Newspaper of True American, March 31, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated March 31, 1837 Page 2
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..TAiE AMERICAN. PVlr 580 DM1.L ANn TIl-wg.xtLr, AT BANKS' Altn oaon, COOaR orIt MAAO.i¶O AnO n.tTCHtoZ eaa. "ý'"tnrrab sY JOHlN GIB SO N Iatathful nd l old . IUlAY MORI.NI.................Mnrch 31, 1Ci7. 0-R.oad ~oe news u dur the Commercial Thine Bulks,--the 1auk. Serthips no question sinre the refurrnation, hins . gros. so n mucbh f public attention, as that of Danks No q* esat'o certainly, has involved, to a --, the stability antd happiness of no. irlty. The written charter of our liberties settled this question in a way that no doubt could he ron itrtained. He who has ever rend tile debates on the constitution will recollect that ther power twas given to Congress to emit bills of cre'il, during the greater I art of the session of the Co.lveniiol. All the states voted for the powcr except Maryland and New Jersey. Towards the end of the session it was taken away'by tihe very santme sates thta o.odfaor it, and tile states them:selves in their sov ereign capacities, prevented from issuing bills of ,credit. With saub a settlemlent of this qurtio res.tmit is reasonable to conclude that the prac tice of Banking would have ceased so soon as the constitution was adopted. But contrary to all tile rules of good faith, tile system was persisted in, by enntending that tile prohibition extendted only to t o general and state governments dircelly. Tthus, at the very outset of theCensiitution on the roas to experiment, was its meaning subverted, and the power of the federal and state authorities to grant bank charters, permanently established. The f -ices that front time to tittme, were tarerly raised against the doctrine, were drowned in the general wry in favor of thoe system. Whenever the defen. dels were brought to ncknb:wledge the force of re.aetitutional arguments against tleir eause, and .1 thave they been driven to ouch a dilen:n;a, Ex= PsotMEcr became the refuge for their violatioas ol the sacred instrumentl. IHad the general govern tenot persisted in making gold and silver coin a legal tender only, and insisted on the tohervance of the constitution by the states as expressly laid down, the country would never have experienced the disastrous fluctuations in her commrce tlhan now darken almost every page of her nnatls. We were then in our infancy and just starting upon thel high road to wealth and prosperity. Tl'hen was the time toser out aith crrect Irinceiples. But cupidity and designs of the-fet, then as now, construed the constitution tt euli their o, n pllurposes, and theex pedienry ofbantitng was admitted. Once admiitted, the general governllelnt had a superior right to es tabliah a National Bank. This was done, and for more than three fourthsnf thle time that tile thar ters of the old and late Unitled Stares arnks hd to rin, the results of their administration have been highly beneficial to the country not orly" in provi. adirgan elieicient and par value curre n y, but in restraimng tile disposition to over-balnking Iby the states, and where stateinstiutionsexistted by con. trolling tlheir issues within a wholesante limit. Sutne evils were felt by the .country from the nita administration of these two mnatiomn in'litutions, it is true. But as the country had adapted the system, they had to take the good with tile bad. In the fullness of time came the hypocritical and demagogical admtinisltrantin of Andrew Jackson. The United States Bank ref'rsed to pan:der to power, and down went this cRtablilhm.ent. Tihe pressure of the controlling influence having been removed, tlhe state banks imtadiy aolIt from their proper spheres and tlhe whole U.ion was deluged at once with millions of paper moaney. '.i is is the tendency ofoll tmonired institntliors, when left to their own direction. As in Physical Astronomy, .the Planets would rrase Io rn vo!v in iheir otbiir, -were it not for the cnnommon centlre of attraclitn, -so in bankir g, State lanks unmonngeablle unless a greater lenwer sustained by the general governnlent exist to keep them witlhin tie o)uads assigned by thll charters that called them intr be sing. The pr sent etias thit Ihe country is wl. fully experirncing have naisen more from lhe polit ical charlatanism of Gen. Jacekson, than from any -uther cause. lie is the real source of our tcoll nnercial troubles. It is annecessary for us to wade through the history ofa ricir_ trol deeply engraved on the memories of all who Lave lived to aitness its termination. Yet in tie midst of tihe bound less inducements tus alltbrded by the government to overissues al:d undue expansions, there nar banks throughout the catonry thatr lave fobrtl nately been administered by men of such nerve and temperuament that the glillcring but diecal tiouns prize of the in,.itediate realiatitin of milltionr did tinot esflie to turn olue IlOlerntlt Irtli obstinoate ly pursuing the path that the rigid prineillnes of commerce pointed out to their view and held col stantly to their eyes. .!any strh banks are to be fomrod even in A'new Or'rea. It is to lthm rlII the public now look for relief from pnrsent pressure. To point them out shall be our duty another time. Bridging the Junceons. At thebjunction of St. Chtrles and 1'o dras strcetr they are constructing a culvert o itih lbroad riicer, of granite. So for as the comfort of passengers it concerned, and relief to the poor dray hrst as ul the city is afforded, we are pleased to see the iin. troduction of this new imlprovement. Corpora. tions, having the good and cenvlntienec of the communityat heart, cannot be too earnest in the 'prosecution of ine:.asres'to secure these desidera. to. After a heavy fll of raii, we fear Ihat the culvert will not be sufliicnt to drain ifll the water, However, tho surveyor has doubt!eris taken the condition of that particular point inta considera. tion, after the that so often deluge o.r streets. Thoa the bridging of these little dells will lie a public advantare no one can doubh, who _ ss any synmpathy fir the noitle horse, or loves a smooth road, and then at night how pleasant it will be to be able to cross the otrects i ithout wa. ding knee deep through a temporary river! Go on gentlemen of the counrcil,-irnpt re- improre, -let this be your motto, and health oad pros;peii ty to tile Secund'Municipality will be the ec.tain r:sult. I+ Celrtst. In calling thie natenlionul our readers to the claims that La laiyndere has upon their sytimpi thils, we have no inead to ore tllle woirds, or to preach up to the friends of 1th dramla Icr distin uilshed re*· ,.,.