Newspaper of True American, July 2, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated July 2, 1838 Page 3
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FOR ihOUIdVILLE & CINGINNATI. The S ail:istenger steamti " AMBA3SAKiP.g ptJ J Jomeei will poeiie avC on Tueedav day of July, atl t A M, at which hour passengers will pleashebe on board at foot of Poy da street. LAWRENCE & IEGENDRE, j ;r8 amld 29 New Ft)t LOIIIL8VILE. - k. The light draoghttll*rfaot rnlinlg steamboat .tAKSPEARiE,, m mater , will leave for the ahovp laRce, oa uasaay allennoan, at 4 a'clck, P. At., far fr-fight dr passage, having dapereor accommodatione, apply on Iboard, at the foot of Gravier n trelt, or to SP.S. Fretght will be taken for Natnhen, Rodney, Grand Gulf, Vicksburg, and all intermedinte landings. t " hesteaohbt G.IRAFFl,"CapO , Swiler, will or the ms ent moake ga a n it ttrmdtate a la'ding na the Coans: her n of depur fromr the Lake nd of t-he Railroad will he on Thursdays and "Oturldays, after th'arrival ofthe six o'clock cars. On the'4th of July next, she will esnume her tri weekly tripe, as perlate andverltise meat. je2 FOR PASCAGOt.x; L ,.)--o-n- t te leneeediAta - Landing, two times a week. S The fine, low presraure, coppered - team boat GIRtAFFE, Jsaeph Swiler, moaste, will for the prane.t m a eon two ips t .anaoula and the iterme dicae anadlnga ot the conlt. ler departure fromnt the lakea end f the Rail Rend, will he on * 4taaediato t oe rrival of ttheh caYlonktnrl. tn the lth of July neat, she will reume her t i wekly trips as per late ndvertisoment, j .8 A'PUiitDAY EVENINI . I)D SU.NDAY *ZOUUIION TO MANT)F EVT.l~ MiAtI.ONVIt.lI.E. * , .$.IL Tihe steamboat ,IAZit'PA, Capt. " lL. 'I'. Knight, will leave Ihe lake endl of the rail.road for thie above plaer t evry Uantraoy evening, on thle arrival of the I o'rlc:k .care, and return th" same nlght.--an' leave Slllmty morning on the arrival of tile 8 o,'elock core; retornht. learve Maditcanvill e at 'I o'clock, P. M. ni1 itaw 2tm FUR MAVIOUNVII.t.t, LOUIJI.lLtni, .IANDP VILI.. & COVINUTI N. , m The fart runnmling and spletndid steotn knbboat MIAZEPPA, LiT Kni ht tmla-. ter, will run as a regular mail bont foer the,a.vre prts. on le~ldaye, Wedtto.sIIt and Fri. daya, after thmerrivnpl co tlhe 8 o'clock cars, A :i. lie turning, leaves (Covington T'uesdiays, Thiuradasa alnd leturdavs, at 8 o'clock, A N. N Ri. All laenneo oid pareels at tle risk of thcl own nrs, unlenss a bill of lading is signeI. New Orleann and Mosbl Mail tilice, ep 9 Exchange BlildiiE., t t'hcIarles . Ft. BAY STI. LOUIS, Pc Cuhrjistiin, G\nfiti;. East Pnaecagiul,. The eplenlid low pre-sre i ei n - . oat t A It)LI \ E,h'V ti'ait.innii tar, will q li lt tile ali.v,, tvll1rl planes twie a woek, leavilg t IL.ake etil of t II oil r'oad on the arrival ol the 1 o'ocloek nce. Aliipls I, thl O WI{I'I')lA N, N sand Mobile Mail Office, under Exchange liewel lt Charles at.' cii sI'BEAMItOAT FOR SIALE. 'rh filne new ateam ferry bneat LA URA, in complete order, and rea dyto eomluleoce running sa she al.o leline .t of the new canal; will ia disposed of on reasonable terms. Apply to ALBERT STEIN, No 8 Bnitdhig Row Tclhapitouias street, a few aoors . above Delord. jell 6i Fer Texas. FOR VELASCO, BRAZORIA & COLUMISIA.I The well known, light draught sbhr liE K K\I(r,Capt M|cLearn, having Ibr .leate, nI'r of her eagsp engg. d, will nel.t ith de slp;t. Ie or banlance of raight or pai.ige, hoavl0 st perior arcoimmocdations, apply to the coletain en hoard ,ppolite to St Peter street, or a N W! IIRYAN, je14 51i (Colon street. trll VELAScoi, rtilt Zoitli ,1 ai.itl IN. SA tirstelnse, light drouglit ichr will e de apatllced for tile above prlts in the eally pllr of next seek. For Ireight of 15n1 bls, or pll.sage, alply to WM II )'A t. jet2 51; tl.__lrllll t reelt. FOl M11A'.tOitJti.)A-Regular tar ket. To sail on Saturday next, Itith inst. The well known sell' Tli Itti4 elSl'ris. ' J N Smith master, bout 5(1 lihIS to complete her cargo. For bioluee of freiglht 1or opassage, hiaving accummnodalions for 241 passnes , aIpply on bourd, upulonie Jefers.or ;r.e;l, or It, je 2 ,ommo ,l itnil ii 'e . ,i ALT--ii( arike oLierinoll frae salt ahord nbri ue 7 Citizen, and for sal EV IL jelt i: ' I i alll , I t. i ji JIOtK--lesl , Prime and II ?:. lie, for i f1-ANtO1 Colourcd lItter Paper -J t reTceitele , ior . c tase fancy letter pnaper otlverl. m .i,:!l qlil.uty, Ifor alme ecy low by tll ela r ioae lle ru.ttll DAVIi I EIT' & CO. tl6i N Y italiionl e' lall, I ('bartes et. rLANAIS Icid IAIl. I(IOAIS--tlo 1Ie Ie helle Sca1s, showilng the prinluel travcellin,4 turop ike nid lconoll nlrls;i oil which are given the" diiastnct in mile flom onle place to alothlc; also, tlle courses od illh calnls and rIlil treo:l tlllloghont the c nrl.e'), caven nll!t etoiiiled froanm ti best anilllhoitic, bh, S Augstoltud Mithell, 1835. Political Coastitution of the hf'e state of CotShloil S anil Texas. l May of Tl'eas, witl parts 0f the dilmct.obig states by: P Autin, edl. I5ss. A .Mapof Tesra, lby lahidl H Blrr, ed. 1935. Just received m1(ui til BI,. It WVM 11 'Kltti, o 90 earner enmp andi colmmon sta . I NEW PUBLICAtIONS. T IFE inlondon,or lte IDay and Night c:enes et IIJ Jerry Hawthorn, Esq. and Corriothlmi '1'e,, nbll companied by Bob Logic, the Olxainti, in tihei ramblesand sprees thtragh thie IMelroliis, bI Pierce Egan, in I vls. Vivian Greov, Novel, by )'Israeli, complete i 1 vol. Tie Young Duke, it novel, by the Authlr of Vivian (Grey, completein 1 vol. 'The Huoristca, dliteud by Thetodore lHook Author u Gilbert Gurney. Just received and st'sale at the corner of Cae nl, all Common streets, by Wm Il CFEA iSflING BiOXOES-Landed from ship Natchbe erom New Yorn, and supposed to have been taken from the Levee in mistake, two large cases marked F S, contalning Cigars. Any informanion respecting them will be thankfully receired by J D BEIN & A Cotlilt,, ml ' 90 Com oal sltret NEW PURLICATIONSi. • Tales of my NVeiklorhood, by the author of "l'he Collegians," in 2 vole. Agmes Serle, by Ite authorof "Tlhe HIiress," in two volumes, Elemens ofla Iteratonal la, with a Skbettl of the History of the Scence by Henry Wheaton, L. L. Ii. A Practical Trealise on Locaonmtliee Engnes uaon Roil WVayi; a work intended to show the Contrunctioe, the mode of actingland the effect of those reline. il eonveyingheavy loadie to give the meancs of ai.elrtaill ing, onanmtspe tioaofthe lead,and the resnlt, it will produce dr various cum s, il - oalitten ire determial te qanntityof feael und watre: u will reqglire; to fix the proportions which ought to bF adopted in the constretion of an engine, to mlake all sweragy intended purpose, etc.: with practical inblor, giving at enoe the eoults of the formiln, founded uplo egrea_ moaynew experiments, mndeon a lahge scale, is-. daily practise on the Livertool and Maieilesotr Railway, witah many different engles andconalderale trains