Newspaper of True American, April 17, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated April 17, 1837 Page 3
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ORDERS RECEIVED Fo.t JONE'S P.i TENT COTTO.1 (: fN, 8ythIe patentee, No. 5.1 Magazine street, New ()rlclts. ;ToE 0bj1ANFACTUItED IN NEW YORK BY ROBER' lIOE & CO. SCA.LR OF PRICES-Double Gins. For a dobtle Gin of 80 saws or moae on ensh ql cylinder, rlaking 1601 s.lrws in the stand, I with feeders, bineis, &. a t $5 ier atw, or $9*0 09 0 Far a liouk'e (;it of 6: il'l s 0sn n eylinder b or *.0 saws in ntie stalld, feeders, &e. a. $6 per sow, S" 72000 Fordn. 0 f4sawOsn do.or 80 saws in a 0 stand, at $5 5 per saw, or 5003 00 For do. of saws on dto. or 40 saws in a sta.dl, ta 50 per siw, or 260 00 SINGLE GINS. ori sin ie in of 8 saws or more, with onnbset of edlrs, uods, &e. at o$6 per osa, $60000 - Far di. of 00 saws, with feeders, &r. :t $6 O5 Ier sa.w, 090 O0 Fol Io. of 40 saws, with feeders, &e. elt $0 75 0(er saw, 30000 For d. ol'd20 saws, witlh lflders, &e. at 1$7 0 lter saw, 10 00 IlOtratelth where desired, ftr feed.les, sppllied a 40 cents rash;l tile lit bre t oftecth Ibetng nbout equal to the tumbllelor of saws One set of Ifeeders, it is con sidlentl however, rwill wear out two or three sets of sow E Ottli satw s sitIplied fit 80 erhts each. sTho e Gilst erle ed, iill b, delivered to tle agents of pl:dte'rs in 'iy of the sea iportto't. o tile countt piln tilt' States, at thle ahnto Inl'iee. the tgelgcs Ipa nig tli fiiglit onl tile s..e. from New York, tttl lbeconsing ret - splnible for the amotnmt of the (iin. A t(;in u riglt 1illbe sent with the Gins to pit them tep herie de sired; tile char:ges for whtole serwvice will be extra, but ladelntet. Iroo runnttnl.n genrear olsohe orlered where detlital, on rmosmoble terms. btt will he hargo e r extra. Horse power, oftly descrilstio, clan be Tisuli.l.l on like terms. Small steam engines eaos also he ordereld f de aired. It isdesimable, when pIlaAters give ,oders for Gins, tkly shonldaetaOmpiloy themn with their views ill regar - to theartragemtnttifaws ne'sesta0 brushes; &e. It itl'sf.n they Itiffer in disinl.n. Some desitn saws of Isrger diametert than oters. The most com. iol sizl is 9 or I ttatihstut rt s-me wish them 14 inchess. Some wi,h 5-o 6 rows of In.tshes oil aI axle, while olthers Ih not walt isnor tll:tit:t lm nit t rno wls tsaws withl 8 or 9 teetl s ti the inch, while others want lt or 11. Wi!th somoo dllli.trelant:y, we nprefer tlhey shlould,, t the timeo of giting orders; lirnish a ltltelciett ef their wishes, and the mannltlelurers tcan I'ul!il them in every partlsicar. Where it is left to otur diseretit, we shall nke them on tile moot moderln and a lproel plan. As os.der can be executed, fiomn tile time it is received, in tim sI oe oftight or nine weeks, lnd tile Gin ill th:ht tiune placed in the hands- of the factor. To be in time for the next rop, iall orders ont.lht to lie in the Iands of tim manufieturlers by the fir.t or tmidhlle of ll y; exvelpt for plantations where they arelate in commencing to pink m' gill noltoti. p N. I|. The PIttelt Right, for any onle of the cetton growilg States, will be sold on reasotuble terms. Sm'S3 l1mos AsU'I'OaSrttt And--100 DOl.L tsoa sIEWAIltD. W lHILna' ot thi .i1 at evetusg, tIlo iucket book of the subsa rioner ias cut trolt llnd pocket, it contained thI liulwt,tq dese.rbeou na.ea- -wilch the public are conutuaid o.ainst recolvung N. Itiilieus, at fi)n.:ear, $757 01t . F. Nichols, do do. cldirsed by AM. Buckley, 240 00 J. It. Putmam, do do. hiti tit John Dwyer, two do endorsealbyD. C. wain & Co 375 01 D. C. Swain & Co, two do endorsed by Jno. Dwyer, 375 00il New ton ltlclards, at three years, endorsed by ) It l'wgoouud, "208 33 S. Asdler, at six mouths, ealdorsed by 31 Bar nett, Set'r, 1,000 Ot Dubois, I O 00 If th thief will leturn the notes to the subscriber, I through tile posturtt.c, I will enclose to any addo"-s o he may siglnate, throuigh the satlle cllllunel, t)ne lull dred ldars,ainJ nol quetiions askeRd. loil ,UrifI'Ak'hJ J IUCRROUUGII. New Orlens, Aplil ittii, 11:17. at 300 DOStLAsIM INtWVAUD. lIVE lunldreddollaro reward will be given by the Subscrhere, to any per onl who will give sneh ill formation as osay lead to the detect~on iand convictioll of the mcendiary or illcellditrios, wholl alteiptd to set lire to our irelidz."a o SJahrdnay night lasl. In rnddllten, te eould beg leave to cull attention to the reward if 3000 DOLLARS, olfered by the several Ilsuraceot Uolnpiniies ofour city, for the detectinti ofeiendiries-whlcb ruol t ilt also be paid to whoever will infUom and convict tile villali or villains, who were ollceroetd in the above fltagrot atitetpt to doitrey ior troei.cty n10 DItYL & INA I, No 3 Carondelet st. 100 DOILL IllS ItWAKli. A REWARD of sue thousund will blie paid to tay. Ilerslaugivilg sunhl initlrioslion as will loud to thIe convtctiomn l and Iicrson sitting tir o ally huas ill the tecod unti llty. J)-ilU t IIAI.DWIN al0 Record r, tliititiplitV. A REWAIrI) .o tine tltohoonl dtlll tr will be pail to any person oil giving s itch inl)fotrtimn that ill lead tobtiealmrhn.lelttionnd aesvicii t of any iersol entered in t ine told aod reckless nIttentlt to set ire it the paint -bp ol f Oleors tloyle iland May, No 3 Citr delet street, on Saturdoy night last, by JOL.IUA IIALDIVIN, al0 lecotder 2sl lMunicipality. TOW'N OF COLI.UA.I-t i,-E'1XA -. T HE town of Colmhus is baultifully and advtan tageously situat d utm a branch nr arm of Slat.t rorda Bay, callclld 're.paloeois, Il,.ut :. oileo Iroo Passo Cabehllo, (the niat.,e aiei) t ber" neso-t dtioiottg 10 feet watsr, cal etter ad dischttrge oil tile bltllk it Ie buty in plerf!ct sanot. ThI e very't hcral teras of settlelnent offered by tlie prpI't i all ihtiir.ioi i cemeI1t to