Newspaper of True American, April 6, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated April 6, 1837 Page 2
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IE AMEERICAN nlrmuED DAILY AND TRIWREEKLY, AT BANKS' All C@AD, CORNER OFr MAGAaI, a Hr, rTEHe. Mrs. S-EDITED BY JOHIN e't BSON - '-etsha' .t Bholdg NV\Y-OMLEANS: THURSDAY MORNING ..............April 6, 1813 Whether Meknieo will be so foolish as to declare war sgalast the United States, either formally oa .-rmtablly\ is a qutetion which we think will bt 5a ettled. The news front that devoted cit) t 4i I yeterdaen in the Bullitin, does not ex. Lltitra vety.osperous condition of things in the 'eptll. POesnly domination is at tihe bottoml o id"Aecilo that Meleico is now sluffering under, adl so long as she submits to be governed in any sey by a hierarchy, she is destined to the doorm ol ,an enslaved nation. Not content with governing Teisast an integral part of the Union, she op preased that'listant portion of her empire, till she .roused the spirit of rebellion. Urged ot by the prs4eatbood, wholmse pliant tool he was, Satrs-t-- -. 'invaded the rebellious province tolearn thi It soon that one' fee man is equal to ten dastard slaves. The hero of San Jacinto is now reposing in his disgraced laurels, waiting till a majority of the servile' M iceans shall place him onceemorc in Jmewee Pending ithis event, things throughout the Union are in a complete state of disorder. With all the gravity of their proud and powerful ancestors, the Congress convenes to sit in secret session upon the message of President Jackson. The result is not known, but doubtless that wise body will resist! To gain their end,the party in low.r, that is the priests, are trying to excite the people against foreigners. Texas, too, is declared in astate of Ilockade, and a miserable fleet is sent to carry the order into effect. The govern mnat his been tsapering with the copper curren qtaI the beggars of tihe city are inexorable in their demand to restore it to its former value. The distant states of the Union are disaffected towards the present tyranty, and are on the eve of rebellion, ifthey have not already raised tilhe stan dardof opposition. 8ach is the tsttum of the news received from the country of tile Montezumars, lup to the 15th of March. Those among the Mexi cans in whose breasts the flame of liberty is light. ed up,a!l wellsowre of the difficulties that prevent the country from enjoying the fair fruits of its in deaendence. They know that the Pri, sthood, like an ineumbus, hangs over their beloved Mrexicr, Itlighting and destro)ing the plant of freedomn. .And yet they have not thie rnral courage to rise in their might and strike a dreadly blow against this hundred headed hydra. UDemagogues see this feet, and they seize upln the ptwry of thle priests and tihe blind sttperstitition of t'e ipeople to rule the latter with a rod of iron, iwhile the purpo aos of the former are subse+rl.t.d by their union with such unprincipled mens. lMexico may make as many constitttions a she please, but unless a' s drive the Prisats from their strongholds, uno less she doas we did, declare liberty of conrscience a.d burst.the bands of church and state, she will ,r.ter prosper, never advance one step in the high -road of rational liberty, sever be ought else than a. torn distracted, wretcheld, and pricstg.ovcrned .courtry. 'The Opera. '$o fur as powser goes, tihe present comlpany lia a decided advantage .over tihe trouri'e rf lnst sea son, and is infinitely superior to tlreho that have charmed the New Yorkors irom tinte to lims., if we take it as a whole. Indivitl.allv, ri't ean boas of talent that far surpasses the 'N. w York rht'npa. nies,fl we except the laorrentd M:T:libran. Rrssi i a small woman, but possesses a Ipower ind li quidity of tone that astonishes tihe auditor. To rjust and pleasing features, capabhlt of strung and varied expression, she unites a natural and chaste ly correct action of body. h;ilt.l t(he'e great qua. lifications no charrsetr can serolr in her hands; 'while in those which are di'tinguisihed fortendsr mnessand the fintter qualities of womant's hart, she rleaves the spectattor n trling to wisth for. Shakes petro's Juliet is not Bellini's. But the funrtda tions of churacter are thre sanor atonatLt ll people, and we sethe te musiciant and poet uniting all their power rpon these grnat points. The erand out line -of the lovely Jolict is tl e s:rnt in both