Newspaper of True American, July 2, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated July 2, 1838 Page 1
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r.. 1, ', w .. , n . .i;.. ý - A', y-; w'.: .-s :·yx,:a 7 ý .'ý s '" rrrrp ,:n *ww ;;a a i,' v T ý)vw p ýk 1* f yyrw'a^ ý y ·i,^*(`/RS AN { e, t t q1 'w 7 r ý - e .,yý ýý ý ý "t/ ýa . ý o ray12CA s,ý . y NE :L N ODA ONIGJL ~~';F~ ; I'838~ No yyp r Pess f aireae ;.a jI D ý . . xI -[: ' h .a..1. __ - - - - Nw Fr Press of New Orleans cret So naar, ajearwed meeting l ecld osses A ileef Merck 183 £et o .-Twelve ladlrs fir thub duily pj on, tiaable sani-aodnually in udvaqce: ten ;the tr.ek.y ooudtry paportpayable dnh pt, eroe no city refdreuen, is given. No Swll be "dinootinued until a'rearr gs are 1,we of si'continuaitee, one wpek's notee arst be invariab.y given, previousatO the ubtteo.-One dollar per aeua. for the first di l~ bapt pride lereauk subsequeant one : rlasationio h por tiJnrals advertlabment rgedus-a 06* o0e. a .o flmbo --Merchants and TrJers, s ei 1Egti t , anid Osly for both tan. e, Ion Oe, and oter simihe ltr 4 osha, d 1 iresr in English only, and Bioeth). i 'Sug oh i , Oteaeboot Fee. .u i diIta sisxty dllar in English r aes,nend sLo a eall Sof to sales oe property rnew tos ot&i, ri, &ld. will { ebhaiged er uie fo resil inserton in dash Ian d'sA antcoef ny person. l itleitdblt be otrargsd double, a en t14, eent. will be made to , Sherfiei , W tefe of Wills, end Marshls real esti l in both languags , est n glt ontbe: ntO per cent. nasalnes r nperty. ,agteneosut of the direct line of business -tiser, suubas legal, auction, and plantj anuway elaes, stray animaols, &c. &c. will he orpna.m{st , band't the ordinary rates. rrsn.IlN pn P)uda taoime, wif be stiorfiesatih ýnW a d aaeor-liegly. l. tad"tete oelt krtItptcWs will le published so , los, paid fol:previous to insertioa, or p amnnotemo .Pa repsit lo person in town, Sand otler ijlades .rtio mnt, aderisi ontenmetts of cnlaite for political offices ,u the price of other advertise tlh imsmese lose susetaned by newspaper . tiOsve come to the conclusion that the astnsa whose accounts hav unot been paid S'month 'afer preseutatial shalla he made .:cahprntisable)n to each other-they obli g ,,slves not to advertise or print for such t. ioutaa in oue ot advnene puyet:ne. Adh)' J. C. Do 8r. IOl1.NS J . IBAYON, P. P. IDA, J. C. PRIENDERGAST, JION GtISON . i'es.uro.Wa, the unaersigned, agree to abilde , eodditlOn., as tar as theyore applieable to . e4 10141 A. t. LAWRENCG, .. s"t er a re taken for leess than 6 months. . a. 'is10 1l oaEs,, he post paid. 1L 1: S SPAIN REViSITED, . &c. ? Y Vt IUL.rISITED by the authorof "A year in vp, in 2 ole- Harry ." cerly, a novel, hy a n' ,4 of: "Coail Hyde," in vols, 'e Altress r.l' , ti a . other tales, by the author of "The Fores do. Ninmrdl's lUnetmg.'g'our; introterned lIc -erint aneedotes, ayuings ani doings of Ir' ;'n, including notices of the principal crack " E glnsnd with anolytical contenranr general sn o o which arm ladded, Niurod'a Lettlers on - tg to.nds, in vids. lien Brace, the last of gl .amemnons, by Capt. tChamier, R. N.,uothor h of a Sailor," &c. to '2 noa. (nimntories i" y Jurisprudence. as administered to --tand S , y, Joseph Story, .. L. . Ovid, tI.un kijerr yden, Pope, Conneree, Addison and others. S pr nlr tg NoB20 and 1 of "H'rper's Classienl a i' nuntry Tactics, or rules tfr tine eercise sai e. ;' e' res bfthe United Statesaoiatry, hby Major obvetlI A.att, U. S. Army, in 3 oles. Joet eceaived alt th ai r WB I. MlcKr..N, 7 corner Cn mp&L C' moen tes. I T it t al: 1 nl shlo no ine c Ig tairt, h this ai I,. ' the ingt 'loppev .oL), My SJvi, erV Ilote; rrit; .i.e ao.nrs Lhand; Tell not In, of roken Vowsn; ].lars an dillh il heh o yatell; h ahntll aint 1III Mb'' re':u tal) Cod o;saatioetr ore aarll SoUlllinre; ah4 i t, tlle oiter; fDag is ehlaiog ure "the lill 'o; A : A ,'l l r ' ridaI; ly liglhc l .itc tine; .ii d1u not .i' ., ea.l; Jenny Jonais; nle Y)Vona 'glid"'. '; .o 'hI. 're a hViehe; itRype thy lret ea It,"r IFe;n . a e ' - r lle-r a ni t i..; Wht.t t' op,''r",lo are 'att ,1ti rgl tlrv! for t:ttr r ttler; Ah t l' r h la Ki .ihc'. . rn hlv,(air ehtri.l.l by lthnpu; i r o; 0a' n atst conlinotrrne ierttrg Cle acr rdgt at rt .0eart l-son atiera, v Pllrrtr by F Iluoe]llena i vi tie tlet,rblednoero La Nrlia, hi V h ! dh111 '; •f " "r, ' .v unr a airs If(,'o tie oplenu I Pdirtnui , u'rns :t. t'd -.',r't'/ Vieia:lo Itnoul, to Jie 'il ellti. IPilla er j ttccftten itdk.oanyinptaat :r om3.. e.u boar" tlVi ebir; F errawll h'ltz tv I, h'enota, 'Ction'c f cy in to Wleave A tan it C,[sye,.+ F'0 )rit e Deuca; A wev ore b'(othneillixl t h'av, at, ) iera if tLaa Maou. ,For 'eo at It (C I'rtI Piano Forte aud tAh-ir Strre. a d I'1 I'uM'p folus+r'a Pks*'rei-. . '.detdiaonn of( tollot al Phralcs,un orevr"'rytr: i:' it. ' e, -i a lllwtilltai COr Fna llnii veral;ll nfrcdll,,'d tt",hIo r Sd', let,lvith numcroau remark lo tai Ireritlihr ( ,roa ractt.rot l and use of t rion s words. '1'Thr whars 'i dtslne"rl ac otdetrably to facilitnte the al'rli.rti r'rl of Ir eroee c ordociation of the Frenrch. By A Hllnr, ar on. etilnin a reviesd asd corrected. A eiestpd of toe hundred of Perrin' Tobles, acolm patied witA IL key, containing the text, a littcral nle) free ,satir t arra red in such a manner ae tho ei,{t out Icb, dilroee between the French and English idliot, jar a rigseetdi preonnciation of the French, nernlinsg to bhabest leh works extantoln the subject. The whole I.redelty.ra uiisrt treatise on the sounds of the Frencl engoeageettpedewlthl these of the E nglish. : ee i eiogt'reneh Primer, or the Schtolar's (tilde 4he tt erconuneiation and o"thogralphy of the ecoh~ast e contnininp ites rtlemdrot ccolrdieg to 'tt heb ,.ote.,lil Bernard 'r'osetie, net received nnd 'sc s rsl' W 1V nKEAN, MtiC (oifs Camp & telti Set. ..' '¶Ai ESAYLP1UER SAAPRINGS; . A ESENIAtERI coUmT', VIRGItIA. lltilOyori ste ering plane in the motntaisn' S ahini: , l miles wet of Lewiabureilld 21 froio StYbiI ulphur, wil bheopen ino due season for the ,erptieo cnpaoy. Many Importinit improlvemnentls ' .trlhoilltde sinpe the lartneeson. A spacious ball amc ado b numbe of eiugle-b-dded rooms bhave belen L aidtiad nnow finishing; aft arditig oennmmodntona. 4T}the olut' July,. ior 2.0 viitore. An eleelleut tur~ de reFd'hs bean eonetriuted pacsi- lI thn e h e rtir , ictPateoetiUg eke Kanalwha turopl"± uear Iew.i e- O ' e'hisdead,by dkrectio of the post office irtmeoA Meors. eAldin, Walker & co's. title of a poalhees will rint A post "ee being established te a eprinsg, Oitore cov r.oaiv ne a ole d etirtr' oditdaily1 eastd wU.a Of tiLe 'nediciiol (t uaoities ofll tr at ersr the fty)grietli nesed riot apewk. ''lay thai bron snalysed Iby able nad proi'esed cbhemintl, nd ircl : tol id tolhtion all tie valuable inoredieurt ra 'acta g p hbed princg in Vjrginin. A'c'indii ont 'eLinl much Stdphuretted Hy e S i sf Mal.iltia, Splphote of Limo, Car ntof al lSlphaote of loJa t luriate iof Sola, l ar. l Mi.gneia, the etalutarv eltecls "f w'ahih ;d Ibel t d ies.hisidelnr t1 [;olale"; loll'I cllrra.: Syhu; the opapt, liver, and bowels; i clita alar·ae' o ediebas..ofthe skein O rremedy tore d tdel slmenlats for both sexes laove ee ontiguouet to the snplleog. Visitors can lF f ejog ethe .e aoliar fdvatpes of their be I laet VeS wilh eotin.cs the' saperiolend. SBt' t e spring. Igverj meetAion on hi part, and onl S the ropretttoa.l hlbe rendered mto itrure t +i kl~Tit t Slhl ir i Jlal Oharshare of iih public put •:rt', ietors of the Plum Sulphur Sprngs wi be.., 4o a b renoipoof notes ofeltS, : tlbow·tid Was sIlt't14*ihiehetooninteredeolnr