Newspaper of True American, March 23, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated March 23, 1837 Page 2
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'.. . f n ama .no. n * U,"`b.AT Mageiii h S18 Sex•cellea t order. Col.Oliver ,4 Il w-L,,b VW iAt4n, by John Richards, -h T-e eaet lay bett5ee hias ' 1 L .. IUeili~a'sarml. care Antelope, try itesbeldtenr, dim by Timnion, entered ty the oaeidtlCal.lod. i -ed animals were sis yra . S 1l r easel the better of his jortaey sail, sad he looked as theiggI be gd t . Antelope, on the can. t.1r . eibh her kteping,and liaeol7 ,itew d-l s i o trisfe. The spectatore eseeidaieble difference - Th' e k eeing ones were readj to I eh *libeseeth from his past repu. SWhay bsd however that Antelope had Idisa~ i bate wer, frely taken. * tapatly s 'tram, Momtouth led of in tseE·igi ab6 Istt quarter invited iwlagealy seem. t p SietShe did theei tieeta os ladtered in the rear. th bstedtlMaelf with hiedu In the leo stretch Antelope trpldaetihe nd btor far ta the S of •seeis how her antagonist a t. "f his mettle away.Lew the aesh.aering on the part of An edled on his seoume. For the nest . stters after he had paieed the goal, Mon. of Antelops.'lhat she meaot to e o anowei att made the turf iaeth ear long' ateady lesa. Moan enlk the hia et .aid oe more. In the 1nwdieplaiedoane enetineg at see sk ele eu hise-heels. tlse 4 n hie right ear eprase gerd. , at which hlyiesarage, and wish one bound I.ft behind s -J t 1 o**M rival t some is at her pleabure. m o $e, Monasoth each- round pre. valte plse-at Antelope set of with an avow :, i saeYiii .. on of taking the service of pl.e,, Wage.9 -lwhieh the race came oi. iMeanm th neow edevident signa of indisposition, ard Uage.qedbteid his rival, tathe s.rprise of mosn of btia"t9lenl Without much exertion Antelope d b .ib eat.s disappointing many, and nooy smalahtatlg er.ntrne. Coursing up to the goal gl.. ei t mand of the last hear, Monniouth othee&hR Ima Wamernfally at heeiang the upbraid. il.t Antelnpe, who called to Isis recollectign SIlien of the Mantuan hard: ;.p"ar p me ni queaat ungla a e mpum. I"+' ether clime and on other ground Mon. .tiought of his anperiority, but tswan all of I1 eil on the banks of the Miieomippio Tiat of the second heat, 4 m. 9a.-third 4 m. Wf. Antelope coming but ahead each time. u wi l at New York about the failure of laed Alabamea to pay up the debts con. .t months age in that. cty, by the taa bg f theoe states, is deserving at least a al Many bayers have gone on to its" wit the bills of that a vindling concern, 'fitiis." and A-lab. R. R.Co. in their pocketa, and to their utter eaoiise are there left without a dol. tar. - It appeaer that money enough has gone on to " meet all demands, buolt is in worthless paper. So ,espsperated have the New York men become, tbatthaey ofthodenlers have been eued on the spot and impdosined. This short sighted policy will upon New York. That the dealers kr. been deceived is no fault of theirs,--heb pteae with the intentention and ability of pay sg eta their debts. Though Southern and western itwerchnnts are ebliged to sell on long credits and cowaequently make many bhad debts, yet in the "aide: of monetary troubles of no ordinary kind, to be able to collect enough to serve their nortiern ereditors, gives Irsitive evidt rtee of our real re aeurces. In February last, this Company had iMoed bills to.the amount of $4t4,40. Of this sum $71,875 were made payable ins, Philadelphia, and -310.115 io New York;--asd this on a capi tal of only $154,901, which we believe waee never paid in. The Company did not provide a d.llar -of funds to redeem tlheir paper in either of these cities. When it is known that a premium of t.o to three per cent Iha been paid on the paper of tlhis fnnking Company, I'ow can we express our india. nation at this conduct? Wthat punishment. would he too severe for the president and directors of such s concernt Tlhey ought to be sent to IBotany B.y forlife, if we had such a place of exile. A law soauld bhe made cxpressly for swind.era in high places. We regret the course of the New York matardtantsin relstion to their unfortunate dehrors. They -have displayed a want of tact and knsow l4gl ofltu.ipeas that we had not supposed them guilty of. Buet the difficulties they are laboring under make some exeues for their importuntity. Ifndearll circumstances, we are confident that the steteain quest.on will be amply able to meet all demands against them,-if a reasonable time be given. There is no repressing the inexhaustible deergles of southern enterprise. Let Noew York neeateaber this-nnd all will be well. (cr. "Are you done investing itn real estate, tWe nseas, 71" 3. "It depends upon circumstances, my confi. dece in produc!tirproperty reatains unabated and tewlmuken." A. "I knew you had dealt considerably in the article, but with much care and pudenoe, that you always closely examined into the relative morits cf real estate.-,nd bought with all due coution.-Yet, I -did not know under the lhe atnd ery taised against real estate of late, you had back ed oteof the market." I3. "Itrequir sa good deal of observation and reflection to fully or properly appreciate all that is saidoan'Change. There are always two sides to every report afloat, or in other words, two distinct and opposite classes, that aplear on 'Change, viz: huyets sad sellers. Let the article be what it may, two-opinions prevails respecting it-if it is cotton the buyey, is prepared to shllow by arguments, &e. an ost n'ravorab!e state of the market. The seller on the other hand, is equally prepared to show the soundest condition of the article, and will also show a probability of an early advance. If it be money, no people delight so much in the cry of"herd linte,-money market liglet-fail weoA," &c. all brokers an mtoney iehavers do while the Mran who needs accommodation cannot, for thelife of him, see how times have got any wntoe. If the article be real estate, the same die crrpaney prevails. The buyer would make all helieve that it was going to rain every body, from the president dwn,-that real estate has gone above itsvalue,and those who deal in it now muete ran ireat risk, hasard, ec-while the seller is equally consldent, the ar:icle annut suffer any material dealine, and that the chance now is just as good for speculation and profil as it ever was and the opening fur successful operation in it, nwyer better. So tmen will talk as tiher are interested, not as te. itauth would always dictate, but as interest Stred. To go right, every man must think and j"tsdfel r hbmselF, and give t asb opinion expressed .t tChutLge its due weight and influence." -A. 40Dyou think the pressest a good t it to depetl in civl estatel" I1. N5pser htoer." A. ",Whehdo you think of llurstvilHle i. *"It .iet rste property, and well * pwlthy at teptinal. [ remember the time when the fahb,urg el .altyend cest rd, waoq considered as volu ai . a teeis now. 'And the tmue is fast coasil jhbrtvileo lots will be considered as ',ii blel, se propeety in elnherthe above fnuhourge. s .rcity d i. going op aesent, and its houses sad tl$)1 poet ere biaor pieed u er.rlursnvilie." t a As 'R1ýit is tba ssis!" L a t' e? l W*T tlagy, at the New EkAhange. Char iai re ;d "ill meet viu there, good bye." . erewded Init oight, thie seaomd l Ditsk et ia l.e dere. At a 'ntaken in this splendid opera, o. ' L5ti 1tee inantiaoned, that loed been -a week in advance. Celeceo in the tiye. otore eleroaing lthan ever. It * with; unfei:nod :ntinsaction thit we antui as. eet the successful pcrfonnrance of an impotnat eni tiw peramea by D. Leasmnarg oP this city. Ty e wini ode of cauicact aT both eye., p q of irhiigFlid keep blind ft ehighcjyere, the other not so long. qThd pntient howtdt, r was | totally unable to distinguish aetjects. The opern tion of couching was performed on bothbeyes at the same time; which was successaflly neom. liphed in ithe space of a.entiaulm tkepatient being immedmtely enabled to distinguish the feea nf the .tperetar and a'ny object which was present w.