Newspaper of True American, March 18, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated March 18, 1837 Page 2
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II1iUE AMIERICAN sPRa.ISrED DAILYS AND T ti.:-weu..f, AT BANKS' Al CACDE, CORtER Ote orM loItE A.'i Nr.\rTeHEt STe. EUTrTn nY JOTIN GTBSON aailshfall and 'lold NEIV-ORI.E.1Nr8.,trelh 18, 18I7. SAtURDAY MORNINGr....... thunder storm at the There was a tren.n-t of the 13ih inst. The S W Pas3 on tlrro etro nom ytere hioPgw dowtn, lwok out hbour. cnm very near beingl crushed to '.llm t' inoo asi!d til exceed.lhe violence of the d ,ilea...hivi.g.4rn-asdl frequeney of the tight ,,.ng, and the torrents of roin. The races commenced tc sterdny. There could not have begtv a' efinr day. The collection of spectators was'lnmtense. We are within bounds when we say 104 00 persous were prastnt. Tihe ladies' stand w"a ctrowdaed with the bacoty and fashion of tah * Jane Elliol toobk tile sweepstakes, with all ease. • W-e did not learn the time in, which this dash was o The resnlt of the regular race was as follows: r"t Ist heat, "d hear. .d -a,L. Bingaman, Angora, I I *0 .111. Smith; if'nfnool, 3 6 s aGeo. Merrick, John Rlandolph, 6 3. S nJa. 8. Garrison, lreoo, 4 5 T'T. J. Wells, Ings, 2 4 S -T. N. Oliver, -Richard of lork, 5 2 " 'G. Thompson, Colt by Sir Cllarles, distanced. Tn ' simo lat l r, s2m I see. .0' do 2t1 do Im 50 sec. Anjvrn had the pubalt feeling in her favour,and sdi' aordiaappoint her backers. She has regained ~r reputation, so severely shocked last fall, at the takland Course, in Kentucky. It was evident durhmatigeah Ll tet that site wae put up to her full To-day, the race will come off at I o'clock' ... Parse $700, 2 mile Ilents. William J. Miner, enters T.J.Wells' sorrel mare Linnert, 4 years oli, by Leviathan; dam by Mar shal Nay. ,. P. B. Stark, enters hay horse American C:tizen, ; years old, by.lMarion: dan Iby Ilerod. it This'promises to be aon inleresting contest, and iif nothing prevents, the concourse will be unusu Alyt large. :, Rol. Oliver deserves great credit for the style in which the Carrolihon Coturecis' got up. We would lpggeit to hinm that there lie provided at once n .aspeate entrance for the Ladies, where they would not be incommnoded by the crowd, as they were .ysterday. 1" The manner in which the rail care perform their doly is by no means to be conlmended. They were advertised to pturt every half hour, instead of jrhich, more then an hour intervened between taneir imnes of starting. And in lieu of making jo distance with thati speed whkh is expected drom locomotives, they trifleeway the timte un liecessarily. Many hundreds of persons were de. prived of the ploeasres of witnessing the race, by relying on the punctuality of the cars. If they .anol fufifl their promises to the public, let it so be said, and other means will be provided. o Why cannot two or three steamnboats leave, say tile foot of Common Stree, at stated periods? hey could land ! assengers within 100 yards of e course. We hope the Col. will takesuch mea asres as to provide iroper means of cocveyanee to the track. If he expects the patronage of the public, he should at once attend to it. , While our represctnlatives were elcpinog at their posts in Washington tile past or inter, those of Ala. bama have been busy in the interests of their con ,tituents. We perceive by the Mobile Advertiser that $50,000 have been aitlPropriared for cleaning dut tohe ealnnuel in Mobile Imy, neross she tnouthl of DogRiver, and it Chocttaw I'ass. This money has not been appo r o riated for ml:,king surveys, re. ports, &c. but for aetally d1,epenin, those chan els. Whatt n contrust to the proceedings had in --Cogress rlantive to our Delta! And soit will ever be,lntil men are sent to the National Legislature with the avowed purpose of attendinig to ouor inter: eats. The Chamber of Crommnerce of Mobile, il itspetition toConrgress, pl:eals, that the exporas from that city are over twenty millions. What am the exports from New Orleans? Are they not n.srer a hundred millions? And yet this impor, lnt, eotmmercinl emporilltm is to be precluded the batefit of the sea, from a narrorw and solfish policy, ald *...eI-tramrlrltit, n ofour represecntaives. It isretident, that Mobile ile y will lio so deepened as eufsaitw large vessels to ascrnd to the townr wlte we'shall be' disputig about howte the passes sit flh be iepentrd, who is to do the worl, and how muat k will cost, biobile mnay thank the heavens, thhr the pbositio of the obstrucioos in her bar, are npt such as to.generate tile wild shemhrts now abroad about clenning oa'tihe passes. Dredging machines are the only means they cant resort to in.her case. Site has the money, and it only rev mains for her to prosecute tho e work with dil igence atn~ skill. The new Munieiipl fILalr, as will beh seen from she.deecription of tlie urchitrcts in our Jeurnal of th tdltb, is to he n spllendid arllir. Na)thing exlli bitl a greater degree of