Newspaper of True American, April 11, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated April 11, 1837 Page 2
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'4 UE AMERICAN. , S-9lentsco b~ALY Ann Tar-wvsVuEL, AT nJrs' A0n cAOn, COUt' ofF t aLtiZ.EP. AND tTCeFTHZ . OT -EDIT~On ntY OIIN G(I SON S ea thI l I t td Hel 4. SNE-ORLEANS: TUEsDAY MORNING................... pril II, II.7. 0 To the iulitenesl i1 HIeudorsouni, aii Ist a hr. II Ih'lliYWrn~tM lVmtm receipt of our regular fllej. aveio tl'gl itf upto thle 20th of Marechl td .witnvo..tiie. doings of the Crtes . a. dnc! "eatlorif"'of the battles i:c tween the Carliatso anoCltriofn ds. A company' has een' formad at Putteto Principe a t r construct nrairlroad hfroethat. own to Neuvilns l i oleagues distant. Estimeelntc st, onie million of dollars. The'rcgiiasi Mr-Edward Hunting doe, from the United Stato e .A The Penorcola schcmelfif mlsiing railroadt, and I increasilt to.wn by another ogle of lois in May next, is p i at large int.bhe.Noticinso. It is stated tIllU sw Orleans and P'ens.etn are so near th.q m.a~~j y he' regarded as one city, and that the-sltsa it destined to be the commercial emporiua it6 Whuth, &ec. de .!. -By ,th 7.iof.h, pt. Dupere, arrived los night fr aet iwe have'reccived our reo ular file?.f fAr.ri rij'ablislied in that place. Tae datuqrenlysp to rthe4h of March. All the ness lhte bees anticipitel. At tie time he Csptainjiled..Iere. were4000 men stationed at MetamiMh',; eltrtrr nly bad discipline. They had IS brassn . , one who knew how to mans ti at diesatisfadtionn prevailed among ý roopi to consequence of not having receive e p Specis was very scarce. The W r only $4000. Se muc chja', ba0en ' os 'tlie onails, that the word s6hditatiatba eas likethe (lhosi's "Sirear," in thos aimletIs. T'p arrive ot the facts inol. ved in ttk-hequeltlt delays of orne mnils, is a work of no ordiiqiy description. So1r. as idquiry, fron soenices tsgjs rfiled on, cutild he made, nwe are mnore and moremon=iincedthat Mr. Ken:all is in fatlt. rhe Jepprtment prys the present enter between here a.tnd Mobile, '$?'..0(petRntlutm, to transliort the tmail. They wa ~ ounsl0ittsrat a certain Ithour rom that place it s.ivedidlp e at a .certain hour-anid vice versa. efatsWPithereof they are heavily fined. They SIave paid as high as $1600, fines per quInrtr. The di aFllfy lies he)yond Mobile. When one faoiluraetfrrivat ecurs on this ruate, ten failures take plitp crntoat It. Times out of lnumber, the Mobile~oati bhave been detaitied in that city, waiting ir'tlie'glailre. Again, they have to eon tend with low water. Owing to the prevalence of off-coast~r indis thnbaverage depth of waterin Pass Christflnh«ta been'fior the last three months, inot more thintlrtree feet. This is a dilliculty hant oughtlftfbe ttiken in aecount as insolecrable, for nearly i'he centractors boatts draw as tlow as three ~et writer. Instead of paying the underta ik re i.%Q;,to carry tlhemanoil, the pit taon a $134000 is allowed, we suppose, as wtood. money .ý Again, there-is no contoact fercarrying the Ex prees Mail fromk n ee Orliatns to Mllbile. Itis put in thnw.. nr mail bags, and thus are the con tractstlrhade to do what is not in their agree ment. Is tUih conduct fir and honorable? But what if the mail boat arrived at the regular hour? "The papers by the slow mail are not ready for de lircrydts.scvernl hours. It seems to be taken for grantal that nobody wanted papers, if the slips and letters are ottended to. Throughoit thte whole country the post , flices .and teansportation of the mail, call for inlmediate Srefr*. -We.;have now two express mails duar and slow mails, without end. L t MJr. Van 1u1ren put M' Kendall in the State D)partmrnt, where he can have time ton attend to politics, and place aimane in tire .Depnrintent who will manage it like .~e, McLean did. Weaw;e reoeive'da spccimen of Chnpnpo,:o frmn the neighbhorood of lfnana. It appe:rs to be n complathitumen, or a speeics of naspll tumi, is of a shining black, solid, brittle, and ith a conchni i" dal fracture.. l.ida.excecdinrry light,--the speci fi: eravity b'eing from I, to 1-6. It burns free'y and leetab scarecly any residuum. The priincipal locations of this intrrestilg ii!teral, tire in Judea, in the Palatinate, in France, in Snwizerland, and in thseand-stone of Albania, where it ahounds. Trinidad, where it forms a lake three miles round, and efau atnknown-depth. A grentl heat mells it, and the hydrogen evolved is nearly equal to its Sown vo'ume. As a furnisher of Gas it is invaln. able, for in a climate like that of Havanna, lighr " eats are very detirable. The Chlapoponzo pits are fsem eight to trwelves iles from the city. The observations we made a day or two bince upon the proverbial faiLthlesrress of the Italian char. acter were such truisms, that we did not conceive any oae would be "ain enough to come forward and deny them. They flowed naturally from n considerataon of the Rossi efloir, and if they have given gffenee to any one of the natives of Italy, ae cannot help it. In parts of Europe ith grand Opera is sustained by the government, and the ur ,tistsmade to perform their tluty at the point of the -bayenet4 and nso it was done in Iavann. That there are men and women nnong lialian oratsts who are exceptions to this general character, we have no doubt: but they are like black swrons. No perdib can hold in higher admiration than we do, the attainments of the Italian vocalist nod musr i cian,but we do detest their reckless walnt of the nobler'virtues that make life desirable. The mean and paltry sevenge of Mlontressor in thus bribing Rossi and Valtellina to leave Brichtn, is only equalled by their da spicablo treachery in th us bruakingathair engagemenrts. iThey ok tho'irr hie in advance, and then stole out of the country, leaving their manager to ruminate on his situa tion. Would a Tenton have done so? IIf he had, hie nasociates would have come forward, and by their conduct shown how they d:e'etesd the wretch who could break his word. As to Italians lcavicrg their own sunny clime to conme here for our nlra.eltellr, they can have no thing to complainr ofl They leave a country where llOata of them live in.modaeratte irumstarnces, such tin he competition in their business, and grar enor. -an as prices far. their exeitiorn, among what they are pleased, to term, barhar;ans. lThat Iheyr do iot sarry back a fortanaeis their own fatwIt. W,. are underno obligltions to any It al n arlit. a le artir iaecll paid for what Ihey do. T'';ley re al. ways appreciated, too, aeeordiang to their uscrite, Iltn grar .so lesse. _ en them while in this countrry, keep word a id faithl,--do their duty tnshrinkainglr, and they will always find oan ash) lut fromr tile Iyrauany aI uheisrewn peninsula, among a people that, like th4n hblu ance'strrs, place virtue an:d gord faith, br-4v f otlher human rxcellencies. We undtrstatl that Normala is tole bro._ht out Pananotaelli in Normaan! The Iovers of sati'bld hbettr ,procre .earas in timarr. - t %ht tile CatC r Ifn.ily I lt or t. 11 r St. Chnarl, in the thiblla.e Sr a1tngan, t and thei ir -i n~tWaulist. ITwe powet ful pwees Ihrae, and ait! ]lIRt Charloatte Barnes vs Letitia llardy, c prlph cy a great house. Old IBarnt a, too, ill laloiSt ill i..'tlpating t'he glooml thatthe windy werather agd dul times h'ave caused. Below will be lfaa l td a rltoll n ll: lail ..a to a' fre..Messrs. Lasa trece S: Lacne, in atalo tit a ala se de yresterday ::rattriag in this J.:rr ai fir spt - .clat Int. alrti,,h ;- wl.etherar tse no' s, ft th,: \t,:a p lls lank payable a S the .tle uhanties' taulll 'raderl' Eh'ltrf this city, c:cre rederme.l or it a. We I tinat .tbe cmeeludirng selontenle ts furanishio to Illr - ion, an anse'r w' lic! matusr he satisf;e:,ry at' i. oa lo nilty. W ith reglard to Ithe uirgumlllll by 7the genttteen tao leta at the aconeluio d i- I, have no repily to miake, further than S1'ytharws did notl'etlllnlance the rumlrs re * lt aitotheir hills. In giving irthe inhrtrtaurirar a (fe - si stmphis G.Iztte· , we caoni I. r. d it ,rt S lee icm to arlay the p lalic fear,- IJ -tatetd rlt t sarceee faurn ,hih tic ae g.a90g(tt t ver' ru co art nd ask,.d fur Ihe ,iu, ino tnnouoeecttoo,- ele.ter" tLre aces wterc paid or not. .