-t ler. Tkun in the most happy mearn er has a piteon previously a burden to her friends,leertone by-the skill of the surgeon atsefulrmbterf-eo .esty, and restored .to he enrjtymrnt of a sense, tire lose of which t in' itrelf more dreadfua than any misferisne which could befal oti of the hu man heae. In the late retaurn ofihe'citens in Tielcnd, it ws'asneeriaiedndith 18,9g004001. were paid hy the inhabltrta t for whisaiec. Altowing the popu lotion of the lelan5 ino ie a millionus, the amount pripe.led in this one arTi ieby ack family of fear patrons is near nine gpiness. Verily theirish pay tcr thsir liquorl We -ehould lilke to kg:ow the many millions oatdollars yearly peid in this coanu try for moistenttg earrclay. gCod not spme one of fthe temperanee nea give s such.derltable art atiiesl As es as Dectnber last the plague was raging at Constantinople. Iptardt il o 10,000 persons had been carried off with itin two months. We cannot he pur9spded 6thltrwse thitn that this aw. ful disease in consequent upon.the4hlthy manner of living utnal itmobg the peoile uwhw aye suhject to its attacks. Two splendid thitough bred bosses have bee: brought out by the ship. Manchester frmn Livero pool, at City Point. They were landed in safety. Their names 'are Piram .and Coronet-. Two inne blooded mares came by. the same vessel. s ms. J0Was0iW9 8W -- - ,, . .. •. . .. . BROWN, THE TEXIAN.PRISO1EOR. (Concluded.) BanZllatn, (T,.p*,) Feb II, 1837. Tb the Edior of tlhe rucw.OMnencn: ie was taken-to Metrtnnrns, and there, among. other Iardships, he was ordered to sweep the -streets of the city. When.ire took the breamn into his hands, he had a violent rrugele-with ris n.ia eelt;ugs. After a ,nits del'ibraiion .irih himself; he detetmined, witll great reluctance, tolubmit to the idignait. - There were twelve or fifteen Texians, in all, at Matamorme. With two of these by the n.ime of Neal., Mr Brown concerted a plan eFescape. T'o flfect their purpose, they smploted as a uidd, ant Englishm.n, livritg in The city, to whom ther paid a handsome sum. This Englishmln, at their ex 'pense, procured fiour good horses, and mode all other pr*eparttions; and, accompniled bIy BIrwn and the MuNenly's, each of the four beitg armed with a gunand pistols, sallied (rom the'nity while their gardas was asleep, no the night of the 8 h 1of Qecember. Thun,Mr 1lrwn was, after a cpti city of nearly ten muonahi, anain oua ofthreir-hanh-is, thousgh he was not yet without fears-of being again tsaken. To naoid the guards estatinti alorn lie beaten track, they kept uip the'RioGrantlde withouit nse.s ine. Atn town 150 miles'from MonianOuras, the guide wished to call on one or twol-ulty neqrnint ances. They pnasedithis town in tie nighr, the priesoert Iturrning on, and the guide overtakintg them a short tistance beyonld the town. 'Thir.t miles anve this town, tihey determited to crele the river. Here they were overtaken by n ride,. who had been depatlched by tthirnfriends at the town they had phased tlhraglt, inferrnin thems that two hundr.ed Mexicans had arriv.ed at the town in pursuit cnf themn, and were making enqul ries respeering the En-lishmnan. The poer .-niti. ties pe.rceived the drladful nIt cEsily of clr.innn without deibsy, butt trhe aenat ted;otirn.d of eff-nl. it, in. The etrrenl was eationg, lhe wintd bitulinh fresh, the-wont-a IIgi, and sltot a wn no b,lnt. Strue, there was a eane on the o;tpnpite bnlk, hbu oi. seneed like eerrtiti dronih to attrempt to swim to it; ftrt beside, ail ilther d,lfin.:his, it was exoeei ingly cold, below the freiz:nt point. Mr, was lte ronly one thrat nuld swim: and, t.IIau~h i, gnnd swimlmer, lie said if he lhad had ten tlousand, he would have given it all ifit could have retliheved him frtom the nlecessity of anteil.ptin. the strnam. He did atnempt it, ihowtver , and oiler in credi'ble struggles, reach.ed the opposite ashlre two ,miles bielow. lHaviing gained the canor, he futnllld notlhinl to propel it with but an awkward p.le, nld as the water was too use this any on ther way than as a paddle, he was carried ilswnt two miles and a hnif in crassing. His o O.ipaniont. Itnether with the horses, hnd dropped duwn to tihe place of his landing; Iut, on reaching the shore, eould hold iou no Iltnger. He was so henurnuied, so fatigted, and I euppue so s2ita-ted in mind, tt li he becapeo deaf, turned black in thie fse,nnd pres, nily becamte wholly insensible, iin wlhich rito. ation he relnined three hours. In tine ntounttime Iis rootraides plneed him in the canoe, anl lettin, the Ilhorses swimn, attached to the caino, they nil arrived in safety on the eastern bank of the Rio Grande, having been deteined six hoursin effeiting this perilous ierriage. They. were now 180 miles from Matamoras, but no nc rer Texas thun when they started. Tlley were, however, less apprehensive of being taker, and venture$t:afttra while, tI kill a beef, of which I presume tify ate with onaiderablle varocity, fur they hkdlfastq.d fiur days and four nights, iuhving ate nothing since their esca e. They reached Vi,. tria, the first place where they mtet with any Tex inns, in seventeen days, rejoiced, beyond mensure, to grasp again the hooands of freemen, who could applaud the valiant,and sympathize with tli din. Mr. Brown, during his captivity, was plundered of every thing. he had about himof any valu e,on sieting of a considerable sum of money, n splendid tuold watch, &c., none of wan reurned to him. He has indeed done and suffired much for Texas, and hIe will doubtless he remembered with some substantliai arks .f gratitude. NWhen I see a young gentleman--the son of a Southern planucr-thus leaving the comforts of home; bhavino the most unequalof centests; sob ititting to indignities fro.n the minionsofn tyrant; and risking bis ife to save his comrades in num herless instances; and whelin I see hiem till ready, as he now in, to marchl at the first intelligence of an invasion--when I see all this, and see it t,.., adorned with so much genuine rn.desty as Mr. B. possesses, I can only say that the strnngest Iri ute which my fechbl per is napable of bn8towi.g, call but poorly express by admniration. N. G. N. COUNCIL-SECO "D MUNICIPALITY. Tuesn.rr, March 21, 1837. Tihe Council met pursuant to adjournment. Present, lion. Joshua Baldwin, Rhcbrder, Aldir men Br edlove,Caldwell, Lockett, Meux, McNair, Peters, Shamburg and Yorke. The joertml of the preceding meeting having been read and approved, The weekly statement of tl.q Treasurer was submitted, showing the receipts of the past week to have amounted to $5,845i08; the expenditures to $20.2'21.61, and the btlance on hand t,, $47,741,10. A communication from the Surveon r wnon ref r red'tn the Committee on streets and iandings, with instructions to report at tlre next m.rtinge. A mnemorial front the N. . and Naohville Rail road Conmpany was read, and on motton relerred to the Finance Committee A petitidnt from P; I.lin, was referred to the Commitree on Claims, r A petition in relartn o cerrain smoke-houses was r P: whereupon Mr. P. ters introduced oi e followseg resoluthon, which tith certain amend ments, the rules having been dispetned with, was taken up and adopted. Resnlved, That the operatiun of tile orldinance of 7th Jone 1835;, prnhihiting smoke hou.te. within certain limits of this Municipality, he sunpende. until the irst day of Jannary mi it Provided, that this resolulion shall extend oily to those smoke houses which existed at thie passage of said ordi nanee. A petition of lie tao Emanuel was referred to the Committee on Claimes. Ms. Peters chairman of Ith Finance Co rnlite, rep-,rted the f llowing reslutior, which thlle rules heing dispensed with, was adopted. Resolved, Th'llnt the Surveyor be nuthoriz 1 to repair without delay, the flagging in front ,i the .St. Mary's Market, on New Leven street; nlsn to erect the posts anld chains recommnend.d by the Commstnntary, and-to proourel te hoser required for cleansing the Market: als , to repair thestroets on the lower side of said Market. Order of /Ue day. The resolution in relation to tJie erection of a ieipab 1all ibeing iri order, it was upopn toilitn ended, so to priolng tile tirdeo f rteciving asip the first 'l'te,:saty in Nuvemaber; wh, n j tt4enbatct upon ioition of .Mr. Pejers, the id corttiiiderition of the subject nnas paostiontid tothe next mewtin. " Opt motion, the (:ouncil adjourned to Fridoay next, the.a8 It March instant. at 5 o'clock P. M JIIIN ";IllS..', 9 cr... r.:'. -Oiolco of To Trot Ateeltcton. " rhiyt-hy 1nreo .112, 1837.1 -hte uhmegwedeo for the IUt twelcoe iTflteu daye ua pre'oddeceid . Anoitherhouoe ho gonby the boa, dosh five mijtfes. The te is some deop eatcd disease in the body commoeeael.A leng and otontinued preperity cqgodnen malt dies that conot be oedwltwthout violent ,evulsiem. The tam pering of thngoveraenst with the cnrreucv, hu only breoughtl oa tbuereitL seaeder it tould itebeea eee nelte I en Lndieturbhd state oftriing. We stande o hidden hae ed the emmetrcc ofthe rountry'ment yt reteliv a ohook from whieh 4i wieheaeeym to recover, roler the rsttend teo healthful ooedlioe and placed beyqgod the roacth of in terestld demogouo. PUt apart from the disorder of the c-rculatieo medium NewN Olens stands at present in a peeu Ktlaituatine. Cotton orst.ot staple iL-dtelining, and all nth. e articleo of pedneu are tending d wonwa-d. An immeoe amonunt of capital is too loihked lp or totally lost to ghe - orel trade, by the ihte le.vy snppenslons, and the Pneks ar consequently onmpeelled to curtail and cease diteountiug. Thus are tratsations i tfoal e"ate impoded, while n damper is put upon the operationo ofncommerce. Thogoareity of mon ey iPNfe' York nod Phila lelphia.joined tothe dicultitces Io e prresentany thiong but ago~ ehle prospeett. RKfeeitre to the paettoiis tas that wre at o t of a not.n the e o a vn 'in ormmerciat world. The govertnmot can, ilit pleases, avert thi storm. That will ni w eot have the experinoene o the past and present to eeure us. Transactions fat peoduenareotight;--id nt mtteritelaoge hbserved. STATIMKNTOF iOTTON-. - Ocrt.I ,t-ti -Ne. hotet o heed..'