ofearriages, to which is added an appeUdlx, show wing the expense of eonveyinf gsods by loeoatimtv Sngtnes on railroads, by Chev. FM G de Panrbonr. Juot received and for sale by WM M'KEAN, 3 Corner of Cauitp and !omCnoni street.. L ATE PUBLICATIONS-PAuL Pat's JOURNAL O CentLern, or Italy; by Madam de Steel; Hohitien, translated for the Library of tandard Novels; The Poa otical PaagMl les by L E L. American edition, with nea orrois corrictiony: iditilo fo l u 'e AND [. tLECK's PoEMos-new edition: 9 Ihs hound intoe. Tag wuors or JOHN I)aIYDEn-in verse and prese, ih a life, by Rev I Mitford: new edition, complete in ono Just reeived and for sale by e 12W McKEAN, oar Camp & Common at Ilt.riltKV.tLL MEATS-T'hea.ubscribers hnve just reesived Irani London a few casks preserved lteats i canieters, a very fine article, alrticularlyy adpted fr tIHe countIry, or for trIavelling, whib thiey oter hIr sale Itw. - I.EPPEKt8 K-C(;t. 2-mr 'il tllnivlh street III"CK.S N CINL.iNATI-Chtcks on the C Franklin Bank, Ciclnennli" Ifr sale by | YaOiE, BROITI'IIER4, mtll 6i5 Coam" street. A LABAMdiA, 5 nsaolsic andArkaAkn asoney, for osale by LAWIIRENCE & LEGiENIDR1. je21 20 & 29 New L.evre CITyr ANK ,New Orleans 27tl Junl,,1838. ( I. leWOInsittition will he clonedon Wedaesda, . the 4th July. Note. and Bills falling dueo on that day, must ha pitd on the 3d. and Notes intended for din ount must be fared on Monday the d. jo 28 RO!T. , PAIF'IREY, Cashier. : HIKEY--92 bbl. Whi. ,or sale b SFi'l'S & AVERY, jeo2 - . 8 'iravir street. - LE'' .--A vary pleasant and elnteel Suimmer . aResidenc,nt the corner oa Anounaciilno anil Market sireets, with a bencitilil paterre, It able and carriage house, cistern and other conveniaens, inly be entered upon immediately and will be very mio. derato terms, to a good tenant till let November, after whk.h it cai be leased at a fair rrant. Apply-to SAM'L 1'TIIOaP3ON & CO. jenl VI Camp street. LOURK -60' bblas in store, hir sale by . 1 jell G I)ORS"1, I 'New loc id aad Western Linseed Oil, in \wrces and trbt: for alt by JARVI; & ANDREWS, nL:6 car I 'ommon and Tehopitonla nt. Snnd or sale by LAYET & TA.ELUNG, i j,12 17 Comlnmre -treat, -. TRESN B UTTER.-- 8 kegs, nading fr-om steam. 'I,ATEg & TRIER, SHIPPING. 6Bi Europe. FOR LONDON. The A 1 and fast sailing ,hip G;RAND TURK, Captain Thoonern, will receive des ,al, For freight of to10 bale crottbn, or pascage, having handsome accommodations fi r;' or4 pamsenger, apply to LEVI 11 GALE, je9 90:1 Common street. FOul. vANTZ. Tie I cop:e'tend aetld eoppe' fastenedt h llbrisg U.LQICaQtIAN.A 'aepin Ilright, having full nargo engaged tbr the ahrve porl, i lareet watl deellatch. F.ur passage, hllaring hand ome nbeomneolatmnon, apply toe _..9 80 & J 1' VIIITNEY. S FOR GLASGOW. The first class ship IIERE\V. Captain Care, having flit crgi engaede lfr thO above port, will have quick depllatch. For passage FoIR LIVrKIU'i)OtO.. The A I f appresi ali l copper fastened Chip TAMINEN' , Cailg the greulter rt hering full cargo engaged, will rhave eitclspatt. Fore peandsome apo tmheCaltaintonn Lrd, Eoppsit Or leans Cottle 'eron, or to jt e 8 n J P WLEV ITNEY. .OR LIVIEPOR0L. The A I last sailing ship NORMANDIE, Captain 1'r smo, having the greater part of her cargo ena ged, witll ive ia[lediate despatlch For eght of 3!est hater ccttoe, or parseag, having handsome aceommlodations, applty it LEVI IH I GIALE, je~ 9i Common street: VERhit SuVEIdI'OOI t IThe A I eleip ItrlA\CI, Ceptain JohsonR, will sid lita stiely ias aove. sor passage havlag aendsointe aceioeida ieioa for 4 cabin ate a . agenge aecegera.apply ao tLEVI Ir AILE, p je_6 9. Crnmtoa strio rt. iHeL LII E l. 1OIL. The l I al last sailing shilp hEN L TOR, ,teapr Otein:elt, havg lie areatet part ofther . Cacrg o,, will receive immediate lder atres. For freight ii 401 halet or passage, having haInd. me accaimodaltions, apply to LEVI tt. GALE, I jell, Common street. - U- Lt I.IVF.tIP(e tl-tan SaturdaIy ext. 'The \a IEp e, lIAK, Captai AI, E.Cvt, Slrailtl nsitivcly .ai le to a il uve . Pe r e si Slarge rarihtied elate rim-iedieretigagcd, and an handei tely aecotiueioii six pemsaengrrs. Apply io tile.lpin a ola aeir aneinar l Pres or to OR .&J. WHV NEY. . Itril LeVtvPrO. L. . TIe A I rt lmn I alst sailing stitlah ship , Captn Jiihon, will receive imnediater desltch. For frleng.t or .ag aeme hvinl raandisao aic reamodrtio n.pply ti jelI IpI GALE, 9al Coe sailin treri. Ite Ilt tIVI.tPlt 'en,. ORIne I Altep QtEEN Atc, itllE. Capt gIarsten, watill il wih dbe- to fill up. For fr'l , h f which, rd pi aei ana stlre t l pl I a I ., JIl \VH-ITE lE. (O l C'lIV S S. ~ lThe .t leai.r t An I rt ailing shil MONptz ..t.Er aptel,: 'Titon, wrillt re'reiva des iL e ch, lne as ge." Ivireisg ha ale ome nE - reir 3 Hn l on, or e a apply r I,. H. gALE, jell 9:1 , irnoer wtret. FOR( IIAVINA. The A I ple nd a fast sailing iTelhrig Cpti OR IN'I'AI., C witll riatve, wilt flt carg I e~u~eagrged, will sail with de tntchi. Fur pas sage, haring ahllnrrdlS carbilla aaile"stlre roonla, apply to Capai on beoard; opposite poet 13, v2d Mnieipaltey, or to S &, J P WITNEY. - )Itily tAR0EI. I I. lreet. FOR I.A VRLE. The I d lerA I ailisl t shipO, HCptiVRE, RoIhrn 11ving throw qlartier ofill her vergl eagageli , will meet win. derpatrl. Fur frIv igt rrfy an3 hande cttol,e or ior passage, apply a jelt 8 lll(iran lier lrect. FOR ItrVK.'. The A r cass &faot sailing sirit Tnlrmh , Captain tar-taw, wiill ncrive im ints . m-. depraterh ft thel above, havrnin te greater [ parliefi' hirrenrgo euigagedl, sdoin.nreilli liiirrit. Fir freight ol 1511 tIres or loss ag.o, liaig haedsmne a,,omnudatioii, ail yv ec lEVI I. (lALE, jli 9 a Commotan street. F oR HRVIDCX. I. The A I and fast nailing ClAeket ship HCAVRE Robert II. Ielhowa masier, ill positively ereil on will ndra, tie th nt. For isasg, hriv g irry cl handsome coodlllllatolS fi1r Ir0 steerage pasen:lerr. A(Iply to I G 1oLE, jot " 9:3 (;I .,n stree.r. FI:OR lAVRtE." TIhe urst class n fai-t eilin rship;I E HRO (Catnin a'ar, will epv110 in cnepltlcll1 F ,r imendiateglle, la,in & 3 steerigel'l ase igere, e,,r icero ofthfeighit trf lu iales :itlol, aiply ta LEVI II(;A1t., jele iilCe;u.vie ntrect. ' IR OiRtil-Et.l UX. - Tie- I AClan hev-a chi, Cit.qtI.ES, Carpt. rt,,'. B.. tr will err, iv,+ ,h.ii- itih. tor liese ::J. s. ", .. t g i t.( rie r i.tivC. itolntdtia fir 10 I..YI- ,. GALE, . .FOR BIttIF":N. , Ct(ieitnain Watts, will reciie+ dipei ach. For c.a'iage onrvlaihiiitug hl.:ioilve uieiiooda tienr ,a r ly to L.iVI It. iiAttl, ýj il)e 9i3 iv'vI-:iiii street. Ooastuisol_. FOIR NilVW Yl't11K--i'sacLt o, th, 'd July. IT-'he f;It aailhng tCt!ct snip tIFrNZI, t.i l t ' irt ta aa at-r, ll , 'ire l it 'tll tatcl t a r altl-, lilr felb .ht of pi ax-ug", tl'ine ,'l,.eltll t urald [i~ - ed accte-'tliledatlio apply to the t apltainl o board, ajposn.