Newspaper of True American, 7 Nisan 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated 7 Nisan 1837 Page 2
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R t E AI HERICAN tI.tIY CVDtO Tt -wtKtL.Tti iT tAtNS' Al C nS, Cnter or NitrztriE \.t s\tarcH;tZ STe. Enarrrc.n tn JOHN ,4IfSON. Faithful nod mseld NIV-9RtLEANd: Sp1IH)AY MORININ(;..........................April 7. 183-. Disappearanme of Algaerua Resi. Last evening, AMr Brichta, the conductor of the Oera sent a carriage to the raptrtmlents of Sto.o at Ross, to bring iher to tile Theatre, for the per rose of perf.rnlig thile part ofJulist as announcedt. He was informed ti at Mr Rssei and his lady had left in the imorning with all.t!le:r bagpge,. After fruitless endenv6rs to find the lady, the time came for the Opera to begin. 'iThe overture was played and Mr Latham came forwar"r, stated the facts, and proposed that if ,he nad!iene would iremain the Opeis would be performed omitting these parts in which Ressi was cnncerned, or if they wislled o retire, that exchange checks or the money woull'be returned at the door. The as. sembly which was large nnd faishionable with almeot one accord eonsented to remain. The ,opera went off with unusual ecl;t, andt Pantanolli, Ceresini, and tite other artists rxceedrd their for mer endeavors. After the opera Pantataelli sang a beautiful Cavalina. This extrnordinarv occurrence has created a great excitement. lMoirrt.snr. left the city a few dayssince and said on parting that he left his friendi sakd his r'engranre lbhinl hint! lie led a difficulty with Birichla in Havan:, and it will bheretnmemteret wasbaroishted fromn the island of Cuba for taking part in the' St Jalo de Cuba affair. Whether II is he his work or not; whether it tie thi work of sitmne other interrsted indivihals, we know not. We have given the facts,.--they are suficient to bring down upe.i the ltcedd of the contrivers of thi s isnfamous plot, the indigintion of our eitizcns ! It is probable that Rossi haes gEor, with hie at ifl, to snome port in Mexico. On Tucesdty, the scihrlner Pontacelia, was cleared for Itrvana, a:nd tahe l.nita for Tam pico. If thlse vessels went to sea yesterday, doubtless, they are gone in thrse. On Wednesday, the brig Angele cleared for Trieste, and schooner Independence for Tobasco. Yesttrdlily the Mogul cleared for Havana, the Rob Roy for Metamores, and the Edwin for Kingston, J.lmaica. It is prm bable that they have gone in one of these vessels. Perhaps they are still in the city, or they stay have proceeded up tile river in the Sultana or Peonnylvania, that left yesterday mo:riug. Tobatt.e. On reference to our colmercial column,it a ill be aen that the English government has been ap pealed to to reduce tile duty on tobacco. The facts there set crtlh are startling enough, and should act as a warning to the slalesman, never to place the duties upon articleIn of import so high as to create a bounty to tile smlugler. If tile duty be reduced to Is a pound, tile value of tobacco will be sure to rise in Englaud on the paesage of such a law. The consumption of tile article is by so means equal to the wants. The latter are re stricted by the present lhigh prices, Taken in connection with the mnovement last winter on the part of the tobacco plantctuf Maryland at Wash dngton, this procedure inldieates that something will be done favorable to our interests while tlhose 'of the British government are equally sul.setved. The American government enought to insiston a re cipmcsation of duties witl tIle several counatries to which site may export. We are glad to see this approximation towards free trade. tire Bells. If the general council, instead of meeting to disagree, were to attend closely at their convoca slone to the wasoe and demands of the whole city, thseywould, amnong other things, regulate the way in which Fire Bells should be rung. It is a sub. ject coming fairly under their jurisdiction.. Noth. ing is easier done. If the fire be in the North, one tap of the Bell will indicate, tie' directiont,-in the South two, and in this way for the other prin' cipal points. Much is to be gained by such a regulation. Our fire companies would be able to arrive in half the time. The late sale of Lots. WVe understand that neasures are being takec by the second Municip ality to resell the lots dis. posed of sonie time since,-the Iotln buyers not fulfilling their contracts. That men of eharacter Lsoukli act thus is not a little rtrange. Our