... .,,or ec,702 Noa 2.,'37-No. heles rc'd thlsday....t.... t Totl No. do em dprevblouly 444,435 445,551 454,.56 lear. 29 1 -Exports this dty to Lirerpooel.... t99 Totol xpo opeviomloy............ :y54,72--35,490 No,bales reminilo, tot cleared...... 27,ý36 1TATENF.NT OP TOBACCO. Oct. itt, 1t7'1-No. hhint. on hand...................,.' Mar. 22, 18 7-No. do rto'd to dat .................... : ' 11,.V8 4gr. 22, 1837-Totel 1.0 tto ee lt.n. .. . 6772 No. hit. remaniuog, noLt cear d ........ 478 I.QNDQN MARIkET.-31 Jan. &uoot.-There weee little 'iter.tion in the prices oftrw O.u get to-day, an tihe ptu chnse are celauleted at only 700 hhd,. and tierce., ceoepriinei 521 hh'o itrbarlodoei at tlnbie tod, wheih sedl at en to 6 0d fol Ibttw to good quality, beofit stea dy prig". hTki stoekof Weent India iugers is coaow 451948hds aod tinges, g eitig 478 mooo tlnot year. The tooak offtaurli des s noow .0 12'thap , w lth is 2',740 less tOh..l•t year, it.luding the Fast indio Bock. Retitedgonod wer. very doll this afternoonool ecteoly any thiong wa doing, and ltheshlppert were entirely odthe ger bet, there not bhig auEy goods ready tie delivery. , oaeo.--l 'hre was little change ia ty kind d(4offen to det dhbage goed o dinay Ceylon arthe 6d duti at public ale hbrought Ifl to 70.: which wast its previous vatue. There wre alo offered 60) begs of itratil, whieLh pertly- sold at fll pnce, goo.i ordinhry calery at 49s 6d to Sie80de Thercnere no eoliliesales of Plantation, tead prlvnteiy tohmurket wai quiet. Cocao is still very dull. T.t.o;o-Themarketohasagaln ben-hriskh for prtenht oan the gtpo there Jim bea. a good demand for etosuption. and p cephuve furthe advanced .45e 3d tom4 6d being paid for Peteahburgh yelOw canodle. For delivery, little or nothing is doing. LONDON MONEY MARKET. -Feb. i.--lt hs transpired in the cnu se ofthe morningl that tihe ank D:recton laven res ed to te veroy Yunusual epedi ent otteeoming th-selves borronweis of mohey to s largo ex 'tent ean oddition to theothermeao s tIley have in operation for the conteratido ef she elbiulation. Though tiee course, however. is e very unusual one. wehat not met witll'naaty objeetionsto it; on the contrary, it is con aldiited to he jur as legitimate a mode of attaiing that object aany otheo thattcal Ine doptod. Still, the formedf the notm itioe has become mater of ret curiosity amno. the nienjed interest, wileo kind of Oncutity, for even in sch a coe it cannot be dispensed witih, Iesbeoa giventn the parties by whom tltmoneoy l. tappliedi aime alo, if the cotivty should happen 'u bo i tteshepo of hafte of-tehtnge, hbte sort Ufenudreene nt is adidbd n tthem, aMn wbether such a etroraction does not, i fact, come, under tho deerilttee of i-tdiiceounl-t-a preclle agait which gei gea.aolntote - i ri. ed by the directors, at time when the credit of the, coa0ty joiat.-toek benks was under consideration. ThiS iSpof curue, oely to be eanoerdd '. tle parties mo Immedtateny ono terlefd. The sun soo leo o tie Bank is toidnlo le 51e(.Pt1i.. The English setocek urkt opened weill and pioes looked up. Some trantaetiooes in Cweesn utere done at 90:; bht in oon. sequence ofthe t ansatiotns ahove nll,dod to, Consols rapidly receede, to 8I ?-to t, iw l.h was1 the ilosing pric, being a de neiuoT &!gett. T5his flail took- place in an hour o two. The otltr spcsiae nf Bliti ctseSitiecapeodily partonokof the dcpeqesio: even IhaltkStock, whic it twn considered would edo iteneinttlstth io aoter that expEtation thL th note .eof 'deat w beil.t "had been abandoned for the preseot. deotlined in ashortltine more than 0 percent. Salet of It owere made at 1201 btithe laet'quotation was -. . LIVERPOOL- MARKET. Jano. 31. During loe first too oed a oT the present month we experience a very active and brisk demansd for Cotton, speculators adding eoell. aboh to tlie weight of te e opera lionis, tile prices of.ort e t.epled Amerinan rote from i to 3-6d pet lb. Silce th th - vr tte erti eae[ , ben a e reao t lling offn .the inetttily frat the tro. amtd ihardly any thing has been dloone ot spe ulation, whils tlhe tone of the market has Ieont furtherodeprnesotocdhyaybeavyimport. Unier these eir teulltentces prices, as umight Io expected, have given way again, ant in tieleeco qualitten of- -itoU teri-ed Amercano there there is to he noticed d eclile of id jer tin. from-tho currency of tle 31st oec. Senn cl:ds t oo goenerally Ito 2d per li. tlie Eyt.tioas id. per Ic. higel tinc the teoltmeneemontof the month, Th e.toal sales iS January nmoonn to'Sui,610 bales, inclu dine 5 ',2lO American, 1.,71. IB.ooil. and 14,66i Eant India, &A . Trle quantity forwarded ~nsol is larger than usual, amann tite to 705, 60 bales ofwnhichi I1s er e Americml and the totaL tupply teken Iy the trade. after dedectieg 9.8011 bales sold to pee:ulaetors, and li3i expnrteld, . ill be ftnnd to eaeth 8L ,^4i1 ilesi of all kinds. ttfthe.e 57,e10 are American, 13,670 Ilra. zil, nod I15,4J0 East Iedin., c. l'he ipiport ofthe netehti, wllolie Been to be ratoher lrge llld nearly twLo-tilrds oftitC one week. The illren.e of all ktinds. compared n ith Jal. I1G,. is 12,873 bates The present Bieok is estimated 0t 415,0011 bolmc of which 1ii,51 a e odmerien. Atthieiueiotet yoar it Wsaa called 5, e;di saleS. icluling 85.10.0 American. Tlmspinne a whto had tuened oat at P esono are understood to a:lve rntslllod working, bat an.ldlatul no a oangement ieas oyet beel n mide between the tlatoers and oies-oliec. In the earlier part of t c month there was a good busine.e doing in Manecllhster, aslthe Moneuy Ma-ket was sencrilty ooneiderud a+eWering a mlore floterable aspect than for odE1n time befo'e. I.ntte:ily, Ihowesero, there lnsn been an inreansed prec.te for money, and to tiis etue maoinly nwe aro inelilcd to ascribe the nvary gr6n e inieLtnee that has for two nwe-es past characterized thle Mtihe-ter Market. We regret to add, th t at present tibere-tcees no-islmellnato propec t ofte.c-teslllne boeing otm pletely removed, nd tIhonpel we shall no dnolut oop have more doing in Cuttle, we think the ma het is ikehly to eotien tie rather Lte.y, with a dispositioo to sell. The Corn lMarket h-as been on the wntole dull lhroutj the month, and price bthlto of ee and bounded Wheao have grlee way PThereo hs been no demsnd here for Clover-eed, and .e give our qutction in conformity with the dtcline In London. For old Flareed there are occasional buyers at our quota tion.r The sales of Ashl" have been lerge bhut at lonr prites. T'e sales of Toaeeoduriog the maoth are 700 hhds. Foreign Wheat sold at 6 'd. a 6 edd.per 70 Ithbs. Cotton, Son Wlaod ld to 24d per lb.; do extra 21d to 38d do; do stained doId e leldo; Uplanl lid to IOld do; 0 leans 7lid to l Ttd tIe; Albmo and Mobiie i7d to Id'do. Aeiess, Ilontreal Pot 3s to 35s per cwt.; dd Pearl 36s to 361 6d per cwt. S.IVANNAtI COTTON MARKET. March t:'th. A fair bhdsinsawae done is Uplaids last week a declne Ins been felt iof scent on tlo mnieddling and inferior qualilies. PrimoUplands steady at 1R cents. The stock in market itis fair. Sea hlnnd nes off at 45 a 55 ctes. NEW YORK CONTON MA-RKET.