Newspaper of True American, April 8, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated April 8, 1837 Page 2
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Ih LE AMIERIC.AN te[.r D4.bttLY AnD TRt.atEWELY, AT AliNS' A eAn cacr o or MoaTSRnZ AV kATCurcs ar.e v tb.nar JOHN GIBSON. $ --. - --- .. . ...R - Ourselrae. t ias so much the fashilon ittnhaadays to praise tI eei'eelf, that weamittna refrenta~Yi e tellinig 'the publica ed our pasitno what we think of ur.. b atre ,t nlraendceavbsard itatlers and things in getcitelyre fat ýl_ teiitismediately and indituctly. 'tai - ktri goptptil to take, but a we'll be as brief as we can. a the lur pleatseour uflice, that is.the olice of t tie True Aniericn, ib on the cornotr of Nicthez b ad IMegania streetu. W can boase of ith rta.~e cat 'btatrlfarnished reading roomn in the " tyi~ih d'oer,ace tooatr ~ :ntatlit:e.s All Eye want, are tubecribers to render it an agre.abe place ofe.sart. Opr paperso ar'all pnla do n file, and the head-"·bre s- lhbclnodi- , that Pe reader ±ai ne dileoalty in fnding any Journal he nsy q w.ih.. Slte Ieom seventy-six officeare regularly nc-iverd, that is, ar far hs Mr. Kendall's express mail ean be called regular. We don't get our pn peat the day they arrive, because they are not as as.t.ed until.tlt neai day. This little circum atmwee, however, is of minor importance, :as be t l.arks in the Post ;iffle have a hard tinto of it, and they must have their-diunerT like other peo-. e We have maod arrangements to get the Len eaTines, Morning Iterald, Chronicle, Courier, Dispatch, Betl'a Meitseger, and a host ef other jearals published in :liho Metropolia. Nor have we forgotten 'the .journoat of Liverpool, Dublin, Selfatt, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Northampton, Bir miabgam&c,dc. &e.; no that we can oiler a stronlg inadsement to Englishmen, Scotchmen and Irish as, o sasleribo to our neat, well-lighted and l'hadeomely arrangdd reading room. To French aen and the Creoles we shlall shortly be alile to Affr. a rare ttqat. We have asinrnged foir the Manitsar, the Journal des Dehlnts, tho T'amp, ilthe ,Merarie,and a whole batch of Pairin, tlivrte, Bor -deaax alnd Marseilles papers. Papers also Ifin Ilawana, Vern Cruz, Butenos Ayres, Jamaicanie lo de.aaeiro, M.xiceonnd all the ports on the Gulf where Journals are nublishedl as also ffotn Val pairasloLims,Poernambuce, and othlerSoirit Amie riel. cities, will he regularly, received, directcll and by waydf New York. All the Reviews, roxilh lies and weeklies, of this conntry, are en earra ble, as welleas those of reputation in England antind France. In fine, we have spared no expense to omake our reading room complelete, and setpetior to sty in thocity. What we want 'are subs'e'ribere, as we said above. Our terms are tonderate,-na.s ten dollars a year. Will oner friends come forward and lend us a helpig hainnd.? Will tile public sns tain us? We feel t!y will;--let tlemr.cull at once and put tltcr ilances down. We.mustl tacceed, for the people of New Orlca.n twill sap port the industroeas and .nterprisineg. Now for our paper. -The i)pblie want a ndaily journal suitable to their' bsinres and to the time they have to sparo for reading it. We hate titany able rivals. Thlere are te th e and Ctourier: they ast French, however, ned weli suited to the lati tude they are puttlshed for. On the other an: d there are the Btulletin and Advertiser, bh.t'i ably conducted English newspaper:. And thell there Si the Picayune, a daily six-pelnly slihet, full of fun, frolic, and hosne-racing. With thesei forfltidl: dIle competitors, tho Tuae American Ihas kept thle -even tenor of its way, "faithfuil el nd bol." It has never shrunk from the expression of its opinions on all subjects proper for a publlie jouar oal. It will keep lip esame pitl-, atid nilnpantic: l lash the vices of tire day, wliile th ndvancemenlt wa d protection of the pttlli ilnterest s'tall be its primary object. Steps- he.r bcia to scrtul't the ablest commercial corresponidents in Am,-ricl, Europe, Mlxico, the Islands, and South Amerrra. It shal contain hereafter a diily statmeitat of thir market, carefully made up from eritt rl riles, and - regular tnatemeants of the rtceripta and xperts of produce. We shall whiltout frear r tr trvr give - daily report of 4be money marker, withi such oh. ervetiona'thereon as 0 ,ppenar to us oalut;rry to thIo public weal. This irmy not Ire n!cil p.lice:; bitt as we rely for support on tile independ-at aitl iin dJertous, their interests shall be consulted, 'l'hI politices of the True Am erian iare well kilown. 'Se faerns we shall mleddle wiu tienl, we-shtell lways be found on the sidle of tl.e country, and ofotie. South. Biut why say -tlihat we -shall do? Wihy not do it, and nv, hereit is. An ndmitaitle aepronf! We.thke tihe hint, and ihalact on t.l We -erfer'to what we have door, as a proif or what we can do. It is trie we cant:.,t give as Swmeh reading matter to trai pub!lic nt present as formerly, for the p:ices of labor Iv're hern of late advettced twenty-five per cent. The Daily press reached, their prices. The j .trneymen p interi came in and po! told tho maIn er er pl.ierrs they should -not cjl itr fruits of" thLir l.tb-,rs. .foch is oursituatiini! .lt we will endeavor to remedy the scarcityl of readting matter by a judi cious elice of dhbjects n:td tiews. hBut it in" n tihe-gaaatity that nlwars succeeds. As to the quttaliiy of inat we give, we are too modest Ito pronouncen opinitin. 