Newspaper of True American, April 12, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated April 12, 1837 Page 3
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F. A COII EN & :. INTELL GENCE AND GENiil. :. AGENCY - OFFICE. fed10 ~\b. 166 .MI~aiu .i.C sh'ret. Mir. lBartoi,. . PROFESSOR OF ELOCU'I'ION, IESPECTFULIY aOinwolucCs to the public of New Orleans, that he has resul led IIs I r aclies i e the above nsecssary branch of polite and pIrof~i: ual e;lu ation, St:lentsa ViSitco, at their "aaihanore, m" ri:ceidLIt at Mr. Barton's roms, NiNo 14 Circus sILreet na .here particulars may Ib asoe, laimd. ' n PACI-AiE HAitDWAlItE &-e. FOLI..i~Tjl MEiT'IC, SLVERETT T'IIOMAl . Commission lcrohnuss, -. 13 BROAD STtREET, NI:Wi-YiORK. (t oE nn handd an re colstaotly recei.iil front I . salautd and Germany, a lit I slupply olafiord. wp.oag.Qls which are oflbrcd by the package et aniau. act prices. Tleirpresait stock nonsists of Id. .oasks Carolla lines, asm'd - do bright tracs do do log cllnins do n12cases English fwling gunes 76 do Gertmand du 1'l do Cross cut saws 25 casks edge tools, ass d makers "0 do till files do do 7 do pesn, pocket, and dick knives - I1 do table cutlery 17 dol brass kettles 88 do brass ctnmber oonillestleks 10 tlo hooks and hinges 8 d wooand screws 6 canss pistols, ass'd * 0 tons Engliall boiler plates ,lr0cask, sheet zinc 4500 boxes tin plate, nnsorted siaze.s, with also a good isupply of America handwanre. Orders will receive prompt attention, ani exec rcted at bowoatprices. jllt 30--S 2iaiiw CITY IBANK, NE\V OIILEANs. A T hbo stuatl rlelton for Directorsii of thi istitu tibn, held on tile 6iltl instant, lthe following i lltl, o d gentlemen were elected for tile ensuing year, viz.: Samuel J. Peter, W.I} I Aver, 3. Caldwell, Victor Davil, Charles A. Jaeobs, W, E. Levericr, d-#a O.a rtbse, J. N. l.avillebeurre, J 'G. Walton, IL. Andre., , amielT . Colt, A. Quartier. A'hiat sarttsng of the Board of Directors this day, lamuel Peters, L1. was ulalttinlonle eleetild Ireesident. mi3 110'13. J. PADFIREY, Coelutr. - ORDERl Ift llg I l) 1ete JONES' P., TENT CO TTON GfIv, 1ylie Pateatee, No. 05 .lo-ezeIIe shleet, NI'w (II':Ii. 'TQBE MANUFACTURED IN NEW (.RK; IY' ROBE1R'T lio1 & CO. For SC4LE OP PRICES-Double (;i,. For a double Gin of 0 saws or moae on eanlt cylilder, nmaking I610saas in the stead, awiteeders, biands, de. at $6 ,etaw, or $960 (10 Fora 1t2ub0l Gill of 60 sas an a evlider, of 1'20 saws in tIr stadl, fieelders &e. a $6 per saw, ar 710 00 Fordo. of 40 sawson do. or 80 saws ill a sand, at $fn.O. per saw, Cor 503 00 I Far do. tof 1. saws on do. or 40 sawas ill a staid, an$6.50 iper saw, or -60 00 . INGL fGINS. or a siigfc gin ofli;)onwso o,.,i.i., citdh one set of ee sders, ba feeders, &. at $6 r saw, $ .40 00 50 ier saw, 390 00 For do. of 40 saws, with feeders, &e. at $6 75 per saw, ,309 00 Fordo. at"0saws, with feeders, &e. nt $7 50 per saw, 11'0 ( Extrateeth where desired, for Ibeeders, anpldied a 40 centse esh; tile nubetr ofteeth being nlnot requtl to thle ilulber of saws. One set of fcedtrTi, it is o . I sidered however, willwear ont twro or three sets of sows. Extra saws: aplid nt, le acas entia The Gins ordered, will be delivered to the tnents of platlers in Iiy iof tihe sa piertluwtis of tile eiotton li sillo Statel, at tie aboa in es tpes aIsr t ri I Ie reright oa thie sale tfrom New York, acI liro itta rU tlianaible forte nts t if i ni . A tGiin -i'lht ill be sent witl thle ; its ito p:t theli n tip wIs "o d, -oredli tile altcges tor wlltoe soirt i we sill bu cttttl, but mooderate. lon ruteningi gealnon also he orn c cd whera e d"d itre till reaso oable term s, bat w ill lie e Nat*rge I a i. Is r l k' loaen, afaity delnsatriptit, rall be I uta itL"1il aai Ii. telms. S mall laeals engices ca i tlso hbe ordlre' f ce sired. It isdo sirablt, wlen llanters give oalrders f,- Gh. thoy s tnloulldaompytmi with their viwil s in i ret:ii to tile erP.tagmerta frot ws, a brieats, btrutnsrt te i i is touol ther, sliffer it oltitiott Slino desir sa t oatnt f l:rger dliaeltelr than others. 