Newspaper of True American, April 5, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated April 5, 1837 Page 3
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POPE. DAVIS, & CO. Commision and Fortrading .lMe,chanls, IonAUtIrLI, tIN'UCgY., eferto e . ambeth &r Thsmp , NC Orleans m16 CITY BAN I, NEW ORLEANS. A T the annual rieetl for Directors of this inititu S tioe, heldon the th instant, the following named gentlemen were elected for the ansuing year, viz.: Samuel J. Paten, W. H. Avery, J. Caldw4vell Victor David, Charles A. Jaeobs, W, E. Leverich, P. O. Serbe, J. N. la.villebeture, J. O. Walton, 1.. Andrew., Samuel T. Colt, A. Quertier. , And at meeting of the Board of Directors this day, Smnuel Peters, Esq. wns unanimously elected dreside.t. el3 It0ll'. J. PAI)FIIEY, (nCashlier. J. M. & . . BIt OAD W I. 1.. lPrelesale OGl lm I Tel renatlt n .Tre.rrlhoga - C'IACIAW.Ndl TI, OHIO. Advances on enohsinnttet to the clove house by J M BItOADWEI.I. &CO. j30 5f, Magazine street. A. Cn Il EN & CU. INTELLIGENCE AND GENERAL AGENCY OFFICE. febl0 Xo. 16 .Jltagazine rlrrel. A CAIII). W ILLIAM A. DUCAY, ofntrs hia services to sugar Planters, on his new mode of rectifying sugar, believing it to snrpass any im provemnent ever known ke 'Tre in this state, or in any other place, making it whiter tab anny rectified Loaf Sogar:-leo fre, s more cooti dent in his Chemical opptertions, since he hba sncCeed 'ad in giving the nunostosatisfaction to thase ge ntlemlne 'which have employed him. ,Ilefr To: N. & J. Diro, & Co. Srve.n lIENDEoRSON, ESo. SAMUEr. M'Cc'rcnco., EsQ. JAMES M'CUTcEocN, Esq. .oi DI). W.Vt..i~i, & CO. '. '. For further particulars, apply to E A Cohllen & Co. No.16ti Magazinle street. ,11l MAYOIRALTY OF NI\VW ORLEANS. Council of e dSeond .Vfuntiilplily. Sitting of Tuesdayv let March, 1837. IBOLVlED, That in'thel.oinion of this eouncil, 1 It l lpedient, and nece.sury for the public cun nlenie anam health, to continue Nathelo sereet fiom T'lehlpfmrulas atreet in aetraight line witlh, nd of the m width as uaJd Nntelte eestt,to Nlew Levee etreeti atd the Mayor is Ihercby tuthorined to gire publie no -ieee I. the True American and Commercial Bulletil, in Frenehand English during ten dave, that it is the in oatie of thit Counthil to open nin continue said street, in eanfuenity with the net ol the Legislature, retitled, 'n Act to regulate thet openi o, laytg o t, and in, .n.vingtmretsand pnldie plaeen in tile city of New Jeasrl , &e." Approved 3d Apel 1832. iApprov ed 21, ALDWIN, R corder. Approred, March 21, 1337. .~igned, D PRIEUR, Mayor. A true copy, C HEARI), Secretary. Agreeably to thie foregoing reoelutien, aod in con fermlty with the provisions of an net approved the 3d April 932, entitled, "an Act to regulutt the openiag, layleg out and improv;ng ofstreeto and public places in the caity ot New Orleans, &e." Nojice is hereby given tat i he is tention of the Colneil of Moat etpality No Two, to hIave Natchez lestret openedt nod aeontinued from Tohoupitoulane street to New Lcvee et., inn aaight licne with, And of the same w idthi as said Natehen street. I) PRIEUR, Mayor. Marcl 22d, 1837. . , CNFOItME.I1EN'lI al reolutiotici denssas,elten vetrtn des disto.sitions tide I'aete approuve le 3 Avril 1831, entitule "Acte pour regler I'ouverltre, in distri hutionet i'ameliratiot ties rues et phlace publiques dans Iaville tie la Nile Orleansn, &re." Avisa rt poane 9ue I'intention du Conrailde Ia Seconnde Muticipolite eat de faire ouvrir et continuer nla rue des Natchez do.e par l rue, Tchloupitoulajusqu'a la rue de Sl Nile eee, en liquo drites at de le neme largenr qu'a nain ainant I ditc rte des Natchez. L iD PRIEUR, lltoire. L M.2" lorn 1837. MAYOtLAZ'I'y OFNEW O(I.IItANS. Conucil of the Seeond .lunrapeitllq. Sitting of Thursdov, I1th arch, 1837. R RSOI.VED, 'ithatin the oiinion of thits (Council, I it is expedient, and teceanrvo for the pIhlit cat venience, to otlliuoe Notre I)loiie .ll'trelt frot ~telllZite street toCanp street, inn strait lite wildt,anl ofeq il width with said street; and tie Maror i Ihcreby nr - thorimd to give tithy notice ie tito'l'rte An crit; nnd Ctommerci tat letin, in French tnd I ngilish, dtlt rint ten days, that it it the itetttlio o flt i (hCounil to o)ici maid street, it conlftrtNitr viltll amnett )ftieC I.eaitll tire, ntitledl "an Act to rreul atie t'l olenint, I tyio ot, and improving of stveetos an pIll'lirt plllhi ill' te i ,tfNewOrlOteno., &e." Al)pravct :hl Aphtt 11;-. Singned J ItAI.D\VIN, Itecor er Approved,:llst Marht, t1:37.. Signedt, I). PRIEIUR, lMayor. A Etree coply. C IIEARI), Serotacry. Agreeably to thI ftrr',iitg resolution, an its ron fortetty wtith i. ttt'ioniit clan nt't aptptrvtd tht : April . 1832, entitttdit "ani Altt to reg, ate. It'h ottioa t Iying oat, a lt itirovi,.g ofetreet, tttt t Ille Ilre in the city of New Ithl'an, &e." Notice in h i.r given that it is the intenlion of the Ctollcil t f 3111t li' tality'No two. to have Notre I)stn st ,toterrdh Ic,,,,r nlil azine street, to CtmIp treet, itn a etre lllnle wil, andt oftllie eale width us said Noutre I)lame .slcet. March 2!. 111837. _ P'lll1t, Sla ... mArc_ . Iti. 1 ILIEIIlt, linvtr, (J verto d'oil tnit anprove ie3 Avrl, 111'2. eutitle "Acts pour ruler I' ,mert"re, ln distribution et I'an,,lio ratio a des rue t ii tilte rablique r l Il rill, 1d In Nl e Orleans,&r,' Av i+ trrl dalullll- !)111 ' ]+iittlllin ll i I dl Conseil de Int .'..' hl', hlai.iln iti'i ..' sal ivv IS rue NotrA IllllO. dpll r IU rIl.tls i lab-le - It - n For adle ('itn of It naws or mr n Jtt'nh Scyl ainder l makinl m rihs' f tll h t' 1ni)llld, e'iti tAlnr, r, :7. II J' llll t l. )fair. or IO saws inll tie tId c feIdl' 1. a' By thle P'.te'teo., N. 5.; \st Strn'.ixo.'nirri N r,}' ]. TO I'E 31l.Nt IAC'TIH iI:tit IN NEW It)ItYR Ill" I tIers iiiw, o I 1(11.. I, SC..l: 1F' )'flU'Es-fl,'gD , ;, f.s, For a dol le (i. of 40 tso o or 80l I (a 1 ir a cylinder, mtkiog 160 s:10 ois it. I t:. , with lfed ers, hnil, &e. at $6 .er sal , or $0 1)t 00 For a lonalhe. fin of fii tv an on ellac ider, or 120 stoaws in tle stand, feedr s; &t. a $ per saw, or 70 ( For do. ofat 40 saws, oitl. or tler, s. il $ti s taod, at $5 23 ]let SOw, or 3))t1 0t) For do. ofl tl sawns, eiltlt f.ilrs, S.t) ;t0 ii 50d at .50 per saw, 0 00 Etr a gth whllere di el , f.' I or llfeel er, tplill l 0osenal eaht ole lni er otetl a ids, &e. at alot r uIa thnumbdo. of 60 saw. O O f f ceredrs, it ii ron. ior dod ho 40 awer, wi wltr t lerso or ntree ( ts ast oThr do. ofi0 saws, will hed ,liS &e ate agents$ of 50ters in aty tnthe seaorttowin of tle coton plant pOeaiblefor talto omotl ol ate ein. A hilt uaralit illdeed however, wi ill wear o t twor or thare ts -l alThe charins for wll e delivered will e extra, hot Ipon ter ninny gof the sea ortte ordal wlhee odeiton pla eight onaable t e rme, ft ill N ew Yorked becomi. ore pewer, ofany tleseription, csa he fuanisahid on like as. Small otean engites an ala se oarderil if de It ilesirable, then planter of the one. A fr Ginht wille souet wldith ao ill t wiput their upview in gard to ahearngemrmnttfsaws, Itrenan brushet;, A. It Ilrsedtn the charges olr wpitt. Some ewill be extrr ofbut Ire runnding geareah otr. Tder lnt where deloasirtd, n rsonsabsle terms, uli t will be haged extlncr. Soa s pa want more Hooription, t n be fwinsh d on like1 nrei tl to tdeirable, whplante others fantr Gins, Withey should aceodirmpRany, v e theiry v illoe t regard •to thearrangemeatofraws, In eastsh brushes; &e. th O lime ofu tiln l ot fri inion. Some dese t saws tlofir Jaego diameter than others. The most i ommnon siz, is 9 er, m10 Inhes ut 'aa 0wish them tinnches. Some walss the or ont e os ton mdier a nl alwhile olaters Anet wrt mole ehan olat most. Soie wish san s with r it a enfeth to the iltre wh ile othersian l iw t . tInr wishes, al in tile lmatoeurer of ea ftoulfl the ill ever fcticlar. Where it is leftlOI to rdlisrettlion we hallt hake them on tile most moder mai aplprovedI Ila. Ao salder allan e executed, I on the atime it is recil, for plantatiolna where they arc late iO comometcit g to pikL or gin cettoe. N. l. The LP'atet Riglht, for atly oneof the setteo rowing States, will he sold 1mn reaonUale terms. saS lmos fTILLIASI LONG. hottng putnathosed Ale. Joio atllownay'a iltercsitoftlhe ttk ill ntrade--will continss the Callpr, Tl'in aod Slleet Inlt tItaaftletur tog busianess in hi own I..t11 and for hila own aerroeti, attheoldstand, Ni. 4ti 'Tclloapitolas sta., wlerte lie -will be gladl t oee old rllenatnolers, Ilhoping. frot a 'ecerlionl to taceolalolnt te friaends ittd ti' pnblie geter ally, that he w.ll coantiie to nleril their pltrone.