'he late increase of suh ecriberr to otr journal prove that what we do is atifactory. We cannot count tIousandas f sul s.riber, as our coalpceiters can. This is the very thing we watu to do. If the lpublie will enire ferwqrd, weshill shortly I ant of tor 1109 iu 13n', .bscetllters. We are dcL,.rminll:i to miake le I'thno meriean w 'oarru of thetir supporlt. EIclanouge Dualutrfat It is cone'edd l n alll haln!e-hatl - s-nred cirpo-' etal Joua as ell qs individn ls ae he Ier"tant h tio.ard right ofeUiljidcang the caph il in their pis oertion to thle *M.ei! n dvantage. Anitng he many Wtays that are dcviJ..l in .inLrkina ilili-i tions to rtep a larg prUofit ulin Ihi eils a pl.ic of their fund,, tlfreasyrtl of ecx:aui S bUsi.,i i Is the most notorious and advanl agos. It lnvll' s great risk, but the premiinl is g-inerally nma ll equal to theldang:r. Ina \holesoI e'lstate il . 1ith earrrony thle exchlanlge !. sin: is I. s dangrg 1us, and therefore less priiolaliltn. Duiilng t e ra ai of the monster, banks were not no eage.r Io eal .I ltheir funds in this way, anl it will be remembered ! that dioll.lUtant ihome were te lorder of the dan bi all brancht s o ,f n ado flunrid.t r d. a ,liae- r -thendetlructioi of the U.S. lanDl, lthe palhe. hlavei been deprirved iaf la ne neaoalallaaiatioa s thatl it was the intalllilni of the l1 gia:: rce the taln e ehould grant to all saulrcn indivi !unas, an l 4eiagtieatl couaq;loence wa-s, than a loasmuacld S fer wre.falteo.d iby the faci ieas Ilityc: j Biyd in ."m Inopolizing the exclhange business. -Tlis: aludicr clesouldalera, tlahe hoinrst and ilnd allieus IlS d' ' ral.e, for years past ill Nc~ Orlean:ls it \e a"ecn oblitpdt. contend with bloanted monolaliats re velling in themnilliiaas of our bankl,, and nrothing eal" d-thrn to ·tcar up against this frna i iol! tilqrpto[ltilsa but Ii natlhereat noergirs aif their, ch ir , ti. In siceof the ttvori.i.:s .erjr>td by a "." lta e.liqpte in tlh .oaitr.amaartie hht Iave- a,an. woa tuat mairt a diameisearan cd ar.rtia an. I inna fw o.igt, iolanks I xen lldlOnrerld-t tlhe s..ilh of a - i nrt'a iers and lent ihr.r l'nkari le faaaias oui t"o - ;Cti . u.l. n.iy.-L'a tLie ga t ,+1 cU a :i r-' dlaeod by tiin coturse lbe bleen ilOtra.e airn c:malli _ tool ai, t d by the c,,o:dut ,f the. oter :s.:ts esqpu. W.tleayrro.p antitla of uC nitiltn tl ithe e ,1 businr 'iver'n id. aborvetlhe .,.tret. war -e S aaaucilaey;n. lr.La ! cc ln the nn; irt;il -anse - . 1aaaaMt' 4 1.i ýum5 e nCan:rra a-why the al na oe -.stitmeewo r yeiraraese - ahe. , m any of a our .i" / g . h a t b yl, s 'e rie a n t i rn g al ir t to la 'uy. a t IiliM trlfIhttT :s ' '. rat da.s I - l l igst >Cfe $ct1thm:nana'adaice to, ,Iii i, d: , w.,I ir b- fi.e: taia, h ,.re theyi m.` '". ll tiia 'Pi i , ,a':k amn'iy, wh.i ui ra ih e',:a r'- r metan, ·rrcnl to h:.v* harn their ",l!.:"1 r~r!, 1,a, uantta t fil tll s:.fiarit li r.atn L r- j .i n lia mlm*uni, thet a eei t e 'ana: ea v f.l " es yibM a at tut s i r. i e aI .. h-v dathv an en-l. T, '':e yirno, h of th!:" c l'h.) • Olfhahta.daa a nei-. It the men tIat, ih :a -- watoL atla sorreutaig t:.. ..a'tks i out theair. p vlhertre, how toi coohdtl'o them in asrictlyco:rrmereint principlen~they it'oae beea coilty of malversation in ooice that ought to be visited ith the highest public indignation. If they did not know how tq manage tho trust no signed them, the ttrckhlrdehra have been to blameo h in seledt:nig thbm as ttie guardiansa-ofiiiir infir-' ests. But now that the public are acquainted with Lthe usaod by Whict mllions have been di verand.ftrtn their proper cltonnel, weo mtnyrlkpe b that aclalser attention wil be paid byithe legislal. theadoings of be~hs than heretufere. 'A I jealeus watchfulness at·lhe acts of anl corper.te a bodie afitiri d pfrh part f ohe.duty of evveyciti. son.. 1isowa tao himaelf and to the cocin ntuni a to eoppose ontevery occnsion the slightest c at budding up'hnrnopolies in any skiho whlatyver. CotnFpotltiouopea compatitioc, is the oply mrana by w1c86 our commercial atittosphere can be h'pt in t healthful eOanditiotn. The Obtreua iouns 0al . a , a h SFTr reitovltg the ,osiructiotsa to the nnoiva tiowaof'the Mjiassieipi at its mouth, in addition to the sum or $75,000It hcretafor" appropripted, $tZtOO000.? Strel.nis trhh hauage of o iet .paP aed liast a.s~ion of -Cdhi.res Ns.w cn ermtra the question. How to I s*-. I-beraid nut? Is it to be thrown ast~y on Captnin Chase's- projeected caal; or is it to be used for chl.oking up All the Iasrs oex. cept the eouh-nwest inlet, lo order that Mr. 8tein's chimearictlproject jaoy le carrie.ioo gyect?! Or will it i·c determinred to approcrlate tt to poaying th! saon aeti1nt for his servdices in renmvini the bar, as reenrnmenndod by thie Courirrl. Or will favorita engineer hermploytd nor to deepen the passes, butt toeupevid one-hriil thae orhey andt appropriate tile other Iuflf to his cn'na prockt?