'ri nint ele-ot O h e I in. or 10 inches; ,It Cinme wis tlhem i ihchis. Some wilt 5 oarl r.ows tof brlushes oil allislt, 'hio il'etr (IS r li iiot Willt more llact 4 itjost. o:nlltio i sints witl t or 9 teeth t tile inhel, wlhile othes l %:,-a toi r II. .t'.t sO temll c isee lar, ntc :, We re I s l' e 'befell, t nh li thle time of giving oat-trs, ftnis i statrit of tei. psrticular. lWhere it is Irtft to oir iliscrinii, we Ad soke them on thle a,oc milloditln sitd :i ipI ito l hIII hi An ord,'r rat, beeecrIted, flO-t tetita it i- 5ti 1: in tte ptoeofrigitarnir we-k', n thon 1i" time plaeeildin the landsof to li,,dit. TI o e ie tInc or tile Faoat crop. all orlers ouil r to lie ill I - hal.Ids e t lle mafitulrera I,y tlhe first m". mid e of, " exitp t opltntatios whrom they arelate itll cor, diing to ink or gi cotta,.. N. It. 'The Patclt light, fl l any one of Ift! "toi 'Flowilng States, willbe soh d oan Ire slualU rll nli es 6lreos _'LVILLIAMOI.ON, latig Ita ir -:i 1r. Jiots . '5 Callway's ieterat nftl etoit ill i • lc-- 'll iontinue tle Copper, titt n ",t I . a ctr ;*nl.busineessin his own nilt lallnd si.1r Isis o ecoll at tite olda ltand, No. 46 'T.Ulro., her I' 'will ae glad to see onl clttsn,'., It,,. itlIpr a I}n ut ill nxerlions, to necommo,date frietnil te ul lic ellr= .lla, that he will con tina e to, I,, rt[ e ' tt'Ultug. | ,.'2remos. .. . - 500 DOJLLARIts RItI(tt'Att, TILL lbe given for aprehendig td lodging i : jail tile negro JERRY, who absconded, it is suppned , board the Staame Columbus, for Ciacinnatot, abot' tau days siurc. Jerry is about 45yearsof.geo, live feet ten oIr eleven inches in hoight, rounld tootecd lolahleoro, very talkative lnd ramilar, fond of bartering antn r.ding l horse, havingbeen ahack-driver for scoot t'. , past il this "ity. Jerry ha, no doubtobtainedtllorgd Id apers. Ilis wife, who free, aecoompotied him. : . .r, . snnll stature, aonl very talkatitve also t tie so pos Id he has nsoumed the nnme of W IILIASI, aod that his wifeealls hum by that name. 100 dollars will be paid for seuroltng lhin ito iay jail m his l Stnte; and 500dollaore.for lodgi (tin in to lv jail, if taken out of the Stoate, with all retsull: xexcss, reWdos,lsrbrlgingi here. J 1,11 . NeyLOrleans, March 201, 1837. at;1 IIOSKY I", tttnvitg witodruwu freot,,the fire .- The na C. Cat, el Cr. o., thle mnollnllts will be RFt led, and the ticetion and Comomission b atoinest 'ntill ed at No 43 Camp streret by Tieot. C Cash, under tle Id fir. THTOMAS C CAoSH IIENItY IIOSKbIN. Now Orleans, March 7th 11 37 1-ZUISKEY--Reclifiednnd cotmmont, tor ao!e by - a4 G DORSEY, 44 New l.ceee. P lOUR.-1... bibls at tiho lalding, forsoalt I'y sG DOItSEy, 41 New Laver. UNIBER A careo ot f toco oiWjt "nn tj -,-rdjj t an ling, antd Shingles, on boerd tehoonr 0 .ornin,. tor, fnr sale low, by G IV PORITEII, a 95 Cot,l lon ot er,. A' G ..T Iohdo prioce StogOt, laudigl, s rUl ,cIt, S Lebaoo n, anl foIr pulle h ' It II lYDE & BROTIIlER R. a4 Cor'-r Cotmonro anI olazine rt. -igANN ii L S'.f'Ol,-tot ftet tfo 'o -. alOIOERTI' 31oCt71 ItOGIl 5.1. Jtlia ltcet. ACON "O'- ttOt0 Ibo. htg raountls, initort.e, ,tnl , "", ale low, to close a etsi rt v m 1 G RI VT dz UAI 2I" Po~d ms P. O O .0ý,,k too.teoc litte fromtoooo Ta . Ib Ttunlon Alhinurtehtr Ci,. now lrdiri fromi I bark Cuba, for oale l)y JO'..'t COblKiy loN(7 __-5 (_ _il r sti5( .t LOR-00bhs uprfine lonr, landing snarl furr ,',at' ae t no. 12 Po'drcs st. ly. , _ _.. - tGRIVIOT & PAlOE. L N3000 bogscnre lootio s tit o7y, otS7 'totilt ,iOll t EILS. C oemnp to ,III" m27 YK . L["lw 2 0~,bts hig l proof, lt ,tre h V, m29 G DtRS,.y, 4t Ntew Iee ALAGA WINE-Sl quart', itoot 3 Peoetot 'taoto wine, ia stare and fior bsale nt C3Gn ter =t. h 0,37 BOGlEI'l'&. II10.0 'l'ltltt N. t3 Onc7 streert t tte LOUR--300 bbls. ltttur iol store, .nd f -roto by m23 J.VAIItN,2 1'0., ltastrloo ACON--103 cs,- osuploeri.r Bor,,;n' f,,, ole -by m24 AH WALLACE & Co. In l.,,. AN - 3 bbho I l;-c t-, ....o. m24 A H VALLLACy & Cot Iotst Alley GAR.-130 hogoheds o the (to t t. Itor Fots byNt m16 N & J.II: lttcr G D o RnSEl, 44· Arw Lrvrt· •D It,00o0 bils oaT ltl lot and loi sole tt n44 Ne l.evcee, by moZ. G I)t)ItRSEY LKt PO ,15,000npioece 6oothI antk ot oRtuoard - t tboat for isale by (GRI,(f' I'AI I 1a3 i 'otvdre. tlreet, S_.'i 'LE Se:A '---lF,'-xesof [,yel,-.sve ouud; rAcet atl'lEsro -,1 .ooco t'ttetto. ptuol -a00, Castio Soap, rotsived tand .otr sale by -23 oGER-•l' & "AWT"ORN '3 (Gav. " hetforssl on .,I, Hon Alein sAie -t . W 'tItl s r 1 IIIor , i 0 i 9 Alle . `o0 t......ttt 0 Ott a ec Ctttot l, a ·Ree 1.13 ;'r ierlllc l tr¢t v m31 __________ '___ C" DOIISET . setr iron., o 1d 01kil' l st tl anrd I o trll t' 9r11 C It ' hi i or t 1 Tth sutittta t -.0 ...louterco too ,tot -oo w' .. .. f-- u or ilh ll 5) . ... , ie ,ws in s rle an d lit, A N I)Oill %lV~ifl-j 0sale ot 90 Co treetiby It t . " aol) (ti i,.stt tl l b Itt'! . l i l J D I N .! A' ' t 'IIIT ' 0 0 . 