mechanicsanid oilters to interes thenselv es in this p]lace as nont as lo..ible. Correct Itanl t of tle tII, n may le seen ad tIrlst. kllown, bi calling oni hr. Evtlla, at tile oru Ameriican Olffice, oir in Mir. Alills, corner of Main street n Old l.evee, iwho are regulnrly Ol ptointrled agentst. "oi FlIt 'A'II..N. A YYUU NG I.t DY, recently arrived from London,in which city sihe hs pasns:.d seoverul )ears ednt'nting the daughlters fr geltlemen ii tle lirst rana in se :it , would be hippy to onglee herelf as govertleas in family, or to attend pulpIs at Ithir lhotes Rn a gellral initro:treas ill te lu II Ilrnlle:le ol fetellle dullcation, or to give lessonsoin any tf the following nccoutp ish m,'nts. Piano Forte, Sillgln.g, IDlWilln un vIIns ityles, andl Flower molelig a wax. Relerence can be given to the hlighest famllies i thi ityl , al the most satisfactry testimonlale from England cal, be offered. Addlrs A. B. Pst office. l ' MAYORALTY OF NEW UII.LEANS. Tha priceoffreh flo ur to day, beiig $7 25 cents ler barrel, according to tlhe torif,'the bakers slh I give 38 Ollee of breadl for a hit, dtlrin next oeek, fr ,l Mqn day the 1fthinst. tIrod of thle second qualtly, or of three loaves for a bit, is required to weig' 47 I-1 oun aee. D. PRIEUR, Mayor. April 8tl , 1837. B ACON, LARD, FIOUR, POIRK, &WIIISKEY. 75 hhds Itim innati bpcon; o100P kegs Leaf Lrd, 300 harrels first rate Flour, 500 d't CIear, Mesand Prime pork, 50 do Mnoneahel:. wltikevy, 75 boxes l~ arslie, put up extressly for the Iia wana matket, fIroalle at 6l Gravicr It. lv O1 tliOGA RT & HAWTHORN. NAILS, WINE, &c.-Thlle sabscrlbers lave er salo landing from ships l.iverlool and Henry CIlt 10) oths Boston Irn Co' nails; aseorteIl aines, 20 popes, 30 halfpipen, 8t oqnnrer canke; 130 actar, llighlom'e Siclih' Madeira Wine, entitled In debenttre; 20 cases sweet Spanish chorkolnet'; 200 boxur James Gould's No. 1 Moap, for sale at 134 Mlagazine t. by a10 I BRILbGE & Co. PROTIECTION HOSE COMPANY. TIHE above omtpaoy is low in active optmation; and in ease ofan alarm aof fire, the members will attend at the Engine House, No 5 Camp street. WM. It. RO(TTA, Seer tary. W 1LLJAMLONiI, hn.Yng purcohased tic. Jname W Callawav'. interest of i stock in trade-will continue the Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron mauufactur ing busninesn his own nami and for his own accont, S-atthe oldstand, No. 46 Tchoupitoulas an., where Ie will bhe gladto nee ol custolmears, Isping from rpast nxertions to aeconltmllte frietd.'andlthe puilic goner ally, that he will continue to merit their patronag-. m28 2mu. s00 D )LLA RS IIEWARDI, ILL be given for apprehending and lodging in jail the negro JERRY, who absconded, it is supposed, ot honl tlhe Steamer Columus, for Cincinaot t, ahout ten datvs silne. Jerry is about 45 years ofge, e fcie ten or eleven inches in height, ro.n'd stooped shoulders, verv t.lkative and fnmilar, fond of bartering and trlding in lorse having been nal bck-driver for some time prst in this city. Jerry hr.s uo doubtllobtalinedforged papers. Ili wife, whola t free, accompauied hit. She tis a tegress ofsm II statureand very talkative nalo. It is aenPrms ad the has asstmed the name of WILLIAM, a id that his wifscnllse h v:tl byflint amie. 100 dollars will h paid for sectring him in ay jail to thinState; and 500dollars fior lodging himt in any jnil, iftaki.n out of the State, withall reesonnbl. exlcte.s, besides, lfarhriginsg here. J l..ieIS. New Orleans, arrlc 2', 1837. In 2 OIL SALE-A first rate ao. o usher, and iner. .. aged about ~years, shle is fl y gularatenled, nd will be soli low fk',i0ediute applicittion be nmde at 1 6 Tchedpitouulas street, to a12 E I. TRACY. COl -166)0 seke corn landig f",n -tenter Mre diaetor, and for role at 1i53 Tcheepiloltt st. hby ale0 T I,)O & lIlt~NE. -AG-iNli.--750 piece Ketntucky bngeing, n ex .L ellent article, for rule at f3 Grtvier st. hb al0 B-OtGART & IIAWTIIOItN. OOFFEF-120 bags priors Rin c,:l,e,n d t i bags J Havana do. in sitore end far sale in lots to suit Itr hiaers, at 63 Gravier street, hb ai0 BOGAI;'I'& IIAW'rtHORN. LOUR-210 11ide Ohio Flour, Ilake'o brand. far sile a.63 Gravier st. by apl0 BOGART & IIAW'I'JIORN. '--ASTOR Oi:-30 hbls No. I, Castor -t 6:3 Graeeer estest, by a40 BOtGART & iJAVV'tH.tlN. HAMPIA NIE-- 7i hbakete oflrlidstit; 50 dto of a Crown; 30 do of Iafavette, nlld 141 ,i elther choice bran d, in storem ad for alc at 90 Conlon t. hvy all) REIN & Ct)HE"N. RASINS& EOFIN4 COPI'ERI-.- ersot- n tt of Brezins and romf copper, in store and for rain et 90 Cam:non stret,, by a--teth BF.IN & (OIIEN. P ORTER& IA--0n casks otef p r tatd alt. A rem nd ilndellr a,l v rv ilperior brewing, just rc eived alnd for sale at 90 o lon tn ct bIv 0litEiN &COIEN. LOUR-_NlSbbla suerfn , or sale by l' nI G r .p)Hi.S, fl N;Y e: I.rte, Tor the Zateriors FOR ST. I.OUI ANDI ALTON, (fllrh hne.) And nlltintermcdinte Lnndings, 'fTle allendid ulpcer ter. having been detanined in cnire q.nlc r of ,e Lc iniclelmnt weather, will positiivel y d part on nTuerdly, the 1Ih nit II o'clock in. For lreighl fa tle' troye, or pIeinnge, hovig r ccolmmnodations. nlt to bIe surpasled by en' olher Lout ill tihe trade, appily ol board olppositle lth', 'i at. or ..till Grarier s. to n17 i-BOiER'It& IIAWItl RN. Fort Si1'. LOUIS .