- Qucaionas apart, weg arnerly Ipethak tlhe inter. eats of New Orleans will le faitifflly subserved I in this matter. We preriee that tIlh plans sub.. mitred to the Clhamher of Commcrce are about to, be laid before the public. And notw on the thresh-" hold we raise our voice against i.r: Stein's prr. jjet, and shall- oposec'it woint'rt ceasing. It is destined to ruin New Orlean-s. totlr, cthl tip all Ure passes but one, in Ite vain ae d silly lhope thal the momentum of thIf waters will Ibe so incc'eaoed that the bar in the south-west hilet will be re movgil anoil carried nut to sacn, till it e talken upt by the Gulf stream' and transported to IJt Banks of Nean.fundlond'.- Coo any proluritiw n be rtfore absurd? Admit ta-t Itr. Stiail'sr object will t, effected, is it not eviden to-oall sesnMith. men that nIw hars will be rtmpo at thiit poirti whlvre his in creased action croass? Unt we contend that hits pr./ject cannot he carried el act wiithot fllod. ing New Orlratto. And what is tnorethe stopping up of all the passes buit one, will increase the, height and depth of water to that degree, ilhat trihe river will seek new outlets in places where the re siolenee of the. present banks is least, lrStein, weo-re told, is of opinion lthat the lars of the pre soti matotiths are datgerous,--that unless the wa te-can hind outlets, the chances are, it will work itselfa new clan nel far' abooe the city. flow Omucih- ontre dungerous thenl to shut-up the present outlete? It Inust not be disguised, that tIhe tcn doncy of the Mianississippi is to work its way to the Ocean by a shorter route above the city. Any at tem1ft to prevent the waters from diseimboguirg at their present mouths, will iacratse that ttndency. Cut off from intercourse witrl the west, and what isoNew Orolans? We call utoen our chitizels to pause and reclect well before they' give heed to u scjcntc to close up tny tnere rof ilrt pnaet. Tire plan wil notl socure a deep channel itriothe river, aml may produce such ln ch onge inl the dirattiln of the present culrent as to cut us nff frtolt the west, t' nVenl rtllp inlr tIIit wt s'itall tot ba over . flaodoed. In Mr Steiln' pi it we see notlring but ruin to New Orians,.naud a usleukers eperdiitir. rt ony H d treate woul.l trei ie Mlisissiippi as he did the tiny ApplOuratt! Iltaian Fath. -I Tito nbdlolctill o41 Si.oo.on 1.0110 tho hby betupri.- I1. Idrgnetioocy o,1 the Itahliano s. meo A oat..Coooo 000 tloir (atilth 110 I:oeorroolo 1 rrr..rdod noC Cahn- 00 Lieniall, prnliss in olden 0101:c0;-.4 nO.1 only too he hlrloln. IlUllike rle nobtle Roman, 'hoos: Sroaetlat pride nos to klep his word, the deho tioge'. oat' Italio1n10 lives hoot on d1-ohoor t'.o fane of Ihip 50000000us anet tIf olover 11 11100 01m00cl in il Ol1 arts, ollnl 6npertorioy cb 1 never 000000 pen, 81 for 0100 Itih I ii, o lll llte no 01e 11 a e s ii fth m nd R,,osi w00 dlouobtlosS iliOil i II,] s0nic0 i0tert000 0do t{; 111000:2 0100 carry0 aa is i, w0.1111 111011 of to,. j·llilrrg th1 Operai. Bll fil 1 ce lin R Vir of tIhisn 0010 0ariou0s ::00ms h 100 been doslioed. Yt WhiO lLtt 1 are 00e1 to, 14nk Of 0 011010 '.1h could 0011101011 t00 0 ruin hiew~ile fo1r lhe soae of a fooo dulioors Sig- 17 cleric Ross~i can acesrirnrprur on any stagein Ibis ~ oIl:.oo I ,,'oi 0011 11lrljOnOii~i ro0 1101 Slog~ir lllo 0000 I country 'ici!, n. annd her ,evar ni;"n Ilibelac dplobt a Io1,000w it. 111100000 11101t 1101101000e 1000111110101; i.. 1 10,10,1 000e. 0fi. ooO 0iyi o dtsoribo tho vii- 010 Ilns of hole io iijlosle .0101100100d i ooicll 110Th1 00 Ills 0llo1icioo foooo'ood leer1010olopen tlleoooolpliot N0 100100. 11.11110 r, 0we001 11e led holihio to-t ohiol ino- 11101.1011i 00 n ot fi .0s gre11t a loss, a her010 joiloC 00il to hc oveli' ioooolioei by '00010ir L'aqoosi. At ?,It pe dll,,Ol ol r si10 0 taoori o tio not be q i tI11 001 o100,ntvs trittciilhvi~ugnt ilonth iOOt~pt 111011)000 wht. itiis kown that eighn; readily oh 01sentedl~ 110.0 elhtooet 1 bly~ oooo Ootice tio undertake0b ooe pa~rt, rotiter iloonthat 01001 shooul1d111 he dlOprlived oftie 0111101 00010p)eostrei oioo Root n01 and JIoiet will be rejoonotd to-lmorrow yt. iCharhý ` 'Lcaire. II : olf.WAY, Apri lo Wt, 1 001 0.0101000,1 '1 i'"ttil 1_P_ t I, crt. tlloenocl.IIIIiIhthed'm oftirI ETC for,'1- - 1 - - 1 F' 'Ill * IS li'di 0 0 11.1 0 B-i 10f ti'T, 0!1lltll0ltlJN0100lO10!001f, toloo18011 N ot'. 011)7? fI ,Mi1s 0 IIenre 110111at 00011101 Parl.O L: e - ,le rs in hi--ll's of ll .: da . - . - B~. lioto,.ooýý net, , i"13 F\.0(7o11 N IIol0Mil bs her-0dowine,.Il0dlo from so.0ollIelIno100o~ottiot, uni f111 i 0alu10 J I'voo ol l t 211 ooi de too 1 0 11110 Lii l'ooool·,040oo01010 In r IJtl l0 ...o d~o o ioto ii i Itr l .Olh I 00181111 00o.d00 10010' to te 0 118 J Jituiodiiol rl'ooiet * 4114) do iO.d ot) YO(1E h JLOO, 04 0(000tl0ot -S5001100. (I ijl(r n'5 qate-bn.-f-oo ulty e ccirycd tie s-onlll c cc, and for sale law, y ' nO (1 4C .1U11 SO.\, p.! ('lalru M I treet. * Itrtl0.\OO-tile I 00010114 ill' oti tie' t100llr01 e Te h Hol ill b sold l ;Ica it l Fn'rifice 1 elose flrlc ! 7 (1 00 J(NbII ' ItN, 93l' oomoooo strwet. -1:111 .1 ew tcf a , o1. 