todystr. B'lI4AtA MONK, &cP. ditelonreo of hnria btoc of the ioel i Nuine of Momrial, n. , :. with an e] a Ift' t 1, taini w etrt A, , i n lteditioa; SA, el o e narrirtve; piorld, Rkclew ofthte a a np eset, in more particulnars 0 oi v tnd u iants trated by' plau mb f tlhe ha he Nuaety, of tihe Hiotel ]ieu--be l viset to the Convents o"f Mtottlsel of "Awf.ul Dlnbltese;" B. Wen. L: Snt of Living. Livinig means. t det'e ctor In Drawn and working of Arehiteotue," fully explaiineg S fp king regular ana quirked mouldere; g a glueiag ofeoltet anod tapitols; for r neterofan eror tro any giveni hjght I Volute, cireulir or eliptical:',With pieon a large acale, if thea orders, their t se desiagns for door cases, ele e ort-one platos with explatec-ihj Asarehiteet, author of the "IMtebaertita nster's New Guide," "Carpenter's e at," Jr.. Elae 'mite of the United States-by J, ary of the Hartford couoty Sil. So ctoe F a Silk Clturtclt." Ra Matnanl, or the art of rasetig lnd s ad of cultivating the M tlberry S%, or .olnmmercial Correspon!enee; It of`osie ., t.rns of bills, ivoiuee, shlopl erseunaion of ettni.ts, -, &o:-bj. o Foter, S ti e r in e i Pteoeinsela andthe couth be year 1 s1 kc the yeor l814" by W. - e, (4. B, vol V4t..hlhic are perfieti anu ,eatceks Aubinma' Li(e of Pitoen, and Seiy Review with' conter remarksrto Mr. idugPtiPttal'Pretssa poponms pasp 'Nnt forth volbme of the Peisuilar ie' ale by mie as tim at of next month, the twoe Ill wetlis tqtae, nluA'.. thie new Me tL n Chalt an Poyd clpe aotr t; neepied tm 'o caticeete on Girtti eet. a fw deere ,Ir, Apply to DOUTLE . MAY, ,l ( R' ndsdetetrret. , ci., o.ikt t ,.m ryt : E W ar1ebkan Sanichel Cwlfte 14dt ea 1 x o ile table nd tea p, m w and or ra knives andfi. md m. a. til deserto; the t isf M use !hose Ioth eua1blidhed it .w o tothe', diifaototlre or silver t i it t tlent tn ae t its snneriora Ten and ofe, urn, tea wotlj easor, liquor and ewnr dll an sluperbth ouandlebi. s, and Epergueq with mir tor plateo , for centr. o the dinner or tspper table; waters roatnd and oblong, from S to 1 ineles; beef steak and'tegetie dishes; ricn disk eovergi eakeaind Ibme. Idisibs decnter stands; mantle and thamler candlestielt; wine stSaismerts oolersand syphons; desan ter labels,,elaret cork, tena straners, table bells, tea, ta ble, egg $e! odutard spoons; egg boilers gnd st-nds. toast races, be. MILVRII ON STEEL WARE. Tuable and desert ilvens, Ftks and spoona; soseupand none ladles hutter and fish knives, cheeso soops, as ungos tonog, veget ble forks, dtn. JA PANNERY. Fine Gothic Sondwniob ot' round eortet woiters, in oetta not single, from 10 St itnehe;r tlO owpqnpermac/e; trentld, cheese, `A. kni Plh ita large nprIlht N lote warlers; slice, ugai r lad ctash boaes; presselg eases; India tea tbles in nests, paddles lappan.nd ani of ric Iortoi ahell, tce. Alf t i e .11 entelnsive rs0enleit, among wanle h l gnr Asntri lieup all b lronzedl d gilt, nel ol rich all gl.slk mtantle imps ,' do, reixs plain nld wit glass prisrno ,; vere splendid cnat gloss do; bronld lod i ld naponed sirde or bracket lamps. CHANI)ELIERS AND) HAN(IN'G LAMPS. Englisd and Freneh ent glass chmndeliers or lnsties ot , 1, Is, 1 , 'Oand 24 lighta le.nch bron..d tl l gilt tiecinan lm ,s, 3, 4 antld 8 Ulights hsl Snt s nud Iton silS. Ill rhltlane Isot or cenre ipllons lfoi Ilwnwil roles, tlaln I to 6 litglts, lat l .tlllles, glosieos andl w\icks. MANTLE CLUICKS, CAN)IILK IIIL\S AND) SASES. Bmrozel and ,snrhei Ironed sanod gilt, and all gilt, witll lixltutos, etc; coutltirg lousel and kitchen dlocks; im.nzed irkatenls, cem r dn ; piael' weights, thernolner. ras, curd rocks, oetnllestieso etc. CIIINA WAItE tilt I' tRCELAIN Engllish nod Frenh 'iltl lesfrlt, iea norid coffno eo - .ices ot ponil white, grld edgl, and vney reih fancy clyle; aplenell inlnlrl aetti ; color ns t llilk illerls, lllte vs an .o t d inaooc otnretk olnll baskets. n eAl',Ltd iN'WdAIiz . )liniog, lotst, tean, motle., btnlfaktfit t.,u yIperI mnlts; toilt.l w:ie; pitliehlts. AIs, flatllanitnl Io fi!ltl delIa, c 'i" GILA.S. ilenlterm., piterox's; claret ntld i.dhllel llhuk decal t,'ec; bowls, tishes, celery vnoost. sail sntnn, si.ynr Iowls, bhtor tus- n, filnger baonns, tllblel, winc, tC opllilllig:ne, claarn, coleslials, lemonldani d jelly glases.s lie t oi .re Iloakglo.oes. Alas, candlle shades. TABLE: U'I'LEIRY. Finel ivone balance hlndles, seulf lip andl Ick handle kiiives i.nd Iorks of51 and 53 pieces, or by thIe lozell; ivory mhandlle knives only for siiver f'orki gnlotl and game calern; longslicesafor rond beef, onysterknives, nutceleksaonl pikek; oUggeucoers, cork clrews, eta. IIRITTANIA ANI) IILOCKC TIN WAIIE.. TealI nIlo cotle sells atd Unsll, with I sanld fituets., sitlable for hotels antld sibtea otsliospios aid haillte venson disies wids covear, ia sterboir ihafiitisc; lie dish lolers, plnlsheaterls, rotfn gr..-Ogs ten k:ttica no stands with hetels, e: bonilrs, etc. FANCY iAIII)WAIIE. - llrsotsld wiree te.iders, bhrossandodin; brasaild steel slovtls :Io l tongs, etc; copll r coill l)int anid il C ket i-es; r:ls spittlons, ochimllney honkn; ,tIappnoid. brass lllt l'ozoe tanndlell nroo'lit bi ,laes. fan.y bellows ciolnlll rni nelll'lla ;I cilltpilg n tinllttliog inilchiiles; nuolobsello gl en.% ite loneto fl.n waniniotog tintes. litl'till \ l:UltNIT'lUltE--Ciiininlig Otii on to.y orn.cs~, epper antllo oodenzt rte,t Ierilog a colltelhnll Of al lllt isillll lntltll lnteilto.hed noictlllt lolut Inooc,) Unt iill i urioftt l #l ivetoy nrtiale wanted Ie ..-ei keepers Ca fl :C'l' llll ,dated coh, y repairod antlellished as l .ifl~ill.e I 'dn: . ... .. . . .. . . . .. . . . . .... . . .. ii tRlDi'Stt Rb-C:EIVI6I) 111'it Ilythtr i, Noa. -h h -t2 se Rhot,,. i;n' 'T'U$)lE a511i FACTUYIJ'lI IN NEW\V YORcKL1Y IWOBE'Rl' iioLE & CU. SC. i ll ~ OF' PRICES-DLoabl Gti al. For a loiulle,i illf tl' saws or more to aoIII cylinder, making t61sawsm the stand, or 1211 s inche o Wa11, feedErs, o. a $6 per saw, o. 7230 0 I"or tio. of 44) raison don, r 8 saws in s ,tland, at $6. yl per saltw, or 5(11) 0W For do. of 01 sews on dot. or 40 saws in a staadt at ot..J per saws, ,wr 266 06 SINGLE GINS. SFor esigle Ri~ of SO sw or more, with one set of lieders, blosle, 4s. at $6 per be 7, $480 00 For d. of 60 saws, with leede~rs, &r at $6 O per saw. 390 00 For do. of 40 saws, with oeeders, 4ce. $6 75 per saw, 00 00 For do. of ~o siws, with feeders, 4e. at $7 0 per saw. 150 00 . tleateet where desir5d, for feeders, 15pplied n i0 ents eashli the numbler ofteeth beingo about equal o the onuber of saw. One set of feeders, it is coe sidered ioiever, will weer out two or three sets of sows;. .xtl.a sawsasupplid at 80 cents each. The Gins ordered, will be delivered to the agents of lnters hi 1t any f the sea port owns of the cotton platn tis' St1les sttrle ashoe prices, the agents laylng the reaght oe tile same from New York, asdl hoomitg re slponible for the amount of the, din. A Gin wright willhe sent with thle ions to Ft theom up whore de irledl the charges tor whosei aeri.iee will be extra, bat dlln le ,to. S rho:,lunnina "e.n'cinals.lw: iore'red shere'hdsired, ,'s reasonable terms; but will be char "e.: eitrt. Hoer' ower, ofany deIrqilions, side be furnisohel is like eross. Small steald engines .. also bh i'db'ieled if de It ie,'!tti'thlw, wihen lanter.' give orde t "l for Gins, *.'y n;, G. .. .r ps th ., X1t theirvieWS Io retard .it u arit se"t',rttot .w5, 0l.rstc, Itus oeo, &4E. It is filod t t 'ldh itferii oi.L .. ntn desire saws of Imsgsr diasaster than others. The msot comloon sizer is gtr It) ioehs; ,situ some wi1h theso 10,. Some wish 5or S6 rows of lrusises Soi an axle, loit.,olthers do ot want mlore thoan sat tuo;. Slns. wish s otP with 8 ,Ste tolt tint inch, while runesrs wtit 10or II. : . . nllh .erpamlnll,l we rlr'eer they s IIdI, at hlitae tit of 6i'i;3g Orlers, fnthish a sta'~atlt of therir w.icl-r, sad the tlatistctr.s.l cait ifulil thnlsi in ever% PIrhcular. Wheress it left to our dict"elvn, we shall iunile lem tste 'she 5 st Iodern and approved plan. Ao nosl* ocan he exrruted, front the time it is reeelved; in the space of ight orlnine weeks, spd the Gin in that silae Icdiin tht. bualr of the fator. To be in time liol the next e!' Ip, all tlers oghti to he in tile hands of !u .umid'seturrela by the first or saiddle df' Mlay; exoep)t for Idutatiosss whlere they are late in eo.anmicing to ,ick tr gio Octtho. \N. IL. rlta t'h,,r tsigit, for asy oneof tile cettos ;r ton Stlt:we. will be sold on reasouable (tirms. :J'ArE OF LOUl.utANh.