Newspaper of True American, March 23, 1837, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated March 23, 1837 Page 1
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k~~~~- tlt p.º,ýq3:r' ý y.t .... . `9 ý A/'i i ý ý . ý a~ct. La .ý»G't ý atq aj nrR;"'p awý ' s,... ., _________________,__ 'N 1V ORLEANS T URtSDAY MORNING, MARCH 2S, 1337. ..' ... , 'os of/tlc ,riospor idorros o.Vcfr ,. ..c,,si .-poprtblecr-EAMi on th 1e 1. of M.orcc, LJIi. Wboebsripiotn'w.- clwelv doiltlrs foe r'he'ohil. zper hi m; .lIll,'OllCae semnCi-olyall( all ndtui) ' eni ols for to tri-wt.dIv couidtry palle.i, pto nble.on inf .s .....ncr, whr u city elmreue is vr.en. No yuole0 riptiiu will to dientinuid catir erroetrru are i Idd ese o disco.tritiithlr, oine week's notice, in ff.iing, hins hte iuvnri'-ly given, previous to the oxtiio of ntllie rip Mol. adaerheling .-tOI ditoalir ler square for the flert in oeriltln, ed.a, f tlhnt prite Ir ct:h lo oultseqittne ; or ab y t e at 1 ' 1 l rn t i n f r o m t h e t r ig in :t l a v e r t ism e m e n t will b .arghei s a n,'nv n1c. ye arlc Aioerciser.--ar hants n-c l Tra . ders forty ntlnki 'fo isma/on aoe, n aosn y tfr oainh lu. ali io 'tUtioon, fiifty dollhtr in English onlty, So eighty far t langnnoges. Ship oad _teotnbo t- fo.htlo's fr coum il sl etorhhaclont', sixty dtIllarc in olonglllh lonf, and oirhtv fta'ltw. lanttaages. - 7fiinLages obtitary olien, and ricle rit/inc ' thloAttd ion of tha putlice to sat pofl ercri cards o l ingot, henroits ne. &e. will b.te aior;e o Intrdo Lpor qomueort fAno the flrt inPorrtihnl b each I anLagn-e. -b C om m unieC ai ss or A dvertiso em eaots l n n -¥ iio n r nature, whoa nioissaltble, sholl be celhrgodl doouflt and A-AOlelution ofoa'oin'-fi'e per iont. nill Ib madel to Aueti opers, s .crifio, nRe itter if \rll/b, and Marsh:ls on enta 0t roel cstate, ptblishedl in botht Ingoon.e; and 50 petrcooL. iu Eong-lt LioAe, IU per oeit,. bh calUca e other 'lro rlety. u A'Aitio/lsOrlunt of tile di/ee.t lIlte of touoinorns e t yrly o adreo tisre, rt/su ch a leg, nt nntlti, lnai dIi-taite tion files o rolaway e, etes strav aiotc, &e. "&e. will bh tgei ensd frrartely iand nitthe/ i iorr'ateo. lc 00ll 0 o lcost opecifed assI tlicte will be pu) lise [t t te mon th.oiad e atorccd accordi ngly. in onrcloe, niotels ft idii i/'.vi/iito si/ertlntit or pay meo t .nrn tte d li a er. o n.ii/h' i r- p e tn i tons l . Thb fea an iothdr plcee of emu+omi ent, n/vertlalns daily foth te eason,. t h elgd de lalts fbr Iin glisb lo oneiad 1,0 dtilnlrs in i/ilth cIntgoo to o 1 allo. niinemmrits of can;lhcltes fdr political o fClicec shlll be chaoTet dnnble tile pric of other ai v ertis-.. ' SiAto the iatio3ro1no let r5taiiitd byttCoi 3psr prlprletolr, they ihave iolPo tc ihe ed..chtsiou, tIht lit: of persons whlc e aeo ont l havo ne t been taio within nob' month ti/cr .re'biintlt,l sia ll to tied hui6h6, (so far as practicablc) to erich other, I/hey ol/i. ktiong themsloves not to adverltise or prier Itr suel delinqutents, unless i easer ofa lrnuee pnyyeocls. (.Signcd) J C I0 .le r WtO. ll/K, ."J C L'E DEr n ,lSr, HO1S A 11i1TIN, Seekly Press,--We, tle Iid.rgerined. 0.gree. to nhide sriht above cnnditions, Its ftri s they are applcable to weeo pal, Iers. (SiIgnedl) A IS .AWRENCI/, SS t No suleriptions :e tnikrc lhn ' hsshan i hontls t .e'l et. t m t e' r s iu ll cflo ,s hlot no'.t ai , "l hl CIANALS ndt IfAll. IttIl)S-Scp/of ie U inil l tos sf.Sltuite, si . thf: prelpctl hUni mrtling f <lleike na coitolltnout rmult; .tl Wi/ch :ore cieo h t litsoicc' ti onilts f'rtm one loor to looiilnite; alm, thei t l.-s o -olliy onit ilted from the hoii st mi, iire., It,, S .ntien.t - aJilLchell 1Lt. JLst r.ccived wll oIf,' tirle uy W i W M\V .I Nll I'tl. A\', 020 rmi . rlrll· r·,lop s1rtr enl.ol.* l.. . r EXAS-A /isit to.; 'c;- ,.i the o !ot ..... / l L trovellor tltr,-tt ; i I',. parts moil ntft. oiting to Americ:tut atlicl/lr, i tith desci riptiotls e s:e y, eal, cto. It..tit/cal oniioiiStit iOti l of I/l.- fr state i f Ctil c/ il+l \lIp of Teoro:, n'l'ti parts of tie i llh ';,lill tCte t" S tF ALitht, eln. 1833. A laop of 'I aciss, lt Hltll ot l Ir, ed 1t SI, .i1 M eieo sot m es,, hc .lo1 l ,iini poiblishc"i by Lc ,\ gistus Mitchfell, tI.lo Jast i oaired aud f r ch WM. t .t'IKA \N tI 1Er o0 () V A So. HOUSIE, SitN AND) iI1N.\\I 1 T1'.\I, P.\AIN'Ilh, 58 Ca:llli st, tlel/lly ntliltt ttii .\ cltir en'll T'hc:,trc. MIO N 1f 1 I fl - -r r E5s : ( 'Tle o 'UI4 .Y b t i ti " , s hi s f 'ut i t i l e s e t iii n de in gem Meicd, th:1,t hi r l" kev :dl wdeto i t Ion t ltve Ih.:.tit'h... ill t t h ',t h iit t llI n :t l )I l t't:lrr t tCo·mpn Ih. , will :il . a, e oiler te ill lilac Ic r :len'. :1.! ).11,1, al ,t/.ic tl:aii, illlnill till :a \\'n -."t i.o\ , 1+, tin/ toe late ic t : sIat i of i.c,; c IaIr rr .c, i ilts ,itT It.i lot1 i ' Pol'ooiH tlil blybl S retr. tlt littl't hit rti er.l,[ :1l1 h ;l o. o adi n ty. 11dV B ) )/1i.:-' ora 1. ,,t,, :t tale of the ers gent tialci, i nes to. l:, by 'I' i a I.'a na Pahitlieg.tia P+/ la'to/r i/a it/w Sdli t.t u r. pce. fae Ato'es on ihac. le. by t saouther of P ht,,, n,,'.S;I. Aleiuir of (.ioro.c It T I.eeo, with traits at the tea Gilbert do cGere, by thy author of Saingan isd IDo Also n a hei spllyv f Onr in n Thclnesslid,lr It/i day/ of lth nri o loatre, by tile aoildr of rI ihlitt, &aIe jer st r leived by C H IACiL/tl)FT, tailli It c ant tx. i Engllaed, b the autlhorof"A ioltr iu Spaino" i;n vou mes. " Noble Deedotof Waonen, in vole. The YImng Wife'o Iook, a manoal of mioral, rcli gloomus andm domnctie dtties. SJuot reeiver l nlforensal by WM. M'IKE.\N, tan 97 corner of fCnl nnd tl'(onnnoll .ta. Nifor tale,lial.uii; frin.t /i//i 0hi/ni/cc ino, , tn-c, too npplcton 4-4 brtwn oIhceilc., Isit holes in reah truot pit op for the Mexicni ma:lr :irl;c/7. keg. BIIi1)tt Ihot Coolnpn Nailt, well iloio',ied'n0il;iaeo scwert 00)an0i'l .uouhtte, 10lsnll bxncas acoch, II cases osuller clo0th ng, eo nlopris'toi 1 goodl sssortuiemlt of lirt, painitloJooa o/ktts, .c 1't11)m;i-; V/) ;, &- (t.i, NIEW FUILFITI'LI. WAtL 1V1i.1 aI . . No 46 CnxUitTaS 'ST. [1 1 subscribcrao it - nor ontel ig a ctopl,/teo .o-t. moa /felegant and ul fi' 1 ftrniitiire- it/ii i thely lave jat recrrivd /y t ic arrirval ofohip i Sertonga, oAr konsts and " i/ais/ippi, rooml Nci York l, econ'i-tiir i/ poat ofride honrds i ofvnrinvr . , ltterts, wil/h Iclmti /ti and Italian mtrbl' tops, centre tobles of every dmlerip. /ion ond queolitv, nnrdlrobea of vari/ai; patl0nr, srerr. tnrt and hookm c'smos Inlie' Frr. t.hnltltt t lal , tl letiburenu, ca reci.,n' diniaig Peotoke.r,rdl.n.dld In dieso' work talls, pine do. also, a feo- Imi sid'on!l- will Egpyptialla mltble tt.p, a nw in ad bceutifill arti. dle. A romplcte asrortmont of t)ofca A iargeend eonlplel rssorltlent if laohoganyf in .pl, ruosewood, furSv and cillenelot rh firs, ali,oann, coelking do covered wictb phith, I) ti/ nndl funurrd Ioil e.oth, togethe- with a coopl/ite 0s0 rtlment oiatel arli, ,alo.s aroaslaolly fountl inoi trallr esthblihllloaut, toe lomsle of whicah will be sold on i"omla/ls tcer lt for ap proved paper cr eash. Thel pblic are rcapecclully imn:itid to cull anl examo iqe the teck, N B Goods poakeld at shairtaoti/e i cind ncrdor fin shipping. f /i C II (lIANLT &eo IJ'bY tiOlJli-lI s--ivr iseiecs'eslur d sliiseser ."