&. AL'oN. Sp -Tii TIiE well known steamner SELMA, Blood, master lainlr thie ronter n S rpart nl'herieeagoiirgp ol ed will leave far Ih liteniie. pirt nl n o 'l'lrdnliy Ienlt the 2iitI iil-tilt. - Por balance of fr'dihl or paenai'e, nallply on kiard, or to na7 JULIUS VAIIIINif, I'ivdlrn. sitrct. N. B. TheSelma will take freight fIr Memphii and all intermediate Ian lings uhove. IiO .OUlU V:i LE & INi 'I:\NA i I. The istinmner SlIAKr PEA RE, Jos SA le, blaster. in ready to reLciIe freight for tih abolve lit):t<., rnd will ti leavc on t edietdn, ile 19th illt Folnr fight r pna-I . snge apply on boarJ, oNslitO Riennville at., or ti, arrn IrtWIN, II.I. & .L WAI.'LON. iar l'rcksbury . O -n , (i'G . fA.,'q, j.ucirl/er, Anl all intermediate Landings. lThe well known stemnn hilot CLAI BORIN. ennrit, mastler, is now re ceivin freightl, and will have immlle ie de platcil For freight or passage apply on beard, footl Gravi cr tretl. or to n17 KELI.EY, MASON & CO., Grnvier t. FOR-ST. LOUIS. AL.TON, Ilnrd all inlermrdinle Lean.lings. '.The ennt rulliitii upllrer cabin Intel. , MIAJES'TIC, Johllsiin, macter, i now in reaedinc to reeivlo freigllt, nL vilr In hlrrg proper ion rf eirrcanrgu cnnred, will iven inmeditle desp.atch. For freright olr pr lrnge, ha ring a larnge nd hlcodsomclv frccmiaid uliper enbin, willth separate tati roomi, aIpply on boanrd, opp1osite Grnitcrst,, oo i OUi.'rl' &.AWT.II' INr nl7 6113 Crnicer st. FORt LCOUISVII.LE, CINCINNAli. And intoermediate Inodilrs. lThe pin stn iri nlentm r CI U'rm BIS, J mIne, mrite, will leave fonr tle above rpol c k on Teeisdny lext, lie 181th inlt., o'cle4 . oek, r hAtl. For Irlancef l'freight orpa n'lr , pinillgelne rnl nndl pnaclluo Occinmmodationl, u ply oin blar,n lfot of Povlrnsl elt., r toIn all S'I'ET'l'.iON, AVI lY & CO.. ,8 Ori.vnr Fl. i FO CINCINNATI, l.OUISII.I.FF. And ll illerineiliteo ports. The .ile fani t rlalilnrg aecmhI, I.EXING'I'ON, ' Ali', tin-ter, nleeivng eirgn at Pnv!lrnt e!. ttllnal ntlld i ,l e depctdhed 1n Tuesdiay, 1ith intnt, al 1t2 i'clieik. IFor freight or pasee, hniin n niilnrlir ' f I largo.eiry stare roomr, and sipletdid crconelnolllrr'ion , tpplvt Ilbeard, or it cll JNO H GA II llA , FOiR E.ORA F.A IIRA, and cIerrNllinltA palirt. TI- ThIat runniiningocta nnt CI.IN TON, Culron, inns or i receiving tar reg at Girnd ntrCet whrf. Ini w ill der irl o e , thle 191 insttant. at I0 ocltock, A. i. IFor icfl eight or pa. aeiappil on oardne, or toN 0.17 - ° JNO i1 GRAlIAMi. rltil LOUISVII.LE AND CINCINNATI. P4nrmts e Borni. Tlhe fne fsam lnnotnl ONARCII 'lLt. Fullerton, isn aI rreadr to rc -,ie nlro, andi will deparl ila l 'l'ursi Iday t lit. unI. Frfreifcghlt erpaasnge Inving arpc i 'inr ntrlnlidntirei n illn v oiV Iionrd olllopite C.ieIln-i lhourc cl. or al 153 'i'Thoupioulns eat. toI el _ S GI.O ita IIYRNF. S r SANTi I . IS It PACKET. For 'ieksbrr'gh, (fnand Gruf. Rodney, .liltche,, nnd all intermedlinae ports, Th ',, r. .nn.... tram.. bMAJ TAIL COI.UMIIIA, 11 Penae hois ter, i receirving c Irgo at tjrniler nI,. p:Iage invillg nlllnber lit' State iand slid fine ac on.lodllliod. r u alrln ion burd or to O5 Jl IT GRAITIAM. FP oI'l' 1 .0t ,, AND.Alt TN, and ll inlrt, i edite landins. lThe fast running steamer MAJES - - l(l;Johnson maaaer, i- IlonIv ex ,pect df to arrive., and havine a lurFg hrti-i of liareis.nn rtenged: will have imlediate der. eptc te. torm lahnc of Iri og t oilr u eig ppilY at ' orat ieraer str to nil BI(iE'RT & IIAWTIIOIRN. IFOIl ISl' lIOULL AN)'AI.TON, nnd all itemlnediate landings. h.' .lý,penr calin snnrinlr Atir A . L itt etI, S !nnter n IIn-n ini edit It.t. 1 pt"hi. Igor tirilt "lI' few 'Toin or Ipl+n·t., bahring tI ndso ll uIrni-ihed ni /mludati,,ti n+ wilh sPlnra • stale I'nnr Isaplv On boardoti itrie liic ilh. iterm t or ilt i Graer s to 1a5 BOGART & IAWVTIIhORN. t -- OltI - lOISVILLt+l, CI-.NCIN\..'i'l, S'li-re till! filr triltboie itI.. Ic nlr.eledifino lndins,,, nlld will le dr'iiat c ire i. l in fe r 'ee. llri fricinht or pi-'ire i ji, - apply ,nr boiarii uii l. .i i C le titi/ir' t -' irt or it li ir. r (' llllltn l IIt. Io ~r6i6 11 II ,Jr. ' '1'. U. S rail sItrarIer MI.TZNEP -iny. ?. .l a t lit ta ill leave ib ,Iv it. l + k ,'l- of' t rre ,ail ."u ; Frey Sun ynI o1 c~~l,, I% 31• awl irtletrlu r will hauve 11 . hile every "\'r.,I0 ,dar+ It II o'clh k, I'. 11. The ,In. zoeppa i4 It new hlt with a new ira in; if she ii I,1o onnd e(qual in spell anlld ellcollmllllodinn< In anll, o r hlnt ILat g in Olllr dtas aill be ariied lies of cha.lre P.S. I'alltenera+ will leanse he at the heaid of the rail road fal'ti l 1i'.l,i b car. I1OURNIi & IIECKVI'ITII, or JtiSE IAiR'i', Aolv.; a No 3 Po dlllrai.trlet. NE1\' OIRlENS 4& I31t U. . 11S11 M . N"'EA\I o~m , TI yE ahoi, line fisrm rpnri ofatfle . . Cfullowine Sienlli©rs w'hi,.h mo ulur F or '"" pl sud hrr safet.} or a ,ontK al viz: Mohie.o (apt. Sherid.n.a. ,z ' n, 11 W ill. !'. Snttonl, St tl Aabte n S.. Al 'rch. Ouilthila, " . Griffin. Alert, " '. % aLker. 'ite above bors are filler I rexprressly lre Ir p tiaaiaaatahfiltrr ithta e uanNte, ld Olllllllaell hy hl end peli.ncl namte s. engel's canl rely pntit1 every n w rtio be d e spo t of o ,ne ýtrnprietor8 and leasois fr..e |air enlmf rt andi safetr - lihr tilles will at a rll times be served wit Ihe'be fllhat tile markt aifllrd, and hie liars ato::kcd sitl clnoc wine id lll ii, ,s Thie i.Il.irtra tnstt by their unrsiiitting cXeatiasm t io reeive a share of ts IpaIuhlir patronage. For ifr'lght or passarr, alLplv to 'I'UNE J BIECKviITII, ore alnS JEiS H.t1T1', 36 Pordrat t. N. R. Tie owners af slaves a here h by iotilird to have them cleared at ithe Clltr nls Hlse previa t ltso nde ipartira, othlertwie Ihev will Ih held liiable to: whatever daLmage shall hea tlatined thereby. FOR SAIlE OR CIIAIRTEI . :l. he suhtrantial upperenlin sarm. 4 t. a CRHIEF JUS'rlcN E MAR LM. SHAI., is offered for T ale oar char. ter, at a great biargain if nt ier laor onn--ia 0t Irt.. burlte, anil carries 1100 haes catona. 'IThe halt in i grad rllllli order andl has one of'tthe hest eagines n the river. For termr. &a.. apply to a4. S'TRNS & C(o. 2a 29 New Laevei. FOel SAIL. 