Newspaper of True American, April 28, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated April 28, 1837 Page 3
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ORDERS RECEIVED FO() Jo.VEi. PAI T.EWTY' CT07 V t i.A; i.e (l'lrilll, No..03 U.MaIrgazie sli'ec, Nel (th-lcn 'DUE .'31A '.FAiCTU(IIK, ) IN NEW YORK BY I ROBERT HO' & OU. NC.1f.Y OF PRICEIS-Donblr Gint. ofr L)"ble Gin of R0 'mws or 1n1r e oII ;sih cii ilel, nakiug kilAa:ini vm thle smlld, witl feeders, lm""1l, &e. it $.i lpelr ', or $930 "1 Im I1tall1 Gill of Ill s va ,l a cylildlr Wo 10 pa i ll thie stidl, feSIdels, &c. a $6 per (0, 10c 7o2r1 dl. of .I m son ln.or 80 1sws in alld, at $4 `l2i pe1 mlsa, or 500( 0 lrdo. of l) saws oi l o1r 4i O s.:aw il a tnil, at $J.50 j r saw, or 2G3 0V SIN L I G INS. For 1 " 0orfco sa, il salvs of IsoIe. $ ill ,.sl l boflbedler", hahds, &c. at $6 livr * s i, $180 (. Porla. of 60 saws, "ill) feei ders, &e. ill $i 50'-r.ns.w, 390 (K; Sor l. ol - saw, witll feedellrs, &e. ll $7 IFordo Ilal sa, wil(t1rfer, &. at $7 50 Ier saw, 150 00 Exlla t'etll wChere ldsireid, for i0.ed1(rs, si0l1i6lied 1 10 ceIIts eaHIl; the Ilillelr ofteCth beiljg abo( t equ 1111 o tlhe nurnmbel of aws. ()llnO set I f edevq, it is con-. siderledlhnowever, will wentar oll two or thrlllee seta of, 1111 Saws 81,111lied Ul 80 Clents elchl. Th. Gis ordered, wisll ( l: ldlivered to thle Hgelts Ou' dslantera Ii :ly of the setll lort towns t li the cotto, l 0 1181 inIp States, at ihe allo\e ivee, tlhe igeuls Ila) Ihg1 tlheI freiglt oi Iltle manle fironlm New YIork, »ill Ieconiijg re sio[inible for tile amiollnt of Ihe G;i. A Ginl wrilght Will Ire sent wi th e Gi0s tio Fllt tlem iuip I lire die sired; thile cllles fIbr whose services will be rxmi, bilut modlelrte. roI llllllilng gear can lisolie ordlered were dle!hireld, on rnasocible telrm, iollt will be cha~lgeI:l ext. flora. lpower,olfaly d1cmri(ltol.l, rn be f(iC isilld oil like terms. Small sterlam ell-ilnesl cn alls be olridl·r if Ile sivel. It isdrcliablCi, W(henl planters give orders i ll Gins, thoey holhl aiuonilpmay Illm itill thirir rir0ews ill rega'r I to theniCllgmelltn fimlw», blrelnts, (llrtshe. &ec. It -IrUllnlley lliffelr in opilnion. Some al%.i.'v p, we of larze.drlialler th1an others. The Illost CelIlllol liZt( is 'or 10.iOilies; 1.i11 sunC wish lln 11I isl hes. Some Wilhl or- rows of brulsJhes oil so axle, while others If., at want more than 4 at most. Salme wisl so:l, 's witl I o 9 lell, to te eilnch, while otheri wnt ( 1 orl II. VWi.h'omuchdli(lrepillcyv, we prefel"r tey 1 hllIuIl, 1t1 he time of giving utflers.; filroisll a Atatecmwet of thr " wish, alld tile l iolll ofHet'hlr raS eCl)l fllfl betol ill, e'' 11 11rticular. Whtre itis left to 1 clils.reim, c llll s h1 aile-them ol tlee most t lullo l ti 1,111". ým orilsr can Ieexecuted, frou tile time it i, ree • " I CL (lOc (llff lc olfIi orlll 1 welll, oim ll, j' 1,ill Itht Fle l)IACeli) ile lh11 al1 of the faetol-l0 o , e ill'0 I 1t r the Iext cr'op, llI orldelr oigill to le ill0 Il |IfI "(1 Um aaorneturrriy fille elit Or oMi I'll 0 e1' til p"lantaticls -her'e t le)S, . ill eo1 el,1.ig to k or gin cnlll. N. II. TrhePltele t (lighl, for any rn,.F he eti Whl0 Stallts, will IM olC o0l realoslltle te1, I.11 t23 "6Iosia And-100 D)ULLAAI"C I"l\VAIl" So till bsceribr was cu Ir ,is Ilk ,, it eontined tile rollowillC decribel IDolW -1 hllell tII publc are antilOed against rccelvllng 00 N. eillno , t ,Oe . oyear t. F. Niitl, do do. cadorsed by 4. 