Newspaper of True American, April 29, 1837, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated April 29, 1837 Page 1
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glUcE B ,ENTS.   NEW-ORLEANS, SATURDAY MORiNING, APRIL 29, 1837. VOL. 11.-No. rl r a ae i r " ad"/aeraed m0elit' of ti e ig areedIiofii '11~ii 1W " t hell oothLie 1l3lt of d eprtoe . lv dillir fr tile m)aty p aer cu ,l o 1tyn hne semionniull y ia o odoou e Y .•at, - c outY puiCu i ,life 0l0ou. f-tria atet tiew oe . Trler I rt _-r ll c i t ret-' eel' oceis geen. No dv ntc wIer c until nrrert a C - ofbNcrltiol. per eqnar far tie firot in Siae. r dou " "oh l erIoraa 0wlag.e; endt t lint f, ('or e Engl lsh ]9 I ritalteratilin root tte originnl adreritetiiiiito ollnreed as a new one. olincil Itr-Herh otr atd Tdralrt lorty fi A ltialoie , anil itty fur outl Inltguoge; ,litneattIilis co n other aln"iar pullic ts Sitsu iy dn tar n ) El qlieh only, attd eighty fur t ltaip atae l ,teanittl l factors or eol ono agor dd tra als -tnterchantt, aittY dullur itn l glin len lnteatl for both laarsl'pe': fir bthitr laO..i L.ties and articles Catlin. gtn Olheubic to - a-, ai of p.ropertyi cardo i' tatienoflra . ei . .l be char.ed one dol aaaItueolrtil ttin~rei in melh lnnguage. nakniartitort Andertoementi oftn any pernal ..when admitsiosable shell bh charged el l n ductn of twnty perent d dillb i ,! era, ltere I Wfi i terni W nll-i aim at ern ttli, it it-ted in bath lung" il. nd -nt real esatel· pl, o..,ll f. in co gli' altioe, It per cent. on sales o Deoaeny. ,ttf the direct line of buoinese if adve.tiser. s ont- o , leg al, tion, anda ptnta ege iro oiii'itely ied ai I ltolinorve ale.. A for hot tpecifiedo us tot, lt maill be pub "ne Inltth.ind epliilr-e ociuir iltfy* tdeeemioenth. nufl nkn lrtcieta will lie publ.ltiil :en unleon plil for ineviotcbiiO tiertl-n, or inPay vnarnter' hIV it resl)Oitinible perlalt intown.p alm aid ether placesf ontleanieit, Iadvlortilien f.athe ueaiid to biecha,'ged It0 dollare for ELn nnd 150Odollurs in mIIth lltnl.efICo. raleo.% _J itn of can lidaies for Iplitical ficee bhauhid double the price of other aliertite to oite imnsnitCe lsn tiitaiuiedl by niwspopce art lthy have comelr IIt the coieluiti., thaIt Io' - { irsenn wwrnoe ueeoo ts " ,vYe n-t been puid etpeotnoio a laclit. F13 1IC IUI a one ineth after treael ttioni shall Ie ne n, (ma frir en 1ctmi o,,i enck rother' thriey ,ht,.li themailveS not to ilcrrti. iir o i't l,ir audi cent, unlaes iii e oefoFdandetoyee omyoirlr sc eljod C I)E Sr A0.1, K") gnd) J YON, - p Rl:A, J C 1E'I)tElRGAST, JtollY N GI BON, IUllsDtEN. e-hl Preet.--We, the under~iined.a"el ue to a.. -abnea eunditilon, ui fer as they ure appllcalh I poll eers. A n LAWRENCE, li i, t \V Eto NIi Nio , t It+ SNTo ulaeelptomns ati |I l i ton less 'lin si Inoillonth. t. I tattes n11"It 1,1 I lrea KREAll , & A IA L'T'W. COMMISSION MWLROHANTS, No. G7, Gravier streel. S P'UPE, LVIA, & Co. Commissini a, £ F',enitine .lerchants, tiOtiISVILLE, KENTUCKY. Mss. lialh 'l 'h.."po N Orleans. J M. .l & S. Ii Ki OA 1)W IIF. . cix ixt\""K :.,'1u.1 01.10. dances on cnnimen tnt t, tl ulore houre by J M1 Bi,)\I) :'EI.I. &CO. 1,j30 56 Migzine .tteIt. -'a. _ - DOYLE & MAY, ERICAN & IN j1.1'I ('R()WN GLASS. N . rlfo'nri.,Tr STarn:T. ,I L. 8.ESANCNETT, CTION & CO.lllisSioN MlI:CIIANT, Ine sitablished himaself in the ase lsininss in Natcni hih will be carried on in its various branches. " fr to Irantler, l'KEtnnt t \\'riellt. Natw Orlennl', Cochran. Cyrus Marsh, Eli iMenlinolllcy, Nattch t@.e,. .wk' .t,1.,,. f,,t, ti A. N1. sitsit t'. t. 1MIt LY and 'rivate Clambers, eorer afl'oy and Circus streets. t eoT lKENS & Co. dBELIEKS. STATIONERS, PRINTERS AND BLANK BOOK MIANIIACiTURaRS, Na. 'i Chsrtrpp strati. k Books madeito onster,and ruled to any patntern. BOOK AND JOB PRINTINGU, Execuled with nreate-ts nnd despatchi ali E31 V A L. SE, SIGN( ANDl) Oi-)vAIiN'I'AL, PlAINTEI', Camp st, inearly nllluosite ahe lAmertica: 'lTlhatru. ESPECT'l II.Y il+ ,s his fre ds :olld Ithe ulablic in gene-al, that he exectiles all orders ih the Sbranches, ill the htst iile, alllln l t iAt erltl a. lIe will nale execaat it likne 0 nnnr,t all kindsl. rti ll Oi l ntIi u \\'atr Color.t , ;l n lt sI el lsrlors a ld hI -rot m., .t e. Re.t : h at ill Iso ini a great variety of .t1arblIs ali \Vlods, \.ilitar' rds, Ole. hopies siates )p. of pralticen:uI exertions so rely sulstauine'l, will ItmI a contttilnantnce of tihe teli Is Iheretefore recei'vedII rohlii . ri icls and awhe commnity. int, (lil, G(lass, Varnish, Gtlt I eal'n, .e. Fte. on I for .ale. Ala, reanll Ieitl colorn s oli Ilse. 'teeing, absilk antil iih an)'s. *nt,, ' ent times, in 2a vols, by 'T S FIav. atding sn elaverv ii Ih Unitirn StOntcs. rise of lthe ea. by tide autlhor 'f I''tet' Sin ple. i moir of Georgc I T Ilewee, with traits ul tl n tea ert Ganrey, by tie author of Snaines and Do aS new nuppty afone in a 'Th-oanna or tile dlave nri uatre, by tihe uutbr of Itiellliel, &e. iust ie by C II DANCROFT, I-I calnp st. NEW FURNITURIE WARIE IIOUSE No. 46 Cta. tres Sr. E osublribher ane now noen lia a cnlnplete .a.ort at felegan anti niun.l fitranilture. whi Ih tIrV -'at nreied by t e arrival f ithips Saratona, Ar Sal isaissippia fromt Noew York, conn-ltiu. in mide boardas ofvriounn atlari , wilth Eevfina uiaamarbl lops, centre tle rlcetof every descri Suality, warttrolesa of vriost : lattn.I.n senrr Look canes. ]ai1le' 1rcllll telnlelt tulhl z, It i ttaan 'Jrei:na dinig I'nel,itbrkes, aanl ad Ilan ark tabbe, pieddo. also, n fetw mil sidetoard gyptiaa marble tops, a inew and beoutiftl arti plte assorttment f .as. and camplet uaaoratent af aItillaoganu, l ln- aewod, fansy and coialntn ett ira, aI;ateaanv do covered with plash, p ai and hair Inather with a loplete asn.t rtlelft nof steb arti - sualav found ill such all easlllishlllel,, tile wvh|i, will be sold oi reonniuble teIrs for ap pperarerpe.. uitt are respectfully inttted to call and cunam teck, CGoods packed at short notice ic etsant rder for Ar. fI C GItANT' &. co V Pini0ot -11tatren fititv .tboýIi dI cetinit tints 10 bales "Trentit illnirved tickinte; II heny