Newspaper of True American, April 24, 1837, Page 5

Newspaper of True American dated April 24, 1837 Page 5
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t ! rtatratttt-r- ...- --I--- y A TALE OF NEW ORILEANS. f . ·'_(C.trtirt.r d.) '- Cotemod these &retrin from youree., a0th light heat , * "rt " " ". Th mal eabe have no other medieine, But osaly impe. With agonizing fear did Anne watch for the re tcur of her husband or her father. flour after bo ttar ero sway, and still they came not. Wrought up almost to frenzy rby the donhrs and taets which rushed upon her, Anne paced her a tment with a quiek and hurried step, prtr ssiin I ods to her buting brow, as if to still its t'b5n g. Then, at the sound of a footstep nap preaching the Lhoec, with her face liglhted up, wt1 hape, site wold eagerly rush to the lr indottt, only P .asee it heart-sick and lisa ipointed. Tlher, anatehing her bennLt, she would fly drown ther tn iatt ,t theo :reet, and hurry olnwrd without iecting whither; and at length, then acaused bv ie remarks which her extretter beauty anld agita ted manner elicited from the passers by, she would hasten hack to her comflrtlese abode, and flying to her aportmentr, she wruld find vent in tears, to the nyr.may of ter feeliri,-s. Thus, io grief, attration, hope, and despair, tihe day passed or. The persons in whose houIse she d\welt, were in espacitated by their ignorance and vulger.ry, from affording her in alnmcr hourr, tany eotle trnimtnshlp; "but so channoed do our feelirngs itbecome in passlroe ate grief, and so anxiously do twe seek for any one tn-whom we can apply for comfrort or sympathy, that, coarse and forbidding, as vas t he Ihandlady, Anne would gladly have endeavored to find in her bomeltyconversation a temporary refuge from the misery of eusprnse. Site was, however, absent -frm home; and the evils that oppressed tihe Inour nin~ wifewere umade doubly overpowering by soe litrae. Mental anxiety, Iowever, at length yield ed to physical exhaustin. Weak, from want of food, (for, in thtastate of mind, all thought of sustenance was loatllsotne,) worn do(wn by want of rest, and by those privations of comfort whatch bhe'had no long endured, sleep came to her aid, and she saunk into a short forgetfulness of the world and of itasorrows. At Itlegth site was a wakened by the heavy tramp of fret uscending 4he stainr, and her father entered tlhe room. As thie -- "dorpened, Anne wildly gazed at the space he yead,to see if her husbaod was followiag: whenl inding that her fatlhetr was ind,ed alrte wi, an hylstertcal cry,she flung herself into his outstretch. -d arms. Calming his own emotion, Mr Bradford -andeuaored t console hir child, but for an i-tanrt, utteranee was denied hima. Anne perceived his agitation, sad deslairingly exclaimed Then there s no news of himl! Not so, Anne, I have aeen hitm. You have seen hint, father--is he alive? le eis, he is, my child. Thank God! was all Anne could nrticralte, as she sunk onil her knees, in fervent gratiule. .t illr a sigh for the delusions of hope, Air. Br-dlnrd rt - 'Mraed: UHe is alive, lrly dearest Alnne, hbat do rnot indulge in arty bright arncipatirons. CIhartls was among the sufferers in last night's dire calamity, nd- •. understand, father, he is dying! Let me go to him. - That is unnecessary, my dear Ante, lhe is Here!thrieked Anne, will supernatural ener gy; and without awtrting fror a .ply, she dartrd towards the door. Ere she rereihed it, her ar, was gently but firmly arrested by her faorer - Anne, my beloved Anne, said he, yourr husband is indeed here, but before vou go to him, listen to ma. I will not disguise frnmn you that there is but little hope of his uti tatle recovers, Irut still his sufferings tray be tnirnated. 11t, life hangs on a thread; mental exerli-tnt would bie frtal. I know the decision, the lorti tude of yur character. It is now the time to call it forth. If you present yourself before him ilth your c)es stri.e.mig with lears, your whole framoe treClbllgrr, and your face convulsed with tanxiery: if yotu presentt yours-ll before lirr. even as you new are, the sit of Vryo will kill htr. Pause then, Ilbefore, by yourt ruash 'mens,you irrevocably destroy the little hopIe that -now remains. Mr Bradford well knew the character of her to whom he apo.e. By Ithat letermlnied and deci ded appeal, he colled orthll the hftaitor .nerayii. of her nature. The chlane was palp-ale ancd conlplete. Slte stood hlfaro hli no Icta ir the trembling, despairing wife; all traces of inlldule snrrow were gone; anld it was nlyv in the increls ad ghastly palvness of her countrenance, and the -convalsive quiverinl a l at r lipr , IhatI thIe ntrulrl withis could be observed. One momaen i, r, and I shall be ready, she said firmly; and thn for that moment, as sle strid w i:h heir hods ccapil ed, her eyes raised, she sceeed a peraoniftiantio of Faith triumphing over Datspiir. Now Ithln, I .am ready, was all she said, as slowly, and with ani lanwaverinangep, shie prveealved to the stair-case, and looking towards thle entranci el oIt0 he atie, she saw four n lcn bearinn a hlier, on w lic nl .gled and bleeding, lay har haIs!liad. Nit evta n ejae ulation escaped her lips, thilt h i i s the I i" thickened before her le.e, she grasped the l l I iaster on which she leaiad, ta acve iher frot l 'fialling. In another nmenllt siti was te C handl sta side, endeavoring to support his heal as he w. borne to his own nparlret . e rlll, or lll exhausted as to he unablile tto letniilzo her; for thin, (such is the incvsaistivnet Of our nln;ir.a,) she was, for a n instant, i~wardiv ti inl l. Scr- i ly was he placed uponi the e'l, whlen a faint groan struck on Anne's ear, and she hhtard hi d ava r iil\- i ejaculate the wordnt, waler.a atlit a IIOialallC t the. glans was placed at his lailrchd lips, and i rt iri he lightly pressed tile ha dl thri t rteted in htis: still he did not seem conscious of thit priaounlle uo his wife. After a few hours had elapsed, thlirece o'clock tolled from the chtrcah itn tile vlilnity. It save-lced .4t Anne the knell of all she lovid. At that samei 9our on the previous inorntin, her heart had bent high with expectation; and ntiwt - ! Sickiiened with the retrospection, she looked ta her fat rr, who sat opposite, as If to retad in his worll and care.worn face, an answer to tle thi ,1rhts that crowded on her braiin. The sLouds which ind stirred up in her mind the dolrmanl t Inlis of Iit ternees and wI, seemed also tl Oiollse tilhe utterr. Three o'clock! he exelaii t ,d feelil ; % ill lorvey steer come? Oh Hienven! ac y In ifit, my wife! iare -aou there? he franlica:lly gasped forth; what ih your answer? tell me, I command you, tell m'' Adtd with all ti ecnery of dlirium!, It e r ,s, and eemed to comand d tand hl to iatl h re the en saer of the Lbintg his illna inalin hiad rcoljlrced up. Rercollection then returned, antl, ganzing around him, he repeatedly rked, Wh re, ol tsre .am I! -Suddenly hit eye fell tpoen Anr. For a 'nmotent he gazed feurfully at her, and tern cx claiming, It is no drelim-il iS-il is tmy waife! he Sfell uh on her neck and bbiho I nlolu ost FParful that thle betre.anl of hler .ianginot luilit pnsape fatl to iher hlusbandl, Anne o alred il t talasl ihcrne'f to uttrr a wordl, and in silcnte t and t e.s aipllee site bent over hit al w. rwas noar iear-r lt hr thrlltlor. But tie te mporary ealm hin la l lowed the indulgence of Charines' nri,'l tas toon at an end. T'he aony and Itrtuare arsint fr. ol hie wounds, hceal.e tno great for railsa to als haain-it sunk beneath the tbrthrne. lr o irsI Anne watched by her husloands side, li trein to I Sl The ravinsa of deliriaum. Sill at wats arllila her to o rtlecat aor mo l hli l hs l l r:itirs, her trl.eto wasi t owel k on with raplure; and in Ilryumll ldg that name, the sifftrer fora ' a l rllnt farlg the misery of we. But that blessed illaoiner a as quiekly dipelled. The nextr llnlant hae w ld aeguos ilimeslf in oil lihe irtternevs. aof rlmllalse, psinting but too failthftla Ih tmishlrltie hIe had bought tpon himself nad his all-enai arr ni ! --hen he would break forlh into the IuIIIst dt..1sa pairtng sare ts of rntrtla l, sa.elinta y ot r rilapn, ao hope fergavenace, even "ttwhlile Ih"e implrl it - Feaorfully solnmn were his ns.o rAtin. tti at ht would resign his forctler cIait, anid rt lrifie wTev i e lia .