Italian readers will find in our columns an -ecellent critique in their own language upon the present operatic company of the SI Charles. It is from the Bee of yesterday. We should be glad if the ognoteenli would favor us from time to time witll their criticisms in Italian upon tihe fortlrom ing operas and the singers employed. Who tmore capable of passing a correct judgment haln the natives of Italy's sunny clime, Ipol the merits of their own masters,'and their own artists. AVe beg leave to call tile attention of capital ast to a sale of 3 three-story storer, riitoatcd at the corner of Gi rod and Y'ebotpitoulats streets, to Ie sold this a(ny (Fri day, the 7th instant,) at 12 o'clock, at Bainks' Arcade, by I. L. tMcCoy, Aluctioneer, without any limit or reser vation whatever. 'To gertlcrcmet of fortune, or those having the contnaltd of calonial, no opportulity could possibly present whereby an investment eotld be mnade ewith more permanent advantages than ill the property alluded to. 'IThe corner store wouhl, under ordinary circumstanees, readily commlrlntd a rent of $3000 per annum; dal there cannot exist a doulbt that it w ill not d so after the expiration of thle re.sent leanse, and Il.e adjoining stores in the s; me iproportia,. This property the aoUrs of the coming fall, t ill Ibe in tire very cen. A of tie most active, heavy, and enxtenrtie comntrcinal ,aperations throughout the city, and nl otilier trantee * of themsrl is alquis;te after as examination of rhe pe asuliar advantages and happy posiroan wtll;ch this pr, ,ParIty Iposseses. Notwithstrading the unrtertlrented )s1sweatler which tile City Conclrl of the 2td Munici ljity have htad to conternd ilth throughout thie whole of the past winter, tile wrTrks origirally Ollntempllltlled extending from Canal street almost to tile city of Lafiy ette, have so rapidly progressed, tLat they now Irmary lie considered as nearly complle:od, at all events thle ap proaching suollner w ill complrete tire e hole v rk; and before Novemler or Droemhelrt next, the whole extent in front of tire 2d Mnoicripility rr ill be lir.dr with aomrr of the largest aend titelt shlippirg, tat ha.e ever r s ited our port. This,. tsa natter of uersr, riill give life and ne tivity to thist ectiSrat of our city, rnd greatly enhance the value of the property allurdhrr to. If ever there was one period more fit orable thar mnother firr a capitalist to make a iJveastmenrt, it is durlrng .t panir. L.ATI' FP.OM VEfRA CRUIZ. 'We are d to ther tI iitrrnrss of tile linn. W. IBurroughr, United States Consuttl at Vera Crulz, tor our regular fil. s of the Cut sor, from 20'lh Feb. to the 15tin March inelusive. The dillicrli, inl Yucatan are ascrirrbed o the ambition of funeral T'Iro. The Mealida Cornet rphraids tile General in round t'rlrls for oppl, osing the edicts ofl tie supreme goverllrtment and cen cures tihe Yolk party for their intterr llnce. Santa An. insa le ter to tIle rcommllander of Vera dCrux from his farm Manga lt Clavre under date lst March, rxpreesss his willirgnr ss to rtake the oath to obsere thire new lutrdaotentl l oaws as gen aral to the Mr xierni army. The aoriely q(f Frii"ds are very nmuch enraged at President Jacks.on's languag relativer to. Texas. Nothing is eo re rolling to tishle wrilt rs as the idea hrrat this country should ral uI p the remotest claimt to tihat tefitort. 'They alue lier .Mtrunroe ltrsrupposng lhua th at orave as thi e bolundary of Loutsitana. The Militanry Irlpirillavln e teen rerlyanized thruugrout fllit repuablie on principlles very tmauc like ihr oe do ,ptcd i n in; ,gland. There we re c xla-tled rom Vtern Cruz during tile year 1836 $d400(i,r5"2 int gold and Silv r. Thire ppers are lilld wilth tilt ltlrrs of Mr. Ellisto the Ml xiitsn MAlnisterot frceigni alotirs and his anlrswers thretol, uponl tile tuljecl of thie ilas ports. (.ntersl Salllta Anna toalk tile oulth to the tnew fundamirntal laws on the 9th ift .