Newspaper of True American, April 20, 1837, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated April 20, 1837 Page 1
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pRICE 12 CENTS. NEW ORLEANS, THURSDAY MORNING, APRIL 20, o137.V.... . . n .,""nl- . s e r f F. i N1:' V )Li IO-K. . - - SrMaUsly agreed to at an tdjourned meeting of Lthe propriecltor, hell lon the IJth of Il rrech, Iltd. subscription.-Twelve dollars fin the IDaily paper tr annumn, payable semi -nIually in advance. 'en oInrs for t Ileo ri-weekly country pnaper, pa able one year in advance, where no city reference is given. No eubscription will be dicontinned until arrennrees are settled. In can. n disneoltilnan:e. one week's notice, in Writi.g, mast tbe invaria'ly given, previous to tihe expiration ofsbscriptio. AdeersinA.-- Otnte dollar per square for tile first in ertiuon, andhlf thalt price for eacl subsequent one; =ny mattrial alteration from the original adertisements will bcharged as a new tne. Yearly Advertisers.Merlthants and Traders forty dollars fur ~nglish alone, ant sixty for hbth aInuanges; Bankt, Isunranee Olfices, and other simihlr public ih -titutions, fliRy dollars it only, and eighty fir both languages. Ship and reotatltot factors ar cotn wissiotl mereahnts, sixty dollars in tEiglish alone, and eighty ftr bohh languages. ME'riages Obiltary Notices, and articles calling aim iattention of the public o salt' of property, cards o, . uesengera, henefitts d&c. &e. wilt be eharged onedohl par p quare, for the first insertion in each language. Conmuaications or Advertisements of any personal nature, when adutlsable, shall be charged double, and in advance. A dlednetion of twenty-five per cent. willbhe made to Auetioneers, S.eriffs, Regisnter of Willa, and on calg. os real estate, published in both langonaget; allnl 50 percent. in'English alone, 10 per cent. on salen of other property. Adeertisementv eutof the direct line of hubnless of thb yearly advertiser, such an legals ection,nad Iphata lion sates, runaway sltves, eltrny anitnl, &ce. &c. will be charged fir.eparately Land ani orlionrv raes. Adertisemenlts not specifiedl as lto linn will be Ipuob Slished one month.and clareed accnordillly. No adverrtementn ofl bnkrupteles will Ile published in any cane, unless taid for previOdsto in(ertne t, or pay. aent guaranteed -y a rasponsiblo pereat in town. Thb'tes heathsither places of amusomant, olvertising daily fe' the Rneann, to be cha,'ged 100 dollars for En glisb alone, and 150 dollars in bith h.'quuoeen. All auu,tntcelncntl of cnnlidates for political offices shall be chaoged double the price of other advertise -ants. Owing to the imeenne loss sustained Iby newpapter rloplrietore, thlly have come to the conelu~ilnn, the names of persons wlos. taeeonntn h,"- II Ict)ee Illit within one notetl afer treoentatitn. snlJI, t b acde knuwn, (o ftlr an peoctienble) to each other, they ohdli iating themselves not to advertise or ItOut for snell elinquents, unless in case of ndoanee paymenlts. (Signed) J C teE -r itu1, rS, J BAYON, I P R(tA, J CPEN DERGAST, JOHN GIBSON, LUMSf)EN, "'skly PTrees.-We, the undersigned, nagee en abide ay the cbhue conditione, ac far as ttey are oppllcalle to weekl papers. /Signed) A B IAWRIENCE, J W ENNIS, §.t§ No sulcritlons are tken lor rteas thn Six months. -+ + f l at t e. , m ust t o a l l cnacso I,. I l , t a i,ct t I . ,. Sli =il• I I IN REAl) & BA I Tto)VW, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 67, Graeier street. a3 I'OPE, I)AVIS, & CO. Cotnmissimv adt Frwallin; .Ilerchants, LOUISVILLE, IENTUCKY. Refer to Mets". .Iciilt th & 1'hi..ol l, N Orleans. e t essrs. A. Ii \VWllae,, &Cco. m16 J. M. & S. It iAtlA I) \V . 1.. .. .o.ekasdea Groeers and Coasmntsioa .eIr.schacLtI Ci.Y, 'LY . I TI. ; l10 Advances on congignment to tileoe o house by J 21 B l\Dl) ,l.I. &CO. j30 56 M ..ine-trg DOYLE & MAY, D,. 1l:lttA IN AMERICAN & IN t,.il I:ROWN L\\ . N . a (Ar,,,ll'IL T S'''1rr:'T L. B. HANIOHTT, A WUCTION L CO\111SISOiN MAliCialNT, Ianr .Leatablished himself iln tie above Ihuiillne in Nat,:1o wz, which will ie carried on in its various branches. Consielnmcntc flr auletio or private slite ail itl. ReferC to Ilrndlr,, l'l(evia v. \Vrilht, New ()re Alfred Cocehran, Cyrus Marsh, Eli .lalllolntaney, Nithh A. L. PLOUGH--DENTIST. No.78 Canal street, between t(oval an1d 1111rbon ýtreetl ' Ii.ursa f,'ttolvnmii'a from 9 1. St. I. un 7:, I'. \1. DR. McFARLANB'S SNFIRMIAiRY and Private Chambers, corner of lP-y Sdro and Circll, str..ts, Al. ,t E 11 o V' a L,. HOUSE, SIGN AND OINAiN11''.\lNT., I \IN°I'I:I, 58 Cuamp st, nearly opposite tile Alrc'ienlll 'tlc:tlre. 1[ .1 () I) E I, 1, I I ESPI.FiUI I.Y iif nfo1s his I'r itnlco ad the publie in general, the t in execules all lrers int the eoe blmclhesl , ill the hest stle, nd nni inmdera termas. lie will al an e iclt in like l .ml et,', all kills of deoraironsini Oit and v '.Vatetr Colors,1.,1, h:lls, enll trieas, parlors alld Iau-rood,1, 0 s11 . ll .; he l ill also ini tate a great variety of Marlbl s anld \Voods, .ilitari • avtmdarvis, Flat Me holes sixte ) s;. of practice ard exertionl so mteoessively sustainedl will merit a ooltinlanOce III tie atronaX e he Ias heretefore received from his liliends atii he wholecommlltniy. Paint, Oil, Glnss, Varnish, Gold Leaf, &e. ,e. on andl for sale. AIoiv, rcady mixed colors for use. Witelineg, cvlk attkl dry c'liore. eoel u. SEWt ilOOlS-- trman I.oslie, a tale of tile prea 1\ eat tlmes,in '2 vole, by T S Fay. naulding an Slavery in the United States. Stories of the Sen. by tile author of Pete; Silelo. Memoir of George it T Ilewes, with traits iof 'e tea partv, &c" Gilbert Garney, by the author of Sayings and Do sngs, &,c. Aloe a new sappli ofOne in a Thousand, or the days f livrnri Qatre, bytthe aulthor of iticihlien, l&e. ust re seired by C I1I BANCIROFT, ln5 14 ctlamp st. S LII)FI L'S NEW WORK, &e.-The Ailerican ill E England, by the authorof "% Year in Spain," in 2 Noble Deedsof Women, in 2 vols. The Young Wife's Book, a manual of moral, reli gioas and diovestic dlties.c Just receivel and for sale by WM. M'KEAN, jan 27 corner of Camp alld Colallln t. NEW FURNITURE WARE HOUSE. No. 46 CHARTenS ST. HE subscribere ae now oeen uig a conplete "ssort 1 ment of elegant and usef'l fuirnitulr. whli they have just received by t e arrival of ships SaratoEa, Ar katsm and o isaisaipli from New lork, cor'intiing in pait ofside boards of varicip atterus, witth Egyltitt and Italian mnarblt ops, centre tables of every deserip Zion and qualitv, wardrol s of varilu i.lnttloons, cre vary and bcvkvcos-ov, lvtile' Frencci tilitt tabl , tei lett baean,. Srenti a dining Pemhrokes, card and la dies' work tables, pile do. also, a few laio silkdeuoa'ds with Egyptian marble tops, a new and beautifill arti .le. A .omplete assortment of sofas. " A large and complct assortment of mahogany, mn ple, rosewood, fancy and elllnln chairs, al.banv rocking do covered with plash, pain and tieured hair coth, together with a complete nls rtlnnt of ucllh ari clresa are usually foundll ill suclh an estahlilli*nlelt, the wlhole of whiah will be sold oni reasonable terms for up proved paper or calh. Thepnblie are respectfuillv invited to call and exam ine the 1ktek, N B Goods packed at short notice in Ogod order for shipping. f 12 Ci I .N'f & co 1) Y GOi)OlS--i 101011 fIic' cIorield dI' .nestie print, 10 tlets T'rcntot iiml)rve'd tikinis; Iil halv.e xfri 4.