Newspaper of True American, February 7, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated February 7, 1838 Page 3
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"ech iMI NlIOPAI)Y ·rOTICES. S he- police prison of, the 2r1 mn S ith lust. a negro hoe named MIA 1.Ri, Iliyers aoldyaaye he belongs to the tllw Oeilm.. raisyng , ' Y . 'Ph L. o 1 e ril prove proenpeY, par cherges, and ,. hkl hih e b ar .h- r tl'agdR, Sain of the Watch. WAS broghtn old ol n blea g d "I k eowy Vraoe propertyy pyohege and "-ll, rTy " t8 HARPER . Clpkin of the Wlch 'T tgU e tvla nt a nriatto key neied b teat, a ont s2 ay s ol, to y eos btlos rri.o eL hll m orbit er, nownerwilil ptroe property, py e hare and SImmse. Captain o the Wath. !h.Sloughi tot s a o prion tale S at, aIed Bsdilo, at years old, ayrahe blong t b hail t oeM Comachser. lil owner will prove pioperE y psaw harge and IJanS Opiaroa !foa t AR in e WaIch.l khlsieaske'r4o" sione l oto h w08o lw g a 1 O lo Wind s la n, tb e l, Nails, C, IARDGWAUR. 6 tlke u let 11.r eald altrape 3 " nenatn hines p b osadIafrolitona h0ahW ams C u a eiCs C ig iiies * i an Y lukiead rouo d ion use d '"liala hoophin wsll motid to ie tsodriesh ons 160 bal oT r l a do f ames ofhaeClron hMW ·* llt st d lueere * n Aly 3teEl AVE 'qusrea and round Iron mss oed 4 lt l, made Bxplror ploughbir r !m bu*slMs htp iron wel blasserted *1 " etAmericean do do fb a sbeaeniirgn ssteelaws is 0Taw blaly Tin I (onesp s , oapla ds py r nplogh , NAIL. 1 hndles best n glis ed, rismer to 6 nt h 04. p Burdean's poaet ori se hdo mouldso 0e a a5sbpnoom atnel I4 pigs Dano Wds boalh t manufcries, FOsrt from NA. I to 4. 4 bone play ilsrne d Liue ailb e l as sorllbsd, ro5a9t I a .d COOA DTAE & Ve. l0 ogis ot snails asserted, rope ad h1areh S" Burden's pat horseshoe molds I 0 olghs of Wools a oer manoacterie as With aens of Clai sford od it arg s tlan, welt as hipsorted, ltroim 79 I. 6. COOl AND NAVAL 8TORE. I l ass ed tarred rope and h eri 5t6 do anitla rpe ad ser dN 3 Ol anainh' ropn. . . CIIARTIet SlREET; IA jt reeined byfrm the YOO fathom Ns w York JJ a e, r mppy oR p ing yarln, a perior art cole s ul asuppy M nl, me ri n bt etrined d lamp Oil er lidd r l e 1up er, o s, h ych Lined il loti t. I ld d l at whtt and reTirpen. do o panish Itrien. aw OLAN, Jan. i, I l t'i. 14 CItARTIES SxT'REET; a h eithtpply of spler . N cloaksINTO, a IrtiOt co S a Ind md rs s ill Iri dedprtdhtia tlii.r ee Ior er.i hk e vsove port.i ýroilih together il a -or rafil apply of Ilonel, merino, d a k and ilk irorelo leb r. ied ow t who a and oomuretail. 'ITexas. BItYAN He fndlstev, mtia chll re SANJACNTOle ig *e,lunrr eird will be despateaed li week Iir - es Ialpt 'iuet y nlport. Fo r m alit e o2 hrein ts, lll0li~r or poeultg havint P upnrnior accolnmo. finns, apply on beat:, at to jlb W CRYAN, SiComnmn, stret. FOt Vr O, li-Al.Y-'l'tiN. . AR , o, S.fines rogalar pcket lerlooer VAWILLAM ItIe rdnd' mloter, martlr, llrt r cer fre•igrl fned r u deing board, w ill e d besptedpo rtr, . h veietmn onTue. F orrb alhaonFceb of fmibbls taune,aapily on board ppi Jenretn ttret j o WM BRYAN, Com etrert. SFO IiALVE'i'ONTEXAfl tnhrgMELdNd seopt atesb , will b e des p-grhed sd the i hoer mitt thiwek. Forie i pas htIagepdyLa 1on blmoppoipse Jore apply o 'WMt Bs.YAN,tiG eb 5" 56 Common street. O O VLAU, AlZOIA COLUMBIA -AS . lorEa mELINE aster, wilt be dchd esor patche do porthe wi ihoue pat d this week. For ,l m ight0 hl or pakgot ,tpplyh o po e, applysit 4louisstorto WM aRYAN, ebt 56 Cnommon street. FOR VELASC, ItIRAZOIA 4X COLUMBIA. - SThe. irior deoghtw coppchr SOUasTHne biN. Eli, ll ylord masteri , m will be depa hed or i e thsbove porte ot delay. ft. r freight, oapply otI bor.lopoaie o elsage, apply i o ra od pa ioat, or no WM BRYAN, feb5 56 Common etreet. redy to takeilreigt,s dwil h dinpntclsed . fellWMRYA - 4Cmo tet !ivo "al laFeight or v; . 1OR IREIGHT OR CHARTER. The aewsohooner CASKET,J Marchant; tmute. 100 tons regisoer, oppejr fastened carriest761 ba.rels, Bails well, S in 0good or. Apply to le captain on board, fdot of Jeffer sea street, or to CHASE & DIXEY, feb . 6 dlstom Houas street. OR FREIGIIHT OR CHARTER. The nebr ALBION, E Bray, masteP, 100 . tongs register, copper fastened, two years old, will carry 800 bbls, and is waell faund in *i m y rspect, Fot furier partieulrs applC on board t r3 t CHAtE& DiXEY, tCa13. 6Custom House stret. wgn SALE, FREIGHT OR CHARTER. The sc.honer HES T Griffin, muster, 7? tes rtegite, 2years old, carries 600 barrels) thoroughly built ef white oastk, draws alight water, well fmnd In sails and rigging, two 1ioa cables eta. Pot further purtioulsa, apply to M lar os b.ardlPloayie tie, or to - CHASE & DIXEY. 70 l em Hosa sotnset. Custom House at. VOR FREIGHT OR ARTER. * Clad,, euaser, 400 bblo. bhctea, of light FOR LEOIGHT OR CIINNTR. The ltght driught compps ! teet schon hie" bertha 90 tons, suitalle Ihr the Teas and West ladlan trad, apply to B T STONE, a 16 116 Tehoupitoulas sreet. For dthe ateurior. FOR LOUISVILLE, CINCINNATI, And nil intercdiate Ports. ThewupeIot and list runsing eteam beat MIBI5ISIPPI, John R Bish staler, is ready to reeive ncargo as w hi-sa :nedialte despotch. For right er passage, l Cb e leadid accommodations, apply on resrdl,'ipqs (iyam street, or to fsb 7 149 Tcha itoulas street. tFOR HARRIGo NRUR9, MONROE, S1CIL 1LAN.., ICORA FABRIKE, And all lasesodiaa lsadiags ca the Ouachita riw.r. The well known and reguslar picket steamboa Cliton, W D Culver tan. tar, is redy to rsoalve cargo as 5e, sd w illdepart as Wlaesday, the 7th insll. at N s'lokab, A. Hl. Per frelthe or psage, apply on 0"r, opaisn (jirsi at. ar to JIOHN H iGRAHAM, feb 7 149 Tahapitstu street. FOIl LOUISYJLLEa QCIICINNATL To new ...iht draught .ateamo IUCI(!EVEO Cah tP. S. Haetnheoro -uhaving lat of .estgo a ag(ed, pill ten f os n tso - 1oa ensoo WQssesday ts, 7th pat. ast 12 #eloa.L For balance of fleght or pasage, havlng elegant ac reamumnations, al.y o, hardl, osnosites B.osavile t., P'r $Obs ,STr$ O , AFeRl CO. - Z'or mpes d FtlOL VEltPOliL. 