\larUch- A large ausnsblalger n IerteFnl n and abr.:(rurral made a speech in true t'palnish style, lull ,t irntlhutlraslu fe rtl his lr d cronllty. Guicrtns wil .00 illen t was defeated Ity tire v eralnl tt rldir rs oil the 127th il Febrlatory at ls.Crieotub.I with a lose of ftiar a hiundrted. SOn thie tat a.sng of tre tir th Marchi, the ilny of 3egailte waOs ptilsmItotl at the Th.Itre In litot r .,f tallta Alt.a. lire Mlexicans Ira e Itraced' i pre,, ct u, ilt I nela wet i tilta 1 rare Rman arill nd sth, lt tor of 'ei Jachit.! Jiss Jr.quin.s i'aubret striverrtd durtjlrg ltre ri.tlrEniulilll :tit trde in hon ,..r of hbry, i I.e tf Ollns and All xicali I!! In t!l.he . Y '.bntary lt,, .I \h r ssrels en tl r d llPre t'rr rl \r. Cruz ad :lt t t, lneatd terra it. .he sttuberiptioc t, the 'era Crerz Cr:rSol is e o- Vper annum--lhe eheet about as large as ilte PIesyoue. In the Censor of the 13 I, the following ports are declarsd open to Iorreign commt re ;-Vera Cruz,, Sita Anna de TumaWlilrea, Aletanorae, Canap/cby, Sisal, Tabasco, Aca ,uiol , -Sa un i ,t , 1 Gnanitlas, Monterey. Closed to tIor iel erlo merge are the ports iof itaclair, Gnatecolnkice., Alvarado, Mlatngordn, Galv reint, l]anllco, lMan-t znill,, Natividad, laz'rtLara, La Pz,,Loreto, San Dletr, S.n Francisco. lh decree to go illto ex ecution six monthsO froit its proi ulgotion il 31ex ico. T.t eoastwise commerce the tr llowing pirts ar opeI:-Ile of Carmcn,G. ontzaconlcos, Alvcarado, .'conltt, Snltreenmapan, Tu'paa, Pelhlo V1, go, Soto la Marin, MnInlaorar, Co.snlo, (lalvrslo,1, Bacalar, Tonaln, 'Puerto E-condidir, Ilantuleo, Mat.z.nmillo, Navlichiste, Nativilad and lazrrtlan. Allaea, Cabl de San .ucas, La Paz, Lorelto, Saui Diego, San Irancrisco Nacogdoches is laid down as a fron icr place ci ntiry! Altnonlre earted for ti,, Capital on the 13RI with the expositi m of the ;lfair of St. Jm-into and other documouts relative to thle invatro.t o Texas. The Mexican fleet has I een rcin.orced by the arrival of the lIndepelldence a brig io wiar builtl a Salimollrc, 367 tolln. She is to be called the tl!r bide. The people are deligh!led with the Overtures to Pirale and Nortin played fr the firsl lime in tihe Vern Crux Thentrc. The only vessel up ior Ithis porl was the Cnze. nova, Captain Correv to sail with deslpatchl,--cn signees 3lanttittg, larelrrhli & C,'. From the Bee. L'OPERA ITALIIANA. Le eonlparazionli noIni l iilaceionI, prrerie sorn, quasi sempre oldiose. Parler r' unq ue inll tlu t h nd - suoluo, a diro, Ior'd i tle per la Lib-ja, chie In 1iisa Italics, st.tndori gina qui morendo di Inleuerr e si e imnpclalamenre rilarmllllna, grazli at nial lrnre del Taoeo di Cuba, end alil destrczza del ttntlro Caldwell. Cite bei momenti passe jer l'lltre it puhblico di quests Irill antse eilt i at prilnt debltl fattloi sull scene del nostro bel Suni Carlo, du llr ternra Ronri, dalla spirirosa Pentanelli, dill' irlrssilbil ('ftt'i, dill' infunocatu Creeitni, dal virtruoso Baliali, nlrlle lore rlspettive pnrli di Giuli rta,",di Romeo, di (n pellio, di Tecalrdo, di Lorrenzo! 11 ctorso i ltero drl la rappresenthzioce altro nit lfu elce inasl FocLi .si onle nun inrerrotta degli n;ipllor i di rir' ilassenrlb atraurdinariamenle numlerlan di cittadinli c stran ieri i ogni classr, ii anricio .no dell' rln:nilli italians, di conversa.nti no crn I'ralinn Itvrt lia: tanto e ero cithe ii merit Ila sIr. prlll , resto t lrdilt sauoi trib ttarj i piu ricnalrcitlra ti a rictnrOscrlo. Cilcselantre apincevoli c nt varia lialturi eran concorse a render ornlai gte no apprezzsto it dram omaitabano eilla cults Nuov-()rlrans cithe n.'.hos chi dt PFulotia. nes d.esrri di Russin, e lin tnlle caverne delln Siberin, ove si off. o pure ruti i gi orni ntove ghirlande a' Gugliellmi, a' Cimtrosa,t a' Par liello, a' Ilrreeadonlt, at CalllEl, .' Ruvtsii, a' Bellini, &c. e la linguad telr S-- --- h.el paeseC Ch' .6ppennrtini rle, e 'i mar cirrondart e t .'jlpe." e a mnleludia partant., vivilicarlllt, seatrilmlLtle ehe forma non meramenle In de izin, mIil do sreetli uno de' piu urgenti btisgni dclle pill ineiviliite n zioni del gil Itot ipre'vain i condalrrntte a certlderi primnzia a' discardas ti uluinir cIhr assordtrle In ta verne delia Scozia e della iberuin. L'errore a dlre sipatto. Ex-compaesnni miei, cite per In prima viola vc nile qui a raccogliere i luinghflcri tfuti della pli hello delle belie arli da voi cn toaul, ine.l. prro feesata; aespettte chIe ahlri di itc pir clqulnti nella lngu dcl paeare, elnrino tie' detrlull de' saggi ti slptrs e dr genio che andereto splieatltino nelle varic rappresentazitioi di cuivi Iproplltclte re galarci: da tne gradite solo tn cald do rel.romre, con I' augurio di un sccrsso chite nullo vi Iaser desiderare, e d. cui tie rectulii, ad urn telmpo, questa mlia ptiarira ndottivo, it ratilit.o lentto del gus to, nl perfetionte 'el enllltillenti I'i acquillll di nlu ove idea cnllducrllri alla ver tericita socillc. OFFICE 01F TE TRUE AtIORICAN, Thurs.lay, April 6, 11137. Anolthrdull day. We note a saol of Itl hhdt SugarantG cenrt. Cotton is somewhat firmer, though tno sals hao e broo seated of consequence. No increase of price hs taken pintoe, and holders are loth to part with the article at tile preslnt niaous rlotes. Whether it will rally is rxreedingly doubtful. Flour in saleable at $--we lnote a tranactlion of .070 hlIs. 1Whiskey in small lots fiGt quality can be had at37 cts.