-I tickinvg; 2 11cnes bilue l'iti-biri clrds; I ease heavv blackcarpeting, landinog from hclrcue Jo a'phineand for saleby T O CASH & C(, tiP Ni, 14 (Collt t T IF Slubscriber, iol.'lrter alt wholesaolei dea:er in Foreign awl IOlmestic -lerdwtare, has on haud an eotensive tck kol'Shelliehl, Ielrlinlighlll, anm Acmeri. can esen.i embclainga great variety, consisting in pi:" as follows: Anvils, anmmn n imitation and! gemine l mousehole; smith vices, black anl bright litee; trace chainis, con1 UolIn, icld and lheightll hles, lCaolialll, I.oi isian., grill and eotonv; English sdl A erican saddle ironls; lolg :I -mr" haldle frv luts; raiseld AIte, hoons Icu ill all other kinds of hinges; iit, mill, hald, panel, tenon andi cross cut nsaws rilm, clost, padl, colphoulOd I and truikllll leiks; American siler pialad troii, lmisle ani slilin. door do( rounld t f:1I vilat s uprin'g, stIagit, and veCkeli auvtter sano dtllir holtll flt, pit, millI, alid crolss t s.i1 u files; ship earpent m er's nod ther anlgpis; black, bri;lgh nd tl altent cast stcel socket aud fi'ner chlib: u; ,gmu, alll izaet knives .vnn llbtrksy inll sts:lnl dilIzOe ; gi.l va: rietives sloe, cook, Iltcher, crlving, unlld itTwinll knive; Iecket nlll dirk enllery, in lldoihzen.* l ad oIn eanrds, 1la' an-t small .nissor, tilors all shctl slhears; Clonuto , tine razors; c.m1e mo japlli lllllCd brighllt Il ille plulhed steel asln ifirs; Ihigh ald flati I:vuttnl b.scs cal dlestieks; pli-dl, briinilii it mo, tea and tlde sollnlls Ilivt and prcussion gn::l locks; turnscrew ld1 nippllll wa.a .es, IIpwlldmlr inst.iit. Ilask, lllt bels, gILne Ihgs, etce. lsafltnter's airs, oadze, lihte Its, ltlllnilrs, nlrteain ihals vtld pins, olacehk' n',la, .e. nighll No . folk, ImtS anti stinllle nlaleres, a ', t.*I's )rocsf axes.. Imwela, adzes, etc. ahiiis bellowsv h~itlcr. togs anal haekirels, English aln Anmerie.l spadesl' and shovels, tllug and short r 'ulles; eanlnlnn, ost, sheet iron lnd pL. "Ial metal te{ kettles, laltel stit :nil Cllnmoll e ottol I wsol aris all eumbers, wallcr and wa':.le irons. Rhllel and vi. ein pvaOlH k elc trew OUI wa dlcrews, reICel -ae sm anlv relngs, skains and btoekles, axes (:Ctlliic c'uv. Caner'a etc. conch wreuchen, stcks anl dies, trois pleavis, irla, l.te sllovels alll imgs, i nlllldl-s, tmks, brwld, spreigs, plonqh and iplouglh noutlhls, lcls and G.e'.snsmledi, in, qoills, slates, jtapati d til, ln al' waavln ware, sioves corv moills, La. slalea ihemp geam r»w, Irvl clt-s, Idlogh lines, ihaking yoar, eoitoi, .snllo v p twine, hvawsle i ient halnlmels cales, gtns. pis;tols nies, ant milsl, |tIl, liot, I.ogers' adl I)ulolt': rowdls, wlith a gcat variety of other goals ImlogRtllg tf, lvtrtile. W klOIAWFbORII , LU, Nv'o. 10 N.'w l.-ucer (Louisiana aud Now York Lille of Puckets.) tl h d few trk 1 to eyv o. er Mondy Mtrieteist tIsctslit itI toic t tie otfsonilint , ttt lit e will tccreaeteieecaiat oa six sloope, vioc Ship AKSPEARE, Capt Edrain Collins,, to trovlecae nton hiLp MISSISSIPPI, Captain Paobiner, to leave on th Ship SIIAUNTSVIEAE, Captain Colliner to leave on S"lh e aVICKbove . Careptin oodlonew , rt clave o up Jne. th mot inproved and convenient plan, & In1shed Shipa neat OUnd elLEan Cptine. Pnler, to leave o 20he irt Jane. ulty, willUNT b provd Captain Ply rgrd to led to t eoppered andclenopte montced, and rt pwonel of 50u tollo curtcen, ccireof light dlrotgtt of water, beincg hait in, Neaid or eprthe of the uolde. 'he priceof es pn the onost iecprovod ald cwoceoiooc plry, & ttlioished inexer t ed eletog necotmlam datAle ttare wille at all tim ty wil towed up roidd d eow e' e g Mississil i by sc l tt ctttmforttnenttiro ectifcctitt of ttastengers, who will pleone tahe tatite Itto to t erttt an be h ecrte, uontil toid fCr at ithe cciur o tt he of nlisners. 'l'hcae phckts ore mo cccoended bIy captains well ex itereececl tn the totde, woe will eive eeery atentcion ond exe-t tccctttetveea to nleeomtctnlttca. 'T'le-- will at ott tiacrese howed op atttl clew-, he Mioiaaiptcti Ih tteont blts, aond the strictest Ipulratlity observed in thle tle of toilhig. The'll owners of these ships will not be rrsponsible for nly letter pareel or ItckLete, elnt by or put on board of themta, unless a regular bill of lading be signed thereibr, at thl counting haouse of tile agents or ownelrs. Flor further particulars, ltlply to J. D. BEIN & A. COIHEN, April 11 No. 77 Canal street. 1O l) NEW YORK.--(New Line of Packets.) li ARKA , C. . enis, counnnader, S on to soil l-etrttare 21d1. Ship NA.;SIIVILLE, J. Rathbone, comumander, 513 oltt, to tail March 7th. Sltlil KENT'UCKY, John Bnker, colmmandecr, f5(2 tons, to sail March lIst. ltip OI)I.IEANS, S. S. Sears, comlmander, 599 tons to soil Ajril Itth. Shiti AIlA IaA, C. C. Berry, eommlandec, 47.1 tooe, to sail Jannorv ` f0. Sthip SARAI'tiA, V. llathaway, colnmandcr, 5,12 ton, to satl lMte 2td. Tile shipstt oftthis line will sal punctually froal New Orleans and lew York, every second lMontday throughl llt the season They are all of the first class, enpper faotened and coppeerud, and were built in New ] ark expressly for t ita trade= 'l'llv are commanded bIcl Iy xperclllted ll, draw a lighlt draft of water, tod will at all times be towed up and down thIe Miasisasippi by steamboatt . Their ac L'oluntnlodmtioa! fior I):1paten ers are ry sI perior. The ownati o tithse Yips will nt e rtoasile tehr any letter, par,:el or packace, 'ent hv or put on board oi tIe tll unls. a reenr bill of lading be sizned tlhre - fir, a tle cit lltin Itti house of the Igrlts or owners. IIhe rate ofll ppale i fieI at $70; no witc or lianor farnislhed on board. F'or ftigicht or teisaojp, Ile,1h to No. +11 :r v\ice ltrre- i \ lO~a 15 T7 t V I I Il. tl tI 1l.1 llS,: tle ccI t n ,free t i: late, th, Ito ilt,, - ane rate ,f i'reight mad Iatonaeea ill be, i d, viz: \Ver I,,rrel..i . Riu',n rauk 1 001. IIhhas. ncart $3 75 Cask (:Clre $8 680 I railllc al c<, at 15 crlts c er -ftot I ,mllll t $10 iper in ~d': 01il, .1 n t, tcr I l, te, $1 cl, C('ol , r 't -e I l, 18 3- ' . (tatos, per to t e. Ilaaeit ,, . pr ' l,tre it+red alytact lces t f ila tir , e'e r e ,:2, Kee tr Lend, $1 ai etlc, I'ip, otf i ur, $ I + each (Cetibe per bcc f c 2 lltres ,r tend $te Cattl- '1t Shteetp c-ah $1 Ilg, $1 o('lin i'as-nae $12. So-r$ame $.. Iclk I' tii ht w*ill If., lit.e a t+, fir silnl+,s is, piel nat f r th e lll l ePetinll theil orer. 1, tr t eta ('lai-n. . Is oeai ea ptosiaile, so tihat ,oL(lc s ' n t ttittlt" IC, delirlc ed, oI case bills lading Io nit na rive t tice aot,. tict,. 'I'TL'IRE nidi Ili I i\VWIil, .f o,, 16 l'uatlos Sctct Newv Orleans, Dec. 10. 118 ;t. L'a'ITEl NTA TE"l'N II;.I II.1 ",A1A , L1LI.V ,roa Ne.w O tt tAa t r to Moa.IE. io ,ica iar Partlst, tno t c' rrtiarr, .s. t iht'. irs l t. a-.tiz: S1earner ilA(ll II 1iTA, Crease, Master 1i- tAPIt Stilttua, i.1S:N I tl Coulioi, a StTIt'I AlAklAMIA, Aldrich T'l'he hoe bot. are fated up expre.ssly for the tra 1., rand cotttittlllcie ey till,' tcti excrittte;, seamen. In on:ceqiltee.- of cll -ecru liccltatc-itcot d iti'te i-tovc h ,ia, thley are enabltl Ico take theinnerpassres. c .nseqlllln ly passenglers eseapl the alolanclll of s t- 11iklle.R.n t tendant on the notside rollnt. i e strictest altt.ntiOll paid to lce ctlllllbrt oft alfeallg.l. A llirotllrlc ilt fiIt th ,een e Wlith the Florida lu]I t by whiich lllis.ern.ers Ibouid to "1 tlhalibnassC, New "fro'k, sat plint- in M\tbilnc;;Il ice tranit-re tio the \1iVl A I iua ansl Itos retmr.;,g from Penlc icoll, c by ilc \VIte i A llAtc to the llail .,aitt; alltrdillng great ICclllll con dltttinlll to per son , vellini norlthwards, andlll ries oiiF learlle wt may wish to visit the heIalhy city of P'ernosalct. 