Newspaper of True American, April 19, 1837, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated April 19, 1837 Page 1
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.. - . i ._ ... .... T._, ,e - - ! .. .|| .. . , , __/L/,,/.-..... .. . .. . 1-..f /Vit palcE 12a CENTS. N'i\V OIRLEANS, WEDNESD&Y .ORNING, APRIL 19, 1837. Vo,. II. .--.~~ ~~~~ . .-- ----- ..-. -~- -_.. . .:,.- -,. Terms of the 'I oesF oper e' o ecd ' .veJa Irle rOde aaoei -- atlg acreed to at an a-ljauraedl eactita of the eroprietora, Iel. oa the I Irt ouf j'rct, lOft. Subscription.-T'welve dInllar, for the I)nily paper ar uln:l.ll, ILsayabHle semnli an.lnally in advalnOe. 'Ten ollara for tia tri-aivy counitry pi;):er, pa able one,: year i ual ntVdt o , W It~ le nI city re ['rellsec is given. N o stlb r upli p n n till be liceotil n,,d untttl nrrear e n Ir e' settled. In easo disco lt llatn e oane weak'as notice, in writ .n, he inlariu-ly given, previous to the expiratiht I of ua.ttsn e i)tt.ot Adrerthing.-- ,)na do tar per in are for the firtt in s.rtiou, nad nI lletitr pri.e fir eae.t uOf finnt oin f; ay tantrintl aeclrti in fr.ts atle ornigin tl del taltel nti will be haredn na w c .tnfa e. Ym wly Adtcrtierte.-- lre.lshant an l Traler ftorte drllari for th tl Itale In, aI ttoe flo bath [,lt an.tgo-; an. ,s I tlalte )rli'C , et w i tI e tIr C rillill ph t lle I. stittliona, iltyv dellers illt al~olo only, mnd aihtv for boot la.'ungne. citp anIt .toIl ,ant falctor r cutl i larcnlatl, slxty dltara in .t.glih alonte, end aihtty fter both e't. Marriages ")bitnary Notices, and articles canline the attention of th.. Ietnlit e to sal of proeltC rt , cards o pua engern, wonrF ita .. . &e. w II b. I:har~e dl on . dol our prlqunr:, for.W the iret i, rtinn in eachne hngune. Cormounicalions or Aldverti eoheott of ally Itcrennal ntlure, when admisbtnle, sht all be charged doauble, nto in advnce. A dondetinn r, ftwenty-five per cent. will be made to Auctioneers, -herif.t, Iterieter ro Will', nald Manrsh Is on saler. o real estate, tblitted in toth lanunagee; and 51 per cent. in Rnglitnl alote, It per cent. an sales of other prmeartv. Adteertisment outof the direct line ,tf b.oinn of Ith yearly advertiser, ruch as legal, ntction,andl nI ntet tionaales, renuway laver, atryv nmitnln, &c. d&e. will boahnrgd far .elanrtely a .td at theo iaorinrv racea. Adeertieatesn t not apeeifitt as -o time will be pube liihted one mantl. and lthar ecn accer lirly. No cdvertt etnont f tatnt, tnkuptcea ill he publinhed in any eane, unlnss paid for prevloiIt+o inelrtlt'n,or pay ment gut ana:te"d by O renponlaila per nn in town. Th .t en antd other places of alnm om'utlt, ' lvertisine daily In the season, C be chn'ged 100 dollnrt for En glioh alone, and 150 dolldar in tboth hlaeglnaeree. mentorscie. Owinr to th1e immdnr e loos Wurtnined by n~wrpaper prnfrictnr, te 'py haven coranto elo aonclaston, tht thi. knseas of p~ersona who~e tecoolts hive rntl been plid within one 'ninth anter t reIentnti'm, sinll be illl, rating themelves not to advertihe or t plnr fr such d blinquent ualea , i n e oandeinrned. ae'mte t n hi. wC PEpnpe)Ee aST, J'It. (ilnSON, LU,. , )IEN. Weekly Pre l.--,We the inder iend. ot'en tol abide y the ahoeye nonditiuns, as far as t'wey are appic le to weekl papers. (Signed) A I l.AWRENCE, J WV ENNIS, §§§ NO nhrsecriltion ar"nttttketnr Ira tithnn six months. +tO..hletrs ati tat io , lr oan I- n ll, ai i CoenwictiEEI 41L Inrb a 't ro1li K EAtI) & lIl tI't o\V, OOMIWSSION MERCIANTS, No. 67, Graier stlreet. a3 P OPE, I)AVIs, & CO). Conairtsian anl Freaclie g ,Mlerchante, LOUISenLLEt KRETUCKY. RdteaM tes.s Il:tht'lth & t'rh tll.a*a vOrl r ess. A. H. \,allact', &C co. t " rle m16 J. M. t S. I t )t A ItV .f I,.. I. aortle Efor tea an d 'orntsin .ls .lrehanl, c'" '".EL v. t 1'V . aJ Il) Advance aon conaignmlent to tle abtovt touae by J 1M tItcr ) 'ElfI. &a Co. j30 .fit Mlntazin-it. reer. DOYLE & MAIY, AMERICAN & EN JIl.t - t liWN I;L,,. ' rn,,.ort.'tr -"r,-T I L. 8. HANCHETT, A ICurTION) C.)l itl:.,lt. N IItLCII \X'I', he etalhlisltet himself it the ahove l t,tari., in Nat- ft eor, which will ,e creried on ill ilt vnaletl Ilnnclrsea. Consignttnentt fur nuction or privat -tt e olii it,',1, Kethr to irattder, t1' tenn & \Vric it, New Orlttet . Alfred Coclran. Cyru Marsht, Eli IOt .tem ettcr, NaZcl, cE. :llt-Iv A. L. PLOUGH ..DENTIST. to.n7 Canal stret, blt etn it ttlll nod Itl)ool| +trCt..I II.tresll l~ tirirlth . ,o. + fr om ý \ It . 41. .~ll :i ,1.; DR. McF ARLAW-EIS Y6FIRMR VIt an Il'rrtertt C'lttltlbertctrnerofPttv drea :tnd 'irtn.t tr cit. ,,18 HOIUS., SHI. ANilC) t Itt ry I \II",N'I t. I \tI tI''ll 50 Untap st, tchrb al iel,, \X.,,'r:,, hel'hc. .It Itle in t.n-eI lttit Itt', chtrt.' ? v oil t,,' tta n iit itt sHove r rlttt lelt-,. ill tt hr htltl ltle, atll c 4at 111t III r. I cernm ,. lie will : Ilao en ' lllt' i ll ltlltllttt't,, Ifl k .li of hatceO tionx in t til at. I \t\.',-,' (dolt'l. , Itf ,hi' c. tries. Iarlorstutttt ha:-ttoi,, laeee, .; lte till il.t i'tt' tota a -rctt v:u'icly ti" \lat'fblu acttd l VtJt o \t/hlitt XtaIdllas, 'ea Me Ilotte,l ixtee ;.._ of t.:tofice eatl ct.fttitos a aula'ea.uivel lllllteltt i ll, *1utl t Itttt i itlt.t i tv # i atCima.a lie lttna eretele ,ti't'ctto' e r l'ttt Jtit tieala ate', h. wlttlc tolllllltty.i., tI, (taea, V rett l (;rt, I o toa'f, .,fc..' C .r, sad tlfto sale. .at,1 rtae'ltttiae co'ort I'r .,. lEa.V II(t)tittg --. r l a ik' a ,t*..ld It t t'tt t tlle 'tret enar titen, itt vole, by fl . Fv. Pnaullng on 'laverv in tht Utit..I -Oatra. alterie of the Sen. by thre lnteler oft Pett:. "itp e. Memloir of George RIt 'I lewces, with traits (t rthe tena party, &ce Gilbert Garnet, by the author orSayino s and Do oga, Ice. Alto, a neta snpply ofane in a Thnnotnntor the tnvs . IlHnri .luntre, by the author of Rictlitn, '=c. re eivedl by C II BANCItt)FI , m15 l ttt at o (sLII)ELL'S NVF\V \VILt, toe.--rho i .nerl' inl b Etgland, by the authorof "A Year in Sltain,' in 2 rtlumes. Noble Deedsof Women, in 2 voth. The Youn WVife',a Iook, a tnanal ot moral, reli gions andl dltnetic duties. Just receive! aud fr sale by Wt.Vl. 'KEA N, lan 9. caorner or'Can'p awtl Caonllllln tot . lan 27 corner ofriCaonp llI Ceommon rr. NEWh FlljRNl'llrlrlr WitEtlS HOUSE. No. 46d r RTarES nST. T HE subscribers ane now open nt a complete ntaort meat ofelegant and usefafi furniture. whi h thrrv have just received !,y t e arrival of nhip. Saratrna, Ar kparta and i rislippi, from New York, cn -istiug in ptfeaide hoards of variore atterno, with EIVlirtinn and Italian marbl tops, centre tahles of everyv lecripr. tion and quality, warlrohee of narion l,ttrrllnr ac-ti h t tary and book'eaere, lartirn' Frenh nilrrlrt rtoldb lett bhreau. irre.'ci dinine Pembroke,, card nd Id - dies'work tables pine do. also, a few aiS, sideouord with Egyptian marble tops, a new and beautifil arti-. ale. A complete assortment of sofa. A large annd complet asnortrleot of maheognr, lmn r rosewood, fancy and en.elmn rollnir,, anheamv pie, do covered with p rIah. n enil : fir, redl hir lcklag _ "-r with a etmalete la. rtenellt of nueh art' a ath, togrtha. fund ire rl(1r1ll o ertrhliaoml-rrr, tile Ntlea aere uuallr . .old or reornonale tr.,ns for a p whtle of weile will be . provedepaper. orcah. it'd to call erd exam The puebli arere npctrrllo ln.. " lee the tac4 , 4 order for N B Goods packed at sheortietico in . .o,:. . o shiplping. f 12 C I GItA,,'r _O printa o khles Trretnon iler t iner riCkiro; It,' Ine Ofard 4-I tickinge; ncaens lhire Ptro hur l erd' I ease hreav black earpetng, lonline front harinnu Io enphindnd fr orsale by T o CASII & olr thsift •l r ,4Crr IaN Srarrhene rt ln..rrreAe.arrnrr whilerarous; tlorrier Foreign aeon Ioeietren l Hardwr nPe , hant o. ,ralIr :l eaterin*s teuuekofShelfiell., Ilerrlmighaml l ten Aaneri ean grod. mberaieng a great