- Coffee,-H- vana prime,'has fallen to Ir cents. No sales of im pornceamong the large dealers. Giround Aun ialt com mands $ 5 a satk. Fish is brisk in small qunntitirs to suit Western buyer. We note a sale of 3000 Mexican h ides at 101 a II ets:-II2 ILouisiana at Si cents. Raisill, best 31. R. S. M.$1 5. L. $1 50. Ricelow at 4 c t. Crn is coming down. One sale of 510 'll at 64 .l,. O)oto 5.31 ct. Hay plenty at $:5 por ton. No Limu ntdoat, saleatle at $1 75. Freight:--to N. York, Cotton I ct. Flour $1 a It,t1. '' Liverpool, Cotton3-4 a I. To Havre do. 11 f 3d. l'ir de mand. Nothing of consequence has transpired in tile Mioney S) ar ket to day. " The same general nlneaintte prevails. STATEMENT OF C1OTTON. Oct. Ist. 10146-No. bles o land .... .............. ,70 April 6, 37l-No. bales rec'd tolli dal...... I47. Total No.doec'd pltirtiuuly -l0,hO5 1)-5,G60 404,341 April 6, l37-Ex. itei lod to Ga so r.......... £15 o do " Nets York..... TotalEnpo. t plt iouty .............. 301,P 1l-3:. .;C1 No. of baleson hand nott cleorrd, 1,11ti.' STATEMENT Or TOIBACCO. (lt. Ist, Ith NoI. t nd. no ld ................ .......67 April 6, 11fJ-Tutnl do ro'd to dtto .............. ti7r 13,711 April 6, lt3-Exported this doy to l rlvItn. ....o " do o, o S, Iluoh...... 13 Total expots priotsly ,2l ,'111 No. ofhhds on hand not clfared ............... 0, TOBACCO TtRADE. Frnt'. otolono a orinr Ilrtrld of Jforra 3. A deputationgonroiotiog of Mir nlntur.nsd iMr Oxly, rep resenting lthe Anmeria chamber oleonlmrce un dtl ooro, ot . For this reduction, triy had a tporwerul dvooate in tilr t.l MIoluo.ktlon; atd many ofoor rddrn will rrtnrmthtr lhat it Wr p olpood by .ord Althorp twolehL rhaneollor of tile rxce qurr; he filed incarrring the reductaro, froto want of otli irant aid both in a nout ofut . e ouse of COtt luon, toll rilltl blO, Ns the gentlemen alltee toun want of thie dtle undert untdt int of the ruhjert. since the il has lin dormant tnti tile prresent tinlr, hlen theeneernof smoug tugig h retllred thIe hoorest ntmoflrtllrer to thetrnntiverofabndooning his trade and loiingt te aollt ofhio machtnery orof ohce more atrteptillh to wrest fronlt goverrnrent the fulflmert of th, oft repented ttrooti..s of s nroral Succsisoe dmiontratioons l'o place otile troll upon I uchh a footing that thie rofit oid trflir ofutho .lufgglr would be annihilated. Forthe purpose ofelforcing their nrpolanrnt in ffror rta redution ofjthe doty, ther hot r Pslt bmittd It uo tIle fllon illg statement of fats ilutlttratni.orof tlhe .rtat oflte trlde: FACTS RELATIVE TO 1ttt:. lOtIOCUO 'l'Rtlll... The prime eort of Ameoriotn Tlocoo t the o ntanntattrrr has uoually averrged :ld to 4d per Ib. The dillty is 3 per Ib. The expetnse of nltloglllg ttoldtettt hl th e:lrgo, from Ithe firetost to that oflandillg. is 9 per Ill. The smuggler rrrioves the rate of s d per Ih. or in orther words a profit of Ittrad per ot. Our remarkr nott the nlroo rerqire to hbe mtnlfie oI)nly to the opinion of the committetrof teo Illll.e of Cullnon, Ol the gro th of tohooro int Irclol,. il Ir:10n. That it flrlther tlllors l ooIhe toi rooe, thlt nlotooil:tg offreign tobacco is nat preselt .rrie-. on ton great etlllt, nod that lli the omeasures now -aolpted, at great exle01 sI to the country, are. and will te, inolttrlttll to rr1ye.r it s tt lea n the rtemptation tofvoding a dottr eqlttl to twlto r times the aluofr the articler upon which tit i. iti.ed rrllin. Obrerre hrbw increased populatill. .o ttooa uollpa itlLIth decreared dutier, hao operated upon certail artlt!es compared nith tohrbacco. Wre may alo add cigarrs. 