01001 0. S t- O t\ ý841) bog 1:11 Corte G 1tr o tttile toOOii to i ll 1ýJ) n0 l )to-j 141 001w Io·; "I 1)1:i01 11:S-.4 lot tor sale ho l1t n4 OA1. SLA"PSti 4I Pnoyolroa rI f [tPTL ro ilt lRr) t fli i.0 r,1"0 7 ARt)in C1oro, 17 I t~l i8001100,10.9 1 Ii ~i II' 00 . ~j ·It R1011·111· 1010 011101400 A 11' 0 41 01 0 itar01l lo 0oo 1,1cr 010~o, flor 0. ~oP ," A If 3C V len i AbCP( I iv C tenth .41 1,y . z \'r7 i ahcerkloclt 00 p net reed~y- hor thet\o 000 1i OtIoL b bol t J itrt , ll Mor tll0000'lI 0o 1y t. n7Et. 141 ooot 4m, voy. ItiA1t "rE loin '"i Lordibo lo re ee hr olf b 17 0 1 G'.oitioostroet.. )- ( ONDO'3 uoo l r11l0 0onsisting 00 a00110110ts t 01, il; t' l000sur s 0101ll - BU1000'P A, 1100W10110 o f l g t r V . t - I = e d bee- prints Ria Epee, v ry su a, 7 olo 0(11RT1 II, hO1t4t.)1N, 'l l 'oltor·c. t r cl ri iicintiin it liS"·Ii1ro gjN -11;mvier st. -4-jiff 1S [Vtf 1iit0h' ooooit Ilotthls No l.EI Eooljo Ii IL lerriercs, in ti- iai order, nn tfor tale byi~ebr of 000100000. 01 4VIlON (i~nirt I ," x ol1Wi''10.I. n\, lViOY .k &. C1 )Iso-l+'a ir 1.:4 I o n 101.1:11 boo. flot it[floo I I.x WC . id !'tii nt'SlenlN. g not 1 or 710 ' cal It PSi.. l'et t '.ltI , -~ ~c4)-IIWEn hIIL.:, . -; ' OrFIC or TErt ToRs ARscNt., " 4 f, April 7, 137. tol eVohavead anotherfislure foralarge taount. Tha torm jj ea asot yet blown over. Report says . at the Liverpool doe potoala S obtuion.s tosn Flot thotonosdholigianofoon (I ad thldfillioa seorlisg on condition of replcing it in spo. ola faom Amerian in 90 day.. if this..ttoo, Noit yorkrillI bs ll eq *a A saUdeolin at thias, moment woould. i ba.u to as.spem spel.e plsymoentt telxcbag being ato' got _ob aMnte eqdsy. On tlfbsaheato, some dieirst is he- Il uiniplto be mcanifted by eosm ofPse baoks here towards Pt asch ther. The'ncT way for the inatlutions of the city to koes.iptonaliddsec tao osomoic each other tld dioeppero o oftoleatdt.opgau IflinlsaytoIn v a~a to ttpt ohotteoeit up thes coolno ta isteheallflod out% If 3htyps rp Mteayish becoming moe eoery_.dy.dao cti . di646elC bscr(Yu, pris mas go dowe. - wI We haurofoa ole ofat348 e) " a Loutbina prime cottont ,t 1o -Itg ,c oi onl Seme olber ols have trans- n ly joall nid at eoem ly low rates. c t si oto btab.o llsdg liscot to. Ofra rcromades for L F ht-hrgqumaiti at 6 3.4 cents, but roefuce. f Ž ocliuDlg: We note a saoole a5 sacki at 60 hi, abuotil. greatquanotities ar0 arriving c •PrAse sugor ialbhblteto-day at 6 a~Gldcs, 100 ho atto t rate. "MolassMs aleableat 33034. t" SNoobtgojin otar oticlces. The eatcher dcrliq bday I rca tinustully chd; wilrthc.acind Nortllh 4Ct, .nd blowiog olost at e. Tbormeb er oo deg.c . EXPORTS:OCOVO1OT AN-IND TORlACCO -e FrenQsl. 1, 1836, toApl' 7,1837. - CWrAoN cAEt 40ON. DS BACCo 'listlL Fo~ Tco Thisf Polt oiho.. . .... t 73 9t- . - - C o di ........ . · ....73 i3, . 40 80e ?.prit7'3Y- 081o o 00440KG 2 4~ 3 09 2384 Ao ..ri.bla 1... 0ds3.. .. Icdhpo 042..| '+i8.8.09TI81 .. ! 4 1 )1. ti Kole tci. 21.. . 2 I .; e .-- 7, . 1 'laroeilhai...... I0 . 0 4 60 Jo I Otfltoctl.... ..| .. 18 0301 0393 ..." ... .. I Pctwerptt ..c . . 089-3 1 81V 4 Pocc..... 3 2 43 oteno .to ....It· 7..-. 16} - 071.... 3 81 9) .....:..i ", :" " PortsoutL.".. I, 3 ... . "0 3i.6 8 1.0 .... .. •. . 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MEAI), Mangelr. , " AI tughnl,.t t, .chn prisns Id stat si .ei ltitI, on the ith iatlnii t, a nyrlsn eoy na n teael Ilina, ;abutt, 10 sctamre n r, saný he belong toi Mr. (;oanltnlv. .Tli Jowner wi'14 t1'w 'e plao rty, lnt y ch s .t g-a, a.l take .lim away. t 1of ch u Canptaian of Ihe %'i temit 1'; bro" ght Ithe dit po e prisonn ltdea d eI a i S cipality, on tltld i1 tal nt, II n ra. Ianla, nill (rew, ahouth 3"2 r.etrs of agte, Sary be.belnolngs it) iir. Achtile foarcelle. 'lnh+owner wiill priov pro r jt , pIy cl-gue, and take him away. nF H .A1IP. 11e 1 'is IRnuglt ito th: pol-'e trison of ha 24 lhuai ci, n i n sen h ' titt a larch,.' nero'. l s amci.d Pri a, , a nr a lu"l tItrl; o f ns .a' , s 1ys he Ielohi's to r. nezilina111. ITha n, r .will prosel 4pr 1, payI"l cll' r Miilese elnteiliyeant otr yet ant' s sFt b elong s st lit lMr. surout. The owncr awill p ro v er 3 rutty, nl cllar gea ,ni l ta k, .bwnn , 1- S it \ l IItn, h ii Ianpain nta f~t . It 'ttial. 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A put ie ' ,i_ in aot . .,l , re i t l l r ' I. ... . . .... -- - :i - i ' tnt ¢.'n 'Ihll.n sl' l.,'r i n rel Iotl ern , n iltan U' nt w, ilh s k h, kis nlren s, lw nite . 1t s ., at-a'c r f nlltnnhalsnil r .C'erryn •" N Ii. i.Pt',n"_ tnv malt :"hlrnnnninnr for..Me. I IL IIYD &, BRilI'IIll l, B7 'ietr `l ` (lii I, Watll natrtdaine.stnl. t1-i and Air yale hv T. i. IlI' ):ii & 1ROTIIE.R, M an tinan an tananott. .ln ,:.eli bn. :,7 af t\'s . BiA.s re. y9 i..'O;:;--- lhd. t'unm +5 di Shoiditln s nd 'i7: Il pi-,t.a lIe a"n, Io.r rattan, I nniug from a en alti b t an trit , l :a ' ai ll o ,= "bv ,e7 aI'. 1- 1' 111 n- , `a 1 Pr 'da' t t+. i -..)%^E \ I .1 ,. T . PARA'OLS. . . 