au thors, but the d. tails and filling up a;e so dlfler ent, that they to bear no resernblance. Russi did the part folI justice. tPantanelli is peculirly suired to the part of Ro moo. Site plays and sings with ll the fervor of a devoted lover, whiile her eye spe'aks too plainly to be misunderstood what is passitg in her mind. The most fastidious cannot oblject to her face. It is tie mn.'el of erprssrire I:eauty. When at rest, her features are not strikiemg, but lhie excited they tell the "ltory of the heart." She represents tin lover with great truth anld berauty, an I to our minds caome nearear to this beouidetcll a confiding youth, than it has ever been our g-ood forlune to witness. It were real'y diilcul to point out ithe grealat efflrts of Partanelli and R'ussi during the -,ers. In eachl and every piece they d'd etnough to immortalize themsenlves. lerhaps the lament af Romeo in the last rcere, anld tre rcutrato tof Ju .liet may be instanced as effl'rts c trnbtuing a great ,er number of beauties and dtiliculies than Irand elsewhere. Let the watchword of all true lovers of music be henceforth, Pantaonell.i and Rossi. Of GCeresini we have already spoken. Ilia clear, full tone of voiae will make hirm a general favor- p its. Every onleewill reumember hM trcsor's execu tien ofCeresini'ssecond song. It was introduiuced in Zelmira last se::s tn. The dil'srence wras so palpable in Ceresini's lavnr, that ae r'la.uost fan- f sied MIntresor toerd bhlre us s iths a ritno'trt ds i So far as seen, weI have another hi 'dci of the superiority of [his , tvant "'rup,,--T, are all line actodrs and actrets, s,. Thte neart rcet;u,. blance betwren the sand El Flish sttlu Io acting renders the Italian chol,,, extre el t:ccp. able to us, if the perfrners be artistsr.., l.:ds she present company are p l;ctillicus tI, a point it Ahcir dress. Such a sight ie quite rfreslhilg. e.Ye prodi. a acrowded house to-:ight. COU- CIL-- ECOp'D >1 t'Nlt IIAlT'iTY. Tuesdate , 4 It .1prl, 137. The C, until taet ngre-nibly it o ,;l ,u tnn , rr. Present, the H, e. t,,c R -c.rdUer and all :h." AI dermatn t,t .lit. ll thrb t. The Jra of d e irteeding tgting h Ivige seen read ad apdniprov"T, The RecorJer au!mir+.d the f,,llo iri , ltr : ii rc l't et:t'r (Illst ; New Uli .an e, Api1., 11,137. Genotlemen-In tcontormit e ' otoni sie i t +-fjustirr, and at isteittnstat .ceof eI :I11 I,-ll bt r of thk Council. I am inductdt to brit before 'on the name of lthe Stecr tary, Jtlth (;ilbsn, 1:. with a view of st'.Jiesotitg the prIprte ty l .t t wirt : iagI to him i addtllat n l cots ll pttlt;utit n, s ,_ t II bt the abilityland zeal lie has unlihermll y Ltee. n th li; lischarge of his t'ori tius anti artduous tlt ti S ti hl ti of tllose of an xtlraordinary In:ature, nlll rhap: Jlnt contempltled or included it th duties ,ri. msally expected at Ithe hIu;d of the Secretartv 'l a I natur and extent of that comnlunltnsatim ' will remain ftor ylou to detcrmni.t. V1cry respectfull y, Your obe die:r s rvI't, J. B.A1,I.WIN, Recrd r. Whereupon, ilr. Peters otffered thle tIll aon Aresolution which, the rules be ing drstst.ed et ithI e.-' taken up . lld unll initously ado ,et d. Rasilved., 'Thrn the st i i ll e tlt.t ol:lnd dot tlars Le granted to :Mr. Jhe (;ibs,,n fr , (ttt ctnf - spe:nsationt fer the etile icit nt tland sa ,'itml tlo which he has pe'rhlsrn d hl, dtlo-e> as s, rt.rn .o f the R ecordet 's ottt Ifo·rt , l . s i ft . "i A contutulll t ionBtt l llt rea I' I r ,, fr .i Jer, subasFittit , g tnt acrtou ilt .l .I . , lo l i Ill .elation o a t +tst-inr puttreha e ot .i 1seph d tled; i in, both of whitch referred t lt +'I e Comlmittee. Upon the third arriet , Resclved, That the prltt;its o1 J. 11. lialt t i he acceded ltt-Iv z, , relel' his o-r: l; 1 I w i h thte add i :L ,ti t ,I i , eAc)lpelr perunm int:. 7 ha w e e f -vy l natt e n t o f th e 'r, i s , ," r ' , peali4 hoh witg Ithe rt eipts f rhtl pI t ', c . t t, _av atmountea d it t 5.