·.. ma8 s2moc. 1OTICE--TIt • ltlrcli4re of . t.... rn.t s in i.e . of I hrowslmrv, sold by Ilewlent A Cons; at o'trioaI on the 4thi day Ft, last, are reqaoested to call at tile sfiee of WI1 (Ihritv, notnrv pultlic rad ecomply itlr the termas of ale, witfhi tell dvs firom Ithi iloitr; er else the property will be sold at tlleir coot ail risk aorrd g to laew. : 0 NOTICE-Mr ED3UND I)ARIN, wtio parcreh o1 at an auetion sale made by Isaaoe L McCoy, on the 17th Iocemtocr last, the following dscoribed lots io Bloomingdale, is hereby untilild ito omply with lie nterms and eolnditions of tile sale, wvithin ten lnays fromt the date hereof, otherwise the sam.e will he sold flr hi'it f4eonlt and risk, vio: ten tInotsanilered frole, It to tilt I inclusivea, on td side adjoining D Ih brthe,'s. ipron gty, and ten other lots, aloo adjoling the prolpert of F Burthe, eso nulberre from 11 to 120 ilotiteir. Term--l.4 payable in 6 eonths, aod the balance in 1. and t v'eoar, freo the 17nt December last. 'm2.-101it ,u) DOLLLARI RP;WARtI), W lI.L e givenflr opprehending oand laodging it S JERRY, who absconded, it is suppoaed, oi hoard die Stctitea r Columhbs, for Cinetinatlt, about teft dava sitce. Jerry in c aot netllr ainge, fiit Ieoot ten or leveai incels in heighLt, rotttt sloptl lhoalders, very talkativ.' cndo fmnilr, fond o bnarteriog atl Iwnling in or.c, aiagbeen ahack-dtlvcrfir ....... time past in thli.s fiy. errv hasn io dloallt obtainedl forged npoaprs. Ils wfe, who .ti fzree, aoUl4ai5 d Iliat . She ist a negre"s fsmall satture, aod voary tnllul liv.:lsa. It ii supnp .d he has nassuottle the an te of WII.I,[M uid ilthat bii u'i'dcslls Iha ht, ay "thl.ll. 101 dollnars will hb paid fiar ertrien. hin in any jail Il thisStantr; and 50dllllnro Ird Idglap tim in e, v jail iftakrn o i at o ' the S ol; lle. wt" till c,- .l l · Ic T hrsidti, or hritino hlrrr. J i1.H.1.1)F. 1. oew Orlean:'.llaercl .. l037. m. For the Interior. FOR LITTLE ROCK & FORT GIBSON, Arks. The new and subatantial steamcr DEK4l.O Lemaon maltet, well d. . u litr Ite alove andi all itermedi ate ainloga on Saturdao next. April 81h, at 10 o'clock - 5M. For or orpnoage apply on board opposito Cttotn etr O otor ... t ile c.ra.rof C .ommon. and inge-. d °p5 T R IYI)lF & Co. ORI 1 Itk RUCK & FOI' GIBION Ark. The mlubtantial and well known srater COMPROMISE, John Co. - eloan moster, witllnerV Btr It abore and til i lntermdiate landinga on Studay nextt111 inot. blr freight o pasago anpply on board opposite I'ov dro at. or aot tih conroer of tonmlnan and Magazine st o 1 '1' R YI )IR tI,, o. ORl ST I'OUlS, AIO'N,, anll nil intermediate landlings. r - 'I'olto A lfatornnitng tutter cabin _3_ _ 9trreo , (,ONS.lC I Junes lattecter ,-$Gwi T leave fortto antave tortnOLT Tlhursday Ile tiltinst at 4 o'clock P M. For freight or, alpply mI board opposito tle Custom, IOllse, or t 0. 4orvdraa street, to F.O " MA Ml.. SI.ATER. F'I( t '1' LOUIt AN!) ALT JN,..... anl all inlertediote landings. The T eirtlelassamerlndfiist rolingun ll.J J .- 'ereslois eteameer AITN, tlrtun rmmster will have imdiate dae opatel Ft or I'reigt of a lw 'ons or passage,. aing handsoale tulrnished accomtmodations, with separar state Irnams epphl tl board, olppoite BliCnville street, er tit (3 Grvier otr. to, a5 BOGA RT & IIAWTIIORN. F toRI S',i l1.0UI ANi AITC ON.A S't, I Tie steamto er PENNSYI.VA NIAN yr{ tr <ttletoonmsoter, iansg bee, e -.e.' toierd' wtill ro et fore tlh aboe p l'. this dylee "ll ot'ltoeh k pi . For fretilt ar iat saoge alo l lly od ti att l r t 1 t I'tydlea a tt nl tI all intermfintr Inl] d i ss. - foe The s teh t a l e i steat-r B ,AI.TIC, . mnsttr, it noe reao v t rett ceive freight for te above rnd intermediate landing, It l te tdespatethed i a few tay. For I, freight or pasage;apply on Inord aopposite ea etvill street or at no. 112 Cotlltltln tw. to S tt06l E IIYDE,Jr. i-O.L IANCIIE'I'Ltl, AND AIl, IN'I'IMEDI.. ATE IANDINGS. T 'I'FE well knowl, stelnlonat CIAI BORNE, Captlin larreot, will leave on'' Ttrsday, the 6lh instant, at 10 n'c I k, . or. I -r-freight t r passgg ent pp yn hoard, t or to a:3 KEII EY, MASON &. CO. Fl- I,- NCII.ESEILt oR VICKflDUR' and all inllertnednte landingts, - I'IIl steamer ltAI11i.OLUMBIA, P ase, master, is re e evinn\ ertrgo , = lpositeCnommntattwlanf, nad will de. Ittto rtt.- ll-" etihe 5th intl. at 4 o'clock, p at. Ior Irciglt or pasage, nllapply oil boardn, or to I 3 J. I. GRA IIA M. IFORl IOU/VII.I.E .. --- 'ITo-he .tte.. tr SULTAINA, capaain ^2, llts. ill postitvtey ,eace oil T, . .. !,,t s. at I0O'alCa.n at. lot otsa.lo+ oplvtt..tot dojonite Nortt Ante. riean lltel rio J Al IIRfAI WELI. & nCo. _ IAVET & AMItLUtNG. FOtl I.IlUlSVI!i,i! & CINCINNATI1. 'It tlle teaer SPI.ENI)ID, SIil. ttloll ater, hlaving onsideramlle ear. g Sengaeredl will leave or te abovre prt. ton .edieaya next t tle th prox, For freegttor Il.sseg.. Ilnlng elegant aeeommodatiuns, apltly an oanrd belrtren, (;raier and I'ontsl st. to -i+. 7i"Yit:l ' -JN-Vd NVE R-1l-- .. For .hGehilorhrs. and all irtrmedale landiner. SThe9 ~ f, st rnning steamerTECl.E, S I1 uonistn master, is retdy to re "-. ive. cargo, and will lave despatch. ior right ,r lssuge, app ly ot ttrt, opposte Ilien ville -sre.,, or to JNO. lII.IIAI. NEW V ,tll!,lA I & l1I t FiIeIt-U. S.1AlI S.iA-M la.!C!I:'P LINE-Doily. S, -. IlE aFlbove liteis ear p sned of tle .. 3 -- f tllnt-w in- Straitnc rs.. whitt t tte Itn.ttr xýý. "ý... ]sad for sfet3"o r enatmt, tviz 'tI lll, :a pt. Sheridan. • ' rplllon , Wilt. C. Sutto,, Solotl Alalontto, . Allrith. ()tachita, "' S. Griffin l] hert, C. Wtiker. ii v be n. a an, filled iil ex tros iy j tr tie tra ide :llil rOnllllmlloctd t tV o)tt tll d ex , p eleoctd mlasttetrs. I s-. ,+onrer-. inn1'tl rely ~110 . tll e x er eltiO )tl t h ItI( rt ot tot It el. 1i otols otllflt, I ll ' the lro frt o11/I e l rree + - I'h h. be iii still it ,if limns hre er\'r ed tIhI e es"at t ithe tmarite-t cfiorId nId tihle Itor t rrIt milli chimre (IincI :let lit nt ., to reesiue : Milre of the I : 1" In t ,!e. For fi'ti t,, ,tl,e cnel. loto tirtL to. TI II , tI:t I t ',. I 'l\l I ll or, i,3t .I I}t -ll. I, . .ll T, 3I l' ldrasm s lt. N. I.r The fitvoir., o sl i\'e ir Ier. r lt ed to hale , l h rlist ti le' ('nstmm II I l +," p:evious O le alleol ll' ti'r ~ lw r t l wll to be , IIe l ti ale t: w elhttver FO : -:+.+O.]. S IA l CIIAI.'J' ',:If.. . ._:u pl. . 'll..h'lltlli:~ J0. " ol a, pperenbin steao +.--.."'':..:- . 511.. 11. . ,l i.t oibre, ier la e r ctr a, tit ai g m e ll Ii lar- mi if i ,l t& or son e t- a + 00 1er e ,llhllll lt arl-ie ,,s 1111 0 , Ite o c 'tron . The boal ,i N I .,soil Iw rlm ordler, nlFl has line of lhe bestl eilgie on the e r.l-r, , t coer tlc, tol, t tly y t t J,'r.J -`V'in o ieto sllsl, hotiv eto e tofo t ela nOw ihel.\" ,h l.o o oi oo, oI o it : o.: t \ t-w .vO n o. 1 tt til1 IL - .... ~e ,It~d n gilat bar in ifrihlmedintte IIlicieu, l, smIte Till, sei5te at IElONIID1 ,A .- ,: c.- lit- - lilt t tet, fINiII ) "r Is Aown tI ' ,h ' o t1i l , t'+111 ll[ lt '1 w,1 joltll ' 'cw e slt s 0 . 1the ]"+gli-h I '1'nrw; 1alo I" ' " I 1: aj p f 0n 0 d w ot c(,a-t Io plItuz!ith "Iot noy thing lo talc lo wivg' int t Pt ns0d,. s1 ,rt. 'II 1NI, & IIlI+('KWI'IpI N. . rr t e o Itt Jltol twt o. il, ,lhrsr \s t i 3'IlU A 3ov or It .FPo an aill, ()hi l . d0nJ iN I n VY 'w nmst tn.(h1r r structurn- to+lh .~r r with assort, d size. of Ile largest nid fo ist ogra lii Stoais; he fie st Lithnrainlic I'nero wilh evrivn aitellj ncoieary in their line. he hnv nlso cn.gS d first rate j.ornoy mn1 I0th1cr0lnt0 'r, who Iovr j1k t arciverdl fromt New York 'lt'llve111re now plcl re to do r ll kind of work n tlloir tlile ofltsiottss inll a1mplvlr omle tier, l oat ttl he lshortest notice: .0c0h as tillsp of 'T'wan; M.alt of Vii ager; Maps of cilt Lolt; llops of Ieal Estate gene. ralh'; lMerchamts' (irsslot. Bill leadol; Bills of Ex chaltge; Bunk Checks, &c. &e. 