Newspaper of True American, March 20, 1837, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated March 20, 1837 Page 1
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resses oENTS. O 31 D ORNING, A RCH 20, was of the Newspaper Press of New Orkans unani- . IN lid minir is ni sc ierelo of the Ne'prepeer Press o1' Ner, t)rhreOr.leas oe i easogly agreed to a lt e acdrlotrertrlt eeliie ;, Ihe proprietors, held onhL I 3Lth l' .llrech, I:e 17. Bbscription.-Twelve dIll:rs tir lthe Da)uily parler *pt annul Ilayaltle semli-anallly ill aIvtlnC ''ell lellars for the tri-weekly c.tary paper, )pa, able one yelr il advance, where no city reference is given. No sibsecrption will be dicontinued until arrt'nruees are ettled. In case n disecoltilnarl e, one wreek's neolice', il ibriting, must he iivalria'ly givrel, previous to the eapiration of sutbseriptieol. Adeerltsing.--One dollar per square for the firat in sertion, and half that ,rie f'r erl .ulse nlllit oilr any mtatrial alteration hrlltl the original advertisnelC cete will be aharged as it iew Ine. Yearly Adrertisers.--11erhtnls and Traders forty eollare for IlEglish alone, an:d sixty fier hleh lanmuagee; lanks, Iensurance Othic', nnd olter silrilar pullie i l. tltitutiot.s, liifty dollars iae lI.gliih one ly, atn viihly lir both languages. Ship and 1 tlr.l)llrat taeltors or com missio n erellanlt, sixty dolllars ill English i lone, aull, eighty flrt Iboth lcaletleegt. Mearriage Obituary Notices, ned articles calling hte attention of ther . i putle o al s of preopert, cardr (of pasnengers, oenefitse e. &c. . will I,e tchared oe r dol l persquare, for the firet iceertioe is each langli-g. Comtnication A or Aele'ertilseletllts of alty ilclrsoll:l nlaturet whoall nadtit.ele, shtcell bee clharged idotlle, ttlld in advance. A deduction of twenty-fice pelr relt. cc ill he nmadte to Auctioneers, heriffs, Rleticer of \Ville, eand on saIle or real estate, publisehed ill both laln*llges; eIed 50 percent. inE attloe, I1p ler cent. oil sal,!s if other protterty. Alrerisemetaes oeltof tlhe dieret line of( btaeilln's Iof tIh yearly advert iser, such: l- I, , etio lln,atl ee IILrI' tion sales, rlunway sdt vtreei , r ier , &e . &. err wil! be chargedl fietrelnpietrrely td IIi ithe r.lilr ra!es. Advertisements notr epreeified ts 1o tlille will be ipu lisled one na nallt i h .tlt.ed c ed aelor lli y. Noadvertis. elleltt Io' lnkr llllles will Ib ll I liel.