1e The chlp Elain, Wilson master. as age only, aiply to' L H GALE 0 ts POOL. f ship dger LaCommon r. Fon pasg aipds y toh L p GA L fa b - 7 93 Common at pOR L IVRPO LIIO .The s;spaeor ahip GEORGIA, Tat S mustt wll mest ,yish despatch. For I sage, applyo L HII GALE, rd, 93 Common treet. FOR LIVE.R OL. The tship CIIARLES,.iarkew hlndts, a swipp h ll draejlat., For paeged oa apply to L H GALL, 9Commorastreetn. LL GALE, a 793 Common street. FOR LIVERPOOL. TI.e ship IIAV.R., M epow t master. pias only, npply to L H GALE, 93 Common street. . r.~ lIVERPOoL. - FOX LtVIlRPOOL. . . The ship HENRY, Cp Saler. , pnsor . feb 7 9: Common strent. The fta ME[RHIIANT, Jordan, manste For page,g apply to L H CALE, b 93 Conmon street. I ORjIVER OP L. The ship Mosow, Wiabsr master. For rpsorage, apply to L H GALE, fdb 7 93 Common street. FOR LIVERPOOL. The A 9 lost sailisag shipNPw England. S lpt 8wcnon, will seest with despatch. For pasge only, apply o L H GAL, j T he b a d 1 t .La K 93 o m m on - re t. t The l , . Thborpe master, . will mawil H .'.pu e 0pply eIl 95 Commoo street. FOR LIVEPOOL. Sthe ship LIVERPOOL, Davenport master. will smeet with ,apatch. For pmna K s.apply Caeb 3 . 93 Common street. R LIVRRPAOL. The ship ROWLAND, Dicke master, will treex witn desepth. For pa sage, apply to fb esss L HGALLF, 93Common street. FOR LIVERPOOL. the Ship PERIUVIAN, Spear master, will eet with despatceh. For passag L, ap el 1 98 Common street FOR LIVERPOOL. S he ship CALEDONIA, Commell mnster, will lees mith despatch. For pansae , ape ply to L H GALE, lab 793 Common street. FOR IVP RPOOL. Thoe , hip JOHN HOLLAND, RoHin ac - master, will meet with despatch. For pas sage, apply to L H GALE, la 2 193 Comman street. SFOR MAR'cEILI. ES, The lship CANTION, Harwoodl, master, will mert with despatch. For pajage phly to eh 7 93 Commonn snraet. FOI LVVERFIPOOL. The slhip Glae.ow, Capt S Swanton 2,1, sage, apply to I, H ALE, e 193 Com,,,on street The ship GLRBE, E Oliver, master. Fori freight or pasage, apply to L H GALeg, -7 fh7 "93 Common street. FOR ,LIVERP ,oL. The ship RIGA, Lamberti, master, will S meet with despatch. For penimge nly, Fapplytj, L 11 (1ALE, K 93 Commoo str'et. FForiasg, apply to H AI.E,. hil t, 93 Common street. Tie esperlor and fast snilig shltip llAR RIRE'td,Cai Siewr will haji e immedite dep:ttbch. For blalmeieof'frighi or t,tsage, havtig tondadm., accommtdatioaa, apply to feb0 I ii GAlE, f _9. Creatimon steet. Ft )li WAbA\ 1-Feet -ýS-iel The fist sailiog well kaow i t echir pestile itl jIIhlic aqunre, or t t WM5 P'LRTER, 95 Clltittlial st. Calbin, 930. iI, ' FURK LI i§o W-lt'AOOJ t . .i.,L li-- hehrilre AtiNeSl ANNc. capt R toe , hunk, will sail ou the lhth inst. nI. ili eo unm- t filrtsltlv acamoindoilt it flew t'ibitit poatn-. Apply to the caltain, Ot lhoaril, or to IOI.MES k MIt I,S, JLank Alley. FOIL I.IVERPlOCW.I.. STi A ilhst sailing copered and copper fasotened ship CU.lIIERLtANI). cap Itnastv, N, wants 200 hales cotton ti complete her tao, go. For frciglt of which, or Iassnge, having Ilatd sommodation, pply ai boared opposite lrleana prjte or to &JpWll'IE jan 30 8 aonid street. FOI lIIVERPOOL. - The A I ship JOHN N GASTER, erapt N Davis, havioltg pact oihr hrcargo Seagged will Ihave despatch. For freight or pnssage Y)app v to ORKE, BROTHERS, Sjan 2 65 Camp street. FOR LIVERPOOL, SThe A I fast sailing ship ST LEON, J WViacot, master, will have im,,ediate dlea patch. Forpas-ga, having gaood accom modatiats, apply to 1 &J P WHITNEY, jan27 8 Coatistreet. FOR LIVEPOOL. .. The copper fastoened antl coppered lship GEN HODGMAN, J Faolkner, tster, - cami handaomelp'accomilodate two or thlree passengers. Apply to S &JP WHITNEY, jan27 8 Coati trert, FOR LiVERPOOL--Passage OnDv. The A 1 ship ST JAM E., J H Pesbowly, Temasnter, will meet with despatch. For pas sage oaly, apply to - S& J P WHITNEY, jan 27 8 Cnti sirei't. Jan x l ,,ountitree't. Goasetwise. FOR PHILADEL.PHIA. The fast mailing brig TALISMAN, Captain Pratt, wants the bulk of 153 hbls to complete her cargo{ for freight of whioh, or passoge, app to 7J PWHITNEf, f ob 7 8 Conti street. FOR NEW YORK-On Saturday. The superior copper ithtenrd echr Albion, E Bray master, haring most of her cargo en. gaged, will sail as ebrve. For balance of freight, r passage, having fne accommodations, apply on board, hear Susette sheet, or to CHASE & DIXEY, feb 7 d Customhouse stretr. FOR BOSTON, 4 The brig CORINTHIIAN,.ca tnin Haynee, will moseet with despatoh, For freig ot t paeage,apply to LEVI I GALE, fr 793 Commoll strert. F'OKNEW YUKK. The fast ea~ing schr ELIZA WARREN, Capt Smith, has half her cargo engaged, and will havu immediate despatch. For btahncu at ha,apply to 8 &JP WFIITNEY, b 8 Conti street. Ssuperor b CORN. THIAN Capt as e, wants ale cotba n tm fill up. For i"igbt of which, or peS sage, apply to L H GALE, rab5 13 CommOn street FOR iob i'uN. The good brig CAROLINE, Perkins mas ter, wants the bulk of 300 bble to complete her cares; for fragbt of which, apply to t S 6c J P WHITNEY, feb 5 8 Conti street. FOR BOSTUN. The fast sailing achr ODEON, Heniman maestersoats the hulk of 200 bbles to com -plete he cargo; lor froight of which apply to 8 & J P WHITNEY. feb 2 8 Conti Strt. FOK NORFOLK & IJUHMOM)D. The irsel clas sehr ECHO, J M'Lellan mas ter, waute the bulk of 50 bales cotton to coot plateher cargo, for freight of which or pa-. Sae,apply to &JP WHITNEY, tb- 8 Conti street. FOR NEW Yuttkl . Regular Packet of the 12th Feb. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE. The aft in¢gcorlpcred and topper far tesed ship LOUISVILLE, Palmer, master, willial - above. For freight or posoage, ai elegant accommodations, apply to the captain on boord two tiers belr the Vegetable Market, or to It J DRIN & A COHEN, n Jan 29 90 Common trert. FOR BOUTD .. The A 1 fast sailing sh'p COSSACK, waUts the bulke f lOl balea to completr her Ilditg. Far freightof which, or passage, appt S&JP WHITNE Y, jan27 O Conti street. d, FOK fNsW YORK. th The brig HALCYON, S mllard, having half her cargo eogaged, wili meet with des r. patch for the above port. For bhal nee frt. to pao age, having good accommodations, apply on board oploeita Tou!ouae street, or to jan 9 WM BRYAN, 56 Common streft. e B~USI.NESS CARDS, . 