--FAirst Juaicial ioisttiec I IE STATE OF LOUISIANA, To all whotm Sthe Psreoents hall cotne, Greting:--Whereas Willi.m' elaekot l)tving purchased at a sale mate by the Stheriff ol the psish of Orleaos, tle priferty lhereiuls5er described, has applied to the clerk of t 'is rouot, io whose triqe the deed of sole was recorded on thle Sipjtony of MaiiA. D. 183, for a uerniti,l or sd ertiseiameht in eonlormisy to as act of the Legislatute of the Ssate ,L.tlns, enitled "As set for the fourlier eeouroltia of titles to purchjsere at judicial sals;" op pmledrts lothh d.. osf Mash, 1834. NOW, therefoe' know ye, n.d s il persohs interested herein, ae horelsb,cited at adomonished in the nale of t-e Saeeof Lo4hylean ano.df the First Judiciel )Ditrsct ortS, who an soet up any tight, title r Ooi:l in and to she prolerty hereissir slde riled, is conae'quenee of any informaity in th b order, deore or jsdgsoh t of the hourt undor whlicl iah sale was made, or atipyirregulrity or ill'galky in thle appraeseatats and alrrleiueleentes, in r.e,or mnaso r t fsaLe, s tor an " oln :ohr defect wheseo stto show cae within rtv dspC from the day"m oos. sis iseed ietbe plbblc paperswhly Use sale so snode shulsnl he eoofiafed alsd homolgt gaosed. The said property swaiold by the Sheriff of thepar= i.s asoresaid on the' '2 day of Apiil, A. D. lt38,hy virtue ofdecrees of this coit, rendered os tle 3d day of March, A. D. 183S,in a entitled William 3lackeyo a's. wcmuel ell , No. 15533ýs elthe doeetof thIis soure; at which sale seid iltian Mlackey bqcame the per chasr for the price of $3,:00, cash. Deatcription of Property e glven in ime Judioial Con. veyAa o 'e, vc: A certain lot of groItd.,togethor with ol the build ofg anld ispmvemlse the. n, situsted is the parih o' Oreans, in thle sol hoounded by N&w Levee, oui,,~Paul and Delord stets, degaatyd by the No osr\ a pllao draws by h. F. oirpel. Depu 8reeor Genera, on the 16th December, 1834, aod soeosited as pina Ne lS, in the bohok efplens of Felix (trima, notary publir. Said lot mauasrew0 fliet 11 inehif fo.t a eet ee tlreet75feet to dept ons the side adjoinig lot N , and 80 fee s 7 iehes uti liseo i depth on the side tadtning the pmopertynerwolstely, belongigg o ,N oodale, est 19 [set ii inehel width in the reer, where i fretontsn a alleay f thee feet sine inches is omnmog to los oe 4,5 6, 7, d 9 Clerk's Ollse,flclth May, 188i9. SL ,W D, ]ep. Clerk. 4 ,. 991. ith Nisgaratci5 t4lenisolved os tuesday last, trip tCOineinati, ft. oe, ayy ot-iy; [ botsurnd again last ght. '-tJ b tol .fitt [ am h vry important indi tta., iustant ethe Journal t this city was pat ito .ty hasid, stating, amtngst a great many othe kings, thatl had ac tualy rsn avay fros Louisville to Oseapeathe effeets of ite wsiderful magnetic nre to OF doctor Snip, the kIight of the thimble, alias, A S S8 Y return, however, e roves that the fable of , h bo an olf, itt appliable to the Journal. The ftale is 'A hoy was emplovedta watch ald. gvs the alamn, wheathu wolf appeared; he behig eitler a 'footman,' a tailor's an p, or a liar frteqen:ly ered out the wolf in oaling, to tile Kntat uaimay of tle eitizens Th y a last found out hi, r~t ahreter: tiha lie was a liar, and at to believedevea when ht spoke the truth." 'The tgrt is that Rscaus uastproduce their effects. So it Will prove, of the all-wise writers, Dr. Snip & Co., in ile Journial. I wodl(l advioe them to provide tthem telves with a steam engine press, in order to meet tile wonderful demand and inreasoe of that paper, a0 it is well kownv there e many who seek for nothing but falsehood,out of aheeilove to the veaders of that arti cle. But unfortunately far Galah Snip, of needle and tlimble celebrity, the great mass of the snillitns at A mCweanlteople anr foased, and taht Ibted as lovers of truth. Therefore they will, (oosffects iprduced by the -lusl) naturslly say, I rooat to read a paper, that I oay rely ons, therefore I will seek out sllch, an hbecame a saueastiber to tis oither ;oaurnal,, wsree stnltele tt , will notpreas, false. ''lutr le, stotersetlls are too pal pable to requut reutaoiotu yet I will stoe: ist. agsIIa s againh tsUsaltel. .d. That l shallretaintit iliah 31st Jul , 'the Itr Snip & Co., have sentme at letter threatotiog my filet if I remained after lthe0tht. 3d. That ferm tl:e ,Itsoall 'roceedl to Ciocinnoti,for fourteen dysealy, of whioh l'wisih Dr ;tuip & Co., tc infsora the nlfflitedjn thir own aiab rsrerfailstalwioesoeptlago. - ith. tlhat troi (iosc isat I tshallneterd to itid FolIo of the Niagara, aie ll ltalo, (it re Snip & Ca. do not take away my liarl li tlh. lt otf eptettber, ano asNew York on the o so Nverber, sopond lthi whole of the next sllaortaein ort1 o lauplh at all the wholll Philistines; hn ,ssslical is i o" Boston, Philatdel. his, l. nrlhhi., Nashvillc, sod Louisville, who tviei probably. (before ithst tite jrives doors,eGlliat 1st, Ripe a oltnsre Golish 2d. Currier &c. (iolta make tfr asses, mucesr &c. Golo 4th. Corn cstttes. GIi alt 5th, Pailts ans drug, al pssi:kls olse Golitl I;ill tile Itlosrt ,Ia lific s o..f ill,' Itr. ,td ils , alias Bell, :s '., pnlrhes i to fie polpritors asie , ,ttls e,+ of the Ite rual .nattly I would hlsve li losl 'h Dr..S1 - f ', know tfi I s lt bered f r thoe; I lss w i,s tssssstt I lirr d e,or spreads ilistI,, I[ llhalt ee tr ,foil ,ar, in thl Il,t Isttfresstgrini lssht s te I nll ;s t Jeasaconlesnsea tld:issice, ct,,yt i, 1 r ent alt. tintesewn then s eslIa eiieD t spinner;e the eerir; tte hsoset testsk j r t E Ste t Jeornl cue s; thle posint and r s w seod ' I. magoiieest diletr i tesso is..te t,.t tveossre Slut laire's of beiss able vo i do Ill lit e , iseitt I re , St s l i . ,namen d iIL a and th..clle fl,l: t ,'ml,.c. of .mi I rsc .l nsays,to o nbtal Ieon-in1o wis t ily sie a., u,:ritsea t tjye aoser issonhepart;as wce~0. h nsa anit tort oIn E rest rsaye, JVILIsul eerisedI'il ii tilqle tot-, evle Jeffersn ltioe, Louthr ile euils, Jele sy I, yI t Pa S.-rSitsewritinseg th l, Ioy hnllvi Pert islys nt tharoiOft Ortie tours, itrs lee perse lrsns of tl e Joursnl, andl ties stile sstced( are 'et 'celi sieel Ipse' hlle, s, oe int ahssiatic.- thee tnctlle r ill ots i late Io oasbeaotheyo po lerctlteeIc "m rasheslt soils ,) afulfil theealtge, Sars of ia faesher ISee tosether. 2. oe iol pacing th . LIe.. d r. lose s e, ir lio s. "knit of b hich oils of the cr u otr s io St ohbn las, sarhasesre the rs. peatt uleot t s i " is eleS'liidr ,. age. Ist is a tr le, h meight It td he S s lenlstso i 'i5' off nýilt'h ttpp ved o bv " t ehu l"poalisRoawn dntI, hills," iitelt a.y itel, ,at lltme, d i li t vo hi part; a ssss et dgrrd .. al..... oier , d ... . thlat somewcere bur ll nlivs, olvce, !s;ie ab te ihter cltillcttue itC hnlaiselrtil, be, ,4I'~ o, .ttelevoatrcd be kighlls oft the es .l. I'cssih alt ee sisutey ouati haoe raher beens the bnighIsscd' etio IsBisr ist Oe nn'ectiyolhs.itayrsssesaoIstibcc od sites,. toolyt :me~~~~~ ~ ~ ~~~ fi t:.v,/, i otra,! l,,e, .ist. thot,. n artliy knight is yet not only -live, cool a, e, from hiss prolisie braise, to joltn bsa breeder, Its satsIts tlshe iinble, in illhe 'inatinv ithe te eld h iss sto ih poters ihelthl, t ,al as Iltee smse ll - own lre- bet,se ll y on p tient Ste hrc till, 'e,", , l is v .lls lh call e s n s but IJof D wh nich, h e "reaI t Dr. 11.