Newspaper of True American, March 18, 1837, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated March 18, 1837 Page 1
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$7T 1 '1piu c i~ 1 2 1 C E N T S . N E~ W O R L E A N S , S A T UJR D AY M O R N IN G , M A R C H 1 8 , 1 3 .V L I TPerms of te Newspaper Press of New Orleannsanani'. m'.ontly agreed to at an adjourned meeting of the proprictars, hetdl ai the 13tl of March, 18.7. sabseription.--Twelve dollars for the Daily paper par annum, it yable semi-annually in advance. ['en dollars for the tri-weekly country paper, paa,nble one year i advance, wherec no city refPrenie is given. No sabueriptiou will be discontinued until arreararea are settled. In case. 't oicaotinualnce oine week's notice, in writing, iust be invariably given, previous to the expiration of slubs rilptill. Adeertssiag.--Omo dollor per square for tibe fire in uertion, and mll' that price far emach nulbequent one; any material alteration from tIe original advcrtiosements will beo horged as new ine. Yearly Adertliscrs .Mlerelhnits and Tradersforty dollars ier Englianlhloe, and nixty for olth lanuaiges; Danks, Insurance Oticis, andl other silmilar public in .titutians, fiifty dollars in English only, aed eighty ftr both languages. Sli and soteamboat factorsa or cail miauio merolhants, siexty dallars in Engliish alone, and eighty fir totL lntagalges. Marriages Obituary Notices, and articles calling .he attention of tIe pIblim' to sate, of property, curds of psnamegers beonefits &e. &c. will be chinrged one dol lar praquare, for th first insertion in emlch language. CEommnications ior Advertiieomentn of any lersonal nature, wimon admicablle, shall be chargedl double, amd it advance. A deduetian of twenty-five per cent. will be made to Auetioneers, Sherifi, lRegistcr if Willa, and Mnrushlal on sales om real estate, paslihred in both languages; and 50 per cent. in Englilsh alne, 10 per coait. on sales af other property. Ader ere.ena onuter the dlireet line of bnsicares of the yearly advertiser, eoch as legal, noation, anti planta tion sales, runaway slaves, rtry onimnaln, E msA. will, be celharged for separately - i }aed eoi mu nl IRcrem codnaitmgly. Toamverlisaemlens iof libankrsipteie will lbe publinlshe in any rase, ulera paid for Irevioas to ilsertion, or pay ment guaranteed by a responillhe person in towin. Theates nend other Ipaces of nmuseoment, advrtising daily for the neeason, to bc charged 100I dllarn for En glishe alone, and 150l dllnrs in both Ieguoaees. Ali unnntnmeenlmts of cadidites for pmlitioel offices shall be changed doable the price of ither advenrtise meats. Owing to'tse immensc loa o snstaild by newslpam er proprietors, they hae rasr in ate onllelUsicon, that tile names aof prr.ota whose Iae(. ts hde int bheel paid within one inonth mrler ipremntmiitm slall hbe ritle known, (so far an tmraticablec) to, olie otiler, they mftli. eating theselvea nolt t adverltise eor prnt falr sulh detlinsquents, nlcs i ricase of madrnce panymrats. (Signed) J C IE ST RIt0 1 S, J BI.\Y ON, - P tI'hEA, JC PI Il)F.ERAST, JOHN GIBSON, I.LMSI)It N, terekl Press.-Wc, tIe mlndersignod, agree to ab'ide nhy tie above eondiieons, as fur as they are applicable to weekly papers. (Signed) A II AWIR ENCE, J W ENNIS, §4§ eo subseriptions arne taken alor liss tlan six mOliths. ttt Iatters nmst ill all mra e plst aid. t ANAI.S nimm ItAll. WOAtS-Map of mIme Umailcld . Sleate, almowige tile primile ll trmvclillng turnpike and coemnon roats; Oil wlmicli am given tie distanmmeo, in miles frimV one o-acu toi Hnoltior; also, tale comrses ol nle wunean tlds rmat itnmir ii mmTho iitimimr th e try, c:'e fIlly eompiled firom the a mmltathlrmitie, Ibv S Aignstmr s Mitchell, 1835. Just received nIdii fr tile by W l NI'tICEAN, 020 corner l Ca:tlllp ailnl COmlIOm{O %is. T EXAS--A visitatol'cxt , lainlg tmo e jiour-:l o a traveller throglh tlhese purts imant inier eting to Aimericai n ti-vmleri, withl du,.riptilons of sea - .y, etc, etc. PIlitinal Colnsitiuion of tlhr free statle of Coamailma aid lTexu. Map of Texann, nith marta of thie adtmioinlg stalest by S FAostin, ed. 18i5. A Map of rTexas, h blavIi It limmor,r cd. 1d35. A Map of Texas, illh thie comtigamons Americail and Mexicani s ale, by .1 II laorimg, mlmhlimkuh by I. Au. mitts Mitchell, 135. . Jut receivd damid fanr sale my \VM. McoI. \ Iotf8 o cE O t aol' A L. tr I AOUSIE, SIGN AND ORNAMiIENI'AL PAIRNI'l't, 38 LCmp a, nearlly mopposite tlle Amerim:oi l'leaitre. F, SPC'I UI'I, infimmm his iliend ad tie pm tll iil gcmirmmi, thmt hie rxneutcst all orlers in the ese itmmwoe., ill tihe mast ee terms. Ite will altor cmxeute im like im:lmlmrr, all kimits of ldcorationsinl Oil am t \Watr Cohrs, fIi' haImi ls, en-m tries, tailors iaml liat-roain, c. be. ; hka will also imi late ,,reat varie-ty II Maniblas mii \VkodsL, Alilitiay S-andards, lin. Mem hieasiaxten ) a.. of Ipractice xnd exrlinas so sesrcesaively samtahmumcl, will ineyIil :m ClllltillllmmllCe lof thl atronaec he ham hrrrlrfore remciveml i'fs his iields sl ho whale amommýllimmy. Paint, Oil, tiatm Varnish, im old id enaf, fie. &re. on landl for sale. AIso, ready I-nied c-lors ior lse. t-hitieing,ohko mly hal almc-ats. nay m3. SE'lV IBtl)Kt--K,-,Nmomm I.mcm i, I-. mitle of ilhe prea Lent im;!:ca, i "m vlc, Iby '1' i. Fy. Psn;diag 5m Slaienrv ioi mhe aitme d Mtes. ivrics of tie Soi li. tIhe ammtllr oif Pai. SimmIpme. re,'uair of .iorge ilT I ieiwe-, whh trits mm ttmii tea pe-v, &e" gilbert Garney, by ithe lnthlor iof Scayngs inod Do-I oi, &c. Alsa, a new sup nily ofOlin ito Thimaail, or time maya .f (anri IQmmatre, by mthe iauthr of I.imlilimi, &m. mcllm cc aeired by ( C If t.NII"iC', k7 Ei.glatd, by the authteof "A Year in $patti," in 2 vrulses. Noble l)eedsorf Women, in vol2 . The Young W\'if'. Book, a maon al of moral, reli gins and dotc-tli• duties. ust receivedl and fslrsttl lev WI1. M'KEAN, jan 27 corner ow'Ca, p and Common ls. N AILS IIt)t 11E''l '?, ..-T'l'h snbscribers have fIr alte, landincg from slhips i)li, ad Ann, 10 trus -e5 aopletoo 4-I brtown ett ltine,"io, ile Itlle nc o trle.ct p it op for the Bexictal Illtrkt'; t75 kegs iloetol Iron Sompany Nails, well assorted; 20 t·raes sweet Spanisht cheocolate, 10 smlll tboxes each, I1 cases sunner cloth ng, comprsini o good ostortent of lstirt, paltlttlons achets, ae Biltl)( EI, V)SE & CiO, NEW FURNI' UttE WAIE LHOUSiE. No. 46i CHRTRnES ST. TlE soubscribers a.e now oper g a comiplete assort toent of elegaot andusonelI filrmtiture. wli It they hlave just received bIy tie arrival of ships Saratoga, Ar kainas and A'isaissippi, from New York, coouistlog in part of side boards of varioues lattere, with Egyptian and Italian marbl , tops, centre tables of every tscrip lion and quality, wardrobes of vcriouc patterns, secre. tary and book eases, laties' Frelch tolctt tokl -s, toi lets bureaus Srecio. dining Penobrokes, card nld toa dies' work tables, pine do. ,lso, a few pair sideoa:u-ds with Egyptian marble tops, ti new and beautiful arti cle. A complete assortmenl of scufts. A large and olllcet aso.:rtllluct of imtahogau , ema ple, rosewood, fancy tld co mon cha'irs, .itloan rocklng do covered" with plush, .idi ai.d fltturel'hoir cloth, together with a compltete ass. rtment of suchl arti cles ans re Iuaolly found in uc ll a ectlblishiomcii, the whvle of whiki wvill be sold ot reasoulble terms for oli proved palcr or cdsh. Tp epuhliv are respectfully invited to call and exam. inu ihe the ack, N B (ioods packed at short notice in g.o' order for shipping. f 12 C II GRIANT & eo i 'RY GOOIS--10 cases fanc,, olored dl(lesthi .L Pprints" 10 holes Tr' itt'1crive tiikiog.i; Itt ItalesOxfoir 4-i ticking-; 2 taos's Ihoe l'ittltttrg cttrdt; i cane heavy blackecarpcting, llalitg fromt Ibarl e Jo edphle aod forsalelby 'ITC CASII & Ca, e10 No 44 Camtp st nI.E obuscriler, importcr and wholesae dealer III k F';c'ig't,tl a ttDomestic tlardware, hat on and till extensiv snock orShelliecld, Ilerminglham, :ot Ameri cain good, emlblatcing a grett var'iety, consistingl ic pa t as iollows: Anvils, eolltollm iloitatioltl and genuine mmiosaole; smilt vices, black cnd bright thee; trlee cills, cOlm. meon, blued nitI bright; hies, Carolina, ioulisian, grab and cottonl; El.,lidi miad Ameril.l middle irons; long: ul short luttdlie vry pans; raised plate, hook Ibuttand oil other kilds of tingc:s; 11it, mill, hland, p:stl, tenon aod cross clt maows; ritlt, l.Oset p, id, lupbowc'd :a tllllrcnt locnks AlUliciae silier Ilatetd Ilot, insitde al sliding door do; round :ul Ilat spriong, straigtht, and necked