blaeckearpeting, landing from Ibrque Jo and farsaleby 'r C CASH & Co, N' 14 Co nel,. t Suiascliner imnste Ho, .... aeigt sail Ilnaestia H'aa,:lli, 1 no autil Iltill, sta.k ofShettiehl, IilPmincllnl mIn, Acmiri P. n:bmbrasing a greai variety, t..asistitg itn Inot t' i titain imit ating and gealinte mouhItit _ ic, black atn tiigit ,',Oa; tna.. . chi,, ';,, - uedand righlt; hoes, (Carolttn, I.ittisiattn, grl, tstent Fltwlishai A t"eita, sathtle irnts; lhng aid tadlde Pry pamss r.iseId dlte, IlOan It lla I aiii kiindosf hinges; lit, millt, and, tiaen, teaotan anl eau laws; dm, ·Itfstt, pttl,aitli.ito d .dnl tealk Ameriap pilver pilatedll , insie a sll, md do ronu l ant Blat Sll- ,,', stsuh " and nenkeil sa ldbit blait lint, p, mill, adElrOSs el si, 'dIp, itarpelitac'send aer atn'i,'.; black Lniih ent cast ste al s lanet r ld fi I se ls g mtian kliven and forkl in ts an e i ze; . ea aoeo, oook,, ate' ltrintti, auit nitd al knives; Mln I ,zes i ea ,l o,, ca11rs, la'gt. pinors, 1ailtorsn a o and a rstan; Iannlnallln Irlm dmmp. eiatact briglht anl flue eacc atlf urrlg; tighlol flat nInltum bnap et atelbipca, le,, tea anati bible titan ilerctt ion gul Ianks; tinl'ltltw and litut Ilowlkr Loss, Boti 5, tl belts, gene page, Ptlese, adzes, haintalial, Pat,,,I etc sadM ploal, is mm, le n L, t.. nibl and sbuste latches eoop,.'s l;..s. hIllews, ltmnetis tiea, ~ annl th'Pdlels; Inmmlstet an, saltnt iron adal pm l tea ketle., patent ret nll a nco l at otaot sscda all eumlicn, water anlI tean iwa°.le A tapnd ake pl,jak .repws, wooal sree, ell.ud atstmlp i m l bilts, hrssand spiver cai. - asat rlngs, a uinl and buckles, anxes Ct"in' 1100,, atqare, sheoves atalonka, auditit LJia, l in and SLOss < a demp, L~q., ouh nlooh (Louisian;a and New York Line of Packets.) AAri. hips cou"nousu t(lia line wal sail Orleans and New Yurk on everyd other Mobday, bereatler conuitOls toix Phipn, viz: Ship YAZLOO, lCaptain Eldridge, to tave user zous Sllil MISSISSIPPI, Captain RILbiuon, to leave on 9111 May. Ship SI[AKSPEARE, Captain Collins, to leave on 3Ship VICKSBUfR, Cuptain Voodhouse, to leave ot 6th J nun. Ship LOUISVILLE,Captain Palmer, te leave on 90dl, Ship HUNTSVILI.E, Captain oalmer to leave on IfI 'hile above sitips are all new, of the first class, .opltered and cuter lastoeed, anrd upwards of 5011 tons burtllsen, are of liglt drought of water, beilg buill in New York expressly for tile trade. Th'le price ofp Its noge fixed at ne llhndr dollars;their cabins are ltted t itinti llo iot iitproved adionvellieao t plan, io& fiisocd in a et aont elegunt style. Atmolee sres of the firsl ,tolity, will be lprovided and every regardl had to the cllfllrtand elltire antisfac.tlio of pasengers, wlo swill p rlese take 1 otite tllot no berth can he secured until SIleid fior at theIll'te of l'the roaosi'neoe. ' TlheKe packets are rcototnnnd by captains well ex SSr;,reed il the tradel , who will give every acttletion and to.xert tIthIelve'r to neeo nkteoot o mm T ney will at all itlles be towed cl ; and dow. tile Mississippi by nteil lo( sl, and tile striLtest l,'tietulity obervedill the time of smililg. i Tle owners of thlese ships will not be ,crtonsible for aly letter parcel jorok , ever t s by or put onn e._rd ou Item t, clle-. a regular bill of ladlim be signed tlerelfitr, t tell counting Iolle of the agents or owners. For furthellr artinoeulrs, ol ply to r J,). BEIN & A. COrIEN, April 11 No 7 Canol street. - FO NEWV RK. e --(Nw Line ackets. I rI e ARKmAN e.dS, . S.~incommander, ir 1· Ship N.ASlIVI.I.IE, J. IRatlhbone, conlmnnder, 513 t% ito sail Malri.h 70h. lShip KEN'L'CCKY, John Bulker, col mander, 629 tole, to roil Mtrchli lt. Ship Ott ANS, A ,S. S. Scare, S oemlnonoder, 5919 tons Io Anil Aprrrl 4th. Snilp AIAIAMA, C. C. Berry, coulltnaold, 474 tons, ton il.lttnnry 56. Shiip SARA'I''OGiA, Ah . Ilathllway, econtnloder, 5 tons, to soil iaY 2Sd. The sitip of this line will sail ptnrtltnlly froin New Orleans and New 'ork, every secord Mlottday tlrougll lllt the sermon lr ''ltv re o ll il the irst class, ctpper fastened and noppelid, and were built in New I urk expressly for lrll trade. Tlv are colnl aled by .txperieltied men, draw n ligit diitft of wlter, itinll till ot all tinlle iee towed tipe 'ted l,,n tfle Mll9icsiippi Iy tl.nllbolut. 't'heir nc ooitollldlntitioa Ifor Inosloerel are very superior. TI'e ole nero if tllee shiiip will nolt be r.sioiioilible fit' ain ltoltr, por:l or placklre, llt byto put oilt botardl of thei, onlees o reeller bill of lIlii hre signelI there filr,o t thr e oli lti e te aels or owners. 'f'i rante f listllner is fixedl t $71); no wiie or lioqllr bteoihrcdon plortl. 1-orf Cric-htor . piuoett',nIltto PIi Nn. Il & Arls'ier, lreel . NE.P r . ;: \ _ tI' e illiI: ,l ili.L NE. Fm ir, , od fte this litle, the folltw .l il rta lf freight anid pisse s ~ ill Ilrv arr,,Is 75rc. \Vet Ia rr,..l l . Pll'sol r iqrk $ 73 11c. SIlIde. . e :l 75 (Catk Clare ' 60 I !irllld ilodn, at 15 crnls per fiot (ewLcOilln-, l$1i per t In iif Ol' dab. liear, ler1 Ille, C$3:e nO. ( Arn, p Pr !) "rlo I)l 3- ·-Ic. (tllo, per Ado I.. itSll, lire . per bel e ot'. yards Tie 'if 5i. lxr hell, . ai tKeIno i blf are ier khe 'i. Ie,.i of l tter er, l ir k " a..e. , Keg Bar e .bled, $o1 aOt each to IpLr'pS f I.ieltee p, r :175 eace ( .ildlo p erling III I-7 1- r. A l.ror., e arl t 'eod 1 ' i l l ger u $1'2. Srvt tit ltr $6~, ie e pi ( 1iot 1 11. it l itoll IIp .ilnin l rllo lle I*IIt ei+ rh lnrred h'el.l I .l h I In r ,s a .ilnd li , nl th alli ran prod pe llpro l It delivered iln canse bills ohl dl lillt rrive ptot lh tline ellll.e n u'n w i ct' t r I{'l v I k' Itul b rTl'rl, incer ill FAln ris Ss tv ll line hI)ve. tre - N tw r All' e . ' l !. 