#1,t. ;'I k: 'j' I tie thiei lell, l .l. willie sluin t , els ey C L I elecs ereitoite ehl l nica i s sll e l it l ith ' - le as eisiost tes litllleti an+co ctrs tol .eie ssat, , lt.,u , :lece olr u . s tos Itsoipp ed edolib il I': " 'o .l n+t ol, t". . r onr n`l . r la 'Ii ll;. rl;.,' ant I m. of S0of th [8the tsitc s Itesbeilg a t·I thees' cni Vihes a f.iaeii , l ai~e l ,Ii , vc, roilt"lict t, ,.th 5 : l s It stereo., it lev teis s 'id ,s0. I , ,.*e, e . 'rfitl ' OIlsr l 8iii~e.i. drp J illilO u,+tu'd.. .l .tl0 Si~ldlel Teton esls[eiststi p Senl, of ter , r t lh t a (litl-se ' ises ithwe thiinb e lw int b~e l ,e u le i, l y .o in' i , r e i l ii • : .lie elf the lisly,lo letterl. "1"1: wei. 'htll go nodyiie ir·r ii bei , sitce o:is I lest o' mese unis , ;}lefr ui f Irikr n wo orrct th~ree; l vlll: set· a(!III rlitl ndle wvilln u r " SOhic la Ica tl.lll! t a l ih t' i, Illltliuuhrso Illillili I .c r ,. U/fr n tenlavl et its o fe s ttilelr r Ia r l rreae ti i ls o drc·:l·,llir I~es, nid air litl l -t I '"'n' sol oiateso sel e 'rn iii g Is v ts otely , hlr tbe r| . ih r Ie a w olea, li ias Ly,, t, ,-olr c ill , helt ,f ier 1 a o d t hle 'at. 'o. h e a ]'liI s et esse du" llel r, east flrst' s cisse.syyml tont inis al: iui sleo t t legtly ar ese objcts el's wtes'~" ih uw etc fisi T dise this c tit .T is s y tl' ei55'iiote il'eiltile' te astionss lls . oe lten i mt.le sll l Iel r st ins ms •tl;e Y eisulsplt sny Gpl ris tis l s sel thit, l sOP I~ deIv lr,, ub ilt 'en ;d.'ecdihel C Ito Seisrsts'' -' r( dise- 5i itss'leseie Ise"-e is tars, tsti soa 55555l~ Is ear''' t)0 ta ioesa etsiegleedeop. llese civeod a tee d s el o l :10 ,ile lyte ostes- pse of itetss aneiiy eut Ilets et tile rio the thimble wil wa cl vo lork l liy, fte redin bll -l~sle' sists' resslit itoure weal r it, thoulh not i e endted tt yt. i'e. teformi fadristlot orthee, 't ali rightJ.W. oandthtn-yicliioodoubts Jsressoce s055'tlsteu eto salt lisa seteatl appsetitee o tht isr rooatero astitrsesbt'eit ot Alen Ithyuo' ~~rtttg, F'crtuntsoely fr te h ier!s at hol Sebleashtiay, lso-ntreorc otsvloeb'ijsr rest do btheis dirtywotrk. j " IIIIIA IS. N. 1-1.- taco justrereteed a elea! r, Stated Qiosla oiafnan sty stobso. ass iololeso 'to sthe tlruggiots ofthbisrcity. The wrieistyeti euel "Ihenttc lasotletaer. Tisry tsac reostoerorel~ dis at knothtor evenaoaspectoany CoIi Itbeamotogstsedrstgs'itlatinLan iavilie; yer,ifth tocap Itir sty geoslatato lie ruota a tioareoewear it, shough nottantcndcdhtotrle Jeffelson House, Saturday, 22d Jt, ,~137. JEFFERSoN HoUsE, LOUISVILt July 13, 1837. k S To the Editor of fhe City Ga:ette: SIR-H aving listened to the e atr a tles of ely pol latietlts, ltn resolved, if ti hI apemte, to rse mein in thlis city till the cud of July. 1. 'To try to them more o-odi. 2. To clrvillta the it,hllubi lt, 1i at the vile ept theta the Medical Goliuhs S. &.e, hvt appllied to me, 3. Th tI r st reody to dea sitm te uudred dollraro in otesa of the U. S. Bank, in the inidxo llo hs ileu the Mayor of this city, aaoinst a air oi tt to be aet psnited byl tlle tegr at oell ia g!lty t tor d. Co,. tlht 1 rerstue to si,;lt elore aned, ite, :ted, e Oll person up antllhiihh, who wtere tot.fh pat altlt blind, than'they do; and that I am a | ;h`l t, cuoe a greater nullo toif sho otrt, eak tto, d .htd rowsa during myshnrt visit, thatl theoy do,. el wl allo, ails t u tlniaty stors t cll illo tlid all the vers deservedly erhbr ,ted 'i or Itttd I' all th ledi al colleges, as well all the d ad tte, doctors o ite.,tlltl ill private rlelic/ Io re omit few) in tie Stteo toK io, ih it and:o v ilt 'l'tsesee; hlIere iner, llde tideed s , : t:a. annat doctors, whose inames ug t to lIet nid. d dew as low as possible to latest Ipost.eity. 4. Itt ist i clearly tnaerrstoeadti all the ceres if any, o thhtl sids, hist bne ptorve all have beet pereormd l ithout the aid ofl Sa .cl o eratioe whatever. 5. Ihose is, really e .,iet it ,he ,i , thIEy, havnr liberaliy spp lid to tin, sell rlit II $ndhlt f brt t behefithofihealnllouesia tile Otler par ty shall itake Iack hi, oweA $L(0 wh, mie lie Her tieI agy be. If even tIl mit O Iledic tti ulitbugr t' ehnullt proveo one of tle suocetsl.ll r lOdatesI wi fufil thlvelid prov.rb; od give thIn "o ,eltleun"'' hi. due! tt It. At all evente I would adise the t eat nmed Goe ia S. not to sufhrtlhat letter to stand tie, s it tgote for siialpleton" as well as "aapient," tPyt yesttrdiu atI, to.tiny;* but I advise hilu to odd te its lezitiutlln companions, A S rlaied befIore it, all betie or ei then the independest inhlulaitartts of th il.y would al ways know the wrime b tie melody fs vica JOH{N WiLLIA S, Oculist. *I was weak enough to rend the at!' ot ftaloeitood signed P., which desearve nothing but jty sil.nt con fealpt. *s Had I known ltat evsenlng of te grernt i'"tportareecl A s S, I should liuve treated tit last of tdi three suoe what differently: bst let tohat pess. 1 will. howeer cmplimtent his mtster If thle Jourtl, fisr li sanga, ty ,0 emply the ft.tper knight (uoto ftle artder r orl thistle, but) ofthe needle Oear thuihbl, it order that may kill two birds with one atoll, i.e to patch th hles thast tn be in iis nlstrl or pelit ul gInarmt and, if I may iudve from that excellet tlper, the Ad Pertiser, Dr. Snilas master is, iti .,ill n unstalt seed ofhis arvies.. l When anvir'ettsstance occursa, wnlrti td dottliello or politically, which requires a blister, tieau Itil own nose or oa the reputation ofthosews not a ap aes to plesse him, beaing utllihe tim, ( wI uulate I great misfontune!j thetn it is Ite rintgs Itis rELI,, whico aflerall is nothing more ttan if it wais ttnditg bhan or a tinkling cymhbal;" yet, to view i t us-ir. Bell looks well; but wilt an t. 1. A. S. S. l iti, appears magnifieent!!! JOHN WILLAm t, Oculil. July1l4. - LOUiHS-37 Pittsabutgt Itlue PI tghitn staor an hae un on,n,Lt.I Ir tr.l O ;2, . Oldlr.etearet. 1i:N ll' PE-mtO pa lunge' ;2i7 toil ho ' 'al . ain iug from seamboat COunti 'eter sIal b LAYE'I' & AM Uhi, m28 17 Cou len C street, PORK--310 bbls prime Porkb, landiog steals., J boat Emperor, for sale by ni8 IlAYET & A Jl.i; U t' V UGAR-ltI) hhds ns plttstaltit. tar , est t Ioll SLATER & T111 R,.4i l4. trs ts1 S ap 18 J THAYI ' : NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. EAJ..ED proposals will be reeeived at the office of A7 the New Orieetns atl! Nashville Rall-road; for the delivery of 30,000 feet otf pine or cyprebs timber, to bh flatted on two sides; the flat surface must be at least 10 inche., and the timber brought to 10 inches in think neet, to he cot in lancthe of not les tthan 20 feet. The timber is wanted along the shore of Lake Pontchur Snh,, and will be receired a the third bayou abovoe the new canal, oron the bunk oboe new cannl,al the Rail road Bridge, .t the option oc the Company. A Aso, Proposals will he received{ for coveriei the embank. ment now made along the shetOre of the lake with slemls and sand, to %depth of sout 18 inches. The materials ftr the purpose are eally obtained witddn a ahort dis tlance of the embankment d the Cmpary will fur. nish core and :eatorial tor laying a tettopary tack, where tite distance is too great