-d oreet ota lwhich lie caied tllr i rll It oi f Ihll c tead, shotld Ie brernk his tat t e n as it sdat denly sttuck by sona ir aie tiuaht, lie aa.ald a shriek foirth t le tricns- letra ern tl tik t , ,i 8if--droain ma haeaart oI its hiai.a, tdrola at drgpo- I tat dontt anso r e thus! ' ,taley I c ,o lil t r t u rn h o n c- -1 ct un n o t mr b t m l ' h n ile !' A - i c, tc - i n ",. i, --tlo ns ot look ureel ,i n lt llt c:lllllev--(.c 'u r h luc-doany thige b:it siele sa sao.oalt.anli! It ii not herrface--itis .mther sii e--it ins ill.att - Fiend, I ca n tile ,.1-- [ eiioo l l. --ala ,l llv would laugh the tihorrid liauh di.ftoehttm. In g 1i few nlolmentat, overcome dy t'e vitl, liie ,fi it par isem, hre- woultd tleiniato a itlntiprarv I it , 1 m whiel e again awoke, tven mlore "wild and1i "la.ftul. [To be raitt,,td ] o +flu Oi~om " t aurtc 'Itae liruA i Arica. n 11w. Giuna t- f, I was forcibly stracnck with the rapa trieo t f attir oftthe remarks contaitned Ia t your jloural I ofS ta dly, l rot, relativO e ua th ant: rll a a hich silt-a t :tiis tisn port ed Iru t n tone un to i lllth!lr.- Thmagh l thialk yolar vis are not in a eri , i leu. witth right judgmacet. it attrilutint Ie blale tr:-i -ialy to those who buly ns elld clI.'te caI t, I bhis-'ra.hl. ta i t ahi t attr i, s ia . i w-holy, a butahlet to thte anaall nus rtit I li II Sthey hasnust sultlciitta catlidanre i tll ach a ther no make nlutual xcllalln es, t lle tail ilt ido ncia i.subh, and thcrehcI avcl thIa nrletaailv taf prtilta i52fsrttm pectulat.r, they sural.y can fitid ota ItJul j-eith those per.Fns whlo are carry-ala, al iuch i ..i{aerios truilole ith themit l attit ian thti, -tsuasal as it this t atltcr, as b alo lilla , to talt SalaeofoperatO is whlich is to Lentlalht oala portionl I oftke lotnnltntity, tat tile detrialent if nlllmhtr- and a eue clactly porallel t , th;t which i adtpla l - dby the rire-pullrets at hoes inaotiluto I ,nt it all I l Ord t iath soucua nth v e oare tarlirt , tlalt!i, i a+hlr.bles in thia ease now t'trieairtad ' al -''iutlaks behes the gniners, lhec are hy his -pc aen lhe ltat.e etr ll kue a i, te., Ala -a t hat in tight iitt:ts far lualncr tv+ ' t,} 0 l ..t iaa site hahit oaiatnn-i:l gu all il.I - ate) Cliar) at -u o. atrect str'datoe with the.r rules. lic it a.'1t raphaseod byay r ort,11,tat theo kiep tlhit I'- - o.t" r I slad up inS tlhtr va ults. N.; it ;t tla:row n ie .dehamdshefhbrokeis orsrri; -joiuvans,at racy ay o. i.ostiacny, nd by th,.m loanu-d ,ust I, the very | men whe.m the bhaks hanv takent it frtnt,-ot.o .llnt e I tttauirg an hat<-eat tusbircs . fur a lih wi Sha -, huut ll-h ne tr lahele , re ctare c lls p ,l tato o, r- t • .5w,. to time rt; in amomntt; tt eon:it- Ia ,uý 'a-I aaat s na;tt to tic0e vrin! n~~ ,,jteaa, I~.,,. , tmen, hy tlhebrokcr, n they are cptotpeilld to pay him from two three per cent a monhl, for that which the banks, ifahonest deialer, iought to su, itv themn for the usual ratesof Int rest per annlll And mny any hoest dealer, has ia his way lbeen brought to ruin. No , I would asr, a 1. reaps the benefit of this exorbitant interest? Can iit i suopposed, that the broker receives al over thle I gal percenta.el Or does the bhnk o corl in for ts share! I thinlKnoone can hesitate for a re. ply. The fact is, that power will be used wher ever it can he obtained, to promote self interst, as well by incorporations as individuals; and it is useless to censure either parit, as lang as the conanlunity have not the ornal sense requlird to discoa'nlenance the wrong in one case as well :.s in another. The bar,nks want the specie, and ;fTer a premnailn sualliently large to pay the es. aense of Craus; a rtation fret. a distanye, while they also olffr the saule premium lor the same e article when obtained in this city. Th're indrct ,ment is therrefore strung fior hin who has money to draw the specie for it, and sell to those wi want to bly of hinl--and thlereby, if he can turn It daily, mtake sir to ninc hnlred per cent. per aunr a, instead el loaning it out at a legal rlte of sereaL per cent. Now I sue no tinre impropriety in his doing this than there is in lrling out mono v by bIanks as nhore stated. I consider both uases ernllty culpable, and both are wrong so for as mutual depend eoce is concerned in su rtaniing a commurity in quiet and prosperity. For it we are determined, and have the lower of destroving our neighbor, it matters not whether we deririve him of hfe instantly, or whether it be done by inches-the sin is the same. If salf is the only thing a than fills, or is bound to sustain in his progress through tile world, then these transat ions are right, but if a man holds to mutua! de pendence, as he should, and as he is bound to do by all the laws of nature, there certainly can be no transactionts tamre despicably wicked, than those alluded to in the foregoine relmarks. AN OPERATION. To the Editor of the True ..merican: Slt:-In answer to the comnmuniention in our paper of yesterday, signed "An Ertnquirer," I avre ronly to sny, that on 'Thursday evening when a prolpositlin was nrade folr us to appear in Lafitte, for tile Stinge ,Motaroe's Banefit, I stiploated lant nflitio should he played first on Saturday nighi, as it was of a more serious nature, and the remo val of the scenery less complicnted than that of ,he Bayadere. This was ngretd to, wirlnot any hesitntion. But oui Friday e.eiing, I perceived in the bills, the drama was pliaced last. As tile nu thiressof Lafiltt I haId a rilht oi slipulaic wiih regard to the situation and rreprsentation of the piece. ly father haviung been consltled, and fliding there was ample time to let i he plubli know of the alteration, coincided entirely wilhi it in informinig the Stage Mnnager that the dranm coull not he perfrmed, unilcs the agreement was fulllilled. Th'eli sulpposil n t lhai I, for a inrrn st, could hiar boet a thouhit or wish iit offaurdin or drsnpp inrt ng the pur lic, is ti:st absurd, tand eanriies with it its iwn reintation. During the short time that I ihave hbeii onit tra ega, yOug a a I 'arr I lave ,et with the Itn s' lifteral sort,.rt. It is to the public generally, that I look, in ait great a sea ture, as the architects of ml y furnre e and fortu e; and mnost amply have Ihe New ()ricans audience, froani my first arrival, cmntrib tl. Itheir share of the approbation which is Inv obicct. For their ci - couraging, and indeed enthusiastic fstIergert.e, I feel most sincerely grateful. It will be, as ir ever Iras Ieen, nay ronstnti eldeavor Ito pltvac lhai I enhrttair those ftclint s; anid I here agaiin utt, ly disclaim any intention of raibking a private a reement tile means of causing any disstarifac i to t the eitizens generally of this mer ropldi,. CiIAPRLOI~'TI M. S. BIAtRNES. EDIT-D 3Y JOHN GIBSON. FAITHFUL AND) BOLD. TUESDAY 5IOINING.nn::nin::s::msAPRI r 2S. i Mr. lBenntt is of opinion that there is not spe cie enough in the colmmercial world to r-pr- Ssent ithe valuo.s put upon t!ie products of humanr labor, according to that standard. The idea is S ertain ly a plausiriole nte and one that ought to en eage the tfention of the e sonso ist till the s- hoi . ruth be elicitetd. In 1500, be'ore the discovery uf irh precious metals of this continent overflood edI the world wibh gold and silver, and thus Ies enr ll theilr inrinsic values, prices wteroe early 500 per c, fr. helow wthat rley are now. Since that Ie ri od every thing has risen in es:imatod value till Ii3s- - rstes g.ot tI ttheir marxit ritns The inrnrns e s colnslllomption of f told anlr silver hfr tile p'rposers of mnusIst orlllll eil- r, 111has Xrs trCd d tihe prosIIII fl oif SIIIa fronm the lttitr's for tirhe I l:st trlw ty y aure' something like one thirtieril per cent. accrdir g o to e best tahlhs and rse onrcesr that we ave lhad aces- to. The excess m tna be somll ett\ ! t too great, but we oart e llilei Sit is not flar out of the way. T'his senti.,le, dc re'ase was going on iln il preciotus mu tales, cred t nnd paper money were Irapi;dly exlending ns hoased upon this Ioundation. lHow can tshe fabric stanld wheubuilt upon the -sands? The present trisis rwevs much ofits seve sity to the great disparir-ty between the precious metals and paper tsoslrey. In January, 183Is, rite specie of Ire Bank of En'L tland was thirty-live millions of dol'ars; irn Fehiruanrv, 1837l, it was twenty-one milliuons. With Sthis iln.oense diTi:rene we e se lio che k of cir sculatiou, no diminution of credir, no contractions SThe afrective' specie of the Unstcd Slates is not over twenty-five millions ofr dollars, boust as we I stoy. Upon this shslender fonriationi have we - erected a credit and paper fabric of 900 mtilloons. 