5 do mess do; 1,911 klg.. Innl; 1lIIIlI sn rks cornI. its ana shppn oder 0000r sle ttcte1 0 rttvnad f ' o ' , o tt a t ho . S. 0005 I'YN nA, endr, aled arjilt 9d ,rn m , newt bot t lingan d -ereaoby -BI': %tinS'OI N . Birv ilr h rt -]AK"C--.00 r-r,7a, i"riti. ";rLk , `,re t ) 4j, ,", Y r E. y in or fa--TI7 tyale s Rirr n ucmrai u, md ad end rat.. Sale at 90 Cnminnn ll t. by· a10 1·:E5 N '(:OIIEN. IlRllr Ir .`D " LI and prim', P.;rk, a t - 1 4 Y w o r. nrtfiý.LY. ''I "or the rnterior. u iat tillINt N II I 1dt ,J port i, Tl'h e 211 000111 first class steam. 'lŽAILL I,::ý'1')!) ILcr Jotodtw o,* and I 11 Itl I·`to l I Lit 0I I. :I I clX I app ly on, l it 01. t . l' l . 11` 111101 1 11 10 4I T h - 13 O I plitllriltO '1Oct1 (N oil 9100 S; LXINE. ,th '1o'l S LI.!:13 'Il' 0 ,I ' b'ON - 'IIo'l I)Outoo ap t rooctv. Is NI "ý_' tento doric mo to ea o ' 1 00u sa10 0tIhe 1 011, 01 Oll12 II) II I (lr iii tIo -1 lt I'lr & uero IJN INA'lI - d UOV"'I tu f Jo'alrl 01!Ir I-()l·I· (11 kooo'o oto cii IIl~tIIA linosoeo, nnply mt a:l J, uplly 11101m uHIII u j holt. ott 15)I'ohup hclasslc 12t 10o 11' t oe oit ill SLOO & ItFCKIRNE. - roll S'i'r . Lr to l. AND A . Ai n ti ll It'tt',din t I. ' lit lt, I":1) 101.I I J 1 1011l, ma te andd 111'111111'.ll ,.I 111" i> t ilulyC 11111 oi ard tile V tudy th 1611,, 010100 ltlo Il f t t o' oc , A ll o r- f II It e 1.,. er, o passafr l , 1 'lullfg n p e"', ti l blr Inh ill, withII '1 1 stifle, 1'001113 pply' nn I,,,, 11111 -iie t11 ,; 1 3111 0 1 1,0 ee '01011 ''2111' I I A R "1' 1,1 0 1 111 ) lotll(lg d11 IU1=1 &I qccI IN 1101 foll _loo 1, '1'ltrlt ll II I'll II uuwn III mni 1 I ) Oltl ifloodt ,mater will I(i l to _____ __ _ r.111 i nst. at I1" n t1 it 36 P Glra- st ccl to 111 1 1 t ill)I 1lll1.1ll: 1\Ii (03, l.\., 'I I pl~e vl j~l i J l IIlrr 1 eII PERSIANri~ se3,r'igll agug J, wll earn fill th nhnv(I por; 011 Tharday text, l ·e mo , utmt, at 1 n'eloek, J For alnm c o frri:_ll or pas e0, av in l r nt s a e ro m n f 0 0 ( 0 (0 ^ p ly o o r .... ....... \ I , nl II , l1 5ul , u ,m a ,t+ Ir wcill kI e fle,, A I+, ,t .If 'l,, k 1, ,1f " rl r{tur:,in. ,ill leave 3hu o n' b arn 1rn 1ind a .l ,A I111'' dI of o rignre r, 1" `ý'nlicrs , C.-nit d flee 1. '... 1"ss. r r iln .,r- .I e e t le Ihead of tlhe rondh e S ,,c,,, sac of , , r , fill- hec 1'?c a', I", k roll, 'IIi'l, I;lT ""nll oAl. h ii f- IC '\I l':If ,l I S Ilr Ph e A. 1 "" ' A , I Ix' \\ 'OR ldý?.LI".A ' I lir ir) l " I 1 .1 F "T I-l -l0 . . . At 'rlch. Sl,,c ,l- .... . . ,t ,,, 'aI , , IA c .... 'AArl, , ' A A , , , i T h o art'j felll rel. : All. "1 'A'\l lI , I,. A lln 1-tdtl i'0 l ib , , ,:, , , l, +- i r , A, , Inr AAl A AI IA I e I. . t , A i , 't , AhA IrI,.t h . l 'I h .J r I i h[ 2 ,1 , A, . . , ", c \I . l flhlIA (r A mA' l 'le ' h I' ' I II l i I at. I^ '.If. cl ,,wary= r C : , o.I " 1 r ~IrI ,+I.,' I tI i a lll l 'u ( ,rli l l I a ~ I ' ,1 l I r 1 ,,1 Ah ,,,l,,,! I . .I. . , , , to , A I -I ' l I l t A ' . l.i , L . . pi t < ,. -"ý',, ' ý ,, ? . ..;,,, i~i. v AII A '.I. <l , .nl' . . Jil 11.'I'll, ,. 11 "A l NI for fir n L - A . . ih l"l l, ~I' I '"l " ,0 I , X t m n t.ilnl l , ., '' . i -" -- la ', , A. ,, - l .I . . . . . . h . . i h . I i-t. i I--', 1 - c: ' ' . t- ANA ',;- l . A . iA Ail' n' ". t ' ". 'I .h lhll T ' 1l I I N'I A o iw , Az l llIl a t1 a i pl1 , ýr , ,, I "l , % l~i-i ,,+. o F~lr the.~· ,'I rll, ti ;1 , ll h ·11·- , 1;1" r : l I f'. IL ]> n lou, ~ill . 1,, ,,,, A " n 1'uOra1) sat r lle t T:,1 r, i I ai.\I, ri ","' n l;; , to' 1\I T al ( h5 lAtNvN ItI (1 I ' O i. , 'l ' ic iic l Ii .I I -uuuin u 1, r (.I ei,; r lv tv a, .~IItaly 13 1( Il'; , I ru. r \ ( i-+Ti+T.~;s\{;~:--lt '-and,+;i, w,<.T.£,.il . - l t ; • 1 1;\(' till r a u , ~ I.'ll p ii I +"t a ( II 1a-' - i , f i, ll 'f a o; nI ! , ll ".l. . '" I1 I lr 1,, r ! d o n tv e FI Jl fi ,ravr I o,, , .n , u , , , . '-tI ,, _ iI . - 1 I,1C Goastwise. FOR NEW YORK-with despatch. , i'- Te spllendid , aekt ilhip IMONTEZU o [MA-.MA,oogotewcowtonaaer, isaow r'ead to re eive frei2ht or tlhe ovor port, for wlaich or l s,, havinag uerior tccommoldatlim:s, applyV to S" l-' 1L. IGAL,3 CoGA ... o o street. --FORI o310 BIL .. oLo Tl.he ' Il lrdid brig AP.I\I.AClI OIA, Spear muster, lhnving too thirdn of Ier cargo c- eogaged and going o bnardi, i;' cnave tomor row, 1Jth esrt. at5 o'clock p. n. orle talanea of freight oM- or