-L prins-s; 10 isiles "l'ruete.. istn'qsed tliigs, lii bales Osfrsd .1-: ti:kirgs ; l e-s h tie Pitt-burg cord.l-i ; I eae shevy llck ireotliiing' lanuessins suns lsrs p Jol aslhiisianeld for sule by '1 Ct ('ASli & Co, i10 No' 11l (:oilol-et rjiii. Subsr.lshex, iporter ii'ispsss([essl.,l ill Foreign n' l )omes5tie lt55r -, h::It stn bhotl +n extensivr. stosk ssf53hedihi, liermi', nel Amnui a g.oesl., tcnibncing greot vaiiety, coistsslieg i lit . al ollows: Anvils, common imittiol i;d genuin-e mmdsehole; smith vices, black anld lbright t-ei; ts-- e hains, cnm mson, liued sutll hlighls; hoes, 'issliot, I.sisitur, grub and cotton; Etnklilsh sad A sish.n sseile iro.s; Ing ansI sirts hrevile frsit lss; rasised pllate, hoot lIl imnl all oithier kindls of iinges; pit, iill, huil, lptael, tenw and s ict saws; ri, closet, pali , cuiphoui and it:nk 'locks; Amseerie:n silver plated frtoi inilt!: aul ssliig, lnsloor do; round .sald flat sling-, s.ti iht, iand nekerd shutte er and dinslr bolt; lilt, pit, sill, si il cross col s.w files; ship carpenlter's and ohllher -Ugu.s black, bright ani Iltent ens sttcl socker- lnul li-ner chiscls; galutmes ill sizes; ksisres :, i forks in setts i d dozcts; great e:i sieties shoe, cooik, InuthhIr, rssig, l dwihg knives; ncket Hil dirk intlerv, in t .ic t rill ilt -ards, large. and small scissors, inile's 'tl sis'; l she's; conenisis andl fie .saers; ca5n55'oh rjIpsnlesl, iitsiht a'll fire piilislnylasteel seueli-rel; highi:i lit Inst m-ie,, brassuear dilntiths; plet-s, britannia, it eo, tss ioi table spoon, flint ald prcussion ges lucks; auriserev aerl nieslh wse-aches, powder horns, li-skb, shot belss, aeme lsngse etcI. eatpentter's iarses, esiers, isachel-s, hamslers, etc.I -n.tlai hands uln pins, icom ode nobs, &e. night N.; Miilk, blases and s~pstes letihes, ciperts frees, use-, iowel, !l dzes., etc. smiths hellows. lm, c tinesc ogs oio Iscakis nt i'm-lis.I thl Amllie'e p.lles ;u(d s-hove-., long a oriel sho ,les; "omeum cat, shet iron and ipa teit metal tens k-iless, pItent wcit l ill enmsns rolito, kasil-weo0 liaeds nll mshsers, infier :il w'le i'oi,. grihiles kiiuU sv lLu,:usjkrewwo eviic screwstIvih srverws , iateli stirtIps ,l hits, hltss as ,l silver s :li eailrlnnnitis li-s5; v, ts c ilss isskl siacl isur i e Csliss lIena's (sv-s'er's et-'a civ, htsse-isrehes, stocks andsdies, horse r-sps, plai es, sipss , ssmlss- ssi -ns isnss, assdisi-s, Looks, hbasIs, sprigs, ploughis aisl isgh mli.thls, ca est inlfitlrn'oimast-l, sik, slsills, slates, jlii sssel tia u' watttlds win-e, sieves corn mills L. spailes, Isrlel Isems. rope, bed osrls, ploitugh llies, icieking :uc, clitl ailhtemtlsisile, iaws.ers, pcne.iht ilndines i scles, ýllu tiotnlssrltles,clut naiiils , ih slot, i!insrs.aoid hilnilets", llteilcr, wiith a gisat vnsri.ty of nlh'lr s nlc huel-'- m t tlsoratle. VW it (:CitAWVlFl)i, :t:nent Nsi. In' \'issr Is-cer. - , -tr- - - - - SiO.8t:ONg' PAT'rENT cOrl' 1ON GIN; whsclhhsn '--Ulshania sinf'lssifnl opsensitioi toe vrs'vcel days, utem 4--*-9Jaliastl.Ose Im0 O It n.' .ik, avu-n, and fromsv i6 p m will be cntv.iu-d it thld sams holurs, till ss Tnit onwpten issoperatices will he cno ed. t i pi tu of beinr t i ' l Ie-,!c " arm p p.=sp a FOR NIW, YFiORK. (Louisiana and New York Line of Packets.) SOrleai s lld C oerk ron every- other :,endul , noounlecniag on tile 2tht April at d o. inos r tlhe sulectest puurtality in their time of sailing, thie lin-will herea'tr conlist of six shllps, vi: Ship YAZOO, Captain Eldridge, to I~sso uolre zta April.' MtISSISSIPPI, Captain Robinson, to leave on 5th tMay. Suhip SHAKSPEARE, Captain Collins, to leave on 2311 .tlay. Ship VICKSEBURG, Captain Woodhouse, to leave onr Gtl, J uuc. Ship LOUISVILL..E, Cptaiu Palmer, toleave oa 20th Jane. 3dSi IIUNTSVILLE, Captain. Palmer to leave on [Vl" The above chips are all new, of the first class, Sopperedndsd copper itontdl, and ouwardsls of 500 tons Neurthoh, atr of light draoghit of wnater, being, Ibliht in New York expresrly for the trade. The price of pns .age fixed at onehandtred dollitrs; their cabins are htted. u, on the most itnprord and convenient plan, & finished in a neat and clrgant style. Amtnle stores of the first quality, will'be provildll anad evrry regaird hadto to th Seoonili'rt 'ld lentire cotio'.rtioo of passengers, lwho will pleae takt -notle that Io berth can bIe cellred uatil paidl ftr at the oilire of the coneittrees. 'Tohese packets are ronunnlded by captains well ex Sipe'rienced i the troal, who;will give verr attlntion and lexeret ahlrh: 't ere o aotomloUdate. Tlhey will at all lien he tIIwed uI htrd dwh tthh Mi sisshjppi tv lrstl-r oto, and the strctoest punctuality observed in the timte of tlinr. - The owners of these ships will not be responsilble for any letter parcel or tlacktro, rsent by or ptt utm ohorl of thelo, ntr, ato.rgrlar ill f lading be signod therefrir, at t0et countinlg ouseo f the agoits or owners. For further parilar,py & A. COHN to . . . D. nETr . & A. COIIEN$ April 11 No. 77 Canal strulet. FOR NEW YOltRK.--(Naw Line of PacketsJ. il' ARKASAC. S. e s, co er, .li. tlttt .. il Felr;lrv r22. Slhit NASIIVItII, J. lathboln, oomngander, 513 ntoin, to satil March 7tlt. Ihip KENT'P'CKaY,-Jolm Bunker',earntinde', 029 tons, to sail March lesr. Ship ORLEANS, M. S. Senrs, cotmmander, 599"ton to suil April4th. Sbhip AIABAMA, C. C. Berry, commtadfor, 471 tonas, to sail Jnltarv L6,i. Ship SARATOtiA, V. Hathaway, commander, 542 rioa, to sail Ma la d. 'I'lTe ships of'ttis line will sail punctuaolly from New r)rleans Otnd New York, every secornd MondI. thlrough onut the season. Th'ey are..ll of the first class, etoppr fastenerd and rup)tlrul,o ant were Suilt in New York expressly for 'IThw tIre leoutltletdetd Iby "* xperiincred Inon, dhruv a light draft of twtcr, toul will at all tilmnas he tuvdr ulp and down t thl Mlississippi by strtnlboats.. Their ne It comnorel dtiillur flr pasveloers are very sitrerolr. T'lhe owlerr o1 tireae ships trill not be rsliponsille tIhro any lIstter, parcel or lpackeur ', ent by or pt on boardt of tirermumnlles..n regltlP bhill of lading be signed there-' lir, at the countintg lholle of the aorenI or rowners. Th rll te oi' .pa.esaois txeit at $70; no wilrA or liquor furnished oe bhoard. nFor f:rniht or .,e, tuNlyIo BOGERT' &'h.A WTILORN, fHO No. f1 iraytuer etret. ri nd afc thi ial,tllc fullw Ing rai , rl eight and ,pa .+ vr ill b. . - I ' d, viz: C'tsksr Clarc $. GO 1 t'urieid cods, at 15 centsi ncr fittt Ca.tir:., $10 ler tin n. 200llb. ifa, p-r Icl, $1 " i, Corn, pcr b.Ahnl, 18 3- I. Dats, pIer do e. aogino,i 50c. pcr piece of.di yards Rope, 51il. pr 0lb5. Ke.: of Lard, per kv7 20c. Keen of IBltter, p:.r kcc Bec. Keg Bar ic.ra,l, $1 fl0 eacl Pils of riquor, $17 5 eactl Cottic pcr ba( t 1-iI ltc..h iltpr lear[ $12 5tl,.l.1p e:ch $1 ling:-. $2 (Colin I'air.age $11. icrcvi'at- $G. lDeck c sno e $ti It will Io necerl'v ifor ihippllrc s give at thi e titan of teittil their i rdlers, the i mark o Oll cn.i i lc ua naon is posihle, so that i goods canc properly bm d-ivred. in case bills lading do not nrrvre lt the Fine t 11e. A'itis, .l Poydas istrout New OIrlena,t D1Ce.. 0. 1 :; NillI)T;I I ;.S 1 L' , 1' ,AllLr1IL L.. A ..I.ll.: . ++. . '. t r . .. . ,ij rr -+ =+r ;, T Iiiiiho ia ie l cId o IIour iblondiic l 0lallllr Uo er 1 , Crec,, IMastcr MAZEi i't-' Sutton, !.L. ')) t8i Couilton, " i SU)i'1 I AI,\IdAlIA, Allh'ihi IThe aloore oatst are fit td lp rexipreilyc for thle trl e, and aonlllllnlllded y able nlil orperievcc1 seamtnen, In olnoqnlellte o i the very iihellraucht tif iho above bouts, they are enabled to tllke ptcs-rcre. Clovieecint. cly Imsener e.scpeo ile anntIoyalce of seat sicknll, it tindat oni the iutcc ic rctntc , T i i. strictest atteintion paid to the comfort olfpl; A II lutcliutl Clinellti llsn een iluic tit tlh Floctiolo ine by whiei passeingfer:. blIoott ToalhohtsCe, SiNcw tiork, PhI'ladilitca iric Nofitk, who di li I e the delayit of sta lilln i in l1oile ":11 hie ctra'tirrei to the Watcalitin, anil iiosce' Iiet.llro;g fI IoCn Pene'o, byc tih eIcllltllunan to till mail aunt; ntlirdilla grealr ccolinolndaiious to Ieor sosl t,avellitn northwards, nl.l partie. of p:'cstlre who -any wi.h tlo visit ti. hicalthy city ofi'tnsnooa. Thi liil taimts Iilve thI Inbk coil of tiiti ail ran rad nmldionelv after the anrrimal of-the half past tw,-oll o'iclk crd, and Mnhile at II A !lt For freight ai.r ac P.