Newspaper of True American, April 13, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated April 13, 1837 Page 3
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jgImL z~t4s N AlNY (>ID hrlmVs% lt AGENCYV OFFICE. fehl t' q. H@[0t .MTtaio alerhel. iy 'Ilthrton '$ F'WCUlhION the puth io oTNew SOrleans; thatvhe ha resomerd les practice in thl r eeas inlry brnooh of poito abd pIltossimtnal'edu .gpd.u visiteld at lheir residence, or rcceievw Ba4tayis rQm,,0 No 14 Circus street, wl r: crtaindW &. 17 UN & S MESTIC, ,... EVEJNPTT . 7'ItOMAL. S; . dontammi o.onlVerchantt, 13 BUoaD srTasoer, NoEw-YoRK . l nn hand and ore constattly receiving tifot .gI and Germnany, a tful sappl a ol d. t l' s which are oftered by the pack e atnmattu . i rs'riees. Tlhcirpresont stock eansists of S" tks Carolina fgoes, ons'd ' 'do bright traces Io '"'a. o log htains do t 'ifdtases E6glish fIwllng guns a. l' o10 Geruoano do ,i' dlb Otose cut sanws 25 casks edge tools, aso' d makers ...lO'do mil -files do do 1- i dl pem, lpoekt, and dirk knives rdO table cutlery , d lobramss kettles 118 do bmets ctamber oandlestieks 10 dto hooks tad lritgers 8 do wmad screws s. 4asaepistola, ase'd -5 to.s English boiler plates TO.ctala sheet zion. * 5,00 boxes tin plate, onsorted aitsor, t so a good supply of Amcrticaulardware. Orders will receive prompt attentiot, and executed a lowest prices. jaou30--3So aw '1TT1BANK(, NEW UltIl ANS. v- AT tts annual election for Directors of this institt Ston, held on the Gth instant, the following naomet gintlemeit were ihletetd for the eosuinog yer, viz.: Samel J. Peters, W. HAvery, J. Caldwell. Victor David, Charles A. Jncobs, W, E. Leverich, Pt O. Sorbe, J. N. Lavillebeurre, 1. G. Walton, L. Andraws, S8amuei T. aoit, A. Quartier. Adnlatn meeting of the Board of Directurs ths tiny Pters, Eq. was unaodnoualn elected prenideot m13 ROi.PT. J. BADF'REY, Cashiar. ORDERlti REGCEIVEII FO1(l JONES' P, 7TENT CO T'ON GIN, Dythe Patentae, No. 5.8 %tagazite street, Neow Olrteana. TOBIE MANUFACTURED IN NEW YORK .I' ROBERT IlHOE & CO. S'GILE OF PRICES-Double Gins. Fatmtdouble Gin of 80 saws el more on earh yfintdle, making 10 sa8ws io the stand, with feeea, bands, &c. at $6 pIl'saw, or $960 00 For a IDouble Gio of 60 as sl o00 a cyliocdlr, or 190 saws in the stand, feeders, &e. a $p pe aw, or 7200 Fordo. of 40 saws on do. or 83 saws in a stand, at$6.25 per saw, or 500 00 For do. of 20 saws oa do. or 40 saws in a stoad, at $6050 per saw, or 260 00 SINGLE GINS. or a sngle ginof 80 saws or more, with ona set ot bledots, bolnds, &r. ot ,6 ptor aw, $480 00 Fordo. of 00 saws, with feeders, &c. at $6 0 pee aw, 300 00 For do. of 40 aws, with feeders, &c. atg $6 75 per saw, 50000 FPa do. st'20 aws, with feeders, &c. at $7 50 per saw, 150 00 Estsr teeth where desirteo, ftr ieders, sulpplied ai 40 sets esphi the Inumber of teeth being about equal to the number of aws. Onle set of litedlrs, it is con idalledhowever, will wear oat two or throe sets of sows. Eltasawsnnspplied at 60 chts each. The Gins orderetl, will be delivered to the agents of planters in any.of the sea port towns of the cotton 1plan t1g St totat the abota irices, thearogcnts itayitg tsl freight on tim t ame Tliom New Yo'rk aid becomig ro sponSblefortheamouttof the (;in. A*Gin .i6llht willbe sot with tlhe Gins to ptit tlem tiup l ere de aired; the ,aorges for whose scr.viee will be extra, but sodenaste. Iron running goarca atolohe ordered where deirled, oa reasomable terms, but will be chiarge 1 extra. Hotrse power, ofany description, catn be tultished on like terms. Small steam engieas call also be ordereld of de sired. It isdaisrable, when planters gioe orders for Gins, they should accompany thmo with their views in reglrd to thearraagemo tof saws, breasts,.' brushes; &c. It is found they difter in opinion. Snoo olesiti' havws of' larger dianmeter ttan otlter's. ftile tmost cooaoo size is a r lrlnchus Ialt same wish tollon tO ittcles. Somne wish 5 or 6 rows of ibrushes on an axie, hile others do not want more thato4at Iost. soellto witsh saws with 8 or t eethl to the itch, while othters wit l1) or 11. With so muchdincropatotv, we ertttlt'. thelv !ttould, to the time ofgioiag ior'delS' furtit..lh a ht:ott'ltI'it of tlCir wishes, andl the inuattlliLturrcrs oa:lt ltlil thIet in eenry stieoular. .Wlre it is lfIt to ourt discretioln, we eill euakethem o tle o llost mlooderll notlld apiiiuttd lialt. An order can be executed, fril, tItitC itI i isc Cjitcd in the spaeeofoight or niuc wetks, toH hoe (;ini i lInth time phteedin the halds of the facto'. T'o be in ttre for the nest erop, all orders ought to e io n the hands of the manufacturerl by the first or omidlile of M 0y; exRept for plntations where they are late in como.acing to pick oegis cottonl. N. B. The Patent Right, for any ore of ite rettoet growing States, will be sold on rasoouable terems. m2S lsmos WVJ ILLIAM Id(NIl(4, hlroing to darc d Mr. Jamres Callaway's interest of t s k i trade-- ll continue thile Copper,'l'in anrd Shcret Iroe cllll tlffct:. IgI bhaineea in Ilia own n slltle alld fro.. lii owna acorln, att.eoldltand,No. 46 T9Cblllooituhts ot, whler hr. willbe glad to see old osuaneo.e, Iholin, from papi neeniono to aeolnlonttdate fridlld ni theIr public gener alit that he will continue to merit their pitronagn. mt8 moan. 500 DOl.LAR.S IIlVWARI), ILL be given for apprehending and lodging in J ftRRY, who abonded, it is Mlllosed, oa board thie Steamnr Cnlumnbua, for Cineinnatr , about ten days Ril:e. Jerry is about 43years ofgeg, lire fret ten or eleven inches in height, rrosdl stooperd rshrrudhIrs, veer talkative and familar, fond of bartering ano t,..dirg in hhoiic, baingl been a hbck-driver for omre timte lpast in thr oily. Jerry Itas no doubt rltaioed forged tapers. llit wifh, who is free, aecompdflrrdJrirn. She is ta negress ufalnil stature, and very talkative also. It is cluppos d b ba assumed the name of WILLIAM, and that hisb wife calla hn by lthat name. 100dollarsewill Ire paid fior securring him itn aoy jail in thiaeate; and 500dollcrs for lrdgitg him r in ouvy joil, if tae not o the State, with all reesonable eopenses, besida,derlaringing here. J II.'El). New Orl.eso, March 2Q, 1837. 1n1:2 IjtXEN1¶ HOMKII", rtoing withllrlor froonlle Brin • .IZThonmaC. Cash & Co., the aecoints will be set tild, and the auction and Commnission bisinesa oe ntie- nad at No 43Camp street by 'Tlrhs. C Cast, rnder the old Ir. 'THOMAS C CASH, IHENIIY IIOSKIN. New Orleans, March 27th 183 O7. Wly9UKREY--Rectiiledrand .o..mrn, for mole by a4 G( DOKRNEY, 41 New Levie. iOUL-1t,09 bbls at the lardirg, for sale by 4 G DORSEY, 4 New Levee. ER-A cargo of 1Vihuington roarda. Scoat L ling, and Shigles on board rhorornr Mlrning Star, foe iale low, by G W IPORTEI, a4 95 Common street. U lAR.-214 Ihhd prinre Sugar, landing from sch. ILebanon, and firr sale gby T R HYI)E & BROTHER, ai4 Corner Conmmoror trl lMagaoine ote. AC iNNX4ToUNE,1lso15tUlier for sole bo SROBERT MeCU)LLOGH, 4 t31 514 Jhlia street. AOON-200,00 Iba. hog ioundse in Store, and for - aa'low,to lcnoe a conrignment by mal GRIVOT & PAIGE,12 Pondres r. a 4 5 Gravir trrert, U 0 bble peine flour landing and for aleat no. 19 Poydrus st. by. S GARIVOTr & PAIGE. /TORNe t. Irn mir d for rtoe 6 m W HSKEY--20 iblts hie rie prk., ltt sale i l m29 Ga I)OIt o Y, 44 New levee. M A VINE-51 qroertar tcinrt e orimotu Stlrr IIwine, in store and for sole at 3 Graainor sRt. by m37l IIOGEIRT& IIAWTlIIOIN. usDayBoarders cn be aecommodautti-.