passoon, halvin good uccam odtiuas, apply on now board oppusitel pillion tier or at 12 Poydras st. to ton al2 G(RIVOL & PAIGE. FOR BALTIMORE. or t . Tlhe A I schooner LEIAFON, Talbott e master, will have immnedite dospalac. For doek frneight or passage, having good cotem. alodntaons, erply at 0o. 12 Bienville street, to all 1) MARSTON, tUNt FOrL IOt1CfISIO a. tr The A I schoorl ner \V'arrioo. M llo mnaster, orgo .j will meat with despatch. Far fritgbt or pt-. ed ,i, sage, upply at no 1' BieavlIlesi. t, alh UlU D MARsTON. u Ceptin K-itighlt, lyitg trnear thle Vegetable miarket, will rcrioid immediate despatch. For o freight or passage apply at 93 Common at. to t 0 I. Il GALF. lt'. t I ICtIItOIl.D, S The Tcr schooner RED WING, Wreek ,- o master, willsail witl delepatl. For small 1, or fieight or passage apl y at 12 Iienlvilla st. to li1 I) MARISTUN. R'1 NORFOLK AND PYTERSBURG. . The fast sailing scLhooner ALEXANDER I, CUMIMEYS, Soas, rmaster, wrill sail on Mon her .- day next. Far passagge, pph' to t DA VID MART'IN, 12 Benl, ill st. tFOIL JI6Os TN. arn7he rerod and ernpp:r fastenetd brig Cr v nHERU, Uonte, mtater, it ready to reconre cargo. For terrs iapn to READd &tARs' OW, 17 Gravira st. F_ OR NV YORK. S The hfla A I brig BIRILIKiANT, Captain Elj t . (rill, requires 200 bales ongeotton toaill tp.- _ r' For teros apply to 1i 11 CAfE, o7 93 Cormoat treet. .. . FolR NEW YOI.K. " The A I bril MARGARET, Capt. Swreai, Srequire 150 baIl. cotton to fi llup. For terms .'1 rifrilmoi diatr e op tpllicatiota be tlllte apply to u7 II_ GAI.t, 93 Coammaon at. t -n ThIe A I brig tnelELIAN, eapt. Barker reqouires 0 bloles clrotal oan dtck anl will g met with imrlomdiate despatch. Apply at no. t 11IIIu 'r IfI GALE. FeAlt (OS'I'ON. TO4 T tr sritora td very fast soiling A I tig aPioo, xnutg the ,reater part of her enargoa t ".e -. ganed, will receive immediaote despatett. For C a balance ol fitiglt,or pasnare, alply to r il 6 L tI GALE, 93 Common r.t tar FOR NEW YaOIK--Peoke Schooner. S The a.t aniiNg A 1 Paclet schooner TEA lie ZER,18(10 toPnao.loie, M.aster, .ill a il o mrow ecvening, tha splrndrll i'uraslteol ne c-loelmadatio; can take tihe bulk of 150 barrels, nad acrolltotaolte t few lmlrP passengers. Ap l- on boardI polsitet 'roulouse street, or to r. P'OAPTER, Io 4 .. 95 Comteon street. It- FORItll II.ADIELLIA. Tio bulk o 11 0 balea is wantin to com a Ip-e tI'e cargo of brig Franklia. For feigh ta rtt of walticI, or atti portI apl ly to E 04 READ&t ARSTOW, 77GOaavieraat e FOR NEOV Y]OREiP... The brig BRILI.IANT, Gill, master, will er o ail ia a few days fl r lti above port, aad will - take whao t freight nm.y offer. Applg to n3 .. l. (GALE, Oi1 Common st. , TII o r, ondt fitst nailiat-orlt"os er PERU 1 . Captlaiol'tiIr, will imert dealnatchl. For _ lrreitlt lt apply on bnoard, lower onet of Paol- - o liou tdi,, or to GILVOT &tI PAIGE, r-`| . 19 Poydras street. FOR MOIOtIIIE. 4-"l Tile saa lt terrATI,ANTIC, Ste-eas master, ar tot'. 'will sail wilth despatcerl. Forfri'ght rm" as " .slgo appo)lyon board, picellio n tier r lat 12 oI'u) lh ol,to al GIUVOT &o PAIGaE. S T oootr YANKt'lo aEE, wll Itkes olck - l o f loo tl be pal, Ialpp on board, ai roorliln tier o o i at L_' aovdool streeta t al Nt iuV 10 A PAIGE. - -, T'lt flor A 1 Mloi 1 AIGARIETl, Captain 'oo..w:iiil have doespatl. 1,or fo.eigt or I -.. I".ls=ne apply atY 93 Commono street, to I Fl . . It I I 01 lo,E. - Tflit, At I brig M'I.EI.I.AN, Capt Parker, 14r !). ,ill hae ,I.,jt tch. l",,llr passage onl. ,ppl, .- ill t 9 ICIIO on street, to " ICl •I. A G AL(. [I"C The se~hItourr MEXICO, lntor mastrer, will atl I e iuooo ditte o t esp atclt. For freight ,.- f (,' ,P .1Ss C ao/1o . at 74 P)V ra11o str"eea, to . I tr J HIIIAYIEI &Co. or . I'O11 N llEV -Ri nKaIta; s 7ith .r .- loui.,i.o a and New Ytrk line. t - I leoie Fit stilint ' ll Ire l and eloper ,it'. o.. a oll I Potkot hill IILNI'SVII.LF,I El ',"l ".-dridge lr· waills uaabosvo. Forfreiglt or o""- o's'( hl'ahla g a o.o. el li l aaoloa :hao lnoatinsa, apply to 010 t0 'l th tin foe l op ste lOal)o atal sttert, ar at 90 1000000n 00 te 00 too 0u, 1 J f11:iN &A COHIEN. FltR NI \V lYOttl--Puket vessel. 