iarrs upon Rail I'tas; t worrt inteaa.ld to show tIa Co:trl'tiau' tle made of mnting, and tha elff'ct of tlore ene .r' a in iorvying leavv I n.ti' to civ' the imaIs a of tIaSacTttlit " iu, on al , aspt'CtiOml rl thle load, and the ra' ult it will pr'tduce ua dr e trioluo circo:nsotace.audin tilller utIO calities; to determine the qlautit of ftlel alld water it will require; ta fix the a'oportioas which oghlt to Ibe adopted in thle constllctio of an aenlci, to otake an swoer any itonded purat se, etc.: with practical tables, giving at rance the rosuhs of the firmulia, founded opo a great many aew eperiteonet.maNdeodr a aorce. scale, in a laily P ractice o tihe Live'rpool an:l MaeestLcr tRaihwa, vwith mloy different engaes so d eooaliderbmle trains ot'fetr iagno, to which is added an appendix, show wing the exlense of corveviong ýoods by lcomoative tgioes ot rail roadr, by Chev.F I G de' Pemboor. .lsstreeived ad 1F or alge tby Winl 21'KEAN, s13 Corner of Camp and Comlto n a trtstr. r' TeIt lemat CO\VqtuIA't'-ONS, r TIONSa , ofe TI Coleridge. Koainsmtn rke, or OldT 'iame in the New World; le ine Not 7 and 8 of tae Uniform Edition Tof Paildng's Works. Coltona on ha RDclionll State of the Coauntry. halte TFishlery; eing Nos 26 and 27 of thoe lcy:E and Girls Library. Just received by J12 C H IANCROCFT 14 Cmenp St. 'l APTAIN AAItlOLYAT' "S NEWI N)VItI., ac.-l SRaittlian l Reefer, by thie aothor of Pe'ter Sialltlr in 2 vols. Skianm r, or a Winter at iScloss tlneifieldt itn Lower &tyi'll, by Captain Basil Hall, Royal Nnvy, F. R' S., in o vol. Loard Rohlan, a romance, by' Allan Counningham, I vol. hep/oaard Lee. writtenl by limselt , in 2 vols. d Compeulius io listorgof Itay, transl.ted from the aciginal ltaliaaa, by Nthniel Greene, in 1 vol. for tin No. 79 of lHarper's Eamily I.ibrary. .Vols. 2: 4 of the new complete and unifarmn dition of l'ashinrg'aon Iring'eas W'orks. RegeAr's Frenh and Enrglitsh Dictionary. in I vol, 3vo. uest' 's Freach aa nd a English Dictionary. Folhaar's Telrmaqale Boloear's JE y to Tlemntaque. Idoltan's French Celleqaiol Phraseas. Bolmanr's French Fables aodl Key. American Fir'st Class Book. Colirn's First Lessons on Ardlaaetwl e DubeLtt.auat atd Jonas's Complete Treatlise oan the mtole art of Distillation nadtl ReartificLtia, tnew reditioa, traislated antd revised by Joa Sherida. ALso--A few copes olf Btulwer' Rienz tlte last of the Tribunes, receivendola for rale y WOll. htlKEAN, -'"9 Corner of Canlep sad Conmmron sns. -Itrl.'ON'S PARADISE LOS'rT, with illustraltions IL hly Jolhn Martin. Fiotdinls Beauties of Byron; or portraits of the prtn ,iptl female cnnracters in i ordt ltyrot, Psoculet. Eti slred litnatr urigitall paintings bay emiatt atists, withl dxtraocts illstratinllg eacol srtjeet. Itinlcr's tltalmoae illlstratian oef tle Bible, collsist iat" olf aviews of tile Illlst Premlrka le places ieatioCaled 'l Il:e Oladl New Tetl'ttallltelt, from tii.lhcd ttlrawi'ilgs, :de foal totiial ~lrketche taken onl thle spot. Illatl's Gallery or British Erat'rvings. The Gallery tof Mlodern Blritisl Artists. T'He Stritng i Peals, a collctiol of first rate enaro a ra". IllrlctratloaS oftlE: I'asscs otftle Alps, by ,aticle aIty onummuicates wtith Frameo , Switzerhland noel GTer a-ot·'lt. 'v William Breackendutl a F. It. t. member of tte 'eadotit of Fine Arts int Fhrerce and Itome. The Aut-la'se- Savetaer with ilh.,ttl atioas. A Ganrl'atl of love, awrtathed of lleasnat Itowtel's, orl.thrt-d i' thle tIl'l • if Eanglish 'oesy. ai'.shr's JtLvuatil a Srup-.Biook. by BIrnaral Bar 'l'ht Economyf Iltfuaram Life. By Robert IDod ley II nstrated l ie lc l .rll .lis on steel. "Hie sitteth in his cill rcpinir_, and tile goodl thlntllh eat: la to another, is l himt It t ,evI." tBlttoatt'. AlattatV a f Mtt lanahol-l. The latk of Gel'ct The I oet's stat d Artists of t IBtatitn. Edited by a' C. hal. The tliiatr'v of ome. 1ott (e P. \Veiht, ti. Treas. atl-d by J. C' Illre, It. A. 2 Vols. .i lust receivcd nlld foDr siale h r I'1nll,: sobscl·bers'blle receiv.ed per recelll ivr a n-lott'l oea r for sale , in o ita n CouoIn nl t tw rleIIltlt.ts strainlted Splrm ()" Fall straid dorm'tlatt l wha'a ta t dot eae'lf ial ' ila I of cedar and w rtle ' ,otltd', Itol Blt i lrc t olnte, iaaltlfaCt a'alneda irtllt eoa o lf tart tti t ,llit i'tS Sperm Calta ' 'le', Tallw wt'Clo td l Sw tocllate. Spanish i , l utt l Ix at slft t shell A I' d llllllt rle a olilt etll er, Sllpa rio arti do iýlo'ý"t af, 7-8 and 4-4 Lowel cottons, l.rellr e anot market, superior Prusa' brOWl seettings, Ranyt'li dock, hell's calelerated peat' ol'.h'lain, Nort' s'te do Steven's tent ballance,., all size-, playing cards af otsaaaqaai tias, a ,tllrltllet of POP cta lothingtt , hitst ad m., IRII)GE, VOCE & Co 1t;1 Mnzazine st I L\it)floJ. {tt1', &r. II)iNNtOCKI'S \IPitP(lT) EI)ITION OF' DIr . ( lt.ti thit t' s Abtridrnt nnt of tihe Rlitt,'r of Rlln to nlhleh ii prhixt i onala lntr Jlu ti l r to irta,.tnd i i f I tth of astore a irtht ia rirhu onf tal h e rhir ft, Itio t added "thr o hout t h . wort C i,, ti l oLa n taer., ('tetita t xataurr nit,,e i iemark on ite p, i llstiattir na nnd .lllta itrt r of tie a o. Ahn wlhhi nil, tlhrolls nsit ion, r hi e, . ill histor ia N t any i e lios Ut ELE~rr orArrno aastaand In Abtrtdeme Atmla rtn edi tiont at Ithi air Ot eane ieritet n. IIt hl'lstratedl Ih llirlvlVILffl'lIViIllY Oil Woo~I, lly Allt~litoa. tltt, 's hla, tei d oftitin a f Dir Gohielsill'a istorAm "(nl1 l nll , |.lll t ll o .Ulil C SR to Ilei Just reeived ad tor ate hv lW M ,,,AN itno r ef c ot l t ontinuti o to Il ,et r I i FAiU rt a ' Aae a ai : aLlO an1 Ahiigttroli afh ft id',, Iy rh iar thtotres Ua aTheDsneie hlirtr. \itloeion s f" r t mi th at the