-aN 7r Canal srrert.o 17 ------- --;-- " el7, F ro O -$00 bblt. Flhor In store, and for sole by Sm28 J. VAIIIIN, 261 Pir'drao street. 1 A0 Iran okds norrO Baron for crab by m24 AH WALLACE & Co. Bankn Alley. . RD-- 00 b ls loa, nIor sle, le ho G DORSEI, d4reort.evee, . ble at the tarring tod for satleno . o 44 New Levee, by ln7 G I)ORSEY. =._. -l .-. a000-- bs ba k Pork, on board ba bmr'saleby GRIVOT & PAIGE, 12 Povdros street, A ESOAP--Finfl boxes rof trwe-five pounds eObhhCstilo Soapcreeeivrqd nd for sale by m23 BOOIERI'.&. HAWTHoIf N, r3 ;rayr. "IVE O. , AL'r- o sne.k, jtrt r-.eived no Sforsalcin an tkALliy byt a29 HOM:1.AI , &- MILLS, B ark Alley. m31 •e at 44 New Levee. - G DORSRY. R SSiIA S1EE' lRO(N,-- p-rl..-to s ltusoic . lhlt Iron. nlw in ltsrer rtll for ·ale. it )l Coln msar.e mr5l ) D )EI N 4 A ('011 EN. ttitieit'ctes; adl 5 halltt.Tc -ill store m 31 salle a . 90 Cfr runrror sto ,.rt lV be SJ 1) RIEIN& "A CfbLEN. R1 e L.AitD,ANl(;' g ---31,ll..-sir e pork; .onto do; 600 kbrr lrrl; Ittlillt sacls torr, itl d4Iplng eor defr or ale at 153 '[, hotauiertiilas st. by 8I' . 1, & BYRNE. ('OL, Toe, end Bright 'trttilr, te w liiOgttd . ', "... +----- '.,i ....1,?.+. lat' neiay )DAVIDI ARST1ON, IIr t r enville tiect. A ,lZs"ni "ir s,hii] t 'oil.t, n L -.1' P ttVIlITNEY. Wv • t( t0 G)ORi,ýi Y. al10 and larsale at 9O Clnllnol st. 1," j . IIIN&ColtEN. rlg- h0Illsr-;-rt trl BriLte pork for sale fi 4, ScG DOPISEY. Wow *fi. Zatelrior FOR LOUTISVILL& CINLNAT Pa.r.she loaot L Thot spendid neawJ tetun boat AM BASSAO)OR, cept. Janon, u"ostof ltercargo.ngagoed,witldnpaol nn turday, to 15th inast. at 10 o'clock A. M. Far og6ttor t--aTgr, havitaig sperior cU. laol oda 0tin0, aeplo0y on bard, tn oppi ate tOooIrle at, or at 153 - wcllaupitoalua street to 13 LO.L do a BYRNE. .ie Steamboat Atltamhodnr aolopt. llrle, oiosgt hree noovoil dtabty n tuinead, ;will plT itihoty depolrt on oppluyrd, the ISth rao at To o'dlock, A M1. a13 NO l(O & IIYRNE, AcrA . SFOIL TINCINNATI INOUISVIL'r and alt itflermediate ploris, '--t. d writ io',o T fo rt class l l toat .II N'.'VII.I.E, Joidoo tnlotrr, d is hiv o ri cargo npposhte Cot nti .t. and wo t on b atoa w i l lrto Utotdt. o at rd o'clock p oth I.or tfreig1t or toeootog ncritg htegot aonl " odotiadn,t apply on opprd or to aIO JNO It OtAt1IAM. FORL ST. LOUD, ANL) At I'ON, And all intermediade o L'hditng The faitrlnnid A n stcmnter Uif_ .'TED Se IATet, a It Oillt, o'.oer in it reatdiness to raoitve 'coro, atnl Iavitg a argo proportion toftor t'ootgtht rooroge' an on board, t toill be erimtrted on o att rdny, the lttt possvge, hnvihturosplendidtl upaer . Ibtin, witht saaont1 nalae rtooitt, a ccly to-boord opposite tto Iate ontoates orpat U u3oaviers. to 1ott0 BOGF'RT &IIAWTIOIN N, Fit) I.OtUISVI OLE ANt) C_1NciNNA't. STtt spltondid otrator PlEttSItN, STreTa, woaNtAr, otltto 0nal0 of her Frigt e t, .1 .t, tONtot for the bhole ptr .T ITc,.Ioiroy ntatetr, iltrltot, et0l u'cluck,A M Fortotthotc of rricihtnr Iornoage, ltv ing elagant state rmotat Caotmm:ilodateo, aplty on hoardt iopporite customhousfreet t or p e y al S'IE'' SON. AVERY T Co. FR RST L-. -.t.iS, A l'ON, and tll iotertnrditte tooditgs. 'Itto tott rttgrtoo ni MAiES OIC,Jatonnlsoo tanotar. iottiooottc ca percat tonrrt AITOnd Ittr rttlte rg tosttoeofr cargo rngged; will have ittmcoditte tdec patctt. Forttntole ofltra g lt or passage apply at 63 orc.tiersrioet, to St IBOGERT & IIAWTtIORN. FOR Sr LOUIV t,3 NW Nl'O,. - and all internoediate ta.ditgs. Thoe totnorj;oooootod tiotruaoitrttý iter cnbito stOootoor AION, Iitletoo mater, twill ntie atoeammediat ds. "a-tel. For r'igltr of a fetI Tontl or plintge, having lantdisome lc raised rbcommodations erith se.parao atate rooms apply on board,otpositle irnvila aetreet, or tn 63 0 nravier so. to as5 BOGART & IIAWVTHORN. FORLORUOSV ILEO¶.(5IT IT i, and all interotitrioto tadintgo. The sU.stateticl steatter MALTIC, aovis tmtoer, tis t oom roed to receive e e igehry t toor Oth above andco iter.ediateo landiags, tnd si be adecatoleod in a few dnto. For freigt ar assoetnpplhe ott pserong opploatite Bienrrilt stoet or aton. 2Cnooenott t.t oto to66t E YD)E, Jr. FOR MOBoILE. I'lte U. S ttotil steatmer tAZElo. PA, Stutton oaster, will eanlo the rlake ro of the ril road everycSun. ny, a8t okP M.; ,od .Prturovnanil lesreta. i'le every, at 1T ocock . t 'Ilte Ma aeppa inoa new boat witIh a new engine; if hlta is toot found equal in speed anod tcaontmodntiota to otny otlbel bfoot leravillg on ler dav, passengers wilt be errierd frete haforge. P.S. l'ooaoltger will pleono be sat te hloodaof the coil road for thte r o'clock car. TOURNE A & aECKWI''lI, or a JESSE , JART,. GOrnt. 116 No 36 Pouvdrma street. NEW ORLEANS . " C1.EU. SMAlIkLerit. PACKET lANE-Doily. o v TH E allove lino itn rotmpoecr oftlhe onelge tottacn g rl Steooue ers, lvtir h ate tatttor. " lt alst d ste safety or cotoo.nt,h v:. r e r tl , a ';art.Shoe rio t io. South Atottatn, S. Aloich. Otloaln tita, iS.irr. Alert, " C. Waottlker. 'Tie abovero boto are fitted Ot earreoslo for tte trade, aotd oootttooded by' eloit: atoteaoroioceojrosters, lon seoogc's caon try uontot ecery oocrtioo tol oth' port oftile, Itrupretors atod toootect foe their coooootlrt anod o Lolto Itto tbles will at all titta beh scree-dwith the belt thai tooe mark't nffords, atd tiho Lforo wto.lird wilh chio wione and lid t ors. IThe prnpoottooro teact 61- ttooir unr'oitoting cxrottinoooo to rtecivre a olore of the publoic lpaotrotge. ,or trelgllt or pssteor, anplt to TOIJNE '. II0EClWITt'r, t m'q T . . .. 1"']S l." t , t'lI'1', :3, 1'o, +,',s t N. Bt Theower of otres to, 1to v oiltified to tlave theltt cleared ttrt ttoe rtuot o Ilouso;o tlu hiooo, to de pltrtrs, otherwcie trey wal l he ,old liabl t "o.. to tcver dtotaotge slohl lte sustailnd lleoreby. I:( it SA-I:E-tYIle c! Aq''l.+ 1- ha t'- AIer ah c - ler, at a gr,'at Imr,Kin if app lied Inr Itt-N2(0 ons burtheo , u l, carries 1 111 bales otto t t *'he It'io int gaood runnuin order, alnd f.ell one o" rte I est engcne oil t le river. For Irm ,vt .. op ir ioo otl _(t"tt S _., b (o 01 t Ne.w IdOea. Shr Inlll ufrie sarooror IIA1NEIi, S "Otin fi er rmlr, hr h r th edb o tvl 1 _2 J1 I.ANDI)1PII ru. l.The sll,.s.,,rril St.ra nrrt Cor.. stilutl r will be disilcsed of or ;:_ fuu.d in-Trspeclts and readvfr J'n >emice, nia,,ply to foh SI. I) &IIYllNi , 153 'Tlholtrilrluor s st Tlhe sttm H\\'KI', t alSA, rrorror fri t riroo Io r i . TIoroo bo.It is i, ...III rtlmnun ordlir, bavin hlnhly uuIlergot a repuls, nirs will hic sullu great Iirenrorr ifirnlediote rrpirirtie o iwade to S SiA'I'Il,4 115 l'rr . st. 13 ST''EAl 'TOW ,lBOAT. 'HE.r lntrumbot lEi: , ,An, rea d to ill orhrro r i tha ri, will r i .1t eelr thir, s 11r11 the ngli also ru"l 'resrr uom and rlowr t e coast to llontrltions, or ny Irhir g ill thr irwiog line o Ib t In ' oflr. IFor nfr rthr infilrnatrion " 01 1''" rt No 3t; Po)dra strreet. 