[.... ct.- ;... . .. .It h uwn, and to fully apprciatcrd by the discerning public of New Orloens, that t'ie -inple aallounrmenleet of her Farewell Ileifit, is a migirt of itsl. What,-when it is knowu thalt yesterday morn ing by II o'clck every seat was r, ken in the dress circle! Why i y .hat have maintained oft ancd repeaecdly, that tr.e gl niu and real talent tre not eutirted to languish in our noble city fir want of Prompt enouroagemert. IThe very fact tlht we shall, for the lst t to wit ness that glorious efiurt of music and action in the trial scene of the Mlaid of Cashmllere, is sufficierit to bring thlousands to the theatre. But when t we rereamber that thr lfvely bering who has been flit ,;ng across the mimic scene it iih grace urspeanl a. a.Ie, for a month part, and delighting our inmagina. 'dions with her elfaru,irg itpirsonations, is a bout to leave the tiher,re tf hlrc triumphsi, pe'lt/ape .r to return, will one aecor yu we will all go do bid here fareweoll anid God as,e, d. COMMERCIAL DISTRESS. The public j.,urn,.ls, i, all i e inrge citrie, ar tlled with the cries of distrress. he currencya i [retrievably doranited, andl the ITmoniey markr in the worst passil.e stare of deipresi,s., 'The fail. are ofthe Herlnans in Ntew O:eies to ti e aillllt Isf SEEN Mn ndlll tie slSteliullr l ti iif iiyrn.rtl by lire fanimris irm ft!e Ji s plas in i tew Yrk, hLave fidll thire u Blr. e,,tmit rCial ortittiUun; with iifarrh. Aulney has rif Iot three per ceie . e llnth, and the mbanls uld Irokerrs are amnsnsirt enoruronus forLetrrs rout il the ruin i tile filwhole stpcre.rat elin rmmiiry. The intl mUS I enemyr or ar, whlichh rnsr irei id ti dir itr lpoiiton to th I laws anl the cInsIt iurlliUn f tiitI countlr, and still fseorve.d irn, in deslite of thel actiron lof Cotgress, ssprradin.y ruin ao trn all lo sen, save the lrs'alutRrre, lthe ballkere, and broklers. Its elnra tints has heen to deranae the a hile rturse ii' iLa. iaelrst, and to cotllltert the hunks into shaving S"pe. Thery contuOot orct o , nd arie, tr t Ihel rlet asl what is all this to the court of Mr. V':n IbFten? They ntnak at the pihlic ralamirv. T. e obil ;:al.rgn of this :, orning has the effronrtr? to .,1, ill allusiun to the Iprsent g,,,orn and dis Stress: ~Tul EI A. P1rCha: rr'lJi w-r.. sE,!:, IN TIIf IPRESN'T ST'ATE' OF TIHINs;S, THE . x.r wI Mlt PIsIosTEs ( "iEcaE5. Jacxso's To AL: IT £Tu SIt'EC! 1 ODERl ' :, Thus do thlte s eo scolf at ithe LOn'i, dli..tris It t.,LLucIh s Linot then ; tiey re sel II e ill tltir L in ries, nlld )inn)' .f Btiem lto all probal ilitv thwe It vidIng whill r le I ,rokers of to . il is ia o htf .ir s. ortion 'lThere is not n s;)_1i ID:' par:')'lit i' lih 'Exec!; Fv, br.llr.h of tIh 0 ,v' rmi'liln t.t. ic' li; tlil chie l .lalgsI o iL ,trlO ll t, (wl it( s it ll " ix ll:ios Sbh mi ,. .,t: p'tins, olf I, 1' r ! )sie:all'nI , wloe h-ead is ut unagued in s, rcilnulion=, or put spestd In b:,. Mr. ' a:, sren is known ii ht:v eiatscsd an ell rl mullltu s fortunle i;v s culai : IIAnd dle nos t his lobstinaite i)tpersev.Lrne. in l t I amllous sp-c;: circular, futrsl s' IL'asollS t. suspe, that he is swill eLs. get in she buinsts ! AI me ladmiLt hat its direct ofaL:et is to give aid and FLiL port to tlhe sprnlinatLors. \'. e L inJ sLilAaLosLd tih thie order would have bec nt ld lied or r.ti:0ild bLlt it selils the Us'urlper i3 de crmillsed to pros he scheime. Great distress muot be lUl cost q otlelsice to t I but IM . Ind lls. Itow Is Is this s on ry t" sh ined to be nrll. nilh the Lmat and 1 iischievous h:hSiesS. s!r oIL Illt,.. tnmpering, po1lid'al traders? Who , eve them th right to r f ulate It le monLey c(llcllns ofLr the couL try ? \\ hat busin-ss hav0 they wilh d.etc coe C1rs.s! AIlll whatn are. tLL llIL L i sr lt, I' b h the i oiliciLous inLLrnLed Tsl;lL will, these tllConcLrnS. Ar they cunL Ieted with ille 'a ll S! trctl Ibrokers,;tL frjdividiIng the suil amlnsd Iron the lpublic Iu treesI, wrLnLL Ifrol the hands if honLLst euerpriLL indhstry, Iai labor! The hact is sir,, th1.l pro:, a' Ia.--t-f,,ver. By the Govaernlment Express eI'srets I TIlE Salsra, New Ysork, .olrch 21, 1837. NINE DAYS LITII FI31 FRIIANCE-SE V YEN DAYS LATER 1F::O1I EINLAND). By tie pIacker ship AlbIniLv. Clpt Johnston, wL have oLr Paris files to Feb Ilhs, comprisiag Lou don dlses to Ith Is14h. Thl Alslany brings 1,0.0),0.00 'francs in sp5es. Ia the bnnk of Amellrica, beinlg palt of the FreL2i inlldemnity money. The state of the money malnrket iii ILan lon ans Paris, was luLch the same as it tihe dates of pre violSL tldvics. Cotton llt Livcrplool rerdinlg down ward. Mr Aubrv Fonscaul, responsible 5di5or of tih Gaz'ttes du Franc4"e, has hern sentinclld A lhr. isllths i smprisanss t snsd 500!) frani -, for sC triliR ailiongll othr hllijns, flthat hie yns r D,,4- osf Mlur dcniz was entitled to till: crown of France, There nr rumlllll rs of some i!si ortac:I. if true of -le. unw ttled sm ute oi" fte!in, in Ihe army to warlls Ihlc dynnals of Losia Plhilliplle. T1'I.e 1 r shitl Cs5ount Clousl. ali old fsi vruithC of Nalls:ssss lnd who it will 1 reil.lleb, rd wals am, l gll Ih, Ilsssepsrlisl xls to th is country, l hs been re msvasd fross the enmsinad of GSi lvrnrl .enrll a Northb Afris'l, anld i C unllt Dallnreillm lt, of thle I)uchess o1f Blclri's senernls in Irittan. v substituted, which has oc )csio:e 1, is is said, grIl. disst)isinclion. It is nverred Itht .LMarshalsa Sslsr, Gerard and Melitor, have writtu n 1to larsllal C xllaus,:l. ixlrl sive of their lis Iapprorlsisns of this stel by I15' gIs vlrnmenll llt. If so, here are ,ioe illlts of ai ither TroisJnor.a perhaps, and rhe seeds of h new tllnLasl . Th' change having, l e be!l. lnti Irnt tl1e