1ilEaE subtscriber has just e ceivedfronmNew. York 2 . caLos of tigured Satin Itrasolsof French maul- f facture, fashionable-eolurs, which are offered at the low price ,df$3 75 cents each, at 7ti Caal street tnear c Rtyul, by a UG E FILLRY. tee SILK AND SATIN GQDLAl AT COST. (I1iK Llpnee of theIn .tock ofpilkiand satins of the - sUlaetribc, will be disposrad of at arthlel 'cOts tif oew Yorke. Thr re'a re remaniing, a few pieces of rich figured satt iceI Iplig ayd.figured ,top. eilksu superior .luuTity; do ger. blaci nnd coloure;jlt iedt biue blk goios da wid and Itallan silks; alno, a very few Flreotic and Irish iac enid.srots efpnaonetsng, wil find it danotfige. Otis to call at 7 o C ranal street i.r Rtral. ne ,5 . "pILLEY. . . ' s INtc2' O8. t "S riIIE subsrbertbo -is note opecniut a edippcb of new J good. reeived pet" shlps Kentucky aol lt aka weat, flont Naf'e York, oia-isting in pot of tub flollow Rich French !trinted jackonets, Fpiat nandelatin faced, notw I.tetertis British lawns;,sil'ver striped do, a ople.l did articlte; l gtt ebloretd ilrglish bhinot; smalll figrd Freit h uithbones; silk SnortE thawrtd, anl coalt.n bosie ry, p'aii, ribbed, oplen M Aied, aud emobd; linen camon brick anid Ilawn lhbdfkl plain emotiched, loopa border ed and etUb'd; fntCer ilk 4dtdlkf, sha,, I and scars, sat in antd braoha silk de Also net ebetcille lhkfs. ant en tre n0W article; uttio, eauze, and gre de Pnri goarell tore ibbonos. Also itiehnAalsona's aperior soift ftish Irish linens. The abote with many other gooeo,have beet seleet od expreosly for thbeity frade, and are offere 1 on -rn sonNbilterats at l78.LC ialstreet, hear Roavnt; b aprill E 'II.LbY. No. 9018.--IMadlame Louia sutanhet vs. r b liatband. LThTATb, OIF LOUtiANAA--Prireh eCurt n br-ti h de Parihat dl City iF Netn Orletns.-.I lf4riy cerili- fittnateon January 31st, 1.i37,judlgment wasoetiltWed-i tlns Cort in the suit of Maedale Louisfnclttz snletr. liesbtiml, in tihe words enid ig s toiololowig, tiwit r This cause was this thts'-akbn tip liefore hbe'Cnlrt. Th.Couurt being satisfied fomn theievhlencethat, thde " defedtdmi hns abandoned the matrimtonil dolticil, nand liven iut open concubinage with another woman thoa Iris wife, It is ordered, a judged al I dcreod, that a juldg moleorof divorea be enteredl in favor of the plaintiff; that the bonds of nutrimmv hitherto existing btetweens the parties, ,laittiff gnd del'tndant, be dissolved and annul led, td that the defendant Ipa tee troas. February 4th, .1837. - Judge. C. p'. R 14l IIn tstimtOnv whereof, I haive hereunto erttnv hIand'ntd ll ieii-the 'ear t of tile naid courtt ti the city of New Orheans, ln thiste0ft lity tof March, hi - the year of tur Lord bite thmil and eigllt hundred and thityer-sen,and the slx,ylfirst-yecarofttel hdependeuce of tite United State, in4 ' 1 H. Mi. GUYOL. beputy Clerk. Ns- 1-- --Odll.-a - E.'TA'P. D TA I.tUISI.\N'---Cotr de l' niaise de la Nouve rhlnOans.ia---Je ierstife, iuae l e31 or Janvierl1887, jugituent ful d-mu6 dnas ce ~C ur a la de-' mande de 'ladatme Luis deis anchez pore son muir, dons les termes s;livulttee savoir: Crtte afliteie t ce jour pluitd par dtrnntit Id Copr. .LaCour ettt estisfigt dlirree It temtinge riti e le die feluit'it.a'bhndomn}6t It do.iil, aonjugale, et vivent rn etlnillinltigetavert. aee one ae 4ifemmn qute null ernoune. 11I eSat dLrert(etc i ndtitlg dc ile jtnaoet d"" divoerce- boitrenrtgi-trit en "faveuri tie denmandrcse, qu sRs liens nuatrilnouinaux cxistaut ju-quaul -6 press, t enter lee prtle dtnliutdrens ri d,fendtit senieuttdislnent et annuile t t quel tdofeolw tou Itruaint let fpi. t " i- niS . I.klLgnHS L O MAUI.IAtil 4 Fcvreipr, 1837. Jn.t. - C. rliE 146. E:n lide ql i, i'ai pNtos I acttrep Idu Cater ci-des lte hlti lit otr tie tL Nouvelle-r'tr1eti, ce "26 jmnr de.Mlrs, 1837, e I.t Oea de L'iale, endtree des F- tta. 3 Y. ite tUYOL, D rter. - - ý 9asaJ ERi's OrrFF. -., S .SconD nAl.UNIcIALITY NO'fFCE-The ownos df piroperty aose-sed to peay A e tbt exlriuses o ,f eutits pn~o "l'ipriiltg stirrt t it' thin Muieittpotiy, are inftred tllte 1Itr \t illl.i teur con, jr. is auppitetdt cul lrctqr t l'rtopt piimirit will oe reqired. -m nl J. Dt)ANVI 'rclleorer.. Bualre Dou TtRESORInIt DE n.4 tnitCltD. iiaLi.IPALritE.• A VIS.--Les n tprntecoirp ilis I'errisn anss-nes nr ir Spaitete 1 en -isesptt piur tl'otve·re etitl'nt elall atinlu dei taes daois ctin to l tictipt lit e ttillt ittitllttllet tt Mittr. Wi. l)eltitu jir. est. lotlttle eollettitnr; ils ievromt payer ilullldfteiitmnet tre pret.nttintio de letir c Campltt a4 a J. t)l)AN., Trnrirr. t iTY (ArKP .o. t)HI.Etners, APRII. I, 1R17.H At ta m etiner of t he Bntr of Directors th is-nay, the f tlii.i irnr nm olttill a'vtaa lo i ted i l, viz: oestelrd tlttaliaritotlir , "It t ll r,isons isrindde lred ttlhira trhik iUi Nott i or tili l" ExchangPr , alltir dis contt, lshall hit- thle Irivi't-li if renewing thel saper with e t.tecti nallas iorv Eill dais, Ic.-s it per cenit. eority, whenever they Illi A ll it Iel'. 'I'IlAY fi) f,mn my itelle, ternlr of otvildr a u 1I.I Cmr talebte, n pair fn b'hlac I'rultv. Any neragll of tlhti subseriber, will b t iiterull re . itle i I n3 " N \1. iItIl .. (1 ARiGO of brig Clotli. in I 1 enitin-- 5f bxesr of IJRoltl lit,,tne itr; 1:)ced Itt'nre shieti ,ratl-; 401 .-nlcks WVhite i.t;ti; 5Ci sc1 Inlt i.-,ii', 5."til sack. ,illlbets' t,9 l9nagi \WootItui 1011 n:'t shlelled .