'PThe mail boats leave the lake cell of the rnil road nmniediately after fhe arrival of the hall past twelve o'clock caroe, and Mobile at II A M. F'or freight orpasae-r eii to 2.3 acdt,'') Ncw Lc.eec, N ()rltanse ' art II 9 BIt'IIK, Aoiti. N. II. Patseenaer os y the bnove line ihae tile pre irene in Ilmil Ines l.eatnli Jlhbllte. l inier wilt be iveln I1 hour e r itelBoats at thci e , clock P. 1. Tihe above bollta will rteiee anld land laaelgers at all the Ilterlnediiate itnd iistc Vilnhinslgton Irvinlg's News' 'Wor'i, .'". flE Cir'AVN ,lirrle.rNv ; Noi 3, containing l.egends of itc Coeis et of Sjpain. By the nuthor ofIl the 'iSketc IBoLk.' risel Lire of fertge 1Vesiiithgtiil; iil ILtthn prose. By FElrancls Glass, A. M. of Ohio. lEdited by) J N RHy nolds. .JACK l)iowsivt'I Sonig Iloek; contaillilg selection i1 i"h,1ul t III IIo II hudr songs, ,oany of" lhich are new, Ih'.lick I)Dwini, NI. Ii. M. F:ilrllliI, 'Iiiiliell Ib tihe Ilev ll. 'Polel., MN A I'hendeel',ty of .Noreich. Ii 3 vedls lin. beillg Nos 15, 1 ,e and ti 'llilrpe 's (Cl.ssicii Iilllibn ,l'ist receivel and for sale by \\VW 1 1'1.I' \N, nlnv 2cor ,f cane ;,,.,1 coin iIs {1'S NEW W Rv Viiic- bi 'iiiii elr el p iCIIIIuteiirC'S:I . I It la. , Il. I eti s l (lo, o I)erkllle, lic.helieu, Nl.rstictot;, The GiiIo.'t, huc.; ii Nuts to; ol, Qiuilps qui.ks, Anecldotes . i. FIa c'le of thie Oxclld toll U:mlhriccjlg choh.,; by theau thor, f Facetcli . ( :ntabrigiii ,lib kc, 'e. Just rccil ei d i l lilf sille 1 TALl r , - a ePulcciA.t By \William II. Hr '":" Cae ,.xeedi Jo.rdonl il tie 'nudaeilt oflbti Nillls Aor n1is.I. Il 1 vol. A IIlulatii the IIny .:ld; emprisiinig reaIC Icclilons i, skethes ieltiol s, lielt . d il it tio liu kllh ' tI: l ,I P - IIi.t i I .lll ,II se It. I,:i :llnU'lillI .\tlll. i m i 'if tihi. i iccllrhleilro lt A t. !i tot t'uSn ';,r i I'l E cglan il: ,LI . lh i .e.i to .j "1ii F'anlily il Par'is." Ih" 'lsl~. I1,hi i w i c} ,it''er, unthor of( the c .ewoll ly Vn mht it,'le l ec. lc. "Si , nll natlri respo'1 t L t ll jm t,)h.x IIOT'ClIIIKISS t" co, nct "7i 2i ChaIr" , stl·.·.re I.AT1E PUiII.IC \TIONi. CIllE. PRINCIPII'ES OF" FIEE t ''IATI, illus S arlled it. t serier of shoirt anii l . iliar -.:cnts ,triginally lpublished i en th "lieellnr rll th e Censutu CO')BBE'IT'S I,Erl \CY TO PAR\ISONS; or ave thie clergy of the cst:.hliehed church in ellitble right to the tithes, or to Iany oiltr thin 'all.'d lchurc pro perty, ereater than thie di<sentirs have to the sine i and ouizlh there, or olltclht lthre noe to ,e a s odleI, of tile church frlll Iflo e .;llle !--in sir I,1ltll' illllr.,sse to the church plr.+ous gnll.rally, illCinhalhe lit ,as-rill rl tnd eollee clerg i inllld thl ihe ,r.iilelhps l n adedi'iion ii Illontliield, Bishelit of I.ondlion; it 1.Ht. C(illhett, 11. iP THE CrtfMhPLEI'i' \VOiRKS OF JEREIMY BENTIIAM. THE MERCIIANT'S ASSISTANT, or Mercantile Instructor, containing it fill] accoullnt of the mnonier, coino, weights andi measuilres of the rincipail trading nations and their colonie s;'troethel r with their vnllies it U. S. currencye , wci'iehta nend iasllrreit, trctelied ifrtom lie 7th eililsn of Flltyl, with laddlitilns froni the works of Kelly, Nlcelchleer,, MIcKlllnlh, and others; 'v Fnrancis J. Grnd, aulthor of "i Elementary Treatise on Plane and Solid Gclroetrv," &c. &c. TARIFF, or Rates of Dutie, frosm and after the 3d lnay of Marchi, 1833, until the 31st of December, of said venr, inclusive, In all goilis, wares ,ina Inerehandize, inported into the United States of America, as es rnblished Iy acts of congress. Just received, and for sale by W\. McKEAN, nov 7 Corner Calp and Common street. F ANCY PRINTS--tO caons rich light fncy printt; Sn 51 rae domestic fancy do; Io eases blue prints, in .tiAc and fir sale hb a:? T CCASI Y& 00 'Idle C LE.11 IOVA 1. 10 l, II.3'll°h reloan otd fioot Co rtres Iftoret t ?LJ Caonal, ot(ooar It.oyotl 'uot toot r':ooooed by tote arrivals, loadditiloo to the orioiaol stock, which UoCo no'oy ull red iu lnutlhiti to suit pull hasers. lhooh Sitioio, pI1oi. jot gtl o ltgoo ot do ilk andcolored. do 'Gro de Pooik, plhin d d igd hl(o jet .ollolooe blki do Rep Silk. ontn o t bl o ' bd . do tio:oozo", l"upti+ Irmi: I'Ioi nood k oulteoi, l hillat _'lbouo- h " E& glisll Silk Slpariore lnroitered, Lc anod ope work do done. 11o 'i'hl'eldcI Mohnai,, Wr .,(lsl.ll slid (]'nttonll ama. S.rtta'1'.' oli llonok IIt )velblik. whitle d& ans'd Silk ond Net Otooco, bib, tolile lot d an'ooted. d o doe nad 11.G t oa.og armed. Ai.++--'+0 ca~es l~annet., e:.asj~tillf of French Silk and Salrin trimmed ond ountrtimle0dOlie - tal Gired in. 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R Jut toc~ d a ot fott salth 1W3 IMoKFAN, JP3 Cootote oft{?tloto:: noooolCoo:oolloo: to', 1NTWl 110Gm.- 7Toe Loot of Etiqoetlo. it: toot co. ,'/l¢eto'l'o to " ''colonood, ttd'b otto author of Otto Spy3' &:,&oo itootolo othlle. nllIto toot/'toot:l~ 'frailoo .wut.Ofolat ooo Retooivd aoltfoor olotooy Jo t I qT'itti[iIS & Coo, -04 Chalroooo no, 1 tish i-.oilcer.. I t e not hor of C"(i*c lish, etc.U et 'Abi! Illl)':ultlro e , pi,:to al moudo du t!' In three 1 vlunmes Also, H'HE I)IFTRICIC' . HIOOL; O1 Nlait: llEd.ucation. ]I, J. Orville ':1 Int , 'Profnlessor of I'o hular IEdullctin iu the New fork University. Iteceited by IIOTCCIIKISS & co, "1t 1 (i :harlrl" st . . NNI 'AL ' FOil I 00 . TI.l. Token awl Atlaltic Somteir; a .hristuors and Kew Years vI'lvsellt. 'lTu: (;1 ir; a (: Jllli s i:t S l New YeI r'I.s l'rPesInt. lieceie'l a i lBsale b3 y IIOFTCHII ES and Co, 1 ?erlo (''1, 1-fr(1 t1r Ii",t' . ' O( A l . 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Irr " RAv 7 CI'1: t r o\f' Ca\ p I: II C'hrel,"1110' fit P3 I .\INDY, (ll & l l\lJ Nl'A--\ u ulvtain fw lI - lr , Fhvl I c lih .U r ol.d l \ 1 P..e.I h lh:olle, c:in , \:u a d rll 1lllThl f)1 ,1.1 h l. l llll:ll r . l:u 10hCo1, p lll. i i 0 ll .le the U le~ll.+ Mlate, j: v r l it s ''.I 3. 1,\ e'In II \ II 0,1'1 i+I.l, - l 3t - IVES OF ''11E NF, I.i.i :1N.1'SIM, or, an n-T i L OSlii of Vily 11 s." elnill usta terlOt inl l s ede-ie dyes ii , I h Io hov claimled ir i lllnnId i or too 3,'holl3rd ll3 Il 3 ii, ie ti ll i i ll0,th td of t ol h r.en3 a ' i, llp -r: bi I ~v n i llht o deind aod1 ',lhor of Cnbl Williams, &h . .[:'I"I'tERS PROM TIS, te Smll'li, by I Norflwrn Ti , w e2 ti. lor, in vohlu es. Jolls rc,, lln ll Ornt silo by VM f'K[ AN, nov27 cor-r of Camp 0ar .mmrol sto . ROilNSn, Ci(OTIINI. &r.-t.anding fom, t1e1 ip lnd, nria: i tles rfilettr Ir hm lla , cd mmonl iyra no o s ' S ize , e1 r o e lf ir ln' ipt,, Ir e Imsol n; o tolAsies m on's lenlrin Pil np-Er 17 c1Shl lelie. kid, IIorrn and Ialolg Sliwppir ; ih 3i ce ifr 'illhn emlnleing a good Ieort anod tt-fnr nlt h t o. • I I1 I\\(; U V11 ilI.(D,\I.E, V cJE-T ec A= 1ttill.ID E, VIISE St CO. ~l'Oud, olle I11111. fliOtlll~ tile ssi$.i IIll• he ludhllt is lare aml miohi conmmndiohusly divided into e i l rt l h{% tar kelphilng s tell:o t ditlffe nt classes Itl}1 li Itul,13111 Iiuiplst~s. Thei islitltioul is eupl'ied with the.most skill'l aml :iltlitite Ill'e illd ltttlo eIurses, Sopeakingll Ile viriost nlo:l ''l'll c:I l','vL 'lrllt imv bl hIll I geItlemeolI at fl'm twoo e iive delhl's pe r d, intlcludlilg allendancei ec. lTeris i tie olrfitary W'SiO, oe dll r Iper dly. Slavets ulso ose dollar, SmallL Pox in the ordinalr wardr lwee dv ollu', All eipitalsurgi~cl olperatinsexlrn. ohe resident hll sivia is Ir I II. Lewis, Ito wlo nllliea ion fr .dlllion mo1stbe made, orto D-. O• A. LlIzt nlllcls(. . ,.o. 17, I(: l llll t sl• S(· jv '. AI T , Pi1' qltllfl:Al Ifi --'lTheu £relhers, a taluof ti It•el'rle, ill t Tle Witie aud \Womat's lewardt, by Mrs N'orton, in .1li iam Cilll, or tIle Whale Fisherman. he ' ll.hll hllittItIlHtiI or tfhil Ol• , 'if in in i iols. St:iitttetile of a V'isil to tile A. erican ti.lht iefe bittl' I).il UIioII filll tilev f.clleeldgf(lilll ljI oill of[11. h..III illll, bvy Andru·w llcud, D. D. nand Jam'.s 31 tfhcst, 1) I), iv 2 vols. nitvelis HI l'iTaldes by 31Stil Fdlgeworth, 20 vols vert ecItl111y hletltol ill II). TIe \Vorks of Mrs Si, rwoodl, betng the only uni forlel editionll ev,'er iltllshed ill tIe United Stitel. Just rucei,,ed anl for sale by WM Ml'K{EAN, ot a "ctner Cmp:lnll'' eil mtti nlviti isv. Ct((lS L~ALt '$IIF, F!II.IIIt o1· ll \Ihe ·IIll:,LboM, oll ii! liUY~II . etc respoteetihi-a I t ttdr .ltelltioni IF Ihe Mletlical Ptrotissiln, aH ll thie f1'irielnds cf eince in e~t'el , to tile tlclllli in t Intpopertus of tihe iSlilttlon lmlll i' theifr thargl. 