tl O. c seti on. t ItA t es la ~ f iet y of h iaalletoa illfoaihla e titlll +llt'led tllrotilglo,'Ht tloe \vorl·. (.oll'.ipthpx ofT tabllev, of w OIt llhIII)OItlB Youel'.i allS -lid clnilellt permon++. ('Cllpis r xdw lallator y ilosron I hel borl oo:il the nlin tle (tItttttB i alli far:,e illatnlrtf d " u INe I6'y h ngh , . Nr;l'a; E oEfr OF" AArcrtotoand a1elito an Ato rltlemnt of K Ith r's ete Tirellh e onI n t he Us o ('ores, . N te Arcinec~ O ea tn, winlhe your 1t3 18 a n 18 3riv byt Jan rrta ption oh atha astronoLficTl part of th e Aitoe, i'se dn iA/ llthna n. Just receined and for sale 1O WM M'KEAN, PINo R IE cllrnrl'(uhoop a A Cou rsn ia'I AUNTr I',ONTaPaa(f , a noalalI, iHa 9el a'ha Dmlrot, hr tale thoa ae "atNr of "Thearitd," r "Flirt t vols. i T u r Thaae Atte n tit'e Rtnaemat iaa searh taia Plorse, ith ardnumerastic worloted e anllita a ir. i(Tn,'ronaa; or Nwtc hIo aa Ora Nighbrod Lttaer ing t oilar el tile ho.ltr lot E ratCaie ta ltir af Iitt y JureaJiartttar, tad adinLg istrttred Eniftit Artssin arnr Ibte Rinaansa or, a jouley to St Pettrs burg and l otr ow, th. L. r h COrtit anti Lrivenia, ttirh chrritttia Ett h Of tt e al h my VICm y IEigh BRil'i, Esq.athetr rat TrnersIa Annnul our," "SChDeliderha i Nn11 's," I &&. S tNarrt ve Ith.t rei t itioe'l Erp dir tion t ailrit, ontI 1~tt1Laia,"iaitr,,i I bitt u alosivenl aietttsI iof tt , rrlatt Fis trive, t tert i uila tle bl, tli e of tile Arid ttt iicOetttan, illtit "t'als 1i3,t 1834,are i 8tir Ca .li hatL.tta N. cuomandr 0lt ' tle ertdii l tiot, Jlstlrectiand and ina oy tIaMM'KEAN, re ..... .. a ntlai co nversati_ d Con , ,rrn ,e std. SIDE~II.'J SPA~INY REVI'I'IED, &e. , Aittftin RElVai, tTED utro the tefathnrof "i i yacr ina SIain,'' inl ') vls- ltn~rr¥ Crrlveel./ a no',el, by prhun authonr o f var"Ceoil wlv " il' olrs. T'he w olr e ss iptrt , d o ilii aer, tale't, t ltt te r a.uthor a ciLat i Te, Fit a ].el," ill VOls. Nimrodsl Itlulltllla Trollr· InterCspeirsei I ttL,,,,ia tto ,L r 8i~ .hand critadittt. Ju Atroetttrti tAil hralecteri sti ne cdr otes, sPyints ald ,aoills of Jpiori ll M , it a lutliL, not ies t tietrlaiaeiputal a reek rider s o f E nglb a n s w ith n altr .ti(e a c nllt lth ls i tll d eth e r iadelx of. llailn, to whichl are addedl, Nilnlrodl'a Lotters (111 tiditg I) etoll ,u l ion i t Vios. ien n BratCa thir Ilat oftd Nels(.lll' A fnlnlrltllltnr , lie CSlr ..chll;~luer, ii. N.,illthollr Frlieh tl.if ran Sa cilor," 'e. it Lt volsn. i oc, mmenri e on th i ty Juri spf e Br nc re T drai ni stch re in r E nglnad al 1Am VOri,. T h Joseph Stor/ ) t. I,. h. Ovi trnand I l<atl v lr l\'dl o .6 0 gr, C n' sr evt, AdGlipn 11 nd oth er.s Iaibrrt." itn'tt nlrp T'ia ti, t o r1 lela s dFill e exriisei LLLL. I tetur tt i, ,, Lt ,h'it esLndo ttlo k O\ , M i p(;n llrs ,":tl ot, U. . In.r!n, ill r OAsI. ,ls t I eti, P d tan O in" sale qty'V1.a, 17 co~arinl Calmp & Collal .~n str. lelli ,,t'e II'u h'saet ri, s n, l - e , d c ta l4l ' e lar "' '1, luI, -01 Hen.0 &-; hir iy ptluod as tI tri cor torlrit rati ve, a tat y sa, e io th, t0 oi tiirret a tdited rtt it a ,e ,tw i ,arr, it " Al ) i l o" . a lllllwl ll C ,ert l lll, l (nketidl, P rsont rceline nli'{)l, k e. ii1ad ;l Iud gslo o te ere e t ot o IlI BONNAB'H., T)rttffffi·t. CH r ritait a ftit f in s t l IholvC hr m 'hJrtin ilsr il 1 und10ofIfrpr'sCl sini1.ta r atm T. ('Expdito O fIllt,. f lh, i u Enl r ., OIl everylit' nT I thl,,,,,;,iath., t1I L tLLC t'ttf 1 ftll. .·IP\'1)2b i..ndlt, tL -\, wtLt niti L mit it t h e aithit ra uThXri d r r h'·l , dl EsqT., e eiiatiL , itiro rI t-aeh tiLni ,ebyli ar )ronl~l'll lri~lll I· ,~· nlnilld is o|'arou fc.'(nird c. Th whrle nae til lisi,,,.:I.It· a<1WOI coila,;. I·t) lCIIeilltnte I} e eiell i.-.)ofnl erTHet GlPSY: Tl alt h y fIv thenoth'er of) "Ric~hrlitru u "M r tio f Urywi " & ,, .I, t . o mz l :,lt.v l .L't iiltit, ll . o llll· e t h ,r s ncf" oh m - Ia itd :iCl tt Maifi itiil , ll t the e t t ritia alerett'e, f'tl.eIzcl lrll, Wlt'lli3e T~lll ill tH('] a llllner~f aqll to IointOI TiLe ti i w'wr ,"t't aatween afitn tthaLt Itt tt Li s erl idiot, .i,\ a li t i:r i ofLiL, tt tyretlae b e Ih M M rKEAN, L titer of tCa ed Catlor.e tie LI'2· ('or Camp, i (I.,tn st.. n j!It. :ill. r ,]+.'.'ii 1[ (I,:1 I L ; ~i(i € (;ilm ('ili will., 51)1[ 1{ ioi-I ,lo lII) Ihl Iit Ifnl-i~illl l\ ',:; iI hlc .r l' . .lllll €.III 1 ) (j.1:. h~i rltli 16 1'1, llt. 'ilii~o ar od WaiC Clle i lr ( r k; r l:ll li l~;lnel, I'orlnlt lr!;il i\n l,, h i. slie Mell,', 1":. ii L I rt.,t"\ eliillt P r. ;ill tr as rli1ts- 1: 50<a';. th! lwlh' 101!"'ix f;lld i 5l. !' t h lrled it ilill]D (h'11 lS0. i qlrl~c l· (:! ·,' ls I)'l St f. el'l·\·. 'll" .in. n !i5., C* IP caae- · nrw11 .\t llti;, l' l r va .c. a rsoreli vlnl,- ll sll "2[)·? ( IJ:Ulo Pltt-Lol.'i , ej(I : I· lb hf~ rlo<11"<l~l? YUo, C.l ibllsf~ ioi'ke o"i~ll~h, 1506 dulpo l~ urtw.u 1oelrh,-,3 rri~' (iolh, n b~Lt.r "u~~ ~'~?llt u at .r SRICHARDS, Tl'obaceo und Snuff manufuc :rcer, No. '277, Camp strect, New-Orleans, wishes to inuoru his frieai.ns stad the publi in gener:I, that hc is soiw prcp..ul to fii uist :-y thin ,,in the aboveI U bIusi ets, a ,I hIa constaI utly So r ale tbl lulls o lllg til: SNUFFS. Rosen, (German R:tppce, 1 huaboy, Englishl Pri ;legentl, Amtican Il:tppeei Nuatelto tines, htulta ed, A t.'ietl'ec getitlernss's, lierguotnt, Duoient RIappee, Irish IlItkckgsuard, St. Omar, CuI.nleos, Pll'is, I'ureSpan:ish, lIhdf coarse Rappee, Scotch, and ienniue tooth powder. I OLIACCO. Fine cut chewing, sweet scented at pluai. File cut smoking, of vmrlio5ls qualities. Ri-S-foot Vih"inia, Spauish, &c. TIe t luceartiOcs an f all;ull tedas g d, f ltat so Ierdie' to ntnethiug of the kind imported, lllld will be ie'l'shet to dcaleers oil tile nuost libe-tal ternsn. may 4 S IARDIWVARE. 