Newspaper of True American, March 20, 1837, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated March 20, 1837 Page 4
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T It Ui l oNo 9 ngAelne street, are resl siteivi fnom ships Nasbhvill, lteisille, SPitgle, sta other late aiTivals irom the i s cities, a ang new selected assortment 0 Hliis Boots, Shoes nld Brogans, ists .Oieg ~olgessieenn's finle of elll nMorocco hnots dol$tual.;Y do behidd, nlll stout wain pegged boots o prigtis qlalities; ment's lilln calf Neal and .lorac-l. Is pups omd bIsand b e cksks, te in shels, brog:ns lan m*s taeoleo's fin ealf and kippelell iegg.ed shoiesiul kias ti boots; do stoat kip sad we:x .xg4e:l shoe. -dh ta.i s; gentlemen's best quality c:tldtse.ed shoes, brieg ls and lactk Dowigllis; dot edftl l d il.lrotco ltle seoes and l'oREans; Ido call, stalt ad .loirei.c Indian shoes ndll slipi;ers, deo e ll; buff a t seat wt s, a.iewlarticle; do fine cdll; sotl uld inorocen qao'rtr b otl boys', misscs'ntd childlren's pegged and sewe:: bealas and shoes of everyq qualtyait kind. ls a geertl assntorltltl of mrlel's stout waor ,lll IPit t hbrgns and shoes, togethelr with 10,000 Lpilrs .VI,,1 bas qgsality, ruenst lergins, nailed in the . basks, made explssly for tplantationtll Ilse a gool s. sotmleit of mnl's lille nei stout kip russnelltt lrýns, : aw article, indl ia nge qtuatity of an infelri-hr lqualit M t ansol n hrbminis. 'Ladie' fine eaif, snes, mnr-cee mid groin weilts, al S alInp sole slhoes; do fine L'rench MotesCCo :il· kid irunl . retl slippers; do rtnm shoes, with anlll withollt Iloe tio eal fs adnd ant: lelh heahe e boaes; ito lttiniiia hoe of all kinds anlll qualities; doi lastingl bhrolns; I 1 .iter Sedland fnxed booteso. Misses' lositinl-g-lrtnilots InI Slgabns. Chilhren's colored trrcoco a:eld lasting bro- gsp1and boots, ke. - -elemen'sfinefashionable blck silk lhats; do black d rab bealeer ilo of I sprini quality; do iimitttio - M"d ' dol lbral d illow hi en's nilne anoil thak ltsin shllort n:lpltel hats, a new litic!e. Youtlllhs '$en - ldnin bay's bbloklk Andl Itchb weal hoio of viu'lolii, lsapes, with genetltd ltnssrtl.clit of boys' ald meni s srl e~aps. tlshl. ossortment will be replenished Ibytlt: a.llival of f~6.l eketsfilnm tle natoe tname icities, atll oF whch will be sotln oni neeornnrlthtin tetCi . -s Ie1-I1f ARCADIE BA.TIID, 'AtIlP S7'Lit:Nl I'. Pn, for the Bath!- Dvs or PoI'prnt. lHIS trilly. splelndid estnblihin2nt io s now coiti at . op1I l--wh re hot, cold, tepid orill showerl baths San bl hall, cecotipnniod by evleryl-v Inxurvad ornilt Iet can adrll to their eejiootmett or tllhir u.iefuihtess. 'Slath invalid seltine health, tr to theo traveltletr neoti elst, abath is nt once tile trlte.t luxiirv nd the mlst sertain restnrative, while itie tints of nhinkintl hlave the testimony of tbi fll tllty fr ales pUt, Ithat there nee no iuch enlliill .n.s ofprerving htalth as friiltlellt ild regnlsr balltin. This establi.thtlent is ijustl dt~ioed unrivallced foel eleanlinoss antd space, where tltiunliire of light alli sir alil their itjlnveollent ttotho rle friciall lxll ries which are hern co:nhined to reilder the baths con:l plete. Tle ARCADF B ATtId are next door to the Ameri can Theatre, and adioin tile na-si "tlezaar AreAe-t," leding to thlle St Chltes tlhetintl-ore salte.n froili tls rernt Exehiane llotel, ndti tiveo nltached to ttlhltm the first retnnurnt in the coutlry. NVB. During the faltl otnd ciiut'r nmt,:lhs, the bliath wlll be kept reedy for risiern i-.,rq dt1y, fro noon tnt til 3 o'clock p is, atd fromt t to :t lisIhe emllti; nilth tie addilion of being Opten on .ha.:ltIas, frotm stuirise unlil 3 o'eloek p t. ) ai Itath tickets are to he had at tIle Saloon in Camp at, tlb enstrnce to the l iatlhs. ANCY STOIRE.-J ''It: s nlitleril.tri r, sletfilll i'nfoirmn their friten s ail I {N*toIIn- gel'ralt" that tisy areo tltttlil will ht c.ithlvi.ln irolm the Norti, their Fall ssppltn; tlso frdo Fltllrt. IThe latter ilace will gnrntsh tinlm witi a nplhnllitl ivariiety of l'erfUtIttrv, ''arne urtieloit,r S. Rlllili ewhie h will bt fIoulnd IPa:it Colonoill roilund bottles, oila sup -rior flavor. Their joethlas Ibeen to prl re lvery ,-arii. of a vrvy si i l Uor qlitv al Imr lit e inariably urge inprove meints botn ill kinid nl attilen. PERFIHERY--Will iof choitce Crtlion from tho mrunnufet Ir of N. le. I'rentisi, ftiinl Prllis, lo:on snd China. Bausne1t-FProm the htst i tl:l :fl, oital--slg Pre.nch sal Englinlt; ;Iltel t.e hlatter, sltrriito Toli Blushes, an erticle heretoibre cnlae hitd Idi-illlt Lt obt;ain. FAnc u li'OC.rE lioors.