'Th'cv cnn, by anitiong 4 ithographic Stones, lmake Mops of 13 Iet log by 9 feet 4 inches wile. As lthis office has been got up in a style equl to in the colllo lrV I ole patrog oftllosc who may wosk of the kinod It do, is resleectfully solieitell. "Tlir ternls will be omlcrate, and graduated according to the stvle elwo'rk ordered. a ll IENRIETTl A TEMPI.E, 0 love story, ey tha au htllor f"Vivinn (;ray;'," vIls. Selet SO'clch s of thle Ri hi o ito. Willisams Windonm, oad tih I. flRlt IIoos. Ii)lloo Iloskiissoo,, wilth 're limieo'e IioS, lphioicl Sketches, Edited by Robert Wnelker' Molt Exerl t seiseo, whh n01neron00 EngrnoIniS, Baold uin's RI;iorts of crles dPet ioed in the Ciro tit Corol of the Uloiled .tolor, in andl for the Third Circali omprisinog te Enstocr Istricet of Penn sylvania, n0 heof st0ate of New Jereses, 1837. New olditin of Soonders on 0Pleading nooo Evidence; 3d Amriton, with considerablo, additions, in 2vols 1837, Juot received nnd for sae bo h roll IBENJAMIN LEVI'. b0 Il:" 1hIl1S. ,IMO)NIS, IIARTI' & CO--Are 1n11 recOeii og r.le ship Ihntbvile, Eaghc, MIlcry Adle lr awlig l.,,.or, Fre0 ... h ( Teh,'a .... hadoinultas r.ngcs. : lolter , belt ' tol sI tispit o ls; lin,, risoe. od sl iout Inot!soso ,:Ills; Ir alp lds5.'; sc SSortS, Razorsn, flen. kornes; m('lloll's onnnllstorcinal No otlier steel ie 0a Via lins Violi a -tso l 1; .llh. ros fy osad h 0Inennb5im ajerst obilk, ieo d w'l ;lc'r llurses; liot Ierlslis fsront and hack ringlets; negro plis; ro serta l Fo.rench crologne 2actc'r; Root laonoos neoccasset' oil, imitatonl do; ant1 quo l003 heorso Oi1; portahle deslks 1od dresohbg cases: past bltackittg; otwt~l I toilet .00ssvs; c0n000x 5l•rors; oI ticlI glIios csndl views. Islion brals bells o Is t bnes; :Ieotl, loon; \wllit-t LWint; tIi'; t tllshl lldishtig sOnlps toitet powder, csno'Iic bl alls; sretie 't .ti eushion s; sl001l sttlods; sclt.w cushions; f.tlcy boad chains :aid nolckilces; bIillihod hall ; pocket books aod o.olle|ts; (•r s Io ti Iolets; t'n tlos'all'; fil. n le on glo gn. ola.stlc tsp llsco, gaitetol Irldso Ist ifor ootcolt; oil vcr pencils; Crevomm &c. &c. 'hce sltov ill tadlltion to nto focmer stock of fancy articlohs, o:lkm,,ts ' lll r:1ltltellnt vet-01 Ce0IIeotoL For s tle wlhlse or rotoil; s thle sigoof olhe ColdCl Comoo 70, Cls(tlrtCe stt'ce. nlOR. u ;:1.5 1 A+ hroght to the1 pnol,,l prisoo of thl 2d bh uoi t' elpolity, c tol 7th of Pllrc., It Negro 00an, sotsscd Zenolls, lhlttl+1 O y oallfsi o ige, who saysbo he Im Isogs to '. nlrvillc. T'e oIn eC soill COnply with0th 1 e hvc tand take him sway. JOS. S. IlAILfPER, solO " (lsptoin of \VWorch. CV ieipmlitv on the 24tl inst. it negro m:n who p colts himself El3I)IINIIo ,1d sal1s he belonlgs to Mad- i iltn Sholbo. lto is aboo l 3h ourta of age, 5 feetl 10 inch- f os high. t Thn owner will comtply witlh the law aod take hims wa. III S IHARPER, ml05 Calof of the Watcbh. SI.\CO)N--L'h hhl sohlodersr 8 9dol hbam, ond 889 31i=000s sidos, loadntl' fro otoottlller Rocky Monun il t Ill)n o fr sal' by J VAIRIN, mg-I .11 I'nydra. st. i '' ) l...I: .Il-- '+' It ,cht itt It ,, i, tl, Is, o nll', frost-h- lt s'It -- balt, foot of St J.,r.plhs :-|reel. For snle by if lt ST'ITSON, AVl:RI & CO. - 110c. b - 2tl0 Tchltlpils t l.s otroret _ rmsm uot d ,ntO tubohl tc'helsto . No .t2 il Juli, 1e1r I' TIitoph titsclhs st. } j)IIK--I-3f,0 hhlr ork hsmtoint e Irmt+t c11te0 BIoono I[ hI.It, and fat :'le tit 1% I't, Irao,; .tr,'et by 'll' J VA+I RIN. FOR NSW YORK-Packet Schoon r. The fast saiiig A I Packet schooner TEA ZERl, 180 tos, Jotts, Mauslter, will a ilt to morrow evening, has splendid furnishd a ek coollnodtions; eon take the bulk of 150 hbarrels, and a acommodate a few nmor passengern. Apply on board opposite To.iouse street, or to W. PURTER, a4 . ....--_ - M Ctotnnrowot. FOR PHII.ADELIL'HIlA. The bulk of It0 llces is wanting to emn. plete the cargo of rtig Franklin. For frright Sof which, or any poart, apply to t 4 REAl)&. BARITOW, 67 Gtacier st. VFOR NEW YORK. tn3 in .. 1. .ItmlE, 93 Coemon lt. S uFOI MOBtItE. - TIlE new nd frsti sniing; sehooaer PERU, Canptain lncs, will iMect itth despateh. let ...n fei at,ng apply on bnnl, Iower end of I'ncal it li, tier, or to O GILIOT' & 'AI(iE, _ 3 ...._.° _ 12 P.ydres stree"t. FOR IMOITt 1E. SThe chnnater ATI.ANTIC, Stavetr. master, willswilniltl da.slatch. For freight or pan a ge apply nit bnard, picallion tlir cr at I 12 iiylydtas st, to oil illtVOT & PAIGE. FOR MOBtILE. S Tile aschoter YANKEE, mill inkena l:ck loand hir tlhe aboe port, apply ot tIon d, pi t, t callio tier, or at ti Pvdtirna street, to al UIiVOTl' & PAIGE. . t t ,,fnr AI brig MIARGARlET Catitin Swan, will lhanve depatelh For freight or panosane apply ot 23 (oummen street, to 1_31 _ _I. t1(. ALE. O tR RL IMO'E.T.\OUTII{. S Tii, A I brkg MaLEI.I.AN, Capt Parker, c.itt wi c idtccpiitrli. Far plic"nga onl,- I pI,' at 93 Commoi n street, to t .. FOIt 1OIUl'I.:Al)--Mahc.. c The sclhooner MEXICO, Slater nester, e will lnhave immediate despatch. Far freight t.. or passoage lapplly at 74 Powlrai street, to a'it J THAYER& Co. FOR BOSTON. The fine barque JANE, Capt PLnyea, coan taki 150 to 200al narrels pork or 210 ilis lend. For terms apply at 93 Commerce st. to ea i', II GALE - FolINlW llki.V° rOl1.7nili 7h April. I.ouisnita and New York I.iae. The fino faCrt siling- enppered and col,picer fastened Packet Ship tUNTrsII.LE, l. dridge ant.:or will oail nasabove. Forfreigrh or passage, having splendid accomme:!ations, apply to tIhe Captainon board opposite Itospital street, or iL: Common street, to m J D EIN & A COHEN. FOIL NEW YORK-Packet vessel. Trte very fast sailing A 1 packet s..onner TEAZER, 1110 teon, Jo:es maIster, will cail in a few days, the ost of lier cargn ering engagpe,, for remaitrlelf freight or passnnage, lavig ple-rdl furnished aneommodations for psen trert, state rooms finirlshed in samne style as the Noaw ork Pacrkets. 'i ie best of t-vIotrI Inbleo spplied with bi oftprovision-,nt experienced etmtaandert who will Ittn very attention lot th eof.rt faaicd emveienee of "FpaPFselgers. Apply ononrd opponite T'ronise st. or at 95 Comnna n st. to t27 W FOSTER. FOIL NEW YORK. TThe fast sailing sclhloner TYSON, Capt. McKENNA, will ail in few dayv, ict take 50 liles Msln, or 101 barrels Porkk on deck, by applying on board, opposite St. Josepil street, or to rn18 WM. PORTIER, 95 Common st. FOR IIALTlMORlE--Firt vessel. Tlhe fast siling capered A I slhonner RMA RION, capt Btraham, will'anil in a few daes, tile most nf her cargo being engageid, fir ae mainder of freighlt or pansagne opply on board opposite thIe poblie square, near tile ferry, or to tnl7 WMi Pi)RTEIR,95 Common at. iOR (BOeTON. Tile fine schlooner WII,lOWS, Captain I(cti:,, i. receiving cargo for the alsboave port, . and will lhave desptelh. Fr fteight or pas. sage apply to m17 L. I. GALE, 93 Ctoniima st. FOIL NE.'W YORIK. SThe fitst siling Brig GRAND TURK, capt. Franklin wants tile bulk o1"i.0 bibs to ripletk, her nrgno. For freighta of wliclh, or l,,iasne, spll' to m17 S - J P WVIIITNE, 8 linli Ft. For Sale, Freight or Charter. lFOR s.ii'.l, i,'I-IG- ei.H , O llL'lIt.t tttel" ):ticrlllirs appvy. on bo rd, o o,+' - . ,)r l, ree' oir it- t t 21'V. t't'18t. . I.'5 C.imoin sal.itt. - II scinoI t-iOierP 311ELIC'EN''E, Iln ronn' , ,.nlstor--lburtl n is 136' tlotn, nod ia'ric , ell n"de nd isl fine order, redy fid r t i rnrii to tiav iblce, billt Riimol woul be inreforre. Aply to thie tCalif. a po1st 37, it to (GEORIL(;E JOlNmSON, S_7 9 _l'lt',on sreet. ,.. kie fitst maili-ig schooner lIlt tUl'lI Cit. t trele, mnrter ,ili 1 aspi or diwan lie coast. SApply to J.). IEIN &: A. :OIIl EN, ll. No. 0 COllilllonl ctrelt. I"OR Zq.AI, l. - 'rite ship) I'IATO(, a first rale roppered, Sall)d Popper hastcenod vescel, Ii bsjllljlust lr iv f'4 J'~J Il.'.0"R C' CO. rIil loll Istit lI 1 11, Csell'rEI..PI -o - ,r r ll hid aver lirll'lI),0 tlns 1 b m " rntl w n, p ln l +' t o t o Jt)IIN 1t FOSTEIR, 'uthal schaeer I.A IBRUCE, .9l6 ton, , vent-c aoll, 'ioplipir fl'ned find rappreem, I Illt ii Bllltrnhore, sails fast, dnrawn 711-'2 Iet a ente tlli loaded lue ia Ilanlldsolmie alin, well f)lolul aid in re:ldiness f-r any vovrge. AIply onI IIl-i o apposita pinst 5:1, or to ll 1t N, & J I' w\VIITNIY. - . 'l'l fit railing Btriti,iuiltki barque GREEN It)WV, 91 tionlls registlr, i. now dailii l-rgi, , and will Se ,e reClldvlo takel in elmrgo, ilpply lito Caopt. Morisnid, br, oalllite the vegetal nr- ic kvt, ar Io I2'l IIEI I2iANN Ilh{lhhtitS A. CO. kit, ror f" Hill I 10I'\N BtI(titiS CC). 