good aste than the cuhli ration of archlitecture among a people. It is it tended to make the whlrelo front of marlr. We are gladto see a difposititn to hbulildJ for a tilousand instead of a hundred y',ars. Iiad tile Exchange Hotel been eonstrncted of this durable nmaterial, it would have been foar mnre rworthy of admriration thanirir at present. We adlnire thle taste of the n architects in seleeting tle rmo nulmnt of Lysierates at Athena for their model. St. Charles street is deslined to Ie the bUruad'ay or LRe.ent street of New Orleans. I We are illhappy to natuece to thie public and therlover of tIhe fine arts, that a portion of the Grapd Corps de Bollet, has arrivcd from Ilavana, by tie packet Tezarand ithat they will make their first appearance in the Graed Ooeratia Ballet of Le Ditn at la Baytdere. 2he Itraaqgaal--Tl epul a in--The eomtinrg reige. .emirs--e hat do yIu read, nmy Lord? " Haa/dd--Wrrde, merl, eoel]s' S/ta,:. Andrew Jackseon halns closecd his presidren - i MsrtinVan luretn sceeeecdr. lAndrerotW Jckreon ia on IrJ woy to lergnr-ee rand rtrni-t ylorirf Vanofurea.o fame tand rurt eonlesrrt. e have i -leteer a loen r.irt and ir'erin a now one--et lvea Prutsl with. tlg r Imi das'orlir err, ned got Ir e amlequ, bhnwino dhrnplntes. leve re erleunged ?1Jlapron ar 'Tl'yrond--lhc e mtn otf souel, terr-r endvIda eaion, for tIre pril etoilre prfurnd tnel tpa. matuned t from ep to toire. t T '-presidency-of eGancrnl Jackt sor w tIre --m ptaen.r ah, r taurt vtron frene . s ntry rlper. caneed. -Hi earnere I'r, te lee first eno.lnt that Ie 1 e ety ac ndidlle, ta urcled tIrhe snblime and ridiealoud at eery ott.p. AniJrew Jaekbon Iena a- e tlsreel gi- Inc Ire ileny en Aasxander of Ma4enjtnorescd thrreuhit Persia. Etach darine acet, a~Bprntly moad and absurd or its face, onlt ibeear ihe Ir edntiter or neew and orprising ont ..:neets. Like Nrje.,lh-.n. Andrew- Jacusan, brake * pigselall tee I'm'-eitems thrbregherut tile eoneriry; -- , s tore frraunotae thant Napolee, tie left tl e *no a -tohs i hr.sere or of his ctoe t.lth e drof Nt . tn hkie ibt. \on .1trcr reeTr Cant to tire I)treSi .enepsvith a pteelele so conpetlely disailelined-as, -iriIled-so nbldultcd ns tile fraetepple, oef thie tn rtunrrdtte le teeter Cl)eiLitv, aet durt of ire aOes~masa. G(ee. Jockt'tro i:tn rill Ile Ina )aster eerry teine. The prrthlne is at lengthtsolved. tttl nerltroPeieoecee P~ltierreet l-gored jet· a.tiOn, well nhtayea s c-ved, sned gain tIre op 2 _.p['l cre:.l. Eve-ry pretideret Itteresft,.r. s~stjg.a desjrme pro ,-er. Gereceral \Veahing terre leaD, ald berak dotn all parties. ydr. Jef :anawnscamorelettona urdtd~spt addeat. ered nlbdrrdeeeliels. Pir. loe!is,,n waenerd /lre irote las trenerly rr;)c t. MeIr. ,tunroe sueeret when thelenteire na'anteel ar-pecan, and was ter |tte rleonse in and go ott cilht a snoer atd n s'Ip thea. hmltedutre. 'fhie altir nerd yteene ogr attewoere eetll da-eutetl, I te-r.lsmritene wuere urene iel# t, their esn heunehllet. G(h't. Jeeksb r .ea t*ltadar--deliveredt hio w-i!l--ett )iF ther el hofthe rcfracterv--dtrleeld tihe rrposition e , dt'vil'-nitd n.lrtet.crll i:l tnt-ny pelier--in evcro *-'vnrydlsirr. rercor :cere-sfol prcsidetcl 14 tcsttrant pero terre. 'l'hrtec is no rocr tee Iatdettdltlrr o tl;rene , telteltt, rnc:elcss lenodIr. ea inat) ne per'le-a ts r.ct. elpl tr'i irle'el*) as eue .brer-n .t pr-c e le er-f'ree lire "r auttt:.tead. it r.ave t,,ll c. s tov, e,,,,rcr tree a f -II Fadetl ie r 'lir. - e llc er U"I t ) -+ ' fr oth I! ho i t'" ca t en): t J cee.-+ d. if !12[ .-- v.eP-,. . ,~tee ruat be .ctb I--n "wor's, ewor.., wards.~ Ir .n:ral is ·.g--reveals nothing--adis s nothing is ,i l'lleyrond. Yet we like it on Il it ace tet. t- will be thet , e s ri-ed the e,,udluct tof th nest pttid r, witc ie Ip ar p riutrude his a- froIm to ell, aed ,IsIiw hi 'e eth. " Ote veryt.r kable freature chlractirires the equnlly aldresied;ts t 1 all lius. l.r. at R.ur in s tal,s at if Ile were the supreme * ttsposer tof evo"unts-ns if the nlti, was lost to all llllllllhamon and gtuod feeline,-ta iif e were sent frm l heaven to settle our lcal tlin,,rcllte-as it Splnety did not exist and could int t.exist. With the istot inc'lihle canse tle poor bIu of Kinlderhoolk, twholiTdOTT, e witlli t ilirty fae and n t hil!it e i. Its ragged breeches poclth., assumes Itle politioi te f peace maker, slti.r, loalrilt lovet, rnl r, pretsidntll - ikllrt eperor, chifI prii.t, aulld eneril adviser of twtn.ty milJlons of upeole. )l! oh! oh! Let uts prepare for er<n.t evenlr. WVt are muchl mitistakentif the ilew president twill not be the molost inexorable despot thIt evr suit on tle prs=idential i throne. [lh will not, h Iwever, he a rude onile-an n Incivil tnt--n vulnr otne. Ile will be polished, Sr olpt, dcilded, clse, ann sell deiendllnt. Mr. [ Van Buren hls littloe edu-aion or h'lllrni-btIt hie has a Jairt mind-anor t inal, amo. bitions mind. riThe vulenr titchen is gtote bir ever. Iteija cin F Dutler itib h ufides .,chale., hIs grnammariaon, his s adviser, his friend, tand his iOliver t I)tin. W\V are glad f nt. 