'IThle eollege ns orgnizoed so Ithe olnmn o f 181i ; a ill eou.Frs of lectures was giveo during tle st winteric, ol Il the lust sesusion cit le Igiflature, n 'lhatr was emll si snd i t Willh Ihe usual powers ai l iprivigies ot Sil.h.e tihe tel'mtilloni o te thie uettll.rse of eltllus, the I:lllllt' hl~lvr .i~ enl Iiii~l.nlillell rlelllj'l:l if Itt . i elit, It.' fuclet1t'vI't'vtiset'-'tf it, ' tctf ere tteviiti , to it i iitere,, of the (' o elleg all ti hive ollsidclrly llll llIt _ s meanllll o11 Iusful*neII2R. IAlll alwaret."Ill..ha lVt, Il1VI tlhili (owVII Z(.lll anI l i uS IIth ssIll'elr. . of Iheilr rllethel Iiacis{ I lll:tillly (.IPtlnt' tl ll't(1 tile EI III:(}llltlllll. t I11I:( Il'(E.'h'l= flOlll lIlt: uli..lellcell illlll l iltl •illfi lll~i'1 o I their' fdlnlw ciizenls I:lliulartl tIo.e e f t.hoshes f .Ue - lic ti ltssinll- l-the Ie:luctl v let deseit o llS to ollttlill tlhl lttetollllll of theP ~miI llity t' tie e I illnletige S l]: ll byi t Ileir ilstitllliOl to Ihe S edic;l Stileltts ih this sectill Of(llli I tut ctuilt. III1"1 l the ll'lr rn. .Siaill. Ill .ll!l qlll~lt. 1 I I:1.1',111 Ilr tht". iThletlologe withzl~l ein lr) esion a the cohmm'a s~t'lene 'lItl I.II'St I rfilthl e Itfiu it Anatflnr wi ' ll b f I ediii I ioul trlloullI l the i t udIIeItI , ulull withlollt siolhtionll tuf tu i i tltl eI tt lief t, r e llft,'lt l e ilice t ' t sotittt .I \\bIwe i i. rIIee·LIecte1d tLhti one thitI of the ti lel illc fll ew ) hlens, llllly illlg lhe wilntr No o ill , illl Xlete of iet l ll i11 t i ll' I homn irll tho ti ll'o tl tesi(e, enell flt itllre .ckIlle Ih t'e ettrl wv- ll rot lactid i tiIdelsI I if iJ teetlrit IC t, h cu II lerentel' II i he Fl 'l~lll) llla l ill lll).SL'Sihlll i Ill'i l'l:(.11) 1 Ihl~ llt llllP I. f,* blr '.l~llh ill C Iheil llllllo r i iiAnil, t Llttinth ., 3ill 1 emn trtiv . To waill thIen sche'. of Iheset pisileg[ts,• it hias ibeenl net ai glll. t hal i b r1| tl p r op" I nlll oll f tll I i i . leil . ll l t 5 f r o m ell ll I h l ip lt ical chll ail rs, hllall b eI + tlini l l a )1 1 i ll l lle ll d tlelal l ll'I Iillip.tll athilt II sil)o 'ithe 11atiII N t. IE iI I ,lllh'r f t l'itl'lell'trs ill this e itlf S uc omll n Iln llr gle:.,lt l IlylIll'IV IerIyI'V oper aIIlI hl'lhe s il·il: I w ill tbe periornical helor~e the laso t. he liFiln. al a*t. The corlsll el tllll' l I anihl lld F hisiolon, w i ll, I n l ike ,i.,,ner. , b acc mpai. es.tly dhemlolstrentiun. anld experi. tI''Il) OIEll,. "ile il cllltylll wou.llhl t~l'iculll'v Ilyt ie i he -il)hliol (i a bich ,t is be.line.d Ih.-\ sill b. "musininedI fl Iht' exp.e :ilell t. " to h) P icin:ln ) i lyr t the diln w fll of. n the i nll th h.I I l. ttllh'd S31ACs 1"1K, il I3 il il SII're 'c So i lieilc v Ihlime , 'hll tiel iii n l iit hr hdiva well til ht hy thol. w l hae Iot sIn "tlhem 1ir well stlol'e tolse wI hl e Iii lt if n op/oAL'tliS of I IS . I~~l~slrl',eftve,'e '`lflolt·lii· eel Illrleette ol' II~,it~ii,e ,ioi l I'i li thei i lt c liat iti's. Tlh, ml.h it is, I''~ u% In-ieessary inl this part of itl lo .r l ITe.) iltiv'-, yt todon a yIeI)" . thatis I1 (71 Esi c I ·oi l tiio I h tu ll the exp ltfll ll" ttendC - iA LUZENlrltlte itlitis ao I lh Itlac 5 ill l, l i .of I"h ll| geil this Cil.. Tro rie. r tiw hohab linesl.l~e~il( In hoise ill ilaldigellnic '~ircum tatnces,~ it is pifro dli l \ theilt b\ -hla , thai tWlle ty staelll tl shall bel alhnitted gr'atis, .1po vaidence 0 nl cessitous circum s uta lln (s, usllll iu l liltl erV ld Ai ltt I litit e tl oll. Thte'.*iivlt i)i l ItIi. t)C heI, t I h,. Theol nea daybas o n blli l1ly urhi1er tO stat , d eal thibd e eil l wllill tb l g i )rt 'eld ri.0 coi u r Fo ft ihs ic >r this inst, llltionl will be minentil~l] htwlhl and h iio1'i. hieto Ii his sectih a of miii1 :oulltlry, the1y aip.2al w.ilt icllnl sh[lence to the pnatlriotilm ot thehr fellow-c~itizeln for CIAS. A. LUZEI'NIFRG(, DIenn. Netw Orl'ltnsl, Aullglst, 1,.1',5. The Curs.,",e of Le';.r,'s w'ill commeure on the ./lrs .Alon.da// of ]Dcemtber next'l and lterminal, the hust zcctk an .11a,'rh. CHG Ib.IIr, A. ,LUZI'NilI'.RGC, T |). Profussor of the Iini·less [l Pacticeol' SUlrge '. ': )\ A tIU) II. I ILT['O n i, 1. 1) iPr'ofessorl th, Ti' .oly anld Pirartice of ;Jedicin~e and \V. HYTIRD POWELL,, Mf. D. Prol'us.or of Chlellistry andll Phalrmacay. ,I. IIAlmlISi)N, Ml. 1' J. ,M . I i(i' .\A d,.I. PM• 1)g. Professor of Mate in _'ledlow, Theraputiesand Medical "1isru ilOIAS IR. 1NG;ALLS, Mt D. Prof'essor of Obstehrics alwl D~iseases of 11 t,,en and C'hihh'en C.. A, LUZE'NRERG..'], M1. D. P'rolktssor ol Antomtny (ad interim.) I. leq uisites n1111 fe_'ts of fGr'duation the samenl s inl lie :Unlniverlsits o Pneal )ltvivaniaI asl~ 29 SOUGE ON BANKI.NI't-A short Hlistory of 1'a per Money and iaanituno in the United States in cluding an accnunt of Pruovncial and Continental Paper iMoney; to whichis renxed an illn quiry into tile rtnci les if he otevolll, wnth conscldnertion in its eifrkots onl morals and )lilppiness.-lThe tol~le -ntended as a plain exposition of thie ay in whiclh Paper Money and Mo Cney CorpIrtions effllit tile interesti of difartnt iportioon of the COionlllllllllit. I' Wll. M. (iIIte.. Second edition. Just received and for sale by IIOTCHKISS & Co. j 1 24 Chartres-et. OOKING S'')OVES.-Siachiv & Co's l'otiit lie C tart Cooking toves. for wo;d or anthracite coal. \Ve hnve just received it fill supply of their celchelted stoves of all sizet, soita'lle for Hotiels, Boarding Houses andi large and slmall filllilies. F'or convenie anti des Iptch ill eOkilgna wel iIo tile grieat Savinii offifl, fillV one-half, they will b- foond II ie invahlnble. Crtid. canterfril the pinciiipn. HIIteli R)apers at tihe Northt, an wir lis nltdret d cfntref rni private ilndii.inll n ald ca)ptains of vessels andl rteanmboats, as to the utility of thlese stoves, caenbe scri atour warellouse. LUNIIAR & Co, jan 7 N. 59, Tehoou itoulas St. Ceppir; tin and sheetm iron iladen up to nerther. Extract of a letter fiiom Captain Win. A. Hlownard, com manding U. S. iRevenue Cutter MeLane. to the HIll. Irevi Woodbury, Sec. of Navy: Ii answer to Iour enquiries ill relationi to Stanley't Rotary Cooking d.trve, I Ibeg leave miost respeetfIull to recoiimiied t tnhe epI)l)trtmnint, the adnptinOl of tlfose Stoves for the Cutters genieraldt thIl are itllmcll leon heavy, more coonvient atnd cromiiicl tlhan those ge tuerlly inl use. Fuel' is an articlethat takes up the nost roown, iv soonest expjnded, and is more destructive to thie boatsof the ncel in transpmrtation than any other used on board. I hl I ou b il I ow n estimatuni of the conlparalive cost of hlel h io c nl tIhe stoves. A:\ 'wnut ouflueil consoulned Ili the Il iitillet, froonl Feb. U tll o I nlrh 21ti ini'. ' IIunth, St.42, Aliiioint of fiel conlls.lli d by Stanley's frotn March 21ith to Moay 4tlh, bilg I month and LU days, 50 Balance in favor of rmuldey's, $5 93 WVM.hA. HOWARD, Caprt. 