29 M.u.szztIE STREET, NEW-OLI.EA NS. JOSEPH KNE'r'rLE, & Co.-uImporters of Foreign and Domestic Hardware, ore receiving fram Eit rope nod the Atlantic Cities, direct frosn tie Mnnufic turers, on extensive assortment lof Fuay nod leavy I ilerdwl e comprising every article ill the line which tlhey ofler low. Cuontrv Merchants and others are invited to call and examinte iei stock twhich consists, in part, of table, butclher's, pocket, saddler's at straw knives, plated lCd thtituani tea spoons, needles, pills, Ihooks ndt eve, sllo enls and spades, tongs, shovels, fitders, andirotts, Brit tlnio andt apaned wre, breushes, Iblank books antd pa le'e, lookiug glasses, anvils, vices, screw ttlates, hand, sledtge aud nail Ihammersn, smiths bellows, American aid English blister,cnst, shear, Germaot and cerowle steel, t. ploagh mouMls trare, on and log chain, weeding, L.ouis tana and grubtbing hoes, Mattocks, pick axes,crns and Sgrass scythes, Collins, Kigs nlsd Siammns chopspiog uxes, wrought, horse ani cut nails, cotton and wool cards, coffee atul ern mills,planes and tdalni irons,chis fs, gotges, lockstin, sad, irons, hooks asd hinges, gaits, istol, sbht, powder l and liquor t nsksploetrcnsint caps, Sowder. te,sla, brass and bell Metal kettles, goll, rob chest, trunik and pad locks, bridle bits, stirrups, m30. N VW cOODS--B 1I Silmmons co are now ce Sceiiving from on brs d shilps Ypesoo, snd Saratoga, atnthrig Concordia, front New York, ai great vuariety of goods in their lies sicl together with their Lomel ctock on aend, takes their assortment verle y complote. The tollowilg col pose a plrt, viz: shell twuit, eurl,side, tunci andl dressiag combts, lorn do ofall doseriptitte, lin if IliRtIe, eilk and worsted elastic garorter, commoan e & ine elastic snspenders, laco fce annd iuecifer matches, Scidlitz powders, wi, terpuff and toie, toilet powder, pocket botoks arl wallets, needle books, shell, pearl, vory antd iloroeco card cases, head ortnlntes, plain co al eea, necklaes nel negligees, btetd echains, beatd tecklces, cut glass and pl in,sed,silver aunl gilt beains, Indian lcads, Itelltr n pithuoes; pistol said large pow tder flasks, shot belts, horse, belt. pocket and dliltiln t pistols; doble sod sitgle bsrrelled guns, Bowie knives, and dirks. scissors, csearY , pocket knivco, Bslard chains, alld ribboni , wast butckles, cloth, lair, tooth, nnil,ronlt , ittab, shoe pate, floor tid dusting brushes, Cologne, Floridal, tavcaer, rose and hay water,assorted essences, and extract, c, lnccessnr bear, alltit l, -nlt }Vard's oc cthbla hair oils, sharit g and toilet soaps ofiall des. eeirltioas, ladies' ntd igentletulet' desk·r ond dresine eases, hair rie.'etsi,f rittiueitll teoit, plain, fancy and musical work boxes, tpiotm al lrilt,figured, onat antd vest betctas, pearl and ivory shirtrdo, shirt studds, l old f sltd silver peacil cases, toothpicks and tweezero,plated and gilt tuc tol, sciouilttere di,, silver, braus nnl steel 1thimbl l e I, hlnoks nt yes, Sair pi, imittieon fruit, ,lk Cad rtedink,sle blacking, Siiolins aid giitares,ribhed and plaoit perctt ,itn enlas, lillnll twige, itl.ellt ted eht ios, Crol ind silper lae anid fei'gc, letter lalerm, Ban lags, ritings whtips, walkiti rose, p ige , p fins gotld, plt nied gnd ilt jinwellry &c. T'lite attvce, togetlier witht a grelt vsrietV of other arti cles tre ofitred til wholesale or retail on accomulodattilg N It Shelll combsl repairel. i0S LE . StAYV, Iltute, Signt, tutti til SI)tittctrs, No S Catinrolet street, two doors from lnlitoitios of tile fnllowiag woods and ruIiLles,ex eeatc d i:. a mistelrll- nlaltler. w\iolns. t n nl.ras. :in"oy" Eg,.tipn tianMack and gold, OI-k, C (i:ltla tnti Alnlieo, Pohlrdt ton Orietltal Oi yrctd anltiliqe, (Ctllled MaIple, lood Stone, k S:ttin \\ ooll, PIotomaec Ih fnir \"oodl, D)ove or IlBl'rdllol sYew Tiee, htalia White. Cotllot llill e or Black Si.-tllilltt lnti Itleh elln, lste5 Motit A'is:l1iil.ll Gley, iAsth Whhte Oak, hut. te. uc. Spclincns to he seen at tile shllt. Patints. til, glss, eolatl itittist , hc. on halltl f ollto r slLe. " I T J 1 ORU STOfI.N-A- libernl reward will be giv IIA Ie flr tile recovery of Pocket Book with itsoen troi that was taken or droppled firon my pocket on Sundl v ivenin lalst, t biile i the crowd assistin Into put out the fire in Camp street. The pocket book isa com llon or large size, unblcked leather, with te lname of W\V. It. Bridges written on it in two or morn plnces, cotalllllilninl nluerol p rs of iprtaince to the owno cr. Apply at the T 'r mao orieaa office. .i WtM. B. BRIDGES. NEV )OIILANS SADDLE & II ARNESS WAREHOUSE, No. 31, roeern CoseTOinooUSE 0.N0 CLiAorTRES STSr FlII, Subscriio rs aIre nIow reeiviig by the pockets Sand idilte i arrivals fromn New York, in addition to their flrmer stock, a lrge anll haw'some assortment of S:tllery, making their supiply fI r the season ample and comlnetfe--comprising evry kinf sid and qtlity of artcle inl their line, among whih are laldies' i lanl Misses' sfddles, piain and quilted, (;entleman's do plain, Sfpanish and Creole, Rli's do (0o do. lrlidles, bridlo fillingsane martingales, Saddle hugs, double and single V:.lifes allll iedical ings, Brussels stal Valencia earpet odo. Worsted girths anlld sursiigles, Cotton do do. Worsted and straining wchb, Saddle-trees anl stirrup leathers, lolsters ail pistol belts, Best iron framed leather trunks, of assoreole sizes, lltass nail Ioolt top do do do Coaeth, gio and crop whips, Italias' neil flcntleroen'slwig lo, Flated, brass land J apaned coichl harness, D)o do do gig do, I)o do doi .lrloucllhe lo, Cart breeching, collars, bridles and lines, Ilook uni chraIn