-3 63, t ht I t, i r L,7s91 20, and the balance oi hand to d t;97 ltt A.anstnuintlton t tIro the rv.eyr tt.aI rtelr - ;os goattt t l,,lict n tt t t,, A comnut hnrot ltth Cl ,l" I Tf''txt r tst in roni cet I el n ltt acl; s and ,,l:,is lendI h...kers :,ld pedluras, suhbni tl It elart rll account, w'ich wv l s rtlerf ed hee 1e lt, 'l u:", an ; A t rll s er (mll J. D. H lridlw , sunh tl, i,: m: u .c+ e, un t i1 relation o cer ,,, , m" - 'v it+- l i. i i. " . ,urerdi repairing vle L .e a t : Ir ; r • '.. , '|lUn moti ,r, uas hlid ul,,n tp , r,. ,(+, A peti ion of residents on Villere st-oIe was rT. ferred to the Colnlmitltee on Streets and -A petition of Charles More & co. was referrod ton Cn olnlitree no Chlins. One fronm John McDonun h was referred to the Committee on Streets and Landings. A letter was rend fromt H. Lockett, RFq., coun. eel of the Orleans cotton press compar.), was lair spoe tile table. A letter frnm tile Pr' of the New Orlennt and Nashville Rail R lad ('ompany wasn rn-nd ant refe red to the Coun:nittee on Streets and Land. logs. ir. Calldwell, h:airman of tile Cnommittee or Streets and Landi s, , t oll e a report w lic i w as tpon mllotion, ndoptn'd, necononpoied wilt tih f.l e lowin res-lulions whiclh, Iht ruis` I sin'o dis pensed with, were also adoplt-d. Report ofthe Ctntmilllee of Stree's and Lmndings. Resoived, That tIhe centre of Circus street, frona Canal trreet to CoLmton :reet, be curlbed snd Spaved 3 feet fron te curb n tile enst and west side; and that the Surneyor be, and ha is hereby directed to do ti m lee. Resoived, That the Surveyor be atd he is I ere by directeti to place threT lnamps on Vnllro street betweein Conllnlon aend ('ntnal street. The resolution ofaferd l y tie Iin. n. nennler ol the 3d warl, J. W\V. Shnnahlg, gwhlich was rfeirrcd to yolr coltnllttee, rn turnc. tl, thIe cuntcnil al. pproedn, and they Itnave to repolrt tile smt;e tot Reslved, 'TlIant te Surveyor of the Seeconl M'I nieipaliy he, andlI he is Iherel y dlirected o cause, with as little delay as Ipssible, the construction of a tsuitabln bridne, naeross le lprtene cannl, at tile intersennion of iaclnhos ond lelupmene streets. IResolved, That tihe Surveyor nhr nnd e is heree by directedl'to survey tile renr of this Monnneipali. ty, nnd to report to thlis counlcil witll a plin upon the best mnnde of rnrreyinn off bhe surplus wnnter from the vicinity of tIhe hnnspital, as workse , and grave yard; also, of rthe peractinaility and exFedi eney of lnyinlg off e-;d rnin.::g thie strerts In tiween Canal street, nirudl, St. Mary aid Be.rt..nd JAMES W. CALDWELL, Ch'n. SAM'L. J, PETIERS, Rti)'T. I..I MeN AIR JAMES P. FRERETI Mr. Shamburg, chaiirmn to the Comnminiee on Claimns, maide t'o reports, ancconpopanie etlh n reslution, which, thIe rules Lbeint disnpensed withl, was taken utp and ndoltrd.l. CotnomTrrE Roont, April 3d, 1837. Tie Conmnittee nf Claims, to which was refer red the petition of W'in. Deonen, JrI., lnaving n quirenl into tle truth of facts containeld in the p1 titionn and bring satosfied withl tneir contracts, beg Isnre to report th , dlt n t 51 rtont lutin.. C. \V. SCIIl.\.i11111Rf., 'THOS. ). ME L'., II. LOCKE''T. Resolved, 'Thant the Mayor he, and he is hereby issue Iis warrant on the Treasury of Ihe Seconid Munieia lity, in the snmll of twennty two dollars in flator of WV. Deaonet, Jr. CoUMIttrTEE IRornt, April 3d, 1837. The Committee of Clai:nr, to wicih was refcr red tle pritioel nfJ. EmanI lI, g relief front tlis council, beg to report ta tlthey tae duly etl qoinled into the fcts of te cant, snal tIey Ioave dicot'ered nilt, grounl on which the petitioner dould jostly t ent tp a cmn;i fnrrclinf, anl thIyc I eg to Ie dischrotlnnd fromt the lurther eo:nmidcratolon of thle subject.i C. J. SCIIAM , 'UR(, Ch'n. THOS. 0. M EUX, 11. LOCKETT. , .ORDER OF THE DAY. *I'a foii ig rae lutioni brig in a order, oil no ss R,:a l, That it is inexpedient at the pr sent n ati etoc ta se l e to tie pr rr,)isis u:l oaf lre n'w Or le bans and Nas'avil e Iioil lRead co-upnars , to take 0ill 0,000 dilars of telrletol:k of said comUpany. () 0 lot sal I ' Air. Lockeul, the rules being dis pI pnrssd u it wan o Rcsolved,1 That the attorney of thli. ,3lunicipnli yd th be, and he is heIrehby Iluested to app eal Iros thei decisin blaetl r ienterd I)y the Ibis . tLe i arl ist court for the parish nild oity of New ()r lns, i thc ase of hMunicipality No. I ogainast iMunici pality N-. -2. C dr. I'etea introduced the followi.rg which was a adapted. vc esolrr'e, That a con;mit ree beappaoited in if behalf of ties -llnicipaliy to) nCt cunjomntly Wi h of th e eastern di aricit i1 I, uisianas ; said colnlnis. . sirneir I ein, hIreby ar ntisreid to superintend and i arry into Cile't Ith salle r sf said sIuritU Uf ground,1 in cohnformity with the resolutions of this council, and the ordies ofi rid Unirtd .rates District Court. S Air.Lcketr prerranrid Ihe tollowinr res it r in atihb, tlle ruhs Leing diepenae witrh, was also adori'teda i.csolie!, 'pTieat t ile resol uion authllo ii ithe, s, l aofi i t i ae tof ground i ouo:nds d by (linol , Illr azlnrl, Ii 'l.ll er it u alas at I Cont in in dtire:str hr o Iul iedt as ml make the pror..etlo o l'lhe sahl e £lm,l te L.n,.,d Htates I)lsli,.t Conl lf)r i 'C solt' ,, I i ia r alrro introduced the 191 S louwie oL, ch it as aidon . l'Isoli d, Th1al N. J. PeI trs be,and he is her.,by Sa r itoI l t IIndereL the 1',r - ro:tl resilltlon ni of tlhis r l nielpalrsay. - .