--Unde r this hecad will be send a splelllil wlriete of tleli s' end grIileic'llils Peoket lollktNote. (Nt .i.tNeel C , i.l E Thlremad Cnsts. FANCY STOCeK, SuSPcnt tlleRs, &c.-tOf the latest pattern, inll of dtiprier qunlite, tonistieing of pleill anl fl.ured satil, Iolnhaziti , vehlt ainl d hloth Steks; lugls tesona, laV,l wth annd without rutllre -irt ollao .L, & .i.,llii S l la.N madLe expresosl lr this aktl caenllelitW laintloi ii lli l ;lli ;" ltoo (illln Elalstie, Wo'stlet and Ctt ttr.u-neu iiu. wil and withont rollers; Pantloon Stn"cps, wilh wil prhtinl s; tllr n a "e U raioty of"ge entl.ll1 ar, m"ade rt v..esinl fi' tllrhe re CoMnos.-A geoeral .ocnnllte inssol-tnelltl irtf (oelmb, from tleir mntloictory. Also, il Enlish iand llrd anc Dressing Col.b., &c. PLAYING C.mos--FIt.I th0 ItnnilltfaPtdlil' of Ntllllt bLreys, Bartlet t' nld ot' IFor ett tit ui Gcrltnlui do.; lnllk Cardn &e. & c. IThnelbove anre lat a pnolion of thile nltile, r reirel, iwhtih, i nladitliu tio their forgl r stoci i ok, will be sold low for cash, or rien aveptaneeq. of6 RlEES h, D'I..tN'Ii. 1t1 Cnml st.i hoZVil Ite llainia LoLeal., IcO0 ditto Nel Bcttlll id _pernl CattiIlee, 150 ditto Ni tkrt lllill tt; tIth Ie Caiks J liilllon Zinc, 5 lipite, 1i IhaI ilf l pic, ane .6 Iutil"1e anes Sicily i1liteii't hVine, tic side Iv .3 JOSihPIl ('Iti!i , 1 I ,'a ir-stre,. n .lnd tliotallee , ftolll lnce t to t hl,'e, alon g thie llge and steam boat ronta,, I) It. ". lT'oe'.o MITCHFI r L.'s 21o IF. Or Till: 1'PITI. ST +Trs, ph 'I,W f the principalpI Turn plike nd oooo , road, o ~Ric nare `irn the dli.tsneos in mhils frmnl on,, ;titre t) another. also thi on roe- of thi'o'lro't and r:al roads throt[:ho out tie conntyv car'ttll to' ol!ll' iiloL froml loo o eoit aih - thtrities-pothi ohod hb' 0100t u to it0,ho I. S iTciiritt.'tLL ' R 't'ot 'I.t:Iio ' (!'U ,I .Io ' s, ~uIoto ToIt UNITED Ott"tr":,,; n iap of o IgLL 1= di~ tlnt's, 'kart boat arnd caital rout., &v. j.t receiv l aid ftr Sill , I \i' t .'Iil O N, 223 CGrner o tf C, ;,t (p Cnnon ,t, f sel llt a ot lty 'L r llo : (trtot i n. I.olll' y , th he oreas, F tratolos " le lrc t t i.'lr , ,n n',~'itot 'f rilo pa iso h of S t I ftlt a, r lie , n ., h ,'c lav e ltooalrr t, cl, ex ''rite , to ,I 'ooI ! 1--no t o f i'so ba 1 s' i aencd o r t ihe o rish Irotl t iro n i OstIaoitiol or "tde - islnont i c r it to t th he tate, entitlrl d ".bit c' t ilr th.e f'= :!: r--. aran e o)f htiles of oretieoat tot i tl 'L o,' t, l " l irion ren'lmrd oy thet I oroxl l illa Court o o''r fbt., ill .for the p rti.h of St olrn'srr, l ", i:ui. date 1)r n or I Bienvtena llt granted ot , 1 itlo in it f Ilo.'o 'r is 1 ,oli. clourt Biernlv l ilen nit o n [o theand t eS otll iZec a N n t l n 1 i ero dil tomel tho o tth ,t; of J ta o ,r o 1ii)'! oo " I,'it' o ", Tah gee s in tf cit,0 of RNqivI B )r s, 3 l)· ; I'tl" 3 ll- 'o adjudicated o lth aor I : , I ou t t li o ... nn, e bm n: tofe yt. ":t r aw h 1 t hLi ih r; fin" fthe pri-e of! lot..1 So n arplantsii o:t I i; oirll n ill. t ln_ an.'- I n o t onot ll ro t i i o t the iver .ooisosippi, mitoo lr io, ti-'lteeu t po s lt- I: ati j oiooit toit Pi t ii n ooooo l o e lI'io' o ot o o t a4 toi. ft on it io bt sirl,_ of hi I L, I t l o lh,"t 11"0ooo with a aottte i o lart o e t1 toilo n t ' 't n if" ai Bayonu baotoltd on the ur lin oil o both .id "s of ien a Baoun by the proa tt t' )f to oooo'oo a'tto!i, Church o tfthe pait h of st t It i ra ,t t aol : , if i- l t ri linn alt o anOt bI"io snidet of sai I I:~, OI)' ,,.O tho planh o o Juan Prn>e, haviare r2 i a,,a tu,,! Ib,, 1 ,t (.rno t in b rt aide', of said Bay-u sux IIb ' ";,1,oit! , " "I"y ior atsi o n t loo , 1b1th 1 s, of llto , ll. t .Id. Anotheri o ortion of t,! ot on b> north thro Jofsaid Bayou, i bn n th10 ilotti el tit,of 'Ilo toot Jorda, i d ithat of ir t e l t ",li. a h s ino i o too1, l o t I,5 two feet s front onsaid to ath, I vil a t i '! of ;l tart - pents. 4tIt.Anotho r p'rton f la't :to :. n i palt ofa the said IVtoIt t, i) W, ,',, l :,. p le liOl ,, ,,tt Is maid Pierre Jirda, o'l ithat of ":oi t Jota t odis, ha, i sea tojise front oi sai lld !Baoto tt,\ li : t !, of lit' lus All the cattle, horses, n1n0 0il,, nt nl rim' t :o 100. 