'hr nnonont Iponn which duty nas paid in tftb, at thtrate tf le por Ili. .10k0 ltt-l-I31, ot Ott per Il. 416,000 lb-ld:'S", at O, tt r li. t41,tillt Iti. 7huo the rrevenue dtrived truol tile iatter sourer ir illn oimes greater thtn whe Illrt d r lns doule, Il .IrtPrtnt ratO.. Fronmtheoboe facts or ttrrive ot tIlis rotrltn.tnt , tltot oro I the duly no redueod aorfeCototltly tot pltt ldotn tt I itor LrFgltr, all thelubaeco nou toasumedin tile Cuited Killgduln \,ullhl o Tb7he lot r...t.ptt, t is rottimotrl t St100 ,III Ho. . of 'htIebhh'HO,6OtkoUI loy Ip)'l y doty. Iy rredling thIh dlttit o It por lb. tho illirit trade would Ib. dtrooyc:l, old the rnl nImtr tould pty to thegooroeorlntl Ito prlh.t 11Ih rrlllin iog 2PSDl.0Utllt. oitlt woicl ho ir now utppliorl ty Ihe oor-r TIle esp.loie .tolis'ttimet of lhl. oo.ot guoard t.rstec rold ita rendered ueletrsr. ledeem it vonreesarry to addneo fttrlhr r 11alol|u f r alitoo. siomg r o.luciou of dulty to Isprr lh. fL'1'hte brqte to CllA. Imrol New ITo'k i- ;lit l, ;. - hugH too botto tve tIh Hilt. ('.trtiteet .wtil Ileas. tLeond to thle reript tftheiro(ttt.t . i5 ]'ROTECo tyrOIo ItOt, ('O P.\N Yl . [gF.e ,'ouv m emnpany is4 ntl in e'clits o ,pflallllol; nnd T i, eae of nn ulurn0 of lire, tilte tletl. o= twill ttllt'll 0I Ihe Engiut liute, No.5 Clmol strPet. W1d3. I1. 1IO1'TA, Secr tort. IJA called ttteittg otill tnke place uOtl, 11th illotanrn at 9 lo'tk I' I 3, nt thre ottot llarto. At 1,tt tuol attendance i, rtqgetl-i. a I-:it C4. BIX 'E T-.. .t K 1 S,' Nor. 5?& 9-I, Codotfo 11000 ctrt 1, Io, floccit IRoyJo e'od'loirbono, 'IONTINUE lthe bLttiueors ftrtoy ulyrrit d oto h T. V P. Lotng. The sullhsrihtnr sane pire enlcd to lit upj. tonk wilth desk., hook enoi lllo l lt l ti o111t. Alt. , tcountiut houses lurnithed ut the rllt' rl llit!P with denta o? mhuoganv or cl erty. N-I. l Mahnogany ntlttllrrv totlletr fir' .on'. EEF-.--21 Inrroels aid 17 lonl hl tlllri', loct-, ju.t , reoeived and for otale v ' K IIR hit! & ltltO'l'ltEt$s, u7 lorner ouon llololo o llo o lanoille oo.. S1.EANS--.4 Iarrels, in soret, jlut received, Sand tfor sale by T II llIDII CE & Bttotr'LllII, 7 eorner _nlnnloooo no d oo go. io tlt. IP(IIOi OAC ---t1o Ih1oIto 'lttlIotott, suitbtle for tIte '.E. Mesicln llotrket,l fli role by ri a7 If WY I.tIItl'YAN,C:It;l.hlovet. 5)AL'ON---14 httlo loatt, t5 do lbhl.hhrs, ontl 81:7" jE poRleres o Ilon o rootUdl, hlauing t rott i trtf lll I nit United Soe., and tor rolle by o7 JUI.lfo VAIIIN, 2_6 P,lrt-droot H AVANA C:OI.'FtIK--l:dl toto pritte grtln II t I o 3000e tli, .o lt~inr -;itltl, it. -til" .,,l fat oslh hy BlO(1oIT IIAW'IIt It N, 'UIt'L' Ol.' NEW OildEANS. 11. I. 4 A I ..I \4.g"oi..".e;11.\' fI. g .1 fil, F. .,;wi,, l.ndieul, King~lOlt, Ja. J 11rlll~ngtoll--co:ga t Illlg 4K4,1 ky I4a4 -i, ll4nl l1, I, .) C IVn.d-- rar t I1 11.l 1 ",k.44 1, iI.Lc I;ll, . .,.o. l4, 4 .l l i' 21' .. Ihd- . nIII 4 - II,4' ((1...4.44,44 II·~~ll rl &;.l~~( I;i e AI.'..4I-4.c.'g4 N S, 1 4lW , l 20Ir. 10 b I lls .. I,1., 7 ,io .l.ur, 5 a 1 loll I 1 u,14i I . !: 4 l., I4.4lr, g ll-,1('. r.i111. r' J I ;In..,. A 1,l o w.1, i y 4 4 '4 A4b4 ,olt-. l 1rgn .13 ,:HP ,.,,tan S.II i44 4vi41 , 4re, 11,41,,lll h , ')4,,4n, n1' l1r--c1 r 447' llo i p4rowt lo . .o " .loor, 1417h s ck 1i4I, 4r+4, 4 }.O1.0 lho 11 k ork 4 17 . 1 1 ld.4i'll I iii. lcl4t'lr '.'l3 l ' 1, 4ell4ll. I 4,4;1L, 44 ,4o4l4,l A 4 4o--4.r4 c . I hhd1 l ll 1 11" 74 hl l,' 1 - 'I..r I 0 . ' Ait .4.4.Al , I, billId - ,;1, In,,; 11" Ili 1'l in, 4, '4 011 'ta,.ni .lln ,1 4 4l1r-- l .l ".i I 41 1,.1 l44li1,0l, 1ll;,Nl") , l'ra41.. ,0, 1\ &}-- 0 fo 1 eh oe p .v' 1..',,,1,-, 1Ir . 11, '1'ellzr, .ilo. te,,,4. i, IIV Pirl a r--,a,.4I, 4 1,4,I4 fl-ll , tI 1·5 11.. 'Iw: S7 pelslll d. (1I-1~(rl,, CoIIonll. 46 ll..1. h: 0 Rlnll II l V I .1.,,l11, 41 .4 ll 114,1 l04.. l. hr I'lp .l lloy. r, Ilin l . n4 l r .41 . ll4:4 .I4 .iii4 I.,II i 141 4lullr4, 1. 1 44,4.i. , :144 . pi. pJ41. 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IIAWTasOfRN, '117 " ~ ~ ,.'.3thraier -lt'l 1 FI II.llE.--I ::0 bugs prnime IRio ('.ffee, ats.-v.u pe it ti woi ibirvl re'l~ll nl swlr it i| Irt,' fal .hi i |.itt i X. -lI ae Ihhl-ll~ n hal f bi1 N, 1. n+tportl+r 11 I'rLe.a in s-rh t iltor u ls lr oenh Iv 40l...71 baf hIls-3 ose. i sod r e l atd lar the h I for sale by~ n1. _STIE'IL'0.) ..'\'l { it : (','. hv< U.- t Sll u n i lllu.