Newspaper of True American, April 17, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated April 17, 1837 Page 2
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i s -.,pa.:{' AP Ql IT-IIOTtMy. t,,, * ' " rlia.hklin Il..titute, April 16, ,ar.. rlby Icrupation a clerk, aged 40 mLanative (. Geran3.y, resident of New Or tMT. ra r*, admitted as frpatiemt on the Oit dry nJ tiil, ismY7 lle was tw. )ears since ar. ttoeo "witlip dnultlcnlv ili voiding his urine, which aontnued tl'ine'reses and at the periodol"his ad m*luo,he.waian. constant paint , nd totally un .i rn e fc.ito.insia urint". "An exominutio, was 'luda on ti l -may alniFi.r 410 Irciplnty' m'aa ee of a silver catheter, and the presence of a t.mirtsmndiifety detected. The cartms of the P rnt. te's wt mm noi . n arpp.fnt e Well so oral meenu retie l-. Iipl operation for stone was accordinely • , tf"r d'hy Dr. G. A. Lusenherg, on tie 151it n presence of several medical gen.tlemen, u h suarprse of all, ule difainc caleulai, of a asie of o pullit's eagg, together with. the 'L Aoi nbout the sldpt nt her (the calculi 1and pliuhle wner crushed between the *of 'th" rneps) wer ctikhelt$4CtiS theblad S ry ,mat aof alteuli rendered .a4ter. . d, but it was ntt tt n the part of the pa thirty-iai hours after theaoper t ,'le l *acondition, with a fair ry. .R. ". LEECH, M. D. '. ll ' IIAMS, OCULIST, ;2'Vu ; E1tr Tea Tahwi AM5 ICAit. .a , h stea* ay e a, r it. It a tefs t.. . e was . ,.oecs o the talenrts t al eye of dog, cat, and one little t.ei oo car my ptll, .She *11t pickb " }~r acrotd )J, young man went into the hsoiital at Bston, t) on .-the 6th of July, 838, was ,' during whidi, Dr. Davenport, opearedl senr -and another idc. tt"m t good' or hars! On the 4th of" last m"a , ier at into the New Orleans hospital, tltere .I u'emcaadl e.o. dayst iny riht eye wa's /i tapeiL mt oer, witshiO t much effect; but tihe mltit an tlo smitk in my hecad!. Whe I Watt MI6 both my eyes were round d4 saad though I could sae but very little with. f lue" zigct eye is now Jla instead of round, ltd htie rneGujmy Inst. lte e is trise, and is ignoed by me, . H. bl I.n i -- ~ &e. &c&. N. 0. Ap". IiS, 1837." H"lieitleas' Ie: on-his own declaration, whiich p.n, be aten tea ny interested persons. But to .rren to e .le or . rather to hp'r talents: I fancied iLhet iflU S ''u . .ot tsalfbdted toihd sent f,,r the p.rromt,.nd if,. e iTingle pack;' le also would aen des{i.t$4lir'eye, yet lthe poor fellow wotld flnd bejt pirtaed all the'aurgical operatlns le UI n . dlwenl.,t Boston, and in this etty, laridei tihe * ']Lb of titne, hIis eufl.ring/, as welI as his priva-' tutts',and the nearly total loss of the eight of b.;U h'i ytesll ,.1 begun this dJv to treat iti whlir It h shall conlintue to do till mytdeparture, on time lt of Ma.p for Natchez, int the hopes to he useful to ,twpaee which with not oper.tted on, as the other is htt. AtBoston, I was enoiled to pet'ftrm i vast numtbesttfecs after the patients weredischarged mis Hospital and Eye Infirmary as iucural.le; prlof ot whieh may he seen in several litters frote the eminently clerbated dotolor J. S. Barteltt -f. 'Botba. S I am, ir, yourr &r. JOHN WILLIAlS, Oculist. CO8 'MERlh IA L. -' '------ - -- =.=.-.._..,... - STATEME.Nyr n COT7ON7 • April u 0 ito-male, ren'd this day 7,47. STu do penviomuly..497,'7t 505,449 April mIEnpnrt thsday to I .ieripol t..?,3 511,151 C" owo k market 415 STotal do previously, 411,918 415,490 No. of alu on hand lot dleed. 99,C PTATEIIETm OF TeBimACCO. OCt lit. te,-Ne. hhdst n iand .................7.,7 * Alni 1.16 '37 - No lmm ren'd thiL day 13 Total do previounly..9,0"1 -9,671 April'15. Total Exports todate.................... ,4 Noa. ofthk on hand notllearedl ............... 9,5 NEW YORK MONEY MARKET. Sunday, April 9,I o'clock, P. M. Tbhmoney m arket on Saturday continued in the cloe uA. settled. excitable condition. The high favor ofthe middle-of t.s week habs ubided into Something like "patieolnon a nmn umonn smeiling at grief." A considerable amouant of foreig reaitonanr were made for the packets which sail to-morrOn l there"yet remalina a deficiency of several millions duo abe". Pemnbly the whole mount remitted did not excess two Ions .fiat Udics of hill.. Canadialn bill as Englapia ' noew cmminglnto lhe.'kt at high The tites of l1 *tlOatacanrevivine. The United State. asuk, Morrie Cas Mainhantsan nd Bank of America, have all iassud .tct. itieono.taoke the pta-n of the southern mmd foreln exehanitee. lPo hy this movement will ave a million of specie for thi. prmmlit. .All tese pont ntets are sold at re.aenable rates, ex sept the Marcia -antl, nwhich dos not command muach cona decith the market. In this stock market the fluctuationo were remarkable. Srek sndiity bank stoeks have falten terribly dring the rweek, and ' sPllay they sntd uo low s over, twhil asecrul of thJ werFiod y stoyks rose from throe to live per rent. Thu tatis. 'batk stock a . u months ago told for 1m4, it is hnw dowe to ptr, or narly; State Baonk from I11 to 91;mnnd Man has'ptelank sanS down. The fat in these hank stocks arise fOtihe probahble apprehesion ef-louor by the reeeat fail Are: It a supponsed that the Ltnte and Phenax Banaks will *aferdeply in southern exochane ,returned. T eo two banks "h. l th M tarrible hilh lndrt rulut rats osf exchange on the t.oseacd few pity their Ioea. By theme failure probably, -*Pt ,r -- , have bea trat to nor banking inutitutios ,oaecaraod in sathan aexhange. ., m Rs AT'l*l E-ST. CHAnLES. TF 1' BENI FIT OF MR. MRS. BARNES: .wO.DA Y, APRIL 17t. a l d H¶iltC I Netd for the second intl cityi., MirC. CARNES' drnama at IP LAWITTaE SHZPIRA7%'DF THE GULF. iss Barners Latlate. Mr. Pearson: Diero, I re 5, hannister, Constena, Mrs. . er, Mr. KeItil; Alphono', PFre; ,iaihome, gBarke, G..netl Jakseon, .Wil hle.46d Drama wi he pormed the musical 1.. _ imteroaisment of" . P.GRIO OF LAUREL. 4ellr g.e sn, Sinclair, Mr Huit; Lennox, Mr Si 111. Iinnt. U.. 8 31, 14, 70, 62, 22, 28, 74, Sy 8 dje.n number: of le 86h Clone .lMiturdla next, the 231 intaent. Ca P er 10,0O. Ticketa only $4; und l'.drw a * 4 t n orro. A r wa expectel, Sot. Sa 4 of $ 40- i hole tickets; ofu$3t in hal tickets, and 4 l 10 each ty eeta. Pretty anons trlly fir 'relif,' these SThe frtuhate holders can have them mit diately, by allowing a reaeonlle dis. o re p *pyment. l hose who wnt relief ot e freclyin nent.Fat rdayr' Lottery. SK JMKEAD Mannger. iML.-..Mr. E. Bird, w l-e-rcit-s"e c i sa sal x an'sa ay Iaahe.L. McCoy, on the 19th No -nnetrtr 1836, certarin lots of.mronmd. Nos 19 ald 20, S n C arrolltn., in the eqnre opposite the HotrI, Itht, Canal Avenue, lunh, Millaudon, and e t reto, not having collietd with the terms of ItR , the a nh o w'l he re.sold on WeVttrndny; 2eht ti, a, 4 e2o'rltek, at the Arcnde Ehariton e ill Jloga . etaret, for bin ttraetnt and rink. Teem,: en-itent ash, .ld the halnence in 6.12, and 18 n otoah, from t e I -tetOtobkr, IBM, for approvetendtrted nteer, rdctted 0 rtgege unti feel payment. The act of saLe o be oplied with within 5 dnavn.liowinc th aldjnlieatilut .bptetni, the property will be re-sold at the xpense of pedr arrrhoaoer. a17 Otecr4rtipJ hero& te iting ndeter the 2 11 o Joln r. Smith ZC 4," thie do dioatI. a consent Tlj.e WtU of the ren w1il1 in liqeldatin ofjrlWl ie, John F Baitk, ne'ihem hplne btanessa on his own tt WILLIAM E iett)RANCE et opeteieoas on th ·NtwOrieanoan Rail Rnted having hbeo restricted to a Er the presget. the undersigned will do arsto hin iwofotsiew as Attorny at Low. W W HOFFMAN. "A " N " l .-A'bo l. "sfesfteonr, to-tiry, being rersa dollars per hIl. d~n to tie tnaiff. the httltr koalell gir oi .- ecet Ii for a itadtring next ecb, fretm odend y the t the eecentd qItelite', or of tiee Ieartr is efat'd to h~igh 3'Seor pt mrrr. eay 411 ail Pti4t. ?tyt. r. l Ltire A oeg t y. about ,aiten ..y , . ae. lenn must t bo.t geid woiter ntdi servant. For enh. n nte liberal ,'aoe o1qxv. AP3plh for the Adverti.r erorrmrd and 3irold.sto. t10 3t. W-as toahe yp hbr-o se ight woocib 1.1 the f ti, Ilth instnt, ald cnanatnsd 4n .e ldr nppor guard Itse, (.7d n wardn,) corear .f ad Ut. tJohn Ilaptint atrntosa lhrre tBriat l1 IW,with a litll on, 1-l eur owalhwtvltrke,t ert2., and the letter A4nnded her letk of soid Cow to rteqtrted to ente foI . -ty, pay rhremp aldl take her awor, S i anely., tile .ltth April, an which day the S 3iof,4l at l2 o'clk.ek 8.,4 ' A Guil NIJE4 C rnat'nory Ward, faertad, ceomprisiag lald and Dneann & Allrn's '"loxtydew' - t . rtw .t,'t, ys.ale hby eA I Ml4MT&Y 1A WTHf(Ife4CrteOlmer rt. sad o tbe most ýp'e nned '.lcbrai ted peas snd q-nnsr.aSr tax , tlOaniftir to suit bT i b OG i:Lt '' & I .