1. S. IKer. Cutter lcl.ane. New-Bedfi-d, s:in', ilth. :G. i xpenser of tGalli I 1month and 10 days at same ratio Is tihe iiuthI, $16 Eit Expense Stauley 's samlle time, G il t)ifi-renee in fiavor of StOnlei'rs ie:10 II Packet Iat, niea Serpent, bound from Buflolo to ino che'ter, Jily 13th, 1:335. Iltvinleibeerll re inetlei hy a p.ia.seiCer to expror. my of thle itilils ait r(elvemlliillr'c of tile Rotmey Stlmor ill C.nnal l'iketnt I milo tiei-ed to say that I riee maide full trill of one of ieI. No. 3 titoiri Stoves oi Ihis tia' i t, andll lilfld it to tn-ever a ill..t vatllln le Illr poi'..V tVre abile to hake, roost anod ioil and, in ohilort. to cook the uuall varieties of tmu1oato, vegetables, pud lings, &e. for 60 persons. S. t '. 0\1 UiON, Captain. LIFE OF W11. COIIBETT, &e.-The life of Wm. Col'lett d-lientid to hlis sons, fromt the se cond .ondoll rdliinl, ill 1 iil. .lemntire of ltie Life f the rict hinnoornhlo Sir Jamnes .Mackintosh, edited by his son, Robert James Mackin tihi, Esq. in 2 i-iot. Tilirltiin tamdeo, hv tlhe allthlor of Talc. of a Vovager to tlhe Arctic "Icean, ill 2vols. J.ust er.eived mnid or Isale hy W.. It'KEAN, rie 16 roearner of Camp and Comnon stn. NEW PIBTILICATIONS. SL.AVL 'CY AT TIlE SOUTH, or the south rindi Sroted the rrensnn and fenaticismof the northern alhblitioniste. I vol. 12mo. The oonk of I'leanures, h': Thna C.unpbell Samuld Rncr .allnd ark Akenside. I vol. 18 Mo. The Gentleman and I.dv's Book nfPoliteuescand pro priety ofdepnrtnlent, de lirnted to the vouth ofhothl sx es. vB Mnialone Cclnart, translated rain the sixth Pa risn edition. Infantry Tactiec., r rule for the exerrise end ma noenmres of the tUnited States inmfatrr. Ilt Majer Ge neral eioit, l' S Armty. In 3 oler 12 mn, nst received and for sala by V MeKEAN,ercnamp & com rl= 1-.EW BOOKS-Rienzi. the lat of the Crilunes, try Sthe authore of Pelnam tke. flee tooN I r AneD,nO tile dars of Henry Onatre, by the allltho ofNioeliet th.e in 2 vols, MI.nlt.n, in2voll --e. (Cormr or KnIc Oe-Phrne.nolnog--jest received ber tIANCROFT & TRIER, I4*aiop i. r STATE OF LouISIANAt I' RST J tDICIAL DISTOICT COUIRT. I tL l Illett tCr of E W:)'ARD) iIuROOK r lles 1 CREIJITUOR. I IT srdered by the r ourt,that it meati ,f of thle ere [1 ditor of te inLie t, tO il otherr iterestedi, d tke place before I. I. C.aon, :sq. NoLtary Pulie, tin 3hu!ae, the [:ll it, (it lIne nexr, at 10 o'clock A M. for th 'puroi .r f,le 1irIt t'utiig gec.all s oil the frEir ot'th e ttnt of'thle inaolvollt,-ro aploint (if trley deem it Iecessary) Iother stn lien in tle lieIu of the syndtlic deceased siduo their appoino ment by a f.rte meeting, or to cullfirth o n. Cof hiale oWr joing sytdi, an to ecutfr uplon him Slolt poers, c nd give hIlln th itstrue. tionu as t te i 6terest of loe ereditoru of said estate nmay rquire, or n y Ieene exII t And it is ftr. Therrdereld, that niilrv It IeCi, E aq. tha attorney hlrelofbre anlpointdl to roeresent tilhe bsent ereditor be iu-nl oinlled, olltl iotiiet to attero said Ieotilg. ITy orde of thie Ioo. Charles Vuttl, of oaid court, tins olst day ,awf areh, A. 1). 1837. a3 iew JOIN I.. LEWIS. -r ' 1'tTr I).' 'I -tlm eri ..-- Cumr de isotrict do iJ Premiere I)ihtrict Judiciure.--Danso 'aff ire d'Ed ward Brooks cenre es cereanoiers.--il eat dearete por la cotr, quoe illoe :etlblec doe crea ciors de l'inualva. hle, at tolis o ttesn v ilteoelses, aunit lieu au bureau de It. B. I-ees, Nontiro public, Ic 8 d Mnai prochain o II1 Itoures du tltin, il n de dolibrotorur r t olflireun, de I'iusolvable do tuomle si ia lejoge e onversable d'au treen svylie en plaoe dnes sydios deetles depins lceur uno auilnltio par oilae nsuclt al teriour, ou pour cou fitrer l,. poorvoirs du syndic survivnttet pour ui re tir e toli i nourvoir, et lui dotunor de telle iu.truc. Itu, que I'int,.rut des croeoterastilit fuillito peuvent exigLir. Et edt l lu dulorste, qne b l!ttry II. Denis soil IOteP aluca cic nnt oi n nlllotme Ionr rpreenlltr les eretllletlers abteult, et nutifio d'etrte presnUt a otte P'r ordre de I'hon. Charlea Wiatta, juge dudit eour, cc 31 loai, 1837. ah6 .ToIN I,. I.EVI C', Gether. A NNlIIAI.t S 1 Olr 183I.--Heoth's 'iectures llle An 1 s. auls for 1836, nith 5 splendid ene'ravinn, by thle best atists, after drawinis, by A. (. V\ickers, keoq. Fi'ihe r'si tlha$otg Roa, Scrap Book for 183k, with Ipeotical Illustrations bo IL. F.. 1.. Tih Tokan and Artlntuti Souvenir, a Cliristmun' alnd New oear's Present t for 1836, edited bl S. G. Gouodrich. 'lb'heiftlt,i Christmasn aid .ew Yarsn' Preentedi ted Ih tMiss Leslie. For·Mee-N lot, Clristmas. New oY'ar's and Birth dayl Proesent ftl. 11'6, eltrle bv Iedrie Slhbel. 'l'the Frindsllij s Ollorin"uond Woeon '. Wreath a Cllrist as adM New e l"'s o ' loellt for 13ll3. [iT .c lliiooa Sou.'cnlr, a Chlrittnua, Now t e our's aondl lilthdao Present fbr I81JG6, edited by Chauucey Cul to, ). D. " IThe .lruvile For'ct-le-Not, a Chlriotmns and Now ear's Gidt fir 16, edlitud by Mrs. S. C. lill. 'T'he Pearl.or tAelttion's tift, a Christtonas and New yoears Present fur 1-31f. The Puclicnl AnItual for 18e16. bleine seleotioat fi'mn tihe EnPzi. oetfort e oo Cluttcer to Ilctttie. The llfiull', AnlntIl r' 1otller'g OflL'riug. The Youth'sl took flthto acalonel. lhe Artist, or .'o(l( Iolios' iustrutor in orn tateO tal Paiotint', drawiuII- &e. by B. F. Gu-lee. Eleentt, ll. f Iravtt: FloPuer Paintitg it opaquO and ttotnsprent watercoltrs, by .E.E. Perkints. t'iotr uld 'Thalall, or (tttlS nhl Poetry', being an al. l thsbetieal urrotnoetletI of Ilotwes, wotilt appriat illus olrtons nd ut lor.d p'ale, iv ad b lady. T'lhe i ut ltig e of Fl'htotrod ediiiun. Peter I'arhv's .loloanec for 1If36. Ith Att,'`i',a Alutminae- anod repousitory of useful kuowledolz fr tle Yearl 183G. Thte Nautoical :lhtuotac and austtotoietnio Ephtemnris for tile year 11836. T[eo (fedrna Alonanne for f136. Just received and lor sale Iby IWM. MKEAN, corrnerof Camp ull Ctnunoot sat. E\'" BOli KS.--Es at ot the Rote of Wages, with aRllcxalninttloll of ilth ctuo oU titr diioiretllces in the cotdition of tile laboring popuulatiou throughlout alo wortld, by It. C. Carev. Clinton Braldslhaw or rhe Adventurao of a Lawyer, iu two vols. The Atte.licao Altunano aod .Expositor of Csehib Knowledllefo t I or tl t'er 18311;. For sale by noo t4 Ittl'CIOT KISS & Co.. 24 t'bIlrtreo at. UIt)K AND JOB PrIINTING, .Aned Itltt Idook .ltanulttlory. T ICE tulscr,'r tllll trctftt lli itf,ro liis foieido nand I thl, olit that ieo atu, itn '.tlntetiuo with his book ntd 'tatilltltr store, au atelltsuive P'ritling Office ant lBook ilittlotrt, andt is o riehlt totto t ake thle printing of Ioot dlrts, Cadro , " lllatk Clhecko Cttttoguoca t.ct:ll Notices, Bills of .Ladint, Labels, Bill lForms, Drav Receipts,' Altso, thle Bindig lo, If Iltuoo; and tttuttfintrtuitg of lllauklbooksoi oat size or dtesocrpto., lt, 31. IKEAN, Cotts f C ptt CollfnCIon lstu . opllosite Ridllordldoll't __!Ilt/tle ISt,'s) hloItl. j 3 \ANNUA.S FOR 18:I. tnot New tear's Gift or Ilirtht Day Presenct, tfor 18 I'3 ( (otited hItt Suo. S C tIodi. IIt:oro's ico("tvo:oquoo: AuxrtiL, for 13ti etabellish ed with t25 ipt ndi! utoravi- at ,,t tihe fil'tartists" lish po{ets, fi-lon SPences to ILeatti ; elnhllletd w ill, d::tu .it 'nad illustil'atou frotl druwitlgs by H O.te. 