--ILth March. The article isdnprssed and sales aoe made at a detcline of t a per cent. Tieohoole amount ofsales for the week are 139l hbge, of nwhieh 4.50 were iUpland at 10 Ia tt 500 Fiorild at t14 a 11 te eta: :550lohile at 15 a 19eeta: aolt31e N. Orleans at Ifi a 19fne. The unflhvorable natre of the foreign news has tended to arrest tr n-nctiose in the article. AtUGUSTA COTTON MARKET. Inor. I14t. Qnoltirin IIl a .7 cti, common and middling ran b~e bought at 1 centl reductibu on forme, prises. T/he mnar ket is droopinlg. PI|I,ADEI.PrIIA MIONEY MARKET--Itht Merth. It oe-aenrs the diffcultins in obteionint money aimninreasine. Manythills drawne ot the SOllth and Vest tlavt r-tuTned pro telt*d, and this united to the deratgement of the rurrenet hc cOnsed the greatest distress. As yeLtno failUroe hue taken pnnce. Tise rates of Interest are enormous. The MJlitsoippi and Alabomo Rail Ron-l tolnpasly are considneed no better thalo a nombination of WetE NDLtEnS fet eleatittg the holdere of tlelir hins so sitnnlly Nnt a dnllar ho- iten provided for the rednmstinn tefti e its in thio city. Tbe amount pnbpe hee. so 071,875. ,,~arun~--- - - I Ne 'itlerr the enprorn oor -nnon t of the slnriri chip ACTRIESS till b eerpslp trle for anay debrt con. Sroettd hyby tlhcrewt of :nd vr'eorl m@31 1.,C. CA 31 ACK & W are oeeqoe t to anortonee eoridniT r Aldlrmero for tho Third (loed of the Seeood Mounci. pality, the following geotlremce, o ho will be supported b3 a oenjorirv ol thentern oof trhot ord, viz: CIIAS. \V. SlIAMaIUUUfi, W. P. JONKIt, FILED. WIKL llQ.N.-- f-aorptotaes. m°4 vvI tIohE.X-11t bitte rectifield hiskey; 02 dot. tommon do; rer'civer'I nll fre role by 23 0I.Or.& BYRN,153l'Irhorpiotorlt o Pt. [ýA rli1.Y IIA1Sd-n4 bblo Re-ytrrroldt & Co's. horot, Fla i'mlie fraol steamerlane;, for sale by* loo3 otoot BYtcoEI, 153 tchottpitoolo ort. IAC('O\-lit0oaoko og eotrraood Cincirnatoi trcern, ýIrilnl ot rote order it r ereiter bor forsrole hy rr3 L )tO) It ItYNFE, 153 Tehoarpiroulas or. 1' n OLAOSES lAR IOELS.-5O Moulasocr Irelo, tI lading forom sotamcr oerldierotoearor a" Or rale by 8l.,0rb& fYINE, S152 teltororbrorrlas Kt. j RK-125 lp meotaroooo prinpe Porkrloding fromr telamer 3lyditereeoteort, otrd 'cnr role be rm93 Sl000 & IllONF: , 153 rclrotitrtloo or. I )tlt)tlAC IIAIIIIGSt.-20IOt S int 'tre ero ore sale by SLOhy &L IhtNI.. 112 l25_)t'chntritortolo cit. ii IL.AS1'-10 tot. S otto~il-tort trtoat)lbrig ý Ooloroisosrrorj ort arri ____an __f___site by ' t3 3_I), OrEN A.COIIFN,5n torormor orS. )Otl'lrI Ct)PP, Ill-SO co- t o 0TIo, 10, 11, ottd L) Ilb hte'ts, nowo Ina]iltco atd ("r ooe hy n1'--3 J). D.BIr'N & A. Co)IIN,9tt 0 4trtmon or. loU Lela 1011K-100 lihol. me-or porkr joel received V~:I ortlt" "to rlo ~ urlor rot8 (lR1VO'r& PAIG;E l0ydror ort. I Aflt ND LA) 1-53 bhlo neot .orb. 2b3 do e prine o,; 53 d- rtpo , ar ond 3321 kegs laid, lardiog m:l 3 . 'rIIAYEI dote. 741'oodtre ort. 1 l-kI K1, 100 bt. recetitotrd etoi heo', nding VVetoa steamrekr Orr onooeree. rld for roele ly cr3__ J. V_ _ INt liStI 'ortle srtreert. ¶1. (K ' 300 bils. Flouir in totter, nml trsle bly I 123 J.VAIIIIN,UirPortdeastreer. 4'1 AS'I'ILE '.t.P..Fitv tboxro ott twee-fite pountds v ottch, Crrtilr Soup, reeirrord rltd eorsle by tmO?3 II IR'T&I lVrlgTII()RNt- 3G ra001 OLftt~S- lut ks-a IlcBae Ierror en. oroils, assorteo I izos,c tltrdttg Ironbrhig Pico, Ooorlle ly m01 I-Aa' ARID o & 1111 o, 134 Mosieerim a. 1NXt l1A'1 (N Ito IlTOSt-trre rote by iror. ISAA-C BRIitO Ek Co. 134 Mooritoe tt. (I I'~ rjll d AN JAW)11 t S.I2Ib bl. ojto o' V'oroi~lr. 3 olt Jnptnro Ft, a eroe ht oS''S SWVAIN & lcRu l)ruttoror.rlCamle1. j IR1 f)Y--totrtortrr 1f puo'etfoe..oc bre /? :?) 1;.L)S II..'1tttih~to G(soc rtoo 1 IroV NE% R apEANS. • tl.el..Allgll U1I'llb." IOxllle. Anlm Whlte. IA I(00ol. 0 HaIit co . i ..+,.ll~ltl ,l,l(eeot, m. Imno ¶. Illulbw'. '4uolnlo, LivooP44l. I..1 Iflltr.tnrogo I24 Irl Mmrl. iell , Ilav n. R Groueg & co--c go ;30 hl11' forr. I(SL lex ard - g itill r.lo, lln.. ,nn4 . Ilov noo. R G roontoll t rn- oargog 41) h4l.l. Bor. boon ptor, 13911 k., lod S134 llll laord, 2ll bIit!. 4oo Itor Foreod. Ih ach, Nork. :81.. 08.cueao 293 bhls Itlk 172'koed Irod.; 70 ei L(.ooo 197 oeks cttr. $chr Tiborinl. MurrNy. 'faoott 4l " J.P W t.4toey-cargo ll h3lbl poik. ll. do Itloky 63 lldallmone.. 8Rlhr 2laly Jaine. I'ole. New Yotk', .osier i ialllst. 40hr Jaoo. Hill, py of, IloMtuo.o. .tm4t4".0-0rn V1 lthl cornt, IItlbo6l. i, ! hl, el tolkto. t o. Itlee d y goml.. ,cllr l. ly Hltp, ... t.JoM..ttlltlloUr;l. Julll.oo Iot co nrgo dry stomlb. :irto ted. , 'l'yr.... tlcKortoy. low Yorok, W Porour--cargo "26 this pot..' • AIRIVCD YEPTEBDAY. Blrg Can;,d1 oA, Gret*s I.iaverpo.d. Jnn 0, tO R &C J Cut. 4 il-.l.r io 4d te o m 10d1M tra4 aIt. lhr Ioll.. B.tnll:, Mlt to Ihoslr-- nrgog 100 Illodllo Ic, y. OxII feet I*onl~lr. &4tr Artdlie StevestHL Atkonpoa, to iosler--clar4o 511 bads ao/ga r hchr Ilolt 4k 4illnn. folger. Pii'lo I to Ilin 4 Colten. atid oldzo.o 1.'1I'. 0;aLltrd. JIFielodl, J A O.t!ytil. A Y'a.og, J W ...ltllt. J Mloer, J 8 wtln, 'J'J w.lot, 1' P T, tlllor, W i)' Sw.Jn rand older. • leillll Packet Merrllnnt, nkler, fin Mnllh, tn J.Ri!shnw. t.mrolt Ml I.lmOI tt, 1047,lF ot'4'.II. rItI to c;er, t.r gt Illti Ire oltton. II P.P,. IE & ol.. 9tALyAIod & co,1.l Ilurck. anlt &· eo. 67 York 4i' Iro1134 Ihlmlllth & Thllllnp" 8olt, IU Ilue/Lot ,SltoOloN'.y ott. I M Wlte & t eo, IlAdo nod 2 d I otodeerkll.u Ivlr I Ievlo.rel, 1l.lulhldel 1rtc ore , Ii;ltoso 4-,s, M1e0sr' . IOesl old dnllhller, I10 ry, 6:1g,.1.llI Tellmlple, D,wt'4o . A dey, Gt.l1'h. KI kly old Itilc..c.k. lollltllt.It Rttoll tIoo11. IIwo, llltoyt O.'o L., io mSet, - 43l0l. 48 bh;lles tl4,,l A Iold ot.t co. 4 doot IoudllOtieL lo dto MoItt Wlo Wlioto.o D o. a o4 bles lotltol. I I.ooe glo I blg waolý Fi1T1l0l?, Hith t o !1 Illobo f.IIIUII LteO e I I,,rdy, Il du ItA.II4" K . o%\\lll00 1) do [nllilti.'hi R co.aj III do l oat, + I rll 1aoalnc 0; 1 ,lo e cn IO cc,,' hhds sugnr Motrt:. lI.llllslll'hro 15 lb olmoeuo, N lHetIll. h40 (11 1l.1 r, lotrkeIl Wato c0, 4301 hiols rolto9 tol do10 10 Ilhto Inl .olt n 3 -bhlo 02alr Vtlla Coo olldi, 1I b:oIoe lo.d,.Ow'yrs tilt .itld. I I I ble lo..X Iedl.lto. eud, looWll. r O l hltrtrd, I0l O0 IttotIlrf.t Bielll C',l tlnrlreol.'onlhw,41041,h0 10 ot m'oltr---orgo 70 Iole ¢otOllIo. L Drblntre t u0, I3 do A Ml,'trin & co. I8 enlllhoolt WlO; os cllltto, d.<erk, L..ftest Irht Io maLIt r carmn .i Ilhl lsotloo' 32ot h tlolno. W' 419g.4. r 0i, 16Ill, s0 i r W Flower, IO Iltllde 100,r hkales cottnn. Iin.rleol, ol l & co, wO 'b!l. su or 1; b t ltE ilst tAno I( v;o i . , o Io h. I. moaoee I do 0lllRr IR toKutloy o tlo'rio. 1 '1I hrls .It. J I'rietly. oo Itloe4 ratton J Mtl4r'' 13I hIhd lIuglr Illry ,. I.ewronee+ O 70hr4- 1tll;nwp. 4.7 als IIlrle . 7 11I1l sugar to •ootly, 0x1 rln our, 'do t mollnio 0 owJt el t' I;olo3l. 1141t1e' ,l44.t2lr Ilolh dI' lotY,t narlet .olil o4r.l0 Mors Mllrd. r Kili4.tl4 . PIrootlollter. Ftley. erOill,l., Gourcl, MA.1Iutll; Blom. blis 0,leek. Dr. W tUlo'.ludIoig HMt'er. Ilollell, Ioultl In'dtlly, A golhrigkL, 'ierrr, Ell2001ul, I:,iot moll, Itet MI,,lon d. 0'- m.IIII:.' ,tL.,Iollt.ot, Motht, Fort Ad lln, to I llerc- 0r1n 131 holes otlttll. II..ol II . Ilr g,. & 1u; 48 Ih;llIc .0t. IOn. I llo lo.x, Hloo,ll Ooo:ld &oilo; 8l halos otolhn0, Le 40 WIody; 7 dlo BoIor,,.e . K .-lltt & i rilll; I ltlo Molln· *I.W. Whlt 4t'o l; I do Iotl ,th & 'l'hOltllton, ,1 lo lAe Co .' co; 20 hale ;losrIt. 'lthhd Alltl -o re, A Auril . co; by hloes ollttltA I' Orrooeil' ca; t11 844 oUl;lso. . 10lllbass .h,. llIti'ot. I .tUollltli o.rI':otl..el t.o. l'lrk.o k. 0o, I bhltolol..'EU Ial.,..toe. I 'rto 4U41t,lht. F 5..Ii. 1 ,.-2 l'neteolot, J lil I.rt. lldol, A 4l,tiolon;,.0 UI:ll.o.e, II 'I llu..ooot.l. II It 'N,od. Llllll tdoe. A.retllllo., .d1lo, bll coooug. lte.o1144. IDottM A lt lot, It CUttllin. 1.11 0ll oat Joln I4. too,. Ilot, inltchlticlls.i to 1n)l,.- 0010t4 l:iel w t.,I box lttoaot, .l lnlfO, W I' ,. .vioo :3 bhli Ilt0ehn0. 20 ItlI.1l. 0lad nlltbleoo. ''ur4lur No 0 I0t0.r 14.'ijo t I 6lloll: 111 litoe, A ,l.torol l4'. : I, il0e' o oto ni . l V J t d.l; $( o A I.lAotlde; H1.04 ll d ll'l. lot ." * I TItIt oit; S.2dot; Tnhedolo;l; I taoe nOlt..ltl fIlIlt drel. I0411u lel: 4 ;leBs otolloll. Btr;lllderl, IcKell5., & W 4V.ilh; J1k, OtIt j :. ott 1al: ,1,.olocuiooll. J II0PlolU o 1h co; " Iolii. c.lnd, J hntool;oJnnd outd tl4.O o1o,-. r10.t'llt, t~)I T.0oro. C4.pltoVrklell. Iloillio. .lH5,,. Fo PultI, I. y Ii tlr0,lld bly. 'l'tI' da, llovi 0i1 . I0 IIttotl, F,ltoll.t N .u to:..lll, ilill, Ewito0. Ilt oy. G .l9nc. 4.eo, Wtolltto, IV'tI),m. .001)00I 11" to'd, UicWkok. Ot.,~ord, a iV P4.licul, Olurhoh. Muoo, OIornto,"ol CoIotIooee. KItdd. Cinoiooo.l 1. 1 it, 100st-elrt, ro :P rhesta lea, :uit t era; 04 ,,.llhd hoe oI,! E Vl'rk 811,1111 p rll. t klisl h I. J A 1l0.8li.:l ot c.rt . Botllll; 2N h Is Sour. 2.11 $uikl .hllN.D, 05 1.).,.y 8 ,h'Ai'ldsrnlh.tOO, r I1.,, i410; I4lt, I.tloo,t'. 