- Ke apiiv to 'rTItl'NE &f R'l,:tK\VLT'II, hAv¢'nts. 18 and 89 New I.eve, N I)rleans; aue 19 - o. 1 itiJItUICl, Moble. N. I". Pacansniers ov rile tibove line Ia,'e thle pre relee in cnil hioc lemi i Mobile. Dimii r wvilLlie eivn ion boari thle lboiti at three o'clock I'. It. 1lite ouboe ouito 'ill rccoive and lanid p)assengeIrs tit al 11ti 1VnaiinogLiil lrvtcig';o ic ' o r.iii ace I f11l .lucaovoo. Mlsc~cccanv; No 3, contniining ,Lege~dfl Ioie Co ngoest of.(ipain. By thie autlhor of lthe clcl SIth B rook.' 'Tur: LIFI: "f .iG;clle lVistiiiiigti; in Latin pr.ime. J3y Fracini Glass, A. Ml. of Ohio. Kditdl by lJ N Icy .IACK I)xNro's iSong Book; cariliini,.g n selection cl ahmt twl lhodunhd snobs, .Iunll uof which al. new. Iilab.k d lw ylnipl. N. If \:1 t.i',c ii'iei.. Til lusliitel b)y th. ev R t. Pllicr, .1,. A. 'rehet oiaiI l Nor ici. ., In 3 ,im 1io.ii hbehg Nos 1',i 1l' cul 17 iof 'Harpel s Cli-ciaolt Libroii' .I'siirccise I n lilllfitr sale ib at \1 \I'KtiaN, wry `2 ear of er:n l l 001n1 as II".'alNrW'--VOllRli-,llemioirs of cehlhnliIl y Comaileirs; Iy .IPR I . eliisi"lsq . niloltiir i i ciiy I.idclelieut, l. arteltoni, lThe ipsoy,, &C.; iI Nits to CrIoi or, Quipst Quirks, AInecdotes an il Fi eit- I eiiXi-lt Imull (ciifiil;r te.,hiol.ii; tiy ithioii tlnr nr I.'aceti ( :.lmabilflen sis .( e, . Phillips no Itai(ine,.te, t I i . Jcsihieiiited lld for sinl' byI \ 1 M'K lN, c .ALF oF A nP itsl c As~ . By W illiama II. liar "\\' t rli\e exceidlilng Iaiilo iun-the u au-luaiciit of the ttn.lllip"ii' i -S Ts 'm un oIIi III . .\ P.iaInIar:I to ithe lIJl; comprising reeo= leltillons, sketches mid re.ll etionls, nucle storing:i tour Iin the Et, i In iL-3 Iir Alfise lIe iIa mtartiie. Al iilber of the h"lro'nrh "\c:lenla . 2 tol . 'rte. F|n:ti; in I't hlad; being a sequtl to Ithe "B'mlge a ilyinc in P ticii '. l ' i ro n the ic u gtr, : "ubor fl tl:e 'l'wl u nol os' I" t li o,'jet.. c. Cle. "Si u ns atmeriC leeIrpuodkt mIu lj.Etsa,) "\'iciunus ' :ilys. IIOTCFKIIIISS , co, nct °i7 1 Cloiui-at s rucnet ILATI Pltdlh.lC.T'IONc. rFITAli PRINCtIPLES OF FII E TRlADE, hills Strated i. a series of sllort anil f:lniliar Essays, ociiuillly publi'med in to e "U... ominrt of thie Consitu CIlOBBETT'I"'S E(.GACY 'I'O P.ARtONý i-r have the clergc.y of thm cstablisheld charchn mi cquiralqle righl to tIle lilthcs, or to lany otiher thin called chultlrch pro lerty, gireater than thii di=ci.ntersi hlavie to'the siill i anld oti!llt thelr,ci o oought theillt tcutuo ble it salaraitionc of the church lifm the stat ?--in six latters, adtreCb d to thle church par'sons ceerally, ilncluding the catlhedlral :ua!d colh.'ec eIcr.r .nd the bislhops, with a dedication to 1jluolilllctl Isi.hlop of L(udo'.n; liy \'il'. Cuihliuct, M. P. 'fLIE'.E'l. WORKS OF JERIMYI T.HI N ERCHCIANT'S A SSISTANT, or .elrcantile Instrlutor, containlng a full acellinit of thel niouleys, coili· wei.llts catol moiares of the' pincil lllI radihco nintiolnh aid their colonli.; tclgether wiith their values in I. '. cclcrccit. g wcillts onl cclniactc lr eoooloaltecl foia tihc 7t1l editioni of IlcluglL i ith adlifiisc frcln tlhi works if Kelln, N.ulchroctc , , r MKelltuch, and others; Ilb Ficis JiJ. CGrnld, unltholr of ' Elcoemltary Treatise ,n ['lane and Solid iceniocirv," &-. Cc. 'rARIFI, or Mitsc of c )ut i:D , fcticn and after the ld liv of Mlarcl, 1233, until the.31st of lecciclher, of sail \enrinclusive, i all gool.h, watrcs rlnl ma.rchanldize, imported into the United Stats to' America, as as tablished by acts o ceonngrp. Just received, cul fcr salo hy \V. McKEAN, any 7 Corner Canlp and Cooaon slintrt. 19LANCY' PRINT'S-1Tflu ann rich lihlt fancy priots; 1i 50'caes comce..ii fancy do, Il ca.s blue pinls, in c l'oi n:d111 flle" ,il c im S I'c CC'.V II i 1"C). iam C: SEMOVAAL. Y1 FILLEf:Y has reproved fironl 76i (Chnrtres street t -- 76 C3anal; near l¢.Jal nod has rec·ived Lv ,"]at. arrivals, additions to the atigind staock, which aer no., alltred inll- antitire to olit pnrihasetrs Iiehlt Stino, ilnio ntand liguied. do do blk aodd colar'd. do Gro ade Pai;t, phlan d fgd. do '. do jet aufiblue blk. do Rlep Silk. planl and egd. do (GaF.c Paplinl, Il,rtnaloies., e. Ilhnicand knotted, Clhilna . ,bonuhi & English Sill Hose. 'SUlar'ioreolllhroldared, Icreo nd opernorro do do do Tlhread, Mohair, Vrst: nad tcttnm ilose - Stewarl'.oPnris laade 11 8 Glovc,l,aI owhite &. ass', -Ilk and Net iGluov, blk, whlte acnd a scted. do do and H It Gloves, long alnid. Alsor--?Tk eahe omltet. e cnsititg of French Silk and Satin tritrtd I:d al ttrimme:1 nc Oriea tao GrecianuVacc, calren, vnlroll, 'ar I Tulscan Straw t'lll:arlts, Head )leaasa \VWreatl, I'atlero, Flower o. r&c. F I ilit-Y, 7; Canil tleft. PI'lHIADEL 1'HIA AMIRItUHl. t'.IE splnallid pacrange ownro'ed to rho Phllic.l I plia SatulrdaR Courie., indues tlheeditors to om- iarner tileI tllaicaaltn nnder the above title, of a qtntu tc rlltioll olllceir lcolulnrjttlrn I, aro iont ktacn as tilhe Iarget F'nlily Nerso ajtr ill ata: United Sitte,r a it ca It.t of teort. Tal\lNit Y-Iit. TIIOl;AND st.;t SGl0I ElCtS Thre lrow (emore rteeolloy ip ctrthlee of fnrlcslein their rcaldra irtrrdr iS booi rl tie .rhot liie rater of thle dav, hntinr proveid .o hleaictnlracsauaoe Inl1, tilar ln will Ie eontcciced. Six wnuolca ctflh;o e clclnted writiagslfC nortin lltnrrcatt, ncd Pit;r'-f, of I ir. lrotok's vhnlatble fioll Eci rt,rce tht:al!¢alr otn publihlced without iotrcefering t ith it< ntw-s and miscelhtcous- rending. The COnlirier iale hu est lnll clien,.ert hamily nt-e rspper everisaued in thiscountry. contaioing artiels in lIri"rrtidre, Science and Arts;-li terna I mpro'emon,, Ariletrltnrc, j short everrvy niti.'t ,of tapirs nstclly iltroduoed iato a ltbli'e ,,piuttal.- Givinll fill accounts of sales, ,tarkets and news of tli latest dtes.c. It is published at the low price of $ r. For this amal t solt subhcribers get valliable mand e ctrtninie nnatler. eaci week renllogh to £11l common h, o ntOfk00 lpare. and eqaol to 52 vihlcal ca iyear, and w"hirh i etplatcied to le read, weeklr, by tv two Ihodred thou.annd perrple, serttcred to nil pnts ofc tel countrv fioim Maine to Floridlo, ncd firom the nobtoard t tile holoe. Its llamllItltoth tlitnensions enable its ctcerpriaill pro, prietors, MesaYrs WOODwaA iD & Ct,Iaat., of Philadel phia, to re-pnhlishl it iti cotoliimn, in ihe course oftt venr,eoveartl of thie lllOst itacrestigti new works thtt i-ai 'oe from tile Britia pr.ks: thlich cnoltctoail tcfiive Ito t in pelirancent intereact, nnd renlderitaorthycc of 'tiinc. 'o tIoct the wlelish ttBrofIre, a. stic if lthe'ir oub.e ribera as de-ire to rlave thlir iumbers blrto ,they have dctermined cil issuing anc editicon cof thc Coaurier in the quanrt foirm, which will reodt-r it nluch mura con Otnient for rcadling tighn it is boutd in a volume, and 'thus grehtly enhcltoaar i vnhin. TllE OiUARTtc R-EDITION. Under the title of the PHIIIaDELPHIA Ntmrlnon. will comnmene^ with the tublicntiol of tile rize Tale, to which was anwaled the prize of $100, Written by Misa Leslie, editor of thei splendid Annual, the T'oken,and autho ofl'Pencil Sketches nod other valuable rontrih.' tioaslto American Literature. A lareanumttilher ofasont, prcenm-, tales, &c. offered in cnmpetitinn !or the $0i1ll promiutmas, will add tvanleandl intercrt to the snceeeding numbhers, which will nlo Ire nrilthed by ta crory froet Mis Srdgewiorck, otlhor tof eps Lelie, The Iinocnorld, ,c. whose tcalents lavce been o justly andtd extensively nlpreiated, both nt hIolnr and ahrdnrld. 