old oll lrhon stlck, tl, re is ,o a.l oiit.l whl any of Napolieonl's creseatio ns in thle s t Il ier rilink of his i Il iliy, are nllo s good as thl alllige osf s:h leanss. At t bst tlhey IlVh: infinitely Itre '"Powr fil I cl.lim nn the i nllllr) y, and on the :it rlny mlllt people, 10 o el to 1!1: Imost glhrious rci,, 1 , French hisltory, hiit of the r ,a sasslre. Thl e apprlll hell ins of L,,iiL s Jl i!!iipe r'esp'clin, it h ie u n f l l n d l y 1 0 0 , h :l l 1 fllr , r ln l l - l l l tll 1 r i nl is the I0: 0 p;l irololt h ill,, t o i reat e linxp ilion h Cellinl tinlhe, wltsl Irl lil r il" . t rind ) past Ii s i sbeen lh iIlAIlv tiss n r h - lisis m tt' I, ihe sioniL mests' everlls ' o's , conS SlSrC Sd.S The royal Iai'cs or Ns pls' was s holly 'or i part de.troy'd, Feb 9th. The tlotal numberS l ofS veissltsi isn te 5 French N l ;l'i ' vi. is 446. Sev roal heavy l uss hnv E, in i'ronS. .'s9 rs Elrenne & L 1, f [- " % I', r . francs; and lllll ies Edns II Ilel asl' &. I ,nl Letlte n roltsal AlLsLhs fl'L tI c Iw'o Ilsliiris RuneA. Bar li l'a'qg ivr, PL r,,, 'ill ol f l:l, 'hne C bellrel Peers, hias beenli set , ly 111 nil l sh. I rlt, .l . 'T'le I: nllairof Ihl V'z, 'it is ,li lSts s s h 'ai iis. sir d s saren e, the '',n'h ,AmbssS a fo it I' s t lr brl, is irt Cl ed i l rn iin thl I'. tiw it Is 'flllsrd os l Is Ih l lay gIive t cut;s.s accuut l lt I't Itls ls ss gt ll ss sl i tlll. l L:.rd John R1 ussell h:,s o'xpr n tl e: hn thil e l o,is, ' rjtobert Peel, Lrord ~Sis t, and i rL tlConnll , for le,, nil pr omisedr I ' s 'i i Ilc - ,'r Ih, Iluse U t sol nll ls with tea I applause, t he bi uj t s it rit form of tI I,, l 1i1h 'ri tons. '1"11 YLATEH (3I BERM'D.3, 11v the brlti rl n It rllrl li, we hiavs fiilss of tihe Royal Gazrise, to the 7ti of .u\ich isnlo IThc EFiza sroisghls nst ler sof pssnsze s, n ho weTre io bar, I he i llsiuhl resl , i ast o II Germ nla. - 'Those enl2 iirtis were in great e'istress on thir rrival l tg Ih laoP; l lace n I lir lt p lllt l a ures it e tas55 fLr theiL rlisf. Stir sS'ehn Plisalt, L.e euvernurofllheisland, ndvandel l'fosnt his privv puirse sutlii . lliciuit lo carry lthe:l o their place The io poils lt BCermlna in ths e year endi", JaSnLary 5th, 181.37, ware to the uine oi f £159h,5. stcrsing; of which s 631s ' 2 w l'es from (nract S ri tin, anld £37,137 Is.:n thljiitih d : l as The Wpurls wire only &ss 'i,:12, f swlissh £14 - 3G5 were to Great isil,n ii, ansd £2~,830 to Il. lUni ted Stases. Of v',s'ls entcercl 10 were from Great Illisoia, 6L fI'rom ritish c.tlohies, anld 481 F ui thile Uniled iales. Of aessels sili', 9 f0 r Gr'lal Iaritain, G for Briish colo-ieis and 4 fir the Unite I Sri so. On Slidsdy thessil, Leridas wvis s V. i d i s a terril:c ale, s whicl io iss sa d surpass.e ;n)y tsi" ng of Ihe Bisnd ver seen il thIe hswse islanms. 'I h r ofs were blow from tr n mny huase, acn to ser! si5ll[ crIic' were sulsk. s |sr'l , \sl'isi. w'ssse., v o h .rkiso olljasres. St. Chinrls jI'calre. I lL Cf. I Lal· FI iltl I N'LI. II TEIIT. And pIaittirly her fat appealranel iin .Aw VlIeTHs. W i Il S I lle n (lJae )filei da ct of 0 -TIi (f·p/unqt r/ It'Ia aia 311 L~~IIIITIII. I (It.It· l A I i llHf-ll 11111 WIll ht 'lla I}' 1 '1.111 CII h . IW -' To rull id. h,,d ifC Ti/ifh Ll.P~CI IIIP (I 1:'p LA I -, rlla 1,1II With al unl tic Ii l i lulrl n ur ir· Cf bil'c 1) 111 tv r rrr li; l ELI( . , 1 . " II N tI111111 ,11 Iifonr Aif-f ai, i Ilai~dli a -ikfa fi Tii 1:if . a l i~iiif~l ,:P111lldfa, fTIII fkI fR HI,, KIll~kil\ I..elCI (,. e(i lri,,f a crea II. fl. %d Ia fit ilf fI iir f lt id, D I. I fTlttn posed at he fteus iI SIlNa UIPt ii 3cd b d fetr atl',de Inr a III li,, ed ,, Il agh, baricindffn bolfi rkedff ITI:fffIT,llIK Gl Galena, care 11. B. Sll UI·11 L illie lly \\i arbC tl hilctlll king ha alT 'I.i,,I, y n pavflin for git ,i, e l-ur I(tml hipFmI ,m ll i betankfull a C!a', acrne street, I, 1.131 11 HTESOl AV RY ('ll ýIideI IIif u,,1 1io n tgsu rm Bd away i, Ic e ff11 m llHlieuti.ll ll -t(. llr( - IH' i J/ It: 1avitifi ilamua f 'ill , in ai ll haIIIIII( I Ilt 1 f,1. 11t31,i-,,ti,,,, 111TT 1TT'i I1U f8ýkg Hun~ Ia GIfc ..:t HIII l d ul Cj~~H 41.~flTffT T aut b,,i stittb 113 I Y f 1 A C H I I 1 1)1\1 -iffif 'fff. anti 1f ffjc-m ln .,wr. ., ýý lding(ahigfi iictc iTdiidfT, af d t H, : iea i. mll NIl C l , Hf- I .It ad, a fir -, t. I rA 11: .'l I.k ill -. D G I''I' - i'fl .lhauT,,,.,r liar sale at 17 ·1 I icw Ir''l1t by r" 11, ili . 1 E! I' CO2FIYIBEIW~I.%L. SI.,, 50, '13.-No. holrru'l ill 11,3,1,0 ...3..I13 Tlol Nu... I.,..d 8 3i.ooly 402l,132 405,551 Mo'~. nIA, I131-0... ri~le 11, 1; .irr, Lio .....j . 1313 .1.. No. Yodul.... 3 511 i'.IuLo:,..i. 0111ciur· ';,l.0-.550,318 fotol dopoc~ioulg....l. 515 315030 a~ 5050 E UROPEANV 31A131013fo ii , rn*r.FH lylell..,,o.n~ E'o.ooel.14, 10 ,deoeoh.-C,.o.l.. ..oA.. 005~nr 8g- . txcoohaq,...,? Bil rpl. 20t.3 ,o th..oitl~lI * g,,..t do.. d 0..· e....y ,..,ol tie, 1cu o84 0o,,io. eaait,. T I'lll-ookul Il..!. l', I. Tulnur8i. 0 cl..oeu ood...o..l~l horeit J I ....ig.1..eeil 0..b 101...... d..~lnnl,h.I'io.. loo15 b10110. 011,. TIa...,, 7.11 boo'.1 0l1~ ~~ tI~,o.,etl - ,ol..,tlrl 001. il~l,,ttOB 001,. 311l,, 01d 13,11,. troi..,ol..,,,b..j,,g II.. I,... ofh~ieu ltl..looigtI 1,01. lii, .1.. 51,,,I.e. epr els19t~e IIEI J ll ml f 1....a,.., 0..n 200,l01 oi~ y gop..ll .l I~r.. 101,,, ..,,d A.c~l. ole 00s fi,,. lookr of E..lo ,,d~rc 0o.. 13h Nl.... 11000.I1P 0r 10111. itcr l'jO~li.. Olll.,..os 4,0;g 0,01.0cu hali t uri 031 lllk IC alli IoI,, lurii,. ..... aI,, l t,. 10402 001- a 11,0udrtt ,olOol., t.l,.., relllgro.. 'Ill~i',0ild" Ioohooo '"It.. r~ I0o -.llioooOll00.0I,,~looo, ,Ito,,,l II,,, p~ki...,Ir ncrl I ,,,,,,li,3 0trl,0,1,014 .,.,,IlIoolIo NI'1 30 '1111 31 Olb.I~. tofTlri c IiI. 0L.o(kI,,oI I , l ,o1 I,. i0IO tI~.... 100.PI10 QI',.o.?.. Yilo..