Newspaper of True American, July 2, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated July 2, 1838 Page 4
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hl fer. J betaplierive tic coet as ý 1 , ~ ai llhtral terme. 1' 1 bih nt is aishe with le C, aishort,hel pnies 8 g atin be her part to give *lh#t may patroniae the3 (I'Ib II C{harti C uoisnsl. 8eotmidt of thlerlsaton, P a atd forlsmoe years his miastant in 'edilrie s.d .nargcry, holle IIoor t elae nd tlhmen that the moet h.1 be p9li'tn the oclis which ileis ofes his se rvices to'the being well acquninted wi'h the ,thlet having attended them in inldttb, wit I1eottiona, ita be had 5 i. riFhtt which they have S ad othercititWs has bona ettndetl a e ccess.. tthiefi' thme best of en e. 166 hlMaga. ,IXO1, &e. COMPANY, No. t ar 1e lit h trwet, Now York, secei . peat, eneo ao re. stantly edg uoe i xteol i thoun to the setock e above' , wh h.t by consists pf the eg a eo t m ealti ftor the southlit and lowe fJsuperior quality, consisting of r si~o, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, 15 eihe, from 8:8 .t 30 gallons, 1.1a, frmAA :8 10 18 gallons, orOera., . different sizes, 'do .t. * A do p rito . 6 do Spidek, 9 do S . de tg frden 1 1.4 to 43.4 inches. . to7 inches. Screwr , 28,1000 grose, iron and brase, from s e . Sto 3SSinch, No, 24 of a superior se i iada fiish, asid lee.tcla Jame's imported i.rp f. edi, iaii ,at of about 500 ibe for land iatteor' Irons, assorted. e weighte..10 tons, naoorted from 1 4.4 to fr l auetetions, stdambnoats, chtrches, rc. teaetmbeate aind other machinery made to bbeve assortment of goo.s is particularly ded'sto the Attoution of Southern and ibareilsnts, ana for sale at low ns d upon the n moet liberal torme s; it is he. tb be thel largest and best nseortment ever t a 'fe sale by any ooe eotabshumetnt in the i abob wtst by forwarding a requeet by manl, can awei a preentaeireular, with description of 0oods, peiLaend teains, frtm which no devaution is ever pade. faruihed by return olf maiil. Al1 orders will receive immediate attention. iew York, 1838; je3 L to -SYRUP lI'ICKltio h-d areod's Lti U.5n tvlnp and Pick lee, assorterl sizen also, G1 heas*Uf l.eis -i tla skll': Pickle,; for iole ii rlo o ai ebdnei!lnttitby JAiIVIS t \NDKIWOI.', e ?' or Common and 'Tlhmupitollil:. o lU.AP-0 h' e hee hioe b Ne 14 ,.larund i t oJuest S ..' Gould, for Mile by ISAAC 111:1 Git 0;L. (t'. ." , .lt: 134 Mutnie'riltrru-t. S lbNFEmtin dwellinr houce In Triton streeTr, be S tweea 'ivoli Circle and taoruhtetllt treot.' ap'iM. Apply to J T01, tELB.\RROUS, &c--25 RhIlborrow', 25 At dirt do. in sto e ,rL CSr e. y lIAHAlP.tAN O COOilER, t m15 8 ,lul'n st r eiti.oitin ofl very suelior uliue laid. lule .14d ,.ita.,we, and plntliol d reird rlougl edge recrtd pa, constantly on hod and Ifto sale hy bIAVI) FPLT & CO. e a m31 N V Statione' tI-all, " Chartres st. .5 i'.) rI,,.e cfnldvoonh s'llt I iut . 8I; : dl , d. Io ...o do 11121;, 5 , tft do 11 ' Port 11l316' .fo do oft dt [P brown Sh"itry,I11 n 10 piper .extra Maellit. For tile lie s l IElMOiJ .NI' , BILDOGNV & CO. . t mtor 03 Cti str'eet. I t. LANK BOOKS, of ev.rys ov.rtv iof ralia· l and i.t h,,in, i or;evantlv on haold: "1:d I'rno'itln, loulin alil liitg unatly ctrteucl, at. tr o', A, by I m:l N Y IF tatiners' h lall,2il altries AI. :I. N fi Y-{il4 hid frti'.ooldlu'AIvirolln Baidie, B-luodig, for sae by ot ISAAC BIUIII)GE & CO" . 1• m2l 131 ,Mtgatzine street. SNEW two stoery rick Itoltr, ,ituttrtd 5 door, I St from the oSond ,Ilolnlltieio II Iu, io St;haras alael. lollt very low, luorissoe.t givelsnlrooedit medi t,.reuire at tie preti.18.19, if. CAtSKi4 BACON tid rn hr ., e CAKl 1 lRilS V, 44 New !,eve. h 11i _.IS coils Rope, landing frtm Aelo boa.ndor Ih r ooale byas 'I.Ah I Tn AMIeI.IJ.iG, i mT i 17 Co hener e e a o. t li r os antemoer lien cVeno. nnd for atol c YtRIh E, B1LOTllEho, Jo6 p ir: Camp streett. SNO 8 13UiRY NOR COPAIVA aew Orle:lns, liNov. 14, 181B7. "A BOT csie noatoleh ago Illad th e tiolbritne to got S11- reit diasene for wthiel I have applied to seoe dellpd iers for a peir, and ttv Ile l edtt ltlre till. o nsw on the above date I Ilet It.*elf t hael , ta (lcl e ofl ionet HI.teaud I elpo.t ilat to ctrIO i'. Sil.Ce thit ltne ht*-8litett5 got worse, , o a s0 to lbrek elo ti laerge alters of.mbI er of six r eight on ee h I0T, ansl olltovrl m ·litesl, and tore tlrmlt, atl nrot Ible Itt onl, at Itr pr olt IItho , n tcount of the liotso; large ilcor ihe igle sht of the thorot. I e noo, epattintg se So tlylder the care of Dr. leit,.l 'fIaIlr. bperfectly cured JOiHN DEAN. qnb 14 by " T DO CERTIFY Ihat tit e mentioned disease Squite well c a.d to y .ort ,ntifrtetilln, for which h t I haeotokn mIutent.o oLt itt, nol did not iijtre illy nealth at all; Iherefore t L advisn mar f Ilfw utlIrnvrst u l-sa !to time andl aIplyt to Or A. I-oet, 15 RIlorllot el. rhITey will fiud a trll dealttr tor tis etletpltalit. ItJiN llEAN. 1(I I;rnvier ttreet. If anyeone wants to gee Iat,tcaltlit Nt. 4U tiavid. teeta, anld thly will be estis!ied. To be publohladat tlhe opli' of] :'. ttO l o. rJOIN bOERN. New Orleans. Fb lit 1 I r8. fi I 14 1 , Hq Geouinle ndiae lb.sdoaott a.toetO'tt ,,1 tt,; I. laotl, is pt tip in bIottl at tlet. loav prieto nf 50i gotenA eah, enneaitino tile strangth of tire ounctes oi" 'lrlawtort, ilc bede the tairttao co mant ohrler rots lnod berbe known a nir tlt w' lnudind at eiicarcioub in curiohg petlitonarv coerploente. Tha u ,rivalled oecee which hoias a tenled the !eo to this ieeetttmahle Iltatm wherever it hlSa etlen teora d I.ceah hoas tho ttlltliltlte tltd "reconlloltlltln- i tioett . f rlepectalle plhysietia., for tlh reue ot etltltts snlde ptaieln th.t id, wasnt il re, s.1ittilng or blood, liver eonplanil, &c. To whom it tt.y ctncerol. This i to cortirv thllt wei hnve ip etar pYeie6e freetlntly prestribed \Irs Plotr.t-. car', Indian Balsaami of Liverwort et d !l olrhouud wi lh e d.clhd [olled ltetI we can ther'lbr, Fhrot the kln\ 1l0d1a of tie malteriale it is milals fn,iiti LInd ( bnek.:lrlvUOl IabeMalele l . reo ll'ni lto it as naa ller; ,) Iirilaratio n ecllr thi'ileelitioit of thle luts tlr whichl it is re el nda ed. A t. A .E R P \ WII. I I. 1 }s .\l. D . CALVIN ELI.IS 21. It. em-oteore nftla Bleston Medical Astociation. Paetoa, Oetober 25. Forcldby 3tARYIS & ANIIREl'S, htectlmended by tlae ,'diernl FIetiltv. SCTISlIL'8 Ellorrecent MIoltesian iApericnt--PFr i" dycoslepsea or ittotit.t.n, ttteavtu dhltlit-, Oidtlti. ~p 83emanhe, acidity fit' the t*cnath, habital tto. .titetlatoest eawtdiseae.,6gott gravel ,&c. nod :luch valued we a getloe ooging pttrgliv;. "i0 deairble preparntion hne received lhe paotron o "eaxnm y eninent ttmbere t of't e lprofesaion., atd ieeiacgcr Ihi plic tloaly roopectaleti alttd unoli. e feie efit oitcy as a meicine haIve 4l. " a lI all tle Iloottg qualitile of a ,lays of sill;W}tip, it le0oetees the attlir ntb'iroinal prtpertles oIf p tha ts sptr red ealiaute purrgativee it-ia pleasant to t lehlloteond grateful t, th ,ltoeich. IMOITANT'l CAU I'LO'--The iuer'onin.g rellute. tins ad grelatu denenld fr Ilttle, 'q itlelavselont MIgtlr. eiae A.lrientl hae been tl idollanaiet for othol. to of feral Imitatoltoftthiv valehiabe tledilorn. ltrnhengr. nerr ilarly warn!mmll of this fact, that the muy bh ,a eirgnrd, and not prure a ilu a reeartle. 'i'hepablic am reslpectinllv ifrtntel, that ta'suhoeri. hltcs ere ottotntlry sunpied evla the oriiotl. antt ge. ' oai0 e peep*iltdone. FoPer sale wl,!reale a d retail. 8IClEL," & CO. AgPuoa. m15 411 Canal etreet, N O. I· V TARI)'9 Vegelahlr Heir OiI, f.r the restoreatio , andglowthofeHair, iogltiheahlland beaut , nd '00(000 tihis Hi~dr4l wed ufl'<red toIhe ulbllie, it hand €.." lt, irad hi bhntldr-defen eof elo dte u .i nnI f-, illasr ef'oftl tm r, aud in every instane fury clliv oroerbeelnreolhuaetbl. Itelr ee itolo 1'ei i d. I. oet cs whereit lt.ero e dry aadl cr+ s tc a" p. filbl ene r,'odr it healtlh, and prodtce S. a. d ow ! taitb'l eweti b th of her, tttout aht leastl htoto Tmel.Phi O a glrls. a.ergro tle f-. ¢ p rae i0 .or .ther HI ir Oil fi, i" R. bylfý t a ,'t'o h 'ro e it. I;.CS ti D'LA3 G E. 1 0 taV I 1 in c h lla d e e K dnbV e 6; lace 'r: te* Carsuing Casl; Belt, apo, psfiu andtle, Dnllin Pitnals; double and heel anit hamsl Gtuel GSatiler B ; Shot Iot; Powdere a! 1td P4nol Floetks Dtrm BRnttll e and Drikip DCup.r, ai. rotd0 iion ,i aendl Csp Htold ri ; Cloth, Hair, Tonth; bt ohdl Neil eou.lcs; Orraes rnd Chlorine Tooth Wal| a'r Toott Powder; T'oil t cad "haoing Soaps, is geretv rieh; hTng l'la"nilf edi, Ringlets cad Frlzettes; Pear; t nrid Toilet Powdeid Emery Itn.n; Ivory Tub G.tehione: no Patent Stides or farters Gum lftevotie Spoelnderl s r Powder Pnl eand Moxe. fi.t Cltaios, erles anCod m ;on . Car-drops; ltiot Rlethklo:n rorrtetn Beond Necklarce WI snd"Chains; Gilt and Sivrernd Bends; Indian Beads, W". HMell and Phlnmre: t'rll TowiOt; Side and Dressing lt Combs;which,i to their .ormer oseek on hand, t sakes their assortrmnt vsry complete, and will he rohl ow ond on liberal terms, at the igra of the (loldes so tUorb. i2.5tf 70 Chartres street. y vIes Hilki riorr, Agmrent fur the extensive house of e I W. & S. Blutchlr, Shelieold, En-talnd, tave justl r reeived o vorv rextt.nive set of oo' st.s, ronsrstlni of th Table and lesert K(nives ofl- - dmresription, Pen, e Pocket, D)It, and Spear point inivest Razors, Saies to rorI. EdP Toolso, fir. ate. &c. whiehtltev are prepared o o exhibit to thel trale or onlr. Termss nd eonditions ht hill be oade knowvn t the time. t l6 J.I1). EIN & A COIENlN.90 Comrpon rt. NFEi' t)lOtDS. dt .derON9. IIAt1TTt & CO.