'I'TOJ;IE & IIECKWITI'1F. N. II. Perrono wantnog the above bort to tbwr will rple, se lerao their no d'...... ""' "rt. RowrirUd and llrl 1t', Olri Leree. FLAXSEED.--. 17ls good q rg.lir for ,,re at do. S44 New ltever, by Ir?7 G DOIPo1yaSY. --LEAKI FRIK-10 boxes, for sale by SAR4 . I)ORSEY, 44 New l.evee. XO3 IANGE JN TAESTR . ? P dras by iL la3 ISAAC BRIIDGE & O. 134 Malnei ,Su t. LD iBIIIEN &A cOIIEN, EES.IAX--'0I) Ib bewr'os in rstlore, onril for Ssaole by Irt7 S SLA,'EIb, 44r Poydras or. la \WU P -t bortfa-r ale aciTsi 0 Olgrrzirae str. ob mo31 J BniROADWELL &'C o. 18 mSAM'I, SLATEK, 42oydras st. XCIt ANE 0o Erglnd, fie sale Is, al 11C CAIMACj Li Co. tAII-s00 K nugsoord qualir , for sale by A3 & D(giUR4Y, 44 Now ILevea. AE- 0 cass landing and Pio sale by an3 J ' 1tHAYEL & CO. 7.1 Porydras st FXUHAGE, on En.lid, fuor sule i Bank 'rAlloy by E, OrbbKr fur saie I, ±: m9'9 G DO SiJY, 44 N mt29 UG. I)OI.ItY, 44 iwr Levee. IA ESSIIEEF..31 hrifrlolooorrrirboorirole lor IY fur rale bly ri9 LG DORSEY, 4.1 Nowv Labrer. -' in3 O1,00)& BYlItE, r 3 l Tchrtpi o urs st jI E-i- II hieresia o'r tore 0 ad l r nI Cr-Iy , m31 A (i' NE', r-Y, 'l' rmmrOr st. . ri L .-L-f Ia-'srl (:ll-li. l & I 110,1 I) PoRdIraIt, ICv 11l o rIRIVoIT & hr:\ Ir. t- r 24 H CAIII11AGK & Co, 65 ,ravle r st .i .- .7-50 bblI.-'VhWiroir ooor2 bhiri I6a- flciir LJf for sale by GIII'& P ;" Ia3 10 Poolraii street. SV lliakey, in stoe ndo l for sode by 3 GIIIVO'I& PA IE,'li2 -1-- i0 ror and or sani by GIVOT & f'AIG 100 , alS- 1:-2 Pbu J e G lros nstreet. -1co11 3-00 hl r rlrs . nroeori, orr rl t i r sa.- iry r a3 GOIoVO'i' & I AIE, 1i Povdrns st. 1 E0.-00- obls ro ,,hi,,e ba5',1bbl;, jors i Lla whit, beans; Ibr sale Iy by J. BiAILEY, a3 41 Poryodl'o strrotr 1T 3E JUICE'--Just rtoiveod,'l'fu bIrris ol very I. frooh Lintý JOhic. I. ,11ONAi1, 1I _ s3 C ,f o re r rat._ , o l olo ir& r ior,.o ro, . ot. Pas ode by , h1 ( r. JOI NSN N.l 10 u 41 LiI0,FI -00 te l i' loonrooo I olrio :bl3bin d ol 211 Sbbols Iad.rl io prim luo ladiion. F.or Hle )r a3 G . Jf)rHN.:) N, '2Cc 101oa11Oin t. SEN)T'L lY BAGGING_.7~ 9 .lEs vcrv god ifor soleby (1. JIrINS(O N; 1 a:t 4)! (.{llllllll l at. oders for sale by J. II 1Il.l\V1oIoI. L &r ('o. -I, OL.rl Si-SE - licrno , Sll0crior r llrquali v,n t1 oro ýi ord for sule at-3d dNw Levoosv IIIA5'ANA Ct 1"l"E.-6O) b n,., A1,, lhndeN nhslid J io strre, fur srile oo 3 (tavirer sRt b Sstore ,nd for sale at 17 .I'onmllO st11eet,0 II. rol LAYET & millI"NG. Ut.\d. 00 l o xl e SoupO , ,lanues m ot- I-'.( ior-ro, orte /J cived per r r lle G';olo teemo , for ralr at 131 31l!ia.ine O il, for s naleby S.& ,J. P. \ VII PI' NIS Y. or RENT.-- two-st r. dwelling, . ontiillli, laln rlonls alld doll os k irionerr. No 32 in Jliolll or 1N'r.e I ho i L h lton h st. o r3 , f1r .:ic at 131 Moazine iIt.IY & C I130 , BUIDGE &- Co. FOlR BOST'ON. THE fast saii ngcopp red ship Wnilina Joh., G, Robitte o, master, has hall her uot. go oengaged nod wdll mct.witt dJ:isp ltch. cur. cightl or fpssooe apply to • 013 S _& .I IP \VU ITNEY, 8 Cuti at. I TUiTNEbV. YUIRK. TIHE superior and ft Boiling A Ipacket ship Mlooencauta, Moarao; ,amtor,.wil r ce iineiamteit dlespatch tir the abouve port. F.or arlght or psnaooe, liavng splenlrdid uosoinaold. tians. apply to I. I1 GALE, all 93 C.lnVise at, FOR NEW YORK-with daepatch. The Aplteoid- neck.t :hip IIONTEZIJ MA, .Mtloare emnnlmnder, isanew rretvly to ro. .ceve fr.'illt icr thie ilvei prt, oar which or passage, ohaving e perior acemnmltions, applcy to, alU2 I. I GALE,t93 (Ciommnn trneat. Fl ,laOMBILE. - The splendid brig APAI. CIIICOLA, Speatr masster, hklng two thirds of her cargo egagedtl nd going on board, will leave tnmotn row, lath inst. at 5 o'clock p. in. Ior balance of freight or pI'seoa, having goodt aeccaommolatiots, apply on ioard opposaite ricalli.s tier aor st I' Povdl aI at. to alO GO I VOif & PAIGE. FOR IAI.IIIORE. A The A 1 scoloe r IEBAcFON, Talbott tIatrer, will he immediatte despotch. For Sdeck freigh. r passage lhving good accom todiatitoin, apply at to. 12,liatvilt fitteat, to all At bi MARtSTON, FOR RICINIMO0Nt'. S irbe A I snalhonr Warrior, Millo m raster, will meet with denatclh. cor freight or nas sage, apply at no 1li BnienvlUt si. to alt) D 1M-ARSTON. FORll NE YOUR. -F The atiarior flaet Sailing brig W., Price, rCaptin Laigt t, lying . n. r tih Vegitable S 'f m arket, will reeivce immediatc desplatch. For tlfrigllt or panssage apply at 93 C6mmon at. to al0 L. A GALE. FOR IICHIIONO. The fne. achooner RIED WING, Weeks tmaster, will sail with depatelh.. For smnll fiiiglht or passage apily at 12irenville sat to npill' I)t MARSTON. FOR-NOIWFOLK-AND PETERSBURGo. The fast sailing sanlhner AI.EXdNBER CUMtMEYrP , a ears, master, will ail on Mon day next. For passaoenr a plto 8 DA ViIi MAI'TINl . 2 irenvilltr t. FOILR lO.ION. - a .r 'l oppetred nod copper fastenroed brig CIIERUB, Doane, master, is ready to roceive cargo. Fortenso applylto a a iEAI) & BARSi OW, e 7 Graviosa t. FOR NEW YORK. The flue Al brig B.RILLIANT, Captain Gill, requires 2011 bales of cotton to fill Ut. For terms applly to I. HI CALE, 17 - 93 Common street. S Fir'NEW YORK. The AI brig MARGARET, Cnpt. Swsa, requires 150 balaes cotton to fill up. For termo if iimediante application be made apply to n7 L I" GALE, 93 Commrlon st. O FOR POR'SMOUT'I. 'The A i brig McLELLAN, capt. Barker r.quires 80 bales eato, or dack and will oreet with immepldiat despatch. Apply at no. S 1Co1mmonllO street, to n6 I. H GALE. FOR BOSTON. 1 The superiorand very fast sonling A 1 brig Pier. laviong the greatler part a her canrgo en. eared, will rec.ive iamtrdiate depantch. For blnuiea of friight, or pasan g, npply to a6 L GALI.E, 93 Common st FOR NFW YORK-Packet o-iooinir. The lost sailing A I Packet aslooner TEA ZIl;, 180 tons, Jones, Mtster, will sail to morrow evemning, lhas snlondil fIurtishoe4 e. uaoFodutiooal; cnli take the bulk of 150 lti t!s, and ceomlmodate a few more aMssengers. Apl:l o boardl opptsite Toulouse street, or to W. PORiTER, a4 9_ Cantlon street. F-tR PHII.AIE"LITIIIA. Thel tulk ol 1111 boles is wanting to cotor. c plete the cargo o ig Franklit. For fraigch of hiI,, or any lIart, apply to S4 IlEAD& "BARSTOW, 7 Gtgvier at FOR NiRW O-RK. T.hIT brig BRILlIANT, Gill, mlter, will sail in t few days for ti above port, aud will take altot frcigblt may offer. Al lg to . a3 L.. I.GA.E, .3Commalo n at. FOR MOBILE. S The schooner YANKEE, will take a lack 1 lotl for the above ilort, appllly on board, pi - catllio o tier, or at 12 P onvdras street, to ai . GIvoT & I'AIGE. O---- - R Fn IV - -it.c' t l'lte fnlA I brig IIk bGARET T Captaiii Swa, will have depath. llar frigbit or passa'ae apply at 93 Cttntoatsttreet to m;t _ I, 1 AI.E. FO1R I()tr.lT. OItOlJ'I1. S. '.rle A I hrig MlEll'l I AN Copt Parker, w aill Itana dealatchl. lor pasae on ly apptlly . 4tt3 Comtntltto stlcct, to lll011 IA GAII.t . I.OIL tI'OItTIr.AIll.- ainO. Slatr mtater, rwill cle atntaliate dtlrpthl. For frriglt S-- or puaosge apIply at 74 liovdlras tleet, to 311.30 J'I1HAYER & Co. I.ouisianalll td New York I.ine. Ii ianv fittA f tirilcta:Al11jf fI1RaPilvwjt .i Bridge mnater, will sill oeablvc. Forfreight Ir lassage, having splnldid aceomodlatiots, apply to Le Captain on board opposite Hospital street, or at 90 'amno streret, to nit8 J I IIEIN & A COHEN. I'OlR NI V YORK--Iaahet verssel. 