Newspaper of True American, April 4, 1837, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated April 4, 1837 Page 4
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'I ` n I ihae rc lat ier tlrn i roO, a . r.. i. 4At. lti n inl ' tllI., oe. fat whichcl will b foatlund aiil hel,._tN +lldtt ''a a .*li. OM .. Thoal ir _clOatb1M-aaax to jroeur.every, tatine af a 40R" supe =dear toan ai vAouabF8taiinbly' ra In jproe PI ltr .' -tit clnl ctltm " hc ardhtjila from Plorennar-WVill csty. iso..t acl ue lio tnlePol tan tPa ct, Ne rmioes,O nm Pacir, ,ondoL IBacauo-PFrinn tIaF l I ot:nngtorrid-+Io I rentd a t l B t;li4l v}bpli ol lllttr, sn'p Ylor oTedt!tBrashe+, 1 uas IMe ikrticreo'otee annd nilnlieult to ctllial. aTcror p tar - Bojas..rittmleritid tload will be ' S' UIt'& au til lsr oaf itli a' and gVaitldtcer'. o"a. ao jPl ?000 r.- ,llsea- d in rcfcld·ACtoa. «""+ -laW ?~'0ba, prno, SC.-nOf the lOtiat 1P rý, fa fior gfilfty, cnniorair olio aiclean ý»« 1 1MitN _4m+,lil lvat auJ clotl .toc.ts} linen - l l pl ta ncr, ieht and wllJ ut refil "+'+j- _. LHiMdira mNu ake diexpa;sry for Ihsk I.Vs.. , - .,.. tn 9 ,dap, "-ne,.aare, umm w N 'Woe, av~lltslt4lud Cottnmno~nted. whirsl illbmi Ck" a 8t PrWtihe w r, Pa intl o a rea -l y . Vahorn & Son, f PhIladTlplia. . . . auliattory. Also, English and Froclh " A.tiD>_- Vrra., 1e manufart.try of .1.m yllatBarlotl tt a FPbt Plh +ala l od German do.; elakt Cards, Je. &re; .; Tha allbove ae but a ortfion- ri the, ariclde r" ' '.eiohia ie],o ablditou to Itheir llr.nnr'stlok, will be .Rye· c l(ur-oaaulgr t acrceos. va Ti.I.ARo, 1e Co.o1ns . ,.,..... ,hi acvam tacm, 150 din New Befllord ., caJ 415Jdmktn Nauaacnketdiaruct; lt lkit at. sa-A.,. !l l . lpo, 14 Half Pipoaad 26Q uLartc , = a hli l ' W \Vir , Ck .caie by 4. r -+i . iH OOCKAYN.i.25 Groviar.strne. ".maul J m " 'honnlr .s; ThieTlLnT " Dc ke; Ana ' iar perrvt r·at g r a the Master. m l ' e rh e r . l n b . Y p a;: " 'l '. ln- ; "1 h e In t r . titos Canis.ul t;1'b nrt Ca:hefi Tlro Untie Ad, Another tract fnd s,-,'fi-tinraid; Irhcr S' a.. CH . Wt',ipl l "ottl ;`c etelTTl fa-rort Ttwo; adknmsoBt t u Ellkawataw - Tie Mln of Heio; S mntýh Tatfe aer O 1 r mthbarhod; The D tisailoltenr, e out.Coeaoioan and U-ne, la 1." .,en rlegytlna . . dind l , sna- Rfhotllc ,e' l._loans; Da. af; Ph Jud"ari ialccoerdosa, The oom;ui uftbios of lidi.aerieo -. goads acd St.' it of Iroliud, Tales sa mad Peasantr'. Lorc.and Pride; S.~--. - d Saagundi; iltniiteotntak; Job. " vid Bielarna J0athat.r,. Te Aaaerieaudt in Cagogt. a ozl o trcrtfiron lr.t rr Alire- Me • ý. lritln of Mr.semat "uiTa' of the d-oa alt Mort atrena; Gil la,; Rod:rlick ltanloa:; 'irh Ilith-. S !err Villog;J.3oll Alile Beck; The t . nonraiy Cl' ~i- Frotk, Ilrry and E!l[lit4t~ elTri Pieck \Wiek'Club; ~~~Ctagge0ale dlohte.; 11-n,,e, or titc ~,..t c llar'yy 0 enr1o E4't1nd We"pt; The ....:. . a i OurPtreslr Darn; C ."m Otter 'n; Rxaba; Gilbort.. Gurney; cannal #1 +tl; 'lwtnva Montlka capict Cltoalj Cocieina Nicolas, Rosa. mnPaul PrvRe Ca' Soket.. Bohnk; lelford Reis' Paal lric; Mjrinm o,,l,. 'r.t.-n Jone. ; Paul lifrn $uaa'e Ac an; Doorent, 'riht Stu decnt; PITe fit' Brid. Mltaterisa of lUdlplhn, blottish tf; Dan stt otio The Ilutonrioi mro yý MAs, a vaiety. oaf~StnaLard and tlahai cat (Voa fr re by . m3 I IfOTCHKIS8S& ;t. 21 C hortcen St. AT EO P ' LOUi.6ANA--.r1'o al(,vhiu uool 1tesre r ants may concern: (ifetio. Know ye, iFe . "whr'eaa, 0tlnadlalesliactt't Biencnt.a ricide;lt of-the plish of St I.raa6, "-iv appclied to ite, Octave 9 roAuleaa, ex rciicia, Clerk of ithe cort of l'robtnte, in aud fcr the pariah of St Bernard. forn moanition or "tdver tioment in acnformity to tIt act df the L.eviilnt ra of t'a Stato,4gltitlond "An act fe tiht ftith-nr .astran a of titlea of ptiulTeoen at jtdieinl-stilles," ?tltnvoed on 0 e l0hMa, o,18il. Notice ic herohv gfiven tt all whnut "I. ..satyoeteOhat by virtle nod penrlsaot to - -a eadol l the hoinorabls tIe Court of l'rnbato., in a. " Ikr thea.jal4f S1, fsaordn hobealg late I)e:tnboe, Il4th, I, n ,.lau mattlqf thta n:nto..snion of Antonie ftp 1ll a111l t 4 ,granled on the pDi tion of Franeois M leli I, thl.' deri aied, tctnhcg a ex cio ntineer, dltd aa lha of thb.ftry, i *3 at llewlett'o Ex. Lluala in thal city of NewsOrlelna,.expoae fcr pnblil - esal.ibytauctoin,ttne prope, lheruiaaler doocrlhPotid audaled ttlaoreaid naneois tleliconrt Bieave uiivlhibdrt 1 .Itltlti-r, for tihe price of ansal .rei the arsje six: Parer. iaof prpepwrcl gea aa ine JMaeicial con. lat. A Eoxarp icitou1l+m tie . nh ildin,, n ato in. p .esain eta tlchal-siytuated in the pAhisi of St Bee. - nlud, on the R.von ax'BeaOf, at about six miles fioom -.ihaivr Miamisippi, meacoring cihteeno arpetto and 4 toisels front on both aides of tihe Bayo anO Boenfa, S-ith- a depth "of forty arp;'ot on buith aldon of said iayou bounded on lhe iuippr line, and on both sides of said Bayou Iy tihe pro perty of tihe Ieama Caltholie athurch of the parih pf St Barnard, and on the lower lin h.o ontn bot de aofu asid Bayou, by the laltaltion of Mr ft N Allard 26. Anoether tract of land nitunted is siid Iloiih lbe ueesn the property of the Rntian Ctiq Clccurh of tne Parish of St Bernard, and thoingrerntv'of M rs S uan Poue, having 8 tloioea nalt thrtee ferlat tm on both alder-fa said Bayou o0x Il.tltna, wiith a ldepth of forty or on both sides of saild aaven. IcWumA.itinaW portion ofnfliandontlnn- I ll tit- ngrth part ardia, and that orn" tl Planthot.i of Mr Pierre a,. wo4ba-au"... lean n,,. t....,.... 0ni,, '-no .yo a between then pdlnthiona of lite " : o isre Oertli en I oltnoit Of nnna ro tinei I avtlt S a taioa front on said Bayonu, nit!n a deLth of forty ar All the cattle, hora n-,, ani:nml., onil tie morcalnle property apptrtainiu, to ·ahl pnuithuoin. And also tile 58 rdonwicn sl hvei: Muoes 48 years, Martinl 23 yveors, Big Bll in vetflr BilY Jaeksan 30 veer,,- tal'l 28 crver ,"Ieer5'. ve, Williau. .I ycean, ill lutipiont 3; vear.n, tig CAmedli alyear, . .itole Bo b nR; ear ye ,15 yeanr. Tnitv ;1S pars0, Ltttloe3amendi 18 nenr, Isnau 7 Vecr WVill do 'd Toun di do, ilouapannrt 15 nears, Inittni nom 12 vanr, .Lailha 16 yeoar, Bocy 60 year, Yanoznn fT5 l rr,-44l ean yeart Mary Or-,ers S8ilvi R:ie#k" Sri. i Iil"ia aebksn 31 d.., with It .r-t hid 12 moo. nd,Monrs ; lJAoa,Ahigail 18 do, Atcclia 25 do, Jetouv 50 do, (.eora SPdo. Maria 23 do, wnitl Itr twa children, one of 18 months and tie otlhcer f1 6 moainh, I)ollt 20 ,enar,Snu. ao an 3i year:,, and hel two ehallr.,n, one of 3 years & . e othderof i montheR, R Jac45 oners, Jalie t 8anrood he. hidld Rebut Zyear. Juaithi ll0e-on,, and licr child yelan, Chlarlotte 3110 yOnr, Etty 2i yenro.. fi do, .iste l8 years, Naracv 6l lyearon. (;0 velart, lera Clue 35 years, Mlarie 70 ymear, Marina 3i0, & km child Marie Lociat 4 yoars, -Betty? 63 cenarcKolec S years, Little Roso 19 year., Peggy 1.3-e,. ' r" C.t.ditieat of taa.--Thul, punlan.r shall assuae thea Tl~ntatn to fp. th' fllUsJne t ll naIo wit: Tha sua.ll omf~9.70 to ithe al k o L nouiinniias, on tile J.ah April, tIpl. 'hs lutO oft $4,,il to r Bohltnu Jt.nrtit, en lte I., Marrih, 1031; adld the snan of $1Gi.", nn .tit le t maercll, .lao saur niý $.00 to ie" .,i . ai-i nca, al te r 0"h of January tlitle, And tile balanee it onr, t"o, tihre onni ftlo nyear cedit1, in ulten etal-rier I t, .a i.tlhct'o l, Wille scial Alw e uniln fillnl palyll t. WleRefre, all p-raonnn n whl s.e.t t nni e riglht, r lI -al. .in , in and to the ai I ihlltilnat.inm . t. nt, wta sd_"aod tlreas above describedl, iu roante, ',h.e of an' lofonholitv in tIce onlnr, d;crre, or jt. ignn,;i Ic ielmr rmm. g alkaritie.Or bliealty inc the tcPprtlcic .1.r ntwornn ferti~e. m at. , is tiucmt ortoanmo-cndc anttr Ste nac uciceceieite * r dacl hslltWoavoer, aoc ilereitlt in;ted ncl n d o n" ici-d 00oaor Iewsniiiaiar tlnn Ietoclaniec tic.. Itoc II atin'an I ale cisfnn9i,r jl. c .lcrtlllr Oll ctl'l all so aniulegtol, araenally 1o Iti.: tmr:ivor of Ith CIer-:llitmttr. r WtItnalH my hlan nnnl tof olfca h, ",A--do'; of Ul~ia A. D. 183, hIe 611tlll~ehr of 1he tito tet te of0 5IUO4tLL3S~PAT.. u,vl.- trae .~ PAIN tViinSl ED Iw the onduiraf 'A yrairn '- _ tAjoi, 2 voln. Iliii-l CRj£icenlp o loqlv hby lyl au i o "Ccilllyc,"ill.ol, vnI?.Imo.Ael Nsa41tw, and othico hi ihb y utleir of jwAct* Flnruzii r '1<eut^ in " mla. 1 ed I uru.o ,i rlerd wih Chinrciteriev nr icedetlo, siaiuing ad ain.dl egof frl lcrtuo Meet nluding n- e of imtte rirnciptal crak i r ?England with annlnl.