-Are now receiving lo Sper slip lhonttille, Eagle, Merrv ..nltrw, HhIo- at etlterTt Frencth andcrr cn Iloa le tadi i cinrcnarod: Y ofer, bhelrt ad arkct lrstols; plait, ribbed and split tit aeursine ial: osp htnldersdo; eliairs,r maors, te. in vest Cill(nt's eonmreiaL nnoa other steelpeno: Vin- f h; Violis otiltgs; shellinvoory and oroblonb s; wafers; k, bead rl:I lrother purses: hair brids, froet lod NIk ilt)Elts; negro polfs; oermtio otl FrrIei coologtle noter, wRowlands m; oil, iirrtatioo & lo; omatihte and hbers oil portelle dekb o. ol dresalng aoes: pas1t 1t htoekgio; sto lanl ltoilol gl.tsea; convex Ieit.nrst op- b e:t glhuesatnl vies; lhrlianoloadt, helostt llplumes; eenrrleon; wit-lrwine toilet and stlnvinr g uops; toilet onder, aar.mtie wash ballet seeate;d Hrtin caitslln; pool stands; setat ytu.hlaioso; alley elled hlllill, aletol tneebloona billiolte bull; inmoket lhooka Maol walletts; Germlanl bel;t azor stlr;op fine seotll oommon gnnl. Salatius suspnderseto, garnrdo; Belllueaifor matches; ail oar ppeteila; Carytte, tfie. &t. I Thio. e iin oadlition to nor farer stek of imety ortioltot, ooxloe3hoooto'e.otIateott veerVOelnplaeto. POe.nIe wlhotemle ' retatil; as the sign oftihe Gnotle Comk, b.Il, ClUotllle sartet. m2n . Oi T'I(E---'Therl peartrllelil of Kelley, ill scooa &C it N'w (t )r lln ; hMaso, Ihrris &Ca., of Natchez; nd earrito Kelley &Co., of Rodnvy, wa dissolvert 6t I boalsat onflnv last, by tile neath of Samuel A Mason, }tei of tile pariners at the firaos. Tile ouoders.ined, ,tlrtving poartner, will he chnarge I ittlb thr aOt lind rond olooritg sald borsihees asftllotwR: Levi C Harris will attend to tile ettlng oftl ble tiness I of.,h rsn, Horrio & Co.. lot Natchez; and fthrri, Kel ev r Co.,al .ltdnev; onfd lenrv Killeo will attend to he ottling of the hlsilness of K(ollev, Maotn & Co., at New Orleans. The nametos of ie 'everal firms wilibe ThI oe indebted to sotil are enrneotly requested rcoolm forwnrd and ml ke early soatleentsl; and tlose bI ,VI C HARRIS, lEONILY KELILEY. New OrhosP, J [tie 27, 1137. P roseo- 'lre ef tmib snlperiar CClogonI.te. wt t rrcrirad ialn fr oI, le I the dozen or sitgle bottll. Ao Amorial anad .-reoteh toilet p olders, powader -uoln andl boxes, stvinor and toilet stdeal.o, oaUetie n'otI lIalls, oilk of ro es, a osmetic cold cream, exit 00 o motk. kphnltlah, Ward's t..retolle hoair oil, potlntllo, drmolre tar I,lr Fleti,ohlnet ltder, roe andL hy woaters, P tre".r ..,' slt , elthlt orl perltonerv t ill trtunki. egeta ble it l;ll olid nu'i e, (lorine aed Orris tooth wash, clntl.lrhi,oothl., h ail nodl tflesl brushes; togethir with odl dlitiotllll tupplt of fultionabloe hopt ood shell combs and jneahlr,for mate low at wholrsle nr r, til by SIt 51MONS, IARI ' I' sCO, I lft 70 (t'tartreP otreet. \V -GOtitS--Simttona tHartt &-a, att-n t owac 't Sae civing frotl ont hcered ships Yazeo, anti farntoant and brotto Coneordia, foron New York, a 'rtet variety of Sgoands in tleir line, while toorther with their forate entack l ill.ld, tiatke their assort r verot vr, late. S'liht. laollowiat eonponse a part, it: ell twist, r.,, r ;;;de, tothv onlo|lrrasitngmooob-,ltorn do ofoll deo'riptiono, In , lie roobher, silk nan wortoed ealaltioc orooter,, eomottn & tit rlhlllir Ftlpvtde's, Ioco foeo aotd l.oucifer mtllehes, i sendlitz ,owders powdrlerpanf' nd box,,,oilatt er ltIna e pocket books and wallets, needle bonks, shell, lparl, Sivrvr asld rlwlnru rl.}ed case,, beed o slialnents, piaineo radidll ienads, b ueil a rs Idlumes pistol anld lrge pow I ler ;:o.kb, shott belts, lhorse, bllt. pocket Rand dellilion' t otola; double and sinrgle borrelled tntt, Bowie knoivs, jorod dirk,, oco' otoool'tbara, pto`,ketb kai ve, gtoeord Chains, rend ,li!bo'tt, aist bklto res, cloth, hIir, tooth, onil,eoolh, n 0roI'.Fre, lt 'h, totlllr iaoll dostiag brllshes, Cologne, I Flnldtttulola,, htt omet :Oo00 Ibtv wateor,assol'tcd esse.tes, I end extractot, tlaccar, tbealr, olotiqne, and o Vard's vo egelble hair oils, sloionoo moo toilet snoaps o nil des eription tl, I) t tit' olll t ge tlltrl l tlls ' dcsklanif lrorstind e I ca h"a, lair rieelrts,fiiatlete tad bralds, plain, fanny and SlUttntl woarkl boxtl. mtItll otd o tltlgotreot,etot aSdl cest tltttoto, ot. nt'l and i\ or' shi'it do, htt thiotrt tldds,gold and silver plretil acser, toot~illlk.+ andl tweezer.,nlated lld tilt locketl', Iiniatllre Ite, oilvor, brass 0n00 ateeb ,otlttlltndes hoo!'- tt' eye0, hir pin0, imttituatioo frait,blk tod iredtlnol,,.on b.trlt;itf, vooliot and guitar.,ribbed nd ph'i' Ito '.o.t.ino qoapto , linon twiu", o otooeted 1ttl. tensgold 'and silver o aine inotd i'nlrg, ltter papter, .'tTell bgtfo, 'ilitg w'Jile, oiwu!ltine ntbetonIlotlol natd, lio 0 - goldl, pllwtd ned gilttjot·wlry Sic. T id 'le naove, togetller wt itl .'roat variety ol other arti lon ts re olBelld at wlotoloto, tr retail t aon ccUmmtodating N 1 Shell comnbs reloaired. f- il2,"l: f:,LAN Ilti;' AitchifffAideWVT S IIETY ST''OR 'E-at the sign of tlle golden conm lo7o7 thllirtres stoee,. 'The o llowcrier Ilshan re oeivoý in.dolrtion to their pervous stock oill had, a full and olmplete asoortment of articles in their line; vis: colhmb, prrfn:ery:, Jewellry, brushlles, lokino glasseo, foonev nrtiler, ie'. eorrroistihg in port at follows: fOrM B --torto-se o o lel|, wroelht and pelnio tneC,twint, staillied back, long round, drosing, tidle pull; curl and neck, Blr zilianl combs ofoevery description amongst w.hich mllr sallme MIexican attor., Ivory coomh of eery da'enri tiln, hurln, riresing nod packet, togetlher with a geenetall aR d ortonent onllrellr h and Amneriean. 'ERIFI.' IERY-Colornoh, Lavcnder, Florido, honey, bay, rose, landrl ange low.or waferr of every size oand des criptioa caphoroltedl Colorgner, extract of Bargaoot, lunry soaps of all kiisd, slaving do io cakes and eota, crermiusoap dVWtard'r vegetoale hair oil, balrs and rn tiquedo. PI reston's Rtelliog iolt', plain antd periluned toiletwdr pearl powdr,~ pro rrepudilh an lld boxes po oturn ill pots and rollso,rrs and cthlorine tooth wash alld eowrdeos, with a ;cenural nesorttnent or JE\ IVL..LRY-saooeo ofthe hltest and nmlot fslhiona Ile setts, consisting of white and red cornelian, totp- o'r jot oardropo, set in filagree, breast pius of a greir na. to of liottnrna, watch, gilt ld ilvc .thckles, 0: er thimbles, rilroer adtddl pt wilo unt urllnd 1llili lILUSttCEi--Ctlotl, hair, liot oeicritilli,lreortlhi,loir, hat, flesh, tooth, plate, coomb, Nail, lshving, sioe and whitewtlslh hrusleIt. tLOOKING G3t.ABSES-Gerinalt statia and toilet glass., inagnifyilg and French dresrsing glasses, hone dro, with o vorriiv of ether kinll not ntlol rated. 'irNCGY ANDl VARIETIY ART'ICILES--Frleneh ainlll.elnearrn ilrtolld deC.kER anl dresrilng caser, oioe vert rilth rlld fietly lnioihid ladie worto Iolxlrsant dres ain cases, withll und without nlnsic, insaical boxes, Ac cltordlus f various kind. ieolins ut d guinas, silver adl plated lpencils lod lleads,wokd rencilo Ior cearenlters lld crayoinomantle loloCKna,gunts Iand Iistols with and witlhut ieaS es, rlltnS sll i, ap i.iasinn .ot) t:lrl cieerl, ipp)Ile. :er;w driverse, lihot belutsL, 'ome baot, Ipate blackioy, toy ht :etig, Iidianii ealS of evrery kidil, ills and piibooe, oilea il ltorlln llrlnen, riazores ill[d eciso:tim, tli:lbles, les; pacltief !.)okl. iid waollet. lo vtrieo. kindr, vicitingt cutr d urdr i ardeisers, playviig cardsl of F'renlc, Gerl'iooi -nid ALericr r iinr ulo tiuo c, dolls, ii italio tllitosu lxtes, prinlts if Vr.i'00a kllold, eollllorilloono' t'oa ay'., toniera.on. , liiit nln's andol llawkili'a rzor stralps and onttallle iontes,d res l niuiey woltl eckhlUCee, do with ',.r drojr, toy wrclll, ~IRllllII ouo, lipowder flask,, r, lrid plato seed ieads, gi .lh notilver r'o, gunt elattie tlipeuro dtrs, ,nd .orters, plain anti sword caso, ihukgaol mon bholrds, tl,(e optlircl vioeitIr, jeiO elartps, looeolio milatch ard e ind lriokilg cnps, with a great variety o otlher nrti c:.o, alt ofwtoolo t will io sold ior cnshoiri city o:cetltlr c i, 12 i ieronths credit. UI S.I31NS, .& ro. St 70 Chorirselt. SuIOLtt..A. ' Sit rince of Pernanahlip received, and t! lur co:lli at their permtaneit Writing AcaLd "mte SNo. ; t chat roet, N.ow tirloaun, u. lltotdway how Yarn, 0aunllni0 et.,liobilh. It is larticulhtrly disoiguetl II'r private learners, and schools, aind is le'nstet for persona of all ages. l.odies rood cettlemoeo or ioe ivlitod tocall and exarine the tsys ilo.n r tlie-.l'-a 'e . SLernsoso are gvten at Aricl housesR as Itay srtll the olnovenieance of all, aid to ilatsses tiorred in any piort of tIhe city. Illdli, wolio prefer it canr receive lessons at their own ref sid..nees. Pvroolls payino fIor tone course of lessons are desirod o attend unti they write as aell a they wI ll. It ILIo lh I to BlO'IIoTH.It. DI)AFNESS. A NEIW article lr lero troubled witll dearness, (cilled tin Far l'rullntet,) Is uost beet receivedl. hli the ute oi ,ohiclit, lls liglhtest artjrllotito of tlhe ltu nlan voice is dilnetly reoiveyed' to the oar. Ary teol tltor has eve; roee uobliged to ronversor witlt a vely. den i enll ostit ire felly sen tile oif llre diiflrtcult mod re-. h Iorr.sltnrtexperitenrd ballh y Ihlnemolcl . and the on dividuls ot urtotiirrliatela trtliited. Bly Ihe Ose of Ire s ar ITrlanpet. tllis obye'tiont is 0ut- Iy faiLinted. Tihe d nlor.tateehctal bitsve iotsy. a0 atloil' toltrirdoubt aftler - aving used ltar 'drul.pcrt. For sal, a; il 'T1 F GUION'S, of Fancy store.curnor olColonon asld t Charles atreets Iloa1r ht, io.a Hotel. felb 13 tI PELRM OLt--.tI)o litnt pure winter no ISptri Otil, iu oelks tand bhls, for ale. byv J. AMlVISl i ANDIEWiS,, 'f. 