Newspaper of True American, March 21, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated March 21, 1837 Page 3
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A CARD. W ILLIAM A. DUCAY, olffer Ir his se, ies to suger PIanite.s o. lhin new mode of r.ecifi,. saugr, helieving ittoa tn rpaos any improv ,att n ver kow u Ie ,,ore in this statin, or in any oIl ar pjle, atuloilg it whlite, -"thad anyreaitifed .onfaSugar:-lle fals sure couli dent in Iti Chesomnical opprations, since e Ias succeed ed in giving thle utmost sati+itclion to tlhos.o ge which Ihave e mplo yed him. Rifti'r To: N. & J. DICK, & Co. STEV.EN HENDEIRSON, EIsq. SAMUEtl. M'CuTCEON, sQ . JJ IEtas Ol'CTrcut:oN, Isq. J.oa -D. \W'ItlSa , & (,. p. F. For further particulars, apply to E A Cohen " & Co. No. 1611 Mo:gazine strea t. nil GAR-80 bibls. Vinegar in store, and lrnoi V nlso, landin fromn schr. Itob Roy, 500 sacks airl - J. P. 11. VEST, 61 Povdroas street. ý,l1Ill0 bNla Nnwan tar sale by l AIL TIIIOII';(IN o Ct,. ml 71 Cn up -t. asaw and for sale by tlG DCoElr, marl 41 New Iavce. -I M E.-60+0 -.oThoo;santsn limetn, lndig frto t Sschooner Wil, Lnvta, for st Ctle by marl S&J P' WHITNEY,8Conti at. LT AI.:l3 - cks n loadig0n0 and lor ule ly m sarl REAI) & lAIRSTI)W,(;7 Graier et. p ICF:-U cuakn frio, I n ooo tool brig ' iI .l man, for sale by marl 8 Coi a. BE_1NS---27 is fo-snl- by marl A II WALlACE & Co. Bank Alley. BEEF-11 casks oimnkd Iiof in stare., for wilet') B ine! C. IIVO'l' & PA11010, 12 lotdr ns t. --ACON---S.les, shloulders, oaoluot, in stores1.a 1 for sale by ItIVO & PA '., annrl 121 loydra st. IIISKL"'-S E Ltbln rattild w isey ud. rt stao .r St Lao'oent, aoil fnt attle bity snarl tIltIV( il' & PAIUE, l 1 oylras a. -IULK PORK.-20 oan bulk teark, alfnt, atdl for s maley GRIViTI' & I'AI1t",, marl '2 lPovdrnll st )ACIN-Sidtan '.10 eaokt, htding 1tat Hn D Wanrsaw, fAr sale lby ( I)OLSFEY, m l 4 New Leveoe. s'rol - OIL--In bitlas std htll blls, for sale by . m " G 1)O(,IORoEY, 41 New Lever. !iii0i ) iO ls in f's sratarte order, put up exptItl I o fr plan ion use, t,r s:alet I" f28 T. t. HYDEI & IIROT' IIER. I OAP--300| boxes No. IJames itultd's braud, Ilnd- I Asin from harque Mant, fo, r sale Il tt Sf3 1:SA..\-C JIl DGE & t . T 1 IE-840 cOaks lime, just recelivd, Ild will be J.L sold low if applied for inletasdistelt'. ftoo JOSEPII COICKA` -, ) 2 G ravier st, O1T 1100 MS2-10- l 0 dIt. jit r-eivd a d fir J saleby J.. 1 IEN & A COII0E, feb1O 90 Cmmnts street. -iUILK PORK-80 000 toantla bulk tork, lalditg Sfrom steamer len arv (loy, ll s ii i ale Iv t22 51.O0 & B 'i>tNE. 15. tehth i(ttnhttl tot. 