\" did s ib because we lhought it the best way to sttile the mat tr. II our remltlak hlave given offsnce, we can only say, -IoIni soi! qui tnal y pense. WVe.sltaed nothing o I ' Jhtils, and our d Juctions rwere malde for bhe public godl. P. S. Since writing tile above, we have seen one of the principal ol'hers of the Mechanic's & Traders' Bank, and be assures es that tihe speie is on the rountters of ti at'tution, sufitl ient to r.,derm nll theM, Iem "'tly paper -ndne payable in this city. The 'Memphis Bantk lhas been so can tious as to. provide against .all cootinlgnotes. They enjoy a crediet at this moment, is the Me cthanies' &I T'dersl Bnnk of $50,000, over and above the funds now l!otolgdin the honda of this Institolion. I To It Editor of the Trne American; In no article l,. yluntl paper of yesterdaty, l.fad. ed "Memphis Bank,'" you express some dissatis frstiosn that the proper an'lorily had not come for r'ard and riven a direct denial to the haorre which originated with tio Commercial Herald here, thiat the notel of the Formers' and Mer chaonts' Bank of *Memphis were not redteemced promptly ,n application at the Mechanics' and Trtders~' Bonk of this place. Now to the Iacts of the case: The article ns above indicated, appeared in the Commercial Hterald; the moment it was seen, a friend of the insltittion assailed, replied, upnn the nuohority of the Cashier of tho Mecthnn ics' and Traders' Bank, that the charge woas to tally groundless; this ioduced a rejrinder frot the Herald, referring to sonle flat boat traders, without naming persons, and len-oing it in a situa tion that theo injured party had nothing tangible to combat, and cnnsequently no means of dtlititetlv exposing the falsehood. A eommittee of the hoaroi of the Farmers' and Merceants' Bank of Melrt phis were here shortly after, and have been ever since; and with the fullest confidence in tbhe nhity of their hbank-a firm determination to vindicate its character and maintain its credit netrinst ns eaults from any quarter: they hnve nootelt them. selves called on to ta:to any public notice of the idle rumors afloat so far. But when a paper ofi he high character of the True American so-.far coun tenances such rumors as is' implied in the article of yesterday, we feel disposed to mnke a few re marks ill reply to those sggestilons, rather than anything which has previously oppearcd: and first nas to the ligntrs ftrmished in your statement: Cash $225,000; Bills (prima facia at lensl) well secured and predicated on shipmento s of cotton of $600,000 maturing evLry'day, and the whole run ning rapidly to inmatrity, against $425,000 circou lation, widely dispersed over a cotnp irativrly wealthy country, whose wants rcquire of necessiy a consilerable amonnt to be kept seeptnded in circulation, and which is pauible at n pnoit quite remot te rom the it laee of its eltplllt IItntt, would seem to justify ennclusions wildely diffiort-nt from those implied in your rematrks; and in addition we would state, there are ample mileans elsewhere to meet every poss.hle contingency. In reply to your interro'gntory, why an official contradiction has not been giveP t.t the rttuntr, we say that the best-.possible contradierion, all the onite which the public care one fig for, is given ev ery day in the prompt and uttive:oal redemtptioo of the notes as presented, according to the provision upon their face. We whto are most deeply inteir erstred, have n I enquirld iuto the reas.ns of t'tir silence. but calln evasily suppose that mttn eling under the weignht of otfincial responsibility anI IuI ily dievoted to the inittrest of idsti tions invlv inr the wealth of whole cn'osm-unities, have but little time or inclination to ennage in newspaprr cottrenversics-hut i le and irresponsible rumotr, or in the boundless field of the abstract stbjeci stl binl i e, exchnnge, ti. present times, (ec &c. If the Iress, in Ihe enjoyment of r at liberty fo which our country is s, famous, musts drag stl private individuals and instittiotns i from retro :ts which prudence, or the folly, if you will, of ire vious timnes had almost renderod acred,il is hoped that t east tie intelligtent conductors of it will prrcieve the proipriety of admitting no charge ot itsinuation aninst thett ntot fully twarranted , v truth, especially at a motment when the dullest comprehension must toeriers that a vast aliont otf or nrconmerecial diflioltices are noow the result of a loss of cnnfidence and a breath of suspicion is anlnnst noneti tot topple down thoe strontast pillar in tihe cot)mmercitl fabric. VWe reiteraterat e asso ranee to ill interested-present the notes-they will be paid. RO. L 1 WRIENCE Pres't. 1. W. IVC.A, Com mittee of Ithe Board of tie Foarllers & lllerclh:.s Bannk of Memphis. New Orlerna, April II, 1837. [ru co t-.oart:n ] W'e arl happy in lenr trl to the police offecetsof th: lt muntrici'altply made a rush on theo gnat I bling I rtlty a d0lne or twoatn , in thalt port of the eito l'Ti, thai,fioeo ntelry fo.r themselves,just left their h--!s. L or ofl crs are 0n0w loeton of character nold nli lity, and nre fully delermined to pott in tor'e t. 't w ag tinst the aoominele iblacklegt , piltck ptoctts, oond robbers, that infest the purlieus of Oh I0lt tuoo iciphliity. Let therm go n-h.ead, and spare nui l II should be the duty oI every citize. to aonist ill the crusade againost the wrtceleis who, iilke linos, are seekillg to destroy all whom Ihey may oliel. 1. 0. I-ur tl.e True Anlhrican. Mr. IFiztn'tr: luin- bI l eni infrmed lhat the fire which oc curred at tri Resournt ,i ii I3hntinien, t.jine iln the SI. Cheirles 'l'hentre, on t le 4th iltim tn' lhas lbeen iPrillld the nat olf g mllle piPrilln III mfi premi.nes, I be Ilanve thlrolllh tilie cilillm nF ofeur p pert, In yrri uni e th le iharg llttlrl tlnlrur' nit ilit-erirus. And in order it repl thn' ela ve faole and s't rrun i-ie rloiluritlion,l will briflv e t tea fe' tncin, euach of which i can prove by aburlt'anilt eeslimollii, iu be enirrel-r c- nect ila nvery ptrlicu lar. In tie first pilner, I had re erired to b l ai hailf Past hinrt, and wn s onrorsed frt) rt sII l:elep ),Y Pit-. bt, herri.t-h, who l n ve lhe cry 'f fire. lT"ere uipun I rinlhed out, and prclved tilihl thile fire hnad rcetnred in inr. ]Arnonicou' ,uiliir . I lhen prnceeded ito thile top of Illy rnoof, and folnlllld ii'. window perfectly finst,and tightly tecured, but 1hrouth n broken nue,I saw ithat thile fire was raying in Mr.D's lIouse. Aifter nloy efleres, I suceeled, in opening the w!,ilow, nd oat thain I entn,t f ell frnm n heighlt of l or O Iecl, the wi. diw lallhlg oin ile. As seon aos I recovered:l myslell 'roml ti h a lll, ers of my v IlI, I sec ered cIlll'ler, nd ilh fouri r live of my boarde s, as endorld Ito 3Ir. D's roof and cut r hle e vl r the s inot where we presumedl the fire was. VWiil III btlkets al d n nlll e ion.rowi.Cd froim Mr. Leattie, 1. wilrh aboitO 40nfny blnrder; wtrked 0t the fire until it wns din_,ui.-.he d. In onlu.ionl, I wiuld statI e Iuti one additiinal i'rul, . ihichi like ll :he i prceed l in , o nn be ele rly fr, ven i and it i i this, ihn It n he period when ti e fire' abovev referred Ito, lro place thlere; was, no. ill osrirrice i i nit i e l i of lhe r uilrlirrg. or ,nlu ts on rI ni premises and it was rl t ,, " tiurorda- last (iruer Ilds nioftnr lhe fire) thatn I insurrd $30010 of my fiX'trn e (tirk, &e . I:i in os u'mn ,y preits orth tlr t C3r0i) nt-rn,, haie nit:ver licell ilstur eJ, uIp Ill this lml menelt. ls it re rso lablr-tl n In illipirs e, thlit rny of tlie i persolns oin iin il prt-t ilses (wilh nil if Iihlo i aI l It 1 ma s1 rlilnllt ll f t rll S) wItouhl have Ieele tlll, cereu d il t a lire irIrch, if not ixtin,_:ulsl h d iii nn iu, nnelr ha ;,e resurlrir-r t ri' t in jur i- nI heu vy losses tor mc-- 1 heing at thai timll e ;wholl) u,i -tn rrutil Iriti Very resernf- lv rit,-- nnd re I'ubhe s () ',dh. r R, r not i (iEtiRiE bURNS. TITUE A3IEIIICAN OFFICE. I. witi t.nli. Oflite it A SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSOTMENT OF TYPE, l'oni TEI PFRIII'I'G OF Pamphlets, Blank Checks, Catalognes, Bills of Ladin, Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Noticee, Auction Bills, Dill Forms, Show Bille, Steam Bot Blills, Circelars, SAnd rvery deeerriblion of Job TYork that lll.rbe relnqlred. [-Cl.T h proprieytir ir. tnlirrl lll ' c+.llIn tihe otilt-nillll n if lilt+ l'nhli e IIl the illdllVl CarTIl, (InII ldlsltrefi ILhetl l hll ii 1ill w,,rk ilntrsllled I his cl re shalll b, dle aI l the shrletll 'l . norice, in a sub m it- ic this m iry and i t th. .nlbu\ atnd, prtsent our rrapects to Comoin Jh,% iind kith ptlemliro ucil tno-ledge Ihtlir lllbilbe sauiirellrcimln w ith ahe htnl-geiume oi i i sr" his bot in all it' depa irtu-ltt atllll llunheriiu lineol n irtlellnllln ltd he, I pos eir it g ltiiihe iilie- I onimir ilcrrl l.l'Ollnri ll* tld iii !ll luitiy SfUnWlton, .Inu, , VJ uli:ldillull J 1llntIueill MII dTti oi, Ii D Newcumb, hobo Vlityi.i lI r . (aulIt, hi~hl, 1liel. m altdy, l nn-,-' a I ine.l .