18:31. l 9I 0 I I . ll) A1II)' #T E . All, 1" ,ll d ih l ,l', TIi-rtItt itdlti': oelutl-'o'pc T ri + l oh.E. oihtli r ,ittn Ptiokes, ton ll el lji r Fllrinel. llo I hillrive i n tioe 'he'truth, wIt., Iitit ' litti. the dTlhe II' d aove r, Is iotl ll ro.t rcl d Ienolul ui l' i rotoni CItiL tll Irl clf h fliolzoloi Stcar n )Ir A . IN &iT., CiiKWe'r, s , IAZ ' IA . IIIIIE, lllI I I.FIEt)Nt'LA i S . il I lclIo , snill crI e llllended Iltoy hh liyand exri,"ll c . . erillll n. Iln el r 41eilUeli eP il' Iia grVe liell drau ht oIf'hllet" above boIutls, I ithe are enl'leld rorittiltirr flee It'(lon'es. r ithe - irr A i .ts i'.'lnl ta bern i l. e tit "ti thei Florhid li'e 'hlhuh'plli'a or Norflck, who it not like ttt e' delay tle aantemtdilte WtsNhillclullg IcrYvaig'S sew tlt'ar, P&t. ilE CRAN MI.Isr..l.",'v: No 3, counaining Legends of ite Cnq ,st uf Spaln. By the auther olf the 'Sketlt h IB3tk.e T" UK ' I ,ies l.; I l 'Illg r'(ne .as'li tell; h, .atin prosell. By '7 Feue islass, A. 31. eofjhio. EI . I .illet It N lcy voids. IlI ACK IADw 'nte'S Sltong olok clnketleing a gseSlectieo el I sltltfl te t l t l lls l, any of which l re i new. iiy.lehk liwnIlng, M. I) 1.. Fi ctllines. Ttsllnlated h 11 the lliev I. Pollter, 1. A. i'PrhenlarI ofI Nor.Itich.I IIli. , it lAno.l being No IS, 16it and' 17 of Ilarpe's Cleaslid l .ile i .'. .Inst received alld flr sale I.' \\ .\1 11'Ki. .IN, nev .o feni S al l colb E t A E1s NE'I Whit5 %IeklAi s eleItIll e t* ColtmadetiS; itn .I P it Il fe . allhtltlr Il iv lhi'ilee, lRichelieu, lalt.tetuetto, The Gipjee, k u.l it2 v2ls. Nuts to Creek; er, Quips Qeirks, A.tnledoles eld Il4 Stlhorf lt aeeli CaII.Iinici.Isisle, e, \. Phillips m. lnsa^.t.ce, v I " Justr ecicd land fir sale by \I W l t'KEAN, 111 tI tonlsl" (I:Ir lle :trln I ,tl t I Vll'.I s le <1 Uli iiCA ltA . 1_. SF a4LES or A PtII-tclAN. By William I. liar rison. "\V. ielce ( dI5I1n1iln7 auIlllon ill tIle aluacity of the Atteulult.'--1St "'IlteOtels .lewOt. Il 2 vols. n.lall or rT ss. In t vol. A PIt.nnttanr to the t Iloty hl. ; comprising recol nmrtiet. \llrr o(f Ile French Ii ealltle. e toh.ll, Iauthor. offille ITlellIC PII I t illte 'c tie .I S"Si w ateri e rCes llpolkt Imusa ljlesm, nIlell(lOKISS e en, ct ?I CLi Chltir a stl LATE PIUBI.ICAION. T IIE PRINCIPLES OI FCIEE ' TRADE, illus truted it. a aeries of sh.irt and tilliar Essaya, originally published in the "Bat-r of thle Cons(iilu lion." COBBETT'S LEGACY TO PARSONS; or have tile clergy of tihe established Ichurcll an equliltlle right to tie tithet, or t, any other tlillg called cillurh pro perty, greater than tile dieenters havNTe to tde anlme and ought there, or ought there not, to Ie a separation of the church from the tatte --in six eItters, addressld to thie church parsees geenertll, iluliie tile athedral anld eollee clergy ani tile hihope, witllh a t elicati1 tll Blonmfield, Bishea of Ioond;ll by Win. Cobett, K I. P. TilHE COMPLETE WcO(KS OF JEREtMY BENTHAM. TIlE MERCHANT'S ASSISTANT, or Mercantile Instrtletor, conlailihg fel a full rant of tihe eloneys, coit, weights and mealsures of the principal tradingl nations and their coleinea; together with their values ie U. S. currency, weights and neasnres, translated frnt tite 7th edition of Flugel, wit i adllitillo from tie works of Kelly, Neleehrocher, Kruse, MeKelluh, elnd others; by Francis J. Grntd, author of " Eicnetelary Treatise on Plane and Solid Geomletry," &ec. &c. TARIFF, pr IRates of Duties, frnt eand after the 3i day oa rlh I 11-33, until the 31st of December, of saill veer, iOm. al all goods, weres and I mcrchndize, intport. is. tile United States of Amarica, as as tahldIn b ants of eongress. Jagn rs I, and for sale by \V. MeKEAN, I Corner Camenp end Common street. RINTS- rese rirh liht fancy prints; datitistir faney de, In sces blen ptttic 'C~r.I5 & 01 dim c KEdl()VAI.. fI FILLI-,.Y ban reinivdi fr ?lkm no6 C oores ctree tt ?7 iumllal, near Iflyil iiid Ioa renileole by laot arrival, additila to thle rigil tnu bck, awhich n e tUe atlired in 5uautlitnia t) ruit pu)mPa Sr Ilich Sotina, plaio and [igu'ed. do do bilk audnolnn-l. do Gro de Paoli, plain dd figd. doe do jet nauiblui blk. do Rep Silk, plato and crd. do Gannzet Paplitin, I1,conaieo, An. Plain and knutted, Ctin Cbkoaglt & English Silk lltese Sulmriorembroieredr ae andi open nork dio do du Thrread, Mohlairo \iort, a nlCdott n hiose. Stewaroa tPoria made II S iGloven, blk, whuite 6,, nss'd Silk and Net Glave, blk, wlitei alind isloaled. do de and Ihtlo S eleon hgnared. SAl-n-boft.ea eRoaneto. cntsii-tiag oft FInch ailok and Sati otrimienin d al oiaedntrrid rein - tal irecian, Florenet, Ovlrown, ari'lnlsn, at Stlaws I'orbais, llead Dreulse, Winruat~ae, keamti.r, Flonwela t . d8 d . FII,|0EYl 7fG C1nI mrrel y IEarpseveall . Ffll.12Y 76t (loea nokstat i a PHILADELIHIA M IRROR. THE spletdiiid ptroniage wnrardoed to the Phivnen pitine Satutrday Courirer, ,ndcea the editors to rcon mace tie puLlinetinti, under ihe rlnve tide, of a thr It i rditiofs ,fleir toa hlmt jtrci I, on loa known as tihe Iorgest Family Nenwnseor itke Unite-d i St te.,iniliu a lint of near IlWEN.'I'Y -SIX THOUSANI) ,blT S Cth [tEltS. ITe noew oature reently in'oldinOm) of frittiiloUi r thetir realero witne kai t he t I"allc In-t Iili rature of ilte tdl hl'int proed p .o elnnileomltoc i-CnnE . i il, tne Ian with ete untiietiil. Six n-i onrile ithe cc icbnlted wriAtiard of Caltain Marreat, nod0 rity-finnve ai t er. Ilnrk'a ealualde Letterfraom "Eim rmope, cdlo bI~ea. publialid withott interferia;. widll it. ItPwo a) miiatnllolonnos reading. 'Ihe Couorer is the lorceet amid S tihreaie Ihoily noialnpatLr rearer Ale in re hi eno Atrvn, corm., atilero inl oteritntre, sek.t-etn eon rtn; it-t r Icrr l d, s iI r(},em Ient AgriC en to1 4 aor d e sirvY •ely\ to f tOis toa:!ally iltftNI e Wd il lt)t pla it e jl- trI.--o l (inion kall onreolo.s of atItical marketts and tone olfh lotnet dlotee. It in ulioilsed at Ike lona riee oef oVnP thin ni mal - Ul i llboriloers get valiumla bllo; Ooti - 'inlff lhnttct. ecl ni week onulgl to llna nolllooo Ilir ll-inn aohl lnelt to 52 ohlult ia yeta nrl eral ue ibi Ia1' t rline rcnl, weklyfiby at I.rot two iu iod , iibonoi - i libi., thimnl nl t ar ie olltmetmtle ntol nei ir-in," tol loriln, and trou the neik rodIeen , Iii i, hIt in eotllt ii il lroaini menlk ito atherprine and lirintor, .leorn, Woainro itito &I.KE & ,f Cnln, ih f lbo Shlie, to IC-pIn OIIr ih io ert :nllmoonr, int) ti (lr- onni-f Inue Fr tio Britiihras: e lich .inautmaoi burie io-, It heietellllmll-nt ianm tmetist, aic re le tit r th nill r'eri- l i,'atroiot. 