1"3 hl0lo IhTr. 31 44 Id whioikP)y., S.3liollon; 211 e4 llll, hbl t7 I 9r;oll & 40.; 40 ':hI. wli0ky. J tV Mloulllt: re.elt y;rln. KellEogo, 'ol ry & c1;72 kItt 1 rd, So- eks hgro, Ilyl&4'ooollntllak; IlOItl,11):.1 ,.3try, 6 c Itsk blot.ll, J V.lIrin. IHttd tu50l0 .t0o 1 ,.0-1.. on I,.rl,.- Paet ahr . s, . l le..l,i Jun~e'. J M Jllt. 01. l'"1 ll .+ry i, lel s 1401.11,1 t.Pvrw , .i','ola.tIt lr Knot'. K.loItoNI. look. blolnoc!, tO. C.r1'olk, 21,,hol, LoW 4l111, II', itt' l.eeo Mlo IRhll. 3.' orat, W It,4 Molnett. leI, .tell+oul. kItr I'i0ktI.loolt P84'i1: 1 Io7,l Woyi'. toII*I'0.Ie.m. Cillr.ltnloi. tn , lll'ler -'oowl 20O1 hills.ltot, e1)totlo Aot'oy '17410.; 01 oIf It'.. ells i" co; 6ii1oske 1,thlror: 0o . Iiii Ilol. 2110 do I0o k,05(1 Ite lordl. J-I oateit. 129 IloI fluo. IU caoo. hrllto. tt rto, 0. L1tlIIi0o75h hll, io k, I. 1 b'.h llltlor, Io viei;o.U olltlllt 11 dll , lokl Idt,, . V i ) G.i nlhhi. FPoowoltoc,. l ll.Uoo 0Ir441144. ' G M. oalil; Aler Mlljo ,,Ilo i o'i all s 5l .1 10.e old w.iI oV W Uloem. J Il lill- J 1 el li, IB f I 4 P44 irun 01E1k110 A NBA. Gen.Wnyle left Cinclnlloti on tlhe 14th t.Hint. met ·r IM:dO t' ".WIt ld iCnle0lI0.Ecte tllhlv 14m01IIa01.,II lllllll:; loel L.oo ile oil tle l.h. bl.t-I lOelollol Elk ill Jocl h'il4rl:' ,014ir Frelchll tl.ololn; Nloonoio, lt motl I tllll I'll 0104 ,44411117,lnl em 'toly 01:,,, .rll rrn ,.'tl..0 lov. lte, $I0: o:tiIi.nwit ,k ly L Il . ILI Irll. f IPf 9 ·,-hil .. ,1110!0n belo w iio II)..III ll k L gll..h l l au Iii i if ; I M,'-hj.'on. tvl lll Itlo I llowoIlollt. I.llOIttll.iOll 011: 4i41,011. Eil. 'I,', %1llll0 Iih one w ,10 1 l: 0 a4ii 41t h+; , II BInoirlo;:e wod ylod ro' holholler: Ilarry HilLol! f'.t ,.( ol '1 e+ ' Ibl:,od: 1t71i, )Itl,,.ol OC.' u' It1. 1t P.0: Po ,iln. . l . rt"; 201ii, Hgoi ,t 5 fl.i. h"iiw'Worritillont Rodolp0 I tto 4,V1k1 ,lrt Io1,lIW o .ll0.1 GoI'. AOe~foI:n ot l'oi'l.41',or': lo.iIk't ,olow tld'oy v; Mic, in ndolt I Rie.,z. l.,rl It 11 01 I1 n1 Ss' I'ro lk; 0 -110n.. II 1H1,1+o. I -low 1: ,lPlrk', iIla d): 21+t. ilotln:rh lll IlicKry'o 40illt; ort1ll Aolieici, 9 o ihl' ahlvU Red C; or:.l. St. Charles Theatre. On this Evening. March 23 i, will he performned,(3d tine in the south) the grand LegendaryOperatic Ballet, called LE DIEU Er l.A BAYADERE, O- , The olaid of Ca.lhmere. -With all the rigna.tml muic; entirely new sccnery, dresses decoratiom;, &d. ZELICA, M'LLE CELESTE, Falinm, - Sig.or.t Man-itte, Ilaidee, - Eliza. Lelial Mad. 'hlielmno, Zlttha, - - - hs. iunt, Tos conclude with the farce of DAY AFTER :IHE W LDDINGd. Freelove, r . Mr EIcclan. Lady Eliznlherh, Mrs n anoiscer. TIAN SPOIITS WAN' D. A NUMBERl. fveasels of light draughtll ofwatee 1and s Ltealed as Govermen' l'ranllSort. They are to be at Fort Brooke, Hiallsborou.h by, by ithe 1l l of April next, wellrovidedl with floors or nolher for the same,with wrdt anda ser, and all ao'her necassry prelratons, In r tra-nsportation If Troops or Itlian trilten pre psrals rasting the tolnesne,, coun tal, character olfe.h vessel, and tile arice ier hend frlt Fort Brooke to thin place. Taking 'oean8 uso tile Mlississippi .aill be necured by Majr J. (Clark, oasict ant Quoter Master U. t Arlay, until tle evenic, of tlhe 4tlh inst. 0 Also, fora number of tranaports us above, for treno lorting roop leront Fort IllooketL, Agala hieola, lobe tit hort Broake n the IOtrsof fApcil next. QUARtT&+t M*S'I'EIt'd OFFICE, New Orleanns, hwlah d, 1137. 2t1 t RECEIVE))-- FO JONES P.9 TrET COTTON LV By tli P etee, .Nh. ts \lnia ine street. NewS, t)elcmls. TODE MAN. FACTURvD IN NEW YORK BY RulnElI 110EO & 5O. SkeLE OF PRIL'ES--Dsble Gins. For a duble Gil of tt saws one mnte ol erleh ryliladel-, waking t160soawsn trle taaod', oilh feed,) ren, baall, der. at .1 lel. tw, or $.t 0 00 FIora Itnoh l (;in H I t 6(1 nvs ,ai cvlintdee oe 10 sawos in thle stlld, fredrel~ , to. at $6 per saw, e. 70 00 W Fordo. ul 0 awsoa n doc, or 83 sawc oi a d stalod, at i .25 per saw, -Or 5003 00 For do. l "0O saws onu d.. m 40 stws- in as sta-,l, at l$d.50 p'r saw, or 1260 00 SINGLE GINS. Fort a: si cegio of 80 lsas oo r nore, with 1' e sat ol le.etla, bat do, &. at $6 aitr Form tI-. of 6iOnows, w.ilthfnetdr, &,c. ato6 $ 50 pe e rtslIrh, 2l 001 For tio. o l40 saws, with heedcrs, &e. at $6 75 per seow,( ) 3 00 IFor d.'. oft"oaows, wrilth .leers, &ne. at $7 5 le l 1tr a d 150 00 FIr txatecth wchere deaitso, fr foeders, uclpliedl t ihe ailets rela; lye t elber ol'te s h hbol. ualolt rilliit t io thr naiber of le set of ltoc tc,, it i sc o bidoe, dllonw-era, will car olt two ol three sets ofl cowo. E;xl saws slupplied aIt r.ll -S ns ali.h The Gtia milersl, wilt, be ldeliv-.-el to thlr riigets of il i f a sit I tll" tyite ea It rtlaitw ni o-f the ol.tlti llal tig Staae, at t lil aboe l'iniol, tl :gclleoa Oe illg th li-iighl tot-th s.ooer film New Yok, and bheomnlle' vC ep nlblE for ll te a t sn iohof lthe tila. 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I heio la in l ti a m onediiriiaare ni-c tsholl iakll:l th.e oatlCe most Im.lerln lll al)piovUdI plano. .+ e all eexc-.ted, fillo tlelle it is reneivdli ill t she paofle ifilonicwocthoiis allk Ihcth (;m Iioiho tlllte ldatl-tin t lr anld of the flotlr. t'o h. ill llll I:,l thle nui crop, all or, h~l's )tlIhi Ito hte ill th. !n ook ol the liaottlll .tnra liy tle lt\e-at iillle if Al ci ox-:ct fcc tadlltlontc allltallteey tIrlatu inn nll.cullilla to Ipiunk o gin a mto. N. B. 'I heP1 .,teot llRgt, for any one of Ihe cotton gro, i g Sl,tili will be t old ot rtcasoa le terms. i LATE PUBLtICA'IjNS.y - I.lE book of Saint Ni:holas, in I vo, belia vol 14 of tile new ,mplclte antd anilornl edition of f'uol ceo-4 work-. Im[ llloIoltIcnnn'a Filesidle.-.A , Tle ia vol. hlina vcll. i2 an t 13,nethe ntew conilete and a nit)roin cdlltun , f Psulding's works. llmer.- 'raltalutcl iby Alscander Pl pf, FIq. in 3 cuio. being Non. 3z33,'oad 34, of 1larerts Clao sieal Fually'Library. Jst rreceived olldl fr sale by Wnl McKI"AN aIRt corner Camp inad Coinl ion sta. SCENES IN SPAIN, (ce. &e. CENES i pain, by the author of"A 1year is rle dhniey M'mn, by the Cotnless of Bleteiogton, Er. inn colsn TIe Tl'og' at lRsmasgate,tby Bol , together with Mlh er'c les bv ditinaguished nriers. Alio, a farthrr enppt of lBnrr's Ienloirsc. al. lt a lld IL iaailoo's ril.irtl .(' d. Jlsot reec-il rel' fr cIc '-y a?) ) . T'. II i. .1'HE INOtAN'S PANIECA. J LST reeiveda of this meet values I aedici oae. Aeeordomy to litd q lately reeiewd, a natiofact tloodutalll h allbmwed to Druggist's and all i dealer', in applying to the sub-<riber, agent for ti proprietor. H IOONN\AIEL, m93 emner Nttbhes and ehoupiteulos ats. S'I'ItAY.-Was taken up on the night of the .JtLi inst. by the night watch, 3a Ward, 2d Municipali ty, a lrge iron gray horse, with a bob lail, with a sad drt aedbridle on. 'theboewae ofatnd heore irequest. ed to come forward, ptose pro, ertv, pay charges adl take him anny, un or bete Saotulrdy the let day o' April, on which day he l i'l le eold at public auction, by P. A. Guilliltt, ajctioeer, at 12.o'oelock. S11B STRINGER, Commissary, m23 3d Ward, "2d Mtniiipalito. f1iE OIL, CI.Ao'", &c.-Linseed Oil inble: SCostar Oil, in do;loamp oil in do; Cmueme green i. oilnd dry; t Swaim's Panne a; Swnim'ta ermifuge; Garden seeds in boxes; Window Glass; Seidlita pow dery, Cap and I.tter Paper, for stle by n'23 SWAIN & BR). Druggists, I1 Canal st, ACON-76 casks Clecicinnatiented bado, eone t ing of ha s, sides and haould pa, a superior arti tie, and ctn be warranted, for aul by m23 B(iERII' & HAW'I'HOiN,6t Gravien t. jAVAN.A C.iFFE .-Two hundred bags prime gren Ilavnna Cprre, ar.uperior nrtiole, in store, and fur sale hillqtntitie toaouJt purltasere, by ht2iLl tO(EIRT & HAW'PTUORN, 63 Grovier a t. I iO Lt;OFL,16.E-.L hundredl bags green RioCofl I-fie,, it prie order, for salein pareh to suit pur chasers, by IOGfERT & HAWTHORN, . i. . 63Graier street. M ACKEtKEI.-ý2il, hbls. fnd t2 hall' bbl'Nt.Nos. 1, 3 Mqckeral, landing this day faion brig Havre, fronl loston, and for sale by nlm3 BOGERT&HAWTHORN, ,3 Graviet.ts LIA U-56 Okegs prima leaf ard in 'tore, and for L. sile by BUGEIIT & HAWTVI'HORN, m23 61 Graver street. OTICE-Persmnns pplring far prafessionll Per vic.r, will delonse nallbetOruo t h hours of nine nd tIre o'leock, daring'the day. " 3 t A. ..I()IUG II, I)entist, 78 Canal st. i.l )SA[.QUE, or American Mutsical Annual tor L 1837. Jut; received and fer sale at 1B. CASEY'S Pieao Forte Masni m23 and Faey storel, 19 namp street, 1 - u-t-O-U 280 bits. landing fron steamier Cno--n m nre,ad toelbrr sle ly * m23 afw GI. D RSEY; > Npw Levee. - taie..