0 Buf kley, i40 00i1 J.l. 1'....m., do do. t, John Dwyer, two do cl,douredll y DI. - I Swin uU Co iD. U. ISwail & Co, two do endorsed yIl' Newltn lliclurds, at lthrce yearn, enuorsed by t.A dlr at' sinx o s, elldorld fy' 31 lur nett, Ocl'rl, 1(,000 01i Dubois, througi t el' pdst orinc, I wil ,ol, cm e to o). uldle.., heo ay sia te, tltotIgh i he it' loto ll, , laItt ti - dthe arsd oad luo til' asked. I dord a t, US I'AV J Uiatua nicMl a IVE l alrcI' dollnr rswl arnd will b1 g:ivi'll bIIt !it' Sit cri vr . t o a . ily w ill i. e 'u, i - S1.rath .l ats l litY iealto l O l l c it al l iat " t l l' lll itUodi lry lor illtttlllicriic', who ullclllloto'lp d tl rt t lre .to *ot troellrt o (l Sl itotlldllly tirgl ial t. In a Nll t niI, we wo ld be laci ive to c l in tl.ll n.liu , l I the reward ofld t ) D L A offered Iy IlI, several usn irallce (t 11 l Alli I Nil' of r city, for e dIl t til o 'V to e iarie-whc) mll . i l c M.ill. hr vil la inW10WC cal eOnll its ttt er ver lagrant SeII t ll rer t t o i lrto i ot r l It d t yir ti :17. - o m I".1ch '.,; &,, i Ao t , Noti ,, ,3 C r uIdl t i t. .. ...0 0 ck 0 l f .irI 0 I'c % t .0 RA E P of. " thn tl ous an %%I i ll IIo fluid to ally l ct i t h io or stio wI r r'ill h Ior t th I S ond m'. Ji; oi ll . It It %l. I ioFmA l oi i ti ' i 4 ri in i islioo i fll lli. I tl ) ____:li l) 1II.xI ( I .t_ I{ I), I: Cn. I TiA r bi e of t iloc to d ad t, ,i, .oar y wl p-t f ie I nt nii p i + i -uliw D.i% ii'i hilT.r.Ma h, No :1 C o al"led iul tlhe h:1::ht 11 ''c ckll:,k ellr in II lira' in Jut olu0',1A IIAL tIV IN, ede]I aC, Lallr , b Or U ltn Pi ORK, Wif 1 K ly . , 10 IllR .lrld r "ilt l\ i a lln, 137 lia Y. ---- I lUWN I tot i lt ' IIt XA : l in s(llhi t i, lo:li lifullv n l n a T keigcoisly Lenolo d )it a branch )r ainI of Abu;.. -or, la ) l. il ll 'l3'r0'spnh ici , nlo t -"ri u Ito t. r...... I la (l ell ", (th llI,, ah, -ll ) M tl, r ptll, l , io1, I e wll.r 'll n txtle r n plt vattxprresso lan ebr1th Kink J`f ihclnbay it, j·llý-+,'< I,',. f ' 'Ii., l ieV h vrol l0cc-cl of niltl, nel I Iltl,'redI,, titllrair t'lor. Iiii illc |o l to in !hllan i - a lllaif o l r'.ý to n lob-r-t I lllllvt +to 11 6,; 1ill+ place as soon itt,, 1 ) l OiE Coo ,(i PA N,(l IIIt I tI i nlll. A 'UIlia NIi llt~l l l llt lL'Y,( 1 ll Ati l i l,i er. tlaroio maylllbe ru lnll -l Iio . .ql .... rlly all .in. .LlI1 ,. -ll l. mthca ruý Ao wrlan Olfi :: or" o it Mr. i ,oacr nrt o n to ico lodl..te.t,, riorn.d f n uln il In r hlit ,t treo il l ,th c tpooti to fIt th eCi t " pc r (ou A oir . I' i[oo l) the. Till 'i o frii l ' Iill .litllilllo , n r to giw e liesscon i en lly Wli fa i. allolvi "' Vil + tnv allihl6 . -ti .lhm t r. e P ia l for" a r ing d 'al l ll,,n i' tis0 oty l a in o lloter lc h .o,, l Iteo , Addtou A'lB. P-'! office. It H' nly thge 1tt'itiv . ilfc ,t Ioft, o ti oliott 1l ilIfI thr.c lootoorfr t bit, ia reqllirnc It, ,twit 47 I i IllOln sACtyl , Al l11), FtItlelh , PORI K,& W liNlo. K E i 73 ltd ioc Iiiuiii baron| I100 k.gk arl.o IA,, . t barret s tirso tate . h IFloo r, 5ar do n