'Mr. Biulos is an amiableo, Iacen m plished, anti withal, n relieiutus tiln. Mr. Van Buerrn iitserlf is a IBptist by naol, bltt of not re Iliion by oature. lie is anmbitious in a state of action. Let ts watch his movements hereafterho.--.'. YI. B+i the Government Express. The Exprss Hlail bringing date,, Iroml New. Yrk o r iu th0o ilnst. rrived late last night. It appears ttha' tila lg Island t i'road is opei n tolHicksvill '27 eilths fltl ii..uJc!l) n. The Nile has arrived at New tork front Bluenos Ayres, with adviee to the 3tst Dcc. Civil war still prevai!s in the Pro'inuce of Rio Grande. iThe slave trade has ,been eablilled by Portugal. Unitid States BIink Stockl at Ntw Yor'r, on tilhe 8th, 110 I 4--N. O. Gas, 9^ I-2-United States do. at Philhd.lphia:t ,n the 7it1, 11 1 -4. The details of the nets lfrom Chili are ontircly local. d _ - _ - OF:ICt OF TIHE TI:UC AM.rICCAN, Flriday, March e 17thI, 137. Vr o have notlhing new to eommunliceate relative to thile money markeet. Situated s we are, no great change either for betlter or worse Cet take place witlntighit predispoing enuses from t New York. We are so subjlet tothe influences of the state of the moneiy market in that great emporium, that we call scare Sly kope for any independent action in our own monetary con d ces. Cotton has declined from l-2 to I cent. Tile causes of etie depressinn must be fonml ifn the derangements occasioned by the lute suspensions. In truth, Cotton hal nlwayts been held in thtl city too near the Liverpool prices, for doing a aofo bust. 7 ness. Ni one could enter tie market, but tile heaviest cpital y isa at such rates, and honen the tendenlcy to a monopoly. But 0 the time is coming rapidly that the treanietioons in cotton Inmst be open to compelltion, and thlt trailn will then he restored to a healthful condition. Thol sales recrdli hy the biard of h okers to-day, are only 1I2 bales of Mississippi at 121-2 cis. .arge quantities are arriving, as till be seen by reference to i our statement. Transactious lut doors wiee very meagre. Siiupg may he quoted at 6 a 6 1-2--10) hhds. at this pirie. :Motlaecs,teady at 33 ct. No ihange in Tobaore The transactions in this' article are limited in coneqllencre nf beingso.lnall a supply of the bhetr qualitiie. Flour $8 i-O-100 bhlb. went ofat this ir rate. Small rules of Pork, at yeterday's prices. A few hhds Sof city enred Hams, were taken at 11 cts. Ahnbout 50 keg of turd were bought at 1 cts. Whluh.y mailntan, it, ltand at 3i a 3S ot,. A small iail of Krntueicy ba iigi at 23 cents. r Conke, .ry hbe quotned at 1 a 102 -4 its. 300 acks Ilavana a g this price. S,lt delining--600 bagO ground Alun,at $3 00. h Iides, we lear o, n sale tof'00, Metalnoras, at i11 cts. In Rice ea give a sale of 100 ti.ereII nt I 1-1 ets. New Iledford Cun dleshatre lf'ored an advcrre, they a'e solea'le at 36 ets. Th. arrivals of Ilour nee ulnnunclly large, aboult 3M00 bll,81 tamein to-day. In oanwer to lIr. iennlells' rlueition, why is n Flour so cheap here, whllere it il not ade? land high in New r 'York, Iere it ii oe',I--\ve pnint him to the ii Ol alley for the onre' of our tupply, and tell him that ti e i articeI ii n.t Smonopohzed here as in New Yori. S EXPOT'l'' OF COTTON AND 'fOi 1 0CCO, a Front Ol. 1, 133, n larirt 17, 1837. I BALEE COTTON. T IIIIDS. TOBACCO. w.HIERE 1 i. . A E.PORTED. week. otu. ol week. i m . ivrpoo ....... .ll .155314L51 .... 277 i.7. T,-[ot.......... /xp o e l . 0,g ... .. .. N Greenncln....... 1 03945' Pu ' o. ........ 35 t .,7I '10 2 .501 4.6 436 i c . . . . 7 7 i t2 . . . . . . .4 . . . . Mseille...... ....7731753i i ..ltii . 60 60 I, antll ..... .... .... 40 4000 .. ...! .. Ial hurg . ..... . ... '1111 27 ... .. sitorkllolnlI ...... . '.... i 23'31 .. 041 - 4 (ir l tar ........ . . . , Btiluha lt.... .... . la c1i7 ill..... ...... . ... . i .... Other For. P'rtc.c 1 15,' .53 .... .. . .... Total lFir. Port. 16057165tiSOilo)i 98 3301, :309 r HE Li ho.efiiiin, chil Oi llO 1699 nnton ......... 13911 2711 '2111: i 3 675 698 Philde'phia .... t176 i (13 .. 4117, 40 altinmor ...... i0 1133 123 ,34 234 Portsmonlh ..., 9'7 i..0' 0 .... " .. Ohler U. S. Port, 850 1967 0017i, 5 150 201 TutallCoatteisei . II :I 40it1' .19.,1FI 162 3077 3-29 etit Foeign.... 16'053 ltli2.06001 98i. 3301 3099 iGrand Total..... I1.11t4-9524040/81if 360 t(1'78 6638 "STATIMIENT OF COTTION. Oct. 1., 136--No, hies on ]ndec ..i................. ,70i2 IMar. 17, 137-No. holes rer'd this day......2,28 Total No. doe'd pl ioiusly 4B32l6 7 430,90i2 439,664 Mar.cI, 1B37-Exports this day to .iteipool.... 690 ., ., t N, york ... ..535 di ePortmolh ...tl7 " do i 1 o'ne......ii 5 do " it. tic t A..... 59 Total Expn t e p,eviousle . ......... :340,070--345,888 No. bales remaining, not cleared..... 9,'76 STATiEMIINT OF TOBACCO. Oct. eIst, I..'Nn. hhds. on hand ..................... 7+2771 Mlar. 17, 1(1-No. 