ºW1'TIlOR V; ;+ 13 at3 Grter et. Wt l)N-.d- ratkh'. I-tiil earel hoett, ,',tnoiot J ,df hame, sides, Oanddtotlers. in lite shippin, pdr,.oaud v arrarntmd,a mperoitr artilel, ti're'.* Iy 17 JIO.IEJi"& UlAW I'1itR\, C3.1 N.r. it. e t. Pulishe Da 3. tr 'º .Oi ekjas. It suki A....., cr u .et.-- 0 am .da . ate FAITHFUL AND BOLD. NE\V-ORLEANn: MOMNUAY MtRRNlo ......................... pril ,7. lt:7. Each Legislature for several years has added tI he bp.. .. t ankiir g establishments, idith a view of aiding-the otmmnnily to prosecute their enterprireelsO trare, manofaeturqes and building, tihe more sueaeesfully. In this way has the bank ing capital of this city bren triple.r within four years. With an increase of dome forty millions banking capital, it was expected thattthose pos sessed of moderate means, and by their industry and enterprise deserving of hbank faci'ities, would have been grieatly benefitted by the good inten tione 'of our represenaotivrs-that our internal trade wanolI have been iumensely augmented ltha New Orleansaa n'd have made rnapid ladvances towards becoming ano importirng ilty, now bildding fair to rival;at somee distant day, the great trading Atlantic cities-that those houses whtich com meniced somue five or ten years since sieder sich A'rovrable auspices would have flourished, estab liesling a reputation for this city, as a mait where the merchants and people of the vast South and West could have resorted enti-annuqlly to ob tain their supplis of tlhe manufactures and pro. duce of all countries; thereby mking. New-Or leans something more than the mere depot for shipping ahttrrd, thoe stale proluce.of.the West and South. It .was to be expected that this city would have increased o a great extent i." buildings, plipulatin n and solid wealth. Ilow have these flattering expectantins been realizydt? Un. assuming industry and merit have been ill requi ted. No species of healthy cornmerce, trade or mechanics lins prospered. The whrolesole grocery, drygoods, hardware buasiness, &alhave-deelined. Pass through oeur businss streets and acrk for the-names ofthose wlo, with a capital and great enterprige were toiling to succeelr, five, four, ir even three years since, not. one to ten is to be fosnd. Very few indeed have brhee able to manh tain thcniselves--thli rest, one efte.tthe other. have retircding disgust, or hceomr bankrupt. This fact alone, in a place posacreed of the natural ad vantages of Nei~ Otletins for a great tiadirng eitry speaks voluames. There is some deep saalelo radical crilin the body commereinl-thle fcits are -notorioua, and the casna ia evident as the iun to every man 'doing any regnlar business in' New Orleans. This dead weight-this incubus which has so long crsherd down the most enterprisin. people in theorurhl, isto be found in the Bhulkirig System rsprerctised in New Olleans. It is an an denriabl ract that the bark facilities of the h,- er doing a legiitimalete.usiness, have been dimin 'sed rather than increased. Their enp;lal and influ ence have been depreedaled to nothing by thIe most nunjrstifiable, parlitil course which has been pursn ed by the hanks! They haoe cramnied tie legiti nmate business of a hundred deserving -holars, asking only for a few hundreds oen thtir business paper, in order to give hundreds of thousands an millions to a favored few on accommodation pa per! The result has been to crdsh all regular useful business, and to encourage and upportl spee lutlors and shavoert They have used every means to force all business through the hands of rtheir favoriter, by refusing to discount any In per which was not endorsed by one of the clique, as ifno man was .st'ong's or wo.rthy of credit, exc'pt he were indebted for a million eo dollors! This course has induced astonishing s; eculation. All kinds of commodities hilve been forced toi tie tmenst un natural piters, to the inenaletoable injury of the producer, tile consutr or, and to all pgrsons on gaged in regilnr bueinerss. But surpassing all. and utlerly ntprecedenle- haver ben tile prices of real eltaee, held up by the in Irigues of the favored speculators and bnlstered byl tihe real elate banks in particular, which have con. tributed more than anyt others to produce thelis evils. Rents of stores have becornn so enerniouls that no I usinriss based on labor and prudenl invrs: menrt of funds can p,srsibly jrustiy them. And th tre are now no more racant lots in tile inmedri ate vicirity of the business qnnrtera than will be occupied by decenrt houses for a century to come. at the rate building has been progressing. Rlill a higher rent is tdemnandvd for a decayed shed, than is asked for a mnlrbhl painlre in most olher cities. But even slch rent, hlave tinot jlostrlited tie hodlers of lotstoerect even tIhe cheapest kind of built! ines, to 11s inl redible a price has real estate Ibeen screwed! The result has necessarily been a nes sation oif bilding-a esrsation ofenlimoigration. Nt, city c tild possibly flolrish under suchl terribrle abuses. Put tho oppressive bands of rial monied aristocracy have been drawn soi tiglht that they have broken at last; and tihe s)ysteld iof universal mnonopoly has reetived a shock from w'hich, with a proper vigilance on the part of the public, it .t.l never recover. Let every good citizen exert his influence to inul ce our next Legisaliare to make a rigid investigation into the past trnsactinons annd individual accounts of the banks; to annul the chartersofsrch altnave justly forfeited them, anti to impose such restrictions-en the others, if any be left, as will "frever prevent a recurreenaeef the past oppressire and the present disaslrous limes, which are to be mainly attributed tothe grusabuses lung practised in our banking institutions. - - The writers of the article that appeared in the Bee of Saturday last, cerrtninly deserve credit f, r the rery disinterested spiilt that promptted them to abuse Papanti. A few facts will serve to place this whole in its proper light. Mr. Caldwell made an rrangrement with Mr. Brichta to perform a certain number of Operas in St. Charles tlhearre within a limited timean d for a specified sum of monry. The hargain being cnneludtld Ieltween these two gentlemen to their mutnal satis.action, it remained f.r each one to fulil their cngnge mont,. Accordingly, Bellinti' Opera of Rl,liten and Juliet was given by Mr. Brichlt on rile first night of represantution, in a manner that quieted the fears of the septical, sntinfied the most fusti dioue, and confounded the enemicJ of the scheme. So far Mr. Brilcht, the solemanaoer of the Italimn corps, fulfilled his engnnotent with Mr. CakfwttIl, and the latter his prom ise to the public. Prichte was then fully prepared to carry out the ra:anain ing provisitiris of his contract, when, contrlry to all txpectalti.n, thte treacherous Rosst n:s.t.r.can oa. Dpriverd of Ihis Prima Donna throutgh Ithe meannerss of -tfnare.ssor, Pnpanti was s:icitedi o undertake the part of Juliet. She did en after much persuasion, and in'tha o;inion of ditinler es'ed judges.f isir, succerreded in a manner hi.hl ly creditable to herself and deserving of the warm thanks of the dilleltanli for thus Coming fotrward to supply the place of an an abscondinLgprima docnaa. Under any circuanstancts , it were a disagreeable positrin to be placed in, and while Papanti laid no claims to the first rank atong the donnas, so t found favor with the discerning for her extraordi Oary efforts. 1We are ontly sorry that ishe declined to undertake any other characters. The indeli catty of the article in ithe Bee carried witl it its own condemnntion. The statement thl.t Mr. C.aldwell refused to pay Mlarozzi $300 a month because it wna too exor itant a price,,is itterly T..lse, and .la writers Lnew it. Mr. Caldwell has nothing to do witl the en. gagr~eenta of Mr. Brichlttu' company. lie pays the latter getlllleman d'certain coItI a.t produce a certoin nutulr of Operas in a giren time. 'Ftt onus recta with Mr. Brichia, alto descrvtes thtt tlhnksof .the puhlie for hii untlringzeal in g ving os aonhi in .saon a splendid style the lirs, night. Ile has sent oar Yuornaaari and Garcit a Rt az the sister of Malieran,..-t4.a encgaged l.arozzi to supply tile place of apanti, and ia doini atll IIt canto felftl tllipreanse l .J. Cnldwell has mtad. to the publie. Mense. Emil.a WiHto and P. Chatnnn f thii atly., wentl ,U i the Silvie de Girese th t sai!c. for ,Ian Nqw York ct'm 8tlt is an). On htl 8th iretant. New Orleans Gas stork was d.a iet'l! .tN. w Yrkt-U ited S. tea str ol a C lert. I. s .rr . r , :. 