74, 46, 55,52, G66, 73, 10, 18, 61, 1, .qrc the drawn numbers nf the 16th ('lass f the FREE SCHiOOL LOTTERY. A UlTIIORISEI) kv Act of thle Legislatulre oflthe State of Louiliinns, for the benelfit il'te "Ounchita Schlool Society," payed and aplproved tl, l21st ilulch, CILASS No. 17, FOR 1837. i T be drawn icAt,,rfOrleans, mn .StlAtrda, 8t'h .'lprt'. 73 Numbe)rLotterc-l Drawn Blall t. SCIIEnME. Prizes Dollars Dollars 1 of 12,000 is 12,000 1 of 4,000 is 4,000 1 of 2,000 is 3,000 1 of 2,000 is 2,000 1 of 1,170 is 1,170 10 of 1,000 is 10,000 10 of 600 is 6,000 10 of 500 is 5,000 15 of 300 is 4,500 170 of 140 is 22,800 126 of 80 is 10,1)80 126 of 40 is 5,040 126 of 20 is 2,520 3,780 of 10 is 37,800 23,436 of 5 is 117,180 27,814 amounting to 243,090 ''iclkets-whole tickets, $500; halves, $2 51); quarter, $1 .25. 'ackar'es of 95 Tickets $1.i, warranted to, draw at learst $601i nd oay draw the four Capitals. Ptackage of shares in proportion. For Tickets apply at the Manager's ollice, 37 (iravier street, udjoining the entranco into the Arcade, and 106I Clhnrtrese,etwe n Conti and t. Loui stis. mn1 J K MEAD, Manager. NEW MEDI)iCAL BOOKS. T ECTURES on the Morbid Anatomn, Nature andl Ttronatinet of Acute and Chronic liseesre. By the late Joht Armstrong, 1. D. Edied by Joerpit lix, Me;ober of the N o)al College of Sucrgeons in 1.uondol. First Americano edition, wirtll ai ccount of the .ife and Writings of tr. Armstrong, by Johul Bell, M. D. &e. in 2 vols. A t'reatise on the Function and Oreauic diseaseo s of te Uterus. Frot the French of F. Dupartien e, Oec teur on Medicitne do Ia Fclte, ct ainsir interne ites u Ilospitoux ct Hospices civiln do I'ris, &c. &e. Translated, with notes, by Joselph tWarringlon, 5t. dI. Just receivd an lrral;e b V. cItKEA'N, r l r Corner Cuir p atni Commron ent. 'I' I'IoPUILCIIASELS OF L.OTS FROM Tl.SE.'. CONI) MUNICIPALITY. Comptroller's Olfice, 'i. RIun'cipRlit, , New Oelenl,ll blrch 7, 183g7. T aEle pulrchasers of les soldl by hiis Mlauicipiality on ithe lst day of Feruiry last, are hlei-,,y notified tor appear before tho Notary of the 31unicipality and rem - I ply withl the conditions of Ithe salt, oi or before 'tacs day nuet, 'le 1ilth inst., when the namesi of such plr eluasers as nlv uot luVe settled will bie repo. tld to lite Council for the actioi of thalt hbuds. so9 tSE'T W ,V NYI, Comptroller. NOTICE. 'TlrlEco.partxrsuhi1Phrctofiirexistrliug in this city Stinder the firm of CALLAWAY & LONCG, n dlissolvedl othe 20thhinst. by mutuals consent. The ef fairsof the late fireti will be attended lo by either of the partners. As thley are to make a settlement. they par ticularl requerst tirll persoon having eluims aigainstt them, to present them immediately fur payment; and those wmre are indebted to the concern, to make pay ment without delay. JAMES CALLA WAY, WILLIAM LONG. New Orleans, 28th 1837. MAYORALTY OF NEW ORLEANS. Th'le price offlresh flour to day, being 1$3 5 coats per 1 birrel- according to the tariff, ths bakers sltll give35 ousces sofhread forha it, dluring next week, from Man dlay the l8 inst. Bread of the second quality, or of lthree lnaves fir a bit, is required to weigh. 5 per cent u store, oy 4:3 3-I-1 ounces. ). PRIEUR, tavor. April Ist, 1837. Fol S'E.\ .F. C N Tlirayls, A.pril 6i, 1H3, will he soll. I ]logshbcil O Yerllow Otlhre, found incumhering Curnndelert t. TheII saltc will take tiace at the .tmiiiciiil IIlal Cuit Ii Yard, ot 3 iielo:k. IP I .. Auitiaier, P iTNAS, E'sq. JOIIN tIIICI-:. tfisiaiii.ry 1st \Ward. iat 3t .d 3t .oiipaliti. Wor Europe. FOR LIVERPOOL. .t The A fat sailing ship NEW O()RI.EANS, r Capt Wehler, ,anllj IhU bales cotton to om . plele her cargo. , tr freight of'€,hitch, or poa sage apply to S & .1 P WIII'I'NEYI Con ati . 1,iK L.VLrtl't)uI.. ,,. - "Ph rt-A+ANECaptain Black, ill meet ,rtih deo..ptatc; wants 150 to O a ballu to fill up. For freight er pasmage, apply to ,,,s L. II. UAL E, 93 Co union st. FOR LIVERPOOL. The superior tast sailing eoppecr ftstencd and roppered Britiah ship ORWELL, (rni rtlcander, having all er cargo l gager and goi g a bolard t~ill meet ai doopalethl. For passaoe "oly, Ihavinc huod ome eccotnaodtiots apply to coal aloder on oard, or it 93: (Otoaion street, It april-__I. If (ALE. Ful LIVELl'Uht.. - Sl'ire fict sailing A I chip KATIIARI1NE .CKSON, Cot. Penbodhl yeq-ircs 250 bhoales cotton to complete her cargo. For itras or pssaage apply at 93 Comon streert to 1)TIaehr uo T 'rlAFFOIID, Capt Wins hloa will have despltch. For crams or pas sage aL dII at 93 Cottao m I. to _1__ I. ItI GALE. FOR ECORPOO ,. The A I ship CONST1EIATIONt Capt. pl Stallllr nt will rgllE despathe. For 1,passage only, upply at 93 Cou ttio i slreet to 131 O 1. H A I AE. F 011. L flRl'tOl.. JThe fiua and flrt sailiLn slip IIERAI), Cap,t Lake requiare 250 bad lc t o oti - a l . plyte tercl. o. Iur tC.11'alla. s.,c alllv. lt3: 9113 (.t1 nu tl.r r, toL i il1 I. lFl AYE \.E The.. tfi rig II.tVRE, Capt Carpenter, cao aIrUt oalite a r(Sov pelager, For . ,-lents a;,plo at 93 CttoJir i st. to J .1 |I. I. fAIit E. FOR Ltt't:lRPo al0 r hn stpleodid fast soiling hipll RIENZI, C(pt. Norton vanta 2990 bales euton to eonl plate her cargo. For fecih. t f whiceh or -passagre having ploledidl accommodations t plt y at II Conti st, to mtatl S & J 1' WRIII'IPNEo, FORft GLASGOW. h"fr TIce herqnto AUGUSTA, Capt RThir idle, will velln ientndiate tlespcr , and oall hauldsllOely nreL'cl la6t ate a few p tae ge s, aplldy tl 93 toomlnon t. to m0,7 I. IH GALE. lI-Rl ,LIVR III'(i)lT. ----- The A I tondI fost saiRlig ship TIGERI, Ira her tmtster, requires 300bales cotton to coat plot. her cargo. For tennrs onr 'sage apply p . lonhn srt.,to n 111 GAIE. FOR LIVEIt-Itt.'O .' Tht new noll Elegant A I ship SCOT j LAND, Capt Ilaektalfrwitl take 200( or 301 ttmhalce eotton to eomplete Iher earo. For freight or passage apply at 03 Comotcn st. to msn9P IIt GAI.E, FOIL I.IVERPOOI.., .. lThefasisoiling A I sIli JOHN iBAR RIN(i.Capt hale, requirti c 00 bales h ltton a to complete ler ecargoq fur terlttlr or passage aplply to In+2 I,. I.G OAI., 93 Conanon St. FOItR LIlVEtRI'CJL Ttle fiae A I ship .111O captain Tlhnmp sear, requires 1(211 Ioles to compltel her load ing,cfur terms or passage pphpl to '2____ 1, H GAI.E,59ommon st. FOlR lIVERPOOi. Tle superior and fat sailing A 1 ship LO -T'S, Capt. Watts wants 150 bnles cotton to comlete Iher cargo. For ternms or passage .pply to mt"2 1.II GALE, 03 Comtmon St. IFOR HAVIE. SShip IIElREW,n can take 3M)00halescotton. Apply to s & J P WHITNEY, FOIL IIAVRE. The fine A I sad fast Sailitng.'.T'lZA. BETII, Cnptain Thaoer, wants 910 bIles of cottn to complote her argo. For panssag aply to ta14 I.. lt.tiAI,, 93, Common t. FOR LIVE'.. ',,. L. SThe slthip ROYAl. WILLIAM, Tatlur, I taoer, is loadint. For freight apply to i mi0 Gtc. CAMMACIIIC " CO. h.. hIe brig IIIRI.IEY, J,,ohnson, maslrt will ! (1 rlutente loadinlg this dtv. Far frerrlt ap. .. Itle to mIll tt. II C.(\"1,(I11. L Co,). FORl IIAVIRE. - T.. TI,. I slip, ANIIILE\V SCOT'r, lhltrt l.y r. master, hving her cargo re aga) rg will hel iumrrliatrl rlespatcral,. Fr , assage l(Iti I.l;VIINIIoo.` " 7'Ic TI e It slhip, CIAtIIt:", Capt. I imras, will lnv:, itrnlrdirtle l d tIIIrl fr It " Ibrl oe --a.ort. Fr paraaCe onr. llptp - to ,.tlC I. It. GAIt.. 93, r'onnt .- Th1e Itue A elhirGfIRAtlt),capt.t al.ohert, * will receive de-patch. For parleFr on y Iop I'1 .. t'munlO street IFOR L IVERPOOI.. 'Tther A 1 fost sailing sip ST. IEON J. rc:ttnt thatrr, wants 3011 hla es .otll,, to - oolplhtr her car:o. For frricht of mhieh orlossoage apply to .S &J P WIItttNEY, Ill(}I1 Conti st. 1,'01( . 11.11 1V:It 1' 17 1 ,.. (1 ,O e .P.t-gnltl-r llir W tt, rin .¢,,11(0 ,, :3011 I le. romt n tap ttly . ti tl2.If/oGG & Co, 77 Ctnal st. For, (;I.ASl;O\\W. ,-. THE asprctoroand finrtsalilleg A 1 1tnrqre D R Of 9 I ;r rt jr t . t i itg g i n , , . ill I v c i ..t . .n.lie . . .-.