'tie btll aftia sTtiaml r BANNER, S flre ordl'r, havinl been trowed drow ' with a full carg, of live Stock, by tile iocky aouatatu, apply at l3New L i'e. to att "J F RAN1DOIJt.l l FOl SALE . i The substantial Steam Boat Con stitiulalt, will hb disposed of oil ac Onlttlaltilltg tflrms--slhl is well 1 . in a. r, ptels ald adv for a.reice, aply to ,fohl 1.SL O ( IIB1NI, 1531 erl.aUlittutal st SFOR SAIEK Tle s'emier HAIVKYI.'l , ithl all ; ' her fi'raitsre, &e. Ttih'It is in i o I tanninr orlder,..aving lately unadegone rrair and will lie salt a great Iirgjllnt if imsediate application is made to 1 SI.A'1'EIt,42 P ayras. st. f2 S'TEAM TO' W BOAT t. ' STIlE stemtltat LEONIDAAS, Ar Ifdrews master, avine heen expressly _g- fited for the toy iP g business, s now readty to fill rlers n that lnv. will lly Ibetween this andil thes Engltll ' Tlra also tow aselt ap and doawn tih coasert to plaltutlOtia, or any thab int Ithe towing inc tit it avy offer. tor furtlher aInfrmlatian npkily at No 6t Ioytlraa rtrrrt. 'TOURNE & BIŽ.CKWI'I'IIl. N.B. l'errnns wantiag the alove Ioast to tow, ,ilI plhase leave their aider ha above or at llwland aad Ilt: '. Old Levee. ILAXSEED --117 bbls goad quality fog sale at no. -.44 New I h , by ln7 G DOREIV. C.LEAIR i'ORtK--I'IoI tltrer, for tale by l l (;. I))R5EV , 44 New Lrvre. I4ý aCIlll (N BfliiTONfTIr 'ale by I t tail ISAAC BniI)GE ' Co, 131 Marnzias s t. .atl-tt huleas Iurasia aloaiit , n("' t·i sL. re, a l. J I) IEN \ A. COIII':N. L~i\V IX--ll ll is eewaxi in starl alld fir ) elpslV 1117 S .LA 'eli, 4"2 P'vdras St. / \l' i ni bauts htr lita t till .slrgazir I si 1 .ll J1 IIR{.ItaWEI l. &'',a. 1 NtliI.ANtaG oa Ehngland, tie, t le by l S1.1 II CC 'tAC(K & Co. 1% 1tl-200 lrur gauul uaslity hitr atle by l -C e31 G .)1ISEY, 41 thewl.evie. ) ICE--100 ell-ak landia. and ft- sale. Iiy I. m:3 3 rll AI &C ;. 71 Poydrait ax, lit, I ItIIES& % ILl.S. 1 ,uS Gi Di)ISERY, 44 New L-:ee. I -|T l l ll R __7j 0 lula s np e r lh n , fire s o le hv ] J iia9 3i. ) )RStE:\', 44 New [,re. Ifr 'ale by n?9 <; I O1t;EV 44 Ne. I.aier. 0iU I Lt'O d&BVRNF, i 53tTehpol iiln.tlst - I iL-4- i a titUce ' 1l -or.' nlld tiltr ie h' I t 3l A GUlR.NEIY,54 Com atn at, --Jlt 'Nu.-- tl`l hitsrhilA, latinting ant far ..le it 12 q Pnrdra I. hv Intl I;tIIVOT & PI';iE. Il .'rll(\ tl-luTt;per frI2 llt 3i'Oi" for stlelby -. tnut Il C 111..I.\CK & (C , 6i5 (raaier st _ _i _ 12 I'oydrar street. l" IItS1K 11.--10 h:,ils sperior' old Moaaau ahel S'Wlihisk , ir n .tare arnd fr sare by i"t (;}{I lOT 4v PArtlY'. .p;"}+l. v L. . . Coastwis-e. F.R toPflL t. The splendid brig AP.AI.ACIIICOLA, Spcur master, having been unavouiably de t tined by the bad weather, will poitlvelv dc ,,ar t .. unesdayerer:ing, the ;lth in-tanm. For freight er ietsaite, hlnin lg good aotunoeodntiton, nptpy on .*attd oppusite pcenllion tier ur ait 2 oivedrea sa to 7 uti lVO:I' & PAIGE. FUR rf 0HIIILE. . TIIE fine copper nod copper fistened Schr. IIUD:.UN, Canlt. Clift, ta now ready to ic cieve earge, nd will nmeert with ieulediate de-pUttch. For fre glit or passage, having good accom nniltetlons, eapply on board at the piecalion tier, or to nel (i;ltVOT PAIIIE, 12 Ptydasert. l VO r Ysv ORK-Packet e.seesl. ' he verry fast sailing packet schr. CARI BOU, eupi. l)el sewrer, will sil oni Satur elay hid lest. For freight or peasege having sa u oaee etbomldatittons for II25 pasteger, state rot finislrhed i slleme st a I eas the New leerk packets, ln experienced comlnettlter. god sernvatte, and table sepp led with ithe best of Provisions. For further par ticslenr apply oat board oppolto te he Beefmartket or, at 95 Common st. to Wtn. lORltI'It. Ceitn passage atld fenut tGiS, - e15 FOtR BlOSl'tO2N. TIlE last esaiaiogesp red ship William & Jottt,, G. tlttttinsmt, msteer, hat halt her ca: go ergnged and will meet with despateh. t, r Ilght or ipujttse tappty" to a13 S .d P" WIIITNE'T. 8Conti st. IOl NEW\V YORK. STIIE sup.rior eand f stsailing A Ipacket ship Moele '.uat, Mauran; Iluter, willr-e eelve iteadliate despatch Itr tihe above port. i ttt Itght~l tre panstae, havingsplendid neeotnmoda tiense eapply to I. I G(ALE, all 93 Common ts, FOR NEW Yiit---with deilwtel'. Thi etplendlid tnck t Rhip blitNTEZU MA, etoer estatettles, isnow ready to rU ceive fe.iht for tI lte ablve pIrt, for btichb or passage, having snuprrst rior e modalion .s, apply to t12 R. I hALE; 93 Ctnmmt streeet. S FOlt BALTIMORE. .t e The A I hschonner LEIt.\FON, Talbott master, will have immediati despatch. For deck freight or pastage, having good accom lutdstiols, apply at to. 12 Ilietv.lle street, to l I) !t ARAItOTON, FORi ICHIIMON1). 'fle A I echtnner Warrior, Millo manter, will mteet ltlt depletc. I or feight or pas sage, apply at no 12 Llietvle s. toi 'otR NEIW YORlE. The sufe iur fast sailing brig Wte Price, Cetaptain Kaight, ling; eIer thie Vegetable manrket, will resive itttcdiete des ratlch. Fur te freight or passage asply at L93 Cmnmo st. to ae0 I 11 GA1.t?. tIel. ItiCtll11U:eI ,. Tie flte schooner tEU lWINE, Weekb miaig ster, wvill sail wilth de:tpeth. For small S f.eitht or passage napply at 12 Ilienville st. to spl 1) MARS't'Na FOLt NO)lIOLK AND Pr:I''EIRSsUtIG. iThe fist sailing sehooner ALEXANDER CUMME1EYS, sears, umnster, will suil on Mlon day next. For pasesge apply to 1)VI) MAR l , 1lle2 inville et. 'Ilhe coppered and etpper fastened brig CItIEUll, Donte, master, is ready to receive Fearg. lor terms apply to al RHEAl) & BAIrS'IOWV, 17 Gravirea t. FoIR NEW YORK. FlK The A T brig MARGAIRET, Capt. Swan, requires 150 bales cotton to fill up. For terms 1 if i:umedelte uapilicutin be meate, apply to 7 I II G AI, IA , 93 Coemmon st. -- ii-ifot S.- is U Ti i. . The A I brig IMcLELIAN, capt. BIrker requirse 80 bales ctton on da.k and will. met withinnmediate deslpatch. Apply at no. 93 Cublionll street. to FOR I-O.S''ON. The superior and very fat sail;ng A I irig Pic. having tile .reater part of Iher cargo en ga.ged, will receive immeditnh despateh. For IllllV of lc ieght, or paooege, nlll to 6 1, II ti~~1 I G lE9 Coalnon st FORi NI\W YOliKt-l'tIeket Schoont r. The fast sai ing iA l Placlket schooner TFA . Z , Itt0 to, Jtones, Muster, sill s il i m~_nmorrow evenking, ha. s d,,ndb l t niishea I e Cmollllnltod imrlll-i coo like the balk tf 1510 barrels, and I.nn).ndnt, a few nor- passengers. Apl Iv on board pp-ite 'l'omuue street, or to st tt E It el aI ts95 Cott t 2 n2 street.t iOlt MUHILE. 