tar using wheelbar rows. Alto, Proeposals will be received fur building several shan ties along the line of the road; the deacription will be given on a tplication to the Engineer. New Orleans and Nashvrill Rail-road Office, June lt,, 1838. D HOARY, je9Chief Engineer and General Superintendent. UGAf -tiS0 hhnd very prime, on Plaotanion eigh. I mile. from the oity, lao csle by ,T R T IYDE & BROTHER, m29 39 Commno, at comer oftMagazine rt. "MBiIRELLAS & PARASOLS-25cant. ecemprias. in0g at assortment of Mauntua ea Gingham Ut brellao at.tlParasols, lendintg front Barque Ellen Iland Voe sale by nm'9 ISAAC BRIDGE &,CO,134 Magazine rt 1'jE I'ia trelrocdrctb'iilogle nc Lttilnoenpt0 I eUdkhr iinitment, Gernt nmtbhnale pfls, Blhler'. iflfervece t MIgnesia, Balm of Columbha &c. &c.; landing attd for sale by H BONNXIBEL, mn5 cor Rtches and Tchapitolrlna rsi. PR(OSPECTUlS. THIE ubscrihber propoacs to publish, in the be. ginning of the eraning winter, a Condenseation tf t teenty volumes of the Old and New Series df Mlartim't Louisiana Reports, to he colmprised in four volunites, 8So., cecording to the model 0t Peters' Condensted R.ports. This weork is now in preparation by J. Burton El ri.ur. E.q., of this city. assisted by William F. Iltnl, Eq 'lThe Editor is also permitted by a dirtingtished retired Judge of the Supreme Court, tad by one of the sitting Judges, to expect from their persontrl supervinion all the advantage which m.y tnaturally be, reapod from their experience. Such t wtork is becoming every day more ne cec.ary,'as the original as voluminous, expensivo, andi scarce. An increasing curiosity too is mani tht, i the other Statee of the Union, in reference to the peruhlar jurisprudence of Loursinna; and the circumstmance of the numerous principles here den eidod in the adjustment of conflicts of lawn, makes the knowledge of our adjudged cases of prine uti. lity to the jurists of the whole Union. Moreovet, the rising republic of Texas has adoptod our codes, and thus there is a great demand for the Logisiana decisions fromt a froslt quarter. Co -enient notes, indicating the parallel cases decided in Louisiana, and occasionally those in the tIere authoritative forums of the other States, will he added to each case. The work will formt four volumes, royal octavo, and will he delivered, bound, to subscribers at $6 per vol.; in case it should be found practicable to compress it into three volumes, the price to sub. scrihbrs will he $7 per vol. Subscriptions received by WM MeKEAN, je5 cor Camp and Common eta. BALDNESS. A. 11EA UTllTI.L held of hair it th2egrendsat 'orna tOnli Ielongine r. the hlman frame. Hlow straneoa lv lthe loss of it changes the enn*oenane, and tIpremal'i Iurelv Lrines on the apprearnleo of ohl agl. which e ut ++ "s" t ot heitenx a µq4WtL pa eojnptjp erie To' slillm tnllv'to'itvmAll M okil' t th e l i ol. e ,.O' their lnlleir.tance: the remaider of t'leir livem are con I rtnqontlv laplt io, rnetie nern. it rsort, not even lhe I Int,' f.ropelt liu trl. enlrols thilenkis o tlth with thrl ncP:Ltv e inki' a intol au eto the Inos of hli hair. l avert all these uallea l eoireollnlnnee, Odrtote' ill ot" ollilnllla sopg tilP hair fronl fIlin ,fTeon til 6etrt nnpleirtin, fat liw hoInltlet reMroref it Ialln. It w e, peodlctteevchreiw.o and ou vhioinkerFt onenll t the n r i! nr t ertllna crayv, mkei t earl Itlotihiillh' ,na tees it fro , r.lirf. lnmillarll certitrtli ten 'of tio, fir.t te..rctnlhili!v in upportlI of the virtues of Oilridge; flalt m atr -now h~Ii h 'nrlpriretlo. 17 Reed the fillhwini: Rolert Whlartoo, Epq. late Mayor of Philnidelplhia In-s eertifiei' na nly he seen below, to thie high lclarc ter of he fillowine gentlemen. 'The undersigned do hereby certify thllt wel!ave used the Balm of Columbia dijcovered by J. Oldrilge. and have f und it lhighlyv erviceablenot only as a preventive laginat the falling off er hair, but also a ee ltau restofa tive. WILLIAMI THATCHER, Senior, Methodist Minister in St George ,trs.e, No 86 North Fillth st. JOHN P INGLIS,321 Aelt street. JOHN D THOMAS, M D, 163 Racest JOHN S FURFEY,10I Spruce street. IIUGH IteCUlRDlY.243outh d at. JOHN0 GARID,Jr,123 Arch street. It is Ontvn that three of the altboe rigners are more titan 50 years of age, and the others not Irae than 30. o [From the Movor.n Commonwealth f Pennsylvania, City of Phi adelphia, I, ohbert Wharton, Mayor pf said eity of ihilade. bhia, do hereby certify that [ am well oequnaieted with Mlners J P Inglis, Joint S Fpre , and Hlgh M'ntrdv, v hose names are signed to the n ovo earrtifiote,etnt they are gentinme, of ceharalnter lid reltctatihility, and as such full credit shoull lie gien to thte aidl eertificlte. in witnerswhareof I have hereunto set Itty hand, and caused the seal pfllte city to be, flxed, this 6th dty of )December, &e. s[L. S.) lROBERT WHARTON, tMryor. Otid l-tVE that each bhotle ofthelle 'ntnie itplm ball a iodleadid engraved wrapper, on twhich is rep:etcntedt thle , ills if ,tiaorti, &e Sold lholesal, and retail by the sole agento for Ame rina, NIo 2 Fleteher street, siear iMaiden Lane, nne doto below tPearl street, and hy most druggista nsdparltimers throughI hI country. g JARVIS & ANDREWS, m9 Wholesale Agents, yewn Orleann. CT'-I1 1)1; LA LOUIIANE-Caour du Premioer Dis tri.-tJ S el'IAT DI] I.A LOUIlIA oE, A tous ceux que ft i eas presentes eoncerncentr Slitt:-Arte, du aue William Mlackey attt oeyetb it une vente faite par I. S lerif de d paprutine 'Orleoan, la prunrifta ei-aprt;s dcr te, s'est addressn an G(refle de celte Cour ou Ia dte vellnt fCut aenregiatre Is Seijooejr lle Mcai, de 'liinne 18;18. pnour Ot avi; onfornm otent A un a0t0 e i la Legis lature de I'Ernt de Isa Louiiane, intoiul6 "Acts ptour conlflear l ts itle dene acquereure aum vetntsrjodiei aires," ,pprol'le Iet 1 Marse, t1A. Qu'ile oil connt, et ,lsotes persnomes intbbassbessout puartee preenotessom o.eCs al nolll te I'F tat de la Loutsiane et de la Cour du L'reataor Di'itrict Judiciareo,tpi pourraient avoir droit At la proltribtic ci-apr-n decrito, nn consequence d'un do lout do forme duts I'ordre, Is dacret ou Ie jugeontit de Ia cour, en vertu dnquel Is veite a fite fite, ou de to10e irregalnrtitb n il,rgaliti dait I'estimationl l'avit ot la terms t le made de la vents, oti pour one nute cause que eoaque, de fire voair, dana tret e jourae h ater ti la pnbhictutin do ele arin,puturquui laventeahtasi tite ne erat s confsirmie et homologuoe. La dote prinotrit e fr vendue par lod Siheri, re-dit Ie 23eiao iour d Avril,de l'ano 1118, on vertu dan d'un d cret do cots cour reodu le 3Seine doe areo de I'n Lise 1838, dunas ilaffaits do William Mackay vs. Samuel Bell, No; 15,53.5 dn docket do cttae Cour, A latquelle nOttne In dit William packny, s at reada aoeqarteur , itur j c prix do $3,00 conttaat. Braemeptiod doal Propribrh d'aprG n l traunler Judici airem ninvolr: Un rertain lot tIe terr, y cnntiris rouo lee hbtisses at nmnhoratitons; itu etn la paroinea d'Orlitonn, dan I'ilet borua par eIra rues de la Nonvelle Levk., Louisa, Pauland Delord,d-signh par leI Nt 9 d'apic on plan dreso par C F Zitapel, Deput V.yer (iGeneral, Is 1i Dleeembre 1834, et depoa I'enntauda de Ftlia (iGrita, notaire puhlic, choms plant No 13, Is dit lotde derre tusurant vitnt piads, oze paIucel fire A It rue de laI Nopvelle Levbh, eoiante quiuze pliededeprmfoudbur dat c6te qnti touche le lot No 8, t quatre vingt piedo, sept ponaues et quatre ligues en profondeur du oth quni tenhe la proprietm opresiqt, nt derniere mnit apparle. :qah A N Goodl at ayant dix tmtuf pieoe bUpze ponues do large dana In profotnddr, ou ii Lit tlce I une all0 e de Oroi pieds u puuesaces e commune avec lea lots Nos 4.5,6, 7,8 aid 9, Bureau do Grffieir, II Mai, 1838. st , G W LEWIS, Dep. Greffitr. hAY AUNT PONT.toOL, a novel, ia 2 olinoatoed, by lti autlllote of "The Dislinerited, UFlination,' hoc. in yetis. The .4adleenree of a Godttean in searehof a Homse with nuamrous wood cuts. Ciaoperdewmm or NewaeltnOurNelghborhnood: bheing skeothee by the authqr 'f "Our Neighborhuod," &C .in 1 vol. Rueia and ik Ruaginn. or a journey to St Peters burg and Mlocaw, .through Cmlandt andl Livonit, with ehalacteriatic sketches of tihe pople, by L.igt Ritlche, Esq. alutho of Turaer'sa Aluai Tour," "Sehuoderhpatmsm," &Ie. rralise of iA Arlie Land Epeditioan to the tnurth of thet greatFiah river, and hong the nhorem of the Arctic Ocean, in the.ysears 1883,18134, and d85, hy Captain Baek,R. N. eomnmdar of the ,.epeditioa ustihd with a ma. " PAlNTS,OILS (LASS, BRUSIIES, 6&c.