l, totil,.ielatwli'tbke, 7.5 boxts c lear tides, pttItoaltcoe iv Cotm tihe fll var to. ikrli, r fosralr at lilt -tt r n st . I , at tit10 iBG R 'l& ti i I lan di sil i . i iiLtrpl ull - I-Fry Cla-y; attic . o i catks Ilstotttrot:Co stunitmtt or;ted wines;'r ,m I otoot 0 Sicily MadeliraotX% tO, fcOiltN I A to oeben t're o sweeti iSpatiti abioboloic'00 boxtet Jao n" lttll'ooi No. I soup, for sale at 1: SIog1tugttte it 0ly ail I it iltIfr) 5. E ,t. Cou 500 dL ECTler, IRLsn COMPhAN.pok 1T ` iR )lE'boe il'atani is nown in n aclih ISprio id 7in caoe cO a tlartit lo r,il tip t %%io r . ill atcoth e oI at the logio Ioute, o No 5 Carol, 6 rarc.t Wl)IT .. B.11 LTB . I IA Vr.taIr. A ILI. IA ION; , lo.t-- g po lllt'laol d lI r. Jo.lll. la dll f y'r interoslits I hrllo a Iek iilira d'lov-wi csks illost 'Pair, Tin(aund Shes e l r lo W illllel+; 7 lees, itg hooioeo , in i.ltrlln caskn t ant 1ot hies ollo nit [llth n dtlioiutd ,N,. lit a 'l I copittiolo a ot., where Ito! '%ll. b gl toot, i tr s i a t o ,t ctl-o, Ilgoitoo ftt. h , 1V1l.lilto hit, illo oI.roitaptphenidnb sd a ll ging in jh heb til tle ol tt, into i Jn tli a y.o ,it roostli'o llhe l ock b a Irtdle S wictur of bucttt fos r inilioo nnt'c abou iouot Iti+owo l to einc 'inwhoto grt, foaolllo-oinp ed shodt iot .,, ver% o lhati( . iturall the I lAI fitll't o 4-'c teilknlitC oton . i itoin l i- Is cd he ghaatn auo-eol rid tero l , or AIItIl IUI, ird tlilt it. erit!i tollt noilt ll|t't ait d itei tl e l. li 100 doll tI h ill d OIt ill b O p cai ltiortc Iu t ti tilm o lijIl to th Is St'te; stil 5I odltllrI o lot io it jal, tiake oot oftl it Stlo , tiit lllltreiltcc lan lol clx l a h, betidsJ, foRr brin0 Ic hre. 1, Nw lrlo*l., aa ourell i , h 1M37. ll. +lfan~il lFtil T a er - lui- lo. I . li)i iFORLSALE-A t rt ookoorbot, ol agedthout 2 v'! yiti mbe ig fllY 0oratottl, and moill be soil low ifiroornidiate tjplicotion be todro lit IIll Tchotipituls stroet, to a1E 1. TIRACY. 1to'.tlTHll wlt iljo- of ,lrijeiott flovo. in 5tore and for rvat by UoGLIC1 & HAWIIlttN, 419 & 3(.oi,'tt, 0L 2-tnootlio RoCd tO foIr Ott 1 I(CtMIIM if &COE ,l'lPS~m~ror to. CORN-- L21 ootrooooo Fro toou SORYSON, AVERY & Co F RIG 1 Srbotrttooo,. ol Ott rob10 bI "jliLOGE & iIACON. folr orb. or N3 fmiroir to. toy ICE-50cnobos of orimretnlmttfor Hile Lv RIlO SO1 111NCIIARI),M r3 t W ANTPLAN5-41Wl) A\Tr' fl4.0itorr f~r Itt' iloloiboOt o~;r~okrb WAI yly at (li box ofirce ,t ('SCrlnes of roolt olbootneme, for h S roved $ w r io tett, oppIe to tI. Cb lIIIACK & C, VQR ffNZ rork. roro, iu loro ood for s f ble a1 Poldra treet by 4ll CIRIVT & bUrP R, strrorrr Ahri, for troe by (; 1DOR11fiI\ 9ll 4 No4 boo,, u lg 11.:V,)·Newf I.Frre. Sor the Interior. FOIl ST I ILi3, ALT ON. A il nil i.ter diatle .lldilSleni ll. - , The i u, s ,rir lhat ruanning and re -- ulnr Irading steunmer MAJESTIC , 11 d ,,WI i ,In, ma..IllC I..t., hia ing a, 1 lrli !::rilr , I" : 1 .,:. t'u.'agcd .idrehrrd euga'-dand ( illlea,,! ou I'[,lltm ,hv tile *!)rhh illu tult, fit I; o'cIlock, P. aII. For hnldac'te .f I.reiihlt or palsale, having a -uperior fltrlish1cd uplelrcu ubi, with Ieplaitlte state iloonlt, apply 0n (oIt ld, olposite Gravier street1, or to BO(tET' & IIAW'TIIlOIN, SNo.a*3 G 'ravierl'rect. FOll Moli.L.l-It. S. Mail SNalere.] as_ ... d 1. lor U tll n1.1 |111, i inaler, li. t1 1 ic ( h 1.0 11Ai. llA, Sit fIa:il n tl. ', ol. SuldayI 3 )th iast"t0h, at I I'clo1 k.III Nl. i t. l ussIti eri s will,, he at the holud or the rail road, for Ihe 12o'cloc'k ear. : TOURNE & IIEcKWITriI, , 11 . .I A..tC,( No,. ;1.P, I,, I ill It I OliSV-fo i A INi) il9NN S' The new d .lellidtA SIta Nat I NI) I '11E NI)ENCE, will - ',I.rlt Ilor te Iabove po lrts ,till r S i lnt, ut l0 if'l lck, a. fts. I For Irci it or pa"ing" tpplyoo hoard to n7 TCL.A RK. FOR. L(ti.l s ill.l , Anwl al int Crmediate la1mdings. ']'he sub, lh l l!ntial and t rnningI t ta . -. h oat TI SKINA, A If Gilland IImIseler, ivill leave ni above on Sot A T.+2"P.ý Ro -i,,.+t.nt 4 o'clock, P M. F i CCII CI 'iltl r piCCll llelldllIIflg exceillen IIt llICICoI tI apply o. board, oppo ile Blirnville It , ,,i ,, »; ' i I, c a I: s i.: ito r , i s a e lll ()1 IIN II. GRAIIAM. & 11 CC. Aid i.terlledinte Por!s. 1 1tI. 11ilouse11 , or tnui STET iON, A rVIIY & Co. ., f S ^. '^Ti'l,, ) I'^ ........ i . ..r. ' h........ Ji Si'R. [OUIS. ALTON, r "I' JllCA inIrdia Landi 1n1g0. , er, tAJES'I'IC JhnsoI , l mlaster, - will hv im ......linto desplth. F.r. flli i IIII iCIC.11 , lnawlI1 I1 Is lat r e l nd l pienlldid Ullper enhip with - eprie t. mat, roor , apply Io1 board, o. i ll; i tvl1 &If IWTIlIH)N,63 CGravierst. IFoir li)I' I T IlOliN, &. 1.IlT' iE 1- 1111 OCK-Arkallsas. a1.1 11 . . . 1a.ll 1 III iIs l tr , ll ll hvel or lie ab iov . 1i : ill iner lll i al ltdi Ou fll t r, l..ay next, 1 gtll i lll tI I0W l r a.i ,', r frot-'ltoirlll pr ila e i &vill flrol ti r ll ' CI'0(lOllC' on lllb l lg0 1 eCi.'01 ilIllI PI. INItlr ('Ill r Iti( I 1) ' 110lly11har d 0 0pst (311111= I )1:1ol . otr at the caot er" of Cou.nll ll Him C ll.zille at's. I 2115 T & IT & iIO. .f I i l I'At W NEF r u , nJ W rIym drea l tr The Ub S t snail ecmr MA EP1 f1110 ,lll riler parti ofl .er . orego S llllrel W ith qI lik dCIh irCl lh. For ibala I nle or freight, or illlw lp, I a lillY II boh IIrd, or io SI A Vi'tl0N, I27 I',P0 ,0 St. FOR Nlolll'.:. - l ik . 1 l 0er, w.0 ill leave tl e Sh, .d if lhe rail roadl every sI ll z l l i* Ill ll:It "wilh a Iew i enl ill; if lihe iS .n It Iollillold i lll in e 111, illlll I n Ico lmOd tli i ln1 o 1.10 ol( " 1 1 171. l 1 (1 to in hat ir g on h"'r daI, ' l be ' arrIed flea 1'. S. I'llsr r d ',.ill r It.e be at tile head of the raIl road IiirI t ihl! 1 '1,or k car. 'l' TO1RNE & BECKWIrIli, or JESSE'i IIAI'T, Agent.; n N :G16 P 11oy1 ls s 11et. .: l ' ClEI AN. & M )lll l.l U.ll . MAll. S'I& I'.X~ ~ ~ ~ - ( KI: IN '-1hlv iPACKEb U S 111 il II t h1t o1110100 Sl'lIers, oh Iait a1on , I IA II, " a. A l te . III .I ll ll I 1 I, hIn , A I Ir.n. . . () 111 .1hih, " . G rliflin. "h uh ve I ,14 Ii m ae iled ii) expressly for file Fr scup~ell rs -l Iiii rely iio r ý'l'+, J rtio o i li:e art Fil it! llllirI, It i rl~ll ullln, iu 'L a t hlr Io "ke1 l %l ill ell iot+ 11 For l ight 11 t"I 1 11 Ip " v t N. it. "i, o,, .Ir, , f l*i. , ,+ j , wh, noti f i d toI I h C'ilithe il th+ I '& to 1 11 1- 10.l No ti. e II E NS A'J'~ i . Cio. "::A'. ',ýl Nl.v +. v +, L i ll. . . a 1" , - . i , , Sr t i c" , k, Ii, ti, h I it:l2N , S h--I. .t' t Il f l iiro r wr1it" n &I,-l . Io e b.i ol t ii ill l'lyai , i, Fllr- ni o a o t-. Tll l,:7 II l I Jll lld,- I. TIhn,i iaihi lillr:. II A l.1ati. n iIllIde itd i . tl ti l-' in , Iili oiiif ' l OC s &r.