'Iii t :-3s tlt! aboa. atalrtinc flut t anding Irons steamera innaisi , a rn fior alebla f°S J..1. 1I1iO I)X1 II.I & Co, C( 6 t lnenzi"r tt. f1 S. CG. IIANC II\RI), 3:3 G1rv ier st [iEL-ii[i.1-iO0-bilIns Bakrltr's 0oltr, ftraale by ' f(28 A. II. WVALL. . &1 Co, Bank Alhty. J 300 whiits oak hoons, landint g frotl brig Grandt 'I Tfork, for sale ly t28 S. & J.P. VIIITIIHEY,8 Cotia t. H lTlItIf:S-i00 --nilwhoa let bils, N,; I, I:nst Sort herrinsa , ai prime article, and suitablel Ibr plnnartion u.,' f;r side Iv P27 BOtgEIL l'& I I 0WllIORN, 27 Gravir st I.EAR l)ORK<--10 he.ce Iof 1011 p. sunds eur'h, tl,' r ) aides as l t g p f eXttsa oa t rst l I•tiat \ts St Indi(itIl ikel landing frum steamer Adr tie f, ('hcua , fi s oly IO IIl.' IIA I\V'TIIIIN, by27 iat -telt. I. SIM 1. M C ave ,laisjto,'taken it o 1 e.partnera hilp Iaatn Il ettos, t t' ll o ereatende e coduc d nder tt, e fimr;n f inlllllton ll. IlarEtt Co. ,lar t&Co. I. II. SIM1MONS, 111RAM IIA.T, '. ; l. 'I' ,YLOIt -, If tse late irm, its re sloatllstsott 1ttl s f t it 1N -, o ll. t. TAYIlls)R. I J New Orleans, 1Oarch I. 11337.1 is SW1 mL . m ll0ll'.11' ,1Net.e. -INCINN'AT. I B 13 li la0i n0g tIl)lls ' steamerArkalltss , l at Ifitl: I ht 4 ( I3 I' &" AME .I N.( It, 1 Co ttaerc ýtt BA 'Te owlner c1 n l urt s it bl" c llinr nt tie OIulis" ary n.lile , at lthe court holus, o Ls II n Itl' l 'Smaytng expenst's. C Jmi t rt ttI' t tt Z13n-, y ..l , 1 ar 1 11V " 1ar r 1 t '". t # I ." Ihor, llti a 'k tolat ( ntot, brua I, hi pieta' ./id qartsl, received u"d for an .>,'.'ly -+'s' mi ...t ' - 1tfrtt --t s;lit ing of !lauls s i sllst sb1 molderi , ill slol'or illnll . o.r aole by OG.ItIT .& II VTItllItNt ble for the \Vesl Ilal iu nliltrk,"l, ill sil tlr anal fior' solle -v 12613.It 0II. & . Wl.W TI 11" N, A 111 I 63 Grnvicr t. a j+ ) I perst atlt tlt tttt 'tyo f-lt' 2'.5-.. 15 0-I' rl; o, - NI w Nt L nl J e Pror urti lle, lauldi ig fro -.r ' 'r qu= ta, and by ab .!1'1' & \MEUN :;, l 17i n .o lllnloll' alrn C nIet ut , si sd for sale ly -L- I' 1 i, , t1 , A 13 IIEIlRMANN, 1110 0IIS&(. .t UNIO)ŽllsoRiAllNIE 5011'-NY -N rins and River Riikt, tss Its pgat'tlt I' ltilo of I:"- i ngaandl po issiory notets. t listtl s'taills,', no ttl Custas * .Il-tf ' IIlVWAPU \ARRY, )1i0...... - IE-M c, l I'IaRF-Rl, l