varierty, cnmsistianrg in Inrl -+ followi; lariis, arrennrod ileekeation ond grrrrire r Urtrtlerlrt "reL iisc, hln k art bIrihglt i cn1; -at e an oels •E i i moclet and ereniglAt; ;.:sn, arohlna, e.Oll nlSlnt, grrl .lef tdeet Feaglilseteral A e,'Itt sadlle ira s;to ine an-. arel handle fryt Ifes; raisee e i.ti , hntor hrert r II :dl other kirtle of inages; pit, illho, tee, ,lC. tal, rll e r er.l .ross.t et er'saire, wrestr, nd, culoirnel :0 Irr orl leoks1 Amea'riaa rie5or id rorte rror, irnsidie n.)lirn: - Amin do; mret ndl sl lt leprintg , atrltg. sellh leer b.aetter enet lr lnblt; at, i.,eril. ,ill and .enr er t, Alet slhil rlenllter's nid ollllerl alglr'er; bla'(;. "4- aml atrnt seast steel smoket unr frilelntr sedir; .rra/ " ali sizear k lvesa.e- frorks iit, etts orrand r unl .Il ; .e Nirien thee, esok, botcher, enrrein, ag d dnrrr i. r nr-re krere perket uand iBlrnk .tlel, r ihl.irer and ,l cRrreoies, loHf rr nrit rmall cleorsi toailofth meI saoCheep steora; ollllllnl: ea.t lre areee m orelll e o.ral. je].e:Ullrrred, rigl adl ilel alo r adiddeod steel aeeltoers; rigs, arrel llne e .nr rer s ean, r...stiks;e plir'-l, hrilatia, rrr ytrri l at taee le ar S.rtel itelr alr lerteeSilutrO gnlll locks; IrOrre(le opa'l rei llli en wrea lecel, tmwler rlletrsts,Honrk. brletiers, game haIe i ae. marpeater's noess, ardels, Icrdaru , .'ll l,' .' stnlnaitleracds :rad pnser,rrrreh ame r, &,. nightrL r sr I folk, bhar ard rfiarre lrhcits, n n wepr'a Inlest axe, h.rele, ador, ret. taine. . llir h r, iwh.etrrrrS, trrrs trr ll he;c.kIrur. English orrld Americom inp oal rsi am slrlre,i e twig and short h'rles; Calllon o lrest, sheeo ireonLn, pl;a %1at mntal tene kettlen, etrnet enet :trur I coottort enrlrr, l wltl alIa s al uhenr wafer Hme wa'o. e ire ,.t 'I rrW caltler ir lll at bit rss o Irllllllree r arel rings, cnahti LIIIInod h tekier :ttlrll Ico reeks,, elpr-ig. , ghs andrere.ooorr i h :, a.nd a erremaa Ntce., ilk, rlrrile, ,Irrer, yru.rr tin aor ie-,le+ rware, sieves noat mills, tla .ailes tar. I IK", re-srr rrM- hed arns, plorgh lirra, pkeklirgeurrr, rcrrr leihiflo%. rtl wrtilt, Inad, Strr, lMugrer' amr hrro.rtr ri--- i E.V a 10S. (Louisiana and New York Lune of Packets.) .e i hips 2 C aL" ,.. lhs i 1,to sl] 1e'1 - u1 cmitn Inell:i( Sil o t.lCe 5th .\ Roirl u'd n tlo ilnsure te ltrictaet pluacclali t i i i ill I ir, ti alle ilin, to e liae will htree:ler CniLsnmt of six slIIp+, vio: Ship VAZUJ, CaptUin Eidrnlge, to rod .; ol ASip MISSISSIPPI, Captain Robinson, to leave on Alth luv. Shi -SIITAKSPEARE, Captain Collins, to leave on '1d .dinv. SUlitp VICKSll Ue Iro Captaivi nd every rard , to leth ll J .e ecured untl perip LOUISVILLE, Captain Pamiver, to neani on 20tl Ship IIUINTSVILLE, Captain Palmer to leave on SlJ ul . st ir The aof theeip are nill new, of the fponsible las, e; Ipterd nId copper ltnorot and upwaords of 50 tnr In brt hoin, lr of lit drothe aent oter owners. Forbi in oge fixedl at one hundred dollars; their cabins ore ktted nupon tile, Inn:t i nprnertl and cnnvcnient plan, & fiaishled i n til nd elegant style. A11 leNo. 77 Catl sftrt. Fenmtrt NId entire K.-tif w tin ine of Pas ackger ts.) wh wil 3leane toke notice int no berth ca m be aeured until id ins to saile oce of the 'hllep eENctnC nY, John D nked cmaptainde wrl exr periencen t il trde, whn will give . very nttention nnd exert ih OeelveI to. . ars, o ma. Tndey will 99t lonl Sntnl anid the striActest pue tity observedin d ,the tine n.noiling. 'The ships of these line will not e unc pnniy rol New ry letterns arel York, everyc sent by or onday ohourd f them, nle a reulr i of lin be signed therefir, at t are all tin thouse firt clagents or fateowne. nor cfurther particul and ere bult in Nto rk eprsly r h. D. BEIN &A:C. TOIEN, FOR NEW t h ti LK.- (Ne ine of Pancket 1IIIP ARKA-A, :. S. Dtem i, commnder, lit7r t ans, to sl 1 Ferarv 22.r Ship NAS.HVILIE, J. p oithoone, commander, 513 Cton, to coil \larch 71 . Ship KENTUCKY, John Bunker, commander, f29 on,i e e o f onil larch lrt. Slip lIOLEANS, S. S. Sears, commander, 599 tons to )ail April 4th. Ship AIABAMA, C. C. Bierry, commaondo,, 474 tonn tn cai 1 Jen 0rv 26. Ship SARATt)C A, \ . Ilathany, commander, 542 isae, t ia , Ol \ Say 2d. The Whips of this line wili sil punetoialy frnt Nnew )rlenn nold New York,c very second Monday thonug nut tile season They are nil of the first cas, copper fastened and coppel d, and were uailt in New York expriretly fer tl:: ,rode. 'i'lnv ore cnmanded hby experienced moan, dnraw en light draft of wlcr, on: will) at alln tiiole he towed up 'rold doIcn tn lin i onli pi oby stenIalhoot. Thlir ac ::m:nodatinoo for :neot:: rvec are nery superior. 'Tlic owners of theoae ships will net he re'onib l ile fnr tny etter, parel olr packare, scent by or pitno tonlr of then: tmlo. a8 re"ular hill of ldinig be .in.od there for, at the Cotina hm of tohe aoen.aote nr owners. The rate of panle is: fened at $71) no wiue or liquar frnished on board. For trielthr or nk n., ;.plV to lBOGE:TI & IIVII0I tI lRIN, No. il l n 'rn r'iero a ena t. SV \i , .. ni l e,, al ,, lI..,'.. 1 l r l, and ie te Oir. .late, the fllw. 1o1l`ll rate f ran l reight aladpai aIlre ill be . ,,gnd, via: I ll wmtlr n's Son n in e ein Il. Moerins roanoltek $ 1 S r P 111 tllhc -cu o I {:1 75 ICan toe ni Ir I e le i y 1 1 ILe, C .nI t reil ld,: at 15 io n t. i er footl . Coa,,o--, $,0 n pr iv. r,"OU lb. h .l ., per I, I, , Il :_ i, , 5c. i' nr ,00.0.e of +6 yoards hope, 5'),. p,"r ,';* llb , Keels nf ,Ic erc i-c,', tic. Ken Iltr led I, $1 ' , b I l ', p.". of I.i I Y, r U A 1 .7;' e.tch ( pm r bnclt .;I-., Warl,,rer r ,Iace:,d $12 ('ftttci" e$ S)"e ec't,':! $I It.,gno $1 nllkn I'.,I .r o:I- e -'i.nn.le.:; lie. , i$ir It will I," n'ce.<arv for 'ep etoRihn rllr It -i ,tlo1 r nc : cteaClJlls l iadng do na II: rr e: t tIA Cil s 1.l.: o t otoe. I J'UL'E It \ F ,,.. II4:t0 \\' I, Tie he l.Ill., ,' o: dao SteI ti New f'lrlrl,+.=, [ter. 10 I;I;: . I)."V/ '/',:l I .elui o .fl- / . )I c: : .ll . 1 11.N. , s t i , e io ekllo lr. tr \ tun l'rl, r lt , ',trrin hc .. ten: : :rl ::lfimt,', aen : mteawe ncl i O("IiTlA t ll-c, MAaster fll A IcO s futtf.,A "he .b+.,,' bnt" i',- fottd ii Yen' laev for tihe trpon Iv tInamen~rer, ectru[ll' lder i tIurcnn:o. ' eI 0i1kkl. ie tchl:olnt 1n the ontltaid.:eeei 1c ':.: o. o icteen att~ ntio: pa oid [l . o ...t.....f ........ .C'. r lIrCacnneo l heen ,ndeN Ivhh nh l:l:ri,l h'nin b e whet ::afeorr- teoon.( to " all'h Spoi, New fy rk, Phild h iCcfl a or 'Sroalk. c:: o d. nor lik, the d'tav uf + l erpinl if llObie] "- :11 "t, tratin I re el to I ne \\'atchn1a1t. ile:nio .lne, A. l .fTrdi_ res :5 dlE:llied oiNn Ito er "III- t.avellio " n. tlw rd. nItec -prtio e ofl p: snec. who -n :4 w .ih to, visit Nf. eime lthv city of 1',Insn '::.. The wail bnats leave hn c ht's eni d of the rail rood ,,clock car, nI n\l Mile at I I A 51. For fr'cight , Ir pac, r :. :",-e ,i' to 18 and .2 (Nw la:-ee, 7a i h-ao n; i Ot, 1i l i"'.1 1; 01: IoI: , Mobile, N. it. i'lsk. e Q ,p lsove line hace the pre el:rre iln ::i: i n l e: : ti' :M)ble. D)iln.r will hr ,baob Ionit will rC ceive uan d ld IH.eCaerA at all tle in(trl'edltte 'ant'in, : t AIES 0o A Puo1tincx. By W\mllinam II. liar o.teirn..oT. ' " l tttru tli 1.tO llt l 1Ih r Ltnd cnmi ICit, r'o l. m li't t n t l - g 'lo ei A lf us q ] li. Sttille i ttll te .. 't i. i lt, t. . lie. \Ilenrlr of thille r .. Le-it ' caule y. `tIl. S'lln. Ft'llr, in h 'gllh d, hleig a seq.,, i" t.,e "L*F lgr. Flamily iu P.aris." Iih 1" hs. I.Browv tt.V yulra.P". uithor 1 fthe *T' w pll-nl- IPost IIgL,' tc . rtce. 