4. o "lt'h very fi b iAI tl o A1pket l haoooer tl''nI" r .ll', I lrl lalil to.Jotl 0t Otllol'Oftr taril nei l rae v X1,1~ d d fol ioiot d lcc onoo lariatos fur Iossengers, I er~oos, - 0l0lll 00ll0l- d ill .u c l 0 aloele I hi e Now Por P ak,. " be-tof .vam2, table solpplied wila Ibe o rpol aolvitoollS atn c0 lr'iollo`oll eomltaeoider w no ill p ry otto 0.000 fo t iot " l o a f,'t nll eonv e llee of Ihe i i,0 ll00 ll.0 l'0.0 .Plll0ll boo o oo ppno te 'i'aualo ar sn t , " ;It .15 ( t on st. too ut17 00' F'OST'ER, I - T he fTtt sailig selo+)uIer TYSrON, Capt.Ro v-", .IerKI:N N1, will salioin a ew das, I an le o raek S Stone.., oll 111barrlsPork e at - ck, by 00,0 lOIa s1. IIoa on boaad, opposite St Jo.epl srret, or to - Ili,.t" ' ' WMI. lPORT.'ER( , 95 Comlmlon st. , iFTe ofst 'nilillg coann erot A I schooner lIA SIti Iltld, n apt aar'am, will 'sail in a few datsO t- e to t oflll o rr( ,rcgol be;ir gllera .gep ,or re- ao 0ll0llll er of "liorlt or parn gs 0pply.' o booar oposite fin t,, p, o ,.li sq uare, 000000 tor mlr . v, oro, to n l n17- \11M1 I')lt(i:R,95 Common a t. ) 61t IltmIlajN. . ' ohe f lne sclootor Ill.LOWnb'S, Captaon tlohkia, it receiviog crar al tiarthe abovre port, .-. - a nd will olu e deaspaI tc.I - F rfreit ht or p .sr tter Sapply to to17 LI. 1. G \l.E, 93 Commo] Oo0it st. 'I'llk f it sailitn , IBri"g iRAND TURK, al't. I rooltltoin, 00,uts thoe btlk of 200blls to r'0.-comoote er cargo. Fo'frrilnhtofwhich0 or 1117 ' ·J P WVIIIT'NEl,lConti t. awha For Sale, Freight or Charter. FIOR .LE, FRIIIT, ORt CHIIAIrTE. . 1'1it I Lst isilinc-colrcrcd and copper fust. red hrrit DE.L''A, Cptni n Francis,97 tons, N cn i a I:r r c ir, oaul sui!TfRt. Forfiur. Illol· I cnl'p sllt lr apph lly o board, opos ile I)elor sireen, r to 3 V. o I'OlRp . 9B Cronon stret. f d Il: ul scholTner IELICrNTIE, , rn LcS l,nasl es r--urlhr il 13(i tons, rnd cion·e t I-,21"3 1rr,k nr noh t .,a hhds-.i topper fts le d, d ilI order,i r lr ' a f rr 'o to nay place, but li, llnl rrO I I)nud hre rnf,,rr d i A plv'toil Copt. rt p,,t 3i, ,,r to GEORGlE. JO1NPON, 9. . .94 | rolrllllr r t. ThO e fias Kili-g srhooflrr iiRUTUS Crl. ,tre, , ,,n..sP tcr il go.,,,, or do.,,n, tire rn.. SA.L.\uni J.1a). BiGiIT & PA. COIEN, I:+I ÷ NrN . 90 (CrIrir Onl street. FOIt S.\I.l.: S t IlE shit, I A1'O. it fitrne eopprreld, • I.+ '.." ,.d colpper h,steiied verse, aid halsjust nr iv - r rtrý,.. rti Ir ar(lgogof ofie frontl Hil, a5i rr] to i rIi 101 11 Oit C1Ut' 011 IA IIf IU ,--. , i l: fIr tsailin, ierRA Pll),90 tons JOIIN AlM FOSTER, ,:l 14 (;ravier atsl. FOr ALE ~tEitiIIT Oit CIIAR'IER. l 'lre sitChoN, le- I.A B CI.Ce, 96 tons, 2 e r Fi[a- ' old,rcii pr filtenerId nrr e er, birr t iE r rr ,i ioi,,,,. f, rirrrrOf , . i.5 ..-2 leet , t.ter brn, hoad rd, htis It hndi . r n e crn ri+ Weit wei ' outd and in p alil;,r s br ally ovur.r~. Aprply orrn hard t lnusita FOIlR i. F,0 G11 tr1 i Ti( E R~-TE -- T n ft soiling British blilt harqllr GREEN IOtV, 391 tons regiter, it now disc targitr, andIwill sonlbe nrti'to take in cargo, apply ntonil'tr rlorrorr, trn boord, opirosrtr tire regetablr e tro. r r~a, rrr to IIERiIANN ItIItoojS & CO. "II.t'ItNIpTIiE, &r.--Tl're s erritors hir ae for tale 1 r lil din7 fi rt rr shi p thrnr r, n invoicee oi r Furniture r., , olsistirt llt of sofroitrs, ua.l ic sntolois Ottolans tcils: .:' i anI silk ptilloaws tt o l .' ine tr. h 111:30 Il BRIDGEO &Co. I Attii-l0 larrs itd, irrrtino 6n on,= : a`rrr Citric 4 nd ftirldc I JULIUS VAIlOIN," .. . _ .. .. . . . . ....- - - 2 o drai s a t. i'lIN( 'I\N.\ Iii, it llDt it'0 ke.rn, ttlu g O rfro t l t'l" Snlndi ,d and firt lie I I 1'3 .it II, Ar 1 tI' ý I ITtG, 17 Comrrrre ct I- .b F I l ItD.-- lirr stotrenil fi-r otle atl7iC?'--o - m27 .I YET & AO IEI,'.t'N Sintll G DI rI',41,i NewLreve. - ý 0Rl, '.-gtrill h sl s notI ri nd 50 do in iulte porkt, fo ti ;,. at l3 |'o..dlll'Si. ]v rIT GRIVtOT & P.I(.E. " i ti1:i . -'t I args ineIttt o +nn t ar,,iling trd S;URNE)'. ba i.o, ni )od .+ticle, t il t rt ceitr .'r and will a soldd i I.- r c' all Gravher r street by 11 il. l J " II Co L Q I Tr r . Stti:-ttt n ti t Ook rI wanrted. Anl.o, n A aslrr kArIt.tI l t, t.'t(O. tralc atilNeovr e.ov-...k. b - aNAY, ri-,y. For Europe. FGIL PORT GLASGOW. The fast sailing oppred rg DELiA, . Captain Francis, wivil io afew das, For Ir paseogo apply on board or at 93 CouIl ov t. to ulu Wi l'O''El. FO IViL;Er il. IL. . . .