\ ulv, II IIlll,"mhlt, S I+ YhreeVe.Jt;!IIn +%i(re.··,('apt.1 \ i .lrtnr ipll, ' ('llTh erl , \\'lo r, h r (;ilr.- \\ Walrrtion of theuIi.-lu--i ur tmeumne (ianll itI rh cltri.t- c i'ier,rn, u-Tx ri,-Jn eh i I .V Ct-b,, 01' N"un o b r - -'e +, . ++. N-- Orlitins. Arluil I r. 1017. I i-U'.N,pni9 o rninirah,', mrnh. no l t liOeral ; . • nlak i s, hv. 'l'houllr '1 from111111, 31. ; u ln'eriiti , ll t i:msu (h'~uloz'., e+>!nprisi ll. u hl, mi!hllr ex da ) tt iii tio it- 'hmluiemr inyIiuris , fluuit-i Murn- (irech,-v t-t- pt-i-u'h' hv funi'lren.h'bi liet n fren t I heitii oruit iiiii l ont- ire .itle Pelrit-; tinilim th. i,-,iirlni¢,'rit-ih l+i" OfIt~l- , rec kl.b d lla oht l r. Wlec . l,,.hlLI Nti r. ThcJllLtm' urdd.,mlit -l~ .I-rm ri-ri c-ion u F Il tlue U li,. ht I n-ruX hurtll ( ' ~t r h'd". i'<+t- l i,,n I ,i\1 P h':u h tll- "tniuet'-'t-,rld----tiii rrnir'itlgIl-rru rl liit I., ,~ ~ . ( ,:·ir.ed nndl fur E:,'.+ ilt th,, erC, r.II . Il'unlp lll 11 l' , ilii.' LOlde & riuriniG i. l l I \ t',' ; .:.I . rIet .i.t f ' ,. "I - ;,1 t . I"1 . lN I' , OFr:, o Tor r. Taor AMERICAN, ''uesdaoy, I A. M. April 11, 1837. Conlldence does not revive in the least. The failure of the Express Mail is now of no great consequence to us. It can bring us but bad news, ad attempts on the put of monied men and monied institutions to profit by the present derange ment in trade. The issuing of bond orpost notes in this city hea been talked of, but whether it will be effected is doubtful. Money is as scarce as ever. The prmetice is obtaining of suf fering to be protested all aeeptances which the acceptors haoe not bhen pjlaed Ti fonds to meet. This will relieve in C some measure the onus upon our community, and trnstfer it to other parts of the Union, to be borno by those who have as. sited in overtrediog. lfnt the scheme is not in aeeordance with the great rules of commerce. It may work greater evils than it is intended to remiedy. th Meantime produce is failing. Flour, it will be seen, has re ceded one dollar. Cotton is a mere drug. We hear ofa small sale of middling quality aslow as cents. Our business o ea son.ony be considered as having reeelved acheck that it can- no not recover from. What remains to be done will only be the to dragging outof heavy transactions required by the necessities he of the times. Our levee does not present the animated sight it formerly did. WVhetar of a sale of 100 hhds Sugar, lst quality, 6l ets; 60 bbls Molasses 33 cts; 100 bbls Flour at $7; Pork will not go off d at quotations readily; we note a sale of 100 bbis of prime iat to 15; and 200 do of mess at $18: nominal prices are 15 and $20. A sale of 50 hhds Bacon, consisting of ltams at 10 t ets; should. t os 8 ets; sides at I1 ects.-a sale of 100 kegs st this rate. Whikey in large quanities will not go off even at 34 cs; we bear of r sale of 300 bbls at 35-choice. Coce is very dull, the C very best Hlavana is held at II 12 ct--we hear of no sales. to Salt, G A. goes steadily for consumption at $2 75. Tanners Oil brings from 18 0 20; Shore 16 (18 cts in demand in small Ie quantities. Small odes of Fiolino change. Matamoros tlides, 100 at 190 eta. Tampico 150 from 91* IO. eta. No change in skins and furs, and but few ariviog. Rice con tinuo dull at 4 ct, a sale of 50 casks. Corn-1000 bushels at 53 cts. Oats-200 boihe's at 50 eta. Itay-80 tons yesterday at $25. STATEMENT OF COTTON. Oct. lot, 1l&--No. boaleon hand................. 8,702 ,pril 10 '37-No. bale, reed thir,............ 1.O b Total do previousy ........... 40,5J3-4,91,081 April I0,Eportl this day to Liverpool;..IC8 " " " "" avre....... 605 I" lostono......497 S Portsmouth..0(40 Totd dopreviously, 190,405 40.,295 it No.of baleson hand not cleared, 7,488 STATEMENT OF TOBACCO, I Oct. itt, 1870--No,. hlds. on hand.....................7,277 April 10, In37-No do rec'd this day,........1342 Total do previously.. .iI...7346 7178 April 10. Exports total to date.........................743............ 6 No. ofhhds n hand not cleared................ 7,31 IlAVANA MARIBT.--(By the Hlero.) March rth 137. P Flour, Now Orleoor, saleable at $18 50 per bbl. Lard ditto, l at 13 c .15 per gal.; Pork ditto 13 ('i20 per bbl. Demand stloLy foi Coffo;-ltl quality 10_0) 011 pier gal. Sugars de cliniog;--white9 1-2 $2I per acrobl. Exchange on New Oroleans 5 1.o 0 per ct. Freight on Coffoee to the United States 1.2 1 to 3.4 et. per Ilb. th l'UR''L' W F NEW OitLANS.( CLEARED MONDAY.--I0th. 0ar00u1 Ca1.e, Li.sdnrer, loavre, ailce . Abboll--cargo 0 5 bales oton.l. Io kols a ddl I case adzec. Brig Commis, ry, Coitte1, lloston. Taog t. Pclooek-caro 497u y bil. i co:tol 5 Oil, h1l p lovisions, cnd 13 bags peploper. Brig rlvcollao, Baoker, Portsmouth, L Ii Golo-c.rgo i40 bales Brig lil.hy, Johnston, Liverpool, R CCCasock & co--cargo 106 hbales cot ton, I 2pkgsodry goods. Brig Commerce, DIaslhliell, N aYork. J Armigon--crgo 54 hhds blocon, IG bilhls pork, 714 kegs lard, 451 shoallero. I,odli, l)ougP1s, Ilio Grand, J A Merlo ." ro--eroo 407 Icils e ioi, 1oo kegs lard, 310 lOacks oor, 3 caeos swet In,,ats. h box eed iwines. c Schn iBtop Stsan, Folgor, iultrn, .J Armingtoln-o-Care 40011 Id, pork, I0 hhds hams, 73 kegs lard, 50 hide, 1400 pipo Schlr Mexico. Sllatr, Portland, Mle, J Thaoer n co--caro :143 Ill, polk, 81 kegs lord, nod 5100 secs corn. lchr Edward nod Frcance, B o.vduBloston, master-cargo 53 tonc ulcki pork, 30 socks corn,. oChr Peru, Sutton, Now York, astsi.-cargo 123 lhldo scgar, 11. ca.ics. 3"2 ierros a ild 2G hils molases, 6 kego lard. Schr Florrocter, I'orrie, Balinicorr, Bailey & Ahhott--eargog00 sacks wccit, 7i hld, porke, 802kegs lard, 3 boxe, I blo slsd I bbl ndz... ARRIVED YStITERDAY--40th. Toc loot Fliiou,, Woods,o fin tile S W Plass: towed to era ship T-lalilgar, brig Allgelo llateo, ichrs ldendepnece and Arkerldo--blroueht up brigs George, lvallhoe. EldIrodo, and cchro-. Lft tile l',ss on the It at11 It, A Ai all the o t ward bon d c vesels hlad gone to sea, two ships n the oicc Ig, one shlilp t cllc oflf Seol ptl. t.ct tlhe N E Pass at 7i. P' , on tile bt; two ships in sight of the ollcg, nothing in the riv-. er; ship Yazoo weo t to sea on the miorning of the Olh. Ship jlo-ot anlct., Mlilranl, 3 ds fm Iic aclla, to maciere-cargo 75 cohak rice. to orderr 'Pasengers, as Loers. Bushaek ,SSam cir, is, T"'lckr, lloolendeilon andl (oI. lolle. 0rig George, Wiso, 21 ds fill Bastol, to master I cargo ed' mdse. J S Strand, Craig & Pomerovy, J t IBrad-ell, A Reed, A I. Dacs ins, J Tlhayer. JA leorit. 1t Emergoe. J (11 Gra IlalI, A orant: J MAngee, nrkce Watt & co; J A Merle, J Boi Icy, J pridoe, Goodman & Levy, S & J 11 Vhitney, Reed, f Maynard, Ro ior.;s. C A Berrry. V tra lcanchoe, Oultcrridgc 20 dts fmn Bnston, to Gee Beclford --rarg.o Ice. Brig I:ldorado, Low, 3 do fill Galveston, to V Bryan, in bal last. 7 S;hr Vlirn, In~lndrron, 6 ds fm Iltaann, to R Croaing $. co -cargol 1L0(;5 Ibs coeeo. ofarc oal frllit Groling & co, A Cao-flln, lFrankhlin Ames, F .snhle, F Frey, L Donnle,-, J A C MeltI & co; C Voroely, and order. FPosengct, Dr Leslie thr Orhit, fin h0 ('Coast-cargo 61 hhlds sugar, to order. Srhr Congre s, WVilliamce, ed flm Maigorda, in hballast, teo maltor. lSchr Cqinor, Rtogors, Tampa Bay, to mastor in hallot. Schr \a'a, Bnrdi i, fnl Attkaee, to master--cargo 4:"0 hhds agair, 1310 cbl,, to cLambeth . Thompsont, Lestrap & eslnusre. t Schr \Vatlr Witch, Dulpere, 12 Id fc I Havana, to master cargo, 3400 hlidces and 400 specie, J W Cockaric co, and t 0St;,,loat Amhlasdor. James, Louieville, to master---,, go 0.4 bhIls pork, Y0 hlda heads, 1621 sacks corn, 5 bhils and 29 1 kiegs lrd, I hIhd tohacco,l S1oo 1. Iyrne; 5 hlhds ,eerl; C( Iloadlh,11; 2 boxes nel 2 trnnks, L Maddl & co. boahles et too, IoICehonacI Hoogn & co; 5o do N J Dic; do, owners on board. I'aseregrs oera lroadwcll, Airs A Slewart. L I r lorrve secl ondd, J B Rusk and ldy. Mlrs Deguillll Mrs Ilod-,. ger. e, iia t Atldcew, .ios eA II Alndrewe, lit M A Acn Crews. S E Bosweoll. A \'urne,, J Andrcews, C llroldwerll. Colcrdge, B l WVo 'a IIt Jolrdn. Porter, MD Dorri.s, t laleo, J \ViAlArg., \Vright, F Cook, W A G Pose', J Seilchel J C,-llon, Gcrifftllh, J \V Briegs, T icswell, PFoeic, p I' Dudley, \V N \Wood, J R cCall.i Mlohranqoe. Codlclinepton, A .oafoon, It lBIAnlry, II empllhill, \V Puonty, W Nowcomb, Kloltou, S SAbehonlh Colmmercec, Mllre St. Martinsvicle, to nlte- c d'go 4' hales cocltton. A Rivard; 53 do and 12 blldccgar, I.ast rapes, Iestlar .