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'WILLIAMS, otUtip' Now aT Tr t fmso JFlltSnO OUSE,gJEPlRSO N STfltEr, 'ThJhe Editor oAe LtrM dverfter: '-.R--bt nhe'obn theo' oevationrt of the Edtotor atino n oof the Ntihtlle Preslytl.nn, Union and Tiano- trias,' erpt, a weltlas the editors of the Moemphis tqouirer, ahbies that the "Oldt"entlemsn" is among the Doctors. ''tl'hs mea is proved by his kingly rage, knowing that his time in 12en but short, and that the indaeetdent American reople iog fe are able to judge for themselves what are puffs and pepsi impositions. The worthy editors who are oectors, chrot the proprietors, editors or sub-editors of the above ty ent named joarnals, call every letter from persons I have is sin restored to eight in the above places, puffs. whir! 1. The fact is, that I never had such great soncen juvaet within so limitedt period as ten or twelve days. One ment who was aced about ten years, who had only seen the of th light from his birth,. he'rn to see to follow his maoter nnmt to my hotol, inr-t 'I ofrne obiicedto be led by him. So Two younge Irtdiio, %r.b,, horl ncoilot the of on.. iing eos, one for tun rraro , ad the other for iearly twrl ars year, hnaing both of them the other eye very weak; tore vet erich of those youn lnadies beroan to nsee with both . eyes, which enefit I pledge mveelf still continues, ex cepting they are under tle influence or dominatiro of i the tledical Doctors. Arother is the daughter of a Iitia respectanhle merchant. whose name I am hnoud never of a to toention, (ashe paid me my fees), who seal site had m lost the slghit of one eye fromt the age of 18 month, but that sole now hegin' to read large letters with the I)nan other eve ccempletel- shut. This the doctor ethtors reg1 knew, Ras te gentloman told mn himselfhe hatd con- tot? duo'ed his daughter to the office of tihe tmedical editors. nfie that they might be infrmed of the faot. 'Tihe last I mOo shall mrlion is an ehlcrly gentlemanon by the name of to n .'nooat, nearly saevorv verrs of age, who ileclarned nd )- ir liely by Iettr, which Ire took it all the different offices the in Naslrville but one, and himsrelf he had paid owr for 'he insertion whatever they c0manded, who, dclar- stff eliu that letter that ie Itn :orally deprived o' any the sillt of one aye from fi k alther his birth, tri which his motbcretatdvl to Itr. a oncasioned by the lies measles or small pox; that nt.v ht cotuld not onlyv see 'I the light of the sun, for tile first time tht lie recollects, tell but thie stirs also, and was h'gienilug to distinguish ert many ohiects; and dir, before I left tbat ctv, giver i- lict nt preof that he could ee to walk aborit the streta tihe rhiti the other eve cntrmletel clysed. He said he had ;mo been a m nemer ot the Iethrdist Episcopal Chomrh or nerlv fefrtry terr. anI that hie world ws never doubt- I es ed thlrotti the vwbent course of his lite. irll - . 1 .pettl.t th I 'tad never grcater pueess tian at ntt Nashville, and titz Dhe nmrdicnl and lehricsa doeorsne had neverebefore ose nel reason to bc emraned. Tihe hpieoainieinatirn ti PiTsa Rer. clerical tIr Smith provei, ns whern .er oatedotdt rte that ht six yaro c art,e i was nor c onverted tlrot:t titgr e perfedt infidei, to INolieve iune t do rtin s of the Bible, thit Ire mut thave madnI' trifling an error-t-et the must aore rerrtn toI sais lliror t befo rIta at end ofcsix veer to reoleo. ioe irhhl ire olnvererd fifon to: Shi, infidelity, as the spirit il 11ir true riite o f r tihe . ea peoreful and haeigr doctrine ti t' thle ihrirsin religions doe not tinrathe orut rdeorotruntion, age, canittrlny rtld of f fil nwho nd to please hii melical friendsr, ttaint tihe ci man ahom he knew aid donue ro much tood, d no in ill " jury to anly .oe. Alli the iUohrritrts ,f NasNllr onth o'f ihro'`eatst',retss I had, v-cpt thse rrodiI'l dietorte. fli 0Most oftrlem also had Ilrelle ie lerirred b r Yont of allr t tie cure perfrmneed on his totally Ibinld re. e1c l 5. Thre frirnoia Guinih S. ofdis towlt; pretends thatl ii i have lest tNh lrrels I gained i tihe Northi snlce ty wl d arival in the SRcothwert. This prover , h.rwever,[ hall. o attnd tshat I kert them utilt I drrived ii this sertrill. If yt ,I gained one in the nortlh, ought tnio hve gaireld anoth er ir tle snerin anld sornthwite,stin I still ope to werr al them on my very yoeleful lbrw o the day I leave, i ota epitc of tile vrtarperatinr of tiho great Dr l$.,i' muavt l jodge from the in. I aree alrerndy betlrdetted in thins r city woitio, three d1olays.i d. The object of tih present is to inform thlemed i- I i l al (olihtri and editors of the Ricpulicae otro at'oro t script, as well as the clerical Dr e llith of ith C. Pos di trrinn and of tihe Union, of Nashville, as well as thei editor andsb nelldieieal editor f the Meirhis Etnquirer, m r ras well le Mr Prentice, tile eitor of theo Losville is Jollrktkl, 0isil alsr tile Inedial Goliah eorio.l of this city, tihe reat D)r S., that I shll hrii actirtns agnniost , tlrle nil, for vntuperatotn, slander or ealnonty, imnlordi. sI teli nftermyorrisoli n New i'nk,ao wsltelin against ell ei armiable 1 hIren tie medical Goliahlbftie north. t 1p olw iind m self by rpromise, nevcrt qoit t'lin oi h ra nel of libe.-ty, unto, il hre rllur g lit thir noes f tall nay tlulilri Goliall rrf tite north, as well t 8 the soutll I L oar th west, to thie grindstoer! Tl'e alli'ter, there- it It fre, may calculnt oil linding tile dturin tile trcrie Of, ofnxt year in New York, . hm'c letterr, ipost paIid, ult i i le no others, will he sore to reach ete. te. 5. 'on ilnferm the pnblrii rt the r ,f; ti o e'edr , rech thie tiev. elrieally :ovcrlrted infidel Ipreond was i it- written fee him, wen writtenrit ore than a week prior e e and intelleebd foir thre Riev, D. Howell wol read il in' ty, Ipresencte tlithout tnAtlist til lilly dirttl ,robatiorl nr, tin hcotelirrv toLek it to Iris e lldtry and I:tlde le , iit vl, tihe way he did, hhich he said he Ilhloght would an i e c- er ry purte e rlor; lie deivereyd t,, Ite rth t, t : o ed wilthout preteniine that I wanted to brib hii troln otri ds, duty, n Itnevcr i oihid preeadme to ofl tr ghat ient l I a er orrany ktelcr, nv irey for stating fltr The Rev r int Dmitorr'senll o teel 'sl before tile public: rlid halret 'e*, exnaild all ily dil)' trnL, &c. &o d , w h t t itl tllll llollt Is, noi intimate fricrnl of his 'ino well as the whoilrelof miy sih, patients, in tt pI iv . l ult-ru herr clertvlrn u, iolan , foulnd tlhem oall to h te ull'rrr otit all myriit iltt. tt I ae, he more or less'belenfitted, ae Irev e conld har e .l o- itdnred by a ltul stranger to odraltw tip slr:h o lr.til:e n a wrote him-o lf ftr plietlotriue, mi addresned ih to , ng Mlr etrinS fell, editor of tall S 1 C Advo le. I and h No wonder the ileer sighted medical GitOlia11 of tad Nashville took ithen a. ;and tierefore used rhir oel -i tlrd fr o i oi o wi ti I e all-p iwerf , etllelti , ie ll, e sI- I tell vicl ar itllletIetual l tlC.e of the r id ltoi e-n e t rltci i o cb leorical iofidel. Wr, reid ill the Bill tllah 'o trlt i hik koown rht its cout ." I iareo usal e coanerted it.eltri r ehns prealed fifon mcthat palusac. o .e- 7y Itoitvirnrty wanted to ?stablish him moral or"r 0e,.-r as a man s by oslewiug lhit lie m , n abllome hell tiln brihed. ]et is seer wller the sum of tllilty ieces of 1 filver will pply to riin .r my ,1ii it witn well ap uilio d Ird- tIrn iier m ,b lld I' : 'idmo !, whoih , i o thet liar of tled hif u t :e o .r::- f i rrilv-r ' Iva sWeer I rteit, e , ,, > , ; m lar eb e t te, torroue ldim n- i d i r- I . Co d stcl imV oto witns- t Ioi I o er i in tie iw orl . teth e p0r of l4 the r'gurie tr i n'r- cls' foe, of 1 per (i; tie. to' (f Iitr t; llrl, t11 o Ir t hlree titr llI tlrnllr t f Eoi-oblo I'i!tIt afull otter, wlicl we lt e t r ie eirentd thinree o allr ilnes vi: in tihe I'resbretrhin, illihln rtil x1lonitotrjtmnlral t had I eota erer intleni rl bribe hinit tI should have ofred hirl lt least $ 3Om, hin reguahu fee, instealo of $ 0, which, in all probtabilrity, hie wouol ilas gladly ireceived a iiris fee, go trible of offerinr oe br,, I should .ertoinly hove done t i i m a way tl have insured his ooeeprtao e. h t v.ltl the Rv. Doctonr been really oorrerted to thl Ilil frf thie rdoiotrirns of lthi antvi;ml', lie would not ney, in promised to rolnt otnd xtsrine my latienrrs rith den- at koeping his word, as I have always Ibunod every t lrt, rlrrrinle r orthe ltpreli eclolnr te lo. lart, 9. Ian lieen really oereorted, Ine rwold not lhb ln lit- I e I tw spoksr Irgrinst' the Ameritcan irrtltniiorr ored weiiclit is wti kinown, arc more nuomereou s,and which iR- re .u irirll to Imars in seotn tias of Ernuros. Iisa o clnduct rrirtll t li gr.ilsteo d sirne vonrg literary char nct'rs, os to Ir s:r.tely restrnined'frorn hiu Ota- 11 tihe tn.itr,bi lIvingtr iolet handts on him. . 'liTe ico. neotretrmalt, ioib a scot cllau, s w nirthout .ie- elise, (tlldis lie is rarluroienlit), nlthonugh her lrtV leo, rlilikt hie a riclit to abureo tihe Alrriear ilratitlltilrrr n, htire ircalo het io n :lvllrtredll infidel. I sy hie ohas neet- letr, oll o0ritr trr sneak well ll thie rirligoe ie rgaoes snei ooed i oer. I ftey the gallaUt Csptain UthlNr, ond several othrllr rit!e y glolll r pellmtloen of Nuashvrile, recollect oiler well rthe cotduct of this pious expounldei of tihe Holy tome Scripturas! 10. t ielvc soaw llnch delonll ill hlluma srole os rnir the Irrev. Ilrtor waso the day I cl edi to reason with rore him, nwhet bie rmenaeed Irv grey hairs with en uplifted dreg- igrnttic arrnt, ns if hie wOllid ihave felled oie to tihe ,Ag- grosund, fre drllllillgo dratw ii1ons IllrjriSt0'r 'wsLy from rnr is dulty, hiv a bribe rf :i1) iei1i ' ofil' ilver I really trtd trenmbied maln thar if lrh "'rid Gienteauleso" tud op leot leored in his owani shalpl Ipile 11. Isoileunlry delalrebeforeGodi, ad anmnnot afre aid r, toy tocoi lirr to wltra0e tlhat I nrever. ill tihe whole Ilorse es, of 4 real's pralctice as er oetlliit, in fireat lBritain. Itles, I'rttro., Iotle-ttlrttrio \Ilitricr , itt a siogle inelorren of fier- Fed a i t lribir u o Uronlolrt tole dishorf eollyjoserfi: itirg birt r a onorrPCnl'rtirour frr ris rnentOt 'o nrrleietd ler irthr Otto tnitmtble t'iit I torairlred thtem rin thrt i was tlrwaye' y'o, tttnpoiettro' ritI; whisiri is io sulatientt roofeotht I hod asod aoilleurion tsrriie. 'or Ii. t.asty.--'lihe Alern)rir Enfquirer fttwtl or three aert weeks hootsirs a tinsue uf e rllter litlhooade whlichi rert- tire rnedliesl (;illrlh orditorti lean'rs feaolt tlrir brheleltot trrrnt crf tira fi. Gtliishs rlttire Ntreth, nod I oirrlie treat tirurrr trt with eililot cOrtlllrlrt utntil thre poieler tin itil'rieI:- oti Uair o it is trure wot I rave hoerl ifrnlertI--'St re ireggor, aord yr' r will eatih Ia -t!" 