1\' would we think of an ind'viduala , who, on a capital of ten dollars, would become liable for thirty-six times that amount? s \e should call him a madmaano. Thie commercial communlity of this country has been guilty of a lile absurdityi. I properr)y, as we Llieve, is quaridrated in its reul value by comparison with the precious metalse Ie revolution has just begun. If it be not, why con tinuu lly refer to the standard of siecie for plicing -ur values upon thingst It irving a neasuro of value, the error has been tt depart frot it, aind substitute anotit er thinl usa rerep sentative of thit standard. With paper money it is as with image worshtipperes thie devtllton is soon transferred fronl tile reality to the representativie. Our trade ihts been conducted by a sole rrferlteoce to the repre s, totive of tile maetalo , which necessarily eni- n dered the credit system. We aoust now- go back Io the fountain head, the graud original. Once there, all our diseases will be cured, nnd all our troubles bc over. The colUtrtss'citl world must be gsverned by thie v:luers of thio_-s cenrdting to rhe great standard of the precio s metals. Their scarcity or arlllundanc th(t t inhas a wonderful i::fltu. 'nce on the rsent evolution. 'T'he A nerieau characteris emitently cale ula ted to rise pranttount to the prs sent commlercia] distress that has struck so deeply at the very roots of our .r,.opereity. We aree t pieole that ihave been n rlsedl in the cradle of adversity, and ti ver since the tirnt whi:e mran put his foot e.pon elyi- uhsi Rict,,s we have xpelttiif ed those aIternatius e of a prospe'rilty and rrhulfT oT f foritlls Ith:t have colmin- m ly ealltrd forth tit heighcs t ex'rtiorsr of lithe mind. Thle xptrnere of lirty yr, afsu'rs ius that r we posses, in an IIuncommonI degre, the power o(e f adapting oursetlv-cs to circus tstaonets. e have [ outstllipptd our tu:Urail resources since ir 30, and t Just st much as e tavel isit l ab vte the ltcvl of 9 our real strength by forced- exertson, so far must twe go tdown bloawr that standttr lr oil the returin I the s, rirg to its proper por itoi n. Thers was 'i heau:iful cosistency in thie year 183,, between the real value of thitngs.and theit r asia aced value. The business of lile was then in at most kenlbIlul crilall ln and all the corlllercial eotllrit.'it IIt izrl-t basisrrr ill - ii e Irst .lsle iOS of r t I-s :l I)rs slt l i ' .1 pr s rvi g and susttainingl all int ser-co:ti r Ut tir a ti.t \.ithi eachl other that Iteuded to dcvolopr lher Iull resoulrces. \Woe Iusts go hblri too isesst Isi-I's Pie. foire weshall have any peace or rEost. Ihere will necessarily be maIll y Vibratii ns ol f tile c'n ltts er- Is cial pendulum iefl re it will settle at tile zero ofi conlidence. Iln tIdertollrfrl ct et deoirahle ill ob. jecr, we have hbegn ly reasn,li. o rdlers given to Gteat Britain in the amtoua t of 50 militls of o-s i nay. tHere is a source of delot at once cut Otf, l leaving us eceessarily djrtived of the rovrtoei e ipampering t tu; forme.r luxury and splendor, while our products will go to pay the debt we it drecady owe. Cans Amcricans put up o ith thi privatiou? Yes. It is their character to accom lodate themrselves to the necessiries of life. A- Ia American wh,, Ill prosperous tsnler, to.ldl .wear t four naio hats is a y,'ar, could, whe:ln his IIeat s were stipted, makeones t at last!tln. Thus would Ihe do with every part of hls naptar.I. The mtaes p who could submit to such a deprivation, car:ites sith him a grand moral power ahat will enable hIli to get over any obstole: hotveer threitet:ing, a s .earevers tns'tpst.SIe. ! Again-ile ilnmense suln of t.nevy which are required to be expended on rail roads, canals, &c, will he drawn off for other purposes. Orders for rail road iron will no longer go forward to swallowv uip our already depreciated products. This svs teai of curtailing our expenditures, whether. fio r luxury or necessity will extend through every dce partment of life,, enabling the whole people to lii the debt they owe Great Britain in tht course of a year or two. The eoperation of this system is certain, positive. Stern necessity selt S:he machine in motion. That mnchinle, that ca pability is in ourselves. Hlowever great our suof firing has been and will be, the course ofrelmand ing our orders will operate upoan Bittsi intercst: with a hundred fold severity. lMiss Barnes' new drama went off with great eclat last evening, to a full and fashionable housei IThe epilogue was greeted cwith thundering ap plause. We have never seen Pearson Ilay helier i e ws the canlm, colleted, yet stern Lalitte. Mliss Charlotte, ii Theodore, was nmore interest ing than ever,-slhe moved on the scene with al the fidelity and truth incident to the character. Lafitte is repeated, ifr the fourth timne, toatight. liaster Burke, in the March of Intellect, can vulsed every body with laughter, and was quiri the lion of the evening. fits violin was delicious Mrs. Morley's first concert was fiely attended considering the night. Among her songs, tiel Banks of Blue Moselle wsa the favorite of tihI evening. She has a Ieautiful voice, rich and ex pressive. Of Mr. Morley we cannot spealt tot highly. The merits of the other gentlenen arc too t ll known to need continent. Mrs Morley Swe understand, has a second Soiree in a day o two. Sie will be re-welconled by a full party. MONEY MARKET-CITY. TTEsseoc, I A. ID . Bad, worse, sorst; In the eaorly part of Marc, we ihad tih bad of thingso. Towards the first of April, they bcasnle wors, STlen a lom,i tlliat some ln would fais interrit as priemoni. inry of the criris trvirigpast. It isrnow ppreoactiicg esry en pidly irie vorrt. Wr hove an extessivseiotton horse failuar yOestEtiday, for whatramount it laes ottransired. Itwasosup posed lthat this etnkhlishnl t woelld weatler' ire storm, bi it could dlot he'd out against the violenc of tile gale. It il carry other etabrllishlnoels with it. Cottn, if pori sibles is more a drug tan ever We have tc recordl le lof4a2rales best Mlirsoituotpi at celts. Prieei acoordingli to qurlity, ore oult of the questrion a present, Fo astll, all other articles of Iroduco can ho bought it quoctities alt 0 to 15 per cent below quoted rates, so irsirnlrh itis toget iloney. Coffee is fiding rapidly, and may be pur chioed in lIrge lots, at 9s tr 10 cents. ''l'tr lanhs ire doiig nothing. They cay he said to hi wilnding op her old buiioess--iv curtailing on debts asrthey iecome due, lnd lreoewillg where the Ilest security is offered Now andtrhenbit ofeow and cloice paper Inay be done, buh uch viitatilolns re fcew anRd o ilr bietween. if the plot of tihe (iloble, to call in the speire of the Depooit( BoII8, fOllro keeiaf inin c thO iimnls ite otlemrted to be ru in exoe.ltion, every (,nlk in the country ill stop payillg spe cis.'i .hlul woud be anlylr jutstified i rti ustg s eh an ntuinlpt iat ioblihlg thie romminity, for tile sleiie ould I1r IlOtligincgore. We hoor olur Ihoper, hoevier that it will tIol i; dorno oln t Ir 'in Bureii's foars,-, c. d dilo.ia. for a free. ' PRIVATE CORilESPONDENCE. IiOBILE, Aet.L 2t, 18:7. (From our own Corresplondent.) The pros'arc-rrow itill turns down urcon as ter, in nlolile, Since 1 ieioleyou list, tile houses of hicw, DMriioi & Co., Riieoeirnsn Irell & Co., and Areliirld Itroi.i have gone ho ihe coaod. Ieo. .e'oc, ile;ll & Co's house was one of itr, hieitlclstc in tii. Tl'hey ere Aucrtioiree., and ranked in thao lile, ras A. No. i. For tie ileat fov years they bate been very otileloofaul il tleir buoinress, and hate maderl nocy very ral. pidly. At thie iolmmelneenlent of this presslre, they coil) hirew, a,.du to tlhel, irlld in real eotate, ,c.. hree dollars for every one they owed. 