\ tco; S4 bles cotton, 712 hid,, 3 hhdO, h boxe, l hhl h,rn,, J It IPluucel; 51 baler cotton, C Toledano; Ido J A Fontllnotte; 39 do owners on hoard; 44 hides A LMau c ill s" co; 19 halcloolttol. Ilenry & Lawrence; I box, PDel- I iolosoae. l'ossenger. B OC Wood, C Deblane, L. J Smithl. C Polter,. A Vickner, J A Foteneotte, A Gautre, A Johlnson, Bar illet Vinet nold focilgy,T oothe, J B Bollray, T P BrianGt, K S lHoward, \VW t Gverion, Ionlaln. V Barrs, C Landry, L Minor, I hll, Sheot,. Mrs A Alalliln, Mrs L.eois and son, irs L.ecorne anI d child, \Wm tlumphreys, tarris, Smremon, Temeit and danghter. Steamboat Louisvill, Convers, .Louisvillh, to master-cargo I 5.1 bhils pol', (3 hokegs lord, S3 hhld, hams.543 hlls flour, 341 it h iep, i Iullocl.s, owner. nc board; 123 Icils whiskey, G Dor. ivny, 1G1 baols caltn, MaInsel 11\Vhite x 0;O "do N t J Dick; 162 do, Calntherso; lrris, c001; 76 do. Fore,.::, Gooldwin 0o;0 i8 do, Ki-kloan, Romer .t co; 5 dlo, Yergers, Clatln .' co; 4 Sdo,, Slanhlclcr - Pichkett; l do, Wilcox, Anderson & co. Pus ,seners, Air Blln and laly. Ilod, tlewton, McCormaek. Con nell, Mithcloeil lcngann, Chlmbless, Mlillory, Moroland, Taylor, Sotnelmoat Tlf caroro, \reiglht, Cinrinntli,to iastoer--crco I 21'i) lhlls ollo., I;;il do wh sike. J I.adi So' cc,; 3001 I,,s pork, SJLhaveroo IclO Icle 0hlslwhrke',J V0nir ,; 1iIcIcles cork, 47 hhdo Icconno, Ihbls 1,blEe 3 Hohle co; 75hlhdo bacon. Lavot 0 Am loln. ,o dlo c F oKrr, 6-do, Mlcoolm, o eandireonl; 57 hbleo " i ftco., 0017 hccco .hoots. 0'. cyrnre; 000 oahks earn, owner. on h oolrd 51 sicks aolco, lleolod 1 Sorcnlfrey; 39 hales cotton, r, N .- J D)ckb; Ii:lI' hlle I elatoec. Thos Kellh; shoft and cranko. Ic,oc, p1ipe0, drcm fraoeo, Forololl So 00roth1er115 hoer hooko, Iilccc.crhnlc,.llncsr c io. hl0.iccooalt \\iaroaiw, Cc mn, c ic,,Ch loutli, msotar--ariog 3 h I plle. 01 llloicorol,,15 ic-ge Iirdc Horrcd .0-aQrise; 15 bble il lc lfloopork rlk d lacrd, o,,l 41 hhdd IheconI; 13 kegso pis feet, IOl.otAton, vCpy ,C C;Oiccdslc pork, Kidder 1 1e d. Passrt| poroc S Scllcdhl. DF IcSl mrlochktl fl a oorlho, A·hitmor, \V I.atle, I'Rally, It L.c,3 J1I| Davis, |lorton, po kl ,Loo - i corgo 130 h0t, ocuhaecoA fc \VolLce. Fycanoloalt Tnccoro,ra cnt th, e 1 'han01c cllor ch inst h t 6ie P l 15 ccichO t!c. side of adoClldOllc Si lth, 61 A St. cret ilenrv Calo" It [I.ko tcrcidellcc, woodlinc; .1 P' S. mrtSple.odld five mileo Snbelco Viekhbblrc, acd cultl~co at Vicksbhorg. N auutical Intelligence. 11OR11fN PO1.'Ii,--(lly the IIHe.) At Harrlaa .5th of hire:;. "1'le nalil :'Gth, Sterling, NrrT, Boa tow;-nest wtek WllAIu Smih, Stufurd, IBlosun; it Luyd, M0utuetl New YNork-:LIth C ttutset, Swtelr, Ilustou; ito Iettriee, Roger, R~tl tISuuu; A Juat, Hall, Ilston;-,,ut weekt, May lilnls, Pilukh, New York. (nlh arriveld Orionl, 1llori-oo, 27! days front Roston; :1 Donn Ituritte, t' days fr bt N -ork;-lerauslit, Hand, IS days trom P',,tand:-ltunt, Jurdan, iS dttys dc.-ld AIA te umt,, Maur. 8:tt, Isr New Ok,,enn'. At M1,tntlst Itith Sluel,, entwere Emetlite, Portlend; loth 'Thomstu, Ittc, NewYok 1,t~tb 1suII, Portlandt; Mischiga,, Phi. tldelplhis;l0thiEllen, N York; _ld Ftraktit, IIiltttiu;gtnt N. C.; Ve uto, N York: 22d el;1 Mity, ForIlaud; Boureu, I'hiltAl rpblin; Lill 0,r~ N Yet t iIAIIINIED-On th 8111 inet. by the Rev. Tlheodtwe CpI.ttp, r. L1-wit A. ii et, to nMiss EK)EANOitH. li*Ls Ituglhtsrof Itau IPhilips, Esq. all of thiu titv. rD"Ihe Isqtugtt CUBA, Iiutn New Yotuk is diieh;,eg. e turrel to Ite reteipt otheitr' Larul. 1'5 'I'ROS'IECT1I(l.V IIOuIE Ctt)li'ANY. above n rotap mty to ol ittin inaactiv rut'; and ioc~ fn ltcuoi Ie, thu' ttettbcru ttil attendt~ it tlie E~tgiu, liout-t, N-5 C 'itnulss-e. \1ll It.I tO'IA lA, Seer I Irv. Iii ZIc Nn. 47, AlIieE Il.; ItItL;Ia. Frel lv Iut itl ltut fI I 'o'clock, at tbe Aratie I ~I I hunIII1I; w ill bO sold with ruot reserve O 10 IUu il V I.TE Tll (IF (-IOUND, Iw,1.o~nadSt upi t , uacaturing caci 25 1 Bout, it IIUlllllt 1`!0 ft 10 in.· in depth, /ll rernbll to u jd:n owexibte atth :ene .-uI'hitIr r.u i asdiu el orItii dtoJ the tuti-ctiuio of thel seletlt i't I ts",;;I;; 'fbi I 510 es1 u.1 eIy the nt p e 11m11 o thr lllilC'i of $1_",3 each, dueI1 re~.pectivelv ;tot the 9th Muv 11:37.33.3:1.40 andAI ; ant tihe huil ru loft, tht'CI'i't. mouneyVitstinle ill tIad vettul'uer upitrted uttiortrd p Inpl',rP'rrctrl LS nlurtgll~e until final payment.I1( 4` -I it 'it, CAc ft ;tlu: 13301,1nt Irctsied u Inlty 1 ;;.-ortlnent of 'dcioe.. frn~ll .ix to lift,' futhnma, a lsor 1 too lAYrtON &. Co. 1all I'') tID ti((IN--lIt -tow, ;, so1st otI d ail ;; J farm lA Y-rON :C ('u. 3iI t:NI`.-'' I ,`= iii I :;t;" 1- ,,;tIft.Ui' St. Chariw 1Theleatre. THIS EVENINU April, 11th, Will be prrs:nted the Comedy of tLe BELL'S SlTRi.4 dG.fN. . Darricourt, - - - Mr. Ilarton. Hlardy, . . . . Barnes. Letitia Hardy, AMisas Banres. Ars. Racket, Mrs. Barnes. G a id Overture to LASTOCQ. To entlnide w til the drama of 'TRD SO3INAMBULIST. Colin De Trap, - ..- Mr. Barnes. Erneetine, - . - Miss Barnes. W AS hronght to the police prse ol the a d Allni S epplity, on the 311j of March, a Negro man named LEWIS, hboot 24 years of age, who rays he he longs to Mr. Caldwell. Tle ownerr ill compnly ith the law and take him away. II. S. HAIPER, all Captain of Watch. ASA bruglht to tde poles pliure of the 21 Muni cipalitv on the 9th inetant, a black girl by thll* name of SALLY, about 18 ears ofage, saysshe hblongs to 1Ir. Selvitat. 11er owner will prove property pay charges and take her away. w II 8. HARPER, all Captaiu of the Watch. -"XTAS broueht to the police prison of the 2ud Ma wV e neipality, on the 6th einst nelgr woman nam ed MII.LV, hlout 40yerar of age, sao slite belongs to M.. Harrison. hier owner is requested to comply wih thie law and take her away. " SA HARPER, all Captofl the Watch. *T AS brought ti tie police IprisoI of the 2d mcuiei ald paeltv, on the 7th inatent, a aegr womnn nuamed CA IIOLINE, about 30 years ofage, says she beslung to Madavm Diero Garicia. The owner will lprove property, pay charge. and take her away. II. S lARPER, all Captain tf tile Watch. SASTOR )JL-13 ihl lauding from eta.lrr -Van Sdelit, and for sale t 21 Pydrlee at. all 3 VAIR1N. A IIISKEY-i00 bhhls laiding from steamer Tun T earora, and for sale at 26 Porydras troet. all J VAIRIN. .OFFEE-237hbag4HavEna Cfl'e naed 18 boxes .white sugar, in store anr fo i sola at 80 Cal t. by all IIAGAN, NIVEN & (o. LOJR-4m511 bbils lnding fel5 r steam, r VrndLliv , and for sale at 26 Pitydras at. all J VAIIIN. IIlIIE-Itt E-FIIIlE-UA P-larr rilat $3 50 . critss eaeb, at the s, er of Povdras anid Terlnul.- itoulas streets, by all Iw S E KIP. C l.lIN WHISKEY -1 bils etdig front C steamer Louisville, for sale by all G DIORSEY, 44 New Levee. SUGAR--4i0 hlhds sugaer, a superior article, landing S this niorning, ter eale by ill G DR1RsEY, 14 New Levee. R ECTIlFIED WHISI(E'--100 blbls fBr tale by ull fG t)I.REY, 44 New I.evee. Also 100 hils Flour lunding from steamer Mediator. -(ARTST, Ox Carts, Wheels, Draty, Wheel, Earth, -.J and Wood l arrowe.-A suApply just received froin Plhildclplhia, of Vood's menut'iture, in store and Ior sale at 36 Calap street, by alt • 'II'l TIi'iY & .InTtEle. A [IL It1ersons Iavhi.c Ctiit O" deim.ndsl aiiigaie nir muitnor ChiefJiisil.te Marshall, will pllease sendl them in to the countillg hlsoe' o ill T'ERNS & Co. 9 Now I.ovee, .1 eOtl ra--lIli iege, landing froit a flat boat, and for YlJ ale at 111 Tchlou itiulras et. by ,11 E L. TRACY. S'I V'FICE.-Owners of drays Nos. 155, 280,723,mand 11 167, are requtird tl b ins in their ro:eipts for , odt Ihuliled by them, fronitl hi Ji lllli arring, or thlley will hc pirosecuted according to lat. all IIEIN & CIhtlI INO (ilConlllo it .V ll J VAIIIN, 16 Piydras it. CAUTIOiN!! Aodt-100 DOILARJ REWIARD. ~'IB ILS'I at the fire I st evening, the pocket onok AV of the subscriber was cut frotn his pocket, it contaioed thie followil. descrirled oels-which thle pllblime are caulioned ugalist receiving N. Iilliucox, it one year, $757 ii I. F;. Niclul:, do doc enidorsed Iy 31. Iuckley, 2.1'1 00o J. R. Putuiam, do do. 016 (5. Johln I)wer, do do riidored hy lD. C. Swain &C. 375 00 D. C. Swain & Co, do do endorsed Iby Jnn. Dwyer, 375 00 Neo ton Rilchards, at three years, endorsed by D) H Twagood, 808 33 S. Audler, at six mouths, endorsed by M3 lar nett, Sen'r, 1,00 on00 liDubois, 158 00 Ifthte tllief will retuirn the rotes to the subscriber, Ihriuigh the post RllKe, I i ill enclose to enV a Idress hie may desionate, throlugh theisrtnlec honlliel, nellttin idred Dollurs, aind no qeestiost aosked. (GUS'I'AViUS J BURRGUGH. New O,'leet', Aptil ltll, 1:37. 