asltter and door boll; flat, iit, itill, and cross cut saw fles; ship earpenter's and othelr ougmrs; black, brighti sald latent cast steel socket and filllrmer chisels; gauges, all sizest knivels ad t ikorks it setts ld dozens; grealt .n rietie shoe, cook, bltchllr, I rvingi , anld Ilohwing kliives; pocket and dirk .litlerv, il dozens and ol enls, IIge nlid small scissors, tailocrs anid slhep shears; coltionli iand fine razorsI; colllnl apanned, bright all lile lolisle steel snlllllrs; hligh atlid Ilct. Ibottol I.tllss cali dlesaticks; plated, btritantlit, it on, te Inld table sloonlls llint an,,d percussiol gIo lcks; Cllunscrew n llnipple wrenches1 llwdecr oronls, flasks, slit belts, game bags, etc. carnteollt's nles, Indes, hatchets, littelies, tie. e.urtllil Ilds andl plusi , ecoillmle nobs, &c. night Nor. folk, bras ald slllure llttlics, cotoplr's files, nxes, howels, aduzes, etc. smitlhs bellows, hallnlerts, tllongs siil backirons, English nud Amlericani siueas alld shloels, long ad short hulls; clommon ascit, sheet iln allld a tent metal ten kettlcs, palelt sett and common cotton anl wool ards all numbelrs, waer aind wa'le irons, griddles anid lake pans, jurk .crews, olt oodscrews, bencl serews, Itlatell atttirups allil bits, itast utld silver martit gale hookI aId rilngs, eains aild bluckles, txes Collinst Hount's Carter's etc. oaclll wrenches, stocks eadl lies, .ane rais, pldats, ia'.1t , 1 ag, htovelsi otl o s =lir taks, hcsads, slilligs, plotghs aod plough lionds, cittt ant (roiult erstl, ictk, ioillt, h ltes, .tpackintcl liti otl woodee woll:, sicvs coloit mlills, lh. tirades, tared heelp, gems ropet, bet clrls, Iplmtg lillcs, llackilg set's1, cvltoit and lhemp twine, hawserst, ipatenlt bclitiaces scatles, gl. llin itol, trillesi, cit nails, lell, slht, Rogers' andl I)tllont nwllder, with gra.'tt v'i'iclt f othergr oots blelollnlig- It the tltade. W 11CIAUlX "Otilt), rayl N,. Itt New Liee. l t+NSE ' PATENT COTI'ON GIN, which has l. been in ulleren'ftl operationu liar sevcrul da\', tit a, 200 Julla street. from I0( It I1 c .c .l, a so. aold tiemu. tno pm will Ito 'otautsd ot thitteame Ihours, till :a turdav asfterlnoon, wllcn its opecr.tiho:i will Ie clo rd. Thlose desirous of arcin int topeation, are r ''pert full: invit-d to atteld, it FOlt NEW YORK. RLouisiana and New York Linle of Packets.) nHE Snips con lnsi this will sail from New _ Orleans and New York on 1very other Monday, comolencieg oil tle. 2511h April and to insare the strietest pualnciity ill their tiame of sailiaig, the line will ttereafter consist of six ship.I viz: Ship YAZOO, Captain Eldridge, to rwave iere oath April. Ship MISSSISSIPPI, Captain Robinson, to leave on ilt Mtay. 23lip'SIAKSPEARE, Captain Collins, to leave on Ship ViICKSBURG, Captain WVoodhouse,toleav I on 6th Juoe. ,Ship LOUIS VIL..E, Captain Palmer, to leave on 20th NSip IIUNTSVIL.E, Captain Palmer to leave on i' The above sllis are all new, of the first class, coppered lan coi ler folstiled, old upwards of 500 tons orurllon, are of light druIgIt of water, beiog blilt ill Now York expressly for the trude. T'he price of pos sgee fetd a d onr hndrel ddollars; their cabins are iated lip on the ImoI imiproved an convenlliet plan, & finished in a neat and elegant slrtle. Aple stores of tile first qralit,i will b. provided and every regard hlhd to tile centfet and natire sotifltetito of pesengegra, who will please take notle that no berti cane le secured until pid Ir lot the. oltie of tile eaiosiences. 'these nlckets are comnmanded by aptaiins well ex perie6 cd ill tie trade, who will give every attention and exert themselves to aecommlodate. They will at all timleo be towed up nidjllownuLhq tlan.i pit by Itrnn Lm,.;-_tattlbenrlo* pmllte ityli obserroed in the tinlme The owners of these ships will lint be responsible for tiny letter paiel or patkage, seat by or pet otl biard rf t olemr, IlOr l it r ugniar blill of lading be signed thereflr, at the countinog hose of the ogenlt or owners. For further prtliculars, alt iyi to 3.:. lEIN & A. COIIEN, April II No. 77 Canal street. iFOR NEW YOiRll.-(Ner w Line of hcket. Al ARKANSA.S,C. H. Dennis, commander, 112 tons, to sail Fehraerv `,22d. Sthip NAStVtIII.E J. Ratlhbone, commander, 513 tons, to Sail March 7th. Ship IKEN'TUCKY, Jolthn Bnker, commaniader, i020 tonl, to scoil March 1lt. tShit OII.I.EANS, S. S. Scars, colnuander, 599 ton: to roil' April 4th. Mhip AI11.AIIlMA, C. C. Berry, commander, 471 tfns, to sail .raal sry !ti. tolli;p SA R.7TOAr W. Hathaway, comlmander, 542 tonrs, to soil Mity id. Tie ships of this line will sail punetually from New Orleans and New York, every second Monofday through out the season. They are oil of the first elnrs, copper fastened and p.peraoll, and were built in New York expressly for thlll tlrade. 'The are io:nlnllllo dd by rexperlelced mon,i drw a liLht draft of water, lnd wiill lt allilltes be towed pi md down thie Miisssiplpi by steatiboats. Their ac. coennodatiols for passengers are very superior. The owlers of tlhese ships will notlbe respoensiile for nollr itter, iparcel or plakalre, set hy or plt on Ioartd lof Iriem, olleos a regllar Ilill of luding he eigocld there for, alt tIlhe tillng hoite of the agents or oWIers. T'l' rote (of issci rete is fneig at $711 ti wine r liqorll be filrlised oil boardel. IForfetiur ltso-v, apply to: lOieitl'T & FOAW't'l1tltN. f2V No. liirareier street. NEW iRL.I'ANSh N. MOI ItlI tAIL tINE. I Fr9nls 1 ald 1 fter thi. Ile, tie fillow. gg rate t of freigt anl passge will be ," " barged, viz: Wei, arrels , 1. Baclio cask $:i 10O. Ilnull,. 0ug r e$3 75 (asks r Clore $0 f0il Moareid iofids, et 1 SeitS per foot t'astliti , $1l per i c ull of 100111b.1 lin It . i rbile, $.l i (oii"n, per 'he1, I I - . oels, per do r 1e. llonintlg , 0e. p.r iete of1 re yerds Ittop, slk,. lper 5iib. Kegs of L.ard, pere keg `ito. Kew, orlants,r, per k1g, 1.'. lKe ua lar eadr, $ n C1i ea ge. t'ipe of I.iomor, $*17:o eich Irsr pr I, d Cr1 e, ster 'l il oullo., S eeI)u 11c $1. I.g\As $2 C(ii t'uI4oscge $ld S"'rvanti $fi. Thi willi ei'ri.itlr'e fiotrripei u irsigiv tthr ittile tlof littin ll theilrdes I, fl e aIl lerks ret In Co llsigeesO Inlt li1 pa+sice od that eolis ct prouipr ly Ie" delivered, in Iaoel blllad itd ii r n arrivei il tile l lie it 'iiie l loOUItN E mid itECe KWI''t I, I rorI r iA geln tsr ( lod s e i K IH , tros t New Orel ann, lwe. 10. 13 L e l UVI TE'Dl'l $1'1 Ei N 1:AlL M-AI AL L L-. FRO1 NEw ()OSri i n Mclloi .t - ay Sten, Ir'krs, no Carriages. TII. Ilnl u l r.lsor. pllnd se lan cn o ft in r wi tihle irst rbt.+s, viz: Snlniio r tIIAJll I i'TA, Cresse, Ms eor MAI'ZlI''A Sidatlnel I.IOt)NI IIAS Crolouh, SillY'!t' A.AIIAAMA, Aldrich The hiolie will rcui'e fiid l exd pcnsslCY for tlle tiea, tndllrlCltillandiy nig ilid eieienee.l seamen. Iis Ily ilnlall,, ratile tie. leiitiiioyiigllifii slltcuuileks, at. eldnt i Illl t hn rhlde c10. iTrie SllriCetst entioOn paid ll to lohelilet ofpllrssetlgere. A llelrrlli',i'nl'llt hie ho b iie mide oitl the Florida hle bt 0 li.l ichl p lseorer bl lndii T'ollehairsee, New Y'rk, l'liladell'iii or Nifiolk, who do not like the delay of siltppiiui ill Molbile ,-:11 be tlltasferred Io thle Waoelliotn, lnd tho1se reitlrciuy from t'citerola, bh tihe WoVelichan ,011t tlavelliln aorilhwltrdch ad pareies hiupleasuire who 11.v wi0 io vtisit tile hliechy riley of Pelleoi.a. The moal boats leave the lake end of the rail rood tetoicilately oiler lhe arrival of tile hlilf 1as10 lowel o'clock car, ond Mobile at eII A tA. For frsight or puecee'e apiplr to 'TtlIltNE &. IfECKWITH, Agents. 2 land .'t9 New I.evee, N Orleaos; aou 19 oe3 J G IIttRKE, Mobile. Nil. Plassengerr oc the above lioe lice the pire creocn in mail hoes iealing Mobile. Dinner will be given ot Itoord the humila t t0rer o'clock P. 5. The bovs boutis will receive nod lad passengers atitop ilke iitertediite hlodiigs. VaShillgton Irving'S New Works, &c. .f WilE Cavox 3MISCELLANY; No 3, containing r Legends of the Conqest of Spain. By the author of tlhe 'Sketch Book.' ' Lin e: ,lGeorge W.aslnhieon; in Ltden prose. Ily Flrancis Glass, A. 31. of Ohio. Edited by J N Iey onlds. JACK I)owSNxvN's Song Book; containing a selection lo ablout two hlundred sonlg,s .nailty of which iore new. Ily Jack I)Downing, . 1). 