'T'lrourgh I pctid hrrrailll sier or nd crrllerrnts fee swo ri oheoo weeks, lie , Ott0 will please to iarert this letter in your aext pn ;Irrr oer, ard obligo yOUts, &*. a I In raste, tre t dtJliN \VII'IdAAio, the EnglislI Oculist. L.ouivilelo, Jaly i37. Copied ferm the S. IV. C. .Advecate of the i4tk Jwe. Ir3m. Alt th. It qcart of H)r. \Wilioama, we inser thile Iollow iiu,'lr aaa rn tie tev. Mr iowrrl, rt Nnshvill, to the etillar ' the South Western Utristian Advocate, who, it appearr, has examined the diplomas and other docu iwli;ntsvevincive of'the I)uetuor's clais to public patrIl uage In consequeec ofa an rccident, Dr. V will rja main in Na.bvlle t£w days longer thanu he at first intrlendtrd--sav tihe lt July. Rev. Mir Stringliell:-Hlaving been requested by Dr. Williams, tie oculi-t, fnow in this city, to ex;anine his nulerous dilliomlas a and other idoltumlentse eviancie" of his clailus to public conutide:ra in his Iprofession,I avme, In Coulalta with a varlueri friearr,altOae so with pieasuare. Aaonag tlrln I aluand a letter frotIa Alr tayeut,at lare srelt tlrrge d'Afrirrea ol the Kinr aof tihe French, at hVashtiogtoun addressed to 1r. \Villiaus, teetifviag tihe t~nulllleneus of toe di denies frlnll the Kcings ot'lFrauuc:, itligi m, ac. ns wella es thostr fro tihe Mlredical Socie riaenl' France. He has numerous vouchers ftnlm me known to be of high reputation in thisouaetry, received sine his arrival in til UnJited States, derailinle instan ces of great tsucess in t e restoration of sight tI the olrnd. I have eet nos rly all his por patieuts in this c: r. I knew .lon of them previol. to thei cooling under his care; but nll I have seen say they are nr qaestionably berefited. SRoIR'T. B. C HOWEL., Nashville, June r1, 183:7. I. S. Since witilngthe avore, ner ofl)r. Williiamo' patienhs has cal'ei upon la c, anld says e ha trd actual:' and totally lost the sight of one eye for seventy vears, but nlow declares himself better; that last nlght, for the first tine in his life that he can rcolleet, lie could dis tinguish, with th t eve,soue of the promineutr tars. I learn that this aolt genetenoua hastlived many yeare in this rdgion, uad says he has been a Methodist during forty years. Yours, truly, nuagl R.B. C. H. TENNEa'S 1AP" OF LOUI6tIANA,&c. &r A Ner MnAp or LouarslA, with Its ranals, roads P-.d rliit:ance.. -n" t place to glare, along the stage ,taisteaborrr rnta - , by II. S.'le.Iter.I ,ITCUELL' `i.' r. r THE U.NTua STATES eha,,wing the prhlmpal Turatlke and colnmonun roads, on which w e givesn the distsearnes in ariles front one pluce to another, alsothe eouresa of the canals andrail ru oadsthrughl out tile ounry, carefully comupiled from the beat au thoritiea--publ'hired ay s. Augustus Mlitchell. MITCHELLaI TRAVI} iLER's GUIDE THROIUGH TH Ur.rats lTATrs; a map of the roads, distaarcs stoeaf boat sandelmtl routes, &e. jest received and for sale WJI M'KEA.q, C IIE'~K ON PIIILADELPHIA--FB r alre by YOItKet, BtRI'H ERS l tbOtbatpi sutrbe iktt iNvlUANr PlANU E.A. 9T I.OIt the careoher iemall sm,,elr, fulla o.kingsevil~gout, saittic or hip gout, ihienttean=ert salt rhetum, q shilitic and OlterturialA.ieaooe, particuldy ultcers and plsfulaf.ections of the hones, oleerotedtht.t t , , noo- So trils, oicer- of every desortjtioo, fever oore!, and internao by ousesons, liattuho, pileot soald head, scurvy, biles, eh to. oIor ore ees, erystpelistltnthvs, sod every varietyoft'o- "o tanleous atufletioo, chonie Catarrh, hesd ache proeetd- h ing fromn aoo t'id humor, ein ies the, stomach and dtys- e pepsta preove Adlg from Vo'iation, aoieftiosu of the liver, 1t of the bloo, or iamnition of the uorkidneys, and general dbili-n toto of'te oltovoseompltiottmty'etturo tome tri- itle toremoey caus a torpid aeto of the vessels of the will t is siog .1nri." efficacious in renovating. those eonstittioos r gwhierally hbeenbken down byoinus tritmentt the T'O Till Pt'tlLlC.10 touv tile irregularities, In genmoeral termPyis, it is re om-t hiton toe.l eel all thaeir profeaoiotos plofrom impuritfieds h oftho bd, the ionitld ohomiof the humorad k outf whatever name or kind. , , Somed ofgtt ins b oove oraplaints mavre tdre some thi- of fling uasitaot apltlllctinns, which the.iromnstanees ofh tine 1o'ootioolty otloooltotuttoy ovettrtlooo ad Ct case will dgotat-o out for A general rometIv or Ptitfdcabor ooo to remove theadiiuse, i the AN igAN'Stly hP a tNAC ouA willo t geerally otof tt edrth icevrot. io Atow m t do TO "rltB PUBILIC. In mow true l is that modwhilethe Amrin Physina looktheir - t 'ororigooouootoieost otoorIRy Of Itis otot Cotteos soil hton oesryel rtiltheir, proetssioty ohoxpgimg they vastrefils atoe sictte of otitaio or folhmistly, od i seek rrouttll it is it I oit oouttrty woiti, too ootltossrofosioon of otedlool plioto, u metal aget to in shoert, to i rlte atio rfectioo ior tho 0e nratlee by manis of ar t t d ye,-ntti igely overlook t deir teglet, .nt henyoaesltuetrOto'wte,.therlh alind bounteous stores o edoe, whtleh the At mighitly has ctsed to t s a'ing oat of the earth il every elude ! And how mtc l i~ moe true isittthat wmine ramelrian Phyesician looks r rto foreigt eototrles for f-tn o y of his most common iad - tielesar, articlesi perpetually hago ti o slot, theyo oig at Sthe dictatoes oulmio or iolly, he ios srotiittionl i hi low own country witll e llesaprofusion of medctl pnts, it a itooot to a llllty iticittiony ill diseaseTY or foegeto-re reny rmi to disordier;t;il, yet he is igmelatei btheir ott itogs, th ey oieentt lriio:rlt wit e theitot or, totaingu it desert a oiru' t 00 ptoos wit thuofteu whitos. aVti, lit mot'die Te efetsore of rvegetale mednes upon ste whsystem arei some doreitolt ootmiterdlsgf matige l. The titlmer ex-sof r tleir elects udirt pa tis otff-the tatost skiltlu moi t pa', r 00asiild Andwotthtootstttttooo'ootorportts'eottoohom toular, et echemnially polol o the solids, lecrimposingt Sthe Imefrs omd uleemitng the lmostitotin by a bstilowee ai ofiroi diset moig t t Who ho et T h eloie niaotoitha eostitetioi roko dr SAF TY ofvegelo- i tile retme tdies ever aono ual, mt)t t tt this heOtply st to roipitiotmofh o isvtogofromt tiost oii'tle ills whiob Itoe lt thoe almoelet osetce with tlTe omderty ot o tbore og it inrg eimmediately undlers, olr oo oboservationt, i of thei at ifinitoetotpetiotitt of Ito oooopto otnd vifo mooot of uore ian practice with thateotrhe whites. b tof i i Amehiteo, nos not ktooswowh therd of tie ated nSrtof ance wheein Itome dtet reid etendngmae hldi, b m her sm loeremeicoe, liaog aotioetedofthe most iltigi-ll Cr olinhbttltootutsot thittoooottry. otolto ttotimtttot otoijolo i a toI' w li itite othttost ottf cthe ofteira Meaoai of th e t -1 ums practitceo directed in troile most skilful ma 'ser, has rifled? Aud who has not ee ofl somuprle thee om u owe'at ulve e and favilo i t w ith which the Indias fieesehim - Sself frow ' any disease, aout at the a iost totsl abstnenoe ltsofctrouie d iseaseoamotg themt Who has tse hetotr Seooldsi an wixiaes toenst ti to i brokinoll and strmnd gth, Iill ieasttomet Aad teoo in to tto Ist that thirsted, as tex to moptlo of tlh savaoge from most of the illsfr which te t ies o'm1 is hetr to, ois 'oestly owing to more lgenia, o twilt thto totttooouste blth s lcn itthiot'ei soto, di ad safe remedies wyhioc'lie og ploys? "l' his allstonish t low bdiergs, e hoe in sutes r is a uair exemplifeioos of theo F uc inite soperioeity of the i.nclue and sate means of cure thuitl ottottito mn tototlo,tt theon mashu t of opeh iingolheos'to iwheh o ans reted foro the beneotef to o hio lt hthto t, o't ti'er hose whitho e prilt'e sld theit ofi mani hao i-too rooveted. he-I ioom olg resideniotiie aittiooofvtheihortigtin et m inh cahtntsofthi caioury. d an intilsfte acLuaio if lh w t o etitote nlt h.eds of onre of onet of theior tioso SvlsucesSlidl Uervtitioners, the propriutcr o 'The lndiao's io iatealy abute i thre y I r klln nedge of stnhis elf the must i poweo'lnd fato rite to onuht rseheseleeted t nie It s w ere insv eo llli'i t t ro ooous it oe. ro iates, i nd after oarouiou n illts otoI St ltthi t p'iihit les and sootengthoo, S te hasn tobi toed thtem in the elin hete presented, as the li stpertt it.t lit t notuelial o otr thieturpose ort which it ryiS r aeom mended. is The prowietor ofrs1ltis preparation ito tte public, witath the em otosoum'ss tatld he is ooing witi iroof of it, fat reioedY callable ol'rclieviobg, nmfu of his aflticted lel ltlow beings, wile m". sutl'erilit underl the var'i~os chronic thul on bstiinte cotoplaiults to .,hiehi it is Appiclable. To pv11uh it will prove~ of incaletthdble vaulne, as tihe means, rill 11 ill llxlly" eafes, tile onlly nturtai ofl'dlovhng thleistIl ttttelill:{SAn reslor''.llilg thenl olee root a to healthlltl ruinIAI r l ilne.s-. Thlis is Iutoltc~.''lfrc Aa (.'tlnllnu remedlly, thot of nlmy pi1 1.nvllaelt be tlofl lo+Ivil~l w ilhl hm~y others InoW uµ1 i i ve;It, butt as fine w+hieh is ap l " Ilhh. .t'.:tilg lite ill11Nt extt'eme ease's x hilh all the umluo:.l'" enlt~d-stfnl. This it • d, has dOll I'lrpeitdell' htrdthis is the reulain lilithilsobl ras' ItailUd w helreve'l it Ihan Leel iltamillueed. ur, It is on~ly about three yeal's illee this pleplu'lltion was ill pn iwatel o othe public: buHtl I int short sipace o~f [llle, ml;' SOlebndhlll't-,Isf ltIersl'Salnligit b~e foulnd,%[1[ who oulh Iii sutlelall) daioiele Ito tIhe) believed that ttheir lives w: r'r ii u saved It it, llhll in illoa1.,4... l|'Ltrl' he lhall tried elw"l) n;r+ all it p 'hi i's ail the .Onltlll')ll r't'ledirs" it, vain. ]I.'iIPI' h,;s f Vlcl it is kunl nit islrapoiv odlelilg ilto ushe, alnd I~lia ao I aMi.