31 NEW PIIII.ICA I'UON. lIFE in l.ondetl, or Ith ivy c4d Night .cteens of Jerry Iluwthorei. Eq. E I:,il Corliiihl.i Toni, ti eoimnpenied by Bolb Logic, the )Oxonian, in their ramrblernd" spres lithrough tle nMetropolis, by Piieree Egon, inl 2 Iole. Vivian eirea,o Novel, by D'Itrucei, romplete i I vol. Ihlie NYoulg De e, n aotcl, l;y thie Aulthor of V'ivin Grey, eelnplete in 1 Piil. The 1uioritt, Ed itrd by Theodore Hlouk, Author of Gilbert Gurney. Just received tld fill sale at tile corner of Ccap nlmd Colimmon itrects, by ao10 Wi nll Ml(KEAN. 300 DOI.I.AINM REWARD. -- IVF hudared dollars reward will ,e given bIe the _ ubscribers,to any per-on who will give such inl bfoentmionl as lny [ead to thle detect on alnd coullritimn of the incendiary or iteeodiaries, ehll aattemtetd to set Iare to our lpreaoies on Satlrdny nightl ht.. Ina addition, we would beg leave to call attention to the reward of 3000 DO ,LLARS, offireld by the several Insurance Cotpanita s of our cit, fr the detectiot. of inandiaries-w.hit h sum wt ill also be pid to wlhoetr will info m nlld convict the villain or villins, whto were t oucernce in the above flagrant attta tpt to deettot t. protot ro o.rt. nll I Itttl.,E& IA\', No 3 Cnrmth.dlet Pt, 1timI0 DOLLARS RIE'aWAIAtt. A REWARI D ofoe thousamn eill be paid to any person giving such infi)rmstion its will t t tlae covietilliofan laertonsitti-g ilte to ally louse ill thel Second Mooltctipnlity. JOSlIU.\ IAI.D.VIN, altl Reornler, 2nd Municipality. 1010 DOLLARS REWARID. A REWARD.of ione thousand dollars will be paid to alV persoi on giving s tth informatilo that a ill lead to the a rt.reiheataandleane icntniol of any person ettoared in til, hbhl aod reckless attempt to set fire to the paint shop of Mlessrs tovloeand May, No 3 Caroll delet street, onl Saturday nigit last, by L JOLHUA BALI)WIN, alO Rlecorder 2ad Municipality. TOWN OF COL.UMBUS,-- TEXAS. HiFIE totn ofColumtbus i beanutifully and advaon . tnecously siauat.l on a braech or totn of Matn eorela Bay, called lrepaolacoias, ultout (15 Iniles frott Paaso Calhello, (thle mtalne pass) where vessels drawing 10 feet watelr, can enter and discharge onl the bank of thle by in perfect safety. 'The very labcorl terms of C:se:'!(ent offered by the proproetor, is an iadael menat to mechanlics aat .'.' 'rs to interest themicelves in this place as soon as possible. "yrcct maps of the totnu mnav ie seen atd terms known, bt calliing *,~ Mr. Evats, at the True American Office, or lilt Mr. Wills, col-:r of Mlain street an Old Levee, who are regulatly aop tatinteal ogentat. ol0 S I'RA'YS.--.Vas tlakeal to Ot tile ight of tile 51tl inst. hy the night watch, and rommitlttdo o the pound of the uppeer ward hoase, 3d Ward, 2d Munici politv,a sltnll hite a ihor-re wth J t' Pon tile righllt thiglh, and a small boy poneyvhorse, both hied feet ahtile to t o fetlocks.--Theown rs of said onimals, are re quested to cooe forwavrd, prove Itroplerty, pay charges nad take thel awaoy, o or Iefolre Statnle the yl 1t iasr. on which day lthy w;ll be sold at 12o'clock, bh P A Guillott aetioneer. II B STtlINtiFR. altl 10t Conltmitesry 3d1 Word. al 31Muiciplitv. A AtAIID. "ii R. WII.IAMS, tile Engli.lh Oculist, informs the .1 public that he Is arrived at MIrs. \o cester's pri vate boardiing house, No 11, street. whtere he lay be consulted froml II to 1 o'clock, by any Ilaies tnld gentlemen aMliclted in their eyres ad ears; and w ill also ladly attend to the caseos of tile poor, gratis, avery au atI o'clok 1114 to 6 o'eltck. Ile will :lsll corellt to visit any agead or ilirnl personsawho reside within tlhe limits of ate cito , on receiving one day's notice by let ter,containing atddress, tand a fve dollar bill, whe't heI w ill attend onathe anme, or tihe followitn day, between 4 and fi o'clock, and give hi, caandid opinion on the case. Entrance Iby the private door of No. 11, next before the DrUogist's atpat.. It is Iis inatention to leave this city on tile Iat of Mny' for Natchez, whence lie will go on the 13th for Vicksburg, therce agniti ftr leMl,lhis on tile l25th, thllellce Il Louisville o .t the 5th of June, and thenloce far Ciciinnati on the 17th N. II.-A soeond edition ofi1r. Williiams' I'renti-es on the EYE and EA It, dedicated to their N.ljesties tha Kitigsof th l'rreatah, atml tihe Belgi:ats, (:3011 ages iln O1to.) atay he had of the Author, at New Olleaans. trit'e, $2. upl0 CA lI.OLLTIi-N li)lTEI.. Tills estatlishmentt i inll state of readi neon faor the ecolnmodation of sUelh familie. as a lmaly le disposeld to pass the approachielg season at Carrollton. The luotel has recently ibeo newly fullrtshed, rspelillly tile ehl her. wlhEh are large andl airv; lie Snlltibrity ofCanrolhot mtusct blc vii ils to all who visit it. T'lhere is tttachel tol tile Iloel, l tle of the Iu.t extenasive anld si dendid gardens ill thi sertiot tf lthe ullnit . 'ill.' taileso t at eupua.lie liin the martt lilerltal malaier with Ite Leot aftlla New Otrleans 3uarket. As lI"t satpleritoalldt tLcant receive on'y a liuitiied uomber of families, it may tbe well that applicatio I ttould be made us early as possible. atplll lit . II A'YO itAllY" OF N.EW ORLEANS. Tha price of fresh flour to day, being $7 .5 rents per barrel neacording to the tarit0 the bakers sfttl ilte 3 ,lllt l Itlf t lalt lr It l i t, d ltrig next week, from lMon day tile ll'tll inst. I3reld of ithe second (ulality, or of( tlhae loives (ir at hit, is required to w'ei;' 47 1.- one Sios. it. PI lEUil, )har. hApril 1hh, 1837. ; - .11 .. I ;. ,. ve,--T'h sub n.u- b, have tar s"le 1 l hdllilng Ioalia ships aiverpo.l it d Henry Clay; 10o11 I .axk. Itt alrn: Co'a nuil;a -sria e wiueso, I2 pip',. I 3Ie lalf.ipes' 0it qatnrter oask.; 13a elt ves Itia hlntt'a iSictily Madtirl Wine, tetitled ta delaE tuare; 1 cnaes ta'weot Spanish clacekolate; 2"il llttos Janes Gtouuhl't No. I soup, fitr ale lit 134 Mapugozine st. hy 1110 Itlti)fla;E & Co.. -1' i . K tl;i ., :av.s. ' and a aer aie tit a taata ot. by S -' JI t \Vtl'rNEY. - IIISK' a-a etiC l,' rsala' at 41 New Levea, I b ati O1:, I)O,.1.EV. t1)1-t a [l- , l- - c- a{:re at sut erior aatale, just laad Il ed all tl lar at! jJ C.a:nom stt by ! 0 13 EII\N & COIIEIN. S)'tlK-3ltl Ibbl: le :.'' pri:t poark, a 'r tle at I 1 ' N.a,. I, a., b a al' " ' I t't. E3 "T:' 23, 60, 69, 20, 35,2, 33, 24, 02, 63, 59, 13, .dre Ute drawon .Sutbts qf tIe 17!h C/a'. of the FREE SCHiOOL LOTTERY'. AU'HORISED by Act of the Le~islature of the I S tate otf IUnnisiala, for the breneflit ,fthe ": ahuita School Society," plassed nod approrll the .lst larurh,, CLASS No. 18, FOR 1337. To be drawn i OwfOrlcanso, on Saotrdaiq 15ith Alprl. 73 Number Lottery--1 Drauwn Unllots. SCIHEMIE. Prizes lDollars Dollars 1 of 12,000 is 12,000 1 of 4,000 is 4,000 1 of 2,000- is 3,000 1 of 2,000 is 2,000 1 of 1,170 is 1,170 10 of 1,000 is 10,000 10 of 600 is 6,000 10 of 500 is 5,000 15 of 300 is 41,500 170 of 140 is 22,800 126 of 80 is 10,080 126 of 40 is 5,040 126 of 20 is 2,520 3,780 of 10 is 37,800 23,436 of 5 is 117,180 27,814 amounting to 243,090 l'ickets-wholeo ticket, $500; b , !e. $s, ' 50; lturter, $1 15. l'acboqeo of 25 Ticketo $125, warrranted so traw nt least $ t , netd uoo drew tile tfur Capitalos. l'aeksget of shares in p:ouportiou. For Ticketts oitapf tt tiohe tanager'soi.c e, 37 Graier streer, adjo,,ini g tfoe entrance ilto thse readc and 10iod Chao tres,betwcco n Conti ald Slt. l.osis sis. l10 J K MSEAD), Mlanger. TAS tako up hby thie iglht watcth on the 7th inst. Sageyu horse nod small cob,with a wlite murk on tie foehetaod.Also agr uy wiht tlI rtmnia oof o Ihtteer cn hi; tlech, tkUt, ?coo l) IttIu th fght watclh in Coallllattmotceut. Alro o etruy poe.t taken u, i, Per dlidosoruct. T'/h oenuro of tlm above atitottilsle rc qItrotoEo to ConIu frOwardu pore P)uacrtv, ,uv ehaorngms ad shke thala socoay ot or before tile 22t d 'of At ril, otlhervi e they w ill ie sold at public ttuclion by 1' A 1sfi lotte Asuctifsctor. JOON iCPRICE, Cootnniscrv, apI0 lot Wart, 2n11 IosCicility. BACON;LA31, Ff0O1It, LPIIlK,& WVHIS5KEY. 75 hkhdo u.;inotinm bauot; Ifo0 kebgs lnflflord, 3(10 barrels first rate Flour, 510 di, C(Lhar, lessantl I'rimtt pork, 50 do Mlonoluttahel wlliskey, 75 boxes e ear tclte, eut tp exupessly for the lu van maker, ftrsalru at fl3 Grayfor st. Iby ot S HOGA lRT & IIA\'IITORN., bOR .--ll1itf sacits cot fltndifc from tot'nlcr ,le t dieter, at tfor sale st 15t 'r'clhotuiftonlno t. by 1l0 sLt.O & tY lNE. BAGilNG.--750 tierrs Krnluttt h bggiS aon es - cclleat octicl, foir salo at 63 Gr.,cisr st. by al0 It tGtAtI'T & IIAWTIIOIRN. 'I OFFEF--12t0 lbngs puillne io c fier, a1n1t 0 f hug. j Iltavana do. in sitore atd thr sale il I[ts to soit ouIt chasers, at 63 Greter sreeot hv al0 lOGf.