-s ul de~l) I'A RAJOI.S. Ik ElIsCrlieIr hIasjU st receited fronm Nowv airk 2 I t ligatI'ed niki ertilatirtol i,'a Frencht ntt - fature, IIlahioiiaLle rolours, which are offered at tile - low wie t I': $37 cetll ri, at it76 Cnltml aLtreoEt niear c Itowdt, tiy a.t G E FJLLIEY. ciI=.LE I - Ill.l AND SATIN G6OOD AT COST. r 'llikl lurno of the stock I.fsilkand catius of the sttla.criber, will be dislposoed o at actual cost it 7swi lark. Telre are rmalining, a few pieces of rich iigured sat int; nidie firlltnIr rtilks oIII y sIoperkior quolh. dt; do gruta dae l-tack ati, caiuaro; jet aod biuk ikg ros de a wis lid Itnliau ailk; o.rk, a vcory Iiw Firnea notd Irich Iii iia renat t~paro neie otiin iad tond otface Co to cll at r an llani shtt - iat r laioval. ___ :E tll.LEY. r'IItE rlIcrlser ilr ot a re opallelt af sucplt of teV S Oodsi, rcibed, oen oraheil tt entnol:lv olid Ilarkm oay, tiratl NwI ioark, Contiatiog it nIrtfof the Illio* licit Frentt printed ckotnet, , ppiln anod aotilin frer, Inew pitertc'; Irittih a w silner istri id do, a rsplen did ortic; hlght colored Englialt nhio-ta; small fiaurrel I cirabricr; silk SeottA tihreadi nod oton hjsie ty, p.aia, ribbed, tieo o'orked, nod rntt'dd; liticit coot I;rick itaind lawn hhdtfk, plain Imcot-sticrhed, lanc borter rd tad ckb'd; tiory silk ihdif, and acorfs, sot iiit and braclla silk ido. Also nAot ctheeille ihhkfs. an en t re nw reticle; tittin aze, atid pre da I'c 'tii aura ture IRihbons. Also l~icliatisao't sotiewrior soa 6ttiolt lrint, ijitrit. iTh ie bove with many tither goods,hlave bIeen select ed x iresoly fir tile city radel, and are offcro e1 on raa. .i.aoal terms at 78 Cattl street, ear JRoyl, Iat Nio. 9018s.----Malnuli Lit.oii S~acllicez vs. Iter Hu-baond. STAT I'. OF LOUISIANA-IPtrish Court fort the k Pearish tttd City of New Orleans.-I ilereby certi fii atita ott Jauntitry "lat, 10317,jtudgm-tent iat eantered it tiffs Coout in thle olit ti IadtotiiO Lottis Saoirtec tz . er Ilsashlod, in thie wordS nod ligures o!lotwing, to-wit: Tlrhis ause wan this tans take itp ieflro ile Catrt. Tbe Court being satisfied foot the evidcnco tiat the defendant has abandoned th.. alatrillonia dolmci, aol livesP izz o nl cotleubioago8 with anothler womanl thnn h~is wife, It-is ordojcd, aiiatigct and di erecel, that a jiudg. ImeIt iof diorec bhe entrld in favor of tie plainlil; thatI toe itonds of tttatritiesnt Ihitlherto cEisttntg lreterat tile particinplplaititiia sd tdeteodilant, 11e tissolved atid antnui led, and thlat the defcndatint ipay tile costs. CIARItLES MAURIAN, Felruarty 4th, 1837. Judge. C. Rag, 14tI. In tcstionni whelreof, I have hereunto set aI ilnd and atltioed thesloeaul oif thie saild court,at. the city of New Orlransi, ont this 2(thl day of Mairch, i the yeiar of oui r L.ord tie thousand a itlt Ihlntdred ncd t h aoi d the sit cr y-first ys e nr ofthelindeplc ndet I e of tij-Ill, itedt States. - ad4 i. it. fvUYOL,, Depttty Clerk. Na-'lntlO.--Sutdeaitr LrotieStatchczecontrrsott ruali. J TAT DIE LA IOUildlANIt---Cf'u r 'de laiosise de la N rovelle-Orlbttas.---J crrtifte, qu leI 31er Janvier, 1187, jugnient fitl dtono6 dnna ce t. lr Iir lade tlillltde de laodltitO Lolia SIIttChez codeTre sonuirl dtllnllS les termces sllivalltas savoir: ('ollae lftire lit ie jour lnidit par dernnt la Collr. LaCotur ctant stlsfifit id'lprrs le temointage ue le de fcnldur iti abnt;lotlni tladouticile conjitgale,ct vivent cn concubianige osvert avec une 0 ltlre f'emne qoe sonu ieotose, lI est decreti' et odilip- qtuo nie jotgenent de ,livttre soit enregistrc en Itvetir d deniamilresse,ititi ses lius matrrittniiaux existaont jutquq'aul i irsett enre les j rtis dtlt anlettlis:e ct de:.ndeiur oticot dlissouot et ittnuulli t ti le defcindlittr l itm as faio. -i~n CHARLES nItAUIRIAN, ,I 2.ritr, 1III. Jutge. . lIvr ituli 1 fiEn ti de 2uoi, i'ai tos6 Iera sxldu Cour oi-'lessus dns la ville de la Noltvelle-Orleaur, ce -', jour dli Mors, 1837, et le (lier die l'inde.cndence des Elats-Unis. aIt ii. CU. GUOl., Dcpi. GCreier. Ttl.luin ii tit' t iOcFFICE., S:.oN ht. MUtSICIutALTeY. *OTIEtI--rThe ownerc of propierlty assenssed to Fay thie I)Plli Of olenilltt tt iltinproaiotg streets ia this Monicipanlitv,, lre liriledl, thttt Mir. W~illiaml D1J1. co efjr.i* a }poi ,todier.t Itr Prsatt pntimnlt will Itt Mr i r m. S4 J. TItAniAe, I reotiuer. .LI : I Ar ia.O-- - i, -1A7. 8R I).I" ECN } .lUSICIIALITIE. AVI... pa e rlttt if the ar of Directrai s itseahis dlry, nL Iltlel' lO d~~,' lense - }ollr I'oorertore el I'amlelic: .lowint g esrouInCS d warts ttde Monieiplit , ed, ivllfzrlle: ue Ml;" rI. %VmI. D~rcacoo jr. rst n~mlle collcctcr;l ils eonlpver inllalctitntolo, Teat lur prseatioo tieter co~mpte·. " l J. T)OArNR, T·rcsorier. t'lrr¢ I~t,',K, iNEW (ttl.l,:.Y,.xs A ir a m etil l the Bl o ir e Of irettctors theis d the Rrsaleed rttttniamously. Thalt ull perrsons now hldebtedl tol this J.ank on Notet'. ori Hills ,,f l'2xchange, uodter dis count, shall Ilage the privihe of rcnewlllg the. smlllle writh thl tle ilt-lies evnr'v (ld iIvsa, IrIs 1 peir cent. inttil tihe 1:2th day¢ of Nov:embder ne{xt; tihe llireetors of tile Iiak retirvin