* ten laal Iaoal., or'to J I lEIlN & A COIIEN, jel9 91 Cotlmnon street. . The lle fin ,i copperd and copper fastened flts shp F t .L) E Ct.pteint Cook,will have . d.isp.,ttlt t)r the abosve perl. For freight or 1 a,"a 1.-t, iag Pa:ellea ntncollttdataftaona, apply to tlL ' tan eall t aould Olll, llij , e. Itll ailroa ,or to 'IET'SO & AVEKY, .r,:3 88 travier streerl. " I;'1 ,'.1 " ,-. "nt \ inhtsad y. The. upern i t"st .; scalr ith'O:tTER tn;,.tl Carney , .quires the bllk of III lhds ,'-obaoa, titcoi itert' herc arga. Apply on abt ",1, poi i te -. A.lelo iuild,nsaor to Clii - ). XItY, cl3 8 6 '.,-tl' i tar street. \Wital imatedliste dlepatch. . i. aTb ll knotwn hest sailing trig SILSBERE, ('apttl Ilarlaw, bavine ;a t of her ecargo a. n al "il,7 ',n botarid, will aell' apdtclied withi outdelai. For tiseiht or pssa'-,e, hlaving furnished elate rooms. apply a t bolaad,r ao clIIASE & l)IEY, je . t, , t s it'ltse art. t it -St-aN. T.he fine -chbtoner SiP I'M IER, Celptani llltrgease, Ihaviu inoat lif tor cargo engagcd, ,ill sect ilespnateh, fur liieglht or tasage, havtla good atutlttinodlaatlon , tpply oil binlri or to __jl8 STETSON & AVERY. Ft)tt ItSTOiN. I'he fle, copper Inellltened brig GENERAI. lt)IIV tI, Calpt ogeels, Ihavillmost care ellag,d. willlla eet with despatcl. For firig tort poasc..e, appily at a,. RoIe:rs. or tb S I I'S'tiN &: AVIRY, jet 88 Oracviei stret. - The fl t ItlCitAR) TA YIlOR c.- (' Captain c.lrokt, tbavt:,g full carsgo engaged, -.-.:t ,aill have dlietaat -It. tor pit soag app.y on boari, 'tpposite post Nl. 12, d Mancipality. jPNI S. Nt J P. WIIItNEY. dOMil MN 11418 ,lC'D'ps, le landinEY, C for sale by G Dolts La'ee. jel3 44 New )RK--119 bbls, I laoingllron steamer t.lulpoul, fr saole by Gi bDtSEY, jet3 44 New Levee. Por Sale, 2'r aht or Charter. FOR FEIIEII ' OR CHARt ER. A The At coplared and ttpper fastoned i rig EBll \a, Capoti., Rites, 245 tons burtien, is readly to recelva e are,anlld. carry 500 "les co tnu,. or terms, apply ac toe captain on board.,r to jail REAl) 6 BARSTOW. . FOR F it,'R IGl. OR CHAKRTlI't. Two firet claas shre, of about 100 toes each, iareadiass Ir ibuiessee. Apply to J-6 Custombhouse at. -'--FOlR l( FK. !GH I' Ot l UH ti l t. SThe A I aqpper and copper Ihsteted brig EIbIMA, Cait-itt Bates, 245 tolas burtlhe, is ready to recai ' cargo, andpan etrty 500 bales otllla. Far teerma, fre hit ote sale, 'pplrv t the Uaptuin on board, o B to 'EAD 0 BAIISTOW, jell_ 67 Gilavider strelt. Two brigs aolOl tf is0 t i 400 bales capa city, to land imntut 'ately for telllFnor. Ap ply to L li lALE, L.: LoElltatn, stree', W A, I D, A lret clasw bre, f slas capacity of 400 to 500 bales aotton, to. ad for Bladeaul. Ap ply to 1EVI H GALE, je 93:.o allilton street. WANT ' A vesetl iocarrma a rgs t00 t 550 hhde toub cue. a part . , O , a tA . , ,k jei 26 flank Alley. , OPr,--3 t ils, laadsing i steamtter .Nw Albanl .. and for ulea by LAWRENCE LEGENDR.E, je2l 28 O Newa Levee F L-OUIK-51 b.las fleh Flout in store, for sale by ' LA 'T & IEI.UNG, jAI28 1 tCommerce street aNE LOll..At tV i- an War a the 318 - atn ndaentadApprl.atice to the apltelr trade. named FRANK R.ANKET or BA KOII. aged UI years sas.aka Dutch and English; had whet he left, a black hat, tir or silk; white shirt ad mrundnabout, white or hblue pantaloons. The above rward will be paid to any one delivering 'im "'o the s scriber. All Rerseo. ai cantioned ag bst employin dr harboring ilin It their risk. j284s _. OTT. j"l" 'it'r etsattt. L- ... .. - BUSINESS CARDS FPASHIONdLE CLOTHING TAYLOR &'HADDEN, No. 14 Chartres Otreet HAVE aectnetantsnuply uf every article perruiiop to errnieltrnen's dress, ol thile latest style, at New VYrb prices dre 211 rft u reiagned have opencd a buse int tlis-cty H. P. LEVY & 00. For tile ,urpose ela I ataetlnY a OGEVEdL ce). .'llISSIUN /I BUsLVESS. ,CFFICE, No 10,0raviur j Ir r, up stairs. The tfir at nrae d Gulf, Mlis. will be continued, undertihe t)tleof H P & J L LEV f H1 P LEVY, J L LEVY. References. Codfrey, Lawrie & Small, { New Orlens, La. Peters & Millard, 1reree H B Hill & Co L.nisville, Kv. John M1 Gillmre, Vickshur, Mliss. Harper, C rperatt & C. 1 1n era & Wate, Grand Gulf, Miss, Meeir, Moore & ) -ilia Lillard, Natchez, Mliss. New Orienne, Feb 19j 1838. ep 10 TEETH. SILICEOUS METALLIC TEETH. SPECIMENI of these beautiful teeth, arti the man ner of setting theln, may be snen at the office of . B. BRoss . SURGEON DENTIST, No 46 Cnnlastreet. 'These teeth lever change colour. amndl are and in many cases, preferable a the natural teeth. iL[. Dr. It. will wait po ladies at their resideure, requesled. .ptif 8 A. PEllei C). I. t. MERCHANT TAILOItº (17 Comllnllon street, B EG F to inform the public that having pOtrchaed from Messrs IlOUl ll, SKEiGi H & CO. part of their stock, he will continue the bllainess at their old stand, pa osite Bisllhopl's lHltel, where lie h'pros tb merit a share oftheir patroeean. lie bhase made arrnngetmente Rat thI North tl e saupllid rmin lily witlh tihe late.t andl most fasheioieaeble el.cda I I CLAY & CLARK, HOUU AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 1t12 Povdras stleet New Orleans, MANUFArTURFRs ,IF Lead Pipe, Water Closets, and Pumps Of all dearriution . WIAR.M, COLD, AND SIOtll tER 114T7115 Fixed on the ellerl a.epeoveed principles. MILI.'D I.E, 1D, PII 1 :4, &e 0TOrders executed iel any part of the Southerti States. mr9 Dr. Robert F. Lindea. . " F' I C (. Exicllarne HoTEL. . li 'L.AY & CI. ctulK, Plumbers and Load Pipe M1anauftarern, No. 102 P ,ydrae street, K E'P al hand nl eentant supply of .eand Pipe, .K from 2 in, diameter down to i-B in. did.leterl, flt ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING EeTf, iliei M ENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Banks' Arcade. tWILLId.I l GRE lE,YE, PROPRIETOR n r I * H. PARKER Commisaion and Forwardilng Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, UP STAIRS. New Dl dransr, Fel. .. JARVIS .& ANDREWS, VWIIOLLEEL R.I .\I1) N lIET'Ill. I):ALERS IN MEDICINES PAINTS, OILS, DYE ST'UIh'b .i1VND IWI VDLO, (L I.A8S, Corner of Commons and Tehoulpitoula streets, NATHAN JARVIS. JOHN W. ANIItREWS. A large apply of Garden Seeds, warranted the growth of i837. AT MOBILE Ala. S. I. & I. I. JONES, AUOTIONEERS. Nos. 61 and 63 WATER . I'REET. rr IIE undersigned, hloing estiblished tbemsoeltos in 1. Mobile thr tir ie elrpese of tr.sanctlng the Atlcion anl Connniesion busiiness in its vnriou Ibllrches, beg lease to iflortm their fiienoes and toe pnolic, that thec re n.vw preptared to re.eiveT COs lplYoenls, and make liferaol advalees ol tile sallne, either ier private or poblic sale., SOLO'eAN I. JO.'eiS, fIelLA El. I. JI ON erS. trefer to WaCker. IKniht & Co. New Orleano. Mtile. Feb 2, 8.188. feb 13 .A CARID. SAMUEL SLATER. ABRAHAM TRIER. SLAT~3II & TRIER PorwatrdinIg & ()9a lt ..iouo elerchants, No. 411 Po ydras Street, NEW O()R ANS. tThey will devote thler particul:r attention to tie sale S of Weotorn Produce. Refrr'neer. .Relijah Fisk, flte. Iat n Sthifd, New Orleans. A 21 Nothan, Mtaers. Koh. n)aron & Co. J ) & M Willinans, ) Wdriggs,Wild Co. Boston, 'thlno Vaote 'sq. RLb rts Brothers & Co. Leveret &'1'T.o as. New York. Von Pnhl &. Me t;ill. Stantird & Davis. St Louis. Glasgow, Shaw & Tatoem. $ S Rider & Co. Htawley, Page & Dunlap. Alt a. A It Skidmore Esq.o G I Marshf,,l & Co..