-A twier-case ot weac.nt, laoding from steamer ( otteree, flir stle by 0m(3 G. I)RSE'Yd44 New Levee. `-1)Ai',s1TARCH. Se.--Loading treat ship Rienzi J and brig irargaret Ann, 5l hanes .undon Sterolh; 200 hIes Nos. 1 ond 2 Soap, 97000 Segars in qunarter and -igth boxeos, mn. I AC BR I)... dt 134 Mag-rine et. $10 REWAIID. ABSCONDED oa the 17th inst. a n'ack womoan I na n edl)OtL.KY, ngdl about 38 years, 5 feet. 2 or 3 inches Iigh, or thereabou.s; as the most of her teerrthout in fonl; ware when she went awnay an old sti pod giglaimii dresa-Drlley frisally eltiargedl t the latilWoT.Wn ller \Wrielit, decersed. She i well knlown bhynan petsanns eriding in the pity and fau ltrg et .tar.'., prtieuon rty ia the ,neighblorhood of Delrd street and 1,aganitne straet, "Tihse dlane reward, and all reasonbnld expense will be paid, on delivery to the sphacribeit, or llodged in jail, so that lie canget her. i m1(1t 11 B STRINGER. MtAYdRta TY OsNEW uRI.At S. Cuancil nf the Saroir .liirr,otrpralili Sitting of Thursdrv, 14th March, 1837. fIRSOLVED, 'Tiatin the iliaion lt this Council, LC it is ekpedient, and nen.ssary Gfo the public ec,,. nenience, t:inue Not a ste et trout ..legazine tesaet to Car l st.oet, il n strait line with, an of equala width with sgld street; nod the Maeor is hereby an. -tlarioetl to give pubo c aotice in tile' l'uo A merlesn antd ('onnnerciatltnlletia, in Frendl anad English, during ten days, that it is the intention of this Couacil to openc naid atreeo, in confUritity "vith an act of the Lerielotore, aititilO "aan Act tit regulatie opening, haying omal, aitd improvine g of atreets and public rplaes in the oiry oif.asc Orleasr, &c." Alproved 3dI Attril 183M. A iongred Al UraLDIs'N,trtcorder. Approved, 3lst Miarrh,.187. Signed, ). PRIEUR, Mayor. A true coply. C HF.ARD eSacrratry. AgrOeblv totin, Sirgoing resolIton, Manh, tcon efuroty e ith tb lw ralsiuan of an aet apiroved the 3d Afril J.1832, eotitlt,"in Act to regalote tihe opening, laying out, aid itainproi g oftreeto and Inblie taecsn i the city of Now .rleanss. &:." Notice is Ih rbty ivaen that it is'the irtemtin of the Cotit:cil of Municl polity.\o twr, torhavte Natre lDame i olnord frornt lag Ls IIIC street, tt CaRIp street, in a :rlail sIlr with, alnod Sol tOie snate wihl ts snid Nire tmrnrmtiret. Mtieht i2.1ll37, D P'IIEUlt, Mayor, 'I ON FI).'.M s t.'t l n \''o osolltltnc ai 4lcsOi.i', ct al ( v2rt d'e r d rt altloiir" le :1 Avril, I.t.t, elltitule "At Ipour rcesr l'rovertore, l disorib lie i t r tia ia lio ratioru des rae s t lsro iotrbliqhrcs dr a la niit tie la Nllb . rlenns,&,i Avis iet dcnllr :Uo I'ietiuotin do CoisRil deo T laI.irto de tticipalitetert d trase onvive ,lu. la otore Ialne, tioe)its i I ritetdlo in Mgnris, joigo a lit ruiedtre Caol, csa i te droite tt l lit iNmelev lrgeur Cor/.-nc i/ii .SI ' aorfroltr icpil/. Sitting of'l'uesda, let IMarch, 1837. ytLSOLtVEID, 'ihat in thle o laiso: r o ths councils ,-_, it isepedlont, ntul n ccsrary ltr lr. p llic onl venieile.nd henlth , to co. tiuoe Nttilhrez stiret fint .'thotlt italltaa strint, ill staroigt ltrir with,,itil of the samle aridtha enid Notch a z rsit, New Lervee street; and tile Mlave r is her by auth.rrte to glie publis na Lice ti e ''l'lre Ameriian.e d (It llrIEi tinr Irlieletir, in t'rennh outal EnglioIh daring t n days, Ihat it is the dit trlinn orIthis Cý,rmoil i to oa:e nurl co ,tidue sail street, in'oroifiisiriy withti the t Legieslatrr, entitled, "arll Ant to t golotsl tie opening, liaing o 'I, onit irti proving silrte and puolir places iii the city of New Olleuna , dr." Approved litl ' irt 18:d'. Slgiee, J BAII)W'IN, R corder. Approrved, Mhreise 21 13t7. .igraed, D PRIEUIR Mayor. A true cOPlYV A iossotRIt-, Secretary. Agreeably to tio Lrgeiwg reasotloiolr and in co r l'llo withi tile Iprorittao of alnet appo l'sved the 3d A tril L8:2, eiitled, "a*ll Art to nrgllfnltc tile opening, laying.out atnditllllovilg ofareeta atld public plhces in thilinat o New Ol.kans, src., Noiie is hereby given thal is rite inhlterntion of the Coscil of .lton ciF rli-tv N' Two. to have NRatchez sreet otised asS contined front Thottiloltuls street to, New Levee st., in'a str.tight iiuo with, and of the ra.-eS width a said N'tetd ' street. 1) PRIEUII, loayor. Otarli,'.2d, 1837. . N-F.-OItMIEPl N'' a la resoilution i dessos, tea I vert. des diinnsilir. ade I'oct ipprouvi e le 3 oval I832, sti olant "Acts porr eeghlr I ouvelfrti'. lat drI-rs butllion e I' llll'litatlnlm ties rues t p ptlaes iuhliqoes dins Ii ville I- In Oilertleato, &a." Avis et aonne 9us l'inteltian n 'il do dorl Ist- Serlnde Muuicltpaiihl et de fitire lnl'sir et tonlnnar In rae this 'aitchet de pu's la rue, Tchouloitorn jj qm'o In in' de In Nile Levee, en liquc drotei et dr in eue.e lorgeur qO'a maton tenallt l dit rue de a Natchtez. D PRIEUR, Moitre. I,.2 Mare 1]837. jILL be given fr apprehending and lodging in JER r Y, wlto absconded, it is stppoeti, oil ionIard te Steamer Colluonbs, fnr CinCinnt . t nlRout ten Java sin.e. Jerrt is ubntlu 45tyeaolTf g five fet ten or eleven inches in height, 'ounI stnoonll shoulder., very talkative aond iilnier, find of bufterlng utet tolding in horse., having been en lak-diver fi'r onm, tie laet in thin ritv. Jerry hnas o dolhto.bltinedf rgedr paperse Hit wifne, nh is firee, aco . ted hiO. Site in it neress ffsm II tnture, and very talkative eloo. It is stilos ed lh has assumed ilt snamete of W rILLIA, I, a d that his wi/ reniels ho, ty IhV 100d.llnrs will hb paid for setrin himo in any jail to this Sttr;.ond 5 hll)llars fil" ladsting hiro in nny jail, if Ik n r(llf of time .Sate, with all re souabl ' exenlst., br-ilde, hr lrtinioe heore.. J. LEI'DS. New O' eanr, "semi '', 1107. m' 2 m'22 I 5I C l i)IABLK, 63 (irovier street. I oLASSI:E CASK$.--1i:0 tlra, castkbi redy l for filling, antd fur a!e by ti K [4, n" I .la 9 n.llrretreet. LI Ol J -.N i'iELT ER- ni bhtnf bent lH J rio, Locks fir do mrn, de.k-, dl.Weteo, ehe-to and rltllk-; ineo a en ll ntso rtloet l hardl nre, for stile whlrsnl or retailby I.A0. 'tN & Co.' m '2 i lots 501d Levee s'. S1.1,C.-lY caroleie li oil, ,5 ck. ebeioet pore weiutortrointtd il; It ctskl linbtlc~ittil; o:5 bturelr ltirit t "'aiPtrnti, i, stre atnd for seia by 1 2iot1 L AY'I'ON & CGo., 53 i'li Levrre et. A OIN.-8711 . ak corn in first rate order, landing tttser Algonquin, tnd fio stle by .t2"- 81.O0.1a ItYI:NF, 153 '1 Ih. pitttlots Ft. LAttti& .J't,lK.-141 bils le.l.; 171 ito dearo k; 166 do mess pork, lit diitg Mrom flat Ibout, nd for Tal by 1.0SIOO & RYINE, amt22 159 Ti'iho itotUl.ttla street. y IEe N i'A I.T.-.-' lh nsaecriber ih a re.s iro t a 1 7 urlunttity frgrel.n In \it, to wvh:rhlie would call the ottento , of the ToI'otle. WVll A RYAN, Ite R__25 lrgazitie at. LPA'DES& SiIO\lE l..--Tl t 'i cltibur item re ,tived t 150 dozen.. rads to lld htlvels, to which he woul call Ithe tteuiton of, lhe tr:uL. -2 \Vm A ILOVt N,25 Met'oiner ret. 1 store otd for sult. by J V.L rI.S, nl r21 413 Po...tls 'itree,. " LO-IK iS'oIN-.& 'E.vI P -It. tl bo hnltksest itno .1 .a Tin1; .1; plates. o -fttltrr orZin ,lh tsale le h L.\I' (IN & ('.rf'5 Old ' enro ot. SILT K ITll S . l' I-3rlIt lettlts otn hmtl-t-ts d ftr 7, ale in coLs to sit ttt, tlt'chers bv n.'-t'l.. LA l'ON S' Ch.I 53 Old Levee st. l ib"S.-,itOftlkegs ofnails nwell .nortted, in stor N and for osalbyv LAYT)N &Co., mt' ' ino 52 oll I.ever. -. I.\tlING e ft...] t e .itoeiofor salre. a.2 IlL < CAb lIAnK & Co, tn (;tarter st o saleby , S ttE], Ii.,nati etlredl for salebv 1. 1)')I.1"E, ___19. _ 44 Nen I.t vee. --------- - --_ P 10 bl IIMt 1 X'-oD .I, 1l ft'r sale tI - t20 IEAL ) & BAI.1STOW67 (7.IaVi ir ot. AISiNl:t-- inei , tntl soft shelled Almaotds; direct H H. inlportatiun Ironlll tlaga. flu" sah,. by m20L 1 lAlI) & ItOl1'0,'lW 17 rravier st LIOUI(-)0-18 Ildsl latttdingl I rot otertmot, i otesale It . 0 Iti RSEY, mel0 4t N,, Levee. f ACON-004)hIi0 lbo. hogtb routtI', i, .too, ctti f-r B) .,le loC woelt, r trttto:: ltt:tt t Pee c l l fly e i6 GRInVOT C P.LIGE; 10t I'J.'lr. s st. l a) ; I I 1111 ''1 i . 