'Ji tai innterim rei potal .I inusai j s i :c , "Vitilus ' IlO'rlT;ltRss . en, oct t 7 'i (hliarir sI 2lr.I LATE PUIILICA'TIONl . r'T I PIRI:CII'ILE OF FREE TRADE, illus it trated .it a series of sh-trt anl fluiliar FIsVays, Ir.igir.i,; ' I ptuhlihed in tlhe " llaltr iof the C.ntuitli. lion." TC)E IERTt LE.T'S TO PA.N;or or havnile ftie, clreioltf t nd mtnili+te l o t ih piltilit e al ,l right tbio . n.t thei or coliet ,t h-or thini celled hur'ci lt-, Indon lilll..t erI, or .ilht l ntln t, to hire n..i ti rallt ie. the ch nl ehn tlhlr e.lnt.ral ires li. ir lll. ulrl nd ol lee t ie , I r+ awl oft hlnit h ,t t Vin. It cl EtN . fcIlll .hllthl, ittomp Itof tttttonlll Stot ullP ht ooCei ou. -s •o' TlliE NIERCuIIAT'S Si' l'.f'P,or cleroantili intructor, eotuintll,.g a foll n e-ao ,tll of eilolTl'.lAlN,-s coins, weights Rnll and l llllrr of t!lt ,riril rll Irn.lhll lnoni a7l their colnoierC; tnu.elr l luoup an ir vnl ret.i 5l1e 7th edition of neelnd, with fny Ilitinl o bluthe wrinrt ",f Kelly, Neh:ehreh^rS r 0 r,, llml lliill, nnl otller+; 'Iv Premnla J. trlldllll.alntlr of " I:lqlillltllvry TI'rcatise ,r. Plnne and "o!iI q,.. .Iru'trr," .i.. c. 'TAeRIFF, or Rll.·· f (i lei;, frn·'n fnlltFer tilel :1. Inc of Nhorth. I'lfT?, l ltil thll"- 'I"tl of It,"."hlln er, of eieI car, inlllttive, nI all no In, waedS Rd neriltan foliZ,, ,n .pnrtat intlo thle Ilnitnl Stctee of Amnerica, as on mllilhd Thv nrt ofc n 0rel , Just received, anl for talehv by . 11cKF,\N, uet 7 Corner Calmp arnl Collllnn trrct. ?1.1 Nr'Y P41 T9- cu'es rirh liq1 faleyto prlnt; 50 cases domesti- fancy Je It) eases blue prite, 47 T 176.13t 4 00 4tm p ItL klts , I. ' E FILL Y Ian removed ftom 76 Clhartres tret to JL 76 tc:anl, ialwr i;loyal und llas recrleed by lnte ariva.s, additions to the original stock, which are nowo ,tOl red in (ttlllttew to o.sUt pitdLaorc. Rich .otian, dluit uad ligu.ed. do do bls udicolnud. do Gro dIo Pailt., pisia d d figd. do do jet nitltlue bIk. do Rep Silk. plato and 'lkd. do uz.nteu, Psijoc,I,rclanies, &e. Pl in and oottetl, China UCboutgh & English Silk Heot. dul ariorednbraidsrL'acadoe and open work do do do Tohrel. ,loitmtir, W0Vo'std and Cotton Hose. S ewart's Parit made Il (liloece, blk, wbite & au'd Silk and Net loveo, blk, whkle t nod oa rted. d,) do and If " Gloves, tong armed. SAl-osilcett s ioc.llot., e-ilni-ting ofr French Silk n ed titi d ui ustrimmal,Orien tnl Grecian, Floncee, Jvallerown, m1l -I focun Straw. illleans, Hliend ltresso, irest.t, L'enathers, Flowors Sce. &e. rel Kd . Fl: I."CY, 70 r'nnal t lrapt. tHE splent ild patronage awarded to the Pscilounl Spltin Saturldy Courier, isductus heedinorsnto eom illn tde paldlauion, nsndoer thle above title, of a soar IrP ld t uloftheir opular jouru , so lone knobwn as the iargfe.. Fatpily Newsppli in lee Uniteti Snote,with a list of ear TIVENTlY-siX 1HIIOUSAND SUIt SltI PEE. 'I. te new fcnttre recently ictrodnec of islteligl tlseir r.odern o itls new book of the be't line ratre of the o lv ihaveishg proved ho emilentl success itul, tl os cce wil be continued. Six voluonles of th c lbrnterdslewitineites cl ao ria olanrriotl, and sinty-fier of :Ir. Itonok'st tholble Lett rs fromlrEn rope, laive-a edy bteen publishl d withont itterfering with its news and niscellaoneous reading. 'hie Coonriris the larest and he suaerlt f rosmiy no soper ere er d in thlis euntry, containing ortiries in I Iternlure, Science and Arts; In terrnl Improlement; Ariculture, in short every variety of ltoies untely inltroduoced inlo a public jTurnal. Giving fnll ace ;tnts of sales, markets ond news of the latres detend. Is in publislted at thl low price ef$2. Per this small on sualbscribers got vnhlobli and m tertainio matter, cucsh week cnongh to Sll a cmntnon book of200O paes,. and eqatnl to 52 volwmoes a year, and which is estimared to e read, weekly, by at least two hundred thonosnd em ple, scanttred eIt all psrts of the country from Mlaine to FloriSao, and fromtt the scnboard on the lakes. Its intalmth dimeasions enable its enterpreini pro prietore, ,lecsre \VWooDvwno & CLARKE, Ilf Philodel phie, to re-pltbliels itA columnts in the course of. ecar,serccl o, f te ilost itaerecting new works btlt ie tte from the h ''itioh irs.: whiech canot fail to give to it a permanent interest, uant render it worthy of iraer. vntion. T noret the wie.,, s thereli re, o elsh of tseir nllncc riberos de-ire to hnve their aunllters bouodsthe hlve delterined on is·ruin. n edistiol of theCouihe ri the qloarto fore, which will render it toach mor,,con. vonnirt for readlith len it i boend in q volume, ind lirte grooatly einhance ito alute. TIIE CkUAR'I's EDITION. Under thle title of the PHILAD£ELrHnsI MIRROR. will conn nenel with the Iutilieation of tie rizet Tale, to whineh oan awardole tihe rize of $Ol105, written by Mies lie edito, fr sof te slendid Amnal, the Toke, and nuthlo of 'Pecil Sketches and otter voaltble contriba tirtts to An ricsn Lieratuste. A laroenutmlerofsonties poem., tales, &c. offered in coampetition Ibr the $5011 premtiums, will r asl vnnie and interes to, tile oeeelink opeo.rst, wie;h will also hta enriched by a tore from li's Sedlgewiek, nlthor of lsps Leslie, ' ile li.wooadsl "e. wvhnse talents Iutve been jo jtstly and exteusively n spl'etinsed, both it homi nsi n abroand. Thi+sptrovedt FA II LY NEWSPAPER i5 trietly neu ia1 in rcliious ant ponltical matters, anti tile ua. emproloinsiing oltonent ufqolekery.of every kind. III nI- US. In.mhlirion to all fwlieh the publishers itsend four nitlitae their pattonrt with a series of elerlovted Maope coelhtrlin se t, tntr-fite SaleRs of the Union, &St. es sIlinthe Ita'is tion, ke. nfe riveri, lowts l, mllotain lattees, then sealoar i, internai imrovenlentts, its displnv Sin nul-d , rui r.ase, &c, withl uller interestine aiod oeittll frcateIt dS rondo-, distances, &, forllillng a .n pitc C nAtlas i, eenersl uan nod inflllanlios , s hanonlle Iv e\lOted, Tlhl easlh litEinct ita o al Inre noarro reet, ant ni enpense w lich nmhlnllltta t tl spheitontli, sontnlrtre wiclh ifr s;ix vers polt has been so gyner. suosit, titew, t tmlt warrant. TERMS : The Philalsellhllio Sltolseiny t-outubri is cill cnotlaued i , tis Inle fir, , I the !le plioe so henrlstre. 'Ihe 'ihnldehlhia ilirror, btilte q lnrttoo edlitian or tile Sn tlrrltv Co n irc, willt its iscenerdo ts rets-iott, and cl1it.l ti on tie lent white fine pAprl , er .tll alue-slto : ao the New Y t r Allion, will ISe nto at ssaoci.t!o sno .z;,t ile prier o thalt enlun;, vize: Tl'iore lllnr'ec -anu'l1, payable is elr vnoe iiwelrndino thie hon.i d t )If) b I OlID & Ct i, KF Sii 1Tkn _ _Aln Phila ilelpion. 'i T 'I.R l n s tLi;ALES No 24 Castmhouese st., i, lolte ...1 tl;t half pipe. Perdenux brend,,ens titd 111, ll,1111ito ,,,,; ,If ',r en:l,:, oi ba,,ally?; 20 ,a,2".lIociask lad ira at'om'; J0" r qt, l a ks S'icily' .II£tlel'a; I13 half sIpryt 'ttlc 01h11e 2U h etskers eS ,npqi.tne lot end) bxs talte Ittolttlls Qutesc; 112 sLgs olatistlos slt; t0 begi it a)lllltlm , dn; 51) certl CRllha |'llSoc,'t I erooc toat itlltl, ,; soi s nlCk 'it Ishelled Itnol I; "0L) bXtt iin - pt'roi ttitt .ULplnitr set, 13 tibn each; 'tAi do dlot Ikb O;Lh, 2 1) che~lpt0 pun hone tctc 110 bi Nto I ciucolate, Inii k os tisack illlt t st >,t hls chv-tss"o-e bis2 dshz eacho I, tt brwn a.nd isle hit !rrn wise" 3) bsllto nlC fle no i oils e tsr,.c; ttl.o)oe oinu eeriot'r anvmlir oioc clt: t513 lle Ntt it sIllsklnire ; sll t bal-r'l.No I lottoooe ht rrinoc (new;) 9t Itlo o+nltvo., &c. &c. &c. -J3J M nit 3lo 5'i k',C'I'ICS FOR Ttt l .Ilt.sTIA C NUI-LE SYSIsIEi tsI- INS t'ItUCTIi',S AND SIEt;Lu[. Vr'IIt)NS for tse Mi/liti and l'ilunteers of tht United L sttteo. oltonjtirth'tldllt tttlt exercises ano lovelnsit of the Ihlisntrv, Light .uilntsrvc essti Itlls tnon, Soero , iulle t Artillery-; soetller stirh the manner ofdoSoine. lt i ;narricon o;nod in Camcn l blsse foIms of tnnlrleo,-rv~ew,, alI ianpcclion., ns c sitalitledl by nu llorlio, Ishr ithe overlllllc tftsllt Ioeuler dnsrme. Pre paredoo andrl'lllslo'd by C CBrevet Clptl[il S Cooper, nid de ( a op,od v dlttstsAplstoelet selerlt':itloe tfin raper. vieisl ofi Major telleoral Ales. Mlcolllob, coltmanto ding thle -.rnsv of tle UnLited hsat-o. ()'tNl'rllPl5,t5);i.l. I55')GtRAPHY--OCr, nn r eolltl of thfe hl,titts tf the Birds of he United St.loles of Aterctn, ncotomltani d iy desecriptisni the objectq repsrasented in thie iork nltitled "'TLhe Birds of Ateti ca," nlod lterspersed with si'-astiOns or Alnoerieian s corv and manners by Johln James Audubon, F R SS L & E.