-~ glo,,l~l,,o,,o, 0..I~o,,,0,,. O,11,,I doooll~aod ;lo.,. ofolll ooyool" ill 1111; L17 lu''Elrraou T~e 56 do'FIit~lr, r Oyi 8 I~lOui hRIoloI~.. ORtL'UIL O NIEW OIiLEANS. ul .ill1. B ,Ir, ]homan, Li,,. l , i 1 .],1 11.1~u1-rn, 0 1!x__ Line; P 011.0'14I''il x Ihlt,, II, hk , ',k I.'I , ,.ih,pN ,u.1 I8.11 P . ;, nk-r , . SIm l l: ri ,ih· 'N 6 .1, itll lr, 1 4 do 1,,,k, 3it dull d UIIuuln lcs v5; 1+ k+,_, I.ird. 5u h, 1, ,., rt, 111 UIl I kI ltkl,,0k,' TI+IIIIIl.n I \ o" Vo L , C11 C I -arler,, Se t I Ilslt.. Ii; "i , I l. . ( Io , I 'I11' :1 C *; . l · l al l l, I I ., d h,, tt , \ V o r '; , ,I. I ! ;llle-l ra n giioln l _11.;ra es ; €'€,ltml . I'2 hhd h , 8l; hI 1 hU , "1!I II*L 4 fl, .l-. k-n, and i ,, nil ,1;". i rn l Il3x!: h1:,1,,1 'i rnk, I.'tan l 1 . V . It , , J p' \'ll ilm y _ c5 r-'l S li r Csa 1~1 N;I.In : :1dh . =';. hhrlh lo , -MY 1.04 I n 1., 19 ,!u znd 0 ,'. k' Inc,,,, It h I' l l.rcP,* .,s ", , a-.911 cI I'rto;,I+. u 1, ns I u. X " , Lnlnun~, 10 ,\' J I' 1\'hlit l;Py-- :, rgr -8 l hi,S 1h ur, Ill U b1l1,3, Is urlrn, fid cc, ',v glata ,1td still ;1IIIl'r Pc e tP., p.Lil is..''y , III 'I , 'PI .S PPP l itn y--lr :!1 IIA I .1 & .0' p 5. I r Il)".+c.. Ilit rr, RiclllolOll. .o stll S Dr t e S--e r + 1,i I.i txa i " | 1:, 1 h l t u:;illl ,hr c:1 4 I' e 1 1. Fur-) 0'l P S' I'.:c ulI 1 .lllttr--utg o nrsor |(e c ace, is. lllplr-vii. n.."". 1- :'chr I,,-Ilpi Iy,e y, Ip 1 , a 'l.e Iss co-. I r l .,',' , s l Ia ' tl& ,1 ;P +3' I., 'hll&,, 0 ', 'Plh ,ihP I P 1o . 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USS Ei' ILON,-'Sl packnieo Illnuoin l shlct iron. nto in store ad for role at 90 Colm ton st. by rol J It 1EIN & A COHEN. 3 ) ICE -I10 tier'ce; .tn1l 50 la'f tIcreo- i ,tore nad fIbr s'e a. 93 CoUn sto, 5 by e y OH . nl3 . . ) BEIN & A COREHN. I)RI, I,T.ID,A I,) CORN.-3U0 1lls prile pork; iL 500 idl lol de; 60i kegs lard; 1001 sacks corn, in Soda shilpping order for sale at 1.3 TChlounitnl s st. by on31 S1Oe & BisIiNE.. T W o iF i boats for lle etBi e M t zlge zn st. by S1131 J Ml BRLOADWEI.L & Co. lORl.K-3-00 Lls pork landing from steumner Bolns SliLk, 'ld lor sale at2I Pnoioydrs street by mtoi J V.1lRIN. ( l)01.-IN 1.7 u.lks in good order lunding from Flat SbIoa', 0 O ite Julia sreet, 16 Poydras st. I y 1 31 " J V:AIIotN. C ,.AlMt \ \ lltolt-..o iglllrh roof, for sale by mn31 G 1))UllEIY, 44 New Levee. l:l''ER PIENTOl.-100 bugs for sale at 33 Gra ier street by 11 31 S G BLANCIIARD. JI..\1.AN1 COlFEI'.--650 bugs, now landing and n. in stire, for sale at 33 iGravier It by 0,31 G II.ANCItARIL. OLeA.SS E-'l t ierces, su perior quality,iin Ytore I. ntd ir stlt t 3i.3 New Leri c ,by S1nt 8 tF RANDOLPII & Cr. IC! ---til tiercs ni store unld lir sale by 1.J131 1A GURNEY, 51 4olon.n st. '(INCIAT\11 IIACo.X--Very snprior, assortedl,i in astore and fir taie at 17 Common streetl by tilt lAYE t & AIEL.UN1G. 010 -T1 SII-'i I-I .-l.S.. i-.,IJ" CII-ES-, &. IA LECT Speeches of the right Ilouerable W\Villimn 7 Wlindlham, and the tight ononrable n Williamn lins kitson, withl prlimtin:ry biographical skelelhes: edlited by IoberVttWl.. - The Young .ady's Librmv, in vols. " Theo Younog lan's l.itrorv, in 6 vole. Jutl received antd for sale at tile ornler of Camip ntil Couin1 street, by int3l Wi McKIei AN. O l'I'IICE--All ier-tno haittig sotlds o .1 ,onyr igo. e la ri t orler Iperl llip Utited'S:ltes 'I Tlllter muS ter ,fromn Phlladeltltli, are requested to attend II the reteip, oFthe t filltl otllherwiiie tlhey will I stored ttl thelr exilee.s _ in:_ S &J I) WIIITNI'Y. ' OA--30, 0 hoxes solpl, Jaes Gould's rd,"e ko eoired) er shil Graotdee, libr sale at 1341 Magnzito st. by tn) I IilIt)lI & Co. 'Ip I.i IT'l iIL:;, c.--'l'ht e siu 'lsribers rave Iiur souo hlandinu from shi Henry", n invoice of Furniture, A&., onsisting l f lohta,, music stools, Ottomans ntlttirelsto and silk pillows at 48I Mlltazinei st. Iby I30 1 BlItIIE &Co. cCOOPI Ii t NiEW \WORiKS, Ac. Ii LIliNtlNiSit Europe, by tlia Author of "The, Skethlte-o by I)z, illustrative of every day lifte and eve rt (ay ple , b1 eie tc acolnlinu iotia of "Watkins 'utole, 1'itd otlllr skoettbes." 31Miorll Morls,for llea penple, illustrated in 'l'alet ttid IT-ravels. lYi Johti i ow'ring. Just received aud ilir sule at the ooitne of Cam1p ntl C ll lrn streetls, by tm30 Win McKEAN. Yt)UTII IIII. IMPt.'S'ERl, A&e. &Ac. rli . ll Yo tiliftl tImposnter, a Novel by Gcorge W. M. LL I re nllds, in 2 .)'e . Traits ui .lritisofl Iarlvn Life, by L. E. i. tutthor of l' the lniprori'e trie, &c." landl I. D. President, of lIron lUniversity, a.nd Iprole'sor of loral lPhilsophll. receiveI andU fir sale by 1Ili "0 BENJ. LEVY. If ti tthe 23(l inst. at Griff maen, who cli a hiel. self Charles Lewis, ays he belongs to Mir nWaleayMy. mew, he is abaot °G years old 5 feet 4 inches high. 'The owner will conmply with the law and take hin away. F. S. HIARIIEI, ll30 Ctpl. of the Watch. 'AS brouht to the Poll c prison of the 2nd l .u V' -i( cipality Oy l o tb( th " th frlt.. it n alre 11.11 whll o c'llia Idms(elf l,:lM l) i lNDnd says lIe Ib nri, t lMlh l. 00 Shltbno. Ile is about 30 y.ears of g'e, ,3 feet i0 inch The ownier i tlt comply with the law and lake hima tti. II i II AR 'El, 111:31('l f the \Vatch. FITlHOC w wisto et, the su bsritber reII sp lll i, S hin Pulent Cotton ilius, will le certain to find hi at his ellic, to 53 tlau.inie street oppoSihe Banks' Ar 1cah, fm 10 to 11 a in, aid -uioln Ito 5 o'clo ri p lI:0 AEil X Jl .NE S. 1 \\VlE- B.-30 bi s, fr ile o;t 116 Un,-zi,, st. by m\Jjlaguxne ven by 33I HRO.11)WELL & Co. -u(1:t-NWHI - | ,M Y-P' O" I'()K.--:h0 s; chs of cr • J G9 bbilsof %lhiskev; 90 bbls of fluor, landing alt f rt'S e I 1Newh l.ehby n33 G DO: " v."..T -3I1.: rk.Trurks -I-Indl Iih in sto:e, fir . sale by 1,130 J II COILQtTI'T m:3I II-I Iil'iII. lrIiOt I i tll'e , 1 .Il l3 l ; . I , .., t u i u d1,"lo: , nu!i a l , hn S n.' rj .h 01 .ho r Nlm' nc : ?a rn fl-vit lio , ntl ling ,bSi NN) l i. : l- , ,,,ii ,, I , andi n l l ,,:ia p hii, cn-I . ry, O r a le at 13 I .3Lal ine 5 rt. by m!: I . A \,t; la I J ll)G l i & ('i, 1 aknzi' e . l IU!. N--'S0 I S irl,-(.rn just Inadcd un i bicr -al. hv / mnlid 1.00 & IYRtNINE, 153 'ehoupitonllt st I il -- i l h1 su I n rliiei thflan, n a i dill m2i 13 "'hiohoniuins st. W il1',aI fi-ritillaIe, lautdiag frasteam and iTr'ale bly CG l)O11.lY, ut' 1 44 New Laine. A EEING'l ,fili VIae Ititlilra if) 5t l'atick'b L9.CllurII, t.itajilace oi'l'lItra'e ay evenitng 30ith inst. att5 o'clocki, intIia Chtainch, liir thie pui'rpose ofelnt IOil'l'ElI Alllt-litldid d taitter ad 39 uIt :11t, i. now ilaila fram lhip Ut~ited Siate', and fur tale at 90 (itoiiaotSt. bl mm"9 J 1) IIIEN & A COt EN. "atL '' IA: 9.