000 e0 propertyapptrtinin to )a pn a i tn u . A nd also the 5 8 lhnl, h l- -, : Rinses 43, 1 ear1 ,M0t0 .i, ti . , : il: 30llh t v0 rt RQ iI y Jacks'on 30 veer -; h' " ;, ,;: t L 'et,r 5 r+ Villhom 35 years, tilo ln·. ))t :tit;,o , -, o li :i. ,:,,li' 3 yeaors, Little Bob doo ' ,r ole :3 er. e "r o toi , ' I, years, Lhtle .qo ,lnl 1 v ;,-n'=, 1l - :,0 I vrno ; ,.'ill ·e do 1 Tom do do, Botteootr 15 oer., bio Sth' . ve: rc s ' SilviaJatklion 3t do with " ill, l I'? o, to o',,'' 5t do, Mh ria o .t d , i t tts ,oot tt ot, :,0 0f t nomoths and tilet ohtt"o of ' Ooooooo0 Du' l " tii 0anne 35 years, nil her tt wo'to ']ilo r:,t , o ,0, I) toot n lr the other of t nouthotto Root,. 'It oo"o',nlo t & her ehiol R..i 5 eart Judith 3' ' h ears, Cl>i2t00 yeartt-=,o vi . ooo. od o tle 1d de do, Chti 35 yeanr, Mto 7i) V "to . ; o ari.t :o o veo r & ier child Mo rln o Lootise I eo' o:, te'tty (;t teatlo Kiettt 40 yaesi, Little Roeo F) 'oor,i-, o.',' pt :,' er ",H ehtl-t iot to opay the flotlot;viott! ·,,,to to wi Tile atta off$35,970 to the Ilantk of Loisiano on the dith April, 18.iil. The Snta of t$1,35 to I1r Ptottot ,I'< .l 'w,t, Nto ieIt ,tt Marlch, i8 u; d the suno of.$,l,3". , -r tt, (,t rllt -, 18"17. The suro o1",o,000 to ',h I.B Moo- art1, to. tte 30tH of January. 1830. And the lblance s t otoo, twto, to ", a ,rf" 0 r' •as u (ntol final payment. Vhroreo,.o l o -l : . v:'o can t ; a , r ::, titll K claim, in an1 t o ttl t 1 0t00l t I p ltaion, r '' . o n i n, o 'Id daevas boov' l,oscrltc ,, it ems scq , r,a of apv in'5 r." ,it s in the order. dters,,, or judot lot r, '0 ott;l. dat which the sale wast ottot', 0r 00 irro_,lartt" r o l t. --uity in the apprsi.t m+nto o r ai h tt t;to .nlO:O i000t f ts' manser of sale, or ftr in .tt o r'l.oi or, tot 'to tot+ evar, are ttrohy titd oto L atltnot ot. hti .t , o =I, oot ::n " within thirty frooth rt *ir-'t 00 tolio".toon oof h10- 0n00 "n n inllthe pulliet p ):it , why th,. , ab. sr d , .Aanroaad, shouhl not ie 'tnoo rmt : t I ' rto : h. ;: tc, . 'eeaahly to the praotrtnfo pto 'ha., ,, i f0 Witnoet mt hntotnl 1toolto"ot o",'' this ---oty of 1 Jao.,AD A 13, thetooto year ofot!oto iI'o .o ',1 0:n01 o00l 0, Unted Stalen of Ateri . OtCTAV+ T: Pt tt :;S I.' , p ; JOt o, a Noot -t] 0r.0ti0e ot fie brt of Do',oit o end dieo . corpreitt"no ino rt' t itrootto I (.lr ft.\ cent and enact thcoro t , 'a tn . . po- J., ,.' , i. 0 -r r, 'l t p-epario_ sptritott ..t.o... ro'o ct"o , oo ;o ,, to 'b "' " f r oa te, a n d oth er ftv i' a e n r), "". 1 p f,.: . ' ^e , r . " I, af 1e oal enui r to t tft l o't r, 0 :01 oi'tit . an d ant ofthe not rolto. lt" tri .......ti f:,.: -, ;,,; O : t :atoa- , m mt. the f+ettt o,, , , abs'lo"', ,t. oo % , to ' a. ,t i r'!o Vi I a.nt,,,w,- ic h in pe o"t: t , ento 1t 'i t ' r-0 "r.,:" al(" s.'' n - byPaterJo noeo ,rentirey 2i+o^' u " i' I " ro "'.1 a tri T -- nius rqltilitnfcor ,,'too n t 0,1Io.o'o.+t i t" l ah , I bioooi J t r e t's 9 ale by a .is o.t- I totn 'ett'O4'l edf ' or, :. t 0U'h.. ttio',o NEW PUBLICATIONS. Tales of mr AReighborhood, by til atthor of "The Collegians," il "2 Jvot. Agc. i Serle, by ho aulthor of "' he th iress," in two vohunes, Elemens ofl ternacoonrl Lan, with ft Sketen of tile Ilistorv of the S etnce, by lienry \Vh-atoon, L . iD. .4 Practical Treatise ou Locotnolire Eigiaes itpon Roil Iiayo; a work intended to show tihe Cortructton, the mode ot actilg, nod thel ei.,ct of tloee engines in c reuvc;ing heavy loads; to give tie mt an; of actait. in, of an o pettiofn of the lol, aod tihe reoult it will roduce tnder various cireulltll.oltc. .i il diferelt lo calities; to determine the quantit of' fuel nI d twaterit will require; to fix the proporltiolll which ought to he doptd inl the construction of all engine, to mIake n swer raly intended purpose, etc.: with practicnl tables, giving at once the roesult of the forlmul , Iboulded upon a great Lmany new experimnts, O ad on a larec scale, i a daily praetice on the Liverpool tand Manotchester Roaiwav, with manll ditileollt en.lOle andUl eoiderable Straiins o'fearriages, to which is added an appendix, show ,- win, thle expense of convey i,. "oo,'s by I 'lcolotive englllnes oil raai roads, by Chcv. 17 11 (. d l'annlbollr. Just rteecied and fotrsale by WV I1 'KRAN, sl3 C(orner of (mp anld Commolln streets. -! E'Iff1ii,.i CiT1YEi\t .h'i't\iNS, t