-l-patclt. torfreighlt ofl010 hole, ofctottonr or putlonlghnvitg hlnlldlotl re rnrttllo tdailott, appy to f5 L. II. GALE, 93 Ctautrttt Et. For Texas &r the West Indies. FOR H.tVANA-,First Vessel. T'Il, tlost sailinge ooppercd brig OMAR, ultwe., Inaqter, will have qaie.k de.llnthI. ._ For freigl or p;l... e apOply on lantr, or to n V1'. POR.:II, 5t nnto street. lOU GALJIl TION, II 4RISI3URu ANu)11flJ TON. Th'- e fast sailillg packet ielir BYRON, . Bearsell, laler, will imeet with eatr d es th i the a ort. For fgl or hs1O hiril lg suiperior f lent Un]t itoig' , ugly o Iolrd orto a-I V B9l I I AN,6Irivd .ecer. ,t Jirsat ll-t sailn seollonner roppere( hihe sclooner IVM & FRANCIS Wild master, will sail tlls doy, fur thle above Ilort. For passllge only, all, oT Ironeld r t. n4 - III Illi AN, 36 (ld Levee street. FOR IIAVANAS Ilur vER'esel .. r le splelldid map t iw armeld d bthitg SAMiUEl. IOUST1ON, m ill in tl tiertf Iwtd p wilh cli tllt m oltllllndaln;tiols for ia+i'senger+ will crltln a i reItir o)acklit o the abole porl', Rild will pAs Ctively sail is mboea wTtllyet 4ith inks. Forfreigh or Iltatsage apply oil Ioari or tio al \'tVm l1TAN, Ii6Oil lt'io''. FOR HIAVANA--t vessel.o IPaosa. only. SThe A brig IMOW S 1I (oni v a master, havi:,ng her rcargo etngaged will poitively sail oni Sattturdty Ist April. Tihe above vessel of era an tirt opplortnity ior p.enosrger, having splenhdid filrnishred ubio s ith stte rooms, a fine clbit ona deck. For t'-rnts apply to C'pt Cody ol ard npposite pest ol. 4, or at no. 79 Colnrnon t., to n31 GO BU;CKI.IN. FOIL VI.WLASCO RI.-A -ZORIA. l; The sehoooerCil. I(KN IIT, Stewnrt tRals l ar, will sail for tire ibivre plters oln Sotur dly nelxt, ile ian take thie blllk oifa trv timore ,bit'els, tor freight of which o ptll tt 'i3 Calp st. to It)9 T i'OiY & BRO'i'IIFYR. FOR 1I1 . VANA--l' cket Brig. .. The fast sailing; A I Packet Brig R01 LA, Capt. l'itutun, will rmeet withi qick despench. , olr ieuight or passage, apply on Ioard, op. llsite the Beef larket, or to W311. PORT1FTR. nrll_ _ . Connoat, street. AiT--narsetlrd fine, fit.r sole il v nlt3 H CC0AMMArCK, f6t Grnvler street. G IAUEN ItOATi.-Th'leo sbribe r haos tir* ole, at Iis BO.A1'T, now lying at the Flat Boat Landing, a general assortnlent oif Garden Shruibberv, Green-hom e Plantol, Bulbos and Thberoua Rlonos, Hlerbaeeous Plants, V Ac. AlTo--Fr eit Trees, schll as A.ptles, Pears, Plinsr, Petithes, AprieotsCt, (herrieie, ltrnre (Gltpers, Srrw ecrries. Goo.-rr ier,, (C1rrant1i, IRaspherrlie, togetler with almost iery ivarielty of tinlrlln Seedtl. t21 . . JOHIN hI. SLICK. SE ENI DOI.ARS REWAir. ai.--Ahserondr.d ou the I 13th insl. a Ilgronr mntl lll t feret high,lS vnears old; flitherlyrl lonoed to Mnr .rloy's Cortilin Priess. Also--a ytelow I.ot oabtt 15 or it yearrs nollabmt 4 feet I 1, or 5 foet hi,'h--goe, loking snld stanr--hnd on tohehe lelt, a dark sattinlt rtat int d nljket and pan taloions. Ilts wtool is log siehint!; rthen sl token to Is looks tare uiter itlte s 'e tibltec reward will e Ibe fluid to l tn le it f tlo of said boivs. MAII' N Ii. IDEVE'ROU.X N.l. Jont pernt haerlboring tholse boys till hb ptenot ltlttdl tun law. 111bt fI1I.E I.ife olf Tlho.Jetfrr.ol, third ' Pesidett of Ihe SUnitedl States, r ith partt of his or orespoldence, nerver bIefire pnlblilshed; sad inotices of his oliillia l qteStioots of tivil goverlnment, natitonal "poliey' and onslrtitutitutal a. BIy George Tucker, Ehq. of Virgiiaio, in 2 .vols. Three Exlrerirme.lts of liviog wtilni the Mtvans, Initit Ip to the Mloans, aod .itving hbryuol the nteas. Just received and for sale b] mIt IfLBENJAMIN LEVY. T. 0. &. J. 8. TIIACHER, .loinet anrd Coutnserllors at Larr, NATCIEZ., MI0S Slcrel, 'ill practice in the dilffrent rollrt.t tf the state of Jlis sissilpii, tand in the parish of (oncordia. I.aiiaina.t rtfI',rrnts.-- A. 'irkhian & Co. Bnehnnll.u, Illaenr S Co. Ilagin. Niven & Co. Wio. Iewes & o('. New Orls:ln.. mlii 1 TEXAS LAND FOR SALE. i (bNE league and oa-thlird ofla Ir:urtu of land, o ilu D'ante on the ('rlllolrt Bay,, near SrR n Intltr .io--llt -so ilmong thel Itest to ei fttuil in Te;lxas fitne woodrt Inrlril d x rellcat water--lhl river navit:lble foer t-eseli dratwing I itrl feet water--title i' die t ltllltllllo ji h lllti in gtrLt r li ol t~i tat iI r,(l.t. A , yeternl tOWn lts ad "eeoalt )clot , f ri. !' by mit 6 I . 1 f' 'liI.. ". iCit. \ AS bmught to the Iplire prison, If ithe d .\tunicipality, on thie 15th d.t of" Marelh, a negro man named R I' N, about26 years of age, 5 It I or 2 italhes high. says he Iblonga to C-anili -Zorin. m The owner will L'ovelropert, eIt charges, and take him away. " S ]IARI'EI, rn.ti Captr of tlhe \Vaitl WVAS In.tlght to rhe polier pialat on the 21i huanicip:lity, rr, tlhe 1511th intant. a mulatto man named HENII Y TIAII, lhe is 6 rears old; 5 it I or 2 inches i6gh, and aoa he is ire. Should le be a slave, tie owner is rqlupated o conlly with the I w and take him away. tu r H S HIARPER, Copqt of the Wateh. A- NAS broought the lo-lice prison .f the ld mnunicilndity, ot tihe 1itll inst. a gril' ot., bI tile oIlonl of POPIE, tttho i' nlalut f(]or 17 years old,5 feet '2 r 3 ilo.,-s high, and ayos lie blorngsto Mir. 'Ite owner will prove proptertt paoleiarge and take lilttl ttly. h1 I(iARI'R, nl2l4 Caplt. oftli. Watelh. - VAS broltght to tile Police Prison t f thie Second iluoiciptlite , tm tile i3ltt liat. I. brigbhtilallo bo't bo by Ilie niulne ofSVYLVESTIIt, and t&nllallongs to Alr. Ilerurogord. Ile is 11 or 12I eoars of ago The owner will prove property, pay rhargos, and take himt awuo. Si S ll.lhtl'lt, in4 " Coatain of thel Wurlh. I carriage louros well ndapted for a w od or lu tb.r yard,lat No 3 t atk Alley. or29 TO RENT. A ardt onr hoe ill Jtlia t. 30 feet fr nit run. aottstwldg flrla , lorgk Ito.iN ll . a le Steet. Foarr irt e will I le llrntculr apply at 0ter nt. tppl ator t3 C.. I1~0 DOLIE & tIA Y. -- -ru REST -- - Burecu du Ctter d1 Ito doctid. .itttcnltiite, Nouvells-l given o le of Aplaril, 37. Dosoffres ctchste. oeront reqtt partnrencil decrrte cils ie r new i liu leg nd tlr is ed tinrlie tort land itarre ka streets. It t o e lst beett oto piee ie tharoe tr, lo. lcri l , bi D. 11. l'niritl,a I l'tP. og e defirst d seonr ll prle colta ler to ropo tinur tae ig rms with slidi d nl'F, cblak lrld gld nnilr. pieces, patnrt grates &c" Tioe acpr Iot otle o lie x ensive p nilonlnlltOdiOult, hvt ar, ll the neets arthed. ein in.lation ifl aCll e fto an td in gein ot eilicllteit will ue tilbet a re e i e rto nrs. Aipply rcqootd to pro3 . proptesty, pan cltocgeh, nod rooe blio l~eo th np24 Copttoin r ef r tr e Waurctt. o polet ntine to, irtt, a inc girl b t we wtiR IIhIeAa frt it DOYa Ieg E & MAY.t, olt;e ke1long to (i iege o Vt lo. inlres ote Cutrill eur da opIcl p.oy rounrela nrtl roe seAn hretroct to w i e police pricn ofrition tr Po M es ofre. s e iaeoes serants r re, very bril deer te l er onllonr ul rdqt latrli iumic wiah a el orig ant take Irr Anly. loten51 1ti.r., deRu1 C e Cod i es propo t ns de. Boll and Dakio, qul et cibrr e ver a rd tic roerioy m7 ordr f kind oC NYpres i., Ctmli Aitlrlir brougt rlo the ti to ite prlson tttoe to niltli politt, e on tbo e ot .l. Onlrh tiero in Ito mnlla n tlled Aex'r M0i OYtie r e is alln 22 yr ofg, .5 fee(irn, Ko or Ie was bort i tite cnbuti and riool ed in Ctt IlIolt, Oo. . litjgcetlteotro. .itld the be a slntt ve lie inoner ist reqnsted to prove proll iety, pay cha rgttes, and take hla t ot taw o. t "Dit. S. tiARPER, 2ll ii4 Captain if tihe Wttet. AS brougtt t to the polea pitt oot of tibo d Mutit. ..tetliplity on the 1 th in ltant, a black girlt by the name offMtAI 2.5 years ofage, e5 ft igtt, Iays othe belongs to Getorge Vahoti in,, "oe . t liar owner will prvepropertv pay eharges nnd take hers liwa. - ft 2 e tt ie - HARPERt 4ll. Captain of the ltioath.otti o l Auiie. Aloh, ton lio poloti th it a gritGir l,e o icalls Ihltr relfMAR.AtlET, Ilavy she belongs to Ilthdat tooile. She is aore v eiinars of age, very brisk.o o tler owner i, requt 13rt, to romplr withd the ltaw al takeon r it foeaway. tttriy Ilt R n. ot ti dvrr iihesd tpliet4 Capt of the o rlckh. mill be n.A in ill operatti on atr in perfcr. order. The illie iteir best exertioiNEs, Ctoir supply deands with lindn, r at the onti room if John i l Bait l ter'Is. i no " ) ." . ) . ni7 2ndt Muhn'ieipalily. SAS lcac jiup by tile nightill aetc iicln 3d cin.s n carcl iorse, with a white fice. The owner ofsail IldorIe, ic re leceied It pnrove prollertv, pal char: icci, ad tkl( im ill' lIv onaor ieePfll'e Satllreday ihe Irih m t I, o rt ll i lie h will'be 'l ioll t pubii cin ion. on the 11th ar'cIhI , bV IP A (;cil'tili l lLc llleler.i JOHNI PRICE, Commissary let V1crd m7 2nd mi 'niciieilicy. PER I MEd11 CA \ .ES--Rrec iaed per ehhr lc 'lerc'y,!i S1n brig A'%hd iC ''a200 hexes Ninteiket sp'rm candle; '2.1n do clisto idn. Dicwnern, Austin & Ctee. bra i, for neale at 1,' Tchoupicaltnuciat' by Nk likelisnie, 25 ecars of age, ionn eoli manager iof hlrscc,ni a goad dining roo servant.e AIso his Wie a god cok waherand iriner-nond two childen, cne twoa and the other 4 years of age. Also, ia likely Girl II yearsci oii. t'lle lA . ve slaves can be had In byl Ini tile lien nall. Ine lc ii C. O.