--VI 3. Just received and for sale by W\M McKEAN, J59 Corner f C'amp and Cm ,eon sels. TIW hB OIOKS--it Loeso of Etiquette. -ti vo 'elc/hes of S.oite:erland, by the auotor of tie Spy, &c-nc,n ia two vitmseo,. life oad Desins osf John A iourel, and on acconune Sb deh-'tisl,r hvt Vkrril A Ssewart. Received nnrl foir slie Iby JSO llI)T'Hls - & Co, 4 Charers t e. 4f i. ti , lll h t. ,u' Ito the lrbor, - f Cll em(dll iy h etc. ele 'Alhi ! ull' alnel he pielnta :Ia nm1do (dir t' 1 In thc',te .t tiiatcs. Alsot, 'srkiltst stort'r. trtocssute of sPooho" Edcasin ill thtt \cw Ynrk o Is ceite d by IIO'L'C'IKISS &I 9 co, I n.c'ce-to "ýý11I 'l'+ken endl Atlantic Souvenir; at ..uistms :nroad l New ees lle s o., . l"t.a (srsr; a c l.'iot,,as nds t New Yser,'s Prsent.'l Ilecitood ad;. lot rsle by IIOTCSIKT.IS and Co, .... 1 2. rlts.. . - seneso.,., rt - .\L T.\I--I-'hmuuers, Ihnihlers , +ip noe stran (./ at maters, eas now suappl) ,heraln:h.s with Ihi aseiul ar ticle at 1 1-, 2 c tets per gall.n, by al,|dic:nlot, at Ih ;as lllcc, I ltl,, Alen.v. T y i a.y sucrcssfll c\ ul im nts of the ctat-l ta t.. res.t. i t to those t ltacjc ,1io e I d waI t i t i illl e t r perti "a, mll itllislllensa: leat :Iicle tIrp I'lrelr: ation ilo tf llc .l ' It Ili.a as Ia la t e t. lk'tl ce '. L f:lh a g na fsi, -etllIllO IIh h I IaI.l.Tt . ThSe e 1,c 5c v n, •,.hei aET w phicht iltlw llE, )i i',,IIU , by a Nothoro ,l .lledaition, in olhu re. i, IS trl t sllpl;y.t (rd i noo d7 Ctrnor of Cntpnttd Conan;cno,. ts It.NEN, G IN n .\ t.IINS-A Ilooft fotw toot hi.rhh c'lllelted wi,f ,tk leaolfpipen , French:t nod II , , cot)rl ipTca.t oq l Cinritr lla l lnou Im eInt In Idly Uoien tc r an etti, h ofas i r onlit, to to . II I-I.n Cttppo-nc SIl e opd r n:ad It LIVES OF THIENECROlldNC 9,R or, an ,c coudr lllndt o the io, t eninent personl i l stboceve agce, who have clailned for themselves or to whlole as I't;; 'lli LiUtd I lr Flshe xercie of mit i.sal ipower:t hyv lVjtlla Gi'oodwin, aurll of Cal~tt \illiay co Sne. \e. LE, TTERn- FROM! TFIE . OUTII, by a Nortlhrn F IIan, new edition, iIn 2 vottnest utst receitedl aln l. vo 27 C rner of Calp and Comlmol; es. RANDYn GIN L& rI LIiNtS-A Intofn few n1111 (Ircs I..rl rsll ncl rl',, few htlfplilles af Frlchl i fifv bIolxes, ier candlelr,al. of fir qlnolitno It, .t F ol vlaw toc a)Sezt{'ltlle . .Vtr II 1\'I'I'E I': . I 3 o lever. IT tet nA,..l Felx. itt, aleIl by 1o'tEAd ct .d r;U·IIi t', to i. l alro t Co,,ttli i . i(lý ltA R a chllle IT or Ge'nl etsIt f ron itwh i shin I. ri, : t t ruis. r lr enfl a.'. tn.llail. Tre rttll hon' rro irer nne IorI'.a kin iprdl lIn ,"nn; aine men'. J.a;,r it Pulm; 17 Cs.eo lacic ' '"id. ,'",r ano and lastia`! Slire,, rr, 15 Iraes Clothamr_, toti 0in15 nood sewnttnnat-C-tr 'ate bn. 64 :11ZrIvG.,x u)Sj & iQ: sr t lilllr il ina l th I t this insliltu ron, e dcItL OI t te most approved pln:m, toI in at nitry cmud rost ainm itble sierltoln, inll theit unletg F.ntklin., upont the rai. tada, one milf tion lh.e Ilassissilpst. The buildiang in I mltid miot ,olnetoimriat.nsly di ides. Into q'tim.ets, lr ku1. ping ajpatl'e illdto'eolt tSnlse: The inslltlti illis tsuppielt with the most skilfll ant, lttelntie m ole amiu mnilc nlrses, slpeaktigl tile viloln m.oi:lern ihongulges. Private roomlls may bel had by gentlemen at from tw, to dlhin ps' l d , includintg tLtet iianeI, etc. lTerns islite lodina wi/tis, oie dall r tar ad:l Si.naves taOl oul llar. manll Pox in the ordlluuy i warl All callplsllsirgiuel op~cmlinlsexltr. T'he ri.toi,loe.t phsiviau is I)r. II. Lewis, to wit,. applise inji I'r inision mosit t lie madle, I-. t). A. Luzenhr.'g, No. tI, lalluart ist. iv 94 T .~t' I'U I.IIAh 5 ItI) -- ei tle rli .ls , i, twu.u t h l-'roide, ill i vols. S'Ihe Wife and \Vomain's tlwalrd, by Mr s Norton, it Y:ots. |lii.inm Clltin, or the Whale Pisherman. The llaihtill Iridisa,~' or thi Sxile nf t:rin, In S von A Natlaltie f a Viit to tille Anleriioian CIIhtlcihes, by a I Deplainll Fli n the Congregatlional UJlin of iE.l, nuld nod Wale.s, by. An" lli lIted, lI. D. mll Jlames .1 theson, ) I)., in ro's. Novellas llni Tlle by tarn Edlgeworthl, 90 cols veo. altly- bound in Ill. tleo Wolrk of Mrs Sit, rnovo, eilng the only uni fornl cidltiol e'ar ltubliliell it the Uiitl S.lltesl. Julst nixivead and for sale Ib - W M'KlP.AN, et a cormer Camp ui otlCimmonn ats ClKlan .lAit irll. Fttcltv of the 1.MftICIl.ltle .o... i, . i o A r'pesneettfiullyask thlnelttenticn of thle NAfliall I'rolsion, ntlld of the friendis of Eience in ge.ttaiW, t. the motdi itn agid polpetus of tie nstitultion unon. th eir rhait'gr,. The college valls anizeg d in the nlottimnl al 184; a I1 ulllors I of lctures was given lduringlthl past winter. ill llt the last seassnios lll't e Legielatase, a chall:ter was clnferre.llil it with the usual p ers andll privileges of simi rinstithtiiionlls. Since the tertmiination of the .eiaire of l.ectcltes, Itie ntcltiC Iave given ullolmiltell d ltllttimll to t1S. interestl of the Collee, iand have eonsidetlebltv allgnlntrd its ,ans of sflkfoldess, Blt ,waione tit ilut.ver may bi, Iheir ow' n i zi0 l nid inldustryi the S.uleai of their eilter prliz is mainllly ilkeltienlit tile iullrilte it minn r','i.t' . reomt he enlighteii ed snd putriotie portion of their fellow citizent, ipt.liciiiarl frI.. those of tie \I dilni prtoftsaion.-.lite fneu lly ne desiroull to obtail hi. Iheir instituilu to tolhe ,Ved"Iical Stl- t uits in lhis seteliot, o ulSr liii trii i, ii. Tlihe college il ill n in poession, at the e.nt mernce Anllelt ioflthe ll nx session, of ailrquate appi:u tos fri' alh ilolsulotion of lhemistrl ali thle ollateral sucitlencs. Ampnile ieansfonrthe itltlly of Anllaomn., will he Rllitisll edll without trol.mtbit o lle t1 astlend, imt without olinlatil,. of the sacred fe liogs, or emeo orejudices of society. lhtlleu it is recolllcte that olte thiird of thile ptolhs tioll of New ) ln durl.illn the willter season, s coni ipo.edl oif itall.unel , rs, many of wl in, chaie or ne cessi, r.sorl ill sickness to tilhl severl well ollllreb d hlloltc ils ill thi L cityl, it llllial beh i, a enptn 'l i t i ll the lFa cultlvre in pnosesstin of Iusurlllnsedl means fir reniiler ingtheiroutsr ofiostructionthornughly demnusodaive. l''l avail thenlsoelvlets of these pl rivileges, it has be at'll, lIl.eI thl i large lprp)ii.tio l of thie h' frotll h pIi-.tic; l chai; ,·( stilt|| clin diicall, a l disese alnd LItIet. mlei.l tht g t IaIthe bdsidle of" the ptoicilo. llte i ulni er of srlllgical o. es lit l this ril l s nlllllnl dinli greet,in sl niarly every thoup tiot in the scin tct wi'l Cenlln . er1 6e« l ell llass nthe living snIjecl. Thell ouI.Ire i ePonllellultlog I lndi iologl illlUi wh i ltt.A. t The Faulty wolll iparticulal-lyutol the opinion (is, rellce if. .,llieia hss,) tl lh the dl i as. s of SL lilb Ac ll41 E'l iselio.Ell th1' Unite SI lt liare, in loop' I it - stsIeI ,I i.n molille.d I b elillm e, Ihal tlhe can oith'r ob ,ell tug11 by h11oe ho lavel-st senj iill l elil , 3nor wll sltudied bi those ,lh. lise not ian oppo.rt tity) of wit le i 'll tilllC ir 1 ,e ilavilits. Union tooll-r ectlnilary ni.ise, yl I, tdo i wii y i n t'.r nell'ons ingsl'w.nil\, it I iy not Il. ; s.II .erflJ.ols tL AII( i, 'i'll i, , i llr e.I 111i1iA S f l Al ill:the .......r., a )tten. nllgilllnrlfte il ll ittiona ,a oos, dl , i d 11ald Ite iowill hl tilr -cib t a tessiblle to those in ilivhol, LIs Ili milltlllled gral II liu on- vidlene of clill:ssitoll cirumll sltnllc s, allld t'llllI t liti ra l morn g litiewins. The fam,,,ly b,.,: ,, fi, l s',,,, ,, to stale, ,,i, ,|1 ,ir <e ad(ano na n : u n-ni e, r t ln , as t edo , .1i thn se s a .ss ,f this iho .