'hio,.n lprved I ttI.IY NEWlSPAPER is strictly nIttrtal hi reliiOtos ant political mntters, antl the unl comprolnsing opponent o ftqtaakery of every kind. In addltinn to all . favhieh the pthlishars iutend fnr fishin their patronl with a seriesi of oneraved.Maps, clllhrlcing the twenty-firv Slates of tile Uniton, re. ex hiillt the cilmation, &c. of river,, town=, mlnrcntaits, lakes, theseabnurnt, internl ilnllrovelllntts as dinan ed in-ecannl, rail rands, I&e, with other interestinc and useful f.atnuras, roades, distances, &c, folrnini r. .om tlets Allan fer eneranl tis nand informlationi, hland-otle Iv eceented, nnrl canh dclitinct mop oil n onrze qtlrttt slsit,el a tn excene whlich nctinrci bh the f ep:ndidl patrmn-e which flh si ycearn pant has been so gener. ously extended to them,, mil warrant. T'ERMS : The Philcdel phis. Satnrdlnv t 'urior is still contined in its hiee filrn, at the snill plikce as hereiflore. T'le Philatelphlia Mierrlo, bcicni a quarto chltion of the Sn turday Coricer, witthi icncreased attractions, and f'rint edt on the ile-t white fine paper, of tlle Fne lzre as the New Y rk Albion, will be put at paceinc l one hlf llthe price of th(lt vlniot jottlllnt viz: Three Dnlluracper annum, payable in adrvonc. (incIludintg thie Mon j.) WOODVARD & cI.A IlKE, S j I | t'hiia.ilt hiti . bAIttOl) & LI AIIL'S No 24 Cuisonllhouse t. Y oflkr for sale 12J pipes and (j) half lipeI ,lrd'Cnux branlY,e1nt.Ilet tondbehrr ; 10 lr cases old brmlny; 21 eiblh I eski r ,Itn.·ira winel 30 qlr crks-'iaildy M0d0n12 I0; hIll lipe 1s Port Wine; 21 baskets cln:halpnigne do;lo bx. hIn',n Ill.lva sjnt; 112 h :llts la flu cree; 80bliOh' Sr I)omingu do; 50 cernlns Cuba)l TbacLo; 1I1 Che2(l float i alien; Sacks oulit selled alonlds; 20ll bas im 'pri~al and gunpowdler toa, 13 lbs each; ilU do do i; l:i erah, 1') cl2he.t pncllong lca, 10,0 bxe No ' clleolte 110( k ":,s block min; 23 bi'le clvs; bi' dllz ncl ob , brown a:n pale 'sh'rry wine; 30 bbis pale ale 2110 roils bale ropc; 95boxes supcnor ('Cayeis t oblot ell; 7, I,1 bl No : mackere ; .tii bim'rci No I I'otonllln Ilorin.s (ine;) 90 hlids ulw2iv"es, &c. &c. 5c. .g07 _--MAt'O)TIH'aI'ACTICS FOR ''l';T ILITIA. ("1INCsLIE SYSTI'IM IOF INSTRCfICT'N NS" 45') J REG CLA' I IONS for t1i o.lihtl and Vnluntecr5 of the United StatPe, clomlplhnding the c1xerl'id ull mioverilncllt of the Il'ltlntrv, I.iht in212012r.',ilid m lill: Cln, Cavalry, and Arti;ller;ogtr with"h Ih :unIc ofdoing duty il Garrison anln in Cinp, nll the foorns el parades, reviews, al: inspections, n.sq tali2 ed by nu2 tIhor2,', l2r the gno'enrnent of th1 lieynulr Armv. Pie pareda alnd 'lante.d hv lrevet Captain S Cooper, lnid de, ud Aisi-tanlt i.lnjtA lljuanlt Genetal; nld1er h:lsler v"idon of Major General Alex. Macomb, coulnladinll thle Army of th Ie nited Statls. ORNIT'IOLO(GICAI. ill)GRAPIIY--Or, r.n ar count of the habita of the Birds of the L'aild Stlates of Alel'ica, eccolllnlli d in doescriptilon, JI ilte objecti relrc2 lea'2d I t le \Wonrk htillet " '1'th ilrLof oA ,i2' e," anI1d interspersed wihl dIInations of Amnricln ecrrv ll nlllaners; by Jllohn James Audubon,, F 1t S L & a.--Voi 3. -Just receivecd anld for sale' I c W1V McKEA7P, J.19 Corlner rif Conlrapi nCld 22C222o22 la. "1 BJOOKS--The Latws of Etiqucltc. in oll t vo Skhethel of Switzerland, by the author of the Spy, &c, 4e0, in two volulmes. Life and Designs of John A ..Iurel, and an account o Ihlls delr'tion, "fy Virgil A Stewart. Reeiveed (an) fo r SaIcI by Jvd TllO.'ltllIqS & Co, 24 Cllartres t. '11.1, \' A'rCll. Irinllo the untbhinl ral divrnf lh'i li tilsh oli,'e'. 1 tine 2'ilh'r of Cao',iish, Ietc. etcm '.blbi! uulll tiro'chn e l 2i2a1 ul t11 o1,do Illi';l!' In tlner2 voh.llll2 . Also, THE I InzRTeiHSOnOl i . ; N''nn,'1l l",ltha"iaon. l1 ,1. Orville T'il lor, I'rolessor of ['omlhu' Educhtion i" flu New Yorlk Uni\ersitry. Ihe 'e'iv'cd by 1'OTC11IKIS & 1 en, atirt 15 -i ("2-i lhlll'ir It NIlIf Token allnd Al:lti Smllenir; a jhistllrs:lll t Ne Yeals I.Prsent.t "imCtlrlri n Chlristnmas and New Ycla's Preselt. Edited ,) y . i s Ir t sli,. Rlcciheitod il lorsa:le by IIOTCIITISOS and Co, tOAl TA1 --lhtrsr hAilders, F sipl ::nIl sraul, S boant i.ll'ers, Ian lllno s Ill 2s,1t2'2v1 ilh' I'hi0 st ful atllicle at 12 I-2 cenls per hallo,) by aplllic:llin la Itleas 1ilce, UBtlg Alley. 'The miny cllecssfli experimentllc s of the lcal tar ira., icndlired it to, tlhse aaupintrd with its vadllll" prn rtllisa, nll hu al lldsle sblell Itl O ti e i S r intl iolld illCo c ibntbei', ,Iod ell rous, S; mCnixed with sharp s:m tal lieu, it mlakes4t nisxt xcelrl cent Is for tie ruton', ýecurin them fron leakage. Ti he extrerely lew pr'ie at whiht it is nw fuI nised sho,'d iml'c evrv , lanter, miiitll r uid nl lh l tni" t eIot ' a onil stant slulll l . " um SI1A-I2'2 CI211i2'Athi2Nk--A fut2rihlr sul2l2y'. ll 2 id G bi 1ily celchr lawd trine, n it!, hle:ulrn ca.l ,, se ua-r nai e In qulalit,, ll ) last rimal Il na| ll c l tipn ;e ilp '.ud it the United blaes, jurst rec.viltlv E s I 1es, 2wlho Ih:av clam'ed fr thanselves or Io wholn , has ,.e i im pulltedI by thlo rs the exe 'cise of nI n i.· ,.l p, w ar: Iby \iltia Gu loodwin, author of'Caleb WVilliamns, ,ce. .ET' IERI5S FROM THE SOUTH, by a Northern lan, lnw edition, in 2 volumes. Julst r2" ived and lou si 311 M'Ka2 2 1N, o 210127 Ciorner oIf Camp anildl CIo2 o1a2s. L dred ihoIne. b2unch riis, few hall" pipe ::iof Frecll Blrande, Evl d ppfo pllreo rd s l Ollad Gin, ld Oily J'xc5 sp1erm eanles, tll F of C0 ir "Fit"hn, ao h,- 0old N. 11 Icont anud Capper-aash will Ir iald a r a th n2il'dre 2tong old fr'taa1 1 Coppler, app2ly as aboval In l1,,NGUh t\CI"oaF F \VlOEtfS, c--TlaI oa f UaFIdrat s, illustrealt d bl colled cal l E I \nr i ws, Tilltrate O. by ol allr enra Fis na lnl'hd'sids; or Gcmsnt IF' li-wrs andll Poetry b 1ink an niph.',btical rlanlmen2 tJt of nlow2rs, wilh Lp prantrue illustrations, embellhshd with c:lt.r.d lhate.s by a ludy. a'lont'C lt-pren r: n2, the Americn, n Look onf [ an - 'rsi ):l SeAnti.lls, bIy .ie S S l&dl,. IN i.- ' if 1 t6in, h0 2t 2 18 a t oldf Coam, l noecll o , n ,,, Y . s. lIO i.NS,.OT ' NG-&'inS faom the ý thin M1nria: 50 ease.t russeat Brneans, eioll rxt's nod hens' sizns; 4 anes men's ki, pc..,'ed 'ro . 2nns; 82cus Inm2's de(ric Pnnp;_ 17 ca2es ladioo' kid, mnr"ccp allnd lastin, Slipp,'r; 1 csaes Cl,,othing, 2 'bra'i -nl a alod hr'oryr'tlol.or rule .i. .Ib Oh ~ h0) 02 \112C¶1I22 E'$12112222 Lit9.1i lIN 1iKi IINilIiAiiY.--iLhe iibhi-e :ie i-u i, spectl'nty hftiwmed that~thisi i~lo.1tl.mi% ee]' l es.Il r helnolst a ipproveld .I dalp Ill lilt :li'\latttl IMlrs ost ad..i .,bl sitiu tti ic, ii i'ii- o ulI.t hu l Sl:l!i; i , m o the iSi " .otual one mil|' I' thim M i isiilpn. -The Inuidn isIre nII oi l(-ii ci m iclci"iiusiyhi diiiiii <cc uto :pIatm:it'l CeItI, t'.n' kee"iug stp ar'ate ditl'relUlt :I:aIsse ii litie lte-t iise:i.rc- T|he. institutioi+ i+ sn mlitt wihi the -10st skilfl', hEu 'irntiVe ni le:l ic t te, sit t .cleiticiliclii nl'i.)l c i i it c ictlll:ucllctc igev. riatll'iiC Irioo mwl " h1 h b" tlemet tt f ltm two II Ice iotlclisi Ii t Sic: i. i i u-II it i i tten iti ne, ct. i - r is i tie rn i ci.iy ; i -,-ii iLi ie dill r iI i l;r I sii lsooiii i ollar. i ai il Puxiiiioliury :i, All cai i shl lllglticl oper'ationsextra'. The ril-sidcit I ih s--Nia i ilc c. l. I ew ils, t c wcoi 1,pllies inl Swil 'luhni.irm m ilt h, stitle, olrto 1-. <t A.. Ix tieIloi . i il r ts i + 'l!, \V ife ard \Vmma?'s iealy~d by" Mrs Norto:, i n liinim Coii, or "thl Whc(:lie Fii-crmian. The Ilashftiil hrishmanrth, l- xilu of I~, rinl, in 9 r.o . A Nlulrtile of r Visit ti o ti.e AnrWittn' Chiurchmeis bly nt lie iutltlllion i :n the. (Congre;;t'"iiOiio [Jlthaoi of" |Ei imai and Wlesh', hy .A..diewl.. lc1 D. 1). and Jamesc' -c i i ckt-ont i- I), hi t' viii. Notdlssiall "l'ai.l-by .I- atla E:dl, worvth, 90 vuls ".,e! iie- 1ocks cic .I t i ici i nl , jc el tiel onii ui ii - m fr n t e. v r ·iicish ,ii lllciic ii ini Stites. - c i t iiiciciliii l i iiiii -icn'-c-h ii "ctluc . lii (uli c iiil:1 i allu i, it -e ii . i li c 'Ii iilcc l Ii, ilo + ii- ii et i. . i i gg.. F uelth, of th.e unlicist.t.t. ,e... ++ ,,+, , AN. lP sl;': LPHI l) Rn k tllttlti on liftlie 9 0l4ti l t stl' aolllll ofthe'lie'td9--.,f rienltc in p at u,ltld ltr tli ti cic l iaicil i s cpi ict u oi cc.0 nlie tutci clln - Ic tiei c c ii:i. i t c A ii "lThle 'o kll ee wItSo r zltl l I l tihe nululmn of tUlj l; tL " IIIl ciciiccii ic iit ccwk ivicc i .Tai:iclc e Iciii t wictel. l aill tlhe b t saic ani rl t rie I.