'lhero is sonle fear msniresteol, lest te Planters 5 erltltianis Iliiih iir osti not ihlodii. Shonld it go, the opiniota is, itiill earry thie Bonk ehof yile iiitor it. The itranchi of the 8tate Bank, it is supposed, is on a hetter frotinp. Ad aret I am told that la draft on tie Phon.iu [anli, New ork. was returned to it y.esterday, poerotested. Ilorrid--torrid state if oitllfais. 'e hver hald a long spell of most ieautiful reatlier here. A pleasant lshower ha jiust fallen, and tile air is now ore cool, salubriouos and refrersling thal everr. loasLr., APRIL. 22, 137. (Flrom ooilr Owil Carrespondent.) I wreloyoclyestlrily thalt there was fear expetsed hlere that two of our Billlki Illight haae to stop payilelnt. I wir you to iiidolaitod thaot write noet a one who nko·es the rrue concerns of tile B.nlks, nud therefore eannol tallr witlh iotlr ac tlal hinoo leidge tnd iauthority on tIese Insttirs. I give yiii tllerumors abolut townI aInd tl rumnors oIil. GoI khiore I iioul I nIt willillgly write fi)r ti public eye any tlig toilinii diretl o th iiju of u Bki irafo anininsiutions, eli d thereby, oelll n Clia n ,laity. aico rulneors wrote aoll of, iifyesloerv, iweresai to be groiunil lull i .o.e..l... h filit: I.aI Iifofi tile r....iiterei inod blirr..ts .toek hilo aet bee paid in. ''he itntitution has favored ii.i ndividuals with a rush, without apparanlly ';irin1 ou,'h for thle soci ,l, cl:kholders tlhouglc they nlight he It was aio l that two 1'.llo s nlr iO, l who hte II:olce les, blt a hbranel of ollih fctiled olUe time r.iue i youir city, alld the (er8, Sol. Andrews.r who hai, Il;tr o ids pepie rfilil of i, got, together, ilimna huOis,lrl itLonsoad dollar o111 o of the Iankt, lund that ..gcl..u.n... ioi. Iliti.e ihoovi, ot.out foir h..ndc.rd hoc.cnod mnore. ']Isullich i ue lon, Io isole of the est pillol lie spirited nl~ul I ever knew. mnd 'who has done every thing at umot for Mobile--eraillgilr a ast nu lher of wol.kuen, ani siell buildhlg IuIook, llhntel'i.hahouses, &o.i in all dirritiio, hld ioe anew York to raie flllads, Onit it i as fiarel that lie ight nlot succred, and woilld therefore hirve t i cop pviaeilt. It ,ns also fiarel that ile Ilousoe have iot hrtlaed, ut allnded to, wiiild haIle to tolo. Ill this oeent, it was tlhought the lrilll illll have t, go. Ag lld iuntei it lcs llhl go. -ie, h was its iclti Utt rolnulectionl with tile alint of slobile, and o -uch wile thire trasactio l toiether it lwas s fpposed t forlutee ight rarv the hitler iiii. Sluc were tle rulors, and sueh I illendeed to Fve yino. Fat | wrote in ]luaMe aolr rnllny Ihiae sad sonle tlniaag 111m1'a, t 1thIn tlese rnloe .Ollmo w .rills to wal rant. Sille i wroIell that letter, I understand Judge Iilluhr.k hlas fildI. 1i ur told n letter wcs receivted froo Iinto elet.r av, iII whiih heyis monaley oimcnt e raised in New York shoiit of l30 er eernl! t - Ihloe o iei, a i)ue to trihe ip ais Iis own pilier, hlit that he . holid iavesto slop pnayllt oi all lio Ilia failurle ,ll carry witllh it tlhlat of nearly every ins t rr builder of oie ill Mobileo. and will be leoor' .evrely fellt by te Inotel vics of ithe city. tlhan ally thlinge whicll has as ?etso llreto thcnm. Things bear a sadl and gloomy aspect (r,. otllour on Csorrespondent.) Nir ttw YoRKt 17tl April, P. M. At our lat dnter from Englland, itll Marcl, a meputatnr as preparing to eofrom I.verpool to London,to tak tile irr of tire overnl lent. Tie opinion was 1 r il ivrt'oo, that i poi pan cout nrotbe adopted, eeryr loure in tie Americlu: trade would go by tile hoard- Indeed the opion we- based upon fact,, and loay we considered as amounting tot celrtaint I IlutI ss ori e s nearly sottll ded, and wrill rremaio sotill w' ilrta Itthe Bilt will deitrnittl whether tle I'ankint svater of Enhladnd and cllrica are both to be prostrated. tile nri tl'o Treasury do iot issue Exblln uer pills ant p'op lip ir rsoie way, thlt' ondo hlouses, tlle ill coertainely be asope. silin orlpleic pluylltnlets. Nlle of t il11lk ian ropr of t ther Statre is no redeemed in W\ull street. hWe are rembling on tlh edge of a volcano. MARKETS. tosTror, 15th April.--Stock rofelre manll. No.I mat.ckrel $9 75; No. 2, Si 5t; No. 3, 85 clsh. Genstln.; Frourr, $10 50; Corn,93 i 10 3, o tin it e. Oat t, tlntthern, 45 (- 510 esllt. Nerw Ymoal April 17--N O Covltn, 10 (; 13$ cts; Macarel, $10, 9, and 86; N oS mob.- s, 321 a 3:3 -ts; Soothlorn Flotr, $Y1 ( el'; siPectedi Kt. tobacco er, itt cits; NO l l ugar, 6 l't 6t et; he lst, i. I r. Spirit of thie Espress. iiss t e alttrilne Cheeor-,e, "eldest dougphter of Carn ChaltnecevI d, died at \Vashtihll n)I the 1,5111 inst. miter aitrierctecd illesst , asld lamentled lty a "h knhoew her. A tfiree hbe out oan thi 61 ri sh, itt Mr (haln plinar hiat sla e in Neo-, York ,ctrnerteo Ct.itr s"reet anod 0roadwayo which destroyed all his Ttrc Slenr p, ols of tite piet of tte Globe to hr eik i, binlks an d llnlc1ll of IlIb C lllllltllli" k I,' tll, 1i 1 possessi lIn if tie tspecie hi elo in I hI 4 e -2gove1"nmnt anid locking i1 tp in the tint fUr oafe oc;i t g, as actually critereinted by our rul ri , rs. 1 lThe tilt ctanapi'tory nf lessrs Urpton & Jackl . Al.r rtdlas s hai Iheft Phit dlphira fir Russia. 'r1opsalns fr takin~ l S300,000 of State etor:k in Net' Ytork nt 5 anid t Ipel"t-r , r eti ltltl tirsable ill 1I]15, were h inv ,d at Albany the 1r0h inst., but ther' Wvlvre ni k goo Ter-. The omps of wheallt in PeIltnnsyania prntlis Ito is- t , if th, w athIier eolnltillll {, Iavorabl e. The l'httl-,;- Bnk 'h .l1 asachuctts hai faIt edt --capital $ 10(1,0(10. Stdares scot i) N-w Y.rk, on Ittd'ti 1)th 7h, an,l llulsnn, ;l 70 a 7 3-4. A tl'ttu stots hi l,,ndhen 6lt tl iMrel; : Ntew : ' fr ives , 117 1 93 to i s, i sixrr , 18l -711 , 104I1-2; IPennsylv:fnia nive, 18t15, 6 1'2; U S livres, 9133, 9i; ,lore!.lod set's, 1870, 103: Lttisi orI 0,,ui5.1-,1 C 'd44 a d21; Fl'ttl sixes. 18iil-64. 941; i4 do, 18iGt, 94; K',oada Ittnds, 185, 100i) I1h crIro a 2J per ceit lower thlan the trcvi Tw. lioro s , goo' houser s failed in N. Yorki ''ht blt,,tw (tt tf' the llotor elect of Gotirmoor (c,,, istc,l of .llundld lllc iof pulneh, withuout an) tit l s. ing -' t;rtt r early ecrazy. Clark i h ::l f -r n ver 17041 rtle, o.' 13711 and otl' it l" .th tttiyro paprr 'to f'r i- ..tal dl ,,-o r-to-o c .c Tht l,.,tt Net 11753. Ioedw It s, old fr $,19,000 S- tlhe 13th;--it was rated inl D ,ecell ber lost at I!",:ti:n Asq 1 t' .slt I 'ix'l c. ; - Time wras, v tlll 1 I[ ; ; I ra l t i r 1 o ntr tied Ith - lirr which is neow p-rf:r, n d by b lls ,.f I x h :,.g e. If a bale of ch"le w sl rl~!uirntd from L tdlon, the metIII t was, I ,spa -tr [id by 11" is lor lt r in p ursull it of i rt, w hel lot l'wilh 1n adv ntull l tl f t, bacco, fl,';r, or pots'hl l .ia sott by hs tteiohhor, to ;; rest nod t reno h-.rtc this t:tal; biut Io plllcellsl tm11 tllheth impF - t dt du . vt rv w as m do e that r t ie frlO e bi it ns ur t n, ant it:tcr st of this t eal i i t t s double v'oy ge ser. the :! Atlnkie, t it ht be saved, gre'aly' it it,. h't"n Orit of both adventureres. The tnptrlet.r hal. only to lta.'ve h.s:. money tit home, allnI the ex mrer to hvna, , his abroad vw here I,, shl his comt alditv,;,nld ex'halnc with each other by miteanS of a d.atit, teechntically' cal'led exchangei. 