31 : i.. The failure oSf 3t. Ja . (io. in New York lina struJet tercor into the hearts of the Deposite Bdtill( len. This wa the houtie, it' will he re, nlenuthered, that were the afeuls of the govern necnt iu 1033anid 1834 it creating disturbntch r in the money nmarket. They were going to regulate the currenity with all the ese imnaginabhl withl out a National Bank. Did they d iiit N.i. IlThy tried to break the U. S. Branch Bank at Savanntah, but their ioiquitusu dlaign failed. Tl'hey and hlihir cindjutors havee eontri:bu'e tohrin on the country the present ruin. They lihave dotn. tnthing what they propansd to do, and every thing that was evil. They are now respin tilhe fruits of tlheir wise Ineasunre. They have not the pulble sympathy, nor are they enltiiled to it. They and all such establishments must now yield to the pressure of the machine they enacted, and the sooner they are visited with their own Folly and wickedness, the bealer for tile colntry. Ilut we anid rlln the Deposite Honsik menn are ha:lking in their shoes. Truly are they, and be fore their pretionu systemn is done working, they are destined to ffbeiie a bllow front it, that will tench them not tow trifle again with the colasst,l n.ld iiunc.,I tlhlable interests OFa whole people.. T'hey r ill Le tnngl t a wholeeome lesson, than ncilt r they nor thIir posterity will ever forger. 'Fhey will h.p.a yet to wear sackcloth tand ashe' for lheir wicked crusade against tire inttresls and haio inp ~a e of the enunH ry. Fnamine agaiti iunsehnetrargur country so far as tl teat is cmnderned. The news from Manrland tells us of-another failute in the wheat crops. Many of the farmers are ploughing up their.fichls and iputtintg them down- in oans and corn. Tihe disasters re attrilbuted to the severity of the win. ter, and the inferiority of the last year's seed. The country is destind toe suffer. Being comnpellid to import -wheat last year, operated greatly against our commerce. -Anolter year's inmportaitions will c.ompletely derango this branch of trade.- We hope tile prospretive failure is not general, though it is probable that it-is. Is the Union to experi ence the chaqtlening hand of advershty for its past errors? Ohio flour, L~ywayi, f N.w Orleans, sold int New Yor. on the 8th al $0-a $9 s5. Eighry.eiglit failures, eoitmnencing with the J.Sellhs, had taken place in New York up ti thli Uith. Ni doubt existed that lie list would be in creased. S. & 3M. Allen, Andurews & Co., and St. Jahn & Co. were amolng the last. :lhe briu 3Jari -Theresa, from N.O, eans, hound it lBostont, w.ea poken on the Is ilst. ill ht 31,38 In -77.40r having .n board the oflicers and crew of the ship Nahant, of New London, froet New Orleans, bound to Liverpool. The N. was struck b) liglhthit on the 31st ult. and wlhei last seen was inl lvmos. MIONEY MARKET-CITy. Modi ay, I A. M. The ,torm is not at its height. Peal on peal of thunder uomins rolttinr atong our heaven friom the distance anl tells us oframing und fresh disna.trs. 'he naews rom New York up to Sulnday the th instant, is far from giving as any hope that tie troubles are over. Even in Franco Cotton has deelined, chile tsle relief to the moneiy lltrket in I' ngand is declared unhious h th6I Literpootnpapers of the 13th. What, when the advic ofitlnr crisis ahall have rearched tie other aide of th. uatril We firmly believe that there is to be a general hreak. ing tip o the fundaltions of coummercial credit both in tlhis iuaintry and4- Europe. Everysign points to this eonclusion. The suspension of specie payments is loudly talked of in New York. What are awe to think, whei theamount offa ilres in thait ceity since tie I4th oftMarech, are sixty and a half millions amtl in onr owne city more tIlln fily miilions in the same time. WVlhre is tie property to stant aginst these amounts? Sarely not in Itnay he ifatauro, like tilu ..tton yet to ib On Saturdnly we had hnothertlatth stait reifor an aimmense nmotnns l'Tle middlte dealers are tiegnnins to sttFer. VWe have heard nothing more of the onitemplated relieftf the alkts hero. Thee might as well tak ofstanyilg the sea as to dream efarrestiing tie present downwnard course of thingi. Their voice is like Canuteeo. The conrtiers mavper eunude, hut they) ill find thant the "ths far slalt thou go sant ao f ther." is not for their achievement. Credit buased as it ison the font datinas of thepast fiuny yenars, mstgo to the greund. A new era is eomiig. Let men watch and they will ae it. II nr tieles oftirde. and in eolttin, we have ntling to record, titta still greater apathy. Prieces are lore nominal than ani thir elue POLICE. recordcr's Court. 2d .Vhmnicipnlity, Saturday/, 15th Jlpril. lenryv Sevrnse,-a ynon man of wicked lookIs: his dark eres and lark hair contrasted finely ilth his gener:l appeanrner, rind brouoht GtC/cilyv to our rrcollection the prim-mouthed I.nnditli of the irints. Hls pursuit was that of loofing generally. -Cornnilled ti-hiriv dais. J imrsa Hall, 19 years ild--n old offender, though younga i years.--Colnmitted. WV. Brighimd-A siont gentleman, and inclined to he positive in lis nasseri.nls. Born s/one where w sIt of Cane Cod. Ile Ihas i donwn lo-.k,lgg as bl/orkasa.loor's Aiseveraes that lie belongs i. the 'l'exi:o army. like many other gen ry--ion viirtd once before, as a vagrant in Lafiyette. Committed fr thiriy days. CowhI/cri-A larl olhio 15 re rEs oil: flaxen hair. suoh aIs cald-linvi inspired Barns to write the Lad with the Flo.rrm lair; brought up for pilfering Comrmitted tior thirty days. Blackb/nrn-Red headed and lowering look!: wears his collar in Ihe Spanish style--qnit con templanive, nnd has a why of feeling his chin, tiring the effect of deep thineht. Born at -Pine Ridge, Mis;sissippi. IHd n difliculty at Vicksburg. A decided gambler--Cunmittid for default of giv inL security. John Cullchnn--A steinmboat character hbushy eyebrow-s. and narrow across the fiorehelrad; as filled rilri-rent -e.ampaeiies in stenmbo Is; rather inchrymonse-taken uppn suospcion-Discharged. Charles Gilham--A well dresed genius, mde: t, and quitecalmn in demeanor; is a tobacconist; snoked in had company, and found gambling C:nmmitted as a vagrant. J. G. Perr'y-Broughtt up for atlempting the life of an officer of pnlice--general appearance sood. :ld'witnoesse.-Case potlponed. l.n was hniled oult thoolh the interventlonl of his coinnael, RAN. So.LI. HUNT Security, Mr. BaIser, in $1000. For carr)ing oncenled weapons, a suit hasheen ineti itad-Iogainast hli. Case to come on this morning at 10 A. M. Snmday I Oh. Some respite o t he ofitcers. Loanflrs, &c. are beg/smuinig to make Ithmsruivrs scarce. Mr Ca\ry-A pollant, gsy ioishario from the Green Isle. Arrested tor breach of tie ptanic, having been found by Mr. Carr.l in is d with his lone, lone wife. 'The ladyand her lovier appeared sh)y, and somewhat aipprrhe/sive thot they were it part to meet no more. Casey being released to give security to keep the peace, honor tis rder th e rail falir onle. $he nl,ptaleld it her lover, to pay her nights lodgings. "Faith, jist tpay her hill, C:fey, so:ad the wronged man, ani d take hoet iff wid yr," P-LOK.-400 biss Mless, and 4110 do Prime Port, 1-lauNding hUual steamer MaijestiC,tur stle by b al7. JULIUS VAILLIN, fSPoayra st. 1. IOUlI, Pork, Bncon and I.ard, foir sale by ' ll - G OiSI.ItSY,44 New Levee. LAA'-IU.A \VlI.-/-41 ir Casks Mhountai hwertu LI l Mlaga /Vine, Disuadr Branod," a very durper r and irOe arTic/lel flr sale bi alt .7 I jioi'P & IIAWlTIORN, G3 Graevir st. --OO-1-DTL1 BRAND)' ----5 halfil,, i lndufliix U BrandyDu'rley & ,eigneite B ands, direc ilpnrtatis o aiou l alpoi a erticle, ofr sale bo . olfi BOG5IR0 T .. hIA s''l'tN, 613 ;raiere t. -A(>ii Ng..--eta pieces l 5te.,lucky b 01ug/., vWry sopcprier arti.Cb, Ar sale by 017 BJO/R'I & IiAW'IIORN, 63 Gravier it. SAItLI-10i kegi len f his ls iU lihe shipping o/rderfor L sale by BUGlEI'P & NI'IIA lTIIutN, A17 63 'vfer at. N t)NGAII-LA VIl11lSKE.- bl ts old to inmgshela whiskey of delicious flavor, in stere and for smie by UJitRUT & II AWTIIOIRN, .19 t3Gravier t, Su F .- .-A il part au s ldeilted to t in: r ao asa o f i \es. litiotlt late a the Alcude Reostirat, are re. quested to sty tile cooe t,.JAiMES II C.iLDW EII., 1it Prvisional S.indic. I5UBACL'U .--Sugor lest tob.f co, for sale ly a1l7 JNe LIf GRAII.MI. P'UttK-In bulk and buhreis, fir alie by all JNO II GRAHAM. SLAXSEED.-t60 tierce-, for sale b sI7 .JNI) I" GRAHAM. CIOUNrING HOUSEI CA.