\,'iL& IlI.1WTHORN. FI.o lt-- -10- Ifl O!io Floeur, taker's brand. for toLe at foCe tryeer ct. ho apl0 IIO(Gt RT, & IIAW'ITIIORN. It(ASATOi tIll-30 tfbtl lNot. I, (oslor oil, forstlte at 6'1 Grevier storeet, h a055h Ot, ART 0,oit l \XT'ttttRN. Crowt ; 3l dot of L.artIgette and t1t0 tto other ctoice branls, in store and slal (tlt" sae at 0 t'ollmlmlln s. y al0l HEIN & €itOlEN. I RAfINS . ()OFIN(; tO)AI'I'ICL--Ao assot t, lent sf tlio ttrttzlttd root colof" rp r, tio stoore etnd for etle at 90 Comlnoln o toett hIy al0 IEIN & COIIIEN. JOR-TER & ' LE-h9f-.f0 ken,. ,L " of,,or amul ,,, c ire att i eI 6hi, v r t erioc, r brtsig , jf st re ceivedl anr for sale 9 (0(nnntoo ot t i "o al~t0 H Il0,',. CN &. IEN. C, l(.ilNE T-I.1f KE s Nslt() 7 fItcl , us t.o l otl oo, ooS c Ic tl,'ted Itroyl A Iiv erp ol a ,d l h nroo k Cu layt , o a so o of ttrto o .oAl as, u l uninI sh e : case e b b it "d the hnes noic'a e, whv nal0l "lo i 1OCF~ e.rllj I~lllill)(.;l" &ill (,." Irl II I l oi i and CtoiJolts, f, tr tt ft (oot Lt s, till ,r_;_ i& . t 1A o\llo tNi/f;. UAVA A7 ltftt FE-tlt lottgs fritte cro'ts lhst Vttllt fOrtsoo Itlliotg Itlltlttisllolt' fIt 7/f t'elltttof1t ani io) tIII o'Cr o IIN. 1:- T111'S BIiiAbt IIt-fs-'N bo T.I f.loftA.--'Oj rockEs-9 wharvl' andl 3beaver o I~ii an ,e, jar t t rllo e hi store a th|ilr sahn at :l (by lal st. bY I,,NG & siftN'Is It, c T' I: I,'e T-.1.Ye IO TR S , 0'0s. 17 I 94i Ctlo ILootoso s1olt,'D boloetrOw lioE lf O 'icaNUI mh ettof Irotto h 't r C P ltnlt IThe It HlO Ahtou re ill t d t 1ot jt l. ot l o ollk s wi ttll lh8, h k (to'les1. n 10 N .ld trs. AIot,, ,o t I tefotot' ot elrrosIt ig frm sem So t TIIi llt, i ttIet Ihrn n t te lot l r el tst eew dlesksll omaho~ganv or· cerry~? . N BI. Blah..'ll IIIUIIT.n IIInd ~ P herhlh r flu" FIal T.O.AN & d.K ,"3. TlIA( lour, 0o .dlloiooets and (i , rostlloc ool Ia t n, d toolsStt6uotrrt.ret . A NDISATSH 1 blP.PfoI , 7 d h , Al aitdte e hott fte titlt entrtst a f sd tto soale tof]is RS tsil c'i, illKitosto aisth I i t lttoon , trd , tiotue. o7 r s.-- . tiriootlltll {ootl o to ll(to llOfo Ies ar. i C o. '-la I ro .ll o \Vsoto , tt lmfoo s ' J o.s e 4 pit htis D t n t l t , 12 U received&aotHfobr forptlto T - :i \ It II r|)l N & I II) II F.RSr tta corllr tb Olllh, Itll ,lil A 's, lli Sf lo , T, n C:ll)(S 1 -IYD & c\ IH.()IER, d17 wlil oy u rl liprn ( tlllllllrr lt and 5hl1a ille slidn.l o ' i O lAtf t --4i~ ItItL hi T ltooto . o u" fl1lc to r ,e t lle =~ itexiIa market lhl r saooftet 0 totOoy o o J lldlO IT1111: ie tIf'ttl~i'All UII 'sot IttoRe.. 1lI fO BtI A't--6010 h lll . tO ,lob . fhtcsttr . ff tf I esoloooortlslo u loll oo f '5srotl n in t ftom I/to 7i lI IU: V I+ , 4 s ri t 0 AN \VIIIi'sEY-5, 6 . tomo t 0t P w011K Lo,,ladtse froot tosto.o er I iAotsbsoore,ooad fft' eby e"teot UII-oeV,-\II{If aldilt ofrom te e leri ,an frsoe 410 do tt ', (t ol8 YORKEl & 1010T'tltRS 1165 C ostp rt. ccive[ ns samples, an d f t nr salelo lw, byy all G \V d, )l N3 f).\, 10 C."umnion street.·(· .l1 Fish I) ill be old it a Irl"nr s:teritirlr to crlose micaI 7 (G \V JOIIN'))N, 9' ('autumn street. summer}'·). iu [ IOIS( N . l gt (1(IES-A lot I) ; pX LIX''P I'.' paFTEE I'oaL iL) Ki,' . LARD Fi0abrie' 8J ]liahJh,',,' ')1 IIlaI hest We.trn I a'aa, titr sail by (eI1 Xlr~·l 0)1K~r \nII11j PIICSI )auL 1 \~d I ali A _1_ WAL, WpEI - C.).,Ba nk A ll . 137 t eAc L)-4'Ir h ,pta " p capr.c- for the:1 ill t X C prior Int'lirle, in Stor1e and fo~l·;lr rat. B RANDX'-3LL alf pipes !1.udeu. a II anr of tlhe aLL II)G I)]RIII' & II IXX''I'LIIRN, f3(Lirn) 'rt. IPILLINCl3--15L hLX'. and' I wli'bb No I. I"a'.tpart a7 llGERlI'I & IIAXI'IIILN, 63 Gaaie' at. jXI X I af futs- a case. in store and fX r sdl e b C 7 S(IRN ' AE'l'.laa h'' Y &1C;' flIN-1"!(0 bsheds nIl I".L)\1 nt ~it Ihe &(ac C for rode b~y n7 STETS'ISON, .1VEI·:Y & C(o. TICON-80 hhds b~aco na". lo.1o '''and fo~r cute by S G 111 LII .]N IWV il 'llilRm;IIl)*,i 1VN iFlE1I riu mnI ý -vuou Coffcee a superior ntiilI", it; store and)1 for Cale b& W I i07 63 G rotaa'dr treet.'. j,\1 UU~t-110 bats uperliur dour, l:,mhu_ float flat 1 bot and for aull! by 1,1 ]1F; n LL d IC 1.: Ietpioit t L La PV a11~1 for sale by Gll)$rY Lm)'a I 1 Ne)p. Lon,'.) I P 91 1, IIIS21 11rus 1).0hhsItyi & Cue, h ate u ia' tiu b liexrsla', rf~ui m~al us ", fitr snll t j9 'I'rll· lrtpir lll 1;1 rt. byv 115).. En-iLL vlNE ,, key, lulst received lollll for r,,l- by 1,5) SLOO & 6 111111\l1:, S,,"it 'I',"honpitllllllU 00. I f013.CCO.-7:O Ilolr, penal l I rn:, ; \:narril Smiths '. l r3ll InnII aL n i LL o 0l:i1' Ib 01I5 I~II)t! & Co L . I'3 \yniii) LtI aud fuI'or sale nt 131 dltla;ziu -t. b ul_ tII I131 o UNNYY li\(; -- Il 1,..1,E :001311 = Pi% ; I.1I1I ate In,,,1 (-'1 (N'J]' IAOSd- 1101 buts Inuit, Il uu[ elR i~ ull p ll Lo1 G rya for sale at 134 1 1Iulaltill t. b\' nt11 I I31O)f tn 11 L: -SITU I,, ._.' *1111 11 lr1) co. nali~(il.:, a-m'od - Sizes, iuadilnq !'ram bra'' I'ileo, for sale by aj 111,30 . 1I ))W11. o nn 91:0 & II \ Y,-';1)U ,!,,n i .I ; (l th, mud lull Dal PA IRASLILS. rIpDE sulets'ihbr lies just received fcfti' Niw Vorkf 2 o s ca s o l fii ui id i nSs t iO i l',i . ul #,oi f I re n ih n r n-1 1 -1 rictr', fashlioiable coloaur, whliclh are oli'sred t the | aw pri. ,f $3 75 ceits eac, nt 7t Cial stn reet ilear g uroval, I ul 15 LE FIIL.KE'. SILK AND SATIN GOODlS ATl' COST'. TIlE Illnie of thle stock ofnsilksand satins of tlo Ssubscriber,will bl dispoaud of at actial cost in I NEiw York. Tlhere a'e resaining, a fiiw piceeofrich ligured sat ic, ita n ail figntrd Rl.ep. silki a superior qiuility; do ces die ck as, caloaur; jutt aud hiu blk i re s de Swis and lalia silks"; alo, ita very few Freoti aid Irish upatlina. lsie desirous of purhaslingiap, will find it advanioge ous to all at 76 Canal street near Royal. "K 'I.IEY. PI'.INN i GUOODS. lIE salseribcr is sow openili n supply of nwr Sgoads, raeciveid per skips Kentucky sid hlarks way, fr om New York, co.sistiag iiin part of the Ibllow- I illX: Iich French prinitedi jackonets, pluin and suti ficed, news iaternis; British lawns; silver striped do,n a splei did article; light colored E;glish chintz; isiIll figured FIrelJh ctllablice; silk Sctab threlad, alnd costoe llhii. , plai ribbed, sees moaked, nd li'at'd; hloo crnou brick anIl ltern hhbdf'k, pltain htem-srtclid, lasc aorder ed and emh'd; fiancy sill IhdkfEs, sha Is and scalts, sat in ntd bralcha silk do. Also sInt ehancille hlhkf, an e ir aeiw rticle esatinsCoee, saiuz l sad do I'aris rent: tire Riibbass. Also Ricsinrilsoa's superior soft inlishk arit, liun.s. 'The above with mani l otlier good,halve beenl scerl ed sexpessly fir the city rrade,and are ortserl on r5a-5 sonable terms at 78 Usnal srers, neir IRoI, by spri. 1g I;'1 I+! Na o 018•t---3ndune laoiisi Sniuchez vs. her Illbanld. ' 'A'I'F: OF l.OUISIANA-l'arish (Courlt fee' the< * Parish and lc ity sf New Orlean.-l lhrebry cerli fy, that oitl January 31st, 1l37, jadglentw as entered ini tis (Conrt ill the suit sof nldalue L ouis Satllcee vs. ier 1 Hlstudt in tie wordns and fiutlrcs sl!loarina, to-,,it: Thics cust wass tthis dla rlon t Is p biletfrd ie UsCort. The Court being satisfied Foat thel itcence list tile dfcendtllat llts itbandoted the alutriltlonial ltdolllcil, till lives it. ost'n caconbinae with saothler twoIiain tthalt his wife, It is ordered, a judld d slad d creed, that a judg ielnt of divorea be entlor in fiavor of thie lainl;t I that the bonds ecf atrimotclv hitherto existtig bietssers the ptrtiiesltitintil' aid deteodaltt, be dissolvel und annuil lcd, und that tihe defendani t y thi e eicosts. CII ARLES IAURII \N, Februatry 4th, 1837. Jullgs. C. pe: 4i. In tcstiacnv whecreof, I have tierato sclt my halu and afiedll thesea of tek said court, It th city of New Orlhans,an Illis 2lthh day of Mlarh, ia the yeacr of ourLLord one tlhouisnd s ight tla.tdred aa t thiiev-.sereo,ad lle sixy-first year oftthe Iudel,pldenel I af tile United .lotks. a•4 II. 3. GUYOL, Deputy hlelrk. Ne- Uiil)I.- laibotr Liuisda Sne,'eOestresoiirooui. 'TAT 'I' D)E l. IA I(LUlIANE---Cour de PIlsarisie i de la Noitvelle-t)rlte ,---tJt o crtitte, que e. 31er Joavier,18 7, jllag.llent Lt efollthit&dans ce (, ur I e I de ansde ds t ledaulls o I.dlis Sauu che aontre Slon, daoiis tes teltlles uivanted savoir: (te flir t e lu jouri Iea j laiItpar dortalt la CIoui. J.aCoar rit siattistit di'altlis ICe telitoinage qlie tle h fisttlei iti abnkiidoluln Ia dmicile clenjugnlr,et vivtIst lci c inage oubllvlug ollrt> avec une Inullrre i.,1In1i1 qeIi SOil apotise. 