\i . i e iers it oJuce.l the fullou in- g which was - lesolved, That tl e sunsll f I1000 be paid to E. S lnzuretr tau, ::~sI, oI (acount or nprufesional mT vier s to be r tl;tll t I r h ill the eon a tr the U. . v.. the- Iai or, A-hi ren, and inh itants of I New tilr .la i, rla:-ioir n tII te va.ntrt grou i i b iundei by ta'aztine, C n ,u ' 'l'chuI ,ntoutas and On iration, the eottnril adjournesr to Tuesd .y next the l lth April, alt a . .hi JrsiM nii(O-, Secrn tare. BI tile Glovregnment .xpress. VERY LI ItL- PRT hi i NfLItND. t' t 41 late hlo llr this lmls 'Yi, r.ier Ih al d Ir hao . i Iitrie, C pii t Marshallt ts rrriaeiIroI ia ,Ivrpn I - On the 2L811 of ,".,bruary, Lord Meltbourne brouht I fimlwnrd his mIi ,on r a 1l)lllirl eP of inqllire ino the state of c,, +laaturi:. in eland, which 'was In t sr Ct , n'nmos 1s r D'i;ynr ,ourt deferred his a rleitira f brr ie p( eal of the seplennial net till o! Ithe tlo ),t I t,,o 1it f, ure the 'loae uf the scS tie r sir ltir s ret 01 a i : drn is h is m otion for an r l rs''riry h il, ;'l' , ,r, tier ll tll t l " : ) ,itr law s. 11 i(i sis ir ii, t, ir 1 o i lart -hrr r Ir i, ini to r- llrlrsa rra lis on aff rs of (r at sie. Aaria r Lnder asus na- ns i' il" I.l, \I d s .ohie, a r an e:rlll ll , I sl il bare t art ir e - Iiriala iaae rrfaasmis Th.-. 1J to a hlis ih prisonl lat foir der , was i l'n(r ac. , it r.ol , . t, e i : i't i"st e Is! o rare hli'a l lee..r ,, arg, rl d l en cond, c, :i , t hl.e'l I,, r t. Lit C-i : r- i eseac iot \ro Thi l~ ,,t D us 5. as'. :,,:t t v r ct )ino it t rau-ta al:dl' ."I t,. h l< a,\'i, ,s froe ('e,, aed ei e. II ie ll I jerie Ir n s \,, lrIe d It at:tel) !1y Io s o It con :0, :,, p s,, is, n iu Orse ore ,.a t iaanbaaa Ia l ' i I ,e 1' vra e I's 11 11P 0 , rn ;it,! I ere e m , a . 3 a2 , trani 23 r-iht honors ale , S r -, 3 r r , 13 k i; rs, 3 ar ir: , it r .lltr c i,,la,,1 rli j re, 4t1 a rn aV and navy lui n'ap)lalm n 11J li, IL t n t-,",', t(Ittl -, '. t r :t r ri :os " la rl -,3 a :a ,.lel rs l a r. tier a ie iiea I aoI a s, G \\"e r I oll h propt rlea rl- , w: .! gl ts: l Mo, e ~n, , I ri r a-t i. rs atst 'iWho ir s ',rc at th .ir ,hsp ,'s. '217. ,:h h hlvin'f . tlr a,,s i oil ,rh a iri , lU ! i :rt lr I '! ,It h .anil sla lmost -treat ranm . bersd, and w ich tire' aIr al; l:, v, Ml re te fta I ir. a tr n l - Bl,, : :.1heu.c+. a nt:,t the pre: .t"! of hies mighty }' n .,II - vrl abot . d.o..of F uaro ..., ,.:I l. . r year aol di • u i ,1 . la r . -own P ns - mii . , i ir I hat thei a ie, It e:as~ roe rtl , u n rhe e te. [,ea r- in Ilra et - re tbrs . b e i -r ar t orb r1 a b,, r. loc ' i- 1'r ,.' n --i , t o I lr I e on the 0':I -' ' I , I t t .,srr- so rrs e lr - ,t l, I a2 , er t e rr I.e l r ,,1..I I . tr S e ...... i r - 1 ' ti o ' t I, !I \t.,'lhr n "1.i. r,+ t d ::I i v w altr. S, vy rat to"r+,l hits, s, ,I 'lle t'0,\vr pvt,.shI, buit ihe ,o 'lt alrs, is-t sllh l ir. , i: ." i s r ed. ars rise .ir la r- i , ct sa t', I- t is s rag e ~ ,o IhI I llp C o h Lav e li wi iti i n T r rhave it, atile, iin o -I no small emils wereft isa-, , p, . .. .. - It , ro, tel tsa the ej I'r at sh.r r, h h ..,Is,, Hr ,5,. i '. ai . I'ROT+:TI ..' y 5I' I ,)E COMPAN .t).'A\ . a it . eta t r i l ree a iran!, - o l .1rti r a". ' u i -It I' a , 1., s ; . a .flU I eCOPLRPrhCIAbL. OFFICE OaF T'til T'UEn A R IrCAN, Wednesday, April i, 1137. SPlodue is eretreating slowly but surely. Three hundre hales of good quality cotton were bought for remittance t Liverpol on Tuesday for 7 rcents. To-daywe hear of sever lots being ofered at rcents. This same quality rwould lav readily brought 15ell entsafe rweeks since. Forttlnos can not bre made by those who have capital. At present pricesbuyer caru afotrd to store and wait tl e issue of the present timer That the revulsion is just begun, every indication proves. I Ilinds county., Mississippi, more than a thousand suits hae been brought. Tile citizens in self deinon pelitioneJ the GO ve lor to convene tIlhe Legislature for