'Io recd this day. .........:0..d Tital do do preilouilye...... 3,"57 3,..3 l)), 61:0 31r. t7.-Expori to date ..................... 6,6 INo. ihhdsl. releainiig, not cleared..... 3,Q62O NEWl' YORK 3MONEY 3iARiltT-,tii Match. A call fir $50,000 ltrir. frotm itool,, reeateil grat sens tioe in W7al t sct -tyeiterday. The wh'le amoeunt iofipece on hauld in il tio bltks, donl lott exceei two ind ai half millions. A cnplllv of half illitii0l it e(p'o I (,I from Phiiadelhill. Peiparations are Ic thL.i .iol uIIIponI ( ih'baiil nI, to, euce the amonnt. Mileharblei ll e iii'cn Ifc. .tklic are lug til, and fell yesier.lay. Eie-113 u11e cii,.lsI1 o polk'hk, ,l , in 0 bt 2 8-12 percent. on England.I TIh.e iiiplii. taeqiii do I ,. ,le-uiuui. The great ipecuiltuiin s--.hIat iiill b.i Bi lil "il , d ? t'ill ie l'or com.I merce or not' Nau-'tical Intelligence. At New YVeolk,8 Ir. elie Go.v i'O1 lilltOll, iS d:ays N OreleIc,. At flair eien,e, 9 "uh,.' lI it. i_ li't 1' i-oe.. N c. At Ph nl¢,nth, 2 5Jlr 11n l a )id DnphlnP, O rtl. N ()rleaIs. At iclf,,.t.c.l Fel ll SIldr Ze'p:yr ,'uo. Card, N 0lIs lEON to ilorrcow, Sic udi the l'rolteie, rt Pttre of $100' 3 cile heot. will io run for III this iace, tlire will he ceeral of tbebhet horei to rll. Thelil pllli mta expet thile bIest racitng on that d. The ro'e will colrie off" tl n'o'hk. 1111I N OLIVER, I'Prolurietor. h11', i Pewkeet shbip) Ilnrktawiy ix nnw dislleargeg opposit he I aVegitale Marlirkti . C l licignees ete ri qlliglel to'altel to fI' reeipilt t Ii ir ' ncls. nit7 113 The hnrk COSSA( K, $lliht, m1ast r, front New York, ie diee har cing appositce pol. ll.-(,o'miu. ewill please oatt'nld to tilhe rcceipt of thelir gidsle. II"'hlo' ship New Jersey is ,liohar,.ing its thee O.r l tier below the rail rele. CtnAignes will please att010ormeceving. . Iheir grals,. _ 1ai rISIEi L.i( .i" Thoe. f.,r, n, tbidrled I' 1 t -ie of tic United "talee', e ilh pi" ."lt, of I is C: arrep./oden Ie Icver befilre puiblihed and o.uties of lti oi iuns ntouietiocrms fciviil l.verto nily t, oanti o I c' l, V nod e"on thtuttloll law. By Georgfe Tucker, Esq. of Virgini ain i vil . Three Experime~tts Of].in w' li he ibMa t , I ioev lip to Ihe .11..'h, and I(. i:l t b h;' : e mnns. Jtlst rceived c ull:l fclia Iv i rl ie elode lu,ve riu:'rl'hl-icei ',1tnivnlc fout Pc 1 Enulnnd, rnlnmd.,r fr cde, ihe fo,lowingn vrtie, in FlanInel, Cuoibrlce, HldkPts ifvarh'eo kins' bl\re htdo a Priot &i. flr sole bly IJCC LA31MA(K (Coo - -65 Grnzierat ' t C U OCKI\G -\1'Ome" V t to rld 1Tt e Vi i. I t 1 Mcn'si Colored balf hb-', i tc,' wII tetr "I.Cr.lgenih ned fr ;iale by II C .CA 'lAl 1('18 b CO, . ll G Grtier atel PIOII Jb.l:-.0 ,c heill ilF i. b fiS 3 10 leon 'I' heupiro'lh ,t. - '.l : I, . .1:. y .. " I' t, \ Ii i " B .1 "liIii\,a'' T LTRU _ A B.AIUC.A N SHFIIPIPINYG LIST. I'OlR'' OF NIE'W ORLEANS. L:L~E \RED YSII.'PID.1V. 0 hllp ,o:Sllat, lbnn-lnl, I.iverpool, I)oh:l., kll. ail co 1n, 70 lala,.l ,ttot. lhip ilt 110r,, Hill, Ivlerpool T hNicolte nnad co--cargo 1 1 .01 ht',s raiaoll",. hlilp ,liattilpll, tIl, New o'-k, B.n B glld Oohltn--enrE 753- 1h0t11 .tt.,r,, 1;it hI,1+ pork, 4776 kegs 1R,-r 176 hilatl ha. roll. 1111 1, Ilan, . Iii, ill,), I gorl r , lld lllllrnn -Ps. ILl~q(lc D);llll, irr llll 1,1 l, hlSh on. I'portl ,outllh ||;lry nnd A.Ih',ot- anra !127 tallr ,I"rttt , .7) bl In+11 ssc. B it ,Ii'lt,14 I i, .lh 1 1 .i , ini tOa , ina sta r-t-o 2o hlalel acotton, 3.a ,ilork 3 1 o LlI:. ... Ilrit A'et, tittaarrtln:tin(ord C'll. :ly ly a nd AI but-cargro j(18 b J., c,LLonn * it ICtidt,. I talLa Iu,, T'anpa Bayl.Sa~tlnd J ad WaIgtIpey cnr··n 11 5 Shncs stnr: r+,. •"ehr j·:In11en+Ill Lat rolp,,Pnsneoln) lirr uld nllol Sorgellfroy --; r'- n roerio+,, etc. Sa. r-1ttlon Mitt. Chalp., Stitot, St nnd J P \Ill.hVyito-7cr 1,, S i ttll, blur0ld, p.ak. 4 kega la. dPalla HM" :I t. . i*', prlhvtIoia. i,r.+ a ..t,ruta6,,--a.ttaao .l Ste lgllul Ifi mll=, Knllnet, V!lceeli·.e ýra H IlSlnnllo~l col·o '! rrll .and R h IIIV sL;P I)II I II\Vi F + . ir: lotia51111 Ihdltt~lttt.JII''ltttlll 1It I ~a ll~oa. lt· Tow tIll, 1:II hI,: r iI. I'l:,, In th e P r.,+,l--t o vo to Itpcl .I'I~t Iiat,li SI allah~ Ititll a'dItda uatbd-1I lilt 0 Ier; Bsh lp Juil W. a.,l' .i i. J,, r' p lo'[((l, cd I a:,ll'icl.-a Dlrv'ren, Left the Pn., on lhr 1:1 n •or e ,if the It;, alnl1,t (ii l,.llaii,,'aa,, IBaday fatiti New Vaoli~ta Inlth ..d ,w htle. riv,, l hIII- oCttdll tihtt )s, engJ ...II r Ftt 11,117 lr i laoa, , iai a aaill te r lver. a l a'r hot Piiot, * ri, ta.a rom. Ilthe. PCs. a--tow ,d to sp1 atipl l .il.ther, i[ l51l, hia..IIIV i noa d 6 cl.' |,ltoillat I.+; Bo ! n ln up :',ill O,] ,.m. 11i , Ito11 , a. d :+hr Watl e itr. (too,J t,,l P alll l.o PIl atI4 h tellw, ) rl' T i l'r !..Iml(,`" A. Bl0:nren l0d5y+ fl On Niew Vou'l, to ]'rclnktin ,.- lv, - n n tl o W +.r.i .et .l ld i Ilern~nn.llli?13* ct edly e, (hellos [" c1,. N aI~ll E 1 1o.;.I co, lVilrnx, Mlol ron Wen A , BJI' lcr er, l S ,tnte 0" co yde & Comsto a.Jlo P Wnhlle J S lneyt , J II GrIlham, Lno lay A"lly fDr ,lllt - tlluh. hildp, Kellya Mson & co. 