-d in any case, unleess paid fill' Ice ii s l n ro o p - inent garanleee'd by a rep'nsilh p'r a in 1et. TheatLes tand oer tleer I en l res of lll t.l I ilVc i daily for thee season, tee tiee l eagd Jill) doliells Ifbor IEl glish aloner,atd 150I dolltrs illn t IntulllL s. All attnn ctelel ntlls eo ec didate( Ifor litical nfi :..1 shall be ehllgetd doulle the t price of other atl vertis. - ment.. Owing to tile immenlllllP se el susinitled l new-pal): proprietors, they hvec cm e lusion, tt it iel namnes of persons whose Ineotl)l llfi. 1111111 within one month oller prris llattilll shall l. ilniad known, (so far its practicable) to It te, Il oli gating themselves not toi eeletc lie' ore pill ! r 11ll ' Sdelinquents, unless ill ease ofr ttt'eel paIde t m' n s. J It 1 VO N, l" P All\, r. igned) J C I ll S I)I'1RG.'ST, J)ItN (It tJtStN, LU.\Itht iN, tWeekly Press.-VWe, Ilt! inll ersineti d.e :lCe ta'eide ny the above conlditions, eas Ir lly ; Illy re apll.c:Ib. to weekl y papers. (Signetd) Al I, \\VtI'\ J W\ INNIS, J4§ No sltdscriptiotns re taken lort les.t hlusi eix mnllll . "I" I.tcttter e eII't i , I c :1 t ,.t r. I, , h :i iI. ," ANAI'I a AIL 110 \o I)N-- \llu nf tI U tl,' S States, thnwiu o th pric opel tr.ellin .ttr,. ike adeooltli . roads; lo ahich ;n, ge i" 1 the dist:twvs in i les lisfrm n on . pic , : to :-nilher; al,o, , ltenores.1 l li` he canals aum l rai l ,ore h tlhn.oo ltt eit cn r'tV, e: re - fulln ycnn l,iled from ite Ih est : ltho itiP, hl S \Itnltto, Ml itehell, 18.13. Just rceCie. d :e '..I :0I I: . \'\I \I'Ki \\, o $l) . r n er. . ca:+?, '" . .. , l cn.......n'I... ti F EXAS- :A visit t,'l', se Its,, €, Ir r S rt n ,t ,i S a traveller h-thot w it e- , I e.r;i t l i tl - estieg to American tlraw le:r,, with dlteetiltinos of se a y, etc, etc. Politicatl .o l+illltioii of t I ll- f'.ree: stin' oI" (;,: Co eil and Texas, - lap of Texas, with parts of the .,el nin st: tes by S F Austin, etd. 18I3. A Mapof Texas, Ibv titI 11 ItI Mr, tli. S1.3, A Mapt o T'exas, witnh lt ,niIttig~llos, \oInttll,tl t :l !Mlxiaon sates, kv .1 II I.olin , p ll.,i .:I ) I ..\o Sristun litiehell, 19.I3. Jult rearivedund efor sale hv . lMKI \\ nJt '21 e.i;,o iolito t :ott I 5 1t. ,Nl,-i t ,\ It - 31 O \ A I.. SHOUSE, SIGN AND OItNAISIINT.XLI, lAIN "-tl:, 58 Camp at, tnearly opplsite thte Allleti:lU 'Ithll:tre. I F.SPI:ECT UUI.IY ife' Iris rI''ies and the uR publie in general, that Ie 'exlct all orde, i, tht shore b'anlcheos, inll thle hlest sit lh, ttol o in t(oeeo .terms lie willal alo execule in like lwu.ltr, all kihlds Sof ecorlntnio lln Oil anal \Vat'cl (oi:r, , fe hlll, io J tiea, prnlorls an bt:L-roo)t s . e. k . ; he n ill :al ilni tlte a great variety of .1arblu he ts u l W\ord , M ilitar. H i -teho telsainrtet ) i:. o ll r: ll l lo ,lib ) itt , s .tronage lo: has htller 'o.tere tll-v ie t1 fe ,:~l Iii ' l ilc j he whole comomnunity. Paint Oil l, V,o te iht , (1na ,I lIais', t'. . . 