8. & L. I. JONES, AUOTIONUER3 . Non. 63 and 63 Water street, Mobile, Ala. SAUlEL SLATER. ' AeRAI Tnrl ni SLATNE & TrIEf, '1Otwarding & comm'seion Merchalte, INo. 40 Poydras Street, ' NEW ORLEANS. They will devote their partioular attention to the sale of Wetorn Produce. A bah Flk, Eoq. iart M Shift, New Orleans. A M Nathan, Messrs. Kohn, Damn & Co. J D & M Williams, ) Ldggs Wla R qCe. Boston, horom Vos .sq. Rbherts. Bmthers & Co. Leveret & Thomas. S Now York. Von Pthl & MN Gill. Stanford & Davis. St Louis. lusgow, Shaw & Tatum.) ERider & Co. 3) Hawley} Page & Dunlap. Alton. A R Ukidmomt Eq. ) " G B8Marshall & Co.-Louisville.1 J. P. LANG & CO. o Naanufcturer of Cabinet Work of every d e ,cription, NO. 35 ROYAL STREET. NEAR THE UNION BANK. a KUe AN, AImaNATaY & NANNA COMMISSION MERCHANTS, di No. 55 Camp Street. ai JAN. K5dOIrN, JoHN T. AMtRNATH. JAs. J. H..nA. jan 27S3t. LI ITONIe. B. T. TONE. E &B.T. STONE. . at FURNISHERS OP.'S1Wt ANb k0itl No. 114 TeHOUPITOULAo e'rBET. New-Orlesa.. Referenceas: Moesrs. }ALLL, BAKER & CO. IENza VoscF. A CO Btou A. B" Mnci , & Co. KR. PUTNA, b NewYork. o S P. OLLAND, Cincinati, O. WRIUHT SMITH DAVID STONE, Dyton O of B. COMsroca & Co. Columoer O. N. ALDrICH, &r Co.. Louisville, Ky t WILLIS, STEVENS & (UUlt.rl St LouIs tlo A. H. Ieorr, Alton, Ill. to Wa. E. WTtraow, ltanshville, 11. J. & 1'. P. I AnlTWEt.L, Bayou ora, La. th SOLOMON HIGH. Now Orleans. th jn 22 E. JA. J JENKINS, in AUCTIONEER AND CoMMIBSION MERCHANT, to NO. I FRONT LEVEE. _ to WINSTON & SHALL, GROCERS, Wholesale and Retail STEAMBOAT, SHIP & FAMILY STORES, No.9 Front Levee, jan 23 Naw ORLEAtS. ,° CHAMPLIN & COOPER, I No. O Julia Street, till Keeps constantly an hood and for sale, Corn, Oats N, Itoy, IBra, Shorts. Bacon, Hamea, Sides, as Shoulders; Potatoes, Corn Meal, &c. no HOUGH, SKEGGS & CO., MERCHANT TAILORS. NO. 67 COMMON STREET. Oppoiteo Bishop's Hotel, et Keep always on hald an assortment of superhile d cloths, cao.mnero, and vestings of every descrip tiue, wlhich will he mae. np e o.rdelr. on the shortest niotca , and most fashlouale stvlo. Alson assortment of ready made clothes and slocks de reolhir, gloves, hosiery, suspenders, &c. jan I I qu FEItGUSON, I' & . leO. e fnocERl:, CoreIsstoN &. 'ORWonARoIN MERCHANTS, No. It Front Levee, New Orleans, N. B.-Iloot and Ship stores eoelnstntly on hand. th dec l1-tI. _ the Attorney and Counnolter nt Lassw, n Ofliae No. 25 Cuanl street. d;-Im ClIA.lh. & liXtA', Ship Nlreker ned (Comani.rion Nlercrhnns, NoI. 6 ('lltloml Hooue slrat corner of Old Levee. -r! Ite.brel',.u:-\ ti & W I)Oxnnrd. Pertlaod; ht, &I o'd.hl .c lonc, ,',., .n.uo I,,ei,.t L ..L.., o cln i ti,,lsshrr. Komre, I..tlotn; Iticrhnrd & Richardson do N.. YTork; Itirkhlnd. & C'hise, Baltimore; Jon Iland, the Esn. 'hiloaderlhi. ent FAGI( , tALib .0 )O. age ConMMISSIO Folw noIto MIERCIANTFS, tiel STEAM BOA'T' AI(ENTS, are No. 151 Toteulpitoula t arret, next door to SloG & NEWV II,., VNw, ItIRAM FAGIN, 3VM HAUK. M ) IIA IttETT, con tEWIS FAGIN, sol New Orlenas, November 21st, 1837. tat RIeferencen-Irwio & \WVhiteman, ) 'o Robert Iluhti.h tr; Hartshorn, Child & Co. C iein'ti. Inoukb & l.rrol, d do.d Clark . lttakoer, ire Itashaml & Co. Loniville. rea Voophuel & 5M'Cillh St ohis, ore J M l J M Stockweld, Evancisville,. rop ISto & Borne, Mew Orloeas J Landis & Co. 1 John K Patter 5 Vicksburg. f noov.28 Charles Ihew Macrietta. Ohio - tud. McIAtI.4NE'S 'NFIRMAltY and private chambers, erner of Poy. Idransod Circun streeta. n! Jeha I,. Cltay, PLUMBIER AND LEAD PIPE hi limfaelturer, fo In Circus, next door to Gravier street. at Dr. Hobert F. Lindee. in OFFICE gr Etcrsnon H1-TEL. fin JOIIN T. CIAM. th COTTON IB OK E R. ov 20 No. 95 Common Street. to DOIIt & MAX , DEALERS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISH CROWN GLASS, T No. 3 CARONDEI.ET STREET. O1 [11Dit. HARItAL,.03 HAS removed his office to No.34 St. Charles street. epposite the Exchange Hotol. jan3 f [EM E)IICAI. CARD.,.j t DOCTOR JOhNSON r ý]AY he consulted conflden v at his office; 143 LYE Custom House street, toar Doaphine street, on - the treatment of a cartainclnsu of delcaote diseases. From Dr. Johnson's elateosive byportunity in some of the most ceusebruted Hospttalo i E urope, exclusive ly devroted to the treatment of Veteril 'and Syphilitie cncplainte; and also Iro:na a ree.i.okC of five years in Now York, dtuing which time Dr. ýoltaon oonhlted his praeice solely to the treatment of hose dieeises, with hi the moat tnpreeedhnteo suceeus; J is enablohed to re- in movse any of the followino Okmpnatits li from 5 to 20 days.wittoat injuung the consututiao by meremty aor s any other deleterious medicine. hoorihea lt,e h Stffi ture Satirop W , . ,Afo tiono o.f lad. od of treatmetrnt, at restrictIon ls bie tion from busino ,. Perss rehding it the country, and who feel deli. cobe iseersultilo their family physio.e.a, by sending a statemmet of their oase by letter pot, pard With Sfees enclosed)n havere . Johnson's adviee, for their ewn treatment, with medicine, necessary to be used, foewar depamrte- offiea provided where patients can never come in contact with each other. Attendance from morning until night, at .143 Custom Houes street. H Co nsultations strictly confidentialin all eases. des 13 A CARD. NATHANIEL TOWNSEND, having located him Sself in New Orles for the purpose of transeast ing a GeneSlI Agency t Commission businens, would respectfully solicit trom the pubhi a sham ofeir sat. runage. Having a house in Texa% he will attend to the tran section of any business sthat may be desiwred in that country, sd will eartee prompt ard unremitted at tention to all hsaons entrusted to hi charge, ad a faithful application o acordaace with insructisns) of all funds that may come into his hands. Office in New Exchange, on Grevier sotreet, oppsioe to Rev. Mr. Clapp's churh, .l adjoining Ghate's Reading Room, sgn Nf the Texin Consulate. References: fesore Hillyer, Bu h &co. oul BurrWahemn, New Yorh. AlNvrez Fisk. , btlatchezolssn. eb M rter, Tehoupit Louis, Mo. * John T G .ay, Louisville, Kv r A Strele Hopkinsville, Ky. nvo 29 11OU ..9WO0 thls. in aine. for sate hy G DfRSEY, feb6 t4, New tlevee. lanrinrdog from erhi Grecian, fr rale b h foh 4 R Conti street. 