11 .st dtttirt'cl e adijudti6 tille iII jligejlietll eit divorce sui tenregi.stisl eI e' IIh dejnqaldresse' i li sos lias llilanli~ exi.sltllllt jllu(ll'lll iu I'm i 6 ,il t entire les arti dt oaalldtess al et dtfdclilclr sfitalt lisou I et nUllutlle' et qule le dlqf.'lth 'ur pniolit les f'ruiis. Sigau CItIb le M1AUCllAN, 4 Fvi'tit 18317. Jlage. C. pug, 141. Ei fuilie qaoi, soi pss' lete salta Iu .JOltci:~l"a ni - u tdills lt vilt, dte hI Noutselle-Oslsotlpa, i:ii tljlour ti e Mi's, 1837, et le illar dtIe l'iudeindence des Ettits-Unis• II, M1. GUYOL, Dep. Greillhr. SaEsul INaIs OMICIAT Saris i Atla icieacira. OTIlIE-ThI o'hisra; of rlalasrlay nss.'idit tI ar r. iltl? ll.,".IIr ot'o~nI'7mi ena iltproehia sirt'i.. iat thiu i itih:i tlistii tts eifirurlldiit thlat Mr. illitini lie), iliia jr. iasti ;Ilaliot ttd i'citOi T Iesrit ptlirtiuiis will b. . I U StE.Lu TI iANF:,ll'eIetili; seA ,11· 1m el s.I1 tI~l'il~lll: \h" i~· i'.x 1.1 i'E. _AVIS.--LI ]roprtlrst desi Tcrrl'in'sirsl t-i. iir a yaly cr Ideeh'.nll..cs peil r I'oiuveriuic cl l 'areitch, atlio, dees rues t 's eie 3hlnhiipatlitte ,nt iln'sb te VMris. a. hosnt:-a, jr. 'atl Ianaiie alh.ctrli-i: ils l -etront layer hltuledittelmnl tlll r;IIF IIr n-I~ tntlioni ,It, h'llr Ollllll~,· " 1 J. It\NI.:, Tr'eCl liea . N lslti Itht Ia lit .s . i hc at .l' a tit ilil-ld I, \II lll'lte' t t t o a il " e II f I. r lak l II n i ' as'i iI t o the Iillow nh ill e h N llllliSaSil) tt 1 t i t fitis: t "lh mm r.{is-ol1 liitlt, meri, lir the. sca of onle theol ntd Ih it iillti',ll ti hirI - tilr,'e dollar thiI1l -thre I Iarlhl[ ld lll tllll tF, daeldl lhe \ i lt hI i dall ll . ril, I·1 8 1, lpUI bII llh illn the 1t . an ii a l t ti s k sr i :t'ues(er ll ei I' s jof e ali llll.iot fslliriing, die ot It hii 91h ilt . t i- Apristilt i7: el s oe i ht ., i , of Arilut i1ttt t : nitu l' f i ilt third the !iih thiv " of \pril, 1i2 1 D;.: allrl| e i na abh: to Pm it hIdyIV l, iln, nL ,diitt of Ilii ,l ii t illim X e c r it \WVilliln t'i\am ii r i.iiI.;· 1 whI il'h i litl hild l in II, ·iillcl ." , W illinen I. 'ort," "J.aiiis. II. Ilriglill ;" lhP Inlltl i t l ersC 'ly the s.lllV o htie Ibarsi , ntahlle t h ile IaIll'+ thll' jillt notl ' he padr el. 1 Ite. u sign illlll ded ,' tii Vli ,,teuln etll e hct ll-iihstuiliton t tittlltlrll aS fih'd tIl th\ai a till rt ih ill Ilr i Il i ,'urn.l)REliIC Ill ht3 . (;1d1'.. . Tirti.lEiiori IriK -- Th l Iid"ltll 1il'lh'e llIf21-) tI iltl~lli hit(:' (·1IPIT( hl l'll- ) ulr blli n u0 iir' i-. d h)ipla n, hl the i rll o If h 1.i ll' f~lipll~l, 11 Ill l'iVllT.I.. of (l'O-lilll.( to i diiuilllll 1 ill lll,.lled I'la~ brlll :i'lr nl 11i, i llcllrlllll lll, :11I) P I. l fl: llrf t .oe the tlToll r|" lilil u I I lle lit rth (tt eiit lite itl• ur , fr the fi 1. FI. i urII(' lill t.l II (lllrll ; l I \I·i l (q.lS I t~I?. (I· 1~ . P 'ii~run d i€ ione i'f c tnining i r I t rk l all thricle fI'ol frltnI I illuni..llCI\nU l'llq iV (ll'l LldO \Villi..ln.,l II I.. iUl lihr. Icnlei e c ii air ndi tll, rubl itlliili wll ho fi r, nt of tie ,, Ih u rns t alllc, th ' ast f v l la n d ' x a i nc et'hl r. f o r th e P. S.oll Tchereari'1 of t.lhiel: ist rm e pa thh,, siz anh host usl wi i ch'.IId w ell tso cld by l ~ llll the undersi l .i a : I wttsincste.t Eaar. F.ll Ccc Itcu.Nc -,I~3 At not Ctiii or the llcciii of Directorc thie liiy, te foll-li ll" , n ·ll ltion a Its adopted, t. iz: Jicoleicidiiiiiiciice0.lp.'iat iciill iec'eecsnecin,iiltld c, to this rnlnli tat Note,· or Bills of Ear rliltge, under dis-a count, shall Nateithe pricilrae of rif wnI g iir .c cke7 wh it I. -n e ciose e r 60* dove, bot 111"rret until tel h I' leO ay of Nivcecicii necit; the IrCcc trcf i the Bank It- ovineg the l tii tt dIi li iuunl se- to rarity, whelneicttleeV innv ilepoiiit proieIr. :1 Rf i)r. J. I'AIFIII.Y, Clsher. I1RAYEI) fe oieym timy l,lcicii i Iof cl'ev eel o Ci Cimp street, n patrifblciih Poni-vs. .eny perm: haling up -idccei'ccccd returiifiliicem ote taile of o sebse cribce, weill be liberclly re"'erdlc. el a3 \V66. HIILL., 0174;0)( of bfrig Cllorlfl,, fee it ..-..ionn- 50 hazes of C Rol 13iuticitcie 1:31 hoes se dlled Aheced-; 40 ce,"iklsOileI IloceC;iifrc icke I 'lheicrh 50 knlnriccEb Filberts; higs I olnuieti; 101)c soii elhilled olf cccldc. 3eeIc. *oilstei; : icael pIicllid Caulillcters; 60 clobs Olclle fir tbilec. Fer -alI by e;3 RI 41) .l 116 IlI013166,f7 (;enviehr L() il'-.1P6l thokcut~i :i one i ~i' ofe: doig'fo111.Bn cicico the icdelr of' Jihnk-cit 0 cib vs ecdi it ciiot, I 11i cvuled aIn IiClichcde, Liece. I·nIo o ·Ilnta nn il'rheiheod if l l iii nlgr tut\'. '. Lc w- t( lii'iotaricgclublic1.cii' 115 __ il4N RI 11 RIIO. U SIT. libcci tic _ll ifiI so I c b.-I: i 1 in the v cinlityotIII itCccac gree). t Nciie,lcrieuc" liy (uleicen Piece))l Fel. ii, fcceciccfJiilci lcyic, or or-p de i or$723 (laird on the I71i7 Nvemerile, t836, life I al7 lIi ige tviipetllciclce C 1:1 o(.Ft' of tolls, mtu'l~kei J -;I' h In, St. Lulls,. will leas- call of No.~0 8, Coat1i ?it. pltY ·lllll'-ne and11 take f, ,,31 l t II Il t ,.Olinr ibl, fI iie IIb c i ciii' lc7 noi hcqi 11 1 ewLei:(., Icc, ccII'. cci) lee 111) ii. I, ( ~ 1) N..- 'lŽ1 cl ie~t iiin r.ii~cil Iii.iilii, hu e w to iii0 Ii ll dl In `11 p i'o,1011ntol~to oi, al(] _ iaie I' wn , drc n·ral Doi dcuux, Inndiug from chip Indus, :,all for sa e byJU1I':VAIIN lul I' 0106 6 m5 (i ci 'lieu AI I uV?·c'6 B ilV - lli0 i cli and Iliore It eecticirc Ji I'%~ N'( 'vratet r and tiltsa~c at 13 'yopitoll) &1 66 ' all _ _ $1.1) 11 n* Y lRN ·1 11::)N -21; l c elnks , n prime 0lrti, (111 (.1111 1·n 0 1( illll A B ruin-tea le e ICI-? c iii)ra c l :iciici (C l an n n fn i : ·-a lI, by S I; I'l,,,,,,, ,.,I ,,,,,,), 3 cc II icci I ihillccit e. iii y _ Ii 41 0 et lcLeee. C ni Vi(ii 10ck-cc ccd (ill- euo~iciuo 1'"' i oule ccli 7I' i l 1 ll ;1. cc i , 1 c No i L te ih IIiiilie.ii I 1166- 'ii ii'. ciiiiic'i liiiI'iiliiig leechl 1boat , ,or "a I S A y It; 161111t00 , t Is I It-11 new1 r .-P t1 e saK le lt ii iiiccla cecil ukci c c ciP_ III'l &' II CWIo.N J -at 74 ydr st -lo It, 'I'll R ' . tit 'I'lli~l{-103.11- ud 110k.";+ rcl1'ouwlstich' t for ale u 71 I'tOR~t dt b W ATAS brouhlt to thie police prism. "fifhe Rd210 cipni~ity, nil the 5th instant, a nierto lay Mtied lienao e, abooi 10 years of age, says lie belongs to a Clnnllyl . The owner will prove property, pay elia gea, and take him away. at -41a 1IPtt i-- na Captain of the Wsath. WAWr/. rought t a the poime pirairn if the-Rd,11 r eipnlity, on the 2d icstanot, a negro ea, l tnan rcharges, and take him away. F p HARPf.Ia P W A Captain of the Welch AS iragbugtlit to s'tab.|ie priso n o"he . iipality on die haRth Marchl , a llegro nIne none' Prince, about 'l years of age', says he belongsa l MA Ielior idel. 'Thle iwner will prive property, p a' the gese, and take him away. oFi HlARiPR o8 Captnin of tie Watch. Wl7Ay hieolught to the police prison of thme Rd Ps. V eit lim the, o th il , lt aA nuelen sau y MAilel, ooat .llyears of crge, says lie elongs to Mrl Rozfilioat. The oitwner will peprone mperty, any eba, gea, and take him away. P HAIIr · ta, ts C aptinll oft lit Watche /AS r l ,i to ttopa blicilie preoan oaf the 'n urt. anamed Zelim, aged about 22 years, says the belongs o AMr. Charbonet. hlite owner will prove tronere pt charges, and take her away. F IiARPERt Y all Caoptan of the Watch. Wl AS leuai ltt to itme police prisatn' titoRd Nse 1V C'nltl aon the r15h March, no egro itl nanfes Jian BItie, aged asoer 70 yeirs, says lie belongs to Mier. l thersta. The owner will prove rneperty, paY chargee, and take hin away. F R i s1AL4 PE .ii feree, the rightthind ot ab it. 'he owner is aut. quested t come ilrwant, prote p ropert, PAy ehseges, aIn take said anie.,al away, belre nsrit I loti iqsetoan. It iafer lhat tite, it witll I.e sold nt ptili auctliot, be P.A. Guilliette, Aultionesr. W. teDI)hAI.D il Comamissary l Word, 2d AMunicipaliy. Sbrnds, Y.--ne an the ight and it then jel thigh nlntl white marksi on thie bak. The owner in roe. wneeda it aqEte to ei ferwoard no rd prot e r epy perlst ened take said atiil awayo, belire the 15th ains.n.a 11 left after that thue it will ie soldt at pulit alllutio " P. A. Gni llilolte, Auctilioneer. nc ,er. by W. MeliONALD, Commissary d Ward - e2- -d Otaicnlipi'oy. Ii l word " lioneiI sialtya, oane sorrel Mare. no mark. The ownerl in requested nto come lorward, prove pro. Peety, pay chargee, and take said animal away, before the 15th stant. I f left after tiat taime it will be sold as public nucetin, by P. A. A. Guilliotte, Aeuctineer. W. Ae M ONALD, Commissary 2d Ward, n:0_3 Rd &lanicipality. E ; AYT-;tia. iupb eilmtle aie watch, tedoi lv iia', tSpanist brnd on the lefn t hip. The owner io requlle Iteo catloe firward, prove iwo perty pay char. ec, d Ike aid a tiiattl away Iefote thsc15th Inctart. I fl -l that time it will lie sold nt pilie autioAn, by I'. A. G(i Iite, Aauctionear. WW. W MeDONALD, an Conunissary ed Wo rd, 2d lMunicipality. lic niR-Y.--Take e, An riote chersiuiti'orT1r. 11 with 1 Y.-'takrn hti olrbeand, the right oethe fae ehite', anll he two hial feet. 