'l.' very f.tlt saling A T packet t hooter ITEAZI, 110 tans, Jo an taster, wil sail ia a few tlaysn thle ints[ of her Cargo beIitg .teu,t, frr toemaidlerol: kI'igl: or ptssago, having ploy'did furnisthed aeeoaollodonthas Ilri '.asqngera talc roomt fnolhed, in same styla n thei New York pickets. ': he bestof aelvanls, table allpplied wilh tca of trovisiaonat exlerientedeolmander, trho will at. very ilatntioln flor tIhe cnt.ftrt lod Convenience of ic ptwatetgca-r. Aptptlo In bortlrd opposite 'l'nllllle st. tr at 93 Conuntn t. to t 327 W FOST'RI, FOyIL NEW YORK. STile fist saniling oclinoar 'TYSON, Capt. , MaeKNNA, till Bill in a feto dalvs, cao take 50 bales Moss, or MIII barrels P'arkon ldeck, by. ltI rig ot board, ol)positt tr. Joeaph street, or to 18 VwlM. PORTIER, 95 Cttntton st. FOR BIALTIMORE--L'irstseasel. 'liTr fiast siting cpered A I sclhoonerMA-. 0RION, cIp irlarnhat, will'asil.iooa ew dauv, the neist of her cargo being engaged, for ia noinder ofl fireiglit or passage tll.ply on bourolppaosite he ptbli square, near tha.orrv, or to 17 '\VM Pil R''ITER,95 Comnmon st. FOR BOSTON. 1. The fine schooner \WILI,.O\VS, Captain i Hokins, is. aeeritg Cargo for tle aibc;o port. - anl d will hare despanth. FIor .eigit or pas age aply to n17 LII. GAlE, 93 Commtton a t. FOR NEW YOR11K. The fist sailiig Brig GRAND TURK, capt. Fraaklin,w ons the bulk o1l200 bbla to I omttplet her oargo. Forkeigbt of which, or ,0sa0, opply to nl7 8 & J I'P WIITNEY,B Conti at. For Sale Freight'or Oharter. FOR SALE, FRIGHT, OR CHARTER. STHE fiet sailing copperod and copper fast, cued brih DCELTA,Captiun Froacis,22? tons, carries alarg cuargol and sails fast. Forfur therparticnlrs appl ot board, opposite Dolor streo,, or to na3 W. P'ORT'EIt, 95 Common street. TIHE good schooner MELICENTE, Bo co,mnstcr-burtheh is 136 tons, and carries 000 hblh,nr about 28 hbds--is copper fag- ten "d, and is-fin ordelr, rudlr for a earo to any place, but Itihmond wduld be pSefired. Apl o-thl.( upt. at p0ot 37, orto CGEORl. JO NSON, FOR I'EIGIIT 1 Oh CAARrTEIt. S 'lThe fast sailing. ohooner BRUTUS, Col trele, naster, ovill go opl or dowun the coast. Applyto J. 1). &I A. COIILN. m3 No. 90 ('gotauon street. FOIL SALE. 'iie slip PtLAfO a firt rate coppered, anod coltper fustgned .essel, anld hus.jt mtiy ed ;aith a ,argoe ofcolie fron, t R, applv to "__ 4 TJ AYEI t & (JO. -- L FRG1' OICtHAT t ER. - . rlHE fnst anitilg selsouterRAP11D,90 tono burthen, apph to JOHN 31 FOSTER, It3 14 Graver st. FOR SALE, FREIGHT jilt CHA RTER. The schooner LA BRUCE, 96 aons, 2 year old,copprer rfittenerd and coplpered, built in Baltimore, sailsfitast, draws 7 I-2 tet seater lhen loaded, lhtu a handsoone cblr, well feotl and is p tdiness for aoy voyo.g. Apply on board OutOsito not 5:1, ortn o 8 8t S&J \&'P HITNX'H . -t FO'l FREIGHT. OR (U, ARTER. ~ 1Therfstaniling lritishhnilt hrqtu GREEN HO.W, 291 tuts register, is now dioFhorgiog, andwil Odlnl be readvlto Inkt in arnrpg,, apply to illorinotot hotcllld, topptoeita the c.getahble mar htt,orto PJG IIERItIANN BRIGCI S & CO. .'I'RNlTUl B, &.--Tche subscribers have for sale I hnding from ship IHenry, tu invoice of Furniture, &c., tIonssting of solas,clhair, atusic stools, Ottonatns mattrtsses and silk pillows ato 34 Ml:azine st. by m30 I IIIt1l EilE &Co. hfll-2ti L. g lord, lIntdittg homt ,ctttor C-dc ud for oalh by JULIUS '.AIlIN," t9 " .I2' Pottias o ,. ilNt'I.NA1'I'I LARtRD.--I:130 kegs, Inmrtl tfrom s teamer S .phndi,d and for sale by '3l LAV'Il't& AMELI.,NG( , 17 Commerce st N-I 'Fa LAIIO--In startead for rsaleat 17 Com IA meere st., h m"!7 - I;.AYET & .\1P'EI.NG. ll Oy\1 aN WVIIISKEl -hh prwoot( flr i .le by Smil )DOIISlI:1, ,11 New l.evee. ItK. <200 1,h4. ress and 5tl" tio prime pork'l- -'o t. len at 12 Povdrai street. i m 1 .1 GllIOT P.I TlGE. / fir stle nt 5 t CmIntaI st. l by l r Slll. CtlO .-mll hoo - .Vi'gOnia l'ltO I2.I Itn. al toI !l ayeo, a gnarl article, iljsetnreivdf and will he. cohl at 15 cents at 16 Gr/tvier street by Zlk woman, good wagesr:l he- be ; n. Apphl N,. 73_, 1131 .titet. l !7 I'.tADEL OILD & D '1'E\\ ". For. Nurope. FGRPORT GLASGOW. Tfher rast railing copermed brig DELITA C, ptajo Fraaei.s will aul il la ew.4,e. Fo pas-ago ajpply:on boad or at 95 &eionat ai to tU Wm, PORTER. FOR LIVERPOOL. SThe new and fua sailing A 1 ship Sidan capt Cowen, requires 250 bales cotton to colt plete her cargo. For terms or posa ge,appl to L H (nALE, al 93 C"ommoan t FOR LIVERPOOL, Thie suprior ond fast sailing ship Liverpool h B arstow, coonmder, will receive immldido despatch. For prsansge, having splendid at co nto. ode on, apply to L II GAI E, n h 93 Common r t FUK LIV EI"POOI.. The Al faot sailing ship NEWORLI.EANS Capt Webkber, wants 2110 bales cotton to rcon Ialote her cargo. For teigl ofwh , rpas or iap ageiapply to o P W lNEY1 1 Co,,ti st. FOIl LIVERPOOL. The rbalk JANE,C aptain Black,Oill nei - wilth drpatrh; wants 1I0 to 291) bales to fil up. For freight or passago,o aply to p an L. H. GALE, 93 Common st. FOR LIVERPOOl. The superior fast sailing copper fnstelrA and coppered British ship ORWELL, G, commander, hoavino T l herIoargo engaged ono gni,,g on board, will meet wilt dgpnpr h7' For poosoag only, having handsome nacolnlmodtions apply to corn tmender on board, or at 93 Coomnon street, to april II. H GALE. T FOR LIVERPOoL. The fast salling A I alhip KATHARIN JACKSON, Capt. Poeabody, requirea 251 S bales cotton to complete her cargo. Fo termsa or passage oply at 93 Contmons trees, to nt31 I. II (AILE. The bahorque STRAFFORD, Capt Wine low, will haove deslpateh. For ternms or pae sago ap,ly at 93 ottmmon t. toin _ _31 _ L H GALI. T he Al sti 1p CONSTEILLATION, Capt *Stlataonp willhnte drepateh. For'lrassng t oly, apply at 93 Common street to to3t L II GALE. FOR LIVER'OOL. Thie fine and fsr sniling, ship IIERA.LD Capt Lake, reqoireo 250 hales cotton, to coit plete hIer cargo. For terms or pasage applh at93 Commona treet to , m3I LI GALE, L.OR LIVERPOOL. SThie fite hltg HIAVRE, Capt Carpenter Can ac intnmodate a Yew piscngers, hol terms apply ht 93 Cotlm trre a,28 - L II GAL, FORUI LIVERP L The A I nod fast snai'ig ship TIGER, Bl. er master, requires 300bales cation to eom let her cargo. For terms or passage apply at 93 Cotniton st., to m27 LII GAILE. FOR LIVERPOOL. TIor new old Elegant A I ship SCOT. LANLD, Copt IlHackitaff will take 200 or 311.. bales cotton to eonplete hier eargo. For freigltt orpasslge apply at 93 Conmmon at. to ntO? L II GALE, FOR LIIILPOOL, A e Tefast sailing A 1 lhilp JOIIN BAR- RING,Capt Liale, requireo 300 hales cottonoo to complete lier eargo, for termt or passage apply to . t2 L.JI.GAI.E, 93 Comloon at. FOR 1LIVERPOOLL Thie fine A I ship MILO captain Tliomp tet; reqoires .(.0 bales to cotplet lier load Sing, for tenth or tnrsage opply to .. Lll GALE, g Commotoonst. FOR HIAVIE. Ship IEBREW, cant tw'i_ 300 IoleicolttO.n. Apply'to S & J P WIVIIITNBY FOR lAVIRE. Thie flue A I and fast sailing slip ELIZA BETII, Captain Thayer, waitrs 200 bales of cotton to comlplete lher car-o.