-Ioui,ville. ELI STOIE. a. T. 0TONMW E & it. T. STONE. porwnrdint and Couuslauin@ .jlerhauLts, FURNISIIERS OF 'SIt1' ND BOAT STORES, No. I11l IctoUel rOtLAS STRTxr. N 0p(Orlee.j. leerenots: letartt. BALL, aAaR a& Co. t Boston EENEgEER VOaE kCO A. B' .tEACH & 0. New Ytrk. K. PUTNAM, J & P. HOAN, HOLLAD, . Cincinnati, 0. atGHTr OBMITH I t . DAVID STONE, DB)t*anl 0 B. Coerrocx &. Co. Columl,as e N. rt.e tICH, & tCe..LI.ouIsvllie, ey \VILLis, STEVENS & :tOotS, t Louio Mo A. Il. IlorUF, ltme, Ill. WM IS. WITHROTW, Ituthvillo, .Ill J. & P. 1'. AIrTWELL, Bayou Sara, La. SOLOMON HIGH. New Orlear.s. jani 2 . IIEAl.E.IS IN AMERICA N ,it r.'deli1i11 CReOWN Gil.A.S, No. 3 C.ARONotLGr STRa;Er. o 1' 1R 1Si N S INSUiRNCE COMPANY NE., ORL-ANS. .- This Company are now prepared to take RISKS AGAINST PIRA. rsrrs &a~si Wt. , r.. No. 24 'iussotn's .ainldiag, COan ot rrr,. SL 'I'RACT, Neyv Orleans, May lb. 1838. Secretary. WILLIAM IRWIN ComntBission and Porwarding Merchanti CINCINNATI, OHIO. Refer to Layer & Anelong New Orleans. Jos. Landis & Co. m24 1 1 ROBERT CLANNON, HEOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. I2 Camp sireet, Wholesale Dealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, il30 Window and Picture Glnset &e. Ac. T. W. C00LINS ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, N OW practisiug in the State ded City Courto. Cli ents till find him at the Clerk's offie, U S tcireuit Court, in the Custom House building, je8 A CARD NATHANIEL TOWNSEND having located hlm selfin New Orleans for the purpose of transacting t (leeserl Agency oade 'eneniosnoe business, would re tpctful ly solicit from tihe public a shar of their lit tronagse. Haing a house in Texas; he will attendtl the trains. acting of any business that may be denired in that country, and will guarantee prootpt and unremitted at tetion to all business entrusted to his elharge. and a taithful asplication (in racordance with instructions) of all lunde that may comre iota his handel Dfice in New Exehasge, on Grarier stetee, ;ppooite to Rev Mr Claple's churel, and tJ.jiaing ,Gibhon'a rending rmn.siga of the Texian Consulate. New (rleans, Novereber 25, 18:7. References. Msers t Hiller, Bush & Co. I New York. Burr Wakenea. Alvarz F ehk, Natehe , Miss. RM Stroth r St Lo is, Mo. John T ,r y. Louisville, tIy. tJol A tee, i pkhsville,Ky. mRS 6m b- LARET SBOTTL' S-d1 hampers in etre. and tir sale by T I IIYDE & BROTHER, je28 cor Common & Magazine tes. -O l81 - ba-rrels osin landing and fr re. by Aý a & J P IVIITNEN, 8 Conti street LU'TI'ER--3 brls and 77 kegs fresh Ohio Butter, Ilanding from steamboat Winchester, and will be sold low to loa ea consignment, by LAYET & AMELUNrC, eg";17 : e(! ere s etrfs TRUE AI.UIBIUAN OBFICE. koon (ft soI iHrnaR wa In connection with this Office is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, FOR THE PRINTING OF Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogues Wll of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Hills Steam Beat Bills Circulars. And every desciption of Job Work that may be required. IL-'The proprietor respectlully calls the attention of the public to the nabove Cltd, anI a~sures them that all work intrusted to his care shall be e tlone at the ort est notice, in a style unuorpassod in this city, and at tilhe lwest rates. FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY ,)1 N',.VW *RLE \NS, Office No. 24 Masson's Building, Jet CANAL STREE'T. Comptroller's Offce. ecoatl .IuttmsWs..c(ay New Orlonalt. June12. t838, AGREEABLY to a reolution f the atth istanlt, A Public Notice is herebv given, that seale I pro picsic will be received by the Council oftsis it sci Inditoy, ontil Monda the uth duy of July next, fir tahk tog the tollowing d(escrihed iltlroenItemeus; he wol e to be done in cnformity nto the plan and rlspteiAotintns of sail work ils tle Strveyor's O5tcl, and under his surlapl tendnnce, vist 1st. Cotommlencing on tle oth sile of Canal etrtel, oat caal Clailtore, and prcologing said treet al na the sol, side ltilhe Nashveile t Iail-joad to tler layou St. John, to a toiet marked A, on the plmn drawn L toe Surveo orlir draining thle back part of the city, bt in a distance cf about Ititeen hundred yards below canal Claibtore. ld. 'I' cut a lateral canal from a point marked A on aild platn, which point is at abut five ltndtr.l yards Ibloiws Willow street,o the prolongation of Jnlia street: tmi frwm thence in a straightt line to Granes street, an the intersection of Comono. marked ( Cs and frol tlh0uceo ins a etiaibtline intil it intnr the iltsin ca nal at tc, oa tle oulth sid ofoCanalt treet, on a rulroni ctioil i fual e Cl iblt rlle, and about two lhundred ald niat'yv-eight feelei belw h Jhnsoln street. id. Jacnsor n tree. tol Ia prolot.ed from canal Clai holn to tiloe rupnsnc lateral catal. .tuh. I'analrAstrett to ie ritolonged fro canal Clui lornie tito l late. ul daial. 5itl. c(:tlmnl street, trolt thle sun to the nahme. (l6. G riter stret-t to be prolotgedtfron the .estl oi t iof (thes s terri sti aforesaid lateral Canal ith. Perdido li etr to be prlonned from St. Mary at. to the :dlrsaoid lateral canal. 8th. 'ovdlras street to be prolonged frnom Girtlole st. to the loaeral canal. tr . levia street rto be prolonged from tt. Paul to tle aioresoid lateral e ,nl.I ltbI. (e)ros .e street to le prolonged frm St Paul to the west ide of the Pntrots tairt C elllerv, and a drain on tile west si e l'ol e Cietoerv to Hervi street jeril iN C I.Ht)UN, m uoiptroller. Bureau du Casruttrole-Seo oded suriipoliole, NovelleOnr:t ans, II Jtin 1r838, 1O rloltMEMTEN.T otlne rsJolaction 1du o lecorant, 4J Isi i pilct tpar le PrBslnt dlnn quoe des of:. fres Pachetliea oeroat ragi par le Conseil do eltie Muni ciptlitb juoqi'ou 9 de Jsillet prchnin,. ottr fiire des tmisillions ci-aepria dhcrla; le toutdevaotr 1u. fanite Ol tonformitit all plan rt de, npbcifications du dit Gas vail ldansa I bureau do Voyer et sus ta ouritltcndance. 8avoir : 1 0 • Commencer lu cite Sid tie la ritue du Canal ae son intervention avec le canal Claiborne ct prolonger la dite rue Ie long di ctde Sud dit chcmin en fer de Nashlville jasqtu'au Bayou St. Jean, h itn point ntar qut A our le plan trace par le oyer pour dessdcher les derril res de la ville, formant uoe distance d'environ 1,500 yards ai des sous diu canal Cloiborne. 2 °' Cotper un canal lateral d'tn Ipoint marqlu6 A sur le d(lit plan, le quel point so trouve A environ 400 yards au dessout de la rue des Snitae siutr le prolongemcnt de la rue Juli ; et de lb en liinse dlrite jus qu'a la rue Galves, a I'intersection dt Ia rue de la Commune, marqut B C, et tie IA en ligne droitejusqu' rencrncontrer l canal principal it un point marqus D our Ie cutd Sud de la rue it it Canal, suir le CretnitS - - Cent du canal Claiiorice t ertinvitroti I9S meds audessonus die la rue .ioltnsolt. 