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Moor|l, I.a1.P h t'I,ket, iteed t c,, Conner ,li h ,1Illjrl, I" D i, i,, 1 |wc & pt, J itoaltenl, partea B Millhtrd. Rot.alasot, itl jit, Po llBldwai AlleletJ 'f'aayde. J i. l .,ewated at,. JIlloale 1 r - tl'h , 71 al ',I antOil , 'I' F n11d IV .".|rinllor Iltl.I~lll .liAd 1 (ngan, iI t Lee, It it Ihite, Foul alaaitt. loodtyab. n& oll P 'yrou x Are,.,ll & co.l Bltss nd lOwatho,, tlt 'ti' .6, al"r! tlIa no A1les. Itn. og alnl lIVwt l,O11,i+:mlhe, 4Tho mllllV ollo A Und 1iVld 0501, hIullhnlund i'uouroy, ','P'ller pIIaId Woodlu IT C i tlvl . I (;d lrt, J .\ Ilurrrt, 'r Ti' .lllor ,Ceo .|oh111.m ,N nnd J (ichk, tV t,1i . a.I7it:ltlaid i.3 nllll 1tteaf 1i Ilahlikwel. Aaod "la.tllOai1' a & ac, 1I pldox, I° lltld , FP ,ndO t '-la Siih7r, {klii h.l.ta 1r. 1. ltalta, I . I IV L.yont, t1 ham, I V;A I ld, wlath. \t,1ttltta.a ' a, .1311,7 ta, l, .l rintarda J Thly '1' .1ilrall.llt l. UO'na 11173 7' I ol. i OII t atkllld ,il Lnson, Mo, PnIl, (1 ,lal ,atlo. 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Cate, witdp 1 C daII Savanna, tI I DBAlnite -- lrgQ '001 s1S. nial, 177I 0;i0l l 4 hlui f 17 10 JtI i Si llfllo. 17ri61110 'IIppI: l 5.~ pliv, ha,at i, lituallqltuKIc A Wahrn f'issn-Pal r-ta Ir CL. ic, l 'itsi . nt.t aii.a l( IWtl 01'tsaclla5,,,,r IrI i lllad¢,i'a o a7 I, ld+y otli Nei York, 't , ,I5,1.itolulll--rk r lr P vin el o I| la I lo order, Q. ti . PMl ita,) Jnly.hiitald. dAy I(tail, 3lm., to 1 S oata. th t ,51 Io 4 c l'I:, Drhe. I '0591. s gars, f bolcs mI. to U Worse, 75i tlatlijal. \1777 aaako 1111 p'It, liottaalito d lso • ~t'tdi lt, •1. a .at - 7 )1 ly, Situ. I1 l Ott0l tc, ir uo iu lllni llt 5 G d . , A N Ul nl y), _la Mt itr:nia. Ia R G(l:.1. . 1 en. cCuUhl Lapeyr1 " co, J iV Z t.hdiaa t ct , A ' asello, J tlodle. 'assen+es--.s 7, lr t' D Fe aillie, I J tO \,an t, M RI11ne. Phaenersper 3t tlrkt t 8l1iP 1Orle -Mrlkas leu'ivr, ntad rhild, J Notio0, A% R 1r;on, ll1 1L dline V (llet Mrs Fe. 11 P a1 t and c i p u loa',, + t1 E tw.' a'td . 1 7 Itetntrd." t 'ril'O Aj x, harsh, II days Norfolk. to tV Z:Ihn tie & .. ao -hiln and ht. '0h,v,, "o L J lFoallarqueta a Dian 1 '* Souldr. Pr anr, a thKe:, &. IVi hatl. P I. 'aalrha.Jt r'tla IINigh I co, llaatrll, P P tlmton and hIhtlla , ia N hintlc. P':+s+e,t',,r..--Ir and 51,s IVelkrr nnd 4 children, Mrs Cast IV llaiu. 2 hldrelr, Mr ntltd lal. ll Redlt Mr Land, Ottla 1oyl,. t~dI, tatrk: r. It.t n t rfa.t C6711 r1,7 dtruahtit -tallr .Iahn , Itylly, i'tly t Id, d lrays hrltl to J B Atlen cnrdo t5 ca.kt ,ait e Ito t a.i a;tt da , 9 d2 boxes IKe, Ial0 0 fd i aI hir, to J T I'74 ip r o i, Il0r1ana Briats & coA tA il W I - L'c A rL, J A CIIII 0ar 1,el llt.ttaaa Ca hi1+ FrMl+lllne, LIIh, idhIp'pia l' . ys to master- ti'ual,'a" Ii' to ttdJnl Iatl.n.klldfoaaua cllruolantstln nd (ln1 ne1.t Inon til to B k. elat, I I1 (hatl. clata 0II t I t,,Id. ol ke a 1-o l'',, ItI 1,11 l cI; 'V' ( 711111 iter tlll 1t IN. , oge. kKell, a . co T 1llneirk. Tr C C7lh W to. Ile rlnS , .. e, tl ile+ W co.. P aturt..51 Whlte and t. cA Grnllta, S Sl, J t:les nnd co, Read and BDar.tow, Iloskills and Willeox, W IV Swan T'1 P 5illor. .... D[1resi.,le 0|,.:+;k'a, ,1a n~ Coleston,n t~o mn;ter-i caD 1,3Ins ice,101 sor sal, Ja Color ind o, M rri 011+,1M,t'5., ,J Est"l.l, B:., or, ...5 days Noew York via, -l nlIIcI.n, to I,.l w, I lfn,:II'-il h +l'hhat. ; hr11 (+1m-,.Car !.':S days New Y'ork, to naster--cargo |i, = -and E tOllO I n~ Silll:II C: · Kly hlltll amt stone 3 ·1. mdorlllO l-j~llS ~~rIIPCI\ Ol+ennltnnt \noeboo,..o, O)'Co'mvnr, P'ius'm,ql , to mn~te.^ rlnr.o IIIIhbl) 1 r1 flo r,))do wvh s?{ev,20 h;ily 1, - 21 k ee hatirtr, 115 boxes ,,lass iV Mayo. i 1 l'lnke, G IG orsey, dlll order. . Nlenmhonll P wnoer, D.llir.- , ee'rd,"r e'pT .+. !IIl) to master -cnIre, 6:u4hhle loor S17Intl anhrd 7151 keer Inrl OWnep oi 1n.1 ,(0l: 56 ,hhd , mlld 1(11 ps heon, I"1 s 1.ulk pork D = m ri ,,1. e,,:2r1 (lly nnd 4t ie bron,, 'J Vtli,in & c(1; 518. pJgs 14+ir ,1 5(l,0er; d. kepts tr Ietd l:villeheuwre it Wal rol;7 h- orses 1 \\'n- e 1.1n. Pmssrllgr+,r--I II Gtnv1r an11 iard 3f1017 ato • nn . ,1 i1,),' l , ol :H l ly,l. P I.: Scl,+ t |C Wood, liI Be ,um 'nt ,1 11n0tiltlan, 1) . G- It S,lnw, '1' I' ]lar.1,1wny, M[ iV,,termn.l, noldIlldy sno dlu~hhire. Mr|mn-R]lepotls Sl,(,:tlnhot John R+andolph aglound on .:Ril Is . llnd-birou~ht he. pnescn'.,es down.ll |OlFltra loat AIIRuI+I, W&illien,, \'ickshlmrg to mn,.ter- cnrg1 IRS hllqlnr ollll n'l 0) I01i1l| 11110011 ,,1 1c; 10 do) N an~d J tIris-K: iio 11 I{rigg', himt r1,; 1 do Kely 5l :s,)n and 10 IR cio 1111Phm o, l V gl ,, l a nd rlli(o; 6 do lrandvr. MoeKoo~ nl - d1 \Vr el t; 121 :o Kirklmlal Russer and co; 3 Iblls tallow J P ]Mir ts. P'ms.+n.'zos-'r It Ilart, II J llnthwoorlh, Hensevy, 1E R Mliller, dhIarp, Da toldl.1ih. 2o0 wa~y and~ 15 deck p1rl +.p11.. S e IIli111 t 1\' i. o iV, x wi o irh, Viektbll'e, 1to Innsltlr- cPargo.