= The new and fast sailing A 1 ehip rSid apt o*,rir weun, require 50 bles ctune toi csel trg te Ier cargo. Four l rlls Fr paspagenl plc trr-. p L rH GAE, g lt sO 9.! ror m'aretr FORl LIVEPOOL, - The superiorndl fast ssiling ship Liv.eirll, .Biratow, commander, will receive imnmediate desuptch. For passage, havring a le.ididea )ott esuoedatioms,apply to L 1i GA.LE, " For aO 9'3 Conio st in. Fol LIVE III'LI L Tihe A1 faut esailiog ship NEWORLEAN.I S, Cspt \ep l her , anlts0 bales cotton is com plrte her cargo. lsor eiiht of.hit , orpas ter, Usage, upply Ito S & J 1' \\'IIINEY, 8 Cntii t. . a FOR L.IVEItlIOOL. . Thi bark JANE,Cel lai Illack,b ill umet , ih drspatchi ; wants 15 to ..n0to bales to fill up. For ireight . r passage, apply to le . L H. .GALE, 93 LCulmon st. FOR LI.VERPOOL. FOe superirr fast sailing coppter fastened and rOppered Britiil ship OR WELL, (Gn ceommaner, having all her cargo engagerd red be gui g ra u beard, will meet ithlide pitch. For passage all only, haviog hadsome sccommnodations apply to colr sto meder on board, or at 93 Colnmsn street, tr __april L I GALE. R The fast sailing I eli sp KATIHARINE a. J.CKSON, Capt. Peabody, reqtires 2.50 bales cotton to complete iher cargo. For terms orpassage alpply at 93 Comnon storeet, to :n31 1. H IAI.E. Ft ) R--L-L. rig FGOgLIVEuPO)OLe ce , Thie hbarque STIRAFFORD, Capt Wins low, will have despitrh. For terms or pae. ,, coge ap dy at 93 tomnion t. to -c11 L II GALE. yinR--?Y MC. --. - Tlie Al slip CONSTELLATION, Capt. Saspson uwilhl hia drspatOh. For passalge onlv, apply at 93 Common street to I 31 L I GAIE. , IFOR LIIVEIRPOOL. l Thie fine iid fist sailing ship IIERAI.D, Capt Luke requires 250 bales cotlon, ito eri. tleteCher caurgo. Fur terms or pasag apply - ot3 Ciommoin street,to P L II G. LE, ill 101. ll eOo. u. The flie hbrig OAVRE, Capt Carpenter, Ean ancommrodate a few passenger, For terms aliply at 93 Commsrce st, to u- ore L l GAl.E. Fi' LIVEIPOO OL t The A I an4 fastsai'ig lhip TIGEr, a- t ker Irnster, requires 300 bales cotton to cim -plet. her cargo. Fur termrs or 1ýsaeege plply at93Cuommol st,,to 1e27 L i GALE. - FOR LIVERPOi, T.he new and A I ship SCOT SLAND), Capt HGcktaff will take g00 or 300 hbales ,ttonr to clilplcto lher caro. Fort d freiglht orlpassag apply ot 93 Common st. toI m27 5. H GAI.E, FOl I.,IVEILP)OI., - The 'sa silingA 1 ripu JOHN BAR RINGCapt Hale, requiree 300 boles cettone I to coiplete hler ecargo, for terms or passagee I apply to m$2 I.. GASE, 93 Comalon st. L FOIl I.VERI'OOL, . The fine A I ship 111.0 captaii Turnip. S c qn, re qnire s 201 b ales t1o eo pletir e her load = i fo r te r ms o r p an a ge a p l ) v to - ineh 1. II" GALE, 93 C iommon st. i Slhp IIpEBREW, can take 300 balese rt toa. SAplly to s & J p i W CHI T .E FOL HIAVKE. - Tih fiAee A I and lfast sailing h'p EIZ.1r ET II'I, Cnpleil Thayer, ewarns r(0 b rhrs ofr vultol to clnplote her cargo. For sfrate eo npply to m,1.4 1.. It. GALE, 93, Common st. FOIL LIVERP001.. oil 'fTIle ship IOYAl WILLIAM" Tl'eyaor, nmster, it S Iodiue. For freight Stplly to mlf6 If. C. CA3ISA1,A & CO. . . .. . . S T.- ,O(" ' 1 . .. .- rs_ i e brig I NIKLEY JIusonr er,n eril n commence loadinc. this dse. Flr fcicht ap) ply !o u r16 H.. CAIlACK & CO. ill "O .lRLVItlPX OI.n Th A I ship, C TARLES, Cs1t. i'ri, a8 Will lucre jianondiite deslptch 1or tilre ab ve port. For pfasalge o uly. rti.i to FOR II VERP()Oq, .._ The fine A 1bi) GIRAR(D cnpt. Lanbert, JI will aceSrre deeatleh. Fof r .esuii e ol ,pe ri lIly to I IL iA Ei,, l I|ID 93 COtllllo lln stert 'OR LIVERLPOOl. l. . Insoor h T . . ett ,nasrr w, an 330 bales cotto., to SOlllalite iher cfr ge. Fir fi hrlt of ririr ir- °Iraseage, Iairlyrto i S&JiW 1'dI['r i I'NEY, ri Sml' 8 Contist. TIIE Blritish ship CATIIARINE Capt LOugorrllll'wins rtnam 200to 3 bales o e[ltl ý to coople te her cargo. For freight of v ich alply ' to 1112 11. BRIGGS & C,), 77 h Cnal st. A : FOR and.A'S OW. -- Tllsup,;o rntl fst a'liaG \1 I r c DIIOM(); capt. llig'gis, will ba.,e immedate - ,deslputch. Fiorfreight ofl 10 kales ofeoath).r Or ipasRge,hali blhandsoelle neconmtordotion,, aRlppl to 1"`!5 1. H. (TALE, 93 Commo et. For Texas & the West Indies. ill FOR 31ATAG(ORDA-'Texas. "'he serooner IA R'I'IIA, Wtts moster, hc illa onIlrgono tl orugll repairs, and e.e oooth, ted op for Eas.entgerm. tod lvhae ltttofhlhr cirgo ettgnted, rill a e:tt tito earll des etch. Fort Ithe lko r, out 1001 bs and Itfissat, '1" lvi te" a lpw. biln jlt Irl, apply to the caltatoe o '0or. tor at 36 llCll) titreet, tt F" '2 1'TTOBY&BZRO. Fol iAI-rlSON & REDI) FIIS I II R, - The uooperior regularl packet brig IL DO RADO liew master, havitlg partofher eoreo r =g eogegod, will havoeorly dtopatttchl tt lie a ave ports For baea ccof frtigt or passago losving nfne aecommondatiolo ntaplp ooi hoarl or to Sao12 \VBIRYAN, 30 Old Ler e. 1OR MA AO'I'VI)R..t. O . . t 'The schlooner llIIENRY, enpt Grimes, ha ing art oflirctrgoeg gted, wtill meet ith rgvde. ptch. For ,eighl t cl r pn~atleo ty to the calptai ol hoard, at pictllion wharf, orat3b ('aop btrdort to ol IOlB & IRO'OTAEIO. FOR (-UIN ITANA & BRAZOIIA. 