'o such' p.rhection has this 'device attained, that the otr I er ce of the world ts retulated by its moets 'he' avais of a carr:, sold in any past of Emnope, 0ay by means of echanrge, be placed i Ltrl;tondo, ;otn ,".ar u iay be l .rrhaed ijn C. tln, by 'J c~hanee on L t;,Jon e The yrtce of exchange is regulated blv diemand Sand supply, filling and rising na it beconmes abnn dant or scarce. This exchange not onlyv sper Ssedls the use of metal, but by its tion ex. ' ers an poterfutl and almost controlling inflluence in regulating imnports and exports-thus, when a bill r ont Englnnd sells in our ntarket at a premiuin of 10 per cent., every marketable commnnodity which can be sol in Enaland or the avails of hich he Sing sold elsewhere, can by means of exchange hbe e placed in England, is enhanced in value precisely s to the amount of this premium, say 10 per cent., and is therefore ill request for exportation, as colt . ton, tobacco, potash, &ec.; while on tile other hand t- the importer must add to the cornmotdity (his hale C- cloth, his iron, or his crates) the 10 per cent. rfor his bill ofexehalt ln . Iere then this na is regulnting with a two fold energy-raisiug the a value of expors, by a premium of 10 per cent., and depressing that of imports by 10 pir ceit. exesrting a power in the aggereoat of 20 per cent. I in this regulating process. This influetnce soon reduces the rate of exchange to par, and evren I-e low par, stimulating importation and checking exportation in turn. Any great fluctu~ tion in the r'to reofexchaong is usually anticipated by the skilful trader and corrected befereit reaches its nmaximum elevation or depression. Thus within rite last winter when exchange arsee raplidly, large orders for goods in the British nanufacturina Stowns were countermanded, and checked the rise ofl'exchange just before it reached its maximum, preventing tile exporlnlion of specie. Potent and all prervading as exchange is for reg Sulting commerce, yrLt cwhen it stej!s upon, or a. outruns the eulculauions of the provident trader, eitherin its upward or downward progress, there is anlother agent of commerce at hand to check and regulate exchange itself; this great regulator -e -this agent is specie. When exchanrge has risen se suddenly so Iigh. that thie premium will pay Sthe freight, insuradree, and interests, and the smallest sum reside on tile metal, it will be ex ported in place of the bill, and when again hills re vibrate to the extreme of depression, metal will .re y, imported. The shipment of specie alarms the' rr banks, curtails their issues, and money beine scarce, depresses tile value ofexportable comlnod. ities to the price at which they can be shiplped with profit,and all is quickly regulated ngain. Domestic .exchange is governed by the sameo to laws'with foreign, anid exerts the solne salutary influence on domesltie commerce, that freign ex change does on foreign collUlnerce, and is itsell re ain controlled in its extreme viarations by spe p· cie. A very natural, and at this time a very imrller. talur que tionl, presents itself for (iisc(usion-viz: a can legislation exerlt any seal ar itnf ence on Ihis na important regulator of clllmlmerce? To his ques lillll I answt er emlphatically, trone tither Ithan to fix rl she damage on a prtested hill, b ayway of cort petstriotn to the disnppointed drawee, and psis'. - ia nt to tlle cuareless or disonlest dr wer. Thi a dorne legislatiurn will have performtied its oflice' oard experdea its power; beyond this, all ollietros t attempts to regusle, will but derange and nro duce confusion where cuommuerre is exerti.g all its t power to preserver harlnonv.-Oswe"o J'aper. BILLs AND T'II lIRi RIDIRS.b o It is understood, that a ledling cause or f the Ipressure which has been experienced, in what i called the American interest, is tihe Irnsr, lus ir crcase of pa'rr; and, if rhis is the fact, it behooves evCry sound rrnn of Ibsire'ss to disp nntelllleuc the system which has led hIn o much ntivehief. F'or stmne monlths pals, it is knrowrn, that i very Inrge portiotn of the legitimate bills which hit' y comie fro America hsve been aeeolpa:lnies willth or followed hy, nn additional bill, or a rider; th.s Sthr vowing into circulation at Ianst a do.ble tamount. of bils for every transaction of le d business. The r made of Peilcting this, we tnderstaond is for the rparties to purchase up all tlie Elxchane they can compass in the Vcriuns cities of the Unlted St.ates; and to create funds for sluh purposes, they a'e compelled to rilluv upon her corrsOdeS - rrr this sine. IesCe trills are o~a n s'd'Ir r lr in l many iustances, this se cund class is bIought up by anothler lart)', andrl perhps paid for iby a srhilar 'xprdr ent: and Ith us this multillited p pera Is for eed into circulation in this country, disrr icing to a .reuat extent , it,, rent Iar bus l ss bills .rvli h Ihave herelolre itrcn Itle uredium for tile mainte nanee of n sound trade. N.'s what is thie i'ffet of this avieriu s ster ? \Ve allswu r ill tihe first iacer 11t it . ,nds to : mosut inordinate irue of paper, over whis h es " ' n. trill ca he In rinltained, eriher by the indivitals thei elvr s,r hy eapitali-tst r r hy thr riolt tr I lann d n d all th J int . lck Brainks onf t tile ciut irrs put totpether. Ihence it involves the illerst, ill some shape, either directly or indirectly, of t .iyc person in the empire who has anyll thi Ill Il-o . to In the s cond place, whde the sys'emu cn s t 0 snaie" will not return fronl A.l 'riea. As u lo I inlle oi this desgcr I tion can hnc tre e, e ated,1 w will remain in the cofftl rs of our trt ns-lr;r friends andll corresp ordr ts. liherce it rw'Iid in - plsper. I is not enou.h to be hldl, t - ke rs of it are good, and Itt it mvill al be t ul timately'. 11 is clear, tlhat it is unsound in i rI e I file, and Ihat, prat'ically, it has been bro dubt into exnstlence by Inds and capa'cites too feeblc to se cre the pubhic from the greatest purl aud don e.--Lirceitl /rpere. Ott Suntday the^l4d ia.t., ir WO n\"ilinn I rae', fCin ci nl, ie Iell r 1d t at ht' atived in New 'Orlea w"ilt his ahttilt to take l hs riesidene il It e ite Ile has left a"t..... fanil , a, d ,t ..d f! .... s1 deeply mloulrn hie loss. TIEA.ll IE -M- T Cf IARLILS. ITHIS EVENIA'NG April, 25th, Will he performled (4th time) Miss Barnes' Dranla of LAFT'ITTE TIIEPIRATE OF TIIE ULF. 7Thendore, "liss Barnes; Iafitte. Mlr. I'roni; Dl)irec Radcililt; '('clusec ., Iatati-tot; Cta: an ird lItate; Capt I Lokyer, Mr. lKetpi11; AiItmtst, irtoc lianr r. Gru a nd a lilitamr y Urerlure. To usoaleslu with the laughable pFarce of TIII IiARCII OF I In whicti MASTER IiUli.E t tiii sustia six Seharntr ctrrs! I )R)POtAI.S ari ins ted t i Ie tu-,de flr tdeepat IL te Dog I:av liar. is tle tty ofo obile, s& as i exhilit it learstI te f t of ttlter at tle owesat t eol. Tohe distancemety i t iattit, to 1-hi 12 milets, d A ehatt ialiatin bth-widthr sadaveergei e tl of e Penvalinoli, aly e Feel) by oapplicatio o I at. t ti.tada local euginoer at Mobilen, rho, will alson tive Jev in, frllltlll ileat Ila,ll e rc uired s to athl na tre , ".h w,,'k to It e aerrtiti ttd. ol exlvatiln; he ontrers of t eo h Cl t hihig the"redi,; Inalrllilorv , v(.ssel, scows, &e. ` - UTHin O ill'eel'n A of the proposed improvelmnt of the Dog t lfivLr u I iar, t t r the i'irests of M hobile, crl of ( 'olu. nltere tt eitllt.,i IIIIIIiPSe it at' i r b ,11 hat tile unr. shoupl hC )lett llted tath tile groatest vitgt iratt an cubic yardls sill be requtired to be t eitavoe y itiI IAs Jdue 1a,38 or 0oup r i 't le iaslarut:,Pitt of lil: ell trletor will permit. lThe r , nti nte r d st Afo the prt . l ditl e it urtet itt$tL s ,h i tjtt aftt ",hih a.,l0lo hns ero apprepriated fiu Ilh service of 137. 2th per. tent. of the.lla O lll t arl d b, y fi e eontr0 tor cordin1 ft the tellls of 0the coltract Is 0been delald. Addr[es('Lpt. \V IIl (IIASI:, tr-Lit. J G Iat\.tt ID. Atlbile. Pe1nl a Aloail l8th,1837. l no hmo \CE, flhe undersigned Cabin pasIellnoer, on 11oard.4 the Shlclhoner Will. 1t1n 0a, fromln tl exns, aIolerd to .Ne (tr. lnlll,, beg leave to e I'tulr IIIIor th toi " ('ap {it.J J flood. ly, fir his plit,: attetlion to a dulillt. hie voyagte, t tlt r 1el'le end hiln o ihe trdii ra Ollllltellit.- fir hls tk l 1S aaviator nd strict attof 1,00 is 1, (0s his p) ite a!nud geelelanuy condut. \\' e alli rtlennt ie 1 ice 1.1all its a t., c llllo dioec, and of ,000ll ,000 10 of I ,00 is .. .,000il ll ofer 00 irr 1, e 000 65, of2 0 5 1,00 is ,0007, 1r r of 600 19, ss f ,I00e FREE SCIIOOL IOlIT.REIY. 1U'rIORI.ED by Atof 0 tie Is ei 4,ltnle oI0 t A t170 1,Oll i,llt, fo1r t s7e ,0ne0i 0 th'h lat'hin School Society', lmsscd and ulpprousel Ii t21st .alurch, C.1ASS No.f2i, FOR 1i37. Tb bc drawn to l trr·I,\''¢Ofett, nit Sh'lc·1291hnr ·'llrr'. 