·rienl truntclltr .otrlrral u Tdco of flon, to which nrre tidl1, Ninrod',. Ieiittrero ý" nitliig to` Jionad, in 2 vela. Il2 a Br.,, the lsiii Ne1ioto'j :'-netmnon', Iv ybiot. (`htinier, it Nl itlltho fl 'V116.o' life ofo a iay" C rnic. v I (bnuanntiarci, o1 Plgnty Juriepnt(Tedcr . as ldmitlittrrd inl ; ii~uti by Jnenjnl Stre, L. L. 1). (1, t"l thy I)rdci, Pope, Conivne, Adlieon alnd oThers 1t pLory. r.lfatrv ,t icl nr r li or Cii enerer. nd tnawtluters 'tlie, Unite l Stntciiifuntr lriv by Miajo j kl1 .U, te. f . Al-it, in 3 vols. Jot reerivred $ . '31cerner Cnmnen Conin.n.. pt,?, G r Clbo ~n of :crllenllll I'hlyrc ,rut overir tnpokl ne. tatgq t maintain cotier.:aiein arrait-d. 11iiihir dt!ent lomits, wilt nitmcrons rŽ,lunrkn on time pemnlinr I i lithii Andl ane of inrlon wotrt. 'IFe wlile no an conoidentitur to fonihitnte 1i ii o ipiahijto ofit uie ' nncintilnn of l FvPnclr. By uijliir ztmie editeno. reyiisd and torrnnt rt. A Beifrithin oiiteae hinideni of Piifiiniu ?iile., rretno. '1litd witlh a ter, cnntniillccd tiie'tew nlitunil mci frne loninalatib, rrtunuatl in iul'ii n cnlcdnhr. to Imiot nut adi a enc hittoecn khe I'titchi nod Vainl1l! ieai, Rina fiirned pronuiiviintio f I, ren-nk, ncrinlith re laft a iFrenr c nirkiciocitn i him tuihirri, ihhcn 4o oIr i by a shnro itO trane oi tke amened nufeo Fhrenc ao ,ceiior crd wicth tilee oi tke Ettejich. t hrimierrofr tltc·iu A:bd r'eadiidr ~iiea.4'panie prenuteatiio n old Lkopty of the F01ftelI 1409 n'ae, cnniiiine it: 'lem"±Rt i ne einine II th!"Beatuvage, b I$Yiirt 'Frmtihir. j'tat rrlrrivet andd - Car Caoijt & Couti fn. A*-xl _n??fP'E' q Cf,.1.·ilcU. I1.rtr,.cl ''. AtinirPim~-teui brI ihillp Fnnrio, r) 1), -wilt inor siolnodin, mitticeinintrIchtntimvt of vorione Iho - dlto noc, Ciowlnr. klion, Tin)r ifei Iqp.-Aibsoan,' owift t~iooiierino, (i Wtlefilcl, Pnrrne " ri? n stn e nt-ike inoer eItiJrnIni paoia of ihC fº Eitri'npiicr imnan, in i vnlitir~ni~i- cinto-.e 18 r'n Gal lmnienl c.iicyC,.l" k i at4-JllfYlIY ·:Y"CI.I\ . , by T. ii O wti luit l, illh i ilmta, b line. Tmtfeb, *tt(ik thiirif k hheli-it" ,gttulep &rc.,niw-ed:imo, 2 cola cinliliet Fii ' jI" Lc, b·;: .lkr i~` 1I':I: ' r: i 9 o It Vlt " (4plv. : i Ju~ :,"ýi":"I i ttWt- ti- o 1 an *sea*, t ate t w 'nei} tn ltmm rnti le Xlat htilte, Lt.eitlc, aillathr cil e. ia.t and tiew aelcedlateteasatutito N eital de l.t.tti, Soli eaoi add i'etg.i t t t mgns; ge tl atine ctalf iadf senal sht Iddogans do s illtt;dto r Oo aft7 bul wneltpe ana lamsta wl broganms; galdnoesi% Wiot'j.satlity calatf aenwi abutat bee-nls anl Jack Ilowrnilgt d:-;alsf andl Moroacc blmlle rshoes a tndtlaes; ~ Tdo eait i n." l nd wtaea,.. - a new arltie; dto hle call, ntid allid mnmlocd.o qanutner boats; boys','atsd ohildlnts pefei e" and eawed brogians, netl hdab of crety qluap l ttvidtkh. -Aio a general a.enrtment olf sen'1 mltgta wax a~ * I tan.lllns asd nhoes, to..tller wIith 10U, IOt ars negr twen qualit, rettt I~nma t, 4al!4 ia the shaonakma mae Cytps-ly Ifr eillantin t loel a `ohad as antit'. of saAt's tOe and stout klppuaat nr.lg ,a. -ew ,rtim esU l ti at i. argo quantityo FIs Inln.e quality rtest anud wa m.tga •s.. ii.smir'lssntf I aeal, mnrocc and grain wlellt, alni p¶tng sole sisees; do tine Fretlo Muaroon sal kid"l tn reono slippers; do roan shoes, witl asl without heels; do ualf, seat nod no leanther Isootee; do lPrnella shoe of all khtinitl qtulitiest Ie lasting brogaes; nioghitor eawind fednt Imobtees. liases' l inatgsprla sl..esan b nrwse. Childrena's oloat Motnoo ta 'in bra emalicots,;ke. , o. Oentlemea'afinefshioatnale taack silk hIatil do biach "h dab beasnr do of a twltoiaor quality( do initatian 'frohna do; brlena d anil anow brim men's fiati dtlb and blgItsk insita tlllt allid lats, a new ordie. Yaifh' t as size laat of .dtiltrent q1hiteti.dL dl shlrdrt'. Nrc o and tB:y'" black aid dlab wool hats of sat ioun s lspes with general asse.tmaetot boh)ys' mand maon's Thls assotiament will be replenishtl Iytale,aarivnlof e t ptlckeltsfrmd the naioe bsatmed cities, atl of whiela beIo olan seenmmnam ting terms, antg I-tf TEN R'S MAPOF LOUISIAA,&c. & A Nw lAP orl .otsta., with its inalhs, roads -' anid dimtnce,;from place to-place, along the stage atttldtesaaltlst routes, by II. 9. Tenner. ItrcnrtL.'s MArP O THEl ITrToD a9tt!at , salowing hie ps lteipal TTurtpike and commonn roadsi en whiclh re gina oite dlistsoaeJ ina milearmm one .ace to nnottjs,; also the cidrses of tim arls anda anl rt rodls tbronagh ro. the eountry, earefatly compiled from the best ant tnalritiea-mplna.Ished by 8. Aeganstus MitcllU. .JlatCHLL'a TAAVEzLEs A GUIDE TRs OUoo THa UI8r aD reEs;TATt a man, of the roads,, steam boat aotcapel routes, c.,just teceied andl for sale by .v•. W I'KEAN, 4J3" of Caap &. Commaon eln .N"&W PUBLICA'MONS. " Taoes ef m ri N.rig eood,Jly he author of "The -Congiat.," ia 2 ,ol. , , . , gsant .lae by he autlhor P " li he HlIess," in tw voalloaaen, e"n• - .emnent s of aternalional .rie, with a aketen t.te' itistory of the.dtence, by HePrv Witeantei, L. L.D. f' A J'racltieal Trenlise on Loeasetire Engines e nn, Rail lt'ayo' a work intended to show-the Constrution,, tisrinamde acting, mnd the effeat of thos engines in eraonveyg heavy lonad to give the menns 6f nf ertain ing, oan ni vOpetinatn ftlem loadtand the renuts it wilan praoduce undoer various eironnatsanees,and in different in eanlities; to derilnie tlhe quantity of faol aod water it' wtill reanree to Iixtlheor. dortions which ought -ipbA adopted ilte contrnstrtctin of an engine, too ake'an. ri tna,. intended purpse , et.: with' pinetald tales, iyaiaag at eace the.results df the founitRl, Lfondead apent a greatf many new experiaieatt, madte on a large scale, n a daily raetiea o tile Livertotd and tanahestear Rialwa n, ail many different engmenandacoasiderable A oino of carriNage, to whiAh is added an nppaelat shonw. taint the expense of eoaveyia g 8ods by J teomotine nginsst hn eailioattl, by Cthev.. ar oC de Patr'inir Jasntrei e Wd ancfi rate bay Wit M'REAN, sl3 '.ornar or C.ran nt Coatmoaatrec.ta. a COIRECtLLEC. L - of' S.ns T Col gn.- : . " - Knnollaqi.a n or Old slne irtae e .ev Wamvorld. . ina.Non7 and 8 of athe-Uniforn Edition of Pnai'did'sn Ni orsa. - Colartn, on thi, teiginnos Stnte of theoColuaar. WaVlle Fishe~yr; tiqg Nos 26 nod 27 of-thlta ys and Girls Library. " Just reeivecd bs !" Jl$ C t DACIrOI 'Tl Ctmp st. _ 3I 1 A P'IJN ARK t 'AT','e NgVEL,&e..- Rat¶i,-ste lReefera by the author nf teter'Stinple Skiatmilta, or a Wilter at Schlnss TlAiafiad ia mmn tIc SStvra, bhc.Cptain Basil Hall, Royil Nsy, F. R. -9 ininT." " - Lerd Rotdin, d rnnaanee,l!y Alla euanningham, I voel. SFQepppaNI Let. written by hihnself, ib veli.-. 'S Gasamperditas I? of lt tryensinslnted 1"aaa t[te " irignal Itltan, ay Natlhaniel Grerh; in I vol. for " ta.I' NU: 79 of Harper's Eamily Librqtrv. Vole. 3 &-4 o the new conplete and uniftiran edition of Wnsohlaatntm Irvin, PVantor. Roagar' FrPenr naml Englishl Ditionarenin I vol, 3va. N :.aia FIrenh gl and ogliskt Dictionaoly. BOl821e'= Tlenaqer. - Bsndmanna Key ton 'dlemqne. Ilolnatr's French Collquiil Pwnrses. Bolnnar'se Fren Pli Flees nota Key. ' inmeriean Firat .ClansssBook. fCataraa'n Firstl Lessons on Artlla.neuhe. Daabranfiaut and Jmotan's Complele Trelise on thel ,nhale art of Dihilittion and n Rertfieainn, nbw S editiona tartaatted ani reviard by Ju.ta Sherida. Ato---A fnw coples f nliawer' Rii'az te l.nast of . the Tribauoes. Fir as:, av eal .V. MtlaEA\, Coaamncn at. .ot nil W. lMal(,,A\, Cnmmeon t. oth otit If.1'TON'S PARAI)ISE LOST, with iilusaatious rry - y olni 'tin. Fin'em'n btirits of lyron, or p-tr:-its of tIf prin art cilal female Characters in Lord 1vron's Pcmls. En graved from o riý ntla h v dtuha ,nei e'oý"tlat 1 1, iii of vjws of tihe moat retmrkhlidd pIocces ,eostioned h in te Old and No~w Teotpmants from finolled draw igs, nmade Rom orignl sketchets.tukn oni tlle spot. illnth's Gaieli-y offr tritialt Enrvi Ps. r T'he CGllervt of Modern Britlsh Artists. Tile SirigoftPearle, a conlte.tio of first rat enrn. Ir hi. J rllu ooratms uftioe Pitnecs of the Alpo.h, whicl ~~ ~ ,eW, Front c, weieelo ill Iden ltt: fy eom.Inm.nictces with.vt1 l..... r,"wi"eerland tl nd Gh+' tavy "'" ill,'ltcBrockkoiu ,P. N.1. ni.tolter of i t aAnlemv of Ftle Artsat Fllr-l:cro antd Itrne. '*h, 1Th AnleriRe Snv cair, with illustrations. ,li A GaOrland of love, wrciatlicd of jileusnnt flower 2 glthered in the field, of Englis I Poeav.. do Fisher's Juvenile Scriop-lpoak. .ly Bmotrd Bar. .1- Tlhe'Ecoilnei-l of Itnat;n Life. B'v Robert odsly, rd, illaitrnted bIr nevrving on steel" rv "li slittath in bli cell rePiIlng, l ud ltl a:tgod that Sia rpea another, is to hiio all cunl. " 18 hlumn's AnAntonof Meoanel leo. it The BooktofGdhex. The Poeta ttad Atti"tt e frotn & lritaini; Editd-lIt. i. C. Illl. S The iotterv of Rome. tBy G. B. Wribulht. "Trns. Id .oled-by J. ;HeA. Hte, A. i. i 'ol* , Jutrtrec'd and forsale by - .e "a27 1IO IX ISp,& Co. { -tEIV PftHt,(.tC'PIO i .