ll the ri-.hlt IIto require additioual se turittI t.h.hecvr the ttTa'. it c 1 t r. t;" iit~ii I.S I. h,1'i1'till ~ hcr ifIIAYt lioeat nit stahhlt oror of Potdrs tlir i n streesi ll airblflliiIk PonirI. V I llr takillng u - sit I'olltlr s ia lld I ellllillt n them to t h1 e slC of thel subscriber, will Ibe libelrallv rew .rde1d. Itaoll Ilrhimaton; 134 I.,xe< .h.lledc, Almond.; 1Il sncks \ha h liil ltit -; M11 s-uks Fileri, 5,I ilil if hks I l il ri; i li elili fat llt<i; 0Il h Ell cll Ahlllll . . l aes.ull lht Ptutitt til uts tit kledii (-oitt lrs a'l I ncszJilllI'L\I)U*C ,\' (IIIC \I{,Sil'OW l1 (·liravlcr s.P T Ilt -itt-tVa- tt it I ce ituth tulltihu2 IIih t I t ri11t i,. nlhite to the! fetlotlk l~l ·1 li't dleilot a lhilt ii ike fit i tlock. Al.rfi n brhtwn colid her e. .hihe stripe dow hit fhruh·hiltd, alltd n treatlitoilt'rd inuls. The IIntrI ofsaid nnimals ore requhted to comne l.}rwa[rd, prowvI irfptieiotnutly, yithriitt, llllCcII illlllittir fitrilrtl , li~lli'l iie 15il n~iii a i ttI w i tt, h li s the will lie nihll it inlthir liciton, at a1Iu' lk 1" Pt A.t (lilitt. ilt i ottct . ][. II . Iar, I W{aIG ti. C. I,'I1 II.lli . theli E g'li.h Olh isthn .o hl th s aution at halif.rlt- i c thris W ttro t tt h flat boaltlell frw 1irlyv op '-lo ckllp ( hi yit bNw lllr s anl I gtlrtei lcitoe n-illlli;tf Icit. t.µir ol;d 'lrllm nlll wll lash o lts, If is atthe ; tt l .- s'i.h t el l por, lut l iae, till tke ; till v attniy it r ti nFIr IperCioil wor3 i e withi ocacr ti Itcotare a i rie l dl ierll crI a ilrre ri el;tlaille a ; i e hllge cIllaiorn, &c. oe Allo,ini a i, tilE f tor'le haiia fir enricirccc ic pictnitnlci- on' thttrct I. ti t i it '. P th i cu, & t it l th- it . ntie It lid olsY l iR. tLLctI.a .. l t lie e lai.h Oculilt , ninfail'l s ie Ipnhll t hat htelt a it ,t, oi r rived iio,t Mrs. \Vl y .hi I ict-tr valNe ha hin houre(, ,No!) , street. where he iicv it r ie f Morall Il0 i o 'clocki t by alttiroli ti irgitn Tientiltll Illittti i inthelrt, ay nt IlatIcer nlll willt otl. lon, i lCat., i .'tliF ,ol , 13 om. Neon Tul Tgldl rtllln IIc, Omn oi i ctllrl teF rlia n till tr m f ji b 'lld p lln asllil trl Ihc I l'yi oi an chc h is ofAN. fred I ill a I' f -r their e !intlit l i tcl r ilulta a LOtic elr o vil. Ali l ol, or irli tr'io tll lOri ' ir titl" w Io uh limi ot n r The tha:. on i'eceivig oune day's willce iy let Irr, contr inn ardtttre and Iih'e dollar hillg , w ciTn he sill luntita. htitotiF m ,l i c ,r th t gillowni d ,il ciR lwen )I land ti'ct Ii , d give his catriad oiion on tie case.l hIt it 1.os o ian1t , to let a ahin'citd r lle I of r iol. uwhence Ie will go on t lht 13t h pols. foi r a iak ilco, TK iut tecifAIe I. th rllclhgi fit llltiii.c In hi l t rih llhl lfork Elln-n i .i. ti Lhe;t ll , of I ale a ttI ll tttt-r C.hill ati ont iy tiei Int!i r . I :tic d u hic s, i eta lei pirti of hlllis e , s uIdeic ie h ir tl.!e f e iulihe, ln lottt ic n itir, opiuions a, ton t itions olrtivi i rl i i iili, naitionl o nltia l nslitlinlal w, bis Icirge Tucker' , Ii e. or of :oral Philsollhoy, h iut iunierst of Virghin. , l ale . tr c. h ci lilaus st. li te T he h( T.-T N .| lict 1e. s i, Iso.r.gind , n an cThr.l''fs by'1 iule a nuho ioil Pelhi ai, thi i ipat.y, lVivian I re, t u. in r a c l ls. , ton, it T'lulde o'l iit, 1ctl, biv Thotilnacilc Nl lia Til t.t lhe. JIiistri d. ahi d a 1rta' ile at tciae or.v ic I .i1a llllca baIII 'C ia ' i c-r illh In nill " Wnl IreI rEAN, n(i l'let k C i i ' ,f C E. chtO'n fOrl i i0T-1 tie a iti the IItder i trg l -. a util 1 9 -i aft ir nit i , i arit a lt .4 l iRchg , ac a.ivl e i.. iorii " ii i',, m~ if'rc uh'e,I l l t o i &t'. T.L w is n. itiariy tli htil ao - It" It'ic".1 atic !t':l"--'t ('at kc Arte[ b ef, -ot sale ic "_ F n'i ,.I,.H) " I .I' I & . Tiihnnl i nil nss It,.13111.1 o 1.i XXS--tiI l tit. u,: s ii " c1 c l . aReyi io Ui & 1',,o. . h. . If mo t c i' i t i + 'c:ly fur X ' tI ilR Ios tull" sa¢ ll . 1 .5" T :'h ;,u iu:to utln: tot. iib ( h 't 1 ,1 ru t ) \t V li cit i-t. I ci, t ii i t rc c iilic d ih -l ketic lt reccivedll for sale o 7y S"i SLI,;) & I3VI%'I.], I,'1 T nt'il n iII l & t. ( itt s fihs '-iB n I and caahai l ond trits:, u it . 1i, llll .I.,flo fieA , & :.