IE&COI.It-IC S1L TIONS., of T Coleridge. Lonln;,.moark* , or Old Times in the New "eorWld;,c tn-7 ": 7 m 3 of the Uniiorm E"dition of l'ahlointt s ot trk t Co!,mn, on: th,. ^li.,ioaus Slate o1" lhe Coluntry. ,- Whale Fishery; being Nos `iii aud 27 of the BolJs and Girls Library. Jhaitt r.eceived by .112 C 11 IltINCIROPT I I Ccote st. S.it1 1',11N .It 1l.R(h A1' i" N -.V NOI) IL, i. J I:tll/in .te Reefer, by the autlhor or Poter Simple in 2 vols. Scokottinaos, or a Winter at Schltss ITlinficld in Lowoer Stvla, by Captaiu Basil IHll, Royal Navy, I. It Lortd Rol.ln, a romnaneer, b Allan C'tuninoghamit l vol. .tShepo:t-rd loee, writt,.n btv himseilf, i 2 vols. -1 ('tntpendins 7listoro - f hf ll/y, translated from the t-,itinal Italian, bi Nathaniel Greene, in 1 vol. for rotn' No. 7t of liBeper's Eamily Librjrl . Vols. 1 & l of the new cotmplte anld uliform edition of liat shiltlon looe'n rIr'ltoilrs. N Dtt-; rt's f-rieh tatel foglish Lietioaot-ny. L Tolotar's Teo'R thLta f lolthre,"s Iey tt o Telemaoqo e. lol taro's F1oechl Cotlloliol l' hrases. tolohtr's FPreoh e lob/len acd Key.' .Itetiryo folrt Clr t (ls toot. Colbu,' Firso Lessons ot- .rt/,,rmetir Duicolooft atl .o.olo 's (oinpl/re Treanlise on the moot/e art of Distillalionoa r R elioeatin, new editio, true-ontrd atd reoti btl o.tiy . t Sherida. itho-. Itco- o-of oulaotcer's Riro thfe Last of t he ]'rib und lre "t Jit torceived and fir sale oby tv . tMoKEAN, n8! Corner of ('n t lld C(otllon its. iptIn l,T ON' l. l\RADIE OIeST', ithb illustratiout t111 ti N Joh, I t I'tin. l indtn.-1 ltt-nnttst of Bortn; or portraits of the prin .p:l i rnale tearacters i Lo lldl Iront'sn Potmn. En itavd lifmn orifiltol pointinogs by temit trtists, witi extract, illutht-ting each somicet. tFinder's olhli eo, illutlrthtontsof thoe Bible, consist inc of views of lihe most remareik:lltie citces IoontionedI intllid ()Oltltnd Neov TIestlaments, ifrm tllolshed drawings, ttioti frfot-ottl Coot- e i]oet het tlro kt- l o1l tide spot. Ileath's (altt- o- f llrit entri t-tot s. The Galoletyot fitlMtrn lititi -t.trt-t-t. Tie Sitringtof eoir ol n rnleoltion of tirst rate tcero iiro. tllhstrathon oltl:e I'oes of tile Alp,hy whllich It-.!y conl nniellln$ W"lt Ftrltl(eoI oowoitoot lotlan Ger ot ani. Oiy \Villinm ltro kdooi-u- .1 R. SO.. I tmember of The sAnll r Smot otnr, i ith ilhlst-tliont. A Garlan. of I.ovoe, wreathed tcl pleasantt flowers, S :l.r 11 i t i the t i tf lt-le iiolt l Plensv. 'i:,r's Juvenile Scrap-Briok. lit, Ber-ronard Bat- Th,6 cttnootvof Mmslitill life. By Robert Itodsley ettol ottetiohor ioi a i." Cololn's .\nltv of iolonocholy. The Look of Ct-otes. 'The Po.t's .id Artists of Great lBitain. ldiotd by S. C. - lho . Th' tlt-otoie oif otore. RV ti, it. \Voibthi. Tt a Intld by J.It IClaroe, 1, A V2 ols.i J It IrtCoitveod aiid for sill ie not iiOTI('IIKISt l & C(), 4 Chartres tl. .IF 1El so,;l rilers tiav: -lteivrl ld e rerci lt- 'rt t-o Slo id eotler flt- it le Iototlt ll irl Olll o illl V nllals I ites ;ls tttineo t-ttl 'in tol, Fall straid do rtfhiot I whall e eil d .s tonlitl oils of teillr tll l 'lolollo to d, rolt l t lrhtsn lolt o'tntttllfrilr ttoottoie oooo oiolts gIlil t ot- , 01 l i dies, T'allw Il tie:Wel ('hn'lllnl e, Spliilh i mnll hoe o%, soft shell <.lll ltilll 'iio ind Ilir e Stilt8 1 rl' ,1 t s 'frro Ir ei'li ole, Ponoee sl Ildlhkf's, rich nll,'rnio 7-t I 1 bIihck , sl ,,tin.% 7-8,it t -d-4 tottoott (otot-tt , ilotn-tl'ol o nh, inhr].ot, suo rior Bats'it brott shertioti s, looi', ductk t , o a o:l fit ), tt orl t ot seasonale 'irl i,, tits andl( She--0 ases: arasols nI t unhorehto , ric, th allitels an00d In tO' t t 1100i00. to t. t IIRtIGF, VOSt S. Co 1i%- 'lobnaie St fr I I-1N.NO('?TZ.' IXIPiVID ) " I )tI ON 01' 1)1 'uner (iolulrni th' e. A rimioni r f th,. I li~Anvr or Rori It anT I Tut ITli trv, il ngiTI, rat1i iiT v oT f T l eni T T l TTT IITmllTTTt IoTTTT TTh'T-T'T.h w iTThl ,he wo 'T, T \lanaltrf, lalli.+ tia nd i ll A~li lA tiguiti,' <f the l oalllwll tll hl i n o l IIInN ' .I1I.TI T T'l'llln' diit(i T Ih ( 'old il"' TI stT 'I TTITT ililllllll til, 'ii ,, t llhe Iva il Ii of . llii (;:TlT T IItoth he lr, d '; h (f tieol'TO ,1, 11 ilh it (' c Ollll'l t)' 1 haraI+ u. 1_I1 1 h lllt. \V jilh i i fll( f "Iii ri TIlln , ITT t1 h tTTlT I IT ii," TTTi. r h TT, l 'It ITI; nnl l Itv t 'r ' t il Tif l Tble iti T Tl - Stie,', tan IIIr Wll iil{rutll," of" thleln. Anl oatilhlr of "iT''T<T,,i'tT.,,n' I,' ult ,th-r- o, .