'l',t RtEI.ItIotI:tt Stot.IRt o Cllrietlnast Newt Years, utttl Birth Day l'retuItt fr 133t5. Edtel by Clhuucey Colton, tD 1. Jost receivod aid fir stle bf , WM 5i KEAN, lee 1 cott.or Caotp and Coluton aet. UNITED STATE. I 1STIIC'iCT COURT, Elsst District of Louisiana. In Adcmiralty oittisc: IN obedience of a order' at this Court made on motion of Illler Sotrtske Esq. so tIle 10th Joaoarl 1536, re qoiring a stlsteelllt of ttie ItonieS remaininig deposited d unclamedi is iithe Regcitry of the Court, In be publ lished; specifing the cases-.I.asse ofdeposit atll ptarties interested ofItReorsd, the untldersignel Registrar reports tihe sum of $1232 415, remaining iunclaimed-in the fol Welford t& Stevens os ship Washington 541375 Itljosited ot thie Registrv Aug. 19,1817. Blemg the proceds oof le othe vessel of volll the OWller n mear ti th Illewett & Rob bitooa, Jtomes Mason, Olist Wilcox, \\'arrsee iishopl-residcnee not on Record. S hooller DIbile ir sceltlli Goods, 53730 date lf deptsit Autt lIthl 1817. J ISmith s I 7 ogt't's of winPe, 7980 date ofdeposit J ul. th 1819, so claimant on Ie laildo fitr.hvll tdi rs Slhootneor tl Januar 47 2 daites ofdtiosit Jels. S thI, 18312, Bllozmus. Plvsnotl t N .1 illoit ofvesosel .'ttler rt dlise s soill iS l lat Na Eeolon 12 date ofd ,l'si icDer. i 1812, Ialsance of tile )roceeds in thie tle oftihe NaptoleoI sfites patD ng elhrioomsll. Ioet claimeid by Asdterso r M nil Ite, of ILouisvitle. itotr Dcvid rta starnlm nat Florida, i 83 date ct l lrd osit Sept loth, 1831, J '1' Batrduc'a syndic clainlant. HoIyden Perre et nl. vs cri 1 SHlly ERosicr, idata of depotit,. Ml'v 9olo 11;9, owne"s of Sally Esther, II ( Clark, John IAIllis. Richard Dot born ads I IRichards of s hti ich s aeits"t's. And in obedience to the further order of the saild CoLirt tile owner or oswellr, atld all itld every er nroCsn or persolns Oting or i etlending to ha.r u 'right, title, in terest or demand on or to the soid t ntirsare hIsrehy ci tod d o d1 mdollllJ II ICr ad itp ar t gu)icstirt Courts oflthe li. t nr tle rolotric a.t rt a lti to be iholel oil Itli third Mlouoo 'tf itoy 1ei3i ht i0 )s'( look a.sis. at the City el New O rllen rto liake lotir cltiln titrto ors ow etlllre wll' sllcl iliAoslto itin itherrofitshoul iao io astde as to tle iCurt tlllllt elll lltc Uld iproper. By order mtt r'otlrt. ici NCi.N N IiENNEN, Registrar. joai ;0-t w f'3'" V 1\1'OliRKS. N I TEo I 5 im NAT L I'I t dOI. sT.\ ~ TorK- Com nrisio o Itltori~th s ad r tu onoes aouedotes of Qodlreos cd.; sie l till . aall .alld tetrdill e Ir t i the ~lc stan ll of TI'1E N.VI'R 11 III I 'OR' Otl t INSeo CImTS-In Stwo toluln+e - ri, Brltiug nol. 7i olf thle "neaily i SA'disostuof te 1.t1 of tot-s sirt i COthsNat., caoses -iIIv llln l tllo-trn, ret nrs. witt thltot's Iant rf'cl'lttle to .lrican cr'esio, awln mP tine tPrnmti-h oemi.lon law atnd () )O DI toG+,ton-i 1)t)/lie-r of the ('ut:, :T--booed up. I Itstc--lt Jtoltn Mai' kitto+k, M D., "ram the last lore oils CIithtn ithe otI t:tdlll adstiotis, I ey Ssuue1o gIoeI 1 to rtol,e s1, iltPl el tetl'. c. 'TIt:t li' Jots''l osso. \IT,5 lH).,TP.ots,'-Nu 3Gl forto Dolsoer 183Jcs . Jeti t rsve ivt d Ctl ho sale tI ties. shie al hastear, t . tore ins sp lendid new maf o. ally furniulrl , htich they s oenl fit e sal on liberI ' hI re ol otblue, scarlet and lorps t luot h ssarto t velvsat It llo wrow damLe'rr sorit. oi': 1 s orl.nv Ir, t parlour chains with dtma -k : t ir -ea',! i a itlot itt- lain 12 dotle dle tiss do Critslon ",,-std hltaosk, 13 do tGrecian co dt lhair clohtth, lo Feol r rth o.o 'er ciltlics Moltelll-t llMlotIreocto ; do onlun. cllcn, 11ir h . to', Itv-.' erLn s tl"-U- ll ao' Noto Tolok maksti d terf.:tlt nes. f I5 Iti'Nii) aNlt 2, s'". ftit'lttoteitirrlsn tt II V'G o'i en 1nlsi, oa htie o o tistef ffC .kl oou , Coal co 1I slo , l 'of tih te l qft l ohs t'iT',oL'r d IIi e 'trote,.iv 1 cd ait to e ors ol-, for t*oei otis vrv ,of the soiUe, either I Just 1'nur,.,,. l . . ,,-urea% l -- --\V"R It\X\ .1+'s 1Ii, 1' tlltI, r CR+ .... FIIISTOIIt l'Iai t ,1 " My- too 'fiot, ferom I II 17.t,2 57, t o 'by Sir . Willo oran, li Hsart.I 'Th' Posthlhmotsl'aiteer of l oioe"sel, Iltosi, rl oo t~tininc a ftiihfrtl rreorroI .Ils th -e"raoul ofsati s, pero il,,dventures, o 11slst rtt e s tr.m-ae litni uftte ctr . Manuel of thet istliseasrsf fto-Ee, i- I. lllot, jr. .1 It. Just reried, and for sale bvs fe:.'b2 0 111-.,N I LEVV, Generai hllhosre era'-at. For ale low Folr enh. -tr forth, r particulars apply at Mers1. fle ''S, 63 Rocyal st. o" L impartationt, per hti,- herscr. ferem "Otlhg. for C fi-t t -'-V I5 ta cit-- grto a h , I. r nit , 5 ts o I- NO-sn It.cae o pal! 1 " ,. o'rSl. Phul/ie .'lc¢cocl'ntlrsc sd G(niecal .ggeciy t(jUicr. H lAMIlTON IIALL hovinI onpened ai n.aice at No. . 14 Exchange PIlaee, for the trans'cltion of btisi liess relative tIo Accountis, Collecting I)ebtla, lTrnels tions; etc. i ill ennge to as rite up anid keep tradesmen baoks, riter by the wmotb, year or jab, and is confidentlr fron the exparience he has had for se many venrs past in some of the mo t respectablo Ihoues, that he ean give g enerttl satisfction to those who mav plhase to ollllltl him. lie ledges him/nelf thant all deGts entrustedi to Ids care, will receive his best attention; and front his know ledge of and lone residence in this city, lie offers his ser vices with the tllest conlidlence, t atithe anme lime hI will give security for the Ftlisltul accounting of nall ra reipls. Trnsclations to and from rbte Fencli and Spa nish language le will likewise undertake to execute with despatch and correctness. lyear News Orleans. Ocstober 1,/886. PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS, GUENERAL AGENCY AND BROKERS OFFICE, AMII.TON HALL, offers the fallowing Lands l and Lots for sale, viz:- IN TEXAS, I1 leaguea, on the river Navanota, I do tin theii Sine, near Caddo village 6 do n the Trinidalnd, 5 do on tile Nvasoto, 5 do on Red rivar, I do on Big Alabams cenek. I do nid 177 acres, on Chnrlos creek, near the Neches, I do Ib-tween Village creek and Pine Island Bayou, I do on the head waters ao Con Bay, 1 do on the Anlgeliia, Ij do in Milan'sColona, I do and 177 acres ol Red river, a little abry Bois d'an, I do on Red river, I do on the SLabi:e, 48 miles below (Gaine's erry, I do nenr Sulphur Fork, six milas trom Red river, I do on Mill's Creek, 1-Sdo 3 mi/sh rots Linn's landing, latangordn Bey I-2 do on the lay ofCnorpus Criety, Several scrip, of 640 aeres, unlicated. Do ofns lelgue do, 1'80 Acres, soldiers' ll/unty L.nd. All thls alove latnd/ are well silouatedeitlelr for spec ulaturs or nstttlre. The titles aoe itdisputables and lully ALSO.--50 nAcre, ,itlllt..d crsr new oiver. mla a bout tel micles -ot the l1i.iisipli c wich thre is a good road. T1IIe sle about 40 LaRes at pro sent, ulider cotton ect/ivn/iou. lil Acrel near hllesilbh, I.n., rcotdc to ln dc, Ibev ily tithered, with a cane uiLndre'rli crtlh. 172 Acrcs, Imoile firon Ahbbnoous ruicic:, and nbolut • froni the \liiosssiplii rivet. 4 Lotn., II Fla/oeurg W.liington, fronting Rue do part, 3. feet 9 itn. by 131 ft. i. in de pllth. j l.otll in Fauxborch Marinv, 811firet frhon tecil. on U/nlou strce, by ISOleidet.dp, between nla Itue Librcnl. c//l F:orce. 1 L.ot in l'hillippa at. l Aft. front, btv 96 t c.. Tnogetller, n~itlh :veral otriher ity Lois, which ala of fertd on anecotrcodatiog tcfrms, jnnl NE/V 3/US/CU Il/tik-/N iEA'cI Nail :S. IUASOmN'S Sacn:n IcI.ntr,i : ncw i olceti m ul' slred S mnsric (astcceotvpe d i/ piateclt not,i/n) a.Is'ancd Iy I.c, e!l .hlahsti , ItrshI c, of BI oston Ilicic l itc/nd lla ,clu Sc/ietc (:ollectiol nIc lll c Ui, --M I c-tle L hir / rI· Ulcioll Cdllcclic+--I.y/ t Soacc--Spiritu:d Sobg/ /c c.