hamloaer, C(a harness onmplete, Skirting, harness ohand aed leather, Bridle and top do, Morooco, deer, sheep all,1 hIo skins, IlorlSa brushes anid ellry eoolfs, Togethelr with a large asoore lltment of plated, brass andi steel bridle bits, curb chains, stirrups, spths, Se. of their own imlportatiton. Also, 800 ploughs. of King's brned, lf assorted sizes, just reeeivee! friom tihe nmnuite tor at iEnficld, Conn. all of whlliChlthey oflerat wholeulte a1d retail at tef lowest prtices, nd on teros to suit ite v will tlo eontillle to r'eceie thlrotghl tie year, b thle pnckets fIom Now York, fresh slpples of goods ol every description in their line of business. in 14 A1I'r'lI, ItUBBARD & Co. C. H. IBANCROFIT. -- DlOLESAIE AND IlETAIL IDEALER in ' llooks, Staltionar, Musiel Instruments, Fancy Artiehes, kc. No. l4Camp street, keeps eonstantly oi lhand: a Ilrge assortmnent of Blank Ihooks, Maps on Iolless, I.etterr Pape Pbcket a10lps, Catp do allaifhlt writers, Iuled do rPes knives, Folio Post, Desk- Ito 1link do Pocket Books, Commlercal do W:llets, IPalcket do Note Iokos, Prlliuinb' Paper, Plort folos, \Vrapplng do do do with locks, l'owinug do tdo do forltrlaelling 11 tble no Portable wlriingi desks, oloed do essig ases, Copying do 'Writin; ilk, black ad red, ,11oco do Coln nI do Tissue do Music do Il.k Powder, black and red Plaoing Cards Coplyingldo Visiting Io SEdin. ,'Sar Pining ,'o 'Waters, rcela o Water staps, l.!' Checks, Card Rabks, Chcck Boks., Paper Files, Notecs, Card (arses, )Drafts, Porcelain Slaes, tills of E1xc:iange, Pae do l)o Lading, Stone do Quills of e'ery quality, Chess men and boards Perrt inI IPe.', liackgounmoll do Illsntain d" Diines, IPa:ent Indi 0 lhberl (Cice, i elialtte' L noste '8 lise a I:clise uh;v aKa WVriti, g sand, Jonies' Academioe: l o S;illd boxes, 'ilateltIsated t ei rve lllll Gi 'hlltEcr Pouited Pe;.eil Pictures, casles. Picture fullmes, Sihler do do Lithographic Prints, I lllzlloe Illk slllnds, Water Colorl, (;I:lss do P'.it Ilexes, tI'\eote do Lruilfises &ce. &e. \edg o" oid do Bronze pfter weights, Al o ail extesive oassomlment ofl'stnlltdarldid iscelln i:couls, .I llalll medlial tboks. . 4gnnt for tie fsllohein, Periodicals. litepubliclan of the Uoltllon, Edilnburgh, Foreign andi Quirterly Reriews. llLackwood's )lag zine; Littolfl's .\l a 1c11 of Foreig: .iterlatute, Science and Ar. JOlHNSON'S Medicl Chiroureical Review, the Ame. rien .lurist, the New York Mirror, \\'ldie.s select Circulating Library, Wullie's Port Folio the Penny Ma amzile, the (el.'ublic of Letters, Parlev'a Magazine. 111 .lu 1 bilt. tnakeral, i oti, 1, 2 l fnt oo 3. ointors and ltbk htok mbnuietsiory is conneceid I• Klalfharrel, niteke lal, nos I anI'-. 11:t9 casks oflimle, 20 bhndles hay, 5000 feet hlamer, lnnding fr'om brig Rinahln and for sale, by Jl7 STETSON, AViIIV & CO. tnlblished, rontaliso li-t of he Banks, Direr ora, disoinut day, &, inselranlce and odtherempanie 'irrig roolllll , lilhllf eeonllreeer, rale i o'teharge arrivnl tnd deilmltll i of tlhe Ioils, r-tluet. , nuetio " oers, .c. oe, ftr oolp Ik IIOTl(lllI SS & Co. TTFItIIN1;S-0nn Ito e, 40I3 ialf ibis No. I ltaolsport lHeroi'tlo i lrilne orldor ld f1 or -ale by j IOt.; lEI & IIAW 'rIORN, jlI 03 Pravicrat. BI Il SIMMONS & CO,, ar a urw rceeitt.'n. Irall .a bhrd dh 1 Orleans. Eagle, tlighlanser, tker, nletrv Andrewf Frelll el ind L;e 'oault play eat'us; Ila " gaitietat loadts' (Ircosrent, 2 1-4 arid 21:-Il ielt Blf iar lBais- S,, t!0 a 1i 2 inclh bhull Bowie Kaives; Leatis her l onset tre;aelile itlrc iag Caent Belt, Prektet, lin'srn.nlr's el til dilling Pietiols'; dlole end -irogle lse-sellrrl (sir-rs; (iGae itgt.; Shot ilelt'; PoIwerl atd lt-s tlaks; D'ab . , I-ritle.n arl llritem C"I's; fete (s ' Cqs a-lo Cnp llotler" C ,th, IlairTootltl th ind Nail Itruse--; Orers aind Clhrino Teooth \ash' Tnoothl'nrOdesfn'l' le nd-;h Shni oalp, in grent vs. nob d Tohlet l' er"dit o eirlr e Ee oryck."o T n ha P Vtant ol ea Y Sas tOer; Gtrn. El-enaistic ssitrte wdner PIuhfs dII Boes-; (liht Chrins Sels and lIev; anr-drop; o iest Beieklon,; Brtepts; Biead Necklaces and Clinso; (bilt and Siitre'ed Ilnds Lndinrln Iersle, aBells and Plunes' Sll ' i sn; Side and Dlressiot-ce Colbk; el ce, tIaddiionn to teirinc r enc tckm osi hend, daesnh their t ssortlh t ety eoonlt, lltel, l pocke nlow nad oan libea erl tenerts, at ithe sinn of the (Gldtn C odlr , j 5-tl f 70 C artrest;er stri. VV VAI.I!,;TnY STOtJInE i,. 1t Cenmt stllrf ' ieesho iaolt's lintel-- he Istlotcebs n .t ,eo \ ,: .' i IlitJSIE, na mptisie gagetwit fcoh t cia le, slas an, i tiesnllnbin , aW d i .n gi Kle'INecllaird '(~r ( SE-Cmpisin . gll frames t o trfi lmer v I~ o ok i lla s , oI f .'I r a, et . r o m Ilge otnober ofFa.le :It " t , littleANDss- VleeT- Ae-htriCllSAs prirt a sh etse sateeein " e i lllll eralr~d; don. do. tw~i··t I, he 11.+k Ici, II11I; +.idt, pel..