'Ta , ald for s nale. .t , (on.lh iu.ll l t'" Ifor , . ' WIhitening, chalk aod lh col n . ,u: ; tN l IO)KS-Neaten I,"i,- tlt- I 'a ldtin on lav,,-rv in th It l nit ,",I S tr . Mteriet of the tr',. by o ailltho, r , of , t .Simle. Allmoir of NGtorgeR T Ill, tc, with traitof illth tra I Gilbert CGarney, ,by the totlher of Sttayings ontl to SAlso, a new attpply cf(tote in ThoI indtnr the dayt of IHenri (Q.uatr, by the authlllr of Ili-7 li, , .. ,-t 1r irsed by C' i II.lN(HF)T, I" Mi| I5 I vam +1. " I - '.IS 1:\W' W K.V )ltl,,.,.-__Th, \merial Sk England, by tile autlor td".A Year in lSpil," il, Noble Deedsof Women, ill 2 vol. ' The Young \Vift'" Iotiok, a ,niuoal of mlral, reli ious and dumrtic dutiet. Just rectiveil and fir sahle by \W\1. 1iK ':.\N, Sana 27 corner of (anop andlll (aCon).,t. NAILSa , DOrnISTI:s;l , ,4 .-IThe bC,'ribltert have l foreale,lanlin,g fro'n shilp ,) li'.n tu\n, n110 Ir. S appleton 4-4 inota,, ohecit-,t II tt eacc tt c -,, at up for the SMexial Illcttrkel; '7.i kt"-, li,-tao,, Ioo 'oaapany Nailn,tcellovotei ; Steo , c-co slltill : hoeolate, 10t m nall bo xeneoci, , I ch, I ,i toot" nsu m e 'l , h ,a cll nprt C tnst good U.aOItIeIoIit chrieit, I-t"lt',t-,ttt, S eate, o is t ti.iI IttIl, \ it-I . & i No. 4 (Hoatrne s Sr..t T HE snbseriber, a'e tow ost Iit I hte "i;.o' i nt c Oe t o ee n talll lltoi I illllitlltrtt. hlti Ih thy lnave just received by to e rriv, oif hlt a, Ar kansas and 'niosioaptiti, tfromN No'k, ro t io pat of sidle Ioards otlvt.rin,,e •n, ih Ioptil | and Italian marhl I(ti , IcP etr tahle- of . t I,l, ill rU tion and "nobty, wm'druhes of vnrin rafts S01-111, 01 tary and book tCases, Inlirs' l,-rr,,u., tciht tal ,;, t, I let burncas r' reci di" nint, Pt.,niokte, e.rd an I ;l - Sdies' work tables, pine ido. also, ia fiw tIait o ir ,- I I l with Egyptian marble tops, a new ald llIea:tlttitfll li tl.-A coemplete assortment of soofS. A large and cnllplt t ostoortlnt of mahogany, mno - pie, rosewood, fanc i unil -man on 'h'air, rocking do covered-wIith pl,:sh, pail and I11urn.l blclil Seottli, together with ia en ielr tn ass. cit tltll t of te11! nrti eles as nreusaanllv fIundl ill 11thll nP llthli]lllnl'lt, Ie twhole of whiah still be sold on reasooalttte trntt for ap proved plaper or cash. SThe public are respectfully invited to rall and exaim ine the -ttek, N B Goods packed at shortlnotiite in eon, ordller for s hiplping. f I tto IItl(.\NIT co I. YG.SO{)II---0 .ages falouV olll.roI ,h;,u,.tio a-FI naprintsa I0 hies T renton itotill , td,,' ]111I leiObanrd -4I-I tieking-; 'i coa. i, I'itte Pit,tt c ' ri; eas heavy dblackearpycig, hliooite tbo IhArQte Jo piand corsaierby . t{AI i ,,, ri ad Domestic Ha e, h kE Stite niofSheltl l, Ittlt nit ghtt n,, tol teri od.t enbiacilngt great itit, c,,onsitlitng in p: t Anvilt, commok n inittionl nl nt l gei 11,i nmsholt; on, blued tand bright; hoest , g arolig , Loisi:a, -t dettton0; .nglishaml. A. tt'i:cau sadlet irons; I:) II ilt handle fii v p nts s; raised pI:lte, holi:' h lt :nol all tler kinldl of innes; lit nill, htIott , p:':eil, c :uItott Ito t itWant ri, r t tnsct, lo:ot, cl-ph+.:n ll a id'nl; kl0 ; Am5 el r , silver platee rtrontsalaai o do; round and flat sillng, straight, lt I tckei i S ter and doori bolt; flati, i illt , :L i tt llct st.tttw , d dtip ealseon ttio 's aii ll oti thii triltltt -; t, too .ight I talent cast steel soaca t akIot filmer chioec :h; oo;, aizeat knives andl forks in setts al do e; g+ :tt ta ' tiar "oe, Cok, butcherenrving,a a lull ir:t1'sitll .nives; as ket and dirk cutlery, in loztns and n eards, 1:1'g, ti maulld rissors, tailors alld sheep sha;ll; COmainII.I Sfille razors; c clnn(,H, ,,d, eligllt :iltd lille 4ishdtletueetaufi'era; histii,-httoi ila h'itt,. hragsas hsicks; pltedll, luitnncin, ii ot , ten caili tabl slponR at d percusion gua:n locks; tun, vie nod nipple .e. 'ahesa, tmwdel, holrns, flasks, shot t ItIl, loCe bags, .in eaarllnter's :Ues, adzes, ahntchts, ha:ltles, et. ia ' uhnnldslalld pills, conunode nlobs_, . nightlll Nar tea , u anal MoIndare hoorhes,'s "I0nes, axe S velt,, etc. snithl s hicllo,-s, haltll,: liltl, nl o,,I - kirontls, Eno-listh and Amtoic-t sp:ades :t t stvels' n at n allOrt~YllIl's; ecoltlllln rat, t -too tr i.1 tit o :l a: a i t mhetal ten kettles, Ipttent seltt Aillll t l lllldllOi em tctoa i I wool eards all tiniber.tS, wateI' :to l ilrois. 'ddlice ml bake lains jark .cre-s, w otl st:lcs, i se ,totli I wn, plate stillrrups at l bits, i btatstt a il t ilvr t:ti Sh.ooas and rings, c:kltus :od Ioklies, Sxes collis' Iut's Omler'e" etc. euoach Wlrenlchcs, stocks aii dies, I n Idm aeps, s qtna, ltu SIthin Ct s itt l t .InI s,t :nolltll o s kbr l sbo a.l srldgs poughs and pll,.hec .uuld+ t:,i st aeronioontcl, abkn quills, al:ites, j:,ll I 1I nil Sware, sivce co'n mllltllt Ia.I. Stlrtln tit e:dll e t lllllt , alitrp. bed IO, pltiough itat i tt oiv, r c:l• t l .it, wit a gl5'5lt vaiiety o hf i:,l Ilo;lo:ioh tu dl t)'d \V It CIt.\VI'tFl),I) ntntnyt N N. Itt e,", R JONES' PAI.'EiN' CO'r'ON (IN, nIit' t;oh s been in sluesesful opesrtiu, r .e\'crvc :al ,1 ':,t all 0Julia \treet. fro! 10 I¢o l1 ol i o i it, a i n,1 5 p m will be eonattned It the tni htoot " ll "; i e ay anfternoon, when ins oiaelttiotto ill g C elo ' ,.tt T la. -dttuo. tf eecing ;t in opratix:tr, ao r..cvet S I td trit- to attend. i A FOR NI 'V tO ItK,. (louisi.ana andl New Yurk line of Packets.) Il ()lt" ildeo II am t NL'ew Turk ol ee" y o e11 r ]f llt itbmm A/ t.u ' AprLil ge, d to illore o Ie strictest piinclti aliy ill ICir tileiof siting, toe lite will Iheleaftei i, ,eis t of six otlps viz : Ship kAZo), Captain fithridge, to t ove nere "at Shitp MISSI' SIPPI, Co.aptain Robinson, to leave oni )tit sJuo. 8Sit' SIIAKSPEARE, Captain Collins, to leave on Stl VICKSUI:URG, Captain Woodhouse, to leave onil (;if. J ue. Ship LOUISVTLL.E, Captain