\Russ ons; lo r an J an 1 " h - P erell l \a r 1 . it n : l ct lit lll \,th ill i uliT i l l iT T tllT) rI el nllt.; t inf :n t he d rlit i' ofIhr Etstronot litT i till T'I1 ti"e in t T c r II s'a: t IiIthr. .n TJu't r,'T ' id .ud r 'salt by \V 1 J I',l IETN, " 'ror : ('tant i'oITl omn m'o n i st ' th i , 1NT I I'O tjL , it nll, in 2 ti S"I'TirItitw,'" N'. i" ' voli, n , i I7,, " 1r .tr(rrr./r,'s o/l'a ( T 'a/T,'a u i T sarth T of TIorse, (++Til- l l',ern / t'#+ ilr +.llrl+ ,r h N s n lll+ ]'.'t'+ c ii,'l mll brine iTlr'.d"T Il" II b t' t h tt, i TI l I 'n1' IT ciT, hI rhuolt l " it'i n. tiu al " col. In # I I.i+ II l Tr" l 4l.ti,;, f t ll )lp l o f . ,ler c - lTir ll, : Il ioc. , Ih.Ur. . fll l ,tlll O a ud l ivonia, t xI h ' hll 21·, t'hi ,ti , sk InT T ,I o f thi' ' i/ e w ITT ,'1 w Ilia h",. 1 esI m.nlker of' 'a'ur111r''- Aim ut "T ' I, aIrr ir, " o t h .rc ic LaTd TiTeli I Cn ; e t i ri 1 r+ l1 p l'a t 1'il i' ivo - er, nl a! ,yI l i b<t: a l il l the Arci i r)'/an, inl l ye ar; lllll;i i) I:,I:II ant 11:35, h N .i I nIll. , i. , an n(+ itit l " O th expedition, n .hlut d Td f '"ITa'"lt I \' 11 .I'IiI'.AN, t u'.l s · ' -i[ 'lil, I ( illllll TI th iiTi * -i-. i+A TO'I'A ' l7 'ami Sir,, I, h'i... ..s i'-'id i ll I .ol r l I l .v i t t i Il,=' ',lw w ,'h•, TTT T 1 ITT. T.Ik, TTTTT ei,TiT ti TT:"I T TT 'iiil ~ iTTllli: i-ll ' il'o 'I'TiTTT'TTTC € 'l .'l ) I" )P.: 'n i , -il ,''T'll. I II, i T TTT'T,'rn.;itl 0IiT "l O TI T:Ti'I, S ihlt,' 11tlei,,,, w ar '_' i-ki,/um l,,¢ t,:l , ".t d.e i.nad t s ' t- (:I Itp t,; I TTT'T' I t ' ^ ,TI"' di"T T IL T 'TT ii Tb ".i I :I' a I T ! " ' I i i it t s tl , : " 1 , ilTl' , Ickl.' ll+ r -'1t I lr d II otnil t•i b Ira T' ,: 'T (Io lllTT tTlT TTTr. T T i T T tl~l tl ; (',ltc'it \Viihiun· , 1) h.t V ,>r< The i , r.,u-' It" t vlelr : Th:,.Spy; w\ it' IR, It!TT IhTTT liT ' li-T I.T ITTlTI alil, TT TTT' i lali" 5 ';:l ill ' i, ;' T11 1i i TTT (rilTT ('l V ',l r lil _; ' iT e TT ll' \ ('.ii"": ' 1hI h It Tlt i Rt iIi - Iht ';: 'TTTTTl T',h 1 ITT. 'llc lh T o Ti' I Toi '; IT a to- ' il T I (il' ( I 1iTT'. TTITT I I Tf l T Ii il - It. ntt A', ' 'lI; I' -h'' TT T 'ThT IT i " A IT I TT 1';1,n: , l :tWl i(h ll AlTi -, TTT I .' i, I_, .e d I,.' I- \," ! h'ex IIra i d i ,t S , h, " l lTl 'TTl 1:; M"i lh S :,it TTI ,: I I ', l- ITTT, '111' 1 ' TlTT T TTITil TTTT" (ITT'Td IITTT; ITTTTTTT' Ii" 'T i l:, 11il 11a- l -; Ill 'T . lir T tl i K II . TiT loT 1" i hII ~aii I E cIlli.r it i, i !lii " 1 Th .\iwri,,.n is j 'II ; I T l llTT s; ] 'drIk lTln'llhl'; il I 'lh T T llTIh IIin l + h ; \u u.TT l li,''. I' ' I .:T liT ' IT , p 1 i 'T T I . hT NXX I .lTTTTT '' i" e 'Till \V' c,'II: ir~on I' llh, Illaair v O I,'ardoa; ":t~t and \\ei'1'he Th (asn t Other 'Tl'h ; c ', " b.,li l/ r nhl, t l i ; 7ll st i: The '' Alle 'i'To ITTTTT ' d Iat; TIw lth ' lnd T rild,; ,h - ,. of X nuI ' p i I -ý ý l, . It.rT+ T'tI . i... n n.. iT. nI... .. f' [r 'I) 'IT t 1'u t 'ari n T );iT Toft he' T , T rT i IIi I it,'' cTTT' it t'IIllTiT:T !'T ' with th¶ ITfiIT'T TT'ITs oTT (:'T TTtT i'r i T" l r I ci T IT' 't T T 'T tOll T In t'r oll I,. t{ i n ] , , , v '' d I tT ' ' T , T,'TT ('1 i TTT nT l, i ft I 'iu I 'I 1\Vh'iTTe th in l' T sclti,, florth h TTT'TITn, iu, a il. ' at klV ll I X,, tt' iieTr h T Irl l f" iTt.-TT T'lTrT rs and I tlod "T,. It is rootn T rt are T con - iit 'r(tnih awll T ITi'nt. AT' toi riT -, ,'. rT'I'Ti'to I t J l TItsei hT d to by hit CuJtaneTCr, nit quitei r'Il.;niltl fir hi, latit ude.' tb-' t7 t b S ICIIARDS, Tobacco and Snuff manufac turer, No. 277, Cam"p ::eet, New-Orlenns, wishes to inform Ihis irteLds and the public in general, that he is now Iprepared to lintnish ano tiings, in the above buninuss, alnd has constantly for ale the SNUFFlS. Rose, G.rman Raptpee, Macahom, English Psi ,:ltegent, Amtn licna Rappee; Natseito thes, hnht.ejd, Aneritma gentleman 's, Bergtnot, Iluakent Rappee, hrish Blackgaard, St. Onmar, Cumacos, Paris, Pu.reSlp:nish, Hall coarlse Rappee, Scotelh, and genttie tooth powder. T OIIACCO. Fine ent chewing, sweet scented or plain. lFine tt smoaking, of various o nalilies. lilb-foot Viitinta, SIpanishlt e. The alovleartictes are oil warranted asg d, if ot so l perilo to any thing of the kinml imported, nd will be fnrnishcd to dealers on the mnost liberal terns.. may 4 HARDWAR E. 211 M.noZNE STREET, NEW-ORI.IE:ANS. TOSEPII KNETTL.E, & Co.