-.,ust .landng from ship Constitutio,, and for eale-es : Io.0ofe.uorpiglaae, beat qudlity, toam 8XI 0i tvX21.8 3il0 kegs white lead pure; 350 dG, green paint in 2 lcbr. kegs,24doz Joponeduineforsiy'nsdilt610ibhtl tragc 26 doe splendid 00010 ground brushes, also fr000 anot (110 do; caas ecrome green in powder; superior article totdo inean;. alarge oassortanat of sash toaile ofecer site and qqt alv5; sallepea ils for artists; fiat marking iter perhante; artist's colors in oil roodd ns pnaid,in bhen, fitted .. witd atll necessary brushls; artist's tenol, &c. Flake atnl remaite white; 60packshgold leaf; white and yellow wax; gur arnhi; and a lrge antd chice ns nortlgat ofrpaints dry colors eoil, turpntaine, varnish, &., for sale, wholesale and retail; at the lowest prices, by ' ONJ DLLI, an8 55 Can, at. l'aCUal'L., 1 Ul. XEPf EDITION OF THE CIVIL CODE OF LO UlsIAj.. IT hae been ftr some time made known to the publre h 1j the edbsaorlkrs are engaged in preparing fot the pran a ntrew edition of tte Louisiana Civil Code. They were. fron tie first, ware of the great ditticalty and reapoustl,iiityv ttending the publication of the workl, and it was not without great hesitittion that they acn eanted to the unadrtakiag. Blit the present edition, emounating to about three thousand copies, and whhi had caet tne Stpte mor than thirty thotsand dolleir, was entirely pnt tl trint. bPr lnore thal two vears paet tte usual price of thie woik has been froi titrtyl to fiAy dollars. It is e syatem of Written rtiles which an inmediatelv operates upon every individual of the statei intterested either in agerialture or .oltalerse .and.which governs twl oult a.ibe mpIovet an uhifiry. , tO fnot law-it ieee ns ouah .R terthnk and, mtanual of the memrchat and the pldnter, acn is of the private gentle tan ati tl e profeasional gdvoc:t e 'rhoelawyers of the adjoiing state, and in fct of el a atesa anoe ttte Ohio and tiadsissilipi rivers which find a tart for their protlau in Louiaisina, have a fre quent necessity of refere.te to the aode, ansd make it all indispensable reqaisite to their libraries; and in the cite of New Orleans the blook as asre ti t fouad in tie merchant's gounting run, as upa ie t desk ofl tie judie, or the tabl e of te attornev. It is not strprisio. therefore that the first edition ofice work was so quEic. ly tdispoi d otr'l nd although a mterareprintt f it would in so uo measaw;o supply the public ncceseity, yet it would be Itpeerect otal unsntislot.ory Oles aunotated with eerenrens to the Reports and Statute,, in order to em race the nomerous amondloment which tllhe b-oa natdo by tile Ltgiaiturr, and the important detismno and constructioa yvlbieh hlate been given upon cn.,y o its articles by the Suprete Court. Th'I'e pahlilheio have seeured, for the general super intendonee and editorinal departmrent of the work, tIe prolessional services of ' Iheolce S Upton, Esq. a meelberof the New Oleans tiar. Thle liot. Jtdlge Bullnard, udlre Bermodesa, npd lon Getorge Enctu. have'each kindly assisted Srt UpCton with the valualle notes wnich thaiy have collected in the. enoare or' tlhir studies and practice; and tod Mr N I Jeniuecsa, the Ipart ner of lrUtptoe, who is ulso eneagod in the work, Goo Strnwbridge, Eeq. has prte.ntcd the great mass of refe remne oontained in iis office copy of tihe code, and whlich nave been made by ibit during the whole periid ot his dis:ingeuishd Iroltraio.ul labora. Tihe publdislh era may therefore well trut that the annotttions of the work will he all that industlv aod labohr, nesirted by leroning and expcriette, cln perfrtttt. In putting fiorth tis pr'eipeetuae, lt soliciting Feee al subscariberst to the work, tile pcliditcrs take pride in the fact that tile Legislature of Loanisiana hat authorized the Governor to order one ltousand copies of it fI thle future ue of the State. The readiness with which thisl ntmther was tken by the ossembly, evinced their Just sense of the coleo of the work;and they tberebv extend ed that co1fidetlce is the ability of the publiaboers atl teditors wich it is heted is not wvholly andeclserved. Thie work will be printed in French andl Engl;sh, upon good pilet aond with clear type; nor will any ex rense r icare oe Spared to make tie whole tmehanical execution of it eoremp, ld wit its egreat tiaoe'tacce. It will probably bIe ready titbr delivery in the motth of September next; andl the price will be, to sabscriers, fifteen dlollars--five dollars to he paid at te ttie of sottHlr scrilbitg. IThe sucbrit;tion lints once loaned, the store price will ha twenty dollars per eolty. ap 6 1 . tOIINS & CO. Publishers. FUR INNW YRIlK. [Louisiana and New Yort ine of Packets.] rlt lifi, alli ps cot o.ll- this in wil ail lru N.w ) lansendll Ney Tork on every other klond:v- colomcnnine' on ties "Oth inov nber, amt to inllre the strictest ponctuality in the r time of sailing, the lihune will hereafter oonsist of five Ships ej: Ship 'zan, (neptain'Trak to eave onas the 20th nov. Ship Louisville, Captain kipUer, to hcare on the 4th sill 1i T ilt. Captainl rr i i breave ' , 8t I)zeeob r. Ship Vicksburg, Coptain Woodhouse, t., leave on the S ot Ship Mis rtssppi, Captain Davis, to leave ou the 15th .arnellnrv. fL' T'ie above shipsl are all new. of the first clhts, e,parTled nd atd copper itstynee, and upwarlvd oI l00 tiono urthen are ,of light Iught t of water, biting built in Netnew York ex rel, for fI:e tirarle. 'lr!io. pie 0l pa. sloe is rie at one ItUot dreii e ollarti. Tir ctbinh tre littied o;.,n the muts itapoved alnd t .et tn tltiau, and hfioisheita a:, t a 1. Celoat .rlu. Aouple stores of the ilrst qialty wiil bo provided, amli ever r'egard had to the comfort and entire satiltiaotiulf plsseln.lrs, who will ,plese take notice that no berth can be secured tn tnl paid for at the oflfce of the eratsigulees. These packets are commanlded bhy aptains well ex perienced in the trade, whob ill give every attention, and exeprt themselves to acconunodate. they will at All tilnle be towed up and down the Mississippi by steambhoat, and the strictest punctuolity observed in the tinte of sailing. The owiners of these h·ips will not be responsible for ey let er, pareel or pockage seet by or pe t on oardol them.'unles a reeolur bill ot ladilg be signed at the dnanting houseof the ageots or owners. For irther particulars, rpply to I\ ) BEIN & A COHEN; tov iS " 9i1 Conmnon st. IJAS found fify tdlesfro ut thet lla.lia t lhe ieonh I. of July,a Large ltuult:h, (English I)ailt copper Patened, and has been coppered, she is h: feet olg, and eight feet beam; and has Loon sloop rigged, tco there are iron straps forwoad for rigging. WlhtNver e engniees aid l.anl.h, will Ilt.ane call at No 70 Otl Leve.. a 0 - AML PENSACOLA MANSIONO HOUSE NEW CITY, PENS1\lttLA. T HE subribeahavitog purha hend the