\llin , Iwll h.e " m Iin th ,a lh ;rd holoh I, ,l h.,to bis oelio of oral..| il t r,11,ah peal il li. co. ldeoce to Ise patriotism of hlleir fe1 I·eil tcitazen oth Iolul iteln: c. misi SI , pi C AI.A. A. U IZEINlEtflG, lekn. New iOrlean, AI g ttn, 1 A35.. The Course of Leldres will comtlenre on the fir .stondaqy of Decenner crexl, aen terninale the last trcek in ,Varr '. lll.11.r.S A. I.UIZENlCItl(i, \1 1). Professor of Ihe Ir'inciplesaid Ii'rcdi . lurger EI)\lAlI f1. IAI'TON, .\1 II. IPro'fess 'ov f the 'i'heors) anld I'racticre of . le.ticie ailt: Clinical I'1:rette. \V IIY1tD POW\VELI, .i. 1). Plr ssor of Ch,,mi-try nod l'Phonwc) .1. II.\lllSllt)N, \1. lI' Pri'l.ess' nlo Maltlia iIcelica, Tlilalmticsnuid .1iedic".. 'l ulhiAtAS It. INGAIJ.S, .% 1). Professor of Ob'ttl'rics and Diseases of \h..nen an.. C. A. IoUZEI.itfi':, -%!. i). Rign!iiesil etft s ,Id fvra d ,liia the si e ani iln TOUGE ON UANil. Anit short !lastray af ta. .per Money and linalne in til, Uniled Mates il cluding an aRcoultaf Iruvneinl and Contincntal Palvr Monay; to whiEh ia Irenxa an inquiry into thle prluci id- Pes of the svste nwith collslderatioe'q oin its eflbts o l ,morals und ,llu neaan.--'nll :-Isle .ateaded au a plain exposition of tanewty il which Paper ioney and II, nea" Corporatilns ielber the interests of dillbrent portions ofthe coammunity. By Wm. Sl. (iaoe.. Secld edition. Jut received e ana forale by IIOl)'CHIIISS &. Co. j 12 24 Chlanrles-.t. COOKING l 'lOVES.--Stanle & Cu' na 'atett ic" tars Cookinf itoies. foir woald or anthracite coil. We have just reivedt a flll ap"ply of thleir eclchnated sa- toes of all sizes,suitlle for Ilotls, Blarlding Illuses c and lare alan slmldl ifnilie.s. For onvellcienP tanld des nrtch il, cookiug,n n well as thle great saving of fian, foll oae-half, they wil he foal, to he invalanble. Certnl .1. cates nfro,, thie prileipa. HItel KIopers at tile Nonrl,, as Iwell as hundredsof othtla fronl private individ:la and captaillns of vesses antid sulanboata , as tohe utility of these stoics, can re soonll ltm Uarchou-e. DUNBAR & Co, jan No.l9a 'lchouanitola s ant. Capper; tin andsheet irlon a ii, -o a lntaa.' r Entrrat of lentI.o- r-. .anptain an . A. 'HlVA! aad. coan eanding C. . aRevenue Ctlter lLnclans to the ina',. Lev.i Woodlhur, See. of Naivv: I|, answer to roar enl iricn in relation to Stanlev's Ranarv Cooking Stavni, I ug !lave mnt res perlilalv" to recoallllud to t!lt I)eaartnaeun tile nalalatia, of talose Stores faor the autters geraaeallr thve are munch Ine heanv, mnore couasnaielt and econlalical than thoiae g,. nerallv in usae. Fuel is an article that takes up the ml)s aro-, is sonneil eaanded a aind in mnore deatrueaive to I tIie hants of tile vasal ian transnllataiOll thuan ally ,,, r aused ol board. I ianad you below a an climate of the I lnalaoanalive ot a ffuIlel tta-ea tile antoves. A taunt onfilcl consumed by the old Galley, frol S Fab. lth tonnMarclh 4th, I mnonnth, " 192 4i ai';..e: , u' l :-'h' h taanlvns from Olarch 'Ithta May ,til,lheing I mona h anl Ill days, 6 50 Balance in favor of 6tanley's, $593 W M. A. lIOWARD), Capt. It. S. RIev. Cutter 31eLane. NNew-clBedfrnd, Ilaa, a1h,1935. Snxpense. of (iallyr Imonth and 10 days at same ratio as theI month, .16 '1 Expense Stanloy's same time., 650 Dilfference in finnar of Stanlev'rs $10 14 P'aokelt ioat St, Serpent, hound from Buffalo to Rno elrnstr, July IItlh, I:35. IlIain.lhell eta .stl bletll a e passenter t exprreas nm aopiouaa of tile atiliav anld enmvenlinre of tile Rotnrv Stalve in Canal Plcket, I aln plela,l: to eat talt I Ih te this packet, annl Innd it to answer a monat vnaluahle Ilr Iaoe. Wenarabela to Iake, roast and boil, ann, in shor. rI s k le na uslal vnarietics of' leats, vegetables, pud lin g o , & c . fo r 0 0 te r s e s t. Sa taM't II %lO N, Cantain. I t(IIaFE OF \Ill. C'CBBnT'r, &r.-The life ,f J tVm. Coah'.t ldintl toissons from to lin sns, froln the se. :oend Londonl editrm, in 1 vol. tIemairn of the l. e f t!,e rilett nanoranhl SirJamen \ll.ekintosh, edatet by his son, Robert Jamelt Mackin toah. Faq. in Ivib. Thrlllaton Tanlea.hv thie atllhor of Talte of a Vovnerr to the Arctic OceAn, in 2 vols. Just received and or nle hr . 11. 'a'KEAN, dec'16 corner of Caln anad Conmon stn. --------I-] NEl'V PUBRTIICATI'NS. =LAV.L 'Y AT TIIH Stlfll, or the snoth vindi ranrtel fron te tr,,,n nanld faunnticin m of the northern alaaiitaalliata. 1 ;a1.1" ntn. The hankt af Pireauras, hI Titan 'lnnheltll Samunl:' Roaers aaaI aMArlitark naile. 1. I0 t. , Thle Ceartle-aaan anid I av's IBo,,k o ffolit.araesand prn. 'riestaryldnmortnet, cdo airat,,I to the vot)lh oflnti exr e. Bn ltna:na Celnn,t, tnanshlated ratl the sixth Pa ri editii n. - In antrv Taetire, nr rllua fiar tr, exrrinae a-nd , naoaaarea of he - a:itred Stat -, il","l aa'. Ie leaiar Ga. 'Ierla Sotl, TSAmtr. Inina..l. 12moa, i-la't.aeair ' •. l lfar -ata by "1' 'aa-t( . e.r ,'.p ".t ea,-aa-I rwF BR .'S he la Toftae Ctlnauntr, b' R. the anthnro oir Pehna-rn a,. O'E tea Tr n.Ittxvr tll: "l' tr or hr.ry (no ore, h 1ile author of Nir-holilu .Vc it i o 'h~ -faansmn, in vlnbv,. l'.v ?..l ' ? & TRrcrt. l' ..... . ' 7 STATE OF LOUtSIANA, FIRor JUDICIAL UDISTJICT COURT. In th1, mtoel ol EDWARD lt[Oi,.)K te tIS CREDITORlS. IT mordered by the cout, tint a meeti g of the c, dit',ro of tae iocot.vtnt, aod oH otter.- i.ters'ted, do "nke Idaco before II. t1. Ce as/Ioq. Nootoy Pukoho,, i ,lonrlay,tote 4th day of lay next, at 10u ,'olock A. 31. fOr tilhe prpoo o: deoil)oratioig geon)LallO o the a0l0'ir0 .1''h1 efttt oiF~the inoaulvel,--to appoint (if they dre.n tnecsanry) )other \nMile in the lioo ., the n.ldie. dleealed uiece their appoilntmeot by a f re mteunl Or to culrl the povor ,1 th t stot ivinjlr y die, an . to Sro rlei upt lm selht o0ecr., nd give h loitcth lo.trtue ions as the itOere t othe creditors of sied et.let, tmay rquo.r, or as May he dreemed exopeli.t, And it is Iur. her ordeld. thal I ley K lieni, Eq. t te attoraey 'tretuobre aPypoint ed to represent Ihe ansont creditor;, bo et-nlppoiln.d, nod uotilied to attend said illeeOrte. By olre' of0li:e luon. Clhrles Watln. judge ofl said court, this oIst day uOlflrmch, A. DI. lb37. 6' a3. 0ew JOIiN L. LEWIS. STAT DEI)- Lth .O- i ..'0 E--Cour deilritrtde L. Premiere Diob rict Jo.iiucari.-Dans l'atfidre d'Ed ward 14rooks contre ecar.earrier.o--II est dtlrete Ip, I coonr, qne ine osoemllee d.screat.tiers de I'inOolta bhe, et tontcs aulres luote a,.1t lirll 00 IbloeEu Ie H. BIt. 'en. Notonre publie, eOt8 d dlait 'realmui a 1 hleurse do mi tin, otIl d!. dolibrersatr 1's hoTres, e i'i"'s.,olvable, do no.nmne i ii le jo'oe ,,orersobin d'u ,l.ts .yntievo pilace I00s vonde. dre,'ded da,n', loeu no0nm otion par ole assembles a:,terioor, oni pour '. lmoer ld Ipourvoirs du lsyiodoc iurvvnRt't et ;.,our Itni,' ROtir de teo~ pourvooirs, t lui donler de tlleo in Otrue tonst quo l'intorart des rr,.rntiero dtt fItillite iurorent txigr. Et il ort d- I0u. declt', qrb Hoary It. Dtois ooit noolme alorot ei-devoat nnranto Inoer repreeentoor oear eahenera aboentt,. Et notiSo d'etre present anette esnemblpe. Par ordro de Ihon. Charles Watts, juge dudit cour, e 31 More,, 1837. - .OT) IN IL, ,tEWo A, Wr.efhr. A NNL'ALS FOR 1836i.--t.eta ur' 'lcst rn o .u ao nuls for 183d , writh o spledlid engr viae, by the best nartists, after drawins, b . A. G. Ticlkers, F.osl. Fi.her's LDraoing Rootl' orap Book for 1030o, with pootical llultrations or 1.. E. L. The Token and Atloontie Souettir a Christmas' and N'ew Year's I'reoent for 1830, edited by S."3. Goodrich. 