- For pussage a y* mit 1.. II. GAL.., 93, Common st. FOl I.IVEIRIOlOL. lThu rship ROYAL WVII.LIAM, Taylor, ,ntotr, iali ladin.. For freight apply to ____ _ _ I. C. CAJlItALIK & CO. ml6 II. C.CA3IMAClt & CO. FOR LIVCRPOOI.. r.hc lTbig IIIRKLI'Y,Johnson, nmaster, will commune loadiig this dac. For freight ap Irly to _m)6 II.C. CANISIACK & Co. FOR LI'VERPOOL. S he A.I ship, CIHARLES, Capt., Swill hnvo imoediate despatch for the above port. For passage only. aptpl.- to oml0 L. Il. GALL. 93, Colmon st. FOILI VE.POOL. The fine A 1 ship GIRARD, capt. lombert, will receive dclptch, For passage otly ap lply to L. Ii. GALE, u.0 93 Common street FOR LIVERPOOL. Tire A 1 fast sailing ship ST. LEON, J. Vcacott master, wants 300 bales otto, to .:on plete her carto. For frrejlt of which, oropassage apply to S &J P\VIlI'NEY, c68 Coati st. S TIHF ItritiIh ship1 CATIOARINE, Copt t" I.olt.tior watta fro, 2 'um hi..,...1 ,,, -r .nll n ..... -- ,,ý. ]'ur Ou|.ti uP eI., I i. n apply to nao II. BRIGOS & Co, 77 Cnial .t. FOR GILASI. OW. STHE aupr;ior and fast sailing A 1 barque .DRO3O; cot. Higginsr, will htve inmtolirate despatelt. or fireight of 100 boles of cotton or passage, hla ing handsome n conltmdalione, apply t "f5 L. II. (;ALE, 93 Cootont et. For exras & the West Indies. FOR MA'l'AT GORDA-TeTraa. iThe slooier MARTIHA, -o iats atser, hoing ondergone thorotgh repairs, anld erlc gantly fitted tp for rs'enger', atnd havillg partef her caregoengoared, will meet with early dvc patch. ForJliebulk ofahbout 200 hbbls and plssaoge, tae'inm a. few birleh left, apply to the captain on board or at 6r Caln s-treet, to al2 . T TOBRY & BRO. FOR G(ALVESTON.& REI) EISH BR. Th'le su leinr rogularpakeat brig EL DO i Pi l he. .DO oew maler, havigmpartofllercargo -engged, will have early desmateh for the a bo, porer 'F or balance of fieiglitor passage haviln fine acconlmdations, apply on boasl or to ea2 Wtn BIYoAN, 30 Old Levee, F FOR MAVTAGORDA. The aehoomer HENRY, capt Grincme, hav ing part ofher cargo engaged4 will meet witd despatch. For leighlt or-passage ap)ly to the capotaiton board, at piealliol wharf, or at 36 (,amp tret to - all T TORY & BROTAER. QO UINTANAi& BRAZORIA. :". = The fhooier COLUM BUS, Capt Crooks, Ihavid g p art of her cargo engaged, will be . -spatehed i iv few dayS. For freight or passage aippl t tthe captain on loard, at picollion wharl or at36 CaImp Street, to all T TORY & BIROTIER. FOR HAVANA--lrt Veasel. The fast sailing coppered brig OMAR, etpt, Howns, wili posllively sail an Tlursday, 1111 ipst. For freigtt of150 barrels, or t.assnge, appIly on board loppoitethe Beef nmarkect, or at 95 Cola )don t.:to 1l0 oVm PORTER. FOR H.VANA-.PaNket. seh.oner. 'iho fast sailiag A 1 pvaeht sclhooner CAl. IBON, capt.Dl)eoldarni, will have iittnedi ate despatch.. For freight or passage, haviig oetasi've fusriihlsett accoiodatioaia, al eao.ericened comlnnder, lind bestl ofervllst, tlhtra wihtiii to vi it the isliaed ofCuba, will v; well to vail ttaemselres of this culoveyance. Apply ol bpard applosite .Toulouse at. or at 95 Comtlptal at. to o10) WIIl PORTER. -FOR GALVI Tl8lO'tIARRI.aLRR & LR USNllOl'-N . Theregolr tracket .vrig JANE, Witliarts -t vaterr. hoingglnostof livr cargo nil boamrd, trtwill tpsitively sail fr th e abve i ortsu 'nesdlvy, the-Ilth inst. Forbalano offreighlt or pas sagehaviagottperior accomovodotionsa, aplly on boardl orat 36i Old Leve otrect. to "ali Wm BRYAN. FOIL BIRAZOS R1IVEI, TEXAS. The fast sniling Lehooner SOUTHEPNREiL Gaylord, ntlter, ihaving most ofher cargo enogaged, will have imanledlte despo Ith as iaove. For halarcC idf freight or piaseng apply onp boardl or 10to \ILLLAM iRYAN, a3 36 Old Ltree. FOR IIAVANA-Firit \ vo.sdl - 'THE. .st nsiling atpltrvlarrig O31'AR, Howes, ralster, will hlave qeuilrkrpatll.. For freighlt or patssage ttg von hardl, o0 to O V W. l'ORlTAIS', 9a'' omlalu street. FOR l AI'TA(il( l)A AN l) COX'S POINT. - A irsrrt fiisat saing(oehonnrlter, coppered ltd copper ftstened, Ihla tiritly a luill freight eugage d, ao wdill Intmee wih immediate dcs patch. For balance of freight or passage, aply to a4 \VMI BRYAN/36Old lee t. 'ForCALhtES1'iON . :'he scbo mer \V1I & In-NCIS,\Wild master, ill tlail this day, fi thie hure port. ~For passage oily, ntplv Iti bohard or to .a4 \Vtit 11R h'AN, 36 Old Leveo street. - FOIR IGAVANA-tat vsoael. The A 1 brig iROh iS'E,S I t Cold master huvillg her eargo ecnrsed will prfiiivelv gall oi lot Ap10il. The albve vesoel of fero a title iopolrltnitv Ifr va l.llttis er, lhaving splend I id fiurnishled cahbiv cittlrtaltevottis,, i fine abin ,,r dieck. For trioas aplyl. to Capt Uadh Ol btard oll.pile t Pin t no. d, or at no. 79 Conmmt st., to m31. . Gl:O It;CKIAN. A.. Ile",ier C.dt. KNIGII'I', Stewaro rt t. ter, will nill lrr tile ahoro plares oil Satu'r dar nett, she cllo tlike the th lk ofno few tnoto ls, r freight of wlhich apply at :ti tmitp at. Ito i2.I I ' 11th . &IRtl'lIEtt. FO)R H1AV10ANA-- ckhl et loti. . "h.itist mtilt A.\ i I'ackt Brig RAF I.A, i-ior froeiht or passoge, iapttIV ni Imlrld, tip Ioile h Beef alorket, or to WM. hItRTE. S iiLI !ir CiIIt IIIIoII flr.. n1tl2 HCC.l.IACKLS i' t;litier street. fLard ; hOO sa:l.s ,f C tro. F if, olle b, ao A. I1.VAI.I.CI.A ,'t. latýk llicr. s , teameir ChiCtfJilti-e tltlahull, will leasr eat-lI ihlnll ii to tl~e t ,n!ltlSI h CleI r of a,] U!'1I' N$ N& Co. .<13 NewL.,.ee TO IENT1'. The spaeioua aond adh antageously aita.ttd store room occupied by die undeorigted, will UL be rented ifoltplitatioa be tade r onto to O J F RAND UI.PII & Co 3 New Lrevere. TO RENT. SA Lot in Juliastreet aituatoed near the Bnt alas ofl' the new Canal, illl good atab itg t,I! cm rriogo y bolut s well adapted for a wood or u r ytrd, at No 3 bank Alley. tow T' RENT. A W.arolwsn o Julin J t. 30t. feet front rla hsat sig Lock to Notre t)ime Streot. For titrtiter ' particulars apply, at .ll (r.ulnnon at. or to IMJ O) 1A EIN & &A C(IoIEN. - TO" bT - owe Poameslion gire ol lstotof April. ieloa h Thlnt raonew l tcguttll y fit ailted three story al briok louoe uo ttltmpirt ot:ltla;oaren Hopitl lad iarraeksstrerets. It has JUlst boer atcoileted in the most modern style, by D 'i'wfr ogoodl lsq. Tae first aeid o st cd stao rod contaiu-tvo stittoia itf.rors ad diuitg r omts with slidino doors, blaok llad aow l a inotil piecar, lntenlt grates &e. The backbluildi gS, are eo tnstive and caulaodioas, Iuavin all Ie nrcersary atr meomtnnlations Itl a loe filthily. '1' in good ttc.nt it will Io let on reatonabll terms. Apply it no. 3 i' . rondelet street, to 11149 DOYI.E & MAY. SIMMIONS, HART & CO.