'lTke owner is reqoestd to neer l rward, prove property play clehrgeY , pad take slid an 1a , I aniey befire the 15"th innstant. Ifeft after thall tinti it wil lee sald aat piolic uc tion, by P. A. Gnilliotte, A.\ctioneer. I I. AMcONALD, 1 : C'inlaiiesay 2,1 Ward, 2d Aloticipaliry. S'I'IlAY.-'ti'ken p. oane sorrel liarse, the tight iind fi'nt whitea over lthe forehock, The rownuc i rce.tlecer to eome forward, prove property, par char. amt undtalzk said tnoinnl away hiefore th. 15th naltant. I ]t tll atr thmt tiae it wcill betold ait public luction by 1. A. fuitllite, Auctionaeer. W. McDONAL.D, a3 (eamnissolry R d Word, 2d Ala ieipnlity. tiS'1'ltAT.-Tuken erp, one" bay horie, bhind fet el whit,', ait roh abiad. 'The ower is requested lte cime" (l'walrd, prove roelieriy. piay charges, and take ".il i'ltl Ia eteaer.c lbefl re tie Ith intat t. Iffleft after that time, it I ill b i sol l ut public fraction, by P. A. neuilli , Ao.teiineer. V. MAeItONAID., o.l Cmi.isary iId WardI2d.R dMuaicipality. It 'l 'a V.-o'eIn e, oe lay Pany', lrond on mho "i. t"iiit dle. boulder and onil th rilet hip, and the right hi fiit ol hite. 'The ii ier tier qmne itaed io tate erw'' dllsee' mpe' ntar ctlnrgr, asiml othseid anls i. m I I' y I lf l el e tle lt h latnllt. If left aolterthattimo it till be sold iil l ieli' ani'liee , bt P. A. Guilliette. W'. I I) )NI.I), l'oeuenieaarv Rd Ward, 13 I2d AnI leipality. 1 I x'I'1 Y.-'lTak,. o,.e I the.leight watel, onetbey . Ih r eel, '. 1=! Inmb+ high, and rough shod. The ownelr ia ieqllello'l'to c'ire fowllard.,ll, properey, pry.e'hlr.c, li'- In l ltti ea id lniial t',lay before the t |ii cIclut, If "lf linfter th tI , it will bI sold at pnblie n til, Lu P i '. .it illiotte, Auei 'tiorneer. SSV)1. MctONAmID, ('oemiesary Rd Ward, n tit '2d AM unicipality. ,.'I~l(.c.m.--'laket. a iV theietiglt naot'l, one bar Sbl.In liorse,,, 1 '2 Ii "dacl hich, snd rouah hekd. Thb .wner;r ire quledI I'I ciiea fatward, prove pro l'ty, it, . anrc, el tailke raiil nciia el awo ,betoe IIth' I llt instant. If 'Ift ftler thut time, it will be sold t puIllc IecII i Ice" I'. A. (lellilotle, Aute'tiotteer. \S . I tllON .\I. ), Conia it 'n lry 2d .R Wrd. al Q~2I an icileity. 1II T .T1':l -'I'ek.i .le c.eoieeirrel I)orse, with a 4 'l hie nllh ipe hdwot Iio lis an't'il'. The towner ite I'relle-ted Io mcllllefrct'. pleoe troperty pay thanr . lhl titlte -n"trio flnItnmd (IIW , bIlfiare Iiln151i insesnt. II Ieft alltir tlet lime, it wcill le eled at publi 'acetion Ic 1'. . Guilottec, Anm eei'-ecer. W. MeDONAI.),. at (' neci.o-pry 2o Wnrd , c d Munieipalit'. I owne" is rcqeqst , ic e aneer fleerite, prove prp ey, rt. V 'charge'. ea d like cold aniatal newy, befoee lc'tcthiec ic-rant If'e t after that iime, it will he eold at public tiem tcie, I .' . A, Giilliate, Auetianeer. %S..tehDONAI.mA, Coamaienrv 2d Ward, nil ut i ,ii'ili y. .. tllS S lc--V .+ kel'ililii tli .Icetglftilte o 'h27th and i 'Slhh Stlreri, ci buy pnlccc mare, both mind feel whlitIc Ic le ' felleitk,, re'd heft tihre lilt while to the fet' Sooltk. Al+, a cnm eu..r.,d her '. white etripe dowtn hlii fclioh'lecea, end t'oe i',dilredl iieile. The owners ol said tilltI0O ar reie-teil to aeotle foirward, prose perlyv, p/IV (hnrfleed teakt ten eway tea or efIorii'llhe he 151 in.ta.el, an, lei hi dacey ti-'wil be sol . enlt imclheu' outioe, at aI 'clock, M. bv P. I. Guillioat. Auctionec'r. Im. II. S'I'tINGFIi, _ : ... ....... . ee.r. . eeei' nre lt Werd. it' hc''o',ltt ao lite I'rtonttt ' hf thLa itont't'ieialiit. ill. , ,e-d inlst. i (;rilf lenie, who cills him sell C'lhals Lewis, sats he bel.ons to Mr WlaiseyMy tnlw, he is lhillotti year"t nold 3 feet inchle high. The iwtll will comIply with the law tld toIe hil y. ~ I". S. IIARPER, 1,30 Caopt. of the 'Watch. W Al rilknll IIp thle i t witt ie ltch o a lidWard oiln for :,1 ili., it inlo l buy otres slid her fool the owtl'r is rttot.'q d I'prove property, pay charges, nod t 'ke tlem wyootwo o'or b0eoltre tihe tth ofAltril, oth iers is o they will bUsold it poblic notion by P A Guil loireo tion"·tr. JI)IIN PrIICF,Clomissnry. 1ni7 lot IlVnrd, 'nl Miuni itoali'v. a t:\S roIL"ht to the Ioile irl.en ol the nd Mu ir ehiplitv on the 2l4 in~t.. a negro manwho eals hi'utelf I:I3IMUND,ond savs he belong to Mald uts Slllbo. 110 is aobout 33 years of age, 5 feel 10 inch. es high. The owner will comply with the law and take hi. away. II S IIARPER, nIi pt of tlhe Watch. lMA YOrIAL'' OF .' hEV OttILEANS. Counrtilof lthe Second Jiltuniicipalily. Sitting of'l'uesdao slt March, 1837. Lt l';SII.VEI1 , T'hat in tihe opinion of this council, I1 it is expeolent, ulld ecessary for the public cot vcninoe and lheltlh, to conltinue Natchez street frn 'lehelnpilolian street, in oatraigiht liit with,tnd of the oal' Widwth ia snid Nalthlez stteet,to New Levee sreel, tud t llol'y ,h\r io her, I ntllihllritd llt give public no It, ill th A'o'riie Acicn tot l od o'ltmmorclnl illelline, in otrl li nlll Eno lish dtlrilg tell dolv, that it is the in telnlio of this ICouil to open and conutinue said street, in Iolllflrnlitt, with the lact of thl Legis..ture, oetitled, ''ulo itl It lecilatl e the otlotltin, layio o lt, anl iln tog iogtrnet nold plllic Ilaccto in Itheo city of Noe itlltllt , lc." Apptrtoed 3d April 1832. l i'nted, J BAI.WIN, R corder. Altprocl, Mairch 21, 13 i7. :;i'umel, D I'RIEUR, Mayor. A trut ccop?, C HIEARD, Secretary. Agreenll lto tile frt'goino resolution, and in eeol forunitt ilh, the lprlOviion ul't n net approved the 3d A 'ril "i:32, entitledl,"ln Act to regultte the opening, Illunt gut Id inu.prtllov" ostrcets and ptltblic pllcel in' thcity tl New Orleans, &t." Notice is ltorely ti litl ht is tll iln tetllo t of ttohe Couueil of Muon i; ulit'u N Tlwo, to htl'e NtllClez street opeloedl and ut.tinljed frlom Tchloupitol o ostreet to New Levee it., ill i stili llt l with, and of the s) ne width nI said Nti-h,,·z st-retl. 1) PRIEUR, lMayor. lirt h 'i, t 1:3:17. _ t tN-IoItIl' .lt' NI' i tt Il ITeoolutioni ci desaooleten vro dI.s lilpositiont tde I'ltle upprouve le 3 Avril 1t3', entlitut ". lot, our regler l'outvertlltre, l diole" bllilton tt ' tllltin tli't es trlueo t i lnaece plhliqtlos daIs lit Ville eI hti Nile f)rlnc, J &ct." Avis not uplut 0nue l'ilntlntio du Coiusil de In Seeondll Mulloielpliie cut dIe fair oulvrirt contilncr to rle des Nalchez dei tut rs It rule, 'choouttlntlOo jutlu't'u it rue de in Nile iter eoen lique drone et do in Ito :e urgeur qu'u tnal tenant II ( ite re tde Ni' It P D PRIEUR,lIotirc. 1..,232 31nls 18:17. I.\YtIL.\t'.I'Y o IN.\V N ILI.I.EANS. C~ou'tcil tf the NSr'nol .lamrtripnlity. Sittin ofl"l'Thurdtiv, 14th ,lart'h,1337. 1) IiStoLVEDl, T'hatin, the lpinion of this Council, I l it is expedient, and necessar: fir the public cout emcilll, to contintue Notre Dole street fromt .dlgasint tlreet to (lllp street, illn e tril lilne with,olnd of equal width with sid strct; Iund tthe l ert is hlrechv thoriced tl o give plio c nIllllie in the 'lTrue oAloeriecan tld Colulnercial Ilulletin, in lFrench aod English, during ten 'nv's, that it il thel ittetiOll of this Council to opent :aidll sire 1, it clonformliy with aln nt of tlhe I.coiOtutr, untitled "an Act to regulate the tpening, laysing out Ild itt vit inl gofiltf ee s 'i e put : lltuhlic plato in tht oity 'if-to" Otlearts, &c." Aptovt'tet 3l .Itlil 1832. Signodrl J II.L\\'IN, Recorder. +\ pprovcd, 31st Mo arlls 183?7. . Signei, 1). PRIEUR, Mayor. A tr.Ian COlpV . C II EARD, Secretar' .e r. al y t t ,r th ' , f r lla n resolution, ans d il co j t trli i i w ltL Io ! Itlr O iio tt ti lln ct lltter o oed theol At i ,' 1:t, t t. tt t ,' n " gt l e to tegttuho t the o pee o n{c . tut hits nit, anld +io t-tt'i. tol' ets nod uo h lietlat es n'r t t ofaityof New tIllettl. &a"." Notite is blooby lt;ltitt No two, ta'tvoe Notr lllo, stoe:oned fromnilfll c azi,,e s. r,tet, to Camp street, in ato stracit o ie t . l, Soft' lia itt nidt f .s said Nootr I)oate street. t.trch 22, 1817. ) llLEtl Mas h 6 tI:tOt'jR.' I r'1' et a lareuoltiotoon ei dess: 0i ; vertu d'uan nlrte nPproav.: I. :t Alvril, 1312. canliai "A,1 .ot'et ler t Io'ooPtrt.t.. It distribu'l io.n et I'enlelot Srttott dos cesu et d ttttitesa Iotal iluV Ie 1 ir Nile a.rlcuns,& c" Ariarses doIIII tle : 'lac lllte i'' 'll ( onsl dn : .conde llnnilipalite et do faire ul t't r .e ,otre D ot , l epi uo I n r rc des M o o an. j. 0 0. | ], r th, die. i( it a, en i i "l drcoitaot de lit lcteie in.ct Une, a tlriatai la dft! rdleuNotre Dnnle e I'- a' , Itot. tO l'ttlEU . liott% u 11ý I ffl .)TI INi ,vf li\' IT.nue~Irro brigon o ;t.) oid r salt t I0.4'l'Tho .itoul .ta by te i * t Iloc siik int-: l:tI, a!:: b " t -r,.-,,hildt beo.d btfl" in .I liltl oil 5; . .-J.

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