-Sit bbli iibitr beiaus andpea, lat low price toilose it COnsigtnmienatfor sate at 4`2 I'o dolts or. by g 11,9S?8 1, I.''R c1 I.1 Alt P'OlK, Lard, 'ieaterni baitier, a goad iii ~.'tivte, and areetlMalaya atnd herietry wine, ftr stle at l4 VitadrniSt. tky a112 SbML. SOLATER. jILIUII lK-lt0 bllt superllfine, fit rsae by __ 9_ __i. Ill)lt'it'i, 4 New leve. ESti 1EE1 .-F - ~dl lillliltl ialtti'priaai lark I1JYL at ab'tIv ,ayi C ll~ltdt16iltYl:)· Il~~~i Nan ltt' fo~r sole by 10.1 G I1)O1tSEY, 44 New Ire·,ce :I.'l'-ltttt auck', jniitureaiveal aald fir coin in unlk Alley by 111,29) HOLMElS & MILLS.s \ XUIl bN(.E uit Eaglanad, far ale ini llaak Alley li, 19'f ES 'ltrli, ter tside bv 1 -l ('!9ltiS-., New Let I rw Illt?. ()'_00 blbt high pi f Cr salc by I1`(9 G l)OllSl'i', 41 'New Lver. Ai lX.1(. WINE , 'ir lP'iitairioiiaiaa t 'inllga, 111:37ll7tdERT& IIAaA'IliIIN A rt~viay Ilt ltaaii clttranabeaaaniatalteJ at N 1,l )I; -;3110 b I... lour i storeeel f rsole b Iliad 3 J. V V, ItIN, 26 13eydres l'ayi tý 11S'1 II.l': Sic)P-l'- Fjiy boaea if tit-Itie tiaunda V rah, Co-tiltile Soap, ricEivedittd fur ale i It311)E'll' &3IlAXTHORJIN, 113 Gr___ Illu'' s0h irs &[ei ('tak,, i t o ciate.a ,it ii J J1)1111N & COII3N, sale u, all. 1.1 I'.Oy l . t. b l . 1112?7 GILIVOT & P.11(;e. 1 soeile nut no1. 1" I'uydras st. by. m2~7 GRIIVOT&. PAIG(E. U ( t:N.-0tt10 baa nit loadliitngImIuIIr ale oit 05 lJtemp 1t. by ,27 ii YORIK 1llll'I'1l11E14. IW INE, in, w II ii.~ fraom sliiias 'tiantalltittin N mod hasht ic tie i'ittiaieitliea llt' lto'as 2lit 1,9i7 1, I.AF(NTAt. ia.'l.S tV3l:1tl3 BRROWS,~t &c.-15 lisltt ý iiicolt-; 21 ti"idecd lfaaauilt',21 hit lttaattt;7piatt 'at= li IA ItONTIA. _Il____ lt t 1 ltl)S.-_1 111 plulusscla1hhd··1111"~ un blullul for't I': IJerld, i' golld order aattI for li e at It CommonSt. ;,s i t'37 1. 1 (.A I.E ____KE.R r I bit I" I I&.-1 G I1hp R ill, iiilkl; I do rut' i tt- lo ·n( il'' :3 to rm.6s ' ill jnrkut o, lust rt,','iced and for Sale t'1I lid Caill· St. Irv or !7 1Oltl il: RI· Ij 'Ictl'lll't tuln cl (t 1.11.111, 0 Ft= 131 I'la liir oats ut (Iitititittaita AD~t.' - itt it''' hu irila npniditritittaniIo't (haIVIII' 0. I'.icE ii di ll S i0 I tIIN I 133 Tltlutituti a lItIN"d I0l0eg lord tt'tih I "I;ItIIt''r iuut fi ta D ca fr tle by kIl t & 111111 ,it itl N 't)'* t itbut'l'l Ig.\ -I:,; lt l,,, c n ti liilt ' im s p il lr [ t r, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 1 lilt n la a ~ 111"I II I I \ttl t i 9 tiis 11.'1111·lN0-' 0 boor, lush 1 lil En iu II I;r1 Ili d ur Itt t'Ftil i llt'''tlt 'ao t, ItItN YE tit TO IIENT. Possesoai given oil 1et of April s That new e gennegi llyi ised th ee story brick House on l empourt t he. wecn Ilospiial and uarracksstreets. It has just been coolllleted in the most modern style,by 1)I.II. Tw' good, E1sq. The first and econd storines cotain two suits of llrlors anod dining rooms with slidine doors, block atnd gold nontil pieces, patent grates &S". The back buildings are ex tensive and ccommodiaus, having all the necessary ac co1modnations fir a large fitnily. ITo a god tenant it will belet onlreaooable ternms. Applly n t no. 3 Ca. rondlelet street, to nm'9 DlOYI.E & MAY. TO RENT. A Lot in Julictrlnet situated near the In S sil of tile Ilew Canlal, with good stabling trud JjL carriage houens well adapteld for o wodl or luto .r ynrd,at No 3 iauk Allcy. tlo9 TO RENI'. A Warehouse in Julia st. 30 feet front ruet nling back to Notre I)oile Strcet. For flrther lparticulars apply tat DO Common st. or to ui J D) IlIEIN & A COhEN. EXIItBITION AND SALOE OFPAINT'INt(i. 11 EtSIItS Richardson and Watson, previous to their Sdeprture,ilnvite theatltetion of tile ladies and entlletlcln fll tieityh, to their present collection il .tiltdScllcs and Fatlcey 3iijlctos now exhibiting illt no. 11 Chartres street (teoarCaola st.) where they wi l re oain at private satlo unt il Monoday the 3d of April, oilt to-ict day ot 1d o'clock, tile balaineo will be dispiosed of by auction. 1ni°91a9 SOST--A note dtrlaw inoutr favor by M sesrsn Biti 1& Stever fur $i00, cudorscel by t;, ldated Marchl the 11Ith, t sixty daysl) e dale, duo 1th May, tile lntv tlelnt being stoltietl, The linder will be rnwurdold by aepplying ito too9 3t WtIi Tn & ,OtLEX'Y. NOTICCE Trettrtrer.' O~flre, Second .Alt-iridolltl. P ERSONS who are indebted to t! is iMunicipllnlty Sforpaviug dole in frotlt lt'their Iprolerty, tire in filreoed tthat Mr. I. R Glntit'tie, isnohtittted Collector. Suit n ill be cot naetced in ttit qys after notice, agailnt all delinquents, without exception.Ah r til28 J I)ANE, Treniertt . AVIS. Bureau du Tresorier de la Sertode lunllii/palite. ES personnes qlll doivet a atte Allnicipaliteo pour IJ le pnargc faitlen fiitere ile ur proprieore, looit til lirtles qli Mlr I. R (iniennli, i etc nomme Collectetr. Leaux qui ne payeront pnt Ir ore seotntiotl du rescrie. I.erotl noliles cit tnat lea dlix jlor Alro s li notilita lienll ils lcrallntl pu lrsives l'ils Il'olt ll Ial e i. r tiolS . J IOtOANE,'I'resori,-lr. NOTICE. Trearurer,' (OUi "c, S cotand .lunicipailit. SOIlI.IECI'IONS for trie t, o RIleal I state tndt I it liven fotr tire ye 18313. ill cne ltitei r n tihe ISth April, 11137. 1, R (itiretin is apoinited Collc-tor n.lts will Ie broulglht after ten tlit n noltio ilgainst till ldelinquent . mt28 J DOiANE, Treoasurer A VId. Iunaearn du Trisorier do In Soeonde .lltnieipalile. L A Collecte des taxes, Ilr los proprietes forceires et les eselnves, lounr l'alllle, 1836, commcencera le 15 Avril, 1837. I1..11. G(.ietnir eat nomnme C.