{! holle. Pi), .I~l),, llil,. Shipp ainid ru1 ':1110 do IParke, li'llv1alll 10; I;. dol N. :lld J Dirk; 1li do 01(i 01n,, I1 S tanto and1 rc, I'Jl. do il Prntn, 1t119,,¢ nod erl: I1'| d ) '1 M 1'1ll,9 lind cl,; 47. do I 11 .,Krlll a mtll iWli!ht; -li do |lllehanll i I[l'gsn andh rO; 711 do) B or nod 910(,1,r; :( do I', ArrllSil nold i-+; ,3] do N imd E. ford; O do Leih, Maol:In alndl co; 6 do) Kelly, 51.,,oo nr;it co. ]| l~alrs wool, Goidfrey; ||lossllnl anl eor 1;:I71 hurdlPs h +of) I5.1, tlis. old cu; ."7 soc<ks 1oll)l) seedl 1V Phlover; 21)0 do do Doruldld+otl anld Corer.ll::1 ,1o do I orr n , Ilit es , 11 r1, io 111qdl . kin, WItnoll , \\'lker .ind t+(i I lox nold e2 t ilnks i lI'cox a d11 11" lo. ins; 1 frlnk I~nllhrth anid '('lmnpOi II 911, 0tll s wniloi bar. o as.l St. Charl es Thcatrc. TIllS EVENIN'G March 18th. 18 Will be perfolrmed the drnnma of the SWIZZAII) SKIyF, 1 Or--The Touigless Pirate ,Boy. jAllcoa, (;reek Girl, Alexis, C+ptin ot lhe Skill', Mille. CELESTE. SAgat, a Wanldelrig Zigaro, 19 Cosntlutine, Pernton. P auli n, . M, hP, lunt. Gr.atm Overture to IA IiAME BLANCHE. 'To conclude with the petit comedy of CiIATLI:i II. Charles II, . - Mr Ilunt. Mlary, .Mrs. Hlunt. 7 -1S- lY--ItTi-o- ree- ehun- i;terS Class No. S14, will hI.lrawos this afternnuo, abnut5 o'clock, in thi Arcnade. Thel copital prize TwIl e '/'houaaud dol r lore. Tickets only$5. Apply at the Maotagera' Oilie., No 2 Arcade, and No 37 (travicr st. ml8 J K MEAD, Manager, R F JACOB MINOR i inll tle citr blainy hear oi sometl|tintg to hias advantage, by , tdluog at the Recor der'a Offile of the second nlmttetsnlirv u[l8 . J. 8, PHARPS.P , Capt. of Watch. T. O.& J. S. THACIIEII, Itllloities and Ctounsellors at Late, NATCHEZt, ,\ISSIssIPPI, W'ill prc:t ice in the dlilter tt coturta nelt e state otf lisl sisltpi, anld in tile parisalh of Cncordlia, l.ouiiamt,. IRtoerctees.--A. KirKitkman &Co. Bnchanan, Ilagar & Co. llagntl, Nirtt & Co. Wtt. Llewea & Co. New VOr__,n__. mtil8 12t 131i IEWIETII & CI:/N .-- SAI.E OF DAIAGCIEI) COT'rON. " lf rI. L be olld ot iolinnlday, 2l0thl inst. tit nll-palst S1' 2 o'cln ck, on the I ever ., at flhe fo et of 1'o .,drag street, 150 Bllae of )a*mtcged Colton, Ibr Inccou't of ttlethoIitit nty ciotrri. 'i-'it., • a.-I. 1ttill 'ANTED) to Ilire, Iat iht, Orloans Litlhozrphlic r Ofter, Ni. 5:, tl:izitte .cit i ail tc lute'l Ncegro boy, not utnder I Iori 15 '.tf ,, 118 SU5 I' lt l dig, iel for riat t1 . ire o, the s ub ecri I her, 2L50 khng Ctrolne llpali t, fIue qualltif, tIf seed oil; 856 gf:l i JaM lu t Vearish 10l brllrcls S lirits rurpentitet ; h 226 p g l ( u i- h. S MONDIILLI, 53 Camp st. rTi FNIIIN.i.-l--S o01 S ti.3A T Aji.i7 JUST received--'0 coils of Pttkil t Talrn, which ,nill le sold at 12 1-2 cents per poiol, hby tlhe; oil, bhy Corner Poyalrds . T, hnlpiolulhs sire .t. L.AS- 91·:ED---iSJ ham. s for :1 h, ml8 G. ti)OItSEY ,4iNew Lever. COMMION W'.sVIit Y-t1 harrelsr Indmt Lf asteaner luskoa.c., eur ile by (;. DOItSlY. 111 .t 4 New Le . t e. 10 l S.\-.2'01. * .A'l' I, "12 l'ovrl Fat. J IIII s tr in n t 'itle et l , mill .IlII'S V. 1ORN--511(1 baea .l e llid Ctrn. iu lguni gei + h , in stole,mid ilr sale byl. JN, . A (i-1114II.1, lilla nccotnni ltllin. ter l n=: 150 lnik- Slh, Ale (is a qurt. 10s o 'ic lxs li, tt lllri Ilal h .l li 2 ' sA ilr, i nl tand \hite itrnet r tills. oB 10 GrLssil Tll e nt i it\ b o Titt ile e st SitO ILT'. It.ateet A cie nftrt l' noIstrt, frame HIOUSE Ita hrc ill f . ealil f ll ", o In (anl istreet. ia a itl do err, 'ori Iullo & II', A e.'1, rte , . ,r.-ru !1 ,,- ,r . ! a I nt, J l r iloi fott F lat Mtii, ttl ttr lr Nbt I. l·ll +' itP I t-ltiiI i , Liitf t 0alie h Ni ,il m 1 l7 N; . -O l I)I l t N & If . I p ii s t I t I "it cI-. ·, ,., -( I. .1i0,,, t u;.'., -r. ":, m_ at lln, ' l \ rs w il lie 1,. g ir . +.,lllll No. 73, (':n:W it ",, . 01.7 " I'.ID:Lr"tORD & DLPI:W.Y SUIIIDER S. Coemptollor' Oliiie, Second Municipality, Newo Otiltealr, It1th Mlurchl 7, SRaled proposals will be received by tht council of thuin hluicipatlity, until Ihe In 'riosdady in Aprelf tot, (tlhe 4111) fior tten fornishl, of ll thtitoteri:ls, anld the erection ofa AlanicipUl IIll, on the corner of St Cha:u hs'anod IleNvia treetc. Tie, proliosiionl to le tIrtl eon'brmal, wih tile 4lear.lntitlr e and -pta o loi,,dieiectd bv Dkiohl IBel! utl )Danmli, tltich ma aty e r : tilthe Sotrvevo i oflhi,. omli SEt II.,. NYE, Coomp t I t reau du Icltrolleur od it riSeoihde ,hicirplt Ie N tivctll-Ooleans, it 16 mars, 1t:17. "Deol nen canl! estes -r nt retus pnrl] easeiI deccetle Mooieipalite, Ini/s nt prester rrdi d'rvril I "ochitbl (le 4)p,,or l fo. itr ...e to... Ir ltin diiow quo it. c Tr tc oei d'ut Ilutel Municial, a lte orn g " e desros St Clatu."e rinti e rin o L. poo, in de vroot ,c i it s oerl tfiolr.lon te nn plan mait tpa I)Dlio, Ioell t DoUtkin, qti pout 1etre lor a t'oflhNoloe odus or. S1.t7 SETI1 n w . NYE, Clolrolleltn. Y'ESqTE!RI)AY fteloroo,,t,3 BENJ.