--3l iis, Uliibr it- & ra. rn h t lict t al o l l lailtut l, h131 ita it o al " I'IRIli PE & Co. (- I'.x. liti co---'cc "-ate-sI liroll oiea I.i g floan 5 I1 Il ICt i , 44 ES &Co. 1V-Xli'- ba-l r cit e qtirlity hlcy landinr from .1 -(.I1r. Oibit, tor sale il I: Coccti ___rt iy - SIt 3111 hill hit I " ol oi. tl in p kl- , , , s ore liogco SlO;: Ir I' & IAhV'rORN. l lil sIle I lt 71 'lod t a ul i f tot. o BOOK AND JOB PIN'IINTIG. Blunks' . reade, .1Valr/a slrectl. TI.']E proprietor of thl True A\merican rsetertfitlv iJ_ ii"msis his frieds a1nd ite public that he hao, lit colnection with his paper office a Splllulisi and moSt ex teinshie nossrtmtnt ol type for the printing of T.\'I',.O G U E .S , B I I ,LS 0 1 . I.A S1S N II IASI:I.S, PRItAY tIECEI S'5S, , CAt.IlS, AI't 'ION and lE.l(iAl, NOTICES SH)\VW BILLS. IIII.I. FORMS, --90 casoks, n prine irticle, ham II smld B er, in store and fuorsle by S I.ATER, a7 42 Poyd as street. rI:--:0 casks now lading, 1 Ctorle t', and lir sale by S O BLANCIIiSI), a7 33 (loeve Prelt. L1'.OUt-7l3 bl hs superfine Fllmr, lalifng illln tile Stremer Mrmol, for solo by i I)ORSEY, aol 44 New Levee. ` , 111 K s --9i bl Is lrecliiei, inhting frem tsteam.tcr V Vt'icksotrg and Gien. Washintllotn, for s.le lby n7 Gi DOR1SE1 , 4 New Lover. 1A'lS', Uont, Lord, Bultter, iBeas, aol 1I00 bales, in Y flat boot, or sole Iy G 1OR1SEYV, n7 41 New levee. B II. SIMMONS & CO. have thin day taken into " c -airtnership Ilirmn harts, the h.sirsso will hereafter le conducted tinder m he firm t f Simnose, Hlaoslt & Co. B. II. SIMMONS, HIRAM ISIAR'IT, P. i. TAYLOR. N. IL. 11.11. Simmons, is authorized It use the. name of the late firm, in tlhe settlement of it4 Iesinoes. It. II. SIM Nl()NS, P'. G. TAYLOR. New Orleans, Marct I, 1337. rn4 --- - ... .. ....-N-O'T' CE.- . ... .. .. . . I t. undersigned assumes tie busisness of the inte firlt of Ilernnann & Co. anid catill s tile same tinder his inmo. J.' V. SCI1311iT'i'. sll LIFE IN LI.ON)UN, &a. IFE in .ondon. on tlhe Day and Ni g I saces, in ti ranbles and sprees through tIle metropolis, by Peirce Egtn, in 2 vots. The lnuorist, edited by Theodore llo ok, 11137. The Young laild's Uift, n conmmn place book, of prose tid poetry. Acoalle iosnf Pleadings andt practical Precedents, with rnotes thereon, andl appiroved Ibm's of hills of eosts;.rsn'iiaiiigi als, IelifereiRes, &c. is lngra Isui's 'Practice, 2d edition, byl Juhn V. N. YateS, Elme ts of lnternn tional law, t itih a history of the eric ne, ,vIllury Wheatoen, Esq. J est received and for sale Iby - ISiNJ LEV'f. YOUV TlFUL IMPJ l ST,'rl , &re. &. l`IlE Youthful Ihmposter, a Novel by Gergeu W. 1i1. L Ildlsnlsl in 2 -ls. 'Traits usld 'rialsof Enrly .ife, by L. E. I.. iu.sthor of 'h he isprovisotric, &e." Fetuale Rsbll inoun CU oro, n tale of the American swil Foslh explerilment of llivming vithot imens. The Elenientu of oIlitial EonmniV, inic Fra.ncia Way landl).1).l Presidentl of Brosn Stiversity, and pr'ofessor of Moral lPhilosophy. Jsta reeised andl fir sale by i1:0 BENJ. lEVY. II'E subscrilbrrgratified for the liberal enrnurage I auent heretofifre bestowed upon his establishmcnt, respecefnlly annoances to the public, that lie still con tinues toI manuflieture Copper, Til, and Sheet Iron; and t also co' tralcs the Blacksmith lhuiness in general, at No. 120 New Levee street, where all orders fir stean botr and other work in hIis line, will be attended to, and execnted with despatch. tli hopes by plurfuality lnd dllle sttirtio to tn sie to e s elit a ecoliinllatser of public Is.'onge. J.sT. OSBORN. New Orleans, 9thl Marchllll 1837. hlno. . NI': Ihos-heis Tobacco, picked Ili il th river, Y nmarked W. Manbrlsfl, No. 20. thle ei lir ,, ll hllbu Irhe sai by applying at No. 14, Je.lbrson st. nnd pay ing charges. " B SIJK PORK. &.--1024 SideS *, . 1_O sholdr 970 Hums,li 3111l Sacks Corn, 40.1 Iarrrci W\'hisker, l3 larrels LIard, 149 kegs ditto, 116 hIrrels I.'lour, lnult inll froilll Fls llsnt e atnd flr slle T hv sit17 , sit.i &, IS IYIINIt,131 ToCl IItis ullllii Is (,1531hiO'N 11 IIINSKEY--t hIrrtels, Isudling fist s-L ttuner Muskogee, Ior sale by i IIIsIiSEY. 'll 4 Ni'w I, ee. - iN IGN -F oft; flilt e l3.e-o z.- Is:i fail u.. oii 1 13 nests of tulbs, marked Ji P S . .l Co. St. Loiis, per tllrql (liver, (IIConner, master, fromt New York, will palie call at No. 8, Conti st. pty larer' taibke Stism stli,, .! s)For S. J. P. \1 III'I'1N. . It. & J.. Tr. S1lAIllt,, .hlloesuir andt (i 'n sriell/ors it /.ai s ,.t.r'er Z, ISelbsrtrPp| ,f l'iil prncice i ii t . ikl're t . sse f ilte - .at, ol'f .i si s-ippi, + r ill the p rish o '.Olll.ll . illlji.itili. Rr/Cerela cs.- . .. ilrkiltlll (I '. i I, Itlllill iliTr & ('i. MSIlagn, Nivee & (io. \\Wit. It-u: L, I i. 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