-gklaltulr- , h tt l le u unlltul'rlatl o it wit h . th't la"(. u p ers: ' d plri ileges of isil. hlill tilci ict iics. : inc.t the ItrmishatiotI of thlel rotlP.rll oftec ,t'ture% twi e haveil·tlh ettgiu e tnll, t'iv iin i luentiont to tthe interiest I'll Coleg, n hvemuienhl mgenee .t ci ilc iy iiillc-c t oIi the f- o cic late ac. e it litl I'1eerit'el'Oll tillon th. cdhdUlIg ned rlll| patr.l' lilt i .wio tl l in'i -lil, w ihcii-iizIniu, c lricellIlllc l ll. cncFi(iiFc-c · - ,Ielni r ofi'ssIon---th,. I;leitv inee desii'arie1 to obtahinth, ielt, F t;il lht etnmtltlltl.y thlle l denll :Lges ani ed bi Ilu-ii" insthilutici- c icc e .i LiUc.clic- 1 nlll tl c i i sI sc i .i I L iThiclcgce will he iip!oss oi, aL tie emmeclet 'Iil he e clr~ y , "'lllol n ll ierpinte apparatlle L llj i rn thiI i t i ictit c- o cf I t c c iti, oi -ill ici olti ii iiilic iir h 'li c)t i iIc tri u ll Ici.t -y I Ithe tu ent, c-- clliitilt viilatlio of tiii- cii Ci-,l d icncc iccji Oi Ylic ci' i i i ci iii . 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PWeiesi , .Matcc in Medicci,, Theiduticsund Mdi "uipu 1 II.11.\S 11. INGALIL,., Af I). Prioi'bssor o1"Obst.rires ailit LDiseuses of \\ ne aulGl ii' cuctcflicihchceiiiiiiiciiiicci Cihil-ic . A. Ii UZiic NRic".Ift. ti. Prcficsor o 2ucc c,-i.'l- (clc ifteric i .c ) "clc er tisi t ,. - uni i ccs o , G rad tic i oi i the ca , ii i l aG 0Uv]O wLtl-N'--hrt Hlitor' of la-I G]-pr,,shons, and 1utneill iln lli c'!lnes ses,ql- as cl]udhneant|alccutl~lof ['rurancial raid Ctutinental lht w+r Mcocey ci wciih is cciil uc inc uirc into the- p ui plh.s o|" the .$y.te m, with :onelerall'tior'q onl its ci e lcts onI nmorals and hlalpdines.--'hle wh",llle .,tendled as a :laiu expo ition of the \way ini whiicl Pper )i',kniley, anid .'10 of th r C ooktl ing [1+ to'v\ wood anO~t hrari.:(llte. trol.I an tttreceived mand thmilies. by ll)lconeienl. an Co. capti' nst~ uo t v 'eselves tn firn!| l s',~ of t thei eutliaty o th estov es, cf an bezP scu at ou w: i) I di~l I i .lhl ~ ii,. -nn - DI59TNIIALu&icoat all ],i'~e llt .lli l t~nliie. J'o.5iiiii eicu lcuu ictccuucc 'i - J ail r \ott-noi'itnltaat Lxtntuitnp. t. Ikern on' Cutter t 1c~ . tilo tint tI, n. It'eti l(\toalhtt n , Sr of Ne'\tt. I-t aottotor ito tt at '- 12. 4 rolationtO Sumli-}''s Rotrr- Cookitht tn-c, I Itr, !tnyc In-t Iespccfiilt Io recommendl to Iit IUntr1ttrto , fit,- adoptioot ofthose movres ftr the ( intt-l gorrenelii" t"int io' moh lena henvt", more eon,, :n(Client and oo plllliieil than t hus Fe- PC florally in p. Fuenl is tn article tht tkes I ilt the orn-i roull, is nnllCt rtlpel'i1il , nod i nnle dentroetine to1 theLot. f he oselit tano tt,tinotitha n tltthr usedl onoard. I andil toil hainto an estimateoif tine rottatotir tcost tal' itelIt otae tite titaes. A otattl offoit con',tata-i bi tlte ol t ollko, fra Foh. 24th to 3lalollltut, 1 mautmlt, tlitu 43 .¶olnt omf fttid cototnd hy eitntlov'o hamotn 3tnrcl2 -Ith lto iay -lith,b-ii I aaotjienad IU doyr, G650 Ilabtoc in firon of ttinio 'r, "-593 \YWi. A. tiOf-\Yiti;, Cnlt. U. S. iev. Cutter "lcLLor. NletsPcdtuiil, My huth,11233. coerceF~ of (toilet' t month ef Llh 10 4o1-s It camei rttio an thltotntttth, l" Expernse ttlnniat's snac tint, 6 3t r)jTcryenco in favor of- Sonltrt'rs $itt 14 Packietnliut, Selr Serlpret, Iittdfd fm -Ullitlu to Rlo ,itoiter, Joltlo i"lti, 15 IHavingbeenrc rninttrtlhl r o-;tan-,trrt'le t"ocrrttto opiniono f tihe tittrv di' -otcitnirto t of thno Itmot' Stinrore in Canal ll';!.·kcto, t pleased t 1o sty t Ithtltte netttttt fttl tritt of oat of the Nt. 3 Ifotart Stnvrt oil thin patltkt, nott itnd it to antioer it mn't viauable pttr ttttah \\'e orteiabl to bafe, r tot ta, boil, not', in shorit tnenrokliti e rlllll uarietivw of tncuts, vegetables,· pull tlittt--,~ &jr tO lmn'otan. dingsSul v1 fhi-inNrcu Ii (31rl V:IiFi tiliilaf tui'l' tin- r~It R ittCe L~~~~ ti i itlhtti to lhit iatts, fp ;ttt ti rtttntf n tl Ihe ifto tIhe- rilt Innuoothle SoirJlo c tlacl-tointoo!ht I, it)- kin it, Rbnkti Jntnen 11:n:in ttht, Son o at- l 1ihtoritnul'tt lothty in.n thittof' n\no u"ill.I by wit\l·l. 111 WNG ornrer of Cnmp ciad Comoni ,, NFW\ Prt IiIt' hI'Ti(T Sesanl f en t Ithe trrutnn andicism of thl e nl hc u lbnlititni hfs. I vol. I ito. TIhieItrok of P-ica-- rc b. '· hb·i Cen~phll tr - r ,tn-tictt ftii-p r t ota nl ett to in: yot h ttttttrt intmtry T'metir,, or rule' for tine vxcr,"ir! nor! nunl nnt-l m~rii nlnho ni 9lait.L iu6tn'rv. Clv \tujor oti^ and four sale by \I- 1coKE.\N. , 111c cnl ,\, coin lit, N iW IitlOOK3--iiU.tti.theltrast of thi Criltttto, it' theiatthnl- ni 'elnntln Fr.. ORtIttIN TtCilit\ IIn td o to ,1, I nt (fttotrt, Iby ther nthr a'Nheholien &to in 2-nols. II ntnia-it, itt `2,nne Canuor nI(no'nit~vn tttyPhier't nn--In ittn-t r I , .\lCl1-' i -rrir li0l --a-::i -t. )..i n,,2 ''.-----'-".,. _ii,, litacir of this unoeern,tco tic librnty t;fin _. tor .in tit ci izen of New Or!canu, that hey are m.d a.,n rar congmelnt with the New t ork Com' pmyr, (I ceo . Mbile) Io lrfalir for a hol- seasm 1in onjnllnaion v ilth lcir are=n t comairiny, hnrw pnro'o ";, in in I(e citi. Knowing friom tho reputatlionll of the ortlte.-n ro:ire"l, aned'thr one nto ertfrlin' h-re, helre is no1ln thalt canr goc inte ith' it in the tnwit ad :Atn, e l!l ill rcl Ithe wrc!d l 'lre fulltowigg young na n kc rnttlchrcd to tIb" eýe-ccru: leai r. ETICA.VE:I; ;IrWE*T, n'or I , VIcr". A 1('11, IO(ERN. A, DixFAS, LLI', 'AIL, - laS AY., JfI0cVSON, Al'l':dPEP, [1 RN't1:, LEfIIS, Lo I RIP, UEFFEf/Iato.; LO.\'t; Matalrs LIPM.AN, DALE, L.E1, and J. fSG. BUCKLE); (loacn. 311t. GOSSIN. A c ;i.-i llt h nd i of t11 ,,ae is ntliche I ta the' nctl liL-h ir-ilt. "[lloo'at npn'at a'qtrnlater alter 6, and pero Ollllanc. to COrnnl ec at 7 pr ,ois le. Adccitcauce--iaaozs,$1l 00; , allcry.c.rea.. nod A NNIIALS FOR 183 . -tlalth's Pictunresque Att. 21 nalo. for 13t3i, with 25 splendid aietanrings, by lhe est artista , after drawangs, by Ai G. BVikers, Esq. 'iahlcr's liac ang Roam SIrap Bo3ok fbr lC3i, with }ctetil Ihstrations al bv L. ,.l.. •'lho'lken and Atlantic Souvtenir, a-Chrisnma'o and Now featr- Preselnt for 1831 , edited by S. -. iuottrich. ThocGift, a Chli:liuans and-Nc;v Years' Piaeset,edi ted Sb alisa Leslie. - Forget-Mec-Not, a Ohristmtas. New Year's and Biltl day-Preseat for I:l6, edited Iby l'rediic ti o'!el. 'lrhPriendsahip. Ofa erinFi,i'and WVomna's .Wreath, a Clli uilasand Ncw Year's Preacht for 18.30. T'11h. ltligious /o ialjr. a Ccictsala ot, iew Yar'.n trid Virtlliidy Poreaut oir 133, editeod by Chiauuety Col trmD." .. - 'The .uvenile Frerfo-iii-o-t. a Chrlstmn. olld New Fear's Gift our 11836, edited bl Mrs S. C. Hallo. TIh' Pent for Al rction'a lift, a Christmas and New e.ors I'r.Oenti i" 1136• The.Porlical Aitlal for 183, bleing ltatimtnl frtom ihe FlelisllhPoet afroo Clhancer to Bnitllie. The L[fant i A mital ,ri alalCter's Off:rincg. IThIe YIouat's Bok ofthce Scasonr. The Artist, or Yout r I.aries' lI.tnrictor In orinaroan tl Painting, drawnning, &. hc B. I. Gantice. . 1elca enil of I)iraw.rlg Vlofer Pacitring ito opaque and lruni oc.rient inti rt eoltir . by. E. C.l'r' Filra and Tluci.a, or (Gem ail Ptotrc, beaing rn al. hplabetianl arrancemeftof florwer, wtih li.upriate illus anritlaus, ld B nicclor Ito-,r a lady. - 'fllt Longcnage of Flawercd erlition. Peter I'arlcv'c Alnainanni r 1B36. The A.Aricm n Alman:ne a d repoahitgrry of usafhl knowledri, fir the year 183G. ' The Natical Ailhainge dnd astromomaicat ETphemaris f.:r the croarl-133i. , The Germau Ailcmaaoe fir 1836. Just received adl fur saleoby -W31. M'KI. AVN, " corne uof. Cna. and Cammou sta. C EW IBOOK.aaEssasa on h6 Raote of Wtgie, with an exanlinatlan of ihr tcases of tile alifareni(es in lhe rnnditi.n of tlhe ratboring populatioi thrloughout the .vorld, by II. C. Carey. -Clit.lo Bradshawi or the Adventuros of a Lawyer, The Aica.lica Aloanae and Expositora of Uceful iinowleel, fior thte ccar 18311. F:or dhl b"a tray ii IO'|'CIIIKISS & Cr4.. 