-llectenr. Crux qut no pay:ro it pas lur lit presenlatioo tdu recul leronlt notifies adil dix jolnrc upres ies potrstiVes judi ciaries clronltectmeo encicescoltre coux toit l t'uronlon - Iat Ipyisdans ce de'lai. milil J t)OANEF, 'I Trlsulrtr. LIF.1EIN LONI)ON, &e. L ~ ibF it Lolldlono o lt e Iao r ant Nt i glt ts tl, ihn J ot rahbleao d splrees ihoooglo tie nctrolpolis, by I'eiret Egaon, it 2 vol. The IIuolristledited by 'loheodore HIook, 1837. The Young Ladly's Gil, n colnllont pclace book, of plrose alnd poetlv. A colloetioon,-f Plc'dings attd practical PrecedCles, with nots thereon., awil ap proved trmsl of bills of costol; on'oiing also, Itekcroecees &e. to laogro blonl's I'rsctice, 2d edilio, by Johll \Y. N. Vtter, I:,'l. Elmets oflItrntiotnnl L-awI, with it histolr of the tooscic n lylon'ry Wheaton, E . Just received , Itt-CE. FllTHE subseribir graltilied for the liberal enlcolrage 1 iltent Ihrettofore bestowed ulpon his esttalisl ahiit. , respeilfully .nnouce tothe otlpublic,tihat lhe still cto tiuets to ilnltletture Copl tler, Tin, aid Sllee, IIrIon; ili also coo-tract-s tihe Blalsnoilth to tioesr ill -cootcrlo at No. l1O New ,Levee street, where all onleors o ltloileitlt boat and o tholer work in his line. will lie outtendied tit, and executedl witll despatcllh. Ile hoples lbly p ulclltuality ant dule sttentitn to, to metlt t 0 centu0l nce 0 of potblic pnthontige. J.Ti.Oi.ltN. _New Ocrleotn, .9tlh ltrch,1837. o .... fýlle oooolundo-igooo, l Iot ,, te-eeo-oritottrc, ;lrl· I!,t t Nrow )re( l lle Caroooo do 111-( 1 oooitt Bl ilo oto , 0 i .10 1 IIo public tlnt tlhey are reso usible th.r i ll I , ,0 obligations, onllcount oeI',id Railol .h tnt tclihtool itl sil t I the i sl of Jilllarv last. All ecou.tlllt t gailst th rilroad ntno i llt. i t t i-,d u love stated, ust be b lesei teltd l llI tl olliro," of the o1b stcriberstlf Cit llarollton or.i. t the ..r-house, in New Or TlThey firtherinfbrmn the publi ic, lht iry till utt hild i etosthlves responoibltr, tor any thtst co o tooe ill their nIllll.0 rpxet iot it ' ii 0i T1 l written order T(ra. i NIT IR., N VIOllK -lI'..T-r i>o, No J ., , 'T tt aobove weo rks h ire utuItotttl|.lllt I.rolllnlit ,' . titigo t i Roil roiod cthr thee-t'l rail rt if t ii, ix eIs, sipr'inu, tt. ootn,I otlso, aIl descriptio s o f o ill ;er-t ilo, wouill nlax itiachi.ery iron aud brass caslio_- , &r. &e.& " '|'lie n .le1, i n l, t r-it Io e t ho . t t 'l, , ill mlitl' 1 dll liv lltan . tf 11lot ill li·i.h t. Ii )G.tIT & t IIA T IIIO11t N, in- otl I (h'. tI tll lcu. 'tt,N. A." iu %.t to ill .tto .1 lil 111i t I l: l (; i N. At EM ill I &1 lio't l ,-I1,111 TI''1 l\'. 'o Il .\ ll'.ttIt ;ttl ,-.o , 1 - l- i u ,I S1 lii's.h' 10 l ( l t It;r, Ii.rI. It N n' Y :111"( l i"!l \. Ii L\ \V'I' OILX'. 1H trodi -boldr (1:dvIS.n is ei'iirii.iielutrei'n, if. s alesatbis riisr : t. Iii ai~Ali () H 11.--0 b 1l las & Ui ill lore ll)I To. (1 ArkI * OABI-M) boos csmal air,, C ile C scO fIo r sit) ist 'i: 3 r Icr -t.s I 1112; O I:'1 & 11 I1(lol N I4 " ii rsssgs's t,sspe io sisslihiss, roscivest tit fore stilelsI s12 13 i S IETSON, AVERY & o ( ', 025111-2Ol 0 botI Cissisr oil ci cistrse anii Is -.t ss tl2f issos drrss ai. Iky 11121; J VA lI N. I j iil -0lisie rteid cbIsIc is e y. iiisun cciilirsdi for sale tit Il'ilrsssl'uyd t. by i28 I J VAIIIN I } ACON-silil askscebisesti I'ieiiuuiisi,remtuuui tIore miud firsle ci if lPiyilrs silveet br mIsI28 J VAI iN D RI EDit{ IlE -I cisksk tried beef is stire, malsis 1i1 sid t 6Ii Psvd ms tree bsy suB2S .1 AIILIN ACOMPETE'21INT is sisissis llruisgis, is Iin wcsit if .1?) D klESIN & A CO:II2N. I n) s itu rtso. A uddrsesi. Pdeet, aestsof es : uII Ill Drugist ornersl Pt I tNens lercr,( Istr I ie28 2 , Dfi lSuy. K ilsii Bissg',sriits uslriisr (ib arisIise suid sir sale sit S) _il L JeiEc 1 Isy KA7IN &.N: & (3. A LIONUl-2.5 ibis ci Al isdshus lderinasl tr simse is n2 JIAOld Issr erit. by iiiif)i lAIYTO·(N Atis l. L.~iti)-- 550is siri)~n, iii cislsrrisujsislits;isst~ l ~ ca s for rule u144Newiii ( L3 us is v ur(.s)? t~T ti\l121(t' & I~IAOI'R~:kIIt)IlN. '' LOlUI l5 -3A1 7luiDols Iuperfine )l oui'r buss, Nss'w3 sLa iiie b nr EisI Gl tusle, c I I EE1 '' E .- iiciis,-sheit iiii s ti istefi ns.i 20i ImL sur Esls mid sit rbeifr is JVIsIlIN ti ns.d~a .t FAjitB:u-i-tJ ls oIsse RAlan, iissoiri iers 'isuisus rusisi lose Isv ld A ii e ALlACE AS (. bu AYlON&I Co. 1 -TI 5T511' e lado.- f iuV e5fP, i "n-teus L nult)forise sale is3rer svsisit., is' rrby ris's'it (cr i aI issfitr-itie -o l oNesr N'ssrbn fir . tl . Ursicier is. fsy for7 JaCOCb JAYNE, FT It5' 1)1 ibis risuluitd Chewing Tu : e L si O Ii s dis N wl l efriiir sll . 109 don 'sisis isisrlgl\n,l sIii isilsssi. isctiiis ~ ssisiio issssr lf sl s isisis llyllissll'rIs oilerbsi slflystisriiei llr N , cyality lc reevredple istilt i irrscier edrcrt br iesO m2 J COCKAYNE. Si¢ 'ITEA-5, l b rrs ci3ossiiiii rsi Is tisvder risuis ilf I-. I V. 0 li 515, sls isv St. (disisotso Arsissi. Iressisiris 100 d`l^* cc o fibs desllllt l? l~(\lrl tt o lllP I 29 id i 3siidsssis yoii u ngssisrs iysis issis I. sislled iir tsipC yt is i sille, Frit INYiuk (i r , re tit2lsisrleivisrsstree. b sss27 J li S. ACOtIEN. I I - Als1:-Al prisers ii sbted tsrs I'issv Wisste issue. llýý 1V. 1ll~t tl, ul'thr St. ('( nl -a Arc utl (:ý lltlslll Pt, ('tiIslljsPerosEjisi l Syndict tisle t sihe 13 ississ , Sct. Ch ressTheis re.isi_ l ad fr sle at 90 Cimrail r elr ., by~ m2 J)IEI C('11N 1 bnls, mast received anal for sale at ! rlli) Common st. sill 2 ll) 1 REI N & : II I I iN. (110 111IE.-2ilb2l0 prim e i CullsH Hisia ssie isnid Il.sfore u d esfi3(r wie t 1:1ue veisyi.,b fit7 O:l~l'l & 11\1I'TO lY I 1 COI 23.\ 1 l::-15th) bags rlllacoe, i n sla ve n udYI·; for sailll oil "st etle tit 63 f.Gro 11i · r =l reef, byt 27 l4 1iifl'il' & Ii tW'rIIOI2N. iIs OPS'IARCHf. As' nIsississ fru ships Ilienis 2225(100 Segisrs iii sissrts~r ssaitisciili (imxsis sto : ISAAC till llii l & o, ( 1i :4lii iiet s. II INtl I It Dtt I.) n 050 vi t s fi IV t ims'toisisls fsrs~les (it'sOssissa. m 2.1 S TETSO N, A.iI''"&i5(f 1 . L -t isuudr-stilidsi, fli rr isr-si-sssisiis. ii s'ill =te b msss'7 >051(i)5 1titisl il.l . 1(vsis is is E,- ' IS. n Itss le iss s ite i tsss Isis Liw t~ti e s Iilrlu sgsiii ssl)rsissie tiie Mint fsrssiisssis ilCurrut "trc tu by is ;5"ii sissisG 11iiii. 25, 16, 32, 3, 2, 45, 61, 10, 1, 68, 33, 23, .Are the dramn numtbers of the 15th Class FREE S.IOOL LOTTERY. A U'ILORISEI)D by lt of thile l.tgiantarc ofth t Stat of Louii/a/n, for the bnloit il'tohe ";uncthitt School Society,' pasned and applrot ed ith 21st March 1328. CLASS No. 16, FOR 1837. Tib be drawn ri nwatO,rleans, on Saturdat/, Ist .pri 73 Number I.ortlry--l( t)ruwin nallots. SCI(H:MIE. Plrizc 11Dtlars Dollanr 1 of 10,000 is 10,000 1 of 4,000 is 4,001 I of 3,000 is 3,000 1 of 2,000 is 2,001 1 of 1,200 is 1,20( 5 of 1,000 is 5,001 10 of 500 is 5,001 10 of 400 is 4,00( 10 of 300 is 3,00( 80 of 200 is 16,00( 65 of 100 is 6,50( 130 of 50 is 6,50( 130 of 25 is 3,25( 2,600 of 10 is 26,001 20,800 of 5 is 104,001 23,815 amounting to 199,45( iTickets-whole tiekets, $5 00; bulves, $2 50; quarter $1 25. Packages of 21 Tickets $100, warranted to draw a I tlt $1I, anll tllny draw the fulLn apitlds. Package: :if cltare ill irollrtioll. For 'l'iketas witn at Ilti ltangcr's ofice, 37 Gravie street, adjoining tha entrance ito thie Areadhi, and 10i Cl m res,Lbtween Conti and St.nLotii sts. m21 J K MIllA), Manner. 