the purpose of paaini arelleror replevin law. Ieo not having done so, they hav called uponthe Aheriflto resign just I efore the April tere eotsnlccs, tllreatening vengeanre against any one lwho wi] acept the omeepro tempore. When men are driveu todes peration, law is but a weak barrier. The question is nor salratio ordestruetion. Thereistno medi am. Cotton land will now conel downl to ltheir real valueand Inceforward w shalnl no more see tile penniless buying plantations and nt groos, simply be.ease ea cotton broker weill accept for the tr paylent peredicnted on tile crop not yet own. IVeare pleased to anllounlc however tlat nearly all tle branks havlecnmr intothearra;gemert ofthe City lBank--t postrpone tile debts dlle them till le )5th Novelbelr next,lel, 10 per cent every 60 days. This 'ill relieve the commnunity andreastoreconfRdeneina great meeure. Tuesdndy e as hard day with us, but so far as we can learn, all went of smoothly. Little doing in regular beiesrs. Suger brings from n tO 6 I2ctR . Molasses31toa3L. Flour is at S. Lards8 I-3ec Whiskey 35 a37. Coflee has delined-a sale oef100 bags al l1ct3. Rice is slow at 4 cts, and Corn at li cts. The sale are all small. The idea thatthere isabusdanle of solid wealth to let us oat ofourdisculties is absurd. There are two or three hun drred millions of paper money too much in thie country; ans oe this tfllacio as bases have men traded, and the eonsequeuse must be, ruinse theet amount: STATEMENT OF COTTON Oct. tst, 1035--N0. alceron hsnrl...... ........ r..7 1,70 April 5, '37--No. hles ree'd thisldey .......R?-557 I jITotel eo. doece'd previnuely 4BO0rt 4d3,EOC lb1,56i Apr5, Il 37--E. tlhis day to Liverpnol....... 3 5 T. l a do a leerey .. 9a1 Ndo " Coesr......... 15 til " Trieste........O3 do Ilotoe......l..13ad Total E :eviously....... 3....... 35,6i13 9,4 No. of N ales on e and net clearedr, 972, STATEMIENT OF TOBACCO. Oct. eet, 1"''e-No. lsde. err Irehadrr......... . 7 7.. 7,on April 5, l07--No. do rec'd Ilsise y.............372 Totallpjrrvi, 6263-016637 1:1,1i4 Total expor Is to date No. ofthhds. on hIand not cleared............... GW3 NI-\R YORIK 10MNEY MARKET. Ir Bremrstt's report of n 7Lth ellsllO hae me stereilCt acaos'itof thle lili'aletise in Enhinnd in 1815. erotn tile farts thee dlrerlopsedrl, re.rea evry reasron-o Inselieve t0ht this country ailr blave to ea throughie satne ordea. te the nlollt reo.lsrlh dr tie h lergn, nnd , osRlstre nherftene le t yeaenr tshe bank end eireklatingte drliun tell ternl 41)3 ter 43 rillioines crliug. We Isarc eow tse o Ielln dred elledliillr oiaarrllk tlha eirdelenirrenmediumse over end aeeve tile real nelthrof ?.he roernrry. Frllures nlu net cltineo till na,,rey in hrouaglt tor7or l entr ib and out oedoors. Caee !rmlationlre lalreraly bregirnrriag to be the order efthe day. Srtok are bout tilesrre. ,\Vetornl and soutbclanrseare tat. furor m.t. IONDON MONEY MARKET. Fersn tIe Laenlan p)aprsy of laree 9. CLer, Ioe'n'ok, Marsch 2.--'l'hr ecareisy of rtrev ia silt Enalirir narket cntrrirlurRr. T'lil aluaoy price ior eoe nols is 8!1-1 to |1 ; and for tlbe April accoulnt 9l1 oR*.quelr bill. erretn tIn a per. iunns. Inetim hnreign merrkrt Spcsieb sstock bhve nlightlr inrprorel. Prtuguaereteaklie little ttlended to. Freul tbe orlntry illsi Illorning, lettersre lien eglerny aerrlelllt of tsle n lruarket, e nnd thle bisjniear ere is very li ra te.. Two o' hOCr.--al-rnieb Active Stock continues at I5 7-? to Il 1-3. Cne le Erglilh earhet consols are en to I-orte tile Aprilaroune. The tallonairg aiotin bae jarls ban issued by tile lnrk :h " The gnrernor ared rorpyney of tile Bark ofEegleeddo birey gi.e rotricre,lstht on elld fenr tse dirr instant, tley wil be reaiiy tr, eceisr epirclie.tione for lonns, upour rIb de ronit of np rovnte bilis oatxchnirrrae, nlot having enore teltn ni-ety-tue draryesrtrun; rlnelhi[:alsr to ner ersid Irn or boICre tibn 1531. Of April IIorn n ithi hileecrt at tile rtate ofhl r eet per ana lr, ad-II eec¢ tr snnrrt ofnst lee tnerll J0Ii:e rdehi. I rttnk glrdad .lIarch 2," POUR O'CLOCn.--e-'OalS for tsle Areereleloer d at P0. AMErICaN STOCeS, MarrCh A.--.MinSiesi ri,5 jeer at. 1861, (7-r1till I-I., lryrre n-errv~ias 3per ee 1$3, r6e Ia 18tiSt 05 I-A; U. S. Brabk'd24 i. t7't; N. Irldeanes Land B1. Co.Lea 10Ral' Mie. l'laer slellnk rbr li;Tl'en. do dre 1o; Alelarnb 5 r ct lee, ho0rer Irrirallrt 5' cr11?5' R, 7 1cry ant 6 lper t 1870, Bash E l'lotisiatln s; per cr eel 5 Ill' [lorldt G per et 1rs50, n i i, hi4, 85; do IrenOi Laenada Boads e prer ct1Ej5, IOn . II rIlls N\AIIKCT. rArRCII " e rt-2.