75 Number Lottery--12 I)Drawnl Ballots. SCIIIE.]F. Prizes Dollars I)nllalo 1 of 10,000 is 10,000 1 of 3,000 is 3,000 1 of 2,000 is 2,000 1 of 1,500 is 1,500 1 of 1,200 is 1,200 5 of 1,000 is 3,744000 10 of 500 is 5,000 10 o 400ntn is ,000 20 of 300 is 6,000 170 of 100 is 17,000 126 of 60 is 7,560 126 of 3i0 is 3,7 0 126 of 20 is 2,520 3,750 of a is 3 ,10,i 23,,136 of 41 is 93,744! 27,841 amoutnting to 1t, 2,54,I T'iekts--whloe tickl, l$.1011; ha!rve, $2 0t;quarter, $1 no. ('aekares of .5 l'iekets $100, wanrntelln to draw al Icast $l11, and iay draw te ftlr Capitals. 'aitklig.. For 'riekets. atiy at Ihe 9Managr'sofliaee 37 ;r ier strolees adjoining teh etrante int tile Arcadh.. and lhO1 !º sole at (i3 Gruy -r .t, by .95 lt Ot ( .lt'Ir & I .t\\T'iHO!tel IN:ONG.(IELL. \WVII~I',llS-KEY-50 bbl- o....o. Ion ahelea t lhike, in torl and Ifor ale br )'.'5 H')G R\fr A IIAV'I'IIIORN) . fi Gra.,ir at. STATEIIMNT OF COTTON. Oct. st. --No bloo llnn, .................. ,.711' April .--No bales tee' tlhit d, ............1,141 Trotal No do ec'd p e2iou o.9525,412- 532,799 5:5,3UI Ipril 21., E.portsthiodayo o Liverpool 4321 , .1 11 1 Glagoo.. 5d0 Total Exports previously....... 4:9,1I060 4 ,90 No. ofbuleson, hand inot cloered, 101,111 STATIMI2N'P or TOBACCO. nct 1,1. IR2,--No. 12d1 .no d oIl.... . April 20, 1837 - No do recd this ody.... :115 Total received previouslyl4,204 14,549 21,771 April 24, Exports total to date,...................... 7,753 No. ofhdT s on hmo l not clardo.... .......... 11,11!3 Port 'of New Orleans. CLEARED YESTI11DAY-S4-Ith. Slllp Orintll, Iailey, Liverpool, L Milunolo, wilth 1198 haloo cotton. Ship' ollb, t, Soldon,Liverpool, G Gr(on, with 11 l baloes cot tol. Ship tirmningllhanm, Drulmmon, Liverpool, Lizardi & co, with 1784 Illlos, coltot . Brig Dclll, Fraoces, Port Glasgow, WI' Porter, witlh 560 Ildes ".ttol,. (rig Ctl h.rine, Plitlner, Now York., (1 ..ed.o.rd, with 2181 sac ks or,. 480.hide.', 281 bills aod 2 i i s nrlln. Brig AlgA tn, Brlowln, Now York, . D C Woot, witl 115 Ir.og lo.d, 61 blls ltlloass' , ,225 seks orll. o,, ho, 0lldz,. Brig Ilery, Plttllcrso, MlotlttllOs J Io, acllolio & co, iltlh plovtsions, .o-c. Scb'- Corl, Deolaillo, MaItanoros, A Miranda, with groceries nod provisions. Sclhr Mechanic, Parto.-, New York, Bailhy R Abbolt, with 68.t 1bls poloh, 066 bags corl, 1:28 kegs lard, 70 cnks, 11 u Schr Calloo. Poole,, Apaolchiola Shihls, Tu'ner & Ben 2holr , with assl g oceries, provisiol. , , l0 . 2chr Pno,,oeola, \Viiolow, Penoacola, I0:t010r, ,wih 15, blag tUrl, 43 cues mI.Ise. ARlRIVED IST ERDAY--ll2th. Towboat GI..II ii. Allnnablo. fln the Pasreo. T'Iowed to ..n brigs France, America, Lycnlillg, and achyl Enmlbln; hro't I upsbip Rachll4l, bri S1 a Hllocr sch.4 NillT . M all-4 d Aina ('e l .io.e tho o o 'Alss oi til. 1 d 2y i 5 o I, rtooo ol er h llollo ill the olinllg; brig Bull iBo thle liveor. Sh1p Ralel. Il, Mofft, Liverpool Foob 8, to J II Davis--lO0, saoks s alt, to J II tDavis. Brig Sea Flower. Tyler, St Jaeo do Cobo I , days, to R GCon. ning g co--o57 bigh , g 0t casks. 133 btbls coffee, and o od4 ,ies tobao, IR Groliong co, Blooge, Oxnard & co, WV Dtlpeuch, A Rose. Pssengoer. J Grafogoo. Sell, Ninlf, D)nun0s, Callpeacby 12 days, to master-log wood sll lidcs, to ordotr. Datlh, lchr Anna Celelina, Y0ira, tio ltaoIa 45 d4ys, to Jt P rts ,' son--lolthn wood, strw 1bat,., mato, ,,0, 1J Proall, k 'ool. 'asro,.,nrs, J C rr i5oh, ,J Cloelrc, J 1'ilidn and St no-o2,, t De Kalbol. Lmon, ittl o ock, to alelr, 1itho 1 Ib, lydlo . ClInsloik; 10 1hu s .otloll1,& e oy 1.11 (oarnior & Violln; 52 plos poeltrieos o,nd I lllry shlIs, 'I ItI Ilydoe bros; I"l do do, Wol,,o .\ 31 lOane; 4klh,.or o,' . n boardl., (i Bl MaroII, J 11 ,orov C o o i. ' J IItCornohus, il Dtis, D1)llton, o loark, J P Inlllolo,,,o,0B ooih, Silllnlo.. Alndoeron Douola.o, Tooub.o. l 'al., l',te's o. o eiol 00r, rs Inl, eider. A01.i n,\Vil, CoItEll nIovle. chi,.·1, Ad GA Irvit le.u1;,iboa GI bll l h 0'22, Clarter. Lot i,ville, to 0I:Ir , l itsl 25 c2il2s rop,. 511 p0- haog20, tol Itr11u0o0; 100 Iooty, Fo' t.Ill .t broo'. 50 5 bII(1 wollilo', 170 do 24a,2 e, al , dri, r In oners nllll boar. Pasooooo'.,, Copt, Teat m:u, IIur elltl, 1tboi.. Corti, Bail hlers, O' lltlo , A0, ll en s tI ,,r, .l,,l0ll000 IO,Do l4 -rr , hIi o a, ll 0 , SII -'ddy, p, ll. li"W l',g' FCrglll' h nOll. c ; lell ll.r, I''ute, Ino Ba11 nhn. v. 0l l'll',o lh , hos i hll, l,,, S ellllllio, Irll (hil.l,-0 o . , to ll 2llr, with 11 hahslolo' N oo D,,, , c;titoN' 0 , i; II,' ,e,',(,,0o,,o a,,o,; :It J Ne'l.oo' 4.1 TIrgor, Choal ' , ,,.-,; 4, I1l02llit,Sl0 p & e 1 0V2,,ox, .0~nder,.l , l eo; 1 1 2 424 ur o .1l, ,all, l,, I7 IIo, nnllhs, Itvrne ,\ c ill c,; I to w d "r; 8 .acks olhn .ll'. r .I liKllyI Mlaoson ,. co. I'ass .~ ,lll- I Fo inl o ,.lao hto r, 11 ,1 0ul) l I1 Crto.o2;ld 0. )l o ' old 1 I'abl, o.lo, l) .ll ,o'w, 1 Slll ,l l ' halai AlC'h r, Inllip, St Jt hnllo all'l e. Joy, Kirk, l'll., -llor, Ill 'd Sllll'h, l; l New e 1 k, bo,,. ,ll - . 2 1ii NnInil 02,, to i ',r. J t h O. oolilio sNo lllolbilos- o1 hhdl ntl coi i, t)0 00al,, 2l,1,2l I 'P.lo J i - c ; 5lll llll"l - d . hll ids.% S Ste. ., Ii a- ., , .' l ilk II 400 cl, I libox' 0Ind(.. A Sltolill- . PN 11,4 o ,: 11 I2 lll l oyh., .I hill ; I" I , I. , ,.11. 2 J ell n e' . b o ot " o 111 T 0 ll cl ll hl ,. A lab alll , ' i' b :I1-. 1 a hlI t , c t )wE . r I ,I , SOl lll lke's bIoo , ',r',o 'er I' ,o . n' th 11 hh0 ,s tolh2Co, to Bob, oon,0\ood \ c-; 00r2 do, to 2N . J D,0, '1h2 , otool hoo:at Do Kalb ropjooo thn2 o, thl o to h in-t, the Roc[, al2 d nll',o liolp ,o , o o. lk. 'The It - of flo ah is a btalo Ios --they have.r, ri'l dh i i . ol tlo o 1 ut hel".4ll' o o . Th1ohip Rtoaohel 'o2,, ollhg-l t Ioow ,ver bo4o ;l ,2,0 .ac l,, 'nautical Intelligeace. 204d;i ]dN( or . blrhbo; .I io1, ;,'I'd oMm) 1 . 022 oll, t-42 N' 0,4ito. leBah:,",:,, 1 -!,,, :I .11:rl, \VPt,:r. tl illtt., hb l~ ; hl. il:ll'hI At Polrt.-ol ,L,4h, I2th .A ol.. rrDo, ;'loo 'l, hr. 1, ; h, 1" M M~ille. Ito. TIUlE . 3EIIO:Ci'.N OI"E' FEI'In. 103 00,( '., 1'3 IT 1 )Nf ' f.ON,,L SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, Pamphlets, Blank Checsk, Catalogues, Bills of Ladin, Labels, ~ray Reccipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills, Steam Boat Bills, Circulars, Anld ('vrt'y d,'.-. rilion a o. Sol TlYTork that teay' be -rqt' tired. athe i I ti, a, \ oill'l lls . tihe lI t ll' hI nl ;'.,)rk inlrlll-/l,, o i, . enr" nlal1 I- r "sll h,' dum ,.' I',1:, ', t ,I a pn tllit Iha l hs i nII d t h llr. \ llV , l ' lit. cJ si ll ld ll lro l l , I i , Iin reu l aI i. i I il, t lcumt afbihrt l I i i rst e e do c r-"; \10 . l -illt alb ultthi l e nl td Hilt. t .o s la " the Iton t he h , t eu 't t o' i atclhe k till" t hln r o a .h( -r ti e 1t h f ' rli nlio 111 I dth n t llel ;i o n1 e d, n e n i, eh.. I, i1 n hqldi, mugl tilt. Ila l a lillto I I li 1,i t, d Ii, , , r ( tll ,tilll' 1'te l te, lltl e, aI l'i' tti. lid i lilt it, n Clt;llallc by l of II, , i t t r e t', Ih It li i t intefntionll t", ]oiv, thiscitv nn i. 1 - -,1 t - !n." fI r li atch, r, I liile will l o a' III, , l:it l o hllthr n lillouis'vil e n tillhlell{ t (i Julle, e+ I thencet fr C("it lll'i ot t tif hIlt IN. It.- - 1 v : ('o11{ I & o~('t . l \\illi S I rl.i)e ti + onlhe 1 '"i :1'1 and V.110 de. dicated to their :ijt. ti, s Ill liinggs of lht Fr,,ml e h, "all tih+ Ileliaii, (.If(1) !lage in Iinn:e.) ll ilV bl ti oI tl " t a ti l itr, tN W I e )l't t i'. 'ri~.~? $ i 1 1(1 1. S. The ediol '-. I)fi llll] t 1,aper in ,a II- ,, 're 1- ,lleiid hi l hli-itI th e li," l ill I' it" lO eiIt it i ei ., l ilt Tl Il Ien i l IIo s It \ I'' illlln. - r I t d ' l' l c-,( I 1i'"lt.. o(i G l ln elI' ; - rt r i lnes lll-f.ill, for slle, iy I1n1e .h u lli, , y 0-5 IIt)I.JI,ý: k- 11.\lll 1 iq I T i-re' ti-- als ' ita'+'trl ltti nt 1 l ; rair t. i (1_ T'.2 IIllI.V J. III r .\Ill(. lY t tll - O'y;r l &, l ,-- ·LE:,,,, I' ,,1 ,, e hiit th j1 ItI. ' ,tisi t llllk s odi l P. illttr iln i tro, h l o In (I PlkntI hb t au tl f, sale tttt2 ,t l te,iool d. hv 1110r , 0I1 isri & I IIII 1 ., 'T1I':l\ .2 Illliiý l+,01 w il i Clol t ,, i ,-l) ln, . t , ,t 1or 1 r-, nit. hF?.It & II I;i'I. t 1.