(lldthe Olst [ubstuntltdllaticnit e ultiug~i pr'oof n|' it .rV Iu rll¢llS. The valust the I'st.eces i most coni.ninsltin those ilo g' sutndlig and , phlitiltic nl d sctolt s ue. itilli'tts . whis.i hl ave dele aul otl h r i t .l nvdies, anil i rtiu l.' :i in those cases Iwlclt Illstes ly has IeilIces been se I ! a Itoe usl distressei e, pains in ii the bonl'Ies, node, c eerIII S't'hese it comtpeltese ret t s, and in all aoses at entire lh tol;ic.teh the discueses aid cli'ts ot mercury, reno ol1esthe olb I i! t!il t :ll leal te , lt it'tenl s l e ndttlll weil. hrh1,uImnia , and it tulc anet sll:l itlO ! its Taken in pr',spa dnes, the intdit. fircet opetfret ' ailleo tlitlittotllnled dellr et'l h; it6ll6 Iltstslii , d.llo liot 'o aii tIxativesln. :a li-srlmidc ;t setdlil etttsta ai ll ,or i'.uses, asuantclic a~ 1e lll'en llaggtlle. (G lloth. Idly lxn.ecs. , it .r1.l ts al tit I tthe sec lttuat! ls lntl ex caelies. l .I . tesioi to tIhe t ,llll Itt l m il:c c liosetin in theLgsdisitosiiparticulrmner. Frlnm ti,:"e prioti pies itsoperatitos m):I o be u N-derstood. Thi ltedit is.l tie l:l heeni' If ittiols i e stt.llslsl ie noltt n Su, d' s: , +,, ,,,l t h " , .spring: II , Iail Pti .,.u .h.,: tr,,lsthuimourps.. h, new [:o.r. l'tto h T SOns toill dnse .edll tel.t i .o e t- flltttlitt oso sintmol :5 iise. Whei le t tdiettt sltink is ltOItsidt id cellessr1 , this liPanaceait.ltakli iil a smallnollse; wdl answer all its purposes, izd nmch lles lme, at less ex, pense, and l eaig The folllwi ceritifiates, out lof hundredc s sol milar l, whichdmi htillle enlliultred, are given to show the effec(;t of tihe hll· 111t16 IUsli''een, inl ; clarious complaitst e.lfin imetliond;aud lsoto 0exhibcit in the llst sa tisItottsty Ulantu itss ulpciistl'y avel the siro n m uil llclOll se,. CASES OF IllI tIIIUaTl 3 I IS t. IAIILInToW, Nov. 15, 183o, luringthe last winterl id lpring,i ti ws ufllictd willth h very severe sld dis;trestint h umatistm, occasioned ty exposure in hl weathert. [ now takeg seat pleasure in lltaingy, thaot six hi, es olfthe Indian'lls t ami ea, restored llme to pcrect helith, and I conlitlently recos nesil.d it to ill similarly allieteid. ,I('IN FEIRGUSON, King83t. Cul Aluhe ro.,, tMarch IT.1`:32. 1 was seized a!bout three years oilee, with a distires<i tg .eumoltiso, ea·csild h1l itking seivere cold, while eizt theiellthilcti of mrcury, ..c i whicth thaes hsubhlead r iorsmlsetl teeinS Ineetrh Illtsetstitr ittthltiteei tliys psritl ave te i it :tst lient lnl the Mt e s osllhe Ioss i ei , i hi-t uperdslot .llr mlonths, ndl "otr.I the sitae length IisIr lsll l tie l est hlol.e p. itlllteal l tried l al ss t etert ' ellelt, wih little bentte. e lit o the i. ilth of ururllrli. etast, t sthat time s iarcely able to move aohut uplln crutch. es, I eommenced the use of Indian's Pianacea. Il OW mtlll I Ioundiil myselfUentirely treed from pati , ant inr now happy to state thit I oe sder iltyself per'beitly well, \V.\I. 'T lJCl.t'', 1 \ llket st. CASES OF SCROFULOUS ULCERS" i New YolK, Sept. Io, 1830. Thiss may eertiy that in the slil of 182.1, I was seize wI il It sweltlingiln ll 1itLck and thlie, a lich aillterwale ulcrated aInd becamei laes g.anstly ulcers in my nee. aillertrlyingseerialphyllsiias to'no l ladvantage, I we.Ii tin Philadelp hm, antd ilaced tself under the care, Ies, Pll- see and lIetlh, whlen, ltter reeatei salivaitiont to hlo efft. Il ws 11ponounced uttely incurable. Aoter. SwaldsItook twenty lotlies ioftwi.mi'sPanalea -nt- eiht botiles of Potter's Citholico ,l with no matesRrk ltenefit o I.lespairig.of lie, which had now becomle a bllltheli tr me, Irelltruie l inoiy parent, ilwlNew York, in 18.19, ao itvei mys elftup o a tioecrhog dieath. Hellringl o of ths is-eat sltcess eil The atlis's Panaeea, however, in catl similar to lmy own, I was pers.aded toltrs it, as ittest tie sort. To tiy great surprise, as wellas satisfthtion,. solllfllld ys ll'rapidhy reeovering,and upon takin seven bottles. the'ealehd a td I betame perfectle well in the e0touRse oftwt s ots, and have remained so ever since. 1 make thiis ..ttemen and wish it published Iforth-. beine s to'those w a rSe suRfl erig Under similar sne slol to orhi ·le . il: tcetins, thait they msiay knelw "whlht euI d one whso has stlterel every thini g but ideat, tid wlho lonsieltrs his life saved by thIellbove lt W-M. IIINHA> C noviLEt'oe0. J0uly 12,1 0 3l. tensionally sc some nittl wih er tsipe atous it nflahat lot iemti.nt phyosi.ins exerited ihe iskill upIon it, baut wiith eout t lermanentt-s bhenefit. In this case t bottle Shtcoli'ltc hi, e lot ss at cl ite , hifetcte siso ileels jots. ces mide latsshoeo otth r e stochissisioto SIMAIM(: lo A' A 'Es'eT-, 121 Marlket s! . For sah ' Slle IINIRI' III)\NAIIf.ll, druggist, seenI. toa.t tie iepti.oetiwtors, hetr Iilteoliast treet Is 1 CMO PAN t . tne \ii stosuk hosl elrs of iscoehctpilv t are heret tie i Jl ti:i d that by la rslllulll of the lalntrd or tlirce tt.ttiin paSaed ol tihe 19lh llt. tl e caill ade nn theal oil Sthe Ilhh Ifeer lstery pto,. i thie tilll t el o live iollarso a slmae was re.eiwed, o and theal id stockholders are flurthorl l litified Ithat whII RsitS, ht a resolution o f thi ihoard passed on the leeth inst. a call hasbeen ode on the stockholders ior the ilhlewig paymetse io tithe theistack heldti esiýe c-i s t e el s tv l e u . 'i ..-s ..-tw o d n ll a r os p e r sle' l s tra b le es . the liry[ dr of il itenmbernext; two l.ollard per share Ip ableoln the wrst daby of 1)eemnber next; sod two detteo NOW hlerelhre hb is rie olevh d, th the ses:c tcoo of this eompateV sh:al notify' the share. hoh.ers thereitn, tho ouh the pnliec pir iis of the city, tisat in contilrmity with theixtih seetinat of tlee charter,itheyfte periid lsett. -eteau of ithe ler eef sixty days, froei ad aefter the s ittotrta-tstoymee ecsotstlset non stotttciesst i do ditsty onl sloh itci iltcte pisvahle, wi sh ihe ex oeess con , however, tht tt i iot regularly pit ta wiithin the r said 'ta*l, ,utiolin of sixty days, tfm id attl a th*I doa ler pwer'h it shonhl have e eet paid, tehat then the stoc-: is which said ps.euents should have been matde, is uld r-loea boinitdll to the company, the charter oil thll t point tilotg ImperItive. Il ctoeliieity therefore, to said all, tell sdock of the stockhohlsers io said compsilns as Sthink provr to put off the py ments o their stk to Is Il ald of the a hct ltirn-l sixty days, which the charte Sallows tl,hem,are notii'dthat tihe- payment of two A dol. lars perr shhr called for aLd due tn the first of Sen, - pened until the 301h day of Jaon"r' next; and the pay mert of twlollars per share calletl 1r Ie ndIdu on the E th lt day of Marcwl nea, may be postponed umtil the Sith d Alri 21 x n A P. dcNAIR, Sec'ry. ap IG6 STATE OF LOUISIANA .- Court for the o1g Pariah and City of Ne,#r leans. vpi1E STATE OF ILOUISIANA; To all whome . thLos Preseents sHall come, (rleetig:-Whereas, Jlaico Honse haling purchased at a sale siladn by the Sherift of the parileat of rlene the pla o natt. on; Iareihalherdeslcribhcd, ,as npplie, to the clerk ilLt Si n ls court, in whose office the derd of sale wis recorded on vat thoe d day of April, A. D.I 1t38, fir a monition or adier- Ti, tiseme iuconnfarmity to an cctoftheLe.islaure of the gt btate of loauioinon, entitled"An act for tile fortherasu- ad rance of titles to purchasers at judicial sales;" approved the IOlth da, of March, 1834. NOW, laereforen , know and all persons interested herein, aerheeby cited slid admooisi.d i the name of t the State of Louisiann, said of the Parish Court,b who can set op onv t ight, title or claim in and tr , tle proplta ieret,.after dasctibedfino onsequerre oany o infalaa;ality il the ,rdacr,decree or iudgatent of thae eottt urder whaci the sal e was malde,sr any irregularity or et illrgaitl iia thea ppraisements and iadertisements, in ed titer. ar omanter ofsale, or for any other erort Waehlnta- ts Peer to ashow cause within tlirtv days irsom thedny this oloniiiot ia.first inserted in ihe public paperbsoiwy th the sale so maride alshould not be confirmed and hlonmo tlolted. tt I'lhe said propertv was solld by the Sheriff of the par- n ioh aforesaids on the 1Ilt day of April,A. D. 1838. by pa virtue afa decree of this Court, rendered on the 5th doay c of Febuarv, A. 1). 1838, in a eit entlitled Alerander ot Crldwoll .pv. Jamres oanr, No t1,367'of the docket of is thlis Coart, at which sale ste saidl Jaitms nnse behrshe pI the purchaser for thee p aice of twety one thousaol datllnre. i Dliscriptioa of Property as given in the Judicial Con f Sveyanllse; viz: o A certaino lot of ruancd eitalated in the suburb An sunciation alias Lscourse of.jis cityis square No 5,a cud lot having :'ranch meas ue, il60tfe root onTchou pitolas atreet, :,611 feet fronl on Oratgers street, and ti I;0 feet 0n l.asfiade d ut elael 6 streilt, in such a mgnner n that said lot af ground is 6ti feet wide tfrom onet se of tie sqocare to ttoeothor, together with a dwrelling house ioait tg o 'al Tlchaapitoules street, the kitchen tand dc aenudane:oe, aalo the distillery esttaliahments elaetedl abcreor and othler lcildiegs andl imaprovements, the h omachiaelv utelasils, inpleatenls and lixturer belonging t said ditllery, it dtill, it dpedees and appurtenances, h ad l the riglts, aations, aatl rivilegee theretoa belongig or ill atny wise pperrtainug. Cleriat Office, New Orleans, Mayy 7, 1838. m14, l &j j J. OLLIE, tiepltay Clerk a rE'fAT 1 :1 LA U AiU. d ANE--Coao de rPottasto pour In ~troisse re ailltt de In Nnuvelle Orleans. S' ETA' DE LA ILOUISIANI6.