\h1oP.odc. 3 sta sl 1 i lolollnah I lisle; ;1 ell-PR Iihtkht-i+t lttliflo+vrs; tee s s Mturnet !ie for t Cilll:tr. Ftor rle bv a3 , IblIAcI) A, R\Ittl')'l· 7, 17 Itnierrat 1 .ticm V-asetakeiplleite inh ofn tnr "'il toi itov li ` tth tetth, ttt t I v low,' e lltlrg e f ,i ,itdMllitt fir.; wh ite t e the fetlock% ads i eft f te foot grabi.e t, "'e ft-h t ifit htat and it creai m eolote d eat hoie. The ,ners of saitl ollfitl cre. requcrii ttal h)f.Oa meward, prove fnal ite tb iot b hie tI' on witc h Idlyi theyf wifl b etueol 4re tit li6 unctio, at 1i o n'clrli, M. 1't li' \ ttllitit. d ." stin <er, " II.j1 e .'It ItLN(h 0 h+ , na3 Cottttiat t rJ ,l.1 \rd. +r ., l ,e,, ttDCot, O t, c.....7 ., Ir, to Icold atlt.utioli. t I ulf -pas 10 tilclhck, thit dan. ttlthe At' t boat whlorl, Inloly oplpositteluli'n t s'lt: l)O mllie fIttrgOwitoe cirn; li1i0 stliks rlctI ., Rots liteCaft i n ot, (t t ralte;) 1:21.1) Ibs te rcf:-i table Illttilre, itl keg ; 150 ibt- lrest t aber batter in hloips; bitrrels apttles; tamaged s corn, .&e-,c Al,, A tyoo'hlttBoatn, ic; all th Furitturee and Tu ls, --- t-- n--- - "l - - A CARD. . -. R. 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It is his itention tit leave itis city uiioe 1ul leri, nid whence, l will git ic tne 13th rlnx. hir Viektltie, thence agatri e lir e-. lIlls on nlt Lh l, dellenetfitn " lonia= euille o thue tlh lf Jatie,'tad .1tncit fur Cti::ci.hnti oh thie 17th -Nfwte Ofglcast',ipril 31, .:1M7. - T'I'ClKR'P'' LIFE O. JIFF1:1RSON, lt_ T rIH Lh Life of "ThIlans J efirsi n, tIlrd Presidnt of tihe JL United States, wir mrl of his colrrespndence nre"r bler he publirhed, an'o t ccof his blliun ins r aittw- rlthintvfiiir gaverI~flta, nalinal palir-, r .m C itutimaj at Iln, by .eor'e 'Trckerk prnl'lss. ,r f itral Phio in ph,; ina the, ive.itr y of Virgin. i,, IWa viola 'lch .l wrr at Iinle e v raPto, o Ilnge ther w.ith-otl:er Trft^,, a dh..iupgishedItritat,. 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RILL FORMS, )tRY@b )W-2ICa2ebaa dryad ael~llar.nsalea J 3 JI AM .. 0tierae andl 30 bilas erin e J d+Co's hanm; at up in bag, exprraaly fbr lnmity ue, foarale at 153 Tehotipiiotdla sa. by aS _ SLOO 5 Ut&RNE. c i-'EC TIiFbIlEnD Wi Yl-retified Whis _i key,just racived ad for aine bv - n5 100 & BYRNE, 63 Tchnu "toolas at. rl OB.\3ACO.-7 Ilroxes, "peound lupps, Mafrcus i Smithis Brapd Imn landtll aagd foir nle by anp. .1 ][.RDGE& C ito.-134 agaimm et. UTMBitFLL AS, &.-31 cas's umbrellas & Par Sts,, varios .qnantlies, Jonding frmn bark EHen, adl farsale tit 144 G jIiNNY BAG--0 bnle,snmanl size;-landing from It Ship Liverpool, forsate ait 134 Magaz-me t. by U U-AY--. .bags prte.'i I lt y landinbg fom 1 I chr·Orhtl, for l d.l.s). &t yt strnet y fhv P5 S.J P rm r TrrI. aV. for sale at 63S ravir pt.rtiv |,ORK-l0 hnwes lear ru h r 100 lb4 eaeh,,.anita --Wl Ric l W at India tarket, irat'ore, and 4ir -ee at f.nv'i he r -4r lf .I , s.T - LO dr o 1 21 ne'fl a i ing, in store add I forae' at2ll;'Poyd'asrnst byt"' ' a5 . VA'TRIN. (' ORN--O0 rAnks ne.ilaw.peon h .liue alippiagZnlcr - forsald at 74 Poydaen at. lby aS TTI ,\ 'mt &Co. l'4OTTON IAF Ot> 1L-L-3 £ausks in stoe and At sal.e ' : at 74 oydr st. by 5 J 'H YERACo - ý¶1A tWH r tat5 bit and lil bags rent tobtnd atari. ,fr aite al 74 Poa dran at by n5 ITIIAYER &'Co. l t-r taiefat ais. ,l dtal l searmea in aors oir ' Pal"ltE nl. G D.R:EV,-l -14 New Levee. ) -ttesers. a..'truka- an.rld or lle - m5 F;. ,I' SY.41 Nea lvee.a j+O '--,l bl-ias ,ale adt l -ualtlers, laidthng Irot teillcrCtitnmere oat for anle bI ,121 J V IlttlN. or, P-,J."I II =nt. - b.-iU bll lnded r" lla,, .. It ect.rvld n6 .ltO & ARNE " Bf' - Cae-20 coils, a n ero urticM ham i . ntltd-n Snrsit insfore and firaale bly S 'iA'I'EIt, _a7 " 42 PFrd: as at eet. iCl - -enidiig .onli, tait 'b Oan.t nl " h7 -I": r-ove ,llt, rt. tit I-7-:l; blis oiaperthng Ihoit, leading hat. Ithe I2 aae.moerMaatirontaa arsalerb'y -b)0 R,1lEY, Sa_6 . 441 'Near Leven. IIK1 --9 1i,. bareiatih lotlealin~t.".(teaer I .Vieslotg and GoA. \Vaantitoni, 1"w nal e by a? G DOK.SEY, 41 New L.evee. 1AT', ,on, Iard, Butter, Bea, anti 10i0 bhles, in flat beata, o sale bye G IIDIISEH, a7 41 New Levee. B II. SBflIONS & CO. have thin day taken into a e-lanrlharhip tlira illtartIt, the Isoainss aviil h'ranoller act conducltel under tlae rirt. f aimtnon-, flartt & Co. . B. II. SI.MNDONS,. IfRA.ll A RtlIT, 1 . G 'rT1YiLR. N. B. B. H. STtmmmus, is putnlhizei In use :h;' name .Il. 11iJ .ti 1 .iI.NS Pt . L TAYL+)R New lre-aal nrall.l 1-33 . t l tad rilF undragud asauuea..'ihe lbusinessntof the aInto trllm ofitner a nu &i Co. lul clltiUl , the -sanli ond.e.r Irinn.ui. . J. W. SCIHMIIDT. [ IE it, Lo.tdlinorthi lar ano Nt {" hesll, i I _lA , nmblesai d tirree Ithr.uugh the metropo:i:, by l'eiree Ftaa, in la. if tllhle4 ortia ,t editId IT' 1J'Itahnc la.k, li.7.. lThe Young totly's "ifi a coammtllace btt ak, of )rate r andl poet. A colltionta If lleadinea anld "llnrtiatrl t'retr.i.lnts till- note ther U, alla] ppr. vell hi ,nsof hbill a l Iatnm's I'ractice,2d cdition, alv Jol l V. N. Jl te:, Elnastoatiafo tte..n.tioail bans tl a li.tar..f the soies'e, hvlhnrq ".'heaonl, Lsq. J- "reccivcd Traits. ad Tarialla ,fl" arly Life, lyv L.. C. L. nlthLr of Fatmale itin C or amIs of tihl Amerlan wil SdehI ns. foulth expwlhlment of livlng \.lthout ti(ntln. t. Tloh, ¢ihnt fl4',iiliatl Etlnomtv, la &LItattli t Wayf I land, . 