- J. " r ei| I n. pr'I' oil'l' t'h n o' al i 'l T d rC h 11 l:arlge iiuply if i llioSii viluabide III it uh.\ il e %,%%il 't' Iw.\ we' s andi ° Io :ll"li ' ' st rln; -ori' is and I)oir ,n In i. 11" Iit A ,i) i ai ny illlh rll til- l llowieiirN that Iii' , f o i;r fJlrdwrlh'Aln r l di If I "l. ,it N& l o . Plllh..drii. +iro. ·I'JIl 'LlNl, A . iI.+'i++\I' l. A. It plri ii im o til ly ove i lls to tolw, woill pllr na n Clrt twir ll hei u arie olsiir iit Rowlanfd anl I It', O I.'S .W W K&.- A S ()(li K S . . --Ji iii i ion r' no a so r llln plli ofr ini Srio Llk.J 1`4 doI rs, li ,, d`kr , by W ire. llM'KEAN, IrllllkiS ni-o Ut I ei l Ir si ro ilor iait ol E Ilard r, fil sale Le _i I Ir r'e Ci loulAr &C o. 2111(11 A3il I till'i- 1.I Ol d I-,ivee tit . Tl I-i.ii IINi l j lN'S I'.% di : CA. 'ST it, ldu s large S.l sOl l tis lli i n o vulu' bl nodicii. ' liy 'y Ti l-iuI r v ,ýljiag t.o ordier sInte s rn ao l ie ti llic eorý licat -alll ll l t Ie nillol.) I I IhiV i l's and a i11 Ia! Liide rs, nt a li .f Ih Il , lisriber, si ,ge) s i f or ithe r s!ni t " 'or. H B ( .II I All -A I., - I S S I +\ ( i Sl - -3 I 's F l a n l ýn , m a r k e d A i 1. i 1. No-iu litu rl 19t 5, Iuo i , Z110 Ianded fromA |ial r ih: li: 1 ll uali iiiikf llY ilciiiiied . I .ii;iri lIlr i ilr nl l J l it I iiv : )I " ,I'I: .SON, AV,6_ rv_11 ('o,&C - Stl ll AND it Arit. Wl NlS-.'--t hl Iose Maleirl,; oh. A " i, t IloAilo( d NAIo r'll dIl o." 53l hl.a vu- do , AI I+Ayi, .hi rAllmiitltl:( ..llr '-A do Iol t; AME I.IJN Iu S ;(;) h11 t d () i C l l It. uil'.llllidi WdiI le; el l l hi auu, iii tl' l lo tii ui o an tin' Si3 ll. tine Initod 11171?1 , i5:1 C lonl st I l m-I )I I I ., iiii ioiii li-u- l h ilr iti il a'lhlu <)d, I(y the liti' ofl "A Yelar in Spain,"li 1 in tI Nr le l)t e lll \. IIo I N lill, in nI i Jl l G Ol. 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I it 1ri1 l i s I s1 il ltr slds will bie respo sible r f lide MMAC itoribi iy JUlI.IUS 'AIIIIN, i K, l IIt-y i-I--T ---tld, url iit i-., brine right fod nice; w;il bie sohld ir .,l Illiit ganl In t.losre the sal,. 1 IK, i ;l.l u JO.l lN ON. 9 otoli-r Oll Fbt. ita Aor aiian l r l' iN s 530b1,r 1.ri-s or, ni-) l)l, At) & lI \ IITI)I , & I7 A iravhirs. i i' ' : 'ilh ili.-11Mii ifll-lol. lhe111 n r ioii oilrlil 0 o a ori-f.i Floor--T It IOil -a cT 69 hl., W Il.-ku o r.9I' noil o ulrh .y oil ad fors.sle 1at 14 N w.,(.11, IXX TIIll (G liO-n lii- i-I. L .411 -10alnd i.-.-elo" t- a olinbndln o fronitllsle er Co ' de 13 fit bw r m2i n,, 1i fAfTO)N & o. .53 OIh s,.'e U24) " U!rt"AMIYACK_{f& "'o. Ooastwise. jORl NEW Y.E. STAR, C pt, h, CuVý ti a Y 11, ill le .tlt tihsln ui ll. r fr .-.h, a pply o.t Imor, .ir ltie t pj r Prhr . , vi. it) W . PORTE'rll, .'15 (.+.mmn st. . oF. . II KOVI I)El Ic';I, it. I. - A gd les N l, will St il in a few dai s fit r line ianove tort. F' r Lt' ,itt, n'i; ,llly t. a FOl H, Al. POtt tl. it C innin t &t Thi'.tottd btrig %.9I CtA ,tltini Mengher, has hIalf hler cargio tntgedl, l til wuilllll et wi I ilepatIt. lIor bnalanei l ' fri Sit. ply iI S. & J. P. VIITNI L., , C otli Ist. t2 FORl INW OIItK.