-A touar eax que eL pces Ipl sentes econeernent, Saint Attendu qua lames lotase evantticiletbc anc os faitse pare lq Sherif I I deltap arisse d'tairleans ispreopitibtb i-p.abs tlearite, s'est adlsoat lblt Grelfe de eer Cotrl oU la dlitse veilt ft ertrcgistl.he Ih' emncjoar tde Matl de aPsalee 1838,plour oa avis elall'ltenelU A n aelt dale It Lbgishlutac lie I' Etat de Is Lontiallea, iotiteal ad Acte Itoua ootelmer lo e t littas de aoaqapreurs 00x oentes judicinireo;" approuvs ie Aars1sj84:. Qa'ilsoiteconu, at toltes personel Y it.tbbssee sosnt iati es plesltens sor;ane*, au nom de I' Ettat de in Lou:lnne ie de la Cour de Paroisac, cqui pourrielrt vnir dltit A ia aproprihte ei-apl.s ICarite, en consequence dc'u ilbtiamt de forme dals Ialrdrn, lo dec.ct nn Ic jugemeat ie la eaoruroaelnvrtu du1uel1 In v.ll ata be oc ited o, de route irrkgttiulitk ao illcaylite lats I'estinatlon,l'ai is onle tempset len mode alde s rlllent, Ol po1tt r il oaunttre ause queleen0 ue; doe faire veil, csna trenle ouos a dlter dela i ublicatioa deeette avis, Ilrnqohi las aelite aitali faite ae sseuit pas soonfii'be et homologuas, It lolll.litb faRt vendue iar le sheri' soasdit, le qaa torzsa,.e l;lor d'avril de l'anns e 1838. on vertu d'an ' tc ooet i de eertte ar.le 5 de tivrier de I'unane 18311. t dens I'fldare Id'Alexander Caldwell, aontretJames Ilanre, No 10,357 da ocketl de eette Court, A laqoelle yenas le dll .lllar l :laloe e'ert creodl cqurreur pour ,le prx de $'lI,00 IDesacription dclo PropriiAt d'apras letftmsferJudisiare, it Savoir Un ertalnl, It tle terae situs on fahlborg de l'Asnon Ca, rialeol nlala Ina,:ourse, de cette ville, dan I'ilet No 5, Sle dit letdle t-lre eoant [tesmlore fr,] solxante 1-pidd dc ftce h hi rile Thoupitoulas, troiseel Iiedts idoe face la I rue dles .' al.ers, et soasonte pieds 0 e fae lna facade do la rue do \lorehb,de sorte qua le ssdit lot tie terre a soixante pieds de arceur duan tout - de filet . i'autre: ensenbhle oie maison ltsrne face A la nrue 'I'clhnlitollls, la cuisine ot se dh pendaneSs.,titsi at qee lta dstilierlte cnetruite str lc ditltha, ct Iutres cb c tisse< t au, 6liratllanls le macllllles, usbe'soiles, nitel. ay tiona, &a. atip r:cnaunt I tire ditdlillhri, so0 d6jtalnd al nee, taptparteueomes tt lea droits. action actprivildgeo i. v :a, it illlUt. I Brtalan d(t greficr,Nouverlle Orlans, le7 Mel, 1836. as taill &j3 J. ajIE11": tiemlasi G~roter Royal College of PhyfCRuns, Lbcbnsos. t T I original Vegetalr e II)geian Universal Medi- 1j oine, prepared by W \liskin, Esq. Memonr of ti too Ifooal College. of fiorgeons, Licentiate of Apothe- , t:eoL,'s oonpo. oo Fei e . sr'o w of lrolt (erl Society, Surgeoll co illh tootal fJnioln Peosiool Asoettioll, LIoosoter P'l:a, 11nteloo Itridge, onld Perpetual Pupil of Guy' 0ot St. Thmons's flo s;los, Lo.ndot. o t This valttahle omeO.ilte, the result of t'wenty years' f xp.rivcec andi uno palleled suscess in tile extensive On 0000 |oigltto opet f.hootl palotio r of the propoieoo, paltio olosed e Inhe ftaelnot t illt oinbilito, aotd is lOw hO ltodfOtto l I, tlhe intie of .h. Armerienl ploblic, al t'f (olairoest so li:diof ,i I llnber of.entlecnll of lonEg aotoliigt sl0'li~.g il thot prooesiono. It is hloced, as a pretlomi inry stel,, to check the. eilt nld fatal edullsuUtoslelc :r.isiln oilonl tole use of thei numelroust a deleterliousos iIst. s mOlisted lupon the public bty the aid ofi hbric:teod proos o" mitmclouloul ores, nod other lttetols, y set sof' t rI 'ercT"Y, mIIt c'ilnepeld):( pretlenders ran totll illgnorant of mcooll.o S"cie0.ce, that it impososible t o.: IontIIsroIIsI dtlo0i,,0 oom onm Ooof'O oo tnoooo down oiot toe ioottlJigeooo pIut)It.! (dltt)is 1stlelna. Ti-+.t.' pluisr, 1!h11,1 o.elgt trYenJhl io Jtir tI(Il're, stoomoltd he kept in1 evert' foli inll ;otse ni'udalen llhns fo, frby their prompt lldmittiost oi(.o, choler,: crlNml, spcons, fever's, sal other alarming conl..,piOoto, wlichi too noelo plooe fatal, ooti'l be speotdi i tcllted o1r opovootlel. lu Ioet., oill those who le ovlegood Intlh, should neer toe withouet theom. 'lheo are o olo' inl Tpackets at 54 crtlc, $1 ?l ia $4 each, by every respe:e I:oloe d otlo;gi t, ott o'.ller, antid ve(oldot ofl ed(Jille'l. til iit.',l bl.ut, t f , Cooodos, with copiolus tireelioon, I0 cih r with cotlnoniols of professiolt oabtlity triom I!,(0 h it to t'ooioreoo gcleootoooo: dir Aooloey Ucoopr, J Ahel. oto . t uoo ooIof iotott1,IM. I)., )V. flack, l. I)., .1. Aston Key, A. Frampton, M. I)., and numerousB otherls. fTle originals may be seen n poIwsssion of the (General Agent, bo whom toheo medicine is imported into othis r.ntryv, and to whom all applicationls forageaioes [ust 1 ie eiStle. JINO. IOU.B!IEIN, 149 WaVoerly Place, N. York, Sole General Agent for tre United States, &e. * For sale bt aptointmentco of the osigio.alf foi.toietor hy fWAlt S? IrftuaooIoI:, D)luggists, No II Caial sutreet, rooller, Aelnt Sl tor Stllthee of Louisiana. jutlvs EIlNIlY It LEE & co, No 3 MgIgazlae street, a20 s:nw receiving from stips Nashtville, L.onisville, bootclltekt, Ea;gle, and, othert late arrivals trec :the S"tloroon cities, ;. arge and new seleted aessortment Ir;,in, ,oots, nhoes anti Brogans, annsiooiug of'gootolrovo's tioe calf ulnd Morocco boonts do 'ld quality; do butliP, aood stout wax pegged hoots o varlms qoalitioe; men's fine calf seal sld Mborocet rh"ew. IIps11 aul br1 ogaois, buckski slloes, brogroans am suppersi men'slline call all kiPlpd pegged slOesand I tog~nm do hoots; do stout kip and wax pegged shoes o otd brogalns; geatleOmeo'o best quality eallftewed shoes, It"ogan$s nd .lack I)owoning; do ClIf al..l lMorocco SIckfle stoso aold blogans; do calf, seal and u oroc Ue I ~dial shoes anld slippers, do calf, bulol n:u seatl .igs, a ,sew article; do fine calf, s.od and morocco quarteo rots;', misses'and children's peggoed and sawed b. ogans, undt shoes of every quality i ad kild. Also a generna assortment of men's stout wax oan. o t oto aoo sons sitol shoeo, together with 10,1HHot pir greo ibut qulality, trusOCt btO g.IOs, IOailed inll il Itlaks, Imadel expoarsly for itallaftitoo U'e: a good a, I ,'ellt of mlen's tnle and stolt kip russett broogans, lo tw article, anld a urge quanlity of ao infelrior quality r, mset anld wax hlogous. ladies' fine calf, seal, morocco asidl g'nion elts, ano p uIp sole shoesf ilo lft e Froenchl Mrutocco astll kid 0run tv 1toot fliflsets; do tor shMoes, witfh itol withofoot heelc; l, calf, seal aond stout leather bootee.:s do Plunella shoe I tull kiods and qualities; do lasting brogans; toa gaioer. .o andbfoxed bootees. Misses' lostingsprinllg tioesatnoo ut ogals f Chiidren's cloored M.focco will lasting bro t ,.o oaft bkots, oe. ;eltleto'o fi'll tfashionable black silk hats; do blacl, m l drabh bever do of a superior quality; do imitoation .ito ram do; broad and o arow brlim mien's flhe lib anld 0i. sk Hlssia short :topted hats, a new article. Youtths ois e size hats of dillerent qunlities; do chkildreno'. I 'oi's anl d Io:y' black asd dr:b wool hats of Yvariols slu pes, witb geoual assortment of boy s' anuod men's t'lhis assortment will Iowe replenished Iy the arrival o: of rot inlekelairom the Isue e nlamed cities, all of which a ilt Tl sold ton ac. otmodalti.g ternms. aug I--f 11t N'I'AG U E'S B.ALMJ FOR THE TEETH. r llIEesotablishedreputationancaaonstar.tlyincrea in Idemlo d for this ellt.tual remnedy of pailn, and pre sermative of thn teeth, has induced the sobecriber offer it to the American public. Arrangements liha bleen ade to upldv agents in al tihe prineilpl itlie and ttowns in the United States, so as to place it ithi the reach of those sflferiug and likely to suffer this nmo hlarassng of all elt..T-,'Iothachlie, O'ihon applied accordiug to directions given on bottle, it lhes ever 00iir toofford inanrdiate and maoent reief. It also arrests the decavy I defectiv" teeth, and relieves that soreness vbith so frequently renders a strtg Wtooth useless The application and reaedy arte siitlkoei onoeont, atn not unpleasnant; and the liarge ntltber of'persmos in different aecntiOll ot it country, that htave hiir ady experieend such deliehtuil tnId alutary eff.cts It'om the use of thel BaUl, are ready to bear (i.o the public golod) their testimony to its un rivalledl qalttles. It is an Indian remedly, obtained singularly atd unexpet(,tedly, and inn, be regar.ehd by the tit iliied world as the matut valuable discowry re.ltant of tile woods. I',ce $1 iler bottle. Sohl by JARVIS & ANDREWS, nr 5 Cor Common anndl 'odTanpitnoulas ts. N EW BOOKS--Nav Sketch Boitk, o, the Service Aflnat and al ore. With characteristic reminiecen nis, I'ragtt ents aid opinions. BUy the author of Talsot a Tear, &e. second series, In I vols. !ihnlom Rlcoollections of the Houase ofCommo;s, fotl tttleatr 18ll0l to the eltseof 1835, Including perno tnl kraelite of the leadling mtemnere-ty one of no par y, just teceived and for sale by W McKEAN, LA'TE PIIIIICATIONS. 1 1111M WELL, oa Hiastorit al Novel, by the author of ''t "hl. lrothers," &c. in - vols. Popular Medicine, or Family Adviser, consisting of Outlines of Anatomy, Plysiolny, aond Hygiene, with such Itin'a on the preatlice of Physic, Surgery, and the diseases of women and children, as may prove usefill in ftitilies when regular physicitau cannnr be procured: beioy at ctmpanit and gutide for inttlligent pritcip ls tof tnluttictoritro, antatiotILs, alnd boarding sethol', hleats of littilier, masters of vessels, missionaries, or travellero.a;nl 1a teltl sketct for yotng men eomtnenc tllg tie study of oledcin i. fy LReynell Ceatee, St. I). Peter P'rne'se IUniversal Ililntry on the bases of G(oeraphyt fort to use of fitmilies, llustrated by maps itmd etgraforinr Ci2 vol Just teeived and tor sale by W MKE.AN. inJ tor tnamp and Comman ste. NOTICE.