--"Our- I ellln-r f .r tIm ht-t three days hs been ellR ilarllVr, slid tile prices ofrlarrt wsck,' arerarc bar; i eis. ,.00 alenls oild rotter] valluedl 3 inollthls ago~ frol I.:1 l-·I e 51re lb ore, i sseld"erda.,' lt i Irn-e , lesrnerig a nrlos obfl'ol 5"ti scirpe lh. 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At liavre, Matrch lr sid, Valinut, I hitore, N Orls; "2trh IoFebc,lrt itattg, Sulttrges-; Globie, Porte-r; Colunbia, - ; lury Au(. Clark, ILucretia,, tall for N Ors; 2'Iil, L',noiisSana,hor, hore, l Equator, Blisoon, N Ait Noatz. Februaryt 2.Stb, artiived, Crcrlia, Rublt, N Orlt. At Paim'teuf, 35th, err, Anane Louisa, N Oris; sailed Itamn , lDemijohn, N Oris. At Flttshlig, Febroutnry ICth. Fortunt , Beck, Net, Att (Clyde, Fi'cbruary v I th, stoiled, .Leoora, Lunt, N 01ti. [r¼ Pttespc.] AIt litvetr o l. 3Iaret 3, rid, .ot Lt l Stol,, Illendrson,, N Oris. Sinr it ^td, arr, Cottgress, Fox, N ("Oti. iOner rlt. efr h.adl, st tre 's s'ond lights, anttt-,iedt l tter to nak 5 feet twiter tin hoiur. Sitl, scatmt din, Alexllelr, W\t'eaktcr,N tthi'ns. hstust 1, rnr, Louisrille, Patner hb.|e. Fe.b "!,1,['latina Ihonwmeth, tence. 27,nrr.'Tal" I[ tthat.'see, 3la, N t)ois-ottIi (tI'Ce Clear, sawt the Wta ntco tild Stt:' i0'stor, hIco. Sidl, Hull, Paiue, N Orl.. s2i, si.-I iotlawk nld It"rantionit, N Orls. At lilthtrd, Fe'b 27,sthl, Star. tihoer, N (Orls. M. Chlarles 'Tihcatrec. ;1111 ni:ght of Ill: ()"1'l'l. (CO PilN'.-.Y Iro: the grand c "att, ii5 a tt H.,i' ti t. i " T tIl tt t1t1t.rG .1p c 31. tNT- ,:C III- , I: I'5 t it t .ti71' i il. O.r--(lil'il: re R::co. i -om(t", - .i.,: ,+.';I (.+Jot'lII. L l t IIN I "U1 i P' til llcll i. [ b-/ rqur (h 1 ,!,Clt.i, nNew Yok i dischargc. in ! ti:r; ab! e tte ,( Mint. Consiences trill plhanc IJ':1 cl:ledo meetin.g bill take placo o Satu'day, th I ':t tt; it 9 o' tti o 'i t 31, li .t the uits l place,. t ,t tt nItR tal alten da c , lu I1 r, l t ' . i qI t' -:i ! u .o T DTI"l tl)i. I.\ IAdl' 0;. 1 [.11 1 -1 ( -li Oour de li-trl t Ile SPot'.ntierrc I)l.trict Jldiriar".-ttltun I'alTaire d'Eid .waid Brooks rsntre ce.,miitrt.-t l est dberete par to cour, qut neO ao.stehble d:s mreancicr: ti' l'iuo] n b1e, of tu tl: , ..-1 aI'tr? , s - l te este,, uhent leiul uti III-l Il Ie II. IB. 'cn..s, Nonte,+ public, lee de Ma.i ,roeblin 0 1I1 loer rS di mi 1 l *, I :llio i r, d lih] rrrstl r I. laft ir:s, ' " l'i, ;:,hc bl., : w , si il I"*ju ' r conver snblh ,'nu tr.; s, t.liý'. r« plawe de; sonldir" deredts depinhs letr hilall Ir.- pout VO:rs do];ti s adio ;tir isttV trt :,HuI} hl re or dlo t,'l pI:ourstair-, et lid dower de tl1:hs io<true tion qg ln P ,er,:t de, ,r., tohiers dulit fEilite pentent e ni ,,rr. 1Et il --ts t1 i phli d . '.,t , qut e.nry It. D,'nis sitar tn u" al¢e'lit ti-d want niI cI oln r rp e mpreset r li sr Inh'e ." l'h :I . 'h:tl,: \V",tt". j Ise dedlit coal, 1 ;It ( , 18:7, a d . l ll( \ I. i ':ll - , Grllier. TLt'thiS i:i.'+ I I tFI ) J']l.' 0,-;.\ , \.. F "I l; I.;Lifet o 'Th<w:+. 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IAIIJ(l11-!II4 lblii iccv luiidiiig nodiifor salo at 33 1(i srcc tcby all S Ci LA LNCHtRl). C NIIES-".00 hboxesra Nciw Iticird Sirmicanilc, icr sale at 33 Ciravicr street, by ii7 S (:l 111ANCIIAftfL D-ý iSLA IDUCK-3 0ihlta X U Itutisi Duek; Ii f1. L bales l:la\·cni do; 50 boxes ·pperia CInIIIIP , rues 1111. di c; 30o Laity pe lacdui rum -pIici-rlicol from ro.toi, i ud far sale at Y5 (:ruvYIier llur4 1))! G a a _ _ _ JCOCKOIYNXl. '1i Ul1AS.l c 41 hblil and 9 ticre'r -iAoui~ as, in i.ýl cud shipping. oIdrlinighic Prlalo boit aid for ale at 5I3'l'cbuclpicoulau it. by 11111E~ ~ ~ C 11K- 0 bbsCi .epik 119in EM'om \t flit boat midic far l le'l'cl citouli Iv fLlor subl at 74 I'ovdr st. hr aft ~____~__ J THAYER&C1~ (o, IiJslo at 7illi Iiccc-ad Et. 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Vii br iiilr c (iiiiill· 11 n3l·Pr 1\, IIIIILCJI ITIh of ,-urn iii 41,-, t~ isc ~ l o l o,(ut n fo( stile t 'ticiX Lrbice by 113 C: I lcbc:I sale by tul (:1'' It !L ('ll1 u131)I I (':tovier street.1 1'i aid -18 hx \i.1 ni po n -I ' op ci ~~ILare, ii 'or~ -titilit I n ii r: ,licii+. udI l ol i5 t tll I t Ilt ,, Iiill-l* 0 III) I tt b n '20 J i II i 0'tiCOLQi IT cc'.ti Illola IE -!ht La;, 1tH` I 0\alofa e' I otl i ngta l : for sa~le tt 59 COII):li:! at. by hit y.11ilt(N 11'(II.