'The sealtour YAINKE tl , will takead t lo ad Ior the above part, apply otn board, ek . . - calliun tier, or at LI: 1', o dI ' stre t, toI E il (ItIlXVOT & PAIGE. 4 The .\ I bri tcel.,l.AN, Capt Parker, wP ill h.tve despatch. For I msag. onl apply at 93 Co.nuson street, to " " --,,) 1, tIT C, U.%t. ,1'' elt. 110111''AN I -- \ules. S"l slholLr M1EXICO. liter maIter, w Ib lIee isurediatet de satch. For freight . or pa sage alply tit 74 '-t h s Otdreet toe m60 J T IIAtY l:it Co. tFilt NEWV YORtli-Iatk'et sescel. - , l 'Tle vrr fr.t so lint Al peliet a hooner . ikTEAZtF , 180 t tn<, Jo es master, wil sail it. , a few ye tilte eal of her ear;go being c·rcae,, for re, tinertl freiglth or tt:par e, havi e s sl ( l d 'Ltrnished aeont sullll tiotsl tr passe 'crs, state room; fin rhd in sllet ettle a, the New Ylrk l'. ckett . ' hte t"lf rewrtts, table supplied willt bet of prvi'ion.,en exper'ienctedctttlnntdertt, wcbo will Inpay very attetion to: th' ,o f rt and cwnve in,.e of Spnetestevrrte Apt tlytn nrd Ofeositestte ss'el e it. or at 9 tt Co.i 1 t. ttt)mi7 U' Ffdttt'lR, I"K .lV 1uOttliK. e'r PrIt sailing sehtltonesr TYSON, Capt. I I. EKN Z 1, will -ail in a fewl ss dl . cs tke n. hales Mhse, or 161 b'nrrels Pork onl deck, by c ti on boar d, oe it St. Jto-'tt strret, or to s orlb" \Vt. PlltltfElt, 9i tlnntta. I FOIL It ll.TI'atOIE-tIirst eessel. .f" h '[l. fIst ailie caperedl A sehonner MA. RION, caps Iruirnhn will soil in a (ew [tttt, thle most of hrcargo being ( ngAged, fr re mlillder of f ei,:t or paaln- aply on: boaTrd opp)osite ti pW blic sa tre, uettt te t frrv, , E,, n t t ' l7 \ V'1 ' 'I,TE .L 5 CN-) n mn , t. Tile fine sch,)()er \WILOW S, Capltain it l. opkiuno i receiving eng e r.,r the above port, r sand wtll have I-slpatchlt.· For freight or I:,s" saplc lh'lv to oi17 I.. 1. G \I.E, 9:1 ('om noun at. FOR I'1,V PORK. The, foat aniline Brig GRAND TUIRK, r calt. Fraanklin,wants tme bulk of 900 bh8ls to emplete her cargo. For freight of which, or Ite.'ee, apply to tt17 S & J P WI1ITNEY,BConti st. For Sale, Freight or Charter. FOR SALE, FRIGHT, OR CHARTER. THE tt siinig cgo C red and copper fat. ceed Irig DELTA,'1' Capluin Frnei,227 tons, - carries large c rgo, and sai's fast. Fo, fur ther rtlelll:lrs apply ol board. opplosite I)elor stree , or to n3 \V. POR'I lEL, 9i (Conmon street. I'OIL FII.GLIIT OIL CHAI'E.LR. 'lTHE col schooner M)ELICENTE, Ila cnn,encoter--lnhrlh, is 1l36 tuns, and carries . 10I lo lI,our abolt 2. 0 hlds--is copper E. tn d, and in fine ordelr, rode fulr a cnrcn to any plece, buot Ri lmond would ie pref-rred. Apply to the Capt. a, pou 37, orto GEORGIE JIOHNSON, f 17 92 ommon steet. FOIL l-l":1(;H'l OiL CAARLTEII. 'The frat anili g schooner IIIUTUS, Cl trole, IlOpaster, ,ill go tp or down the roast. Applyto J.1). EI.LN & A. COlIl.N, 11:3 No. IO Common streer. FOR SAilE. THlE lhip PI.A'TO, a firt rlate coperred, and coplcer fastenel tess.el, and Lhasjlst lr'iv ed :vilt n cargo of coflfec fruml Il, appllto 14 J TIIAYEIt & CO. FO t FREIGHiT OIt .CHARTER. S711E fast siling schoonerAPII)D,90 Ion llullthen, appl: to JOHN 31 FOSTER, c 14 Gradver st. FUR SI LI', FII Itl IllF ORI CIIHAIITER. The schooner IA BRUCE, 96i tons, ryears uolhl,copier ficlteaed d ppered, htuil in Iclltimore. snln-; fast, draw 71.2I l fct water lie, ceded, rhas i halldsomlue albin, well flllnd andl in lainess for any voerye. Apply n, bnedl opul tole cu 53, or to 2lfIt S & S J P \VI'i\T7t'Y. FORl FILREIGHIT OR CIIARTEIR. 'I'he fat sniling Briti-h buill barque GREEN I-o(), 911 to.n rcgi-tcr, i I now liellhargihc, ani wilt snoL er reulcdo to tk, in cargo, aIpply to Colt.. loriior, on board, rop cite tce vegtabIse mcar kit, urto f22 IIEIll.IN.N IlIIGI.8 & CO. Sl'IRNITI RI, .ce.-cTrhe subcrilelrs Ihve fhr sale 1 landing from hip IHenry, an invoice of Furniturc, &c., ccusisticg ofl antllaehcire, music stoolc4, tltomansla mintres-es and silk pil ows at 431 iMagazic st. Iby 113Il I IILI);iI. &Co. LARD--201 rkege lard, lnuliincg fomn,mccccer Clcde nccd fcrole by JULIUS VAIItIN, m 9 26 Po, drna <t. lI\CINNATI I-."-ID.--l1350 kegs, landincg from Scitecmer Sclhndi,cd lncel f cale by c23 LAu'E 'm & 1 Al fI.lNG, 17 Commeree st I . AF"' l..).-In store ntcd lr ecle at 17 Com d mircn st. by mrc7 t , y YET & A ,IJLUNG. S1it lION WIIISKEY-hici h lprmf, for sale by I m:I11 0 1'.ItSEY, 41 New Levee. O)lRIG--20 kh il mees an. d 50 do prime pork fo sle at il I'Pydrra. st. b c _m___ GRIVOT & PI IGE. 7(0) FtIe- iD0 nge fine Hanmn coel, ,landing and -fcr sanle at59 Common stI. by m30 " A G;IRNEY. 1 Il''e vnrl fine,for sale hby Sm'*' II CC.111.1cCK, 3 irnvier street. IaT. llSKEY--109 bhls Inledinc fcln stlnrer Tus e y cnrura, and for salo at c6 Poylha cltroiet. nlt J VAI2IN. "VA \T':D--Two ves.,ls. Ilot dlrwinc c lore than Seighl feelit wheni Ilcelde, torcrcccecid tc Alleckepis, and load timlber far Northern port. A libcr I frecghlt will begiven if ilmcdiatn applintion be mnade at 912 SColcnorln street, to a12 G JO11 ON. Or, (1I--N1 8 sacks corn, in dcce ni Ir ' alu ait 012 ' Pnydrc nstcece by a12 GRIVIT & PAleE. uI) E1F--5'I icis prime and mess boef, for s -le ai 12 Po11ydrcs strcet, b naI all1 VRtY(T2 r 1 .