1M. EI'UIIIPIDEt . Translated Ib tile Rev R. Potter, M. A. P'rchendayr of Norwich. In 3 vols r8mo. beingNos 13, 16i ad 17 of 'll:rper's Classieal Libhmy.' JIlst rni'ecld and for saie-ory WM Ml'KIAN, IV ~ ceor oft'amtp and conl sts ' \X3 W'S NI1:AVWiik-Memeoirs of celebrated . Comtmanders; hy .1 P It James, Esq. utholr of Ihilley, lichelieu, i larstelton, The Gipsey, ke.; in Nruts to Crack; or, Quips Qltirks, Anecdotes and Fa ecte of the Oxford and Camrnllhlige scholars; by theau thnr of Iaeetite Catabrl-igicnsis, ke, k e. Phillips ro lust.hattce, vol 2. Justreceivedand nfor sale h"' \3M M'KEAN, oct 1T conrner Camp ro di Colnmmon sis. ~E\V 'UULICATIt)NS. T ALES or A PUrISCIrcN. By William II. llar ,"V' el:ore exceeda Ing arion in th!e atdaeit of the atlterprt.t--Sn '' nort s. In 8 htots. Nt'trr's AT M.IEs. Int 1 vol. A PIIutsLtr.tu to the Hloly Land; comprisinlg ooeol lections, sketches land reiflections, inade during tour in the East, it 18t32-.d3. By Alfunse )e LIa :martine, .lMemc er of the l"r'ecah Academy. dvols. 'I'llt. Frilrie i.t i'nglantd; Ibeing at seqel] to ithe "Fudger Famil iy ProtPis." By Thos. Bit'own the young'r, author uo the '''woIelnny I'ort Ilog,' etc. etc. "ISi tian iatelr'iC resplondtit ausItoJoO, ".licinltu s ' nvlo. IIOTIIKISS & eo, oct 27 i Cihaortrs street LA'T'E PUBIICATIONS. HE PRINCIPiLES OF FNREE TRADE, illus tratedi ir a rerirs of short aln familiar Essays, originally publirshed it tle "Ba .rtt.r of tih.o .oustitu COBBI'ETT'S LEGACY TO PARSONS; or have thie clerey of tile cslablished church an equitable right tt the tither, or t to ny oller thing called cthurch pro perl, greeter tliUt tie diior'tors havire to thie saore ttlldeiglt tihere, or outri there nor, to ie t oa e ration of tih chirch trot, the state ! six letters, adressed to tile cthutch pitrteeo gent.rally, including the cathednra and college clergy rc itheri ihops, lrnwith a dedication to ltrwfiehli, ]iihUn, of ul.ohrr; ily Vetn. Cntarety, Ai. P. 'IlE COMPlETE 'W'OIRKS OF JEREMY BENT'IAMI. T'IE MrEIRCIA'NT'iS ASSISTANT, or ilrcantile Insetruetor, corluti ilig l t fu ll nrrttrt r if thne moreyir, rcois, weig ts l I IIlSla to'S of tle lrit'air tradilng natiorns th eir cronies ; togetther with their ivalues it U. S. clllrrrry, wirh'ts lll 'iasti rr es, tlllhtsuicd froin the 7thl rtitionr of F!'rge, s ie th adorililns from thie wotrks rtfKel'i , Nelclm'hbr cr, Kruse, lrK'hll h, oani oithers; Irv Frarlcis J. Iradi, authoIOr of "Eleme'ntary Treatise o t, Plh e madi Solid Gererrtr," &rc. &e. TA RIFi.', or IRatce of Iutir', fi'tn nund ofer thre hl inay of .\3 lre h, 1L33, until the list orf cr'emb'er, of said vcar' ilclusivtei, in al gotrd, wares nd nlor httrlto diZe, .'rortetn. ilte Ilme Uniterd States of Alerius, as es b to lltsh ib t ofertllcren.. Ju.t reciai. .d, lltl t sole Rby W. McKEAN, il) 7 Coinerr CoItp andnt Ctlrnlllrno street. Iii V . 'i'i' IiNTiS-cOao.'s rithi lighit latry orintt; ,) re-en t, ere tit. Itanti," t; It) cases blue erints, :7 "l' -t-I & C. 4iAm U -REMOVAL. E FI.I.Y has removed from 76 Chartres street to 76 Canal, near loyal and has received by late arrivals, additions to the original stock, which are now oflered in quantities to suit parllasers. Iich Satils, daiu and figoued. do do ilk and colreol. do Gro de Puli:, pllin d d figd. do do jet aufibloe blk. do Rep Silk, plait and egd. do Glaues, ' dpliis, tl,rnanioo, &c. Plln and knotted, Chila Ci.bourgh & English Silk lose. SupariorembroiaderedLace and open work do do Sdo Thread, Mohair, Worsted and Cotton Hose. Slewnrt's Pari made It S Gloves, 1,1k, white & ase'd Silk and Net Glovea , blk, white and assorted. do do aud It 8 Gloves, long armed. Also--20cases Ionnetn. cnlsisting of French Sillk and Sdtin traimmedad utrimmedOricn tal (Gre'iani, "loreucnO, (teal croan, ad Tauscau Straws 'l ur'baie, llcad IDrosses, Wreatls, Featlhers, Flowers &v. &e. d8 E. FIIl.LEY, 76 Canal street. PHiIADE, LPHIA MAllROlt. FT IE splendid pitronage awarded to tile Philnadel phia Saturday Courier, induces tile editorato com lieCler tile pldblicaiion, under the above title, of a qgur ta ediiion of thleir ,opular jouri I, so long know as tlhe lirgest Il"auily Newriaper in the United Stites,with a lint of iear TW\VENT Y-SIX TIIOUSAND SUB-! SURIIIll tS. The new feature recently introduced of, furnishing their readers with new books of the bast lite ralturc of tile dliy, lhvioig proved so ueaiueutlv sucess fill, tile Ilau will lie eontinuced. Six volut estof lg ce lebrated writlns of Captoin Mgrrvatt, and sixty-five of 1Ir. BrooLk's valuable I.etter frm n'E rale,lohave ahendv been published without interfering with its news nil uliscellilaeos reading. The Couner is the largoetnand clgeacest ifuhily ne.vapuaper ever issued int this country, containing articles in Laterature, Science and Arts; Inl ternal Ilnpritrnienol Agriculture, in short every variety ilf topic's iusually iulrldliced inhto a iblice jontlll. (Giving iilll account of sales, markets and news of the latest daltes. It is published at tile low price of $2. For this small sun subscrilbers get valuable and eohtertalning matter, eaih'l week nlloubhl ta filln COlmniln book of 00 pages, andlul to 5e 'ail itetmea year,and lwhih is i siueated io be rend, weekly, byv at least two hundred thousand Icople, scattered ini all parts of the country fron Mlaine Io Itlorid.n, aid fronl thle seaboard to the lakes. Its ,atlgmgtth ,liugelSiois eunhle its citerprising gro. prietorsr, Mlcassrs \VooaDt, .lt' & Ct. tae, (if Ptilhlrtl i,(lii, to re-pblish ill its coluolns, ill tile collrse ofi year, several Iof the iiioat ilti,.reslting Ilew wlorks that is sule ifro tle ritlish iprss: which ,aunit fail to give to it a perunenit inuterest, and rendrrit wortlhy ofireeer 'ation. 'g, imrrt tie wishes tllerefrr, of such of thtiir ulbsc riliers as desire to have their nutlbers boullUaithley have deterlind onil issuing aon edition of the Courier il the quarto form,, which will render it mlUlnl morot.con Valeiet ficr rouding when it is bounld in a volumle, and thlus grantly enhlunce its valoe. T'IIE (QIJARLTO EDITION. Under the title of the PHILIDELaPHI.l MIRRon, Will anallel~le with tihe Iuollicetiou of thie Prize Tale, to which was wdunled the tprize ,f $100. written by Mlic leslie, editor of tlhe splencdid Anuunl, the lToikole, and authllor of 'ecil Sketches and other valuaible contriliu lions to A.errican l.itr,iiaure. A lare,,mimbcriofsongs, poems, tiies, &i. offrredl ig ceiliprtitiocn Ibr tihe $500 ir prenmiuis, will add value lnd interest to the snceeeding nllibrs, whc wihwill also lie erillhed by a stirp friont Mliss Sidgewiick, author of lIope Leslie,' Iie Liiiwo,,ods, &e. wlose tialents have been so juItly and extensively appreciatd, Itlth at b uteU anall bload. his aplpiroved FAMhI IY NEWN SPAPER in slrictly nleutral i religions and politieal matters, and tile un conplrouiiiing opponllenlt lfuaiekery of every kind. AlA PS. In aiddhlitili to all if which thge publishers intend far Iishlilg tlheir patrons with a series of enlraved Maps, ernl raciing the twitVy-five States of the Union, &c. ex hibiting the situation, &c. of rivers, towns, mountains, takes, the' seabnrdl, iternal improvements, as dispiny ed in canals, rail roatl, &e,.vith othiler interesting anld usefil f''lug ran, roadsl, listanres, &c, firliingl el. e tdeta Atols ie r cigerlinl ulsa d iflltlntion, lgandiolne . executed, alld each distine t nlap, o a large uartoh eee t, tit aoierllls whichl utiilitit l.til the Si ludidh atronage, whllir Ih fr six yaars past Ilas bece so gener orislr- extllded ao thel , ou llld larir lll. 'TERMS : The PhiladelpIhia Saturdyl" Courier inlsill cnuthiued in its iari' flrni,at ithe sie r lie is herelo.ree. he Philadel liilai Mirror, lrienig ii yliuartoll clioii of the Sn inrdagConieri wi' h ig.eicreased aiirati'iogi, nd prgit ed on itli best whitc fine tiper, of lhe sanme swe as the New " irk Alinia, will hie plitt tr','gisrlch one haIlfte prie I tlihat valuable oirnal viz: iti 'lhre Dollirstper eulI i p glt able ill idvelce. (inllnling the ."risJi.) " WOODWAIRD & CLAIlKt'., 1I iies Iald il gig lif Icipes BCrdeallrxeIi bramtiu,,citltil ti dglltlllri n 10 r icsks aid briody; 20 eielth cnasks chaanlig Inialldy;' pipes gitn; 12ii lr causksllarsuillcs Mavii',ra owiil" to oqr caskl Sicily Madeira; to half llie Port \\ iue; `'It baskets chnllaigae dol; 101 bxs iriwn Ilalang a soular; 112 bRgs Hiiitia caller; 01 bags St lo mnm'otl Io; 51l ceroous Culma Tol'bactoi i caresor ticridel lllad g11n1 ioWCler tea, 1: Ibs eatcR ; 'O)( du dio 6 lb eal,, 20 ,theatis oichug tiea, ill bxs No I Ceicoalte,r 100 k'gn bhlc(i lsii t.ii; 25 hbla dloas; 22 xs 2dozl enr oil V Hrows ai i ii she Lorry wilnti;e:ll bbli nile all; '1i0 ils,, I lile roi l5 Ioxes su ,erir ('avilalish tebuC. co& 251 , ils Niao, lunkerl;c Ai barrels No I oaounnae hl+l'iillgs (nIeiW;) :0 'i-ls aloivse, &C. &e. _&c. J30 o M (1t111'S'i'ACT'ICS FOR t IlE MIITIA. (('IO(NCISE SYS't''EM ()I' INSTRIUC'TlONS AND) L ItltIl'l 'IlATINS for the Mili/tia lid V'olunl.ers of the I:ti'ed States, eunalrehnialiig the exercises and Inovcnlnt i of ie hfifh Intrv, LighIIt Ifiltrve, and Rille tlani, Cavulrv, iaiid Artillerr; logcther with ihe i noi er of doigll duty iu Garrison endr il Coulp, and the fcirils of pio-ades, reviews, ingd isplertiols,e as e Itbliltl/ r by mii tlhoritv", iir hIle goviru'ncellt 'tllie Regullr Aruiy. l'r pir uC I ilm arrmlaigd by Blrcvy t Cpitain S Coopelr, aid de Ciallp,l, d ..ssistantt Adjulanl GCleierl; lilldr tili siilir Ivisiol of ajoir tGieneral Alex. Maceiib, cilauiiandigi lhe Ac ,ll ,if e' r ild .l nir StleS. f ORNIl'rlIOLOGICA. IIIOGRAPIIY-Or, ane it cllei ii f ih halilt of ltile Birdl oJ" ' Uted e fi Sle/ir of Aiierrica, ilmmei'llalliil'd lit descriptiln of Ihe e ' ,ljects Sre ir ciciite in he Work entitledi "The Birds of .iiivl'i cii c," nlid iitersperseil with dehlieatios oCf Aierii'iiL eeliP'ry aid UaniieCrs; by Johll Jaiies AiuduboI, Ft. SS L & K.