3 • Prolong.r la rue Jacl;son du canal Claiborne al canal latdral pirojetd. 4 = " Prtlonger la rue Palmyre du cfinal Claiborne art dit canal lattral. 5 " Prolonger la rue de la Commutue, du mhme an mdme. 6,0 • Prolotger In ris Gravier du cSti Ouest des ateliers de i] compiagniC du Gaz au dit cansl latIeral prtjetd. 7 C • Prolonser Ia rite Perdlildo de ]a rue Ste. Marie au dit canal lathral projete. S 0 . Prtlotgcr la rue Poydra tie la rue Gironle att dlit canal latdral prtjet6. 9 = PIrolongc r la rue Hi6vie de la rue St. Paul au slit canal lat6ral prijeti. 10 o IProtlonger Ia rue des Cylpres de in rue St. Piaul au cilt6 Ouest rib cimetibre protestant ct ,ntvrir un fossd d'dgout sur le cOte Ouet ldu dlit cinetittre juslo ,' INo rue Hcvie. JOHN CALHOUN, 2ljuin Contrlslur. Copltrollers Office- , oeatod mnm.ioipaeity, Neaw Orleaos, Joisael, 188. AGREEABI.Y to t rsolutiom of lth 51i instant, S;dolic notice is hlerelby given, thlt sened eprtpi els will te received by the untletstgeed, Itui '1'esdndv tihe 2d July next, for all the wood Work to be lone to tie whaitrv!s in Iront of this ll nici.pslitv, accoridig to I plan aod sp:ilicttione, doted 2ltth, Slot, 1838, which are inow exhblited at tlls office. je21 JOHN CAI,HOI'N,Cocmptroller. Bureats du Contraraler --S dtu .alniipailoc NSuvarlie Orlt.Ins, 1 Jain ta 1831. ( 'IONFORMEM TBNT u one rlsolutiondu da cdou .r rant, avis public eat par le pt 6sentldoun, que des of. fres cclbetees eront regu par le aouseigsatusqu'at 3t d: J ui.lot prochaln, onur toote l s ulrpenlaedes wharfn A faire en l'te do cette Municipalith, conftrmo ment A un tplat et des ep6itlicatons en date du £9 Mai ;838, qu'Oll Oeut voir danoce hureau. 21 Jais JOtiN CALIIOUN, Controleur. NOTICE. TR.ll eoportnerssip theretoore exiting in this city " under'the firno sf ISAAC illttIDE A sNi. is this day diesolved Iv mutnal consent. The affairs of thy concern will be ihiulathled by ISAAC BIGt;ll) I, owho w tl continue the Colmiissioia business, under the style of tile lito rm. ISAAC BRIDGE, I tINi.l T. ,1ilI'il, THOI. AlcDYNERS. June 1,1838. tf L ET''ERS,CONVERSATIONS, CELLER &C'O TIONS, of S T Coleridge. Konitgemarke, or Old 'Timnes in the New World; be ing Ndc s7 and 8 of the Uniformn Edition of Pauldmg'e \h orks. Colton, on the Religions State of the Country. Whale Fishery; being Nos 26i and 27 of the laiys an Girls Library. Jat received by J12 CH BANCROFT 14 Camp "5fl SACKS SALT landinp from brig Samuel 04.11 and Jol, ltar sale Iby jet6 S & J P WHITNEY. LORK-'60 bbls in store, lot stle bN Ljel6 G I)OIRSE1 , 44 New Levee. .tin .1-5-00 bt .in.toc .oe ,ole i je6 G IOlItYF', 44 New Levee. FOLIO POST. JINETI'VtSIX realse Folio Post paper, for sale on reasonabletr ernas. apply to tIOIIN GIBSiIN, nil9 Editor True Amiteicall. [itACONi SIDES-13 casis suoe'r Cinctinniati cured, 1 in store and lor sale by G IOtttStIEY, jel6 44 Niw Levee: IACON-32 alskd; lnadiihg friom tisnter rs.mpress, D for sale by G l)OKS E, tel6 41 New Levee. N LEW B1OKS. TrIHE American Demoerat. or hints on the social and civil relations of the United States. liy J. Feni more Colter. The Two Flirts; or, Adventures in a Colntrv Holose and other tale.ibv Lady Blessingioan, E L IhllVie,, ..1t Norton, Balry Criwall, Mrs Gore, Ctiptail, aledwin, and others, in r vols. Tlis iver and tse Desert, by liss Pardon, author of the City of the Sultan. The Casket of Gemns, the Gilt of an Uncle and Ausnt witt fine wood engravings by Andersota. Just received and lfor sale by WiV MCeKEAN, jeli cor Camp andl in n stnn . aL _iXCIIANIi; ON5 KEN t'ijlv--C'ertiiictes of 1'A Deposit df the Bank of Kentucky at Louisville; for sale by LAWRENCE & LIGiEN)1ItE, jel6 218 andl :s New evere. Jt4K-215 bbla Mess and Prtlse sl ul d P O Pork, for se low by LAWRENCE & LP.;ENi)RE; jel6 l8 land29 New Levee. f tiGlNii-.I1:, pisces of prihe 4-1 is:st KeItutcsl Bagging, landing frosl s. t. Corintlhian, tsr sale Iby LAWRENCE & I.F(tjENtIiE, jel6 'f28 anO J New Levee. LSLOIS.-trl bbls, landing from stlustea st Emn iprese, Ptsrlrby G t)tIISE'a, jel6 41 New Levee. t HISJIkY--]I;0 ebbls rettified \'likei, or solt V by IOLtOIES S. SMILLS, je7 sank alley. 't-ESTERN BUTTER--80 kbgs is, for sale W bE SLA'I'E & TR'IEtR, jet1 40 Poidras street. PORK.--,' bbs bls s les A. 0, irine and uolt. lrioe P just iaspcted, for vale by G. DIRSEY, jl25 44 New Levee. I AR- 1779 kegs lead' Lard of superior quglity, 4 landing from steamboat Monir't. for sla by IAVEAYL ,i AIEI. rCsG, jr 713 17 Cotnmere, street. I.aMON SYRUP AND PICKLES. SBOXES Lemon Syrup; 145 hboes amortsed 1. Picklesk, in quarwb tquart and gallon bot tile rromn the ~anufactory of \vm Underwnood, and Lewis & Hoskell, of Boston, landing from brig Talley rand and ship Charlnato., for.ale by JARVIS it ANDILEIVS, m.l car Common and Tehapitolen rits. FISK'I4 '1ilAVELa .1 k.Ut!turt. I t A VE L on the Continent of Rart'a, viz: in Enrg I leand, Ireland, France, Italy;8'witzerland,lnnera Itv, tile Netherlandn. By Win Ihdk, D'01, IPresideat ol the ,', etleyan UniveRsity at Midtlethwn, Conn.; in I volule,wthil e,.gravings. Just received anl for sale by HVM MIcKEAN, . '?3 ear Camp and Common eta. i 111EI Members of tle New Orle.aei -r.. Trotting Club, 1 Louisiana Colurse. are reluested to calll mir' set tie .ll amount dua tile tlbasctiher, fir s IDinnet iven at tlet \Washington Ilotel, on the 14th of lay nat. A treeipt for tile abIoe will e given b thie blokeeper at thie Planter'a s Hotel, Cat' Ohret, wbei paid. jehll (hEFO ARMST'l'RONG. A LIN tl I r' asOCiA 10 ohilear tlCIaue yrelatio I' A h t prleilv i ul ate h s tlihuiiicr. ,tanated inll the Fanb,,r. tl.a +oe, '., in thi' Pn il"bi Jefrer.e., oa y tie Ic:t at VICaTOa. ' s tlll iag LJtaus, , ern tihe wili be ntlte.hi,l to. Jl a N 8. DAVID, jc"tl..t'lp.w (Y 1! AI4IUIL COCOA-l1l(ll bliege, hr tale ay G je.ll AlIlJAtl FlA.K. 'CFFIiE'-4 begs prrtlte greit ilcvan-a Couee, .t/ toanding frol brig A ERand it sale I,v J. DA NIIELL, je l9 (Crhamlr ( treet. Atui^lN. A I& IPE-i TjW rueby I(pigain , anl I I Coilh Rope; alsil an mall lot of Twins, n stole aid for sale by J IANIELI., Jadll 59 Camp atreet. t .O tiA:co-y25 Iohexa .nd 4 kegs prielC Uliawiag .1 obaco, (Leather'w braltd,) iaIsstore and tor sale by J. l)ANIELL, Je20 59 Camp street. Pt itA 'It PAPE'lt-Ndw aInding fr oal.hip S Rienzi frm New York, .9 reania nall ,size Medium Printing Paper, 56 reams Rovel Printilg Pa,ec 41 ream. Super rot al Printiag Paper, fi. sale by DAVID FhLT' & Co., N. Y ltatlronier'e lil, je ll[ ai4 ChaIltes street. L10 COFFEE--8B0 bags li n:otnr, S f gond Squality, landing fie bttarque Henry, foe salb by jea ST'E'l'SinN & AVERY. Al.AI ANACKS Ior 139.