7 lD --O bt.lnCidr, a rood artiscle, for sale by ) FAGIN, HAWK dreO t" fob it '. Ttlhoopitoulan atet. a / IN.tAlO--tS ,bbIn Cer Vinegur, tire sales. V FAGIN, HAWK dx feb 6 151 Tchbupiaoulasstreet SSECOND MUINICIPALITY TO BRICK DEALERS. COMPraoLLass Or~kc.-2d MuoeCrrALrry, New Orleas, l8th Jaury, 1838. I3 OPOSALS will be received at this office until - t tttly the lOt flady of February, enuing fobr the delivery of all the bricks that may be required bvy, the munticality unti the 2tth of July neat. aid bricks to be delhvenred i0 such quanitiens, ad in sath plaoee an layie desigl.ted fro m timte to tume. by thm Surve yor. SETH W NYIl, jai 1 orriComptrollor. N lt--ndof---' ads for bricks." AUXI BRIQ UETIERS. BvUREAU o CoDnTRnot IL DLA 111 M vtuIoj t. Nouvelle Orleans, le 18 Jrnvi, 1838. D ES oftre seront reus A ee Blurau jus go' itoa _ medi, le 1deFl vrAer, pmehain, pour Is fonta. tore et livraison do tontes lee briqiaos quo pourrait re qu'rer la muoioipalit juts qu' au 25 Juillet prohain.; Lea dties briques devront etr livrees dane lea qoanti. ties et aux endroite quo d6sigatrc Ie voyer do tems A oautre. SETH W NYF, an 19 Controlear. N B-Endosez-"Ogren de Briques." Mayoralty of New Orleans. COUNCIL OF MUNICIPALITY NO. TWO. Sitting of Thursdayt December 28, 1837. 1 W HEREAS sundry ownereof property in the sta Sand 2d 1wards of this municipality have petition- I, ed thi Council to o~s, ptotoag,eatenadand draincer tain streets bereinntll deerilbed; and whereas, in timo opinion of this Council, the improvement prayed for is nececarv, and rill be highly useful, and eontribute i to the public convenienceR and healai I Be it therefore resolved, that the following streets be opeed. prolonged and drainred, in conformity witlthe ti actentitledl "an act to regulate the opeini layin, out andimproving of streets and public pletetin thety n of New Orleans, etc. etc. approveil 3d April, 1321 andthatpublio notice thereof be gaven in Elgish sand Froenh, in two newspapers of this city, during ten a days;ln orer that iteynun hatvingobjeetolns to the said imprqvement, nay make them known to ihis Coun- b oil.- it lt. C metneagoo talas outh side of Canal otreet, at oCala o and pre. gnngid elntret long the south ideof the thvilla lid to the Layes St tJohn, b to apmmanrked A on tbe m drawn by the Secenyor, for hra'lnig the back pnrtof thecty, being a distance i of..ut on tuaasam five bemdred yarde beiow Ca- . on tne " laoeraleat' ''at the ootiot of Gomnm tit Rqrkt a B m thnce in astrght line until itiltersea the tmat a el at D, on the south side of the Canal atreet, o n a prolongation from [land Claiboare, and about twohundo m dead yards and ninety-eight feet below Johnson street. 3, Jackon street to be prolonged from Canal Cal-i. o eLdne, to the proposed lateral Canal. . Palmyra Jtreet to be prolonged from Canl Clao..i borne to the Olaeral Canal. 5 'Common street trom the Aame. 6. Gwavier street to be prolonged from tlhei Wao-ide of the gas works to [s saidlatnral Canal. 7 Perdido stree: to be prolonged from St Mary t. nI to the said l.teroal cantal. i 8. Plnydrasstreet to be prolonged from Gironde at.o to te said lateral canal. .o 10. Cypres scree to be prolonged from' St Paul to the west side of the Protestant Cemetry, and a drain on I the west side of the Cemet.y to Hevia toreet. Resolved that the side alks on airod streetbe lmade inconformity with the eisting ordinances, from Camp ti to St Paul street. th Resolved, that the Secretary be directed to transmit to tie Mayor a copy of the petition plans and o eciti. cations iitrelation to the above works. l (Signed) JOSHUA BALDWIN, Approved, January 8, 1838. Recorder. it ( ignoed D PRIIEUR, Mayor. A true epy. .C THEANR, jr. Secretary. a AGREEBLY to the foregoing renolutions, and in pi contfirmity with the act entitled "an act to regulate tIe th apenin, laying oit and improveing of atreets and pub- an li prcesina he city of New Orleans, and its suburbs, J e etc. approved April 3, 1832-Notice is hreb) given p that it is the intention of the Counoil of Municipality No. Two, 'o have the streets mentaoned in the afore- n said resolutions, prolonged and inproved in the man nerabove described. Any persot oeaing objections to e the said inbprovements, is requested to smake them kii knwn to the said Counil on or before the 28th in-. f stant. fet janl 8 D PRIUR, Mayor. on CONFORMIIEMENT an resolution qus pr(.cdent, Ni it l'.ete iotilitUl ".ite pour rgler l'ouverture, la dLstrihution et l'amelioration des rs etn places pub. lihbuen, duns In rilv de da Nlle Orleans et les faubnrgs etc." naprouv le 3 Avil, 1838.-Aviseeat donni qua Ie Conseil die Ia Mtuiicipv itm No. I)enx, a I'intention de oi faire prolonner, et amrliorar, dell in ,netre ei desno no derirs le:o iea qui sent mientionies dons lee diteiu ' 't solutinils. Tollte lersonne avant des objections ce que Ic iliten emclinratinan siient faites, est invitee a le fairs con tre muu dit Conseil l'in pua 28 d courantr jo. 13 D PRIEUR, Maire. se WHOI.EL AIE TIN MANU-ACTOy. re. , THE subHcribor ulave on hand a complete rson. ret meait oft;i ware of their own mnuifactutre, which no they o.i'r low and on reaaonable terms. Dealers in rev theoarticle viuiiil do wel to exumine their assortmeat, aii previousm to Iiicchioieig elsewhb:e, an they are deter. me nined to el l w l;,s l nw a t . be inmported addling freight, g SAAMUEL LOCKE & CO. i jan3t 8 OldLevee. veil STlA.T4 OF I.OUISI.\N.I , Fiit Judicial District i " CO.rt--,lo.eph K. Tournev,. his creditors. The resrion of the iniiolvenit' plroierty having Ieen accepted by tle Court eor dv bl'nefitot Ilia cr-llitor: til io rdered thlt u innting iil" his said crelitor, do take placer at the - ivice ,tf ,remtolre Seylers, Ecl. Notorv Public, ota Mon day, the t2th of March nent, tt at no'clock, A. MI. fori thepirpnm of delilberating on the altirs f snaill insov- jt el; and in the mren time all judicial prineedings agaillst his .rsoi .mid propertly las to thecredlnra mtrn tioned in the e cedlle thin day filedl) are satved. Thb. ( mon Slidell Esq. is applintel to replresenot the absenti remlitora. By order of the Hun. A. M. lBuclannn, Judg of tlie Court aforesaid, this lIt Ferslarv 1i38. feb 5 P. LEBI.ANC, Dep. Clerk. J ECT tI' DE Lb I.OUI IANE, Colr Ie tisrit le-t 1 1 I Premier District Juitcial.