\LENDARI , for 1837. Il OT'CIIKI.Se & Co'o. Counting House rCalendar, l . corrected and revised to tLe present date for sale nt . Ch.rtrcs selicet by l5 " IiOTsuIKISS & Cs. PIGS IF'EE'l'-34 holiorilsil pickled ts- feset, just receiveds nd for sale at 73 iravier street by sia IltifiEItIf & IIA\VT'l'i.gRN. jiIM II INH do HR liAtth-tcrneived per btig Sorgerg acnd shipailltaskt, 4 cafeeas snlltmer cIollt t earse kip pegged irogate, fir anletuy at ISAAC HtRliU(GE & Co. 134 Mne.lzine ,t, -I U.IASSd- -siercc, suls rior quality, in ..ore mid for sale at 33 New lievee, iy S F RAND I.PII & Ca. SAi -A cargo of silt aIllot, far sa a low urT ca-h or aproved paper, for terint, lpplv to a iHI. C, CAIhMACK& co. COn DFIii ANtD IIACKEL7Il.--StU boxes :oCd Fiish,i0 Ibils No inslad 100 do Nt 3 /lacktertl, landiosi frus bhri Ge(enrr, for sle lby oai;) S &J . JP \IIITN.YE , I ContiFpt. ai O''ICGE-s.cthser th- Calptoa uir con; 1/oaLcs si llth SBeritldis lili iol tiial, Iltl be rallua/iktle for any debtscontractd by Ih. crew. .si:1 .lC COhMMACK & Co. P JU9K-Jii. 6l./is cel:or, 1l/50 plmiaI, guc. lIs. s!e by s a13 I.AYEIT &E .i -EIINUi,1 ll7o-,lu e n -i. I) iiihohldier, ('iecinuali slonktd, for nu'e is qnutlii i.Ta SIEK"r & IJ.\Wl'TIIORl, 3 f Grair itst. tut" NEW~L' ~r OItlal:ANS, CLEA.RED SATURDAY.-15-th.l l Skip Serwirdwe t, Chewile, Liverpjool, C Ogden en-.carg 1792 Ship New 0"l",,,,l Wet her, L~iverpool, 8 ,1.3 P Witney Cargo l1505 bile cotton, lluequ e lis. Louisa, (tpe, 1;uws and a arket, A Calmat S' ea- carg, 275 fates cotton, 2'51e beg. moorr Brig Rupert, Rankini " New York, Bailey A Ibllolt-csrgo 1911. B 1-g Omeor, Itnnve, 1lnvann,, W Porter-crnrgo 1,7 hhds home,, 60 boxes pork, 3285 keg. lrd, 3 came. huts, 60 nest. cask.. Sekr Eliza ton B sqnlbtwt, alttaumra, Cdpodlloille . co-carr gro 20(0 bbl. 4-,ire J, 33 b'. pates,,,,, onionls and eheifae, 20) cases codfish, 50 kegs lard, 100 cases red winle, 200 sacks corn. Schr Js W Caldwell,~ Noyes, B Dloria, J lowland-cargo,, asserted jiunW'Inns, procsrie,, a a. Sloop Mayan,, Park. , New London, mustee~halllt AlUl.IVE SATUII.DAY--l5th. Towboat Fbliciana, W-,od, from the ,se., toweod to the anchorage, Iwrtcn -a Manto and Cella; brought up ships Bir mlingham, and Ann Ma~ry Ant{. Left the* Pass on the 13th ofl I I we, 6 sips and 1 barque in thle ufliug; several moil in the river, vi, i si p,, I barque, 2 brigs, and 5 or 6 schemer,, Ship Brmingham Neeblll, Mobile, to Helene, S' Mills-in Ship Ann ary Ann, Clark, Havre, to master-1-R ballast. SemotClinton, Culver, Onllaclltt, to mast,,-cargo 2 bales cotton, Danliels a (;oddmon; 22 do and 3 boxes tokureo, A Mauran & co: 31 bales COLtoo anld I lot pIEllries, II IAleenc. `err 5:h·'e, cotton, J W Sul, ctrl; 32 A Ledcee &n ca; 207 do Burke, Watt l ca: 19 do and sundries tn order. I:'Htsengell , Judge E:·sin and lady, ;Mare, ladly andl sister, Dunlop and A mily, Messrs Bell, Copley, Sep, Continua, Browrn, `Withers Mall-eon. MlcDaniel, l'mmilitoo, l ace,,,,, Davis, l'utorroa, · E Davr I Block, Smith, LIaddl, and larvelnce. - Pteembont Geo Collier, Taylor, St ILenisr to master-csrgw Sd bhhls pork, 38 bIales cult,,,, 50 Illiit; toacco, N & 3 Dhk K' U right; but.. cottonl, 42 hlids tobaccon, Ilrauder, McrRaee It wR'riht; 19 hales enilon, I I bkds tobacco, oeprran. Wood &a ; 4110 sacks Carl,, Layer & Amnlong; 7(11 do IIef~urd & Bar g~ef cy; 125 do Sommers it, Alexanderzi 140 packs doorr skinls, J A Merle a' co; 701 pig. lendl J It Field J- c; 2',1 snicks corn, 1 h~hd tobacco, j (- A Prk; 4 bnlcs deer skin;, W 11 Sumner ' & ,m; 2 hhdsl tobacco, J It Grnllnm: I blox mdze D. ighl & Teahridge; 23 packs pollticis T R Hyde & Broths 34)7 pipss lead. 104i' i men, : !)t:Dd oats, 3 [,him and '0bdlk hafgi bef,19 do~po~h, 12 Maakn tobaco, 62 dos fowlsto order, Pnsengpers. Messrs P Darlr, Gallahecr, V B Waldron, J Richmnond, H Smith, Pugh, Wing, Jew,,,, J S Jnnee, J C Veiyhhl, Savarese, Gen Ilarriaec, Tunnln, 1'Urdloy, C G Johnson, Dngnihe. S~teambhoat AfnjeIie; Johlnson,. Portsmounth, to Ifogert& Hawu thero-cargo, puit Itbl pork, J Veirig I co; 971l hbla flour, 75 t~a bacon Damerin ' ca; 43 bale, cotton, Dl endergast; 3-111Rl hhela'tnlecco. & !lardyv Stea~mboat henanWindld, Coats' Bluff to Tu nelr d wood rnP--eargo.'IR Rules cottn, 2 deaijnbhur, N J'Dlek & en 79 batles cotton, I-rmulsr, Me 'enla ,r' Wrigpht 'S d,, O Wnm1; 205 do Mnrtineaa Cruge-rT· c; 1118 rk J D Plnllchs A. c o; If, do Cartithef4, Harris & saw r,3 pm it. pellrirr, 2 h1.1, snag. tied sunirics.o wnr· on heard; I be 'wis'e. MH JClark; 2' pack.L pel~rks, A W l It At haler. Peesrclger;, C'apt A F'lock, T II Affray, Cliche, Martrin, It ,a ~rtn l~n~vCl~el Hami'let, Peeun,, Duty, Sherman, Rcnuir, Mlrs 8 'inkwell, Ni. long, Block, IfOHand, h'iellolne,, Evans, pogo, 'I bo'na',n, Dee· krry, Campbell, minooc*, Fllepwleic, M 17 Pge and lady Par guaon,OgdeniPH 1POP 1.Hd.FndY--l - Towboat Lion, t. -Diddio, fin ti e Pasno. toweld to t),. Its,, bri Criterion, Sickly, Commissary, Energy, and aeltrl.Mllj brought oil ship Perdonnnt, barque0 Lousiaina Red eel, Belies.; several eassels in the offing. Via: ship Globee Dunlop a··d otters, nanfe ullknown; nothing newl in the T·Ier since the last repoet Tewbontpnrploinr, Dlavie nfem On Prosper towelI to the an Outragep brigs Chnetc~v, Ilrcnmu, and ech Forrest,,, Lett the Pass on th·-I~th sill amn. brought top ship Yollivllf a td Rich munJ" rep~orts off the bar ship RachalP and a nfrc cb ship ankuowpn; several sail it, the river; towboats Hudson bal Pd Paal Ship RichmV''l.Lond, Lenard Afwile, in balls!, ShpVailluttt. Fable, Hlavre, 4) days to P 0 Sorti- ceegoagyaorted mdze". etc, to C G can and co; I, A Barbarin a~nd ca; Lala-te and Brullloere; Dueengo, N~let an,,d ea; I, It '`"'eeh; Co-ggau and Big-tatr; II Neworta,Df Dejar, Bnnnche and Fmrre; AI Coal' on; $.ole tied Barrie , J It. tlet, P Lou Ills; I~niubetb andl Thompson; J If P1.-Id and co;i T L Q. nit . A - londeita~lx; Quo, do ad Alhe I; c, I, I, I.Ohndia end co; Cuba- I -rid Selh rtllci I. 11 McC. ty; A nolill; P G So Ile and to; Bonla:d and F a eats G. emir, II-Bnnnanbfl A Senncal; Loaw, Meg a and ra: A end 3 DIenniirtoas 8 amt cc; B L.Cn te, Drlilraaa and Ill~ntrirul; A Pay. nail eq; C Be.. rmd co; 1, Pi Jimr; \W-, tone Mies Boyer; Ga. go and Bnchem;l Scncal andl Cewcbois; A Alo ct; 50 Delc y and co; Hlodge·, Oxnw it avid co; T O Beoe,; 31 Dcjnz, Passengers, A lodeli$ DIellder marl 3 chit herl, andr se s'1. Medanll St Amon and dlulg to , Madamln Hick, andl daughte . Miss R rigid , Mies Lemai e, Me Paullin, Feine, L ,cu, Becheor, We ten, closetl, tied 5U noe age. Ship Perdonnnt, Ingersoll, fmn I.iwe'peaol, Ictilr Feb, tl It C' Camlmack-cm go, assorted role, to T W Cl;,,-. I and J Cur roll, Kohhl, ,Daon 1,1,1 co; Kennedyp Durell··Inl cu; locotnh, Richardsl and onr; _11 Mc('ll; E Mnlillrd; St tron, Avery and ca; IV Vance; Colt slid co; By rue, Stilrhd co; Al F Dignra and we; Bre tolinaCklt, 4th fm Apal~achicola, to nlnster--ergo 50 cask. rice. 25 hales cotton, uud 211 kegs butter, to Tureen and~ Woodruff slid Ew~lmn and Blrothers.. Pns\Rilgelr. Crowell, Bruwl ry\iliun, \unl, 5l.s. uruer, and 1:1 slcrrge Item S cllr Creole~fn Coast-enan I'0lfhdesugcr, too de-,. Stenlmhnor II diceo, Scot, At Louis,. to master-cargo 12 I110 -pig. lowllland suable;io, f irrilnd shies, to J A Mrl. , cor; 11555 ;Webs con;, \V 71 Sumner; 424 pig. lead, Hedged~, Ohxiurd & ca; 115 woks corn, UllVIr lln heardl; I:; bllds, 2! calra s and I hex balcon, 3,7; bill 5 lIanl ties prk, ;S kegs lard, R Greet,, A co;ll 2A kegs allot, Stouter a Alexandle ; 4 blld, tuhoeco, IV\ C An. eel; 8 hhds tobccon. 231-1 rks claim, 3 kegs butte~r, llefitrd & $nrgenrrfrv; b7 llllIr perk, SG bocceno hiliar, Lai it & Amclullg; 23b1;1.a lards, oerpytl. (;noad wi in ,, -- 103 rocks ..,is 1 do brasr 1 hill do. 10 hhds onclnilhur r al,;" hhdx Ilolon, J V;;rla & co,; Ii 1 e r c leer skrin,, t Poetic;'; bozos 1 1111 3 A Menrritt J" - o; I;; sac!;,Leah, 7 kegsrF buster, 25 kegs lard.. J Ersrkine; 31- halo, cola;,. \W J .Kart. Steamboat Gune(;U"Es, \I 4s, '1' q·ahIIht, to enteUlr-;,-go 102 1, 1, a tone Buke, Wmt , a 15 Ilurkkner, Slant -n &d co;; 1'rm:chl. I N & E Teri]; I Illlllitt, r$biplp A' crn; 4 A ,, j Derl Ilirtoull; I Lee &k Ilarrily; 4 IlnFgin. Nhe~n l c 21 'I alublll· & Dlllllill; 1,righ, Alndelax e- co; 1 hex mdze, llpl leshu s nnml 'a~'; i`O do Kluia a Shroud; sunldries, IV Ne'vcoln I, and S5 \V Oakcy.· I'urrcelp e e, Alc.LTe Islay, Dodge:, JIUIP)y; Ia, borough,1 Craig, and Cap) Heise,~r Ste-eh- el Cliborno, Balrrett. Viek.,b-gC to Kelly, Magian & co-cargon 1261 bles caste,,, Ita,;lia, Bllilp & co; 1+'5 \W. Ile get; 112 Lere ; Ifardy; :9 Reynoldslr Ityrnr & co; 24 N & J Dik \ co; OS Luneknlr. Simian & ern r; 17 !tier ., fteevrr; 15 Bulrke, Watt Ill t it, I tan .;ia Ilaignn & c.. Posrrllel~rr, AI e G le, sste ati Il](] Ai Gles and "l act t tt. C C Data croi T SuramlltlEralll. Stermiluat Despatch, l';, et·I-.00J. \· lllliliionl I. leeln" eargd 419 hidelr, J (: ý e, nodl; `5 enddira, ,I Adam.; 2; 7 lid..r sttg:,r C 'Panchen; 94' h Iides, J B 'lauehc; 217 Miles.l·F 14001 see., G.7 lds etIgee, I' Depend,; 35 rolls Icntkler, I box booksr I trunk, rlurtrinpec. Ilernl:re & o; 1,6 Ihll!