~ie 1Yj14kY AMNT" PONr'YPOOL. a nottl,-lns 2 vob O TA. Deneted, ble te uthtoress of "Tb'. lriaiahrited," "Flirtation," &. in 2 noet. to The Airolrtures of a Gculeman, in see t.l. ofa lorse, with nlmerots woond Clj.: Canpecrdra; or New-rat.t Our Neighlbrhnod: tIeing tt l I .o.a l luttoru f "OOur+Neighborho od," &e Rf ususi mu,- te Ifsmnet .; or a jottney toSt Peter.s. Itltrg ;id Moseoow, ttdita.l.otlooulatnnd- livonia, with chtlaectristie sketehoerf teto people, bhy .eigh RIichi, Eqa. nuthor of T'urger'e Ainutl Tour," "Scllenderrmntllle's;" & e. .Veoirrace of the A.crtic Land 4rlpedltei to th eno:iIb Sof tha rreat'Fi.h eriver, tal elorg tle f ants if the SAeic.f Oeeaf, in theyle i .r 1813,1834, till Jl:tS, iy (Captai Baik. I. IN. tRcotntmider of the expeditioin, - ibtietrutod. % teith so 10. / Jlit recefilnd nit forsale by - IVT MIK:.tiN, oa2 rner Can, andil Coamtttn sts. r 1:t E. et crs en ; bay rei hbllp reeajsberriolra nnd t.fiwfibr fole otoauyirt rnc pinnpo il* n iu as .tri'ined Serln Oil, Fall strained Ill i ,clhl whule, eil lid ssentlialt4-at qf cedar and wermw'iol; roll Brftddn~ilne, f maiu lfetttred l'tkt aere of qtalitine, Slrn canl f fles,-T4allow te Sweet ~hneolate, Spalnsh in lStult boo-. . is.ft shall -m oude, Crtlde ait P eter , a nupeyhi er nrt. ie, eP.D.,e ilk Iahlkfo, rilch poltte, ti ad .-'blo "o f t i -. - h+ blck d-h.'beinga, i-8 oid 4-o 4 toweill nottont 1.uwrenee and wAppjleton 4-4 brown-- ekeeti esuitaboie fOr the Mexican. market, .nerior Rllrlssia brown liretigt4e Raven'Ard'urk, Blell'aebetrtet t' Rlaelkng, Noneotss't do teves 1 pnatent bialifiee, all sies, cplaying cands olf triousquali- 1 ioes, a good essort eaent o anomniihleri'othinp, hats and ohems--20 rases par,.els outl n td tdrellas, rielt pattierns and latest fahlhollns S"5 IIIUDz F, VOSE & Co, I15- 1h"izina st ShAPIO'I' t i7 Caal trr t, thaim mt hand an I br sllrn rrr sale 1 Indi~tllll lil-Is dtr ilabino wine. "110 qir (aesk. do o:tO qr aohks Gionein an, cu t In irtis ) do, (ihf ipeo Madedira. , 10 qr rnaske 4 o, o one eighbtl a ido 3$r dozen do di, 30 ldo Goacin wite,i0 do port lo 10edo ehld-Bnrguondv, 1t iifppioetLton dti dnitbirh apo,, pip.. Catahlioia reld ite, (t qrceskt fli, 50 Ihfp.lpre..m dlunt wine, tIi dol editerreancii Ired wine, 30 ir askhe eicily Mld"cia wmtt, 2 ncasks, 29 i.a London parter- pLlotei50s-ekf toft hallaed ilmoe, td., 51 Ilot.iillrllej S alnmonls, '9caues liquorie ipalste, 8 cronl Carecm in Signq 4 canas is tlraliln 1rl, ,,us .....ed pickleIfih , Otaeer n 1 o'1r heng t i, :dl It) i.tltLna hlysnn do, 30 -l, ie filried eofih, 1t t0 doie POto.i e licrlitg, 30 kOgs GsellCo t L, tet. - " - - - i I' NO1-i jL' IttcIE, &e. - D INNOC,'. IMPRO1VED R:DIT/ON OF DRn. lGoidnuatl's tih'id,.ianot of the Iliatorr of Ro te - tou ahicb i. procixed an Iotirteiltitn to thie -ttidv OlI Rotitn lHirntor, tnd o great variety ef-vanbahj iubfr. oultin-oldded "lmrhoFlltt din r thlork, oni te !Malahers, Ilntiitutions nall Anttj+ttic of the tLolti'd; with Iit A nurous Io.emojhi'hdl ntiditiiatitii-al Notes;almt qiee Ji tf lak for a~neuilton atit tllt edl of c cltc.t.lic I it Illrl n d wih thlit-reaTiovi l tlo wni, jem I. Hemrton. i Pr.'s.'., hiproveid Feittln'of ir iiiniriii,' litir itr oritghmIii-, fibn the letiioiu of Julitta Cieea:cj the A ileoth of hieir-e v,, +itlu it c"ititinti a to ito icir l.12. i:t11th qllllctllio tliPri ex iiaUtil ull -thie aidt i i cli eh eerti. Ileiid ti.a iivait-iv of talanlde intrina. lion addied tihegatt iii ia. otia-il . .iin of tabile of iontettioiqrv ovltr,'ities ond clniuetpt Ipersons. C.pi ltuta caljinmtera ol.ict'. lRemarks on tdi 'mpli lice, sllermas ind lilrrttrc of the ngre. An of . t*,C ltUituUtsns:re, &e. illte-ltell fby i lvl)y eng,'u- 'tige. Guos' er.e.o.,r- oti Attrrnoeoty, asd ati Abr.ild;nint J of lKcith'a.NPw l'retise on thie t'ee of ilb.ews. New 4'oilerio!- t!elitio, wiith t uadtioi•en mnl ilaprovemuetit, Nr entil l expilatitn of tile, a-trioiotiral partao tthe hitie- Ni r:rt 11 A h11inac. JIIt c.ectrivd uand ftr sale Ito 1t ii'KEAqN, si soyt 2 tuesiceof ('niitp tint Coatit tttsoe at'o't'i" i-ei i.t.....t........ -na I -h tIo.- TIt i BOotK O.i POEretRY, itl -i fti cite ii,.l, ti "I ll t, soil ( C 01 1 'O'1; A"1 "trt at Ii- e .'l, of -Evidheell tie Cuourt of I E':quity, Iy Iiieh'm! N,;.-enhe Grerelt v, E.t . Rrp:!..ta..pfea.vr n djod.i:,, in tl., Di.tbirt C 'unt of the a id United :tout,.s t,-r Iib Euq.tln Ili-tri,' of Petnuor 1. yama, lTy Hlenry D. Gipin. Juit rearived nnd It lir sle fv \V.,. 1eKI"AN, t1117 " C,,r-: , ' ' . . .,,, (': o"n~1 ,,t. : : . I - .) 1- I*, :, : : r.,r )]{.EY ^:n "i g ,:" , " 4;. \, .. !. - ne.+ RiHAwIau , Tabasco and ufl' nlanufac S tutor, Nio 977, Cam0 a ,e 'ct 'New-Orleans, .ioheato illrm.Ia inm trds and the puibit in ge.mL d, lhatlie t stow preltad to furnihl ain thitlTia the ab+iellstihts, Imd'hasmaastaily (or ak..tlc followoig " a,- n Rapn" Ra' stin aIli led, Aiviant..tlema.n's " Biernt mtu, Ilua t ltaqotac, Irisfieiljs.t,_ St. Olaina . Pacs itpoial italf ouarse Rapprle, Sot.|h, Ua ts gamiiloothl powder. one eaut she sweet scented li lan. ie ut i ,klp of vanrogp q la The ahoveartil are alt wamn tead as r..k if not sn iCrhnI to any thmg of the kilnt i mba&gl. pull will be uniashedl o dealers o tim miasttlicrii n.t." t may 4 LARDWARE. 2J 1 . ~IAZINE STReET, JOSEPH IiNETTLN,R & Co.-4an bters of Foreign J and Domencia Hardware,e re elvig frlm flo. rape and the Atlatic.Cities, direct fom p Mianufoc eurers, an ettanmive. asortment of Fane, fadd lIeavyr liardware comnprising eery articl+ bi tlla-tine which thew effer lqw.-. - " t -n antr. Mrchants and others are invited to saei and enamine taelg stOck which consists, in pat, of tableo butcher's, pocket, saddler's anmatraw kmve, plated anm lritania.tea peOna needlDs, pins, hooks and cye sh-a, vele and spades, tbags. phyCle, fenders, Ehitons, BDtit tanin aniapeaned .uare, rlntahe, blank bobka and. pa. er ooking glaaqe, ranvila, vies, screw plate, hand rlde and nail h nai er, smiths bellows, A merica an0 Eaglsh blister,east, sear, Gearman and cmwley steel, plreyh mould ntraee; on and lg chain, pwnling, Loeuis lane anad grbinhoes, Mattoks, pick axecorn and grns eythea, Collins, Kingo and Simain: ehoppind iaxer, wought,la ora and utail, cotton woo cards, colee ad eoarn millrplanes and plan irons, ciaia elhgogoa, lelsea-an d, irhnes hooks and hingm,, gullS pintaairataoOpnw aoard tiaaLnfLCuk akP, padltns cape poWder. tan sh, jacoa and hell Metal lketeleo, gau. knob nhhet, trunk and pad locks, bridlebits, stirrunps, m30. 1 W GOODS Sml i nnmona& k cn enow rem eeiving fr'ne hbard ohipa Yazoo, andt ltuatogn. andbri Cnordis,'from New York, a l'rea variety at goatd inmthnirlkle, whileh-iogethn e with their folate, stool an ha.l, aniteA air aseratmentery complete. -hie iallowing cempo past, vie: shoel twist,ecurlside, tack and dressing corl , horn do of all desooiptienn, Ia. dia rubber, ilk and worsted elaltic gnrter, aomnmon & ne elastic o Ieo fogy and Wucir mnatchee. eip liti nn feis,ý, eolýr pflfs ap.s soil..irdwder, YCketr.see ksan, d 'let , books, shell peail, ,iwcry aidtl tbaco tcafed caese, l. .dar aet, lqa-e Sr . neatdeneciiklacr ant nellgaia, hrla ctllias, bea. iecklbace, cot lanldpan- n,oeed,sdlverand giltead., laibess a loeti , anad hplame; piston and large pew der ftlaks, sslt belt,.