*" antl dl'emiumg ivory alltl IIl'~lll; Itlre 131t111 C-ll'tSsillR .qlt i nmenskt eosstlsg eetn l rlrrginies aior h-n tmts; wnaoode drensig, fine tooth allnd pocket eonsa. PEiFUMIsnEsIV srA enofral nsst+alsl of Frrieene ald Amttoereficao tIrfner csislng . · l gcwt. it llottles, of all e bstatlnl sizes; olaen , i-rtee)ti, rose, oruag, enler a, jessluttle, behtgolmn ne llrtlEas, ate. r farev oo:lsof one m actierti ds rttio r-; mehstr, nRatiqrtI, at - vepoasel ie Itie t oil alt oling lhlidti o tearlre toeth nnash, eebicaro lnld tlornettle detetiiee;scenteI nlts dlsbtt loile lowle art; rniettl restol salts, s.te. IlIl.USulESC--rmlnprisiltg C ht- at'eeto of lolh haIn', Iat, flesl, toehrl, tniilCes,, sRPinR, e )lls, sate, cetih, rittleslor sais oihlsito c a nelst- el's, lifrianeE sclelllbrhg odld whlite etsh, hol't.n slten teilnlen elgt $i Scourilg, or Kint and varish blhroshes, nd sash and gain ag soofs of li sizes. LOOyKING tI ASSES-Camptrishlg galt bli mes at Prlioh s sizes, 5, 2l ad 1 draw toiletis: l etnesoa statie, toilet nlp eoket glass, ne::gebieSr on w r r, etc. a d Siel arteng fr.m tdl iuantl wited b tae Plo Pthe blood, CAto Din-dieglu unit-p m Otcus, &c.nos C O i-tlbnlethe snccessthePhairelttoesliabirohabtnd thi iag Cartrds. cANiCY AND VutARIETY AITICi.I.S--A stal. rio anssmment srf llosthb. eslks, llaies' and gente tell's fnressrslg casr s alat d tttits' wellk loese Ir tire bre-s abor vieienr dseesetg , r dtst r t, 1sniokc etinnnotyear slod th's C ristliaos llnt; o ucl ooks lat ari sorlts; aillse ll the bsloid besin ls, pa instet tiasirito lra nee Thll telr ctsilc.eiltnsbttoed nsrerle ilsl earnsd sirt enlle I'azof strow ll p ras oaehilltsrr Insc-tiel- l llt; Selit lllirrshs slid lrile e s*;ga's; ill-leselila , Paris, l':|e I Si'stcil sllllyti; lr aosl-tlnrer ll of ils, h sc tll n et l y s \ ii r t lrt ut s ICkt gllaOII"ll hoardls; dlic, Il~ltwy t\el'ells, o lties, Jewas harpqs, Ilalnlollmi eas, hlilel° rsllhcn , llill, is-sltelns , ilel't lln ll sr-ne, llkialli ellr tr i lllltillE I ali d SItir ss steel, i trnclr - tt il sr ell lens tbilllltlU i n l e, ewe.r Inlssome Isselrtnsl/t s ft ellrlinrics, &Id :l lliAt, earE - ty el* otherr ar~ticles, tl l of wblieh w~ill be sold for· lowr I)peiees, fori eamsh orlty ci)t eelltlueer.r s rma . I",e(0C il A I)'I.AGE COIIPOUNteD IYRJP OF SAIkS'IPARI.LLA, FOR TPHE e.RP. o)P IrelslnoreKinog's Orvil, Chronic Rhrulnotires, C-hroenic CatelncaOU Dis- teaions is the I.onee, by free eners, ore onlleereerrv, Centy F erptseor, I ercurial nitd NylsIhiliod Af -'iellllrs lr c ustulesr onrtilne Ccionten liltse, Bic, hr nrtsitprtse haehit of Totter, body, And X ll disorsslcr n-riit-fi'toee thre rntnoatlnesed snroe of the blood, thf nnilldieneeteeS ile olni-eiletlr, &C. "][IROM( ste sucets-s thit linl riretilbreeiendcd this ' convenitent aerd artire Syrup, it is rwritlr the billlens coifideltie olered ti thle Mt ical Iin lalrey l nrd sl-lsria colnolltrsty ras th- e iloltcsmwrnhe ellestiett aegert ta tile nborve tramed di srease, rinud fn tire ariiiratietn of thre bltonl ntle tradislsetrtn sifsit sulh coniplaintts ans rise frets the tslslod beirrgs i a vitisated stete. Thiso ver coterncented Syrupt it sreparees watlt rIe greatest phtiresnreetirtt reer sad aeellt r ey rlll eesltra init the n e sltre ll et-illl f Sarsanlarilla ill rite tseont cisllcell -tmtcel tIegtee,, nrrrbrired tn-ilthll other-e-getiabsl esubstarcseo of kno~wn efiit'a<'V. Ihe creait dsfrerslacets withr rrrlsirintnt is Iwrinr aetle i lage quartit- of enp-rnrmrilla ira br srall dosenr htas Ieers rbllied ilr thin se,lltarnitiot--thley bcilg fully ennvibeed ofitr meils, crellideely andminisrte it ib the coserse nof their prentice. Price $1 50 per brittle. aMld noth .'t SWAIN A BilOTIIEBS dtrig rstoee, Nit. I1 Carrel etrers, s-Iren ntro be eld,r fese leds gelltinie, direct liersl thre ies-cric tori, Stewini'e Penerleea e1il Vheninfils, Ipotto.- lt- Cl.t.seli con, Ctrpsctrcrr Prettl'a-liillS, stad a ilrsgt e lldee ll gser-el' anOlrtlncet of ftcs Irub-e, ngnln-tnisile,&st . nll· Io l \I':% l iiiiod A(;U ..--- hL veli'eitll Itsllllli s l'I T IIc M iXill'le, oii ttro Iailts In lr thllt s lioll dlislr-sO ig of :il disosises, Ile'lllitn " FeXI or F1r1'er1 1:mt Ague. This ledecinc is anive: ally admitted to hav eclipsed the llpretensis of eve"rl ot er mnode ofl ireloe. inell, and therefore Xsu lltSdes the employmcot of nv other elnmedy, w.herever the Fevernal Ague exsists. T'h superiornlerits of" the 11l',,tll Mixtue riests upon s\tle nI1 importanlt qunlllties. It is entirely of a iegelbl composilioll prevents e'llpses of dle disllse. cstab lislhes Sound n id l lpermanent lppetite, ohtins costive ness of tie bowels, ald inl igoratet s and fortifies tite le tire systeru. For sale, ,hidolesalc and retail, by the sagclti, SWAIN aid IIItO'I'IIEIIlt, 1)lruggists, allg 44 N 11, Canal sl Royal (ol.lege of IPhysie'nir, ].ondlon. T HE original Vegetable Ileyeiau iUnitersal Medi cine prepared ill V \W liskin, Fsq. itlembTr of tle Rva I l College of Sll lon, Iictlllate of Apllolhe cary.'sto lpanl, Fellow 1ll h Coalrit Society, Surgeoll to tie lIoyal Union Pension Asstehialio, Lanonster Plice, \Viaevloo Riid.e, !nd Perpetual unpil of Guy' a11d St. l'hollmnlis Ilnsplitis, Lou o1111n. Th"l vallI lle elicin', the resl of Iwe slllSi ylls' iexllo i t milt ill'l0 11pt l lrll , d sl lCess itll IheI extenIsive0 and highly respel..table pracihee of lhe prope-ty, p.,lla nised v ithe Icht anald nobility, olld is 1ow iltrod1ced to the notliee of tIlhe Aimerlican plli, llte earnestlll so liciliot l f a nullber of'1g1nlhnen of ol, nui lthight lllandig in thle pr0ofssiono, is hoNpedI , as a llpreliloii nary step, to l k t I lhe lils od llltl coseuenllClel. arising fromn the use of, the numerous al t elel tterioil nostu1ls loisted upon the public by the aid of lbric-lwt proofsl . . mirlouls cures,flil ttll el- fratulls, byIl a set of mercenary, unprincll pled rtt lrs 111 t1llsli o otilll ;ignolll:l ni mltedil scieice, that it imnposlble the lllllllO!a lusi~cai ailloy loIlgerl I dowlln witil the intlolligct people of hils country. These pills, nild and agr.cable in their noatue, should lie kept in vcery fioniil in cases of solden illOless l, I y heilr prompt anllliinistlrati eolmlaints, 'lSliic too often proa e FEtna, inm be speedi Iv Mured or prevented. In lhct, all those wllho tal0 g il Ialtith, should never be o it hou them. T1hey alt st l inllIetklts al 50 etolllF $t1 t ll $f ealth, b, t eV' l rIoi llftu ;,ble drlglgit, tlooks, Ilehrnd \ t 1lltrotel f Isitllioe io, I.tll, Unitled States and the C(iirlas. witht copious direetiois, together with teStlnmnials of plrolfbssional ability friolm the follon in!, eminent gent lmen: Sir Antley Cooper, J Aherlethlvy,.lnmcs Illhild, 11, . DI., WV..llsck, )I. 1)., .1. Aston Kliey, A. F"ramlpton, . D , and ImIIncr11 others. o Thie origianls may be seen I plossssion olf the (.