(.UiTL' II G (ravier street. uielr/c's fl ci iesllr ieegtJ nesiain Acpern'ai 'Olt Dlsppsi a or iidigecstion. Icnioi 'eilij h yiicgd n icccec.c, ,icciiii cicn, . i'cieiii',i c c'n inni'ei nSidie h (,filli, siomm('h, hih'tiil e 'Maivl aveS tanlleous di.nea.oe, oullr,}ravl, &e;: hiehlh valued iis n eiiiiei cooling p)Irigatiic, very suitable inll IIs lIe of he) ear. A aippl of till ablovu e n ed I inliiinble lmedicine, just rcceci. i:onlcEigclhm d, ild tior side byi II IBONNA BI., Drufcggit. _- , l 0 ''c hu p ith l hs st. 'iIte subscriber hainge boeen det;incl lnger in this i' itc than lie cxpi cted, w i ' be r"d,, I ,, sail fr i T'exaso'n the first of next wee`, find eltblu;lllIh i, ha Im forwarrled the fill11 number o" men that he ititnded to do, yet, being inlformed that there care malln now here tenltnare desirous of emigrating to that beatifuli and de lig.htful ecnitrv, for tile purpose of nidg the cac e of civil and religious libertvy; ntire is hereby given to nll tholse, that provisimsill ai i tranitc i lrtatinl will Ie Inr nishc them, free of exp.nse, provide'd they mlake nap plication nol ellter IDles daring this we'ek. Apply to Adjutll \ahicleci;,t cMr. IMittic'a Cl-"e Iloiie, cll joining the St. C'harles T'Ihltre. I. DF. W'A I'M1'1 TTI' nlll( Col. T'rnc Arm'. (Xo0NTIG \ 11OUE DIlRECTi'l V I111137 1 Jnst peblished, conllinsa li't nofilh l' ics, Dlire tora, discount dilas &e, in'urance and otherlclpallie foreign eonnuls, cbhnmbet of commerce, ratell ofchargee nrrivil ald departnlres of tllhe nil, clnender, nenclis, era, &c. &e, for sale by IIO'I'CIHKIS, & Co. fOIRK AND L.AR 1)6--53b1 h;li.m k'.T-. 7. . l prime do; 53 do rumps, and 33 kegs laid, ladling nd for sale Iby ml3 " J. TIIAI'FR &Cn. 74 Povdrns st. A C-RD-T.e, ilasenagers oin Incrl the brig J-ncc take pleasre1 in cick'cwleilging to the Cnpt nail crow, theil kind tlrentnlnt the Ireceived at their haends, chlile on their way f lei Galveston to New Orleans: to those taking passjn ge Inor iGalestonl, we wnald recom mend the lrigi Jane ns thie ollit ramcijrtinlcl vesscelest necllmlllmdilllIa nl, and most emmnldiousl culin lin tile trade. The Capt in has mia:le Arrangemenlt with the steanl hat Lnlll, ; II cOIIVey his pasase erse nAl fmeiCigt IIpIl the Illfl'ah Ilniv, cs faras onnstonieity, tonllin.gntl ltcchbnchr., Ilarriibarg, and olber placeunon the Ilncail. Vie would reconnlend this also as the most exteditions conveyanee to Houlston. I'inckney till, Jclkson S.litlh, John D. '\Villlnms, C. IM. Adancm, Chas. A. Penrsm, J.K, lKurd, JWnolfs. n2lr) -)IiiACH EilRXIN.e--145 IhblI. of Irime qal Silc, lely inspetedl,part hinn hrine, bright and nice; will be sold a enod barginhl to choM the salte. I'2 G. JOHNSON. (9l2 Cmnn n t. I OCK&e.--Jn littreceived an nasortlent of ..uea J riot Ia'cks for doors, desks, drawers, chests and trunks; alo i enlgetall aisortment of hardware, fCr sale whlcnlen or retail by LAY"i'ON & Co. mI2 2m e 5 3(ld Levee st. ( OR N.--873I sacks corn in firt rate order, landing ,' froln tealnr Alieonqinl, nlnd fie sale hby ei .1) SO i iI'iLNE, 153 'I'clcncpitcocIa. t. '1i1.i1Ul t & PutlK.-I.l - l cle lecII; 178 do i lear iork; 16i do mese pork, htrding Iiri uiit ih e, iand fir snale icy S1.) & Id VINE, n . _13 . 'rhnlnupiljita stret. t Ill'EN 1'A11.VT.-'l'he subscriber has rerived n I lItluntity a 'relp .int, to which ai would call the m5-n . 1n es. PAI)ES &, SIIOb'VELS.-"Th' eithc': icer his re S eied 150 iozeicn scdnes and shovelse , w hic he wou d call theI attention of the trade. 111, %dIl AlA RA'N,23 Magazine n t. [l'l.k I.iiiN,--I piecsnides, a siperior lot in 13 store aend fcr she. by J VAIIiIN, n11 Pnvdrs eatrcerl. -Lo-uK'i'Ti'. L 'i.ZTER b-- .lT, kcl kiest iln I a Tn ln; 35 plntes oifspelter or Zine',tor sale by Inu2 2m LAYTON & Co. 53 Old I evee st. A4tT IKFýThIZI 13sichilictetesnn bnad and or ' salc in lots to suit purchnaers by nLd :Jmn LA YTON & et, eOld Levee st. I A. .--Sl or000 kegs -nai.s wllInlrtcd, in on ce lnd niir sal- by L.AYTON &Cn., n': lmno 52llOli Leve. . LOUI{--2a2 bb: landan from steam r Fanry fuor I cstle e c c ; IOItSEY, I m22 II ,ew l.eree, I I) iccci cictl Iece. I al by Ci Dl)R.E Y, m22 c -41 Nci. I. vec. " =l . mcirrt v tirr l n icl nfl,c bn l'er hi- ' I [J IT.. l'"J'ee\.aiy i;a..: r ItoN,I'EEL& IIiEAVY (ti OUS--Hlt, square S And btindle iron. wel accorted. loop, 1.roll and rod Iron, iail toda end pldogh Il ould s Cast, German., dear, blistered, spring, sheet atid Clroawle F tel lnllow, cut and wrosght nails and igilkee Zine, block tin, mill and grial sitoeu, anit *eilea Chain eh ble, arbchors, boas tOx, log A, ltrace ainlls, corn mills Anoils, vices, Hammersatd bellows Wire, sheet, pig and Imr leads ashe Coal, said cowking stoies Ames, Itowland's ald otilher spades and nlom. look andi plate hinges, door and window hooks Collis, Huints, Sharps., raid olther aces ni'ar'd oil Mmlilla cordage, lien anod twine Ioh11 aid heathing copper; wNal stores .,i,,t italied and ipe'ln oil A bill assortment ol hardware and ship chandlery, always on hind, cod whilh are offered f :r sale at wbole isle or retail, on the most fainorable terms, by mi I.AY TON k Co. 530.Ihl ei-vee. NrTrlll:E--i.,bceriberi to thie buiblig of* the It ne Methadtiat churcth, at tlh cirner of liydrccs ali. Coroadelet street, whoa have not paid their scienr iptinas are recpeetfilfy ifitmlrd lhat ifunds are at tli tilme A eoasideraole amount in addition to that already bscvrib.a d will be required In mi t ncll lil w engage meott eitered into for the erection of this dil eie, a genl erous propotion ofwlidhl it in confidentiy believed wH b: proanotl contributed by tile frictds octel'l.ion in this 'lhis ch.'ch whel n co ePleted, will Ptand flrth. with thller PdilicerI %ereell treled a noble lluonmntal of lbe llre and liheralit . th te city of N. Orleans. l'cr itot di ioed to cimmti ntci tow ards thio uitreeT will plee tu do so iltroeghl tile agent, t he Roy. - ill. M(. ltie. o ollr 2 Till,: MU'I'HlI'Sn IL..F IAF. e Ihe ii , ii ort U Iri, eolnamcnces to l' in r:ct lu l hltr of aid td ,.stcrs ceti tllen tieo o all mother's in .:p nil l hc, ttio t c ie , fitc r lelen ig i lt a i o t t f tihis imlportnt specifie II B.iN NA III., _1'28 __tcar Ntr.h '7. k T c 1npittulati st. )ilE board of Directorsllnf e his Id declred n di m vidend t 1e 4 perient, the rapol l ;stuek, for tih, i lalt ix hllllhr Iiabe. to thI klld .1,s iohnr after Tie 13th ardch ansI. o Ur "' J 'A LRFIeY, Iiti'F Ro o I" tmo Ic$uAoti¢c: IuMt'Aot, Nem Orleans, March 6, 18:17. S At the Ia il ElectitU for Diteretori of this Itoilii riln, r tile ell.uinp t eal- t nhe d llioe g itliedl gcrctlo Intll nnr eletied , iz Jalmes rinlhI,e Josephl A. rlarelli, Ilhonlos IlBrrett, lenr ID. Itilnl.tsdn, lenr i Klleo, J ohtl 'lVhitoieaed. Johln E. Ilvde. And at a mieetn of tilic board tmis day, Johb Whliie Ihed -as elected President James itoekton, Inspectar. Fdward IlriWg', A Ittorne And m7 3r CH.AIILE.i I4TCE.:, Secrertarv. S'TA'lIit.NERIie, tte UISUDSON's file \White & Buie Wove letter paplpr u l)Bi .litte ILaidl Navy ditt. Ditito Ilac & tllile Ruled ditto. lDitioi (ap Papel dilln. Diitl Calp Paper Rhled lditto. Dtillo, Ihle 'I' ave ditto, ulazed exp resaly flr steel penai olvil'a \\'riting Flitcl; Engligilh lJ. ni Ink; Kidder' Black & .e ed nk;e French Itouor; V nlkden's Bliiatih Blacrk and led Ink Powders; extra superfinl Reil Sealing Wax; emhtbamd iTill otey r eolodrs ditto, perfumed ditto; French & ag. lic k afers, large and emall cize.; (aill of vearionus qualities; \Vindle's Perfieelrm; Cleveland'., Gilhlu'a, and Ladies' Steel Prens. For ole by IlOTCItKI9S & CO., .. 24, Chsrlree street. .IbT'l'C Ic)'l IAEI IUX otlrc r salte at i lia ttrer I 1i2 Teliotlpitoiilaa street, ctovet ofa uperlor aUnd iiflircent paltternsi to any 1at hls yet been sold in lthl ri-v; coling oall ecze, rmaiid, lqae and oval- parlor llld hall do if a inew pettilrn, taiding on Fix rollnne, ilot equlllld by any yet made Also, bathingi tlea, 1o weer Ibath, tin atd cooper ware of every deacription. march 9 N St cre-hpecrianl,gunpowder, a lsinr tens'; tai. L tins, sonp api slled ulhnooe at d sweet adl dry w ire direct I'it lal:!.gil Clhailllligile and eparklinc Blir Fnuilt iw t. it'uior biottili, in hlflpiplce; ild pencl itrliidy ill bt(.: 2O bale, gailnet bagi; Beellc Clarst it Ilidi. tr acle by ilRlAID A IlARSTOW, nI!