-Thewner of several packages minerehan dine tarked ladani V. Artiquencave. per ship Groten, fram New York, is hereby notttied that they have bhen ated by STETSON, AVERY &,CO. n gt Catcignea 'iGruto, ZUSTITBALF4NEOFRON S*TERltOTYtE PLisls, The ~'lh Xdutionsf I ,RO3YLETT'S TABLES F tWi'tEIET: c Nan i0o which is no.sle.i IsXe crage TielceuIc tor, Or easy methodi s fio'fidncdg the avsrgelonel Wee o sidrage, notes ofh hsad o bills of gMnds. nhlen tt p t. s chased at differtet dlates, on diffrertt credits,end t.r various ainotts; besilesausefol nad eompleteaonkilg The Time Tac't, the best tllat an be contrived. sr that li ges ean pr Inele withli tie snlie eodesend comlliopas, and size oitype. Ani adevertisement in tshebook is in nearly thie follow ins words: " | The high distintish this work It. received throghl & thie ten legislbtive sacts prefiedl to the title pfe is a re - cemmeniation in itself] so utcntmmne,, msd so conelte sive, I ah t enlhlg is neeeosary more than by wcoed ad vertisement, to gives condensedl viewof someof its pe etlliritiesies ferlnstancee, the interest leas been coml. s. l ed fiom,andl eomplred with, shuat is equivnlt to lifnt 'Mi teen selea leoulatiooe, exa:inued ll the i1ess th.ll- Col five times, atld tritited'troon telvertype pltlfs testal Rnl thilrtyty-oie times,fiom a'll hich imst oeb tovidelt We even to the skeptic (esprcially oti th esoos efthe Ote- P e oil e pronfin thle preface) th~at the lewek tnatere asieh- Rio meteally iofalltble, alid is eotefirmttlot osthebs beliefs Pe premium cof two hndered ani fifty dollars, isnow oftfer- We ed for the deteetios of sIn error ofa reet lee de 1tresent I or fifth edition, ar expressedl in tiee plrefece, askg five Pe argeo peremia s affr.eded foron the seane enrrol ,eeth first N pnhllieation in the yent 1802. One of the most conspicuonsa fetatres of the .tables is inthe arnragement of thle Time end Antonts, whilh No for ecpeetlitns, roferenseroaclsn rsideeeite with thehelp let ofthe side mca inden, cannot he erelleed;snd tie salty ty and ease with which the in:terel can i nd,tothe extent of general business, withont dlddleng of sems is besidres a conveiene s essential, tlhat itho estlme- aee tien of some oi tile mnost competent and ~et~cal buhsi na onss mel aned pudlic ofli ers wihohave iole grrltse or of the work, it has le een distieguisheld bythO hineable io -ppellalion efofa "master ptoee". Ant onsolerin g by the infallibility of the method etiginally adopted is e acomlosiug the work, anld Ihe exlralordiliuamlcce anl lit variety ofthe examinations, nel tests of everyeiion it , hs pased in the press, eotwilthstandinglhe woleisin n g sterelotyle, coslderieg, in sh6l t, he posative .ccuracy f seured by the unpreeedented Ilmeans etatdt se, the vo lumehas heen held u andsl emlpheatielly styled ee ate most wooderfil book in tie wsslk;" meost certaitly s - - manean namea figre work ofthe same extent, wleih since the beginning oel creation, htas hadl tie same nIup-s beI r and variety if tests in thie same number of editors; th no, nstone half the number, as is clearly ihown in the prefae. c ecsides, astest an stanldard, ithsas been tried s cl reed i nearly aill the rbak endl public ef.ees in tihe - nit States, cod Iv tsle pubtlic goerally. durileg the long period of thirte-five rears, yet no error of ihe etl eulaetions lhas ever been bfound ill prilt, althogh ceonin-t Sal challen b the offer of te lb ts an The d:bonok~iwb e. feteressly adopted bydl the courtsl i oflaw cl several ofthe States as the " ratte otfcleulotlon forstatute interest," as also by law for sk lkinterest, A Saccordingas the boqk is used, andl as stye e sel io prt. by .,,e osmes of thle sbseribers, arda few of ho A subsetquent purcehasers, isethe list dt thte tn of tlea took, Sisin laossession fevery loass of citizens is every quar le teof the Uhited States. II S It ismoreover well known that, byits rearly cheek, te it has so often deteted large errors, loeg elrer they were ie wade even by the most easrefol and mnt competent arithmneticians, t'at its asefulness, and the absolute te . cessity for its uss, have been estensiyelyitsisteld upn, I, n so evilent, inceed, hlave been its advanctages, asi its C t, savings, tlhat, sev'errl yCresage, whilst the first editiont C es was seCer, ansd oat o nf Ile'intt great humber of seconod I hand copies were sooght for, some to a gre t dietisle. i ar snd puntseased lt toaioon inlees. as they mould oecssitl ally be picked o.p et from $1O1 to $5 per eolep, ensl , somne ersolns have recen.y deelsred, snd instenes eould beeqootasl that they woul1 pay $t5t,$lO0,i acne $s00 n- for a esy, tfnotto te t lee for Ices, alan ielitidol 5, in the latter instance particvhrly, elvieg at tile r a. lt e rxhibited satistaetory proI, to several persons pre ie stthbt tol him it was really worth thbt ie oey aod de more thlouagh tile saving of Ihis sery valeable time, he to beito ver5 rich meanaed in pobllooie. r It Islikewise worthy el nsee, itotel tieed proper to S impre.., that such is the nature of figee work geerally Sandi aspeceiallV wheno of the extent vnd importellae oc t these ta los, ilteIt lell thils ook or its like bete Inp'ttr - edl in the uocal mnlltter vldolle, le the most eometltent ea iculato ine tIe world, eand atelr..rls priltvld tmst ecautiouly llletloe ls oIirs colletction ,f prleoof sheets, it 3 w. woulh, almosto a erltatinly, hv;ece l ellHsaef for re- ( fermce,,aol der . eIrnoy o'ei~i.u as tlce .Irfteaneear doai e lnrl eroploals. lhlt so perfet and vsitlae hve thee 'r e eowlyIhe ptotes of this wolkllrheen mrei, dioa treorree ftenIitse witlhedeir leleells slid inxtreoelicolla oXellllille ' tion csg.inset rfire, te the geelad hel eel, efy anre (ley b- dvertiertoet) retmectaentlv ke t in a elace cef speceial es aoft), nciepl whileese nl e tn( i el'inolr eter Amplrytli'rito sto elleieth cthe th nkmtl stotttte eiterw e ost wilt IesefI tloet f I00llo cte lrt, t hlhline n thi( l ' fish eiln of 7tier tned Le',h uiing see lufi tlli o: ien ocftrlfeellttiroeooeectt le tlwoe ul .wdes tl;lllllll s: ei-:o ittet ste, te' aenf ugtoe , be'. tant rlm titlo o te t'e'oei' oerk hlt, It Itectoet hecltetc ted ne nerientoll e.etctle et',tek ttllclle l tceblie'll t;eltte Y interC~(:eatP t\ttl.s w.'l: il~tl',. l) .dllP·( rills,111 sII Pltl L'1Jt".ht li 'eal acll ls~lHa~n lln t ·, la~l e'·i ll eL'X t.I.I').JIivt,} FI,.].,|hl -.l~ll pet. Ierniml itit and genersit Iofllt te p)tilic 1s illnulElt ints ve t ' o t trime 'lln 17Itc t 1os, lstetinetle l tiletse tee-leit'itneefy76t0t.tetott'eteeetect'lsh ylcttectt"f o reit e a tiol, l Illst tile)et llt t l nre 11t tlte , e ) e to ee-noct i' scinpe.,.feu c tifl'r \ teo'tite-t le erfccttt'l cese' te lie e lslt lln tl eeelt1tte .rcit v of eoet ,erer li. 'c r et collt llelr aoee· ~c tuf llerrrl'e .nltu.n11 · pllar·l'e t r~ ].ll. .1.€the : jeEclud, y th J ltuelor . t' Yer ile e S tp [ 1od seed ikf \tttllln, in . o 'ti Tchet tsoecl l tc ttc h-'lccet, lt i s e anet ae a temotrelt re h Jneetttlrelettitet, IeeeI tie ~l~ h t, t \Xld 5'ec [lot : AN' be oullUl d lt cao''drcaliv t his otlfe, 1t]o SCusmn ott Iolsesreet, iltar!)lnupohl street, or the treatulent of a csrtaio class of delicate diruseas. Fromln Dr. Johnson's opportulity in soir. of the oIIIt celebrated Illosptelllin Etrope, exclsir y devoted to the treatment of ienerit:l and St plhitiip enoplaiuts-' ad also Iro m n re-uaci~er of live ?'ea, s in Now Ynork, dtrillg which timte llr. Joinmso clOolitoed )tie jrao ice notely to the treltieltt of thone dilraoats, wtth the lmostt unprecedented sureeos; h is enabled to re tloov amiy of tie followinot coonllailnts in fromlt 5 to 20 days.without iojuriug ulo tconsutittion by nmrcury e or otvo other oeleterious metdiioe. tGhonoriihell, i;lel, Str-toture, Aoainal \VWeknobs,Affections f tl'hliold d:er, iidneys, Prostate Gland,o d anoy of those numer ois traihl of affections, olthic geartllty followv oegle t. ed or eaol-treated eases of Vtenerial. Srofui.utt oores, uleerated leges and wornll,removed by a simple meth od of treatment, without raotrietion in diet or interrup tion front busoiness. P'ersonsretiding in tihe nottitr, and wlito feel deli aente in co:sultttg their faeily physician, tby sending a tatemennt of their eate ty lietter (post aid with fees enclosend) can havet Itr. .,tottou's dvie, r their wen treatment, with tredicine, necessary to be used, forwaur ded. Separate offeces provided where patients con never conto in contacot tith enrlh )tiel. Atenttedce fnom mortint g ntil night, at 143 Custom i .'onsilutations strictly eontldlentialin all cases. dee 13 I O\'.VI kI MAY, llnuse, Sign, :and ()l.luani.'llla l ainiters, No 3 Calrnodele street, two doolrs tio alnnl street. llitations of the following woods and msbl e s,ex conted int a materly manner. O l tiM MAiRBLER. Mllhogally, Egyptian black and gold, O) 'k, Riala and Antieo, Pollard do, Odcnal or verd alllique, Curled do, i .h l Sr, Ct'led Maple, Illl tone, Birdsi Eye to, Ibrbo Granite, Botilt \Vood, iPotomoc, Ilhr WVood, l. t.e or Burdello, Yew Tree, Italian White. Coromandllle or Illac ; iaontll anid rectella, Rose Woot}, l Antcrti -t Grey, Ash White Oak, iho. n Ike. Curled Elmt, Speeimans to be seen at the shlot Paints, sils, glias, solal varnlisih, bc. olltlid itoer sale. mi IrON,rSTEEL& HEAVY ItOOJDS--Int, soquat Illd hundle iron. tettaltsalOt"d, lLootp, seroll and rod irou, niail roils antid paIIIhl moulds Cast, German, shear, bliblerlt, slpring, sheet satI Crowler steel HIollow ware, ttt and w .lit ttils latl stikes Zitto, block tin, mill aitd rTllld otoonoe, salt kololh Chain cables, anobolrs, h.'e 'Ox, log at.d tirace thinsolt mills Anvils, vloes, Halnmeostuld Illows Wire, sleret,pil aotd Ilt' eadll; hot Call, an ontio olng stoers Ames, Ihowlatd'ron olt et t aere and shoviels Iook ainn pllte iingesl, dr irodl wirlldo hooks Collis, iHutOs, Shltrpa, tll otler axes I'o"doi a.l Mntilla otrdat, lines and twine Ilot aoti slheabitg cotller;\ooal stores Pl'oiito tlioen dd slpn'n aol Al Ill ass4lllrlelrtiit tt hailare alIIt i hp clhnllery, always oltt htllllltl, whlteich ar ,P''otlt[d for msle 0t whlteo sale or retail, oil the most Ilo-r able terms, by m4 tIYT'l'Ovty Co. 53 Old Levee. Nlolult't cery ".iunty. Alailau a. THREE DA Y8. J(URNEY PROM NE IV OVLEAA'S. T HE proprietor tf lho estoabihmllaent its tihe plen sore .ul'outnino ton hihs friendsso l tt tte pulblic in geneltl,that he will h in readine.sby the first dvy of liav to receive viiters. lie will aulo state for the Ina aelt nf those tt o lise at a e,that thlere hlave beeI n liroe itprovements mode, s laltod e rs ltt w going tott and ill raplid hrogereero for e t lettio rt hl will ainalte ithl suitscr her to totatorttea oIIII:hti iHou ltlotrober tiasn IheerPunfnr, etnd at dit le r ln time inunet httelr. l'artilie can he naedlnllltated ilr thgood rooms, or Shope who proer o. o larg. eaillhos ' etched tren tihe tathit bilhling. It is tdeel td tttnieet r.ry to sav aosythillg in piartie lare of the character olthese wauerl, ite is to gelally believed that thtey ore tot ioferior to aoy in the SnOtlo eal States. All the mtsermn:s thalt are geoerally foard st Waterinig l'lae, will ko fotind t this. 