-Importers of Foreign Sanld Dolestic lHardware, are receiving frntm .u rnpe and the Atlantic Cities, direct from the Mlanutac turets, on extensive assortment of Facey and llreav S lnirdne eonlprising every article in the line which they effer low. Countrv Merchants and otlers are invited to call and examine iheir stock which consists, in part, of table, butcher's, pocket, saddler's and straw knives, plated and titaania tea spoons, needles, pins, hooks and eves, shes veIs and plades, tongs, shovelt, fenders, andirons, Brit tain atl ianlpaned ware,h brshes, blank books and pa per, looking glasses, anvils, vices, screw plates, hand, sledge and unil hamlmerp, smiths bellows, American and English blister, cast, shear, German and erowley steel, plobigI mou;ds trace, ox and log clbain, weding, Louis tnn and grubbinlg Hoe, Mattocks, pick axes, corn and grass scythes, Collins, Kings andl Simmons ehoppiog axes, wrought, hborse and cut nails, crtntmt and wool cards, coffee and corn nmills,planes and plain irona,chis el gaouges, locks, sad, irons, tooks and lincce, gitns, pistols sholt, powder and liqt nrcflask·,pnr eussion caps, powder. tea, hht, rass anld bell Metal kettles, gall, knob chest, tratk and pad locks, bridle hits, stirrops, m30. -N EV- GOODS--L II Simmons & o are. ntwtt-e i ioiving from on tenrd hipa Yazoo, aedl Saratoga, andbrig CmnntIndin, froa Net'Yorke a great variety of getsa it thle line, wh.ichi together withl their, forente stcka on ,rkd, tnakles tieir anisortment ver comdote. The olltowing compose a part, viz: shell twist, curl,side, took anl dresng comnls, hor do ofall descriptions, In f lie rubber, silk and worated eloatic garter,, commnoan & finl elastic tlspenderst loco foco and Lueifer m, tchs, Seidllitez panoers,tl.oelr puotanl i ,oxestnilet towned pocket hooks atnd allets, nieedle hooks, rshel pearl, vorv Rand IIOIrOPt card cenases, head m'lamentttsplain co ral tclads, tecklaces and negligeesa, ead clhmna, bhead necukltes, amt gins and plain,seed,silver and gilt beads, ldian belds, bells antl plumesn pistol and tlargeo Iw. der flansks, slot belts, horse, belt. pocket and dueilinp pistolse; doubl and single barelled guns. Bowie knIives, and dirks, selEsors, shears, pokteetknives, guard chaitn., andl ribone, waist bhuckles, cloth, hair, tootlh, eail,cmloh, ,run)lb. soe, ,late, floor and dtasting brhshes, Col,,gne, F'lorida, lnvcndcr, rose and hay water,assorted essences, tand extracts, Maecossnr, bear, attiqe, ont \Vardl's ve geonltla Itdr oils, albsing and toilet soaps of all des criptions, ladies' antd gentltemen' desks and dressing cases, hair rieglMt, fizettltes ad braids, plain, fateny atl musical twork haxes, ilain and gilt,figrteld, coa and - vest t bItions, pearl and ivore slirt tdln shit studds, told ant silver pencil canes, tootlbpcla anti twoeeers,pltted andg ilt lockets, miniature do, silver, brass ane l teel tiimbhls, Ihooks anti eyes, hair pitts, imtitntion frultt, Iblk an s red ink shioe blacking, violins anl guitanrs, ribbel nllt lain porceassniaL caps, liein twin, scented tuth. iens, acnl and silier lace nd fringe ,latter paper, .a e bags, riding whips, walking eaos, pha,.ngeards, fi oc gold, ilatied ntt lilt jtwellv &e. ''The tinve, tontetier weith a great varnetvoefotber arti cles are olkrede at wholesnle or rnetatil o accounendatin N I Shellel combsn repairet. j s(YI- l ta M.AY, ltouse, Sign, andl Olrnnllnlttsl J Paintecs, No 3 Cat.Ondelc street, two doonars lon I e C;iltal street. I nitantions of the fillowing woods and nnmarbles,e I eeutted i:s a asntenrl' maltner . Won$DS. aAlTnHLEE. htngottty, Eg'iptan Iblack ,andl gld, Oak, (i:ll and Antico, lPolhtt'd n, Oriental or ard antihlue, t Curled do,,, Jnspr, Ctled Mapl e, " . lliMdl Stone, Ilitds Eye do, Darby (Gmoittre, S:dlnt \ oand, I'otatce, d ltdir \Vnnd, D)o, ot BIrdlello, L Colottnlnlc or Black tSilnn:l anti ltroclella, loe \\'Wnl, Amtrtical ary As, Whitt Oak, Its.S &. oe. Cuhrled Ehint, Spr'cittlns to Ie seen at the shop. Panilts, oils, gl:ss, stnl vaclnish, tle. oil hnad and lor sale. ml i AI'1V OHILEAN S N ISADDLE, & IIARNESS WAREIIOUSE, 11 of No. 30), coRNER CosTOMsIIsOSE AND CIIARTRES STS it r I us I s d er late so nr ivals from New so 'k ill pnt ddisioh f t ti t - t l h A iirsle sll ir st c k , ll ari g e a n d ti slo e isI C SO llt ll, g of Sadl-trc , o ang their supply tip j h season Iho le a oi. II