-Josepb E. Turne contra los creditorn. Lr session des propritits de 1' in olvahls ayant ute ummcepti par In ccii pour le I' avan llc ede ces crenauclers. II rte delcretb qe ne areo Fe n'Io de se crem.ueicrseaura iiei. as bareiu dloTheo l7,re • liers, Notaire Pnoblc, Lmoli,l l12de Ma iprocinire U d tO heureo du matin, pomrdeliherer aur lea [ns af'aires dedit insolvable; et en at:-dent touttes procedures con ire sapen rone t sie proltco]sJ quaut a des oreauciers nentiorlles dolii In tablcax aurigistie ce joor sont - arreith.. M. Thobas §lidell elt nomiuef avaiatpoiuri rpresenter sea creaunnciers etblents. Par ordre de I'honnorale A. it. Bibchannan, Juges de nla courci dessut tib, lot levrivr, 1838, C feb 5 P. LEBLANC, Dep. 'ORLEANS HOTEL. T IIE subscriber, proprittor of theOrleans Hotel, in V Chartres street, has reontly made such arrange mentsin ds etnhblishument and deduction in hin char se, that he is warranted iaaytng that the private ta ale se.vod for ladies and families, and the public one for gentlemen, se ceondutsd in a manner eqanl, if not uperior to similar establidumeats in New Orleans. All thecomforte and norvemdinces which can Poe bly be afnordod to families residing iin a visiting Hotel in New Orleans are founl in his establishment; anlti, ientleme borders and lodgers are similarly accosm His utrlost onergies add reourees ave dlevoted to the are, superiorivty and exciellency of his Hotel. The celebrity which tihe (irlenans Hotel has acquired.L while under hi manaagemet, may serve as a guaran tee for lit future succcssful exvrtmons. jlnO27-t. ROllT RUDDOCK. ý, 1...l nu .... L;A. . $20,00 To LOAN. TO MERlllANTrS, PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS &C. at;. T eHE subscriber, the arigintl invetite h tla pat ent improved Metalic an I Wood Block Latter Signs, No. 7 St Charles street, NeW Orleant, respect futly intor.a the public that he is prepared to lxecute the various stylesof sign. tmnap'.went and ornametlal painting, twenty-five per cArt cheaper than any other etahbIohoaot in thcity. Execrlation giaranteel. jan25 JAMES J ROACH. WILLIAM GREENE, Proprietor of the Orleans Lithogrnphic ObLi,: 53 Magazine street,,? oppsite Bnko' Arcade. .PE'iCTFULLY annouoeso thst hIe is now pre pared to exewote all orders with which he may t, voared or Lythographie drawigm aapepla, ols. bauiness and violiting catos, etc. Fac eimileea of eom. emeral circtluara wI be priatead n one haur notice. - Being dresirous that hie style shold be generally eaen; be solicits the public to visit his ufen, where the b ntaof spncimens is alays open foe itepestion. 34 B -.ThfroAt half 0, tha thitd stoy of i.t bulld AVE mo e b t h a' faufiet5 ba 8 - L Catalm ll.te street. to 5 Royal Itmtt, near the Union IBank; And reaspetfull, inform their lriends and the public thatthey still conhtiue tO oexecute all r'leraforbhak andcoan'ing has'e work of every de acription, which they pledge tlemselves to perform With punctuality anddespatvch. N. B.-On hand an asortment of Mahaogany plank, rJoists and Veneers, which they offer for anle tow for cash. jan 27 tall and Winter.Clothing. J P. FREEMAN &CO. No 3, Magzine at. are. a eeivmg and now opening a well selected assort ment of Fall and Winter CLOTHINf. They will continue to receive auppliea regularly y the packets hmughout the season. As their sock will be large. erchant fromn the eountry can be accommodated with tory article in their line at tile shlortest notice. For to, heenale and retail, on accopmodating terms. sept 26 SPRING & SUMMER CLOTHING. UST received ta consignmaot, per ship Orleans, 13 ,trnaks of CI othig, consisting of pa.atnlooas, vests, mtad jckersa,hunting, cloaks, ralico and ginghlau snits, and a etmall bt of soper stocks. These goods are made of the best materialt, and in the moat sanlnntn tial manner, an are la sizes, whic is very desirable for the country. For sale cheap for oity paper, or Teams promissoury wates. NATH'L TOWNSEND. feb 5 Exchange Hotel. Grarier street. THE suhecribarshare lately received and aff*r for atle: 9 aO eahks Scotch Ale,direct impertation. 61 graoe portar bogtlal. 100 do Wine do. 101 riecn lesverness beging. 70 cam old Silmt Wine. 4 half pips bandy. 2t1 casen preserved fruit. 12I do Engl.h muonata. I puonclmoa Ila whihkey. HOLMES. & MIILLS, feb i Btank AlMev. l. OUIt.-II0 bers superline tululal ta t our, lauding this d , fbr sale by . • LATER k TRIER, t feb 6 i0 Pydroprt qaw A suasnrVrg roaen 1'ý L asqoUrLLP N I HE eI or comnmo io, rhg eatr read i.ltrnmidnc with otil ap heres 1 8 front teefolba 1 -mth mooo ew i fI dt lio e areaj nor bt ot wh . s.rin any adomixtuor b oaf brown ,ee t writ , m fe fromr b ofe leOra nth a i dry 9r, jo , qlobly.ol oeaaerhai gob todte Ie t d nfd 14W1, ha teater liltreOte crmm ac of It pet no1 loable , WeittlI lga Wtl ,sh laederad Tetoa oT e H£loc H ,tau Log Soito, Jaornsob a- paivOn btye% Al Prel. efsa i nsentnly gio ace. l also a nl n a s o reani, to the e- Copying Ma hine, s alk stomale nd trely ad no valatogeousWt 40 etoe lI tr Peqn vO. on lle by i" all SIMMONS PtA'R'l't' &lb Ce,' 'heytre at. . the beet and lneapor t Irlbpar mun for th.e Hair or nlbred tobs poblt, nedhe dvend i 1821, by the late MrJodmOldrldge, fatharof the present proprietor, Nt TiHre nn ltasbe otierd, inall agel. by lbs beet writers, tobe Awrtt be evtlial ornament be. teolinglo thbeumaon *atesit tmy ot tidN be aid to It enrol he but to hthb onaly ae n trea rea.ity "as the loan of it olmaigee the Onaaaraaooe, mnd peo5yt.trely brings a thepoperaereofleld e re, whisoaeenstsanr pto recl at beina atonovered, annlae cttlee anea thoovr society to avoidbiejealp sod anser-nol erir moot thver e tacaitaee ilst other are driven into bylitde re m cdi es,,,epd~ ,Uymanigder hof tdhe livra or n °atqolseqetly spent ta'tpnly retirement In bort, eren the loan ofproporty 111 no; tlhegairros thinayoullth d Swith that heavy ntk loo .t, an doa the alo, onlicr; V neither crtan the gin ia ilora his taind t tr. tomuh a havilogl t onedaegain. Aaacomplete r syforthesaderfetn and to avert all thed tlplaean WrelrlhooFfn co, Allrd Oldidrgn - Sfrtcls gnbtatlaa ot In