'l'ile beest ntsic that bthiepart o' tht- eultrrv aifollrds, llts been engage d., a lill hbe ilnconl',t atttldance at tle Sirinos dtring ttlwhoile .eteun. 'I lie sntbeeibl;'vil avail ioitselfo'f this oppitrtntnitY in returoinl haluunnigted ltltankh fr tih. vtty lielu eUlnlmr griver lll let serassul, atlltl htJipe5 btV the exlrrTi tiO+ tthat IlaO e [. i lado in iao ro'toil atndl exlellttleu the aciotltojinos, to oelit a liberal itol etetliooe preet lsll euso. . O CRiM. i .. .. ' Tit"'i ' D --- - i TKINSOI'S DEi'ILILAT''IrY, fe,r remtoviog sit Ji perflouo ,sir from the fare, totehk and armst, with eqiual safety and oertainty, heavitg the skin filter .,id whiter than brers tile lpiploaioott. A I:esoh np)plv jilet received it t;Uilt)N's, n 1 L,.xehao.. Hots), cornr V1 Charm.c- aud ('imaillnolr ' . i. p eli. MtAIL A1tRAN8GEMM21r elern Ma l, lDuee Evary Daya il alM. I Due revery undanv, Wednesday an TheLak? alcl Sn y re b5,P ,Thurddy . Woern tail, Frida, by i, P. tl. Sea of I Clos.' every londer, Wedaesad Cortel, and Saturday, by 9, P. M. S lDee every 'oooaday, Thursday, an T he l.:'.Mad | aturday, ly 5,P. M. via Cloeen every Monday, Wednesday EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, DEPARTURE DISTANCI / &e. of the Express Mail, bletw.a Mooile and Neto York--leavin Mobile daily at 3 P. M. Northwar 4New York daily at 5 P.M Southward. Arrives Arcve - Northward. Distance. Time. ltetunri tlnntgomery.Ala. 2 pin. 198 m's 23h Im. Columbus, Go. 114 81 9 3 a.m Milledgeville. Ga. 133 1 p. i Collabi S. C. I7 amr, 163 1 1 Rale.ih. N C. 54 215 22 12 Warreeton, Va. 12 m. 55 0a a Peterbur, Va. 10 p, 83 10 a. Riehmnid,Va. 1 aIm. 21 3 64 U Fredericksburg, 8 67 7 1i p m. W shingt n city, 2Jpm. I ,6 i Iloltimoce, 64 9 4 0 Philadelphia, 64 am, 1.0 2 0 NeW York pi. 90 84, 1305 14.3 . or 5dISM Northward. Coming Southward, the time is six houre4 leess; being5 days and 17 hours. TEN DOLLARS REWARD. li ANAWAY from 169 Cnrondelet earamr of Heels 11 streets,on the night .of 30th of Augpst, and waq teen die next morning in Poydrat street, a negro boi named CHARILES, about 17 years of age, and i fea or thereabouts in height, very blaok, and has an impned itoent in his speech, one atl Iis legs is are, ogealoned by a recent hurt; lie bhad on when lie went anway a white cotton or linen shirt antd white cotton pantalontl. Masters of vessels and steam boats are cautioned a gaiast ireceiving or harboring said negro, as well as ai other persona, as thie tnmost rigour of the law will hl enforcn:ed against them. lThe above reward will IM rEad fordelive-ing hin inti any of the jails of either oftht municipalities, or at 169 Carondelet, corner of Hevr steoet. spt N 'liCGE-l'he colmrtnership heretofore exating under thi firm of l)uboas &,,, heas hea dissolved. The subscriber will liquidatetihe aairse the concern iOthis city, and requires all pertaon indeb,. edl to unke tyient to himn only, pqd all thoesehalvi claims, to preent them foreettlement. ,ng 0-7t H UARRETSON W. W. SWAJN No. 11tCaena Lrest Aeew OrfsdO's AS always onohad cenJ.tally rece.iving Ilrs LH I)ycs, Chemicals,and Pals.l,anlong thear.s at ollownig: llown UG. DYES,, Antimony, erude, Argotl, red, so regains, Atunetto, Spatl . . Arsenic, crde, Alum, do powdered, Breillette weds, Falsam copavia, Coohineal, Ileoran,rude, Coppeera, Amerilus, do Irefined, Cphbear, Mrimstone, erode, Fulie, Tamplen, do rolail, dno Cuba, do flower, do Maine, Birmuth, French berriep, Castoroil, Indigo, lengal, Cream tar(ss, do 5lanilla, uCatharides, de t aerreao, Gaum aloes, do eslnmtaia, do A.hlsi Lood., Canmpeashy do astihetsda, lSt DpmingC do amoiuca, cdp Jamaica, do Ienzein, Cmwood, do cojal, rough, Mldder, ombhio, do do sroped, Nisautegua, Iimoesrr, ido do S Amoeriose, do Cro, do camphor, erile. do Maeseab do do rni.,. dos lfirao. dio gaivsntm, CHEMICALS. dlo kino Arl, nitrous, do nmetfl, do mnuristie, do opium, do sulpiurlc, do shelloac, Bile vitriol, , senegsl, Calomeli p p, do sanrsae. :eorrosive subhlirastie. do tln'lrng ntlk, thlorideof lime, Ginsioge, plsom nalts, Juniper heries, Ameries,Ltmunar erustie, do do Foreign, Red precipitate, Mangssila, Ensgliish ek,= 91t:sll ll do Anmerics d eihraej potash Manlsss flke, Sls ctarp lhsl., lo seorts, Snip posi. ball, Suagr leas, Oil slssse, Suls tise, .in eP:Fint, Sulp quninle. d.' hrls:siot, T'aruu" eosetia, id telnon, sPAINT -IssIiasl. dC rI reetaeot, Blre, Ils Ii ;iot, Crdmia vellow, dry, do ispec, do to in oil dorl Ig'II, I I, 1" 1, Imblaok Ealhsl,, |h, .I. o,,,, .h. 'wr'manatows do sr spt irg, I.iharlge, venglsh, d, tl lll, do Amerisae ,Io dPo 'L'a aicy, Paris white Eoglisl, ."1:o77,'i", do ^tri..n ari, ed lead, Psoter i O do calil sissini do Glaºlinaoiert,, do r'tsisssir, Spss' hso n, Ilry, Eulihds, odo teicdle, do indo Ameries oi Ia.psegreek, do ground in oil Sponges' , coso.. Van. red English dry. do filis, 'ledit, do American, SO'il, S iindsllh, grounld ineil, Siv, orid,, tie sillioi, Chinean, d sos relincd, Verdigri s,id.y, eN;sa lers, Sisx, do grsound pose, o sio hlssi, dsn do resnred Sr p. , Wioindlsn, Is:glisld, lhil esll, day Amer io doi it, Amricoss, 51 English, I: ln Casitile, to greonlin Qsll ekiscr, Am warrallntdl pre. d"10--fim CAPTAIN MARYATT"S NEW NOVEL .. t Rntilin the Reefer, by the author of Peter Simple, .e it, i 2 vole. so C'ummi. a, or'. Winter at Schlosl Hainfield ia Larero sis Strina, by Captain Basil Hall, Royal NaYy, F. L S. jn 1 vol,. V/i Lord Roildn, a romanre, bys Allan Cninlgham, 1 e or Sheppard Lee. written bIy hiself, in volt. si Compendious Iisltorqof ltay, tranlntted from that '- origisni Itallan, hy Neatihanil Gireeaiol vol. feor mrisg No. 79 of Ilarper'a Eamily Library. t- Vols, :i & 4 of the new eumplsae and uniform editsia , of tashinh5ton Ireine's Works. SRoger's Frech and English Dictionarg. is v1 re, 3e is. Nnent's French and English Dictionary. A ,so-A few more coplleqof Cosnbe' Phrenology li- "lRienzi." Lrgr Surveynr's Cnmnaases ofsupersorqua ity, with elains, Billiard Balls of 21-4 and 2 12 inehas G illott's inprovedmnetalicPene,japanedpaper waights ReB'c. &ce. &e. r Just received, and for sale by sms31 BENJ, LEVY. SPAIN REVISITED, &e. &c PAIN REVYSI'I'ED, oe, by the author of 'Apar in Spoin,' ini 2vols. 'troils of nduae shariarer, its geserall spptleahblt a the Aberiginies of North America, by 0 Trnear. Eaq la The Political Grammar, of the United States, or Scompslete view of the theory and pensetice of the gpasa ani stlurte goernments, with the reltions between them 'n -dedicated esnd adapted to the young teen of the Uinste States, by E IItlanaosfeld, Esq. Nimrod's Heating Tours ilterspersed with character istie anecdotes, asaymgsa and doings of aslrtin maen, in eluding noticesa of thes principal eracktrdemsofletll d with nnalyticel contents, and general indac of Ismae,t volumes. FOR THE CURn OF Scrdfula or King's Evil, Chronic Rhsunmatism, Chronic Cutaneous Dis- Pains in the Bones, by free eases, use of Mercury the blsed being in vitiated state. This very concenratred Syrup is prepared with the greatest pharmaeeuticul care and aeeracy, and.conteain thie active prenlcple of Sarsaparilla in the moot cone.c trated degree, combined withother vegtehbls sustptanoo of kniown eftaeoy. T'he great dessderatum with physicians in being ahl to exhilit. a arge quantity of 3arsaparilla in a sat dose, has been obtained in this preiamratiotlon-they, hboih ~", fidly convinced of its merits, eoqAdutly adminislte the cossose oltcleir pretice. Price h l 50 po r bottle. Sold only at SWAIN BROTHER'S drug store, No. I Ilanal street, who mwdssay be had, frea and genuine,diroe tfrm the pseflie tours, Swaim's Panacea and Vereifuge, Potter's V+tiate con, Carpenter's Preparations, and t lse and gelonm assortmnent of fresh drnlg, m4: pINN '8 ROME, &c. LI1NNOCK'S IMPROVED., EDITION OF Dl S(Goldsmithl's Abridgment of thi Hiiitog ofa Rnse to whii is prefixed an Intrdestion saths o Rosmuna History and a great varoety of valouable istfoe niatibn added tclronphoat the work, on tie Mannesa Instituiionss and Antsquities of thlI Romans; with no lcerou biongraphical and historical Notes; and qno e tiouns for exasmnation at the end of each section. I.t loslreted witllthsirsyenogrvioga on wood, b Atheteno PIscocn'a Itsojoved Edtion olf Dr Goldsmith's History of Elnglad, firomn the Invasion of Julius Cmsar to th death of George 2d, with a cointiuation to the yea tI :Ji. With questions for examination atW siKenda encld section, Besides a variety of valuablehi ilformna nlo n added thrrolghona the work. Cansisting of table of eoatenspreray Sovereigns and seminant, persen Copious explanatory notes. IReinear on tim pel ties, manmers sand literature of the rge. .An outlines tle Constitution, oe.di.-. llllatrottd by many enger er ings. lie Guys' E LEnsT or Alrnnolor, ss.aao Atridgngi of ieith's New Teasieo on the lUsef Olbes. NMs ti- Americall elitiou, witl additions and cimpsveoels ae sestl ull cxplatiou of the antroic lcaIt pae t oafth A. 5stclies Almanuc. i J uie received and for setl by WM LKREAN iia nov .li lnel o oCmp ansd Comamon a or HA.P.. S CLASSICAL LIBRARY. s,o ij ORtACE,tranmlated by Phillip Feacis, DOD, with i.$ as appesldix, enstaining translioans of rcSO e- ndes, du. by Be,, n wley, C iltam, Dtydoa oily Pope Addieon, Swift Charstoeo, G Wakeisld, PFosit sIis- Bryanse. ansod sonleofsho hesuionrosinsestePOo of Sb Isli des--nad ite F',(E.DRUS, with the appendihal fludle crania Isos ted ns Christopher Ssertt iss 2 eels forsmog vohlmss gise sesd f finfslrfetIs Cl'nsswlolLibrary Tlhs ltxpeditson of ISUMPKISIY CL-NRER,hy sisY Si!doslctt, Nl D5 wilts£nualemir ofthe Atllilrby Ti. esnl uc itLses, Esq., ueaweditlon, withillusironioealby crc- snrUikselank sling 'TitE IIPSYl aTa!eby.thllauthnreof 021 siss MStry Olnit urgaudyl' ,tT, cow editisso, Brats ThUL eLCFFOID;,by the auuor so o The rnh r"Sohei, o irt .olu tflV ltta wo = nooP'Es aur'Casaplse U orlub. JuetintnL: PII, saie.a WM MaKing d as;! BI ACON StIU S-S e ksh Cionisllsasi a s MOilT & " .t

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