(il - The fast sailing N:hlniter RIENZI, Calt. The good scrhootner MAGNOLIA, captain Mavo, Iha halfl'hr cargo enguged, for Ill lnce freight or passage nppl ti, a'+Jn, j ,AJ N I +IIENEY, FOR BOSTON. n Tle first class Irig CAMN O, Cnal. Clsh.ll ma een, will have delpatch. For freight or pl tElg, liting l 111,aldtin, & nply ti thuw al'ter oilI j.mrrd at ?( . JoeI , Ih st. ý% Ih tr|or it) n!. SlTlE1W 'SONA IVKRe &l o,; r st. L ou isianlia & New Yrk Iine. TI ee i anIi fi)ti sailing p et rl Ship S I c b tr itr), tnhcuie n ntt r,n havt i g iFor relllyliil r offrienght or iat"'i e, Ir oing asute. riolr nil t l nOlnll iv l yllyr t) tller C.aptinv on board T .l) loite tlospilal strcC' , r Alit ,t ( ml .li ni n t. t IL0 J l N. & A CO N. The su rior d fait sailing ' lli ut 1 ,LII , Maprrt.rr , cnintiit r, t nit hand ' llll. t i l lit an i.w t nd p L isstnntll " ir, l il in I hFe I days. rFr no ryplIv to mu FOR MRS '|ON. ." . II -A-.l--, t :l dl l lon .tn n .m . . E The ulperi or allt i s ariling A ,riý .. It A Ctarr, ' wi llt reiei ve in. o;iT eii e dl.,cl. fi h t n,r a bune porA F, r frein d t or ini iaIgv,, nppl, C to l IN I (A FOR "I "I' II I'. Ii , _. l ie. VITI lvr a ccpnee r fastened Scltr. -- c cr'no, ll n wiul i lsoeet witi h u turilluin at, t ul l h' n, a llt lt r l inlgll-, ltl vi llg glntl,. t a S lllln "lll ply nat nl. 1"rd lihe ll lelnttu in ier, t or t i A Nl W I lK. ,17 h yIVltt it It It A , n P!t - Iy r keit. qilw o G. Ithilql, r ll ll, hals hi n li ltk her (-ll go egged and wi tll mel t with dAplal N. Ior freight o r m lssage at l (l i t A In " S &I J 1I WInI ITNEtV, BC iintilt. F(l O I . II (A II. ,iThe A 1 AIho ln E I.BA IpONnt Ta elt a t will e ill Iav n Ine di ,ti.k h. 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I~iitii. i ftIi1 g Ini _____ V.11 vrsl li~llIA hiii~n I.,, %VA NTE 1). i ldI~~rrr S(l1it lit i I s tilt tolit l I : 1i 70 pigs nd I .r,,.Irn, St. to1Y ~ tlr n It, a'II J VA I IUNli . ,16it - . fiAi,ni i(41, r 22I W11. fI11It An1 N 3. OldLesctOI. F nOR REii 111 Of) T11, lit 1 (AIIIM I. -11 liir ( it nf nriu i, ,ti~iii 0, M pidiiji i, ( . Th A.. fil InnI ItignCAMn.nnl (. . inli to asnriS noulv ready to revek e eaigo fill- any of thie it 1i ( b) T .ve nIQSIýToit Iit i). .... Olh bord, ori t n4Ril SALEAC ijtlli & (114, iFIIMnu CHAE. THE Vas tiilu I,,ifluiu io coper list (It (ed bri g i * I ;fI fi itf intl ptiniui2I·7lo, it JkJ.fIi& II . 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Ijtlnni niiii InntIIi~ 3th \iiiun.iir. t t( nr m c ,,llii ifff -it iioruu sal fV1IIIIN.¶26 Pnyiftfit D I salels 11144 New ce by pr~rcp llldn bfrn ( lmbntj\ i(f flpr liki iitild nnii niuirniiiigndiiV ni Jill ItS . V\ I~IS' Pontlntsiuf ( 1 rIt I:~'-Oll(IIIi I~luf! iiniiitt gm Suile-t. ktithu * * rornullll i tsrra at 1111 i'~u Ptniitnt ul; I III IpN. i it iit00 114 rciiit, pert flt un biutuuiun fin. F .)l New Itiv lt, by lin IItfdnsit LW HIn KI tol W u n.,m hiiuuiin rand fin-ilenr it33 iinll,oniurn,i. Iiiri vuiilnuunn - A NTDL) I i oxt s tiiifi uiuutod C ii, frSiel antnn1 iiiud iif stre ruit, t1w ttin~ n7 -S G ALANC'- ITARD. n fit nt .5,111.; JItIo.f&1 F ~IN IMU -0 bnid, Floor rio viied per i Ii11 fl odli For Europe. i ,' l l V4 Ii i') i ii ,. nT ,h rh,,ith rlarque .ll.l(.A4 l, 4T', .A I, ' 'l r 'er4upii iiy Itll 11 U Ci .l .(iMACK P& ( 11 -iI - - T L 4i 4 4(: r (;r.