ýfi ;1'-t6_tt,, ,roIt f1' I t Ici 31111 KId -0 do 11i10 p II 'll--- ILO lIugI' til III CI\ l ior ale i e ci~cc I nl Cll\ "II I lII-''ul , It t--iiIP 8f\ I ' -I f i I'· t. 1 Iles lIti t. r I lt i tIe Ill II I CII~lit -I~I.eic1 l a : I UIIS1":l, il1 No Lov p - I 3"I - 1 a e, , 1i·1otat1 ~ats c tl 7 4 li 111 ' a n I ilrll·olii- . an It o l -llill lor h 1lll IIII StmIi~ra-oh lu+ , b (: I'I tt'1I ·l PARASOILS. TIHE subscribhr has just reeivIed (from New York! Scasea of fig orod Satil P'e 'aru ols,oll" Iffrcuch lnuni facture, fashionable colours, which ate offrlred att th - low price 1.13 75 cents each, at 76 Canal street I.t e Royal, by ar G E FI.11EY. sILK AND SATIN GOODIS AT. CiST. SHE balance of the stock of silksyld satina of til S sublcriber,will be dispuostlu of at actual cst i '"'.c lark. ''lhe are rruie reming, a few pieces of rich ligured nat ns; plain and ligntrd liet. rilk., iu utli ri 'r iuality; di "rot t(o ) blok aid eui]iors;j-! audl biui bik aroi- de r.iti tad liala silks; also, a very fuw Frlnuch alid Iri6l 'Lse dodasitras of) l.rRosing, wrill find it adantaige n5 "E t_ ITI .EY. sII1E subscriber is now opeuliu it supply o nr e Sgouds, raeived per shilid Keituckb Lnd. i Iub.c t way, frunt New York, con.isting iU part of thela lillw. tilch freacl printed ijakonetu, pihin and sati:; iher.e Inew patora; British hawns; slvlr 'il i. o t t s, p did article; light colorel d Irgtulla l c zuii z; small ft ret SFiu.l tt.hialnbrics; silk Sct,:lil tlualuad, Rlui uful sic. rv, 10uiii, ribbed, uela woarked, aoid eli 'd; lien erllt brick oid litwu llhhdtl', pltin alm-sticlitu t,. er el d clnub'd; hltdkfc, sii IS uud sarlp. sat in slt bra ci silk do AlsIo It cuenril lllkftb..a eI li t rd re oleielu; anti)), 00aa00, adi r d. l'i- Clll't. titre Ribucar. 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Iudrtles, plaintiff anr letlIutuat, bti iI. tilvrl anld aittul led, iaid that tIle dtefnudIut pay tie vests. Cll.kRLES 31lURIAN, February 4th, 1837. J.urde. C. pa'..141i. It testiaanl whrcal, I havIre hereunto set tny hand atd nla ea tllicsnal of re acid ruairt at tiho city of New Or rals, ilt this 'cOth day ii.f lirel, in tile year of ourLord ole thniutsand eigt llatlrerd attd thirty-sevetaadta Iho six v-lftit ,'r of td Iudelndnurca of thle Unitel States. Ne-! r1,19.--3n11 d A- (.1110Oll rluat,,yo rb-r. 'rAT i)E L.A ci(USIi NE(---coi• dei Paiss L`4 de In Nouvelle-O)rlans: --.- crtilie t e e .31e: Janvier, 18l7, jugeletirtI "t d nut dions ce (iu t i l, lIC natide tire tlitialiO Lttui Sanchez con/re sol nilrta 1crdl let terus siivnntcs savoir: ('ette ualitire lit e joutr plaiidb .par devant In Cour. I.lCor talut sttisfitlit ld'ail'e le tertltj-ic.u tte Ic t der fendllconr h abamh (' ha dlomicile colnjtale, et 0Vivat1 co ennllf'liillnge oavertle scc title nlltl lilllnuon flle son pousea. l'1i t decretb et arejurl( a oe tcltc j-gau ctt de ltvprnce suit cnlregistr6 ell fat'd tc d uudcIruesre, qatI ses lietis itlatrilttloit-x exisaul t -ltstlt i It t ii(se ll eltre lesttt :'lis dlra lltt l(rrestl et dltt r lttu lr t lic t t'isst l et alilimilll et q oll In defeditldlr iuio t cs Peala . SignF CI1AIIL.ES MA11tI A N, 4 Fhvri ', 1837. .Ig C. pg'- 1463. E fii doqoi, 'atIi poar Ic 0(10 xIa Cotur ci-desus dn ns lit ville de Ia Noavelle-O)rlt-aa ct G jear dlie Mars, 1837, ct le 1or de t 'ie c e cdece dc Ellts-Uni . a4 1i. 31. GUY(',, Dep.Greflir. SECONs MrUNItra ITY. 1OTICE-- The o'oer' of prolerry as lisst Ia py' N tile expcntses of tapruil anlI inip n, r"cts this lMttunicipalityt are ifurUetdtbat Mr. cilliamDe ID, coo,jr ia nppaoiated rel!retor. PrompIt It m.'It will b reqit ired, q 1l u J. I)O .ANI,: 'lro lr. BU lE.U I'IutE IE 1 lr}tra u Itiu.u paVer lea Srs Itenses po• Ic ''erll e l'llll, i-lit uatl dles rleas i li ret i lunicipali sent i l lilut r ille lllr t" d vront payer inlllllP tillm'ot stir tlll 1 rPil iIti do lour t'o z ts. " J. I)fIAN , 'l're.or. CITY I)At, ;sEa uilt )tS..\I. A IuLt 1, I, tll. .t a fit, etica of the Boiird of lii ,rtira+ this diy, the lo'a/r, iu i r -tela /gouiiititii ilei-ittritil.: h h.iti et, d ria! aniuic s h, Ti al ,'r-o n, ar ithhu, tmlti s 'ull - Nolir ,i . l '.t-ti l ltll, r of tBo 'l", Iii-' w, ith Ith he..alne . plO \ilanl Or lir dll e < '- I 1 r cill' i t tutail t rhe 1 -rtb d -y of Nuvem1,r , thIe 'it. tl. ," r i h) w v c c v t l a ' d ,il. it ii ' . 1 . l'RAll I fro my slble, e 11 oi f i-i it otdr· li-it aki, all '-aid T nII sllt l lial t rl i ttri i 'lia to i i - of! sudbsicrilbur, ccii: br lit Clrll- lusii t t,· . Rlal ]iltir ,t H lii; I:l boxes slt' hIld r l in I lit; I' -atls W'hIl s .