Palmer, to leave on 20th 111 10. SShi I IIUNT'SVILLE, Captain Palmer to leave on I e ov.. The s iy e hi)s are ill new, of the foiot Co.Ileo col't'PrrId ald <'nlp tr ittqloto tic ttltIll n uwards fi 50: ttolo lllll1'tl ial I ). iof hi rhl drli tot to t tent,', toit Ib ilt inl IN otrw h-k exl -ssly ir tI , th -ado. ''e t proie of' p.s s hc i loto tit o ttr tttdrtiod dtIolt! o;til ir ttiti ilo e iitted l;, oil thl. I to fllprovtId . 1d1ii cll 'ttllN It Ia C .liiE ioLt a ilteat I d lI nl t tvh,. Att e itofs otf th lir.l quality, will be I'ovidll a tld evicry t rcgota di to te, • hi( tit o t , -r t nsficit, i s e g h il 6 dlii ke notice th1 t nx b. rth co se cuer d until' 'S 'il t t I tt S I tA 1 0. C. Derry, c u n r, 4 laid tif at th i ofli ton t ee rlf il tot, oinc otor 'Orlrl c a):dketJ L Cl)lllwlllodr e ~v s'd b caLp tainS wtlo ex po riaot:d at I rd,, who wilt l ive tv,,rv at mi and 'xilt Il t ,lt -, too i c ot e l olllol os lto . I t r wil at il iitts, ,al h t pn. sr tltll 1tydt' h rC, -vrd ith ti ilc '1 nr, of t h ships will not e s le fi a lly h tr p r l n' "o I kacl ,t se .'I Is , or 1 p t 1 r W r • th'1, anhe.. W rv uhlr bill of h~u.litN g be 'itl: l ," refin, "hllt1 h il t II, a ln 1 the g tr ll wcn, ooo lletrs. ,' o furlhnr particulars, apply tl J. It. oEIN &o A. ((tEN,. ALl l rii No. 77 C1nal str.t. lii, 1 'ShRKt t n, t , W. lotItolrco, ootioticr,5l' Shlp NASIIVI11. .:,. J. tllthioe, ololmllman ler, 513 , ito+, ) .l il \hlt,,. 7ih' . Iip toI N'I'I' of l i ', Jtll io ke, commander, i 2 o to. ro sui $il 1nc It i it. la dotsel Ap ril th. iii lt toll , saO -+nil Jltl11. 6,lll'V Shp 5.A1 1 . I I')1: A, w. l tltl away commander, 5)1 The ships i 'llhi, liar witll sail un 10 till fro ilNew T i ;t1Il New urk, te'y second(' Oll o dL t Sth y through Wilt tile, s llN .0 1 it ThI "rar all of 2 th tirfir-st rl 'o]o p r fi' i ten ,'d and , u t w r buih ill I A or S r,, i' .l it a d 'I| ilV I' c lS l~l l d i t; 3 xp-rinc II ta rn l', V dra light drn t f. ea" w.,r, t mdl will r nt all timhv be at ')d. up S. li i ttll t nlltldit, ·l + fipe atc l sI I .' oIf .t o o I I' I t)l ll d of rthe ,; The- i I trhet ajl sn? tvi )l . IT i r h t l f pa t n " v i h t l hil lt hwt ict l i t r' pl e Ir f to' ill h 1 l1 hthino o flh r latr th I i , li .lo hr TI + it t; • i-t li'd it 3711; 1-It, w ihon r lit lor ( n it m oiId ( Ii tard, iF fri,_,ht pa n'af , ply to P.1l)t iil, 'r & II \\VTI'I<II C1\", 1 !,; Not. CI (;r"t'+ ,r tIreit . ;.. . i t, I i i .t i. i i o it.{ } 'i', m a d t elr ti tl I . fil ..i.t Ni o" 11 i n itll' of sc hal p a s t titlilli 11 '.liy et' rl 31. h l.. acII T l< d o I i ill l lh ,. S ,: lr t .le 7:, a ll t I tlmll' c If t 1 r,'liltp r it ti i l f i ot S ('rIi tItii .. ii'i $ 1 per li ' fil l . Iti to N, I r, l, rotc . N ('o1n, 1 , Iwr 1 ;'hh l, l; t:;- I',- . f il a " lidt. . Jo . -c l't' rmedmti| lalic, , .J.,.K ]).vwn-tn's Song1 lHookT.; co,.,t:unini.. a se~lec,.lim~ i't |.