- hoaie,. belt. pocket -.d dltiliut pistolg deoul bjreled guns. Bowie kaivpe, ond dhiroks,ci.ena lloeer, poc, etlkniver,Rardachains, and triihbn, waist bahklos,cloth, hair, tooth, ntileoamb, .nahn. nhoe, laael, p oor and dilating bruher Ctolagone 'lorida, laoder,'sse and bay wtoea, asetn essencen, and exteant.e, Matearad, eoralanti se, and ,Ward's ve getable' hsh fdisolharing and toilet,€oap, of all de,. crttsone, Indirk and o gentltoleim' da.e, and dresson cae,,,'liadrie gteafr ad hreids,talalh, fancy and iausieal wors bexrs, plain and gilt, figured, coat and aelt hauttae, pearl and ivory leirrdo, shlbtat-dds,gold end ilvterlandel cases, toothploks tad twoeerl,plated -nd.olt'io beta, "iniature dlar,silver, bras anrd sevel thnibledlooko kand ee.. hair pine, imitation. fruit, blt nhd ,ediikohia bleihg, violins and glitare, ribiod atd plain. p]rcntaai caps, linen twiae,..ihted cash. eats, gold and silmer lacy and fringe, latter pnper,egaom ae, riding wlipa, walking, ieu od, plated nd giltjbwllry &.. The above, togetlher with a great variety oothcr peti' les are ufeltotdat wholesale or retail on aceomnadati.g tenmos. N . Shhll esall reslptire. " 1.OlB le MAY, Htous, Sgnaa .,a'Ofaameial Paiites.l No bC.amllele ,tt,+two ,oolroiom -.ialodont s'ci te followlng woods iad tntles~ne eented an a ma.tte.,y tmanner. ' ' --weoOa. - ,' "- wMAt.tT. ah gaahogy, E ptian blaek and g ,, COsa, " ain ind'Antico,+ - PeUaral , "l O-i'ontal ot vcrd atltque, Orlerll'do, " Iaste., " CanrloaMnple, -d ac' e, inri e det, r Dabfyllrante, i, Satin IV a, Potman . Ilacr Wood; t Do.cdiiiirdlla , Yew Tree, " " la e. Coinmadidlo ac I Bnotelela, Slone Wooal, Amenrieia G( ey, Ash Whhit Oak, [ c. . Cirled Elic, Specinet.s td be ern at tdie shop. Paints, nils, glass, coail vreiatli, ic. otl baud and tbr sle:. ml NStW Ott A]Nt SADDLE & H'AltNESS WAREUI)USE, No, 30, tonvon C:soTeu.iosa ANO CJIanRTaiS ses' PgiIlE Subicribers are now reoCiving by the paRkot J and other late arrivals froe New YVor, iii ehlitim to their foureri stoekb. large anal lae,'somnse aisditlnlll oofiSaddlery, nakiangAliir asupply for dae miuson amplp odl crimplete-eonaarriaiig every kiil and quality o article in their line, among whichl are Ladiea' anit liss'. aditnles, plain and qtilted, GeiitlemaOs . do plainSpaniaal and lGreola, tivr's do do do. Bridles, bridla fillitgnane martingales, Saddle Itog, loubhleoatd sisgle, oiserated girths and st'ainaglesa C;otton do do.. Woroted nod stratniig wiabb. Saidtlldle.ttrees al stirrup leathers, Ilolsters and aistol ehlts, ShJest iron frailaed Itther trunks, of assorted sizes Brass anilboat top do do . do Ueaiob, gig and crope whils, lJaiies'.J Guentlemcanr'atwig do, Plated, hiass and Jilarcd coach larnaseoc. Do .. do do gig do, D dodo do laroche da, Cari brervlalo, collics, trilles oat liaes, hookg andcthaialaamea, (C Icmrnes eomolete, Skirting luousn and ba.d lentl.Es, trlidle'aml tlop " do, - ls rqevo, deer, sheep sao] h b gkina, ocljllli;fith a large assortment of Ilatel tbrass and steel bridle bity cEro chlainc, stirreps, luA, st, aIof cte, k" own iilportation . Alo, 800 al u~hs, of King's blhand, oft amsorteal sLea just reived tlrom thaemil.t arry at .ntr.el, Cants. all o which trlay oalnt iboalep mnI retail at the lowest paice, ,lt ad euteroll to snlt uastnmsmq. ' + - Taley will alas continue to receave thiengl tlhe year, ly the paeketsft-om New York, fish stntlhes of gooat of every leseajptiorhin theirlinee of bicifaiens. it4- SMITH, H'IIBBARID & Co. . .. . .- . . . • I El l r tl j rt 0.0.. C. H. BANCROFT. 0TIOI SAL AND RFTAIL D&EALEl i, '. IldbkSt'SItiuoIIII "MIslual Inlslraloillls,- Fenley Aoih.lca,&c. No. Ib1.oml lslrt, keeps odisltnidn: oo lt Iwoall ae oroortlrenl o lok honks, Mops on Hellsh, Letter Plapnr Poeko MaIpa (Cop do la.ifblfdl w.iterl Iloled Io Pin knives, Folio P'otl, do ;lank do Pocket Books, Commeroial do Wallets, Panket do NUot buok.s, Printing Paper, Port folio., Wralfping o d do do with loaleks, 3tling . do . do do fInIrotvelliog Marblet.' Portable wvhitingdcl k, Colored do Dresosingaoses. Coplying lIo Writing ink, black asd red,. .Morroo de Cop., ing do Tissue do " odelible do MIos)l do - i'oawdere, bcktleanl roed Pbvi.ig (rds .• Cop)ying do . Vis tiog do Seahog WAX. Primin i,, -o +1Vao, - Poru:t.Lll do .. \o'air tsup;f .alik Checks, Corl Ioekss, hcecklJooks - PlIltr Files Note,, Cord Unso, l)rni, iol'n~lin Si.tes, Hills of F.a!uange, I'Par do l)n lo.ting, Sione do Quillsn.f evey quality, Chess men tood boards loreiooll Prn , klinkg loooo dlO Plet n4ldi - abbr Cice, Si illio t'v; (.n lgrcs do (;inctr, Iadies Ittthv K iting n.t, loines,' Acot~mkl do S.nd'ibooes, Pltrnt IIannir If',rn-e Poon mn. G.hllftvr fiohdted Pernil Pictures " en. Picture ho o..-, SiSeri do o I.iilogepbti P'ihdn, Ironnze Ink talla, . lt'rleir Colon, (:lass de Paint ltI"sr, iPewtr, ide . a brooe leiie. k) - \1Cetgu..-od o Rlhonze Imlt.-r weightsi A I -~aln exlsive assertmento faw . a Udnt.t cclla neous, liwrehfsl.otdie bhonoks. ge- . n for tleSfollrcir~g Proirodis. .--Rlrputem of ie Leomalon, Edioburgosreign atoll Qooootinefvlofnioawo. _ - ltolnkwroomP Mlag tine I,ittell's Mouseum of lF'ouign Litet.tunrg Scisoe Arts. JOI SON'S Medicrl Cloiroegirol Renviow, ie Atro, itla Jurist, ihe Now York Mirror, Wnhlic'a selort eirculating Library, Waldie' Port Folio, the Peir..y .hltloainc, the lc ;tlili ofl;etter, Parlyv's Mlglloinir. A bindlry and b .nk book Ilnnufctnorv ir l clallnlr'l M 4i7KEI:EI., LBIE,,&eir. IM 24 Ibils. mockeral, ncr. , 2 on Slo hulfboreof ooooetrrol, uooon i olt - 11 _'9 c;roli nflioc, 2 h!) e ra Ile lng, 5l00 fifl.t lumber, Imldling from brig 1 iooldon ann for s.:le, hr J17 'TETS. k, .AVEf(lk& r*. SI AI.I;:AfR'lS Scienc ofeaulnlaonshipl; roeciverd, l IJ for ole at their permuneont Writinc Acitllolloi.. No. I ('lItren street N-w Orleans, 119 IBrldlllway, Newo York, Dauoiplhiiie 00., Mtobil,. StI onriilollp.~la.rl designed ltr pri'too learnere.n d slllols, and ir endlclnted for prronno faoll nreP. Ictlir arlc Cmolltlemen are invited torcal and reamineo file 00:let lfor tlhtconalve.. .e01oro artC given nIt . r oh Ilolioes. mnn stilt tllo ocaovoicioae of all, alld to claoeis fotrmed ii naly parI of tiot rito'. .nelr won prefer it ran rteeive lessons at their own re idenes. liras. n pnving for one rncre desired it antteoo ooooil t0ky 00,1i:00 on oo elf nos tey wi-do. 3 ml l)RI.BEAR & 1it OTl ,.OF. O rlcai .-1 .ro:i;lomr:l: borquego I)ro,.. iR a .^o S:,r r., . ,r ,l. I IRl I & bt . : o'. 134 : f.ions No. ettry Andrew, French and Utnie.u p er b.e a a ". gnmmnuo lleardr, Chesedl", I214s} 134 fiek 111. Tinrd Balls; 8,9,10 and 1 sk blda Mal Kals [ Leather and other travelling lg Pockett, Itensemao', andl Dvull sin ledbnrolled Gone; UJame Baegi1 sr i5 r and Pistol Flasks; )ram Bottls aUd el k uWi en;I Nudi Bllruoio urns C u oal Fuiu . k Tooth Powder, Toilet anld Shaving e.'e jaijgsetw rlety long hair Braids, Riglets and F t Peau andToilet Pmwder, Emery Ilage; Ivory Tab Cusilaum Patent Slide. or Gorters,; Gum Elastic BnspaderrS Powder PulM and Boses, tilt Chain~ Seas and Keys; Ear.drops; Waist Buckles; Bacelet.o Bead Necklaces sandOlhain, Gilt and Slivered Beads Indian hells and Plumesr, Shell Twiste Side amd Dra Combs; whvich, i addition their former stok un h makes their assortment very complete, mad will be lot low end on liberal terms, at the sign of the Golde Comb. j25-tf 70 Chartres steet. W~itL,.USAIL AND li.:rAIL CUMB AN SVAlttL.TY STORE, No. I Catmp ateaton Ier Bishop's Hotel-The mdbserihers atenowr epat at their ew standl, an extensive asortmmat a atise rw their line, esemprising everyvariety-f Combal,, Perfumery, Iooking (luases, Play!ng Cads 4 1 large number of Fancy articles. The Illowl * pert a description: COMBS,-Tortoilean idraHsian alh4gbt l, ril snld cerveds deo. .t, lonwist, on c, "tsIR de, pat., nld dresniog, ivory anm l.Ivss flea S, agsssg pocket combs; hotss,reddi nge and rs woods. d nas, flaoie teoth smol detket ona.. PERFUIEILY-A ge-a ul se, t tlloglf FReae and American Ierfiutey, s~onlssil sAAl. watke in bttles, e alt sin pesml sizes; asswe, Fleela, rose, orange, leAmun, jesas inee, betgams, ailerfuse etc.; fens soaps of erery s iitsiicasn .st said veetable lorr uiinnd ernietg siuldt, toothi was., earboSicpm l elitrl denrt! ee; en, d plain toilet powderi pnatalomon;e awliou ft e -; rirUSeLr(me omprs-lng a gdesk t ovie' d get. hair, lat, flesh, tooth, sail, membi, lsalg, 4.he, line and plain dusting, iweeping, eramb fandtr e, meruling as nd white wasd, hert, shoe tenear's