'TtA' Nefl'1tT'1' WAN lTE)D. YA NUMIBERI( fvessrtls of light draught ofwater antr . wVSted nas Govirnmlellt t'I'raniorte. They are ii ie at Fort Brooke, iliilatni ii k by lthe "1tili o April wxt, well provided with flor,. or lutmber for the salm,wlr ith wood aud water, iind all other n[cessary preparatioas, Ior transiportaton tioofTrtool. or Indians Written proposals slitting hie tfonage, idru/htt, gen eral, chrlnet r ofean I vessel, anil rtni prieo per heil frtln iFort Brooke to this pince, takltiing sfnit ntI ti the ti\sissisppit, s ill be received by Main r J. (1lark, asist nnt (luater Master U. S. Ar.iy, uiatd the evniig of the nIth inst. Also, for a numbt r of tr tntiorti s aibovei, f.r trains porting troop i fron Fort /irook ti A pa/in hicol to ii at Fort lrooke oni the 111th ofl April nxt. (1UA1RIITEIt Mi.ITASTfR'S OFFICI, New Orlenlle ci M'h 2:i, 11:17. rilEI book of Slillnt Nicihoias, in 1 vol. eing ol t 14, of f the Inew coplete and untifirln edlitiol of l'aul dial's works. Tho siutwhnornks Firoside.--A Tule in t vots. filing editioi of I'isc t /l r/ing's w t'k,. Ilonler.- TraIasited bly Alreanl.cdr Pope, l isq. in 3 vols. ieingf No. 3 i33,sand t31, of llIrorr'sia Cla(In sical Famlil Library. Ju.t iirrcivtd and far sale by W1i MAIeKIAN, 11112 arner Camp n llll Ii n (o ll is. S--,t'NIINt'A \ I , &c. . (t ifNtiS it Spain, by the author olf "lA year in pSlilnti I" &ige. Ac, flhe I1 ney Moon, by the Countess of, &e. i 2 vols. The 'I'tgs /tsgn.lg"i'f,/ i , lglee r. e with osih er T les bv distini uisha d i / i ers. Also,ln fierthiir siupply' of Itir's ill olirs, Vol. 1st; I ld l iiiastoi s ii ria ii rode. J.lut trieid and fur isle iy 2 I3 IlONJ, 111E.V j Tll ININ'S I',NA:CA.-. . UST r ecived it ltrge lsupply of this most valuable INedivini. i/i .rd' ig tii ...t tit r I, h a iir t sr, . tlitiif/or, ,t'rilatl/t shll be alhl d tIsi, t)11l'lit iss aII 1 SdCal ing to the skte P r tu, rl r I i ilgn- : I r Ih p I itt/i/r. It I t/ NNte EI',I inle:i Anrn & intlih i kh I'rll1, Tehi ll lhs stM . SI. I(hIls T7e11,re o I: raS-', - -1.d -i.l,r de liils!' p. ~; I:Slace i /it ' iin th b I. t rlt itt/a tltr ' .4 Ca hto Oilt , hi 1ti ; IliiiI l .1l inlt I ' ilto green il tii il nldll my; S toIlr ai he M.hllll e, mllr Slll i r.rl lr e (l bitrd et, s d. ll 'l l l, ru; V llwI )i110t; o i itzr potio dr,, C nnd Ietter Pa/tor, fir she b ni2:i _1 - V..11. & -11 ,11 1)ilE . t( L IN . i CaII sTL ,$1. ( Iries T'heaf ire t l ( o and rrtode ] all . f I\ G n' ith: 1. I l i Etii i:g t li'h Sur hn 1 doh sll t , 1 ill la e . l'n i ti l' ti t 0 i Iln St. t a rell Th.Itr, o1 .;i itV t ei.l l ll .i li l no.i k I tlk i to, I 1h' i(i11 It ha, l tln I rllttlu tile St. i/ I harh's, t ti l . .ieo : ouIilr, sll fi r lit, trelltl.: IoIn 1u(l' ther nintl iuie.s , . t allil ttil i t lt t itiii us uv u itt i.ld /in1 i (i ( i/ it ; N I / 111 VVi T,1 I,( ihr. rI 1), i1.\Vl'llL$ -1(' 111-ri tu m III")[ lll b^" serviccl . Itti lt- I t /.\ tl'il, t lItrolli'tt I tit t" (;us 1.i-1/ rdlvl li o_ (h ' . holi/ t l, relmir , / V ,i- I l Ih,0 s/N r ta-; side- w ilk.. ,i f l ,p byN t l I.iI I0 / fIn. 'Ih,, ll i work t I.,'i don- it' ll l r t'+: .t nm lltr, n d /) ! tnll to ill titti ll lha / IIt,'llt uaih t/cit / alll'VeVtro tuu tiuia at, /k sa~. 1 ,, 8 hv III{" ENJ. I.EV'f. ii~"l\I 1 11('h IlUr lliIe1III 1111: :!-11hilrl· llr 1III1IIII1 (·II *C l r· ·111 r 11 I milI ll r III lion, tre l ('.1.1. . 11'.\1 & 1.ll. 11\t:, 1) ;' flislolll d F the :.'( 1111 inst. by nt ic,, llE uuncurI. The ofII totitsoloth trop irmI wtil r-t ttro ly i tot' by ilnro f if, partners. As the t titt m t s tiuirn hey -ar T ·V l1111l C1~.6 lll1 b*ll-lI Fi(: it l I AIWAY, t i hr 11AM 1 . ( iet o ottetll Mr.on.a Inotoilua again, 'a'tttt. l tittori t, Ar, 'lld~ t tto licl i tt ct.,I torllllia tert driieia), to orere t the o brtmditrero itptr fa et; to ths t tho e ttrr t, tnidted tto h roar Ir,' toii m tetI MentA CKh d tail J let- rtrct. Ii tiE A1 "tt" i':0tK1.-1t1.1i ir1 nett11 o LUN ti N I3for tilOing, ald or ob by (A IJJUmRi JNs 11I?" ~~79) Coolnlo lprtr T 0(1,' l e a-Ji ter-itti tt the ock in trde-wit cotiu I b f pproo, dr-od hee r-, ~ ufe oIattheoolstidOrNo.ll 4y LA', I ON r Co. will e gla to ee ol osmeers lupie fro lie e o i lrtions t-o ttrd omttor toriv tild It Ith lic O erer ot, th i i cotI'nue:toN ( , 'eilr Idt.creout. S AfTt-tttt err Atrtl titte, fo tdal fort ie b 11'!2 II C00 Idit birk, tlo lit t 1 e teo . It) Pnei 1.00 &L IC~IRNE, (rtii'iNttIo 'riit 1 oirr'rtula ch, ks too , for filling, a in l f tor llOOy G U K.iN, ,2'2t ill .ommo'r i, r reet. hi otil i Jutt receit ed a tirto rrt lu rtpei L riteLocksfur dors, esk', draes o~ sxm B bur-0 lIe. 'tbi li i PI.Iiitlittlootltlttt X ao u ie lIa cuar for sale i, t ito-L III& i 001 tiii hl or retai0 byO tto. / Ij I &r -1(l cu:sL.,, illi'h l toil; 25 casks best purr~i; ciri cr cl~ll-t 0.(oit Itb t i; ' p i o m 1, 1 s 0. I'ci b itt . i ntl Isuc s rt it, ftttttl ri t order, I l d O+"1.11 )1( & POR 1 1 110 tilsl 0a.n; Ilt it, out Ii,. rul e by 141.(3 0 &~I)· 1 L~ It'RNE,1 15!'1'c haupit dlu I itett A 11:. 11:1:N PA sub-:1 r1 ibcr bu· s reeer: iI(I1I u 104(01 AND) J011! PFl1-Nij; r l , arde, ....nftwoa r e jll . I " ro p"rieor of 1lhl Tro e A' llrinnt r.srk lrli, _ infirls his frienfds uoull I. 110blic tl-i l r ii o i l wilh'et tenll Win I, ail e n illfind 'hll tensiv nssortmien' t of typtt Itt' ll rintioh t. of la i slle . 11 N ao LnylFce( d C X:T.I LOU UI:i , liVll.lI OF' 1t. . I, ,\ I ,S, + l)lit"y I I .L"I~ej ,E.At NOTIC 1 U1,TII7,,. it r t: Aot eaoi ijrt . A n lIIlI. FA, M , ln t3 , ri e s nIl.l o, liio.. . 