l'.0'i 'IT t . N1) A Ilt'1 ' INl. nIA(GAZhIN'--N-,.5 fi OJnuarv I'f37. Ju.sti ' eived, and ready for delivery to suhs,.,ihersIby 0\V IL:IIAM MtIo.'EAN, i m17 Corner tf tnlp nodlll Comnlll 'a. ME---CA.NI'l'lRF ItES''L'l A.l) SPlolT' ING MAGAZINE; Volumes l & 7, s omnllllelt lild und. For sale by W01. MaclKAN, sia7 Cornr ofCantlp stlln Cttitltile . aato OI'lY righllarrslts rowed lout, an ss ,r ..atat I fsr sale by J. 21. BLROAI)WEIA CO. 3 .t.0 m I7 - aillttnguzte street. NE . unldred nd tinrd rItrrP- l. frls Cort lnal, foI sale by J1. M. BItROAI)\VLi & CO. L nlln 66 Magazine street. \WENTY aTlf barrels motter snd wstoI r Cracker=, in store, for sale by J. Ai. BlOAI)\VI. , ('o m17 foi6 lmn g hle st0r1 et. IWENrY barrelso 1tt ril Tlia l Io J. .1. BROADWEIJA & 6'O. sm il _ 66 7tloraz hl slt'ectr NEhsunldrd bnrrels rectitted Whioo, b-cvtot ro-ooiol for saler by J.'i. IBROADWEL & CO. * m1t 66 Magazine street. OAP--20 I i oxes Ilston No I sao., of prilic .Ilolity juost r rceived per ark Jane, and for sOl, by m173t JOS. D. LOTHiROP, 38 Lb re st ACON-170 casks, half cnasks, and quarter casks assorted BacoS, in sntoe, and for sao by 16 JULIUS VAIIRIN, 9.6 Poydras st. IIISKEY-3-100 btarrels and halfLbarrels WIIt itl store, nolt flor saltr to rol7 JULIUS I AIRIN, 26 Poydras LAX SEED-72 casks Flax reedl, laoeding fr o steamer Louisisna, ad fortsale bhv t7 JIJI.[ilS VAI RINi, 26 Poydras ot. RAZI RJ' COPI'IER-6011 shoeets 30i by 60, 10, 11 oand 12 Ib sheetol, it store nod for sale bl nil J. D. IEIEN,&, A. COIII":N, 9U Common street. .E.-l5 Hertoes Sew 0 i e iln stor, end lllr sale by WILCOX, ANDiERSON & CO, il 7 21, Camplll stioct. A3I1I.Y SII .-50 hbl. i supteior nier, with brine, 4 half barrels ditto. For o!e by 17 ;. JOIINSON,92 Cooli at. tOT'rON EWEtDtOIL-) sks cotton sd nio, for sale by J. 'llIA VEIL & (O. n17 ?74 Pooloas street, ALLItV CANDLES--n booes Tallow Cattdlos. landing front bark Jane, for sale by miV J. THAYER & CO. 74 Pordras st. AON & LAKD.-80 casks Cincinnati li)aked Bacon, and 190 hogs Lard. Just recsived und for by J. TIIAYER & (CO. oml7 74 P'ydorao. st. INCINNATi leonc & I.ard, 31 dos. h s, t 2 Itibds. Sidesr, 16 hhdt. Stonhldters, 301 kegs Lard, ' Ing from stenmer Itondollt , and fior sole by 7r tLOO & BYRILNE. 