eca lgrin pint and valnils . e a l, sty( Fra ing toois of all oites LiOKING GLASE=s-C-mpalslg gilt fnames d uarioas sineS, 5,'S,*brend 11raw ttiolses Oeis'i gtais, at oolioe .as I at ampiae 1 ite. PIAYIN.d 'CA.RitS.. .t at Hltamity ]ten t, Higlauder, Spiecl thnsthasa.h.strwwh g lPay. i'ANC AND VARIETY ATCLBA ape rise. assrtm.toCf portablile d leks, ladies' and tl pmen's dreasing daes sta n ladies' work honsan aisa. elr menvarious descripdoos, miitalle fhr the new ye a dean, elssicoxnze, lead peioufsa, erayo., violins, ead l p andiartead. ,-a Oissl t yof ey ead., isp eld naliiy lltotip bello, pinsle blacklyg ; ben, dike, relay tB toad auspet oi butlcan; pealr)Oaslitos addsiait sstle rnOr strops; gas raaclines for creatlglsght, ad h nd melee segacs;i mnseou, Paris, raPpee and Soeran aito.; an mbstneselit f plain and award eaesn; t eeka ga onrliords thee, fancy h er nree i, pti Jews hars, amrinoleas, lucilor maituhe, pin, needles petreumon oraps, dihtkireg stulse, huntlag o fla end pme etls steels silver ani.htel d peasntlotihimhles, tweins emte. a l.ndsaome asoaiteont of engraings, and a tiste varier ty of othern m.dlesi oll of hiclh Ewill be soldslfaw pri sa, for ash or city seceptaner. B.r S 5 IEES . N I,liA'NGl. CQMIPOUI'D 'RVIP OF SARItARILIA, oit T@t Oma or S:rofelq,-or KiEl's Evl, lhrtioie Rhetnmaesm, Chronic outneaoua Ois- Pains lna .r ine, by free cses, "n useoFMa ,t ~ Scaly ErptioM .Mee -rcurial'aadSy iiliod At: Pissplesoruatultesowium feetioo, -face, RBiles .i an impure Iabita Tetter, . , DO . Anl-di rdlengr.aeris~ing from the oustamiatbdsatata of the blood, fle onjadiemos use of mrqrpey,&e. SIO[1Ot the sueeess that ms heraeonfoe atteded this .' eonvenient and tCtieSyrui p it u is with the fulest oonlndence offered tolher Melianl inenulty end auenltng conmmtilty, ns n most powerful clrasiveagent I the above named diseoaes, and for tihe lpe`illhl of the blood land er.liattqn of such complipte 48 rdjeri 'fre the blood heing Is a vitiated state. This very coneontratod Syrius1pi pmepaed with te t.ateest pheoamaethticul care and aectraoy,andecouaitni tie cetive principle of Shlselaparilla inthe-snest cocOnc trated degree, combined with ether vegetable substiaces of known efficacy. STihegreat desttperntm with physicians insbeing able to e.hlihit a largeo quantityof Sarsapacllljn a small do, line heen obtained il this preepamtions-ety, being frlly eonvinoed ofitn meriteeoaf'dently sidnuiister it in lg coorse of their penaetice. PrHe "1 50 per bottle. Sold only at SWAIN & BRI)THER'.S dmrg store, No. 11 C-al st~hct, wllsee may be had, frelsh and golluine, dirert from tore, Swaim's Panacea n.d F'ermifuge Potter's C.-aoli cite, Carpenotee' Prenrnivmcns,,ssd a anrgeial generna asonrtment of feIsh drigst elhesblmlo.&e:. m4 . VEV tm fAO F.---Just received Rwltowhd' To. ýI niMixtmu never falls to evethlia tmoltdlstres, sgof or ll. disesaes,t ItertPvlaiut Fever or Fever and Ag.'E "ri medeeisoe is univeialln mld'lttl to ha,. relilied thde preensions of every other inod of treat imett, alli therefore superele te efl nient of any etherremeldy, wherever tihe Feverindl A.ue existi. "'l, silerier merints of liii Tuaie Mixture ress uipon-ever I mrl impmoant qaliltes. It is entirely of t vegtable oiopmnuiioo,, Iprevedlts relapses of the digese, estab li ives a eItIIIt Hid permaneillt appetite, obvalfesostive. ess of the bkwels,sald invigoinaes nd fortifiestihle en tire system. J'.r saole, lteol e oilad retail, by tls; 3,t.%, - *iWAIN old BROTI'LHER, Druggists, rog a No I1, Ca.ul st Ioyil (College of Physicau na,1 lqoevna' tIle Rvl College of Srgeons, Lieentate.of Apothe. cary's LoIpaiiy, Fellow of Bolt Court Society, Surgeon tv ie I.Oy,0i Union Pension Associatioe; ancestor ;lace, Waterloo Ieridge, amd Perpetal Padlt of.EGuy's anld St. Thomas's Hdasptals, iLodotci. 'this valunhle mliedine, tsite realt of twenty yana' expree tne sot onopoallled sumeeess is ths exaool-ve nad'hlighly rpesleetble pniecieof'tue ti.morlely lMro. nibetl-ky tihe tciilty ard snolhilitv, aidl f :misiWnirslkw toovhe notie of tie American Iublic, atlhe anest ... teioiAtion of a. number ol'fgealemen of long ihd high sttnlingeis the profession. It Is hoped,; wsu peliml. aory steu, to cheek the erils i ta' eouaseeenes elsmr g trom the otse of the miiiereour sad deleterious etsltums to;sted tpon thelublie Lythe setl of fabrieatel, r'oofl' of nit'eulour Ues, ahdt~r~ fl tdsliya setp..y melfeea.ry, unlprinaipled ptatetale.. "s9 tmlly ignoesqs ol n.dicha strinee,tlkt it impola'ile the I-snaetroua detialen can sny longter go down aith the intelligent .peoh- 6f et his colmli . T xseil,'h mijl ndagraeabhle Di theirD nature;/huld I kept in oeery family- ins cases of.sltenteitess, for, y tler pr.bnpt sAdminiIstration, eholc, tromps, 6psisa,"fever,, and. cbhe' arsmieg comp iltta, . ,,ola to. ofte.-lrOve fatal, may Lrspeeii. 3 etirld orp Ievented. liifl, all these whbnvalue gnld fhldhi, should sever he witiot tshem. They sce-ifihi n packets of 0 cents, ti. od 0u . h by e.. tvhle drggOrst, booksetler, ad veri m io the United States and the Canadss, with eopioyshreetiona vgebther with testimonials of morfeossoal sallihy fir. the followig eminet gentlemen. Si'p Asley Ceo rd Abeeoity, .lanmese lulndf, M D., W. Beck, ti. DL, .1. Aaton Key, A. PbimptDo, M. D., and -nusermesi ottler. T.he-,igiDo.s mavbe I eas n lmaeoion ofuthe reneril Agent, Iy wIho set ssileliise is i te spc rinoo thid ciutry, smno whom Iallspdlenatiooi iarpa iaiie, imusts u. -id- -mad .LO.fIOLBTIEIN, 19 WVarerly P(ae, N. York,. .So'le General Agsnt for thIe Unitedsles, U. For sle tbyappoiltment, of 'he si.ans i am'olhet. Ii i CwdsF I oifrueia,'Deurgiisa, No It (IqAlsrs et, foier, Aget te lfr Slotilhee-M'aLoutaios. julv8 .,cam we+or; Ht.oUnM,. Jal vs J34dAAOT'N' l)iiNt.OMhi( L qi~.Jh - ,ea can Diplomoati c C e, rmlbricnr colletctl treaties anl conventlonlaitweern the united States at Forein Powers, from 177 to 1834, with an abstrac impartantaldiciafdeiosions, on points Bonnedtel wil our fteigo.reltinns. Alo,.a concise Dltlomatie Ma otal, outoining a rsuamarv of tim law onf.o i, fro tile works of t'iqncfort, amlteo , Marteuns , Ket Story, &e. and outhe'r Diplomatic writings on ijuenatin of iltomatiolmml tlaw--uefttlor pubhll mmirnlrac eca *ult, eumlotr all othelm having oefficial tor c.miner.i terouree th eitiforrignatioon. Dy lJoht Elliotl i vol just received and for sate'by AVM. M'Kt , .'r8 Coe".r of Cantmp & Comm.n.t. LATE PflaLiAlON&4aisub isJiP0 Jpp 1. a reshlenc it Littib Pedl:ngtaa. Centiao,. or Italy; by Madam de St.l."q.ohtlim imnOh lted for the L16raIr of Standard Nnve4The: p ...... snaxger ey I. E i. Amherican editfion, with ni ineroln-' ooritionetrin 2 vole. nKtuasg AND twaLtECjC'O l'o'on-,.nw edition: volsataaoundaa i catar. Turn wor no On JO togjitDvs...;n verne {lid pan weilt a liii, by R.ev I Mltford: new. editiosn c.impte i 2 vol.. Jutarreceiveand dfor naneby In 12 WV McKEAN, cor Cnamp & Commn eta / I Id l~iti}). -1I Yiclr's Staten. aa Republic of "l€s in the United St04 am . aorizeod to dipose of Ithe Publie landa in T-tIea, at Scrip in now 'ready in ertifiaater of 6®0 'aelra, And all aeoemnts or debts due by the Repblic, d audited, can Iagsettled for ith nrip, prMvidpd the aifuts soa less thm 64 acres. - ilt tHOMAS TO13Y & UROTtlER . 1 ,'AVIIINARY tSItnItjnsa sompfete atfnstaum r cooitizngof Win dlets perle:tu.m N pi t tara. Prerlo,racrro lel, . , Orow quills, Jatid.' ruby, C'ln. 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Tire Ilrerea;, by Rontmert Mndle, author era glde to hia nerrvaion ofratare, &c just received aid for sale hnam5 tO'CHKI) S & ca, 24 Crtre st -'t LOTHIG--I. p. FREEMAN & CO. NO.3 MA. SAZIN . ST., ;ae tlow receiving their supplien of .ll and iaator lotlidnt, andl will continue to receive thipmentb , evaery pnc ket throghoat thie neaason. They lave na hmad, ntol are now oprning" general n".rt Heat of fine nad e am a aomleo , suitable either fior l, n ity oir roaantry Ircde. As their asortment will a.' nr ao, mahnhait frian, thle oatntry will find it to their Iavntnalla tro ll nrod rxnmine tile onds, al 1Ii~tACT-i4' LANi Th:4 OL RIVR at Ar month of the Bayoup~ Fmpit, at the head of Bebcane lvaizliinn, Stne ofI.ieeiosippi; containing 410 Acrn, nbrnelring blat side, of the river, and on which is a athll hton. rThis tanda in well wooded with Ire oaI, arlaf, pinet, ate. ia itnation in nn eligible o ami a I.tA, 4It.1i.. 