<ivr r 4.. 4 r FOR 4IV0IWOOL. T ,- ri|,r U LIf I fl4. Fe u I ., I 101i 1i wi ll h 4.4l)! io llit, d"'l tch. I A For _pas,_uge h'nvih qka ;o "vo , .h- I il l.rup eof ll I7 1 .11 A '4ll'o. , S1 o S riIe sperlior nd fit saili ng ship l Ci,(i ., ul i o ll nc.uril orntmlio di on p lt , Ii ;. . , IF'OR I IVE I l'O)lll,. ediam4te 4 d. Io4l4ic. l or pa44a4 , Ih jring.' 4 a4 - l' c :.. I 1. 1i. ':, 1f('.,lll1m GAtrl. FOR IIVER 100 1 ... . . , J TIF superlilor 1 n ls:t ailinl sh ip P\L S .~'I 1TIN.' , ca . I. itei ld, will re ive i'l r!i 4te dl4espnch. IFor li .ht or ilasg e hlain l so e i , il 19i.., 44.I 4,oll444l4ih 44. FoIR IrI, ''VER I PO( )l, I otperior .ht lin ship AN.N MA Y A~ ' Ia ll lt ( llark, w lll reeie i illnl i .c i lateh, alnd ell IlF deso helys n(es l, nllg, ltm e i fewa4sl'B s llger. A4l4 t 4Io ll s, . II 4. l, al 41 1, 1 3 (4.1I4. 9 i II 4l4 . F'OIL l.IVE.ltl OI.. very f ias ot iling Alip il CIIA OND, C' pt. L llox e ld ~o lllolifrt lll A ol l ncoillll'o 441, 4 4 Aplyc o 1, 1a41t \"I-,, ldate ris ht abin pa:l eill I, e rs if e;rlyl appli.n tln0 iri irlal,--und will abl Allt Ma. . " Aply ion j.?0 Miuk tiAley. I 4 A l a 1 V iai it. shi NORTi l AMERICA,Capt Il.1, will lseel with lies liw Ip, JAe ers. Four ternisappll aIt3 ( 'ol nlT lt. to ul St i " l. II (;.\I.E, I"OK1 II.tV Il'ooi. The A lI alnl supeli rior ,lhip Ei.Q l iATOiR, empt. ison, ill rceve ii n IFor '"passage l" l ah 'ppI' ly l ' l Cll: , ll Im it. tllo IL I , II ( :.4 I.If The nw alld thl t stsiling A I ship Sidu-y 1o L 11 GAI,, " 93 -- st 7. .- 1 , VllV '' i 4 4i'., I iil, llladii ullll, i lllJ to J, 1 ( o l.,I , 4i 4. 14,4 444 4 4 '4rl4l4 4)1r4 , 4 4 4 4 t wic h h anllth heli r 1 n0 tro llhmle tfill F , 1R EIVEr 4l4O .. goig o4 board, will 4v 4 ith 4o4 parl4 For 44-444 oll', hlvill l hlandsome accolllellllll ioill apply to CI nll 111n 4lller tIll blloard, or at 13 (Co oi n tlrlcvt, to ril 1 , HI I (;.\ IE. I 4The st sa4iling A I vhip K44 ..IA RI4N4 . J.'.C'(KS N, PrIbenbi4i v, requi44 ils '" .)40 A hles c.l ttoll to a ....lll tle leer al. C. F'ul to444.444444.eapply at 93 1*444million 4 4tl4 The harque STit.IFF RI), Calet Will I'ml , will have desh litch. For is 'ins or |,s A ý ill pv tilt 93 Cl oololln t. tII A E. 111 .11 .. / h44-4- li44e4nd -i4,.l aiih4 ng shipi II IIL D, C a't, requires 2*440 bIale,;4 c.. t,, l e - A Pler caro. For termu _ or lass,.,l uppl a1t3) Conllilon .treet,to I 1:13 - II (1 \1 IE, 4.4 41" 4 I I .I I:.434'l .44 4,. .444 The lse A I and fest ,4 ilin4 lllip E4 IIZA a lllltct l, i to vo ell "le rr lllLav F11or h 1 hl' ship 1I YAl. WI1.IAM, TAl vlor, - The bri," Il, IIIl.lEt, Jilhnl.-Is , li:iwowrl, will Sillllll.e.ce loidi4 tli L 0 r ht up 14.-4!4v to_ 1 , 4 114. . (o',1.I I 4 (.4 _ FOR IVER11V L). h'lie A I ship l, CII4A44 E , Captl. ITll .....t,4 will havy deqlutlh finr the bll o ve c p~or. .or , t1 1 . )1, , 4 o. , ... ... Iri i V . A U. 9 C'O Ill to . .. FOR LIVERPO1.. The lille. A I sh i tip . lllntD ..lla blihrt, lwill ,eteiv despatchI . FoIr e :ll- l' ul l ThoT e A l l ist salilinl' s'i' ST,'. .lEON, J. Al. 