153 Tchouplitoulaot Fs. ('OPYIoIti PRESSES. OPYING I'Rt.S R S--Oftthe mosrt npprved manufuctoeid br lfob't lne untod Co. Iso, Notarial PSan Presses, Irte nttd snl.ll sizes. IIOT'CHIlKIS & Co. 24 Choartrc. ttPIEiirIN, ZINC, snod StIEIT IRON titkN UFACTIORY.:1o he subscriber kreps ro.nsrirntlv l nda la ienll assortsnenit f tin ware, whicl will old los for cash or cltv accepttances. lso, coer' rorof wilt coapler, tin oor, on r0aor terms. Gutthers lnol rnnllltdn l to r mad anti pot Ot. .-tt ~ SA~MUEl. E k IP, orntcr of -"f m P,,d'i ..... 1'rlhonolitotlna sts. NASHVILLE RAIL itOAD COMPIA.NY, Felo. 1817. soo rtsrd, Thttthe Presidoln o aootlsooriocoto mrolo I tn hte Stnrkoildors for no, inrstnsaott of' fia" ott PEre sore, pnyble on I0 sr'th doy of Atpril noet, Sl o Arsne of the 6t1t section of th r charter. Exsoan t front them iiinltaes of ther Ilonrrd. A R Ml'NA II, Serc'. dn parsanore of tehe froronint resolunto n tl.osc sk dcr. are hercly rcqunsled to' makn pamnlcnt at the etof tohe oompsaoy in the city of New ttrloans, 01f65 each shanre of sttoosk resprlrrtiyel held Iby thcnl on the Ih day of April nexto, ntd tltoat in otefumit Itercof, tire II on which tihe roin is duoe :r'ill h forfitred.. Sl} I \1' IIOTFW i ,j P,-tidea'. F 'orpl tlhe Inte'sor. ORt CLiNINNA II le 1 o'c 3'.ocl, lP r fei3lht ur pnl+ae p lyOlliy ol ard, i : to J. +ll. BILO.X1I\VId L & CO. I!0 6 31i ,3hl3llZ3e P"3re3t. el I'1"+oi'3333i Fi IlIIt r u iA ,I I:hi dr1u,,h I'sagP', 1p3l 3 3y ol Iul lrd, at Jio 'tr1 et ' vwha, or to ell . I i'J' & 1I' GE, Inet,'~ th int. at 10 A a0. 1For I3..' o mof f eght i r 'vsu g', 331333 oil 3.333, 333p33333 ('a'33e lmo: ra. o -r' to ... .. i' lt 'I' &, IIA+. I I . Out, 'f9 .44 The i2 , P. .NEJi.. . 1I J- - A HI, F7 Po>. ld&o,,, s......... I, r 7 i' ,n h rawh l t( lar e, I auid l otitf he, r asuge" bral o 'n I'ioard, I m'i3o , L t ,Ol boar do, o J 1.Ot 111'5l lF ' li 37 J'r 0 , (33333nd 1 ('tlr/, d1,r3'iad"g. -, Tt mh t r\ i7 , h iu n, r 1 5tE IE ,v. :'.:v. 34v' v' en'r7 13333 nu31333 l a spat3 Pr r e new curilrl fasit r) Oilug o;rileal tl a e.e IIa ':tl) , 04 t i on i '3d isl. i 1,' ... .... . ' l k, . i ,, freig h r r it: o pas ~r , h, l y fo Iardior aFro m i111'0 r , ,14i t I rl a vi l s '13Tn ,w t FiiIrast tioiho i t niv . l I l a'n, iw 1r l ,e t ' et i .t'or1 Seg ll O age, rh Io a o P4O. BLO . d L 01 ,I0I I DTI , I & oll. 1 OUTH, AND ALL INT1lt I. iLITve - 3 rei'-+t c ,reight, anl will have de'+md ron h. ap lly on (.11111e"1 1 i'a tom Il an ) eill ,1str -et, or to A J EO. &lCA. ^---l--I-( It N IL S, Ii At NI AL l' TON.: - 1 le to ic'r r 3n.1 a Itriae tt 0a r I. l l ot 51:1. 