'ril m ote ilr liie a lr trl-crolr, a -lh .-l tll- is - r nolinnerieiot iiide ire toh t hlinen llc imrllinh.l a ue ho e Il tehinadl liii i-nillt ati eoditimotrir II. Coutine ihl tile quaorto Fcii fn, wliohowillrendeoir inloluom 1o1t ii ,,i--i S rgnl'll~l)lt T(Ir ILL r udiu. .+m(n it is I)oundII ill a Vt~lil me. andI on ntinits f-ic frnmioliiatteamprea hrt.T (lons grantly loo11n.e iti VaIIe, T11l+; (kUAlt~lt EDITION. i Ullder tlhei title if tihe rHInLA eLPHIA lnn)oh. woill or tiini'eat wiit tie pulolicaiioor if the triize ,al io wloih wrk Al r ninillnl lie pirizer of $l(l. onWlittP Ibly tiea I emlil eitor of rthe nslnndidl Antiool, [in Tkomon nod oat [ou - if I'enonilSketc les mild )tler Vkllleltnn nontrinbun a- iloon; t Aoroican h.lirtatncre. 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Coinrcallor n"p-,,IC-,!:_'2.t NPrV IiO)OKS-TIhe Lnos of Etliquett vn" Sketches J' StrittrrlnnIid I,y the author of the Sp', &C &l I&II Iw IIvolie Iifernnd Dertlpn tl(JIfon A .Mlrt-l, and n naccnnnt o is lit-rtIt, I,1, il 8'tt'nil 8ftewn Received and litne sole b JGi III) l'( ll(dI & Cn ,4 Ciwrltreat ,V~JlJ, ' V\l'rcll. rlrmtieau atobinrrlyllllll ofa Illri li ti sheer. li t) thle I((1IIIII f 1· i()L·)lli , vac.C et III tll \ I, In I t Als l i ( I Aill F"'I` I lc, I't trssn r t fnt I 'II lnt C-I l I n IIIt, Alrei~dl by dl O'''CIIRISS I& e, aIt 17 'IF r, -sn 'rJ1EIl'nlicnkenln h Adlllie Sonaeoit"; a :liSloo-samlIII Kew Yearlls I'cvs,"nll1 THEli (:IF.r; al CIIIiJ~III: L and N ew Year's .'l 'tx~iseot Ilieilc~l III 8lint Bale I, IIOTCIKISS and Co, .~ "t 7 '!a Cl artlcs~trr ··t Ut ti ut m..aies o,.w suppl 111 81111 es ihali nt nbnt~ttntttic ttle at ItI It t-lt.! 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I'iroitssor ti Analtoin (ad iliterimo., t , episitessl l lI,.es i t oilatlitn lithe sann as in lhlm Untl,,izrit 1.ltof P %i taoial Hing5 9 g OUIGIL UN Ift .\iKlt'i-- short Ilistory of 'a G ,eLj oneey initd lan! utne in nthn Uietlu Saile il cI lludiganacont of I rvlncial and Conthilental Papler nllto to whihh oi iil O il lls I i i eliry iillth lt llPu ci caltlts o' il Sse. nd iltlo aOlmts as iN tihe ntilict on ts e stoees, cten b le sn oon nfur r n ie R &oi ii ,x1 rcho tf "the to ayt in n which Paper .hoey anld Mo i¢Yll,, Co(irpllos e elibet the. iutcrett of dliIr.nto purtiollm fthe nioll Intiniivu. Il \l'ile1. Giont. Second editio. Jol-t ecived n i le foorfoi.e by IIO'IUIIlI.I; of Co. jll. 1t .2 Chitnre.-st. cOOK, Nil s *T \l ES.--tanlo ' t'od's 'latent Ito t tar Cooliog I.3toves.i for wood or anthracite coal. WVe avn . oo!t received a foll suniply' of their celeorated .ttn yeonnfolli sze.euitlile for Flote,, Ilirdinen Houe.le alld lanr e alnd s ll ftmdin. 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Fli is nit article that taken up the nnint rlll'n i soe tt exended t in ninre dest'uctive to used on boari. f iond you bnielow ni estimatne of the t-hrr nn l pr cst ofilfol betweern the stoves. l:onut nffIel cnno elle by the old Gallleyn from Feb.hlth ttl sin Sonr th, 1 ionth, $1248 A l otoof fwin o nonootod le Stanlle,'n fron oMarch tIth to MaHy 4th, being I month and to days, 6 50 Balanle in foior of itainey'sW 'ti$5 8 Cint. I. S. Rrv. Cutter lecLane. New- e li lfrd, Moo, iiv t ih o '15. expenses of fanlliey nmonth ad n10 days i at namel ralio as n thIe oonth, oC Expeise StaInley's .nlole tin'e, 6 50 Dilrrenee in fnvor of Stnilen'trs $10 14 Packet Boat, ot.n Serpent, boind from Butalo to Ito m-eter, July 1lth, 10:f5. Ihuvine bee n re., estrd by a pascereer to express toy I nioiln ofl tne I tility nllle cnuiine-ieo of tinshe Rotar Soe o iullCanal'ckrtn, I nt itpea,d ton say that I halno lrdo full triol of 00e of the No., Ietarv nStooes an tns packet, aon finI it to o wer a cat l nli hhle emr npoe. Wre nre fie to bties roast no( boil, an, in fhort. tnen k the itthnol vnrieties of nloot, vegetabhln, ptdf ,ling, &c. fir 60 persons. L IIt O, \V'. Ci.titEt'I sc.-Thre life of (Voto. Cnblehett ifeiliuetol to tin tani, from the se cotL tLoneit o i n, inlii vol. Mhenonirs of the Liftn of thie riglt hnnenraolnl Sir Joinas Maokintoti, editod fty hit eon, Ronbert Jnones Nlaocin utsl, Esq. in vals. Thorista "ralea he the nithor of Talee of a Voiyager to the Arctic Ocean, io 2 voln. Jlst received onid or sale by V31. NI'I(EAN, dter t6 enrner of Cna tonn iadCtnonon et.s NEI W Pt tI.ICATIONS. LAVI Y AT" TIlE S(itTt, or th souh vndi ontetl frinlo thie treas. tnt ild fanaticis e1of tine northern nhslitionilns. I vol. 12 io. Tlhe iookn f tIotnuren, hoi Tio.ts ,nnphell amuoel Roner~ ltd Mark Akentnhle. I vol. 10 Mn. Tine Gentleman and Isdlo's Bonk nfPfolitoenitr'ndii prn pricty ofd i otetnt., de lisated to th - youth ofbhthn sex ns. Be Mnadanee Celnart, translated tnl t the sixth Pa ris tdition. Infttitre Tfeties, or nbles for the exereise and ma - nouvrrsa-if the tjUnited StatoI itifnntrv. B3e Mojor Ge ssern Scott, U S Armv. In i! I+ 1 men, joust ret€ivern and for sals by '5 MreiEAN. eornemp & com . .Et tifOKS.-Risnri. the last of ths I( r she asthsrs.of |eiloont . &c - (),Vt iN A TIttreei rt sun acsn f Jlfr th e ,-:n h or o f tNich e]Jeii i M s . C ie rt STITE OF ilt, FIRas JUDICI.t DII;rnaIT Cocrr. I FDWA.\RI ftnci))K2 ns 'ld CREDITORS. T iasordered by the court, t!m t nm et reg f the re. Sditora of tle inrolert, nth- ntl ti thoer intrerested, do tirke lace before II. bI. Cellt, EAq. .N.tany Puli, our Mndlayr, tlhe kLt dry of Dlav Enr, at 10 o'clclk A. iM. for the plIurp otdeliheriiolc" irl'.l:l .u the acl'idrs of the estate of the idaolitr-ii o n.piaoitti (if they deei it nesearSer) ether tinrides in thie lieu .0 tile slli dece ised ire thErir eppLoitllnlet Lv a f r;ixev I.etinr , or to eoflirl Ihepowicea oftl'th u ,rvvilllCg r y ,', all I o Soafer uporn hm suclh io r, rnli .ie Ihtlln srt. ilaritruc lions as the iltereot ftihe crclitors. of said estate Ilay require, or as may be deemed xipeCliet, And i ut i uri ther~)nidered, thnt lenry K Deni., Esq. tile aItt ruey heretofore appointed to represent Ihe asrent credrt.r., ere-appointed, aunrld notified tIo atterd said reoting. By order of te ll hn. Clharles WVitt, judge of saio couch thlii slet day nftl iarcl, A. I). 