\XIIN MIT11'1,II of t1 firmp of B & J Smoili, 14i Magazinoe st. foroerly ofPhihdelphlt, by trate a cooperr. lie hltw lct thi ciGv with lint o l . e isft oserilher, and otlrs, etu thl Tne ottno f ~w'ill. The soid B Smlith is about five feet four or five inthes hihl stout hbuilt, saodlv comp,, lexion,, w ith it very iev celtible sar.o on tihe right'tyebrow nolr thl noiea" It is Inretaed hie has gone to New York, t_,,r h"e aw rCent y resided. m17 JOSHN Sl ITPE . s \'UA't'trtN VANN'EItR-A Iyon , hoolog oc 1 ti ou tlt t tely it thist't, it I sierus of itis lul.,l in a Ite Dry GoodIt Iu, i tlhe city, lhating hal several years'experience in tlhe tu:i. net, at th orte hsorthl 'loe tt of reference given if re. itirerl. A oote ndlldnsed to A. It. at thisollfice, .ill -e promptly nttenrled to. n117 A l,-ctiht to tle rirson of t h °d Monici fnliol: on the 9th inst. a Negro wonoo woht o call I her: self llrriet, saoe mite brelhgs to Norbert Polutihsk: osh is tfa griffcltr, npwards (of5 feet highl,, lt nhout i0 years o The yr will coply with tile In and take her o ao . I. S. t PIARPtERt, 1,17 t Capt. of tihe 'atch.l. W AS brughot to tito riso, of thle .dl2 l oieipolitp, ion oIo 12tht inst. t Negro boy, by theo notte of Geor.eo \Vaohitglon. Hie is of i grifl coloatr, ,nt 5 ft 2 ort3 inchte!s hih, and pays Ile helongs to Mr. IrKeno. The'lORvlr will comply wiih the Inw' and tike hin 1way. F. S. IIARPER, nl7 Captain of tile WVatch. /p-O t NI-lI uopper lpo't oift'n I)tllino hItoe i lttnl)iOpttools strecit, betweet J tlia aod Si. Joctlth streets. nqtttire f IIERMANN, BRTIGGS, & Co. m17 2w 77 Canal street. Tr lE NEW YORK BOOK OF POER'llY it A Treatise on the Law of Evideoue il the Co'ut of Equt.n it'Richrl NcotNwcombe Greslvy Etq. Riportls fcasee adjotledt itn the I)istriot Courtt of the Unlted titates Ifr .le Eastern Dtistrict iTf te1tinst,. vtnonila. B Ilcry Il. Giltpi. Just ,reeiehd mltd for sale rIor \V . tlcKEotAN, n17 Corler of Clo and Collon : s. AIt'A I---.\ s rlir lto of Iarld iin sAin tnil for tuie tl )y mlt Gtt 'OT & 1tl Et tl2 PoidrastI pORIT-- barrils salt priI and eslt m polrk Ioflintolet, by tlho 6 STES'I'ON, AVERY & co. F OI Iti'.- gol d two story dwcllino·e with tee rooms, in Tchonpitulis st olt, No. 5t2, :t gRod cistern, kitchen, ke. AppIy iat No 84, Magazine Steet, t 6 J mJ NASCIIAN. Lhe.oUilk--7t btnarrl llol• oil n Manrd Flat-iant. 'Four sale by J. 1TIIAY IR & CO. otift 74, PoydIas street. }ACON--80 casks Cincholnti Bacon, just rcceived by J. TIIAYE.LR & CO. M167i. I'oovdth'ts street. -10R SA LE -Tt stilitig coltt'ecd ald cottior SIfastened alip Ptto. Atplly to l6 J. "'ItIAYEI & o. 7.1 Pottdrs st. Sm.16 , "I'ITAYER & .CO. 74 Poyclras st. tACtON-A lot ofolk Ibacon,, Ilog run, tbor uile ow, to close n colnsifnolllent Wm14 GRIVOT & PAIGE, 12l Poydras .t. NE Ihundred and sixty-five barrels prinm leafa .(pd; el7Okefisditto. Ilaitoin front steatter tt. Louis, and for satle by Y01oK & BtOTItES, 1116 65, Coa p.stret. IN otre, ail for mtlne b tThe otibttli'oer 500 her of Cinllinati LardI; t lt0 e tels rmtpt Ilork. __ ,16__ 1_01K & .-.RO TEI(S, 6.5 Catnp st. E11F--t0 casks sn,,ked id 7i ihsjektte, it,, store-ond forsalte ,y- (GRIVOTI't't IIGE1, n116 • I2, 00ylh'as street. R 'NJCH nI.OUlt-- nun Ihn ld+1 I i superfine 1 Flour, received p.r ship, Constttlatotio trots I Iare diforoHaleby LEVI 11 (PAI F mf)i 9", (.'unrn , "1 " " 't T 0111 770 t oo lit +eItoee l l: IJ i.i strceet L for sale by YOt(E C&. hllC. tt ' toIE- . rll( " (6j, siru-l) street. g0 GAR._.tJ66 It galltf, Ir nuttily c'nai;. 0 11 Itt tuCO i ml _ N & J.1. I)t.K & CO. ti 1S 1 ie, 10 u'1'lll for Ble,, I , ý il littil o v -ohoe the city, by READ & It.I' ty "sm136 "" 67 (Jravier strerot, COTTOi N tot 0 Cr Gf id, i Sstore, and foir sale tow fll00, th by r m16 KELLE" 31AS()N C. 21 Grnvier stn SMhiTY BA ltf:I.S--175to il mit.i ie oIs aI' lrge sioze, uO, in line ordrr l indiu f 0ut1 st,! l - al^n, Superior. Forsah, Ibv . brinei 40 hailf IbarrCils ditto. Fi r sale y y 'll(; G.I(OIINSON, 0.2 t:1onmon stn JUOAN II. C)lOIl.L'', In 10 No. 11, (traoier etc er. . .. . 1, -I - liTF"-t1 S \ .E, " - G lI'''l'E2 in the renlrt of buso:on, s Adlresa .'l )t. I. Q. by letter to Io0t Oltice. Il13 .r.L S. & J. P. \\'III ,I1B, 1 (Conli ostret.l 1 E.INS--lhiblt. IWVhhe and Reedlii 0 I.bls. (,.ii.r hi d \hiskey; k6 bhls Flour; laloiugftonl sIll-. heot Ltxingtoln, lut for sale Ivt ltl0 .6 , aga i t t. tý UTE:iI i l ,gtte.; - i i Sspection, fur sole, te itr. lti I]i, GL:(). Ji)OINSON, ail] U)", t(-IranIlllIIl :lr,,er. J tSugar. For sle by A. II. VAIA0.1C1 & Co. til Bank At.l E 't.kNNE, S' (--111,--5U Ibls. oeeiert "il'aionors (til, landiing nnd tfor sate iv . & J. P. W0II1INEY al l " , Conti street. jl-EI7 I ttlN;S.--]4 4 bils of crrbt, t gnl, lit).l. w;aul Sbe sold very low, to close so:tes intoediatelh. GEtL. JOIIN.ON, 'AII.Dt--2 o0 kegs lard, toiding Iorus.t-oalurl C(l1.t, aJu ad forsale by JULLIUS VAII1(N,_ lt 9 2.6 Poidrs st. LAILt.