4 Chanrtreta at. on0CB AND JQ11 PRINTING, And Dicaik Boole .lla:aufitacbry. rFiHE sulocrthclr 'rscat.ifillr ialormni lijs fricnds all . the public that nle Ihas, in coancntion with his book and stntinllUar store, an aextenlive Printingc Olliae aind Iliook Iicl-err, ayrd is readly to cldcrtake the of Pnmtiretc, Cards, Iirk ('lack, Cntao ues l.e l Noticces, Blills of ading, Labela s Bill ,'oroloa, lha Rlcipts, AIcril.oa allrc I. lhaic Blls Also, tile Binlting iof Boi oks ani I acIIoicttllilg of lhallk IJooklsol aiy bie or dirst riilr ino. " \. 1. nleKE.\. N Corner.f ('anlp ntd Colmnion sts, Oppiosite Richlardsou's _)ato.Biici'__l ..)ol a i 3 ANNU'.I.S FOl 1::11;. 'IIE IT T 6Nil I 1FO I.'IET-1-NOaT, a Chrstmas . G and New Year's , if, i Iithl Day c 'rclse:t, for J3'.;. Idited Ic v Iil s. S C 1(;.-. Iclit's Pcicelt oqut An'ieTa, fior 1336, embcllish ed ciit 53 spllendid cnlravinc,, by thie first arti tsa Lioric'c.t. A c.tia, being salcatictccs firm the Eni li 1 pI eta, from Spences to l(,.ar - ,; e ellished wiilt Irrait Rand 2-1 illnstratitns fronl drawtings by II eor bolal . cIeIrf. RcIAciIS iIIcra . cOctrc, ('illtlc i-" c Iar ,rl f!ilithr D;n Pcrcscrt for n l. by ChlratiE:i Colion, D D.' Jist ecccived and for rnle bir: \173 3iKI;AN, icr 18 ror aPr p land Io:nrlonll t. UNITED ' ':1) ATii D.iI'TRI11T COURITt" l'i:t ' l)ictrict of Luuisiana. In Adirnlla q nitiroin: I N oilicccllrrcf'o a crdEIr rt thin (r'lcr rt mia: on mallti i Sof Hllrev Sorkcrtl cci Ilr lltii lolh luarloy 133I, re quirill a stnritaP llr t of rte ic Ici en rclairninll deposiledl arid llncliillrd in tihle Registc " of t c Cotlc t, a re cluih lishdIl ;d.slcif\ illr tile caev.-- hiit.a ofiideplscit and pliiilti illterea,:td of Iharr the nialer.ignied Rctistrar repo1irt the si of1 12 I 4,c, irlllcmaiig uiicla;iccd-iaI lthe fol lo in clr. cuses \licrtrl b St vii ,ao t ship aVnechh.tncl 543 :17 Icpirc d oil thi RI 'itla AnI-. 1cc , (I17. Beinc lhe proceeds of sale of the vbcsel of whom iltheloo ain penri cl ncr i.ell Row: . .b.l lia=, jaleg's Mason , Oliin Wilcox, W-arrat Isis.hop-resien'ce not tin Re,'nrd. S hrme r cchcilc cs !tin Gool., :537 30 j miih r.s 7 F2lol' of in, l9 COi ,! olfdi,tp.onit Jnc:. lith, 10 ., ILevin llimac. lI-mouth N C ri.unut of v ,'e 11iuter c.t tlh rs Sl. i tn IL, t Nao'.alon 20 1 date of'dpo,-it Dec. 7,1 IA?', h lanre of tits i.roleeds io the scale lof th Nl.!iou after pay il' claimants. ]Beat clai:ad !"r- And-drsonl .1il cr, nf Louicvillc. Vietor Una id rs .leean b-,,t Flori'h, 3 83 datw eldeposit ;"-t 14ht, 11):3l, J T Bnaue:al's syndic ctailr cl:i c SIliadrn L'cerrv eIt al r, n rih "iv I< ather,i 0 ict lcr c ltr il, t , `tv it i ll ,'., innr. of S ll 11y istho r, hlI'i a clr, John l.illi 3. Ilich'uid Dont bIrn and If Iic ,rdinn i" ,d h t l . And in obediencc to ii t fll thler c ordo r cf the ('ort the owner or nicnr, ra;nd all and ctery other p)rsou or ; 'ersons hu ia i t . r u l'ill to hiaoe aG y rii ht, title, in t l( I ( c i c Oil llcico r tio tlh saidr cllie lart i hereby i t [. , iln e di.rrivt ltr ca. I toc holcc n on Ihrl third illlndiy of i ylll3, at a i 'ICL laok uI. a. ot the ('its ot New thcl.a oio lr nk,,tci irlc u uitilhcrIta or ishow colar v- why such ditspoitlon thereof should not be mtade as to athe ('"nrit orry sbc cat and pripar. L1t. ol IN r I al'o Nte i S tli'NfC..\ N ll:NNE.N:, lgiitrur. NE11;\ ilt-lS. r ,1J E N.\Xi T L:.I- 'T "O)WN ItO\tK--Compri inz .. wim.' plni t nd at ,'Itic 0 neerdotes of l.lldlr'p bt'.r)1". .1 ,lir..tof the I..tW or EVUI. C c' 1. CtRIIIt tL C tSL --h) il|1e lr 1osee, Ie,. with noltu.s lont rCf lniee to ,\nlieu n deci..ion, tnlld to the l.clczjh Clllllon lawe alnd teclesi: t ctkl .'el rt; I l tert ~l,: iSharw tould. 1X, -)Ie. osls ur i )o i .\sl'P . of t'le lt'iCllt +T--h cl Itt n th omaclrio in i f thtir phEyslicat aull cc llceral Siglns, by W' ' W (cciotrd, :i . I)'ti CIPL'.S O "),0 1'.\'tI+tictO ', AND PI.RIt cZ Or l'cocs1c--43 Jlohn 3y acl,io +teec.,c 1)c., fIlrno th.' Int Loln tdn e¢ditolI it.ti .it , andt additiTonst by a tI.1uel (e o. to.. , 1 C), in 'i cvol'. Tot: A.t.t'n:rN ot. RTun.Y " 0E0r--o . o fcr iDeccmc h.r 1,t35. Juot recit' ed anti for sale 'c fit W\im McKiQAN.c.orner t 'Clm) ad coiot. at. rittiNtTuttt>C-l i c iii,'otc'crn hove reciard rrcr ,'hid: witi d:ena=:.k J'Ir ea:lt, :7 dI do hdo, p d a in 12 do ,In Ii Ih crbmu-n wn:srtd dmasuk,13 dh Greci au do do hair clothi k Fi E l tttlu' c'r ccr lains ..lrool n c oroccI • 0 d, o m coi. ,'hair , 1 ,hi 'r cu:t "o':., I --tl,,l-0.11 ll of N York miale. autd Ie fvt th 1 ".a i5 DI' N ict!tco- t l t'. . T1'chcul ct ulat rt S L'ING t on haui l ui larFIt qoatuti.t" . ftC o Ito Cioal A re' l': .'+1 +II I:}' ,) \I.I 1 't'nnl 'r v ill bc llC. oi ' Iit t mo ( 01' as fo r e t e it ll C ito, citl - - i. i p ., 1.-c a the _ rn ..n .. . . i_, lu enhw n orru ct ha o t(c tt f the ýf .TOi tI Xcl coN' + 1'v )tvo 'I"o'intt, Itnm 177t , ttoo17i i b "it N. W, ill' ta c rcnlll, Sttrt. I'h. P t c tcr of th cI:cv, toi' CIttt, c.ot. it-, 1,d: '111t00'<, II llll'l ltl] Ill.ý0'1C110:1 o the cur ,liic ,i t c c lis e a . ...c t ti t h : ' L i : 1 1 , j r . c t t i. J t:t roceivcd, nd for -l, i' h t' it : 11 N-P or sa lIa d r rr tlm l eno In( t r :'r IlOlse =ert int. c 'or c c 'c lw fi r er h. Pr furthl" .a otcicula' apply at crs. till I'I'i. i' Ro,,al st. XX: I I X, ^'i " i. , 1 r, - ' , Piedthe . Acouat art-i es ani ienerrtli .r/goey (Vice. r 1,A4IIT 'I')',.IIlX bL)vig al:emed co .n ..'Pica at No. II P .( :.r !t.loleer.t- for ohe tillllolrrlolelt Of flcei. nct relative s A.,eonnt- conl!tr.tior Io)ebto,'l'ralob lions; el.;'.;11l .re. tgo Fto wl.i lif Oti d eep it'adet-aon o1 brookeb,the,' t ,I' lai" or j,,b,nnnd- i.r'onrleulc Ifrom the lopaolkiine ho ha ;ad for o, many yeors pslt in sou le of 'otl o lll re+pectatnle ho es, f.,t It Ie can t ive reealn ontiT:orion to those who may pIllha to cOTIToy himo. fIr pld,.es him.elf thiat all entrustedl dp hi 'rtot ill rc. eitc bIT hIylototention; aolld frCmt his 1booo - Irblo,_ of anol toe rolidence in thit ooit. fte ofars bo Ift sr tiras withtiioJ'lletl conidqaoe, at the soam. tilledte wil! Wver scclit.t for tho fatlhfll uCCnuntitg of all re eiplo. To'nnofoioino to nrtd from the Freclno and Spa nish Ilangtuio he tttl likewise un!ertake to excoute wiali dapatcath and..otrrccipe.s. I Jnr or rt Orl-ann. October lTIoTl,. PIt;A A.uI-CA ¶NC'.P, N tA-i' AGEC i AND Ift)ICKERi O(PFfCE; [l4E.tchanga I'i.,e]. IMIIl.TON1 H.hALL, IbIa rs te lolwing Lgo.nds -- and Lot for sale, viet - " It ledo t the oaoin, oi .addo tillage C dn the Trinidad, r5 1 r on the Navi.ote, S ',lo otn Red rijor, - t to on oR.od onoluna o r:,c';, I' do tdI ,7, nareo.' : Chtorles creek, near the Neothos, J do, b^t.a Villaga ecrooak and Pine Isla.d I do on'the ho.d watora of Con' Bay, 1 do on the. Ag.i & .I in Mid t lam''olooo,' " I d , aud.177 acres oa l.ed river, a little shevo oit d'or.,, I' atin on Red riv,.o Sd on-e, rito Sabi:e, 40 miles below Galins' I do pr Talp.iar Fork, tix miles froam Rod 1-o.. ig u. r, l ". . f da St'Ia on the fay of`e rpnto CitZ' , 00drTalsOai r Io Gf oc i p40 o lotke , - dt Ilator. or s o l;' hofatat4r e imlmputable,amll guarantced. -.- -, ALO.-:-50I .r1 , jiiil.told .eor neaw rivecr, a. a baat tell talaslrlom frn TMiooiNtilipi, to whlich iter is a good lfritf There are about 40 ari e at pre serit, unrir r etton euhivantion. 171i Acrley na Ineroillr , L.., gnedcotton land, boav i ily` oIboeli0mror th reatt noilthnroewtlh.' 172 Aeros,l tlete'from Almuns Prairie, and about TIfkoll thI e bli',iosippi riv'e. 4 ots, in Io l'rlmrg 'ntlllngton, fronlting Rue du gt, 3d fe.rt 9 ino. by 1t1 ft. in depth. 