16l37. a3 2ew JOhN LH . I.EWI:rS t rtremi ere Dirict Judlinilre.--DA as l'e ikr, d'Ed Cord Irionks eontrees ilarenciers.-- I ret l erete iar la clrt, qoc tine sasenllee dra 1reo'iern de 'inti.l a ble, ut torntraoitrees y into..e. -i, ltli u Ibureao l de II. I. Cenis, Notaire pobhlic, s 8 dl Slui proehio al t ALeurrs du matin, al tie I ar tirce. lde i'i'atlvnlle, ie IIorne i il oe j i te eoivernable d'au tl'es ay .lies ell place des ivlll1· F , leC d,),u n- [o r onilotio iar n lle nar loille E l.ltoi rilelr on uollur iclleo Ilo, r lea I lourvir dru Gedi anriatllt el our lui re-ili vOtir do trio Iourioiroet lui d.eoir tie tellr in true.i LtrU que I'ilt,'rant des eracn'iers d iltlltio o pIiIeuvet exigr. At ii er rioa plu dc,'et-, quo' Itiry It. Duoi' oit lo llne ahlart ri-devn llt nillllluIi o-r I' rert tvri ies cratlclers absenllt, t Iutin c d'etre prucetl a rette .r'rctublee. Par ordre de ('lho. Clharles \att. j:lge dudit onur, ce 31 n mors, 1837. a6 .t(iTIN .. l.r'tVf e, r-hne. NNUALS FOR lo3df.-Ile:,f'o tlc'.ii 0,1..' .u-" ut iiiitoa fir 1836, with 25 splendid ei.rolo''il , by tho ubet nrti-t, after druwinis, by A. an . o rickeo"s, I. I'irolhr' awig ,raoni lio Sup Buck for 1336, with treticol Illustrations byv I.. E. I.. Tlhe toke and Atloa tie SoAtventiir, Christmaoa' ed Niew 'ear's Preocnt fur 158356, editel Iiy S. . tio(;uodriclL. 'her(lit) u Christolas' nod New Y.ais' Preoentedi oted I c lim Lmsie.i I"roAect-re-Not, a Chri'tomos, New Yutor's and Birth :lay Present for 11:16L, elitod lv 'Fredeloric Sluhoel. T'rie Friendslhi s OrfliriSt,""udl Vionu n's Wrerith, a (Cu"attune andl New ~Iear's l'rc.iot lfi" 1136. I'The Reli'iooe Souvenir, a Chriitm;ni, New Year's and Birthday Presei t Lo r 13t6, edited bri'hnauuOev Col toll, I). I). r " ' T'he Juvenile FLrget-eNote, a Chrit: oa and New l'ear's (Gift fir 1836, editled by Mrsl. S. C. Iall. LThe Pearl.or Abictioaru Gifi, a Chrinstmas ad NewI tlYear! Present fort "36. The Poetical Annuol for 18l6. being eelction finia tile Etglia. Poets from Chi r mner to Beantie. 'Thre Inflhil'r Ainual, or Mother's Olit.:riog The Youtlh's look oftlne Seasuons. ''Ihe Artist, or Yous Ladies' lustructor in ornamen i tal Pointinrg,drawicr, oe. by B. F. Gunnloc. Elements of Drawiug FloPer Palinting in opaqueo and tranparenIt watercolors. by E. E. Pertin.o. Flora and Thalia, or (Gem d anud Poetry, bin n al phabetical arrangement of Iluwere, wtih appriite illus tt'utiuns and colored plates, by lady. TLe .LengUage of FlOuwers,2d edition. Peter 'arlev' Almani c for 18:iA. 'ihe Ameri'ca .mnanae and repository of useful knlowledge, fir tile year 1836. Time Nnaluticl Altnatoc and etromonamienl Eplhemria fhr tihey'ear 1836. flie German Almana fior 18:36. Just received and for cale by "WM. M'KEAN, e.. crnersof C('00 ad (Cpn llllln(nO cit. N EW 1WBOOKS.-Ensy on tihe Rnate if Ign, with t•ancxaminatlon of ihe causes of thle difliroeneesin the condition of the laboring population tltrougbout tle world, by H. C. Carney. Clintun IlBradhrw; or tihe Adventures of a Luawyer, in tau vols. h''e America Almanac nnd Expositor of Useful Kniowledlge, fur thie year 1836. For sale by iov ") " IIOi'CIIKISS & Ci,.. 24 C(hartres t. 0I0OK AND JOB PRIN'TING, And ilan/.- Book loiianif'tory. SItEE subsrcrtl'r respectlfully inoornis lis friieild and I the lubli tlhat orne has, in counnction ith hIis book and stalolary store, no uxtllnsive I'nlling Ofllice niiod Bohk IBindlrv, and is reiidy to nulertakoe tile prilting of I' olleuIrr, Cards, llanolk Clheck, CrCaunlogues l.eoal Notices, Bills of I.tdillg, Loabel, Bill Forms, l)rav Receipts, Auction oand Shcw 3ills. Also, tile Biding of Itoooks and manufacturing ol Illack BookoL anry size or descriptiou.i N Courer cf Camip ani Common Ots, opposite Richardioun's (kLite inlhep's) H(tel. j 3 ar1 ANNUALS FOR 11'3.. • IF; JUVENILE FOIGE'I'.NIE.NO)''T. a Ch'lisitmns and New Yiar'' Gift, or Birth lI):i 1'oreent ftur r18:3. Edited by Mrs. S C alIl. tlrATH'S PI(r'UcESIEIO AoIINtc, ftur (133, embellish ed witlh 25 spleorlid onglravioes, Iby thie n it arti-rto' L'nLITICA . AiioioI. , beitlog meleioollo foi. tile Eog liil poetO, fiom Spcces to. leattio emolliolled wioh portrait ad 24 illustratiois fiomo drae ings by 11 OCr 'I'Ei REL.LinU SotviEnIR, o ChLi-riltla, Niew Years,r and Bilrth Day iPresant fr 1'153. Editedl bh Clouuncev I Cltuon, ,D D. Jest received and far sale Iby WV M1 iKEAN, l od e 12 e-orierCamp inI (',oionncn. UNITED STATES D)lSTRICtoOT' COlRT, East District of Louisiunla. in A'dmiralty silting: IN olbedience of an order ot this Court made on motion Sof Ilenry Sockert Esq. on the Il6 Jo ou ' 18Ji, re quiritt a statenlelt of thle lolies reainio g lo-puitoel nd unclaimoed in tile Registry oftheCourt, tIo ,e poh. lished; specifying the cnaes--dats ofodeoosit aud parotiet interested of Rec'dv , the utndetrsigned Regitrrar reportc loe sumn of $1232 4., remainini g unolailcd-iil the uhi lowling cases. \Velflord Stevens vs ship Vaolhinrtnn 54375 DeCIpoied on tie Registry Atlg. l9, 1817. Bein" the proceeds of sale of the versel of wllola tile owners oppear to lot BowVen &' l.b bito, Jndames ason, lNion \Wilcox, W\Ver.n Ilisho,--residence not on Record. SI osler I)hie re certain Goods, 537 10 de ofdelloeit l.Alle 1th 1817. J Smith vs 07 Ilogh's of vin, 79 30 date ofldephlsit July Silth 1819, no claimant on 3iit hIell et dlI rs Schooner .th Jonnuar y, 17 I.:trs Jan. Ilthl 18 12, Ievin BozoLan. :'tvoluut N u claioloant of've;sl Winlter et tll vs rsloneam Iot Napoleon 'J 1 date of depleoit Dec. 28 1129, talance of the roceedrs of the osal of the Napoleoa aiter pyn cug claitlnlts. lBoat claioned by Anderson o 111 ler, of Iouisville. Victor David ts stealm hbnt Florida, :0 8 o cfle l deit Set 14th. 1831, J T Iaudile's v dllie clai nllt. Hayden Pertrv et all vs lrilh Sally Esther, 0 dlito tf deltoi, "toav 9tt 1239, owoero of Sally I Esther, 11'( Clark; Jolhn Lillit. Richard Doo bornl and FI Richards of l'assachuletts. Ando in obedience to the firther ordelr of the said Court the owner or owners, and all anld every othler ptroonl or ersons halil or pretending