1, Pres, detnt, of town a A'tiveraity, sald of Moral I'ilhsoplhyv. ,s1 e, ivcd l land faor -t4h. by m1:0 1BFNJ. i.tVY. tlITHE siabseribrat- gratfied lilr the liberal encourage 1 anc- hlop.tofore bestowed palwn his estahlismnatlt, respeCltf lly alnonces to the palbe, tlat he still con lintaucylto l t-la i t.,: ttre 'tipper, 1 1a, and Sheet Iron; tad ulbo co' Irtact the Blel k llllaaa at ilal ill -cneru[, at No. 1211 New Levee slrech, wliereall orders fo.r -t,'amn . boat ad other .vork hi hit f1ne,will Ie atteuded to, and execul td with despatrla. Ite hpnles I)y lltu tllity Iuul dra.etta atjon to buain,- s, to letait a colla toe .f Ipubllp pationtage, "' J.T . iS lIt N. New erleaint, t911th March, 1837. 21n, NC'I: hog-.htan d '|.olacra piiked ual i tiuhe liver, Jl narktu W\. MtlluaffTd,;'No. 20. tie taa lorcan tlnre Ilhe autl by ippl-yig at Na. 14, Jefferson st. amn pay harg el, iiteas... till0 " Ul!ICK POIU,. &,c--124 lSies, l0'24 Shouhders 970 Haiaa., 01~I Sa.lks (Omat, 40J Iairtls \VWis:ray, li3 barrelTC Card, 149 kegs ditit, lil6 barnrls Flour, latd "- ie frlnm Flat Beiat, nt nil frswle-a v -h "d17 sLIO & 4fi . E, 1 Tehuopitntlas at ol()11(M3ONt WIHISKE---64 arrcla, launding fIoan st8namer Mtllkogeo, or sale by 1..I1)OI(SEY. til8 - -. , N44 tajlevee. ?I U E U M aCtt bat-aesJ3 ao. of itat s ltk .b and S1.3 a.sts of talbs, marked J S P' ( CO. St. ILouis. ier e .arque Oliver, Cat)taatr, maater, flra tta ew - orla , ill ple ase ll ataNo. I, CttIti at. pat clarlrxa s and lutake ttl -aataawa -. t 'For S. J..p. \\'IIF'NY1 . .2111inics and Ctausellors at- -utt S ,NAT, HEZ, tlla(tlstPalt, 1Vill trnc'h-e iarthe ililfi'tt C'atourt.s of the state of Mis. asl iptl, alil in the liuta-h of Conaat l-iatla Isia na . -Iaa;ef ce-t.At. Kirkutatt &'Cao. bpla tItal, ltatar & Co.lHagan, Niv7la &. Co. WVi. Ilawes & ('o. "lNe O |rleans.. to 18 |14 rll ItLfe of Th- Jtlltnttt tird' I'eadcitatf tthe S ~iunledtStalet wilt partta of hIlkt Cartlropmldeitce, nete T er lre llapublishled, l ad noticet s of his oiiy t ns tt qa1 sdti,ros a civil govteratnment, national Ioley' S aalt-oeo ttlittlitial aw. yl Getorge Tuacel r, El sq. 'l'hri -Ex i Trriollullt of Llvin. within the ,ll a u.5 L1ivit up to the \lea1s, an. III vF 4a" yond tilhe lvans. au 1ttatr r NtIA INt Lt\'. -r! ý ill c-pat trshiter l hlr f,roPxitling in thIis city ..S. mlal imCrlrhehm. C IWAY & eI.N, was dis .t.ed tthe Cuthinst .bya 'Uatol i n a nalltlL . The Itl - iti trf tale iae lim. will e . ttealtel by ti:hr of lthe Ipartnlor. A they Iat kt a settlc-me it, a het t f r t tl.altly ra.lW-t aall pert I. Itsl iha).v (i l ' quilcr u lt tit, to pres t the a inp, ut.tly ftr I ueta; adll th,m hio ,r, in Io led It the rnt'l-r ,u to tlte av3 - -eullt| with,,ut dl 1mq,. JA 1E (`.\ 1.1.W1 Y, " S WILL.131 L)NG: New: Orlae.ns,'19 th'1837. - a t osat, o' po ia Julia stle at,2l tl t Iy t a Iat tv " 'vi l'ibie, fihrusdi by G I-R .Y, m at " I l e ta-a " -ata a e*c-. la-e alIa E r t 9 i V A L t. ~taa O-- t - tia t tl I7tR., I)AVIDIO {Y. has removed hish-ofik' to Nr.09 SCIuston horse ttree. t l a" 'l dina t " I at I --13a tlaa ayel wiala;aba1 le tatlaeaa I a i di-h, l if baskets il,. nud ' h, is 'i wi, ll diare su ct It d enax, heindt from hip Vs~ln. and )"ie sic nit - Ga ''tI' & PaatE, at'Paadras t. -. - l t au:o.u- 4 a ,,,0 d-.-t _xl , -- w h.ser I. 1 cant lll+ . I llP l U-'')wifi- V 11131 .3, - L) A , "Nr, ad attriglt.aivn'sh, n ew hldinga anud aJ thltf lea)I1y . .JIVID AI OLS'I'()Na S I tIn! ailienville a tiet .. ? " i; v -- frm e ug..r, in nsure .n:! 1 r sptle at 1 SNew i t a tcc.. aI 1 J alstala) -If )YI ,.II: tJ-llork:Te-a I ;, S itret i ii. Dw i mar,, hill for -ale at 9 a-1 eell lIn sllby' nt)·? J L) I-! N &. A ('()llEN.. . ICE-1 t tiece aud 50 i:tiewe in tolre aLnd - Ilinsk ____90 Onumon y IIISF Y' l l.g i , ILr kiAr ( lil l\N.- O i 11htb- lprimne pork; g a u l e'ilry ..n . ord -1 fur aldc at 1 3 Tl'eh a litou!as I t.t by l l Ia tl - I avlou aeu fHultalu by I (ilIVt' T &I iNE. lat, " t12 ' t athitas tt. Si'TINN-IRS' O11.-.-5. blae helat qlality Ta'nners' il Oilfe rduhy S. & J.P. \1'r1NEY. n '38 monti 'Irelt. Sfi \iT.-tlA F to I.,/-st . dwelling, rontaniWng four- i S rol nll. d dlouble ki:chtln. Noll'2 in Jula, Iitlra :lam I fll.[.T; `eP- iA boxes of tweni-fie- l--uund< I J e (aqch, qp a ila loup, iel eivela d alnd lar aule l,y nl.l fII(IEIRT ". 11T\H\" 1'llO l aN, i a3 Gla or Ia 01 t --;ll- e Ihtl uding frbom ship fiat l fo hr saltc t 131 ga in et, lll i by 1 3. ai I II IItIa. & Co. _ z , I,i, fo , 'run 1ri, Pic', fhr =e !." by t le t IN , It ti [.la ) - 'ta I ,,l'j l l · laaa t ier t -a, at u taL o t a-.le a Dt ,I.i . l ,at Ti) ILENT. mPa Thcspncuooa codJ adrbotageIoitady oituolcdl 12iU~ store tw,o1 01 ul~atoed by Ike oodercgsed, ac',t t J!JM. be rented tfappbcauttof be cords IoIu a alt 4 F IiAOJJII.l'll &VL dCOeQIC\ Loore. for II~ISK(EN' JUoeattitd and Sack C:orn, for 1010 ~ JV-Kaoant u44N1re Lecve by ~ _ tij~!L(3Iruiti.-t11U0 labi rnnad o lt bOot, facoflia~t tIC5 s 4Nowl.rcooLyby1 00 GBOnalN:, do 13I~t'I'NGINK-50 bngn" ioroastlbi a 1.) do BIbs do; sJao, bloero glanad voto' nlvib, oin camniterrP; 411par plrlittorrJo cc, arc-ivcd as ssolsig- 1 101 111001, nod far onl c atj Uballriros et, by att lii ttOTF~lI[- d. 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I Itltotlll te l er ed ('ut o ate i] ; h y 0011,.0A N to.KoEAN, .' I ' Aou. 