'l'hetif, a Christmas' aod New Yoooro'FPreont, edi ted b t Mits Leslie. Forget-1e .Not, a Christmas, New l'oar antd Birto dan PreAent foir 1836, edited by F'redric Shohel. rThe Frionds hi Is Oa'rrina , and Women's Wreath, a Chritmmns eand ewN YeBar'o I rsent for 1836. T'he Rligioos Souvenir, a Chriotonan, New Year'n ond Birthdy Prresent for 1836, edited by Chauneey Co, ton I. 21A Thc Juroole FcreetS'eNot, 0 Clri'toaeo and No'el hrear's Gift fur 1836, 'edited bo 'Mtto. S. C. bbll. The Pearl.or AOectioo'os Gif, a Christ:nao and Now Years Present for 0::0. The Poelicrl Annual for 1i38. oing selections floo the Enslioa Poetoifrom Chaucer to Beantie, The Inlnfit'a Annuol, o.r nthor's Of;rirg. T'he 'otlto'o Boolk oftihe Seoouos. The Artist, or Youg L.odoies' Istructor in ornamen tal Painting, drowinom, &r. by I c. F'. Gan'leo. Eleae.rnt of Droawin Flooer Pfootiur in opaque and trnpaoroont wntrerolohr.1i E. E. Peroiih,. Ilora nod lThlia, or Gie:na Rod Poetry, being an al poabetiral arrangement of tnowera, wotih nlpritto illue - traione and colored ,I oto, by a lndo'. 'lThe Langoage of l'lowerPd edition. Peter Parlev's Almonaec for 18:18. Tho Ameriooan Almonote nod repocitory of useful kowled'e, fr the veor 1836. 'he Naunical Altnanec and astlromonmiel Epheomtrio for tle year 1136. Thie 6.rman Ahbnane for 1836. Jan t rceired and for e0de It, W\M. R'KEAN, _ or1 r oner Cof n ampnd Coootton ota. N EW IOOKS.--EPsr on the I:nto of Wncge, w;th i an exAminallon o of ile of the difi 'ern. es in the condition of the aboring popuilation throighouth lto orhld, by ti. C. Carry. Clioton Bradrohaw; or the Adventures of a Lawyer, an two viols. T'Ilhe Armeien. Almaone nd F.poo.ior of Uetfol Inowlerde, for thte .rer 0036'. For sale by nov o 4 Il(I'CIIKISS & Co.. '4 Clhartreo st. O110K ANID) 1d04 PI' IN'I'ING, Anid Banlm Book .lioafo'etory. A'1E oubleortoler ro oteoTfrnlly ilooformo s hi fiCon aond Sthe public thlot oe Ia, in con'ertion with his o ook and 'tabiniarr store, ied :.iat.'"a Printip O:lic ant loook flndrioo anol i0 roodly to trlo\l'tn omr ,'. Irit'.:tg ,. Pam lets, Coar., Illanok Cloekh, Cotn ogo.a .oel'l Notictr , 1ilis of l.ndlig, Label,, iull F'ormo, I)rav Reccijots, Aucrtion anto Shlow Il lls. Also, the lobdini of Itoooe n. and manoorftuinng of Ilannk Books of ely aiz or des ripliotn. W.Ii. eRKEA N, CornertI Coaup nd e omm'on tnoo opposite o irbichlrooo'a (late U0ih"opn ) IhtoIel. j S ANNY'.tI.S FOIL 1'30. r--IPE JUVENIIE F oR16 I'iF'-. E-NOT, a Ch)ia',r!n, r al New o enr' Gift, or Iirth Dayl Preset, for 1836. Edited brv 1r'. S C Ithl. II mtT'S Polttro;t.tona A.m'.t t., fior 0333, eobo'.iilh ll is itlh 25 splendid na ra viu I h i, by time f.I tl tl.i-:' PoLtIrtcA. Aovsat., Ireingo fti.., t ruO'l - li0h patrs, ftlora Sp'oes to Iltalti; e eloli.o ,i \~ \m) ottlrait snd 21 illstroatiooo fio o lrawdotio i .y Iy Cr I'tE RELIGIOUS Snuvn.'t0n a CIlaot 0000 Now Yearo, nd i,'tl I)olay Prosvot fr 18:15. [lited by C0hatuce Colhon, )D . Jnot received and for .aole be \V0 0)KFAN, decr 1 i rlrhr Cim.,n nnI ( iln.on s: UNITED SbI'T. '3b IoIS'l'llo'I' C LOU i', East Distrlict ofLouio:o ne In Adooirat'y sillit]: SiN obelienllce f nil rer ot ohist Collrt lndle oo n otnioe'n of o Ienrv ldl'o ketn t Efq. thle 0 ith 000 nl0lr0 1[ I-e - Ilorinootl a terlo etloto t t'tl"eof a rcnnio n 'l : r l o ,tnf : 0ud nlahtd in toiorln r t trv lte CrOrn to .0 )s-lh OishedI; speifoing the a.s.-iotso it,, ofrI de!t ao ll) ti.^ interected rrooflodo the .rnoiooto d I .oeioed tr reports h ltttoo Iof 315, rentiing uoloin-d-i the f3 Ouwitll cases. Welfort .la Stetveons 1 shi, 0 V80 hington 543 7 D)eposited ol lte I00ci0 t , A :. IoI , 1817.n whatn ile OWIIIt' apolear to be Ilotoon Or Ilb "ill, Joftlttes .tI),ll Olion 1 ,0 ir0e, 't WI'o roi S, hotter IDebile re certain Goods), 537 30 o Stooth rl 27 I otho's of wine,r7' at. ofdeposit lul 00,1810, cinmo claimant on t'orm d. 1it ..hll et lls rs Schooner lyth .lo r 47r , 1 ltes nftldrpoit Jnan 18th, 18.12. levir loz';naa v1IIIll oh N C clalmanai of valn I Winter et dII. 1'8 Stml ln 2I0ll nlu)!2on date ofdel),pot De. 26; 18 ', blatnue of time traredh of Iiae sile i'ftl1 eNa"po)leon o, ltr pIv or, of Ionit ville, Vi'tor David l s eneamn noot Florida, 3 otto of delnoit ,.ot 1400 , 1331, J '1' bRudoc'o Iloyden IPerry ct nls rs Ori, Sallyv Estler, 0 otoof lelo.lot, Silo 911, '9:2)., owln.,er of Saliy stller, 11 (6 ('l0rk, John Iie0 Ilticrbtd Dna rlo0 anod H Iliolrdsa' of t 1ao.0alll0 ise Anld in lloberlienco e ho Itli ohtlher orl of thte Q0.i, t (- rt te owner 'r Ot'o.o'oo. Or m l eo 0ad all o every e).,r nn " 0r00us having tn" i ore lt'dig- to ot h ov 'oro' I , tith in erest or deutuln on or h - t I the vidll Imi s alre , "¢V e c of mod o mlullollli, 2d fo be tI11,l[ app-llr li, • . )i "t (i)t Co • ! " lu,.. . S. Io r t oo tol,, albr.-.t; d to be hol00 a Va It-h third oolldov of \ltay 103:0 0I tolro lel n. m. at 0e0 itv ofl oNew Orlellqn to tokultel 1ir clai l t t rhr tot to sw aar \a lie such dlisulmion therel ohl,f not timm1 Inude M to file C ooutL t nIll o pto op .ot*lll t n J) 01P0 By ordeor t Court, I)UNCAN N IIEN.NEN, Ie;ie trar. 'to . .to 6.0 . .. NIlV \': 1 K9 TI7.1I NATUIR.AL T O.,,, ,lJ3IK-Cnmpri-an'i JL desec,;i, nsantlod titit c ane,:,hl, ,i1lQr tdrupi" cd'; s :..a -ticall v a rnnuan ed aoe ldin: to the w.=o t 'nt of .tlon Il", the aula hor olo titaz.h a .'-. "l', oao .,a Ilh!,k! TIE NA'TURAI. III.OY O1, I E. T 1'/T i two volumes--vol 2,forloilg no.71 of the "Family La. ,A dieaastnofthe LaZY OF dto a I ,CE . ' ZIIM :\ ISFS --bv llnr, ir-scoe, Eeq, w..ilt!h :l(' nrm,| rref ,to Americann leciin, ullad to the Enllih colmlln law andl ccleinsuraal rpolrts b George harLrswood . (ON DIAr.ois oF DisF.sE.ES of Itlla 'i'HoT--hoae l I. On the comparison f lhir pllrysioal and general sina, Iby \V \V I ethadrd, Al ID. I.o.OCIPLE$ OF I'aTHOLOGY, A'i) P0t1arnC. OF PI'o'sc-.-By John Mackintoll 1 r.l ). fro, rln le nat I.n rlon ediltin with aote allad addatious, by s0anlllu Uo. \|.rl tn, ,n 1), i "2 vols. ForHE AInsrc s ctLUnaTs'nry R lwani-No 36 Itr l)icelmbc r 1835. Je-t rcciveI and Iho, o:tlc by' '12 W\nm \lcliEAN..corner ofCalmu and Co n nt. TCR NITUR-hc .u;-ri-ers have rccc Col cr o:ai furniture, which they offer hir sa.e on lib |r.d :ill lahngaoy ltockitacol aira, plat and enrve: i hraircl th,blu, , sc'trlct tont p-ipic i1luz.,h -Cral,'t vulvat and worsted damlask P'Cta 1"2 ,11. astyeLl friech parlou" 'hins with damask hair s'at, 21 do do do du pla : do n to d t d cri:m worsa ted daIanllllskli 1 d, a ;rct'l'n, do la o aotircloth,dn l Facar'a ianrgr amll1aon ril'oooa lnocco Il In1tu11, ai, air cnL'h. I stlll.ld-. o1fI Vow York mallkelk an, purrf.cttv nrlw. IJ 1 ofa a .n' \. Coa . a ,!a Taaua al'h,n .Iad at AVING A on han.1 a lar e 'u'ant. t ofa ' .ka ,ad o l a rek or u:il, ql'ntlin . i JA.S I I \'A A) ; I;I..t Il I S · i ·l 1 1:I ali II '' 'I.W T a ,,'I II , a ' - I ISI 010fL11 f liv Innwa T r.n 171?,t"" 177l1, by Sir 0. \' id n t l'r::a.',l, ln ,t. Iso Paa.n ' ,, a in a I'n e of t'' i, kwic'to < I.,. ca n taio i ' , .. I'a th t e ,:I o !: p ' :r il adv'nture,ani. ,tnz t ai aft ne co. r.asponlaincii `a nahlr te,al,1 [ a f101 0'. 