\u P ) i ,1dll'I ., 1I .I ~1.u of whlicIt ar'e olyll\. ll.. .ls:wk sl),.L.- \\·,I.1- \Illo l,%1. r·~l,~ lrairtl:lm .. "l'un!slated b,' the 1/I : co . P'dIt, , 1' . .% . . I)1 ( bL'l:lbl'(lI"llTM.s II\ ·l. In II \llll·E I .lnif. I~.illl.lll Xil t11 C 4 (', ill, I ha i li --i]. %1 A ' :S -'S N W W"l,\ -- () 1 \l 'e irl' :1of "ut bh -l 1p Co( un' an eli rs;ll: r h .IP 1 .It ,ll ws', I 1 h arinley, crich li<liiu, M .w'.'t'it T 1he (:ips1) ,.. k.:. ii NI it bit ti .\ k. i ( ".lol il P i l l ii 1 1at it x . l ll i : ilgil lll i r .' Iai' il I iii: i." hl l ii li!l ri 11ii i ii v'. I i 44Ni X ii. \\vat 1 3: 1 .iv 1 . , Ltomi t ii ( ic,,ll -.ll i . Ii ly l l a tl itel ii (liIl ll? llliil..J,]%\ II:'t,.J{,llll.' \ f i'LI).\.. ilii Fl Ih t i i' vi, n ( I i ili 'Iva;· llia ~·~1 1 l~l~.1).1 N H tIi Xliiibe IfteFew Lae~.S h T iUil\l Iof F wi n: .1 E liv:.h bit l allh i Vlt lllih. 11 lr Xlv imu leh at iiiiii i iisi nase liiT- i-i Rllll - i i ll" l.iiT illlll itn TllilI E illl llllr, .%. I ; iI I'. .I ' rl ll· lb.8 1 illl i lll . I 1 trted t asocis o tihlt Itd f(K liarN o CI i'ETTti''i'' I IFt CY it! (tRININ' rluv t ttlli .r , It th i', a rt Ii ll r thi n eil nil-ta llt-i t ri o-1 ITli E lll I" i , llEiTi 14. tiII. S OF Jl l l iIENi'iX 1at. 'Il iti t lll i 'rs '.1" IAl i l'' hT iii:itll llli. i · Il.r col. r, In* ~ l 1:', weights and l mea sure Of the III1I1 prl IFu R~i l \~i"..inilh" ll a i' i t. I" " t11 ' ! i. ll'iii a liat lliv ii .I lihM ll," thir tr oll nilt ; "a t tr ! nt a .. til' , -:, ta . Ia i tr l iiis i I rtmI1, ii ii rl 'i ta lmt r ol Phi 'n4 Niot' tr . nlall (oll , aI. .a in Ill (io I . r i.i qhh l'll. s o i .i e 1INt4 IthiN!1": I 'i rih 1( I I. 1 ll! il0 i ca th iiiti " it i--itt blur twiiiit atilre hitJ Iha-vi 1 & '.e tim h '2" Vh i'll.,o 4l i ltli& Otl)l ti-nll. 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I' tllolll ;, of all .n 1". - a lt'o ItI . a u ailt, a!ilN i-aln s n.d t ote, "al nts ad o -inalto t Bv tihe aiuthor of the 'PTlli.,n)'tl T ar, & t,, so,,l rIl , i1 2 o'lo, Sty j2t tre ete and tr sile I 2 '. i lI N, ". ' 2 P+83Ptdr 5reo', FIRE ENGINE. RO)(; iRS' I'.\ PTENTALANCE FIRt ENGINIL -'T-he subscribers are mannlluict ring at Water fl'rdl, ,l'ato~a 0. N 1'., oil an exteansive scale, Istso' Plr'tnt 1i4lut Fhre 'lEngine, and the company de not ioeil.ltr to reC,,nmend it to the pupli. as decidedly sa nt"im" to Qv ; lire vJiTg.c now known. It has been test , Iby skdfil l':F,-'iF(.rs at the U. S. Arsenals at Gib Ibnrville anI \Vashinlgton, and by them prlonounced to ibe su rio. to ann olther. The Governnment Arsenal at \Vr ainrgtor'na w u arrirrid pitlh oSne of said Enginse, Rrld thle ri iprietorsr IIrVe jlrt trromletd a conatract with the goaerrnirut for the supply of all their pritocipal at. This '1Engine: lw advantuge of more !powet t 1,-s os lllthan an! other il une, and needs to be ex ainrird as ll t i.d trI to I n, urt' a pretlrencR to all others. 