laso srd fur ittlirot'f thin well kllown atabliehmoont, fiooe Mr Taylr, thle late proprietor, will be ready it rer6ive vi. Stere by the lt of Aprril next. Numeroues and cooily imip:rovements will be fouod in the arrangements of the Mansion Hnloue. New sand lstoe cominudtioout bathing thouses toll he built, and warm t .the will be provided at all hours. A stabie will be attached to th hounse, with good accomnutida tions fIr horses uand carriages. Filrt rate hlrnes and carriages will also be kept Ibr hire at itederate prices; and neil and row bouis; with pers eItIoto manugo Iheml for th t ns of visiters. Billiards and olbrt amusemoents cenally feoundat watering places, will also be liarnished, aind no conducted as ntt to ioterldre with the comfort tud quiet of the boarders. Thlt wines tiad liquors will be of tlthe et qulily, atnd to enturo u tll s0pplv of ic, a cargo has already becu ordered, whicc will a;rive about the lit l May. Mlr Frederick lBarnard, who formerly kept so popular a hotel at Washington citi, will condnct this hli el for the proprietor, who, with sach aiti, cu denttlv esaulres the lasitt of litet yeer, eld his t'ild-i; gantOilly tthat they will reative every pousible r.ttenttou; atld tllelrby expeets to gtce gentrau scslaction.. 'he local advantages of Itls ihouse are too ell known to need a leogt. oead Ide.riptico here. Tine hNroe that Pensacola is the largest naval station of the Governament; the general rendezvous of tihe Gilf squadt ron; the tadubrity ofits climate refreshed coantautly du ting the suunmer mouths by the cotlest I reetes tfrom rhe Gulf; tie beautsy of tie bay and the neiglbouring islandst and rivers; tlhe abndanuce and delicacy of tile fi.; with whichi th waters sbound; and its proximity to the best Soithern markets, give Pensacola the pre fewrence over all other places in these latitudes, as a ihealthy and delightful summer rentreat. First rate bh"ts till tm betweeau Penaccola and Mc bile, and wilatuall times hb able to Lake the paseengtrs fena tht Nets Orleans boats. N B ARNOLD. Pensacola, Feb. 15th,1838 I (eesutlemeni wishing to engage rooms for their fdmilies, ca,netdlress the piropriotor, nt I'enancsla, iir Mr Seowll T Taylor, the form.i prmope.tor, at New OrQ leans. References. T Sanford, Piaq, Mr CCulltum, B kcAlpin, Esq., I.t. I'bby, in Mob le; 8 T Taylor, PP tRea, Esq, in Ne, P S--A lettar bna, to receive communications fir persotns at the aboeliotel, is placed at Geu Wihitman't oflce, 51 St Charles Exeh ruge. FLORIDA ROUTE FOR NEW YORK. Q5° Travellers desirous of takling the Florida route, ila Pensacola, to the North, are intf.rmed that ire rate boat0 will constantly run lit'ou. dobile to Pon*acola, leaving Mobile and PeIencolt every other diu alter tI e let of May. GIond agM i will always he ptenvldeto cy thit splntiber to be in rea littes to take passengert Rum blale, in cas of the failiure of the boats. N I AReNOLD. The steamhgat Champion leaves Mhtdle for Po-es. co.l twice a week feb 2 ly. ALAI A \W '-Swet mol Dry MsatlalG a Min or i caakand lodisan tld,eatitlod to dctbtnuel for sale by READ & IIC ISTOW, aidoher of Miiltary Equspment o efeee 4eocription. No ItJ .' nttoun'rltrLttas Ten9e. [ VING in employ several Militare Workmen, - Ie ready to psecute work in the aoteo liuesat ,te.aortost notice. ail on the most enaasttse ternes hMteeltest' and pedlars' PackltgTrletk of r terl etr criptein, ersstntln on hba'. a DR W. EVANS' CAMSIMILE PILLSC /. 1HIS highly valuable medicine mar be had whole T . ale and retail, t New Yqrk prices of REE. & D'I.ANGE. IS Camp street. It is confidently recommended for the fltlotwing die cares: Dyspepsiain all its fIoms; hilious and livwr at= flictone, ia every itage cnd degree; female eirklttk , more particularly the tlus.t i.tlant to olther; thlor albus, fever and aole, ilciitent coltn l , ti.,s u; a + clies, whether oftie liveror lungs, he., I:tche or nes, touns of appettie, ntorvoon ertlnrý, inlrcriale:t:.r mtisn, whether chronic or influllmatoryv iervlou. or bilious lsoer, ot every variety; aroftlie, lnt rheum. and all hilotchesbad humnrn, ;td imntare ,ontpnlexi:n St'the skill; reotleslnuess at night, +nd danily irrtanllity aid umela tcho'y; the summer eompnlint, and chilorl mOtrbua or dinarihwa in grown pers as; wortoo andoll lt leny, with oad breath; chlorosia ond taltpiontions of tile heat and headl;. hanges of fenmle Opnstntu tin; anti. for itptpnoed and disorganized constitluions in either. sex; whichhave not beesn peunnnenOly relieved by nnv o tiler tnedjicies A sin.ile trial of Dr IV Eors' itmdicites in any of theseetisee, will produce such' effects as will in dicated tlir ineomporai:h sInperiority, and induce such a use ofthemn as will insure a peledy and unntilstiona ble cuote. irrctionn for use accompanying then. Notniroeticertifitte oforesn ito bhe lhown, as from tile letgth oltho Citulogue it is intpunt ile to give tetln Inubliity thm.r h the lleditnt of anenotrpaper. "te Dr Ervans' tatalonge thert err upawards ,f 25,.00! crses. and in this city wfe can'.eferto tneny poet.n- wcho lhve ieec rcelieved, edl in, sonme in-taces entirely r,.d of lung istadling dilanen,, by l)r Evans' Cattton il P1al. 0000o ltc STATE OF LOUISIANA-Filrat Judst ii. Clourt. HE STATE O LOUISIANA, To, all whom le tleriff' Ct tile t1r of .lonmc ule.itple rhotey It. ittfter d ersribethales r" "d'id to the olerk .f thin couot i whos oflfle tilteA t . tsale was roxetr.ded on t;lti dcay of April, A. 1)., roe' a ,motition or htlCertit ment im onformity to atC ct of the I.egi~llaure of the State of Lotuiiaiota,enitl.d " '. n act fr the fuither .anC mntce of titles to purhalsers at loieial saleo" slpproC ed ilte 10tlh day of Maoldh, 183-. NOW, therefore, kCnow ye, ad' all Ipresnns lterested Ih rein, are hereby cited ald tdhlC l ishcte in the name of tie State ol Lauisiam, and of the l.First Jodicial Distriet Court, who can tet up anll riglht, titl.: or h lim it and to tilhe property hereinal tdlctiribetd,ill t nCetlnur.Ce f anty ilf.rmallit in tile order, C dclee ormjudi noelt of ltthe ol urt ulder which the sale was made, or.aNy irre;;l:uwity or illgtldity in thle appraisCmtto t and adazetisllnlll s, inl time, at manner of sale, Q fit any oilier ,IrctIu oLhatort eer;n to show cause, within thirty da styl'ro the d:ay thit motion is first inerted in thie Cublic Ipnls. C wht the sale so malae should nlot be stlltfillrml Ctlt lt'toto at'rCd. Tile said pliollty wtas sOtlt y the Shreittl' ,t'he :ClCish afores.,id oil the 30th tey ot MarchC, A. D 18I3.,, by vIt tue of a decreei of this court, rettertel n the 20\t laC of January, A. I. 1838, in a suit entitlertd James e ti' nes I)iggs C , Ofus Grleeneo, N o 15,191 of1' tile ilocket .C tlis Court, at which salt said James Barnes Diggs ln'oo the pulher he price of twenty-five thIousand l i aescriptiot of property as given in the Judicial Com t felnoe, vier: Acertain pice of pCropelry or iprcel of 'roumd togcether with all the buildings;tl:lt inmprCements her'eon, rtights priStleges, F.