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J.ts receietd and tean'eol by jant, 8 .-IIOCHKISS & Co, l4 Clhartres St. S TAT 1OF LO)UISIANA-Parish of Ouchitt. 1 T7X R-is-heaeby -given ts attn reaidlnt twners at f priu. oPbnrdceeeiallly to. Daniel- W Co H erynrnaorto any other pereos or person., whio it naay.doe concern, their heirs, executors, admit itiustorsand tass i n lpursunnseoffve.eeverol ot dieanses oftsh PoliceJtry of eed parislh passed an awprtwed on thlel th of July, 1335; the I Ith Sprtemete W t.,tet.81ie Jul.r 1431,onnd thehoth of De, "l180; on of.ths,7th-rpb.1 7 ;anti firthetrht i urreaone c of tif datlhtit aettls tof an aet passed at the 2od echelon, the astLeeislture ofthe Territory of Orleans, entitle tp .et; -rea].ie tt Rad-ad Lev;ees, anndlh Policet Sattl.tpp ,I red 6thof April, 1$07ta. ,lofthe tsr, ]2 a t. . sstie ean act lpased at the fst sessolo of th jt14 latu~e of tha aie tfT-Louisatho, ettitled an oe " vu ,,pte t s h .several acts relative to Road t e(,ee~ provedl'ab retb, J8.5.-T hot ntnles -the dnl ehr wtrke, as the said Po liceJuty,nd ineptrmanart to lnw, slt hbe worket Jnd compltetd, as thle ordinance or ordinances of nai, ,laeeJ ,v; iwpptwuaaeu e to laws direts, on or befort teinitontaly, A D 1837, that-the same will le dont at Iheahnrge and expense etaoid non resident propric tie, and iit Iro~nrty sufficient will bt seized and sold -to sauiaJhe expenses l:ue occasioned. - LEWISlF LAIY, ni PariehlJudge. .TrT DE LA LOAW.IAN£A-P-roistecua Onehita - Asia. -m m SEt Pa Its prin". t doaea albet proyrrietanee ertoicl ýýn; teeddeqt, o htIamlemett a Daniel WV. Cex, llenr3 Tuenerson a tonsttteplrsonsne ou pereonnea quae als SCMeene.r tour: feteurs. xvacueutrs Ademitin. Srattoufte on ey, uafeqatU puivooj 5 divrecv8 oydonnonee. djt Jnui de olaire l s ditto Panoire, aose st atpprotv Isl 1e Jujilet 181 I5 d.le Sepisrtthe .2l Ite 8 Juillet 815lWe I de )Deteeahe 10886 ale? tvrier 1887, et do .ns stlveant lea dewti s -r t.lon dtun e.tes pse ale 4t-se-srslodle a n 1L.egiilltia dp territoue d'Or lesee, lntiltule dotts te lallf atnst elhems et Ilvee, et ale Pol,.e d .. animaul appenes llQ A.velSl87. El dela ie,.de...t lma. Becteon dan ante-. palee al Ireea simndela7m Ltgislatura deLetatde IoLisians Iltituls aote shpplesnehtaira din iiuers notes relotito nux.cht ais eat levees pprouvee g4 Fevrier 1825 A moits qlUa les ardminset autree trauveux qui sent ordonnesr. par le dit Jtre do Police suivnt'tit letti; qae lee dito trauvnux n fnt.execntee et Itit selon I'ordottmnec, sn la adoneannaes do di it Jre dot snulteeontaneite ornes -Ia Lot nrent on is amp-de J-uillct.1837, qee Ito tlfts -travaux eronst exeeuttes a lI chterg et on fmrtia det dits non residents proper.tuirdn, et qee des propriters sufletes merond saisrao et retelas pour payer Ils frain ecslssioane pounr le dit chetnins et travaux, Le 10 Fernrier, 1837. Sant7 - LEWIS F. LAMY, Jute de Paroiate. A ISCOURSE on the i a. t d Clhractr of thlte |lon._Georg'e Methewe; Pate presiling judge oftte Suprems Courtt ofthe State of L.,uiltanit, I, thie eont1 Cltse rle Wtt, at the reqlrest of' the tmtlier oal tlh ban of New Orlenns. Just publis :erd rld ir sale Iy 1'o795 BENJ'N I.-FVY. (_ A'1GE FWOWEIt. ROSE WATEII--It rania. t tens of five galloos ehl, atil it Loxes notitalt. i reach mmc doe small bottles, ree'd f'roAlnt a'+ei'Ies. Forrlehy II. ONNAIII Ig8 Tlclntopitoula Iltiet OST OR STOIEIA--A liberal reward will aiv eL em Ithe raeovery ofa Packetl ook with its con. lIea , that wan taket ?.r,(pled froen my pocket on taluy svnmst" let, white in the crowdl nsseizti" to ptt. aat theAreinj Camstereet. The pocket book is itm- . ft or large Ni,, a' blcaked eathetIotler, i tihe nme of Vm. B. .rotle. written il it et two o rr ;tre plt.,i> tirtlning" nulcrol 9 It p tert tf i:n ,oritage t thrt otl- , er. Apply at Ite True A!::e1i-airt tit.t. l J WV. It BRfIt p,. *tI; IN4IIAN W l'AMiCt:A. SORllttetred ofenmnti ta, erofidaer k·gsevil,gnnt, ieatina Mor hip pout, incapient eanters, saltlheum,n itilo tind mairoinalliseases, Imeticularly ulters and painfulaffections of tie hones, alterated thrust "-* s' n tril, ulses of eerys deraptioa, lever met.aid internIl ahaeest fistumlas, iles, s.ald Iteeit, solury, bites, oro ni rare eyjes eryopelisWloths and wler" variety ofoo tmeaolgus itRioa, Ihronie (atarh, hend ache proceed hlg fom any airld hurei pain ill the stomnach and dys .ep uia e.dilng Crom .ar .ation, a lt s ain of the liver, chroenic Ifloiation ol ia kidsneys, andl gs.nei debili ty eaustd by torpid acion of the vaemls, othe akin. It i singlmaly effiacious In renovating those onstitultions whioh have been brokei ilown by ilnjdicious treatment, e le hrreguttartes In general terms, it is renim. modedi in aol le adisaasee r whlicharisefrom impqrities of the Wbodl, or initiation of the humors, Qf whatever nonmeor kinld. Some of the above oomplalints tmy rtqitie, Ipme ;i fling asisltant applination, which t ieiooielmttneel of tihe ease will dielatelbut for a general remedy or IPurifeator toelnpovetheause, the INDIAWSI PANACEA will generally helfpuaed sffient. • " S TO T'HE PUBuC., How true it i thit modern Plysi.eans, i their am biti.n to~seel in thelr trofessionre tlre vast fields of sienee by the aid ofcthemlioe, atld seek out new re medial agaLte in short, to. arrve at perfection in the pnice s yoeanrs of mart alone,-entirely erloiok ant neglec, as I tenltCtheirnotlce, .tte rieh and bhunlteouo storesof medicie, whieh the A lmi.tly has caused to spring out of the eath in every ltime! Aml how much ntbre-tre fait thatb-whiletlh Atsef'Can Physician looks to foreign countrieaor o Ha ofP his most common and neesmaty artislet, pepe, tally d .n og as they are at the dicates oflliat or folly, Ite is srunr,uodl into his own country withan endlealprfasionof medical plants, siffoivont to anlatwerany idiation indiasease or to emar a1 yco dimsdert sud c et he is orrant of their vir tines, andthey are on ffueto o'wate WeLr hlaling on the desert air.' - The efeaootof vegetable medieines upon the stem are Stempuaary--those of minernls lasting. The former ex t dtheir effets nd pass off--the latter, mereury in par titul*r, set chemircaly upon the solidse decomposing the hones and undermining thile constitution by a stow amd siwe destrtiono. The congeniltlity, efRieaney and SAFP.AT ofvegeti ble remedies ever mineral, tay he estimated bycontrast ing theancient pretiee with themoderno or, to hring it metrelmmedittely ut:lermlr owt observitio, n the Ilohi an ntavoti.,ewlth lIatf othe wihite. Whlo, in America, has not knownorhlleard of releted instances wherern some. dtceltid, oastrtetlitgevIemalmllsntby meansof hier simpde remedies alone, IasHaffeted thie most rapid atnd altoiishig enores, after the Mateina Mledii of ttle common pratice, directed it the modt skilftl manner, has foiledt Andti who has not been surpriseda t the com parative ase andtfacility with whieh the tludian fires hnim self liFro any disease, tid at the almost total abstinence of chronicdisease among them Who thas evet Iearl of an Indian with a constitution broken and rpined by illtreatment? And can a donbt eist that this happy ex emotion of the savage from most of the ills which the flesh of man is heir to, is chiefly owing ta alore genia and Safe remedies which he employs' l'lhis astonlsht. ing difference in succem, is a fail exempliecation of tile infinite superiority of tie simple and isae means of cure which God has created for the benefit of his childhren, bver thosewhiih themide tll andtheart of man lave in vented. From a long reidene among a pottio oftheablorigin aalnhabitatsof thiseoantry, andan intimate aellnaln tance witll the methids of lure of sonime of their most successful pi'etitioners, the proprietor of 'The Indial's Pianaer,'taeuiiretd a knowledge of some of the most Itoevettiland fitvorile rimediea. From these leselected such as were most eeioacious and ait loprlstes, and after variorit imleents to test theieir prioeiles and strength, lie hasicombised diem in the form here presenteid, as the .most pers et and Leuefecial lor.tlte purptn for whlilch it is reeommended. The proprietor offerastis preparation to the publie, with tie consciousness thathe is pacinig withintheir