'll-' u 'l~ lres 3 fi'rpre~totr dtt T' trr'e: 0r Itit , ilt+r lnc 1tniolo lito ,n I AIofor totfo'ttloltiolthtttenttattoroin, klendin'sr In-room" qori ib- I 'tero n w ll p.. tatton o tn l.noe otf. + t n tns h eotten-ttnrs lr. Ita tn-rioi ' I ollotin ooos ttr-n t onItouivs Itos l'lltoyl ttto te -I n tv ocien I m. I tIlA Nt ETrotorter AVIS. .<. iRuran, u Ttt7"ri.uor ter te T,'rsondr.tenin repalite. -. S A t'alhrlt" de teal<-. It* leh propriews foreeires or IAl.a c'lanvess, 1"p:tr I'nur, 8, 13t, commeanera Ie 15 Avril, 18917. I.. It. t;llintlle' et norulle Collelosese. ',uxr rqul i: lpayra t pl ttas lr in presentation Jd rees Ir lnmt notiltes anl dix joulll, rlpt i poUtrtivoas judi ciarie: s h'Homtr - * ('lilltlP u 'Clla q t 1t II ·romM .II4. .lyianll ve ,lh uh. It8 JII tAN.,T'I'raannrr Vli .\. lt.ultl the prtot of the 2ld Munio.ic ali-ty, l o ' d ie 2.d inst. i (;rill' min l, who calls him. ,elf ('illls l etteis, Iu st I lln,.l o s to Mr WnleyMly mew, llhe i- ill t i ciars oli 5 feeCt 1: irches high IThe ulwnl will cunly l itll the low and lke him aatev. I,'..'. HARI'PER, n,:) ('apt!. of the Watch. TAS token Al by th nigt watchtof theo2d Ward v* soo the %2:f in i', n .null baLy slte and her fuel '. theolllP r ils r' li.msed It rto trt,,lr 'ttt. pay eharge", and take'thet allt y o or lelitre tlhe 8th of April euthtl "raise they will bet solllt publi, noction by P A Guil •oluol actiouerr. JOIIN I'RICI,CoC nioearY, 1,'2t7 Iat Woard, nod Muloh ipality. .dfi: tie rielit hinr d tonot ;ite. 'hoe owneri r a que'sled to coneo lrwnrd, prolve lolertv, pay charger. atll Ilkelarid .i tilltl iwn te tl lbth in.-tlt. If I It after i tl t ti e, it will Ie sold at public auctio, by +d CommisotAlv 1, Waord, id Municipality. bl ndt i e n the io l.ft aild ooe ot the lol thit.b, Ind homo hih mr~tiIoItIs on the hocl. 'I'Tle own arki The' en-el r fe r w q rd i sloets c lro perw r', p rv eharg anot take Fald timol llway, teollre fie 15tho itlant. If i lflt f lttat t tit:C it ill he sold at p ubli e auctiotn, hi P. A; Gun illiolte, ulltoti oler. c W. ilMcI NALIt, Commio 'ns rvy Ward,. I_ i . -_ ·2d 1lu[u . ill ity, Ft,. A t, .-'t I :esttOil- 1, tih. IllT ,w itnt., " t tho Ist -'I wo. LI'd lt. t ,lieipalitv , no s.orrel Mare, no inark. 'TIh e itler in .queleald to ooe low orad, I rao a ro IAtrrt', aIt chtreP e, anld tiul, onl animal away, bolflr tlo' ihrl titt .lot . If leit liaer that time it will be sold o t t Ilice silttila, by . A.(;uilliotln, Auctioneer. W\. McD)ONALD, Commin.-srv "d \Vard, a:; 211 Munici _.ity. . ' :''I[' '\'.--- 'l le oIIuII i by the oih lih wallth, one duo lh Ilnrsý", :ji n ishl Ibrand ,1n l he h'ft hip. 'l'hn owner is r, q -ested to cnr r ieluradtol, tno o tl' Or ty, tove char .;, o!.lt tak. staidl n,,it il n ,lbo r t1 It th itn.tant. .t " fi n !'r thet ti., it will he .old nt pellie auctiulb byI P. A. ut Ii til, tort',tu' e o. rV. MoD lNALD, :l 1 Cu ,M ti-art L)t, W lL IIan nieipality. " tcrl \.'R --'I' T e it I t, one Ceh tSoti lorrel h ,re, w th i s r i i f rthioend, the rihtlo0reolfti ht- ,1 y" tl wi i hind feet h owner is requete toe l ie ul, pot, ,i , ,r otv, p tve l .args, and take it oet ni l to h lm,, flr ete l ti h tl-ta nt. lfleft afl tr hl l a .t t i e - i t li l h , , P ~ tl o a t 1 , n b1 A a t c I t i ao , b y P A.L t .illit.tttlttui Wur i or. . il, ciOnALD, ub 1 o isr y Vodari itt d u tl i tliphi'-.. 1Jhlittd tt owhiteou er pot Thelck, wrheto. 'l ' r, tpe'trd to e ome f f rrw.r p rov e properr y rgey, nDR char' a. nd Qtt: i I i meibte lhne bl;h tit-nl t, 1511 wI et t. tht finel , t a lt It- steld it w utlrtio a tioocuc tion, by b, lPt A. (tulliott, Aultoeer. W'. Io1ION1AI.D, au t'ommi-snr ' 2d Werd, 21d 1d4 icipellity" rIt, i tr e l ash It o)t, n te id hlltte, hl at ll 1i1 whi, footm' i ie ton-1 T . The owner is r o ed t ha. fotto wr erwi ,,rnov tv pope `"tch r ayena tkesatind t5a' that lime, it wrill b soso ld t t p pbli lic acton,, by P. A. . .i, Wa: Ol l iItOA ol 1ard i.2r1 Alu uIcWrd -l lr LI k lt- p,, ot ottid pnga lt. broanh soi 't riiiur in t -crntt ie.l to hIe rot r is r-. rt tote prel,,it yttfe rnt , r1ovc nl- tP k I avid a alnt lettoe tlitllt i i In l Im t n havt be iseete 1 th ttitot If ief Wfontld at ime it t l leoan tlic t in, by P. A. li t u illitio t " Iii \V. MtDONAt D, totutitO fo "1r Wrd.,uttt I R 2", t t c it utieiltot l00 e "" ,t tl'Ul o.-'oloitIflif icr titro IWi wItco, o The o lj itt , o blin lit 1 ' Ihu h ,.tld roI, h sItou . TheO Eowner is r1equtci to ne.. 1o Ttrwarco pfonrdPra'e ia, otautrooatti :Ind take niol 000nllt ta'eY before t,411 atht t nh~ff ti t,, it ill b sold t ,ctin, bl y ... . ,.. 1..illit .uiio ,uctio ,I. \V ot1. MtlO.rLa C Wolqrisary t-uttd ,. r '1'oi- Y.-li l'ak I it It y ile right 00.t oil .. ist . bind Ilursr; 15k 1 5n ita - lochi , and r. .tish ! t'I'e o rwn t'r tt ,tqu.e, t t w l tctte toll 00 lPoven le'"d i ,, pe ". ,s rha re. ^,mnll , nkr si ...... il. l nw. 1 be'fo. ther l l11 itutn ' If laet afar u i . tihtet itOt' I, vld at bic nuctitin t r 1' . lli'liotto A,, tiunccr. all 211 yltA Isl - St V I Y' l ' u ei i ... . ti ,, t , 'ifi. . o- ",, I t, mi rak Biaa l ott" v beto.e e . .516yuciiti l:i :I ý[- !ý,::n ""i- ~ ~ let (O "`