+sc.IthereuntobelCci ing, or in alny .sealp lperotinnlg, siluate in ftauhourg AnIunci lion, above thli cit :and measlCuring in English ImeaCtUlr e, three hundreld allil fifty-six feet andl lour-e:ghthC of an inchli front oi thhi Ipuhlc rooad on New Levee st, tlhree hIundrd and sixty -t, feet six iachesand four-ciliths of ca inchCOefiC lt Con Celeste s, two hundred iCd flif-tfive feet nine ithe:nllll twi-eighthls t an inch on a line frooting ot Old Levee street, until it strikes tile hondary lineof LaurentC .il lnldot'a property, at the eornld of Ohl Levee and N ats treet; there tfornig i right angle, and extending eighty-five feet allnd tltes inches deep tg tilhe ebotundary lime of said Millaudon's property louolel to Celesle street; there formtng a right angl, and extend;ng Ali ty thltr ftet eleven inllches lnd thro eighhs of atg itnch sJl the boundary line of L, tis Dede's r0 '.erty, prClc 'l i tn OldLevee sireet;thetle iltiritg iaotlight,i, .d extenditg Ihnrty two feet seen inohen 'and live eighths of an inch on tile bootdary litn of s'ide Dede's Iprope ty. parallel to Celeste street; there forming anotherl Ii;iCht angle, and .xtelldinlg onle hunlhced d tWClltw Ont seven teet ten inches and four eighths of nui t nol oln the onlllary line ofsaid Dede's property Ipallel to the Ihttlie roa and Naw Ito tee street,lland aelteIty siC ict Iour itllhes iand fo:uteilthths ot tt;lillch fot oil Nun's street, ntctrtd ing teal pin by J. P1lii, City Suttreyr, made 43d Ja:C Vn.r,. 1,31. unnexed to ,Ian act ptatsed beforeu Louis "' Cane, Notary Public, on the ~`lth JtauCry, 1S:i. hWituess the Illn A. M Iluotuhaa,,tu dge of the Coturt afotesad,thiCs (,til Aprtil, 1838. ap23,rbt &l3 't. LE iBLANt Dep.Clerk. CINE. i rIl.IIlON'S Compnnnd ELxtret of Colatba ntid Star"a F['t'*a'+ae.i i'"'t",i- a'e.. at.L' rte4h -MCA ' ..a't ffi r l'eD f dy ever dinoiithinl ' 3iteh i of r.puotiwt r.,.ET, SItritures, Whites, Paints in tie back ta elllosIntttt 1 weaknesa, attretiots of the kidnies, grni ioirbutic erutptills, e. n,', let It tlt.dtetion of a medlicn possessit tg e useful and nitive virti:ltt tlI i.-ae ow olfelred lt tile public, Inalldatlou, . ireceived from trle Iula, t :rl . fllr t ttt.' !iIu dteal tfculty in Europe, hclieing that it wtl ,be . lh appreciated wheni its tlrits are mIle lttly known. 'I'he L[ of C::paiba, , exteosivelv estd, has luot tuch, oftits credit froll il dislike wthith'nts Iormrlv les't Sd legutelihltg its dieigroeuh!e tCltt, distIo.lh.ce i~llmdliced ill the bowels alid stomach, alnld its }ielrt"It:iniv. ineffiiet, ne when used in the ittlanimIlory stage. Tlie prlopietorhas t hdmi anl analysis of tile Balsam, eoneeiv eig that the more activeqtuliies world thereby be muIch nroie tcoaceluttl and more usefully ctluinistelredl thtl ill the prcsent state. The above medloeine combites ia gredielts which are in the hi;heat repute amoii. the most scientific and learned in the professiot. 3Itch drug in the comptosition of thispreparation increases tie e.titecy of the other, producing an operation truly nt.t ilshiig, andll the most sanguinle expeetatiotns possessinlgat the samen time tit, advaltage of its being administered with perfect success in the diLferent sto;t: of the above disease, The mort eminent physiainusantd surgeons of the present day epress tlheir decided alp probationi in favor of Sarsa ailia, whilst its use in the prinripal hospitals and plublie medical institutions h., he i, mand stil continues, very exutensive. It was a fai ortet remtedy with tle celebrated Ir Abernethy in al venereal atHetiontl, and ill obstitsle outulatteoi erultions, arising froit a disordered slte oltthe digestivefuiocltits. Having bleen submitted to tim test ald experienle of the most etelerated alottg thle facluhy, they have exprested their satistaction of its extraordoatl y tefcaevy in every case lunder their lwhalre, by adoplting it bo~lh in their publie and prlivateoepaatie. Their ob ervations will te inser.ed hereafter. Prepared by J B TIhu.t, Chemist, Lotdlon. Price $1 50 pert plt. TESTIMO.IIALS. From A II Salmon, Esq, F It J, StPieon to the St Thloetma lospital, and Lettier ln Anatomy. The triai which I lave made of youer ,pre.lartio n i a variety offeoaes, both mlale audi, n·le,I in its'results bate ptmved so lhighly favolurall,, tlnat I ido nl, hesiate in pronounecitng it one of iUe ittst vauiable alnd iecaeiillls trtmsieds ever offeredl to the plulic, anid oe in which, frol.l experitece, call place e:very reliclne, hilt it doers not produce tihe isaule tunlcasait effctsl usually ex periieced from copaiba. From G II l isywmrd, M t C S, Pitey.iotin to the St Miarylebone Ilis tetiar .. I take greaet IllRbeur in alddin in, tesltimony to the valutle proplerties of vour Ii.preparni. etslhit you the Success yeou so fidly deserve. it t cuple rewird for ith lasboruraid exlenllse itrtted ill . ri tl it tlo such tom-, plate perfcitiont. promWV WO Oooper, F 1 S, Salrgen, to Ga.'C Itie The tiiform success which ils clitit:bd the admitis- terinig your itlditythe amongs iiiv Ipj:iet·lr r ,liitcyl itlh tileabite diseasee, hla fully salialild iltte Itht it l.- oely' to be knownl to be truly tappCretlttd. .iy tshe ltiens you so well dpeaeve, amply and spelily rlepay yoa for yoor valuable preparmtion. From Sir A Cooper, FRS P1RO1 , re. Pe. iHaving been inductted to try your Extraet inll erl ases of violent Golnortzh"t, which b id hitherto Itaith~!l esery plrecription adittittiserled by me, lraving tllnl i sure and spedyv cures erleted by it, iht a fet ildt-. I iel meplelfin iluty boultl to state thait owe in tay ioint tiee hboth public mud private recotytuend alnd uaec inoil other. From C WV Blair, M D, Physltlan to Gny'! (Iea. pital. The stritit test which I have given your metdilche Rtnulg rmy patientlil, hl its invariable suores e thnoaf Tl will induce me to persevere in its ise, alit I deet-n it but a aet cf juatieeland of duity to add nmy tfeolle teastl inonial in eointendatioi of itsvirtutes. From L C Thompson, M D FIIS L: Sretumr you my sineere thanks for tat VaTutehli p. seat of your Eixtract for the elire of u tt ke. I Ieel gratefol that to n a moe at last b Is " 'u icin. iloI ute wlbje will ottse a desitderlstm tot Mghtt ur il the miedical world-l sure, aqlgedy.ltul ied.etctd etue in aes .n tf he above eaitt., 1. Iltiodi me i ..tei tltliitur ill puibliahilg to thre sittidhi tg.aeii tjltIlities ofcliL or Extrmet. Were it necessary, the proprietor could fuitislt )ll)- more testimnimls crtlty alls eotmendalory v as ift aboie; but trusts that i tFtgtl at Iuccteseittittteto--ihe e lre & expense at whihelt it Ittie been litepaedi, will pove its gteatest reoillmltteatioii aonlt It disrittilt ttii publie. One lewlitenaltttlcoiio this ptretlratluit eiteit above all othderl is its etrt, itlatll e lormi--l-txt aip n ptlst-tha mdi. inettich it mity l. taitlit, Iteieg itit eisy iiI piew anti-nsitetaely toitire, with ito iei.trltio, in t4ble lt lhout haeittheai. lravellers ehonuitlly wetld i td thti medlliche highly tseful, tud ooglht tenV.r to be unptlrvided with a prtlt'iation possessing the adl v~ntagln which the present otit epshiuee. Aecomulanying tire ietioine is s iamplllet explatia tore o tthe dill'ertnt stages of the diii-etI, without ant exO'a ca.r.e, containing, lull anid tilm plrtleeetsnaes. 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Imalty wtd A b fjo itiA, e t '. t, Goc~tya live. d .C Ii1, onil~ `2g 1Niacr, c ata t , t sa plo:F. n4l KN E C k ' lotenoi, of ah r o e n t e A t a n i C t a re i t t m m rs l l e x t e n si v e aa B i rt e a o f Hardware comprisirru """. article Cmlutrv Mechants an ¢t ars ae psitetlt& attlý olwtchuer's looketqas dleA,4ttstrrjju,, s ° P),". Brtia tea speo t?,needieti ping hottiis earl oyes vel an epde. tag.,,shvel,, ion,, ttnd ntLoli~rl I::lin w dI paned wdre loohg, blYt, ook 1,e,1,FingSls -,,,anita, ce, cre pats; k` ! EOUtUAfANE-Cour Ala ,raauaa4Bk u wht Judliiaisit ". ( 'E-A DELA LUOUlIANE At $J r preetllte cl anteele, Oulyl:--t.-All~et '`d;C , J.~1 a ia lruetliigaay·n) tn uadait 4 unta veate afa le SIierlf de Is (t tuaeM'O'ieaue lar hat piubdu;; deeritea Seat adi au e au Gil dGa a ue ? ou-eou crate flit aatreist e to&,Ia eh jour avri'Av ItKIt, putu" ti atii s mforntnllc til i d utrI~tile B ie r I~tuu~t:. do I'Et..t do'.. 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