--:c d by 'i mth/ Iil. Mcaon, Pr//sscUt.1 im thile Fleelic ..Actlc/ny of \lune, (intcilllc:tci. Published b) tIli'un io". S Silitl, Bokickelle. s, I:ilcillca/li. lc,'Mla's Soc/td I /larI' is altlalted/I tile wa:t./s oftll denllOllilltionll'. "lhe Vali'l O lllo ll'tre is nlu tL'cl trr I thdn lin any o/ Ilctacliyl of lm ic. Ic ctllorT i Wr htlltn I/,1 entnlca ihc bey n t//e/ Iy t eto scl" the ietIc ut Iienninliliutioll " Chl' rist ismsllt l 1IIl /cihll/ci lt c li/f ccat be IisnlIt i sile Slt'cdcllo Ih tcccc. I cucihlsn al't v:ariety ilctiretil/g antle/ns set piesces/ sntare/ ogI lr.'IIct-s and iltlancli which are , lshort, nc y I"aty flc'fLcmcceo whic et hltstrul enltal aidl o+j oltri:cal to II e ilt)iltll na tnl sllollrfChrlllitinwrl wrhip, tile Woollst ofl'sioRbiog ; Is, ul. tnlitcnl scili s, ii ll / Ictc +ii g a ,, l nllor l it sincgelr t/is thciliowu l-ii/tte lactuetad inclacvgniell/t. T'Ihe /ihue, Cor:tailln tiscll s allLi lali: ble us//lir, whc lilcllns bree idtltlo fcosnm lle Ilighlnst sol.cens of ml sieal tlaste il ri tlce ill EunrlIe/. c·I//c /i/h ic (;termn Ily. It bcc hlcrln tile /oni/ / ll/t liill clf I/ic n/lll/l/c s togi e a c/ll'-Ctia of L'Ctnes, thlit s.liUUi be ct:asil liccrciied niIl eI/ily c/ic1g. Tt+:ichc'la nfsillg'io ellc an. n-len t1 a ebo'rs w o 're 'destiruc s tl n lllll.O ilg s:ac 'ctcl lclic, Ic ill e 1n i: sin , it nl lnloS so tltectutl ais c/ icilecuhlciric ll t llcn i l cis h.i*IcICe olleill, lhia hilo au tccpre) fr Sonl/amit Vestc leeichd nlnllt it c sa/le by II.i'I'CIIKISS & e,. Sept 19 _i Chartres sweet a INSVORTII'S I.ltin ancd lEnllii IsD:ctionarv, 6. Virgil t Ilelphiui. Vnlty'c llonerc c .cStcrevl'li LeX'i coo), Butaiitinsi (Cretk lnlllnll., Aloore'- ia, J isnal Del ihini, tvid I)clllllhiui S;llcc i i ilit , SdA thoC 's Sullust, Slcirt'o (Biecro, i;rlek //I/anel/ctct/, Jo-li'cI (areek ltsoider, Viroiiula Os , liid Iiber Priuno, Adooiis' L.ati/c .rammcliiar, V\lcoll'ca scc!l/.c. WVolhillgton'o Vila, Bolau/r's FIel//i rlninlicr, Cilci'o Spji/l (irc(nsntar No/iUcis 0n/i iarreti's Sptitch ai Enigliih t iciiacr, tritictobh 's Ilidtiry of l'clnd 0 - Scutcca Amnsrioa, France, Bloke's Natnrll Piilosophly, a Natusral Il/story, GCldsmith'a do Wtiodkridge,n (/ilsgraiplh, Msalta lruni's Systne olfdo, Blake's do Itolbi's do ll'orra's English Gramsntar Ahril.gemens of do Smith's productive do Camlv'n do Ingersoll's do lecnnet's Arithrmetic, Lacroix's do Colburni's do 'ike's do CoblI's do l'orrey's Botny, Airs Licohl'adit Blnke'a do Scott's Lessonas, Tolke's' Ponthelit Parlev's Geogra !B! High Sicllt Ileadcr, Alntricalo S/lll/lnr, Cccluic i Oraltor, W\Velihev'as Coslealccl of Ili-ntr, 'nr cc 's ilinterv, W b.ster'a lnd Grimts/hn'a Dictioun arinatnd \Vebater'a Spellilnlg loosk lclhtvre ot It Illobes Parley's Ist. ld slid 3d liok ofllIistirct-for ale Iby I15 IIOTCI1KIt:S & s., 94 I/'hrtrres et. -.J.NGLINGSUON'S Hlamt I'nrtsilogi,°vole. do General i'l'hrapentic's do Elements of lHygie.e Dewe's on Children do Femnales do System of Midwifery do Estaov Ilorncr's PatholoTical Anatomy AotlltlltV of tile Tisisues llostock's 'lilvsiulogy lioioseaoooo Peter Ci oi orh pli |Ioolu Ilroussur's I'hlegloR si Sciidt ollr oin (:out and Rlltrloimi msal llaekall on Iropsay J ilisioll n Clilltes Paris' Illarmnclogia Taverneir's Surgery Reck's Murray Clark's I'riotine on Pullmnoary Consumption Clooper oni )islocatioos Ilorn'r' aSpecial Anatomny ('ooper's IL.etrlres 1all on the lIo0 d Soikolnienos U'oudeoo ('olotnll's Iro lt t'oxP's .Amoicani DispensatoLry lichlid'is Phy iology Fih'htc's Dental Surr.ry Ricihard's lPr'eitpls of Medii'inn Thlrtchlir's I)iiplieoatirv Ilorst e by II)TCIIKI'1S . it. fIb Ill i Cl bire >t. I lI s il A N D S-isCO t r 1 I IS K E Y ,r ,ale t A II. INKsKI"I:P',,53 Canal str(t., who ha s il llnlld, old ('°-lll0. , \rlllil:l,. al;nd hlllnlinllrne Illlal dies; olhulal (Ciro, \1Vtee ,, Fllsh, :ol other lbranld, Ju mnica, St. Croix and Gro ada rum; superior L. P. Ma deira; llro,t n rio tttil ttle -"oolol'; (roope Jsrie-il o olir hort; Lishto, o'e:erit'b; Piiio, .ludet Sili do; t'ioa. priorn, Illlgllndy, Claret, \t., Viiners of the Ihet de . I IT It.11lf At INS. SliiEChiinei , a gii nl ohi rst ion f 1 pire China and i.s inhahitasls. Iv ,lto Il lrunei: D rip, Esq. 1F I S., &e. In 2 vodl, blrig, Nos. 80 aInI 81 of llarpert' In' ils I.ibrary. I.ettrs to Ystlen Ladies, l y Mrs I Mr II Migourn, . New ThIe I'ildri-'s Pri. re. i «ilh n ife ofi John iNlan Roler: Soothe,, I:q. I. LD. Poet laure.rti, \r. C. Illiustrated wilih ct, by Aalns, after Iishosizua ht Cnhalpnn. Ilar\rcy nld others. New weilil,. 10;37. Just received and filr sal by V MiKE 0 Cornelr of CamIp & Cioo)mln -1. ir IE., I \I I'1NS. &.--Thle rsuhrrioers I aveforanle, L landin. from lbip Gibraltar----50 h as ppiper. 23; hbxes anllhlkekt Splerm. Candles; 70) nxnx. Bun,'h loisln L.oriint hro ban; 230- Chsis rnd lrtr, i o:1D"_ ril, Isirlotmid So'wih) . Tea 5i ii'rlh s }sn .ti 4i son Tiea, in 2 lb. caitoers. 1' 1 I' BIRIIGt. & CO. hi No. ll Mln.riri , street ýTVEW Ol OK--Dm neticti hlappinesiportrased; or a S- nortonitory flir those who ari; told iho1si wleo mr.iol isnried. By the most classic authors, ancient and ono dlern. "t oiettie hanppiress, thal tlle lidy Of urrdite. tait Ilis sutrived tIe fall." HOI)TCIlKIS. & i. It (fhlnnrre at - WE V IWOOKS--Navel Sketch Rook, nt, the 'S,tnrie Afnnat lad ashore. WAith characteristic reminiscen it, frTomrsnts rnd opinions. Iy tihe author of the Ttaler Ia Tar, &, r.ssnd serier, In 2 vols. Random Rsenllectiont of thlt House of Colntmls, from the year 1l;30 to the cloe ofl 1815. intcliino prirn nal sketches nf the leadine membris-hv on of no par ty, just received and Ibr sale hv W" MrKEAN, omr tnmlmtld Conmnrn st. Al.o-A *w rntirs of Borton's Anatomy nf Mrelan (Ni FitiN'WhW#Ni T\i'-týAol ,TRE rR hhdle Harnon / 4t7 Ilsa \le: Pork, ji Mt landing fr:ml steoam Pt -an, andntr.c ale by m7 I .%ET & AICtUN~ G. 17 Conl 'n et i IRE ENOINE. R OGfERS' PATENT BALANCE FIRE ENOGIiS. -The subsoribers ae mnnutherurirg at WaMer ford, Sarutoga oen. N 'Y., o an eaxtensie veal., Relp./ Patent Balauce Flire Eagine, end tile rumptny do oe he.itaoe to reconummd it to d ho puplie as deiaeljy so. perior to any fire now known. It has bean test ed Iby ekilfri IEngineers at the U. S. Ar.eanla atl Gi bhensille and Washington, and by themn ptanooeed to be superiol to any othler. The Governaoent Arvenal at Wa'.hinlgton is nfiow supplied with true of said Lagine, and the proprietcrrs have just completed a contract with the geoernume:t for the supply of all their principal r senols. This Engine combine. the advantage of more power at leos coet itan any other in use, and needs to be ae amined anld tri d to ensure a preference to all others. The mafliniaurera, in all cases, warrant their E. ginee, in a trial with other' urader equal circumstanceas to performl more tlauu ay other C'anute, or no sale. Prices at the Faeatorv, witll plain pointiag, There deigcnld folr 24 Irena, disirclrgamg 210 gallon. of water per liotute, P 13 rmen, If0 gallons per minute, a41 1I' menr, 110 gallons per n.inuto, 30 T'lb l above prince- inrrludr suction llnsn,wrenahea dec. Thl'ey ain keep coasta.itl oen hand, botrlh landing and ncliotn hose. waiich thlly will furnish to order as low as it e rn Ie bourht ia this eorrtlrv. lie'llr al rtlrl.rrtnrlts fr nanuifertring saidl aeinen Uar ueh, l an l orders wlllor-l be Irnteu.llr attended to, and executetrd wilth Ih, grclrtt pusible dqrpatch,ifaddre.ra ed to the sub nibo:r at \aYuterford, Saratoga co.. . . WV . PLATT ds on. SERTIFICATSS. hew York, Oct. 2,183 . I certify thnt I have this day sulannrtended a trial ufa Fiae ir re of Hogers' Patent, made by Win. Platt d co. at \Veterrdl, Sarantoru co. New York, with one of the trest enoines lelongilg to the corporeation of rthe eh .'f New York. Tlhte rial was nmade ia the aorroratiaa yard, end Intron tile t'per.illlCIt, I am pel.TUaded thatth: engine rl lRrgrera' ePattl t will lthrow andre waltr ad as lgreater die.tan.e, Wth the applieation of laes poare, than our eorporation engine. I furitr erti rr o lat u lire mrn lna hns ever Ilon at hibited inr this ciiv ra hli hcould comiet e r ith the hNow York lrgilln,' n, rwhitlh u should alwerr ira urp a a rseept Rlui.,e' lae st aloue Inrntitned. liThe aonstrue tit, of a ler'cr ' I'atlellr is exreedil ly si-tlpl, aalld l . 