· coltoul, C '1'alo dann. Pi,,engpe;,s A Cal,;-hel'cl, A dIUulllll g, J \\.-IIlIICP, Watts'.n, J G ;toward, J G S haw, \ V 1) llonnrrd, At Casten. Sleamiaiat Sh~tkepe r e, Lee, fort~lmouth11 r, to master·--rare, 911 belt bidls beef, J (:ilea.~ll: 97 Ibis beau,, IS Derwin 110;II hillsa hickey. J Caudil; 111) do Orrin d Mignlon; IOU I l J Vai rut co; ;NI d Isolatlors, Fel·Fllun t Parke'l; 50 do apple.IP I ferry,, KRcllr, pg A o; t i'77 Burks oe t' Ae o t00 Luteas colt ll, Kick;,; ;;; Baser. a ye; and rl rlllllrir", to or \W~ Wilson, WV A flarr-till'd, L llear, It SLunole olr S Jacobs A 11 Illin'ns', R 'chomp.....n St eamboat Curren,'ilrilalar Olielousas to eaater-mein 205?O holes cllo, A Mllauriu & co. 35 Ima,-gorrrt Spaniards fat, titsalmboat Semaphore, Hafrtnn, flpolour;,·, tos mnter--c.· 9. L''19 hlea coltnn, 1 7i daI ,I nl stIlpnre 5 hle cotton, C Tollrlann; 59 T Barrett Wad cl o; 1II Iihd, sugapr, C Atlanta~ and eao. Passrbtitters, Mrs Johtllll, Ai\r Pertro;lch, Rte~msat Sten ha~noaa't Ilafoircr, to I~ esngr. Plle - Iii,:' .11 and ,onl J 1,,c, J {Willie; H1 (fare, I.'l''al or, 1,I Iluliiho, A \Vignndd, L . ''oilliow; Gales,( Ineiil JIorr1 Hllis, l'regn Martrin, Airs Need, Dlcudc, J J .I.d d , oil trcil. Lanldry·, J o (iot F(;r ael, rDelnld To clair, G Bomar, 3ertrsndO O Ferre~l, J thew;;,. Chonllnc·e , Bcdesky, Dlarmillla,,, S Folrc, Dufiha, A Golreaua, C Delius' Twso barges, Wan'!, Big Black, 727l holes -cot ton, Dfr'tl ,, Plraraat· & on; 119 Iluenranan, Inyln & ca; 56 Brander, . Dc Ken ,Wih !il u emra c;.5Iaht lompson; 195 Burke %'dit ' en; 190 N a J Dick & cc; 11 T Barrels , ra;35 N&"E Port, All Herm an. Briggs , cEo; 911 Fnretall, High ., co; 35 Leigh, Maddolx A' m; 4:5 Al White ,t co: l30erivol· & Paie; Si I i"", & Strrvevr; 15J Y Iln?.lir.; 6 T Booneville; 24e Lear." A-~ Dernluue; 42 Iullitl, Slip &· cc; 13 4 flat boats, Laker A" Alexandeor, from Trigg ca. Ky-- cargo 216 Matls tobacco, A 11 Wallace & co; Robeson, Woodl .{ eo. 2Iat hoalr., Itilry end fin Mry TeI dtlbo l ca.' ih nsmn-; · . aro A9:bales cuutn, to Ma~rtin, Pleasant., .' co Ansdrew. A" Brothers; 1. ock'Itrt, drrot & co; Rubceew, W8ood A' co; Kiirk Two plat boot,, Jnnusrvr fu Morgan anld Lime Stour, co, Alubsma--.ergo ion Ln;lrs cotton, Giullible r lurrmh; Kirk eaul, Rossor a co; Leigh, M;;iddux & co; 5181 tin, I'lrueanl3 & co, I Satboat~llmmock, Smith co. Tenn---cargo 106 bkds to bacco, o N A- Dick A co, 1 Out boat Grave, Warren m. Ky. -cargo 60 hIhds to Lom TRIUE AMZERICAN OFFICEE. DI 3i fMD?3 ~mer} Ia naonaa'iaa atin th (l1iS UC is A SPLENDID ANDEXTENSIVE ASSOTMENT IF TYPE, FOR THE PRINTING OF Pamphlets, Blank Checks, Catalogues, Bills of Lading, Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Dill Forms, Show Bills, Steam Boat Bills, Circnlsns, And ecry drneri.lion atrjhJob Work that may e reqsuired. L?'t'ha raolatot ally etella tiro allhotiot of the puiblic to thes alatve a r, ( aol, ,byste tu oahrk introsted in his cm,. l all he /odce at tle atlarat notice, in a ltyl', olcurpa oed a n this city oand a t tha ,xaest ratesC~a ROOK SELLERS, SA'PATONLRS, PRINTERS AND BLINK B00K Mi INFtACTU It ERO ho. 34 ('hnltres.trIcg. r.Ink Lacks mroo dn e to arderd ruled tl o aantay eata. HOORK A'D 1(11 I'RINTING, Vac'utmd a1, ith a' ntic/e- aod deepnrl. n1a 5 * L(I kU-fit ha kolaaig Io 'te ti,ht Selmt Itdl for solo by J~l la 'o \SIILtN, C lct t illt t a - 5j tSala c laadaf1 It.Vt\ O-I 114 l<ac; anal u 5. ni a nts. ]din o to; From itI I-lln l :,11.1 lilT J:IIP by a13 Xl.') I & JIYIItNI 1 laS aac~tpitaalaa at. al)~~i4 t ll all tI'.II *aa-I0a ((a t dlua at3 MtsI.(() Ill ll\E: 1: 'I r I P1 Ianlaast. RJ 0 )c7 s nokt tent of i lim 5 from +it to f ft liltlr i nl -,,~ a qoatattilt ofLat~t lt±, coa 51 05 l ep ata . ho, it) 12 tilt I itlt' t\(\ (;n, " 1h7, 00' tloa'alto (000 r ('0 fil ati rld h-la ocne aill a' LI BY WM. FLOWER. _ ILL. hI soald at the bCxchager, corner of Clhartrs Aod $t, Louis etreet., on edatturdna 15th aot, at noon, the Mgbra toy ROBIN. abourt 11 vears old, nu ac tive, well knkilg tegrelnd it sold with a full gunrln tea evicts auadnitaludirqlirescni e 1 by law. 'rntsht.h, " . n14 ICSSIN(;--Suppolaed hnvs-beau sent tloughl Inmli take Sp or fromass Bro.trnl toston, to soae of herconsinees, faurltunadleso nfBeives, inirked Staoe. Field & Marka, St. Louis, care off. Bailey, New cr. leans. Anty person hanvia tlema is his possession, will confer a favor by giving information of thle same at No. 25 Gravier slreet. : a14 L JOSEPII COORAYN',. ' H4, i4subscribers have on hanl checked end striped Sginghlsmswo w hme.n n' wliteoad ilinehose, unlls' halthose, ansorted Mnlzuliltuia hdlkfs, 5-4 cambrick and a variotv uf tother goods, which tilte willsell low, for coah, or'for good paplr, at short data. a14 O HO."CAMNMACK &t o. 65 Gruovier st, SEECOD IDS OffI.O'S AT P NSACOLA. T IE sceatnl sale of ilots itl the new city of Poacao In on lMounday the first day of May next, Under the dir;etihn ofW\ H Ch e, Acting Tl'rste of tthe Pensa cola City Caotlpnay, Late Lad Ciompany. 'he conditions will be is stated in the advertisements flr the sale ot January Inst, viz:- 1-5 cash, or cduraerd Iapers at 6 months, with in tefcst. 1-5 in oa ne er, 1-5 3 i tw years, 1-5 in three yeem , . withouiintterest. I-5 in tiur years, • , Full titles will hegiven to purchasers;but the notes will ear mortgaie until pnid. Tlhe last payment willi he retittetd onsauacl ot a shall be improved witlit oltn year front tlie dlay ofaile, by a eubata'ltial Iiuaso, not titan L5'fet tfront, by 2itfccgii drepth attd of two storie high. Further pgrticulsrs will bo made known on the day ofadle, nd distrilbution mudt of explanatory maps an catalogues. W V.JI. CHASE: . U. .ROBINSON, Trustees. HAS. AUG. DAVIS, Pensacdla, Feb. 14, 1837. Note;--Mps ofthe city of Pensacola. and the harber of Pensecla', are exhibited at tIse rcade Exchangs llaatzine street. a13 1110 D)LL.A RI REW ARD, 1 L T I e pid for the apprehension and delivery of -V ' Negro Boy' CLAIBOtRNf,. who abseondtld from my plantation, Millkin's Bend; Louisiana,.in Octobter last. ., e is inlaot 5 feet I11 or I2 inches high. has a yellowi'ih appearance, rather slim and a very intelligent countenance. Whoever will lotein said by injhtil,so a ust lie can Ie found, shatll bId . etairle. l the above reword on iptlication to Bark, \\'att i C(:o. lie has beena saon lately at tsl IltnilroaIl. '2 l12t PI'' MAILER. RADFORD'S complrelhnsiv.e At,, Contains sev enty-six Miaps and Charts, (heogra hien I, Histor ieal,nadCimiiereial, with ge rearsl views of the w,,rld, and the. diltireut nountries. iGeoloy, Maoun tains, Rives e, Minernal, O 'cans, Mannera,.usltoms, Gnaerumeta, Ileligiti, \-e. Ae., illaust'ate by hlahs aid mi'tiahs, the whole IIriq a useful woak for resfeences, or gertral istnru'ation. Also, t.hpaoaT''eeas, for sale at 21 Ctalrtres street, by 015 IIOTCRKISS &Co. REW\VARI). STRAYEI), or Slein a fro overnor White's house " sin New Orless, ont the uiplit o thile Glii Apri., a rlight sorrel horse abotlt 8 years old, fiteen sod a Il al or sixteen landl, high, a star,lit is believed, on his fore Ilhad, form r tiher lreidir, not vicious, but cepable o sitch spirit sml ashon, a gptl trfie.r, occustomedl to ithe gig and had ot wlhea lost, a saddle and bridle some whelt . rn. A lilber l recompense will be given flr the restoration ofatheltore iat Mr. llill'n l.ivery stiblt in Psvdran et. or for inftimation left at this oilier, hicth wili lead to his recovery. np15 ?r ~ ENi. on ithe 17th Mrlechl, four Granite Pillars, SfroIn the centre of(attimier Street, oppseite the New Fxehaner, to thie depot, ba being in controventlin to thle presalt ordinances. aa The owner is reqtteOtSd to call andl irotatc)rapet, tiny chitarees and tlake themn awav,n i ior iCefie tl.lttiitof Aptril, r they will sol' at public nuction by P C on's, ptblic nunliioneer, at the depot oplho-ite the Mitluiilal Ilhll at 5 o'clock. JOFIN PRICE, Commtissary let Ward, elS Ild M1u\Ii,'iptality. RY IIRWlIIt1T & CENAS. iA.\LyitEs' IDAMA.\GFI) CORN. .T ILL be. s hldIi ti lay .th it irat 11 'ciock, on S tile tI.evc pp iniht .lulSl silte 1111()i LAGS CORN, dlanmted on Ihealc tu Bl' nt, N,. 1, I lolb master, andI otll for tclOllutt oif vil it iiy concern, in Iatl to suit ptrechtavir. 'rcr:c ('nslr. 1.5 E/5t .(st;lt, l'iict,t.atl I..on, eartut \i'luia~ec.- l.110 blul.