--iUo Iticg.Jitt cuirtl ivd nilI tO sale iby L A. H. 1 A \ALtLA tE .O. l'eb. 21. ank Alteo 1. the stock in trmla of H i Bancrorft, .tilt c:ntitthe the Book, Stalionari and Ilihk IBook hnliiifaetio i g Ilatitteso,at thle oaotaolttee, No 1 t(tIli _] _ St_ 1TLOtR -6bO bbs si urclirBT moi, firale by. lip-2a l{UI)tSEY 1 ew l eee. F3 [ hippers Iby the Ste .m boat CONVtY(, tbr Uil veston, are reqlested toclear theirgoods at the Cus tenmhuse, arln this moriing, 2inrleh (ilh. m i T 1TO1Y, & lBRO. INCINNATl 1IABM-16 tierces halbs, o ' booes ido. for fatily use,ju t ladnlu.g f '.ui steamset r An, lanta, rnd or sale at 17 Commerce Esteet,t Ib m111 I.AYET & AMELUNG. 7+A--"ILLY H SS.-_7 tiere . ir t lds and to',r. 1 humis, landing friom steamer Gioon.c Wa hilton, and for sale by S1,O0 & IlYIINI":, 16 2 '53 T'l'ehoupitoulas at. & Co., itftlintg from 'e auer Gaeo \Io iington, nd tI sale by SLO t.. BYRNE. ni6 15 3l'clT uupitoutls st. losn l tt box lus isie, flute.t.ll and iglottt, fiorfsly bOty & IIAsl ORN 1'i JNO. WFOSTER, ur f eiavnr st . 1 r EF to L.A RPi); in store and for sale by 1m7 S'+.l SL.ATEli, 42Po5,dras st. L OUR--21mnndred and fifty bbls fine flHau Bakers nill d, fro r nr i ci nna it for sale by BOGu K r & IIA \V, rtH O R N, nrll 6:I ( draie st. OFF '1':FtE-:-1ui0 b ag. 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I".,, .-" '." ,V " tubi ST'IA'L'E F 01' ,0UI1'AN \ - PaIrihi C'ourtfor 11, 1'mmtuish j ' it; if .enin Orleans P'reoii t J illloomonbly('t Cll. .~ I.\1.I:1*?. JJldSC. NI). .33?'. 183 Thomas Bliro* rs. Illi* Creditors.. 'UPO lON aiindig Anid li!in iig pet iti' nnaiclr«a lJ this cae, it is prdere-cd that fle· rlrediturla of Illu In slalcill do mosot In open courtl, oar Fl rllt the :list dnv of Cleuk': Olhice, Mhire[ fi, 183, II. 3. GUS ON, 111l6 :It Clerk.; /(I' lII ubcuicribr, Agientl Iiir ihe~ iii.r VINN". . C S4. Bmitchemr, Shlicibirl, F, igloh cai us recerived a ciry extensive set oF pii. r.iai, sliii I'giif 'faille nod Des sert Nai ves ofu O evert d Il.:ililjtiiln, fell, PIocket, Diii, nln Spiei8 pinlit Koitii,; Iitaer, Sate sosll, Edge lIroIofaLild iu i'.A. tvl l.T they lace prepare to exhalibit to the t rade for orders. Y l·I1Turm: lti CU1diliills full Ire ade know~vn lit thI, t Ii T II101? t titrooc the Alnnofurtllliiil )i'ttiets of RsL.g .N. lnd, in tile. snmmrrof 10 35. By Si r George:Fil.L~ Ilcnld, author o If 11Forest Scene',·, ' wll I lidrnt 3 inl A moica 'i A» l i.aiionrv 'I'maiiac iio Ani;iioi. iv A. L. J. Fii(N . B- A. Siiny iiflhcpcui I. i., .i\l 1ii) larhig N o. 241, to 20l of-llurper's Clu'lsical Famlrily· Ai iimiiiaiiil sippllv of OIinis'' 3iuiiii of illioln Bulrr. Jolu rioicedl and fiir inle b iiil4 \V1. Nl,'l(F N, earni illotn-m 11illb4 lll'd 'P11l 13EAU11()N'I"S I':,\I'IsltllltiN' I - EEXPm RI SIEl S nnd Olliiuiliiii oi ileu I.: inlo Jutre, :earl thle Physiology of l I)i"LePtioll . Ily \V Bsuam'mt, 111 n. U., Surgeon i n file U. S Arl11\. Jul reccivid and for aile by 111 .1 ii ill 11 0.du d ft e wi I still ApotltreiaI. v bItFiiu(·E No I1, C'nu-,at dlTrtll under t he1 brut of Swain Brotherl, thel lillllidilli(o of the a illiuirl of'rII miu Ci. Swailnu'will lil ettleCIIud liywimi nIIId 'l'iiooursiii r wlil'loivfi his pariicila atetont,« sttiess, and solici ts it slmte of plntrllagr.l· jiil7 ubc ibriiui mluoin liurun dtinii' ogr nIl city iiii ll he lixuuitid. toif' gu readymii Iui i ail luu r TIeliafn tIl firit of ne,'t vs-ve't uud :ItII lto ii hr ha:: fitrtvnrded fille dulll [[timber it tart tha111:t hrI intelllllld toI too, yet, becing informedr c that there ore many now hereI\YJICI. tent arts lesirott of em~igratingl to that b e'Pilltifjl imd de-IP lightfttl Icliiunt, fr theuu Iuiui i eC of aid II r lii1 "e of ciiilvil and ric'iitu f' liberty; ti t'I e iS ht'rcty circa totill iii~a, ha tproii ion andtllu', IIIII II p will huii I-'o- oclih'd II'I'mIa I ouf muSI'In lIiim Iddi IIe mIalll lp p'lic:"tiou anl d enter llI~ciII I!II daring thi'tveek.I.\p ·\IIIIy to :ldjutilt \1'iIll 'me it ir. I3aatti. "', C'oi l'-,' N laoer, :,," - jooig le S. hale Tear. 1). P. lW .\,Ol!·. ~ 1 ItI r ' miii liii, i l i ii "'Iin. S i·i, (I II~I uu lluu ii 1811 l 8 o1 . T08811 0 ra10 1 I ' W ILL be sold this eltrler\ n , than Ifi 'I instant, tit half lii Alsl~loijiii iiio iii.' ViululI ufub-rl~ri hll, fiiiiiiii·iiiii pastoy ii Sl i itl. 'my;,;;)) .Vi-liood.lnn-9I iO ui~l 851108 iiliifon 4£,Aiiii8.-il,; 1U l7.11. -.iit ii] 8(81 ii) i 84.1 . D O N,. 'l'iiboit i $18; b rllmuu hi , ill the Incprtio»of te Waden of ,r prl, or aran o w .l1hom it uLgIococellrnC. ' llerums lf.. ii l (ldci Iiulll) & NOVE, SiiAE:11 Fi rida 'y- thl. i mo~i $2,:111-$1,310"17-011.i1 of 1uid)o-:al)ly $l5x \r.mi \'rul Tikes 10 hlvs 50 9j 'Apackae of 5 tikets ill cat $ 50--t arrtntr ciii; bicu-I l~~-)IiuIIbIIii, luiluu fitl. II ill Iiib I I('iuSulu Ordersll A po ty atene tIII 8t iii: ciii iii, i iiiu i l· ciii1S. &ii 3 MNi '' I , 851 81 S ll) bIil' lluuuii umiui Iluimi l III uuuuur'u biIIIrI riu- til ted \\ ii ir krt ' it mu»" %V stdlo rsideby G~rl. (: liiiillVO ' - I. 0111 I ' lY . )INl \ IIINe . 11 II ,. 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