(.itIetI Ag.n., by olih e itlllicine ii ilnpolrted ito this r.ultr y, to wI.un1 all applicaltions toirogeneies mnust be llllde. .INO. HIIIIIEIN, 129 \\':crly Place, N. York, Sole General Agent ihrt tlhl Unlited Sta0es, 1e. For Si1 e kv appointment of the orgio al proprieto. by 'wAI i. --isiorlnl, Drugii-s, No11 C1e0 l street, I.:iner* A etllis tor Stlwlhee of IrLo is uin iul t \LLIOT'S I)IL'IO1ATIC COD).--The Aneri can llDiplomatil Code, Iclallllhraeif n llecionl of treatieu and convenion u twec n tile Uited Slates end Forcign Powers, fromn 1778 to 1031, with an abstract of imlpolltantJdicialdelision1, o11 points connected with our Islreigna rclations. Also, a concise I)plolmatie a ln unl,containing a s1m 11ary of the law of nation*, f'rol the works of Vic eflbrt, Vnittel, Mlrteus, \ard, Kent, Story, &. end oth0er I0ilocllnatic w1ritinlgs I 1 1 llsliOl 1 of international luw--tlueftul Ifor puliic nlinislerr at:aI eOn. cil, anlld fol" llthrs hving olficial r cooill ernial in te'rcourse wilh flreign nation. By Johnllll it, Elioo 2 vols. just ireceived and for sale by W1l. M'KEAN, 2lt8 Cko:ti.'', IIf Canll & Commonslel.lllllI LoTq ,,t'I PUBLICATIOl NS-PAuo L IiPs's Jor0 ul,li.a a residence at Little Pedlinllon. CTn:ls~OK, or Italy; bv !adanu de Stal; ltolhtiOn, tratnslnaed for the Lilrart of Standard Novels; The Po etical Passages. by I. 1o I,. Amerlcan edition, itlh no merous correctio1'i: ill 2 vols. PIRA.E8l AND IothMLEtCK'S Pontls-new edition: 1 cols hollllnd i f l te lrie we its sr J::: halltt --i:r nron and Prose, wiTl a liltf, lv t Iie I llititrd: iew edition, complete in 2 vole. Jt i-t' rcrri l fand fill" s8le by th 1o2 \V MlKEAN, car Canpl &.oiotmon sis l, -1 -LAN TIKIS.-IThIe subli reih rs, agents l, ofl t J_ Republic of Texas in the United Mtates, are ani thorizel to dispose of lthe Publi, lands ill Texas, and S'r'ip is now ready' ill certlilat, s of 6;-10 terr,: arih. And all accrult s or dbt, line by ihi Rellpllhli, d(,1) audited, ean be stliled for in scrip, .lovidd the allluul l 11ot less than o d o i o aecres. ototof .1 l o o.'t1'-toso- oios, oit otnl .h., trt men01. ti One0is0ig lotlitt dle's t Ietltl o lti , t 'e plous'1 t,/lrse , Peerl nns, extra foe, Crow t quills, Ildies' rlilhos, Clo nlanol' reIgultill, diU olllll d, eln fed, Oatl illct. s, s pe ior F1rencllh wa;fer, extra line rled anod black sealin, wax, patent lll elastic, red taper; Rodlger' pen, pioe et, alid desk k nives, ctnsr, r Oletter tallmps, bronlze all lacquered i Ikneiands, paper oweithts, parallel, round anll fat ruilels, mnathelm;lial instrument-, bnack ganmlon boards, drawing penrils, 1]ri-tol board", and dr tihg Ioaper, hallkenr' caseo , olt iali.t, pocket booik, wailelo , &t. Justreceived nldf,r sale by iIl I I) TCHRlI .I' & co, s-I Chartre st TE W J BOOKS --. I L tra ys Gi%1: of wolair as she R1odos l Rr'otlrt'o tllito of lthe I ls.e of Co olll A•11ncs de .1;11 d,1fe ll1 his torical aile, l y 'T hoi as C oGra an, uthor o I'Jon.line of HolllanId, lilhwattiand 0lvw00 , &e. in 11vols. Th Ileavens, by Robert Mlndie, author of n guide to the servation of natlure., &c just received and for sEaLle hoaam5 ilO'TCIIKI$S & cn, 6. Chartre st [ L.OTHING--I. P. FRiEEMAN &CO. NO. 3 MA. 1 G.AZINE ST.. are now rereiving their supplies of fall and winter clothin_, and will colntinue to receive shipments by everly packer Ithrollghoullllt the seslon. They lhave and, and llre iinoIw openlile a Ceneranl assort mient of finlle allnd lommol goods, suitable either fir the cily or coulntr"y trade. A their assortllment will be lngFe, merchants froln the ounltry will find it to thlleir rlvntaze to nall anllld examlillne rho noodl. t1 A--TRAo T il ,F LAND 1i)\'lI.F RIVFR.i-rtfir Smollth of the Ba-lu F"ruit, alt Ihe bead of Sclaoonee navigutilni. State of Mi-sisi ppi; conniing 400 Arres, embrtleing both aide- of Ihe rPier, and ol which is n smhll house. Thls land is well wnudod willh live auk, hireh, pine, etc. l'he situaltion is an elieillle alin fer nI % \W M5 111 'l'he timber Ifr which and for the dienII iI al"eady cut, and ano le credi'le at a moderate c:Xpe.I I"r proximity to ihie city of New Orleans, tthe ilaer-ned andind rc ahing dlemand for ii nlcr, is worll the ntleI-i tilll of llnV persoln dshirious of embarking ill Illat bust I ness, For terlns apply to II. WEI,\/AN, Mer("hants' ' Exrhanll B k rower. & Cl o TTAYEj fluttssrdiosrulsr kniol;iogleraml I-+ No. 17(i aop ctstt. Iot rece;lt uo.ristls li'om lu r.ogoe' ,;dt Noloo 'othlo, Iol;t;oio t l'ulil and o' lmeilul h.;'rie,i,+eke nff tirlcs w'hhrh co~l IcostivelO' (lo blitea.) (O)l' 0u tioI oretllCll lltlo'e m tetuc' ol ler ; .aetol is utficetu ; hst anvt e tissupe.2to IrlatatOc kllotolc colistil;!0 ofo SILVEROF \\VAlI A1E. CfoLe and toen ascts; olclta cttcrCtastrs, elr edltr soieos, cutg;, tutmblers andolo t.olct; t tal d tlestol forks; alt'[, rloe, oltttto slnises; ottorrich ish co.y,ttr ran nut O slOon ts t loitgs;sllito s;laoce anl lsoulallcmtte t itk, hoot, i stig oileisoi ktderst pickle ophl dlcanst knives eut 1 fekks, o;,kios, rinlg s, t.. e. printib llsye fet'l me sonotulaoetev of ler 11. (;arothor, of Nesw York, whloso longest9toblisled Ioclattn;ltfor tit-e manuoletloae'e of silver oaut is sunlieiolt goattoaoee uo its sullprior ;;:alitv. 