OMpgd g that the ums ofon bottlofbio aisa wij Wi ntthe hair frmo fallinog li illfottvhe h1 rhp ea wl ifloat opplidetian and lihe- r wine Ia nhlP weeks[ efdatitr'mneto wilthltioantoa. It Saldo t asir. araymaies in look ridgen B In eemi y Le toe "e the and yehrowan m ere were anne = bthfasefot a i otid togn l every Srul that ha o i. aao by IHART CO, no "- TO Chartrep et, ice of the Eagle Ioarac.e Companyo * flow Orleann, Jan. II, JIfal. NOTICE in hereby~give~a the stockholdres of this institution, that it beard of directors have thi diy ordered that an instalment of ten dollars on each thare of its cpital stock he paid at this oafiae, a o be .ore the 15tl day of Feb. ensuing. Extraect from 3d Section of the chlarter of said coin pnyr. "And sbhould any dtteiboldetr fail to pay any jnstal meot when due, the share uponm whlichl it in duo, and theamnountalready paid un(et, uhall be forfeited to the company, and become Ioanpropertv." SJCRN WfIII EHEAD, jan. It t a President. 'ORTH AMERICAN HOTEL..-Pl'hie coptm dious establisbmant eliglblJy situated at the or ner of Bienville street and Frofnt vLee, has just under gone an entire renovation, and is fittrd up for a Lodging and Bolaring House in a alte of rrpassiag elegance, with newfurnitare and beddog af very superior kind. Placed in the very centra of the most business part of the ity, immedirtely odjoliadg the steam boat landings, di and within a few yards of the oustom hone, it posses. ti ae sauperiorttrations to any house in the city for cc persons visiting us for eoamnevial purposes, arid for or citiens whose oeeupatiens cell them to thn busiest ; marts of trade. im The wines and liqnor hav hn aselectsd without reference to espense; ala amre of the very chuicest at kinds; and the Undealsgneld, in appealing to the public tin for a share of Itheir niroage. pled.e his utmosta e- ta fenrts and tile knuwled.e gined by long experiennce, to make every body ooofortable andbha varounl limn. SAMUIEL CuR' IS, Jnr. North American Hotel, ornnr Bienvillo and Front Jan 15 I •Leree. fR. BRbLAYS C`.oycentratel Ctoapound of Cu. Shehs aid nmSarn nlla .--This pireparation is a aa strong essence of the Cubheb, in conebhinaton with ff otlhr irgredienta, which whilat eqcally mild ani in- tro noxiousa to the consti;ufton.have been lound by expe reoco mnorialy to increase the known efficacy f the the Cnbebs; it is tlerefore recommended for those ufdectione e arising fom that claes ofdisorders generally, in which afr the use of Culebs and lorrapnirllla htv been found so h oerv:ccable. It is introduced under the sanction and recommendationoftnoedial men of great emimnene and r reprectabilliy, and around eacl IhottliJpill he foutd Iad most satisfactory teatimnotial of its efficacy, with di tections foriti tte. It hta acqutred the utmost fame in aleost every part of Eumlte, and from the experienced me ter ofpreparing it, and the careful selection of the ingredients, tcelves icrvasling confidanee. The pub lict y rent asnsured, thet this medicine is totally de void olnoy epeiesl of quackery. For ale by jan 23 Im. SICKLES &CO, Caq alt L --0 b..lhl ing frmm.-. or-StL, ou for sale by LAYET & AMELUNG, fch I l7 Conmmere .tret. t--HO it'f, KI ' $l U aumauul -,l.. Scknss lorlts, 1{10 do sltp'i.nlf; il bltnaiiltdlings, jost received lor sale by CHAMPLIN & COOPER, f b 1 82 .Tyt nStrute. CORN --UUU .ckswlate ov, we uuar, l .t Sfier sale by CHAMPLIN 4 COOPER, feb 1 82 Jilia street. FINE oflicea to let. Apl.y to sss ZACHARIE, DAVIS d CO. J r feb 76 Old Levee. LRESH 8 AASI - 5"'is.1 tch Salmon. Ian Sdingandfor sale by H TilOMPSON, feb 1--4t 14: Magasine street. f llOU6-00 bbe in stome, lr sale by feb I G DORSEY. 44 New Levee. BUTTER-. 800a eb Inatere f r sale by feb GD1 IRSEY,41 New Levee. I s EAF LARD-200 kers at the landing,lbr ale by ee JJ feb I G DORSEY, 44 New Levee. sea 1/HISKEY--250 bbls nestore and fr sale by let STETSON, AVERY & Ci. sib feb 1 88 Gravi r street. m lU'li-.lA--.0t cigears Itr sale by " TESON, AVERIY r CO. , jan 30 88 Gravier street. e S/HISKEY-32 blh aw iskeyfo ale by T V STETSON, AVERY & CO. jauet 30 88 Oviere street. IL(t)UR4SY b-bll landingl from steamer Gayn Shelby IJ FIrsaleby LAYET&AMOILUNG, jan 30 17 Commerce street. WTlISKEY-49 bbll reetified whiekey, landing firsale rsby LAY VT & AOIR;IJNG, jan 30 17 Commerce street. n A l RD--,36;keg lard tpdmg from steamer IR ii rtzi, fur sale by LAYET& AMELUNG, jan 30 17 Comamerse satret. TARiRD ald FLtUR-1B000 kegs lard anddtt 800 bbls Sl60tnr instorefobrsaleby LAYEY & AMEI.UNG, so inn 30 17 Commerce street. h .E'e, a ulles sprime in a bble hsall bbls, fuall fin sale by LAYET & AMEIUNI, jan 3:l 17 Commerce street. N AI I--450 kegs nails, eaaort ejnnafbe sale by J SI.ATEIR & TRIER, 01 jan 30 40 Paydrae street. TIT'SBU"K tO P d-OI .I-4 to 500 in store In o s sale by SLATER & TRIERt jan 30 40 Poydras stetat; BACUN andpT jpark reeiveere e r rVantllia TURKS--SLAND SALIT ALOAT-4i buthe - lfor sale by CHASE & I)XEY, Jan 30 6Utaaom Hoal s street. S PEM CANDLES.-N 4 and 5 fr Sale by lCHAS & DIXY, t jpn 30 .Csastem Hounse street. I)ECTIFISID Wk-lBl 0 ble is store for Shale by 0 DORSEY, dl _jas30 44 New Levee. UCK keginastreand tithe eO sh+ y . w aiTor,,bM n CO. jan 30 b ehouplu lsa sreet GRK-30 bble prime P a e ase and for sale by !441N. HAUK & CF. jan 30 1S. Tehoupitoalas street. `v tuR.IE-.JhIt .oralge cl be hd as ew stare No 14 Gevier trret. r 1 M(t3ARDO1 . FOK SALE, NE thoroughbred Dearb Bull; one Durham 6e w: 011e panisk Jaelt,3 can .old, near 14 hands high. Inquire at WM KEN)IO I 8Ros's Bazaar, in Paodeu strOeet fb bi-t rIUL, tiAI l O h of t.inim. an. reecrisd from b H BONNABEL. Druggist, feh 5 . Teaspiealas street. 