sia, a remtedly calmble of rclieving many of his afllictel fel low beings, who are sulferling undtler.the saariotis cl.nic and obstinalecomplaints to which it is applicable. To suech it will prove of inialculable salsie, as the means, andi in many cases, the only means of ielsevig their suf ferings anti restoring them once more to health anlld ha piness. This is notOliredl as a oemonlt remeldyl, Iithat mb ay per chanehe be eully goad with many othets nowo ila use, blt as one which is caaible of a ii~g life in mi.ty eatreme easeswhich all the unusbnl Ieolediesfadl. T'his st Irehs one rteratedlyt Iat this is tile rertuottion it lts ob tained wherever it lan been imlnthmtrh. It is only about three years since this preparlation was preseeted to the public: bt in that short1 slpce of itnie, mome tett .lrl ont lersonn lsniigit ie I'olntl, ihn wonld isolemnly trelare tint they believedl that tsheh lioes were anved by it, an"d in mon cI.ts after tshey hlll tried nolly and rt i uim altlihe commonresnedies inl .nin. W hen ever it Is hlknown it isntlhly eontiug intto ins, ainl thi n aff91tls the mot sub.iantalal ead onsdsriig tItiof of its meritis.l I The t.ote f thePanaeea i mi eola oinllnoosin tileoe InBleasisling and u l hiltie and seeofutnllns afl;..lieion l, lttchave dfieit all otlhe rt.,nedlin, anti lmiallsatlt in thoe sese s wthete mereury hlis beent so ltavill !.y n.l tas tn muse distieIIrsir p I:li tiiole I onItet , nodes, Iomere drinlhnlears, d(.R'tinaenIelt of ltne dilentire orgtion, &e. iThese It eomletelelny temves, and t I n inll cnst s it entire y y ediates llel e iliascases hitltetnis i.I nerett , tlen avotes the conslittiuion , a land leaves the patient sound lnd well. In, rhl mastiis amil in ulceatllt sirte thrtoat, its , hlpy i elrntse toel t sleteapptialnt, giving alltiot iinlcte d-i:dtue lel;r t as tn lternlative stll- deteragntl a dtti horctie, dillaiiti aI Ianw xatives, ann sati-sptlmntalic andi nlodIyne; tmlu ill Iletor caeRs, asatomaclisnit ntt emlmelngonie. (titlelr lly iexresxlmId, it ittlrealts all tile sietetuitiit stun ex ctiretPWi givesltonset the stoiltnelt, an i ciuites actiotl ill the glanlds in apartieularl oaner. FJrm these prinei. pier itlotlerlototiai may ie tnidersttoml. Ts itos muitite hism len h itll highll y ulelil in many amthirLeIlli diaseNst lnt iel t.i io.t;.ti. aill it ho.t hae;, usul watll woundertiltd muc.cess ns Sprl~ilgnnll in ":lla llo oilier, by tlnse who are sllliject to eonvplaitd off the cle st, l .I Ot Ihte cOllltitlltiue:qullire nlew Vigetr. iSteh "pcl - tots will do wttLtl use tvo orl IIdi.lrs.bltelnhtin smlll tlO tI te. hlleilver a diet th'ink is cnlisdelrell ntlessns.., etlhisPanaecea, tiken in a small lose; will answer all its I lrl"tes, in minhto leis tine, at es tn xpeise, nttd ill a SIa t nol alleelble mnlnaer thlat the ecttttll i diet Iriln. The foll-towitgetliliee t s, iotl of iunttdetls -sinil,, which migllht bIe pnceil, ae girln to itfow Ithe etct of ilhe lndian's 'allidill die arixous cu iiilsllnllllrl lic , Itelttioelan;lla lsotoexlhibit in the most satislietos-y miniatntr itssula iority over the lesyrt int coitnmon use. j CASES OF RtHEtJUMAfISM. C Guanitrno v, Nov. 1, 1832. Dlliringtle laslt wtiter Indsslling, 1 was itflieted wilhl ta veey severle anllisiesatinl Int niantini, ncaionied Iy exponuro in tal weather. I tow thkeg'eat ileasore ii slaitng, Itlatsix Ilntlles ofllne Illnitatn'tnn, cen, ronslted me" to lerfeet heldth, and I eonfildeitty sl'eomnendt it in f iall niiilatrly aiflicted. off aus 8 nmtamly alliiated. 's t JOIN ;FEIGUSl)N, King st. "CRALSrLEON, Mrhel 27, 1-832. .s I was seized about thrteeyearssince, with a distressing ind i"eumatisr, cansed hb takn were cla dohwhileu del sn- tieiniouemeaof Imermury, and wlieh Ins ihdatbled msc On from businesU earlY ever sinee.- Ihltig this pierlod i e have bee a Intieototn tile Marine Ilospital, in 1,is eity, ui- opwards o1i4n, months, andlnearly tile same leogti of, s. time i h. tlialtimore Hospital, and triedn almost every remedy, with little benefis. On thie 10th of FeIruary Slamt,..atlht time sares l, able to move abnout ulmon crtch. er s, Icoslmencedl taeise of Inojinl's Ponaes. In one 2 month I fsuminmysellesiretly tfrecdfrom iai, a tnd m now haSpy to statsethrt I eonsldler myself perfectly well. WM. T'UCKIt, 13 Market it. CAFES OF SCROIPULOUS ULCEItS nn niw TnurE, Sept. it, 1830. m Thi . ma eertify that is tile fal ol 1825, 1 was seized witha swellingin my. neck ntlld Iane, which ifera art laeled nod becanme laarge gnhastly ulcers ils ny Ieek. Alr tryingseveerl physieians to no advntagt , uI ent to PI ladelphmi, min plaeen mnself under tile cane of ad Drs. Ilt'ise e and Beach, r ihen, nt.e reeanted saliitslost to nqedfeot, wnars pronlouterd itleryco incurable. Alter Ansla Istok taenty hortlles oflSwaMbn' Hnsd ceighl bottles of PotetJs Canboliceam, nlth no an terilnerd bnefit. 1lespahringofelie, dwhih halal now besome a bal:hen to a I 'r Sntuannenlto nnly.araants ilanew York, inn 1820,, non r, ae mTyselftetp aoj lsjnnring dedl. Hlearinm of tile -glr gealaneas of Tlle llia'ain' Ilacenk Ihowevers inn ases no sitalart to aay o,'n,1 was Inersuaied to ieeit, ni a lest re of solt. Tao my grent spplrllse, a. well as sotiisietion, 1 d soonfsounl mnyselfrapidily reeovert. , oand epos taking of sere. bottles, the uleelruhenalme anl becrme perfnetly i, well ill toe coarse oftwo montlihs, anI have reUainedtl so Sever since. - nakethis stlteolne neat ad sshitllisle( :for ntha benefit ofthoseon whn are slunfeillg nider similar s eMI·'fUloor ahilhiteC affeetiao, fit t they may k n ow hatilt hiM eut.edl e who has soffered evcrv thlng hut death, and at hibb'nsidls his life saveid biy tle nhate ty XVM. IIINiIAN. C tastteu'roa. Jlly Id, 1831. I wus nliieted, fosrymr wIitn an Ilcetr inl Ine leg, no. tasintmally naeofiaonliel wilwh erti.siplotcn itflanuitont andi exeeossi.e nalh, in titelee nnd tnle a-Ioinlt. Seetll emlnent physiciants exerted thieirskill apolr it, but u ith out rsanlnetjbneofit. Inn this ease fle bottles of ntoe's IPenacea mreaen Inerfeet coare. S MAIGARETI A 2VEKl'a 1t'.lrbket ot. For ale ly IENILY IIONNABI.E, druggist, agent r Ifor tbepro"iretase, I'ellounitoulas streLt j 1i6 PAIN 'AIN KEViSI7'Sll;slTEc idI- ;PAIN REVISITED, &e, be the antlhr of tA year s Sin Spain,' in 2 vols. Trudai optuItan character, ans generollv tppliculhle to sthe Anborigmiea of North America, by lt 'I urner, Esq, U vols. .The PO/liie4l Grammar, of -ths United Stlaute, or a comnpleteview of the theory and Ipn:tiee of the geaeranl Slgd state governments, with the relutina bietween dthen -dedicated and adapted tn thle )oung men of the L tnled Stas, E D-Muaosfihd, Esqe Nimro t tl mti. Tours iaterlpersed with chraieter isic aneedeteast paymga and doilfs ofssmrtine men in olhiding ontices of the principal crack ridersr of Englanud, with analytical contents, anid general index of nates, 2 volumes. Cunoa.nteriea cn Equity Jurisprudenrer, ss adndin istered in Eoglanda ad Ameriea,-lay Joselti Staort; I. L D liane,.profeeur of elaw in Harvardt Universiny,n nl lot. Vol. 31, Chify'e Generar Practice. Voa. 13O, ft ndeil's/I Repotnn. Ti Raenntimeats ol'Florers, with 12 colnaured plate, London 'edition. Aeso--.\ few mnor ropies of Cnobi's Phrcnhlogy," "Ltielni." Large Saurvenyor's (:nomn .ese ofsnperitor ncel-i lay, with sellsi, illiiard Ballast"'1-4 had 2 1-5 inhems, Gillglt'a hiproved naetolic.Peue,japuned lpapers, weights, &e. &e. 4:c. Just received, and for sale by n31 DENSJ. LEVY. EW 0iKiS--Tie 7',7l,, Mi.ii-lll- No :l, eon r tastien leb.gends of Siisn. by tihe tnltr o1e tn e Sk enoltlak. IIO'I'CIIKISS & Co O3SI 2. airlrei st. JOHN iiiitlinn-, . naddle, Ileruaes e , antd rusk llaoa/cn,.orer, andsfor isher of Military Equpmcntr s a ftrrer deacrlption. No 18 lletuoiO l ront..ns STREET h-IIAVING in employ severanl ilitary Woarkmen, Lhe is ready to exerclte work ill thie shove line at thie bhortest notice, and nn tie e rt trtolnle te'eloe . Merchhntts' nand Pedlars' Pnekiln, Trniukn nEf evrv c h scriptinn rontne tly tl hantd, f lOCK TIN, It t', &r.25 in itlccin a 10 1) ton Pea'e %in-::i t.,.Lr-, Pipe: l t.