1LA'e.I.) "'ARIt OF STlIEFFE'LI) AND 111I MiNCI-IAM. Tlea land colle.r llS, tea setts; castrkss, lisloonr mid aor I diall sosott; o1tnit catlelt2et)s, meI Ihlte.gkes ' ith 5 il· i·pacldateott, far eenl e of tie dilner or splpcr tablhc; ... ei·tts l |'tnol n oblongl , fmroon tnlh lo io htenS Ilcel; o; :tttd s tgetntke olislits; roiB alish aclets; cakooe tl I s~tI (entrmlalca ls nr t:lls; l r : tlrll e RlI~l eCltlter)lLI iti cks Wille alaillttss; nulls llll sare; s lhns h Ine t ,o:Is, ibeet corks, ta:A S .It illto tls t tl ells, iRo, tl ted Funatatr spotl0s egsg boilersa oal sttols, ,OIIIXEiI+ ON. 9'lREL;[ WAIIEL 'ITale ia l tdesertka kl htks talld Inls s $asttttii tltnt nallc latllt~s; I~tlllt, ~rlrlt[ (jsll lattivts, tclleene scoopls, as i;angtts tollgs, vergetaole fbeck% yt. .JAI'ANN EIIY. letts etl oie S ttgle, fom 8ito a, nllrs;; to"ls'eler ,it; orlmro'.oo,,ooul ktite Itoy o l;argo o;waiglht tlate w0;;0n;cl's; spice, s;ggat + :o1sgartels lttlos; I~tO.sslulg osetob Ilwtia let tatllies in nemts, CAtlls, .li;l0Aottd aND Of oriel tortis te sll, cte. l.AMItS. Ao extetsive asso "let 'lllr, t1een og " w tihie nlthe Ar:lso IteishoIlb ,ood l td iR g iltf) Lttl ofriel ch o tt losslt tttle |Illces (u 'oIo ,otalrh liltl llet d tt;I glotomu sY in s .(Itl" srd'lecoii etol gloss t ho; llzc antllatuled side of bleackr m s;n:lIke CIIANDFRI.IEIIS ANt) IIAN(IIlG LAMIPS. liof l tsi d Fl l l l a t le g l a a s cl m:llll ll i c els o r hle l l 'es l 8, l 1t , 55, 18, Ott ateen 2 lig hts; F', b e tclt k t end te d anti gilt ( lt' io tall %, 4, nit 8 lihasot l -i:8i to I:llaa in lto t Ian \eU A..SS. 1).rteseicsrtteelot ahturttrcot;.trela;pslnrtinttsit;, iIo lslll d hs, eltl iallsll; e ltls att :lt tt s,k o Ih t sarcltwis, Ibultellrzt. ' ill ngl er:tll , heatll n t1 miler, wv inGets, thclll~ llglle lns egl i,:tc es, a~lllllt, i ,ts elt.. kInesanL III k Ill" (Aif t) I·3Ie nI{ hilk AN. |i c l ll ltr' lz atil| Frell 11h 0 llp. .:t";l'l'l, It ll l lltll to l'e+:S - ?ilvlr; SaoI |dail( w hilel ,.,dd S 't'lt 111t', I an t l'+'i'[ th tallU C y· tlletytle asia;ltllc n ;;idelon tlaoltlr ll ilRt ok t ior sn, gme ltc arvers losslcys fo~drat rount bes,_'tsekivs IT n mll., olrS(· lI, ea csiettsml+ t;at, t lttl Itltd fl ttekIot; Itnoatoolikshetohci eoversla teroso;hingiatntlet;tntite roter, otn te hetk s, s cttttltet i rk es ; o t eaktlsoott Anile| \1:'weIlitd l's Allr,, W :ll al ti ll ll a ilti lll; l+AI . 1. 1Cs;gis ,n wiott Ilt rstbl ali dtg stlt t; s, t h c anol;stt l shoteland tngs, tc; cppe tootl etoL inteunhketo, bronze kudis hc% eltlhy bushes, :tlty httiltlows;ad ct r Iulnltnlt. s , OgltetI 1teat O11Ne, ttl k oti t \ t'illa stt:llllll:lirr ll't h l ;Togl clcsI. A s l',;UlT ttoa n a itia n oi ots. curIII' ClATSS~i. kai . ll ute li Is llry: o1"51 d 5 t .eclinsry or hy the doze+S glo'cti1<,crers+ o~ld ceo; csflt rttarcdenloa |'. yl 21'kioittttt,, i.nt cr:te;s: t111 a iCK, ; sti. let(t ' s, eolt k s0 l'cst o lc. "l'a lk l l s io t ll e l S 'ISott illslidt v; Iit,' lot+ o.e . t esx.titth; ; %el , totl+ tocsnlr s o liltt tlesokl t i(l lo,. Lottc kc'ctse onl bo'brned teks gea mt .i'tn havestl'Stn gsliofloas, l~te. F111 ANIC AIl IAI{I)WA,~ I{I's Illtasfi :lll| Wil'1 fl~l~ltls, htllss .qll~lil·'Olls; blats allll sit'e| sh \clseo lltlolltonSlo 2tos i otcsnra o1:tt hs Iorcbe;fttoltoll|lollttlt ties; Ill·:lS S )i~ltl)llS, CllilllllrC.%, hook~i ,1,1|)|):111(?(| h~~l:Ss illllt[,t+z e ha~lidl it:lle'l Ietrllst' e ns. tioty kettllOws otltl so oUlIs t;ttlts, yl';tle t'ls{)'llC" ll liltoo'set.'se'Il "lat(s. Irtass,, c o tper'tlla otittlee I to.r to(tr , htriott' b eosle,;.lisl l uto; ni stoso; all; t cttto tllet Iloote;;lil;" - ptc I " ot o .'sto; :boo ; ill hritll':hl~lllst ,'\'t."T tu.ti'h+ W·llllcld !).' Itolist. ket'Iit'rs l ,,r. li:tlll U I lolllil otltsolltto;' 1+t- lt17-1 dlc V 11011, ;SAII AM) Itlll'AIIAL 1 AND VA V 'IE'IY ST'l'ORE-at the sign of thi gotille conmb, 1Mc0 Charlres ster . The suhserilr. love rc reived, Il addition to theiripe;iou, ,lo.k , n ha ld, a full and com pletl e Isorlllt lnt of arbit ill thii r lit ; t i: 1col1s, perlInery, Jeweilr, lbrltt.ih'.s, Io"kint, g ,ha.s, f'o·y) alrtihs, &c. mnltistini i'll ' tt il itllow' : quilled back, long round, drlessliog, side pile eld and nel'l , Irlll11r nln w( ll'hs of every, d ecriptionl mo "0l{JllstS which are some gl.xirnn patters, Ivh-or l (h ever} FPEl .'llERY --('oloIe I,ne'der, FlCidlo, h1e y,' Ihayv, roI'FSe, ; ld olwln~c~r llo lT'war Irolever, sizeaprll des eription, ulpllhruated Cologne, extrnat of (illlll(ercumt Iney soups ofl kidll i lhd , Ring do is ~aies iand ']'i ml·l'eln son h, \VtMitr's v.egttilt, nil, ri e rs nd tell tirl'do, lirestnl'l. smellhng all n In and e lhuit ,( l toet powder, pearl powder, poi Irpuilll.' ' 11xd ' po latltllll in pot , ,lll rol ls,orris nud chlerite tloolth \wah and nwdCas, ,with li eIneral iFsortCnuit of .1 I ":IWE1,1t 1--wolnl·e ofth, Ilet and mea1 te fshiotta ln t I)O.V{ (Igll, ." .l C J I i'lt II Ceii I l)i of ble sett,, consllting of white man rfed torl i.n teill i jlt elrdrops, set iln liagrCe, Ilro ttl pilX* f geII eI . tII iHII..S--('lothl hair, luast i,trunih,herhllCIirl. whit watii hrrthti. i i i i i i it' ) t i l t)t e c , N a i l, s s i nx s IO01(CING (il..