--lJst Iecnived, a tall not . Pi'c .ie's Alnunleeia and C(oeettl's Alma anncks, for .aley I)AVID PEI.T & CO., New York -tationer's Illl, is'20 24 (Chsrtres ,.treel. t e.,XAS ,U;NIDED ('ati'1RTFlCA'l'AFS and Audi B flur's Draft on the I'l'eaurv, wanted c by NAI'l''L TOWNSEND, je8 Exhalnge Hotel, Hlavier st. I"EXAS BOUNi Y I.A l.ul) -. NA'I'H'L 'I' O\VNEND, jet8L F.ehlange lintel, Crniitr street. FIREIIB IN'S INSURANCD COMPANY ilF NE\l UIRLi;-\NS. ý y't'ii', is tertcy given, that the lrhct of r uhacrip. Sti 14,r1838. ethe eairing harees f the repital atryk il thin Company were reopenid ern le experienday, t Byer a rdere oeive ha Board of irctr e. e will E L T2CY, atins. c No 8 h econd story R D. WILn Csks n i bb.arrant DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENERAL OF LOUISIANA, F'FIaIS his crrviace to the pubtllic iii the depart. m la o SurvMedicine, iad Ci'll EgOil riea, rboth in itiownand COIintry. F'ntneoat.idetaih e aiexperieeece III hlea arofeeaion. ndl by ranmptllean and lidelit, ii' Ian ex o buCoriner of Coma n & to h uim, he lols to iaent tirdlt Ceive a s hIreIIS-30li pU yards o -4 e H will aiaoiiicusure and calculate ttecoilelnta of walla and eaaSheetings. Ol dic No Charesip Ctreet, okec, sstory bsci;. jet [l1.\S..ll7 tll., ii Canhk atal in ihlustat ,reted A poren article, f'raaale, whole-alia y JAl NI-S & ANLDREWn, Medliine, Painin & Oil Dealern, jell Corier of Commiiion & 'relionpitoulan eta. Slteeliiga. lattdilag fivtia ehlilp Cheriaee, naitable fur the .lexicant market or City trade, aor sale, by S'l'El'i'ON & AVERLY, jel18 88 Gravier a:rent. Pl"I ,a CANDLE,, tll. lce. 200 BOXES New Ilellolrd Sper Cantles; :0 casks New Bedford \\ inter Oil; 13 carsks R,oline Zina; 6 boxes Iro5 a inavaua Sugar; IOl coilns lhade RIpti g 311 pieaces Bagging; Siecla ai link L.ead Crucibles; 30 lasks PIualer Hllnginpoa 510 baskets Clthul.i rnet, ii.e. Fur sale'by JOJS.,PII C )IKI,\YNE Jel8 2. Gruvier slret. 04 ES'I'hICN IBUT't'RLt-t'I keen, reeeived per -i s:taamer Vaaldalia, front Slaprilngfield Illinois, a superior article, for sale, by SLATER & TRIER, jell -0 Povdlrae street. 5')ltRK-Rump, -i It Iess and I- , tor aee by i je I) IIISEY,d4 New Le;ee.'l' , SItE &d rl. It(;ANS - ý LUST rebeyved b hip ha'lrlst.on alnd brig Tulley . irand,311t cvase !hltat, Shoet nlAd iruais, i cola Il'iiag a g,.od ussartoleaiatt .od which aill hlia sld IIw for calr, or good city pe.per. AF IlUNIlAR, l:ll 21 c'llatonltbooue t. NO MIIE. t r| AVI1VEILERS ;ping to Mobile by the ",ail Ininu I ,in dun , W\efdreoouvo o arod Fridoas, will regr rr hrld", naine.+ it tha otticrl, is nor serats c; be securad iq the +rtv at Pasca.hulla oall t1i above naled das, allews :hlir uam a be phtld an rle waye bill lhosr. wto Itnaa Ilehavy bggagoag eao have it takeli direotto tMobile by any ftoila during the week,excer oI fhe above niumed days. GdLo WHll'MA3l, JiiK--Pritre and MIl, Pork, full bra.ded, PO AIlt, 90 pictes Kertucky Banegig, 85 coils Rope; for alev I' LEVY & Co. jeu 10 tirauirst.up stairs. QPEILi OIL, CANDI.ES, &.c.-30 caska New 1B a Ibrd W\inter Oil2110 y hboxes Id do SIrWne: Cardies 20 casks roofliag Zie, 10h broxes Bort d.lalld Ciandles 300 sheets Braziers' Copper: In store, for sale lB JOSEPH CO)CKA0YNfV, ap20 25 (ravier streert. -EAF LAI.D-200 kets in tre, iot sale by Ja jel Ii D RSEY 41 , L.ev,.. 1.-LAT PUol;,.I.u .'ltit?,i CHESS MADE EASY; being a new ietrodlaeion to thle rudinteets of that srnentific aoto. popular game. By George Walker, Teacheroe Chess. Uncle Horace, a noveli by dra S C Hall, author of Sketches of Irish Character, TiLe Buccaneer, &.. in 2 vols. The spirit of the Woodi, illustrated by en gravings, by the authoadl'The Moral of Flowers. Finedn's Views of Ports ald lHarbours of Great Brib taoin. Flora's Gems, or tile Treasures of the Parterre; 18 bouquets, drawn anon cooared from natore; by James Andrewsi oith poetical illustratnos by Louaaa Atn 'io nmley, aurlior id' The Rmntane of Nature. A Gtlosary of Ternas used in Grecian. lRman. Ita li anid Gothilic Architecture; the second edition, en larrld; exasplified Iy 103 wood cots. nAdn oko EIngineere' PoIlket Book, for the y or 1838; with ai Ahlmnae, by Henry Addock, Civil Engineer. Works of Lord. tlsoei, withi an iiteroduetory eeassa and a portrait; new edition, eomplete in 2 vols. li-hop llortet's iitore of his noon l Time: frtm the restoration of Charles II. to tse treaty of peace at Ulrecht, int thie reign f ( Qrem Anne. A new edition, with historical andl t diogralnal notes; complete in one volume. Jurt rceived nd for sale by Wbl McKKEAN, m31 eorCnp.end C('omrnmon stn. Twenty Dolltlrs Rewards PjIIE abore lR.-ward rwill ire paid flr the oppreht I|on of thle Slave JOHN I)It INS, who abeent. d lihinelt froln my yard, onl Thursday morning, the Ilth inrt. .John ia aout I4 feet 5 or inchsl hibgh, 18 or 14 eiars forage; very black, thick set; and has rather rt stop when walking, speaks only the English Inngahg e; h t. a emile on hiu hne awhean speakiot, anr a ldon oard look. Had on When he wont aay,a check snirt and cottonade pantalrons. The above reward will ble pat if lodged in jail, a 1 can get hin, or brought hack tr ire, at Na. FIront Lrever. All percona ar Inorbid hrhboring or employing him, under the penalties of the law. jel9-5t J. BOGART. SALAAGi.I WINE-Swcriand Dry llong Wine, Sn qr earka end Iridi n bbhs, entitled ti db0enture; for aale by REA ID & UA I&s'rOw . je7 i7 Grnvier er. " CASEc lLnterial, gunl.detr. young hyann slil lnO blaxes MI3 Malaga Raison,. 100 half do do do. 1 ltihags prime green Havana Coffee. 2'1 hrxes fresh irlavana Sweet Meatis. 300 tonxe Young'a atll eriot Champagne Cider 975ccases oer endx Claret. 311 cases superior a ld Port Wine. 25 do do Shert-r. 2 pipes old 1,P teneriffre. 30 kegs primne Goshen Jlitter. 51 coils tlanilla Cordlge, asoirted sizri. 21 cls talrend do dl do. 110 o den superior Corn Brooms. 511 hFs nasrrted Nails, 501 kegs No 2, \VWhirte Lead. 10 er.ks Winter ,trained Sperm Oil. 100 boses New lredtoid pl)erm Caudles. 1011 hboxes loniton No I :asp. 30( hoxes lettenh Bra dy tcl:erirea. 2l boxes Utderw.ood's'Pibklhs, tt.sorted. ll hbla American Gin. I5 bbls Amanecan Brandy: 5 qr casks Bafclav' IPiot Wile. Sagr. Butter, Witor att Soda CrackSits I|i$h a \avy liraed, umanufaelured by the Paltet Siaitdi Uake nsrtsatlT tin band, together wiht a general assortment of UirbceritiA whlwesalee and reiail, hv ZACIARIrY; ,t lilOtllEBi, jc 27 . 7, rd i.evee street. J.ThT T . IIYF rAH)F BROTHiER( je27 co Camnclh & Magetine. 1; R7 C -iTL lsA Suprfine [lout ; iAd anid-for Ssale by S'A'11TSON & AVERLY jr'? 88 )iravier street ` Mesa M e., Prime P'. O;, Rumnpa t ' hulders il rtore, stlld fur sale by je2"l l \YET i: AMI-.LUTNG. 