to have any right, title.,i n tereso n r doiol oot oro to Ile saeoid oooios err h.,rehl eio td anllod adlllollliled to le nd a )l);art o t ae District Co LtIt of the U. 8. for thle district aloretaid to be holdlen on 111o third londayv of .lao 1336 at 10 o'clonk a. at. n. a0 1h City of New Orielits to lakoe their claioln thereto or shllow callse why such disllposition thereoof ohollod lot be mnoldo as to tle Court Ill soe meet anld proper. By order oflCourt, IIUNCAN N IIENNEN, Registrar. jan l0-ol w f3mF NEW WORKS. T IIE NATURALIST'S OWN BOOK1-Comonprioio g dcneriptiono s ald i t'lelntic anlecdotes of Qlladruip eds; scientifically arranged eeorlding to til sy stonl of Couvlect v the authlor of the "Younng Iton', (llo"n look! i I'IIENAt'I'UtRLI. HISTORlY "OF INSECTS-Ihi two volumes--vol 2,foroaing no. 74 of the "Flaily Li hrary". A digest of the LAW OF EVI ENCE IN CRIMINAL CA.ES --by Ienry leacee, Esq. with notes and reoli ll0re0e to .\lmericnll decision, and to the Enollish caollnu n lawo alnd eeelesiisticol rports by (George Sllatorsnool. 0Oe DI.GloOoos or ISroEASEo ofthe ClHEL--Ihonsed ulp oll thie eollaorison t f their lhysical and geonral signs, by I V \l erhord, O l). PRINCIPLES OF PATHOLOOGY, AND PRACTICE OF PItl'o c-By Jo,1n Mtackintosk, M D., frool tho last L.oo nll edition with notes and additions, by SaniucI G(e. llorto, , 11 D, in 2 vol's. 'Too, A.nERICntc U0QIcTRLY IA .Et.Iw--No 30 for I)rcenlreer I1535. Just received and for sale by f 12 WVo, McKEA.lN.eorntr ofl(:tIolo aool CoM. o t. .CRNIT'tIU.-T-'l e eo.. ;.<rihcr. Iont tree . d on"1 schil Slh1akslielr, thefloolwinoig eplelooid now lolciu Sony furniture, whichl tlhey olfer for talc on liberal I 3llt ilognoy Rockingclhaire, plain and earo:.' rllt hairclot, hlueo, scarlet ancd Iolrple pllusl l .arohtr velvr t oonod wors.ted daoloaso scatl!eo o It hogto oy frolleh parltor cl'hasin with dlolnak halir cnat, 2i dt do ldo olt ploi 12 dl do do do crimson worsted dantask, 13 do Gr(ceialt do d hair cloth, : do Froech Burger chains Maroorn Moroc l2 donlum. chlains, 1 air roacLhes, I evcrct tanlld-A.I SNew York nimake anl lerfectlv ocw. f 15 IlUNIIA It o. 59 Trhiopihuloon ';AS WORKs. HTAVING on hand a large quantity ofC okeart lt Tar, ofsa oP ElOR q0lu LOTYordwera.will oil at the Gas off.ce for ltla dloltvry oofthecV in large or srall quantitiesl. JAS 1IrlA HJISTOIRICAI. Menoirsof My (0 L 1 1772, to 1731, hy SirN. \iý{" rha Posthumoooso I' erf .1-) training a foithal ,el ' it, adIventuromoalLf - re1ponldij ntr " h .tamel of t?--. I1. ,i lip,' I/is- . les taont aul esl Omen,? A.grero Ofirc. "IT AMIIT'G \ IIALL havinge oirre-e an fliec at No. 1- 14 Ext-hO ih e Place, lur tle tr'ntiirtilu of told nesre dtiveP o Account.., Colicotiug Itrito, Trruolo ti setc.;ti ll aRe to write up anud k cp tradcmeon lsLtk. eitler- Ii a i' nonth, yenr or j ao, nad is costrl-ot Ifrotle uexparl o ...e ri has hdi fU ..... s aIirf o yS&e.OSt ]?L i in some of the i t respectable houses, t e rang -eneral sai.siei, O. titr who rtayplhat.e i t uemploy him. Ho ph.-dcss !l--elfthat all dentt eotrurtsd to his tcar', will reie ' t s best attentiin; aid friotllbhis know ledge ofand nloc re 'n .rce isot this city. Ite off rs is cr-. sires mith its fullest confitleoce, .t is raese jut he • llcive security fur I .f e 5 illthnttl aCtltiilotig li e e es Tri nhlatiott. tt. snd frta tire Frchuol and 0ll nigh longusor he will li .ise utltnd ke t eoecttte with despatch andoorrec ta . s. 8 Iveur Aese Orleats. ..loblr 1.1886. U'IC ACCOUNI fAn ft :. I'sSInI: . . Ar;E.NCY AND iBRati RI JO OItFIC E, [14 r~x ankrs Pittoe ] - I AMIL TON II I.L, or 's the I.,lt wilg Lan do .I and L.ots for sal, viA: I N TIt..'L--, :1 lcaces, on tie rioerheN.ti.t', i ti to ati a i na .. r oadi ilrge do otn the Triunidadl , aI on the Nol w:lolt, .5,i "l fn Red river, "t ott .ii c lie r r oek, ea- the 5 dr ' er lies, 1 do hn i ,een Villageu creak d Pine .Island I dt on ts. head waters ofl Uay r. 1 itt nlt tie Al~rctlitts, ii d i .it sr|s:.'i*oluiv I d, end, I77 arRso id rci'r,i i .tlie ab.s IBoi d'art, I do on siedrio.r.. t ti on tihe Sabine. 4; I:tils Itlo, \'o lerry-, I do nuearSlpturl l L., eL miles frut.N Ried river, I io Ott Millis Creek. i-2 d 3 m .lt fre Line's I~s.i'r", 31tago.:la Boy Ir l dO theo Bay of Corpula Cri-st, Several scrip, of 640o aers, unelmnte,' I)o nfnne legnue o tin Iit0 Acres, sol.liers' iiunt Latd. All tii, shove l nnis are sell sit-ated, cri-r ,.r [e - uatursorl settlers. Tile titles are indiosputabl,l udi ull gunoroir-ri. AltO.--700 Acresitu.trd near new livi.r. i t"o t blout ten iniles fromn thle MiJ i.i-ippi. to tvric l t 're is a grod rtad. 'There are rabout 40 rrts at 1 sent, under erton cultivautioi. 170 Acres near Ibervill, Ln., conrdcotton land, hea iiilv ilv tirrlrireal, wtit a caneri uorit.oru. l l. 172 Are tle o I A riri kabiut 3 frrnrrthe Mlisisnsiippri river. 4 Lots, in Fauburt rWashingtron. flouting Ruo du port, 3 fees 9 it.l by 131 ft. i int. it ieprth. 3 I.otp, in Fsuebosre" lIrigtto 80ilift fr.ilnlt aac, ott Unola street. by 120feetdney, bctweun la Iue Liirerali sns Forcy. 1 Lot inr Phillipspa t. 84 ft. frornt. i v 6 de-p. lTo'eother, with coverl other city Lois, whichl arnu of. fered on arccmnr odatin terrms. irlln' NE\Y MUSIC 18001K-IN PAItIN L' ,XUi'ES. M ASON'S CenC:r Itll.u, a tew eollectir , of sacred .Ll music, (sterotitypred ir mtelt pro rrt1's) ur'r.'tged Ito I'tsIcIi hlirsonr Sithr ofI iss' iiiirsr Ilullil InIdI lanin Stlciety Collection Cllhurch Music--lthe Ch1il. oii Uiliol SClletilon--.srnl Siui ra-S-pilritull l So , Sc.-mI,-ll hy Timoihy .Miasoni, Pr'rriesror iit thrilctie Aturih-nmy nof .l usic, Cinciiltnti. L iiub lir td l' tiiii b ' iinu i l, i Ihlrokselleors, I :ilCillll.ti. 