1 io , anr l r laster , ill ing FIL' l le abo" bs.l .t- tivit - o'cloclli, 1'. Al. Slplperl will SIppleas hIav IIrll bilJlsi t Io i'litl I hdIaII and Ilh(y nvll ci 011TIIYI'T,' LFl 0VI,;NCY l C u 17 _l J V- ..II . . 2. (i l, ,,r s.3 ' r elt. F lt 'ISi' I.3l) !,' & FI. I,1T1".l'li. . .. .. : t r'" , The mtu n dh f ir s tu r ti'mh, siu I n ' o f f .e ,i,,l .,.,,t or pa..... . 1ig s plen d i, a.. . ..., 3I3' 3lil333.' 3ll3 lh33I3 i'l'll, 4 vNo'3 ckll, c Itt . "A3 ' "'ii 33 333333 ie 1 o rl ptl no , a, ti will p -li ler v ta at 0ht Ui333 I,333 AN"'I) 3313', INT33I'ImE IT to 7 J:\ ill lt I It. t iFil.t t i 'tll', Ii ll Iu i ltll r', 1 OiL \ICKS1I IRi, (4I1,NI) GUI 1, l11 l1+1V14- .' 0 .l i till . e-.i i\it N!) Alt J Po ll t ll lillx i 5 TI11: T 117 an, ao o l, , c2 3,.133 l,'._-r',v -, Iii ; i;37 l; u F tt ma1 e10 'I " 1' di3,1 F-e, l:.ateh, for l':ligh11 i F i- , ap ill. llt i Fn t I11 ' l3 lt I' 1 . I .\N l AI.' I(lO. lills si t1. 1 I, or to I "( 1: 31 ,I I ('.11I .'. I m 10oi I m I'. a GH'l s, FOIRt : l'llI t:1l.. :'1'i/\, I. 1 Ii.; |'1o CIVIII t:1 I,;'+.: 1I t~t( . 1111t3'I N AT F III, 1I 7C. I& l"llli \ Ii ( Fl itt III F Jl - ..ý 'J;~_ °-~1 I'3 1 ', '3 +\-131 1 O: I I) I ll I , Vr hl . I nN- i o'tlnc1, I'. 11. Ioyl 1,,,ht or: lis3333 3 0 11 aptli O33 Io F 3333t3 'I'3i3' 3 (' . ('3 3 , u I 3 3 IN ll N.F.iI 111131 ~ -0133 l 'it f 'IX 3 ' 3l3'3I3 , I :3 1 A' F)l I '1'1 , 333'i N n3.333.'+33 333 33333333 333'3t. FUI, CI \(;IN LN ATI A\i 1131111 Fl (1"I'lI . J f'"-' -,3 lc3lhh l 'll',o D4\V3 I F/F'". t :.:'.a.... +: ll I 3. ' 3 ,. ')3nl 'l , 3l3.l 3dt1r, 333 1l33 I3l,3 .,' or I3 3 "3,3 1. 3 A . II 11\II 3.I: 3,,I , 333. \oil3". m3 I 5, i 1i 0 ii I l - ckxii I I 1 & )I NN .ll. t .i-, ill e -i Iv t rci ,T -_:-Iv , N'..,11111 l , \ , . &a, tlc I:ii i, l dT l.: l' on ISuns Ii, a I .tth ·-ls t l't at Ilitl f: l. ,]. .O.\. Fo I rt fr i tilt r:l-ho ,' a hait mon W e +u " ni tai t' l, - -j m dI l II, t,1 l oe I' i liI ll. il-ll ,t i' i t. t1l+2 2 III S& Int I' I \+, \i, T .IYI N ' I t.II, tltNtI ,-sI t t L I. I TI. iLt I II . IIIl l i-. l i V II III' J1t11 III IIIi . .l l : Il2+ .,. . . - NI I .II1 :. ' ..... I ,I ...2.2,.- . 1o bo2 ll oi ltt lII lt ll II Ill mus't ' sV, i., Par, u rV\ra.T , Ft l t17( \,III I I IL .1(1 & I-t .I A1 1 A ll 1: 1 7, & CommT sXXlANI . .. . ..I lIoX pl ii o'. iOUIN. NN . . JOlH 1-II +iRlll l AM, it\I + i I N ^,F.-T· :.":+ .