'lll..sE.l-30i bols e tified It'ltlln's a for soal by (i. DIfol( Y, je.2 44 Nae Letee. t)tiiOk --311 W,is. tif li ul;tioes jtrtt rspactmd , and will tle uld below the ctotattnno li j 'I "14 New ,rrver. A! EW musIi -she worm a wr1 ot. tM elhi. o Toe; Look forth my fdriets; TIn tetr 1priit Conte sing your lTeaon, Tih booth thia nigh,; tit the lin ol the uGundoliee The lady leaves the banquet hnli; An. puomhi. midnaght rview. Jnte rreairlet and for li tle at B. CAta V'oJ , otPr P 'iaoftort and M este Siote, A.LI. notkrea for toaes, bil Itllr , ralniltt ». t L ihpnpeOrly f the subscriber, cihaated in the faux= holr n Laurate, w in the parish of Jtl Lre n, tav be left at VICTOi ,DAItIY: Caunting Houe, here thre will heatended to. JOHN .. IDAVIID. 'w lhitaa h 3t.t May,11r. j- I law3w IRVING'S NEW WOIIRK &e. Tr HE ROCKY MOUN'rTAIN .-O r tra ce, inerdentr nad adventures in "tlie lor West," r igefe.l frot,, h Joiortof Captaiin it , i iootoaovle, if thRe Arml of tie UiUit.d Stte, .nid illustranod froi various iothler elrtee, bv \ 3 VashinCt ,n Ir ce, i it .vl.. 'lI'i. VIC'lIM.S tI' illljIrYY--1sy the Countesn of llesoi, oton, to2 vo;s. - Just rtr rived ,nrd fi,r sale by am , inGd r,.ber. ,)lac ,and, IlDa a . 4N .wvwre uther artile ot'sIl·ufVury, o|' Ah.: verV bent qualit, cuu-= sa ntly n , and on ful sale by a\VII) F; LT&Ct. m19 N Y atiolrre' tloll, h2 i'hom,'yp ,t. P'. ITE II ,VLA.'.t HUG M.-.5 b.lINT g . iom schr i'exaao fli n .,oie ho n,#,l I.A'I'i,;i( ,. T ,'ill tR, n' I'' dra. st hT Ti It IuYDE " Ito'l'lll'1 HIR, ryt.vrty 38 1.h w inll. corr onrasin at " lblil -- an ihd 1Ui 'ifrar le ir. I t i y o)tJRSEY, 4lNew l evea. F URNITURE--The ihceriteras have reeaived re ship Shaknpear,tlhefollowing Pnlenadid ,uew ns-.e gony furniture, bhirh they odr fr rsal oan liber s3rMahognan Roeking chair., plain ttd enhrved haircloth, lte, wcarlet Hmd ýurple plsh tscrlet verll)n ael worited damtask cseats 1n mhoogant frenclh par vi lhoins with damasnk hair seat, 24 do ldo'do d planu I'od do do do crimson worsted dilmask, 13 do lGry,,.ien doe hair eloth, t do French Burger chains Mrn,o.n M oro' 2 do aumo. chains, l pair conches, 1 yeict stand Aide New lYork make and perfectly newa It IN BA R &.CO PIEARL TItEET HOIItE. CINCINNATI. Neow .rrnuaemant. 3'I[S erxtensive adi well knVii, e.uhlllheo,nei t T (corner of easrkl tnd \Walnat stre et) haying hr-n leased lby tho nsubierihr, he taeils lesuore in tleon eino rto te public thatr the thbo interior l' the !'ild inghan lmoe relitted ais l reireld--the ron,,n IaeWly furnished, painted nd leaneedl--and that it in nut, inl conrPle.e order Ibr the rireption ofboardar. T'ie eoneriber being fully aware n r tlh grean deaire nftlh eihtien tio have at lettnt Tne Ff19S'l' HAlE (IOT+I, in the city, han not thius fimr, nor will Il re either laohor or exp tnle t ,rilg aboull the great desid eraotrm. lis table ohall inairialv be Solldied in ev" ery variety, sith thie best the market nafforsl--lt.r lio furnished with the chicrest wiones anl ind it ar-hnl.a nloeping apartnerntn keyt ntomt and clean--nud 1otetty ol servanle will at all times lhe in waitlin to give prunpt attention to ihn want of tii cuslomers. He is particularlo well lrovided tii ir he aeommnrl tionofF'arnilien,nl ias hilonnontnitnl . a rge nuoiber of I'.trlouro with lied rinios attnached: tli will have enrringes and horses oat ll timos ilea dinoss to OIeIry hi himboardenrs orlnfomleursnln thir ar rival and dpalutre free of expense, to and fonn Steam anti anal boats. tine hIes that Travellers adni others will give him I call, and judge ofhis aecommodntiomts for tlhmslvere, an thi is theonly mehhlid by wlhich the merits of hbin stbuhlishmeit can be stisfaetorilr teltedl. G(lOItt;E EI(,HELEb I:GER. Cinciinnti, April lst. t;37--fL. nl i. X CHANGE on Phihdelphia aild New York, Checks, &c. flr sah-, by LAWRENC'i: & t.GNfeNDRE. joI6 qg mind '2 S'+.w ILey BACON i-40as te'iCincieitii Cnred, III ,tora, ior salle, by Gi. IIIFil E1', jet8 ...4 New tl.evee. | ll.OUIt--4UlI hbl, in nore, for Sale by jel (i. l)(OItSEY, ,4 New L,,'me. EAF LARi-98 e00 go, in lii ohiipi',uf yndier. fu jels) 41 Ne. Levee. 1-ACKEIEL, lAME., &e.-. 71. 274 hlb . mackeral, nos. 1, 2 al 50 hlall barils, nckernal, ne alnnd 1129 cansks nlilie, 211 btndleao hay, 50011011 tbet lumber, landing from brig iinaoldo and fur snte,bv J 1t '1 E'i'SON l\'l't l Vr. ttO. --------L N E'.V 11.1'' S''t)il'+. J'CdT received ilr rlnetr ,,rivuli froll New Yolk, t lreh antl lfashionable assnrt,nl.:ltt ; IAf 11AI'S. Th'le obplu. tiber wtuldl iartic:larlyo l til attention of the. icu: lie to, lt tle ( 'f b iaver , tf it sn +wint hlliir, fine tobll itre, ril Onud ) lie ltlohi, r; aeI :to to a aI lendid artiie if silk lat, tigeil eir wI It a gener:l a aeortmnent mnanufaet ed by hIneelt, expre.ily for this malet, wholenal dnil r'til J W ,oISiBORN, 34 Canip street. n. City and douantry dealerb ra invited to rail. re S R1CHARDS, 'Tobbacco ned onutt mltanuteo c turer, No. 9'77, Campt :tret, Net.'-Orleans, wilshe to inform hli irouols cld the public in gcotw:l.l, that oe I tnow prepared to ur'rnish aIo thlil, in the above buliness, Ind nll constantily for aleto t tlilowotg article's: SNUFFS. Rose, (;erman Ifrppee. loealiney, I-otlish Pri gerilgnt, miria. Raptpee; N\thllloio Its, Illilld!I Atechi lll gentl, leina..l, ll'ishr I lhlckgnarl, t. On ti, Curaooo, Paris, P'retSlan'oish, Hlalf courlse !lalpplbe, Ocorch, and renuioe oi th pwde.. T9'OACf.O. FIine clt ehllew., sweet :ctllltdl or .lain. Pine cut smokioq, of i'arious Illlulities. Ilil-foot Virginia, Sp1anislh, kc. The ahovearl'icles loe alol walranted as g di, if not tu. eriior to ant thglll of the klil ilter tOhd, Aood will le furnished ine o rleo tole tloeot liIh.rlllrots. mtoay 4 N EW llMll)"'Olot Stl'i ti, tiNltll.lM- lll0ll Iblioote of New Beldford S.portn ('ondlos, landing froo rhipt Kentucky, aldl foLr sule hb LAIILENCE'o LF.ElF.NI)IIF, ieIl t8' & o9 New Levee L LiST on or about tile monlth of (o)tortor last, a note drlawt for $40011 by Edward C. Johlbson, in flvnr' lt Jacob Acdeloeton;n the back of whilcll was indorsed $54 receivod in a note aga ,etJaltee Joneso, and $36 in not aieotoUt. ll " the, petIotL wlo hoea o.ndosidttote will liave it at the oi:oirfth a ':'rloe AooP'iooln he will be rea nnbklv ret. rl.d. JA(:Oll ANI)EIR N. RAZIERS CO)IPE R-I1000o slets brazier copblr Riweighing ten pondoa oach, in cstore tod for sole by SAMIUEL LlOCKE% & CO., ito 8 Front Levee, between Ctatom Houttse arid Bien. hille stroets. junoo 4 W ANTl''l)-A goodol servanc t tb dol16 tatotio i ind V ironidt ofa stlnll farbtil. God t waget willha given. A ply at the corner of Curnlderlt and irodl streets. No white one.heed oplylJ withoule good roe aioinendatiofiolle, aun COtPARTl ESlti IlP. In-HE undereignod hilae Iorlled a C'opartnership in gtl[r e itpollrling, anod wlolrple Ilordwoare butilleta, tllit city unlerhbe fite t o of Riloril-oo, Wutertiabo Wood, at Ni 0J5 Slllozine tollrOt. JOIIN IIICIIAIlIoSON. JElEIIDIA WAToiLkMAN. PHOENIX N. VWOOD. New 4Vriktm. miliit Carrollo m - R i-il" 'u n Arralgemenlt for runnilng tile curst IloOt hic date. Fionost CaAtROLLtoR F1RUM 1ttW (O)RiLEANs. The ltorsercr