'halonso's Stcttrd Ilarp' is aellrited to thie witri of all denomhrirtionsrr. lThe vmr'iety of imetrles is Itch i lt iroCtr lia o in a.y other colhection of musici. INut SerT fiw I i;'mllrs ore cirontoirted ill thie Ilrmll bIrkis of' the dliiffreut il.nnilOillatiosr of Cbhistinialu for ohiclh a ioiie nlar ilot bie I'isnid in the Sacred Iili.pu. I conrtlinlla grelt vorirt'lv ol vert) blattifill isllhl astill hynn ttunes a colElCtir lf interelting tt nlte st, set p5icces, acltrd sonisn, sttiteiyCes lld chants, whih aIIre shIort, easy of performsance with out instrumentalt aidi, aplr''opriate to tihe rntius oeltan "sion of Christian worshlil, the waits ofsilglnl s.chotls, mtiustm societies, and srtleasiiR it d usiltt to iitngers 1olr theit'ownllrvatei utt ellcetandl itril'ovt'etIIt. lThe iihI cIottain-i- mit h Ne it lad vluC tibile Iltsirc, which lhss been lnswn tI e highest souills ' ft mu" - sicl inste aid science in EiI'Op e., UsIpeciall i t (Germla Vy I hs bseen ihe canist altim o hel eathor' togise ao nllction of tunes, that shouldi be casily lhared adi • easlil u lgn . T`eacheran of sitiging, clergni'ren and i o lthers who are t n sill so rtieetlil a tie ici l'icliioii of Iliisi idr ilrdll e cthrttht, iththshIs been pt.iated t xpilssly ftor hc i Sorl ilrirr itr i s leceived aid for stal by IIC:PCLIKSl~S & **. epCt1 .'214tts.I I t elrt 19 024Cm ~l1i~sSIII [ A 1NSr\ORVTH'lI'S Latin and English D'ctionary, 1 Viroill)elphini,Valpy's lloer, rllrovetlh Lexl con)13, Botlt~hnlt's ,ireek ralnl lor, M\loorn e ot, Ju"enual Dellphiui, L)Aid Delphiui, Soil 'iii Delphiui, A,.thun's iI tlulu, , anrt, Cice ro, Greek Tiestamlents,ll J.l'a l~atin Graummar, \\ilon's Salluot, Washi gton's Vita, Bo oHr's Frelllch (lltnlolllr, Cubji'. Spllli.l (irlolllar, NeuuIat and Briredia Spanish nnld English Dicotzuary, Sritushow's Hlitory of England Sout.,l America, F,.rans, Blake's Natural Philosuphy, lm oatural History, Ghldsmibih' do W'.odbridge,a Ge:graplhy alulirt: Bruo's Sotecn ofdo, Blake's do M urray's English Gratmmar Abrildteent of do Smith's productive do Comly's do Ingersoll's do !ten it's Arithmetic, La.roix', do Colbltru's do Pike's do Co'itas do Turrov's Botanv, Blake's do Sctt's Lessons, Totke'o Pantheon, Parley's Geoera Lhy, I gl Stloodl ll.eder, Atmertlau epeaker. C,,l'o SOltmr, \Vheldey'.- t:oCmpo.l of li-ttr, \Voe or 's Ill,tero , 5lebstr's nod yrieothaow'.s [Didtiun aloiesnd \Vebtter'A Spelling Book. \Ielotvoe o. .lobs, Parly's lat. sd aod 3d Book of liistors--fir Il/ IIOTCIIKISS & Co, 2.1 'h.rtrs tr. .jU 'NGINGSO'I S Iluman Pmvsio'.iulogv,i ol. do Genferal I'lthrupenatic', do Elements of Ilygieue Dewe s an CIildren do Femalesa do Sysltem of Midwlfer do Es.syso llrner's Palholttieal Aonatlomy ultoek' a Physiology tlui rssen on Fever Cl.och on F.en alea Broseot r's Phleogmasie S rcudla,, treon Gout and Rllheumatiam BIhl3kall on IDropsy J AI itllll n Clilmateso Polis` I'har ltactlogia "1'u, tlreir' Surgery teck's Mlurray Clark's- on Pulmonary Csoumnption Co.per on I)islcatitns Irlnter's Special Anatlomy Coo. tr's Iacturel Iil on ie Ilood Mackenhrn'e Branden Ctxe's .marican Dispensatory Ilichad's P'y.eioltgy I'itt'h's De, ntal Surgery ltilhard'slL Principles of M'edicine Thatch :r's Dispensatory l'orsale by IIOTCIIKISS COI felt Ill 24 Chartres st. ' 1SI2 AN)D S--OTI W \VIIISK 'aY ite sale byh A SII. INSKEI'IP,53 Canal streoet, who has ctonttlyl i nt hod, tld Copnac, lioninae. and (ihatitnr Brnt - dlies; I!lltdud Gin,. \Vcrp, Fish, and olther brands; Jia sico, St. Croix adl Gronada rud ; surlrior L. 1'. Ma ideira; Brown and Patle Sherry; tlrpe J.e anl otlhrr furl; I.isbont, renetrife; Pico.tlldetra, Si.eil. dl; iChu. pai-n o. Ilurgundy, C l re t, , & t. nts of the ,ir t i e .cription . _ - tb I2 71II lF, Chinese,'a een.ratl ,tesalitlittof illt, Emteihe of . ('biso ant its i.,lhaliilaSl. Ily Jol l Fratocis Ia ,.., Esq. F R S, 'c. In i vol, being Noe. it0 al i "lt afllburper' Family l.ibrar. l.cltres ma Young ladies, by Mrs L II Sifournrv. New etlilian. 1I37. " 'irriid,'s with a Lilfe of Joh l "...- / R OGERS' PATENT BALANCE FIRlEENOLYB, -'i-T e shcririn sare art tnuhaturirng at Wset.. ford. Snoatogo co. N Y'., on an oteoroive rcale, Rogeao' Patent Balnane Fire Engine, at d cte cojnyol tude I0 heitate to rfecnltooed it to rIea poplic as rt eilo . peior to nor- frirengir.e now known. It ban kismet, rinby rikilfil ltginrot-e.a o the U.S. Arlnaul atl Gb '. honotille and Washington, and by them, poeounced to be superion to any lotilr. 'the Governrment Arsnal at Washington i h ltvr supplied with one of said otngia., and the propriet'.s hove jist conpleted a contract with thi governmentt for th suopply of all their proinipal a iThis Engine corinte, the adonanged of ore power at le cost than any other in nne.and needs to t e ea auined adl tried to ensure a preference to all others. The annrtoneurner, in ell casr, warrant their Efa tines, in s trial will otiers undoer equal circonmtaesn, to perform more a anll l a other 'ngmne,or tno ale. Pricer or the Foorooro. oitrh plain miOaitg, 'ThrOe deigtcd f r'h e, dwit, ig O ga gllops ef water per u,.te, p h $700 1 tmen, 1l1r gallons paVr tminte, 650 n12rn,III0gl I I .o o ri-o- ,.Onto tt. bSt. 'th cbor e prin ce inclot ti d icrion hooen.oeolloe ,.S, Thir nliu keep "nro:ta-oo nit h.l d, bo.I loading end unct:io hole, whic!r; lla ii rf'rnish to order . o low a it con ho lounct in this countre. Th'Io errrngemelrnt for mPnufactlring said engians are uci,, tIla all orderl cih be lpuncltully.i attendedto, and e icllte h wilth nr- grrentct porsitlo depatbhi. addrdao. od io tir. euh.'ciloernt \\orWarlo, Saratoga no. N. V. ; 1. PLATT & ,o. .rco itiroi. (Ot.23, l8I3t. I rrtiothor tiihl v tont lcld c loiU:jillthltrd ie tr.inl iW. ch. at li trflird, ootonir cct . No Iv Vork, withr one ot tok bet erle- Icl oo. or th o the l-PUatip. of the aio ucN'w Yoork. The trial was mo de io toocortiororaoa ye rd, ao I frl. the expeieIcL 1 .llt peI.nuded that the englie of It ger;' Pat llt will hro et inmre -inter, and at a greater ditanucc, wilt the application of leess power, otan nor ltorporotron c nrgtn, e. I footereer o froo t4 to tiotto fnir mnooe trot rr- beet on. "lurk etgort s cor 0 Init" ..llidJ otoorcrr' cc Itorlooenes , reatono why it rhoutld ot eo i'ot general use. B -i', ", it la. nother oo h, a:tapg; t call hr fioinrihad at OucOL ien .ct"t. J.I311:S GULICK, C hiefl o ghioner of 1' I'ire I)epateatllt 'lilttr, almy 9 11.134. I most c.tforfilly eonplv witll it request fiol m. 