1i. ittll o. i. kt i.. . I. ' Wa rcr to , . vn ' , Wednn j JIlli 0 t l nil t ilt nt '. Vc i. tIlt 6u viik- ett o S utnr t , lly 5, o :tp . yr - -o low lork (uting . n . i lt. e t, ltw o i ed0 Yoirk--nying obil n d7holy at o1 P uAl 'IP No Nov York doilly at 5 fP E.M uthward." lh A rrives Niorlthwt rd. 1)itance. 'Tiine. ri, , - lolgonlery, Ac . i int. 1ti9 tT' 23 ,I 12't i olluotbs, Ga I. 111 ft h 12nl, 9 Ahilldtgeville. a. 2 133 1J"} 2 , CLooluti , i, 'l.: . C 7 . 163 1 .. Raleigh, N C. 51 llS a P oterbuo lg, ' n. 1 1i p t. 55 I6 a .Ri ....... . , .. ... 1 7 " E lVnshihlgiil city, 2 tilt. il j a llnhtitoere, (ii 111 4 0 e r 2 po. 90 } an1305 1T43 . or Q d .r . rltwnrdlt . (' tninl e 5outwrd, ile lilo is is i bonl wsnt billot5 dRs I llid 17 hors. L l'hf thitt ft r tltlrillt g il nttho dinretiol i in a 1 In to oln h t ah t ftr l hyti e lhnite of nr t trr o le ' l thi, thbte. ire Neov Yoik, It'kt ilillElhif, _W'i ,nhigton, I oll , nr, \\'slolnfntol , Altraooi, IlF, iedeticltnborgi, RickIb , I'cterooi,io' Ralligli, Inyetrrevil, Col uio ai AuOulat ,illr . to ot.i il con, C tAohnutll ton nlter a lobiltn hc nic oa' lnk, toondn Fnh Ta urn , . 1 'ili .11i a to do ils inh, Tlntuineilh y anod Friday. 1i L igl ilI do tl do i nrotonton do do ('~nitl ti i'cllWditednl y snd SaIurIday. ('fity do, do Inol'bient n lat, . do de tlrrcut it do do I't t. .,Io do io'l'l., lI-e. - & la-y - Cl'niiotit tis ttnd Fsriraidiiug .lltcoafes, I.OUISYVI.LE, IIENTLCKT. Rfeit, ,. 3hsn's. Oitotl h &TholipYmy . l, csa'i . A. I. \Vsllacer, n i. N uOrles. tilltl CITY IPANK, NES\' I lfltt.tNs. A I Iht t1111u I Icftint for t)irettllol t I til t ini 1lu. l iun, h! hi O il lilt! lIah iantatnl1 Ilil llurowing' nltre ,ltt liontuit tI Cle of 'itI, lofitr Olcouinfi yeor, vin.: oolllnlltl J. lPeter,, W II.l Aver, J. 'ihlwell, Vi'l' r lan vi ' ('h:lrh A. JI l ib \\i r . lori , I. t). ..rtoi, J.N. I flfillcbetrrt, J. (G. \Villon, 1. Aldhrow. "IIlnllntll '| . ('iih, A. (luerter. 'It'IXA IdonANI) l- .ll8,I, .. \IN l " it, I c gnS t I o i i I l- I iid lllilld l | h x l n Iea a f |l an d , i lt n - o n olit , it the I.'Ci ( Illn lil, l ar u I tlI r o-f - h ai I ui 1 the e1( : tllli. ) Ihll b , ll', i4 t T xI.s (illl Weoo n 1de 1 d an r ,ell,' it watefr-- i li t l., i le i es ir s drawing ; l t; olll, I;fil w, tler--ti tl llli tl i llll II, , dhtainti dl gulr iul .,llli lr hl l lr l Ii .110, sv.e llon IS A -, a ds erlid l hli,.r ' :ti l I l o o : hdllll, 111'fi O 11+111 1 t: I I'\CK :I` t II ftt 1 IVAlil+ on1: & . I t(tllloIIN & D .il Illlfllli u ti n iO oll Irr tnll, 1 1 :I A i o-c . ,tl l; r oe fo m " Al 11ff Ilk IfnfIiu ICI Atnv, tItl fi & f·l u. l i 1 1rr prh Ii.,. l' l i f rt.l.o i ll.t k it . of (Il trntlk. ('n*rlillrr lhlrrh t.r'd ~I:fI lo I ti o l 'tlNl oio o.i ·1 '.+9,' - :, '11 _ ,llI 'h iih .lin, , I oi t i l i .. iii iii tti t'o I sto tlt tt tt ti it I 1 : t i it a i i t. l ll ,]h, IN,,ill lips f, 1 , N II f lhil I ttltill~h Ili s tf in 11.t'+ ,'lh -+ 1-. ý. h,'l 1 t 11,, %aIh Illl o .l , i If I f loU il, a lll'-\I:,',, .I . * .1 )'llrl ,. I11h1h R-111"i. ,.lit . .. 1 -. ,. led., l , fi 1 hI,l-l~~ w,1 "'i .,- -II "1,t-. nJ'~f   II., . ,:ll; . H.It- -i,..t .. . ir- . ErliI' tII, - P1 )1: I: .. [ ( .' 1: I.)('1 ':'I(T N, i I . l'l':(' l'i I 1 l,' 1 tnu ik.,fchI 'i i i the iublic of New nh t,, i,,,,, ,-> , I I . ;,,h of pi~,it,: will li ,i's+., ie Call I1iboll. S ub II I. aI : il'lh'd aI Hleils I. -ilhe'c e, sr Ir(eec ]ad tit 1 l i. r llll lIt i tl I irt l ,ircus lr iter, shPeo . . A. ,e. A 1.1, EN &- Co. N,,. II CAn . Srli:r. S., huy 8 and ell ton onnuisslion 11thi tocks in the ' i:ltdli"; 1 bi' ld h llm I rlelliie C .on, in Ilb iit i. ,\spp tll .ton k o eIfr teu illlk r e the I Notledstntiog "l Aml e n It '.iht or ioert s'ioh, l t large or curall lsum r.nlittlai l], liir atle o II IPIsoli.le afe .me, r namft oe,.osIm .nHrrhand IA\dvoo ul, uu'igi 11B tim liuor ,o N llw \ irk, i ewltl CvillO. hi30 d lhia, Ch'arlestom , ~ L. PI'loxulh--.Dinil No.7i a rlll.l tlrle, .tol t ouo and ouron (ol sortnet.I J. . 1' . n ri . i t I . It. itoil, I' . . IIre ho plle 4Erosrsr imed 'ontnle pllnro .IlVroe+i, t ++,dllldvu le e ·. t tl r til t i Artuiltlh Eaove lunse by J IA i II. Ic )ACOY I II.. &CO. A. CEIG IEN&C C.E OFFICE. t0 . o. I 51 .lh gtgine e strte. L Illlnl..Eitt ANTt AtI ClION & COAIAIISSIONME#CHAN T htas e stotabliolhut hlimull jut ilntile ultbove busineost in Nsatet No, hic will cariel, M ILsIe 1dO Al dri oull rbon streIe. AlIi t rst nla l, Ctii, lufrnlu, Eli \loio. . IIo rvi , Nut i. .. - - 0AKIA I). ur ilE ale ouiforakllnr d +ill tke )co lnre on u oiaite, y Na s ll -O l , le p siti, l 17 . INT11ii liIGeS u NCi. ArNti r Iliuri Ai'aGNri irichaYi lfehl() .oi\ ltrt o. 166 .alr a zi ine street. ill oriolliiIu I otl l llall 'licill, o 1 u'e or r AIC'rs I )N & COln 311SSI, Nl roEICutiAns ihr stallbil·lh, hilts lf in thl e n lov n tuitess in NIatifn z, which 'ill be caurried . ntl its v tario s y banche a loltls, u i o lior. 1mtion r private sale solicitearyd fer to randr, L I u a \ri gt, New Orleans, thred Cochran, Ci, rus rseuir li to lr tir 25 elr NItc p'e 7. "? r d '29-1n noo', A I. IIAim)mo lt ilE , DcRniict. Nouvelle-Orlans, le 16 Mear, 14:17. Dleol 'ml Tr.+ ca t'ilcleS s,+routllt o 1lilrts i ea..wll de te I llu nie, i&io l II I -rel.ller minldi i'uri I rohloin t n l d istr ucli tll',lll r o itcl3a nnite llu* i t. 7 y 'e origo url V'oil, rl. htr mil'. ell rte .I ln t hl allpl oi par lainaln m 7 oil.1rl W. N F, i C introlietr. r n the 31c oIn'., i amall bay mre and her O N al thI!ow r is re mnLt. .ted t-prove prope ty.: ey clargoa, and ttoke themi away i or lieooije the Nii ] . Aprtlh oth e'rl ise Iilv will hIs tn bld , o 1 r 1, by il olot li, uctiooer. J(lIc I Nl 'Cd o ,nd. F o:r EniC h ry . G. JO1NS 0 )N 9 Conti rtt ,,7 1<t W \ rd, `Sol M nimi iltnlily. .1,i lai i. itL . L Ot*, Itro U N.l.. ITh price offre os flour to tdy eligt. $3 621 centslper li.rrll ccording E t t te r he bakers sl 1 give 341 lta tho I, : II1 hles. Iurelh of tile, sectod lvtnc r iu r ofr ' (iis, ti ! l o oll o i oii orlln. h; 1 hlourl of p ilne [illd lie o'cn ockd r.n,' the y'.lNl t 1 78 (n , i t.. m'7T)1 RII¢ * &. Co. 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