-Vol 3. Just received and for sale by \V\I cIeKEAN, J29 Crner of Ca m anii,l ,, Cmiiiiiilc _ aie. N EWIBOOKS-- /e Laes of Etiquette. ion v Skerlhecs of Switerland, by the aitthor of tihe Spy, &.c, &c, ill tiOg volues. .ifte orl Designs nof Jah A dlfrel, and an accounl ol lis delreetiul, lly V'irgil A Stewaart. Received and ali sale bv J6 HO'rCHIIISS & Co, 24 Clhartres st. NEW WORKS. IXTII.L \Velrti. Fram tlhe autobiograthy of a Mci . / ilil o hicer'. 11) tll e liatlor of .Ciic disi, etc. etc. 'Ahi! ioullt'leo cite Ihintie al inollmo dotagim In three volulmnels. Alslo, 'I'u, I)Isornc' r ScllUOL; e c Nai;onal Edullctioa,. T J. Orvillc l'uic, tie.e otcesor of Icoouilo Eglucuai'lo in the New YioekUn ersitiy. lceeied by IIO''CIIKISS ? co, oct 13 24 Chai'rtes st ANNUALS FORl 1836.3 T IrIE T' ken and Atlantic Souvenir; a thristmrs and N.ew Years 'Present. T ao (tlrre a Christnmas and New Year's Present. Edited by Miss l~slie. liReceived nd for sIbl e by IIOTCIIKISS and Co, act 7 24 Chartres street GOAI. TARI.-Planters, Bluilders, ship atl steam l htil l malters, can now supply themlsclves with this isLfl ar'ticle at 1L 1-2 cents per gallon, by alpplication at the (:as Ollice, Ilank Alley. Th nmany successful exllerimets of the cnal tar has rendered it to those aelmiltltetl with its valuable tpro ertlies, an indispensablelrlticle for presiErcatiou of fence timlber, wooden roofs, & ldc; milxedl with shlrp sand and lile, it tmaikes a aot excellent cement for the roofs, securing theIm firom leakage. The extremely low price lt whichl it is now furnisedI, should induel every plahter, slli ms asll i hlllerO SInSae a colstant llllulpth. no 2 -ltAIl' UIIA.IPAIUNI--A flrlther snlllllty of this ( highly celebrated wine, witt. leaden capls, wa'.r:t ed in qlllcity, at least equal ellan champagne ilpnlord ill the United lSltes, just receieled by sept II A I9 INSKI'.EP, 53 aIal st SIVES OF T.llE NECIIOMANC EIR .r, an nae B cnllt lof thl, llost elllilllellt lersonlls ill ueererive ages, who ave etailied for thlelsclves or to choll lIls Ielc inmtllllted by othera tie exerciae of tmafirl power: by William Gooedwil, authlor of Caleb Williales, a&e. Ae. LETTERS FROM TIIE SOUTH, hv n Northern nmn, ucw edition, inll vollues. Just eeried anlld for sale hIv Wat Mtt'KKAN, aovl 7 Corner of Camp and Couninon ats. B RANIIY, (GIN & RAISINS-A Iotofa few 1hun B dred boxes bunh rliilng, few hall pilas of Freench Ilranlvy, several pipes ofaoltl asulerior Holland (in, anld lilly bxlers serclll ealdles, Ill Fitir n lalltv, to le sold low ao close a rioacert. W\3I BAT Ir'lt 3I old levee. N. It. Iro nmid Copper--eash will be aid flr a few h tuldr lOd tOll of old Irm alld Coppler, alpll as abovll' jau ltl III L.ANXIUACE OF FL.OWIERlS, ke.--The I.'lgU:age oif t"lowCvrsillustrated by colloeden ,aim l, 2d elithoa. 'le otl.l f l Flowers, illltroted by colored engrla llola, aId la'lhai or Cetasof Flowers and tPoetry, bring iI la l lhabetil l a" ,llrtlllttenl or It.lers., wills p. ii. irinte illuttl;ltions, elucUalislo.d with euhliled plates, lIael's Illeriete; Or, tile Aclteriean Book of Flao ers a blll StlinCIti, itby Mlhs S S ltlt, third rdilion, inm Thll .ltilt, or, YoNng Ladies' Instructor ill Orea meltal P.tilillntit, I h.lwlaik. Just he vened ,tit for e 1 ttltAre oct 12 enmnerof C'mapanst I Cotmma. tts. RIO G .INa , C IO T illI . & e,- -I.anm l hit from the 3 'e shil Marl-ia: l ren.e: rlasel 11rllnue, Ieonmii, ,ixtra wlh boi' n Til/" I -" Ilen'l.a kiI plied 1.r, i:i11; ; oll . ami.i~,'~n Pi up. ; '.1 81 l 117 aea- aS h.Et-' c ueh l nl Ii n c a - oluo it a t :r",l ,0t - fl- r l t, h v . s{ 1btiL - II y, \Yose & PO. F IIANKLIN INFIl.'IAItY.--The public are re I specttfilly illninr cil that thil institution, erected on lhe most approved itann, mad hin an airy and most admi able sittiono in tie fauhourog Franklin, upon thle rail rold, one mile from tle Mississippli. The buildin; is large at. most commodiously divided into apartments, for keeping sepralte dilterelit classes and tlit'erent diseases. Tle institution is supplied with the most skilftIl and attentive malleanI female tatrses, speaking the various mnoero languages. Private rooms may be had ly gentlemen at from two to five ddllars per dayv, including attenlance, etc. Terms in the ordinary wards, one doll:r per day. Slaves also one dollar. Small P'o in the ordinary wards three dollars. All capital sorgical operationsexta. The resident i.0sinian is l)r. II. Lewis, to whom nppliea ion for o acmssion must he made, or to I)-. O). A. Luzemberg, No. IT, Itamplrtt at. ijy 24 iT 'nT PUIICIUATIONS-The Brothers, a talole I the Flrole, in2 vols. hlle sife and Woman's Reward, by Mrs Norton, in 2vols. Miriam Coffitr, or the Wh:le Fisherman. Time Ilashfld Irihman, or the Exile of E'in, in 2 vols. A Narrattie of a Visit to tile American Ctrehes, I by a Deputation from the Congregational Union of E1"ng lan andl \Vles, Ih Anlutew Reed, D. D. and James Ml'theson, 1) I), i'i o vols. Novels andi Tales by Maria E..geworth, 20 vols very neatly bound inlo. . The Womrks of Mrs Sh-rwood, bheing the only uni form edition evnrapublished inl tile United States. J ust rcived and for .dle by WM M'KtEAN, net a 'corner Camp and Common sts. . ItCIL LAr T IIE Faculty of tile ManlcAL UCLt,,€nor . utant xon respecitflly ansk the attention of the Medical Profession, and of the rioends of cience in goetnled, to the conllion and pospcltus of the notitutionl ultlr their charge. The college was organized in the autumn of 13t; a ll course of lectures was given durih:g the past wintor, and at the last sesosion cft hIe Legislature, a charter was conferred on it with the usual powers std privileges of similar institutions. Since the termination of the course of Lectuors, the lFaculty ltave given oremitted atteontion to the interests of tile College, and have consildeably augmented its means of ilsellness. lint aware that, m latavcer lay be their owt zeal and iodlstly, the success of their cter prize i many ielendalent onil ttle eolnteulaiee it tmay recive fnrom the etnlighltenedl and patiotioe Iorotioo of their fellow citizens, particularly frot- those of tile Ma dicall profession--the Faenhty ate desiorotls to obtain tlhe attention of the communlit to the advantages offlere by their institutlion to the M..diod Students in this section ofoltr country. Tl'he college will be in possession, at tile commence ment of the next session, of adequate npltmratts for the illustration of cltemistry and the collateral sciences. Ample meats forth sttudy of Anatomy, will be fin tish ed witlout trouble to thle stolet, antl without violation of the sacred feelings, or even prejtdlices of society. When it is recollected that otnte tlhtl of thle polpua tion of New Orleoos, during the winter season,, s com pmsedl ofsttlangers, maty of whom, froom choice or ne eessitv, rsort ion sickness to tlhe severalel -well not ucted hospitols in this city, it must be apparent that the Fa aolty aret il possession of utllnsursseld means for render. iogtheircourse of instruction thoroughly demonstrative. 