0 , .I. ...... ", MAYORALTY OF N$W ORLEANS. Council of .AfUni itrlig .No. 2. [siting ." uesday. Ih M t, tar l7.J Resolvod, mat the Muyor , and it Ihreb attthorised o givepubio notic, aco.orining t law, ofta eleetiol .r Aldnrmen of thi Alui.lpalil, W take plaoe on the .itt Monday in Apil nttn at the .utloing a,.qd ,loaa, u.odor theo suvoriaantellic of tha ineptors and lerks hereafiernenled. First Ward, at the Arcado Exchange. tnspectors A. H. Ilokep, Dr. E. I. Barton, • .rP J, W. * tRari ll. Second Ward, at the Mdicilpal Hall. Inspectono, lt bert La yton, Win. Ftcret. Clero, C. ttllit. Third Word, at Harvey Norton's. Iaspectors, Edwardi, J. I.Genois. Clerk,J. Beekmoan. ceelve, that in case anv of (le above noatedpereonS .hall raefuta l act, the llayor he, and he in hereby fully authorased to appoiot such others an hIe may deem proper to replace them (Signood) J. BALDWIN, Recorder. Agreeably to the frm'going renllotion, ann by virtue ofte protisiono of oan act, apprnovbd the i8th March, Uf:I6, entitled. 'An eat to incorporate the city of Now Orleans, apprneved the T7th Febrnary, 1805,' and other actr oamenliong tl: samne,' notice is hirobv eiven, that om toadnv, 3d April nuet, between nine o0elocek A M ndl flive P ill, theanuaol electicn ofAldermen for the Second Muonicipality, will be held at tih different places, and cnrder the super atendonee of the persons in .:o anloe saidolreolution. The uttodhrofrpresentatves to which eachl ward of said Municipality is entillced, is as follows: First Ward, four Ald,'rmen. Seondl Ward, three Aldrmen. Third Ward,-three Aldermen. Marh , O8',1l37. D. PRIEUR, Mavor. ConFormgnteht a la rn erlution cidessns, et r lvertu der ,leepooicions dtl arte approve o 8 clas 1t88i, tli tale'Arte pour noender I'aote intiele Acrte pour eCcor. porerla villedo la New Orleans, approve e 16 Feverier 1805,' ainsi pue d' autcrs actes anmp"dat le dit ace, avis vat donne quo Lundi, 3 avril pocillon, entre ouelheures id mnoi rt ecng leures de I'acpren iice i sera rei.rdoe a I'eleetioo annuelle deo Alderm eo de lat Seeiolde Mnnici polite, xon lieet indeqelo dana In euidite tf olntion at sonos ia direction des perooultne qtui' snont menRtiohneee. Le nantlra i reperesetann nuxquel choque district de hI eite Muotiipajlite a deoit eat o.tme oSte: Premier dietrict, quartre Aldermen. Second district, trnis Aldermen. rroioiene d.istriet'jrii Alderc en. Le 20 Mars 18;3 D. PIC[EURt, Miyor. STA'IA OP IOUISIANA Pariah Court for the Parish 4 City of New Orlens- Present, te tlonorable CHARt.L.S MiAUlIA ,Jdlga . NO V.1i. fbJ Them s ,ire. es. Ills Credlitom . TTPON ranrliu and filinig the wtition and aehodulr in ) this cane, it is ordered that the creditors of tit In solvent do meet in open mont, on Fridcyv ra 31st day of lerch: creditor.-then andi there to deliberate on the pe titiiner's affairs, ndol in the meontimc all proeeodings against his penrmn ol ri opetn are stayed. By order of the court, Clerk's office, Mrchi 9, 187, Il. i.. GUYON, a6& 3S1 Clerk. C, S oibe Jbt.mci*iieo, \gta.ItoC tihe Ioone of _ W. &e tcherl Sleelfil, Engianoe , Iaver just .eeirved a vey extensoive sot of patterns, conesiting of 'Fabler na d I)essert Knives oi qverv desriticn, P'en, Poeket, olrk, mul Slensr poiantKnie; RIazors, Sei sors, Edge' l io,l,&c. Ac. &.. ,vhiihlltm y are lrcupredl rn exibilt to tIe tralde ton onives. ierur and eonctioan n ill be- made konocn ht the time. iPn6 J. I). EIN & A COHFN,90 Coommon t. ' IA'I. PUt'Uf,ItCATi IN " itOUR. thlrogh the nlonufleh cring Di.lricts of Eng. Slanl, in mrho nlcor of 18i5i. iy Soir (eorce Ileod, urtlr of u"Foest Seecm,"' no d "incident, io Amlerica." An ElnRoEnmry Toenrire en Ansatom. Bv A. I. J. Bnvle, M1. ). Transhticl aiom the 4th etditionf thlt Frenchi. B I A. hlile, Pone, A. ,'., M. D. Livv tranclateotbv George Baker, A. M. on 5 volomee, seiog No. 24, to8 of Horper'qUIooionl Falmily Librnry. Also, Alnaddloiol sutiply of lavie'n Memceira of Aaro Burrl. Josi received andl for mnleb ml4 W rM. MIeCEAN, 0nwr of Cmon t " hEAU+ctNT'91 EXPERiIEN'liS E XPF.IIl.iJEENTI anclc Observanions oin the GASoi orcT h C. and the pblyiollogy of Dit.esticn. By WV Bseummit, M1. ., Surgeont in the U. S. Armny. Ju received and for sale by Wil. MnMKEAN, mn1l4 CoernrrofCamp & Common streetn. '1 IlE uodersigned from thin date, will be nnocetatoL with Isir brl.theru, t'iuoms a C. .walin, ina the I)rug and Apictheeuri bolincsn, So, ll,Canal street, inder the, firm of Swain r Broiler, the liqroidainon of tie alefir, of'l'lmmai C. Swain wcill Ih o.tllel I by the oew firco; and the undernigoiil will give icn particlhr atoltentiol to hu w.sies, an(l solieit a silme of Iatrotsi.. m1nf JOHN IV. SWAIN. rlTllE OtLlccrieres hatW raed biy idrictilri.lvaI. f-" E Ecglund , ad offei r for sole, ice illoming oarti:les. l.aalinye, .i~anp . Velvno cltccn,i olccilekis, iril t. ed Flcacels, C.'mc rics, IHdke;s cfvnri ci kinds i Arabiao 'rint-, &c. fr alce b Iy I C l'AAII MAK & CO. 018 65T G.(ncit.rnst (u AIdEd N IcOA l'.-he eBoho riber os ilo e Matct b his BOA'tr, now I. ilug at the FIt Boat Landing, a general aotoismentS of iardcin llrllhbcric (Green-hLuse plant', Blulcn cIIcI '1i ubConc I.ool Is ilehbueaoci Alo-n-Frult Trees, suoch a oAppne, Peyars Plumn Pe ches, Apricoro, Cherriesn, (]mcec, (ciruces, Siro-. berries, (ohoicrriesa, Ctlrrounel.l, Itsplerieeri , togethrr with allniostevcry variety of tencurdn Seeds. mect JOltN In SLACK. flIE.' DOLLARS E.w. I .-Otbo-, odedr, tin I 13tl inst. a inero inmat.alc co t feel bicl,:,5 yenrs old; f'rndrl beoIll).ed t sdir. IlBuhov' Co InesI as. Aloc-.-na yl.ow Icy),, aoctlt I or i6 years rold,nhou 4d feet 10, or 5 feot bigh--golo Ih oking ccid noutr(--hud cti whe hcc left, a lcurl gr y a.tliac t rIcold jacket and pan taloons. Iil woocul is lung Icehind; clien spchken to hicilocoks are qlite sour. Thrie above rewarl will h ca id to any person for tihe dtetecillc of sallld bce. ARTIN II . IIliVti iUAX, 6 Tcboalitouler sire. t. N.B. Any pdreion harlooring tlhuose boys ill be prose-e ciucd accorinhg to Ilaw. Ml0 FTHE Life of Tlrm .Je8o.cco+ ,icird ' 1'axcid olo th SUliled Statue, wilh psits of his ic'orrc, e lcllLec., neeer hefore ulcishedh; and notices ofenc Ilcoi ion-i on qneotoiccs ccfcivil goveruoo)CeI, naticona:l hoiecy' and constitutioal al . By Gieorge lT'ucker, Esq. of Virginia, is c vds. Three Experilmalcn of Livjnc within the Menio, Living au to the oMenus, ccd Lihticig beyocd the tiaans. J ant received od nfolr IA by mi6 BENJAMIN LIVY. T.O. & J. S. THACHEII . . Alfoinies ad Couc,,sllors o t lctt, NATCHirE, teISISSIPPI, Willprseaioe ill the dlcLreolt courts cft'lc state of Mis sissipl, tllcl in the parieh ofnConcerdia. .loui.iei'. Ro seneeu.--A. Kirkma. & Co. Bclncloli, laiger & On. inugun, Nivcn C. C oo. llwco&Co. New Url.'anor. mul I1t 3D ICI AND RARE WINES--OGI rose Madeira; do I. Ilrvahlnhl; Mlurlock, do. cicol, do. ilathnsav, do. Al-o, pale odd Anolitillada Iccrcc; do I.obh,; d Duff colrdon sal Co. All these ore sllendlid wclocec; equal, end sum.,e ot item supeiiur to any for ni e ic the Uoited Statelfor sleo by A H INSKEEP, SEA ISLAND Cotcon teed for ma by SSASt.. CFAPMAN, olJ l51(i fietvier nstreet. T 1E ealeofOaklfrid aill takr plnac on Monday erxr, March 274h. al the Arclade Exchane, by ISAAC4 L.lCeoY & . C. CASIJ&ll CO. Sale itrairie. m2i REM'ITiTANCE ON NEW YORK-A cerrificate of deposit for twl thou~sand dollrs in the N.York I.ife Insurance and Trust CUrota , pa:yabll at night, f1r sale by S. IL. SI.A'I'EI, m2i 4 Poydran ast. p rIK.ILOUR ND i.A- lt'-2 bbl clear Pork. 180 do mIs, i d8 prnime; 16;: hbls. Flour eand .51 kegs Lard, receive I per rdeamer Ocealln, and for sale by J. F, IRANDOIPH & CO. raft 33 New Levea. r 'TORt OIL in barroels and halflarrclo, frr-ale by j m21 ti. )OI OtSEY, It New rl.eeo. FL)UR-IOW lrarapla, in lrto, at trelning, for F aile by G. DORSEY, 41 Nero Leve. ) ICE?