\ . N I lM iillt 1 , Pin' i,,i r ti rl' a d th i lle. il-:li,0 I ll "o. I l" i r;iil 2{T. 10l bhli t.+s t ,l a I'n i "n I' i'l i.ei.' Th IO 1;.0 hi is Fl r I nlnls itu n e lll\ ing' lo I" ht v ( 1-1'1'f 'Thie n i ie.. . and g uriui' Oly'sft l Isti lue t l. llsr. call-ior gta ll 1t 1t ' .Ir L s I. b t l (GRIV )T ,". V 1'. I *;l. a''s J 31 IIC !1·: tll· :l.h & (',. ;it; .l'iL'l lln,' mot. +T. 'I'P,.I' ;+.--:t'3 I'+> i, s . lin l'nd -lng st'. "!o . (vr , Co - I - m-ll e , nil i a I" fth ' Dra o11 Il e ll, y n w7M) lulnioqrr Jaltil (runl (1 , n% tlot r o f tl' l h s' Iv-n tiuA fllr i f o.y. 11 ,. -- I 'l'h,ýj T hip \\:.\ I.TI'P it, I" /ii-I''a,/ l'biihh.[,iin lo~ite ( tr sl', "(. s p.:igs 'fet i!n Fcla oe jult', ý . (II,)ltT " NEW (l;AlW \O N:'G T ir of rleid fr lit bhe , at ; ir h , a ,'t b cy , 'ru:i. ,h ,iav II . i t. A lre al O fKt Ih ao i ' a a lir tpork hree lnin an; I SPI, p I POa, OtiI ,I),e litEIllT Iai .aWvTH r. n+l "EVI, u+ .: v -_-.ll .-i,.l hlst.h 1 (. l-nding ,tul la" .9tlc It-lit I d el'" iJ I ( T T t [I.\ 1 , I'1. +11,t 1 10-:0. JOlH eore \V hin , g o • b.i •un aet t1t01 o I+rt l...llne. + lil, 75 >ll, miteI t ile- t ,ll g d h tln a lly coint u ds ill Ilrt 1 ra' .nletdi size! s, for sOlle .y .'0 •) JA\M ES C'.I. OLI.. "JO'TiCIO.-A comtpe ent Llotk-keepe and expert Ptiullnu, itllel' lltidlel t in this city, a married lnan, M urna suitablec in~lp e cationi, would unti ertake tIo write t il books cl reguhl:t" tie olints li)r Tradesmen, \lecha nmcs nud other,, whose comprlass of business does not require the constnt atteldanle of an llecllntant. Per Iallt emiltn mealt, lat nt lair cotnpe lStion, would hei the ore;Nce ltabie. ll ti would als o adjiust unasei tled qStte; liprolll al ad illt eixactitulde. LUn lxcleptioll lie referenice., fi r'ejiied, will he' given. Aidrerss A, Z., iox 31j, Post Oilice, or directly, G3. Phillippa .rst. n22--1m. '1t) PAVERS. Lcu:ptirolh'r's (Plire, ,'croild .'dcnieiplite, N :w Orleaic. April .2., 1137. S E \1,1.I) Plropeo-als will be rencived at tIltis dice 1I tl.ti MnIaI:v tihe lst +May next, tur the placing of curb a guator tahesll, withll hree fI. t of 1ped sppertl ull lll itlr b ete, "per 'ILru tiln ioot, th t c aii nv le re ui itd e. d.c cetive cr duiltei ite ipresen t f' i. etc Salil:.ln trv s,.cllrith will Ih re(]uireCd; ld Il0 ojrder to avoid uun.cessary delay, .:llicntls will oname their '::.iry. Sl'Tl111 V NP's, ( Cotplroller. x-" rangl'men s to r ceivce roods from New York by every Iv k-tr l l Ulill, (ho s'hearll, till Olwa s have otl halmll ) nl assirlllltllment il , tsl's :la le gionds, trlticll will be sold at low prices nold l reaso l'aIble termaL. IlI a.ii tictit tl ttce l icetuy re' cjived, tlhere ie r eno hla ig linll tlhte Viekslitcrga irc-It -ciil t If ree:hit c'inled JackOeuCti , iplain, slatin lticed sll sti ipic d; i rint ed carnliiciks, litil iih law'n' Ferench ciihianlts, of su erir qeuality, enllire lnew pcItteresmnver, ricit plul coirdl, .emcit( striled ulI iiaidl whlite .lckucets nidt cotmbric=; plain Swiss, mull, ad book mnaslias, Ladin:i I',I le IIc"uit .i gloves aind hosiery, plain, ipen nit ei i. iifiidcred;tieat's tlnireadl silk gloves; Mohallir tiocky. Aliso oti carton of cllm'd hleel, inot scarfn , iestyle. Il i tciiquell ncei ofa numllllber of itltn O ititn hItiI a lately beeln ernctised. tiei hiiitt aiheiiti retcilieis rto.' ralldillo; their erivalnll8 ll' goods, anlst to send t erir card rmn otrdr. anl 1[ FILLEY. SFREEN i l till I': \ll)IIERI ES. iNlTlnl sih-ciiber ticlately iueived five carltet of S 11enth Itnoelrel urlcembroiderises ab r o, ap. taoll.ts, 1 e -:rialldi , eti -ii s h , hi1e e d i i esei tille olh ni w Swic s 11 a ndii ciillect IIIt lltii iLd oTrI.n tRt lit a very trilling advam'c. 1. l+Ill. lY, 1t",1 76 Caant streetl lear tn eo al. t ul.IItl," subscri ber, grtlilic d li lt tl liberal eheonlla'ye. ril*4 rtll t ll l eonctlile; the pIlblic, thlll e still cun nlt Itllil'l c le llttil te llb u: :n 'h lll ilns i genier o itI N . 12) N u, l.ct e st rlet, wlterl a iti ld Ill" 'lanl, l houllt aiil ithi et we llc li ii t inel will hi e i t'ei li tit taat liiClltui e tillt i 'lll A ti', l It e l INe by i cttl alnll dl P tol t , tli ttlic.lAl , ii Lit t .ill lllti elltIc If pcah i liirnitici . in. tT. O. i )i iiN ' O tl'l; t-.-'I ie tir t Ill' l \SIiu , Le t i ii tlt P it' 'i Ie I.lits. llt ed; ni li i h llins II r i rl l i ni h il lr irtaer i l li e .t 1it i Ii'h lilt e Ig i' 1i lidation' ild will u its namil ie f i Ih t It l -l I ll'I'I It l S I.A' lll Ti el-lti I giv. d nt -i h', - a ', h v Ihlsil t hmlii. IIe n l SnraI Il" thel tlutuil d ii SelU ie ia tn, cr.lle val c ii, (s i t rt-u ; ait ilol-; ' u c nllhl e h,+al ahl' ltial. inla their p Ira ' l .ion . h erII r 'n 'ora ,ei], 4,ll"0 Illi ll ' ia 1xt l tie ] , I chly+l ll'ro ll ,pt l h thllall he lr p ri on, i. Ile l ut uir iti o , Ii Iho iio t ie i lo), ic ro . priutiii. Thoir I 1ii l ,ll 11 is i (c ii al Ihr icc; srs ot ah 1ou1h in ( l c Id "nd r miritf iti · 'tr 'y 1,1-.ilhl in i i, II i. it' ir alllr . .s r anr in hl't ' h 1i1 I r 'li' l r I itl< l!l :hl-h/lliil(· to thtlit;I l'g'llec of ,i ta let-,e -.t p h ile +-n , h, tad u-flhil's+ 'aa li e {[_.+" Ili eau-ln- 'ri tio : , 'h, ll'h,+ lw union 1 al' bll h., tldi witlin7 to 'l) ' II ]. , h- lallr., o. e ' Iat e. S111r II " \I"t. I A X 1i: \\' ,; -- .1 tnli,, i, r h, g rle dl,, ' utit du Si t , (ii in iii tIlilil v l i-, et ti,, - c:i'LtA lli tt1I Vll Si i ciq l' x,;ll ci ,-- trai " , rll it il it,- I (·l i l, d lltl\e l iaý ll+ d (i d'.\"'1 ii a il ..r i' I neutul tc Ii Iii J lne p rie . I ii illl liilt, I ii: cjiiilici, :1!9 + __ _I'a nai..'i h'r v 'i-t. i, 3 uni( lm hi,. \I. .\ Ii ii. 'i I,'1'.\ c1 1: . 1i ,rt 1i.'iiit , , Id.i c, dL rIr n'uI. ia i l 0.iihciiin linllu l iliii hi',le ' 111 hhb l l',']' 11I ,,) l t 'alm, isage ::lll m apill e (1li , hll' h, i1,' 1,",ill.l~, i""ill, ' e ll, i I tii lb 'I,' III I "" llllu t ItIae ' 1, " " ,h 1l e it , ll , I lil ,;d r'tý ,,li . d ll' llly 1;('r I ill, 1 , 0. I c i' i ll i t, ,i ' : r d l I', I 1 Ilr 1 ,I' '" lretYt hi , . , I 5101- 0 i tll r i. nii I5 1 ii i iii c I s e i1 1 d il ' 1WI'" ,t ' I ,"i ti ii li........ . . ii i 01: li t' I:`('()I;, &.\ \lt--l. I:. Iic1 a( a' " iiiitiP i ]c hI , I ' I al. ,tI, M'e' , rt i , icag,. i il ('3,l ri)llu , ,lull- I'ih11 c1 i- tie J'ic tc, iliil t nli!r.+ t' r"+ :1 telli lll. . 1, 1d 1 117 ,l' 1.I I, ut t a"' ,rmir,, 1010 t: ';ý. ý ccr';,'~ i, ·I-; u.' (1I1I1;, \,,.r I:I nulll .II :tnlll le.l inl· I'm tu!IIIII in lli , Iliiir lilllll,.h . Ihr II~Irl n "';, boltl li ,l h 1k,,;,: 1 !.'', t,". ·I:II1 I~", 1 : illuudun, un1III I ) -:,I", t ," sn \: I1 ) 1l 111111 be t -."!. I Ion 'Ph t-f .11 II Ir N I \ .-rcd58 .1 ~ i~ I 1 Iti' ,ee u":I and II -Ii. I, r I -Ih cosh, iII IlI bLiaa n e Ii tX I il 1 ll Il uI 1 I~t I I tobrr11, 171:(1 1'r f I ,l il I.1(1. I .11111 note., 111( () 1111 V Ii IX I by II II ":,c., Pll I t ' imll 1,I ý ,wnil. III b I ar It of -,I Io~ d ,, w~l I.b t, d I 'I, n "`I7 a~~n ~ ai ui' (t nI IL ~ll XXiu~c soid n O Ihrr (I\ Ihr " ollll l i cI - . l tiro, 'it 'John 1 . Slid:, & 1',,., i)11)1111 , illll ·aIC Ii"..1. , onl, u(')r-- i~ I ·ilul c lu lill lni it 11, it r, I 1111 J 11, ( 1 16jli( Ih rl e oi , IIIec(n i-i~ N IX 7' < Ii ow ueeu u,7, .11 11\ ' 7 111''11 17-Imo 1}\1 F I llll~ ill Illi· II~ I. ':· - y X II 'N l N b Iund ,il~l !,int, andrlunris, fll al.. ! II ! '. (··lllli- l'. snlll " r; hn 1""1 b ly1)II·I1 L 1111 (6II \ l IlI 'X I Lill ' 0 r,,, k. lII Ir I P fuIII\ __ I) ha ll- m Iu II in line s+ it c.;ll I I' . I l''I't'I I '' ll , 'l' I, -I Ii byn 17110, ill nl · l nimlll: ,1cl l .,'l tia!l ncer, e.:"!., i~l I il(( Ilil Idl b iN m Nls I~ X-1 I''!'-,ll I:r I Ik \ 1 , t C~l.r ·. 0 1% ll, i U,, -n,-,1, III\ 11: U :1 1· I~ I r J - 2 li - - l- I. X 1 i) I ) 1 7 :1 - I ' XI. II III r. / 1 1: (1 1r b" I,; i,, Iita"b XXhX t" hill-NI w7 II, - I - . All Ii! - - ill b In orIi cc 1 - :! , f-,, add -r ., u(; !;ii XXX' ,W 'i, ll,7l l;:;ra ;i : it ca ru ,,Ir;,1rI:, ill ,hlc · II1II i I,:·'*( 01$ 1 I,. a 15 0 1 1 1 111 , u l ,I n . 