'o avail themselves of these privleges, it has been ar ranged that a large Iprtpntion of the lecturcs from the practical chairs, shall be clinical, aml disease and treat ment taogltt at tildehelside of the latiret. The l.tmber of surgical eases in this eity is uncom motoy grel.t, and necarly evey oleation in the science will le perlbroted efoloe tlhe classono tle living subject. The course of Pathology and Phisiology will, in like manner, be aeconmpaniedby demonstration and experi ment. Thle.Faculty would particulaly urge the opinion (in which it is believtd they will be sustained fly tie expe rience of P'hysicians,) thalt tie diseases of tllhe South arestern section of tile United States are, in moany in stoances, so modnified by climate, that they can neither be well itatght by those who have not seen them, nor well studied by those lwho have not an opportunity of wit. heaingg their pecouliarities. "lhlouglt it is, perhaps, uonecessary in this part of the Union tt oftfr pecuniary motives, yet, todo away- all er. cneoos itlltressioc, it mnny not he sulerflullolo to state, tlhat UIon t litfir calcotlatlon of all thle expenllses of atten'lr log rernlte institlutons, a considerable balance will .e Intad in favor of the College il this City. To retoder the School accessible to those in illligent eirwOmatanens, it is povcided by the by-laws, that twenty students shall be admitted gl-tis, ula eleodence ofl Inecessitouls cirellto. stollno, anllt alllleqt liteole"lloy at moral qllliltcitiOtl. l'heFacolty have ooly ftortler to state, that their bent exertions will be given, to render the course of insteac lion in sthe Medical College of Loouisinau, bolth ample aod thorough; oat belieing, as they do, that tile success of this institution will Ibe eminentlusefl l lnd honora. 1ole to this section of oour cotntry, tlhey appeal with conl ildenee to the patriotism ot their fellow-citizens for CIoAS., A. LUZENBERIG, Dean. New Orleans, August, 1835. The Course of Letr-tres will commence on the first Mlondy of December ne.T, and tlerminat, e the last week Ito Jtlar-h. CHeAIIeL.S A. LUZENIIEIG, aM. 1). Professor of tile iillcs atol )PntaeieeC of Sturge y. E.IIWAIDI) H. IAIITION, M. I). Plrofessorof tile Theory aind Practice of Medicine and Clinicanl Plractice. W. BYRDI POWELL, M. ID. Professor of Cllemlstly and Pharmacy. J. IAIRItISON, M. 1) Professor of Phisiolotg and Pathology. J. MONROl E MAClIlE, M. D. Professor ol Matei' Mledica, llTherapueti sad Medical Jurisprudence. I IIOMAS R. INGALLS, M. I). Professor of Obstetrics andto Diseases of 1Wmen and Children. C. A. LUZENIERCG, MI. I). Professor of Auatomn (adl htinter.) Sre Reqoisites and fees ol GraduatlionthlCe mume as il at,.T. 2fts.,sitl'f P onsvlvantia. aItz 29 CiOUiUG ON IBANKiNG-A shart Itiso7r att' ta per MIoney and Banking in tile United ,tatos in cluding an account of Provincial and Continental Paper b Mnoey; to which is iplfixed an inquiry into the pnlnci plea df the systerm, with cnsiderntiol on its effects on oornls avd Happiness.-'he whaole tateded as a plait dl exposition of the wniy in which Ptper Maney andl Mo net Corporations effect the interests of dioredntiportiaoa s of the cottunotity. By WtV. M. (j0oae.. Second ediiotio. Ju..-received ail for sale by iIOTCIIKISS & Co. jl. . L4 Charltres-st. i COOKINC STOVES.-Stanley & Co's Patent Ito- p tary Cooking Stoves, for wood or antlracite coal. We inhave jnust received a fall supply of their celehrated'd stoves ofall sizes, suitable forhotels , Boarding ihtsestr n and large and small families. For convenience and des- t patch i cooking, as well us tile grent snving of fead, fuly lv nc-htalf, thley will he found to itbo ivalable. Certiti ctea froat thie priteipai Hotel Kepers at thle Nortlh, as d well as hundreds of others from priwato iNdividuals sad to capltains of vessels iad sttainboats, as to the utility of these stoves, can be seen at our wa o. t e. DUINBAR & Co, E jan 7 No. 59,Thou llitoulns at. 1 Cpper, tin ad Isheert iron mande til to ortier. Extract of a letter front Captain Wtti. A. Howard, eom- ti handing U. . Rlevenue Cutter McLane, to the lIon. Levi WWnalbtry, See. of Navy: t i. annswer to yutir enquiries in relation to Stalevy's t Rotary Conoking Stove, I bhi leave t oslt reapeclitlly to recoenintd to thle Delparttctett, tile ndiptiont of tlose i Stoves for tile Cutters generally; they are Itmuch less heavv, moe eonvtieilt tllcld eclalical than ttll.:e ge nernlly in use. Fuel is an artilethi tnakes up the most ooane is soonest oepanled, nd is lonte destrietive to thle bo ts( f tihe vessel ill trat tnsrtathmt thanllany other nsed ott ioard. I loald you below nit ertimat of tlel e comparative cost otfifel Illtweel tile stoves. Antiait offil econsumel Ii b tile olGld llels from Felb.-4it to MIrelh i lth I month, $16 .18 Ati llllt of mliI clllUmttn d tIy iStatley's frotit Marclh Silil to iMay 4tllh, beilg I month and io days, 6 511 Balance in favor of ttanlevsa, $n 98 " WM. A. HOWARiD, Cnpt. U. S. RIev. Cutter MTLane. My New-Belldfortd, oMaShil, 1935. toxpeosle of Galley 1 month and 10 dnaysat Samne ratio ts hlie miohuttl, 1c , Expenslte Stanlay's sane tIne, 650 Difoerence in favor of Staolev'rs $10 14 Pc-" I from Itullo to Ro chester, July I: 13 5. Itivitlg lIent reaested b h a poasener toi explress Iny cjtinia of thie tiiittv andl roneniien iof tile IRotanry Stove in Canal Ptakets, I o pleased to T C ay that I have made fell trial of one oaf thie No. . Rotare Stvres , o this Ioteket, and fiud it to answer a Ilart vldanble per liose. \VWeare ablhe to bake, roast itnd hlil, and, i short. tueoock the usual varieties of mcats, tt.,,i ...-, i;;,. dilng, &e. for 60 piersons. T I il -%1-3w-. C()ISIICii-' &,er._- e -life- f Li Wil. Coblettt dedliteld to his sona, froitm the sce coed nIndonu elition, in 1 titl. lMetaloire of ite life of ilte right hanorabla Sir Jtine Manekintosh, edited y his Fella , IRobert Jaaitem Mackin tolsh, Esq. ill vols. l'harlsteut Tatlet, he te authotr oft Talcs of a Vorln er to thle Arctic Oceae in ii vols. Just received tll or ole h WM. M'KEAN, tci'l 6 conaer of Cnol, and Cottamtn sit. NELV I' lllI.iCATIO(NS. Io\V I 'I V A T T lE S O'T 'rll or t ihe Ro uta vii i;te carend fmei lte tetIreaonu nt ltitticiit of thie norther oinlitionislts. I ol.l, o. 'FinTe book of I'eatsre', hby Thos C.atpllel Saottlit Rolgers ntl Mark .hketnide. I vol. 1A hit. lThe irentlataa nond lld's Bioei ik i 0ifpilutsrld pro priety ofdep 'tmell t, dhe li i'. l , It ie l ItI i oi l b t sto - e 11 li, 5ladante Celnart, tansliated irotu the sioh I'a Ithntttrv Tattie, or rilea for the eeriese sanid nm noctulrco tf the I'tnited Sliate iuflttrtv. liy 5ljnr Gie neral Seott, U S .Army. le :t vo11. 0? tlo, just received and fie sale bIy \V MelE.\N, loremop & rom et I, \{V B)i)cK--Riehzi. the lant of the Crilmlue, by th afntllo tief I'rlani &ie. O(ur .i Tlvitet li nn l tr tih 1l of ITlcry Ontatre, by the a:l .olr ofNi,'holiel &e, ii s"wehn. M lliutr, liai 'volnues, C|,y roo v wr.e ACRO .r-PFlT, reinlgI Ittlt teti telf byif Ii.NIIOFT & TIClEt,14 camp an. f CIRCUS. SIll'. lanacers ol this concern, take the liberty ofin. I'okrmeig tie ci;izees of New Orleans, tlat thoy lhave made an nrrnogemcnt with the New York Cm; poaly, (Iae of Ilobile) to perform for a short season, in cnjuoelioo with their ipersent company, now perfornr tog in tihe city. lnowing fret the reput:tion of tihe iorthem coocen, and thle ona now peronni.arMghere, tlertn is lonolht co corlpcee with it ia the United 6tates, trod in foat the world! The fullowing young men tre attachedl to the r'ntrern: Messrs. STICKNE 1, SIt'EET, NORTII, .IN NICII, ROGERS, ANDREAS, LEVI, VAIL, SSHAY, LIPMA.N, JOIIHNSON, MA4TEER, BYIRNES, LEhI'IS, LOIVRIE, JEFFERSON, LONG; Masters LIPMAN, D.4LE, LEE, and J. . G. BUCKLEY; Clown, MR. GOSSIN. An eticient hand of Mousie is attached to the ertallish. meat. Ep.l)ors opept t pc itu qurter after 6, anrd per forrlnec to eomnlellreo t 7proecisrlv. Arhnittnoc-BIioxes, $I 0 0;allery 50 cents. m4 A NNUAL.S FOR 183G.-lleatlh's Picturesque An. Snuult for 1836i, with "5 spIlendid engravinst, by tilhe best rttiat, after draltings, Iy A. Gi. Viehcrs, Eo1. Fisher's I)rawing Iiurmo Scrapr Book for 1836, with poetical llustrations Iv I. E. L. The Token sad Atlratie Souvenir, a Christmas' TnldI New Year's I'resent for 18361, edited Iy S. G. Goodrich. T'heGiilf, a Chrisrmns' aud New Years' Prerert,edi ted b \liss Leslie. FIoret-Arle-Not, a Clristmns, New Year's oad Birth daY Plreseat for 183:16, edited by Frederic Shokel. Tihe Iriendshilrs Offering, and VWomentl's Wreath, a Christmuas and New Year's Present for 1836. T'lie Religios Souvenrir, ia Cltritolrttt, New Yeor's tid Birlthdy Preseot for 1836, edited by Clruurrery Col ton, D. D. tl'be'Juvenile Forget-Me-Not, a Christmans and New Year's Gift for 1836i, edited by Mrs . . C. Hall. The Pearl.or Aflction's Gift,a Christmas and'New Years Present for 1836. The Poelical Annual foit 183i,leing seleetions from the Englisll Poets fronl Chaucer to Ucattie. Tire lnfit's Annual, or Mother's Offilring. T'lhe Youth's Book ofthe Seasons. The Artist, or Young Ladies' Instructor in ornamen- ' tal lainting, drawing, &c. by B. F. (;undee. Elervents of D)rawvicg Flowver Painting in opaque and transpareut watercolors, by E. E. Perkins. Flora nord Thalia, or Ge(;ms and Pioetry, being an al plaoetiesl arrangerrert of lowers, wtilh appriate illus trations tnd colored plotes, by liady. Thea Language of Flowers, 2d ediiton. Peter PIarlev'sAairnar c for 1836. The Amerir, an Almanac and repository of usefol knowledge, f w the-year 1836. The NautieaLA.rllhuan c and astromomical Ephemeris for the year 18316. The German Almanae for 1836. Justoreceived and for sale by K "WM. M'KEAN, corner of Camp sad Conlrlon srat. E\; IiOORKS.