te scl--omls istl g every kind an qu liti" of a ticle il their line, eoaone whit h a re ist Ladi ies' :lot d \lses' s:h.iles, 'lain :ao quilted, oliii I1 s-sib11si'- I lain, Slpalisht od C(reote A lIl o's lo l do gdo. ,hl ilIst Os, ridlA Itlhugsane aortindgaes, n 0Satd, bIdas, doo .uIII d cuoa r ns_ s s i hII e 1 tli d:. o edical 1, 2 s. cls. Itoiscs tta i Valcooiu erspet ido. Isesl- \Olbted .il ths ait ll s uls nglest Sf Cottn tdo dlo ton. g. (oI- Wor -tdll ( lllV stitsiig iwelsb. ;nt Sadlhlh-nserl. al stll.ilrrI leallhlC.S C:loh, g Ig :nid crop whlips, I./ladis'aud eLteCli.LBen'stiR Fo, S slatcd, bl:lss aln ld J o doseokeo coah :los., )- o do do gig do, lto ido dio Ikroll dle o of Cart brec htiog, collar s, btislles stlli :;lis, IlAnok sod ktmi e hL es, I S Ca Ilrlless ollllL l Skirting-- hane ss Ii baorod l tle,, [B i sdle aol top do. rin lo oroco, d, I tl, t oep and hog skiins, J I ITor blAla cs:lll d crrV colllns, Tigs the A h I: s IsrI e Ag so tioer..ct of Iolaedi si'is sot1 ci- steel Iile bits, Soltl o Oleausl I stirll )S, Sotirs 'c, of Ili, tci ow lml.3 litsio. Also, .in. pi oAighrids fKin-'s i ,l' i , of :9,i1i olte, si. rzes,juSt rO cell.v! t Io ' fIle l ml l ne t:r," our5-:t lsnlihld, CoIn . all of , hil.thc y Ollirat whol esale nl r.tal it rti lowest p ics, tlllll oo ter , to siltr I II III'Is'to .0 o s o oiso toustorst "e l'l'hv will nla.l cOlltllle to recch'e ttndt llg, uh th(e- rl. ih b~I I : psackets tlroi New York, fiels spples oot goo ds A ils soi tt' ID.iscjistior, ili th eir iIe of business. 5-1 SMITI, HIU tD &S Co. t" C. II BANCROFT. 1il IIOI,1'sAIt' AND 1iii1'AII. I)EALEF t, io i.t ihAok Sslntio :iorsy, h"iet l h isoturte, Is "lo-e) te. Alrticles, tu. No. t4Cnm ) street, kt:tis co+stnlla - on O: h l sssS1 o N libesltl ir oat of k i th tn Ittl k Ihf K , L apis0oollt s I 'lr rd,,,n, h89 I r d kyhives, l'l"hI> P( ;,s, D Iek dI n r :d an o Iockt dlockss 4 . s, s o i n oe l is i teioo b , I 's u si 'si, sl , h stplolor( b Its ra i do do vdo fore ' I crlellini t t trl Portal e w.iiog eookst, o olored do ih~resittg cass ,s, I issokit ost It Ii 1to Si~s lit( inksi k bltck als Ise, tl, ' tl'iA, e 0o Dmllible To of i \ llsi do ttk I fDoutltr, black and 'e,1 Pin t ing; C: Co llyig l o ti S\i,'iosn ,o Saiisgt \Wasx jA IAhis . do WaIer st t, ihtik ('lckso Css d Ito (to B s, 1 '): :ds, rl'o :i Slales, rS ilols tf Iss. list :Itpsr iso 1110 I).' 1sids ilo ot S -IonI oo (Zoitl of +le t'I t q lit Ii Cless men olld toairts s S'e' . PenI, " g:l'k mmltollno O d.o t-o-lus ot:lits l Iot I)ou:ioeS, o , IP tent ll1il ' abbrl.,t (:it.... 1ts tlinkv 'o )i'so ,tctl ts p s, (i I lll issstit s Il nng1l,,.o s ois.sto Glotl , I I. -dies Ioiic.y oo:ssttili ss. t ssli, ,hnes' Ac;.atlmiel n Sa I f cs,ttist (o.hlstsrP lled P fcil Pict drc osi I`:u i i', titr fiame, ot I'i s - It ofd1 ithogrsphitoPi nts, t o t Pr 0(1e 0 -le - \i C i tte Ilo" o, ti is glass I so Paintus DIes, sI'cuthl* io ,t brushes toe. oe. hitrdgett'nod do l,,o I I pIIalC. 'tight9, res Als l :1ill Is0t s e si s :s.s llofellt of s llldaodol· llll Inihell al I liss il In tlllll ns ti lit:al s ho solllts. l cl t s lf :, teloo .looin,o Pe'Iodials. Wito I:p shli::lfthe Londono lp, ihurgh, For (ign ad Q u : 'l e r li l I riws . s t Litchll' i .\h tcum isof Fo oe d fo Literatore Sciet e and bo JO!IIN ON'i Medical Cirurgical Review, lhe Ale fir. rirktn ,lridt , hfl New York Mlirror, \W llies.r sPlec! 11151nzill OW Ih" R epublic ofl.eter>, Parho s os[n gazinod e. bindeo y I I bi llls k book Iis llltsfill:lr i;iol eonnee03, Froo 3 IKI:REsL' Lol\I, -. sosonr . 7l bl'hl. IOckern, ii. |, ^ onti 3. t o l hailsaorels maockeral, n os A und l1sosIto ll'. Itov Tfl O 5OllO fiet lulfmbfer, th letill.g f'on bri linglf o qnnl l for sa-o,I v J7 s'Pr.rsON, AVEIY & CO. ! " O I'REtR'S Siehnce ofPenmanslip received, and d clip   tIor soleo t~lwir permanent Writingh : cntlelo( e sios ip, No. ( ihntresps reet, Nepgo Orlsaoi. 189 l rltfthuayp h 0ve If i Ils artilll: ll [3 {,,icn^, fle rI). I -\ ooya cnrers, a d i schooll nod1II is cnleclllat ed f'or porsonno f l tn J es. I l t di~sii -e11 nw lre invitedhto call rn eoa ond ine Ike the sy,'Stem fo~r theois o1, es. I.essons anr' given nt a ell holtt~e ni mra y llhit the 1.'o-elen of fill, anl to classes forloed itl al n port l avi; i."tI who prerr in eao recive lessorn, ar tlheirown cnk', fel'-l, s pnrin- fir one ' rsre of l'ssons are lesirecd I~neh t h, ntleud until Ike} u flt rln ~e1l fi1 Ibev wi 1'. "1\V T) Rc;.A S--lanndiug fron barque Dm-o , ,36 eacr' wilin ]e torn" andboy', tkip pegged brntgnn ; Il)ldo Ruosestt tine o .,o fr nnEgrocs, for solo by I BRIDGE &Co. ne~a' fr 77 13,1 Magazine a I. t SIMMONS & CO, ar ntaw rceivuta lion . e onboardshil, Orleans, Eagle, Ilighlein er, I'oker ,\oI ry Andrew, FrenCh nod Gernt t p ad .h gattmontt Itords' Cltccnmatt,'21I-4 tttd "2 3.