+ superb Fbmiri 3011 Ia itie ntud priitte Pork'; let0 kegi' Lard; 20 caski Bacon; 3110 blls Whiskey, for SCle at 44 New I.en e by al, G DORSEY. Allo, h. iui sttq a.ity gar. S L-.. Will-be teadv to occ up by the nsiihle of next week, ta Inw one Ltort housie wt ith a two . rv stry kit'ln hnwih n11s lhe nieeessrv cotvcoi li2es Ld Ille t" ist l vel V dei iriblie teceillliryee iir ii ii.ll nili nintetc it SI. Jn leleit ireet, botweena -t Caire t lI Cnroudieaiid lt, tt1, to J toI'T. If Al) I'lt'I, Ih ST'l'ING \VWll EFLS, &l, 7lill* subscriber hbt now atlachld ti hi' satllo '. works, a veryr apveriior imchile for dtrta in,. timi pipe Ile will b." Ihpv to r'eceive orders .andlI t. liy ial watinltg he alile tit as reasonlab e a price as is Cnll be had ul r ny minunficmrv. Also oin had a large iupplv ofintl.roved lloistina machlines, warnmtted lir.t rate, .boeap fitr cush, or giiud paper, by] al5 'td .JI OTT. Altl) & B .\CON'fur sole at 41 Nuw IL.rve, bI • -nl0 G D"1,1S.-LFv. tl~shliAC Ii iiltllNsiie'-tl Iit t1 poi.u at very lrIduced prices, to iloe' sclis iy 13 Gi Jt)llINON, lid C(ommone t. ltl.)(l+ --'it) tls CiCinciitiihBakers btanud,intoricie • 13 I Ot;it:ll' & IIAi 'IIORN,83 GraviIeret. enle Iv tii. t n eiulei. r, .535 ibls eals pluukt 188 do Mess do. 70 'i Ptrime t,; 14, dol Chimes. i a13 I YOKt(i: & IlltOT'l'lIEts, 55 fbamp St. Al .]it-370 pdime No.1 leaf ln rd, in Store and for m13 a BrOGERT& IAWlTHONf, Ct Graie, et. Jt, T)lDrov. bratod, of file flator, fia sale hy ,13 l3(IWiIFIT & IIA\, 'TlIltRN, 3 (i trvioer st. jPl1At ADA 1 'aI '·..- tilal4 a t f uttinnatent luInaga 'inr, iu store nod for sale by a13 - lOGEirt'l' 11AWTIIIRN, 63 Gravier st. IAVrREK,-dt Iluanles rorgu nazo printing papte, in I store and fr satle hy et3 BlOIifB.T & IIAWVTIIORN,63 iravier at. ji'L( )1J1t7.lath bla Inaadiaa f, out oncaner Vandalia, ,lid for sale at 26 Poydras ot. all J VAIRItN. -tIllTl:.ltEl- FIRE-lR'Ap+ t For sale at S3 50 ' enats each; at the crner.of Poydrasa nd 'I'cauol-. itoulas street-, by all Iw S, E KIP. JtEC.IFIED WIIISIKIY-t-It0 abis tiar sute by I at l G I)DORI{EY, 44 New Ievee. Also 100 bbla Flour landing from steamer Melliato SEEF--21 hnrrel nod :137 hulfdo family Beef, just received and fir tale by 'JR IIY': l)E & IIROTIHERS, a7 corner Co aniln and iMagazinet ss. B AlNS-50 harrels Dettus, in store, just received, and for sale ay T. R. HYDE & BROTIIER, a17 corner Common and utal zine ots. Tni~)ltAf r loll attoo t'ietaao, muitable for the 1 lexi-un murket,, f," Iv n7 if W Ii. L I IYA N, :16 old I.ver. if KEY, Bacon Iatt t ad Latter, for ata iy 7 ' 13 _G. DU1RSEY',44 New L-ev;. OFFEE:I149R bags sul .ei'ir green t I sun Ita l" t:lnlllii' ex lnnliSh h ig Alejiadito .500 bag jairtote itnrofl.e i.rtllret lald i Lte sold low ii lts It uait purlceantseratt2 Conmmonl t., It v a15 BIRIN9O, STIFF : Co. rTlO RIENT.-- dweillhg, coint.iainig four al"3 S& J P WI IINEY, 8 Conti st. I'II'F.-- Ibls primie b,,'1i 21 Ib,1 jowl'; 9 bblls ll white bcanI; fr sale by lJ.AIIA 1ji", 3 4'2 P'oyidror strreet. I tItE JJIC 2- tJsart rcceivt',aid,'t I ,raar..s oi very A fresh l.imeJie J . . I I.'ONNAI EL, a3 Crler of Natchez tr Tethoupitolhats t FUt ICER,-19 tg, tort rriae-fat tattla uoe. I tr Ssale by a3 (i. JOIINSON, 92 Ctllllnnnt n t. I It.-t0bbis Pottmc Iletinogs; t30 b anld oalf - bhls Shad. in prim condi ti. aFo rstile by n3 i. J0)ItNSeN, 92 Common sat. T. II:N fUCKY BAGGING:.--90 pe r gorod, Sfor sale bly Gi. J NOIINO N 92 Comoann at. A P'1 ES.-r f t blsheltrs dried A ptrs, eond artiT, . in t tore and fhr sale by GRIIVOT & PAIGE, 1t3 tt Povadraa street. Saa3 ;RIV+.t'i & 'IE, I' Plvaats Et1. AIL ROAD IlltN--In store, at rmatll lrt f Rail 1 RanaJ lrol, for sale att5 . l0l t.rt.e L. bv all finn I .ATON & Co. ' W AtTS, (ix 'trta, \'lerels, Drayst. \ he, Irtih, ' and Vood Ihlrrowa,-A sapll tt juast "eeivedr fraom Philadelphia, of Vaod': omnlaofacture, in staore and far sale at 36Cnlnp aitr ct, Ly alt 1' T:ITIY . 110RTIAES. (N)IIN--t15i tr, Inaes, lan troat a fiat aat, antt far Iale at 1l0 Tthoutailouhlns t. by a ll I ,TR C alt. S.\VSEgR-- r..t I lalt - Hmyl--v.-..r, craitable for at ship orstafhlntoat, ii atore and for satle ly BOa;EtT & IIA\V'rHO11RN, n13 ft Granreeer-t. ai 3 1ht'' tl- Vs Vntatnaan Ntoublc broo a sto.tttin pi ltrt a i n Iq nllt, far ale hvr a1:l BOGEItT & IAt\WTIIORN, 63 Cravir let. (I ININNalTI itl;ON--va.v oUtplcrior, stla nad is ttore and foa r sale a v , 1£ IA T VW ' &A)EIUNG, 17 Commerce tit. y stI l rainer & letr lan fI sale y ANII.IN;, a1:1 17 Comlll Ier.i it. B Ic o N - ';:, b l 717e , -,, ed,, l - h, -,, , l::nd lngi l ru i" alan iat tal.atllllckitnannad fair sale by e tn tt J I t l:. VAIRIN, 2ate 'ovtraat st. L £C'I'IFIl"i VlIIoKI,.Y--l75 llt latatdiag fran rste tancr Caottalltao, fir satio bt nl- ' DIORS:Y; a 14 New I croa . N VIIIS~vI". -lU(1'ta.l rerctiatal Itattlint ttd Oar s,.la Ibv alt (;i ORStY, 41 New I ene. for tsle at 3er 1 Nat w l.ev, by a al G r)OR1St '. I-ttHItIK..- 'al t lI ntae fatr ratle by a4 n; I)DORSEtY. ,11Nc,t t.a-" r, CAILRULt.TOi N iiOTEL. TillS csmtnlihnlnt is illn a staore of renal e l. Ibr lthlcuerolalodution of such famlillCi us eoit be disnposel to mas ihte rn pproaehill or..atn it Calrrolln. 'lThe lintel tas race ,ily hIeir newly frnlishled, especially the chamners which are ulrge andll aiy; Ithe elubiity ofClrlnllitlu must I olbvi oils to anil whol visit it. 'lhere is attacheld to the 1-oel, otn of tho mliost extelnsive and splendil gardenscl in tlhis section of the unlion. The tables illt supplied iu tihe most Ilieral maninr with the host of the New Orleans Mlulket. As tie superintaldut caull receive only a lit toel nufo her offlimilice, it mayi' be well that tppliatiron should be uile as carly is pioseible. upl0 ftr A CARDttu. M f It. WILLIAMS, the Engli. h Oculist, inftrms the pillic that he is arrived l t Mirs. Wo elaster's pri vuloe boaiaiihg hlroue, Neo il, Cunllaltreet. where Ire iloV Ile cosrlaltad lrom IU tol 1 rr'clock, ty any nlties lindl goiltlclran aillicted in thlleir eyes And carts andi will also gJladly attend til tile crasers of tile ailOr, Fgr'llas, every ly at n2 o'clock till i to 6 o'filo'dk. He wiH l ci eoirenl to visit anly nged or illifoin persoaia whlo irrepile within tihe limit l othe city, on receiving one iney's notice bJy cl ter,ceOaillng addiress, auid t five dollar bill, when he will attend oil tile seale, ora tie following day, Ietwren 4 oandr lo'elock, od give Ili candid opinion on tihe rose. Entroance by the arivate dour of No. II, neat before the Drnrgit'r elhopr. .It is Iisa intenltion to leave tlldr ity an tile ltt of May for Antchez, whence ie will go on thIe 131 ill i Vicksblurg, thence again fohr Memphis on tlhe ilrbh, hence eor Lolisville olie ln 5th of June eand thence for Ciocillllnti on tihe 17th N. It.--A sccolnd edition of Mlr. Willinam' Treatiiee oa the EYE arld EA It, dedicated to their Mljestira tho Kirgs of alit, t'ranch, alld tlrl Ielgiant, (301) lageas in mo.) mell be hInd of tie Author, at New Oricans. Price, $'., nol10 PEARL STREET IIOUE.I:, CINCINNATI. new A frmfaoierlunl . rl1HIS extensive and well knrlowal estbliehnen T (corner of Pearl nd \i nilnart staole) hbring been loaned by hie sibtlcrilcr, he tunes pleasnure in uunoun cin t ttlhe imlblic thlt the whole interior of tlo Ibild lng-has been refitei llInd reiairced--shio innir r tiowly flrniihed, painted and clinnsed--ord that it is now in rcoenple.e order for tell rception ofboarders. T'oie subscribr ceing fllv aware of rlegrelt dnsire of the itizenr o havn at leasort one FiRST rA'I'E (iOTFi. t in tle city, hbo na-e tlnus fur, nor will lelpare either ilaber or expf'ree to brira uIout tlie great deasi eratulo. Ilea table ashallin~oriablyv e iupplied in evi c.y variety, with the bestthe moarket nllirnls--liiRiEnr firniholed with thiae cniest irles and .iil o rtp-lii sleille a nil llllalale s bet i ant al ad leln--untl pluiity of ewrvl al ntill rait ill tlcS hel ill waiiling to give llaromlit ttlertiarn tIrdl. innalllt r of tie cnr.tomers. lie is iuarlicularlr well trovided for the nconllooda oion of 'atliliios, iris .usa r cniolI tintr large vantlbe of Pranrour.- wilth ald ror ri alttanclrcdi lie will lave n'arriagcs nird honre at all rbilm ill res dinease to convey his Iaaalae'rs or, usiorrtisn ti i ir ao. rivel and dtpurioniefrce of expense, to aid froo Soteel anid Canl oaats. lIe hoies thoit Travellers aind o therill irne hier ai callr and jadgefi oft is nor noaialrs Ir tllensetolvon. on this a ;Ihe onlv Ine tld by which Ite lmerits Qf his (stablielini a il li e atisfoetrril e Iesied. GEOItGE EIfGll ELBERGER. Circinnari, April st, I 37-ti1: a1 SILKt AND SA'TIN GUOLIe A' iCOS'I'. TIlE blenoe of the snock of silksond lsatins of the nh eriheir, will be dioiosaul oa t actu ali cost in New York. 