'l'1^ teafl recrrr, in all cases, warrant their EL ein in a trial whhl other..ciel i1 eal. nl circumstansea, to eert n l e f ir t Ie i tee nhmeqr r altr re or not sale. it r cs at tiet l.act'rte, with ,htit painting, T'lihen desi1etred forct te, disclltargt 210 Igallns ,t <terr I'r t inute, $700 1 i IrIIt , ]'i) ril reta 1)ir't Ietllllt.te, 6I i rI' t im'e I11 poillet ipr 0I1100., 550 '1'Tit" y tirr la'tt ixtr' in, u t it l' )llrir, h lt=,rlwrenches tdo, Thvy aiu kep )onstanthlt' n almnd, both leadinga and + ct on ine'. ,, hiqlt ftt vy till furnisii to odor as low as itl .' i o :./ llte b ill lp i:. IOltl Th e t' rl nii b lk" 'altt in a e "ngines are nch, 1.t il ni loret wt ill be putl ctualliy llttenied to,and execute~d mwith 11,'t. r e-t rdt.-ile 'i',.'jtchi ifiddrasa. rd to tile auatcriic"s at \.atcrebrt. ,arat.g co. N. Y. WM. PLATT & os, Nsrv fork, Oct. 28,1833. 1 certf( that I hare tihi- day nrperinte'ed,' a trialofa Fire i r'nets of laocr,' iatent, ide \\'il. Platt & n. at l\'at.relial, ' rame· orr. Ne. t' ork, witll one of itth ht t 'ti'ct hlt'itt t' ll: lllfto I the corporartiion ofr the city of New not.k. The trial twaI ; lll. Il hile corporation vyar d, t 'clim l " tI , ' c t'a.tei lll pimr unaded thatthe tlg iti' ol I., nrerI' iiah,, tr ill itt' II Iioe watier, and at thn l ll ,1,1tl [ J.o )i lllil en-nitlC. I tlyti rAl' rtif v lint it fire '" ;ine has over been ex hiiteiir l tlin H ,io y hich to l.i cI.r ti e ta a ithl thit New Ylorilk ogl-in, rs or hich 3 uli I anbl wr onr ppos aelll x Sa 1 Ito ,.s'err'a l elnoit 1i) il till . p l. The conll tre tit oat+ r'r' Pla't'et i- -,a,'tlir si't0t11i, and acI see slude it has olu i'ther I ,IInta0; IIt Ia ' e fSI ntriee l td at lhtih less t. Ji.\ii e (1.GULICIC, tiht , .dlul ., 1834. I nm-t ch'erfvll- coimplv ,ithi a r. iluest fromil Wm.. 'nte toi u kr 't l r: r'a ,t, Ltttt l +it 'rtlirt'd by them at ,te'rford Mr, iti',hat roc N. y, 7Irc cr'tIrr'it tl r'tra ll' t'trit'r i r r etll ' u rh rt,.(i one of tlil all,,,,' llt'lul ,w - rO_'- , aud :iom rtipo'led trials, I do ether Ili re' ,o dlile n r :i' ill ., f 011~li1h I hai e any know. it:l,.! :ilill I d, 0(. ii)- 11 llI r t(' cur ill ihi (;Ll'iifi. tt of J I(;h'l., tI-i , fl,'l I ;i it i .i, \:",," lJ eo l, Fhe Depart ,ent, iu· rhll\\i Ir ) ', 1 ,aerite . 'iThe p l orn iise ina-lll Itt .rril l: ti t ll r =t lh l h r'till r t 2rrt ilr rt oi 'rt'ti ir, thlt J :It in t h,. 'irrtllt ' nrirar, tlt tl in trrll, jh.'i lit, it till soo unuoth 1,- t 1 cIItlr i )t,'ITIIO Ch7i 'nlne-rr of ti [tirca ehFire l lDepartment. N. . 