'llThe s:hIto COI.U (t I ( C r, tt Crooks, taving aro la t et cargo e gaged, wl dlspathed in it cew days. For freight t Ittssage lplply to the ca iptn oil booard, ttt Ilicllon woirl or at in Campo sttcet, to all I T OBY & IIIOTH1IR. 'ORl HA'O NA-Ist VeoseI. Tho e fast sailing cppered brig OMARn pee t, Hou o , ,ill positive v sail b n'I'yursdnv 1illt inst. lo.r freight of 1i5 ba rros, or lss ger , tpply oi boaed opposite tlhe Beeftorktt, or at 95 Ceto Io .10, Vot NPOITEII. -FOR flAt l A-Pocket tIt octr. 'TIe fast oailin A I pltakt seclhooler CAR S IBON . oa DelsdertIInr. will Ive imto di otede ontcl. For fretight or lpssge, Ilt ie extusitve furtishoed arcommodatioos, all exlterioctO i Scoomlauder, aud Ihes t sr , wihin t v .. thle slald ofCntlottill do woell tt avoil tLe mel.les of tlhis eove0ance. APIIt on, booard ollosite 'oulleouse st. or at 95 Colot .t. to 10 _.__n PORTER. FORO GLO to'lON, flAlithuulw l & 1)l lO\ . Theregtiir ltacker ltrig JANE, \VillitilS Olaster, lhivig mlost Itf r Cerro on IoaM. twillt oitot o tly roil ftir bi lliet, PtllS on "ueosllu the It ll t. Fo torl eto lloftrejlht tit to sao ltlah t itg slllllrir accoellodatiolos, apply otn lotrd or at 3 Oldl.,vce strcrt. to al0 Wet BRYAN. .- Tie sot nilin t ,cboncr SOUl IIEINER. 4. aylord, non-tr, IhaviIg mlost Of hCr grge tei.ued will have i tucdisle lespoi II it above. t or lc lioloce of f:ighllt or passage alylh, ot bordl or to II.I.I.IIA 1 Il3t' ," 11FR IIA\NA-l,'r1trs tel fTIlll fast esiling oolpcordl rit 0a,1.1l, llower, otutler, oill Ihave q oirk otesI toth.- For freight or esno ape ctplo o r hoatI, or to a4 1V. IOITl':ll, 95 Comlnton shect. FOR tI1A'rI ( Itt A ANDIIOX' P-I- T. - -- I SA Oh-st rate flot oailoog ohcotuoer*r roeot)tred otd copper I cstoned, hastrtearhl, a f.'ll engagtl odoill tttort tooth toootrcclitteolee. patoc ch. F lurablnce olffioght or passage, alyto te a 4 W_ M lltRYAN, 36 oI leoce rt. to hle rlhooePr \\Vl & FIANf'IS, Wild aestter, will sail this ltv for the otbove part. Far pallssago Onlyt apl otI OU botllrd or t, o4 \i1ot IBY'fAN, 30011 Frrrt. Rasenge in[ v. h. Tihe A t brig ROt)IVE,S II C'd, nkastcr Itt nvi:,g her rrgoe elo ged wll piitivttIt .ool oil t otiltrL. 1st .\pril. Tfitt ,lo .ocrel of. fers a loe oltltortllittt ftor paseroots c i g splledd firnis led blnlil il O o I os, a ie cabi , , . k. For t -rlll: pplyh to (l'pt Cllda, hlo aurld alTpOsiine Il4l7i Ito1 CEO BUCKI.I . Tl .orltoncrr oel. IKNI(IIIT, Sot.ew "t in;s tc" Illt, he islra telthe 1bio lll f fIV mr00 I lo tt light o l' t ohih iipp ly t 3 ('H ai st _ T_ 'l' _ III_,_ l&_ It l tO ' l'tll E1ll (olpt. I'illton, 0 ill .lert will quicIk d.atl lor freight I r t s.,, t gr, tlt tt tlooc I, -I ilsite thet leefMlurkcl, or to t. Pti0RT . m1l8 l.5 Collolllo street. to-- T--oa--de,,r le _o -.-o__--o---I I. SL 111 II CCAMMACK, rI (;ravier rt. .lrr ILrd; GI sl-Olli s IftUeto, Focetle lo at A. It \V.I.t -litE & ft',. I as Alev. "LL penn lo log clnioot or cdam andgio.. inst :i sr eam%:r C.liefJusiiee Molehill, wil please scud ] . them i to tha econtln t h. tloe of l !! :',TfI:RN'c' & Co. c0 Mer- L t ,, *7.. ccc c'hepaioas and adrnctageecsly sluntccd gie store Ioccl occupied icy ilbe udccrl cigiei, wcill ' icirented ifccpplication be rnledo C to a i J Fi ANi)ci,i'ii & C(sc Nec' Levec. - 1U :1i 1 -. -- -- - - A Lct in Julii.*tree.e ituated lcar tile I' 'n . c i of thile nets C .nl, il Iab: ig . g c t 0aehci well ccli d i, a i'ccd ori Ký fulipcc accd, cc \' cee B ccs dcccc. cfccic n - A 'Vnr!~c e icenlc Juh, Sc t. 3Ci! fc t front uc - ýýýýa ".t, ring¢ 4.a:k to Nutr dew ' . ia ,. rt, et Fo<r urthcer 1Fý ý ye, nclas apijll\ at9lC n o r. Ill to - J I) BEEN & .&1 Cccll l. I To Iff.R.l ............ c. k Posaecieni c'enu Iccltf A ccplI. Iriam Th ......lnc d ccail,,g y ie iried tlhre -tory JE . . brick ilcouse oil lucic cc at. ice'eec 1(c.ioi:lI fcud Bcrrcencsstrets. It has juist Iinen conplcetel in the msn ern style, by D. If. 'w~,cgoodl, Cci. The Sfirst sad seeond sdties colntan two snits 0f tp:arl ors ncd dl filinng roodslle wvilh e lidin · l ll, doors, bhack nnd 6old M tila( piecrs, pctent .lots &,. 