'lchere are renlritrig, n few pieces of reih ligrced set irs; alain and iiguireal el. silks, It suerior qariliri; dio gros idle blnck andl cllloir-; jet aid Iiue blk tgros de Scwis and Itliaa silkc; alao, n very fow Frenchi aold Irish I, lo. dosiron o.f p.r..oaig will find it naivantage ols to cell at 7 Calil sratre t'.aneur Iloval. a5 " I I'II.EY. rll[l' sualrnserlal r i now opering a supply oif newi l oads, raee'ive'I plr sleil I(eiitllcky anl lihrko. way, Iri.,r New 'orlk, Icoiistia i iniaprt of tile folluw 7lllb Frec llrhrinedla irkonem, Ilai nord snloi fncel, atew title tri; giai-h otownr.o ilver s•ripiitd oe a spitri. dFr article; light collred It'tglir h ehinz.,ll gt re Firanl h eilorikv; sila r t cal.h ah'ri , niid oa o hal' Ir e lrirk li nd r Ilrt airhdaik., alarirl lll-tia ica rd le tI.r b ra r cil aad el'd; lllrrr silk IhdklbaR sitI Is a d ina .nrfo. sRla ir iard barahia silk Io, Alsoa tint rlieorio Iahkf.if eo t rta lo'rW al tic pio alllll, rallllzr , ot i rll ir ' Id lll l r I tare Ilihtllat. Alsro icardson's a. pei r so i fnsI Irish iriaes. ITha aane will, ninaay other goota ,log Iaaea n seaect oad al areasl frill thel city reaaah', aaraad aIt olfer I o r l tnable tcraiS at i 7lararal sinerotainr f rala, b N . !)1-111 ha ll-icaili ll .lllois llai I.TZ-., ho-ier Il uud S" I'Ai' t lii.lhNA. \.A--.I'arishrII t'raarl farl tiae. I 'Irio iaett ( ita of Na ()iilaroa .--I Iharl' V terli f' i Ihll: tIll Jiiliti:l t, ,il :ll , :/,17 jlttdgntll a· Pea ". c I il fiti (ouaaar it, ahe a11r o -jaaidnie Lai s a niheT vs. her aiash aill th le wollrda Illrli.a res r Illa' o il li e, so-\ it: "hiralaaota i wa- i ail-. a at e a tk r ,naare ah.Cel. "l'hol1 rt h h~~il. -'atihli-ain a fkorl rile o tl lilr hat te litfii aatla hasaa li aa e -a ,IIIr aa aiall liroil ah', nni lire; i!. o;rui IrInllhlinlnlCe aiahh aaiilother Iw aotllahan Iliri ail aa, h a 's araled, 3 ja-'i,11 ' aiatl aooi',r id tail, li a ag aai of r iraf t aa.laaari in'aaa a Iaatlvor oi " Ira' ta1aaat , ilthra tile I'aon :al of tIailaaaaut Ilahitla ,o a-xar Ia Iaterlllh ilei, plailia nna l dl.elataaiar au , liba ta ' , i io a at al - ad, and allllli-a alaallndal 1la rhe 110~ BA. UI 1.\'tI.ES ,IIAI'RIAIN, Fclrhtro' 4thll 10137. taige. C. Ian.,' 14,;. ho 1,..lilll,)lllV whelreoIf,1 v I tnve ereinl o tila t rat a i'ofN 'c l. a lna ,o l a ha na (I t atli r ia f laarcl, on hIIIe ",' ft- olf f l aar l aorl a riat iaa h I allat lhir rred aIdlld haitr-.rotl oaan Ihe six,' -fths yamar rattirr'lc-irnepadance of Iaile Unilrt 'ialias, a II. . GItYClnillt)naepy Clrk. J a n v i vr , 1 ti, j a n t miut l i t, , 1 : 0 1 Ce t a r a c - i nillle ( in r r ro . olil atl ''-Iaz co ntraa f o :ir lOas ttlra a nifl:lil'a lilt a'e 7 llr hlhai ,l a' r ' lhrna l a ('Iaa llir . fatrCor rt,ftla ;,tiao l aa ht d' anonrea l ee t' arron . e e - ( bnl'lr lll aod' nll:11lllllllla(: llln ll i(.ile.cmO jll r ll e.-t rv cIuiiiii clnllrlt. glll e (..o !).Ir." fliu lltllm r n toi lllP ql e sil rt.).sP . II '.t de. rr. tf, Pt udlil,(o," qtr, tne jlvement i i,' dtar l.t sa i ot rit lllaiIllt rl i 'aait lll"leta a dPa i Ia g ra i'a. {IL, . ais alre raal aartarllan l rrat 'io i rrjrrlail ju. ri t itr'a i'sioi Clora-ar llr 'ala a -a'at t rot'llI llr aalaaati'allt re. o l arirolrri r. et lufnall6 a( t rtiue It+ t 'enil lir pliuntleh a iltin. eiagrar ClIl.IL.ES 1.\UI(IN, 4 Fir ier, 11137. Jiugs. C. pae 14, to fai die qooi, i'ai pool' te o du Coar ri-drase-ro atllra Ia rifle aie I.i NraVeralli-, i ir s c er Le(l jotr lde Mars, 1837, et lilr dA l'iaile nrladerence tes Eltnt,-L'lis. ,. . . 1. C.I. 'OI., lap. (;remer. IN ('IlCE-T-lhe itulelle a ittetity ,tttioned sod Swnetnod inut to Irade ft ur trlke an aoignnhlr t of the tollowing desrelibed pe.iotlii-ry notes, to wil: ''hlre o 0Peml v ni ottn , tsnt, ii ot the um11 o Irfan k ho ctis delle ultdrPl elutid hirtiv-ithre'e ilnr titihrt\-tIhree hied o Ianid elenl, daotled luh 9 alln Ai, 1li8, payable in tie I.llirinlci Ilnllk .iin New Itrl r ..: It, trt If aill iotts btnivOllille 10 eit oh 1 !ll d of, 1037: the seltnld ther 09l d oy AAlril, i.331: and the thred Ihe 9wh day of Alril, 139 tnld are a I nle tie P a ndvy Ililth, Recltt cf Icoiel Wilie la Coxe or to lia iel Pillilon telnt., nott retoiictedil; wi'ht seid Itires re sirnletc "\ illeint IV. Flrt,"' "Jilas ll. lirig at ;" tihe latter is Tuerelv Ihe reiety of the fOrnter, altizngh the nloies Ire jnihllind sn+evertil. Sit d oliea are Ilarp le d "Ne VOatull C'll the cnlleihe tin tl renl 1' failed, lanttI will ntiiteth e pna d nihe IeiI IttlIerigned ie ct t prllued iev la. Sail Nctes were give)nr fri trat ofticnd of thte BaitnttJ Riotge (alint, t hit, h was to 'on tnin 10 0 ar pet'll, aelt,1it hit on the ec) ecrh hank of tife Ouielcitl river, aeeordlhi to 1 digrtntl it, the deed lsato le;, rues t tcl is n elthr 1M0ni iraelis nor does the head of lhnd p. ilet oil tie Ouchitia t t ail. W. B. FORT. it. Francisville, April let I:'::5. _ i 5t cvrit er im w receiving per hrk Eullheratn, from New Ynork, n ileite it t stplerillr 'I'rnvellitg 'Trrnke, nfrom the Ittnlufelttry of Ollndo Williate a, to whomt i lhat heen iniarded the IIOillnu, ltithe thief of tle At, c riacn Ilntitlltte th ltet live cctis ir yearn, oeer tine beet lTravelling Trunk. IPersena deiattollt of ti tinhiig n ftrtt rate crtnirle, hotl ftr eonvenieaee and ttunrlbilitven wll as hetlltty of tp lleliraet, wil do we ealto cal und exalnilie Ihe at 7a Cotal llreet, necr Hot.d. 1,E FILLEY. I'. S Thlere ar. five of the samte p lttern, size anll ftlish, nd thle nite ill teery rtihullni. Int the one t ich otuiheld thie Prttllititt at thie Fair, in October t',t, tld whlichr ws sold by the uitnicrsigntd it few weeks .ilee, E. F. 'l'nE.\su: no'S (ityFleg, S:CONi) :l.l Cip tet.tT. On1'i(CE-- Thoa owners of Irolerly nascmrsed to pay the explenses f ofl nlri ile nllti illtprov ig tteets it this lnicipality,are initrmedl, thait ir. at tllitit lire. colto,jr. it pIpttilnted cal ecltr. 1tontllt ptlntent will Ie reqnired. lil - J. I)OANE, +Ilrenn.trer. lUietev tU l'oao LAaIF.rD- - SvECtONDE %t I NICIr'AItITE. a VIS.-l.e utprrttentai, es det 'errains atessese pour I.. ptver ler tIe i depense8 polttr I'overetre en lt'elieo Lnion dpe ries dttsen rte tIhN ill ilite eltlt itnfrern qer plr. Will. Ilneoe,, jr. nat tltttllee eollcctetr ins tivront payer ilietttdiatn tllt sttr ireseenttlion dte feur conipte, al J. I)rlAN, 'l'rt, rier. IAARA "lt,5, II E sdiPerliher tis jeL i recetteivtd trol tNetw Yiork 2 . cne of firctl Siiln t lartAltIi tf Iroeth mnni ftetr, itReashionittt colo rettr, 'ehith Ui e ofet'red lnt the Iw trie t"$3 75i cents enrach, at 7te( tttttl stret tler lioyal, by li5 G E FII.LEY. rF/IMAt N ulby th, eigtht tth otllton ttte niielit of tie 1 IOth in-t.,tl hany horse,t it t llil starrn n his frn" lead, ind a white natk ot the NIoils, n:so oea Crilll eaolo~reid lt , wittit ne white satr on his ftre head, bhill tail, the t(i hlitd fLeet htittil triu Itle ftl ek dOvwll, also lnie white |ltre° The ttWetItI of said IltIr ses are requested to rall lnd nrtive ipropeltyt, tey char gee ntd take titet avay, otilteti tht'v w il le sold at putilie uutio(,, ltthi ih"dI ittt, bl It CAitlltiltr, tLIe tioneer,. JOIIN PRCli, C.ntttitttnre let Wa-d, alt-' t tI lttilii lily, I)ROFOSAI., in weritilg ,tilr lte meived tutii the 10ith inst. tor dithtiltt the Lurvin; gronttd, tt the ftit of farld etete, ttl ifr pi,'khtitt thesitleaidtretarliltleOfttihattgt.inlt ad lett cratding anldcoverirl with shah0s, the walksa Ihoou|lltut tile grave yntrl. Proposal. to ht IiTt nt R M WIV ilittts' olfic, Mer. challis ' xhletatgt, Rollyal at'. 02 4t M E nsttl(:rler- ,iftttor fir saI;: tt %tcr low tt rlens fr ha.t, tile ftloiatt 7lioertl reelily received in etorr.tO011x Il llt:, ttn ars, 200 tierces riote', 20 pites ofI ioltlu:td tl. warvllrnted tllr; 100 I t t r tlaks of Itle.l.noa Sttrttwn S.tlrer; rti cackIh f \tfldeIt,01i t i ti litl i oe 0 qresr ofve jtilel m Ittt cWinle; 1i0 emitts of Ittlhdieilthih Iorter ud :\1, ; 50 cars e f MNtct' tt ll nr; 310 bahekets tf thanlgntpeg, fnvlitt Itrttde ; 40 Iltl" pipesl CiltcirI. gt llod ('elltne brall t ; 811 IIrar if round IrIhn; 40 ases o f hazrer'st elper, ne ltedI stze,; tlO tl tl ,iftrort4IIl ht des oal shlct [ia 30,(,tt Ftl:t lf 111'trt. e ihttlitt. J t ilEN & .1 CttIIEN, nt3 tit, ..ulii n trt, AST .4.'+11 lU .