3 d1LURItDE OF )DA, 'eaptR and Aericarn. . doessforsls4y 80 BONNAHEL, feb 5 Tbapitoulas street. t- A te late Titl...rA rlfrabtq. will present dist e. duly authentiesaed to IC SHLEL3d$, TURIIER & RENSHIVyW. lfb 2 ft Poydru street. iV lTEcoeaeetime besfera s ititg in buai cta be J. twesa Nenton Rinands said Jon G B1yd, under tr te firm of J G Beld Ce. was disslved by muatual consent an the 14th b . she aqtlement o Ithb althis aofJ U Boyd &,Vs 1*"l4 rn Job ( Il uyd Swko will carry on l bunnlasas wt sIeaea. w 2 ea, rran Bt t ý fOb 2 To#HA | sale by '4 L ' IaN Le J fel 2 " .. ANCHRI. IswUNT ILS ti lftlp"U8 7 , 300 ba white lead, pure; 350 d o green paint, in uh lihrs; 24 do japagpdhns forasigma;Frli0lh, li ea 2do a leadid 00000 roun d be ds. also of 00r0 ti- LdeC es ene omeF snin powder, tgrior . ire tbdaado mtsai arlarge seortmnsat nrfsh £dai4 m rsa qu y; sabl en pencils fore artiatN Artibc ) brua heeormereqlutlI mrti' eoa¢ .i oiln e. paesishae, fitted :p with al tgeoen ry brFkt S; V' ale atallnuity whi'; 611 pa ksgoi d hil; whit. er l dkx; genasrbie; nad'a large nd oho men o snetnrnofpeino, dry colors, oil, ton rpeil. I . & tvorai ,swolesatefiarotanat te , Mby a NDpLIt i', D e a51 58Cannf'. MIsAdi oc tent plip Ditny ton, Iljoiji '4 pr, no. 1 aid t, Awatrs Ilatent, nuitnble feo t eaonnaer oftces; aloo an a nsortmet of rat I- iroll gates and, tb sale by y MARTIN nt DEVEPREUX, Sjan 26 'lehou;iinllals atreat. e. New Ortenný as CQnrs.II E auil eed - o. Arragelllente for runniu tle tcrn fromt this date. FRom UAnnoTjo.a. FROn Naw') u Te horecoarat4'cl'k A It ltelan crot 7 A M steam ar 6 do do do do 9 do do do 8 do do do do It do do do 10 do do do 1 P M steam ear 12 do do stea oar u t 3 do stenmamor 2 to PAl do do 5 do Yg do 4 do do do do 7 do do do 6 do do do e d 9 do S do do 3 do do The Jackeon stret oears and L.afaette, half past 6 o'rlea, A M. (;anal streent i io'clock A M, and ran ning iourly at 7 ichloek. 'Thea rars will eollleo..e t rnping every hall hor. anl netmtinue througlhut thes day until? o"laeck, t M. 'lrb., nmrenrclolt for the La (aure street earm s he aals ons flr J.Ik*in ttret. HARPERI & MERIRICIli spa .4 Leaseen of(arollsou RKait liadt F. F. LAIa'iJNT', FtaIY(:H & INrk tetSl ACAD)EMY. No. 76 Julia Stmet--re Fatntbot, S it. Moty. [THE Sixteenth Seholaadt'iien f tiiti teittt on' - whrseobjeet i, te mora¢e l mt.totjiloe r suetiot of Young Leatins &Coiislttemit *Wil recnommernce on Meidoy Oat. ilL Fminel+'dP ee are attaehc. to the Eatnlbtlslmsent sad 6ltc.+anwon s will heeutirely S da i 4 [+battelp pee Mnt for )rf I' dr , tie raitrge far lhrmaart B tses trilegs of etionsiing hem gratis. Paymenti iqlrtird amonthly and in adraner from Harnis and Erening lihotara. 6me iant HIQUCK'S PANACEA. HIS merdicine has leen highly aneceaslihl in the cure nf the folloino 'isaea. Dyspepsia, liver disease, Indigesotion, Los of Appetite, Nervousa Atlec lions, Cutann.3. Erptlions, Setoendurv Syphilea, Mier eureal dieae, General Del.iliiv and ll eomllaits , arising from of the blond, it is particlhsrl recomnended as n string and fall medicine, to renovate impaired ,oaati:ntions. It is eltorel.ncly agreeable to teke,'reaemblino in taste arleh cordial, and brl g purely a vegetalble eioaIl.oi tine, nsy be taken witllh perlet safety by the in st del lell person. A aupply of tile abov receivedl and for sale by SICKLESE & CO. DrTggiats. a jan 25 40 Canal astreet NOTICE. V HEREA , f WMorgan late Sheriff of thle par ih of Orloaes thas applidl to me' for the ran riolling of tilhe general bond, saubscribod by lim asn Sher P :T aforesaid, and a eollectrif Taxres. for said Parish, from the year 1812 tp to the year 1834 inclusve i Th-seare to gire notice to all por.en inao ter' therein, to shew eau o in writing ai the officer of lthe Secretary of Stote, at New O leana, within nin'tv days t nfrer the la t pulliratinn hrrouf, why the said sb nas should not be ea ncellen nd anntlleld. (liven under my land and seal of the State at New Orleans on the 26th day oa' Janunrn 1838; and if the' Indepsendence of the U i of Amerioa the 62d. y the tiover nor. (Signeod) E D WIIITE, 4 Governor of thie Sate of Louiaiana. (Signed) MAR1''IN PLAUCHE. Jan 29 8ersetry of State NEWDIJATE'S IMPKOVED PLOUGHS. rHTIESE pi e ghn have less friction than any nowin Sus, as they an ltirely on teel. The lntalaide I laid wtith steel, and pertil ar hardened at the heel; the share is al lipped and laid with steel, and cleans itself: . he faeme is formed of the ]est sea soned oak. and from the extra etrong braces on the nlaadide, the beam aned the handle, it is, lext to impos sible to Ireak them. These excellent plotghs are marked W C Nand are made by W C Newdigate, Maeyrille. Kv. an experienced farmer. They are ex tremely liketl by all who have ever used them, eand are to be had nttny time of Pierce Shlttsn and fe. las Hlravier street, and J W Ferguson, 149 'l'chotpiton P jan 17 5A.. At;nl.tA.L, COD Ft.l., dc. I 500 oxes Cod Fish. 50 drums do de. 201 bkxes Sale d dao. 3(0 bnoxes T aked Herrings. 1100 kid No . r &S Mackerel. 511 bbla, resined Whale Oil-landie this day, and for sale by . & J. P. WHIT''NEY, jan 15 I Conti st. iEW iC iUUDJ--.ltmmttn, Hort k,. Co. have re A n ed pc ship Vicksburn, coral cecklacse, do iegli goes, hlk bhel do do, lead aad neck Ornautacets, silk, geaver, bead and Tkthbt purses, playing cards of nearly I eaeriptians, ivory and bellt o dressing eombh, large aorn tk and twaist do, p ortable itk cases, feather fans .hat waist bucklen, hair brushes, caperior aceurdeons finva soap, eO. S.. 70 Chartrra St. ell 21W maaaa0. THE Cily of l ae Suot ; and domestic mannaers o hL th'urks in 1816 by Mie P'uardoe, autmhr c'. Tranite and Traditions of Ptarteugl," in 2 ahe. e Vadeloac; or Atenial doe"tlita; a uvel in rolumes. m Te Famil A'urse: otr Crtmnnieon of the Frucal House Wife, by Mrs t hild, uthtoir of tie Frugal bouse wif'. 'Mothers Baook," "';irls Bok" etc. Peer perlepe Chaces Schmrool Haiacry; illustrated by engravikng. Ja' eceiv0erd asd for ale by W M'KEAN. e an r t aml aod Cmou e stat. MUTAL MOKTGAGE FIUND. OTICE-All persoe s having madt, upplialion to Sthi~i|stitatbw.are informed that the elecltim of their board of Neommisiouienra ill take placa oL Mea day the 5th February let 4 Theorea.ngof the ballot to commetee at I A. M1. dill P. . or three succeeding dara. All persons who, nttld att aveiasde their apliea tion befmretea shaore stated day Falb. the (hl waldl not haentded to voete el a t h p r of tehe board .1eafo -. - rl HElatee boast ba.w is wss'nati ior T of New Laeea d theetsWMarket. Tldehea lp ine .rn rate ituatiot fr a eilbeuand htaa Mio1a. e and will be oald with all, haiatrs and crnltlpe ii immediateleppllcatisea.