0 Of th., bh ,ye Potet I neni. of theolargest ,iti,, ,I, rart tti'tt, I t: th' e t ,tCot . Not . 7 o Newt Or. tl ti . tttlrl tt't h ' . 1, tr i 'd attnd niccpted. Ti e Lzini call be een tit anlt- ti t, iyn 1 111 l in t. o ,'Unt11 for t1he Mlanufatuirers, Co'ner or Povdrat & T.'1h mpitalnih sts. N. O. N. . it Ir lit . rtr', ti taI i eotl r l ivered In S Irll] lP.1+('. 3 tll'i.A. IItI'SE i.= uni open for the Sr) tio , of ' mlpanit . 'T'hit i di lillitfi l retreat ise fitl llrl o ti[,b ~c=1 hloul, e thle ' Ih;oll BIo vI , at it, The 1'r,, il, i. f'' th alkful to the etram ua itye for th 't I iltn tat' t t11 r t a- trt,, orelts111 te.' gr'ateful Irn r'tr! ( il, lhe'. 'ti, ]vIr" exertion on cr ptlt ~ ill , t, r to ruderv iitorln cmfortihle. I'i , l ; ,s i,. ir ,e ha 1 io n I hulib indani ce, a d en.ll ery i, " 1; io I t d i ii e t '. t \ ',, hi i i''i'itr i all r 'ir. , ,sill Sll;<16 I l,, levi,,'. I',ol!' led , 11 f ilh e eschfl)isho or!,il ;"r~ :ll i , 1 n" - -:r' i '(nrtot - D l ctina g; alsa. '['l ii hi' t t ri d 1 1 , e ti ' i 1r- r rr 1,mait are will ,- rhr r illLr it shorlraiife t'neo rrfh,'it at' ., .treiir ettet' 'r r'ti, r rti er'nima tl if1ernlt en abi~lance: nid. fi' lb-, f l I ae a Pack T hi , it''r t': t a trtlo i r,' pi lrrt pinire and tis re e awt 's 1,er'a na. \i t ' . t t thi City ttt d Mobtile •~il la d ,s~ r" e fi, hr. Ti ; ,1101culty ofgetting i the Pier It th i l in - 0all bh ats, partliularly fr ladic= al I cll:h idrh'1. 1,, alw5, s 1 n 0 a on objection to o~ ti-ilinf the' e liihnlnt, i now ohvintledt , as the ,lotalr Alert p]i's (wice a wkhiltween this and Poe • ,, 01,11 ,, dll bud,1 her pas on o' immediatele at the liret' . ' 1. J' u letra. . N, 1t. "'ltr tt tLi t er o'' r t rtirf tnhe h i t id, haviing errrt le-t ' l,'ttlItrl t'r 'Irc ti.ta lik'lmrint. trta .rt'tis - i- t a - i n t .l:tt fi b1 F, l itt Trollope, i nthor of Do, enI; t b ti llta , Ih ill" .oi N, io t o Ae elll l _llllllh tiOltlo t th o ti he Lollardi . ('1\, j&e Jut received i d. ne'r2 W31 ,le'K i. N & ('o, 1>1'ner ' nmp & Cocm. . ti- I:-I' , L'A ft itIiA i3I ' Iit, &-. (n '1l1 11 ,I X 1` I.\ . tI , t .111i, I1r w Cei tditin adap. I ti to i ti i - ~i ttnni, titi cotirectionsa od .EVIZ( I t:i'. b(:n r ·, ,wth ltlcctions and F ,n Irn rI11-1'l.i-s Il,).)N .`. & 'I.t ar tr, 1 I1iti a ire ,. Nrnu)'.t..s & I;0, tu: 'rr's -la'nish and Eloglish D)ictiha 1r11,1(b_. &c. P1 t r tcati\ oli alld fr -le :t I (ChII'trI- street by ja .3 ItOT( 1'1ll,;l & C(C. r----i- -- - ;---- - t.ýi\,1 t' i ttiat uill u u . . llr IE ' bo;., :n tike ll lh I olhwil g hankc, viz. 7jle, (\lil'l ll,1l i' lis , \Ollllmd d: r II.. Ui ll. o hi zensn , UlliO l t nS a ('itl' 1ltl bt4; fin l. II(C IIKISS &CO, jilm 10 "L Charltrea 10 IV t{111SI , i1& ' . 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