--Ih'tv l:i, alreta ole Ilpressedl Caiioil)r tCt'O Itt, i04 ti ildI tnd terv superior Ultieie i I ,tore anm t eir t.erh byi" , ll3 Io iitI '1&', &11-11 tIiA\'Ti 'tie) , 3(ruvitr.t. .1. Il' ItI bt; i=tI- c titet t te:e I n - ." al: 6. I!II +' ,, It No" Ir -. W 9 n ibrogh t o the police prisonorthe ed MIL.l, aslmt 40 yorto4 i of ge, ae waI to M,. Hnrrison. o e a Her owneor is orquested to conpl with the take ii'r anay. J' l8 e l -11 C "tod e tio "i ofu tt" . uy s The owner will proe property, pay e her away. H.r . Pa 1 acgRh all Captaino Connomlh. T'iar, owner will prov. pr r tO N, ges, and take hin away. F PI0HAP thn Sipnli , on te 2d stant, negro mnss t Benab.soot 3", vea8s of agea h , n o Achilo Corerllr. Th w ill proe toro charges, and take him away. F" t 8l Captain of AS brughtto-thepoice prisonof he 2ý S eipality, on ilia 2th Marsh . ot mlrin.e, .a eei :4 years or ale, ayes et bene helfor Idol. The owner will prove preoey , gee, nd take hin away. F HAlii .9 C8 of the A A n o ugoht othe police, porisn of tIe l Scipoalilty, on e the O ll2h r m re, amih Miles, alnot J years of nae, says h blongt Rozilie o. Thlle owner wii pirove p ta gas, and take hiln away. J PN HARnPR 9 a8 Captaoin nl he charges, and take her away. oF M tARP'? o8 CoiCptain of tiii W tol A rought to tie poline prison of tila c ipalitt on the ith March,n anro a Jo le lItry, isged about l70years, ofs ya eltto Mr. oner. lln. The ownr withl proe choraso, an d tak him away. 8 ` IHARj P naiCapaa of the Vatmk W A brought to the prison of thB thed Mniipad Elihe, 23o4 not, a Gri llnoon, whonapo2i self Charnles Lews, says he belongs to le Womp meow, loe i Ot)t ~ yars old 5y feet i nites aigy aThe own e will oorply with t la ownao e tis 0awns F. S. ilARPg, Wi.O'I MCapt. of tiar Wlar, AS kntoketnoip byr t. it watchr .t Sthe 23d mdto., n seall bay orime ard heo a theown r is requoated to rove rotoperty, poIy ha andi take theta oway on or before o lte th of At 1y , rise thery will be suld at patblic atution by P A' lotte, notoo aer. JOIN I'RlE, Comn0 a, m27 lt Ward, d Mtuniipnd WAS hrouoglt to the Poli n prison oft"N tad n ieioaity o the 24th int., a negro re I ~l . -to ihalbo. 1n is ahbout 38 yrors of age, 5 feetl I1a e higlh. TIe owner will comply with thele tow and tkle b awa.. o II 8 HIARPEtg ,tj pt of the Watek. J AioA taken upby tio night wate eo. the t .a SgoIleey ore a. o demail olt, with a wl t. auk on tihe fnrehead. Also n rey poly with tl e •n owml r' n hater no lhi neck, taken ap by thle night walks Cttom nl nlreet. Also a stroay poey taken up ia Pe. lidl,.sreet. 'iThe oners fthe above. aoinalos ore .. queotad to conae forward, prone pIoperty, tiy rhyi t ond Oekar, ot non or bfbre time..,,d of A -r Soterwise Ilev will he sold at public auction by A ". Gujilltote A Itool teer. JOHN PRICE, Commiwer, tllo0 lot Ward,' 2ndMundi ity. SAS bret ght to theli police prison of the 2d ll me c miity, on tet :list of March, a Negro lt e e .'VI'l kuoo 214 ,'rars of ogt who lays hcos Igs to Mrt. naldwell. Tlhe owner will eounlV . sil the law and take him iaway. I. S. HAIIeEgR,. a l Captain of Watch. r Y'ipnitv 'n the 11 itn.alltt, a blaek girl byt O namkinof$A1e.ot',l Y, ult1eears fagew tyxhe b a. • to ,It'. S lrittn . ". liar owner will pr Iro erty rpertypty chrges aendJh Iher owvn,. If h IIARPER _ "_ Captain of the Watch. I S :KY. u --'l'k Ione hny Staiiln I'enle, heol fie, he .glh ,oe in eleot tate'. Ihe loweri at. nt I tllake l .oi, ltti awaynl bt.fre thle l5hb tn-itoat. I itt after that time it will le sultd ltplhlic auctionh, 1P . .Guillhto, \tttioo,,eer. oV. lel)t)NALD , o:t ltlmllitnr'y i"d lWard, 2dI Maieipality. l 1 bro ,m e ont tile ight ntld lne0 on tite let hiht a oli Some nlol l mtO.sll n at- bock. 'I'Tle owterltw quL'teld to mllmoetnic ,l , nrove property, plv charget Itmlll take said ua.'liul awa'lV, belire the 15th instant. II llit lter khna title it i ill be seoll at pul.lic auction, tl WV. MletONAI.D, Comtisoanry d Wardn, 1 2 dol Munieipalitv, Swarpl nIlllllil~plllllry, .nt soerrel Mar, nolntoh Tic nocltl i rrgat',jc led to clloon iorward, pro:e p Il.rt., l~l .l cllarg. 0r0, 1 ta k 1iie . tittoi away, bre lhblic auetitnt, blty A.. IAltillti o eete,.t onooerr. W'o. tlcbONAI.D, Cot.tir.,onred War da id nB __ _____ __ ltd Mneiijonity._ a lIA Y.-ia'l' n uip liy i tar iht watch, onena hiorse,, lp oni h Ir.and t.n The IetI hip. Tre sw is rlequeosted Io glllame firwurd, prve pronaortvs nat t,,p . cgs, aln Ukidte , A uimh It way helore the ,5INTALO. Iiifl alter itih time it will hc qiid st p biic atelsu,. Ib I'. A. (ulllit It, Ieioanoer. WI. MeDONI.D . Ciommisary 2.1 Ward, 2d MuIneillity. S.4. ,w"[Y..v.--'Tkeo nlu, one chennol -rrel thar, I w:it tr i i. fnhed, the rihthlotefhot )ýhit., n.d tIh two hindl feet. ''he owner in requestl! J4I 'lleis ore rt rov e raok i tt,, )ne V Ciarnn and take -il mntlil otI yawy hnfirte 151d, t. I ieft af . Stine i will be nod a t I, li l i,' etio by P.A.i -a3 t'liaa.ry . l \\lArd, 2d huinicipalitv., ltcAY.--Taken pl one norrel ilore," the erigh j.' hlilud fihat whie .wvr the ileireh.:k, TIeownere r, tIner-i. rom to come fur l, ive r proy hclatr a'p(u lia ic tlkRtn a snitlnl A n nllv Ie, , Athi15th tal If left attelhar titme it will be Bold at publih auetion by E :l COtminiesiry 2d Ward, 2d Mo icipality. j il'(\.-'-t:, r I:t , - ' ,in bay hore, hiudl fit a uhite, ,tnud rca-hi slotut. The townir is rtquutd to cnae forwanrd, proit-. 1rnope. pay charges, and at..i aid tana Icfie l Lh 16111 itltaut. II'leftafn u;i thut liaie, it , illI. Ao ul at puIlie auction, hyP.e.r G(iuilliute, Aut.tionLecr. W. yMcDONALD, a3 CCoummissary 2d Ward, 2d Munieipalit.. JLtl S'lit-AY-o ' ip, oe ban pnmey. rand ani. rirll tfe fir shoulder an o rthe trihrlt ip, ad th ri nti finat white. 'Tle owner in rtncletllOe.ita-,a forward, pinve pro i rtyy l ay e i airgesa ud takeatid it Inal inuny ICefLre othe i .1th inatt.l II left afnr tttitL. it will be ohl aItI I plic auction, by P. A. Guiill.ttt. W. McDnONALD, Cnmuat.snary 2d WdY rd,.l __a3 2dst unieiuliCy. I Horse, 15 I- h las hlgh.l and rohlpnhall. 7M iwner is requested to come flrward. proae, greyti pay chnrgtes, and take Eaid animal away before the IM u tatt. If iel after tilnt time, it will hynMb at auction, by p'. A. Gilliotte, Auctioneer. \VM. Mcl)ONALD, Commisear.u 2I1 Ward, a3 lit 2 I0unieiPaistl. i S'ItA Y.--'akerr, an by the night w.t-h, tins bi/ id Horne, 45 I 2haind hiith, anmroambh bo The owner in requesedl to come fIwnard, prove F perty, av tlnergne, and take aid animal away, bol ti ile tI ionttnt; if loft tiler time, It will ie, . at publie acetion by P. A. Guillietae, Auctinoneer. WM. McONALD, Ctuanisrny 2d Ward. a3 .4 uSluaeiltlity. F 0 oTl AY. taken un netrrsle Horn, with - 14 owhi0t stripe low. to hlis nn i-'t Tile owaerat relque-trl to coie fornward. prove iproprtey tay tita. iee, amdl take cainl oanimal away', eftme the 15th matat <' If left after that lime, it will be sold at public s ncti. by I'. A. Gnillottle, Auetlionar. W. MeDONAI.D, 13 Coninisiary 2d Ward, 2d Municipality. ow2llr ia s rquest d to come t to w d. proe pi. perty, puv charges, ntd take said animal away, b ke tihe 15th instant If le't after thatI titite, it will hetaidS public auction., by P. A, (Guiliotte, Auctioneer. W. .I DONALD, Comminsarin v d Woand, an .2d Municipality. 1 TRA PS.-Wn takei t, on the night of the lb ,J inst. iby the niglht watah, and comnmittad l tht pouad of tle tppr gtard house, 3d Wardt 2d 2Ma.n pnlity,a cn'all ahiite lori with J C P on the i thigh, nod a small biy poonty haorn, lbth hideltt -a to t e fetlueks.--'ite own "ra of said nnimalS, tn qnsted to cote forward, torve property, ' pay ehCe - aid laketelte away, on or helre Satlry the insat. on which day they will be sold at 12 o'clock, ke A tuillott aucetioaeer. H B sTHINGil at 10t Commiissary 3d Wardl.,2d uoiciypiltt 23, 60,69, 20, 35, 2, 33,24, 62, 63, 59,13 ./Ire the drawn otumbers (f Ute 1711h Clans o =ft FREE SCHOOL. LOTTEBIF SUTIIORISE.D by Art of the Ileyitaltuto do Stait of Lnaiiinraon , far the benefit ofthe 0'l3b. School Society, pannod and apaprovd tha Miat ttl CLAlSlS No. 1, FOR 1837. it be drcln u s it .wOrleans, iut Salurdoyl 15*, "Ip 75 Number I.ottery--l2 I)rawn liallent SCI:iEiE. Prizes Doaltrs " ta 1 of 12,000 is 12,i 1 of 4,000 is 4, 1 of 3,000 is 31 1 of 9,000 Is 2 1 of 1,170 is 1,17 10 of 1,000 is 0, 10 of 600 is 6,00 10 of 500 is 5,00 15 of 300 is 4, 170 of 110 is 22,80 121 of 80 is 10,080 126 of 40 is 2,04 126 of 2O is 1n20 3,780 of 10 is n .o 23,436 of 5 is 117,1w 27,S14 amoulnting to a 240 't'ickat.-whole ticket., $s50t; Italnes, $' 0;q* ia.. .a .. . of 25 Ti.k; . s . , arrr,. it d to r ' , ta - t $. .ti, .tld itly In. V i--en r l it C pitals. ti It ktLt s ihie, i -rptul+(lit". 37 Gnaein For "'htiket nppi.I t the NMluom fitrtaofCe, .,i street, adtiohinc tih ra c into lhe rladtagn-. 11 CnI tnrt ,betwi eif Canti anid t. ouis at . r titnerhv-40 nli ,."',in l :10)