'e u, t, wuintA 1li1) b hin "m ,, W a o hle , c .I "a r o, I. 1 r ir. o f %w h h , THE Ir"11rt ship CAT'l\RIN'E, Capt L eolg.m ir, wih Iromi 200 to 300 bmlei (.,tit 2iill H. li I MI. l G(;S & 7. , 4, (Inaqili At. 3Vor lexas & the West Xndies. FOR Tin iRSiS RIVER. A firme rtile cs,,P], hanvim, inooit ofler cnn·~n Pagaged, ov~ill haveY( inimll inte lt l nsparoII·li io --II~""p IL il l~ I f1 s(tl i tl~llili f· I ffffiffffff A f1' I( aboIfe Iff. (Foir ff111v I' fireIftl or pa li q!;ge, lafioný. lippi V. to"'"' " 1"!' A , .1 . BRYAN,.31 old I.c~If; FOR LIA EfI.6Tf & RI*D 11111 tRlt fIr'. U(IffIflfI'TI~ll C~lIIfI~d·ll 1ff ~ \i~ ,lelo f1l i fio fflff l wt Init L D T1w DIelifftfI , tTNI , f. i fc f arljff fd Mo have ear lyr (Ie'l ' fI ,I, Fo baliceof fvi· h o 1:1 Ez! ft o, fil l ff fr lle0 ati , IIron & 1 1 Ii I The schomwr HENRY, Ofaflpf Grme, u ellesput o 'hrltareill e1npdI wllmlel, llflprrffI flfh t. Flr b Fho or I tf w r r tlffr g to 'A .... Ubair, t1)1 IlinYA, 3 III. on 811 (e;I to oil T To llIII'( ll Y & 13l Ito*I'A F: it. desp 7 e.ied Iiff-lf]iiioirAI IfflwfIfm l For I' af tofie 11111 ff11it ofifqfffffo or.floll 11:0 or at f I6 ICam stee Td ~ icIii-,rlom &'21 imoU (I U Ffoilt 1TW )AýN f5C( ) w-SP ' ' A10 ff1 rt fasitm Iffr sa ,flnI, o chloot cnr 1i. o''ea and copper' ff1-oti bfffrloorlfffr-11fftoItlffffivr'I wl ffc ffffff'ffr and%,il wet" fi], lin e at ll If putch. For baac ff rirk Or If8 !Z~tII to 4T WAIffhfr IIYA 3()o 12 I Capt. Ilito it,,,fill ffff iflfff o ffIdIfffffl te For rwight or passage, a))p] iCell- l~lrlo,,llllk, e lec i urkf 11 ff Iri 11ff I Ito fofM otf'r fffffffl ffrfffff fffrfff I LAf &I MONrfof If ff.fl1ffff111f O1fo f F 14 B JIX IEl7 l . iI It I KE. c i A'.,.7 &lI 94I ,T-.-ff ill M um shfeff f b1 t If en R1ff 111 f11 oNIINU . 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C A Lot it Jolinstrect situat ed . eur the Pa. Jt ri-. Illb i lt" IcW flllll lhrir l slabr aP ll. Illll cu d re ige, hrik ci ie ci. l lalj i ited fr a woed lir "oA W re hose in Joun tli u. .30" feel frolm rul fit ing balll . ckto Ne tr l.i l DamiI.le Streetl. For frilther i J ..irL e ticuI hri l upiply at ii0r iimmoi i t. or tio Thli . , ,. T at lew mrA l ehle. 11 v fit iihed iiirlne i.tor b ii riil lck Ilousec It ;iri tir be-. eel I Ioe-u iteIc dll ::rruck s"fa c t'e u.It i h la.s 'p ul Well crrioieed irk The llllllliotl rller sltII, by 1)i . II T r . InIt I E T. T fir-st ind second soie on ol suits I . ror d dini. u wi ch litig door'i, bg-n k . nd gold rr -, IiIllatlt grates &c. The back blildinls ati Pe will Le let orni reasonable t,-Irm.. Appl.f It n1U. 3 CI . Holldelel streerti, to ii I)0.YI+E & 31A.Y. I tre'k nith er 'it I., rI I lo I I iL I rIIc r iied iii . h ei. o iciin wiknowni establisuh eni Tleei 'llg 1 wenI' kp nlt n ult a nd li pll ent , 1tiid i rtie nll sriber , i elies .le leir aunolln-l vilT toI' li a Plu ic that lf ewh ole. Inte rior al'tle buihl hlra b ll a en rrellied il and I arenird-chall rcimis i I Il'tlrishile l o lonln h il s 1and1 ores(I mIP d r-nI tiO i f l il t ll otnllll),hle.rolrdie ll " lhe VI oaI, io l b ti'h irders. Thi i.erier hein fallr e of Ihns tof grean l 4restire 110T,l ill Ih: .ila h11.4 m t T r huls a1r ot r will ie slmre il ber aIboroil r l. r :i , ' "T" tor b ,,r ab l1ou 't l ife g at . i - i stlim. Hl is tralie . a.tll i" . r.l.i be srutplieil i P i l l r vuitvtl l itl l t h V l l l I l t t h e . 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