-Are now retitng per ship Ihnmtmtille, Eagle, Metr-t AItmi'vw, ]Iiglm lamlerl, Frelltr and Germa dIpuo'le adl plt vinoarrds: rlltet., belt aisd pocket pistols; lan ribbeo an.l i porossita elts; eoap ]ltlmbders l; issor', Itkzots, otte. ntieo; (;iillott'e rcmomoro:d uwdotiher staod eloS; 0io lims; Violin stt'itlgs; hell, iroy- std mn'towm tsth waers1 silll, bIead and leathere pnloos Iair bilmds, fi-romt nmi l-oCk i'i)1lqes gs; negro pulfas; Gelman and rer FltcI Claoge later; Rotlamtld maoeaorae oil, iomiltaion do; antlne ald bearsoil; polrtable desks and drcsalttg asest pasta blaeking; stitlinotd toilet glosss; etlove mionirts; oip tleal glaserl and viewls ltldian Ixads, bells ootd i mpka:e, oeolao-lowhllt.. wiot n tiloilet in shlaving snilts; toilet pow'de;, esmetlie wash lulls; srrallted tatit t1slmionls; spool sslo ldar srew esllioasl folley bead o lts tild neeklaceot billiarl hlmll1 tockie books and widletiot ;elanotat hornesl razor sApt tloe aoil eonllnoon gittl olastic taespenrtles, galtlersdo;.Dells Ihoifer motchestl1; si ver; Covomas, &a. Sc. The sabove i ahltlition to out. former stock of faIty -rtioles, makesol-r aossmlt.ent very otmlpleta. For sait whloleale ororetail; as tIle sign of-te Coldenrl Cotk, 7yr Clartre street. ttm4R. OIILEA S LI1'TOt1A I tc S'.F.ICE . .THEFproprrietra of tjis eltabiishiolt bag leave to hilfornls rle publica jtry have just rivcria fromt the North all exetnisot, ado Rtia to their-.tock.of-maote. rial, roltbir inglaoirgo and w lio it.hhograp'lie PIresses of Ihe imstt nlu structure, together ,ith nssorted sizes f tio loartest otal finest Litlh.ograolhir Stones; tle lisest Lithognraphllc i'ape, y)itr every .ottielo noeensary io tleilr ne. They have also engagad first rate joornev net LithograllheJs, who htve Jrust arrirved fromt Nw. Yark. They hre now prepered to do all kind of wtrk i their line of lrsillesI iw n sn j)7r or tnnnotr, ntd at ho ltortett ootire: soobh at Mar ut' 'l'q ly; Mllaps of Vil a-es; Maim of city aLotsa Mlotio of Iea Eslate tau srall; lMerellntl', Bill Ilt'nds; Bills of a x. ba lgei lbank Checks, & e. &e. They cant, by unitil 4 Lithograplhic Stones, twake lops ol 131et lonag by It feet 4 ini:tles wide. As this office has been got tip isn a stle equl to in tite country tlhe patwonage eftltob who tar aitsk of ite kiltd to do, is reslpeetftlly solicited. Thleir tens will Ibe moderate, asd graduatmd uccurdiut to tit style of work ordtred. a11I -1O n T~~hc subsaribe'l are now ready tot receire Sorders for nn -kihld ofCvprera lamhcr,- tltcir0Swr dill being in fill dperatiol a"d in perfect order. They till use their best exertions to, supply demlad s with ltomprtues ansod detaotch. "Ordero to Lo left at Ihat-mill, opposite the residence of JhnGrrene, Esq Faoubourg Livntdais, oroat the eouating room of Joltn Il. oach, No.59 1arseiale s0ret. . - There is also a patent lath maebhine attalaed to tIhe mtill,'whiah will enalle thle subscriber to sltil tihat arti le, wlich isofthe first quality, oil tile most mleratore ternms. Ill . l. Hi. 'TWO leoD. /7d 'bdrig Old Colony 200 boxes Nantucket eports onndlos- 21)0 Io ostin do,. IDowner, Austiu &t Co's. brsa , tor soale at 134 T'clhoupitoulas at- by m97 11 1LIItIiE &.o. 1.1 OUNTINGlllOUSE llltl:Cf TOlY toll 1ly / Jus t pablished, conlains a lislt otll ba Bks, Dir,-e tors. discount d.vas &te, insoerat.e aod other ealllllmiat fareigt catatuls, chonlrbe, fcmromero:e, rates ochltrges arrirval and depllrtreis ofthp Ilsik, caletder, aoetisa, eta, ar. .c, fbr stie llby . iO'I'CllliISl & Co. bf-li ANtIl - L RD. - - ,-'a b "03-do .. .. -- ibi mso n or PI ptiln,, Itt; 53 do rnalll~ps, ad 383 kbga oud, lo. dirg or sale by 23 J. TIIAYER &.Co. 74 Po.tvleoo st. 1 /SSalNtiGO )r1 s.-. aItsro Flanteto, orkbed A SI'. Ml. Numbers 1995,1393, 2310 landed fronr ship Forum, from Boston il Septlembert last, an infer. oation oaspecting thcnm, will be thankfillyerreeived at 83 Gradier street by ni31 ' STETSON, AVERY& Co, ISSING fooe bmalqe Augustn, trou, tBnltiaoro tl two casen s Sgars, supposdi to lhave beenl, i away by some drayvnm troogll mistake, marked : II J ii. Any infgrin'rotttltf te samneC will be thankfuIll received at 93 Comomon street, by m,31 L I GAI.El T UST receivr d a Ihugo supply of this ,most valuable 'a tedicine. According to orders latelv r'ecireld, a sntiofu,.torn ttiscount ltlllbe atlowcdto Druggist'o od aill oIl dealers, itnpphitgto thle sublcrliber, tgelt fr the proprtietor. I IIO NN.Al B EL, me23 enomer Nittehez r'l' TclrtuupitlouIns sta. iICH AND AP I c.I X, +-'ý ,-., ....... - AI ' mllrn l uraoo r, uto. Sento, t. Sltritrhna, to. Al o, pale oiI Amonrtilladn orerry; do l.obo; do 1tt Gordion wald Co. All threUe are sl;lendid winre, equrrl, u rd some olthem superioi to any for sole it tlhe U dnitedt lrole ry . & J. P Co.ti WI trINE . Tn - iY Baolble inLd Sc C ,r for s at4.1 Nete Leveooby oft6 " GDORSETY, till I0d per tRt Y bd at , 44 New LLeve, by oal G DORSEY, AOUR-Ii,4 bwds vnow landing and for sale at 33 a6 S G BLANCHARD. C ANDLES--.0O Imxes New BedfordSpero ecitlla, for-sale at 33' rnvier street, by a7 S G BI.ANCIIA RI). M OLASSES--68 bbls and 9 tiurc 3ptls-.s, in good ohilying'order, ladinig rom ro flat built aol for sae oat 153 l'eotoutpitolas at. by a6 SLOO9 &RIVRNE, C |1.1 gPoRK--3Ubbls Clti jam , loaikdingfrom Sflat boat and for sale at 153 Trlnoulpitoulls t. by 6 - SLOO & BYRNE. LOUR-2119 bbls Plouor recei ved er flat bunt, atd for sale at 74 Poydras st. by" . sale at 74' Poydras st. by a6 J THAYER & Co, a6 J THAYER & f'o. rilEN dozee Prook fnk rfulj fly Iushe.frsit Rati h 1 a6 S1IMMONS, IIARTTI & Co. OTICE-All prersons heriin clims .guinsi-71 ship Mtoro Castle, Colrt Sfithi, ar hereby relr .. ted to present their acottolltS intlttttitely tr exnmimtn-. lisn and settlsllleet, at 93 Collltltto street to as L II GALE. F i o r r otn , t boutl. s; CORN.-l1i00i erks, in good ortier. luoring utrd in al and Ir sole by store, for sale bv oa JLLILUS VAIRIN. 26 P'ldras st tnRA a.-s697l kegs lartding florat ,ttnretr Vahnnlial JO and fog sale bv n36 1 .1IlIIUS VA'rIRI N, n Poydrasl Ct 'T ST'Oafw. (11. -13 bbls lodrditl flrot, altniner Van o lali, and Ior srwrle ,y al JI'I.`IllS VAIRIN, 2til'orrteaso EdT t SKINlS ANU urLk'I(1ke .--3 1i It lntre, Lr U ski1et I drtlruoroitr, Iroll pcltetrue, lattdiu I(tr. steamboat Compllroeltise, rd rr tlir sle bv _ti J. . LULO ilIly. lt; r,,i d,+. t SNP NE ludreld bls f1th Corn ltrul, for oie att tilil "I o1utziro ttreut by 11130 J 5II BROADWEILI. & Cr, CORN i \ W ill.'.VE¥ &Ip'.)K-. lS snr, .;n ,rl oil 69 I bl.sof,.hiskerl ; 90 bbls of flour, Insdiur sad forsanle t 44 New Levoot, by mn n ; D)OlSrY. I- --Al-t-- r r.-.,lh 'rlrksirld rtlttinotireu. f-.. S sale by m30 J II CoILtl0UITT, 1,30 1 Gravier street. OOSIAG H01RItI.i J-14hbis. of pinc 0I tr nl Sicty, latetl iutspechlI,ptart luring hbrie, bright and ticer will be sold a oold Ibargato I , trtclse ts al. it3115 G. JOIINSON. I2 (tomtnll nt. L OCKS &c.--Jat roete ived anl aOs.ottnentt of th pre. tritr Locks for doors, lsloks, drawers, shost, and trltlks; also a euoraenl a, orltllmt tt hlard·wvre, for sale oloresalotlrr retailby I.AY'I'ON & Co. mn2 21o ,53 f)rI Levees st. ( tlRN.-l873 sucks corn in that rate ader, ldading .J from atl sler lgOnllqtlin. tIlt for sale by t 2:_ .B(lr)o & )IINE, 1+3'l'eholpitohrlas t. LILOUIR t& POIlK.l-140 b Ii flitur; 178 do clear for iok; lt6 do mess pork, larlia trom flint bort, and fur atle by SI.OO &0 I&llN E, m:22 153 Tchoulitoulat-stro.t. KEEEN'1AIN'=The sadoreibuerl iarutivet a I s quantity ofteet paint, to whitl It e would call the atttntio.t of Iht 'Trade. V A YA N, S5 fin o ,, e cit, 7 Oived 1&50 doaetll soes tni: lstto l,,lich he would call t loe atte ,tion r i hi trade e. B I . It . I 'in A Rt'.iN,Is 3l1atu.irs't. l--lK ' t1 I.\-,--41'2 piedes sidels, it su,,,rio, ,it i, sU toem stal fir sale by J V.11 . IN, nt2t 2i . ttPtISs lee!r . l. Titl; i0 lýlates ofticslter r /r Zict,ftr sle by a1112 '2mo L.1AYTON & Co. 73 Ohl ILeve st. A ALlT KETTl - I I.