'lunt & co. g ive iyl opinion in relation to the Fie Engine of Ro'er' P'tnonl, ianllnfactured by theL at Wuterford, Sara', ' N. . 'The erporatioi, t L'of C;e hove purchased one of the above mentioned en t.r' t, t'd rilom repeated trials, I d not hewitnte to pronton 'Ice it decidedly superior to any olier fire enginle ntw irn t'0,nofr whtCo I have aayknow. ledgl ; rdll! do Ur-utr tlln' ,.eucr in tlhe certifricrte of I Gulick, the chniefongi oeer o.' itl- New York Fire Depart mlent,in relation to ito merits. TIhe p Ip oftlhisliaeii is ceontrucl00t in s ilnle Vrlio t,'r, anod is 80o er x.eed . oiwtrpli'.nad cc little liole to grit itut ofrpanier that 1 o not hioeitte tloonv, that in ioy jvt 'minte, t willeooe supersedo the sno of the uotnul pi t. ti enOine. J 11 OSTROM, Chief Engineer of the Utica Fire ,'lerprtment. N. 1B. One oftire above Potent Flgies o.dle largeset size, was ordered for Fire Cc. No. 7 u. New Or lean, whlich they have receied, c ied and accepi. The Engine can be seen at any time, by aye ,pi ilo to SAMUEL E'KIP, Agent foir the taucfoert urnero Corner of Povrdras & Tchoi itouuls sttp . N. O. P. S. I will garanotln to hnveto engine delivered im Nrew Orleans within fIount mooth froo linre the ordsr it gien.o SE K. j IrGm I)ELIGHTI'FUL S1M3IER RETREAT'. HIE PASCAGOULIA I(oIUSE is now lan for the T reception of cmotarocy. This delightful retreat i situated on the west honk of tle I'Pnsca.ula eay, at isn confluence with the liulfof tMexnio. The s,,.' :o;a es levated, and cutllllod n ll exteon;,r . rr t Dy and Loke, anti it only seperutr'd r'. iulI byt a chili oflrlnods, whichl lay fron:l . o wl.lo coast I C'n A. I0 miles off. The Proprietors fteel t' oili : thexron:- '. " the patronage of the poast n.n.i. (.to '-'... ,'e ' flor a retrnoftll e rllllar te '-.'o-..:, oot . L "' rheir part will he oomade to rendervisittnre cnntoolnabie. Fila clud oretern will be ltad in Iabndaetn. and enrte article of Ibot and luxury, which the counatr r.n ..l , will supply tihe table. Connetet: aro t' . ' " > -i.L orent Ire wll ihe net aplaretnto for Balkltg, ale, two Billiard 'l'ble, antd towo Nine Pin A lleys. To tlius lo are foond otf por'ting, saonll lnoel wi be Ifound along tihe shore, aod by gling a shrit dite - II the interior, deer and oth.r large anul!ls caell found in abunodan.c and, for thuse fond of the chane, a Plok if tre bern ofn Honnds aroe awaiys at eoormenl. The, l._drinkjlti water is from the Spring, and ilee A nv of the Boats plyin belrnwren this City and Mobilt trill land passenrersa thle Pier. The dliireulty of geninl from the Pier to the house in smiell bIats, partnicuarly for ladies and cllildren, has nlwnavs been all objectiol to those visiting the establishmelnt, is now obviated, as the steamner Alert plies twice a week between thiR and Pas cseoua. and will land her ptasengern immediately at the hkenc. C. & M. J. ineRAE. N. It. The Liquors are of the choicest kinds, having been nostly implrced for the establishment. J26 BANK CHECK BOOKS. C IIECK bhooka on the following banks, viz: Mer. chlants, Exchanne and tinlking Coe.. Orleans, Mechanics and Traders, Louisiana, L.uisiona Stale Atchafalaya, Canal atel IBanking Co., Comnlerciasl Caorlnokn, le provemn et Co., irn, Citizens, Union and City l)tatks; ficr alne Ity IlIJTCIIKISS &s a.. jan 10 1, Chartres 110Cl'CIKISs & CU'e. Cctcl9N'I'I:lG iHOU5E DIIECTIcRY, FOR 1837, J UST publithed. contanuiga list of all the Dlnks, D4i Sretiers. and Dieeont dant, Intenalnce and ther Cnnitnaltiee, Tairif'f the rates of clharges adptnd by the Crbalnler ufCommercs, Aauctilleers,enrrial anid de opfture of the nnails, Fureiga Coenie, aut&c. ne., pub. liistid ned for sale by HOTCIIIKISS &CO. j:t4 21 t'tharrees t. )lit I'rTlnK Ell Pti NS.- l'ntrt n lP 'err).ay Re. c gultir conl Pen. This ten rel einteutil, by mentas tir lc.gtiringednetg, enmtain sall cite eas mind itoredia f thcirt l iet uillite nitmay also be made lr tie ou.,n. to n it itl hamt or tateof thle writress and lielyom otvin lte t ring higher nca latler, ao .etinig t the dedgee To tall te Pncrwian Elastan inFomle, Polan. iy thepa. dollar eeantrllceii o fd tins etirrclynea instromentc aare tttlltr is 'hat Will eonain e, suniect ink to write thirty lines with one dip he ilsi. ily ofe inke ronm hi nit in parte a cmot agreeaii e stio nessatl fret edom to let. tris, reilderlng it ius apl able oi at grligeruig t ria in. Te ell tl. of Cetlness oru pecff ns nwr ling e edtla ously this pen will t ef P t n.e all inalattlge oaerqieti.llmu Patle Pelintn Foultanin Pen., wr.tttstn wricem clat, flly litel win Lu oe dip of ik. T hes e ink frolm thin tnte" istulment foins itn anll even actd lltnl interrupl ntrca,,, exactly proteciecred to Ithe ntn,-ngith nf the lel. itrSlinnte, thus llnicohteig a gsneo r euailnild b y in the Itlt l lr h r IuberuSlring Pen. Thianeel alcli. iiait" Io Cerntcoltn tli ani an ence atliltn elhstanciy hlie uravea.d ndl liwllht ue l sneclre oiteic Paic,tt Pertil inn Pnlk. G(ls licircllPent iLlt r en. Thtese ,enswill contain a gratersnpl y nly inilt itan nay yen icletc ted, r siadl fo* . nidility anl claatieity cannotbe surpas1nd by any othler lttllpOnytd Luasr Pecruvian Steel Pes. Jost lee ived i.tll fr Bale by W3. Ml'KEAN, ang 28 eorner Il Cantp and Common ats, 7 I31 nsubscribkera have an had nle d ffer for Sale th 1 ftlio.vinggaod.,entitled to debnhture. hmiatieon Miadcrascn nasilliputem and Pnllnloate hand. erccrteif,; iitnlic silkn patternsc , e. do; printed call. - tte', dark etd light ground, 7-il and 9-8;pilated ebhiaa end ,enlbrice, lightgnrouandl-8 and 9-8.6-4 namnhrlnke 4l,.1,nal 41 1 2 iches width; 9-8 blened power ia nintiners; 8.4 blue and hblecn ehinsz smalnlet 'Ij tdn lac,, bite. purptle and aother olores assorteld e' tnrts; blaehk bhtn, purtle and olher -"lore, n, rlve.teen; ctntleskitnS anssrted cuit.. : ,cS ndilti gr;;ol;d and light blue, n.t.rctld; lent, ansorted qualities; 718 itptcierjuJ alicoes as Arltines37 an2 d . in' dintiatc red; tIVrst of ceiehitod thita" llinl ftl.n\ rlor laastinee, blatk - ;,cvrt,!; finc, twi'clled i.tjies , ni:l blt.striles; h* 4 £!'ji in he----wJI2 " V

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