-En rav onr the ]Rate of Wrgr'a. witrk rtrexaorinathirroflisn of the cnaes of tile dil'erenees in the condition of tie I alboring piopulation throughout tihe worhl, yv II. C. Carev. Clintol IBradshawr or the Adventureos of a Lawyer, ill tw. vols. The Artreaican Almanac and Expositor of Useful I Knowledge, for the year 11136. For srtie by nov 2c1 iIO'i'CIIKISS & Co.. 24 Chlureres st. OBiOK AND JOB PRINTING, Antd Blank Book Moanuhetlry. T HIE sucriterlr respectfully itinlrms his friends and the rltiec thate o ha, in crllrtetion with his book and statoinary store, at extensive IPrinting Otffice ard Book Ililndrry,, nd is ready to ulidertakhtie rinting of Parlleet, Card, Blank C rheiks, ('atslogyac Legal Notices, lills of Lading, Labels Bill Forms, lrat Receipts, Acetion and Show I ills. Also, the Biniding of l1oooks and manufteturin g of BlunkBook.sol any size or descri .tilK. N, r~rVt. MeKEAN, Cornerrf Camp nad Cmalrmon sts, opposite RiclHrdrsot's (Itri Ilisrop's) Hlrtel. ' j 3 ANNUALS FOR 1836. FIl. JUVENII.EFORG I'I'-1: E-NNIT, a Christmas and New Year's Gift, or Iirth Day Plresent, for 1836. Edited by Mers. S C IHall. HE.aTr'S Il'cnrtUe:tqrrtE AntU tir., fiw 1830, emblellirh ed with '2' splendid nlgravings, hv the first artists I'atLtIrlt-L AN.aUI.L, Iwing selectinsflo fromt tire Eng' lis poetsr, fromn Sieraees to Bernlti; endrlolillshed wiitl eortrit mind 24 ill tratior.. fronm r.'arinrgs by II Cor TH' RtElit Ot:r Soc.OVENtI, a Christias, New Yeors, rand Birth ov Presenrrt fir 183:13. dirted by Chauneey Colton, 1) D.. Just received and for sale hIv Wrrr Ca M Kd AN, dee 12 eorreer Camp nin C.tlitrror at. UNITED S'ATES IISTR iTUI;' UCIr,. -T, East Distrier of Louisiana. Ia Admiraety citling: I N obedieca:e of au order at this Coart madle on motionl of llenry SoekettlEsq. n the 16tilh January Ic8h,re atiring a statieent Ofle nlofies rtteiainincgpotited ol c unlaimte d i tthe Registry of the('ourt, t ttltub ishjdSletilcing the cases---tlates ofdepsit nad partties atl'ed.; l f oirhtctad, tie uidt r iglel Regisltrar ret orts the staul of $1232 45, rmaiuiing ueclaitcd--ila tlhe fol Oluailr rlease. leltrd & Stevets s ship Watllnhcton 54375 Deptsited Ia tile IRegistrv Aug. 19,'117. Ieti the Itoeeeds ef sale of tile vessel of wlloh-t rloe i,.cwrea appear to he Bowret R&bt. hia, Jae tttca lta Olita 1ihita, o.a'rrto llihotl--rtsidnleet tIt on Recrd. StchttelC Ie dile rs cerltitn GooJlr, 537 30 date af delpsitl att 18th 1817. J rnitth r 7lam nt's of inse, 79 80 date ofldeposit Jhltl 64th 1819, no elaitnto on Recortd. lritceill et hIs rt Sohoonar ttl Jaltonary, 47 1 Platt of ie sit nat is Buzuctsan. 83 P vlliioal I N (: c aiillnllt of vessel sVittcr et 11til s Stcta Ioiatt Nl toleon 0 12 te oflrltorit I)er. and 1l822, Ilthutee o therl prot-ede U f r thle sale i te fr Naloleida ato ihlnn la t tli attts. Bor t at ttcdlwi med .and rer.o O - NiN, ofoitiuisllre. 'icltor D)atid r steatm beat Flrita, - 383 date efd ittitt St-It 14th, 181, J T ludtae's I/v~cii( rit. lallalt, "]lydec P'erry et Ti ts Nrib Ftllly Esther, 0 datea of dsictltttJit l Itt1, tcwn ter of Sually Estherc, it. C Clarh Johte l~iilit. Rielttrd Dotat I bwrl litulc IIiehanrmsof nMasa l of rho mslS. 1 AArd in oleactite to tEI i NtrtEr retlr oftle said oltrtd E t er ow elr or ow ecrs, ul alIeli a11,. er~ver olhr perrsonl or ttrseatrtc tcattaett. r into hainvtt raittt, citlrei- o terest or demtlnd on or to the said rotariesa hmeor la eiun e te Iatl i t ilo ll he;d Ior e tt od a plt,,ar -h a i)istrit l ol u ofthte U. S. i~r tliloe itrihl tltaitcttd to he Iltdell Oin the ttir loutlav ti ltty 1834 tnt Il o' loc\t a. 1t. at tile C i t y of N e w O rc l t t a t o t t i ltt I v itlcic t t t t hi eet- ot a r s h o w ¢altse \\ll hy sch disIUlsit4lthli fsoh ls e od t to ttihe otl't ni a nly elll tleet anllll proper. e iy oartecr ofolaortr, " I UNCAN N IIENNEN, Registrar. jaa 90--- . w V f 1r hE9 rlb lnIdho new r NIAVW \ilS. tlE N.I'IAIAi.IyTSRo Vinirs nainOa.-Ctmtrttci tg iIllle nllehi Ues hI Ilof0'h ( I i odlll- I e tihr ttt-l hyarl eangd cr ht.t-lh seat t alt lvite haera af t i tee tl .an-s hat ed ak two i o tattt -tttt i atsr . f !ofrt ht gFaicynp tri ti rAh ie t Co thel Itt. or TIIr L+c, N Itc wct 0,Cit ot -- t ie t ele ath d awit ttae t tabul uttrionr , per ,.nlerlall"deisia, n(IIn ile agi shr 15 com lnon l a" (i|11 ecilesistia, ,I b, Gerg apoo. O 1 At IA tt DIEAt ti e CLtitt el'-- ftd c u or the c parisont ftherphylsital ta.e tIrl iyt . Gtt, Mlh- , D.tlCttl. ttltt-B tJ-. aci~t tlt k ata lac iro-tilt lact hi,tl diaitlacdifio, ith I~o cte iVdcd~i-~tiooteh alllac~tt'ltitee. tltriatcc t1aIi, Iial2 eetl's. 4~lftttt-~ic at-h,' atlttlUeti . 't W-ol De'e h1 r 11133. I.l8a~C r3aie4 ad f1i1htRtt alv fL~ 1'41f8,tth I tIcI EA ttafante'tad Ca,. st n. ::k:.': ".!" .......npkrp~ ha Iblhlowing rplendi~i aemah. gs(l do li.}aiture, ". hiehl tiwyll\l'r. I:r sa (mle ,.. lbel· Io l-ac, I'fl wttot-1tQure oljh-ttl3 e. t(IlII tI cEO Cl Ilal ctth, cc doaii FIrttR'tetrj l i hChs CAlar, aIh/TeIe Nee. Yok m ke nd~l~f It. idetKc. "o,.' "I It" ,tt f L5 1 T'N h.AIt.-~ i5tf9 &b:upttrst i-t 17'-l~a f.t 17t, hy .0nq~.utc N h'ti-,i~tll ttail hadee~v f-h-ell e l)t€ ft e' ehl t c Iit l ,tici ' $/ ct ea th 4 iA tiige or scttll tlhtanitie.. "X-t ] CAI-ie I.I, .i ISTpltl:.k ~f~r~t Os.l'h, fi'm "It 177t ,,tt t l.1,b Oair N, 41cc Wr84.Iall, a TtetI' p .rthee t. lslt-ta ilallagRF oale" iw l ita, ca f,,b'.' ".~ ," "f • " · 1.' l " I. .+ "Y-, ": /'Il teeral i~;Imt{ zlr-b.rve.P~,r s:{l, lqt,~ f;,r en.h. FPr fi,-tlher lnrtbyulltrs apldvpt-?lrs. S.II"I'Hi'J, 6: ". " " ".|r IL.pval .-5tj~T;. .,, .~PI. "l.L1 " 'CC l lIC i~nport~nt'nn r;r hrie ffenrr, flnm.. In'" h; lflrh JI a+'r[I.\YR & . I ?t'n~l~pa(, d. Publir Arerounnitan tnd Ge(aer/l Jlgenctyl ftire. TAMILTON IALL having opened an , fies at No. 1 14 Exhltonge Place, for the trasnaction of blasi •ess relative to Accounts, Collectint I)ebts,' ruslalu tjo.e etc .;will eni to trite up anll keep trademen ,ooks, eitrerL b tile monEt, year or jab, andois confidet from tile experienc he h oe had for no many years past in some of the mot respectable houses, that he can give ge erarl o.tifcttiono o those who may plhas to emptlo lis. lie ple.dges himself fnt all debts entrusted to khi cdre, will receive his llest atttteton and fromhie know Iedge of and lone recidenee in this city, he offers his err ices wit the ftiiest tonfidence, at the sale time he will give seeritv for the faithful acceonting of all re .pl. Trenslations to and from the French and Spa tilt languagee he will lilewiae undertake to execute -ith despatich andcoreemtlinne. ir Iyeer New Orlesna. October 1.1u86. PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS, GENERAL AGJENCY ANI) BROKERS OFFICE, I [(4 Exchatnge Place.] 10AMILTOIN HALL, offers the followng Lands a 1l atd ILot far sale, viz:-- t IN TEXAS, a II leagues, on tie river Nanvasta, II tin mt theSabineo, trear Caddo tillage a 6 do on the Trinidad, a s do on tie Navaeota, 5do on tiedriv.or, S do on Big Alhbamna emeek, tt I do and 177 acres, on Charles crk, near the Nechee, 1 do Imetwoet Village creek and Pine aIsland BIaytt, 1 do on the head waters oi Can Bay, I do onthe Angeline, It do in ile6m'oColonrv, - 1 do slid 177 acresoli Red river, a little abve Baui d'ar, i I do on liedriver, 1 do on the Sabiue, 40 miles boelow Gaine's ferry, I do near Sulphur Fork, six mtiles frem Iled e I do a o. ill' Crk, 1-2 do S3 ilcs from Lion's landing, Matagorda Bay i-2do on thte BTo offCerpus Crirst Severat scrip, of 640U acres, unloeatntf. oth t tfono lesgto d l, 12o80 Acres, noldiers' Bounltv Ind. All tsoe above lands are well sitated, either for spec dsters or settlers. Tile titles are indisputable, and fully glaretlteoled. AI.SO.