-1-,ihl t rit ltt.--n hnlund for Salo in lots to eslt Itorrnhrnrs bIr LmAYT1'tN & Co. 53 Old I.evee st. N 1it.S.:.iT tltr ~rses of - i! ne U t, ll in t -tore rnrf2 Im e5 O1,1 l.eyIe. jNLt I -t-5 2r i I- *.et' - to, tttitm- r I-ev our salo by It )1. or23 " 14 Ir-w ' ,.,e , . t. by n,27 1.AYE'1'& A.II:'r I.NG. L ihportratin A.lel f les brHrr f.t i, -' tnt'0 RED & BII.I f:OW,',7 ( a::1 t., JFIIN, a'I.;EL & IIIEh'Vf (iOUD,--llet, Elqtan a end ibundl itro9 well asiut tcd. Hoop,' saoitll as. rod iron, tnil rods and plolt! tbuhls Ccst, German, shear, blisittr.d, spring, sheet al! Crowley steel Hollow u ure, eat a4n4 wro,;htM il.s d spkes Zic, block tin, mill and grind stotIs, tot: ikettles Chain cables, anelors, Ox, log as t thire thaws, corn mills Wire, sheet, pig and han' lead; lutt Csti asd co,,oking stters A mlst, oIil - :lia.I (ttl. Qthir pdes .nd slt hol I rtok and ilate hinges, door and window hooks ICoflin,, lihis, SIt:'tpt mid other Axes T tar'd 1 <and M 5lla cordage, lines and twaine 17(h aid t1 CliAl II.;h'%,V, Atl -o et'Nsl te' o Pailt , t ii ' intee d od rset irt oil A foll .assorimentlt of Ibulrhatoe antl shiP chanleCry al wan)s on hanl, indl whlicl nii e otflrt.;d f r satenit whole-' sale est retail, on the Ittll f.tlo tlble tetrlmh Iyv ith "h I,.At TO k (tn. 5;t( Oh!,!ebt. ', Ir'I1CI.'lllAR A. DUC.\' .il'"r.a h. aerrv os to stngn belivn it tsurlan anly inllO reolent evI'er known llbe o. & J Di. ,o, Co. Jts i,'CerT t r. i , ug i l Jefti. i 7b :-- " i.t&tJ Dhe,.& Co.. Jons D. \\'lLKrINs , I 0 Co. P. i. For furtlter particulars, apply to C A Cohen S ('I. Nn. tIltt lMgaznle street, lot 'rO COU-T.l MEtitt tINT.S . N hand, a comeplete nssrotlllolt of T'ill W..r., alan= nfacttll'ed fir the eolltlltrtttnde. Al-o. Illow WVara, Grid I -rott, CotThe Mill; Willow llntketu, Cra die oul Wagons, &c. N&i., hith will Ie sold very low, at thoe orner of !'ordnal and Te'houtlnuboo sl0. Butler's E tervescentc1romeAtneszan Apenrent, F OR Dv.p'.esia or ioditstiot , nervots dtbility, gid . dines;,asiiti orthe .~ rmsh, lnabltae costirinesus eutanou disaegout, tgrayl, &; hIighllh ri neucd as a genuine conlitg purigative, ery suitabe' i. thid tune of tile year'. A tuppil' of the abov omined vtltblte pditetsine, just reitro ftrol Ensgintd, atid far ale by 11 LONSNA BII., Dntr' siot. iltO 'I'oloTehiapittolas st. T ISI ptelrpatno exhnbiEclv usebd t r hmttatn, t ll tile Nolthern Sn et', ilgll t'es to ee ilO' rn - UtO te lt, alll Eetdries tih e attetlloo of thl moti tl'e ill i a rhi:lit (f l'ig-l:oltat. tyir tminollltngt i . sl tined.tJ itl o or title wtoks beitfore o Oilo i u 1 ittI to suhhi gs LH eA it ied Ioi i t' ilD dthe t ot'e t o tioln dhurtetI Applo to le r sillsrihcabl [,to te-b thie inropocl , ort for a copy ot te ndulttotit s eerthili ts giv ti)o the isveIYrtO tm'ds ilnwportst rs.I) ccic I 1B()NNA.ISEL,L DcR aotr oll\cbe hto.titoc lilit('ltls ' t. NeI OIrleans, Mrlt ooi 1:1337. ºljl" I board oIf Directors lave thisy d v declared a li Sit i,-id o:4 per ent, iti the eapit.a stock for tite last six tnhtb payvable to thn storkho rrs, on, or nltcr t 3he lathlMareh inst. I{0B'.3i J I'YR.IIEY, - .m2 Cashier. New Orlcaln , Match reh,!3:17, At the annual Eleetion folr Dirnoturs uo this Ihstitu. ion, for ite enttint" cari- the fullowitig aniled geltl-e. mloe arcl'eted, viz Jamea G(riatiieinwo, Jorteeit A. arelili, 'Iiomano Barrett, it llit'i e. iiclh dion, Icnrv bulltv, JoJlh'\thflolhcal. Jol E. I. lide, And at a tlec it^ nftthe, board tltii da , John \Vllto-e Ield was eloted i.uesidoet Jatles Stuck:Alt, I'sptector. ' Edward Ilri goo, Attnwv ,1 nl 'ni 3t^ CIARLE4 1l"t'CI( t:,: "Srrt+ ."," , 1AIL..t lN ICH 1.llre. Oretary. STA'I'11N:I1y, Ot I U O-N'S fin0e thite& tl lue Wove Letter paper S Ditllo Blue Laid Nas'v ditto. Ditto lle &Whliite kuled ditto. Di)tto Cap IPalpr. dltto. Ditto ,Cap I'per Ruled ditto. tilto .1ioe \\ ere ditto, ltood eoxrpressly for roool iens; Dtarida's oritia g Fhlid; EItglh Japan Ink; Kitoder'e Black & Red lalc lI'renhrih .; \\ blkdea'osLii riti" dlack and I atI I . Po,,o .O; erat supkr'ita ieh d Staling WtAN; ta ssan d a 1d fieae t o:a dit;o, perotcnhd ditto; Felnth & Eng. lish \\'aearr, nlare al small traIILe; (auills Of varioat qualities; WiOdle'a P aerfctv t ; CI eluid'si , ( iltot a, and Ladte' :htoelPens, i'or sade by . IIOTCIIKISS & CO., To19 L., (tilnrttrt a street. It.] ARTIN 1 'a i '; il't lEX ot,,- l eths u. T . 't'0ctp h t upitot aa d tt-rt, tlostoe a e l t t rior nd tit'irent p.atters to a ry. tha t ha t et h ,od i tlhit cityt ; t eool. gIng ofllszck , a.toi t to) , al" aaoval; rtalor and hlall d ot' at ilat putttra, alll. a dit : elx cotaI sq laot equallld ,vy at anll vre t Al, A t. bathlb, g tI, shower baths, tn aZt cani.ooer avers of ever des.iptio, lŽtNtrc-ar AitrriaalgAotApedir:t. Itta .,on tems ni I , sills soap shellcd lmo sI a ds olad h'vwiues direct f iroth olaga; Claallp.tigtllO nalll sparti lig Iter gtuttd Notet ; sttt rior laodiea it, hlr't t"-, oldt peach tlrltl " ll ti h 0lh.: ,O b tts gltllaa I a,;' t staII x (.'laIrCt in hlld. Ibr ailde by ILk 1011 Rh'H'\V, ml67 (.:enIirer Ono s t. I'iE au-mal ..rlw l-a teli;.t.vul .tat od rod oftn r fr; sale oil aiet llnlod ltill ada teig tlm IaO casks Scoth' Aleljantas tal ,, ,,1, Oi P tiecetaalteritr :reotclh Blatraio. o Cseas iB hoe\, and ;1lhite Linie D illis. 80 Gross Pe ttnt iotte Iottrles. 1trAtil.C INSiURAINCIE ClOMPAN iOt.otla rattd 1 o lI t l i .d, .;t . Capital o l.;ttu n io. DI RIB(C'I'OIIS. CtARtt Sa llIt , iaEita'ltt Jlho. lJarrt., tl ld J. IoraNttt, Jo!t':n . Ila-dr, Jilrt It. I tithardst , Jo.. A. I.rrelli, J e it" a , Jloh 'hitehcad, Secretaty. Iln'This. ettnpant will ttytl aire, tarate and rive riasks and guarantre..bills l; xchallaltraa tu prannliatso "t notes tat their office, in tile ExcLlge oin RoYal store adjoiilltig ite Union Bdnink tr tl ,. \IITI'I ' 11tIIEa D. a et v. rI.lIt Stalll ilerrs, Apgnts-tin' th"-atx t ,, .i..itoe of W\\. & S. htltcher, OittelOitld, Egtttl, hlate juat received pr very extltrire set tof patio' is, caonski;t; of Talblr tlndtl ltestert Knives orf cvry dtrla- ilpttptta, Ptin, I' Alet h, a Itar Itt, Ctl I tt t I z r - stOts, ESlrl'o" Tiool&. &c. Xe. whchtlhi. aire t repare to exhlibt to tlhe tradeor orlrde. ccaitts uln conditions will be iaupdt known at the littr tii6 J. I).BEIN & . (:OIIEN, t0 Comnoa.n st. r ilE Itttdoerigta.-d Iomtits tlan ttat, ~iI1, betoaaatterd . withll his brother, Tvhlnnl9 C. Powllh in tle Dre. anId A.potllthcat illtribness, No ll Catlsitrr'at tnder til tirln if Swwai & ilrther, the liquidation of tile atnair; oft'lhomns C. Sraill will bh sttlred bIv te lew tnl; al tlt andlerigtlnd will give his partnltlaIr Attteiton to bou l taess, tnd solicits a share ua Io trouage. t1lO JOIhN 1'. S'WAIN. IL.ACKI NGN G e.-- cases Orborn inld Drvden's ..I) fclubrated -paste'Mhaekinil; lOceacs Grrans r 'aii + et aniantia thsce; for sole ,v ntO SIMMONSIIN, iHART &ICo. 70 ('h1artrc a t. SAP, h'ISI/aRCH. &rL.-attlaaý ftattt ahipt llienzi and brig MargarrtAnn, 5(t boes Itlndon Stlarchl, 200 bloxes Nos. 1 nrld 2rluomp )7000 tirgata i Illttrtrr itnd, iilth boxes, m1113 IdI/AC B1R[GC . RI o, 1: I, 1auze taict. 