-in wlr e and half tierre!, instore nid for s r axle by ..'S'ET'SO, AVERY & rCU. AC()ON--Jfl MI6id. (.'urinlgli cured |]aolin, eonsist in of sidle, miltls, sad sIhouhdcr l;rhuding from stlalnlr Faucylylr l saleo h S'I'ETSON, AVERY & CO. rdl NR (irarvier at. - tllo o n i3b, 'els rn 'l, ird I titing itrlU .feunae L edit al irrrer anrrd fe r .alel hr m2l J'ULIUSl V kIRIN, 2f Poydrav st. (' ASlOR OIL--4 Barrel in lltre, a1udl ,r aklle b. na0 i'6 Poyra at SISN EIl--4110borrel nl nhafi .rirr a 1Vik. V instrore, andfoirsale by nll JUIIUSV AV.RIN, 26 Poyrdrasstreer. C1XCIIANGE on England, Sr rule by IEtln.l IrI rMEl, & MIrLLar Baok Alley. v 1,--1,9iiA kegs Icesl' {arI,na ep-,ring nrtre, for Li sale by IOtIRT & IIA\%'TIIORN, InlY ) N r G' riir I lst I:lenar sidel, put u]p l ll.eaI Iotr hll~ Ilut nrl a nlar ket, fir sarle by BOGER'Lt & IIfAWTV'IIORN, tllr0 3 (iravior lat C thK-ie hbci a rtoyoa., fra and pri -rpnrie iiuw l Cudi[qg, s ,4 Iorrale Ln. ulM.EN rll l 112 SIIOGIERT & II \AVTHORN, Sor a.dre ry (In. J IIIrNSON, U l-;A I -l_ t ra tierffa7 in,, rn, ib,- 4sid b.. t nilm1 r G. aUrtcjryr, 4-frecw Levee. inotI. t'o Il, Irts dty and Lr sIre hc c the tnr oit. t nlhes The New Orleais Counting hllwlse C(lnlelu r obr llnO./, m20 I ,1NJLVY Iflayred Rir coffee, ill fgras iad binen bags, ln Ird Fug front Ihrk Louise, trluel Rio de Jgnciro, on article well worthy the atlentia of country bu}'ers, and sold in Ioto to suit purchlasers, till,r ol. Ibv BUNS 'STIFF &: CO. .ijm2 t 9r Cora ll o nst.1 r BOGEIRT & II&AWTIORN, mal lfiri rtviier n t. now lnding, alld for sale by m"0 IlO~IIE'I" a If %WTIIORG, ntEAD & liA I'rOW, him 7 Gravrer rl. D0 11110 RE ni& 1W (I a-i.,e Vo.4 Cak e veIry Y at a ti an d4-o. dlr...r, .j . "I . - TrLat Mail o. e r s ethe ime c tta , e f.l Pd s .ldrv·.,uomuIk. . d °°0Y MondayT Wads... antio rlean do M. it PL dd AIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL. DEPARTVtRE tork--levin Mobila Taily n i ne l York W yAryrim Sd. . Nl e ard. IDitaneo. '1ime. Montgaomery Ah1, 2 pI. 198 p a 23h I I C lumbuar, Uri.. 111 Milledreville. Ga.. - 133 F } 23ý a Columbia, S.. 7s.ion 163 1F d ir, Raeighl N C. 5 215 I1 Warrnton, Vi. I' m. 55 l6 Petoreburg,Va. 10 pmr. £l3 Richmond, Va. I am. 2Ž1 3 Le Frederickahurg, 8 6.e Wa.hington citu , Y pm. 61 Lra Baltimore, 6 38 i Phladelpha, i, .am. 100 ir New fork 2 pmin. 0 Northward Coming .outhward, the tiu f.leai lees being5 aya and 1hoi. i e lime ufor otarting in each direet* s niln. ease half an r er t time of arriatel a d.n _ 0iT"1he qidees at which the Eanre.. Mai _.n - are New York, Phitlaelphia, Witminptnti tl i aohington, Alexant iA, Frederik burgha, Ntan0a_ Petersbur, Raleigh, Faytteville Coluua, , Miledalr ,, M.acon, Columbus, Montgon ?y n ecloanicar' Bank, Monday and Th6eana. Com Hrerciaid do"en d Ortlenai do r Loaioiana ddo d Citizens+ do do Atohafalaya Tuesday .nd Fd Ay. lao Lighlt do de UCnian do do Carrollton do de Canal Wdoeda y and S rant ria . City do d 1souiaPjna State do do Coao lidated do do MIl mhants t do 7: eor. ,- do dao 4 b OPE A, IAYu IS, de C. .hbonmmooni,,n and Forwardtine ,hereantre, LO(.IltLL:, TJeTrICIT. Msefer to M Leer. Imlamtl & Thion pan o Moasr. A. Ii. Walltre, &C.u . N CITY BANK, NEW RORI.EANS ST thea alnullal election for Direelonr ofth iMul, i tin, herldou the 6th instant, the foowinfgura entlelmen we'l elected for the anouine g year, v tanlei J. Petere, W. I. Aver, . Caldwell, Victor Daid Charles A. Jacobs, W, E. Levrriek, P. o. SBl, J. N. l.enilleoum, J. O. Walton, L. Aulreo., Sametl T'. Coil, A. Quertier. And ata meeting of the Board of Directora this dag laucl Pelters, sq. was uannnimoual, elected n,,:, ROB'T. . P.\ p.Ey, L,- in TEXAS 1.AND FOt SALE. SINE lregtc sond on"-thicrd aa hoa ra of lad, sit. Ijaoe n the t:opano Bay, near San Patri.o--4la iln among tie hbet to he found in Texas; fine woodled excelleat watre--he river navigalle fiarvesels drwing 6 and., fRet walter--itle lldiJputable; subastll l Jmose. antra t, thgt effect. Also. svernl town ats, and selee soldiers' 1 and 6 iontlls' cltaons, on reolaamedosiag Kont.,forzae lay mI6 F..A COHEIN .CO. Mer Oe-XII sorllai· IaIn.aa1s ,.I Brnks' .Arteade, VukLhea street. IHF. proprietor of thae Trte American ensp.e*f Sinfornn hil friens lonodl ihe puhblie that lie lii cmnlection witi hlis paper oiire a splandail and mol @L. tensive aeortmeut ol typ for athe printing of PAMPHI.FTS. lI.ANK CiHECK CATAI.OUIiUE, B1111.1 OF I.A1)DIN LABESI., DRAY RECEIPTI, CARIDS, AUCTFION and LEGAl. NOTICES SHOW BILLS. 1II.I. FORMS, PACKAEIE l UIbtllWAIt( E et. IltREILi d I& M9ER'IiC. LEVERTI'T r TIIOMAB. 13 tROAD sTETart, Iaw-.Ya.. " AVE on hand oad are onstantly receiving tn lI tnlasal nod oatrrmoav, a fto 1pply .&a.iii oare goods whieh are onffrre by the pacbage at uno aclurera prices. 'I'lirpreret srlaabeasipnata tl1 casks Carolian Ilaoeasaa'i ala do briglht treae do :1' do log chaians do 122cases REnglislh fwling gane 76 do (Gernman do do 12 do Crss ut nrawst `_5 cankLs cbe tools0a ass di makera 1ndo mill files do do 7 do p n, pocket, and dilrk knLirve 1 t dal bla cutlery 17 do broeran klettlro 88 do irnle ehnaah-r oandlestiltes 10 Sto hooks adl hinges do watlnd ascrows 6 ca s istaols n.s'd 5i toals English boiler plates 70carks eheert zine 450) boxes tin plnt, naaisorteld sees,. with also a Loll s npplv of Amlrirnin hardirefa. O)rdera will receive prolapt attentoln, and oseaoll lowespaicen. pa3,-3e3,nw DEAUsi.4 t1r AMERICAN & ENG;LLH CROWN GOLAM. N A 3 CAnnre.r.T STtEr. oP Dr. M ',Arlane's NFII,1ARY and Privale Chiamen,cora, t e . Mr. Barrtoan, PROFESSiOR OF ELOCFUTION, DR ESpECI FUILI.Y anmaouaees to the publie aS'ew I Orleans, h .t he hoa resuaed hi pnractie ian abrove necrnsary lranrh aof pitlo and profesiaiasl, cation. Slnleall viaited at thi rensiidence, or nrLaad at Ms. Blartaal's raooms, N 14' Ciacus street, wlhn PartiL nlaer mnv I, .ecertainedF. a -. a .t!. ALLEN A uO. No. 41 CANAL STIorT. ]kCJ/iLl. Lny and sell on commission the stocks iol Y various Ilamks sml iaouranac CemeC m ies hl* cipy. Also the amlck of the Ilunk of the LnitadSItlae Cieeks at sight or short siglht, n liege or amallaiul oenatualy fee sale on HoSnaon, I Baltimore, New York, Fayetteville,, Philadelphia, Chadntin, " Mobile Mississippi and other Unenrremt Bank Iaiteon lt lesa Anwrievan anal Foreign Gold. n. Ie J. I. a S. i, Ii t I At W a I..1 CINCINaX 4 I'I. OHIO. Advances on rnngnment to the hbove house b J M BItOADAVELL &CO. j0 56 Magazine street. - . Y[ loul giloh--]lD ieU -" No.78 .nnal street, between Royal and Blorbone Ilure of attendance from A. lM. untilb P.iM. A. CUIIEN & CO. INTELLIGENCE AND GENERAL AGENCY OFFICE. Fel.l0 .\o. 116 .fagorinedarr6. L B Ilanuchett AUCTION & COMMISSION MEtICHIAN ha lestablinh.d him.elf ill tlhe above h.usiness IIn isul wz, which will be tarrid on in its variolu Iranchel. Consillllrletr for aouction or irvatle sale soltittd. Refer to U.riater, M'Kennoa it Wright New Otlarl . Alfred Cochran, Cyrus Marsh, Eli Mountgomerty, .al en. tdl.4V "AUX ENTREPRENEURS. Bureau du Cootrolleur d In Secodle Munticiptlar, Notell.Olileans, le Ii lar., 1t83 |, Drs olfres cachletes seront requs par i easnil dl .t. Municialite, jttevu alln premier tnardi d'avril tuots (It 4) pour ln fouroiture de toou le matrte mtn eg oi l cnrtlrnetionundun hoitel Municipal, a ' origt.ta ~felRues St Charles antd lirei, L.s prips tionl de vr0oel eru Wties ewonfrlnemente au paint lat par Ital,4 B. I wad Dakin, iqui illt rie ver It Tlffie do ,oer. _'7 SETII W. N'E, Conttmlles. ABSCOND "" YJE.STERDAY lfternoon, IENJA 'IN SMITHI, Stile firm of B & J Smlnith 146Maoanioe st.fl.etO ofPlhillclpbiu , by tooih a cMprr lie han li city with fundtoi Il.e ubhacriber, and otherlo.til amount of $2l000. The said B Slith is about ive I four or five inihes high; atout built, suald epotoapi with 'avery perceptible sear on the right eyerhoe the nose It is presmed h has gone to New o,, ,...... . ..... . ..., tns . .wt . srous ofoetling |ittcll pertauently illn thi e.t dosirmos ofa situation ilu aDry GaImlo Houise. l rM city, hiving Itadl aeverrl ,t ar exlserierce in the hatI new0 , nt the Nalth. Tie beat ofrl'eret gie I* quiredl. A note uddtir'sed to A. B. at this osffi he promptlv attended to. W bh~itghitu the trison of ith Id osettt 0 oil the 9th inst. a PNegro woman, who at hu' elf Tlarriet, says she Ibelong to Norbert padllka: It io ofTa grilfcolor, upwrdst of 5 feet high, and aWut * years ald. The owliar will e y ith e o a Si L rawke lr a way. F`. . IARPUR. tm Capt.n of the W . W A fruph. t to t.Che upricots of tha . oelus J 0on the ett ito ia Negr, huo, by theR G n George Wasltigton. Ile is of sa rif eolatr, ,Ra fnrt 2 or 3 inoces hIiglh, ad sav he beoutgs to Mr.I P. Tile owner will comply wiil tise law ad tac e hp' iaway. p. S. IIAREGs r!n7 Ceptai of the Wi t I 3 .l A I'.--'ite upter ,, rt 0a a uwelluitl 1 in 'l'eroupitonta sareat, betvresu Julia llo Joesh stre e0ts 1. oLtuire of .1tRMtAlN, BRIGGq, t G. .. .. YORK 1 ........., Sone vollllUe. y" t A'l'retivo on tihe lJnw of Evidence ht th . at Equity. By Richards Newcombe (tshrly, oI. licportsfeaiseadjudgedt in the Isitricet - United States fir thie Eooterm lilitric t r" vatia. By ItlCUeary DI. CGilpin. Just recetiho for tale by WM. MeK.AN, nilt Corner of Caop ast CaestOtti i. TIC F n.-' I'I u srh asers of Ilquaes .uhe 1 shrew... urv, so, ld by I ewleit doC t.. , on the 4tht dauy elb lata tre reqs.etes s..Nt onlfice of Wm Chrit, notary public. mad ttttit. the term. of sl.t wiihin tea dtnv from this .l1._ the property wilt he sold at their case anld i1 )tg to law. .... , __,_, N- .

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