1o ]t.fsoll rwhy it should I rt go irto grneral une. Be. aidta,r it htl olntller road.ora cg; it can bla firnislod at oruch lerroest. ' JAMiIES t;UIlICK, Chief G.gianoer of N Y Fire Denrattnnoul Ulien, wily 9, 1t3p4. I most chleerfully coral, with ail rm qauest from:n Vm. P'lrit cor. Itr lierr v t ,pia.ioli in relation to the Fi C:oynille r Iflrogrea Pa'Itelrt, prr<nleturard by them at t\ater!brd, urntoglr eo N. a. 'li'e err rintioulla of rtiao iaulet purcalra ed one of the bole nrntiolcd Ienreiurai to a rr)r repeatrd trials, d otr he-Riate ato )rToI te i di.idlledIV superior tt aom other fire frlatrpia lro inretL ofrwhich i ave no knaow lat; mliot I do cutougt Irllra r'urrrIrrla o creeiifa'tiaeof I Glirri, tile elfnirferoial-ec t Ilhe New aolrk Fire Depart met, rel.lation ter t melit'lr The Pultm oftlhiaugLn is costl llta d ill a r.ilre Ca ]idlr, and ims so exceedil n s 1irmpe, ul so litt le lile gRt out krmpair, tlhat I doa not hrasitul , Im sy- ritairIllr" jtudgmnenlt, it will seen Chliaf tEci,eer r f rltie Utica Fire )epartmeet. N. I. One uliI'th, acbro Iarlltlleat Lgiona of the largest usi.., wan ord-Ired fIr" F..,l e Fire CI. 4No. 7 rt NRew lr learnl which tiieIr hanve ren'it rad, tried and accepted. The Engine caa be seen at anit ti , Iby nolpl inre to n S.31UEI. E KIP, fyr ithe Mni tlfatwel ar , (Craner ofPovdre- 'l'chrnupitouln ste. N.O. P. S. I will grlnra;lrrtr e Itolave av engine delivereld i New Orleans a.ialirt fuur iaorrltha lfroe tiaime the onrder l gi'enr. S K K. jl-6m _ DELI(illTlFUL. SUMMlER ti'rKTEAT. rlE Pl.-ICAGOUt;. IIAIUSI Irs nw open for tIhe .L reelriro of erolnlav. This e lihtful retreat .i situated oan tihe eI hbank if the lar.ensoula Bay, at iti rontlirnere wiah tire (lulfof .Mexivo. 'T'le situnalion is tI stated, lnid rrlrllrtrtlld.o all extensive view of Bay and Lake, anrd is only t.erpn ted frrom the G (ulf by a clraha of lslanids, nwhrici lay frnrti.g tire whiol coastl from I to 10 miles off. Thie Proprietors feel thInkfunl ito tile ronmunity for the Ipatrorroegr of tihe raot nearo, arnd nould be grateful 1ir a returnof trhe same tihe preseat, Every exertiono their tart will he nmade tr reader visittnr cotfortable. F'isR and oystere will Ibe had in lirl aneet , aand evaa naae folanrlicl o;lnd hxurv whitih tlrI rreotar. can afflord will snailv the table. Cealnteret-d with thi'e esnabliok. meot are all tha necessary aro nlri-lo n flor Balhing; aloe. two Ililliard [Imrlet, nt tawo Nint Pitn Alleys. 'o ithose wiho are fnlon of sportiag, smnall gant wi he ftlund nlolg the shore, noid by going a short distance in thie intcriur, deer and athllr lttle nan alaa E n ale fiUand in alaundance; and, for Ilthsr ird of thle hanlr, a pank oftlhe best of Ilounda are nlo.esa a t eomand. iThe drinlkiag twatar i frotn tile puresta Spring, and k10 always at ltand. Any of the Iloant plying hetween thin City and Mol.S n ill land iasrsengersa tlaw Pier. 'iThe llliirflty lofgetting fraota the Pier tn thie Ilore ia small bouats, particunlarl, Oar ladies and children, larl nlwe. r been an tobtjection to tirose visiting tire esnablishiatent, i now obviated, as the treamer Alert alies twice a week between this and Pus enaoula, aod will land ]le' iraseCrngero inmedlalntely at the Ihouse. C. & M. J. MaRAE. N, BI. 'hie Liquors are rf tire chlaicest kindo. having arern manosaly ilmlportrltrt ftetr Ihee, . .. aIOOl,., C IIHECK bitanks a tirte fllolwiang bauns, vi: Mer cllanta, t-etmell;;ge nmd lallaking Ca.. Orleoan, Melhanics anad 'rlarera.s, Louisiana, Louisiana State Acltlirfaio,' aCanal aod itankiag C,., Coammreial Carrlolon Ilnprovement Co., (;as, Citiueae, Union and City Boinks; lir sate lay IHOI'CHKISS &ee. Jan 10 4. Chuartre 110CI Ca. )-- I. . C'a. ('i)I.'riNG HOU A_ DIREC 'rY', FOR 1(37, SUST pultliihtd, corlanrinea list ofII tilhe Bleke, DI. tralro., ttnnd Di'-at dart, larsramare and otler" Caompatlie,'"'ttritil'fhe rhatea of cafelm adoapto by tile Charlher of Cttllnletce, . Atctioraers, arrival and do pasture of rthe nils, Fonei iga Coailsi, &e. &c., pob litsed and for sale by IIOTCHIKI SS -CO. j34l 24 Ch,,,,,s ,.. ' )ll.t'I \'t Stll (l. 'lN.i.- I'alntnt Pnti, (I.n ite, gulno og Pci. This nonl i S ntinn, lyn mnel s oin thevir ill tIte ·I: is a, W il c nla:iltT li'l c t e o .. i lk i u'lr itelo of thine ln.a ilI, it 1n 01 d e ,he lsiit r -e r llh r, tonn s im lnIl " r 'a ms. aI ;,rnnh I lr e s innooinsi n nipnnt m oi ing the spc ig hnigin hnn m' Itnnon, Acn ording to nike negne.d. Ietn,trnt PItti inn Eln lic Fn iKn lldton Pn. ly the pe coliar cnnt.ucinion of nnif enlnti ti nei t inntnroin nin it, n r styoi, is forn el 'hn t I' il nnioi lot n iliielsnn ink to write tlin pnI I w till r -tallll in illal llle acq 1Pioinion . IPtlnn lll flI.ery ianll Fnll hl.l- ll In l i n0 ' n.ln llltin .n n i thnl fitly Ines N ith one dipn on ink. Thi e lo k ink t tfitn his nII illlllnlll nlln Inlu inll An n nln l ll unilnterruptd s1r.(n, 0 xactly prpnlrtionI to the si th If the Iat ters lnm n n, nls prodl cin nh.g a gl'reater ili'tnity ini the (I1 01 cnnl · 'lllllt, o l ii I hh l o. ll n i n i n' Inn itionlof Ci:llni m tlouc l licts on exloi, dinan elasticity i t " I'l nt i'ti ei, dit s h ti a . owtg r tlie quill imust I)nLhe PaI.rnt Peir i In Pen. (:1ll 'so Pt1t lno nillo, Fltnn . n l n'h ot'en will .nt hnnn in 1. tl'lnl. nre ptr qplv or ink tha:, s ill hley i oytlld, l Io +l u ip".i , t I'ct u an Sti-cl l'nl .nst r velved nook i'f" sid. by in \. M'lntiNn . • -nfn n n.lner of Cnllp and lCo. ron nstl. nnEll llu: I inillr n have noIln hnd ani d l 'ir fm'ln orsle h In tllin o hlunln ,:min t uS illil n.nn arntl Pullliente hand loom slnll i o Iuns, bhI ln 1 il black rhitt Ashawls Nsll - ed; black, hi n'. i, r n lic and othr rueloit', nesorted ala teens;, llhcr st bnlled for ale e colors, assorted Inn n n onin.alinn htrned t4n. T4hI.lfiriof olnoinhr, ln.d thh Rnelaipodr nhe Em1nnnnnr'n n nnne bon G Blelnnnp, anthor of ten tlnnll mle, kiju . ni d color-; quemonCev 9 'whito grund and ligh mt llhn , assnrted1 9ll1 mnarli ni.o non, n=norn lln q ninlir -,; hiin c ripenilesI 4-4 snriped hllhorop nsite fers o :17n st. lln itriFOSTEfl d Olti r 'd; S rs f :llnp' nc li hnoinn lookh, bla cki , bl 'nol fnontn'} olor n hn.n'-.Iho kbhlon' N ieanod llnosooeinolo risnnorld. fine winledn, * rciln T nlrroelch h ori r Ind bsite s inr oths Amirn.c 411 inhos o.ine' icotin bug rioo J.1 inries widt 'i 2 sols tlhd hioelln e Hn.e iln 1t CAN 6AM'ACK & r .:m . 1r 5 (rner P t. pipenSlherry winnci "4-l o mn' St ,anr, 4 1-2 tin, Ih' ,w T do; *iv bsk- ilts rl l t ie nilor, anichor and nTtjtt\v Pont! 0-l~nn"c .p tntrny,2t - I itoo.i:'s of Count cnramaonoe, by Anihony ilamtil. ton. Te it r2 1rn-f .ts lo er Ind the Reclaime i. The Enpnrrsot nnvel hy' G IlTennt, anthor nf tda Allnonnins, &n,juot received by C H B1ANCROFl Inlry :1 14 carnet bitsinno k-gnn'ndi -t... ", nnd forsalceby ll; "Jitld'l.II VI.l'iIN, P larvdnin . L rCrtctrCnnrn, for .tale by (Caplain lIUloederiir, on bolnrdnippnsite Jcifors,,n st. Won FOSTER, fehnll 9.5 f'nnnnnn ntreat. - DOti-Mi----rnsTrlolnn'pea new l:nnk,nParrianV tohopa Ii ri~nin inn 18,35:, by Fmncir 'nirro'lre1 rthnnhe of llo nosniio l aooerrnnftir" Amerinarbthe Rehtneei inn AiMnin n'; lten Boner, tIe last of Nilsnnt'r Aimpaosooaenhp fn'nt it(nhnmir, K N in 2o vnlitho thnan nf iiloue.uandllI Ib-eluimnen, iu 2 vnie. The Self Conloomncnd, bvr SOa thre of the L.liardn, COlihbrpo, &c. just yonlud or nall Irv t m-,`! 1 W rI MeKEAN & Co. rlrnner n.e'np & eo . 1 IWT r<>vived--' arils nPf " 'I, oiie T",y. ui'hieh ail

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