1.I' ,tt I laI 'a-Fa ' ; nl" c 'nk t and n rl t ,,it e a . rvaal t. For ' a' I ' .f . '" r altt r p.ati'ularn andy at ' . S''lI a;'t 'a 1 R.yal at. 11I It ' r Iawlr sar,ut ,.ntts g a. et,ert .rgeryc, u/fire HIAIILTON HALL harine opener an , lliee at No. 1 14 rE.xhenge P'lace, oIbr the transaction of blrusi ness relative to Accounts, Collecton I)ebt, ''ranslla tionF; etc.;will onrage to arile up r: d kejo tra dirtntn hooks, either bv the mouth, yer or jnu, and-is eonfident from thro erparicnre le lhar hla fir a many yersn plst in anme of the mtot respuctable houoes, tht he can give eneral "ati-faction to thnel who me- plhe late toeplo) 9io. lIe Ilredfe hhn lf thrat all dioits eotruottrl to lht care, will recreie his be-t attention; and from his keno. ledge of and long residence in this city. he offers hia ser rire,, with tile fulle-t conlidence, at the same time he owill oivre aenrilt, fr tro fiihfri at countinoeo of il r ceipls. Trannletionl too and fiuu the lFrench and Sipa nish Inngur he wi likewise ulndlelrake to execute with drspatch and .orreetineo. I year rNew Orle:an. October 1,1888. PUt hic AUCoC NA ANI'S,U.l 1 KNEIAAL. Acil.Ct " ANI) OFFICI, ([11 Exrlang'e P'lore II AlT L .TN HI , toLe the I'ulollowing Lands and Lots for sale, viz:r I'i 'I' 66AS, 11 loeag.., on tY rioor NoTEooto, 11 do on the onbine, near Caddo village 6 do on thlo'riridad, 5 d, on the hra.asont f 5 o tin nled river, 1 do on rHiltl r.m. ctre.k 1 do and 177 acrno, ua Chrloa crook, ear ti I do ltc.oa r Villagi crook and Pine Ilrad av1e0,, I do on the hood wters noCon Bay, I do ontlho Aog4io, fl do in Mlilanm'aholm rr Sdo d and 77 so a0d d rir, a lotdl aloe Boui drre,' - I d. on Red river, I Jdo ,t the Sabline, 49 miles bholue Gain'o lee t', I do noar ulphur Fork, sin miles from Red sio or, 1 do ann loill'a Craok, 1-2 doe 3 mihl, n hou.N Lionar latrdig, Matagorda Boa 1-4 do on'tlrhe ag of,."rpttn Crivto. Sercrnl scrip, of G410 ace's, 'anloeatad. I)o o onoe leare oder 10280 Acres. nollJier' Land. All Ihi arboe iBland are well situated, itothr hi srIo roulatur r sa'tltro. The titles are,,aid foally gooarnt"tri. ALSO.--500 Acreto, .itiat,.d ar new rioer. AnI a tout telo miles froe the 3l.iuoi'stpi, to eiolt liere isi a ood road. it'her arc about 4i teldGor at ro sent, under cItton celrivatio.e .171 Acres near Ihctvile, l.e., gprTdcotto lmond, heroC itd timbered, wit a eran undoerrowthl. 172 Acre, nt iTom Anlrmt Prairie, and ab,ut 4 Loto, orrt Po our' 0'oo ington, fro:oog Rfea do pot, 3d fe ,t 9 l. hy 131 ft. G; n. in depth. 3 I.ot'. in Fauoriotog lariEuo, 8ife)i. ferot corlre n Lmnior atroo t. br 1'2O feCt ldep, betoon a Io Hue Liberaol andr Forer. 1 1nt ill l'lhilippa 0t. 4 ft. font,l v n:r. 'l'o'etlhr, with svrceral other city Lrot, whrich nri of i.r 0dt I oillicintcllOhl t \n rtil i:n1l NEJ.\rl l\ 'o" ot ..rt -I\ l'.lo rr.'rri r- t "r :. hv \tor lo (l'r- h ot, m tn' Isotr , I a drl anol.n ":I1 oltri'Oit Cn ol rtci, rt CIttrch - l ll tioic- h , I" Ur iolt Bl, etali t--I.r ra Sacra ---S iitoee u no,, & .--ill, hs "lI'o 'vhv Is. M,,sonl, I !'roti."sr io thr ,cl't.r tir Ar.rr' i mr I r llnrtIrr- lll" Sieolllr i l rrrh ,r . 1a rtll' I sa dar ted ot Ar' ritrsofalt al t o "-l i '-rllll e-o t "|*i tirl of irlrllir 3 5 lo.rlrorr 1So r tlotll t rum;1e othI er eolhrttinn l" ,' Im ,c It,:t ,, ,"v lit, 1lmlt s :Io(c roolttui ltd lit l t'l He ob ilbll o's nf the d.I '.'c~ al l o reort '"li-nro. l r'lrr i ki:,s l .:r l toi ro r l t ; blle t rtrd in rrr t 1 ltir S n ,t, :I 1ar o-. of I I ~t ' al'l r S r rrrr I , b oll rol liri II r l.l- ,.rr ior t ..r' ti hi'ir wl l so I rl ",' ;,r d ,r . T i*. !·,n . t :11 I,,'.'r0 , h! n11 to T her Jxl a, I ,;, ld,:, ., . 1, i a d .,?,' , a ll . , i , oclleh has b.ctl ,'dryill rl fro- , t l'. t hil a nu colll s I r"1 . mol-_ er. It l o til Ilr r thri l l 11lo 'roi ll ! .r ro"l . i " T r'.roo.tro,, ....lrJoyol oll, ell it,, tr hd ll ll I co:il Ii.'i,; , , ,i,1,: rrrt, o o al . rl ,l-oro conk llrr:ntnnnl':.r r o tr'lr,.i t .rh, lir o' t'.r d ,Jr t rn Dilpoirti, rrrid Dolphiri, allr,,t:t I'horelli r, "nthrn', '.litrolo, o ''strlli r' ri n, , ir ',rk ' U'ele ..-,,rr 'o lieo k ll.tor i I'lrl lus O ,'i i Iib r i d ns' In troi rorrile,lt ilietr oopir.. l , t ' ot ' L , I oitomar'.- Frron , -I I lott lor, Cur ioo, I l ira o , - 31onl nd rro :lt:ls i Eoil 'o . itrrr. hoit, lo r "riot , Coolr ' r'o do G-Irl-mi'll' do I\'oolrdce,.s Ge:graphv, .lrt,: t;ro i's y sAe ir "rftt , htrke'o do fI~albis oIe A , i.llzo~oe.1 of d., Crlbooi h rodutle do 'ihn-'o do L.tlrix't do 'al IoTa do like do Tuor- oer's IBotnlir Outot's Le icrls To., o co ' fPr.te, Parley=' Georra phy, I .gr'to.i oh , t ,ei' r, 'a loerltir oi'o eal.rr C Imo c 's,0 1-t0- r, ý., bt.r'. and t0 imnhaw'd D ti.:l. ' ;lobes,/ |.al)'; |Sh'o and 3d .ook of iltSr-four fS 11ROTC IK.l'l Co, (' 0'h','lrrs t. DUNGLINGSON S Iat m ai lo , vole. d., [1ataoaa rl'kaaoiatoga,2na do [Iclllentn of ')r gieoe Dcwe,'' on Children to Females do ya stem of M idwifery do Ea~na iioner's l'atlhnlonicnl Anatomy AnnaataIIv of the Tfas-lnu ltei-stclu ll I`+"e r C, .a'h nn ,' t,:i: u Broul.c::r'+ blocln asic culal ..r con (onut alnd Ralenatlnnaam .I h son n Ciatnltta Pa'ri -' I'harnm:c, loia I avml-nInt r'·. lu~emer Meck's Clurlav b larka's T'roat :lon Pulmonary Cons:mptiun Coupcr on i,hxllcati,,ns Corap.r',a, l a n.o nrtnpi olalin on Cox'. mm.rical rpcnsatory tich tad'n Plhvnhgy lni:ch'a II at dl S rgv Rich nrd'; P. ,neipl's o" Vdicine FPrnieby IIO'rCIic3S c CO. Flb1 In "a Cthatirc- dt. i RISI)._T.D sco-'TCITI \-illIýIEFY u, svl,- ly;v . a II. INSJ iE I',511 Comal st-et, whl , ht1 rea st Itily ana hand, aad (ao.naa, Armiuaa an I CIlanijne Bran diea; IltIlaml (Gn, We' ,ti, Fia n other Levent.ala laoic, Bat. Croi and Grona runa; sup.ria r ,. '. an dtoral arnvo annaP. PShar; irape Juician aa thara fort; l.istan, g'anterifl Pita , a daairaa aiadv do; C alo paienr, Iilnrgund:l y, Clrel, \c., winh , uof the e tet de .... l, itIP t II aT, ta N, rF TliE C'hiea ea en n .ral n'escrnptit ,n f nt Em ,ire of t('hinn ttud t, i.dnlabiln ,tt llv Johan t3atna, t)L-a 'i;. Ic-E . F 1. S, .e. In '2 1 mlý, being Noa. LI) nol. 81 of lbnr; e,' Fnmily Lihrar,. letti'r t V .v, by Mrs L II Sigoarny. New' t the I'iionn's P,,rc+s. with lank baof." n Oinlr yn tte, t iatrn LII). P!t att n t., e. a ac. llltrnt ad wanht I a i a, A ia n t r ,I :...l. b (;ornnr nof Camp he Coolnlllo t. •f E.,F R\I I V.',& ---he+ -nh =ri'..erc o,. f, c, r is ns, L.ortna,, hrSan ;; ''i Ch a- n and B Rna, T;,n - r;l, Ive:,antl, 11 a n hlll 'm a.; 5'1 r::. Yo ' . II - -on Tea,ii2 . a, t rs. I s t l TC ao I 'i .& CO. 19 No. I:It l t . =1' ttrt, r rlyMitorv Ftar fhenaoeao ,hn are: t;aia Inlop ho a ";nln nariod. lly tha inat alaas=ie a ot.aa:ra , n:-i t aud : -! "D tee-' tic hnli' pi)eLrc, tlanit nnllr v lic, TlaoaT-C ISaait- a ?aaartrar Oi ar:nline, ltha.' tan ,via d aa ' tia ll. T \V ['rOKS--Na, l Sketclh look, a ,th-I R rvci Aifne t ar. nhlaore. 'lth chara tearitic ral"lite.r l ".r, frulinents nlnd opmrin,. IIv t he al:lott of t:he re!ca oa a Tar, olr, 'cnid n e;ta . in 2 vols. Ranmlr*m Re.oolletrin cf tht rlolls t" rtef lrt.n lom he yeaar 13'an tonthe elno- n' Ie i rI..o - aa..l chrehe mlh. learsinr trnnan.dr rbI • nn 4O" I ~, I ,Juxt ree.edJ anld Ilr ta!e byhv 1 MpIrPA, A , torr a nan. a at mmFn elt:. cA .,lid m i ciel of lrll rtl'n .\ta .v ; "a tl ir a+ EfvsTa t..Ff' Y - a .L, -- a . hi ll :'_ Pelrk, a 'nlin,- fr,:u r:,.n a iJ, mind ":;,:'e hb ;,s ,'r. I 2+".:CJ~ T ·' ", ·u . FIRE EN_ IN . !oI'R' PATENT RALANCE IT'RE EOL - -The ruhlaribers ore Ilntuf.rturing at Watef ford, Saratog'a en. N Y., ou an exten.