atdo'cl'k A 1 lean,i car at 7 A S eratnt ear 6 do do do do 9 de do 8 do do dot dt It do do 10 do do do l ateam car 12 do do Itea, o'r at 3 do roeamcar 2 o P 1 dlo do n do do do 6 do do d o 0 9 do do de 8 do do Thie Jackson street cars and l.ifavcilt, haf trra 6 o'lock, A M. Canal eloeot at o. o'clmck A SI, ati, rtn hing hourlyv lit 7 o'clock; Tl'thee ars wdll commence ruling evorv hall holr, and continue throughout the d.v nttlil7 oceloek, P il. l'l'tar rneorlcnt for tio I.a Course street cars the att its for Jackson otreet. TI'..A iO CtiFFlEE, inggee lofogs-lold, ioccivod p~ per brieg 8lt; il store,lihr Balo I, SLA ' It do 'I'RIE7Ri mi23 410 PoIydras estlre'. ('IOLOGNE WATiEK--lrectlby iaopo rtood from Co C logne,hy II lOtof'bAjbil., eocr Netcher and Tchaplitoulas zti. 3'- The genuoinene. ,oi tile or!i le ios 1nl0l1 by ohb tintogrph of the manolactourer, Jchann aria Farial. A tUKElA'' io,71AiAN W.' ILL b, given in a chorce Parcel of 8oJAMMER ''I.OTHING, to close a connaigntent. Per. .n\ wishling ia purchose are invited to'.boll and ex iatinee tio Rane, at th onffic of f A'I'II'L l'OWNSEND0 joel Exchange Hotel, Graticer 1t. TI') 1.F:T, Tol a smmaqll, quiet faoiilv a d*welllug hiloc I in St Joeephlt sree., onear St Charles st. A,. STply to J. OTET. The houelle it Cuotlo .ollte street, No 94, (ihrnitled ifd imd ) AIl-u a pro t rate hlouoe i servalt,a good oluk and ouare.e. Eoquin o1 t itemiee. je I awtl' TO RIEN'T. "THE liandesnob LTORE and btItlk KiheiLe O h time eaemett stry ao tbhe Tiue Albeei Srlietla e,two loors te ltn S. Clnurle'rlT. atrt. Allt ate stand ftliaCl be Hoat Apply ti d118 JOHN GIBSION, Editor Trite A llerwan. j)AGGlN x-R1'VR-90pI s ea tontcy t ag 13 King; 8i coils do Rbltoi for stle by H P i.i'.VV & t'(. jet No 1t Grailer street;lp statirl. AILS --A plilne o oartoiatt tlt Nails lEtram to '20d, Ior sale Ib) CHASEi A D),XEY, mll t Ciutotm H r loui, treeet. (5 UNN' RAGSI-->ittlH t rst nallt, for eolk ib I nill CHASE& liXEliS fi culonitl HLuot 1( Kt (t TItR.SI'., ! arw' Levor. ``y t AV n Oct tlll.A'1lh'.'-tle ,.oo'ol1 oo-raler y1 by 1'l llY 1: & RIL, ja rkcr Ctmnmon and cla~7t: ian ser. L;t OUt' .4f 8hlt a'l le landi" , per lat for sale tie' )OI WY, .r-tm or IMWitb i*O i,. mtl that cnotbhal.a, i a£tutt mss iti hiat, Calmeli, it bml hag been eSiapS t uS lii4th a1n tofluateffm, halaamt, a anac fttC t - lseftn fr tlhe re noval ofelseua ale. ia , i ° wiethi, ttanhase aft'deate. tt t t ti tci t hn-or - ;s eliimged ans dpet ,ti h et Miatli dent to Ie hIlm:,n family. The full) of ltuer a sins etactin tar coonwn, for aceurate a eteaia ll g tirn Iths shoI n, lhlt lhe base of ito- o il.e lt l(tatholicosll; k. cvhitc have. beern, atrunple4 tihe conlnlut), "itt a I,,ut ilualslotae, is tlmerelry il amle .oll. INo, if this it even in ll I t: ata t ui'le most skil fisl phnlis . exertes iit tlllle o thI e tiulla o sy~tirU, ' .aln e,"tire l) beyonld thecntiol of ai unht l all diath, what result th ultd lle axptete hi s-c.bed by tle ignoralnt? Ct:ould their tanoy tIctims spkll, a voice irotm the tonmb wsoulit isad the "speoil' delehiouu Lt mnew lw oa mltutaj -ot.iOf lHumane Phsieia"s dellore the aildjevielt in fIron the intlr urnsl prtrate:, xco wl tsIll hit t'odulcton orau anrtic tamt can idely. "e i.bbet c:dma.el. 'thet feea, and that elety. t e a e u d 4 of its primear iwatltton; they eamcoa wb tletlitill be fsn.abhle or ttnltvl.ahle. TPheFy sla ilnoo-id ift at it is use is eonlimtwd foray eo ie;b l i jtr'iou saecondlmy-coenseqaueeem to nc u . Bttst must choose the least of two evils: thity know ncat article that wil amuse a taoid /ier, remote obst tion, ll set in fiaee attint hem whole glandular tysnltb atli it heiog intistensi.delv neeasatry to Ito .itals, aotillae its as, ntwittsliWlting theal ii euntsi-quom which tttllow. Tia ptolorietors of this aritle tpitg in view the teat, that a tcoseaea .ttenebolelt Benj' ha pilated witlh int the reach of alI, mn.ndes diletid to I dthe aisaea ei rltrent It tim dclimate they inhantL o said knowing, like wise, that cost of the dita ess of the S.etih andl iWed t iatoe I on 'lrageia or at-C. Ofhp dermlgelmeate. the; directe talera ttettioo t eailrticalafhilah act mora espttel.tir on the biliarit oa i a Alte' toIg, lhta-iuens, atudt el.tersvet wtel, Itaj itve sltcatteetl in I-xt.oIetihI tellutlao otei Tot- li1 .MATO, which, fhtm its petuliar efftIt apon .tlimet tic or biliary orgnns, they have denominatled It 1..e? it is a medica.e tlhat,nwil p bntee, all the khenl reetdts of Cdaloanl, p iatbh ast n ad chronic leltse' sequences common al tli that aelatit. Its action upon the constitution is universal, no pait of ta , stemi eslaping its itlulito . It isoayl up ot the organs of secretioe aio l exoretiotnltd t 't W gIeat ipoer is partidurl, ly malifesttlttl t haet ..,4 culiarl-y taaptedl to tireatmetei oft b.iott 1 other diseases in which a farpitity for ae a',, liver atd pt-tal tcircleprtvtit. ' It is adtiissttle in all leas, wheret it Os r , eleanse the otomath amtl tainal. It a'alrme fuithle i, its operaitio, it t lete it fa 8 ire lil t lt ti in the verssls of tie sillee of tihe lhon. Itrmtalo i . Iy a gentle perspiratio. it does tm toexh t like to uirges; still, its action it s eto e mniver-lrea al l le . olhren, le r-ei, atei, tnot mttrely wihis. hfatil bult hi hb n fit This becomtes indsdipentaimlt taeeaasary hisi " of lontg taunding; fir ti trihetittncae temip inpo-ns le11 ilts matlill i trong mlliciutlt a selotito, tifder+, eslm : goidt; buit tend to injure the sttm.oa of the actaitltloi - h it aicltt.itt ntd tart yi)g tio t. symlesnte: aet ii pertt"" huvnn ml ilt Ihte kLoOn- laws of ile, slid ti utllitetli otnof li th sitet Ialuable asticleeverr ffo - ell tilr pubtli tri ltitii Oi ltpectioln. Ft-e' otvetiece, this lta-iieine Is t`foti1oot. Into ig.ln!1 pills. TI, whit, pills at cath ia, oettelttYre, dtai /thoree t nl di rttrtic. The vyi,,w pill ,iaiemre, am- " ilolut ltl d iqpholretac. The following extract on the 0,1t jr-t is from the l tCinaatl ,ti JouitaL MIt-ES' 'iUlMATO) stI)ICINF.. The vitittf, ti the 1tettot, not on aaiatt eliioaitd vegetable ;ir thie table, butll tls, uo a treticiite, have flo' ta onsidit:lt.tle t ele past, oattru riiled tno i tle atlrlution. I Iss heen believ.c t"llassess a. ti-blilious qiulis i di hilo it they t uldt ticlh.ttllelstyrcltelele., or iejmarated lion the stpli rfluoits ntlitituer, wtolli lie ivalulabl. This hlas Ibeen chaet(itedipl ito bilious etoatrv,. A largepartliat at the dlisetsesnrist from ,isedee hid icvers, or frti de'o tingenients in tile gihtduloar sa stein. TIhisi is esPetilsly the cte i I thi westa, a til itI nri so ai the outil. If it remcel, ese), ,.a'e, efrtcttuall in its lper.ration, ill levy ini Ihe c -i iutioeu lnhitnpal.hed, could be dieoveredtl f tilithus .Tmittoitlhs tiiaso,tt mtttliit ntionahy hIe amnin-t . ithe mellt bit.att llar tin ale, itl ,it h. 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