3 L.otO iln l louoog or" arig, Ct foot .frot each, oil 1.l 00I stret.lty Il tfeot deep, between la Itoe add IForce " SIot in Philil.ppa t. 4 ft. Prontl,'r 0 'deep. T]oa'yttrt with coreral otheri city Lots, which are l r f fOredon raconmo dating terms. jan2l Ne \\ MUN't; ItlHOte-.-i I'A'I'ENT' NOt'I'IES. ' IASI)ON'S Foetlls 'AIIn, a: t r collection of inaeled .i ll.e, (.tere'otyp)ed in paItt tooI.s,)a'rtanged Iy LtowTell litton,, :tllhor o l IT on Hndel tand Ilovodn S"oitty Colieotimo Church lbnie--the Choir a Utlon Cl lctoint--1 rat Sacra--Spirituttl Songs, Je.-anl by I 'Tiotlll) L, . 1:son, P'roli'lssu it thet IEleliec Aeadnemy of .Alus i, C'incinuiti. Published by Truman & Smith, Bookstllcrs, 1:incilaalti. 'I:son' Sa:lred hlot' i's nadaptled to the :aontsoall denllolhillartioln. Ti'le' variety of mIet'res is Iomotch r'e'toter 111:1t1 il oll{' otlhlt ocolleotiooo of mtusit . ttt tcry few lTvnTle0"to'o'ot'o,'rlo i the tlttmlt htitaortotthe dit'ttrct tdenrTooiatoins of Gat tht oins i'r owhilch n o teo lin otil he iound ino heSl Stored liarp. It cot.nttioa great variety of veryt b nhl llhil' palm mh hymt tn tnesIcollecltinltof intereslting antllltts, set pieces, snerle soiis, ottlltOlnces and lchant, which tar.shortl, cuns oft' perfoman.ce.'with lllt illStlrlnlllll t d id, ,all n riotttle to t e vriomllsacA silllnslf Chrita liloot wor'shil -tile wanlts ot'sillgilg trlllds, musliical mieties, d'llCasHin .d I usetol t iltoges tfr theilr o It private piitctlleetnll intt'novement'ttttt. The Il' reoma, ain tuch aol w m Hneil vltdolble .music, which llhas Tbeen n i n' fr'ol the hlr ighest sot rellal- of ll-o ',ial tIlrr Se :ao lloeore i on Eo'urope, esliciall'y .it Germa Irt. It hats o etlo thle oconstantio io1o ' lo the aitors togite a col'elinn ioll' tnotsr, Ilat should Ibe easily letarnd and esyit ly _ m. Iooir'o"t a of sioging, olergomen anti others woo tre desirous of ilmlprovinlg starred rnt~i, can rmply n1 nf nsat:ll so theettdlll as the circoletion of this atmimble collection, ahich has be prpltlledl expretssly Iorthe lietcl 'ed and for sale by IIOTCIF'lISS F4 r', setrol 19 oi Ctol: t siltlott tt iNsWlTf,'e Loain i Ei nilit I'.tionttr, I A.. Ye:qd i lphin, Valp umo lher, S'.hrct-lli Loci. ran, lhlitlm l.t::- 4 , k ;r'am:m:r, M ,oore'sdt Juvvtn l i l't phiti, t id Dteilp ii, Sallust.i lp ini, A' lthouii' ""alfust, S:.:Nrt1" L'i toi , (irnc), 'r ' o tnmteuls, Ja oli ' a Greek 1R , Vrailhis, Oovidi. I.ier Pritn., di.daml' Latin ('r..w:m tur, WVil.=o 's Sal].'t, \Washinitonas 'ita, BO ti~qF'e |,be hlt i ( o -f) -l', C Woi.-i ' i+ oi- oI ii tr , iiu h lw '-, Ilineti ' of I ni l,-- "u Blake, ` m'ural ,Phils J - c, Sllto ,I i St illli ry, A lurr1 a1 E'li JhA Gramnar Alnilhe0,entof, -d. Smith's Ipductive do 's do l'ike'; (" -d Turret's Hloi;nn, lake'slo do uroll's i.o, I's-iked's l'ootlJnoUt, PoIlt 'di (inngno rny, I hll ,ohol (r siicr, Americoo Sprko.i, C 1tra i Ortlnr, \Whpl'e's Cotojoul of Hiliory, Wor en 's iti.torv, \iVoebstr'l anu o imshnrw'a' Iitioe rn n-ie ,and \\1' .ter' SuNallin, Hlook. feliitvre onil I t lullos, LParlve's lst. 2. and 3d Lonk oflHistory-for If I IO'TCHi is & Co, 24 Clhartrres rt. IlCA 1. WOIIKS. .¢AUN ,I INGON'S Ii utan Phvsialogv,i veol. d 1 T i,'ra l tpent-'s i'o Ellementsofll gieone Die',<', '- n ('hi', en I ti,)-- r l eCllll l Ido ',ystlA of Midwifery do IEssas Ilorner's Patholulical Anatomy Allnlollr iol lthe 'iaiclo I lt'i olo".e lIhvsol-gy 'toiosrau oe utiir BIcknll onl Ilropsy iJ h i son n o liltllte IlParis' h'rmIi 1nCloucia (ioper on l's I'tiolent h oxi'r'ts Snic Ili Aniiloyloy Illanlln tr lhc ned Rich.rd'e Pi'ciples of Medicine li'trlhi+ 1oiis-.n...o.. Fo sti no l " " IIO)TCIIKISS , " CO. feh 10 24 Chartres -t. tRS N.10. '. 'r ,il - IIS KI'Y for sale hb A Il 1 INSKEi,'*,,3 ('noal street olio has toionitnull onl ad, Old Cogn :i, wrautoo and ('Inolpalgnou lrlin liCsl IIollad (to, i-'lCsp Fishll, ldl olblIr blri:le; Ja. ilnics, o i. .ioix an ti;r.nadn ruin; suolcriolr L.. I'. .n tirno iPrown o rl Iloie Sllirrvi :Iraie Juice al oIIthero l'ort l uishno, l' eae riffn ; l iei , n 'lu hd ir , i chil " do' Chaint pi o.n, 111Burgundy, (laret, &c., win of the ibet On cniptiool, fih 12 1 China and it* i.lhatitsto, lIt . lohll Foanctr [In vi'lFq. Iq t l.'t.,e.q In 2ool, beilgNos. 80anal (l of Ihmroert' Iuily ILibraro. Letters to ln utl Io o y 1rls Ib 11 Sigourney. New eolition, 1I3?. The l'ilrio 's Progres . wilh it .ife of John Lvouan Ilodtfr SOIuthei:, ii;sq.i .l. Po1eltlurie .t' c. c Illlstratnil willi 5) cnltlby Adams, lot d :no by ('hap all' .. 'I' r :v and others. N'uw , itll IP37. Ju+trec.'i."l a:. tfir as, by W Me.... o t',lner of Camp & Cornon -It. F lEAI l:-It, , i ---Thuh uscriersa I te forsule; I n4 l' iI" ii ,l t.hipoGir dta-- -5 o.a ipepper. 200 Lboes onlll:net .leiesn (nudleo ; 7ln rnxea llonch IIlinil', Lorol,,oIl 1 CIra-i 27! ( id llolie Innp rial, Ii-,llonHl S-oll-ionq' In-.', 5,0 i-;.l You'"g ttv 'on a, hii 2.111 0aul H'rs. ISAAC . Rl'ltiZ; & CO. Pf3 Nn. 114 lalnn.oio ntreol WT F'W \0Onltx -o:ioniinh itnppion'i poturayed; or 0 T rinn.itonr for thus: wiho are: ind those who aoraut T lri ..1y the most classic authors, ancient oad loo "o onmestir happiness, thlln null blia Of aradie, tiithais ultvii'edi fle oall." II'CO I: 1l(lI.V 'Con1 Chartres st E Bl ' HOOKS---Naval Sketch Book, nt,the Srrvicr Attnat and ashore. WilVh churactoritic reminiscen re, fra.ments adl opninins. By the author of the Tales of a Tar &,t , & n'olo ,cruei,es, I i nle. Raionloin Reot nnillutts If tl- Mlon-the u fClommons, frol the yearn 130 to ti, cl'lotit I.7l-, ineuinuin Tpntn oal ulkebrhe~ of tho Ilalins mctbers-hy an of o n opr ty.jutl rotuiOcd andlofr oalo ho 0 . nrnCamnantl 4,m:ouu s -. Also-.A w copies iUa'Brtet.'s .\:natomy of Mjllan choly. m t (it£'t TNN 'lTI B1o'ON& P iliK--i'hhflsIotna ' 4 '7 bhis \Iee . rr , jIust la ;.I , fr .rn s.nate Peni .n, ac.d for l1e 1 o i - I T ' & \II - ' t" . I . Irfn'L 1 - 'no'e cs FIRE EN.GLN.L OGiRS' PATErN 'R ALAfNGtfrf l SOr. ii -The. ubscrihnesare manuofettf iatEo .seWaeiis fbrd, Sarrtota co. NY., on ta-tternsie .. q Rog' Patent Bnlnate Fire Egine, sod'the rfo, y n 'd9td hesitate to resomtotend it to the puplic las aeid it. cerior to any fire engitr.e noL yIow Jnotv. ,,h ed I hv kilfil Encineers a'f tle U. M; Ai-'n.n a et"(a heasville and Winshiagtonr , andby t]tmo atitflw to be superior to any tlher. The Governmentf a qt t Washington is ntow aulpplied with one of said Fla..· atndthe proprietors htve jeri completed EhoSPVliQe, the govermnet fol the supply of anl their pn bs aenolt. 'Thi Engine erlmtinoel'tht ad gr at les seost than any oth.r in aot. smined and tried to ensurte .prerfrencd-to alli " The mnufaetrr.e, to in all eases; waitrn ti.. goinek, in a trial with nthererander eqt.l cirlsMMLI . to perform moro han an other. Eugcir o mr i . Prices at the Faeiore , with p am ritate Thete dotigned for 21 eave dipuchargast DM etrIe of watr erpr oinutea, "- . ,y 18 ten, lii0 gallon. perminute, I merrn, 110t gallons perminute, 'The arbove prieiasincltu de utlon hnae,'teahat .to. They eale keep constnatly ot hatlddal.ttla ldiog-aM d .anuctin hose, whiche they will furniea to nclei uA low an It tn be honaght in this eoutntrv. . 