+ie scale, R.uO P'ntent halance Fire Engine, and the comlpany da int henitate toe recnmmeed it to the poplie ns doaidelly ma peor to nty fire enlir ee now known. It boa been tes d by Fkilful Eneineers at the U. W. ArmmeaJ atI.. hensvilie and W\ashiugton, and by them prronor ea ea he e 'eerio tn nvy other. The eovornomi Arseeal Il Washington its te- supplied with one of asaid Elagi4 and the proprietors have just completed a eontreeu wi the foverument for the supply of all their prianipel r This Enzina eonbtines the advantage of more tit lees eont than any other in ue. and needs to a err natined ald d ted to enlisre a pronfrenea to all others. tlhei manllfnciurer', in all eases, warrant thefir Eo gino,n in trial with other. under enual ircbmenoaIO t perflu,' moorn than a,y other rmneo. or noale. Peirera it the Factory, wit pain pailtint Tltoe: de-ignrd for 2I rm neo, d.chaion g .1UPlr 4 water per nlltlote, 18 oen, 16:1 gallous p"r minute, 1t tmen., I10 gallons per minute, The above pricec Include suteion hoe,.wreanehes , T"hee niO keep oet.nta.tly nil hand, oth loadin nd ,ecton hobe, whichl they will funrish to ardor a law at it an Loe bou.elt inr thlis coawltry. The it rln tement for mnto tarntertrtin id e nineh ae sueh, that n.l rtethrs trill be punetunlly ottetlnd to, ain exneutd witl th tCre.nret pOn sile le.patnebh,ifddeela ad to thn sub at Watoelrrd, Sarla r~n o. N. Y. W.HI. PLATT Arse. 4ane.TITICATCO. Noew York, Oct. 20, 143. I "elitif that 1 have tlin day Sclprinlended a trial .ta rirte 2flaYne of iRterse' Patent, mado iy Wmn. IoIt 6, Ie,. at WValcrird, art.toge no. Now York, with rael the est eosines rleontoing to the corpolation o" the er eof ~rw York. l'ho trial wte munde in the ort.ratio yard, an 'i'rtn t'Ie e ecie et. 1 nallIe ruaded oo ea t thattbe eite R ene Pat'nr,t will throw moreo teter, and at a oenter ditaneoe, with the epplintieao of laes powae. thae in l r erltratiion t e tniolrPs. I furthedr certi f tho ne fire engpin bne a ver beae e eiitead ol the riv whicht eau'de compete Nith th New lute tegillee, or which s!eeull nunwer otr purpaeren.. ,rut igoe,' P.tteelt a! ere Itenti ned. The conntru. tit ef Rolitcrte I'aetrt is execcdin ly viepl., and I a nO rone.ttn why it rltelel , ot go ieto generaln n. Ie. 'idei i ' eeotehcr dl.-anetngr; it can be fernmihed at u ucil lo, . ssed wolt J 0 a1:8 (ULICK, of N V Fre flnetmta,rg. L tieT s, .l.Y, 1 31 , I rttn citn:rf.e't ro:el! In -itlt a rcqut lioan WI. Pt-iet i. . . te, r. Iee o.liniun in reluaton to tho rim tE:nrine ot':'irett' I'ntent, enaaufeatuted by tha aO eteet-ur ,,e ;r.:,r a C eo e N. Y. 'I !oe eri.l.tmn +.d" of tI;:n harp purclin.d One of tIh" oel e etontlleted e' l ee., and frmnn reeated itralrl, I d e, t -itot te to iprtnuu-e it d.elidedly suleriur to I. othcr firJ t':rl'le lt', in ust:,otf weoih I have any knew. Icdle; and ltr leon:t tilly roncur ifl tile ertifilrta P 1 G l+iek, ltlr chiel'e i eet : i]e Net . I hork Fitr Deport t:liatiteu tt iets teith. '1'Leptump ofthneieiegt iut.uetet, td iel a einte ctiiotlter, and i to oxcoodlm Y nit.el, . lnd ne littic labic to, get out ofinpeil, that 1 the nut l.ti tIste et. n,ttent te,it wilie ses eupl;rsedie tiee aio oetlhecuamonn litte on ngine. J tH (STROM, (Chie"f C.ttieitfe the U;toea Fire Depntmtpann. N. Bl. tiet ot t1' neb ,te Patent F'ngi,es of therlrgIt cite, e. a nei'tedl ter le Ia Il.Fire . Nit. 7 ol NewOr. lice, etllel hlc, l:ave r,.enirold. trt!d aal ecaceptd. Te Engcie ct;l be te on at or. ti. ci , Ir eipl .ile to r l.A Ui ' F. E K IP, A et f r tfIer t i nluflecturerm ",.r "' (,o Pa ~te TOl te "l leiteoulnt sta. N. O. P. t. I t,1 ,-;l.,!crtt tl ,nton on.ilne dlive al in N. w (, Ll: ets v, ithtn f~ur ui.:thls l'r,.nt tirno tho orin i. el eSEl Kli I I+t.L tlt' .l:1t RIlit+AT. " r Hl l'le+ i leeAS ¢ilUIA.A HItlltL'-E i. tnw open fortit. II teptrtit, of tin itn-t. 'I'is d elightful retrleat i cn(hm!tc ne B tsle ,t! the (utl oe lrirc. 'I.'lTo situation is r (t :r.led, an ,n ro~nlln i n' n exttutite viet of lay nad, nnJt it n:i~t"tcotelt - , c. froln ti Gulf by. a chat etfl-landte, nlicit lay frontitt the e~lol coast rfohm to 'i'rkt p elite tcr fel tealk'ie to the community fot t;.e inat;nz.n at the past isene.,, and would be gnratei.d ftl t ia trlle ,f tile etant, the lresent. Every exertion on htleir t 4 ;e ill r rtI c en:. to reneeirviittere eeontlnlllfle. Is p ni ,l.wrn l Ihe en ebn al nt eel and cever -tal. eo ee etd i lxer+ v. hih thel contfry can atfl', tr+.ill th t.ite. ('trnet!ed with thte ecmblith ,1]e,.t err. :tlh,, e, t ' tr t r en .a rnattt- for Bltuhit g; aIse, neee 1Slh1eeie e~hit,oeiltnt ceNiner l'ietAlle'na. ','oe ,li C, ter. tfoet of laprline, snral gean-e wil il :w- It Cit; ,ase.rl { t',t i lee rt t ennla c aen befi ettl " ;eliU le."; etl, eier teiee fnld of tel elear, a JentA I, I ;,rat elf e I e ,t e le,- ants atecoeimand, 'iThe lti-il:k ., at-r i fioin t1he purest Spritg, and its n.ic at at hlrlil. A rt ee tie .r th et no t p ,mtvn thi Citv aced Mobilp "t i:i I allu tsenon-r eei at the Pier. 7'1 diflrt tnltr nf getteig from the Pier Ie the htte e in ettcetil .Caete, artetularli flr Irilden and eeriilhrnl hea it s le iercll tobhjrrectiot to tho ite i ci1t:.t c:lteliih;rllnt, i now obviated, as thI teamer Alert llich MIert a erceIetIeon ttie and Pai cneoule, and well Ibud heir I.os-ent:.rrr iter inlel,,- at tIe, ie0',,. C. & 1. J. ,lclAf.. N, It T Ier! o reer direle thetert. kertclhaving fliIECK b:mti ,J tele flt ,winteeg e.,,, vz: Ale-n . l ane tntckalteit.e d iankig ('o. Orlaanl leetit. ntdl 'I'rderl. Lniieienua. Ioti.inna litato Aeclhthlavtel n CeCl ancd l ine C.., C'ommt e eiaL err,,tt, t lt r etter.! oU., (;1.;1 Cii-Ien. rien a C(tv hItank;; int sane l y ItO]TCIIKINS &o Ps. inn 10 4 Clhartre i I I ,lIIKI,-;...N C'(+t". Ct.L)'.NT N IIOUit. eI!:,CCTi tI 'I, Ft) ll tEt7, SL'ST tpellitrel, eeteeonteitoa lit cft Ill thIe Bankh, P4i rmeters anndl ti-reUntll dtit, Inle "rfeeltd a thc -l' n1. :ll e+, irtlt"l'tle. tte of ciltrger taltetet l by " lie (CIlhlllclf fColftrlrn: .1, Auil.lllel.ererrital ad1 de p0 .cure of the ton it.o Fo,.igtn ('netrl, der. &i., elh- .i li>!.,d and tier aeelr by h II ITCHI( S ACO.. j2l 24Chartrelr tt. ) 1J:.i I 1.!1. "( 'hi IS-I'art,,I, t 'er y Inh, IBr E lllei oreal ra'a'rlirrr bmn.mrand rrrtrrirslr !bllr Ivor llac lr rr-alrl.c lekrarnRller, to stlt th. hnmnl or tnste hf l 'ri, tr", I sim ly 1, trin PIrtel; Prr, l. l P.n l.. ihe 1 lrr - alir t. 1 clil.iill ill nIio l Ctir, roi 1 i b a rant, . llot er e-llu.h i 'r : 11ulc t i n co l: fn Tnlli T h ll in t o rtei nl *b"e l' " i r -t,,h ' r i.ll,'lllc r- r•1 e,.Prl- wr i i.rrI io , hi Iet t rl l h i: el ill a l areltn. l Perll . lll nl' i l edll i l'in It d!irslll't le t writel innp l s.1 .1n% fi e iO ne u . so TOilit. . r i u.i f c .t ii irr l t .Iit5 a a ' mI rt.a r , al rt -r :ll f nuvl hflot u'%1"I g i . " l i t iY d l t"Ie 't ai a rt r g r ae rr '- w- D e' --R - -ug.;qbrMi a:lti r arf l ('I luehnra h .l .. ar-il r-rd:lrra1rqiar l.. aq y " .h.' P i' :l, l a il ltr le t:,ei n . erd ' ll u Ir t eilldl II r- e --a l- ra-' i; 9c!.r4lllh adl.d, I),lar I .a I I t lPl, i Jal Prrr i rn 1lr n. CI. is 1.i1n "olll, i I..rl' r Pe.lit.. " elh l p-e e i ll tCrnt a ini ill tl . ;uul c IIU Cily r:, nllrl usn} . ilsrlls ny r a 9 I bl a'. aatu rrd \ I - mar'bqrAl. :; ='+. orne' d -1- tl" 8l l lelPa rttu .' - l 4 .-mro r F 1] 1: h I'i< ib rt.l have nailr hala nd aler Ir solo t e Lll ee ieFcol entitledr, l to dchen lIe .R l rli,,,l , N t-e lr i lirrit"lm and Pullieate hand- b -g krrcheil'.l init,'l -Ilk polle, n , &r. p •'(ir ed a i r. .e.+e,,hark nn, h.zt l prm ,'l, 74-ind 9-d 0- p rined chintz i : rnd c anl ~rics. I achl VlIlld 7-8 nd 9-rb "-' l-d dmhrekn . Io,n,:i -iirtin -' hEi-,, bn and l chitz willr; I:la ars.L r t ell;' nith,' hhw', -iric ad olde+thr ruins, nl0rted ant-i aenrI.s rt-ie, +lu-. Imapl- lin l iter color g td ,"l' '.i,+ il.roriT al colo r - ei n a ev1 9-A hnvnI n. - W Jq'nL T p mperieT 4"" n riy A ' h ,nlr , i ,f r r tar x ra'ett.' ' hr Ie.rtirrhr lll ialia a ll t brqcv,.ine r l:'lis h!:cle a l le and fi'R yelr .m.ll lITie ,Ittrpq.- u- iadr, l hi . i i i'e nr lr "" lrar toaIir __ _ I _I_4_ -K I. e. iriv r Ptr.. J l I ,e X;iIl t ia I-. l, . I ,.I -a ad 8 fa . .ria Ig, - ,i] ` ,.-,.V- .win;lý-I-a'; h lin t ' lil ' ts l { 1lr {l." , i -ll' . Iraa . rh ll r ,rr, n i" .a rr tn r n Stn, i stolee aI.l for arrle I' Frtrir I'rle er.r.i . an - "`x.11':C il~l ii;. _· j· r '15' a "l a rea n nfrek, tauc,./r. T e ha eo Horna r. tnre Phr: R relaimed.r . Tle 'enprr., a novel by ' . is nntt, at he-l" r A n tnl*i Cat a 'i " r ar lc lll ca ran r t Ar i'll ,". ~' - I. tI - ' iq r4'vll r-l !' lrhs a 1 I rerdIarbfrn bw , , . ' s. IV - P. q , of " " , , .~rr

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