1tu , l n l i l r . I Il -!e. Flm ;, ! it. ,n: utu:fr, ~-; :1 , ' I . ,,17) ls \1h~k , 1~ Ni,,, l I.',er b A floe A. Paotehortraa na:1 a olfrom L.n'crot Po ltchartrai n nar t e Ralroa tll, }lartos f ea nt haness on. lie is chest" t 'i lluacj? t"hre ' ile fi .t --the wlhte ru.. nn walla h8I1 small streak of white is down his fae A P A. Ibrinciog paid horse to the livery st rl" e% s rll receive tei dollrs for his trol, o horsel ig r ty 1 tir C r aieslal% I i AKEN oi, ar the 171a 2 rth of r a p ri rii p ne . Ie hn 'rto . "he dpot, Ibbrin aiaer o elir i. oreq t ted to ca n a with e l thoe depot oppoite the Municipal hall nt 5 o'ccit rata take .r awayoi. llilt IL n15he wear ill p rove proprty ay elar All iitoi t la n of t heZ b .ead. rI d 1Y ,,a t ,4 o ears a f 2 a afge, saia silte l i so SIr . Cetdwrl.eAl rieaw r ailn o otake h ik lac y. 11. H. bp all Calt of the clpAlity oa the 7 i i ill~lau, lir au o a r:- un CAirl ofli-LtI, abou t 30 reare orfagc, N -h afoea i to tllr. Se i tl o a riit. hICr oloer wCll prov1e roperty Piay eharoer rnllL hear away. H1 Siw IIARPER oal Captain of the Watch anled , cooi' t 24 erba r o tr n igr, t s e abl s I, ~ to A y r. se aldw ell, 'Iw Olwne ri wil l r are ilhe aiw aod I.Also astray. II. ar Iaialslo n ill l i pa li in ot Wa t. Al r o he to he plrote prilae an ason o R 00l st0 oe i r wair berove tiar dto tP t lio.f er ali none tll Al i .ay, abo ut r 10 iecars o ft uge ihe Wathr i llrr owneri ll provt lie saeld It y ol arte rnda i JirIN PRICE, Cn Ialalcan W~AS tknup hengt n the 7111 to o riy0 btc r anu a nall o o with a of t maa err the fl, rrlcnd. Also a grey poney witr tiereips ia a I t r i; ik, t lken ap y th o niht ch h ., i siiii i f. i scareI , c ken in i aes t. li do lireel o f T I rh oe . .nra ai . ereste 2A ltad i on efllc rlal r, l e a erI'l l tr p rop e pa e lity . lllter ,~,i tllhl willb h oldn p orpulic action blhPi ' i Cllotto Aaucaeio f a W A S bai ughlt II it. I)liee prisn of he 92d llc I+ cilplli\, noa tile i inatol all, n nerla nloyt aamd rinelo. 1laboit, 10 " e, c nl' re, i rye hre lelongs to M, !h. lrirl . l 'i hlirlrinerawill roeve iriA iray, palas. + tat ila lInCopain of the WtV.h ETS abrogh 1 ...., lo,." ,, risn ,;o;, . ."je· W cipallti, o h1Ir1 l ii t ai iiaati e lgro n ini, hs " flcn, nhil i I3" Sea ig, s ae ae breelpng to 3lib,+ aolll i.i Ii lill aa i a, f r a.R8loiaaiehag i Ailzite(. 'aaa liac 'I h icr wi ll pr ove prof , wr i spy eh,. h;ci , o nld a-t' lau in m away. I a IItltPF-R (0' Capalllill ofo he Waleh, 17 .1 ,,1 o th tII I olice prison of Ilie d A ari T cil I'lilr, on Ir the :ah illrllt a a a gr o r oan"Lai, Prime, (I r ant `c-I a f rail , says e het eIunga ioM h .ll , (hrll-. IlTh (Vner will pove proverty, I ell}' pal fhai, oaid a Idak e h u 1' S AIIPEII, al' C" ptlaia tlhe Wateh. I, 'All S h " _l hi Ih, Pol. i' pr a fi IIa.s /carl 9i9'lici ll' , a n Ih"cat iii Iih alli h'e o I .ne gr hal noea hoi. I aiir i. Tl i ail ear iaill p rovep op r lerty r pail glelll ii, d lltk e lh ma 1llar 1 l. 1 a I a II Iii ' ('.ailia oftiahe Watch. %- hl1ha i t lia pa i iiaa n l .' -Irý" l ' u ' i ern I, ' ,' I;ardarlc, i' aiti u. mrsOl ay a att01 geai d ii wel l tI d t lillk III Ia t i f| P Ila 111 iaet. I I l: I itiIaa laa' 2l ol 114a a c3b. Iii) 1 r~·iT t'cllillli nr a1 2%il IrL, 'al , lu lolcy. - 1 hlb 02 I- air Il 11 lrioe rkla othe ii Mmd" Si I o U ' "2 itheil i rv a " u' r iIa Sll or, tl o aCil anl.e 111. I o·(; '11 wner t i p r idv a'rn ary, pla. :1' J a\ l l l 6i1' arm y.ll I'i [o1%'`11'11 )r'FI p o. i, 1 It \ ,l, I, . --r'le'.:< el., li hal I i llu. inl 'has y, b.rue aIa,iatla, I1-ta, illlcuii aa. i r a aaiv ' ialliali al haeaoldas, la--it aia.e " i-i,, i,. .I . luau hulinl , I ci a icut e .li 2 2 ala% Il li I1 INt , 1 I t w l Ce lilllld w .iic I oellld i . 2 Ii l esul "i .en ai llar atsr ie. i L 'i .Alli, n (l. tI . ~ ~ ar''ll Wis.a,, r i d, 2 lii Malia ip-h . a ty. -.u -- I I t i ,5 .-'I ' i f l ' tiisa il ll, n igh wap chimp the ar n ,-,{+%v pi r r u , +- , . d I ni to.a la ir.' s ii' ;iall a Iay e, baa h ~ir :1m ..11 11 1t I P.lh, .\u',( ·I ( r.1 aIc'.\hlaatllse . - 01 s'i'l .:1 1-- )ll)l.l\ll lI1, , h1111 1 ieCI' i i ' l- it W olr, 1I 1l l .llll Ih.;: s I h i ,ll I''l Tho illllip2,2 t o. l: oIa, loll iý a lle 111111 ia 1.1 a.' a arae t e I aqratiail t I. t nlc l ," l p( apa 1 , ill. r , i. l a'1 irgel , o d iv Laco i' 11·1~. ;h~1111 1 1101 r, n . I l , . W+, ,It, ' , t , I",i l t II ii ,,l. ! ,rh a, t l ,dei a IftA a tily. ( l h.,lh, e d Ilh . n .re . hi '. f", h'l"l. I I is nrgpest?· =1 , 1 ,,,111 iii, I 'lt "111 " a 11 iie 13ao111 ia'rlr ht r fi tlll .S ,,-alla, ltns ln, li aaiaa , o. d lt oh ill , IsNaihbLtsP Te o ( 'ii o'y e+1i'trd, "21a l teiaeiailitt. I :~ 1.Th-i '-i,,i 1 1 ' iilillifi f 21i e I a -hlr- ionl y :illllli' ll 11 .\lul it\ r.t tlAlh. l r ii 111 " ll, 11 b - il i, it -Id 11t Lbh L nalllali, iay P.A. liiaillhaah', .\t2 aaa a',' 2t. W i. Mc lON a.Ill.D, 113i I o'll iiii 2 2d sail ' l. 3d Mt uni ciipalit'. ] 'i..+'I{ \ 1.--~' 11T11 d, 'n ;- olin v punyi(v , hriltd ,-n il. " .i ,_hi lne H mh hr Iie rlci Il-l- h hi ,, ac t ltlo rtllht hhi lll that hrini. i' .-h ow r is r. (. iou ted. oraie II1 oI Ityl[ II;'.;l )" h l1 t' l1.] V taut. If l 'I "1 .ft, rthatltm Sit Bill l:;, hl at pl h I i u ilhion, by P. A. (;uiilintle. V .1h. llt Al A l), Io.i. mi-sutry 2d Ward, 13 2 _ I. lun 'iipalitt, ,l CiTy Ill.In. %, it llnch , on.i lay l n m r i t.ll. I ce e rapedry, i f1, ,lt l , tilte it ill ie sold at publis nl b .. en illreed , a r t (in hcer. \" 11. Htll.ll)NA+l) c C io lll,, i c+rv .W€lrflo d, _. t ht . . . 2rw 3d . I) icipt lily. 1 i '- ; iv ).llN :1.,E It!+ I.ilt'I AIPLNPI SAI.OLA. Ir ll. . i -1i ol s.ii ollol s IIn the 1rh lll O it .Pl t 0ih 0e . -ii . i ll llu t l l-l i r d a i nll netl , l t nder lie ilir li ml .,f \\ II (l', s,', A'tini+ Tl'rustee of the pnoa. t i liliCi ('olrll. .lll lte Ilndll plolll l ly. l rI d lnil rl ti(uls r i ll bie 1s t edl im ll tnie ndveriemel flur fesile coa " I II I hi r lslt, vi :- S'h, n r e , di sri d ti om e o t ifl nolntohe, ciahips . 1i. lol tl I-,i ce liil.E lllciorin lIlts l d c ho - Iiico I ha llt t IhNillN ,In toods ny ceived it N -, ilt - .lre-c its wiohoul ietl+Pei. lr. l ti x lin a,,l li s, b ,i o tel c lierh s icele, e i ints o willoloi.e tlrllrlu I p.r; . 1 Th lqr ai me ll t wlla be I ll e Il .ml. i tus h ll-. bIl npr el ed wihin 0on v lu- iii lt Ill,, oday f-lle', by ii lroosel entil h2 use, picc 1111. tha1 111 leltirolll I I 0 fee lill depth and ol led 1 pyl tlll .l /1 d It',l wil'tll wI e ImdI k lown on the dyl oF , d iht n 1,lltde of . 0111nr 111h 1100n e 'tl tli llbdil eo & l r;.. CII . A G. DAVIS, ll n l'c. {llol,d Feb. 14, 1237. N t,' --lopl n oftha city oif Prallr o fla And th e h~riods j I s)tl ( dl, o re exhibieted at hileArcadte Exchange, i1, citI . noo al iofcltl 113a - ~ ~ ~ ~ - mel- ol.i r-\ lli. CI.I',.ltl or lCI t 1i 1e conr-hol e,r low l nerllls b lnh, hile re paulhible, t)'d' rec a ly received in o , .ai l lil aw I h I l ina llinsk .( litel f i lrs tile , 0 ailpillso l 1 u.llll ( tiln. I 1r 1 tLh ll pllllltl i i0 I r c ia llks o tp l l JOam'e nu ll PAIi, , C1 n llonn %%hryd llt a ofll I'rli)u I tnhe r r ; 1i -leI' Ik nll 1, lu lld ithr C ilca egn lh i. l'.;oi ,lf tr l ;In binis of a round-,Ii. "1 cst ohledeh J 1dl l-Ci"N & io C1)Ille., pIhlr , llaell Illto 1 lif t Iy 11 loW1b Ao" l oIIc 1- lteur Sill. 1 it I 'lll ) m.l, l Ci I e or l.slt. A 1 I O i ll.llf ll p rt I e ' silnrlll d f l the pedliodcr Iloll, s tlhlIllt, ii e1iil i ra.e, ti, 1 heton I t oli Iheollh i il'l flr it.l h i i f i ll p111te.u li, thant Ihy slill nt , h ia vf i rye i e ll ilhlh, fr lany detls lI. traclt i e. Ih i 11011 l, c, e ii ' l it it he "up )on I w rltt10 0e o rat llro f haten. n's-I) i Clltlc0 l'l08. Wl IloeICItI wl r tii 1:.\ ra I b " tlhe , n0 .h l waich Oil the Il I Et i t hur h itet tit l r Pulllli ed llend ailly hn1 mll-ll i 1 cil lt lle icor er altcl hel tolll n -e,nir, wilh It , hite FiaI Onr IIc In - Tr,1,ns. 1. Iily ppi· e, poy eb! fru I ftbc JOIHN PI1[(1I:, C'onnnr} 1t Wari, Act c-eceidict t-.i o'i0 t -- t'1 I I ,11 1: & I: IT' IIFl' t . ý t

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