'le " ccc buecllcccl e r s' . - fmllsivt! a d COmmllodious, having ti: Lll thle tteee.;sary ar: -omcncnctions 'ea larn e fminlg ' Ti n gcliccacnnt itc ,iii ceale otreasonahOlo ecirc' Applyct cn. a Ce. ct rcndelt citrect, to ill InA9 Di)YiE & 'MAY, S +Il\tJ1,)S IIAI T & LO -A.e timt &,CONecdcc ipc lershiI Ilhctsvillh, I[;.,gh', cll . A 'elic ', (iu.eil¾ edcI i. ., ' clircndcl Gio , " dc c . ee ( !c cc.l a. ¾t c licl,:r, leel c( Ilcu ckcct picIcIc;lcicl, -h1 , c lC spl it ,d ic ''cscic n c a ; cc p rcoic I ; i r cis licei, 1 sc , c, rt d i, (icc cc t s eo l r.l Ad el c cr F.ns i' silk, I cacl cl cll fea iher 1iurcs. ,; haiir khc c c , fi'c c t anc, ,sek lin~le~ rlhet l' itoigro pa , rman :umr Fro eb e hf',lo ictetei Reollla a" Illcecssr oil , inii:alion do; f lei, u E nail hearsoil; I, table rekr soI dresti. rass : p'a' iU lacking ; tatiac l toilt e casc ,s; icicrt, e iilc , si o l n tiedlgl.,ces and ver s. ; l ntla brad', hrtl 11" ' lum ac drn il":aiccc eii acctc beeb ,ha cccnp; a owc cccccl cc. e cs ncit ieccc ccc, I cc . 1 c gcccc icc Oi n iccci'c ,.(+ a dci cci-111 I Iccdc c, c cc lclccccccc, cc cccis sicied ccci, cusio Iiclccccnccccic n cncciec'ciiWa cccci spool stands; scrwcc cc :lh'ollc si llrv g lcc eldc lans cc S neektees; billid. ICaIll; ,rckl t c .c ok alhci n uci' s; ;erl'lln 'hoh ic; 'azor c; fei cei ld ennt 1 i c. ol lie s tlde s, . ers do; Bells hii- le; sc ive i.encils; Crcyic &;se. &e. 'hle acov icacdt' n to one, fcer ilc tack of fcplc ci alcticlPsi ciake c cscorttctvrv e, h,, / rs e.'holesa e or mretail its the sig.n of the Gun Cihnl CO t,.70, C ' i C litne stre cct. n c icc-cc -----G~~-,-.- ___ I;FftiS,,.q(/._- Siiccicctc, L icliccfld)u ccc e Cc;i c c c ic E l r pic c iet ,e r of thi nes ic a iisc o etnl Letic , cav e to l infcrnel the pulcic, tchy have just rceiiin fro:i l tile Nortlc ac cxi c ir c addi tio t tc eir lc e' oc - at s. 'inls, etaoblaeia g lrgea ln e v Lit o,. ap lie I'rrsa0, il 'ie Illlt liode itlen strueue, to ethr e iit, e ao t ,t ccc io. of iheo htrgest slid finest Lithographie Stones; t e fnest I Litlmgrac.iic cler, wici every a icli inere.,aV in ithei line. oiiy have also engcagd crst r ie JOl e ,irv Olen Litllotlraller. who hnvg ust "rirecd rtnm i\cci SYorki Tlevoare now prccreridn toeal kinc of work ihoriest noticce seh as Mips of Town; Mops of Vii lases; M(aps of ci v L~ot ; Maps of pleal /:state Arne - raill,; derelhmts' 'ireulars, Bill Flieds; Bills of I;_- t Ihanile Iank Chcekis, cii e. &e T}cr cC a bl ctlc 4 Lihgdoraplnic Stones, make Mops oif 3 leet lon bI' 9 feet ,1 ilches wide. As thii oiice has c enc got c c ilin cc1 ct lle icn tol ill tile elIuntrv,· tile patlot a ge oftios'e w·l o I:~bi am asin cck of the kie d to de, iia t eslc etfielv cc lice rc . c hi' rI. terms will lie moderate, ned grautlnled accordingt t" l the style of work ordered, c cl i ic N ilingeecce cnbncricera, e Iww Iruld t 1 rnrri\ - cI ordier for c nv ki ofCllvc clIIc s c ucil ::i . tiicsic mill berng in 11 fil operationst I in lperf, c order. T'hey ill Ils their.c l besl e.erti ols t ol, su pl d lnlll , w. cithc i Ipromptness and dlesnalth. Orderr to I;a left t t ta miltl oppositcc e heiideme ofJ__ . _ Grree ,'sq bo w uboure Lirandais, or at tle coutinc Ilool of John :I. Buc I No. 59 logcazill strleet. c 'l here is :eOan apatent 1ath mnehine etncllr l to tllh mill, (,hich ,will enable rte subscriber to s,'ll that arti- i ale, vwhirh isoftha first qualitv oite ile let Icert Ie term, 8 " 1. II, TWOlrC ;O)D. ti itthd Li'ire Old Colc, Oi i. Laes s cii I eandles; 2I, do Boseton" dn. 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Ilclil:ANlitNi ItNC tEom 'd. , :f iP': tI 11 12 I 'r and cllservatiorlan the bb'- ' If ttor~lntf. J. 1)~, Sargent in the U. t3. Army. I.FCCi(.rd ad fur o uts by WnL McKEAN, _ i:.I I 1'aneraf Cam & Ceen lmn Streets. - )'l ,~l1' ; !.\' (O ~ dc. - B S17.;'i:I!:'i`'l' \ TE~tl°Lit a Inv- story,by·thean. iI:oiil::: ) It , i,;Ipbiciul Sketches, Editecd by RuLie 111ii:.or';.1I,,,tt R, I·cllzc; clcclllnintl arn rliograýl Cunt t, I!' tbi: t - it, (I Sister, in and for the 711th ('irrn~i:; , nnl II ;sing ll Iillzlenl DistrictI of Ytaat, I Ii~l::. nuin nn tulle Flnte cl h'Pn· Jersev 16:7. N,,{ out ui<:n , (I J ,lltdCTS on I'Irntliil Jn Evlddercex 31 A noll il,-n . {{ ll ·alpidedal abh - additions, in 2 rule lle/s .lnq icIc it cll an~d for sale I, -- o, I- ___ rrl::sJ.1A17 N LEV Y. 7 L r . EI IA ),1UN, &,. 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