--i 5 - .'i .. 11 t.r., II r Itll :' uFilhar f,9 Iuut lt ''u , :'. ch,' - ,I ,\lH,,, pli t lt Jol,] r i t h' -- i l' r -al . I, Ir o c h!'"n, , nn.ll)i 0ll1 e111 1 , n' I 1i ! 1 h ,. e ,v o, 1+ ofsaid alllimals I 'llt t -t r; ) r1 t.. I Cle oC i tll- a1 i d%`: , I1(1\'" Altl. ho iu 'l '. I1I. . I ,'g Il,i l h:.1, &.. ...... -- .:31:1" or thu ji pit-ti it itelte,,toe petit- i tit tito ef Inc i -solico ait l othe- , itt rr strdI d, tak Irr ·lstln e befw It. It. (icoo,-,lll~ll IIq. II J.'Tll '. 'l;'(lic, n ;J Mo rosli lhc II.] i tre lot' u0 "xr, t II I o'cloc1k7 .1. \ blc n thJtpn pn Cc of dclihr ItI\j~ I n.. t iio of b alloc ltlrb, odie insolven to lI ( i, t,,,f ie,,-, I, it prihlii- ) th er t lii i i- inti the.. lino h n ni orinbtrlniirmohtheittio. -t , t .ntii). 1 i' ) they rd,, ruet i-iutt llIt,! 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W Il 'NP:1, C Conti st. 1127 I n I'lou ltRl & II.1T IIOIIhN. - ,ll -iCt 1'rltK.--9lT oxei clrh -t-ik, ( -ileirin ti . re , j in bones of 100 lb mach in stlre 1and fr sll e it I3 Ih I icr'st bY nf!8 "IOGIERT & ]IAWTHORN. P I. -1,t0 Mbl , ,,ss a,,nd lprime ,po,,rk, in store and i. rora illn a C r ie'r st. i tr r I11 3 I10ii!';lT & II,11\VI'IIORN. 311. 1.I1 I '.\iN -, i lsk rts i Ch plgge in,s tore 11121 O11IEltT & IIAWTIIORN. ®AlIC & IfER llN(I S.-In Ibl)e nud blul I , e llici- N Nos 1. I , IIIN ,f lates4 t brandsjl , in S Ill, rl l -oii rI ," Il nn flll ill-ir-ta lrnrrd air S11 i1 & I 11II l.WTFIORN. . ACON - il. i , lil n: rn r i.n.l istig of rids, I-,,,s.r l lN I hIholh crS e l ieiinnati cli rae, i lln lore and f, rl, I, t3 Girayrir st. by 138 OIiOGERT & IA\WT'IIORN. ( AS'I' rI S)AP'--80l I boes o nll ,i, Castile I182 IOGR(;IIT' & IIA\VTIIOIIN. S 11 i( S & Oti \ tANGEN.-373 hoxr. iL.cmnor,, rand LI '.?.5do III range, in superior on litiol received SA 'I' ). iO t)111-20 bbl, Castor Oil in store and for nl28 J V.\IRIN. wnil tn s.le tIt l6l lY'ovdr. st, b g -Xl )rN--!I10 casi , esit .i',inrti curedr bar atin a S artlre aind fr sod t l+ t 'l oyrh'as rIs'eel by Il ILl Ill) II'. I n -l 1 1r m a ,ll id beef in trore., r nd r S lia ut6 'ivoydrs stltI by O _ _ J V. IIIIN A ('14)'l')'I'NlmENT a r,i-int Iiii''gitr, in ill wani ofif Itt s ,-at . AdP r+ri S.r I 'et, tir:r 'if I; II Keilly, [linli , ( lrner of l'olyd s allIII 'd (g'ine streets. 21J I)IIlN& A ( OIIF. l ll : &.- 30 , a' k I"hlfd r ,,owi - ,4 e , i, h l i,, 11 llll .Nl s Ill 1 n iH11'iil ( lii. : i p lla ore and ItI r sale Iiiiu o Ilr ilil, rnid l I r r sIII y 0117 J 1) I3tINt& A Cll N. ( lECII I'l--: NIf.f- l)l llill 1 thr sl II , REAlO II Al tllll STO 67 (lit r s t. TRESIC 1'1. T i Iixes ii'In'g It Ii IT',in h,()'.. _ il:7 _ III) . 2Ullol;l as'& II W T II I)ir I 11 th b 1n11· 11, fruhl in grad orde"rnod for o rl a t :3t o s h I ItOw I1 . ( r'! i I 1 1 II ( ll.l . y ,!7 I iv 11111 : 111 I i II I l. t In.- i -4 bbl) IhINrl at r, ti 1wnI er - .) 1., 1.. 1':''',, I .1:1 ;,,- (lllh .1N . i Ii'r. ] I .. l~ l I1-- 1mu' n .IiliS I'g.l mu' IndIi 11'(1\ -l n e1%,-k a k he r u-i - ; nei i it T I.11(1 b-r11 . lIergald 1 11 11, IIPerh11 o n , I •, 1 s t .l I l|,, l I \ ' - -' ,; hm . h t uoLn t, l l i ,·- I. . il i rll. II ) ' ,j ,l % jl n .C and lr , fi t .,' I .I II 1~i)ic :-:3 .11 l ., l :., r s , p i . I t , -1 . I 1:1(1\1t-- :S. bt o l.r ., f 'm- . :nr . wI ,t,,i, u ,i i . I t I - • ll . lh' r,1te r 11 11') Ilrli: , d I ll ,mh bv 1 1.%!1 f- lel.'1 i 1 (. ,1 11 :I, - ; . 11 p( 1k S1 1I )1 . - I.\ 1 1 '4heheIl I Jl,. . r e I v], t n' . 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S T l o El oa le, IJIf Ifl. i l lrntl o U. lll \ l)fga. ill bo 1 lnu alal l -tl w a ar >l a i l re""vr tln 9:1 ,, , f ;reulaon- du-+dy 'tO 11fIl1 III itoI r Ah pr, ll ' d1(: :l d 0 r1 h i le No, t d1 ,11s te Gl i k IIJII:Iu r Inlet Iletr fior o110 m It I ll p le'y ndarl l 11UId toaltlttl -li lim No. l 1itlli ( . f 1 fir th t1h tlry ad t .hlpail t ; rIf I I lllro I.e i Fll s Wi Rll o Et , a1 ii I fw t .f I C th' 111) I'l' fl::I ' r I tl ar -i-.7 II o inE ( vI,. . f ItI)hr null t w, t ell)Lt th 101 e n it 'l 1n, frilll++ "lott lIII fh I Idvll 0 1 ft'il+lp I l IIlUIIII l tl ( e llffll l 1 ,1014, h l i ,V l --E ,.Ill ),1 SA Ii , I i OF Po A 7. - g-,R h , ui , I ll . 0 IIn lor l Urllll l n ofk l !d w i, 1 1 '11'I '' l Illo fl c wll l ue i of ,by 0. . y1t fim1 nlllli o'thd otw lol In 1 1 . ilýý() NS SP . 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