°7 For Europe. - FGPl PORT (.1LASGOW. Th fast tsilisnsg ropi'ertd itris DElTA, Ctptat I' Francis, will sail int fe w days. For pisor ageapply on oard or ist 9s Csssssssss at. to sit1 Win 1' ()1n I t't'I Cl'llllI t. T~eFOR lIIVEIIPI tilL. The ftire'alnic bst snilisr At 1 hip Sisln rnpt Cosstsst, requires 25 biles Cistlstlt to - plesle iter cargo. For t.'s'ssrisi pnssagitlspt to L II GALE, a6 O6i 9.1rommi Pts FUlR LIVERIOitI,, SThe stp-risrnrl fast tailing thip Liverposol, Bfrtrft'",fsmnrindtr rwill rerrisitcdj.ite deapntcl. For Issiitrg, ists ri ing srpinlid ac isssodstiitst, hpIrIp to L tI (PAtE, o6 93 Gsis tsntmi FilR LIVL\IIIUIit. The At fatet mailing ship NEWVORLEi:ANS, Coot \Vellber, wanes .U0 halesg iole to 1 uut plots her ctrgo. Fur 1 reiSt~ht at wh i. I ,il r psif sfgesapply to Y & . 1' P H'I'NEhil Ci st.l _t 0 i3 O ,.IVERIPs)iL. The Ibark JANsCGojsiiis Ilo clslisul icet islld tlpptsl, cos ats III Lo 2J halos to fill up. For frsighllt rr pfssite, apply to all L. II. GAIL, i ssomm;l n sit. FoR l IlVEIIPOOL. The suprrcr Ibst sailissg st''tcr 'fost''tttd onrl si ititi kip itO ts> ii ctmutr ai all herc arr;o rnranec: x111r gist gstnisoard, %isll ssmeet sshdc'poirlh. For passasge only, having handlosiome icecommiloions apply to cost sitsslanerso bimdlorrat 93 Comsmssson st'rt, lt, *0j-il l1. I1 GALE: FoRL. IAVERII s l.t.iL. Tthe fast saliling A I ship KS TII.5.IINE J. CIISON, Copt. Peabosly, rcqstitis `:.50 A bale. cotton to comsplete Iher eagr. For at rstr Itassge utspliy at 93 Comutmon tst-ert, io mi3l L IlGAI.E. P- FOR L.1VIVElRPOGtiL. The tssrijue SI FFOPID, Capt \Vins. luw, will Ihave elortsh. Ior tsrtmts or pee. sage sp sly st 93 Csnotsoo t. tio mi3l I. II GALE. FOR CTIK. The Al lhips CONS'I'EI.LATION, Caspt. Ssstpisonw'illlime dslepathl. For passage fnlt apply at93 C'ottmos street to mall1 1. II (GlAI. FILM 111VER. sUl.. Thc fine a seilin eshttst I sERAsi. tt pt Lake, req'uire- 2 bltlescIt on, to Coln. pl~iV e her cu rco. For taro, oJ (r paasaot a":ply' at 03(:ommoa n Etreetl0 Full LIV KIU001.. The new and I"rCgnt A I ship SCOT L.AND. Copt liackrhan'will take rU or 3110 holes c tttoll to comlplete her cargo; For freiglt or paosagoe pply as 93 Cosmon Ist. to ash LII GALE, The fssn A I atll fst sailing sl'1i F.I.IZ.I III III, Captains 'ft'suirr, wantfi 2000 brle, of cottois to compjlet el hr catrs. For patoace isp st 1.1 1.ti ..°7 91. (:tssttssts t. 51.U L.VI·;ltoleOt.. T~ts hip YAL WIL..IAM, Tiylor, t.niati, is lodisn. Fitt forigh.Ft ply ilip olO II. C. CA3I1 ACI. &CO. 2FOR LVERPOOL Tse brig III .KI.EY, Jlnrsson, trmitr. wsill csiftfesre landingthiig .disi F ot' fruishtilsi ply to 1O II. 5I.:. CAOI3IACIr & Ci). FOR II sEIOPOO)L. TJte A I ship, CiIAIIL.ES, Capt. Tlttnst, will hnve ismmcdiatie dlesplatchl for laoheusbve 4 ort. Fur paeissAgeiolnly. Al t t plyt . CIon. I alst. Thle fine A I ship G C111RA D, cp. aDI.rt will receive de.;pateh. For tins-ore oily till,1 . py to L T ilE 0 9:l Cottstssn street OIR LIVERPIo OL. The A 1 last aling rsbi;,t ST. LEON. J. WVessctlt iimaiter, writts 30011 siles coititon t conplete her car, o. Pitr trirhtl of whlitil, or p5'sits 01ly to s & J 1' \'IIfITINY, mfri lCICtist. { THE B~ritish ship C:1't'II.1RSNE, Capt~ l- Ingmnirlir wants Rot Qnn to 30(1 hales rotten~ tsto on :le tr htr rcirs. Forlrtlit olfwslhiC sltliltr to Ito If. I GlUG'S & Cs, 77 iuitil st. tORIl.ii.Aiiit0OW. ý,f 'fll stgtr.c:;or and lost sailing A I lergnel) frlOta tp cojit g Ilins, will sr urr r itmnedi-lt Despltc. lt lotfreight of 11 0 It le 0 t' cots. 11 or ftsst c, tth ltvIinghan some 055 oaldatiOn-, ppl to r?5 i.. II (GALE, 03 C0:untnn 5t. For Texas & the West Indies. FOR)1 hI f xtGl iDiI-Trro. '11 tieho r 3Al SIllSA, 0 sits masiitir, haviol g umler 1I) l tl Irot Cli Ipairs1, and ale. l""f Yt I~i· C it irisC· J ~it gli . siit i\· lsis eni Ils. sntl ittdu f11r usi' ist etii. otis) ltsssiss lies:1 e c'ratstt'tttsrstl, wtill scsis tiith sori'd. tilipach Icor hti ofillsk ofabusi 100 ilts osd 4ticstge, having," n fewvl~irucius 1sf, itlrlply to sthe captin i ll fis t sIt or tii ii :LtsG 'it isre, to S2 T 'TOnY & nRo. ADO I n)I Iew treater, Ihoviug part othellr cargo 1 1hove listy I-tissiebnl re ofsfreight ottt'isfle havinrg fit'lne l lit1 st apply ' ilspsiul oib bard or si k 12ili lto YIlls N. 1ld uS vree. It sit 1.1.i'Axiiiiil. I lise isistiner lIEN Ie', rast Gst'istsr,, hlit It' in pat-it sl osrs''nrgs engagedI, till itcril ils L. di."+pat5,55 Is r eo'ist sir paisrtsge stplr so thle captain tan bord, at pical lion wharfi, tr ii 53l CIIItp stiest ti sit T '1'fURY & 1 O'fAEII. FORl (QLUNTAN.h & BlI.hZO)tlA. It= lMovingst'tt of hoer rarsisui esgisssler. sill Ite d espathe d itn is Ii'w ilys. I-o' li igtli or 5t505555551515'I to tlhe capttain on5 bourd, 1.t pliiullon ssis.'t' ural sGllsS1TPstt t tsto trll fif 'T'OBR & IIROTIIlIR. Ft lit IIIA IAsA -lt Vsslel. The fast Failing coppoeed bliogt I)M rapt Haaios, will itrtnoely soil n:O ll t s.lpy, Kth:h inst. For freighlt I12 111 lorela, or pnat s2, applly on board Illppuite the Reel'tnnl k: tor at 95 Caml· 5(.11 iai Will P011.1 FOl li 1AIANA-Packet sell corl . 'tihe foat sailing A I packtt sclmit::cr CARI IFION, onpt.Dtlardornair, ll ve ivill h is ate despatch. 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Flr baluace of friigtt or patnett naly to a 4 \VM IIIIYAN, 316 011 Levee r. FurUAtiItV. riitN. The tlthoonter WM & FR.ANCIS, Wild master, will sail thlis day, fogr the above port. For past:gCs alonl, aptly' en boanrd arl :54 Win llllAN, 36101d L.ever.street. P5191 HAVANA-l at eonce. Possage onlo. Tite A l brig ROVSE,S II ('ICd: olater, taoi g t her cargo eygagedlwill positivelysail SSokoperdoy let Aptil. Thleouve vooo ev l of. fete a itt oppn1orstunity ftr parncslger, (larion:gsplendi fuAtilhed calbin a1 statveroomnl, i tI :: Cnlbi,,n:, dlck. For t rts npllply to Io:t Codil o, lboatd pllpasi a oi s no. 49,or at no. 79 Coitoonnot., to n,13l (:I:O BUCKTIN. FOIR V t.AxoC &RAliOA,~;C Tlhe -ho n o:: Catl. KNi(illl', Sthewvart :s , ttr, sill oil f:r 1Ito alovo plncrs Ol a Sl t::e. 2I 'I.:lnv nest, ohe. c:an taikt tlhC lalk 1t feonw ::,t bartalo, tar freight of whlich applt a1 t 3(GCain, Fn . is iTo . t' ToIIIY & 11R11I'IIFII. 