` 67i (irnvier street. `ill iF: subscriers havile io in tore n .cll:ror saiFnTe nu arn lllnnl illn term-: 15t0 eal;e "Stllit All: a inl l and quIarts. il Cask.i ieet Loicllo Iriwn Sietti. 100 Pieces enllleritrt Ser el Ioagging. Ci ('t hwellrcoit tad White liiein Drills. 31i Gross Palleat Wine Iloittle. t117 IIOILMES & M1.II,, Bank Alley. e1 1.llIF INSURA.~ NC~E COC11'aNY inearporated --I ted A;pril2d, 1 85. C pital $l590i 00. DI RIECTl'OIRS. CitItt ln:.sR.o , President. Thoo. earmcit, Eldltlontd J. Iritrllli, John E. IIIde, Ilcvry D. Rirla on Jto. A. liarrelli, Jntli (iritiltow, ceo Ig tl e .hilieo ell ot, ier carer - i G Tlhis rellmn will iei lit re , iie at ie aond rivo risks llnl loand lrntee'lbills 0f rxlihnnge Alid prou ni rtl ; r iotes ai tir i, ill te Ixllth.e Ill ' leee -:" e ,%'I''"11",1,.ev i. \W. & ,. lintcher , S helliel, England, ove jian Sr , ' e . h'v d n v ,r y v cr x t n l + i v v s e l re f ' p n: it t e r. s , ~o n si i ti n g o l t 'r u bl e n lld )I l ; . rt Ki n i te s o e - 1. -. d e s el' ltio , T o ll, iocket, )ith, ncd Spear point KIives; If..,izor l oi sord, E tie 'I',li, &e, &e. re, a hihil evIrr prepared io exhiil to the. trade Ior rh'. Tert. s h anl d nalldltoIne ,ill be made known at lthe iliP. mill J.ID. IIEIN & A C(IIEN, 90 Common nt. Tour llmu- tile 'ti oiutleurag D lirici of Eng authlr oif "Fore:t Senes,' and l( "Incidentst in America." An Elamentlary Traotore on Anliltnv,. Be A. n J. r Iarle, aat. ". iTrnnl :ted fno n tie'rlt I edilion of the lrecih. muc A. Sidney Donolne, A. l., l. D. I.ivi; translatellby Geore iBaker, A. t. in 5 vohlms, leilg No. 14, t1 2 of Harper's Classical Faauily fli. .'.e : A lso, An aihliticn l iispl lif Da a iia Alemoira of Aaron Riar, Just rrrie rie ll for sale bc nilt W\I M. MelIAIN, corner of Common st. IllSAL:.litiI'"S Ei'3XPERIA'I NTiS . ..P 'IIllI': /'.V Mill ()lOslervatilwn. il the (irS TR I I l['o Ii iit, 1 . I II., S irl,,o in the U. i. Ah ia. on ireceived ald flr ioh, bIv \VM.. KEAN; n11| )'lrelnr of Cllin & Conlllon street. T9 Eill dciicrcicid cii ilit, chi, t ill hlier A~carntc l 1 i ilh h l,,il' ahel. 'thiiiimi s C. in, in: tie lfrag aidi A l:t Aoeav hlli:roms N, I(I lulil styii, under the, irst: i,'.accia & Ilcolther the linuidatiec of the afiitires If Thnmars C. ,wnuill \i b'" Frilled by the new firl; and the ulndersigned will give hi p;rctiilarl t oentiolf to bu r:nllle., nmild rolicils a sihalle olf potrolngie. ll JOlIN 1%V. SVWAIN. O LA('IKING, A:. i- ios Orbh,nt nod Dr~dus' S)eeuruarlted lnate blarking; Ie ate , (ierlre 'I'oi ct andStntin (i;:nses; for .ale by In6 SIMMONS. Hc lIAR CI i. 7-0 cehtra tral. -)s'I, (ti- S lt U lai t-i' bli e in-I i. oF ntiou this week till \Vednierdav ofliernoo, ot No. '110 Jllin otrce.frolt Ii to I[ o' iork A. i. and ll fron Io to .. .I1., e ilte . ther hi-t Reek prevented ilanv frint ceriig ii t. ta O.\'P, S'AII'ii. &c.--iLn.ding. front Phip Rienizi 5O hnxe. l.ndm on.tarvl.h 20111) hboxes Nos. I id '2 oap 970t1| Sregi lls in lteiter nit:::i:0lthiii xes. 0,:.'' . 114' ._Ilt)DOGE & On, 1t4 31 ii egeea ee. SANtI.,LA (I:u)ltl)Ali--.,l arolltment nl size., from 2 to4 inchli, (Ir .le t ' Grntvier ri. by nl,6 it'rFiTSON AVNIIYt. &Cn. AMIS A&c-l, ldn Wheelelr', fanily lants; 10do 1I shicii rr; 10 do .sI:nssgen, for Fanlr at rt'. CitaIp cst, li to7 YUIiKE 1RO'ItIERS. K(t\ S.AlE.-J-u 11hI nir faiuell bfrigtr-on I Copenlalid opppste th: l linit torahatl o:)3 ('clt3nolo street, by i7 I. II GAI.E. £JTl~ihii~ni hi ihods :ii eo naII be token no rage in ll ' Varehouse eonnerolf tiganz anndLa. fnrrtte etreet. Enqie at 76 Mtngazine tsret. 11117 AIOTl.A--0 Ibxes 13 Ib ecih giunpowder ter. 1 50 dor do do all.perinl dn. 1on do Blibs do dn. 9 h 1 IId hi do yon.g bhyon, don. all of late ilportatiatio, anti at sun ior qanlitvji'stt re ceiver per ship tunentilile, fron New York ntd ftr anle at 2 ravier treet by COCKAY [o?7 JCOCKAYNE. Ný'riCS All rameiiidbtd to ithe ;eltie or n. I v \c. llot, ol the Charlca Arcat. Ilellutura. n.e rnqueoted to mnke imaedliate paymnent to Janles II. (nildarll, Provisional Syodiec, at the Box nOia, St1. t(l erles Thetitre. m7 ( 1'1N. AI'MI. 1 CIIE.eS.-5o h nre. just ree.ic, Ianlld for sale att 9 oCo otllllllo o., hv l.7 J 1) BMEIN t A COIIF.N. nltore nd al R e63 ier Gnrvler 1t., ily tIIOEll'i &. 11AW flIORN. Ilcir aioHle at 63 Grnjcr street, by ut2!7 " tirGEII L H"AWTTHORN. I6 *.l-h-icblo .i ..h., in I tori ond for sale atl33 tild levee iit. by c98 I..I "ION (.('o. lind for i b;l liet G, ( ilfavtcr ta. Iv i 0,u_7 Ilo(;ti RTi H1A.WTIIHORN. I lhldin.- iraui stllea ornil'., for sale byh 101 S.LO OI. tIIN(N1, id.; iT iloilpituliar Fcit S .-l.(l5-3,ilil,.lc:,,cd.u-(Ir A, lnroi,,fnair it6.7 0 [l rasIe itv, aIn for hrle b 3 J ktt aAlI i0l, 1 I'26 v lrt!,ie. i If lio-flt](0 A ha: ,a x, r othonil (iecciig Taboo. I: co, wiill oe sold hlw I hv I 111r4 A II PAPI.ACE & (Co. 0 ank Alley .] n l,of vleyv supetmor gohty, just rtivld p ier l:ip ili chvii, from Nnew Yorl, and hr ile nat no. 2,5. (icaiterot. ba- 0,0 J COCKA tNE, 5 -) A(,ON- lIon, nl-1 lorulcer, 1ro sety-_-moked, In - rsks Ifr sale at 41 Nel," Levee, by rrd c G" JiOlIt.l. I kegs lard eeived per fat boat nd for sale at 41 s NeGcil..'c., by. 021 OIDORSEY. 1 TI1 F rFiL't- LI ra<,as-cln.ireart s.rtr flS. )., "tnt 21 -ass. Chlic Ihlear(Gin sari, and for seae at 5i 01 trier Ft. ha RAYTON & to. j Iha 1,iSt 1P. Ito 1" i h O S.'. . 1'. 1.t6'11 I'1I'C : ' "| 8 Ctilt; s r,- • AUCTION SALES. .-i unrLst reed alte of Ithree r tllulh/r 11 uses in { h'eysitulnre s "."eý B)Y ISAAC I.. 3e(c:T'. O N Friday tie 7th instant, letrwen li the Iolrs of tl nid Lno'cloeck, at th" A.oin.,. El:rn.imiz. Inl'gt zinc.b twrees (irvir oln) Nati'ho ,ei~.o.' tl tIe soidl, pnoitivcly willtf nsay liltito or reser tlilnl wrhaleves thie tolloiring nltnlle pr 'IPrtn- to wit.: 1st. 'IlIAI' VAi. A1i.H OlitJA.r AND LOT1. No. 132, at presel:n o'rrpiel by Maoesrs teirge A. Reoed & Co. as an apnotieesr'y tarp, oituatolt Illhe orner of 'teilllnittnlol mid Uiri'ld ofree. '|I'4e lol elleauro* ablot 25 irt lerot .l 'I'ehonpitop' - rre.r. by ineot Si feet .2 inches an, 2 liones ihtepili; ilt rfI iint on (iirod street. and 24 fi't finhes in tile ridr. 'tie i:oprove nmlts thereon comsist ofa ltare. halirdfnm,, tree alry brick mnilding, eovered with srl nat, Irdifi4i 'l. InIirr .s dintary eirecuistilnrc reariily eil lumand aienlJ ri't ofI $3il per annum. 'T'his liro ey is belie.voe to b," iln a per feet stoie of repir, mnd i, 'iithnnt eXCepl.eion, n ' hithin nmost deirebleo and vl.ianua rislthtfmlo flir business thronugbot any pertf ll.! tcns. 'l'bhe pfrila, wdew. ing, and straightening" ''I'etont.itonls sti'eet-'ithe sor k ing of the new whnrves in front of Nert Love street-+ the filling up, grading,levelling nn d rhellih g of the Bat tres so as to render itene of thie talrt.,trive th!oronuh fres fior husiness-the sopening and wiifnil. ngof,\atrhes 'trmt lite 'J'tllouppitollnm to New Levee srmert--lhe ilm a lnl and ext endaitg 1,5l Fa.erte sbLr t efruin C eito ew lee street, together ith sthe lecreu.e o bIip) lilug steaetboants.i and ciplle) eotrv i(dle enerrolly, and Ile ext.n'live r .tead 'l etublnl imonrrernetlPi n(ow mako iug in thlis imulndiate viciniti, nil combine to rentder this, i not the ver.s'sent~r lecs cam-ng Fheiesesi rod nmudt v'n lubloe propert' t thle 2d Muiecipnlisy n It oi ill le esod -oobject to io feem teste nsreft llietooee- t"ln , whichi expires on lie lrt dfeNovertlller. 133I or :1319. 'd. ANOTl'itEll VALt AfIfE HOU.I': AND LOT, No. 1:11). nat present oceopied Iy fanlotl 1) ti, i.rq. siltanrted in 'I'el.oulitotloa street, nit nuj,iiil;n the Iast dmt'erihe.t preperty. ''lhe lit mcasnris .3;:rt lt incle I ll),t In"er frtllt n (i 'hll)oopioulnl s stise, hle depthi ti 5i feet inches anld 4 linesd il one silde, nl l 57 eetl Itl inllhes onlll h lillm on tile otther, and 23f.'t inihies in t le rear. h'lf/ improvcmlents thereon) cOnsist oft; large, handsomell, th co story brick huiililng roe rl c. ithl slate, and will tie solid .uli;jee to its prerent le..' of $75 ier inotlth, ntil the lot oe Novi'lber next, 3d. ANOTH'If'11 VAt.UABLE IIt.iSE AND LOT, No. 123, at proeont rcllhpied by Chbrld6s I:vrle, r:sq. iand situate m 'I'el-u pitoults frietesit, and dcuiiils the !.ist deerimd irloertly.. 