1NI'tiRLI) OIL, Co .. r', tat- -l thotad (ll taii 7is J Cast-hr Oil, in do; LaI oil in do ; C! rmlq ; lrece ill iltalo dry; ,'iihlt' Pana- taili'a i ntifnte G ordtn asudt itn he te,; \'tintlow Glost ; t eidlit- ajtv/ lrr, Cb l antd Ialter Pnrlpr, fr sallo hv tai., a1al4IN & 61),1 ttrUllaiytat II Clal el, ilttllntl.A Ctla)RDl.t -.t a<anatan,,et of t. zes, E r hom n tt.b-dl It r\lat .',0 lrIt fi taatule I(u tt. it. b II,7, ldlloaaa1aa,,-trat.-13t ,il oIt slloulders; lrt do s...s.t.. . folr tall, 'I tl ;i C(ut lp tt, by 111 l7 . 'tili l l , y HO.'la..0t"..--Oiie Irona Katal fiti.s tali7 f ]];e s'etat t it by rt 7 a .. aIt aI.I.t . I'-rg in t 1K \1'nrelluoii e vll rla if 1 Ia- lzla£. , b ll - u"ll t slrects. Enlquire alt 7t11at. iue "ttrer t. 100 Io, 6'bls I , o,. 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I Ther II un~orist, Edited by 71teedot Juoo, A04W a· Uibora (,'orney. lbtJut reived and for nnle at the cenrwordao anes Omein On treets, by epli WinM MIKdJ. O 'I;UKER'niooeof'i Ug evoNYEnnna,, ALe..i L T r of 'te if o'iTolmnselJAonie the L-nvssl dyne e United Stat loen withtoarte ofv lIe, tepIIr wlef Utokr before o boglishe oo d nutices. hiepCir onl r Cerfiut. utni l b ovrttlont ut r1 ,p olatct nst tionunal law, , by yc the Ceaaae Tes efM ir of doral t'he aao in there e LaIv .itein 2 ol. lea,'I'ugl at i'r anlged , n fine , noeb m hnmmn 'ruace, bb Iliziuguisheadwriters The Honrv-oanl~o by thou Con LatINewfr PLa r iý Tuthirn t'ludny theonauthornt Pote e,asinr Viviadn and oy in t vole. ion, niraieoielcoono ninets by Themes 1L6i0L; Thle IrrI1 Blanld, a Orarna in 5 acts, from the Oetnr ii;,i (tactilc. 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'17 t' IbA Ue Ti; tllsni no d chliefly by an AneiyuM sifrotion of Bnauty in Women, preceded by i. niew oftlhe iociroal leypathaiea of lianeaty, I Hleeanti Ilirko Kooaght, Aihisag, dot'. awe late ni simr accw of iie lvpoitlteae ci A, at iof 'rulpoptor & Peit ting-byLenonardcdelXmtnewI. tnan a, Mettgo Beossi, &c. by Aleaaner thar of"Plireionitoiiy found'd on PbeIeg Its~ Nrrnoas Svnteio &c. The Siaos of the tionc,; as denoted by the gulp of hinot i cnI Predict menu, tinned downa ibuke lonith Captiniiy intlote proertee tone. B alsa Koith. ALSO. and odditionel aupply of Daivis o ?Memoirs oa Aaroni Bourr. abhite, aIh Pirnt, ofth i ("i lf: Sotlhl-irwt, by a Yankee. Juet reenived~ad fee'n by WILLIAM Me.KEAl . 13 Corner Cnimp ait Ciima n trpsei 'Vt'NIattAMl .t IIUSKiSnON'S SPSGCHE8'are SELEIbCbniorrlma oif ti riglht Hanarable WifPL W'indlhitannd Ithe uhht Htniorahla Willino H~i., ki note, winth preliminary bioegrphical blePhat~b riliteihbv RobertiWolbh. 'The Young Lody's1.ihbrnrv,in C fnls. ''Itin Yoiautg Mii'e 1.ibrar, in 6 eale. Joit reerined nod' for nole il the cornac of Csneep Coialition slre'ets, by . 10t _ __ Wmai ? UP COOPiLER'r NEW VOIRKS, &e, I- I.EANINGinr Burope,by the Aethoe of °' Jq Slpv' &c.".. in o . -os Sketches by Boz, illustrtirve ofvoerv day Iifea. . ry day rlpeople, beitg a eontinuation dtfW' dabe 'lfrtle, tnd other sketoIhes." .liner lorals,for )ong people, illustrated in Tle and 'Trevcls. ly Johan owring. Just received and or salo at the co5ner f__Cmp. Cemrnmn mrtecs, lbv m30 Wm McKEAIj. NEWV MEDICAI. BOOKS. ' E ECTI RESi rn the Mlorbid Anatomy, NaelnE de a'T'ilaetrent of Ante and Chronic dicnsees. B the ate olhnI Armstrong, MI. D. Edited by Joaple Rix, lMe:ibeer of the Royal College of Surgeons in Loerio. F:irst A.eerican edition, with an aaeceuinteE the Li noard 'ritin of Dlr. Arnmttrung, by J7h I;terUi. 'Froo the Frencl of F. Dupareque, Doe. tiur oil .dicine idelo IFculic, et aneien interne doe Ilospianx et tlHospices civil de Paris, &e. &c. 'l'rr:rslated, with note,, hr Jo eph Werri.glton I1 r . Just received and erni tle by W. MeKEAR, at Coarter Camep and Common stesd. LATE PBLJIeCflAT1ONS. rOUlR throlni l the iMtetKfletllo o re.lloi ...k- l - et thlr of " Scenes." and "Inrideta un A rrirae." 'In la lcrnce:ry t're.etisa ne Anntemy. By A. L.; ' linyea, l. 1). 'I'ren.lertcl from the 4th edition pf tos' F:e-tcnh. lre A. Sitedney Done, A. Al., AM. D iThe; tnr(tLteul's (;iFlerge Iloker, A. NM. in 5" ysolwes honlg no. 21, tl Cit llard pr't Classical FecieLh Lihrrry. Also, .\En adlmitiol nsulrlly of P er Dvi nisemoi of Atmon Burr,. Jeest re.eived and fier sale by 1 W11 W1. MecKEAN, corner of Common at. IIEAUIt(IN'I'r EXI'ERIMENTS E PER.IIIM NTS ead Observtlons on the Gos iet Juic , and the Physiology Lf Digaetiona. By Wo itmoet, Ai. D., Surgeon in the U.S. Ari.y. Ji reeee ed aud for sale by WM. MUKEAN, I 14 CoruCr ofCsmp,& aCBmeontet ane. -- 'ITll,.IELI'S NEW WOIOK,&e. 4e." SENIII1rTA 'T'EMIPLE, a lotr story,by tid e u. i tVhr of"l'irin Gra," 2r o!a. Seleet Speechrs of tes IRighi Har. William Windlbun, ld thre Bight HMen. Wi'linm Huskiesan, with Prm liminary lloagraphieal' Sketchee, Edited by Rebhie Walsal. Walker's Manly Exercisesr, with numerous Enderim Baldwin's Reports of eases detcrmhied in thlbd i Coure at tile United Stetes, in ad. for the Third C'irecui; romprishtg the Eastern D)isrict of.ip'. Ssltani , alld tile state of New Jersey, 1837. New editiont of Satunder on P leading cad Eoidenac.- 4 Amnlirnn,withr endeiderbhle edditione, invoaleoslh , Jtst receivec and for role by tnll BtENJAMIN LEVY.. I. LI'E IN LONr UNI4N &e. SIFEi in l.ondn. o thie IDay ard Ni a enes, io Enllrloe nnr swreere through the aretrotpoil, by Peirce Egan, int 2 vols. Thie lIIottrtlr,eldild IbyI heorlore Ileok, 1B37. T'lhe Yong Lady's Gifnt , coatittn ]place book, t to prs and poear r. A coltlrionof Plendioga antd practiecl Prerdlenta.. wielltrmtes Ihereotl, ranil pIproved ferment bills oe rtres; unoi'ain, g Rnit, Icferecee, &. t o nierep, Irate Practicei d edition, biy John Y. N. Yaeai. ,Eq. Elmrtnets nflrnteretioiel Ins', witsh a Iistur of tlt eeinr'e, hvillery Wheaton, EeQ. Just ryceive4 YII Y ithfui Imir oster, a aNuvl Iby GCTrg W. M. ien. hlia.: , in 1 vot;. lTrits rid 'Tr-il of Early Life, by L. E. L. . santhlor 'thre Iu ,rorietren , i el . " Frlnmoa Rolbirrlon Crtli oe, a tale of the American wUil l roe-lr ao.ilritrett rtf l:sng witholt'nmesae. ICIThe liil ntrfIPrlirticol Eorrirtrr, bht Francis WVa.y landl," ItI. IPrellilnt, of Ilotswn tivreintV, aid i'ei.r.'tltl uflfloral IPitlolsollh, recived aned ie sile Ib 1iP:_0 "I.NJ. I.EVY. T H Clii i L f T'i'i.;.3 efli;ureesti, tiirltr'eesdeaIeoii Ulti cd hrlte,', ilt Iartr oe f lis .tereeleondetestt ilrea." brfire Irlllhihred; oll enotices of his Omiisna' oil uertslatitlsf cir i l gierllcrtllten netinspaltteltie mnd caratit :,irrenl nw. Uy Geerga tr uek..Elq.. 1,i' Virgiriat, hir ve!+. 'rlire E .jririiucte.etesl jilltg within the Means, Livle] ti Illt rt 0 ell ltenie, t11t Li r"leg beyond th lgeea. 1 1,,1 received andlld tr icala h llli BENJAMIN LEVY. I.Nl' NIN N tGS iO FLIe.lle, l al Aetttrican(Caps-' Ski teos it lV o, illstrrtire of everer" de life', an4, •-cyery dny lTeeple, being a ethnlittationt ofWetklsd Intll norld t.ther sketehes. Mintr rMar(ltr - lti rr eelrg Iretile, illrctrsted in tstle nd travelsl bJohn Ilowring. lust reeelersdlaed treef' sla iy ll1"8 IIENJ. LEVY. rSEIl \AN'IS FORl SALE. O NE likely tIan, .5 years fqge, is a gonddaa Jofh6 ,rte., nd i(t -,d dining room servo t. 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