-itl Itt Ii liard Balls; 8,9, 10 and 1'2 inch blade Boawi. lKnive: SLent ecr anti oiler tra~clllt g l~res+ia,. (+.anna; Rellt. Pocket, linentatt' t antI, anl )tlling l'intleS dontle ant .inllett barrellt lGtttt; Gamnte Btd Jhot t le;h'tl odr't and istol Flasks; Drm)t Bottles and Drinkil C' ap" Petre. lion Capn and Cup Itohleur (tItli, Iluilt, o; nad Nail B'ashtee; Gtts etrd Cieinlor Tooth Waslk lTooth I'owtler; Toilet and Slhaving Snoaps, ia greatta rrletv; Ilml Ilalir Braids, Ringlets'alnd F~rizctltte; Perlr anfd IT'ileti Pnowd; Etitery ltn-n; Iory 'l'hb (shios: Patent Slides or Garter.;i Gnla El:Iatic Ssltendtlers" Powder l'ulltlk and Boxes; Gilt Chains, Seals andl .eys; Ear-drops; Waist lBuckles; racelets; liBend Nechklters and Chaino; Gilt anId Siivtretl lCead'; ldiann ltalds, BUells and Plunes' Shell T'wit; Side and Dressitlc Combs; which, in adndition to their t'rmer stock oi hand, makes their assortlllent very eolplete, anll will be sld low and onliberal terms, at the sigll of the iGohlt'u Cooh. j25-tf 71) Chartres strreet. 4 IIXlltt SAt AND l.t 'Alt. itittlAstl "VAII'LTY STORII(E, 1o. IS Camp street.a dtler Hishot's IIotel--'lThe sutsnltcribers .tt , tv o .alS at tleir new stanlt , iiln extninsive asnsortment ott etIt~Is their line, comrising everyc variety of Comnlbs, tre es, SPertfiloier, l.ookiotg lsscs, Cards .al t I 'ge I inltte' of Faiy a:rticles. lhn followin. c t laprrt a tlesclriltion: CO.IilS-lTortoisend Brazilian hi,.ht top itctt, to ald carved; do. do. twist, Irng, netk, oafi. silde, pote 1.anl dressier, ivorn antI horn; fite i"lh, deaessir anu tocketonor ll.s t redlig amt n. 'ms; woode t.Iressing, fine tooth nol pocnktooo.a., I'EI.FUMEIIY--A general asslt,,l1eat of French and Amerlic n P'erfliunery, consistionk , .,I lgne wrte: in bottles, of all shlapes and siz( t is; lils eL,,, Ftlt.i,, , rose, oranige, emn, lessanune, eetrto. *~_lldlerlllrs, a tc.; t.tlev soaps olfever lesctliltion; Ima:cSD.aR , ntiqhn I, .'tt vteitlable hair oil anlln at.lin ttluid; chlorine tooI . wash, earloticand cthloriai deta triliet; scettedettd plain d toailet powoolre; ttttatt tlteston saltl tCetr. gltUSllS--Cottpr'iaitg a grtat ntt.'iety of clathl, halr ht, fsh, It s,tll nailot, sh5atving, )lte, hest fine and pilin dusltig, stwecionr g, clulllb ilrllltlllue SIselrblindg Snllwhite wash, Ilnsen shoe aldt o tl'n'lc's sotil tlltg, )tnlillt anllll lllish blatsles at llit l ssi ani ti l glaill Sing tonlis ot' all sizes. SLOOKING GLASSES-Coomprisong gdlt 'tmes tof variius sizes, 5,:1, % nd 1 I draw t(,iletra tGernllllll statBia, S 'toiler all t pookct lass, mltea l tlitg l tlrlots, ete. I PI4AYIlt (_:.tlilS--Rttglc, lhr- 8th, t nrrne m S ighlallder, Spi Ganlt en, Fc.Ita: actlnhlite btck Plt - ing Canls. IAN(CY ANI) VAIIlETY AII''ICI.IES-A sAle t rior asslrtlent of ltrtabll deskslr I:laies' :tit glltle Illell's drsshlg cas s and ladiles' work boxes; athne box os of o,'atl'tttt tlraniptltta, ttiltll n Ihh, tile f it ?e:l. a(nd (..llrl'itlfls' ell'is; lrocket blookls( at al so' ltl; 6lt~)11l+ lers, insie-leoxes, letad petncils, lel'otlls, ir;lins, beda It£>,s filal iltl'se, ntal amsortlllltrllt 111" I~l~a+c heads+a Jllllc.ior· qt ditv b ilia 'dl b Ills, I :s e b ~ek .ll; boloc, shlirt, VISt~ ll awtid suspenler buttolns; earl I attns atte shirt slLtttt t twzor stro ps; elps mlachllles fol ereatill, light; Spanllish and melce sr'gatrs; nconllLntt Paris, ;':p.ta andlh St. h sIanufifls; all assnrtlnlt of Ilaitl al srll canlles; back. glltllOn I oari s tline, illltcjy 'scretnlls, onits, tews i l:a als, hrmooicls, Insitor t atchtes, pts l edles, IereUssio s tad, si tir l ittet tct alnos; thinll s Iille i a Ilnllllsotloe asslttnt l ofsett gttrttt itt et lltt l tt la rg, v: ' t. ty nf other rtltrhts, all of awlialh will lIe sohla it . 1o prices, for eash or cuty na:cellt:atoes. _na_ 4 IlF+S I)'I, CANGE S\'AIN'S CONCENTRtATH)......... 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