're rrangements for mAeunct. ring saidaniter air such, th t all orlers will he punctually attended to, and executed with tlh grmtest ponoirle dispatch, ifaddrees od to the suabsribers at Waterford, Saratoget wol. N. Y. WM.,PAT Fý'bt-. New Y'rrk, Oct. 2S, 184' I Tsnif tliot-I bhae this day aupdrintended 'cfadl aof Fire E mton of Rogers' Patent, madetin b. . Panlt & co. at Wrterfrrd, Snrntorga co. New Yorke t -vtit tt ads the best ealritne trelorinog tto the eorpotatila'. istR yard, and frrm tlre experimertr Ian apersuadted At theb nginmi ot Rogers' Patertr,'ill throtr'mor a water, dttd at a ra the .er dirttc, ith tile t ppliiatioan od. os .o , titllan our oarlnmration engines. I further cerrif t hat no fir engines ha. ever besn ulr hitited-in rltiv ite ehtiech eatld esnpesh ithlr'.iNc a YorkL ngine, or wllicd should aaoswere-t r.p. post rerpt ItRgeros' 'Parternt re tmcntioned. Thopoastruc ain of Inzers' rPatent ir eeeedinely sitimpl~,"d see no reason why it slouuol rnt go intoFacralsrsaide. sides, it Ias another advlntage; it can lefw' hap od at tmuchl Iecost. JA MPS G' ULICtF., ChtiefEagincr of N Y Pimejlkttnme. o_ tieoardoly 9,1t434 I moat rcehfelly comply op wilt a request froa wta. Pllatt & en. ltrgive my ipinion Ina relsoibes'ttr*s Fl nbgineat Rogers' Patest, ataoufaetaead"nlt 7 M at *Veerllrd, rarut0ga co N.Y. c The rarlpreation of Utica hanve purchased one o1 the nbove tmenIioned engineofand from repeated triali- d. nort rheitate to pronorunee it decidedly superior is ay otlher tire engne tnow ill Itse,of whlirl I habe ao s noaw. nledge; eds tIn moat ltilly eonetr in tile ertiPiis f JI Gtliek,.the lhiefengFineer of the New Yoek F'ires'Dp."t eltlria rcitlitn to Its merrit. ithe pump ofth.seugino is onsatrocted in a tinlr rvlirder, nalu lios. na Iy sirs trt, and so littlre liablhe ti get out ofrta.p ,. rl not Isitat o tRnsay, that in oty jtdgmeatstej'Wc supirsadol t tile no f ie oteton pIttrtd o . J I OST ROIw Chief Enrireer of the Utica Fire Departmnet. N. I. One oftlr rhovePratent tEfnglres ofthb0hIwst sine, was ordered for Eagle Fire Co. No.7 ol.Nrwr" lean, r hirh thIerlave reoeivcdl,.tried and accepted. The Engirre call he aero at any ilare, yaspplin to e Agent frr tite Mauiltuetrers, Cormr olf Povtdras & Tehouttpitrulas ets. N.O. P. S. a will Grnlrrrter tr have all engine deltvered if New Orleans clithin frir months freom nie ths oeder is gir .sN E K., j.m_ DI)ELIGITFUL SUMMER RETERAT. IIu E PASCAGOUIL.A IIOUSiE in now open for te rcrreptioo of enrtpainyt . This delightftl oletet is stuated on th nwesrt bank of tile Paltcagrecoult y, wi ednfuirece ithl tile (ilfof rfMexico. T'lhe situation is etlevated, andl ornrrtrrrd on extensire view of Bay and L.nkc, oerl t rorlv rerr.terld lirm stre Gulf by a chain of I lotnrt, wlirll lay fronting tie while coaotfrotfm $ l0 tmilr. off. Th'Ie Pr prirtorr E feel thnnkfral to tile communaity for thre, patronagr theritr past esrron, and wrould be grateful lro' i'ttlllll rrt rtr 'llllrri' tihe reeerrt. Etery exertion an t Ieir prrrt will e Icicrle to rot.lervriintmr anmforteble. " is leHad rt.-.: ri t ill eIr ic i lln lltlnd ntct, and every wilt ý.' py" s, .,r l,. i'oe ,rrretrd otirh thre establirh I mett arIe ll tilt Heeer.s-er rparatttnfor ltthring; als, t1 s illiard 'MlOf"r, hl rlfl tw rr .in firrt Alloie t il. he rrllrrlllr rie. tlre lrhore,. ndll Iiy .rsri nai h ert dirtnre ir Ih eirrter i,, dier rrrrrrith. r lenrtrrolc.alg be fiend in rbllulrto:r: f ltl. f-c th-, ftrld of tire chase, a Pask of the, bteet €f [to oltlll+ etr nitnvs n lrololnm lll . Thle drini,.rn wa,.ri irttrurrtlr,' prrent Sprinug, and in. SAtrr o1i' tile n t.o lli crehetroe,,e thi' City and Mohile wtill lan pnramreerrsatt tirl Plee. liTe iiirfr'ltv of getting ftn n ifce 'ier tn ýhe um-;c in %twill Len.te. partreularly I fr t-lie, andl clirirer. Il arot thr l ren anll objectian to Srhtrse virrtiiter itr. e.tlriirlllrrlrt. ir nnso obviated. n the e tetrrrcr AIPltIiee tIwirc a rerk, betweenr this ant Pae Scar.Oul, nndi \.il lacnd her pas-crt:cre inmredinotel at the hrrurse. ('. " M. J. McRAI. N, Ii. t'lle L.iqruorr eor of trlhe tmibest Mkinde.lrs havlng i: n n).- 1" i".'.,.," t " -_'' ' .' - ,' : ... . " r (uIIIECIK Us la.I i rhe fi,!lh in ac? hracks, viz: Mecr . clhalnt,i xrllh.c a all 14anin 'tit.. Orleans, Mah(rlleah anar l 'I'raler's Loui.iaan, Louisiana l Stat .r\lrlatlna:l, Cntnl nd Irnnklilr Co., Cenlrniia. ('trrotonr leproetrllr n Ct., ira, Cirtizenr, Unin ind City Ilnkrl; fr astie bliy llO'l'C ICUI. &es. ja 1t0 4. Chartres 1lOl.c:lIIKa ,'li t. COUlN''9ING IloU.s DIRE("'C ( fiaY, F)R 1837, I.T l iblis rlhed, rontalrillg list ol all the Banuk, DI .- rect..a nd ,i-.,unt dar., Inseurance and other 'upanie, Trfrl'fRm tlhe ril'tek of charges adopted by the Chamber f Clilolnrer, Alnltiaoners,alrrnil and di anritlrt of the ear il, 'urigtt Co(anlU , tie. .&e . pae lh' d forI a 1 I 'I 'CIII(ISS .t.. .4 I24 Chitar'tert. U)ATt'b I' -t Etlt. l'i'l7s.--l'rtrrt I'ct'eytln Re grlriag PIa. This novelaa in-iltetin, by t.unis se the rl.gEI;d illli lp g, al alllll l : IC I'e cand flInee of the,. hbt, ,,;ill, it n'ay '.l-o be imlde hJaiderorsoft-r, to si t lrh thn t'll or astale i the writer, by slnl.ty at ving the lii.llr r' loa1,e.r, :ua Larding In the tlgtr.e o l rlxi iliay. :l t r"ll trr inn lll ntl.le P.ntlira Pal n. "y tihe pl nltila .IonllI'.tiloll of tis r1,lint Ih nl., insttrumtMl, n Ii sclohr in 'urnwd hillt ill col;in sull.icit.nt ink' to write thirl laies nith n,, dip Theln.licityar of the rPe. tari-m pn"tr ai moat grilealh soTressnnd.nrd iredn totheo lpen, readterinrg it ina phde oftat" tig g tiii her and. "'l Sall rat of b-li in li lrt rrsons ta rIiti i r il ndtlitiously, this ar t v ill be ir L I a lll 'rn 'a l rle llnllirt tis n. I"'it lllrat Pitrr i rar.aotii Peal, arrw'ltnlt writerreanr tl liltfrl lines with onel dip ilf' ik. The ink fIam thisL Tnew instrunlnta Ieaimn t a. il rllnd nintcntlacd tre:m, ei:utill prlrlortione.l to the siLtr trh of the let lter inlranrdi, lthus prr !tcing a gtari:ttr nif. rmity in thea reiatlattrtatv of rlirtr llir . lparrrt tldarirr irbt ia pring PnI . Tlhinoirvel apla ration r lof (a. iltrl nr L a it ctls r in r ' xtr . lil,.t l lalstiit in the i:'lnt Pen., lll itllau\tingis ucr thiT t nill mall he unitirrrtr ally :tc h ,tined. i)i l tve Plit't Percy. in Pent. G I's Prritent I.ll:,i" li'n. t'Iee.ot n ilel onitaln a greattr tlurple of ilnk thr' ariay yet inivet'tt'd, and thidIt. r.rtlilita and cLastitla catlht bes'rpe. d b ty i Otll..w lirl'nr.r llt.nar Per.inn Steel- Pens.l Jslotr reeled : ai l far t:lc by W\M. M'KEAN, tjilhl lava rt let l. bve n lbit red V dil]er fur sale tit -- fIl0 i.n.:01ods , entitled to dll ehllittre. Iniltatio \tladrni nras illipututn ird Pullicate ha4d keI'chaci; iiitatiort ailk patiernl, &L de;priaredral. i:lanra iat's hrihth -nrttrll7-t earl 948; 6.-4 sihbriklns, 4a,41,ta 4 l ln 14laait , aa ithllln ste; 9-3 bleached pewe" Io-,.=irtin -; 0-1 blra and black rhintz ahawls auortl e latrck, lne u ar lie and th-er colors, arr orted st, teen ; blaack, in ptlurple and otlher colots, ansornted I.vlc; rialaaliiia assorated corlorl; qIuctonley 9. whitel nnaadnl licrt brae, sseat ld; 9-= mtadlnl. alum, t'=sortd glqealies 9.. ienerieles; 4-4 rtllped assortedl fina twillh'd i'-iarttioa French blankets, rcaret anld blhe l ipes; liessaiary 41 inches wittde; cotton bellg r.hit; iinches i.avr i sr il lall =lmatt e twine. "la i Il tA tA ACK & C,. F5 e temiere t. l N 1 rS.-Ut 1- a im .aatldnoiba ina 6 1.i daa y, NV daire wint; ", 1-i casks alo; Bl1-0idtjn 1,01. pripes Shrry wine; 4 1 .'"; o ar' St, "1-2 i ' rca wa ti "10t nhsketa cltnitlpngae avire, areher stid ther aIna- ';l0 bnxa' clar't ainmt; 0'ta aold madlien wine, ia are and itr alc lby I. t.EFONTA, 2, 7a Marcinet eatetst tietanire nf Counett Gramaaiaot, In Auttonn fllatnil ton. The .lina atf linaner', ,rc' (Je Reelaimrted. The r7reaa.,a rn.arl by Cl llannett, aniger of tt .lbaniaea e,justlreciseidl y C 1 A.N.f FT, mae 3t " ' IT Ctt p c tles L ' 5ttr kt I aI. Lur, in atore. art lee else ly ,t?7 t- LIt's VAlIt'Ia.IhPrttlpsee. L T t..I- '0111 gwsatalt l;athsle, Inltdine frn e ateem. - or Car.haren, fnbtae by Ctataitn el.jIot,, tn :nar , ie JctLtrsann at. a1( t m rTEt, i)rierr in a itar', hbYenrl.e "lretolqce othernof ei atrea .h'l at ofilit ltlbt iittethe itptige.ia Ameni a Pea Vra.-'. itar 1a-t if N!riorn'e .1ramiime.aome.tb at Clh ' nir, It N it a2 vnla the .iau oite, nadthle lelnittnrl, ire vcla. The Stclf Cotseqe t s altr ra.".0 I.a trlad> e'rltlp., &S. jrll ljt td l _lrzd rr nl Iah N moC-M 'q 'e" 'll . . . , "".'a4- f T'uai ? ,c*at: •i

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