'I'he lot omaeosre" 2 Jlt , I: ijnchsin front, bv 57 9 iiinches i dIepth t lt l n I isriP al.dr :"7 feet 7 ille.' andl 11 lioies ion tie other, - .rt ill the rear. 'I'ic npttremenls oI 11:i1 lot forretip.rill o llb tieonso last d-isrrith'i, nod srill te fImo li i)ji(jt ti i i present leans, wt.lih exlpires in the lst of .\iiimerl,t next. These three vaulhllaihui llions will ipo it'iive li Id wrihout sny ltiti, or res "rvntiot l u .-aever, n Ii r aIti t ever they will brink'. The rn or palt of tle lhover lto.+,,h-t;i.h i .olmrd r~ l iow, ngr e:hlleto the n iomn llo exhibitll: at tl 4 rn, o Exersn e, if ililtended lor n coinitoill el ulr rari i l; r theigee'rslbenit Ie der oten of ehl- t ii'e.iljii ,i. The dmptlh cthe lots run to tile retre o the f i i- an wsll in the rreer. Terris-One-thllid os thn ptirrehtne sotne I' Iv 1 i on tthe tt of \lov, 18:t7. One-tird t im slle tIt ofii ifhi 13311. Oneotmlid'omt the let of M1o1r 18:31 9 l Ireat nl, per rent rier ncl.nt, (iterest. Th e aIIrei hee or pir dlasere to famialsh intles drawn nnd enRdosE to tO s . venieire, sed o.turer) by Itignge ngtgil illal Ipio b'll, or eneh trllefcr to scanie a pio rsm'r ieprtio:m of'h paymentc ofeertlaeoislsr notes osrieiotll h grme i li 1meet ofsoilf properte, at tihe ptit. of H Ih telmer. 't1'u nets of sole clmot ier erxeetod within 5 sno'= froit iho dny of sale, before Win. Christy, Esq. Nonr; otrhr. wise tim0 seller reserves tihe prtvilege uf re-selliini th Irperty fireconenl of thre purchaser, aftenr ltrelteit' omblic roticee. n14 PACKAE IIAIL IWAIE &. F UOl.Ji.N & 10. oIE.STIC, LRVI'ERE7'T $ 7"IIoJrS. 4p omminsin h'.Ierchnuls, 13 IItoco sncrne', Nlw-t'oonn. AV'E n hnnd nd fnre onst.tlhr reesivinc from England a ic Germanyn , n fuol csupplyy of l-rr' WIse goods wnicIh isete uf'.lered by tthe .rckscri ot nlan1 ce turees prices. 'llehiirreseel ftock Oasrirnls of 160 enasks Ceroline Hoes, astod 220 do bright iraens do '2 do los g rhahm do Ilecases English fnwling guns 76 do Oeranmdo do 12 dm Croess rotoDws 25 esuks edge tstl trn s 2 mtkoon Ij0 don iltlom do do 7 do p.., poekeI, and dirk ktnire. 11 do oiable tenrv 17 do ibraons kntle I8 do fnrs ehanfcber onntlsetisks 10 oso lbokan ct hinges 8 do uorol esetr 6 easers pinso1., ne+s'd 70 tons English boiler pldte 70 encoks sheet ZiaC 4500 boxes till plotc, nesnrtetd cie, wit also a good s'ppplv of Aioriccn hlirdwmnre. Orders will receive piroimpt ettention, nnd xerntemr ot lowest prises, jali 30-3n2awr Boyic & , . ay,,,. b:ALF~Lsu IN AMER'CAN & I-:N;:1PItI C1m0\V'N rOt.ASS. N . 1 CA.r i.i.r.o S,.ec.-r. o, Dr. IYI'F'arlan0s FIR..l A ILY na.dl'riovate Cih.,mbers . corn.r. of+uy. dra. i -*tn Cn .r sr: aet. aln 1.. L. Plonlg --lDr tiist.ý No. 78 Canal 'treet,between Rovl n and Blourion strodl I tun.s of tl'etl lialc. froml !f A. 11. until I'. 11. L Blilanchctt. A y C(TION & COMMItSSICN M1E lCTIArNT, lV.,'ed himself liathe ahove tu ine s in e'"a, which will be curried on il its .ttrions lItbr I.tien. It fi-r lI, I'nildeir, 'liKe. e \lr;ight, New Oi ean% Alfied Crlunan, Cyrus tMarsh, Eli iualuoin-i-ryi, Natch e. " d29-l1 Mr. Milartoun, 1'ROfES.OIR OF EltOCLTION, SESPEC-TIzULI.Y annunlces to tile public of New l Orlensa , tIa t he hna reanioed hl peracticee in thi anove arv , brnil of polite and profesiionnl edu. catrion; Onldeitn visited at their residence, or rerievd at Mr. nlitt,'s reons, No 14 C'irena street, wihlLen artniularsn y Il n ataturaain.a. in7 'TR'ANSPOTS WtAN )TED). A NUMBER rfvessels of light draught ofwiater and A wuteld as Govrmment Transporls. Trhey are ta be at Fiort Ironke, Hilsbormlgh bay, byv Ithe 1: thl of April next, wllprovided with flooti or nanther for tola aame,with woot antl water, and all noher necessary preparntlona. If r tlraltoration of Troops or Ildintl. 'friiien lpropiolals sit.ting the, du-aught, gen. nral, ehtr:-ter il-e ih veseli, and thea pi-n per liand frolm Fert lrolkr to this pline, taking renst uan tlt Minianijipi upill btri l receivedl by Major J. Clark, anaiat nta Quiter-lMaster C. S. ArIy., tintl the evening af the 24th illSt. Alsoa, lr atumler of transports nos alove, far trans porting trorps Ifrol Fort Ihiookc toi A plnml icoln, to be at uFort Brooke nn tle 101th of April nix. Ne qUA IEILT lAS'I'TER'S OFFICE, Now Orihans, ollMrh -:1, 1C,7. I Alt- PIt IttCATIt.eiS. TITE hook of Saint Nichols, in I vot. leing vol14, Of the ISew cowmplete and unliform edition of Paul dinga's works. The Dutehman's Fireoide.--A Tale in 2 vole. being uola. 2 nlnd 13, ofl'lh ietewcomplete and tlniilfrm edition oif I'auliig's wiie. lolaer.-T-''rnsehted by Aleainnder PIdnu,, 'eq. in 3 vols. heing Nno. , :3.3,.d 31, of tlaroner Clan dical Fanlmily l;iurl y. Just reeelved auii for sale by Wm iMKEAN, t'?3 crnnr Cnamp nd i. Liomiaua tr. 'cLIEt- IN SI.1II, &-c. &. . CE.S 'i in Spain, by the autihor of"A year in fhe Iloney Moin, biy the Countess of Illessington, @e., in vols. The T'legs' il l lttiDerulue,' Ine , teogetlhn'rilh oi.l rrTnles byv dilieltni'lirl Nrieras. Alo,n farthere1l.n ail l tlno'i-' MAouiuirs.vell I l; -ead 1Wia.Dtis uhia'l-iontal Code. Jtii- rec..ited unau ut sale by mn.BN IENJ. 1. Y. TI- E INDIANe I' iNAIA. UST received It lanrge supply of this Iolit ahuiliu, According to ordnril latelly r riiv'ed, -a ari-f! rv disccnunt nIall bte alnhwell to )ruggist's and ll dialers alillhina g tthe in suih.r riI e, -i t. l>rop rie .... If lit II ti tiN l'u m73 corner Natclher and 'I'rlTplitii l .... lUICH AN) HIAKE WINES--Oll rod Iehh L lrahmiu; lMurdllck, do. Scitt, do. ilthn+, ,. AI o, inle old A iontilltda snherrv; do I dol.,-, ii Iti' aid aotine olf en superior to anly for an' i ll I lt Statis, for snleby A li INSI K I.IK', m--l0 g:iCnul yt ORIT EMNY HIL Alto. iW HEREAB mv wilh JANl Sl'EAul,han s rlliaaine w ita .ettote "hirf, and tas takeb nlt her nlap . in a canp on the Oyster nlltkit-This ni fturhlid ans pernan frtm harborng, egitlalovtng, on trntilnt tier nit my aenccunt, s 1 will iay tin lTcblbll of lerenmlraiiilui WII.IIAM B. iIlPEAR Parish of Plneqamine, March i, 18n37. In9 L IN ~ t: L , l il .AýS ., &r.---Lhtee ed Oil nbb iu I Caetor Oill doi lImp oil in lth Chrome Flreel it il aid drye ewaiams Pnamean; lIwmnii's Ve1naTot-e Garden ee ia- in boxesa Winleon (dlInei Seidlla..n t. der .Cap and Ietter Paprt fi)r sale by 'E. SWIAIN & BRO. l)urigitts, It Canl Its SO AP. tVER1.-Ware.i-- lewlIl "b-a-rr.ivc-d 1 until Ithelt Apdril. at the iolheofl the lias Light red initkhlg Co. loe the repairing inf all tl i treeia andt aide walks tnake tip by shuit cimitt al for fhe entlilln, year. A II aterlatls t ite ltnishedtl h the eommaectnrn tIhe work ito e dole in the test minneraand panymIent to he ainde, on the ceriteicate of the iurvevor, tlut the work lina been compleUIted to his lani-fuirion. iThe corntract or amtst ive a maid for $ l000i wih approved securilty for the faithful performance oif his duly. Gas Light Ol1-ce, Bank Alley, tune'-l 24 3t-.ctl GRAND SAIOON-N AV w 1";XCH[AN(iE II EE.., IES uSRS llltOP .-rul TRUS'I' apelfntly an I notincethat thlitr StIREE M SICALE, will take place on tVednesdav edil.ilg. March lth. ih3.lT when they will be nasitrel hiy the fillainlur hiladin gItirhed artinte, .i IhInir oieily nirofrred their value aileaidu Mlnladat GI RI.\ Cl),.hl. rer'chrteul 1'ianijte Signor (MalMfTrll, (liv lpeDnlei-sln oT it tnaase l, E:rq ) Sinnor RIAVA (.fA, Mens iEHMANN, ]Mnus NI Or... anad air ainullltar oif lli- re. T'l'iakeit. $1 00 to hdr al t hIlr Casev's nMuri, Plrie. tndl attie New' Excelnlage Illlh, m2a;n 1 I.EANINGS is Frinpe. Iut in Ataerican (Coopaut Slheltcles Iv Bt , illu.tratliive nif rirrv di, life1 end evi-rv iiny Prielle, lIein n lniillulmntial of uIt a ath.' I utth eiie, atliith-r skhliel. alinor Mlral- for on inag peoplre ilhittutrd in talensndl - trnavels hv Joln Iievri-lt. Jrlhtl rei-etd end liW nale l ii- ii% BENJ. IPVY.' 31 AChKI:REI EI.rdll'th. &c.--ll li -isi NI - 1. and 1 3. Mnckerel; 3011 hen.e ri- Fi-i (li l( I-l.xee I --'i.- lkilllIrriIllua- ui l.'iifl i dll sultld berlllp, fIorile hy b S. d . P.'\ll'I'NkB, , B_.T?'" iii . .' r,i ,renr iti-it Fi-ititr,.p r su, b\ (lt\fiT S& t'Ail', -', " ,]9drasmsad*