-500 A res, situated near new river. and a bout ten mtiles from thie tlisoisippi, to which there is a good and. Thereare a boat 40 aerres at proe. seat, under eottont eadtimatioun. i0 Aceres near Iberhville, La., good cotton land, hear ilv htlilbleredl, witl a otne undergrowth, t i7?2 Aireos,l tile from Alnens Prairie, and abosout 5 fron the Mistisnsisippli rivet. 4 Lots, in Fauhourg Washingtona fronting Rue du port,32 feat 9 in. by 131 ft. 6 tn. it despth. SI.ts, in Faouxbourg lMarignv, 0 feet front each, on Union street. by 1n0 ieetdeep, letween in Rue Liherals andl Foree. I I.ot in Plhillilppa st. 84 ft. front, bv 96ldreip. Together, with several other city Lois, whicih are of fentd iste ancotsssnlotin terosl. in 2erm NEW MUSIC 500K-IN PATENT' NO'I'EIS. ASON'S SAtt Mtt IIAnR, a stneH w eoleetin ofl aored music, (steteotyed itn patent ntotes,) arranged by Lowell Milot, nnluthnr of Boston Handel and iiayldn Society Cotllsection Chureh Musle--the Choir or Usion Collertion--l.vra Sacra-Spiritual Songs, &e.-- lsi by 'l'imothy U. M.son, I'Possfosr in the EElerlie Academy of Musie, Cineisntti. P'ublishedl by Tromat L Smith, BIooksellees, Cincinnati. ,lanso's Sacred Harp' is adalpted to the wants of nl detsontistlrens. Tihe variety of metres ies such kreater than in ally other collietion of nmuiec. Bt very few hympns ne containied itn the ihymn books of tile dif'fernt dcmnlhistions of' Clsristianalfor whlih a tome may snt be fulll ill tile Sasrl I lninip. Iteattainsae grist variety ot very beontlifd palmn and hymn tinee, a collertion .f inlltrestlng saths, set Ireees, nsaard songs, eSteaees astind hlas, walicsh are shott, easy of Iprfornmanee with out itsatttmcnttd aidl, appropriate to te various oeen aions of Chltintral worlPship, theh wants ofa isgitn; ubools, , musical societies, anud 'leasiln and ilntul to singerts itr their owtn plivrate itoctle anditmtmpervement. 'iTe Ilaip cemtoinss musch new and valu:dale msaic, wllith has been law from tile highest msotlltea bf ts sinal itste natd science in Eutrolm, especitlIy int Geerao mty. It hats sbent the conttaat aim of thie na.thoisto itehe a Eollectiotn of tuttes, that should be easily Ietrtt'nd anl easily sdug. s - 'I'eachlers of sigitng, clergyamen oand others whlo are lchsitmmr t of itrlvttsiloi s d t lslli , t aie etlploy no atnsll so clleelual as tile ,icalatios ofn this admiabler colhcliion, ,hich Ias breet prelated exptresly Ior the Soelthlnd WeNst. Ileciveld adtt for sale by IlOTCIIKISS U eo. sepllt I9 24 (Cartsr street SCHOIOL BOOKS. A INSWORTH'S Lati iand Englishl DIItionnrv, / . Virgil Delphilni, Vallsy' Hsoer, Sehrevrlli Lexai eon, Bluttlnann's hreek tirannnar, Nonore',do, Jovrlls l Delphllini, Ovid Delphini, Sallustii IDelplbini, Anthon'o Soal[ust, Smnart's Cicero, (Greek Teatanentst, Jsaeel'e Greek Reader, Virgiliuss, Ovidii, Liber Primuts, Adams'i I.ati Gratnsnar, Vilson'a Salinst, Voashlsgton's Vila, Ilolsnar's French (irtnnmmr, Cnbi's Spanish Giramnmsr, Natuusn osnd Ilnrreli'a Spanish and Englilsh Dictionuary, Grimshaw's IlIistory of Englaitd South America, S France, Blnle's Natural Plilosophy, S Natural Ilistorr, GoIdsmith's do " Wsstlbridge,s Geographl, Mlaltr Brnu't Systeat ofdo, Bl-ke's do 1lulbi'Rldo IMurray's English Grammar Abridgemlent of do ssilit' 'sprodetilve do Comly'a do Ingersoll'a do IRennet's Aithlmetie, Iarroix'o do Collburn's do Ceist's de 'norrev's Botnv, Mrsn. Lineoln'satlo lolake's do Scott's Lecsene, Tooke's Panthieo,, Parley's Gogra pIby, Iligth SceoI lIeader, Asmeriean Speaker, Csohsn-s I i OIrator, Whseplev's ompcndi aof llstorv, Veor ce 'a Iliserv, 'bstehrr's and (rivmsltw's "ji'tion aries, tsul\Vbo;ter's Spelline Blook. Mllentvre oni It G(lobes, Parley's lot. d andd 3d Boak of listory--lbr sale Ity f15 IIOTCIHKISS & Ce, 24 Chsrtres sat. - &~EDII2Ai. lWOIIKS. D UNGIIN(iSON'S llmnan Phvsiology,t vole. do General 'rl'rrapenltc's do Elemnents of lHygiene Dewees on Children do Femrales do System of Midwifery do Essays Hlornor's Pnlholegical Anatomy Antnoul" of Rthe Tisnuea Botlock a Phvsniology Boirsena o n PPcecr {tI·och oil OI t'lllulu C lroussnar's P'hlglanie SCrdallore oi (ioat nnd Rheunmtiam Blncknll on Dlropnsy Johlllsn,o n Cliniuten Paris' plhaenncilogia Tnvenwir's Sturgery Ileckh's Mlurra Clark's Treaotie on Pulmonary Consumptien Cooper on DI)islom.tions itorer'a Spencia A Ontotny t ('inoura's lectures lat cn r the Bloond M kenbcn'rh I'rmidcn Unohoun I' ro,nt Cnoxe's AmNricon I)ioprneatory Iirhonrd'. Phyiology Fiit l'n IDental Siurger h Pichard's Principles of Medilino 'l'htel,'r's l)i~peustoury IyOTCIIK $ " CO. feh 10 to y YJ Chartres rt. T1uitANDt SCOTCh ihILStKY-or-sale biy A 1 It. INSKEIP,53 Cnnal street, who hlar reonstnlltl oi! hand, Old Cognac, Anninue and Clhaootpnigoe Blrl dies Ilolhlanl Gin, Weenp, Fish, ulsl other brands; Ja maicu St. dCroix atuldironada rion; sncrir o. P. Mn derira; Brown and Pale'lSherrv; nelDr Juice nod otlhcr Port; Libont'enerifrle; Pico, .ladeira, Sicily do; Cham. pai'ne, Burgundy, Claret, &c., wince of the iest de l..AiIEP ttt.IC0ArhIONS. 1lIF. Clhinee, a general ,'rscriptn of ths Tntpire of SChina nd its t.lhaiaitasts lly John Franciso I)a vir, Eq. F R S, &c. lI ° vol, being Nns. On aund 61 of llnrpers' Fancily ICibmrv. Lctten to Young Ladles, by Mrs L I| Uigouevy. Neaw erlitin, 11t7. The 'i]_erim's Praemress, witll a .ifer of Jlhn lnuvan Rlobert neouthelt, Esq.t I.D. Poit luraunte, &c. e. lllhttrated with 50 cute, by Adas, nafter ldesigns hV SCl.tnpmonlu, Ilarvev ad ohers. New edition, IRlt. Just received and fi;r sale by IV McKEAN, Corner o Camp & Commnn on .t. rTJA,.-- RAIS1NS, e&.--The nhcrlr ers i anve firale, -' Illirding finrt rhip Gibraltur---5Ol hugs pepper. °200 ahons'Np tutrkert Spem ('Candles; 700 Boxesr Bnach .I SuIodln Itporhi eeo luuni ""01 Chants nod nBoes Irnpic epI , It; snotniid Sanclnti Ten; 50 cones Y'oung Hr. sonreo, in 21b. 1npstes. ISA A(. 11RI I)ti &v. , No. 1:14 Man"nzine street ,: \ : I u.[-,) omnlatie hnppinesi prutayed; ora - itpOaittir' 0fnr t whn are; nsdl thosewho areontot "iiet ohtle most classic authlon, nlcienit and tlo hdern. - 11 n ntir nte htppitcsn, than onlybliiss Of oradine, tl:,t has surviveid tl. fall." iOTCI'C1IKISS&co 2 l Chartres St N t Naval Sketlch lobk, i, the errvice 110oeat 4 tare. With ehoriateestle reninitnen er, I'rngitelUsgt nt_ opinions. B the author of the T'aIanfa otOrt &.-setsI seriee,.sn vtols. IRnlomn Recoll.tltlts of tIl Iltes c td Conmmsoln, fnlli Ither'ear 1.3ti;.the chlo{n I.,lsl3.ihMrlting pemi Isal sketrlrti.f t3 n ,,6klius mcnoiers-liv os of no pen l 4..Jsiet ren nioa jdtld fr salie b AV McKRliAN, rcar Cltno nlll Cotlnon nos. A'osdo , al n topleeis of Blrton's Anatotiy of Melti - f rale ly i;rlV tT AIGl.E, jp IJ pn PdtP. street. FIRE ENGINE. "w"M OGERS' PATENT BALANCE FIRE ENGINI. -Tihe aubstribere are manufacturing at Water. fird, Saratoga co. N Y., on an extensive scele, Rmgoas Patent Balance Fire Engiae and thle capany do not ilesitate to recommned it to the puplic an deaidel an. pierior to any fire engir.e now known. it ihas bee teat ed by skilful Engineers at the U. S. Aronnals at (Mb insvcile and Wamshinogton, and hby tihem plonouneed to be soperior to ammv other. T'le movecrment .tArsenal at Washiugtom is Imow supplied witm tme of said Engiao and the proprietors have just eotmpleted a contract with the governmlmet for thie supply of all their prinaepnl ai senals. Tis Engine combnines the advantage of mon Powoe at less cost ttan ally other in use, and meeds to o a e f amninedad and tried o enalre apnerenee to all others. The nl lufacturere, in allm c s, warramnt their B. gimes, in a trial witih others under equal circumnstnaome to perfmmor more than ally )tiler Engine, or tie sale. Prices at tile Factory, with laini painting, Theso desigvecd for 2I mlen, disclhargmig 210 galhono of water p6r mimnute, $70W i noeis, 160 gallons pernlunnte, 601 i mnCen, 110 gaoImS per mintllUle I The above prices include suctiou hose,wrenches &e. Thei also keep colmstaltlly eI hanod, both leading and suction hIose, which they will furnish to order as low am it can be bought in llh is.o uOntry. 'rie arrnneel lell. fmr manutfacturing said engines ar suic, tiot all order1m will be munctumilly attendied to, and executed with the greatest moossible deepatch, ifaddrsea ed to the subserikhrc at Waterformd, Saratoga en. N. Y. hV10. PLAIT & as. CERTIFICATES. New Yorki, Oct. 26, l1lx. I certify that I have this day superintended a trial of Fire Enlmine of itmgeero' Patent, cnaie by mVn. Plait &I cc. at Waterfordl, Snrtoga co. New York, with oneol tihe best engines beIlnging mt the eorporatimn of tima ity if New York. 