@l lI & to SA BPLO I D & COOOt jan 17 8 J1nlla etee. 'y t 1tJVW1EAT FL cj in kegs b 1 id., 11 D store ra ior eab by Qi DOIlIEY, ab 2 4h4 New ltee. T\LAG STONES-150yarda very .maeperr Impish 1 ed laggiog, well adaptedF or atd aemnri4ore, for ale by IOLrIeS &, MILLB feb' Batik Alley. j: 9TPHALlA HA Aamallut putatn far r V familyaae, reseved per Oron, ftom Hamburg, fr sale by HOLME & MILLS, feb 2 flaik Alley. m Un'TCLiC APdhltca.e Khilarnac caUe for sale , by HOLMES & MILLS. feb 2 Bank Alley. - - -UNNY iBAGM---OU of Irge sine, Iatdieg ram .tbaq Wol.faimale h.H CHASE & DIXET, hfeb 2 6 Custom Hmte stereet. he . U.. liUR DItA i TFI 2 ,,f ) et.b ol r sal. a bk PETItis * 'MILLARD, feb 2 1 G(Id Leeea. 1'Ut.AR a"o-imLASSE3-5Hideugr.r.t sai400a- t .' bbhe molasses, a saperior noticle, yding fi'a e aeschoaer lsealeeo, fOr Mleby or Jan 31I i LDOkSEi', 44 New Le e f AVANA C -FFEE-I, boxes prime - 'feela.dingfrom brigAnggel, f'orach wiah,.a yt" S tnld Slerm Oil, fulintt Imap jtep lKutone, far or nale by I Aatn IRI GE & (,,. _ Jtit 51 114 Maganine straeet. I_ rJOA1411W CAND Lrý tlla koia 1iftl5' _ I W gatasoeby .. . L j's 14 sga aesatrlnrot bin e l montent o. e l er ou , =c lmr4 olelt 1lry Set. V bse e t ait dithas. Chla laa he t e cre hetel eorne e a t e and t ,atrt ei o roi i. nn he to . t e to . o d the olsade a o hedr tosee e te theC m e t .ethe1K i lserthere tie , rthe abdomie t l e e t moasesidrf delict pem# t a receimhh oatqaiitd Ma ttaind crss of. h ntdi ooea q t hee o re, w d t h ibe the e li ltere, uor b re dit o to Ie i s a p.r. rt itoreav lraeofe ensd w ei on t c tdre V d1 frbegb2b the h~lgdir o t e .dn " tih ppritra dr a tIot Olr to m as a ie bl t.e, Se r e l twdtwe fe .r ses . w. t p hoee a~l t e tptrdloesd ,aei of tiisc0 ce tbtte 0hat we our remn dies to Ski i > l l , to ,tremve eoIle end wet nespom, ri,.luneope.p m to i easi u . re sandr e of t in tmt ail t ebelo r 0can remoe glandtiarn oliasiepes , ln d re a ed ito W tf.eulrh mrdit d r II neltte hie the iloifred nio apyl tiig tefits theppo r i it de oaly frot o ao th onmtoni tatheto !, eablhe i p he in t reoating ra edy lf r deir tl sedi ' wlith tht y will oat oond t, trial u r with d iese oit. inetlllioan tri, u iliather e io ow iodptced to their . After usenoyo irspet I the irilIee of mediae,, b h ndhegreeto arne cooa' nt withe til e dtirs, nd d rie tlepoe .pro ntr Ioea tne to t ead thea the carnmteo dea, Oot dthittly of the itotitol co t -'i I r~trt S s8itou, wa tie, r tokni n tuSd oh.u. I 8t tic lhto ha s he orhoeldi elltae ot ilage. Fve or]ts liceaitore; titt if' etrlheo t ga ote ootonentr ad t1I 1 mtar hit a tereottio t d thi c lohaler str er cots sootI Voi clamo the itfIict e lacothitt theo gloila nevslm and n it is onlffro a covictio the glads iteaoLprolttcirt t h a high iltgremf ervoue irritabity, Tking Wil te, they w oll oghth those eo with iec hi.h woeafe;o ~d tria ltta the i nitow td o led to l be - mote the ohartttioa. end elley arlne, in ititton After repealte tri eLta t haes pceedticr in a eom ndit thich nsee rso hjs exnulonv atnt , Nwih tth dhe oi m of. wionto d the pbirce. o the co mn ien"mn le pept omm ao ie tha olg thes pill, mill o l:t . the e -on paitd stih oteeaso, ichill nlreaowloenicss and whiopu, dtt giwudinrr in that can seehonldl relieved, osnlyhrr . ltniionrelsneg thairn ioe+d if ath hoti utt th e eomontry tir oilhiag thne ayatthtprice ofr lutrg no cnthnertie.. altd atirllntar li ng is ti e diorehteio g telar and nervopu stome, the.e otvning deold ut is t a dil te t Ve fect p.erad glnantd; ond t hue rntmp uno r the disteae N. ..A pro n rri tua irhilly s a poinenou t irriabn nti-ng udtits view, e sougt thos e ind cineleenwicn int h osric diaoata t hledll narvo te oiaerse ulanh, re moe o t the ob atic- and allav nultontla iniatd inuon Afer rdo. dhd tritth, Lro h iluetrtiin anru irritmuo je4hich Tn r hixettio and w h he now ostm 21m to the publine. t , ti Ssurfat8 ulvveny, Pali bnrlalone, elnahing nd pain onu die omnc, t cihil 'to, lawles and smeoateai, 211d gk_'dinpM ftlm head, andtleeplest htto h1 rmeig ieg 0imshasre fing tlralcived es ut ol the aotl ry, ObV hoxcn ethe rates tit l of resouring to cathartic.-, 211)lst IHyeinn tdeie, diotruig Hys n v ymp o l), the Tuahvitne co, veohstruent and ltee ie e . N.1 n ou irrit ility is a prominent in dggig, in h ri odi teil n rllp, Jll norvald , suh as tine .,ar uee' tnee and nerveeed hoott, d ln lion ae nnr floe ip ICKigP..i C tasles CO.,toeo n i apuend ll noo 500 tseg ls Boston Iron mse ine k7 in 10 cne bortnoiug a omus d esrt wi t o f oe•, eimml dilthie u, to+ p aiy hegs, traind oarios Sperm aril i 100 groae Sttecm her a 4, b 'iott d ec; 1 I bage S cote inuanets, ll eases SwtCoolated tritls;b o 70 pieces Silotlckh Irg ng, case, OK," thick b not r d tsl 5 as hhln'ond half rhsea bootee O0 ahls roen and obhls Ituapcr t d o. 14 do e l usdiesn ofnekd s s ole elthing o. ano70 ho and vlde rious W 1 d c ead neuauks trade. rgo. 11al ishala o, heng t nmds. 6100 caske s lear lourd. 1500 he Cr innt i s otl ed h n sholdr. 150 bhloes dt erryd pie prk 20 tin u~hnouogOttl ral Sgole. whiskr, 30 it Ke trh Jt.s me t! licas. LAYET Ado.ELUNG. S1 1 C tdoe tri oret.k. tab I 17 Cul~unmrrre astret (rrU 2 if tunnnerce steet. jATV ;T' PhI1'OL lt cosu nwsjinig 87 patent r7· hnrml + 8M.of very aepei-or In e, just r;. for sale by JOS (OCKAYNI. 28 Urevier street. ,gewI-'J~bbi Inding t'saleb l i `YCNSTON & SHALL, f4 S 9 Frnt Levee.. 1N I," MI. %tson,r& , .ue an~d imdian4 dnk onus n at pnret No9 Front Levee. AjIE b * E5- dried Peacbhestr sal IyWINSTON & SHALL, ýtt1'AI ..ýý-vu bS- eup .aor &Iuou k'ol'lusa, utCHAor MPfo sae bCHAMPLN & COl1PER. ILI AIUt -0sl half blsgucN Nu up Sur Ibminly uA. * I' elv V&INTN&1A falrJ $Fron Levee. 'PABS-1~ lot of uptsn&pl spare or Ai. apji oJ hoeW bows p Uscola, or to LI G4As8.E, jon 1 -#' Is Cea"t se tlI'E cut! d Iet t&Zb,. xe of Wtpt. j~t ' a la. Kmok r4,lpnld a.0u*uthe J itF Vc 0FtC. '_'8. 6* Noe .r halow INS ii 4.s r %~rs ,cat~rajwur. ý .08isetilvqbS m ft ft. sad, atr y.ý "* wrroraai aNrdM~ sla~tE ca ;p .411., J O"' " 4 'Y ~~iLY U 0 I' f ý arti ý ý ý" ' 4i for 7A atalait P~r ý 18,i ' I

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