10)'. 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They linve lnso engalged flrnt rate ircelt. ieO Lithograniphee.. who hve just aorrirved frm lStow York. They re now prelpared to do nil kind of wo"r; Uc thei-" litne ofel iccekete ilnct aint-rior mteoenner, nn.l it iteh shortest notice: Stich no Ma.s o" n'towt . Miats . l Ii inaes; Map- ni rite Lote; MAlrs of Iedl Eslate gorn raeli; Merchlnts' (ireulnee. Iill Hrads; Bills of Ex lthnll;e e ehatik (Check-, &r. &e. Thire call, her uniting dbI-diet raphic Sitnes, make Manps of 13 Icet lung by 9 fret 4 inlhca- wide. As thii oniice is bteen got lp in a style equl to in tiec r -cr, tlle erletlnee e 'thlute rllo illce ctecsk cf the kiccd mi do, in recpiectfull l riieitcl. "Their trcis will be moderate, and greduitnid eccuirding to thie altl . o o p rk rnncled . - l NO Ultl.E-Thi e subt.cribers te now reled i tIe recmilte SOrd-rs for nll.kinlid i of(Ct"resc Itilulerer, their lwn nciili lehie hi fill operamtin neltb-il perfect order. 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ORKi AN)D IAtD--3 bt1+ mess i ork. 210 de lprile aolt; 53 d> rulupti, ald 03l3 ke's llnd, tlading or atoe be 23 e J. 'I'll \RlER I Co. 71 Peotleea st. ..I~ mid] ttU' cit.--S bnlen Flthneti-, etnalte/r A ie . 1 NNnuli 1995, 1993, 2 10 lanided frnom dhip Forum, from Bostnaon in SeptrOUtlh r Ilst, nnv infhr lation ra,:pecting them, will ble thal!llfully rcecived at 88 (;ruvier street by nl31 STETSON, AVE:IiY & Cc, I II lSSI\G fi'o bctuqne tugusta, irct I1 ili a two cnases emar, uippold n , lave - .een tbaken away y oente dtrainrcn tclchrotlgh tmieitake , marked 1: 11 , J R. Arty itnf-treon oflthe Inee will bae thankfitlly roeit ed ct DJ CU onII street, by ___31 __ _I_ G.\I.i:. '1E I' ISi'iN's l'.'.N.iA. i dmediciie. Accorntdinng to urder lantely r beivd a, snti-fat.f rv itn dioti t l nttlln a be n'l dnlt o Int u t's n nil Sri l dealrr , in tipplilng to the sub nc iber, nngn ft r the prop;rietor. II ONi.NA 1I., m23 cornerNntchl- ntod 'T'leofupitnlns et ICI)C r AND HA I 11VINES-Oldtro, Madeirn; ,. l ,irnbtini; . t.r.oc, do. So. i tt in. t nlm=ay, dnio .. Al o, llllhl i ll A:llolnliada shel rt; do Lobh,; do IlING' G lorden )n tno'In. All a ls s t i'lldill i); qInnunl and snt,, r,1 them sUlj lior to allny Ir lan in til In lted Statnnton salte by A it I '9101', i't t ' l nal Pn t t i CKl"t:I - tl t, ( 'dln &('.t- it! 1Mils No "r, 2, nId :1. lncklicrl; 3A1i atod F('; 5' ll) .o c of Schui kill lhlraihi n ; alt l U(I0 hb i b ri t ln tel d y ilrn ), Ssole by .& J. P.'l' IT.L:Y, a'; 8 C,,11aitrnct , % / IIlt i,''i , ktaon, Laid aotid Satn k Curne or sale Vut4l New l.cvc*, iby f (t; i)ino fnl n. n' I & I 11 " PORtK--ii0U bbl- itntln p.Tcllfr nll de atl not4 w lve dig n G 6 G DOR1SE\, L)L;UR--10lU1 Idls rcceiveld per alt boat, -fuo s tc at r 44 New Liscc. by 116 " i G l .f) , i 1' \.I01; --I1.d bills Inow lliuilug uiid ovr sale alt ;2, SGravier street by ttG aG SG4ILANCIIARD. AN DLES--'.O boxes New liedflnd Spoltmi etmulles, J for atle at t3 Granvier streti, hv a7 S G ll,.\NCIIARD. -OL \iSSES-68t bbls and 9 tiereas olal e, n f1 gorod sipning eilder, Innu tnt froml flat ilant and lil for sale at 153 "l'eiutpiloulas st.v u a6 SLOO &I\'RNE, tl ( itIME I'OtK-31i ibils Lint pnrk7ýa.ttinn- froutt f 9lar boat alnd for sale at 153 Tcotpilltin~tn at. by t n6 Sl OOt) & 1YItNE. tiH I UOI--'1tI9 bills l'iour received Iper i'ttI bunt, ant c Lfor sale an t 74 i'oydnras st. i' oa J TIIAYER&Co, D tnEItf SKINS- lI bres ooscr skins, lattintg anai for sale at 74 Poy dlns st. by an J TI.YEtll & Co. EtN dozen Pracouck-leathl r fly bsushe-nfir sale bv 1n iIMNS, liArTr I' & Co. Not-I -A . .on. lttn boi-- tetltmn rgnintt It itd o preseint their ac ulll,- t ilniu diately n t'I r exanr la tion and ettloet , mentt 93 Co.Lntno strIet lto a6 L1 II GALE. 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Mc.r, ly ul! )1 (; 1)1t it C . ft''N'tie nLt- II\o I tnr it tntl ,'1al itsRtil i eý f;, i sale by n30 J 1 (itIfrlTT, In t " 1oI rvier -i . st.r t - )U\ALTC Irl .-13ulkeh of hrne and mn lynltten ns tc )tI intntat t t rnt l b Le rieht atnd ni:c; will be .id ia n I bna. faill t Il oset l bh saol, 125 (I.JIt\I'ONS. 12 Colmlnnn St. r ("l( ,&..--Jti rt recchircd onn u;)e tu rim I.ocks for dl)l, "Ilobinnk dr l nr ,n ch tol - and trnlitn- i RitnttI alo tnl n nttottlllg t ol hnlr.t e,, fit sale wlin.l le or retuai by L \' i iN L io. ntun ( t)nt N-- tt: t tn' n ..nntrin n -it.nnr lnai i intl" sl. tl) & , IiYintInI, 153 I thunt i lt o ul ot. . pk; 1i6 do lal' pln tl lta dithg elriem tla t Inlntand i," "niue by StI.Oo & Il'IYNE, SK15ill: li'rT loaninlolas uretr.t n i nn tlititi of."nlt Ip. ill, 1o thil h lie ",vo"ld nil ti ie nttentn o . of ihe tt'1 ode. ni" n, YAN, itt"L 25'.\ n t t esta f f t IC: 1 1i t l iiX 11 t1uno 1 I n, .n nn inn'rttnn inn I t n would colt Ltle uttcli nin f ilhe ilnt, a 112 \\'in .Ai t fANh 2 nn lagniu: sit. 11 K t' 1i1t . lO\,- .11 nI)ccssid-, a S ar nr lot in. 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Joot reeooideisflWarniae k lire ewm of Coop and coultotuo trtsla, by tillr W RIEtA$(.. - I--r'rn~vCw!1.5rIo~'js.E~ TIHE look of Sainit Nichlas, in I 94t, bleiU.1111 of te ntew omplt toud uoirut~ooniibNwt tiu dinws -work,. 'ioI)'iitb o Itoh Firaido.-A Tile is,2 yedse cool. 1 sad 13, of tic rcnw cooplef nod edition of l'ouldindge works. ioiPrr.--l toolnetol bo Aloecnder P ' , 1.3i Oolii. bril Noo Jt1432,3Jld 31, uof *wrm a (9Iee s 09)l P,.ttuily Library. Just riecisd vad fr dir by ., #clf.EAI, ' cwocrd~totrd fiOt; L ;CONS in 'Spoin, by ihe malthor if oA you0 Is il:' Il.oi'c Mieinou be 1100 Couotoi of hleliytissoe. ,u `l' tols. Tihe 'uCI Ii atclrrcgentc,lby floe, togetber with sob. cr'ot Iby diotinguijsid writers. Alcoa. lortitir aci 00 liurro Rtimooirre. .