'llo trial was made mm tile cormoratioa veari, and ftron Iiha rexerimen, mri am peruadedm that the enlgine oif Iger' iPlmnatnm will timrow more water and at a greater diltalce, wimth ihe ipplmieation of lea powers thmln ocur cmrporatiltllu elmgincs. I forthnr rertify that nod fire enghile Imne ever boee ex. hibited ill thim ceity w ich could cuanlete with the Ntow York elginee.i or wtlliell homld nlaowerour pnrpaoerai cept i gorre' Pltrct above tIlentioned. The com truie tion of Ilogers' Pomtemt is xcecimcnly si:mmphu, and I sae no reason why it sloulm d mot go into generatl ce. i.. sidea, it Ios liniother advantage; it can ba fircniheod at mulluch less cost. JAME GC.ULICK, CIliefEngineer of N YFire Depaltmanen. Utica, Jmly 9, 18K14. I most cleerfnlly cnmply withl a request frmm Wnt. Platt & co. to give my opminiot in relation to the Fire Engine of Rogers' Patent, mamufbeturcd by them at Woteriord, Saratoga cc N.Y. 'iae carporatienm of Utica have purnhased one af tAt above mlentioned engine, and frml repeated trials, I de noit !mesitte to prononnee it decidedlmy nmperior to ann other fire egine now in ueof whichI I itave any know ledge; nld i dclm iomt fully cmecar in the erteificate of I Gulick, tile m ieiefengineer af the New York Fire Depart ment,in relatioln to its Imert. Tile pnmp oftlhiengt ao is constructed in c simgle cylinder, and is an excnedMla. iv silnmle, ani so little liable to get out ofrepnir, tiat do ot Imesitoate o say, that in inly jumdgment, it will isea aupersede tile mnce ofthe eumomon pmistlon elgine. J H OSTROM, Chief Engineer of the Utica Fire Department. N. B. One of th be be Patent Emmgimes of the largoot iNac, Ral ordered for Eagle Fire Cm. No. 7 cl New Ott lean, which thiey have received, tried and accepted. Ti. Engine can be seen at any timle, byv aplyinI to Agent for the cManufacturers, C:rnrer of Povdrca & Tchupitoula c s t. N.O. P. S. i will guaranteo to Iave an engine delivered Ia New Orleans witlim Ifour moi ths froum timme the order iL given. S E K. ji-6m D)ELIGiiTFUL SUMMER RETREAT. lllE PASCIAGOULA HOUSE is now open for the -reception om f eolnpany This delightfim retreat is situated oil tile west bank of the Pa.rengoula Bay, at it cmoflmence witll tihe Gulf of Mexicl. Tile situamtion ie ilevmted, and m'mnnmllnmmds an extensive view of liay and Lake, andl is onlyi separted from tihe (iGulf by a chain of Ilaudi, wthicmi lay fronting the whole coast from a to 10 miles oEf. Tlhe Proprilelors feel tmihnkfll to tile rommunity fee time iatronmie of the iat seasomn, mnd would be Igratfnul for a reltru If tile same tim present. Every elertion oa their mart will lie made to remder visitors eonfortable. Fish anml ovter will lie himl in albumlance, and vere' article o foo7lc ad luxury, which tile ronntrn ecan Tomdl will supply the tanble. Cmmnnerled with the rtalmlimk lnent are llt tile neceossrv apprntmts fmor tllimngi ahao. two Billiard Tmdilel, and iwo Nini Pin Alleysva. To those who mre fond of sporting, smalnl gname wil lie foomnd along thie shol.e, sntd by going a short distanco. in the interior, deer and other large anitals can he foundmi in abundance m and, for those fond of tihe chaee, a Pack of tie Iest of Ilanmnde are always at cotmmand. lThe drinking water is front the pmrect Spring, and io alwavys at hand. Ady min tile ml..m pm int o Imottmr llm m ily ald Macie will Immd paomengere at thlm Pier. Tihe diilfinlty ofgettiet from the Pier to the hoese in small boats, partir.ularl for ladoie nd rchilren, hais always bee an n objeetioa to those visiting the estblishmlent, is now obviatmed.t the nteammer Alert plies twice n week between this and Pa cangasa, and will land her passengers ilnmediate)ly at tile house. C. & M. J. IMlcRAE. N, Bl. The L.iqnors are of the choicest kinds, haming beean mrmstly imported fmmr the estabimhiiment. J26 B OOKS-Mirs 'I'rmolloli'S new immmk,Pnris and the pial ritiuts in 1835, Frencis Trollmpe, author of Do. mestir imlnmlmmerm ofthe Amerrirnoe, tie leffgee in Ameei ca; Ben Illace, tile last ofNclanoll's Aanmetr.nna, by Cnpt Chnmier, R N it 2 mvols the Iion of lolmr, nml the IReclaimed, itl 2 vml. Tihe Self Condemned, Iby the a u thor nf tile I.ollatm., Cutlltorpe, &e. just received ee for sale bv mm4 W iVM McKEAN & Co, corner Camp & Com. i i-Lll'S - IANl'.lIl GRAMltr:R, e. CC UBI'S 'PANISIi UGAMMEII, mmc aditian adpa ted to ever"y mlcs ofi'leanere, with correctioaau , - ivyls.lz's FRcvcH GMacMM , with aorreetiono s, by A lmohnar. FREnECR FIRST CLASS BOI)O. InRRIm' aTIABLES &t PEI.EMAQUt., with a Key. NEcn'M.,'S & IIARcETT'S Spanish alid Englih' Dictioh ary, &e. &c. Just received and for sale at 24 Clhnrtrea street by jancm HO'fCiIKiSS d& CO. H.iAK CHECK IOOKS. C HEC.K books on the following banks, vl: 3Me. chants, Exchange sand lanlkin Co.. Orleans. Mechanics and erdrauere, Louisllna, Louisinnn Stats Atchafalaanl Canal sad Ilankaing Co., Commercial CnrMltn, ltprovtemal Co., iaon, Citizoes, Union ant City Banks; for sale by HOTCIHKISS & co. jon 10 24. Cliactre. ItOTCIIKISS & CO'sa. COUNTING IIOUs- I)RIIECTORY, FOIL 1837, JUST pabliheId, contauinga list of all the Ranks, Dq a rector. annd D)icount dale, Insulrance and other Caonmianis, To'urilffothe ratca of charges adlopted by the Chatiler Iof Ctmn"ce, Auctioneers, arriel and do aaturce of te aoilt, Facei;a Consusa., &. .,&e Ipub. jished and for sale by HOTCHKISS &FCO. j34 24 Chartres at. 'AI'ENT SI'EEL PENS.-Platetnt PeryTlian hei ugnathig Pel. This novel imentiomby means of tre .gl;tilg a ,ring, commands t all the ease a freedlom of the host ail I, it nmay alan be odotle Ianter or oflter, to suit the Iand or taste of the writer, by simply ml ving the slring higher or lower,l aoonling to tlhe dere at nexthilhvy. Patent PIrryit n Elastic "hoootal Pen. By the pfe culiar costeetlim of. this enltirly ew instrllnmes tl, a re. snsiat is forItal 'Itat will emntain sulliricit ink to write thlity lilrs uith one dip. Theelasticty of theFa.n. tain nIpartt's a most agreeealde soll.sanlsat fitetgat to tl pala, rtcdler'ig it incaplable of fuligtting thdam. To ll ntae' of Ibuingss or persons wrhting expeditiouslyr this pen will be tined ant itvamlntle a.ctaoitin. Poattit Ptlersitan FIoaatllnll Plean, wonnitolo weilemaeo that fitly linen with one dia of lak. Theb ink from ltis ew iolostnuucol flows ion ti e sve l a id utnlerrlpdll stltrmo, exactly prtoltoietaed to Ihe otreaplth of the le. ters I'ftreal, thas Iproducing a greater utailtul.ty in tha alt+llaola e of thie wrilillt. I'tenat iad IlRubber Spr;in Pen. Tllinovel apldi. aetion of Caottlanou reff.lts an extraO.ligar elsltlily it the PIaseat PI'e, nad its advantges over tlhequill mast be tisversdlt aknoun'lald l. Iktoble Pateta PcnrmIon Pen. Gill's Patent Loaari Pen. These pens will emtailn I greater supply of ink tlat any yet itlsentedl, andl for da atbility antd ilesticity cannot be surlassed by any olae o;mprovedat Luitnar leruvian Steel Pens. Just receivd and for sale by W11. M'KEAN, aug' 28 cmea r el Camp o anlaCmmon ats. ItE sohecribere hboe on hond and shts foe ood " fallowing goinle, eatitled to ld3etelttre. mhitation lMadres, musnillipltnm aud Pullicle had. berclecife; imitation m ilk patterns, &e. do; prialtd cal. ies, darkn anl light grnnol, 7. anad 9-sprated lchiun and cmbhrlcs, lighatgruand-t and 9-8; l -4 eambrica. ' !0l,41,and 41 I 2 ichr. widthl; 9i-8 bleaclahd oar lotaas hirtilugsi 4 elalc and black hisnl e awlas ar .s. cll; black, hil to. Inrple and olier color', nsa. led nst. tceaa; black, bhlte, purplne sad other etlor., au onid velveteens moleskint anr.cord colnre quanaCsOv 9 white gronid and light blue. uasred; 911 ositjosl nlato, nsaotcd qunlltie; !'8 iatjerrialen 4-4 stliped. calicoes na Araos; 37 and 38 meh paeaaad aalsslo ldoable rcd; West of England mleadl cloth. black, blo aud fatte col asr' laotisge, black blue, and fsna eyedm n.rted;'fine twilled iaihaaien Frcsh bllnkets, sederl - and blestoriltee; hrrealan 40 hiitnho wide; ecaal bag givu 4t iuchesa -ide;n ilwc anlarime Itne. j33 Il C: CAM MACK & Ca. 65 (liO ir nt. 1 deihn wine; 8Ol-l. rsks ilt, 8Ildoalt 10 4t pileS :hcrrey ninc; 4 I-; ab, pM' S I. lear, 1I" do alcnts da; ll81hakb-''ls hehsiiigtaeowiee, emebse aod eother lata;i all Zdti. ' o~ln.t ia.e; f ,ls add molasie 1 wine, in store anld for ale by S IEFONTAa J a 76O Meosis ia cto ll.etanairs no Covtat G-a,n,.eo, he Aathoway Ilob ton. Th .lIa of /llono.r. cud the A.tdirade. 7ke Eatapren,. a toael be l I teesett, sadtr of" a1 "o Allmeinee&.?l !.eridi'l[' C 3INl NCaROfT

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