+ .om,,,, o,, ,he ,, ...... . .... ..l p eIi l v;(l et ; l + it l llh.ulot l + r,< polls oil (O fi ~l ;ly nI tlll nI ll I'i"I (ii X "' ,ilt N i id iiIt. n .It11i J.II ' IIA & Y E. & CI I 7 1 I . ',iraL .I. l I .' 1'.- 1 1)01 l ANit m.nI"' O . h St and ndid I i blt oat Tt ( S , . o A iC . RY . .... -l- .V-a... wnili leave i ol the 1 1 V, Ills old, Th t'l d 1 I "1.12 ll(, 2 d F I'rr'hll or it asI il' ,lii lilt' O bon 11 itti or to J_ 1iS2L v l AitII. ", otI.'. i g. 122 7 12. Cl' l iS iii ttt.K i lT, or - rE 3i2-iLil 13 P1113 INo s srl. 1N. SIl. l''hr St. CaF .illa p rll' n. isLr s h bvillc, t na r lill 'tr d Ih tit lt prli es lchich fi tla e tbeond c atohmred by 1 h1 " fIt Loa t xi' ill e2lll I i lIta. tfobh a ,lktn li1IIN11 71, t 1r t ll ith .1 A12 71 I.2 S TIT 12'It E I I 11 IrI X', 1 Xl , e itt oi. t 1e The- ";.~ e .--. ow Thlner i I n l:a iv- .ilhll ir .rb n l.t d t havllti l he l td v the 4retai~ u Hon v prevI os tlll d",i. dal.tgeil t ill r.ntei i ;otinnreld l t irh y flhE 'ltl hin Iwt cn allylra e an mt h .re , ; t i.,e t ii+or l to 11 1 IN It. (iA..lA , riII ol l 1 T hotlhi itI lt, nuungord"er In lutAIeohly ntoir'oglnnioeailrs h1o21t e fill 'I t ., i-. t il.l NA, A \tlt T'fail. n st2i r i ll t cl0ck. oI"lr freio t of tlt iwoi, to 'on (ha lv O fro itlN nppl Il TU bnWlytI l 't 1''1,1 & L iATE .I1'C I r ws Ollser rin l r t. or J 112 1111 0 I.t\I\tE l l, & C. sllC. h oder fi l 12 t Roltozie anst. Ilit to, ,)tI I., ere "For Norlheil Ports. EmsfA-l l" y1 4n 1 F-, The fn t m-il i . ff I 1", b ig fKi. MO,] "l - ,apt T ahl uta , t.11 [Il tl ulk of lo .l 1 bb01 r xfo0 . 1 il iI I( ,L1, 93 Com olo st FU lt NI\ l ' '.hh ii, . ' I'r. 15 f I, n 1,f . , f a o ), t (I ll III 1 >f :lN f II. l 1, If ( fi" l l; tli IiN lk fill01' 501' 99 o s, r fil o c p or 1"1 il) 7'J .re nol n ' , T.'.. follr sailing sIl['ho r TGHSOSN CTU . i ;l lc FI rll a I in, aI ofu ,, oO, rhbn tCIfli 'lfl o l, t h r g r I er rg r h, ,fwfcf 1: f "I Ill a.alll o ill T N |1 , n t t i. e l :.U 11 1 11 0s,. or loo 1 T..... . I.. .. d k, 'by , II, \i i1 I'11', I , f C m . .Irt. htL. S )n'ier, 'oltlIf f 'o,1 r, 0 aff t '11 t1.1* ofI e f-f1 l f', 11 h o. , I, f , ". o17 f & '" .\\'IIIT v o nl'y , R.l (onlilt. fl f l,' otl'-'ff.ffn fo foyplf , her fofg f . Il di-ive I1rf' . .u.Ff . .. ;frf If ') r ,ic i ., -- ... 1n h lc t fll f ..v v , Ia oo c l T W.N - l. f fei01' 11 o vbrl, 1.11 9 o. f, ' ,• Sil 'T Ill II 7Lrn , II l l u. i i. '31 nid ] . .,U-l--- 1 111 ;S 1 17 i 1i . 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