~ A pafrhrs p fBr' 5lmis t1I~ilitif 0111 tmi'noal Coda. Joc~t f -set s far sale ir m23 IiENJ. LEVY. 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S 111.1C oprea tof the rightipl Honoaboile William WindhoIam, cod lho toTilt Itouualu Williu Noji. ii eon, with -1 rei'tlory Lieroajhhil slahehshi tlodited by livl.iicVl·oll lc Tiiie Voiglod'e' ibrary, in C volte. The Young Mei lse R .i tier,-, it, G eels. J ant rec0eivd cnd for ilo bat o th ceareuer Cm p 1 (oiiiooun ilrooliby M 1Wm MKEA`I. 1 t~)l'l II oliWr h~V OILKiO. &i. ctiI.FANI~do ti EropoFby tile Autbor of 0Th. Sl. cii ho by flit, illotratlive of cvery day life anId taita ci' diy II&opic, hicil a riltiluuliun ol "WooiLs otl ndothr l, clch Minor Muata, fto ynon cnettlr, illotatrated in Talrs an0d 'Trvels. ItYJltohnlttnrtlng. } JiltPiano'-1i end tdlorlole at ihle cc.'or ofC Ceap ai C""liii etI90C IT y 9103)1 130 We11 A1. NElW tIEU:IICAI. BlOOKS. LITCTC I',cS r11,0e Moribit namitt Nittuiriial IA T.1ooiirnt of Acuto noll Chlrolilic lijycaeooi l< thle ilate Jtohn Aciotroccg, M. I). Edited by Jireop Rix. ilte bcr olf thi. hIoý ol tollrgo of Surfeoe ii London.rll Fit st Americ.Ia ol:tion,. with all set-unt of tlie ieiiand Wrttitmce of l)r. Arlmltraog, by Joba l1ell, iil 1). &e. i - 2 o, lo. Aio, n ic,,Ithe Ietih,,i oad oOrganiocduiresaefthlae Utirus. F1om tic 1 Icetill tof F. Ilolirctto' Doe 1rur iii 'dlcdiincc ie In F0o-liili, it ancton interun doe s . l loaoitno' ac lopjic- cioill dJ l'Pa-is,e&. &c.- Tr.~r n"Ietcd, tvillt antra, Ill. Jo chit W ~nrttngtn u, U. U.Js eevdn sr501 .MK.N ri b orird il colic. l I anc t W eoriito.. ii 01 __ Cclrurcr illtrtidC'Otll lutflitd~. 5; TjlOth through the Ilnnuf tturing lDstricts of Ea . Shud,, iu the olsn er of 1335. 1B* ir Georga Heal .ltr t f "rl Fort dceirl," iand "lIncdeato 1A \t l'.lontttury 'FriL-c on Allaomrv. lly .. L . Frllh. IlT A. SidIo' I)onllA, A. ., i. M.D. I.iv tranolatetyl (.torgo Itaker, A. M1. in 5 v.loltle l'rint No. 94, to 23 of liarper's Classiral Fnai . A\n ac liti;tol muipplv rf n is'n l Mlemoire of 'Asse Blr.l Jtst tIroteid in olole b ' 11I I \I .. iloEAN, tonrer tComon it at. ti 0I.. LII thN'" I":\PXIllMEIEN'" . lt I Pr i'II o' tind (hieratirnm all tia e GOASn 7 - Juet t. aui the lhylti.,hmge ofl)igsetiotl. y WP mN, t, Mt. 1.. Surgeon Oll t. Sn. Amrny. ZJ mrecerd and fir aold. he WM. MKEAiN, 14 ' (orn f trtlnll & ('ullatioatree o. T he 1 i.rtAh.h't Nil. tn bIOIiKK,&. 8re. 1[.-.NIIIET'l'A 'rhIMl.E, n love slatry,by Ih. as. S thir of"'ivin (;ry.'" rlvh. Select Slechr lft' il thi lihit Hinun. hWilliam Wi ndlmou o ator Ihe ight Inti. Ioni'hlat lJneo+ , with it. litojtoy llogal h Ollyial hkeItarn , Edited lv Redau Watke r' MlTnnly Exercises idntmOel, Enirn , r "Baldwin "o I oflrerln n1' ches retreitined in the Cirertu Coott of the Uniltrd Sutes, in and Tfor nthii (:ircuit; ee mh prclog trhe Flo.ter IDistriet a1 -0 " ymlivao, ad thi e state of New Jeno rec v,1cn ff Neo editiont of.haotlnera Ih 'lwndinu g anri :videe A . Anrkoan,widol o.ideloablu r.ddituna, in.2y.l&1 j Jlet reent co i nd cod sale hby nl I ItNJAMIN LEVY. SIFeT in tIondo. on thle ta and nlNic 'i ots, is . r ,obie and sprees througnd tio maietr tsneil. I'erime Egan, i '2 vols. The Il mmNist, dited ly oThenr.I o len'iL 1 o.' 1h'le Young Lldy' t.ilft, a CoW tpbLUoIIY.. ofp. Acollrtiot n ef Pleadingia anm pratioin =.1f wotsi; eot'oaiiog lre,, teorelren. sre in ne r- a i alt's I'rctice, 2d editioby l Y Erq. . Elements oflntooutioanl, with a hiaslav of the ke y sricncr, vllcnrty Wleattenh, EI, Jue t reeivarl ' nto fhorc .ale by JLEd h -ZiW Y¥V. EIl. Yothfhl imponter, a N.&eliby , tkoeg W. N. te ivnnild, in 2 n s . Traits andl 'Trials of Early l.ig, by L. E. L. author of T"th e r 11ro ' matt i.n.c, S.."l " Fcmale lLCeton CUrote, a tale of the American wil. Follah expteri mt of ivtn , witllhot t enne. I'Tlhe lemelrlntf l'olitieal ,ErCtoto,n byh Frttnrith \". .landil. 1D). l'residet, of htroa Uhiverit, a'd professur f Mloral Philoorphy. Jelt reeritenl nnd f.r sale 1ho et it) " l_ BE . LEVY. SIlE Lile of i 'ho i tTee nl;. Tithird 7t'i-. intt f ihs S itt id hato, with partsh of hie 'rrre.jpodee,. neeter hettre prblished; and notices ohi opitimto on qocetitnosoi Tail grovertlln t,t antional ltliec' ald eostitultanel aw.' iy Georgo e a.rker, Esq. tl Virginia, in t vol. * Thr,'e E.xilerin"t,.t of l.ip h'tt ai int the Mien.l , Liviar g u t to the Mer',, onl. Livihtg beynd the tmen . .. J~tt rechived andfrtln hf e ' lGti IIENJI.IMIN LEVY. . .... tt-'atr S i u.-. - W-- -, 4c. - (' IEANINGS it Furoie. byh an Alnerican(Coola r 1"in:. vols. SkLtchen ly Bly, illurtrnlioe of every dayn life, a e'cry clay Palhla, 4mint a cnrhlli uU of \V'sti. Pl'ettla, tli'alnir sketcher. Mlinor Mtlrale foryime g peplle, illuantrated in talc. t avelhe,hovJuhlnnD0wriag. Just tneewtd and SERVANIS FOIL SALE. S NE likely ean, 5 y.ears ofnge, in a 1d I "l'f h +roe% ll na gntrd dining room ae.lI,.+ SAl,hbi \t'Vife, n gool nin, washer aD+li1-ta tt at cildrio.,ar ta t.ts andthe othel or4voao ago. = tAlim, a likely Girl 14 years oIth. "lhi nmov.e .lanceona be led ltw by takin I tll. Frtroatlehv J HOLQU m...rl 14 Gtyirier steet. Tre,..e.. ' ,oi.e, Seond.,1., UP. I" ONt Ito toore ind-htvrd -t t it al f rt patin" done in frot ota their lmt `irmed that Mr, i. It t iennie, n .it ,+ ill be eon eluencl in ten "ova ee efe u all drlint etlll,-,withoutexeel tit t l it M';:M J I)O)ANE - - "N-- - I-ICF. T'.,..,,,,rr.' o)li e, &,nn,.'%vvni elly:' CfI.It. 'hIt t tax on lh.leatttt a l h Slthc f.Jr thtttear 133;:. wtill ttef.avnr e 15th .,\ull, It;:07. 1. i. (; nir ieun is l llx lli w g Suite Wdl b brvaaghll altcr tentldl Ui 8 AnEais , 11161l4 ` -i _' T% -.-- A nte-- -- - n in,-'-- our favor b " .J &. Otever, fit. $tihh, etdnrs l.o-ed be_ dlhe4 i eilt being:tulj ed. 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