\tii.:lx -(iGenlln sttia tisl, t toilet dlo, \ itx rite i '. Xol Vlhll" • killds lll t rlolam- W 't1d(i. IFANCY AND V.ARIETY AlTIClS-lrlnch alllldl ,\ll1'iedll Illnl'lclllde lloFi+ ra d ltd oresillag rosei .. sO11e tiln Ii mn fnrll td l G e il ; 11 C li IIICork lf i llll., iCl'i, I'il d le s w i iihclitw Itiho iut m ias f s ti l'itttbii', i cl.l.CC I eordit' of v"iinrmi t IIIlnd, ICldiln andI guitar~i, ithit tlt plated ,encil ll teadn,woold ptenils lr enrprenlrl, m. l er}onlllsllntllll lotkiii , nll,'slnlld iitols will l and wit hot cauel, pernssion ll ps, perel-l.iI (*a tllp 111 ch )ers, upple errewdriers, sholl t helyt, iiii h gus, lc pe bhll lkinl, toy ten setts,, lndian Iends of entry kind, belle and plumes, tlllll l Clnll ,11 i -(,, radzors and i ccissors, lllit llll s, loxes, prlllls of various kinds, SutIdtler' (onleroV' rIUlUIon's, lilllla l's alld liwkin's Iltzor t rIsII ).I metallic hones, dirks, funry lead ]erkklers, do wetb or drop m, toy watchtIes, lCel] ,elulnthons, powder tllasks et . .lld drs,lulld erterts, phnin odd oword .iones, h.g.'k mon .oard+, dire, optieal viennes, jewslohrp, lehoforo mawsI ,saod dl'illkingf eLl )C with n r llt vYlriety Of ttllherT tli els,, til ofwhtir It will be sold fi,r ecosh or city neceptan ce on 1'2 months clredit. B II 51131 )N ., & co. dt 7Tf1 C'hartressl. N.EW \ OOKS-ou.i, the -)is-Cnrlded, witlh other Tales and Fancies, by lHenry F. Cherley, ill .olluileS. "('ollle! U\ ett i cmi llnth a monrt Anlds litlell tnll e every hl(l'll.t!" The l<ast day of Pompeii, in one vollllume-llniforl 'The emulet, Gtr 1938 Just received ntl' or sale by n ' IIOI'CIIKIlSS & Co, t+ Chartres st. P IF l. Sauser;beree, importer n. l wholesale dealer In I Forig tei ed Domestic hird ware, h:l oll hlull ln extensive ItockofS1hl.elihl, Ircinghnlr, and Aeeri :Oml gormI t ll nracingla grt leat tiCLty, conllsisting in pall. Anl\it, colmmon imithtliOnl anlld Gelllnlle mtnllsehlole; smith vices, black tleld bllight fllelri ; Ilal-e clllilnS, eOllo eloo, hlued lnc hright; hnes, Carolina, lodisiman, grub Illl cotslto,; E..lisl and IA erie:nn saddle irons; long :andl sl1.,rt handll e fn poins; raised plate, hook b[) tt :IIi ill olller kihs of ;iges; pit, mill, hand, plaml, teemm :tod closs till sl\.I; rill ot,lose, l~ll l (ii I.o:ld alnll I .ilk locks; Ameriaeln .ilher plated Iroot, inside and 1sidis} hLlultel.: tllld II o 1o , bolt; lhll. pit(, ,lill, andlld coss ern lls .n\V alaudl Illl pa e ast ste*el selo.elCt and fil' :er cbai.uls; ,,mt e, all sizes; ki.tes sl Iforks in setts alu dozes ".; ' ht' va. rictivs shoe, cook, hutcher, erting, usd drawinc kyivc ; pockelt :11d I tl ll lel.V illt, dt:., a d . l S ng, atnll 6sni:l: scissorls, or. nllors tied shee jlp sheitarsi oemlnl nI'lld hile riaz)rs; cl, llll~l, h lap,;tllln. I ght c. l fin :l'oli'1ml steel utliite'fie; high' and li:dt hl'ltllm braSS .;". llillt nl percussi1 ion gbuli ll l cks; uIrnslle:rw aI nippleU wrenches, lender horsls, flasks, shot helts, game hngs, etcI. clalpellteCrIb ;ixes, adlz's, htchets. , Imn;ll; tlrs, letc. ellllrltill blllnds a: r pillS, COl)mmode ntll ', 7c-. nligllht No lhlk, :and bg .e Inatches, eoop:Hs lo.ts, axe', haw. s, alll zes, at e. sIImitihs hello,,s, lt.p lloels, tOll.g s t ;lack ilrons, Enlish anld Americn11 Sp:ales laldl shovels, longl lld bhtlt m lnuies; cOnlloll cst, slleel ilro nlldl pI tenlt lmeltal tell keLtles, p'ltllt s. tltll nt olnslmnCl~ eottl ,and1 wnlol c:al.d.s all l attn.I1ers, wa.tllerT Told wa.III1e il.llllrS, griddlles.:ml bake pans, jack .crews, wood screws hencmh Screws , pl:Rated sti.11) ll ltid )tl its n s iiidi ,shailvr lrl rtin-m g+de hooks mad ring., chains acl huckles, axes Colli"b' ulllt's (Cull\lr's lc. lcoach lwrlechlles, stocks ad dies, t:acks, Milols, sprigs. ~loutchs anod Idogh nt(, lds, em:it andll Ger.unm stutl, hk, quills, slates, japauedil lin lad wiodenI arte, sieve" corn mills, La. spades, tared hebru, glass ' ope," e llo h rds, plough linlies, piackihg )a:ri, coIl I,n a lh.mll tl ille, ll:ln.ser s, lpatlent l:llialees . .l.ces,, B ns, powder, with a gtlreatt variety of other goods lel hOi.Ig to the trade. W It CitAW\VFOl , nayiL No. 10 New le~ce, No 44" (JIA}ItrnrS ST. 'I", sIhc neriers a' tno, oIenll n or7a Io iele sl.n t Smellt ol'eleallt olnd sl.e frlnrtllrlllre, whli Ih thev halute just received ,y t e nrrivul of ships Snratoga, Ar ktlllsas and is.:isippi, fIrmt New York, con isliog iln palt of sidle boards of various auterns, with E',.vptian nnd Italian nmmbl tops, centre tables of every dtescrip tiOll aldlld rutity, werdrobes of vlrious' pUtters, Slperl re hulrv itl I d hk ease.s, lad ies' F.clIelwh mllett tabl ,, toi lett 'irert in diining Pembrokes, +card alld ln. dies' work tables;, pile do. also, a feiw pais sideotlard, kithl EL7yptiun murblle tops, a new and beautifhl arti cle. A romplete assortment of sofas. A la're intd complet assortllmlnt of nlmlhognV, mla ple, rosrwnod, fulncy and colollon chairu, athenanv rockiug do covered with pllush, a inl and fgured hair cioth, together with a e.omplete , aurt lent of ,uich mlti tletns annre ii.ullt 1tilnd ills lae' an tlhlishmlne, the r :-hle of \li.llt.vil by sold oa r ao .able termls br op pmve I patper or casll. The pul ic <re respectfully invited to caull and exam ine the -Lack, N 11 Goods packepd at shortootice in ,good order fio. sbipping. fI2 C tI IANT & eo lItY 4O()l)-.-4(0 cases th,'y colored dom'estil I print,; 10 .hdcs Trenonh improved ticking.; 10 hutel ,(x ford .I-4 ti,"kingc; ' clms hilte Ifilt-hurg m et 1-; I e ll.c hevay hl<ck earpeting, llinnne from1 Iart ue Jo Iephiu. atd Grr Nnle by T C CASK & Cm, w+10 No 44 Calmp'.t 'IlIE lISIIA~'S v'ANACEA. Ii01ioucil i.ise,m1Iraltdrlollr y kill ctil~r gottt, Iis lolcls~~l · ll,.ooll~l,1i0000, l.l· littit, tIII ll 0InB :illnesscs. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ so hll~S liltCF to,~l cllXtI cC1·r ~lh lo; OI 00001511 IiatlitllO 111111, 01111 0.111110 I tyotsi y olollloo. li l llllo o tltc\'co,lol 1.0 l ho. It ofElul ho· 11011 00~il eitdtitio of tloc 11111000, 01 OllilOO~ 0000nl or kioll. Sotoce oftloc ohooce ecotot~ittito m oo ~cqoti~ oln 80100 08101010ell 0plllliosti l105 toltiolt tIlcitolllll,oo( 0100010 olotoill oliototou rlottf oco o,.ooct.. 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