- n- C-re 'ent. ' i"nt:l ic t re. r Si inntee" : a THE FOIMIA DDTAG1 Q S A'I'A MfOAT I:I THiROUGH IN FIVE AND A ALI - PromI Mobile (Alabama) to Aug"i. T 1 AV l"S Moiile every olLer lto, in the irrisal ofite mual fcoro Nwba steamboat EmMnoio , to Illo ikeLtp chesl stcamboats (per *enaocola Itfl, ltot a . tnhachie tirer and Bay) to Cellr Dl5t01 via Mlarianne, ClOlhattalhooe (l o non,) inlbrlldge, Pinderton; Ilawks tt ille, to Auguata. A l oshsegeer0al 4 .' the is in o dangery. ing thivud;, at ehe ermoet other h etnaturl teroas, we A LtE is h0 t aone oilre, and n.r thr.uhbout, mnd may rely.wtn- cirOiuirr anivall at Auusia in iesptietOcifed, ther .r...rtlatany.s-.o, ..m n m,.. trophe leh idci eann. hio Great New Once it earred by tlls route. The Aets forl lion, Tl'eom, Coiheb maid Drivors are not the southlme conitry. l'ae smoltd hmvor, tnatml road, II. iAg voirityl etlth n8d I ofinweter Manion, Hoe nMile nd Time traveler greed, O ereains ý", conif }u dua Varit6yi connece pir it were with th Ia es Clarlesti , S. . and tlhe t.lm larket On travelers an reah New York ifrom N. Lso THrAN It OATs' --- ambloetnoehntyl iS 'From Chatthnoohceo, Flom da, we rerI, Line vni Quincy tad Talllahassee, to St Mit post ecehes, also two Bronesbet F 1 Im ont to Milledgeville, ti cona to Maon ... coaebhes STOCKt0. AvnovrT, 20th Jan. ISlS. Offim e at Mnsion Ho se, Mobile, Alrstato, Newl Orlells to Mobile, I. Mobile to Angulla, S.. Atugnsta to uCharleion lS Ctarlteston to New Yorkl Time, New Orleans to Mobile, sp Mobile to Aurtas, I" Augnsr to Chlrkbto,i I, ChrIrestoa to New York, e . Making t168 miles per lday. orio mi perbi, sire o.toal s r e. o-g "a N. B. I \g leave to intorbl.. nt,. hbrid es over the Cltlaheorekewcamod . . lte ar t ee just been eompl'eted I le goo moot, (tke dly obltailes ope ilg aping tbI speedy route) are titm happily ronoved; oall idleare oflearning from tellerllt IiLe s rs, driverir ml rotls re i dit faht.mni o d water morte li'om icncols to Cetlar Illr, ilt ied by all lno have tused til.Dl it to Ie ii noveliies, Leauty and sl'ely. The Iio,ý (;eorgi. hve alsom bereni Oirel. J M (;IA N' 'r n A! S C . sw A W Lo i olrc eto cr No. (I ngal , teot mel 411 AS aSwayn onaimld coIstrntly k ectEit Dyeo, Lbemale , hiod Pain'ninamong llt uolowni r: RUGS. DYFs Antimtny, crltle, Argont red, do regalls, Amoteo, Sluitl h, Artenie, crude, Alum, die iowdered, lraiillete wood, .Balosam eolavi. Coaineal, HIenr, udie m,Copli nAmcnins tlo rlemfiol, Cilphtenr Brimstone, eroiee, F ijstiec 'iamdi dio roll, d , Clc-, do fldwcr, to Moaie, Bunoith, French eriaes,i oastoroil, iiligoi, engll, Cream ctanrt, do ilnnilt, ailtharihes, tdo arraise., Oem aleea, io Go tona, do Arabic, Loewood, C.n .. do asoikotidi, o St Inn do nmoniue, do Jamaint Ito brnzeil, Camwood, dto colml, roogh, Maddler, omlin, do do ircnglie, Ni.uroelagn, annion, do do SAAmerican, do Ceto, " d, ci nphor, rudte, ito Mat to do ref ired do, ito giaieom, CHIIMICALS. do koi, .Acid, nltrmlo., lto nmlstie, dto mulriatic, ,lo siium, do n lplrioe , .a Ito oiietoe, Blue vhirinl, ro sinegat, Cilomot, p pt, d-n loaintle. Cnrroiveoidimlh" do targnea.ti, Chlorldeof Ime, (;alobnge, Elslom selts, Juitiel", Aeriealloor mouutie, do tlo Foreig, hed plecipiillne, Magnesnl, E.iglih, ]oehelle ,all, Ito Anericao keitehrlerm teoo ti lolon flatke, Sill) Carp Sodi., dIo o011i, Solp potaht, Liuornice baill, Sosro letol, Oil cloes, Si.i zi c, doi.i.ltnlit, 'honior tmnie, ' .to t'niotn, I'AIlh''S_-Il1i dio teloerhilt, Illue, ,tlind gcnliani, Chrmtie yelltowt,tl, to ipecacn, its do Gl dio jnlap, do 61ri.e, ., do Ihirlnile, ito do il)0 ito rhtnlrb, E I, LaItIlaek, F.sglid, l)o seleeoC, cldo (;e . rto sCept Oilrg, l.iiiarge, Eighth, ' do saruI ii:odirto, do Antrh. ilo dlo Tlmyio, P.rls ohite xgli.,t cm ", tdo An.e, ito nola, ited lead, omit, ito eo.hlam olinii, ito Gthuil ido eOioiitm r, Spon lrown, diy ito bIeni dle, do do ito ti'oigrnck, ito rmo!i oigooen, coarse, Ini. red Notidl St fie, Medii, do Aierio, lieal, Sptldr ., to grnold ii Nitrr, enrle, Vernlillon, tlitin d to refinedl, Veriligis, dry, Senno he.vs, Ahxt ito 'krowid Ito io hui,, do to edit Sot, Wildsor, In nglisb, \ lie lelad, ry A io ito Amnrican, do F dio Castile, do gront Quicksilver, Am warrintel pure,. d'20-6,m U .1TAL Metlicine at bTsIcltoupit S . L. I'.OUGII, Dentist, rspectd, Il forms the publie tihat he has prpareed, and ri y constantly lot sale, the following snrious ikend cines, fori the dieaes anti afltictions of tHthe Vegetable and anti-secrhntic tooth powders, asltrigent lotions, gumt, paste antl waishe, nd ertcr, gagles for sore mouth antl droat, sim . tinctlre, snliritoout water tir ganprenos htd g iie tineture$ for tener teeth, awingnm s Iy lyntemted lolt tie useof Infants wIn fIeellt. l cio6f tlhe meovcnlmdicine are usetl for t I maladies of lthe teeth aIId bums, and with lai' aeotiostitow they are to be iseei. SAlso many other articles for the toilt mouth.o . P IANO FO 'ES-The ubrier h just e a splendid assortmen t of English - American Piano Fortesviz. rose wood, p cabinet, pieolo, and grand actian squana from R Wnomueo & Collard, (late Clemeti doni manhogany:and ebma wood nsqan e ps from A Steins, Vi.nna; do fromt thk eelebtted ris of J Chicekorenj & en, Bosteua .abois & York; W Swift, Pfiladelphia. Also-Flutes, of every desiription; violia , los, giitars, tnrianets, flageoles, bassoons, hoe pets, Ibuglest druals, fils, strtng, reeds, andenri eie of nmusiteal merehandize, wholesale and reasonable terms. B CASEY nov24 19 Camp ~U G(ROCERS!' TO GRUCERa!!--' 1 hars would inform the Grocers of No0rlO - they keep constantdy on hand, a large supply at Stougbton's Bitters, nmanafactured by themselvt will ie sold at New York pries. KETCHUM & LUBBOCK, Dritgh nov 2377 -. UEIUNAND IK)OMESTIC HARDA xALErXANDER Knsxsn &L Co. Na. 11, t., hiiportere and wholesale dealers in Fose lOtmestec Ilardwure, are receiving from Liverol the Atlantic cities, direct front the manfartt extensive assortment offancy and heavy HAlRDt comprising every article in the line. All of whir otter low and on accommodating terms, Couxty chants and others are iavited to call and eaeIo stock; consisting in part of Anvils, vices, screw lates, sledge, nail se hiann hnad anndsmith bellows, trce, ao, atlt Il lains, grubbing; weeding, and hillig eels a id pides,horse slhoe, clout, wrouglt nails, choppina, benohd, hand and broad onos, hatclets and toanlawks, ivory, bumk, seltlpa piees, dic:iing snil desert kiiivee anti forks, iy selfti atid bione carving knives and forks,pcr anld dira keives, scisso and shtaor, iron a knob locks, French, stock, eRtcet dead pad, chest, till, and esnk loaka, iron and bras I hinges, wood and bed mscrews, single and dot flinta tand lecsion shot gnnl, smloth and ire, full and half stochken , ioment, l lt, ihe lgeat ,pirtl, waagon boxes, Aoericnn and liaserer stetel, ast, .helr, and Crawiey ste bright and black, jack rerewe, English nd, castings, earn mills, coeton and wool cards, ing irod and bsa wire seives, grklironsh mniO cow belle, croso-ett. pit and nill rawb st and wood sawr, tinware, iron Isand brsO mad ol.ovlsr, brtsi admirono, Britannia ani wares, tea kettles, aUoe and stew ionn, fi brushes of all kinds, plaens1 .crpenter' to balances and ateelynarda, statisuer;yGemn l imetry, &c. CltIt ANtI FANCY SIORE It; AMPS I cE hoseri be in oaddition tio ntheir 1i meat have received a greatvarnetyeOffaY ouitabl for N'ew Year anit Chkristians Mf. gentlenmn and tildren. The lidtowing isa Latelics lusicaln w,.rk boxes of varinas pnttentatu ing the most falioiiohllc airs; I.odies plain e.oh a large arie.ty; Ladies TocrtOise Shell, pero isa rcuo needle cases landeonely fitrnisked; 1001 Tortoise shell soauvenir, set with miniatlres and paintiogs; Tortoise shell, losper and wol a.,o k etl for eait c tathlea Sdeid fa:ly baskets, n n-mented with ehentlle; thins is an entitrely.n a great vrietv of artifical flowers fIbr heal dIla' lioanet, Ildin Fans, emlroidlred mosoey psi.. foled cashitmns, en elegnot toilet article. A iss.r'ted piczlec, for tilhe iatrturtion d1111 Deih nfchildren. Flix and Kid dollh dsstodain l mt asortment of glh, pearl, tad jet waist lin.lea. iies end centlinent writing desks and[( great' agietv of the fancy articles. dT 7 EES&D'1.AN l Love ,v James Xtgustus St. Janh * Taflea of the Ratardlanm," &e. &e. "'Then lust you Ined-- N Of me that loved trot wi-,elys but lea 0 wrP "\IWhere ii my child!"-ian t.hichweo ru Jiist reeoived naiI fir sale by f:'" _ _ ()Tr('llK l.S,. kt'_.,"J.T